Thine Is The Power

Today Americans have the opportunity to overthrow Big Media power and their stooge Barack Obama.

Americans will vote for their choice in 35 Senate races, 435 races for the entire House of Representatives, 11 governorship races as well as several odious ballot initiatives including a ban on gay marriage in California.

Exit polls will be released to “news” organizations at 5:00 p.m. But we will know what the untrustworthy exit polls indicate much earlier because Big Media “personalities” will be twitching with glee if Obama is ahead. If the race is tight they will be sullen and gloomy. If McCain is ahead expect security guards to block window access and begin to confiscate razor blades.

Meanwhile Obama slumlord friend and bagman Antoin “Tony” Rezko made another suprise appearance with the latest revelations in today’s Washington Times (we’ll have more on this in subsequent days).

Bill – The Bomber and Lousi Farrahkan also made an appearance today as they voted at the same school as Barack Obama.

Among the other voters who have shown up to vote at Shoesmith Elementary School this morning, where Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., will vote: Louis Farrakhan and William Ayers.


* * *


Indiana polls begin to close at 6:00 p.m. Reports that the race in Indiana had McCain ahead appeared to be confirmed by last minute Obama campaigning there. If McCain loses Indiana it is going to be a tough night for McCain. The western part of Indiana will stop voting at 7:00 p.m. but we expect the same shenanigans in Lake County (Gary) that we witnessed during the Hillary victory during the Democratic primary there.

Florida and Virginia and Georgia polls close at 7:00 p.m. McCain needs to win Florida. If Obama wins Virginia it will likely be a good night for Obama. If McCain wins both states, it will be a long night for Obama and McCain but the chances for McCain will increase greatly. McCain must also win Georgia.

Ohio and North Carolina close at 7:30 p.m. McCain must win Ohio. If McCain wins Ohio and North Carolina Obama is in great trouble. The respected Columbus Dispatch poll has Obama ahead but we recall that in 2004 the Columbus Dispatch poll came out on election day, unlike this year when the poll was published on Sunday. Later polls are conflicted. We believe McCain will win Ohio.

At 8:00 p.m. New Hampshire and Pennsylvania polls close. Hillary voters will determine what happens in Pennsylvania and McCain still has a chance in that must win state. A win for McCain in New Hampshire would be a surprise and a horror for Obama. Voter intimidation by Black Panthers might or might not be a factor in Pennsylvania. Also, in Pennsylvania there is no early voting provisions so late issues regarding Obama’s plan to bankrupt coal operators in coal state Pennsylvania might have an impact. John Murtha’s ugly charges of racism might also mobilize voters against him and bring out a strong McCain vote in the western part of the state where Hillary did so well.

At 9:00 p.m. most of the eastern and midwestern time zones will have voted. Colorado and New Mexico are the states to watch at this hour.

At 10:00 p.m. Nevada, Iowa, and Oregon finish voting. Iowa and Oregon are a must win for Obama. Contrary to conventional wisdom, we believe McCain has a good shot at Nevada.

By 11:00 when California polls close the election should be over (except for Alaska at 1:00 a.m.).

* * *

Keep your eyes peeled for the divided electoral votes in Maine and Nebraska in the event of a tight race. Obama hopes to get an extra vote in Nebraska and McCain hopes to get that extra vote in Maine.

A nightmare for Obama is a big popular vote win with huge victories in Illinois, New York, and California but McCain getting an electoral college victory. Obama will have no cause to complain with his shenanigans in Michigan and Florida and his loss to Hillary in popular votes.

A British newspaper has this assessment of tonight’s events:

The victor will need 270 electoral votes to win the Electoral College and capture the White House in Tuesday’s election.

The president is determined not by the most votes nationally but by a majority of the Electoral College, which has 538 members allotted to all 50 states and the District of Columbia in proportion to their representation in Congress.

Each state, except Maine and Nebraska, awards its votes to the candidate who gets the most votes in the state. Maine and Nebraska split them by congressional district.

Here are some battleground states with their electoral vote totals, 2004 results and recent details about the contests in each state.

* Colorado — Nine electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry 52 percent to 47 percent in the state in 2004, but since then, Democrats have won the state Legislature and governor’s office. Two polls Thursday showed Obama leading by 6 and 4 points respectively.

* Florida — 27 electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry 52 percent to 47 percent in a state known for the disputed result that decided the 2000 election. Florida is a classic swing state with many older voters who could favor McCain along with Jewish voters who are normally Democratic but have been wary of Obama. The two most recent polls both gave Obama a 4-point lead, while some earlier polls had showed a narrower margin.

* Indiana — 11 electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry by 20 points in 2004 in a state that last voted for a Democrat in 1964. But it borders Obama’s home state of Illinois and he has poured resources into his Indiana campaign after finishing a strong second to Sen. Hillary Clinton in the May Democratic primary. The race remains a toss up, with one Thursday poll giving McCain a 3-point lead, another showing Obama with a 1-point edge, and a third saying the two candidates were dead even.

* Missouri — 11 electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry 53 percent to 46 percent in 2004 in a classic battleground with a mix of cities and conservative rural areas. McCain led in the two most recent polls with narrow margins of 3 and 2 points.

* New Hampshire — Four electoral votes. Kerry beat Bush by 1 point in 2004. McCain’s history of big primary wins in New Hampshire in 2000 and this year gives him hope he can take the state in November. Democrats captured both the state’s seats in Congress and gained control of the state Legislature in 2006 in an anti-Republican wave on which Obama hopes to capitalize. A Thursday poll showed Obama up by 13 points, the latest in a string of surveys that have put his lead in double digits.

* New Mexico — Five electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry by fewer than 6,000 votes in 2004. As the senator from neighboring Arizona, McCain is familiar to many New Mexico voters, but he will have to battle Obama for the growing bloc of Hispanics, who make up more than 40 percent of the state’s population. A Wednesday poll gave Obama a 10-point lead, while other recent surveys have shown him ahead by between 5-8 points.

* Nevada — Five electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry by 20,000 votes in 2004 in a state won by Republicans in eight of the past 10 presidential elections. As in New Mexico, the burgeoning Hispanic population will be crucial — it now makes up nearly a quarter of Nevada’s residents. A poll on Thursday showed Obama with a 5-point lead, while other polls in recent days have shown him up by as much as 12 points.

* North Carolina — 15 electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry by 12 points in 2004, even though the Democratic vice presidential nominee, John Edwards, was from the state. More than one-fifth of the population is black and an influx of transplants to high-tech urban areas have given Obama a chance. A Friday poll showed the race as a tie, while three others have given Obama slim leads of between 1 and 4 points.

* Ohio — 20 electoral votes. Bush beat Kerry by about 120,000 votes in the state that ultimately decided the 2004 race. No Republican has won the White House without Ohio, and McCain will have a hard time piecing together a win without the state. One new Thursday poll gave Obama a 7-point lead, while another had him up by 4.

* Pennsylvania — 21 electoral votes. Kerry beat Bush 51 percent to 48 percent in 2004, but Pennsylvania is one of a handful of states won by Kerry where McCain’s camp had seen a chance to reverse the result. A poll on Thursday had Obama in the lead by 13 points.

* Virginia — 13 electoral votes. Bush won fairly easily by 9 points in 2004 in a state that has not gone Democratic in a presidential election since 1964. But Virginia’s trend has been toward Democrats in recent state elections amid dramatic growth in the Democratic-leaning northern suburbs of Washington, D.C. Two Thursday polls both gave Obama 4 point leads, narrower than in some earlier surveys.

* Wisconsin — 10 electoral votes. Kerry won by 11,000 votes out of more than 3 million in 2004, but Obama has held a lead for months in a state where he crushed Hillary Clinton in a February Democratic primary showdown. Two polls on Thursday showed Obama ahead by 16 and 11 points respectively.

The American voter has the power. Use it.


491 thoughts on “Thine Is The Power

  1. Ohio

    So far: Turnout at GOP precincts has been unbelievable.

    In Darke Couty, which went 2:1 for Bush in 04, they are looking at 80% turnout and thousands of additional R voters.
    In Allen County, heavy R turnout.
    In Montgomery County (Kerry won by 2% in 04), the west side (D) precincts are coming in under 20% by mid-afternoon!!! Our R precincts are outpacing them 2:1.

    Reports of other red counties are at tremendously high levels.

  2. According to Fox, AA turnout in NC not as high as Obama camp was thinking. What a shame, maybe he should have been campaigning like he was going to lose instead of acting like it was over. people who have never voted before tend to say of he won , he does not need my vote….

  3. Last time, the pollsters were calling it for Kerry like 5 hrs ago, I’m hearing no such beat now, strangely silent, in fact the obama camp has gone strangely silent but McCain is giddy.

  4. (Reposted from previous thread)

    Although I only commented here but once before, I have to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site esp. Admin. Through all the turmoil of this election season, it has been nice to know there are other like-minded citizens who truly understand what the Democratic Party should stand for and who detest what it has become this year.

    I proudly voted for McCain/Palin today (as did my parents and my sister) – our first Republican votes ever (though I’m only 26) and quite possibly not the last.

    If nothing else, this election has taught me to vote based on character, experience, and policy (not solely on party). I still support Hillary and other Democrats like her and hope one day she will rightfully become President.

  5. A quick word of thanks to all who comment here and our emailers too and silent readers (all of which number in the millions to date). This has always been a no-whine zone. Thanks to all for the fighting spirit and the can-do attitude. It’s tough fighting against our fellow Democrats turned Dimocrats. It is also very tough to fight Big Media manipulation. But fight we do and will.

    Thanks and never give up. Vote and make those last minute calls.

    NObama. NOvember.

  6. So, as we commune together, and watch the finish of this race, it has been quite a journey and revelation for many of us. I could not have asked for a better group.

  7. Great, my keyboard response has really improved. I am not sure if someone did something to the system, but thanks.

  8. All I know at this point is we have had two strange visits in the last day by McCain. He was in Roswell yesterday (HRC did well in the South), and a last minute stop in Albuquerque today. That must say something, as he was not expected to take District 1 Albuquerque.

  9. I did my part. Voted for McCain. Voted for the Republican against John Kerry. Voted for the Republican against Congressman Tierney.

    In elections where a Democrat ran unopposed, I wrote in Ralph Nadar, Bill Ayers, and Jeramiah Wright. I even voted against my Democratic State Rep who sent my daughter a letter every year for 12 years congratulating her for honor roll.

    BTW, if my wife or daughter asks, I decided not to vote. I’m not going to listen to their BS about how I did or did not vote.


