The Obama Fake Fox Hunt

Obama and the Barack Obama Thugs (hereinafter B.O.T.s) are up to their old tricks again. This time Fox News is the cat’s-paw for the cynical games of Obama and the B.O.T.s.

Regular Big Pink readers know of our contempt for Big Media. We explained why we do not use the weak and self-defeating term MSM (main stream media) in Big Media Party. In that November 2007 article article we properly described Big Media as a political party.

In Big Media Party we described the then current (November 2007) political situation and the mounting attacks on Hillary Clinton as Big Media Party Bosses (The Tim Russerts and Chris Matthews) pretended to act as “referees”:

Big Media, as represented by the Tim Russerts and Chris Matthews and many others, is no longer just a referree. Big Media wants to be paid homage. Big Media wants their agenda adopted as policy by the candidates. [snip]

Obama and Edwards are appealing to Big Media and adopting Big Media narratives and political agenda.

Big Media will “ref” in Obama and Edwards’ favor now in order to destroy Hillary. But the Big Media wheel will grind them down if they were ever to get the nomination. Big Blogs will help Big Media for their own self interests as they regurgitate Big Media “waitress tips” stories.

The Big Media love affair with Barack Obama continues, sometimes abated, but it continues nevertheless. However, Fox News is not in love with Barack Obama and for that crime Barack Obama and Dimocrats want to punish Fox News.

Fox News is a component of Big Media and the Big Media Party. Fox News is a biased news source – just like every other broadcast news outlet and most newspapers. Fox News has tormented Bill and Hillary Clinton for many years. However, the New York Times was much more vicious towards Bill Clinton, with smearing editorials day after day after day and has yet to apologize for their crusade to destroy Bill Clinton.

How bad was the New York Times (and the Washington Post along with other “liberal” newspapers)? Liberal bastion The Nation took notice of the Clinton hate at the “liberal” New York Times:

But beyond the rhetoric, what’s been even more astonishing is the moralistic position the editorials have staked out: Clinton is not only a humiliating failure as a leader, and even as a human being; he has destroyed Americans’ faith not only in him, which nearly goes without saying (except that…it doesn’t, since the paper says it almost daily now), but in the institutions of their government; he must not be allowed to wiggle out of the range of the rule of law’s mighty sword; and yes, that prosecutor fellow may have gone overboard here or there–Starr has a “tin ear,” has displayed “clumsiness” (both February 25), has “seemed…a klutz” (July 29)–but his sins are as nothing compared with those of the Philanderer in Chief.

And that’s just what the paper said. What it hasn’t said is, if anything, more revealing. It has not, during this entire episode, written an editorial, for example, wondering whether sheet-sniffing expeditions of the sort that launched this story are the proper work of journalism in the first place (one sentence–one sentence!

The Times has never apologized for their fake news stories about Watergate either.

Yes, Fox News has a horrible history and Rupert Murdoch uses his news outlets (he also owns The New York Post among other media properties) to attack political opponents with smears and critical news stories. Yes, The Washington Times has a right wing agenda and was set on its ugly path by the “Reverend” Sun Myung Moon. Yes, there is a right-wing press and it is bad. But, the “liberal”, what we call PINOs (Progressive In Name Only) new outlets, are just as bad if not worse.

Certainly, excrement such as Tim Russert and Chris Matthews proved in 2007 and 2008 they are much worse than anything Fox News has ever spawned. Indeed, in 2007 and 2008 Fox News proved, when compared to MSNBC and NBC and CNN, that Fox News is much more Fair And Balanced than the alleged “liberal” outlets. To hell with all of them.

Some Hillary supporters perhaps have forgotten what happened during the primaries last year. Big Pink Hillary supporters have not forgotten. Democratic Governor Ed Rendell spoke for many Hillary supporters when he declared Fox News Fair And Balanced in 2008 especially when compared to the PINO “news” outlets:

Lanny Davis knows Fox News was Fair And Balanced in 2008 and said so forcefully:

Terry, cannot deny Fox News was indeed Fair And Balanced when it came to Hillary Clinton:

No doubt Fox News had its own self-interested reasons for being Fair And Balanced when it came to Hillary Clinton. But the fact remains that Fox News was Fair And Balanced when it came to Hillary Clinton in 2008 – certainly so beyond any doubt when compared to the garbage at MSNBC or CNN which removed the “biased” James Carville but kept on as an “undecided” commentator the Obama besotted Donna Brazille.

Hillary supporters remember, or should remember the atrocities of “tingles up the leg” and Brazille complaining about Big Pink because we protested her attacks on Hillary.

Now more PINOs are complaining that Fox News is mean to Obama. Hypocrite Left Talkers who surrendered the Democratic Primaries to Big Media and Big Media “darling” Barack Obama now whine about Fox News. We warned Left Talkers about their foolishness:

We have even less sympathy for the Obama Hopium addled addicts who now complain about the power of Big Media. The Obama Hopium addled addicts empowered Big Media and rejoiced as that power was aimed against the qualified and experienced Hillary Clinton. Now the Big Media leash will be yanked against lapdog Obama.

Some extra-foolish Obama supporters based their support for Obama on the disgusting fact that Obama was a Big Media “darling”. These fools surrendered themselves, policies, politics, the primaries, the general election and the entire political system to Big Media. Now Big Media will yank the chain and on occasion, only to benefit themselves, tell the truth about Obama the clod. The Hopium addicts will now complain about Big Media as it slaps at lapdog Obama. Those that empowered Big Media have no one to blame but themselves.

We had the opportunity to to rid ourselves of the Chris Matthews’ of the political world or at least make them less significant. Now they are more powerful than ever. Obama supporters are entirely to blame for the ugly control Big Media now exerts over all our lives.

These fools have no one to blame but themselves for the power wielded by the Big Media Party. They now whine alongside Obama that Fox News is mean to Mess-iah.

Politico yesterday published an article which conjectures a sinister attempt by Obama and the B.O.T.s to contain more truth from emerging from Fox News:

A White House attempt to delegitimize Fox News – which in past times would have drawn howls of censorship from the press corps – has instead been greeted by a collective shrug.

That’s true even though the motivations of the White House are clear: Fire up a liberal base disillusioned with Obama by attacking the hated Fox. Try to keep a critical news outlet off-balance. Raise doubts about future Fox stories.

But most of all, get other journalists to think twice before following the network’s stories in their own coverage.

Yes, like most of everything regarding Obama the Fox hunt is fake – a diversion, a piece of red meat, to feed the starving, increasingly alienated, Hopium eaters.

The Tin Pot Dictator wants to silence the only news outlet that is not going along with the consensus opinion of the Big Media Party as if the United States is his Tin Pot Kingdom.

To some media observers, it’s almost the definition of a “chilling effect” – a governmental attempt to steer reporters away from negative coverage – but the White House press corps has barely uttered a word of complaint. [snip]

“This is an effort in effect to quarantine Fox News and to discourage other media outlets from picking up on stories that originate here,” Hume said on “The O’Reilly Factor.” “My guess is it won’t work….Look at Glenn Beck, he’s having a field day with this.” [snip]

“This is a mutually beneficial deal,” said Paul Begala, a former adviser to President Bill Clinton. “Fox’s ratings keep going up, as they’re seen as the voice of opposition to Obama. The Democrats need to do something to excite their base, which is suffering from a case of the blues.

Paul Begala knows the Fox hunt is a fake. A very few “journalists” see the cynical ploy as a serious danger:

A day after White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama senior adviser David Axelrod said other journalists should no longer treat Fox as a bona fide news outlet, the comments generated only a single, tangential question at the White House’s daily briefing for reporters.

Still, the comments set off alarm bells with some journalists and media analysts.

“I can never remember a White House urging news organizations to boycott other news organizations. That strikes me as unprecedented,” said Thomas DeFrank, a Washington journalist who has covered eight presidents and now serves as the bureau chief of the New York Daily News.

“I see it as bullying a news organization, by the time you get to telling ABC or some other news organization how they should behave to another news organization,” said David Zurawik, media critic for the Baltimore Sun. “Someone should tell them: you’re one branch of government. We’re something else over here. Don’t lecture us about how we should behave towards one another.”

If Big Media were doing its job we would not respond with a guffaw at the idea that “journalists” are under attack. We thought Hillary Clinton should have responded forcefully to MSNBC and other “news” outlets that smeared her but we know she would have been further savaged by these brutes. We certainly do not object to Obama going to fake war with Fox news – what we object to is the rest of the Big Media components fluffing Obama’s pillows while he fakes a Fox hunt for cynical purpose. To hell with all of them.

Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post thinks the fake Fox hunt is a dumb, “childish and petty” “fight” for Obama to take on because it helps Fox News.

Jake Tapper exposed B.O.T. Robert Gibbs yesterday:

Tapper: It’s escaped none of our notice that the White House has decided in the last few weeks to declare one of our sister organizations “not a news organization” and to tell the rest of us not to treat them like a news organization. Can you explain why it’s appropriate for the White House to decide that a news organization is not one –


Gibbs: Jake, we render, we render an opinion based on some of their coverage and the fairness that, the fairness of that coverage.

Tapper: But that’s a pretty sweeping declaration that they are “not a news organization.” How are they any different from, say –

Gibbs: ABC –

Tapper: ABC. MSNBC. Univision. I mean how are they any different?

Gibbs: You and I should watch sometime around 9 o’clock tonight. Or 5 o’clock this afternoon.

