Tax And Spend Obama Dimocrats

Dimocrats, the high priests in the Church of Obama, along with Barack Obama threaten to make the malicious stereotype about “tax and spend” liberals a reality.

Real Democrats understand the need for fiscal responsibility. Real Democrats remember the recession Bill Clinton inherited and how Bill Clinton restored genuine confidence to consumers and genuine fiscal responsibility by paying the bills on time. Bill Clinton did not waste money as policy nor did Bill Clinton ignore the debilitating effects of endless deficits and growing debt.

After Bill Clinton Republicans could no longer attack Democrats as “tax and spend” wastrels. After Bill Clinton Republicans had to retire attacks on “welfare queens”. Bill Clinton enacted responsible fiscal policy and deprived Republicans of their most useful and effective epithets against Democrats.

Now Republicans are calling back to active service those ugly epithets because they describe the Obama economic “plans” with precision.

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Some Democrats understand the “tax and spend” peril:

Sen. Mary L. Landrieu (D-La.), who represents an oil and gas-producing Louisiana, said she wants to press Obama why he wants to tax independent oil and gas producers in the state.

“I’m going to ask the president how he thinks that increasing substantially taxes on the oil and gas industry help us to achieve our goal of domestic – energy independence of a more robust domestic drilling program. It’s one of the areas where i take strongest issue with the administration.”

“Big Oil is one thing, and i support the oil and gas industry generally. Big Oil can fight its battles. … But independent oil and gas producers which are the backbone of the domestic industry cannot bear the elimination of these tax credits.”

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.):

“I dont know that i have a lot to ask, i just want to listen to what he has to say. I truly believe we’re going to have to reduce the spending levels significantly. Meaning we’re going to have to shift, create a continuum for a lot of the goals and priorities for more than one budget. Ultimately he’ll have to tell us, OMB will have to tell us . . . How that can happen.”

Senator Conrad is beginning to understand the threat of fiscal irresponsibility even when the fiscal irresponsibility is tax cuts which benefit one favored group but overall destroy the economy and eventually lead to a worse economic position even for that favored group:

Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad emerged from the Dems’ meeting today with President Obama predicting a budget deal soon — but holding firm on his demand that Obama’s $800-per-family tax cut be scrapped in two years if the administration can’t figure out a way to pay for them.

“If they are to be extended, they would have to be offset,” the North Dakota Democrat told reporters in the Capitol.

We know,

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Obama cheerleader E.J. Dionne of the Washington Post today gave away the “tax and spend” scheme under the guise of “truthteller“.

The debate on the budget is phony, the howling on deficits a charade. Few politicians want to acknowledge that if you really are concerned about long-term deficits, you have to support tax increases.

That’s why the most significant moment of President Obama’s news conference on Tuesday was not his dodge of a question on AIG, but his defense of the least popular tax increase in his budget: limits on the benefits wealthier taxpayers get for their charitable contributions and mortgage payments.

Dionne does not understand the lessons of the Bill Clinton presidency. Bill Clinton was not about “tax and spend”. Bill Clinton was about paying your bills and fiscal responsibility. Bill Clinton raised taxes when bills had to be paid. Bill Clinton understood that an honest budget which paid for purchases immediately restored confidence in the recession battered economy. Bill Clinton understood that social progress could come only if fear of job loss or economic insecurity was removed from the American psyche.

Bill Clinton understood that hard working Americans were generous and wanted to help the poor and the weak but they did not want to be taken for saps by the lazy or the rapacious.

Dionne blames the Bill Clinton tax increases, which were instrumental in restoring economic security and confidence to Americans, as the cause of the Democratic losses in 1994. But that is historically dishonest. Democrats lost in 1994 because they fought against Bill Clinton in order to preserve their luxuries in Congress and because of a series of congressional scandals which sent senior Democrats to jail.

Dionne then gets down to business – “tax and spend” Dionne recommends:

Obama himself is only going part of the way on tax increases. He is still arguing that he can fix things with hikes on just the top 5 percent of taxpayers.

He’s right that a large share of any increase should hit those who enjoyed the biggest income gains over the last decade. But in the end, no politician (with the possible exception of libertarian Ron Paul) is willing to cut the budget enough to contain the deficit without a general tax increase down the road.

Every budget analyst knows this, and every politician knows that it’s far easier to bemoan deficits in the abstract than to risk spending cuts or tax increases that hurt sizeable groups of voters. “There are no more low-hanging fruit,” says Tom Kahn, the staff director for the House Budget Committee. “The low-hanging fruit have already been picked. Any tax increase or spending cut is going to trigger opposition from somewhere.”

In an ideal world, Obama would come right out and say we’ll need broad-based tax increases. But that would be suicidal right now. Witness the reaction to his effort to put a 28 percent ceiling on deductions. His proposal would affect only 1.2 percent of taxpayers, yet even that idea is about to die in Congress.

Dionne then debases himself with Orwellian speak of the “war is peace” variety:

The task of those who genuinely care about deficits is to make the world safe for tax increases.

That Dionne advice is a prescription for economic disaster and ignores what really needs to be done (we wrote about what needs to be done in “Stimulus Versus Smart“).

Dionne chooses to ignore the massive waste of money in Obama’s bailouts and “stimulus” scam. That money could have been used for long term investments in healthcare but instead was spent in wasteful projects that create work projects, but not careers, not jobs.

Dionne should at least understand that scandal and waste of trillions of taxpayer dollars will produce a voter backlash. Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania is a backlash example:

The Pennsylvania Republican trails former Rep. Pat Toomey by double digits in the first head-to-head poll of their ensuing primary match-up.

The Quinnipiac poll, released Wednesday, shows the embattled Specter behind Toomey, 41-27, even though 73 percent of Republicans say they don’t know enough about the challenger to form an opinion.

Specter said the poll numbers did not surprise him but that he did expect Toomey to have higher name recognition than the poll demonstrated.[snip]

Specter acknowledged the poll likely reflects the effect of his vote in February for the economic stimulus plan, noting that he was joined by Maine Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins and very nearly several more. The support of Specter, Snowe and Collins put Democrats over the 60-vote threshold to pass the bill.

“I was not a leader in the negotiations,” he said. “I participated in the very final round-up when we knocked $110 billion off and raised the tax cuts, but the real role I had was providing a critical vote.

“And I understand that. But is that the reason why the Quinnipiac poll is a big problem for me? I think so.”

It echoes a Susquehanna poll from last month that showed 66 percent of GOP voters want someone new and only 26 percent would vote to keep Specter.[snip]

“Pennsylvania Republicans are so unhappy with Sen. Specter’s vote for President Barack Obama’s stimulus package and so-called pork-barrel spending that they are voting for a former congressman they hardly know,” said Clay Richards, assistant director of Quinnipiac’s University Polling Institute.

Spector enabled the Obama “stimulus” scam and now Pennsylvania voters will enable Spector’s retirement from politics.

Many Dimocrats who enabled the Obama “stimulus” scam and bailouts face the same fate as Spector. Some Dimocrats think they are safe because of the alleged popularity of Obama and Obama’s alleged power with the grassroots. These Dimocrats are mistaken:

Organizing for America, the Democratic National Committee-based group that took over for Barack Obama’s prodigious grassroots campaign organization released the results of their weekend canvassing effort in support of Obama’s budget proposal.

The group called on former campaign volunteers to turn out to promote Obama’s budget priorities, and get voters to sign cards pledging their support.

The verdict: More than 100,000 signatures collected at 1,200 events attended by 10,000 volunteers. The group is calling that a strong showing, but let’s do the math.

That means the typical canvassing event was attended by fewer than 9 volunteers who on average, collected 10 signatures each. Not exactly a groundswell.

The Hopium addled are not out in the streets singing hymns and burning incense in praise of Obama. Now, even the dullest Obama enablers are waking up to the Big Pink message that Obama is the Third Bush Term and soon to replace George W. as “worst president ever“.


A month ago, reflecting on George W. Bush’s near-doubling of the national debt, budget hawk David Walker told me that Bush was “the most fiscally irresponsible president in American history.”

This week, reflecting on the possibility that Barack Obama could nearly redouble the debt, Walker said that Bush holds the irresponsibility record “to this point.

The former Comptroller General and now-president of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation and star of the movie “I.O.U.S.A.,” Walker said it’s too soon to tell whether Obama will match Bush in irresponsibility, but the signs are not encouraging.

All [Obama’s] words are good” about controlling the debt, he said, “but his budget proposes no transformational changes. His programs are all debt-financed.”

Why does Walker repeat old Big Pink articles?:

Walker said he trusts the Congressional Budget Office’s just-issued estimates of deficits and debt more than those from Obama’s Office of Management and Budget.

The CBO shows the nation’s public debt — not counting borrowing from Social Security and other trust funds — rising from $5.8 trillion to $10.2 trillion by 2014 and $15.1 trillion by 2019.

During the Bush years, it grew from $3.3 trillion in 2001 to $5.8 trillion this year — from 24 percent of gross domestic product to 40.8 percent last year and 56.8 percent this year.

The CBO estimates that Obama will preside over an increase to 71.4 percent during his first term and 82.4 percent by 2019.

And Walker says those numbers understate the true burden of debt on future generations.

When borrowing from trust funds is included, gross federal debt went from $5.8 trillion in 2001 to $12.6 trillion this year.

The CBO did not calculate the gross debt, but Obama’s budget shows it rising to $17.1 trillion in 2013 and $23.1 trillion in 2019. The 2019 figure will be more than 100 percent of the estimated gross domestic product — the largest percentage since just after World War II.

“And in those days,” Walker said, “we owed that debt to ourselves. Now we owe it to foreigners, mainly the Chinese, who are firing shots across our bow that they may not keep acquiring our debt.”

Already, the Federal Reserve is buying U.S. Treasury bills to keep interest rates down. If foreigners refused to buy — as occurred with British debt on Wednesday — interest rates would surge, damaging prospects for economic growth and investment.

Republicans have been charging — almost chanting — that Obama’s budget “spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much,” but they shamelessly ignore Bush’s irresponsibility and their own, when they were in control of Congress.

We have constantly taken Republicans to task for their irresponsibility and fear mongering and hypocrisy. But now it is Dimocrats who are irresponsible, fear mongers and hypocrites. We agree with those who say that Obama is pushing a credit card economy, in more ways than one.

…you can keep spending and put it on a credit card. That’s what it looks like to me.”

The Obama economy can be summed up as “printing money, which can lead to inflation, a weak dollar and high interest rates.”

Right now, though, “where Bush about doubled the national debt, CBO shows that Obama could be on track to do the same — and at much higher numbers. It’s not a record he should want to repeat.”

Obama is the Third Bush Term – only worse – this time it’s pretend Democrat doing the damage.


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  1. Admin: the game here is to reward the chicago crew. They will dole out dollars in all directions merely to camflouge what they are doing for his cronies in Chicago. It is yet another diversion.

  2. If they want to go after Spectre hard the name they should put on his collar tag is Pontius Pilot. In Republican Pennsylvania circles where God and country still count that one could stick.

  3. Great post yet again! One of the collateral problems with bailing out the banks with no oversight is that Americans are going to be livid at any tax increases now, because they have seen what Obama and his Dimocrats do with the money. The reason why Bill could do some increases and no one balked too much is because he had earned the trust of the people that he would use it to good ends.

