The People Are Revolting

Obama and the Marie Antoinette Dimocrats think the American people are revolting and disgusting because, well, the American people are finally waking up and revolting against Obama Dimocrat oppressors.

Black and White, Red and Yellow, Americans are not happy with the Obama boobery nor with Obama Dimocrats in Congress nor with the Dimocratic National Committee. “Let them eat cake” say Obama’s Antoinette Dimocrats.

The People are Revolting. To Obama none are so revolting as are the elderly. Elderly People are Revolting:

Police were called on a group of retirees who refused to leave Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s West Los Angeles office until she talked to them about health care reform.

Los Angeles police Sergeant Rich Brunson said Thursday that police lured the group of seven outside somehow, then locked the building’s doors behind them.[snip]

A spokeswoman for the 55- to 87-year-old activists said they arrived at Feinstein’s office around noon and remained in her conference room more than six hours.

The People Are Revolting and getting Organized. Operation Embarrass Your Congressman is on:

THE MISSION IS CLEAR: Expose the arrogance, ignorance, and insolence of our elected officials. Since public outcry against bad legislation has had little effect, maybe public embarrassment will. Be a participant in government, not a spectator. Join the operation and confront your congressman with the truth, facts, and their own arrogance, ignorance, and insolence! Capture it on film or audio. Expose it for all the world to see!

Imperial Congressmen and Congresswomen are not happy. Imperial Congressmen and Congresswomen are unhappy with the Peasants With Pitchforks. The Imperial Obama Antoinette Dimocrats will cancel their “town halls” because they refuse to answer citizen grievances:

Screaming constituents, protesters dragged out by the cops, congressmen fearful for their safety — welcome to the new town-hall-style meeting, the once-staid forum that is rapidly turning into a house of horrors for members of Congress.

On the eve of the August recess, members are reporting meetings that have gone terribly awry, marked by angry, sign-carrying mobs and disruptive behavior. In at least one case, a congressman has stopped holding town hall events because the situation has spiraled so far out of control.

Citizens are now expected by their Viceregal employees to show deference. The tail is wagging the dog. The Obama Antoinette Dimocrats demand the taxpayers who employee them and pay their salaries not be unruly. This is not about manners however, we are all for proper etiquette and proper deportment, this is about not answering questions. Obama Dimocrats, like Obama, are a haughty lot.

“I had felt they would be pointless,” Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) told POLITICO, referring to his recent decision to temporarily suspend the events in his Long Island district. “There is no point in meeting with my constituents and [to] listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation.”

In Bishop’s case, his decision came on the heels of a June 22 event he held in Setauket, N.Y., in which protesters dominated the meeting by shouting criticisms at the congressman for his positions on energy policy, health care and the bailout of the auto industry.

Within an hour of the disruption, police were called in to escort the 59-year-old Democrat — who has held more than 100 town hall meetings since he was elected in 2002 — to his car safely.

“I have no problem with someone disagreeing with positions I hold,” Bishop said, noting that, for the time being, he was using other platforms to communicate with his constituents. “But I also believe no one is served if you can’t talk through differences.”

The People Are Revolting and the Bishop is unhappy. The Bishop is not alone. The entire Obama Dimocrat aristocracy knows the people are revolting:

Bishop isn’t the only one confronted by boiling anger and rising incivility. At a health care town hall event in Syracuse, N.Y., earlier this month, police were called in to restore order, and at least one heckler was taken away by local police. Close to 100 sign-carrying protesters greeted Rep. Allen Boyd (D-Fla.) at a late June community college small-business development forum in Panama City, Fla. Last week, Danville, Va., anti-tax tea party activists claimed they were “refused an opportunity” to ask Rep. Thomas Perriello (D-Va.) a question at a town hall event and instructed by a plainclothes police officer to leave the property after they attempted to hold up protest signs.

The targets in most cases are House Democrats, who over the past few months have tackled controversial legislation including a $787 billion economic stimulus package, a landmark energy proposal and an overhaul of the nation’s health care system.

Arrogant Obama Dimocrats are scratching their heads and cupping their ears in search of celestial choirs. All that is heard is the democratic din – heard every time the People are Revolting. Arrogant Obama Dimocrats think the people are angry because they are doing such a good, great, fabulous job.

“I think it’s just the fact that we are dealing with some of the most important public policy issues in a generation,” said Rep. Bruce Braley (D-Iowa), who was confronted by a protester angry about his position on health care reform at a town hall event several weeks ago.

“I think in general what is going on is we are tackling issues that have been ignored for a long time, and I think that is disruptive to a lot of people,” said Bishop, a four-term congressman. “We are trying, one by one, to deal with a set of issues that can’t be ignored, and I think that’s unsettling to a lot of people.”

Freshman Rep. Dan Maffei (D-N.Y.), whose event at a Syracuse middle school was disrupted, said that he still planned to hold additional town halls but that he was also thinking about other options.

Unlike Obama these congressional Dimocrats can’t select their audiences and filter the questions they get. The People are Revolting so these arrogant Dimocrats will cancel town halls and come up with “other options”, with which to control the Peasants with Pitchforks.

“I think you’ve got to communicate through a variety of different ways. You should do the telephone town hall meetings. You should do the town hall meetings. You should do the smaller group meetings,” said Maffei. “It’s important to do things in a variety of ways, so you don’t have one mode of communication.”

“You’re going to have people of varying views, and in this case, you’ve got the two extremes who were the most vocal,” Maffei said of the flare-up at his July 12 event.

Some Dimocrats pretend better than others but it is easy to see they don’t like it when the People are Revolting.

Some members profess to enjoy the give-and-take of the town halls, even if lately it’s become more take than give.

“Town halls are a favorite part of my job,” said Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.), a third-term congressman from St. Louis who noted that a “handful” of disruptions had taken place at his meetings. “It’s what I do. It’s what I will continue to do.”

“People have gotten fired up and all that, but I think that’s what makes town halls fun,” said Perriello, a freshman who is among the most vulnerable Democrats in 2010. “I think that most of the time when we get out there, it’s a good chance for people to vent and offer their thoughts. It’s been good.”

“I enjoy it, and people have a chance to speak their mind,” he said.

Both Carnahan and Perriello said they were plunging forward with plans to hold more town hall meetings.

Republicans, with an eye toward 2010, are keeping close track of the climate at Democratic events.

“We’ve seen Russ Carnahan, we’ve seen Tim Bishop, we’ve seen some other people face some very different crowds back home,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (R-Texas). “The days of you having a town hall meeting where maybe 15 or 20 of your friends show up — they’re over. You’ve now got real people who are showing up — and that’s going to be a factor.

Real Revolting People are showing up and Antoinette Dimocrats schooled by arrogant Obama are not happy.

Obama Dimocrats, like Claire McCaskill, will soon learn what real change is.

The People are Revolting – and they are bringing pitchforks.


104 thoughts on “The People Are Revolting

  1. Thanks admin…I didn’t know this dissatisfaction was so widespread…this is good…the people are finally waking up!

    The American people aren’t stupid, they’re usually either busy surviving or enjoying their home and families. They’ve always felt confident that the media would keep them informed and their Governmt would eventually do the right thing in the end.

    Now they know, with this new presidentand cohorts in office, they better start pushing back…because the ‘TRUST’ thing isn’t looking too reliable.

  2. Our new rep in NM, Martin Hinrich, to my chagrin voted the most good looking, has schedule about 6 town halls around Albuquerque, but you have to call and reserve in order to attend, they will be limited by the number of people that reserve, and you, if you speak will have 5 minutes. I wonder how many people will show up anyway. By the Way, these meetings were not listed on his website. Amazing.

    Sounds like a tacktic to restrict riots and large groups of people.

  3. Thank you, ADMIN for showing us these videos. It’s so heartening to see real Americans thinking for themselves and coming together to let the distant land of D.C. know that we will not tolerate the arrogant, tyrannical assumptions of Reps who think their opinions about what this country needs are better than those of the people they serve. They are our servants, not the masters of some feudal state. We must purge our government of these degenerate self-servers one by one as soon as their terms are up and make their lives miserable in the meantime. We didn’t appoint them to positions of privilege in some exclusive club when we sent them to Wash. They were sent to work for us and listen to what we want. We must hound them out and make them conform to their job description. And if they don’t heel, if they cowardly turn tail and run from meeting with us, then let them know we intend to vote them out.

  4. I just have to add that a young political employee, lost their job last week for reporting how upset people calling in were about the health care plan, Yet they have time to run a most good looking congressperson in the legislative halls, but not enough time to read the legislation.

    When the Dims did not listen to the Majority, we lost our Democracy. The older people have been dismissed in the Dim party, But THEY ARE NOT DEAD YET.

  5. Protest, great as it is, and more, much more of it is needed, but we must also be actively vetting and promoting the replacements for these Dims.

  6. Lil Old Grape said

    We didn’t appoint them to positions of privilege in some exclusive club when we sent them to Wash.
    Unfortunately, that is exactly what they think. If you have not hung out in the Dims party, and stuck your nose you know where, you don’t have a chance in Hexx of running for Office. And in this state they laugh at you is you say the Gov works for the people.

    I hope the people young and old come one come all to these meeting, invited or not, and continue to make them understand who they work for.

  7. We need to clean house like never before — huge sweep of all the crap out the doors of Congress. As for the Fraud, I guess all we can do about him and his dogs is let the world know over and over at every opportunity that we don’t honor him.

  8. H stuff and ws

    This site is suppose to give imformatin on the health care plan. It is not suppose to be related to the Kaiser Permanete group. I am checking it out, but it is suppose to have all of the various plans and you can compare specific items under each plan like long term care.

  9. NMF, we all know they sneer at us, we all know they won’t let honest people run for office, that’s why we the people have got to support our own candidates on the indy ticket. Forming another party will take a long time to accomplish, but it can be done if we are determined.

  10. We must not feel powerless, we must not be victims, we must each and every one fight back — do all we can do to reestablish gov of by and for. I am looking forward to the tea party demonstration in Wash in Sept. How I pray we can flood the streets so full of protesters that city traffic comes to a halt. We are legion and thanks again, Admin, for your wonderful work here!

  11. Last fall people politely called and wrote to oppose the first bailout — and were ignored.

    Now there have been several more such bills and none of them have worked. People are tired of calling and being ignored. The big Tea Parties were misreported and ridiculed.

    What else is there to do but show up at a Town Meeting and shout?

  12. A bit of background on Russ Carnahan, US Representative Missouri (D).

    Russ’ daddy was former governor Mel Carnahan. Mel was in a close race with another former MO governor, John Ashcroft. A few weeks before the election, Mel Carnahan was killed in a plane wreck, however, it was too late to remove his name from the ballot. Although he was dead, Mel was won the election and his wife (Russ Carnahan’s mother) fulfilled the term.

