Why We Trust Clinton Economics, Why We Distrust Obama

Hillary Clinton is not only trying to Save The World, Hillary Clinton is also trying to save the American and World economies.

Meanwhile Barack Obama is dead set on destructive flim-flam economic policies announced at circus rallies.

The financial markets are responding to Barack Obama’s flim-flam scams:

Financial gloom was everywhere on Tuesday.

Markets from Hong Kong to Stockholm to London staggered lower. On Wall Street, the Dow came within sight of its lowest levels in more than a decade. Financial shares were battered. And rattled investors clamored to buy rainy-day investments like gold and Treasury debt. [snip]

The broader Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index slid 4 percent to drop below 800, which analysts said was an important trading threshold.

“If we get substantially below 800 then look out below,” said Marc Groz, chief investment officer at Topos, a hedge fund in Greenwich, Conn. [snip]

“Robust export demand had been the main support for U.S. manufacturing for many months,” Joshua Shapiro, chief United States economist at MFR, wrote in a note. “Now, with economic activity weakening sharply around the world, exports are dropping like a stone, with the pace of decline set to accelerate significantly in the months ahead.”

In Europe, attention turned to the plight of lenders active in Eastern Europe after Moody’s Investors Service said it might downgrade banks with units in the region. Investors are worried about the debts owed by banks in Eastern Europe to financial institutions in West European countries, especially Austria, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Italy.

* * *

In 2008 Hillary Clinton made the connection between the United States economy and the Japanese economy.

“We might be drifting into a Japanese-like situation,” Hillary Clinton told the Wall Street Journal earlier this week. “I don’t think we can work our way out of the problems we’re in, in the broad-based economy, with monetary policy alone. I think the Japanese tried that and tried that and tried that…. I don’t think we’ll have the strong growing economy we need until we have the strong energy policy, for example.” [snip]

Blame an interconnected bad banking system and deflating real estate bubble (sound familiar?) for the start of the downturn. But Japan’s policy response didn’t help matters. Clinton mentions that monetary policy didn’t work. Neither did infrastructure spending packages, something Clinton did not note in the interview. One reason those efforts did not pay off, the IIE concludes, is that they were offset by higher taxes.

Ya gotta have a policy – says Hillary. That’s right a policy on the full range of issues which mesh and coordinate with other policies.

Hopium addicts and the dullest of dim Dimocrats sell Bill Clinton’s latest bit of damning Obama with faint praise as a sign of approval. Bill Clinton’s is not a fan of rush-rush “had to do it in a hurry” policy on the run. Let the desperate Hopium addled, who trashed Bill and Hillary Clinton, fool themselves as to what Bill Clinton meant. We know a Bill Clinton slap when we see and hear one.

What’s the big difference? Why trust Bill and Hillary Clinton on economics and distrust Obama? Marc Ambinder, in an attack on Bill Clinton and protection of Barack Obama accidentally tripped on the truth:

Remember how bad that Clinton transition was? All the nominee juggling. The stronger-than-expected prerogatives of Congress? Early White House chaos? Communications problems? The point is: transitions are very hard. Maybe it’s not fair to compare them. Depending upon your point of view, Obama’s transition was stunningly efficient (thanks in large part to the Bush White House) or it vindicated the decisions that Clinton’s planners made. In late 1992, Clinton decided to focus on cabinet nominees and POLICY FIRST, and put off the organization of the White House staff until later. Some of Obama’s policy reviews, by contrast, still haven’t been completed. The White House staff had weeks to prepare, but in retrospect, the building is like a gravity field operating on energy: everything slows down, regardless of input. Metrics don’t tells us everything either; by this point in 1993, every cabinet member sans one — the Attorney General — was confirmed. [emphasis added and block letters added]

Ambinder’s protection of Obama actually highlights that Obama’s much ballyhooed “greatest transition ever” focused on the White House staff which still managed to bungle. Ambinder’s protection of Obama highlights that Bill Clinton cared and focused on POLICY. That is the difference – POLICY. Hillary Clinton cares and focuses on POLICY.

We have opposed the Obama flim-flam “stimulus” scam as well as the Bush/Obama TARP crap. Our central objection has been that the so-called “stimulus” is not SMART. None of what Obama is doing is well thought out or coordinated with economic reality. What Obama is doing makes little economic sense but only political life-saving sense for Dimocrats in 2010 and 2012.

Dimocrats on Big Blogs and in Congress are ignoring economic reality (and the Japanese lessons). To these Dimocrats huge spending is the solution no matter how wasteful the spending is, no matter how precarious the American economic house is. These Dimocrats will not discuss how there will be any sources of credit for the private sector as the government sucks up with massive deficits whatever credit sources are available.

Bill Clinton in in his first address before a joint session of Congress focused on the economy and economic policy. Bill Clinton focused on “four fundamental components” in his comprehensive economic plan.

Bill Clinton had a comprehensive economic plan, stupid. It was the economy, stupid.

We have noted that an uncoordinated not comprehensive economic plan will amount to a waste of money. We have noted that even if the federal government cuts taxes and increases “investment” spending it won’t matter a whit because the state governments will raise taxes and cut services and so counter whatever measures the federal government initiates.

Our “notes” have come to pass. California is on the Brink. Kansas, and its Obama enabler Kathleen Sebelius, is a mess. New financial scams, the latest an $8 billion scam, are unearthed with regularity. Neither government nor private observers can place a value on the biggest financial institutions nor value holdings. Yet, Dimocrats and Obama (in the most recent past it was now hypocrticial Republicans) pump trillions into a hole whose depth is not even measured yet.

Obama signed his Dimocrat enabled flim-flam “stimulus” scam today and the markets gave it the reception the scam deserved – down 298 as Obama scribbled his signature scam.

As the financial markets reject the Obama scams, in the smokiest of Hopium dens the recognition finally arises that Bill Clinton’s focus on policy was a positive change for Americans.