    Most Americans will pay a little more if it means someone will fix the problems responsibly. They may grumble a little, but they’ll do it. But that chance is now GONE, and the feeling of the general populace is mistrust and suspicion – not another DIME from us for anything at all, they say. The idiot boob Dimocrats have blown any chance to be trusted with the peoples money, not even for GOOD things.

    ADMIN, please embed.

    I’ve been grooving to the Paul Krugman song all morning:

  4. for obama, brazile, kennedy, and all the other morons in this comedy of errors…

  5. Great post yet again! One of the collateral problems with bailing out the banks with no oversight is that Americans are going to be livid at any tax increases now, because they have seen what Obama and his Dimocrats do with the money. The reason why Bill could do some increases and no one balked too much is because he had earned the trust of the people that he would use it to good ends.

    Most Americans will pay a little more if it means someone will fix the problems responsibly. They may grumble a little, but they’ll do it. But that chance is now GONE, and the feeling of the general populace is mistrust and suspicion – not another DIME from us for anything at all, they say. The idiot boob Dimocrats have blown any chance to be trusted with the peoples money, not even for GOOD things.

    ADMIN, please embed.

    I’ve been grooving to the Paul Krugman song all morning:

  6. E.J. Dionne is WashPos version of Peter Laurie. A cowering snivelling uninformative, manipulative not too bright commentator who receives far more deference than he deserves.

  7. GOP Rep. Attacking Michelle Obama? Dems Say ‘Tread Carefully’

    Republican Darrell Issa ignited a fiery debate earlier this month when he suggested the government enact stricter policies on first families and their policy work. Claiming the public has a right to know the activities of Michelle Obama as well as future presidential spouses, and insisting that the Obama administration has trumpeted “transparency,” Issa, who hails from California and heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, remarked, “We are trying actually to protect the historic role of the First Lady … I believe this is open government at its finest.” If Issa got his way, Mrs. Obama’s meetings would have to be announced and, possibly, open to public scrutiny.

    As Politico’s Josh Gerstein notes, the move would overturn a 1993 appeals-court ruling that said then-First Lady Hillary Clinton was qualified as a “federal employee” and therefore she had a right to privacy while attempting health-care reform. While Issa may have thought himself quite clever, House Democrats warned him that President Obama may take it as an affront.

    Via Politico:

    Rep. William Clay (D-MO) suggested President Obama might see the legislation as a personal provocation that could trigger a fight. “Let me … caution my friend from California that, as you’re probably aware, this president is very guarded about his family,” Clay said. “I think that, no matter what you’re intending with this amendment, that the president may view this as an attack on his wife. And I’m just saying, you know, let’s be careful — if we want to open up that can of worms. Let’s not go in that direction.”

    Issa insists he originally attempted to pass the amendment during the Bush administration and is not motivated by party politics. He just wants to make sure first families know their limits — and we know what they’re doing with their time.

    Mrs. Obama’s office had no comment. But we bet they will if Issa’s amendment passes.

  8. Many American’s will get lulled into a sense of relief when they hear the stock market is going up. They’ll think the worst is over. Then BANG.

  9. There are two competing views of the economy you hear now:

    1. this is a normal recession, and it will follow the same general pattern as in the past.

    2. this is not a normal recession at all, because the tectonic plates of the global economy have shifted, and the future is highly uncertain.

    I find the first view unconvincing–like whistling past the graveyard. The second seems accurate based on the factors I see in play.

    The problem we face with obamaeconimcs is the cure will be worse than the disease. Slow growth in a heavily indebted economy compounded by further debt and malinvestment. This will run down the government balance sheet, distort the economy further and lay the goundwork for a major bursting of the bubble.

    As noted yesterday, the market is more powerful than government. But the downturn can be made far worse by the kind of policies he is advocating for the country. G-20 will provide the first in a series of reality checks for the behighted Mr Obama.

  10. The more interesting question is why would this pretender to the role of first lady find it necessary to operate in secret.

  11. March 26th, 2009 2:04 PM
    By Ellen Ratner

    You Go, Hillary — The Secretary of State Tells the Truth In Mexico

    Wow, an American foreign policy based on honesty! Secretary of State Hillary Clinton travels to Mexico and actually speaks the truth. She speaks the truth not just behind closed doors but in front of the world. On conservative talk radio they have been going after the secretary for daring to say what everyone who knows anything has been saying: The United States contributes to the Mexican drug cartel problem by its demand for drugs. What is so amazing about taking after the secretary is that the conservative hosts should understand that this is a simple principle of capitalism: supply and demand. If we should suddenly make cane sugar illegal in the U.S. then the cartels in Mexico would be happy to oblige and produce that.

    The fact is that the “war on drugs” has produced unprecedented demand for illegal drugs. By making drugs illegal instead of decriminalizing them (not legalizing, but decriminalizing) we have made the cartels in Mexico almost as powerful as those in Columbia. The dollar amounts are huge, and because NAFTA has not been the boon that was promised, our Southern neighbors go for the money.

    Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton does not have a whole lot to bring to the table. The Obama administration has promised to buy Mexico a few helicopters and to add 360 agents to border posts. — That is not enough to stem the tide drugs coming into the USA. Very few people would turn down the opportunity given the circumstances. Mexico is a wreck, and the police are in bed with the cartels; judges are shot, and everyone is suspect. Mexican citizens do not feel safe walking the streets, and the sight of people with decapitated heads — in plain view — is not uncommon. The drug business has threatened the very fabric of Mexican society.

    So, along comes the United States foreign policy under a brand new president, and after eight years of avoiding reality, our secretary of state talks about the elephant in the room. She should be commended for what she said: “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the death of police officers, soldiers and civilians.”

    Mexico has felt that its neighbor to the North has done zip to prevent drug use from increasing and has encouraged head-in-the-sand, “just say no” kinds of policy campaigns. We have a border with Mexico, but there is also a lot of water bordering the Southern part of our country. The only solution is to take a very politically unpopular stance and move people from jails to treatment. It means making sure that if people want drugs they can get them, and get them without having to rob or cheat or murder to get the money. No, I am not advocating running to your local pharmacy to get over-the- counter cocaine, but let these people get these drugs from centers where every time someone asks for “a fix” there is an opportunity for intervention and treatment and prevention. This problem will never be solved without it — and Secretary Clinton was brave to put the truth on the table.

  12. Any attempt to equate Bills economic politicies with those of this joker can be rebuffed by a single question: does anyone in their right mind believe this joker will deliver a balanced budget, much less a surplus as Bill did? If so they have not studied the situation.

  13. Bailouts that reward the guilty

    Mar 25, 2009 04:30 AM
    Thomas Walkom
    The Toronto Star

    Barack Obama’s latest bank bailout scheme has won the approval of those who play the stock markets. Let’s hope the rest of his fellow citizens don’t figure out what a bad deal it is. Because if they do, the U.S. president’s entire rescue package may disintegrate under populist pressure. The American public is already enraged by government measures that, so far, have served to reward those responsible for the global financial meltdown. It will not take much more.

    That would be bad news for the rest of us. Recovery in the U.S. is essential if Canada and other countries are to avoid a long and punishing depression. But the American economy won’t recover unless the nation’s banks start lending again. And that won’t happen until the banks’ toxic assets (or “legacy assets” as the U.S. government now blandly calls them) are dealt with.

    Obama’s scheme, unveiled two days ago by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, does try to deal with these toxic assets. But it does so in a manner designed to ensure that American taxpayers bear virtually all the risks. In essence, the deliberately complicated package works like this: The government, in one form or another, will cover 93 per cent of the cost of buying toxic securities from the banks and bear 93 per cent of the risk if those assets fall in price. Meanwhile, private investors, such as unregulated hedge funds, will be asked to bear 7 per cent of the cost in return for 50 per cent of any profits should these securities eventually prove non-toxic.

    The underlying assumption is that banks will receive more for securities based on dubious assets such as subprime mortgages than they are currently worth. Indeed, that’s the reason for the plan. If some of America’s big financial institutions were required to unload their dodgy securities at current market prices, they would go bankrupt – thereby destabilizing financial markets even more.

    In a more normal country, a government faced with banks that required massive amounts of public money just to stay alive would take them over. That’s what Sweden did in the 1990s. And the plan worked. When Sweden’s banks got back in shape, they were privatized. To his credit, Geithner yesterday asked the U.S. Congress to pass a law allowing the government to nationalize failing banks if necessary. But, clearly, the Obama administration – fearful of being labelled communist in free-enterprise America – views this an absolute last resort.

    Which is why it bends itself into pretzels instead. In effect, it is bribing the financial sector with vast amounts of public money to rescue itself.

    In normal times, none of this would matter to the rest of us. If the U.S. government wants to sacrifice its own taxpayers to ideology, that is its business – in normal times.
    But these are not normal times. The world’s financial system is in deep trouble. The world’s reserve currency – the U.S. dollar – is under scrutiny. (This week, the governor of China’s central bank suggested creating a new international currency to replace the U.S. dollar as the international standard of value. Since China owns half of the world’s foreign exchange reserves, its opinion matters.)

    If Obama’s latest bailout scheme backfires because of political unpopularity, the repercussions will be felt worldwide. So let us hope that Americans don’t notice how badly they are being hosed. Or, that if they do, they pressure Obama to quit fooling around with complex schemes designed to reward the guilty and, instead, just go in and fix the mess.

  14. Washington Wire

    March 25, 2009, 5:02 PM

    Bank CEOs to Huddle Friday at White House

    If anyone at the White House is looking to refinance their mortgage, Friday might be a great day to bring in the paperwork. President Barack Obama and other senior White House officials plan to meet on Friday with some of the country’s top bankers to discuss efforts to stabilize the economy.

    They will include top brass from (in no particular order): Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co., State Street Corp., PNC Financial Services Group Inc., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Citigroup Inc., Morgan Stanley, US Bancorp, Wells Fargo & Co., Northern Trust Corp., and Bank of New York Mellon Corp.

    Top officials from the American Bankers Association and the Financial Services Roundtable – industry trade groups that lobby on behalf of the banks – are also expected to attend.

    White House Chairman of the National Economic Council Larry Summers and senior adviser Valerie Jarrett are also scheduled to join the president at the meeting.

  15. Contact via email.
    The Talk Radio News Service is the only information news service dedicated to serving the talk radio community.
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    United Nations | Pentagon | White House | Congress | Opinion

    Lyndon LaRouche is brilliant on the one hand and controversial on the other. For that reason, when top politicans in the country seek out his advice they do so annonyomusly or through third parties but they do seek it out for sure. In the democracies which grew out of the ashes of the old Soviet Empire he is regarded as something of an economic visionary for having predicted this collapse well before it happened. What he has said about Obama below is accurate.

    Top Stories
    Interview with Lyndon LaRouche on the economy
    Ellen Ratner

    Ellen Ratner interviews Lyndon LaRouche. He tracks historical events which led to the current economic crisis starting with President Truman. LaRouche describes President Obama as having limited competence, and no comprehension of the economy. He also predicts, “We are about to go into a breakdown which is almost unprecendented,”

  16. The presence of Jarret at that meeting means either that bambi will not be there or the chicago group wants to find new and better ways to steal. She is dirty as hell and does not belong in the White House. If the intent of this announcement was to reassure the public the fact is it will have the exact opposite effect by ensuring that all eyes see the cozy relationship between bambi and the architects of our problems.

