Time For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Barack Obama, Part II

It’s time for a special prosecutor to investigate Barack Obama.

The multi-headed Hydra which is the Obama Chicago Culture Of Corruption is growing another head in Washington, D.C. and a special prosecutor is needed in Washington while Patrick Fitzgerald stabs at the Hydra in Chicago.

Let’s examine how a Special Prosecutor can be appointed and under what authority, as well as what you can do.

* * *

Some of our correspondents have rightly noted that the special prosecutor statute expired in 1999. There are also questions as to how a special prosecutor can be appointed. Let’s answer those two points.

The special prosecutor statute indeed did expire in 1999. There is however the legal authority to appoint investigators from directly inside the system in certain cases. Patrick Fitzgerald was a recent Special Prosecutor/Counsel who investigated the name leak of C.I.A. covert agent Valerie Plame.

On September 30, 2008, in a completely unrelated case, Slate Magazine in its Explainer section answered many of the questions regarding the authority and methodology for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor:

The Ethics in Government Act of 1978 called for the position of “special prosecutor” to be separate from the executive and legislative branches and to be appointed by a three-member panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals. The act also gave special prosecutors the power to issue subpoenas, start grand jury proceedings, hire a staff, use the resources of the Department of Justice and FBI, and get a security clearance if needed. (Later, the name “special prosecutor” would be officially changed to “independent counsel.”)

The Supreme Court upheld the law governing special prosecutors in 1988, but Congress let it expire in 1999 in the wake of Kenneth Starr and the Clinton investigation.* In its place, the Department of Justice created regulations (PDF) allowing for the selection of an outside “special counsel” on those occasions when there’s a conflict of interest within the department. Unlike the independent counsels that came before, a special counsel is appointed by the attorney general, so he doesn’t enjoy the same strict separation from the executive branch. He does have more freedom than a “special attorney” like Danahey, though: He has “independent authority” to exercise all investigative and prosecutorial functions and is not subject to day-to-day oversight by DOJ officials. Moreover, the AG has only very limited authority to reverse a Special Counsel’s decisions, or to remove the Special Counsel. By contrast, Danahey was not only appointed by the attorney general, but she is also directly accountable to him: Mukasey can direct, superintend, and reverse her decisions.*

Appointment now of a Special Prosecutor would prevent Obama from firing Patrick Fitzgerald as well as reassure Americans that any such firing would be fully investigated. In the likelihood of a firing of Fitzgerald a Special Prosecutor could also continue the work started by Patrick Fitzgerald. Of course the real need for a Special Prosecutor is to investigate the Hydra head growing in Washington inside the transition team.

The Presidential Transition Act (1963, amended 2000) authorized the “training and orientation of high-level presidential appointees” along with security checks and the vetting of soon to be government officials. There are also provisions for taxpayer funds to pay for offices, transportation, salaries and all operations of the transition team. The current transition team has over 500 members and a budiget of $5.2 million taxpayer dollars (Obama has also fundraised more than $7 million for the transition team). The transition team operates in both Chicago and Washington, D.C.

In other words the transition team is government financed. The transition team is in many respects a mini-government in terms of conflicts of interest. For instance, the transition team will select Justice Department officials, including the future Attorney-General (Eric Holder is the one named by the transition team).

The transition team cannot be trusted to investigate the transition team. Obama future appointments cannot be trusted to investigate future Obama appointments. We need a Special Prosecutor independent of manipulation. We need a Special Prosecutor to investigate what thus far is known and act to flense the current and future corruption.

Barack Obama insists he didn’t have any contact with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich or anyone else who might have been scheming to sell the president-elect’s U.S. Senate seat. But he has not yet given his transition staff the same clean bill of health – perhaps with good reason.

An examination of the FBI complaint against Blagojevich and the days immediately following Obama’s historic election victory suggests the governor was highly interested in Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett as a potential Senate appointee, albeit with a steep price tag.

The 76-page complaint contains multiple references to “Senate Candidate 1,” whose description clearly fits Jarrett, a former finance chief for Obama’s earlier campaigns and incoming senior White House adviser.

