The Danger Of Obama Weakness

An Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities will be a disaster. No Israeli attack on Iran nuclear facilities will be a catastrophe.

Because of Obama weakness the Israelis will have to strike at Iran.

Hillary Clinton understands the need to send clear messages that are understood without any chance of doubt. Hillary sent a message during the 2008 election cycle that was clear. Dimocrats who want to live in a world of unreality attacked Hillary for preventing war by making very clear what American reaction would be to certain Iranian actions.

Arab capitals and Big Media outlets denounced Hillary’s statement as “the foreign policy of the madhouse”. But the real “madhouse” is the weakness displayed by Barack Obama which green lights fringe regimes, like the dubiously elected Iranian government, to make unchallenged threats to the world.

Hillary warned Iran in no uncertain terms:

“I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran (if it attacks Israel),” Clinton said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she said.

“That’s a terrible thing to say but those people who run Iran need to understand that because that perhaps will deter them from doing something that would be reckless, foolish and tragic,” Clinton said.

Iran is not afraid of popinjay Obama. The Iranian thugs who faced down their own people in the streets know a weak thug when they see a weak thug. Obama is a weak, cowardly, thug.

Americans and the world now see the danger of Obama weakness as thug states call out the weak thug from Chicago. Americans and the world saw the danger of weakness in the face of thugs, at the Rhineland, decades ago.

Yesterday, weak, dangerous, Obama finally admitted that he knew long ago about Iranian secret nuclear facilities. He did so in Pittsburgh, not before the world, in New York, before nations assembled.

Obama did not confront Iran at the United Nations General Assembly nor at the Security Council – that would have threatened his publicity stunts to bolster his own personal “popularity”. The celebrity clown from Chicago did not want Iranians to think mean things of him and possibly not applaud after his star turn at the U.N.

Obama waited to display his weakness until Pittsburgh. The President of (remember when Americans called the French “surrender monkeys”?) France spoke strongly while Obama cowered and whined:

Flanked by French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s dead man walking, Prime Minister Gordon Brown, our president offered more uselessly vague rhetoric in response to proof of a major “covert Iranian enrichment facility” and its implications.

Obama’s statement amounted to, Ooooh, I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down . . . maybe . . . eventually . . . but not really . . . let’s talk . . .

Only Sarkozy made a serious attempt to get the Iranian leadership’s attention, stressing the consistent failure of negotiations and the need for action. He understands that a decade of talking with Tehran brought zero results.

Obama cringed.

Shouldn’t we be ashamed that a French president’s leading the fight to protect Israel and the free world?

There is a duality in Obama. One side of Obama is a thug celebrity who will smear, slime, and war to advance himself and grab the wandering spotlight. Another side of Obama is “an educated fool” (as Bobby Rush called him) who knows he is an educated fool totally unprepared and callow. But educated fool or thug celebrity the result is the same: danger for America and what used to be called “freedom loving peoples of the world”.

Obama’s weakness imperils Americans:

To be fair, Obama’s overwhelmed.

Fatally confident of his powers of persuasion, he’s bewildered that he hasn’t been able to convince the Iranians (or the Palestinians, Russians, Venezuelans, Chinese, etc.) to do what he wants them to do.

So Washington delays. While Iran races toward a nuclear arsenal. [snip]

Ahmadinejad’s boys know what they’re doing. They’ve dispersed their nuclear program across urban areas and deep underground. The network is not only hard to hit — it’s impossible to strike effectively without inflicting thousands of civilian casualties.

These new sites raise the stakes higher still: Attack the plant near Qom and we’ll be seen by Shia Muslims as violating a holy city. Strike those Tehran detonator factories and you get severe collateral damage — plus the probable spread of radioactive material, an instant “dirty bomb.” [snip]

The new and immeasurably dangerous factor in play is religious fanaticism. The doomsday-lust avowed by Ahmadinejad and his supporters shatters every deterrence equation.

Weakness has a strength – it creates a power vacuum which whirls like a destructive tornado. Obama weakness threatens us all.

So now what? Obama will try more talks. We may see half-hearted sanctions — which will be violated right and left. Russia, which profits hugely from dirty trade with Iran, can slip goods across the Caspian Sea or through Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan.

And maritime sanctions are meaningless, unless our president is willing to order our Navy to fire on Chinese-flagged or Venezuelan-flagged merchant vessels.

Think that’s going to happen?

How will it end? With desperate Israeli attacks that do only part of the job, followed by Iranian counterstrikes on Persian Gulf oil facilities, the closure of the Straits of Hormuz and oil above $400 a barrel.

Only the United States can stop Iran’s nuclear program before it’s too late. And this president won’t.

Obama’s weakness threatens us all as much as his thuggish ambitions propel him to do greater damage.

Already Israel is aware of the tornado caused by the American power vacuum created by Obama Weakness and has plans to strike at Iran before Iran and its thug leaders acquire nuclear status.

When the Israeli army’s then-Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Halutz was asked in 2004 how far Israel would go to stop Iran’s nuclear program, he replied: “2,000 kilometers,” roughly the distance been the two countries.

Israel’s political and military leaders have long made it clear that they are considering taking decisive military action if Iran continues to develop its nuclear program. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned at the United Nations this week that “the most urgent challenge facing this body is to prevent the tyrants of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” [snip]

An effective Israeli nuclear strike may not be possible, yet a regional nuclear arms race is a game that Iran can start, but cannot possibly win. Anyone who meets regularly with senior Israeli officials, officers and experts knows that Israel is considering military options, but considering them carefully and with an understanding that they pose serious problems and risks.

The Natanz, Arak and Bushehr nuclear program facilities in Iran will pose difficulties to attack but the plans, if not set, are under advanced development.

Israel has fighters, refueling tankers and precision-guided air-to-ground weapons to strike at all of these targets—even if it flies the long-distance routes needed to avoid the most critical air defenses in neighboring Arab states. It is also far from clear that any Arab air force would risk engaging Israeli fighters. Syria, after all, did not attempt to engage Israeli fighters when they attacked the reactor being built in Syria.

In August 2003, the Israeli Air Force demonstrated the strategic capability to strike far-off targets such as Iran by flying three F-15 jets to Poland, 1,600 nautical miles away. Israel can launch and refuel two to three full squadrons of combat aircraft for a single set of strikes against Iran, and provide suitable refueling. Israel could also provide fighter escorts and has considerable electronic-warfare capability to suppress Iran’s aging air defenses. It might take losses to Iran’s fighters and surface-to-air missiles, but such losses would probably be limited. [snip]

Experts sharply disagree as to whether the Israeli air force could do more than limited damage to the key Iranian facility at Natanz. Some feel it is too deeply underground and too hardened for Israel to have much impact. Others believe that it is more vulnerable than conventional wisdom has it, and Israel could use weapons like the GBU-28 earth-penetrating bombs it has received from the U.S. or its own penetrators, which may include a nuclear-armed variant, to permanently collapse the underground chambers.

No one knows what specialized weapons Israel may have developed on its own, but Israeli intelligence has probably given Israel good access to U.S., European, and Russian designs for more advanced weapons than the GBU-28. Therefore, the odds are that Israel can have a serious impact on Iran’s three most visible nuclear targets and possibly delay Iran’s efforts for several years.

Even among the Huff n’ Puff crowd of PINO websites the description of Obama on other issues is Obama The Impotent. Obama’s weakness threatens us all.

Weakness begets danger.

Obama’s ambitions, inexperience, applause-neediness, and weakness threaten us all.


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  1. Admin: Great Article! Its bad no matter which way they go, they may as well do it, otherwise it will be done to them shortly!

  2. Admin: brilliant. What you are talking about here is the very thing that the Samantha Powers, Susan Rices, Michelle Obamas and Barack Obamas do not understand. The sewers of Chicago produce rats but those rats are mere mice compared to the type you find on the world stage. The dictators of this world, who slaughter people at will, are connoseurs of power. To borrow a phrase from Chavez, the sulphur smell that worried him (Cheney, not Bush) gone and the new smell is Chanel No. 5 of Mr. Obama. This is a green light to these dictators, which says take what we have we havent the courage or the will to stop you. In the law of the jungle you are either a predator or you are prey. No question which of the two Mr. Obama is. He wants to be loved, but he needs to be feared if he and this country are to be respected. He blew it. In bargaining you need to show strength, while you probe for areas of agreement. The strength factor is missing. He is passive aggressive.

  3. The Women State website reminds us of Sarkozy’s latest mock of Obama:

    The President hailed the agreement as a landmark in halting the spread of nuclear weapons and beginning multilateral disarmament.

    “The historic resolution we just adopted enshrines our shared commitment to a goal of a world without nuclear weapons,” he said. “We now face proliferation of a scope and complexity that demands new strategies and new approaches.”

    But forceful statements from other leaders on the need to act against Iran following the vote threatened to upstage the special meeting.

    Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, came close to mocking his American counterpart for the good intentions, which Mr Obama had heralded as an “historic” step towards nuclear abolition, even though it set no specific targets or fresh mandates.

    We live in a real world not a virtual world,” the Frenchman told the 15-member council. “And the real world expects us to take decisions.

    President Obama dreams of a world without weapons … but right in front of us two countries are doing the exact opposite.

    “Iran since 2005 has flouted five security council resolutions. North Korea has been defying council resolutions since 1993.

    “I support the extended hand of the Americans, but what good has proposals for dialogue brought the international community? More uranium enrichment and declarations by the leaders of Iran to wipe a UN member state off the map,” he continued, referring to Israel.

    The sharp-tongued French leader even implied that Mr Obama’s resolution 1887 had used up valuable diplomatic energy.

    “If we have courage to impose sanctions together it will lend viability to our commitment to reduce our own weapons and to making a world without nuke weapons,” he said.

    Mr Sarkozy has previously called the US president’s disarmament crusade “naïve”.

    Gordon Brown also said it was time to “draw a line in the sand” with Tehran, intensifying the pressure on Iran’s leaders to make concessions at a key meeting with major powers next week.

    “Iran must not allow its actions to prevent the international community from moving forward to a more peaceful era,” he said. “And as evidence of its breach of international agreements grows, we must now consider far tougher sanctions together.”

  4. A utopian fool would be one way to describe him. In this world, the wolf and the lamb do not lie down together. The wolf eats the lamb.

  5. He can’t bring himself to play hardball with his Muslim brothers. He doesn’t understand that he is Muslim lite and they are well done.They have had thousand’s of years to cure in the desert. He of Ivy league via Hawaii. They are eating him alive, and the whole world with him.

    Please, can we not have a referendum on this guy and kick his sweet little a*s out before it is too late?

  6. Back in 2007 when Obama wanted to move the Iraq troops to “the right battlefield in Pakistan and Afganistan”, a Pak military blog was making fun of him as a sort of Muslam wannabe. “Those ex-muslims who try to be more atheist than anyone.” None of them took him seriously at all, not even to condemn him.

  7. I read article today somewhere that the author suggested that Obama has outsmarted all of us with his wisdom of dialogue. He fully believes Obama knew what he has been doing all along.

    There are idiots born everyday and they all seem to gravitate towards Obama.

  8. From uk via BP

    Pakistan discovers ‘village’ of white German al-Qaeda insurgents
    Investigators have discovered a “Jihadi village” of white German al-Qaeda insurgents, including Muslim converts, in Pakistan’s tribal areas close to the Afghan border.

    By Dean Nelson in New Delhi and Allan Hall in Berlin
    Published: 11:44AM BST 25 Sep 2009

    Taliban fighter in al-Qaeda video grab Photo: AFP/GETTY IMAGES
    The village, in Taliban-controlled Waziristan, is run by the notorious al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which plots raids on Nato forces in Afghanistan.

    A recruitment video presents life in the village as a desirable lifestyle choice with schools, hospitals, pharmacies and day care centres, all at a safe distance from the front.

    In the video, the presenter, “Abu Adam”, the public face of the group in Germany, points his finger and asks: “Doesn’t it appeal to you? We warmly invite you to join us!”

    According to German foreign ministry officials a growing number of German families, many of North African descent, have taken up the offer and travelled to Waziristan where supporters say converts make up some of the insurgents’ most dedicated fighters.

    The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, which has a foothold in several German cities, has capitalised on growing concern over the rising profile of German forces in Afghanistan. Their role has become increasingly controversial in Germany in recent weeks after dozens of civilians were killed in an air strike ordered by German officers.

    Last night a foreign ministry spokesman told The Daily Telegraph they were now negotiating with Pakistani authorities for the release of six Germans, including “Adrian M”, a white Muslim convert, his Eritrean wife and their four year old daughter, who were arrested as they were making their way to the “German village”. They are particularly concerned about the welfare of the child.

    They are being held in custody in Peshawar after their arrest in May shortly when they crossed the border from Iran. They are understood to have left Germany in March this year.

    The spokesman said negotiations were “under way” with Pakistani authorities “concerning a group of German citizens” and that it had been aware that the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan had been recruiting in Germany “since the beginning of the year”.

    Their recruitment drive has been led by “Abu Adam”, a 24-year-old German believed to be of Turkish or North African descent who was raised with his, and fellow Jihadi, Abu Ibrahim, in the smart Bonn suburb of Kessenich.

    Adam, whose real name is Mounir Chouka, received weapons training from the German army as part of his national service, and later spent three years training at the Federal Office of Statistics where colleagues described him as a “nice boy”.

    He left in 2007, telling colleagues he was joining a trading firm in Saudi Arabia, but is believed to have joined a terrorist training camp in Yemen.

    In another recruitment video released earlier this year he urged supporters to: “Die the death of honour.”

    Khalid Khawaja, a former Pakistan intelligence officer, who describes himself as a friend of Osama bin Laden, said he was aware of a German contingent and that there were a number of Swedish converts too who had arrived in Pakistan “for Jihad”.

    “The Europeans are there [in Waziristan]. The most dedicated people there are from Europe. They will do anything for Islam. They are not there because their father’s are Muslim, but by choice,” he said.

  9. I am from Milwaukee and I can tell the loss of manufacturing bases there has been devastating. . Many factories, like this one vanished, Allen Bradley, employed about 15,000. So many. Awful, awful…

    Down to one

    At A.O. Smith complex
    Last employee to work final shift in November

    7:34 p.m. | At one point, the A.O. Smith complex had 10,000 Employees. Now, only one remains, a guard who started there in 1969. His final shift comes in November

  10. Crist predicts Carter-esque loss for Obama

    September 26th, 2009

    MACKINAC ISLAND, Michigan (CNN) – Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said he thinks President Barack Obama could be in for an ousting from office similar to what happened to Democratic President Jimmy Carter after his first term.

    “I think the people wanted a change,” the Florida Republican said, speaking of the election of Obama in November while drawing similarities to events decades earlier. “They wanted a change back in 1976. You remember? Richard Nixon had been president. That ended. Gerald Ford took over. The people decided they wanted a change. They got one-Jimmy Carter. Four years later, they took care of business-Ronald Reagan.”

    “It may happen again,” Crist went on. “I believe that the people have seen that they wanted a change but not this much. Not this kind, and not this way. America is awake and we’re coming back.”

    Crist, who’s now running for U.S. Senate, said Republicans feel a winning streak coming on for the next few years, “so bad they can taste it,” he said. “Especially after the seven or eight or nine months that we’ve had of this new administration.” Crist was the keynote speaker Friday night at the biennial Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinac Island, Michigan.

    House Republican Whip Eric Cantor delivered an address himself Saturday morning. Cantor touched on the healthcare debate, calling some of the options being discussed in Washington of late “ill-defined,” adding they would be “a gamble,” according to remarks sent out by Cantor’s campaign committee.

  11. Islamic threat hangs over Germany’s national vote

    Sep. 26, 2009

    German political parties held their final campaign rallies before Sunday’s national election, mindful of new warnings by Islamic militants that they would exact retribution for the country’s presence in Afghanistan.

    Two threatening videos surfaced Friday – one by al-Qaida and another by the Taliban – showing video of top German landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and Munich’s world-renowned Oktoberfest.

    On Saturday, authorities banned all flights over Oktoberfest until it ends on Oct. 4. This year’s 16-day festival is expected to draw some 6 million visitors.

    IntelCenter, an organization that monitors terrorism, said the threats directed at Germany are “now at unprecedented levels.”

    Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes to return for a second four-year term and ditch her conservative party’s “grand coalition” with her main rivals, the Social Democrats, led by her foreign minister and challenger, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The 54-year-old Merkel wants to form a new center-right government with her preferred partners, the pro-business Free Democrats. But while she is personally popular among voters – some 49 percent said they would vote for her – Germans vote for parties and do not directly elect candidates.

    Merkel is widely expected to remain chancellor and her conservatives to be the biggest party.
    Although Germany’s election campaign has centered mainly on how best to spur economic recovery, the role of German troops in Afghanistan has leapt into the spotlight after al-Qaida issued a string of threatening videos aimed at Germans.

    It’s not clear what, if any, affect the terror threats might have on how people vote. None of the main parties advocate an immediate withdrawal from Afghanistan. Only the Left Party has called for that, but it remains a marginal force. “At the moment, I am expecting that the terror alerts will generate no direct reaction of the voters at all, at least no reactions that could lead to a change of voting behavior,” said Nils Diederich, political scientist at Berlin’s Free University. In an audiotape that surfaced Friday, Osama bin Laden demanded that European countries pull their troops out of Afghanistan and threatened “retaliation” against them for their alliance with the United States in the war.

    The Interior Ministry on Friday also confirmed the existence of a Taliban video that threatens attacks on Germany. “Your operation here against Islam makes an attack on Germany tempting for us mujahedeen,” a German-speaking Taliban fighter in Afghanistan identified as Ajjub says in the video. The Taliban video showed photos of German landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Oktoberfest in Munich, the Frankfurt skyline, as well as Defense Minister Franz-Josef Jung and Interior Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble.

    German authorities tightened security after the first threats, with many more officers now visible at airports and train stations.

    President Horst Koehler urged Germans go to the polls, recalling that the right to vote was not something to take for granted. “People have died for the free, secret and equal right to vote. It’s our democracy and we should not weaken it,” Koehler said in a statement Saturday that was to be published in the Sunday newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

    Germany is the world’s second biggest exporter after China, and it has kept its unemployment rate hovering at around 8 percent amid the financial crisis through a series of government-backed short-term contracts.

    Both Merkel and Steinmeier have ruled out a coalition with the Left, a mix of former East German communists and Social Democrats angered by economic reform.

  12. Both Merkel and Steinmeier have ruled out a coalition with the Left, a mix of former East German communists and Social Democrats angered by economic reform.

    One SMART lady!


  14. I feel happy for you jbstonesfan. It is tough to fight these battles alone with friends and family. But in the end, most thinking people eventually come round to the truth. Just remember what frankfurter said, that it is better that wisdom comes late than not at all. Now we must try to get Hillary elected in 2012. I do not think Obama will run for a second term.

  15. This IS a very hard job for Mr. Obama. He is probably sleeping now and thinking he had a good day. What he does not realize is he is not campaigning anymore. It is not about headlines, it is about solving problems. He thinks it is as simple as getting an agreement with the allies, tendering a veiled ultimatum, and watching the dominoes fall. Sorry but that is not how it works. As Churchill said, this is no then end of the process, it is not the mid way point, it is merely the end of the beginning. And like the slaves who road in the chariot with caesar to rome and whispered sic transit gloria mundi–all glory is fleeting, so too did the French President tell him that high faleutin rhetoric are no substitute for action, and action involves risk. I doubt he even heard it.

  16. I read article today somewhere that the author suggested that Obama has outsmarted all of us with his wisdom of dialogue. He fully believes Obama knew what he has been doing all along.
    But confloyd he did. He knew he was helping his muslim brothers by dragging his heels for a year.

    When the time comes, inspectors go on an easter egg hunts for nuclear weapons and paraphnalia which Admiinijad has squirrled away.

    Perhaps this delusional bot can accompany them and they can leave him in some cave in the desert for the buzzards to pick his bones clean and when they do he can say it is good because Messiah Obama knew this would happen as well. He is soooooooooooooooo smart.

    But if that is true, what does it say about Messiah Obama?

  17. I am sure this has been asked before, but why is there no edit option for apost and why can’t what I am typing after several line????

  18. jbstonesfan Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 1:18 am


    As for edit option, this is a no-frills website and all the better for it! Such frilly options probably require the sort of software that slows things down, has lots of sig pictures, yucch. (As well as being more money and probably more work for the admin team.)

    The disappearing lines is some kind of bug beyond anyone’s control I’m sure. My workaround is to use ctl-end to go to the bottom of the box and use Enter to put in some blank lines for padding. Then I go back to the top of the box and down-arrow to where I want to type.

    Hasn’t happened to me in quite a while though.

  19. Add Minnesota to the list:

    President Obama’s once-robust support in Minnesota has dwindled sharply as he confronts a sluggish economy and significant unease about a health care overhaul that has split Democrats and Republicans in Congress, according to the latest Star Tribune Minnesota Poll.

    At 51 percent, Obama’s overall approval rating in Minnesota has shrunk 11 points since April, with close to half — 45 percent — expressing disapproval of his handling of health care policy, his signature domestic priority.

    Just 39 percent said they approve of the president’s handling of health care, while 16 percent were undecided.

  20. Bambi cannot be trusted, by friends or frenemies or anyone. We at Big Pink knew this a long time. Others are slowly being weaned from the koolaid. It’s a shame that our country will be in total dissaray though.

    I’m worried as heck about this health care bill. I simply CANNOT afford to buy health insurance. I don’t care if they say that they’ll limit the pre existing bullshit. The premium for me will still not be affordable, we barely get enough to live on right now and I am sure that most everyone who isn’t carrying coverage right now is in the same boat as me. I guess I’ll go to jail.

  21. And subsidies won’t help most people. Most of the people I know who are low income are already getting Medicaid or some kind of SSI check. Most of the people I know who can’t afford coverage are like me and my hubby. He gets Social Security Disability, I have worked 17 years and they tell me I haven’t enough credits in the last few years to draw off my own paid in and that I can’t get any Disability till I get 62. I have a every disc in my cervical spine herniated and a lower back herniated disc. Shoulder bursitis and tendonitis and a lot of panic issues. We make like 112.00 over the “poverty level” for me to get any assistance from our state medical card. If I don’t go to sliding fee doctors I am shit out of luck. I need surgery stat on my neck it is about to absolutely kill me, I’m in horrible pain and the only way I get any relief is to be upright. Trying to sleep is a nightmare.

    Anyone with suggestions for me, I welcome them.

  22. Excellent article Admin.

    I’m reposting this from the end of the previous thread.

    Sorry for the length but this is an amazing speech by Geert Wilds in support of Israel on Sept. 25 at the Four Seasons hotel!

    www dot oilforimmigration dot org

    (Thanks for the link, confloyd)

    Here are the last few passages but if you have time, read the whole thing.

    It lays out in stark terms what the struggle aginst Islamo-fascism and Sharia Law really means and how Israel is the last line of defense.

    It’s from a European perspective, where whole areas of countries have been overtaken by fundamentalist Muslims.

