The World Series: The Hillary Clinton Coalition Versus The Barack Obama Coalition, Part III

Big Media, but mostly Big Blogs and the Big Blog Boys are in full Obama protection mode. Let’s spell out for them briefly what yesterday was about. Here is a top ten for the sad, Lettermanesque Big Blog Boys:

1. Obama is the kiss of death. Obama has tried to create the impression that he is the savior of Dimocrats. Many times Obama has argued that congressional representatives casting unpopular, “difficult” votes will be saved by his presence. The argument/promise has been that Obama will campaign and raise funds for those who help him and they will thereby be reelected. That myth blew up last night. Obama campaigned repeatedly in New Jersey for well-funded Corzine, the incumbent governor in a deep blue state, and Corzine lost. Obama is the kiss of death.

2. Obama is the kiss of death, II. Blue Dogs now know that the electorate will punish them if they vote for unpopular programs and more profligate Obama spending. Blue Dogs and Dimocrats know that in 2010 there will be hundreds if not thousands of elections and that Obama will not possibly be able to devote his political team (like he did in New Jersey), days of campaigning (like he did in New Jersey), and assure Dimocrats have plenty of funds (like he did in New Jersey and Virginia, though not in Maine where Gay-Americans were concerned).

3. The Obama coalition is dead. The Obama coalition is an historic mistake by Democrats. The Big Blogs are purposefully trying to confuse the “Obama coalition” with the Democratic “base”. As we have repeatedly written the Obama coalition was akin to the demographics of a situation comedy. As spelled out by David Axelrod and Donna Brazile the Obama coalition “is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics”. According to Axelrod “The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections” so it was time to dump them for the young, the black (er “urban”) and the well-off white liberals in the suburbs. Old people and lunch-bucket Joe and Jane (the white working class) could go to hell with grandma and grandpa along with all those old “controversies” of the boomers. Yesterday grandma and grandpa and the lunch bucket working class, as well as the boomers, told the Obama Dimocrats to “go to hell”.

4. The Hillary Clinton coalition forged by FDR is the winning coalition. Obama and his Dimocrats, unable to win white working class votes created the situation comedy coalition to avoid working for white working class votes. As we wrote repeatedly, Obama had a chance to appeal to these voters (like John Kennedy did) in West Virginia and Kentucky but Obama wrote these voters off. Now these voters have written Obama off. In 2010 these voters will erase the Obama Dimocratic Party from relevancy.

5. OAFs (Organizing For America, the old Obama For America which is now the Democratic National Committee – the official church of Obama) never was and never will be. The day after the November 2008 elections we wrote that the fools and Hopium addled boobs that worked themselves into a stupor for Obama would immediately be betrayed. We wrote about the Hopium addled: “they will soon learn they are not part of the “we” in “we won” We were correct, again.

On February 7, 2009 we documented the moves by Obama to neuter his former campaign workers and organization. We masterfully wrote:

There is no way Obama will allow his minions to actually grab political power and give direction to him. True, Obama set up a corral for his prancing ponies. But the organization Obama Anonymous Organizing for America is a slaughter house. OA is not a place for political wannabees to set themselves up to challenge Obama when the Hopium wears off and they discover the Doctor wants to kill the monster.

6. Obama is a prissy, arrogant, coward. Repeatedly during the primaries when Hillary kicked his ass Obama would run off and sulk. He did that again last night. Obama said he did not watch the election returns because he was too busy reliving the mistake in 2008 by Democrats, broadcast on HBO. Vice-President Dick Cheney in 2006 told the American people that the election in 2006 would not change policy. Americans angered by such arrogance voted Republicans out. In 2010 Americans will once again vote Dimocrats out by the bushel. Obama is a prissy, arrogant, coward.

7. Obama loving Gay-American leaders betray Gay-Americans. Keep sending your money to Obama Gay-Americans on the advice of your fake gay leaders. Obama hates you. Obama did nothing to help in Maine as your advances were taken away. Keep sending Obama money and support, you will get what you deserve for such stupidity. If you want your PRIDE, throw out your Obama fellating leaders. Obama Hates You.

8. The transformational Obama realignment was flim-flam. We used to laugh at Karl Rove and his McKinley/Hanna talk about how George W. Bush had realigned the electorate and other such nonsense. David Axelrod is the Second Karl Rove as he spins pro-Obama tripe about Obama the transformational realigner. Realignment talk is as ridiculous as Obama/Bush “I’m a uniter, not a divider” talk. Obama Dimocrats sold Obama on the basis of Celestial Choirs, 80+ votes in the Senate not just 51, and other celestial bunk. Obama Dimocrats sold Obama on the basis that 2006 would be a victory, 2008 would be an expansion and 2010 would be a hardening that would lead to the thousand year Dimocratic Reich. Virginia last night had a Republican sweep of statewide offices and killed the Obama talk of realignment.

9. Independents are gone. Obama bamboozled with his George W. Bush style “I’m a uniter, not a divider” talk. Obama bamboozled with such talk in order to flim-flam votes from Independents and gullible Republicans and admiring Democrats who did not want a fighter – like Hillary Clinton – who fought for core Democratic values though was always willing to step onto common ground. Big Boy Blogs want Obama to stop the pretense of being a “uniter” even though that was a core Obama promise. Independents see Obama is lying. Independents are gone.

10. The Dimocratic 10-year plan is dead. We’ll discuss this one soon (maybe tomorrow). It’s a six letter word.

* * * * *

Big Blog Boys and Big Media will try to say “it’s an anti-incumbent wave”. Big Blog Boys and Big Media will try to say Dimocrats lost because they did not worship Obama enough and spend enough and waste enough. Big Blog Boys and Big Media will muddy things up by claiming the “base = Obama coalition” wanted more and therefore did not turn out. But the Obama Dimocratic coalition is not the historic FDR “base”. The base is disgusted with Obama’s spend, spend, spend. The Obama Dimocratic coalition was off watching baseball with cousin Pookie and Uncle Jethro.

Surprisingly some in Big Media are saying exactly what we are saying.

Dan Balz of the Washington Post today writes:

For months, polls have shown that independents were increasingly disaffected with some of Obama’s domestic policies. They have expressed reservations about the president’s health-care efforts and have shown concerns about the growth in government spending and the federal deficit under his leadership.

