Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton

It’s Hillary’s Birthday. Hillary (Rodham) Clinton, we all wish you a Happy Birthday and many more.

The toll-free phone number at the State Department is 800-647-4000. The Federal Relay Service phone number is 1-800-877-8339. Hillary Clinton may also be reached at the State Department via the internets HERE.

Sent Hillary some love, or merely appreciation, today.

Hillary loves to say, “wherever you are planted, make sure you blossom.” Hillary has lived her life that heroic way.

Earlier this year, at an annual State Department briefing for editorial writers, a special envoy hesitated and then insisted he go on background when I asked how the new secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was doing. [snip]

The envoy cited how years of useless negotiations between rivals — in an unidentified region — were zapped within hours after Clinton showed up. She had been running late, so the nervous staff had little time to brief her on the issues that matter. But Secretary Clinton knew what questions to ask to hone in on what mattered most to both sides.

“Okay I got it,” she said, leaving the staffers stunned as she headed inside.

She gets it,” the envoy said. “She has proved to be a natural. She has the toughness and scars to do what’s needed with the job.” [snip]

She is a masterful conciliator, albeit the first woman so far with the best chance to be the first female U.S. president, who knows how to retrofit her life after a numbing defeat.

No wonder, the secretary of state is now viewed favorably by 62 percent of Americans, compared to President Obama’s 56 percent rating. [snip]

She’ll be back as presidential candidate Hillary, I suspect, but not as someone forced to make lemons out of lemonade.

Parade Magazine yesterday published 21 photographs of Hillary Clinton. They may be viewed HERE.

On Sept. 16, PARADE’s Leslie H. Gelb spent an action-packed 24 hours following Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the ordinary paces of her day at the Harry S. Truman Building in Washington, D.C. From formal ceremonies to top-level security meetings, the following photo essay depicts a typical workday in the life of Madame Secretary.

As the accompanying citation to the photographs states, Hillary was followed for “an action-packed 24 hours, by Leslie H. Gelb. Gelb, the president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote an exhausting article yesterday detailing a Hillary day.

“We’re going to work you to death,” Hillary Clinton promised me with a laugh. She was taking me—and PARADE’s readers—along on a typical day in the life of the U.S. Secretary of State. Our 24 hours together would prove both grueling and inspirational, full of diplomatic pageantry, big meetings with policy brainiacs, small sessions with trusted aides, a stream of time-consuming formal duties, and, of course, phone calls and more phone calls. The Secretary allowed me to be a fly on the wall for almost every minute, under the constantly watchful eyes of the Diplomatic Security Service. Having known her since her husband began his first run for the White House in 1991, I couldn’t stop myself from calling her Hillary. To everyone else, however, she was always Madame Secretary.

Gelb’s, or rather Hillary’s day, was indeed grueling. Dinner with Muslim-American leaders with a surprise visit by a rabbi included, the daily staff meeting in the morning to review the day’s schedule, policy meetings, more staff meetings with senior staff, breakfast with Congresswoman Nita Lowey, an Energy-Security Briefing, Recording “thank you” videos, meetings with a boob and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper regarding Afghanistan, a ceremony for Senegalese diplomats, swatting away rumors, meetings on strategy toward India, meetings with the Bangladeshi Foreign Minister (a woman), a swearing-in ceremony, meetings and more meetings on Taliban propaganda and Pakistan and new technology, another swearing-in ceremony, and more meetings and a policy dinner to discuss Iran, then more calls and some reading, which finally ends Hillary’s day.

Hillary, always working and putting her hard earned experience to use.

* * * * *

Hillary was born in 1947. In 1947, the top 30 Billboard songs were:

Near You – Fanics Craig; Peg O’ My Heart – Harmonicats; Heartaches – Ted Weems; Linda – Ray Noble & Buddy Clark; Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigarette…) – Tex Williams; I Wish I Didn’t Love You So – Vaughn Monroe; Peg O’ My Heart – Three Suns; Anniversary Song – Al Jolson;
Near You – Larry Green; That’s My Desire – Sammy Kaye; Ballerina – Vaughn Monroe; Mam’selle – Art Lund
Managua Nicaragua – Freddy Martin; Chi-Baba Chi-Baba – Perry Como; Timtayshun Red Ingle & – Jo Stafford; I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now – Ted Weems & Perry Como; Near You – Andrews Sisters;
The Old Lamp-Lighter – Sammy Kaye; When You Were Sweet – Sixteen Perry Como; How Soon – Jack Owens; Too Fat Polka – Arthur Godfrey; I Wonder, I Wonder, I Wonder – Eddy Howard; My Adobe Hacienda – Eddy Howard; Huggin’ And Chalkin’ – Hoagy Carmichael; Ole Buttermilk Sky – Hoagy Carmichael; Mam’selle – Dick Haymes; You Do – Vaughn Monroe; (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons – King Cole Trio; Anniversary Song – Guy Lombardo; White Christmas – Bing Crosby.

We’ll let Nat Cole speak appreciation for Hillary on our behalf today:


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  1. What a beautiful tribute to an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Icing on her cake. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Happy Birthday Madame Should be President. xxx.

