Obama Loves Lobbyists

During the primaries Obama smeared Hillary because of lobbyists. Obama took money from state lobbyists but made a great show of not accepting money from national lobbyists. The fools who believed Obama made a great show of their gullibility by repeating Obama’s attacks.

Now, one of those great fools is hungover from the Hopium he ingested by the barrel. On the morning after, this great fool is checking his wallet to discover how much money he wasted getting wasted with other fools at the Obama Hopium Bar & Grill.

We’re coming up on the one- year anniversary of Barack Obama’s election. I think it’s maybe time that we asked ourselves how he’s doing.

He didn’t close Guantanamo Bay, and not only didn’t reject the idea of pre-emptive detention but added spice to his own new version of pre-crime prosecution, “prolonged detention.” He promised health care reform and campaigned on a public option, and we all know how that is going to turn out.

But most importantly, he came into office amidst sweeping crises in the financial sector and did not do what needed to be done, and what had been done the last time the U.S. was sent careening into a depression because of Wall Street: he failed to push for tough financial reforms. Barack Obama needed to be the FDR figure who remade the American capital markets and made them fair again, and he barely laid a finger on the whole scene.

Instead, he put the people who created the problem in charge of fixing the mess, and ended up bailing them out instead of the rest of the country, at huge current and (presumably) future cost.The total bill for the Bush-Obama bailout is certainly above ten trillion at this point — Inspector General Neil Barofsky thinks it might hit nearly $24 trillion ultimately — and this went through without much fanfare. Meanwhile, the congress is stuck in the mud, panicked at the thought of paying three or four trillion over a decade or so for a health care program.

The Dr. Frankensteins who created the monster now regret galvanizing the creature to life. The Hopium addled have created a permanent Halloween in America and only now, a year later, do these fools begin to understand the damage they have done. They still do not blame themselves for their crimes. They do however begin to see how the monster they created, are responsible for, is cutting havoc across the land:

None of this is new news. What is new is the question of what to do about it. I’m personally of the opinion that our main problem lay with the fact that the Democratic Party as currently constituted is more afraid of losing the financial support of Wall Street and the health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry than it is of losing progressive voters. In fact, I think I’ve put that wrong, because it implies that the Democratic Party pushes the agenda of industry insiders out of fear. That is a misread of the situation, I think.

The fools that created the Frankenstein monster who is Obama, only now realize that Obama empowers the other monsters. Hillary Clinton, with a flaming torch slashing at the monsters, knew how to keep the monsters in check. But the monster Obama empowers the other monsters:

I think they prefer those people to their voters. I think they feel more comfortable with them. I heard a story recently from a Democratic Party operative who tells me that certain members of one of the president’s cabinet departments only got wind of how hard it is out there for ordinary people to pay their bills when they invited in a major corporation to give them a presentation about their financial outlook for the holiday season — and through that report found out that this company’s prospective customers were spending less because large numbers of them had been laid off, or had huge medical bills, or had maxed out their credit, and so on.

Letters from customers, survey answers and such, were read to the cabinet group. And they were shocked. This is how they find out about the economic reality of this country — accidentally, from a major campaign contributor! That’s how out of touch these people are.

The Obama loving writer who hated Hillary and waved the flag for Obama is one of those responsible for the Frankenstein monster who is Obama. Instead of contrition, the Obama loving writer lectures about the anatomy of monsters:

On these financial issues, not just the issue of financial regulation on Wall Street but the larger issue of income distribution and what kind of country we want to be — the Democratic Party no longer has a policy that makes any sense. They do not seem to understand or even recognize that real wages in this country have not grown for most people for decades. [snip]

This is all a long-winded way of saying that we have problems whose solutions involve taking on powerful interests, political challenges that will necessarily involve prolonged and hard-fought conflicts, but what we have in the Democratic Party is an organization dedicated to avoiding such conflicts and resolving issues in the manner of a corporate board, in closed meetings with the chief cardholders where things get hashed out to the satisfaction of everyone present.

We supported Hillary Clinton because she was a fighter. But the Hopium addled wanted a “no blue state, no red state” delusionalist. The very writers, “activists”, Big Boy Bloggers, and politicians who now whine that Obama should attack Republicans are the very same writers, “activists”, Big Boy Bloggers, and politicians that believed and sold Obama’s delusions of 80% votes and what Hillary Clinton mocked as “celestial choirs”.

The idiot Hopium addled writer continues:

The problem from the standpoint of the typical voter is that he is not terribly present in those discussions. When Rahm Emmanuel met with Billy Tauzin and Merck and Pfizer in the Roosevelt Room (how ironic!) of the White House earlier this summer to work out the details of exactly how much of a bite the new health bill was going to take out of the pharmaceutical industry — the answer turned out to be none, and all the insane subsidies of big Pharma are going to remain in the final bill — were you there? Was anyone representing you there?

The Democrats feel safe in leaving you and me out of that room for two big reasons. One, our main electoral alternative is the party that put George W. Bush in office. Two, the last time significant quantities of Democrats decided to buck and send the party a message, they helped get George Bush elected by giving Ralph Nader the deciding votes of what turned out to be the tightest of elections. Or at least that’s the storyline that’s been popular since that incident. The Nader “debacle” forever closed the notion of third-party progressive challenges to mainstream Democrats, at least in the minds of the Democratic Party bigwigs, anyway.

