Hillary Clinton Laughs; Barack Obama To Nutroots, DailyKooks, And Gays: Drop Dead

Hillary Clinton has been a laugh riot recently. Not only did Hillary make a surprise video appearance on Jeopardy (“Hillary Clinton” was a category and she read the clues), Hillary also recently appeared on The Tonight Show to “mediate” the dispute between host Conan O’Brian and the Newark mayor.

Today, Hillary provided some laughs again. While decrying presidential ambitions Hillary answered interviewer Ann Curry with a Mona Lisa smile that should worry B.O. and M.O., again. But it was in answering questions about Obama’s undeserved, gifted, Nobel prize and whether she herself is relevant that Hillary set us all, um, cackling.

After mouthing platitudes about the Nobel prize, Hillary defended her deft both keep-in-the-public-eye and her smart stay-behind-the-scenes-don’t-get-associated-with-the-myriad-Obama-messes this way: ““I believe in delegating power. I’m not one of those people who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on the TV every moment of the day. It would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, ‘Oh no, everything must come to me!’”

The Three Musketeers never displayed such panache! With one flick of her rhetorical foil, Hillary gutted the Obama fish, filleted him, and flung him on the grill, to be devoured.

Hillary then garnished the unsavory Obama dead fish with this spice: “Maybe this is a woman’s thing. Maybe I’m totally secure in that I feel absolutely no need to go running around in order for people to see what I’m doing. It’s just the way I am.”

At some point Hillary will retire, but now, Hillary is anything but retiring. The “girl” is having fun – at boob Obama’s expense AND while keeping up a backbreaking schedule of work, work, work.

* * * * *

As Hillary Clinton continues to Save The World, yet simultaneously not get tarred with the multiplying Mess-iah Obama messes – Obama is busy slapping some fools of his own.

The Nutroots, the DailyKooks, all the boys from Big Blogs who love to fluff themselves with delusions of power, went flaccid this morning, again. It turns out the amorous affectations these flaccid pencil boys wear to display their love of Mess-iah is for naught. It is a love in vain.

Oh yes, it’s a love in vain. Obama does not love the Nutroots, the DailyKooks, nor “The Gays”. Pardon us while we wipe away the tears of laughter.

The tears in vain:

HOLT: But in general when yo look at the left as a whole, have there been conversations about some things they thought would have been done but haven’t?

HARWOOD: Sure but If you look at the polling, Barack Obama is doing well with 90% or more of Democrats so the White House views this opposition as really part of the “internet left fringe” Lester. And for a sign of how seriously the White House does or doesn’t take this opposition, one adviser told me today those bloggers need to take off their pajamas, get dressed and realize that governing a closely divided country is complicated and difficult.

Don’t forget to send in your checks to Obama and his Dimocrats “internet left fringe” before you take off your pajamas. Send in the money and your “mmm, mmm, mmm, Barack Hussein Obama” checks to your (well documented) oppressors and exploiters Gay Americans.

Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

The Big Blog boys in their “Hulk” pajamas, will weep tonight. The Big Blog pajama boys will moan into their “Spiderman” pillow covers and cry all night. “You don’t have to say you love me” they will moan to Obama, as Obama walks out the door to smooch and dance with his Evangelical, gay-bashing friends.


114 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Laughs; Barack Obama To Nutroots, DailyKooks, And Gays: Drop Dead

  1. Bravo Hill!

    ‘I’m not one of those people who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on the TV every moment of the day.’

    Sounds like a variation on McCain’s “He’s the biggest celebratory in the world” theme.

  2. confloyd Says:

    October 11th, 2009 at 4:23 pm
    I still say Daddy Soros bought that prize for Obama, because Soros needed to get the Olympics for Brazil. This was a peace offering. I find it unusual that Soros was in Copenhagen on Saturday. I bet Soros personally knows each and every person sitting on the selection committee.

    Soros also remembers how much each one of the cost: “$50,000, $75,000, $30,000 (what a bargain), $100,000 (tough negotiator), $40,000. It’s nice to have a hobby collecting things.”

  3. Thanks admin for making a post so quickly on this article.

    My heart nearly stopped when I read the article where Hillary said to CNN, (in their own words) ‘No’, three times, of weather she would run again or not. Interesting that they didn’t put in quotation the part where she supposedly said no. But just wrote that she said it, but put in quotation marks when she just brushed it aside… Much less of a firm statement then to quote the actual no, three times.

    Who knows if she actually said no three times, but you did calm me down with your take on it admin.
    I also did think she was giving an elbow to the bOzo with her comment! Loved it!

    I just wish I could be as calm as you seem, with regards to her just having fun now, and waiting for her moment. God I hope she is a shrewd as the republicans keep saying she is. That’s sort of what I love about her! 😉

  4. Admin,

    Brilliantly pieced together!


    Dedicated to bambi:


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    Late-Night Comedians Turning on Obama
    By Douglas J. Rowe
    Sun Oct 11, 11:49 AM PDT

    “That’s pretty amazing, winning the Nobel Peace Prize,” Jay Leno said Friday night of President Barack Obama’s latest accolade. “Ironically, his biggest accomplishment as president so far … winning the Nobel Peace Prize.”

    That joke may be indicative of the TV comedy world sharpening its arrows a bit more when the current occupant of the White House is the target, The New York Times reports.

    President Barack Obama Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

    The Times quotes Bob Lichter, who has tracked themes in late-night humor for 21 years, as saying “it will be telling to see how the comedians treat” the president’s winning the peace prize: Is there now a caricature taking hold of a man more celebrated than accomplished?

    Lichter, of George Mason University’s Center for Media and Public Affairs, said it was too soon to tell whether the Oct. 3 Saturday Night Live skit suggesting that Obama has accomplished nothing is a “harbinger” or not. “The danger is that Mr. Obama is going to be defined by inaction and not living up to expectations,” he said.

    SNL skit: Obama has done nothing

    SNL this weekend joined in the jokes about Obama not deserving the prize just yet, suggesting that honors like People’s Sexiest Man designation may soon go to children.

    Last week Jon Stewart continued with the “done nothing” theme on The Daily Show, chiding Obama for not yet getting around to reversing the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy about gays. He cited Obama’s “full plate” of business.

    Stewart then acted apoplectic, displaying his exasperation. “All that stuff you’ve been putting on your plate?” he said. “It’s [expletive] chow time, brother. That’s how you get things off your plate.”

    Ric Keller, a former Republican congressman from Florida who once wrote jokes for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, told the Times: “There have been some clear shots coming across the bow from the comic left.”

    But Jeff Nussbaum, a Democratic speech and joke writer, disagreed that late-night comedy is a leading indicator of the zeitgeist. “To use an economic term, it is more of a lagging indicator,” he said.

    Those old enough to remember Watergate might recall that it took Johnny Carson awhile to start making jokes about President Richard Nixon and his connection to the break-in. But once the Tonight show host did, it felt like the beginning of the end for the U.S. leader who eventually resigned.

  6. Gorto, Hillary knows the language to use if she was not going to run for president. The language comes from General William Tecumseh Sherman. The language is: “If nominated, I will not accept; if drafted, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.”

    Sherman was great with quotable material (unlike B.O.) http://thinkexist.com/quotation/if_nominated-i_will_not_run-if_elected-i_will_not/206537.html

    Politco’s Ben Smith either does not know simple history or wants to help escort Hillary off the political stage prematurely. Smith described Hillary’s “no” with a smile, as “Shermanesque”. http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/1009/Clinton_Shermanesque.html?showall

    Hillary’s wan “no”, was nowhere near “Shermanesque”.

  7. “In the two previous administrations, the U.S. had accepted that in any reasonable peace agreement these four blocs would remain under Israeli control, and that some Israeli land would be transferred to the new Palestinian state. This was the assumption in the parameters that President Clinton proposed to Ehud Barak and Yasser Arafat in January 2001.

    “The Obama administration, on the other hand, seems quite opposed to any such small land adjustments. The president said on Sept. 23 at the U.N. that “America does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements” and that our goal was to end “the occupation that began in 1967.”



    This article is brilliant. What is obama’s beef with the Israelis exactly? Oh I know, he loves him some terrorists.

  8. ACORN calls on Obama to spend more time meeting Katrina victims

    By Jordan Fabian – 10/12/09

    The embattled community group ACORN this weekend called on President Barack Obama to spend more time meeting Lower Ninth Ward residents during his visit to New Orleans this Thursday.

    ACORN joins a chorus of Louisiana lawmakers who have criticized Obama’s itinerary for his planned visit; most say the president has spent enough time touring damaged areas during his five post-Hurricane Katrina visits and would rather him talk to people face-to-face.

    The Lower Ninth Ward was one of the hardest hit areas during the 2005 storm, which killed over 1,800 people. Obama is planning to tour a charter school in the Lower Ninth Ward. His town hall event will be held at the University of New Orleans, which is several miles north of the neighborhood.

    “Here, we want to talk, we want you to listen, and then we want to hear what you think,” ACORN leader Vanessa Gueringer said on Saturday, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “And you need to take time for that type of conversation with people from this neighborhood and others like it.”