    In other news

    Who said Bush was the laziest President.

    Obama ties Bush for wasting time on golf course.

    President Barack Obama has only been in office for just over nine months, but he’s already hit the links as much as President Bush did in over two years.

    CBS’ Mark Knoller — an unofficial documentarian and statistician of all things White House-related — wrote on his Twitter feed that, “Today – Obama ties Pres. Bush in the number of rounds of golf played in office: 24.

    Took Bush 2 yrs & 10 months.”

    Yup, the country burns, economy’s whacked but i think i can squeeze in another round of golf.

  3. Headline of the day should be

    14 more young americans die on the battlefield : Yet Obama has time to play golf.

  4. Even while maintaining its status as one of the few musical acts that can still fill stadiums, U2 is struck by how quickly its world is changing musically and politically.

    Charismatic front man Bono, in a reflective mood as U2 closes the North American leg of its “360” tour, notes the different, more polarized atmosphere in the United States since the band performed its anthem, “City of Blinding Lights,” at President Obama’s inauguration in January.

    “I didn’t think it could come to this so quickly, after the joyous occasion of that election,” Bono says in an interview on board the band’s plane, as they jet to another stop on the tour. “I thought America was looking good. … Things are getting a little rough now.”


  5. If people like Bono and his hollywood friends hadnt been sticking their noses into the election with their Obama proganda videos and songs, we’d have Hillary but oh no, they had to stick the nose in.

  6. Excellent tribute, Admin…to the fairest lady in the land.

    Happy Birthday Hillary! 🙂

    And in the meantime, the obamanations aka bambi and mimi dissed Hillary by inviting the racist idiot who called her a B*tch aka ludacris was royally entertained at the White House last week.

  7. Great tribute, Admin and Happy Birthday to the rightful POTUS, Hillary Clinton.

    The Parade article is wonderful and I love that turquoise-brown combo.


  8. What a Wonderful Tribute to a Wonderful Lady!
    Thank You admin and Happy Happy Birthday Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton…may you have many more.

  9. We sent HRC our Birthday wishes via State Dept and want to repeat it here: Happy Birthday, Madame Secretary (our very own Hillary) Best wishes for your continued good health and success! Please run again and know we’ll be running with you!

    ADMIN: Congratulations on the new look and features – great update!

  10. And while obama golfs…
    October 26, 2009

    Sixteen Americans dead as helicopters crash in Afghan raids

    Sixteen Americans have died in a series of helicopter crashes and violent Taleban attacks across Afghanistan, in one of the bloodiest 24 hours for allied forces since the 2001 invasion.

    Ten people were killed and at least 26 more were wounded when a fully-laden Chinook transport helicopter crashed in western Afghanistan during a pre-dawn fire fight with insurgents.

    In the south of the country, four soldiers were killed and two others were seriously wounded when two helicopters collided in mid-air, officials said.

    In the east, meanwhile, one soldier was killed in an explosion and a second died of wounds sustained in a separate insurgent attack yesterday.

    Colonel Wayne Shanks, a US military spokesman, said “such a significant loss” compounded the military’s grief. “These separate tragedies underscore the risks our forces and our partners face every day,” he said. “Each and every death is a tremendous loss for the family and friends of each service member and civilian.”

    The twin-rotor CH-47 cargo helicopter came down under heavy fire shortly after midnight, as it tried to extract a US Special Forces team from a daring night raid against one of the region’s most wanted drug smugglers. The Special Operations Force was backed by a squad of Afghan commandos and civilian counter-narcotics agents. “Seven U.S. service members and three US civilians were killed,” a military spokesman said yesterday. At least 11 US troops were also injured in the crash, in Badghis province, as well as 14 Afghan soldiers and one American civilian. A military spokesman said the civilians worked for “other US government agencies,” understood to mean the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

    The elite US troops had led an airborne assault against a compound in Darpum district, believed to “harbour insurgents” linked to Afghanistan’s multi-billion dollar opium trade, officials said. “During the operation, insurgent forces engaged the joint force and more than a dozen enemy fighters were killed in the ensuing fire fight,” a military spokesman said. But moments after the raiders boarded a Chinook to leave the battlefield, their aircraft crashed into the main bazaar.

    A spokesman for the Taleban claimed responsibility. Qari Yousuf Ahmadi said: “There was fighting in the bazaar between foreign troops and the Taleban. During the fighting the Taleban shot down a foreign helicopter.”

    But Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said the reasons for the crash were still being investigated. “The cause is not believed to be from enemy action.” Taliban fighters continued to attack the American-led force after the helicopter was downed, hampering rescue efforts to evacuate them.

    Eyewitness said they saw another four helicopters strafing Taleban positions in the town. “There were four helicopters in the sky firing bombs and missiles,” said Ahmad Farwad, 35. “I was woken by the sound of fighting and I walked my family to another village. “When we went outside we saw a helicopter had been shot down. The other helicopters were attacking a Taliban compound near the bazaar and also hitting my neighbour’s house.”