In secretly recorded conversations, the Democratic governor said he’d be willing to appoint Jarrett – Obama’s supposed favorite to replace him – in return for a high-paying job at a national union organization called Change to Win.

The potential union corruption, the potential state government corruption, the potential DNC corruption, the potential transition team corruption need to be investigated. A Special Prosecutor is needed. Obama’s carefully worded, delay-delay-delay defenses are not fooling anyone, not even many of his Big Media buddies.

At a news conference Thursday, Obama said his office was assembling any information about possible contacts “between the transition office and the governor’s office,” and that he intended to release any such detail in the next few days.

“But what I’m absolutely certain about is that our office had no involvement in any dealmaking around my Senate seat,” Obama said. “That I’m absolutely certain of.”

It remained unclear whether anyone on Obama’s team had been in contact with Blagojevich or his associates regarding the Senate seat.

According to the complaint, Blagojevich met Nov. 5 with an official of the Service Employees International Union-Local 1 who is believed to be Tom Balanoff, a longtime Obama supporter who spoke at the Democratic National Convention.

Blagojevich “understood” that the SEIU official was “an emissary to discuss Senate Candidate 1’s interest” in the Senate seat. Though just a day after the election, media reports had already identified Jarrett as being interested in the job. [snip]

Two days later, Blagojevich allegedly suggested he’d be willing to “trade” the Senate seat to Jarrett in exchange for the Health and Human Services secretary’s job. He repeated that desire during a separate, three-way call involved Blagojevich, Chief of Staff John Harris and someone identified only as “Advisor B,” a Washington-based consultant.

Harris noted that Blagojevich also would consider being appointed to a high-paying position at Change to Win and that Balanoff, who declined numerous requests for an interview with The Associated Press, could guarantee the appointment.

In return, Obama would be expected to help Change to Win with its legislative agenda on a national level, said Harris, according to the criminal complaint.

As the FBI listened in, Harris suggested the three-way deal would give Obama “a buffer so there is no obvious quid pro quo” regarding Jarrett. And “Adviser B” said “they should leverage the President-elect’s desire to have Senate Candidate 1 appointed to the Senate seat” in exchange for a big job at Change to Win.

“No obvious quid pro quo.” That is the Obama modus operandi [See our Rezko For Dummies series which explains, Chicago style, how to avoid the appearance of a quid pro quo.] But even the dummies at Big Media are waking up to the glaring and obvious Chicago corruption and how Obama hides from answering questions honestly:

Asked Thursday why the governor might have believed the Obama camp wasn’t going to cooperate, Obama refused to speculate.

“I can’t presume to know what was in the mind of the governor during this process,” he said. “All I can do is read what was in the transcripts, like the rest of you have read it, and shake my head.”

On Nov. 12, major news organizations, including the AP, quoted sources as saying Jarrett was not interested in the Senate seat. The Chicago Tribune said it had received an e-mail from Jarrett declaring, “I am not interested in the Senate seat.”

But as the day wore on, Blagojevich continued to discuss the possibility of appointing “Senate Candidate 1” in a series of calls; Blagojevich would stay on as governor and ostensibly run the nonprofit.

“Adviser B” told the governor he liked the Change to Win job best because “from the President-elect’s perspective, there would be fewer ‘fingerprints’” because the union organization was already in existence and fully funded.

During one of the calls, Blagojevich informed the union official – believed to be Balanoff – that he’d heard Obama now wanted other candidates considered. Balanoff said he would find out if “Senate Candidate 1” wanted to keep pushing for the Senate seat.

The discussion during a Nov. 13 call between the governor and “Adviser A” made it clear Blagojevich wanted a deal from Obama whether his pick was Jarrett or someone else, according to the complaint. And in subsequent recorded conversations, the governor indeed moved on to other possible candidates, including Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

On Nov. 15, Obama announced the appointment of Jarrett as one of his key advisers. And yet nine days later, Blagojevich may not have given up on the idea that Jarrett was still his way to cash in: According to Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., he spoke to the governor about Jarrett on Nov. 24.

