Pirates, Obama, And Tea

Barack Obama can now get out from under his bed and run alongside the rescued shelter dog Kennedy gifted water dog. No doubt upon first hearing mean ol’ pirates had captured Americans Obama thought he could use that vast “community organizer” experience to impress the Barbary Coast pirates and organize them into productive world citizens.

Fortunately the Marines Hymn resonated in the historical ear of the navy commanders on the scene, and in charge, and the pirates are now stowing gear in Davy Jones’ locker.

The entire pirate episode once again demonstrates the fakery behind the entire Obama persona and the foolishness of those who persist in defending their support of the flim-flam man. Recall, Dumb White People as well as The Obama Delusion.

In The Obama Delusion we quoted extensively from Obama water boy Andrew Sullivan. Recall Sullivan’s love for Obama – try not to laugh:

What does he offer? First and foremost: his face. Think of it as the most effective potential re-branding of the United States since Reagan. Such a re-branding is not trivial—it’s central to an effective war strategy. The war on Islamist terror, after all, is two-pronged: a function of both hard power and soft power. [snip]

Consider this hypothetical. It’s November 2008. A young Pakistani Muslim is watching television and sees that this man—Barack Hussein Obama—is the new face of America. In one simple image, America’s soft power has been ratcheted up not a notch, but a logarithm. A brown-skinned man whose father was an African, who grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, who attended a majority-Muslim school as a boy, is now the alleged enemy. If you wanted the crudest but most effective weapon against the demonization of America that fuels Islamist ideology, Obama’s face gets close. It proves them wrong about what America is in ways no words can.

Those very dark skinned young pirates seem to not agree with foolish Sullivan. Perhaps those very dark skinned pirates are “racists”. “Racist” is the preferred epithet by the Hopium addled whenever their object of worship is not worshipped.

We mocked Sullivan then and recalled the valuable truth uttered by Lord Palmerston: “Nations have no permanent friends or allies, they only have permanent interests.” Those very dark, or rather black-skinned pirates are concerned with their own interests not in the color of Obama’s skin.

In Dumb White People we featured a video of John Kerry saying some very foolish things.

Because he’s African American. Because he’s a black man who has come from a place of oppression and repression in through the years in our own country.

Kerry said some very foolish things about how people like pirates or terrorists would listen to a black American president because he is black. No Lord Palmerston wisdom for foolish Kerry. [Also for those who are aware of Abe Lincoln’s particular way of saying “people”, feel free to amuse yourselves as Kerry imitates Sam Waterson imitating Abe Lincoln.]

Obama of course is a long time race-baiter. In Dumb White People we quoted from a Newsweek article:

Keith Kakugawa was a close friend of Obama’s at the Punahou School. (He appears in “Dreams” as a revised character named “Ray” who may be a composite of more than one Obama friend.) He says that Obama, being a dark-skinned kid growing up in a white household, sensed that something was amiss. “He felt that he was not getting a part of who he was, the history,” says Kakugawa, who is also of mixed race. He recalls Obama’s reading black authors —James Baldwin, Ralph Ellison, Langston Hughes—looking for clues. Keith didn’t know at first that Obama’s given name was Barack. “We were in the library and there was a Malcolm X book,” Kakugawa tells NEWSWEEK. “He grabbed it and looked at it and he’s checking it out, and I said, ‘Hold on, man. What you gonna do? Change your name to something Muslim?’ He said, ‘Well, my name is Barack Obama.’ And I said, ‘No it isn’t.’ And we got in an argument about that in the library and they had to tell us, ‘Shhhh’.”

Back in Hawaii in the 1970s, it could seem that everyone was some kind of a minority. The fact that Obama was half-black and half-white didn’t matter much to anyone but Obama, Kakugawa says: “He made everything out like it was all racial.” On one occasion, Obama thought he’d gotten a bad break on the school basketball team because he was black. But Kakugawa recalls his father’s telling the teenager, “No, Barry, it’s not because you’re black. It’s because you missed two shots in a row.” (Here, Kakugawa’s memory is different from Obama’s. The Ray character in the book is the one obsessed with being discriminated against.)

Obama will not be able to “community organize” those who hate America already. Obama’s skin color is entirely irrelevant except to those that ignore the content of Obama’s bad character simply because he is black or half black. And those Obama supporters who support Obama because of his skin color will continue to accuse non-believers as “racists”.

* * * * *

Whether the pirates were racists or not, we are happy that the American hostage is safe. Score one for the Navy.

* * * * *

Some of our readers may have noticed we did not publish this past weekend. We were busy on a nationwide research project. We had a good laugh. Here is what happened.

As many know this April 15th there will be nationwide “tea parties” to protest Obama policies. A preemptive disinformation and counter programming strike was launched by Obama supporters and self-described Obama “dupes” under the banner of “A New Way Forward“. These Obama “dupes” and cheerleaders got themselves a website and proceeded to make chatter.

We wanted to know how massive these mostly PINO Big Blogs would organize their massive April 11 protests and we set out to find out. Our research project left us paralyzed with laughter. Riverdaughter has the funny details about the Saturday boobery:

I hoped I wasn’t too late for the speeches, the burning efigies, the crowds “marching and shouting slogans”, as they say in NPR speak. I hurried to Union Square from the subway station looking for the throng. Alas, I didn’t find a throng. I found a little crowd. Well, crowd wasn’t exactly the word. Group is more like it. A small group. My heart sank. Here was one of the most important issues of the day, the debate over whether the banks should be nationalized, and it was going largely unprotested.

We can’t say we are surprised by the sparse attendance at the Big Blog sponsored chicanery. Bill Greider, once respected, has declared himself “duped” by his own wishful thinking. Other leaders of these hapless “demonstrations” of weakness are those from “NothingLeft” like David Sirota as well as embarrassments like Joe Trippi. “Pump and dump” Jerome Armstrong, still protected by sulphur Big Blogs in his refusal to explain his SEC “entanglements”, also pumped the April 11 demonstration of weakness.

These hapless promoters of Saturday’s dud demonstrations need to learn the lessons of this weekend’s pirate escapades – the lessons the pirates learned at the bullet point of the U.S. Navy. The lesson is that the only way to fight Obama is to fight him with both fists, not with wimpy threats.

We doubt that these Big Blog “demonstration” organizers will learn the lesson. They proved themselves to be mindless or complicit in Obama’s frauds when they supported Obama. Frankly we want nothing to do with them. We don’t even want their apology for destroying the Democratic Party and subjecting the nation to the Third Bush Term or for calling non-worshippers of Obama “racists”.

For months we have argued forcefully that Obama is the Third Bush Term. Now, another (African-American) “racist” is close to saying Obama is the Third Bush Term:

Et Tu, Olbermann? Some Liberals Finally Realize That for Certain Issues, “Change” Actually Means “More of the Same”. Ever since President Obama became the frontrunner in the Democratic primaries, many liberals have gleefully discarded the useful concepts of dissent, critical thinking, and a sanely guarded view of politicians. Rather than approaching politics with critical distance, many liberals became so emotionally charged over the prospects of winning the White House, expanding the party’s lead in Congress, and electing an amorphously left-identified black man that they refused to listen to others who questioned whether any politician could deliver the grand promises of “change” that Obama and his supporters made during his campaign.

After President Obama took office, it became abundantly clear that he would continue engaging in some policies that liberals derided during the Bush administration. A few progressives criticized the continuation of these policies, the inherent contradiction between Obama’s promises and his embrace of these policies, and the hypocrisy of liberals who failed to condemn Obama, even though they skewered Bush for the exact same conduct. These arguments, however, led to a concerted “pushback” from many liberal protectors of the administration.

Dissenting Justice, for example, provoked a storm among some liberals after running a series of essays which argues that Obama’s position on “rendition” differs from Bush’s practices in “form” rather than “substance.” Since that time, President Obama has embraced positions that are similar to or indistinct from Bush’s stance on policies such as state secrets and indefinite detention.

Et tu, Olbermann?

It now seems that some liberals have given up trying to deny the closeness of Obama’s and Bush’s positions on some aspects of antiterrorism policy. MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann ranks among the most effusive and uncritical supporters of President Obama. During the Democratic primaries, Olbermann was responsible for spreading a grossly distorted — actually, downright deceitful — story which implied that Hillary Clinton remained in the primaries because she was waiting for the possible assassination of Obama. Olbermann produced a nearly 1/2-hour rant in which he accused Clinton of being racist, selfish, insensitive, and many other undesirable adjectives. The Obama campaign immediately emailed the video to other media, after which it quickly spread around the Internet.

Until recently, Olbermann did not bend in his effusive portrayals of Obama and his scathing and acidic criticism of his opponents. But even Olbermann has shifted away from his uncritical stance now that the Obama administration has again deployed a broad state secrets defense to oppose lawsuits challenging the Bush administration’s use of warrantless wiretapping and rendition. [snip]

According to Greenwald, Obama’s biggest supporters have no choice but to point out how his policies mimic Bush’s because:

It would require a virtually pathological level of tribal loyalty and monumental intellectual dishonesty not to object just as vehemently as we watch the Obama DOJ repeatedly invoke these very same theories and, in this instance, actually invent a new one that not even the Bush administration espoused. Unfortunately, in the recent past, many liberals actually placed “tribal loyalty” above intellectual consistency and adherence to progressive values.

Another “racist” explains:

(Before proceeding, let me repeat my standard definition: I am a liberal who despises “progressives” — a word and a movement defined by Moulitsas, Huffington, Obama and other Libertarians-in-liberal clothing)

There ain’t gonna be any flowers in rifles until you Obots f*cking APOLOGIZE.


Apologize for calling Hillary a “liar and a c*nt.” Apologize for calling Bill Clinton “a cancer on liberalism.” Apologize for telling all non-Obama supporters to leave the party. Apologize for redefining the term “racist” to mean “any Democrat who won’t vote for Obama over Hillary.” Apologize for the death threats — and believe me, there were plenty.

Have we ever heard one apology for the “darkened video” smear? No, we have not.

Have we ever heard one apology for the NAFTA smear (click on the greenish ad at the top of the right-hand column for details)? No, we have not.

Have we ever heard one apology for the RFK smear (which the progs kept repeating even after RFK Jr. set the record straight)? No, we have not.

Have we heard any apologies for the incessant claims that Bill Clinton was and is a racist? No, we have not.

Have we had any apologies for the resurrection of every loopy right-wing conspiracy ever voiced against the Clintons during the 1990s (including “Vince Foster! Vince Foster! Vince Foster!”)? No, we have not. [snip]

No unity without apology. Don’t sit back and try to come up with reasons why you need not apologize. For example, don’t try to hit us with “Well, Hillary has moved on — she’s working for Obama now.”

Keep the apology, keep the change. We’ll continue to fight – it’s the only language Chicago pirates understand. We’ll take our tea on April 15.


182 thoughts on “Pirates, Obama, And Tea

  1. Great article as usual Admin. I am working Wed so I will be attending the Tea Party in Austin. I have a feeling the big one in Texas will be San Antonio. Wish I could be there, but it is important for as many of us that can to join one, or to start one , even if you are a protest of one. We must be heared! We must!

  2. GonzoTx, as we wrote in April Fools:

    Republicans, on-line activists from the right who do not trust Obama should not take Hillary supporters for fools. We will fight alongside those who seek to hold Obama accountable and we will assist with the April 15 “tea parties” but we will not tolerate attacks on Hillary by our “allies“. If Republicans and on-line activists from the right want an united front against Obama – Hands Off Hillary. If Republicans and on-line activists do not know what they are up against – we are the experts and they need us to fight the organized attacks from Obama thugs: [snip]

    Hillary supporters know how to fight the Obama thugs. We fight them every day. If others who want to fight Obama want our help – Hands Off Hillary. SoldierForHillary agrees with us.

    We will fight alongside allies, but we won’t be fools for them.

  3. Clinton to visit Haiti, Dominican Republic

    Apr 13, 2009

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits Haiti on Thursday to talk about how to promote stability in the Western hemisphere’s poorest nation despite its long history of violence and political unrest.

    Riots sparked by skyrocketing food prices led to the ouster of Haiti’s government last year, a period during which the Caribbean nation lost some 800 lives and suffered an estimated $1 billion in damage when four hurricanes roared through.

    Clinton will visit two days after donor nations gather in Washington on Tuesday for a pledging conference to aid Haiti and just ahead of this weekend’s Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago. The State Department said Clinton, who arrives in Haiti on Thursday morning, would meet President Rene Preval to discuss “stability, security and assistance.”

    She then visits the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, where she will meet President Leonel Fernandez before flying to Trinidad and Tobago to join U.S. President Barack Obama at the regional summit.


  4. re Taylor Marsh,

    I was a regular at her blog (as 1950democrat) when she supported Hillary. When she switched and became hostile to Pumas, I eventuallly left. I don’t feel like visiting there again, but I’m interested to know what is going on. Morbid curiosity maybe.

    If we’re to hope for more bots to drop their koolaid by 2012, imo it’s good to watch the stages of their progress.

  5. wbboei Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 2:01 pm

    Jim Lerher (minus brooks and shields), McLaughlin (minus clift and zuckerman), Dobbs (minus goodwin), Ted Koppel (if he is still around) are trustworthy.