  11. Palin’s pick is in the lead:

    “Doug Hoffman leading with 31.3 percent, while Democrat Bill Owens is second at 27 percent and Republican Dede Scozzafava third at 19.7 percent. A little more than one in five voters remain undecided, according to the survey, at 22 percent.”


  12. A very happy birthday to a woman who inspires millions of us to keep fighting for what we all know shoulkd have been. G-d bless you Hillary Clinton.

  13. Hey, admin, quick question. the Web site appears to have been modified in positive ways, but previously, at the top, older threads were shown the left and newer threads on the right. But it’s reversed now.

    Nefarious OBOTS?

  14. Lil Ole Grape, it sure feels like a holiday. It’s sort of a music, celebrate day.

    It just occurred to us that this song somehow is appropriate, somewhat…. In either case it’s a hot song and so is Hillary:

  15. Thanks admin, problem solved. I fast read the article and I am headed back to email here.

    Happy Birthday Madame Secretary, Hillary R. Clinton, one of the few appointments he made that was the right one.

  16. As I read of Hillary’s burgeoning accomplishments from link posted by lil ole grape at 11:38:
    …She embarked on a career in law after graduating from Yale Law School in 1973. Following a stint as a Congressional legal counsel, she moved to Arkansas in 1974 and married Bill Clinton in 1975. Rodham co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families in 1977, and became the first female chair of the Legal Services Corporation in 1978. Named the first female partner at Rose Law Firm in 1979, she was twice listed as one of the 100 most influential lawyers in America.

    And there is so much more I could have copied/pasted.

    MO doesn’t hold a candle….isn’t she an inactive(?) lawyer….for unspecified reasons?

  17. Rgb44Hrc, it’s a topsy-turvey world, but in this case it is not the Obots. Just an oversight. We’ll be scouring for glitches all day and surely finding many (and correct them by morning). The whole website was redone from the inside out and we tried to duplicate the original look with as few modifications to the “look” as possible. The innards are completely new and up to date technology-wise which means we can do a lot more “stuff” to make it easier for readers.

    However getting all the high falutin’ gizmos and gadgets toned down – to stay in keeping (or is it “clingy?”) with our modest, humble, demure, and simple small town America appearance – took a lot of effort and reminders to resist the lures of the high-tech conformity of other websites. It was difficult to stay “in the Pink”.

  18. BTW, Politico writes that at 3:15 p.m. today Reid will announce his decision on the what remains of the public option.

  19. admin, this is such a great new look, and again I sending warm birthday wished to Hillary!

    Reid will announce today his decision on the public option, to bad Bambi will not announce his Afganistan plans.

  20. Admin, I know you have refused all suggestions of helping you with the site financial. Could we however, make a donation to HRC with a .44 at the end in honor of the Big Pink Site??????

    That way, even though we can not give you compensation, we would be giving compensation in your honor to HRC, or would this not be politicially correct?


    Excerpt from NYT.


    One area where the Obama administration has embraced the culture of the status quo is in its use of ambassadorships as political rewards, which Mr. Obama campaigned to minimize.

    Of the 82 ambassadors named so far, 46 aren’t career Foreign Service officers, according to the American Foreign Service Association; that is the highest total in a half century, and more than the 30 percent of noncareer diplomats tapped by President George W. Bush. It prompted Susan Johnson, the head of the American Foreign Service Association, to ask, “Where’s the change?”

  22. admin said: The whole website was redone from the inside out and we tried to duplicate the original look with as few modifications to the “look” as possible. The innards are completely new and up to date technology-wise which means we can do a lot more “stuff” to make it easier for readers.

    However getting all the high falutin’ gizmos and gadgets toned down – to stay in keeping (or is it “clingy?”) with our modest, humble, demure, and simple small town America appearance



  23. Hillary adding to her already packed schedule…

    U.S., EU to create transatlantic energy council

    The United States and European Union plan to create a new transatlantic energy council to discuss steps the two sides can take to boost energy security and create new green technology jobs, a European Union official said on Monday.
    President Barack Obama and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso are expected to announce the new forum when they meet on Nov. 3, the EU official, speaking on condition that he not be identified. “Before we’ve had a dialogue between the U.S. and the EU on energy issues, which is called the Strategic Energy Review. This is now being elevated to more of a high-level discussion,” the EU official said.

    The new initiative comes as more than 190 countries are negotiating a new pact to fight climate change, with the goal of reaching agreement at a Dec. 7-18 conference in Copenhagen.

    European Commission officials have criticized the U.S. Senate for not working hard enough to pass climate change legislation ahead of that meeting. However, prospects for some Senate action this year appear to be improving.

    The first meeting of the new U.S.-EU energy council will take place at the U.S. State Department the day after the Obama-Barroso summit, the EU official said. It will be chaired on the U.S. side by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Energy Secretary Stephen Chu.

    EU External Affairs Commissioner Benita Fererro-Waldner and Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs will represent the EU along with other officials.

    An afternoon session at the State Department will focus on foreign policy concerns faced by both the EU and the United States, the EU official said.


  24. Energy council…hmmm….

    I guess JUDAS Richardson must be thinking “I was going to get that SOS and energy council meetings…with my experience”……


    Good Afternoon everyone!