Take, for instance, Sirota’s oft-voiced disdain for Clintonism and neo-liberal economics. If your concern is for the economic well-being of the working class, than attacking Clinton is a strange place to start. Under his presidency, real household incomes for the bottom 10th percentile — a pretty good Rawlsian metric for economic well-being — increased by 17.3 percent, the largest increase of any president since the Census Bureau began compiling numbers (.pdf) on this statistic.

One can certainly raise various critiques of Clinton’s presidency, many of which I’d wholeheartedly agree with, but in broad strokes his economic program would seem to have been a tremendous success, particularly for the working poor. (Although the wealthy certianly also fared well under his presidency; growth in income was remarkably evenly distributed between all income classes under Clinton).

Too late the Hopium dens stumble from their smoky Clinton hate fog (because now they realize they need Bill and Hill to get their Mess-iah out of the mess).

The Hopium addled fools (and flim-flam man Obama himself) who trashed Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton are now forced to face the historical truth from one of their Hopium pushing own:

Under Clinton, by contrast, the economy was a rising tide that lifted all boats. The poor, finally, did quite well for themselves, their incomes appreciating at about 2.5 percent annually, but the rich did just about as well — in fact, the rich did better under Clinton than they had under Reagan and Bush. The rich/poor gap, if measured as a ratio, did not increase appreciably under Clinton. The 10th percentile saw their incomes increase by about 17 percent during his tenure, and so did the 90th percentile. [snip]

For my money, the Clintonan idea of “aggressive” pro-growth policies coupled with a relatively high tax rate on the rich is an attractive one. Let the rich make their money and then tax them (and/or improve social welfare programs for the poor). But don’t do things that inhibit economic growth because you’re afraid of the redistributive effects. A good example is something like free trade. The emerging consensus among both liberal and conservative economists appears to be that while free trade does increase GDP (as has long been believed), it also has some redistributive effects; the “consensus” solution to this is to have free trade coupled with a more robust safety net. [snip]

The other potential lesson from the Clinton record, which I’ve argued may also be observable in the response of the economy to the housing crisis, is that the presence of a robust middle class in fact strongly related to the health of the economy as a whole. Note, again, that the wealthy actually did better under Clinton than they did under Reagan/Bush, even though Reagan/Bush were trying to stack the deck in favor of the wealthy.

We trust Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton because they fought against Big Media and for the economic well being of Americans with intelligence and a well thought out set of policies and plans.

We do not trust Barack Obama and his Corrupt Chicago Crime Circus because they only care about their own financial and political well being and to hell with Americans – let them freeze in the economic winter.

We have said it before and we will say it again –

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


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  1. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Russian-stocks-tumble-trading-suspended/story.aspx?guid={8FB99F30-712D-4980-A861-8C070365C221}
    Russian stocks tumbled Tuesday, prompting the RTS and the Micex stock exchanges to suspend trading for one hour at 4:05 p.m. Moscow time. The dollar-denominated RTS stock index plunged 9.4%, while the ruble-denominated Micex stock index fell 9.6%. The decline in Russia followed a tumble in oil prices and declines on global stock markets. In New York, the Market Vectors Russia ETF which tracks the Russian markets, tumbled 14.4%.

  2. http://apnews.myway.com/article/20090217/D96DJ4080.html

    Chrysler LLC on Tuesday told the U.S. government it needs even more taxpayer money to survive. General Motors is expected to do the same. Acknowledging that industry conditions are worse than expected when it made the case in December for a government bailout, Chrysler requested an additional $5 billion in government loans. It originally said it would need $3 billion more. The company had previously received $4 billion from the Treasury Department.

    General Motors Corp. (GM) is expected shortly to release the details of its own restructuring plan and follow that up with a news conference at 6:30 p.m. GM has received $13.4 billion in government loans – $4 billion of that on Tuesday.

  3. The Obama stimulus bill disappointed Wall Street and the world. His failure to meet the issue head on, and to make the decisions like Krugman wanted is the shot heard round the world and the result is all bad. This is not leadership.

  4. So if we give them this money, will we share in any profit, and have a golden parachute like the CEOS do? Of course not! Seems we were told that when we went to war in IRAQ, that we would be paid back. Now they want us out, and they have paid us back nothing. We on the other hand have rebuilt schools that we first built and they destroyed.

    Just is not smart, but yet ,we are told we must do it, we have to do it.

    wbboei, the administration, and the press might declare this a resounding success, but Wall Street has not. So who do yo think it telling the truth? Money does not lie.

  5. wbboei, the administration, and the press might declare this a resounding success, but Wall Street has not. So who do yo think it telling the truth? Money does not lie.
    Jan: on the question of whom to believe wall street or msm, the answer is very simple: money talks and bullshit walks. If we had access to the portfolios of these msm talking heads I fully expect that they have done the opposite of what they are telling the rest of us. As a matter of fact I would bank on it.

  6. NewMexicoFan Says:

    February 17th, 2009 at 6:29 pm
    So if we give them this money, will we share in any profit, and have a golden parachute like the CEOS do? Of course not

    newmexicofan – are you kidding? what do we, the taxpayers, get for giving them our tax dollars??? they raise our interests rates with our money supporting their survival…where’s the democratic congress? where’s geithner and the rest of them on that hijacking of the American ‘suckers’?

    btw…i do not know a lot about the financial industry but can someone explain to me what the USA is going to do if Japan and China stop lending us money, especially because their economies are going south? hasn’t it been foreign money that is keeping us afloat with lending to us and we continue to borrow, borrow, borrow?

    seriously, what happens when countries dealing with their own problems stop lending us money…if we cannot borrow anymore doesn’t that suggest the USA becoming one big California and/or Kansas burnout???