    Thanks. I’ll add that recommendation to boojum-post.blogspot.com

  6. wbboei Says:

    April 13th, 2009 at 2:01 pm
    Jim Lerher (minus brooks and shields), McLaughlin (minus clift and zuckerman), Dobbs (minus goodwin), Ted Koppel (if he is still around) are trustworthy.


    Thanks wbboei. Good to know!

  7. I was talking with someone this morning who confirmed the analysis. They told me that what happened yesterday could be construed as a military coup and cnn is in the same position as Judith Warner. The Navy had a number of clear shots at the pirates but Obama would not give them the go ahead to act. The Navy forced the issue to save the captains life and to send a clear message to the benighted Mr Obama that there of limits of incompetence which they will not tolerate. I asked why Biden did not give him a nudge and was told that Biden is not in the inner circle, that no one penetrates. I asked whether the usual suspects were in that circle and this individual did not know and refused to speculate, but did say that financial interests are part of it–which may or may not mean Soros. It could also mean Saudi interests. Finally, my source noted that Obama is not doing victory laps at this point as he typically would because he knows he got schooled here and knows equally well that others know that. No one involved in this crisis will admit what happened for obvious reasons.

  8. Admin> I would actually extend the “hands off Hillary” to “hands off Liberals.” I think many Republicans/conservatives take our dissatisfaction with Obama and the Democratic party as a dissatisfaction with Liberalism, and that’s simply false. I have to keep correcting my conservative friends every time they start bashing Obama for being too liberal. I point out that our unhappiness with Obama comes from very different places – I don’t think he’s a liberal at all.

  9. They can apologize( but won’t) until hell freezes over, but they shall never be forgiven by me for what they did to Hillary and Bill….shame on them and shame on the media for enabling said behavior.
    I feel slightly less “bitter” when Hillary is sworn in in 2016.

  10. Frankly, the only thing I will accept in lieu of an apology is them working together to elect Hillary in 2016. But since hell will freeze over before that happens – I will remain bitter, angry, and clingy. And happy to be all of those things.

  11. Exactly….let Obama work as hard as Hillary and Bill did to help him get elected…..and Michelle too!!!.

  12. DYB, terminology for all of us is a challenge. We coined “Dimocrats” and “PINOs” to distinguish ourselves as Democrats and true progressives.

    Many Democrats voted for Obama thinking he shared our values and thought Obama merely represented the “winner” of the primary process. For those “innocent” Democrats it is eyeopening when they hear our critique. These “innocents” are getting antsy with Obama but will remain loyal to him until they hear that the opposition to Obama comes from Democrats just like them too.

    Our “alliance” with the full spectrum of Obama opposition is predicated on the fact that Obama cannot be trusted – by anyone – friends, foes, Democrats, Republicans. Obama is only interested in helping himself.

  13. wbboei Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    I was talking with someone this morning who confirmed the analysis. They told me that what happened yesterday could be construed as a military coup and cnn is in the same position as Judith Warner. The Navy had a number of clear shots at the pirates but Obama would not give them the go ahead to act.

    Waiting in the doctor’s office this morning, forced to watch MSNBC news, their analysis of Obama was fawning. His “decisive actions” in “this crisis” was keep to ensuring that the Navy could carry out the rescue. Guest analysts said it was his “first test”, and that he did nothing more nor nothing less than any other president, but that we should take this to mean that he can be trusted now in scary situations.

    Then it was onto to the Easter Egg event at the White House, “which is so different this year, because they used the internet to invite people from all states rather than just local folks, and because same-sex couples were specifically invited.” No mention that same-sex couples were invited to previous egg rollings, like under W.

  14. # jbstonesfan Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 2:57 pm

    Exactly….let Obama work as hard as Hillary and Bill did to help him get elected…..and Michelle too!!!.

    BO and MO only do for themselves. When they “do something for others”, it is always to garner praise, never selflessly.

  15. wbboei Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 2:23 pm

    I was talking with someone this morning who confirmed the analysis. They told me that what happened yesterday could be construed as a military coup and cnn is in the same position as Judith Warner. The Navy had a number of clear shots at the pirates but Obama would not give them the go ahead to act. The Navy forced the issue to save the captains life and to send a clear message to the benighted Mr Obama that there of limits of incompetence which they will not tolerate.


    I certainly hope so!

    If ya’ll are going to do an analyzis, I’d suggest a three column worksheet, parallel timelines.
    wbboei’s …. NQ’s … blackfive’s

    What might seem contradictions between the three versions can reconcile if different people are referring to different stages in the same long complicated elephant. See my florasteele.blogspot.com/

    Who is Judith Warner?

  16. Last night I decided to read gretawire and the huffington blogs to see what the reactions to the rescue were. Talk about depressing. I voted for McCain and Palin because I believed they were what was best for the country, but the bile I read yesterday from both sides was vile. If the Republicans see the only way to defeat obama is to embrace such far right vitriol I cannot get on board and it makes zero sense to me that members of the GOP would so insistently attack the Clintons. To win don’t they need the support? Perhaps they were just trolls doing a very good job because they did make me very angry. If an election were held today I might just not vote. Unthinkable action for me a year ago.

  17. Frankly, Obama inviting gay couples “specifically” to the White House is offensive. He obviously “specifically” went out of his way to do it to make a “specific” statement. At least Bush seemed to act as it was something normal – which it is. But Obama’s “specific” actions are just for show.

  18. I cannot watch the news, but I am curious– has there been any mention of the biden prediction that something difficult would face obama soon after taking office?

  19. Henry> Personally I wouldn’t lump Republicans with “far right vitriol.” Just like I wouldn’t lump Democrats or Liberals with comments on HuffPo/Progressives. There are many wings in all of these camps.

  20. Isn’t Judith Warner a NYTimes columnist? I remember she wrote one column about Hillary and sexism in the media – and got roundly trashed for it by the readers. She became a vocal McCain/Palin basher during the general election.

  21. DYB
    I see your point, but I can also understand how the overture would be met with open arms. Especially by younger persons. One of the Fox hosts did a bit about an American Idol kissing another man and its inappropriateness. IMHO such statements will only serve to solidify support for obama. A host on Fox may not be the actual representative of the GOP but that is how they are percieved.

  22. DYB
    From my vantage point I see the Republican Party embracing the far right as the means to galvanize and reclaim. I just think it would serve them well to instruct the foot soldiers to cool it a little. If it were Newt vs obama I’d be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

  23. DYB Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 3:16 pm

    Frankly, Obama inviting gay couples “specifically” to the White House is offensive.
    DYB, my “quote” was a recollection of the story as was heard, not an exact quote. But yeah, MSNBC deliberately highlighted these aspects: internet, all 50 states, gay couples.

    You’d have to wonder why they’d be so fearful about making sure that the whole world knows that the Obamas are “reaching out” to gay people. While they were at it, they could have also said:

    “And the president wanted to make crystal clear that Rev. Rick Warren would not be swearing in any egg rollers.”

    Also, MSNBC started bitch slapping Arizone St. Univ. for inviting obama to speak at the graduation, but not award him an honorary degree. They listed other people whom ASU did give honorary degrees. I was waiting for them to say, “Is ASU doing this because Obama is a black man???”.

  24. I don’t know the answer to this, but is it tradition to award keynote speakers honorary degrees? Is this true across the board? Or was ASU doing something very different?

    Whatever ASU’s motivations, the response is alarming to me. The fact that faculty there started to receive death threats, and that so many of Obama’s followers think he is ENTITLED to this degree is appalling. And the fact that the University caved in is disappointing. They obviously thought enough of him to invite him to speak. But Obama’s supporters mobilized and bullied and threatened them into submission. It’s a scary time we live in.

  25. DYB
    Did I also not note that perhaps the individuals making the posts were perhaps intentionally making such statements? I mean why not go to a site like gretawire espouse the major tenets of the Republican Party and then go ape shit about the Clintons and trumpet the most conservative of views. You probably wouldn’t get a backlash from most but you might alienate independent and fence sitting democrats. Which would be mission accomplished if you were a troll being paid to do as such?

  26. Henry> If it was between Newt and Obama – I’d vote for a third party candidate. The Republican party is undergoing an evolution and I personally don’t see where it’s going. On one hand you have people like Palin and Michael Steele, and then there’s Newt and friends. But Palin is getting poked by the Republican party quite a bit. They are obviously threatened by what she brings to the table. We’ll see how Steele works out. And where the Republican party is in 4 years. It may be a more radical party than we ever thought was possible.

  27. DYB
    Paraphrasing I believe ASU said we are honored to have obama give the speech but we reserve the honorary degree to persons who after a long record have made a significant difference. So I guess they are giving him props for being able to steal multiple elections over several years.

  28. “Obama thought he could use that vast “community organizer” experience to impress the Barbary Coast pirates and organize them into productive world citizens.”

    Ohhhhhh . . . . . I am crying with laughter at that image. 😀

  29. And I LOVE that Cannonfire snippet!

    I’d never read over there until today.

    Great stuff.

    Henry – I know what you mean about a choice between BO and Newt. I’ll never forgive Newt’s persecution of the Clinton’s nor Rove’s vile manipulations during the GWB tenure.

    I’m now a registered Independent so I guess I’d go for the third party candidate.

  30. Could you friggin imagine the field day Tweetie and others would have if Hillary had a “full time” make up artist like Michelle!!! Fortunately, Hillary is both beautiful inside as well as outside ……………..

  31. basil9
    Apologies first before I say anything.
    The captain is alive and well and maybe bambi’s initial inaction gave the pirates a sense of confidence. So perhaps that was the best way to handle it?
    I reiterate the question I asked earlier, has the media mentioned biden’s belief that bambi would face a crisis internationally that would test him? I am ususually the first to scoff at such things and had I heard even a blip about how a “controlled” Somalia would be beneficial to Kenya I would take off my tin foil hat but alas I have nothing. I want to believe this is not part of a larger picture but without at least one major news organization even questionning the amount of money that has already been transferred to northern Kenya I am at a loss.

  32. “The Navy forced the issue to save the captains life and to send a clear message to the benighted Mr Obama that there of limits of incompetence which they will not tolerate.”


    Is this the way it is going to be throughout this dimwit’s presidency? And if this was a monetary stab, then thank god the Navy refused to bow down to soros and the other criminals on bambi’s family tree.

    Bambi is damn lucky the Captain was saved. His incompetency and the media’s refusal to see it just makes me scream!

  33. I think we should send obama a big box of knee pads. All of that bowing and kneeling that he is doing is bound to lead to arthritis of the knees, maybe also of the brain.

  34. Okay this is probably the dumbest thing I have ever written
    but what if the international community said okay one more attack or action by the pirates will result in seizure of all assets held by anyone who profiteered by the actions. Including those given monies by the criminals. Should be pretty easy to chase. Arrest thier families as co-conspirators. Seize all and every bit of property. They prey upon our compassion and our belief that in the end the right thing will be done. Too many Americans died because they fell in line to thugs on a plane. Not to diss the individuals who believed on those planes as i would have. But fuck it enough is enough. Through the UN sieze everything these fuckers have and arrest thier families as co-conspirators. Then ask them to negotiate!!!!!

  35. Wow
    As a 42 year old gay man I decided on the hypothetical that I’d take Newt over Bambi if the election were held tomorrow

  36. Congressman escapes injury in Somali mortar attack

    By MOHAMED OLAD HASSAN – 2 hours ago

    MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — Assailants fired mortar shells at Mogadishu airport as a plane carrying a U.S. congressman took off, a police officer said. The plane departed safely, but 19 Somalis from surrounding residential areas were reported injured.

    U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, chairman of the House of Representatives’ Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Africa, was briefed before he left on the perils of visiting the lawless Somali capital described as one of the most dangerous places in the world, a State Department spokesman said. The U.S. Embassy in Kenya confirmed his safe arrival in Nairobi later Monday.

    Nearly every building in Mogadishu is crumbling or pockmarked with bullet holes. Foreigners rarely travel there, and when they do they travel under armed guard and in convoys.

    Payne told reporters he met with Somalia’s president and prime minister during his one-day visit to the city to discuss piracy, security and cooperation between Somalia and the United States. The congressman held a news conference in the presidential palace, which itself has freqently been targeted in mortar attacks.

    In 2007, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer became the highest-ranking American envoy to visit Somalia since 1993, when rebels brought down two U.S. Black Hawk helicopters in Mogadishu, and then engaged U.S. soldiers in a 12-hour firefight that left some 300 Somalis dead. The U.S. withdrew a year later.
    But even she did not visit Mogadishu, instead landing in the government stronghold of Baidoa and leaving the same day.

    None of the six fired mortar shells landed in the airport and the plane carrying the New Jersey Democrat took off safely, said Col. Mohamed Idi, a police officer at the airport. He said no one was hurt in the airport, but said the shells landed in a nearby residential area. Medina Hospital Administrator Ali Adde said 19 civilians, mostly women and children, were injured by the shells.

    In Washington, State Department spokesman Robert Wood confirmed Payne was unharmed.
    Wood said Payne received a security briefing before he went to Mogadishu and that the congressman chose to go anyway. “We provided the congressman with a briefing and gave him a very frank and straightforward assessment of the security situation,” he said.