Tapper: I’m not talking about their opinion programming or issues you have with certain reports. I’m talking about saying thousands of individuals who work for a media organization, do not work for a “news organization” — why is that appropriate for the White House to say?

Gibbs: That’s our opinion.

Helen Thomas has also raised her voice in calling the attacks on Fox News foolish.

At NoQuarter, Larry Johnson makes sense:

Good on Fox. They are covering some key stories the rest of the media prefer to ignore. [snip]

I do not begrudge Fox having a bias. It does have one. But the notion that CNN and MSNBC (not to mention ABC, CBS and NBC) are somehow devoid of bias and simply pursuing truth is delusional. What is truly alarming is that the White House is possessed of a delusional we last saw when Tricky Dick wandered the halls of the White House. Someone needs to slap some sense into Obama, Axlerod and Emmanuel. Acting like Dick Nixon is not “Presidential.”

Tom Bevan at RealClearPolitics notes some of the Obama hypocritical whining about mean ol’ Fox:

It’s not just that the current occupant of the Oval Office has a particularly thin skin when it comes to criticism – which is especially ironic given that he’s been the recipient of more glowing press coverage than possibly any candidate or president in modern American history. But not since Nixon conjured up an “enemies list” have we seen the full weight of the Office of the Presidency brought to bear in such a targeted and deliberate effort to delegitimize a media organization critical of the President. [snip]

And MSNBC doesn’t push a certain “perspective?” What about the New York Times? The idea that FOX News’s perspective disqualifies it as a “legitimate” news operation lays bare the manipulation and hypocrisy at work here. The White House is all for news organizations taking certain “perspectives” – so long as they’re favorable to the administration’s agenda.

Hopium eater Jacob Weisberg at Newsweak declared Fox News “unAmerican”

To garbage scow Maureen Dowd we give the last word as she traces a bit of journalistic history:

Arthur Gelb, The Times’s famed former culture impresario and managing editor, begins his wonderful memoir, “City Room,” by describing the racier Times newsroom of the 1940s. He says it was a time of clandestine sex in closets, a movie-star mistress of the publisher sashaying about and two tough bookies from Hell’s Kitchen at a corner desk taking bets as “wads of bills peeked from their pockets.”

In his memoir, “Gaily, Gaily,” Ben Hecht describes his years as a cub reporter at The Chicago Daily Journal starting in 1910. It was a time when reporters were still “exotic adults,” he writes, and journalism was considered by many as “a catch basin for hooligans, bar flies and minor swindlers.”

The first thing Hecht did was get his girlfriend, who was “in harlot servitude” when they met, hired as the “first girl reporter” at the paper for $12 a week by pretending she was a Van Arsdale who was a niece of Edith Wharton.

When she got caught selling her services in the newsroom, Hecht’s cynical Irish editor advised him that reforming women was a time-waster. “The female, from birth onward, is a mist of lies,” the editor intoned. “And her white belly is a shrine for swindle and delusion.”

Oh for the days when journalists were “hooligans, bar flies and minor swindlers”. Those days of working class stiffs published in major papers are long gone. Now we have a professional class of major swindlers writing for the front pages of our major newspapers and news broadcasts.

Ben Hecht’s “girlfriend” sold her “services” in the newsroom – how far we have fallen. Today, Big Media whores and women-hating scum, like Maureen Dowd and Chris Matthews, sell their services on the front page to Barack Obama and praise the Emperor for his new clothes, while here at Big Pink we see Obama naked – a Tally Ho on a Fake Fox hunt.


82 thoughts on “The Obama Fake Fox Hunt

  1. Most excellent, powerful post.

    Rasmussen down one more today: minus 13.

    See over at Gateway Geert Wild had to cut short his address at Temple University. Going to get really nasty I suppose, as those still drinking the sweet stuff realize how badly O is slipping.

  2. Obama is giving Fox a lot of free publicity and making people wonder what stories they could find on Fox. Maybe he’s kind of desperate for some effect such as scaring off the other networks.

  3. Bambi’s approval in the toilet again.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty percent (40%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -13. That’s just a point above the lowest level ever recorded for this President. It’s also the sixth straight day in negative double digits, matching the longest such streak

    Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. Fifty-three percent (53%) disapprove.

  4. Well said, Admin

    While Fox isn’t that innocent either, with the exception of Hannity’s rants, you are right in saying that for the most part Hillary was treated fairly. And by and all, I do believe they would treat bambi fairly if he and his henchmen would ever abandon Chicago thuggery and actually become honest brokers for Americans.

    This reminds me of how Hillary was treated during the debates. The hard questions to her…the milktoast questions to bambi. Her words being cut off over and over again…him being urged to run on at the mouth ad nauseum.

  5. From the last thread…

    gonzotx Says:
    October 20th, 2009 at 11:50 pm

    Did Obama swing his own Nobel?


    Nothing would surprise me. Emanual has become bambi’s bloody executioner. Whether it be bullying the weakened media into allowing his messiah to speak for hours on end on primetime about absolutely nothing, to stepping on the toes of the Nobel Committee, he is the man for the job.

  6. Published: October 20,2009
    By John Lillpop

    Barack Obama: America’s “Spoiled Brat” President

    As an intellectual and sophisticated man of advanced education and refinement, President Obama should know better than to believe press clippings originating with the leftist media. An experienced political professional intent on playing on the world stage should also be able to accept criticism and dissent without unraveling to the point of utter distraction.

    After all, we do live a civilized society where the president serves at the pleasure of the people. He is neither deity nor royalty, despite what obedient armies of Obamanites and adoring media types tell him. Criticism and robust opposition come with the gig, Mr. President! Winning the presidency confers unlimited power on no one, regardless of how precocious and handsome.

    Unfortunately, President Obama seems addicted to the slobbering adoration and hero worship. So much so that he is unable to brook any sort of dissent and criticism. It is as if the president were a five-year old child on his first day of school, startled to learn that there are other boys and girls in kindergarten with whom he is obligated to share milk, cookies, and attention. That first encounter with the outside world provides a bitter, but necessary, lesson for the “spoiled” child.

    President Obama is America’s “spoiled” Commander-in-Chief, unaccustomed to sharing anything but the wealth of others! For example, after barely assuming the mantel of presidential power last January, Obama invited Republican members of Congress to the White House to inaugurate the “post-partisan era,” a concept conceived and implemented by The One Himself.

    Foolishly, Obama struck a sour note by immediately advising conservatives that they should stop listening to Rush Limbaugh.

    Excuse me? Why would a new president concern himself with the radio listening habits of the opposition party? What sort of monster ego must a president have to think that his views about a talk show host are in any way relevant? Besides, how often has Obama has actually tuned in to El Rushbo to hear the other side of the story?

    Most likely, Obama takes the word of White House lackeys who get paid obscene salaries just for listening and tracking those with the audacity to disagree with The One.

    Obama’s unhealthy obsession with quashing conservative voices has grown into a heated exchange of verbal warfare between the White House and Glenn Beck, and FOX News in general, said hostilities waged on a daily basis.

    With the war in Afghanistan devolving into a quagmire not unlike Viet Nam, the national deficit exploding out of control, unemployment dashing the audacity of hope for millions of Americans, and tyrants in Iran, North Korea, and Russia conspiring to destroy America, just why in the hell is the President of the United States obsessed with what Glenn Beck has to say? In case you missed it, Mr. President, nearly 60 million Americans voted for your opponent in the last election! Glenn Beck represents the views and concerns of many of those 6o million voters.

    Furthermore, since your administration “owns” CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and CBS as well as most print media, FOXNEWS is vital to preserving an independent and free press in America.

    By the way, that mandate that you claim to be fulfilling is but a distant memory, as only 43 percent of Americans would vote for you were the election held today.

    Time to put on a stiff upper lip. As President Harry Truman once declared, “If you can’t take the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen!” Still, perhaps the heat of the Oval Office is too intense for a spoiled brat elitist from Chicago where machine guns and the Mafia provide those in power with the means to keep the heat at bay?

    A change in venue may be just what the doctor ordered. If so, may we remind you that the state of Illinois will have a vacancy for U.S. Senator in 2010? You would seem to be a good match for that gig, provided you can sort out that birth certificate mess.

    Why not wash Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and FOXNEWS right out of your hair by returning to the Senate where roaring oratory and photogenic looks trump substance and action every day?

  7. Obama’s plan: Undermine, discredit all critics


    President Barack Obama and the White House propaganda machine are working overtime to undermine critics, particularly those on the right or affiliated with the Republican Party.

    The systematic attacks against right-wing Fox News is part of a what Politico.Com calls a coordinated campaign to “marginalize the most powerful forces behind the Republican Party, setting loose top White House officials to undermine conservatives in the media, business and lobbying worlds.”

    The campaign invokes memory on former President Richard M. Nixon, who compiled an “enemies list” of media organizations and political foes and then set loose the vast resources of the White House to destroy those enemies. Comparisons with Nixon, who resigned in disgrace during the Watergate scandal, is the last thing the Obama White House wants or needs but such comparisons are inevitable when the administration cranks up a war of words with critics.

    Writes Ruth Marcus [1] in The Washington Post:

    There’s only one thing dumber than picking a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel — picking a fight with people who don’t even have to buy ink. The Obama administration’s war on Fox News is dumb on multiple levels. It makes the White House look weak, unable to take Harry Truman’s advice and just deal with the heat. It makes the White House look small, dragged down to the level of Glenn Beck. It makes the White House look childish and petty at best, and it has a distinct Nixonian — Agnewesque? — aroma at worst.