    John Ashcroft who may be one of the first in this country beaten in an election by a dead man, was named Attorney General by Bush Jr. And you all remember how that went.

    Russ Carahan’s daddy was a highly respected man in Missouri. His sister is also in politics.

    Russ is loosing ground and many of us will not support him, work for him, or vote for him again because of his doing the bidding of Barack Obama rather than looking out for the citizens of Missouri.

  13. Good work Admin gathering videos showing the folks, no longer intimidated by the Dimocratic commies. Those who seek to take over the land our ancestors fought (and sometimes died) for against the evils of Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler, expect us peasants to willingly hand over our individual liberties on a silver platter to the Chicago Combine/Soros/Daley Machine.

    This PUMA HRC supporter has even learned to appreciate local state rep Ted Poe-R, who Lou Dobbs featured over The One’s lack of COLB. No need to grace Poe’s office, but certainly not opposed to visiting nearby state rep offices who are official turncoats. Guess the best way to tackle this is to get a list of state reps, their home office addresses and stage rallies, especially the Blue Dogs who are still on the porch.

    If we could galvanize EVERYONE, especially those on Medicare to literally storm the proverbial gates, with teabags in one hand and a cupcake (let THEM eat cake) in the other, would at least get picked up by local outlets, talk radio, and eventually some major news organizations – FOX, and a handful of others.

    Last summer at this time, we agonizingly watched this disaster-in-the-making play out before our very eyes. We saw HRC being robbed by the light of day, on a daily basis, while we all helplessly stood by praying for a miracle as she garnered yet more popular votes.

    We need to remember the outrage and anger, and channel that energy toward these elected officials who would rob our parents of needed tests, medicine, and us Baby Boomers of what we will need to stay alive. Those who would prevent our children and grandchildren from life-saving emergency surgeries, perhaps -must be stopped in their tracks. We believed in HRC and went the distance. NOW however, this calls on every maternal AND paternal instinct that we all embody. And maybe, just maybe, we may just suceed as a soldier at Waterloo. (Got the video of the song Waterloo?)

    If this Marxist regime can kill off everone over 50 at the speed of light, eliminate a great majority of twenty-and thirty somethings with their strong immune systems (this is the targeted Swine Flu population), then within a decade the USA Commies are home free.

    Said it before…say it again. Give me liberty or give me death. They have chosen our death. We have chosen our liberty.

    Any lists on any websites about names of state reps/addresses?

  14. As for Claire McCaskill, Missouri State Senator and a huge BO suck up, not only will many of us Show Me Staters forget about supporting her when she runs for re-election, we will ACTIVELY WORK AGAINST HER although we worked hard to get her elected against Bushie…Jim Talent.

    We are honest enough to admit that we made a huge, huge, huge mistake helping to get Claire elected. When we goof up, we admit it and work hard to rectify the mistake.

    Too bad the kool aid drinkers can’t admit they made an enormous mistake with Barack Obama.

  15. suceed=succeed everone=everyone Need to proof at less than the speed of light

    A far as taking a swine flu injection, DON’T. Biological warfare, seriously. No conspiracy theorist. Just informed.

  16. curiosityhasme

    I think that is a good idea, but I am hoping that Admin will do a part two on this expose, laying out all of the Reps who are hiding, limiting, or not havingt town hall meetings. Obviously, I can see one here in NM, and he is a Junior Rep.

  17. Southern Born:

    You sre so right. Like many others, I also foolishly made calls through MoveOn for McCaskill, believing she would be a HRC advocate. For several days, I might add. We made the difference for her, then she stabbed us in the back and twisted it a few times. Boy did we screw up royally. Like you, I admit it and am out to redeem myself. There are many others I have supported through the years as well, who I also will actively work to destroy their political careers. Hear us PUMAS roar……….So, it won’t just be her state defeating her this time. Many of us from around the nation will do everything in our power to make her a one-termer. Madeleine Albright’s statement was made for women just like her. Speaking of Hell….(it) hath no fury like a woman’s revenge.

  18. Congress revealed their hypocrisy with the TARP bailout. Because at that time, we were being polite. We were not unruly at all. We politely phoned, and wrote, and phoned some more, saying NO.

    Our Congresspersons have openly ADMITTED that calls re: TARP were running 200:1 AGAINST IT.

    And they ignored us. Completely blew us and our “irrelevant” opinions off. And they voted for it in open defiance of the very clear will of the People.

    Let’s review the Declaration of Independence, shall we? Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed Um, what part of “Consent of the governed” do you people not understand?

    So pardon us if we now feel the need to YELL, in such a (oh my heavens to betsy) UNRULY way – because when we speak politely NONE OF YOU LISTEN. If you didn’t want us yelling at you, I guess you should have listened the last time we told you calmly, politely and in unequivocal terms, “NO.” Because you are now treading very close to having the People withdraw their consent entirely. People are BEYOND angry out here. You people have no idea. I lived through both Vietnam and Bush’s wars, and have never, ever seen the level of sheer anger at our government that I am seeing now.

    For the first time in my life, I am seeing many, many folks on BOTH the right and the left viewing our entire govt as almost illegitimate, not in fringe hyperbole, but in serious reality. Congress, you’d better WAKE UP and smell the pitchforks.

  19. I rechecked Heinrick’s town hall, and there are five not six, one at 2:30, the rest 12:30 all on Saturday. There was a variance of location, but no variance of day of the week, and little variation of time.

  20. NMF, sounds like only a pre-selected few will get the inside scoop on where/when the real thing will be.

    I’d call his office and demand accurate info. I’d also tell his office that if this is not corrected, I planned to call the TV stations and news papers, and expose his attempt to avoid facing the citizenry by sending them to bogus town halls.

  21. Get this, the narrative says these are one-on-one sessions which are LIMITED to 5 Minutes each, and there are ONLY 18 SPOTS AT EACH EVENT. The spread sheet is titled Congressional Town Hall Meetings.

    You call that a Town Hall Meeting with only 18 spots.

    Admin, we need to see what else is happening with the other Reps Senators to see if they are all trying to restrict their town halls.

    A Town Hall restricted to 18 spots, give me a break.

  22. HillaryforTexas, I was just thinking that. However, I was just thinking about going straight to the TV stations.

  23. NewMexicoFan:

    Bet you’re right. Admin always is always so many steps ahead of “the game” that something probably in the works as we blog. Even though the majority of turncoats will conveniently “get out of Dodge”, close the drapes and garage doors, throw bones in the opposite direction, and stage photo ops in the Middle East or elsewhere, they won’t all escape the onslaught.

    Been humming Stonewall Jackson’s Waterloo ever since the mention of hopeful blockage of BHO’s socialist healthcare agenda, which so obviously annoyed The One. That anyone would dare utter such a preposterous idea, let alone an elected official, was treated as treasonous. SO full of himself.

    I want to observe when he meets his Waterloo.

  24. Well the biggest put down for Obama would be if Single-payer passed in the house. The bill HR 676 is now supposed to come up for a vote. If people want to give their Congressmen a litmus test then it will be on this vote.

    Obama and the Dem leadership have been paid off by the Insurance company/Medical Industry lobbyists. It is interesting that if the wing-nuts call this “Socialized medicine” then the majority of Americans are against it but it

    the the legislation is call what it is, “Medicare for All” then more than 76% of people want it.

    Several interesting facts on Obama and health care. As a State Sen. Obama was the “go to” guy for the Insurance lobbyists to water down IL. health care legislation.

    And another explanation why Obama doesn’t want single-payer but supports “Health Insurance Reform”…..He got $1.4 million from the “health” lobby, McCain got $0.42 million. Obama had been bought before he took office.

  25. Admin,

    This just makes me smile. His chickens are coming home to roost. The natives are growing very restless. The emperor has even less clothes than before and humpty dumpty is taking a BIG fall.

    And all the while Hillary is shining as a diplomat, and deferring to dumbo when question about stupid policy directions.

    He wanted to be king. He wanted to rule a dictatorship. Such a shame that the rebels are storming the gates.

  26. AUGUST 1, 2009

    Democrats Show Strain of Heated Battles


    WASHINGTON — A bruising session marked by politically volatile legislation strained relations between congressional Democrats and the White House and spawned cracks in the party’s coalition.

    Democrats’ Summer of Discontent2:21A summer session that started so promisingly for House Democrats is ending with a whole lot more uncertainty. After failing to push through reform on health care and energy, Democrats leave for their summer break as a party divided. White House Correspondent Jonathan Weisman reports.
    As House members headed home on their August recess Friday, President Barack Obama’s domestic agenda was increasingly at risk on Capitol Hill. Some congressional allies say Mr. Obama’s message on revamping health care — his top domestic priority — has been muddled. And they say he has left Democrats in swing districts ripe for Republican attacks on an energy bill.

    In addition, Mr. Obama had hoped the House would pass a string of bills re-regulating the financial-services industry. Instead, just one piece — an executive-compensation bill — passed the House on Friday.

    Since Mr. Obama’s inauguration, Congress has enacted a stream of significant legislation. The gamut runs from an economic-stimulus package, children’s health care, pay parity for women, tobacco regulation, consumer credit-card protections, public service and land conservation, in addition to key budget bills.

    But on some marquee issues, White House officials and Democratic congressional leaders concede the schedule has slipped — while noting that nothing major has failed. In addition, some Democrats say their colleagues misunderstand the White House role, which is to shape public discourse and resolve party disputes, not dictate policy specifics.

    Many of the Democrats’ internal disputes stem from growing friction between the party’s conservative and liberal wings. Several years ago, then-Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D., Ill.), in an all-out push to retake Congress, aggressively recruited conservative Democratic candidates.

    Now Mr. Emanuel, as White House chief of staff, finds the very lawmakers he courted slowing the more-progressive president’s agenda. Some liberals complain Mr. Obama is overly protective of those newly elected Democrats and too willing to cut deals.

    “The chickens are coming home to roost,” said Rep. Maxine Waters, an outspoken liberal Democrat from California.

    Conservatives Democrats have their own complaints. Mr. Obama and his top aides have worked diligently to show they are heeding conservatives’ concerns about a health-care overhaul’s costs. But the president’s political operatives — at the Democratic National Committee and the grassroots group Organizing for America — haven’t been so solicitous.

    Television ads running in some moderates’ districts urging support for Mr. Obama’s health initiative left them feeling bullied and betrayed. “Those ads really created problems,” one House leadership aide said.

    Other Democrats complain that by not providing enough clarity on where the health-care overhaul is headed, the White House has left them exposed politically as they face constituents’ scrutiny — and rivals’ attacks — during the August recess.

    “Specificity is what is needed,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein. “What’s most helpful now is: ‘This will reduce costs, and here is precisely how.’ ” Asked if the White House had provided this specificity, the California Democrat said, “No.”