    Now you know why Winston Churchill called Islam ‘the most retrograde force in the world’, and why he compared Mein Kampf to the Quran. The public has wholeheartedly accepted the Palestinian narrative, and sees Israel as the aggressor. I have lived in this country and visited it dozens of times. I support Israel . First, because it is the Jewish homeland after two thousand years of exile up to and including Auschwitz, second because it is a democracy, and third because Israel is our first line of defense

    This tiny country is situated on the fault line of jihad, frustrating Islam’s territorial advance. Israel is facing the front lines of jihad, like Kashmir, Kosovo, the Philippines , Southern Thailand, Darfur in Sudan , Lebanon , and Aceh in Indonesia . Israel is simply in the way. The same way West-Berlin was during the Cold War.
    The war against Israel is not a war against Israel . It is a war against the West. It is jihad. Israel is simply receiving the blows that are meant for all of us.. If there would have been no Israel , Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming.
    Many in Europe argue in favor of abandoning Israel in order to address the grievances of our Muslim minorities. But if Israel were, God forbid, to go down, it would not bring any solace to the West. It would not mean our Muslim minorities would all of a sudden change their behavior, and accept our values. On the contrary, the end of Israel would give enormous encouragement to the forces of Islam. They would, and rightly so, see the demise of Israel as proof that the West is weak, and doomed. The end of Israel would not mean the end of our problems with Islam, but only the beginning. It would mean the start of the final battle for world domination. If they can get Israel , they can get everything. So-called journalists volunteer to label any and all critics of Islamization as a ‘right-wing extremists’ or ‘racists’.
    In my country, the Netherlands , 60 percent of the population now sees the mass immigration of Muslims as the number one policy mistake since World War II. And another 60 percent sees Islam as the biggest threat. Yet there is a danger greater danger than terrorist attacks, the scenario of America as the last man standing. The lights may go out in Europe faster than you can imagine. An Islamic Europe means a Europe without freedom and democracy, an economic wasteland, an intellectual nightmare, and a loss of military might for America – as its allies will turn into enemies, enemies with atomic bombs. With an Islamic Europe, it would be up to America alone to preserve the heritage of Rome , Athens and Jerusalem .
    Dear friends, liberty is the most precious of gifts. My generation never had to fight for this freedom, it was offered to us on a silver platter, by people who fought for it with their lives. All throughout Europe American cemeteries remind us of the young boys who never made it home, and whose memory we cherish. My generation does not own this freedom; we are merely its custodians. We can only hand over this hard won liberty to Europe ’s children in the same state in which it was offered to us. We cannot strike a deal with mullahs and imams. Future generations would never forgive us. We cannot squander our liberties. We simply do not have the right to do so.

  23. Dot, I’m sure your physical as well as financial pain is a night mare. I don’t have answers…wish someone did.

    I don’t understand this Social Security diability thing. Our neighbor’s 49 year old son just got it because of a bad back and really high blood pressure at times, yet he works on race cars for a friend and works “under the table” wages for a small private company.

    We’ll keep you in our thoughts, Dot.

  24. Sorry for your troubles, Dot- I’ve never been part of the system, so I’m of little help.- As SB pointed out, there are people out there skilled at working the system. Perhaps they can point out a mistake.

    US to Demand Iran Deadline on Inspections

    Response stiffens on nuclear sites

    The Obama administration plans to tell Tehran this week that the nation has three months to open its numerous nuclear sites to inspection, turn over notebooks and computers, and answer detailed questions about its suspected efforts to build a nuclear weapon, according to US officials.

    The demands, following the revelation Friday of a secret nuclear enrichment facility at a military base near the holy city of Qum, set the stage for the next chapter of a diplomatic drama that has shifted the West’s posture and heightened tensions with Iran, even drawing rebukes from such allies as Russia.

    So far, the administration has not laid out, in public, the extent of the demands it will put on the table on Thursday, when Iranian representatives are scheduled to meet in Europe with the Western powers. It will mark the first time in 30 years that the United States will join the talks as a full, direct participant, fulfilling President Obama’s campaign pledge for “full engagement’’ with Tehran.

    But interviews over the past three days with administration and intelligence officials and international nuclear experts suggest near-unanimity that disclosure of the covert facility at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards base could be a turning point.

    It is providing unprecedented leverage, they said, to demands for access to other sites that have long been off-limits, and for answers to hundreds of outstanding questions. The officials say that if Iran resisted, the United States would seek tough new sanctions, at a time when the government in Tehran has been weakened by internal strife.

    The most urgent issue, current and former officials agree, is gaining immediate access, perhaps as soon as in the next few days, to the hidden tunnel complex that Iran now acknowledges is a uranium enrichment plant under construction.

    h… w…


    I read elsewhere this morning, it is Sarkosy who is fronting the three month deadline. A little surprising world powers would wait 90 days for discovery on such an urgent matter. Then again, I don’t believe Bibi will be sitting around twiddling his thumbs waiting for world leaders to resolve Iran’s problem. Where Iran doesn’t see a problem with covert activities neither should we.
    Bibi has every right in the world to send in the Mossaud and level that mountaintop to rubble.

  25. Mrs.Smith, It does seem like 3 months is quiet long enough to hide anything he has, afterall he has an Army and a whole country of peasants to move anything he would feel he would not want us to see.

    Someone said in a previous thread that Bill and Hillary were making the Sunday shows. Can someone give the names and times?

  26. confloyd:

    Bill Clinton -Meet The Press

    Hillary Clinton- Face The Nation

    I have to choose Hill as both programs are on at 10:30 am.There was no mention in the listing if they were on for a full hour.
    Excellent time for large viewing audience.

    BY ABM91 Watch her shine as Obumma tanks.

  27. Dot48

    My brother was in your situation. He tried and tried to get ss disability.

    He finally went to a lawyer. Low and behold he got it, plus they paid him back money from the time he had filed. They put him on SSI.

    He had a pace maker put in. With all your problems i don’t know why you can’t get disability.

    Try getting a lawyer who specializes in disability claims

    Of course the lawyer got his percentage.

    He only had to pay the lawyer if he won.

  28. Thanks everyone for your input. I think I will see some social security lawyers and see what they think of my situation. I know a LOT of people in my area who have never hit a lick at a snake and they are getting benefits. They work under the table, over the table and on top of the table. They go to the doctors and get pain pills and sell them and they let their kids run wild. What a world.

    I am glad to find out about Hillary this am. I will watch.

    I feel a steady drum beat though for Israel to strike Iran. It feels like our lead up to the Iraq war.

    If only we had Hillary in charge I’d feel so much more confident.

  29. Hillary was amazing. This is who should be leading our country. She left no doubt who is in charge of foreign policy though, she is. Noted to hubby that she doesn’t need a cheat sheet, or a teleprompter. Damn she should be leader right now.

  30. dot48, My husband also had to hire an disability lawyer to get his disability. Of social security says there is no need to hire one, but it goes quicker. We tried on our own for 4 years, it only took about 9 months with these lawyers. We went with Binder & Binder, they advertise on TV all the time. They were great and don’t expect any money until it settled.

  31. I thought Hillary was amazing also, she seemed very adament about Afganistan and what to do. I think she thinks we should give McKrystal what he wants, but did not come out and say so.

    Bill is up next at 10 am here in East Texas.

  32. Also after listening to Hillary it made me realize why we moved our missile defense forward and changed from how Bush had it. It’s because they are protecting our troops from Iran. I bet Iran already has the BOMB! Just my idea though! They don’t have long range missiles yet, just long enough to hit our troops. I bet Netanyahu told them he was ready to strike and that they needed to move the missile shields closer. But of coarse, I don’t know anything about anything.

  33. I have good health insurance, but the drug program had a 50 increase last year. We are busy looking for generics, and looking for the best and cheapest solution.

    I am for a Public Health Care Plan, and for competitive drugs, because even though I am OK, I know there are millions out there that are not. I find that unacceptabel in our society. If OO and the dims would have been smart, they would have let HRC come in her and solve the medical and economy problems, and then put OO in. I really think that HRC with BJC roaming around the country selling it, would have gotten this done the right way.

    The Dims just proved to a lot of people that they are not very Bright. I think the Economy First, health care second are the issues here. The Economy for the young people, and health care for everyone.

    Some say it will take years to figure out what the health care plan he finally passes will include, but I think the moment after it is released to the internet, a whole team of American’s will figure it out, and then is when the really reaction by the American People will be felt.

    I think American’s deserve exceptional health care and jobs.

  34. dot,

    I was FORCED to apply for SSD by my disability insurance company who said that if I DIDN’T apply they would assume I had been approved and would deduct the amount they estimated from my benefits!

    They offered to apply on my behalf but i didn’t trust them so I got an attorney who worked on contingency. Within 6 months I had been approved Now the DB insurance company is trying to claim I OWE then the SS money! In any case, the medical chat support forums I visit were shocked I was approved so quickly and most said it was because I had an attorney specializing in SSD law. Of course the lawyer got 1/3 of the retroactive benefits but it was worth it. if I was you, i would look for an attorney in your area who specializes in SSD cases. BOL.

  35. I see the procrastination by obama regarding Iran as increasingly damaging. Sanctions…okay…as long as China comes on board. Otherwise it will be a bust. In the meantime, obama wants to talk, talk, talk. The inspectors can go into Iran only as long as Iran okay’s it.

    In the meantime, what is to stop Iran from hiding the evidence? This is just a game too them. Also, there is rumor that there is even now another hidden facility that Iran is boasting about.

    This is a mess.

  36. NMF, I use Walmart pharmacy and get a 3 month supply of any generic that is on their list for $10.00. The doctor has to be specific on the script though about 3 month supply. I have a list and if I need something I tell the doctor that they have to choose off that list. They wanted to put me on Neurontin last month for the nerve pain in my neck but its not on the list and a month generic is close to $50. I had to pass on it.

  37. JanH, I agree this is a mess, and we know that this has just not happened in the last 8 months, this has been going on for quiet some time.

    After watching Gates, I think he about ready to quit. THey mentioned he was there on a contingency. I think that leaves him an out. If Hillary quits also, where in the world would we be left? Lets just hope the both of them stay on because they are all we have in this administration.

    I agree there has been procrastination not only in Obama’s administration but also in Bush’s. Perhaps Bush was expecting a regime change and Bambi fumbled the ball when the Iranian folks started to riot. He stumbled badly.

  38. Britain’s MI5 is saying that Saudi Arabia will let Israel fly over it’s airspace if Israel decides to go on it’s own and attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

    What is wrong with this picture?

  39. dot48, I hate Walmart, but I am thankful for that $4.00 formulary list. All the doctors here have the list and if they think you might be able to afford the newer meds they write for the ones on the list.

    I also used to work with an internist who said he never prescribes meds that had not been on the marked for at least 7 years, he said because he said so much is not known about the meds until they’ve been tried on the population for a while. So Walmart list is right up his alley.

    My husband’s medicine, Plavix, cost $180. a month, I told my dr. we could not afford that, he said aspirin works just as good, so thats what we are doing.

  40. confloyd,’s_nuclear_site__


    They may not want a nuclear Iran, but they are first and foremost Arab terrorists together with a common cause to destroy Israel.

    I don’t know if the above is true (Mi5 statement) but if it is, I see it plain and simple as a set up.

  41. dot48,

    Having gone through healthcare insurance he!! for almost 2 years I really feel for you. I had to fight tooth and nail to get benefits from a system I had paid into for many years. It was like having a full time job, while being sick as a dog, and many times I wanted to give up. It’s humiliating, tracking down the decision makers and making them honor their commitments. But if you don’t advocate on your own behalf they won’t lift a finger to help you.

    TTTT, that’s why I decided to do the current TX now (aside from the fact that disease was causing horrible symptoms). I simply don’t trust what is going on with BO’s HCR. symptoms were causing dnagerousside effects of

  42. We use Costco for most of our other Meds. I noticed the price difference when I went from Walgreens to Costco for our Cats diabetic meds. I was less than half, like what I paid for one month, I got three months for at Costco. Since then, I took my husband’s med list in, and I asked the pharmacy, which would be cheaper purchasing from them, vs our mail order. They were up front. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO BUY DRUGS AT COSTCO. Most people do not know that. Just tell them at the door you want to use the pharmacy.

    Also, when I went to Cleveland Clinic for my BP, they said to try using a dyuretic. I did, much cheaper, and it works as good, and is vastly cheaper. I told a friend that who was having trouble with the side effect of another BP drug. She told her Doctor about the dyuretics, she is on them and has little to none side effects.

    I, like you have made our Doctors very aware of the fact that we have become cost conscious. Recently they tried a heart drug which was much more expensive. Lates blood test shows that it did not do what they thought it would. We told them we were going back on the cheaper drug. They concured.

    It looks like we have infused some competition into our drug purchases. Too bad our government does not want to do the same.

  43. There is some massive lying going on on Meet the Press. David Patterson is on saying that Obama has never asked him not to run for governor. He says he is running for governor.

  44. JanH, That is what I thought too, but not sure how/what they could do. Do they have the ability to shoot down the planes? I could see them warning the Iranians though, which would be disasterous.

  45. I see the procrastination by obama regarding Iran as increasingly damaging. Sanctions…okay…as long as China comes on board. Otherwise it will be a bust. In the meantime, obama wants to talk, talk, talk. The inspectors can go into Iran only as long as Iran okay’s it.
    That is the ironic part of this. He believes he has got Iran playing his game now and big media feeds Americans that lie. But big media has lost its credibility so they will not be listened to. The reality here is that the partners he has chosen are capable of dealing under the table on him. The inspection process will be an easter egg hunt gone bad. The ensuing sanctions will reignite opposition to the United States in the Muslim world as they show pictures of starvation. The real battle will be fought by Israel with the permission of Saudi Arabia because those two countries have more to lose than anyone else does if Iran acquires the nuclear weapon. In one case, the survival of an entire people is threated and in the other the survival of the monarchy is jeopardized.

    The decision-making paralysis of Mr. Obama stems from his desire to be loved by all, and his inordinate fear of making a bad decision which could be attributed to him. When you are at the helm, sometimes a bad decision is better than no decision at all. If you decide on a consensus based strategy like Obama has vs a top down structure like Cheney had, then you have three options: get unanimity if you can, if not take majority vote, if not then decide the issue yourself.

    Remember how he struggled over the decision of what to do about the pirates. The proper order was shoot. They had opportunities, like when the captain jumped in the water. He passed the buck to the military publicly, privately he would not give the order, and after the military forced him to act by going on CNN and accusing him of not giving the order (later it was scubbed because we could not find it, but two people in different cities who did not know eachother both say that program).

    With the passage of time it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the fiction that the emperor has not clothes, does. Meanwhile everything falls apart and big media covers everything up and diverts us with fairy tales. Simply put, we are in trouble with this joker at the helm.

  46. I did not see the Hillary interview live, but it highlights an obvious schism with the Administration. I fully expect that Powers, Rice and other would be foreign policy experts are urging disengagement. Politically, I expect Axelrod is telling Bambi the same thing, i.e. that Afghanistan is Viet Nam redux and if he ups the ante he will lose the progressives, whereas if he backs a build up the supporters of that policy will vote republican so his efforts will be for naught from a political standpoint. He would like nothing more than to make this a multi national effort but that effort has failed and the momentum is in the other direction. Russia has a strategic interest in engaging, but their prior history is vivid in their minds, they like watching America bleed, and clearly Russia, China and perhaps India want us out of Eurasia. I had a professor at Annapolis who was boldly assert that America cannot turn its back on the world. I did not listen to Hillary and I am sure she made a persuasive argument in favor of that position but I wonder sometimes whether it is really true. If this country is in an economic crisis then charity I believe starts at home.

  47. JanH and Wbboei, One of the reasons he seems to like the Iranians is I think he is pro-hezbolla/hamas. I think he has many supporters in the Palestinian state.

    I remember the one dr. I worked with was adament in his support of Obama. He is Lebonese or that was what he has told everyone, sometimes I wondered about that. The other military dr. I worked with was always calling him a terrorist, LOL! I just think he was a real racist. He went to Lebanon every 6 weeks or so and his wife and children live there. He convinced many to vote for Obama since they felt he had inside information about what was really going on in Lebanon. He did not like Hillary at all. I can imagine she was too pro-Israel for him.

  48. We have spent ourselves into the poor house trying to defend the world and have little to show for it. Interestingly, the only other country who could assume that role after us in China. They are investing heavily in military hardware–submarines, carriers, etc. Within ten years they will control Asia, Japan will switch its allegiances. There are cultural differences, and in some cases deep animosities. However, those will yield to the juggernaught of economic and military dominance. It is clear to me that under Mr. Obama, the United States will be bankrupted economically, and reduced to a paper tiger militarily, even though it has the best military in the world.

  49. JanH and Wbboei, One of the reasons he seems to like the Iranians is I think he is pro-hezbolla/hamas. I think he has many supporters in the Palestinian state.
    That is exactly right. This is perfectly consistent with the anti American anti semitic anti white teachings of his spiritual advisor Reverend Wright. The logic of this twisted argument compels him see groups like Hamas, Hezbolla, the Taliban more as liberators than as terrorists. He draws the line obviously at al-Q because even for him that is a bridge too far.

  50. I remember the one dr. I worked with was adament in his support of Obama. He is Lebonese or that was what he has told everyone, sometimes I wondered about that. The other military dr. I worked with was always calling him a terrorist, LOL! I just think he was a real racist. He went to Lebanon every 6 weeks or so and his wife and children live there. He convinced many to vote for Obama since they felt he had inside information about what was really going on in Lebanon. He did not like Hillary at all. I can imagine she was too pro-Israel for him.
    I cannot think of a better reason to pursue immigration reform (without amnesty). He sounds like a wack a doo.

  51. wwoebi,

    Japan is already making noises about reconciliation with China. China has a huge hidden agenda where the U.S. is concerned. Just look at the U.S. debt issue that is boxing North America in and strengthening China’s star status. China and Russia are making friends too. Neither trusts the other but together who knows.

  52. What do you think about Afghanistan?
    I think it is a difficult war to win militarily. It will be even more difficult to win politically. History tells us this. Before we dig in deeper we must make sure we have a clearly defined objective, public support and an exit strategy. I am by nature a hawk. I supported the Viet Nam War. But I also believe there are fights you should not take on. I do not think we can defeat the Taliban unless we take the casualties, become an occupying power and teach them to become democrats. And what do we get in return for assuming all the risks and costs of this. For me the equation does not add up, and I have seen it fail twice in my lifetime. This is not to be construed with supporting Obama, or opposing Hillary on the issue. It transcends political figures and implicates the future of this country. Maybe I am being selfish, but I could make a compelling argument based on the theories of Claustwitz that this is a hornets nest we should not be sticking our hand into. Finally, I worry about the evolution of our military from the draft which brought in all Americans, to a professional army to a french foreign legion model staffed by soldiers of fortune or those who are bribed with the promise of citizenship.

  53. Thanks wbboei. I agree, and I don’t think it is a war that can be “won.” We do need a clear agenda and exit strategy. I keep thinking about Vietnam and how the Russians were decimated in Afghanistan. Don’t we ever learn anything from history?

  54. Well this is great news

    Nevada Attorney General indicts ACORN after raiding offices.

    An Acorn Field Director has “flipped”, is now working with Nevada Attorney General on case against ACORN. Nevada Acorn offices raided, field manuals on how to commit Voter Registration Fraud seized.

    Now if we can connect this to every state and prove a connection to the Obama campaign then we can really go after the SOB as elected through fraud and that Hillary was actively defrauded in the primary.

  55. wbboei, I don’t think Hillary is for leaving Afganistan and this is why. She truly cares about the plight of women worldwide. She knows the Taliban are anti-female. I think she really wants to change that “if possible” for them. THey of coarse will be the casualty if US just ups and leaves. She was almost virulent today on the show towards Afganistan, while she was almost distant in her answers on Iran. I think as far as Iran goes, she knows regime change is the only thing that is really possible, and that takes time.

    I think if HRC stays at the state dept. we will see a more concentrated work being done in countries where women are being brutalized, Afganistan, Africa and so on.

  56. I went to a book signing party last night hosted by one of my biggest customers. The party was for a good customer of his and the title of the book is “Sexism in America” by a woman named Berg. The crowd was mostly Democratic, Jewish and well educated.

    I was contemplating buying the book …which has some very interesting info in it…until I glanced thru the final chapter which commented on the election. I didn’t like some of the conclusions she came to re Palin and women’s groups. I could see she was clearly on board with Obama.

    I did have the opportunity to speak with her as well as several others. All were Hillary supporters who voted for BO. When I told them that I hadn’t and my reasons for not supporting BO, they all looked at me with a kind of blank stare. I told them that the democratic party is in big trouble with this guy and also because they don’t want to acknowledge that people like me exist…..i.e. lifetime committed democrats who will not get onboard. They get uncomfortable and walk away. I’m sure that I am not changing any minds. Most have never heard of any caucus fraud nor even aware of the June convention when delgates were taken from Hillary.

    The author told me that she supports BO about “80%”.

    I keep talking and become a pariah at gatherings like this. But I think we all need to be pushing information on as amny people as we can.

    I wih I were seeing movement, but I am not. Many people have taken a position on BO and ithe dimmwits and they are sticking to it.

    At least my daughter…who voted for him unenthusiastically….says she will not vote for him again. She works for a large bank and thinks he and Geithner are a disaster.

  57. moononpluto, I don’t know if you watched the Gates interview this morning? I did not watch only listened. I have found sometimes you can understand better if you don’t see their faces.

    This morning Gates was talking about fraudulent elections and he suddenly said “in Afganistan”. I started laughing because it almost sounded like he thought Obama’s fraudulent election and he wanted to clarify. LOL!!

    Everyone including Glenn Beck knows that Hillary was cheated out of the Presidency. Gosh, I even heard Lindsay Graham say he agreed with Hillary on Afganistan. Will wonders ever cease?? The republicans are getting buyers remorse.

  58. Back to Afghanistan for a moment. The political system has a bad habit of weighing costs over the short term and benefits over the long term. As a result, they underestimate the cost and succumb to mission creep. Also, they do not react properly to the push back which those policies engender because they tell themselves they will get better over time whereas often they do not. It is easy to get into these things, and much harder to get out once you are in to get out. The thinking is imperial in its roots, and there is always a cost to maintaining an empire. These concerns do not come from marxists, but from military officers who have seen the elephant. If you are interested in the subject I commend to you a book called American Empire written by a West Pointer named Bacevich. I doubt his opinion would differ too much from mine on the subject of Afghanistan, based on the logic of his argument.

  59. Acorn in a whole heap of crap everywhere

    indystar. com/article/20090927/LOCAL/909270383/ACORN+scales+back+Indiana+operations

    Indianapolis Star credits the kids’ video with closing the Indianapolis office of ACORN.

    I have also learned they have closed their Gary office in May due to legal problems (voter fraud registration you wanna bet), the headline reads ACORN SCALES BACK IN IN INDIANA!

    ACORN, the liberal activist organization at the center of a national uproar, has virtually vanished from the scene in Indiana.

    The Gary office, which still faces accusations of voter registration fraud from last year’s election, was closed in May.

    The only other Indiana office, on the fifth floor of an old office building on Indianapolis’ Near Northside, sat dark last week. Its sole remaining paid employee has been furloughed in the fallout over videos showing embarrassing conduct by ACORN employees in cities on both coasts. The Indianapolis office now relies on an all-volunteer force to carry on its mission of helping Hoosiers with housing issues and supporting reform of immigration policies and health care.

    ACORN drew notice last year for vast voter-registration efforts in minority and low-income communities, but its bread and butter is community activism and services such as housing counseling, foreclosure prevention, tax preparation and eligibility screening for federal and state benefits.


  60. I will concede that others have far more information than I do on the subject of Afghanistan, and when McCrystal asks for more troops I take him at his word. But I have never heard a general tell his superiors I have enough troops and do not need any more. But as I say the biggest problem is political, and that included the whole problem of nation building–turning a loose collection of tribes who survive on the opium trade into a viable cohesive nation. Sounds like a good job for Ayers. That is one casualty our nation could afford.

  61. Indiana was the one state where I think Hillary REALLY won, had it not been for the voter fraud. Well lets hope they close all the holes where Hillary was cheated before she runs again.

    I am not worried about Acorn because all Soros and the progressives will do is move that work to a different organization to do the same work.

  62. Moon I was there in Indiana in the primary. I witnessed it from the safe haven of Kokomo. More ballots were cast than registered voters. More absentee ballots than ever in history. The mayor is corrupt and a huge supporter of Obama. Confederates hired to count ballots. As Stalin said it does not matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes. That is why Mr. Obama has no legitimacy. His mandate was obtained under conditions of pervasive fraud. That fraud, in turn, was outcome determinative. It is a superceding indictment against the party as it exists today.