  17. If the American Taxpayer who will assume all the risks of the Obama bank bailout asks himself whether Obama is really on their side, this cozy arrangement between Obama and his banker contributors answers that question in the affirmative with finality. It is no different that what we saw with Rezko vs constutiuents, Excelon vs constituents. Like Elvis said (Bwaaack) you aint noth’n but a (money) hound dog/

  18. HillaryforTexas Says:

    March 26th, 2009 at 3:36 pm
    Really good.

    Did you catch the lyric “Obamabreakdown”?


  19. I find it VERY interesting that only Jarret and Summers (Geithner’s puppetmaster, who made damn sure in years past that CDS’s remained utterly unregulated) will be there in that meeting.

    All the threads lead to Chicago, and some very big pockets, in bed with other very big pockets, and not all of them American.

    And the REASON that even our politicians who are halfway sane and see the looming freefall do not DO anything, is because if the lid comes off that mess a LOT of them are implicated as well, with all their cozy deals with these financiers. They are saving their fucking reputations and careers at the expense of the country, the cowards.

    Call me tinfoil hat, folks, but this is beyond Watergate. This is a MASSIVE coverup. No one in Washington, even those crapping their pants with dread and fear for our economy, want the lid taken off this money mess in, say, a bankruptcy court. They fear that worse than they fear the coming meltdown.


  20. Once again there are pro and nasty con blogs and articles out there regarding Hillary’s statement of joint responsibility Mexico’s drug and arms wars. I wouldn’t mind the con blogs if they provided constructive and warranted criticism. The constant name calling and belittling just lowers the standards of these so-called media writers to F-

  21. Obama Socialism Will Wreck the Nation

    Wednesday, March 25, 2009 1:26 PM

    By: Dick Morris & Eileen McGann Article Font Size

    Does President Obama truly believe that he can castigate and condemn Wall Street on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and then secure its cooperation on the other days of the week?

    Does he not understand that when he ignites a public furor over AIG bonuses and then incites Congress to pass a punitive tax, he sends shivers down the spines of every other corporate executive who makes a lot of money?

    Does he seriously believe that Wall Street investors will not worry that their winnings, should they join the Treasury as partners in risky investments, would be subject to public abuse, publicity, and confiscatory taxation?

    Of course he realizes that his rhetoric makes it unlikely that his program will succeed. He obviously gets it that the entire concept of a public-private partnership is impossible amid a climate of waging class warfare, taxing the rich, and heaping contempt on anyone who makes money.

    The president is quite bright and certainly understands that you cannot shake hands with your right while you launch a roundhouse with your left.

    So why does Obama persist in his aggressive rhetoric? Why does he continue to treat Wall Street as something out of Dante’s Inferno?

    Because he’s just not that into you! He doesn’t really care if the public-private partnerships work out.

    He sends Geithner out to announce the program because he doesn’t want to make it his own. When he announces a stimulus plan or a new spending bill, it’s Obama’s moment before the teleprompter. But the public-private partnerships he leaves to his Treasury secretary to announce.

    The most rational explanation for Obama’s puzzling conduct — sabotaging his own program by way of his own rhetoric — is that he truly wants to be forced to nationalize the banks in pursuit of his ultimate goal of a socialist economy.

    Obama has to oppose nationalization today in order to achieve it tomorrow.

    He has to show the country and the world that he is doing all he can to help the private sector to sort things out with government help. He must ostentatiously invite the hated demons of Wall Street to join him in rescuing the banks in order, later, to say that he did his best to avoid having to take over the banks. Only then will nationalization be an acceptable alternative — when he has run out of other options.

    Meanwhile, he makes sure the private sector won’t play ball by going after their bonuses, sending an implicit message to the other executives on Wall Street that reads, “stay away.”

    Even when he takes over the banks, as he almost inevitably will, he is going to have to dress up the nationalization as a temporary measure forced on him by the economy and the previously unrealized depth of the problem. He will cite the example of Sweden, where the government nationalized the banks only temporarily and returned them to private hands quickly.

    You can’t be for nationalization. But Obama hopes to accomplish it nonetheless.

    Already, in the TARP and TALF programs, we can see how eager he is to use government power to manipulate the once-private sector. Consider the mandates piling up on any financial institution that takes government funds: limits on executive pay, corporate travel and conferences; a strong “buy American” recommendation; and aggressive action to get them to make consumer loans.

    Can affirmative action, low-income lending, and diversity outreach be far behind?

    If Obama can bring banks and the healthcare industry under government control, we will have de facto socialism. Is this Obama’s goal? It is obviously where he is headed.

  22. Once again there are pro and nasty con blogs and articles out there regarding Hillary’s statement of joint responsibility Mexico’s drug and arms wars. I wouldn’t mind the con blogs if they provided constructive and warranted criticism. The constant name calling and belittling just lowers the standards of these so-called media writers to F-
    AP teed it up this way. It was that evil bastard editor of theirs who comes from new york times. That is what I was saying yesterday.

    Reuters is much more objective.

  23. I think people are mistaking Hillary’s statement, or maybe I am misunderstanding it, which is completely possible, that ‘we’ are complicit with the murders of 7,000 Mexicans. Which of course indirectly we are, but I do believe people are not ready to hear that. The user and pusher are one. Supply and demand.

    We do have to legalize it somehow. It is a no win situation no matter how you deal it out. I work in the Chemical Dep business as an RN. Our repeat business is @ least 87% nation wide. It is a disease that just keeps on giving.

    I would say though, many of us in the business have a hard time with all the addicts that get SSI, as they can with addiction’s, and get their check on the third, the dealer is there waiting, and BAM no money, and here they come as soon as they have used up the dope. You and I are all paying for it. Over and over and over again.

    I’d rather dole out food, clothing and shelter and skip the monthly payment’s to the dealers.

    I do not want to see a increase in SSI because we have blasted open the door to drugs. Don’t know the answer, but it is not fair to all of us that work each day. The financial burden is enormous.

  24. Dick Morris is a toe sucking scumbag. Yesterday on O’Reily, it was bash the Clinton’s all night. Everything started with BC or Hill. Everything.

  25. Yeah, I have no time for Morris, even when he’s bashing Obama. He’s scum who sold his soul to Rupert Murdoch for money.

  26. Dick Morris is a toe sucking scumbag. Yesterday on O’Reily, it was bash the Clinton’s all night. Everything started with BC or Hill. Everything.
    Yes, yes, yes I agree. You know I agree. The question here however relates not to Hillary and Bill but to Bambi. On the premise that a bishop can lie and a liar can tell the truth, are Morris’s observations about Bambi true or false? I think they are true in this instance. Like you I not only reject what he says about Hillary and Bill, but would go a step futher and say on that subject he is pathological and mentally unbalanced. I hate him. I really do. But I think he is right about Bambi. So I am offering the above article for the limited purpose of impugning the the pretender.

  27. Yeah, I have no time for Morris, even when he’s bashing Obama. He’s scum who sold his soul to Rupert Murdoch for money.
    Okay Paula. So would you prefer that I not post his opinions here. I dont have to you know. I just thought that from time to time he says something which is supportive of what we are saying here. Maybe I should not post it. What do you think?

  28. No of course post it. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. The thing about Toe sucker is, that he really is brillant, but had, and still has horrible judgement!

  29. If we legalize MJ and tax it like cigs, we would be able to pay for healthcare. I would love to see the Fraud have the balls to sugn that bill!

  30. If we legalize MJ and tax it like cigs, we would be able to pay for healthcare. I would love to see the Fraud have the balls to sugn that bill!
    That may be a closer call for him than you might think. Drug legalization is one of the three things Soros wants him to do as President. And I am sure he can get Rick Warren to go along with it after all he has done to make the Rickster rich and famous–strike that, what I meant to say was to expand his ministry and minister to his flock, amen.

  31. wbboei, No, go right ahead and post them. I just can’t stand the guy. He’s called Hillary a socialist, too, FWIW.

  32. I can’t help but remember Teddy Roosevelt saying, a hundred years ago, that there was an unelected group that really ran the world

  33. Hillary news:

    Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton and U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison will be honored guest speakers for the sixth annual “Stories from the Top” program. The program will take place on March 27 at 2:30 p.m. at the Women’s Museum in Dallas, Texas.

    “Stories from the Top” is the premier event of Women’s History Month hosted by The Women’s Museum: An Institute for the Future. The purpose of this program is to recognize and applaud the achievements and contributions of our nation’s most outstanding women while raising funds for The Women’s Museum outreach and interpretative programming targeted to girls in the area surrounding Fair Park, Texas.

  34. Paula,

    I really like that Hillary is being feted everywhere. It speaks to her vast contributions, worth, and especially the respect she is gaining no matter how much her “enemies” would want it otherwise. 🙂

  35. I haven’t seen this posted here yet today so … it is 😀

    Bachmann bill would ban global currency

    Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has introduced legislation that would “bar the dollar from being replace by any foreign currency.” A statement from Bachmann’s website:

    “Yesterday, during a Financial Services Committee hearing, I asked Secretary Geithner if he would denounce efforts to move towards a global currency and he answered unequivocally that he would,” said Bachmann. “And President Obama gave the nation the same assurances. But just a day later, Secretary Geithner has left the option on the table. I want to know which it is. The American people deserve to know.”

    On Monday, Geithner and Bernanke both rejected the idea of a global currency in Congressional testimony. But in remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday, Geithner indicated he was open to the idea.



    Senate reviewing how college football picks No. 1

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Everyone from President Barack Obama on down to fans has criticized how college football determines its top team. Now senators are getting off the sidelines to examine antitrust issues involving the Bowl Champion Series.

    The current system “leaves nearly half of all the teams in college football at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to qualifying for the millions of dollars paid out every year,” the Senate Judiciary’s subcommittee on antitrust, competition policy and consumer rights said in a statement Wednesday announcing the hearings.

    Under the BCS, some conferences get automatic bids to participate in series, while others do not.

    Obama and some members of Congress favor a playoff-type system to determine the national champion. The BCS features a championship game between the two top teams in the BCS standings, based on two polls and six computer ratings.

    Behind the push for the hearings is the subcommittee’s top Republican, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah. People there were furious that Utah was bypassed for the national championship despite going undefeated in the regular season.

    The title game pitted No. 1 Florida (12-1) against No. 2 Oklahoma (12-1); Florida won 24-14 and claimed the title.

    The subcommittee’s statement said Hatch would introduce legislation “to rectify this situation.” No details were offered and Hatch’s office declined to provide any.

    Hatch said in a statement that the BCS system “has proven itself to be inadequate, not only for those of us who are fans of college football, but for anyone who believes that competition and fair play should have a role in collegiate sports.”

    In the House, Rep. Joe Barton of Texas, the top Republican on the Energy and Commerce Committee, has sponsored legislation that would prevent the NCAA from calling a football game a “national championship” unless the game culminates from a playoff system.

  37. djia,

    I guess it must be a slow work year for the senate…no other national problems to deal with.

    Next they will probably start burning books that don’t have bimbo and his wife’s smiling face on the cover.