    Republicans are seizing on the tensions to bolster their criticism of the Democratic agenda. “Many within the president’s own party are now standing up and telling the administration to slow down and reassess,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said this week.

    Similar unhappiness surrounds the president’s energy initiative, which was meant to reduce carbon emissions in the hope of slowing global warming. Mr. Obama chose not to spend political capital stumping for the House measure, while Republicans have been savaging moderate Democrats for supporting what they call a “cap-and-tax” bill.

    Some argue that Mr. Obama’s relations with his party are good, by historical standards. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton alienated fellow Democrats almost immediately with their perceived disdain for Congress.

    Mr. Obama, a former U.S. senator, has been solicitous of lawmakers and put Capitol Hill veterans in key positions, from Mr. Emanuel to Budget Director Peter Orszag, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

    When Mr. Obama took office in January, Democratic leaders set high expectations that they would accomplish almost as much as the New Deal Democrats of the 1930s.

    Then, in May, Mr. Obama demanded that Congress provide money to close the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but declined to specify what would happen to its inmates. Afraid of being accused of releasing terrorists into their districts, Democrats rebelled and refused to allocate the funds.

    One unexpected problem was a breakdown in the White House’s legislative game plan. The Senate was supposed to move before the House on health care, officials say, giving skittish House members assurance before they moved forward on the difficult issue.

    Instead, the House kept its end of the bargain, pushing through a climate bill only to find the Senate stuck on health care and doing nothing on energy.

    On health care, “I just think that they are giving out a very poor message,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, a liberal Vermont independent who caucuses with the Democrats. “At the end of the day, if they think everyone will be so excited because they passed something, I think that is wrong both from a public-policy and a political perspective.”

    Minnesota Rep. James Oberstar and other Democrats, meanwhile, have sharply criticized an administration move to postpone a roughly $500 billion transportation bill.

    Looking ahead to the fall session, dissatisfaction is growing as campaign promises give way to the nitty-gritty of legislating. “Our fear, or concern, is that the legislative branch not become a cheerleader for the executive branch,” said Democratic Rep. John Tanner of Tennessee.

  27. Some argue that Mr. Obama’s relations with his party are good, by historical standards. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton alienated fellow Democrats almost immediately with their perceived disdain for Congress.

    Mr. Obama, a former U.S. senator, has been solicitous of lawmakers and put Capitol Hill veterans in key positions, from Mr. Emanuel to Budget Director Peter Orszag, a former director of the Congressional Budget Office.

    Bull Clinton didn’t disdain Congress, he tried and was successful in working across party lines passing effective legislation. The Dems couldn’t stand it, they turned on him lead by the bast*rd Kennedy which only encouraged Newt and company and opened the door to the special prosecutor Ken As*hole Starr.

  28. gonzo @6:01, you have to translate that comment from “Village-speak” into plain English.

    Bill’s whole problem, whether with the DC media, or the party poobahs, was that Big Dawg never did stoop to kiss their privileged asses in the way they were accustomed to, and they got all miffed and petty about it. Obama, however, is ass-kisser extraordinaire, so he fits right in.

    Which is, of course, reason # 947 why I love me some William Jefferson Clinton, and he will always be MY president. He was always ours, not theirs. 😉

  29. Jan H 5:35 Article
    Television ads running in some moderates’ districts urging support for Mr. Obama’s health initiative left them feeling bullied and betrayed. “Those ads really created problems,” one House leadership aide said.

    Now they know exactly how the HRC Delegates in NM felt at the district and State conventions held here. I had never seen such bullying tactics from trying to force the HRC delegates to convene outside (this was Apr and windy), to defacing pictures of HRC put up by DelegateCandidates. This was a state that HRC won (I will remember that week always), and then they just behaved like they had won. That is a Democracy for you.



    In addition, some Democrats say their colleagues misunderstand the White House role, which is to shape public discourse and resolve party disputes, not dictate policy specifics.

    That is just plain Bull Crxp. A leader communicates guidelines, or even a draft of ideas, the congressional type mull it over, the President has people work in committes to get his most important issue included. There are a lot of veteran’s in the Democratic legislative area, who should be in charge of key areas. Some have been there for years, and you are trying to convince us that they MISUNDERSTOOD. Even if they did, which I find unlikely, it is your job to make sure they understand. I guess what you were trying to say is the Legislative body did not get the email on the revised duties of the Executive branch according to O.

    Oh and by all means, let us blame it on BC. They need to do a poll on BC to see if he is more popular then O at this point.

  30. Some comments by seniors on the Frauds visit to AARP. Just noticed Rand was AA. Hmmm. Selling the seniors down the toliet. Brothers in Arms…

  31. Selling the seniors down the toliet. Brothers in Arms
    The majority of mail that I get from AARP is related to them trying to sell me insurance of some sort. Probably explains why the AARP leadership supports Obama’s “Health Insurance Reform”…AARP is now part of the problem, otherwise they would be raising hell about $600 billion Medicare cuts in order to fund more worthless health insurance coverage.

  32. Lots of us feel that way, neeta. Because he went to Washington, but remained OUR president, not theirs.
    He was as smart and politically savvy as they come, but Washington wasn’t his heart. He belonged to us, to the people, and he never forgot it.

    And the Beltway never did, never has, and never will forgive him for that loyalty to US, not them.

  33. And BTW, that loyalty to us, not them, is why the Beltway advances that stupid meme about the “selfish” Clintons. Because they never understood that the source of Bill’s independence, of his rejection of them in so many ways, was not his own ego, it was US.

    They don’t get that.

  34. HFT

    I was at his swearing in. I still have the sweat shirt. It has him blowing a sax. The shirt says A CURE FOR THE BLUES.

  35. I’m thinking obama should start a trend and invite all his favorite terrorists, especially his new best friend Ahmadinejad for a beer. What better way to promote peace??? I mean it worked so well the first time…NOT!


    Iran’s show trial to punish reformists
    Iran’s hardliners took their first revenge against critics of June’s presidential election by convening a mass show trial of reformists who were accused of trying to stage a revolution.

    By Nick Meo
    01 Aug 2009

    Former government ministers who had supported tens of thousands of ordinary Iranians as they spilled out into the streets to protest against the election were among the 100 or so mostly senior figures put on trial in a revolutionary court on Saturday.

    They included Mohammad Ali Abtahi, 51, a former vice-president, who looked thin and tired in his ill-fitting prison uniform.
    Independent journalists were not allowed into the courtroom in Tehran – in fact a large function room in the courthouse, as no court was large enough to accommodate the rows of accused – to witness the spectacle at first hand.

    But official photographs clearly showed fear and defeat etched on the faces of some of the men who previously commanded official respect. Many were leading figures among the reformist ranks in the election who had challenged hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    None of those present had been permitted access to their lawyers and it was only yesterday morning that their identity was made known. Earlier last week, officials had said the first trial would be of around 20 lower level street protesters.

    A 20-page charge sheet was read out in what had all the hallmarks of a show trial, reminiscent of the revolutionary fervour after the Shah was swept from power 30 years ago. It was the first time since the earliest days of the revolution that dozens of senior officials have been put on trial together.

    Mr Abtahi, a close aide of reformist former president Ayatollah Mohammad Khatami, reportedly told the court that the June 12 election had not, after all, been marred by fraud – the firm belief of millions of Iranians. He himself had previously declared the result “a huge swindling”.

    Instead of defending the position of his old friend and ally, he recanted his previous views, according to the official version of events.

    “I say to all my friends and all friends who hear us, that the issue of fraud in Iran was a lie and was brought up to create riots so Iran becomes like Afghanistan and Iraq and suffers damage and hardship,” he said, according to the semi-official Fars news agency. “If this happened, there would no name and trace of the revolution left.”

    He also claimed that reformists tried to “restrict” the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who has backed Mr Ahmadinejad’s re-election and will tomorrow present him officially with his letters of office. Mr Ahmadinejad will be officially confirmed as president by the Iranian parliament on Wednesday.

    Mr Abtahi reportedly said that Mr Mousavi, the challenger to Mr Ahmadinejad, was “delusional” to think that a major election fraud had taken place. “Fraud” was a code word to mobilise people and encourage them to take to the streets, he said.

    The regime has repeatedly accused reformists of trying to topple the government with a revolution backed by the West.

    “I want to say something, about the velvet revolution part,” Mr Abtahi reportedly said. “I think the capacity for such a thing to happen exists in the country, but I don’t know if there was a real intention to do it.”

    The accused faced charges including rioting, vandalism and “acting against national security”, which could lead to long prison sentences. They could face the death penalty if convicted of being “Mohareb”, an enemy of God.

    It was the first time that any of the 2,000 or so Iranians arrested for protesting since June have appeared before any kind of legal process. Hundreds still languish in Iran’s jails, where torture is commonplace – and where some protesters have died in recent weeks.

    Mr Abtahi, who was arrested in early July and faces a sentence of up to five years, was in distinguished company. His co-accused were a line-up of once-powerful reformists, who now find themselves on the wrong side of a dangerous power-struggle.

    They included former deputy foreign minister Mohsen Aminzadeh, former government spokesman Abdollah Ramazanzadeh, former senior lawmaker Mohsen Mirdamadi and former Industry Minister Behzad Nabavi. Other defendants were young, some in handcuffs.

    Many were members of Iran’s leading moderate political parties, founded by the former presidents Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami, which are seen as a threat by hardliners. Both former presidents backed the moderate candidate who was defeated in June’s election, Mirhossein Mousavi.

    The indictment accused the men in court of planning and leading illegal gathering and riots.

    Some were accused of having links with “counter-revolutionary” groups, a serious charge in Iran which in the past has often been fatal.

    The indictment said the accused had taken part in a Velvet Revolution – a reference to the hardliners’ greatest fear, the kind of popular uprising that brought down the hated Communist regime in Czechoslovakia in 1989.

    Some were accused of having contacts with Western countries, especially Britain, and several photographers were alleged to have sold pictures of “riots” to British and French newspapers.

    The Participation Front, the main pro-reform party set up by Khatami, rejected the charges made in court, saying: “After 50 days of isolating and pressuring the detainees … such a weak indictment has been prepared … It is a politically motivated and illegal indictment.”

    It called the trial “a laughable show that even a cooked chicken would laugh at”.

    Mr Mousavi also rejected the court’s accusations.

    “The protests since the election were not linked to foreigners at all … Iranians’ rights have been violated at the election,” his website Ghalamnews quoted him as saying.

    On Thursday thousands of pro-reform demonstrators gathered to mourn those killed in post-election unrest, in a show of defiance of the authorities upholding Ahmadinejad’s victory. Riot police fired tear gas and arrested some protesters.

