No Limits On Hillary Clinton Or Hillary Supporters

Shortly after midnight we read an email sent to us by Lynn Forester to comment on an earlier article we wrote about No Limits (tomorrow is the No Limits conference at which Hillary will speak at noon). We will post an extended excerpt from that email below. We will therefore postpone the article we planned to publish today regarding Item #10 from yesterday’s post.

Before we post the email, there is this appropriate article written by Daniel Henniger which others are discussing today. Henninger writes “Voters Are Desperate For Political Leadership“:

Welcome to the permanent American tea party.

You will recall how when the tea-party movement erupted during the congressional recess in August, it was spun on the left that these events were the creation of conservative ideologues. At the start, yes. By the end, though, it was about anxieties deeper than that.

The GOP is now spinning the results in Virginia and New Jersey as proof that voters are fed up with the liberal ideologues in the White House and Congress. Yes, but it’s deeper than that.

What was learned Tuesday is that the American voter is absolutely, totally, unremittingly disgusted with both political parties. More than anything, the American voter is desperate for political leadership.

That electorates in two politically significant states, led by the widening independent movement, could swing within one year from enthusiasm for electing Barack Obama to support for Virginia’s OK Republican Bob McDonnell and New Jersey’s lackluster Chris Christie is simply astonishing.

Desperate for Leadership is right.

These voters are spooked and on the run, a political stampede that veered left in November 2008 and now right a mere year later. They will keep running–crushing incumbents, candidates and political models of the left and right–through November 2010 and onto 2012 until they find a person or party capable of leadership appropriate to our unsettled times. And yes, Virginia, the possibility of a man on a white horse in 2012 is not out of the question.

The “man on a white horse” can be a woman. The “person” that is “capable of leadership appropriate to our unsettled times” is Hillary – Hillary Clinton.

Exit polls in New Jersey and Virginia said the economy was on voters’ minds. Unemployment is near 10% and may stay there for a year. But it’s deeper than that.

This isn’t just another turn in the business cycle. On Sept. 15, 2008, the economic structure of the U.S. imploded. Lehman Brothers, a synonym for the American financial bedrock, filed for bankruptcy. On June 1, 2009, General Motors, once a synonym for American economic primacy, filed for bankruptcy and was effectively nationalized. In the nine months between these two iconic events, the American people were riveted to news of economic distress.

The signal event of the 2008 presidential election was the day in September when Sen. John McCain “suspended” his campaign to deal with the financial crisis. Within 48 hours, his candidacy stood naked. Mr. McCain’s instincts were right; The American people wanted leadership. But he didn’t have a clue how to provide it. The restless herd ran toward Barack Obama.

Now they’re ready to run toward someone else. They just did in New Jersey and Virginia.

This is not normal. A new American presidency, especially this one, should not be in this much trouble 10 months into a four-year term. Nor would it be if not for the economic events that fell out of September 2008.

Henninger writes what we wrote repeatedly at the beginning of the year about the fake “stimulus” and the waste of money in what amounts to an election year slush fund for Dimocrats. At the time we wrote that some economic measures and a Hillary health care plan was what was needed, along with experienced leadership and smart and sane fiscal policy.

Instead, voters watched Congress create and pass a nearly trillion-dollar “stimulus” bill, and then erect the world’s tallest national budget–a towering $3.5 trillion. They watched the Obama Treasury, now hard-wired to the Federal Reserve, intervene massively in the structure of the private economy. There was an attempted federal climate-control bill, an attempted expansion of union organizing rights (card check) and second thoughts on free-trade agreements.

Only then, in June, was this hyperactive government able to introduce its health-care proposal–the public option, the remaking of the insurance industry, a 5.4% tax surcharge, the expansion of Medicaid.

A leader is needed but Dimocrats threw away the FDR coalition which Hillary Clinton had reforged and gifted the nomination to an inexperienced and unqualified (by his own words) Barack Obama.

American voters know they’ve reached a long-term economic tipping point. Which way to go, old West or new East? They understand the challenges are growing while the politicians seem to be shrinking.

So the Republicans “won” Tuesday. Now what?

Just as the Democrats in 2008 ran mainly against “Bush,” the Republican political model seems to be to let Democratic failure dump states like New Jersey and Virginia into their control. But I think most voters, no matter their party registration, know that in the past 12 months the stakes for them have suddenly become larger than political “control.”

Unless leadership emerges equal to the new world voters see they have fallen into, volatility in America’s election returns is going to be the norm for a long time.