  38. Good God. Not a peep about breaking up the megabanks, but they want to spend the Senate’s time “examining antitrust issues” over F$#CKING COLLEGE FOOTBALL???!!!


    I Feel like my name is now ALICE….but this ain’t no wonderland


  40. What a waste of time and tax payer money. We are in an economic crisis, and they are worrying about college football. Rome is burning, and Nero is fiddling. Disgusting.

    Dija: We just need Rod Sterling to say “You are now in the Twilight Zone.”

  41. wbboei

    Please CONTINUE posting anything you think worthy or interesting. I’d much rather trust your judgement than
    a. be ignornat, or
    b. read such things in their native haunts

    If people don’t like them, they can scroll past. Maybe you should put a line of spoilers or something on top as a warning.





  43. Clinton strikes humbler tone, and it plays well in Mexico


    MONTERREY, Mexico — In her years on the political stage, Hillary Clinton wasn’t always seen as the most humble of national figures. Yet in a two-day trip through Mexico that ended Thursday, Secretary of State Clinton has served up humility at every stop. She’s acknowledged in no uncertain terms that the bloody drug wars here are, in part, America’s fault.

    She’s compared the 7,000-plus deaths in drug violence over the past 15 months to the crime wave that hit the U.S. in the 1980s and ’90s. “There are problems in any country. I spend my time thinking about the problems in my country as well,” Clinton told students and faculty in Monterrey on the campus of Universidad TecMilenio, a high-tech private university with campuses, real and virtual, across the country.

    Clinton’s tone is part of a conscious public diplomacy effort by the Obama administration to change world opinion of the U.S., which sank deeply during his predecessor’s eight years due to the war in Iraq, the treatment of detainees and other actions. The approach by Clinton, who’s on her first trip as top U.S. diplomat to Latin America, seemed to be playing well.

    Mexico, like many other countries in the hemisphere, has often bristled at what it sees as arrogance and hypocrisy from its larger, richer and more populous neighbor. Mexicans have objected to U.S. news coverage of Mexico that’s focused solely on the drug problem – and to statements by top American officials suggesting this country is on its way to becoming a failing state, not in control of all of its territory.

    “It seems to me, it starts with tone,” former U.S. ambassador to Mexico James Jones said in an interview before Clinton arrived here. “The tone should be, the U.S. and Mexican governments have one common enemy, that’s organized crime.”

    A U.S. military report warned in January that drug-fueled violence threatened to topple the Mexican government. Dennis Blair, the national intelligence director, told reporters on Thursday, however: “Mexico is in no danger of becoming a failed state.” He said the growing violence is a result of the Mexican government’s campaign against drug traffickers, and added, “The Mexican campaign is our campaign.”

    In her speech at the university in Monterrey, Clinton tried to steer the discussion of U.S.-Mexico relations away from the drug issue, speaking about the commercial ties and global interests that increasingly bind the two nations.
    To reinforce the point, she later visited a modern biogas plant that’s producing renewable energy. “I think it has been unfortunate that the courageous fight that Mexico has waged against the drug cartels has gotten so much attention, to the exclusion of all the other issues,” she said in response to a question.

    The drug wars, however, were never far from the surface of Clinton’s trip.
    Monterrey has been the scene in recent months of at least two anti-U.S. attacks that have been linked to narcotics traffickers. In the most serious, assailants struck the U.S. consulate here in October, firing guns and throwing grenades over the wall, although they didn’t explode. Mexican officials have arrested a suspect who’s allegedly tied to one of the country’s leading crime barons.

    In Mexico City, Clinton visited the modern new Iztapalapa base for Mexico’s federal police. With U.S. financial help, the federal police is trying to improve its ability to confront organized crime, a task now largely undertaken by the military. During her brief stay, Clinton saw a simulated hostage rescue and was briefed on missions undertaken by U.S.-made Blackhawk helicopters, which were on display.

  44. wbboei Says:
    March 26th, 2009 at 7:59 pm

    If we legalize MJ and tax it like cigs, we would be able to pay for healthcare. I would love to see the Fraud have the balls to sugn that bill!
    That may be a closer call for him than you might think. Drug legalization is one of the three things Soros wants him to do as President.


    Ellen Ratner
    Bureau Chief Talk RAdio News for Fox

    Fox/Ratner: EASY POST – You Go, Hillary — The Secretary of State Tells the Truth In Mexico

    [ The following is Ratner’s opinion. I expect that even thouogh Ratner agrees with this, she’s trying to put more words in HIllary’s mouth than Hillary would say. ]

    By making drugs illegal instead of decriminalizing them (not legalizing, but decriminalizing) we have made the cartels in Mexico almost as powerful as those in Columbia.
    It means making sure that if people want drugs they can get them, and get them without having to rob or cheat or murder to get the money. No, I am not advocating running to your local pharmacy to get over-the- counter cocaine, but let these people get these drugs from centers where every time someone asks for “a fix” there is an opportunity for intervention and treatment and prevention. This problem will never be solved without it — and Secretary Clinton was brave to put the truth on the table.

    EASY POST. No login. Post goes up quickly.

  45. UPDATE 1-Obama to discuss regulatory reform with bankers

    Thu Mar 26, 2009

    To discuss regulatory reforms, exec bonuses, other topics
    * To get update from top bank CEOs on exactly what they see
    * Geithner to meet with Financial Services Roundtable

    WASHINGTON, March 26 (Reuters) – President Barack Obama will
    talk about regulatory reform, risks to the financial system and executive bonuses when he meets top bankers on Friday, the White House said on Thursday. “Wall Street and Main Street, all of us, are in the same boat together,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. He said Obama would receive an update from top bank chief executives “on precisely what they’re seeing” in the troubled financial sector.

    The Obama administration is ramping up efforts to reach out to the financial community to ensure its participation in government plans to stabilize the financial system. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is scheduled to meet Thursday evening with the Financial Services Roundtable, which represents the largest financial services firms. Geithner unveiled on Monday more details on the government’s plan to cleanse banks’ balance sheets of up to $1 trillion in distressed assets, most of them tied to mortgages.

    Earlier on Thursday, Treasury released its plans for regulatory reform, calling for broad changes to curb risk-taking on Wall Street, including a new regulator to oversee the entire financial system. The announcements came on the heels of an outpouring of public outrage over $165 million in bonuses being paid at troubled insurer American International Group (AIG.N), which has been propped up with up to $180 billion from taxpayers.

    Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to claw back most of the AIG bonus money, making investors and banks wary of partnering with the government
    because of fears that the rules could later change. Goldman Sachs is prepared to pay back the U.S. government’s
    $10 billion Troubled Asset Relief program (TARP) investment as soon as allowed by regulators, a person familiar with the situation said on Tuesday. A growing number of financial firms that have received aid from the $700 billion TARP have said they plan to repay the
    money after lawmakers tagged on restrictions involving executive pay and dividend policies. A White House official said earlier this week that Obama plans to “reiterate his belief that getting the economy back on track will require an understanding that each of us must look
    beyond our own short-term interests to the wider set of obligations we have to each other in order for America to

    why else would this be happening??

    Eligibility lawyer says Homeland Security shadowing him
    Reports incidents involving county, federal agents

  47. Oh hillary is on greta on the record..cant wait to see her…
    Geez i wish she was President..100 times better than having that liar in there …

  48. Why is he even dealing with the matter of legalizing marijuana? Why is he wasting precious time dealing with b-rated matters when there are so many critical matters to deal with?

    I just can’t believe that this boy who doesn’t seem to have matured out of kindergarten was voted in as potus. This has got to be the cruelest joke of all.

  49. And of all the questions he could have chosen from the thousands that came in online, he chose this matter???

  50. bluegirl Says:

    March 26th, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    I hope the Rebubs do vote out Arlen Spectre. It’s too bad they didn’t vote him out long ago.
    i hope they do to and barney frank and kerry kennedy all them backstabber s and dodd reid pelossii…get them out of there there crooks liars cheaters …been in there to damn long TIMe for a brand NEW COngress and Brand new everything…because bambi is false Change and hope …ALL Americans Should Keep your Change and ELect all NEW People..Check them all out for 2010…

  51. UN panel touts new global currency reserve system

  52. Legalizing any illegal drug is NOT the way to go. I hope that never happens in my lifetime.

    I also think that anyone who uses any illegal drug or sells it, has as much blood on their hands as the one’s who did the actual killing.

    We have to get rid of the drugs, not make them legal. Maybe we should start taking out those using them and selling them. That would be a good place to start.

  53. And while I’m on the subject. I’m thinking if obama hasn’t been able to quit the tobacco habit, what makes anyone think he was able to quit the coke habit, which I’ve always heard was very hard to quit.

  54. Coincidence?

    1. Holder says Justice Dept should not do so many raids (though now they’ve done another one)
    2. Hillary talks about the Mexico drug problem being partly caused by US demand for drugs.
    3. Fox bureau head agrees with HIllary, recommends ‘de-criminalizing’ to take the profit out of pot (And a few other unexpected people?)
    4. Pro-pot groups pack the ‘question’ site.
    5. Obama chooses that question, though without much answer.

  55. Hillary looking great in Red. She’s sympathetic to Mexico, maybe a bit too much. STOP the fcukers at the border. Hill is definitely not taking a hairdresser with her. She looks relaxed, sounds relaxed and sending good vibes. Wants to talk to North Korea, 6 party talks. I don’t think we need to give away our might…no wimps

  56. yep dot Hillary relaxed and look very rested and smart..yes but greta come back on in 2 hours again so you can see her paula..the Natural Hillary with her smartness at work.I only trust her .i cant even trust anyone else In that adminstration.

  57. Everytime I see and listen to Hillary speak, with or without a hairdo, I just feel sick that she is not the leader of our country.

  58. turndownobama-com Says:

    March 26th, 2009 at 10:17 pm


    Couldn’t have said it any better!

  59. that best thing jan no uhhs and uggs ..I understand her ,,bambi his damn talking drives me nuts i can never follow to what he is saying
    he goes off subject with to many uhhs and ummms

  60. Jan, you are so right. Hillary doesn’t need NO FCUKING TELEPROMPTER. She’s got real class, real smarts, real brains and bigger cajones than Bambi or LanternJam(tm) will ever own. Damn right she should be President. I can’t stand Dick Morris but I’ll agree with him tonight .. BAMBI is turning the World upside down.

    You know I’ve often thought about why Bambi would ask Hillary to be on the team. She’s the smartest person in the administration without a doubt. But I’ve been thinking that Bambi knows his administration is a one termer and that he’s gonna destroy the country. I think he didn’t want to see Hillary come back and he wants to take her down with him. It becomes clearer every day

  61. I agree, CJ, however, if Pelosi would not allow impeachment to be on the table for George Bush, you can bet she’d fight like a tiger to protect BO, no matter what he does.

  62. She just inspires so much confidence when she speaks.

    I’m not sure what obama inspires but it sure isn’t that.

  63. Jan, haven’t you been inspired by the Obamas to go out and dig up part of you lawn and plant a bunch of arugula?

  64. I agree, CJ, however, if Pelosi would not allow impeachment to be on the table for George Bush, you can bet she’d fight like a tiger to protect BO, no matter what he does.
    If things get rough between now and 2010 poopsie will not be house majority leader. She will be blamed for the debacle in the campaign. She will be more toxic than those toxic assets bambi is trying to pawn off on the American People to protect his Wall Street Friends. Her fate is tied to the success or failure of the stimulus plan-and the state of the economy. If her drinking problem comes to light that will be a further mark against her.