  36. Awww, neeta. Treasure that. He was one in a million. And dammit, our Hillary would have been even better. I don’t blame her if she doesn’t run again, given how Obama is trashing the Democratic brand, but I hope one day she will.

  37. Mr Mousavi also rejected the court’s accusations.
    He should be very familiar with the process…In the late ’80’s he participated in the execution of 30,000 people for opposing the government.

  38. NMF .. they blame EVERY thing on the Clintons~ I bet when MEshelle’s gets a turd sideways she cusses Bill out. Yes, amazing.

  39. NMF,

    Didn’t you know that the Clintons are responsible for the Black Plague, Gingivitis, Swine Flu, hang nails, saturated fat, and on and on and on…

  40. I admit that I have never been a Roseanne Barr fan, but for her to agree to do this and for this American Jewish magazine to think this is funny satire makes me sick.

    check out the video…

  41. I think the videos are mostly showing rabid rebublicans and as such, the dems are not too worried. They feel they have the majority that elected them still on their side.. They are used to Repugs getting noisy and sometimes violent over issues such as abortion clinics.

    i live in tim Bishop’s district. He is extremely well liked and respected here. I disagree with him on illegal immigration. I also agree with the protesters’ criticism of his support of Pelosi. However, I don’t hear any dems or independents here complaining about him.

    We will not force BO out in 4 years unless the dems see that they will need to hitch their futures to another candidate. That is what I am working for.

  42. ****************U R G E N T*******************U R G E N T**********************

    Please go check out urgent “fax for no vax” youtube about Jane Burgermeister’s plea about deadly Swine Flu vaccine. Appears there are now troops stationed, along with UN troops to begin mass forced vaccinations as early as perhaps Mon., Aug 1st. This sounds and looks legit, folks. Please notify all of your loved ones asap to NOT TAKE this vaccine. This is totally on the up-and-up. Take heed.

    ****************U R G E N T******************U R G E N T***********************

  43. Texasdarlin, no quarter all covering the BC controversy. Their comments are exploding. They have many people there questioning BO authenticity as a NBC. This is just starting, he will have to do something to calm the unrest. He just needs to come clean and quit telling lies and start having more details of what he is doing. He is scaring people because he won’t tell them anything. All they hear is he is spending more money. This can’t continue or theres going to be more trouble than Axelrod can tamp down.
    His campaign of just headliners and NO details are causing the trouble. THis is what he did during the campaign and it worked so why bother with the details now.

  44. curiosityhasme,

    My understanding is that they don’t even have a viable antidote yet. They don’t know yet if they have to give one or two shots to everyone. They haven’t tested it, which they usually do for 3 months. The U.S. only makes about 20% of the flu vaccines that they need. The rest comes from other countries who aren’t ready either. I also heard that the shot probably won’t be ready for distribution until possible November at earliest.

  45. I don’t know why Republicans don’t like him. he’s basically a moderate Repub, IMO. His education proposal mirrors Bush, except he says he want to fund it. His health proposal is Romney-Care. His social policies have been pretty socially conservative. His stimulus was a typical repub. boondoggle, and didn’t provide local and state relief, wasn’t enough to be effective, just throwing money at the problem. Honestly, I don’t know why Repub’s don’t like him. He’s certainly to the Right of Bill Clinton. I personally think there is a lot of misconception on both sides. Liberal whites think he’s liberal because he’s african american. Conservative whites think he’s liberal because he’s african american. But he’s not. Indeed, despite a lot of misconceptions, a lot of african americans are not actually all that liberal. He’s middle of the road, and that’s why I don’t think his policies will do much. But he can ride out the recession, then claim victory when it naturally starts to pick up. I agree with confloyd. I don’t see any real revolt. I heard he’s rebounding in the polls.

  46. mj

    Do you really think they will tell the truth in the polls? Does recent history ring a bell? And how often have you seen elderly people running after elected officials yelling and chanting for hours?

    Conservatives hate the guy because he is Mr UN AMERICAN! He hates America and makes no pretense about it. He is EVERY dictator and Muslim sadomasochistic prince lap boy.

    Now will the powers that really run the World let him “lose”. Now that really is the trillion dollar question!

  47. Yes, the ultra conservative have protested in mass against abortions and abortion clinics, but this is not that crowd IMHO. I was @ the Austin Tea Party, we were VERY diverse and really, the elderly don’t usually come out and protest unless it effects them personally and they are a huge block of one mind voters and any politician with a sizable constituency of elderly will be having a very tough sell.

  48. JanH Says:

    August 1st, 2009 at 9:47 pm

    I have read the same thing. The vaccine won’t be ready for several months and needs to undergo clinical trials, before it is given to people.

  49. JanH and birdgal:

    Here is the link about what’s going down:

    All I can tell you is that when these troops start up and down your families’ streets, and enter schools and business establishments, your friends and family shouldn’t be blind-sided by this. I would instruct all you know to refuse this, and not allow themselves to be physically restrained if at all possible. Act as if your life is at stake, because it is.

    I’m a first responder and I’m telling you this is real. Don’t tarry in informing your loved ones. When they laugh in your face, they will thank you later for not answering their doors, their phones when strange numbers appear, not lining up for the slaughter. How this will be handled at schools will be tragic. I can’t even think about it.

    Why do you think EVERY clinic,medical establishment has been required to attend epidemiology seminars over the past several months? Hint: It’s not for contuing hours. These meetings are all about propoganda without hearing the rest of the story.

    Some first responders realize what’s going on, but most are like the rest of the population as with politics – totally uninformed. They really believe they will be doing you a tremendous favor to stick the poisonous injection in your unsuspecting deltoid.

    If this is scaring you – good. It needs to, so that you can shake off the denial and come up with a plan for yourself and every member of your family.

  50. If anyone thinks that it’s “the usual crop of die-hard rightwingers” making all this noise at townhalls, etc – think again. It’s not.

    I have BEEN at a couple of teaparty events, and know some folks who went to various govt representative offices to protest on 7/17. These are not primarily people who picket abortion clinics, not at all. It’s funny because if you watch it on the news later, the media finds the one or two persons out of 100 who are winger nutjobs, and shows them and their signs endlessly, no one else’s. They are trying VERY hard to convince the public that it’s only crazy racist survivalist freaks who are upset.

    I am familiar with this type of media coverage, as I lived most of my life in the south. The national media, whenever anything of import happens in the south, invariably finds some toothless shirtless moron redneck tatooed with the confederate flag to interview – never mind that there were about a million NORMAL southerners there with whom they could’ve had a nice conversation on camera.

  51. Yes, indeed, Hillary for Texas. I was born and raised in the south and saw the same thing repeatedly…same toothless,
    tattooed, redneck dude.

    He must have traveled around alot!

  52. As a matter of fact, my uncle used to say, when he’d see a toothless, redneck being interview that no one seemed to know…

    “Wonder why they never interview a real southerner…they always find some Yankee who’s just down here on vacation.”

  53. Hey, guess what people? Obama is not only doing a bang-up job, he is also doing it all by himself, according to Michael Crowley. of TNR:

    Obama has, in effect, been his own national security advisor and secretary of state….”

    begin snark/

    Uh, huh. And he is also his own proctologist, cuts his own hair, maintains the Whitehouse gardens, flies Air Force One himself, has personally led all the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan into battle, was born of a virgin whose face is regularly seen on toast nationwide, and is Top Chef for all state dinners. If you think anyone else is responsible for all that, you are dreaming.

    As we learned during his illustrious and productive Illinois state senate career, “All ur accomplishments r belong to Obama.”

    Oh, and that teleprompter? He INVENTED it, f*ckers, so up yours, you raycists. How can you not love a man who has cured cancer? Something is wrong with you people.

    Now excuse me, I’m getting a tingle up my leg and am off to tend to my stimulus package.


  54. Oops, spam filter got my link – trying again.

    Hey, guess what people? Obama is not only doing a bang-up job, he is also doing it all by himself, according to Michael Crowley. of TNR:

    Obama has, in effect, been his own national security advisor and secretary of state….”

    begin snark/

    Uh, huh. And he is also his own proctologist, cuts his own hair, maintains the Whitehouse gardens, flies Air Force One himself, has personally led all the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan into battle, was born of a virgin whose face is regularly seen on toast nationwide, and is Top Chef for all state dinners. If you think anyone else is responsible for all that, you are dreaming.

    As we learned during his illustrious and productive Illinois state senate career, “All ur accomplishments r belong to Obama.”

    Oh, and that teleprompter? He INVENTED it, fuckers, so up yours, you raycists. How can you not love a man who has cured cancer? Something is wrong with you people.

    Now excuse me, I’m getting a tingle up my leg and am off to tend to my stimulus package.


  55. Obama has, in effect, been his own national security advisor and secretary of state….”
    And that’s the problem. Here is what I said about it earlier today:

    On foreign policy his narcissism and lack of strategic focus have taken center stage. He has been keen to promote his global celebrity status, to impugn the prior administration and to marginalize his own Secretary of State. His policy has been one of appeasement. For example, in Russia, he signaled a willingness to curtail our offensive and defensive capabilities in exchange for a reduction in aging cold war systems. In Cairo, he delivered a coded speech that urged the creation of a new order in the Middle East. But when democratic forces within Iran rose up to challenge a fraudulent election, he failed to grasp the strategic significance of regime change in that country, and/or to support it in any way. Instead, he questioned the legitimacy of the leader of that revolt and expressed a desire to negotiate with the current regime which slaughters its people, supports terrorism and threatens to annihilate Israel when it gets a nuclear weapon. This pattern of appeasement and disrespect for the United States on foreign soil has been the imprimatur of his foreign policy. In sum, Mr. Obama has failed to provide leadership in a dangerous world

  56. THe New Republic article made me sick, more and more Messiah Obama has all the bases covered, yeah right!

  57. So Treasury Sec. Geitner refused to rule out a tax on the middle class, because now “The deficit! The deficit! The deficit” is just too big and something must be done about it.

    This of course only after he helped funnel trillions in taxpayer dough to his friends at Goldman Sachs.

    It couldn’t be more outrageous, but give it time, because it almost surely will be.

  58. If you want to get a mule’s attention hit him on the head with a 2×4 so the old saying goes.Spare the poor mule the pain so we must try it on our cradle to grave legislators.Pitchfork diplomacy looks like the only answer so ring them up,shake them up,vote them out.Our country and our future is at stake.

    By ABM90 Mine mules were far more
    intelligent than our current jackasses in the congress.They understood that a fair days work meant a fair days hay

  59. Blue Democrat Says:

    August 2nd, 2009 at 11:51 am


    And apparently Larry Summers has said the same thing. I wonder how many promises have now been broken by this comedy team.

  60. Oh brother, no jobs and higher taxes that is a sure way to happiness. Its all to done to throw out the dollar in exchange for the new Amero. THe dollar is dropping again and the stock market is going up, so this is the next big thing that is about to happen. We will see then why we built the President a rolling Abrams tank in the shape of a Cadillac.