    ACORN has come under fire for alleged voter registration fraud during the 2008 elections. The scrutiny surrounding the group was magnified recently when ACORN officials in other cities were caught on camera giving tax advice to two individuals posing as a pimp and prostitute.

    Both chambers of Congress have passed measures barring federal funding to the organization.

    The paper reported that a White House official defended the trip, saying that the president scheduled a town hall event so that he could hear from affected residents.

    Among lawmakers calling on Obama to spend more time in affected areas is Rep. Steve Scalise, a Lousiana Republican. Scalise is holding a news conference this afternoon to request that President Obama extend his trip to visit more areas hit by Katrina.


  9. Mrs.Smith, the article you posted on October 10 of Axelrod meeting with Roger Ailes apparently did not go well. Obama thugs are targeting Fox News and Fox is hitting back.

  10. Our favorite recent Hillary story (from yesterday):


    In a black BMW outside a chalet-style hotel in the foothills of the Swiss Alps, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used high-drama cellphone diplomacy to clinch a historic Armenian-Turkish deal.

    “There were several times when I said to all of the parties involved that ‘this is too important, this has to be seen through, you have come too far,'” the chief US diplomat recalled afterward on the plane from Zurich to London.

    A last-minute hitch had raised doubts over whether Armenia and Turkey would follow through on two years of roller-coaster negotiations to finally sign documents in Zurich on Saturday to normalise ties and open their shared border.

    Shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday evening, everything seemed in place for the two sides to mark a first step to reconciliation after a century of hostility over World War I-era massacres.

    With her traveling press corps in tow, Clinton’s motorcade arrived at the University of Zurich for the ceremony where foreign ministers Edouard Nalbandian and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu would sign the deal.

    Suddenly, the motorcade turned tail and sped back up the hills to the Dolder Grand Hotel. Nalbandian had balked at signing the deal because he had concerns about a statement his Turkish counterpart would read, US officials said later.

    It was the start of a three-hour mini diplomatic roller-coaster.

    Initially, Philip Gordon, assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, and Swiss official Michael Ambuehl met with Nalbandian inside the hotel, US officials told reporters.

    They shared his concerns with the Turkish delegation, which eventually dispatched a diplomat with a revised version of the statement Davutoglu planned to read, the officials added.

    As if to heighten the drama, the diplomat arrived inside a brightly-painted Swiss police car, its sirens wailing and forcing reporters to step out of the way.

    But there appeared to be no progress.

    Gordon emerged later from his meeting with Nalbandian and joined Clinton — who had met earlier in the day with both the chief Armenian and Turkish diplomats — inside the BMW sedan in a driveway at the rear of the hotel.

    Clinton used different cellphones inside the car to speak to both the Turkish and Armenian foreign ministers, a senior State Department official told reporters on the condition of anonymity.

    There were also calls to the Swiss mediators and other diplomatic players.

    The pair finally emerged after what seemed close to an hour inside the vehicle. Clinton joined Nalbandian in the hotel and the pair soon returned to the car together and headed to the university

    But it then took around another 90 minutes before Nalbandian and Davutoglu re-emerged from the university walls and entered the ceremonial room to sign page after page of documents.

    Nalbandian remain stern-faced while signing, but Davutoglu smiled at times.

    The two ministers and US, Russian, French, Swiss and EU counterparts immediately left the room instead of making scheduled statements, in an agreement to bypass the hitch, diplomats said.

    Relations between NATO member Turkey and Russian-backed Armenia have been severed since the World War I mass killings of Armenians under Ottoman rule.

    The bridge-building by the two governments after more than a year of discreet Swiss-mediated talks is still hampered by fierce opposition from critics at home.

    Clinton expected there to be more bumps ahead as the documents have to go before the parliaments of both countries and acknowledged the courage of the two top diplomats.

    “When you’re trying to help people resolve longstanding problems between themselves, it is a very challenging process,” she said, citing the weight of history and domestic political opposition.

    She acknowledged in particular how hard it was for Nalbandian.

    “He had really deep concerns and wanted to make sure people understood them,” Clinton said. “We conveyed that we not only did understand but appreciated how hard this was, but that this needed to be done.”

    Clinton added that Nalbandian had to call his president Serzh Sarkisian several times to consult on the issues.

  11. So let me get this straight. Fox News is a research arm of the Republican Party?

    Does that mean that CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC (in other words the remaining major news groups) are a research arm of the dim party?

  12. I have no idea if Hillary will run again, but she certainly can change her mind. Even if she did harbor a hope of running in 2016, she couldn’t say that now anyway.

  13. NMF,

    It’s a damned if it happens situation and a damn if it doesn’t…2010. If the Repubs regain the majority, do they do to obama what they did to Bill Clinton?

    Either way it doesn’t bode well for Americans and less than nothing will be accomplished but a dangerous growth of the deficity.

  14. admin: great article and that was my favorite article about Hillary too.

    Paula, lets hope we won’t have to put up with little mafioso until 2016, lets hope we don’t even have to put up with him until 2012, the rethugs are trying very hard for impeachment. IT seems to me that they would not have to try hard to have him impeached, he and his cohorts are dirty, dirty, dirty.

  15. admin Says:

    October 12th, 2009 at 6:52 pm
    Our favorite recent Hillary story (from yesterday):

    We can’t let the Fruad take the glory for this….

  16. Let’s face it, Hillfriends…what is Hillary supposed to say when asked if she will run again? the only thing she can say is no and then gracefully change the subject…

    can you imagine if she said yes…there would be screaming headlines and all kinds of questions about when and how and bla, bla, bla…the reporters and blogs would drag her into the weeds…

    …Hillary knows what she is doing…she is having the time of her life…the brains and the power behind the scene…personally cultivating more and more powerful relationships with world leaders…leaders know that when Hillary shows up they are dealing with the ‘real deal’…not some imposter who is not ready for prime time and can’t get through a meeting without his tellie…

    saying ‘no’ now does not mean a darn thing…never say never…

    Mrs Smith…

    regarding that article on health reform in Mass on the last thread…

    …I do not live in Mass at this time (I did go to college there years ago) … the article was written by Wendy Williams and she relates her and her husband’s experience with the health reform fiasco that is transpiring in Mass and how the COSTS ARE GOING UP AND UP AND UP…regardless of what the state government promised…they lied…it is getting very expensive and the choices are shrinking…the people in Mass are controlled by the govt health reform mess…

    here is the link…I posted the article because it illustrates all kinds of RED FLAGS for what could very well happen on a national level with O and his band of crooks…


    Paying the Health Tax in Massachusetts Be warned: Even people with good insurance will risk fines if mandatory insurance becomes the national law.

  17. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D9B9MVQ02&show_article=1

    BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) – Protesters brought some different songs Monday to an elementary school where students sang in praise of President Barack Obama, bringing criticism from conservative commentators who said children were being indoctrinated.

    About 70 protesters stood on a sidewalk across the street from the B. Bernice Young School waving flags and homemade placards, singing “God Bless America” and “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and chanting slogans such as “No indoctrination” and “Free children, free minds.”

  18. I can’t remember the name of that idiotic smug Columbia U AA professor who appears on Fox all the time – unless it’s Lamont James or something – but anyway – while driving and listening to talk radio he was interviewed about his recent article, “The Ten Most Over-rated White People” and, you guessed it, BC and HRC were both on his list along, of course, with Columbus, Babe Ruth, Elvis Presley and Paris Hilton.

    Imagine the outrage if someone wrote “The ten Most Over-rated Black People?” Of course there’d be no problems coming up with nominees for such a list.

  19. The Democratic Promise:
    The Legacy of Saul Alinsky
    (community organizer)

    On now 9pm est on our local PBS station.

  20. S Says:
    October 12th, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Thanks for the response.

    MA is becoming a hell hole for ad hoc Taxes invented and created by Deval Patric.
    He intends on giving HC to illegals which is a plan Obama is considering.
    He will be a one term governor.

  21. alternet.org/workplace/143209/bill_moyers%3A_was_the_financial_bailout_just_a_slick%2C_friendly_takeover_of_the_federal_government

    this is the interview between Bill Moyers, Marcy Kaptur and former IMF head Simon Johnson on Wall St’s purchase of democracy…

    one tidbit…

    Moyers: Why have we not had the reform that we all knew was being was needed and being demanded a year ago?

    Johnson: I think the opportunity the short term opportunity was missed. There was an opportunity that the Obama Administration had. President Obama campaigned on a message of change. I voted for him. I supported him. And I believed in this message. And I thought that the time for change, for the financial sector, was absolutely upon us. This was abundantly apparent by the inauguration in January of this year.

    Johnson: And Rahm Emanuel, the President’s Chief of Staff has a saying. He’s widely known for saying, ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’. Well, the crisis is over, Bill. The crisis in the financial sector, not for people who own homes, but the crisis for the big banks is substantially over. And it was completely wasted. The Administration refused to break the power of the big banks, when they had the opportunity, earlier this year. And the regulatory reforms they are now pursuing will turn out to be, in my opinion, and I do follow this day to day, you know. These reforms will turn out to be essentially meaningless.

    Kaptur: When Lincoln ran into trouble, during the Civil War, he got new generals. He brought in Grant. I hope that President Obama will bring in some new generals on the financial front.