Tuesday’s elections provided the first tangible evidence that Republicans can win their support with the right kind of candidates and the right messages. That is an ominous development for Democrats if it continues unabated into next year.

The key point we have been writing about for years finally emerges in Big Media:

Beyond the shift among independents, there were other worrisome indicators that the coalition Obama attracted last year is a shrunken force, at least for the time being. One question all year has been whether, without Obama on the ballot, Democrats could attract the new voters who went to the polls in 2008. In New Jersey and Virginia, the answer was no.

Many of the young voters who came out in big numbers in 2008 and strongly backed Obama stayed home Tuesday. In Virginia, voters under age 30 accounted for 10 percent of the electorate, half the share they represented last year. In New Jersey, their turnout also was halved.

Meanwhile, the percentage of voters age 65 and older jumped significantly in Virginia and rose measurably in New Jersey. In both states, these voters tilted slightly more Republican than they did a year ago.

A surge among black voters was another key to Obama’s victory in Virginia last year. They were no less Democratic in their balloting Tuesday but turned out in somewhat smaller numbers.

Democrats also saw erosion compared with last year among suburban voters, voters without college degrees and those with family incomes below $50,000. Suburban voters had narrowly backed Obama in Virginia but went solidly for McDonnell on Tuesday; in New Jersey they had voted even more strongly for Obama but were going narrowly for Christie. Non-college graduates voted in roughly the same percentages as a year ago but were decisively more Republican this year — a roughly 30-point shift in Virginia and about a 15-point shift in New Jersey.

Big Blog Boys and Big Media can hide from what we have been writing but the election night tallies will continue to force reality upon them. The Obama situation comedy coalition is the big mistake in ’08. And just wait as Obama’s blame game no longer works:

Another major shift came on the economy. Polls have shown through much of the year that Americans blame former president George W. Bush more than Obama for the recession. But if the economic collapse was a powerful force working for Obama and the Democrats last year, it clearly helped Republicans on Tuesday.

Just over half the electorate in both states said they were very worried about the economy, according to the exit polls, percentages almost identical to a year ago. But last year Obama carried those voters by 59 to 40 percent in Virginia and by 61 to 38 percent in New Jersey. On Tuesday, McDonnell won three in four of those voters, while Christie won about three in five.

Big Media news services are also sounding like Big Pink today:

Independents who swept Barack Obama to a historic 2008 victory broke big for Republicans on Tuesday as the GOP wrested political control from Democrats in Virginia and New Jersey, a troubling sign for the president and his party heading into an important midterm election year. [snip]

The outcomes of Virginia and New Jersey were sure to feed discussion about the state of the electorate, the status of the diverse coalition that sent Obama to the White House and the limits of the president’s influence — on the party’s base of support and on moderate current lawmakers he needs to advance his legislative priorities.

His signature issue of health care reform was dealt a blow hours before polls closed when Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid signaled that Congress may not complete health care legislation this year, missing Obama’s deadline and pushing debate into a congressional election year. Democrats in swing-voting states and moderate-to-conservative districts may be less willing to back Obama on issues like health care after Virginia and New Jersey showed there are limits to how much he can protect his rank and file from fallout back home.

Big Blog Boys read this:

The president had personally campaigned for Deeds and Corzine, seeking to ensure that independents and base voters alike turned out even if he wasn’t on the ballot — and voters still rejected them. Thus, the losses were blots on Obama’s political standing to a certain degree and suggested potential problems ahead as he seeks to achieve his policy goals, protect Democratic majorities in Congress and expand his party’s grip on governors’ seats next fall.

Interviews with voters leaving polling stations in both states were filled with reasons for Democrats to be concerned and for Republicans to be optimistic, particularly about independents — the crown jewel of elections because they often determine outcomes.

Did we mention that Tim Kaine is the Democratic National Committee chairman and the term-limited Virginia governor?

Learn also Big Blog Boys: the mistake in ’08 in forcing Hillary Clinton out when she was the one capable, like Bill Clinton who is the only Democratic President since FDR to win 2 terms, of winning the white working class vote and senior vote.

The Obamaination health care scam? Read this:

And, voter attitudes — particularly among independents — could bode ill for Democrats in moderate districts and in swing states like Ohio, Colorado and Nevada, should they remain unchanged when the party seeks to defend its turf next fall. In 2010, most governors, a third of the Senate and all members in the House will be on ballots.

It’s also difficult to separate Obama from the outcomes after he devoted a significant chunk of time working to persuade voters to elect Deeds in Virginia and re-elect Corzine in New Jersey.

Even hapless Larry Sabato was looking for the Obama coalition:

In 2008, Barack Obama ran 8 percentage points ahead of Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 performance in Virginia, in part because of a massive voter registration effort among African-Americans.

But those new voters on the Democratic rolls aren’t showing signs that they’ll show up as enthusiastically for Deeds as they did for Obama. [snip]

“Who are those missing voters?” Sabato sought to explain. “It’s impossible to know for sure in advance, but it is quite likely they will be disproportionately minority voters and the young — two groups that voted heavily Democratic in 2008.”

Before the disastrous election results, even Nagourney at the New York Times wrote Obama was on the ballot:

New Jersey is a predominantly Democratic state, and one where Mr. Obama invested his own political capital on behalf of Mr. Corzine.

A loss there, particularly if it is part of a sweep, is going to produce a wave of “Obama is in trouble” commentary that, justified or not, will hinder the president at the very moment he needs all the clout he can muster to get bills on health care and global warming through Congress. [snip]

That said, it is worth watching whether Mr. Obama succeeds in turning out his supporters — especially people who voted for the first time last year — in New Jersey and to a lesser extent in Virginia.

That will be an early sign of his ability to transfer his own appeal to other candidates and of whether he has succeeded in building a sustainable new coalition of Democratic voters. That is something that will not be lost on Democratic members of Congress, especially those in moderate and Republican-leaning districts whom he will be pressing to cast tough votes on issues like health care and climate change.

Similarly, in Virginia, keep an eye on whether independent voters who supported Mr. Obama so strongly in 2008 turn out for Mr. Deeds, vote for Mr. McDonnell or just stay home.

The New York Times and the Washington Post are finally talking about the failed Obama coalition. The mistake in ’08.

The world is turning pink – Big Pink.


