Who Do You Trust?

Americans are learning, what we have known for a very long time:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Slowly but surely “trust” becomes the central issue.

* * * * *

The Obama thugs have tried, with great help from Big Media, to distract from the central issue: trust. But today, the Obama thugs are playing the “trust” game.

Against Richard Nixon the Democratic Left used to ask the question “Would you buy a used car from this man?” In a twist Obama thugs inadvertently ask “Would you buy a care policy from this man?” Wise Americans will find themselves willing to buy a used car from crook Nixon than a scam insurance policy from Obama.

ABC does the honors:

The Gallup poll has some discouraging news for President Obama today.

“Despite the considerable efforts of Congress and the president to pass health insurance reform, the public remains reluctant to endorse that goal,” Gallup says.

The poll shows that 49% of respondents say or lean towards saying that they would advise their member of Congress to vote against a bill, while 44% say or lean towards advocating in favor of the bill. Support among Rs, Ds, and Is has dropped since last month, having dropped 12 points among Republicans, 6 points among Democrats and 8 points among Independents since early October. By 53-40, most Americans disapprove of the President’s handling of health care policy—”his worst review to date on this issue.”

ABC News also notes the latest “distract” strategy by Obama.

Some arrows in the quivers of health care reform-backing Democrats that you may hear about today:

1) MIT professor Jonathan Gruber has released a study stating that the Senate Democrats’ health care reform bill makes “market reforms which will make health insurance much more affordable for individuals facing purchase in the non-group market.” [snip]

2) The White House this morning released this video from Vice President Biden asking the American people: who do you trust?

The Obama flim-flam team on Sunday released the Gruber report to distract from another important report issued today.

The Congressional Budget Office today published it’s new report detailing the effect of the Obama health insurance “scam” on private plans, particularly the effect on private plan premiums.

In Prognosis Negative – The Black And Blue Death Of The Obama Health Scam we discussed the then anticipated CBO report released today. It’s a tale of broken Obama promises and a trail of lies. We quoted Politico:

And in fact, for all the ink spilled on the effects of health care reform, no independent group has taken a comprehensive look at how the legislation would impact premiums for the 170 million Americans who receive insurance through their employers – a population that would receive little direct financial assistance under the various congressional proposals.

For small businesses and individuals who purchase their own plans, economists remain sharply divided over the impact on premiums.

“This town continues to miss what is going to be the real issue,” Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said. “The real lodestar, the thing people are focusing on at home, is all premiums, premiums, premiums. All you have right now is what the insurance industry has said.”

We’ll discuss the CBO report in greater detail in days to come. The news from the report is clear enough already. Big Media will try to portray the report as “mixed news” or even good news. But reality conflicts with the “mixed” or “good” verdicts. What is termed “good” is really the doltish “If you get government money to pay or help pay your premiums – lucky you.”

The other “mixed” report is that premiums might be cheaper (get this load of logic) because premiums will rise so much many Americans will be forced to dump their expensive policies in order to purchase cheaper policies with less benefits. How is this in any way good news?

Politico does the distraction and excuses:

The big winners are people who would qualify for subsidies to purchase insurance. Premiums would be “roughly 56 percent to 59 percent lower, on average,” than under current law, the report found.

Not-so-big winners: People who purchase coverage on the individual market, but do not qualify for subsidies. Their premiums would be 10 to 13 percent higher in 2016 than under current law, in part because of signficant changes to the insurance market. [snip]

The quick takeaways are not entirely surprising, as most health policy experts, including those in favor of the Democratic version of reform, predicted these general conclusions.

But the report by the nonpartisan congressional scorekeepers are certain to become a staple in the Senate debate, which begins at 3 p.m. today. President Barack Obama pledged during the campaign to reduce premiums by an average of $2,500 annually for families. Republicans have made premiums a central focus of their attack on the bill.

The CBO report makes clear many Americans will have to dump their current policies

Specifically, an estimated 19 percent of workers with employment-based coverage would be affected by the excise tax in that year. Those individuals who kept their high-premium policies would pay a higher premium than under current law, with the difference in premiums roughly equal to the amount of the tax.

However, CBO and JCT estimate that most people would avoid the cost of the excise tax by enrolling in plans that had lower premiums; those reductions would result from choosing plans that either pay a smaller share of covered health care costs (which would reduce premiums directly as well as indirectly by leading to less use of covered medical services), manage benefits more tightly, or cover fewer services.

….Thus, people who remained in high-premium plans would pay higher premiums under the excise tax than under current law, and people who shifted to lower-premium plans would pay lower premiums under the excise tax than under current law—with other factors held constant.

And who will pay the bills? We know that Obama intends to make the IRS the enforcer working for the insurance companies. The Obama IRS will force millions of Americans to buy insurance and pay billions of dollars to the insurance companies. But who will pay the bills for the new junk insurance policies? It will not be the insurance companies. CBO makes clear who will pay:

The legislation would impose several new fees on firms in the health sector. New fees would be imposed on providers of health insurance and on manufacturers and importers of medical devices. Both of those fees would be largely passed through to consumers in the form of higher premiums for private coverage.

We’ll have more on this report in days to come.

* * * * *

Who Do You Trust? was a Game Show on American television in 1957. The Obama health care scam will be as successful as the comic meanderings on that show.

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


Howard Dean For President!

Update (November 30): Via Yale Daily News (Howie also has a new book, precursor to candidates announcing):

Congress isn’t going to pass a bill that reforms health care,” Howard Dean ’71 said. “What we want is to have the kinds of choices so that we can reform health care.”

Dean, former Head of the Democratic National Committee and a 2004 Democratic candidate for president, addressed 50 undergraduates at a Pierson College Master’s Tea Monday afternoon. His talk on health care comes on the heels of the release of his new book, “Howard Dean’s Prescription for Real Health Care Reform,” as well as the start of debate about the health care bill on the Senate floor. According to Dean, the most important component of the health care bill is the public option.

“If we don’t have a choice, this bill is worthless and should be defeated,” the former Governor of Vermont said.


Ever wonder why Howard Dean got zilch from the Zero?

Many Howard Dean Big Blog Boys think Dean got zap from Obama because of opposition from his enemy, Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel. Emmanuel, as head of the DCCC tasked with electing Democrats to the House of Representatives, fought with Dean over money when Dean was running the Democratic National Committee. But as usual, the Big Blog Boys are wrong.

Dean got zilch because Obama does not want vipers like himself around. Obama is a traitorous viper too. As the saying goes, “it takes one to know one”. Most people do not like traitors and liars around them. Al Capone of Chicago would use traitors from opposition gangs but eventually they would find their heads cracked by a bat wielded by Capone.

Obama, like Capone, welcomed traitors and liars but remained wary of them. If they betrayed once, what’s to stop them from betraying again? Obama welcomed traitor Greg Craig, even gave him a job, but soon Craig felt the bat on the noggin.

But Obama never welcomed Dean, never gave him a job. Obama saw how Dean debased his position as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee in order to rig the nomination for Obama. Dean betrayed the Democratic grassroots by not being a trustworthy arbitrator and instead manipulating and deceiving to help Obama.

Under Howard Dean, there were no fora to discuss women’s issues even though there was a woman running with a high probability of winning the nomination. Instead there were many fora and town halls featuring African-American issues and even more in Obama friendly sites like Chicago. There were no fora or town halls run by the DNC in Hillary friendly places like New York or in front of predominately women audiences.

Howard Dean was a dirty traitor to the Democratic grassroots and his position as Chairman. We wrote:

During this election cycle, Chairman of the Dimocratic Party Howard Dean remained silent on sexism and misogyny but any “racial” statements were quickly condemned even if the “racial” statements were merely hoaxes set up by the Obama campaign. The condemnation of “racist” statements however were not made against the Obama campaign when the barely veiled racism benefited Obama.

When Obama called Hillary in anonymous memoranda the Senator from Punjab only the East Asian community (and Big Pink) took offense. The Democratic Left which condemned the turbaned stereotypes of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom did not denounce this particular baiting by the Obama campaign.

Howard Dean attributed his silence on sexism and misogyny to ignorance because he did not get cable television. The Chairman must have missed the sexism and misogyny on broadcast television, in Obama statements, in newspapers, magazines and every conceivable Big Media outlet. The Hillary Clinton “nutcrackers” and the “Bro Before Ho” merchandise must also have escaped the Democratic Chairman from the Democratic Left. The good German did not know what was going on – he did not smell the furnaces burning.

