Deliver Us From Evil

It’s a NOvember surprise!

In 2000, Al Gore lost West Virginia and several other states because of his opposition to coal.

Now, at this late date, Obama is running, legs akimbo, from his answers earlier this year on coal and energy policy. Obama threatened to bankrupt coal powered plants. More importantly, Obama predicted that in an Obama presidency energy prices would “skyrocket”.

The issue, once again, is deception and trust. What are Barack Obama’s real intentions?

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Obama is hiding his real intentions because coal producing states are very important in this election. Coal producing states include Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, Virginia, North Dakota, Colorado, Indiana, New Mexico, Arizona, and Ohio.

* * *

Only now are American voters hearing of Obama’s secret energy plans. In remarks delivered earlier this year in San Francisco, Obama stated he plans to bankrupt the coal industry.

Let me sort of describe my overall policy.

What I’ve said is that we would put a cap and trade system in place that is as aggressive, if not more aggressive, than anybody else’s out there.

I was the first to call for a 100% auction on the cap and trade system, which means that every unit of carbon or greenhouse gases emitted would be charged to the polluter. That will create a market in which whatever technologies are out there that are being presented, whatever power plants that are being built, that they would have to meet the rigors of that market and the ratcheted down caps that are being placed, imposed every year.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.

That will also generate billions of dollars that we can invest in solar, wind, biodiesel and other alternative energy approaches.

The only thing I’ve said with respect to coal, I haven’t been some coal booster. What I have said is that for us to take coal off the table as a ideological matter as opposed to saying if technology allows us to use coal in a clean way, we should pursue it.

So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can.

It’s just that it will bankrupt them.“

Obama, flailing arms joining the akimbo legs, is once again running away from what he said. What are Obama’s real intentions and why can’t he be honest with the American voter?

Recall, in September 2008, Joe Biden made remarks on coal which Obama also had to run away from. Biden’s remarks are very similar to Obama’s remarks yet now Obama is trying to distance himself, once again from his own remarks.

A conflict over clean coal is brewing on the campaign trail after video surfaced of Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., telling an anti-pollution campaigner in Ohio that he does not support coal plants in America.

Approached following a rally in Maumee, Ohio, last Tuesday, Biden was asked by a campaigner for 1Sky, an organization against the development of new coal-fired power plants, why he supports clean coal at a time when “wind and solar are flourishing here in Ohio.”

The animated, close-talking Biden then put his hands on the woman’s shoulders and launched into a passionate, finger-wagging argument that he and Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., do not support clean coal.

We’re not supporting clean coal,” Biden said. “Guess what? China is building two every week, two dirty coal plants. And it’s polluting the United States, it’s causing people to die.”

“So will you support wind and solar and alternate technologies?” the woman questioned.

“Absolutely, before anybody did,” came Biden’s reply. “The first guy to introduce a global warming bill was me 22 years ago. The first guy to support solar energy was me 26 years ago. It came out of Delaware.”

“But guess what?,” he continued. “China’s gonna burn 300 years of bad coal unless we figure out how to clean their coal up because it’s gonna ruin your lungs and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

“No coal plants here in America!” pledged the Democratic vice-presidential nominee. “Build ’em, if they’re gonna build ’em, over there and make ’em clean because they’re killing ya.”

No sooner had the video surfaced then Republicans pointed out that Biden’s answer conflicted with Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last month when he proclaimed his ticket’s support for clean coal development.

“As president,” said Obama, “I will tap our natural gas reserves, invest in clean coal technology and find ways to safely harness nuclear power.”

And Biden’s remarks also stood in stark contrast to his own comments this weekend at the United Mine Workers of America annual fish fry in Castlewood, Virginia, when he told the miners that “we have enough coal in the United States of America to meet our needs domestically for the better part of the next 100 to 200 years.”

The Obama-Biden ticket, however, denounced GOP claims that Biden’s Ohio remarks were evidence that the Democratic pair opposes clean coal as “another ham-handed lying attack from the McCain campaign.”

This is yet another false attack from a dishonorable campaign,” said Biden spokesman David Wade. “Sen. McCain knows that Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden support clean coal technology. Sen. Biden’s point is that China is building coal plants with outdated technology every day, and the United States needs to lead by developing clean coal technologies.”

Joe Biden is employing the Obama tactic of yelling “liar” when someone tells the truth and in fact Biden/Obama are the ones lying.

No doubt, Obama will soon issue a denial that he ever said “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

You know, when I was asked earlier about the issue of coal, uh, you know — Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. Even regardless of what I say about whether coal is good or bad. Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, uh, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers.

It was in San Francisco, during the Pennsylvania primary, that Obama made his “bitter” and “clingy” remarks about small town American voters. Now, with Pennsylvania once again a crucial state, Obama’s San Francisco remarks again threaten Obama.

* * *

Obama is relying on early voting to insulate him from his latest San Francisco damaging remarks. Yet, once again, Hillary voters will have their say:

If Senator John McCain defies the polls and wins Pennsylvania, it will be in part because of voters like Harry Klemash, 67, a Democrat who supported Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the primary but is still not comfortable with Senator Barack Obama.

“Obama has too many socialist policies, and he doesn’t have enough experience,” Mr. Klemash, a retired pressman, said Sunday as he walked his miniature poodle in Marconi Park in South Philadelphia, a largely white, Catholic, ethnic neighborhood.

With the presidential election a day away, the polls point to an Obama victory in Pennsylvania, with Mr. Obama holding a big lead in Philadelphia. But the polls are tightening, and Mr. McCain has shown no signs of backing off his quest to win the state, which remains central to his hope of winning the presidency. [snip]

While wealthier whites in Philadelphia, especially in Center City, overwhelmingly support Mr. Obama, some urban blue-collar Democrats — like their counterparts in western and northeastern Pennsylvania — never made the transition from Mrs. Clinton. In South Philadelphia, McCain signs have cropped up in the windows of the low brick houses and on the postage-stamp front yards.

Hillary won some of those white wards by 10 to 1,” said Shanin Specter, son of Senator Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, and a lawyer who is steeped in local politics. “Obama is likely to significantly underperform Kerry and Gore in those white row-house wards.” [snip]

Mr. Rendell agreed that because of the white wards, Mr. Obama might get a smaller percentage of the Philadelphia vote than Mr. Kerry did, perhaps 75 percent instead of Mr. Kerry’s 80 percent. But with additional Democratic registrations, he said, and a bigger turnout, Mr. Obama would exceed Mr. Kerry’s numbers. [snip]

As part of the Obama campaign’s get-out-the-vote operation, scores of volunteers were hustling in and out of the new branch office here on Sunday.