    Moyers: Should Geithner be fired? And Summers be fired?

    Kaptur: I don’t think that any individuals who had their hands on creating this mess should be in charge of cleaning it up. I honestly don’t think they’re capable of it.

    Moyers: Let me show you an excerpt from the speech President Obama made on Wall Street last month, September. Here is the challenge he laid down to the bankers.

    Obama:We will not go back to the days of reckless behavior and unchecked excess at the heart of this crisis, where too many were motivated only by the appetite for quick kills and bloated bonuses. Those on Wall Street cannot resume taking risks without regard for consequences, and expect that next time, American taxpayers will be there to break their fall.

    Moyers: A reality check. Not one CEO of a Wall Street bank was there to hear the President. What do you make of that?

    Johnson: Arrogance. Because they have no fear for the government anymore. They have no respect for the President, which I find absolutely extraordinary and shocking. All right? And I think they have no not an ounce of gratitude to the American people, who saved them, their jobs, and the way they run the world.

    Moyers: In the scheme of things, it is the Congress, and the government that’s supposed to stand up to the powerful, organized interests, for the people in Toledo, who can’t come to Washington. Who are working or trying to keep their homes or trying to pay their health bills. What’s happened to our government?

    Kaptur: Congress has really shut down. I’m disappointed in both chambers, because wouldn’t you think, with the largest financial crisis in American history, in the largest transfer of wealth from the American people to the biggest banks in this country, that every committee of Congress would be involved in hearings, that this would be on the news, that people would be engaged in this. What we’re seeing is– tangential hearings on very arcane aspects of financial reform. For example, now we’re going to have a consumer protection agency to help the poor consumer, who doesn’t understand all of this, rather than hearings on the fundamental new architecture of reforming the American financial system, so that we have prudent lending, capital accumulation at the local level again; that we encourage savings and limit debt by the American people. Our country needs this. Those aren’t the hearings that are happening.

    If you want a marker at the Federal level of how serious we are to get justice out of this financial crisis, look at the F.B.I. Look at the number of people who are really prosecuting and investigation mortgage fraud and securities fraud. It is so small…

    O and the Dims are part of the problem — not the SOLUTION…

    Hillary/Kaptur 2012

    Elizabeth Warren at head of the Treasury dept

  22. As impossible as it may be to comprehend, George Soros has singlehandedly privatized the Democratic Party. Obviously, Kaptur is not one of his lackeys ( she may not be in a chairman position) but look to the Chairmans of all these commissions.. He owns them all- they work for him, NOT for us..

  23. Imagine the outrage if someone wrote “The ten Most Over-rated Black People?” Of course there’d be no problems coming up with nominees for such a list….

    Well I have my list: And if anybody is outraged SO BE IT:

    8: IDI AMIN
    3: OPRAH
    2: MO
    1: BO

  24. I think the list should be top 20.

    adding: Achmenejad, Abbas, Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, etc.

  25. Achmenejad, Abbas, Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz, etc.


  26. The only way is to resign after 2010 as pointed out, Obama crumble, and Hillary run for the good of the party….very long odds imo.

  27. Obama Named Country Music Entertainer of the Year
    Surprise Selection Shocks Nashville

    NASHVILLE (The Borowitz Report) – President Barack Obama stunned the country music world today by picking up its highest honor, Country Music Entertainer of the Year.

    Mr. Obama was chosen unanimously, according to the Country Music Association, beating out such favorite as Carrie Underwood and Toby Keith.

    In Nashville, country music insiders were shocked by Mr. Obama’s selection, given that he has only been in office for eight months and during that time has yet to record a single country song.

    But Mr. Obama was gracious in receiving the honor, saying that he was “honored and humbled” by the award before excusing himself to accept this year’s Heisman Trophy. More here.

  28. If this health care bill passes I expect violence in the streets.

    They want to GIVE health care FREE to the illegals, I’ve born here and worked here for 17 years and I can’t even get my own fucking benefits from social security disability.

    I am beginning to despise this country for what it has become. We give give give to everybody but our own.

    The entire Washington crowd is living on another planet and they have no fucking clue as to what it’s like to suffer out here. They simply flat out thumbed up their noses at even reading the fucking bill they are getting ready to vote on tomorrow.

    It was said on the news tonight that not a mouse was scurrying in Washington today … only on the eve of one of the biggest votes in the history of our country.

    Fuck them all.

    I don’t think Hillary should have gone on OBrien’s show. She has put herself down on Bambi’s level now as a joke on late night tv. Running the country is serious business and Obama made a joke out of by continuing to go on late night tv .. now Hillary stepped in and did the same thing. I know it was to cover his ass again.

    Get outta there Hillary.

  29. A wonderful comment at NQ:

    People talk about this prize like it just somehow happened. I read on another site that the paperwork to be filled out to be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize is sent out in September. This means that this was in the works either before the election or shortly after. I think that this was sent in by someone behind the scenes (Soros anyone?) just after the election (no one would believe a nomination for someone who lost) — and I think it was planned as a final topper to all the great things they were sure would have happened by now. I am sure that if things had worked as they had planned, the stimulus would have cut unemployment to under 8 percent, they would already have health care signed sealed and delivered and would be finishing up cap and trade. On the international scene, Isreal would have said “Of course we will stop increasing the settlements,” the Palestinians would have come to the bargaining table and a final solution to that problem would be almost done. Iran, having heard one of his great speeches would be talking with us about closing down their nuclear program, and China and Russia would be in the midst of joining us in disarmament talks. Then, just on schedule, Chicago would be named and the site of the 2016 Olympics and to top it all off and finish the year off right, Obama would win the Nobel Peace Prize. Unfortunately, none of those earlier things actually occurred, and Obama is standing with egg on his face for winning an award without actually doing anything.

  30. dot48, The subject of Obama never even came up when Hillary did that bit on Conan’s show. The topic was Conan’s feud with N.J. Mayor Corey Booker.

    BTW, I just saw a clip from Letterman’s show tonight, and he said to the audience, “When I call your name, come up and get your Nobel Peace Prize.”

    Letterman’s in the doghouse now, but I thought that was pretty funny.

  31. admin: you might want to embed this as it has to do with what to do if the dollar falls. It’s very good, its from Glenn Beck today. I feel like this may happen as soon as the banking regulations/healthcare is in. George Soros has stated after he helped destroy Russia and there was mass starvation, he decided he would not take part unless controls were put in place first. Everyone has to decide for themselves on what to do.


  32. finance.yahoo.com/news/Job-losses-mar-recovery-apf-1684598011.html?x=0

    Job losses mar recovery, create woes for Dems

    The recession may be over, yet job losses endanger recovery, create woes for Democrats

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A distressed economy is widely blamed for President George H.W. Bush’s re-election defeat in 1992, and a decade earlier, for the loss of 26 House seats in midterm elections by Ronald Reagan’s Republicans. Yet in both instances recession had already ended or was winding down.

    It’s a point not lost on President Barack Obama’s White House or Democrats headed into next year’s midterm elections. The stock market may be up, U.S. service industries may be recovering, banks may be lending again and housing prices holding. But one major piece of the recovery puzzle is still missing: a brighter employment picture.

    And that’s bad news for the party in power, whether the recession is officially over or not.

    Job losses are expected to continue at least into the middle of next year, likely driving the unemployment rate above 10 percent from 9.8 percent last month. It could take three or four more years for it to fall to normal levels.

    The longest and deepest downturn since the Great Depression has claimed 7.2 million jobs since it began in December 2007. Analysts figure 750,000 more jobs could disappear over the next six months.

    If you add in people who have stopped looking for work, or who are working part time when they want a full-time job, the unemployment rate is a whopping 17 percent, according to the Labor Department.

    “If you’ve got an effective unemployment rate of 17 percent and if this goes on for any length of time, a year or more, then everyone’s cushion will run out,” said Republican consultant Rich Galen. “There are going to be serious implications, culturally and politically.”

    Galen said it’s understandable that Republicans would use the state of the economy to pound Obama and Democrats who control Congress. Still, “it’s not something we should either make fun of, be amused by or play politics with,” he said.

    Republicans already see a “jobless recovery.” In a letter to Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, House GOP leaders asked, “Where are the jobs?”

    Firing back, White House chief economic adviser Lawrence Summers defended the administration’s efforts on the jobs front and wrote to the Republican leaders that Obama was “committed to not repeating the fiscal mistakes of the last eight years.” House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, said Monday said stimulus spending and other Democratic initiatives “are the wrong approach.”

    Another sign of continuing distress: Applications for Social Security retirement benefits are up 23 percent from last year, a much larger jump than in other recessions.

    The surge is due to a rush of baby boomers filing for early retirement. Signing up for Social Security benefits as early as age 62 can be an immediate source of income for laid-off older workers, but it’s also a troubling sign of the scarcity of jobs.

    Despite some signs of recovery, the economy remains fragile. Consumer spending — which powers two-thirds of economic output — remains weak. Yet the widespread view among economists is that the recession has ended and that the economy grew in the just-ended third quarter.

    So how can it be over if things are still so bad?

    A recession is most simply defined as a period when the gross domestic product falls for at least two quarters. It had been doing that since the July-September quarter of 2008, although most economists believe the GDP has now reversed course and rose in the past few months.

