Is Barack Obama A Racist?

Update: Video.


Is Barack Obama a racist? To explore that question let’s revisit our article from March 24, 2008 Dumb White People.

In Dumb White People we quoted an article from Obama enablers at Newsweek magazine (yes we mean you Richard Wolffe).

Newsweek had published a hosanna to Obama, about how Obama wanted a Muslim name, in an article called When Barry Became Barack. In Dumb White People we posted the below excerpt from that Obama worshiping article which made clear that Obama is anything but “post-racial:

Keith Kakugawa was a close friend of Obama’s at the Punahou School. (He appears in “Dreams” as a revised character named “Ray” who may be a composite of more than one Obama friend.) He says that Obama, being a dark-skinned kid growing up in a white household, sensed that something was amiss. “He felt that he was not getting a part of who he was, the history,” says Kakugawa, who is also of mixed race. He recalls Obama’s reading black authors —James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes—looking for clues. Keith didn’t know at first that Obama’s given name was Barack. “We were in the library and there was a Malcolm X book,” Kakugawa tells NEWSWEEK. “He grabbed it and looked at it and he’s checking it out, and I said, ‘Hold on, man. What you gonna do? Change your name to something Muslim?’ He said, ‘Well, my name is Barack Obama.’ And I said, ‘No it isn’t.’ And we got in an argument about that in the library and they had to tell us, ‘Shhhh’.”

Back in Hawaii in the 1970s, it could seem that everyone was some kind of a minority. The fact that Obama was half-black and half-white didn’t matter much to anyone but Obama, Kakugawa says: “He made everything out like it was all racial.” On one occasion, Obama thought he’d gotten a bad break on the school basketball team because he was black. But Kakugawa recalls his father’s telling the teenager, “No, Barry, it’s not because you’re black. It’s because you missed two shots in a row.” (Here, Kakugawa’s memory is different from Obama’s. The Ray character in the book is the one obsessed with being discriminated against.)

We commented at the time:

Amazing how the recollections of Obama’s friends over and over again conflict with Obama’s fictionalized accounts of his life story.

He made everything out like it was all racial.” Sounds like Reverend Wright. 20 years he sat in that church and listened alongside his children.

* * * * *

We are discussing Dumb White People not because today is the day Obama pretends to like beer, but because Chuck Todd of NBC is denouncing a cable talk show host for calling Obama a “racist”.

We don’t recall Chuck Todd full of outrage when Hillary supporters were called “racists“. We don’t recall Big Media blowhards outraged when Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were accused, by Obama supporters (and Obama supporters in hiding like Al Sharpton and Donna Brazile, who pretended they were not Obama supporters so they could gab on behalf of Obama, on TV) of race-baiting and using “code” language.

Ben Smith of Politico fluffed for Todd yesterday. Wrote Smith, “NBC’s Chuck Todd goes off on Glenn Beck on First Read today, but his real targets are Ailes and Huffington“.

Again, we don’t recall Chuck Todd speaking out about leg tingler Chris Matthews nor all the race-baiting directed against Hillary and Hillary supporters. For that, we don’t recall Ben Smith raging against the smear of “racists” against Hillary supporters like us.

Chuck Todd however is very upset that Obama is called a “racist” by a TV talking head. Writes Todd.

The White House doesn’t want to give Glenn Beck a bigger platform or extra oxygen — especially regarding his remark yesterday that the president has “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture” — so they won’t comment, even off record. Beck, after all, is a radio DJ who somehow ended up getting a national platform to give his opinion on politics. What’s most amazing about this episode is that what Beck said isn’t a fireable or even a SUSPENDABLE offense by his bosses. There was a time when outrageous rants like this would actually cost the ranters their jobs. But not anymore; if anything, it’s now encouraged. [snip] Of course, Beck’s crazy language could have one unintended consequence: It could cost him bookings with any Republicans who want to be popular outside Beck’s hard-core bizarro-land viewers.

Chuck Todd should clean his own stall. Chuck Todd was not outraged with his network. The cable branch of his network, had a bald spot talker (David Shuster) accuse Hillary Clinton of “pimping” Chelsea Clinton. [N.B.: we spoke about David Shuster’s Bald Spot on February 8, 2008 when he attacked Chelsea. Recently, news reports documented how sensitive David Shuster is about his bald spot. For the record, we have nothing against bald spots, just Shuster-style creeps.]

Chuck Todd also remained silent when Tim Russert lied to Hillary at a debate. Chuck Todd kept quiet. Now Chuck Todd is outraged and yelling.

But notice the last sentence in Todd’s screed. Todd is following the latest Big Media narrative and the latest protect Obama tactic. Recall –

Recently we wrote for the very first time about the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue. What we noticed was how Big Media is trying to turn a clear Obama problem into a Republican problem. Now Chuck Todd is again trying to turn Glenn Beck calling Obama a racist into a problem for Republicans – AND – Chuck Todd, who is supposed to be a journalist, appears to be calling for a boycott of Glenn Beck on rival Fox News.

We are not surprised at Chuck Todd’s attempt to intimidate Glenn Beck. Chuck’s MSNBC buddies (Donnie Deutsch) are in fact calling for an advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck. The DailyKooks are publishing Glenn Beck advertiser addresses and going crazy, er, crazier.

So now, Big Media does not want the Obama Birth Certificate Issue discussed at all and if discussed Big Media yells “it hurts Republicans”. So now, Big Media does not want Obama possible racism discussed and if discussed at all Big Media yells “it hurts Republicans”. What next?

Well, apparently Tea Parties also hurt Republicans according to Big Media. Writes Glenn Thrush of Politico below a picture of a white man very angry with a white congressman:

If this is the face of anti-health care reform protest, the GOP has a serious problem.

This unidentified man decided he was doing the Tea Party-anti-reform effort a real solid by hanging freshman Maryland Democratic Rep. Frank Kratovil in effigy [note the creepily expert knotted noose] with a placard “Congress Traitors The American [and a word that looks like “idol”].

To Thrush, the protest tradition of hanging an elected official in effigy is not only “racist” (even though hanger and hangee are white) but also a problem – for Republicans. Everything it seems is a problem for Republicans according to Big Media – but the polls seem to say otherwise.

Glenn Thrust not only does not know a boy scout knot from a Klan style knot, Thrush was eventually forced to grudgingly concede that the “hanging” was the act of a protester who was shunned by other protesters, and the rally was not even an officially sanction protest. But it does not matter to Thrush and others at Big Media’s non-reality village – Republicans will be the ones to suffer.

When Sarah Palin was hung in effigy as a Halloween decoration, cheers came from the Dimocrats and giggles from Big Media.

* * * * *

Is Barack Obama a racist? There is evidence that Obama might easily be a racist.

Whether it’s the story we related about how Obama blamed everything on race, sitting in Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years and listening to Wright tapes in school, calling his dying grandma a racist, or rather “a typical white person” for political profit, the Obama as “racist” question should be explored.

Is Barack Obama a racist? For sure he is a racial opportunist and a race-baiter. Crowley better watch his back (we are very glad that Crowley is going to the White House with his Union president and his lawyer). There is a long history of Barack Obama race-baiting.

But in America, as run by Big Media and the Obama Dimocrats, no one is allowed to even ask the question: Is Barack Obama A Racist?


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  1. John Kass writes:,0,915294.column

    As Chicagoans have long known but never shared with outlanders from the Washington Post or The New York Times, O’Bama was found as an infant, floating in a reed basket along the banks of the Chicago River, two great serpents strangled in his tiny fists.

    He was rescued by the women of the Daley clan who took pity on the babe, and protected him on the orders of our own great and terrible king, Richard II, also known as Mayor Shortshanks.

    And when O’Bama was ready, Shortshanks sent dozens of retainers from City Hall to guard and watch over him in Washington and run the capital The Chicago Way ™, men such as the magical wizard David McAxelrod, and skillful knife fighters like Rahm O’Manuel and the valiant warrior Princess Valerie McJarrett.

    The beer of choice for the O’Bama White House is Budweiser, which, as I said, is the perfect brew to sip while talking about racism.

    Several years ago, Rev. Jackson led a boycott against Budweiser, denouncing the company for discriminating against black people. TV cameras flocked to him, excited as puppies, as he poured Bud onto the street with a sneer, pronouncing (I kid you not) “This Bud is a dud!”

    Budweiser stopped being considered racist by Jackson the moment his sons were given the exclusive Budweiser distributorship for the North Side of Chicago. Then, Bud was not a dud. Bud had experienced its own teachable moment, and Bud passed the test.

  2. From the Pew Poll:

    Thirdly, Obama’s comments on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr. appear to have played some role in his ratings decline. News about the arrest of the prominent African American Harvard professor at his Cambridge home was widely followed by the public and 79% are aware of Obama’s comments on the incident. Analysis of the poll data found that the president’s approval ratings fell among non-Hispanic whites over the course of the interviewing period as the focus of the Gates story shifted from details about the incident to Obama’s remarks about the incident. Interviews Wednesday and Thursday of last week found 53% of whites approving of Obama’s job performance. This slipped to 46% among whites interviewed Friday through Sunday as the Gates story played out across the nation.

    Consistent with this trend, a small re-contact survey conducted Monday night finds a mostly negative reaction, particularly among whites, to Obama’s comments on the controversy, even though the public is closely divided over who was at fault in the original dispute. Based on what people have heard about the incident in Cambridge, 27% of blame Gates, 25% fault the police officer, 13% volunteer both or neither, and 36% offer no opinion. However, more people disapprove (41%) than approve (29%) of the president’s handling of the situation. And by a margin of about two-to-one, more whites disapprove (45%) than approve (22%).

  3. I loved the John Kass writting. The Almightier they pretend to be the longer the fall.

    Would it not be ironic if Os fall was attributed to the one word stupid, which people interpreted as racists, when he used that tool so well during the Primary.

  4. OK I am thinking about another bumper sticker. Os symbol in pieces as a back ground, and written over it WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, LISTENING TO YOUR KIDS.

  5. ADMIN – a solid thank you to let you know how much your courage and insight and fortitude is appreciated…

    a bit OT, but on the previous thread

    SHV Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    SHV provides the quote Obama has to a question Karen Tumulty from TIME asks:

    Karen Tumulty: What about — you mentioned that subsidies have to be there. What’s — you’re hearing now — 300% [that the government would provide assistance to people earning up to 300% of poverty]. Is that enough? Is that really

    President Obama: Until I actually see the numbers, I don’t want to give a definitive answer on that. I do think that if we can figure out what is a fair, appropriate percentage of your income that you’re paying on health care, and peg it — peg subsidies so that it’s meeting that test, potentially with some regional variation then we’ll get it right. And I think that the committees are working on that. That’s the kind of detail that we had anticipated working through in conference. If it turns out that Congress just can’t get there and that’s the holdup, then we’ll give a very definitive idea of where we need to go on it.


    What kind of Leadership is that? (he is just some frontman)

    WTH? If he stayed in the WH and did his job then he would have the answers, but true to form, he has just farmed the work out while he goes around barking and reading words (and now drinking) when he does not know what he is talking about or spending any time putting a coherent policy together…

    I cannot help myself…Can you imagine Hillary, Bill or even McCain running around like head honcho and then not really having any concrete understanding of what they were trying to accomplish and being so completely UNPREPARED…calling press conferences – knocking advertisers at a big cost out of prime time – just to blather the same blather over and over again…(and then go off message a provoke racial discord)

    the preparation of this man is BARELY at the state level…to assume he knows what he is doing with all the power he has is frightening…he of the Imperial Presidency and 32 unaccountable czars (see Eric Cantor’s piece in WP)

    he is beginning to trivilize the Presidency…two wars, a country in just about economic collapse (with the next big shoe ready to drop – commercial real estate foreclosures), shyrocketing unemployment and home foreclosures and he is having a ‘beer’ summit at the WH

    thank goodness the public is waking up and seeing past the media propoganda and lies…’we’ are not quite as stupid as ‘they’ think we are…

    clue: How about a JOB SUMMIT? oh, that’s not on his radar…not ‘fluffy’ enough

  6. S

    Don’t give them any good ideas. After all they lost his BC, you don’t want to trust them with anything else.

  7. Beer summit may blow up in Obama’s face
    Crowley came prepared with a letter

    Rut ro
    and the saga continues

  8. Marie3548, Crowley is no dope. He came with Union president, lawyer, family and as you report a letter.

  9. From Real Clear Politics:

    Obama is dropping faster than Carter

    Until Obama, Carter was the last president to begin his term in the high 60s. Carter first polled at a 66 percent approval rating. He did not reach Obama’s present territory until mid September, when he hit 54 percent.