  63. wbboei, ROTFLMAO!!! OMG, Lets send Ayers to Afganistan to set that perfect Socialist govt. I am sure since he’s a product of the 60’s, and with his father’s gene’s for capitalism, he could make a go of that country rather quickly. Then they could install their King Obama and make him ruler for life. LOL!!

  64. “I keep talking and become a pariah at gatherings like this. But I think we all need to be pushing information on as amny people as we can.”


    Bravo, Carol!

  65. My reference was to Gary Indiana, which is on the outskirts of Chicago land and is controlled by the Illionis Combine. It is a former industrial town with a high level of unemployment, a corrupt administration, drug problems and urban blight. It is the model for the rest of this country if the policies of Soros are pursued.

  66. The meds that my hubby takes are close to $3000 per month! But he does have those paid through his workers compensation coverage. Some of his other meds we get off the Walmart list because they are cheaper for the generic than his drug copay is with Humana. It’s messed up.

  67. neetabug Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 9:25 am


    My brother was in your situation. He tried and tried to get ss disability.

    He finally went to a lawyer. Low and behold he got it, plus they paid him back money from the time he had filed. They put him on SSI.

    Try getting a lawyer who specializes in disability claims

    Of course the lawyer got his percentage.

    He only had to pay the lawyer if he won.


    I agree. A friend had a problem with SSI and consulted a local lawyer — who it turned out did SS work for free!

  68. My humble view on Afghanistan,

    You can’t do half a job and hope to succeed in pushing the terrorist agenda into the ground. Either step up and do the job properly or retreat completely. I can understand wanting to take a wait and see approach so you don’t make any mistakes, but we are talking about human lives here. There is no time for procrastination.

    There is also no positives in giving the enemy a Public Relations win. Personally I think obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He’s between a rock and a hard place. Americans want their soldiers home again but can obama do this without leaving the afghanis to the mercy of a terrorist regime bent on destroying the democratic world?

  69. Safeway and another supermarket pharmacy also have a list of drugs that are $4 a month. I think they are generics but match a wide number of prescribed drugs.

  70. birdgal, yep it does take generations for nation building, look how long it took for the muslims to hate us enough to fly airplanes into buildings committing suicide for the cause. That took time too.

  71. Safeway, That’s great, the more folks that start offering this the better, what made that possible? Our continued effort in buying Canadian drugs. That’s why I believe a trigger would work for healthcare, but it would have to be a good trigger, not one that could be sidestepped by a republican administration.

  72. Indiana was the one state where I think Hillary REALLY won, had it not been for the voter fraud
    Confloyd: our internal poll showed us winning by 10 points the night before the election. The fraud was so pervasive that we only won it by 2 points. The precints I was in charge of canvassing and monitoring were pedominantly white and we won them by maybe 20 points, I cannot exactly recall. The fraud in Gary was so bad, so evil that the mayor of the adjoining town called them on it. Only FOX news reported this. Big Media used that narrow victory and the wider than expected loss in North Carolina where ACORN was also active to declare Hillarys campaign over. Then they virtually ignored her blow out wins in West Virginia and South Dakota, and tried to suggest she wanted her opponent done away with and falsely reported that she would concede that evening in an effort to suppress voter turn out. Michael Goodwin of the Daily New was the author of the first lie, Beth Fouhey of AP acting at the behest of her new New York Times boss ratman was author of the second lie. What these scumbags forget is that they not only cheated Hillary they cheated her supporters and we do not forgive and forget. We believe nothing they say to us now on any subject. Nothing.

  73. Carol Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 1:25 pm

    Yes, Bravo, Carol. The attitude they’re taking is one of denial and selective amnesia. They are hoping BO’s ratings return to their 01/09 hi- and that his unpopularity is due temporarily until his signature Health Care Plan is passed. You are very brave to walk the path less traveled by speaking your mind, you are stating your principles. They will remember one day… you told them so… when the author is no longer in the limelight and begins debating to herself rewriting a second ending, stating Hillary is the impetus for any changes occurring with the treatment and rights of women…and Obama is and always was the Clown in Chief!

  74. On second thought why should we hire Ayers to teach the people of Afghanistan how to build a nation. If we bide our time, then the Taliban will hire him for sure based on his estimable terrorist credentials.

  75. I am quite sure he would accept payment in poppies as a hedge against the declining value of the dollar precipitated by the Obama Soros tag team. Keep working on your research Confloyd/

  76. By the looks of some of Ayers photos, he has sampled a few of the products made from poppies! He would be in heaven there, a brand new enviroment to try out his ideas of socialism on the poor unsuspecting Afgannies!

  77. IRS, ACORN sever ties over scandal

    More Acorn news:

    The IRS has filed liens against ACORN offices in New Orleans claiming that the group owes more than $548,000 for missed payroll tax payments from July 2007 to March 2009, according to the Louisiana Pelican Institute for Public Policy, a conservative-leaning nonprofit. Copies of the liens are posted on the Institute’s Web page.


  78. The crowd was mostly Democratic, Jewish and well educated.
    And well insulated economically from the impact of their mistake. I wonder if they have contacts in Israel who feel the same way. I doubt it. What I find most interesting was the lack of a spirited defense of Mr. Obama. I think many of them by now realize they got had, but cannot face the fact. If the author was smart enough to understand the Soros connection, she would be hardpressed to say she supported Obama 80%. People like this are often ignorant as swans when it comes to governing and are more concerned about making a political fashion statement. They do not comprehend the stakes.

  79. By the looks of some of Ayers photos, he has sampled a few of the products made from poppies!
    When he was a child his uber permissive parents allowed him to open his Christmas presents early.

  80. IRS, ACORN sever ties over scandal

    More Acorn news:

    The IRS has filed liens against ACORN offices in New Orleans claiming that the group owes more than $548,000 for missed payroll tax payments from July 2007 to March 2009, according to the Louisiana Pelican Institute for Public Policy, a conservative-leaning nonprofit. Copies of the liens are posted on the Institute’s Web page.

    And to think none of this would have happened if it had not been for two enterprising young people who were willing to go under cover and the courage of FOX news.

    Meanwhile, the rest of Big Media covered up the fraud, just like they did in the Indiana Primary.

    So again, why would anyone who cares about the truth tune in to nbc, cnn, msnbc or abc. They lie by commission and by ommission.

  81. I ran into many women during the primary that liked Hillary, but would not vote for her because they did not think the little muslim dictators would listen to her. Some of these women were intelligent and well educated, but they unfortunately stuck in the 50’s. I guess that had never heard of Thatcher, and Golda Mier. One even told me that females that had ruled were from third world countries. Thatcher was not from a third world country. She apparently wasn’t up on history either.

    It takes all kinds!

    Those little muslim dictators aren’t listening to Obama either, and they did not listen to Bush either. What you have to do is outsmart them, who better to do that but Hillary.

  82. I would not go to a lawyer if he lost every case, or to an accountant who blew every audit and I would avoid big media if I was seeking the truth. They are about propaganda and entertainment. I know someone who studies them entirely from that perspective. Personally, I do not have the stomach to listen to liars. They hold no fascination, and they rot the mind.

  83. Those little muslim dictators aren’t listening to Obama either, and they did not listen to Bush either.
    But they play to Obamas ego, because they know they can control him that way. They love having a rube as president. Listen to the high praise he gets from castro, chavez, kadafi, and even adminijad at times.

  84. Here yah go, the real reason they are letting this unemployment get so high. This is from NPR.

    Big job losses and a spike in early retirement claims from laid-off seniors will force Social Security to pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes the next two years, the first time that’s happened since the 1980s.

    The deficits — $10 billion in 2010 and $9 billion in 2011 — won’t affect payments to retirees because Social Security has accumulated surpluses from previous years totaling $2.5 trillion. But they will add to the overall federal deficit.

    Applications for retirement benefits are 23 percent higher than last year, while disability claims have risen by about 20 percent. Social Security officials had expected applications to increase from the growing number of baby boomers reaching retirement, but they didn’t expect the increase to be so large.

    What happened? The recession hit and many older workers suddenly found themselves laid off with no place to turn but Social Security.

    “A lot of people who in better times would have continued working are opting to retire,” said Alan J. Auerbach, an economics and law professor at the University of California, Berkeley. “If they were younger, we would call them unemployed.”

    Job losses are forcing more retirements even though an increasing number of older people want to keep working. Many can’t afford to retire, especially after the financial collapse demolished their nest eggs.

    Some have no choice.

    Marylyn Kish turns 62 in December, making her eligible for early benefits. She wants to put off applying for Social Security until she is at least 67 because the longer you wait, the larger your monthly check.

    But she first needs to find a job.

    Kish lives in tiny Concord Township in Lake County, Ohio, northeast of Cleveland. The region, like many others, has been hit hard by the recession.

    She was laid off about a year ago from her job as an office manager at an employment agency and now spends hours each morning scouring job sites on the Internet. Neither she nor her husband, Raymond, has health insurance.

    “I want to work,” she said. “I have a brain and I want to use it.”

    Kish is far from alone. The share of U.S. residents in their 60s either working or looking for work has climbed steadily since the mid-1990s, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This year, more than 55 percent of people age 60 to 64 are still in the labor force, compared with about 46 percent a decade ago.

    Kish said her husband already gets early benefits. She will have to apply, too, if she doesn’t soon find a job.

    “We won’t starve,” she said. “But I want more than that. I want to be able to do more than just pay my bills.”

    Nearly 2.2 million people applied for Social Security retirement benefits from start of the budget year in October through July, compared with just under 1.8 million in the same period last year.

    The increase in early retirements is hurting Social Security’s short-term finances, already strained from the loss of 6.9 million U.S. jobs. Social Security is funded through payroll taxes, which are down because of so many lost jobs.

    The Congressional Budget Office is projecting that Social Security will pay out more in benefits than it collects in taxes next year and in 2011, a first since the early 1980s, when Congress last overhauled Social Security.

    Social Security is projected to start generating surpluses again in 2012 before permanently returning to deficits in 2016 unless Congress acts again to shore up the program. Without a new fix, the $2.5 trillion in Social Security’s trust funds will be exhausted in 2037. Those funds have actually been spent over the years on other government programs. They are now represented by government bonds, or IOUs, that will have to be repaid as Social Security draws down its trust fund.

    President Barack Obama has said he would like to tackle Social Security next year.

    “The thing to keep in mind is that it’s unlikely we are going to pull out (of the recession) with a strong recovery,” said Kent Smetters, an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. “These deficits may last longer than a year or two.”

    About 43 million retirees and their dependents receive Social Security benefits. An additional 9.5 million receive disability benefits. The average monthly benefit for retirees is $1,100 while the average disability benefit is about $920.

    The recession is also fueling applications for disability benefits, said Stephen C. Goss, the Social Security Administration’s chief actuary. In a typical year, about 2.5 million people apply for disability benefits, including Supplemental Security Income. Applications are on pace to reach 3 million in the budget year that ends this month and even more are expected next year, Goss said.

    A lot of people who had been working despite their disabilities are applying for benefits after losing their jobs. “When there’s a bad recession and we lose 6 million jobs, people of all types are going to be part of that,” Goss said.

    Nancy Rhoades said she dreads applying for disability benefits because of her multiple sclerosis. Rhoades, who lives in Orange, Va., about 75 miles northwest of Richmond, said her illness is physically draining, but she takes pride in working and caring for herself.

    In June, however, her hours were cut in half — to just 10 a week — at a community services organization. She lost her health benefits, though she is able to buy insurance through work, for about $530 a month.

    “I’ve had to go into my retirement annuity for medical costs,” she said.

    Her husband, Wayne, turned 62 on Sunday, and has applied for early Social Security benefits. He still works part time.

    Nancy Rhoades is just 56, so she won’t be eligible for retirement benefits for six more years. She’s pretty confident she would qualify for disability benefits, but would rather work.

    “You don’t think of things like this happening to you,” she said. “You want to be in a position to work until retirement, and even after retirement.”

  85. I don’t care how old he is or these charges are. He needs to be punished for this disgusting act. And the idea that any country thinks differently is just mindboggling.


    Poland, France to ask US for Polanski pardon

    27 September 2009, WARSAW – Poland and France will ask the United States to free director Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski from three decade old charges that he had sex with an underage girl, which led to his detention on Sunday, Poland’s PAP news agency reported.

    The Polish and French foreign ministers Radoslaw Sikorski and Bernard Kouchner discussed the arrest of Polanski — a French-Polish national — by telephone and agreed to make a joint approach to the US authorities, PAP reported.
    Their ministries will ask US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton ‘to ask Switzerland to release Roman Polanski, detained pending extradition, and for her to envisage the possibility of a pardon from President Barack Obama,’ PAP quoted Sikorski as saying.

    The director, 76, was arrested Saturday as he arrived in Switzerland to receive a special award at the Zurich film festival. US authorities have been pursuing the ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, ‘Chinatown’ and ‘The Pianist’ director for many years. The Swiss Justice Ministry said Polanski was being held to await possible extradition to the United States.

    Polanski fled the United States in 1978 before sentencing on a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl. He admitted the charge at the time and has never returned.

    A Swiss justice ministry spokesman said Polanski was being held under a 2005 international alert issued by the US government, related to a 1978 arrest warrant.

  86. JanH, It will interesting to see what Hillary says about this scumbag. I know what she would do if she were the only one to make the decision, but Bambi is the ultimate boss.

  87. wbboei Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 2:26 pm

    IRS, ACORN sever ties over scandal

    This is basically why I’m a believer in the “X” Factor, (the unknown) …

    The pebble taking down the unstoppable giant.



    “They may not want a nuclear Iran, but they are first and foremost Arab terrorists together with a common cause to destroy Israel.

    I don’t know if the above is true (Mi5 statement) but if it is, I see it plain and simple as a set up.”


    I don’t think so- not with the whole world watching. Jordan isn’t for a terrorist state. The Arab Emitrates aren’t pleased with Iran’s nuclear program either. Iran is sandwiched between Iraq and Astan.. We have military in both places

    If, as I think, Bibi handles this with the help of the Mossad, if there are any repucussions from Israel taking action, the US and our allies are committed to defending Israel no matter what Obama says. imo-

  88. JanH
    “There is also no positives in giving the enemy a Public Relations win. Personally I think obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. He’s between a rock and a hard place. Americans want their soldiers home again but can obama do this without leaving the afghanis to the mercy of a terrorist regime bent on destroying the democratic world?”

    “And well insulated economically from the impact of their mistake. ”

    wbboei….yes….I agree…..and that makes them out of touch.

    The problem in Afghanistan is that unlike Irag, Afghanistan poses a real threat to the US as an Al Quaeda base. If we pull out, is there a greater threat of terrorism here? I think there is. It is unfortunate that we wasted so much in Iran and fought the wrong war at the wrong time.

  89. I agree with you Mrs. Smith. I hope you are right. But bottom line for me is I know how much the Arab Emirates hate the Jews and while they may let them go ahead, they will use this action to destroy Israel even more.

  90. “It is unfortunate that we wasted so much in Iran and fought the wrong war at the wrong time.”


    Exactly. And all for Bush’s ego.

  91. Carol: you may be right. If that is what Hillary was saying on the interview then obviously I need to brush up my shakespeare on those points. If there is a real threat that al Quaeda would acquire a base there then that does change the equation. But in that case our approach should be a scapel as opposed to a meat axe. In other words, it must be carefully targeted, rather than putting 100,000 troops and just as many subcontractors there, and our allies should be footing a large part of the bill.

    As far at the rest, Obama is as you say between a rock and a hard place. It comes with the job. And it will take a heavy toll on him, politically and psychologically. He has been vacillating on this one. I know what I would do, but I have no intention of giving him helpful advice. He is the messiah. He does not need it.

  92. Interesting discussion on Afghanistan. Here is an excerpt from SOS Clinton’s interview with Harry Smith:

    MR. SMITH: Let’s talk about Afghanistan for a couple of minutes. General McChrystal made his report to President Obama. One of the things he says is there is a year window in which the United States has to act in order to ensure that the insurgency doesn’t basically take over the country. Do you agree with that assesment?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, let me just put General McChrystal’s report into a broader context, because it doesn’t stand alone. It is part of a process. And let’s look at what we have done during the last nine months under President Obama’s leadership.

    We inherited a situation. We didn’t reject it out of hand, we didn’t accept it out of hand. We engaged in a very thorough review. We reached some critical decisions, including looking at both Afghanistan and Pakistan together because, of course, the threat goes back and forth, across the borders.

    We also reaffirmed our commitment to going after al-Qaeda to dismantling, defeating them. We believe — and we have seen this, just this week here in New York — we believe that al-Qaeda poses a direct threat to the United States, to friends and allies throughout the world. So, we are very clear about our mission. Our mission is to protect the United States and to protect our friends and allies, and to go after the scourge of al-Qaeda and related extremist groups.

    Now, the decision that was made to add troops in the Spring has not even been fully implemented yet. You know, you don’t get up and just deploy the 82nd airborne, and they get there the next day. We are only now reaching the deployment cycle.

    We also know that going hand to hand with our military strategy was our civilian strategy, a much more focused effort, a much more accountable one, dealing with the government of Afghanistan. So we not only saw the change of commanders in the military, we saw a change in our ambassador, and a beefing up of the embassy in Kabul.

    At the same time, Afghanistan is going through an election. And this is not like an election in Western Europe or in the United States. To carry out an election in these circumstances was going to be difficult under any conditions. It’s not over yet. We have to wait until it is resolved — hopefully very soon — then make a new commitment about how we’re going to meet our strategic goals. And it’s going to be up to the President to determine how best to achieve that.
    So, General McChrystal, the new commander was asked for his assessment, there is other input that is coming throughout the government that the President will take on board. But I think we ought to look at it in context.

  93. Here is the rest:

    MR. SMITH: There is growing discontent about sending more troops into Afghanistan. And one of the issues is the Karzai government, which is corrupt at least, and may, in fact, have tried to steal this most recent election. Is it worth American blood to help support a regime like that?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, with all respect, we’re doing this for the United States. We are doing this because we think that a return to a safe haven in Afghanistan with al-Qaeda, with Taliban elements associated with al-Qaeda for the same purpose, to basically run a syndicate of terror out of either Afghanistan or the border regime is something we cannot tolerate. And you know, we have to recognize that this was always going to be a challenge.

    Now, having said that, does the Karzai government, or whoever is the next president, have to do more to fulfill the needs of the Afghan people, to understand what is expected for the rule of law, transparency, accountability? Absolutely.

    But, again, we inherited a situation with a set of expectations and behaviors that we have gone about attempting to influence and change. And one of my highest priorities is, once this election is finalized, to work with our entire civilian team, with Special Representative Holbrooke, with Ambassador Eikenberry, and everyone else, to really impress upon the new government what is expected of them.

    But let’s not forget, Harry, this is about us, sitting right here in New York. This is about making sure that we’ve got the intelligence and the capacity to interrupt potential attacks, that we try to continue our efforts to destroy al-Qaeda that are, unfortunately, still to this day, attempting to kill and destroy Americans and others

    MR. SMITH: Najibullah Zazi went to Pakistan to the border areas in order to get bomb training. Is Pakistan doing enough to clean up its own house?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, look at, again, what has happened in the last nine months. Pakistan has increased its commitment in the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda —

    MR. SMITH: They were successful in the Swat valley.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Absolutely successful. A lot of people thought that would never happen. I believed that if we engaged very intensively with our Pakistani friends — and we did, through meetings in Washington and in Islamabad — if we shared information, we listened to each other, that there would be a decision by the civilian and military leadership that the threat was directed at them, that it could undermine their government. In fact, it will lead to very dangerous consequences, in terms of the survivability of the state in many parts of the country.

    So, yes, have they taken action? Absolutely.

    MR. SMITH: Have they done enough is the question?

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, you know, we are always working for more. As I just finished saying, we are not satisfied with anything. This is not a check box kind of experience where “We’re done with that, we’re done with that.”

    But look at what has been accomplished, and I think that we will continue to see a very close coordination. But it is important for Americans to understand that focusing on al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who are largely — but not exclusively — now in Pakistan, cannot be done if we allow them to return to a safe haven in Afghanistan. So, this has to be viewed as part of the overall strategy.

    MR. SMITH: Madame Secretary, well thank you so much for your time.

    SECRETARY CLINTON: Thanks, Harry. It’s always good to talk to you.

  94. birdgal Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 3:42 pm

    Here is the rest:


    Thanks, birdgal- I didn’t see Face the Nation, it was opposite MTP at the same time. BC was very good with his overview but Hillary provided the info in more detail.

  95. in that case our approach should be a scapel as opposed to a meat axe.

    I agree. But the threat is there and as Hillary said it goes back and forth across the border.

  96. In Viet Nam we had counter insurgency strategies which we pursued in much the same manner. One of my heroes General Walt USMC was in charge. They did have some marginal successes, like the Swat Valley. But the country lost its nerve and ultimately it turned against us politically. The salient difference is that we were not fighting an enemy who had attacked us on our own soil and is determined to destroy us before Soros can. Also, military doctrine has evolved in other respects. The biggest problem here is the nation building part–even bigger than the military piece. As a matter of fact I think it is impossible. As a result if we go in deeper, rather than pursuing this in a more limited fashion, we will be stuck there for 50 years. I am not saying Hillary is wrong. I am simply saying I would like to hear the rebuttal argument from someone on the other side of the question whose judgment I also trust. This is a huge step not to be taken lightly. No battle plan survives the first engagement.

  97. If you are going to expand the war in Afghanistan or double down you need to convince the country and the world that this is a just war, like World War II, and it is an effort to eliminate al Quaeda root and branch You have to characterize 9/11 as Pearl Harbor and show that the designs by the leaders of this group continue unabated. You must stop the Bush bashing and say this is a long term multinational commitment and recruit Muslim divisions. And if we win, we should raise muslim symbols over the battle sites. But even if you do that I am skeptical about this. I remember what it was like being spit on if you were in uniform. The counterculture group is alive and well today. In fact they are prospering under Obama.

  98. I thought both Hillary and Bill excelled today.

    While Carter, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, etc…have blustered their way into retirement, Bill Clinton continues to work very hard to make the world a better place.

    Hillary too is leaving her mark.

  99. For what it is worth, my 20 something son is well versed in everything Hillary, Clinton, and McPalin – thanks to me. He is in regular contact with his friends from high school in another state. He told me over a week ago that there is somethng up. His friends are telling him that there is something up – something big. I asked what and why? He said that many of his friends and many of their friends are in the military and that they are getting readied for something. And they are talking among themselves that it must be something big. Any ideas what these young soldiers are being readied for?

  100. If you read The History of The Pelopenisian Wars you get a sense of what I am talking about. If you read the Funeral Oration of Pericles, adjudged by some to be the greatest speech by any orator in all history, you get a sense of how to inspire people, but you get an even more profound sense of the cost of such protracted military engagements. The shape of the battlefield is fundamentally different than in Iraq. It favors the defensive over the offensive.

  101. I thought both Hillary and Bill excelled today.

    While Carter, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, etc…have blustered their way into retirement, Bill Clinton continues to work very hard to make the world a better place.

    Hillary too is leaving her mark.
    Very true. Their quality as leaders is on a par with the founding fathers.

  102. Hillary was poised, beautiful and articulate without any props. I did think that the camera showed her from a side view that was unflattering. My thought each time that happened was, well, they just do not understand that beauty comes from within and is best displayed in words and deeds….so take that cameraperson.
    Hillary personified beauty and a depth of knowledge that few could match and that The Fraud, and MO, could never match even if they lived a hundred years. My heart ached watching this brilliant, experienced, and genuine woman talking to me in language I could understand with with such a breath of understanding the facts.
    That is the key – she was talking to the audience, not speechifying or preachifying, or insultifying, or degradifying dismissifying the audience like we have become used to.