  61. Apparently Orly Taiz has the original copy of Obama’s Kenyan Birth Certificate on her site, but when you go there there is a warning that going to this site will harm your computer. So I will not go to it as I just got mine fixed from the last bot assault.However there is a pic of it on texas darlin’s site in the comment section.

  62. i was @ work today and although the census was high, the acuity was low and it gave me a chance to actually have a break. I checked out a few of my fav blogs and I was really conflicted about his unemployment mess/ I do believe the longer people have unemployment past a certain mark it is determental. Almost 2 YEARS OF UNEMPLOYMENT CHECKS?

    Taxing the Middle Class to Pay for More Spending
    —Gabriel Malor
    Well, Damn, You Don’t Think I Actually Read This Blog, Do You? See the post below for Drew’s thoughts on this and the excerpt from the first link. We excerpted the exact same bit.

    Economic illiteracy from ABC News and the Treasury Secretary:

    Look at that first sentence. They’re back to claiming outright that the U.S. can tax its way to prosperity. Not spoken–perhaps not even considered–is the economic truth that taxes are not good for the economy. Too much dead weight loss. Taxes may be good for a spendcrazy government still looking to pay off supporters, but they are not good for the economy as a whole.

    And there is no mention of that other time-honored method for reducing deficits: not spending so much of my money. This way Obama can break his promise that 95% of Americans would see no tax increase and claim with a shrug: “Desperate times…”

    Convenient times, too, since the Administration is considering extending unemployment benefits by 13 weeks. At present, unemployment benefits run for 79 weeks in the hardest-hit states (read: blue states). That’s a year and a half of weekly payments while the recipient looks for work. That’s a year and a half plus 13 weeks where the employed, who pay income taxes, subsidize the unemployed, who do not.

    Don’t expect much protest from the GOP, though. Jim DeMint already said Republicans will support the extension. Which leaves me wondering what guiding principle leads him to believe that 92 weeks of benefits is okay? If 92 is okay, how about 100? Or lifetime benefits?

    I’m being disingenuous. I know very well that DeMint and his fellows are afraid of being framed as “mean and heartless” during the Great Recession. At heart, the problem is not unemployment benefits. The problem is that the government–in the hands of the Democrats–has done little to resolve our economic woes and probably exacerbated the situation. Now there’s little choice but to treat symptoms like unemployment instead of the underlying disease.

  63. August 02, 2009
    Barack Obama, laughingstock
    Thomas Lifson
    It is starting. Open mockery of Barack Obama, as disillusionment sets in with the man, his policies, and the phony image of a race-healing, brilliant, scholarly, middle-of-the-roader.

    Via Tammy Bruce, Atlas Shrugged and Newsbusters (three terrific conservative sites) and Bedlam Magazine (an arts site) comes news of a poster spreading across Los Angeles, depicting Obama as a Heath Ledger Joker, and carrying the caption “Socialist.”
    OK IT IS A cONSERVATIVE SITE, BUT YOU DO NEED TO SEE THIS POSTER Sorry about the caps. From American Thinker

  64. From BP as was the American Thinker link…

    A well deserved slap to Maureen Dowd…

    Maureen Dowd: Sarah Palin Scared
    By Stuart Schwartz

    You’re Maureen Dowd, and you’re scared. The self-doubt, the “Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas,” the whole Robert Frost thing –you know, “The Road Not Taken” — relentlessly nibbles at the edge of your consciousness.

    You’re Maureen Dowd and you’re scared — Sarah Palin scared. Others — like columnists Peggy Noonan and Kathleen Parker — are jealous. But you are scared. You’re celebrated, a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist for The New York Times, famed and feared, known as the “Queen of Snots” for eviscerating prose largely directed at conservatives and middle America, which begins at the Hudson River and ends just east of zip code 90210 in California.

    But…the Big 6-0 is in front of you (wait-isn’t that my mother’s age, sixty years?! How can this be!?), the last gasps of menopause still flash hot and cold, and suddenly a woman comes on the political scene whose life, choices, and successes are the polar opposite of the choices you’ve made the centerpiece of your life — written a whole book about, in fact, Are Men Necessary: Why Sexes Collide.

    You have relentlessly developed an aura of intellect and sex. You are “a smart, ambitious, alluring woman in a crazy, often infuriating man’s world.” That’s how Howard Kurtz — a dear friend — described you in the Washington Post. He wrote what you wanted him to write: Your mystique, your sexuality “is at the heart of Dowd’s take on life.”

    You are the anti-Palin. You live alone because your job and accomplishments are intimidating to men, you’re without children because you refuse to be “Mrs. Anonymous Biological Robot in a Docile Mass” of family and boring community, and you’re not married because that’s for the Sarah Palins of the world, women who want to become “harpies and nagging wives and mothers.” Choices — you chose sexy and accomplished.

    Sexy. Sexy and smart. Do you hear that, Sarah Palin? Forget menopause. Sure, the face in the mirror has dried around the eyes and the mouth — but you’re of Irish stock, you know, and they’re known for that white and fragile complexion. Nothing that your favorite moisturizer, Crème de la Mer, a mere $130 an ounce at the preferred store of the women of the Times, Saks Fifth Avenue, can’t handle. And, of course, a ban on updating the headshot accompanying your column; not that you care, just that you have better things to do than sit for a photo of a face that hasn’t changed in a decade, right?

    Sarah Palin gets under your skin. Talk about itching and dryness. She thinks she’s so smart. But it takes more than a runner’s glow and frozen tundra to make a woman. And even then…well, it was just a bit more than five short years ago that a magazine in Canada — which has snow, just like Alaska — looked around and declared you to have “commanding wit and beauty.”

    But…you’re Sarah Palin scared. You can’t turn back the clock. And so you and your colleagues savage her in print and on the air, declaring her “a volatile and scattered country-music queen without the music,” more stripper than executive.

    And that family, you ask hotly, your estrogen fade fueling the flames? Doesn’t she know successful women don’t have large families, having paid the price and “squandered their fertility”? But never mind. You are one of the most powerful women in media and your choices have led to moments of extraordinary pleasure, such as Chris Matthews, grinning ear-to-ear, prostrating himself on MSNBC when you appeared as his guest: “Wow. Maureen Dowd. You’re unbelievable. You are fabulous. I look up to you.”

    Take that, Sarah Palin!

    Hah! Real women don’t do families — hasn’t anyone read your column, when you channeled Sex in the City and declared that women “come to life in Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw.” Hardly the terrain of the Terror of the Tundra. You are the real woman, not “Caribou Barbie.”

    Everyone knows that, even Liz Trotta, a Fox News commentator who is conservative and old (is that what happens when you cross the big 6-0?). Liz says Sarah Palin is “inarticulate and undereducated,” using “good looks and gender” to get somewhere. She’s right: Palin has no brains, just “sexy shoes” and a stripper body that gets attention. Then, of course, she “put(s) away her breast pump” and shows everyone her only authentic assets.

    Stupid woman making stupid choices. Why can’t she just go away?! You’re Maureen Dowd and you’re hot and you’re accomplished and….well, you’re hot, a hundred times hot, described by elite media as “a glamorous woman surrounded by a rapt circle of men.”

    You’re hot, right? And, because you’re interested in the journalism of truth, you’ve made sure that every glimpse at your world shows you to be an “utter and unreconstructed fox”, as New York magazine put it. “Men can’t resist you,” journalists proclaim. Even Vanity Fair speculates about what goes on in your bedroom. Your life, your body won’t let you be 60 years, which is the new 50, perhaps 45…no, make that 39.

    And then, along comes trashy Sarah Palin, who smiles a “vacuously spunky” smile that shows her “utterly unready to lead the world — or even find the world on a map.” And she’s surrounded herself with family in an era when a real woman understands that “being married or otherwise tied down removes a gal’s aura of sexual mystery.”

    But still, they talk about her, about her energy, about her looks, her youth, her family, her youth, and — as Thomas Lifson puts it — her “unmatched charisma and authenticity.” And did you mention her youth? And now you’re looking at her choices, a former governor of an “oversized igloo, ” a “hockey mom” and “Miss Alaska runner-up,” surrounded by that gruesome family of “Wasilla hillbillies”…and now you’re Howard Dean in a low-backed black dress with spaghetti straps, screaming “Yeargh!!”

    You’re Sarah Palin scared, with a whole new set of hot flashes to worry about. You’re afire, radiating enough heat to power for a month the seven homes of Michael Douglas, who was your lover before he married Catherine Zeta-Jones. Or for a year the country retreat of Howell Raines, former head of the Times; or the beach paradise of West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin; or the…need you go on?

    Choices. Her husband is dumb, a “hunky Eskimo” with lead between his ears, perfect for someone “hopelessly over her head.” He has a fishing boat and works for an oil company — big deal! Aaron Sorkin has been in and out of your bed for much of the past decade, and he is a big deal. The talented creator of a hit television show could spend more on a weekend freebasing cocaine at the ritzy Four Seasons than Palin husband makes in a year. Now, Miss Alaska, who makes the best choices?

    You’re “bewitching,” “a sorceress.” So says Todd Purdum, once a colleague at the Times and now an editor at Vanity Fair. Yes, the same Todd Purdum who savaged Palin in Vanity Fair this month. He never could resist you, carrying your bags on trips, running to your place in the middle of the night to fix your computer. He’s your Todd Puppy…pant, pant, pant. Anything to make you happy. And his evisceration of that “underqualified ‘babe’” makes you very happy, indeed.

    But you’re Maureen Dowd and you’re scared. New Yorker Film critic David Denby looks at you and sees a woman who is “essentially sour and without hope.” And no matter what you do, what you say…the big 6-0 is around the corner. And your ritzy Georgetown place seems quieter.

    And, what’s worse, you suspect that Sarah Palin, when her time comes and she is faced with the Big 6-0, will just smile and say “You betchya” …and celebrate.

  65. What do you all think? BP posted @ BP again…

    OBAMA SECRET SERVICE Pulls Guns On Conservative Tea Party Protesters In Bristol

    This came in the email after Dear Leader’s town hall event on Obamacare in Bristol, Virginia:

    Hey Gateway Pundit.

    I attended the town hall event in Bristol,VA today. Though very few were allowed inside, there was an amazing turnout outside of people protest healthcare reform, among other things. I hope to send you pictures soon of some great signs I saw. It was expected that those in opposition to the bill would outnumber those in favor by 10-1, but I feel it was much, much more.