    And…(((Admin))), before I get too drunk, may I say a sober “I love you”? (I’ll probably say it again in a few hours, but by then I’ll be weepy and sloppy drunk) 😉

  11. Admin,

    Thank you for the breakdown. Of all of us, I sincerely hope that you write a book about what has taken place in the last two years of this election cycle. It will be a best-seller guaranteed! 🙂

  12. Obama campaign desperate to get voters out in Minnesota, its too close. Obama losing Minn.

    I’m a student at Carleton College who has contributed (financially and with my time) to the Obama campaign. I just got an automated call from Jeff Blodgett, the chair of the MN campaign. The text of the call was:

    “Hello, this is Jeff Blodgett from the Minnesota for Obama campaign. Our initial data shows this election is significantly closer than the polls predicted. We are putting out an urgent call for volunteers… We are organized groups to knock on doors at five P.M., or earlier if you can, for our final GOTV operation.” This was followed by different numbers to call based on your residence.

  13. What’s with Hillbuzz asking us all to “be nice” to Obots if Oliar loses??

    Are they kidding me with that shit? I plan to gloat my head off and give the subtle O’liar finger to every bot I run across.

  14. Just got back from casting my vote for McCain/Palin here in DC. Knowing it would not make a difference here, but at least it was a Democrat for McCain vote. You all will find it amusing that as I was waiting in the hall of the school, two AA women were leaving and one said to the other, rather smugly, “I wrote in Hillary”. The other responded, “Good for you girl, I did too.”

    THAT made me feel even more satisfied.

  15. I was nice to the Bots holding their precious little signs at my polling place. I can’t help it if my nosed itched, can I?

  16. JanH Admin

    Yes, we have discussed writing a book before. I have even told a friend of mine who is known sociologist about this blog, and how it is changing the complex of elections. I think Admin should write it.

    However, not to get gross, but I am sucking my thumb, until I find out where we go to blog after this.

  17. “cnn exit polls starting.”

    So, they declared the election for Obama, right?

    I haven’t watched TV news since the night of the Iowa caucus. I don’t intend to start now.

  18. They are such liars saying exit polls are usually fairly accurate.
    The only thing they have released yet is that 62% of those surveyed say the economy is the most important issue.
    I would have thought that number would be much higher… so much for accuracy.

  19. rjk1957 Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 5:04 pm
    cnn exit polls starting.


    That is CRAP! They should not be doing this, as voting is still going on. We need a regulation against this.

  20. LJ Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    How come no early/first wave exit polls? Oddly quiet, no?

    Aren’t they supposed to STFU? Until “polls close”? I suppose Hawaii has to deal with their time zone issue.

  21. Hi guys! I’ve been scarce lately, due to some family issues, but am waiting with bated breath for the results.

    I voted for McCain/Palin today, some women, and Rick Noriega(D) for Senator, because he’s a good centrist Dem who never once mentioned the One in his emails or flyers. It felt good.

    I am hoping and praying sanity rules in the privacy of the voting booth, and Americans decide not to trust this sham empty suit after all.

  22. I am totally against any exit polls what so ever, they can dig through all this detail once the results have come out, but ohhhhhhh no.

  23. the school, two AA women were leaving and one said to the other, rather smugly, “I wrote in Hillary”. The other responded, “Good for you girl, I did too.”
    This brought tears to my eyes.

  24. McCain wins lawsuit sort of in case of Military ballots in VA. Judge ruled that ballots can not be thrown out and must be preserved until the courts holds a hearing on the merits of the case on November 10th.

  25. Panic in Obama camp

    just emailed around

    These next four hours on the ground in New Hampshire could determine the election. If you have sixty spare minutes between now and 7:50, please consider coming down to our office at 130 Water Street in Exeter to canvass or make calls. We need to turn each of the people on our list out to vote. ————– National Call Team, Barack needs your help right now — our data indicates that the results will be very close in many states. I can’t emphasize enough how urgent this message is.

  26. ADMIN!!!!

    thank you thank you thank you for this lifesaving site.

    Anf thanks to all the wonderful people wo post here for your comments, your comraderie and your commiseration.

    We can all hold our heads high no matter what the outcome.
    I’m glad I have to leave to cover the local town board meeting and won’t get back until almost 9 to what i hope is fantastic news.

    {{{{{{{{Group Hug}}}}}}}}}}}}

  27. rjk1957 Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 5:14 pm
    McCain wins lawsuit sort of in case of Military ballots in VA. Judge ruled that ballots can not be thrown out and must be preserved until the courts holds a hearing on the merits of the case on November 10th.

    a) disenfranchising the brave men and women who serve our country is despicable.

    b) never piss off people who are extremely well trained in the use of firearms.

  28. I readily admit that I was dreading this day, am so glad that I have all of you to share it with, and will also admit that it hasn’t been nearly as bad as I had thought it would be.

  29. To pm….from the previous blog….re: to reregister or not, that is the question…

    You put it succinctly and convincingly. I cannot argue with your point. I will reregister right after this election.

    I, too, am now ashamed to be a Democrat.

  30. ok……… i feel so dumb!!

    I have been posting away on the previous thread and didn’t know we had a new one!!!!!!

    anyways wanted to share this….my daughter came home from school today saying they had their own little election today
    out of the entire middle [SDakota] school the results were

    77% mac
    23% BHO

    FOS: 1st exit polls coming up now, saying you don’t want to miss these!! some interesting news coming in!!

  31. Ah…scotch. 🙂

    What’s the first state will get news on? I need to work on my insults BEFORE I get wasted.

  32. Something’s definitely up. We would be already hearing nonstop about a BO landslide if he were winning. I wonder if Dem turnout is dampened because everyone bought the MSM line that the race was over.


    10% new voters


    most going to BHO

    [ but we all know 18-27% of clinton dems will not vote for BHO so…….just saying]

    white men (Indy,VA,OH) :
    mac winning them!!

    36% of the voters today were white men


    going for BHO

    VA going for MAC


  34. ADMIN…you have been the best…a courageous, consistent, honest and shining light in the often dark tunnel we have all traveled through this past year…

    …if anyone had told ME that I would have voted how I did today I would have told them they were crazy…but after four attempts at very long early voting lines I prevailed and succeeded in voting my principles today…

    …don’t know if anyone had a chance to catch the discussion between Greta and Lynn Forrester de Rothschild last night…in essence, we all hope Hillary is not sabatoging herself in her enthusiastic support of obama…

  35. My opinion is that BO would have to win by a good margin in exit polling in order for him to win. The actual vote count will be fewer for BO, more for Mac. Just my gut. If the exit polls are close, JM wins, IMO.

  36. Bizarre early results…..

    Late deciders in VA going 55-44 McCain but late deciders in Ohio going the opposite way.

  37. I almost got it I was thinking you would call them maple tree suckers.

    LOL…I was going to go with red nosed sap suckers. 🙂

  38. I don’t trust the exit polls. There are too many people, some of whom I know, who will NOT say publicly that they voted against Obama – especially if they went to the polls with friends or family. The intimidation of the Bots has been too horrible this year.

    I think the exit polls are going to be off by a few percentage points.

  39. I don’t know, maybe it is the degree of enthusiasm that I have for McPalin after being so 110% for our girl Hillary, that surprises me most, but I have a really good feeling in my gut.

    But I don’t want us to count our chickens before they come home to roost………or didn’t Rev Wright tell us they had already come home to roost 9/11?

    I will proudly give every Dem politician the nObama salute even if it is not becoming of a woman of my age and stature. What about joining me?

    Perhaps when our winner is declared we can all lift a drink to our mouths, give a toast, and the nObama salute to whoelse, nObama —– and, and , and, hmmm, eerrrr, hhmmm. uhh, uhhh ohhh yeeah Michelle! What do you say?

  40. how is the exit poll really determinded? I mean when I left the poll this morning, there was no “exit interviewees” or what not so that type of information isnt accurate.

  41. new mexico fan said: until I find out where we go to blog after this.

    What, is admin retiring soon? {{{{{ admin }}}}}

    Waah, not yet!!!


    White males going heavily for McCain in VA, OH and IN!!!!!!

    Throw PA, MO, FL and NC in there too!!!!!!!!!

  43. The exits are definately mostly dem……here’s how i know

    62%think michelle would be a great first lady

    38 %think Cindy McCain would be a great first lady

    67% biden is ready to be president
    36% palin is ready to be president

    57% obam in touch with them
    40% think mccain is in touch with them

    41% think obama policies are just right

    54% say mccain attacked obama unfairly

  44. I agree with everybody that said voting McCain/Palin felt soooooooooooooo good! As I was standing in line (1 hour..well worth it) in my state o Pennsylvania, I could not help but anticipate how good it was going to feel pulling that lever for MacCain/Palin…the actual result was exhilarating!! It was pure joy, bliss and a complete repudiation of Obambi and the criminal DNC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. and the biggest tell tale sign it’s mostly dem in these exit polls……………

    ONLY……23% will be scared if obama is president

  46. Was there not a hint of Admin’s intentions in this thread’s article…..something about more chapters to come later?

    On local Fox news channel here they indicated chaos at one voting precinct here in FL. And all it was was UCF students had a long line and have to wait about three hours to vote, because they did not want to get up early and come out to vote when there was no waiting or line at the voting place. The students were saying that they should being out extra workers and/or machines but none yet, then some extra workers were brought on board.

  47. djia

    You are looking at that the wrong way. McCain starts out with a 23% lead and only would need to win 27.01% of the remaining 77% of voters.

  48. There’s a big theme among PUMA’S to lie if exit polled, too…so maybe THAT helps to account for the skew.


  50. But what does that mean? Perhaps we will know by the end of the evening, Admin appears to be in attendance.

  51. repeat from last thread:

    I just voted Republican for the first time. I survived! I survived!

    I am so glad I have all of you. Just enjoying my free Starbucks.

    Hurray Comeback Kid John McCain!
    Hillary 2012

  52. What’s with Hillbuzz asking us all to “be nice” to Obots if Oliar loses??

    Are they kidding me with that shit? I plan to gloat my head off and give the subtle O’liar finger to every bot I run across.
    Right on. We will treat them with the same love and respect they treated us and hillary after the DNC stole the nomination from her and gave it to bambi. In other words, we have two good reasons not to be civil to those little bolsheviks.

  53. Before I get too snockered, I want to encourage everyone here to become a member of The New Agenda…women’s rights ARE human rights! 🙂

  54. The exits are definately mostly dem……here’s how i know

    62%think michelle would be a great first lady

    38 %think Cindy McCain would be a great first lady

    67% biden is ready to be president
    36% palin is ready to be president

    57% obam in touch with them
    40% think mccain is in touch with them

    41% think obama policies are just right

    54% say mccain attacked obama unfairly
    they must be polling the insane aslyums now.