    And to think, we could, er should, have had Hillary!!!

    God save our country. God give Hill and Bill the strength and guidance to pull our great nation back to a semblance of its former self,not for our sakes but for the sake of future generations.

  103. Hillary personified beauty and a depth of knowledge that few could match and that The Fraud, and MO, could never match even if they lived a hundred years. My heart ached watching this brilliant, experienced, and genuine woman talking to me in language I could understand with with such a breath of understanding the facts.
    Her voice is the voice of wisdom. Barack’s is the voice of narcissism. She is a source of answers. He is a tower of babble. But behind that babble bad things are being done to us. God save the queen/

  104. Any ideas what these young soldiers are being readied for?
    Either service in Afghanistan, or Barack is following though on his prior commitment to build a standing army within the United States equal in size to the US military. He let that cat out of the bag a year ago last July 4, to celebrate the spirit of independence. There may be sites in Africa where al Qaeda is hiding that may require troops as well. I suspect there may be a full court press on al Qaeda if not now then in the foreseeable future. But I cannot pretend to know.

  105. The pressure is on…


    British general supports request for 40,000 new troops in Afghanistan


    Pentagon opposes timeline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

  106. Iran ‘to test long-range missile capable of hitting Israel’: defiant Iran pledged to test a long-range missile thought to be capable of hitting Israel as it ratcheted up the war of words over its nuclear ambitions.

    By Richard Spencer in Dubai and Alex Spillius
    27 Sep 2009

    Tehran also tested a number of short- and medium-range missiles on Sunday and said its second uranium enrichment plant, revealed to the world last week, was ready to withstand any attack. The US, UK and others have said the plant was part of Iran’s covert plans to build nuclear weapons in defiance of international agreements and contrary to Iran’s assertion that its nuclear programme was for civilian purposes only. Tehran will be pressed at a crucial meeting in Geneva this week to open up its nuclear programme or face the prospect of crippling sanctions.

    Israel has also threatened air strikes to prevent Iran acquiring a nuclear warhead but General Hossein Salami, head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Air Force, said: “We are going to respond to any military action in a crushing manner and it doesn’t make any difference which country or regime has launched the aggression.”

    In fact, both the American and Israeli governments seemed over the weekend to play down the likelihood of an imminent air strike.
    Robert Gates, the US defence secretary, said military action could only delay Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. “The reality is, there is no military option that does anything more than buy time,” he told CNN. Mr Gates, who served in the previous administration of George W Bush, has already put himself at odds with hawks such as Dick Cheney, the former vice-president, who have argued in favour of prompt use of force against Iran.

    Mr Gates also said yesterday that Iran had not made a formal decision to go ahead with nuclear weapons, again suggesting there was leeway for a diplomatic solution. “My personal opinion is that the Iranians have the intention of having nuclear weapons,” he said. “I think the question of whether they have made a formal decision to move towards the development of nuclear weapons is in doubt.”

    Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has been making telephone calls to US Congressional leaders to urge tough sanctions, implying that he too has been putting his weight behind diplomatic measures for now.

    Attention in Washington is focused on the response the Iranian regime will make at its meeting in Geneva on Thursday with the “P5 plus one” group – the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany.

    The uranium enrichment plant’s existence was confirmed by Iran to the International Atomic Energy Agency on Friday after it became clear that its discovery by western intelligence agencies was about to be made public. Any hope Tehran had of refusing to discuss its nuclear programme during the talks this week has disappeared. The US said its negotiators would be demanding “full and unfettered access” to the new plant.

    The Iranians have promised to allow access to IAEA inspectors, but they will need also to make clear commitments to open up its wider nuclear programme to avoid American insistence on more sanctions.

    The views of Russia and China are crucial. In the past they have opposed further sanctions but may now feel obliged to take action.

    Hillary Clinton, secretary of state, said unless Iran showed a change of heart attention would turn to “exploring how you broaden and deepen sanctions”. “Sanctions are already in place…but like many sanction regimes they’re leaky,” she said, in what could be interpreted as criticism of China. Chinese state-owned companies have been repeatedly accused by the US of circumventing sanctions.

    Senior Iranian representatives did little to disguise their displeasure at the apparent propaganda coup achieved by the United States, Britain and other western powers in forcing them to reveal the nuclear facility. Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA, accused Western leaders of being ignorant of international law in their criticism of Iran over the plant. “This approach will have a negative impact on Iran’s negotiations with the 5+1 countries,” he said.

  107. ShortTermer Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 4:43 pm


    I don’t know what the “Big Thing” is either, ST-

    I’ve known my cousin was scheduled to ship out since this past July. I’ve begged his mother to get him out of it- he’s done enough for the country. He has been one of the LUCKY ones returning home in one piece and good psychological health. I know she has been hearing about the horrific casualties in Astan on the news but as she’s said to me more than once; “he’s making the military his career; it’s his job.”

  108. British general supports request for 40,000 new troops in Afghanistan
    Yes Jan the heat is on. I wonder how many of those 40,000 troops that British general is prepared to provide. If I had to guess, I think it is going to happen. I do not predict a good result here. But it may also be true that doing nothing really would be worse. Hobson’s choice.

  109. wbboei, I disagree about Afganistan because if we don’t take care of these monsters over there they will be able to formulate another 9/11 and then Soros will have is crisis to completely take over. Nowadays these wannabe dictators like Soros uses these crisis to put their ideas in force.

    I wonder if this thing is Iran, because I also watched Diane Finstein today and she said it will take soliders on the ground and the air force to get rid of Iran’s threat. It very well could be that Obama has been buttering up all the little dictators to throw them off. Risky for him though unless deployment is immenent.

  110. Napoleon was once asked what kind of generals he wanted and he said generals that win. Let us hope that McCrystal turn out to be one of those and one who does not waste lives needlessly. I feel for the parents of the young men and women who will be sent over there where ever there happens to be. The soldiers will learn in time what they committed to when they took the oath. And anyone who is an officer will learn the burden of having the lives of others in its hands. I guess every generation has to relearn those lessons.

  111. confloyd-

    there are enough of them living here, loyal to the cause, to do as much damage with or without going into Astan in an endless war.

  112. Mrs.Smith, So you advocate leaving Afganistan? I don’t because thats what America always does because no one has the guts since Vietnam to finish anything. The reason we lost in Vietnam was that our boys had their hands tied and gave up. I’m sorry I like the way Bush I did the first Gulf war which is you get enough boots on the ground and go in for the kill quickly.

    I have spoken to many ex-GI’s and I’ve also spoke with the Dr. that was the first Dr. in Iraq and he said that the plan for Iraq was not like the first Gulf war it was more like Vietnam. It was to fill the pockets of the war machine, not to win.

    We most certainly could make mince meat out of Afganistan and win quickly and put in a proper govt. No one wants to because their is nothing the Capitalists want in Afganistan. THere no money to be made and they are not into Human services.

  113. confloyd Says:

    September 27th, 2009 at 5:46 pm


    I agree. We can debate until the cows come home about whether they should have gone into Afghanistan to begin with and not Iraq, which is what I believe. But bottom line, I believe that it is too late to get out now. It needs to be seen through to the very end. Failure is not an option.

    And God bless and protect all the world’s soldiers who are fighting for our freedoms and safety.

  114. Wbboei, We can’t just keep opting out if we are to remain a superpower. As I said, we must go in there with enough people. We could have been out of Iraq long ago if Bush I had been in charge. The first Gulf War had 500,000 boots on the ground. In Iraq, we had less than 200,000 and had to cover more ground. RUmmy said would be enough because our equipment was more up to date, BS. He sent Jeeps over with no body armour on them. He just was after Saddam because he had too much information on them and to make money for the war machine, and for the oil.

    If we go into a war, we need to go in with enough boots on the ground and enough air support and quit fighting these wars on a shoestring and then when all the mothers in the US start complaining we pull out, by then, the war machine has made enough money carry them over for a while. All those sons/daughters lives were lost for nothing.

    Lets just quit wasting our children in the wars that are fought no to win, but to make money for the rich!

  115. SERIOUSLY HAVE A LAUGH JUST GO LOOK AT THIS. Its hilarious and so accurate.

    Print it out and stick it up everywhere.


    4.bp.blogspot. com/_j4BAix7ZCvo/Sr0hbsaWWnI/AAAAAAAACyI/Hdx17Mvab7Y/s1600-h/Obamopoly.jpg

  116. Confloyd,

    If I remember my history of Afghanistan, it has defeated many armies. The type of war we are waging against this enemy may be wrong, but the enemy must be defeated. The whole world is living in fear of these terrorists.

  117. Because of its strategic location, some times Afghanistan became a buffer between two hostile nations. It happened during the Mughal and the British rule. Some times it also provided sanctuary to the fleeing rebels or the vanquished rulers from the central plains of India. It happened many times during the Muslim and Mughal rule. At the height of its glory, the British army fought two serious wars in Afghanistan. Both times they suffered heavy causalities. In recent times the Russians fought in Afghanistan for 10 long years and withdrew having exhausted all the available alternatives to bring the mountains under their control.

    What makes them think they can do it now, it really is a fuck up of a place and i dont think theres a damn thing they can ever do about it.

  118. I am in agreement with those who are armed with the facts of past wars involving Aghanistan. The Russians could not win even with ten years of trying. Part of this is the terrain of the country. However, we are in and it is what it is. It will be The Fraud’s Viet Nam, no way around it. But, our sons and daughters will die for nothing.

  119. We could wage a war on terrorists with out wmd, it would entail calling a halt to immigration and then by allowing only those into the country that can be vetted, traced and tracked. It would also mean closing the borders and then go about a methodical revetting, tracing, tracking, and deporting many of those who are already here, legally and illegally.
    This would come close to eliminating the risk from within. But then again who could trust the government in charge of even the vetting part when they did not even vet the POTUS, czars, or politicians?

  120. I think if we killed the head “BinLaden” then the body and tail would shrivel up and shrink. I think elite forces need to be deployed to hunt him down and bring his head on a platter. We look like a bunch of idiots in this whole war fiasco. Find BinLaden and kill him and the world will know we are serious. Yes, God Bless all the sons and daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers and others who are fighting this fight for our freedom. They are the heroes.

  121. confloyd-

    Mrs.Smith, So you advocate leaving Afganistan?


    No, what I’m saying is taking a page from history, the Russian-Afghan War lasted almost 10yrs. With support from our country and many European countries and we still couldn’t defeat them. You can read it here if you don’t believe it.

    These A-stan fighters are sequestered in caves. Not only are they hard to locate but eradicating them in their own environment is next to impossible.

  122. Does it seem as if everything is coming to a head at once? Does anyone here believe in fate? Would all this have taken place if Hillary had won?

    I just think that obama is incensing so many.

  123. ShortTermer Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 6:58 pm

    Yes, I agree. But it’s too late now. When my G-G Grandmother came to the US she needed a sponsor before she was allowed to enter the country. Immigration has been the bane of eroding the security of our country by allowing just about anyone and everyone in without any mechanism in place for strict controls.

  124. Remember, the U.S. was supplying arms to the Afghan rebels, which didn’t help the Soviets at all. I also remember reading somewhere, several years ago, that Afghanistan is in a central location for an oil pipeline. The terrain has defeated many enemies, just as the jungles defeated the Americans in the Vietnam War.

  125. shorttermer – 4:43
    I hope you can get us some more info about this ‘big thing.’
    I covered a ceremony today honoring a local soldier wounded at age 27 during his third tour of duty in Iraq. While I’m glad the community recognized him it’s hard to think about the poor guy going through the rest of his life with a colostomy bag. He has a great attitude and wants to be a vet tech now but the tragedy of this young’ guy’s life –

    I mean, if young men are going to fight for the country they should have a CIC worth fighting for, one who respects their sacrifice.

  126. I do understand history, but then why give these Afgannies hope of living a normal life??? Why open schools for girls only to have them shut down when we leave. This what America always does.
    Do we know the strategy that the Russians deployed?? That I would be interested in. Did they do the war on the cheap as Rummy had us do in Iraq?? People we have already be in Iraq for 7 years, thats not that much less than the Russian’s in Afganistan. We aren’t leaving Iraq anytime soon and there will always be some residual force there. Remember we built a embassy the size of the Texas there. Don’t kid yourselves we aren’t leaving.
    I say we MUSt control the Afgan mountain one way or the other. I understand that it will be hard, and if the whole world is fearful of the place, then nuke it.

  127. basil 9, agreed and not used by the corporatist to make them cagillionares. This isn’t the way my parents were during WWII, the whole country united in this war effort, not now, not since Vietnam and the media drives the war, not the President. We are defeated before the first shot is fired with the media. How everyone has stayed united behind our military is something since the military was spat upon during Vietnam.
    We did have I think 500,000 boots on the ground at a time in Vietnam, but they could not shoot unless fired upon. This is what we are now doing in Afgan and Iraq since Bush left office. This is how the dems fight wars. NO damn guts! They want to talk about everything, these folks are not reasonable their nuts as they are in IRan.

  128. JanH Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 7:07 pm

    Does it seem as if everything is coming to a head at once?


    Yes, it does- Total chaos. Thanks to this president who couldn’t find his way to the WH rest room with both hands and a map. Well we all realize the insurmountable forces who were against Hillary as the next president. It wasn’t the ones we were able to see– it’s the ones we couldn’t see we know about now that were the culprits pulling the strings aligning themselves with the Chicago-Daly Machine, the CBC, the DNC and the global players like Soros, Brezinski, Rockefeller and orgs like Move-On, ACORN and everyone else I can’t think of at the moment.

    All this diversion has been for what? Sinking of the US Dollar when no one is looking? It’s possible.

  129. Here’s Rich’s opinion on the war in Afganistan.

    h t tp :/ /www .nytimes. com/2009/09/27/ opinion /27rich.html? pagewanted=2&_r=1

  130. confloyd,

    I have to exit a bit for doing some very important work.

    We’re getting a new puppy tomorrow and I have to get his place ready tonite-

    If I can, I’ll be back later..

  131. Mrs.Smith, Thanks for the link, it was interesting, a further my idea that the Soviets at their peak had 108,000 boots on the ground. That is simply not enough for the job.

    Bush I put 500,000 boots on the ground to drive back Sadam. THe whole thing though is oil and they did not want Sadam to get that oil and take over that country. Too much American capitalism there to lose.

    I did catch that part about Carter and his bud Brerezinski and it was nothing more than a pay back for Vietnam. SOviets armed the North Vietnameze and kept us in a quigmire there for 10 years. Its too bad for the Afgannie’s they apparently were happy in their socialist govt and should have been left alone.

  132. Lets just quit wasting our children in the wars that are fought no to win, but to make money for the rich!


    I’m beginning to wonder who profited by Vietnam. The armament manufacturers?

  133. I also after reading the wikipedia version of the Afgan-Soviet war, I think Hillary’s strategy is correct. The problem is Pakistan. That may be the big thing they are talking about.

    The strategy of Hillary’s, which I think Obama is stealing from her is a good one. We need to set back and see how this works out. I am sure Hillary’s advice is being followed at least on this. Not on domestic issues though.

  134. I have also stated many times on this blog, that this economy needs a war, unfortunately that is what saved us after the depression, WWII. It got everything going again. I am surprised folks haven’t been saying this time around, they usually do. Of coarse this enviroment is proliberal and war has to be about something other than what it is really about—-MONEY!!!

  135. Here’s how WWII helped the economy.

    h t t p :// w w w. ehow. com/about_ ml?ref =fuel&utm _source= yahoo&utm_ medi um=ssp&utm_ campaign=yssp_art

  136. Watching and listening to Hillary this morning was to me a portrait of a sheer genius at work.Calm collected and very simply informative for all people to understand. By contrast I watched and heard a wranting and raving wild egomaniac peeling off his thin skin like a Banana.The subject was
    his last attempt to get his HCR pkg shoved down our throats.He knows nothing about anything unless his handlers and money men put him in front of a Teleprompter and act out his
    role as the mouth that roared.His caucus nuts went wild with applause as instructed.Acorns are nuts as we know.

    Hillary I see as a real President in waiting.

    Obama I see as an excellent choice for a doormans job at the Waldorf.

    Way back when I was very young we used to refer to an unfair unbalanced and inexperienced like BO as
    ” A Dumb Cluck ” Remember anyone ?

  137. ABM90 Says:

    September 27th, 2009 at 8:46 pm


    Well said! LOL…I haven’t heard the term “dumb cluck” in years.

  138. ABM90, yes I remember that name, I remember using it in grade school. LOL!!

    It has become clear now what Soros/Obama/Guithner/Bush I and II has in store for us now. THe American people are not cooperating and it is worrying them alot. I heard that Bush I has an ulcer. We get all Bush news here in Texas all the time.

    I just got word about this blogsite that has undercover video’s from China which I just got from Wbboei. Its called Above top secret.

    They want this healthcare thing thru before the advent of the new currency/stock market crash. THe casualties will be less that way and those of us with healthcare job will no doubt still have them, not sure about anyone else though.

    This war with Afganistan/Iran/Iraq/Pakistan could be just smoke and mirrors to cover-up what they are doing in Washington with our dollar.

    Check out this editorial:

    h t t p:/ /w w w. nation /business /news/-/1006 /663824 /-/item /0/-/ t1p0qf/- /index .html

  139. SEPTEMBER 27, 2009

    There Are Only Two Choices Left on Iran: An Israeli or U.S. military strike now, or a nuclear Tehran


    Unless you are a connoisseur of small pictures of bearded, brooding fanatical clerics there is not much reason to collect Iranian currency. But I kept one bill on my desk at the State Department because of its watermark—an atom superimposed on the part of that country that harbors the Natanz nuclear site. Only the terminally innocent should have been surprised to learn that there is at least one other covert site, whose only purpose could be the production of highly enriched uranium for atom bombs.

    Pressure, be it gentle or severe, will not erase that nuclear program. The choices are now what they ever were: an American or an Israeli strike, which would probably cause a substantial war, or living in a world with Iranian nuclear weapons, which may also result in war, perhaps nuclear, over a longer period of time.

    Understandably, the U.S. government has hoped for a middle course of sanctions, negotiations and bargaining that would remove the problem without the ugly consequences. This is self-delusion. Yes, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French President Nicolas Sarkozy stood side by side with President Barack Obama in Pittsburgh and talked sternly about lines in the sand; and yes, Russian President Dimitry Medvedev hinted that some kind of sanctions might, conceivably, be needed. They said the same things to, and with, President George W. Bush.

    Though you would not know it to listen to Sunday talk shows, a large sanctions effort against Iran has been underway for some time. It has not worked to curb Tehran’s nuclear appetite, and it will not. Sooner or later the administration, whose main diplomatic initiatives thus far have been a program of apologies and a few sharp kicks to small allies’ shins, will have to recognize that fact.

    The Iranian regime wants nuclear weapons and has invested vast sums to get both the devices and the means to deliver them. The Russians and Chinese have made soothing murmurs of disapproval but have repeatedly made it clear that they will not go along with measures that would cripple the Iranian economy (and deprive them of markets). German and Swiss businessmen will happily sell Iran whatever goods their not very exacting governments will permit, and our terrified Arab allies have nothing like the military capability to match their own understandable fears. So let’s be serious about the choice, because we have less than a year to make it.

    An Israeli strike may set back the Iranian program by some short period of time. What the Israelis can do is unclear: They play their tactical cards close to their vest, and they would take different approaches, and accept different risks, than the U.S. Air Force would. No surprise there, given that they believe, with reason, that the looming issues are existential. But even if they achieved temporary success, it would be just that, because the Iranian program is very different from the Iraqi Osirak reactor that the Israelis nailed so precisely in 1981. It is far more dispersed and protected, and is based on thousands of centrifuges rather than a single nuclear reactor. Moreover, the chances are that it would evoke outrage throughout the Middle East (although Arab governments would privately rejoice at the event), and probably provoke an Iranian reaction that could involve a very large war as the Israelis are attacked by, and retaliate against, Iran’s proxies in the Levant and throughout the world.

    An American attack would be more effective, but it would take longer and probably lead to real warfare in the Persian Gulf, disrupting oil supplies and producing global responses. More to the point, it is difficult to believe that the Obama administration has the stomach for war. Its appalling public case of nerves over the war in Afghanistan—a “war of necessity,” as of only a few months ago—is indicative of its true temper. And if President Obama does not have the courage to accept hazards and ugly surprises, and if he cannot bring himself to deploy his rhetorical skills to the mobilization of opinion at home and abroad, he should not start a shooting war, even if the Iranians are already waging one against us.

    That leaves living with an Iranian bomb. But this too has enormous hazards. It will engender—it has already quietly engendered—a nuclear arms race in the region. It will embolden the Iranian regime to make much more lethal mischief than it has even now. In a region that respects strength, it will enhance, not diminish, Iranian prestige. And it may yield the first nuclear attack since 1945 some time down the road.

    At the heart of the problem is not simply the nuclear program. It is the Iranian regime, a regime that has, since 1979, relentlessly waged war against the U.S. and its allies. From Buenos Aires to Herat, from Beirut to Cairo, from Baghdad to, now, Caracas, Iranian agents have done their best to disrupt and kill. Iran is militarily weak, but it is masterful at subversive war, and at the kind of high-tech guerrilla, roadside-bomb and rocket fight that Hezbollah conducted in 2006. American military cemeteries contain the bodies of hundreds, maybe thousands, of American servicemen and servicewomen slain by Iranian technology, Iranian tactics, and in some cases, Iranian operatives.

    The brutality without is more than matched by the brutality within—the rape, torture and summary execution of civilians by the tens of thousands, down, quite literally, to the present day. This is a corrupt, fanatical, ruthless and unprincipled regime—unpopular, to be sure, but willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power. With such a regime, no real negotiation, based on understandings of mutual interest and respect for undertakings is possible.

    It is, therefore, in the American interest to break with past policy and actively seek the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. Not by invasion, which this administration would not contemplate and could not execute, but through every instrument of U.S. power, soft more than hard. And if, as is most likely, President Obama presides over the emergence of a nuclear Iran, he had best prepare for storms that will make the squawks of protest against his health-care plans look like the merest showers on a sunny day.

    Mr. Cohen teaches at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He served as counselor of the State Department from 2007 to 2009.

  140. D.C. job alleged as attempt to deter Romanoff

    By Michael Riley
    The Denver Post

    WASHINGTON — Not long after news leaked last month that Andrew Romanoff was determined to make a Democratic primary run against Sen. Michael Bennet, Romanoff received an unexpected communication from one of the most powerful men in Washington.

    Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.

    Romanoff turned down the overture, which included mention of a job at USAID, the foreign aid agency, sources said. Then, the day after Romanoff formally announced his Senate bid, Obama endorsed Bennet.

    It is the kind of hardball tactics that have come to mark the White House’s willingness to shape key races across the country, in this case trying to remove a threat to a vulnerable senator by presenting his opponent a choice of silver or lead. Along with other prominent examples — including an effort to stop New York Gov. David Paterson from seeking re-election — the administration’s tactics in the Colorado Senate primary show that Obama is willing to act as pointedly as his Oval Office predecessor, whose political chief, Karl Rove, was famous for the assertive application of White House power to extend the reach of his party.

    Job “never offered”

    The White House said that no job was ever offered to Romanoff and that it would be wrong to suggest administration officials tried to buy him out of the contest. “Mr. Romanoff was never offered a position within the administration,” said White House spokesman Adam Abrams.

    Yet several top Colorado Democrats described Messina’s outreach to Romanoff to The Post, including the discussion of specific jobs in the administration. They asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

    Romanoff declined to discuss any such communication and said the only job he’s focused on is “representing the people of Colorado in the United States Senate.”

    Presidents often press

    It is not unusual for a sitting president, the effective leader of his party, to work to exert influence on local races that affect the balance of power, a tradition that goes back to Franklin Roosevelt and even earlier. And some Democrats said the aggressive intervention into local races by the White House political team, including both Messina and his boss, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, settles their fear that a president who campaigned on “hope” would not make the kind of aggressive decisions necessary to help the party preserve big majorities in Congress.