“The governor asked me, ‘What about Valerie Jarrett? Do you think she’s serious?'” Durbin said, an apparent reference to her withdrawal from consideration.

“I said, ‘Yes, I talked to her. She said she doesn’t want this. She’s going to stick with Obama,'” Durbin said.

While everyone is focused on the latest suspects like Rahm Emanuel let’s look at another of the big and simultaneously small players in the Obama Corruption Opera – like Senator Durbin. One of very few Big Media columnists we have quoted with respect is John Kass of the Chicago Tribune. On the Sunday before the curtain went up on the Obama Chicago Corruption Opera (Blagojevich is the featured performer in Act I, Scene 1) John Kass had a rather remarkable column:

The Illinois Combine is pushing hard to have President George W. Bush release corrupt former Republican Gov. George Ryan from prison, though he’s served only a little more than a year of his 6 ½-year sentence on corruption, fraud and other charges.

Sen. Dick Durbin has written Bush a heartbreaking letter on Ryan’s behalf. Durbin’s Democratic Senate colleague—now President-elect Barack Obama—doesn’t think it appropriate to get involved in the matter.

But you can get involved. This time, you can act.

You can e-mail Bush at comments@whitehouse.gov, or write him at The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C. 20500.

You might consider including this letter from Janet Willis to U.S. District Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer at Ryan’s sentencing in 2006. I published it then, but it’s time to read it again. Janet’s children were the casualties of political corruption. You may also go online and read all the Willis family letters to Pallmeyer at chicagotribune.com/familyletters. Here is Mrs. Willis’ letter:

Americans should read the Janet Willis letter as well as write to George W. Bush and not only keep corrupt Republican Illinois Governor in prison, but also ask for a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Barack Obama.


49 thoughts on “Time For A Special Prosecutor To Investigate Barack Obama, Part II

  1. right on admin…yes and I agrre Bush needs to investigate Obama..bo doing his own with blago…how corrupt..it will be all lies and all false he will say he found nothing of people yeah right..

    any way my distant family in Chicago chi town they say Yipppeee…and its about time to rid all of them..and obama is just as he is a BIG LIAR!!!

  2. We need this special prosecutor before Bush leaves office. I would think for the Republicans this would be a no brainer.

  3. RGB Times breaking Phony Story:

    “admin” may be someone named “Ed Smith”, from the “midwest”. The latest word on the street (and “you didn’t hear it from me”), is that “admin” is one of the three nominees for the Wurlitzer Prize for Journalism.

    The Wurlitzer may not yet be as esteemed as the Pulitzer, but the way Big Media is sliding further and further down, some day, the Wurlitzer will become fhe more valuable trophy.

    The Enquirer reports that “someone” matching admin’s description was spotted in a swanky Hollywood nightclub with some pretty serious celebrity arm candy…


    Alternate reality:

    Admin’s mom waking them up: “Jeez, you’ve been up all night with that, that, Hillary stuff. Give it up. She lost. Get a job. Oh, and take out the garbage. I made pancakes, they’re getting cold. You look terrible. But who am I to say.”

  4. Admin> here is my take on current developments:


    1. Overview: America’s premier U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is doing the work of the American People by conducting a fair and complete investigation into the most corrupt political machine in the country– The Illinois Combine. Currently, the Combine is seeking to expand its power nationwide through the new President Elect—Barack Hussein Obama. Obama is a product of that machine, his meteoric rise can be attributed to its influence and he has surrounded himself with its minions. (Note: to those who do not know Chicago politics this will sound extreme.)

    This investigation poses a serious challenge to the Governor, the Combine, Big Media and the Obama presidency, as discussed below. Not surprisingly, it has touched off a four (4) interrelated conflicts which will determine the future of Chicago politics, and no less the fate of our country. They are: i) Fitzgerald vs. Obama, ii) Fitzgerald vs. Governor, iii) Governor vs. Obama, and iv) NBC/MSNBC/CNN vs. Fitzgerald.