  55. Apologies in advance if this is a double post. Can’t seem to make it work!

    Hello, good people of this board. I’ve been reading Admin’s wonderful articles and all your thoughtful posts for several weeks now, and even tried to post a few times myself – though for some reason I never got through. Anyway, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all your insight and viewpoints. I too voted for Johnnie Mack today and hope there’s a vast “silent majority” who will join me. Thanks for being here and good luck to us all. Rob

  56. CNN has the early results for Indiana. O -56 M -43

    Anyone here from Indiana? What is happening with Indiana?

  57. Idunn Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 6:19 pm
    Before I get too snockered, I want to encourage everyone here to become a member of The New Agenda…women’s rights ARE human rights!


    I joined the group the first time that you posted it. 🙂

  58. On an earlier news report there was a man they got on camera but who would not talk that had voted in Florida and in his home state of Ohio, I think. Then the full report said that a huge number had registered in the states of OH & GA and then again here in FL. This guy was an older white man, wonder if he is ready for some felony jailtime?

  59. My wife, father, brother, his wife & Myself all voted McCain/Palin today. First time we ever voted Republican EVER. We are liberal Oregonians, have been intimidated by the Obamacons and we WILL NOT REWARD THE THUG CHICAGO MACHINE!!!

    Thanks to Hillary is 44 for keeping us informed!! I have learned more on this sight in 3 hrs than I have found out through the Media in 10 months. You all have convinced me and helped me convince others to claim the democratic party back form the Obama Party.

    Go McCain/Palin!!!

  60. We didn’t vote today, I meant to say we dropped our ballots off today (we have mail in ballots in Oregon)

  61. Hi, all. First-time poster because I haven’t gotten the site to work until now. 🙂 Just wanted to thank Admin and all who post here for the thoughtful words and informative posts. Good luck to us all.


  63. don’t watch the percentages yet, those that are reporting have only gotten 1% in so far

    we have a long way to go yet!!

  64. I’m out in Texas. We went last night and picked up a McCain yard sign and put it up. Just came back with my 19 year old and we voted McCain, first time I ever voted for a Rep. if you had told me I would be doing this a year ago I would have told you F–k you. My mom and sister in CA. went and voted today for McCain.

  65. before i forget or head out to work tonight

    ADMIN…….. you are the best!!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for this site and all you have done to keep us strong and winning the good fight!

    please do not get rid of this site…no matter who wins we will have much work to continue doing
    and we should stick together 😀

  66. home from work and just finished my first heineken. EVERYbody at work was doing their version of GOTV. and everyone was in McCains camp. if there were any BHOles around, they were keeping their mouths shut.
    go NH! go USA! go McCain!!!!

  67. mp Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 6:45 pm
    I mean..I cannot bear tp watch any other news media…mu hillary44 buddies are my news source!


    I know what you mean.

  68. I just turned on Fox news they are acting as if they already know the winner. Did I miss some thing? Do they already know the results?

  69. Hopefully these early pro-Obama exit polls will drive the GoP out west to the polls. Go Vote McCain when you can still help!!

  70. rickya Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 6:30 pm
    CNN has the early results for Indiana. O -56 M -43

    Anyone here from Indiana? What is happening with Indiana?
    This is cnn lying in an effort to discourage mccain supporters in western states. The current in Indiana assessment is even with cheating in Gary McCain should win by maybe 7%. The republican gubenatorial candidate is running 12% ahead. Some of the eastern precincts on east coast time are heavy pro bambi and they are being felt but it is currently a tie. Only 20,000 ballots out of 2 million cast so far. Gary is being closely watched.

    The analysis by malestrom referred to above is the best article on the subject in the current mix. It concludes that Pennsylvania will turn red. It rips the pollsters and media as well. I Highly recommend this one.

  71. DrudgeReport has a headline: “McCain Keeping AZ”. Not shocking but good news nevertheless because Obama tried to psych McCain out by buying ads there recently.

  72. Well, I haven’t heard of Admin not continuing on…myself I was just saying thank you for all the hard work.

  73. The analysis by malestrom referred to above is the best article on the subject in the current mix. It concludes that Pennsylvania will turn red.
    funny, i have to keep reminding myself that RED is GOOD!

  74. alcina Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 7:04 pm
    The analysis by malestrom

    Kind of like a centrifuge?

  75. BTW, as typical for these election nights, our traffic is high. If we go down for a few minutes just chill and we’ll be back up shortly.

  76. Also, remember, the exit polls during SuperTuesday were way off showing Hillary losing states she eventually won in some cases by more than 10 percent.

    Horseracing fans know that the favorite does not always win (the favorite Big Brown came in last in the Belmont Stakes and Curlin came in second in the Breeders Cup).

  77. admin Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    A quick word of thanks to all who comment here and our emailers too and silent readers (all of which number in the millions to date). This has always been a no-whine zone. Thanks to all for the fighting spirit and the can-do attitude. It’s tough fighting against our fellow Democrats turned Dimocrats. It is also very tough to fight Big Media manipulation. But fight we do and will.

    Thanks and never give up. Vote and make those last minute calls.

    NObama. NOvember
    Thank you admin-for being the best political analyist I know and for caring enough about the future of the Democratic Party to lead this war for its redemption. The centrists of both parties are the best hope of the American People and it is no accident that Hillary has a picture of John McCain on the wall of her office and John has a picture of Hillary Clinton on the wall of his office. Two great Americans. The same can hardly be said for Obama. In fact, it has yet to be proven that he is an American.

  78. Admin: I am so glad that you are here tonight. 🙂


    btw, I read on another site that the early results for IN were for the city areas, and less than 1 % of the vote, so don’t lose the faith.

  79. it’s way to early to call any of these states………i would love to see early called states for obama to actually be a Dewey/Truman moment 😀

  80. Secret,

    I was listening to the Bitt Hume and Kondrake(sic) and they sounded as though JM already lost.

  81. ok time for me to go to work …….wish i could blog with all of you instead!!!

    I should have called in sick LOL

    but , I will be cheering Mac and sara on where i am and will return here later tonight to either share jeers or cheers

    preferably and expect it will be cheers!!


  82. djia Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 7:14 pm
    and who is on obama’s wall ??
    just a mirror.

  83. I did not like how Brett Hume was laughing that McCain was ahead right now. I wonder if they know something. Yeah, they know the voting is fixed!

  84. mp Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 7:30 pm
    I believe gary, indiana is sitting backon their results….


    Now, that is a city that needs some election oversight.

  85. mp

    Gary will try and pull the same crap they tried against Hillary in the primary saying that they had not counted them yet when in fact they had. IN worries me since bigger cities are just starting to come in.

  86. sadly, tragically and wrongly,

    Hillary Clinton is not going to be our next president.

    But, she remains my hero.

  87. Hi, all. First-time poster because I haven’t gotten the site to work until now. Just wanted to thank Admin and all who post here for the thoughtful words and informative posts. Good luck to us all!

  88. Um, the reporting for Florida is only at 2% so far. I think it is too early to tell about some of these states. Not going to start to panic before I need to. 😉

  89. rickya, I am…. I highly doubt Obama will win FL, too many McCain signs everywhere and car stickers everywhere, for every 5 McCain signs I see 1 Obama

  90. CNN suddenly getting less cocky, and Florida, its dem areas, the panhandle will close and watch McCain fly.

  91. Remember back in 2000 CNN called the election for Gore around 8:00 thinking he had won FL and then when the panhandle closed started looking worried, then back tracked and finally called the election for Bush around 2 in the morning.

  92. Man, I am out of news channels to watch. Brit Humes seems consumed with Obama and the rest of the panel seems not to consider that Barry polls higher than he produces. These exit-poll numbers aren’t a good read right now but I tell you, that group in the “strategy room” is still bringing me down.

  93. I think that the battle would be in the Eastern and Central States and as soon as we have results in those states, we would know who won this election.

    Go FL,PA and OH for McCain/Palin.

  94. Cut the media a break. They voted and determined the outcome of the election 18 months ago. Let them have their night.

    Then we can all wake up to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid with free reign to do whatever.

  95. CNN projects Obama wins New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut; McCain takes South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee.

  96. come on NH, don’t embarrass me tonight. i am surrounded by mainiacs, mass-holes and vermont-granola’s….h-e-l-p!!!

  97. HRC2009 Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 8:04 pm
    I am really discouraged. Obama projected to win PA..

    Don’t be. The exit polls where they would be basing this projection would be mostly from the Philly area. McCain will take PA.

  98. i cant take watching here too..but i turn tv off them lying suckers..

    GO MCCAIN sarah go go go

    thanks admin your really a true kind peson to have this site for us thanks so much..

    HILLARY 2012

  99. Did you honestly think that McCain was going to win NH and PA. Get it together people. It’s too early to have a heart attact.

  100. ABC can project all the want, no vote totals have been released yet and voting in Philadelphia was not as heavy as expected according to local Philadelphia news channels. Obama needs to win the Philadelphia area by huge numbers to carry the state.

  101. meiyingsu Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    abc news project a PA win for BHO

    The media networks would be racing to call states for BHO. But in the case of PA, they will all be wrong. This would be the Truman moment for this election.

  102. ABC and NBC are projecting Pennsylvania for Obama based they say on actual votes and exit polls. But we have not been able to locate any actual Pennsylvania vote totals so the question is are they basing their projections only on exit polls? If Obama got more than 800,000 votes than McCain in Philadelphia that might be a logical call. NYTimes and ABC website still do not have Pennsylvania numbers however.

  103. admin
    Concerning PA, Fox news is saying that no votes have been released from PA yet although exit polls do show an Obama win. With no actual votes to look at they are not going to call it.

  104. Does anyone know where else I can watch the election online. ABC is disgustingly talking about an Obama presidency. That’s all they talk about.

  105. i think mccain is holding on to lead in VA with 37% in.. he has 11 pt lead there.. catching up in Florida.. trails nby 200K votes in FL

  106. I’ve been watching FOX and Britt Hume; Megyn Kelly does a good job of telling us over and over that the exit polls are not reliable.
    I can’t watch, and Juan Williams gloating that it is happening like nObama reported it, and there is the sought after youth vote and increased voter turnout……does anyone here see it that way?

  107. so far…McCain ahead in Michigan, should be interesting, do you guys really think that McCain will lose NC? I mean NC is one of the redddddddddddddddest states

  108. I especially cringed when Bill Kristol explained so professorly-like that the results coming in are so very much like the polls of the past several days. Never mind that neither is based that heavily on counts of actual votes.

  109. mccain will take NC as well.. he is down by 110K votes with 15% in.. and most of the areas reported are big cities so far

  110. My county in FL is blue for nObama with 87% votes shown, but the vote talley shows only 1,000 votes difference between the two candidates.