It was Howard Dean who tried to force Hillary Clinton out of the primary race along with his hires such as Donna Brazile. When Obama supporters threatened riots at the Denver convention if Obama was not nominated Dean smiled. When Hillary supporters demanded a vote at the convention Dean stomped his feet and demanded “unity”.

It was Howard Dean who further rigged the “48 State strategy” by rejecting the voting rights of Michigan and Florida. It was Howard Dean, via the Rules and Bylaws Committee, who stole Hillary Clinton Delegates and “redistributed” them to thieving Barack Obama.

Obama, with nods and winks, grinned as Howard Dean abused his supposed to be impartial position as Chairman of the Party in order to rig the results for Obama. Obama saw how Dean used his power at the DNC and right then and there knew he would never give Dean any position of authority.

Dean, as a medical practioner, would have been perfect for a Health Czar position or Secretary of Health and Human Services. The HHS position in particular (as well as the Health Czar position due to tax cheat Tom Daschle’s problems) had been difficult to fill and Howard Dean would have been a perfect fit with the job. But Obama knew that if Dean had a Department to run he would abuse his position in the same way he abused his position as Chairman of the DNC.

In short, untrustworthy Obama could not trust untrustworthy Dean.

* * * * *

Which brings us to our topic.

When researching Turkeys For Thanksgiving we were forced to visit websites run by Big Blog Boys. It was a dirty job but we did it for our readers. Repeatedly we ran into delusional posts about how secure Obama is and that no one will ever challenge him. This is a good example of the delusional genre from one of the most delusional Obama lovers:

Is President Obama becoming vulnerable to a primary challenge in 2012? Further, is there any chance that challenge could be from the left?

Looking President Obama’s job approval by partisan and ideological self-identification, looking at the partisan and ideological self-identification of the Democratic primary electorate as a whole, one can quickly answer “no” to both of those questions.: [snip]

This means that, at least right now, President Obama is not vulnerable to a primary challenge, and what little danger he faces comes primarily from his right, not his left.

So far, the dominant narrative among liberal and progressives is that President Obama is on their side and accomplishing what he can. Any shortfalls are the fault of Republicans, conservative Democrats, the media, corporate lobbies, or anyone who is not President Obama. This can be seen in the actions of most progressive grassroots organizations, such as MoveOn.org. The basic idea is that progressives are pushing conservative Democrats to fall in line with President Obama’s agenda, not that President Obama himself is failing to push hard enough (or actually opposed to progressive ideas).

Whether this narrative will change following large and long-term troop increases in Afghanistan, the coming across the board spending freezes or cuts, and the formation of commission to cut Social Security, remains to be seen. However, my guess is that all of this won’t have any particularly strong impact on President Obama’s approval among the left. [snip]

Instead of a primary challenge, I expect the continuing economic malaise and factionalization within both parties to result in one–or more–strong third party candidates in the 2012 elections. Once again, the strongest of those challenges will not be on the left, but either in the Perot-Buchanan line of American exceptionalism, or from the hard-right teabaggers. The self-identified left is still largely with President Obama.

All the delusions of the above are too many to take on. Let’s just say reality is more aligned with this comment responding to that pile of delusions:

Remember the balmy days between the election and the inauguration? Those were the days progressives took Obama’s campaign promises literally and were convinced that, between the “demographic shifts” and all the young people brought into the political process via Pouffe’s Organizing For America folks, the conservatives and the Republicans were doomed for years to come.

Remember that?

Now the OFA folks have been carefully subsumed in the DLC’s DNC and even the generic polls show the generic Republicans out in front.

That’s what happens when you have an electorate that doesn’t have a clue as to how power really functions in our “democracy”.

Indeed, that 87% of liberal Democrats actually approve of Obama’s presidency to date speaks volumes about the blind leading the blind to the deaf and dumb.

And now here we are discussing the possibility of Obama being challenged from the right!!

Only the Bilderberg folks behind the scenes in the Obama administration are a lot less blind than “the people”.

So far, the dominant narrative among liberal and progressives is that President Obama is on their side and accomplishing what he can.

Really, how appalling…how scary…is that?!!

Dean implemented a successful program in Vermont. His opinion should be taken very seriously. He’s the one whose 50-state plan landed Obama in the WH. He should have been surgeon general or secretary of health but he and Rahm ‘I’m-a-f**king-c*ntface’ Emmanuel don’t get along so Deano got snubbed.

The above comment, minus the lack of perception regarding Emmanuel/Dean which we explained at the outset, is the point we wish to address.

We have good news for that commentor and the rest of the Nutroots. Howard Dean might be the one to challenge Obama from the left. Indeed, if we were friends of Howard Dean (we are friends of very, very, very, close friends of Dean) we would advise him to take Obama on – from the left. Dean might be doing just that. Listen to the video below and you will see Dean possibly positioning himself to take on Obama after 2010’s election disasters.

It’s not only on health care that Dean can take on Obama. Dean, after 2010, can attack Obama for not following through on the “50 State strategy”. Dean can take Obama on regarding all the lobbyist, ethics, promises Obama made during the campaign but has not delivered on and does not intend on delivering on.

Dean is also a darling of his beloved Nutroots. If the Big Blog Boys had to choose between Dean and Obama they would have wet dreams every night but eventually go with their first true love – Howie. It was with Howie Dean that all the nutkooks that now infect our politics got their start. It would be true love to once again flack for Howie.

Howard Dean could also take on Obama (and Nancy Pelousy) on Iraq/Afghanistan.

President Obama will reveal his new Afghanistan war strategy in a speech Tuesday evening to cadets at West Point, but his most skeptical audience is likely to be the powerful Democrats on Capitol Hill who oppose a troop buildup. [snip]

On Tuesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) described what she called “serious unrest” in her caucus over the prospect of another vote to finance billions of dollars for an expanded war. It is, she said, the most difficult vote she can ask of the members of her party. “We need to know what the mission is, how this is further protecting the American people and is this the best way to do that, especially at a time when there’s such serious economic issues here at home,” she told bloggers on a Tuesday conference call. [snip]

In June, Pelosi strong-armed anti-war Democrats into voting for a $100 billion measure to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During an interview in July, she recounted her appeal to the lawmakers: “Will you change your mind and one more time vote for war funding?” She also promised not to ask again. “This is the very last time,” she told them.

Now, barely five months later, Pelosi and Obama will soon have to go back to the war well, even as they seek difficult votes from the same Democrats on health-care reform, climate change legislation and regulation of the financial industry.

Howard Dean would have a lot of fun opening another front against Obama. Howie could help us in our job to drive Obama from ever running for office again.

If Howie had any guts, he would run against Obama.

We’ll cheer Howie on. Get a dog to kill a dog.

We’ll giggle, we’ll laugh, we’ll watch in horrified glee as two dogs fighting prepares the way for a real president to emerge wearing a pantsuit.

Howard Dean For President!


Loss and Remembrance

The death of commentor Djia’s mother and Djia’s determination to celebrate that life and that inspiration, reminds us of the need to give thanks for those that are no longer with us.

Whenever we are at a low point and in need of spiritual nourishment we turn to the great poets and the great writers. For this Thanksgiving holiday, filled with so much loss for so many, we refresh ourselves with the words of the great woman writer George Eliot, and an elegy to the dead:

“Her finely touched spirit had still its fine issues, though they were not widely visible. Her full nature, like that river of which Cyrus broke the strength, spent itself in channels which had no great name on the earth. But the effect of her being on those around her was incalculably diffusive: for the growing good of the world is partly dependent on unhistoric acts; and that things are not so ill with you and me as they might have been, is half owing to the number who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”

It is not only soldiers who rest in unvisited or unknown tombs. Those that dwell within the tomb have shaped our world and us, even if we have not known them personally, even if we have not read about them or their passing.

* * * * *

Friends of HillaryIs44 in Ohio have also recently suffered the loss of a loved one. Two months past her hundreth year Mary Egerton Miller Young (July 31, 1909 – November 24, 2009) is no longer with them.

Mary Egerton Miller Young, sharp minded until the end, led a good life and fought for women’s rights.

A leader in equal rights for women in the tumultuous 1960s and ’70s in Columbus has died just after reaching the century mark.

Mary Egerton Miller Young died Tuesday after a stroke in Chesterfield, Mo., her home since 1990.

“We recognized Mary’s practical dreaming, striving for excellence, her attention to detail (and) unshakable integrity,” said friend Mary Anne Saucier of Upper Arlington. “Life was really exciting working with her.”