81 thoughts on “The World Series: The Hillary Clinton Coalition Versus The Barack Obama Coalition, Part III

  1. admin, great article. Chills must be being felt at the WH. I thought it sick that they had Obama watching a movie about himself while the bad news was coming in. How childish, it sounds like they have to keep him pumped up about himself. Wow!

  2. “Many of the young voters who came out in big numbers in 2008 and strongly backed Obama stayed home Tuesday. In Virginia, voters under age 30 accounted for 10 percent of the electorate, half the share they represented last year. In New Jersey, their turnout also was halved.”

    “A surge among black voters was another key to Obama’s victory in Virginia last year. They were no less Democratic in their balloting Tuesday but turned out in somewhat smaller numbers.”

    Would that be because they were not being bussed in by the obama campaign or were thrown off the register for being double enrolled for voting.

    Admin a good question would be, how come there is approximately 100,000 voters missing from the electoral role in virginia since last November,and funny if McCain had about 100,000 more and Obama had 100, 000 less in Virginia 08, it would have been practically a draw. Could it be that they were fraudulent and tossed off the roll.

  3. Here is something I got in an email about how the Israeli’s have universal healthcare.

    Health Care Israeli Style
    Written by: Anthony Reich
    The subject of health care seems to be in focus at the current time for a number of reasons. The Obama administration is spending a huge amount of time and effort trying to reform the US healthcare system to provide more affordable healthcare to a broader spectrum of people. This, added to the H1N1 pandemic that is sweeping across the world, and the significant burden that has been placed upon healthcare systems around the world has brought the issue of healthcare to the attention of many of us.
    I had experience of the South African health care system and the British system before coming to live in Israel. Each system is entirely different from the others. The South African system works well for those who have medical insurance. The quality of treatment available to those with the right insurance is generally very good. Private doctors and hospitals and medication are used by those with the right insurance. The problem is that the premiums to cover the medical insurance policies are not within the reach of the average citizen. As such, first world medical care is available to the privileged classes whilst many others are forced to endure much lower quality of medical care, or none at all.
    The National Health system in England is held up in many countries in the world as an ideal example of universal health care. This system provides a minimum level of health care for all citizens of the UK. The problem with this system is that it is overburdened and waiting times can be very long for simple appointments, procedures or operations. As a result, those who are able to afford private health care or who have insurance to cover it, prefer to get private treatment. This creates a type of two-tier system of health care, once again favouring the wealthy and leaving the poorer classes with inferior care.
    The Israeli system is different, and quite an interesting way of providing health care. There are four health maintenance organisations (HMOs) in Israel. Every citizen of Israel should be a member of one of the HMOs. They are private organisations for the provision of health care to Israel’s citizens. Employees have a health tax deducted from their salaries according to their earnings. The tax deducted is handed over to the employee’s chosen HMO. This provides a basic level of health care of the employee and members of his family. Members of the HMO can also upgrade their membership to packages that give greater benefits to the members such as access to better specialists and better quality hospitals. Those who are unemployed have their health premiums paid by the National Insurance Institute. New immigrants are provided with free health care for a period of six months until they have managed to establish themselves and arrange their premium payments. Health cover is extended equally to all Israeli citizens, Arabs and Jews alike. All of this means that those who have even the most basic health package still have access to some of the best medical care available with reasonable waiting times. In addition, with the significant research and development that is undertaken in medicine in Israel, Israeli patients can be assured of the most up-to-date technology and medical treatment. It was recently published that Israeli patients have the highest rate of cancer survival in the world.
    As a Diabetic, I am forced to make maximum use of the medical system of the country in which I live. I observed that my Diabetes was accepted by my HMO immediately upon my application, and not excluded as a pre-existing condition. As such, I have fully coverage of all treatments relating to my Diabetes. The treatment that I receive in Israel is not only high quality, intensive and easily available to me at all times, my Diabetes is treated using the latest technology and in a high quality way.
    The life expectancy for people living in my home town is over 80 years old for both men and women. This is the case for a country that is constantly at war and losing young men and women in wars and terror attacks. Most of Israel’s taxes have had to be spent on the military to guarantee her continued existence, which has left much less funding available for medical and other expenditure. This is surely a remarkable achievement, especially for a country which has been in existence for barely 60 years. President Obama could do a lot worse than establish a similar system in the US.

  4. More on delusions from another surprisingly good article:

    “This is a shot across the bow to the moderates and Blue Dog Democrats as they decide votes on health care” and other issues, said Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the House minority whip.

    Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine — who as current Virginia governor had previously won plaudits for making his state more competitive for his party — saw his reputation scuffed. But he cautioned against drawing national trends, saying opinion polls show Obama still winning majority support among independents nationally.

    “These two races each had their own spin,” Kaine told POLITICO.

    Notably, one of Virginia’s most prominent Democrats, former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder — the nation’s first elected African-American governor — sided more with Cantor.

    “It’s a wake-up call for Democrats across the country,” said Wilder, who did not endorse Deeds.

    He said independents are worried about what they see as careless spending by Obama and his Democratic allies in Washington, and he advised Obama to reorganize his White House to rely less on campaign operatives and focus more on governing.


    When it comes to politics, Obama and his team have proved more comfortable navigating within the Washington system that greeted them than with changing the culture of the capital. A West Wing that features skilled operatives like Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Robert Gibbs is no less politically obsessed than when Karl Rove roamed the same halls.

    “I suppose what has surprised me most is how quickly the promises of comity, outreach and post-partisanship were abandoned,” James G. Gimpel, a professor of political science at the University of Maryland, said on the Arena forum. “But maybe that’s because I was starting to believe the hype, and I should have maintained an appropriately skeptical stance all along. In this last year, we have again been reminded that governing is not campaigning.”

    As it happens, the Obama team is never happier — as in its frequent public disputes with Fox News, Rush Limbaugh or the insurance industry — than when it can adopt campaign-style tactics to frame an adversary for public advantage.

    The logic of this approach is clear but also plainly at odds with Obama’s stated desire to unify Americans and drain politics of its anger and addiction to unproductive conflict.

    In the year since Election Day, there is scant evidence that Obama remains a movement politician.

    The legions of activists and volunteers — the people whose e-mail lists and social-networking skills were supposed to be a potent weapon in Obama’s arsenal during legislative battles — have not made themselves felt in meaningful ways since last year.