    2. Fitzgerald vs. Obama: while the complaint filed by Fitzgerald does not allege specific wrongdoing against Obama, it is most certainly a shot across the bow of the President Elect in three (3) material respects:

    a) no surrogate: this complaint thwarts Obama’s effort to install the surrogate he wanted in that position who would spy on the Senate for him and do his bidding. (Note: it forced his first choice Jarrett to withdraw her name), and-

    b) future target: this complaint signals that he could become a target in the ongoing investigation, even though he is not a target in this particular complaint. It will depend on where the evidence leads, who is charged and whether they are willing to cooperate in his investigation. (Note: Fitzgerald conducted successful prosecutions of Rezko,Rosenkowski and Libby.), and-

    c) Combine Rules: this complaint sends a clear and unequivocal message to Obama and his surrogates that a US Senate seat cannot be sold to the highest bidder—Combine Rules to the contrary notwithstanding. (Note: this complaint prevented Obama deputy campaign manager Jesse Jackson Jr. from pursuing his attempt to buy the seat. The apparent refusal of other Obama staffers to take the same bait is exculpatory only if you believe they did not know or suspect that the Governor’s phone was tapped.)

    It therefore follows that Obama has a clear motive to prevent Fitzgerald from completing his investigation of the Illinois Combine. Or, if he cannot prevent him from completing it then to control where it will lead. The easiest way for Obama to do that was to simply sit back, let Fitzgerald’s term run out and replace him at that time without comment. However, the issuance of the complaint against the Governor thwarted that strategy. It prevented a crime from being committed but it also provided a compelling reason for the President, charged with faithfully executing the laws under Article II, to allow Patrick Fitzgerald to complete the investigation. Realizing that Obama has now adopted a fall-back strategy to control the investigation. Amid calls for a special prosecutor, Obama has agreed to continue let Fitzgerald stay on. However he will be working as an employee of Obama’s Justice Department—which means, Obama will have full knowledge of the matter. Given Obama’s past relationship with the Illinois Combine, this is not a satisfactory arrangement. In the days of Prohibition insiders gave bootleggers advance notice of police raids. Nunc pro tunc (then as now).

    3. Fitzgerald vs. Governor: see the 75 page complaint. The Governor seems to believe he can beat the rap. But over the course of time it is rather likely that he will be disabused of that notion. Not only must he worry about himself, but he must also reckon with what his charged co-conspirator Harris will say in his own defense. Fitzgerald has the power of the plea and the Governor has the clear incentive to trade up.

    4. Obama vs. Governor: Obama says he never spoke to the Governor about the senate position. Unfortunately, that statement was contradicted by his campaign manager David Axelrod. He assured Meet The Press that Obama had in fact talked to the Governor about this and had expressed a fondness for the candidates they discussed. Later of course he retracted that remark. Messiahs do not lie. Obama was shocked and disappoined when he was told what the Governor was doing. Just like Rezko, Wright and any other associate who gets caught. Obama called for him to step down.

    To date, the Governor has not accepted the advice of his friend and ally Obama. He refuses to step down. There is an incentive for Obama and the Governor to work together to defeat the common enemy Fitzgerald. But will they find a way to do so? What could Obama possibly offer in exchange for his silence? Hypothetically, he could pardon the Governor. But would he do that and take the political heat? Not likely. More likely he would admonish him to be patient. Thus, it could take years, whereas Fitzgerald could relieve him of that hardship now if he becomes a cooperating witness. Clearly, the Governor has a big story to tell. Under the McNaughton Rule he is competent to testify—despite what Big Media and the Combine would have you believe.