    I do have a question I was hoping you could answer. During the motorcade when the president was arriving, there were several vehicles following the limo that contained the secret service. All of the vehicles had all the windows rolled down, and back hatch open on the SUVs with the men holding their, I assume assault rifes, machine guns, drawn on everyone lining the streets. Needless to say it took my breath away at the sight of them, and made my friends and I dizzy with fear. I have seen the secret service before, but never like this. While they were intimidating, I never felt in danger. The guns were not drawn when the motorcade was leaving the event. But I turned on a local talk radio program as we were leaving and all the calls were about witnessing the guns being pointed at them and nothing else until the end of the program.

    Having said all that, my question is, is this normal protocol during such an event? It very well could be, but after I had to get over the shock of it, I began to feel offended. We were all there peaceful, and have no problems with Obama the man, we have problems with his policies and wanted him to know the opposition was there to be heard, and know that a strong opposition did indeed exist, and that so many people don’t approve of his policies, with this bill in particular.

    So, is this normal, and I’m making a mountain out of mole hill, or did they make an exception in this mainly conservative area

  66. Gonzo,

    Has the United States of America now become a dictatorship with an oppressive military and secret service at the beck and call of a despot?

  67. I don’t know if that is normal Secret Service procedures. However, during the primary, HRC SS was never at as high a level as Os.

  68. Sounds like the only successfuly part of the stimulus program is the trading in of your old Clunker

    The information below, sounds like either the legislation was not clearly written, or the Mortgage Insurance people are thumbing their noses at the administration.

    Sorry for the long post.

    Want to refinance? Understanding the Fine Print of Obama’s Plan
    Myths and Misconceptions about the federal mortgage plans
    By Holden Lewis,

    PRINT | E-MAIL MORE TEXT: A A A Do you want to refinance your mortgage under the Home Affordable Refinance program? Good luck. The plan is confusing and confounding.

    For example, under the program, lenders are supposed to refinance loans with mortgage insurance. But they are evasive about whether they will. You might as well ask a general about troop movements in wartime.

    Another example: Last month, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced that they would refinance mortgages at up to 125 percent of current market value. Sounds great — but borrowers will have to wait.

    Background: In February, the Obama administration announced the Making Home Affordable initiative to prevent foreclosures. A major part of the plan is the Home Affordable Refinance program, known in the mortgage industry as HARP. It’s designed to let homeowners refinance even if they owe more than the house is currently worth because of a decline in property value.

    Initially, the Home Affordable Refinance program was set to allow people to refinance for an amount up to 105 percent of the current value of the home, as long as the mortgage was owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. (See Bankrate’s loan-to-value calculator.) Last month, that upper limit was raised to 125 percent, meaning that someone could refinance for $125,000 on a house whose appraised value has plunged to $100,000.

    Things haven’t turned out as planned. The Obama administration had expected up to 2 million homeowners to take advantage of the refinancing program by its expiration date of June 10, 2010. But four months into the 16-month program, about 13,000 refinances had been completed, meaning that it was on track to help 52,000 homeowners, or about 1,950,000 homeowners shy of the administration’s goal. That shortfall is equivalent to the number of houses and apartments in all of Kentucky.

    More From Bankrate
    – New appraisal code causes chaos

    – Debt forgiveness for homeowners?

    – Will assumable mortgage solve crisis?

    Shaun Donovan, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has said that the pace of refinances will pick up. Industry insiders echo that assessment and say that the refinancing initiative was slow to begin because of its complexity. But that doesn’t erase the fact that the plan won’t be fully operational until October at the earliest — halfway into HARP’s lifespan.

    Misconception and reality
    The following is a list of misconceptions that homeowners have about the refinancing program and what’s really going on.
    Misconception: If your mortgage is owned or guaranteed by Freddie Mac, you have to refinance with the current servicer.

    The reality: From the outset, Fannie Mae’s policy was to let homeowners switch to another lender if they wanted to. But Freddie Mac required borrowers to stick with the current servicer (probably because Freddie didn’t want to alienate its biggest customer, Wells Fargo).

    Now Freddie has quietly changed its policy. Homeowners with Freddie-owned mortgages will be able to refinance with the lender of their choice.

    Naturally, there’s a complication. Freddie will begin taking delivery of these switched-lender refis beginning Sept. 1. Theoretically, a lender could close one of these refis today, in July, and wait until September to sell the loan to Freddie. In practice, that’s unlikely, and borrowers will have to close on those loans after the beginning of September. But they might be able to apply and get the ball rolling a few weeks before.

    Misconception: All mortgage servicers are required to participate in the Home Affordable Refinance program.

    The reality: Mortgage companies don’t have to participate. One holdout is Provident Funding. The Burlingame, Calif., lender was the eighth-largest mortgage originator in the first quarter of 2009, according to National Mortgage News.

    Provident’s no-refi policy has been problematic for customers with Freddie-owned loans because of Freddie’s initial ban on refinancing with another lender. Searching for a loophole, one Bankrate reader found a section of the Making Home Affordable Web site that read, “In addition, all servicers for loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are required to participate.” But that sentence referred to the mortgage modification program, not the refinance program.

    Misconception: Fannie and Freddie now allow refinances for up to 125 percent of loan to value.

    The reality: Not yet. Both companies allow refinances right now of mortgages of up to 105 percent of the home’s value. Here’s where it gets complicated: Fannie and Freddie have different start dates for when they’ll begin buying mortgages with loan-to-value ratios between 105 percent and 125 percent.

    Fannie Mae says it will start buying those higher-LTV loans beginning Sept. 1. Freddie Mac says it will start buying them Oct. 1. Lenders could process and close those loans now if they wanted to, but they don’t want to. They’ll wait until Fannie and Freddie are buying those loans.

    Lenders versus insurers

    Misconception: Under the Home Affordable Refinance program, lenders are refinancing loans with mortgage insurance.

    The reality: If major lenders are doing refis of loans with mortgage insurance, they’re being discreet about it. Bank of America, Chase and CitiMortgage did not respond to inquiries, but if e-mails from Bankrate readers are to be believed, none of those big lenders is refinancing loans with mortgage insurance.

    A Wells Fargo spokesman replied: “We are not offering HARP refinances to borrowers who have mortgage insurance on their existing loans at this time. Unfortunately, I’m not able to provide any insight as to when we may be able to do so.”

    Bank of America has implied that it will refi insured loans “as systems become operational.” Other lenders have been tight-lipped about whether they will refinance loans with mortgage insurance at all.

    When the Obama administration promised to let people refinance their home loans but keep the same mortgage insurance policy, it was telling the insurance industry to do something that it’s not set up to do. It’s akin to selling your old car and buying a new one, and expecting the auto insurer to transfer the policy without changing one word of it.

    The mortgage insurance companies say they have the procedures in place. The lenders are saying almost nothing. Neither side is pointing fingers at the other. Without a blamefest, it’s hard to discern what’s going on.

    A spokeswoman for mortgage insurer MGIC says some lenders are refinancing loans with mortgage insurance under HARP, but she couldn’t say which ones.

    Misconception: All mortgage insurance is the same. Once lenders start refinancing insured loans, those homeowners are good to go.

    The reality: Most mortgage insurance covers individual loans. These are called “flow” policies. But sometimes investors buy “pool” or “portfolio” policies that cover a batch of loans. A few readers have e-mailed Bankrate complaining that their lenders have told them that they can’t refinance under the Home Affordable program because their loan is covered by pool insurance.

    This one rests with Fannie and Freddie, who say they are working on the pool insurance issue.

    Misconception: All of the above is straightforward enough. Someone with a Fannie-owned loan and mortgage insurance will be able to refi the loan with another lender at, say, 120 percent loan-to-value, as of Sept. 1.

    The reality: Nope, the borrower in the above situation will have to stay with the current servicer. Fannie allows you to refinance with another lender, as long as the loan-to-value ratio is 105 percent or less. But when Fannie allows refis above 105 percent LTV beginning in September, it will require borrowers to refinance with their existing servicer.

    Freddie, on the other hand, says it will allow borrowers to switch lenders regardless of the loan-to-value ratio, whether the loan has mortgage insurance or not.

    The mortgage industry torpedoed the economy by persuading consumers to get loans that they didn’t understand. Now the industry is coming up with rescue plans that consumers don’t understand.

  69. I guess the Secret Service does not want to fumble another motorcade, like they did in Dallas in 63′, so now its no holes barred for the “ONE”. I bet it is costing us a fortune to keep him safe. I want him safe, I don’t want anything to happen to him while he’s the POTUS.
    That car they built especially for him,is something, they must have known things were going to get this bad.
    How much did that car cost us? JFK costs 500. yrly and was leased from Ford Motor Co.
    I sure hope that Kenyan BC is legit!

  70. The Prez, The Press, The Pressure
    Networks Grouse About Obama in Prime Time

    By Howard Kurtz
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Monday, August 3, 2009

    In the days before President Obama’s last news conference, as the networks weighed whether to give up a chunk of their precious prime time, Rahm Emanuel went straight to the top.

    Rather than calling ABC, the White House chief of staff phoned Bob Iger, chief executive of parent company Disney. Instead of contacting NBC, Emanuel went to Jeffrey Immelt, the chief executive of General Electric. He also spoke with Les Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, the company spun off from Viacom.

    Whether this amounted to undue pressure or plain old Chicago arm-twisting, Emanuel got results: the fourth hour of lucrative network time for his boss in six months. But network executives have been privately complaining to White House officials that they cannot afford to keep airing these sessions in the current economic downturn.

    The networks “absolutely” feel pressured, says Paul Friedman, CBS’s senior vice president: “It’s an enormous financial cost when the president replaces one of those prime-time hours. The news divisions also have mixed feelings about whether they are being used.”

    While it is interesting to see how a president handles questions, Friedman says, “there was nothing” at the July 22 session, which was dominated by health-care questions. “There hardly ever is these days, because there’s so much coverage all the time.”

    Had Obama not answered the last question that evening — declaring that the Cambridge police had acted “stupidly” in arresting Henry Louis Gates at his home — the news conference would have been almost totally devoid of news. And that raises questions about whether the sessions have become mainly a vehicle for Obama to repeat familiar messages.

    Mark Whitaker, NBC’s Washington bureau chief, says Obama “is at risk of overexposure” and suggests the sessions are losing their novelty.
    “Every time a president holds a press conference there is potential for news to be made, as he did, probably to his regret, with his comments on the Gates case,” Whitaker says. Still, he says, “we would feel better” if White House officials “were approaching us with the sense that they had something new to say, rather than that they just wanted to continue a dialogue with the American people. There are other ways of continuing that dialogue than taking up an hour of prime time.”

    Sarah Feinberg, Emanuel’s spokeswoman, says that after press secretary Robert Gibbs heard that network officials had concerns about programming conflicts, “Rahm made a round of calls to network executives to discuss ways the White House could accommodate concerns.” The upshot was that the news conference was moved up an hour, to 8 p.m. — a boon to NBC, which had a 9 p.m. special featuring overnight British singing star Susan Boyle. Emanuel tried to create a sense of momentum — calling Disney’s Iger last, for instance, and saying he had secured agreement from the other two networks.