    And what looked like a transformative result — an electoral map redrawn by Obama’s ability to mobilize both the Democratic base and post-partisan independents — now seems more tentative. In 2008, Obama became the first Democrat to win Virginia in 44 years, based on massive turnout from African-Americans and big support from independents. In 2009, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate was routed in Virginia, largely because of lower African-American turnout and a flight of independents toward the Republican. If these trends are repeated nationally in 2010 and Democrats lose significant ground, Obama’s ambitions to be a transformational president most likely will be put on pause.

  6. I’ve waited with baited breath for Big Pink’s commentary on last night’s Obamination. It was as good as expected.

    This is what happens when you let kids and media Kool-Aid drinking hippies choose your candidate. This would not be happening if Hillary Clinton were in office.

    Obama’s chickeeens…are coming hoooome…to ROOST!

  7. Admin,

    My respect for Krauthammer keeps building. He is quickly becoming one of the most balanced reporters out there. Of course o’reilly keeps trying to shut him up but what else is knew about the idiot.

  8. I saw that Krauthammer interview last night.

    He’s masterful, just like Admin.


    (wonder if he would ever do a guest blog here at bigpink? Wonder if he reads here?)

  9. Check this!

    CNN trailing badly in election day viewership – 4th place!

    And notice how MSNBC, CNN and HLN between them couldn’t match Fox!

    FNC: 4,043,000 in total viewers (1,130,000 in A25-54)

    MSNBC: 974,000 in total viewers (308,000 in A25-54)

    HLN: 842,000 in total viewers (341,000 in A25-54)

    CNN: 826,000 in total viewers (227,000 in A25-54)

  10. A little rant on my part… While obama pushes, through Hillary, for Israel to give up everything but the kitchen sink so his palestinian buddies can take over, Iran continues to arm two of the largest anti-Jewish terrorist groups in the area. No one has gone in yet to investigate Iran’s nuclear energy. obama continues to apologize to Russia and China for asking them to support sanctions. And Iran celebrates the 30th anniversary of the American Embassy violent takeover.

    What the hell is wrong with him?


    Israel: Commandos seize huge Iranian arms shipment

    By ARON HELLER (AP) – 1 hour ago

    JERUSALEM — Open crates from a cargo ship seized Wednesday by Israel revealed dark green missiles inside. Containers from the vessel bore writing in English that said “I.R. Iranian Shipping Lines Group.”

    Israel alleged that the shipment of hundreds of tons of rockets, missiles, mortars, grenades and anti-tank weapons — the largest it ever seized — was headed for Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon.

    …more at…

  11. Ooooooooooo!
    I just can’t resist gloating.
    Maybe thus trend will see the demise of Cadaverdy and the other CNN Cretins.

    ‘Using another metric, it was made even more clear – in the final week of October, CNN did not crack the top 30 cable networks in prime time.

    For the first time in more than two years, CNN fell out of the top 30 cable channels last week in prime time (total viewers). Fox News ranked 3rd, behind USA and ESPN, while MSNBC was 26th. It was the 43rd consecutive week Fox News finished in the top 5 cable channels in prime time.

    In total day, FNC was #5, CNN #27 and MSNBC #31.’

  12. Love the Post Admin, hard hitting. Feels good to have some measure of vindication…but we could have had Hillary and I for one do not think I can forgive these Johnny come lately’s.

  13. turndownobama
    November 4th, 2009 at 4:38 am
    I hope Gore does make billions, because he is a good guy and will put it to good use.

    Money got to him…not so goodguy

  14. another great post, ADMIN…

    ‘Kraut’ captures O’s essence…O is ephemeral…

    …btw…how annoying and out of touch is Nancy Pelosi…what an embarrassment she is…felt sorry to have to watch poor Debbie Wasserman Shultz have to utter those silly dim talking points…


    Hail, Obama! Look who’s forecaster in chief
    President becomes real ‘weatherman’ for every location on Earth

    Now, just when you thought the president could not possibly be more omnipresent, there’s a new website that brings new meaning to “Hail, Obama.”, named for Barack Obama, not only predicts the weather for any location on the planet, but suggests what you should wear based on the attire of the commander in chief.

    It features prognostications using data from, the folks who bring you the Weather Channel, and offers a five-day forecast with cartoon images of Obama dressed in shorts and tank tops for warm weather, and scarves and parkas for colder climates.

    Some of Obama’s shirts even sport images of himself.

  16. Mrs. Smith, great video dedicated to the bots!! LOL!! As a matter of fact where were they yesterday when the messiah needed them, OFF PLAYING VIDEO GAMES AND EATING CHEETOS!!!

  17. Gore (who should have been Pres in 2000) has been publically working for good causes all his life.

    What evidence is there that he was ‘bought’ and when?

    Rumours like this aboaut Gore are on the level of rumours against the Clintons and Palin on Whitewater, pardons, etc etc. People threatened by their good actions (including Gore’s good actions on the environment) will alwalys make up such stories.

  18. The latest disgust: Michelle Obama will be on the TV food contest show “Iron Chef”.

    Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
    Be thou a spirit of health or goblin damn’d,
    Bring with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell,
    Be thy intents wicked or charitable,
    Thou comest in such a questionable shape

  19. All respect Admin but f*ck the Yankees, who spent $400M on 3 players this off-season (which no other team in ANY professional sport could even begin to consider doing), all while Mike “We Love Rich People” Bloomberg (Term limits!? What term limits?!) gift-wrapped a brand new $4B stadium (when there was nothing wrong with the old one) a stadium from which the Yankees keep all the profits, and all while the people of NY are either starving or being strangled to death.

    Actual Headline from Huff Post;

    Obama plays Peek-A-Boo with Baby, Scratches Bo’s Belly.

    I like to contribute whatever joy I can. 🙂

  20. admin
    November 5th, 2009 at 12:42 am

    Admin, THAT has to be one of the worst outfits, evah. Is she color blind? And what about one of the chef’s orange socks? Was the picture taken on Halloween?

  21. Puma-SF, “no year” it is. Perhaps ABC thinks Obama starts a new age and therefore we are in year zero, soon to be year 1 of the Age of Fake. Or maybe they think Obama is a big zero. Or maybe they got confused with NObama? Like “No Child Left Behind” the jokes will soon start – how about “race to the bottom”?

    Blue Democrat, we’ll keep away from sports from now on. 🙂 If you are this “questioning” about the Yankees we won’t ask you what you think of Nancy Pelousy saying “we won”. Maybe she thinks the Dodgers (traitors to Brooklyn) were in the World Series.