    Payne’s brother William, in Newark, N.J., said he had heard about the mortar attack from his brother’s congressional office in Washington and from the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security. He said the congressman left the U.S. on Friday for Somalia, and that he was talking with leaders in Mogadishu about ways the U.S. can help stabilize Somalia. The war-ravaged country has lacked an effective government for 18 years and is split among competing militias. The congressman would have been looking for ways to work with Somali leaders to help the U.S. ship and crew that were attacked by pirates off the coast of Somalia, William Payne said. “The whole family is real worried about him,” Payne said. “He left here while the pirate situation was going on and would have been involved in it.”

    A five-day standoff over the hijacked ship ended late Sunday when U.S. Navy snipers killed three Somali pirates and freed the American sea captain being held at gunpoint.

    “We’re trying to find out more right now,” William Payne said. “Until I hear from my brother I won’t be satisfied.”


  37. Georgian FM Visits U.S.

    13 Apr.’09

    Grigol Vashadze, the Georgian foreign minister, will meet with U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, during his visit to the United States on April 13-16, the Georgian Foreign Ministry, said on Monday. Vashadze also plans to meet with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, as well as with Austrian, British, Chinese, French, Turkish and U.S. ambassadors to UN – members of the UN Security Council.

    Vashadze told reporters on April 13 that he would discuss issues related with presence of UN observers in the Abkhaz conflict zone, as well as “those dangerous actions, which the Russian Federation is carrying out against Georgia.”


  38. 1) wbboei, Your post at 2:23 is thought-provoking. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Biden isn’t part of Obama’s inner circle, if for no other reason than his proclivity for gaffes.

    2) henry, I know exactly what you mean. I checked out a yahoo site the other week and the racist crap spewed there was awful. Those are the same wingnuts who believe every conspiracy theory about the Clintons, too.

  39. Secretary Clinton to Conduct Digital Town Hall of the Americas

    Bureau of Public Affairs
    Office of the Spokesman
    Washington, DC
    April 13, 2009

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will conduct Digital Town Hall of the Americas, a live web-based discussion, from the Dominican Republic on Friday, April 17, 2009, in anticipation of the Fifth Summit of the Americas to be held April 17-19 in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. The event will provide an opportunity for Secretary Clinton to launch a conversation with citizens from across the Western Hemisphere to discuss the Summit’s themes of securing our citizens’ future by promoting human prosperity, energy security and environmental sustainability, as well as the situation in Haiti, where she will visit and attend meetings on Thursday, April 16.

    Digital Town Hall of the Americas will be streamed live on the Department of State’s Social Media Hub for the Fifth Summit of Americas (townhall.america.gov), powered by Howcast. Content will also be featured on Ustream, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Orkut, and Hi-5. Secretary Clinton will answer questions submitted through these sites prior to the event as well as from the local Dominican audience in attendance. Please refer to the above web site for further detail on the Digital Town Hall of the Americas as it becomes available, including confirmed time and venue.

    The Social Media Hub, run under contract with Howcast, is a robust information resource that provides a platform for community interaction on Summit themes. Interaction will be facilitated through web chats, discussion forums, and the ability for visitors to upload their own videos and guides. In addition, the Hub will feature on-location interviews with world leaders and Summit participants throughout the event.

    Adding background and perspective to the discussion that will take place between the region’s 34 democratically-elected leaders, the site will feature videos on the following topics: “What is the Summit of the Americas?” “How do I benefit from the Summit of the Americas?” “How are we connected in the Americas?” And, “How can I participate in meeting the Summit of the Americas goals?” The Hub will continue as an information resource after the Summit, providing community forums on topics of interest for the hemisphere and serving as a repository for all documents related to U.S. Summit participation.


  40. One more time is any news organization following the trail of the 1-2 hundred million gained by Somalian pirates over the last year. Obviously the skinny individuals doing the leg work are not reaping the benefits. So where is it going? The increase in piracy is relatively recent. So it should be possible to follow the money. International law must allow something for ill gotten gains,. I say we need to go through the back door and the front door. Seize all properties and arrest all persons living in estates in northern Kenya purchased by ill gotten means.

  41. China Slows Purchases Of US Bonds

    Joe Weisenthal
    Apr. 13, 2009

    China’s talk about slowing down purchases of US debt may be more than just talk. While the government there is still wildly exposed to the dollar, and a huge buyer of Treasuries, new data indicates that the country has seriously pulled back its purchases. In fact, reports NYT, the government was a net seller during January and February, though it resumed its purchasing in March.

    A number of Chinese officials have expressed concern over the dollar in recent weeks, as the US has sought to actively assure them that all payments will be made, and that there are no intentions of inflating the dollar to the moon.

    In the meantime, China’s slowdown has been offset by private buyers as part of the general flight-to-safety that has pushed the Dollar to strength, even as the fundamentals have clearly deteriorated. It may be healthy to have buyers more spread out, but then at least if it’s one big country doing the buying, you can send your Secretary of State on a bond sales mission when they get cold feed. It’s kind of hard to do the same when the buying is private and more spread out.


  42. One more thing—
    How long til the drug emphasized on geraldo(that he claimed was similar to cocaine) last night becomes an epidemic here in America?

  43. henry said:
    The increase in piracy is relatively recent. So it should be possible to follow the money. International law must allow something for ill gotten gains,. I say we need to go through the back door and the front door. Seize all properties and arrest all persons living in estates in northern Kenya purchased by ill gotten means.


    Good idea. But if the trail leads to Kenya…. Is that where Obama’s cousin rules?

    Sounds like an idea worth putting to NQ also.

  44. Mrs. Smith Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 9:20 am


    “Consequently, the Navy had to find a politically acceptable way to force Obama to make a decision. Therefore, a Navy Seal appeared on CNN on Sunday morning at approximately 11:20 a.m. However the Navy wanted CNN to hide his identity so the Obama Administration could not retaliate against him through its newly appointed Secretary of the Navy for speaking out. So they projected a silhouette only and disguised his voice. After establishing the fact that the pirate boat had been drifting for several days and was now moving toward shore where escape would be possible the moderator asked the Seal why we had not attacked the pirate boat?”

    Does someone already have a link to a youtube of the CNN interview w/ the anonymous

    This needs to be widely distributed to counter the propaganda that “Obama acted decisively to save the pirates”, and that he “passed his first test”.

  45. Seriously
    How long til khet(sp) hits the streets? Geraldo basically gave it an endorsement by saying it was like cocaine et al. Idiot. Wow, i am a bit surprised Rivera didn’t give instructions on how to grow the product??????

  46. Admin> I would actually extend the “hands off Hillary” to “hands off Liberals.” I think many Republicans/conservatives take our dissatisfaction with Obama and the Democratic party as a dissatisfaction with Liberalism, and that’s simply false. I have to keep correcting my conservative friends every time they start bashing Obama for being too liberal. I point out that our unhappiness with Obama comes from very different places – I don’t think he’s a liberal at all.
    Very astute. One of the things we object to about Obama is that he is too much like the neo con Repubs.

  47. henry Says:
    April 13th, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    How long til khet(sp) hits the streets?
    Not likely…the leaves quickly lose potency after being picked. The active chemical in the khat leaves is similar to ephedrine/amphetamine.

  48. Henry, the active pirate communities are in Somalia. I don’t remember the names, but the people who are financing the pirates are located there.

  49. AP quotes Larry Johnson:

    “He stepped back and let the professionals do what they are supposed to do,” Johnson said. “Since the 1980s we’ve built national security doctrine for how to handle these matters, and Obama allowed these procedures to operate.”


  50. birdgal
    I’d lay money on individuals operating an international illegitimate operation are investing thier assets outside of a lawless country where they will be safe when the shit hits the fire. They have escalated thieir actions to the point of no going beyond the point of going back. Why would they do that? It’s not about the pirates on the bout its about the people behind them!!! They were making money and lots of it why would they now face off against the US? Just asking as I keep hearing they had such a great business model for so many years. Why would they issue such a challenge? Better question why does our media not look at it from that perspective?

  51. Let’s say I am one of twenty people making money off piracy. I am fucked because I went after Americans. No going back. Maybe those persons behind the takeovers got their money and are already out so why not issue a challenge. they made their money why not send out a bunch of stoned kids to reek havoc. End up having the UN come in and see the value of everything you have skyrocket?

  52. Does someone already have a link to a youtube of the CNN interview w/ the anonymous
    I think a friend of mine in California taped it. Let this euphoria blow over first. There is a time to air this thing–later when people are listening.

    Larry is in hog heaven. Quoted on AP. Let the professionals do it he says. Well that is precisely the point. For four days Obama did not let them do it. He stayed their hand, and it could have allowed the pilots to escape or allowed them to kill the hostages.

    The professionals are sending Obama a lesson. Lead, follow or get out of the way. Larrys out front comments are intended to drive it home and reinforce it. But they forget whom they are dealing with–a sociopath and there is no telling what he will do from one moment to the next. Therein lies the risk.

  53. admin Says:

    April 13th, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Yes, I agree. I have such issues when I listen to Hannity or Rush and they jump on the Clinton’s. Someday when I have an hour to wait I will call Hannity.. Rush, probably not so much. God, I’m listening to Rush, sometimes…. I have talked to Lou Dobbs like 5 times. They seem to think they lost because they weren’t conservative enough! They blame the candidate, McCain, “too liberal”. McCain refused to fight with the ammunition he had. Don’t know why, just seemed to roll up and wither. He also seemed to let the Repub party blame Palin after, at least some of them, and failed to come to her rescue on several occasions unless pressed and then he would give a luke warm supportive comment re Palin. I have lost respect for him. I think the majority of people are liberal socially and conservative fiscally with wanting a strong military. The Repubs were not good leaders of America for 8 years and have no one but themselves to blame.

    I too would like to see the link with the naval officer that was on Sunday morning, anyone have it? I plan on having a sign, I haven’t decide what it will say yet that states I am a true Dem Hillary supporter that does not support Obama’s thief. Any suggestions? Has to be catchy!

  54. henry siad:
    ck. Why would they do that? It’s not about the pirates on the bout its about the people behind them!!! They were making money and lots of it why would they now face off against the US?


    That’s what puzzles me too. I wonder if the reports of other boats being sent out with more hostages were false?

  55. gonzo said:
    I plan on having a sign, I haven’t decide what it will say yet that states I am a true Dem Hillary supporter that does not support Obama’s thief. Any suggestions? Has to be catchy!



    Party Unity My Ass!

    Wait, has somebody already used those?

  56. gonzo,

    I looked at some of those articles. McCain was trying to support Palin but the journalist and headline writer kept twisting it and taking phrases out of context.

  57. They steal our money and then “Surprise, make a profit”

    Goldman reports huge profit in early earnings announcement
    Tim Catts
    Apr 13th 2009 at 4:30PM

    Goldman Sachs (GS), once Wall Street’s largest and most profitable investment house and now the sixth-largest bank in the United States, posted first-quarter profit of $1.81 billion, or $3.39 a share, far exceeding most analysts’ expectations.

    The company will also sell $5 billion in stock and use the proceeds to help it repay $10 billion in capital it received from the government’s bank bailout program.

    Goldman said its fixed income, currency and commodities group was largely to thank for its better-than-forecast returns, contributing $6.6 billion of its $9.5 billion in revenue.

    Goldman credited the group’s results to a “particularly strong performance in interest rate products, commodities and credit products,” though it didn’t list specifics that could help explain the role of counterparty payments from AIG or changed accounting rules played in the results.

    The unit doubled its revenue from the same period a year ago, while nearly all of Goldman’s other units sagged. Revenue from investment banking, equities trading and asset management each fell between 20 and 30 percent, hurt by turbulent markets and slumping corporate deal making.

    Nonetheless, Goldman blew away most estimates provided by analysts, who expected profit of $1.59 a share.

  58. turndownobama-com Says:

    April 13th, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    I listened to McCain on some talk shows and he was very weak when it came to supporting Palin after the race IMHO

  59. lukeamerica2020.wordpress.com/2009/04/03/101-tea-party-sign-slogans/

    223 slogans and even how to make a sign video! And much, much more….

  60. This is all about milking the situation to make bambi look like a superhero again. His numbers were down. The economy still sucks. He screwed up royally in Europe and Asia. And everywhere I look, the media is trying to make their new dog into the biggest news of the week. Anything to rewrite the negatives he has been getting. Anything for the media to save face dishonestly.

  61. gonzo,

    how much you want to bet they are overreacting big time and getting ready for a massive law enforcement presence?

    Freedoms are a thing of the past.

  62. Don’t reconsider Durban

    By Eric Fingerhut
    April 13, 2009

    Reps. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) and Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) are asking Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “reaffirm” the Obama administration’s “pledge not to attend the hate-filled Durban conference.”

    In a letter to Clinton, the duo says the “latest conference working group draft statement is still fundamentally unacceptable,” and that if it were to accept that draft, it would “undermine its own fight against anti-Semitism.”

    The members of Congress say they are reacting to “recent reports” that the administration may participate in next week’s conference in Geneva, apparently referring to an article in Ha’aretz Monday which cited anonymous sources stating that the U.S. was “leaning in favor” of participating in the event. The administration never completely ruled out going to Durban but had set down a number of conditions for participation, including that the conference statement not reaffirm the statement from the Durban I conference — something that the conference’s revised statement still does.


  63. there is currently i think around 500!!! and you can vote them up or down as to what your fav’s are.


  64. Freedoms are a thing of the past.

    I am afraid you are right. But most of these people are pretty conservative and I do not know how that would sell.