    Obama is now in the 53-52% range, and it’s only July.

  10. Too little, too late. obama should have apologized right from the start. Wait…nope…he should have just shut up in the first place.

  11. Obama is dropping faster than Carter
    BC was 37%s by June of his first year…He finished at 66%….Obama will be in the low 30% range and stay there because, unlike Clinton, there is no “there there”.

  12. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my computer. Admin i get a blank box
    with a small little box up in the left corner.

    Admin did you post a video?

  13. # admin Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    Maybe they are discussing healthcare?

    Wow, really, wow.. are those 2 min 31 secs for real? They have lost their minds. Why wouldn’t 0bama take advantage of them?

  14. Look who wore the suites and who was trying to look “cool” and just an ordinary “Fraud”

  15. JanH Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 7:20 pm
    I wonder what happened to his lawyer and union rep?


  16. ROTFLMAO! That video with Gibbsy frantically backpedaling about what, exactly, the president wants to “teach” us is freaking hilarious!

  17. comment from Political Punch

    Thank got Joe The Biden was there. Nobody could handle such a tension-fraught situation with tact, aplomb, finesse, and diplomacy. Plus, I bet nobody else got a word in.

  18. HillaryforTexas Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 7:24 pm
    ROTFLMAO! That video with Gibbsy frantically backpedaling about what, exactly, the president wants to “teach” us is freaking hilarious!

    How to make a shank

  19. Admin, you are cracking me the heck up, today.!
    ‘Newsweek had published a hosanna to Obama,’
    ‘The cable branch of his network, had a bald spot talker (David Shuster) accuse Hillary Clinton of “pimping” Chelsea Clinton. [N.B.: we spoke about David Shuster’s Bald Spot on February 8, 2008 when he attacked Chelsea. Recently, news reports documented how sensitive David Shuster is about his bald spot. For the record, we have nothing against bald spots, just Shuster-style creeps.]’
    You are SOOOOOOOO bad! I love it! And great article.

  20. So one might not expect them to be re-enacting a Lowenbrau commercial.

    1984 Lowenbrau Commercial

    Got this from political punch

    The media was cordoned off approximately 45 feet away from the patio furniture where the beers were being quaffed, so we have no idea what was being said.

    President Obama and Vice President Biden appeared to be doing what they could to keep the mood light, wearing just shirt sleeves and appearing more relaxed than the professor and the policeman, who were in suits and more rigid.

    In the less than two minutes that we were out there, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Sgt. Jim Crowley did almost all of the talking. It didn’t appear chummy, but then again Gates has said Crowley racially profiled him, falsified a police report about him, and owes him an apology. Crowley says he did nothing wrong, resents being portrayed as a racist, and has said he came here with the understanding that he and Gates had agreed to disagree.

    The gr8t one thought he could pull off a Lowenbrau moment.

  21. I’d say that scenario with the cheap picnic table is really stupid; I thought they were going to sit at that table with the 44 brass presidential plaques which was installed along with the daughters’ swing set. Not that doing so would have changed the stupidity of this event. It’s supposed to bring people together, and it does no such thing. All but those four are ——————- off in the distance.

    Like Bush, Obama now has a “Bring it on” moment. It occurred when he uttered the word ‘stupidly’.
    And you, admin, have had to guts to comply. Thank you so much.

  22. admin Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    OMG!!!!! That is friggin’ PAINFUL to watch!

    Gibbs is so in way-over-his-head and Tapper’s gestures of pure dusgust not to mention saying all it is is a photo op . . . . .

    Gibbs reminds me of the pillsbury dough boy. And whose that other reporter ragging on Gibbs?

  23. YOWLING!

    ‘Michelle is upstairs hiding her stash and yanking more sleeves off subordinates’ dresses.’

  24. Marie 3548

    Thank got Joe The Biden was there. Nobody could handle such a tension-fraught situation with tact, aplomb, finesse, and diplomacy. Plus, I bet nobody else got a word in.

    As you pointed out, they probably wanted Biden there to drink the Beer.

  25. OK, I just got home from a county legislative meeting that passed a resolution raising the mortgage recording fees coz they’re so cash-starved and seeing BLITZER breathlessly talking about ‘the picture we’ve all been waiting for over a week to see is so stunningly surreal!’

    Where the he11 are the journalists? Aren’t there any left? (Besides Admin?)

  26. The emperor should have called fo two meetings.One for Gates so that he could his a** out and one for Sgt.Crowley to apologize to him and all law enforcement officers for hisrace bias and loose tongue syndrome.This clown is a loose cannon on the ship of state.Impeachment is simply too kind for his removal from the Oval Office.

    By ABM90 Hillary has an awesome schedule ahead.She is leaving in Aug. 4th and returning on the 14th.Ten countries in Africa in 10 days.What a workaholic and we should all be proud of her and let the world know it.It takes that long for BHO to lace his fairy shoes.

  27. From another blog’s caption contest about the pic of the 3 stooges and the cop at the picnic table.

    ‘I wonder how long it took Greasy Joe to tell his first “two blacks and an Irishman walk into a bar” joke.’

  28. Jake Tapper, could he possible be questioning the O speaker? Teachable Moment of What, and a Teachable Moment by whom.

    Gibbs could not handle the questions. He said he felt like he was buying a car? What did that mean.

    Initially he looked like a rookie. Six months into this, he still looks like a rookie. But then so does his boss.

  29. # marie3548 Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    The letter was from the black officer to the pres

    Hope it is from the woman officer who was not going to vote for him next time..

  30. basil9 Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 7:43 pm
    From another blog’s caption contest about the pic of the 3 stooges and the cop at the picnic table.

    ‘I wonder how long it took Greasy Joe to tell his first “two blacks and an Irishman walk into a bar” joke.

    I bet it was hard for him to resist

  31. Someone all Americans can identify with:

    A 78-year-old Carroll woman says she’s so tired of seeing President Barack Obama on the airwaves that she’s selling her television sets – two of them.

    Deloris Nissen, a retired nurses’ aide and former Kmart employee who was raised on a farm near Audubon, placed a classified advertisement with The Daily Times Herald for Friday’s paper.

    In the $5.50 ad, Nissen tells readers she has two television sets for sale.

    The reason: “Obama on every channel and station.”

    In an interview Nissen said she is serious about selling two TVs – and genuine about her disgust with what she believes to be an overexposed president.

    “I just got tired of watching him on every channel,” Nissen said. “I thought, my gosh, does he ever stay at the White House?”

    Nissen, who voted for U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in the 2008 presidential election, said she could live with seeing Obama come on television to make serious announcements. But he seems to be on all the time, Nissen said.

    When the president does appear on a channel she happens to be watching, Nissen said, she quickly turns.

    “I have the remote real handy,” Nissen said. “I have the batteries. I’m ready for him.”

    Nissen’s annoyance with the president as a frequent presence on her television doesn’t mean she’ll abandon the medium altogether.

    She’s keeping a bigger flat-screen television and selling an older 20-inch Sony and possibly a 13-inch set.

    “It’s too heavy,” Nissen said of the 20-inch TV. “I can’t handle it anymore.”

    That said, she doesn’t plan on selling it for less than $100 – even if Obama was just on Tuesday pitching his health-care-reform plans.

    Obama’s own advisers and political observers across the ideological spectrum have for months debated whether the now popular president is overexposed.

    For her part, Nissen said she expects to take some flack for the advertisement in her local paper. After all, Obama did win Iowa and Carroll County in the 2008 election.

    But she’s not worried about any criticism.

    “I’m an old lady, and I don’t care,” Nissen said.

  32. WOW, that letter from Sgt. Lashley for the fake potus is pretty powerful. He’s been called an Uncle Tom and betrayer of his heritage all because he stood up for Sgt. Crowley and the truth.

  33. Analysts of race relations said the benefits of the White House encounter were murky, at best.

    Mary Frances Berry, a former chairwoman of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said the lack of any substantive message from the meeting was a missed opportunity. “The President has been forced to apologize and drink beer with the combatants in an almost comical photo-op,” Berry said.

    Read more:

    This whole event has the feel of an Onion report. I wonder what they will say — they don’t even have to think.
    {interesting.. the link at the bottom appears automatically when you cut and paste a portion.. people are learning}

  34. Wow, That Officer Lashley has the right words for Gates. Unless Gates apologizes for his actions and words there is no good resolution to this story. Bravo, Officer Lashley. His letter does more to heal race relations than anything 0bama does at this point wrt to this incident.

  35. Thank you for posting the Lashly video. You know the pressure he is receiving if from the Obama and his cronys.

    They have set the dogs out on Lashly because he’s not falling in line covering up Obama and Gates Race Baiting.

  36. Thanks Admin,

    I bet Gates was up in arms about that letter, but Sgt. Lashley has my deepest respect here.

  37. Lou just read Sgt. Lashley’s letter. Lashley ripped gates a new a**hole and told him he has made racial relations in this country worse.

  38. I am amazed that Lashley is doing that. I hope if I am in a jam, I have a friend like Lashley.

  39. Black cop at Gates home regrets ‘Uncle Tom’ label
    Buzz up!0 votes Send
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    Delicious Digg Facebook Fark Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print 41 mins ago
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A black sergeant who was at the home of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. when he was arrested says he’s been maligned as an “Uncle Tom” for supporting the actions of the white arresting officer.

    Cambridge Sgt. Leon Lashley gave a letter to Sgt. James Crowley to give to President Barack Obama during their so-called beer summit with Gates on Thursday night at the White House.

    In the letter, which was also sent to CNN, Lashley says Gates “may have caused grave and potentially irreparable harm to the struggle for racial harmony.”

    Lashley says he has become known as a traitor to his heritage by some because he “spoke the truth” about the arrest.

    Gates was charged with disorderly conduct by police investigating a burglary. The charge was later dropped

    You know they are smart they just played good cop bad cop. Crowley= cool
    Lashley=sick em

  40. Where the hell is Gates in all of this? Why isn’t the media hounding him to apologize for his race baiting? I don’t particularly like what Crowley is saying in that video. He has been muted.

  41. Senator asks Clinton to explain Honduran policy
    Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:19pm EDT

    Email | Print |
    | Reprints | Single Page
    [-] Text [+]

    By Susan Cornwell

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A key U.S. senator asked the Obama administration on Thursday to explain in detail its policy on the Honduran political crisis, warning that otherwise Senate confirmation may be delayed for a U.S. diplomatic nominee for Latin America.

    “The complexity of events that led up to the Honduran crisis has given rise to questions regarding U.S. policy,” Senator Richard Lugar, one of the Senate’s most respected voices on foreign policy, wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    The United States has refused to recognize the Honduran government led by Roberto Micheletti, which took over the Central American nation after President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the Honduran military on June 28.

    Lugar told Clinton he shared her support for mediation by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias in the month-old dispute over whether Zelaya should be allowed to return to his post.

    But he also appealed to the State Department to provide a detailed clarification of U.S. policy to “interested Members” — an apparent reference to several of his fellow Republicans, who charge Washington is trying to reinstate a left-wing government in Honduras.

    Because of U.S. support for Zelaya, conservative Republican Senator Jim DeMint has threatened to delay a Senate vote on the nomination of Arturo Valenzuela to be assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, the senior diplomat in charge of Latin America at the State Department.

    “I request that the Department provide interested Members a detailed clarification of the steps that it has taken, and intends to take, in response to the events that transpired in the run-up to and period after the forced removal of President Manuel Zelaya from Honduras,” Lugar wrote to Clinton.

    The letter was provided to Reuters by Lugar’s office.

    “Your explanation of U.S. policy toward Honduras and your outreach to the Senate can improve the prospects of confirming Mr. Valenzuela before the Congress recesses in August,” Lugar wrote. The Senate is scheduled to go on recess August 8.

    Lugar also encouraged Clinton to work with the Senate to confirm two other nominees, Thomas Shannon as ambassador to Brazil, and Carlos Pascual as ambassador to Mexico.

    “Recent events in Honduras only heighten the urgency of assembling President Obama’s diplomatic team for the region,” he said.

    Washington has cut $16.5 million in aid to Honduras and this week revoked diplomatic visas for four members of Micheletti’s administration to pressure it to reverse the coup.

    Micheletti on Wednesday night released a statement calling for new efforts to resolve the country’s political crisis.

    But Zelaya’s representative in Washington, Eduardo Enrique Reina, told Reuters he thought Micheletti was simply trying to gain time with the statement, noting that Micheletti’s aides in Honduras are still vowing not to let Zelaya return.