    Other Presidents have used enemies lists to try and discredit their critics. Bill Clinton used White House resources to discredit former lovers. George W. Bush sent his surrogates out to attack the left. But the Obama campaign is gathering increasing attention because he is the candidate who promised to “change the way Washington works.” Some now wonder if he is the one who has changed.

    The Post’s Marcus also writes:

    Where the White House has gone way overboard is in its decision to treat Fox as an outright enemy and to go public with the assault. Imagine the outcry if the Bush administration had pulled a similar hissy fit with MSNBC.

    Politico weighs in [2]:

    With a series of private meetings and public taunts, the White House has targeted the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the biggest-spending pro-business lobbying group in the country; Rush Limbaugh, the country’s most-listened-to conservative commentator; and now, with a new volley of combative rhetoric in recent days, the insurance industry, Wall Street executives and Fox News.

    Obama aides are using their powerful White House platform, combined with techniques honed in the 2008 campaign, to cast some of the most powerful adversaries as out of the mainstream and their criticism as unworthy of serious discussion.

    Press secretary Robert Gibbs has mocked Limbaugh from the White House press room podium. White House aides limited access to the Chamber and made top adviser Valerie Jarrett available to reporters to disparage the group. Everyone from White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to White House Communications Director Anita Dunn has piled on Fox News by contending it’s not a legitimate news operation.

    All of the techniques are harnessed to a larger purpose: to marginalize not only the individual person or organization but also some of the most important policy and publicity allies of the national Republican Party. So much for the President who promised to build bridges and reach out to his enemies. Instead, he is giving ammunition to his political opposition.

    “This is a White House engaging in its own version of the media enemies list,” says former Bush senior adviser Karl Rove. “It’s unhelpful for the country and undignified for the president of the United States.”

  8. October 21, 2009

    Biden Late With Poland Visit

    By Marcin Sobczyk

    After a number of American decisions interpreted as slaps in Poland’s face, the U.S. now sends its Vice-President Joe Biden to the biggest Central European country for a series of conciliatory smiles, handshakes and back patting. Of course, Polish politicians smile back, but the reality is Poland no longer has that warm feeling in its heart when it thinks “America.”

    Not a long time ago the Biden visit would be a big deal here – for decades, Poles were passionately, madly in love with the United States. America was the preferred country to immigrate to, the Promised Land with everything the best and the biggest, an idealized paradise.

    Of course, Poland would like to be loved back, but despite its claim to being a power with a strong regional influence, it actually knows quite well that Central Europe and its individual countries are not important to the U.S. now that they’re stable and in NATO and the European Union. Still, the country sent a number of signals that some cordiality from the U.S. would be welcome after Poland committed its troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, and agreed to host the U.S. missile shield knowing that Russia would be furious.

    If the Obama administration wanted to mend fences with Russia, it could have considered sending a senior official to Poland first to make sure winning new friends would not come at the expense of older ties. It could have sent someone more meaningful than a powerless former diplomat to the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II. Russia’s Putin and Germany’s Merkel attended, so would it really hurt if Biden came to the Polish Baltic Coast on September 1?

    That would have actually given the U.S. a very good chance to prepare Poland for its decision that came just two and a half weeks later to scrap the Bush-era missile shield. Poland saw that shield as an important project and the first major military installation from a NATO member state on its soil, so its scrapping really hurt.

    Of course there are no obligations for the U.S. to have privileged relations with Poland, and even if they were declared, Poland would still make America’s second-class ally. Clearly, the current U.S. administration cares less about Poland than before. But then it should not be surprised if the U.S. vice-presidential visit no longer sends shivers down the Polish spine.

  9. Please tell me this idiot potus isn’t so stupid and egotistical as this…

    Obama mocks critics of his bid for 2016 Olympics

    NEW YORK — President Barack Obama is having some fun at the expense of those who criticized him for trying to help his Chicago hometown land the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

    Addressing donors at a Democratic Party fundraiser Tuesday night in New York City, Obama said he believes in a strong opposition but doesn’t like it when some folks root for him to fail on health care or … on getting the Olympics.

    In a mocking tone Obama said: “Who’s against the Olympics? What’s up with that?”

    Some Republicans criticized Obama for flying to Denmark earlier this month to boost Chicago’s Olympics bid. Critics said he should have stayed home to deal with health care, unemployment and Afghanistan, among other issues.

    Brazil won the right to host the Games.

  10. Watched Charlie Rose last ight and had the guy with the Clointon tapes…Bill was/is truly the most intelligent President we ever had..he has more depth and insight than this so called “smart, cool” President could ever hope for….

  11. Apparently the Lockerbie bomber has died.

    They probably offed him for political cover for their british friends or gave him a new identity and stuck him somewhere.

  12. Clinton whittles down campaign debt to $1 million

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton may have put her presidential aspirations behind her, but her past continues to linger in the form of campaign debt.

    Recent filing with the Federal Election Commission shows Hillary Clinton for President still owes approximately $1 million in debt, down from $6.3 million in January.

    The funds came from a variety of sources, including a Bon Jovi concert in January, a raffle to win a lunch with former President Bill Clinton, and a call from then Sen. Barack Obama to his supporter to help Clinton pay down her debt.

    As USA TODAY’s Matt Kelley reported, Clinton cannot be involved with the fundraising process since the federal Hatch Act prohibits Cabinet members from soliciting campaign contributions, including donations to retire debts from previous political campaigns.

    According to The Hill, the people charged with retiring her debt is now down to seven campaign officials in D.C., down from the hundreds that once occupied a building in Virginia.

  13. JanH at 11:13: Jan, that is one smoking article. Thanks for posting it here.
    JanH at 11:58: Over at pumapac, this was recently posted regarding Obama’s campaign money:
    “So far, the campaign was required to issue 19 reports (Form F3P). They have issued 60, including revisions. That is more than 2 revisions for every report.”

    A rolling stone gathers no moss. A moving target is hard to hit. These things are what Obama is all about.

  14. holdthemaccountable

    There is no way bambi can seal up all the leaks in his rocky boat. More and more brave souls are coming out to write about the mess he is making. His hate list is less than a year old and yet already bulging at the seams.

  15. I don’t watch any of the news stations, except for the Jim Lehrer report, but I might just tune in to Fox on an occasional basis, just to irk the administration. They are looking very, very small and petty.

  16. U.S. says will never have normal ties with nuclear North Korea

    Wed Oct 21, 2009
    By Arshad Mohammed

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rebuffed North Korean hopes it may be accepted as a nuclear state, saying the United States will never have normal, sanctions-free ties with a nuclear-armed North Korea.

    Clinton laid down a hard line as the United States weighs whether to engage in bilateral talks with North Korea, a step it hopes will bring Pyongyang back to wider, six-party talks on ending its nuclear programs.

    The North, which conducted its second nuclear test in May, has said it wished to be treated as a nuclear state.

    While repeating the U.S. openness to bilateral talks with North Korea, Clinton said the United States would not soften its sanctions on Pyongyang. “Current sanctions will not be relaxed until Pyongyang takes verifiable, irreversible steps toward complete denuclearization,” Clinton said in a speech hosted by the United States Institute for Peace think tank. “Its leaders should be under no illusion that the United States will ever have normal, sanctions-free relations with a nuclear-armed North Korea,” she added. “We are prepared to meet bilaterally with North Korea. But North Korea’s return to the negotiating table is not enough.”

    The United States hopes a bilateral dialogue may bring North Korea back to six-party talks involving the two Koreas, China, Japan, Russia and the United States on ending the North’s nuclear programs. Those discussions have been stalled since North Korea quit them six months ago.

    The North recently telegraphed it wanted better relations with Washington, freeing two jailed U.S. journalists in August and signaling two weeks ago that it could return to the six-way talks but wanted to talk to the United States first.

    It is unclear what may have triggered the recent warming.

    After Pyongyang conducted its second nuclear test, the U.N. Security Council imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea that are designed to restrict its arms sales, which provide a vital source of hard currency for the impoverished country.

    The United States, which has said it has not decided on bilateral talks, wants some assurance North Korea will actually return to six-party talks and recommit to abandoning its nuclear programs before engaging directly. The State Department last week said it had decided to grant a visa to Ri Gun, North Korea’s No. 2 official at six-party talks, to attend meetings in New York and San Diego.

    U.S. analysts said that by allowing Ri to visit, the Obama administration might be signaling a desire to explore whether direct talks between the United States and North Korea might lead to a resumption of wider denuclearization talks.

    The United States wants North Korea to give up its nuclear programs, which it sees as a direct threat to U.S. allies South Korea and Japan, while North Korea has recently made clear that it wants to be accepted as a nuclear state.

  17. U.S. seeks fast action on Iran’s low-enriched uranium

    Wed Oct 21, 2009

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday Iran must take quick action to carry out a plan under which it would send most of its low-enriched uranium abroad for processing.

    While saying that the major powers and Iran had made a “constructive beginning” in October 1 talks, Clinton said “that needs to be followed by constructive actions.”

    “In particular, prompt action is needed on implementing the plan to use Iran’s own low enriched uranium to refuel the Tehran research reactor which is used to produce medical isotopes,” she said in a speech hosted by the United States Institute of Peace think tank.