    The Governor actions have called unwanted national attention to the crooked ways of the Illinois Combine. He is a clear and present danger to Obama, Emile Jones, and other members of the Combine. Therefore, the Illinois Attorney General has applied to the Illinois Supreme Court to declare him unfit to serve. They want this story off the front page as soon as possible. The Supreme Court is not in a position to declare him mentally incompetent. All they can say is he is violating the duties of his office. Big Media will try to portray it as the former but in fact it will be the latter. In that case, his lack of ethics makes him worthy of belief. Why? Because Combine crooks do not conspire with Bishops, Priests and Rabbis, but with people like him. Therefore whatever he says about them is credible absent specific proof to the contrary.

    5. Big Media vs. Fitzgerald: NBC/MSNBC and CNN have tied their credibility and their 8 year business plan to one man: Barack Hussein Obama. The quid pro quo is access, influence and a possible taxpayer bailout somewhere down the road. As a result, they have ceased to be a journalistic enterprise and have morphed before our eyes into a propaganda ministry for Obama. Experience has shown that they will promote him at every turn, vilify anyone who questions him and suppress negative news about him.

    Consequently, when U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald filed a complaint against the Illinois Governor and questions were raised about Obama’s connection to same, CNN and MSNBC embarked on a negative campaign to undermine Fitzgerald and destroy the Governor. (Note: this is what you get when you have people like Steve Capus “deciding what is best”.)

    How? By accusing Fitzgerald of political motivations in bringing the complaint, i.e. he just wants to be governor. They want to make an honest public servant controversial to protect their cash cow Obama. Now that Obama has agreed that he will stay on they will back off. But they will resume their attacks if the investigation gets too close to Obama.

    Likewise, they call the Governor delusional. Why? Simple: apart from his strange behavior they know he is wise in the ways of the Combine. After all he is a charter member. Furthermore, they know he is wise in the ways of Obama. After all, he is a political ally. Thus, they cannot claim the Governor is ignorant. Instead they must attack his credibility by claiming that he is delusional. If they can make the public believe that then they can minimize the impact of whatever he says. So that is their game.

  5. correction-

    4. Obama vs. Governor: Obama says he never spoke to the Governor about the senate position. Unfortunately, that statement was contradicted by his campaign manager David Axelrod. He assured Meet the Press that Obama had in fact talked to the Governor about this and had expressed a fondness for the candidates they discussed. Later of course he retracted that remark. Why did Obama lie about having spoken to the Governor? Because he did not want to disclose the true nature of the subject matter of that conversation. For if in fact the Governor solicited a bribe then Obama was under a legal obligation to report it, which he obviously did not

  6. sorry too much alcohol. Need to fix this one too to clarify why independent counsel is essential as admin has stressed.
    Amid calls for a independent counsel, Obama has agreed to continue let Fitzgerald stay on. However he will be working as an employee of Obama’s Justice Department—which means, Obama will have full knowledge of the matter. Given Obama’s past relationship with the Illinois Combine, this is not a satisfactory arrangement. In the days of Prohibition insiders gave bootleggers advance notice of police raids. Here an independent counsel is needed to prevent similar mischief and to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

  7. Admin. Emjay wanted me to let you know she was unable to get on the site today. She gets the cpu sign, etc.

    She mentioned that Hillary is working 16 hours per day now getting ready for the sos job. She said that members of her senate staff reported that they would get to work real early like 6 am only to discover that she had been in her office since 4 am routinely. The country is the best possible hands on the international front thanks to her. The same can hardly be said on the domestic front with Obama at the rudder, helm, bilges, keel or wherever the hell he is. I intend to celebrate his corronation by going to Canada.

  8. Poor Blago…. he’s let his jealousy of Bambi fester until his poor little mind went *poof* .

    Unfortunately, this is going to do NOTHING to expose Bambi for the sleezeball he is, because he’ll just throw the (as of now anyway) mysterious advisor under the Big Barry Blue Bus.

    Oh how I wish with all my heart and soul that the “advisor” was Wimpy, but instinct tells me it was Rahm E.

  9. Also, anyone else see the irony of Rahm refusing to talk because he’s busy being a dad at Christmas time?? Can we get a slew of reporters to barrage him with questions about why he can’t be a good dad AND perforn his job at the same time? LOL!