Young’s activism began in the volunteer work she did for church and community groups in central Ohio. She was in her late 50s in 1966 when she began her greatest fight: for women’s equality.

Her friends remember Mary:

A long time volunteer, Mary was first employed at the Hilltop YWCA, and then became Director of Special Services for the main YWCA, 65 South Fourth Street, in Columbus. It was out of her third floor office that the YWCA Public Affairs Committee was staffed, that the monthly Public Affairs Forums grew, that the yearly YWCA International Fairs took shape, and it was the nerve center for the Equal Rights Amendment battles of 1973 and 1974, which culminated in its Ohio ratification on February 7, 1974.

By 1966, Mary helped found and lead the Ohio Commission on the Status of Women, out of which the Ohio Coalition for the Equal Rights Amendment was born. Immediately following Ohio ratification, Mary had officers in place for a new Ohio Coalition for the Implementation for the Equal Rights Amendment. In August 1974, Governor Gilligan and Attorney General William Brown had created a 25 member “Ohio Task Force for Implementation of the Equal Rights Amendment” and Mary was asked to chair the Task Force.

From 1975 to 1979, Mary directed the Women’s Ohio Volunteer Employment Network (WOVEN) at the Mershon Center, Ohio State University. This research project concentrated on increasing the number of women in state government in policy making positions by translating the volunteer skills of women into job qualifications. WOVEN had a positive affect on women and the media. On March 9, 1978, The Columbus Dispatch did an enormous spread on “Women Assume Leadership Roles in Columbus Arena”.

In June 1977, Mary chaired the International Women’s Year Conference at the Ohio State Fairgrounds, and was a delegate at the Houston IWY Conference from November 18 to 21, 1977.

That summer and fall she helped unite, by October 1, 1977, the Ohio Commission on the Status of Women and the Ohio Coalition for the Implementation of the ERA into Ohio Women, Inc. It was to be a rallying point for Ohio’s women to work together toward collective concerns, voiced and outlined at the Houston IWY Conference – to be a strong state-wide network for fast communication and action. Ohio Women, Inc. depended heavily on Mary’s leadership for conferences, for its “New Day Report”, for its “Women’s Platform”, its “Women’s Agenda”, etc.

In 1980, Mary chaired the committee which founded the Metropolitan Women’s Center for Central Ohio Women. She also helped develop and establish the Center for New Directions and the Columbus Metropolitan Club.

On January 1, 1960, Mary had been saluted by the Woman’s Department of the Columbus Citizen-Journal as one of “Ten Outstanding Columbus Women.” The paper wrote “there is a continuity and relatedness about her activities which is derived from her personal faith in God and her belief in the international brotherhood of Man.”

This was only one of her many special recognitions and awards for distinguished service, including her election to the Ohio Women’s Hall of Fame in 1983.

On March 16, 1985, at least 300 people attended a luncheon honoring Mary’s contributions, with a Proclamation from Ohio’s Governor Richard Celeste and seventeen speakers, including The Honorable Marigene Valiquette, The Honorable Jo Ann Davidson, The Honorable Fran Ryan, and representatives from First Community Church, YWCA, Hunger Task Force, Coalition for the Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, “Odd Dozen”, ERA Task Force, ERA March, WOVEN, Volunteers of America, Ohio Women, Inc., Center for New Directions, Columbus Metropolitan Club, and Metropolitan Women’s Center.

For the occasion, Ohio Representative I. Ray Miller wrote:

You have willingly given of your time, energy, and abilities beyond what was required or expected, and you have earned the respect and admiration of everyone with whom you have been associated. Your noteworthy accomplishments are evidence of the potential of individuals to affect the quality of life in our society in a positive manner.

For these good, known and unknown, we commemorate on this Thanksgiving holiday their loss with remembrance. These bright forces, continue to light the way.


Turkeys For Thanksgiving

According to Ben Franklin the turkey is a “respectable” bird. We’ll ignore the sage Dr. Franklin to take note of some people “turkeys”.

We won’t focus on Barack Obama who has shattered the “Spending Record For First-Year” boobery and who was caught “clutching” a GQ magazine “featuring himself”.

There are a lot of “turkeys” out there to guffaw at:

First up is Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post. In a laughable attempt to defend Obama, Marcus sinks him. Somehow, Marcus does not remember Obama’s oft repeated words/promises not to raise taxes on the poor or middle class. Marcus, to defend Obama, unwittingly calls him a liar by calling the entire health care mandate “a tax”:

Which brings us to the alternative source of congressional authority, the “Power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises.”

The individual mandate is to be administered through the tax code: On their forms, taxpayers will have to submit evidence of adequate insurance or, unless they qualify for a hardship exemption, pay a penalty.

Obama lovers are busy defending Obama against the “tax and spend” line of attack. Obama lover Ruth Marcus just shouted “tax and spend Obama” – and she thought she was defending Obama. Ruth Marcus is a turkey today.

The DailyKooks are turkeys too. One of Obama’s strongest supporters amongst the Kooks is weeping.

But, it increasingly seems that you have decided that your “change” will be confined to eliminating the strangle hold that the Bush White House exercised over all branches of government.

You have stood back and let the bought and paid for Senate devise legislation that effects no real change in the health care system except around the edges.

You have allowed the financial industry to continue the very practices that drove the economy into chaos. You have filled your Cabinet with the very people who were instrumental in laying the ground work for the disaster, and given them free hand to prop up and protect the banks with no increase in regulation or protection for the system.

You allow the struggling Harry Reid to try to whip the Joe Liberman’s and Ben Nelson’s into line without any public effort to back him up.

Now, it looks as though you are going to accept the advise of General McCrystal, the man instrumental in the Pat Tillman cover up, to dictate Afghanistan policy.

Nothing is changing except the Disaster of the Day.

Yes, yes. I know that you have restored the image of America around the world. But really, Sir, was that going to be so hard after 8 years of Bush/Cheney? Just getting them out of office was going to spread a warm fuzzy feeling across the planet. Anyone could have done that.

I know it’s popular for those of us who supported you to list the many small changes you have shepherded. But in the big things, Sir, health care, climate change, using the stimulus package to improve infrastructure and generate jobs, forestall the foreclosure crisis, and address renewable energy, you have done little.

Where are those fine rhetorical skills, now? Why are you not devoting a great deal more time to explaining to us what you are doing. Transparency has become the cash word, of late. But, little real transparency can occur without a careful and full disclosure of not only high sounding phrases of “hope” for the future, but of a discussion of the issues, led by you.

I’m an old woman, Mr. President. And, after decades of disappointment, and frustration at the willful greed and blatant ignorance of the Beltway Bovines, I dared to think that you might actually offer leadership. Leadership by drafting the rough outlines of what you wanted in legislation rather than letting the high school clique that inhabits Capitol Hill play their mindless games while we, out here, fall over a cliff. Leadership in a little serious arm twisting to get the Democrats to fall in line. Leadership in by passing the mindset of the military and getting us out of Iraq and Afganistan.

Instead, Sir, I see the same old game, played in the same old way, with only the faces changing.

Age, it is clear, does not always translate into wisdom. Instead of leading the young into the wisdom of experience, that “diarist” enabled the flim-flam of the Chicago con. Hillary Clinton told the truth and did not deceive, but was lambasted by the Kooks.

The comments in that “diary” alone are filled with weeping and gnashing of teeth, along with more excuses for the false prophet from Corrupt Chicago.

One of the major defenses, repeated over and over, is the ‘we’ve never gotten this far before’ on health care. Larry O’Donnell, of late one of the biggest of Obama enablers, exposes the falseness of that defense. O’Donnell also unwittingly devastates the defunct Ted Kennedy for his role in the failure of true health care reform when Hillary was in charge. Here’s O’Donnell speaking in non-turkey:

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

Ted Kennedy loaded the Hillary health care effort with amendments he himself was forced to vote against and reject on the Senate floor. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton with less votes available to them bought down the debt and eliminated the deficit. Congress did not dare defy Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton with 43 Republican senators got as far as the Senate floor. So much for “never before” arguments. “Never before” – except in 1994.

Even turkey Politico mocks and dents the “never before”, “unprecedented” argument.

The Obama White House is addicted to the “unprecedented.”

Perhaps it was a sign when President Barack Obama sat down in January to record his first weekly address and announced: “We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action.”

What has followed is declaration after declaration of “unprecedented” milestones. Some of them are legitimate firsts, like the president’s online town hall at the White House in May.