    “We will ask the U.S. government to step up the pressure on Micheletti,” Zelaya’s ambassador told Reuters.

    © Thomson Reuters 2009 All rights reserved

  42. Barack Hussein Obama is a RACIST…… in the footsteps of Rev. White and Professor Gates!!!!!!

    Remember how he treated his white girlfriend while at Columbia and NYC.

  43. Just think of this gates/crowley happenign as a small prelude to what could happen if Obama is allowed to meet the “world’s dictators without any condition”…..

  44. Mp, I don’t know that story about how BO treated his white girlfriend so…of course inquiring minds want to know.

  45. According to OBAMA”S first book, he said he stopped his relation with his white girlfriend because she would not fit into his world!!!!! apparently she came from a middle class family…

    Out of the fraud’s own mouth…..he used her and then trashed her….

  46. Crowley certainly was a gentleman and maybe too kind in his remarks about the Fraud, but hey, what was he to do . One thing about Crowley, you can tell that HE was telling the truth. Nice to see some honesty and sanity for a change. Now that’s change you can believe in…

  47. Today I respect sgt, lashley…however I will not rest until he also commits to any support for Obama and his team….and if that team does happen to include hillary…so be it….

  48. I betcha you that more money will flow to the police from congress the bequest of the fraud…to make up for this disaster.

    And he will cut ties with Gates!!!! just like he did with Wright for media’s sake!

    Not that I begrudge the money but the reason behind it and the way it will happen is not right!

  49. Well, how lucky BO “loved” and left that girl so he could end up with a sweet, demure, lovely, kind, open minded, non racist, black, fashion maven like ME-chelle. Yes, indeed.

  50. mp,

    I respectfully disagree. I think Sgt Crowley did a great job in the news conference. I think positive/or negative change will happen behind closed doors. Crowley was trying to get the media to back off. He gave nothing away that could harm him or his fellow police officers and he took the high road. A telling point for me was when he said that they had agreed to disagree. I assume that their are potential legal actions that would prohibit him from saying to much right now.

    It will be interesting to see if Gates is as diplomatic and fair when he speaks with the media.

  51. JanH:

    I am talking about the Black sgt. Lashley and his letter…but I agree with you that sgt. crowley did a great job.

  52. Straigt from the horses mouth, there was no letter. It was a media falsehood. This is just so ridiculous. I thought that Crowley memorized his first statement. It looked like he had to think about what he was going to say. Its all for BO to come out on top.

    I guess we know that he will play the race card to get the full 8 years as President. The powers that be won’t want to cause racial unrest letting someone else run the govt. He will be a 2 term affirmative action POTUS. I bet there will be no one on the dem side to challenge him. THe republicans sure did not challenge, they won’t in 12′ either.

  53. mp,

    Okay, I thought I read that you didn’t like what Sgt. Crowley said in that video. That was what I was responding to.

  54. Confloyd, Jbstonefan and MP sounds like you guys are giving up.
    This will be a long four years. I think he will be a one term president.
    Dont beleive the hype

  55. I hope you are correct Neetabug, but I gave up the morning Hillary deleivered her “concession” speech and will never regain trust in the democratic party. While not a republican, (my first reoublican vote was for McCain), I willnever vote for another democrat the rest of my life unless they directly supported Bill and Hillary.

  56. Jan, I was the one who said I didn’t like what Crowley said. But the key phrase he let slip out was agreed to disagree. Rest of it was mouthing what the two other guys have been saying. But what else could he have said.

  57. Obama’s tactical health-care retreat

    By year’s end, President Obama will emerge with something he can call health-care reform, writes columnist Charles Krauthammer. But it will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. Health-insurance reform has replaced his grandiose plan to reform the entire health-care system.

    By Charles Krauthammer
    Syndicated columnist

    WASHINGTON — Yesterday, Barack Obama was God. Today, he’s fallen from grace, the magic gone, his health-care reform dead. If you believed the first idiocy — and half the mainstream media did — you’ll believe the second. Don’t believe either.

    Conventional wisdom always makes straight-line projections. They are always wrong. Yes, Obama’s aura has diminished, in part because of overweening overexposure. But by year’s end he will emerge with something he can call health-care reform. The Democrats in Congress will pass it because they must. Otherwise, they’ll have slain their own savior in his first year in office.

    But that bill will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. The beginning of the retreat was signaled by Obama’s curious reference — made five times — to “health-insurance reform” in his July 22 news conference.

    Reforming the health-care system is dead. Cause of death? Blunt trauma administered not by Republicans, not even by Blue Dog Democrats, but by the green eyeshades at the Congressional Budget Office.

    Three blows:

    (1) On June 16, the CBO determined that the Senate Finance Committee bill would cost $1.6 trillion over 10 years, delivering a sticker shock that was near fatal.

    (2) Five weeks later, the CBO gave its verdict on the Independent Medicare Advisory Council, Dr. Obama’s latest miracle cure, conjured up at the last minute to save Obamacare from fiscal ruin, and consisting of a committee of medical experts highly empowered to make Medicare cuts.

    The CBO said that IMAC would do nothing, trimming costs by perhaps 0.2 percent. A 0.2 percent cut is not a solution; it’s a punch line.

    (3) The final blow came last Sunday when the CBO euthanized the Obama “out years” myth. The administration’s argument had been: Sure, Obamacare will initially increase costs and deficits. But it pays for itself in the long run because it bends the curve downward in coming decades.

    The CBO put in writing the obvious: In its second decade, Obamacare significantly bends the curve upward — increasing deficits even more than in the first decade.

    This is obvious because Obama’s own first-decade numbers were built on arithmetic trickery. New taxes to support the health-care plan begin in 2011, but the benefits part of the program doesn’t fully kick in until 2015. That excess revenue is, of course, one time only. It makes the first decade numbers look artificially low, but once you pass 2015, the yearly deficits become larger and eternal.

    Three CBO strikes and you’re out cold. Though it must be admitted that the White House itself added to the farcical nature of its frantic and futile cost-cutting when budget director Peter Orszag held a three-hour brainstorming session with Senate Finance Committee aides trying to find ways to save. “At one point,” reports The Wall Street Journal, “they flipped through the tax code, looking for ideas.” Looking for ideas? Months into the president’s health-care drive and just days before his deadline for Congress to pass real legislation? You gonna give this gang the power to remake one-sixth of the U.S. economy?

    Not likely. Whatever structural reforms dribble out of Congress before the August recess will likely not survive the year. In the end, Obama will have to settle for something very modest. And indeed it will be health-insurance reform.

    To win back the vast constituency that has insurance, is happy with it, and is mightily resisting the fatal lures of Obamacare, the president will in the end simply impose heavy regulations on the insurance companies that will make what you already have secure, portable and imperishable: no policy cancellations, no pre-existing condition requirements, perhaps even a cap on out-of-pocket expenses.

    Nirvana. But wouldn’t this bankrupt the insurance companies? Of course it would. There will be only one way to make this work: Impose an individual mandate. Force the 18 million Americans between 18 and 34 who (often quite rationally) forgo health insurance to buy it. This will create a huge new pool of customers who rarely get sick but will be paying premiums every month. And those premiums will subsidize nirvana health insurance for older folks.

    Net result? Another huge transfer of wealth from the young to the old, the now-routine specialty of the baby boomers; an end to the dream of imposing European-style health care on the U.S.; and a president who before Christmas will wave his pen, proclaim victory and watch as the newest conventional wisdom reaffirms his divinity.

  58. pm317 Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 9:18 pm

    oops. My apologies to mp.

  59. jbstonesfan, neetabug:

    I will not support any democrat who supported Obama…and that is why I really get frustrated with hillary and many of her original supporters who fell over themselves to back this fraud.

    As for a being a republican or not, it does not matter….I have decided that they have some principles that I am more comfortable with than these current DEMS….thankfully not all republicans are like Bush II.

    I think we have this fraud now because of Bush being a total failure and then Hillary totally supporting the fraud…

  60. Hillary Clinton’s Congo Trip Will Shed Light on Sexual Violence

    July 30, 2009
    By Bonnie Erbe

    “This is what leadership looks like,” said Amy Siskind of the New Agenda in an e-mail to me today. She included a link to this Washington Post story about Secretary of State Clinton going to the Congo next week as part of an African tour:

    As part of her swing through Africa next week, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to visit eastern Congo, the epicenter of two wars in the past decade, and denounce the alarming rates of rape in the region, an official said Wednesday

    The eastern Congo has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against women in the world, with both soldiers and rebel groups using rape as a tool of war.

    Sexual violence as thought of in the West does not begin to describe what the Congolese women endure. Not only are they raped repeated and physically brutalized, they are forced to watch their infants slaughtered upon birth.

    The women’s inability to control their bowels and urine comes from repeated rapes. The medical term is fistula. The walls of their uterus and bladder have been broken from repeated gang rapes by rebel soldiers, objects shoved roughly inside them and even guns fired into their vagina.

    Just by going there, Secretary Clinton will shine further light on the sexual predation, perversion and incalculable brutality taking place in Congo. The sooner it is brought to an end, the better.


    It’s just my humble opinion, but while obama keeps tripping on his feet and destroying the nation, Hillary Clinton continues to build on her already amazing legacy.

  61. Interesting…

    Could Hillary Clinton Be Barack Obama’s RFK?

    By Matt Towery
    Jul 30, 2009

    Several weeks ago, the press was full of stories that pointed out Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s absence from important international confabs. Even the most “mainstream” of publications suggested that America’s real foreign policy was being forged from the same epicenter as healthcare reform, energy policy and virtually every other major initiative — the White House.

    Of course Secretary Clinton had suffered a nasty injury to her elbow not long ago, which could explain some of her absence from the limelight. And in recent days she has made major statements regarding both Iran and North Korea, and has picked up the pace of her international traveling.

    So was the media just trying to make trouble when they suggested Clinton had been shunted aside? Not necessarily. To fully appreciate the delicate dance that remains the “Obama-Clinton Waltz,” one must go back to another era — that of Lyndon Johnson and Bobby Kennedy.

    Some may remember that Robert Kennedy, who served as attorney general in President John Kennedy’s administration, never got along very well with then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson. But what may have been forgotten is where the bad blood originated. Johnson fought Bobby Kennedy’s brother for the 1960 Democratic nomination, right up to the Democratic convention. Does that sound familiar if we substitute the names Obama and Clinton?

    After President Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963, Bobby came to be known in the press as “RFK.” The initials suggested “JFK” and the days of Kennedy “Camelot.”

    Remember that Johnson resented Bobby Kennedy’s often dismissive treatment of him while Johnson was vice president. So Johnson returned the favor once he became president. Not unlike many in the Obama camp, Johnson’s advisers viewed the glow from the legacy of the late President Kennedy as following Bobby everywhere he went. At times this made the sitting president look like a tired Texas politician compared to the “rightful successor” to the Kennedy magic.

    In much the same way, many advisers to Barack Obama have been averse to having Hillary Clinton, the wife of the Democrats’ last political superstar, former President Bill Clinton, hovering in the cabinet room and showing up their man.

    In both cases however, political expediency won out over raw emotions. Johnson, who would have loved to deep-six RFK’s political career, instead begged him to stay on as attorney general after JFK was killed. While Bobby’s heart was never completely in it, he rode out the term as attorney general under Johnson, finally escaping to run successfully for the position of U.S. senator from New York.

    Johnson struggled over whether to work with RFK, or to try to stifle him so as to keep him from leveraging his cabinet role to gain higher office down the road — maybe even Johnson’s job as president. Whether that was Bobby Kennedy’s goal from the onset after the death of his brother is somewhat doubtful. But both Johnson and RFK knew that they had to dance with each other. Each needed the other to keep his own train running.

    Johnson feared an immediate Bobby Kennedy challenge for the presidential nomination in 1964, and for good reason. When Kennedy introduced a film documenting the life of his brother at the ’64 Democratic National Convention, he received a 22-minute standing ovation. But Bobby Kennedy needed Johnson as well. Johnson had passed sweeping legislation and was broadly popular with the American public going into the ’64 elections. RFK needed LBJ in order to win New York’s Senate seat in a big way.

    Most know that by late 1967, Vietnam had destroyed Johnson, and rumors of a Kennedy bid for the nomination for president were rampant. Johnson was basically forced out of the race by a too-narrow victory over Sen. Eugene McCarthy in the New Hampshire primary, and by a decision by Kennedy to run against him. An assassin’s bullet ended any chance to see where history might have taken Bobby Kennedy.

