At Last! – Etta James: Obama Is Not My President.

Accept NO Substitutes – Another great Black woman speaks against Obama and we do love Etta James (still missing you Stephanie Tubbs-Jones).

We’ll have an article about the Obama flim-flam “stimulus” scam later this morning. Before that discussion, we want to salute the great and powerful and magnificent Etta James.

The 71 year old Etta James is angry. We share her anger and we thought of Etta on the night of January 20. We wondered at the time why Etta James was not invited to sing her great song and instead some usurper took her song. We kept quiet then, but now the great Etta James speaks:

This is not a joke: 71-year-old Etta James actually threatened to beat the crap out of Beyoncé Knowles — and it’s caught all on tape!

The war is all over Etta’s song, “At Last ” — Beyoncé sang the tune at Obama’s 1st Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th … but last week at a concert in Seattle, James was still pissed.

While on stage, Etta told the crowd, “Your President, the one with the big ears … he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped.”

She continued, “The great Beyoncé … I can’t stand Beyoncé,” according to audio from Crown City Media.

Here is the audio of Etta James [HERE]. Listen as Etta says “You know, the one with the big ears. He ain’t my President. He might be yours. He ain’t my President.”

Big Media, such as the DailyNews will protect Obama and ignore the slap at Obama and concentrate on Etta vs. Beyonce.

The Obama thugs will probably intimidate Etta to retract (Jim Cooper was the latest forced to retract a truth) but thanks Etta.

African-American Hillary supporters were especially targeted by Obama thugs to bow and scrape before Obama – Thanks to all the African-Americans – especially African-American women – who stand by Hillary – who refuse to be intimidated by Obama thugs. This one is for you, the great Etta James:

Accept no substitutes!


9 thoughts on “At Last! – Etta James: Obama Is Not My President.

  1. admin: you’ve given a lovely tribute to a deserving lady who is not afraid to speak her mind. And so we know she is one of us.
    I hear that old Harry threw in the towel around 9 o’clock last night. I watched ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ (last night) and found fuel for my daily faxes. Guest was Niell Ferguson,, an economic historian and author of book ‘The Ascent of Money’. He had a lot to say, including this: a year from now we will look back at this bill and call it a fiasco. There is a transcript of this at 3w dot

  2. Thank you Admin!

    Yep the inept o’reilly dissed Miss James quite well on his show yesterday. I made the mistake of flipping to Fox just at the end of his show to see what Hannity was up to right after and o’reilly had the worst picture he could find of this lovely and talented lady up and was calling her a pinhead.

  3. Thereis no doubt in my mind that there is a hidden groundswell of AA that are of the same mind as Etta and waiting in the wings to express their disdain for the shadow CIC to be rejected by his bamboozled supporters.It takes far more courage for AA to voice their rejection of this false messiah.The retaliation by their fellow black diehards would be swift and painful.The epidemic of urban black crime and murders of their own people is being powered by
    the constant drum of Obama canned speeches on the empowerment that is now here since his DNC backers handed him the election that was rightfully won by Hillary.This is a modern Adolph powered by modern communications and endless cash and a media that is on the verge of extinction.
    I am so pleased that Hillary is now safe in the folds and minds of world wide people anxious for her to visit their countries and help them restore peace and prosperity that they enjoyed when we could all travel and enjoy this wonderful world that hard working honest people had created.Hillary is off to a fast start when she leaves for Asia in a whirlwind week of diplomatic fence mending to alay their fears of what the Obama lack of experience will do to foreign relations matters and just about any subject that he stumbles and mumbles through.The emporer has no clothes and the world around us knows a buck-naked phoney when confronted by the new BOY on the block in American politics.

    Go to for her press releases and travel schedule and get the real news,not the adulterated garbage put out by likes of
    hannity,o’reilly,matthews and dobermann.

    Yes miller did praise Hillary last night on Fox.He now says that he has changed his mind about her since her campaign and she is the right choice for SoS because she is smart tough and very.well suited for the job.What a pile of human waste Fox has created topped by morris the media whore.

    We are going through a very serious time in this country.Evil like mold always forms on the top and we must maintain and grow our unity to fight back through this great site and the outstanding guidance of our ADMIN.It is such a pleasure for me at my age to spend these precious hours and days in such marvelous company and feeling heeded.

    By ABM90 Hillary:Everyday is worth arising to as I watch you work hard for our great country.

  4. I think these are wonderful lyrics:

    “You know the one with the big ears. He ain’t my President!”

    I think I can sing this tune perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. NEW ARTICLE IS UP. It’s about the “stimulus” scam. We’ll keep playing Etta all day. We’ll sing along with you MP.

  6. HoldThemAccountable, here is an article by Niell Ferguson:,0,6972232.column

    There is something desperate about the way economists are clinging to their dogeared copies of Keynes’ “General Theory.” Uneasily aware that their discipline almost entirely failed to anticipate the current crisis, they seem to be regressing to macroeconomic childhood, clutching the Keynesian “multiplier effect” — which holds that a dollar spent by the government begets more than a dollar’s worth of additional economic output — like an old teddy bear.

    They need to grow up and face the harsh reality: The Western world is suffering a crisis of excessive indebtedness. Governments, corporations and households are groaning under unprecedented debt burdens. Average household debt has reached 141% of disposable income in the United States and 177% in Britain. Worst of all are the banks. Some of the best-known names in American and European finance have liabilities 40, 60 or even 100 times the amount of their capital.

    The delusion that a crisis of excess debt can be solved by creating more debt is at the heart of the Great Repression. Yet that is precisely what most governments propose to do.

  7. Thanks for putting this up admin! I read about this last night and was laughing my ass off saying “You go Etta!”. Don’t let someone steal your song! The reason why Obama didn’t invite Etta is because she’s an old woman. Obama needed his inauguration to look young and fresh. Basically, it was fake just like everything else in his campaign. Accept no substitutes! Hillary supporters want the real thing so we’re supporting Etta all the way!

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