It seems to me then that the only hope of getting any of these problems is to get ourselves a national candidate who on the one hand is a mainstream politician and on the other is willing to embrace the notion of an open protest against the Democratic Party doctrine. We need for someone who has some legitimacy with both the media and the Democratic Party constituents themselves to come out and publicly campaign to re-seize the Party from the Wall Street interests that have come to dominate it. We need someone who understands the finance stuff (which automatically reduces the pool of possible applicants to a small handful), will know the difference between real regulatory reform and a dog-and-pony show, and will not be likely to fill a cabinet with bankers from Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

The person who comes closest to that job description is Hillary Clinton although the Obama loving writer of the article thinks it is Elizabeth Warren. During the primaries Hillary won the vote of the white working class (in politically correct terms, “lunchbucket Democrats”) because they saw her as a fighter for their interests, not the interests of corruption represented by Barack Obama and his Hopium addled writers, “activists”, Big Boy Bloggers, and politicians.

The idiot writer thinks his idea is “crazy” because it would hurt Obama. The stupidity never ends with this one. However the writer still wants the idea “talked about anyway.” A fool who supported a fool.

The way I look at it, the problem with the Democratic Party is not the voters, it’s the 19 or 20 people who are paying for the campaigns and sitting in at those meetings with Rahm and Billy Tauzin. We have to get rid of those people, herd them all to the edge of a very tall cliff and push them off and be done with it.

This fool Obama loving writer ends his foolish article by making sense, even as he defends his Obama loving: “How can we keep voting for these guys, when they never, ever deliver?”

The person who could deliver was Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton knew the ropes and how to keep the monsters in their cages. Hillary could sweet talk the monsters but they knew she stood blocking them with a flaming torch to keep them at bay. But Hopium addled writers who now want to gather campaign contributors and lobbyists “all to the edge of a very tall cliff and push them off” are responsible for writing paeans to Obama and ignoring the history of their galvanized monster. They still defend Obama even as their foolishness is exposed every day.

During the primaries Obama attacked Hillary and Bill Clinton for the very things he does today:

During his first nine months in office, President Obama has quietly rewarded scores of top Democratic donors with VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings.

High-dollar fundraisers have been promised access to senior White House officials in exchange for pledges to donate $30,400 personally or to bundle $300,000 in contributions ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, according to internal Democratic National Committee documents obtained by The Washington Times.

One top donor described in an interview with The Times being given a birthday visit to the Oval Office. Another was allowed use of a White House-complex bowling alley for his family. Bundlers closest to the president were invited to watch a movie in the red-walled theater in the basement of the presidential mansion.

Mr. Obama invited his top New York bundler, UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf, to golf with him during the president’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation in August. At least 39 donors and fundraisers also were treated to a lavish White House reception on St. Patrick’s Day, where the fountains on the North and South Lawns were dyed green, photos and video reviewed by The Times and CBS News also show.

Obama trashed Bill Clinton in the same way and on the same issue of White House access as George W. Bush attacked Bill Clinton.

But veteran Washington observers say the Obama-era perks still carry shades of the so-called “donor maintenance” programs of past administrations, when Bill Clinton rewarded fundraisers with White House coffees and overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom and George W. Bush invited “Pioneers” to Camp David or his Texas ranch.

And the donor access raises questions about the fervor of Mr. Obama’s stated commitment to clean up what he once called the “muddy waters” of Washington, where political cash is exchanged for access, ethics experts said. [snip]

Only select members of the public, however, were provided access to a series of invite-only briefings by senior administration officials organized by the DNC.

Over the summer, for instance, one of Mr. Obama’s deputy chiefs of staff, Jim Messina, flew to Los Angeles and San Francisco to provide in-person briefings to a small collection of top donors to explain the administration’s plan for tackling health care legislation and counter the rising tide of opposition at town-hall meetings. In another, a group was briefed by one of Mr. Obama’s top economic advisers, Austan Goolsbee.

And festive events at the White House, such as parties thrown to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and July Fourth, were underwritten in part or in full by the DNC. Guests lists for those functions have not been made public.

When Bill Clinton invited donors to the White House it was front page news for months and months. Talk shows and comedians referenced and mocked the fund-raising for years. But Obama is protected by Big Media and those who profit from Obama’s tax-payer funded largesse.

The DNC has presented a menu of exclusive access opportunities to top givers, according to internal DNC documents provided to potential donors and obtained by The Times.

Top-tier donors gain membership to the DNC’s National Finance Committee or to the ultra-exclusive National Advisory Board, both of which meet four times a year, including this week at the Mandarin Hotel in Washington.

“They have an opportunity to meet senior members of the Obama Administration and senior members of Congress, and to hear from political analysts and policy experts,” according to the internal DNC documents.

Mark Gilbert, a Florida businessman who raised more than $500,000 for Mr. Obama, said he gets regular e-mails from the White House on topics that interest him — in his case, economic policy — and he occasionally joins special conference calls for Mr. Obama’s political supporters. The calls are frequently timed to follow up on a major news development out of the White House.

Obama’s promises to ban lobbyists are long gone and forgotten by Big Media and the Hopium addled. The fundraising has not been forgotten by Obama:

Rewards for those who supported the president’s 2008 campaign have been doled out in less formal ways. Two top bundlers, for instance, described invitations to bring their families to the private bowling alley at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, adjacent to the White House. Both spoke on the condition they not be named because they did not want to damage their relationship with the White House. [snip]

In interviews, top Obama donors described different methods for arranging such perks. Some said they contacted Reggie Love, the president’s personal assistant, to request appointments or White House access. Others said they arranged meetings through regional finance directors at the DNC.

“Many people know Reggie because they met him on the trail over the two years he traveled with the president, which is why they reach out to him, but that is not exclusive to donors,” a White House official said. The courtship of top donors is overseen by Rufus Gifford at the DNC in consultation with White House political director Patrick Gaspard, party officials confirmed. Their activities are not new to presidential politics. But they offer a contrast to the public face of the president’s fundraising operation, which has always focused on its efforts to reach out to grass-roots supporters who send small-dollar donations through the Internet.