    Admin…. the site looks great!

    JUST IN:

    AP Sources: Senate bill to include public option
    Oct 26 03:10 PM US/Eastern
    AP Special Correspondent

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Health care legislation headed for the Senate floor will include an option for government-run insurance coverage, Democratic officials said Monday, with final details yet to be settled.
    These officials said Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., intended to make a formal announcement later in the day, and also say he had nearly completed work on the legislation for the full Senate to debate early next month.


    AP: Breaking | Alerts | World | US | Politics | Business | Entertainment | Life | Science | Odd | Sports | Tech
    Pelosi: Health care ‘public option’ needs new name
    Oct 26 02:49 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer
    Comments (24)Email to a friend Share on Facebook Tweet this

    SUNRISE, Fla. (AP) – A government-sponsored “public option” for health care lives, though it may be more attractive to skeptics if it goes by a different moniker, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday.
    In an appearance at a Florida senior center, the Democratic leader referred to the so-called public option as “the consumer option.” Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., appeared by Pelosi’s side and used the term “competitive option.”

    Both suggested new terminology might get them past any lingering doubts among the public—or consumers or competitors.

    “You’ll hear everyone say, ‘There’s got to be a better name for this,'” Pelosi said. “When people think of the public option, public is being misrepresented, that this is being paid for with their public dollars.”

    Pelosi said that was a misconception and that any taxpayer money used to start up the public option would be repaid. She also said such an option would ultimately drive down government health care costs.

    The speaker said the “competitive option” idea emerged during her closed-door roundtable at the Sunrise Senior Center with advocates of seniors and others who work with older populations. Wasserman Schultz suggested the term might be here to stay.

    “I think she’s going to go up and test-drive it when she goes back to Washington,” Wasserman Schultz said. “It might stick.”


  26. Within the past hour, I’ve come across both of these links. They strike me as contradictory. Can someone who understands this stuff better than I confirm or refute my conclusion?

    Link #1: The Associated Press: Stocks slide as rising dollar his oil prices

    NEW YORK — Stocks gave up early gains Monday as a rising dollar stalled a rally in commodities.

    www dot google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jmT59dgLTTziX4p9X9MRBRpWZGdQD9BIUFI02

    Link #2: Dollar Touches 14-Month Low as Recovery Signs Spur Risk Demand

    Oct. 26 (Bloomberg) — The dollar reached a 14-month low versus the euro as stocks advanced around the world on confidence that the global economy is recovering, increasing demand for higher-yielding assets.

    www dot bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601101&sid=aeJULGcO6S18

    PS: The sliding bar to right of comment box much better than arrowing up and down!

  27. Great tribute to Hillary, admin and like the look of the site after upgrade. btw, wanted to mention, telephone #s in article don’t seem to be right.

  28. I just watched Beck again, instead of thinking he was independent with a more centrist view, I have decided he is a neocon. He loves the unfettered market, and that what got us here. He had on a Reagan lover that said he could fix everything that Obama has done in a long weekend. He went on to say he would sell all the nationalized companies and overturn national healthcare. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer when they did this in Russia.

  29. Here is a article from Naomi Klein that shows the new is wearing off of their messiah. I have read her book, but have decided the woman is a socialist.

    Obama’s Bad Influence
    By Naomi Klein – October 15th, 2009
    Published in The Nation

    Of all the explanations for Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the one that rang truest came from French President Nicolas Sarkozy. “It sets the seal on America’s return to the heart of all the world’s peoples.” In other words, this was Europe’s way of saying to America, “We love you again”—sort of like those weird “renewal of vows” ceremonies that couples have after surviving a rough patch.

    Now that Europe and the United States are officially reunited, it seems worth asking: is this necessarily a good thing? The Nobel Committee, which awarded the prize specifically for Obama’s embrace of “multilateral diplomacy,” is evidently convinced that US engagement on the world stage is a triumph for peace and justice. I’m not so sure. After nine months in office, Obama has a clear track record as a global player. Again and again, US negotiators have chosen not to strengthen international laws and protocols but rather to weaken them, often leading other rich countries in a race to the bottom.

    Let’s start where the stakes are highest: climate change. During the Bush years, European politicians distinguished themselves from the United States by expressing their unshakable commitment to the Kyoto Protocol. So while the United States increased its carbon emissions by 20 percent from 1990 levels, the European Union countries reduced theirs by 2 percent. Not stellar, but clearly a case where the EU’s breakup with the United States carried tangible benefits for the planet.

    Flash forward to the high-stakes climate negotiations that just wrapped up in Bangkok. The talks were supposed to lead to a deal in Copenhagen this December that significantly strengthens the Kyoto Protocol. Instead, the United States, the EU and the rest of the developed countries formed a unified bloc calling for Kyoto to be scrapped and replaced. Where Kyoto set clear and binding targets for emission reductions, the US plan would have each country decide how much to cut, then submit its plans to international monitoring (with nothing but wishful thinking to ensure that this all keeps the planet’s temperature below catastrophic levels). And where Kyoto put the burden of responsibility squarely on the rich countries that created the climate crisis, the new plan treats all countries the same.

