Zero Sense

It’s about priorities.

It’s about common sense.

It’s about judgment.

Remember judgment? The senseless Hopium addled tried for years to convince us that Barack Obama had better judgment than Hillary or anyone because once upon a time in order to get the attention and money from a big dollar donor, he gave a speech about Iraq, to a very liberal audience, in a very liberal state, then did nothing ever again about Iraq and the video of the speech disappeared.

Now Americans are witnessing the zero sense displayed on a daily, hourly, basis, by the Big Zero himself.

* * * * *

On Friday, government reports confirmed that unemployment is rising. Unemployment is now at 9.8% and rising. In the real world unemployment is at least 17% and rising.

As the ugly unemployment numbers were published, Barack Obama was flying on a jet with Michelle Obama. The foolish, like Mika Brezinski, defended Obama flying off to Copenhagen by praising modern telecommunications and the ability to multi-task. But the issue is one of focusing on priorities not the possibilities enabled by technological marvels.

Americans want the government and elected officials to concentrate on job creation in the private sector. “Fix the economy!” shout Americans. But Obama and Dimocrats have other priorities, other interests.

Instead of focusing on the economy Barack Obama and his Dimocratic Party are focused on a game of Chaos Theory. Chaos Theory, dramatized by the Butterfly Effect leads to lack of priorities and non-productive activity. It’s running rapidly in place but going nowhere.

The Butterfly Effect (“The idea that one butterfly could eventually have a far-reaching ripple effect on subsequent historic events seems first to have appeared in a 1952 short story by Ray Bradbury about time travel…”) is a fascinating study. But as a political strategy it is a disaster.

Early this year, during the “stimulus” and the budget debate we touched on the priority issue:

There are many worthy items we all have wish lists about. But right now the economy has a wish list too: a plan for rescue.

Our critique of Obama’s myriad mish-mash “plans”, as opposed to a unified strategy of coherent efforts and initiatives, was that if the United States had tons of money then the Obama waste of dollars would make some sense because “money is like manure” and should be spread around.

But the United States is deeply in debt and every year the budget deficits add to that debt. As an example, if there were millions of acres of fertile land and millions of seeds, it would make sense to just scatter the seeds – Johnny Appleseed style – across the vast landscape. But when you have little land and few seeds you must plant the seeds wisely.

Obama chose to spend trillions on a slush fund for Dimocrats to buy off constituents in the 2010 elections. The United States went further into debt to pay for pork barrel projects, not targeted investments.

Yesterday, the always speeding Obama rush-rush mobile hit a brick wall. Don’t Blame it on Rio. That brick wall is Reality.

* * * * *

What Obama wanted was a quick trip to Copenhagen, wasting millions of government dollars. Some planes wasted money lugging Michelle Obama and Oprah, other planes lugged the Obama limousine, other planes carried support personnel and equipment. It was a huge waste of money.

Obama timed it so that the “Yes” vote for Chicago would be announced shortly before he would arrive in Washington, D.C., in time to hold a triumphant publicity stunt press conference. Big Media would shower Obama in rose petals, and light incense to this colossus Caesar “while we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.”

But the International Olympic Committee followed a different script. It is a script we have described and it is the template foreign leaders follow in their dealings with Barack Obama: flatter Obama in public and then slap his face.

This is what we wrote in the sensibly and accurately titled World Leaders And North Korea To Barack Obama: “Sucker”

World leaders sized up Obama and decided he is a celebrity wannabee. So world leaders gave Obama the soul craving celebrity he wants for himself and then smartly picked the pockets of Uncle Sam while Obama grinned.

* * * * *

Others published sanitized versions of what we have been writing for a long while.

Politico noted Obama’s efforts were aimed at self-aggrandizement – it was more “me, me” from Obama:

Chicago’s backers had sought to wrap their bid in the international goodwill generated by Obama’s presidency after eight years of the globally unpopular Bush administration, and they won unprecedented support from the White House. And Obama himself in his presentation to the IOC Friday morning in Copenhagen presented his pursuit of the Games as a part of his administration’s efforts to re-engage with the international community.

“We stand at a moment in history when the fate of each nation is inextricably linked to the fate of all nations — a time of common challenges that require common effort,” he told the committee. “And I ran for president because I believed deeply that at this defining moment, the United States of America has a responsibility to help in that effort, to forge new partnerships with the nations and the peoples of the world.”

The “me me” did not work. New York City’s bid for the 2012 Olympics came in 2nd without Obama. With Obama and a stronger Chicago bid, Chicago came in dead last.

The Gamesbids website thought there was another, bigger star:

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil’s empassioned plea to bring the Games to South America for the first time was the highlight of Rio’s 45 minute final bid presentation. With much emotion and conviction, his high-energy remarks in Portuguese topped an overall inspirational Rio presentation that puts the bid in a good position heading into the vote.

The CBS affiliate in Chicago hit Obama on the head with a hammer called reality:

But the president’s pitch, along with the star power of First Lady Michelle Obama and TV queen Oprah Winfrey, couldn’t sway enough votes.

In the short term, CBS 2 Mike Flannery reports that the Chicago defeated leaves Obama politically wounded by taking on a fight that he really didn’t have to take.

It was about priorities. Obama chose to waste time and money when other efforts needed attention.

Let’s also add that the egocentric “speech” via TelePrompter of Michelle Obama did not help, it probably hurt. The Olympic committee wanted to know how the Olympics would be helped by holding the games in Chicago and Michelle Obama stated that she would like to have the games in Chicago because it reminded her of daddy. Obama stated he would like to walk from his Rezko house in Chicago to the games. The egos were flying.

The New York Times labeled it “An Olympian Defeat For Obama”.

One oft-heard argument in favor of Barack Obama’s presidential candidacy was that he would help restore the image of America abroad, tarnished as it was by the Bush administration’s unilateralism.

The Times then quotes Pajamas Media:

“He placed the prestige of his presidency directly on the line and failed. That’s the bottom line. He gambled with the one thing no president should ever gamble with unless the stakes are much higher than his hometown getting the Olympic games.”

The Times also quoted Commentary:

Obama received a nasty rebuff and a stern reminder that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily care what he thinks. Chicago is out of the Olympics bidding process–in the first round. Why did Obama invest so much personal capital and time for this? Well, he simply can’t help himself. It’s the same force of ego that drives him on to those TV talk shows again and again and that imagines that a grand speech with no content and no appeal outside his base will be a game changer on health-care reform.

It’s also another reminder that, apparently, there isn’t anyone influential enough in the White House to keep the president from embarrassing himself. No one to say, “Enough with the talk shows.” No one to explain that presidents should not invest their personal credibility and standing to beg the IOC on behalf of his hometown. No one, unfortunately, to direct him back to the job of making timely, forceful decisions to defend America’s real interests. Not an interest in getting the Olympics, but the interests in defanging Iran, in maintaining robust alliances with friendly democracies, in executing a winning strategy in Afghanistan, and in readjusting domestic policy away from job-killing measures and toward job-creating ones.

Obama didn’t get the Olympics. He did get a slap in the face. Maybe he will learn something about multilateral institutions. At the very least, he may want to consider finding some advisers who will tell him to stop doing such silly things.

The Associated Press calls it a boob job too:

Still, President Barack Obama’s high-profile failure to win the Olympics for Chicago could feed negative narratives already nipping at his heels — that he’s a better talker than closer, more celebrity than statesman.

And this could hamper his efforts on the weightier issues.

Despite Obama’s fabled charm and powers of persuasion, his in-person plea for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Games fell flat. It was a hugely embarrassing defeat. His adopted hometown — considered a front-runner heading into Friday’s voting — didn’t just lose, it took last place, shocking nearly all by getting knocked out in the first round while the remaining three contenders moved on.

The Associated Press adds that the Olympian defeat feeds other perceptions that are growing about Obama: “He’s trying to do too much at once. – He’s trying to do too much at once. – He is a celebrity, for sure, but is that always a good thing? – He’s too casual with the use of his own time. – He’s junior varsity-league, still learning on the job.”

The Wall Street Journal quoted Tony Fratto, a deputy press secretary for George W. Bush. When you have former Bush administration making strong points that is a clue you are in trouble. “Certainly the failed effort in Chicago along with a bad jobs report coming out puts critics in a position to say, ‘Why was he running off to Copenhagen when we have more important issues to deal with?’ This idea that other nations will do something that’s not in their best interests because they like you is just silly.”

The Daily Mail was another publication who joined Big Pink in calling it a “Slap in the face for Obama”:

International Olympic Committee president Jacques Rogge made the announcement in Copenhagen today, to the bitter humiliation of Barack Obama.

The U.S. president was embarrassed on the world stage after the IOC rejected his very personal bid for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held at his home town of Chicago.


The president’s high-profile lobbying for the Windy City crashed early and embarrassingly: Chicago attracted the lowest number of votes in a four-city contest eventually won by Rio de Janeiro.

The stunning first-round ouster gave Obama’s opponents — even those who say they were rooting for the only U.S. city in the running — fodder for a day of questioning the president’s powers of persuasion.

Meanwhile, his supporters were still scratching their heads over his decision to insert himself into an uncertain competition, while debate over his signature health care plan reached fever pitch back home.

Many Dimocrats and Obama apologists are now in full blame mode. These Hopium addled addicts blame the politics of the International Olympic Committee and anti-U.S. bias, and many other reasons. What they don’t explain is why they did not talk about these obstacles before Obama wasted millions flying off to Copenhagen and distracting the nation’s attention from substantive matters. The Obama triumphalists now say it was “fixed” – but these boobs don’t explain why Obama put U.S. prestige on the line with what they now claim was a HOPEless endeavor.

The Weekly Standard poked fun at the New York Times by asking Why Does The NYT Hate Obama So Much? The Standard quoted the New York Times:

President Obama not only failed to bring home the gold, he could not even muster the silver or bronze.