    The Business Cycle Dating Committee of the National Bureau of Economic Research is generally seen as the authoritative arbiter for dating U.S. recessions. It takes other things into account besides GDP, including employment levels, real personal income, industrial production, and wholesale and retail sales.

    It dated the beginning of the current recession as December 2007 — and hasn’t yet called an end.

    Economists agree that unemployment is a lagging indicator and can remain high long after a recession is pronounced over, continuing to inflict pain on those still out of work or worried about their jobs. That why it’s hard for such workers to understand how the recession can be deemed over.

    It’s an important political dynamic as 2010 midterm elections approach.

    At some point, continued job losses could easily push the economy back into negative territory, for a “double-dip” recession.

    Hedge fund manager Doug Kass, founder and president of Seabreeze Partners Management, questions the ability of the economy to mount a self-sustaining recovery under continued elevated joblessness and wage deflation. “The consumer remains the Achilles’ heel of the economy,” he wrote recently.

    Republicans claim continuing job losses signal a failure of the $787 billion Obama-driven stimulus legislation. “That is not what the American people were promised,” said House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio.

    White House aides concede they missed the mark with their January estimate that the stimulus package would keep unemployment from rising above 8 percent. But they insist things would be far worse had the stimulus not passed.

    White House Budget Director Peter Orszag suggested the stimulus package added 2 to 3 percentage points, on an annualized basis, to U.S. economic activity from April through September. “If the economy remains fragile, additional options will be considered,” he said in a recent interview with The Associated Press.

    Among measures being studied by the White House and congressional Democrats: extending and expanding a $8,000 tax credit for first-time home buyers due to expire at the end of next month; and tax breaks for companies that add jobs.

    Rob Shapiro, an economist who was a top official in President Bill Clinton’s Commerce Department, sees “substantial, continued job losses” for some time if the government doesn’t take more aggressive steps to foster job growth.

    In the meantime, the Obama administration should “prepare the American people to wait a while for real results,” said Shapiro, now with a Democratic think tank called NDN.



    Steve Winn says:

    And Chris Wallace says, “Unemployment in Nevada is 13.2%. That’s the second highest in the nation. Your company, Wynn Resorts, has more than 20,000 employees. Do you see any turnaround yet?”

    WYNN: No, in the sense that I think that the priorities of the administration should have been more directly focused on job creation. From the day of the inauguration forward, the priority should have been job creation. And the most powerful weapon and the tool that the government has for that is its tax policy. If the government had used its power to restrain its tax collection they would have given everybody who runs small businesses, large businesses, a chance to hire more people and that could have been done an entirely different way. With eight or $900 billion we could have created four or five million jobs, which would have made a big difference.

    WYNN: Government has never increased the standard of living of one single human being in civilization’s history. For some reason that simple truth has evaded everybody. The only thing that creates an increased standard of living is giving someone a job, the demand for their labor — whether it’s you and I, Chris, or anybody else. The people that are paying the price for this juggernaut of federal spending are the middle class and the working class of America.

    And soaring rhetoric and great speeches with or without a teleprompter aren’t going to change the truth, and the truth is: The biggest enemy, the biggest obstacle that working middle-class America has is government spending

    [ ]


    especially if the government spending isn’t going towards creating jobs…and instead is being stolen and wasted for pet projects and political payoffs…

    kind of a no brainer not to tax businesses when they are still laying off people…but no, the dims and O live in some alternate universe out of touch with reality…

  33. wbboei, I saw an term describing our POTUS today I thought you might get a kick out of. According to” LittleGreenFootballs”, Obama is the enemy plant. I thought with all our work on SOros, Obama could definitely be call the “enemy plant”. I just loved it. LOL!!!

  34. Oh Lord, when I am on the sauce I seem to leave out words more than usual. You will have to excuse me! Just chillin with a few Bud Light Limes fully dressed and ice cold, my favorite. I am a beer drinker. I heard Hillary had a beer in Ireland today instead of the “brown stuff”. I understand that, since this is also my favorite alcoholic beverage.

  35. wbboei, BTW, the “enemy plant” is sending 21,000 support personel to Afganistan. That means Dr.s, nurses and MP’s, absolutely no more fighting men. WTF is wrong with this guy anyway.

    My son often thought about re-enlisting since his divorce, but thankgoodness I talked him out of it. He is an Xray Tech like me, but has long since moved up the ladder. His specialty is cardiac catherization and now he even went further down that road of specialization, he is what is call an EP specialist. Inotherwards he specialized in electrophysiology. I am proud of him, he is really smart, should have been a physician, but like to party too much, gee, I have no idea where he got that. LOL!!

  36. Here is something from the real news, something we don’t get.

    Wbboei, I sent you a video of LaRouche about the October surprise. I fully believe its coming down the pike.

    India test fires two nuclear capable Prithvi-II missiles in Chandipur

    Chandipur, Oct.12 : India successfully testfired two nuclear-capable ‘Prithvi-II’ surface-to-surface missiles, having a range of 350 kilometres from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur, about 15 km from Balasore city in Orissa.

  37. Paula, don’t you find it strange though that Hillary is now on late night tv? I know what she “mediated”. I felt like that Bambi knew he belittled the Presidency with his doofus ways and had to get Hill out to do the same thing so that people would think, well Hillary did it so it ca’t be all bad.

  38. George Soros has stated after he helped destroy Russia and there was mass starvation, he decided he would not take part unless controls were put in place first. Everyone has to decide for themselves on what to do.
    Well . . . I guess he is a great humanitarian after all. Of course he could have stayed around and helped arrange for food shipments but he did not have it in him. The problem was he was busy decrying the lack of regulation and said it was needed to prevent abuses by greedy capitalists. As one writer put it that is like a serial killer saying stop me before I kill again. The more you learn about him the more you realize that he is public enemy number one wherever he goes But as you can see from the prior sentence he does have a sense of humor, albeit a twisted one. Gorgeous George they call him.

  39. Wbboei, I sent you a video of LaRouche about the October surprise. I fully believe its coming down the pike.
    Confloyd, that is too hard on my arteries. Beck has got me worried, Lyndon would terrify me. But if he has anything bad to say about Soros then I will listen. I started to say I am all ears but that line is better suited to the buffoon in the White House.

  40. I’m catching up; current posting is lovely.
    This noticed at Google News during today’s 5 AM hour: Letter to the editor: Obama should give credit where it’s due; Bob Jack, North Las Vegas. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2009 | 2:02 a.m.

    The Sunday column by The New York Times’ Thomas Friedman was boldly refreshing and dramatically inspiring, rising to the level of elegance of a highly unlikely acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize that President Barack Obama could deliver on Dec. 10 in Oslo, Norway. Mr. Friedman’s instinct for gratitude finds its rightful mark on the greatest peacekeepers in the world — the men and women of the U.S. military. He thoughtfully recognizes the heroic and dedicated, but often overlooked, contributions to peace and justice in all corners of the globe by the men and women of the U.S. military over the past 70 years.

    His column is a speech that should be given in Oslo, but it never will happen because it would offend the sensibilities of the leftist audience and Nobel committee judges who will be in attendance … such a speech would not reflect the values of the left-placating president who will be delivering the speech. What a shame.

    Nevertheless, for the moment we have Thomas Friedman to thank for his insight into the true meaning of peace and to the real “peacekeepers” who make it possible.

    www dot lasvegassun.com/news/2009/oct/13/obama-should-give-credit-where-its-due/

  41. Some funny posts overnight!

    mp – great list.
    jan – mp is right – that would be the brown list.
    Dot – let ’em rip!
    Confloyd – wish i could join you but with a margarita!
    wbboei – I agree the Jack Squat prize was in the works probably even before Squat ‘officially’ won the ‘(s)election as those behind the scenes knew that was inevitable. The whole thing stinks. In the meantime, I’ll bet all these ‘distractions’, the squat prize, the olympics, opening for lady gagaga, chairing the UN Security Council, is to keep the American people’s eyes off the HCR bill. they just might have succeeded. 👿

  42. holdthemaccountable, Obama will give the money to an acorn look alike, he would never insult the socialists that gave him the award.

  43. basil9, I imagaine they are trying to keep our eyes off of his dismantaling our government.
    Margaritas are lovely, it’s just that tequila is too hard on my ulcers. I tried making them with vodka, but they just aren’t the same. I got attached to this lime/beer thing when I had the bar, which is bad for my blood pressure. Oh heck, I guess I will just follow the directions that the democrats say about the republicans healthcare bill is, which is to die fast!

  44. Hillary Clinton praises Russia over Iran crisis

    Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state who is visiting Moscow, praised Russia for its “extremely co-operative” diplomatic work with world powers over the Iranian nuclear crisis

    October 13, 2009

    Mrs Clinton said it was not yet time to seek fresh sanctions against the Tehran government, but she held out the prospect of new measures in the event that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s regime refuses to co-operate with the international community.

    Mrs Clinton agreed with a recent statement by President Dmitry Medvedev that sanctions against Tehran may be inevitable if the Islamic Republic defies world powers over its nuclear drive.

    But she added: “We are not at that point yet.”