  65. Hillary was fabulous on Greta!

    In other news, there’s a new book out, “House of Cards: A Tale of Hubris and Wretched Excess on Wall Street“, and here is a lovely little tidbit about Geithner:

    Here is Cayne on Tim Geithner, then the president of the New York Fed, now the Treasury Secretary, when he refused to bail out his bank. “This guy thinks he’s got a big dick. He’s got nothing, except maybe a boyfriend. I’m not a good enemy. I’m a very bad enemy … for some clerk to make a decision about whether or not they’re a good credit? Who the f*** asked you? I want to open up on this f*****, that’s all I can tell you.”

    I’m not surprised at the quote from Geithner. I’ve said for ages that the wheeler dealers on Wall Street were doing nothing more than playing a huge game of whose dick is bigger. Pissy little insecure frat boys, the lot of them.

    I’m getting really tired of a male-hierarchal society continually screwing up the lives of millions, all because they seem constitutionally incapable of THINKING, and instead turn everything they touch into one big wankfest virility contest.

    Yeah, you have winkies. I get it. I am *cough* suitably impressed. Here, here’s my impressed face: Oooooooooo!

    Now may we zip up and fix the f#@king country, please?.

  66. LOL…Southern Born,

    I don’t even know what arugula looks or tastes like. Give me brocolli, carrots, and tomatoes any day.

  67. Here are a few reasons why nothing has been done for the People who need HELP the most:

    Obama and Geither expect to seize financial firms they deem are a THREAT to the Economy.

    They took this right out of the George W Bush play book using the merits of National Security! Geither is roiling an attack on the financial system in a preemptive attack. The same preemptive attack Bush used to sell the War..Just substitute the words Iraq in Bush’s SOTU speech with the “Economy”…

    I thought this was called Treason and Sedition in another lifetime?

    Goal Is to Limit Risk to Broader Economy (yeah, right)

    Geithner Seeks Broader Powers

    Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner asked lawmakers to give him powers similar to those of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which can seize control of banks, take over their bad assets and sell the good ones to competitors.
    Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner today told Congress the administration will seek unprecedented power to seize non-bank financial companies whose collapse could jeopardize the economy, a move Geithner said would have allowed the government to bail out insurance giant American International Group at a far lower cost to taxpayers.

    The government at present has the authority to seize only banks.

    Allowing the Treasury Department to take over a broader range of companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, would mark a significant shift from the existing model of financial regulation, which relies on independent agencies that are shielded from the political process. The Treasury secretary, a member of the president’s Cabinet, would exercise the new powers in consultation with the White House, the Federal Reserve and other regulators.

    “Our system permitted a scale of risk taking that has caused grave damage to the fortunes of all Americans,” Geithner said in testimony before the House Financial Services Committee. ” . . . We must create a new resolution authority so that the federal government has the tools it needs to unwind an institution of the size and complexity of AIG.”

    The administration plans to send legislation to Capitol Hill this week. The hearing on Capitol Hill was scheduled to address the furor over bonuses paid to executives at AIG, which the government has propped up with about $180 billion in federal aid. The company paid more than $165 million in retention bonuses to employees at its Financial Products division, the same unit whose complex derivatives largely precipitated the company’s downfall.

    Republican lawmakers used their opening statements to question who in the Obama knew about the bonuses and whether more could have been done to stop them. They also voiced strong reservations about whether the new administration’s economic track record so far could support a move to further expand its powers.

    read more at link:


    good read…

    …Last night, while not coming right out and accusing Obama of outright dishonesty, Ed Henry of CNN asked the toughest question of the night — why Obama had waited 3 days to voice his “outrage” when he had known days before it became public that the bonuses were going to be paid.

    This caught Obama completely off guard. Because the question not only called into question his honesty, but the subtext was that Obama had been engaging in the kind of phony political posturing that Obama said he was going to change. What followed was a moment that showed Obama brought to the brink of losing his temper. With virtual contempt in his voice he answered, “because I like to know what I’m talking about before saying anything:”

    It had become clear from information that became public last week ( see the blog post “The President Who Decried Bonus Wolves”) that Obama’s “outrage” over the AIG bonuses was, in fact, a fake. He not only knew in advance that the bonuses would be paid, he actually gave the go ahead to Treasury to ask Senator Dodd to insert the loophole that allowed them to be paid.Then, after the bonuses were paid and all hell broke loose , Obama was publicly “outraged”.

    For anyone who has followed Obama’s statements and speeches from the primary campaign through the general election, making statements without knowing what he was talking about has never been an obstacle. From taking one position and then completely reversing it concerning the DC gun law struck down by the Supreme Court, or reversing himself on Jerusalem within 24 hours, or a promise to vote against the FISA bill and then voting for it, or a pledge to accept only public campaign financing and then doing the opposite, one cannot exactly take what Obama says to the bank, especially since that bank has a number of toxic assets for quite some time. But what was telling this time was the flash of controlled that anger Obama showed when confronted by Ed Henry who did something no other journalist had attempted — poke a hole in the Obama facade and challenge his veracity.

    Up to now the press had been behaving more like Obama’s valet than an adversary, doing everything but pressing his clothes. During the primary and general election campaign the press largely let Obama get away with saying just about anything. Nothing that he had said had been challenged before by a journalist –at least not until he started running for President.

    A Chicago Tribune reporter wrote about his personal experience he had with Obama a few years ago when he challenged him on the validity of a statement he made during a phone conversation. According to this reporter Obama blew up on the phone, completely lost his temper and, according to the reporter, ranted at him. This is not unusual behavior for someone who carefully crafts a facade that he himself may even come to believe is real. When the self deluded are confronted with a reality that threatens the delusion they become hostile. And that is what happened last night when Ed Henry tried to pull back the curtain attempting to give a glimpse of who the Wizard behind the curtain really was.

    Obama was like an undefeated prize fighter who never before had to take a punch because no journalist had ever thrown one. Henry’s punch landed and for a brief moment, though it wasn’t a knockout blow, dazed him. It was a punch Obama obviously never saw coming because of a mostly compliant news media or, to continue the fight analogy, a news media that could be called a Bum of the Month Club. The only defense Obama had was a snide, clearly contemptuous answer, almost as if to say how dare you even ask the question. Then he did what any fighter who is in momentary trouble does — retreat and get out of trouble — and he went on to the next question.

    …it goes on…

  69. “Republican lawmakers used their opening statements to question who in the Obama knew about the bonuses and whether more could have been done to stop them. They also voiced strong reservations about whether the new administration’s economic track record so far could support a move to further expand its powers.”

    Seeing we’re in a Financial Crisis… there is no reason why Congress couldn’t have passed legislation which included: A Notice of a moratorium on any Bonus Pay Outs to corporate executives at ANY Institution receiving Tax Payer Bail-Out Funds.

    Whats worse is Obama went along with the Bill willingly. he signed it. Obama is the enabler..

  70. S Says:

    March 26th, 2009 at 11:12 pm


    Excellent article.

    “The only defense Obama had was a snide, clearly contemptuous answer, almost as if to say how dare you even ask the question.”

    How dare Ed Henry ask such a question of the antichrist???

    Well we all know that contempt breeds contempt. obama is a phony, two-bit crook, with zilch for brains, and the sleeziest of manners. Makes for a great totus.


    Hachetface Scowl is maniacally jealous. It seems Bambi has been spending too much time with Tele and they have grown inseparable.

    Their steamy relationship is grist for the tabloids, and the internet. Tele has become a celebrity over night. Mattel has replaced Ken and Barbi with Bambi and Tele. Bots are buying.

    But Hatchetface isn’t. On the contrary, she is seething with rage. And as she is seethes, she digs– in the White House garden. Rodadendrums, roses and lilac bulbs??? That is what she want you to think. But no. That is a clever rouge.

    In fact, Hatchetface has been shopping for a casket large enough for to hold a teleprompter, and is digging a shallow grave for Tele in that White House garden as we speak. And when the foul deed is done it will be good night Tele. –til death do you part! And no corpus delecti to worry about.

    But the plot is not without its pitfalls. The threshold problem Hatchetface is wrestling with how is how to separate those two love birds. If she could just pry them apart long enough she plant that shovel on the back of Teles head and reclaim her erstwhile hubby. But that is easier said than done.

    The other problem is competence–or rather the lack thereof. Simply put there is no one in the Obama inner circle including Bambi himself who is half as smart as Tele. Hence, the demise of Tele could mean the demise of the country during this historic presidency.

    But that is no dilemma for Hatchetface. Given a choice between the welfare of the nation and her own petty jealousy, as Shakespeare said passion is lord of reason. If you doubt that you need only consider the boorish comment she made toward the most effective member of her husband’s administration who invited her to a conference on women.

    No good deed goes unpunished– when Hatchetface is the beneficiary

  72. I have a friend that invents incidents and really her past life. When I know that the incident is wrong, or I suspect it to be wrong, I directly say, I have observed that, and never seen this behavior or this thing happen. She usually backs down, and does not discuss that with me again. She also tends to recall incidence that only dead people can validate. When these people were alive, this was never brought up so it could be validated.

    In her current life she tends not to tell me things that are derogatory, or paints a really rosey picture. I usually find other members of her family and I pump them to get to the truth.

    I really have a difficult time dealing with this as everything they tell me becomes suspect, just like it is with O. So I hold everything she says up to investigation.

    I am beginning to feel that way about O. I think everything he says needs to be invetigated. I find that in a President or any leader disturbing.

  73. A Chicago Tribune reporter wrote about his personal experience he had with Obama a few years ago when he challenged him on the validity of a statement he made during a phone conversation. According to this reporter Obama blew up on the phone, completely lost his temper and, according to the reporter, ranted at him. This is not unusual behavior for someone who carefully crafts a facade that he himself may even come to believe is real. When the self deluded are confronted with a reality that threatens the delusion they become hostile. And that is what happened last night when Ed Henry tried to pull back the curtain attempting to give a glimpse of who the Wizard behind the curtain really was.
    A sociopath. Surely they see it. But most of them take the cowardly path of Ann Compton. If instead of asking whether his race made it more difficult she should have asked whether his sociopathic tendencies made it more difficult to govern. Ann is an enabler.

  74. wbboei Says:
    March 27th, 2009 at 12:01 am



    ROTFL!! How did I miss that? Must reread that section and see if I missed anything else.

  75. your welcome paula
    i think poopsie is crazy anyway she shakes her head when she talks and blinks those eyes i mute her too she does not ever make sense…she reminds me of janet reno with the parkisons,in which i like janet reno.

  76. wbboei 12:10

    There were so many incidents that were brought up during the Primary and ignored.

    1. Yours
    2. What other Senators said about him in his short career
    3. What contemporaty lawyers said about him that worked with him
    4. The incident with the reports where he just walked out on them

    There was no excuse for ignoring the growing mountain of evidence. It is like a Jury/Judge put a you know what back on the streets, and now we live in fear of the next move.

  77. To continue NMF’s most recent thought into this next day, during campaign season, Obama never wanted to look back; and he forbad it of all others as well. A trait very similar to GWB’s objections toward ‘old news’ whenever someone appeared to be expecting some accountability for a past action or statement.