    These kinds of weak proposals were not altogether surprising coming from the United States. What was shocking was the sudden unity of the rich world around this plan—including many countries that had previously sung the praises of Kyoto. And there were more betrayals: the EU, which had indicated it would spend $19 billion to $35 billion a year to help developing countries adapt to climate change, came to Bangkok with a much lower offer, one more in line with the US pledge of… nothing. Oxfam’s Antonio Hill summed up the negotiations like this: “When the starting gun fired, it became a race to the bottom, with rich countries weakening existing commitments under the international framework.”

    This isn’t the first time a much-celebrated return to the negotiating table has resulted in overturned tables, with hard-won international laws and conventions scattered on the floor. The United States played a similar role at the UN conference on racism in Geneva in April. After extracting all sorts of deletions from the negotiating text—no references to Israel or the Palestinians, nothing on slavery reparations, etc.—the Obama administration decided to boycott anyway, pointing to the fact that the new text “re-affirms” the document adopted in 2001 in Durban, South Africa.

    It was a flimsy excuse, but there was some kind of logic to it, since the United States had never signed the original 2001 document. What made no sense was the wave of copycat withdrawals from around the rich world. Within forty-eight hours of the US announcement Italy, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Poland had pulled out. Unlike the United States, these governments had all signed the 2001 declaration, so they had no reason to object to a document that reaffirmed it. It didn’t matter. As with the climate change negotiations, lining up behind Obama, with his impeccable reputation, was an easy way to avoid burdensome international obligations and look progressive at the same time—a service the United States was never able to provide during the Bush years.

    The United States has had a similarly corrupting influence as a new member of the UN Human Rights Council. Its first big test was Judge Richard Goldstone’s courageous report on Israel’s Gaza onslaught, which found that war crimes had been committed by both the Israeli army and Hamas. Rather than prove its commitment to international law, the United States used its clout to smear the report as “deeply flawed” and to strong-arm the Palestinian Authority into withdrawing a supportive resolution. (The PA, which faced a furious backlash at home for caving in to US pressure, may introduce a new version.)

    And then there are the G-20 summits, Obama’s highest-profile multilateral engagements. When one was held in London in April, it seemed for a moment that there might be some kind of coordinated attempt to rein in transnational financial speculators and tax dodgers. Sarkozy even pledged to walk out of the summit if it failed to produce serious regulatory commitments. But the Obama administration had no interest in genuine multilateralism, advocating instead for countries to come up with their own plans (or not) and hope for the best–much like its reckless climate-change plan. Sarkozy, needless to say, did not walk anywhere but to the photo session to have his picture taken with Obama.

    Of course, Obama has made some good moves on the world stage—not siding with the coup government in Honduras, supporting a UN Women’s Agency… But a clear pattern has emerged: in areas where other wealthy nations were teetering between principled action and negligence, US interventions have tilted them toward negligence. If this is the new era of multilateralism, it is no prize.

  30. Here’s another one for all us Glenn Beck followers. Pastor Manning has a good point about Glenn Beck. Let’s make sure this time, we are not being used by the neocons and laughed at behind our backs like neocons did with the Bible thumpers. They used them.


    The Coward Speaks

  31. Obama’s Bad Influence
    By Naomi Klein – October 15th, 2009
    Published in The Nation


    Very good article!

    The usual Obama pattern, all the way from Chicago (or earlier). Pose and make some statements that impress the liberals — while changing the fine print to favor the powerful.

  32. After watching Beck today,I believe he is no longer in charge of his agenda.For almost two weeks he has kept postponing the uncovering a chalkboard and revealing the great truth.Well he now no longer mentions it and als o showing a snip of Hillary going after big oil.T think FOX let him build their ratings and now they can control his agenda.He my friends is one of them “Fair and Balanced” BS.His job is to unseat BO and snowjob us into the fold of FOX.I hope I am wrong but I am not easily snookered.

    By ABM90 Any thoughts on this anyone?

  33. hmmm…curiouser and curioser. Huffington post early this morning had a headline: Hillary CLinton, 62 and not over the hill yet. Welllllllllll…they’ve now changed it to read:

    Happy Birthday, Hillary Clinton: 62 And Still Stylish!

  34. bambi’s pal is at it again…
    Russia calls for ‘maximum patience’ on Iran

    MOSCOW — World powers should show maximum patience in the Iranian nuclear crisis, a top Russian foreign ministry official said Monday, in the latest sign of Moscow’s unwillingness to give Tehran ultimatums.

    Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, speaking in a newspaper interview, hailed a UN atomic agency-brokered plan for Iranian uranium to be further enriched abroad in states including Russia as a way to “cool down emotions”.

    “We should not give the impression that everything has stayed as it was,” he told the Vremya Novostei daily. “On the contrary, we need to give the Iranians positive stimuli.”

    “And will it be possible to do this if it is presumed that the Iranians are wasting time?”

    Ryabkov refused to be drawn on whether Russia has a deadline for Iran to answer the remaining questions on its nuclear drive. Some Western powers have suggested Tehran has until December.