    Of course the goons will try to infiltrate and make the participants, IE me, look bad. I hope the organizers are ready.

  65. Does someone have the tea party website. I look for time. The only thing on line right now is TBD.

  66. How is it that one of the world’s busiest seaways has been controlled by pirates for so long? Sorry if it is a stupid question, but I am unable to fathom how nothing has been done. They catch bank robbers here after the crime by following the money– I’d think it would be within the capabilities of the world intelligence to find out who got what and go after them and take down those that profiteered from the crimes. I just don’t get it. Someone please explain how this has been allowed to continue to the tune of 100 million?????

  67. Amendment: I have cleaned up and tightend up what I posted last night.


    While the scions of big media proclaim that Mr. Obama displayed leadership and gravitas in the successful rescue of the hostage on Sunday, others are inclined to take a more objective view of what occurred. In doing so, they have reached a far different conclusion about his role in this episode, which raises serious questions as to his integrity and competence as a leader.

    A friend of mine is a university professor and media analyst. She has been following the hostage stand-off and rescue as it has unfolded over these past several days. Not surprisingly, she has found multiple contradictions in the White House story. For Obama that is par for the course.

    However, she has also discovered two things which are far more serious, and consequential: first, in the moment of truth, Mr. Obama proved unable to make a command decision as President. Second, when the Navy and CNN forced him to do so, he fabricated a story which was intended to explain his prior failure to act and make it appear he was in charge all along when in fact he was not. The supporting evidence is as follows:

    1. Obama Had No Coherent Policy Position: If you examine the successive policy positions offered by the Administration over the course of the past three days, it becomes obvious that each one contradicts the one that preceded it. That inconsistency proves that Mr. Obama did not have a handle on the situation.

    For example, last Friday he told the country that he did not intend to get involved with the hostage crisis because he was focused on the economy. Then on Sunday morning CNN read a statement by the White House stating that he did not intend to get involved with the hostage crisis because he did not want to be blamed if it turned out badly. Then on Sunday afternoon he gave an entirely different story. He claimed that he was really involved all along, gave an order to the Navy on Thursday, and again on Friday to attack the lifeboat if it appeared that the Captains life was in imminent danger. Three days, and three contradictory stories. But are any of them true?

    2. Obama Was Unable To Make A Command Decision: The lifeboat had been out of gas and drifting with the current for several days. The first Navy ship arrived on station on Thursday and the second Navy ship arrived on Friday. Hostage negotiations were convened and failed. No rescue attempt was made at either time, or by Sunday morning. The White House maintained its position that Obama would not get involved.

    The problem was that by then the lifeboat was drifting toward shore, and if it moved in closer the Navy ships would be unable to follow because of their deep draft. If the lifeboat reached shore then the pirates and their hostage would disappear into the hinterlands. And the Navy would be blamed for allowing them to escape and/or for the probable death of the captain.

    Consequently, the Navy had to find a politically acceptable way to force Obama to make a decision. Therefore, a Navy Seal appeared on CNN on Sunday morning at approximately 11:20 a.m. However the Navy wanted his identity to remain hidden so the Obama Administration could not retaliate against him through its newly appointed Secretary of the Navy for speaking out. So CNN projected a silhouette only and disguised his voice.

    After establishing the fact that the lifeboat had been drifting for several days and was now moving toward shore where escape would be possible the moderator asked the Seal why we had not attacked the lifeboat? Whereupon the Seal told the moderator that the Navy practices such rescues on a routine basis and had been ready, willing and able to execute this rescue for three days except for one crucial thing: this is not a military decision but a political one. Translation: the White House had not had the political will to act. In other words, Mr. Obama was unable to make a command decision.

    The practical effect of the Seal’s statement however was to place responsibility for resolving the crisis squarely on Mr. Obama’s shoulders which was something he had been trying hard to avoid. Now, suddenly, he was forced to act because if he failed to do so and the pirates got away and/or the Captain was killed then he would be blamed for it.

    Within one (1) hour Navy seals attacked the boat, killed two pirates, apprehended the others and rescued the captain. Thereafter, Obama claimed that he had given an order on Thursday when the first Navy ship arrived to attack the lifeboat if it appeared that the Captain’s life was in imminent danger.

    Obama further claimed that he reissued the same order on Friday when the second ship arrived. It was not until after the successful rescue had been accomplished that he called the family of the captain. The White House then announced Obama had called the family and the rescued captain and issued a statement to the public he was going to take care “of the pirate problem.” He is now basking in the glory of it all.

    3. Obama Fabricated A Self-Serving Story: If you examine the evidence, it becomes obvious that Obama never issued such an order when the first ship arrived on Thursday. The reason we know that is because the captain tried to escape on Thursday after the first ship arrived. He jumped overboard and the pirates fired at him. At that point, the captain’s life was clearly “in imminent danger”. But the Seals did not attack. In fact nothing happened expect that one of the pirates jumped into the water and forced the captain back into the lifeboat.

    Clearly, if such an order had been issued as of that time then the Seals would have attacked then as opposed to four days later. And while it has been suggested that the reason they did not attack at that time was because it was too dark, the truth is a light was trained on the lifeboat at all times. Furthermore, when they finally allowed to attack the pirates on Sunday it was dark. To repeat, if the order had been given on Thursday as Barack now contends, then the Seals would have taken out the pirates then in response to that provocation. The fact that they did nothing proves that no such order had been issued at that time.

    It was not until Sunday, one hour after the anonymous Navy Seal appeared on CNN and called the Administration out on its lack of political will that the Navy seal snipers shot the three pirates on the lifeboat and freed the captain. The rationale they offered was that one of the pirates had a gun pointed at the back of the captain, and negotiations had grown more tense. However, the threat on Thursday was a far greater one because the pirates were not merely aiming, they were actually firing. Obviously, the rescue was not authorized until Sunday.

    The authorities refused to release details of the attack to make sure the story jibed with what Obama fabricated. This allowed the Navy to look good, Obama to look good, and now Obama owes a big favor to CNN-as they turn around and praise him to no end for the successful rescue. But by now Obama realizes that he got schooled. That is why he has not engaged in his normal practice of high fives and victory laps around Congress. Furthermore, he now knows there is a level of incompetence in a crisis situation which military men who deal in life and death concerns cannot and will not tolerate.

    Conclusion: this was a minor crisis. Yet Obama was unable to handle it. For it is clear that he: i) had no coherent policy position, ii) was unable to make a command decision when it was required, but did so only after he was shoved into it, and iii) then proceeded to fabricate a cover story about an order he never gave in order to make himself look like he was in charge. But if that is true, then what does it say about Obama’s ability to deal with a major crisis when and if we have one?

    The professionals have sent Obama a clear and unmistakable message: you may well be the CIC, but in matters of life and death you have only three choices: lead, follow or get out of the way. Will Mr. Obama learn from this experience? The next time there is a crisis will he heed the advice of ex-CIA man Larry Johnson and let the professionals do their job? Does he now understand that he does not have the absolute power he thought he did? Does he realize as all new presidents must that government is a byzantine process and each department has ways it can thwart him if he prevents them from doing their jobs and fulfilling their mission to the country?

    Since Mr. Obama appears to be a sociopath with ODD and HDAD, the prospects for sustainable improvement are far from encouraging.

  68. NMF:

    This is the ORIGINAL Tea Party site, has the largest data base and info




  69. Funny
    actually not so funny
    but a friend who makes high fifties to low seventies and tithes and also works for charities on his time off has a mortgage and kids insists that the simple form is the way to go. He takes nothing but the standard deductions and exemptions. He just recieived a notice that his 100 refund was to be delayed as he didn’t correctly fill out the bit about last year’s stimulas. Everyday hardworking guy who has now told me he’ll pay an accountant to find every deduction he can. Sad thing is he was one of those people who gave of himself and wanting nothing in return. But when I told him contributions to groups like Acorn are tax deductible he lost his mind

  70. Then on Sunday morning CNN read a statement by the White House stating that he did not intend to get involved with the hostage crisis because he did not want to be blamed if it turned out badly.

    How could the President of the United States say he would not get involved and this not be impeachable? Why are the media silent, this is so insane I feel as if I have fallen into another dimension. This is not my America.

  71. Have you guys seen the ads for if you make under 26000 or are getting food stamps you can get a free unlimited cell phone. All over the reruns at 2 am here!!!! What the fuck does that say to the individual busting his/her ass making 32k. Not worth my time to be productive and self-sufficient? Food subsidies rent subsidies a phone a huge gift at income tax time via the earned income tax credit. Busting your ass at 32k you are making less than someone at 18????????????????

  72. Maybe I am an idiot but it seems to me that if the goal is to level the playing field the first step would to bring up the lower to the middle(home owner) and then have everyone lower middle extend themselves through unsolicited credit. Then when the middle is crippled by debt blame the rich guy for it all. If it were a level playing field I believed they wanted to achieve I might in the far recessess of my little itty bitty mind agree. But what I see is the actions being taken simply to reward and masturbate a very small group of little men. Have to wonder if Kerry and Kennedy both suffer from the irish curse?

  73. I don’t think Obama really wants to level the field, spread the wealth, or whatever. I think he just wanted the votes of those poor people who thought he was going to make their car payments.

  74. Okay as no one is going to respond to me– I am going to say what I did not want to say all night

    and that is- wasn’t this whole scenerio a little too scripted? My god I hope I am wrong and I do not want to in any way diminish the actions of our navy Seals. I just feel like I did when grandma died. Very convinient. And did anyone in the press question his photo ops during the last week when he found it inappropriate to make a scheduled appearance on SNl in lieu of what was only a potential danger??? My take he has America ready to wave a flag without confronting a real enemy or being a gung ho president from the get go. I also have to wonder how much kenya would benefit from an international commandeering of somalia/

  75. turndown
    I think we have already seen a redefinition of the word poor when it is qualified with the term working. I’d say I hear working poor on the nightly news more than once. A new phenomenon or an invention?

  76. FYI
    as no one is here I am going to spew a little
    in new york the prisons have become overpopulated. rockefeller laws I think most would agree are a joke. The state cannot afford to house and feedthe tens of thousands so as they cnnot release them they send them to half-way houses. Sounds like a good deal but all they are doing is passing the buck to medicaid/medicare and the safety net programs. A guy gets out of jail early and is told you have to live in a house attend three hours per day and have no connection to the opposite sex. Has to get in a van with ten other people and be treated like shit. He has to sit through an na meeting and then an hour and a half of some sort of group. He wont get done with his “therapy” till 4 and then he has to go to a place wheere his is diminished. Tell my why wouldn’t he become a bigger criminal. Did I mention that for one aa/na meeting and two sepeaate hours of group they are charging an already crippled medicare system about 500/day?

  77. The saddest thing I have ever witnessed is an individual released from prison who is not allowed to earn his own keep but is forced to become apart of some welfare system. It only fuels the fire. I am sure someone with nothing but good intentions drew up these plans but from someone who has spent a little time in the trenches it is an obscene waste of money. Which as a gay man I want to limit any and all government programs with a mandate. Speking sex ed id I would think is very different in NYC than in Iowa. And as such I think it is better handled by localities. But big governm ent just seems to screw it up111

  78. By the way random drug tests on out patient facilities cost medicare for 30 people well over on hundred thousand dollars. All billed to medicare. Why not a simple pee test and if it is contested do more? My bad then the crazy haliburtan creatans would cry foul????

  79. wow
    I would have relished an argument from any of you and I got none,
    C’ est le vie
    with tremendous respect

  80. Next week i will not be surprised if there is some agreement between somalia and kenya or another rogue state or something else happening like all of the hostages released cause icky is the one who will heal the earth.
    I cannot forget bidens little warning?

  81. henry,

    If this whole pirate thing had been staged from beginning to end to make Obama look good — then imo it would have been extreme one way or another.

    To make him look peaceful, his negotiation would have WORKED and the pirates would have quickly made a deal. (Reports I saw said the negotiation went on for quite a few hours then broke down.)

    To make him look tough, he would have given an order to go after the lifeboat much sooner. The whole tough scenario seems way too risky because the pirates in the lifeboat would figure out they were expendable and might kill the hostage in anger.

  82. turndown
    sure you are right I have just flipped after the oh so convienient death of the grandmother i doubt everything and everything from the media. Not one news station had anything from the sky zeroed in on the Indian ocean. Doubt it. Or had ground coverage, I just find it very odd if you think about the number of news organizations in the world that not one of them has anything to exhibit. I believe everything went down as said, but damn I wish some one anyone in the American media would at least question.

  83. I pray I am wrong but I foresee some sort of alliance between US and Kenya to monitor the waters. Let’s face it the strung out children doing the dirty work didn’t get the money. So where did 100 million us go which is probably over a billion in real money??????????????

  84. Secondly why would all of these kids( i believe the oldest was 30) issue such an absurd challenge to not only the USA but to the world. They cannot win which tells me they or someone has been waiting for this moment all along. Again let us remember Biden and his slip up about a challange.

  85. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see biden tried for treason if he had foreknowledge about something happening to the US

  86. I agree with turndownobama – if this pirate thing had been staged it would make made Obama look much better than he actually came out. And I think the reason we had no footage of anything is it was likely banned. There is a real-time military operation going on; I can’t imagine anyone – even if they had it on video – would have aired it because it would have placed the Navy and the hostage in danger. No, I think this fell out of the sky on Obama and he got crushed. Obama was so not ready to deal with it and he didn’t. Not that you would know it by watching the news.