But others the president wins merely on a technicality, and several clearly already have precedent.

“Unprecedented” corruption and flim-flammery is what is going on. As bad as the Kooks, Josh Marshall’s piano players in the whorehouse are turkeys too.

I do not know a single person who is not disappointed by Obama’s first year in office. And the people I know represent Obama’s base. Pretty much all of them supported him in the primaries. They worked like dogs during the general. And they took buses, cars and planes to be at his inauguration.

Today much of their enthusiasm is gone.

And the reason for their disappointment is that they wanted a fighter, someone who would implement campaign promises (at least the ones a President can do unilaterally like gays in the military) and challenge the right’s lies. Instead they have a conciliator.

They wanted a “fighter”? Nonsense, they wanted a pet who would perform for them. We know who the fighter is – Hillary Clinton.

While the Kooks, former peaceniks who attacked “war-monger Hillary” today attack anyone who is against the Afghanistan “surge” (months in the consideration with great ostentation) some Dud turkeys are upset over landmines. Oh how they berated Hillary on the landmine issue! Now the Duds are weepy.

The Obama Administration announced late today that it will not sign an international convention banning land mines but would send observers to a review conference on the treaty in Cartagena, Colombia. State Department spokesman Ian Kelly said Tuesday that the Administration recently completed a review and had decided not to change the Bush-era policy.

Former Obama turkeys are now grousing. The old “Hope” poster is now on T-shirts in a tattered, faded version with the tagline “Hope Is Fading Fast“. Turkeys!

The former Obama turkeys, strung out on Hopium now call him “Emperor Obama” and list the many ways Obama is the Third Bush Term:

The World’s Got Problems has been careful to document the many ways in which the Obama administration has maintained continuity with its disgraced predecessor.

We told them Hillary is a fighter (in August 2007!). We told them Obama is the Third Bush Term. Now reality hits these turkeys like the ax on Thanksgiving Turkeys.

Hillary hater and Obama lover Howard Dean is now clucking at the Huff n’ Puff Obama enabler website in pessimistic clucks:

One of the leading progressive champions of health care reform is pessimistic about the state of the debate in the Senate, saying he sees virtually no path to passing strong legislation and predicting potential congressional losses for Democrats as a consequence.

Former DNC Chair Howard Dean told the Huffington Post on Monday that Senate Democratic leadership was “in deep trouble” on health care, even after Majority Leader Harry Reid cobbled together over the weekend the 60 votes needed to get legislation to the floor. The problem was as much about politics as policy.

“I think if you passed the Senate bill tomorrow it would be OK. But then the problem is they don’t have any defense for their members in 2010,” Dean said, noting that the public option would not become operational until 2014. “On the other hand, if they drop the public option [to placate moderate members], I think they lose seats.”

“So this is really tough. I didn’t anticipate being in this position. I thought it would pass. Maybe Harry has some magic up his sleeve. But I don’t see how he gets those four votes [Sens. Joseph Lieberman (Conn.), Mary Landrieu (La.), Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) and Ben Nelson (Neb.)] without compromising the bill,” Dean concluded. [snip]

“If you have members refusing to vote for Reid on procedural issues you will have a revolt in the party,” Dean said. “What is the point of having a 60-vote margin? This is going to be death for the [Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee] and the [Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee]. Why would anyone donate to them if they’re supporting candidates who defeat the Democratic agenda?”

There are a lot of things you did not anticipate Howard. We’ve always known, and after George W. everyone should have known: If you elect a boob, expect boobery. Howard is not a duck – he’s a turkey.

Across the ocean, other turkeys are squawking:

Bob Ainsworth, the defence secretary, has blamed Barack Obama and the United States for the decline in British public support for the war in Afghanistan.

Time for an Obama speech in Great Britain we suppose.

The Israel haters, who now refer to Israel as “Israel-Palestine” finally realize Obama is a chump. A chump outwitted easily by wily Netanyahu.

In Israel-Palestine, Obama underestimated the damage of the past decade and has been outmaneuvered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

We suppose those years at the age of 6 in Indonesia will now cease to be touted as “experience” and “world wise” know-how.

And African-Americans who turned their backs on a true life-long friend, who attacked the many strong Hillary supporters as race traitors? We said they would be the most hurt. Now the hurt is here and no amount of “hope” will change the hurt to happiness:

Joblessness for 16-to-24-year-old black men has reached Great Depression proportions — 34.5 percent in October, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population. And last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment in the District, home to many young black men, rose to 11.9 percent from 11.4 percent, even as it stayed relatively stable in Virginia and Maryland. [snip]

The jobless rate for young black men and women is 30.5 percent. [snip]

Young black women have an unemployment rate of 26.5 percent, while the rate for all 16-to-24-year-old women is 15.4 percent.

Hopium is not nutritious. Hope is not a strategy. Hope does not feed the hungry nor bring the dignity of work to the unemployed. The young are not feeling the hope either:

The economy’s seismic shift has been an equal-opportunity offender, hurting various racial and ethnic groups, economic classes, ages, and white- and blue-collar job categories. Nevertheless, 16-to-24-year-olds face heavier losses, with a 19.1 percent unemployment rate, about nine points higher than the national average for the general population.

Their rate of employment in October was 44.9 percent, the lowest level in 61 years of record keeping, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment for men in their 20s and early 30s is at its lowest level since the Great Depression, according to the Center for Labor Market Studies.

Unemployment among young people is particularly troubling, economists say, because the consequences can be long-lasting. This might be the first generation that does not keep up with its parents’ standard of living. Jobless teens are more likely to be jobless twenty-somethings. Once forced onto the sidelines, they likely will not catch up financially for many years. That is the case even for young people of all ethnic groups who graduate from college.

Hey, dudes, you could have had Hillary – and jobs – and health care. Hillary learned from mistakes and kept on going – making things better for all Americans.

But not to worry, dudes. Obama is having a grand old time with grand parties in the White House. Obama’s reflected glory will heat your homes. Obama getting the top job is worth you losing your jobs – for a long time. Obama has health care, dudes, so you don’t. But why worry – be hopeful and happy for Obama. Suffer in silence.

The feathers are flying in Obama land. The ax is landing on a lot of turkeys.


An Early Thanksgiving From Mr. Hillary Clinton

This inspires us. It’s about power in the darkness. It’s about the type of good the United States used to do and can still do. It’s about an angel’s voice heard through iron, steel, and concrete, into a prison cell.

Obama has always been on the wrong side when it comes to Iran. While Iranians fought in the streets against a possibly crooked election, Obama stood silent. Hillary wanted a tougher American posture in support of the Iranian Iowa caucus and Florida and Michigan voters.

It’s long past Day 1 and Obama is still not ready.

Hillary has long been ready. Hillary spoke to the Iranian struggle when she said:

I have been moved by the … cries for freedom. … People that go back millennia, that have such a great culture and history, deserve better than what they’re getting.

As we wrote at the time, “Listening to Hillary speak Americans realized that we too “deserve better” than what we are getting.

Hillary is no dithering wimp. The Danger Of Obama Weakness is real.

What Hillary says now, she said during the presidential campaign. Hillary is no dithering wimp. Hillary speaks clearly, and informs America’s friends and enemies of what interests, what core democratic values, we will defend. Such clarity angers the Kooks – both foreign and domestic. Clarity is needed.

Obama is not only dithering on Afghanistan (next week B.O. will bore Americans with a nationally televised publicity stunt to finally say something on Afghanistan, then he is off again to the Nobel prize publicity stunt). The Iran deadlines continue to be written with invisible, cowardly ink too. The message from Obama is weakness and a willingness to wimp and bow.

* * * * *

This news article both intrigues and amuses us:

A new detailed map of Mars shows what was likely a vast ocean in the north and valleys around the equator, suggesting that the planet once had a humid, rainy climate, according to research published Monday.

The computer-generated map, based on topographic data from NASA satellites, also shows that the network of valleys on the red planet is at least twice as extensive as previously estimated.

Then the Martians elected Obama using an undemocratic caucus system. The once blue planet went Red. It’s still red. Only the Hillary Clinton coalition will turn it blue.

* * * * *

This war on the elderly (who are not part of the Barack Obama situation comedy coalition) angers us:

Hillary Clinton gives us reason for thanks-giving. Obama is a raw turkey, not fit for consumption.


