Let Them Eat Cake

Update: Even Obama lovers at MSNBC think Obama’s birthday cake is “hideous”.

The pretentious, arrogant, tacky, disordered, mess which is Obama – pictorially represented:

Tacky Gateau


In North Korea Bill Clinton is saving lives again (as in Ghana). Real Democrats and Americans are proud of Bill.

In Washington, Barack Obama and his Dimocrats think the people are revolting. The people are indeed revolting – against Obama. The Barack Obama and the Dimocratic response: “Let Them Eat Cake.”

* * * * *

By “Let Them Eat Cake” Obama and his Dimocrats are not referencing the parties and huge luscious cakes prepared for Obama’s officially declared birthday – a high holy day for the Hopium addled.

By “Let Them Eat Cake” Obama and his Hopium addled Dimocrats mean shout “racism!” and smear opponents again and again. One doughy Big Blog boy has started the “racism!” shouts already.

The reason for the “racism” race-baiting is the polls which show Americans increasingly disgusted with Obama and beginning to turn against him strongly.

Political talkers who earlier this year statedthe chance of Republicans winning control of either chamber in the 2010 midterm elections is zero. Not “close to zero.” Not “slight” or “small.” Zero.” are now revising their zero talk. Now these same talkers are talking about glimmers of hope, if not downright big victories for Republicans in 2010.

What is driving the “racism!” shouts the most however is the sight of Americans openly revolting against Obama and his Dimocrats at town hall meetings. Even young people, who are supposed to be the bulwark of the Obama/Axelrod/Brazile monstrosity called the Obama Dimocratic Party, might be moving on, away from Obama, in search of new thrills.

It is the town hall uprisings which has Dimocrats sick of Revolting Americans. Like French Aristocrats Obama and his Dimocrats sniff into perfumed, embroidered, handkerchiefs and attack the revolting masses:

Angry protesters shouted down Democrats at public events from Texas to Pennsylvania over the weekend, leaving the party only one real hope for getting its message out over recess: a backlash.

In Austin, Texas, Rep. Lloyd Doggett was drowned out by a group of noisy, sign-waving demonstrators who shouted, “Just say no” as he tried to talk about health care reform.

In an e-mail to POLITICO Monday, Doggett called the group a “mob, sent by the local Republican and Libertarian parties” that “came not just to be heard but to deny others the right to be heard.”

Dimocrats wanted to bamboozle at town halls during August. But The People Are Revolting:

For Democrats, that’s precisely the problem: Their ability to make their case on health care at public events during the August recess is mostly in the hands of the people who turn out for the events. And if those people want to be disruptive — especially en masse — there’s not much the Democrats can do about it.

Town halls have become town hells,” said Mark McKinnon, a former adviser to President George W. Bush. “Special interests and opponents have figured out how easy it is to disrupt town halls and get their own message out. The days of the truly free-form town halls may be over.”

Mark McKinnon is a Republican but also an Obama lover who openly stated so. The article does not point out that fact. Are Republicans taking advantage of the revolt? You betcha. But that does not mean that the anger is any less genuine or any less real. Obama and his Dimocrats however continue to smear:

“As some members of Speaker Pelosi’s party are already learning, it’s hard to heed her orders to ‘go on offense’ when you’re busy defending such unpopular policies,” said Paul Lindsay, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Lindsay said the NRCC would begin circulating a regular e-mail to reporters highlighting the protests at Democrats’ town halls. The title: “Recess Roastings — Washington Democrats Feel the Heat at Home.”

Democrats are trying to push back, casting the town hall disrupters as right-wing extremists affiliated with anti-tax “tea parties.”

“The last place Republicans ought to be moving their party is even more to the fringe of the political spectrum,” said Eric Schultz, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Added a senior Democratic strategist: “It may be out of necessity, but for Republicans, relying on the fringe elements of the party to be the face of opposition on health care is a dangerous game. The birthers and the tea party folks aren’t controllable, come off as angry and out of control and couldn’t care less about the issue at hand.”

We wrote recently about how Big Media, in collusion with Obama Dimocrats, attack as “fringe” or “crazy” those who disagree with Obama and his Dimocrats. Big Media, in collusion with Obama Dimocrats, also propagandize that Republicans will be hurt by anything Republicans say or do; problems for Obama are immediately, via alchemy, transmogrified into Republican problems.

But communications experts say it would be a mistake to demonize the protesters.

“The more intelligent alternative is to take the extensive network the Obama campaign developed and send all of those people to town halls,” said University of Pennsylvania political scientist Kathleen Hall Jamieson. “If this comes down to vocal individuals, the Obama campaign ought to be able to always outnumber their opponent. And if they’re not, then that’s a problem.”

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is exactly right. Why not have the vaunted Obama “campaign” outnumber the revolting masses? Answer: because there is a problem and the problem is that Obama’s policies are being rejected and his “campaign” organization of young people has moved on to new thrills.

One thing on which everyone agrees: The protests are likely to continue.

Amy Walter of National Journal (a formerly respected voice by Obama Dimocrats) thinks the August “message war” is already over and Obama Dimocrats lost:

Much has been made about August being a “make or break” month for the health care debate. At this point, though, Republicans have already won the messaging war — never mind the fist bumps House Democrats gave each other last week for passing a bill out of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Do Dems really have a chance to rewrite the debate over the dog days of summer?

The GOP didn’t change Americans from health care reform advocates to detractors overnight. By tapping into the “government-run health care” vein, they hit a long-held soft spot for many voters, namely their inherent distrust of Washington-run programs. From 1992 until 2006, CNN/USA Today/Gallup asked the question “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right?” Except in the period immediately following the 9/11 attacks, a majority of voters have said that they trust the government only “some of the time.” That number was as large as 75 percent in 1993.

Americans are correct to question the government. “Don’t tread on me” is a long held belief in America. Obama promised he would bring celestial choirs of unity and in six short months all he has managed to do is unify Independents with Republicans:

As we’ve known for a while now, the battle for health reform isn’t going to be decided by winning over partisans; they’ve already taken sides. In the latest Diageo/Hotline poll, just 30 percent of Republicans said they approved of “Congress and the president enacting a major overhaul of the U.S. health care system.” Almost all Democrats (83 percent) approved. Independents, meanwhile, were almost evenly divided with slightly more approving (49 percent) than disapproving (43 percent).

I got some insight into how those independents may be thinking at a focus group in Towson, Md., hosted by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania. All 12 participants were self-identified independents, with just over half (seven) having voted for Barack Obama.

Once the conversation turned to health care, the overwhelming message was pretty simple: slow down. One participant worried that Congress couldn’t possibly complete comprehensive health care reform in just six months. Another said it “can’t be done overnight” and that doing something “too fast” could make things worse. For independents, then, the issue seems to be less about specific elements of a health care plan — public option versus a co-op — than a fear that Congress has created an artificial timetable that is causing them to rush through what should be a thought-out, balanced plan. Speed, in Democrats’ case, is not their friend.

Meanwhile, it was also interesting to note the toll that this debate is taking on these voters’ views of the Democratic Party. While almost all of them still felt some personal affinity for Obama — the overwhelming feeling was “hopeful” — they were almost universally disappointed in Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Terms like “pushy,” “outspoken,” and “self-centered” were thrown around the room. As for the Democratic Party generally, they used terms like “divided” and “split.” To be sure, they weren’t in love with Republicans, either; one participant said they have a “long way to go.” Another chided them for “not tackling issues.”

Obama and his Dimocrats will attempt to demonize these rational Independents. These Independents will join Republicans and Hillary supporters as victims of the “racist!” smear. “Fringe”, “crazy” will be deployed as well against those who dare disagree with Obama and his Hopium addled Dimocrats.

With the party’s political hopes in the balance, can “grassroots” groups hoping to persuade wavering members do so over the recess by packing town hall meetings? We’ve already seen some pictures and heard reports of lawmakers being hounded by angry citizens at these public forums. Even so, it’s worth asking whether members of Congress will really use these forums as barometers of their community’s feelings on the issue. [snip]

The personal nature of health care — especially the stories of death and disfigurement at the hands of the health care industry — makes for lots of potentially uncomfortable moments as well. Can you really cut off the woman who’s been talking for 10 minutes about her son’s life-threatening illness?

This is the conundrum for Democrats right now. Ultimately, they have to convince independent voters that they haven’t been hasty in crafting a bill, but they also can’t afford for health care to hang out in no-man’s land much longer.

The biggest problem for Obama Dimocrats is that there is no actual bill that is being discussed. All we have from Obama is a bunch of words which cannot be trusted.

Americans know the “stimulus” scam did not live up to the words Obama uttered in favor of that waste. Americans know “Cash For Clunkers” is when you donate to the Obama Dimocrats.

Americans also know that the cake Obama is offering is not healthy.

Let Obama eat cake.


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  1. Repost

    The last paragraph is the best

    August 4th, 2009 at 6:35 pm
    Hillary Clinton Threatens to Cut Intelligence Sharing With UK
    Posed: 08/4/09iled

    Under:Hillary Clinton, Terror, Well, so much for that famed “special relationship” between the United States and Great Britain. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has threatened to end intelligence sharing with Britain if its High Court publishes findings that would implicate the United States in a high-profile torture case.

    At issue are seven paragraphs in the testimony of one Binyam Mohamed. Mohamed is a U.K. resident who was detained by the United States government on suspicion of terrorism shortly after 9/11 and spent 6½ years in prison in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Morocco and Guantánamo Bay. The contentious seven paragraphs are a summary of 42 CIA documents, which are said to include American admissions that the CIA tortured Mohamed while he was in its custody. Mohamed has also claimed that British intelligence agents knew about and were complicit in his torture in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Morocco.

    The British judges were so astonished by Clinton’s threat — as conveyed to them by Foreign Secretary David Milliband’s attorney, Karen Steyn — that they actually sent Milliband a transcript of their hearing with Steyn over the weekend. They wanted him to confirm whether he really meant that the United States government would consider cutting off crucial intelligence-sharing with the U.K. — thereby placing British citizens’ lives at risks — in order to keep this information out of the public domain.

    In the judges’ view, the seven paragraphs do not pose any national security threat to the United States. They “merely” confirm criminal acts of torture. As such, Secretary Clinton’s request is — as one judge put it — nothing short of “an exercise of naked political power.”

    And it’s not only the judges who are a bit miffed by this latest round of American muscle-flexing. After 10 years in which Tony Blair was not-so-affectionately described as George W. Bush’s “poodle” (for Blair’s unwavering support of the war in Iraq), commentators and human rights groups are livid that the U.K. is once again appearing to buckle to American pressure. As one columnist noted cynically when the Mohamed case first broke: “Our Government was prepared to fabricate threats posed by Saddam Hussein to justify America’s invasion of Iraq and our own involvement in the war. Helping America to question terror suspects is small beer by comparison.”

    Yesterday, the Parliament’s cross-party Committee on Human Rights called for a formal inquiry to investigate allegations that British intelligence and security agencies have been complicit in torture. Indeed, the Mohamed case is but one of several active cases in which British intelligence officials are accused of complicity in the detention and torture of citizens and residents while abroad.

    In short, just as the clamor continues to grow in the United States for a bipartisan torture probe, so too are Brits eager to ask of their own government: “What did you know and when did you know it?”

    Ironically, all of this comes just when President Obama finally seems poised to make good on his promise to close down Guantánamo. Last week, Ireland agreed to accept two Gitmo detainees. And administration officials are reportedly exploring bringing hundreds of the remaining detainees to a civilian-military prison in the United States to be held and tried.

    I’m afraid that Guantánamo is proving to be the gift that just keeps on giving — on both sides of the Atlantic. But don’t despair. There’s good news here too. The North Koreans may have mocked Hillary for her schoolgirl/pensioner ways. But over here in Britain, this latest move leaves no doubt that she’s a full-fledged grown-up.

  2. It still amazes me all the support the Fraud continues to have despite all his lies, distortions, job losses, stimulus failures, his apology tour (Where are the Veterans groups, they should be out in MASS protesting this Fraud),his Saudi may I pull your zipper up with my teeth moment, abandonment of Israel, his hallmark racist cop moment? What the hell is it going to take to turn the public, to wake them up?

  3. “Hillary Clinton Threatens to Cut Intelligence Sharing With UK”


    This issue has been brewing in the UK for the last month. I’ve seen lots of articles along the line of this one. Shouldn’t the title be: Hillary Clinton follows Obama’s policy and is forced to threaten to Cut Intelligence Sharing with the UK? After all, she is a team player.