Many were from out of state, including two women from New York who said they had expected to be sent to more rural environs and were surprised when they were sent to Philadelphia.

“We thought, oh, it’s an urban area, it’s done,” said Marian Masone, 57, a film curator who lives in Brooklyn.

They said they were also surprised by the negative reaction to them in South Philadelphia. Ms. Masone and her friend, Eileen Newman, 62, who works in film management and lives in Manhattan, said that some people said “no way” to them about Mr. Obama and that one told them, “Get off this block.”

Obama incense burners and Obama himself are counting their chickens before they come home to roost they hatch, and celebrating victory. But tomorrow the American people and especially Hillary supporters have the opportunity to remove the evil of Big Media manipulation and Chicago thug politics.

Let’s work and hope that tomorrow the American people deliver.


497 thoughts on “Deliver Us From Evil

  1. Eff Al Gore……he most certainly let me down by not running in 2004…

    And for his principle stand on global warming, he uses more enery than he needs to!!!!! Affordability should not be the issue since he is rich…

    I want coal production in th eUS, I want oil and offshore drilling now and yes I want nuclear plants.

    France has most of its electrcity from nuclear; switzerland produces 40% from nuclear; 60 from hydro!!!!

  2. What happened ? Is the election over? Did I miss some thing. Why is Fox news talking about Obama administration as if the election is a done deal?

  3. Anyone know whats going on with the guy north of LA armed with a gun who has demanded an Obama sign? The police are going to oblige.??????

  4. Seems to me we need to develop clean coal and drill for oil to relieve our dependence on mid-eastern oil while we work to bring down the high cost of alternatives like wind and solar. Obama wants us to be dependent on mid-east oil for as long as possible…while we go more heavily into nuclear power w/o having solved the problem of what to do with the nuclear waste. All his policies are dictated by the sources of his money — nothing he says comes out of informed thinking.

  5. I think a slim few obamabots will resort to violence if their antichrist does not triumph. The others, Obama included, will cry themselves a river, stomp their feet, and hold their breaths until they get their way! Maybe they can all board boats/rafts/walk on water and take the clown with them to a new land somewhere far, far away…

    Good Luck…NOT!!! 😉

  6. WOwwwww…My fellow Americans please wake up!!!

    My fellow Americans please wake up!!!!

    God Bless America!!!!!Please Wake UP!!!!!

  7. lil ole grape Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 1:29 pm
    Imagine says: “people are scared that when barack loses, there will be a violent outburst of anger from the ‘bots. ”
    I don’t think many of us are scared of violence from the bots — I think that’s a ’scare the opposition’ BO campaign tactic — like the racist b.s.

    It is “Vote for Obama, or else….”

    Threats. Nice way to persuade voters that Obama is the right choice.

  8. From admin’s stuff at the top:

    They said they were also surprised by the negative reaction to them in South Philadelphia. Ms. Masone and her friend, Eileen Newman, 62, who works in film management and lives in Manhattan, said that some people said “no way” to them about Mr. Obama and that one told them, “Get off this block.”

    “Get you Bot butts outta here, before I get out the big bottle of Bot-off”.

  9. I believe this is a common occurrence in Philladelphia, if McCain takes more than expected in Philly, Obama will get election diaorhea.


    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

    Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

  11. I know this sounds petty, but having McCain win tomorrow would mean vindication for those of us who have stayed true to Hillary and against Obama as opposed to those who left here and immediately jumped on the Obama bandwagon (who shall remain nameless). For me, that would bring the most satisfaction.

  12. # marie3548 Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 12:42 pm
    Venceremo Brigades was a Cuban spy operation
    Trashing Camelot: Obama’s pal Bill Ayers Violated JFK’s Cuba Embargos

    I guess the Kennedys are ok with this these are hardcore criminals.
    And Ayers writes a book dedicated to a number of criminals including Sirhan Sirhan…

    what in the hell are Caroline and Ted Kennedy thinking when they endorsed this assh*t and dump on the Clintons instead?

  13. FUNNY…… Foxnews was giving a tour of the new election 2008 set for tomorrow night and the map they were using “for practice” “pay no attention to it” showed TX,PA,WA,CO,KY solid red

    and all the rest of the battle ground states in YELLOW [toss ups] meaning its too close to call one way or the other 😀

    obama is not winning this election according to that map 😀

  14. Watch them pull a stunt on Georgia tomorrow night, Survey USA and PPP have McCAin up 7 and 2 respectively, so you watch the media do a too close to call on this. Its Bull, they over sampled Dems in Georgia, I mean Georgia are they nuts!

  15. moon,

    CNN is famous for “too close to call” moments when it comes to boosting up the idiot. Remember what they did to Hillary. 😉

  16. If anybody is interested in the laughable level of ignorance to be found on Martha’s Vineyard, it can be found at the Martha’s Vineyard Times editorial and in a letter to the editor by a Barbara Day.

    The MV Times editorial endorsing Obama ends hilariously: “But, it is entirely reasonable to regard him, after these months of growing acquaintance, as the candidate in this contest who offers the greatest promise of sound, measured judgment, and the best possibility of maturing leadership.” — Doug Cabral

    BUT, to give the editor credit for SOME clear thinking, see the following paragraph in which he says no to Kerry!

    Here is a bit from B. Day: “We should all know by now that Barack Obama is not a Muslim that he does not associate with terrorists, that, as a Democrat, he has the support of many unions, and that compared to his opponent, he is relatively new to government.”

    How can anyone have a conversation with minds like this?

  17. I bet you…the corrup MSM will predict the criminal (BHO) as the real winner even before the people cast their vote tomorrow…..

    The corrupt MSM has been working for this criminal (BHO). What do you expect tomorrow?

    If this criminal will not win the GE, the corrupt MSM cover their as***es and make excuses!!!

    I hope the Americans will wake up tomorrow for not voting this criminal!!!!!!!!

  18. Grape: No, conversation is pretty useless at this stage of the game. We had a rally for McCain yesterday (Monterey, CA); Obama followers got out very early and took over our spot on the street. It didn’t matter much as the PD came down and negotiated an agreement as to where each group could demonstrate. The Obama followers are a motley crew to say the least; the unwashed, uncultured, profane and confrontational. Our group some students, mixture of older women and men, some out of uniform military and many flags. We were given at least equal honking and thumbs up from passing motorists. We got our share of the “Obama Salute to America” but chose to respond with holding up our McCain/Palin signs and a thumbs up. No inclination to stoop to the level of pond scum. A young woman out for a walk, out of uniform Navy, stopped to thank us for our help. It was a satisfying day and renewed ouf resolve. Looking forward to the victory party tomorrow night which has had to be moved to a larger venue due to the number of RSVP’s. McCain/Palin will rule the day tomorrow.