A dramatic 20-hour mission across the ocean to persuade the International Olympic Committee to give the 2016 Summer Games to Chicago proved such a miscalculation that his adopted hometown finished fourth of four candidate cities.

Rarely has a president put his credibility on the line on the world stage in such a personal way and been slapped down so sharply in real time. While Chicago may have lost to Rio de Janeiro for all sorts of reasons that had nothing to do with Mr. Obama, the fact that he made himself the face of the city’s bid invariably meant it would be taken as a stinging rejection of its favorite son. [snip]

The defeat will be used as a political metaphor and raise painful questions. Why did he invest so much time, taxpayer money and, perhaps most important, presidential prestige in a losing effort? How did he misjudge the potential vote so badly that Chicago evidently was not even in the top tier? What does it say about a leader who may be far more popular abroad than his predecessor yet has trouble converting that esteem into tangible benefits for the United States?

It’s about priorities and judgment – Obama is too inexperienced and unqualified to be the president of the United States.

Barack Obama has Zero Sense. Increasingly, Americans and the World have Zero Confidence in the flim-flam man from the Circus of Corruption called Chicago.


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  1. Neither Bill or Hillary would have made spectacles of themselves or demeaned the Office of the President as many times as obama has in his short vacation to the White House. They wouldn’t have gone to Copenhagen. They wouldn’t have given special attention to their home town the way he has.

    His buddies can spin and defend his actions every which way but up, but the proof is in the pudding. He is a dismal failure and destroys everything he touches.

    Excellent research, Admin.

  2. Obama pushing backstage campaign for public plan

    Noam N. Levey and Janet Hook Washington Bureau
    October 2, 2009

    WASHINGTON – Despite months of seeming ambivalence about creating a government health insurance plan, the Obama White House has launched an intensifying behind-the-scenes campaign to get divided Senate Democrats to take up some version of the idea in the weeks just ahead.

    President Obama has long called for a so-called public option, while at the same time repeatedly expressing openness to other ways to offer consumers a potentially more affordable alternative to health plans sold by private insurers. But now, senior administration officials are holding private meetings almost daily at the Capitol with senior Democratic staff to discuss ways to include a version of the public plan in the healthcare bill that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plans to bring to the Senate floor later this month, according to senior Democratic congressional aides.

    Among those regularly in the meetings are Obama’s top healthcare advisor Nancy-Ann DeParle, aides to Reid and Senate finance and health committee staff, both of which developed healthcare bills. At the same time, Obama has been reaching out personally to rank-and-file Senate Democrats, telephoning more than a dozen lawmakers in the last week to press the case for action.

    Administration officials are also distributing talking points and employing other campaign-style devices to rally support for passing a bill this fall. The White House initiative, unfolding largely out of public view, follows months in which the president appeared to defer to senior lawmakers on Capitol Hill as they labored to put together gargantuan healthcare bills.

    It also marks a critical test of Obama’s command of the inside game in Washington in which deals are struck behind closed doors and wavering lawmakers are cajoled and pressure into supporting major legislation. “The challenge is to go to the (Senate) floor, hold the deal,” said Steve Elmendorf, a lobbyist who served as chief of staff to former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt. But “they are more involved than people think. They have a plan and a strategy, and they know what they want to get and they work with people to get it.” With the Senate Finance Committee wrapping up work on its legislation and moving toward a formal committee vote next week, senior Democrats in the House and Senate are furiously working on detailed compromises to ensure enough Democratic votes to pass healthcare bills out of the two chambers later this month.

    While on paper Democrats hold majorities in both houses, nailing down those majorities has not been easy, particularly in the Senate where Democrats need a 60-vote supermajority to head off a Republican filibuster. The party commands a 60 to 40 majority, including two independents, but several centrist Democrats have expressed reservations about parts of Obama’ s healthcare agenda.

    No issue has proven more divisive than the proposal to create a new national insurance plan operated by the federal government and offered to some consumers as an alternative to private insurance. Though favored by liberals as the best protection for consumers from high premiums charged by commercial insurers, a government plan is still viewed warily by many conservative Democrats and nearly all Republicans.

    Just last week, two proposals to create a national government plan were defeated in the finance committee when Republicans and conservative Democrats voted against them.
    While those votes were viewed by some as the death knell of the public option, the White House and its congressional allies are under heavy pressure from the Democratic Party’s liberal base to breathe life back into it.

    That has Democratic leaders looking for ways to insert some form of the concept into a Senate bill without jeopardizing centrist support. To that end, Obama is lavishing attention on moderate lawmakers while he continues to talk up the public option.

    He has met repeatedly in private with Sen. Olympia Snowe (R- Maine), who has floated a proposal to allow states to set up government plans as a fallback if commercial insurers do not control premiums. The president has also personally discussed healthcare at least three times recently with Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.), one of the most outspoken Democratic critics of the public option.

    When Obama spoke by phone with Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) last week, he made a point of the breadth of support for the public option, Cantwell said in an interview. Cantwell authored a proposal to let states set up public plans that Democrats added to the Senate Finance Committee bill on Wednesday.

    And when Pennsylvania Democrats came to the White House recently to celebrate the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup win, Obama pulled some of them aside and reiterated his commitment to the public option even as Baucus was preparing a bill without one.

    Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are also laboring to reverse the impression that the public option is a politically risky vote for conservative Democrats to take. New York Sen. Charles Schumer, the third ranking Democrat in the Senate has been canvassing centrist Democrats to explore ways they might support a new government plan. “I have talked to every one of our conservative members and they are open to some kind of public option,” he told reporters last week.

    And at a closed door meeting of Senate Democrats last Tuesday, Assistant Majority Leader Richard J. Durbin (D-Ill.) marshaled polling data that in dozens of districts represented by conservative Democrats, a majority said that they would back requirement that Americans get health insurance so long as there was a public option. “To argue that this is some fringe position is to ignore the obvious,” Durbin said.

    The nonprofit Kaiser Family Foundation’s September healthcare survey showed 57% of Americans support the creation of a “public health insurance option similar to Medicare,” down just two percentage points from the August and July surveys. Those polls have also been followed closely at the White House.

    By including a plan in the bill that the full Senate will debate later this month, the White House and Democratic congressional leaders could force Republicans to try to remove it. “One of the most consistently popular ideas in the healthcare debate is the public option, more popular than health reform generally,” said Paul Begala, a veteran Democratic strategist and former senior aide to President Clinton. “It’s good politics.” But Obama and Reid are treading carefully, wary of including a provision that would scare off moderate such as Snowe, Nelson and Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), who have all indicated they would not support a national public plan.

    Among the ideas being considered are Cantwell’s proposal and an alternative from Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) that would also give states flexibility to set up their own public plans, as well as a proposal by Snowe, the “trigger” approach.

    The White House also remains sensitive about being viewed as dictating what lawmakers should do. Just last week, DeParle and National Economic Council Director Larry Summers told a group of House Democratic leaders that the president is still open-minded about options, according to one Democratic aide. “You get a lot of resentment when the White House comes in to do Congress’ job,” said Dan Meyer, a lobbyist who served as who served as President Bush’s last legislative affairs chief and was a long-time senior aide to House Republican leaders.,0,1541083.story

  3. Olympdick

    That had me laughing. I loved it.

    O does the parts of the job he enjoys and ignore the rest of it. He enjoyed the fraud, bullying of the Campaign, so that is what he continues to do. They don’t campaign that much in Europe, so it is logical that his techniques would not work there. Hexx they are even having trouble working here, since the campaign has ended.


    Jan–take a look at 6:55 et. seq. in the above clip. It is the big banana hat which Carmen Miranda was famous for. I wonder if it would be too small for Obama’s huge head. After Copenhagen it might just fit.

    Courtesy of Busby Berkeley. He got in some personal trouble and retained Jerry Geisler to defend him. Geisler was the great Hollywood defense lawyer of the 1930s and 40’s. My dad saw him at USC Law School in the late 1930’s. Geisler was trained by the legendary Earl Rogers, about whom the fans turn of the century Pacific Coast Baseball League used to say kill the umpire and get Earl Rogers to defend you. The DAs office in those days was on the take in that sense the movie Chinatown with Faye Dunaway and Jack Nicholson is not that far off the mark. Coincidentally, the DA was Burton Fitz and he too trained under Rogers.

  5. Not even George W. Bush would have done something this dumb.

    Someone said to me, “but it’s only the Olympics”.

    But, more people pay attention to stuff like this than boring politics.

    I think his mystique just crashed to earth.

  6. Top 10 Reasons Chicago Didn’t Get the Olympics

    10. Not enough dead people to tip the vote

    9. Obama was distracted by his own voice again.

    8. The teleprompter stopped working and put Rio’s name in by mistake.

    7. The impediment is Israel still building settlements.

    5. it was quite clear and said all along that we didn’t want the Olympics. No, Obama just needed ANOTHER vacation.

    4. This isn’t about the number of Olympics “lost”, it’s about the number of Olympics “saved” or “created”.

    3. Clearly not enough wise Latina judges on the committee

    2. Because the IOC is racist.

    1. Oh we forgot, It’s George Bush’s fault.

  7. Obama has finally done it-

    He used every bit of political capital he had left and tried leveraging it in the hope of vaulting himself to hero hood by bringing home a big win for Chicago. Not surprisingly, he failed. The only thing he has accomplished to date is realizing Soros’ dream of lowering America’s standing and prestige in the world as the World’s Super Power turning our country into a shadow of it’s former self once more demeaning us to an unheard of status as irrelevant in the first round.

    How long will the elites tolerate standing at the end of the line or not having their phone calls returned when they come calling and having their prestige devalued along with the dollar to zero sum status. As Bill Clinton said:

    “The more complex societies get and the more complex the networks of interdependence within and beyond community and national borders get, the more people are forced in their own interests to find non-zero-sum solutions. That is, win–win solutions instead of win–lose solutions…. Because we find as our interdependence increases that, on the whole, we do better when other people do better as well — so we have to find ways that we can all win, we have to accommodate each other”….