    Whatever you do, don’t look at Michelle’s “Iron Chef” dress. That will really set you off. 🙂

  22. Admim, you are right about ME-chelle’s Halloween outfit. If it had been her REAL clothes she would have had on a great big studded black belt hiked up in front. Yes, indeed…it must have been a costume closeout and one that obviously did not sell.

  23. S, it can’t only be color blindness. Look at that sweater. It must belong to the dog Bo or one of the girls found it at school.

    If she was color blind that still would not explain how Michelle Obama could not fidget and sense the size is all wrong. Has she lost sensitivity in her torso due to prolonged lack of sleeves?

  24. Birdgal and Southern Born, the picture was taken yesterday or today (the story was published on November 4). For Michelle every day is Halloween.

  25. Okay, for the third time, I’ll try to comment.

    Admin, the outfit ME-chelle has on is without doubt from a Halloween close out sale. Obviously it did not sell well.

    If this had been ME-chelle’s REAL clothes, she’d have had on a great big studded black belt hiked up in the front.

    Yep…it’s a costume.

  26. Admin,

    In the interest of fairness & equal time, that rat Bloomberg also built the Mets a multi-billion dollar stadium, from which they also keep all the profits, while the bridges creak, roads remain worse than those in Bagdad, teachers, cops & fireman are denied raises, taxes remain through the roof – and all while the people choke. (and not because of it’s proximity to the Yanks, but for instance last I heard the Bronx has something approaching 50% unemployment).

    That’s why Bloomberg had to outspend Thompson 16-1 to just narrowly squeak by. In other words, it’s the SOS.

    But if you’re a real fan by all means enjoy your 27th. Seriously.

    They beat a hell of a team, pretty easily as it turned out. Matsui had a game for the ages.


  27. Admin, FINALLY you have given an explanation that makes sense. That explains the baby poop yellow diamond brocade outfit that ME-chelle wore IN THE MORNING of the inaugration, the afternoon summer garden party dress she wore the next morning to the National Catheral, the God awful thing she wore in England to Westminster Abby, a casual sweater to visit the queen, and all those giant bows and of course all those sleeveless numbers.

    ME-chelle thinks everyday is Halloween.

    Now her wardrobe makes sense.

    Thanks Admin for clearing that up!

  28. Again I am disturbed about the loss of purpose on Big Pink with the constant attacks on MO and the indifference to the FOX vilification of Hillary.There is very little to be gained by pointing out Mo style and physical attributes.These yactics can only lead to anger and retribution by her followers,Take a look at Fox and Friends this morning.They had several retired generals on their pasyrolls criticising Hillary for her remarks about the military situation she has to put up with from BO as his messenger.Folks many of you are falling into a trap set by the messiah supporters.Wake up and take stock in where you are and the bad judgement that might stifle our efforts to see Hillary as the true President of this endangered country.I am sorry but I cannot follow the path that you are leading
    us down to a major failure.

    BY ABM90.wobbie we need your guidance on this one

  29. Coffeess Spurt!

    That 12:36 pic is not for early morning viewing!


    I think we’re just letting off a little steam.

  30. Admin:
    Nothing in the news this morning about the huge losses to the Repubs in the elections. It’s as if the Dem losses to Repubs are insignificant and trivial to news outlets. Obama’s presence on the campaign trail is TOXIC to incumbents. A good sign of things to come. imo-


    “10. The Dimocratic 10-year plan is dead. We’ll discuss this one soon (maybe tomorrow). It’s a six letter word.”


    What could it be?

    I’m thinking of a three letter word: DOA 🙂

  31. News alert: SoS Hillary Rodham Clinton will dedicate the new Navy ship The S.S.New York on saturday Nov.7.Spread the word for this great event.I dare the “Fringe Media”to ignore this event and try marginalization.

  32. admin
    November 5th, 2009 at 12:36 am

    I read the news about Iron Chef, a show I actually watched once in a while but will no longer look at because of this joke.

  33. I have been wondering for a while whether bambi made all these unattainable diplomatic promises in order to paint Hillary as incompetent. Israel/Palestine, Korea, Pakistan, Iran…all century long issues that bambi the puppet king believes only he can fix. And yet here is Hillary working her heart out to achieve the unachievable. Once again I am wondering if she should get out while she can, before he scapegoats her again.


    Kerry’s Rookie Mistake?

    By The Globalist | Thursday, November 05, 2009

    Some keen Washington observers believe that the Obama Administration is grooming Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts as the next U.S. Secretary of State, even though current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has held power for less than a year. The Globalist explores how Mr. Kerry recently made a “rookie mistake” when mediating in Afghanistan’s presidential election.

    Don’t look for Machiavellian, or even Clintonian, subtlety in the machinations of the Obama White House. The Obama team’s determination to groom Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts as the next U.S. Secretary of State is already palpable, even though current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has held power for less than a year.

    Kerry, currently chairman of the U.S. Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, has always wanted to be Secretary of State far more than he wanted to be president. During the transition, he pushed quietly but very hard for the job before President Barack Obama gave it to Senator Clinton of New York instead.

    But for a man who regards himself as one of the Senate’s most experienced figures on foreign policy, he committed a big mistake in Kabul when, during his tense talks with Afghan president Hamid Karzai, he didn’t secure the resignation of the head of the Afghan Election Commission.

    Kerry committed a big mistake in Kabul when, during his tense talks with Afghan president Hamid Karzai, he didn’t secure the resignation of the head of the Afghan Election Commission.

    Former Afghan Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah pulled out of the projected run-off Sunday, clearing the way for Karzai to start his second term. But the fiasco of the widespread faking of votes in the first and now only round of voting had already been exposed to the Afghan people and the wider world.

    Kerry was widely (over-) praised for his apparent success in “persuading” Karzai to accept a run-off vote against Abdullah. But he never called for the resignation of the Election Commission chief, who orchestrated his body’s collusion with the Karzai government.

    That omission does not necessarily signal the kind of Secretary of State Kerry would be: In the Senate, Kerry amassed an admirable record over the years in probing relentlessly and deeply into key areas of interest. Let us hope he reverts to that familiar pattern of asking the truly vital questions when he engages in admittedly difficult missions. But it still looks like a rookie oversight that had to be covered up by Secretary of State Clinton’s statement that Abdullah’s withdrawal doesn’t imply any illegitimacy of the election outcome.