It’s all a fake. All the Obama openness promises and all the “uniter not divider” slogans sung by the Hopium addled were a fake. Obama is a fake. All the anti-lobbyist talk is a fake.

Since taking office, Mr. Obama has pledged that his administration will be “the most open and transparent administration in history” and has agreed to make public the names of those who sign into White House visitor logs, though a request from The Times for logs that show visits from his top 45 bundlers has so far gone unfilled.

Requests for guest lists to various White House events, such as a recent cocktail reception surrounding the celebration of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ National Hockey League Stanley Cup victory or the Latin music concert last week, have also been denied repeatedly.

The most traditional aspect of the Obama administration’s continued outreach to donors has involved the time-honored practice of doling out ambassadorships to his most prolific financial benefactors. [snip]

For young music executive Nicole Avant, that meant the Bahamas. For veteran political fundraiser Alan Solomont, it was Spain.

The fundraising will not stop:

With many of the president’s top bundlers now serving in ambassadorships, and therefore unable to help with a 2012 re-election bid, the DNC has started the process of recruiting a new round of top givers.

The DNC began cultivating these donors this summer, when Mr. Obama’s health care legislation was facing strong opposition from vocal opponents at town-hall meetings. The president’s top political advisers took commercial flights to California, paid for by the DNC, for meetings with key donors in Los Angeles and San Francisco. [snip]

The most exclusive access to the president has been reserved for Mr. Obama’s closest friends, many of whom also served as donors and bundlers during his campaign. When the president hosted a Ramadan banquet at the White House, he invited three top fundraisers, Hasan Chandoo, Wahid Hamid and Lutfi Hassan. Mr. Chandoo and Mr. Hamid, who both raised between $100,000 and $200,000 during the campaign, had been college roommates of Mr. Obama’s.

Marty Nesbitt, who bundled between $50,000 and $100,000, and John Rogers, who bundled more than $500,000, have both spent time with Mr. Obama in the White House, including joining the president in the White House movie theater, which Mr. Obama’s aides said is nothing surprising.

According to those that hate lobbyists, money buys not only access but clout. In the case of Barack Obama we have evidence of that lobbyist clout in the Obama deals with Big PhaRma. But Obama told the Hopium addled he hated lobbyists.

Obama lied. Obama loves lobbyists.


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  1. LOL…it’s time for cover up again…


    White House Denies Giving Donors Special Access

    Published: October 28, 2009


  2. more cover up

    White House Refuses to Say President Obama is Pleased with Smoothness of H1N1 Vaccination Efforts

    October 28, 2009


  3. Whatever! Suck it up you whiner!
    Obama unhappy with criticism of his NYC date night

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says only once since Jan. 20 has White House life annoyed him. It was the Saturday in May when, trying to be a good husband, he kept a campaign promise to take his wife, Michelle, to New York after the election for one of their “date nights” — dinner and a Broadway play.

    Conservative commentators and Republican officials criticized him for doing so.

    “People made it into a political issue,” Obama told The New York Times Magazine for an article about the Obamas’ marriage, appearing in the Nov. 1 issue. The article was posted on the Times’ Web site on Wednesday.

    “If I weren’t president, I would be happy to catch the shuttle with my wife to take her to a Broadway show, as I had promised her during the campaign, and there would be no fuss and no muss and no photographers,” he said. “That would please me greatly.”

    Presidents, however, don’t travel by any means other than secure government aircraft or vehicles.
    Obama added: “The notion that I just couldn’t take my wife out on a date without it being a political issue was not something I was happy with.”

    continued at:


  4. http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2009/10/secretary-clinton-gets-a-taste-of-pakistani-anti-americanism.html

    If you have access to Pakistani television and you want to get a taste of how anti-Americanism has risen here, watch the roundtable that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton subjected herself to tonight with Pakistan’s most popular Urdu-language talk show hosts.

    While Clinton did occasionally seem like she was having fun, mostly she faced questions that she wouldn’t hear from her traveling press party but reflect Pakistani public opinion — if only because this group of anchors so strongly influences that opinion.

    One of them, Hamid Mir, is nearly as popular for Pakistanis as Walter Cronkite once was for Americans.

    There wasn’t too much news made in the roundtable, at least half of which focused on deep mistrust over the Kerry-Lugar bill, a foreign aide bill offered by Sens. John Kerry, D-Mass., and Dick Lugar, R-Ind., that Pakistanis perceived as an infringement on their sovereignty.

    The anchors complained about drone strikes; a perceived lack of understanding by the U.S. of Pakistan; secret motives; and poor policy in the region. They also discussed private, heavily armed security guards hired by the U.S. embassy driving around Islamabad at 3am “breaking the law” – a charge not completely true; and 1,000 marines brought in to guard the embassy – which is not true at all.

    At one point, slightly exasperated, Clinton seemed to surrender during the long debate over the Kerry-Lugar bill, saying, “You don’t have to believe it! You don’t have to take the money!”

    Perhaps the best sound from Clinton that came during the roundtable and best represents what she’s trying to do here: “That’s why I’m here. I want to clear the air.”

  5. Interesting story about a Hillary Democrat who works for Glenn Beck:


    A few weeks after Sept. 11, 2001, Glenn Beck, a young Tampa-based disc jockey eager to break into conservative talk radio, called his new Manhattan agent, George Hiltzik, to help arrange a visit to Ground Zero. Hiltzik directed Beck to his 29-year-old son, Matt, who had returned to his job with the TriBeCa-based studio head Harvey Weinstein after playing a key role in electing Hillary Rodham Clinton to the U.S. Senate.

    “I wasn’t aware of all his positions at the time,” Hiltzik said of Beck’s enthusiastic conservative views. “I knew he was not, like, a big Democrat.”

    To say the least.

