Barack Obama Is The Enemy Of Health Care Reform, Part I

Wake up Democrats! Obama is and always was the enemy of health care reform. That is a hard lesson for real Democrats to accept but it has always been true.

Not only did Obama prove himself the enemy of universal health care and health care reform during the primary elections, now that he is in the White House it is easy to see that enmity is nothing less than his hidden agenda. As with the “stimulus” scam Americans are witnessing a health care, or rather a health insurance scam.

During the primary campaign Obama made many promises. One of those promises, now violated, was that citizens would see and be seen in the processes of government. In fact Obama attacked Hillary for not being “transparent” in her dealings.

Now we know why Obama has violated the promises of transparency. He has been busy working “deals”.

The deals Obama is working remind us of the Rezko deals in dear old Chicago. Obama betrayed his constituents in order to benefit himself. History is repeating itself.

Obama promised:

“But what we will do is, we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies.”

Obama attacked Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton for their efforts to achieve genuine health care reform. Obama blamed Bill and Hillary – “they closed the door” Obama charged. With false attacks based on “transparency” and promises to “stream over the net” health reform negotiations, Obama fooled his young Hopium addled addicts and punked those who were old enough to know better.

Frank Rich, enabled Obama’s lies, and continues to protect Obama, even as the truth dawns on him that Obama is “punking voters”.

Ed Koch, who loves Obama, is falling out of love too. Koch laments:

Furthermore, the President has seemingly caved on important aspects of his health care agenda such as not restricting private insurance coverage and obtaining volume discounts from drug companies.

* * * * *

Koch is polite when he describes the Obama testicular fortitude as “caved”.

Koch would do better to ask why

The drug industry has authorized its lobbyists to spend as much as $150 million on television commercials supporting President Obama’s health care overhaul, beginning over the August Congressional recess, people briefed on the plans said Saturday.

Where is the transparency for the Obama deal with the drug industry? What are the drug companies getting for what they are giving?

Both sides had announced that the drug industry would contribute $80 billion over 10 years to the cost of the health care overhaul without spelling out the details.

With House Democrats moving to extract more than that just as the drug makers finalized their advertising plans, the industry lobbyists pressed the Obama administration for public reassurances that it had agreed to cap the industry’s additional costs at $80 billion.

The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, or PhRMA, are getting a great deal. For very little they are getting a great deal. The deal was not on C-SPAN

Also not on C-SPAN are whatever other deals are getting worked out during the coming months.

At least $150 million will be spent by drug companies to promote Obama’s Thanatos worshipping mutant Joker which poses as health care reform. The campaign of John McCain for President spent approximately $126 million.

The drug industry has already contributed millions of dollars to advertising campaigns for the health care overhaul through the advocacy groups like Healthy Economies Now and Families USA. It has spent about $1 million on similar advertisements under its own name.

All of the commercials closely echo common Democratic themes about medical care for all, consumer protection and “health insurance reform.” Some supporters of the overhaul have hired public affairs and advertising firms with close ties to the White House and Senate Democrats, including GMMB, which worked on the Obama campaign, and AKPD, which previously included David Axelrod, who is now the president’s top political adviser.

Robert Reich, attacked Hillary in favor of Obama. Now Reich is whining:

But I’m appalled by the deal the White House has made with the pharmaceutical industry’s lobbying arm to buy their support.

Last week, after being reported in the Los Angeles Times, the White House confirmed it has promised Big Pharma that any healthcare legislation will bar the government from using its huge purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices. That’s basically the same deal George W. Bush struck in getting the Medicare drug benefit, and it’s proven a bonanza for the drug industry. A continuation will be an even larger bonanza, given all the Boomers who will be enrolling in Medicare over the next decade. And it will be a gold mine if the deal extends to Medicaid, which will be expanded under most versions of the healthcare bills now emerging from Congress, and to any public option that might be included. (We don’t know how far the deal extends beyond Medicare because its details haven’t been made public.)

Let me remind you: Any bonanza for the drug industry means higher healthcare costs for the rest of us, which is one reason why critics of the emerging healthcare plans, including the Congressional Budget Office, are so worried about their failure to adequately stem future healthcare costs. To be sure, as part of its deal with the White House, Big Pharma apparently has promised to cut future drug costs by $80 billion. But neither the industry nor the White House nor any congressional committee has announced exactly where the $80 billion in savings will show up nor how this portion of the deal will be enforced. In any event, you can bet that the bonanza Big Pharma will reap far exceeds $80 billion. Otherwise, why would it have agreed?

Reich forgets to add that Obama promised transparency. But the short list of Reich questions show how little we know about the Obama deals. And do not doubt, the $150 million advertising budget to bolster Obama will come at the expense of the ill when they go to buy their medications.

Didn’t primary season Obama also attack lobbyists? Wasn’t hatred of lobbyists one of the big reasons the DailyKooks attacked Hillary? What happened to Obama’s promises to ban lobbyists? Did Obama ban lobbyists from the lobby and bring them into his bedroom?

Obama now fights for lobbyists just like he did in Chicago when he fought for Antoin “Tony” Rezko:

Pressed by industry lobbyists, White House officials on Wednesday assured drug makers that the administration stood by a behind-the-scenes deal to block any Congressional effort to extract cost savings from them beyond an agreed-upon $80 billion.

No one knows what is happening except for Obama in the bedroom with the lobbyists:

The Obama administration had never spelled out the details of the agreement.

“We were assured: ‘We need somebody to come in first. If you come in first, you will have a rock-solid deal,’ ” Billy Tauzin, the former Republican House member from Louisiana who now leads the pharmaceutical trade group, said Wednesday.

Imagine if these deals were rigged by George W. Bush, or Hillary Clinton. The Nutroots and the Dailykooks would be enraged and nuttier and kookier.

The new attention to the agreement could prove embarrassing to the White House, which has sought to keep lobbyists at a distance, including by refusing to hire them to work in the administration.

The drug companies told Barry to jump through their hoops and Obama jumped – he’s got game:

But failing to publicly confirm Mr. Tauzin’s descriptions of the deal risked alienating a powerful industry ally currently helping to bankroll millions in television commercials in favor of Mr. Obama’s reforms.

The pressure from Mr. Tauzin to affirm the deal offers a window on the secretive and potentially risky game the Obama administration has played as it tries to line up support from industry groups typically hostile to government health care initiatives, even as their lobbyists pushed to influence the health measure for their benefit.

We are reminded of John Edwards. We picture the drug companies asking Obama as they pinch his cheeks, “Who’s your daddy?”:

But as the debate has heated up over the last two weeks, Mr. Obama and Congressional Democrats have signaled that they value some of its industry enemies-turned-friends more than others. Drug makers have been elevated to a seat of honor at the negotiating table, while insurers have been pushed away.

We don’t buy the misdirection. The insurers are in the same bedroom with Barack Obama. Chicago way Obama wants the insurers to pay the pimp for services rendered.

“To their credit, the pharmaceutical companies have already agreed to put up $80 billion” in pledged cost reductions, Mr. Obama reminded his listeners at a recent town-hall-style meeting in Bristol, Va. But the health insurance companies “need to be held accountable,” he said.

By “accountable” Obama means putting money in the Obama accounts.

The insurers will get a great deal just like Tauzin’s drug companies got a great deal. How good a deal did the drug companies get? They got a very good deal:

Mr. Tauzin said the White House had tracked the negotiations throughout, assenting to decisions to move away from ideas like the government negotiation of prices or the importation of cheaper drugs from Canada. The $80 billion in savings would be over a 10-year period. “80 billion is the max, no more or less,” he said. “Adding other stuff changes the deal.

Who knew? Certainly not Americans via C-SPAN.

[Upcoming: How the insurers also won and the larger context for Democrats.]


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  1. This is off topic, but I just realized the Cash for Clunkers is destroying the cars that are turned in. OMG, there are people who have NO vehicle to look for a job with. It a total waste of money. They surely could retrofit this cars to save gas and the enviroment cheaper than just throwing them away. This is disgusting.

    Go Hillary, you tell those woman rapists over in Africa to straighten up.

  2. Angry White Men
    by Pat Buchanan

    There is an anger out there unseen since Ross Perot was leading Bush I and Bill Clinton in the presidential trial heats in 1992.

    Who are these folks? Why are they angry?

    In his essay “Decline of the American Male” in USA Today, David Zinczenko, editor of Men’s Health, give us a clue. “Of the 5.2 million people who’ve lost their jobs since last summer, four out of five were men. Some experts predict that this year, for the first time, more American women will have jobs than men.”

    Ed Rubenstein, who has written for Forbes, National Review and the Wall Street Journal, blogs on that if one uses the household survey of job losses for June-July, Hispanics gained 150,000 positions, while non-Hispanics lost 679,000. Guess who got the stimulus jobs.

    Going back to the beginning of the Bush presidency, Rubenstein says that “for every 100 Hispanics employed in January 2001, there are now 122.5. … (But) for every 100 non-Hispanics employed in January 2001, there are now 98.9.”

    Since 2001, Hispanic employment has increased by 3,627,000 positions, while non-Hispanic positions have fallen by 1,362,000. For black and white America, the Bush decade did not begin well or end well, and it has gotten worse under Obama.

    African-Americans remain loyal, but among white folks, where Obama ran stronger than John Kerry or Al Gore, he is hemorrhaging.

    According to the latest Quinnipiac poll, which showed him falling to 50 percent approval, whites, by 54 percent to 27 percent, felt Obama behaved “stupidly” in the Sgt. Crowley-professor Gates dustup.

    Fifteen straight months of job losses by non-Hispanics explains the anger, but columnist Lowell Ponte raises an issue that may explain who is protesting health-care reform and why.

    Dingell compares town hall mobs to the KKK
    Video: Dingell says town-hall protests remind him of the Klanposted at 11:36 am on August 11, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
    Share on Facebook | printer-friendly Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer have called the constituents speaking out against ObamaCare at town halls “un-American,” and that didn’t slow them down. Will calling them “racists” do it? MS-NBC’s Ed Schultz tosses a softball to Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), last seen being flummoxed by his own constituents last week. At the time, Dingell dismissed his critics as “infiltrators.” Today, they’re the equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan (via The Weekly Standard):


  5. 1) CBS did a surprisingly straight-forward appraisal of O’s Pharm Deal. Aired with Couric last night, and again today in the early morning.