    Bill Clinton, Wired interview, December 2000

  8. LOL…wbboei,

    I used to watch those movies with my mom. I think it the hat was maybe…three times that size…it might just be a good fit for bambi.

  9. MRS.SMITH, I WAS SPEAKING ABOUT TEXAS, THERE IS PLENTY OF OIL IN THE GULF OF MEXICO, NOT BEING PUMPED. THEY JUST HAVE FOUND ONE OF THE LARGEST FINDS IN THE GULF’S HISTORY. ARE WE LOOKING FOR IT? NO NO NO, DO YOU KNOW WHY???? Because the powers that be won’t make enough MONEY from it. If they were to look for it and get it out, it would help the unemployment problems emensly. THey aren’t even looking or pumping gas wells, which are in abundance in TEXAS. I have had gas pumped from under my property as recently as 2006 and all people were employed here. So what happened?? ITs called lets make this country go down in flames!

    As far as Hillary is concerned, I did also notice she came to this UN with RIce in tow, SHe was either there as a support person or spy one or the other. DO YOU REALLY KNOW or are you trying to convince others of your opinion. IF you have PERSONAL information, pls share it, otherwise we may all keep speculating!!

  10. MRS.SMITH, One more thing about Hillary and her wings being clipped. She had positive input about what she would do with the economy, she has not stepped in to help. WHY?? She is relegated to just foreign policy and foreign policy concerning the war. You will notice that Biden has been quoted as saying he is not for the surge in troops, no one has asked Hillary, WHY?

    Hillary has the ability to fix this economy, so why isn’t she????

  11. confloyd,

    As far as the troop issue is concerned, here is an article from October 1st that I read…


    White House split on second Afghan troop surge

  12. confloyd-

    By Hillary OR Bill stepping in… s/he would be stepping on someone else’s toes mainly Obamas’. It’s just not done by anyone in any job culture and is considered insulting enough for firing.

    Relegated to Foreign Policy? It’s a plum Cabinet position and a job she had agreed to undertake. It would be beyond the scope of her job description to do anything more where she would leave herself wide-open for entrapment by the Obama administration.

    I’m surprised she agreed to promote Obama’s Health Care Policy. She didn’t have to do that as part of her job. But Hillary isateam player.However,she knows through experience where to draw the line. Her job description doesn’t include involvement in Obama’s Domestic Policy.

  13. Admin,

    Another gem.

    I sometimes feel so dumb when I read your analysis! How do you think of all these things? And how do you manage to get it all online so quickly?

  14. Mrs. Smith of coarse it is out of the scope of her job description and understanding Hillary she would never step on anyone toes. What I am relating to is obviously by her own words she said Obama and her lawyers would be working something out for her as far as a position in the administration. My personal opinion is that the folks that put Obama in do not want a positive end game to economy. What is happening is right down the lines of what they want. They also knew of Hillary’s ability to handle the position of “go between”/diplomacy, and thats where they put her. I think she also has hands off orders on the economy. She constantly touts her husband administrations economical strategies. So WHY is she not saying anything, its because she can’t and/or she won’t because of her job description.

    I also think as time has gone on she has proved her ability to stay out of the economic policy, so she has been given a little more leeway in talking now about the war, missile deployment and suc

    I also think as the administration is teetering on disaster, the powers that be want her to keep it afloat et la more camera time.

    JanH, I figured she would be in line with McCain on the Afganistan problem. A few months ago she wasn’t saying anything about any war anywhere.

    WE need a quote onwhat we should do about Afganistan from Brezenski and Soros and then we will see what lil ol Biden is beholden to.

  15. confloyd:

    “So WHY is she not saying anything, its because she can’t and/or she won’t because of her job description.”


    Why does Hillary have to say anything? All her policies and Bill’s are available for viewing in the Public domain. If you don’t like the way Hillary is being used by the Obama administration or you think she should be taking over Obama’s job; why don’t you write her a letter specifying your opinions and ask her for a response.

  16. Admin: can you embed this link. It is a critique of Obama on Afghanistan and more broadly. It is by Eagleburger who is a former Secretary of State and a protoge of Kissinger. He is favorable toward Clinton and highly critical of Obama. Previously, he has called Obama original atmosphere. Here he ways all Obama does is talk, delays, and Obama disappears when a decision needs to be made. In foreign and domestic affairs shut up until you decide what you want, and there is no direction. This administration has not prepared to lead.

  17. I am sure she doesn’t want to comment on the economy Mrs. Smith is what I am getting at. I am sure the economic policies of this administration aren’t hers. As a matter of fact I know they are not because I can pull up her campaign ideas. She was for bailing out the homeowner’s not the banks.

    Do you every wonder why Biden was chosen for VP at the very late date that he was?? My personal opinion no on wanted to take orders from the group that Bambi does. There were several people who were in the running, one is running the DNC now. Biden was the only one to say yes. Hillary said no. THat is plain as day. Obama is bought and paid for, he doesn’t mind running this country in the ground.

    I am very happy about what Hillary does, but she has the ability to handle much, much more, but its out of the scope of her job.

  18. “I am very happy about what Hillary does, but she has the ability to handle much, much more, but its out of the scope of her job.”


    Not anymore- She went to an “un-clip-her-wings” party and she’s flyin high-

    She just said: “I LIKE BEING PRESIDENT” and she means it!

  19. confloyd,

    Didn’t we read recently that michelle refused to consider Hillary for VP? That she didn’t want the Clintons down the hall from her?

  20. Iran hits out at Obama’s ‘mistake’

    Sunday, October 04, 2009

    TEHRAN: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said yesterday that US President Barack Obama made a big mistake when he accused the country of having hidden a newly revealed nuclear site, arguing that Iran reported the facility to the UN even earlier than required.

    He defended his government’s actions as the head of the UN’s nuclear monitoring agency, Mohamed ElBaradei, arrived to arrange an inspection of the uranium enrichment facility near the city of Qom.

    Obama and the leaders of France and Britain accused Iran of keeping the construction hidden from the world for years.

    Ahmadinejad challenged that view, saying that Iran voluntarily revealed the facility to the IAEA in a letter on September 21.

  21. JanH, I sure did. I just hope those nasty rethugs can get those two out asap. I was nice to see Hillary declare that she like being President. I think even the folks that put Zero in, now know he is a big Zero, I think they regret it. I just wonder what Biden is doing agreeing with the idiot all the time?? I guess that is the safest thing to do for him since when he does open his mouth its to put his foot in it. He is even a disapointment.

    Sorry about my spelling!

    JanH, Do you think we are headed for a depression and the lose of the dollar??

  22. Report says Iran has data to make atom bomb

    Sat Oct 3, 2009

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A confidential analysis by staff of the U.N. nuclear watchdog has concluded that Iran has acquired “sufficient information to be able to design and produce” an atom bomb, The New York Times reported on Saturday.

    The Times report was posted on its website hours after Mohamed ElBaradei, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, arrived in Tehran for talks on a timetable for inspectors to visit a newly disclosed unfinished nuclear enrichment plant.

    Iran, which rejects Western charges that it is seeking to build nuclear weapons, held talks with six world powers in Geneva on Thursday. Western officials said that in the talks, Iran had agreed “in principle” to ship out most of its enriched uranium for reprocessing in Russia and France.

    The analysis, according to the Times, says the IAEA “assesses that Iran has sufficient information to be able to design and produce a workable implosion nuclear device” based on highly enriched uranium. The Times said unnamed senior European officials had described the document’s conclusions to the paper. It said the report was written earlier this year and had since been revised, and quoted one official as saying the text was “not ready for publication as an official document.”

    It said the report, titled “Possible Military Dimensions of Iran’s Nuclear Program,” described a complex program run by Iran’s Defense Ministry “aimed at the development of a nuclear payload to be delivered using the Shahab 3 missile system.” The report said the program apparently started in 2002. It suggested “the Iranians have done a wide array of research and testing to perfect nuclear arms, like making high-voltage detonators, firing test explosives and designing warheads,” the Times said, but it did not say how much progress they made.

    “The agency’s tentative analysis also says that Iran ‘most likely’ obtained the needed information for designing and building an implosion bomb ‘from external sources’ and then adapted the information to its own needs,” the Times said.

    The paper said a dispute had erupted in recent months over the report between the IAEA’s senior staff and ElBaradei, the agency’s outgoing director who opposes adopting a “confrontational strategy” with Iran. “In recent weeks, there have been leaks about the internal report, perhaps intended to press Dr. ElBaradei into releasing it,” the Times said.

  23. confloyd,

    I am the ultimate optimist. I just can’t imagine a world without the U.S. dollar. But wiser people here than me have said that this is where things are headed.

    A depression yes. In some ways I think it is already here.

  24. JanH, What really worries me about Ahmandinejad is his theory of the 12th Iman. He really wants to cause as much chaos in the world so as to accelerate the coming of the “hidden imam/12th”.

    This certainly goes with what he is doing in Iraq and Afganistan. I just wonder why the CIA hasn’t done a hit on him yet, they could and should.

    Of coarse there is whole legions of 12er’s in Iran that believe that. That is so scary, give them a nuke and they could cause untold chaos.

  25. Health insurance bills could be hardship for many

    By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR (AP) – 1 hour ago

    WASHINGTON — Many middle-class Americans would still struggle to pay for health insurance despite efforts by President Barack Obama and Democrats to make coverage more affordable.

    The legislation advancing in Congress would require all Americans to get insurance — through an employer, a government program or by buying it themselves. But new tax credits to help with premiums won’t go far enough for everyone. Some middle-class families purchasing their own coverage through new insurance exchanges could find it out of reach.