    I’m not certain if we the subjects are currently permitted to look back, but now that O has succeeded in clawing and cheating his way into the Oval Office, he certainly allows himself that luxury. Loves to look back at the last 8 years. And criticize. And mock.

    GWB and Condi are now taking the high ground. Refuse to go negative on him. Eventually this will harm him.

  78. Clinton Says Mexico Violence at ‘Intolerable’ Level (Update1)

    By Thomas Black

    March 26 (Bloomberg) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said drug violence in Mexico and border areas of the U.S. has reached an “intolerable” level that demands both countries join forces to fight back. “We need to worry about what’s coming north,” Clinton said today at a university in the northern industrial city of Monterrey. “But Mexican people are worried about what’s coming south — assault weapons, bazookas, grenades. We’ve got to get together on this.”

    The U.S. has pledged stepped-up efforts to help prevent the drug war from weakening Mexico and pushing more violence into American communities. Clinton has made the partnership against drug cartels — and acknowledgement of the U.S. role in driving up demand for narcotics — themes of her two-day visit to Mexico.

    Mexican President Felipe Calderon has sent military troops to some cities, including Monterrey, to crack down on drug cartels, which supply 90 percent of the cocaine consumed in the U.S. More than 6,200 people were killed last year in drug- related violence, double the total for the year before.

    ‘An American Problem’

    “The U.S. recognizes that drug trafficking is not only Mexico’s problem,” Clinton said. “It is also an American problem. And we in the U.S. have a responsibility to help you address it.”
    Clinton was accompanied to the TecMilenio campus of Monterrey Tec University by the school’s chairman, Lorenzo Zambrano, who is chief executive officer of Cemex SA, the world’s third-largest cement company.
    “Mexican young people can be a transformative force at this critical juncture in your country’s history,” Clinton told an audience of students. “I urge you to seize this moment and join your voices in this struggle.”

    Before departing Mexico City for Monterrey, Clinton got a look at how Mexico’s law enforcement officials plan to use helicopters to fight crime. Officials told Clinton that the development of a network of 10 air bases would allow police to respond to any incident within 90 minutes. The presentation at Iztapalapa base, a prototype for the other nine, was conducted by Captain Eduardo Laris, coordinator of air transport for the Federal Police.

    At her university appearance today, Clinton talked about how the U.S. fought to reign in drug violence with actions such as a ban on assault weapons.

    Calderon Meeting

    Clinton met yesterday with Calderon in what she described as productive talks in support of a joint effort by the U.S. and Mexico to fight drug cartels. “I feel very good about the strategy being employed in Mexico,” she said.

    Clinton’s trip to Mexico followed an announcement on March 24 by the Obama administration that more border agents will be deployed to stem drug-related violence that has spilled into the U.S. President Barack Obama plans to visit Mexico next month. Clinton said the U.S. will take into account “a lot of very legitimate concerns” about the construction of a wall along parts of the almost 2,000-mile (3,200-kilometer) border between the U.S. and Mexico. For some areas, the barrier might not make sense, she said. “We’re taking a hard look at that and trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t,” Clinton said in a news conference following her speech today.

    Her talks with Calderon and Mexican officials spanned issues beyond the drug fight, including the economic recession, clean energy and hemispheric challenges, Clinton said said. A list of tasks and a timeline for results will be developed for the two countries’ common issues, she said.

    Clinton today also toured the Basilica of Guadalupe in the capital, a major Roman Catholic shrine, where she received a blessing from a cleric.

  79. Sebelius faces hearing on HHS nomination

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius faces a confirmation hearing next week in Washington on her nomination as U.S. secretary of health and human services. Sebelius will testify April 2 before the Senate Finance Committee, which will then decide whether to send the nomination to the full Senate. She’s expected to face little opposition.

    That won’t be the Kansas governor’s only stop on Capitol Hill next week. On Tuesday, she’s scheduled to go before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee in what’s being billed as a courtesy hearing.

    Sebelius was nominated March 2 by President Barack Obama to head the Department of Health and Human Services. If confirmed, she will resign as governor and be replaced by Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson.

  80. It goes without saying that at a time when more and more Americans are losing their jobs, and heath care coverage along with it (subject to cobra, etc) it is imperative that the individual appointed by the President be someone with a broad background in the heath care field and a proven track record problemsolving within that particular discipline. That kind of experience is vitally important to the nation.

    Putting aside the fact that we have a president who is lacks the requisite experience to do his job, and it shows every day, what specific background and qualifications does this political hack have that provide the requiste experience in this vital field? I do not know. I am just asking. If past is prologue then she too is unqualified.

  81. To continue NMF’s most recent thought into this next day, during campaign season, Obama never wanted to look back; and he forbad it of all others as well
    Robert Burns foresaw the rise of the obamarat when he first spied a barnyard mouse in re. the past, present and future:

    But Mousie, thou are no thy-lane,
    In proving foresight may be vain:
    The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
    Gang aft agley,
    An’ lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
    For promis’d joy!

    Still, thou art blest, compar’d wi’ me!
    The present only toucheth thee:
    But Och! I backward cast my e’e,
    On prospects drear!
    An’ forward, tho’ I canna see,
    I guess an’ fear!

  82. wwoebi,

    If it wasn’t for the fact that so much is at stake with regards to the economy, health care, world peace, I would say let these idiots have at it and watch with glee as they show their true character flaws and greed. It would be a pleasure to have obama and his cronies all fall flat on their faces and destroy their own reputations forever more.

    The sad part is they would take a whole nation and possible the world down with them, not give a damn, and never take responsibility for their damaging actions.
    So one side of me hopes they succeed in putting America to rights again. But the more cynical side of me admits that they are flying by the seats of their pants and no one is safe.

    Pretty scary stuff.

  83. I do not see their success and the success of the country as being the same. I believe they are at cross purposes. If you believe as I do that these are corrupt people, then the hypothetical possibility of success raises the liklihood of greater corruption. I believe these people are using a crisis to reward their cronies. If I had the time and the inclination, I am quite sure I could sort throuth the pork in the stimulus bill and the beneficiaries in the bailout bill and show a correllation between prior political support to Mr Obama and the receipt of public monies that it could be called a ROI (return on investment). By design, the economic theory he embraces is invalid, the metrics he uses are fantasy, but it provides cover to loot. He inherited a recession and it is more probable than not that he will turn it into something far worse.

  84. I spoke to the brilliant lady I know in the midwest yesterday. She is of course a strong Hillary supporter, with a backgound in communications and small town newspaper business for over a century.

    During the campaign she would watch all the cable channels, ascertain their strategies–how they would conflate the coverage to elevate Bambi and destroy his opponents. Her strategic assessments were uniformly accurate.

    She told me yesterday that she no longer watches Mr. Obama. She has the same visceral reaction to him that I do. I cannot watch him either. At this point, we can read him like a book. He is without question a sociopath, and he will lead us into deeper problems. And with rare exceptions the media function as his butt boy.

    It is like watching some Stalinist era propaganda film.

  85. Good Morning All

    Jan H I agree with you. German was in a terrible depression when they Followed Hitler. I know they knew he was a worrysome leader, but they were afraid not to follow him because of he economic situation.

    However, I ask my self, being of this heritage, had they not followed him, what would have happened. One thing I know is that probably the Jewish people would not have lost many of their relatives in a horrible way, and of course everything their ancestors owned. What price Germay would have paid I do not know. Somehow, I feel what ever would have happened to them is not as bad as what did.

    So maybe there is part of me that agrees with wbboei, that it is more important not to follow a corrupt leader, come what may in the economy. I have people close to me that are suffering, so it is not like I don’t feel some of this pain. One relative has been foreclosed on, one if they do foreclose will lose all of their savings, two are without jobs, one just got a new job, and cannot sell a house so is paying for two residence.

    I also worry that a society that is so tied to your credit report is developing a large group of people who will have terrible credit, and many of them just got caught in the wrong job or wrong part of the country.

  86. Telebama Swivel neck At it again:Reading and giving away money we no longer have and precious American lives.He sounded more like a muslim than APOTUS.Hillary looked on with head held high and as beautiful as ever.What a contrast in what we have and what could have been.It has to be you Hillary in 2012 if not sooner.The longer he stays in office,the deeper we go into debt.Is there no way to get rid of this blight that is destroying our standing in the world and our suffering population.

    By ABM90 “But for the DNC We Could Have Had Hillary”

  87. The typical bot response when you say anything critical about their messiah is you must be a republican.

    If it were only that simple.

    The fact is that like many of us, our opposition to the one and everything he stands for is motivated by a sense of history, economics. political philosophy and in the last analysis common sense.

    At times that coincides with a republican position and at other times it does not.

    But the presence of a sociopathic leader, a movement, a cowering press, a call for national service and an impending economic collapse does not bode well, when viewed through the lens of history.

  88. “He is without question a sociopath, and he will lead us into deeper problems. And with rare exceptions the media function as his butt boy.”


    Yes. And I hope both he and his media lovers rott in….

  89. Saw this in a topic on the aol story lines. Did the blog know that Geithner did not pay a penality on his back Taxes. I wonder what the justification for that wa

    Timothy Geithner
    Despite Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign trail claim that paying taxes was “patriotic,” the Obama administration doesn’t seem focused on paying their own taxes. (Guess that means it’s patriotic for everyone else?) Geithner became the Treasury Secretary after paying $42,000 in back taxes and interest (but, interestingly, no penalties assessed) owed on some income he received while working for the International Monetary Fund. Is it too ironic for the IRS to be “confused” about what’s taxable

  90. NewMexicoFan Says:

    March 27th, 2009 at 10:32 am


    Thanks. Very well said. It’s hard to know what would have happened if this or that wouldn’t have taken place. One thing we do know is that throughout history there are monsters who have ruled and ruined…Hitler, Amin, obama…etc…etc…

  91. Apart from the economy, we have the issue of security.

    The CIA has warned of an attack on our soil emanating from Saudi backed group in Britain. The FBI has voiced similar concerns about a Mugbai type attack (see Mueller comments).

    Obviously, an attack upon the United States would provide this bohemian corporal with the justification he needs to declare marshall law, lock down ours society and suppress dissent–pro bono publico.

    The welfare of the people has always been the alibi of tyrants–Camus.

  92. The above is not fanciful. The Constitution grants broad powers to the President in time of war. And history has shown those powers were indeed exercised. Lincoln did so in the Civil War and Roosevelt did so in World War II. And neither one of them was a sociopath, with the technology he has. I know it sounds far fetched, but I can assure you this is not a quantum leap. Remember his about face on FISA? Given the risks and challenges we face today as a country, I am hardpressed to see this guy as anything but trouble-a dictator.

  93. wbboei Says:

    And forward tho we cannot see I guess and fear.


    I’ll guess Tennyson translating some high-falutin’ Greek.


    OBAMA: now gentlepersons of the White House Press Corps welcome to my dungeon. Your messiah (moi) has an announement to make.

    WH PRESS CORPS: do tell Messiahobama

    OBAMA: I have set the groundrules and trained you to follow them on my command.

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh yes Messiahobama

    OBAMA: I have told you when to speak and what to say.