    2) There’s no shortage of anger. Reasons may be different, but it’s not restricted to men. Pelosi has yet to open her eyes to the anger of many [normally reasonable] people who for 18+ months have been force-fed the Obama nomination, the stimulus package and now this – and all of it defended in the same disingenuous talking point manner employed by Republicans. And then, accompanied by a ‘what’s your problem’ attitude.

    3) As you have always said, admin, it is the same old same old … except this time, it’s worse.

  6. confloyd,

    I understand some of the charities are getting upset about the “clunker” program as well. Donations of used cars used to be encouraged so that charities could benefit by cashing them in and help the needy from the proceeds. There has been a huge drop in donations since the program started.

  7. Specter faces hostile audience at health care forum

    LEBANON, Pennsylvania (CNN) — A hostile crowd shouted questions and made angry statements Tuesday at a town hall meeting on health care in Pennsylvania led by Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter. The meeting drew an overflow of about 250 people, with more gathered outside the hall to demonstrate for and against President Obama’s push to expand health insurance for 46 million people without coverage while bringing down costs.

    It was the latest in a series of emotional public meetings on the health care issue that have prompted Obama and Democratic leaders to complain of a campaign by opponents to drown out the debate with unruly disruptions.

    At one point, Specter shouted into his microphone that demonstrators disrupting the proceedings would be thrown out. “We’re not going to tolerate any demonstrations or any booing,” he said after one audience member shoved another making an unsolicited speech. “So it’s up to you.” Watch the shouting and shoving »

    Many in the crowd identified themselves as conservative Republicans, with one man noting they had voted for Specter before the senator switched parties this year.

    One woman prompted a standing ovation by telling Specter: “I don’t believe this is just health care. This is about the systematic dismantling of this country. … I don’t want this country turning into Russia, turning into a socialized country. What are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created, according to the Constitution?” See a comparison of different countries’ plans »

    Specter responded by noting his support for the Constitution as a past chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee on issues such as warrantless wiretaps. “When you ask me to defend the Constitution, that’s what I’ve been doing,” Specter said.
    Specter said that overhauling the health care system is about America taking care of all of its people. “In our social contract, we have provisions that see to it that you take care of people who need some help,” he said.

    Several people asked if a health care bill would mean taxpayer dollars would pay for others to get abortions. Specter responded that any measure passed by Congress would allow people to choose a plan that didn’t cover abortions. The senator agreed with the crowd on some issues, saying he opposes mandatory counseling on end-of-life issues called for in a House of Representatives version of health care legislation.

    Specter also vowed he would never support any bill that increased the federal deficit or took away a person’s right to choose their health care coverage. “I am opposed to anybody making a decision for you or me or anybody else about what health care plan we should have,” he said.

    Emotions ran high, with questioners complaining of government intrusion in their lives on health care and other issues. One man implored Specter and the government to “leave us alone,” while another said the message Specter should take back to Washington is that he and others “want our country back.”

    The shoving incident occurred early in the 90-minute session when a man started shouting that he had been told by Specter’s staff that he could speak, but he didn’t get one of the 30 cards distributed to people allowing them to ask questions. Another man stood up and shoved the protester, and Specter approached the men shouting for calm.

    “You and your cronies in government do this kind of stuff all the time,” the protester shouted before leaving the hall. “I’m not a lobbyist with all kinds of money to stuff in your pockets. I’ll leave you so you can do whatever the hell you do.”

    Specter remained calm most of the time, except when a woman asked if the bill meant a 74-year-old man with cancer would be written off by an overhauled health care system. “Nobody 74 is going to be written off because they have cancer,” he responded angrily. “That’s a vicious, untrue rumor.” See an overview of the issue »

    One man defended the rowdy behavior of the audience. “I don’t think we have bad attitudes,” he said. “We’re just being Americans.”

    Specter said he would vote against all the provisions he said he opposed in the town hall meeting, but he dodged the question of whether he would vote against a final bill if it still contained those provisions. The senator also tried to inject some humor, making sure to thank the lone person among the 30 questioners who supported the health care overhaul.

    Obama has said an overhaul is essential for long-term economic stability. Congressional action has slowed due to strong Republican opposition. Neither the House nor the Senate met Obama’s goal of passing a bill before Congress’ August recess. In particular, Republicans and some Democrats reject a government-funded public health insurance option, arguing it would lead to a government takeover of the health care system.

    Most Democrats want a public option to ensure coverage is available to virtually all Americans and provide competition to private insurers.

  8. JanH, I know many charities could use these cars. Was the American people let in on this part of the stimulus before it came into law or what? This is crazy. I am trying to put my daughter thru college and I am going to have to buy her a car, she doesn’t have to drive far so one of these would have helped. This sounds just like the elitests, so out of touch with the common man that it is astounding.

  9. Couric might just pick up some audience by being the first prime time news anchor to return to actually reporting news, instead of an opinion. I wonder if people will even notice, though, as they have turned away from those news sources.

  10. I watched as much as possible of Obama’s dog and pony show town hall meeting! A setup if I have ever seen one.

  11. I saw someplace where the new jet puchase was canceled. Of course, Nancy already has hers I think.

  12. Michael Wolfe of Vanity Fair mocks Frank Rich today in a most delicious way:

    One of the most brilliant careerists of my journalism generation is Frank Rich, who now writes a record-length column for the Sunday New York Times op-ed page. He’s pulled off his career goal: becoming as quintessentially part of the establishment as you can be. When he talks, people within the culture and media system listen. At the Times itself, he runs his own power center: You don’t lightly cross Frank Rich (indeed, if you need juice at the Times, you call Frank Rich). And his kids—we all want to help our kids’ careers, but Frank’s have had books and television shows to their credit by their early twenties.

    Anyway, Frank’s column in the Sunday Times was about how much he, and all Americans, in his estimation, resent that in so many aspects of modern life the fix is in.

    “What disturbs Americans of all ideological persuasions is the fear that almost everything, not just government, is fixed or manipulated by some powerful hidden hand, from commercial transactions as trivial as the sales of prime concert tickets to cultural forces as pervasive as the news media,” said Rich, in his best pious voice.

    Rich, in his column, expresses concern that President Obama is becoming part of this great corporate media-Goldman Sachs fix—which might somehow influence his health care plan, which Rich seems sour that he can’t influence.

    It’s possible that Rich no longer regards the New York Times as part of the great corporate media-Goldman Sachs fix, a position it has surely held for the last many generations. The Times’ recent and precipitous fall from establishment grace and into financial disarray might be fueling Rich’s resentment.

    Still, have I mentioned how last year Frank got an extra job at HBO as a “creative consultant”—a job in which he does…well, that’s far from clear. (Sort of a no-show patronage job in the media business.)

    It just may be that people who are part of the fix are incapable of seeing themselves as part of it. The people at Goldman Sachs undoubtedly believe that their success and influence and power are merely the result of hard work—which, I’ll bet, is exactly what Frank Rich thinks about his success and influence and power (and what his children think about theirs).

    Or, it may be that liberal people—and Rich has become ever more liberal as his columns have become ever longer—think only the illiberal, the “corporatists,” in Rich’s description, put the fix in (liberals, when they put the fix in, are, instead, contributing and adding their voice).

    Or, simply, that the more you become part of the fix, the more the system confirms that you are right and others wrong.

    Frank Rich is one of the great exemplars of naked ambition in the media business. And it’s paid off. He’s a go-to guy. If you need a little pull or push anywhere in Manhattan he’s a good bet. Which has turned him, perhaps like all his fellow fixers, into a most virtuous and morally certain man.


    Public support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low as just 42% of U.S. voters now favor the plan. That’s down five points from two weeks ago and down eight points from six weeks ago.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that opposition to the plan has increased to 53%, up nine points since late June.

    More significantly, 44% of voters strongly oppose the health care reform effort versus 26% who strongly favor it. Intensity has been stronger among opponents of the plan since the debate began.

    Sixty-seven percent (67%) of those under 30 favor the plan while 56% of those over 65 are opposed. Among senior citizens, 46% are strongly opposed.

    Predictably, 69% of Democrats favor the plan, while 79% of Republicans oppose it. Yet while 44% of Democratic voters strongly favor the reform effort, 70% of GOP voters are strongly opposed to it.

    Most notable, however, is the opposition among voters not affiliated with either party. Sixty-two percent (62%) of unaffiliated voters oppose the health care plan, and 51% are strongly opposed. This marks an uptick in strong opposition among both Republicans and unaffiliateds, while the number of strongly supportive Democrats is unchanged.

  14. NMF at 2:27
    For years, I’ve been among the throngs who avoided TV news of most any kind. That I dare to watch limited/selected coverage now is probably attributable to observing Obama floundering, and checking to see how the adoring crowd reports his difficulties. If I see less than a responsible return to journalism, I’ll snap that box off faster than a NY minute.

  15. So admin, the Dems will have to drag health care across the finish line just as they dragged Obama through to the nomination. Hah!
    Nothing like backing a loser….

  16. If they put a water pistol at my head and told me to name a journalist who is less credible than Frank Rich I would try to talk my way out of it by saying you are asking me to scrape the bottom of the barrel. If the assailent did not like the answer then in an act of desperation I would say there is Michael Wolfe who has zero credibility, the morals of an alley cat, and even less credibility than fat frank rich. But now you are really getting into really metaphysical questions like how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

  17. Couric might just pick up some audience by being the first prime time news anchor to return to actually reporting news, instead of an opinion. I wonder if people will even notice, though, as they have turned away from those news sources.
    Its the river of no return. Doesnt matter anymore. Its too late. She would be just as well off staying on the hopium.

  18. That is a curious video of Hillary. She doesn’t look like she is having fun, she does in all the other video’s from Africa. I know she went to see all the women at had been raped, maybe that is why she seemed irritated even before the question.

  19. I watched as much as possible of Obama’s dog and pony show town hall meeting! A setup if I have ever seen one.

    I turn it on. Watched the planted little girl read the question about the “mean signs outside” from the cue card, and turned it off. Nothing to see here, folk, move along.