  111. Remember much of what the media whores say is geared toward suppressing votes in the west. I hope people on the west coast do their duty (vote McCain) regardless of what these talking heads say. I will believe PA results when the votes are counted.

  112. Tampa, Pinellas County FL, area is showing Obama ahead with 93% reporting and a 53, Obama, 46 McCain percentage of the votes, updated five minutes ago.

  113. justme, I am shocked that it is that way now. I thought I had worked hard enough for McPalin here that it would be red, red, red.

  114. so far…. McCain is only within 4 points of Obama in FL and NC and Im seeing McCain catching up in NJ

  115. Glasses Dude on FOX now explaining that Barry’s exit-poll numbers are showing higher than his actual votes – just as they did in the primaries.

  116. The state of FL is showing red for most of the states, but Orange County with an update four minutes ago and 91% of the precincts reporting has Obama-60, McCAIN-40.

  117. Michael Barone just explained why Fox News is not calling certain states like Indiana and Florida. Barone said there is a wide discrepancy between the exit poll data and the actual votes.

    In Florida in some districts Obama is ahead by about 4% in the exit polls as compared to Obama and in Indiana Obama is ahead by 10% in exit polls as compared to the actual votes.

  118. FLorida: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties have fewer than 1% of the precincts with few votes shown so far, but they are showing up as blue right now.

  119. Things are not looking good…. I am very disappointed. McCain is more fit to become president, just as Hillary was…

  120. I am really surprised that Obama is winning Ohio and just doesn’t make sense…

    I have seen a lot of elections in my day and at my age. I would like someone to explain what in God’s name is so appealing about Obama. Is it just that people hate Bush so much? Is it just that there is such a great wish for Democrats to be in power? What is the appeal?? Why do people think he has all the answers??

    I am 51 years old and I just don’t get why people feel Obama is the greatest politician on earth. Am I missing something??

  121. Bye everybody! I had enough of politics and I am ready to go back to my trading desk. I am ready to go back to work. Admin i thank you for all your wonderful postings.

  122. Is it just that people hate Bush so much? Is it just that there is such a great wish for Democrats to be in power?

    That’s a huge part of it. This election is an enormous repudiation of Bush. The man has approval ratings lower than Nixon – for good reason.

  123. Tried to find an alternative to watch on tv, somehow got to BET and that Sophie ? was on there as one of the panelists. Someone reporting from McCain camp quoted someone as saying “We will pray harder” or some such thing. One of the men panelists said something to the effect of, “Yeah pray and start singing some negro gospel songs.”

  124. It’s so unbelieveable…we all watched how he beat Hillary….there’s fraud involved here somewhere…he’s not winning fairly…Acorn definitely has something to do with it.

  125. this country has taken an abrupt hard turn to the left. completely over-the-top. we must take corrective action. too much to think about now.

    good night all.

  126. This is sad.

    If BO wins this, he has Hill and Bill to thank for it. They may not have cared for BO but they were very convincing on the campaign trail for that ASS HOLE. I wish they would have showed the party their ass like the party did to Hillary. Those bastards don’t deserve to win tonight. I am done with the Democratic party and big media Fox included. They sold out the country for a Chicago Thug and stole the nomination from Hillary. This should very well be her victory tonight had the DNC, Big Media, and the RBC did their jobs. To hell with them all. They will get what they deserve. Many thanks to Admin and the rest of the contributors on this board for exposing BO for the lying, cheating, Chicago thug that he is. Being an AA woman, I should be happy that an AA man will be POTUS, but I can’t find it in my heart to celebrate his victory after all that I know about him and how he and Axelrod stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton.

    May God Bless America (We are sure gonna need it)

  127. Isnt it funny that the states we were not worried about McCain will probably lose, like Florida and Ohio and the rest will probably be ok.

  128. Hillary is going to be kicked to the curb by the Bots so hard it will make your head spin. She’ll be lucky to get a seat on the knitting subcommittee.

    You can pretty much kiss the moderate wing of the Democratic Party good bye.

  129. Frankly, this is closer than a lot of people thought it would be. Last I saw, BO’s up just 1 percent in the national vote, but that’s enough to give him a few swing states that’ll put him over the top electorally.


    I believe hillary can personally take credit for this turnout. my opinion of her is forever changed…
    she chose party, over us and the country.
    i’m disgusted, but it is what is.
    oh well admin, for you i have nothing but praise.
    i have a feeling this has set race relations back a lifetime, i know i will never feel the same.
    anyway, see y’all tomorrow…

  131. Here’s the George Bush legacy:

    1) turned the Clinton surplus into a deficit in 6 months
    2) fell asleep and let 9/11 happen
    3) spent a trillion dollars on a war for no reason
    4) paralyzed the greatest military in the world
    5) lost an American city

    And just when we thought he was finished he:

    6) plunged the U.S. into a depression
    7) turned the U.S. into a fallen superpower, and for his final trick …
    8) gave us Barack Obama.

    Can we put George Bush in front of a firing squad now?

  132. oh one last thing,

    i hope obama can redeem himself, i dont wish bad on him, if we do that, we wish bad on us… if he surprises us and carries out something good, more power to him…

    (but i will never like that NASTY LOOKING
    michelle obama!!!! LOL)

  133. I just visited John McCain’s site, and OMG the bots are already gloating and said that it was Obama’s site now. Groundhog day.

  134. what I see so far is that even with big states like PA NY FL IL etc, the popular vote margin is still not that far apart. regardless the favorability of the one, half America is not buying his crap

    that gives me some comfort even if the one is ahead at this point and likely 🙁 to win.

    the media gave this election to the one…not Hillary
    to blame this on anything else is foolish and I for one will fight like hell to stop them from ever doing this again

  135. jithendra Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 10:14 pm
    i dont know but mccain is catching up in OHIO.. 52 – 46 now

    not enough left tp report in for McCain to catch up!!!


    I believe hillary can personally take credit for this turnout. my opinion of her is forever changed…
    she chose party, over us and the country.
    i’m disgusted, but it is what is.
    oh well admin, for you i have nothing but praise.
    i have a feeling this has set race relations back a lifetime, i know i will never feel the same.
    anyway, see y’all tomorrow…


    Hillary chose party over country!!!!!!

  137. Canaan Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 10:13 pm
    Here’s the George Bush legacy


    yes, cannan…and we can had he took his republican party down with him…he left them in shambles

  138. McCain ahead in Indiana

    What is interesting is that they’re not reporting how Obama is losing the suburbs for most of the states

  139. Debbie said…
    “the media gave this election to the one…not Hillary”
    the 24% of Hillary supporters
    ‘PUMA’s’ didn’t hold
    up either…IMO that certainly made a difference too.

  140. I concede nothing to MSM and the lapdogs they employ and tomorrow I resume the battle for Hillary and a serious look at how we can reorganize and initiate a radical change in the way we vote and get rid of the Caucases and Delegates way of fixing results the system the way the power merchants direct.I hope we can all stand together and keep big Pink intact with a new look and a new title .How about getting up,dusting ourselves off and starting a new era with’hillaryis45′ up and ready to roll.
    Night all.

    By ABM90 Tired.Toughday but ready for tomorrow

  141. I was a presiding judge here in Cleveland. It amazes me how many people that came in to vote. They could not follow directions. We had the scan ballots where you fill in the circle. After the polls closed we opened up the ballot box to take out the scan ballots. More people checked the box instead of filling the circle in. Half came in that could hardly read. Oh how these people will be disappointed.

  142. I don’t know why, I had a horrific feeling he would win, my heart said no but my head just knew it and its all down to Bush.

    Give it 2 years and if theirs no results, there will be murder at the midterms, i hope, but I have to say the demographic of America is changing, it looks like the wind is blowing and I’m not sure in a good way.

  143. the expectations on the left are so high…O has got them so hyped up…so many of the people neetabug just mentioned think a wand is going to be waved and all will be sunshine…the kids alone think he is god and is going to change the whole world…

    if the media will finally even try to do their job…the facade will crack…

  144. Street money won PA. ACORN for everything else. I’m cashing in my bonds. I’ll pay Bush’s capital gains. I can’t afford 28% tax. I held them as I didn’t want to pay 15% when I interest is so low. I am truly sick. I’ll bet we have 8 years of this. What was Hillary thinking? She will never be President now – plus – I am no longer proud of her. I can’t believe she and Bill supported him with his associations. I think America as we know it is gone……..

  145. the one thing I do look forward to, although I wish it didnt have to come to that, is that I look forward to telling people, I told you so.

  146. One things for sure, living out here in Turkey just looked a hell of a lot better, for staying for quite a long time.

  147. I will not be watching cnn, msnbc, fox, or any news channel ever again. I am done with the news media.

    We will see who gets the last laugh

  148. just because the fraud wins this, this does not mean we cannot fight back what is rightfully ours, we need to work HARD to clean up the democratic party, and to clean up the DNC for sure.

  149. mp Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    I believe hillary can personally take credit for this turnout. my opinion of her is forever changed…
    she chose party, over us and the country.
    i’m disgusted, but it is what is.
    oh well admin, for you i have nothing but praise.
    i have a feeling this has set race relations back a lifetime, i know i will never feel the same.
    anyway, see y’all tomorrow…


    Hillary chose party over country!!!!!!

    I am done with politics forever. I will never trust any of them, including Bill and Hillary

  150. How sad do i feel right now that should be Hillary elected President and not this lying chump, lets see how long his honeymoon lasts, the msm will need a new demon soon, Dems are in trouble, they are in control of the WH, the senate and the house, no one to blame now but themselves.

  151. moononpluto Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 10:57 pm
    One things for sure, living out here in Turkey just looked a hell of a lot better, for staying for quite a long time.


    Can i change places with you.

  152. henry Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:03 pm
    I am finished.


    hopefully you only mean the half that voted for the one!

  153. I think what helped is:

    1. President Bush’s stinking poll numbers
    2. A lot of new exciting Democrats running for senate races or/congress hence helped even tip over some of the states, for example, Senator Warner, if he didnt run, Obama wouldn’t have won.

    What will NOT help Obama

    1. The popularity rate for congress/senate of the democrats
    2. The honeymoon of Obama will STINK so fast with everything going downhill:
    a. economy
    b. housing market
    c. uncovered/unlearned secrets of Obama

  154. Thanks to all you here.

    Our hands are clean – we did everything to stop this horror from occurring. The kool-aid drinkers have what they wanted. Now the responsibility is in their hands.

    We should all be proud. We issued the warning, but were ignored. The Dimocrats will now have no excuse to accomplish what they said they would do.

    In the end McCain could not overcome the economic collapse which destroyed the lead he kept for 10 days after the Republican convention.

    Congratulations to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright and Emil Jones, etc.