    Hillbuzz has an interesting piece about more zombie banks that will be failing along with investment houses and hedge fund fronts…

    isn’t this one big domino effect of collapse coming and with the prospect of no lenders to prop up the USA ponzi scheme???

    any educated thoughts…please enlighten…

  7. I just got off the phone with my broker. He says everytime these idiots (Obamacrats) open their mouths now the markets around the world react. And he said Obama got rolled by Pelosi. He says they have got to get their act together immediately or they will be thrown out of office in another year and a half. There are fundamental imbalances but this Obama could talk us into a depression. If I had the money I would sell short in expecation of this Frontline feature tonight.

  8. btw…i do not know a lot about the financial industry but can someone explain to me what the USA is going to do if Japan and China stop lending us money, especially because their economies are going south?
    They are printing a new currency with Obamas picture on it. Hope and change appear on the back. It says one dollar but the purchasing power is zero–same as him. Asked for a reaction, Obama stopped dribbling the basketball and asked the adoring reporter a serioius question: what, me worry?

  9. wbboei…I think you nailed it…fraud begets more fraud…zombie banks beget more fraud…one big ponzi scheme…the United States of Obama/Ponzi schemes…

    hell, as long as we get that new shiny train from Disneyland to Las Vegas…that should help us…not!

    Bill Clinton was right again…O is one big gamble…

    O thinks he can just keep talking and charming…disaster coming…

  10. Clinton urges DPRK to denuclearize on inaugural Asian tour


    TOKYO, Feb. 17 (Xinhua) — Visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday stressed the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)’s nuclear issue of great concern and urged Pyongyang to denuclearize. “One of the challenges we inherited is the North Koreans has obtained the capacity to make nuclear weapons, we would not let that occur… Our goal remains the same, a denuclearized North,” she said during the press conference at start of her Asia tour in Tokyo. “Let me underscore the commitment the United States has to the denuclearization of North Korea (DPRK) and to the prevention of further proliferation … This is a matter of great concern,”

    “In his inauguration speech, President Obama has made it clear that United States will reach out a hand to those whom we have differences with, as long as they unclinch their fist. But the decision as to whether North Korea will cooperate in the six-party talks and take proactive actions is up to them. We are watching closely,” she said. “If North Korea abides by all the obligations it has already entered into, verifiably and completely eliminate its nuclear program, then there will be reciprocal response certainly from the United States, a chance to normalize relations, and to enter into peace treaty…” she added.

    Earlier, the official Korean Central News Agency cited an government spokesman as saying that the United States was to blame for the tension on the Korean peninsula and would provoke punishing action from the DPRK. U.S. moves to set up a “combined air-force command” with South Korea and refresh its military operation plan against the DPRK “fully represent the scheme of U.S. war hawks to stifle the DPRK militarily and permanently occupy South Korea,” a spokesman for the Korean National Peace Committee said.


  11. Barack Obama gambles billions to save homes and jobs

    February 18, 2009

    Barack Obama gambles billions to save homes and jobsTim Reid in Washington
    President Obama will reveal a plan today to stem the flood of home repossessions afflicting millions of American families after signing his $787 billion economic stimulus package into law last night.

    Yet amid persistent concerns among investors about the Obama Administration’s ability to turn around the US economy, global markets fell again. Minutes before Mr Obama signed the stimulus package into law, the Dow Jones index had dropped 297 points, nearing its lowest level for a decade.

    The Bill — the biggest government intervention in the US economy since the 1930s New Deal- was passed by Congress in only three weeks, although with almost unanimous Republican opposition.

    Fiscal expansion needs to be big
    It is the centrepiece of Mr Obama’s domestic legislative agenda aimed at boosting job creation and reviving the stricken US economy, and will be an important factor in determining the fate of his presidency. Mr Obama has pledged repeatedly that the package will create or save 3.5 million jobs within two years. The White House even released job targets yesterday for each of America’s 435 congressional districts. It is a list that could come back to haunt the President if his jobs pledges are not realised by the mid-term elections in November 2010…

    *complete article can be found at:


  12. personally i think bad businesses should be allowed to go to the wall, its the only way to sort the wheat from the chaffe and rebuild. If you run a business badly you should not expect to be given a hand out. Let the markets correct themselves for goodness sake.

  13. S — I can only offer this scenario if our lenders stop or call in their chits (the latter is unlikely because nobody can afford a total US meltdown)

    They would then go after entitlements. SS, Medicare. Unless you think they’ll cut back on the military.

  14. Moononpluto — you’re right but only if we divest big businesses of their bigness (let’s try a “NO!” when they ask to merge). Let’s first put banks back into banking. Savings and Loans into loans.

    Then when they are no longer too big to fail, let ’em fail.

  15. JanH Says:

    February 17th, 2009 at 7:23 pm
    Barack Obama gambles billions to save homes and jobs

    Saving Billionaire’s jobs…

  16. Hi everyone!

    I have been busy, it’s tax season.

    I had an AA client in today. There there is a tax question on the return, would you like to contribute to the election fund. He said no. He also said O would only be in office for one term. He is disappointed in him.

    Is the kool aid wearing off?

  17. Doubts about stimulus drag stocks down sharply

    NEW YORK (AP) — Doubts that the government’s stimulus and bank bailout programs can stop the global economic freefall dragged Wall Street to within a fraction of a point of its lowest close in 5 1/2 years Tuesday

    As President Barack Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus bill and automakers scrambled to come up with restructuring plans, investors waited anxiously for more specifics about efforts to rescue the economy.

    “The government has their hand on the tiller. They’re steering. And that’s the problem. The markets are not confident the proper course has been set yet,” said Henry Herrmann, chief executive officer at investment management firm Waddell & Reed.

    Richard E. Cripps, chief market strategist for Stifel Nicolaus, said Tuesday’s drop represented “a crescendo, if you will, of uncertainty. We’re still in that period where more information needs to come out.”