  4. it’s worth asking whether members of Congress will really use these forums as barometers of their community’s feelings on the issue. [snip]
    Dims have been out of touch with their constituents for at least two or three years — willfully ignoring them beginning with Pelosi’s ascension to speaker where she previously indicated that the Bush criminalities would be dealt with but weren’t. Dims ignored us last year getting O through their nominating process. And this year tending to THEIR legislative priorities.

    Tonight Charlie Gibson did a half decent job reporting on Bill Clinton’s work in NK, then when on to the ‘orchestrated’ resistance to healthcare. Both he and Dims continue to ignore what is so obvious. Just check the last post I made on previous thread.

    Dims ignore us, and accuse us, at their own peril. Until the Dims resume listening to the common, garden variety of people, we are going to have mayhem. If it ever occurs to them to become accountable to those they were elected to serve, then common sense may attempt a return to Washington.

  5. Another great article, Admin.

    the dims “let them eat cake” attitude reeks of arrogance and self-entitlement. I hope the rebels/common folk rise up and teach them a lesson they will never forget.


    At the President’s urging, the Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama on it.

    In test marketing, the Postal Service noticed that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes.

    This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation.

    After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending,

    a special Presidential commission presented the following findings:

    * The stamp is in perfect order

    * There is nothing wrong with the glue

    * People are just spitting on the wrong side

  7. repost…same wavelength…

    it is amazing how the MSM is WORKING for this administration…cnn, msnbc, etc they go on and on attacking and feeding the stories of blogs, drudge, birthers, tea baggers, (even the independents and moderates) etc ANYONE who has the nerve to criticize O is disputed by the networks and cable

    Linda Douglas, that former’ journalist’ turned hack getting into debates with bloggers to tell them that they cannot believe what they hear obama saying for themselves – because he did not mean what he said…

    wow, for someone who was a community organizer and to quote MO – someone who worked to get people involved, they do not want people involved unless they are falling into obedience…chicago hard ball at work big time!

    they have a coordinated strategy with the WH to just demonize and ridicule any critics as ‘fringe’ and then the dems in congress come out and attack any protestors…

    I have never seen an admin that needed so much protection in my life…the MSM defends them all day long…where are the objective journalists? the media is without a doubt, with the exception of fox, just an arm of this admin…one well oiled big propoganda machine

    and then durbin and schmer come out and insult all these protestors – what a farce- the WH has the drug companies (Tauzin, the traitor, has been to white house for drug co) and insurance companies to the WH for private meetings and then the Congress and WH goes out and complains about angry protestors…what kind of a democracy are they running?

  8. Dims have been out of touch with their constituents for at least two or three years —

    I would say it has been a bit longer, at least the last 11 years, probably longer

  9. Love seeing Bill Clinton in the news again–he’s been out of sight for too long. Wonder how the White House will react to all the attention he’s getting….

    Fun new Presidential performance poll by AT&T and Yahoo. Check it out:

    h t t p://js.polls.yahoo.com/quiz/quiziframe.php?poll_id=46067

  10. If the Dims think calling all of this revolting a “manufactured anger”, they are only going to succeed in making people even more angry.

    Yes, there are plenty of rightwing nutjobs doing their thing. But a heck of a lot of people at these townhalls are moderates (both R & D) and Independents, who want something done but are in no way impressed with Pelosi and Obama’s track record or trustworthiness.

    The Dims are out of touch, and it’s showing. And the young caucus thugs have moved on, so they are no help.

  11. Peter Daou has some smart things to say today regarding our topic:

    [Beware: Huffington Post link]

    Democrats and progressives are clearly rattled by how quickly the right has come out of the gate in the much-anticipated August health care battle. [snip]

    Team Obama has gotten hamstrung here in the last three days. Multiple Democrats have been jumped at appearances. The GOP telegraphed the plan well in advance. So far it’s looking like the Dems don’t have much of a “boots on the ground” response. I am hoping this changes and fast. The best organized grassroots political machine ever conceived rolled over the landscape last fall. Where is it now?

    A major question (and source of angst) on the left is encapsulated in that last sentence, namely, where’s the vaunted Obama operation and why can’t it counter a ragtag group of so-called “teabaggers”? [For the record, as someone who protested the Iraq war and believes in citizen activism, I don’t like using broad-brush pejorative terms for grassroots activists, even if I disagree with them politically. Two exceptions: astroturfers organized by big moneyed interests deserve all the disdain they get, and those who have a race-based anti-Obama agenda are despicable beyond words.]

    Weeks ago, I cautioned that the White House was in perpetual campaign mode. Now we read that the Obama team will once again turn to the tried and true methods of the 2008 campaign.

    Therein lies the problem. The August health care battle isn’t the presidential campaign. Here are five reasons why:

    1. The media and punditocracy have a different agenda. Back then, the favored narrative was David vs. Goliath, i.e. the unthinkable and exhilarating notion that Obama could vanquish three formidable foes: the indomitable Clinton operation,… [snip]

    2. Obama’s much-talked about online ‘army’ of 13 million people doesn’t exist. At least not in the mobilized, battle-ready and efficient form we saw during the campaign. Between natural attrition rates and typical open (and conversion) rates, that 13 million is closer to a tenth the number who actually read the emails and far fewer who take concrete actions. [snip]

    3. Republicans and conservatives have far less to lose. [snip]

    4. Inside baseball is less effective when you’re on the inside. [snip]

    5. The netroots, excited and energized by the prospect of an Obama presidency, are disillusioned. [snip]

    As Democrats fight for a signature issue, a serious strategic blunder has left them scrambling to catch up with their opponents. The White House should have laid out clear, unwavering objectives, a solid plan, rather than leave the health debate to meander through Congress. That vacuum has enabled the proponents of the status quo to marshal their forces.

    Perhaps resorting to campaign tactics will turn the tide, I certainly hope so, but it bears acknowledging that the landscape has changed.

  12. ADMIN says:

    The biggest problem for Obama Dimocrats is that there is no actual bill that is being discussed. All we have from Obama is a bunch of words which cannot be trusted


    BINGO! that is the most amazing aspect to this whole farce…the cart before the horse…there is NO PLAN…just a few different plans and ideas competing with each other…O and the dems/dims do not even know what they are selling…just that they are selling something…they have a box, ok, what’s in the box? they cannot tell you, just that you need this box, this box is good for you! trust us!

    it is surreal the charade that is taking place…simply amazing that they think we are this stupid…

  13. That poll, bambi is screwed on a big scale.

    Q. The president’s progress with the battered economy has been both praised and criticized. How well are his efforts measuring up with you?

    Extremely well. We are undoubtedly moving in the right direction. 10%
    Fairly well. There’s still a long way to go. 8%
    Not well at all. His plans are hurting more than helping. 79%
    Not sure/No opinion. 2%

    1594453 votes

    Laughing my ass off.

  14. “As Democrats fight for a signature issue, a serious strategic blunder has left them scrambling to catch up with their opponents. The White House should have laid out clear, unwavering objectives, a solid plan, rather than leave the health debate to meander through Congress.”

    Not only that but he forgot the Democratic base when he laid out his primary goal, bending the cost curve of Medicare. The democratic base uniformly supports Medicare for all. At the least he had to make Jacob Hacker’s version of the so-called public-option non-negotiable. Why would Party activists who have since the ’90’s to implement Medicare for All get jazzed about bending the cost curve of Medicare?

  15. don’t like using broad-brush pejorative terms for grassroots activists, even if I disagree with them politically. Two exceptions: astroturfers organized by big moneyed interests deserve all the disdain they get, and those who have a race-based anti-Obama agenda are despicable beyond words.]


    Why oh why do all race-based issues =anti-obama( except when HE is race baiting!) and we, the protesters are “ragtaged”, really? Then again General Washington won a Country with “ragtag” soldiers, so I will be proud to wear that label, hey, it was made in America!
    He goes on to qualify his BS that of course these are not his words, and he so hates to be repeating them, but if one must, one must do the dastardly deed.

    So does this mean we will see the AA’s and youth dressed as your next door neighbors at our local town hall meetings? Ah yes, the Acorn rent a protester, where will they hide their buses i wonder?

  16. I guess, I disagree with the idea that O should return to his campain strategy. I think that is what he has done, BUT the romance of the campagin, and all those excited supporter cannot keep up that level of effort.

    He need to go into running a country, administration mode, and the flat out truth is, he does not know how to do that, so obvious during the campagin.

    So I say that since the kool aid drinking people put him in office, each one of them can be taxes (NOT ME) for the extravagent policies and programs that he has passed.


  17. I am getting quite the laugh at the moaning over the disruptive townhalls, and how crude and un-civil those people are.

    Oh, so NOW the hopium-addled are going to whine because people are out-Alinsky-ing the Alinskyites? Yeah, I recognize the methods. We saw them at every caucus in 2008.

    LMAO! The Obots are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, at such low tactics.

    “Noooooo! Only us and ACORN and Code Pink are supposed to know how to do this shit! Waaaaaaaaa! No faaaaair!!!”

  18. The Administration is crapping themselves because they are in a hole they really do not want to be in, they probably think now that they should have thrown the 08 election to McCain because falling tax revenues, no money in the treasury, unemployment through the roof, its seriously going to come back and bite them in the ass since they installed a weak willed inexperienced doofus who could’nt run an orgy in a whorehouse.

    Obama will either become a 1 term Pres or excel beyond anyones imagination,no grey area on this one, the 2nd is never going to happen
    so a 1 Term Pres it is. Will it be retirement or the heave ho because the midterms next year are going to be evil for the ruling party.

  19. I think it’s time for bambi to round up his bully troops aka those dims that swarmed the voting stations during the primary and lead them in a charge against all the people who are questioning his non-existent health care plan.

    It worked so well for him the last time.

  20. Yes but Janh, they were all wrapped in the charge of an election, this time round though, half of those that did that are the ones now protesting, they are pissed off like the rest of us. Bambi doesnt have that many troops to russle up now.

  21. moon,

    it would be really interesting to get some accurate stats on just how many of those obama-dims are now disenchanted.

    Kool aid withdrawal must be the pits.

  22. Ooooo, smackdown of the slimy Daley-tool Rahm

    Issa to Emanuel: Back Off!

    August 4, 2009
    WASHINGTON. D.C. – Following reports that White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has been orchestrating an effort to intimidate members of Congress and Governors who raise legitimate concerns regarding the effectiveness of the stimulus, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA) sent a letter to Emanuel saying “While this type of scare tactic may work In Chicago, it will not work to intimidate me or other Members of the United States Congress.”

    “I and others have dared to bring these facts to the attention of President Obama, the Congress and the American people,” Issa wrote. “You’ve unfortunately reacted by once again resorting to the playbook of the Chicago political machine.”


  23. There’s a workstation in hell reserved for Rahm, that sort of weasel is the sort of slime that you could never trust as a friend, you’d sleep with one eye open with him in the house.

  24. Ewwwwwwwww! My eyes! My EEEEYYYYYYEEESSSS!

    I was thinking nice thoughts about the lovely Bill, then clicked on Drudge to see what the righties were saying….

    There is a pic on the front page of Vladimir Putin bare chested on horseback.

    I think I’m damaged for life.

  25. Update: Bill Clinton on his way home with the two journalists.


  26. H4T try to think of it positively, it wasnt Obama bare chested on a horse. Then I would have hurled.

  27. moon, it looks like a creepy bald version of Fabio on some bodice-bursting romance novel cover. It’s truly bizarre.

  28. news.yahoo.com/s/ap/as_nkorea_journalists_held

    one last post for Bill and the liberated journalists – there is a photo slideshow on the far left

    hopefully we will get to see them landing or some photos together tomorrow…

    today we finally had some good news…and got to see a real President in action…its been about a decade…

    signing off…

  29. The Joker pictures has gone viral on the internet. The Kook Aid drinkers are whinning how dare they show such disrespect, and others with longer memories indicate that this was done to Bush with Horns and no one objected.

    The Dims are such whinners.