    The Clinton name remains a powerful one in national politics. Bill Clinton, who has been unusually quiet in recent months, ended his presidency having survived an impeachment trial. He also retained his high approval ratings.

    Has Hillary been given the “RFK treatment”? It’s possible. Has Obama — a la Johnson — moved to shore up his relationship with Secretary Clinton to avoid a potential rift? Likely.

    Here’s the key question: How long will this Obama-Clinton dance keep toe-tapping? What if Obama becomes wildly unpopular? Could Hillary move to reclaim the more moderate wing of the Democratic Party; the one that brought her husband such high poll numbers?

    Both sides will deny it, but never say never. History has been known to repeat.

    Matt Towery is author of the new book, “Paranoid Nation: The Real Story of the 2009 Fight for the Presidency.”

  62. Neetabug, I not only hope you are right, I pray that you are right! I like the lady that wants to sell her TV because she says all thats on it anymore is Obama.

    I can’t figure out what the price of insurance is going to be for the person who wants to buy it? I guess it will be more for me since I am overweight. I wonder if this new plan is going to pay for any weight reduction surgery, which btw, I would not have, I am too old? I guess too that it won’t pay for my bypass since I am overweight, they will just let me die with my bag of potato chips firmly planted in my left hand.LOL!! Oops I almost forgot, thats if I can afford a bag of chips, since there will be a NEW fat tax on them.

  63. Clinton swears in former aide as pol-mil assistant secretary

    Thu, 07/30/2009

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton swore in her longtime Senate aide Andrew Shapiro as her assistant secretary of state for political and military affairs today.

    Shapiro served as Clinton’s senior defense and foreign policy advisor from 2001 until 2009. Previously, he was counsel to the Justice Department’s International Competition Policy Advisory Committee, an associate at Covington & Burling law firm, and, before law and graduate school, a senior research assistant at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

    The ceremony was very nice, a person who attended it in the State Department’s seventh-floor treaty room told The Cable. “She was very gracious and funny. Andrew gave a good speech too” and told a few stories from their time together in the Senate.

    “She told a really funny story about interviewing him, that she thought to herself that he would ‘calm down’ once he had the job,” the attendee continued. “And she said something like, ‘Well, we’re still waiting 8 years later.'”

    “Andrew’s [swearing in] was really special,” another associate says. “He has been with her for nearly a decade, [and] went from sitting behind her at [the Senate Armed Services Committee] to sitting before the same committee testifying.”

    A lot of former Senate staff and extended family attended Shapiro’s swearing in, the associate said (today’s event was ceremonial; the real event happened right after he got confirmed late last month). “She really loves

  64. Actually, Crowley answered questions from the media more candidly and honestly than we are accustomed to by the president. Crowley gave straight answers and alluded to the voluminous support he received from the Natick PD caring for safety of his family..

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Crowley’s family received anonymous death threats after hearing how Lashley was treated by Gates supporters.

  65. The last line of that article should read:

    “She really loves and values him. That she trusted him with this huge job is indicative of that.”

  66. Drunken Joe…why he was forced to drink “near” beer for the ‘beer” summit- lest we forget…from BP

  67. From ACE of Spades… your porkulous @ work…careful, xxx rated

    July 30, 2009
    Obama’s Stimulus: NEA Gets Tax Bucks For Porno Horror “Thundercrack!”

    Porno Horror Classic & Stimulus Recipient — Thundercrack!

    Remember when Obama said the stimulus bill did not contain one earmark or “wasteful (choke) pork (choke) barrel (choke) project”? C’mon, it was just yesterday:

    Well, taxpayers’ perenially favorite tax dollar rathole, the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) does not disappoint — they received $80 million from the national emergency job creation bill stimulus:

    The NEA was given $80 million of the government’s $787 billion economic stimulus bill to spread around to needy artists nationwide, and most of the money is being spent to help preserve jobs in museums, orchestras, theaters and dance troupes that have been hit hard by the recession.

    But some of the NEA’s grants are spicing up more than the economy. A few of their more risque choices have some taxpayer advocates hot under the collar, including a $50,000 infusion for the Frameline film house, which recently screened Thundercrack, “the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla.”

    The scene at the top is from one of Thundercrack!’s many romances:

    The next morning, [Bing] awakens to the pleasant feeling of being masturbated, though to his horror, the act is being carried out by Medusa [the gorilla], who now has a severe crush on him…[later] Bing has married Medusa, though for some reason, he wore the wedding dress.

    Remember: this was an emergency (simian hand)job creation bill.

    With no pork. None.

  68. Denninger over at Market Ticker is rolling his eyes at the tentative senate investigation of mortgage fraud:

    ?Gee, “was there fraud”?

    The congressional investigation appears to focus on whether internal communications, such as email, show bankers had private doubts about whether mortgage-related securities they were putting together were as financially sound as their public pronouncements suggested. Collapsing values for many of those securities played a big role in precipitating last year’s financial crisis.

    Why don’t you simply start with the firms that were shorting the securities they themselves were packaging and selling?

    That ought to be simple to figure out, right? If you’re selling something out the front door claiming its a “Grade AAA Bond” and on the next desk over your employees are fervently shorting the same instrument, can you really make the argument that you believed those were “Grade AAA Bonds”?

    Start there and I’ll be slightly (but only slightly) impressed.”,-NOW-The-Senate-Looks-Mortgage-Bond-Fraud.html

  69. Lashley’s Letter To Crowley

    Dear Jim,

    Would you be so kind as to mention the following to Mr. Gates and President Obama during your meeting with them:

    One of the major problems stemming from the events of July 16 is that I, now known as ‘the black Sergeant’, have had my image plastered all over the Internet, television and newspapers. Subsequently, I have also become known, at least to some, as an ‘Uncle Tom.’

    I’m forced to ponder the notion that as a result of speaking the truth and coming to the defense of a friend and collegue, who just happens to be white, that I have somehow betrayed my heritage.

    Please convey my concerns to the President that Mr. Gates’ actions may have caused grave and potentially irreparable harm to the struggle for racial harmony in this country and perhaps throughout the world.

    In closing, I would simply like to ask that Mr. Gates deeply reflect on the events that have unfolded since July 16 and ask himself the following questions:

    ‘What can I do to help heal the rift caused by some of my actions?; What responsibility do I bear for what occurred on July 16, 2009? Is there anything I can do to mitigate the damage done to the reputations of two respected Police Officers?’

    Thank you in advance,

    Your friend,

    Leon K. Lashley

  70. A very very very very very teachable moment about racial pandering by Obama. If they want to know more on the subject, the suggested homewore is Professor Wiltenz article about Obama in South Carolina called race man. Why are not the Hispanics up in arms too? Withe this joker they could be next.


    New York Times Buries Bad Poll for Obama

    Thursday, July 30, 2009 12:19 PM

    By: David A. Patten

    Thursday’s edition of The New York Times goes out of its way to bury poll results that reflect a growing public backlash against President Obama’s healthcare proposals.

    Newspapers usually feature their poll results on the front page. But the newspaper’s editors apparently didn’t want the results of the New York Times/CBS poll to draw too much attention.

    A Page One headline refers to “growing unease” about healthcare, but the story does not provide the actual figures until much later.

    In fact, readers won’t find the poll results until the bottom third of Page A-17.

    And before readers reach the actual poll numbers, the story offers them an explanation for why the public healthcare revolt is growing: Opponents of the president’s reforms, readers are told, have spent $9 million on television ads to sway public opinion. (No mention is made of advertising that favors a government healthcare plan.)

    When readers finally locate the poll results, the numbers speak for themselves — and it’s not good news for the president.

    The New York Times/CBS poll shows:

    Sixty-nine percent of respondents believe Obama’s plan will hurt the quality of their own healthcare.

    Seventy-three percent believe it would limit their access to tests and treatment.

    Sixty-two percent believe Democrats’ proposals would require them to change doctors.

    Seventy-six believe healthcare reform will lead to them paying higher taxes.

    A whopping 77 percent expect their healthcare costs to rise.

    CBS anchor Katie Couric reported on the poll Wednesday evening.

    “Less than half approve of the way President Obama is handling healthcare,” she told viewers. But she gave it a positive spin, saying: “So he has some convincing to do. And that took him today to the Tar Heel State.”

  72. wbb:

    However bad anyone thinks this moment was; theres no telling what Gates, Obama and Patric had cooked-up planning a volatile racial profiling documentary where they would have had control of the events and the outcome of those events as the impetus for a race war throughout the country.

    If those were the plans- they’ve been tempered, maybe not permanently, but they have been put to bed for now.

  73. Don’t know about you, but several fellow white co-workers and I have definitely noticed a difference (defiance) in my workplace since Nov. ’08. Always proud that I’ve been a total team player, not allowing race to affect work relationships/performance, what we feared has come to pass. Obama has set race relations back fifty years.

    Subtle changes noted by first of year, chalked up to understandable pride on AA part at our workplace, has become almost blatant outspoken Obama talking points non-stop resulting in increased racial tensions. Mum is the word on any of the recent Cambridge happenings, much less Obama’s healthcare agenda or any other BHO debacles/disasters. And I’m in the healthcare field! It’s a real “minefield” I would imagine in many other workplaces, and walking on eggshells is the order of the day.

    If you dare to disagree – you are a racist and may face the wrath of some Sotomayor-in-the-making down the hall in human resources. Racism is very much alive and well, and it appears the scope of daily operations is more and more viewed through the prism of “spreading the wealth” and the “reparations-ends-justifying-the-means” mentality.

    Not only tiresome, but horrible for overall morale to work in a semi-militant environment. Non-productive is an understatement. If this is the case in six months, what sort of civil war is lurking in the break-room over the next SEVERAL years?!? Egads.

    Speaking of healthcare – sure hope you’ve looked at data on swine flu vaccine – DON’T TAKE IT! DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.

  74. Mrs. Smith:

    Patrick Duvall is the slient one at the moment….I just hope MA wakes and chooses another guy/gal next year.

    As for race, I am going to be VERY BLUNT…..the race is all about AA issues…..not about other races…

    OBAMA IS NOT “SPEAKING UP” FOR OTHERS EXCEPT FOR THE AAs….enough of that for now. Who cares abotu a radical HARVARD, rich AA professor!!!!! I most certainly DO NOT!!!

  75. curiosityhasme Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    I don’t doubt a word you’ve written and I’m glad you posted it here where it will get some attention. I’ve suspected all along Obama has an underlying agenda for not only breaking our economy but sending into an irrevocable chaos for years to come.

    He made a duplicitous statement taking the side of a friend when he could have waited until all the facts were made public before attempting to quell the anger asking cooler heads to prevail.

    Obama is on a mission. I hope we can stay a step ahead of his psychosis before he has the chance to dupe the people who voted for him, a second time.

  76. mp

    “Who cares abotu a radical HARVARD, rich AA professor!!!!! I most certainly DO NOT!!!”

    You may not care about him, but he cares about you.

    The three musketeers together are Rev Wright on steroids. They are constantly contriving and scheming to upset the social system King, LBJ, JFK and RFK worked so hard to put in place.

    This ‘racial profiling’ documentary Gates was about to embark upon would have been and still might be parlayed with the new movie a bio-pic in the works of Obama starring Denzel Washington.

    I personally don’t care what color they are- they are against America and what we stand for- Obama spent his political capital on a “stupid” remark promoting his racial authenticity.

    If he thinks his poll numbers were low today, they will be considered hi within the next few months.

    Obama’s mask is off and the public see exactly what they have elected… a racist president.

  77. Curiosityhasme, I glad to hear from you again, especially your last post. I am a healthcare worker and I have noticed it also, but was afraid to mention it for being called a racist. Thanks for reminding me that the safest place for me to be in my office/dept, the Sotomayer in the Human Resources dept is quiet scarey, especially since their are NO jobs in my field.

  78. confloyd and Mrs.Smith:

    So any strides had been made in the work arena, friendships struck across wide spectrums, regardless of race, religion, age, lifestyles – and in one fell swoop, battle lines have been drawn, and we now see who is the ultimate “decider”, don’t we? For anyone who ever thought GWB’s coined the phrase, “You’re either for us or against us” was the ultimate wedge – just goes to show how Bush III has one-upped the cowboy.

    As unlikely as it is, a Third (common sense) party – not brilliant, fire-engine red, nor dyed-in-the-wool blue (and heaven knows NOT green) but a nice shade of ? would be nice about now.