    But now, Karzai looks like he pulled one over U.S. eyes by getting Abdullah to withdraw, and thereby escaping the second-round election campaign he always opposed tooth and nail.

    As a result, after Kerry’s “diplomatic achievement,” the U.S. government still finds itself completely stuck with an illegitimate president as its partner in Kabul.

    Or maybe we are underestimating President Obama and Senator Kerry: Maybe that was the outcome they wanted all along — in order to give them the pretext the president will need NOT to approve any big increase in U.S. troop levels in Afghanistan.

  34. confloyd
    November 5th, 2009 at 12:04 am

    I watched the BBC news last night. One of their reporters was out polling college students (Obama’s major voting block) who believed Obama’s fantasy of “Hope and Change”; asking how he felt about his plummeting polls numbers and the stagnation of the country’s economy. As expected, the student sitting on the campus lawn couldn’t bring himself to admit what is as evident as the cultivated stubble on his chin. He posited a few LW memes, “it’s still early”, “people forget Obama inherited these problems from Bush.” Nothing but useless responses of plausible denial. Rather than at least entertaining the notion Obama is out of his league leading the country out of these perilous times. With a follow-up question stimulating brain activity: “Are Obama’s actions deliberate?” Meaning- “Is he ignoring the plight of America’s jobless and the victims of rampant home foreclosures breaking middle class Americans and WHY do you think he would allow that to happen?” Or are Obama’s limited leadership qualities just the result of inexperience?

    The (?) generation of dumbed down (sheep) student population is really scary, if they are all there is in the offing for America’s future.

  35. The takeaway from the election results was this: no coattails. They appealed to the blacks and the youth and they did not come. To these young delusionals Bambi may still be their sun, their moon, their east, their west, but deeds and corzine sure as hell were not.

  36. wbboei….. I haven’t been able to be too active here this year as i have been caring for my mother and her cancer…..she is now terminally ill and at home with me and hospice… but i must say….. I missed your postings!!

    where ya been?

  37. djia,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your beloved mother. I went through a similar 3 year scenario with my own mother and know how heartbreaking it is to see them go through this.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  38. November 05, 2009

    New York City Bush-Clinton ‘Debate’ Canceled

    An event promoted as a “debate” between George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in New York City this February has been canceled, after both former presidents objected to the way the forum was hyped.

    Anyone hoping to see George W. Bush and Bill Clinton face off in a war of words and political vitriol will not get their wish.

    An event promoted as a “debate” between the two in New York City this February has been canceled, after both former presidents objected to the way the forum was hyped.

    The event, slated for Feb. 25 at Radio City Music Hall, apparently was supposed to be a panel discussion, much like the forum the two presidents participated in this past May in Toronto.

    But Bush spokesman David Sherzer told Fox News the promoter broke the terms of the agreement by exaggerating the event without the former presidents’ approval.

    “We agreed with the decision to cancel due to inaccurate and unauthorized hype by the promoter,” he said. “The problem for both sides was with billing this as a ‘debate.’ They have a strong friendship and enjoy exchanging their views, which obviously differ at times. But neither agreed nor has interest in participating in a debate.”

    Clinton spokesman Matt McKenna also confirmed the cancellation.

  39. thank you Jan

    mom and i went through this with her mother 25 years ago… it is amazingly hard.

    this summer we were both so full of hope going through her chemo but sadly it did not help her. but i am forever greatful to have had that time with her none the less.

  40. djia

    I lost my mother at 90, and wanted her for more years. I treasure her wisdom all those years. She was not perfect, but for am 8th grade education, she was wiser than some with Doctorates.

    wbboei, missed you.

  41. djia, I lost my Mom 5 years ago and my dad has lived with me ever since. My mom had 1 year where we knew she was not going to make it. I treasure that year. Sorry to hear about your mom.

    So Kerry get great press for the BS he did in Afganistan and Hillary just get crap from the press, well then nothing has changed. I just wish I could determine if the press is being fed the crap by Obama. He certainly controls the press so he must be telling them to say those things about Hillary.

    ABM90, I have been pist at FOX for a while now, they have purposely been saying ugly things about Hillary lately, WHY I don’t know. They used to be saying nice things.

  42. dija, I know it is tough taking care of our elderly mothers, however, we would not have it any other way. I’m taking care of my almost 90 year old mother right now at our home. She has balance problems and falls often. has had broken bones, plus a lot fuzzy thinking at times. When she gets up all through the night, I’m up to try to prevent her from the falls. Who knew sleep was so important! The hardest part is to see a parent who was always a indnependent, a hard worker, active, and busy in this shape. The emotional and physical toll is great. My thoughts are with you.

  43. ABM90
    November 5th, 2009 at 8:11 am
    News alert: SoS Hillary Rodham Clinton will dedicate the new Navy ship The S.S.New York on saturday Nov.7.

    That is wonderful news! Thanks for posting.

  44. “So Kerry get great press for the BS he did in Afganistan and Hillary just get crap from the press”


    For what it’s worth, this is my take on it. As long as Hillary praised the palestinians and pakistanis, she was the media’s darling. As soon as she stopped pandering to both terrorist groups, the media went with both groups anger and denigrated all she had achieved. She never said that the U.S. was changing on its stand about “illegal settlements” by the Israelis. She simply stated that she agreed with Bibi that pre-conditions of this sort were unprecidented and praised Bibi for willing to start talks again immediately.

    All of a sudden she was the most enemy #1 of the Arab groups and was forced to babysit her words back (probably due to the apologist in the oval office who would rather cater to murderers than democratic honest groups)and offer the palestinians everything but blood.

    The corrupt media are always looking for a way to shut her up and push her out.

  45. That piece of CNN/TIMES turd – joe klein – has an artilce on “State of Hillary”…
    while mostly falttering, he does his usual jabs..
    Clinton’s value to the Administration was clear in Pakistan. She wowed a public so skeptical that it had been questioning the $7.5 billion in purely economic and humanitarian aid the Administration had promised. “How much damage control have you been able to do on this trip?” asked Meher Bokhari, a television-news-show host, at the end of Clinton’s meeting with Pakistani women. The Secretary seemed nonplussed by the bluntness of the question. “I don’t know,” she said. “I hope some.”