    Lawmakers recognize the problem. “For some people it’s going to be a heavy lift,” said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del. “We’re doing our best to make sure it’s not an impossible lift.”

    Added Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine: “We have no certainty as to whether or not these plans are going to be affordable.” Both are on the Senate Finance Committee, which finished writing a health care bill on Friday.

    A new online tool from the Kaiser Family Foundation illustrates the predicament. The Health Reform Subsidy Calculator provides ballpark estimates of what households of varying incomes and ages would pay under the different Democratic health care bills. The legislation is still a work in progress and the calculator only a rough guide. Nonetheless, the results are revealing.

    A family of four headed by a 45-year-old making $63,000 a year is in the middle of the middle class. But that family would pay $7,110 to buy its own health insurance under the plan from the committee chairman, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.
    The family would get a tax credit of $3,970 to help pay for a policy worth $11,080. But the balance due — $7,110 — is real money. Maybe it’s less than the rent, but it’s probably more than a car loan payment.

    Kaiser’s calculator doesn’t take into account co-payments and deductibles that could add hundreds of dollars, even several thousand, to a family’s total medical expenses. A Congressional Budget Office analysis estimates total expenses could average 20 percent of income for some families by 2016.

    The issue of affordability “has been lurking in the background and is nowhere near resolved yet,” said Kaiser’s president, Drew Altman. “It’s tricky because it doesn’t take a lot of people to make affordability a political problem. It just takes some very visible and understandable cases.”

    At the root of the concerns is the push to cut the overall cost of health care overhaul legislation. Congress is trimming the budget for subsidies to meet Obama’s target of $900 billion over 10 years — as the Baucus plan does. It means premiums will be higher than under earlier Democratic proposals.

    The trade-off directly affects people who buy their own coverage. For those with job-based insurance, employers would continue to cover most of the costs. Most of the uninsured are in households headed by someone who’s self-employed or works at a business that doesn’t provide coverage. It’s this group that Democrats are trying to help.

    Because health insurance is so expensive, lawmakers recognize that if they’re going to pass a law requiring all Americans to get coverage, government has to defray the cost. The size of those subsidies makes an enormous difference.

    Under the Baucus bill, a family of four making $63,000 would have to pay 11 percent of its income for health insurance, according to Kaiser. By comparison, an earlier bill from the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee with more generous subsidies required the same hypothetical family to pay about 7 percent of its income for premiums — a difference of about $2,500.

    “This is not the loaves and the fishes — you can’t just throw some subsidies out there and expect that will take care of everybody’s needs,” said Karen Pollitz, a Georgetown University professor who studies the insurance market for people buying their own coverage.

    The legislation provides the most generous subsidies to those at or near the poverty line, about $22,000 for a family of four. That’s where the problem is concentrated because about three-fourths of the uninsured are in households making less than twice the poverty level. But as income rises, the subsidies taper off.

    For a family of four making $45,000, federal subsidies would pick up 71 percent of the premium under the Baucus plan, according to the Kaiser calculator.

    For a family with an income of $63,000, the subsidies would only cover 36 percent of the premium.

    A family making $90,000 would get no help.

    Pollitz said the subsidies disappear rapidly for households with solid middle-class incomes. That could be tricky for a self-employed individual who has a particularly good year financially. Another problem is that people won’t be able to get the insurance tax credits immediately after the bill passes. To hold down costs, the assistance won’t come until 2013, after the next presidential election.

    White House officials say that while Obama wants the cost of the final bill to stay manageable, it has to provide affordable coverage. “The president is absolutely committed to making this affordable. That’s the whole point,” said Linda Douglass, spokeswoman for the White House health reform office. Douglass said it’s premature to draw any conclusions while the bill is being shaped in Congress. But House leaders are also cutting back their legislation to meet Obama’s target.

    Acknowledging the affordability problem, Baucus’ committee voted Friday to exempt millions of people from the requirement to buy insurance and reduce penalties for those who fail to do so. But that would mean leaving at least 2 million more uninsured — not very satisfying to Democrats who started out with the goal of coverage for all. “I think we’ve got to do something about it,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “We’ve got to make sure health insurance is affordable for the middle class.”

  26. I wonder what the Israeli’s think about this theory of the 12th iman. It’s common knowledge so they must know. I am getting this magazine by the” friends of Israel” and they have a whole article about this theory.

    The world is definitely turning against Israel, you can see it in all the leftie blogs as well as some RW blogs. Its so disheartening to see them accuse Israel of all things bad in this world.

  27. confloyd,

    It is more serious than that. We have an American leader who is bent on doing nothing but talking to his enemies, influencing other leaders. He is the worst procrastinator when it comes to world emergencies.

  28. I wonder what Obama believes about the 12th imam. I think he is quietly assisting the Iranians.

    JanH, he is what is called in the healthcare business as an A student in theory, but when you put them out on the floor with sick people they can’t do the job. These people are usually relegated to teaching their subject not actually doing the job. That’s Obama, all thumbs.

  29. In the end Israel will act alone or come to the conclusion that they still can wipe Iran off the map before Iran can launch a nuke at her. Not a great scenario, but probably one we will have to settle for thanks to Bush and Obama . Most Americans now favor a military strike and it is the usual suspects- the far left, the Euros and “conservatives” like Buchanan( see also the late piece of crap Novack) that oppose Israel.
    Believe me, Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia would love Israel to do the dirty work, condemn her publicly, but in private party their turbines off in relief. It really comes down to whether Bibi is a Begin or a Rabin….

  30. Lets hope he’s takes out the nukes in Iran and does it soon. They can’t be trusted anymore than Obama can be trusted.

  31. What Obama wanted was a quick trip to Copenhagen, wasting millions of government dollars. Some planes wasted money lugging Michelle Obama and Oprah, other planes lugged the Obama limousine, other planes carried support personnel and equipment. It was a huge waste of money.

    Obama timed it so that the “Yes” vote for Chicago would be announced shortly before he would arrive in Washington, D.C., in time to hold a triumphant publicity stunt press conference. Big Media would shower Obama in rose petals, and light incense to this colossus Caesar “while we petty men walk under his huge legs and peep about to find ourselves dishonorable graves.”

    But the International Olympic Committee followed a different script. It is a script we have described and it is the template foreign leaders follow in their dealings with Barack Obama: flatter Obama in public and then slap his face.


    Couldn’t have said it better myself, admin. Wish someone in the press would be as blunt about Obama’s motives for wasting our money to go to Copenhagen.

  32. In todays Journal Report, Paul Gigot interviews a respected Iranian journalist who disputes the big lie perpetrated by the New York Times that Iran has made key concessions. The journalist points out this is simply a delay strategy which will allow Iran to continue developing a nuclear weapon until the next election when America gets a new leader. He points out that Iran has stated repeatedly that it will not stop its nuclear program and will negotiate over other things, but not that. Looks like a rope a dope, and the NYT is covering for him. So what else is new? Obama is such a wise man and such a great leader. I do not know why our allies are disgusted and our enemies are laughing.

  33. Here’s more crazy stuff about Hardin, Montana and the American Police Force.

    .A sobbing spokeswoman for the secretive company occupying the Hardin jail welcomed an investigation by Montana’s attorney general Friday and expressed concerns for her own safety amid rumors about her company.

    Becky Shay, in a 45-minute, wide-ranging press conference during which she occasionally broke into tears, said the California-based American Police Force welcomed an information request made Thursday by Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock.

    Meanwhile, an attorney involved in the project cut ties with APF Friday and a second company, once named as a subcontractor, denied any involvement.

    Shay said she hadn’t been formally served papers by the attorney general, who said he is concerned that APF might be violating the Montana Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Act. APF has reached a multimillion-dollar agreement with Hardin’s economic development arm, Two Rivers Authority, to run the empty Hardin jail, built two years ago to house inmates under contract. She said she had read of Bullock’s request in the news media.

    Shay mentioned the attorney general’s request almost as a two-minute side note in a press conference that revealed that the former Billings Gazette reporter and new face of APF fears for her safety.

    “A lot of work I’ve done has been to calm down or at least try to counteract comments from people I consider to be fear mongers,” Shay said. “What has happened in the interim, however, is those people’s friends around the nation have been in contact with me or tried to access me. I realize I’m being pretty vague so that we don’t support or incite these people. I don’t want my words to be taken out of context to further inflame the tensions that I’m working under.”

    At that point, Shay began to cry. She asked TV media at the conference to turn their cameras off because, she said, “it’s important to me that I do not appear as vulnerable as I feel.”

    APF officials, who rolled into Hardin last week in three black, Mercedes sport utility vehicles bearing faux police insignia and no license plates, have since departed, leaving Shay as the company’s lone point of contact for all comers, including those reading dire motives into APF’s insistent secrecy.

    Shay said APF front man Michael Hilton plans to return to Hardin for a two-day job fair beginning Oct. 12.

    Specifically, Shay mentioned Internet radio personality Alex Jones, of Austin, Texas. Jones, of, was in Hardin on Thursday reporting on APF. Government and corporate takeovers of society are hot topics on Infowars. Jones indicated the Hardin situation was an example of the possibility of government or corporate takeover of a rural area.

    Jones said Hardin’s story involved a convicted felon, Hilton, landing in the middle of nowhere and taking over a large jail capable of serving a city of several hundred thousand people. The facility, empty since it was constructed roughly two years ago, has room for more than 464 beds.

    Gov. Brian Schweitzer on Friday dismissed the notion of any secretive government scheme.

    “I think a low-level card shark is not going to rise to the level to get some kind of government defense contract,” the governor said.

    Many of Jones’ concerns about APF were no different than ones raised by the local press. He questioned the credibility of Hilton, a felon with 17 aliases, who has filed for bankruptcy and faces multiple fraud accusations in the California civil courts. And he questioned whether California-based APF was truly a private government contractor and security force as it suggests, but provides no supporting evidence.