    The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has presented a draft deal to Iran and three big powers for approval by their capitals by Friday to allay fears Tehran might use the stockpile to make nuclear weapons. But it was unclear whether Iran would accept a draft deal calling on it to send most of its low-enriched uranium reserve to Russia and France soon for conversion into fuel for the nuclear medicine facility in Tehran.

    “If Iran is serious about taking practical steps to address the international community’s deep concerns about its nuclear program, we will continue to engage, both multilaterally and bilaterally, to discuss the full range of issues that have divided Iran and the United States for too long,” Clinton said. “The door is open to a better future for Iran, but the process of engagement cannot be open-ended. We are not prepared to talk just for the sake of talking.”

  18. Clinton Says Atomic Agency Need Powers to Find Sites

    By Janine Zacharia

    Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said United Nations inspectors should get broader powers to detect secret nuclear facilities such as an underground Iranian uranium enrichment site revealed last month.

    “The International Atomic Energy Agency doesn’t have the tools or authority to carry out its mission effectively,” Clinton said in a speech today to the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington. “We saw this in the institution’s failure to detect Iran’s covert enrichment plant and Syria’s reactor project.” Among the powers inspectors should be given is the ability to probe nuclear weapons-related activities even when nuclear materials aren’t present, Clinton said. The IAEA should also be able to carry out aggressive, short-notice inspections more widely, she said.

    Clinton coupled her call for a stronger IAEA with warnings to Iran to suspend uranium enrichment in accordance with UN demands, and to North Korea to scrap its nuclear weapons program if it wants a normalized relationship with the U.S.

    “Current sanctions will not be relaxed until Pyongyang takes verifiable, irreversible steps toward complete denuclearization,” Clinton said. “Its leaders should be under no illusion that the United States will ever have normal, sanctions-free relations with a nuclear-armed North Korea.”

    China’s government has renewed its commitment to UN- approved sanctions against North Korea, two weeks after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met North Korean leader Kim Jong Il in Pyongyang and agreed to an aid package for the regime, the U.S. said this week.

    U.S. Arsenal

    Alongside efforts to curtail the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran should be a reassessment of the role of atomic weapons, Clinton said. The U.S. can’t continue to rely on “recycled Cold War thinking” and must reduce the size of its nuclear weapons arsenal and the role of the arms in American defense strategy, she said. “We can reduce our stockpiles of nuclear weapons without posing any risk to our homeland, our deployed troops or our allies,” Clinton said. “Clinging to nuclear weapons in excess of our security needs does not make the United States safer.”

    The U.S. is reviewing its nuclear posture. It is also negotiating to renew a treaty with Russia, set to expire Dec. 5, that governs the size of U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals and how they are inspected.

    While focusing on Iranian and North Korean nuclear efforts, the U.S. has also drawn attention to other countries it says have tried to develop an atomic capability.

    U.S. officials said last year that Syria was trying to build a secret reactor facility with North Korean help. The site was bombed by Israeli warplanes in September 2007.

  19. birdgal says:

    They are looking very, very small and petty.


    yes, they looked very, very small and petty from the very beginning…

    imo…O is a colossal embarrassment at these rallies, town halls and events he goes to…his demeanor, attitude and the language he chooses make him look like a clown…some joker…his need for constant reinforcement, distraction and applause all indicate his linner ack of confidence…he has trivalized the Presidency to the point of being ridiculous…he needs his own reality show for narcissists…

  20. ‘indicate his inner lack of confidence’ – just keep joking and grinning and reading his tellie…right out of Chicago…dazzle them and they will never notice he does not know what the hell he is doing…O, RE, & DA…the ‘O axis of evil’

  21. Other Presidents have used enemies lists to try and discredit their critics. Bill Clinton used White House resources to discredit former lovers.


    Bill Clinton defended himself and his office from political enemies who financed a phoney lawsuit (soon thrown out of court as worthless) using a puppet Paula Jones.

  22. But the Obama campaign is gathering increasing attention because he is the candidate who promised to “change the way Washington works.”


    But he’s changing it toward ‘unity’! Silence opposition. Get them thrown out or off the ballot. That’s the CHicago way.

  23. “Bill Clinton defended himself and his office from political enemies who financed a phoney lawsuit (soon thrown out of court as worthless) using a puppet Paula Jones.”


    Exactly. There is a world of difference here.

  24. On Yahoo’s home page they have an article about the strain on the secret service.

    I noticed O is not wearing his pin.

    I remember the controversy about the pin.

  25. neetabug, THey have removed it. Please post it if its there. I read an article not to long ago about the SS and Obama, it wasn’t pretty.

    Found this over at Obamafile. ITs really far out!

    h t t p: // /search?q=cache:C1zImFgWiXYJ /+truth+first+ blog&cd=1&hl=en&ct= clnk&gl=us

  26. not neetabug,

    but I do recall reading a headline somewhere that the Secret Service was stretched to it’s limits having to deal with the huge rise of death threats to bambi.


    Barack Obama has suffered the worst quarterly decline in his public approval rating of any elected president in the post-World War II era.

    Obama’s average quarterly approval rating has slipped from 62 percent in the second quarter to 52.9 percent in the third quarter, according to Gallup polling. That 9 percentage point decline is twice the amount of any other post-war elected president. Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan saw their standing decline 4 points between the two quarters. No other elected president has declined more than 4 points since 1953. The third quarter began July 20 and ended October 19.

    Harry Truman, who of course inherited the presidency from FDR, did have a 13-point drop between his second and third quarters in 1945 and 1946.

    Significantly, Obama’s plunge in the polls is notable but not new news. Obama suffered the bulk of his decline in late summer, though the media was slow to notice or note. Since summer, Obama has stabilized and generally bobbed slightly above the 50 percent mark.

    Among all presidents since WWII, Obama’s third quarter approval rating is above only Bill Clinton and Gerald Ford. Clinton averaged 48 percent in the third quarter of 1993. Ford averaged 39 percent during his 1975 third quarter.

    More sobering for Obama, Gallup reports that Obama’s latest quarterly average ranks 144th, or in the 44th percentile, for all post-war presidents during any quarter.

  28. Here is the article.
    The picture with O is gone
    Report: Secret Service strained to protect Obama
    Buzz up!1144 votes Send
    This is the article, the picture with O on it is gone.
    The next time he is on tv check his lapel.

    An internal congressional report questioning the ability of the Secret Service to continue fulfilling its duties was leaked to the Boston Globe. The report says the Secret Service is strained by a drastic increase in threats to President Obama, coupled with deep budget cuts. Some are speculating that the agency may need to relinquish all or part of its roles in protecting the country’s financial machinery in order to focus resources on the protection of the president and other high-profile leaders.

    The report, issued in August by the Congressional Research Service, claimed that if “an evaluation of the service’s two missions” were to be done at this time, there’s a good possibility that “it might be determined that it is ineffective…to conduct its protection mission and investigate financial crimes.” Additionally, an anonymously quoted government official said that many inside the halls of Congress and within the Secret Service itself are questioning whether or not the agency’s effectiveness wouldn’t be enhanced by transferring some of its responsibilities regarding the investigation of financial crimes over to the Treasury Department.

    Talking Points Memo noted that Ronald Kessler, the author of a recently released book on the Secret Service’s protection of U.S. presidents, recently said that threats against President Obama are up 400 percent from the number of threats levied against former President George W. Bush, while the size of the agency’s staff has only increased by 5.3 percent.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center says that the U.S. has seen a 35 percent rise in hate groups in recent years, and few doubt that the discontent stirred up over the election of an African-American president is fueling the rise in threats. But, could the influx of modern technology also be to blame?

    As the cost of computer technology has fallen (and accessibility to high-speed Internet service has spread), more and more people are spending more and more time online. Accordingly, these people are doing what people often do on the Internet: sending emails, communicating in chat rooms and on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, watching YouTube videos, etc. According to results of a recent study by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, these activities seem to be enhancing the scope of extremist groups’ reach:

    With over 200 million users, online bigots have to date outpaced efforts to remove them. Some sites have thousands of friends, thus enabling the message of hate to spread virally…This user-generated material increases the viral spread of extremism online and aids in increasing the social acceptability of hate in mainstream discourse. By creating an environment where users are equal participants in the Web, all editorial functions are removed and expressions of hate can easily flow unchallenged.

    In other words, extremists once confined to small sects can now congregate on the Internet anonymously and distribute propaganda to millions of people in mere seconds. People with extreme views can also now communicate direct threats to individuals quicker and more easily than they have previously, thanks to the immediacy of email and chat rooms.

    The Secret Service, presently housed under the bureaucratic umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security, was initially established in 1865 to help combat the rise in counterfeiting that took place in that era. The protection of national leaders didn’t become a full-time responsibility until William McKinley was assassinated in 1901. Congress passed a law in 1917 making any threat against the president a federal crime, and the responsibility of investigating such threats often falls upon the Secret Service. Along with protecting presidents, the agency’s role in policing financial shenanigans was expanded when the 20th century’s technological revolution led to a rise in electronic financial transactions.

    It should be noted in all of this, however, that the Secret Service has issued a response in which the agency denied any decreased capacity to carry out its missions, saying that the Boston Globe’s report was “not accurate and lacks a good deal of information.”