  19. Tomorrow night if they do not call a state right away or within an hour of polls closing for Obama, McCain will most likely win that state. Just like in the primaries, states Obama won they called immediately after polls closing and waited for several hours before calling states Hillary won hoping that Obama would somehow win it.

  20. Just wanted to share with you guys a conversation I had with a Dr. friend of mine. She is from Virginia and has an aunt that is 92 years old and a huge fan of the Kennedy’s. My friend was home visiting and her aunt asked her who she was voting for. She said, ” well you know there are two choices, you can vote for the communist or you can vote for the liberal, auntie I have decided to vote for the liberal John McCain”. Auntie was a bit surprised and said McCain isn’t a liberal, my friend said look at his voting record. Auntie was excited and said I will.
    One other bit of personal news my yellowdog democrat father is abstaining for voting this year as he has never voted for anyone but a democrat. He told me today that the democrats screwed up when they put this one up. He can’t imagine how this happened!

  21. This should have been a countdown towards electing the first woman to the Oval Office. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Hillary would have aced the election if corrupt elements had been kept out of the banishment.

    I want McCain to win tomorrow because he is an honorable man, but even more so to keep his opponent from winning. That being said, Hillary would have made an amazing president and my heart goes out to her.

  22. confloyd – maybe Fox is trying to energize the republican base to get out there and vote…meanwhile, the BO youth vote will think it’s all wrapped up, skip voting and decide to stay home and play XBox.

  23. With all these lies..

    —No authentic BC
    —REZKO connection
    —Wright relationship for 20 years
    —AYERS association
    —ACORN connection
    —illegal aunt

    This criminal (BHO) must be in jail…I hope Americans will wake up……

  24. djia Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 3:16 pm
    OMG!! i was right about obama and the finger today!!!



    DISGRACEFUL! So everytime, he doesn’t agree with something, the finger goes out? How juvenile.

  25. i just emailed hannity bill o greta and rush

    I asked them to air the clip and do their duty as americas watch dogs

    and let the american people see obama’s character flaw tonight on their shows

    Only 938,161 PUMAs needed in key states for McCain/Palin to win. You betcha!

    Here’s a table MarstonChronicles ran breaking down just how many PUMAs are needed to tip the race in each of these states — out of Clinton’s 18 million votes during the primaries, just this many Democrats putting what’s best for the country above the party will save America from the closest brush with socialism it’s ever had.

  27. The Mccain must make an ad like this…..

    Tittle: Illegal
    Sen. obama has an illegal alien on the family who has living in the USA illegaly..Does he know? I bet you.. He would say no..just like his responses for his radical/terrorist friends….

    Since he failed to provide an authentic BC, is he also an illegal alien? Is Sen Obama hiding something from the American people? Tell truth…Actions stronger than words.

  28. Hillary couldn’t even cry or it was the story of the week, but their darling, BO, has more shady associations than any candidate in history, and it all went by and large unreported. The media will never be viewed as a independent messenger of news again.

  29. Wouldn’t it be funny if the little “finger” gesture was the last minute tipping point that did in Obama.

    I mean, it is unquestionable that he scratches his face first with his index finger, then with his middle finger.

    Why would he do that?

    And if it was “unintentional”, does that indicate that he cannot control his manners and / or bodily functions or his emotions in check? I thought he was supposed to be the consummate poker player, even keel, cool, “rock steady”, as Maureen Dowd loves to go on about.

  30. This congratulations McCain “OBAMA SALUTE” is as intentional as it was when he saluted Hillary in the Primaries

  31. djia Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    you are right and I will never forgive or forget

    I voted straight repub
    Felt ggood


  32. I hadn’t thought about this………but just read a comment on NQ

    Comment by Galt, Master Thrall of Planet Triskelion | 2008-11-03 14:22:00

    He knows he is going to lose the election. He knows by losing he also loses his protection from USA Fitzgerald. He’s shitting in his pants.

  33. There was no mistaking the giving of the finger. What a scumbag. I will vote straight Repub., for the first time in my life.

  34. I’m just hoping that McCain wins and wins big so I can watch the mass msm suicide on live tv tomorrow night.

  35. Yes, I did too. I just felt we couldn’t take a chance of a Democrat fillabuster proof majority in the congress. When President McCain and Vice President Sarah take office, we need to give them a chance to lead without a solid majority in both houses.

    I envision them being sworn in. Remember Sarah will need a ball gown and Todd a tux…no rentals please…because her gown will have to go to the Smithsonian.

  36. jbstonesfan, Hillary couldn’t even cry, and the news media doesn’t even question his associations. Well Obama can shoot the finger at Hillary and McCain and the media lets him get away with it!!

  37. I have not voted yet, but i along with 2 other family members are voting a straight republican ticket here in SD

    and have heard many here in SD are doing the same, and i have preached why to do so from my little small town soap box 🙂

  38. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

    read this!! could it be true??? Malcom X is obama’s biological father!!!

  39. dija: He looks more like MalcomX than his US or Kenyan family. He really has no characteristics of the Dunhams body type or facial.

  40. BREAKING!!!!!!!
    BO’s Granny passed away.
    Why don’t I believe the timing of this? 👿
    May she RIP.

    On another note; I did buy a 22 today and that’s an indication I think JM will win and I question That
    middle-fingered One’s reaction not to mention that of his thugs.

  41. rgb44,

    I agree. It is crude and primitive to be touching one’s face in public, not to mention the unhygienic aspect of touching the nose and the mouth. Reminds me of an upper body crotch scratch.


  42. I have not been able to log onto NQ for the past week. WTH is going on with that site and why did they suddenly develop server problems just before the GE?

  43. Annie

    I know!! he even sounds like him

    and the hypothesis that Stanley Anne Dunham wasn’t even his mother was interesting as well.

    and the bit about the CIA doing a DNA test on the grandparents and that they were NOT RELATED TO OBAMA
    genetically was shocking!!


    I didn’t hear that, been off in another room from the radio for a bit today……hmmmmmm did he say of what?? with all these reports of her being ill NO ONE HAS EVER REPORTED HOW SHE WAS ILL but did say she broke her hip in a fall, but was well enough to send home…….hmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    i find that VERY ODD…….. did she just get shut up permanently?????