    She also praised Russia, seen as a crucial player in the nuclear crisis, for its efforts. “Russia has been extremely co-operative in the work we have done together,” she said at a joint press conference with Sergei Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister.

    She said that the US had not asked Russia to take any specific steps in helping persuade Iran to allay fears about its nuclear programme. “We did not ask for anything today,” Mrs Clinton said after talks with Mr Lavrov.

    “We reviewed the situation and where it stood, which I think was the appropriate timing for what this process entails.

    “In the absence of significant progress and assurance that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, we will be seeking to rally international opinion behind additional sanctions.”


  45. Clinton: “reason to hope” Boeing to win Russia bid

    Tue Oct 13, 2009
    By Jeff Mason

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday aircraft maker Boeing could potentially win a contract from Russian Airlines to supply planes the state-run airline plans to buy in the next few years.

    “We have reason to hope,” Clinton told reporters, when asked whether she had received any signals from Russian officials that the contract would go to Boeing.

    Clinton was speaking at a Boeing design center in Moscow.

    Russian Airlines, known locally as Rosavia, is being created by the state to absorb several carriers crippled last year by the financial crisis and high fuel prices. It will also compete with Russia’s flagship carrier, Aeroflot. Rosavia said in August it had solicited offers from Boeing and rival aircraft manufacturer Airbus for the 65 narrowbody planes it plans to buy over the next few years.

    Rosavia also planned to ask Russian aerospace companies to submit offers to supply the planes, Sergei Chemezov, who heads state conglomerate Russian Technologies, said at the time.

    Russian Technologies owns 51 percent of Rosavia and the Moscow city government has a 49 percent stake. The new airline plans to own 120 aircraft and handle about 120 million passengers annually by 2017.


  46. I don’t get this no sanctions yet! I thought Israel has said if sanctions aren’t in place by December they will attack. So we are going to believe the little dictator or what?

  47. Row flares after DUP duo walk out during Clinton ovation

    By Lisa Smyth
    Tuesday, 13 October 2009

    Two DUP MPs have been accused of letting Northern Ireland down after they walked out of the Assembly chamber during a standing ovation for Hillary Clinton. Sinn Fein has asked for an apology from Gregory Campbell and Willie McCrea. The two politicians responded by denying that any snub was intended and instead insisted they left for another engagement.

    The latest spat between Sinn Fein and the DUP came as the US Secretary of State called on political leaders here to broker a deal on the devolution of policing and justice. The two senior DUP men, who have spoken out against a swift devolution of policing and justice powers, left the Assembly while other members were applauding Mrs Clinton.

    Their actions will be seen by many as a sign that some elements within the DUP do not appreciate outside interference in Northern Ireland’s affairs. But the early exits brought an angry response from Sinn Fein MLA Daithi McKay.

    He said: “The behaviour of Willie McCrea and Gregory Campbell was nothing short of childish and was a direct insult to the Obama administration. Now, given the fact that the DUP continually emphasises the importance of foreign investment to the north, the behaviour of these two representatives serves only to undermine this.

    “The DUP needs to publicly distance themselves from the actions of Messrs McCrea and Campbell who acted in a very unprofessional and discourteous manner not only toward Hillary Clinton but also toward their own party leader.”

    However, Mr Campbell rejected the accusations, claiming he and Rev McCrea had other business to attend to. He did not specify what the other business was. “The only immaturity that I sense is the tell-tale behaviour of David (Daithi) McKay,” he said. “Just like a child in the playground runs to the teacher and gives an inaccurate account of an event, so too has David given an inaccurate account of the proceedings in the Assembly. When the business had concluded both William and I withdrew from the Chamber as we had other important matters to deal with.”


  48. Sanctions against Iran avoidable: Clinton

    MOSCOW, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has described sanctions against Iran as not inevitable and urged Iran to work with the international community. Clinton was answering questions on international action over Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment program at a press conference here on Tuesday. The RIA Novosti news agency quoted her as saying: “We are not at that point (when sanctions are inevitable); it is not the conclusion to which we have already come.”

    She also reiterated the United States preferred that Iran work with the international community, represented through the format of “five plus one” (the five permanent United Nations Security Council members of the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany). Iran had every right to pursue a peaceful nuclear energy program, but it had no right to have nuclear weapons, said Clinton, adding that Russia agreed with the United States on that, according to the Interfax news agency.

    Iran held talks with envoys from the “five plus one” group in Geneva on Oct. 1. During the talks, Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili promised that Tehran would soon open its newly disclosed uranium enrichment facility near Qom to UN inspectors.

    Western powers suspect Iran of attempting to build nuclear weapons, but Tehran says its nuclear program is aimed at generating nuclear energy for civilian purposes.

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the press conference that Russia and the United States “coincided” their views on the Iranian nuclear issue. “We are not asking for anything from each other in the Iran issue because it would be ridiculous to ask for anything in an issue on which our positions coincide,” said Lavrov. In principle, Russia is “very reserved on sanctions, as they rarely produce results,” said Lavrov.

    Moscow has been calling for a diplomatic approach over further sanctions concerning Iran’s nuclear program. However, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said during his trip to the United States in late September that “sanctions are not the best way to deal successfully with Iran, but if we run out of all other options, we could launch sanctions based on international law.”

    Prior to the meeting between Clinton and Lavrov, some media reports cited a senior U.S. State Department official under condition of anonymity as saying that the United States demanded Russian support for pressure on Iran should talks in the format of “five plus one” end in vain. “The secretary (Clinton) will want to speak to Foreign Minister Lavrov and President Medvedev about what specific forms of pressure Russia would be prepared to join us and our other allies in if Iran fails to live up to its obligations,” said the official.

    Clinton also said at the press conference that Washington had no intention to either soften or harden sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and she appreciated Russia’s cooperation on the DPRK nuclear issue.

    The U.S. secretary of state, who is on a two-day visit to Russia, is scheduled to meet the Russian president later on Tuesday.



    This is a very nice picture of Hillary and her Russian counterpart on the link above. Just scroll down.

  49. Clinton hails progress on Russia nuclear talks

    By Charles Clover in Moscow and James Blitz in London
    October 13 2009

    Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, and Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, meeting in Moscow on Tuesday said there had been progress on talks towards a new strategic nuclear treaty, due by the end of the year.

    But few specifics were spelt-out as the two met to discuss a wide range of issues including arms control and the possibility of imposing sanctions on Iran.

    Mrs Clinton said the US was not pushing Russia for any further commitments on sanctions at the moment. “We did not ask for anything today. We reviewed the situation and where it stood, which I think was the appropriate timing for what this process entails.” she told reporters.

    Mr Lavrov echoed the Russian line on Iran made by President Dmitry Medvedev at the Pittsburgh G20 summit last month, saying: “We are not saying that sanctions are unavoidable, we are very cautious with regard to sanctions, because they rarely give results. But there are situations where they become unavoidable, when all methods are exhausted. However with respect to Iran it is far from being the case.”

    Western diplomats said now was not the time for the US to press Russia on on Iran.
    Washington and Moscow are waiting to see how Iran reacts next week to a proposal that calls for it to export 85 per cent of its low enriched uranium to Russia and France for the manufacture of fuel for medical isotopes.

    Tehran’s reaction will be critical in determining the stance of the US and its allies on sanctions, say diplomats. They will also look at whether Iran is willing to negotiate over its programme at a meeting with the so-called “E3 plus 3” powers – Britain, France, US, Russia, China and Germany – at the end of this month.

    Mrs Clinton’s trip to Moscow comes after US President Barack Obama’s July visit in which he vowed to “reset” US-Russia relations. On Tuesday, Mrs Clinton apologised for missing the July summit because of a broken elbow. “But now both my elbow and our relationships are reset and we’re moving forward, which I greatly welcome,” she said.

    She will meet Russian President Dmitry Medvedev later on Tuesday.

    Beyond Iran, Mr Lavrov said US and Russia negotiators had made “considerable” progress toward reaching agreement on a new strategic arms treaty. Mr Obama and Mr Medvedev agreed in July the outlines of a preliminary deal to replace the landmark 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start-1) but negotiators are facing a host of technical issues in talks.

    The two diplomats also discussed possible co-operation on missile defence following the US decision to shelve expensive plans to base such a system in eastern Europe. Russia has welcomed Mr Obama’s new approach, but has asked for more detailed information. Mrs Clinton said: “We want to ensure that every question that the Russian military or Russian government asks is answered”. She called missile defence “another area for deep co-operation between our countries”.


  50. I apologize for inundating the site with so many Hillary articles. It’s just that she is doing and accomplishing so much that I thought it should be recorded here.

  51. Obama quietly deploying 13,000 more US troops to AfghanistanMove is separate from Nato commander General Stanley McChrystal’s request to increase troop levels

    Ewen MacAskill in Washington
    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 13 October 2009

    President Barack Obama is quietly deploying an extra 13,000 troops to Afghanistan, an unannounced move that is separate from a request by the US commander in the country for even more reinforcements. The extra 13,000 is part of a gradual shift in priority since Obama became president away from Iraq to Afghanistan.

    The White House and the Pentagon both announced earlier this year that the number of US troops in Afghanistan was to be raised by 21,000, bringing the total at present to 62,000, with the aim of 68,000 by the end of the year.