    (That was for you, Saracuda!)

  10. One more thing before I head out to finish up my Fitzmas shopping…according to Rahm he’s getting death threats. How curious. Who on god’s green earth would care enough about Rahm Emmanuel to threaten his life? Your neighbor, Bob Green , perhaps? The angry bagger at Piggly Wiggly? Perhaps you yourself (since we know how incredibly surprised and angry you must be over this whole Blago-Rahma deal)?

    Do I believe Rahm is getting death threats? You bet your ass I believe it…but they aren’t coming from Joe Blow, that’s for sure. Give us a break, Rahm.

  11. Idunn Says:
    December 13th, 2008 at 9:42 am
    Also, anyone else see the irony of Rahm refusing to talk because he’s busy being a dad at Christmas time??
    WTF??? “he’s busy being a dad at Christmas time”……He is an Orthodox Jew…..getting ready for Christmas???

  12. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-rahm-obama13dec13,0,3359611.story

    Rahm Emanuel, President-elect Barack Obama’s pick to be White House chief of staff, had conversations with Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s administration about who would replace Obama in the U.S. Senate, the Tribune has learned.

    The revelation does not suggest Obama’s new gatekeeper was involved in any talk of dealmaking involving the seat. But it does help fill in the gaps surrounding a question that Obama was unable or unwilling to answer this week: Did anyone on his staff have contact with Blagojevich about his choice for the Senate seat? [snip]

    Obama said Thursday he had never spoken to Blagojevich about the Senate vacancy and was “confident that no representatives” of his had engaged in any dealmaking over the seat with the governor or his team. He also pledged Thursday that in the “next few days” he would explain what contacts his staff may have had with the governor’s office about the Senate vacancy.

    Emanuel, who has long been close to both Blagojevich and Obama, has refused to respond to questions about any involvement he may have had with the Blagojevich camp over the Senate pick. A spokeswoman for Emanuel also declined to comment Friday.

    One source confirmed that communications between Emanuel and the Blagojevich administration were captured on court-approved wiretaps.

  13. What is wrong with Rahm, women multi task, and then are challenge about if they can run for office and do everything else.

    Give me a break!

  14. The more conspirators that appear, the more likely someone will talk to save themselves. After all O cannot save everyone, and the first one that talks usually gets the best deals.

  15. Is it possible that people are focused on the wrong time frame when they ask the question were there conversations between obama and the governor about who would replace him and what it would take? The thought occurred to me this morning. Also, there are two types of conversations–those that were taped, and those that were not.

  16. It is fascinating that Raul is having death threats real or imagined. No ex-wives or business partners in the picture I assume. If not it is unclear to me how this helps him.

    Is the setting up a defense of I was distracted with death threats and christmas so I am not responsible for what I may have said or done– assuming I said or did anything which I will not concede absent clear proof.

    Can anyone elucidate?

  17. I just got an email from democrats.com:

    This week we asked President-elect Obama to appoint a Special Prosecutor – ideally Patrick Fitzgerald – to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping. Our question came in 6th for all questions submitted to Obama:

    If you want to help promote a Special Prosecutor, please attend a “Change is Coming” meeting near you:

  18. This week we asked President-elect Obama to appoint a Special Prosecutor – ideally Patrick Fitzgerald – to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping. Our question came in 6th for all questions submitted to Obama:

    If you want to help promote a Special Prosecutor, please attend a “Change is Coming” meeting near you:
    Let me tell you exactly what I think this is.

    It is an attempt to mollify the hard left of the policy so they forgive him for betraying them and the principles he used to get their support.

    They should tell him they will talk about it just as soon as he makes good on his initial promise to get us out of Iraq now. Blame it on the economy.

  19. So if President-Elect O threaten to appoint a Special Prosecutor against the Reps, the Reps (Bush) should appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the Gov of Illinois. That should keep everyone busy for a while, and result in a rise of the independent party to new levels.

  20. I thought it interesting that it is Fitzgerald whom the bots want to appoint to investigate Bush.

    That should keep him real busy.