    AP news reported that [obama] he spent ONLY ONE HOUR WITH GRANNY ON HIS LAST VISIT WITH HER, michelle, the kids, the borther, etc did not go to see her………WHY?? Obama had a privately charted 747 Jet………and he didn’t take any of them on it!!! WHY???

  44. Breaking from

    Fox Poll: McCain Tied in Key States

    A just-released Fox News poll of 1,000 voters in each of six key states shows Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain making major last minutes strides to pull even with his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

    While Obama leads in two of the battlegrounds states, the candidates are now tied, or within 1 point of each other, in four others, according to the Rasmussen Reports survey.

    In Ohio, one of the states that McCain’s supporters believe they have to win, McCain has pulled dead even. Obama and McCain are now tied in Ohio, at 49 percent apiece.

    Here are the results from the Fox News poll:


    Obama 51

    McCain 47


    McCain 50

    Obama 49


    Obama 49

    McCain 49

    N. Carolina

    McCain 50

    Obama 49


    Obama 49

    McCain 49


    Obama 51

    McCain 47

    The poll has a plus or minus margin of error of 3 percent.

    Sponsored Note: The can still buy TV ads in key swing states – help them now and donate…Go Here Now

  45. Personally, think The One made the decision to put the morphine to Granny (I’m a nurse) to hasten the end.

    Sympathy vote since polls are narrowing.

    This is a narcissistic psychopath that I actually believe would kill his own grandmother if it helped his cause. No doubt in my mind. That’s what happens with cancer anyway.

    Morphine at the end, REQUESTED BY FAMILY 99% of the time to put them out of pain.

    In this case, to try to divert attention away from his latest San Franciscan “COALGATE” remarks.

    Donald Young, Granny……who’s next?

  46. marie3548 Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    A judge has denied a motion by the NAACP to keep Virginia polls open late.

    GOOD! They just wanted more time to stuff the ballot with more votes. Watch and see, what happens in Gary, IN.

  47. At the beginning of World War I the great Bolshevik Lenin was in hiding outside Russia to evade the Czar’s secret police. The Czar was an ally of Britain and France and an enemy of the Kaiser. German agents picked Lenin up and transported him back into Russia to wage internal war against the Czar and thus weaken his ability to wage war against the Kaiser. Sometime later the Czar was overthrown, the Kerensky government was installed and ultimately the Bosheviks prevailed.

    If Obama is really the son of Malcolm X and is that is what he is hiding with the birth certificate, then it would explain why he has so many radical associations, ties to islamic terrorists and the above example may not be as far fetched as it might otherwise seem. Of course I am just guessing, but its easy to do when a man asks to take over our country and refuses to tell us who he is.

  48. What kind of man is this? He spends only one hour with his dying grandmother.

    I don’t believe it is his grandmother

  49. curiosity,

    That’s what I think!!!!!
    AND the curse of Oblahblah continues. 👿

  50. it was also reported when O went to see granny that O’s sister was the only one caring for her at her apartment.

    hmmmmmmm why not a hospice nurse???

  51. Why didnt he take his entire family back with him if he thought that granny was in her last dying moments.

    I just dont get it. And no other mention of her until today (death). And if she was on her dying bed why not go back and spend the last moments with her.

  52. marie3548 Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 5:17 pm
    Why didnt he take his entire family back with him if he thought that granny was in her last dying moments.

    I just dont get it. And no other mention of her until today (death). And if she was on her dying bed why not go back and spend the last moments with her.


  53. neetabug
    We have gotten 7 calls from the Obama camp the past 2 days telling us not to forget to vote for the Messiah. Told them all we were voting republican for the first time to save the Democrats from themselves.

  54. Palin: Do Democrats think ‘terrorists have become good guys’?
    Nick Juliano
    Published: Monday November 3, 2008

    With time running out, Sarah Palin has delivered what might be the most incendiary line of the entire presidential campaign.

    Not content to just disagree with her opponents on policy, the Republican vice presidential nominee has accused Democrats of outright sympathizing with terrorists.

    “What do they think? Do they think the terrorists have all the sudden become the good guys and changed their minds?” she asked a crowd in Jefferson City, Mo. “No, the terrorists still seek to destroy America and her allies and all that it is that we stand for: freedom, tolerance, and equality. The terrorists have not changed their minds.”

    This video is from, broadcast November 3, 2008.


    Later life

    Until her death, Dunham lived in the same small highrise apartment where she raised her grandson Barack. She was an avid bridge player, but mostly stayed at home in her apartment “listening to books on tape and watching her grandson on CNN every day.” Madelyn Dunham suffered from severe osteoporosis. In 2008, she underwent both corneal transplant and hip replacement surgeries.[29]


    IF? Granny Dunham had TWO surgeries in 2008…………WHY WERE THEY NO REPORTS ON THIS AT ALL?


    WHY…….was there NO MENTION of WHAT Grandma was ill with UNTIL AFTER her “supposed” death of CANCER???

  57. what do we make of these internal GOP numbers? I also find the release of the info on Ann suspicious. Found these numbers here:

    H T T P:

    Here are the numbers:

    PA: MCCAIN 52%, Obama 40%, Undecided 6%

    NJ: Obama 47%, McCain 45%, Undecided 7%

    MI: McCain 45%, Obama 44%, Undecided 7%

    VA: McCain 53%, Obama 42%, Undecided 3%

    CO: McCain 50%, Obama 44%, Undecided 4%

    MO: McCain 49%, Obama 42%, Undecided 7%

    FL: McCain 52%, Obama 44%, Undecided 3%

  58. I can smell victory for John Mccain………..It looks like Americans are finally waking up…I can’t wait for tomorrow night……

  59. you know whats funny LJ?

    those numbers [states colored red] represent the “MAP” seen on Fox’s tour today [i reported on it up thread]

  60. His grandmother has died, sorry for him but anyone who votes for someone out of sympathy needs their vote taken away for good and sent to the dunce’s room.

  61. All in all honesty if that was my grandmother, i would have spent every last moment with her, it bothers me that his wife and daughters never went to see her, it just seems cold and all he could spare was an hour.

  62. I really hope this wasnt a ploy by BO’s campaign for sympathy. I feel awful even thinking that because it must be terrible to lose a grandparent at such a time, especially because it seemed they were so close.

    Dija, really? Hmm…I don’t know what to think anymore! I am so tense/nervous. I will be voting for JM tomorrow. I’m nervous about that too, but I keep telling myself I can’t reward what the DNC did to Hillary and that if I don’t stand up to it, who will? I want my party back.