    The Dow Jones industrial average closed down 297.81 points, or 3.79 percent, at 7,552.60 — just 31-hundredths of a point above its post-meltdown Nov. 20 close of 7,552.29, which was its lowest close since March 12, 2003. The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 37.67, or 4.56 percent, to 789.17.

    Worries about ailing banks, struggling automakers, tumbling home prices and cash-strapped consumers are threatening to push U.S. stocks back to levels not seen since the late 1990s.


  18. One market truth: do not just look at prices, check out the volume.

    Today was the first market day after a 3-day weekend. Volume was normal only in the last 10 minute period of trading. The rest of the day, even at opening, volume was so low, it barely registered on the yahoo graph. In fact, it was so subnormal, there were over 24 periods where it did not show above the baseline.

    So those who were in the market were selling, but it wasn’t any broker or fund or bank. Just folks like us, hardly making a mark.

    Make of that what you will, but that,s usually a sign of selling exhaustion- capitulation.

  19. Police beef up security to welcome Secretary Clinton

    Prodita Sabarini and Mustaqim Adamrah , THE JAKARTA POST , JAKARTA | Wed, 02/18/2009

    The police have deployed 2,800 personnel to safeguard the capital as it prepares to host US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will touch down in Jakarta on Wednesday, following a two-day visit to Japan. “We will provide tight security before her arrival in areas where Mrs. Clinton will pass through and stay,” National Police Spokesman Insp. Gen. Abubakar Nataprawira told the press on Tuesday. He added officers would gear up for possible trouble, including rallies that could turn violent.

    “Protest rallies will still be allowed. We will let them [protest] as long as they abide by the rules and do not cause disruptions.” However, the Jakarta Police’s Traffic Management Center said they had yet to receive any reports of planned demonstrations for Wednesday. The police will reroute and manage traffic in areas where Clinton’s entourage will pass.

    On Monday, about 100 people rallied in front of the US Embassy to protest the visit, saying it was part of a US plan to “divide and rule” Muslims around the world. Clinton – whose last trip to Indonesia was in 1994 when she was the US first lady – will meet with Indonesian Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda on Wednesday afternoon and pay a courtesy call on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the next day.

    “We will talk with Hillary about how to enhance bilateral relations between Indonesia and the US, how to create a strategic partnership,” Hassan told reporters at Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base after meeting Yudhoyono, who was about to leave for Surabaya. The talks, Hassan added, would include ways to overcome the crisis in the Southeast Asia and East Asia regions. “We’ll also discuss attempts to resolve conflicts in the Middle East and Iran, and other issues that are of concern to the two countries [Indonesia and the US],” he said.

    After Indonesia, Clinton will continue on her trip to South Korea and China.
    Clinton is the first top US diplomat to visit Asia on the first overseas tour, since Dean Rusk in the 1960s. She said her reason for choosing Asia was to convey that “America’s relationships across the Pacific are indispensable”.

    Bara K. Hasibuan, an expert on the US and a member of the Indonesia-US House of Representatives Caucus, said Indonesia should benefit from Clinton’s visit, to spur a mutual, strategic partnership with the US. “Indonesia’s standpoint has always been ambivalent when it comes to its relations with the US,” he told The Jakarta Post. “We need to set our goals in making ties with the US, and learn how strategic the future relationship will be.” Bara added Indonesia should address more specific requests for assistance, for instance, in democratic and educational programs.
    Indonesia, he went on, could also suggest to Clinton that the US government draw up policies that were comprehensive and reconstructive for Asia.

    “Although the US is now in crisis, I believe once [US President Barack] Obama’s stimulus package takes effect, the US – a superpower – will be able to recover its economic, military and political power,” he said. “We can gain lots of benefits [from cooperation with the US] in those fields.” In return, he said, Indonesia could convince the US that Indonesia could work together with its counterpart in “assisting failing states, counter-proliferation and resolving peace in Middle East”.

    “Being chosen as one of the countries – besides East Asian countries – that Clinton chose to visit during her first overseas trip proves that Indonesia is a key component in Asia and Indonesia can take a lead with the US in the world,” he said.

    Din Syamsuddin, chairman of the second largest Muslim organization Muhammadiyah, said Clinton’s visit reflected US recognition and appreciation of Indonesia as its strategic partner. However, he said Clinton was not scheduled to meet with Islamic leaders during the visit. “I have proposed to the US Embassy that Mrs. Clinton meet with Islamic figures, like when former president George W. Bush came to Indonesia,” he said, as quoted by Antara. The US Embassy in Jakarta is scheduled to invite some of the country’s Islamic leaders to attend a dinner party for Clinton.


  20. I am new to this but I dont understand this concept of a presidency.

    During the primary debates he fancied himself as a hands off ceo who selected great people (like the 4 who got d.q.’d), unleashed their genius (as financial market run for cover) and I give broad guidance and direction (hes no messiah hes a shaman!).

    I think a better description of his leadership would be this: a boxer with great form who tands outside the ring, working the speed bag, the heavy bag, tossing the medicine ball, skipping rope, running laps–and of course shooting hoops. Then he steps into the ring.

    And what does he do when his opponent walks in the ring, takes off his robe, rolls his neck, throws a few punches, waves to the crowd, nods to the ringmaster and walks up to the refereee for the instructions as the bell rings?

    Why, he slips slips out of the ring, goes off into a corner and resumes sadow boxing, the crowd tells him to get in the ring but big media tells him he is just fine where he is and they wont let him get hurt.

    The difference between him and Hillary is Hillary knows politics is a combat sport and is prepared to give as well as she gets and win. He on the other hand would prefer to stay out of the ring at a safe distance–and shadow box. The financial markets are wise to him.

  21. Absolutely fantastic article….your thoughtful analysis is clearly something our current President lacks. God bless Bill, Hillary and Chelsea.

  22. Translation: he prefers campaigning to governing. And that is exactly what he is doing now- campaigning at the very moment he needs to be governing. But that is not his forte. A minor oversight big media dismissed as immaterial.