Truth, Crushed To Earth, Shall Rise Again

The New York Times is catching up to Saturday Night Live. It’s a sad state of affairs when, as we wrote in the past few days, Americans must rely on not funny comedy shows which produce skits closer to the truth than Big Media “news” outlets.

We posted the Saturday Night Live skit earlier but it bears rewatching.

Close to a trillion debt to China… serious recession…. how many jobs has the “stimulus” created? – so far, none…. how exactly is extending health care coverage to 30 million people going to save you money?… I know what a “clunker” is…. Each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money – this does not inspire confidence… I suppose if I really wanted to get our money I could call and say I was a Wall Street banker who needs his bonus…. What steps?…. Do I look like Mrs. Obama… Why are you talking to me like I was Mrs. Obama?…

The day before we posted the Saturday Night Live skit, we wrote about the ugly reality of the numbers and the bad math that is not going away.

Today, the New York Times follows the “comedy” skit and our earlier “math” post, with even more frightening math and numbers:

The United States government is financing its more than trillion-dollar-a-year borrowing with i.o.u.’s on terms that seem too good to be true.

But that happy situation, aided by ultralow interest rates, may not last much longer.

Treasury officials now face a trifecta of headaches: a mountain of new debt, a balloon of short-term borrowings that come due in the months ahead, and interest rates that are sure to climb back to normal as soon as the Federal Reserve decides that the emergency has passed.

Even as Treasury officials are racing to lock in today’s low rates by exchanging short-term borrowings for long-term bonds, the government faces a payment shock similar to those that sent legions of overstretched homeowners into default on their mortgages.

Americans have never faced numbers like these before. If Obama was purposefully seeking to destroy the country, he could not do a better job than continue to run up the Chinese credit card.

With the national debt now topping $12 trillion, the White House estimates that the government’s tab for servicing the debt will exceed $700 billion a year in 2019, up from $202 billion this year, even if annual budget deficits shrink drastically. Other forecasters say the figure could be much higher.

In concrete terms, an additional $500 billion a year in interest expense would total more than the combined federal budgets this year for education, energy, homeland security and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

We’ll be derided as “deficit hawks” by those that don’t care about paying the bills and not running up more debt. The American government has been “living beyond its means” for a long time.

Americans now have to climb out of two deep holes: as debt-loaded consumers, whose personal wealth sank along with housing and stock prices; and as taxpayers, whose government debt has almost doubled in the last two years alone, just as costs tied to benefits for retiring baby boomers are set to explode.

Are we the only ones paying attention? Will anyone cut that Chinese credit card in half and live in reality?

The problem, many analysts say, is that record government deficits have arrived just as the long-feared explosion begins in spending on benefits under Medicare and Social Security. The nation’s oldest baby boomers are approaching 65, setting off what experts have warned for years will be a fiscal nightmare for the government.

“What a good country or a good squirrel should be doing is stashing away nuts for the winter,” said William H. Gross, managing director of the Pimco Group, the giant bond-management firm. “The United States is not only not saving nuts, it’s eating the ones left over from the last winter.”

The current low rates on the country’s debt were caused by temporary factors that are already beginning to fade. One factor was the economic crisis itself, which caused panicked investors around the world to plow their money into the comparative safety of Treasury bills and notes. Even though the United States was the epicenter of the global crisis, investors viewed Treasury securities as the least dangerous place to park their money.

On top of that, the Fed used almost every tool in its arsenal to push interest rates down even further. It cut the overnight federal funds rate, the rate at which banks lend reserves to one another, to almost zero. And to reduce longer-term rates, it bought more than $1.5 trillion worth of Treasury bonds and government-guaranteed securities linked to mortgages.

As bad as things are now, get ready, it’s going to get worse. Much worse, and soon.

Those conditions are already beginning to change. Global investors are shifting money into riskier investments like stocks and corporate bonds, and they have been pouring money into fast-growing countries like Brazil and China.

The Fed, meanwhile, is already halting its efforts at tamping down long-term interest rates. Fed officials ended their $300 billion program to buy up Treasury bonds last month, and they have announced plans to stop buying mortgage-backed securities by the end of next March.

Eventually, though probably not until at least mid-2010, the Fed will also start raising its benchmark interest rate back to more historically normal levels.

The United States will not be the only government competing to refinance huge debt. Japan, Germany, Britain and other industrialized countries have even higher government debt loads, measured as a share of their gross domestic product, and they too borrowed heavily to combat the financial crisis and economic downturn. As the global economy recovers and businesses raise capital to finance their growth, all that new government debt is likely to put more upward pressure on interest rates.

Even a small increase in interest rates has a big impact. An increase of one percentage point in the Treasury’s average cost of borrowing would cost American taxpayers an extra $80 billion this year — about equal to the combined budgets of the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.

Much worse, much sooner:

The White House estimates that the government will have to borrow about $3.5 trillion more over the next three years. On top of that, the Treasury has to refinance, or roll over, a huge amount of short-term debt that was issued during the financial crisis. Treasury officials estimate that about 36 percent of the government’s marketable debt — about $1.6 trillion — is coming due in the months ahead.

To lock in low interest rates in the years ahead, Treasury officials are trying to replace one-month and three-month bills with 10-year and 30-year Treasury securities. That strategy will save taxpayers money in the long run. But it pushes up costs drastically in the short run, because interest rates are higher for long-term debt.

Adding to the pressure, the Fed is set to begin reversing some of the policies it has been using to prop up the economy. Wall Street firms advising the Treasury recently estimated that the Fed’s purchases of Treasury bonds and mortgage-backed securities pushed down long-term interest rates by about one-half of a percentage point. Removing that support could in itself add $40 billion to the government’s annual tab for debt service.

The destruction is undeniable. The Incan disaster of 2012 might come much sooner. The Treasury Department knows the Obama shell game cannot continue:

This month, the Treasury Department’s private-sector advisory committee on debt management warned of the risks ahead.

“Inflation, higher interest rate and rollover risk should be the primary concerns,” declared the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, a group of market experts that provide guidance to the government, on Nov. 4.

Clever debt management strategy,” the group said, “can’t completely substitute for prudent fiscal policy.”

Reality is both an irresistible force and an immovable object. If you elect a boob, expect boobery.

William Cullen Bryant wroteTruth, crushed to earth, shall rise again“. The truth is rising.

William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act I, Scene 2) wrote: “Foul deeds will rise, Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.”

The truth is rising and it is ugly. No amount of Obama bamboozlement, nor Big Media complicity will o’erwhelm the hour of reckoning, which is fast approaching.

Obama and Obamanomics must be opposed at every turn and with every resource.


Still Below 50% Barack Obama Bows To Banker China

The Gallup poll now measures Obama’s approval by Americans at 48%. Gallup is not alone. The Celestial Choirs are booing the Boob. Obama is a chump offering chump change.

No amount of Senate or House shenanigans will flim-flam the American public into supporting the further looting of household incomes with the IRS acting as the Frank Nitti style enforcer for insurance companies and Big PhaRma along with their government cronies.

No amount of publicity stunts will save this Humpty Dumpty who went to the Wall and had a great fall. Obama’s publicity stunt to China and other Asian countries was universally acclaimed as a triumph of boobery.

The New York Times summarized the boobery in Asia:

Instead, with the novelty of a visit as America’s first black president having given way to the reality of having to plow through intractable issues like monetary policy (China), trade (Singapore, China, South Korea), security (Japan) and the 800-pound gorilla on the continent (China), Mr. Obama’s Asia trip has been, in many ways, a long uphill slog.

So it is no wonder that on the last day of the toughest part of his trip — the China part — Mr. Obama took a hike: a brisk, bracing 30-minute climb up the Great Wall. At around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Obama’s mile-long motorcade arrived at the Great Wall’s Badaling section, which snakes over jagged, rocky mountains.

The Chinese are not impressed with mile long publicity stunts.

But Mr. Obama quickly discovered that popularity on the Asian streets did not necessarily translate into policy successes behind closed doors in the Kantei, the Japanese White House, let alone in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

While in China for his latest publicity stunt, Obama figuratively bowed before Banker China. We’re not talking the “kiss my ass” bow in the latest Saturday Night Live sketch which reads more like serious history than comedy:

Close to a trillion debt to China… serious recession…. how many jobs has the “stimulus” created? – so far, none…. how exactly is extending health care coverage to 30 million people going to save you money?… I know what a “clunker” is…. Each of your plans to save money involves spending even more money – this does not inspire confidence… I suppose if I really wanted to get our money I could call and say I was a Wall Street banker who needs his bonus…. What steps?…. Do I look like Mrs. Obama… Why are you talking to me like I was Mrs. Obama?…

As Obama continues to spend, spend, spend with more plans to spend, spend, spend, – Big Media continues to protect Obama. The latest bit of protection is the little coverage of the China bow. Have no doubt, even though the Obama bow to banker China was figurative, Obama bowed.