  20. There has never been a Prez with a more willing and loyal enabler in the msm than Obama…what should be torn apart in journalism 101, is treated as words common from the mouth of a deity……….a truly parallel universe we are living in. Reminds me of the “Twilight Zone”.

  21. Interesting……..

    City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level

    1. Detroit , MI

    2. Buffalo , NY

    3. Cincinnati, OH

    4. Cleveland , OH

    5. Miami , FL

    5. St. Louis , MO

    7. El Paso , TX

    8. Milwaukee , WI

    9. Philadelphia , PA

    10. Newark , NJ

    U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August 2007

    What do the top ten cities (over 250,000) with the highest poverty rate all have in common?

    Detroit, MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn’telected a Republican mayor since 1961;

    Buffalo, NY (2nd) hasn’t elected one since 1954;

    Cincinnati, OH (3rd)…since 1984;

    Cleveland, OH (4th)…since 1989;

    Miami, FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor;

    St. Louis, MO (6th)….since 1949;

    El Paso, TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor;

    Milwaukee, WI (8th)…since 1908;

    Philadelphia, PA (9th)…since 1952;

    Newark, NJ (10th)…since 1907.

    Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    It is the poor who habitually elect Democrats—yet they are still POOR

    “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.”

    Abraham Lincoln

  22. Fox now attacking Hillary’s temperament as a diplomat…!!!!


    LOL…too funny. How many times has bambi lost his temper, had a baby tantrum, and gotten away with it. Hillary didn’t yell like bambie does, didn’t stamp her feet or make faces like bambi does. And how is it any different for her to state adamantly that she is SOS when bambi tells anyone who will listen that he is “the president” ad nauseum?

  23. North American title their biased articles with “Hillary loses her cool” and “Hillary Clinton loses her temper.” The BBC titles it’s article with: “Clinton demands end to Congo rape.”

    enough said.

  24. August 12, 2009

    Hillary Clinton is no ventriloquist’s dummy: The Secretary of State has learnt to take her knocks like a man

    By Alice Fishburn

    Kinshasa’s heat might have wilted her usually pristine pantsuit. But Hillary Clinton showed enough starch yesterday to win respect from any woman. Forced into dutiful wife mode by a seemingly sexist question, she firmly removed herself in ten little words: “My husband is not the Secretary of State. I am.”

    Precisely so. Mrs Clinton’s fighting words sum up the drive that propelled baby-boomer women to power. Gags about her menopausal tantrum may have begun, but men with HRT punchlines should prepare for a punch of a different sort.

    When it comes to endurance, Job has nothing on Mrs Clinton. Over the years she has lost her vision for healthcare, her husband’s fidelity and the Oval Office. But still she gets back up. Take this past week. She has met Nelson Mandela, spent time with refugees and rape victims and tactfully handled an offer of 20 cows and 40 goats for Chelsea’s hand in marriage. All while conducting the highest-level diplomacy.

    How insulting then to find herself reduced to a ventriloquist’s dummy by the mistranslated question: “What does Mr Clinton think, through the mouth of Mrs Clinton?” You could see the exasperation in her eyes as all those meetings and briefings and long, long days faded into insignificance.

    Marriage to Bill Clinton has never been easy. The clash of the titanic egos played out again last week. Hillary had just set off for Africa when Bill got a call from his old pal Al Gore. Next thing, he’s borrowed a jet from a playboy friend, zoomed off to North Korea and returned with two kidnapped reporters and the President’s thanks. Hillary had barely left the baggage reclaim area.

    The flare-up in the Congo rings true with any woman who has been constantly defined in relation to a successful man in her life. “How much,” she seemed to be asking, “do I have to do to prove myself?” Nobody asks Barack Obama for Michelle’s views on the Dow Jones.

    Many believe that Mrs Clinton’s great strength is her steely determination. But it’s the odd glimmer of humanity that explains her appeal. This is the woman who cheered up culinary illiterates when she said that she didn’t bake cookies, captured the sisterhood’s sympathy when she swallowed back tears in New Hampshire and still muscled her way into government.

    So all hail to Hillary’s ability to ignore the knuckleheads and knuckle down. There have been no rows, spiteful asides or calculated positioning against Mr Obama. Her rigor mortis grin at the inauguration has been replaced by a fruitful partnership with the boss.

    In short, she knows how to take her knocks like a man. And that’s a lesson every woman should learn.

  25. Its total bullshit that Fox is talking about Hillary’s top diplomat abilities, afterall it has been her all along that has arranged for these people to get out of arms way. SHe just can’t ever take the credit for it because Faux news and the rest of them would never give her credit for a damn thing, for the exception of losing her temper. Their all assholes they are afraid the woman might just know how to fix just about everything that is broken in the US. We women can never show any emotion without being labeled menopausal, I am sick of it. Many times have people said, well she must of forgotten her hormone pills this month. Its disgusting!

  26. and while Fox bleats like sheep about Hillary’s temperment, Hillary works harder in one day than any of them do in a whole year…


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tours International Medical Corps Operations in Democratic Republic of Congo


    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tours International Medical Corps Operations in Democratic Republic of CongoGOMA, DRCINTERNATIONAL-MED-CORPS

    United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited International Medical Corps operations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Tuesday, a region devastated by more than a decade of conflict and displacement, and pledged an additional $17 million in support for victims of sexual and gender-based violence, and $3 million to form a female police force.

    We believe there should be no impunity for the sexual and gender-based violence committed by so many,? she said during a press conference following a meeting with DRC President Joseph Kabila. Later, while touring Mugunga I displacement camp outside Goma, Clinton met with International Medical Corps staff, who explained that many women in the area are raped while walking great distances to collect firewood and water for their families. Clinton asked what more can be done to protect the women.

    After her visit to the camp, Clinton met with approximately 100 members of the international community, including International Medical Corps, representatives of the United Nations, the U.S. Ambassador to DRC, and other NGOs, where she pledged the additional funds.

    The Secretary wanted to know if the money we were receiving from the American Government was enough, says International Medical Corps Country Director for DRC Giorgio Trombatore. ?While we are able to do good work with U.S. support, the situation can be difficult and more resources are needed.

    Eastern DRC sees some of the most horrific cases of sexual and gender-based violence in the world. In Mugunga Camp, whose population nears 19,000, International Medical Corps provides medical care and nutrition services to 100 percent of the camp?s population, in addition to the host community in Mugunga village. International Medical Corps also offers comprehensive care for rape survivors, including primary health care and counseling to heal the physical and emotional wounds, as well as long-term services aimed at helping survivors generate income.

    Another serious problem resulting from the ongoing conflict is malnutrition, especially for children under age five. Clinton was moved by the case of one 4-year-old boy being treated by International Medical Corps who was severely malnourished when he arrived at the clinic three weeks earlier and is now on his way to recovery. International Medical Corps has a 95 percent recovery rate for children who are malnourished, including those who are severely malnourished.

    International Medical Corps has been operating in DRC since the mid-90s, serving nearly two million Congolese, including refugees and internally displaced persons. International Medical Corps supports and operates 75 health facilities throughout the most volatile and dangerous areas of eastern DRC, including North Kivu, South Kivu, and Maniema provinces.

    INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CORPS is a global, humanitarian, non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care trained and relief and development programs leading to self-reliance. Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Its mission is to improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that build local capacity in areas worldwide. By offering training and health care to local populations and medical assistance to people at high risk, and with the flexibility to respond rapidly to emergency situations, International Medical Corps rehabilitates devastated healthcare systems and helps bring them back to self-reliance.–/de/Unternehmensnachrichten/20425905

  27. North American title their biased articles with “Hillary loses her cool” and “Hillary Clinton loses her temper.” The BBC titles it’s article with: “Clinton demands end to Congo rape.”

    enough said.
    A bona fide media would teach its audience how to differentiate between style and substance. It is not just FOX it is big media as a whole.

  28. mp Says:

    August 11th, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    My guess is these cities are heavy minority, have lost their once great manufacturing base, unwed motherhood ranging about 65%, and a graduation rate from HS-40% (which of 40% of those can’t read)…all dependent on the Gov for their monthly check you and I pay for. And to think, if this Trojan horse gets passed, there’s a raise in it for them!

  29. And, what, pray tell, mop, have repuiblicans done for the poor? Statistically income inequality goes up under every Repub admin and down under every Democratic admin, so let’s not assume these people are being fooled.

  30. From American Thinker via Bitterpolitiz

    August11, 2009
    Soros sticks his two cents – and much more – into health care debate

    Rick Moran
    What would a liberal advocacy campaign be without George “Moneybags” Soros supplying the funding?

    Ed Morrissey of Hot Air reports that the billionaire is dropping some loose change into the coffers of reform groups – to the tune of $5 million:

    In another sign of the urgency gripping the pro-health care reform camp, billionaire George Soros has pledged to sink $5 million into the fight, the group getting the money confirmed.

    Soros – whose operation carefully guards the privacy of such donations – made the pledge to Health Care For America Now, the leading coalition of pro-reform groups, unions and providers, HCAN chief Richard Kirsch confirmed in an email that was forwarded to me. …

    The Soros pledge is noteworthy, because both sides will seize on it. The right will say it shows the real astroturfing is coming from the pro-reform side – billionaire bogeyman Soros is bankrolling this fight!

    The left will cite the donation to demand that HCAN show real results. Some on the left, such as blogger Jane Hamsher, have been asking why heavily-bankrolled HCAN hasn’t been able to secure more commitments from Dem members of Congress to stand firm behind a public option.

    However, that group may run afoul of Rahm Emanuel and the White House. Emanuel has demanded that HCAN and other advocacy groups focus their sights on Republicans and stop attacking vulnerable Democrats – which, in this case, would be those who have shown great reluctance to get on board with ObamaCare.

    Where Soros money goes, can the other Democratic billionaire donations be far behind? The bunch that supplied the initial bankroll for Obama’s campaign – a group of industry titans that included Peter Lewis, founder of Progressive Insurance – generally follow his lead.

    The next time Obama talks about how “special interests” are pouring money into defeating health care reform, perhaps some enterprising reporter should ask about Soros and his friends contributing money in support of it?