    In the years since their first encounter, Beck has become arguably the most influential and incendiary conservative critic in America. He has called President Obama a racist, compared him to Hitler and forced the firing of administration appointees. This month, the White House retaliated against Beck’s outlet, Fox News Channel, but the resulting controversy has only boosted Beck’s notoriety, which, is Hiltzik’s professional concern.

    “My job is to look out for his personal business interests and try to weave them in well with his partners’,” said Hiltzik, whose boutique PR firm, Hiltzik Strategies, has represented Beck since 2007. “We give strategic counsel, which includes managing the profile of the business.”

    “When I’m picking politicians, employees or business partners, I focus on their character not their political parties,” Beck said in a statement. “And I know and trust Matthew’s character.”

    The close friendship and lucrative business relationship that has developed between the 45-year-old conservative firebrand and the 37-year-old former Democratic operative shows how partisan media personalities get discovered, promoted and catapulted into the political stratosphere, even when the talent and the talent broker have opposing ideologies. But for Hiltzik’s former Democratic allies, the alliance is still mostly shocking.

    “It’s surprising,” said Bill de Blasio, who ran Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign, for which Hiltzik served as the go-to liaison to New York’s Jewish community. “He worked for the state Democratic Party, he worked for Hillary Clinton in 2000, he is as solid a Democrat as you can imagine.”

    Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer, who benefited from Hiltzik’s help in his 1998 breakthrough win to become attorney general, was astonished that the guy he knew as his state party’s lead spokesman was now representing the man some in the White House see as Public Enemy No. 1.

    Spitzer called Hiltzik a friend and “a thoughtful, reasoned advocate — certainly at the time — for the Democratic principles that I was running on and that most of my colleagues believed in.”

  6. Admin, I’m watching the Jim Lehrer Report, and Margaret Warner just spoke about Secretary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan. She said the roundtable meeting was like being in room with O’Reilly, Hannity, Matthews, Olberman, and Beck. The questions were rapid fire and Secretary Clinton kept up with it. There is deep anti-American sentiment in Pakistan and security is tight. Even though the trip was planned, no dates had been released due to security concerns. The traveling press corps had an embargo on the release of news reports until the plane had landed in Pakistan. In addition, the press corps was moved from a hotel to windowless buildings located inside the American Embassy. Clinton’s plans for tomorrow have not been relesed due to security reasons. Warner also said that Clinton said that when she visited Pakistan as First Lady, she and Chelsea were out in the open, along with Bhutto. Times and roles have changed.

  7. “At one point, slightly exasperated, Clinton seemed to surrender during the long debate over the Kerry-Lugar bill, saying, “You don’t have to believe it! You don’t have to take the money!”

    Exactly! Go Hillary!

  8. Has anyone seen the video I saw on CNN this morning where Hillary is actually addressing the people who set off that bomb in Pakistan today?? She really gets down hard on them, telling them to join the political discussion of why they don’t educate their girls, and they keep their women down.

    birdgal, I just hope she stays safe, she is not scared of those women hating fundamentalists and they hate that. They see her as a person who stands for freedom for women. They don’t like that!

  9. Confloyd, I think she will stay safe, but she wants to make contact with students, businesses, opposition leaders, etc, which does mean getting out and about.

  10. How scared the guys of FOX like Beck and Hannity must be of Hillary. Hardly a program goes by that one or both don’t manage to put down Hillary Clinton. They seem to be stepping up the hits a bit.

    They look as little as BO with all his whining.

  11. I can’t seem to find that video of Hillary I saw on CNN today. I wanted to keep it because it shows how fearless she is. I am sure the bots have already destroyed it.
    Southern BOrn, I agree, they are stepping up their criticism of Hillary, why, I am not sure. I think something is up and they want to make sure they knock her down along with Obama.
    THey should know by now that when you hit a Clinton hard they just come back up that much faster. LOL!

  12. Confloyd, I think the Republicans are scared of Hillary, the Dimocrats are scared of her, and the Chicago thugs in the White House are terrified of her. Hillary is smarter, more qualified, with much bigger “ones” than most of those whiners ever thought about having. They know deep down in their hearts that Hillary is the best leader and should have been president.

    I hope she and Bill are having a great time laughing their backsides off about those “skeered” little varmits.

  13. http://www.politico.com/blogs/laurarozen/1009/Islamabad_dispatch_Clinton_outsources_to_envoys_no_more.html

    At times it seems Hillary Clinton is trying to use one trip to answer all the critics who complained that she was outsourcing the most pressing foreign policy challenges to envoys.

    Since touching down this morning in the Pakistani capital, Clinton has held a working lunch meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi; held a joint news conference with Qureshi for Pakistani and American press, just hours after some 100 people were killed in a huge blast at a Peshawar women’s market; met with Pakistani Prime Minister Ashraf Gilani; hosted a roundtable for Pakistani media at the U.S. embass;, gave out awards to impoverished Pakistani women and then was the guest of honor at a dinner hosted by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari at the presidential palace with some 300 other guests that stretched until 11:30pm.

    And this is just Clinton’s first day of a week-long trip, begun after her 62nd birthday on Monday. On Thursday, her schedule in the cultural capital of Lahore includes a visit to a mosque, two town hall sessions with students and women’s groups at a university, a working lunch with the opposition leader Nawaz Sharif and his brother, a ceremony to mark the elevation of the U.S. mission in Lahore into a full fledged consulate and a round table with Pakistani Urdu media. She’ll then fly back to to Islamabad after dinner time.

    The weekend brings rumors of possible stops in every place from Afghanistan to Israel and the West Bank before heading to a confirmed destination in Morocco on Monday.