  29. Beck was on a roll today, he finally said the real reason for all this spending is to break the dollar so they can bring in a global govt. He said it would take ten years, thats where I think he is wrong, it is coming quicker than that.

  30. Thanks neetabug,

    I knew I read that somewhere.


    “Barack Obama has suffered the worst quarterly decline in his public approval rating of any elected president in the post-World War II era.”


    Music to my ears. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy.

  31. They have released another video, repudiating the fact that acorn says that they turned away the pimp and prostitute. They gave them an appointment to get a loan.

  32. Cheney: Obama’s Afghan War Strategy ‘Bears Striking Resemblance’ to Bush’s

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney returned fire on the Obama administration Wednesday over an allegation that the Bush White House did not ask any key questions about the war in Afghanistan, forcing Obama officials to form a strategy from scratch and leaving the war “adrift.”
    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney said Wednesday that the Bush administration had developed a new strategy on the war in Afghanistan before leaving office — a strategy that he said “bears a striking resemblance” to the one announced by President Obama in March.

    In a speech to the Center for Security Policy, Cheney said the Bush administration handed Obama’s transition team a policy review of the Afghan war conducted last fall to meet the new challenges posed by the Taliban.

    “They asked us not to announce our findings publicly, and we agreed, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt,” Cheney said in prepared remarks.

    Cheney’s comments contradicted a claim by White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel that the Obama administration had to form an Afghan war strategy from scratch because the Bush administration hadn’t asked any key questions about the war and left it “adrift.” The comments add more fuel to the ongoing war of words between the former vice president and Obama administration officials over the current administration’s national security policies, including the Justice Department’s probe into alleged abuse of terror suspects by the Bush CIA and the president’s plan to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

    Obama is currently debating whether to ramp up war at the request of his military advisers or scale back the effort and focus on going after Al Qaeda in Pakistan, as some of his political advisers are urging. Gen. Stanley McCrystal, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is reportedly seeking up to 40,000 additional troops on the ground where there are currently 68,000 U.S. soldiers.

    Cheney says Obama should listen to his military commander. “They made a decision — a good one, I think — and sent a commander into the field to implement it,” Cheney said , referring to McChrystal, who was chosen in May by Obama to lead the fight in Afghanistan. “Now they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement the strategy they embraced,” he said. “It’s time for President Obama to do what it takes to win a war he has repeatedly and rightly called a war of necessity.”

    Obama has drawn sharp criticism from conservatives who argue that the deliberations are playing into the hands of the Taliban and damaging the morale of the U.S. troops fighting there. Obama has said he will make a decision soon, possibly before Nov. 7 runoff election between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and his rival Abdullah Abdullah.

    Emanuel told CNN that the president is “asking the questions that have never been asked on the civilian side, the political side, the military side and the strategic side.” “It’s clear that basically we had a war for eight years that was going on, that’s adrift, that we’re beginning at scratch, just at the starting point…and that there’s not a security force, an army, and the types of services that are important for the Afghans to become a true partner.”

    Echoing comments made by fellow conservatives, Cheney savaged Obama for his war deliberations.

    “Having announced his Afghanistan strategy last March, President Obama now seems afraid to make a decision, and unable to provide his commander on the ground with the troops he needs to complete his mission,” he said, calling on Obama to fulfill a promise he made in August to armed forces in a speech at the VFW to give them the support and resources need to get the job done.

    “It’s time for President Obama to make good on his promise,” he said. “The White House must stop dithering while America’s armed forces are in danger.” “Make no mistake, signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries,” he added. “Waffling, while our troops on the ground face an emboldened enemy, endangers them and hurts our cause.”

  33. Senate Democrats join Republicans in rejecting Medicare ‘doc fix’

    Thirteen Senate Democrats joined Republicans in rejecting a $245 billion ‘doc fix’ to prevent cuts in payments to Medicare doctors.

    By Gail Russell Chaddock
    October 21, 2009

    Senate Democrats lost 13 of their own today on a bellwether vote to shift a $245 billion “fix” for doctors serving Medicare patients out of the larger healthcare debate. The bid to permanently repeal a formula that annually cuts payments to doctors failed 53 to 47.

    “It is unfortunate that Republicans have again chosen to put politics before the needs of the American people,” said Senate majority leader Harry Reid, in a statement after the vote.

    Republicans, including many who had in the past voted for the annual “doc fix,” which prevents cuts in payments to Medicare doctors, unanimously opposed the bill. They called the bid to take the issue outside the health reform debate into a stand-alone bill a fiscal gimmick.

    But the wake-up call was the number of Democrats who joined them – a signal that moderates will not back a healthcare plan that adds a dime to the federal deficit.

    The Medicare Physician Fairness Act is a top priority of the American Medical Association (AMA), a key partner with the Obama White House in the bid to overhaul the healthcare system.

    In a press conference on Tuesday, AMA president James Rohack denied that the bill was a quid pro quo for support for the bill. “We are focusing on trying to get this problem that predates healthcare reform resolved,” he said.

    When Congress passed the “sustainable growth rate” formula for Medicare in 1997, the aim was to give physicians treating Medicare patients an incentive to rein in costs. Instead, healthcare costs so outstripped the rate of inflation that the formula translated into accelerating cuts for physician payments, driving many in the profession out of the business of serving Medicare patients. Congress has passed a “fix” every year since 2003 to avert the cuts.

    Republicans and moderate Democrats Wednesday said they could not support a fix that cost $245 billion over 10 years without budget offsets. The Treasury announced last week that the federal budget deficit for FY 2009 was $1.4 trillion.

    Democrats splitting with the majority leader on the vote included Sens. Evan Bayh of Indiana, Robert Byrd of West Virginia, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, Russ Feingold and Herb Kohl of Wisconsin, Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Bill Nelson of Florida, Jon Tester of Montana, Mark Warner and Jim Webb of Virginia, and Ron Wyden of Oregon. Independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, who caucuses with Democrats, also voted against the bill.

    If Congress does nothing, the payment cut for FY 2010 is expected to be 21 percent. Majority leader Reid said that the Senate will address the issue again after health insurance reform.

    “Despite today’s outcome, I am determined to continue working to address the current flawed payment system. I remain hopeful we can pass a multi-year fix after health insurance reform,” he said. Reid also sent a shot across the bow of the insurance industry Wednesday by announcing plans to move to the floor an amendment to lift the insurance industry’s exemption from antitrust laws. Senate Democrats across the board were riled by the release of a report critical of the Senate Finance Committee’s version of health care reform on the eve of that committee’s Oct. 13 vote.

    Meanwhile, the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday voted 20-9 to regulate abusive practices in the insurance industry, including price fixing and market allocation. That bill – more limited in scope than what the Senate is proposing – is expected to be part of the House health reform bill.

  34. It’s time for President Obama to make good on his promise,” he said. “The White House must stop dithering while America’s armed forces are in danger.” “Make no mistake, signals of indecision out of Washington hurt our allies and embolden our adversaries,” he added. “Waffling, while our troops on the ground face an emboldened enemy, endangers them and hurts our cause.”

    You got to like Dick. He says it as he see’s it. Not going to let that fool Fuc* with him

  35. Great article! Makes me miss Media Whores Online, “the site that set out to bring the media to its knees, but found they were already there.”

    I was kinda hoping for a headline comparing Obama to Balloon Boy, the perfect metaphor for his fraudulent, flimsy, full-of-hot-air self. 🙂

  36. Stupid Fuc*’s…everyone knows the best doc’s are Jewish!!!!!!

    US Org. Hosts Cancer Meet, Israelis not Welcome

    by Maayana Miskin

    ( A United States-based organization’s conference on breast cancer awareness, to be hosted in Egypt, has been touted by international news networks as an example of “unprecedented cooperation” in the region. However, according to Channel 2 news, the celebration of unity may be premature, as Israeli doctors were told at the last minute that their invitations to participate had been rescinded.

    The conference will be held in Alexandria, Egypt this week, under the auspices of the American group Susan G. Komen for the Cure – the world’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization. It is to include meetings between leading researchers from the U.S. and several Mideast countries.

    Israeli doctors were invited to the event as well, and several had planned to attend. However, on Sunday night, the doctors received brief notices telling them that they were no longer invited to the conference, by order of Egyptian Health Minister Hatem el-Gabali.

    The notices did not include an explanation of Gabali’s decision.

    Despite the cancellation of the Israeli presence at the event, Egyptian officials continued to praise the event as an example of regional cooperation. “The week’s events are a demonstration of the cooperation between countries, governments, civil society, advocates, survivors, and the global community as a whole,” Dr. Mohammed Shaalan of Egypt’s Breast Cancer Foundation told Reuters on Monday. “It shows that breast cancer has no boundaries and reveals the beauty of the world’s unity in its fight against breast cancer.”

  37. I really liked that Richard Cohen in the last thread, BTW. The deification of Obama is so overboard it’s scary.

    Hey valleyboy, I remember Media Whore Online, too, lol.

  38. I could have written this myself

    Silence of the Lambs

    By Robin of Berkeley

    Growing up, I was expected to be quiet. Silence is necessary to maintain secrets.

    Parents drinking? Keep your mouth shut. White kids targeted at school?

    Don’t tell or you’ll be sorry.

    When you have no words to describe your world and no one wants to hear about it anyway, a part of you goes mute. But this doesn’t mean you stop observing and sensing.

    When my mother flew into rages, I knew something was wrong. When my parents were rarely home, I sensed that this wasn’t normal.