    But the Washington Post, based on conversations with Pentagon officials, said that on top of those an extra 13,000 “enablers” are also being deployed. They are mainly engineers, medical staff, intelligence officers and military police. About 3,000 of them are specialists in explosives, being sent to try to combat the growing fatality rate from roadside bombs. The deployment of such non-combat troops is in line with the professed aim of the new US commander, General Stanley McChrystal, to try to win the hearts and minds of the Afghanistan population.

    In addition to the deployments under way, McChrystal has also requested an extra 40,000 troops he says are necessary to prevent the country falling into the hands of the Taliban. That request has provoked an intense debate within Washington, with some political advisers in the White House opposed to any further escalation of a war that is already proving unpopular at home.

    The Afghanistan president Hamid Karzai, today expressed support for McChrystal’s request. “I’m fully behind him for what he’s seeking in this report,” Karzai told ABC’s Good Morning America. As part of the internal debate, the US defence secretary, Robert Gates, who is cautiously supporting McChrystal, is due to meet later today the vice-president Joe Biden, who is opposed to the troop increase and favours a shift in priority to tracking down al-Qaida in Pakistan.

    A decision on McChrystal’s troop request appears to have been postponed for a few weeks. Any extra troops will come as a result of a parallel reduction in the number of US troops in Iraq. A US military planner told the Army Times: “We’ve increased forces in Afghanistan before we’ve reduced forces in Iraq in a meaningful way. If they want forces sooner than 2010, there are no additional forces available. You’ll have to pull them from Iraq and put them in Afghanistan.”

    The US spokesman in Iraq, Brigadier General Stephen Lanza, said yesterday that the number of US troops in Iraq will be down to 120,000 by the end of the month, down 23,000 since January. But any further large-scale reductions will have to wait until after Iraqi elections next January. He said the aim was to get all combat troops out of Iraq by August, leaving 50,000 troops to advise and support the Iraqis.


  52. Embattled Russia rights activists ask Clinton for help

    Tue Oct 13, 2009

    By Conor Sweeney and Michael Stott

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian rights advocates met visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to ask for Washington’s help in protecting the lives of campaigners and bringing the killers of activists to justice.

    Two days after Russia’s ruling party won a big victory in regional elections which the opposition said were rigged, Clinton met human rights activists, journalists and officials dealing with rights issues – but not opposition politicians. In remarks prepared for delivery at the private meeting, Clinton said Washington would always uphold democratic standards and praised the bravery of Russia’s rights activists.

    “Those of you here today understand the risks. You have seen friends and colleagues harassed, intimidated and even killed. And yet you go on working and writing, refusing to be silenced,” Clinton said, according to comments issued by U.S. officials.

    Tanya Lokshina of Human Rights Watch, who took part in the hour-long meeting with Clinton at the U.S. ambassador’s residence in Moscow, said Washington must keep pressing Russia to improve its rights record. “It should always be made possible that human rights issues of a pressing nature are raised,” Lokshina said, adding that she had told Clinton about the murder of activists and the failure of legal probes into their deaths.

    Clinton made no mention of Russian rights issues or Sunday’s disputed regional elections during a joint news conference with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov but did tell the activists that she would raise their concerns with the Kremlin. “In our discussions with the Russian government, we will continue to express our support for efforts to improve governance and advance human rights. We will continue to stress the importance of holding those who commit crimes accountable.”


    The robust language contrasted with her earlier emphasis on cooperation and partnership at the news conference. There she added a reference to President Barack Obama’s promise to “reset” stormy U.S.-Russia relations, saying: “I feel very good about the so-called ‘reset.'”

    A leading Russian daily seized on comments by Obama’s top adviser on Russia Michael McFaul after a Kremlin meeting on Monday, arguing they meant Washington had decided to tone down public criticism of Moscow’s record on democracy and human rights to pursue a more constructive relationship. “It is not his (Obama’s) style to lecture people and to wag his finger,” McFaul said. “He has a different approach to it.”

    The Kommersant daily said “Mr McFaul gave to understand that the U.S. no longer intends to teach Russia about democracy, something which irritates Moscow, but instead to concentrate on practical work with NGOs.”

    U.S. officials said Kommersant had misinterpreted McFaul’s remarks and that Washington would still bring up democracy and rights issues with Russian officials on a regular basis. Nonetheless, the Kommersant report caused dismay among Kremlin opponents, still smarting from Sunday’s regional elections in which the ruling United Russia party trounced opponents amid accusations of foul play.

    Moscow radio station Ekho Moskvy, a station sometimes critical of the government, ran a morning phone-in asking its listeners whether Washington was “right to drop criticism of Russian democracy and human rights.” Some 72.5 percent of callers said it was wrong.

    Human rights groups have been sharply critical of Russia in recent years. They charge that an increasing concentration of power in the hands of the Kremlin has eroded democracy, marginalized opponents and led to a growing number of serious abuses.

    One participant at the meeting with Clinton, who raised the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya and human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, said it would have been pointless to invite opposition politicians because they had no clout.

    “I don’t think it would have been a good idea because the political opposition in Russia is really marginal, not because they’re stupid people and not because they have no audience, but because in a society which is not democratic, there is basically no opposition,” said opposition journalist Yulia Latynina.


  53. Hillary Clinton praises Russia over Iran crisis

    “Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state who is visiting Moscow, praised Russia for its “extremely co-operative” diplomatic work with world powers over the Iranian nuclear crisis.”


    Just as I thought- Russia is going to claim the title for the World’s only Superpower. They know exactly what is going on with Iran whether Iran is even close to having nuclear weapons. Their own (rt) scientists are working on the project and have been told take their money and do nothing to enhance nuclear enrichment. (I think I said this once before down thread-)

    The Russians are all about reclaiming their dignity and respect-

  54. I have to share this little quote in this book the “Clinton Tapes”. They (Taylor Branch and Hillary) were speaking about Henry Kissinger’s ego and how gargantuan it was. She mentioned going to Harvard as a Wellesly student to hear a speech about Europe from Kissinger and staying afterward and asking why he did not mention Eastern and Western Germany, she said he looked at her gravely and said “Im sorry, all my THOUGHTS on Germany are classified.

    What an ass, apparently he isn’t very likeable. She mentioned to that he was nasty about her healthcare bill.

    She also says that “I always get revenge in my dreams, but never in real life”.

    Can you imagine during the primaries what she dreamed of the big “O”?? What about Chris Mathews?? There’s a best selling book just of Hillary’s dreams to be written!! LOL!!

  55. confloyd,
    Don’t give them the friggin’ satisfaction! 😉
    ‘Oh heck, I guess I will just follow the directions that the democrats say about the republicans healthcare bill is, which is to die fast!’
    Ya gotta stick around if for no other reason than to annoy the he11 out of them. hehehehe.

    Margaritas (frozen) are off the menu for me, now, coz of the meds. But boy, did I used to love them.

  56. confloyd:

    “to hear a speech about Europe from Kissinger and staying afterward and asking why he did not mention Eastern and Western Germany, she said he looked at her gravely and said “Im sorry, all my THOUGHTS on Germany are classified.”


    Kissenger and Soros are 2 of a kind cut from the same cloth. Both of them have overstayed their welcome manipulating World Affairs. And as my horse vet always says:

    “The Best Revenge IS Success”-

  57. “Can you imagine during the primaries what she dreamed.”


    Yes, she dreamed of winning the presidency- She never could have dreamed she was facing a wall of opposition as tall a Mt. Everest. Hillary fought on to the end, valiantly, spitting in the devil’s eye, dragging them kicking and screaming all the way to Denver! 🙂

  58. Kissinger always gave me the creeps. He held so many diplomatic grudges that more often than not were to the detriment of America’s standing in the world. His motives were not always that of the government he served and I remember reading one time how Bill Clinton was very frustrated dealing with him.

  59. Palestinian memo says hopes in Obama ‘evaporated’

    JERUSALEM — An internal document circulated among members of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ political party says any hopes in the Obama administration “have evaporated.”

    The Fatah Party document accuses the U.S. of backing off from its demands that Israel freeze settlement construction and failing to set a clear agenda for new Mideast peace talks.

    The memorandum was obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the memo reflects Abbas’ views or was intended to pressure President Barack Obama to bear down harder on Israel.

    The document says the Palestinians have lost hope in Obama, and accuses the American leader of caving in to pressure from pro-Israel lobbyists in Washington



    LOL…the list is growing.

  60. Palestinians souring on Obama: document

    Hopes in U.S. administration ‘have evaporated,’ leaked memo suggests

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has publicly supported the efforts of U.S. President Barack Obama to assist in peace talks, but has not backed off his stance that Israel must freeze settlement construction before negotiations can begin. (Tara Todras-Whitehill/Associated Press)An internal document circulating among members of the party of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says the hopes they had placed in U.S. President Barack Obama “have evaporated” because of alleged backtracking on key issues.

    The memorandum, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, accuses the United States of backing off demands that Israel freeze settlement construction in the West Bank and failing to set a clear agenda for Mideast peace talks.

    “All hopes placed in the new U.S. administration and President Obama have evaporated,” said the document issued by Fatah’s Office of Mobilization and Organization, a department headed by the Fatah party’s No. 2 leader, Mohammed Ghneim.