    This is Clinton’s fifth trip to Pakistan, her first as secretary of State. In each of her appearances today, she has conveyed a very genuine sense of heartfelt, personal connection to Pakistan and its assassinated former leader Benazir Bhutto, the wife of the current president. She’s also seemed in tune with the the struggle for democracy here, and with those Pakistanis who want to promote the education of girls and women’s empowerment but are now fighting a very deadly war against militant jihadists.

    In remarks before the dinner he hosted for Clinton tonight, President Zardari said he was sad remembering that the last time Clinton had been here his wife had still been alive (Bhutto was killed in December 2007). Clinton recalled her first visit to Pakistan in 1995, accompanied by her then-high school-age daughter Chelsea. She said her husband had recently given her a photo of her and Chelsea and of Bhutto holding her two children’s hands, and the picture evoked powerful grief for her about her slain friend.

    “These attacks on innocent people are cowardly,” Clinton said in a sometimes emotional press conference.. “They are not courageous. They are cowardly. If the people behind these attacks were so sure of their beliefs, let then join the politicil process. Let them make the case that they don’t want girls to go school, that they want to hold women back, that they believe they have all the answers. Let them make that case and see how far they would get. They know they are on the losing side of history.”

    Accompanied by Special Representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke, Clinton has let Holbrooke melt a bit into the shadows as she tries to stoke a sense of faith among Pakistanis that she, President Obama and the United States would like to support Pakistan’s efforts to build its civil society, improve lives of ordinary people, and fight terrorism, as partners.

    Longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin, of Pakistani descent, was something of a rock star at the Zardari event tonight attended by many of the city’s political elite.

  14. And with that schedule this week, I’ll bet Hillary did not even get a chance to get in several rounds of golf.

  15. Admin, I don’t know how Secretary Clinton keeps up such an intense pace. It is mind boggling. I am so in awe of her. I hope her trip is very successful and rewarding.

  16. Greta Van Susteren announced on her show tonight that she is going to Europe to meet up with Hillary and do a show.

  17. That might be an interesting show. Notice, HRC did not asked to set down with a TV person, they asked her and are flying to Europe to do it.

  18. Big Pink is now on the right smart track in it’s coverage of Hillary and her schedule of diplomatic travels to unite the world and bring peace and sanity back it’s peoples.Make no mistake,she knows what she must do and say keep a tight grip on her Stste Dept job.I believe she is campaigning and maintains the respect of all parties.The DNC and Obama along with the greedy congressional free-loaders are so scared of this National Treasure called Hillary Rodham
    Clinton because there is no one left in DC that is worthy of being re-elected.I notice that she stays clear of the individuals that are behind the rape of our country and are keeping Obama a step awaw from Impeachment.One never sees her speakiny to The AXE,Rahm or anyof the disgraceful Czars that are contaminating our government and ruining our lives.Hillary knows we are here and she is doing very nicely with her campaign right under their noses and there is not a thing that these vultures can do about it.Obama try and fire her and you will be back in your country of Kenya.Toote Sweete as the saying goes.Go ahead Mr.Peepers and don’t forget your golf clubs and yes a shovel for your personal stimulas pkg. to dig a golf course there. By ABM90 This one is for you Hillary!!!

  19. Admin, thanks for posting that about Hillary. I saw her say that to the militants on CNN. It was fabulous. It was an historic moment because she really told them how the cow ate the cabbage,so to speak! I just hope she stays safe as they will hate her more now.

  20. US Sec. State Clinton arrives Lahore

    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    LAHORE: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived here in Lahore on Thursday morning, Geo news reported.

    According to sources, Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif and Governor Salman Taseer accorder her warm welcome at Allama Iqbal airport.

    Foolproof security measures have been taken for her visit as she is scheduled to remain busy all the day long today while as many as 17 schools located on Lahore’s Mall Road University of Lahore will also remain closed due to security fears, sources said.

    She will address students at Government College Lahore and Business Community at governor house besides, paying visit to Data Darbar, Badshahi Mosque and will also attend a cultural show in Shahi Qilla, sources added.

    The full dressed rehearsal to provide her security was also done yesterday wherein all the ways going from old airport to Mall Road and through to Data Darbar, Badshshi Mosque and Shahi Qilla were closed for traffic and pedestrians, sources maintained.

    All the markets and bazaars adjacent to key roads in Lahore will also be kept closed together with foolproof air surveillance on the ways where she will move through, police sources concluded.


  21. Clinton reaches out to Pakistan critics

    By Christophe Schmidt

    LAHORE, Pakistan — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered critical questions on US policy from Pakistani students on Thursday, trying to foster democratic development and calling for peace with India.

    On a day devoted to public diplomacy, Clinton covered her head and chest in a royal blue dupatta to visit the shrine of a Muslim saint in the capital Islamabad before touring the 16th century Badshahi mosque in Lahore.

    Accompanied by Interior Minister Rehman Malik, Clinton closed her eyes and pressed her fingers together in prayer, then doled out alms to the needy at the Bari Shah Latif mausoleum near the heavily guarded seat of government.

    Clinton’s visit to the second largest city in Pakistan, which has been hit by a series of gun, suicide and grenade attacks this year, has been accompanied by draconian security measures a day after a car bomb killed 105 in Peshawar.

    Clinton said the “horrific bombing” in the northwestern city left no doubt that “Pakistan is in the midst of a battle against extremists”.

    “This is not your fight alone… You’re standing on the frontlines of this battle but we are standing with you,” she said.

    Answering questions from students on US intentions and perceived failings, Clinton acknowledged past mistakes but called for a new era and was treated to applause when she voiced opposition to US president George W. Bush.

    Pakistan’s relations with the United States, on whom it depends for cash and weapons to fight Islamist militants bombing the country, can be uneasy.

    Many Pakistanis blame the US-led “war on terror” and the government’s alliance with Washington for the attacks sweeping the country, and US missile attacks on Al-Qaeda and Taliban-linked extremists have inflamed sensibilities.