At 90 degrees Obama bowed to the Saudi King and at 90 degrees Obama bowed to the Emperor of Japan. But in China Obama outdid himself with the equivalent of a 45 degree bow which lowered his lips to Chinese government shoes.

The Obama bow in China was figurative, not literal. Obama bowed to the power of China – the American banker. Americans can be sure that our Chinese money masters will be as kind as Snidely Whiplash on a nasty day.

The Obama bow to China is the latest Obama scam soon to arrive with a flurry of publicity stunts. Here’s what happened:

President Barack Obama gave his sternest warning yet about the need to contain rising U.S. deficits, saying on Wednesday that if government debt were to pile up too much, it could lead to a double-dip recession.

With the U.S. unemployment rate at 10.2 percent, Obama told Fox News his administration faces a delicate balance of trying to boost the economy and spur job creation while putting the economy on a path toward long-term deficit reduction.

His administration was considering ways to accelerate economic growth, with tax measures among the options to give companies incentives to hire, Obama said in the interview with Fox conducted in Beijing during his nine-day trip to Asia.

But first Obama will spend more, lots more.

All the flim-flam talk by Obama that soon he will stop the wild spending is an attempt to bamboozle more money from China. This latest flim-flam is also an attempt to bamboozle the American public that the “charge it to the Chinese” spending spree will eventually end. We don’t believe Obama for a second.

“It is important though to recognize if we keep on adding to the debt, even in the midst of this recovery, that at some point, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double-dip recession,” he said.

Obama is destroying the American economy with his spend, spend, spend and “charge it to the Chinese” Obamanomics (Obamanomics is “voodoo economics”). But Obama will soon hold countless publicity stunts to convince Banker China and the American taxpayer that he is not a wastrel and a destroyer of worlds.

To get the truth Americans have to rely on anything but Big Media “news sources”. Big Media will protect Obama and his booberies as long as possible. But the truth is seeping out.

It is not only via not very funny “comedy” shows like Saturday Night Live that Americans get the truth. Like Soviet era dissidents or Chinese government opponents Americans discover daily that the official news outlets are mechanisms for lies. But the truth is seeping out. The truth is seeping out on Saturday Night Live and by listening in as photographers take pictures of the Boob In Chief.

All that Obama pretense about playing golf? Obama can’t play golf either. Or bowl. Obama is not ready on Day 5000 to play golf, let only be ready to govern. Obama “sucks” say the photographers whose pictures don’t tell the story. The official pictures paint Obama as a tiger of the links, but the photographers elbowing their sides in secret clownishness say “Obama sucks”.

Slowly, the truth is seeping out. Obama can’t do anything right – not even bow, bowl, golf or speak without TelePrompter.

The truth is seeping out. Next time Obama bows, Americans need to kick him in the change purse and back to the slimy depths of Lake Michigan and Corrupt Chicago.


Witch Doctor Obama’s Health Insurance Math Scam Vote

Update: CNN pretends to discover the Hillary that we know:

Hillary is no witch-doctor.

Want to know how big a math scam the Obama health insurance scam is? Politico wrote about the big “math” scam but buried the big news in a long article filled with bad news. Here is the key paragraph of the Politico article which is buried in the 21st and 22nd paragraphs of a 23 paragraph article.

These, in fact, may be the most suspect part of the whole math exercise. For the first 10 years, CBO credits the Senate bill with reducing the deficit by $130 billion, but over half of this is because of added premiums collected from a new voluntary program for long-term-care insurance.

The “savings” of $72 billion will be short lived, since the money is being collected in anticipation of future payments to provide the promised care.

Add to this bill the Medicare fix for doctors of about $250 billion, the lag between collection of revenues and actual implementation in 2019, the looting of Medicare by at least $450 billion, and the looting of American families for the benefit of Big PhaRma and insurance companies by the Frank Nitti IRS enforcer and the Obama health insurance scam is a Chicago style mugging.

And remember this is no longer about health care, it is about health insurance and how to bring in more Americans into a bad system. The bad system is not targeted for “reform”. American taxpayers will be forced by Frank Nitti the IRS to tithe to the temples of crime for little to no benefits.

* * * * *

Tonight’s vote and the votes this year, as we previously discussed is now beside the point. In another article Politico describes the puff of smoke which tonight’s vote to begin debate on the insurance scam represents:

In many ways, Saturday’s vote is the real kickoff to Campaign 2010 for the Senate. Republicans will begin sharpening their attacks into what will become familiar refrains over the next year should reform pass.

Jay Cost at RealClearPolitics is correct when yesterday he described tonight’s vote as an “anticlimax”.

Three big reasons:

(a) “Keep the Ball Rolling”. [snip]

(b) No Harm For Yea. [snip]

(c) Lots of Harm for Nay. [snip]

Final point. The fact that these Democratic moderates are actually spending time “pondering” whether to vote against starting debate is a sign that they are very skittish about this bill. My guess is that this deliberation is just a dog and pony show for the folks back home – what’s noteworthy is that these senators feel they must do this. The reason why is pretty clear. Take the nationwide net approval/disapproval of this bill, then subtract 10 to 20 points. That will put you in striking distance of what the voters in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Nebraska think of it. Then remember that Blanche Lincoln is up for reelection next year, Ben Nelson is up in three years, and Mary Landrieu has yet to develop much electoral security in her increasingly Republican state. She’s up in 2014 – and if Obama wins reelection, she would have to stand before the voters of Louisiana in one of the roughest macro environments around (incumbent party’s second midterm).

In the first Politico article we quoted from, the dog and pony math scam is outlined:

But just around the corner next month, Reid’s Democrats face immediate new challenges, including a $925 billion debt ceiling increase and a social safety net that’s unraveling even as unemployment has topped 10 percent.

Expanded federal jobless benefits — hastily authorized under the economic recovery bill last February — are due to expire in January and will cost $85 billion to renew for the coming year. And this says nothing about a backlog of year-end spending bills and President Barack Obama’s decision on the Afghanistan war, which threatens to eat up whatever savings are coming from the troop withdrawals from Iraq.

For the first time, Democrats are talking seriously about going back and rechanneling portions of their $787 billion stimulus bill to help jump-start job-creation initiatives — such as a long-delayed highway bill.

The Obama flim-flam scams are not yet at high tide. The devastating tsunami wave is merely gathering force:

By any measure, the numbers are staggering. The debt ceiling increase will bring the new limit to about $13 trillion, yet with unemployment at 10.2 percent, Democrats see no choice but to push ahead with jobless benefits. Down the road, the same math faces lawmakers as state governments prepare their 2011 budgets next summer and see a drop-off in the emergency funds — to help pay teachers or Medicaid bills — provided under the recovery bill last winter.

Hundreds of thousands of state government jobs face cutting next unless there is yet more federal largess, via China, drained to state governments to forestall even more unemployment:

The debate over highway funding illustrates this problem. Washington has its own set of fiscal problems given the drop in gas tax revenues for federal trust funds. But states are in such bad shape that many governors can’t make their 20 percent match to get the construction funds — and generate the jobs that Democrats need.

It’s the economy, but Obama is busy spending, spending, spending – without a coherent plan that considers all areas of the economy but instead focuses on sectors of the economy.

Democrats like us used to mock the Karl Rove electoral “math”. Now the Obama Dimocrats applaud the fraudulent math of Obamanomics. Obamanomics, to borrow from George H.W. Bush, is “voodoo economics”.

These, in fact, may be the most suspect part of the whole math exercise. For the first 10 years, CBO credits the Senate bill with reducing the deficit by $130 billion, but over half of this is because of added premiums collected from a new voluntary program for long-term-care insurance.

The “savings” of $72 billion will be short lived, since the money is being collected in anticipation of future payments to provide the promised care.

Exactly the kind of math that — after so many years — makes December such a challenge.

It’s “voodoo economics” from Obamathe Third George W. Bush Term.

Voodoo kills. Obama’s health insurance scam is authored by witch doctors. Voodoo kills.


Tinkerbell In Trouble

Guzzle the Hopium! Fire up the Hope! Jingle the Change! Tinkerbell Obama is in Trouble!