    State Sen. Chris Romer, D-Denver, said the White House has “every right” to get involved in the race. “People locally are taking a position. Why wouldn’t Barack Obama, who by the way is more affected by the outcome, have a right to be involved?” said Romer, who is supporting Bennet. “It’s absolutely consistent with what other presidents have done in both parties.”

    Still, the tactics have surprised others in the party, sparking growing concern especially as efforts that should have been kept private spill into public view. In New York, Obama reportedly asked the unpopular Paterson to step out of the race for governor, prompting uproar and days of unflattering headlines when it was leaked to the press.

    In Virginia, Obama called former Gov. Douglas Wilder and asked him to publicly endorse the Democratic gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds to counter damage Wilder had done by speaking well of Deeds’ opponent, a conversation that eventually ended up in the pages of The Washington Post.

    Backlash potential seen

    “It may make the situation worse for Bennet for them to play the game this way,” said state Rep. Kathleen Curry, a Gunnison lawmaker who is supporting Romanoff. “People in Colorado have an adverse reaction to the external forces coming down and telling them how to think,” she said.

    The timing of Messina’s latest intervention sparked particular concern — because of the appearance that the administration was trying to buy off a nettlesome opponent, to some; to others, because the timing made the effort appear so ham-handed. A popular state House speaker, Romanoff has had a long interest in issues of global poverty and had talked to the administration about a possible job in early spring. White House officials said those discussions stopped when Romanoff began suggesting he might run for higher office in Colorado.

    Bennet’s allies have suggested that Romanoff followed an erratic, even grasping path to the primary after his bid to be appointed to the seat by Gov. Bill Ritter in January failed — looking for a job in the administration, traveling to the Middle East and Africa, and applying to become head of the Colorado Children’s Campaign, a children’s advocacy organization.

    Early this year, Romanoff “was recommended to the White House from Democrats in Colorado for a position in the administration,” White House spokesman Abrams said. “At that time there were some initial conversations, but no job was ever offered.” But Democrats in Colorado say it was doubtful an administration job would have tempted Romanoff once news of his intention to run for Senate leaked in late August.

    A former chief of staff for Montana Sen. Max Baucus and a top official in Obama’s campaign, Messina is considered the White House’s top political problem solver. He recently worked the halls of the Massachusetts statehouse as lawmakers considered whether to pass legislation allowing the quick appointment of an interim replacement to Sen. Edward Kennedy — the Democrats’ critical 60th vote.

    Emanuel sets tenor

    But the aggressive tenor of the administration’s approach in local races is usually attributed to his boss, White House Chief of Staff Emanuel. The famously profane Emanuel helped orchestrate the Democratic takeover in the House in 2006 by recruiting candidates and clearing the field of primary opponents, tactics now being applied from the offices of the West Wing.

    “Is it a breach of the political etiquette? Is it an abuse of the presidency? No. This is the way White Houses work,” said William Galston, a former adviser in the Clinton White House. “Every president has to try to figure out the extent to which his actions as head of the party may stand in tension to other aspects of his job. “Obviously, if a president wants to lower the tone of partisan debate — if he has announced that as a major objective — then putting the pedal to the metal in his role as head of party may weaken the credibility of that claim,” Galston said.

  141. confloyd,

    I agree. It is a third choice that, given obama and his allies refusal to act aggressively, may be the only way to get out of this mess.

  142. This thing that has the military wondering whats up is maybe there will be unrest when we lose the dollar. Some are saying that they have seen more military in their cities. Hmmm, Hmmm I don’t know, I haven’t seen any around here.

  143. Janh, Sometimes the nutcases try so hard to get everyone riled up that you have to wonder whats true and whats a lie. I guess we need to be aware this could happen and perhaps be somewhat prepared, but not worry about it really happening. The RWN’s are in fullblown “rapture” mode these days so I guess we should be careful what we read.

    I doubt they would be quiet as upset if there was say RW republican in, but its the democrat antichrist Obama that has them in an uproar.

  144. More Soros propaganda, written sept 2008. Read carefully and see what you think, did we do what he suggested we do before Obama got elected?
    Paulson cannot be allowed a blank cheque
    George Soros | The Financial Times | September 24, 2008

    Hank Paulson’s $700bn rescue package has run into difficulty on Capitol Hill. Rightly so: it was ill-conceived. Congress would be abdicating its responsibility if it gave the Treasury secretary a blank cheque. The bill submitted to Congress even had language in it that would exempt the secretary’s decisions from review by any court or administrative agency – the ultimate fulfillment of the Bush administration’s dream of a unitary executive.

    Mr Paulson’s record does not inspire the confidence necessary to give him discretion over $700bn. His actions last week brought on the crisis that makes rescue necessary. On Monday he allowed Lehman Brothers to fail and refused to make government funds available to save AIG. By Tuesday he had to reverse himself and provide an $85bn loan to AIG on punitive terms. The demise of Lehman disrupted the commercial paper market. A large money market fund “broke the buck” and investment banks that relied on the commercial paper market had difficulty financing their operations. By Thursday a run on money market funds was in full swing and we came as close to a meltdown as at any time since the 1930s. Mr Paulson reversed again and proposed a systemic rescue.

    Mr Paulson had got a blank cheque from Congress once before. That was to deal with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. His solution landed the housing market in the worst of all worlds: their managements knew that if the blank cheques were filled out they would lose their jobs, so they retrenched and made mortgages more expensive and less available. Within a few weeks the market forced Mr Paulson’s hand and he had to take them over.

    Mr Paulson’s proposal to purchase distressed mortgage-related securities poses a classic problem of asymmetric information. The securities are hard to value but the sellers know more about them than the buyer: in any auction process the Treasury would end up with the dregs. The proposal is also rife with latent conflict of interest issues. Unless the Treasury overpays for the securities, the scheme would not bring relief. But if the scheme is used to bail out insolvent banks, what will the taxpayers get in return?

    Barack Obama has outlined four conditions that ought to be imposed: an upside for the taxpayers as well as a downside; a bipartisan board to oversee the process; help for the homeowners as well as the holders of the mortgages; and some limits on the compensation of those who benefit from taxpayers’ money. These are the right principles. They could be applied more effectively by capitalising the institutions that are burdened by distressed securities directly rather than by relieving them of the distressed securities.

    The injection of government funds would be much less problematic if it were applied to the equity rather than the balance sheet. $700bn in preferred stock with warrants may be sufficient to make up the hole created by the bursting of the housing bubble. By contrast, the addition of $700bn on the demand side of an $11,000bn market may not be sufficient to arrest the decline of housing prices.

    Something also needs to be done on the supply side. To prevent housing prices from overshooting on the downside, the number of foreclosures has to be kept to a minimum. The terms of mortgages need to be adjusted to the homeowners’ ability to pay.

    The rescue package leaves this task undone. Making the necessary modifications is a delicate task rendered more difficult by the fact that many mortgages have been sliced up and repackaged in the form of collateralised debt obligations. The holders of the various slices have conflicting interests. It would take too long to work out the conflicts to include a mortgage modification scheme in the rescue package. The package can, however, prepare the ground by modifying bankruptcy law as it relates to principal residences.

    Now that the crisis has been unleashed a large-scale rescue package is probably indispensable to bring it under control. Rebuilding the depleted balance sheets of the banking system is the right way to go. Not every bank deserves to be saved, but the experts at the Federal Reserve, with proper supervision, can be counted on to make the right judgments. Managements that are reluctant to accept the consequences of past mistakes could be penalised by depriving them of the Fed’s credit facilities. Making government funds available should also encourage the private sector to participate in recapitalising the banking sector and bringing the financial crisis to a close

  145. I am sorry for so many posts, I am working graveyards and it is slow so I have time to research. These last two articles are must reads. This one is from Stratfor, it is a strategic forecasting company that is known as the shadow CIA. Its long, but very informative on the Iran, Russia, US situation.

    Tags: Geopolitical Weekly, George Friedman, Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Russia

    At Friday prayers July 17 at Tehran University, the influential cleric and former Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani gave his first sermon since Iran’s disputed presidential election and the subsequent demonstrations. The crowd listening to Rafsanjani inside the mosque was filled with Ahmadinejad supporters who chanted, among other things, “Death to America” and “Death to China.” Outside the university common grounds, anti-Ahmadinejad elements — many of whom were blocked by Basij militiamen and police from entering the mosque — persistently chanted “Death to Russia.”

    Death to America is an old staple in Iran. Death to China had to do with the demonstrations in Xinjiang and the death of Uighurs at the hands of the Chinese. Death to Russia, however, stood out. Clearly, its use was planned before the protesters took to the streets. The meaning of this must be uncovered. To begin to do that, we must consider the political configuration in Iran at the moment.

    The Iranian Political Configuration

    There are two factions claiming to speak for the people. Rafsanjani represents the first faction. During his sermon, he spoke for the tradition of the founder of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who took power during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. Rafjsanjani argued that Khomeini wanted an Islamic republic faithful to the will of the people, albeit within the confines of Islamic law. Rafsanjani argued that he was the true heir to the Islamic revolution. He added that Khomeini’s successor — the current supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — had violated the principles of the revolution when he accepted that Rafsanjani’s archenemy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, had won Iran’s recent presidential election. (There is enormous irony in foreigners describing Rafsanjani as a moderate reformer who supports greater liberalization. Though he has long cultivated this image in the West, in 30 years of public political life it is hard to see a time when has supported Western-style liberal democracy.)

    The other faction is led by Ahmadinejad, who takes the position that Rafsanjani in particular — along with the generation of leaders who ascended to power during the first phase of the Islamic republic — has betrayed the Iranian people. Rather than serving the people, Ahmadinejad claims they have used their positions to become so wealthy that they dominate the Iranian economy and have made the reforms needed to revitalize the Iranian economy impossible. According to Ahmadinejad’s charges, these elements now blame Ahmadinejad for Iran’s economic failings when the root of these failings is their own corruption. Ahmadinejad claims that the recent presidential election represents a national rejection of the status quo. He adds that claims of fraud represent attempts by Rafsanjani — who he portrays as defeated presidential candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi’s sponsor — and his ilk to protect their positions from Ahmadinejad.

    Iran is therefore experiencing a generational dispute, with each side claiming to speak both for the people and for the Khomeini tradition. There is the older generation — symbolized by Rafsanjani — that has prospered during the last 30 years. Having worked with Khomeini, this generation sees itself as his true heir. Then, there is the younger generation. Known as “students” during the revolution, this group did the demonstrating and bore the brunt of the shah’s security force counterattacks. It argues that Khomeini would be appalled at what Rafsanjani and his generation have done to Iran.

    This debate is, of course, more complex than this. Khamenei, a key associate of Khomeini, appears to support Ahmadinejad’s position. And Ahmadinejad hardly speaks for all of the poor as he would like to claim. The lines of political disputes are never drawn as neatly as we would like. Ultimately, Rafsanjani’s opposition to the recent election did not have as much to do with concerns (valid or not) over voter fraud. It had everything to do with the fact that the outcome threatened his personal position. Which brings us back to the question of why Rafsanjani’s followers were chanting “Death to Russia?”

    Examining the Anomalous Chant

    For months prior to the election, Ahmadinejad’s allies warned that the United States was planning a “color” revolution. Color revolutions, like the one in Ukraine, occurred widely in the former Soviet Union after its collapse, and these revolutions followed certain steps. An opposition political party was organized to mount an electoral challenge the establishment. Then, an election occurred that was either fraudulent or claimed by the opposition as having been fraudulent. Next, widespread peaceful protests against the regime (all using a national color as the symbol of the revolution) took place, followed by the collapse of the government through a variety of paths. Ultimately, the opposition — which was invariably pro-Western and particularly pro-American — took power.

    Moscow openly claimed that Western intelligence agencies, particularly the CIA, organized and funded the 2004-2005 Orange Revolution in Ukraine. These agencies allegedly used nongovernmental organizations (human rights groups, pro-democracy groups, etc.) to delegitimize the existing regime, repudiate the outcome of election regardless of its validity and impose what the Russians regarded as a pro-American puppet regime. The Russians saw Ukraine’s Orange Revolution as the breakpoint in their relationship with the West, with the creation of a pro-American, pro-NATO regime in Ukraine representing a direct attack on Russian national security. The Americans argued that to the contrary, they had done nothing but facilitate a democratic movement that opposed the existing regime for its own reasons, demanding that rigged elections be repudiated.

    In warning that the United States was planning a color revolution in Iran, Ahmadinejad took the Russian position. Namely, he was arguing that behind the cover of national self-determination, human rights and commitment to democratic institutions, the United States was funding an Iranian opposition movement on the order of those active in the former Soviet Union. Regardless of whether the opposition actually had more votes, this opposition movement would immediately regard an Ahmadinejad win as the result of fraud. Large demonstrations would ensue, and if left unopposed, the Islamic republic would come under threat.

    In doing this, Ahmadinejad’s faction positioned itself against the actuality that such a rising would occur. If it did, Ahmadinejad could claim that the demonstrators were — wittingly or not — operating on behalf of the United States, thus delegitimizing the demonstrators. In so doing, he could discredit supporters of the demonstrators as not tough enough on the United States, a useful charge against Rafsanjani, whom the West long has held up as an Iranian moderate.

    Interestingly, while demonstrations were at their height, Ahmadinejad chose to attend — albeit a day late — a multinational Shanghai Cooperation Organization conference in Moscow on the Tuesday after the election. It was very odd that he would leave Iran at the time of the greatest unrest; we assumed that he had decided to demonstrate to Iranians that he didn’t take the demonstrations seriously.

    The charge that seems to be emerging on the Rafsanjani side is that Ahmadinejad’s fears of a color revolution were not simply political, but were encouraged by the Russians. It was the Russians who had been talking to Ahmadinejad and his lieutenants on a host of issues, who warned him about the possibility of a color revolution. More important, the Russians helped prepare Ahmadinejad for the unrest that would come — and given the Russian experience, how to manage it. Though we speculate here, if this theory is correct, it could explain some of the efficiency with which Ahmadinejad shut down cell phone and other communications during the postelection unrest, as he may have had Russian advisers.

    Rafsanjani’s followers were not shouting “Death to Russia” without a reason, at least in their own minds. They are certainly charging that Ahmadinejad took advice from the Russians, and went to Russia in the midst of political unrest for consultations. Rafsanjani’s charge may or may not be true. Either way, there is no question that Ahmadinejad did claim that the United States was planning a color revolution in Iran. If he believed that charge, it would have been irrational not to reach out to the Russians. But whether or not the CIA was involved, the Russians might well have provided Ahmadinejad with intelligence of such a plot and helped shape his response, and thereby may have created a closer relationship with him.

    How Iran’s internal struggle will work itself out remains unclear. But one dimension is shaping up: Ahmadinejad is trying to position Rafsanjani as leading a pro-American faction intent on a color revolution, while Rafsanjani is trying to position Ahmadinejad as part of a pro-Russian faction. In this argument, the claim that Ahmadinejad had some degree of advice or collaboration with the Russians is credible, just as the claim that Rafsanjani maintained some channels with the Americans is credible. And this makes an internal dispute geopolitically significant.

    The Iranian Struggle in Geopolitical Context

    At the moment, Ahmadinejad appears to have the upper hand. Khamenei has certified his re-election. The crowds have dissipated; nothing even close to the numbers of the first few days have since materialized. For Ahmadinejad to lose, Rafsanjani would have to mobilize much of the clergy — many of whom are seemingly content to let Rafsanjani be the brunt of Ahmadinejad’s attacks — in return for leaving their own interests and fortunes intact. There are things that could bring Ahmadinejad down and put Rafsanjani in control, but all of them would require Khamenei to endorse social and political instability, which he will not do.

    If the Russians have in fact have intervened in Iran to the extent of providing intelligence to Ahmadinejad and advice to him during his visit on how to handle the postelection unrest (as the chants suggest), then Russian influence in Iran is not surging — it has surged. In some measure, Ahmadinejad would owe his position to Russian warnings and advice. There is little gratitude in the world of international affairs, but Ahmadinejad has enemies, and the Russians would have proven their utility in helping contain those enemies.

    From the Russian point of view, Ahmadinejad would be a superb asset — even if not truly under their control. His very existence focuses American attention on Iran, not on Russia. It follows, then, that Russia would have made a strategic decision to involve itself in the postelection unrest, and that for the purposes of its own negotiations with Washington, Moscow will follow through to protect the Iranian state to the extent possible. The Russians have already denied U.S. requests for assistance on Iran. But if Moscow has intervened in Iran to help safeguard Ahmadinejad’s position, then the potential increases for Russia to provide Iran with the S-300 strategic air defense systems that it has been dangling in front of Tehran for more than a decade.

    If the United States perceives an entente between Moscow and Tehran emerging, then the entire dynamic of the region shifts and the United States must change its game. The threat to Washington’s interests becomes more intense as the potential of a Russian S-300 sale to Iran increases, and the need to disrupt the Russian-Iranian entente would become all the more important. U.S. influence in Iran already has declined substantially, and Ahmadinejad is more distrustful and hostile than ever of the United States after having to deal with the postelection unrest. If a Russian-Iranian entente emerges out of all this — which at the moment is merely a possibility, not an imminent reality — then the United States would have some serious strategic problems on its hands.

    Revisiting Assumptions on Iran

    For the past few years, STRATFOR has assumed that a U.S. or Israeli strike on Iran was unlikely. Iran was not as advanced in its nuclear program as some claimed, and the complexities of any attack were greater than assumed. The threat of an attack was thus a U.S. bargaining chip, much as Iran’s nuclear program itself was an Iranian bargaining chip for use in achieving Tehran’s objectives in Iraq and the wider region. To this point, our net assessment has been accurate.

    At this point, however, we need to stop and reconsider. If Iran and Russia begin serious cooperation, Washington’s existing dilemma with Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its ongoing standoff with the Russians would fuse to become a single, integrated problem. This is something the United States would find difficult to manage. Washington’s primary goal would become preventing this from happening.

    Ahmadinejad has long argued that the United States was never about to attack Iran, and that charges by Rafsanjani and others that he has pursued a reckless foreign policy were groundless. But with the “Death to Russia” chants and signaling of increased Russian support for Iran, the United States may begin to reconsider its approach to the region.

    Iran’s clerical elite does not want to go to war. They therefore can only view with alarm the recent ostentatious transiting of the Suez Canal into the Red Sea by Israeli submarines and corvettes. This transiting did not happen without U.S. approval. Moreover, in spite of U.S. opposition to expanded Israeli settlements and Israeli refusals to comply with this opposition, U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates will be visiting Israel in two weeks. The Israelis have said that there must be a deadline on negotiations with Iran over the nuclear program when the next G-8 meeting takes place in September; a deadline that the G-8 has already approved. The consequences if Iran ignores the deadline were left open-ended.

    All of this can fit into our old model of psychological warfare, as representing a bid to manipulate Iranian politics by making Ahmadinejad’s leadership look too risky. It could also be the United States signaling the Russians that stakes in the region are rising. It is not clear that the United States has reconsidered its strategy on Iran in the wake of the postelection demonstrations. But if Rafsanjani’s claim of Russian support for Ahmadinejad is true, a massive re-evaluation of U.S. policy could ensue, assuming one hasn’t already started — prompting a reconsideration of the military option.

    All of this assumes that there is substance behind a mob chanting “Death to Russia.” There appears to be, but of course, Ahmadinejad’s enemies would want to magnify that substance to its limits and beyond. This is why we are not ready to simply abandon our previous net assessment of Iran, even though it is definitely time to rethink it

  146. This is the last one, but it is so important on the Iran/Russia/US situation that I cant not post it.

    Did you know that the US asked Russia for a supply route thru the Soviet Union?? This article covers it.

    While the Munich Security Conference brought together senior leaders from most major countries and many minor ones last weekend, none was more significant than U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. This is because Biden provided the first glimpse of U.S. foreign policy under President Barack Obama. Most conference attendees were looking forward to a dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration. What was interesting about Biden’s speech was how little change there has been in the U.S. position and how much the attendees and the media were cheered by it.

    After Biden’s speech, there was much talk about a change in the tone of U.S. policy. But it is not clear to us whether this was because the tone has changed, or because the attendees’ hearing has. They seemed delighted to be addressed by Biden rather than by former Vice President Dick Cheney — delighted to the extent that this itself represented a change in policy. Thus, in everything Biden said, the conference attendees saw rays of a new policy.

    Policy Continuity: Iran and Russia
    Consider Iran. The Obama administration’s position, as staked out by Biden, is that the United States is prepared to speak directly to Iran provided that the Iranians do two things. First, Tehran must end its nuclear weapons program. Second, Tehran must stop supporting terrorists, by which Biden meant Hamas and Hezbollah. Once the Iranians do that, the Americans will talk to them. The Bush administration was equally prepared to talk to Iran given those preconditions. The Iranians make the point that such concessions come after talks, not before, and that the United States must change its attitude toward Iran before there can be talks, something Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani emphasized after the meeting. Apart from the emphasis on a willingness to talk, the terms Biden laid out for such talks are identical to the terms under the Bush administration.

    Now consider Russia. Officially, the Russians were delighted to hear that the United States was prepared to hit the “reset button” on U.S.-Russian relations. But Moscow cannot have been pleased when it turned out that hitting the reset button did not involve ruling out NATO expansion, ending American missile defense system efforts in Central Europe or publicly acknowledging the existence of a Russian sphere of influence. Biden said, “It will remain our view that sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances.” In translation, this means the United States has the right to enter any relationship it wants with independent states, and that independent states have the right to enter any relationship they want. In other words, the Bush administration’s commitment to the principle of NATO expansion has not changed.

    Nor could the Russians have been pleased with the announcement just prior to the conference that the United States would continue developing a ballistic missile defense (BMD) system in Poland and the Czech Republic. The BMD program has been an issue of tremendous importance for Russians, and it is something Obama indicated he would end, or change in some way that might please the Russians. But not only was there no commitment to end the program, there also was no backing away from long-standing U.S. interest in it, or even any indication of the terms under which it might end.

    Given that the United States has asked Russia for a supply route through the former Soviet Union to Afghanistan, and that the Russians have agreed to this in principle, it would seem that that there might be an opening for a deal with the Russians. But just before the Munich conference opened, Kyrgyzstan announced that Manas Air Base, the last air base open to the United States in Central Asia, would no longer be available to American aircraft. This was a tidy little victory for the Russians, who had used political and financial levers to pressure Kyrgyzstan to eject the Americans. The Russians, of course, deny that any such pressure was ever brought to bear, and that the closure of the base one day before Munich could have been anything more than coincidence.

    But the message to the United States was clear: While Russia agrees in principle to the U.S. supply line, the Americans will have to pay a price for it. In case Washington was under the impression it could get other countries in the former Soviet Union to provide passage, the Russians let the Americans know how much leverage Moscow has in these situations. The U.S. assertion of a right to bilateral relations won’t happen in Russia’s near abroad without Russian help, and that help won’t come without strategic concessions from the United States. In short, the American position on Russia hasn’t changed, and neither has the Russian position.

    The Europeans
    The most interesting — and for us, the most anticipated — part of Biden’s speech had to do with the Europeans, of whom the French and Germans were the most enthusiastic about Bush’s departure and Obama’s arrival. Biden’s speech addressed the core question of the U.S.-European relationship.

    If the Europeans were not prepared to increase their participation in American foreign policy initiatives during the Bush administration, it was assumed that they would be during the Obama administration. The first issue on the table under the new U.S. administration is the plan to increase forces in Afghanistan. Biden called for more NATO involvement in that conflict, which would mean an increase in European forces deployed to Afghanistan. Some countries, along with the head of NATO, support this. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel made it clear that Germany is not prepared to send more troops.