    Following previous announcements of cash for poverty, border security and energy development, Clinton pledged a 45-million-dollar investment for higher education in Pakistan and was to meet business leaders later Thursday.

    Fending off a question about perceived US bias towards Pakistan’s arch rival India, Clinton told the hand-picked audience that peace was the way forward.

    “If there were peace between Pakistan and India, and the outstanding issues were resolved, Pakistan would take off like a rocket in terms of economic development.

    “Pakistan has such an opportunity to be a power house. You are so strategically located,” she said — referring to the possibility of trade opening up to the north, east and west and with the Arabian Sea.

    Clinton, who says the United States wants to “turn the page” on its relationship with Pakistan, is devoting significant energy to public diplomacy to counter rising Pakistani criticism of the alliance with Washington.

    President Barack Obama’s administration wants to engage with Pakistan, which traditionally sees the United States as interested only in securing its military cooperation in the fight against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

    Clinton has already committed 85 million dollars to countering poverty, 125 million dollars to improving Pakistan’s woefully inadequate electricity supply and 104 million dollars to law enforcement and border security assistance.


  22. Hillary said:
    “These attacks on innocent people are cowardly,” Clinton said in a sometimes emotional press conference.. “They are not courageous. They are cowardly. If the people behind these attacks were so sure of their beliefs, let then join the political process. Let them make the case that they don’t want girls to go school, that they want to hold women back, that they believe they have all the answers. Let them make that case and see how far they would get. They know they are on the losing side of history.”


    Wonderful statement by Hillary- She is dealing with illiterate barbarians who need something positive in their lives besides living to kill innocent people and blowing themselves up for those 20 blond haired virgins, the prize for their voluntary suicide, supposedly in the mythical paradise.

  23. I see that OO went to Dover overnite to greet the bodies, and he had his lapel pin back on. A sign of tribute to the bodies of people that are begging him to make some decisions. I wonder what they thought that PR opportunity proved.

  24. From Yahoo’s
    h t t p / / finance.yahoo.com/banking-budgeting/article/108035/gloom-spreads-on-economy-but-gop-doesnt-gain

  25. Gloom Spreads on Economy, but GOP Doesn’t Gain
    by Jonathan Weisman
    Wednesday, October 28, 2009
    provided by

    Americans are growing increasingly pessimistic about the economy after a mild upswing of attitudes in September. But Republicans haven’t been able to profit politically from the economic gloom, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.

    The survey found a country in a decidedly negative mood, nearly a year after the election of President Barack Obama. For the first time during the Obama presidency, a majority of Americans sees the country as being on the wrong track.

    Fifty-eight percent of those polled say the economic slide still has a ways to go, up from 52% in September and back to the level of pessimism expressed in July. Only 29% said the economy had “pretty much hit bottom,” down from 35% last month.

    More from WSJ.com:

    • Dollar Gains as Hunger for Risk Fades

    • Latin American Markets: It’s All About the Dollar

    • Are Metals Good for You?

    But a dark national view of how everybody in Washington is conducting the public’s business appears to be preventing Republicans from benefiting from concerns about the direction of the country or the Democrat-led government’s handling of the economy, as the minority party often does.

    In fact, disapproval of the Republican Party actually has ticked upward, along with the public’s general pessimism. Asked which political party should control Congress after next year’s midterm elections, Democrats now hold a clear edge over the GOP, 46% to 38%, a month after the Republicans were nearly as popular. In September, the Democratic edge was 43% to 40%.

    “There was a bounce-back surge for Republicans, and that’s stalled,” said Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll with Democratic pollster Peter Hart.

    “The mood in America may be blue, but attitudes toward Washington are just jet black,” Mr. Hart said.

    More from Yahoo! Finance:

    • Reid’s Push for Public Option Creates New Barriers for Bill

    • Ex-A.I.G. Chief Is Back, Luring Talent From Rescued Firm

    • Globally, the Greenback Still Reigns

    The survey of 1,009 Americans was conducted from Oct. 22-25.

    Overall, respondents sent Mr. Obama mixed signals on his top policy initiatives.

    His health-care plan continues to face a plurality of opposition — 42% say it is a bad idea, against 38% who say it is a good idea. But a key flash point in the health-care debate is showing steadily increasing support.

    A government-run insurance plan that competes with private insurance plans — the so-called public option — is now backed by 48%, compared with 42% who oppose it. In September, 48% opposed it while 46% supported it. In the rough month of August, when noisy town-hall meetings were tarnishing the president’s health-care push, 47% opposed the public option and only 43% favored it.

    White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said in an interview: “Clearly, as the public perceives the potential of this landmark legislation passing, they are acknowledging that moment with political support.”

    That has begun redounding to the Democrats’ advantage in Congress, he said. “The public sees them getting something done of real importance,” Mr. Emanuel said.

    Don Stewart, spokesman for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), said positive movement in favor of the public option is “meaningless” if Americans remain opposed to the broader legislation.

    “They can talk about momentum all they want. The momentum is in the Senate Democratic cloakroom. It’s not in Topeka, and it’s not in Arcadia, Fla.,” Mr. Stewart said, referring to the town Mr. Obama was visiting Tuesday.

    On Afghanistan, the public is signaling it can support a presidential decision to send more troops, but only so far. Some 47% said they would either strongly or somewhat support sending more troops into the eight-year-old fight, with 43% saying they somewhat or strongly opposed such a move. Last month, 51% said they opposed sending more troops, compared with 44% who approved of such a move.

    But asked specifically about sending an additional 40,000 troops, which the U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, has requested, 49% said that would be unacceptable. Just 43% called that acceptable. A majority of Americans are amenable to a much smaller 10,000-troop increase, but a majority of women don’t support even that.