  21. Jesse Jackson Jr.: ‘I want my name back’
    “When it’s over, I want every to know that I want my name back. … I’m fighting now for my character, and I’m also fighting for my life,” he said. “This is about my children being able to Google their name in five years and there be nothing there associated with them that suggests anything wrong.”
    http: / / http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/12/12/jackson.jr.blagojevich/index.html

  22. Jesse Jackson Jr. did not care about Jesse Jackson’s name, treated his dad like fucking shit.

    But JJJ’s is worth gold?? He’s untarnished.

    His name is going to look good, on a prison roster.

  23. Don’t you think this fine little mess Governor Blag got into makes it harder for the senior slimeball senator from massachusetts to shoehorn carolyn kenney into the new york senate seat? Too much transparency now for behind the scenes arm twisting required to make that happpen. If it does, it will be obvious that Patterson yielded to party pressure and screwed the people of his state. Too bad Teddy. Karma is a bitch.

  24. Yeah, Teddy baby. Quid pro quo?

    “One hand washes the other”.

    Who’s Caroline being named NY Senator going to benefit? Anyone from NY? Or just the Kennedys?

  25. How much do you think that the crooks would have to pay Blagosonabitch to keep quiet now? I think he is saying, if you do not want to hear me NOW – then?

  26. No-one is paying period. Hence the meltdown. He’s got legal problems up the ass, everyone has kicked his ass to the curb in order to avoid getting slimed by him (at least, any MORE slimed by him). Why the hell do you think Blago would say the shit he said knowing damned good and well Fitz was on his ass??!!

    Maybe he WANTED Obama/Emmanuel to go down with him? Maybe it’s a setup? Ya think?

    (By the way, I can’t believe I forgot Rahm is Jewish. WTF is all this “it’s Christmas !” shit about??!!)

  27. people are tired of this already wright ayers franken alid ashid rezko..and now blago..oh i never knew any of them …LIE LIE..and he is friends with Blagovitch..becasue blagovitch wouldnt have said f…him..and all he can give is appreciation..well they have talk by those words..he said those words so OBama could hear him..and scare the crap out of him i bet obama fell off his chair…with hoim getting caught..you can tell the way obam acts that he knows the man and has talk to him lotts…Obama was caught off gauard..by blagovitch..rezko blago are not goin to sit in jail unless they sing…and rahm emaule and JJJ…are just as Liars too…i think blago will come clean about all he knows..hopefully before he gets into that white house..

  28. CJ

    Blago reminds me of a loaded gun who is ruthless. If he is not contained or control, he will do what benifits him. The question now is, how can you contain him without the FBI figuring it out. I am sure there are all kinds of 3rd persons trying to make deals with him for O. It is too dangerous for a 2nd person to be doing it at this point.

    I hope Fritz is as smart and honest as I think he is.

  29. You have that right newmexicofan they wont be able to contain him obama rezko rahm jjj and whoever else daly lol..becasue the fbi will watching him lol..
    so ob cant talk to him Blago..I believe there friends just like all thee others wright etc….there Illinoians..Corrupt

  30. You have that right newmexicofan they wont be able to contain him obama rezko rahm jjj and whoever else daly lol..becasue the fbi will watching him lol..
    so ob cant talk to him Blago..I believe there friends just like all thee others wright etc….there Illinoians..Corrupt
    The way they will try to do it is through counsel. Some attorney who knows his attorney will speak to his attorney. But it still gets back to the bottom line who can make blag the better offer: the combine or fitzgerald. The answer is fitz.

    I am using the mafia template now to analyze this thing because I do not see much difference between the Combine and Capone. They both subscribe the the time honored axiom: “you get more with a kind word and a gun, than just a kind word.”

  31. Talk about nerve… The Obama’s requested that they be able to move into Blair House early so their girls could be settled before school starts on January 5th. Bush said no that Blair house would be ready on the traditional day of January 15th stating that they will have guests there that can not be moved. Using their daughters was a poor excuse since they would have to move to the White House on the 20th anyway.