    Over the past year or so, Germany has become somewhat estranged from the United States. Dependent on Russian energy, Germany has been unwilling to confront Russia on issues of concern to Washington. Merkel has made it particularly clear that while she does not oppose NATO expansion in principle, she certainly opposes expansion to states that Russia considers deeply within its sphere of influence (primarily Georgia and Ukraine). The Germans have made it abundantly clear that they do not want to see European-Russian relations deteriorate under U.S. prodding. Moreover, Germany has no appetite for continuing its presence in Afghanistan, let alone increasing it.

    NATO faces a substantial split, conditioned partly by Germany’s dependence on Russian energy, but also by deep German unease about any possible resumption of a Cold War with Russia, however mild. The foundation of NATO during the Cold War was the U.S.-German-British relationship. With the Germans unwilling to align with the United States and other NATO members over Russia or Afghanistan, it is unclear whether NATO can continue to function. (Certainly, Merkel cannot be pleased that the United States has not laid the BMD issue in Poland and the Czech Republic to rest.)

    The More Things Change …
    Most interesting here is the continuity between the Bush and Obama administrations in regard to foreign policy. It is certainly reasonable to argue that after only three weeks in office, no major initiatives should be expected of the new president. But major initiatives were implied — such as ending the BMD deployment to Poland and the Czech Republic — and declaring the intention to withdraw BMD would not have required much preparation. But Biden offered no new initiatives beyond expressing a willingness to talk, without indicating any policy shifts regarding the things that have blocked talks. Willingness to talk with the Iranians, the Russians, the Europeans and others shifts the atmospherics — allowing the listener to think things have changed — but does not address the question of what is to be discussed and what is to be offered and accepted.

    Ultimately, the issues dividing the world are not, in our view, subject to personalities, nor does goodwill (or bad will, for that matter) address the fundamental questions. Iran has strategic and ideological reasons for behaving the way it does. So does Russia. So does Germany, and so on. The tensions that exist between those countries and the United States might be mildly exacerbated by personalities, but nations are driven by interest, not personality.

    Biden’s position did not materially shift the Obama administration away from Bush’s foreign policy, because Bush was the prisoner of that policy, not its creator. The Iranians will not make concessions on nuclear weapons prior to holding talks, and they do not regard their support for Hamas or Hezbollah as aiding terrorism. Being willing to talk to the Iranians provided they abandon these things is the same as being unwilling to talk to them.

    There has been no misunderstanding between the United States and Russia that more open dialogue will cure. The Russians see no reason for NATO expansion unless NATO is planning to encircle Russia. It is possible for the West to have relations with Ukraine and Georgia without expanding NATO; Moscow sees the insistence on expansion as implying sinister motives. For its part, the United States refuses to concede that Russia has any interest in the decisions of the former Soviet Union states, something Biden reiterated. Therefore, either the Russians must accept NATO expansion, or the Americans must accept that Russia has an overriding interest in limiting American relations in the former Soviet Union. This is a fundamental issue that any U.S. administration would have to deal with — particularly an administration seeking Russian cooperation in Afghanistan.

    As for Germany, NATO was an instrument of rehabilitation and stability after World War II. But Germany now has a complex relationship with Russia, as well as internal issues. It does not want NATO drawing it into adventures that are not in Germany’s primary interest, much less into a confrontation with Russia. No amount of charm, openness or dialogue is going to change this fundamental reality.

    Dialogue does offer certain possibilities. The United States could choose to talk to Iran without preconditions. It could abandon NATO expansion and quietly reduce its influence in the former Soviet Union, or perhaps convince the Russians that they could benefit from this influence. The United States could abandon the BMD system (though this has been complicated by Iran’s recent successful satellite launch), or perhaps get the Russians to participate in the program. The United States could certainly get the Germans to send a small force to Afghanistan above and beyond the present German contingent. All of this is possible.

    What can’t be achieved is a fundamental transformation of the geopolitical realities of the world. No matter how Obama campaigned, it is clear he knows that. Apart from his preoccupation with economic matters, Obama understands that foreign policy is governed by impersonal forces and is not amenable to rhetoric, although rhetoric might make things somewhat easier. No nation gives up its fundamental interests because someone is willing to talk.

    Willingness to talk is important, but what is said is much more important. Obama’s first foray into foreign policy via Biden indicates that, generally speaking, he understands the constraints and pressures that drive American foreign policy, and he understands the limits of presidential power. Atmospherics aside, Biden’s positions — as opposed to his rhetoric — were strikingly similar to Cheney’s foreign policy positions.

    We argued long ago that presidents don’t make history, but that history makes presidents. We see Biden’s speech as a classic example of this principle.

    Tell STRATFOR What You Think

    For Publication in Letters to STRATFOR

  147. will you all just put in simple redneck language for me what happens if the dollar falls? What if your money is in a safety deposit box rather than in just a simple savings acccount?

    I’m getting more scared every day.

  148. dot,

    I’m wondering about the same thing and thinking about taking my savings and burying it under the apple tree!


    Anyone else remember Biden saying within a month of the iimmaculation with great conviction that Bo was going to be tested very soon? Think this is it? Think thye’ve know about the Iran situation all along (of course they did).

  149. Has this been posted already??? Sorry if it is a duplicate.

    American Thinker August 31, 2009 | Geoffrey P. Hunt

    Barack Obama is on track to have the most spectacularly failed presidency since Woodrow Wilson.

    In the modern era, we’ve seen several failed presidencies–led by Jimmy Carter and LBJ. Failed presidents have one strong common trait– they are repudiated, in the vernacular, spat out. Of course, LBJ wisely took the exit ramp early, avoiding a shove into oncoming traffic by his own party. Richard Nixon indeed resigned in disgrace, yet his reputation as a statesman has been partially restored by his triumphant overture to China .

    George Bush Jr didn’t fail so much as he was perceived to have been too much of a patrician while being uncomfortable with his more conservative allies. Yet George Bush Sr is still perceived as a man of uncommon decency, loyal to the enduring American character of rugged self-determination, free markets, and generosity. George W will eventually be treated more kindly by historians as one whose potential was squashed by his own compromise of conservative principles, in some ways repeating the mistakes of his father, while ignoring many lessons in executive leadership he should have learned at Harvard Business School.

    Of course George W could never quite overcome being dogged from the outset by half of the nation convinced he was electorally illegitimate — thus aiding the resurgence of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party.

    But, Barack Obama is failing. Failing big. Failing fast. And failing everywhere: foreign policy, domestic initiatives, and most importantly, in forging connections with the American people. The incomparable Dorothy Rabinowitz in the Wall Street Journal put her finger on it: He is failing because he has no understanding of the American people, and may indeed loath them. Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard says he is failing because he has lost control of his message, and is overexposed. Clarice Feldman of American Thinker produced a dispositive commentary showing that Obama is failing because fundamentally he is neither smart nor articulate; his intellectual dishonesty is conspicuous by its audacity and lack of shame.

    But, there is something more seriously wrong: How could a new president riding in on a wave of unprecedented promise and goodwill have forfeited his tenure and become a lame duck in six months? His poll ratings are in free fall. In generic balloting, the Republicans have now seized a five point advantage. This truly is unbelievable. What’s going on?

    No narrative. Obama doesn’t have a narrative. No, not a narrative about himself. He has a self-narrative, much of it fabricated, cleverly disguised or written by someone else. But this self-narrative is isolated and doesn’t connect with us. He doesn’t have an American narrative that draws upon the rest of us. All successful presidents have a narrative about the American character that intersects with their own where they display a command of history and reveal an authenticity at the core of their personality that resonates in a positive endearing way with the majority of Americans. We admire those presidents whose narratives not only touch our own, but who seem stronger, wiser, and smarter than we are. Presidents we admire are aspirational peers, even those whose politics don’t align exactly with our own: Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Harry Truman, Ike, Reagan.

    But not this president. It’s not so much that he’s a phony, knows nothing about economics, is historically illiterate, and woefully small minded for the size of the task– all contributory of course. It’s that he’s not one of us. And whatever he is, his profile is fuzzy and devoid of content, like a cardboard cutout made from delaminated corrugated paper. Moreover, he doesn’t command our respect and is unable to appeal to our own common sense.

    His notions of right and wrong are repugnant and how things work just don’t add up. They are not existential. His descriptions of the world we live in don’t make sense and don’t correspond with our experience.

    In the meantime, while we’ve been struggling to take a measurement of this man, he’s dissed just about every one of us–financiers, energy producers, banks, insurance executives, police officers, doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, post office workers, and anybody else who has a non-green job. Expect Obama to lament at his last press conference in 2012: “For those of you I offended, I apologize. For those of you who were not offended, you just didn’t give me enough time; if only I’d had a second term, I could have offended you too..”

    Mercifully, the Founders at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 devised a useful remedy for such a desperate state–staggered terms for both houses of the legislature and the executive. An equally abominable Congress can get voted out next year. With a new Congress, there’s always hope of legislative gridlock until we vote for president again two short years after that.

    Yes, small presidents do fail, Barack Obama among them. The coyotes howl but the wagon train keeps rolling along.

    h stuff and ws

  150. Good morning folks, I am going to bed after a full night of research/work.

    I am more scared than ever. Wbboei suggests we buy gold. I am stocking up of food items and such. This may happen as early as Easter!!

    I will catch up later, you all have a good day!!

  151. Admin: Hillary on Face the Nation:

    sheer joy listening to intelligence speak. please embed:

  152. It has come out that Obama has had only one conversation with General McCrytal since he was appointed. Only one. That is not much direct input from the man on the ground.

    Obama is playing a game of diversion. He is off to Copenhagen to pitch for the Olympics for fucking Chicago. Iran is shooting missles, Isael is at risk–he does not give a rip. All he wants to do is shine in the sun.

    He needs to talk directly to his general/ He cannot make up his mind who of all the people running him–Soros, GE, unions. But it is not the United States.

  153. Doesn’t the guy ever work? Just another vacay. His priorities are definitely skewed in the wrong direction. I guess, MO, Oprah, and Jarrett arent’ enough. I hope Rio gets the nod.

  154. Soros is pushing for an elimination of the homestead exemption. If the Chinese call our debt they can demand real estate–according to FOX. That is the scenario I have been worried about for some time.

  155. birgdal,

    I’m rooting for Rio, too.

    But it looks like Soros wins either way. Chicago or Rio – he’s running the show in both places.

  156. “He is off to Copenhagen to pitch for the Olympics for fucking Chicago.”


    Good to see this potus has his priorities right. What a bloody idiot.



    Is there speculation out there that China is going to recall the debt?

  157. Fun and games…Diplomacy at it’s best…


    For China, Iran uranium plant no game changer

    Mon Sep 28, 2009
    By Emma Graham-Harrison – Analysis

    BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s distaste for sanctions and appetite for Iran’s oil may hamper Western efforts to ramp up pressure on Tehran after disclosure of the country’s second uranium enrichment plant.

    The United States and Western European powers want greater force behind demands that Iran come clean on its nuclear plans, following last week’s revelation of the new nuclear facility.

    China may be persuaded to back some sanctions, especially if Russia joins U.S. and European calls for action, experts say. But Beijing is likely to flex its power as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council to dilute any proposed resolution that could threaten its ties with Tehran.

    “On the one hand China knows that relations with the United States and Europe are very important, but on the other hand it has substantial diplomatic, strategic and energy interests in Iran,” said Shi Yinhong, professor of International Relations at Renmin University in Beijing. “China is in the middle ground so it will go some way to meet the West, but less than half way. It will make some criticism and censure of Iran, but this will be very soft.”

    The United States and its Western allies have made clear they will focus on Iran’s nuclear program at rare talks with Iranian officials in Geneva on Thursday, which China will attend.

    Iran has offered wide-ranging security talks but says it will not discuss its nuclear “rights.” Adding to tensions, Iran test-fired mid-range missiles on Monday.
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the new nuclear facility was legal and open for inspection by the International Atomic Energy Agency — the U.N. nuclear watchdog.

    U.S. officials said work began on the covert plant as an alternate site for possible weapons development as scrutiny at a first plant made it hard to conduct such activities there. Iran says its nuclear work is for peaceful power generation purposes.
    The news has triggered calls from Western capitals for additional “sanctions that bite” if Tehran does not come clean on its nuclear plans and address international concerns.
    Even Russia — previously reluctant to go along with further penalties — showed greater willingness to consider such action.

    Yet for China, which has long insisted it does not interfere in other nations’ affairs, there has been no change in stance beyond a hint of frustration with Tehran. Even with neighbor North Korea, which poses a more immediate security threat because it has exploded two nuclear devices, Beijing has been consistently wary of tightening sanctions. “A political solution to the Iranian nuclear issue is in the interests of the world,” said the popular Global Times tabloid, owned by Communist Party mouthpiece the People’s Daily. “China does not deny that it has certain interests in Iran, but China is certainly not, because of its interests, going to act like certain Western nations that use double standards,” the paper added in an editorial.


    China’s energy officials worry about the prospect of tighter sanctions on a country that last year provided over 10 percent of its crude oil imports, and is only likely to become more important as Chinese reliance on foreign energy grows. The world’s No. 2 crude oil consumer has made longer-term investments with an eye to developing deposits in Iran, which holds the world’s second-largest crude oil reserves. “The international community is paying close attention to this and we are also a bit worried, as several state firms like CNPC have taken on resource projects in Iran,” said Liu Qi, deputy head of the National Energy Administration, referring to China National Petroleum Corp, parent of Asia’s largest oil and gas producer PetroChina.
    “The central issue when it comes to our energy security is secure (supplies) of oil and gas.”

    The ultimate key to China’s response may be Russia’s position on sanctions, and Moscow appears to be taking a tougher line. Beijing wants to be seen as a responsible international player, perhaps in part to counter worries about its economic rise, and may be reluctant to be seen as the sole obstacle to a sanctions deal. But its diplomats would almost certainly demand an agreement weaker than the West would like to bring to bear on Tehran.

    “If Russia is lining up near the West, Beijing may repeat past practice and reluctantly sign up. But (any sanctions) must be limited and diluted and leave room for a future diplomatic solution,” said Renmin University’s Shi. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday that if Iran does not cooperate at the Thursday meeting with world powers, other methods should be used to deal with its nuclear program. Beijing might also be more amenable to sanctions if presented with firm evidence that the plant is part of a weapons program — or a weak explanation for the new facility from Tehran.

    “China has already supported two or three rounds of sanctions on Tehran; if there is evidence that these facilities are being used for weapons, then the Chinese government won’t rule out supporting the next stage of sanctions,” said one Iran expert at a government-run think tank, who was not authorized to speak to the foreign media and declined to be identified.

  158. “Alas, we have a president who turns out to have painfully few fixed principles but an enthusiasm for news management”




    The Iran ‘bombshell’: Obama knew all along

    President’s supposed disclosure about another Iranian nuclear facility was horribly reminiscent of Colin Powell and Iraq, says Alexander Cockburn

    By Alexander Cockburn
    SEPTEMBER 28, 2009

    Half close one’s eyes and we could have been back in Bush-time, amid the ripest hours of the propaganda barrage for the US-led onslaught on Iraq. The familiar backdrop: the UN General Assembly, in this instance migrating to the G20 meeting in Pittsburgh. The theme: disclosure of fresh, chilling evidence of the duplicity of a pariah nation and of the threat it poses to the civilised world.

    Then it was GW Bush’s Secretary of State, Colin Powell, enthusiastically relaying a string of lies and blatant forgeries. Last week it was President Barack Obama, flanked by his Euro-puppets, dispensing an equally mendacious press release that was swallowed without a hiccup by the Western press.

    There is no quarrel about the actual sequence of events, concerning the supposed bombshell disclosure of another Iranian nuclear facility near Qom.

    US intelligence says there is no hard evidence Iran is seeking nukes

    US intelligence knew about the site back in Bush time. Obama was briefed about it during the transition. Last spring US surveillance ­ from satellites and maybe from spies on the ground ­ concluded that a speed-up in the plant’s construction was underway. US intelligence then supposedly learned that the Iranians knew the plant was under US observation. After that it was all news management. The White House was readying Obama’s dramatic disclosure. Maybe someone tipped off the Iranians, maybe not. In any event, Tehran sent a note about the facility to the International Atomic Energy Agency a week ago notifying it that the plant was under construction. (The Iranians insist they were under no obligation to do so earlier because the plant was only in preliminary stages of construction.)

    On Thursday Obama seized the headlines with his threat that “Iran is on notice that when we meet with them on October 1 they are going to have to come clean and they will have to make a choice”. The alternative to giving up their programme, he warned, was to “continue down a path that is going to lead to confrontation”.

    Obama duly got his reward: positive press for his “forceful” performance and instant support from President Medvedev of Russia, thus delivering a quid pro quo for Obama’s cancellation of the missile bases in Poland and the Czech Republic. Indeed the timing of that cancellation suggests that the entire scenario had been tightly scripted well in advance. China was much more reserved.

    In reality the public disclosure of something the US knew about years ago ­ knowledge it shared with its prime Nato allies and Israel ­ changes nothing. The consensus of US intelligence remains that there is no hard evidence that Iran is actively seeking to manufacture nuclear weapons. Iran has agreed to an inspection of the plant at some appropriate point. The absurdity of Obama thundering against Iran, which has signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and has allowed inspections, while remaining entirely silent about Israel, is so blatant that here one can catch scattered references to it in news commentaries.

    The disasters will assist in the destruction of Obama’s presidency

    Remember: Israel has refused to sign the non-proliferation treaty and has adamantly refused all inspections. Yet it is known to have an arsenal of somewhere between 200 and 300 nuclear weapons about which ­ Prime Minister Gordon Brown might care to note – it has been serially deceptive for nearly half a century. They allegedly have a delivery range that can reach Kiev. Obama’s policy remains tightly in sync with that of his predecessor in the White House. Spasms of ferocious bluster towards Iran raise public anxiety. Stories about imminent Israeli raids on Iran are balanced by leaks to the effect that the White House is keeping Israel on a leash. Then sanctions are tightened on Iran. These have the effect of causing great misery to the general population, while strengthening the political hand of the theocracy, which can put extra muscle into its repression on the grounds that the country is under siege.

    Meanwhile this supposedly rational president is already having to pay the political bills for the reckless espousal during his election campaign of a wider war in Afghanistan. Anyone wanting to understand how JFK plunged into the Vietnamese quagmire, and how LBJ got in even deeper, has only to follow the current fight over Afghan policy. Insanity effortlessly trumps commonsense.

    It is generally agreed that the situation in Afghanistan from the US point of view is rapidly getting worse. In terms of military advantage the Taliban have been doing very well, helped by America¹s bizarre policy of trying to assassinate the Taliban¹s high command by drones, thus allowing vigorous young Taliban commanders to step into senor positions. According to Ahmed Rashid, in a savage and well-informed piece in the New York Review: “For much of this year the Taliban have been on the offensive in Afghanistan. Their control of just 30 out of 364 districts in 2003 expanded to 164 districts at the end of 2008, according to the military expert Anthony Cordesman, who is advising General McChrystal. Taliban attacks increased by 60 per cent between October 2008 and April 2009. “In August, moreover – as part of their well-planned anti-election campaign – the Taliban opened new fronts in the north and west of the country where they had little presence before.”

    To have even a remote chance of prospering, Obama’s policy requires a very costly commitment of troops and civil advisers for well over two years. Democrats know perfectly well that if an Obama administration is at war in Afghanistan in the fall of 2010, it will cost them dearly in the mid-term elections. Liberals will stay home in droves, and the Republicans may well recapture at least one house of Congress.

    After months of derision about Iran’s “faked elections”, Karzai’s fakery in the recent Afghan election was too blatant to permit even pro forma denial. The oft-announced goal of training an Afghan army and police force is faring no better ­ in fact considerably worse ­ than the efforts at ‘Vietnamisation’ 40 years ago. Once furnished with a few square meals, some new clothes and a weapon, the recruits – some of them having been sent by the Taliban to get basic training – promptly desert. The expedition to Afghanistan is not popular, either here or in Europe. But of course it has powerful sponsors, starting with Obama who made it a campaign plank. He may be having second thoughts now, but he is showered daily with demented counsels to “stay the course” by his Secretary of State and about 80 per cent of the permanent foreign policy establishment. So the involvement will get deeper and the disasters will mount and powerfully assist in the destruction of Obama’s presidency, as some of his erstwhile influential liberal fans, such as Frank Rich of the New York Times, are now conceding.

    Alas, we have a president who turns out to have painfully few fixed principles but an enthusiasm for news management that gave him his moment of glory in Pittsburgh last week, but which leaves more and more sensible people wondering if he has any constructive long-term strategy to lower tensions and reduce the likely prospect of savage bloodletting across the Middle East. The passing months have been brutally unkind to such expectations.,news,the-iran-nuclear-bombshell-barack-obama-knew-all-along-about-secret-facility

  159. Obama has cut Hillary out of the process and that is why she spoke out. No one has been

    Concerning the super computer, the Supreme Court said it was unconstitutional to mine information on American citizens off the supercomputer. I had indicated that the Supreme Court had ruled that this could be done since the phone lines, or wireless connections were obtained through a third party contract the right to privacy was null and void provided probable cause had been established.

    In fact, this ruling does not apply to the supercomputer. It is still unconstitutional to mine data off the supercomputer for American citizens, but it is okay with foreigners.

    Any information elicited through such mining or as a result investigations launched as a result thereof is fruits of the poisonous tree and would be inadmissable in a court of law because in order to monitor one American you must monitor all Americans and that is a violation of 4th Amendment.

    The CIA and FBI have ignored point, and are mining such data on Americans now. This was may well have been the impetus for the arrests made last week. When those cases go to trial this will come out in discovery and the case will be thrown out on the Fourth Amendment. Up to now, they have gotten someone to swear this was obtained through legitimate sources.

    We have only gotten convictions on 42% of the cases against American terrorists and a number of those cases have been put under gag order.

  160. I am told that Mr. Obama’s decision to go after the Republican Justice Department for water boarding has opened the door for a future Republican President to go after the Democratic Justice Department for mining data. It’s a wonderful life. What comes around goes around.

  161. What do you mean? Is that the property taxes we get to write off on our taxes now?

    I don’t get it.
    Confloyd found something on this. I spoke to someone in the midwest and she interpeted Soros statement as you did. I on the other hand took it to mean that it would change bankrupcy to eliminate the homestead exemption, which exempts your home from the bankrupt estate which creditors can levy upon. In other words, if this change is effected a bankrupt person could lose their home as well, whereas now the get to keep all or a part of it so long as they continue paying taxes depending on state law. The one thing that is clear as a bell to me however is that Soros is a human vulture and he believes in stripping the carcus clean.

  162. Geoffrey P. Hunt is my new hero! He describes The Fraud’s skill set perfectly and his atomic mushroom cloud of disdain for the citizens. The Fraud thinks of us all as ‘mushrooms’ to be kept in the dark and fed sh!t!!!

  163. wbboei Says:

    September 27th, 2009 at 12:34 am
    This IS a very hard job for Mr. Obama. He is probably sleeping now and thinking he had a good day. What he does not realize is he is not campaigning anymore. It is not about headlines, it is about solving problems. He thinks it is as simple as getting an agreement with the allies, tendering a veiled ultimatum, and watching the dominoes fall. Sorry but that is not how it works. As Churchill said, this is no then end of the process, it is not the mid way point, it is merely the end of the beginning. And like the slaves who road in the chariot with caesar to rome and whispered sic transit gloria mundi–all glory is fleeting, so too did the French President tell him that high faleutin rhetoric are no substitute for action, and action involves risk. I doubt he even heard it.