  23. wbboei JanH

    Yes, that is it, he campaigned full time. Where as HRC campaign, but did her job in the Senate for the people she representative.

    Why? Because she knows how to do the job, and he does not. He campaigns well, but a sever recession, now give me a break. Where are those people handing him legislation they have honed for years, and all he had to do was replace their name with him. I guess Polosie did not have the legislations ready and the wheels greased.

    He is a hell of a campaigner, but when it comes to governing he has no idea. This is not a game, and he had been handed one hell of a mess.


  24. Neetabug, like alcoholics, the first step is they have to know they have a problem. That is step 1. We’ll have to consult medical practioners and therapists to fully understand the 12 step recovery program for Hopium. The disappointment of your client might be a sign of step 1.

  25. I haven’t had a chance to read all the postings today, but I don’t have a good feeling about this administration. It is starting out even worse than I had imagined. I don’t think we have a president who truly cares about the people. The financial situation is so corrupt and rotten.

    The bright side, is watching clips of Secretary Clinton and reading some of the news stories. She is the bright light of today.

  26. Today at a Doctor’s appointment, one who admired HRC, they said did you see her arriving in Japan? It is obvious that people are proudly following her. She is really looking good.

  27. I keep thinking of something my father used to say back in the 70’s. He was a diehard conservative, and said that the democrats would be the ruin of our country. I never took that statement seriously, but the recent events have me thinking about that statement. Not that the conservatives have been any better, but it was interesting that he said this years ago. Actually, I think both parties share the blame for this economic fiasco. During this crisis, “our” president is flitting about the country. How arrogant, narcissistic, and self-serving. It is also clueless to the plight of the common person.

    As Admin says:

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  28. I totally agree with this. This is not a “stimulus” package I could ever support. There is no cohesive policy here. Harry Reid’s boondoggle of a high-speed rail project is pretty much the poster child for this package. If we were going to invest in high-speed rail, I do think we should be, the obvious destination for such a plan would have been Boston to DC, the most traveled 400 some miles in the united states. It’s absolutely unconscionable that the high-speed rail funding is going from LA to Vegas, where it will commute vacationers, and where it simply can not compete with the universally low cost of flying to Vegas. I hate this bill. We’ll be paying for this short-sighted disaster for generations.

  29. mj Says:

    February 17th, 2009 at 11:51 pm

    I totally agree with your posting. Even though I haven’t read the entire debacle, there are some good things, but overall, the package is lacking in credibility and cohesiveness. It is full of pork. Reid’s high-speed rail is the epitome of self-serving pork. A high-speed rail between SF and LA would be more credible, as well as a high speed rail b/w Boston and DC, or just about anywhere else. Between LA and Las Vegas, give me a friggin break. Think Reid might be beholden to gambling interests? How much more obvious can one get.

  30. Mhmm:

    here are some good things, but overall, the package is lacking in credibility and cohesiveness.

    Exactly. It’s pathetic.

  31. I watched Frontline tonight, and Henry Paulson is soley responsible for triggering the demise of our economy. Bear Stearns was the catalyst in no uncertain terms for the run on it’s investments just as was 9/11 the catalyst for the Iraq War.

    The BS CEO was disgusting as he smiled and said most of the shareholders were BS employees saying, people were actually crying when they found out Paulson had reduced their stock to $2.00. He actually laughed out loud when he said employees thought there were zeros missing from the statement..

    So, you know he was first in line and he got his at a much higher value than the poor underling employees at the end of the line saving for their retirement. I was thinking, this is another ENRON

  32. Hillary looks beautiful and radiant ….a great show of respect with the Empress of japan greeting her. She would have been , imo, the greatest president we ever had.

  33. Mrs. Smith

    That wasn’t the current CEO, that was the former CEO and 45 year employee. Don’t know why he laughed at that point either…he had almost cried a few nights earlier on Charlie Rose.

    Paulson’s pretty arrogant, isn’t he?

  34. admin Says:

    February 18th, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Thank you! I love that woman! She is great for this position. The people love and respect her. Why can’t our country do the same??

  35. admin Says:
    February 18th, 2009 at 12:23 am

    Hillary in Japan:
    Yes, exactly. And You won’t find any Republicans on the Hillary Unleashed site, much less anything remotely resembling toothy Obama pics post election.

  36. # Emjay Says:
    February 18th, 2009 at 12:27 am

    Mrs. Smith

    That wasn’t the current CEO, that was the former CEO and 45 year employee. Don’t know why he laughed at that point either…he had almost cried a few nights earlier on Charlie Rose.

    Paulson’s pretty arrogant, isn’t he?
    You mean James Cayne? Was he any better than Schwartz?

  37. Yes, Hillary looked radiant, happy and in her element as she toured Japan. Looking at the photojournal at Hillary Unleashed, she is most comfortable in the atmosphere of her peers.

    I tried visualizing Obama in the same circumstance elocuting to the audience with his training wheels tele-prompters in his Reverend Obama demeanor.

    Here comes the ‘Rev’ should be Obama’s title. He is unsuitable as a World Leader. The tanned version of Bush, no one is looking forward to meeting or talking to.

  38. Yes, exactly. And You won’t find any Republicans on the Hillary Unleashed site, much less anything remotely resembling toothy Obama pics post election
    I agree. It is a great site.

  39. Years ago the singer Lou Rawls told someone who was laying it on thick that the problem with being a celebrity is most of the things they say about you are not true, but if you start believing them then you will have real trouble.

    A friend of mine has always said that Obama scares him and perhaps that is why. If you went through life and everyone kept telling you that you were a person of destiny, that the world has been waiting for you, that the ability to end global warming and solve the problem of hunger and teen age suicide, and they wrote books about you, media whores lusting for you and young innocent dumbhits threw themselves at your feet– then sooner or later it might go to your head too. Particularly if your uncle was Franklin Marshall Davis and you happened to be a megalomaniac to begin with. Perhaps. Perhaps. And in that case how could your word be anything but the word of god–or a demi god at least, and agreement would be unity of the body and soul, whereas disagreement would be heresy and we all know what we do with heretics.