    Being robbed of language is a state of isolation, of suspended animation. It’s like that bad dream where you try to scream but can’t. It’s the ultimate disempowerment.

    Recently I wrote a couple of articles for American Thinker which included strong words like evil and trauma.

    Another AT writer creamed me for using extreme language. I understand her concern about conservatives sounding irrational.

    At the same time, someone needs to holler, “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” when they’re in your line of vision.

    Uttering words is risky. They can backfire, get you in trouble. They can make you look foolish.

    But there is more of a risk, I think, in stifling yourself. Words have the power to wake people up. Silence can lull them to sleep.

    Silence legitimizes abnormal behavior, makes it appear normal and acceptable. People become desensitized, numb.

    First there’s one advisor to Obama linked to Communism. The MSM doesn’t say a word. Then there are three or five or ten or God knows how many.

    If The New Black Panthers bring billy clubs to polling sites and get away with it, that’s the new normal. The next thing we know, a union thug bites off a finger at a Town Hall.

    If Hillary and Sarah are vilified and enough people don’t speak out, then everyone, from Rush to us, becomes fair game.

    One of the reasons I became a psychotherapist is because I know the damage done to a person when he’s robbed of words.

    And I know how people can reawaken when they discover their voices.

    When a woman can finally speak of a rape, or a man of his grief, life unfreezes; it becomes fluid and alive. There’s power in reciting our stories.

    Another reason I was drawn to therapy: because I’ve lived my life as a Paul Revere type. I try to warn people, guard them, to do for others what wasn’t done for me.

    The problem is that people can kill the messenger. I’ve had to deal with a fair amount of judgment and scorn.

    For instance, a friend called me “mean,” when I said that her new brother-in-law was bad news. But that same friend came to me in tears when the man targeted her.

    I am not always right; I’m not psychic. I just pay close attention, and report what I see.

    And this is what I see: the Progressives Are Coming, the Progressives Are Coming.

    You may be just learning about progressivism. Even the astute Glenn Beck admitted he knew nothing a year ago about the progressive left. What he’s found out has chilled him to the bone.

    Up until early last year, I was a progressive. There are no liberals in Berkeley.

    We might arrive here a liberal, but after steeping in leftism, we either leave or buy into the program.

    Progressivism is not just a political persuasion. It is a cult, with deep roots in violent movements: Communism, the Black Panthers, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the Weatherman.

    These groups had an artillery of weapons. Their enemy, within: capitalism, white imperialism.

    Take Van Jones, for instance. He was jailed for his participation in the Rodney King riots; believed 9/11 was an inside job; and wanted to use his Green Czar gig for revolution. Jones calls himself a Communist, and won’t use the “American” in “African American.”

    Part of the extreme fringe of progressivism? Progressivism is an extreme fringe.

    Liberals want a kinder, gentler version of the American Dream. Leftists want to slash and burn it.

    Leftists are liberals on steroids.

    This is why many progressives will sacrifice their children to unsafe schools even if their kid gets a black eye. And why they’ll support policies to let their granny die.

    This is why they allow the streets of Berkeley and San Francisco to become a filthy netherworld where law abiding citizens are preyed upon, including themselves.

    Because comrades-in-arms must make sacrifices for the cause.

    Most progressives are sheep-like, and just follow the leader. But many of the leaders are certifiable crazies. Mad Men.

    Or sane, but noxious human beings. They shed tears about an endangered snail while treating people like crap.

    Here are some recent sightings of Berkeley bumper stickers: “I’d Rather Be Smashing Imperialism,” “U.S. Out of Israel,” “Free Palestine.” And this brand new chilling one: “Under New Management” (With a blood red image of the United States).

    Just crazy, leftist Berkeley, right? Yes — up until 8 months ago.

    So, when are we allowed to speak out loud?

    How many radicals must preach to Obama, write books for him, advise him; how many brother to brother handshakes and hugs and bows must we witness before we get to ask: Is Obama one of us or one of them?

    How many thugs need to rule at Town Halls; how many churches torched and fingers maimed; how many Talk Radio hosts demonized; before we can state the obvious: these people are soulless.

    Call me names: Hysterical. Paranoid. A Fear monger. Racist. It doesn’t really matter.

    Because truth is not our own. It doesn’t belong to any of us. It doesn’t change with the political wind.

    Truth is not here one day and gone the next. It will survive when we are long gone.

    We speak, not for ourselves, but to strengthen and carry each other.

    We speak for the children, born or still a dream.

    We speak in a roar or a whisper; to the world or just to ourselves.

    Because we have to. Because what the Left fears the most is the truth. Like a vampire, their downfall is the Light of day.

    In Obama’s America, speaking the truth is a revolutionary act. It is our greatest weapon, more powerful than an arsenal.

    Because truth is like a genie. Once released from the bottle, it takes on a life of its own. And it gathers force and strength and ferocity until it changes everything and everyone that it touches.

    “If you asked me what I came in this world to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.”-Emile Zola

    A frequent AT contributor, Robin is a recovering liberal and a psychotherapist in Berkeley.

  39. From BP

    No wonder the WH is targeting FOX.

    Cable News Ratings for Monday, October 19, 2009

    P2+ Total Day
    FNC – 1,302,000 viewers
    CNN – 462,000 viewers
    MSNBC –386,000 viewers
    CNBC – 222,000 viewers
    HLN –306,000 viewers

    P2+ Prime Time
    FNC – 2,511,000viewers
    CNN— 620,000 viewers
    MSNBC –810,000 viewers
    CNBC – a scratch w/ 117,000 viewers
    HLN – 523,000 viewers

    5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
    Glenn Beck – 2,614,000 viewers (765,000) (1,268,000)
    Situation Room—696,000 viewers (167,000) (280,000)
    Hardball w/ Chris Matthews—459,000 viewers (135,000) (223,000)
    Fast Money—324,000 viewers (115,000) (183,000)
    Prime News–228,000 viewers (92,000) (127,000)

  40. US Org. Hosts Cancer Meet, Israelis not Welcome

    by Maayana Miskin
    Follow Israel news on and .

    ( A United States-based organization’s conference on breast cancer awareness, to be hosted in Egypt, has been touted by international news networks as an example of “unprecedented cooperation” in the region. However, according to Channel 2 news, the celebration of unity may be premature, as Israeli doctors were told at the last minute that their invitations to participate had been rescinded.

    The conference will be held in Alexandria, Egypt this week, under the auspices of the American group Susan G. Komen for the Cure – the world’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization. It is to include meetings between leading researchers from the U.S. and several Mideast countries.

    Israeli doctors were invited to the event as well, and several had planned to attend. However, on Sunday night, the doctors received brief notices telling them that they were no longer invited to the conference, by order of Egyptian Health Minister Hatem el-Gabali.

    The notices did not include an explanation of Gabali’s decision.

    Despite the cancellation of the Israeli presence at the event, Egyptian officials continued to praise the event as an example of regional cooperation. “The week’s events are a demonstration of the cooperation between countries, governments, civil society, advocates, survivors, and the global community as a whole,” Dr. Mohammed Shaalan of Egypt’s Breast Cancer Foundation told Reuters on Monday. “It shows that breast cancer has no boundaries and reveals the beauty of the world’s unity in its fight against breast cancer.”

  41. More and more the Israelis are being shunned by Arab faschist nations. I hope this all ends up biting them in the face.

  42. If any other civilized nation denied a group of doctors from attending because of their religion/nationality it would be called out as racism ..yet, when it is done to Israeli (i.e Jewish doctors) no one, not even the US, says a word. It is truly a perverse and sick world we live in that seems fixated in it’s hatred of Jews and Israel. Obama has made it much easier given his Cairo shake down of Israel. Egypt is a dictatorship, plain and simple. Murbarak a thug with none of the honor or courage Sadat had( at least Sadat was a realist and realized Israel was there to stay). I hope Hillary or someone from this administration says something, but I doubt it. The event ashould be boycotted by all doctors with any conscience.

  43. Confloyd, I always miss Wbboei’s comments, too. I think he may have had a post here a time or two in the past couple of days.

  44. jbstonesfan, It downright horrible what is happening to the Israeli’s and it seems no one cares. I can’t imagine what they are thinking, letting this kind of antisemitism to take place while calling out every that doesn’t agree with them racism. Hypocracy at its highest!

  45. But I think Fox could have been MORE fair to Hillary by talking about the caucus cheating (people emailed them evidence), the superdelegate arm-twisting, and the RBC stealing of Hillary’s delegates. I appreciate that they are willing to tell the truth about BO, but they won’t tell enough of the truth if it might put a positive light on Hillary.

  46. Bill O was making fun of Hillary’s laugh “cackle” tonight and saying he did not believe Hillary’s BODY LANGUAGE when she told Ann Curry that she was not going to run for president…even had a supposed body language expert on to “read” Hillary when she made her comment.

    Bill O brags he is so fair to BO and he does take up for him a great deal. Seldom, if ever, does Bill O say anything positive about Hillary or if he does he immediately follows it up with a put down. She must threaten the wham out of the inflated wind bag.

  47. saying he did not believe Hillary’s BODY LANGUAGE when she told Ann Curry that she was not going to run for president…even had a supposed body language expert on to “read” Hillary when she made her comment.


    I just hope he’s right!