    …last night on 60 minutes McCrystal said he has spoken to Obama once in the last 70 days…

    …O does not have time for two wars, foreclosures, unemployment rising…that is yesterday’s news…today is he off to Copenhagen to ‘buy’ the Olympics for Chicago…

    …and I am willing to bet that when he returns he will be back on the road at rallies talking about his health reform ‘plan’ that does not exist…

    …as long as he has his teleprompter, O is confident he can keep bluffing…and grinning…

  164. The Limits of Charisma
    Mr. President, Please stay off TV
    by Howard Fineman

    Enough TV, Mr President

    If ubiquity were the measure of a presidency, Barack Obama would already be grinning at us from Mount Rushmore. But of course it is not. Despite his many words and television appearances, our elegant and eloquent president remains more an emblem of change than an agent of it. He’s a man with an endless, worthy to-do list—health care, climate change, bank reform, global capital regulation, AfPak, the Middle East, you name it—but, as yet, no boxes checked “done.” This is a problem that style will not fix. Unless Obama learns to rely less on charm, rhetoric, and good intentions and more on picking his spots and winning in political combat, he’s not going to be reelected, let alone enshrined in South Dakota.

    The president’s problem isn’t that he is too visible; it’s the lack of content in what he says when he keeps showing up on the tube. Obama can seem a mite too impressed with his own aura, as if his presence on the stage is the Answer. There is, at times, a self-referential (even self-reverential) tone in his big speeches. They are heavily salted with the words “I” and “my.” (He used the former 11 times in the first few paragraphs of his address to the U.N. last week.) Obama is a historic figure, but that is the beginning, not the end, of the story.

    There is only so much political mileage that can still be had by his reminding the world that he is not George W. Bush. It was the winning theme of the 2008 campaign, but that race ended nearly a year ago. The ex-president is now more ex than ever, yet the current president, who vowed to look forward, is still reaching back to Bush as bogeyman.

    He did it again in that U.N. speech. The delegates wanted to know what the president was going to do about Israel and the Palestinian territories. He answered by telling them what his predecessor had failed to do. This was effective for his first month or two. Now it is starting to sound more like an excuse than an explanation.

    Members of Obama’s own party know who Obama is not; they still sometimes wonder who he really is. In Washington, the appearance of uncertainty is taken as weakness—especially on Capitol Hill, where a president is only as revered as he is feared. Being the cool, convivial late-night-guest in chief won’t cut it with Congress, an institution impervious to charm (especially the charm of a president with wavering poll numbers). Members of both parties are taking Obama’s measure with their defiant and sometimes hostile response to his desires on health care. Never much of a legislator (and not long a -senator), Obama underestimated the complexity of enacting a major “reform” bill. Letting Congress try to write it on its own was an awful idea. As a balkanized land of microfiefdoms, each loyal to its own lobbyists and consultants, Congress is incapable of being led by its “leadership.” It’s not like Chicago, where you call a guy who calls a guy who calls Daley, who makes the call. The president himself must make his wishes clear—along with the consequences for those who fail to grant them.

    The model is a man whose political effectiveness Obama repeatedly says he admires: Ronald Reagan. There was never doubt about what he wanted. The Gipper made his simple, dramatic tax cuts the centerpiece not only of his campaign but also of the entire first year of his presidency.

    Obama seems to think he’ll get credit for the breathtaking scope of his ambition. But unless he sees results, it will have the opposite effect—diluting his clout, exhausting his allies, and emboldening his enemies.

    That may be starting to happen. Health-care legislation is still weeks, if not months, from passage, and the bill as it stands could well be a windfall for the very insurance and drug companies it was supposed to rein in. Climate-change legislation (a.k.a. cap-and-trade) is almost certainly dead for this year, which means that American negotiators will go empty-handed to the Copenhagen summit in December —pushing the goal of limiting carbon emissions even farther into the distance. In the spring Obama privately told the big banks that he was going to change the way they do business. It was going to be his way or the highway. But the complex legislation he wants to submit to Congress has little chance of passage this year. Doing Letterman again won’t help. It may boost the host’s ratings, Mr. President, but probably not your own.

    © 2009


    suffice to say, when EVEN the cheerleaders at Newsweek and MSNBC are putting these observations AND thoughts on paper and in print for all too see…THEN one can only imagine what is being behind the scenes in washington’s political circles…

    …at a certain point, it is impossible to avoid the obvious…

    as I mentioned above, as long as O has his teleprompter and can continue to grin in front of cheering crowds, O will believe he can continue bluffing and pulling his slight of hand…

  165. I think the full-text got lost in cyberspace, but I do think this is worth a read…

    The Iran ‘bombshell’: Obama knew all along

    President’s supposed disclosure about another Iranian nuclear facility was horribly reminiscent of Colin Powell and Iraq, says Alexander Cockburn,news,the-iran-nuclear-bombshell-barack-obama-knew-all-along-about-secret-facility

  166. So will the Dims group who ran Carter Again, and then implemented SuperDud procedures to avoid that, and then Primaried a Super Dud themselves, really be so STXXXX as to do it again? If so, I think it might very well be the end to the Dims party.

  167. Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop, suggested a place for Romanoff might be found in the administration and offered specific suggestions, according to several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.
    Keep track of this guy Messina. He works for Emanuel. He is the one who urged SEUI thugs to attack the people who objected to the health care plan by his infamous statement–if they hit you (which they did not) then hit them back twice as hard (which they did). The inevitable result of his words was the unprovoked attack on a black man by SEIU thugs in St. Louis which is being prosecuted now as a hate crime. In my opinion, Messina is not unlike Capone’s enforcer Frank Nitti, and since he does not belong to a protected class it is hard to call anyone who says so a racist. His arrogance is such that he would relish the comparison.

  168. wbboei Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Sounds like there some thugs working in the WH.

  169. Obama has cut Hillary out of the process and that is why she spoke out. No one has been
    I got interrupted in the middle of this thought. What I was starting to say was to suggest a reason why Hillary was allowed to go on television and speak forcefully in favor of upping the ante on Afghanistan, when Mr. Obama is on record of saying it is a war of necessity, and then saing he does not want another American life to be lost there, and then saying that he is pondering the decision. This conflicts with the theory of an all powerful Obama who directs Hillary around like a robot, but it does not mean Hillary unleashed either. I see this plus the appearance of McCrytal as evidence that Obama has decision paralysis, and both of them are trying to push him in the direction of a policy they believe will protect the country, while he travels to Sweden with his significant other to lobby on behalf of Chicago for the Oympics. This is not a case of misplaced priorities. Rather is is symptomatic of the Peter Principle.

  170. Thanks wbboei.

    Repeat from earlier post;

    Anyone else remember Biden saying right after the immaculation that Bo would be ‘tested’ very soon and warning BO supporters not to lose heart?

    Do you think Biden was referring to what’s now going on Iran? Do you think all the players agreed to push back the confrontation date to the fall for reasons known only to them?”
    Is that why BO didn’t side with the Iranian students?
    It’s too friggin coincidental for me. And what about BO as SIC (salesman in chief) hawking Chicago to the Olympics Committee. Isn’t that illegal? a conflict of interest?

  171. :shaking head in disgust:

    Bo is a sleazy disaster. He can’t make up his mind, maybe coz he has none. He doesn’t know how to make decisions.

    It is embarrassing and pathetic for him to go beg the Olympic Committee to choose Chicago. What if, as i hope, they don’t? how is that going to look?

    Although I’ve read he must have it in the bag otherwise he wouldn’t risk the trip. Bo has spoken to McCrystal only once since taking office. How many times do you think he’s spoken with Daly about the Chicago olympics?

  172. How many times do you think he’s spoken with Daly about the Chicago olympics?
    Excellent question. my guess would be a half a dozen times at least. Daley is a figurehead. The people behind him are that ones in control,

  173. moononpluto Says:
    September 27th, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Nevada Attorney General indicts ACORN after raiding offices.

    An Acorn Field Director has “flipped”, is now working with Nevada Attorney General on case against ACORN.

    Rats jumping from the sinking ship.

  174. Whether or not Hillary is being handcuffed in what she can or cannot do or say, it really doesn’t matter. The wonderful thing about all this, even at it’s most dangerous moments, is that Hillary is being redeemed by being right all along.

    Bo is now the weakest link when it comes to his foreign affairs chaotic and procrastinating decision making.

  175. Clinton to attend signing ceremony


    The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will attend the signing ceremony of Armenia-Turkey normalization Protocols scheduled October 10 in Zurich, NZZ online reports. That day Armenian and Turkish Foreign Ministers will arrive in Switzerland. Participation of Clinton is not yet confirmed, however the hotel reservation is made. informed that RA Foreign Ministry neither confirms, nor refutes information spread by Turkish mass media about the possibility of Armenia-Turkey Protocols’ signing on October 10, 2009.

    “Foreign Ministry will inform about the issues related to the Protocols in due form,” Tigran Balayan Foreign Ministry Spokesman told from New York.

    However, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that the Protocols would be signed by the Foreign Ministers of two countries: Edward Nalbandyan and Ahmet Davutoglu in Zurich, October 10 and further submitted for the ratification to the countries’ Parliaments.

  176. Jan–the terrible problem we have today is there is ZERO accountability built into the system and they lie to us routinely. By “they” I do not mean the Obama Administration, because that by now is a given–nobody in their right mind expects Obama to tell us the truth. The problem is CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, NYT, Politico, HUFFPO, Newsweek, Time Magazine. They are the ones who have betrayed the American People. In fact they are so bad that if an incompetent fool like Obama did not exist they would have to invent him. Fortunately, most thinking Americans have fired their asses for malfeasance and misfeasance. If we can ring down the curtain on them and establish an accountability based system then other things will take care of themsleves. If not, these people plus Soros will be its undoing, truth to tell.

  177. Jan- my point I guess if we were in an accountability based system, the credit for sound policy decisions and execution would cascade to Hillary. Perhaps some of the insiders are seeing for the first time how good she is and how bad Mr. Obama is, provided they are not too busy moving out of the dollar. On a positive note, none of the currency reports are reflecting a massive move or the conversion to an international currency which is a contingency many are speculating on. This country will not survive if it listens to big media. We need accountability in the system. What we do not need is their lies. The only network giving us any sense of what is happening is FOX.

  178. So once again the “do-nothing” Russians are waffling. I’m sure bambi and China will follow suit…


    Russia urges world not to get too ’emotional’ about Iran: Russia urged the international community not to get “emotional” about Iran’s nuclear programme and to focus on a negotiated solution instead.

    By Andrew Osborn in Moscow
    28 Sep 2009

    A Russian foreign ministry source called for calm and common sense. “It is important not to yield to emotions,” a foreign ministry source told Russian news agency Interfax. “We must calm down, and, most importantly, start efficient negotiations.”
    The call for restraint came as Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, was expected to meet his Iranian counterpart in New York to discuss Iran’s secret uranium enrichment plant.

    There remain few signs, however, that Russia is ready to get really tough with Iran, a close trading and political partner. Russian analysts say Moscow would need cast-iron proof that Tehran is developing nuclear weapons before it would sign up to new sanctions. Most of Moscow’s pronouncements appear designed to delay any move to slap Tehran with sanctions for as long as possible.

    The foreign ministry source said the Kremlin felt the recent revelation about the second uranium plant needed to be carefully “verified and analysed” before steps were taken.

    Iran has admitted that such a plant exists but how close it is to becoming operational remains unclear.

    Russia says it is hoping a meeting with Iran set for Thursday in Geneva will calm rising tensions and that Iran will make new proposals to quell growing global alarm about its nuclear ambitions.

  179. wbboei Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 2:01 pm


    I agree. I keep thinking with their ratings going in the tank that they would clue in and start reporting responsibly. It’s as if they have been instructed to fall on their swords for the all-mighty one and his puppet masters.

  180. An Acorn Field Director has “flipped”, is now working with Nevada Attorney General on case against ACORN.
    If he named Harry Reid as a co conspirator, wouldnt that be grand.

  181. I agree. I keep thinking with their ratings going in the tank that they would clue in and start reporting responsibly. It’s as if they have been instructed to fall on their swords for the all-mighty one and his puppet masters.
    I read that Soros now has a 2.3 billion dollar investment in ABC who has unprecedented access to the White House, and promoted his health care address.

  182. “I read that Soros now has a 2.3 billion dollar investment in ABC who has unprecedented access to the White House, and promoted his health care address.”


    What a surprise…NOT. There has to be a way to deflate Soros’ power grab. I just don’t know what it is.

  183. I read that Soros now has a 2.3 billion dollar investment in ABC who has unprecedented access to the White House, and promoted his health care address.

    That’s why ABC News is a fluff piece for BO. I look at other sites, but there isn’t too much difference. ABC is the worst.

  184. wbboei@11:54, So its the Homestead exemption, which keeps most of the poor people in their homes, that son of a bitch, I can’t freaking believe this. If this is true, we need to watch congress, senate constantly so they don’t slip this in as a amendment. Somehow we need to get on this as soon as possible. Sorry for the language.

    You realize that people who build up massibe debt because of healthcare or anything else could be virtually homeless. I bet they want the chinese to buy these places. I wonder how much ocean front property in New Orleans could be gotten this way??

  185. confloyd,

    I read last spring that the U.S. was looking for new supply routes into Afghanistan that bypassed Russia. I know they have one through Tajikistan which used to belong to Russia.

    Maybe now that bambi has cozied up to Medvedev, things have changed?

  186. From what I have since ascertained in reference to the young military thinking something big is about to happen, they may know the country where they have been told they will deploy to – Afghaniston. But, they do not understand why so much armor is to be sent. They talk about the ammunition shortage in the US because, “…they are eating bullets in Afghanistan…”

  187. shortTermer,

    So plans in the works for a big offensive and word-playing right now is just os bambi can flex his non-leadership muscles?


    We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this BREAKING NEWS:
    Despite a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, an economic crisis, the urgent need for health-care reform – NOW not thirty minutes from now, the request for more troops during a short window of opportunity to avoid failure in Afghanistan by the commander, despite climiate change, despite American unrest in the heartland, Meeeeeshelle summons The One to Copenhagen. Could it be she needs a booty call or is it simply
    for a ‘date night’ and the needs of the nation be dam^ed? But if Meeshelle is ringing her bell, what could Oprah want with The One in Copenhagen? The mental imagery invoked is funny, at least right after one barfs!roflo

  189. JanH, This is why they gave up the missile shield, they are going to finish Afganistan. They must, they just don’t want to let the enemy know what they are up to, because the press screws up every legitimate military offensive we have ever done since Vietnam. I blame the media for losing in Vietnam. They just had to show the damn thing everynight on tv. There is no such thing anymore of a secret invasion plan.

  190. I think more is going on in Copenhagen besides the Olympics.

    Van Jones heads up this little group called O for change. Its a group of Olypiads clammering for hope and change and probably the Olympics.

    There are just hundreds of these little groups that off shoot from Soros, Bo and the IMF that are being funded by taxpayers dollars to help BO. Its hard with my limited knowledge and ability to really research this. What we need is an investigative reporter with NO strings tying him to anyone or any party. Fancy finding that one!

  191. “because the press screws up every legitimate military offensive we have ever done since Vietnam.”

    And most likely they know that the longer they wait the more likely bambi will screw up.

  192. I hope the two George hurry their asses up and go to their retirement homes and leave the American people along with what little we will have left after the vultures pick up clean. The two Georges will be neighbors, one in Brazil, the other in Paraquay.

    They can live like Kings down there with the money they have stolen from the hardworking taxpayers of the country.

    George Bush II. George Soros

  193. Shorttermer, Is that______ Ophra in Copenhagen. Well I guess since she got the one elected, she can make sure the Olympics will come to Chi-town. They are going to have to clean up the south side before that, get some heat in the ghetto and such.

  194. If you really want to how big of scoundrel the George’s are, George Bush’s land in Paraquay sets on a huge aquafier. I guess if he can control the oil and the water, he will be King George II. George Soros wants to makes Brazil the food capital of the world, so he can the King George I. THey got it sewed up, the peasants of the rest of the world will bow down.

    I wonder if Soros is working on his emblem that we will have to be tatooed with in order to buy food yet???

  195. ‘I read that Soros now has a 2.3 billion dollar investment in ABC who has unprecedented access to the White House, and promoted his health care address.’

    An OPRAH Owns ABC.

    And she’s going to Copenhagen to shop with MO.

  196. dot48 Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 6:09 am

    will you all just put in simple redneck language for me what happens if the dollar falls? What if your money is in a safety deposit box rather than in just a simple savings acccount?

    I’m getting more scared every day.
    basil9 Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 8:06 am


    I’m wondering about the same thing and thinking about taking my savings and burying it under the apple tree!


    If the dollar fails, imported stuff will cost more dollars. Burying the dollars won’t help, they will still buy less when you dig them up.

    If you buy gold or something and bury the gold, that would help.
    But you wouldn’t need to bury it.

  197. Check the HL’s at Drudge;

    India Raises Nuclear Stakes
    China Displays upgraded Missiles
    Venezuala Exploring Uranium Deposits
    Iran Conducts Third Round of Missile tests
    Russia:Iranian Missiles Cause concern

  198. turndown,

    This may seem like a really dumb question, but how will other countries be effected by a U.S. dollar crash. I know the investment end, but anything else?

  199. ROTF WBBOEI!!!!!!!!


    Even I understood that! ‘

    ‘If the dollar fails, imported stuff will cost more dollars. Burying the dollars won’t help, they will still buy less when you dig them up.’

  200. I’m assuming that the trickle down effect will be huge, i.e. depending on heavy U.S. investment, less monies available for those of us outside the U.S. who have investments to buy in our own countries, therefore prolonging world deficits.

    A vicious circle.


    Aside from the upfront reporting you can find at, even the mainstream has this:

    September 28, 2009

    Rep. Franks still wants Obama’s ‘long form’ birth certificate

    Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican, has no doubts that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen.

    In a video interview with The Washington Independent’s Dave Weigel, Franks, who has flirted a bit with the birther movement, gives a lengthy explanation of why he sympathized with the birthers while detailing his own personal views on why Obama is a natural born citizen.

    In summary: Franks has seen the evidence and determined some time ago that yes, Obama was born in Hawaii. He thought about suing for proof of citizenship before last year’s election, but didn’t want to create a frenzy. But he still wants to see that long form birth certificate.

    “Barack Obama could solve this problem and get the birthers to back off … by showing his long form birth certificate,” Franks said.

  202. “Barack Obama could solve this problem and get the birthers to back off … by showing his long form birth certificate,” Franks said.
    Since Obama cannot solve even this problem it is unrealistic to think he can solve all the national problems we are facing today.

  203. Hilarious:
    h t t p : //

    Our silly Prez’s staff posted pictures of the Spain’s first family BUTTTT they NEVER allow their daughters pictures to be posted.

    This whole picture looks like a casting shot for a new “Addams Family” movie.

  204. dot48 Says:

    September 28th, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Too funny!

  205. That is true, but more important still, a collapse of the dollar would cause countries with stronger currencies to buy US assets at a much cheaper price relative to their own currencies AND our t-bills would become an undesirable investment. Does Obama know this? Of course not. Wait a minute now, he said he was an economist did he not? Yes, it said it but it is like all the other bullshit he pedals–it aint true.

  206. President Gulliver is on another avoidance trip to meet with Mo Gulliver
    and talk Olympics with a price for the Rezco Athletic Assn.Is there an honest
    bone in this guys body? At what point does the citizenry of this country say
    “Enough is Enough” and demands an Impeachment process to begin.

    By ABM91 Hang on Hillary we are
    getting fed up with this pretender.

  207. IF ABC is owned by Ophra and Soros, who owns NBC? Why are they also a mouthpiece for this illegitamate POTUS?
    GE. GE owns NBC and MSNBC. And the CEO of GE Jeffrey Imelt owns Mr. Obama. In exchange for money and favorable media coverage, Mr. Obama pushes policies favorable to GE business interests adverse tp ordinary Americans. For example: cap and trade. health care. nuclear power especially. That is how this game works. Only it does not work for ordinary Americans or for this country.

  208. Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican, has no doubts that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen.
    Sorry. This does not work. If he is convinced then there is no basis to question. It is a non sequitir.

  209. Sorry. I said that wrong> I meant to say, if he his convinced then HE has no basis to question. He is not the final authority on the matter but he has no standing to question if his position is as stated. Others who are not convinced certainly do.

  210. Obama team clears 75 at Guantanamo for release

    Mon Sep 28, 2009
    By Jane Sutton

    MIAMI (Reuters) – An Obama administration task force has so far cleared 75 of the remaining 223 Guantanamo prisoners for release as part of its effort to close the detention camp, a military spokesman said on Monday.

    The review team is examining each prisoner’s case to decide who will be held for trial and who can be sent home or resettled in other nations.

    President Barack Obama had set a January 22 deadline to shut the detention camp although Defense Secretary Robert Gates told ABC News in an interview broadcast on Sunday that “it’s going to be tough” to meet the deadline.

    As the review team makes its decisions, military officials at Guantanamo post an updated list in the camps to let the prisoners know how many from each nation have been judged free to go.
    “It was an opportunity to just provide better communication,” said Navy Lieutenant Commander Brook DeWalt, a spokesman for the Guantanamo detention operation. “There’s a lot of information out there and you get a lot of things from a lot of different angles. It helps put it in a more succinct context for them.”

    The prisoners are well aware of Obama’s announcement that the camp would be closed and have heard piecemeal information from their lawyers and relatives during phone calls arranged by the International Committee of the Red Cross, he said. The list is posted in Arabic, Pashto and English. The latest list of 78 prisoners includes two Uzbeks sent to Ireland and a Yemeni returned to his homeland on Saturday, an indication that some progress is being made in thinning the camp population of those who are not considered a threat.

    “We are not focused on whether the deadline will or won’t be met on a particular day,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said. “We are focused on making … the most progress that is possible.”

    Some on the list are among the 30 ordered freed by U.S. courts but still awaiting transfer, including 13 Chinese Uighurs. The Pacific island nation of Palau has agreed to accept most of them. Also on the list are 26 other captives from Yemen, nine from Tunisia, seven from Algeria, four from Syria, three each from Libya and Saudi Arabia, two each from Uzbekistan, Egypt, the West Bank and Kuwait, and one each from Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.

    Most were captured in Afghanistan and Pakistan after U.S. troops invaded Afghanistan in 2001 to oust al Qaeda in response to the September 11 hijacked plane attacks on the United States.

  211. While Gulliver is out of town and wearing out Airforce One Hillary is busy holding our country together and
    building a coalition of world leaders that will deal with Iran and stop this madness that BO is too busy to address.


    Secretary Clinton in New York / Meetings with Afghan Foreign Minister Spanta, Armenian Foreign Minister Nalbandian, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Namhong / Return in Washington Today / Dinner with Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen / Return to New York for UNGA Wrap up

  212. US State Department refuses role on Polanski

    WASHINGTON — The US State Department refused Monday to wade into a row over the arrest of film maker Roman Polanski, saying it was up to California to seek his extradition on decades-old underage sex charges.

    California state authorities have two months to make a formal extradition request for the Polish-French director, who was arrested Saturday in Switzerland, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. “The role of the Department of State will simply be to review that request, to make sure it meets sufficiency in terms of our extradition treaty with Switzerland,” Crowley told reporters.

    The Polish and French foreign ministers Radoslaw Sikorski and Bernard Kouchner have said they would make a joint appeal to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to seek freedom for the Oscar winner. “If he sent the letter, I’ll defer to the minister to describe its contents,” Crowley said.

    Polanski fled the United States in 1978 before sentencing on a charge of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in Los Angeles. He admitted the charge at the time and has never returned.

    The victim has since urged the dismissal of the case.

  213. OMG!

    I just got back from a snooze-inducing budget meeting and the HL on DRUDGE IS


    Olympic Spirit. Video Shows Brutal Gang Murder in Chicago.


  214. And i just heard on the news that the town i used to live in in NJ has gone on curfew coz of 3 murders in the past week.
    :shaking head:

    From the Chicago incident.

    Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee
    Help Police Find Derrion Albert’s Killers

    Updated: Sunday, 27 Sep 2009, 8:18 AM CDT
    Published : Saturday, 26 Sep 2009, 9:00 PM CDT

    * By Darlene Hill, FOX Chicago News

    This is the hard lesson some students at Fenger High School have to deal with after a day of learning. For them it’s a hard lesson of reality on the streets.