  63. Sorry, I don’t believe those numbers. Ummm…I don’t see NOBAMA loosing California and even loosing at that wide of a margin.

  64. Someone up above reminded me of a song which we could use post-election to boycott press or TV shows: “Got along without you before I watched
    you, gonna get along without you now”

  65. here is my post from earlier today

    # djia Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    FUNNY…… Foxnews was giving a tour of the new election 2008 set for tomorrow night and the map they were using “for practice” “pay no attention to it” showed TX,PA,WA,CO,KY solid red

    and all the rest of the battle ground states in YELLOW [toss ups] meaning its too close to call one way or the other 😀

    obama is not winning this election according to that map 😀

  66. Survey USA NC McCain 49/Obama 48 with +10 Dem Bias and MCcain carries Independents

    No way he’s losing NC with this kind of Poll.

    Look at the internals

    McCain carries 3 of 4 regions, carries indies by 8, only loses women by 3.

    Dem sample of 46% to Rep 36% (no way is that NC).

    McCain takes 88% of Reps and 18% of Dems. Obama takes on 80% of Dems and 10% repubs (which means a +16 to McCain. If Obama can oly take 80% of Dems and lose indies, he cannot win, no way

    NC aint even close folks, the only reason it is with internals like that is the 10% dem Bias.

  67. dija:

    Also heard Palin make those comments, but didn’t seem offensive to me. I took it that she implies that the Democrats always want to play kumbaya and make nice with everyone in a naive sort of way.

    On the other hand, the fact that Obama diehards can support him IN SPITE of Ayers – means they may as well harbor terrorists IMHO.

    Remember – we didn’t leave the Democratic Party – it left us.

  68. Tuesday, October 28, 2008
    Rep.Conyers willing to wait until Obama is President before resubmitting HR 40 Bill calling for reparations for slavery

    The exposure of Obama’s 2001 comments about Reparations reminds me that there is a House Bill already drafted that could lead to taxpayers paying reparations.

    Source: The Hill

    to keep reading this article :

    Patient Conyers hopes to move slavery bill during an Obama administration

    By Bob Cusack 3/08

    After waiting nearly two decades, Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) is well positioned to move legislation that could lead the federal government to apologize for slavery and pay reparations.

    But the Judiciary Committee chairman is willing to wait two more years, when he hopes Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will be in the White House.

    In every Congress since 1989, Conyers has introduced the controversial measure that falls under the sole jurisdiction of the Judiciary panel. But the legislation was dormant in the Republican-led House and failed to move through committee when then-Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Texas) headed the Judiciary Committee before the GOP revolution of 1994.

    Despite having finally arrived at the head of the powerful committee, the 77-year-old Conyers is prepared to wait yet longer and is biding his time.

    Conyers noted that his bill calls for the president to appoint three members to a seven-member commission to analyze the effects of slavery. The House Speaker would make three appointments, while the president pro tempore of the Senate would tap one member.

    Even if he had the votes to make his bill law — a big if — Conyers does not want President Bush’s appointees to have a role on such a panel.

  69. Henry, something not right about the whole thing,when was the last time the women was seen, i mean publically, she could have dead six months and we’d be none the wiser, no one had access.

  70. “What do they think? Do they think the terrorists have all the sudden become the good guys and changed their minds?” she asked a crowd in Jefferson City, Mo. “No, the terrorists still seek to destroy America and her allies and all that it is that we stand for: freedom, tolerance, and equality. The terrorists have not changed their minds.”

    This video is from, broadcast November 3, 2008.

    Imo there is a ‘radical chic’ factor in this election. Even Hillary supporters make pictures of her in 60s sunburst style. has antidote to this: quotes from Ayers’ etc books, nasty stuff. See recent blog entries last few days.

  71. Obama IS Nervous flipping the one finger salute=you know McPalin is winning

    he has also made statements about running again in 2012 if he looses

    that sounds like a man who see’s the handwriting on the wall to me 😀

  72. Several months ago as an insert in my Sunday paper I recieved a one hour copy of “Obsession–Radical Islam…..” As it stated one of the organizations responsible for disseminating the cd was The new york times. I assumed it was some sort of bambi propaganda and set it aside. Last night I was reading on another blog and someone referenced a youtube trailor. After watching it I found the copy that I had and watched it. Wow. It makes quite the argument for the necessity of a strong leader. One who will not sit down with rogue nations. I am often at a complete loss when discussing that need with those I encounter. Anywho the website offers a 27 minute version of the film.

    it is from 2006 so it was made probably sometime in 05 before the campaigning started.

  73. The trend through the primaries and to present date has been that Obama has over-polled but not come through. I think this is the case again, which is why I think McCain has a decent chance of winning tomorrow.

  74. # henry Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 6:21 pm

    what kind of doctor would perform a cornea transplant or a hip replacement on someone with cancer?
    Not enough information to know. One of my aunts was treated for breast cancer for more than twenty years and had a hip replacement at age 79. The breast cancer finally killed her at age 87.

  75. Maybe BO looked like death warmed over today coz of granny?
    OTOH, something about BO’s coincidental tragedies reminds me of that disorder some women have where they WANT bad things to happen to those around then so they can get sympathy. Like the mother in Texas a couple of years ago who killed her kids by driving the car into a lake. It’s called Munchausen Syndrome by proxy.

    Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSP), a type of factitious disorder, is a mental illness in which a person acts as if an individual he or she is caring for has a physical or mental illness when the person is not really sick. People with MSP assume the role of a sick person indirectly by producing or lying about illness in another person under their care, usually a child under 6 years of age. However, cases have been reported of adult victims of MSP. (The term “by proxy” means “through a substitute.”)

    People with MSP have an inner need for the other person (often his or her child) to be seen as ill or injured. It is not done to achieve a concrete benefit, such as financial gain. People with MSP are even willing to have the child or other patient undergo painful or risky tests and operations in order to get the sympathy and special attention given to people who are truly ill and their families. Factitious disorders are considered mental illnesses because they are associated with severe emotional difficulties.

  76. Woops, I posted before hearing the whole clip. Palin seems to be talking about the CURRENT terrorists, Al Qaeda.


    turndownobama-com Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 6:41 pm
    “What do they think? Do they think the terrorists have all the sudden become the good guys and changed their minds?” she asked a crowd in Jefferson City, Mo. “No, the terrorists still seek to destroy America and her allies and all that it is that we stand for: freedom, tolerance, and equality. The terrorists have not changed their minds.”