    Shay said alternative media reports sparked rumors that APF was stopping motorists in Big Horn County and ticketing them for not wearing seat belts. Earlier in the week, rumors stirred that APF had barricaded Hardin and wouldn’t let anyone in or out.

    The Two Rivers Port Authority, Hardin’s economic development arm and the agency responsible for contracting the jail to APF, posted this message on its Web site earlier in the week:

    “We welcome anyone to visit our town! There are no commandos in the streets. There is no fence or gate being built around Hardin. People are free to come and go as they please. APF is not running our town or our police force.”

    Hardin Mayor Ron Adams said Friday that despite his reservations about the project, he would still like to see it go forward so the jail can be filled.

    Shay said the secrecy surrounding the APF – which has provided no information about its principles but suggests that it combats terrorism worldwide and performs everything from cruise ship security to covert pregnancy tests – has caused distractions interrupting everyday business in Hardin. Storekeepers take as many as 60 calls a day from outsiders wanting information about APF and the Hardin jail, Shay said.

    If APF and Two Rivers don’t reveal their information to the attorney general, they could face contempt charges, according to Bullock’s office.

    Maziar Mafi, a lawyer from Santa Ana, Calif., who served as the legal affairs director for American Police Force, said he wanted to see the project begin to move forward before he could continue his involvement.

    “For the time, I’m pulling out,” Mafi said. “I need to see more concrete action before I can be involved.”

    Mafi’s involvement began last month. Hilton, who claims an extensive military background and uses the title “captain,” initially described Mafi as a “major” in American Police Force. He later said Mafi was the company’s president – although Mafi denied the role and said he had no military or security background.

    Hilton also had claimed Allied Defense Systems would provide the uniforms for guards at the jail. On Sept. 30, an attorney for the Irvine company sent a letter to Hilton threatening a lawsuit over the use of the company’s name.

    Edward Angelino, chief executive of Allied Defense Systems, an Irvine, Calif.-based defense contractor, said his company met with Hilton.

    “We checked his background, we checked his company. He’s not an adequate person to do business with,” Angelino said.

    Shay said she was unaware of the move by Allied Defense Systems and had not spoken with Mafi directly.

    Mafi guaranteed the Sept. 10 purchase of two Mercedes SUVs by Hilton as part of his plans for the jail. They were among three Mercedes that Hilton brought to Montana last week, saying he intended to turn over to Hardin for use by law enforcement.

    A financing payment on at least one of the vehicles is now overdue.

    Only one Mercedes remains in Montana. It’s being driven by Shay, who said Friday that she intends to register it soon

  34. The prison in Hardin, Montana was built and never opened due to it couldn’t pass Montana’s prison’s code. So, let me guess we are putting AlQueda there and they will be able to bust out and because there is no police in that town, they will be able to wreck havoc on the US. This is so crazy!

  35. James Jones who is now in the cabinet was previously commandant of the Marine Corp. If Hillary were President he would be even higher. She held him in the highest regard. I am sure she still does. So do I. He is the real deal.

  36. Confloyd, if any terrorists are placed in prisons within the United States, they will be placed in maximum security and most likely, under isolation conditions. I don’t think we have to worry about them being placed in prisons not up to proper security.

  37. My hard drive is showing the signs of age and I need a new computer. These things last about four years and then the hard drive goes out. You need to save your information on an external drive and one that does not compress the files. I learn from my mistakes.

    The guy who came out to give me the bad news is a former marine sergeant who retired recently. It is not the same marine corp that it was in during my era which was Viet Nam. It is not the same Marine Corp that it was in the Carter era. The current marines are the toughest we ever had and their training is tougher than any other service. It is comparable to the French Foreign Legion.

    For the enlisted men, they now have something called the crucible at boot camp in Paris Island. Not sure about San Diego. At Quantico for officer candidates they always had it. They even have a belt system now which combines martial arts with hand to hand with combat with bayonette drills with rifle to rifle and you can go through belts all the wa up to second degree black belt.

    They are given the shit jobs, yet they have low casualties. They owe it to the training and they owe the training to people like James Jones. An unspecified number of marines owe their life to him. That is what great leaders do. Phoney leaders like Obama cause casualties. Disgusting.

  38. ADMIN says:

    …Obama wasted millions flying off to Copenhagen and distracting the nation’s attention from substantive matters…


    that’s his whole presidency right there…fly off here…fly off there…just keep distracting the attention from the nation’s susbstantive matters…


    ADMIN…when SNL finally starts taking shots at O, well, his public unraveling has begun…if you can find tonight’s opening clip of the SNL ‘O’ giving a press conference regarding RIO and what his accomplishments in office have been so far…which the SNL O checks off in lists and comes to the conclusions is NOTHING…is worth embedding…I will try to find it…


    I went to see MM’s ‘Capitalism – A Love Story’ today…I have no argument with the essential content MM is presenting…he is right…the american worker has been raped…the ‘star’ of his movie is Marcy Captur…and a cameo from Elizabeth Warren…Captur is like a ‘common woman’ Diana fighting Goliath..she is terrific…

    Hillary/Captur 2012 and put Warren at Treasury…then we’ll see our country get back on track…

    …Chris Dodd, Barney Franks and Kent Conrad have to be amongst the biggest frauds and hypocrites entrusted with ‘protecting our best interests’ – at least two of them should be voted out without delay…

    …the worlds MM describes are the intersection between the past and the future…essentially the end of the 20th century and where we stand at the beginning of the 21st century…a lot of what he is nostalgic for is gone forever…gone, gone, gone…

    …my big problem with MM is that he ‘glorifies’ O – he paints a picture of this big revolution that has taken place…he is quick to describe and criticize everything Bush did but is silent on how O has just taken the torch and is continuing to run with the bank bailouts, the continued theft and beyond…

    …somehow MM manages to get a shot of Geithner towards the end but never connects any dots to O…never goes after O for choosing the people he blames for the financial crash…if the ‘left’ can’t hold their chosen ‘heroes’ to the same analysis they demand from those they criticize when their ‘heroes’ continue what the ‘bad guys’ did…well, then they have no credibility and lose their best opportunity for the change they seek…

    …conversely, (wbboei) Chris Hedges was on C-Span’s Book TV discussing his book…he refuses to buy into the so-called O magic…and is not afraid to state the obvious that O is continuing the Bush policies…MM would have us believe that O is a ‘nice man’ who is trying to ‘do the right thing’…

    …so MM just prolongs the propoganda…not buying it!

  39. The prison in Hardin, Montana was built and never opened due to it couldn’t pass Montana’s prison’s code. So, let me guess we are putting AlQueda there and they will be able to bust out and because there is no police in that town, they will be able to wreck havoc on the US. This is so crazy!
    Confloyd: that is a scary damned thing. I am sure you watched that special. The mayor makes the deal and then he goes on administrative leave. The mayors wife says don’t worry this is going to be real good for everybody. Ya sure yabetcha. These paramilitary goons drive around in Mercedes with Hardin sheriffs office emblems. The head of the unit is from slovakia and has charges against him. And you have the empty prison there that does not comply with code. Three weeks from now they will be taking employment applications–for what. And then you have that yo yo Obama channeling about a security force as large as the military. This is like the show The Invaders. It is surreal.

  40. …conversely, (wbboei) Chris Hedges was on C-Span’s Book TV discussing his book…he refuses to buy into the so-called O magic…and is not afraid to state the obvious that O is continuing the Bush policies…
    Thanks S. I have a high regard for Hedges. He is a liberal and a truth teller. He is the real thing. A friend of mine knows him and thinks he is bitter. When you see the situation as clearly as he does that is an altogether understandable reaction.

  41. another hypocrite that thrives on the ‘cheap shot’ at the expense of others while he does what he is attacking others for:

    Dave May Have Had His Very Own Intern…

    A woman who interned for David Letterman in the early 90’s says she was one of Letterman’s top 10 — on the staff.

    Holly Hester tells TMZ the internship was her first job in TV. At the time she was a student at NYU. Hester says during a hiatus, Dave called her up and asked her to the movies. It began a series of secret dates, with no one on the staff having any idea. She says, “I was madly in love with him at the time. I would have married him. He was hilarious.”

    Hester says Dave ended it after a year — she says he told her the age span was just too great.

    We placed several calls to Dave’s rep. So far, no comment.

  42. birdgal, don’t bet on it, the townspeople believe that is exactly what they are going to do. I looked at the pics, I’ve worked at several maximum security prison. I don’t know what part of the code wasn’t up to the standard. THe outer fence by just the pics doesn’t seen as high as the ones here in Texas.

  43. The cost of the Copenhagen publicity stunt is still unknown. When Air Force 1 faced reality the passengers were “stunned”:

    How much it cost taxpayers to fly Air Force One and its backup plane, transport the armored presidential limousines across the ocean and provide security for the whirlwind trip was uncertain.

    Mr. Obama was in Copenhagen for just five hours and did not stay for the vote. He learned Chicago lost in the first round while watching a CNN transmission whose signal cut in and out as Air Force One passed over Cabot Strait between Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.

    A sense of stunned bewilderment suffused Air Force One and the White House. Only after the defeat did many advisers ask questions about the byzantine politics of the Olympic committee. Valerie Jarrett, the president’s senior adviser and a Chicago booster who persuaded him to make the trip while at the United Nations last week, had repeatedly compared the contest to the Iowa caucuses.

    But officials said the administration did not independently verify Chicago’s chances, relying instead on the Chicago 2016 committee assertions that the city had enough support to finish in the top two. Mr. Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Ms. Jarrett worked the phones in recent weeks without coming away with a sense of how behind Chicago really was.

  44. A Texas development consortium talked the Hardin Industrial authority to build this prison by floating bonds to pay for it. It is a 464-bed unit on 40 acres which was ready in 2007. THe idea was to house Montana’s prisons there, the montana board of prisons denied that. THe prison has never been filled.