    Thursday after school, two rival gangs got into a fight three blocks from the high school.

    In all four students were beaten in that melee — one was released from the hospital Friday morning.

    While police continue their investigation, some students say they don’t want to go back to Fenger next week.

    Rival gang members have been fighting for a month — and each time one of their fellow classmates is injured.

    No knives and no guns were used in Thursday’s fight. Just fists, feet and boards.

  215. this video is horrifying.

    It reminds me of when i was threatened by 3 kids on bikes with baseball bats – but they were 10 years old and still manageable.

    this poor kid.

    www dot myfoxchicago dot com/dpp/news/metro/video_derrion_albert

  216. Lou Dobbs had a segment on how much violence/murder has gone up in Chicago in the last few years.

    Yep! We really want to have the Olympics there.

  217. # ABM90 Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    While Gulliver is out of town and wearing out Airforce One Hillary is busy holding our country together and
    building a coalition of world leaders that will deal with Iran and stop this madness that BO is too busy to address.


    Secretary Clinton in New York / Meetings with Afghan Foreign Minister Spanta, Armenian Foreign Minister Nalbandian, Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Namhong / Return in Washington Today / Dinner with Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen / Return to New York for UNGA Wrap up


    A-yup, thats our Hillary, meeting with surrounding countries for their input into what would they suggest as a means to an end of
    the Mad Bomber ready to hold the ME hostage; because he can and will if he isn’t stopped now-

  218. This is from a non credible source (NYT) so take it with a grain of salt. Still, if it an even handed accout of what this official actually said and if is not larded with the kind Obama bias which infects that newspaper in so much of its fantasy island reporting then it is interesting.

    World Bank Head Sees Dollar’s Role Diminishing

    Published: September 28, 2009
    WASHINGTON — The president of the World Bank said on Monday that America’s days as an unchallenged economic superpower might be numbered and that the dollar was likely to lose its favored position as the euro and the Chinese renminbi assume bigger roles.

    “The United States would be mistaken to take for granted the dollar’s place as the world’s predominant reserve currency,” the World Bank president, Robert B. Zoellick, said in a speech at the School for Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins. “Looking forward, there will increasingly be other options to the dollar.”

    Mr. Zoellick, who previously served as the United States trade representative and as deputy secretary of state under President George W. Bush, said that the euro provided a “respectable alternative” for financing international transactions and that there was “every reason to believe that the euro’s acceptability could grow.”

    In the next 10 to 20 years, he said, the dollar will face growing competition from China’s currency, the renminbi. Though Chinese leaders have minimized their currency’s use in international transactions, largely so they could keep greater control over exchange rates, Mr. Zoellick said the renminbi would “evolve into a force in financial markets.”

    The World Bank, which is financed by governments around the globe and lends money primarily to poor countries, has no say over the economic policies of large nations or over currency matters.

    But Mr. Zoellick’s comments were unusual, in part because he seemed intent on being provocative. He argued that the United States and a handful of other rich nations could no longer dominate the world economy and suggested that America was losing its clout. He also took issue with a central piece of the Obama administration’s proposal regarding the country’s financial regulatory system.

    “The greenback’s fortunes will depend heavily on U.S. choices,” Mr. Zoellick said. “Will the United States resolve its debt problems without a resort to inflation? Can America establish long-term discipline over spending and its budget deficit?”

    Mr. Zoellick criticized President Obama’s plan to put the Federal Reserve in charge of reducing “systemic risk” and to regulate institutions considered too big to fail. Saying that Congress had become uneasy about the Fed’s exercise of emergency powers to bail out financial institutions and prop up credit markets, Mr. Zoellick argued that the Treasury rather than the Fed should get more power because the Treasury was more accountable to Congress.

    “In the United States, it will be difficult to vest the independent and powerful technocrats at the Federal Reserve with more authority,” Mr. Zoellick said, adding that “the Treasury is an executive department, and therefore Congress and the public can more directly oversee how it uses any added authority.”

    Sign in to RecommendNext Article in Business (2 of 32) »

  219. “Can America establish long-term discipline over spending and its budget deficit?”


    Can obama be impeached in the next 45 minutes? If not then the answer is No.

  220. Just finished watching Tom Delay again on Dancing with the stars. He has a stress fracture on his foot and dancing on it. Poor thing did real good until the end when he dropped his partner. I thought he was going to cry. I think he is hoping to get off. He is really out of shape. I wonder how old he is? Looks like too many texas angus steaks.

  221. Admin: This video is the 15+ min interview of Hillary on Face the Nation

    Could you please embed?


  222. From BP

    how frreaking sad that former world leaders are openly saying POSfraud is a weakling that is hiding under the covers…. its only been 9 months….. no wonder Iran is going crazy with all these rocket firings.. they no longer fear America…. pretty much most the world sees POSfraud as a weakling.. what we bitterz knew over 1 year ago!

    “Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said Monday that the U.S. would make a “disastrous” mistake if it withdrew from Afghanistan and warned that a delay in sending more troops would be seen as a sign of weakness.

    Mr. Musharraf also denied that Pakistan’s elite Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) was giving secret support to the Taliban, which the ISI helped build in the 1980s to confront the Soviet Union.

    Asked by reporters and editors at The Washington Times whether the U.S. and its allies might be seen as weak because of the prolonged debate over whether to send more forces to Afghanistan, Mr. Musharraf said, “Yes, absolutely. … By this vacillation and lack of commitment to a victory and talking too much about casualties [it] shows weakness in the resolve.” “

  223. By this vacillation and lack of commitment to a victory and talking too much about casualties [it] shows weakness in the resolve.” “
    Mr. Obama? Vacillate? Show weakness? Abandon the battlefield at the critical moment to lobby the US Olympic Committee on behalf of his Chicago thugs? In the famous words of Madam Ngu—neh-verrr.

  224. Thankyou Gonzotex for posting that. Exactly, we can’t just keep pulling out when it gets tough. We have enough boots and enough fire power. There is NO reason to seek defeat, the only reason there is even a hint of this is because of those lefties who will vote the fraud out of office.

    It is just sickening. There never put enough resources in because the capitalists can’t see there is any money to be made in Afganistan. Iraq and Kuwait you betcha!

  225. wbboei, Have you really found that that Soros and his govt are trying to change the laws concerning primary residences and homestead exemption??

    I was furious when I read that this morning. I dare these freaking capitalists do this, after bailing out Wall st for their misjudgement of finances. The very people (ceo’s) that screwed the pooch on these direvities were paid with our tax dollars and they went home with huge bonuses for doing crappy jobs.

    Now Soros and his gang of theives wants to take our homestead exemption so when ordinary folks mess up their credit from high medical bill, overcharges from credit cards, loss of employment, sickness, dealth of a spouse, these vultures can come in keep the women and children and old ladies out of their house so the crooked banks, and credit card companies can recoup their money, which incidently is ours in the first place. I DARE THEY DO THAT!!

    WTF, are they going to bring back debtor prison, the poor houses and etc.???

  226. Confloyd> I am sorry. I talked to ten people about this yesterday. I honestly thought you were the one who told me this. I will retrace my steps and let you know.

  227. Well, it was in a post last night that said Soros wanted to change the bankruptcy laws more, it did not mention the homestead exemption. You posted that. I did not.

  228. So John (throw away medals) Kerry is giving Obama advice on the war in Afganistan??Well ain’t that great!! Lets see.

    1) Jimmy (apartied) Carter advising him on Israel.

    2) John (throw away his medals) Kerry advising him on the war in Afganistan.
    3) George(black wednesday) Soros advising him on the economy
    All we need now is Ron(retreat)Paul advising him on Iran policy then we get this country back on track quickly, right!!

  229. Confloyd: it is a new rendition of the three little monkeys

    Jimmy Carter> the senile monkey

    John Kerry> the stupid monkey

    George Soros> the evil monkey

  230. wbboei, if they(govt) is really trying to get rid of the homestead exemption, we americans need to fight that. I see that as nothing but a power grab for land that has been in families for years to sell to China. This robbing of the American people needs to STOP.
    We need to mobilize an effort to bring this out to the American public.
    They could piggyback this amendment and we would never know until it was too late.

  231. Here’s some supposed info on a ‘defund Acorn’ bill, which I’m too lazy to look at:

  232. I see the hollywood scoundrels want Polaski freed. He should pay for his rape of a 13 y.o. The 13 y.o. is now way of 40 with a family. She has forgiven him and doesn’t want him to go to jail. Polanski is asking Hillary Clinton for clemency.

    Wow!! Do they know she just got back for the rape capital of world, Africa?? Do they think she will be sympathetic?? I doubt it.

    I do however feel she will be sympathetic to the victim who doesn’t want it all dredge up again.

    I think Polanski is way to rich and needs to share of his 30 years of money hes made while on the lamb with the victim or if she doesn’t want it, it could be very well used to take care of those rape victims in Africa.

    I also think he could do some community service down at the rape shelters in Africa also.

  233. BO set the precedent for capability trumping transgression when he successfully lobbied for TurboTaxTimmy whom he deemed too brilliant to pass by.
    Did the same with speechwriter Jon Favreau although JF’s transgression was totally a moral issue.
    Using similar logic, Polanski should have a free pass.

  234. BTW: is anyone in the media reporting on healthcare ‘reform’ at this time? I’m listening to FOX5NY right now and in the first 22 minutes of the 6 AM hour have heard nothing about Obama. I have the crawling feeling that the abomination is being advanced in silence, and will be sprung on us when stopping it will be difficult. In a side note, I saw this at Google News this morning:

    ‘Kill Obama’ Facebook poll: latest sign of healthcare anger?
    Facebook removed a poll Monday asking if President Obama should be assassinated. The Secret Service is investigating this and other potential threats, which have grown as Obama pushes healthcare reform.

    By David Montero | Correspondent 09.29.09
    features dot

  235. As I pointed out in previous posts… this is the only logical strategy considering 5 more nuclear sites were discovered by M16…

    Saudis may let Israel hit Iran’s nuke ops

    Riyadh concerned over potential threat from Tehran

    LONDON – MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett has been told that Saudi Arabia is “seriously considering” whether Israel should be given permission to fly over the kingdom to bomb Iran’s nuclear sites, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

    The sites are seen as a major threat by both Tel Aviv and Riyadh.

    The matter was discussed at a meeting between Scarlett, Meir Dagan, the ebullient chief of Mossad, and Saudi Arabian officials.

    The meeting ostensibly was for Scarlett to introduce Dagan to Sir John Sawyers, who officially takes over MI6 in November.

    It took place in London three weeks ago after Dagan had held secret talks with Saudi officials in Cairo.

    But details of the discussion only began to circulate in Britain’s intelligence community this week.

    It followed after John Bolton, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who was on his way back from a visit to the Gulf, told a closed-door meeting of intelligence analysts that it was “entirely logical” for the Israelis to fly over Saudi Arabia.

  236. ANALYSIS-It’s up to Obama to decide on Afghanistan

    Tue Sep 29, 2009
    By Steve Holland

    WASHINGTON, Sept 29 (Reuters) – If President Barack Obama decides to send 30,000 to 40,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, he will be doing it against the advice of some advisers and leading Democrats in Congress.

    Obama’s national security team launches a series of closed-door meetings on Tuesday to reassess U.S. strategy in Afghanistan. Obama first wants to determine the proper way forward for U.S. forces in Afghanistan before considering whether more troops should be sent. Any decision is weeks away. “This isn’t going to be finished in one meeting. It’s not going to be finished in several meetings,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs.

    Some opinions are divided within the administration over whether to bolster forces as Obama moves toward what will be a pivotal decision in a war that his predecessor, George W. Bush, began after the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001. “The president is going to hear opinions from people he trusts and respects who are likely to be at odds with each other. In the end he has to make the decision,” said an administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Obama is in a difficult position. He risks upsetting his liberal base of support by sending more troops but could face questions from critics about “who lost Afghanistan?” should Taliban militants take control of the country again.

    U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, said in a report to Obama that the eight-year-old war would end in failure without additional troops and changes in strategy aimed at gaining the trust of the Afghan people. “I’m confident that I will have an absolute chance to provide my assessment and to make my recommendations,” McChrystal told CBS “60 Minutes” in an interview broadcast on Sunday.


    Vice President Joe Biden has proposed a shift in the U.S. mission to concentrate on attacking al Qaeda targets that are primarily in Pakistan, using Predator drone missiles and other tactics, while increasing training of Afghan forces.
    “Clearly there are at least some people in the White House who would prefer that,” said Stephen Biddle, an Afghanistan expert at the Council on Foreign Relations.

    While Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not tip her hand on where she stands in an interview last week with “Newshour” on PBS, she said it is important to concentrate not just on Pakistan but Afghanistan as well. “Some people say ‘Well al Qaeda’s no longer in Afghanistan.’ If Afghanistan were taken over by the Taliban, I can’t tell you how fast al Qaeda would be back in Afghanistan,” she said.

    A critical voice in the deliberations will be Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Gates has made clear in recent days he has yet to decide whether he agrees with McChrystal that more troops should be sent.

    Some Democratic leaders in Congress are raising a caution flag against sending large numbers of extra troops, such as Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Levin has said he wants to rapidly train Afghan forces with U.S. trainers “without creating a bigger U.S. military footprint that provides propaganda fodder for the Taliban.”

    A Gallup poll last week said 50 percent of Americans opposed sending more troops to Afghanistan while 41 percent supported it, a drop in backing for the conflict. “This is not easy and I would expect that the public would ask some very tough questions,” Obama said last Friday. “That’s exactly what I’m doing, is asking some very tough questions.”

    Obama telephoned Senator John McCain, his Republican opponent from last year’s election campaign, on Saturday to get his advice on Afghanistan. McCain supports sending more troops. “I think he has a very difficult decision,” McCain told ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday. “The base of his party, Americans are weary, understandably they’re weary. And it’s a very difficult decision for him. But I believe he’ll make the right decision.”

    James Dobbins, an Afghanistan expert at the Rand Corporation think tank and veteran of past administrations, said the debate within the Obama team is good for the country, because “if the president does not listen to conflicting views, he denies himself access to information and a full range of choices.”

    Biddle said it would not be unusual if Obama were to go against the counsel of his military advisers, since that is what Bush did when deciding on a surge of U.S. troops in Iraq that some of his commanders had opposed. Biddle said he felt McChrystal’s assessment is correct, “but by the same token, I think military assessments need to be carefully evaluated against other voices and ideas.” (Additional reporting by Susan Cornwell and Adam Entous; Editing by John O’Callaghan)

  237. wbboei Says:
    September 28th, 2009 at 9:20

    “In the next 10 to 20 years, he said, the dollar will face growing competition from China’s currency, the renminbi. Though Chinese leaders have minimized their currency’s use in international transactions, largely so they could keep greater control over exchange rates, Mr. Zoellick said the renminbi would “evolve into a force in financial markets.”


    Ten or Twenty years? China has been actively lobbying for the dollar to be taken down as the world’s reserve currency for the last 3 years,.

    Either the initial quote is to avoid a run on banks or a deliberate misrepresentaion of facts as they are.

  238. Iran says won’t discuss nuclear “rights” in Geneva (won’t discuss the new enrichment site)

    gee whiz- what will Obama do? Will he say he’s really, really, really, gonna get mad if they keep this up?

    TEHRAN (Reuters) – Iran will not discuss issues related to its nuclear “rights” at its meeting with six world powers in Geneva on Thursday, its nuclear energy agency chief said on Tuesday.

    Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organisation, made clear this included a newly disclosed uranium enrichment plant which has drawn Western condemnation.

    “We are not going to discuss anything related to our nuclear rights, but we can discuss about disarmament, we can discuss about non-proliferation and other general issues,” Salehi told reporters. “The new site is part of our rights and there is no need to discuss (it),” he said, adding Tehran would not abandon its nuclear activities “even for a second”.


  239. So, since OO showed no signs of being able to negotiate across the aisles in Congress, did the Kool Aid drinkers seriously think that he would be able to handle the world, while he is busy apologizing to every enemy we have ever had.

    Romance does not a strong marriage make. The Romance they had with OO did nothing but put this country on the brink of who knows what. You don’t choose a President with Romance, you choose them by the talents and experience they had to do the job. OO had zero, and the Dims will pay for it.

    Our mayor race here in Albuquerque has gotten really tight, and the person leading is a Republican. There has never been a Republican Mayor here. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come.

    Oh by the way, he has very few signs up, and he is kind of someone out of left field. People must be really mad.

  240. holdthemaccountable,

    I agree HRC is being advance in the dark.
    NYS has just signed into law MANDATORY vaccinations for all healthcare workers, both seasonal and h1N1. There’s a protest in Albany and people are furious. The mandates have been handed down not by medical workers but by bureaucrats, most with little knowledge of the medical field.

    if we can be forced to undergo vaccination or risk losing a job (One of the penalties) WTH else can they do?.

  241. “Iran says won’t discuss nuclear “rights” in Geneva ”


    hmmm…and since Hillary is demanding that this issue be front and center in Geneva, what will bambi do?

    What pressure will he exude on his Iranian buddies? Take them out of his prayer list?

  242. ACORN’s Man in the White House

    By Matthew Vadum

    Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House. This power behind the throne is longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard. He holds the title of White House political affairs director, the same title Karl Rove held in President Bush’s White House. Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis’s political director in New York.

    Lewis, the current “chief organizer” or CEO of ACORN, was head of New York ACORN from at least 1994 through 2008, when she took over as national leader of ACORN. With Gaspard at work in the White House, Lewis might as well be speaking to President Obama through an earpiece as he goes about his daily business ruining the country.

    Erick Erickson of the website RedState recently did an excellent job explaining the relationship of Gaspard to Lewis and President Obama so I won’t take up space here recalling all his valuable insights. Suffice it to say Erickson reported that Gaspard figures prominently in Lewis’s rolodex, which Erickson has in his possession.

    Skeptics among you may ask, How do we actually know the low-profile Gaspard, who prefers to work outside the public spotlight and who can hardly be found in Nexis searches at all, was Lewis’s right hand man? Because Gaspard’s employment with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is acknowledged by no less an authority than ACORN founder Wade Rathke himself. Rathke writes at his blog:

    Tell me that 1199’s former political director, Patrick Gaspard (who was ACORN New York’s political director before that) didn’t reach out from the White House and help make that happen, and I’ll tell you to take some remedial classes in “politics 101.”
    The “before that” time period Rathke is referring to is 2003 when Gaspard was executive vice president for political and legislative affairs for 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. According to publicly available disclosure documents, Gaspard registered as a federal lobbyist for SEIU on Oct. 22, 2007. The registration and subsequent disclosures indicate he lobbied Congress on SCHIP, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

    Incidentally, the lines between ACORN and radical left-wing SEIU, whose acronym stands for Service Employees International Union, become fuzzy in places. SEIU Locals 100 and 880 are part of the ACORN network of organizations. Local 100 in New Orleans is headed by Rathke. SEIU Local 880 in Chicago is headed by longtime ACORN insider Keith Kelleher.

    You’d never know about the SEIU connection from visiting ACORN’s website, That’s because the website has been receiving a thorough scrubbing in recent months. On ACORN’s affiliated organizations page, references to the two SEIU locals mysteriously disappeared.

    It’s worth noting that Gaspard’s ties to ACORN, SEIU, and Lewis go way back.
    According to the Complete Marquis Who’s Who, Gaspard has a long history of political involvement stretching back to at least 1989 when he volunteered for the David Dinkins mayoral campaign in New York City. In 2003 he became acting field director for Howard Dean’s presidential bid. He was national field director in 2004 for America Coming Together, a now-defunct get-out-the-vote operation that received a $775,000 fine for campaign finance abuses. In 2006 Gaspard was acting political director for SEIU International. Gaspard also worked for New York’s Working Families Party, which is an appendage of ACORN. Lewis is a co-founder of that party — which endorsed Obama last year — and has close ties to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-New York) who has been most reluctant to have the House Judiciary subcommittee he chairs investigate ACORN.

    Nadler invented the incredibly creative argument that recent legislative language aimed at depriving ACORN of federal funding constitutes an unconstitutional “bill of attainder.” Perhaps singling out the mafia for a federal funds cutoff would be unconstitutional too in his eyes.

    Meanwhile, the American public is beginning to realize that ACORN is a vast criminal conspiracy whose reach extends to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

    Obama’s statement that he’s barely aware of ACORN’s problems is nothing short of ridiculous, especially so because Patrick Gaspard was a political director for ACORN New York. Last year he worked as national political director for the Obama campaign followed by a stint as associate personnel director for the Obama-Biden transition team.

    As the old Washington saying goes, politics is personnel. Who knows how many administration officials were put in place by Gaspard with direct input from ACORN’s Bertha Lewis. It boggles the mind. We also now know the Obama administration was lying about ACORN’s high level involvement in the 2010 Census. The coordination between ACORN and the Census was revealed as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the relentless investigator Tegan Millspaw of Judicial Watch. The Census and other government agencies have cut ties with ACORN as the ACORN scandal widens.

    We have to wonder: when it comes to ACORN, what else is the Obama administration lying about?

    Matthew Vadum is a senior editor at Capital Research Center, a Washington, D.C. think tank that studies the politics of philanthropy.

  243. ran says won’t discuss nuclear “rights” in Geneva (won’t discuss the new enrichment site)

    gee whiz- what will Obama do? Will he say he’s really, really, really, gonna get mad if they keep this up?
    Obama is not a man to be trifled with. He will get even with them. How? By going on vacation.

  244. How about the former attorney to the ACORN FOUNDATION Barack Obamanation?
    Is Mr Vadium deliberately short on facts teasing us with the smaller fish swimming in the WH pond?
    # JanH Says:
    September 29th, 2009 at 10:41 am

    “Iran says won’t discuss nuclear “rights” in Geneva ”

    hmmm…and since Hillary is demanding that this issue be front and center in Geneva, what will bambi do?What pressure will he exude on his Iranian buddies? Take them out of his prayer list?


    I doubt he’ll have anything confrontational to say to the Iranians. That job will go to Hillary. Obama has an OCD habit of washing his hands every five minutes and staring at his nailed digits making sure there are no hangnails appearing after Hillary does all the heavy lifting.

  245. I am informed that the problem Mr. Obama faces in Iran is that two of the major groups that control him are moving in opposite directions. General Electric wants him to make peace with Iran and not push the nuclear issue because they want to do business there. They were forced to sign a document the other day which prohibits them from doing business there because of the second nuclear site. They are furious about this and are lobbying aggressively. On the other hand Soros wants him to neutralize Iran, not for the sake of democracy but to limit the supply of oil in the world so the pipeline he is building in Europe and the oil interests he is acquiring in Brazil become more valuable. As a result, Mr. Obama is deeply conflicted on what to do. Obviously, there are other groups seeking to influence him one way or the other, but those are the major players in his backroom decisionmaking, so I am told. My position is neither to believe or disbelieve this but just watch.

  246. I’m not sure what is happening in the U.S., but in Canada influenza vaccination strategies are being frozen because of a controversial study that suggests people are twice as likely to contract pandemic H1N1 if they have received a seasonal flu shot.

    We were supposed to get the seasonal flu shot next week, but now this is up in the air.

  247. JanH Says:

    September 29th, 2009 at 12:22 pm


    Lovely. I received the flu shot last week.

  248. birdgal,

    There is more information here if you are interested…


    I also heard that New York’s healthcare workers are going to protest manditory innoculations.

  249. JanH Says:
    September 29th, 2009 at 12:49 pm

    Thanks for the info on the Flu shot, JanH.

    Glad I’m not a health-care worker.

  250. Jan, interesting article. It will be interesting to see, if more research corroborates this first article. I usually get a flu shot, but I won’t get a swine flu vaccination. It is too new and implementation is very rushed.

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