Do you believe? If you believe, applaud! Keep applauding, Tinkerbell Obama is in Trouble!

If you really, really believe, applaud! Louder! Tinkerbell Obama is in Trouble!

Do you believe? Oh, Please, please believe! If you believe, wherever you are clap your hands! Clap! Clap! Don’t let Tink die!

* * * * *

There are more of us than there are of them. Today, Gallup joins other polls with empirical evidence that Tinkerbell Obama’s light is fading. .

The latest Gallup Daily tracking results show 49% of Americans approving of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, putting him below the majority approval level for the first time in his presidency.

Although the current decline below 50% has symbolic significance, most of the recent decline in support for Obama occurred in July and August. He began July at 60% approval. The ongoing, contentious debate over national healthcare reform has likely served as a drag on his public support, as have continuing economic problems. Americans are also concerned about the Obama administration’s reliance on government spending to solve the nation’s problems and the growing federal budget deficit. Since September, Obama’s approval rating had been holding in the low 50s and, although it has reached 50% numerous times, it had never dropped below 50% until now.

Unlike the heroic and deserving Tink of Barrie, Obama’s light is flickering, fading, and not to return.

Gallup suggests that most presidents dip below 50% but then recover and sometimes get reelected. However, Obama’s looting economic policies, foreign policy dithering and applause seeking, and domestic scams and flim-flams are sure to continue a downward trend no matter what momentary bobs up and down occur. The downward trajectory is clear.

So clear is the downward trajectory that even Obama’s Big Media masters continue to turn on him. Indeed the current rebukes of Obama by Big Media are ones that strike at the very idea of Obama. The current Big Media assessment of Obama is deadly because, like Big Pink has written since our first publication date, the problem with Obama is his character, history, and friends.

Obama’s professed policies scams are bad enough but the problem with Obama is his character, history, and friends.

Renown longtime Washington, D.C. fixture and regurgitator of conventional wisdom Elizabeth Drew delivers the bad news to the D.C. Big Media clan. Elizabeth Drew is agitated about the Greg Craig backstabbing by Obama.

Yes, Elizabeth Drew is making excuses (“we didn’t know” cried the Germans as the ovens darkened the skies) for Big Media not investigating Obama and selling Obama to Americans. Yes, Sarah Palin’s book gets 11 Associated Press “fact checkers”. Yes, Obama’s books get no fact checking and when mis-truths and fictions galore arise Big Media prepares excuses.

But let no one doubt, Elizabeth Drew is attacking Obama’s character, history, and friends in an unprecedented manner. Drew draws the Obama portrait:

President Barack Obama is returning from his trek to Asia Thursday to a capital that is a considerably more dangerous place for him than when he departed.

While he was abroad, there was a palpable sense at home of something gone wrong. A critical mass of influential people who once held big hopes for his presidency began to wonder whether they had misjudged the man. Most significant, these doubters now find themselves with a new reluctance to defend Obama at a phase of his presidency when he needs defenders more urgently than ever.

This is the price Obama has paid with his complicity and most likely his active participation, in the shabbiest episode of his presidency: The firing by leaks of White House counsel Gregory Craig, a well-respected Washington veteran and influential early supporter of Obama.

Elizabeth Drew does not forget, nor does any serious observer, that there are a lot of Hillary supporters “bitter” and “clingy” and not forgetting the misogyny and sexism of Barack Obama. Drew does not blame us Hillary supporters for Greg Craig’s demise. Drew instead does the innocent “we didn’t know” routine to explain the traitor Craig’s demise:

The people who are most aghast by the handling of the Craig departure can’t be dismissed by the White House as Republican partisans, or still-embittered Hillary Clinton supporters. They are not naïve activists who don’t understand that the exercise of power can be a rough business and that trade-offs and personal disappointments are inevitable. Instead, they are people, either in politics or close observers, who once held an unromantically high opinion of Obama. They were important to his rise, and are likely more important to the success or failure of his presidency than Obama or his distressingly insular and small-minded West Wing team appreciate.

This Drew critique is an entirely different timbre and quality of attack. Now, Obama and his team are “insular” and “small-minded”. Too bad Americans never heard that analysis from Big Media when it mattered. We called Obama and his “team” what they really are, “thugs” in a Chicago Circus of Corruption long ago, so it is not a new set of facts that we see Big Media Drew finally acknowledge. Something deeper is going on. Drew also describes Obama’s character and lack of integrity:

The Craig embarrassment gives these people a new reason – not the first or only reason – to conclude that he wasn’t the person of integrity and even classiness they had thought, and, more fundamentally, that his ability to move people and actually lead a fractured and troubled country (the reason many preferred him over Hillary Clinton) is not what had been promised in the campaign.

Elizabeth Drew belatedly signals to her cohort clowns in Big Media that Obama lacks integrity and class, and is basically a creep. Isn’t that what we have been saying all along? Yup! Youbetcha!

Elizabeth Drew correctly details the treachery and foolishness committed by Greg Craig. Greg Craig lent credibility to Obama and his Chicago thugs and also hurt Hillary’s credibility. Greg Craig can go to hell as far as we are concerned. In fact, hell is the White House these days and Craig got deservedly burned. Rot in your personal hell, Judas Craig

Craig, who had known the Clintons since they were all at Yale Law School together, had served as a senior adviser to Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, but in 1998 gave up that job to help defend Bill Clinton against impeachment. Yet in 2008, he supported Obama for the nomination – not so much a turning against Hillary Clinton as being impressed early, as were some other prominent Washingtonians, by the then-state senator but would-be U.S. Senate candidate at a fundraiser held by Vernon Jordan, seeing Obama as the first potentially inspiring Democratic figure since Robert Kennedy. In the course of the campaign, Craig wrote a highly publicized memo questioning some of Hillary Clinton’s claims of foreign policy experience, such as coming under enemy fire in Tuzla, Bosnia. During the campaign, Craig coached Obama for the debates (playing McCain), and praised him highly. Craig’s imprimatur helped the neophyte Obama in certain influential circles.

Go to Hell Greg Craig and take Rezko Obama with you. (“someone is nervous about what is going on” says another “influential to the American Spectator..

It’s clear from the Elizabeth Drew article that the source of the article is Greg Craig himself. Craig is the one who is now acknowledging that Obama is a creep. It is Craig who tries to excuse his betrayal of Bill and Hillary Clinton with an “I was fooled” defense. It is Craig who provides hitherto unknown details of his firing and the events that have led to disaster in the Obama out house. Craig provides detail after detail to defend himself. Drew and other “influentials” will weep at the sad song Craig sings. “Go to Hell Greg Craig” is what we say.

Drew and Craig defend Craig by calling into question, in an unprecedented degree by Big Media, Obama’s Chicago Circus of Corruption:

But along the way, Craig fell out of favor with the president’s political aides and, apparently, the president himself. Whether he was simply being made the fall guy, or the tight circle of Chicagoans in the White House didn’t care for this outsider, or he committed some unknown errors, suddenly, in August, leaks began to surface that his job was in danger. Non-denial denials were issued from the White House. The leaks became a pattern, a systematic, anonymous, tipping off of reporters that Craig would soon be gone. [snip]

But the leaks continued, and Craig decided that his situation was untenable, and he had to leave.

To make sure he did, he was leaked his way out, up to the day before he planned to resign. [snip] Even some Hillary Clinton supporters, who still hold no brief for Craig, think he was treated shabbily.

Not us. Go to Hell Greg Craig.

“There’s a lot of concern among a lot of lawyers in this town, especially those who were supporting Obama, that somebody this bright, this respected, this good, and with this integrity, was treated in such a way.”

Yes, we knew, or should have, during the campaign that the supposed idealist Obama had a bit of the Chicago cut-throat in him, but there was little sign that he could be as brutal and heedless of loyalty as he was in the Craig affair. An unexpected climate of fear emanates from the Obama White House.

Go to Hell Greg Craig. You were the one who vouched for Obama. Now you, via mouthpiece Elizabeth Drew, call Obama a “cut-throat” who is “brutal” and “heedless”. Go to Hell Greg Craig.

Drew draws out the Chicago Thugs, now that it is too late:

The incident underscored worries that several had held about the Obama White House for some time: that it was too tightly controlled and narrowly focused by the Chicago crowd; that it seemed from the outset to need an older, wiser head, someone with a bit more detachment.