  30. This has been the best day in a long time for us Clinton lovers…Seeing Bill on the World stage again is a comforting sight. Off course, we had MSM tonight pretending it was Bambi’s diplomacy, but even they had to reluctantly give credit to President Clinton. On the make me vomit side, “Judas” on every channel claiming to be working behind the scenes.,..what a unmitigated scum bag…I hope Bill broke his vow not to talk to “Judas” and called him from the plane asking how it felt to be a irrelevant nobody that even Obama did not trust to put in his administration(albeit he tried).

  31. So the investigation on Judas staff has been complete for some time now, and reported to Washington. We have heard nothing of the outcome. I guess Richardson’s favor is now paid in full.

  32. Hillary has been busy, she managed to get three women freed by these oppressive regimes. Now while in Africa, will she say or do anything about the woman receiving 76,000 lashes for wearing pants?? This is going on in the Sudan. Hillary is working hard for women worldwide. Thankgoodness Bill was able to free the women and get out of there safe. I wonder if he had his secret service with him?? I bet not, they say he went at great personal risk to himself. He is a true american.

  33. Admin, I keep expecting to see liberal resentment boil over based on this so-called insurance reform. I mean, none the priorities Dem’s have are really being addressed. Not the bots but the Hillary people, many of whom supported Hill primarily on the health care issue. Do you expect that anger to boil over at some point?

  34. HillaryforTexas.

    “Manufactured Anger”, well at least we still manufacture something in this country. I know, that was a sad joke.

    from BP


  36. Do you expect that anger to boil over at some point?
    I don’t think that liberals and people who need access to health care really understand how bad this legislation is. With the wing-nuts attacking it, the knee jerk response is to support passage. After a deal in the Senate today, “Public Option” is dead.

    The only “demand” that Obama had for “Health Insurance Reform” is that it would never evolve into “single-payer”. With the death of what was left of the Public option, Obama and his Medical Insurance backers got what they wanted. Obama has been in the pocket of the Insurance Lobby since his days in the IL Senate. His presidential campaign got >$8.8 million from them. Well one thing about Obama, he remains a good Chicago Pol., he stays bought.

  37. We re-elect 96% of the bums every cycle. They aren’t really scared of us. I “hope” we can “change” this.

    By the way, that poster that is causing so much anguish for the koolaid drinkers, The Joker-obama? Well, they, the koolaid drinkers, are now saying it is- all together now”racist” because he has big red lips. Well anything is better than his deep purple in my book.

  38. Gonzotex, I usuallly don’t like Beck, but that was one heck of a video. He was great on that particular segment. It kind of makes you think about the communism aspect of Obama when you remember his parents met while taking a Russian language class. We knew all this, but Glenn has that special way of bringing out that makes you think. I hope it goes viral.

  39. # mj Says:
    August 4th, 2009 at 11:42 pm
    After a deal in the Senate today, “Public Option” is dead.
    Please explain. I have not heard anything.
    “The negotiations involving three Democrats and three Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee have so far ruled out a public option, instead focusing on non-profit health insurance cooperatives that would negotiate collective policies for their members.

    Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota, who is one of the negotiators in the Finance Committee, said Monday that Democrats lack the necessary votes to pass a bill with a public option through the Senate.


    The Public Option was dead weeks ago, when “firewall” were put up to protect the Insurance Companies and their profits. The latest negotiations have just buried the corpse.

  40. Mj, as SHV says the “liberal” anger will not boil over. Not yet.

    Only with a defeat in 2010 will some begin to try to analyze what went wrong.

    These same PINOs gave Obama a pass on FISA. The PINOs gave Obama a pass on health care too during the campaign.

    These PINOs never cared about the issues. It was always about electing someone they could feel very “liberal” about.

    Democrats who voted for Obama but originally supported Hillary (because they voted for the Party and against extending Republican rule) will likely shake their heads and try to blame Republicans for the failure.

    At some point after 2010, as the 2012 election fiasco looms, some Democrats will begin to analyze the damage caused by Obama. For us the main damage is the attempt to rework the FDR coalition into the Obama coalition of urban (meaning black), young (the young unfortunately grow older), and white liberals.

    Democrats are justifiably upset because the white working class (particulary males) do not vote for Democrats. Democrats however blame the white working class instead of understanding why they can’t get those votes. Bill Clinton got those votes and Hillary did too. But Democrats don’t want to do the hard work of getting those votes so they came up with a way (the Obama coalition) to circumvent the need for white working class votes.

    The bottom line is that the Dimocratic leadership and many of our “liberal” friends have contempt and loathing for the white working class whom they see as yokels voting against their own interests due to stupidity or racism or lack of intelligence.

    The white working class votes that Obama got in 2008 was a vote out of desperation and now those white working class voters are revolting against Obama and his crony politics.

    The white liberals who should be upset with Obama will keep their mouths shut and only defeat will get them to wake up to the deals Obama has worked out with the insurance companies and others in order to dodge a fight.

  41. Ok, but I’m sure hearing a lot of anger, and “why aren’t we getting Medicare for All”, on my end. I mean, the women who supported Hillary overwhelmingly assumed she’d make health care not just accessible but cheaper.

  42. I mean, the women who supported Hillary overwhelmingly assumed she’d make health care not just accessible but cheaper.
    If this legislation, (and we don’t know even what it is yet) becomes law, health care will continue on the same path of increasing cost. There is essentially no cost control left after the Public Option was destroyed. The only way that costs would have been brought down was an unlimited enrollment public plan with the power to negotiate payments or to used the Medicare schedule. In order to meet CBO cost projections, the Dem leadership is basically perpetrating a fraud. This is being done by beginning the “revenue” enhancement, ie tax increase and Medicare cuts, in 2011,;”banking” that money until significant numbers of un-insured are provided with a “basic plan” after 2015-2016. However, after 2019, book-keeping tricks won’t cover-up the real costs. Again, there is no way that anything approaching UHC, which Obama-care doesn’t, can be done when the Insurance Companies control the system and eat up 1/3 of the money. It just can’t be done.

    In my State, Blue Cross just announced an 11% increase in premium costs.

  43. SHV, the pub opt didn’t just need Medicare reimbursement rates, it also needed it’s physician netwrok. How do you get a provider to accept the lower rates when the nationa wide plan has at best 10 million enrolled? There’s not a big enough market.

    But, anyways, I agree with you,which is why I am hearing a lot of discontentment, particularly among those that were not swept away by Obama in the primaries, which is why I ask, when will it boil over?

    And, how silly dems didn’t want to put single payer on the table. Now the entire debate is about single payer anyway, but because dems didn’t put it on the table, they are left arguing against any pub opt that would look anything like a step closer to single payer.

  44. SHV, the pub opt didn’t just need Medicare reimbursement rates, it also needed it’s physician netwrok. How do you get a provider to accept the lower rates when the nationa wide plan has at best 10 million enrolled?
    Your are exactly right. The public plan that remained in the House version would have had somewhere between 0 to 10 million enrolled and would begin until after 2013. In addition it would have been forced to use the insurance model so it wouldn’t compete with the Insurance companies. The original “Public Option” counted on “open enrollment” with up to 130 million people covered. That number would allow negotiations with providers and cost reductions due to no profit and low overhead. Very few physician networks could afford to ignore an “insurance” plan with >100 million members. That was the “real” public option and it was killed very quickly.

  45. I just read a comment by a poster I think on TexasDarlin’s website that Obama has fired Fitzgerald. Isn’t he the one that was going after Blagoyovich and Rezco?? It isn’t anywhere on any news outlet that I can find. I wonder if it is true. If it is I wonder if this NK thing was a distraction to hide the fact that Fitzgerald is fired.
    He also fired some other WH lawyer today.

  46. http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/left-is-miffed-at-pelosi-over—her-comment-2009-08-03.html

    House liberals are offended that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) mocked their threats to oppose a Democratic healthcare bill, saying leaders are underestimating their frustration over a deal cut with centrist Blue Dogs.

    In a session with reporters before leaving for the August recess, Pelosi said, “Are you asking me are progressives going to vote against universal, quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans? No way.” Her directness elicited laughter in the room.

    Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, on Monday expressed outrage at the comments and said her group is being “laughed at.”

    Woolsey is the author of a letter signed by 60 fellow House liberals vowing to vote against a deal cut with the Blue Dogs. Liberals feel the bill weakens the “public option,” the group’s signature issue in the healthcare debate.

    “It didn’t take us very seriously,” Woolsey said. “She may be overlooking the strength behind the 60, and there are more who are absolutely committed to a robust public option.” [snip]

    If Republicans vote en masse against the bill, as they’re expected to, 60 Democratic “no” votes would be enough to block it. But Pelosi isn’t the only one who doubts their resolve. [snip]

    The Progressive Caucus is working on a statement protesting Pelosi’s comments. Woolsey said the signers of the letter plan to “remind leadership” of the group’s support for a “robust public option.”

    “Robust” to liberals generally means similar to Medicare. Liberals are irritated leaders granted Blue Dogs’ concessions that prevent the public option from using Medicare rates for reimbursement. They believe that will make care too expensive for many people. [snip]

    Pelosi’s remark may have stiffened the resolve of many liberals. But leadership aides, centrist lawmakers and even some staffers of liberal members question whether liberals would kill the top domestic priority of a new Democratic president.

    “I don’t have much faith. This has happened with Iraq and Afghanistan,” said a Democratic aide.

    The aide noted that liberals backed down on threats to block funding for the war in Iraq, a key issue in giving Democrats the majority in 2006. Earlier this year, liberals complained about President Barack Obama’s plan to send more troops to Afghanistan. A coordinated effort by liberals could have blocked the vote, but didn’t materialize. [snip]

    “We have never yet said to our leadership this is a line in the sand for us,” Woolsey said.

    But at least one of the 60 lawmakers who signed the letter admitted he might not be able to follow through on his threat.

    “I probably wouldn’t vote against it. But we have to let leadership know that we’re serious too.”

  47. Clinton urges African democracy

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has begun her 11-day tour of Africa saying improving democracy is the key to boosting trade and development.

    She told a summit in Kenya investors would not be attracted to states with failed leadership and civil unrest.

    Later she will meet Kenyan leaders, amid growing concerns over Nairobi’s reluctance to seek justice following last year’s post-election violence.

    During her seven-nation tour, she is also expected to hold talks on Somalia.

    Analysts say the tour, her longest overseas journey in her post to date, is part of an attempt by the US to show that Africa remains a key foreign policy priority.

    Her trip comes less than a month after US President Barack Obama, whose father was born in Kenya, travelled to Ghana. Mr Obama said in a video broadcast to delegates at the Nairobi summit that he would like to see closer trade ties with Africa.

    US officials were keen to emphasise that Mrs Clinton’s trip is the earliest trip by a secretary of state to Africa of any administration.

    Outdated notions

    One of Mrs Clinton’s first engagements in Nairobi was to address a forum of some 40 African states which enjoy trade preferences with the US – through the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) – on the condition they uphold free elections and markets. She said Africa had all the ingredients for growth, prosperity and progress and should reject corruption.

    “The solution starts with transparency. A famous judge in my country once said that sunlight is the best disinfectant. And there’s a lot of sunlight in Africa,” she said. “We can’t seem to get past the idea that the continent has enormous potential for progress. “Too often the media’s portrayal is so much less than that. But such notions are not only stale and outdated – they are wrong.”

    The greatest opportunity for Africa lay in boosting trade within the continent, she said.
    Mrs Clinton ended by shining the spotlight on Africa’s women saying they had often been marginalised but were key to transforming economies.

    She will hold talks with Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga later.

    ‘Golden chance’

    Before Mrs Clinton arrived in Kenya, the US embassy in Nairobi issued a statement scolding Kenya for its decision not to set up a local court to seek justice for the victims of the country’s post-poll clashes.


    •South Africa
    •Democratic Republic of Congo
    •Cape Verde

    At least 1,300 people died during clashes following the disputed December 2007 election.

    “The US is deeply concerned by the coalition government’s decision that appears to indicate it will not pursue establishment of an independent Special Tribunal to hold accountable perpetrators of post-election violence,” the US government said in the statement.

    Meanwhile, Somali President Sheik Sharif Sheik Ahmed said his planned meeting with Mrs Clinton in Kenya would be “a golden chance for the Somali people and government”. “It signals how the American government, the Obama administration and the international community are willing to support Somalia this time,” he said, referring to earlier failed peacekeeping missions to the country.

    Mrs Clinton will also visit South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cape Verde.