    I have worked at lots of prisons and 40 acres seem small, although there are some here in texas on that size of property like the one in Huntsville called the Walls Unit and some state jail facilites.

    I wonder who in Texas is behind this, probably GWB.

  45. This is the Texas development consortium CEC/genics record here in Texas and Arkansa.

    CEC/CiviGenics Texarkana guard indicted on drug charges
    Thu, 05/21/2009 – 12:11 — Bob
    A guard at the CEC/Civigenics in Texarkana has been indicted by a grand jury on charges of attempting to take drugs into a prison owned by the facility, according to a story in the Texarkana Gazette (“Former jail guard indicted: Former Bowie County employee faces drug charges,” May 15),

    A former Bowie County jail guard was indicted last week by a grand jury. Amber Hinds, 20, “turned around and went back to her car when she realized her supervisor intended to search employees that day as they came to work,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

    Officials with the jail, which is run by Civigenics, contacted the Bowie County Sheriff’s Office about Hinds’ conduct, the affidavit said.

  46. As BO continues to expose his ineptness and lack of patriotism for our great country and of course his group of advisers that have the worst backgrounds this country has ever seen in it’s entire history.
    After reading watching and listening to the BO shameful saga for the past three years,I am going to make my final prediction.Here it is and I expect to continue right or wrong to be an avid Hillary supporter for the rest of my days.
    The republicans are going to regain the majority in both houses,but the majority and overwhelming numbers of Americans will by any means see that Hillary is our “First Lady President” who will restore our faith in this great Democracy that has been so damaged by that evil race card.

    By ABM90 Fire away friends.I enjoy down to earth debates.

  47. ABM90, Good Morning. I expect your right about the house and the senate and I pray you are right about Hillary. That would be grand. I do see many Republicans agreeing with her, especially the moderate ones.

    I do however still see Hillary derangement symdrome on the far right. Those folks will not be happy until Jesus Christ is POTUS.

  48. We found another YouTube which still works of the Sesame Street video and updated the earlier post. We love the Basket Bunch and that big “Yay!” at the end.

    Basket Bunch: Yeah! Your husband’s a stinking liar! We’re gonna run him out of office!

    All: Yay!

  49. Lets hope we can get him ran out of office. They did Nixon so maybe there’s a chance. If he goes I hope he takes Ms. Nancy with him. I think she’s close to a nervous breakdown. Her eyes are blinking all the time. SHe is a basket case.

  50. THe world bank running out of money. hmm hmmm.

    World Bank could run out of money ‘within 12 months’
    The World Bank is close to running out of money, its president, Robert Zoellick, has disclosed.

    By Edmund Conway, Economics Editor in Istanbul
    Published: 8:36PM BST 02 Oct 2009

    World Bank president Robert Zoellick has launched a major campaign secure more funding from rich nations Photo: REUTERS The Bank, whose job it is to support low-income countries, has had to hand out so much cash in the wake of the financial crisis that its resources could run dry within 12 months.

    “By the middle of next year we will face serious constraints,” said its president Robert Zoellick, as he launched a major campaign to persuade rich nations to pour more money into the Washington-based institution.

    Related Articles
    Banks and traders threatened by new international tax He conceded that such a task was likely to be extremely difficult, given the difficulties facing countries in the wake of the developed world’s biggest recession since the Second World War. However, Mr Zoellick, speaking at the opening of the IMF and World Bank annual meetings in Istanbul, said the Bank needed a capital increase of as much as $11.1bn (£6.9bn) to keep functioning. He said he hoped that its shareholders, including the UK and other leading nations, would decide on resources before its spring meeting next April.

    The money would be shared between the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development – the key part of the bank, which lends to poor nations – and the International Financial Corporation (IFC), which lends to companies.

    Mr Zoellick said: “We recognise that all countries are under budgetary strain and it is not an easy time to be asking for these things”.

    He said that a shortfall of cash for the IFC was a cause for particular concern, Mr Zoellick added, “because one of the issues in this recovery is the hand-off from government stimulus programs to private-sector development.”

    The Bank has had to lend significantly more cash than the three-year $100bn programme it committed to last year because of the virulence of the financial and economic crisis. The majority of the money has been spent ensuring the survival of the most vulnerable nations

  51. confloyd: I have a gut feeling that much of the country and our political hacks realize tha their futures and gravey trains are slipping away and much as they would like to cannot speak up for Hillary.The now Fringe Media are losing their dirty shirts and business large and small are going to turn to her for help. Bill did quite well for our country with that scenario.History does repeat itself.

    By ABM90 How about more input when you all roll out and realize our problems and send out an SOS for the SoS

  52. Oh well, here comes the backstory why Chicago lost the Olympic bid- Let the blame game begin-

    Critics Assail U.S.O.C. After Chicago’s Loss
    and it wasn’t just a loss of prestige… staggering investor losses $$$

    For weeks, the United States Olympic Committee and the national sports governing bodies it oversees had settled into an uncomfortable truce. Despite a year of upheaval and conflict, the parties had agreed to set aside their differences in solidarity for Chicago’s bid to win the 2016 Summer Games.

    The truce ended as quickly as Chicago was dispatched from the race won by Rio de Janeiro. In surprisingly frank terms, a number of influential people in American Olympic sports questioned the performance of the U.S.O.C.’s new management team and said its two top executives were ill-equipped to navigate the insular world of international sports.

    Chicago’s last-place finish in the I.O.C. voting on Friday in Copenhagen was the latest blow in a year marked by the departure of major sponsors, layoffs at U.S.O.C. headquarters, controversy over the salary of the acting chief executive, and the failed plan for an Olympic television network.

    “Before we think about putting forth another Olympic city for a Games possibility, we’ve got to deal with some outstanding issues that are not going to go away,” said Mike Plant, who serves on the U.S.O.C.’s 10-member board and traveled to Copenhagen as part of the Chicago delegation. “I think that certainly there will be some dialogue that’s going to take place in the next couple of weeks — or certainly in short order.”

    Asked what should happen next to return the U.S.O.C. to prominence in international circles, James Ravannack, the president of USA Wrestling, said: “Resignations. It’s an absolute embarrassment. I don’t know what else to tell you. Where is the leadership?”

    Patrick G. Ryan, the bid leader for Chicago, said his staff’s relationship with the U.S.O.C. could not have been better. He said regional bloc voting, not the U.S.O.C., caused the bid’s downfall.

    “I think people look for an excuse when something happens,” he said. “They look to finger-point, and now the finger-pointing is at the U.S.O.C. It’s a simple thing to do the day after.”

    Since the end of the Beijing Olympics, most of the top positions at the U.S.O.C. have changed hands. Last October, Larry Probst, the chairman of the video-game publisher Electronic Arts, replaced Peter Ueberroth as the committee’s chairman. In March, Probst and the board removed the chief executive, Jim Scherr, and appointed a board member, Stephanie A. Streeter. The executives in charge of sport performance, marketing and human resources were also replaced.

    The turnover angered many leaders of the national governing bodies of Olympic sports, who chafed at the corporate backgrounds of Probst and Streeter and their lack of Olympic experience. The relationship further soured when it was revealed that the board had approved an annual salary of $560,000 for Streeter — a 30 percent increase over Scherr’s — months after 54 employees were laid off.

    Probst has said the board will begin a search this month to replace Streeter, whose term as acting chief executive runs through next year’s Paralympics. She has not said whether she will apply for the permanent position.

    Probst and Streeter, who were in Copenhagen, were contacted through their representatives, but did not return calls.

    Skip Gilbert, the chairman of the Association of Chief Executives for Sport, which includes 45 Olympic sport bodies in the United States, said his members had been waiting for the vote on Chicago before voicing concern over the U.S.O.C.’s management.

    “Now’s the time that we’re going to build some consensus as to what do we think is the next move in order to right the ship,” Gilbert said. One item high on the agenda, he said, is whether to recommend a change in leadership.

    Several leaders in Olympic sports praised the Chicago bid as the best that an American city had put forward in decades. But Chicago’s elimination in the first round exposed the U.S.O.C.’s lack of influence. Steve Penny, the president of USA Gymnastics, likened the Games to a crown jewel.

    “You’ve got to know that the people you’re going to be giving your crown jewels to are the most trustworthy partners that you could ever ask for,” he said. “And unfortunately, when you don’t have stability in your leadership, how can you build trust?”

    h.. w…

  53. Notyoursweetie0 Says:
    October 4th, 2009

    Meanwhile, Obama had opened an Olympic Office at the White House back in June


    Yep, and quickly replaced key people with crony appointments favors owed-

  54. Susan Rice??? Couldn’t they find a real person to discuss Iran?? I am at work so you guys fill me in on what she says.

  55. Cap-and-conceal

    Obama’s next failure-

    h… w…

    The Obama administration just blew the whistle on . . . itself: The Treasury Department has reported that Team Obama’s claims about the “nominal” costs of its cap-and-trade bill aren’t really so nominal, after all.

    And Team Obama knew it all along.

    Nice. In one fell swoop, the Obama folks broke two separate campaign promises:

    * No new taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 a year.

    * Complete transparency in the legislative process.

    How exactly did it break these vows?

    Look at the Treasury report.

    The report shows that the cap and-trade bill the White House is pushing in Congress — in which companies have to buy “allowances” for carbon emissions — is far more expensive for Americans than advertised.

    Sure, everyone knew the firms would pass these costs along to customers. But supporters of the bill claimed that consumers would face only “nominal” increases — barely $200 a year.

    Wrong. The Treasury analysis puts the actual nationwide cost of cap-and-trade at some $200 billion a year — or $1,761 per household. That figure is very close to the $1,870 amount estimated by the Heritage Foundation prior to the vote in the House.

    Families will be hit with a steep climate-change tax, after all. And that will certainly include working- and middle-class folks who make less than $250,000 a year.