The current crowd displays a certain impulsiveness and vindictiveness that do it no good – as in the silly war-let on Fox News that it is now trying to back out of. Even if Craig was making a hash of his job – and there’s no independent evidence of this – it just wasn’t smart to treat someone widely held in such high respect in this manner; once again, the impulsiveness backfired. [snip]

The Obamas themselves hang tight with a small Chicago crowd. Yes, he talks to others, and yes, a president’s time is very limited, but the Obama’s themselves seem as closed-off and unto themselves as does his inner White House circle. (Is this a coincidence? What is all this wariness about?) When the Obama’s go to someone’s house for dinner, almost invariably it’s to that of Valerie Jarrett, the old friend from Chicago who serves as a counselor and whom they see all day. Old Chicago friends fly in for weekends frequently. Old friends, who had helped launch him, helped them personally, have been left behind.

Don’t miss that parenthetical comment by Drew. “What is all this wariness about? writes Drew. What Drew is signaling is that something very wrong, something very Chicago, something very Rezko, something very slippery is underfoot.

One of the biggest mistakes ever in the annals of treachery is when Tom Cruise dumped his agent, the woman who created Tom Cruise (Pat Kingsley). Soon thereafter a lot of stories and hidden truths began to emerge about Tommy boy. Tom Cruise never recovered. Greg Craig knows where some of the Obama bodies are buried and Craig along with a lot of those other Obama “Old friends, who had helped lauch him, helped them personally” have stories to tell and have begun to tell them.

Drew is obviously seeking to resurrect her “journalism” career by committing journalism. Drew is talking to some “influentials”:

At the same time as the Craig imbroglio happened, many people who had defended Obama against charges that he wasn’t what he’d been cracked up to be were now becoming concerned themselves: though it was a relief to have a president who thought through crucial decisions about sending the country’s young to war, it was taking him awfully long to make up his mind about what to do about Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the decision-making was bafflingly leak-ridden (was this a deliberate airing of ideas or a loss of control over the process?); that the health care debate had in fact careened out of his control and it seemed less and less likely that, having used up almost a year of his presidency on it (his “deadlines” had become irrelevant, and so, in a way, had he), he would end up with a bill, if at all, that did enough net good. [snip]

He’s been lucky before; maybe he’ll get lucky again. Meanwhile, serious people who had a lot of hope about him and who defended him are more worried than ever, and in this if anything over-communicative society the White House can’t write them off as “a bunch of Washington insiders.” So meanwhile, there’s a palpable mood change in Washington that could signify that Barack Obama is in deeper trouble than he was even a week ago.

Tinkerbell is in trouble. The Hopium dispensers are getting fired and the Hopium is running out. Obama must be run out of Washington and a 2012 candidate for the Hillary Clinton coalition must be nominated.

Tinkerbell Obama’s light is out.


Mistake In ’08

The selection of Barack Obama is an historical mistake which will continue to unravel the Dimocratic Party for generations. Only now are honest Democrats beginning to assess the damage done. “Mistake In ’08” is the first installment in a multi-part series which will detail how big a mistake was self-inflicted by Democrats in 2008.

Item 10. We referenced Item 10 in The World Series: The Hillary Clinton Coalition Versus The Barack Obama Coalition, Part III Item 10 belonged to a list of consequences resulting from the recent November 2009 elections and the evidence mounting that the rejected Hillary/FDR coalition is a winning coalition while the Obama situation comedy coalition leads to electoral disaster. Here is what we wrote about Item 10:

10. The Dimocratic 10-year plan is dead. We’ll discuss this one soon (maybe tomorrow). It’s a six letter word.

What was that 10-year plan?

The six letter word is “census”. “The Census is the count of the US population conducted every ten years mandated by the Constitution. Redistricting is the process of drawing political borders to reflect changes in population.” Post-census redistricting was the Democratic 10 year plan which Obama has already effectively destroyed. 10 years of planning gone in a puff of smoke.

Briefly, after the disaster in 1994 when Democratic corruption and scandals and infighting resulted in a Republican triumph, Democrats realized they had a major problem. Not only had Democrats been hurt in national races, Democrats were severely beaten in state legislative races.

Republicans had taken advantage of their numeric power in the late 1980s and early 1990s to redistrict congressional lines to their advantage. After the 2000 elections Republicans did it again. Republicans redrew congressional district lines to benefit themselves. Democrats vowed to prepare for the 2010 census. “Census” and the redistricting which subsequently occurs became a Democratic mania.

Democrats created a 10-year plan to do to the Republicans via redistricting what the Republicans had done to Democrats with redistricted lines.

We’ll let Matt Compton of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee explain (from a presentation at Nutroots Nation):

Compton quoted to the Nutroots Obama-lover Nate Silver’s prediction that Dimocrats will lose 20-50 House seats in 2010. Compton faced with dread the increasing possibility that Dimocrats will be wiped out again in state legislatures. Even more dreadful is the fact that it is “red” states which are growing in population which means it is in those growing “red” states, where Republicans rule, wherein redistricting will most determine the composition of the national Congress. It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

* * * * *

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. For ten years Democrats plotted and worked.

First, after the 2000 debacle and the lead role of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, Democrats knew the state secretary of state office was important at the national level. In 2004, rulings by Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell undermined John Kerry and made the imperative to influence the state elections, which chose these important elected officials, even more of a priority.

More importantly, in electoral vote rich states like Ohio, the Secretary of State is also an important member of the apportionment board which draws the lines in the post-census redistricting. Steps had to be implemented to speed up implementation of the 10 year plan. The Soros funded Secretary of State Project aimed at shoring up the Dimocratic weakness. It was not just the role of State Secretaries of State in elections that was the problem – it was the census – it was redistricting.

Victories in the 2006 elections were meant to be the first step in the long road to post-census redistricting. First, a takeover of the congress in 2006. Next, an “expansion” of the majorities in 2008.

By 2010, the “hardening” of the gains would occur. In 2010, the glorious never-ending new age would begin – Democratic majorities would become permanent and “harden” and expand into areas and regions of the country never before friendly to Democrats. Eventually demographics, in the form of a minority majority country, would kick-in and the Democratic Party would rule for a thousand years. But it did not work out that way.

Now, Dimocrats who plotted for so long to win the post-census redistricting battle find themselves about to go up in a poof of Obama smoke.

It’s not only the anemic Obama poll numbers that worry. Already with less than 12 months in office Obama in some polls is below 50% approval. Unemployment, along with wasteful, spend, spend, spend policies and economic scams which only stimulate fraud, will likely drag Obama down even more next year.

Even Obama lovers begin to understand our critique of Obama as a cult of personality which will not help Dimocrats, but rather destroy the party. Matt Bai, Obama-lover:

MATT BAI WRITES IN SUNDAY’S NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE that President Obama has some selling to do if he’s going to be more than “a self-contained personality”: “Public support for each of Obama’s signature initiatives, including health care, remains lower than support for the president himself. In other words, without a sustained sales pitch to the voters, Obama has yet to convert his personal good will with the electorate into corresponding enthusiasm for his agenda. And as anxious congressmen study poll numbers and look toward their own re-election campaigns next year, that’s bound to become a more pressing problem for the White House. Lawmakers may yet be persuaded to enact the president’s ambitious agenda, coattails or not, but only if he gives them something else to which they can cling.”

The Obama cult of personality is a dying business. Even the object of the cult is no longer popular. For Dimocrats up for reelection in 2010 the cult of personality is a dying business:

Voters will choose 37 governors. Many Republicans view winning these races as the best way to rebuild the party because those elected to statehouses in 2010 will redraw congressional and legislative districts for the next decade.

Democrats have a 26-24 majority of governor’s posts, now that they lost Virginia and New Jersey to Republicans.

Both Republicans and Democrats expect the GOP will pick up Democratic-held seats in at least two states McCain won last fall. They are Tennessee, where Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen is retiring with no obvious successor, and Kansas, where Democratic Gov. Mark Parkinson is stepping down and Sen. Sam Brownback is the GOP candidate.

Elsewhere, Republicans are looking to overtake Democratic governors in Colorado, Iowa, Massachusetts and Ohio. Incumbents in New York and Illinois are on the radar. The GOP has on its high-priority list open Democratic-held seats in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Attention is also on Oklahoma, Oregon, Maine and New Mexico.

In Iowa, the Republicans should be happy as polls show the incumbent is at an all time low.

In Ohio the results are just as sobering for the Dimocrats as Republicans gain strength.

Nationwide, independents flee from Obama Dimocrats.

Ten years of plotting, planning, and preparing – undone – by a boob.