    Afterward, I asked Bokhari to answer her own question. “Well, this trip was long overdue,” she said. “The Pakistani people really needed to talk to an American about our concerns — the strings attached to aid programs, the drone attacks, their history of support for the military dictatorship. And it needs to be followed up. But if you ask me about the damage control” — she paused, thinking it through — “I’d have to say a lot. She accomplished a lot.”

    In the end, though, Clinton’s success will be determined by whether she can expand her role beyond public diplomat. She will have to become a more sure-handed negotiator and, most important, a trusted adviser to a President who knows where he wants to go in the world but hasn’t quite figured out how to get there.


    Election Day losses in Virginia and New Jersey have congressional Democrats focused like never before on jobs — their own.

    While the White House and party leaders are urging calm, Democratic incumbents from red states and Republican-leaning districts are anything but; Tuesday’s statehouse defeats have left them acutely aware that their votes on health care reform and other major Obama initiatives could be career-enders in 2010 or beyond.

    “I should be nervous,” said Rep. Parker Griffith, a freshman Democrat from Huntsville, Ala.

    Griffith said the Democratic rank and file is “very, very sensitive” to the fact that issues being pushed by party leaders “have the potential to cost some of our front-line members their seats.” [snip]

    And that’s certainly where things seemed to be headed Wednesday. As Pelosi’s office ordered members to stay in town for a possible Saturday night House vote on health care, other Democrats were suggesting that it’s time to take the foot off the gas.

    As members came to grips with the election returns, Rep. Frank Kratovil Jr. (D-Md.) said he wants “as much time as I possibly can [have] to review both sides and make the best decision I can make” on the health care bill.

    Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), a big swing vote for Democratic leaders, said Tuesday’s elections should tell Democrats that their “agenda needs to be patterned towards” the economy.

    “People need to be saying slow it down and don’t add more to the deficit,” Nelson said. “And what have many of us been talking about? We don’t want to see anything added to the deficit unless there’s cost containment.”

  47. George W. Obama:

    Two big questions loom in the wake of the 2009 elections. The first is whether Barack Obama learned anything new about American voters. The second is whether American voters will soon learn something new about Obama.

    For a president who likes always to convey confidence and cool, the returns will test his willingness and capacity for self-critique and self-correction.

    So far, Obama’s White House has responded to the results — flaming defeats for Democratic gubernatorial nominees in Virginia and New Jersey, along with better news in the N.Y. 23 special congressional election — exclusively with self-justification.

    Obama himself did not mention the elephant in the room Wednesday in public appearances in Wisconsin. His silence came even though he had immersed himself heavily in the New Jersey race in particular, only to see incumbent Gov. Jon Corzine lose a traditionally Democratic state. [snip]

    The cheerful public line from the White House carried an echo of Obama’s immediate predecessor, George W. Bush, another president whose political operation reported sunny skies no matter the weather.

  48. Abbas is having another hissy fit and threatening for the umpteenth time to step down and not run for re-election. Egypt has now gone to the United Nations wanting severe action against the continuance of Israel’s policy regarding “settlements.”

    This is obama’s mess. I hope he’s happy. With the exception of World War II, Anti-Semitism has never been so bad.

  49. Would some number cruncher pls put this in context.

    First they give away trillions to banks, and some experts are saying we need a bigger deficit to fix the financial crisis.

    Now they are wanting to cut Medicare and talk about health care measures costing too much.

  50. Hillary returned home last night and this is her schedule for today.She really earns her pay.

    =Appointments Schedule for November 5, 2009

    Washington, DC

    November 5, 2009



    10:00 a.m. Secretary Clinton hosts the 2009 State Awards Ceremony, at the Department of State.

    11:00 a.m. Secretary Clinton holds a Bilateral Meeting with His Excellency Seyoum Mesfin, Foreign Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, at the Department of State.
    Pre-set time for cameras: 10:15 a.m. from the 23rd Street entrance.
    Final access time for writers and stills: 10:45 a.m. from the 23rd Street entrance.

    12:30 p.m. Secretary Clinton meets with the Families of the Missing Iran Hikers, at the Department of State.

    1:15 p.m. Secretary Clinton holds a Bilateral Meeting with His Excellency Guido Westerwelle, Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the Department of State.
    Pre-set time for cameras: 1:00 p.m. from the 23rd Street entrance.
    Final access time for writers and stills: 1:25 p.m. from the 23rd Street entrance.

    7:00 p.m. Secretary Clinton hosts a Dinner Honoring the Visit of the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, at the Department of State.

  51. Clinton sees families of hikers detained in Iran
    By MATTHEW LEE (AP) – 20 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says she held an emotional meeting with the families of three American hikers detained in Iran and is renewing appeals to Iranian authorities to release them.

    Clinton met on Thursday at the State Department with the families of Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Josh Fattal. She says that as a mother, she sympathized with them. She said she explained to them what the federal government is doing to try to get the trio released.

    She called on Iran to free them on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

    The three were arrested in late July for illegal entry near the Iraq border and are in a Tehran prison. During three months in custody, they have been allowed only two visits by Swiss diplomats who represent U.S. interests in Iran.

  52. Clinton says will work with Abbas in “any capacity”

    Thursday, Nov 5, 2009

    WASHINGTON, Nov 5 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday she looked forward to working with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in “any new capacity” after Abbas said he would not run again for president in January.

    Clinton met Abbas last weekend and she said they discussed his political future. She did not offer any details.

    “He reiterated his personal commitment to do whatever he can to achieve a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict … I look forward to working with President Abbas in any new capacity,” she added.

  53. Obama welcomes AARP backing of health care bill


    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama trumpeted two major endorsements for his health overhaul push Thursday as House Democratic leaders pushed toward a vote Saturday on the far-reaching legislation remaking the U.S. health care system.

    “I am extraordinarily pleased and grateful to learn that the AARP and the American Medical Association are both supporting the health insurance reform bill that will soon come up to vote in the House of Representatives,” Obama said in an unannounced visit to the White House briefing room.

    continued at:

  54. THANK YOU, all for the shared stories and words of comfort and support with my mom.

    over the last year + here at big pink i have come to feel like big pink is family and i would like to share a bit more with all of you…

    I lost my dad over 10 years ago he was in his mid 70’s but my mom is only 20 years older than me, she is only 66 years young. but this disease has made her look & feel 100 in only one years time. I am blessed to have this time with her, the reason i came to live and take care of her last may and here till the end with her.

    my family (husband and kids) are back in south dakota and i have been double blessed with their understanding and willingness to let me be here in southern minnesota going on 6 months now. They are all coming up for the weekend!! and we are all (my siblings too) gathering and taking mom out to dinner saturday night for our last “thanksgiving” with mom.

