Governor Sarah Palin Makes Her Moves – Is Hillary Clinton Next?

Independence Day is officially tomorrow but Sarah Palin decided to celebrate one day early.

Is Hillary Clinton next?

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Hillary Clinton

We did not think Hillary Clinton should have anything to do with Obama and should remain a U.S. Senator. We knew however that Hillary had all the facts and deserved respect. We wrote at the time:

We are not worshippers at a Hillary shrine but we do recognize a remarkable jewel when we see one. We respect Hillary and listen with respect to what she says – but we do not genuflect. We do not bow and scrape and burn incense and chant – like those doopy-eyed commemorative plate and coin buyers in the Hopium dens.

On the Secretary of State situation – we will support Hillary’s decision, whatever it is, because it is a personal decision which requires balancing tests which Hillary herself is best positioned to weigh – even as we advise against Hillary placing herself inside a gilded cage. Of course, Hillary is a fabulous bird who has the capacity of pushing aside the bars and barriers of any cage.

The latest rumor about Hillary have been fed by her sending Obama off to Russia without love, wits or experience.

In fact, she’s slated to travel later this month — but without Obama.

Jim reminds us of the leaks during the Iran crisis that had both Hillary and Joe Biden questioning Obama’s reaction to the eruption of opposition protests. Those leaks didn’t come from Obama’s people, and even at that time raised questions about whether the partnership between Hillary and Obama was beginning to unravel.

Even the Republicans and right wing know Hillary is tops in the relationship:

Obama needs Hillary more than the other way around, especially as his economic policies start to tank. He needs a strong connection back to the DLC Democrats, which Hillary provides. He also needs a fall person on foreign affairs when things get bad. If there’s a split, it will damage Obama much more than Hillary, and it would set her up for a run at him in a 2012 primary, which may be her goal if Obama falls apart at the midterms.

We stand by our statement that Hillary is best positioned to decide her own fate. Will Hillary leave after the 2010 elections and Dimocrats start to realize they are on board the Obama Titanic? Will Hillary leave as the American economy collapses and Americans need a champion for economic responsibility and common sense? Is Hillary simply so fed up with Obama’s boobery and foolishness and clownish behavior that even her famous patience has worn thin and she cannot bear to look at his grinning Joker face? We don’t know. Only Hillary knows.

We will continue to respect Hillary as the “best positioned to weigh” her options and her moves. We will rejoice on the day Hillary kicks Obama to the curb.

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Only Sarah Palin, on a late Friday news dump day, on a major holiday weekend, could knock Michael Jackson off the news headlines.

Governor Sarah Palin, like Hillary, is best positioned to determine her own fate. She continues to surprise as few others can or dare.

Like Hillary, Governor Palin is and has been under tremendous sexist and misogynistic attacks. The latest Vanity Fair hit piece targets Governor Palin as suffering from one of those women (postpartum depression) problem thingys that leads her to be crazed and erratic and crazed and ambitious and crazed and crazed – like every woman who has babies.

Such have been the attacks that Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post wrote this week that Palin was rebounding because of the attacks.

One needs only look back as far as the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton to see that phenomenon at work. The wall to wall coverage of Clinton had the effect — over time — of convincing people that Clinton had been beaten up enough and turning public opinion to his side.

That is what appears to be happening at the moment for Palin. The issue is whether she can take advantage of the softening of operatives’ attitude toward her to re-introduce herself to the political set in Washington. [snip]

“She has been vastly underestimated as a result of one or two interviews,” said Malek of Palin. “I have spent a lot of time around her and can state unequivocally she is smart, perceptive, curious, and absolutely on top of issues like energy which are pivotal to her role as Alaska’s Governor. “

There has been much speculation about Palin. The not very imaginative Larry Sabato thinks Palin’s decision is “absolutely bizzare”. Sleezy sexist and misogynist Josh Marshall is looking for sleeze and scandal – with absolutely no suggestion that there is any sleeze or scandal associated with Palin’s decision – the sleeze is all in Josh Marshall’s sleezy mind. Adele Stan at the sleezy Huff n’ Puff also drags in scandal, without any evidence, but at least recognizes some intelligence at play:

After all, if you’ve got a shot to become leader of the free world, it helps to have nothing but time to give the people of Iowa and New Hampshire in the year leading up to their caucus and primary, and that’s hard to do if you have to run a state from which you can see Russia.[snip]

But don’t count her out; she’s as tenacious a political fighter as I’ve ever seen. She’ll no doubt put the time gained of her early exit from the governor’s mansion to good use — perhaps studying up on issues for her visits to the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.

When I first speculated that she would be John McCain’s vice presidential pick, people said, Sarah who? Despite colossal missteps, she emerged from the 2008 presidential election as the darling of the Republican Party, her running mate returning to the Senate as a has-been. Mark my words: She’ll be back.

Others see yet another Republican hopeful in 2012 tarnished. The sleezey sexists and misogynists at DailyKooks simply yell “she’s crazy”.

Reuters suggests some non-Kook, non-sexist, non-misogynist reasons:

Having maintained her popularity at home in Alaska, why would she quit now? There are several possibilities:

* She frees herself from the constraints of daily governing so she can spend all her time pursuing national office. This would put her on a level playing field with potential Republican presidential primary opponents Mitt Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, and Newt Gingrich, a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Another potential rival, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, also recently announced he would not seek re-election. Conversely, Palin’s decision could diminish a selling point — the fact that she has executive experience and knows how to run a state.

* She can make some money. Leaving her job would allow Palin to take a job in the private sector or take advantage of her popularity to bring in cash as a public speaker, author or talk-show host, possibly still making a run for national office.

* Palin could use the time to run for the U.S. Senate for Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s seat in November 2010. Palin could use that job as a springboard for a presidential race.

* Palin can add to her credentials as a “maverick,” something both she and McCain emphasized during the 2008 campaign. Palin said she wanted to put Alaska first. She could use her decision to step down as evidence that she would not seek higher office while governor and so do harm to her home state.

* Palin may have grown tired of being a lightning rod for the American media and decided she wanted a break. The announcement was made late on a Friday before a U.S. holiday weekend — an indication that she may have wanted to “bury” the news.

* She fears a looming political problem, perhaps even a scandal, and wanted out of the limelight, before the news broke. “If there is any evidence that the decision was a result of political problems or looming scandals, she is done,” said Julian Zelizer, a Princeton University history professor.

Note, the unevidenced “scandal” suggestion. At least no “crazy” from Reuters. At least no “postpartum” from Reuters.

Governor Sarah Palin reminded us today, yet again, of the strength of sexism and misogyny. Palin also reminds us that the next presidential elections are already underway. Please take note, on your own timetable and with your wisdom, Hillary.

For those of us sick of the Obama winter, Palin did indeed remind us that the horror will one day end.

Scatter, as from an unextinguished hearth
Ashes and sparks, my words among mankind!
Be through my lips to unawakened Earth

The trumpet of a prophecy! O Wind,
If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?