  87. No way this thing was staged. Obama lost credibility with alot of insiders with his lack of courage in facing this issue. The military was really pissed off at him. Imagine what it would have been like to be a Navy sniper and have to sit there helpless and watch the captain jump in the water, be shot at and dragged back aboard the lifeboat because you did not have the authorization from your commanding officer who could not give it because Obama was too apprehensive to give authorization for fear of being blamed. Of course if you were just a sniper you would not know about it. When a guy like Larry Johnson who has never said anything good about Obama before commends him for letting the professionals handle it that did not happen until Sunday, and it would not have happened then if the Seal had not gone on CNN. Larry is CIA to the core, and wants to condition that response so that next time when the chips are down Obama will not be afraid to give the authorization. Believe me, they know better than we do who Obama is and he will do anything you ask as long as you give him credit. Do you remember how during the campaign he would sit by in a daze while his people did bad things. Its partly Machiavellian true, and he does want plausible deniability, but it also true that he is afraid to make a decision. Even with something as fundamental as giving a speech, he cant do it without tele. How anal retentive is that? No, no, no he would never stage something like this–not him.

  88. wbboei
    more than i anything i pray you are right, not for me but for a little one
    yet I have to say how the fuck do we know what happened? From my perspective everything was orchactrated in bambi’s favor — why would it stop now. If you take afew steps back and look at this situation it seems very unlikely. And i have to ask again why the media didn’t have the cameras even from a distance honed in on any and all movements. They did it on the family of a missig girl why not for an american hostage. And do not tll me they lack the tech savvy, There is no video available???? This happened on Easter Sunday, again I hope you are right, but i see a land or a base and kenya involved. Actually I hope you are wrong and the plan was to negotaite and the seals just did their job irrespectve of politics(is irrespective a word)

  89. Anywho to the Captain to to his family I wish nothing but the best. Any doubts I have are not extended towards him or his.

  90. Wow thought about everything I have said/written for the past year and my anger is more about the media than it ever was about obama. they should defy and question everything and anything including a rescue. The do not work for the government they work for the reader/viewer and should do all in their power to present a balanced story. And yes I think they should relay a pirates perspective. Not sell it but relate. That is a grown up doing a grown ups job!!

  91. i am so going to be banned from ever posting here again but I must implore all of you like minded persons to take another gander at the couric interview looking at katie as a child desperate for approval, from that perspective her insults come off as comical.
    And thus she a joke.
    beyond that look at any serious yet controversial interview she has ever done. same thing.
    If none of you beat me to it I am going to try and create a couric tries to do a serious interview drinking game. Fuck it I’ll never get around to it but think about it there are at least ten thousand colleges in US and each has a GOP party? HMM

  92. ADMIN
    She did her best to shame Palin so I think turn around is fair play. She has always been an idiot so the task will be beyond behemoth. I freely give up this idea to anyone who wants to run with it unless of course it grosses over 1 million then I want 10 percent. Lol.

  93. From NQ:
    on Saturday during his radio address to the nation said that NO force will be used and that the situation was being handled the 21st Century way through negotiations


    Did Obama really say that?

  94. I won too bad I was playing by myself(sorry to ruin any joke at my expense on other sites) By the way why do you peple need to be cruel? As you scream you won how does belittling another make you feel? Is it akin to viagra– just curious as you cannot seem to lrt it go. Oddly everything you pretend to espouse would encourage dialogue and dissention. You remind me a lot of talking pigs. Ps thankyou for each and every dig. And no I do not have cats nor am I hung up on my third grade teacher.

  95. h…./..w’s


    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Monday, April 13, 2009

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows that 34% of the nation’s voters now Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-two percent (32%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of +2. That matches his lowest total to date (see trends).

  96. Why who could be more embarrassed than me right now? Only had the courage to go back one or two posts. Just popped out of the shower and realixed I killed a rather large bottle of jim beam

    Admin please delete all posts. I lack the courage(read empty bottle) to read whatever I may have written.

    Wow my bad. I have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone here and did not mean to insult anyone with the relentless babblings of a drunk. Again my apologies to all.(on the plus side I hate it when I wake up and there is nothing new to read. So if you woke up today and read my effusions– yes I am an ass0

  97. U.S. to seek armada of allies against piracy threat

    BY Richard Sisk
    April 14th 2009,

    WASHINGTON – Secretary of State Clinton will push other nations to build naval forces against the piracy threat off East Africa and engage regional governments in stabilizing Somalia, State Department officials said Monday.

    Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, “There is no purely military solution to” the piracy plague. “What we’re trying to do is work with a number of countries in the region and around the world to help bring some political and economic stability to Somalia,” said State Department spokesman Robert Wood.

    Clinton was looking to convene the international contact group of European and African states on the unrest in East Africa. “Somalia doesn’t have a stable government, a stable political system at this moment,” Wood said. “We’re working to try to bring that about, but it’s not easy.” The problem for the diplomats was that Somalia existed in one of the “ungoverned spaces” of the world, said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. As the pirates threatened retaliation, the immediate U.S. focus was on pushing other states to contribute more of their warships to policing the shipping lanes.

    Initially, there were differing views within the U.S. military on whether the daring rescue of the U.S. captain had made the mission more difficult.
    “This could escalate violence in this part of the world, no question about it,” said Vice Adm. William Gortney, the 5th Fleet commander in the region.


  98. Iran says US journalist tried behind closed doors


    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — A jailed American journalist charged by Iran with espionage stood trial behind closed doors and a verdict is expected within weeks, Iran’s judiciary spokesman said Tuesday.
    Roxana Saberi, a 31-year-old dual American-Iranian citizen, was arrested in late January and initially accused of working without press credentials. But an Iranian judge leveled a far more serious allegation against her last week, charging her with spying for the United States.

    The U.S. government has been pressing for Saberi’s release and the charges against her and news of her swift trial was a setback — especially at a time when President Barack Obama has expressed a willingness to talk with Iran after many years of rocky relations under the former Bush administration.

    Judiciary spokesman Ali Reza Jamshidi said Saberi was tried Monday in Iran’s Revolutionary Court, which handles national security cases. It was unclear why the trial was moving at such a fast pace — especially because the charges leveled against her were so serious. “Yesterday, the first trial session was held. She presented her final defense. The court will issue its verdict within the next two to three weeks,” Jamshidi told reporters.

    Her parents, who traveled to Iran in a bid to help win their daughter’s release, and her lawyer could not immediately be reached Tuesday for comment.
    Saberi, who grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, has been living in Iran for the last six years, working as a freelance reporter for organizations including National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corp.

    An Iranian investigative judge involved in the case told Iranian state TV has said Saberi had passed classified information to U.S. intelligence services but didn’t provide further details.

    Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said last week the United States was “deeply concerned” about the espionage charges, which the department described as “baseless.”

    Jamshidi criticized the U.S. on Tuesday for saying Saberi was innocent and calling for her release. “That a government expresses an opinion without seeing the indictment is laughable,” he told a press conference.

    Saberi’s parents, who live in Fargo, visited their daughter last week in Evin prison, a facility north of Tehran that is well-known for holding political prisoners. The couple met Saberi for 30 minutes — the first time they had spoken to her since she called them on Feb. 10 to say she had been arrested. Her father, Iranian-born Reza Saberi, said he would stay in Iran until his daughter was freed. He has said his daughter was finishing a book on Iran and had planned to return to the United States this year.

    Human rights groups have repeatedly criticized Iran for arresting journalists and suppressing freedom of speech. The government has arrested several Iranian-Americans in the past few years, citing alleged attempts to overthrow its Islamic government through what it calls a “soft revolution.” In a separate case, an Iranian appeals court upheld a three year prison sentence for an Iranian woman of Armenian descent who worked in Iran for the Washington-based International Research & Exchanges Board, Jamshidi said Tuesday. Silva Harotonian was arrested in June and sentenced to three years in prison in January. The United States had called on Iran to release Harotonian and says her conviction on charges of trying to overthrow the Iranian government are “baseless.” Her employer and family say she’s an administrative assistant and not a political activist.

    The U.S. broke off diplomatic relations with Iran after the 1979 Islamic Revolution and the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran by hard-line students. Tensions have been high in recent years between the two countries over U.S. accusations that Iran is secretly seeking to develop nuclear weapons and providing weapons to Shiite militants in Iraq. Iran denies both charges. Obama has said his administration is looking for opportunities to open direct talks with Iran and has pledged to rethink Washington’s relationship with its longtime adversary. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad responded by saying Iran would welcome talks with the U.S. — but only if there was mutual respect.



    and bambi wants to be best friends with this country???

  99. Change arrives for this dog’s life

    Apr 14, 2009
    Vinay Menon

    Dear Diary:

    Today, I officially move into the White House. As the new First Pet, I should be thrilled. But I have mixed feelings. My first meeting with the Obama family was so-so. The First Lady, Michelle, patted my head (too hard) and joked (too long) about the Hawaiian lei I was forced to wear that day. “Girls, isn’t Bo adorable?” she asked her daughters. “He looks like he’s wearing a tiny boa! Doesn’t he remind you of the pigs we saw in Honolulu last year?”

    Who the hell is Bo? I thought. My name is Charlie. And while I have nothing against flamboyant Polynesian swine, I am a Portuguese water dog. I wanted to bite someone but I playfully wagged my tail.

    The other morning, while awaiting another round of obedience training, I thought about my seafaring ancestors. They once joined fishermen on the dangerous waters, diving into the chop to retrieve this or that. They were gritty and indefatigable. They accomplished heroic feats with fearless resolve and no fanfare. Now, centuries later, I was about to embark on a life of vapid photo-ops. Soon, I will be loitering inside the Briefing Room. Or maybe you’ll find me napping under the desk in the Oval Office as my master poses for a Vanity Fair spread, all rolled-up sleeves and “Yes, We Can!” posturing.

    Without a doubt, I will be expected to bolt across the South Lawn to greet him each time he climbs out of Marine One, so he can drop to a bended knee and swoop me up in his arms as the cameras are rolling. For a boisterous, hardworking dog like myself, these prospects are about as appealing as life inside of Paris Hilton’s Chanel purse. Thinking about it, I coughed up a Milk-Bone and soiled the silk sheets Senator Edward Kennedy had placed inside my wicker basket just before giving me away.

    What can I expect in the months ahead? Well, during the vetting process – “Charlie, bark twice if you have ever played fetch with a known terrorist!” – I had occasion to drink from a toilet with a competing Labradoodle, who put me in touch with Barney, the former First Dog. I reached Barney outside of Houston, where he was hunting with George W. Bush. “Charlie, I think it’ll be easier for you,” Barney confided, over the sound of distant buckshot. “My guy used to ask me questions about foreign policy when nobody was around. Then he would get bored and say I was a Scottish terrier, so I should chase him around the West Wing while pretending to be the Loch Ness Monster. It was exhausting.” I nervously licked my paw as Barney continued.
    “Look, Adams had an alligator. Jefferson had a grizzly bear. Rumour was that Eisenhower taught his Weimaraner, Heidi, to tap dance during the Suez Crisis. And we’ve all heard the stories about how Clinton used Socks the cat as an icebreaker when chatting up new female interns. “Every president is different and we never know what to expect.”

    The thing is, I do know what to expect. “Listen, Bo,” my new master recently said, as he studied his reflection in the back of a spoon. “You’re gonna have a great life with us. You will eat organic kibble and get plenty of media exposure. Just remember: you are no longer a Portuguese water dog.” Confused, I barked, rolled over and looked up into his reassuring eyes.

    “Bo,” he continued, smiling broadly and tickling my belly with one shoe. “You are now a symbol of hope and change. Don’t disappoint me.”


  100. From Bitterpolitiz….yuk

    Mary B // April 14, 2009 at 6:45 am

    UGH. Is it too early to hurl? I hate this asshat with the heat of a thousand suns.

    Al Franken is winner of Minnesota Senate race, court rules


  101. Did anyone else think it is strange that they named the dog BO. B as in Barack O as in Obama.

    EVERYTHING has to be about him.

  102. This article is a summary of what Admin presented several weeks ago. The oligarchs see the contraction ahead, are moving to protect themselves at the expense of the public and Mr. Obama is their champion. They chose him and then they bamboozled the public in to believing he was something he is not. The behavior is just like an emerging market, and it will not end until we throw out the obligarchs.

    If the people of this country would open their eyes, and how he has played them like fools by exploiting their racial guilt, their worship of youth, and their elevation of style over substance then they would back away from him. He is a mere puppet in the grandest jewel heist in history. The only candidates who supported the middle class was the Clintons. My sense is this will not end well for anyone. There is too much corruption.

    Shorttermer I hope the Quiet Coups magazine article is passed out at those tea parties, because it is the perfect call to arms and lends legitimacy to everything they are doing. Also, Pauli or PUMA should try to get the author on her radio program. He would be good for Moyers or Charlie Rose. I will send you a personal copy of that paper through email. I was reluctant to just send it into a link because I am not sure who is on the other end and what the distribution will be.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009

    A Simple and Powerful Way to Bet Against the Government (Part One)
    by Justice Litle, Editorial Director, Taipan Publishing Group

    In the midst of the froth and excitement of a bubble economy, there is always a boisterous and delusional group declaring an end to gravity and logic.
    – Walter Shorenstein, 94-year-old real estate tycoon

    If you have a few extra minutes, there is an excellent piece from The Atlantic magazine you might want to read. It’s called “The Quiet Coup” by Simon Johnson. You can find it here.