    This video is from, broadcast November 3, 2008.

    Imo there is a ‘radical chic’ factor in this election. Even Hillary supporters make pictures of her in 60s sunburst style. has antidote to this: quotes from Ayers’ etc books, nasty stuff. See recent blog entries last few days.

  77. here’s where my head has been and is still at today

    I have seen obama accuse his opponents of what he is guilty of doing…..the media picks up on it and blasts it across all the headlines knowing full well that they are perpetrating O’s lies…

    This election and the Primary have been like Alice in wonderland,…Bill was absolutely right…… a fairytale……what is up is actually down and what is down is actually up.

    The polls have consistently over sampled both the primary and the GE for a reason

    so basically when i look at the polls i stand on my head what is up is down etc……

    so what is obama’s numbers are actually McCains and McCains numbers are really Obama’s 😀

  78. well it’s almost time for me to go to work 🙁

    so have a good night all…… will check in when i get home again.

  79. I agree with Governor Palin. I was a film student at Temple University when several of my classmates died over Lockerbee and I lived in NYC both times the Trade Centers were bombed. Setting aside all of my other misgivings about bambi the fear that he might let our guard down is reason enough for me to vote McCain. I had complete faith in Senator Clinton.

  80. We have fought the good fight Hillary Supporters. I do not usually drink but I will celebrate tomorrow when McPalin is declared the winners. So should you in a way you find appropropriate. Congratulations on a job well done. I am proud of all of us.

  81. Maybe when bambi went to Hawaii, it was actually to her funeral. He did say he was going to see her, but waited a couple of days longer to campaign, first. Maybe he was waiting for the funeral to take place, and then went to that.

    He’s been able to supress everything else, why not her death when it really happened? Then he figured on the day before the election, he’d say she just died so that people could feel sorry for him and vote for him.

    Tomorrow, I, my husband and our one son will be voting straight Rep. The others are staying with the party, but then maybe that’s just what they are letting on. Hopefully they too will vote Rep.

    Nobama, not ever!

  82. RJK: I am praying that they come through. This guy is a disaster. Where did all that money come from???? Who is controlling him??

  83. Apparently BO heard about his granny passing at 8AM but didn’t notify the press until after he’d put in a full day on the campaign trail.

    I hope she was comfortable at the end and passed peacefully but i don’t believe a word that come out of That One’s mouth and i wouldn’t put anything past him.

    He really is the ultimate drama queen.

    BTW, Anyone else hear about the ‘black leaders conference call’ today with BO, Oprah, Puff Daddy, brazille, Clyburn and Conyers? OPRAH and PUFF DADDY??????

    Also, Conyers evidently has the reparations legislation ready to go. 👿

  84. basil9 Says:

    Anyone else RELEIVED this is gonna be OVER and JM declared the next prez tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Did you get a photo from me last week with that same sentiment?

  85. Does anyone really think Obama will win Colorado and New Mexico? Or even Nevada? I know he wont win South Dakota or Georgia, but those two states? Really?

  86. birdgal,

    Me too. i have given up on trying to get anything constructive done until Wednesday. I have to cover a boring local town meeting tomorrow night and I’m actually glad for an excuse to get out of the house. By the time it’s over and I get home the poll numbers should be coming in.

    Think positive. there’s a great clip over at NQ of a midnight Miami rally McCain had yesterday and the place was smoking! I’ll see if i can find and post. It will make you smile. 😀

  87. Sarah Palin Totally Cleared In Troopergate Scandal by independent investigator, report just released.

    Alaska’s Personnel Board finds that Gov. Sarah Palin did not violate ethics law by trying to get her ex-brother-in-law fired.

  88. basil: I am taking Wednesday off work. I’ll be very, very happy, or very, very depressed. But, in either case, I may have a hangover. I’m in CA, so when I get off, East coast numbers should be coming in, but I will have C-Span on mute and a bottle of wine. And of course, my computer turned to this site.

  89. Here’s an article from Wapo.

    Johnny rocked ’em!

  90. Now we finally know Gallup’s “likely voter” model sample: 39%D, 31%I, 29%R. Kinda explains a lot.

    Ha, no wonder they have Bambi up 11.

  91. Stick this up your ass, Bambi trolls

    Findings from the Personnel Board report:

    1. There is no probable cause to believe that Governor Palin violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act by making the decision to dismiss Department of Public Safety Commissioner Monegan and offering him instead the position of Director of the Alaska Beverage Control Board.

    2. There is no probable cause to believe that Governor Palin violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in any other respect in connection with the employment of Alaska State Trooper Michael Wooten.

    3. There is no basis upon which to refer the conduct of Governor Palin to any law enforcement agency in connection with this matter because Governor Palin did not commit the offenses of Interference with Official Proceedings or Official Misconduct.

    4. There is no probable cause to believe that any other official of state government violated any substantive provision of the Ethics Act.

    5. There is no legal basis or jurisdiction for conducting a “Due Process Hearing to Address Reputational Harm” as requested by former Commissioner Walter Monegan.

    6. The Amended Complaint by the PSEA should be dismissed.

    7. Independent Counsel recommends that the appropriate agency of State government address the issue of the private use of e-mails for government work and revisit the record retention policies of the Governor’s Office.

    These findings differ from those of the Branchflower Report because Independent Counsel has concluded the wrong statute was used as a basis for the conclusions contained in the Branchflower Report, the Branchflower report misconstrued the available evidence and did not consider or obtain all of the material evidence that is required to properly reach findings.

  92. They say in NM O will win by 8%, but that is one of those questionable polls (local newspaper). Something is brewing here though, as JM and O both were in NM today, in the Southern part.

    The South went for HRC, and I guess it is very close there. In the Primary with the South going HRC, she won NM by around 1,000 votes.

  93. Devestating that it basically says the previous report was biased and totally misconstrued the evidence.

  94. 11/3/2008 8:30:00 PM – Elko, NV
    Road to Victory Rally in Elko, NV
    Please join Govenor Sarah Palin for a Road to Victory Rally on Monday November 3rd in Elko, NV.

    11/3/2008 9:00:00 PM – Prescott , AZ
    Midnight Road to Victory Rally in Prescott, AZ
    Please join Senator John McCain & Cindy McCain for a Midnight Road to Victory Rally in Prescott, AZ on Monday November 3rd. Doors open at 9:00 p.m.