  48. Lorac, your observations about Fox are correct. That’s why we say “To Hell With All Of Them” – Fox, CNN, NYT, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

  49. turndownobama, O’Riley has a problem with Hillary’s testicular fortitude, it imasculates his. LOL!! He is one of those of the “boys club”. Smart women scare him.

  50. Turndown, As I am reading the Clinton Tapes, I am hearing that Pope John Paul II thought a great deal of Hillary. She apparently won him over with her speech in China. Some men have the ability to see her for the great Stateswomen she is, and not just by her gender.

  51. confloyd,

    I think Hillary and Palin both scare a lot of people — including a lot of women!

    It would be hard for some women to live up to the standard they set.

  52. admin Says:

    October 22nd, 2009 at 1:35 am
    Lorac, your observations about Fox are correct. That’s why we say “To Hell With All Of Them” – Fox, CNN, NYT, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

    I don’t waste my time watching any of them period.

    They are all a bunch of ——–

  53. Secretary Clinton to Travel to Morocco

    Ian Kelly
    Department SpokesmanWashington, DC
    October 21, 2009

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will travel to Marrakesh, Morocco from November 2-3, 2009 to participate in the 6th Forum for the Future.

    The Forum for the Future is a joint initiative of the countries of the Broader Middle East and North Africa region (BMENA) and the industrialized countries of the Group of Eight (G8). It is a unique partnership between governments of the region, the G8, civil society representatives and private sector leaders to discuss and exchange ideas on how to best work together to support progress and expand opportunities for the people of the region.

    The Kingdom of Morocco and the United States were the co-hosts of the first Forum for the Future, which took place in Rabat in 2004.

  54. Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Israel rebuffs Obama demand to surrender before negotiations

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected a demand by US President Barack Obama that he commit to a major expulsion of Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria prior to a renewal of peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

    According to Israeli media reports on Wednesday, Obama wanted to organize a major peace summit one month from now based on such an Israeli commitment. Even before the sides had a chance to sit down at the negotiating table, Israel was to surrender to all Arab demands to allow the creation of a Palestinian Arab state on every inch of land they claim.

    A report in an Arabic-language newspaper indicated that the Palestinian Authority had informed Obama the peace process would not move forward until Israel was strong-armed into accepting those conditions.

    At the same time, visiting US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice told Netanyahu that the White House expects more than just “lip service” from Israel regarding restarting the peace process.

    Netanyahu has repeatedly stated his willingness to immediately restart talks with the Palestinians. He has issued only one precondition of his own, that the Palestinians finally honor their previous peace commitment to recognize Israel as the national home of the Jews.

  55. Rasmussen Pres. trkg remains at minus 13 and Rasmussen Reports will be releasing new data on the health care issue at 10:30 a.m. Eastern today. Premium Members can get an advance look at the data. Currently, just 42% support the health care plan proposed by the President and Congressional Democrats. Fifty-four percent (54%) are opposed. Just 31% of voters believe that Congress has a good understanding of the health care proposal.

    www dot

  56. Here we go again. Little men with little minds feeling threatened by women with brilliant minds aka The Honorable Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton…

    Secretary Kerry? Senator Assures Afghan Mission Conducted Under Clinton’s Guidance

    Sen. John Kerry, back from a diplomatic mission to Afghanistan, is brushing off any suggestion that he’s positioning for a promotion or stepping on the real secretary of state’s toes.
    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    When White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs goofed and referred to “Secretary Kerry” on Wednesday, it seemed like one heck of a Freudian slip.

    But Sen. John Kerry, the Massachusetts Democrat and former presidential candidate — fresh back from a successful diplomatic mission to Afghanistan — is brushing off any suggestion that he’s positioning for a promotion or stepping on the real secretary of state’s toes. “I did not take steps in any freelancing way. I was in touch with Secretary Clinton constantly,” Kerry told reporters Wednesday. “She encouraged me to stay at it, and I think we worked as an effective team.”

    Kerry had a private meeting with President Obama Wednesday, after having helped persuade Afghan President Hamid Karzai to agree to a runoff election in his country. The White House has expressed its deep appreciation for his role in seeking some political resolution to the contested election.

    But Kerry has made sure to highlight that he had the full support of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Amb. Richard Holbrooke. Kerry said it was just a matter of circumstance, and that his years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee enabled him to help the Obama White House. “It was frankly lucky that I planned a fact-finding mission,” Kerry said.

    Gibbs said Kerry was instrumental in the negotiations because he happened to be in the region at the time.

    It’s hardly the first time an official outside the administration has played a key diplomatic role on the world stage. Over the summer, former President Bill Clinton traveled to North Korea to negotiate the release of two imprisoned Americans; Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., flew to Myanmar, also known as Burma, to bargain for the release of another American; and envoys from North Korea traveled to the United States for talks with New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

    In Afghanistan, the August election is unresolved due to a number of issues — primarily because neither of the two frontrunners won more than 50 percent of the vote to avoid a runoff. Claims of fraudulent ballots caused Karzai’s percentage to drop below the 50 percent he claimed to have won.

    At the same time, Obama is currently deciding on a course of military action in the country. Despite charges that the president is taking too long to decide whether to grant Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s request for 40,000 more troops, Kerry said the president is moving at the right pace.

    “What I learned in Afghanistan and Pakistan is that the president is absolutely correct to take this time to let events unfold,” Kerry said. “I personally don’t believe strategy is defined merely by numbers of troops — strategy is focused on our ability to have Afghans defend themselves.”

    In diplomatic fashion, Kerry assured those in Kabul that the United States has no interest in “calling the shots” in Afghanistan.

  57. Personally, I think that if bambi wants to enact Nixon/McCarthy Part II, then I say go for it. He will go down in history as the despot loser he really is. And it seems to me as if the WH is simply using this as a distraction for all their errors of judgement and dismal polling numbers
    Obama’s War on Limbaugh and Fox Will Backfire With Voters
    October 22, 2009 09:51 AM ET | Doug Heye | Permanent Link | Print
    By Doug Heye, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

    The president has learned it’s easier to burn bridges than build them. And despite having been elected in part to unify all Americans and put an end to partisan division, the administration is intent on lighting as many fires as it can. In doing so, Obama is essentially creating a liberal version of Richard Nixon’s “Enemies List.”

    We knew the White House would consider Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly as enemies. Taking on an entire cable news outlet (and its viewers), insurance companies, and the United States Chamber of Commerce, however—and to launch these attacks proactively—is another, riskier matter. As a Politico story headlined “Obama Strategy: Marginalize Critics” notes, “Obama’s most important advisers miss few opportunities for public and highly partisan shots at his most influential critics.”

    Which is why we’re told later in the story, regarding Obama administration attacks on Fox News, “The White House has cooperated gladly with stories explaining why it is on the warpath with the network.” It’s an interesting use of the word “gladly.” It lets the reader know that not only does the White House want these attacks, but it wants to make certain you know, too, that the Fox News Channel is Public Enemy #1.

    Analyzing how the White House has created straw-man enemies, Michael Barone goes further. To critics, Barone wrote in yesterday’s Washington Examiner, Obama “has responded with classic Chicago brass knuckles. We’ll see how far this kind of thuggery gets him.”

    As unemployment and deficits rise, legislative priorities languish, and the stimulus money doesn’t, er, stimulate the economy, the White House not only needs other topics to distract voters, it needs scapegoats. And it’s easiest just to blame someone else. “Why, Barack Obama is the great unifier, nothing can be his fault! Obama inherited all of this! It must be Rush’s fault! Republicans are to blame! No, wait, the Chamber of Commerce did it! No, Fox News, too! Did you see what Sean Hannity said last night?”

    Blaming others, especially the media, rarely works. At campaign rallies in 1992, President George H.W. Bush prominently held up bumperstickers that read “Annoy the media—re-elect Bush.” It didn’t work. Annoying the media may be a worthwhile by-product of Republican efforts, but it’s not a message that conveys anything—especially to Independents and dissatisfied voters. Nor did anyone in the 1990s who called CNN the “Clinton News Network” change the mind of a single voter.

    Similarly, as we begin to look to the 2010 mid-term elections, voters want real answers and real solutions from the man we elected to change how Washington does business. And, these bullying tactics are becoming a narrative that threatens a critical part of Obama’s appeal: likeability and sincerity.

    The White House should ask itself: “If I’m an independent voter unhappy with Obama’s performance so far, am I more likely to blame a news network, TV and radio hosts, a business trade association, or the president himself?” Then act accordingly.

  58. snip
    Obama: “We’ve got people who are engaging even if they don’t want to engage,” he said, “because they are realizing it’s not a matter of what, it’s a matter of when.”

    abcnews dot

    ….. it’s not a matter of what, it’s a matter of when.


  59. On one of the AOL banner headlines, the one of Obama’s numbers take a hit, they are quoting from Candy Crowley. This information stuck out:
    And two-thirds of Americans say he has the personal qualities a president should have.
    “It’s awfully early yet, but this president might be shaping up to be a little like Ronald Reagan, where people actually didn’t often agree with Ronald Reagan’s ideas, but they loved the guy,” said Paul Begala, a Democratic strategist and CNN contributor

    Exactly what personal qualities are those? and at least Ronald Reagon knew when to be tough, at least in the first 4 years. The second 4 some feel he was already suffering from his illness.

    I found this spin on bad numbers, but we love this guy, and he is just like Ronald Reagon hard to swallow.