    Hat Tip: Ed Lasky

  31. Mj

    And if the Fraud has his way, and he appears he has, we will all be “equal”, just like Stalin wanted, for all those other people of course, not himself, not the Congress, Senate or dare say, Presidency.

  32. BBC got it right. I would move there if they had nicer weather.

    When things are staged, they get really borning.

  33. Let me tell you what I have been thorough $500 and 10 hours later. Norton is not worth a tinkers damn. They did a virus scan and a tune up for 139.00. They disabled all the ad ons and could not figure out how to enable them. I went back to them four times, and all they could do was repeat the virus scan. No viruses they said four times. But nothing worked. No ability to download Hillary clips, no ability to scroll down the page no nothing. This was the result of their “tune up”. In desperation I hired a firm called New Image Technology. They are sharp and I know that because I have used them in the past. They ran a virus scan and discovered 10 viruses buried in the registry. One of them was a Trojan. They installed a virus detectory which is far superior to Norton, which finds things Norton cannot detect. It is called malwarebytes anti malwear and Glary Utilities free, and they are so much better than Norton that they are not even in the same ballpark. They transferred me over from Firefox 3.5 which is incompatible with wordpress which is why I cannot scroll down, and put me instead in Google Crome which is a world class browser. I then went back to Norton and demanded my money back since they warranted the computer was virus free and it was tuned up when neither statement was true. I spent one hour on the phone with one of their people and he told me I cannot return the money because we do not guarantee our service only that if it does not work you can come back as often as you like within 7 days and complain and we will try again to fix it and that starts the 7 day clock running again so in theory you could extend the repair period indefinitely. But we will not give you your money back. I said that is not acceptable I am entitled to my money back and if I have to pursue this matter I will also demand the money I spent to fix the problems you created and were unable to fix. He was so sorry he just kept apologizing and apologizing, but he did not have the authority to return my money for the batched job. I asked him for the name of the corporate counsel or some officer. He said it is a closed loop and even if I call the corporate offices it will come back to him and the answer will be the same. Then came the coup d gras he offered me another year of their wonderful service which had thoroughly screwed up my computer and cost me a large sum of money for which he offered no other recourse. I stopped him right there and said let me see if I understand. You promised to fix my computer, you accepted a fee, and not only did you not fix it you screwed it up worse? And now you offer me the opportunity to experience more of the same wonderful service for another year for free? because as you say I am an old and valued customer? I then asked him the following question: who the fuck do you think you are Barack Obama?

  34. O’s town hall meeting…what a farce…after the media entertaining us all morning with the ‘mobs’ appearing at spector and mccaskill’s town halls…replete with not only angry americans but well informed americans based on the smogaboard of health care reform options out there in the Congressional ethers…

    …we then are expected to ‘believe’ that O’s town hall was the real deal…I could only take clips however O came prepared with his ever convenient teleprompters – the head turn, the constant giveaway – and (surprise) cheering crowds…so this is what the dems mean these days by a town hall…cheering crowds all in support of O and no dissent…(the dissenters were left out on the streets – guess the O admin did not see any to invite in)

    and to futher this ongoing farce…the people are debating five different competing congressional options –

    the american people know more about the variety of options than the particular senators and house representatives know that basically only speak to their limited area…so as for example, Mccaskill or Spector can conveniently say “that’s in the house bill”, etc…

    I just cannot understand what the purpose of this is, other than O failed to get “something’ pushed thru before the recess…and now they have no choice but to deal with their constituents…but with no bill and just a bunch of unvoted on mush out there…just how stupid does the admin think the people are?

    rude awakening…O and the dems to planet earth (and forget those private planes while you are at it!)

    funny, no one disagreed with O and all were in support and clapping every few chopped Obama phrases…

    …let’s be real, O simply had another campaign pep rally…oops, Presidential town hall

  35. wbboei

    I have soured on Norton a long time ago. I got a recommendation from a computer geek of a software you can download. It cost a little but we could put 3 computers on it, and divided three ways it becomes very resonable.

    I will never use Norton again. I understand the frustration.

  36. Found this on a site that evaluates your walk, whivh was no great feat, but here is your CIC

    Type of Trot: Strutting Your Stuff

    What Your Walk Says: If you’re someone who struts, you’re certainly projecting confidence and capability, but you could also be sending out signals to others that you’ve got a big ego, which could be a turnoff.
    Work for Your Walk: Climbing the ladder to be an executive will allow you to strut your stuff without fear of consequences.
    Quick Fix: Feel free to strut your stuff in the workplace but make sure that your strut is followed up with a humble smile and pleasant conversation to ward off any concerns of egocentrism.

  37. wbboei

    I hate computers, after all this time I am still a dunce with them. I had to go into work today to put the monthly schedule in for the Unit and it took me 2 hrs, the program is so crazy. I could have done it in 20 minutes by hand!

  38. Keep the calls, fax’s, emails going! From BP

    AARP tells Obama: No health plan endorsement yet

    A group usually seen as one of Barack Obama’s allies in the health care debate — AARP — says the president went too far Tuesday when he said the seniors lobby had endorsed the legislation pending in Congress.

    AARP is sensitive to the issue because polls show that Medicare beneficiaries are worried their health care program will be cut to subsidize coverage for the uninsured.

  39. Some Hillary Twitter feeds

    RT @shauntandon Hillary seems moved meeting woman who started basket business. In camp as afraid of rape in the fields #HillaryAfricaabout 1 hour ago from Twittelator

    RT @shauntandon We literally had to run in Kinshasa on tarmac between UN flight and Air Force Two. Had to leave bef (cont) gd/ch3pabout 1 hour ago from Twittelator

    RT @shauntandon HRC tells us on plane she felt ‘overwhelmed’ in Goma. Related horrific stories of two rape survivors #HillaryAfricaabout 2 hours ago from Twittelator

    shauntandonSqualid conditions in Goma displaced camp. HRC told of outbreak of diarrhea. #HillaryAfrica

    shauntandonExtremely long day – to Goma in morning, back to Kinshasa, now in Nigeria. Finally time to file! #HillaryAfrica

    Secretary Clinton visits the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman: #hillaryafrica #clinton #africaabout 9 hours ago from TweetDeck

  40. President Obama’s “Senior” Moment?
    August 11, 2009 5:16 PM

    Rachel Martin and Jake Tapper report:

    President Obama today suggested that the health care reform legislation for which he’s pushing has been endorsed by the American Association of Retired Person.

    “We have the AARP on board because they know this is a good deal for our seniors,” the president said.

    At another point he said: “Well, first of all, another myth that we’ve been hearing about is this notion that somehow we’re going to be cutting your Medicare benefits. We are not. AARP would not be endorsing a bill if it was undermining Medicare, okay?”

    The problem?

    The AARP hasn’t endorsed any plan yet.

    The country’s largest advocacy group for Americans over 50 issued a statement after the event saying, “While the President was correct that AARP will not endorse a health care reform bill that would reduce Medicare benefits, indications that we have endorsed any of the major health care reform bills currently under consideration in Congress are inaccurate.”

    Today’s town hall meeting was quite tame compared to what Democratic members of Congress have been facing in recent weeks.

    While hundreds of citizens outside the president’s Portsmouth, NH, town hall were very upset about his health care reform push – they carried signs, they chanted — inside, it was an altogether different scene.

    The President said several times that he wanted to field questions from opponents with real concerns and questions about reform.

    After a bunch of rather genial questions, the President said he wanted to call on “somebody here who has a concern about health care that has not been raised, or is skeptical and suspicious and wants to make sure that — because I don’t want people thinking I just have a bunch of plants in here.”

    Perhaps the most provocative question came from a woman who brought up concerns about medical panels that would “guide care” according to the administration, the same panels that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called Obama’s “death panels” which, she speculated, would determine who gets care and who doesn’t.

    But halfway through her question, the woman, obviously flummoxed, paused. The president said something to the effect of “you’re doing fine.”

    Then the woman turned to the crowd and said coyly, “He winked at me.”

    And that was from one of the only “skeptics” in the room.

    The White House said time and again that they weren’t pre-screening audience members. Most people we talked to got their tickets by registering with a White House lottery.

    -Rachel Martin reported from Portsmouth, NH, and Jake Tapper reported from the White House


    btw…how come when sarah palin winks all hell breaks loose, but O winks and no comments…i’d like to see O winking on utube and plastered all over the place in ridicule like the left did to palin

  41. Also from Bitter, good info, I am going to look into them

    hi guys!!

    anyone interested in dumping AARP… here are some alternatives: (my parent’s friends joined this, they recently started running ads on FOX)


  42. btw…how come when sarah palin winks all hell breaks loose, but O winks and no comments…i’d like to see O winking on utube and plastered all over the place in ridicule like the left did to palin

    Because Woman are Madonna’s or Whores, property to cook and screw. How dare Hillary show some ovarian fortitude with the sexist African student, how dare Palin speak direct.

  43. I hate computers, after all this time I am still a dunce with them. I had to go into work today to put the monthly schedule in for the Unit and it took me 2 hrs, the program is so crazy. I could have done it in 20 minutes by hand!
    gonzo- whatever you may not know about computers, compared to me you are an expert.

  44. I have soured on Norton a long time ago. I got a recommendation from a computer geek of a software you can download. It cost a little but we could put 3 computers on it, and divided three ways it becomes very resonable.

    I will never use Norton again. I understand the frustration.
    NMF you are smarter than I am. Several computer savvy people have mentioned a product called ACV, or something like that that they say is good. Perhaps that is what you have.

  45. I look at these AOL polls and it is sad to see just how much hate their is for the Clintons, particularly Hillary., The negative article which has a heading of “Clinton loses control on student” and then a poll where most vote her doing a poor job and that she “overreacted” . We Americans have really become a stupid, mindless society controlled by big media …very sad imo.

  46. I guess Hillary and Bill have to be absolutely 150% perfect. They can’t be human like the rest of us. They can’t make any mistakes or they will be crucified for it.

    It must be really tiring for these media maggots to be so righteous and full of themselves.