    11/4/2008 8:30:00 AM – Grand Junction , CO
    Election Day Road to Victory Rally in Grand Junction, CO
    Please join Senator John McCain for an Election Day Road to Victory Rally in Grand Junction, CO on Tuesday November 4th. Doors open at 8:30 a.m.

  95. Troopergate reeked of desparation. Had it been that waffles terminated an individual for similar actions he’d have been praised for being a standup guy.

  96. Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Monday, November 3, 2008 — 7:42 PM ET

    Gov. Sarah Palin Cleared of Ethics Charges

    Timothy J. Petumenos, the independent counsel to the Alaska
    Personnel Board, concluded that in the firing of the former
    Alaska public safety commissioner Walt Monegan, “There is no
    probable cause to believe that the governor or any other
    state official violated the Alaska Executive Ethics Act in
    connection with these matters.”


    LEt’s see if the MSM even MENTIONS this little gem!

  97. Are all those doughnuts going to apologise to her now after what they said, calling her corrupt and partisan and vengeful.

  98. oops!

    sorry for any double post! I was SO glad to just get this I wanted it OUT THERE and I know HOW MANY IMPORTANT PEOPLE read Big Pink!




    To The white House..and not no skinny mouse..BO>>>who is a bIG liar and connot be trusted to RUN America..and cannnot be trusted with OUR Future…whenever he is giving a interview he never gives a answer he reems off to another subject that doesnt make sense..HE cnnot be Trusted…His friends are real scary if they are invited to the white House..Rev wright in the white House…he keeps saying these people are not in his campaign that does not make any differnce he still associates himself with ayers wright and all of them bad thugs..I believe he talks to them on a daily basis because there is no other friends of his that he is shown with..and there is something wrong with this picture..he cannot be trusted..who is the real barack obama..


    A day or two ago, Yahoo’s Electorl Map predicter showed Obama w/ 333 electoral votes. Today, it’s 318. What happened to 15 EVs? I mean, that’s Yahoo using it Yahoo stats, which is heavily Obama tilted.

  101. emjay,

    As usual I am befuddled!

    Do you mean my personal addy?

    sent it to h—– h—-s

    I’m in the middle of a killer course on html and trying to create a website and I’m so confused i can’t even remeber how to operate the hawketales blog!
    Could you resend, please?


    Sarah gets the “You’re good to go” signal.

    Obama grandma, bless her soul, passes.

  103. I think John McCain will prove to be one of our great presidents. If I could reduce the whole concept of leadershp to a single word it would be character. John is a man of character, and so was the man who got us through Valley Forge.

  104. It’s official, I just asked the magic eight ball “Will John McCain be elected the 44th Preisdent of the United States?” The answer I received was “You may rely on it”

  105. I caught a piece of CNN election coverage earlier and am praying for a Mccain win just to knock the air out of their lungs.

    Someone asked if you were McCain what would you change Jeffrey Tubin said “Make McCain more likeable”.. hahahahaha (All laughing) The witch (can not think of her name and no it was not Brazille) said “make McCain younger”.. hahahaha (all laughing) and Roland Martin said make California a red state because he needs those 55 votes hahahaha (all laughing again)

  106. rjk1957, the media is just sooo bad, if they were doing this at work, the people at that studio that are older can file a harrassment suit!

  107. Where the hell was Hillary’s campaign operatives when Obama made those comments about the coal industry? The video has supposedly been on that newspaper’s website since January!!!

  108. basil9 Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 6:33 pm
    Anyone else RELEIVED this is gonna be OVER and JM declared the next prez tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * * * * * *
    YES! Can’t wait. But, really, Basil and everyone: thank you so much for sharing this election with me.

  109. ObamaNo // November 3, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    1. I can get her votes, I doubt she will get mine.
    2. I love coal miners, except when I want to bankrupt them.
    3. “America is a wasteful country” (and they were only asking about recycling!)
    4. Not sharing the wealth is unpatriotic (Biden)
    5. I don’t find my church particularly controversial
    6. i never heard no racist rantin by rev wright, no i did not!
    7. I did not know Rezko was being investigated
    8. Decision to buy my house thru him was a boneheaded decision
    9. Come on, you asked me what, 8 questions already?
    10. Let me eat my waffle.
    11. Lay off my wife (okay nobody wants to lay ON his wife!)
    12. Bill Ayers is a guy in my neighborhood, our kids go to school together.
    13. Not wanting to pay more taxes is selfish.
    14-99. 1. I can get her votes, I doubt she will get mine.
    2. I love coal miners, except when I want to bankrupt them.
    3. “America is a wasteful country” (and they were only asking about recycling!)
    4. Not sharing the wealth is unpatriotic (Biden)
    5. I don’t find my church particularly controversial
    6. i never heard no racist rantin by rev wright, no i did not!
    7. I did not know Rezko was being investigated
    8. Decision to buy my house thru him was a boneheaded decision
    9. Come on, you asked me what, 8 questions already?
    10. Let me eat my waffle.
    11. Lay off my wife (okay nobody wants to lay ON his wife!)
    12. Bill Ayers is a guy in my neighborhood, our kids go to school together.
    13. Not wanting to pay more taxes is selfish.
    14-99. didn’t really know him, i didn’t know what he was saying, he is not the same person i knew, i was stupid for knowing him, he didn’t know me, we lived in the same neighborhood, who is he?
    100. No, no , no, no, no, what I’ve uh said all uh along is
    101. I blew Larry Sinclair, but I didn’t swallow.
    102. Put lipstick on YOUR OWN PIG, Obama.
    103. “I’ll have to think about that” -MO answer when asked if she would support Hillary if she won
    104. Rezko’s just a guy I once did a few hours of work for (and knew 2o years or something)
    105. I am a gainst illegal wire tapping. Oh wait, I’m FOR illegal wire tapping!
    106. J. Wright, Obama has to say things as a politician.
    107. sweetie
    108. just words” as he plagiarized everyone he could think of
    109. 57 states
    110. clean up the Great Lakes to help Oregon.
    111. Of COURSE we should let babies die, if the abortion goes wrong!
    112. I’ll meet without preconditions, but what I really meant…..
    113. “I will take public financing”
    114. Name the time and the place, I’ll be happy to debate these issues.
    115. Something’s on my shoulder, everyone watch me brush it off.
    116. Arugula (sp)
    117. put air in your tires to solve the energy crisis…
    118. Yes, as a matter of fact, I would love some pillows for my back.
    119. “I have cut down on my smoking”…hack, hack
    120. I will run a clean campaign (quite possibly the best straight faced lie of our political history).
    121. Bill and Hillary and everyone else who does not vote for me is a racist.
    122. You’re likeable enough, Hillary.
    123. The surge isn’t working
    124. “I’m a real believer in having experience when you appy for a job… I would have to actually start now if I was going to run”when the Fraud said why he wouldn’t run for President in 2004
    125. They’ll get over it
    126. The ones about public sex education for kindegartners and baby’s are punishment, like STD’s
    127. i was like so against the war
    128. ” I was busy running for President”, when asked why as a subcommittee chair on Afghanistan he NEVER held a meeting
    129. Change you can believe in

    We are putting this together over @ Bitterpolitiz…come join the Fun…



  111. Here’s a story on the eve of the election that should have been out in the public eye, like so many others, a long time ago.