    God bless all of you and your families, you all have given me a place to come and share in a common cause and i am thankful to have my big pink family 😀

  55. ABM90, OMG, they are trying to kill her! THey should have let her have a day to get over the jetlag. Well I guess if they couldn’t get Alqueda to do it in Africa or a bomb in Pakistan they will just work her to death. THey fraud plays endless basketball games while she works her ass off. This is ridiculous. SHe has been gone since her birthday and I am sure she would of like to catch up with her mom and her husband and child.

  56. JanH, I agree, but I am so sick of all this complaining about the only woman who is working her ass off. I am also sick of the rethugs and this healthcare bill. Its non stop on Fox now.

    I understand that people are coming to DC for the vote in the house, does that mean its over if it passes or is all this just more confusion?

  57. EXCELLENT insight into the Squat phenomena
    www dot realclearpolitics dot com/articles/2009/11/05/ voters_ are_ desperate_ for _political_ leadership 990321 Voters Are Desperate for Political Leadership
    By Daniel Henninger

    Welcome to the permanent American tea party.
    You will recall how when the tea-party movement erupted during the congressional recess in August, it was spun on the left that these events were the creation of conservative ideologues. At the start, yes. By the end, though, it was about anxieties deeper than that.
    The GOP is now spinning the results in Virginia and New Jersey as proof that voters are fed up with the liberal ideologues in the White House and Congress. Yes, but it’s deeper than that.
    What was learned Tuesday is that the American voter is absolutely, totally, unremittingly disgusted with both political parties. More than anything, the American voter is desperate for political leadership.
    That electorates in two politically significant states, led by the widening independent movement, could swing within one year from enthusiasm for electing Barack Obama to support for Virginia’s OK Republican Bob McDonnell and New Jersey’s lackluster Chris Christie is simply astonishing.
    Add another American metaphor to the political landscape: the cattle stampede. Independent voters across the U.S. have become like the massive cattle herd John Wayne drove from Texas to Kansas in “Red River.” These voters are spooked and on the run, a political stampede that veered left in November 2008 and now right a mere year later. They will keep running–crushing incumbents, candidates and political models of the left and right–through November 2010 and onto 2012 until they find a person or party capable of leadership appropriate to our unsettled times.
    The signal event of the 2008 presidential election was the day in September when Sen. John McCain “suspended” his campaign to deal with the financial crisis. Within 48 hours, his candidacy stood naked. Mr. McCain’s instincts were right; The American people wanted leadership. But he didn’t have a clue how to provide it. The restless herd ran toward Barack Obama.
    Now they’re ready to run toward someone else. They just did in New Jersey and Virginia.
    This is not normal. A new American presidency, especially this one, should not be in this much trouble 10 months into a four-year term. Nor would it be if not for the economic events that fell out of September 2008.

  58. There is a strong possibility that Speaker Pelosi
    WILL allow a vote on single-payer. The vote may happen as early as
    tomorrow (Friday) morning. Whether it is offered as a stand-alone bill or
    as an amendment to the health care reform package, this will be the FIRST
    vote ever held on single-payer health care in the full House of

    Urge your representative NOW to stand with you and the American people on
    this historic vote. Tell your representative to vote “YES!” to Rep.
    Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) single-payer bill! Go to

    h/ no w

    In the past, many members of Congress have said they would support
    single-payer “if it came to a vote” but that a vote just wasn’t
    politically feasible. Now, a vote is here, and it is our job to urge
    lawmakers to do the right thing. They cannot miss this historic
    opportunity to cast their votes for real health care for all – a
    single-payer system.

    Time is short, so please click here to send a quick email to your
    representative now at

    Among all the reform proposals, a single-payer, Medicare-for-All system is
    the only “option” for health care reform that will end the domination of
    the insurance industry and ensure that every one of the more than 45
    million uninsured will receive quality health care.

    Let’s not back down now. Continue to stand up for health care for all!

    Rick, Angela and Glenn
    Your advocates at Public Citizen

    P.S. – Learn more about single-payer health care at
    h/ no w

  59. There is a strong possibility that Speaker Pelosi
    WILL allow a vote on single-payer. The vote may happen as early as
    tomorrow (Friday) morning. Whether it is offered as a stand-alone bill or
    as an amendment to the health care reform package, this will be the FIRST
    vote ever held on single-payer health care in the full House of

    Urge your representative NOW to stand with you and the American people on
    this historic vote. Tell your representative to vote “YES!” to Rep.
    Anthony Weiner’s (D-N.Y.) single-payer bill! Go to

    h/ no w

    In the past, many members of Congress have said they would support
    single-payer “if it came to a vote” but that a vote just wasn’t
    politically feasible. Now, a vote is here, and it is our job to urge
    lawmakers to do the right thing. They cannot miss this historic
    opportunity to cast their votes for real health care for all – a
    single-payer system.

    Time is short, so please click here to send a quick email to your
    representative now at

    h/ no w

    Among all the reform proposals, a single-payer, Medicare-for-All system is
    the only “option” for health care reform that will end the domination of
    the insurance industry and ensure that every one of the more than 45
    million uninsured will receive quality health care.

    Let’s not back down now. Continue to stand up for health care for all!

    Rick, Angela and Glenn
    Your advocates at Public Citizen

    P.S. – Learn more about single-payer health care at
    h/ no w


    In Nov. 2008, 43% of the polled thought Obama’s would pursue polcies that are mostly liberal, 45% mostly moderate, and 9% mostly conservative.

    NOw, in hindsight, after seeing the clown in action, the reality proves that he campaigned under false pretenses, and the public is onto him.

    Now, 54% see his policies as mostly liberal, 34% mostly moderate, and 7% mostly conservative.

    (What’s funny is that real progressives, and fake progressives, see him as too much of a continuation of George W. Bush.)

    PRINCETON, NJ — A majority of Americans now see President Barack Obama as governing from the left. Specifically, 54% say his policies as president have been mostly liberal while 34% call them mostly moderate. This contrasts with public expectations right after Obama’s election a year ago, when as many expected him to be moderate as to be liberal.

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