  48. Tuesday, August 04, 2009 11:45 PM

    More Details from the White House on Bill Clinton’s Trip to North Korea

    Holly Bailey

    The White House finally broke its silence on President Clinton’s trip to North Korea, where he facilitated the release of two detained U.S. journalists. Laura Ling and Euna Lee were pardoned Tuesday by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il after being detained four months ago after authorities there accused them of illegally entering the country. The women, both journalists for Current TV, had been sentenced to 12 years in a hard labor camp, but North Korea freed the women after Clinton’s visit today. The two are now en route to California on Clinton’s chartered jet, where they will be reunited with their families early Wednesday.

    Administration officials had refused to comment on the specifics of the situation until Clinton’s jet had departed Pyongyang out of fear they would jeopardize the talks. But late Tuesday, a senior administration official briefed reporters, shedding more light into how exactly the trip had come about. As Eleanor Clift reported earlier today, Clinton’s involvement was no accident. According to the White House, the North Koreans in mid-July hinted to Lee and Ling that if Bill Clinton were to come to Pyongyang, they would release them. Lee and Ling, who were allowed to talk to their families via phone occasionally, relayed this information to their loved ones, who in turn told the White House, State Department and former Vice President Al Gore, who owns Current TV.

    White House aides, through intermediaries with North Korea, began checking to see if the statement was true. In the meantime, Gore, the journalists’ families and other Obama officials, including National Security Advisor Jim Jones, reached out to Clinton, to see if he would be willing to go. Clinton, in turn, agreed—though, according to an Obama official, he wanted to make sure the trip was worth it. The former president wanted a guarantee that if he went, the reporters would be released. The North Koreans agreed, though the U.S. wanted another guarantee: That Clinton’s visit would be viewed as a private, humanitarian mission and nothing more. “It was insisted that the North Koreans acknowledge… Clinton’s visit was not any part of a negotiation, it was not in any way connected to the nuclear issue or other issues,” a senior administration official said. The North Koreans, according to the WH, agreed.

    As arrangements were made, Clinton was subsequently briefed several times by administration officials, most recently at the home he shares here in Washington with his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (No word on her direct involvement.) According to a White House official, Clinton didn’t speak with President Obama about the trip—according to Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, the two men haven’t spoken since March when both attended an environmental event. Gore, however, did speak with Obama directly about Lee and Ling. But that’s not the only talking that went on. According to the senior administration official, upon word that Clinton would travel to the region, the White House and State Department quickly reached out to China, Russia and other allies in the so-called six-party talks aimed at convincing North Korea to drop its nuclear ambitions to make clear what the trip was about. “(We) consulted directly with allies to ensure that they understood what the trip was about and what it wasn’t about,” the official said.

    In Pyongyang, Clinton and his aides met with Kim Jong Il for about an hour and 15 minutes before the two sides sat down for a two hour dinner. An Obama official said the principal discussion was about the fate of Lee and Ling but said Clinton did bring up other humanitarian issues, including the imprisonment of Japanese and North Korea’s treatment of South Koreans. Asked if the issue of nuclear weapons came up, the Obama aide suggested it likely did, but bluntly admitted, “I don’t know.” Clinton is expected to more fully brief administration officials on what we went down in coming days. One thing the White House is sure on: Clinton did not apologize for the two journalists, as North Korea’s state-owned media suggested.


  49. politicsdaily.com/2009/08/04/obama-joker-picture-pops-up-in-los-angeles-and-across-the-inte/?icid=main|hp-laptop|dl1|link4|http%3A%2F%2Fwww.politicsdaily.com%2F2009%2F08%2F04%2Fobama-joker-picture-pops-up-in-los-angeles-and-across-the-inte%2F

    H and w stuff

    Eart Hutchinson (President of their Urban league or something) said the following:

    “Depicting the president as demonic and a socialist goes beyond political spoofery,” says Hutchinson. “It is mean-spirited and dangerous.

    “We have issued a public challenge to the person or group that put up the poster to come forth and publicly tell why they have used this offensive depiction to ridicule President Obama

    A bigger question than who’s responsible for the poster is what does The Joker have to do with socialism? Isn’t he more of an anarchist? (this is a quote from the author of the piece Chris Weber).

    Well when HRC’s poster had horns on them, the NM Dims acted like it was funny, and of course the same are true of the horns on Bush. If it were not for the internet, no one would even know this was going on.

    Obviously the newspaper are too slow and slanted to be viewed as the free press. But the Internet is doing just fine. I hope Glen Beck talks about the photo. We all know you can look back in political history, and Presidents on down were dipicted in cartoons in this country and all over the world. His group really beginning to sound like childish whinners, but then they always were.

  50. “We have issued a public challenge to the person or group that put up the poster to come forth and publicly tell why they have used this offensive depiction to ridicule President Obama”


    Yep. So they can humiliate and flog him to the public as an example of what will happen if you dare to mock the idiot.

  51. JanH

    So why was Richardson out there flapping his lips. He had nothing to do with the release. I cannot wait until his last Term as Gov is OVER.

  52. Hillary Clinton reiterates call for North Korea talks

    Wed Aug 5, 2009 8:07am EDT
    By Sue Pleming

    NAIROBI (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Wednesday North Korea’s release of two American journalists was separate from nuclear non-proliferation talks and reiterated a U.S. appeal for it to return to negotiations.

    At a news conference in Nairobi with Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula, she denied that her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, had apologized during a visit to Pyongyang that secured the release of the two women.

    “That’s not true. That did not occur,” she said.

    The journalists work for Current TV, an American TV outlet co-founded by Bill Clinton’s vice president, Al Gore. They were arrested for illegally entering North Korea from China.

    They were each sentenced to 12 years’ hard labor in June.

    “We have always considered that a totally separate issue from our efforts to re-engage the North Koreans and have them return to the six-party talks and work for a commitment for the full, verifiable denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” Clinton said.

    Analysts say Washington faces a tricky task trying to convince North Korea to give up ambitions of becoming a nuclear weapons power without being seen to reward it for repeated military acts or ignoring regional demands.

    “The future of our relationships with the North Koreans is really up to them. They have a choice,” Clinton said.

    Pyongyang could either pursue a path filled with provocative actions, or decide to return to the negotiating table, she said. “We have always said that there would be a chance to discuss bilateral matters with the North Koreans within that regional context. That is still the offer today, so it is up to them.”

    Clinton earlier told reporters traveling with her she was “very happy and relieved” that the two journalists were flying back to California with the former president to be reunited with their families.

    “I spoke to my husband on the airplane and everything went well. We are extremely excited,” she said. “It’s just a good day to be able to see this happen.”

    In an interview with NBC’s “Today” show, Clinton gave more details of her brief phone call with the former president.

    “He was just so relieved and happy that it had been successful. He said it was very emotional, it was personally affecting to him,” said Clinton, adding that their daughter Chelsea was a similar age to the released journalists.

    Asked whether she thought it could change North Korea’s behavior, Clinton replied that she did not know whether it would lead to a breakthrough.

    “It’s not something we’re counting on,” she said. “I hope that they realize we’re sincere in our offer to have a different relationship with them if they are willing to move toward the full and verifiable denuclearization and I think the entire world would welcome that change on their part,” she added.


  53. Glen Beck is a right wing lunatic who would pillory Hillary if she were president.

    Earl Hutchison was much more a hillary supporter than an obama supporter in the primary, and he often openly criticizes obama.

  54. JanH 8:49

    At a news conference in Nairobi with Kenyan Foreign Minister Moses Wetangula, she denied that her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, had apologized during a visit to Pyongyang that secured the release of the two women.

    “That’s not true. That did not occur,” she said.

    They sent the wrong president if they wanted someone to apologize. OK I just had to say that.

  55. They just couldn’t let Bill speak, Gore got to talk instead. Just a tiny bit thanks to Hillary. Now that Bill got them out he wants to credit.

  56. confloyd, I would bet bill chose not, and wanted the family and Mr.Gore (the employer) to have the spotlight. My understanding is he will answer questions to the press at some point.

  57. mj, apparently he has made a statement and I missed as other things are going on here at my house this morning. I sure hope I hear what he said.
    I know one thing it was nice to see him in the spotlight again.

  58. Bill Clinton was presidential inside and out. His performance was exemplary. Bambi would have pushed his way down to the media and family the minute the plane landed. He would have been front and center needing meme applause and attention for himself.

    President Clinton allowed the families the personal reunion they needed. He didn’t try to hog the spotlight. I didn’t expect him to speak. He was graciousness personified and I for one am so proud of this man and his achievements.

    The critics can poke holes, but in my humble opinion Americans are extremely lucky to have this man on their side. After the way the dims treated him and Hillary, he took the high road.

  59. Obama hails ‘extraordinary’ effort by Clinton in NKorea

    (AFP) – 25 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON — US President Barack Obama on Wednesday hailed the “extraordinary” work by former US president Bill Clinton in securing the release of two US journalists from North Korea.

    “We are, obviously, extraordinarily relieved,” Obama told reporters at the White House, following the arrival in California of television journalists Euna Lee and Laura Ling.

    “The reunion that we’ve all seen on television I think is a source of happiness, not only for the families, but for the entire country,” Obama said.

    “I want to thank President Bill Clinton — I had a chance to talk to him — for the extraordinary humanitarian effort that resulted in the release of the two journalists,” Obama said.

    He added words of thanks for former vice president Al Gore — a part owner of the television network which employed the two journalists — “who worked tirelessly in order to achieve a positive outcome.”

    “All Americans should be grateful to both former president Clinton and vice president Gore for their extraordinary work,” Obama added.


  60. This morning tears came ot my eyes watching those reporters and Bill depart the plane. Ling ‘s comment that when they saw President Clinton they knew they were going home, was very emotional. It was interesting to see Clinton?Gore embrace, but Gore and others all were quick to thank Obama as well.

  61. b. Creating A Welfare State With Fascist Controls: Walter Cronkite was asked whether there was a ruling class in this country and his response was yes I am afraid there is, they are the heads of commerce and finance, and they so manipulate democracy that they control democracy for their own benefit. The ruling class recognizes that when we recover from this recession, many of the jobs that were there before will not return. Part of the reason is labor cost and part of it is unwillingness by banks to lend money to new businesses in the liberal manner they once did. They will insist upon a positive balance sheet which presupposes a viable business. The end result is likely to be as many as 50 million Americans unemployed, with no money and no visible means of support. The elites have reason to fear that scenario because it threatens free trade which is the lifeblood of their business, and because it foreshadows the emergence of populist political leaders who will challenge their privileged status. They fear those of the far right or the far left who will not compromise. They like Obama because they see him as pragmatic and they can control him. And they see the Chicago Machine as a vehicle for social control. They would use Obama to move the nation back into the welfare state mode to prevent an anarchy which could affect them. Also, they would push him to create the private domestic army which he maundered about to protect their interests in the event of widespread civil disorder.

  62. Earl Hutchinson is full of it on this poster thing. Dig up some pics of anti-war rallies. There were posters and signs with Bush or Cheney as the devil, horns and all, all OVER the place. Also Bush/Hitler ones. Mocking a president in that way is nothing new. Heck, even as a candidate – I’ve seen witch pictures etc of Hillary.

    Obama supporters need to get over his precious self. Visual mockery comes with the job.

  63. I think the public reaction is split between those who recognize the fine work that Hillary and Bill did to secure the release of these two people and laying the groundwork for some lowering of the nuclear threat, vs those who worry that some deal was made. The latter I do not worry about. Any suggestion that this was Obamas idea was belied by the fact that Hillary has been working on this issue for sometime, has been in communcation with the families and the families not Obama requested Hillary. I think a deal has been made between Hillary and the pretender. Stay out of foreign policy Obama you are not good at it. Stick to glory grabbing–that is your only forte. Otherwise I am out of here. When she said she got everything from the administration she wanted when she appeared on Meet The Press, I think that was true when she said it and it is true now, but I do not think it was true a month ago. That is what I think has changed.

  64. Obama Health Plan Draws Majority Disapproval in Poll

    By Kristin Jensen

    Aug. 5 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama’s effort to revamp the U.S. health-care system is drawing increasing disapproval from Americans worried about higher deficits, a Quinnipiac University poll shows.

    The July 27-Aug. 3 poll found that 52 percent of American voters disapprove of the way Obama is handling the health-care issue and 39 percent approve. That compares with 46 percent who approved and 42 percent who disapproved in late June, the university’s polling institute said.