    “Everyone must demonstrate maximum patience and concentrate on the dynamics that have built up thanks to the efforts of the six” world powers seeking to resolve the uranium nuclear crisis and Iran itself, he said.

    The United States has in recent weeks been seeking a concrete commitment from Moscow to tough sanctions against Tehran should the current diplomacy fail, but Russia has yet to make such a statement.

    On a visit to Moscow earlier this month, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton failed to win a ringing endorsement from her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov of Washington’s threats of tough action.

    Russia, for long seen as a key player in the nuclear crisis due to its close economic and diplomatic relations with Tehran, would under the UN plan proposed this month take Iranian uranium for further enrichment.

    Iran has promised to give its answer to the plan in a few days.

    Ryabkov said that in October alone “concrete and potentially workable” solutions had been found. But he warned it was possible that the process would now develop “not so intensively”.

    Ryabkov indicated that Russia does not share the suspicions of the West that Tehran could be seeking to develop a nuclear bomb under the guise of a civilian nuclear programme.

    “Russia does not have evidence that Iran is carrying out nuclear work of a non-peaceful nature,” he said.

    “The materials from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also do not give us reason for concern.”

    Iran strongly denies the allegations that it is seeking a nuclear weapon.


  35. US hits out at bid to bar religious defamation

    By MATTHEW LEE (AP) – 2 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Monday came out strongly against efforts by Islamic nations to bar the defamation of religions, saying the moves would restrict free speech.

    “Some claim that the best way to protect the freedom of religion is to implement so-called anti-defamation policies that would restrict freedom of expression and the freedom of religion,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told reporters. “I strongly disagree.”

    Clinton said the United States was opposed to negative depictions of specific faiths and would always fight against belief-based discrimination. But she said a person’s ability to practice their religion was entirely unrelated to another person’s right to free speech. “The protection of speech about religion is particularly important since persons of different faith will inevitably hold divergent views on religious questions,” Clinton said. “These differences should be met with tolerance, not with the suppression of discourse.”

    Her comments came as the Organization of the Islamic Conference, a 56-nation bloc of Islamic countries, is pressing the U.N. Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution that would broadly condemn the defamation of religion. The effort is widely seen as a reaction to perceived anti-Islamic incidents, including the publication in Europe of several cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

    Michael Posner, the assistant U.S. secretary of state for human rights, democracy and labor whose office prepares the religious freedom report, said the resolution “goes too far.” “The notion that a religion can be defamed and that any comments that are negative about that religion can constitute a violation of human rights to us violates the core principle of free speech,” he said. Posner was part of a delegation at the Human Rights Council that successfully negotiated with Egypt a compromise over another similar resolution that had aimed to condemn religion-related harassment or discrimination.

    He said the administration wanted to differentiate between such harassment and defamation and would do so both in the Human Rights Council and the U.N. General Assembly. “There are limits to free expression and there are certainly concerns about people targeting individuals because of their religious belief or their race or their ethnicity,” he said. “But at the same time, we’re also clear that a resolution, broadly speaking, that talks about the defamation of a religion is a violation of free speech.”

    Clinton and Posner spoke as they released the State Department’s annual report on international religious freedom, which, as in years past, criticized Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea and Sudan for violating religious freedom.

    Those eight nations are designated “countries of particular concern” for abuses of religious worshippers. The Obama administration is currently reviewing the designations, which can be accompanied by sanctions.


  36. You would be surprised at the level of Obama fall from Sainthood at Taylor Marsh’s. Her blog is picking up because there is truth about Obama being told over there now.

  37. confloyd,

    I’m surprised she is allowing anti-obama posts to be on there.

    Interesting but she is still two-faced.

  38. JanH, She two-faced, same as our great leader. Says one thing and does another. Birds of a feather. She is also maligning him.

  39. Admin,

    Please embed.

    Happy Birthday Mrs. President!
    http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-88XwZRPIY&feature=player_embedded

  40. Glenn Beck has been outed today for the neocon that he is. He did it to himself. Goes to show you that you need to watch a person for a while to see if he is really who he says he is. I am glad I wasn’t the only one who caught that today.

    I think Fox is only interested in bashing healthcare, while they have the info to extinguish Obama. At this time Obama is useful for the neocons at Fox. They are really only interested in their agenda, which is not what the American people want. They wanted Hillary!

  41. Admin:

    Great day (Hillary’s birthday celebration)to launch new look, new font. Great move. Happy birthday Madame Secretary until hillaryis45.

  42. Reid says the Senate Bill will include a public opiton.

    news.aol.com/article/health-care-bill-to-include-public/737204 (h stuff no ws)
    His announcement was cheered by liberal lawmakers, greeted less effusively by the White House and noted with a noncommittal response by Democratic moderates whose votes will be pivotal.

    Blue Dog Dims will play this for all it is worth. However, OO would have to come up with something good, not to sign this.