  79. Maybe some in Big Media heard our call to change the narrative. Obama is no longer popular and 2008 was not “transformational” nor a “realignment” (as we wrote on November 5, 2008

    A slew of recent polls showing President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings at essentially normal levels and a partisan divide reasserting itself suggest that the political landscape was not as dramatically transformed last November as Democrats had hoped.

    The question now is whether those numbers will impede the president’s ability to achieve the transformative goals he set out for himself, particularly in the area of health care, where members of Congress crucial to his success may feel they have to respond to shifting public opinion.

    After months of showing sky-high job approval ratings, polls from major newspapers and from the Pew and Gallup organizations this week gave Obama the lowest numbers of his presidency. He is less popular than either George W. Bush or George H.W. Bush at this point in their presidencies, though more popular than Bill Clinton was after seven months in office.

    Obama’s level of support now neatly matches the number of voters who elected him — with 52 percent of Americans approving of his job performance, while 42 percent disapprove, according to an average of major surveys. At the same time, Republicans are acting like Republicans again — nearly 80 percent of them disapprove of Obama’s performance — and disapproval among independent voters is growing steadily.

    The country has also grown skeptical of his power to effect change: This week’s NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found a sharp drop, to 51 percent, in the share of Americans who say it’s “very” or “fairly” likely that Obama “will bring real change in direction to the country.”

    “Expecting the politics of the country to transform around a new president is asking a bit much of the president and of the system,” said’s Mark Blumenthal, a Democratic pollster who noted that Americans who voted for Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Obama’s 2008 Republican opponent, appear to have returned to the opposition. “As of the snapshot of the moment, things look about like they did last October,” he said. “If you’re a Democrat, you ought to be concerned with the trajectory.”

  80. And speaking of those who would be psychotic enough to vote for him a second time – 51% for GWB in ’04. When history repeats itself, quite often disaster follows. Extreme politics is like extreme sports. Deadly.

    Ever noticed how these ultra-liberal far-left zealots have more than the average foolish pride, as in NEVER admitting their gross miscalculations about The One? It borders on such a firm case of an almost self-induced hypnotic state, that the mere mention of falling poll numbers brings about the gnashing of teeth, bringing Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Scream” to mind. Case in point – Roland (the dweeb) Martin.

    Maybe The Annointed One’s lined-up, end-of-life counselors can be called in for the growing numbers in zombie-like states. We resilient survivalists, having lived through the “Dimocratic” march against HRC, would take great delight in observing these bleeding hearts lick their self-inflicted wounds, to a chorus of “Told Ya’ So.”

  81. Curiousityhasme, Purple would be the color, half red/half blue, a perfect color. These wingnuts on either end of the spectrum are destroying our country. I just hope it lasts thru Bush III. We need to name our party, and select an animal to represent it. How about the All American Party and a pitbull for the mascot.

  82. I think a pitbull would be perfect, it is the most misunderstood/abused animal on the planet and it is also a very proud, loyal and smart one at that! Sarah Palin, a pitbull with lipstick!!

  83. There is a blog og Admiral Rickover stories I just found called the stupid shall be punished. And of course lived by that code. He was the father of the nuclear submarine program, and by the end of his 63 year career he was in the late stages of dimensia, but was also brilliant. The KOG kindly hold gentleman would interview every applicant for the nuclear power school, would lock some of them in broom closet, would call others assholes, force them to break marriage vows and then push them out of the program. Congress kept giving him rewards that it took real effort to pry him out of there. Here is one of his peals of wisdom for aspiring naval officers:

    It is necessary for us to learn from others’ mistakes. You will not live long enough to make them all yourself.” — Adm. Hyman G. Rickover

  84. The question now is whether those numbers will impede the president’s ability to achieve the transformative goals he set out for himself, particularly in the area of health care, where members of Congress crucial to his success may feel they have to respond to shifting public opinion.
    do they pay the politico idiots who write this drivel or they do it for free. No, the fact that his helium balloon is losing altitude fast will have no effect on whether he makes it across the English Channel without drowning.

  85. JanH Says:
    July 30th, 2009 at 9:19 pm

    Obama’s tactical health-care retreat

    By year’s end, President Obama will emerge with something he can call health-care reform, writes columnist Charles Krauthammer. But it will look nothing like the massive reform Obama originally intended. Health-insurance reform has replaced his grandiose plan to reform the entire health-care system.

    By Charles Krauthammer
    Syndicated columnist


    Iirc, a few days ago someone posted that Kratuhammer did good research but slanted each article to some political point of his own. (This was very obvious in his article blaming health care costs on malpractice lawyers.)

    Obviously he doesn’t like the current proposal — but what exactly is his slant or unfairness here? The remark about Boomers trying to take money from the young? That doesn’t make much sense, since Boomers will soon be eligible for Medicare anyway, and Obama was talking about cutting Medicare. (Hopefuly he’s been scared into backpedalling that.)

  86. curiosityhasme Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 11:08 pm


    I’ve heard your story many times and from many different places since the fake one took office and spewed his message of hate and bias to the nation. It must be extremely stressful to work day in and day out in that environment. It is very true what some have said here, that white people have become the minorities and subject to the worst kind of reverse descrimination.

    My heart goes out to you.

  87. I had already experienced this starting at least 10 years ago. The same thing has happen with wife beating, sexual harassment, police, and child abuse. Some of them had complained for years, and nothing happened. Then society began to listen. Then some began to take advantage of it. So it has become difficult to seperate the truth from the lie.

    So therefore, you have developing a very stressful environment. The police have received extensive training, and the work place is giving it also. However, in the work place it was always, why do I have to go to sexual harassment training. I felt many thought it to be a bother.

    I personnel feel that we have to become more sensitive to these areas, and unfortunately that results in people being very careful of their behavior and people taking advantage of it. However, I don’t want to go back in these areas.

  88. gonzotx Says:

    July 30th, 2009 at 8:20 pm
    I guess they “had” to have Biden, you know, two WA and two AA

    If O’bama would be respected, if he hadn’t stirred up a hornet’s nest, then he wouldn’t need Biden as “training wheels”. It would be one black guy, one white guy, and the President.

    But since O’bama roiled the waters even further, they needed this “balance”.

    Then again, O’bama’s point to calling this conference in the first place was for his own reputation:

    O: “I’m supposed to be adored for being post-racial, and for inspiring good will, and for being so damn smart. But now I’m looking like a black guy who favors AAs. What can we do, Dave?”

    Axelgrease: “We wouldn’t let the union guy, but we’ll need a white guy. I’ll get Biden, so he’ll use up most of the half hour.”

    To underscore that this was all about Obama, and not mending fences, look at Gates’ statements (from today’s NYT):

    “I don’t think anybody but Barack Obama would have thought about bringing us together”.

    That’s right, Gates, only Obama would:

    a) make the mistake of inserting himself improperly and stir up a needlless fight and senselessly undermine the police

    b) be desperate enough to use the players involved to repair his image (not repair “race relations”)

    NYT also had this quote from Gates: “We hit it off right from the beginning. When he’s not arresting you, Sgt. Crowley is a really likable guy.”

    Yeah, when you’re not exploding with rage, you too, perfessor, are a really likable guy.

  89. Coming from a family of police officers, the one thing I noticed that was prominent in Sgt. Crowley’s video is how authoritarian he was. By the way he answered questions succinctly and straight forward. And how he controlled the press.

    That said, did anyone see him slip in the code word? KOOL-AID!


  90. From the Daily Beast
    The Daily Beast’s Elizabeth Gates joined her father, Skip, Sgt. Crowley, and the president to raise a beer and bury the hatchet. An inside report from the peace talks.

    In a world in which the conversation on race has traditionally taken a back seat to both logic and reason, it’s no wonder that yesterday’s so-called “Beer Summit” at the White House seemed to make little sense at all. It wasn’t because the President was wrong in offering up a few cold ones to my father, Henry Louis Gates, and the now infamous Sergeant James Crowley in an attempt to tame the media blitz around my father’s arrest—it was because like most issues that make their way to TMZ, the reference point had shifted. The debate over Red Stripe and Blue Moon had somehow overshadowed the fact that this story began with a black Harvard professor and a white cop from Natick, Mass—and as CNN’s countdown clock to the event taunted viewers like a time bomb, it was clear that this day wasn’t going to be the beginning of a serious discussion on human relations but rather a circus-like ending of a misunderstanding between a couple of very decent men.

    I can’t say that I was shocked.

    My father cut right through the thick tension of hurried salutations and offered the Sgt. his hand and joked, “You looked bigger the last time I saw you.”

    As our family rounded the corner to the White House library and I first caught sight of Sergeant Crowley’s lovely 14-year old daughter—who was wearing an appropriately heavy and charmingly untrained amount of green eyeliner on her lower lashes—we were instantly transported from the post-racial myth of America in 2008 to the reality of 2009. There they stood, a pleasant family of five, listening patiently to the overzealous tour guide boast about the fully functioning fireplace to the left of the doorframe.

    As soon as my father’s foot crossed the threshold of the room, the storm of mediators immediately rushed to introduce us, but true to form, my father cut right through the thick tension of hurried salutations and offered the Sgt. his hand and joked, “You looked bigger the last time I saw you.” Crowley’s cheeks flushed red as a smile dashed across his lips, and his young son, whose cheeks had long since flushed the same muted crimson, looked up at his father and smiled. This wasn’t a family raised on hate. At that moment, right there in the library, they were just like us: a young family groomed to perfection, waiting to learn how to get those damn cameramen off their lawn and to put this sensationalized hell behind them.

    Moments later, the Sergeant and my father were escorted to the Rose Garden where the press sat waiting “at least 40 feet away” while the rest of our us continued on with our tour. As we walked by a set of French doors that gave a clear view of this highly anticipated talk, and I saw Mr. Obama’s lean body coolly draped over a lawn chair I wondered what these four men—President Obama, Vice President Biden, Sgt. Crowley and my father—could possibly say to heal this situation and what the press was actually waiting for. Would my father and Sgt. Crowley be reduced to who they were on that fateful day in my father’s house on Ware Street and give us all a glimpse of what really happened? Or could it be that this small collection of men were actually devising some master plan to rid the world of all racist tendencies right there in the Presidential Rose Garden over a few brewskis? No. That would have been impossible to achieve—even on Obama’s best day and even if my father had actually finished his Sam Adams.

    Discrimination is the single greatest wound in American history and could never be solved over a beer. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. There are more black men in prison than in college and literally thousands of black men are arrested across this country each day. And while I might agree with the President’s initial statement that the “Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly,” my father is not the first nor will he be the last black man to be arrested for no reason—in his own home or elsewhere—and Sgt. Crowley isn’t the first officer to fudge a police report. They are simply pawns in the rebirth of unfashionable intolerance in a world that likes to think our dashing brown-skinned 44th President has emerged to make nice with the past, present, and future. It’s an impossible task for the President and speaks more to our nation’s vulnerable value system than the unfortunately common situation my father and the Cambridge police found themselves embroiled in. As my father said on the plane yesterday morning on our way to the White House, “there are approximately 800,000 black men in prison and on July 16, 2009, I simply became one of them.”

    Elizabeth Gates is a graduate of The New School University, where she cultivated her love for fashion and writing.

  91. Dear Elizabeth Gates, while your piece speaks some truths, there are a few things that are “less than true”.

    Was your father arrested “for no reason”??

    Just random profiling??

    And no, your dad was not really “one of them”, an AA in prison. On that day, his privilege helped him get supercalifragilistic special treatment, and the charges were magically dropped. His fake “bonding” is actually a slap in the face to AAs who are doing time, who don’t have connections, and some of whom are imprisoned unfairly.

  92. shenanigans, rgb44hrc

    I think we have missed something here, very subliminal. O did not slander Crowley directly, the staff pointed that out immediately, he did it to the whole group. Gates said he handled it correctedly, however, I think he made a strategic error.

    O SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE POLICE FORCE, AND APPOLGIZED TO ALL OF THEM. We all know about your going to other people’s territory, or they coming to yours. It was a power position to ask only Crowley to come to the WH when in fact O had called the whole Action STUPID. I think we have missed the point.

    He never directly apologized to Crowley, and he did not go to the whole group, (into their territory), and apologized to them. Did anyone other than me notice that the Lady Policeperson was not there. Her statement was very strong.

    I think the media, spun this again to try to make him appear to have walked on water, when in fact, he shows how arrogent and above everyone he is.

  93. [Obama] offering up a few cold ones to my father … and the now infamous Sergeant James Crowley
    Ms. Gates: I find your deliberate choice of the word ‘infamous’ to be racially motivated.