  47. As bad as life seems it could always be worse . . . we could be Jake Tapper, forever kissing bambis ass and tip toeing around the difficult issues. Yes, life’s a bitch but then you go tapper. Okay Jake I hav read another one of your puff pieces. Is there a point to any of it or are you just a tour guide? The high point of the evening was bambi winked at someone who could not ask an intelligible question, when there are a million questions that beg to be asked. Oh Jake, you are a mile wide and six inches deep.

  48. Let Clinton do her job

    The reaction to Hillary Clinton’s outburst in Congo is depressingly familiar when it comes to women in public life

    By Suzanne Goldenberg, Tuesday 11 August 2009

    So now we know – although it’s hardly a revelation – that the seemingly indefatigable Hillary Clinton, who fought through the very last stop in the primaries against Barack Obama and is now off on a seven-countries-in-11-days tour of Africa only a few weeks after breaking her elbow, gets snappy and bad tempered when she is jet-lagged.

    And who doesn’t?

    That is arguably the biggest takeaway from several hours of manufactured outrage/instant psychoanalysis following Clinton’s outburst at a student in Congo she thought – wrongly, it turns out – wanted to know what Bill Clinton thought about a controversial business deal with China.

    Yes, Clinton is supposed to be America’s top diplomat and should have found a way to deal with the questioner without venting. But hey, Barack Obama has been known to lash out at reporters who ask him whether he has quit smoking.

    Otherwise, it’s depressingly familiar for anyone who has watched Clinton, or other women, navigate public life. Today’s banner headlines in the New York Post: “Hill: I wear the pants” and “testy Hill”, and on cable television are probably the most extensive coverage of Clinton’s tour of Africa so far.

    Only of course it’s not coverage of the secretary of state’s trip to Africa, but an underhanded way of once again questioning whether Clinton, or substitute the name of almost any other woman occupying a high profile position, has a legitimate right to her job.

    That was, more or less, the message of Sonia Sotomayer’s confirmation hearings as a supreme court judge when old white man after old white Republican man conceded she had all the legal credentials – but they weren’t comfortable with her pride in being a woman and a Latina.

    And it’s basically the narrative that has been forming about Clinton’s performance in her job as secretary of state. Barack Obama, in various trips abroad, was getting the credit for improving America’s image in the world. A handful of high profile envoys were dealing with the really tough foreign policy stuff like Afghanistan and Iran. Even Bill Clinton was stealing the spotlight by going to North Korea to free two journalists who had been sentenced to 12 years in a gulag.

    So where is the need for Hillary Clinton with all these male heroics? Is there even a job left for her to do? Is she even qualified to do the job? Forget about Clinton’s eight years as a Senator, her run for the White House, and the fact that Obama presumably thought she could handle the job. Forget about Clinton’s big picture strategy of recalibrating America’s relationships with Russia and China – evidently that doesn’t count. Even Tina Brown, who is generally sympathetic to Clinton, began fretting that she was being sidelined, and demanded that Obama let her out of the burka.

    Not that Clinton could expect any give if she tried to take Tina Brown’s advice and begin to assert herself. Look what happened to Barbara Boxer, the Democratic Senator, who decided to correct a general testifying before her environment and public works committee who kept addressing her as ma’am. The brigadier general who heads the Army Corps of Engineering presumably owes a bit of his own success to his grasp of the rules of protocol and rank.

    “Do me a favour,” she told him. “Could you say ‘Senator’ instead of ‘ma’am’. It’s just a thing. I worked so hard to get the title so I would appreciate it.”

    Boxer was villified of course.

  49. And Tapper is supposedly a “tough” journalist who asks Obama tough questions…a joke. The only guy who has any courage is that dude from Fox, Major Garrett.

  50. Another great article JanH. Thank god there are some real journalists out there who are not afraid to say what everyone knows.

  51. I guess Hillary and Bill have to be absolutely 150% perfect. They can’t be human like the rest of us. They can’t make any mistakes or they will be crucified for it.

    It must be really tiring for these media maggots to be so righteous and full of themselves.
    What they do not like is her ability to steal headlines, and to command the respect she does around the world. Pay no attention to these polls. They are no more of a fair reflection than the RBC meeting was last year. They will go down with Obama when the time comes. These are the dying gasps of the hillary haters. These assholes did the same thing in the Rodney King case–they did not show the events the provocation in this case the rape stories in Africa that led up to it and the condescension in the question. The sickness here is that they would be doing any kind of polls on her since she is not an elective official. Bear in mind, this is he same sick parent company who owns cnn and wants a president like Obama who will pursue their interests at the expense of the American People. So the whole poll is corrupt and misleading. This is not worth getting upset about. Save your ire for what this bastard is trying to due to the middle class and the people who are too dumb to see it.

  52. August 11, 2009

    State Department considers Jerusalem outside Israel

    U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem have birth certificates which note the city of birth, not the country. A law was passed requiring the State Dept. to list the country, Israel. However, the State Dept. will not do so. U.S. citizens sued for a correction. The D.C. Court of Appeals dismissed the lawsuit as an infringement on executive branch conduct of foreign policy, calling the matter political. Actually, the Constitution grants the executive and legislative branches certain foreign policy prerogatives (press release from Zionist Organization of America, headquartered in NY City and one of the complainants in a suit in behalf of an American born in Israel, 7/15.)

  53. The only guy who has any courage is that dude from Fox, Major Garrett.
    Plus he is a good guy. I saw him in West Virginia during the primary campaign in the mall next to our campaign office and he is very approachable and fair.

  54. Thanks wwoebi,

    It just seems like everytime Hillary moves one step forward, she is pushed two steps back. I have so much respect for this woman.

  55. That about sums it up Wbboei and JanH………jealousy that both Hillary and Bill are still not only standing, but are even more respected throughout the world despite MSM’s attempts to destroy their legacies. They thought they tarred and feathered Biill for life with Clyburn and the race baiters in SC, but once again the ‘comeback kid” proved them wrong. With Hillary, it ‘s much harder on her as she not only must contend with a hateful media, but a public, that still by and large, “wants a woman to know her place”. Obama , a woman hater if ever there was one, did all he could do to ruin this beautiful woman’s career, and yes, he succeeded with MSM in stealing the election. Nonetheless, it is Hillary Clinton on the fronnt pages of world newspapers and traveling to capitals throughout the world as the face of competence in an otherwise incompetent administration

  56. linton travels to heart of conflict in eastern Africa
    Posted: August 11th, 2009 09:26 AM ET

    (CNN) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to the epicenter of Africa’s longest war Tuesday to try to help victims, especially those of sexual violence, of a regional conflict that’s dragged on more than a decade.

    She delivered a blunt message to Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito of the Democratic Republic of Congo on Monday when he hosted a dinner in her honor.

    “There must be an end to widespread financial corruption and abuses of human rights and women’s rights,” she said. “There must be an improvement in governance and the respect for the rule of law.”

    She also called for “changes in the business climate, changes in the rules and regulations that involve contracts and the protection of property” in order to promote foreign investment.

    On Tuesday, she offered help to the country’s president, Joseph Kabila.

    “I offered and the president accepted my sending of legal and financial and other technical experts to the DRC to provide specific suggestions about how to overcome these very serious obstacles to the potential of this country,” she said, according to a pool report from Goma, in the east of the country.

    Clinton took a small U.N. plane on the 1,000-mile trip from Kinshasa to Goma, the scene of intense fighting over the past several years.

    The smaller aircraft was necessary because the U.S. plane being used on her seven-nation Africa trip is too big for the local landing strip, Clinton told reporters Monday.

    The secretary is due to visit U.N. peacekeepers in Goma, and is also expected to take part in a roundtable discussion with victims of sexual and gender-based violence in the country.

    The Congo conflict has involved several countries and resulted in an estimated 5 million deaths from fighting and collateral problems such as disease and starvation, according to an International Rescue Committee survey conducted more than a year ago. In addition, tens of thousands of women have been raped in the ongoing regional strife stoked by competition for mineral riches.

    “I will be pressing very hard for not just assistance to help those who are being abused and mistreated, in particular the women who are turned into weapons of war through the rape they experience, but also looking for ways to try to end this conflict,” Clinton said.

  57. “I will be pressing very hard for not just assistance to help those who are being abused and mistreated, in particular the women who are turned into weapons of war through the rape they experience, but also looking for ways to try to end this conflict,” Clinton said.


    Amen! Bravo to Hillary Clinton.

  58. jbstonesfan Says:

    August 11th, 2009 at 9:23 pm
    Another great article JanH. Thank god there are some real journalists out there who are not afraid to say what everyone knows.


    Jbstonesfan and JanH

    …too bad those ‘real’ journalists seem to be in Europe…Europe recognizes the dynamics and positive contributions of the Clintons…it is here in their own country that Hill and Bill have to put up with the petty sniping and attacks of their critics…critics, as I often say, that will long be forgotten while the history books keep the legacy of Hillary and Bill Clinton alive thru the ages to come…the future will always recall the humanity of the Clintons…


    “The Health Insurers Have Already Won” reads the Business Week title. Go here for article.

    “Is Obama Punking Us?” reads the title of Frank Rich’s column in the NYT. Go here for article and please see Ani’s post here for a more in-depth look at Rich’s column.

    Rich actually has an epiphany:

    “The larger fear is that Obama might be just another corporatist, punking voters much as the Republicans do when they claim to be all for the common guy.”

    All I can say, Frank is “Well… Duh!” it only took you 545 days to figure out what we knew and told you way back in February 2008. No grass grows under your toes, boy.

    These are the latest in a growing stream of pundits experiencing the OMO (‘Oh, My Obama’ – formerly ‘Omigod’) syndrome, they’re waking up and saying ”Wha.. wha happened?”. The answer, of course, is: “Well, while you were stoned on your acid-infused Kool-Aid, somebody stole your country, guess who?”

    So, here’s the skinny on the healthcare reform ‘debate’, as I see it.

    First: it’s over, you won’t be getting any health care help.

    There, you can stop reading now and get on with your life – in fact, don’t lose a minute because it looks very much like you’ll have to make some extra money to pay for the publically mandated payments to private companies for insurance that won’t insure you. Let me rephrase that: the likelihood is very high that by the end of the year Team Obama will have instituted a national government program that will require you to pay a private company for medical insurance (or pay a fine roughly equivalent to the insurance payments you would have made).