  40. I do not blame obama for being obama. I blame conservatives like David Brooks who has been around the block and has shown critical thinking skills in the past for reverting to childhood and being totally and completely bamboozled by this amiable, bombastic charlatan/

  41. I have worked for Japanese owned companies and for German owned companies. I really liked the Japanese. The Germans I could not say that about. The one thing you have to watch with the Japanese however is they will wine you and dine you to death-its part of their culture. As a result by the time you get to see the top official you are so tired that you will sign anything. Fortunately, Hillary knows how to pace herself in any marathon and I am glad to see Huma here with her. I think Hillary looks happy because she is happy for alot of reasons.

  42. wbboei-

    This just came over the wire:

    http //globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot.com/2009/02/nationalization-train-has-left-station.html

    The original perps of the Financial Crisis heading to DC for the final clarion call hawking “nationalization” as the final nail needed for the ‘sovereignty’ issue to go forth which will destroy the America we once knew totally and completely..

  43. Here comes the ‘Rev’ should be Obama’s title
    Correct. He does not give speeches or addresses. With him everything has to be a sermon. They need to start numbering them.

  44. The White House’s missing documents

    By JOSH GERSTEIN | 2/17/09 8:46 PM EST

    In his first weeks in office, President Barack Obama shut down his predecessor’s system for reviewing regulations, realigned and expanded two key White House policymaking bodies and extended economic sanctions against parties to the conflict in the African nation of Cote D’Ivoire.

    Despite the intense scrutiny a president gets just after the inauguration, Obama managed to take all these actions with nary a mention from the White House press corps.The moves escaped notice because they were never announced by the White House Press Office and were never placed on the White House web site.

    They came to light only because the official paperwork was transmitted to the Federal Register, a dense daily compendium of regulatory actions and other formal notices prepared by the National Archives. They were published there several days after the fact.

    A Politico review of Federal Register issuances since Obama took office found three executive orders, one presidential memorandum, one presidential notice, and one proclamation that went unannounced by the White House.

    Two of Obama’s actions on regulatory reform were spotted by bloggers, lobbying groups and trade publications after they emerged in the Federal Register.

    There was no apparent rhyme or reason to the omissions. A proclamation Obama issued on February 2 for African-American History Month was e-mailed to the press and posted on the White House web site. But another presidential proclamation the same day for American Heart Month slipped by.

    Such notices were routinely released by the White House press office during prior administrations — making their omission all the more unusual given Obama’s oft-repeated pledges of openness.

    Most of the documents were posted to the White House web site Tuesday night, after Politico inquired about their absence. “It was a simple oversight,” a spokesman, Ben LaBolt, said.

    One order Obama signed Feb. 5 expanded the National Economic Council to 25 people by adding the Secretary of Health and Human Services; Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; senior adviser Valerie Jarrett; “climate czar” Carol Browner and two other officials.

    Another order the president signed the same day added two slots to the Domestic Policy Council, bringing it to a total of 26 people. Some slots were reassigned. The chief technology officer was among those added to the panel, while “AIDS Policy Coordinator” was removed. It was unclear if that was a substantive change, simply reflected plans to keep the AIDS czar post at the State Department, or perhaps both.

    Another Obama executive order, signed January 30, canceled two Bush-era executive orders relating to regulatory review. The White House did release chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s memo halting regulations in the works at federal agencies, but didn’t release another Obama memo setting a 100-day deadline for agency heads to recommend a new regulatory review process. The memo indicates that Obama may want to do some things differently on the regulatory front than the last Democrat in the White House, Bill Clinton.

    Also waylaid was a notice Obama signed February 4 extending sanctions against some nationals of Cote D’Ivoire because of what he termed “the massacre of large numbers of civilians, widespread human rights abuses, significant political violence and unrest, and attacks against international peacekeeping forces leading to fatalities.”


  45. Mrs Smith: I have made the free market argument for years–ever since I read Knowledge and Decisions by Thomas Sowell.

    It goes like this: central planning always fails because the central planners never have as much infomation as individual decisionmakers have in light of the local circumstances which prevail at the moment of decison. I get it.

    But suppose the individual decision makers are incompetent and corrupt to do what is in the public interest. Do we let those institutions fail? That is the logic of the market. And if they fail–all the big ones are in the same boat so all of them fail–quo vadis. Are we prepared for the consequences domestically and internationally?

    That question has been answered already. We will not let them fail because if we do not have banks then we do not have an economy. And to that end, what we have given them or are giving them 550 billion with no strings attached. And in some cases the very people who were the architects of this meltdown are still there. They are the ones who will be spending our money to ensure the banks dont fail like they did before.

    These banks are bankrupt now. What keeps them afloat is the expectation of a bailout and another and another. And we are giving it to them now to the tune of 550 billion which is double their market cap. From an equitable standpoint we own them since taxpayers are providing life support.

    To be clear, no one is suggesting a permanent nationalization. Only a temporary one. Washintgon Mutual came close to failure and if they had failed the FDIC would have taken over the bank immediately. Arguably that would be akin to nationalization.

    The federal government is not in the business of running banks. It does this only temporarily in situations of exremis. Given the amount of money we are spending and their dismal tack record and squandering of the monies they have received so far, the temporary imposition of such control is reasonable way to protect taxpayers interests.

    If I thought otherwise and believed this was a shock doctrine tactic to undermine national sovereignty the I would go with you to Lexington and Concorde Green to prevent that from occurring. And surely we would bring more than a breech load black powder musket to defend our country from those who would destroy it.