    H stuff no ws.

  61. NMS,

    LMAO! Sure, it doesn’t matter if he destroys Americans and the U.S.A. Hey we like him anyway……….NOT!

  62. Clinton Boosts Kerry on Afghan Mission

    Old rivals appear to forge durable alliance

    (Newser) – Hillary Clinton was instrumental in convincing Afghan President Hamid Karzai to accept a runoff election—but it was what she didn’t do that mattered most. She didn’t interfere with erstwhile rival John Kerry’s mission. In fact, sources say, Clinton facilitated the meeting between Kerry and Karzai and then stepped away. “We had a terrific working relationship,” Kerry tells Politico. “I reached out to her, she gave me her confidence, she was completely supportive.”

    Kerry says the opportunity sort of fell into his lap. “We have an immense amount at stake in Afghanistan, and I felt ‘when you see a moment, move.’” The Kerry-Clinton alliance, unimaginable when the two were both up for secretary of state, appears durable. “If you have those hang-ups, don’t leave them hanging,” says Kerry, now ensconced as chair of the foreign relations committee. As for Clinton, “she has her unique network of relationships,” an official says. “Kerry was very helpful.”

  63. JanH

    Knowing how to use or work with people, even is you don’t like them much. Yes, that is what a leader is.

  64. Here’s another story about Kerry saving the day in Afganistan, but what I found interesting is that Gibbsand Gergen slipped up and called him Secretary Kerry. hmm, hmmm Its hard to imagine both could make this slip up!!

    WASHINGTON – He’s not president, a Cabinet member or ambassador, but Sen. John Kerry has ascended to the unofficial role of President Barack Obama’s global adviser on key issues that could reshape the nation’s image around the world.

    Mediating Afghanistan’s presidential election vaulted Kerry from the already prominent chairmanship of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee into the most exclusive circle around a new president who is juggling but has not resolved a variety of domestic and foreign policy matters. Beyond policy, Kerry knows how Washington works.

    Kerry and Obama also share a political pedigree. Both were mentored by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who died in August.

    “Obviously, Sen. Kerry is somebody who has a broad range of experience and an in-depth knowledge of issues, ranging form energy and climate change to health care to foreign policy,” said White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. “I think it’s that experience and insight that (Obama) certainly greatly values.”

    That cannot be overstated. Obama made his debut on the national stage at the 2004 presidential convention at which Democrats nominated Kerry to challenge George W. Bush’s bid for a second term. Obama’s speech electrified the party and the convention. It was the first time many Americans had heard of the young Illinois state senator.

    “I’m here because of you,” Obama wrote Kerry on the January day he was sworn in as the nation’s first black president. The note is framed and hangs on Kerry’s Senate office wall.

    And now, Obama is leaning on Kerry to help shape his foreign policy. The two men met at the White House on Wednesday just hours after Kerry returned from Afghanistan, where he played a crucial role in persuading President Hamid Karzai to accept a runoff vote after a fraud-plagued presidential election.

    “I really tried to be the utility, you know, hitter or fielder at the time,” the 65-year-old senator, his voice hoarse and hip sore after an overnight flight home, said Wednesday in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press in his Senate office.

    The meetings with Karzai, he said, were intensely emotional and played out over “a lot of days, a lot of evenings, a lot of meals, a lot of tea.”

    Karzai, Kerry said, felt deeply that he had won the election and that he was being insulted for trying to have a democratic process. Kerry could relate.

    “Do I understand the day after an election where you think you’ve won, or you have votes that weren’t counted or something? Been there, done that,” Kerry said. He talked to Karzai about his own loss to George W. Bush in 2004 and about the 2000 election, in which the Supreme Court called the contested election for Bush.

    “It helped him see that … every country’s gone through its difficult races,” Kerry said.

    Kerry’s plane touched down at home around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. By lunchtime, he was advising Obama at the White House. Kerry says he advised the president to know the outcome of the Afghan elections before sending more troops there.

    “I mean, who’s your defense minister?” Kerry said. “Do you have a good defense minister who’s going to help coordinate the Afghan forces with your troops or do you have a political appointee who doesn’t know anything about what he’s doing? These things matter.”

    Kerry declined to say whether or when Obama should send more troops and said he’d elaborate on that point Friday during a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

    Kerry brushed off a questions about how it felt to be the de facto secretary of state, saying he and the woman who holds that position worked together as a team the whole time. Hillary Rodham Clinton talked to Karzai by phone while Kerry spent face time with him.

    Still, observers said, Kerry’s role as a presidential adviser on so many major domestic and foreign policy issues is unusual. Earlier this year, for example, Kerry helped reopen talks with Syria in a meeting in Damascus for President Basher Assad. He’ll lead a delegation to Copenhagen in December for climate talks and sponsored the Senate bill to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050. Then there’s his hefty role on Obama’s top legislative priority — rewriting the nation’s health care policy.

    David Gergen, director of the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard University, said traditionally the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee “stays at home and goes quietly on fact-finding missions.

    “It’s extremely rare that any president calls on an individual outside the executive branch to do as much representative work and diplomacy as Sen. Kerry,” said Gergen, who served as an adviser to four presidents.

    If Clinton leaves her position during the Obama administration, Gergen added, Kerry “would be on everyone’s short list and probably right at the top of it as a potential successor.”

    So would Kerry be interested if Clinton leaves the post while Obama is still in office? Fatigue and three rounds of questions did not knock Kerry off his answer, three times, that he’s “very happy” as a committee chairman in a Democratic-run Congress under a Democratic president “that I worked very hard to help get into office.”

    If he ever had any doubts about his Senate role, an old mentor may have set them aside. Aboard the Mya, Kennedy’s sailboat, in August 2008, the stricken older senator noted that Kerry stands at the same point in his career as Kennedy, when he bowed out of the 1980 presidential race and returned to the Senate.

    According to a Senate official with knowledge of the conversation, Kennedy told Kerry that he has decades of Senate service ahead of him if he wants it, and that without presidential ambition, no one can question Kerry’s motives.

    Still, Kerry has his hands in so many international issues that it’s easy for some to forget that he’s not part of the Obama administration.

    Earlier Wednesday, Gibbs slipped during an off-camera briefing and called Kerry, “Secretary Kerry.” Gergen did the same thing during a telephone interview.

    “I’m famous for making one or two slips in my public life,” Kerry said with a weary smile. “So I wouldn’t take that too seriously.”


  65. Any of you doubting bloggers can take heart and be assured that Hillary is hard at work and only mentions
    the messiah when she must as the SoS is required to do.If all goes well,look for her to be the next CIC.
    Just read this and be enhearted.

    Press Releases: Remarks at the Pathways to Prosperity Women Entrepreneurs Conference
    Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:00:34 -0500

    Remarks at the Pathways to Prosperity Women Entrepreneurs Conference

    Hillary Rodham Clinton
    Secretary of State
    Washington, DC

    October 9, 2009


    SECRETARY CLINTON: (In progress.) – this conference for women entrepreneurs, to bring you all together and not only to have you meet one another, but also to meet people here in the State Department, because we want to promote more social inclusion, justice, and shared prosperity. So we have, I believe, more than 80 women from 14 countries in our hemisphere. And I am very honored and proud to see all of you. I want to thank everyone who is on our team in the State Department for the hard work making this happen. And I want to thank our envoys, the four of them, raising their hands indeed. (Applause.)

    Part of what we are trying to do here in the State Department with all of you is to make the case that empowering women is a key to progress and prosperity and peace. Bringing together the mentors and the entrepreneurs is one way of creating even more support for all of you in business to be able to spread the benefits of women taking leadership roles. I’ve heard about some of the work that you are doing in your own lives, and I am very touched by the courage and the commitment that so many of you have already shown.

    I really believe that we need women’s voices to become more prominent in all of the debates throughout the world. We are not all the same with all of the same dreams and experiences, but I do believe that we have a shared vision of what our world should be. And I am very committed to working throughout our hemisphere to create better understanding and closer cooperation.

    So I look forward to hearing even more stories from all of you and about you. And we stand ready to provide this Pathway to Prosperity. I think it is a great start from all that I have heard about this conference, and I can’t wait to see what more we can do together. So leave here knowing that you have not only friends, but partners in creating a better future, and think of ways that each of us can reach out to others who can benefit from our own mentoring and our own support.

    What can I say except you are a sight that I absolutely love seeing? (Applause.)


  66. Boehner Statement on the White House & Democrats’ ‘Chicago-Style Politics’

    GOP Leader on the Democrats’ familiar pattern: “When you can’t win an argument based on the facts, launch vicious political attacks.”

    WASHINGTON, Oct. 22 /Standard Newswire/ — At his weekly press briefing today, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) addressed the White House and congressional Democrats’ efforts to demonize their political opponents because they are losing the debate over public policy:

    “The White House and congressional Democrats know that their liberal special-interest agenda is not very popular. And now they are following a familiar pattern: when you can’t win an argument based on the facts, launch vicious political attacks. This Chicago-style politics is shutting the American people out and demonizing their opponents.

    “They are writing the health care bill in secret, even though the President called for all of this to be out on an open table and have C-SPAN cameras in the room. Instead, Democrats are targeting those who don’t fall immediately in line — the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, doctors, Fox News. The Administration promised during the campaign that they were going to usher in an era of ‘post-partisanship’ in here in Washington, but what they are doing is flat-out despicable.”

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