    The document claimed Obama “couldn’t withstand the pressure of the Zionist lobby, which led to a retreat from his previous positions on halting settlement construction and defining an agenda for the negotiations and peace.”

    It was unclear whether the Oct. 12 document was intended to be leaked or reflected Abbas’s views.


  61. Here’s another story about the evilness of Soro’s:

    Americans Were “Living in a Fool’s Paradise” That’s Gone Forever, Soros Says
    Posted Apr 09, 2009 09:24am EDT by Aaron Task in Newsmakers, Recession
    Related: ^DJI, ^GSPC, SPY, DIA, QQQQ, TLT
    If nothing else, the credit crisis of the past 18 months has debunked the notion of financial market being an all-knowing, self-correcting mechanism that perfectly allocates capital. Even Alan Greenspan admitted as much.
    As a result of the bursting of that theoretical bubble, Americans’ lives have been inexorably changed and “there’s no way to go back to where we came from,” says George Soros, chairman of Soros Fund Management.

    Americans were “living in a fool’s paradise” based on the “false promise” of the “market magic,” and the idea debt-fueled consumption was a sustainable and legitimate economic policy, the billionaire speculator says

  62. Well, Snowe caved, as predicted, and the HCR bill goes forward.

    I am steamed that medicaid will be expanded at the expense of medicare, which is mostly paid into over a lifetime of work by the recipients.

    More wealth redistribution at the expense of those who do all the friggin work.

    How much longer are Americans going to put up with this??????


  63. basil9, this was a set up deal, the rethugs have been in on this from the beginning. Its all been great theatrics by both parties. The part I heard this AM was how hard they all worked on this bill.

    These folks have NEVER put in a hard days work in their whole stinking lives!!!

    The lot of them makes me SICK!

  64. 😳

    $500 billion cut from medicare while funding for medicaid increases????

    Just wait ’til all the 20 somethings realize they’re gonna haveta pony over money for insurance many of them don’t need and don’t want – and that some of the money is gonna go to their peers who don’t want or won’t get a job.
    And paying the proposed penalties will be cheaper than waiting ’til they get sick and end up in the ER and then the rest of us will pick up the tab for that, too.a

  65. I can say this book, Bill is naming names and Hillary says “I can’t believe the democrats are so spineless”. That was an ominous statement coming from her. They caved to Soros and all his money and gave into the gangsta’s from Chi-town.

  66. ‘this was a set up deal, the rethugs have been in on this from the beginning.’

    You’re right, confloyd. But now that the reality is even closer I’m getting mad all over again.

    Have you ever read Trends Research, Gerald Celente’s project?
    He predicts the collapse of the US by 2012, with entire parts of the country resembling the South bronx, or parts of Chicago. He’s been right about a lot of predictions over the past 20 years.

  67. Hillary great, delaying sanctions not very smart move….Theese Muslim/Arab leaders view this a weakness. I hope at least Hillary prevents our airforce from shooting down the IDF as they thunder over Iraq on their way to Iran.

  68. Did you all hear about the new bomb the defense department has built?? Its I think 10x stronger that the MOAB. THe WH wants to finished by December. Its non-nuclear. My guess it will be for the mountain in Afganistan and one or two in Iran?? Hillary probably told them to hurry it up?? I am guessing here, she ready to “obliterate” the opposition. LOL!!

  69. I heard about it, confloyd, and i hope it will help the poor saps in Afghanistan who are prevented from shooting at the enemy.

    I was never big into the military but after seeing jack squat trying to destroy the country I think the US soldier is being sacrificed and it’s obscene.

    I’ve interviewed a number of 20 somethings who have returned from iraq and Afghanistan with parts of their body missing. Where’s the bail-out for them?

  70. basil 9, that’s horrible those kids all screwed up for the rest of their lives. Apparently, the Russians have built the first of its kind, I wonder if that was the reason for the secret visit by Netanyahu?? Well, lets hope these bombs will finally get Osama and get rid of Iran’s nuke sites.

  71. Hill did her best with the dirt bag, anti-semetic Russians who are just plain evil… Theie own people, by and large, preferred communism and those big parades with huge warheads on display…Their history of killing and savaging Jews is well known, and they see a fool in the WhiteHouse and know Hillary has only so much power….we should have done what Patton suggested and got rid of them at the end of WW2 .

  72. “Their own people, by and large, preferred communism and those big parades with huge warheads on display”



    It’s interesting you should put forth that vision. I remember thinking on watching a newsclip of China’s recent parade that Russia must be supremely jealous that they don’t dare do the same.

    And you are right about the Jews. My grandparents escaped the pogroms of Russia to come to North America. The stories they would tell would make your blood run cold.

  73. Basil9, why is it always the democrats that during wars will not let the soldiers shoot people? I wonder if the also advocate no guns for the police?? THey are stupid.

  74. And paying the proposed penalties will be cheaper than waiting ’til they get sick and end up in the ER and then the rest of us will pick up the tab for that, too.


    Good point. So, who gets the money for the penalties?

  75. This is the stupidest bill I have ever seen. They give a loophole for the mandate, no doubt a republican thing. This will only get rid of medicare, medicaid as we know it and raise premiums all across the board and then we will even have a fatter bunch of elitests from the Insurance racketeers.

  76. Basil9, I know they said No to pre-existing conditions, but did they put in there that there will not be a higher premium for those people?? So in reality if you have a pre-existing condition you will be priced out of coverage, another loophole for the insurance companies!

  77. “This is the stupidest bill I have ever seen.”

    Did any of them read it through before voting. Was the whole package there for them to read? My understanding is that they are going to add more as they go along. Definitely a joke.

  78. Blogs and StoriesHillary and the ‘Woman Thing’
    by Tina Brown

    Losing her life’s dream (or being freed from it?) has pressed the secretary of State’s reset button in an interesting way.

    Hillary Clinton has spent her entire career looking bug-eyed with incredulity when an interviewer asks her whatever question she most expects at that moment. Her theatrical bemusement was more convincing than usual on Monday’s Today show, however, when Ann Curry asked what she says to people who are “concerned that you have been marginalized.”

    After dismissing the whole notion as “absurd,” she said: “I’m not one of these people who feels like I have to have my face in the front of the newspaper or on TV every moment of the day. I would be irresponsible and negligent were I to say, ‘Oh, no. everything must come to me.’ Now maybe that is a woman’s thing.”

    It’s as if she has learned how to circumnavigate that tiresome phallic competition and acknowledged what’s different—and valuable—about her own female nature.
    A woman’s thing! In that phrase alone the secretary of State revealed what distance she has put between herself and the 2008 campaign trail. Mark Penn, then her strategist (or some might say saboteur), would have aborted that “woman’s thing” thought before it was even conceived. Remember Penn’s famous “launch strategy memo,” written in December 2006 and leaked to The Atlantic in the closing days of the campaign? “In analyzing the current situation, regardless of the sex of the candidates,” he wrote, “most voters in essence see the presidents [sic] as the ‘father of the country.’ They do not want someone who would be the first mama, especially in this kind of world.” He cited the example of Margaret Thatcher: “the adjectives that were used about her (Iron Lady) were not of good humor or warmth.”

    Perhaps losing your life’s dream (or being freed from it, depending on how you look at it) pushes the reset button like nothing else. After some rocky moments, Hillary seems to have found, in the heart of her chief rival’s administration, an unexpected comfort level. The static around her has evaporated. She communicates a deep lack of insecurity. Locked in the Situation Room with alpha dogs all day and going home to the biggest alpha dog of all at night (on the rare occasions the two are in the same hemisphere), it’s as if she has learned how to circumnavigate that tiresome phallic competition and acknowledged what’s different—and valuable—about her own female nature. If they’d been translating her thoughts as she spoke to Curry, the subtitle would have read: “Don’t you understand? I don’t have to do that shit anymore.” No wonder she has the highest approval rating in the cabinet.

    Everyone expected Hillary to fight for the limelight with Af-Pak envoy Richard Holbrooke. But she was smart enough to let that booby prize be all his. There aren’t going to be any Nobel Prizes handed out for cutting a few messy deals with drug barons and warlords. Who are you gonna to reel in there for a Dayton Accord? Mullah Omar and Osama? The only good thing about Holbrooke’s day at the moment is when he has a stress-free debriefing session with her.

    There was speculation she would clash with flinty GOP holdover Defense Secretary Bob Gates. After all, that turf war has been almost de rigueur in Washington political infighting. But ever since July 2007 when Hillary hit out over Gates’ dismissive response to her request that the Pentagon brief Congress on plans to withdraw troops from Iraq, Gates has not risked patronizing Hillary again. Richard L. Armitage, a former deputy at State for Colin Powell, says in today’s New York Times that Gates views Hillary as “tough-minded, clear and focused.” Always more of a hawk on military matters than Obama and much respected by the military, Hillary has shown she can do business with Gates and vice versa.