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh yes Messiagobama

    OBAMA: before the press conference my people contact those of you who will be allowed to ask a polite question. The rest of you have no standing to speak.

    WH PRESS CORPS: yes, Messiahobama, yes, yes

    OBAMA: after the press conferece my people follow up with you and your editor, so you know if your master is pleased.

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh yes Messiahobama. May I please have another.

    OBAMA: the bottom line is I want soft ball questions. That is why I invite you here. This is not the place for free thinking.

    WH PRESS CORPS: but of course, oh Messiahobama

    OBAMA: I have given you Gibbs to beat up on. Confine your hard questions to him. That is enough to titillate your audience. Let him be your foil. If you put me in that box, I will show you what a sociopath does to people who displease him.

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh thank you Messiahobama. (the voice of Jake Tapper can be heard gushing loudly above the chorus).

    OBAMA: now class, I will not comment on those of you who have incurred my displeasure by asking tough accurate questions. You know who you are, and you have made it harder on your colleaguges. I believe in group discipline as well as personal discipline. And so does Michelle.

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh Messiahobama we are sorry, repentant, please forgive us. We will never do that again, we promise. We will burn in effigy any colleage of ours who deigns to ask you an honest question.

    OBAMA: instead, I wish to recognize one among you who has done what I expect from the white house press corps which is to renounce the core principles of honest objective jouranlism and become a human lapdog who barks on my command.

    WH PRESS CORPS: do tell Messiahgobama, do tell, who is that paradigm of virtue, that saint in our midst, that epitome of all we aspire to be as white house journalists under your enlightened regime?

    OBAMA: I will answer that question directly, but first let me tell you what I have done. I have gone to the Pulitzer People and prevailed upon them to issue a new award for political journalism. These things have nicknames as you know–the oscar, the tony, so I had to think of something. Hatchetface suggested the butboy award and I have accepted it without objection. It depicts all we are looking for.

    WH PRESS CORPS: what a wonderful idea you have Messiahobama. And who may we ask is the lucky recipient? Dont let us pee our pants in excitement and anticipation–who among us is the chosen one?

    OBAMA: I will forgive your rude interruption and remind you again your role is to listen and nodd when I talk. Not to interrupt or question. My bona fides are above reproach. You must never question them.

    WH PRESS CORPS: we would never do that Messiahobama. We are lucky you waste your valuable time on unworthy subjects like us.

    OBAMA: you are not merely lucky, you are feted. Now, the award I have just described will be given to the journalist who does more than any of his or her peers and colleagues to deify me, villify my opponents and to promote my agenda which is to rob the middle class and reward my cronies. Shall I tell you who it is?

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh Messiagobama this is thrilling. But we all do the things you ask. We deify you, villify your opponents and legitimatize your looting. Or at least we try.

    OBAMA: trying is not good enough. What I want is consistent results. You are my propaganda people. Gibbs is merely my foil. I expect you to do your job. No exuses will be tolerated. Is that perfectly clear?

    WH PRESS CORPS: oh Messiah we try so hard to be good.

    OBAMA: the here is my imperial decree. For conduct unbecoming a journalist, and worshipful conduct toward me, and despite fierce competition from many others (Modo, Mitchell, Collins, Fouhey, Kornbutt, Maddog and other well known scumbags) the distinct of being the first recipient of the butboy award is none other than Ann Compton, for that wonderful question on race.

    Ann, come forward and be honored.

    COMPTON: oh messiah, the more I see you, the more I want you, somehow this feeling just grows and grows. (HATCHETFACE: Bwaaak you better knock off that shit or I’ll kick both of yer asses. I can dig two more holes in the White House garden if I have to!).

    OBAMA: oh shut the fuck up Michelle. I am tending to one of my flock. My words mean nothing–how long have we been married? Surel you know that much by now. Opps, I forgot you did say you went to Princeton.

    HATCHETFACE: . . . . (scowl and slow burn)

    OBAMA: now Ann, I know you love me. I understand. I love me too. And so does the rest of America. But I want to thank you publicly before your peers for that stupid softball question you gave me on race. It gave me the excuse I was looking for to remind the public that I am not like all those other presidents–except for Lincoln. I also want to say that everything that goes wrong over the eight years is Bushs fault, everything that goes right is my handiwork, and let a word to the wise be sufficent. Let those of you who want to continue to be White House journalists listen. And to Uncle Tony who is locked away in a federal center of incarceration I would say this: keep the faith old friend. Your pardon is in the mail.

  95. Warning, here comes some contrarian cheer up. There might be some bright spots and good guys out there we can support if we look for them.

    Hm, Hillary as Princess Leia. The rightful leader by all standards. The old republic, well, the DNC, taken over by a cheat. We’re Luke — but we have to look for the resistance in odd places. (Or, for that matter, Prince Caspian.)

    Our military does not support Obama. Neither does anyone else who knows what’s going on: the competent people who have positions of power because of their competence. (I include Cheney etc: evil but competent.)

    Crooks like the Combine (and many on Wall Street) will follow his destructive path as long as they can run off with loot. But there will be a floor, a point where they will want a healthy economy in which to spend their ill-gotten goods. Same at various levels on up in the world economy. At different levels, different ones will peel off from the nose-dive.

    Politically too there are other forces out there, sane nations. Obamania is a grass fire,but there are redwoods.

    Imo we need to look for bright spots and good guys in mufti and help them — or any guys who could possibly be or become allies of the good guys.

    Such as people who served in the Clinton 90s — such as Summers and Geithner.

  96. I’ll guess Tennyson translating some high-falutin’ Greek.

    Burns–the last line from the earlier posting upthread.

  97. gonzotx Says:

    March 26th, 2009 at 7:53 pm
    If we legalize MJ and tax it like cigs, we would be able to pay for healthcare. I would love to see the Fraud have the balls to sign that bill!

    Eric Holder, AG, indicated this is too…..bold.

    Even Bill was afraid to try this perfectly sensible idea. And Hillary too ducked this. Hillary would be a lot bolder than many other pols, but not on this topic.

    We need Dennis Kucinich for prez!!!

  98. Turndown. Like any sporting event, it is won by momentum. The bot takeover of the democratic party is now complete. No one dares to speak the truth on penalty of ostracision.

    The contrarian forces are in disarray. The republicans are weak and highly ineffective. The press is in the grip of the same monied interests who promoted his candidacy. The world is in shambles. We can be hopeful, but it is hard to be very optimistic.

    In some respects we are in the same position as the french resistance in world war II. Outmanned and outgunned we must pick our battles wisely. Our arguments are sound but we are far out from the fulcrum. We must sharpen them like spears.

    Since the American People are not inclined to dig for the truth, I have taken to the use of humor to get the truth about him across. The above posting about big media is an effort in that direction. It may be a little risque for some, but it is an effort to shame big media into asserting a role which they now longer remember but cannot seem to forget.

  99. Sec. Clinton Urged to Tackle Women’s Water Woes

    Dear Secretary Clinton: “Women of the World Need Safe Water”

    Washington, DC—March 25—In an unprecedented letter of concern to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, prominent women have urged enhanced U.S. leadership to reduce the burden on women from inadequate drinking water and sanitation in developing countries. The Secretary of State received the letter between International Women’s Day (March 8) and World Water Day (March 22) to emphasize this critical linkage.

    It is the first time that women in America have come together from such diverse fields – non-governmental, corporate, philanthropic, environmental and entertainment – to advocate the global importance of safe water and sanitation from a women’s perspective.
    In their letter, the women leaders urged Secretary Clinton to take five actions that would make this issue a higher priority in U.S. foreign policy:

    • appoint high-level advocates for water in the U.S. State Department and USAID
    • commit U.S. leadership on the world stage
    • significantly increase funding
    • complete the Senator Paul Simon Water for the Poor Act Strategy
    • hire qualified field staff

    The prominent women leaders characterized the global lack of water and sanitation as an urgent, but solvable, development challenge. Nearly one billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion people do not have a safe place to dispose their excreta or a place to wash their hands. Women and their children bear the most severe burden from this crisis. “If safe drinking water were accessible,” says the letter, “women would not waste 40 billion hours annually fetching water from distant and contaminated sources. Only with safe water will women and their families have a chance to live without debilitating water-borne diseases (such as cholera, typhoid, and amoebic dysentery). Only then will they free their time to engage in income-generating activities, education, and caring for their families.” Sanitation, a typically ignored women’s issue, is central to the women’s message. The letter points out that “latrines enhance girls’ attendance at school (especially once at the age of menstruation). They would provide dignity to the one billion women who otherwise defecate in the open, and reduce direct exposure to disease-causing pathogens.”

    Proven techniques and technologies are readily available to provide access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Experienced developmental organizations stand ready to increase their work with the U.S. government around the world. The letter also calls upon Secretary Clinton to encourage public-private partnerships to solve this global crisis and improve the condition of women and children worldwide. “It is often forgotten how important water is to women’s lives,” emphasized Andra Tamburro of the non-profit organization, Water Advocates. “Access to safe drinking water and sanitation is an essential step to empowering women.”

    The signers include the following:

    Harriet Babbitt
    Vice Chair of the Global Water Challenge; Former Deputy Administrator, USAID Kathy Baczko; Carol Bellamy
    President & CEO, World Learning; Frances Beinecke, President, NRDC;
    Katryn Bowe, Water Advocates; Sally Cowal Senior Vice President and Chief Liaison Officer, PSI; Patricia Dandonoli
    CEO of WaterAid America; Monica D. Ellis
    President & CEO, Global Environment & Technology Foundation; Helene Gayle
    President & CEO of CARE; Molly F. Greene, Founder, Chief Philanthropy Officer Water Missions International;
    Sherri Goodman Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense (Environmental Security); Patricia Hall
    President & Founder, H2O for Life;
    Ashley Judd; Nicole Lee Executive Director, TransAfrica Forum, Inc.; Lee Lysne, Executive Director, Kind World Foundation; Tanvi Nagpal, Director, Water and Sanitation Initiatives, Global Water Challenge; Melanie Nakagawa
    Attorney, International Program, NRDC;
    Michaela Oldfield, Water Advocates;
    Rachel Posner, Assistant Director, Global Water Futures Project; Kathleen Rogers, President, Earth Day Network;
    Jeannine B. Scott, Senior Vice President, Africare; Jane Seymour; Willa Shalit,
    Founder & CEO, Fair Winds Trading, Inc.; Mrs. Paul Simon; Andra Tamburro,
    Water Advocates; Christine Todd Whitman, President, The Whitman Strategy Group, Former Administrator, United States Environmental Protection Agency.,764349.shtml

  100. Commentary: Obama is flunking economics

    By Ruben Navarrette Jr.
    Special to CNN

    Editor’s note: Ruben Navarrette Jr. is a nationally syndicated columnist and a member of the editorial board of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

    SAN DIEGO, California (CNN) —

    Welcome to March Madness on the Potomac.

    Many Americans are so emotionally invested in the Obama presidency that they consider it too historic to fail. They won’t tolerate any criticism of the president or his administration, finding it easier to simply attack critics. And whatever goes wrong that they can’t defend or deflect, they just blame on George W. Bush.

    But to many of the rest of us, it’s clear that President Obama is flunking economics. He is trying to do too much at once, and so he is not doing any of it well. He vows to cut the federal deficit while proposing an avalanche of new spending that will — says the Congressional Budget Office — increase the national debt by as much as $9.3 trillion over the next decade.