    Some calls had little impact. Emanuel reached GE’s Immelt, a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, after learning that NBC chief executive Jeff Zucker was traveling. But Immelt told him that it was Zucker’s decision, and a subsequent call to Zucker yielded an agreement that NBC would provide live coverage.

    Tensions have been building behind the scenes. Some television executives say the Bush administration informally floated possible news conference dates in advance, while Obama officials basically notify the networks of their plans. Such an approach prompted calls between White House officials and the top executives at each network, and a meeting between Gibbs and the Washington bureau chiefs.

    But little changed. White House officials essentially dictated the timing when they decided to hold an evening session on the 100th day of Obama’s term and again on July 22. In that instance, network executives say, the White House announced the event on its Twitter feed less than an hour after informing them.

    Since the Reagan era, when cable news was in its infancy, prime-time presidential pressers have been a relative rarity. George H.W. Bush held one in 1992, but the broadcast networks dismissed it as an election-year event and refused to carry it. The following year, when Bill Clinton held his first evening news conference, CBS and ABC stiffed him; NBC carried the first half-hour; only CNN and PBS aired the whole thing. George W. Bush held four such events in eight years.

    But the networks have deemed Obama a box-office draw, featuring him on everything from “60 Minutes” to “The Tonight Show” to a 90-minute ABC town meeting on health care. Ari Fleischer, a former Bush press secretary, says the 43rd president didn’t like evening news conferences — “he thought they became more about the reporters than about him” — but that scheduling was crucial. Once, he says, “we scheduled something on a Thursday and NBC went crazy,” because several of its hits were on that night.
    “Frankly, it’s commercial,” Fleischer says. If it’s not a big night for the networks, he says, “they put civic duty and pride first. But you don’t go up against ‘American Idol’ — not even Barack Obama.”

    Dee Dee Myers, Clinton’s first White House press secretary, says ABC and CBS rejected her first prime-time request in 1993 on grounds that the press conference was “not news.” “With Obama,” she says, “everyone wants to have a relationship with the president because he’s been good for ratings. I’ve been impressed by how easily they seem to be able to roadblock an hour. No other president in TV history would have been able to do it.”

    The financial stakes are considerable. ABC, CBS and NBC have given up as much as $40 million in advertising revenue to carry this year’s East Room events. “We lose more than $3 million a show,” Moonves told Mediaweek. The Fox broadcast network has declined to carry the last two Obama sessions.

    Every president exercises considerable control over his encounters with reporters, picking on selected journalists and deflecting questions he doesn’t like. But Obama’s discursive style has also tended to depress the news value of the sessions. He began the last one with an eight-minute opening statement. His answer to the first question, including a follow-up, lasted more than seven minutes. All told, the lengthy responses allowed time for only 10 reporters to be recognized. And Obama’s professorial style of explaining policy at length, rather than offering punchy sound bites, may serve him well, but rarely yields dramatic headlines.

    One result: The audience is gradually dwindling. The last presser drew 24 million viewers, a significant number but a 50 percent decline from Obama’s first such event in February.

    The lingering question is how much of an obligation the networks have to carry these news conferences, given that they’re widely available on the cable news channels. One of the broadcast networks could demonstrate its independence, Friedman says, by breaking with the pack and refusing to air Obama’s next prime-time extravaganza. But, he says, “that would take an extraordinary amount of courage.”

  71. JanH, these media boobs act like it is such a shocking unprecedented thing for a network to consider refusing to carry a press conference. BALONEY. They are LYING.

    Did you know that they did it to Bill Clinton? There were at least a couple of occasions where 1 or 2 of the big 3 broadcast networks DID NOT carry his press conference, and that was in the days before cable news was so big.

    Here was one in 1997 where NBC refused:

    Dick Morris has said on air that the networks repeatedly did this to Clinton. Also, I remember a big stink when ALL THREE major networks refused to carry a Reagan speech on Iran-Contra.

    The idea that it is somehow a new thing, or a major departure from the past is pure LIES.

  72. JanH, these media boobs act like it is such a shocking unprecedented thing for a network to consider refusing to carry a press conference. BALONEY. They are LYING.

    Did you know that they did it to Bill Clinton? There were at least a couple of occasions where 1 or 2 of the big 3 broadcast networks DID NOT carry his press conference, and that was in the days before cable news was so big.

    Here was one in 1997 where NBC refused:

    Dick Morris has said on air that the networks repeatedly did this to Clinton. Also, I remember a big stink when ALL THREE major networks refused to carry a Reagan speech on Iran-Contra.

    The idea that it is somehow a new thing, or a major departure from the past is pure LIES.

  73. HillaryforTexas

    They act like they are serfs, instead of the media that carries the news for the Democracy. When they started the worship fest, they created the histeria.

    I for one don’t care if they lose everything.

  74. Unbelievable…BP

    Inside the Monstrous Obamacare Bureaucracy
    by Michelle Malkin
    Friday, July 17, 2009

    If you think government is too big and too costly, wait until Obamacare kicks in. The Congressional Budget Office put the price tag of the House Democrats’ health care takeover plans at $1.5 trillion over 10 years. But the CBO’s fine print included a telltale caveat:

    “We have not yet estimated the administrative costs to the federal government of implementing the specified policies, nor have we accounted for all of the proposal’s likely effects on spending for other federal programs.”

    You don’t need an accounting degree or clairvoyant powers. The administrative costs and spillover spending effects will be astronomical. Look at existing federal programs. In 1966, the Office of Management and Budget put the total taxpayer costs for Medicare at $64 million. In 2011, Medicare costs are expected to balloon to nearly $500 billion. Medicaid cost $770 million in 1966. By 2011, that program will cost taxpayers an estimated $264 billion. The Virginia-based Council for Affordable Health Insurance estimated that the administrative expenses of both programs last decade were 66 percent higher than those of private sector health insurance companies.

    And we ain’t seen nothing yet. House Republicans on the Joint Economic Committee sifted through their opponents’ 1,018-page health care bill and released a dizzying flow chart detailing the Byzantine bureaucracy Obamacare would create. Washington would become the home of at least 31 new federal programs, agencies and commissions to oversee the government-run health insurance regime.

    Because 32 “czars” isn’t enough, the Democratic plan would add another overlord to the Obama administration. The new “Health Choices Commissioner” would helm the new “Health Choices Administration” (section 141 of the bill) — separate from the already existing Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (formerly the Health Care Financing Administration), the Veterans Health Administration and the Indian Health Service.

    Because the government has done such a boffo job managing the near-bankrupt Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, the Democrats have proposed creating a “Public Health Investment Fund” and a “Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund.” The latter would create a “transparent and functional marketplace for individuals and small employers to comparison shop among private and public insurers.”

    No matter that state insurance departments already operate such systems. Health care must be “fixed.” The federal cure is redundancy.

    The Obamacare bill also creates a new “Bureau of Health Information” (not to be confused with the already existing National Center for Health Statistics) within the department of Health and Human Services. A new “Assistant Secretary for Health Information” will lead the BHI. The new assistant secretary will coordinate with the recently created “National Coordinator for Health Information Technology” — who is responsible for monitoring the $19.5 billion in the stimulus law to implement “a nationwide interoperable, privacy-protected health information technology infrastructure.”

    New bureaucracies always have old special interests to appease. The Bureau of Health Information will house its own “Office of Civil Rights” and “Office of Minority Health.” The information czar will be required to collect health statistics in the “primary language” of ethnic minorities — and, thus, the need for a new “language demonstration program” to showcase their efforts. Obamacare will also ensure “cultural and linguistics competence training” and establish “a youth public health program to expose and recruit high-school students into public health careers.” The government health care juggernaut must be fed and staffed, after all.

    Providing more stimulus for taxpayer-funded jobs, the Democrats’ bill would add a new “Senior Advisor for Health Care Fraud” and require the Attorney General to appoint a “Senior Counsel for Health Care Fraud Enforcement.” There’s already a national Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program, but who’s counting?

    To coordinate all the new bureaucrats, Obamacare would create a new “Health Care Program Integrity Coordinating Council” to “to coordinate strategic planning among federal agencies involved in health care integrity and oversight.”

    To make sure all the existing local and state environmental public health agencies don’t feel lonely, the Democrats’ plan creates a new “Coordinated Environmental Public Health Network” to “build upon and coordinate among existing environmental and health data collection systems and create state environmental public health networks.”

    A new “National Health Care Workforce Commission” will be “tasked with reviewing health care workforce and projected workforce needs.” New funding will be available for a “demonstration program to improve immunization coverage” that would enable government busybodies to send reminders or recalls for patients or providers, or make home visits.

    Who’ll be looking out for you? The House bill creates a “public plan ombudsman” and a “special health insurance exchange inspector general” to police spending and guard against waste, fraud and abuse. Given the sad fate of aggressive watchdogs in the age of Obama, however, these positions will end up like every other new agency, commission, task force and office created to serve the federal health care beast: black holes.

  75. OK, I had enough of the implications of Obamacare. I just read an article called “cash for granny”. It is a check given to the relatives who bring in their elderly family members for euthanasia.
    I am sorry, I don’t believe this any more than I believe Sarah Palin is getting a divorce or that Sarah Palin is gay.
    Both sides need to quit with the lies because the average citizen is going to believe one side or the other. This is the craziest BS that I have ever heard, “Cash for Granny”.
    I don’t know how many of you here are Christian, but the Cash for Granny program is biblical, so for someone to start a rumor of this nature is horrendous.

  76. I agree with Sarah Palin, people really need to start telling the truth on both sides of the ailse. Ok, I have had my rant. Really this is getting out of hand.

  77. Obama is revolting. Here’s some great news from Sunday regarding Rachel Alexandra (“a filly for the ages”):

  78. Hillary Clinton’s vow to keep Northern Ireland on her radar is no bad thing

    Despite commitments around the world, Hillary Clinton intends to keep Northern Ireland firmly on her radar.

    Jim Dee reports
    Monday, 3 August 2009

    After a week of press speculation on the subject, Hillary Clinton has finally weighed in to confirm that the special envoy rumors are true — well, sort of, anyway.

    But what exactly did Foggy Bottom’s heaviest hitter say about Northern Ireland’s future place in the Washington sun?

    By pledging her continued peace process dedication, did she mean it will be business as usual for the prized Belfast-to-Washington pipeline of the last 15 years? Or, was there a subtext in her words that signaled that top level US involvement is gradually winding down?

    In an interview, Clinton left no doubt that she has a personal stake in seeing peace bedded down for good. When asked directly if she would take up the special envoy post, she said that she had “spent many years in this — on this issue. I care deeply about the outcome. I know the players”.