    To give you the Cliffs Notes version, Simon Johnson spent two years as the chief economist at the IMF (International Monetary Fund). During his time in that post, Johnson noticed a disturbing pattern that seemed to repeat itself over and over again.

    As emerging market countries saw their economies grow and prosper, inside business interests would get extra chummy with the government. An insider “oligarchy” would then form, to the mutual benefit of politicians and connected businessmen, in order to best exploit the budding prosperity on both sides of the aisle.

    Not long after the point of maximum entanglement, the age-old domino chain of events would come tumbling down. The proverbial waste matter would hit the proverbial oscillating device… a financial crisis would unfold… and the government’s knee-jerk instinct would be to first and foremost save the oligarchs, i.e., the connected business insiders who had the most to lose in a potential meltdown.

    The depressing thing is, this instinct to protect insiders always winds up making the crisis worse. In addition to being grossly unfair – taking blood and treasure from the general populace and using it to prop up a small group of greedy failures – the pattern tends to delay solutions, greatly draw out the pain, and overall make the IMF’s rescue job a lot harder. Most of the time, the proposed solutions to the crisis are simple. The challenge is that cutting off the insiders is usually step one – and that’s where the politicians fail.

    Simon Johnson’s sad conclusion in “The Quiet Coup” is that, in protecting our own connected oligarchs and insiders, America is acting exactly like an immature emerging market country, slip-sliding on its way to banana republic status and quasi-fiscal dictatorship.

    Still Rotten to the Core

    I’m not good at sugarcoating things, so I’ll just tell you what I think.

    I think Simon Johnson is more or less on the money. I think he is further correct that, until we muster up the political will to toss the whole lot of failed financial oligarchs out on their ear, any attempt to draw out the situation – to throw ungodly sums of money at the banks and try to wish our problems away – will only make things worse.

    I think America’s banks are still rotten to the core. I think the measures that have been taken by Washington, initiated under Bush and continued by Obama – a pox on both their houses – are even more rotten still.

    I further find it more than telling that Tim Geithner is a signed-and-sealed product of Wall Street (bought and paid for by the banks he once worked for)… that top economic adviser Larry Summers has received literally millions upon millions in speaking fees and consultation fees from the very fat cats who caused all these problems… and worst of all that Paul Volcker, one of the few plain-spoken and honest men left in Washington, has reportedly not even been able to get an audience with President Obama for over a month. (The mind boggles. Did I say that already? Let me say it again…)

    The hidden trading implication here is that this mega-rally in the financials could be one big giant “gotcha.” The government’s attempt to juice the fortunes of hopelessly compromised and corrupt institutions via the channeling of hundreds of billions worth of taxpayer funds – some of it legally appropriated and some of it flat-out looted – could still fail spectacularly.

    There are many reasons why I think failure (and possibly spectacular failure) remains a distinct possibility. Were I to delve into deep detail here, this missive would be many thousands of words.

    The Wells Fargo Rally Stinks to High Heaven

    The above gives some flavor as to why I hated the rally that ignited last Thursday. As I told Macro Trader members, the Wells Fargo surprise announcement – a deliberate goose, timed to a light pre-holiday trading day, aimed at burning short sellers – looked to me like a TARP/TALF gamed piece of cheese.

    Just to clarify, I’m no perma-bear. I want our markets to heal as much as anyone does. But rallies come about for different reasons. Some are based on logic, some are based on blind hope, and some are based on pure deceit. I think the Wells Fargo rally was a combination of the last two, with a good helping of behind-the-scenes gaming thrown in.

    Some media outlets are drinking the “hooray for banks” Kool-Aid with gusto. I almost couldn’t believe it when I found this Time Magazine piece titled, “More Quickly Than It Began, The Banking Crisis Is Over.” I almost shouted at my laptop screen, “TIMEMAGAZINE, ARE YOU INSANE!?!”

    Nope, not insane. Just clueless cheerleaders who don’t understand what’s happening and can’t be bothered to look more than two inches deep below the surface.

    The Long and Short of It

    Again, I must resist the temptation to go into further detail here for the sake of length. But oh, the things we could discuss! The vaporization of the shadow banking system… the further pain ahead for U.S. consumers… the looming debacle in commercial real estate… the lunacy of thinking we can snap our fingers and solve a once-in-a-generation crisis “just like that”… resist, must resist…

    Instead, I’ll give you a few brief “snapshots” of some of the items on my radar screen just now:

    Good news from the banks should be taken with not just a grain of salt, but half a ton of salt at this point, given their ability to play coy with their balance sheets and use the government’s tens of billions worth of bailout largesse as perfume to cover the stench of still-rotting toxic garbage.

    In regards to commercial real estate loans, homeowner mortgage resets, pension fund liabilities, and nosebleed tax hikes on the docket for 10 or more states, there are some VERY large shoes left to drop.

    In addition to playing games with the numbers to exploit an optimism jag, much of this recent rally has evidently been driven by short-covering – bears getting the stuffing squeezed out of them – and, even more frighteningly, by large “quant” hedge funds forced to adjust their trading books in a relatively illiquid market, thus slamming the markets higher via computer-generated bulk orders. As general liquidity falls, the violence of random moves increases in both directions as program-driven trading strategies run wild.

    As noted by Bespoke Investment Group, the S&P 500 recently hit its most overbought levels in almost eight years (since May of 2001). Healthy markets breathe in and out. They move and consolidate, move and consolidate. As the old saying goes, bull markets roll and bear markets spike. Fiery screaming rocket jags are far more typical of bear market rallies, not new bull market underpinnings.

    Some of the improvement we are seeing now in areas like emerging market equities and commodities could well be real… or at least driven by genuine “real” investor sentiment of positive fundamental change. But we need to remain careful here as any long-term investment decisions based on hope for the U.S. consumer are prone to dramatic reversal.

    What do I mean? I mean those who are buying emerging markets today because they believe in the internal fundamentals of emerging domestic demand may well stick around. Those buying because they think the U.S. consumer is going to execute a quick bounce back with wallet intact – that the old glory days of major trade imbalance will soon return – are setting themselves up for a frying pan to the face.

    A very important question is whether the rally in copper is real. Because “Dr. Copper” is known as the metal with a PhD in economics, a lot of people look to copper as a global barometer of economic activity. I am coming around to the view that Dr. Copper’s message may well indeed be for real… but that the good doctor is more likely predicting the imminent return of inflation as opposed to renewed economic prosperity.

    Warm Regards,


  103. Shorttermer (and everyone else): further to my comments above, here is the link to the Quiet Revolution article which explains how the elites are looting the middle class. This would be a perfect handout at tea parties across the country if someone wants to download it and pass it out to participants and media: http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200905/imf-advice

  104. JL description of big media is apt:

    Some media outlets are drinking the “hooray for banks” Kool-Aid with gusto. I almost couldn’t believe it when I found this Time Magazine piece titled, “More Quickly Than It Began, The Banking Crisis Is Over.” I almost shouted at my laptop screen, “TIMEMAGAZINE, ARE YOU INSANE!?!”

    Nope, not insane. Just clueless cheerleaders who don’t understand what’s happening and can’t be bothered to look more than two inches deep below the surface

  105. “In addition to playing games with the numbers to exploit an optimism jag, much of this recent rally has evidently been driven by short-covering – bears getting the stuffing squeezed out of them – and, even more frighteningly, by large “quant” hedge funds forced to adjust their trading books in a relatively illiquid market, thus slamming the markets higher via computer-generated bulk orders. As general liquidity falls, the violence of random moves increases in both directions as program-driven trading strategies run wild.”


    I was discussing this very scenario with some friends of mine in the financial field last week. There suggestions: Don’t trust obama. Don’t trust geithner, Don’t trust the banks…or in other words, look out for yourselves because it’s a sure thing no one else will.

  106. “Life killed the dream I dreamed” is the last line of the Les Mes song Susan Boyle sang.

    Not likely. I’ve now watched 5 times and I’m still crying. Do yourself a favor and check it out. It’s a u-tube sensation with almost 3 million hits in 3 days.
    3 w’s dot dailymotion.com/swf/x8ymn0 or google susan boyle.

    Here’s one review.
    I have now watched this video a dozen or so times And now I blog about it to you. I’ve been in this business of marketing and advertising for my entire career, and never have I found someone who encapsulates the current state of media and culture than Susan Boyle in her seven brief minutes on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

    So. Go watch it. Then come on back. Grab yourself a tissue. You may need it. I did. And, please, do yourself a favor and watch the whole seven minutes.

    OK. You back?

    Look. I’ll admit it. I can be a bit of a sap. As a good Lutheran, I rarely make it through a “Beautiful Savior” without a good ol’ fashioned choke-up. But in this case of Susan Boyle I was immediately struck by the wholesomeness, the transparent beauty, and authentic delivery of — what? — her content. The juxtapositions between the sugar-buzz of Britney Spears — who can’t sing, can’t deliver a true musical performance, hasn’t written a song in her life, and is making parents of young girls worldwide cringe at her trashy enterprise — and the shocking magnificence of Susan Boyle’s performance can’t be underscored enough.

  107. I confess – I’m obsessed but I’ll stop after this one.

    The lyrics delivered by Boyle, are so apropos of what we, as HRC supporters, went through.

    But the tigers come at night
    With their voices soft as thunder
    As they tear your hope apart
    And they turn your dream to shame

    I had a dream my life would be
    So different from this hell I’m living
    So different now from what it seemed
    Now life has killed the dream I dreamed.

  108. Dot,

    now that you mention it, “Bo” being bambi’s initials makes perfect sense. It’s such a “me” thing to do.

  109. more than i anything i pray you are right, not for me but for a little one
    yet I have to say how the fuck do we know what happened? From my perspective everything was orchactrated in bambi’s favor — why would it stop now. If you take afew steps back and look at this situation it seems very unlikely. And i have to ask again why the media didn’t have the cameras even from a distance honed in on any and all movements. They did it on the family of a missig girl why not for an american hostage. And do not tll me they lack the tech savvy, There is no video available???? This happened on Easter Sunday, again I hope you are right, but i see a land or a base and kenya involved. Actually I hope you are wrong and the plan was to negotaite and the seals just did their job irrespectve of politics(is irrespective a word)
    Hi Henry: oh I am right all right–not because I am right but because the law of probablitity is seldom wrong. The hard part is seeing past the big media smokescreen to the underlying connections, character flaws, institutional motivations and things that are said that dont add up. The even harder part is getting anyone to listen when you do not have a podium. The hardest part is to be Cassandra when everyone else wants to believe in the Easter Bunny.

  110. Basil,

    Thank you so much for that clip from Britain has Talent! What an amazing voice and how sad was it that when she came out at the beginning she was ridiculed by the audience in that way.

    I choked up listening to that amazing lady. Thanks again.

  111. Jan,

    The crowd ridicule made her triumph even better! She’s now the favorite to win that competition.

    Her talent is in stark contrast to all pretender, whether from the ‘musical’ spectrum (and I use that term loosely) to the political.

    Real talent doesn’t lie and conversely, no matter how often you put lipstick on poptart Britney Spears or pig BO, he’s still a pig and she’s still a tart.

  112. North Korea to Quit Nuclear Talks, Consider Reactors

    By Bomi Lim and Kyung Bok Cho

    April 14 (Bloomberg) — North Korea vowed to end all talks on dismantling its atomic weapons program and may build nuclear reactors after the United Nations condemned last week’s missile test, prompting China to urge restraint. Kim Jong Il’s regime will restore nuclear facilities disabled under previous accords and “actively review” building a light-water reactor, the Foreign Ministry said today in a statement carried by the official Korea Central News Agency. North Korea has “no choice” but to strengthen its nuclear deterrent in light of “additional military threats by hostile forces,” the ministry said.

    “This is not bluster,” said Kenneth Quinones, former U.S. State Department director of North Korean affairs and a professor at Akita International University in northern Japan. “It’s pretty clear the North Korean generals are firmly in the saddle and have convinced Kim Jong Il that his best option is to first play his military card.”

    China, host of the so-called six-party talks, called on participants to safeguard the process. Countries should “proceed from the perspective of the overall interest of the region,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu told reporters in Beijing today.

    Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Takeo Kawamura said his government would work with the U.S. and other countries to restore negotiations. “We strongly urge North Korea to accept the Security Council statement and return to the six-party talks,” he said.

    ‘Never Again’

    North Korea today vowed “never again” to participate in the talks with China, the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Russia. The decision comes five days after Kim was reappointed as head of the country’s armed forces in parliament. The appearance, his most prominent since South Korean media reported he suffered a stroke last year, showed he was firmly in control of the country during the missile test.

    article continued at:


  113. White House defends Obama’s silence in pirate ordeal

    By Sam Youngman

    The White House said Monday that President Obama’s loud silence during last week’s standoff with Somali pirates who hijacked a U.S. cargo ship and held the captain hostage was necessary in such a tense situation. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the president, who came under fire over the weekend for staying mum on the drama, did not want to make the situation “even potentially more dangerous by putting the president out there for the captives to see.”