  155. admin, please somehow keep this website, or at least change it somehow to help win the core Democratic Party not the Obama’s party.

  156. Well, these are expected results. The change America so desperately wanted is here. Now, lets make the best of it. As soneone said Dems will control all the pillars of power. No one, I mean absolutely no one to blame but themselves – if they can’t do something with this power – they never will. Lets see what they do. Of course we have to tolerate the bots running things. How I decide to cope? I will not read or watch TV with that loser on. Well, we had the rightwing extremism for 8 years – now we will have the left-wing extremism for atleast next 4 years. We truly have the democratic Bush in Obama. Well…well…well…America you asked for it. You get what you truly deserve! Good luck! And God Damn America!!!

  157. We fought the good fight and we did it honestly. The same can’t be said about the other side. I personally think that the imposter will show his true colors very quickly and shed his skin the way a snake usually does.

    We have everything to be proud of and nothing to be ashamed of.

  158. here’s my racist statement for the night

    AA’s you’ve now been paid your $40 and a mule…ooops the one is only half black…you just get the mule.

  159. Do not if this has been said yet this evening]
    But I say Goddamn America
    You are fucking idiots and deserve everything that comes your way’
    I am beyond diswgusted.

  160. JanH, I agree with you wholeheartedly, we are the bigger people here, let’s stay committed and working toward to electing true democrats and clean up what has become the elite party that isn’t representative of America.

  161. I am so drained. the one positive point for me, personally, is getting sick forced me to move from the city to the country and I can just pretend none of this has happened as it has little effect in the Catskills.

    But it is sickening and disappointing. i believe HRC’s career has just been torpedoed.
    So sad. But at least we tried.

  162. Dear Hillfriends:
    I think McCain did the best that any Republican candidate could considering the tsunami of hatred for Bush. What I don’t understand, however, is how ongress, with that has an even lower approval rating than Bush, successfully added to their majority. Wait until Americans get a load of one-party rule, Illinois style, on a national scale! Ugh.
    The one thing that at times has kept me sane (and at times also made me extra crazy) was the education and political home here at Big Pink.
    Thank you Admin for sharing your knowledge and insight and to everyone here for the goodwill and the good fight. Good night!

  163. In words of Barack Obama’s personal spiritual advisor for over 20 years:

    “God Damn America.”

    Can’t wait for Minister Farrakhan to be appointed to the Supreme Court.

    Can’t wait for Bill Ayers to be appointed as Secretary of Defense.

    If America doesn’t care, I don’t either.

  164. As far as I am concerned, AA’s can no longer claim injustice in America, one of their own and i use that term loosely as he’s more arab than black has reached the pinnacle of the American dream.

  165. moononpluto, I was just thinking the same thing – Admin should tell us who they are, anyone else agree?

    Someone said yesterday, if nObama stole the election and something happened to him, then Joe Biden would be President and he already had one aneurysm and if something happened to him, then
    nanay pelosi would get what she wanted.

  166. admin, good to hear, let’s keep the fighting spirit while we can, because we know the facade of Obama will soon be revealed, the fad will wear off fast, and then the stinking of Obama will prevail so we will now work toward to cleaning up, its the true democrats that has to do this type of work, like Pres. Clinton did back in 1998. We will need to berid of Pelosi, Reid, and others because we cannot have the three trio reign America. We have to be sure the republicans work hard to hold them accountable. I know from history that this will happen it happened before with Newt so therefore it will happen. The republicans are not stupid to let this happen again. Now they have the upperhand, and so do we.

  167. Tonight proves that AA’s aren’t oppressed in this country; rather, they are given handouts. Never would an inexperienced, socialist, terrorist-loving, racist, sexist, gay-bashing, hypocritical, opportunistic WHITE junior Senator be given a free pass by the media like this son of a bitch has.

  168. I can’t believe America fell for it. They fucking used Deval Patrick’s EXACT same campaign (except on a national scale) and it worked.

  169. I filled out my voter affiliation change form on June 1st….I guess I’ll mail it in tomorrow. I can’t think of any more excuses not to.

  170. again, lets all be bigger people here, it was a tough uphill, but McCain fought hard, he was clever to pick Palin because she herself will be the “next generation” of the republican party, we need to fight on, and give Obama “hell” over the next four years by electing true democrats. Let’s just not walk away from this and wait another four years and then have Obama re-elected easily but re-elected if 1. its the best thing for America because we fought him hard and he learned to respect us, or 2. he loses and we have a better and truer Democrat. I couldn’t be more proud of McCain and Palin.

  171. admin, please keep this a safe place for us Hillary supporters…and please keep me guessing who you are
    thanks for all your great work and thanks to all the Hillary supporters for becoming my extended family…

    WE DID GOOD WORK HERE…..this we can be proud of!!!

  172. I know that fraud was rampant and BO will change this country – but into a place where those who dissent can not live. I also know that a Republican probably had no CHANCE to win, but John McCain is not BUSH and it is BUSH and the Republicans that have brought down the Republican ticket.

    However, the only reason that Hillary is not President is because it was stolen from her. I have watched her face since June and she has aged beyond belief, and yes she and Bill had an effect on who won this election – party before country.

  173. Hillguy and all: African-Americans were and still are some of the strongest Hillary supporters and some of the strongest voices on this website.

    African-Americans voting for someone they strongly identify with is to be respected. Yes, Obama race-baited and exploited feelings of pride to brand any opposition as “racists”. We must not do that.

    Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Neetabug and many other African-Americans such as Sugar have our love and our respect. In many instances African-American Hillary supporters suffered abuse from their own friends and families.

    A special gratitude for these strong fighters who put Country First.

  174. moononpluto, exactly, exactly. We have another year to clean up congress of congresspeople who supported Obama. We have another year, two, or so, to clean up the senators who are not a true representatives of America. We have the upperhand now now that Obama is elected, the focus is now on the rest of the party. For example, we can now channel our energy to getting rid of Reid or Pelosi or Dean.

  175. I am glad of the current supreme court and also that the senate is not filibuster proof!!!!

    And I want the repubs to filibuster most bills!!

  176. justme,

    I agree. Lets be the bigger people here.

    I’m quite sure the bots are having the time of their lives over this win. I’m not going to have a meltdown just to satisfy their sadistic mindsets.

  177. are right, my disappointment and anger got the best of me, feel free to delete my post :

    debbie Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    it was wrong for me to say

  178. thank you, we are now pulling together, I agree, country first. this is what McCain says. its not about party affliation (although this is what clearly happened in this election) but again the difficult part is OVER – Obama got elected – now we have the upperhand – do not forget and do not prevail – do not despair and fight on.

  179. I too am proud of McCain, Cindy, Sarah and Todd Palin and their families. They would have made this country whole again even though I did not agree with some of their beliefs like pro-life and anti-gay. The anti-gay marriage admendment passed here in FL.

    We probably only have to wait for a bit and nObama will implode, remember Joe Biden’s guarantee that he would be tested within six months – let’s see how he handles that. Are voters not stupid – to vote for a man who his running mate has assured, no guaranteed us, that an international event would happen before six months was up.

  180. I think that our work has just begun. I agree with many of the comments here. I think there is only going to be brief euphoria over Obama. Reality will soon hit home for many….

    I don’t think the Republicans will give this man much of a “honeymoon” period. We have to help them inform the American public about questionable issues that arise during his presidency. We already know about the donation fraud with his campaign and involvement with ACORN. Despite his win tonight, these are on-going serious issues that must be addressed. Just because he is now president does not absolve him of illegal activity, fraud or unethical behavior. He is not above the law.

    Since the investigative press no longer exists, we need to be that outlet for the truth. As said before, Obama and the Democratic congress must be held accountable for their actions. We must ensure there is a moderate Democratic voice amongst the far left ones.

  181. What we have now is a man with absolutely no experience and absolutely no right to be in the oval office. What we can look forward to is higher deficits, more pork, and very questionable decisions regarding the U.S. economy and foreign affairs.

    We don’t know how many promises he made or to whom. We don’t know who he sold his soul to or whom he will pardon. The only way for the media to redeem itself now is to investigate this man for every move and action he takes.

    Annoy the Media: Go Vote And the ‘Common Sense Effect’
    By Online Tuesday, November 4, 2008

    -Newt Gingrich
    Today marks the end of one of the most dishonest, relentlessly one-sided campaigns of bias and distortion by the mainstream media in American history.

    This is well said.

  183. admin Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:28 pm
    Hillguy and all: African-Americans were and still are some of the strongest Hillary supporters and some of the strongest voices on this website.

    African-Americans voting for someone they strongly identify with is to be respected. Yes, Obama race-baited and exploited feelings of pride to brand any opposition as “racists”. We must not do that.

    Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Neetabug and many other African-Americans such as Sugar have our love and our respect. In many instances African-American Hillary supporters suffered abuse from their own friends and families.

    A special gratitude for these strong fighters who put Country First.


    Thank you for saying this. The ones who stood up for their belliefs, and put Country First, exhibited true courage, and are real heroes.

    Admin, sometimes i wonder, who you are, but most of all, I’m just glad that you are here. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  184. Obama will turn this to the focus on himself, choosing friends and what not for his adminstration, choosing to “change” america or the world, but the true Americans will not tolerate that nor will the world tolerate that. You must first earn respect and not expect it. Like Duvall of Massachusetts, he won based on his “popular” voices/ideas, yet once elected, he stunk so fast. The same of Obama will occur and we then will have the upperhand. We NOW do have the upperhand. The media will have to report news now that the ‘fawning’ will have to end otherwise they’ll have no news to report on. So again, we have the upperhand. DO NOT FORGET THIS. I will always remind people when they complain of Obama, it was YOU that was so convinced of Obama and now you are regretting such. But I’ll be the silent person for now until people complain of the smell from the White House.

  185. How sad that man who attended a church for 20 years in which racism towards white people was spewed from the pulpit was elected by clueless white people.

  186. Agree with Newt. The media is dead, it can not redeem itself. We are the best media that America has now. We must hold his feet to the fire.

    What happened to the PUMA votes, any accounting for that?

  187. The California gay marriage ban is currently winning. 11% of the vote is in 56 yes, 44 no. Another legacy of this horrible night.

  188. They claimed on Fox tht they have no evidence that PUMA voters did not support Obama so they are claiming that they did.

    But we know that is not true.

  189. Admin, what I find interesting is that if the gay marriage ban passes in CA, then MANY Obama-supporting “liberals” and “democrats” voted in its favor, against gay rights. No surpise there. BO is no friend to the gay community.

  190. admin Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:41 pm
    The California gay marriage ban is currently winning. 11% of the vote is in 56 yes, 44 no. Another legacy of this horrible night.