  43. Happy Birthday Hillary…a leader from day one…

    …fearless as leader of your class at Wellsley……found Bill at Yale…ready to take on Nixon…one of the best lawyers in the country…warming up as First Lady of Arkansas…

    ..always fighting for better education and health care…

    …on to First Lady of the USA for eight years…a two term Senator from New York…for many, the first female President of the USA – if not for the corrupt democratic party surrounding you – who kept the voters from you…

    …however, never defeated, now Secretary of State of the USA…endlessly working to make this world a better place and keeping our country safe…

    …and your wonderful family…our family…Chelsea and Bill…

    …you are a treasure…we love you…don’t even think of retiring… : )

  44. Great blog update Admin. I was also happy to hit the link to tell Hillary how much i appreciate her and wish her a most happy birthday.

    On a heavier note:

    I don’t care who is pulling Beck’s strings as long as they are being pulled against the Fraud.

    We will make un-nice when the time comes…

  45. Taylor Marsh does not exist anymore. She is a traitor. Borderline personality

    Not to be trusted as the Fraud is not to be trusted. Can’t imagine ANYONE wasting their time there for any reason.

  46. Survey: US support for Israel strong

    Oct. 26, 2009

    The American people’s strong support for Israel remains constant and their support for action to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power has substantially increased, according to a new nationwide survey released by the Anti-Defamation League on Monday.

    The survey’s findings demonstrate that Americans recognize Israel as a strong and loyal US ally, are skeptical about “peace dividends” that would be realized by Israel stopping all settlement construction and believe that a Palestinian state must not be established until the Palestinians demonstrate a commitment to end violence and accept Israel’s legitimacy.

    The 2009 Survey of American Attitudes on Israel, The Palestinians and Prospects for Peace in the Middle East, a national telephone survey of 1,200 American adults, was conducted September 26-October 4 by Marttila Communications of Washington and Boston.

    “This latest survey of the American people, coming at a time of a full range of challenging issues facing Israel and the region demonstrates anew the breadth and depth of American public support for Israel from a variety of perspectives,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL national director. “Americans see Israel as a loyal ally to the US, as being very serious about wanting to achieve peace with the Palestinians and as deserving the sympathy of the American people in the conflict with the Palestinians.”

    Foxman also noted a changing dynamic regarding Iran and the nuclear issue. “The significant increase in Americans viewing Iran as a threat and supporting, if nothing else works, US or Israeli military options against Iran, reflects a new and needed sense of urgency about the issue in light of Iran’s oppressive policies and the discovery of a secret Iranian nuclear plant,” he said.

    Some two-thirds of Americans consider Israel a strong and loyal US ally, as previous surveys showed. On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, 64% believe that Israel is serious about achieving peace with the Palestinians, with three-to-one respondents expressing more sympathy with Israel than the Palestinians, when asked to choose a side.

    There has also been significant gain in those who would support either Israel or the US using military action to stop Iran from making a nuclear weapon, with 57% of Americans supporting an Israeli hit, up from 42% in 2007, and 54% supporting a US move, up from 47% in 2007.

    Concerning the question of the Iranian threat, 63% of the respondents consider Iran an immediate or short-term security threat to the Middle East compared to 50% in 2007.


  47. We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Madame President. You will always be 44 in our hearts.

    “We will make un-nice {with Glen Beck] when the time comes…”

    I love it…UN-NICE. Sounds like a word I learned at the foot of Southern Ladies like my mama, grandma and others.

  48. btw…happened to catch TM on Washington Journal last week…she embarrassed herself…spoke in generalities…at one point ran out of things to say…except to mention that she had been a performer and lost her radio show…oh, well!

  49. Happy Birthday to Hillary.

    I love the new look, admin! I was hoping you’d update the site and this looks great. Just what I was hoping for.

    As for Taylor Marsh, she does whatever she thinks will advance her so-called career.

  50. Southern Born
    October 26th, 2009 at 10:22 pm

    I am Northern Born but have lived in Texas for over 30 years….

  51. As for Taylor Marsh, she does whatever she thinks will advance her so-called career.

    Including Porn…I know, it has it’s place, but I feel hers is abusive

  52. American Thinker
    October 26, 2009

    Losing Israel
    By Bill Warner
    When America entered the war in Vietnam, Ho Chi Min said that it would be a long war and that the communists would win by using propaganda in the media and the universities. He was correct.

    It is time to take stock in the war between Israelis and the Palestinians and deal with some forbidden subjects. Israel is losing the propaganda war, hasbarah, and for a very good reason.

    Israel is not in the hasbarah game, unless one counts belated responses to the Palestinians’ propaganda offensives. Pierre Rehov, a Moroccan French Jew, is a documentary filmmaker. He claims that the Palestinians have made over 50 propaganda movies, while Israel has done only 8. Of those eight, Mr. Rehov made six.

    Why don’t Jews and Israel want to deal with propaganda? Simple. It would mean talking about Islam. Jews and Israel must face the facts that the Koran and the Sunna (the actions and words of Mohammed) are filled with invectives against the Jews. At first the words were complimentary, but when the Jews of Medina rejected Mohammed as a prophet they were all enslaved, exiled, murdered and robbed — all acts of jihad. These were not historical acts, but perfect examples of Islamic action towards Jews — models prescribed for Muslims to follow up to the present time. To illustrate the severity of this predicament, statistically speaking, in the Koran of Medina 10.6% of the text is devoted to Jew hatred, whereas, only 6.8% of Mein Kampf is devoted to Jew hatred.

