Pantsuit-less Palin Provokes PINO Panic, Part I

Pantsuit-less Palin provokes panic amongst the PINOs. These Progressives In Name Only are busy stirring sexism and misogyny even as they pretend to be feminists and against sexism and misogyny.

One Left-Talking woman defense lawyer with a history of unexamined sexism and most disgusting misogyny has even pulled herself away from her fixation with reality-show television junk in order to slime Governor Palin. We have written about this sad unexamined life before.

The Left-Talking woman defense attorney has previously attacked Hillary supporters as “revenge voters” even as she wimped out from her own plans to “revenge” vote. This virulent sexist and misogynist held a loathsome “lottery” to promote her vile attacks on Governor Palin while her male attorney partner compared Obama to FDR and urged a vote for Obama because Obama was a “media darling” thus warping the primary process into a Big Media selection process.

These PINOs and Dimocrats now attack Tea Parties as “racist” and persist in their ugly sexist attacks and misogyny even as they pretend to be against sexism and misogyny.

The Left-Talking woman defense attorney (along with another defense attorney on that pernicious website) demands presumption of innocence for her criminally charged clients, but she did not provide any presumption of innoncense to non-defendant Governor Palin. No, for accused murderers and accused rapists the Left-Talking defense attorney whines for fairness but like other PINOs this defense attorney slimed Governor Palin.

And slime she did. Update after slimy update poured from this Left-Talking defense attorney the day of Governor Palin’s announcement. From the PINOs and Obama lovers (Andrew Sullivan has been particularly ugly with his smears against the Down’s Syndrome afflicted Trig) attacking Governor Palin there was scant evidence but the accusations by the defense attorney came with little respite.

I don’t believe a word she says. She wouldn’t time the announcement on such a slow news day if she weren’t trying to minimize it. It’s far more likely she’s on a downward spiral than an upwards path.

There were perfectly good, rational, explanations for why Governor Palin did what she did when she did it. We explained almost immediately. But for PINOs innuendo and smear was the call of the wild.

Most of the slime against Palin this time was based on a phony investigation against Palin – the type of phony allegation Governor Palin had to spend money she does not have to defend and consistently win against – concerned a non-existent FBI investigation. Like deranged prosecutors, recall Javert and Starr, these Left-Talking attorneys hurled ugly innuendo and accusation against the Alaska governor.

Eventually the FBI, yes – the FBI, did what a defense attorney would ordinarily do and defended Governor Palin. After smearing Governor Palin, pictures from an addled mind included, the Left-Talking woman defense attorney had to admit that her feverish reality-TV ramblings and ugly speculations were completely and utterly fabricated.

Having smeared Sarah Palin, the Left-Talking defense attorneys pretended they were the heroes and declared “Let’s put the rumors to bed.” But it was the FBI, not the Left-Talking defense attorneys, which acted fairly and demanded a presumption of innocence:

“There is absolutely no truth to those rumors that we’re investigating her or getting ready to indict her,” Special Agent Eric Gonzalez said in a phone interview Saturday. “It’s just not true.” He added that there was “no wiggle room” in his comments for any kind of inquiry.

The clear statement did not stop the Left-Talking defense attorney who, while quoting the FBI, refused to stop the smears:

That’s good enough for me. What’s left? Money or just a bone-headed political stunt that will forever brand her a quitter. Take your pick.

The PINOs and Dimocrats, thwarted by the fairness which came from the FBI, persisted to call Governor Palin “bizarre” because the Governor made it clear that she would sue to protect her good name. From the defense bar which Talks from the Left allegedly came “The ‘Victim’ Threatens To Sue”. There is no decency left in these Left Talking defense bar members – just slime.

The PINOs and Dimocrats came up with another convenient “creative class” excuse to attack Palin. This time a noted Hillary hater from a Left Open sewer employed Hillary Clinton to attack Governor Palin as a hypocrite. The Left Open sewer PINO had finally discovered a youtube video of Sarah Palin allegedly attacking Hillary Clinton.

The thought that Governor Sarah Palin now knows a bit better what Hillary Clinton underwent (Chelsea, like Trig, was attacked too) does not occur to the PINO-creative-class-Dimocrat-Big-Media-should-select-our-presidents-Obama-is-FDR dopes. One comment at the Left Talking site did capture the hypocrisy of it all:

She said that before it happened to her, and she experienced the magnitude of the media unfairness.

Funny, that the leftist like BTD end up looking for all the flimsy excuses to justify the public crucification of Sarah Palin.

The video is actually very instructive, but BTD and the media take the wrong lesson from it. WOMEN who are attacked and complain about it look to be whining. Unless it happens to you. Then you realize the depth of sexism, the nastiness, the deep underlying pure hatred of women who want to do it their own way.

That’s why I have ended up defending Palin all the time. When she talks about fundamental policy points, there are republican POV. But that pales in comparison to me to the disgust and anger that I feel seeing what she is subject to.

Others spoke out citing Bush’s thin record of service (not mentioning Obama’s lack of experience and qualifications for the job) and Big Media class warfare against anyone not part of their warped world. The comments however did not silence the smears from the Left Talking defense attorneys.

Meanwhile Arriana Huffington’s Huff n’ Puff made “retard” jokes and published articles attacking the mentally disabled, like Palin’s son Trig.

The PINOs are in panic.

In Part II, we will ask, and answer, and explain why it is important, the question: “Have you ever seen Sarah Palin in a pantsuit?