    OH NO! I am so sad to hear this. I felt so good about voting NO, but I was worried about the large amount of conservative AA’s and Latinos coming out to vote. This is tragic. Stop the world, I want to get off.

  191. HillGuy Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:44 pm
    Admin, what I find interesting is that if the gay marriage ban passes in CA, then MANY Obama-supporting “liberals” and “democrats” voted in its favor, against gay rights. No surpise there. BO is no friend to the gay community

    I think, it is the large amount of AA’s and Latinos that came out to vote. Many of them, are socially conservative, but “liberal” in other areas.

  192. Illinois Underground says:

    Wait until Americans get a load of one-party rule, Illinois style, on a national scale! Ugh.

    Ill Underground…’you got that right’ – oh boy!!

    Moon, I heard DL Hurley (sp) the comedian talking last night on tv about the word ‘accountability’ being thrown around and what was he supposed to do with all his anger now…

    …it is time to let that anger go…and yes, become accountable…Obama is now the most powerful person in the world…the world…stronger dem congress, in charge of the justice dept and the world waiting to welcome him…and we know with his ego he is going to milk it for every bit of attention he can get…
    …the idea of him controlling that much power is mind boggling…

    I have really enjoyed reading and learning from Sugar and her comments and perspective, in fact just last night I forwarded her website to some friends who I knew would like her too…


    my instincts tell me the dems will start cannibalizing themselves now for who is going to get what and how much, etc…earmarks, or by any other device, will be back as fast as obama got rid of his pledge for public financing and effectively killed that big democratic issue of campaign finance reform…

    bottom line…here comes chicago hardball corrupt politics all wrapped up in smugness and arrogance and intimidation…with a big, toothy smile…

  193. The people have spoken and they have spoken clearly – but our work continues. We need to be vigilant. If we are to be honest, we must admit that the Democratic platform was on the right side of most issues. What we now need to do is to make sure that Obama delivers on it. My beef with Obama was never about the big issues, it was about how he won the primaries.

    This was a difficult election to win for any Republican. With all of Obama’s advantages, such as:

    1. Race-baiting
    2. Gender bias
    3. Iraq Debacle
    4. Economic Meltdown
    5. Campaign Finances
    6. Bias in the Media

    it was difficult for McCain to win against Obama. That he came close is a testament to both McCain’s perseverance and the mistrust people have of Obama in the beginning. Party affiliation, the amount of money poured into the campaign and the MSM bias finally won out.

    I’m sad about the result but I have to admit that I had expected it. Nobody could have won against that kind of handicap.

  194. I would like at least one measly headline to say tomorrow morning that this man Bought his way into the Oval Office.

  195. Folks….I feel truly depressed. I am a regular on PUMA site. The mask of BO will come off…it is just a matter of time…just as he revealed his true colors to Joe the Plumber.

    Only a matter of time…..I will turn off MSM and the Government for at least 4 years. I did it with Bush because I could not bear to see him win in 2000.

    I am not sure with all the “GOP internal polling”, how the numbers played out the way they did, except for massive FRAUD on many levels.

    Can we keep sites such as this active so that like minded and spirited people like us will have a venue to continue our quest toward a fair and just political arena???

    Please does anyone feel the same???

  196. It will be interesting to see who Obama throws under bus. He has used people his entire career and when he no longer needed them because he was already a level ahead of them and they could not help him reach the next rung, under the bus they went. Now he does not need any of them to help him move up the ladder.

  197. It’s a shame America didn’t wake up to George Bush 4 years ago. What hurts me is, we were all right about Bush. My instincts tell me we’re right about Obama.

    I just hope Obama doesn’t let Al Queada hit New York. If he does, I’ll be watching you all from heaven.

  198. I will remember that tonight American (as we know it) died. We will know be run by the Louis Farrahkan’s, and the Jerimiah Wrights and we can freaking thank BUSH JR. for that.
    Americans are stupid, they fell in love with the embicile Bush eight years ago and also swept in a majority for both the senate and the house because of Bill’s BJ in the White House.
    Folks gas in 1.98 a gallon tonight, you better fill all your tanks up tonight because gas well be 7.00 a gal this time next year. We can blame Bush for that too!

  199. Will any of the ACORN voter fraud, his questionable campaign money including foreign contributions be investigated now?

  200. ADMIN,




    but admin, do we have to have the same graffics? LETS GO RED instead of pink!!!!

    wat u think? LOLOLOLOLOL

  201. The American Constitution just DIED tonight!

    Bill Ayers will sleep well tonight!

    He will soon be appointed to some position. Oprah will be moving into the WH. as Embassador to something!

    I will cry long and hard tonight while saying Goodbye to MSM and Government under Obama for a long whie.

    HRC and Bill, I don’t know what to make of them. Turncoats!. HRC’s chances for 2012 over….

    Poor McCain…fought hard..I am not sure the Bush GOP was 100% behind him. They could have hit harder against Obama. Maybe the GOP will bring him down with all the dirt as they did to Bill Clinton…He sure has enough dirt for them to go after.

    Michelle Obama KNEW something America didn’t know from back Jan 1, 2007. They knew that the WH was promised to them…


  202. Admin,

    Thank you for your hard work all throughout this election cycle – from the primaries to the GE. This site has been my refuge, my safe place during all this time.

    I hope that this site continues to be the beacon of light that it has been for me and countless others for almost two years. Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  203. rjk1957, thanks, I was just going to ask how Biden could win his senate seat and serve as vp at the same time??

    Well, I hope Hillary realizes her chances of ever becoming President ended today. She will be too old now! I think a lot of people were scared of McCain’s age. I do believe we will see Sarah again, I hope so! I will never forget how Obama and his menion’s smeared her and her children!

    I still would like to know WHY she did this for him, I hope she paid off her campaign debt off today! I will not forgive the dems for this, I will never vote for them again in my lifetime. They have turned out to be worse than the republicans!

    I wonder how Teddy feels tonight???

  204. Too numb to communicate, but I do need to say that I am grateful for this experience of you all on Big Pink. I’m very glad we are resolved to go on supporting what is best in our country and exposing what is contrary to our American ideals. We know we belong with one another, that we need one another, that we can work together. We are the maquis. Some of us might not live long enough to see the end of this corrupt regime, but we know who we are, what we stand for. We will not be corrupted.

    P.S. I think Admin is most free, as are we, by remaining a nonny mouse

  205. Unladylike, you are right, the Whitehouse is not won by our votes, but awarded by a group of people you are sucking the lifeblood out of the middle class, and the dumbfucks keep letting them do it!! They must all be laughing their asses off tonight. We will all be riding bicycles to work, to cut down on greenhouse gasses. That is if we have jobs!

  206. Just a reminder folks, all those Obama supporters on the Gaza STrip are probably shooting their AK47’s in the air tonight in celebration of the “one” be elected (awarded) the Presidency!

    All the Islamic brotherhood are saying to themselves that they are ready to take this country over from the inside NOW!

  207. About the possibility of DE governor appointing Beau Biden to replace his father in the Senate at least he is qualified for the position he is DE’s Attorney General.

  208. # admin Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 11:31 pm

    The B.O. administration will stink.
    Admin, even if it does, nobody will talk about it. Watch dissent fall by the wayside. If anybody starts any kind of investigative reckoning of his decisions, watch for all their most humiliating dirty laundry, true or not exposed to the world. Every dissenter will be threatened, shut out — the media will continue to be his lapdogs for fear of losing their own careers. He is an unscrupulous man and will have his minions do the most despicable things. Media watchdogs have lost their teeth and purpose.

  209. debbie, Your right on that, but I did not know at the time that Bush was such big friends with the Saudi’s. We know who Obama is friends with and it scares the hell out of me!

    I am 58, I have lived thru Vietnam, oil glut, stupid Jimmy Carter and gas lines, and now I own my own business and who the hell is going to take over but the freaking tax loving democrats. Just my luck, never had much in my life, guess its not going to start now!

  210. Peppermintgirl, I feel exactly the same as you. Right now I’m really feeling very sick. I feel so down, I could just cry. I feel like the bottom just dropped out from under me.

    I KNOW if this election hadn’t been fixed, PA, FL, Ohio, VA and some other states, would have been McCain’s. He had PA for sure.

    Right now, I don’t think I will ever be able to vote for Hillary again. I’m truly fed up with her and Bill. They left us down in order to stay with the party for any future elections.

    The party evidently meant more than her supporters. We stayed true to her, but she didn’t stay true to us or the country. It was just politics, as usual to them and I don’t care what anyone says.

    I just had to take a couple of sleeping pills to hopefully make me sleep, but I don’t think they are going to do the trick. I am so down.

  211. I think this guy was chosen by both republicans and democrats, Chicago Combine, it was so strange that McCain said about two weeks ago that we should not be afraid of Obama.

    I heard today that Phil Berg got scared and decided not to push the birth certificate issue. He apparently has the Kenyan BC and has been intimidated into not using it. What makes people including Bill and Hillary so afraid of this guy?? Watching everyone buckle under to this guy just makes me more scared of him!

    I think Newt is right!

  212. OMG! Where on earth does she get here clothes? The red part of her dress, instantly reminded me of flames, like in the flames of hell.

    Yikes! That’s the worst dress I’ve seen yet.

  213. turndownobama-com, I live in Texas and that was the price as I was driving to work today! Its history now though!

    birdgal, they also said on NOQUARTER that red and black are the anarchist’s flag colors, is that true??

  214. I wonder if Newt is planning a strategy like the one they did to Bill and Hillary. I hope so. Bill and Hillary did not deserve it, but these two certainly do. I hope they put a guy on MO that makes sure bad press gets out on her everyday. They look into BO past and come up with dead people, whitewatergates, travelgates, Monicagates, Paulagates, Vincegates and gates I can’t even think of. Lets get going NEWT!!

  215. Confloyd: Could be. I was on PumaPac the other day, when they were talking about Ayers book “Prairie Fire” and the book cover was red, with black print and flames on it. I’ll take another look at it tomorrow. The girls were dressed in red and black. Isn’t black a little old for a young girl, or am I just not “with it?”

  216. birdgal, the dress that MO was wearing looked like flames on the front of it, don’t you think? This book is one that Ayers has written?

  217. confloyd Says:

    November 5th, 2008 at 1:56 am
    birdgal, the dress that MO was wearing looked like flames on the front of it, don’t you think? This book is one that Ayers has written?


    If you go to PumaPac, and scroll down the page, you’ll see a picture of the book cover. Yes, Ayers wrote it.

    Mo’s dress is ugly, ugly. The red does look like flames, but who knows? Some of her outfits are strange. Now, I’m being catty. Meow.

  218. birdgal, just saw a picture of the book. The book is red with black flames, just opposite of MO’s dress. I do think that dress is a statement!