    Let’s repeat that: the US government is going to force you to pay insurance premiums to a private business. Think about that, is this what you meant when you asked for healthcare reform?

    Ostensibly, there will be safeguards in place so that, 1.) You will not be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. And, 2.) You will actually be covered in case you come down with something.

    …and if you believe that, I’ve got a friend in New Orleans with some great property deals…

    I can guarantee you that, by the time the bill goes to Obama’s desk for signing, there will be enough loopholes you could drive a truck through to ensure that no insurer is ever vexed with the problem of actually having to pay for anyone’s medical expenses.

    Second: The debate is no longer about health care reform, it is about health insurance reform. This happened almost instantly – remember Max Baccus face turning purple as he shrieked “Single payer is off the table! Single payer is off the table!”. There is no health care reform in the offing. Obama has never had any intention whatsoever of providing universal health care. Yes, I know he said as much during the campaign – sit down and have a drink, take a deep breath – are you ready?

    HE LIED.

    But anyone who was interested could have easily found out where Obama’s heart (or pocketbook) was.

    From a Boston Globe article in 2007 go here for article:

    “The bill originally called for a “Bipartisan Health Care Reform Commission” to implement a program reaching all 12.4 million Illinois residents. The legislation would have made it official state policy to ensure that all residents could access “quality healthcare at costs that are reasonable.” Insurers feared that language would result in a government takeover of healthcare, even though the bill did not explicitly say that.

    By the time the legislation passed the Senate, in May 2004, Obama had written three successful amendments, at least one of which made key changes favorable to insurers.
    Most significant, universal healthcare became merely a policy goal instead of state policy – the proposed commission, renamed the Adequate Health Care Task Force, was charged only with studying how to expand healthcare access. In the same amendment, Obama also sought to give insurers a voice in how the task force developed its plan.

    Lobbyists praised Obama for taking the insurance industry’s concerns into consideration.

    “Barack is a very reasonable person who clearly recognized the various roles involved in the healthcare system,” said Phil Lackman, a lobbyist for insurance agents and brokers. Obama “understood our concern that we didn’t want a predetermined outcome.”

    There is no reason for anyone to have had any illusions about who Obama was or what he was going to do. There will be a lot of kabuki theatre going on over the next few months but it is just that – theatre.

    The Bottom Line

    For the insurance industry it’s all about the bottom line and I don’t blame them for that, it’s foolish in the extreme for us to assume that a profit-making business would do anything other than attempt to make a profit. What it comes down to is that we can’t have decent healthcare in the context of a profit-making model – it just doesn’t work and it never will.

    The numbers themselves tell the tale: after you sweep away the bandit bookkeeping the insurance industry uses to hide their profits (very much like the bandit bookkeeping movie studios and record companies use to avoid paying artists any royalties) you find that the ‘overhead’ (read: actual profits) for private health insurance runs about 20-30%. The overhead (in this case actual administration costs) for Medicare runs at 2-3%. 20-30% vs 2-3%. Are there any questions?

    The healthcare debate is over in terms of anything actually happening which might benefit Americans but it does serve a larger purpose: like pus coming out of a wound, it shows us the utter corruption that has enveloped our government. Even setting aside Obama as the sockpuppet-in-chief of the insurance industry, there was as much support for real healthcare reform in the Congress as there has ever been i.e., none. Let’s remember who torched HRC’s healthcare reform in the ‘90’s: Democrats.

    For the record: it is not possible to have universal healthcare using the for-profit model; Not Possible. Universal healthcare will only and can only exist when it is a public service. Those are the facts, anyone who tells you anything else is lying to you.

    The astonishing thing about this is that we already have a fully functioning, tried and tested universal healthcare system up and running: Medicare. And, like icing on the cake, Medicare actually serves the part of the populace most likely to need medical: those pesky oldsters.

    No less personage than Paul Krugman said recently that private insurance couldn’t even exist if Medicare weren’t there to skim off all the people with actual medical needs. All we have to do to provide basic healthcare to every American is to remove the age limit on Medicare. Does it have problems? Yes. Are they fixable? Again yes. But, out of the box, Medicare provides universal healthcare for all Americans and that’s exactly what we want, no more, no less.

    But, apparently, we will do absolutely anything to avoid facing that fact. In itself, that is a pathetic commentary on our civic life.

    We are seeing some signs of revolt: loudmouths at town meetings all over the country who are incensed at the monumental ripoff that is being perpetrated on us. I don’t even mind that they are incensed for all the wrong reasons as long as they, and we, can make this atrocious bill go down in flames.
    I notice that many members of Congress are trying to find excuses to stay in Washington over the August break, not surprising as they are going to face a shitstorm of protest if and when they do go home.

    My congressman has made the mistake of scheduling a teleconference ‘townhall meeting’, heh, heh, heh! I can’t wait…

    I urge everyone to write to their Senators and Representatives to let them know that this is a watershed issue. Let them know that single payer is the only acceptable path for healthcare reform. Not insurance reform, not ‘public’ option, only single payer. Suggest taking the age limit off Medicare as a starting point and fixing what needs fixing in five years or so. But please make sure they know that this one matters, let them know that if they do not come through with single payer healthcare reform you will not vote for them in the next election.

    Make it clear that, whatever other good works they may have done, whatever respect you hold for them; this is a deal breaker for you. Either come through for me on this one or expect me to vote for someone else next time.

  60. Gonzo – is there a certain webpage that those Hillary tweets come in on? Where are you finding them? Or do you have to look all over and then pull them together yourself?

  61. “I guess Hillary and Bill have to be absolutely 150% perfect. They can’t be human like the rest of us. They can’t make any mistakes or they will be crucified for it.”

    But Jan, I’m not even sure they made any mistakes. I think everything from the get-go has been massaged for the public. For example, I don’t think she made a mistake to show strength at the question she heard in Africa, particularly in a country which is routinely raping women and children. An article on Salon actually commended her, and remarked how that same behavior could have been used as evidence that she has the gravitas to deal with difficult countries which don’t believe women are humans, but as you know, everyone else ridiculed her for it.

    Also, they’re making it into a narrative that Bill is doing things behind her back, trying to upstage her, there is certainly hostility between them now….. but it’s all made up, it’s all assumptions, right there on the front page. Blows me away. We don’t know that Bill didn’t call her, heck, she might have ENCOURAGED him to go to NK! If anything, they’ve always worked as a team, but the news keeps trying to plant ideas of conflict. They just look for whatever seems sensational anymore – check out the facts? Oh, so old school.

    I’m just so fed up with it, as I’m sure you are. I really think we need HUGE amounts of stimulus money used to revamp the journalism schools in this country, because someone isn’t teaching it anymore, that’s for sure.

  62. jbstonesfan Says:

    August 11th, 2009 at 9:10 pm
    “I look at these AOL polls and it is sad to see just how much hate their is for the Clintons, particularly Hillary”

    I remember in the primaries, those AOL polls were always overwhelmingly for Obama. I think there must be some correlation between using AOL and being a BO supporter. In other words, I don’t think these AOL users are giving some new appraisal of Hillary…. I think they’re just repeating the same tired refrain… they must be the “bottiest” of the bots – no where seeing the light yet, as others have….

  63. Obama’s ‘grassroots’ SEIU is channeling Martin Luther King:

    …Those across the driveway, many of them health care workers and members of the Service Employees International Union, were much more placid. They sang “Give Peace a Chance,” listened to the local Leftist Marching Band and swayed to the rhythm of an African drumming troupe.

    “If we counter rage with rage, we won’t move the process along,” said Anne Connolly King, 53, a registered nurse from Amesbury, Mass. “This is our civil rights movement – the right to health care. And just like they overcame hurdles, we will, too.”

    w w

    Oh boy. Talk about a dirty tactic.

  64. Well glued Joker posters in Florida:

    A vocal and graphic Internet campaign attacking President Barack Obama just hit Central Florida and one of its first targets was a U.S. Post Office (see images). Several Lake County residents called WFTV when they spotted the ‘Joker’ posters on stop signs and saw workers scraping them off the post office in Clermont.

    The postmaster told Eyewitness News he was deeply offended by what he saw, as were many residents who drop off mail at that location. He said he was getting so many calls he had to come out and scrape them off himself.

    “I found that they were very well glued on and they’re not easy to be taken off,” Postmaster Willie Montgomery told Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

    Montgomery said he was flooded with calls as soon as people saw the posters stuck to the drop box at his Clermont post office.

    “I’ve been with the Postal Service for 30 years now,” he said. “I’ve never seen anything this insensitive.”

    The crude depiction of President Obama shows him looking like a clown, or the Joker from the most recent Batman movie. But Clermont isn’t the only town dealing with it.

    The poster campaign is a national one, and known talk-radio and Internet personality Alex Jones is pushing people to post and videotape the signs in a stand against Obama.

    “The establishment is trying to use his star appeal to sell the new world order, the carbon tax, the health care, the whole agenda,” Jones argued in a video clip on his website.

    Jones is not affiliated with any party and has been called a muckraker and conspiracy theorist. But right or wrong, it seems some people in Clermont are listening. For Montgomery, he says it’s going too far.

    “They’ve gone much too far. This is what I would call an extreme,” he said.

    Montgomery says he has already contacted the Postal Inspector to look into it. He said defacing a Post Office is a federal offense.

    Video and comments at link.

  65. HRC goes to Africa and stands up for the rights of women, and her rights as a women, and the media immediately goes crazy.

    So where are the women groups (No where I can see).

    But then, they rarely stood up for HRC, they rarely stood up for Palin. Instead they stuck their noses up OO Axx. So what have they gotten for that lately? Some will say a Supreme Court Justice, but we all know she was appointed for her Hispanic Heritage.

    So, why are the officers of these women’s groups paid so much, when they don’t stand up for women?????? I guess these groups are there to show women’s support for OO. They are really looking lame.

  66. JanH Says:

    August 11th, 2009 at 1:36 pm

    I understand some of the charities are getting upset about the “clunker” program as well. Donations of used cars used to be encouraged so that charities could benefit by cashing them in and help the needy from the proceeds. There has been a huge drop in donations since the program started.