    Here’s the really bad news, though. No matter what else goes awry, Obama’s strong suits are supposed to be communications and marketing. Yet, this week we learned that this isn’t the case when he has to communicate and market his message on economics.

    It doesn’t help matters much that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner seems too small for his chair. When he needs to inspire confidence, Geithner does the opposite. Whenever he speaks and comes up short on specifics, the Dow plummets. And when that happens, the Obama supporters don’t care and insist that Wall Street is part of the problem and thus can’t recognize the solution.

    This week, after learning of the Treasury Department’s plan to help banks unload so-called toxic assets, the market bounced back a bit. And now the Obama supporters are singing a different tune.

    But here’s the big question: When Wall Street smiles on a government bailout, is it a good or bad thing for average Americans? It depends on how much is being given away and who has to pay the bill.

    This much is indisputable: The administration’s economic plan is so sweeping, and our financial situation so precarious, that the administration needs nothing less than a master salesman for its economic agenda. Clearly, Geithner isn’t up to the job. The sooner he steps aside, the better it will be for the administration. According to the pundits, Obama is supposed to pick up the slack and seal the deals that Geithner can’t seem to close. However, anyone who tuned into this week’s press conference has to wonder whether the president hasn’t lost his touch. The popular narrative from conservatives — that Obama stumbles when he is off the teleprompter — is becoming more believable.

    When asked by a reporter about whether his budget would blow up the deficit and stick future generations with the bill, Obama got defensive and turned his answer into a slam against Republicans and then obfuscated his way through the rest of the question.
    When CNN’s Ed Henry asked the president why it took him so long to publicly condemn the more than $150 million in AIG bonuses, as opposed to New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo who turned the issue into a national outrage, Obama appeared to take a swipe at Cuomo, a fellow Democrat, by saying: “I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak.”

    Or maybe it’s just that Obama realized that his administration wasn’t guilt-free in the AIG debacle. There are many unanswered questions. Sen. Chris Dodd, D-Connecticut, told CNN last week that someone at the Treasury Department told him to put in the language in the bailout bill allowing for executive bonuses. If he’s telling the truth (and really who knows, given that CNN caught Dodd being untruthful on the subject earlier) we need to know who in the Obama administration ordered the loophole. And that person needs to be removed.

    This week’s news conference wasn’t exactly Obama’s finest hour. Still, it wasn’t as bad as making a mocking reference to the Special Olympics on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” or joking about the recession on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” How is it possible that someone who was so likeable and so inspiring while running for president could, day by day, be so unlikable and so uninspiring as president?

    It’s become more common for people to say that they want President Obama to fail. I don’t want him to fail. I want him to succeed. I just don’t see how we get there from here.

  101. Obama critics unveil own budget plan
    21 hours ago

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — Tired of being labeled “the party of ‘no’,” US President Barack Obama’s Republican critics said Thursday they could do a better job of spurring growth while keeping ballooning deficits in check. Spurred by sharp criticism from Obama, top Republicans in the House of Representatives brandished a glossy 18-page budget plan for a “Road to Recovery” and promised to flesh out its very spare details next Wednesday.

    “Two nights ago the president said, ‘We haven’t seen a budget yet out of Republicans’,” said House Minority Leader John Boehner. “Well, it’s not true, because here it is, Mister President.” “This is what we think is the best way to get our economy out of the ditch,” said Republican Representative Paul Ryan. “We’re going to show a leaner budget, a budget with lower taxes, lower spending and lower borrowing.”

    Although it has virtually no chance of passing, the plan may serve a useful political purpose as Obama and his Democratic allies tussle over the White House’s budget amid deep anxiety over swelling deficits.

    US budgets serve as statements of spending and tax priorities that form a non-binding guideline for appropriations committees that decide the government’s actual outlays.

    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs pounced on the document’s brevity and lack of details, saying: “it’s interesting to have a budget that doesn’t contain any numbers” and joking: “it took me several minutes to read it.”

    The Republican blueprint stays true to the party’s belief in tax cuts as a solution to a wide array of economic ills, offering to cut rates to 10 percent for people making 100,000 dollars per year or less, while using unspecified tax incentives to help expand healthcare coverage.

    “I think the party of ‘no’ has become the party of ‘no new ideas,'” said Gibbs, describing Republican promises to extend George W. Bush’s tax cuts as “a road map for the failed policies that got us into this mess.”

    On the energy front, the plan promises to lower US dependence on energy imports by allowing greater exploration while promoting nuclear power and renewable sources like wind and solar energy, but offers few details. Notably, the lack of specifics makes it impossible to calculate what the deficit, which threatens to explode under Obama’s budget, would be under the Republican plan.

    “The administration is glad that the Republicans heard the President’s call to submit an alternative. We just hope that next time it will contain actual numbers so somebody can evaluate what it means,” said Gibbs.

  102. Here are some insights on the current financial crisis by the head of International and Commercial Bank of China which is that country’s largest state owned bank, with assets in excess of 1.4 trillion dollars. Ten years ago, half of its portfolio consisted of bad loans and they worked there way though them.

    MacKensie the premier management consultant firm in the world offers this up as a source of enouragement to the world. Hoevever they fail to mention that China has had explosive growth in GDP thanks to its MFN status in 2000, unfettered access to US markets, outsourcing of our manufacturing sector to them, no wars to fight and a number of factors which are not just unique but sui generis. Nevertheless, his commentary is interesting.
    The Quarterly: How do you control risk in a big institution like ICBC and how do you build that into the culture of the organization?

    Jiang Jianqing: We’ve learned our lessons on risk. In June 1999, the nonperforming loan ratio at ICBC reached 47.5 percent. At the time, some Western media claimed Chinese banks were technically bankrupt. You can’t imagine the pressure we bankers faced then.

    The first step in addressing the problem was to focus on risk management. After I was appointed president3 in 2000, one of the first things I decided was that we must hold the nonperforming ratio for new loans to less than 2 percent of assets. We created a credit-management system to control existing and new loans. By addressing irregularities and punishing violators, the quality of new loans quickly improved. Since then, ICBC has kept its nonperforming ratio for new loans to 1.7 percent.

    Changes in the regulatory environment helped as well. In the wake of the Asian financial crisis, the Chinese government reorganized and developed the nation’s financial regulatory system, putting great emphasis on risk management, creating the China Banking Regulatory Commission, enacting a range of new rules and regulations, and introducing stricter external auditing and accounting standards. China’s large commercial banks developed sound governance structures and were subjected to close scrutiny from investors as they prepared to list shares publicly. This combination of internal and external factors substantially improved the governance of China’s financial institutions and left them in much better shape to manage risk today. Now ICBC’s bad loan ratio has been reduced to 2.2 percent.

    In the end, though, the key to risk control is employing good people. That’s why we put so much emphasis on ethics and developing a corporate culture that values precision, professionalism, and teamwork. Good governance is impossible without a good corporate culture.

    The Quarterly: In response to the global financial crisis, the Chinese government has recently announced a series of measures to spur domestic demand. How do you balance concerns about maintaining credit quality with the bank’s social responsibilities and government directives to support growth?

    Jiang Jianqing: The government’s recent decision to boost domestic demand offers a great opportunity for the banking industry. However, ICBC is a commercial bank and we have to view these opportunities from the business perspective. I believe we have the ability to seize the opportunity and spur economic growth while also controlling risks. The fact that China’s finance industry has not been badly hit by the ongoing crisis should be attributed to great efforts and timely reform initiated by the Chinese government after the Asian financial crisis. The high-risk situation that China’s banking institutions experienced before is the last thing we want to see this time.

    The Quarterly: Has the financial crisis altered your thinking about the merits of introducing more complicated forms of financial products, such as credit default swaps or other derivatives?

    Jiang Jianqing: Derivatives weren’t the straw that broke the camel’s back. The current crisis is the result of a combination of problems. We shouldn’t reject the need for innovation in financial services merely because it carries some element of risk with it. In China, we say: you can’t stop eating just because you’re afraid of choking on your food.

    China’s challenges differ from those faced by financial institutions in more developed economies. We haven’t suffered severe losses in the current crisis, because we didn’t invest in the complicated products that triggered it. But if you think carefully, this could be exactly where challenges emerge in the days to come. As interest rates are increasingly determined by the market and financial disintermediation that develops in China, the traditional loan-led banking model is bound to change. We’ll have to have more complicated financial products. Yes, we need to minimize risk, but we can’t dispense with innovation. The question is how to strike the proper balance. China’s banking industry will suffer setbacks. The best we can hope is to limit the pain of adjustment.

  103. wbboei,

    Astute commentary from you.

    I’ll lift yours and some of the story for Boojum Post perhaps with either more or less coffee. Right now, Jiang Jianqing is someone marching on the Nome King.

  104. How is it possible that someone who was so likeable and so inspiring while running for president could, day by day, be so unlikable and so uninspiring as president?
    Rose colored glasses.

  105. wbboei,

    In haste. Yes, y’all told me so in 2008, and y’all were right. The Kennedys were not redwoods, nor were the GOP. So Obama got into the WH on a tide of stupid votes.

    But are strong competent people in other nations going to let his POLICIES sweep beyond his popularity?

  106. but, but, regarding a terrorist attack on us, haven’t you heard that according to this administration there is NO SUCH THING as a terrorist. Dear Lord, I pray you have mercy upon our country, at least until we can vote that fraud out (and I mean a legit vote)

  107. But are strong competent people in other nations going to let his POLICIES sweep beyond his popularity?
    I think they are the counterforce to the delusionary excesses in this country at this time. They will protect themeselves and remember the history of the early and middle twentieth century. In thwarting his ambitions they may also protect the People of this country whom he has effectively silenced through voter fraud, the race card, and now the looting of the treasury to pay off his cronies.

  108. No honest assessment of Mr Obama can possibly ignore the role he played in the AIG bonus fiasco. He was before it before he was against it–that looting of the treasury to pay off the same people who financed his candidacy. He let it go through initially, privately, secretly, when he thought he could slip it by. But then he got caught and for three days–seventy two hours he stood by his cronies until the public pressure grew too great. Then he came out like an old school demagogue and deplored what he had previously authorized and let Dodd take the fall. There is an arab expression: the dog that didnt bark. In this case, Mr Obama is the dog who bit his master and thought no one would notice.

  109. Every morning I turn on the computer and go past the msnbc web page there is some article on the fraud which I do not bother to read as I go forward to other programs. This incessant media propaganda with that ugly mug of his everywhere you turn begs the age old question of when familiarity turns to contempt. My guess is it is happening now but the hard turn will not happen until he bungles some crisis and his feathermercants look foolish covering for him.

  110. “Obama and some members of Congress favor a playoff-type system to determine the national champion.”

    Everyone agrees that playoffs would be the ideal way to determine the championship. But football is different from basketball (where we already have playoffs) in that it is so much harder on these kids and would take so much more time, when it is already limiting study time. Many are very poor and have to try to work jobs.

    Mr Hatch: Life isn’t always fair even in its most important aspects.

    (I won’t go go into whether 0 losses automatically means anything.)
    Mr Obama: You’re calling for playoffs to make sure we have a deserving winner?

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