    Almost three-quarters of the respondents said they don’t believe Obama’s promise that Congress can pass a health-care measure without adding to the budget deficit. And 57 percent say the legislation should be dropped if it adds “significantly” to the deficit, Quinnipiac said.

    “It’s obviously a problem for the people who are trying to push health-care reform,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Hamden, Connecticut-based polling institute, in an interview with Bloomberg Television. “The White House and Democratic leadership are very concerned that the month of August not become the time when the plan died.”

    The House of Representatives left Washington on July 31 for a five-week recess after putting off a vote on legislation until September. One of the two Senate committees with jurisdiction over health care is still struggling to craft bipartisan legislation, and the Senate also gave up on meeting Obama’s goal of passing the measure in August.

    Persuading Voters

    House and Senate lawmakers are grappling with issues such as whether to create a government-run health-care plan that would compete with private insurers, whether to mandate that employers offer health insurance to their workers, and how to pay for a plan that may cost $1 trillion over 10 years.

    House Democrats are now trying to persuade voters in their home districts that the effort to cover millions of uninsured Americans and reduce health-care costs is worthwhile; the poll suggests they have a lot of work to do.

    A plurality of 39 percent of respondents said they don’t think proposed changes would affect their own care, while 36 percent said the legislation would hurt the quality of their care and 21 percent said they would expect an improvement. Almost three-fifths say Congress shouldn’t pass a health-care measure unless it receives at least some Republican support.

    Individual Elements

    As other recent polls have shown, Quinnipiac found support for individual elements of the plans that Obama and Democratic leaders in Congress are proposing.

    The Quinnipiac poll showed that 62 percent of voters favor allowing Americans to opt into a government-run insurance program, compared with 32 percent who don’t. Three out of five respondents support subsidies to help lower-income Americans buy insurance, 61 percent support higher taxes on the wealthiest Americans to pay for the overhaul and 54 percent agree that employers should provide insurance or pay a penalty.

    A requirement that individuals obtain insurance drew fire from respondents, with 68 percent opposed and 26 percent in favor. All the plans so far have some sort of mandate on Americans to obtain coverage, with help for those with lower incomes.

    The poll included 2,409 registered voters nationwide and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

    To contact the reporter on this story: Kristin Jensen in Washington at kjensen@bloomberg.net


  65. Lenders drag feet on modifying mortgages

    The Associated Press

    WASHINGTON — The government’s $50 billion program to ease the mortgage crisis is helping only a tiny fraction of struggling homeowners, and a list released Tuesday showed which lenders are laggards. As of July, only 9 percent of eligible borrowers had seen their mortgage payments reduced with modified loans. And the first monthly progress report showed that 10 lenders had not changed a single mortgage.

    The report indicated that lenders such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo have lagged behind government expectations. Both banks received billions in federal bailout money.

    BofA modified just 4 percent of eligible loans, and Wells Fargo 6 percent. Wachovia, which was taken over by Wells Fargo in December, modified only 2 percent.

    “We think they could have ramped up better, faster, more consistently and done a better job serving borrowers and bringing stabilization to the broader mortgage markets and economy,” said Michael Barr, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for financial institutions. “We expect them to do more,” Barr said.

    The government is trying to squeeze better results out of its main anti-foreclosure program, which has put about 235,000 borrowers on the path to loan modifications out of the 4 million targeted for help.

    National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers has said the report is an effort to create transparency about which mortgage servicers are helping most.

    “The biggest servicers certainly have the biggest ships to turn,” Seth Wheeler, a deputy assistant Treasury secretary for federal finance, said before the report was released.

    Wells Fargo said it plans to speed up its efforts, signing up most borrowers for the Obama plan with one phone call and sending customers a trial offer within two days.
    The report is “only part of the story” because the numbers do not reflect an additional 220,000 loans Wells Fargo modified outside the Obama plan this year, a company executive said.

    BofA said it would improve its “processes for reaching those in need” and continue working with the Treasury Department to help homeowners who fall outside the program’s eligibility requirements.

    JPMorgan Chase is happy with its progress so far, said spokeswoman Christine Holevas. “That always has to be tempered with the fact that the demand is great; we know that we have more to do,” Holevas said. “We believe we’ve made significant progress. We’ve ramped up, we’ve hired people, we’ve added office space, we’ve invested in technology.” JPMorgan said June 30 it had approved 87,100 loans for modification under the administration’s plan since April 6.

    Loan servicers send out bills, collect debts and keep records for mortgage lenders. A group of servicers met with Obama administration officials July 28 and pledged to step up the pace of loan modifications to keep more homeowners from sliding into foreclosure, according to the Treasury.

    The report shows the levels of homeowner assistance for the 38 companies participating in the loan-modification program. The Obama administration said last month it has set a goal of starting at least 500,000 trial modifications by Nov. 1.

    Many banks don’t yet have the capacity to process the volume of loan modifications, said David Sisko, the head of default-management services for Deloitte & Touche. He said modification specialists have gone from processing an average of 50 to 100 loans a month to 200 to 300. “The smaller banks and servicers are probably a little nimbler,” Sisko said.

    Eligible loans are at least 60 days past due, in foreclosure or bankruptcy, and originated before 2009. The underlying property must be owner-occupied and conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loan limits, which can be as high as $729,750 in some areas.

    The data exclude Federal Housing Administration and Veterans Affairs loans.

    The program requires banks that received federal aid from the Treasury’s Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP, as well as mortgage-finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lower monthly payments for borrowers at “imminent risk” of default. Banks can lengthen repayment terms, drop interest rates to as low as 2 percent and forbear outstanding principal, among other methods.

    “A lot of these modifications are very hard to do; it takes time and you can’t rush it,” said Paul Miller, a bank analyst for FBR Capital Markets in Arlington, Va.


  66. August 4, 2009, 11:11 pm

    CNN Calls on Cable Operators to Block Ad Critical of Lou Dobbs

    By Brian Stelter

    A commercial critiquing CNN’s Lou Dobbs is being shown on Fox News and MSNBC this week — but not CNN. CNN has worked with the cable operators that carry its channel to block the commercial, which was produced by the liberal media watchdog group Media Matters. According to a CNN employee who requested anonymity, CNN managers said in a morning staff meeting that the channel had invoked unspecified agreements with operators to stop the ad from running.

    The ad accuses Mr. Dobbs of “promoting the false, right-wing conspiracy that President Obama hasn’t produced a valid U.S. birth certificate.” It calls on viewers to “let CNN know there’s nothing ‘legitimate’ about racially charged paranoia.”

    Media Matters sought to buy air time on the cable news channels in Washington, New York and Atlanta this week.

    In a statement, CNN said that it “retains the right to object to any ad run by the cable operator on our network whose purpose is to attack CNN or our employees.” A CNN spokeswoman said she didn’t know if the word “agreement” was used in the staff meeting.

    WhoRunsGov first reported that CNN had “privately pressed cable operators not to run” the ad.

    Eric Burns, the president of Media Matters, said that CNN’s blocking of the ad “seems like the actions of a network desperate to provide cover for its primetime host rather than living up to its standard of being the most trusted name in news.”


  67. Another obnoxious, but grudgingly complimentary article by Clinton hater Dowd. Off course she has to put down Hillary as usual…(see NYT).

  68. Dowd is a maggot, plain and simple. She is a very poor excuse for a journalist as so many of them have turned out to be.

    “moment of mutual relevance???” Her comments might apply to the North Koreans, but Bill Clinton has more class, knowledge, and principles than Dowd will ever have. And if she wants to really be honest, she has yet to a moment of relevance in her entire career.

  69. g. Thug Media: many independent observers have noted that Big Media has ceased to be a watch dog and become a lap dog for Obama. The Pew institute has confirmed this with hard figures. The question is why. It cannot be explained solely in terms of the predilections of individual reporters. It affects programming, selection of coverage, air time, pundit and the like. In fact, much of the bias emanates from the conglomerates who own big media. GE owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Time-Warner owns CNN, Disney owns ABC, and Westinghouse owns CBS. They are key players in the business cabal that controls Obama, much as Rezko once did. Hence they use their media subsidiaries to protect him. This can be seen in the quashing of a negative NBC story on Obama in New Jersey by the CEO of General Electric. It can be seen now, as Obama goes above big media’s heads to the CEOs of their parent companies to demand time to air yet another press conference. And, it can be seen in the way MSNBC attacked, hounded and harassed Obama opponents Hillary, Sarah and even a private citizen who dared ask Obama a question he could not answer. The Chicago Machine uses a different kind of muscle destroy its opponents, but the result is the same.

  70. It is kind of amazing, getting the stuff we have seen on line, days, months, and even in some cases a year ago, finally making it into main stream media. The lage time is astounding. It does not take long to make the decisions to spend more time on line, and forget about the newspaper and the news on TV. Why should you, when there is so much more relavent news out there that it takes the media so long to publish.

  71. So CNN has not only fed the liberal masses, but gotten their candidate elected. Now they don’t like the behavior of the liberal masses. Kind of like they have created a monster, and they are not quite sure what to do about it.

  72. No matter how much the Clintons accomplish and how much the rest of the simply trusts and adores them,Big Media continues belittle and berates them in order to keep the tight hold
    on the teleprompting emperor of the
    DNC.Fox is now allowing Hannity to spill his poisonous lies about Bill and Hill.Fox feels in control of our political system with O’Reilly,Morris,Beck,
    Hannity,Colmes and an endless list of mercenary hatchet men and women.
    This scenario is Chicago at it’s worst.
    Welcome back wbboei.I am anxious to read your intelligent and valuable
    comments and real information on the
    current corruption that permeates the politics of hope and change a la adolph.

  73. Barak Obama continually stole the best ideas from the Clinton Presidency and the brains of Bill and Hillary Clinton…as he did with so many other people, he just took the best of what they offered and tried to claim it for himself…Obama tried to recreate the nostalgia for President Bill Clinton’s ‘Putting People First’ and claim it to be something new – filled with his brand of hope and change – BUT something funny happened along the way and now here we are:

    As even Drudge has acknowledged – BILL CLINTON DELIVERS

    …and as disappointed and angry Obama supporters are beginning to acknowledge – they feel LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN PUNKED BY BARAK OBAMA

    ADMIN – if possible, please imbed the video clip of the Obama supporter that goes with this article


    By Sandhya Somashekhar
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, August 5, 2009

    The coffee was still brewing when Chris Ann Cleland got her first reminder of the day that voting for Barack Obama might have been a mistake.

    The Prince William County real estate agent was sitting at a long wooden table covered with paperwork. Her clients, a young couple who had brought their 2-week-old baby, were finalizing a short sale on a townhouse that they were anxious to unload, even if it meant ruining their credit, because they had maxed out their credit cards trying to make the payments.

    For Cleland, it was another example — one of many this day — of the broken promises of a president who she thought would be different. Obama pledged to change a Washington culture that favored corporations and the connected and instead lift families such as the one sitting next to Cleland out of their economic funk. Rather, she said, Obama has backed billions of dollars to banks that continue to “act like they’re broke” and started the country down a path that Cleland said she thinks will lead to more grief for the middle class.

    “He’s just not as advertised,” she said. “Nothing’s changed for the common guy. I feel like I’ve been punked.”

    article continues…

  74. washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/video/2009/08/03/VI2009080300969.html?sid=ST2009080300899

    link to the PUNKED OBAMA VOTER

  75. dailyhowler.com/dh080509.html

    the daily howler has a good piece reflecting on Dowdie’s article and the whole so called ‘liberal’ village including good examples of Eugene Robinson’s selective memory…

    here is a tidbit:

    As Robinson started, he had to be honest. The columnist said he can’t remember anything as crazy as this:

    ROBINSON (8/4/09): If there’s been a more clinically insane political phenomenon in my lifetime than the “birthers,” I’ve missed it. Is this what our national discourse has come to? Sheer paranoid fantasy?

    I’m talking about the people who have convinced themselves that Barack Obama was not really born in the United States, and thus is ineligible to be president. Even some commentators who usually are among Obama’s most rabid critics have acknowledged that this idea is simply nuts. Yet it persists, out there on the farthest fringes of the right-wing blogosphere. Oh, and also on CNN, which is usually a little closer to reality.