    With support so fluid, “the country is looking to be led,” Mr. Hart said. Mr. Obama “has the ability to both shape attitudes and shape policy,” he added.

    The economy is where real signs of stress are showing. The recent recovery of the stock market has done little to temper the pessimism: 64% said the rise of the Dow Jones Industrial Average didn’t have much impact on their views of the economy; 32% said it was an important indication of economic improvement. Just 42% said the economy will get better in the next 12 months, down from 47% in September. In contrast, 22% said things would get worse, up from 20%, and 33% said the economy would stay in the same condition, up from 30%.

    That pessimism has fed into what Mr. Hart called “total disgust” with Washington. Just 23% said they trust Washington to do what is right most of the time or just about always, a level not seen since 1997, 1995 and before that 1982, the last time unemployment reached the current level.

    That, coupled with the surging “wrong-track” number, should be a red flag to Democrats a year after their 2008 electoral sweep, Mr. McInturff said. But with the economy coloring attitudes across the board, there is time for the party to recover.

    “This rupture with Washington is magnified because of the scope of economic concerns,” he said. “When things are OK, people say, ‘Oh, that’s just Washington.’ When things are bad, they look to Washington for help and ask, ‘Can these guys help me?'”

    Indeed, for all the conservative clamor over Mr. Obama’s actions on the economy, 63% of respondents said the government has either done the right amount of intervention or needs to do more. Among loosely aligned voters in the middle of the electorate, a clear plurality, 42%, said government has done too little to fix the economy.

  26. AOL has a leader headline about big shift in the support of OO. It turns out they are talking about the Wall Street Journal poll that was discussed on the blog a few days ago. Talk about un-timely.

  27. My daughter is in the hospital, she is the admitting clerk in the emergency room and gotten a bad infection in her lungs. She can’t seem to walk without her sat’s dropping. I am worried, I can’t image what could be wrong as she seems to be breathing better. They have ruled out the swine flu, now I am afraid its her heart. She is extremely overweight, she got that way while she was married to the jerk that beat her up everyday for 11 years. Pls pray for her.

  28. confloyd,

    I am so very sorry about your daughter. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated.

  29. Glenn Beck just now on his radio program just said that he is going to take the blue sheet off the black board and reveal what is behind it. spending the entire hour tonight on it.

  30. The ego goes has landed among the pigeon sh*t

    Barack didn’t pick Hillary because of Bill

    One of the newsweeklies, Time, has excerpts from the new book by Obama campaign manager David Plouffe, and he confirms something we though we knew: Barack Obama passed over Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Here is Plouffe’s take. (“Ax,” by the way, is senior adviser David Axelrod):

    What surprised me at [our first meeting to discuss the vice presidency] was that Obama was clearly thinking more seriously about picking Hillary Clinton than Ax and I had realized. He said if his central criterion measured who could be the best VP, she had to be included in that list. She was competent, could help in Congress, would have international bona fides and had been through this before, albeit in a different role. He wanted to continue discussing her as we moved forward.

    We met again a couple of weeks later in mid-June and winnowed the list down to about 10 names. At our next meeting, we narrowed the list down to six. Barack continued to be intrigued by Hillary. “I still think Hillary has a lot of what I am looking for in a VP,” he said to us. “Smarts, discipline, steadfastness. I think Bill may be too big a complication. If I picked her, my concern is that there would be more than two of us in the relationship.”

    Neither Ax nor I were fans of the Hillary option. We saw her obvious strengths, but we thought there were too many complications, both pre-election and postelection, should we be so fortunate as to win. Still, we were very careful not to object too forcefully. This needed to be his call.

    We had initially received a lot of advice from many of her supporters to pick her, though this “advice” was perhaps more accurately described as subtle pressure. Their fervor was abating a bit every day, though, helped by Hillary’s comments that this was Obama’s decision and that he should be left to make it.

    In early August, he narrowed his list down to three names: Senator Joe Biden of Delaware, Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana and Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia. Hillary did not make the last cut. At the end of the day, Obama decided that there were just too many complications outweighing the potential strengths. But I gave him a lot of credit for so seriously thinking about his fierce former rival. Some in the Clinton orbit thought we gave Hillary short shrift. My view is that any serious consideration was somewhat surprising given all the complications and the toxicity during the primary campaign.

    The nod eventually went, of course, to Joe Biden.



    October 29, 2009

    Hillary Clinton, buffeted by tough questions for two days about the U.S. influence on Pakistan’s military, said today she finds it hard to believe that no one in Pakistan’s government knows where al Qaeda is — and couldn’t get them if they wanted to. She added that al Qaeda has had a safe haven in Pakistan for seven years.

    The Secretary of State’s very undiplomatic response came in a meeting with newspaper editors. This exchange is not on camera:

    Asked why other countries can’t be involved in fighting terrorism — not just Pakistan — Clinton said: “Al-Qaeda has had safe haven in Pakistan since 2002. I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to. Maybe that’s the case; maybe they’re not gettable. I don’t know.”

    But, she said, al Qaeda has launched attacks on Indonesia, Philippines and many other countries. “So the world has an interest in seeing the capture and killing of the people who are the masterminds of this terrorist syndicate,” Clinton said. “As far as we know, they are in Pakistan. I am more than willing to hear every complaint about the United States” and “both answer, but also to change where we can, so we that we do have better communication and we have better understanding.

    “But this is a two-way street. If we are going to have a mature partnership, where we work together,” then “there are issues that not just the United States, but others have with your government and with your military security establishment. I don’t believe in dancing around difficult issues, because I don’t think that benefits anybody.

    “I ask in the pursuit of mutual respect that you take seriously our concerns.”

