The World Series: The Hillary Clinton Coalition Versus The Barack Obama Coalition, Part I

It’s not a game, but in politics the day to tally contest results is election day.

Tomorrow is election day in the United States and we will see the first results in the contest between the Republican Party versus the Obamination Party (formerly the great Democratic Party which once represented the working class and the middle class).

We will also measure the new “situation comedy” coalition which Barack Obama and his Hopium addled minions declared would “harden” into a permanent “transformational” majority. We will also compare that Obamination coalition with the FDR coalition which Hillary Clinton wielded to victory after victory even as Dimocratic leaders insisted Obama was the one for them.

Today, and tomorrow, and on Wednesday we will look at Tuesday’s nation-wide elections in the United States and map out the historic mistake the Democratic Party made when it gifted Obama the nomination and rejected the winning, and filled with growth potential, Hillary Clinton coalition.

* * * * *

We will discuss the coalition built by Hillary Clinton and the situation comedy demographics of the Barack Obama circus but we would be remiss if we ignored the latest actions by those personalities.

While Barack Obama and his costumed, silly, wife partied for Halloween in a no longer white, but rather garish orange-lit house, Bill Clinton was receiving his earned peace prize. Bill Clinton was in Kosovo to unveil a statue.

Capitalist vendors in Washington will soon be selling mock Nobel Peace Prize amulets with Obama’s face but they likely will not sell. Obama does not sell anymore:

A quick look around downtown Washington confirms that the Obama trinkets are still for sale, but more than one strategically placed street hawker have found little point in displaying the T-shirts, posters, and “Yes We Can” buttons bearing the new president’s image.

“They stay in the truck,” grumbled a vendor who identified himself as “Dick,” as he pointed to a rusty vehicle behind him. “They don’t sell anymore.

Indeed, Obama’s honeymoon with the American people lasted less than six months.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have reputations based on hard work, not gimmicks sold to the gullible. Bill Clinton is not gifted by anyone, anything. Bill Clinton earned a peace prize from people whose lives were saved by Bill Clinton:

Thousands of ethnic Albanians braved low temperatures and a cold wind in Kosovo’s capital to welcome Bill Clinton yesterday as the former president attended the unveiling of an 11-foot statue of himself on a key boulevard that also bears his name. [snip]

Many of those gathered waved American, Albanian, and Kosovo flags and chanted “USA!’’ as Clinton climbed atop a podium with a poster behind it reading “Kosovo honors a hero.’’ Some peeked out of balconies and leaned on window sills to get a better view. To thunderous applause, Clinton waved to the crowd as a red cover was pulled from the statue. [snip]

Clinton also addressed Kosovo’s 120-seat assembly, encouraging members to forgive and move on from the violence of the past.[snip]

An estimated 10,000 ethnic Albanians were killed during the Kosovo crackdown, and about 800,000 were forced from their homes. They returned after NATO-led peacekeepers moved in following 78 days of bombing.

[picture slideshow of Bill Clinton in Kosovo HERE]

Hillary Clinton too has been busy trying to save the world even as she is hampered by the Obama inexperience and the contempt of world leaders for the pushover who is ultimately responsible, but continues to blame others for his bumbling.

In a situation with no “good” guys, just a bunch of conflicting interests and bad choices Hillary Clinton proved her mettle:

The Honduran tragicomedy that has consumed the hemisphere’s diplomats for months is at an end (read the details here). Barring the unforeseeable, which is always an iffy thing to do in Honduras, the coupster is out, the mercurial elected president is back in (pending a face-saving vote by Congress and the Supreme Court), and an election to replace him will be held on November 29, as planned.

In light of all this, who was the winner in the Honduran crisis? [snip]

The real winner in this drama is the top diplomat for the key power who quietly, patiently pushed for this settlement all along. It was Hillary Clinton’s State Department that first pressed for an agreement along these lines. It was State that asked Costa Rican president Oscar Arias to mediate a deal like this, and it was State that stepped into the breach when the Arias compromise fell apart: They dispatched Assistant Secretary of State for the West Hemisphere, Thomas Shannon, to Tegucigalpa on multiple occasions to help settle the dispute.

It’s therefore fitting that, from far off Islamabad, it fell to Hillary Clinton to announce the deal. Hailing the “historic agreement” between the two sides, she went on to stress that “I cannot think of another example of a country in Latin America that, having suffered a rupture of its democratic and constitutional order, overcame such a crisis through negotiation and dialogue.”

Hillary managed the unmanageable. The elected Mel Zelaya, whose actions sparked the crisis, will return as president but now will be a weakened lame duck who must head a “unity government”. The leader of the coup, Roberto Micheletti is forced to respect the electoral process and possible legal consequences. Hugo Chaves of Venezuela lost a potential vassal state and prestige before his followers, and the Organization of American States failed without Hillary.

Hard work Hillary is busy saving the world while show horse Obama struts and primps at Halloween parties. Show horse Obama is now limping while work horse Hillary gallops along. The lesson of hard work is a lesson the working class and the middle class understand. It’s a lesson the Dimocrats are about to re-learn tomorrow.

* * * * *

Tomorrow and Wednesday we will address the FDR coalition of Democrats and independents which Hillary Clinton forged versus the Obama coalition. The New York Times asks the correct question about tomorrow which we will try to answer in the next few days:

In an effort they are calling “Yes We Can 2.0,” Corzine campaign officials are devoting millions of dollars and thousands of volunteers to try to bring back to the polls those 442,000 New Jersey residents who had never voted before Mr. Obama’s election last November. They are flooding them with phone calls, mail and text messages, hoping to contact each of them at least eight times before Tuesday. [snip]

Whether the first-time Obama voters turn out could make a crucial difference in this race, with most polls showing Mr. Corzine and his Republican opponent, Christopher J. Christie, still running neck and neck two days before the election.

The outcome could also help answer a question nagging at Democrats nationally: Can they keep engaging those drawn to the polls by Mr. Obama’s charisma and historic campaign, or will last year prove a one-time surge for the party?

“If Corzine can activate the Obama surge vote in New Jersey, that would suggest that last year was more than just a flash, that it has staying power,” said Allan Lichtman, a history professor at American University. “It will show that Obama’s support was about more than just one candidate’s charismatic personality, and give him a chance to transform American politics.”

The governor’s race in Virginia is also being closely watched for what it may say about Mr. Obama’s ability to excite his supporters to back Democratic candidates. In that race, the Democrat, Creigh Deeds, is trying to draw Mr. Obama’s backers with rallies and fliers showcasing him in photographs with the president.

Dimocrats, the Hopium addled, and writers (Frank Rich is particularly laughable in yesterday’s column on the 23rd district race in New York) and Obama advisers are lying either to themselves or their Hopium allies. The coalition of clowns will try to spin defeat as meaningless and victory as justification for policies which the American people continue to reject.

In 2010 the penultimate judgement on the inexperienced and unqualified Barack Obama and his sycophants in Big Media and the Obamination Party will be rendered by the electorate. Tomorrow we will begin to see whether we have been correct in our defense of the coalition which FDR created and Hillary reforged.

Tomorrow we will also see the first time that the Hopium addled will be rattled in their community of unreality and Obama worship. We will have to wait until 2010 and the November elections to witness the mass panic when Dimocrats realize they gifted the Democratic Party and the nomination to the wrong candidate – and the wrong coalition.

Part II tomorrow.