    As he continues, Robinson correctly notes that “there is not a scintilla of truth” in this whole “crazy” affair. He correctly scores cosmic loser Lou Dobbs for encouraging this destructive nonsense. As he ends, he wonders if it might be something about Obama that has produced all this lunacy. In recent weeks, all good liberals have stood in line to ask questions like this:

    ROBINSON: Is this an orchestrated campaign to somehow delegitimize Obama’s presidency? Is the fact that he is the first African American president a factor? Is it that some people can’t or won’t accept that he won the election and serves as commander in chief?

    Maybe, maybe not. Trying to analyze the “birther” phenomenon would mean taking it seriously, and taking it seriously would be like arguing about the color of unicorns. About all that can be said is that a bunch of lost, confused and frightened people have decided to seek refuge in conspiratorial make-believe. I hope they’re harmless. And I hope they seek help.

    For ourselves, we think this matter should be taken seriously. (And no, the confused people who believe this stuff won’t be “seeking help.”) In fact, we’ve argued that line—often gnashing our teeth—for perhaps the past seventeen years. We choose that number for a reason. Unlike Robinson, who can’t recall, we can remember other incidents which were just as crazy as this. Duh! As everyone but high-ranking journalists knows, such crazy incidents drove our discourse the last time a Dem reached the White House.

    Is this attack on Obama “simply nuts?” Actually, yes—it is, quite sadly. But the last time a Democrat went to the White House, the following beliefs were widely asserted—and those beliefs were clinically crazy too. But uh-oh! People like Robinson ran off and hid while this lunacy unspooled. Today, they cannot recall:

    As governor, Bill Clinton murdered many rivals. Hillary Clinton was involved.
    As first lady, Hillary Clinton was involved in Vince Foster’s death.
    As governor, Bill Clinton trafficked drugs through Mena, Arkansas.
    Those beliefs were also clinically insane; they were widely trumpeted and believed all through the 1990s. Indeed, one of the nation’s most famous “Christian leaders” actively pimped the lurid film which detailed the many murders. He remained a cable favorite—and a Meet the Press guest. (See below.) snip

    Why can’t Robinson remember these things? Because he hid in the woods while they transpired, like the rest of his craven class? That was the way the Village handled these prior lunacies—and Robinson tends to do what the Village does. It’s how the columnist rolls.

    Starting in early 1999, of course, the craziness long aimed at Clinton was seamlessly transferred to Gore. Some of this garbage still came from the right. (Remember “Al Gore slumlord,” a minor talk-radio/Washington Times hit from August 2000?) But most of it came directly from Robinson’s cohort, without a peep of dissent from the fellow who doesn’t recall:

    Al Gore said he inspired Love Story.
    Al Gore said he invented the Internet.
    article continues to shine light on these big phonies…

    and I will add that now they have set their guns on Sarah Palin…but at any given moment they are still ready to pounce on Hill or Bill…

  76. S,

    So she feels punked. Too bad. I have no sympathy. I’m not cold-blooded but honestly, did she do any research before she voted for this man? Did she ask questions?

  77. As much as I dislike Limpbaugh, occasionally he is as right twice a day, as a broken clock:

    “Limbaugh claimed that Obama and the Joker share a fundamental trait:

    “Obama has admitted to wearing masks. In “Dreams from My Father”: (paraphrasing) “It was usually an effective tactic, another one of those tricks I had learned. People were satisfied so long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved, such a pleasant surprise to find a well mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.” This is his tactic for fooling white people. This is the mask.

    Limbaugh was explicit: Obama has been conning whites. Is that a racist attack? I’ll let you decide. But with such powers of analysis, Limbaugh, no doubt, will soon be likening Obama to other Batman enemies: Mr. Freeze, the Riddler and Two-Face. There’s a whole line of posters waiting.

  78. JanH, You know I totally agree.

    Granted, O had very little track record (which should have been a clue right there), but Chris Ann you ignored a lot of good evidence, refusing to see the joker for what he was. Unfortunately, Chris Ann, you are to blame for that. O did not let you down, he simply played a part which was so obvious a lie, one has to wonder why you and many others did not see through.

    Now you want to blame him, because to blame yourself is tough on your Ego. O does the same thing.

  79. Think it’s just right-wingers who are pissed off at these town halls? That’s the meme that the media and Obama keep pushing.

    Think again. Here is a pissed off Democrat going after Steny Hoyer.


  80. And here is where Hillary was so darn right about the fraud…once again for old time’s sake the celestial choirs prevail…


  81. S, JanH – no sympathy here for that “punked” Obama voter.

    BTW, we just now saw the Obama birthday cake which MSNBC calls “hideous”. It truly is one of the ugliest messes we have ever seen. Take a look at the Obama birthday cake which is as hideous as can possibly be and very pretentious. Something is very wrong. It’s almost as if the cake is a representation for the disorder which is Obama.


  82. Just as in the election and in the “Tea Party’s”, anyone who disagrees with this clown is an extremist…MSNBC and CNN are leading the way in
    castigating these people.

  83. I don’t at all deny that some bad wingnut groups are leeching onto and seeing an advantage in driving these protests. Of course they are. Just as some very bizarre and radical groups that were everything from extreme communists to batshit anarchist/libertarians latched onto the anti-war protests and tried to further their agendas.

    But that sort of no-holds-barred activist element did not negate that there was a very real, broad-based opposition to the war among very normal middle-of-the-road people. It didn’t mean that people like Code Pink had somehow “manufactured” all that anger. They took advantage of it, but no, they did not create it.

    When I was protesting many of the Bush policies, as a centrist Democrat one of the things that frustrated me was the right-wings characterization of ME as part and parcel of the most moonbatty of the moonbats, the la-la crazies and America-haters that yes, DO exist in this country. It’s always an easy out to find the fringy-est of the fringe, and pronounce all who protest as of the same mindset as “those crazy people”.

    This townhall thing is no different. And people are not as stupid as the media thinks. They talk to their neighbors, their families, their coworkers, people they personally KNOW who have protested. And they are asking, “Did you go to that thing because you were “astro-turfed?” “Um, no, Bob, I went because I think the bill sucks, and the hurry to pass it unread and unfunded is alarming me.”

  84. Israelis losing faith in Obama…


  85. Cornyn to White House: Quit collecting health care info


  86. Israelis have lost faith and hopefully, but unlikely, the American Jewish community will follow(not the fake, ultra left so called pro Israeli groups who are anything but).

  87. jbstonesfan,

    I find it very interesting that 238 North American Jews (young, old, families) have emigrated to Israel this summer.

    The link is here:


  88. HEADLINE at hillbuzz….. pushing healthcare through in 3-4 weeks when he took six months to pick a dog….LMAO. I missed them so much they’ve been through so much the last few months. I don’t post very often on blogs but I read daily sometimes several times a day. I’m a nurse I work the night shift and when I have insomnia and the house is quite I hit up my regulars Hillary is 44 and hillbuzz. I love you all, you pick me up when I’m down and give me lots of info and snark comments that I can fire off to my Obot mother-in-law.

  89. I believe our president has a fetish for the presidential seal. Wonder what – nah – I’d better not go there.

  90. JtJames, they suffered several losses at Hillbuzz. We’re glad to see them back. They need a little time to get over the several deaths among their circle of friends. A lot of Hillary supporters needed to get away for a while to regain their strength after the August 2008 disaster in Denver. A lot of Hillary supporters are regaining their strength now as they see Americans finally waking up. It’s never easy to get over loss especially when you think of what might have been.

    For us, we know we have been right about Obama and we have been right about Hillary – that sustains us. We are now seeing how right we have been played out world-wide. For us, it was never about Hillary as a messiah, but Hillary as the best person for Americans. For us, it was always what was best for Americans not slavish worship of a candidate. Our role, post-primary, was to keep a pink light in the window shining bright through the night.

    Maybe this will help the Hillbuzz boys feel a little bit better:

  91. rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/obama_administration/august_2009/71_say_obama_s_policies_have_driven_up_deficit

    New Rasmussen poll. 71% say Obama’s policies have driven up deficit (put w w w in front of link)

  92. I cried this morning when I watched them return to their families. The courtesy My President (my first I moved here from Ireland and Bill was my first US President) showed in letting them get off the plane first and not hogging the limelight. Obama would have put his foot out and tripped them. I walked into a room back in the fall for Hillary’s last fundraiser with Bon Jovi. I got to meet both President Clinton and Hillary, time stood still for me. I can only imagine what it was like for these girls. I can only hope that when they make the media rounds that they give him the credit he deserves. Obama on the other hand couldn’t muster together a complete sentence without his telepromter when he made his statement from the white house. I was sick! What could have been with our girl Hillary and what will be one day soon! We wait! We gather!

  93. AmericanGal, what idiots the other 29% are. It is beyond dispute that Obama policies have driven up the deficit. There can be disagreement as to whether or not the policies are justified but there is no doubt, none, that Obama policies have driven up the deficit.

  94. I cried when I watched that clip this a.m. Bill Clinton is one of a kind and the rest of the world knows it. The hug between Al Gore and Bill Clinton was also nice to see.

  95. yes, jtjames…as soon as the mission was complete and all went well and everyone was safe…at that very moment…O issued the two minute warning to his media cohorts and then proceeded to take the long, swaggered walk to the microphone to say “PRESENT”

    ADMIN – the flash of that cake makes me think of MO being on VF Best Dressed List…at least they are good for a laff


    to all here I think we shared such a great day yesterday and today…the world is watching – they know who is the real deal and who is the imposter – the kid running around like he has ADD and getting on the job training who must have his teleprompter at all times juxtaposed to the stature and heart and soul of two strong, experienced, insightful leaders on the world stage…

    I think we many of us shared tears of joy for the last two days…the more sites I visit with more pictures and more clips…just continue to bring tears of true emotion and joy and more love and respect for Hill and Bill…

    god only knows how many people (like the one who got punked) on all levels are asking “What if?” or worse “What have we done?” or “Opportunity Squandered”

  96. I believe the Honorable Bill Clinton celebrates his birthday on August 19th. I am sure his cake will be done tastefully and not look as garish as bambi’s.

  97. i really hate the MSM, MSN homepage has a poll pitting Hill against Bill – Huff Post has a big banner about Bill upstaging Hill – this is the meme they are trying to drive now…they are actively trying to diminsh Hillary…no doubt about it…and there is an insightful article dealing with this over at therealbarackobama…

    these people are evil, dishonest vampires…

  98. Picture of Bill and his birthday cake from 2007, I think:


  99. weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2009/08/cornyn_to_obama_stop_with_the.asp

    Does this sound familiar? remember these tactics during the primary season…

    ADMIN, please we have to expose this (it is not enough that the whole MSM is pimping for the O admin – now they want to silence and demonize and ‘go after’ all critics)

    The White House call for people to inform on anyone spreading “disinformation about health insurance reform” didn’t sit well with a lot of people — Obama isn’t running a political campaign anymore, he’s supposed to be running the country (and in the event even those who spread video clips of the president making statements on health care reform that are now impolitic have been targeted by the White House). Texas Senator John Cornyn has written a letter to the president politely asking if he could please put an end to the creepiness:

    Dear President Obama,

    I write to express my concern about a new White House program to monitor American citizens’ speech opposing your health care policies, and to seek your assurances that this program is being carried out in a manner consistent with the First Amendment and America’s tradition of free speech and public discourse.

    Yesterday, in an official White House release entitled “Facts are Stubborn Things,” the White House Director of New Media, Macon Phillips, asserted that there was “a lot of disinformation out there,” and encouraged citizens to report “fishy” speech opposing your health care policies to the White House. Phillips specifically targeted private, unpublished, even casual speech, writing that “rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation.” Phillips wrote “If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.”

    “I am not aware of any precedent for a President asking American citizens to report their fellow citizens to the White House for pure political speech that is deemed ‘fishy’ or otherwise inimical to the White House’s political interests,” Sen. Cornyn wrote. “You should not be surprised that these actions taken by your White House staff raise the specter of a data collection program. As Congress debates health care reform and other critical policy matters, citizen engagement must not be chilled by fear of government monitoring the exercise of free speech rights.”

    Read the full letter after the jump.

  100. Clever RNC Staffer Turns Democrat-Incited Mob Outrage Back on its Source

    Posted by Jeff Emanuel (Profile)

    Wednesday, August 5th at 3:39PM EDT

    Update: “The RNC is inciting angry mobs to shout out legitimate discussion at public events across the country and now they want to ignore people who deplore their tactics,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse about the DNC’s failed effort to incite angry mobs to flood the RNC with phone calls.