    And, Ms. Gates, I cannot speak to the percentage of black to white in prison. However as a passenger on a bus run for 10 years, I can unequivocably state that only black passengers argued about his/her bus fare. Now, you give that fact to Al Sharpton, and he’ll make a case for racial discrimination in that matter as well.

    I agree totally with your statement that discrimination is the single greatest wound in American history, but for reasons more than you state. There is a black component fanning the flames.

  94. Shenanigans

    Are you from my Home State? I have not seen you here in a while? Don’t give out any secrets, just if you remember say yes or no.

  95. Expanding on the fact that global conversation has changed drastically and not for the better, I would also add that it isn’t just with AA’s that I have experienced this oppressive type of attitude regarding obama. Those who are addicted to the Kool Aid, and all races have their share, also refuse to allow any constructive criticism into the conversation about their holy one.

    This oppressive attitude, especially when it occurs in the workplace where we all spend so many hours of our day, creates untold friction. I have given up trying to have a decent political conversation to some of my co-workers/previous friends.

    obama is not a uniter. He conquers and divides, attacks and destroys.

  96. JanH I have to admit, if I want to keep my work place friendship, I do not discuss politics anymore.

  97. I have given up trying to have a decent political conversation to some of my co-workers/previous friends

    So have i. You know the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink it.

    I do feel we will have the last laugh.

    As far as the beer summit it accomplished nothing but a photo opt. Biden should have been left out of the picture. This had nothing to do with him.

  98. So not sure if you both are from my home state or not. This state was almost the Key state of the primary. It also, last I read, had gone negative against O.

  99. “I do feel we will have the last laugh.”



    I love your optimism…lol…

  100. message to elizabeth gates:

    Of course Crowley and his family are normal family UNLIKE YOUR RACIST FATHER whose ego is equal to BO’s.

    You had best kept quiet on your observations and judgemets about that family especially the crowley kids. They are not talking about YOU and your inflated ego..

    BTW how did you do your eye make up? Like slutty MEshelle?

  101. White House beer summit falls flat

    Brad Norington,
    August 01, 2009

    EVEN Barack Obama had trouble clearly articulating what was achieved by a much-hyped “beer summit” in the Rose Garden of the White House yesterday.

    As host, he played the role of peacemaker: Obama invited a black Harvard professor and the white cop who arrested him to bury the hatchet over a drink. It was an extraordinary intervention by a US President with a pressing agenda that includes combating the world recession and climate change. But the event, which attracted so much interest that cable TV networks ran countdown clocks, had the taint of political theatre from the start.

    Obama was the main intended beneficiary, sitting in full public view at a picnic table under a magnolia tree with professor Henry Louis Gates, police sergeant James Crowley and Vice-President Joe Biden as a surprise late addition.

    It was Obama who injected himself into the incident last week by accusing police of “stupidity” for arresting Gates after the academic broke into his own home because he had lost his keys.

    It was Obama who escalated public debate to national proportions by linking the incident to a pattern of racial profiling by police.

    And it was Obama, in an unusual lapse of judgment, who allowed public attention across the US to be distracted from his preferred topic of promoting a new healthcare system, to which he had devoted the previous fortnight in an attempt to force a deal on the US congress.

    The US President inflamed tensions over race and reignited the culture wars at the very time he least wanted it. Now he needed a circuit-breaker to stem the damage and make the issue disappear.

    An opinion poll released yesterday by Pew Research found 41per cent of Americans disapproved of Obama’s action in coming out strongly in favour of the Harvard academic last week, despite admitting he was not aware of all the facts. Only 29 per cent approved. Disturbingly for the White House, Obama’s overall approval rating has fallen to 54 per cent, down from 61 per cent last month.

    At a press conference immediately after yesterday’s beer diplomacy, Crowley described the White House discussion as “gentlemanly” and devoid of tension. Gates and he had “agreed to disagree” and would meet again in private.

    Asked what the President had brought to the discussion, Crowley said “he provided the beer”, before adding that Obama had contributed in small part by bringing two people together. “We spent a lot of time discussing the future,” he said.

    Crowley brought his lawyer and union representative to the White House yesterday, suggesting he wanted protection just in case. But gone was the uncompromising justification of last month shortly after arresting Gates for disorderly conduct, a charge later dropped. At the time Crowley said Gates had been belligerent, accused police of targeting him for his race and said: “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

    Crowley had responded to a call from a witness who told police she feared a burglary was under way at a house in well-to-do Cambridge, Massachusetts. In fact, Gates had just arrived home and broken in after he could not find his keys. Things got out of hand when police arrived and Crowley demanded Gates show his identification.

    After happy hour last night, Gates released a statement putting the incident down to an “accident of time and place”. He praised Obama for bringing the two men together, and expressed hope he and Crowley could foster public sympathy for the perils of policing as well as genuine fears about police profiling. “Sergeant Crowley and I, through an accident of time and place, have been cast together, inextricably, as characters — as metaphors, really — in a thousand narratives about race over which he and I have absolutely no control,” Gates said. “Narratives about race are as old as the founding of this great republic itself, but these new ones have unfolded precisely when Americans signalled to the world our country’s great progress by overcoming centuries of habit and fear, and electing an African-American as president.”

    Each side of the culture wars will take what they want from Gates’s words.

    African-American campaigners such as Mary Frances Berry, a former chairwoman of the US Commission on Civil Rights, want to keep the national debate on race going and are deeply disappointed at Obama’s attempt to defuse the situation. “The President has been forced to apologise and drink beer with the combatants in an almost comical photo-op,” she said.

    Conservatives in the culture wars are certain to sharpen their rhetoric after hearing Gates again highlight the race issue. They see it entirely differently, as a class issue, and refuse to swallow the Gates line about listening to narratives. In their view, Gates was the Ivy League professor who moved to a white area, started living as a white liberal as soon as he arrived, and looks down on blue-collar cops like Crowley.

    His snobbish attitude was captured, in their view, in the alleged threat to the white cop that he did not know who he was dealing with.

    Obama, meanwhile, issued an anodyne statement last night saying he hoped all involved could draw a “positive lesson” after yesterday’s cold beers — a Bud Light for himself, a Samuel Adams Light for Gates, a Blue Moon for Crowley and a non-alcoholic Buckler for Biden.

    Before happy hour, Obama had tried to play down the idea of a beer summit. “This is just three folks having a drink at the end of the day, and hopefully giving people an opportunity to listen to each other,” he said.,25197,25863207-2703,00.html

  102. Obama’s Race Card Revoked

    Snips of a very good article

    Obama went unscripted at the end of his recent healthcare sell-a-thon. This time his pretty words failed him. he didn’t mince them when he weighed in on a subject that admittedly he knew nothing about. Gates Gate. So as I explained in my previous blog, Obama decided to raise consciousness of America to police brutality. He pulled the trusty Democrat race card.
    Race pimps like Obama believe that the race card should be used at every opportunity. It is necessary to remind America just how cruel America has been to blacks—and always will be according to liberals—regardless of the subject matter.
    Thus, a discussion of healthcare begs to segue into a discussion of race, particularly when a white Cambridge cop oppresses a black Harvard elite. As Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste…” And for the Democrats, blaming Republicans for racism is the most serious of potential crises—they can’t possibly let the real truth of the Democrats’ racism leak out. That would be a crisis of monumental proportions!

    In less than six months, Obama has advanced the discussion of race back to the 1950’s.

    Another reason to make a routine 911 call about a house invasion into a full-blown racial conflagration is Obama saw the Gates incident as an opportunity to regain some of the emotion that he has been losing in the black community. Nothing rallies blacks more than an attack on whites. An attack on the “establishment,” which in this case was a “racist cop,” well this is second only to attacking rich, white Republican men…or Sarah Palin. Everybody just trying to keep a Martha’s Vineyard vacationing, highly-compensated race-baiting Harvard professor down. What an example Gates offered for Obama to show black people (and white meddling Democrats) that racism is still alive and well, and that police are one of the chief instigators. It should be evident to us all that Gates obviously had NO chance to succeed in life, because of the oppression of white police officers and “the man.”

    The good news is that Obama is finding that like Alford proved to Barbara Boxer, conservatives are fed up with the discussion always being waged in order to demonize us. Conservatives are slowly awakening to understand that there is such a thing as reverse racism. In the Gates case, the facts are proving that the police officer was the victim and Gates was indeed the perpetrator.
    Realizing this, Obama and the complicit media have now shifted the arguments to racial profiling and abuse of power. I agree…Gates did both! The reason the argument has morphed is the case on its merits reeks of nothing more than Democrat elitism. The new strategy is to deflect, then attack.

    So there is a new change in our lexicon. Now neighbors seeing two black men “jimmying” another neighbor’s home is defined as “profiling.” Normal people just consider “black,” as adjectives to describe the potential perpetrators of the potential crime. After all, it wasn’t two Asian men jimmying the door, in what appeared to be a home invasion. It was supposedly “two black men” attempting to get into a home. Lo and behold, that exactly what it was!
    What of the discussion of “being vigilant and good neighbors?” I’d say this neighbor was a good Samaritan who was aiding the Cambridge police, and helping his neighbor. That neighbor was saying to potential crooks targeting that neighborhood, “Stay out, because our neighborhood watch is on guard.”

    Here’s the wrap:
    There is no potential crisis in a discussion around “good citizenship.” But there is a potential crisis in exposing the Democrats’ dirty little secret. Despite the fact that America has elected a black man to the highest office in the land, and what has at least in the past been the most powerful office in the world, Obama still wants blacks to feel inferior.

    In an effort to put the genie back in the bottle, Obama has invited the police officer and Gates to “have a beer” at the White House. Broker peace to the firestorm of his own creation. More like Obama is still searching for his way out of the rat hole.
    Now you may be thinking that “…racism is not a big deal, Kev, and it’s a stretch to say that the Democrats are afraid of race being put back on them.” To you I say, Obama could be dealing with Korean missiles, Iranian nuclear facilities, the economy, or a host of other more pressing issues. Instead he is trying to spin this discussion from black, racist, Harvard elitist’s attempt to intimidate a white police officer, to a discussion of racial profiling and abuse of power—the cop’s potential issues.
    You won’t see this discussion be about racism or Gates’ attempt to ruin the career of an officer doing his job by pulling the race card. There will be no discussion of how black Ivy League elites have replaced the white bourgeois of the 1950’s, and how society plans on dealing with them.
    Finally, shouldn’t the president have better things to do, than to broker a beerfest over something like this? Sure…if this wasn’t a potential crisis! And the crisis is Democrats don’t want America to explore their racism…past and present!
    That’s my rant!

  103. Well said again! I agree that Obama wants the black community to feel inferior. Sad many don’t see that.

    Comment from that website.

  104. MP

    Elizabeth Gates can shut up. Her father is the type of AA who uses race as a crutch. He cares nothing for poor blacks, only in the class room. That is to collect a paycheck. He wouldn’t give poor blacks the time of day outside the classroom.

    Her talking about one of the kids makeup was childish. Shows you what type of person she is. Another wanabe.

    They are always talking about whites being racists. There are just as many blacks
    who are just as racists. You don’t hear them talking about that.

  105. I think we have talked about a lot of what has gone wrong here. Does anyone see any ways to make it better? Just curious.

  106. NMF,

    Great question! Off hand I think we are doing quite a bit on this blog to spread the honest word about obama and the dims. We are arguing constructively and have great ethical standards for our debates. Admin’s articles also further the agenda. They are fact-based, full of amazing research, and always relevant. Challenging others to open their eyes is another option.

    I think with mid-elections coming up there is work to be done there as well. I’m sure there is lots more, but my mind is empty at the moment…lol…something that happens to me quite often.

  107. shenanigans Says:
    July 31st, 2009 at 9:23 am

    From the Daily Beast
    The Daily Beast’s Elizabeth Gates joined her father, Skip, Sgt. Crowley, and the president to raise a beer and bury the hatchet. An inside report from the peace talks.

    Reads like a cheap novel. Drips of victimhood in every other sentence while pretending to have made it. I don’t know how these people function in their everyday life with this kind of attitude.

  108. So what happened to Lashley’s letter? Was it just sent to CNN by Lashley? Crowley said he didn’t carry it or relay that message to 0bama.

  109. Interesting that another Clinton hater has unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer….poor Dodd…hope O’s health plan is put into effect just in time to help you out…

  110. August break coming up, and the politicians are all aghast that they are going home to an angry citizenry, tut-tutting that we are an unruly mob, and why should they have to have those pesky townhalls anyway, if people are just going to yell at them.