    Here’s another aspect. In listening to the car companies’ ads, I hear them promoting cars that achieve, get this, an amazing 24 mpg!!! Cross-over SUVish vehicles.

    Shoot, the 1994 Plymouth Topaz I drive gets better mileage. I should trade in that “clunker” for something that gets worse mileage? Isn’t that the whole point, a greener vehicle?

    Or is the whole point to stuff money into the pockets of the auto industry.

    Don’t bother answering…

  67. Isn’t this woman usually a staunch Obama supporter? Sounds like she is finally getting a clue.

    “Obama’s Health Care Horror. Heads Should Roll..Beginning with Nancy Pelosi’s” By Camille Paglia

    w w

  68. What I meant to say on the article I posted, “although she claims not to have buyer’s remorse, it sounds to me like she’s finally getting a clue”.

  69. Trinkets that stick it to Obama start to sell

    Cashing in on ‘No, he can’t’

    In the political paraphernalia department, “Yes, we can” is becoming “No, he can’t.”

    Anti-Obama memorabilia — from T-shirts to bumper stickers to buttons — is increasingly emerging in the marketplace as the president’s economic and health care policies polarize supporters and detractors.

    While “Mama for Obama” was a popular slogan during the 2008 election cycle, that design has been retooled with angry and fickle disenchantment: “To the Mama for Obama — thanks for the tax hike.” The “Audacity of Hope,” the title of Mr. Obama’s popular book, has been replaced by the “Audacity of Hype.”

    “It really started peaking about a month ago,” said Amy Maniatis, vice president of marketing at the online seller

    “You see it as a direct response to some of the promising messages that happened a year ago. Whereas we had the campaign of Obama centered around hope, and it was a very optimistic message, now they’re asking: ‘How’s that hopey-changey thing going?’ “

    The store, a cultural barometer of sorts for political and social expression, offers about 3 million Obama products, she said, but now is up to about 1 million that are “anti-Obama-oriented,” reflecting a “significant shift in the last couple of months than what was the trend a year ago.”

    Pro-Obama gear is still selling well, she said, “but now we’re seeing a much larger swing toward the critical designs. It will be lighthearted as commentary on his gaffes as in ‘Acted Stupidly,’ ” a play on his remarks about the Cambridge, Mass., police officer who arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., “or with folks reacting to headlines or what is going on with the economy.”

    The political change in memorabilia mirrors the public-opinion divide on Mr. Obama as he moves to reform health care and attempts to revive the economy.

    A poll of likely voters by Rasmussen Reports, released Thursday, found that 32 percent “strongly approve” of the way the president is doing his job, while 38 percent “strongly disapprove.” Overall, 49 percent at least ?somewhat approve? of his performance, and 51 percent at least somewhat disapprove.

    Rasmussen Reports said 71 percent think Mr. Obama’s policies are causing the federal deficit to rise, while 54 percent said they think middle-class tax cuts are more important than additional spending on health care. Just one-third of likely voters ? 33 percent ? said America is heading in the right direction.

    A Gallup Poll taken from July 31 to Aug. 3 found that the president’s approval rating was up to 56 percent from 52 percent three days earlier. The Gallup numbers, based on “three-day rolling averages,” had Mr. Obama’s approval up to 61 percent from July 17 to 19, reaching a low of 52 percent from July 27 to 29. Those numbers are down from his high point of a 69 percent average after he took office in January.

    Gallup said the current rating is “about average” when compared with other presidents’ numbers measured since 1945 at this point in their terms.

    Still, as the summer heats up with growing dissatisfaction, reflected in town-hall meetings and “tea party” gatherings nationwide, the political divide is providing an opportunity for online sellers.

    On the Web site, black armbands and T-shirts proclaim “Obama – Killing Me Softly” and “Obama – Bankruptcy of America.” At, a white tank top bears the word “Delusional” above the wavy red-and-white-flag-striped logo used by the Obama campaign.

    EBay pop-culture analyst Karen Bard said anti-Obama merchandise makes up just 10 percent of that Web seller’s Obama-related inventory.

    “People are still buying Obama products,” she said, noting that the site has had more than 85,000 listings in the past 90 days.

    “By and large, the sentiment is pretty positive. It seems that his popularity isn’t dying down at all,” she said. “When there is a moment in popular culture, inevitably, listings do tend to rise on eBay. It is such a barometer of popular culture, and politics fits into pop culture so beautifully.”

    Among some conservatives, however, a rising tide of anger at Mr. Obama’s policies has leached into street art popping up in cities across the country.

    One graffiti artist took a whack at Mr. Obama’s rock-star image, using a well-known campaign photo. In it, Mr. Obama’s familiar visage is adorned with garish white face paint and red lipstick, a la the sinister Joker character portrayed by Heath Ledger in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight.” Under the portrait on the posters is the word “socialism.”

    Craig Ridgel, who runs the online and eBay store from his home in Atlanta, says that when he first started his business selling anti-Obama bumper stickers, he Googled that product description in January and “there wasn’t much that popped up.”

    “Since then, we’ve seen this explosion of designs,” he said. “We’ve been seeing an increase in sales every month. This past week was our largest week.”

    Displaying a bumper sticker or wearing a button or T-shirt is a way for conservatives and other Obama detractors to express their emotions, he said, calling it “an inexpensive way to get the word out.”

    He has also received his share of hate mail from Obama supporters.

    “The Web is fueling a lot of this,” he said, noting that his company will produce a special logo in advance of the Sept. 12 tea parties. “You can’t just go to Wal-Mart and buy an anti-Obama T-shirt.

    “I think a lot of people are angry, and they have had this spark ignited in them, and they just can’t hold it in anymore. I think a lot of conservatives didn’t like President Bush that much. They were disappointed in him, yet it was kind of hard for them to criticize him openly because he was supposed to be our man,” Mr. Ridgel said.

    “Now, with Obama, they have someone that they are just letting it all out, and it was like the dam just broke. The majority of the conservatives that I know, I think every time Obama does something like the stimulus package or increasing the debt – it seems like their emotions are getting higher. It’s almost like he’s pushing our buttons.”

  70. AmericanGal Says:

    August 12th, 2009 at 9:42 am
    Isn’t this woman usually a staunch Obama supporter? Sounds like she is finally getting a clue.

    Well Paglia starts off that piece admitting that:

    Buyer’s remorse? Not me. At the North American summit in Guadalajara this week, President Obama resumed the role he is best at — representing the U.S. with dignity and authority abroad. This is why I, for one, voted for Obama and continue to support him. The damage done to U.S. prestige by the feckless, buffoonish George W. Bush will take years to repair. Obama has barely begun the crucial mission that he was elected to do.

    Having said that, I must confess my dismay bordering on horror at the amateurism of the White House apparatus for domestic policy. When will heads start to roll? …

  71. Mrs. Smith,

    Well he wanted to be king. Then again, if these are disenchanted kool aid drinkers, then I have no sympathy.

  72. I would be hard pressed to chose the more despicable between Dowd and Morris….I truly despise that woman and the venom she writes regarding the Clintons. She is, by any standards, ahack, who happens to somehow get gravitas writing for a paper whose better days long since passed them by.

  73. Aw, heck, here’s the whole first page (out of three) from Paglia, the self-avowed Obama voter. It’s quite thorough in examing why “Obamanism” doesn’t work. (Then there’s pages 2 and 3, not listed here)

    Obama’s healthcare horror
    Heads should roll — beginning with Nancy Pelosi’s!

    By Camille Paglia

    Buyer’s remorse? Not me. At the North American summit in Guadalajara this week, President Obama resumed the role he is best at — representing the U.S. with dignity and authority abroad. This is why I, for one, voted for Obama and continue to support him. The damage done to U.S. prestige by the feckless, buffoonish George W. Bush will take years to repair. Obama has barely begun the crucial mission that he was elected to do.

    Having said that, I must confess my dismay bordering on horror at the amateurism of the White House apparatus for domestic policy. When will heads start to roll? I was glad to see the White House counsel booted, as well as Michelle Obama’s chief of staff, and hope it’s a harbinger of things to come. Except for that wily fox, David Axelrod, who could charm gold threads out of moonbeams, Obama seems to be surrounded by juvenile tinhorns, bumbling mediocrities and crass bully boys.

    Case in point: the administration’s grotesque mishandling of healthcare reform, one of the most vital issues facing the nation. Ever since Hillary Clinton’s megalomaniacal annihilation of our last best chance at reform in 1993 (all of which was suppressed by the mainstream media when she was running for president), Democrats have been longing for that happy day when this issue would once again be front and center.

    But who would have thought that the sober, deliberative Barack Obama would have nothing to propose but vague and slippery promises — or that he would so easily cede the leadership clout of the executive branch to a chaotic, rapacious, solipsistic Congress? House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, whom I used to admire for her smooth aplomb under pressure, has clearly gone off the deep end with her bizarre rants about legitimate town-hall protests by American citizens. She is doing grievous damage to the party and should immediately step down.

    There is plenty of blame to go around. Obama’s aggressive endorsement of a healthcare plan that does not even exist yet, except in five competing, fluctuating drafts, makes Washington seem like Cloud Cuckoo Land. The president is promoting the most colossal, brazen bait-and-switch operation since the Bush administration snookered the country into invading Iraq with apocalyptic visions of mushroom clouds over American cities.

    You can keep your doctor; you can keep your insurance, if you’re happy with it, Obama keeps assuring us in soothing, lullaby tones. Oh, really? And what if my doctor is not the one appointed by the new government medical boards for ruling on my access to tests and specialists? And what if my insurance company goes belly up because of undercutting by its government-bankrolled competitor? Face it: Virtually all nationalized health systems, neither nourished nor updated by profit-driven private investment, eventually lead to rationing.

    I just don’t get it. Why the insane rush to pass a bill, any bill, in three weeks? And why such an abject failure by the Obama administration to present the issues to the public in a rational, detailed, informational way? The U.S. is gigantic; many of our states are bigger than whole European nations. The bureaucracy required to institute and manage a nationalized health system here would be Byzantine beyond belief and would vampirically absorb whatever savings Obama thinks could be made. And the transition period would be a nightmare of red tape and mammoth screw-ups, which we can ill afford with a faltering economy.