    * * *

    This is clever:

    Republicans played a trick on Democrats today by redirecting angry telephone calls coming into their switchboard to the Democratic National Committee, CNN reports.

    Earlier this morning, the DNC released a web video accusing the GOP of inciting mob activity.

    “At the end of the video, the DNC instructs people to call the Republican National Committee to express outrage. Callers who dial the RNC’s main number to voice their concern about the DNC’s charges are told to press 1, which sends them to the DNC’s main switchboard.”

    The emphasis on that deliciously ironic pair of phrases is mine. In the name of countering what they claim is the GOP’s inexcusable “incit[ement of] mob activity,” the Democrats did what they always do: stir up the masses and, yes, incite mob activity in opposition to the GOP.

    Whoever the clever RNC staffer was who thought to redirect those calls right back to the source of the outrage — the DNC — deserves a free lunch and a letter of commendation.

    That was freaking awesome.


  101. washingtonindependent.com/53954/michael-steele-takes-credit-for-rncdnc-phone-prank

    Michael Steele Takes Credit for RNC Phone Prank
    By David Weigel 8/5/09 3:35 PM
    On today’s call with reporters, Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele took credit for the RNC’s response to a new Democratic National Committee ad asking voters to call Republicans and tell them to stop ginning up town hall heckling. The RNC redirected these calls from its main switchboard over to the DNC’s switchboard — a response, said Steele, to the White House arrogantly blaming regular Americans “like my mother, like my sister” for the health care impasse.

    “I thought it was a good idea,” Steele said. “Don’t sit there and think you’re going to direct a bunch of angry liberals to call the RNC when I know full well what that’s all about. I get the joke. My response was, talk to your own party, because they’re the ones ginning this up.”

    LMAO is this true

    RNC needs to grow some balls

  102. OOPs first comment before last one is in moderation.

    It would explain what happened that Steele is taking credit for.

  103. That birthday cake is indicative of the Obama “style”. Same as MEchille’s so called fashion status. She’s often inappropriate shows that she has no originality whatsoever. Tacky, unattractive, she was pictured getting onto the helicopter last week with her “ugly MEchille” look…hair pulled straight back, glasses, cotton pants (not good for her). And, are those plastic letters and numbers on the cake? Oh, dear.

  104. Boy, Barbara Boxer is out to lunch on this one. Her BO love is really bad. I think she has been in the senate too long and needs to spend more time talking to the people of CA. She has a tight race ahead of her. Last I heard, there were only 4 points separating her from Carly Firona.

  105. Hmmm…….. Sen. Boxer is dressed pretty well in that clip……..

    OMG, that means our entire Congress is nothing but fake ASTROTURFED drones!!!!!!

  106. It is so good to see more and more posters back. I know you have been reading, and watching, but I feel spirit.

    Had a discussion with a Dim today. Two things came out of the discussion

    1. He was upset about the riots at the town hall meetings and even said that in history this was a prelude to Hitler rise. I find that rediculous. When your political parties ignore and fraud your elections, you have no choice but to make your anger know at town halls. I really think people did not think the Dims would fraud the convention. Now, they are voicing their democratic opinions at the town halls. IF THE HEAT IS TOO HOT IN THE KITCHEN, GET OUT. The sign of a great politician is not just to handle the crowds that love and adore you, but to handle the ones that do not. In fact that is the greater challenge. If you are not listening to all the voices, then you do now know how the whole country is feeling. In fact, it is more important to know what the people that hate you think, than it is to just hear the yes people. Many corporations have folded because they did not know exactly what was going on in their corporation. There is an old saying, you are only as strong as your weakest link. So you better figure out what your weak link is, and fix it.

    2. He also said that to handle such tough issues, this might turn out to be a one term Presidency. Coming from a dim I am sure voted for O, I found that statement interesting.

  107. mj Says:

    August 5th, 2009 at 8:56 am
    Glen Beck is a right wing lunatic who would pillory Hillary if she were president

    Yes he is, BUT, he was right here!

  108. HillaryforTexas Says:

    August 5th, 2009 at 5:37 pm
    birdgal, Carly is running against Boxer? Really?

    Yep, on the Republican ticket. I have to double check to make sure that it is official, and not just a “what-if” scenario.

  109. H4T: here is more:

    Poll: Carly Fiorina Closing Gap in Calif. Senate Race
    Posted by: Dan Beucke on July 24

    By Phil Mintz

    Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina hasn’t said yet whether she’s decided to seek the Republican nomination and run against Barbara Boxer for the California Democrat’s Senate seat next year. But a new poll might give her some more incentive to jump into the race.

    A Rasmussen Reports telephone survey released July 24 found that Fiorina is closing the gap in a potential matchup against Boxer – though the former tech exec is still trailing Boxer, a three-term incumbent. The survey found that Boxer would get 45% of the statewide vote while Fiorina is at 41%. Seven percent said they’d vote for some other candidate, and another 7% are undecided. In March, Boxer led Fiorina by nine percentage points, 47% to 38% in the Rasmussen poll. The poll has a sampling error of +/- 4.5 percentage points.

    “Any incumbent who polls below 50% early in a campaign is considered potentially vulnerable. However, a Democrat running in a heavily Democratic state like California is often able to overcome weak poll numbers,” the polling firm said in a report accompanying the numbers.

    In March, the Field Poll found California voters about evenly split on whether to re-elect Boxer, 43% inclined to re-elect her and 44% not inclined. However, in the same poll, Boxer held a 55% to 25% advantage over Fiorna. The poll had a sampling error of +/- 3.6 percentage points.

    Fiorna, who received a $21 million severance package when she was ousted from HP in 2005, said in late March that she is “seriously considering” running for public office next year. If she does make the Senate bid, she will be the second high-profile female former tech executive running for office in California next year. Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman is running for the GOP nomination for governor.


  110. Latest Quinipac poll shows most americans opposed to this bill and very distrustful of all the crap hidden in there, but STILL 62% in favor of a public option open to EVERYONE.

    A small “public” option that is not really public is nothing more than another Medicaid program for the poor, which is CRAP, and no one wants that. Medicaid recipients can’t find docs as it is.

    People want a real public option that has real “how are we going to pay for it” numbers attached, and that does not have a billion side-provisions attached for how the govt is going to stick their nose in your business in every way they possibly can.

    IMO, from talking to folks all over the political spectrum, most people basically want tax monies (for those who need subsidizing) and employee/employer contributions for those who CAN pay, funneled through a VERY SIMPLE non-profit agency that administers and runs the payment end, with set fee schedules and coverage parameters, but leaves the micro-managing of healthcare decisions themselves the f*ck alone.

    If the Dems offered them that, in a SIMPLE a open-to-all but forced-on-no one program, they’d bite.

  111. “1. He was upset about the riots at the town hall meetings and even said that in history this was a prelude to Hitler rise.”


    Um…isn’t that exactly what the bots did to Hillary’s supporters during the primary?

  112. JanH exactly right. Those of us that went to IOWA were met with some hotile caucus meetings run by O goons.

  113. JanH Says:

    August 5th, 2009 at 6:21 pm
    “1. He was upset about….


    yes, JanH…they can dish it out but they sure cannot take it…very thin skinned…Neil Cavuto did an interesting segment about the strong arm tactics mentioned above and the authoratative moves this admin are using…

    …but what is really, really starting to bother me is to hear Barbara Boxer talk that way…and to go on hardball and push the coordinated line all the cable shows are pushing about astroturf and fake protestors…this is starting to sound unamerican…worse than bush…

    I have probably mentioned that I worked on Bill’s first campaign in Los Angeles…and that was of course when Boxer and Feinstein were part of the team…I remember the passion we all had and meeting and speaking with Boxer…this kind of organized attack and attempt to shut down free speech – coming from Dems is very hard to take…call me naive…but this is taking it to another level…

    absolute power corrupts absolutely…

    btw…hillbuzz has some very interesting links to what they are calling the Alaska Mafia and exposing the bloggers, their identities and other pols in Alaska and their connections to guess who and the jobs they now have in the WH …this Chicago thuggery is very heavy handed

  114. “this kind of organized attack and attempt to shut down free speech – coming from Dems is very hard to take”


    For the most part, bambi’s Dim Party has been hijacked by thugs and racists. The party no longer deserves the “democratic” designation they fought so hard for in the past.

  115. No we were brain washed and now our koolaid is wearing off

    We need term limits

    She is scared, she has competition but she is handeling the stress the wrong way

  116. Barbara Boxer is no different the any of the Dims elected or voters. They feel it is better to have a Dimocratic O in the White House, and feed off his power, than not to be in power. The end justifies the means.

  117. NewMexicoFan…

    you know what is really pathetic is that Congress has become a bunch of robot / zombies….as we directly saw with the bush admin and now is repeating itself with the O admin…party line slaves with no critical thinking and less courage…

    Congress has forgotten that it is a seperate branch of the govt…one that is supposed to provide a check and balance on the power of the two other branches of the govt…not anymore…maybe they are afraid or…

    just mindless zombies herded by the Imperial Presidency that was bad enough with the bush admin, but the O admin has kept the worse part of bush’s abuses and now is expanding the Imperial Presidency with unlimited czars and all the rest of the things we have been discussing…

  118. 1. He was upset about the riots at the town hall meetings and even said that in history this was a prelude to Hitler rise.
    NMF: what does he think about the brownshirt tactics which the Obama thugs used against Hillary supporters in the caucus states, and the 2000 complaints filed for voter fraud and intimidation which the DNC refused to investigate. Instead of worrying about a prelude to Hitler, he needs to realize that the latest iteration of the bohemian corporal has already arrived, and was sworn into office (with some difficulty re. his lawful name and the oath) on January 20, 2009.

  119. wbboei

    He was never involved in the campagin like we were, and really knows nothing of what went on. He is what I use to be, a fringe dim. I was content to just belong to a party, and vote. I am no longer innocent about the party system in the United States.

  120. admin, Thanks so much for posting that video of the journalists’ arrival. Very moving, and seeing Bill and Al hug was a nice moment, too.

  121. bambi has been the pretend potus for 6 months already and nothing he has done in his life comes close to touching people’s lives as what Bill Clinton did this week.

    There is so much goodwill in 99% of the comments being posted online about what happened. Even the media is having a really hard time spinning this negatively for the Clintons. And with those few words bambi made today on the rescue, he really was an afterthought for all of us.

    If anything good comes out of this administration, it will be despite bambi, pelosi, and the other retched dims who are only out for themselves.

  122. comments from a blogger at american thinker

    hoosiermama on August 5, 2009 at 2:54 PM







    instant democrat costume

    This is for those of us who want to disrupt a townhall meeting this will assure that u have acceptable attire per Barbara Boxer.


  123. I watched those videos for a second time, and I am amazed how BC with no words, with gestures, with the way he shows respect, speaks volumes without a teleprompter.

    At the bottom of that last video I saw a title that said “DNC hammers Republican-backed Mob rule”.

    My reply to that is it takes one to know one.

  124. NMF,

    I don’t think in a million years bambi and his bambettes thought that the people would dare to rise up against him.

    It’s lovely to see the beginnings of this uprising. If I feel sorry for anyone, it is the voters who stood by Hillary and their principles. They don’t deserve what he is doing to their country. Bambi’s bots get nothing from me but disdain.

  125. SNIP-
    Obama: Master of ‘Manufactured Outrage’ [Guy Benson]

    As the DNC and the White House desperately attempt to marginalize and bully the majority of Americans who oppose the government takeover of healthcare, they’re increasingly relying on their media allies to paint the widespread, genuine opposition as “manufactured” outrage voiced by “mobs” of “angry radicals.”

    It doesn’t take a Ph.D. in psychology to conclude this knee-jerk demonization may represent an acute case of projection. Today’s Democratic party is led by a man who spent much of his adult life specializing in the art of public agitation. Acting as a top organizer for radical groups like ACORN, Barack Obama devoted years to prodding underprivileged Chicagoans to channel their political anger by orchestrating activist mob scenes—designed to

    March 2007, the left-leaning New Republic printed a lengthy profile of Obama, entitled “The Agitator.” The entire piece is worth reading, but several excerpts stand out:

    …After Obama arrived [in Chicago], he sat down for a cup of coffee in Hyde Park with a fellow organizer named Mike Kruglik. Obama’s work focused on helping poor blacks on Chicago’s South Side fight the city for things like job banks and asbestos removal. His teachers were schooled in a style of organizing devised by Saul Alinsky, the radical University of Chicago-trained social scientist. At the heart of the Alinsky method is the concept of “agitation”— making someone angry enough about the rotten state of his life that he agrees to take action to change it; or, as Alinsky himself described the job, to “rub raw the sores of discontent.”