    On the eve of the August recess, members are reporting meetings that have gone terribly awry, marked by angry, sign-carrying mobs and disruptive behavior. In at least one case, a congressman has stopped holding town hall events because the situation has spiraled so far out of control.

    “I had felt they would be pointless,” Rep. Tim Bishop (D-N.Y.) told POLITICO, referring to his recent decision to temporarily suspend the events in his Long Island district. “There is no point in meeting with my constituents and [to] listen to them and have them listen to you if what is basically an unruly mob prevents you from having an intelligent conversation.”

    I guess they think we should all be happy to be jobless and broke. Why oh why are we so pissy about it all? Why won’t we join them in dispensing with the constitution or laws or oversight, and join the happy MBA Day parade down K-Street like we ought? They are baffled. Whence this unsavory cretinous populism?

    Green shoots! Green shoots! Goldman is BACK, baby! *cue ticker tape streamers and confetti*

  111. Okay, this is a little long, but for me, this writer rocks!


    Another Tack: Be a good bully

    Jul. 30, 2009
    Sarah Honig , THE JERUSALEM POST

    Dear President Obama,

    Your objection to Jews remodeling an inconsequential erstwhile Jerusalem hotel has become the talk of the country here. Everyone knows of your keen involvement in the paltriest details of our everyday existence. Nothing is too remote, trivial or petty for you. So long as it’s in Israel, you make it your business. To resort to a somewhat archaic American idiom, bully for you!

    You sure aren’t too haughty to immerse yourself in our minutia. You’re not detached from the internal affairs of your most avid democratic ally. There’s just nothing which concerns us that doesn’t also concern you.

    Therefore, mindful of your unstinting commitment to keep Israelis on their absolute best behavior and out of all reckless mischief, I appeal to you to turn your benevolent, ever-wise sights to my neighborhood too. It’s in sore need of your intervention. Please put order in my own local habitat.

    I know it’s not prime real estate from your vantage point. You obviously prefer locations beyond the so-called Green Line. Said shoddy Jerusalem ex-hotel lies outside that line and hence you feel obliged to severely rap the Jerusalem Municipality’s knuckles for even considering Jewish tenancy where you deem no Jews ought to be.

    YOU LIKEWISE sternly reprimand same troublesome metropolitan administration for so much as looking askance on recent-vintage Arab construction within the Emek Hamelech (King’s Valley or Silwan) archeological site. So what if the ancient relics which lie below are from a First Temple royal enclave – perhaps King David’s own? So what if the Arab structures were provocatively erected without permit and only lately? You are willing to overlook illegal construction beyond the Green Line if it’s by Arabs. Only pesky Jews must be taught their places.

    Besides, since you are so responsive to Islamist sensitivities, you must take into account the fact that Muslims – after their current fashion – now assert there never was a City of David or any Temple in Jerusalem. Jews, they aver, have no connection to the city they had put on the world’s map.

    Being a confirmed postmodern moral-relativist, it doesn’t bother you that Christianity is based on the very Jewish tradition which Muslims have chosen to demonstratively rebuff. Your brand of Christianity, after all, hails from Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s liberation theology, which anyway despises all Jewish bonds. So it’s clear you’re not overly burdened by the enormity of the historical importance that Jerusalem constitutes for Jews.

    You can hence approach the issue of illegal Arab construction with an enlightened, unencumbered vision. You can easily see that insufferable strife is ignited exclusively by Jewish construction.

    Please don’t stop at the Green Line, though. Between us, you know that this is a fabricated delineation rather than a real border. It’s in effect the line of exhaustion for Israeli soldiers in our 1948-49 War of Independence.

    You must have encountered the episode in some negligible text at Harvard. You know – the tired old story of seven Arab armies invading the newborn Jewish state. The world expected the Jews to be slaughtered, which didn’t excite too much of a squawk from preachy moralists. Indeed your own America imposed an arms embargo on fledgling Israel to further disable its anyhow minimal defensive capabilities and make it yet easier prey for British-trained, British-led and British-equipped Arab enemies.

    But somehow those uncooperative Jews prevailed against the odds, which was when the preachy moralists showed us all how loud they can squawk. They couldn’t abide the fact that, while fighting for their lives, unbearably audacious Jews trespassed beyond the little patchwork ghetto the UN Partition Resolution parsimoniously allotted them. The line where the unruly Jews stopped – after having sacrificed a full one percent of their 600,000 population to thwart the Arab-plotted Holocaust sequel – became the 1949 Armistice Line. On the maps it was colored green, and was thereafter sanctified as the Green Line.

    YOU INSIST no Jewish nose may venture beyond that line, and that no Jewish baby may be housed in territory forbidden to Jews. But as I said, that Green Line – as we’re both wise enough to admit – is an artificial, temporary designation. No need to confine yourself. You can be just as imperious vis-a-vis our daily lives within said line as outside it.

    Please assert your intrusive authority, meddle and infringe on our sovereignty. My own hometown can surely use some overbearing, sanctimonious supervision. I reside in a burg of medium dimensions within that questionable Green Line but, since the entire country is tiny, said line is never very far. One wrong turn on the highway and the Green Line looms menacingly. Given the pint-sized proportions of our provincial geography, we are never too safe from homicidal predations by the other side’s none-too-friendly denizens.

    Anyhow, though the barren tract for my particular community was legally purchased by Jews back in 1913, and though it was fully paid for and then some – an exorbitant price by any yardstick – the Arabs still consider us illicit interlopers, meriting hostility like any “unauthorized” outpost beyond the green demarcation. Actually, when across-the-line land is bought nowadays, Arabs pocket the money but routinely deny the deal.

    SINCE YOU are exceptionally predisposed to sympathize with the Arab narrative, please for our purposes consider my veteran Israeli township a vexing settlement too and turn your attentions to my travails.

    My next-door neighbor is a rabid rightwing fanatic. She and her husband – once mainstream free-thinking secularists of Rahm Emanuel’s Peace Now variety – saw the light and got religion. They’re now precisely the sort of Jews who grate on your nerves, same as troublemaking settlers across the great green divide. Unsurprisingly, some long-deceased rabbi must have whispered in their ear that feeding stray critters is a good deed. Dozens of cats overrun their yard and the overflow illegally resides in mine – on private land.

    My pious neighbor adamantly refuses to have them neutered or spayed. Many a city official cowered shamefacedly before her zealous determination. These illegitimate felines now procreate in my domain and wreak havoc in my lovingly tended garden.

    Can you please impose curbs on their objectionable “natural growth,” as you insist on doing regarding Judea and Samaria Jews? Can you twist my irresolute mayor’s arms?

    What’s more, another neighbor unlawfully expanded her cottage’s ground floor and thus the rest of us in the same row cannot build on any additions.

    Incredibly, traffic in our narrow side-street is two-way and hampers our freedom of movement during weekday morning rush-hours.

    Please enforce compulsory solutions. We know you can. You told us so. Take charge without delay. Let me at least enjoy the full benefits of vassal-state status.


    Sarah Honig

    P.S. Be a good bully and also get us better street lighting.

  112. Another Clinton backstabber getting his karma. I don’t feel one bit sorry for Doddo. I admit I’m a bitch and I hope they all get that feeling in the middle of their chest that brings on the old thought in the head that asks “is this payback”.

  113. moononpluto Says:

    July 31st, 2009 at 2:41 pm
    Dodd’s timing is immaculate for a withdrawl from running next year, wouldnt you say.
    after his ‘feel sorry for me’ announcement…he made the announcement that he IS running again…of course it does give him an out!

  114. actually it would make a voter think twice that someone fighting cancer is not going to be in a position to work for them to the full, like it or not it does make people think twice.

    Mind you, i bet just before the election we’ll get the old “ive beaten it” just to up the rhetoric and sympathy factor, I would not put it past any of this lot especially not Dodd.

  115. So what happened to Lashley’s letter? Was it just sent to CNN by Lashley? Crowley said he didn’t carry it or relay that message to 0bama.
    You can safely assume it was sent to the White House.

  116. You can safely assume it was sent to the White House.


    Or in Gates language,

    Big Bamma’s House.

  117. Hi Neetabug, I hope you are doing well. Haven’t talked to you in awhile but think of you often. We should get together.

    Yes, NewMexicoFan….we both have a fond relationship with ……uh……Ottawa. 😉

    Saying hello to everyone. I still read here, just don’t post much.

  118. I breezed through your area in May. I found that the interstate was shut down, downtown, and had to take a small detour (I heard that a bridge downtown was ready to collapse). We were breezing back from Rhode Island, and We took a Southern Interstate through NY state, something I had never done before.

    I had to pick up my favorite Spaghetti Sauce (would you believe 24 quarts), packed it in ice, and then headed back home. My significant other thinks I am crazy, but we got it back in good shape.

    Thanks for posting.

  119. I guess they think we should all be happy to be jobless and broke.

    This may be their l”et them eat cake” moment and quite possibly we should oblige them in the same fashion as was done to the arrogant elitist’s in the French Rebellion!


    Friday, July 31, 2009
    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Teachable Moments
    Friday, July 31, 2009
    A Picture is Worth a Thousand Teachable Moments
    U never know who might have to lend u a hand
    U meet the same people coming up as u do coming down
    life is simple (sometimes)
    do unto other as u want them to do unto u.

  121. Police called on retirees at senator’s LA office

    Thursday, July 30, 2009

    Print E-mail
    (07-30) 20:28 PDT Los Angeles, CA (AP) —

    Police were called on a group of retirees who refused to leave Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s West Los Angeles office until she talked to them about health care reform.

    Los Angeles police Sergeant Rich Brunson said Thursday that police lured the group of seven outside somehow, then locked the building’s doors behind them.

    Brunson had said earlier that eight people were being taken into custody, but corrected himself after getting new details from officers on the scene.

    A spokeswoman for the 55- to 87-year-old activists said they arrived at Feinstein’s office around noon and remained in her conference room more than six hours.

    Feinstein spokesman Gil Duran says staff offered the retirees an in-person meeting with the senator during a Los Angeles visit next week but that they demanded to speak with her immediately.

  122. gonzotx

    I think the retirees are beginning to understand the low esteem that this administration, and the Dims hold them in, and they are going for it. It might be up to this group to lead the way. After all there legs are not tingly.

  123. Andrea Mitchell: You’re Too Stupid to Know Obamacare is Good for You
    July 31, 2009


    RUSH: This morning on MSNBC — Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington — was discussing the new MSNBC Wall Street Journal poll that’s not good news for Obama on health care.

    MITCHELL: You’ve got 47% of the people at our NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll who have health insurance —

    ANCHOR: Mmm-hmm!

    MITCHELL: — who don’t like what the president’s doing. The problem he’s got, 47% of the people who have got coverage don’t want change. They don’t like what they’re hearing. Now, they may not know what’s good for them, but the problem is that he always knew he was going to have to persuade people with insurance. That’s the largest inspect, not the people without insurance for expanding coverage. So they’ve gotta real problem.

    RUSH: ” They may not know what’s good for them.” That sums it up, folks. That’s how the State-Run Media propagandizing for Obama. These 47% of the people who don’t want it, they don’t like it, they don’t want any part of it — and actually in most polls it’s over 50%, but they may not know what’s good for them. But that’s still a problem for Obama. They may not know what’s good for them. So, the conclusion is: Obama is brilliant. The plan is flawless. The plan is so good for all of us. We’re just too stupid to know what’s good for us. Andrea Mitchell calls herself a journalist. Remember when Bill Clinton in Buffalo said, “Well, the reason I’m not crazy about tax cuts is ’cause I don’t think you’ll spend the money as well as we will.”

    Do you remember that? We don’t know what’s good for us. That’s a foundation of liberalism. You’re too stupid, you’re too ungrateful, you’re too obtuse. You’re too stubborn. You’re just dumb. You don’t know what’s good for you. So Andrea Mitchell and Obama have to do everything for you. You’re even too stupid to know what’s good for you in the cash for clunkers program. We have to tell you what kind of car you can drive because you’re too stupid to drive a real car!

  124. Saudi rebuffs US on improving ties with Israel

    By MATTHEW LEE (AP) – 2 hours ago

    WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia on Friday bluntly rejected U.S. appeals for improved relations with Israel as a way to help restart Middle East peace talks, saying the Jewish state is not interested in a deal.

    After talks with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal said his country will not consider steps suggested by U.S. Mideast peace envoy George Mitchell until Israel accepts Arab demands to withdraw from all occupied Palestinian territories.

    “Incrementalism and a step-by-step approach, has not and, we believe, will not lead to peace,” Saud said as Clinton looked on at a joint State Department news conference. “Temporary security and confidence building measures will also not bring peace.”