    The language and actions of Palestinians and all Muslims in general are directly approved by Islamic political theological doctrine. Not only the language, but also policy is set by the Islamic political doctrine. To repeat: political doctrine — a political theological doctrine of jihad against all kafirs.

    Yet, it seems until now that both Jews and Israel choose annihilation over talking about Islam. It is simply not an acceptable subject matter. Political correctness prevails over survival. Unfortunately, these are suicidal choices. It is obvious that the ADL and the Jewish Federations for example, are only two Jewish organizations that have corporate polices of not discussing Islamic political ideology.

    The ADL will admit that there are a “few” radical Muslims, and would gladly argue in public that except for a few Muslim extremists, Islam is not the problem. ADL is the first to argue that Jews and Christians have their share of crazies and they are no different from the Muslims. This is the ultimate multiculturalist view, which may well lead to a disaster for Israel and aid in the demise of Western civilization.

    Since a propaganda war is about the use of intelligence, one would think that the Israelis would be the world’s best and the Muslims would be the worst. Look at Nobel prizes, especially in the sciences. Israelis win them by the handful compared to the Arab world. But in the hasbarah, public relations, the Israelis are lazy fools and the Palestinians are industrious geniuses.

    Israeli government officials who will comment off the record say that as a government, Israel cannot launch a propaganda war over Islam.

    And, if Israel were to launch an ideological war, who would be the target audience? The ultimate target would be the secular and liberal Jews of America and Israel, who are the near enemy. If you can launch a hasbarah campaign that would open their eyes, enough of the world would tag along.

    Otherwise, if the Israelis continue to think that they can keep scoring military victories and by that win this ideological war, they are fools and worse. America won the Tet offensive on the battlefield, but lost the propaganda war in the media and the universities, exactly as Ho Chi Min predicted.

    As a brilliant example of ideological war, revisit Netanyahu’s UN speech on September 24, 2009. He laid out the civilizational differences between Holocaust deniers and Israel. The same arguments about civilization should apply to the war between the Palestinians and Jews in Israel. This is because the Israel/Palestinian conflict is no different than the jihad in Kashmir, India, the Philippines, or in dozens of fronts in Africa.

    After the Mumbai terror attack, the Jewish community in Nashville, TN had a rally at a synagogue. They prayed for peace in Israel. The same day, Christian supporters of Israel held a rally, and they prayed for Israel’s victory.

    Now, which one of the two maintains a stronger position — peace or victory? Today Israel desires peace and the Palestinians insist on victory. Guess who wins? Peace is for losers. Regrettably, Israelis and American Jews are choosing to be the losers. The consequences however are too dire; ultimately, Israel may get their peace, but it may be the peace after jihad’s victory.

    Ironically, Israelis and Jews abroad are not the only ones in a state of denial about Islamic politics; they just happen to be at the frontline. President Bush demonstrated after 9/11 that he too had no clue how to fight this Islamic ideological war. Instead of using military force against our enemies, he and his successor- President Obama should have declared ideological war against our true enemy-political Islam.

    They seem to lose their war and so will Israel unless some tough questions are faced and actions are taken.

    Bill Warner is Director, Center for the Study of Political Islam

  53. neetabug says:
    October 24th, 2009 at 9:13 pm
    My daughter in law came into town
    good for you, neetabug…truth to power…


    John Meachum is a BORE! who really cares what he has to say?

    ADMIN…the new design looks great…

  54. Joke of the day…

    Oct 26, 2009

    The Obama presidential library? Already?

    It’s a little early to be talking about a Barack Obama presidential library, but the University of Chicago is apparently making it clear it is available.

    The school that is just a few blocks from Obama’s home on the south side of Chicago has made informal overtures to the White House, though officials there say it’s too soon to think about, according to this piece from Bloomberg News.

    Obama once taught law classes at the U of C. (as pictured). Another connection: The University of Chicago has more than 80 Nobel prize winners with ties to the campus. Obama is set to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10 in Oslo.

    Whenever Obama does get around to thinking about where to store his records, he better brace himself for a major time commitment. Our friends at The Dallas Morning News tell us that the details of the George W. Bush library are just now starting to emerge, And it’s not scheduled to open until 2013.


  55. New articles are now going to be on the Left??? Dah took me a while to figure out. I must not be paying close attention.

  56. morning all…

    looks like merkel in germany is more of the same crap pie americans are being forced to swallow…..just take out “merkel” and insert “obama” and this article could be written to describe our very own Jack Squat…..WHO’S SURPRISED??

    Business as Usual in Merkel Country
    Is Germany’s New Government Taking Its Job Seriously?

    h t t p : / / w w w .spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,657427,00. h t m l

  57. another link to share with you all.

    Spiegel interview with charles Krauthammer

    w w w . spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,656501,00. h t m l

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