    Second, the analysis was kept secret and only recently leaked. That directly violates President Obama’s vows of transparency.

    Even so, the bill barely passed in the House, 219-212, with 40 Democrats voting against it. It’s facing difficulty in the Senate, too: Ten Dems there urged that it be dumped in favor of a carbon tariff. (This is called compromise, Democratic-style: Instead of a job-killing cap-and-trade tax, they settle for a job-killing import tax.)

    This bill needs to die in the Senate.

    More troubling, though, is the wholesale breaking of Obama’s vows.

    After all, this is only his first year in office.

  56. Thanks, SB-

    MTP is on at 10:00am est here…


    Admin: please embed when you get a minute:

  57. “Critics Assail U.S.O.C. After Chicago’s Loss”


    LMAO! Trust bambi’s playmates to be poor sports. We could have predicted this would happen.

  58. Confloyd, I did not get to see very much of MTP. Susan Rice appeared in a blingy, pewter, faux alligator jacket. In the little part I did see, Rice seemed to answer the questions with…President Obama is doing everything he can to keep the USA safe, the president will keep America safe. Hum?

  59. What I Saw at the Afghan Election

    By Peter W. Galbraith
    Sunday, October 4, 2009

    Before firing me last week from my post as his deputy special representative in Afghanistan, U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon conveyed one last instruction: Do not talk to the press. In effect, I was being told to remain a team player after being thrown off the team. Nonetheless, I agreed.

    As my differences with my boss, Norwegian diplomat Kai Eide, had already been well publicized (through no fault of either of us), I asked only that the statement announcing my dismissal reflect the real reasons. Alain LeRoy, the head of U.N. peacekeeping and my immediate superior in New York, proposed that the United Nations say I was being recalled over a “disagreement as to how the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) would respond to electoral fraud.” Although this was not entirely accurate — the dispute was really about whether the U.N. mission would respond to the massive electoral fraud — I agreed.

    Instead, the United Nations announced my recall as occurring “in the best interests of the mission,” and U.N. press officials told reporters on background that my firing was necessitated by a “personality clash” with Eide, a friend of 15 years who had introduced me to my future wife.

    I might have tolerated even this last act of dishonesty in a dispute dating back many months if the stakes were not so high. For weeks, Eide had been denying or playing down the fraud in Afghanistan’s recent presidential election, telling me he was concerned that even discussing the fraud might inflame tensions in the country. But in my view, the fraud was a fact that the United Nations had to acknowledge or risk losing its credibility with the many Afghans who did not support President Hamid Karzai.

    I also felt loyal to my U.N. colleagues who worked in a dangerous environment to help Afghans hold honest elections — at least five of whom have now told me they are leaving jobs they love in disgust over the events leading to my firing.

    Afghanistan’s presidential election, held Aug. 20, should have been a milestone in the country’s transition from 30 years of war to stability and democracy. Instead, it was just the opposite. As many as 30 percent of Karzai’s votes were fraudulent, and lesser fraud was committed on behalf of other candidates. In several provinces, including Kandahar, four to 10 times as many votes were recorded as voters actually cast. The fraud has handed the Taliban its greatest strategic victory in eight years of fighting the United States and its Afghan partners.

    The election was a foreseeable train wreck. Unlike the United Nations-run elections in 2004, this balloting was managed by Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission (IEC). Despite its name, the commission is subservient to Karzai, who appointed its seven members. Even so, the international role was extensive. The United States and other Western nations paid the more than $300 million to hold the vote, and U.N. technical staff took the lead in organizing much of the process, including printing ballot papers, distributing election materials and designing safeguards against fraud.

    Part of my job was to supervise all this U.N. support. In July, I learned that at least 1,500 polling centers (out of 7,000) were to be located in places so insecure that no one from the IEC, the Afghan National Army or the Afghan National Police had ever visited them. Clearly, these polling centers would not open on Election Day. At a minimum, their existence on the books would create large-scale confusion, but I was more concerned about the risk of fraud.

    Local commission staff members were hardly experienced election professionals; in many instances they were simply agents of the local power brokers, usually aligned with Karzai. If no independent observers or candidate representatives, let alone voters, could even visit the listed location of a polling center, these IEC staffers could easily stuff ballot boxes without ever taking them to the assigned location. Or they could simply report results without any votes being in the ballot boxes.

    Along with ambassadors from the United States and key allies, I met with the Afghan ministers of defense and the interior as well as the commission’s chief election officer. We urged them either to produce a credible plan to secure these polling centers (which the head of the Afghan army had told me was impossible) or to close them down. Not surprisingly, the ministers — who served a president benefiting from the fraud — complained that I had even raised the matter. Eide ordered me not to discuss the ghost polling centers any further. On Election Day, these sites produced hundreds of thousands of phony Karzai votes.

    At other critical stages in the election process, I was similarly ordered not to pursue the issue of fraud. The U.N. mission set up a 24-hour election center during the voting and in the early stages of the counting. My staff collected evidence on hundreds of cases of fraud around the country and, more important, gathered information on turnout in key southern provinces where few voters showed up but large numbers of votes were being reported. Eide ordered us not to share this data with anyone, including the Electoral Complaints Commission, a U.N.-backed Afghan institution legally mandated to investigate fraud. Naturally, my colleagues wondered why they had taken the risks to collect this evidence if it was not to be used.

    In early September, I got word that the IEC was about to abandon its published anti-fraud policies, allowing it to include enough fraudulent votes in the final tally to put Karzai over the 50 percent threshold needed to avoid a runoff. After I called the chief electoral officer to urge him to stick with the original guidelines, Karzai issued a formal protest accusing me of foreign interference. My boss sided with Karzai.

    Afghanistan is deeply divided ethnically and geographically. Both Karzai and the Taliban are Pashtun, Afghanistan’s dominant ethnic group, which makes up about 45 percent of the country’s population. Abdullah Abdullah, Karzai’s main challenger, is half Pashtun and half Tajik but is politically identified with the Tajiks, who dominate the north and are Afghanistan’s second largest ethnic group. If the Tajiks believe that fraud denied their candidate the chance to compete in a second round, they may respond by simply not recognizing the authority of the central government. The north already has de facto autonomy; these elections could add an ethnic fault line to a conflict between the Taliban and the government that to date has largely been a civil war among Pashtuns.

    Since my disagreements with Eide went public, Eide and his supporters have argued that the United Nations had no mandate to interfere in the Afghan electoral process. This is not technically correct. The U.N. Security Council directed the U.N. mission to support Afghanistan’s electoral institutions in holding a “free, fair and transparent” vote, not a fraudulent one. And with so much at stake — and with more than 100,000 U.S. and coalition troops deployed in the country — the international community had an obvious interest in ensuring that Afghanistan’s election did not make the situation worse.

    President Obama needs a legitimate Afghan partner to make any new strategy for the country work. However, the extensive fraud that took place on Aug. 20 virtually guarantees that a government emerging from the tainted vote will not be credible with many Afghans. As I write, Afghanistan’s Electoral Complaints Commission is auditing 10 percent of the suspect polling boxes. If the audit shows this sample to be fraudulent, the commission will throw out some 3,000 suspect ballot boxes, which could lead to a runoff vote between Karzai and Abdullah. By itself, a runoff is no antidote for Afghanistan’s electoral challenges. The widespread problems that allowed for fraud in the first round of voting must be addressed. In particular, all ghost polling stations should be removed from the books (“closed” is not the right word since they never opened), and the election staff that facilitated the fraud must be replaced.

    Afghanistan’s pro-Karzai election commission will not do this on its own. Fixing those problems will require resolve from the head of the U.N. mission in Afghanistan — a quality that so far has been lacking.

    Peter W. Galbraith served as deputy special representative of the United Nations in Afghanistan from June until last week.

  60. Rachel Maddow on MTP asked why Sarah Palin would pick an author to help with her book that is connected to White Supremists. Hadn’t seen Maddow in almost a year. I was totally reminded why I never watch MSNBC.

  61. Confloyd, I did not get to see very much of MTP. Susan Rice appeared in a blingy, pewter, faux alligator jacket. In the little part I did see, Rice seemed to answer the questions with…President Obama is doing everything he can to keep the USA safe, the president will keep America safe. Hum?
    Like keeping a 1320 mile stretch of our southern border unprotected so unknown people can enter this country illegally. Yes, he is doing a great job of protecting the country all aright. How many times has he talked with the Border Security? I do not mean that unqualified idiot Neapolitano, I mean the people who are on the job and know what they are doing. Of course NBC is the bastion of corrupt journalism so no one challenges Rices ignorant assertions. An alligator jacket huh?

  62. Rachel Maddow on MTP asked why Sarah Palin would pick an author to help with her book that is connected to White Supremists. Hadn’t seen Maddow in almost a year. I was totally reminded why I never watch MSNBC.
    Maddog is a total nut case. She is beyond the reach of valium. A labotomy is indicated.

  63. Gallop is reporting that American Jewish support of obama is slowly diminishing:

    “Though Jewish support for Obama had dropped from highs of 83 percent in January to 64%, the trend follows falling support among the general population. His approval rating stood at 52% overall, down from 66% in January, according to the poll.”


    Still unexplainably high.

  64. # JanH Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 9:41 am

    “Critics Assail U.S.O.C. After Chicago’s Loss”

    LMAO! Trust bambi’s playmates to be poor sports. We could have predicted this would happen.


    People are complaining of emphysema from the volume of Smoke and Mirrors spin coming from the WH- covering for Chicago’s embarrassing loss by the Obamas.

  65. Critics Assail U.S.O.C. After Chicago’s Loss
    and it wasn’t just a loss of prestige… staggering investor losses $$$
    While the New York Times is busy fabricating excuses, and the administration is blaming it on (euch) politics and jus splain’n, Foreign Affairs Magazine gets us to the heart of the matter which is the reason Brazil won is because Brazil WORKED for it.