    …[Organizer] Kruglik remembers this episode as an example of why, in ten years of training organizers, Obama was the best student he ever had. He was a natural, the undisputed master of agitation…he could be aggressive and confrontational.

    …Obama had already been applying Alinsky’s core concepts—rigorous analysis of an opponent’s strengths, a hardheaded understanding of self-interest as a fundamental organizing principle, a knack for agitating people to act, and a streetwise sense of when a raw show of power is necessary…

    Now that ordinary Americans are rising up to voice their concerns before Congress tries to ram through a complex and risky healthcare overhaul, the party run by our Organizer-in-Chief has resorted to slandering those citizens and dismissing the authenticity of their worries.

    Obama knows what manufactured outrage looks like. After all, he spent years as a skilled outrage manufacturer. Today’s frustration, however, is organic, real, and growing. Therefore, from Obama’s perspective, it’s extraordinarily threatening and must be stopped at all costs.

  126. realclearpolitics.com/video/2009/08/03/michelle_malkin_on_the_view.html

    Michelle Malkin On “The View”

    Columnist and commentator Michelle Malkin discusses her new book “Culture of Corruption” on ABC’s “The View.” Malkin gets in a heated discussion with co-host Joy Behar.

  127. NewMexicoFan, I was reading up thread about the “Alaska Mob”, and its origins back to Chicago. What I would like to figure out is which of the two parties is the Irish Mob. This is what LBJ called it. He said “the irish mob would never embarass him again”. I also know the whole govt. is made up of two waring parties/mobs and neither gives a crap about the commoners in this country. They use our money to get richer and richer.

    Wbboei, those posts upthread are awesome.

  128. Hillary Clinton racking up highest grades


    You can vote for Hillary

    Please go and vote.

  129. Okay, I like Paul, but this clip is really embarrassing. He made the mistake of asking some Canadians about their healthcare.


    Note to Paul: Never ask open questions in a public forum if you are not prepared for any answer.

  130. Marie, Texas has 13 Democratic Congressmen. NONE of them are holding any town halls over the recess – only 3 republicans are.

    Fecking COWARDS are hiding from the voters.

  131. Fox is slipping back to the unfair and unbalanced tired old network it has always been when Bill and Hillary make world headlines about their remarkable accomplishments and understanding of the needs of all the people throughout the world.Tonight They had the usual pompous and sickening poor excuses for human beings spouting their venom of snake-like gas bags.Hannity to me is the worst of these three stooges O’reilly,Morris are disgusting.Hannity had the bitter failure amb.Bolton and his usual Clinton tirade.Jonah Goldberg is a mindless clone of his mother who led monica L. into a set up on Bill Clinton in an act of jealousy that almost toppled the best presidential performance on record but Americans were not swayed by these evil people and swept him into a second term.Hillary is at a high level in her activities as SoS and will replace
    Obama when Americans face the ugly truth that we are under siege by the
    Chicago mobsters who created him.The video of Bill and the two
    lady journalist arrival took me into a mood of tears ,joy,pride and I am now
    more certain than ever that Hillary will become our next President after the exterminators clean the vermin filled
    administration out of the White House.

    By ABM90. Each morning I arise filled
    with hope that the real truth about
    Obama and his machine will be exposed and made available bby som e
    real and honest journalists.

  132. Well you know that our new Rep from Albuquerque Dist is limiting his town halls. I have seen nothing mention for our 2 Senator, and the other 2 reps. When you are afraid of the voters, you have lost your respect, and your responsibility to the Democracy.

  133. He said “the irish mob would never embarass him again”.
    He was probably referring to the Kennedys.

  134. Kennedy’s, so true, but unfortunately Ted and Caroline, MoZilla’s new best friend, are still out there causing great heartache by backstabbing Hillary in 2008

  135. Those who keep track of such things make a distinction between lace curtain Irish (this is the tradition of the Monks who saved Western Civilization, the poets like Yeats, the inventors, the innovators, the intellectuals who contributed so much) and the shanty Irish (like Teddy the drunken vainglorious lout, the parastic to the manor borne Caroline, and Chicago florist, bootlegger and murderer Dion O’Banion) who are strictly takers. What separates them is not money, but a high state of mind as opposed to a malignant self serving one.

  136. wbboei, yes, LBJ was quoted as saying that the night before Kennedy was shot. Kennedy was opening an investigation in to Billy Sol Estes a very good friend of LBJ. Billy Sol Estes went to prison for sucking millions of taxpayer funds from agriculture allotments.
    I now know why there was so much venom from Ted Kennedy when Hillary accidently gave LBJ the benefit for passing the civil rights act.
    If you go back and read biographies of some of the Texas democrats, you will see how our system of govt. corruption got started. Although I am sure the corruption goes back further than that, I imagine it was the beginning of what we are seeing today.
    I never was much of a fan of Kennedy, but have now realized if he had not been assassinated things in this country probably would not be where they are today. I am telling that a mob like organization has been running this country for years. Go back and look up Billy Sol Estes, you will find he was the mirror of Resco today.
    In the 60’s Texas was the frontier for mobs and now its the middle east.

  137. tomwatson.typepad.com/tom_watson/2009/08/slip-kids.html

    Tom Watson does a good job of calling out Huff Puff Post and Dowdie on their shallow and superficial nonsense…

    …Huff Post…

    As an added bonus, one of America’s smartest policy analysts would get a close-up look at Kim and his strange regime, fueling this country’s next move in the two decade stalemate over nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula.

    Clearly, one of those rare “good all around” stories – with the predictable exception of the neocons, who insanely hew to their no negotiating at any cost rule.

    Yet, some in our personality-obsessed punditocracy ignored all the geopolitical implications. They ignored the complicated machinations of the Obama Administration. And they ignored the moving human interest story of two young women returning to their families.

    What did they choose to focus on? Oh yeah you got it: the Clinton marriage.


    Not to be outdone, the disgraced right-wing sex columnist Maureen Dowd of The New York Times got into her patented decade-old Mommy-Daddy analysis again:


    Yeah, that’s the really big news – some imagined battle of personalities within the marriage of the most accomplished couple in recent American political history. Stop the presses

  138. wbboei, lots of interesting history about Texas and its LBJ’s, Bush’S and Nixon. It was a web of murders, politics and ilicit love affairs. I had no idea.
    My uncle knew Billy Sol Estes, he was a farmer in the Rio Grande Valley. He was always talking about Billy and the rest of the Dukes of Duval County. I imagine he was one of the underlings(my uncle).

  139. ABM 90: your points are well taken. Anybody who attacks Hillary and Bill at this point when they are both out doing so much good in the world and for this country is mentally disturbed, and should avail himself or herself of psychiatric help lest they do injury to themselves or others. Its like Tourrettes sydrome.

  140. NewMexicoFan and HFT

    August 5th, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    maybe you and local friends should start bombarding their offices demanding that they meet with their constituents…and remind them that they work for US…

  141. wbboei, John Connally the governor who was shot with JFK, was Lyndon’s very good friend and a multimillionaire. He changed to the republican party as soon as LBJ died. I thought that was interesting.

  142. I also think the real hatred for Bill and Hillary is that they are clean and free of the mobs that are and have been controlling our govt. for years. They are the peoples choice and it scared the hell out of them. We are here to provide money thru our taxes for their escapades.

  143. John Connally
    I have a very high opinion of him. He got into his share of trouble and it took Edward Bennet Williams (Williams& Connelly) to get him out of it, but there was never any doubt that he was a great American.

  144. ABM90, I also cried when I saw the girls come in with Bill. Bill looked so proud and Presidential. My daughter who is not political also cried. What a gift to us is Bill and Hill. I believe in my heart that the good always will overcome the bad, so I think Hillary will become President someday.
    It was nice to see Bill and Al hug.

  145. They are the peoples choice and it scared the hell out of them. We are here to provide money thru our taxes for their escapades.
    They are the two brightest stars in the political universe and that is what bothers people. Obama looks pathetic standing alongside them. He is a one dimensional, ass kissing, telepromter reading, lying, accusing, cowardly puff piece. He reminds you of the little man behind the big screen in the Wizard of Ozz–all mouth and gutwind.

  146. Yes, I did read that, and I don’t know if he was in on any of LBJ’s dirty dealings. He was probably one of the pawns LBJ used.
    I really hate to say these things about a President that I grew up loving because of what he accomplish for the common man and of coarse his Texas charisma. He was every Texas girls dream cowboy to fall for, or at least he was mine. I have learned he was not a very nice person after all. That I think is true of most Presidents if we really knew how they ascended to their level we all would be pretty shocked.

  147. LBJ accomplished alot because the country was so sad about the death of JFK. The democrats could have accomplished just as much if they would have let the people decide who was going to be the President, instead they shoved the race baiter down our throats. No one is going to follow what he wants to do, because they believe he is the illegitamite President. They mistrust his policies because of the voter fraud and the misogny and racism.
    What he will have to do to get that Health bill pass is to have Hillary come out and endorse it.

  148. In the 60’s Texas was the frontier for mobs and now its the middle east
    Confloyd: I ran into a little of that when I was dealing in Texas. There was never an indigenous mob family in that state to my knowlege. Hence, the Chicago mob had a piece, the New Orleans mob (Carlos Marcellas), and the Tampa mob had a piece (Santo Trafficante), and there were red neck factions that associated with one or the other. A number of them were Teamster business agents and it was not unusual for them to pack heat and threaten eachother. At that time the toughest redneck mob was from Memphis and they were in Texas too.

  149. wbboei, maybe we can connect the mob of the 60’s to one we have now in the WH by way of Chicago. I did connect that Marcellos mob to LBJ and now I will look up the Daly machine and see if it had connections to Texas. You do know that the Bushes are in the one in Texas, right??

  150. Q-1: what does 1/20/09 represent?

    A-1: the dividing line between what politically naiive people hoped for and what they got.

    Q-2: what do Obama and Aminijad have in common?

    A-2: plenty. Both are controlled puppets, both hate America, and both are the beneficiaries of election fraud. In fact, the only appreciable difference is that only one of them has sang Happy Birthday to Helen Thomas (so far).

  151. wbboei, that didn’t take long. I found the “irish mob” that LBJ was talking about. Here it is from wikipedia.
    Richard Joseph Daley (May 15, 1902–December 20, 1976) served for 21 years as the undisputed Democratic boss of Chicago and is considered by historians to be the “last of the big city bosses.” He played a major role in the history of the Democratic Party, especially with his support of John F. Kennedy in 1960 and of Hubert Humphrey in 1968.

    Daley was Chicago’s third mayor in a row from the working-class, heavily Irish American Bridgeport neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, and he lived there his entire life.

    Well there it is right before our eyes the waring factions of politics. Good grief where is our populas candidate. We will need to borrow Obamas car that the tax payers paid for to protect her/him. LOL!! I will continue researching and getting the information to you in the connections. I might even go to the library as I am sure Obama can’t redo all the books in all the libraries in American to cover his version of the “New Deal”.

  152. HillaryforTexas, I will go there when I get off work to see it. My company has that site blocked. I have to be careful, the Obots may be in charge of watching our computer usage at work.
    Big Brother is watching.

  153. This one(same guy) is even better, about the poor poor congressmen. An excerpt:

    Enough is enough. It’s time for us to get out our pitchforks and tell the Outside-the-Beltway gang that we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more. We are the little guy, the junior senator from some godforsaken Nebraskansaw, just looking to make that subcommittee with the big contributor action. That fresh young regulatory agency head who only wants to test that bank nationalization idea from her Harvard term paper. We are the people who get up every day, work hard, and play inside the rules. Most of the time. And if one of us accidentally plays outside one of those rules, then, by golly, the rest of us will make sure to modify that rule so he’s still playing inside the rules. And we’re tired of getting pushed around the town hall by the likes of you, Big Voter.


  154. H4T, Thanks that is funny. Poor little congressmen.

    Admin, Ok, I am looking forward to anything you can dig up about Obama and the mob. I have been looking at stuff too, it is very interesting stuff. Those Daly’s are something.

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