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Which brings us to Lynn Forester’s email which we post, with her permission, minus a couple of introductory sentences:

Lynn Forester:

I cannot tell you how touched I was by your supportive and generous comment about my Op-Ed. I thought you might be interested in the attached radio segment that I subsequently did with John Gibson so it is attached to this mail.

I have always loved your ferocious commitment to Hillary and to good women in politics. About the NoLimits conference, we need to always think of the key guiding principle as we follow our conscience and serve our country; namely, to do no harm to Hillary Clinton. I know you agree with me that Hillary is the most courageous, inspiring, hard-working and deserving woman to ever walk the halls of high political office. There is certainly a place within all of our hearts (and minds) where we continue to mourn the fact that she is not our President today.

But, she has a very important job and is fully committed to executing that job with excellence. So, while I speak out, I do so as a private citizen not connected in any way to Secretary Clinton. I am a lone wolf in what I say, which is why I so appreciate the friendship and support that you have always given me.

In the case of NoLimits, it is important for the organization that Secretary Clinton can participate in their activities. Moreover, it is a registered 501c3 charity that cannot engage in politics.

So, while we all have a vital role to play, it is really important that none of us degrade the work for women of No Limits, WomenCount, The New Agenda, Together4Us, your websites and so many other Hillary websites. The NoLimits conference this week is a wonderful way for Hillary supporters to stay together and we need to thank all the people who participate to make it a success. Let’s be grateful for everyone’s contribution and work together to fight for that day when we have a woman in the White House.

Much Love,


As Ben Franklin said “We either hang together, or hang separately.” We hope, as we wrote previously, that the readers of Big Pink attend the No Limits conference and continue to support Hillary Clinton. Hillary is busy “saving the world” and we need to sing her praises even as we expose the boob currently in the White House and make clear the historical mistake in ’08 the Democratic Party made.

Below is the radio interview Lynn Forester referenced (we’ll try to post the MP3 interview so all can listen in to the charming Lynn Forester as she speaks with wisdom and grace).

Radio Interview with John Gibson Show – FoxNews Radio
Tuesday October 20th 2009, 1.10pm

John Gibson (JG)
Lynn Forester de Rothschild (LfdeR)

Lynn, welcome back to the program – we haven’t talked with you in a long time

John – it’s so nice to be back and nice to be talking with you again

It’s nice to talk to you – You are always refreshing

That’s what you might say – others don’t probably think so

Well, we’ll have callers later on but at the moment we have you all to ourselves. Now, you talk about Obama’s blank screen. Do you still pine for the days that it seemed possible Hillary would be President?

Well, I think that without question, Hillary Clinton would have been a great, great President but we’ve got a different result so I don’t pine for that per se but I know we would be living in different times if she was President

And you are still a big Democratic donor

No, I’m not

Oh, you’ve stopped that

I’m not a big Democratic or Republican donor – I’m Independent now

What would motivate you to donate to someone now?

Well, I would have to believe that they were people who would courageously defend the principles of American dynamism and American exceptionalism and protect the people who are less fortunate. I kind of see myself as being without a home I am a progressive conservative

That’s okay – Independents are the big force in American politics – so welcome to the club. I, myself, am a registered Independent.

29% of the people who voted in the last election self-identified as Independents which is the highest ever. I think Americans are just sick of the games that both parties play – we want a straight shot at honest, courageous leadership and I think both parties fail us on that score.

What did you mean by Obama’s blank screen. What was your take on that statement you made?

Well, first of all, it was interestingly the way he described himself in his book “the Audacity of Hope” and I think it tells us all we really need to know about him. For him it is not about conviction or courage of conviction, it is about convincing people of his transcendence – it is about the Obama Brand and to get there, he convinces us, he gives each of us a little bit of what we want to hear so that we support him; instead of his giving us leadership for answers to the problems that are in front of us and I think it is absolutely outrageous the way he demonizes the Republicans and mis-characterizes their patriotism and their devotion to the right thing. I say that as a Democrat and as a Democrat I am so happy I have been able to get to know Republicans and yeh, we differ on some of the social issues but even where we differ, they are thoughtful, they are patriotic and they are worth having at the table and Obama’s exclusion of the Republican voices is absolutely outrageous to me particularly as he came to fame by making a speech at the Democratic Convention in 2004, when no-one had ever heard of him, beautiful words – saying that we were not Red States or Blue States, we’re Purple States and he wrote a book criticizing George Bush for running a continuous campaign from the White House and what is Barak Obama doing. No other person than Ted Sorensen at a recent conference up at Harvard said that Obama’s weakness right now is that he is still campaigning. He is still out there trying to beat up the Republicans. Well, you know what we are a nation of fair minded open people and we want both voices heard and part of the decision making process.