    God forbid the mighty Obama would work for anything. He is used to having everything handed to him on a silver platter. Obama not only lost, he was upstaged. Get used to it Bambi. It is the ghost of Christmases to come. I just worry about the people who will lose their lives and their futures because of your egomaniacal incompetence.

  66. The pic I saw of the two globe trotters out on the town and spending the tax payers money, they both looked pretty glum. I have never seen a POTUS go out on the town as much as this one. When does he have time to work??

    Well I guess we should be greatful he didn’t fire Air Force one at almost 500,000 grand an hour to run.

    Does he realize we are on the brink of a depression worse than the one my parents lived thru??

  67. Now that we know Obama is a coward and can’t hold his weight with these dictators. I thought this old video is quiet funny now we know that Obama is weak.

    h tt p: // w w w. youtube .com/watch?v =caeP330

  68. “Though Jewish support for Obama had dropped from highs of 83 percent in January to 64%, the trend follows falling support among the general population. His approval rating stood at 52% overall, down from 66% in January, according to the poll.”
    Jan–are they measuring job performance or likability when they say approval? Surely you cannot look at his job performance broadly, or more narrowly at the things he has said about Israel and the slack he has cut to Iran, and see much positive in it. There is a real disconnect here, and it does make me wonder if the reaction would be different if he were not black. Even today, too many people do not allow themselves to think the truth much less say it out loud for fear of being labelled a racist. I assume that with American Jews, which is who we are talking about here, as opposed to the people in Israel who are realistic in their outlook, the fear is that a rejection of Obama would validate the racist elements in society, whereas I believe a failure to do so will produce that result. That was the fausian pact from the beginning. If the powers that be concluded that now is the time to have a black president, then by the Almighty make sure he is the right black president, because if he is not it will set back the cause of civil rights. And the longer we deny it the worse the backlash will be I am afraid.

  69. Saturday Night Live last night–President “Jack Squat”

    w w

  70. That is the real risk here. If we slide into a depression, or if the jobless rate continues to climb then people will blame Mr. Obama–and will not tolerate his continuing excuse that everything from sickness to death to nightfall is the fault of Bush. They will see this blithering incompetent speechifying while Rome or Watts burns, and then they will turn to a populist who will blame it all on the elites, and their betrayal of the American dream. Obamas name will be synonomous with corruption, failure and worse. That scenario is not unlikely if things continue to deteriorate. The elites in turn would overreact and turn to marshall law. We are not there yet, and that path is avoidable, but only if we stop making excuses for Obama and hold him accountable just as we would a white candidate.

  71. If Rice’s faux alligator blingy jacket had had a giant bow on it too, I would be totally convinced that ME-chelle was sharing her very own fashion designer with Susan.

  72. AmericanGal Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Yee-haaa, good one-

    usually SNL employs heavy satire- in this episode, it’s all too real.

    I bet they did have T-shirts printed up and now they are stuck with them! 🙂

    I hope admin can embed..

  73. Mr. Obama would be fine if we needed lessons in self esteem. He would make a wonderful camp counselor at Lake Woebegone if the job was open. But he is not intellectually or emotionally equipped to deal with the problems facing this country, because he is uncomfortable with details and he is too influenced by Wright to be objective. I do not know how we get through these next three years with this joker at the helm. As bad as it seems to us, just imagine how much worse it must be inside this administration. Nobody dares speak the truth and spies everywhere I would imagine. And everywhere you look the pernicious presence of the Chicago Machine, and the Rezko deals made at the expense of this country. Bad as it looks to us, inside it must be orders of magnitude worse. And no leadership from above. What a rats nest.

  74. AmericanGal Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 10:54 am

    Yee-haaa, good one-

    usually SNL employs heavy satire- in this episode, it’s all too real.

    I bet they did have T-shirts printed up and now they are stuck with them!

    I hope admin can embed..
    This is a tipping point.

  75. As we said during the campaign it is the Peter Principle, voted to fast to a level he cannot not possible manage. Too bad, had he been vetted, and questions asked about his functioning at lower levels (like nothing in the Senate), we could have done much better by the country. The powerful people and businesses wanted someone they could all control, and they did get that. He is going in all directions. Reminds me of children. They don’t want disciple, but when they have a powerful leader they thrive. Why, because they know the boundaries, and they learn to live within them, and thrive.

    With O you don’t have a clue as to what he will do next, depending on the last person in the door.

  76. The one exception would be the state department. I am sure it is well run. But even there Obama has his spies everywhere. When you have a cult figure at the helm, even a failing one, that is what happens. They watch over everyone like a hawk. Under those conditions, it is hard to get the job done. In the Red Army, party officials were embedded with army units and could override decisions by unit commanders. Same way here I would imagine.

  77. The question would be not will this policy or that policy work for the country but how will it reflect on Obama and how do we spin it to his advantage.

  78. NewMexicoFan Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 11:16 am

    As we said during the campaign it is the Peter Principle, voted to fast to a level he cannot not possible manage. Too bad, had he been vetted, and questions asked about his functioning at lower levels (like nothing in the Senate), we could have done much better by the country. The powerful people and businesses wanted someone they could all control, and they did get that. He is going in all directions. Reminds me of children. They don’t want disciple, but when they have a powerful leader they thrive. Why, because they know the boundaries, and they learn to live within them, and thrive.


    I think they will wait just long enough and pull the plug on his presidency. Both parties essentially want the economy to tank, they don’t want Health Care Reform, they want war to continue (fullfill all those misbegotten contracts ie Halliburton), Mortgages could have been frozen for the next 5 yrs., or I-Rates could have been frozen at 4%, homeowners could have avoided losing their homes. They didn’t do that either… When America has sunk as low as they think is feasible for a moderate recovery, then the hemorrhaging will stop. Until then, we need to survive.

  79. Mrs. Smith

    But what leader will they bring in to fix that. There is nothing in the Reps, and they would have to accept HRC! We need a strong experienced leader, and you have to wonder who they think can fix this.

  80. # NewMexicoFan Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Mrs. Smith

    But what leader will they bring in to fix that. There is nothing in the Reps, and they would have to accept HRC! We need a strong experienced leader, and you have to wonder who they think can fix this.

    First things first- Let’s see how they remove the disaster from the throne with as little disruption as possible.

  81. By now, even Obama must be wondering what is going on- Promises were made to him too by Soros and the elites and guarantees made by the DNC for their full co-operation. Perhaps, Obama didn’t read the fine print in Soros’ contract that says: “this agreement will no longer be valid at the discretion of either party.” Apparently, the only one not worried about not terminating the contract is Obama.

  82. Mrs. Smith. That kind of scares me, as the two next in line are leading 0s. I doubt he will step down, and since they have move the Dims HQ to Chicago, it is infiltrated with Os people.

    Of course, as stated before, the money is drying up. They are already sending out money request to the Dim voter.

  83. I apologize for what I said above to anyone I may have offended. I called obama a blithering idiot. I was wrong. Bush was the blithering idiot. Obama is a bumbling fool.

    Unfortunately, that is merely a difference in style. The end result is no different, and it equates to failure. Only now the stakes are higher.

  84. But what leader will they bring in to fix that. There is nothing in the Reps, and they would have to accept HRC! We need a strong experienced leader, and you have to wonder who they think can fix this.
    It took Lincoln awhile to find Grant.

  85. Obama is like General McClellan, to whom Lincoln famously said (since you are not doing anything with them but executing brilliant drill formations and losing battles) may I please have my army back. Thereafter he gave the army to Grant, and subsequently the tide turned.

  86. They really scraped the bottom of the barrel having Rice talk about absolutely nothing today.
    Amen. And to think they killed an alligator so she could appear on that show with an alligator jacket. Where is PETA when we need them?

  87. Look what’s showing up on Google News Headlines right now:

    American Thinker: Obama’s Work Ethic

    By Ed Lasky

    Barack Obama has displayed a disturbing pattern of work ethics: shirking work; claiming success when he was not entitled to do so; hiding his failures; and claiming the work of others as his own — when it was successful. These are not character traits that we should associate with Presidents.

    www dot

    AmericanThinker. On Google news. Wow.

  88. Those elites must be sitting there right now counting their money and congratulating themselves at the wise decision they made in backing Obama and breaking the rules of the party to put him in. More likely those members who opposed that improvident decision but were in the minority, and screaming I told you so. The good thing about this group is they do not need Soros money as much as people like Wexler do. At some point public opinion matters even to them, or if things boil over then especially to them, since their fortunes make them strong on the one hand, but vulnerable on the other.

  89. # JanH Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 12:20 pm

    They really scraped the bottom of the barrel having Rice talk about absolutely nothing today.


    I know, all she did was make it clear she was there to protect Obama from criticism and never dare float a plan that may resolve the issue because there is none. The 25min (via aircraft) meeting with McChristal more window dressing to quiet criticism where Obama has had but one meeting with the General.

  90. holdthemaccountable Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 12:27 pm


    This is the beginning strategy- first lower his approval rating until the Public is screaming for his resignation. Then use the Ace up the sleeve for the KO they have been holding for the last 4 yrs… his citizenship.

  91. These are not character traits that we should associate with Presidents.
    The bet the elites made was in the vitual age this did not matter. The media would keep his balloon aloft. But as Sarkosi pointed out this is not the virtual world–it is the real world. And in the real world words are no substitute for action, and results matter more than rhetoric. From Buffett to Eagleburger to McCain how many times and how many ways have people told him you cannot do everything at once, you must establish priorities, and above all you must lead, and that means making the right decisions for the country even when they are politically unpopular. In the vitual world you never do that. In the real world you must. Otherwise you will fail, and when you fail you hurt millions of others, Mr. Obama.

  92. NewMexicoFan Says:
    October 4th, 2009 at 12:08 pm

    If the Indys make a run at the Mid-terms, they will have my vote.

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