    The idiots in this country that elected them are going to get the shock of their lives when they realize that just threw our country over to communists!

  219. I just read over at PUMAPAC that the McCain camp was calling Fox and telling them at 9:30 that there was no path to win and were conceding early?? Doesn’t that strike anyone as unusual??? This election was a foregone conclusion on both sides, WHY??? What is going on???

  220. Not really unusual. It’s been obvious since the stock market crash that McCain would lose big. Once they saw that the numbers weren’t there in Florida and Ohio, it was over. Remember, the vote counters in the campaigns can look at the margins in early precincts and know they are toast.

  221. I hope and pray all of our fears about an Obama Presidency are unfounded and everything will be good for us here in America, of coarse it hasn’t been like that since the 90’s. I wonder what Nasty and Coward are doing tonight???

  222. admin, I sincerely hope you keep us all together somehow, a Hillary is45 seems no go at this point, so maybe we should have a Palinis45 site. I think Hillary is totally out of it Presidential wise. SHe gave in to the party, this should have been her party. It will be Palin, she will be the first female President!

  223. If you think about it, this mess was brought to us by Iowan caucus goers who followed instructions of that doyenne of bad judgment, Oprah!

    I hope, however, that this website will continue or be morphed elsewhere. Now is not the time to disband but to stick together and find more recruits. I think we may have a lot of work to do so I won’t say good-bye. I will say thank you.

  224. Hillary will be lucky if she has a committee assigment by the time the Dem’s goons are done with payback time. They don’t even have to pretend to play nice with her now.

  225. One project for us would be to constantly smear the media. They gave us Bush, they gave us the Iraq War, now they have foisted upon us the incompetent, inexperienced BO. America will be worse off for it.

    Newt is getting in the forefront of the next big wave–putting the reputation of the media into the toilet where it belongs. I am no fan of Newt Gingrich but lets help him out. I noticed in the Sunday comics that there was one strip mocking the bias of the media. I pointed it out to my husband–as loudly as I could without being obvious. Everyday in every way lets all do our little part. Yell at the TV when a pundit spews lies, talk loudly to your significant other in public places when pointing out BS in the news, start telling funny jokes at the media’s expense.

    BO isn’t the only one who can’t be trusted, neither can Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, Harry Smith, and all the other Goebbelists currently infesting the media.

  226. freckles and sactodem, I certainly don’t want to say goodbye either, I want us to stay together, there is always more power when there is more than one voice.

    Sacto, I agree, we need to put the media down at all time. I can’t forget how Brett Hume on Fox was laughing at McCain being ahead at first. They knew that Obama had won or at least been awarded the President a 6 o’clock last night. It was rude and inconsiderate of him to laugh at McCain.

    We also need to boycot the Oprah show and all of the 24hr news stations, its the only way to get them back on track. This whole calling the election at 10pm when Obama opened his park at 9:30 for revelers. It was so pre ordained! They knew this weeks ago, they planned and executed the whole thing and pulled it off so the American people were so happy to elect a black president that they did not realize it was set up for weeks, maybe even months!

  227. Dear Santa,

    please bring my family a set of passports, lots of ammo, and each of us a ticket on a midnight train to canada

    P.s. Oh and can you put a rush on christmas this year?
    I am not sure we have much time before its not allowed here in America anymore.

  228. Honest to god folks…….. I am speechless tonight! what is that sound i hear??
    is that Hell Freezing over???

    it has been one hell of a emotional ride tonight for me
    as i am certain it has been here for all of you and all who supported
    our cause across this country.

    I am truly terrified, am i wrong to feel that way? every ounce of my being says
    i am not.

    the mere thought of having to see meesh-elle the wicked witch from hell
    Thin another one of those army surplus trash bags she calls designer dresses makes me ill beyond words!

    And those thunder thighs she was sporting tonight…..OMFG!! meesh-elle……..lay off the lobster & butter!!
    Girl, you’re a disgrace!!….NOT KIDDING!!


    Admin, thank you for your words of wisdom and for keeping us going…….we live to fight another day, so it seems
    we lost this battle, this time, but the war has only just begun.

    Ok,……..well………Does Anyone know how long it will be before the SS comes for me??

    if i am not here in the am…..send the calvary!!!

    That is Unless Santa delivers xmas early at my house, in which case i will be freezing my tushy off in canada until
    hell thaws!

  229. confloyd Says:

    November 5th, 2008 at 2:22 am
    I just read over at PUMAPAC that the McCain camp was calling Fox and telling them at 9:30 that there was no path to win and were conceding early?? Doesn’t that strike anyone as unusual??? This election was a foregone conclusion on both sides, WHY??? What is going on???


    No, it was just an aknowledgment that they lost the election. I was not surprised by the result. I was just hoping against hope that McCain and Palin can pull an upset. But the odds against them are overwhelming. No republican can win in this election against any democrat – even if the Democrat was John Biden or Mike Gravel, they would still have won this election.

    Obama has the following going for him:

    1. A media that is biased beyond belief – This is the most obviously- in your face biased media I have ever seen. Nowhere in the world is this the case except in dictatorships.
    2. A financial meltdown that happened at the right time – had this meltdown happened in the middle of November, McCain and Palin would have had a shot.
    3. An incumbent president with approval ratings lower than Nixon.
    4. Race – the supposed historical nature of his candidacy has worked a lot for him.
    5. A huge financial advantage – it would be near impossible or at least an uphill climb for any candidate to win with such a huge financial disadvantage.

    This is the election year for the Democrats.

  230. Can’t sleep, so I thought I’d try to inject something positive into the discussion this morning.

    Although I have very deep suspicions about what an Obama administration might mean for America, and although I plan to watch Oliar like a friggin’ hawk over the next 4 years , I can see that there are some positive things that have come out of this nightmare.

    1). This election has opened womens eyes to the sexism and misogyny so rampant still in this country. Never again will I fail to see what’s in front of my face…and never again will I be fooled into thinking we don’t have a LONG way to go to bring women forward in this country. From this point forward, I will look closely at EVERY female candidate for public office, and if I can in good conscience vote for them (regardless of party affiliation), I will. I will choose a qualified woman over a qualified man each and every time there is an opportunity for me to do so.

    2). As a member of the black community, I can see that this election has the potential to move us ALL forward in some very real ways wrt race relations…IF we all allow that (which I doubt). The “politics of grievance” have held us all (especially the AA community!) hostage for far too long, and hopefully this historic milestone will FINALLY remove that struggle for power. It needs to end now.

    3). I think we will begin to see real moves to the center from BOTH the major parties in this country. I pray that’s the case, because the parties no longer respresent the majority of Americans. As for me, I plan to work my butt of as an new Independent voter to bring Independents to the fore-front of our political environment.

    So…that’s 3 things I see where the is the potential for good to come out of this nightmare. The negatives, I think , speak for themselves. 🙁

    (((Admin))) and (((Big Pink)))…thank you for giving me this space for the past year. I battle on. 🙂

  231. Well today was a bad day at Black Rock. But life goes on whether we like it or not. When we enter a game of chance we accept the possibility that we can win or lose. That is what makes the game interesting. But we also assume the game will be fair and when that is not the case the winner is not legitimate. Obama is not legitimate.

    Charles Hurt at the New York Post said today that Hillary is the biggest loser in this result. Some of her strongest supporters believe she put party before country in helping him win. But she will get no credit from Obama for helping him. Instead she will be marginalized. The alternative sceanario is that she will have stature because of her celebrity status, expertise and the 18 million votes in the primary. I think that is optimistic. I am afraid the Clinton era ended tonight.

    But Bambi it is not all beer and skittles for Bambi. For whether he realizes it or not he has just left the airy world of campaigning where you can be all things to all people and has entered the hard cold world of governance where whatever you say or do is consequential in ways you cannot undersand. He is by nature a gaff master. His character is questionable. And he has never held an executive position. He is about to be tested in ways he can scarcely imagine. Rough ride.

    He will start his tenure with a host of problems that are not of his making. Those problems are intractable and the solutions will be painful. The American People are deeply divided over him.
    Half of them bitterly oppose him. He is an affront to what they believe in–patriotism, honesty, openess etc. Their opposition to him will intensify when he implements policies detrimenal to their interests. The other half believe he is the Messiah and have overlooked his deficiencies for that reason. When he fails to deliver miracles they will turn on him like the children they are.

    The biggest loser tonight was alas our country. This was a pivotal election. We are facing a likely depression, 2 wars, a possible terrorist attack, runaway debt etc. We needed an experienced president who could begin governing on day 1. Her name was Hillary Rodham Clinton and how we believed in her. We saw McCain as a placeholder. Instead we got a rookie. A trophy as Thomas Sowell would say. This is a recipet for disaster.

    What does a rational person do in these circumsatances? Stop worrying about saving the country and start thinking about your own survival plan. Everyones plan will be different, but now is the time to do so. Some people are getting into a cash positon of getting into gold. Firearm protection is not a bad idea consistent with municipal laws. These are rational highly educated people who are talking this way–not the Hayden Lake crowd. They see serious trouble ahead and I find it hard to disagree.

    Long term perhaps we can pick up some of the pieces from this utter debacle. A generational shift happened here, and there is always alot that 40 cannot tell 20. But 20 will become 40 if it lives long enough, and may learn through the example of Obama that you cannot pick a president like American Idol. If they do not learn that lesson then our country will fail.

    The 2008 election proved Mencken was right: nobody ever lost an election underestimating the intelligence of the American People–meaning those who voted for Obama. I know he plans at least two terms but he will be lucky to make it through one term in my opinion. Not pretty.

    The leaders we look to in 2012 must come from the younger generation not ours. They must be ethical experienced people. RFK Jr. is someone to consider. Palin may have been on a losing ticket but she is the one good thing to come out of this horrible experiece. Finally, we must never again listen to big media. Our survival depends on weaning ourselves off their pernicious influence.


  232. Now let’s get drunk
    turndown: I am drinking hemlock-neat. I do not recommend it.


    1. Race-baiting
    2. Gender bias
    3. Iraq Debacle
    4. Economic Meltdown
    5. Campaign Finances
    6. Bias in the Media

  234. OK gang how about pitching the pills and the booze and show some backbone and fight on for your country and your families.Bill and Hillary did not run to the bus.They threw themselves in front of the train for us and and our fragile democracy.Most of you detracters do not understand the meaning of “The emperor has no clothes”.A candidate without a party alive and viable faces defeat.Hillary was right and remember she did it for us.Just relax and watch her take hold of the Senate and fight for the American people and her broken country.
    The MSM and its money and mind altering power,created a new couple for our Whitehouse,Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Theresa .
    The cleansed him,ignored his evil past and annointed him,wrapped in white garments of purity,and have served up the biggest Turkey in political history.Just in time for Thanksgiving and Kawanna.
    Now folks sit back and watch the MSM begin the slow and intense campaign of his destruction.Bit by Bit,Day in and Day out.
    Don’t you guys understand what has just happened to all of us?
    We been snookered,WE been robbed,We been given a millstone instead of all that foldin loot thats worth nuttin.
    By ABM90 I enlisted in this Army to save my country and just
    re-enlisted for another fight for Hillary .The real President that was robbed but not destroyed by her own people.