    Captain Richard Phillips was rescued Sunday when Navy sharpshooters killed three of his Somali captors and captured the fourth.

    “We did not want to have the president’s image unduly or his words make what happened on Sunday harder to accomplish,” Gibbs said. Gibbs stressed that Obama was “actively involved” throughout the ordeal, and there were myriad reasons for not speaking out publicly while Phillips was still being held. “I think you’d be giving [the pirates] too much recognition,” Gibbs said, adding that Obama’s visible involvement could have “upped the ante a bit.”

    The president, speaking at the Department of Transportation on Monday, said he is “resolved to halt the rise of piracy in that region.” “And to achieve that goal we’re going to have to continue to work with our partners to prevent future attacks, we have to continue to be prepared to confront them when they arise and we have to ensure that those who commit acts of piracy are held accountable for their crimes,” Obama said.



    In other words, they told him to shut up, stop putting his foot in his mouth by talking about something he knows nothing about: governing, leading, foreign affairs…and on and on…

  114. some humor….


    As the CEO of this organization, I have resigned myself to the fact that Barack Obama is our President and
    that our taxes and government fees will increase in a BIG way. To compensate for these increases, our prices
    would have to increase by about 10%.

    But since we cannot increase our prices right now due to the dismal state of the economy, we will have to lay
    off six of our employees instead. This has really been bothering me, since I believe we are family here and I
    didn’t know how to choose who would have to go.

    So, this is what I did: I walked through our parking lot and found six Obama bumper stickers on our six of our
    employees’ cars. I have decided these folks will be the ones to let go. I can’t think of a fairer way to approach
    this problem.

    They voted for change; I gave it to them.

    I will see the rest of you at the annual company picnic.

  115. Goldman Sachs hires law firm to shut blogger’s site
    Goldman Sachs is attempting to shut down a dissident blogger who is extremely critical of the investment bank, its board members and its practices.

    By James Quinn, Wall Street Correspondent
    Last Updated: 2:16PM BST 11 Apr 2009

    The New York headquarters of Goldman Sachs, which has made a higher-than-expected first-quarter profit of $1.81bn

    The bank has instructed Wall Street law firm Chadbourne & Parke to pursue blogger Mike Morgan, warning him in a recent cease-and-desist letter that he may face legal action if he does not close down his website.

    Florida-based Mr Morgan began a blog entitled “Facts about Goldman Sachs” – the web address for which is goldmansachs666.com – just a few weeks ago.

    According to Chadbourne & Parke’s letter, dated April 8, the bank is rattled because the site “violates several of Goldman Sachs’ intellectual property rights” and also “implies a relationship” with the bank itself.

    Unsurprisingly for a man who has conjoined the bank’s name with the Number of the Beast – although he jokingly points out that 666 was also the S&P500’s bear-market bottom – Mr Morgan is unlikely to go down without a fight.

    He claims he has followed all legal requirements to own and operate the website – and that the header of the site clearly states that the content has not been approved by the bank.

    On a special section of his blog entitled “Goldman Sachs vs Mike Morgan” he predicts that the fight will probably end up in court.

    “It’s just another example of how a bully like Goldman Sachs tries to throw their weight around,” he writes.

    Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Morgan explained how he went through a similar battle with US homebuilder Lennar a few years ago after he set up a website to collect information on what he alleged was shoddy workmanship in its homes. The pair eventually settled out of court.

    “Since I went through this with Lennar, I’ve had advice from some of the best intellectual property lawyers, and I know exactly what I can and can’t do. We’re not going to back down from this,” he promises.

    Mr Morgan adds that if Goldman manages to shut down his site, he has a number of other domain names registered.

    • Speculation is mounting that Goldman Sachs is set to raise several billion dollars via a share sale, possibly next week, in order to pay down a $10bn (£6.8bn) US government loan, as revealed in The Sunday Telegraph last week.


  116. basil9, thank you for bringing Susan Boyle to all of our attention. The video of her has been posted at TheAmericanWoman, and that organization is to vote on giving her a certificate as Honorary American Woman. Each of us should Digg, De.lici.ous, RSS, Buzz, and promote that video in every way possible. So, talent can go ignore if you are not one of the ‘beautiful young people’?

    Admin, you continue to amaze me. Thanks for all the pertinent information provided here. So, Kerry thought he would make a better President than OBowma since he ran against him until he bowed down to him???? Funny I think Kerry would have made a better President than Obowma even though I was so totally against Kerry for obvious reasons.

  117. I loved the Bristish Talent show. This country would not let someone of her age even participate in the American idol competition. Does that tell you something?

  118. Give Navy Seals Credit on Somali Pirate Rescue, Not Obama

    April 14, 2009
    By Peter Roff, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

    I think we are all grateful that Capt. Richard Phillips of the Maersk Line has been rescued after being held for five days by a group of pirates in a lifeboat off the coast of Africa. But I think the praise being heaped on President Obama for his handling of the situation is approaching excessive. “President Obama has survived the first dramatic crisis of his administration with colors flying,” H.D.S. Greenway opined in the Boston Globe. “All the world was watching to see how a new, untested president would react to one of the most elemental tests of any president: how to handle the public kidnapping of an American citizen being held for ransom.” Juan Zarate, a former Bush national security adviser, told National Public Radio, “This puts President Obama in a great position.” And writing here at U.S.News and World Report, Kenneth T. Walsh said, “Obama’s decision to authorize the use of military force to free Phillips, captain of the cargo ship Maersk Alabama, from a band of pirates demonstrated that the new commander in chief will apply American muscle in a crunch. It also showed that he trusts the military to get the job done and remains cool under pressure. These are significant developments for a man who has endured considerable criticism about being too young and inexperienced to serve as an effective commander in chief.”

    William Bradley, writing in the Huffington Post, compared Obama’s management of the crisis to the political acumen he showed on his way to the White House, calling the take-down of the pirates holding Phillips “reminiscent of Obama’s approach in the Democratic primaries, in which he relied on ‘the math’ of the situation.” “In that case,” Bradley wrote, “Obama inexorably rolled up an insurmountable delegate advantage, sweeping smaller states and blocking the Clinton campaign’s ability to come back with a few high-profile late primary victories. In this case, Obama used the resources of the US military and government to shut down the pirates’ options and make them more vulnerable.”

    For my money, most of the credit for Phillips rescue goes to the U.S. Navy Seals who carried out the operation, not the White House. Sure, give the White House credit for smooth management of the crisis over five days but, let’s face it, piracy on the high seas is a problem we figured out how to handle in the 17th century. And it’s not at all clear they learned anything from Phillips’s rescue. As the Associated Press wrote Tuesday, “Undeterred by U.S. and French hostage rescues that killed seven bandits, Somali pirates brazenly hijacked three more ships in the Gulf of Aden.” It’s true that Obama, by virtue of the fact he is president, gets to bask in the glory of the rescue. Had the situation ended differently, as Zarate points out, Obama would have gotten the blame. “There was high visibility, and it clearly was a test of American ability and power,” he said. “If it had gone badly, it could have been, fairly or not, debilitating for the president.”

    The Obama administration has promised to study the issue and to come up with a plan for dealing with the Somali-based pirates. But there’s a larger point to all this: As a friend pointed out to me just this morning, “How is that Obama deserves credit for the precision and accuracy of the snipers who took out the pirates, whose training was developed over a period of years during the Bush administration, but he deserves no blame for the current economy on the grounds that all factors yielding the current economy occurred during the Bush years? It can’t be both.”

    Indeed it can’t.


  119. Obama to tap Fannie Mae CEO to head TARP

    Tue Apr 14, 2009

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Obama administration is expected to name Fannie Mae (FNM.N) Chief Executive Herb Allison to head the U.S. government’s $700 billion (471 billion pounds) financial rescue program, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday. The announcement is expected “in coming days,” the source said, adding that Michael Williams, Fannie Mae’s chief operating officer, is expected to be named as Allison’s successor.

    The Wall Street Journal first reported on its website that U.S. President Barack Obama could announce his intention to nominate Allison as assistant secretary for the office of financial stability as early as this week. Allison’s name has been on the short list from the beginning as the government looked for someone to run the Troubled Asset Relief Program, the Journal said, citing people familiar with the matter. Several factors complicated his selection, including the need to replace him at Fannie, the paper reported, citing sources.

    Allison, a veteran banker and former president of Merrill Lynch, led the TIAA-Cref pension fund before being appointed Fannie Mae CEO in September. Fannie Mae representatives were not immediately available for comment.


  120. Vatican vetoes Barack Obama’s nominees for US ambassadorCaroline Kennedy deemed unacceptable because of abortion views

    Chris McGreal
    14 April 2009

    The Vatican has vetoed three of Barack Obama’s potential nominees as US ambassador amid a growing dispute between the White House and the Roman Catholic church over the new administration’s support for abortion rights and the lifting of a ban on stem cell research. Vatican sources told Italy’s Il Giornale newspaper that among those rejected were Caroline Kennedy and two other Roman Catholics who were unacceptable to the pope because they have publicly stood against church dogma.

    The conservative Il Giornale described the vetoes as part of a “trial of strength between Barack Obama and the US church that involves the Holy See”, amid uproar among the church’s hierarchy after America’s principal Catholic university, Notre Dame, invited the president to give an address and receive an honorary degree next month.
    Conservative Catholic groups called the potential nomination of John Kennedy’s daughter, who is a prominent Obama supporter, “inappropriate” and “a calculated insult to the Holy See” because of her outspoken support for abortion rights.

    The Vatican also rejected another potential nominee, Douglas Kmiec, a professor of constitutional law at Pepperdine University and former head of the office of legal counsel for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr. Kmiec, a Republican who endorsed Obama during the last election campaign, has said that Catholics who support the right to abortion need not follow the church’s admonition to vote for an anti-abortion presidential candidate.

    The Vatican is maintaining the official line that there have been no formal rejections of Obama’s ambassadorial nominees because none has been officially put forward.
    There is unhappiness in Washington that the Vatican should veto its choices because they do not adhere to Catholic teachings. But the White House has been caught off guard by the intensity of the backlash within parts of the US Catholic community, which is divided over whether private religious beliefs should decide public policy.
    Some Catholic bishops swiftly challenged the president over his lifting of the ban on stem cell research and restrictions on the funding of overseas family planning groups that perform abortions. Bishops and priests have also joined university alumni in criticising Notre Dame’s president, the Rev John Jenkins, for inviting Obama to speak and offering him an honorary degree. Cardinal Francis George, the head of the US conference of Catholic bishops, told an anti-abortion rally that the university had veered away from church teachings. “Notre Dame didn’t understand what it means to be Catholic when they issued this invitation,” he said. Jenkins defended the invitation as honouring an “inspiring leader” who is healing racial wounds. The Notre Dame president said that listening to Obama did not mean the university endorsed his positions but it was a “basis for further positive engagement”.

    But that has been dismissed by some bishops, who point to a declaration they made five years ago saying that “the Catholic community and Catholic institutions should not honour those who act in defiance of our fundamental moral principles”. However, Catholic public opinion is not solidly behind the church hierarchy, with a recent Gallup poll finding that 63% of American Catholics consider ­embryonic stem cell research to be ­morally acceptable. Richard Allen, a Notre Dame graduate who served as President Reagan’s national security adviser, argues that Obama should be permitted to speak but said he should not be honoured with a degree.

    “It’s important to remember that Notre Dame is a Catholic institution. The school openly flouts the guidelines of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops when it bestows an honorary degree upon a president who supports something anathema to the faith: abortion,” he said.

    Another university, Arizona State, has declined to give Obama an honorary degree when he speaks there before his Notre Dame address. The university denies any slight is intended.



    NY Times front page today:


    U.S. May Drop Key Condition for Talks With Iran

    Published: April 13, 2009

    WASHINGTON — The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing proposals that would shift strategy toward Iran by dropping a longstanding American insistence that Tehran rapidly shut down nuclear facilities during the early phases of negotiations over its atomic program, according to officials involved in the discussions.

    The proposals, exchanged in confidential strategy sessions with European allies, would press Tehran to open up its nuclear program gradually to wide-ranging inspection. But the proposals would also allow Iran to continue enriching uranium for some period during the talks. That would be a sharp break from the approach taken by the Bush administration, which had demanded that Iran halt its enrichment activities, at least briefly to initiate negotiations.

    The proposals under consideration would go somewhat beyond President Obama’s promise, during the presidential campaign, to open negotiations with Iran “without preconditions.” Officials involved in the discussion said they were being fashioned to draw Iran into nuclear talks that it had so far shunned.

    A review of Iran policy that Mr. Obama ordered after taking office is still under way, and aides say it is not clear how long he would be willing to allow Iran to continue its fuel production, and at what pace. But European officials said there was general agreement that Iran would not accept the kind of immediate shutdown of its facilities that the Bush administration had demanded.

    “We have all agreed that is simply not going to work — experience tells us the Iranians are not going to buy it,” said a senior European official involved in the strategy sessions with the Obama administration. “So we are going to start with some interim steps, to build a little trust.”

    Administration officials declined to discuss details of their confidential deliberations, but said that any new American policy would ultimately require Iran to cease enrichment, as demanded by several United Nations Security Council resolutions.