    “What is required is a comprehensive approach that defines the final outcome at the outset and launches into negotiations over final status issues,” the prince said, referring to the borders of a future Palestinian state, control of Jerusalem, the return of Palestinian refugees, water and security.

    President Barack Obama, Clinton and Mitchell all have been urging Arab nations to improve ties with Israel with confidence-building measures such as opening trade offices, allowing academic exchanges and permitting civilian Israeli aircraft to overfly their airspace as a way of demonstrating their commitment to peace.

    Clinton repeated that call in her remarks, saying the Obama administration wants “the Arab states, including our friends in Saudi Arabia, to work with us to take steps to improve relations with Israel, to support the Palestinian Authority and to prepare their people to embrace the eventual peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

    “Saudi Arabia’s continued leadership is absolutely vital to achieve a comprehensive and lasting peace,” she said.

    A bipartisan group of more than 200 members of Congress delivered a similar message Friday to Saudi King Abdullah, urging him to drop opposition to the administration’s appeal for intermediate confidence-building steps.

    “We have been disappointed thus far to see the public reaction of your government to President Obama’s request,” the lawmakers wrote in a letter to the monarch. “We urge you to assert a strong leadership role and help lead the Middle East to a new era of peace and reconciliation by stepping forward with a dramatic gesture toward Israel akin to the steps taken earlier by the leaders of Egypt and Jordan.”

    But Saud flatly ruled that out. He maintained that Israel was trying to distract the world from a Saudi-proposed Arab-Israel peace deal in which Arab states would recognize Israel provided it withdraws from Arab territory seized in the 1967 war.

    “The question really is, What will Israel give in exchange for this comprehensive settlement offer?” Saud said, noting that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ignored U.S. calls to stop constructing Jewish settlements in the West Bank and building housing in East Jerusalem.

    “Israel hasn’t even responded to an American request to halt settlements, which President Obama described as illegitimate,” he said.

    The Saudi stance is complicating Mitchell’s efforts to bring the Israelis and Palestinians back to negotiations.

    But Clinton denied that the odds were insurmountable. She said Mitchell, who just returned from his fifth trip to the region, was making progress and developing a formula to get the two sides talking again.

    “We feel like we’re making headway and we are determined to do so in as short a period of time as possible,” she said.


    There will be NO improved relations. There will be no LASTING PEACE. The Arabs will not be happy until every last Israeli has been removed by fair or foul means from the State of Israel. I hope they choke on their evil violence and lies.

  125. In the “you have got to be kidding” category…


    White House to Launch National Fatherhood Tour Next Week

    July 31, 2009

    The Obama administration is taking its effort to promote responsible fatherhood, which it launched with a White House town hall event just before Father’s Day, on the road, hosting a half-dozen town halls in the next few months in different parts of the country. The first event will happen in Chicago next Wednesday. It will feature a videotaped message from President Obama, a roundtable and networking session for local nonprofit groups, presentations by administration officials, and a panel of local dads, according to an adviser for the effort.

    “Given who’s in the White House, we have a chance to do some very powerful messaging and role modeling on fatherhood,” says Judy Vredenburgh, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, who is helping advise the effort. “This is a subject that the president feels strongly about, so we’re moving in the momentum of Father’s Day.”

    The nationwide tour is being managed by Obama’s Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships with input from the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Vredenburgh is a member of the council and sits on its task force for fatherhood issues.

    “This might be the most culture-changing of all the initiatives” of Obama’s faith-based office, says Jim Wallis, a progressive evangelical activist. “The old script was that conservatives care about fatherhood and families and that liberals don’t. Here you have a Democratic, progressive president who is making fatherhood and family a huge priority, which helps to put the culture wars to rest.”

    Wallis also is a member of the president’s faith advisory council.

    The White House declined to comment on the fatherhood town halls, including on the locations of the events after Chicago.

    But Vredenburgh says that the Chicago event will feature Michael Strautmanis, chief of staff to presidential aide Valerie Jarrett; David Hansell, deputy assistant secretary at the Administration for Children and Families in the Department of Health and Human Services; and Alexia Kelley, director of the faith-based office at HHS.

    When he created his faith-based office in February, Obama expanded its mission to include striving to “support fathers who stand by their families, which involves working to get young men off the streets and into well-paying jobs, and encouraging responsible fatherhood.”

  126. Here are some quotes I put together that can be used to rebut limousine liberals like Obama and Mitchell.


    1. THE VALUE OF HISTORY: “I hope to communicate to those in power something of what I see when I look at current events through the lens of history, specifically the hopeful paths to the future, and the other paths which lead only to despair, and from which no one ever returns”—George Kennan. (Mr. X., Ambassador to Soviet Union)

    2. THE DEFINITION OF TYRANNY: “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny. The preservation of liberty requires that the three great departments of power be separate and distinct (James Madison–Federalist Paper No. 47, Jan. 20, 1787).

    3. THE REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” (Alexander de Toqueville, 1835)

    4. THE FALLACY OF GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION: “The assumption that every market ‘imperfection’ can be remedied by political intervention depends on the elementary non-sequitur of perfect government” (Lord Highcross—advisor to PM Thatcher)

    5. THE EFFECT OF POWER: “The effect of power and publicity upon all men is the aggravation of self, a sort of tumor that ends up killing the victim’s sympathies; one can scarcely use expressions too strong to describe the violence of egotism it stimulates” (Henry Adams, son of one president grandson of another.)

  127. The Saudis are barbaric, misogynistic, stoned aged billionaires who have influenced Washington policy going back to Prescott Bush….Aipac has nothing on them….

  128. Thanks ‘cuz we know how to party!!!

    Half of us is stone drunk.
    The other half is out gettin’ laid.

    Keeps up productive and happy.

  129. Rgb44hrc, a song about getting high and getting “laid”, though most people think the song is about something else. It’s in a minor key (song is based on the Bach B Minor Mass, ) which causes the confusion and sadness:

  130. Well I just read upthread that Dodd has Cancer, gees I wonder if he will be on the new Obamacare program for his treatment?
    I won’t be sorry to see him leave the Senate, some of these lifers need to go with him.

  131. Thanks Admin, I loved that song, I was seventeen when that song was on the charts. It brings back many memories.

  132. admin, yes, Bach adapted that part of the mass for a smaller group, calling it “Air on a G string”.

    As for “other meanings” to the Procol Harum piece, what might THAT be about?

    I knew the rock version before I knew about the Bach original stuff.

  133. Have you noticed that he has retreated from the world stage. Somebody above Obamas pay grade has pulled his chain. It makes you realize that another divesion to take our eyes off the ball on what is really happening. It is pretty transparent. This beer summit was a mistake on his part becausee people made up their minds about him in the moment and this sorieee is just a gesture to get him off the hook. His mistake was to open his mouth when he did not have the facts, or to apologize and shut up. But he can never shut up, and neither could Charlie McCarthy. One day we will meet the stringpullers.

  134. This is what I don’t understand. 1) Obama said his parents met at selma during the uprising and he was conceived there=people have debunked that and the WH had to agree. 2) Obama also gave the credit for his birth to the Kennedy’s by airlifting his father to America to attend college=this is also a lie, his father was already in college when the 1960 airlift took place. THe man is a liar, we really don’t know who he is or where he came from. Every thing he has said about himself is a lie, why does BM continue to protect the liar, when we all know they know the truth??
    I think he was telling the truth about the Kennedy’s, they did help him, just not in the way he has been trying to tell everyone.

  135. “Have you noticed that he has retreated from the world stage. Somebody above Obamas pay grade has pulled his chain.”
    Great observation, wbb! Here is what we know so far-

    Obama was chosen as their hired gun to steer the country into total chaos vis vis the Banks. They are holding the BC over his head, just as we thought, to maintain control.

    Obama, OTOH, knows this better than anyone else. What Obama is doing is reigniting old feelings of ‘racial hatred’ towards whites as a counter measure to holding him hostage to the birth certificate issue.

    If the Globalists threaten him with exposure, he intends to play the race card using disgruntled AA masses for targeting large cities with race riots similar to what was done in LA but on a much larger scale. (Hence the scramble to protect Gates)

    Obama is chafing at the neck because he’s actually being asked to work. The focus is on him 24/7. They most likely told him…”don’t worry, you’ll be surround by the ‘best’ policy wonks in the business”. All you will be expected to do is carry the ball for a touchdown and be praised for your work…

    Problem is… it’s not happening- The economy is too complex for Geithner to unravel, after all, he is expected to keep the banks and the people losing their homes happy. Those are two diametrically opposed entities.

    Yup, Obama is in a pickle alright. We’ll see how much pressure he can tolerate before he cracks. He’s already spent most of his political capital and the Gates fiasco denotes “he’s cultivating subversive plans” the undertones of stoking racial unrest are just too obvious to dismiss.

  136. “This beer summit was a mistake on his part becausee people made up their minds about him in the moment and this sorieee is just a gesture to get him off the hook.”



    I would hesitate to say that his kool aid supporters were desperate enough to hope that he would lay his “healing” hands on Crowley and Gates and all would be well with the world. I think they expected him to take charge but were disappointed when he was relegated to a simple bus boy.

  137. Good Morning All

    All you will be expected to do is carry the ball for a touchdown and be praised for your work

    Gore was a micro-manager but, O manages nothing. The wise leaders is in between, such as HRC staying that she hired key people in areas that she needs managed. As I have said before, some areas do not need much if any managing, some need a little, and others you have to be in it up to your elbows, and other’s up to your neck. BUT IT IS LONELY AT THE TOP, AND YOU HAVE T TO FIGURE OUT WHAT AREAS TO MANAGE, IF YOU ARE TRUELY LEADING.

    We are at present, being lead by a committee, which is what makes us look so directionless.

    Probably right after the 2004 Convention a group met and they put together the best gang of Thugs you could get. They organized Acorn, and got them ready to go, and then they frauded, cheated, controlled, did whatever they had to do to present the fraud. As McCain would say, they did what was best for them and not the country.

    They figured thugs run Chicago, and they would just transfer that concept.

    I thing what they did not count on is being President of the US does require some show of leadership and work. It will be interesting how American views the vacation at Martha’s vineyards, when they have no health insurance, and they are on thier last unemployment check. Bush’s extensive ranch vacations were not taken well, and our economy was not in such a bad shape. I don’t think that they really understood the internet. They used it during the campaign, but the controlling of it then and now has been extremely difficult.

    I guess the job was more than moving into the WH, wearing the expensive suits, showing off your family, and taking trips. When people have been developed so that they have to only present a facade, which is the part of the job they enjoy, then they are told they have to actual do work that they don’t enjoy, you start looking for a new job.

    JOB AVAILABLE, EMPORER OF THE WORLD, NEED ONLY TO SHOW UP AND SMILE. (Please bring teleprompters with you)

    I am off for my Saturday Burritos with Choritzo.

    PS I just have to add that the only thing I have seen him apologized for is the crashing of his teleprompter. Amazing, he could apologized to the gathered for that, but he cannot apologized to the Police that he called them Stupid. Why, becasue he was really not responsible for the tele crashing, but he was really responsible for the words out of his mouth, and he will not admit he was wrong (that is one of the male leader concepts that I think is in error). You stand no taller, and show no more leadership than when you admit you were wrong and change directions. Otherwise, you might lose the war, instead of your ego.


    Take Charge was not part of the job description, in fact that is the part he does not enjoy.

  138. Hey guys I’m looking for a link that someone posted a while back of congress woman Kaptur grilling bernanke. I want to pass it on as I was discussing it last night at dinner with some friends. If anybody can help thanks…

  139. JanH

    Take Charge was not part of the job description, in fact that is the part he does not enjoy.


    Might look at some of his old comments about Mayor Daley (jr and/or sr) who didn’t come up with solutions ot disputes, just put the disputants together so they magically found their own … agreement.

    This would be in old profiles early in 2007 iirc, anyway before the journalists got the koolaid, and in BO’s books.

  140. turndownobama Says:

    August 1st, 2009 at 12:39 pm
    turndown, it’s good to see you posting again, hope all is well with you.

  141. jeleanoro Says:
    August 1st, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    turndownobama Says:

    August 1st, 2009 at 12:39 pm
    turndown, it’s good to see you posting again, hope all is well with you.


    Steadily getting better, thanks. Nice to see you again too.

  142. Some comments by seniors on the Frauds visit to AARP. Just noticed Rand was AA. Hmmm. Selling the seniors down the toliet. Brothers in Arms…

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