What did you think when people were objecting to various Health care plans and I won’t say they were his because he didn’t attach his name to anything but nonetheless under the general rubric of Obama care there were a lot of plans being put forward that were troubling to many people. What did you think when the reaction of Obama supporters all the way up to former President Carter were calling people racist.?

Oh, I think that is such a cheap shot – I think it is absolutely horrendous. We elected a black President. We the nation elected a black President – stop calling us racist, if we want a different result in policies and it is just appalling how the Obama people when they get into a corner, will lash out and call people racist, including me.

You got called racist

Hm, Hm and there is another woman, Amy Siskind, she has a website – she has been called that by a lot of people – that’s what they resort to and it is just outrageous.

Now having said that there are some things you don’t like about him, I am sure there are some things you do like about him but in retrospect, did Democratic voters make a huge mistake in choosing him over Hillary?

First of all, let’s remember that Hillary won the popular vote. OK. Barak Obama became the nominee by manipulation of the primary process and there is no doubt about that That book has still to be written So, the Democratic voters did not make a mistake.
I will always go with the heart and soul of America and frankly I do not think that voters made a mistake in voting for Barak Obama given the information they had at the time, because he was such a talented campaigner and his rhetoric is so good. It is only when you begin to compare his rhetoric with his record that you begin to doubt him.

You knew during the primaries and general campaign , you knew much more about Hillary than you did about Barak Obama – correct?


So, looking back on it – what would you say to the question – how would a Hillary Clinton Presidency have be different to an Obama?

First of all, Hillary Clinton is a worker,

Hillary Clinton works the facts and issues, number one

Hillary Clinton reaches across the aisles Number two

Hillary Clinton worked with John McCain,

Hillary Clinton worked with Lindsay Graham a conservative senator who actually lead impeachment against her husband but she worked with Lindsay for the good of the country.

We would also have a President who would not be a blank screen. With Hillary Clinton you will know what she thinks, you will agree or disagree. At the end of the day as she has proven over and over, she will respect the result of the American people. She fought for health care result – she didn’t win – she moved on.

She fought to be President – she didn’t win

She is now serving our country in the most noble, honest, elegant way that anyone can imagine so constitutionally they are two extraordinarily different people and I am very glad that [s]he has her heart soul and mind helping him right now. It is good for the country.

If Barak Obama is as you say, at the bottom of the piece, Obama’s a blank screen and you say voters will find they have elected not another FDR but another Jimmy Carter – let’s go back to those Jimmy Carter years. At the end of Carter’s first term, in the primary he was challenged by Ted Kennedy and the challenge went really all the way to the convention – it was quite a momentous thing. If Barak Obama has Jimmy Carter like troubles at the end of 2012, do you think Hillary should challenge him? Should she run again?

I would never venture there and I doubt that history in that way will repeat itself but I believe that by 2012 and even by 2010 there is going to be a lot of buyer’s remorse about BO and I think the challenge which is also an opportunity for the Republican Party is to come up with a moderate, centrist, articulate, appealing person in the same way that out of Jimmy Carter, we got Ronald Reagan. Now Ronald Reagan today would be to the left of the mainstream Republican Party is which is why I think that Republican Party has to reform itself and I think if it does it has a very good shot in 2010 and a very good shot in 2012. I actually think that our best way to put brakes on Barak Obama is to defeat President Pelosi. President Pelosi has a majority of 44 seats in the house, 55 of those Democrats won in districts that John McCain won. These are not very stable seats. If President Pelosi were not there that would put brakes on Obama agenda

Let me return to something as I am going to run out of time. Might turn out to be the last question
Is it over for Hillary?

Whatever ‘it’ is – what do you mean by ‘it’?

Presidential politics – is she really done – could she come forward at some point after Obama is no longer President and run again?

Only she knows the answer to that. Anything is possible and I’m sure that’s not what she’s thinking about. She’s doing her job.

I know she is but you were a big supporter – you wish she had won

I do wish she had won, I do wish she had won – I think the country would be so much better off if she was President – I think that for sure.

So you haven’t given up hope?

I haven’t given up my confidence in her.

You are keeping hope alive?

Yes, keeping hope alive

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, CEO of ELRothschild and founder of, a political discussion site
Always good to talk to you

Thank you, John – have a great day

Isn’t she great

Isn’t she great? You betcha!