    “Our goal remains exactly what it has been in the U.N. resolutions: suspension,” one senior administration official said. Another official cautioned that “we are still at the brainstorming level” and said the terms of an opening proposal to Iran were still being debated.

    If the United States and its allies allow Iran to continue enriching uranium for a number of months, or longer, the approach is bound to meet objections, from both conservatives in the United States and from the new Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

    If Mr. Obama signed off on the new negotiating approach, the United States and its European allies would use new negotiating sessions with Iran to press for interim steps toward suspension of its nuclear activities, starting with allowing international inspectors into sites from which they have been barred for several years.

    First among them is a large manufacturing site in downtown Tehran, a former clock factory, where Iran is producing many of the next-generation centrifuges that it is installing in the underground plant at Natanz. “The facility is very large,” one United Nations inspector said last week, “and we have not been inside since last summer.”

    Mohamed ElBaradei, the director general of the United Nations’ International Atomic Energy Agency, whose inspectors would be a critical part of the strategy, said in an interview in his office in Vienna last week that the Obama administration had not consulted him on the details of a new strategy. But he was blistering about the approach that the Bush administration had taken.

    “It was a ridiculous approach,” he insisted. “They thought that if you threatened enough and pounded the table and sent Cheney off to act like Darth Vader the Iranians would just stop,” Dr. ElBaradei said, shaking his head. “If the goal was to make sure that Iran would not have the knowledge and the capability to manufacture nuclear fuel, we had a policy that was a total failure.”

    Now, he contended, Mr. Obama has little choice but to accept the reality that Iran has “built 5,500 centrifuges,” nearly enough to make two weapons’ worth of uranium each year. “You have to design an approach that is sensitive to Iran’s pride,” said Dr. ElBaradei, who has long argued in favor of allowing Iran to continue with a small, face-saving capacity to enrich nuclear fuel, under strict inspection.

    By contrast, in warning against a more flexible American approach, a senior Israeli with access to the intelligence on Iran said during a recent visit to Washington that Mr. Obama had only until the fall or the end of the year to “completely end” the production of uranium in Iran. The official made it clear that after that point, Israel might revive its efforts to take out the Natanz plant by force.

    A year ago, Israeli officials secretly came to the Bush administration seeking the bunker-destroying bombs, refueling capability and overflight rights over Iraq that it would need to execute such an attack. President George W. Bush deflected the proposal. An Obama administration official said “they have not been back with that request,” but added that “we don’t think their threats are just huffing and puffing.”

    Israeli officials and some American intelligence officials say they suspect that Iran has other hidden facilities that could be used to enrich uranium, a suspicion explored in a 2007 National Intelligence Estimate on Iran. But while that classified estimate referred to 10 or 15 suspect sites, officials say no solid evidence has emerged of hidden activity.

    “Frankly,” said one administration official, “what’s most valuable to us now is having real freedom for the inspectors to pursue their suspicions around the country.

    “We know what’s happening at Natanz,” said the official, noting that every few weeks inspectors are in and out of the plant. “It’s the rest of the country we’re most worried about.”

    Matthew Bunn, a nuclear expert at the Belfer Center at Harvard University, said in a interview on Monday that the Obama administration had some latitude in defining what constitutes “suspension” of nuclear work.

    One possibility, he said, was “what you call warm shutdown,” in which the centrifuges keep spinning, but not producing new enriched uranium, akin to leaving a car running, but in park.

    That would allow both sides to claim victory: the Iranians could claim they had resisted American efforts to shut down the program, while the Americans and Europeans could declare that they had halted the stockpiling of material that could be used to produce weapons.

    “The hard part of these negotiations is how to convince everyone that there are no covert sites,” Mr. Bunn said.

  122. Obama’s jacking up the bus and revving the engine. Biden better start typing up his resignation letter, knives are out from Obama’s hitmen.

    President ‘Bitterly Disappointed’ in Biden

    Newsmax has learned from sources in Washington that President Barack Obama is “bitterly disappointed” in his vice president, Joe Biden.

    The sources say Obama feels Biden was excellent in the Senate, where he chaired the Foreign Relations Committee. But they whisper to the media that the president and some advisers believe Biden has been a dismal failure as vice president, often being “not on message” and unpredictable.

    Biden raised concerns within the Obama camp even before the November election, when he said that if his running mate was elected president, he would almost immediately be challenged with an international crisis that would test his strength and character.

    The remarks prompted newsman Dan Rather to say that the Obama campaign “can’t be happy” about the comments.

    Obama also couldn’t have been happy when Biden poked fun at the president’s ego at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner on March 23. He said Obama “can’t be here tonight, because he’s busy getting ready for Easter.” Then he added in a hushed voice: “He thinks it’s about him.”

    More recently, Biden caught heat from Republican strategist Karl Rove, who called Biden a “liar” for concocting a story about President George W. Bush “out of whole cloth.”

    Biden told CNN on Tuesday about what he claimed was a meeting with Bush in the Oval Office: “’Well, Joe,’ he said, ‘I’m a leader.’ And I said, ‘Mr. President, turn around and look behind you. No one’s following.’”

    Said Rove, a close Bush adviser: “It didn’t happen . . . He’s making these things up out of whole cloth.”

    Rove also called Biden a “blowhard” and “serial exaggerator.”

  123. moon,

    Well the rest of us are bitterly disappointed in bambi and the bots that voted him in. What the heck did he expect when he chose Biden?

  124. rgb44hrc Says:

    April 14th, 2009 at 2:14 pm


    He is leading us to WWIII and could care less about the consequences.

  125. gretawire
    so probably nothing but lets face it he has to dump biden and while I will never vote for waffles I would find it very hard to vote against Hillary

  126. Just speculation, but I can’t see Hillary agreeing unless the V.P. position suddenly gets more meat/responsibilities added to it.

  127. Yuck and double yuck I can already hear the cnn piss ass excuses for journalists lovinf Hillary when she signs on to a bambi ticket

  128. I hope moononpluto is able to create a board game called under the bus. He/she possesses the wit and political acuity to make it something very funny. Think of the possibilities– chance obama won election pay 300. more per year foe all utilities, No boardwalk only white house and if you land on it but don’t own it you have to pay a racist tax better yet everywhere you land you have to pay a racist tax just because. the end game is who can go bankruiot fastest— just an idea,

  129. oh and I will not even attempt to make a joke about mo and a beaut pageant as i know i will be outdone by many here so i will not say you are dressed like MEchelle do not pass go do not collect a stimulas check go directly to the orca show

  130. Obama also couldn’t have been happy when Biden poked fun at the president’s ego at the Gridiron Club’s annual dinner on March 23. He said Obama “can’t be here tonight, because he’s busy getting ready for Easter.” Then he added in a hushed voice: “He thinks it’s about him.”
    I feel a sudden affection for Joe coming on. I wonder what that wife of his has to say about this.

  131. I could never vote for Obama regardless of who his vice president is. A vote for Obama is a vote against the middle class. Nor could I vote for anyone who ran with him and then ran for president in 2016. The one he will learn toward is that idiot Seliubus.

  132. maybe not the place for this
    but the obama bored game I feel is ripe
    cnn and msnbc have to be a version of baltic and med. worthless but damn it ya keep ending on or near them. Where does one place brazilla?

  133. This is a tribute to Joe Biden for speaking the truth about Bambi. I am sure Bambi does not like it. He would rather live a lie. To Honest Joe courtesy of Noel Coward:

    Mad about the boy
    I know it’s stupid to be mad about the boy
    I’m so ashamed of it but must admit the sleepless nights I’ve had
    About the boy

    On the silverscreen
    He melts my foolish heart in every single scene
    Although I’m quite aware that here and there are traces of the cad
    About the boy

    Lord knows I’m not a fool girl
    I really shouldn’t care
    Lord knows I’m not a school girl
    In the fury of her first affair

    Will it ever cloy
    This odd diversity of misery and joy
    I’m feeling quite insane and young again
    And all because I’m mad about the boy

  134. One thing for sure, poor little bambi doesn’t like being picked on or laughed at…such a sensitive little idiot…

  135. From last week but…

    Guess who worked the phones after the 3 a.m. call?

    Thu, 04/09/2009

    As some of you know, President Obama and Secretary Clinton received a “3 a.m. phone call” (OK, it was actually 4:30 a.m.) in Prague on Sunday morning after North Korea launched a missile. (An April 6 Congressional Quarterly article I accessed on Nexis confirms that both received the call.)

    Now here’s an interesting nugget from an Associated Press analysis piece, “Hillary Warned There’d Be Days Like This.” The article states: Clinton, now Obama’s top diplomat who no longer hawks the 3 a.m. campaign line, was traveling with the president. She worked the phones, and Obama issued the expected words of condemnation. Calls went out for the U.N. Security Council to convene.

    In all fairness, Obama was working the phones too, consulting his top aides, but it looks like when the 3 a.m. calls come ringing, Clinton is right there, too, doing 3 a.m. diplomacy.


  136. Lets see, if Joe decided to step down to spend more time with his family etc. who would bambi select for vp? Someone with gravitas, more diversity, ability, talent, loyalty, fealty, chastity, obedience, brillance, radiance, charisma. Someone who would be no threat to political threat to Bambis fragile ego, no personal threat to michelles sexual insecurities, someone who would be welcomed by hayseed Harry Reed who would be glad to get rid of her, and by Poopsie as long as the kept the cards, letters and bottles of Old Crow libation coming a little graft never hurt anybody cause everybodys gotta eat . . . .

    Announcement: Ladies and gentlemen . . . uh, uh, ug. I give you Vice President McCaskill (Announced to the soundtrack to the Movie Deliverance, and the memorable love scene).

  137. And at the tender age of 54 McCaskill could follow him to the White House in 2016. How perfect is that?

  138. wbboei
    well i think he’d be guarenteed a win with HRC
    and as much as he might not want to share the limelight gotta remember history will say he appointed his bitter rival and blah blah blah

  139. My prediction-

    If Obama forces Biden out, he will choose Pelosi for VP… just a guess-

    Back to work!

  140. I had a conversation yesterday about John Mccain and how i thought he underminded Sarah and guess what? The proof’s in the pudding. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

    John McCain Disses Sarah Palin on ‘The Tonight Show’
    By David Knowles
    Apr 14th 2009 8:23AM
    Filed Under:eRepublicans, John McCain, Featured

    This is a strange one. John McCain goes on Jay Leno’s program last night, and, without any real prompting, takes a shot at his former running mate. Watch:

    Really, what gives? Would it have hurt McCain to have included Sarah Palin’s name in the list of non-Rush-Limbaugh-GOP talent? The category was Republican governors, too. So there can be no mistaking who he chose to omit. “I’ve left out someone’s name, and I’m going to hear about it…” Gee, ya think?

    The whole “I don’t want the president to fail” thing would have been the headline were it not for the incredibly odd diss on the woman he once touted as knowing “more about energy than probably anyone else in the United States of America.” I guess the Arizona Senator has changed his mind.

  141. well i think he’d be guarenteed a win with HRC
    and as much as he might not want to share the limelight gotta remember history will say he appointed his bitter rival and blah blah blah
    Henry–I do not think it would guarantee anything. If the next four years go well he does not need her. If they go badly she cannot help him. He is a tool of big business. The people who are left in the Hillary coalition see that loud and clear. Would they vote for him if she was vice president, after all the problems and failures the next four years will bring. Not likely. The reason I say that is because she campaigned for him and they did not vote for him. And they prayed that she would not become his vice president. I do not think that will change one iota. And I do not think 2016 is reality. If it is going to happen it will need to occur in 2012, and he must not seek a second term. To me that is the one scenario that works.

  142. alexis, speaking of the 10th Amendment….

    Video: Rick Perry asserts Texas’s Tenth Amendment rights


    Heard Perry speaking on Hannity. There is a lot I do not like about the man, but this I am right there with him! (especially the toll roads he has
    shoved down Texas’s public roadways!)

    this is disgusting…Found @ Bitterpolitiz as above link. This is all over radio…

    Federal agency warns of radicals on right


    The Department of Homeland Security is warning law enforcement officials about a rise in “rightwing extremist activity,” saying the economic recession, the election of America’s first black president and the return of a few disgruntled war veterans could swell the ranks of white-power militias.

    Notice the not so subtle race card played here as well . . .

    My god, this is outrageous. A few disgruntled war vets???? OMG. They really like to incite people, don’t they. Reminds me of the town halls that McCain had and you know Obama planted people in the audience that would make it seem like McCain was a racists.

    Please, wake us out of this nightmare. When will people wake up???

  143. I guess the Arizona Senator has changed his mind.
    What mind is he referring to? He bleeds swamp fever and potomic fever.

  144. If Obama selects another woman, Hillary will finish out this 4 yr stint and resign I believe…
    If he survives and seeks a second term he will have a different cabinet.

  145. Hillary is only 69 in 2016, plenty of time for her.

    Biden would be 75 in 2016, so no chance.

    Other than Hillary, Mark Warner would be 62 in 2016 and Andrew Cuomo would be 59 and i can really only see those 3 so far for the Dems in 2016.

    For the Republicans, Palin will only be 52 in 2016 and i think the biggest republican contender really. She will be made ready by then, unless she runs in 2012 which is possible and Gov Mark Sandford.

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