    But Clinton also avoided using the term “envoy”, and instead stressed that she and her “team” would be “on call to help in any way we can as the continuing decisions have to be made to realize the full benefits of a Northern Ireland at peace and moving toward the kind of prosperity they’re looking for”.

    Clinton framed her involvement in the context of a group effort by State Department staffers including “people who work on European affairs who have the responsibility for Ireland and the UK who are involved in a day-to-day way with furthering our goals in Europe, and myself”. But Clinton also said a “fulltime” envoy isn’t needed because: “This is not the 1990s. George Mitchell did his job and did it very well.

    “The problems that the continuing efforts toward finalizing the agreements in the Good Friday Accord are really up to the parties themselves, and certainly in consultation with the British Government and, to a lesser extent, the Irish government.” In other words, while she and her State Department crew will take any supportive actions deemed appropriate by leaders in Belfast, Dublin and London, the heavy lifting on any future deadlocks will be done in those cities and not in Washington.

    So don’t expect to see Hillary Clinton jetting into Belfast every few months for meetings with the political parties, as special envoys did in the past. More likely, the mountain will usually have go to Mohammad, and Secretary Clinton will brainstorm with visiting delegations, when her schedule allows.

    Of course, the modern miracle of the telephone means that Clinton can keep in touch if needed, even if she’s on one of many trips abroad dealing with the Middle East, North Korea, Iran, Afghan-istan and Pakistan, China and Russia, etc. But even with all those balls to juggle, Clinton has stressed that the Irish peace process “is one that we’re going to really keep a close eye on”.

    “I’ve been in consultations with representatives of the Irish government, the British Government, the Northern Ireland leadership, and we’re going to be as helpful as we can.”

    The benefits of Clinton’s continued personal involvement are obvious. With the exception of George Mitchell, past envoys haven’t exactly been household names. And, while Richard Haass, Mitchell Reiss and Paula Dobriansky all had the periodic attention of the White House, none had quite the stature or political connections of Secretary Clinton.

    Hillary knows the nuances of the process, and won’t have to be brought up to speed about things like the policing and justice devolution tangle. And having someone at the State Department’s helm could be of great benefit when delegations from Northern Ireland hit America seeking investment.

    The bottom line is that the First Lady, who had the time to visit Ireland six times when Bill Clinton was President, has morphed into America’s top diplomatic officer with a plateful of tough nuts to crack around the world. Yet she still intends to keep Northern Ireland on her radar. Who could ask for anything more?


    h stuff no ws

    Increasing Taxes on the Middle Class.

    Why are the people in the country gullible to think that his promise of no new taxes meant anything at all. Maybe we don’t deserve a Democracy.

  80. 03/08/2009
    By Eric Cantor

    The United States and Israel remain united:

    As relations between Washington and Jerusalem veer onto unusually rocky terrain, two separate delegations of Congressional Democrats and Republicans will visit Israel in the next couple of weeks bearing a crucial message to the Israeli people: Congress’ commitment to the U.S.-Israel relationship remains steadfast.

    America stands with Israel for both moral and strategic reasons. Israel is not only a democratic ally and our only true friend in the Middle East; it is also a vital pillar of U.S. national security strategy. When it is strong – its borders secure, its people free from the threat of Iran and its terrorist proxies – the Middle East is a much more stable and peaceful place.

    On the other hand, if Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah are allowed to grow stronger at Israel’s expense, the resulting victory for radical forces would deal a blow to U.S. anti-terrorism efforts. Terrorism gains legitimacy and momentum when it is shown to work.

    Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle are on their way to Israel to affirm that she does not stand alone on the front lines of the ideological battle against extremism. We come to get an up-close view of the geostrategic threats facing our two nations and to discuss solutions with our Israeli counterparts.

    But this year the public disagreement between the governments of the United States and Israel over “natural growth” in neighborhoods of Jerusalem and the West Bank has given renewed urgency to our mission. Rumors of a potential aid cutoff or the imposition of other sanctions from the U.S. Defense Department and State Department may not even be true, but they have succeeded in rattling the Israeli people.

    Some of my colleagues in Congress do not agree with me that Israel has a right to accommodate the natural growth of its population in its settlements. But nearly all of us are united in our determination to preserve the vibrant U.S.-Israel relationship. We flatly reject the notion of putting sanctions on Israel.

    There are two critical reasons why, especially at this time, we oppose applying undue pressure on Israel.

    First, it is counterproductive to the U.S. goal of promoting Mideast peace. Without requiring simultaneous Palestinian concessions, we would be signaling to the Palestinians that it is only Israel that has to do the heavy lifting. This may explain why the Palestinian Authority has spurned the Netanyahu government’s standing offer to engage in peace talks.

    Instead, we must demand that the Palestinians stamp out anti-Israel incitement and stop dragging their feet on fighting homegrown terrorism. And we also ought to insist that Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan move the Arab world toward a normalization of relations with Israel.

    Second, the excessive hand-wringing over natural growth is a diversion from the main threat in the Middle East: Iran. We need to exert all of our efforts in rallying the international community around a program of sweeping economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic – and we can’t do it too soon. As Iran pushes forward on its illegal nuclear program and uses its terrorist proxies in the region to foment violence against our friends, America must not shy away from the threat. We must stand with our allies.

    On that score, the good news is that U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates traveled to the Middle East this week to emphasize that America is determined not to allow Iran to go nuclear.

    We in Congress agree. With the stakes this high, our presence in Israel will reassure both the Israelis and the international community that America won’t lose sight of the big picture.

    The writer is the Republican whip and the representative for Virginia’s 7th District in Congress. He also serves as chairman of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare.


    Rachel Alexandra runs away from the boys. She was just a tick off the Haskell record, running on a muddy track!

    And I might add, I have it on personal account that she did not vote for Obama.

    OCEANPORT, N.J. — Crown the filly Rachel Alexandra right now. After first toying with and then torching six accomplished colts here at the Haskell Invitational, Rachel Alexandra has ascended to the throne of horse racing.

    Her past performance in the Daily Racing Form, the horseplayers’ bible, will show Rachel Alexandra won the Grade I, $1.25 million Haskell by six lengths at Monmouth Park. It will show she jetted across a sloppy track superfast: in fact, her time of 1 minute 47.21 seconds was just a tick off the Haskell record.

    But those facts do not begin to describe the preternatural performance Rachel Alexandra turned in Sunday for the 37,090 fans who braved wet weather to see her run at this charming racetrack on the Jersey Shore.

    Rachel Alexandra did not really compete with the Belmont Stakes winner Summer Bird, who finished second Sunday; the Arkansas Derby champion Papa Clem; or the sprinter Munnings, who came in third.

    She merely let them share the track with her. At least until she hit the far turn and shifted into a gear found in horses of lore like the great filly Ruffian and the Triple Crown champions Secretariat and Seattle Slew. She paid $3 on a $2 bet to win.

    “We haven’t found the depths of her,” her owner, Jess Jackson, said.

    Jackson wants to find out. Rachel Alexandra became the first filly in 85 years to win the Preakness Stakes, beating the Kentucky Derby champion Mine That Bird by a length.

    The scorecard now reads Rachel Alexandra 2, 3-year-old colts and geldings 0. Running against her own sex and age group has been even more unfair.

    Rachel Alexandra captured the Kentucky Oaks by 20 1/4 lengths, the largest margin in the race’s 135-year history. She ran away with the Mother Goose Stakes by 19 1/4 lengths, breaking the race record set by Ruffian.

    Her jockey, Calvin Borel, says Rachel Alexandra is the best horse he has ever been on. Why wouldn’t he after winning eight straight races aboard her? But even he does not know how great she may be.

    “When a horse comes and looks her eye to eye, then I’ll know,” Borel said.

    Borel then handed over a half-dozen pairs of goggles he had just worn for Jackson’s charity to auction off in its effort to fight breast cancer. Tellingly, not a single one had a speck of dirt or splatter of mud.

    Many horse racing enthusiasts want to see Rachel Alexandra, who has won 10 of 13 races for more than $2.2 million, face Zenyatta, the 5-year-old mare who is undefeated in 11 starts. That showdown is unlikely, however, because Jackson is adamantly opposed to running on the synthetic surfaces of California, where Zenyatta is based.

    In fact, Jackson said he would hold Rachel Alexandra out of the prestigious and lucrative Breeders’ Cup World Championships because they will be held this fall at Santa Anita Park in Southern California.

    Rachel Alexandra is spending the summer in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., and there has been a steady drumbeat for her to run in the $1 million Travers Stakes there on Aug. 29.

    That prospect became more unlikely in the last 48 hours because Kensei, also owned by Jackson, looked like a world-beater in winning the Jim Dandy Stakes on Saturday and would be among the favorites to win the Travers. If Kensei were to capture the Travers, he would have a profitable career as a stallion.

    And with the way Rachel Alexandra has dominated the 3-year-old boys, what would be the point of her running them into the ground again?

    Instead, Jackson is entertaining the idea of running Rachel Alexandra against the older boys in the handicap division at Saratoga on Sept. 5 in the Woodward Stakes. It would be a bold and imaginative spot to burnish a growing legacy.

    “I don’t know what frontiers she’ll conquer next,” Jackson said.

    How about any one you allow her to try.

  82. NewMexicoFan Says:
    August 3rd, 2009 at 9:06 am

    Increasing Taxes on the Middle Class.

    O’bama: “Read my lips: I’m a liar. I’ll say anything to get elected.”

    So the American public is already growing disenchanted with Figurehead-in-Chief. Now wait until the Repubs start ads with video clips of his promises.

    As for his figure head status, the guy really is just a “ribbon cutter”. Get the latest sports team to the wH. But the WH is too sheepish to craft legistlation. So you get mish-mash bills created in Congress but written by lobbyists.

  83. RGB Times reports Obama’s off camera quote:

    Obama: “Look, you guys deal with this bill. I am tired of getting sucked into every political battle. How the hell am I going to keep a reputation for being post-partisan if I am involved in politics. Just think of me as the Queen of America. There for special occasions, greet foreign dignitaries, and be in parades. But you’ll have to go to the House of Commons for the day-to-day stuff.”

  84. I read that the SS has a new security
    vehicle for the demolition is a designer created style for presidents that have to run and hide after every press conference.tailor made for the the great one. and is named ” The Toonerville Trolley “and will be making its debut on PBS show
    “Sesame Street”.How much more of this destruction of our great country
    can we stand.We need 2×4’s to awaken our laughing stock elected
    congress.Next we will hear that he will
    appoint another czar to oversee his
    civilian private army (Royal Guard)
    .Name? Idi Amin perhaps.

    By ABM90..Our real President is off to Africa this morning and I hope that she will return safely with a copy of his real BC.

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