  46. We absolutely should nationalize the banks. It’s a lot cheaper than what we are doing now. Even Lindsay Graham says we should. Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer doesn’t want to. Of those two, who do you think is getting campaign money from NY banks? Everyday Obama waits to nationalize, he’s costing us more and more for the inevitable.

  47. Morning all, I have to post another example of bias in the media because it just ticks me off even though i’m not surprised. I have the radio on overnight and listen to a local station that has ABC News radio broadcasts on the hour. Throughout the campaign ABC news radio overnight has been obviously, and relentlessly pro-Obama.

    Well this morning at 6 am, on their main report, they breathlessly announce that Obama is somewhere today (can’t remember where ) and that people have already been lining up for hours to see him. Then they have a voice report of a woman who wants to ask Obama a questions (and of course shes upbeat and it’s a positive question).

    Then they mention Hillary is in Indonesia. That’s literally all they say. They follow it with a cheery phrase that “Obama is very popular in Indonesia. He lived there as a kid”

    What irks me so much is that ABC doesn’t even try to hide their bias. The overnight news division clearly has a slant. Anyone hearing the broadcasts would agree.

    I just have to vent this morning–it’s bad enough we see this adulation in the television media, but trust me, it’s out there in radioland as well.

  48. Good morning, everyone.

    Woke up with this thought after watching ‘Inside a Meltdown’ last night.

    Maybe geitner was appointed so he wouldn’t talk about his role in the meltdown?

    In other words, maybe he was given the job to buy his silence?

    what do you think?

  49. Admin,

    Are you sure you’re not related to Nostradamus? 😉

    ‘Our “notes” have come to pass. California is on the Brink. Kansas, and its Obama enabler Kathleen Sebelius, is a mess.’

  50. Admin,

    Thank you for all the wonderful Hillary videos.

    I am boycotting Canadian media at the moment. Every commercial has a news soundbite about his upcoming visit and it is just sickening. What the heck is wrong with this picture?

  51. Hillary Clinton: Changing of the guard

    February 18, 2009 8:15 AM
    by Paul Richter

    TOKYO — The young woman in pigtails asked in a tiny voice how to get along on a baseball team with lots of bigger, more powerful men. “I’ve played a lot of baseball,” Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton told the woman and the others in the audience at Tokyo University. “I’ve played with a lot of boys. The most important advice is to do what’s true to yourself.”

    So it went on Clinton’s first day on the road as America’s chief diplomat. In the opening hours of her first trip abroad in the new position, Clinton on Tuesday issued a warning to North Korean, signed a military agreement and conferred with senior Japanese officials about topicsincluding the enveloping world financial crisis. But Clinton also made clear on Day One that she plans to take an expansive view of her new job. She won’t be talking to the wide world solely about diplomatic minutiae, but about all that she’s experienced as a celebrity senator, presidential candidate and first lady.

    Her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice, generally focused closely on the handful of regimes that her boss, former President Bush, called the axis of evil and the security threats they caused.
    Clinton, through a series of appearances, announced a changing of the guard. She avoided the phrase “war on terror,” which was standard terminology under Bush.

    She showed a wide spectrum of interests, including many with a distinctly Democratic flavor: climate change, clean energy, families, world poverty, the disabled, the advancement of women. In a 45-minute “town hall” meeting at the university, she ranged across such topics as the tough choices facing women, the need for healthy habits among the elderly, and of course, baseball.

    It was soon clear that her celebrity will be useful in her new campaign of public diplomacy, aimed at restoring America’s good name after the Bush years.
    “Glorious to meet you!” gasped one engineering student at the university.
    Clinton was introduced earlier in the day at an enthusiastic gathering of the U.S. embassy staff in Tokyo by deputy chief of mission Jim Zumwalt, who said: “You’re so well known here, there’s nothing more I can say.” The crowd whooped, and dozens of tiny electronic cameras flashed as they snapped pictures of the new boss.

    The university students weren’t shy about going beyond Clinton’s official duties and asking for mentoring. A law student asked her advice on whether she should have children or push for gender equality by pursuing a career. “I don’t think you have to make a choice between contributing with children or gender equality,” Clinton said. She said “society needs to do more” to make it easier for women to balance their roles.

    As her first official trip, the Asian tour is meant as a signal of the importance of the region to U.S. interests, emphasizing ties to Japan, the growing importance importance of China and the threat posed by North Korea. The trip also signals the region’s importance as a place for Clinton to make a mark as secretary of State. After spending two days in Japan, Clinton planned to travel Wednesday today [WED] to Indonesia, where President Obama lived for a time as a youth, then to South Korea and China.

    On Tuesday, Clinton met Japan’s Empress Michiko at the Imperial Palace for afternoon tea. The two women met in 1994, when Bill Clinton was president and the empress and Emperor Akihito visited the United States. Clinton also spent about 30 minutes with the families of Japanese who were abducted by the North Koreans. The family members urged Clinton to return North Korea to the list of countries that sponsor terrorism, as a means of pressuring the regime to provide information on what happened to the abductees. U.S. officials said Clinton, though sympathetic made no commitments.

    She signed an agreement after a meeting with Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone to move 8,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa to Guam. She dined with Prime Minister Taro Aso and met briefly with Ichiro Ozawa, leader of Japan’s largest opposition party, the Democratic Party of Japan. The meeting with the opposition was seen by some in Japan as a vote of no confidence in Aso, who has slid in the polls amid the financial crisis. But aides said it was only part of Clinton’s effort to reach out, in keeping with her insistence she wants to do more than meet with national leaders.
    “I want to listen to the voices of the people, as well,” she said.


  52. Who was it that said obama was still campaigning??? Well…


    Obama shifts tactics after GOP outreach fails

    Zachary Coile, Chronicle Washington Bureau
    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    President Obama clinched a major victory with his signing of the $787 billion economic stimulus bill Tuesday, but his goal of a post-partisan Washington is looking more and more like a mirage.