  32. rjk1957 Says:

    December 14th, 2008 at 1:57 –

    Can you imagine the uproar, if the Clinton’s had asked the same thing, so Chelsea could get settled before school started?

  33. I was never a big fan of Bush (except for his congressional address after 9/11), but you kind of have to feel sorry for him as it seems like they are trying to push him out of office.

  34. Turndown: here is my response to that little Lord Fauntleroy:
    First, speechwriters are a dime a dozen. Therefore he is expendable. The decision by Obama to keep him is telling.

    Second, the hatred toward women Favreau expressed in this picture is part of the culture of the Obama campaign.

    Third, Obama himself engaged in hatred toward women on a number of occasions, i.e. thousand problems but bitch aint one of them campaign song in N.H. His statements-not feeling well, claws come out, flipping the bird at her–so who is kidding whom?

    Fourth Obama was well aware the big media sexism of msnbc (Matthews, Olberman), monster (Power), tears (McPeak). Yet he did nothing because he is in partnership with msnbc cnn.

    Fifth, Hillary handled it with humor. Had she taken a differently the press story would called her a cry baby. In fact we have been there before–as with the Schuster incident involving Chelsie Clinton–pimping.

    Sixth, Campbell Browns is a hypocrite. She was well aware of the big media misogyny during the campaign but never called them on it. She is just another dumb Hillary hater.

    Seventh, the writer of this article suffers from the same disability. Where were you sir when the sexist slurs were aimed at Hillary when it counted–in the primary?

    Eighth, the writer of this article has a strange fascination for Rice. She is nobody on the world scene. She is not particularly collegial. She belongs at the UN.

  35. Just a thought but if it were my call I would keep the governor under twenty four hour surveillance for his good and the good of the American People. You can believe the murder of the head of the Arkansas Democratic Party who was prepared to lead a pro-Hillary offensive at the Convention was not related to the election but if that is the case the timing and circumstances are to say the least suspicious. Maybe the same thing would not happen here where Obamas claim to the throne is once again at issue but it would be wise to err on the side of caution with full surveillance protection. There are simply too many people a guy like this could bring down.

  36. rjk 1957: the day may come prior to 2012 when the thug will be as anxious to move out of the White House as he now is to move in. He has no clue what is in store for him.

    As for the rest of us it is like this it is like the poet Robert Burns said when confronting a barn yard mouse (like Obama):

    the best laid scheme
    of mice and men
    go aft agley

    and leave us not
    but grief and pain
    for promised joy

    still thou are blessed
    compared to me
    the present only
    toucheth thee

    but ooch I backward
    cast my eee
    on prospects drear

    and forward tho
    I cannot see
    I guess an fear

  37. So Fitzmas DELAYED the CHICAGO TRIBUNE from reporting the Blago story for 2 months, just enough time to gift BO the election!

    Just heard that on Reliable Sources. 2 months brings us back to mid-October. If the story had been reported then, BO would have been so tainted by the investigation he would have lost.

    Looks like Fitz drank the koolaid after all.


  38. wbboe

    I agree, there were just too many incidence not to be suspicious. Those who went to the convention, know that democracy was not practiced there. Too bad the voters, and the American public, really did not get the full picture of what went on. They simple feel that people changed their minds of their own free will.

    It will be interesting to see what happens, if the information gets too close to the throne.

  39. Idunn, my question was rhetorical and ‘buy’ did not mean with money.
    Some woman on tv this am said that JJjr was ‘not’ on the Huckster’s short list for Blagosonabitch and that tells JJjr just where he fits in within the scheme of things in Obamaland. I wonder just who was on the list that the Huckster sent to Blagosonabitch. Anyone here know where to find out?

  40. Well…

    I haven’t been able to get onto this site since Friday afternoon…lol…definitely a shock to the system.


    wbboei Says:

    December 13th, 2008 at 12:47 am
    Admin> here is my take on current developments:


    Imbibing or not, you still make a heck of a lot of sense! 😉

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