  235. ABM90,

    A battlecry if I ever heard one. Enough whining (at least on my part). If the media and idol worshipers are not going to police this man’s or future DNC actions, then I think it is up to us to continue the fight.

    Yes we can be looking at the next election and should be, but maybe early impeachment isn’t the pipedream it seems. Even if it is, we can watch, we can critique, we can call foul, we can do the media’s job for them.

    The fight isn’t over. A huge number of the population didn’t drink the Koolaid. He did not win over all of America.

    Thank God for that!

  236. Idunn @4:33 am said:

    “2). As a member of the black community, I can see that this election has the potential to move us ALL forward in some very real ways wrt race relations…IF we all allow that (which I doubt). The “politics of grievance” have held us all (especially the AA community!) hostage for far too long, and hopefully this historic milestone will FINALLY remove that struggle for power. It needs to end now.”


    There would be nothing more heartening to me than if this IS the case going forward. I appreciate your post.
    Although I know this man’s shady background (BMerry has a very good post this morning at RBO) and his history is completely blank in terms of real accomplishment – he MUST now get to work.

    That all boats could rise would be great, and I would hope this would instill the hope and pride within the Black Community and drive them to move towards accomplishment. My fear is that those who get more benefit from keeping people down will continue to try. I only hope Obama actually sweeps this mindset and practice away. However, I do not see it happening. There is too much benefit in oppression.

  237. Brazille, Pelosi, Dean, Reid, BO and crew have effectively purged the Clintons from politics.

    I will never understand why she didn’t stand and fight. She will have no power in the senate or anyplace else.

    That is the most depressing thing about this disaster.


  238. What we have is a Democratic Bush this morning. Many of us consider him illegitimate in the way he attained his position. He will perhaps bungle through just like the Republican Bush but the media will cover for him, prop him up because he is their creation and if they don’t they would be admitting guilt. He needed to be squashed out of the primaries but we all know what happened. Once he got the Dem label, it was that much harder to prove that he was an illegitimate nominee. I wrote a comment a few days ago here panicking that I had lost faith when we started hearing about voter fraud. All that I felt in that moment has come true. This is not a true democracy. We the little people and our votes didn’t matter. After spending all that money and credibility on him, did you think his puppet masters would let us have any say? This is a corporate democracy. Like wbboei says this is the end of the Clinton era now that the far-left with its new money and shiny and palatable Obama have won and shattered that myth they could not. Unfortunately the person we fought for, Hillary would not benefit from this outcome in any way. They were not afraid of her 18 million then and they are not now. She will be marginalized in the deluge of the Obama minions. She and Bill were useful in getting the votes in OH, FL, and PA. Obama has no need for them now.

  239. basil9;

    Fight for whom and with what? He pitched the race card and welfare checks and two-bit politicians preserved their gravy train
    jobs with high hopes for their futures.This election outcome planned,hatched and implemented by a cabal of many enemies of our Democracy.With Hillary still in the senate and more respected than ever just watch how she will fight for truth and honesty in our government.I respect the views of everyone but I will never back down from my belief in fair play and a level playing field as a goal for our country.

    By ABM90 I value all opinions from friends or foes

  240. admin Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 11:15 pm
    justmeinmountdorafl, we’ll keep fighting.

    Damn straight.

    Instead of crying in our beer, let’s come up with an action list:

    1. Obama has to be challenged by the electoral college for his birth cert and “nationalities”. Not saying they won’t foist him on us anyway, just like in 2000, on Dec. 13th, the Supremes stole the election. But leave no stone unturned.

    2. Ethics charges must be pursued by Repubs and us regarding the House the Rezko sold, Obamanor.

    3. Shadow his every welched on promise, shove it in liberals’ faces, and say, “Here’s *your* president; he used you to get to the WH, and now, his only concern will be re-election”. Which means he’ll try to appease everyone, and please no one.

    4. Shadow him in how he deals with world leaders and tough situations. He’s never taken on anything, he’s a duck and run type of guy.

    5. Expose slimy Democrats for how the have and will mishandle the economy, and foreign relations, etc. I mean, they are “politicians”, with their own agendas. We’ll call ’em on it.


    So, we still have purpose.

  241. pm317,

    You are so right! Remember in 2000 when people were worried about Bush’s inexperience so Cheney added himself onto to the ticket so people would be assured that cool heads would always prevail? History repeats itself, doesn’t it? BO needed Biden like Bush needed Cheney. But just like Bush, Biden cannot save BO from his own gross incompetence.

    Unfortunately, it is the people who will suffer. The media never took down Bush. It was a financial boondoggle of a war and a hurricane with dead people left lying around that did it. The same thing will happen to BO. The world is an unsure, insecure place. Bad things–either natural or man-made–will happen. BO will goof the response. And people will suffer. Until the American people grow up culturally and pick their leaders–not on the media’s “recommendation”–but on the candidate’s experience, honesty and character, they will continue to suffer. Perhaps some of them should. I know that I am tired of working for the common good only to have idiots mock my efforts and throw it away. But the tragedy is that there are a lot of good people in America and some of those good people will suffer as well.

    Yet, I have faith. My judgment about Bush and the Iraq War ultimately prevailed. So it will be with BO.

  242. Norma, I don’t have ANY illusions that Oliar will accomplish a single thing toward moving the black community forward in this country. I’m sure he won’t. However, with the first AA president, perhaps the community itself can get beyond the politics of grievance, and stop “demanding” and start “doing”. That’s really all I meant.

  243. I’ve been thinking. All this was planned decades ago, and executed aggressively. This did not happen overnight or since January. Can Bill and Hill please talk now? I agree that their era is over, they helped end it. But the nagging nightmare I still keep having is – Bill is a true politician, but Hillary is that plus a good human being. She endured too much to win in order to keep our country whole and well. There had to be a threat that caused her to eat her insides out, just look at how she has aged since June. What could be so big and so bad that each of them puts salt on the knife that kills them? And I do not believe for a nano second that Hillary held the party line that went in direct opposition to the good and welfare of her country, its citizens, and our military at war as we speak.

    Speak now Hill and Bill or forever hold your peace.

    The way I see it:
    -a fight against big media is useless, they won, they have been bought and paid for, see how many days it takes the nObama to find money to bail out the NYT, etc, the most effective way we can combat the sh!t for news is to ban together in places like this and work toward small incremental steps, and, we must be better influences on America’s children because just look at how much they did not know and yet followed a rock star. They do not even know how much they do not know. Econ 101 should have taught them that you NEVER raise any taxes during a recession, for if you do you are creating a DEPRESSION.’The Grapes of Wrath’ and ‘Iton Jawed Angels’ should be required viewing in homes
    -I have wondered my whole adult life why oh why women, who are 52% of the population did not ban together to effect change…..maybe we will now.
    There is a new national organization FOR women forming, every American Woman should join.
    What is the old saying, the hand that rocks the cradles rules the world……when is that going to happen?
    -hold nObama’s feet to the fire, call them out EVERY time for bad behavior and bad judgment.

  244. Proof positive on Nov. 4th 2008 enough money can buy anything. Now is time the to stand up and FIGHT. We must watch, listen and act and the most importain thing we must do is Orgainze, Organize, Organize. Now is not the time to feel sorry for ourselves, now is the time to stand and fight for what you belive in.

    You cannot trust MSM for real news it will be up to Big Pink and other Blogs to keep us informed and from there we must Organize and act as one.

    I for one will not sit down and go along with the changes that are sure to come, I will stand up and FIGHT for what I belive in.

    Hillary I won’t say I understand why you stood with BO only you know why. I will say there have been times I have done things only I can understand as well. I still love you and will always stand by you. You will always be 44 to me.

  245. From a post at RD: I don’t have the courage to go looking for these numbers myself. ACORN and the 5 SoS, anyone?
    These numbers are from CNN from approximately 12:57AM to 1:15AM.
    Just thought I would look at the actual difference in number of votes, especially in some of the states that have had reports of voter fraud and Acorn interference.Obama

    Obama 303,796 58%
    McCain 207,401 40%
    76% reporting 96,395 difference

    Obama 4,043,217 51%
    McCain 3,840,941 49%
    99% reporting 202,276

    Obama 1,727,454 52%
    McCain 1,606,452 48%
    98% reporting 121,002

    North Carolina
    Obama 2,101,986 50%
    McCain 2,089,826 49%
    100% reporting 12,160

    Obama 3,127,015 55%
    McCain 2,528,738 44%
    99% reporting 598,277

    Obama 2,325,811 51%
    McCain 2,152,156 47%
    85% reporting 173,655

    Obama 1,352,356 50%
    McCain 1,329,370 49%
    99% reporting 22,986

    Obama 789,836 54%
    McCain 661,294 45%
    99% reporting 128,542

    Obama 961,548 53%
    McCain 825,892 46%
    68% reporting 135,656

    New Mexico
    Obama 418,806 57%
    McCain 307,393 42%
    94% reporting 111,413

    Obama 485,667 57%
    McCain 354,364 41%
    51% reporting

    Take out ACORN and the fruad that undoubtedly took place, how would those numbers really have looked?I’ll be thinking about that for a while.

    I sure hope the military ballots are not blocked from being counted. That would add more insults to injury.

  246. So AAs finally have their president which they felt entitled to even after being ONLY 12% of the population.

    Women are 52% of the population. When are we going to feel entitled to it? When will we build a working coalition (like the AAs) and support each other close to 100% to elect our own woman president?

  247. terry germany (kurtzhaar) wrote:

    grumpy and righty,
    trent lott gets drummed out of the senate leadership role for an offhand comment made at a birthday party but obama gets elceted to the presidency because according to the same msm his personal relationships with wright, ayers, dorn, kalidi, resko, and writting in his own book that he “surrounds himself with socialists” is irrelevant and “witout basis”?
    despite what mr weaver believes, mccain lost because he is just not the “leader” we were looking for. despite my conservative roots, i was not able to get behind his ????? direction. regardless of what my friends on the left may have thought, i was unable to reconcile his scattered thoughts and actions with what i consider presidential ability.

    i am now being cautiously optomistic that barack obama will lead the country in the direction he has stated in the last few months of the campaign as opposed to he has taken up to this point in his carrer.

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