    Obama campaigned on a promise to change Washington and spent his first weeks in office hosting GOP lawmakers for cocktail parties and one-on-one meetings. But his efforts yielded no House Republican votes for the bill and just three GOP votes in the Senate. Most Republicans saw the debate as a chance to take a stand against the Democratic Congress and the new president.

    White House aides now are shifting tactics, dialing back their expectations of big bipartisan majorities for future bills. They plan to capitalize on Obama’s high public approval ratings and use public events, like Tuesday’s bill signing at a science museum in Denver, to rally public support and put pressure on Congress.

    The unexpectedly partisan stimulus debate foreshadows even more bruising battles over Obama’s next major priorities – health care reform, global warming legislation and a new energy bill, all issues over which the parties have long-standing differences.

    *rest of article can be read at:


  53. Jan,
    Now you REALLY know how we feel!

    ‘Every commercial has a news soundbite about his upcoming visit and it is just sickening. ‘

    Personally, aside from his wrong message, I can’t stand the sound of his voice. It’s even worse than GWB. I turn off whatever I’m listening to when he comes on air, which is nearly 24/7.

  54. So who expected him to win over the Republicans? I don’t think very many of us did. He could not even win over the majority of the HRC supporters. He won the election because Republicans stayed home, instead of voting for MaCain or O.

    I wonder how long it will take (honeymooon period with the Dems) before you will see desertions there. If the economy continues down, I don’t think it will take long.

    O does not reach out and compromise He shoves it down your throat and bullies people. Instead of winning over these Legislatures, he will go out and ask the public to do it.

    Of course we have faced this long ago. O believes the media. He expects to have people take care of him. He expects people to just lay down at his feet, and believe what he says, not what he does.

    It has worked well in the past.

    ACTIONS SPEAK MUCH LOUDER THAN WORDS – is an old saying that rings so true.

  55. The Big Hypocrite in Chief is laid out in this little ditty by Jack Kelly –

    February 17, 2009
    Obama is Big on Symbolism
    By Jack Kelly

    At the battle of Asculum in 279 BC, the Greek king Pyrrhus defeated a Roman legion, but at frightful cost to his own troops. When sycophantic courtiers congratulated him on his “great victory,” Pyrrhus responded: “one more such victory, and we shall be undone.”

    President Obama plans to celebrate his Asculum — passage of the (at least) $787 billion “stimulus” bill — with a signing ceremony in Denver Tuesday. Sycophantic liberal commentators hailed this as a great victory for the president, but it comes at the cost of the illusion Mr. Obama represents a change from the corrupt old ways of Washington.

    Candidate Obama promised a new openness in government. But the biggest spending bill ever was drafted behind closed doors. Candidate Obama pledged to weaken the influence of lobbyists. But lobbyists received copies of the “stimulus” bill before lawmakers did. Candidate Obama pledged a bipartisan approach to government. But not a single Republican in the House, and only three in the Senate, voted for it.

    Mr. Obama is fond of the appearance of bipartisanship. He nominated three Republicans to his Cabinet. He’s dined with conservative columnists, and invited several GOP lawmakers to watch the Super Bowl with him.

    But Mr. Obama is like a young man who expects a girl to put out if he buys her a hamburger and a beer. If he were more concerned about the substance of bipartisanship, he’d have insisted upon a stimulus package more Republicans could support, and he wouldn’t now be looking for his third nominee for Secretary of Commerce.

    Sen. Gregg withdrew, citing “irreconcilable differences” over the stimulus package. The more important reason was because the president had made it clear Sen. Gregg was just to be window dressing. The Commerce secretary has only one important job, to oversee the decennial census. If illegal aliens are counted as citizens, several House seats could be shifted from the Republicans to the Democrats after the next reapportionment. Cheating is the Chicago Way, but Sen. Gregg is both honest and a Republican. He couldn’t be counted on to cheat. So the president announced oversight of the census would be shifted to the White House. This is probably illegal, and it made Sen. Gregg look like a chump. So he did the only thing an honorable man could do.

    With so many of the president’s nominees having to withdraw because of ethical problems, it was refreshing to have one withdraw because he had ethics. But several of the president’s courtiers in the news media described Sen. Gregg’s resignation, and the paucity of GOP votes for the porkalooza, as evidence of a Republican “war” against Mr. Obama.

    “Their clear intent is to do all they can, however they can, to sabotage the new administration,” wrote Andrew Sullivan in the Atlantic. Mr. Sullivan and others of his ilk see nothing partisan in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s exclusion of Republicans from the drafting of the stimulus bill; in the president’s refusal to make meaningful compromises, or in the transfer of census oversight to the White House.

    President Obama is very big on symbolism. He is signing the bill in Denver, the city where he was nominated for president, on Tuesday (in violation of his pledge to have at least five days elapse between passage of a law and his signing of it to allow time for public comment), because Tuesday is four weeks precisely since his inauguration.

    Symbolism is important. But presidents ultimately are judged on substance.

  56. basil9, I am with you. I can not even stand to see his name used and I refuse to key in his name whenever possible. And, that pointy finger thing….don’t get me started. The same goes for MO. They are soooo disingenuous and are such blowhards of the Chicago corruption combine.
    Has anyone spoken on the Larry King show and our Bill Clinton interview yet? I KNOW that he is hogtied and can not speak evil of the huckster, but I do not have a good feeling toward him when he promotes him or his agenda.
    As I listened to the interview, I thought I could detect an admiration for him in Larry King. It is so soothing to hear a calm, collected, knowledgable, thoughtful, experienced, and so well researched person speak san teleprompter with such sincerity about the really bad issues facing our nation and its citizens. And he got to speak of the GOOD things he is doing now for citizens around the world – what other FORMER president in our lifetime has done such a thing?
    The more I learn about and listen to Bill and Hill, the more I trust and admire them.

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