    As with the massive boondoggle of the stimulus package, which Obama foolishly let Congress turn into a pork rut, too much has been attempted all at once; focused, targeted initiatives would, instead, have won wide public support. How is it possible that Democrats, through their own clumsiness and arrogance, have sabotaged healthcare reform yet again? Blaming obstructionist Republicans is nonsensical because Democrats control all three branches of government. It isn’t conservative rumors or lies that are stopping healthcare legislation; it’s the justifiable alarm of an electorate that has been cut out of the loop and is watching its representatives construct a tangled labyrinth for others but not for themselves. No, the airheads of Congress will keep their own plush healthcare plan — it’s the rest of us guinea pigs who will be thrown to the wolves.

    With the Republican party leaderless and in backbiting disarray following its destruction by the ideologically incoherent George W. Bush, Democrats are apparently eager to join the hara-kiri brigade. What looked like smooth coasting to the 2010 election has now become a nail-biter. Both major parties have become a rats’ nest of hypocrisy and incompetence. That, combined with our stratospheric, near-criminal indebtedness to China (which could destroy the dollar overnight), should raise signal flags. Are we like late Rome, infatuated with past glories, ruled by a complacent, greedy elite, and hopelessly powerless to respond to changing conditions?

    What does either party stand for these days? Republican politicians, with their endless scandals, are hardly exemplars of traditional moral values. Nor have they generated new ideas for healthcare, except for medical savings accounts, which would be pathetically inadequate in a major crisis for anyone earning at or below a median income.

    And what do Democrats stand for, if they are so ready to defame concerned citizens as the “mob” — a word betraying a Marie Antoinette delusion of superiority to ordinary mortals. I thought my party was populist, attentive to the needs and wishes of those outside the power structure. And as a product of the 1960s, I thought the Democratic party was passionately committed to freedom of thought and speech.

    But somehow liberals have drifted into a strange servility toward big government, which they revere as a godlike foster father-mother who can dispense all bounty and magically heal all ills. The ethical collapse of the left was nowhere more evident than in the near total silence of liberal media and Web sites at the Obama administration’s outrageous solicitation to private citizens to report unacceptable “casual conversations” to the White House. If Republicans had done this, there would have been an angry explosion by Democrats from coast to coast. I was stunned at the failure of liberals to see the blatant totalitarianism in this incident, which the president should have immediately denounced. His failure to do so implicates him in it.

  74. A poll of likely voters by Rasmussen Reports, released Thursday, found that 32 percent “strongly approve” of the way the president is doing his job, while 38 percent “strongly disapprove.” Overall, 49 percent at least ?somewhat approve? of his performance, and 51 percent at least somewhat disapprove.


    I hope Rasmussen has finally got their ‘somewhat’s balanced.

  75. The president is promoting the most colossal, brazen bait-and-switch operation since the Bush administration snookered the country into invading Iraq with apocalyptic visions of mushroom clouds over American cities.
    Paglia has always been unbalanced in her views. How she can feel no buyers remorse and write something like this would seem to be a non-sequitur to most people. The answer is so damned simple, but she refuses to acknowledge it. She confuses style with substance as most emotional people do. He is a shill for big business, he uses Chicago methods, and the victim of his scam is, has always been, the American People. Can Bush hatred blind these so called progressives from coming to terms with the fact that they have been had big time. We like him but we do not like his policies comes the inevitable response and that is the cop out of all cop outs, but in the absence of a viable Republican brand, their reference point continues to be Bush, and they cannot see past their hated. I have a friend who remembers how adamantly opposed I was to Bush, and he continues to send me the latest theory about how Bush was complicit in 9-11. Whenever I point out how this Joker is subverting the Constititution, his knee jerk response was Bush did that. So then we go through the ritual of getting him to acknowledge that Bush is no longer president, two wrongs do not make a right, and we have got to deal with the current tyrant. We never get past this.

    Paglia is about the same way. I went to see her one time where she was teaching at the Philadelphia School of Fine Arts. She was not in at the time. If I saw her today, I would ask her how she can say he has promoted a grand bait and switch on health care, yet you have no buyers remorse. If you rest your case on the proposition that he looks better to you than Bush when meeting with foreign leaders, again you confuse form with substance. Also, you conveniently ignore the debacle which occurred when he visited Russia and got put in short pants by Putin.

  76. Paglia is a Hillary hater and “unbalanced” as some of the astute note. However, some of what she writes in that article is right on target.

  77. Wbboei, you ask good questions. Unfortunately a lot of the Obama addled with have to have their faces held to what they have done – like loose boweled dogs.

  78. DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER, ! ! ! ! ! go to until you watch this video from FOX news. This is the scariest takeover of our lives the government has ever tried. The Obama “Car Czar” is at work.

    Please watch this video as Glenn Beck talks about this site, and the information it collects on you.

    Interesting scarey video.

  79. admin: she is spot on with her observations. That is what I like about her–and I do like her–except for her unbalanced view of Hillary. But then she screws it all up with the non sequitur that she has no remorse. That is unbalanced. Unless, unless, she is doing a variation on the premise but brutus is an honorable man, and the format does not quite fit that structure. She is either caught in the netherworld of liking him vs disliking his policies–my solution to that is to show them that he is the chicago way and you dont have to like him anymore, or she is using a very sophisticated argument along the lines of brutus is an honorable man. I’ll be damned if I know which it is.

  80. rgbhrc44, you are right, another stick it to the taxpayer. What if these folks lose their jobs that bought these cars and lose them. They most likely had the other one paid for! This is just sick, sick sick. When will the screwing of the American middle class taxpayer stop??
    THe Obamacare is just a way to get rid of medicare/medicaid and sooner or later social security.
    I was watching “The View” yesterday. They had a lady that was saying that SS is not going to be here even for the baby boomers. I
    I might as well decide that I will work until the day that I die. I guess that I should be thankful that I have a career that will allow me to do that.
    I worked with a lady doctor that worked at the prison in the latter part of her career. She was way too old to practice, but the inmates loved her and she loved them. She was killed on the way back from work. SHe moved to the shoulder of the road to allow someone to pass her. It was foggy and she did not see the car parked there. She hit the parked car and died instantly. I guess we should all hope for that scenario. This would fit right into what Obama and his minions would like for all us elderly to do!

  81. One more thing about the person that was on the view yesterday. She said that those of us who help our children and not save retirement was bad since there will be very little SS.

    So there you have it straight from the horses mouth, the me, me Obama wants us to throw out our children and our parents to make sure we save enough to retire. We have paid thru the nose for taxes for our whole life and now it “sorry charlie, theres no more money for medicare and SS”.

    I have to say that at least BUsh was family oriented and did not expect us to throw out our children to save ourselves. I guess my husband who has dementia and my dad who is 87 and fought in WWII should just be thrown into the nursing home to be euthanized. Where is American culture did we get to the point that our families are dispencible. THis is the new leftist culture that we are suppose to embrace.

    Hillary had some ideas how to handle our commitments to our elderly. She knew that we just can’t throw away our families to save our selves.

    Where did this idiot come from and where did the people that he answers to come from??

  82. Interesting. Local news from NH has video of Obama’s bussed-in supporters to his townhall event.

    Shot of the buses is at about 45 seconds in. The reporter notes at the end that the bussed-in folks are the ones being allowed inside, to participate in the townhall. All the protestors outside? Not so much.

    Whether you agree with the protestors or not, the meme being pushed by the media and Obama that those against are “astroturfed”, and those for it are just pure-as-the-driven-snow real grassroots is an outright propaganda lie.

  83. White House retreats on bank pay curbs: Obama has talked tough about a crackdown on Wall Street bonuses, but his treasury secretary has quietly taken a softer line

    Andrew Clark in New York, Wednesday 12 August 2009

    Despite thundering rhetoric from President Barack Obama about the “shameful” and “outrageous” size of Wall Street bonuses, the White House has largely backed down from imposing any tough restrictions on runaway pay in the financial industry.

    New York’s attorney general, Andrew Cuomo, recently reported that America’s nine biggest banks handed out $32.6bn (£19.7m) in bonuses last year despite running up aggregate losses of $81bn. But after early threats to cap pay at $500,000 at banks in receipt of state aid, the US treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, has been an influential voice in the administration urging a more laissez-faire approach.

    Senior bankers have lobbied hard to keep their golden pay cheques, arguing that restrictions would put the US at risk of a flight of talent to financial centres in Europe or elsewhere in the world.

    Giving evidence to lawmakers on Capitol Hill in February, Morgan Stanley’s chief executive, John Mack, said the mere threat of curbs for US firms had already led to European banks poaching his mid-level investment bankers: “Some of the European banks have already gone out and put packages and multi-year guarantees in front of them.”

    His counterpart at Bank of America, Ken Lewis, said: “It is okay to do the things that are being talked about at the very top, but if you start to go too low in the organisation, you will run off key talent to foreign competitors.”

    A few modest measures are under way. The Obama administration is supporting a bill in Congress which will introduce British-style ‘say on pay’ votes at annual meetings, giving shareholders a chance to voice approval or disapproval of boardroom remuneration arrangements. The US government is working on a change in regulations to make compensation committees more independent. And so-called “golden parachutes” rewarding departing executives are under review.

    Lawmakers have suggested various other measures – the chairman of the house financial services committee, Barney Frank, wants incentive schemes to include penalty clauses deducting money from salaries if things go wrong, as well as paying out bonuses in good times. As many as 19 different legislative proposals on remuneration have been discussed in Congress this year.

    But seemingly anxious to calm Wall Street nerves, Geithner assured banks in June that their pay packets were safe: “I want to be clear on what we are not doing. We are not capping pay. We are not setting forth precise prescriptions for how companies should set compensation.”

  84. hat people in Washington tend not to discuss, at least on the record, is the open secret that insurers are minimizing their forecasts of the eventual windfall they will enjoy from expanded coverage for Americans.
    Then cap it at what they are projecting, and any greater windfall amount over and above that cap goes to medicare. Since they are projecting a windfall of X, and they are obviously acting in good faith, they should have no objection if the windfall amounts over and above their phony cap go back into the system. They have no rightful claim to them, and in theory they should be negligible based on their honest projection.

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