    *** UPDATE *** The State Department just announced that Clinton will be heading to Israel this weekend. Here’s the release:

    STATEMENT BY P.J. Crowley

    Secretary Clinton’s Travel to the Middle East

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Special Envoy for Middle East Peace Senator George Mitchell will hold bilateral meetings this weekend with Israeli and Palestinian leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas, in the region.

    Senator Mitchell traveled to and is currently in the region in advance of Secretary Clinton, who already is traveling through the region. These meetings will build on the intensive work the Administration has engaged in with both sides since the trilateral meeting last month.

    As President Obama has said, the Administration is committed to comprehensive peace, including a two-state solution. As Secretary Clinton reported to the President last week, challenges remain as we continue to work with both sides. Her visit reflects the Administration’s commitment — and her personal commitment — to work through the challenges we face in pursuit of comprehensive Middle East peace.


  32. Obama’s On-the-job Training

    By Danielle Pletka
    October 29, 2009

    President Obama has clearly resented suggestions he is dithering on the decision about troop levels in Afghanistan. Having suggested that he “will never rush the solemn decision of sending you into harm’s way” (though he should have added he won’t be rushing to send troops to protect those already on the ground either), he continues to study various options. Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s campaign-trail crack about Barack Obama needing on-the-job training seems more and more resonant with each passing day that the president continues to study for the test he doesn’t want to take.

    Today, in an above-the-fold front-page piece, the Washington Post reports that Obama is now asking which of Afghanistan’s provincial governors have been naughty and which have been nice. A charitable assessment of the president’s latest effort to second-guess his handpicked commander in the field might be that the president wishes to reckon out where he can rely on local leaders; a less charitable read might be that the president is still looking for ways to say no to McChrystal, suspecting that further underscoring the unworthiness of our local partners will help. Certainly the incessant badmouthing of Afghanistan’s political leaders (they’re not Chicago quality, that’s for sure) would indicate the latter.

    No matter what, it’s clear that McChrystal isn’t going to get his full ask. That loathsome Washington leaker, “U.S. official,” has told the Associated Press that “McChrystal light” is where the president is leaning. For a clearer understanding of what that will mean, take a look at the American Enterprise Institute’s Fred Kagan on what half measures will mean here.


  33. Jan…..that “confession” about hillary had a real shot at vp article sounds like posturing for 2012 to me. They know in 2012 they have a big a$$ problem with women and hillary supporters.

    Can they win 2012 without us??

  34. Dover was plain and simple a kodak moment for bambi because he is crying over the fact that everybody thinks he is an insensitive idiot for procrastinating on Afghan policy while human lives are sacrificed.

    It served no purpose other than to make him seem sympathetic.

  35. JanH-I just read that entire article and literally became as angry as I was since he cheated her out of the primary….Plouffe and Assrod are brilliant , yet, despicable men. Those two (2) had Penn defeated even before it started. Shame on Hillary’s inept team for not being ready for this..

  36. We laughed ourselves raw at this excerpt from the souffle book on why they did not choose Tim Kaine:


    There was no great way to explain putting someone with no foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. If we chose him, we would need to rely on some of the same language we had used on this issue as it related to Obama — judgment vs. Washington experience, a new foreign policy vision vs. the status quo — but doubling down would make it twice as tough for us to roll this boulder uphill.

  37. admin
    October 29th, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    LOL! Nevermind that the potential commander-in-chief didn’t have any real foreign policy experience himself.

  38. The only hope for re-election in 2012 is for BO to make HRC his running mate (Bye-Bye, Biden!). This would definitely take HRC out of the equation as a challenger. I think this is what the above article is trying to set up — an Obama/Clinton ticket for 2012.

    The question is, will PUMAs vote for that ticket?

    I, for one–no matter how tempting the idea of HRC as VP–cannot see myself voting for BO under any circumstances. I would hope that HRC would rather challenge him in 2012, but she may not want to go through that harrowing experience again, considering how bad the MSM and the DimBOTs treated her.

  39. “There was no great way to explain putting someone with no foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”


  40. Confloyd, my thoughts and prayers are with you and you daughter.

    While I was out in the car (got blue tooth), I got a call from the Republican party about supporting their senatorial campaign. So first I explain that I am a registered Dim (I do that so I can tell off the Dims everything they call), second I did vote republican for McCain, but I am for the Public Option, and competitive Drugs, so I would not be sending them $75 for their Senatorial campaign.

    I also told them I might vote republican again, if they came up with a good candidate. Oh a good day. Just last Week I have the wonderful experience of tell the Dims the same thing. I like being Independent.

  41. just how do they explain putting someone with no foreign policy experience, no experience at all in as the heartbeat of the presidency?

    you call it “hope” and “change”

    hope he can fake it, hope the american people don’t see the emperior has no clothes.

    before you usher in the change…..change everything they stand for adn do it against their will..

    AMERICA….you were foolish to believe this snake oil sales man’s pitch for hope and change…..what a huge bitter pill you have to swallow now.

  42. Bill Clinton expected in Priština

    29 October 2009

    PRIŠTINA — Former U.S. President Bill Clinton will arrive in Kosovo on Sunday, says Hashim Thaci.

    The Kosovo Albanian premier explained that Clinton will attend the unveiling of a statue of himself.

    The statue has been placed on a Priština boulevard that has also been named after the former American president.

    Thaci added that Clinton would be arriving in Kosovo at his invitation, and promised the former U.S. leader would be met with a “magnificent welcome”.

    Thaci also invited the citizens to “appear en masse at the Bill Clinton Square”.

    Clinton is “always welcome in Kosovo because this is a person who has done a lot for Kosovo globally, for its freedom and democracy in the world,” Thaci was quoted.

    He also express his gratitude “to all American governments to date” for their “support to Kosovo”.

    Bill Clinton was the president when his country led the NATO attacks against Serbia over the conflict in Kosovo in 1999.


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