    Her relationship with Obama? His low temperature doesn’t bother her (and may even be welcome, after 34 years of marriage to a heat storm). I’m told she respects The Deity’s disciplined management style. It plays to all her strength as a superwonk policy cruncher. Most of the victories of a secretary of State’s day are not the big ticket geopolitical headliners. They’re scenarios like the one that took place just this week, when Clinton, sitting in her BMW in the foothills of the Swiss Alps with her cell phone to her ear, sweet-talked the on-again, off-again Armenians and Turks into ending hostilities over massacres that took place during World War I. According to Terry McAuliffe at the six-month anniversary meeting of all 22 cabinet members at the Blair House retreat in July, Obama told two different attendees that Hillary was “the ideal cabinet officer.”

    In the protracted deliberations about troop levels in Afghanistan, Obama requires not just organized arguments from each member of his team but individual position papers as a follow up. Hillary thrives on such onerous toil. If we don’t know where she stands on Afghanistan, it’s not because her views aren’t strongly held. It’s because she’s smart and mature enough to give them to the president, not the press. Her eyes shone on the Today show when she talked about the “extraordinarily thought-provoking, deep discussion about what our goals should be—how best to protect our country, advance our interests, provide support for our allies in the ongoing struggle against fundamentalism, extremism, violence, and jihadism.” That’s the kind of stuff she’d dig into at Wellesley over spring break.

    And there’s an unexpected plus to all this. It took Obama’s presidency to do what she could never achieve in the White House or on last year’s campaign trail: She’s got Bill under control at last. From the moment she entered Foggy Bottom, he’s been as good as gold. The big dog’s in his kennel and she’s holding the leash.

    Tina Brown is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Daily Beast. She is the author of the 2007 New York Times best seller The Diana Chronicles. Brown is the former editor of Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Talk magazines and host of CNBC’s Topic

  79. So, sNOw went along with the Dimocrats to destroy the America as we know it? And was the pre existing conditions not taken out??? Holy mackerel; I guess I had better start looking for those red pills, oh yeah, I forgot I will only need one.

  80. Snowe is sickening.

    ‘like mnay woman, seems very attracted by the image of the black President.’

    Hey, jbstonesfan, don’t leave the white guilt liberal elite guys out of this. They’re the ones who put squat in office. And, guess what, they’re never the ones who never defend this country in times of war. Coincidence?

  81. ‘So, who gets the money for the penalties?’

    Your guess is as good as mine but I’m thinking it’s the government, no?

  82. Lieberman says he won’t vote for HCR.

    And McConnell says this:
    “The fact is, this proposal will never come before the Senate. But what we do know is that the bill written behind closed doors here in the Capitol will be another 1,000-page, trillion-dollar Washington takeover. We know it will slash a half-trillion dollars from seniors’ Medicare, add new taxes and raise premiums. That’s not reform.”

  83. “But ever since July 2007 when Hillary hit out over Gates’ dismissive response to her request that the Pentagon brief Congress on plans to withdraw troops from Iraq, Gates has not risked patronizing Hillary again.”


    LOL…Go Hillary.


    Interesting article on history. Another hit and praise piece. The media’s jealousy of Hillary and their pettiness continues to boggle the mind.

  84. basil9 Says:
    October 13th, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    ‘So, who gets the money for the penalties?’

    Your guess is as good as mine but I’m thinking it’s the government, no?


    By any kind of logic and fairness, that penalty money should go to the ER’s and local hospitals that are getting stuck treating uninsureds. But logic and fairness aren’t very likely here….

  85. Which is why he sent Hillary…


    October 13, 2009

    Hillary Clinton gets nothing out of the Russians

    By Iain Martin

    The U.S. Secretary of State is in Moscow for talks. Iran is on the agenda. When the White House announced last month that it was dropping its current plans for a missile shield (and replacing them with a proposal much more modest) there was a degree of criticism.

    But just wait, we were told, this is a clever ploy to get the Russians to change their position on Iran. They’ll really consider sanctions now. And surely they’ll have no option after President Barack Obama revealed in late September that the Iranians had been keeping a uranium enrichment site secret? Er… it hasn’t quite worked out that way.

    How did the Clinton talks go today? The AP news story is here. Any major shift in the Russian position is barely visible – in fact it looks like pretty minimal or non-existent movement to me.

    The Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that threatening the Iranians with sanctions would be “counter-productive”. When exactly would be a good time to take steps against the Iranian regime? After it has the bomb?

    Of course, Clinton was put in an unenviable position on this issue. The U.S. administration had already given away its biggest concession – missile defense in Europe – before it tried to get the Russians to move against Iran. This is not a sensible way to conduct relations. The Russians are really rather good at this business, and history has taught them repeatedly to respect strength and exploit weakness in an opponent. Harry Truman got this ahead of just about anyone else. JFK also understood. So, too did Ronald Reagan. But Barack Obama? On the evidence of his presidency so far? It would appear not.


  86. Dragon and Bear

    October 13 2009 20:07

    Just in case Washington gets too comfortable with the idea it has got Russia back onside, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s prime minister, was in China Tuesday to keep the US on its toes. Barack Obama has certainly made progress in “resetting” the relationship with Moscow. The US president has already reaped some rewards in terms of Russia’s more accommodating line on Iran. But Mr Putin’s visit to Beijing, coinciding neatly with US secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s own trip to Moscow, underlined that Russia has other options.

    Indeed, on Tuesday Moscow was busy signing billions of dollars-worth of trade deals with China. It was also making noises about eventually settling bilateral transactions in renminbi or roubles, rather than dollars. Mr Putin will attend a meeting of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation, a grouping whose purpose is generally understood to be to squeeze the US out of central Asia. The US was evicted from a military base in Uzbekistan in 2005. In February, it was ordered out of Kyrgyzstan after Russian machinations, though that decision has been reversed – for now.

    Such trends have led some to conclude that the world’s most formidable authoritarian states have found common cause. Certainly, the new Great Game in central Asia does not appear to be going Washington’s way. Yet talk of a confluence of Chinese and Russian interests is overdone. The truth, comforting for Wasshington, is Moscow and Beijing remain more rivals than partners. China, whose economy, unlike that of Russia, is still motoring ahead, has recently flexed its muscles, concluding several big hydrocarbons deals in Kazakhstan and elsewhere in central Asia. In December, Turkmenistan is due to start pumping gas to China through a new pipeline. Moscow remains deeply suspicious of Chinese influence in central Asia, a region it regards as its “sphere of privileged interest”.

    Russia is also paranoid about the thinly populated eastern third of its landmass, home to a paltry 6m people who live across the border from China’s 1.3bn. Russia and China talk merrily of a multi-polar world. But both know that China has a far more credible claim to great power status. The only cards Moscow holds are abundant oil and gas reserves, and nuclear arms. Russia would like to develop a huge market to its east to counterbalance that of Europe – and China certainly needs the energy. Yet Russia will play hard to get. It is not time for the Dragon and the Bear to lie down together just yet.


  87. “They’re scenarios like the one that took place just this week, when Clinton, sitting in her BMW in the foothills of the Swiss Alps with her cell phone to her ear, sweet-talked the on-again, off-again Armenians and Turks into ending hostilities over massacres that took place during World War I. According to Terry McAuliffe at the six-month anniversary meeting of all 22 cabinet members at the Blair House retreat in July, Obama told two different attendees that Hillary was “the ideal cabinet officer.”


    I guess we all, as descendants of immigrants can relate to atrocities committed by nations superior to our own at that point in time in history. If we don’t let it go and move on, we never transcend the animus generated by the past. Mine was the Potato Famine in Ireland. Where the Brits removed all the farm animals and food stuffs they could carry leaving blighted potatoes rotting away in the fields. The only food left for my G-G grandparents for sustenance.

    a brief wiki excerpt:

    “In 1996 Francis A. Boyle, a law professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, wrote a report commissioned by the New York-based Irish Famine/Genocide Committee, that concluded “Clearly, during the years 1845 to 1850, the British government pursued a policy of mass starvation in Ireland with intent to destroy in substantial part the national, ethnic and racial group commonly known as the Irish People…. Therefore, during the years 1845 to 1850 the British government knowingly pursued a policy of mass starvation in Ireland that constituted acts of genocide against the Irish people within the meaning of Article II (c) of the 1948 [Hague] Genocide Convention.”[143] On the strength of Boyle’s report, the U.S. state of New Jersey included the famine in the “Holocaust and Genocide Curriculum” at the secondary tier.”[144]

  88. jbstonesfan Says:

    October 13th, 2009 at 3:43 pm
    Blogs and StoriesHillary and the ‘Woman Thing’
    by Tina Brown

    What an idiot this woman Tina is

    My hope is that there are so many changes in Congress next year this Fraud Baccus health bill goes unfunded

  89. gonzotx, the bill passed out of committe. It still needs to be merged with the other bills and to clear the senate.

  90. So they send Hillary to try and persuade Putin, why didn’t they just send Soros, afterall he is the one orchestrating this BS. He, Brezezinski and Kissinger think you can sweet talk the Russians. We can’t just sit back and patiently and lovingly ask them to play nice. These progressives are missing a few links in their chains.

  91. confloyd:

    The Russians are mortal enemies of Soros, Kissenger and ZBig-

    ZBig has been trying to instigate a war between the US and Russia for years, going back to Carter. That whole group should be euthanized as Cold War Corpses unfit to breathe the air provided by mother earth.

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