    Did the Obama campaign actually solicit illegal contributions from overseas? Someone writing on a blog from Europe says that they did…

    Has Foreign Money Bolstered Obama?

  112. rjk1957 Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 9:12 pm
    It’s official, I just asked the magic eight ball “Will John McCain be elected the 44th Preisdent of the United States?” The answer I received was “You may rely on it
    shakespeare said first kill all the lawyers. In this election I say first kill all the pollsters. And when someone asks what will we do without pollsters I shall say we will consult with rjk’s eightball and we will be far more accurate.

  113. Where did all that money come from? I believe, from overseas. The campaign had disabled their security features, so contributions could come in, from anywhere in the world.

    BTW, why did the coal story come out now? It was recorded in Jan., and the interview has been available on the SF Chronicle website. Why didn’t Sen. Clinton bring it up? Who broke the story?

  114. Okay it is inappropriate to appear on SNL before a Hurricane but you can appear on MNF hours after the woman who raised you passes away?

  115. Is this true?
    Aunt Zeituni’s Protectors
    By The Prowler on 11.3.08 @ 10:49AM
    Senior aides to Sen. Barack Obama and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick were aware that Obama’s aunt, Zeituni Onyango, was living in the United States illegally and in a South Boston public-housing project, and were monitoring her at the request of senior Obama campaign officials, according to a current employee for Obama’s key political consulting firm, AKP&D Message and Media

    Back in early 2007, as Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod was organizing and planning the Obama campaign, he identified Obama’s unique family situation — a number of half-brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, some living overseas — as a potential problem, says an employee for Axelrod’s political consulting firm, and who has done work on the Obama campaign. “Given [Obama’s] father’s family history here and in Africa, David wanted the campaign to know who was who, where they lived, and what they were doing. No surprises. We knew she was here illegally. We knew her income levels, but I don’t think anyone from the campaign had had contact with her.”

  116. The evening news lead in NM says easy win or an upset.

    Not only has John McCain stopped in NM today, he might be back on election day. Something must be going on. The southern part of the state is key in this.

  117. Not sure if I even dare to hope that would happen. There are people here who have worked hard to steal this election for O. If they don’t one has to wonder what will happen.

  118. Goodnight everyone!

    May tomorrow be a day of truth and triumph for John McCain. God willing, may it also be the beginning of the downfall of his opponent and result in him and the rest of his thugs and obamabots going back into the woodwork where they belong.

  119. I have a feeling that the grandma may have died when he went there a week or so ago — maybe that is why MO and the children didn’t go then, what is the point? And also how do you come back and campaign without taking care of the funeral and everything — that would have meant a serious disruption to the campaign. Today’s timing is too convenient — they withheld the info as long as they could.

  120. pm317 Says:

    November 3rd, 2008 at 11:11 pm
    I have a feeling that the grandma may have died when he went there a week or so ago — maybe that is why MO and the children didn’t go then, what is the point? And also how do you come back and campaign without taking care of the funeral and everything — that would have meant a serious disruption to the campaign. Today’s timing is too convenient — they withheld the info as long as they could
    What does O care. If she died last week, last month or today. This man has no heart.
    As for as Michelle the same goes for her. I don’t believe this women was his grandmother

  121. ADM.
    Can you bring over the videos from the site?
    I just viewed the videos. They are asking viewers to send the information across America. We have a few hours till the election is over. The issue: It is beyond horrow. A plot with Obama and his associates plotting to overthrow America when Obama is President. The videos are long however they asked for people to stay up all night to view and pass on to everyone they know. In my opinion, they are horrible beyond description. Or- is okay. I wish I were not so late with this agenda. Please!
    Thank you so very much.

  122. I agree with a person who posted this on another blog. If Obama is elected tomorrow, it will be the first time in my entire life that I will be ashamed of my country!

  123. Tying up loose ends: Sarah is cleared both by her Doctor and the Administrative board in Alaska. Nice to have it official.

    Granny Dunham is saved, just in time, by Mother Nature from seeing Barry lose the General Election. Now that would have been sad. Lose the election and Grandmother passes away on the same day. Much better to see him up and functioning after Granny’s passing. This way not so much false grief from his minions who never knew her.

    Nature is always efficient.

  124. The evening news says he will do a rally tomorrow in Albuquerque. Since they think this is solid for McCain, one has to wonder why.

    He his the south today, but the Albuquerque was suppose to be solid O.

    They must have some infomration, otherwise why bother?

  125. Pm

    I am afraid as the newbie that i am ….. I don’t understand what all those numbers mean at the link you just posted

    can you please explain it to me…..thanks

  126. It just dawned on me that if Obama loses tomorrow, he has won a single race in a long, long time. Its winner take all now, no caucas’s. I do bet there will be recounts as Obama will try and manipulate the recounts.

    pm, do we dare hope that McCain will pull off a come from behind victory???

  127. # moononpluto Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 7:46 pm

    Now we finally know Gallup’s “likely voter” model sample: 39%D, 31%I, 29%R. Kinda explains a lot.

    Ha, no wonder they have Bambi up 11.

    They can go fuck themselves.

    Ooooh. Can I say that? I think I just did.

  128. The only reason that I would turn on the cable stations tomorrow night, would be to see the heads of the pundits explode, when McCain wins.

  129. CNN playing up that Obama won the first vote in the nation Dixville Notch, NH 21-6 saying it if the first time it has gone democratic since Hubert Humprey. What they are failing to point out is that Democrats now out number Republicans in the village. They also voted for Obama in the primary and Hillary kicked his butt statewide.

  130. confloyd, I don’t believe that McCain has ever really been “behind”[since sara palin that is] nor was Hillary since iowa

    it was all Big medias tale of Alice [barack] in wonderland…….A purely made up,lying,cheating and misleading Fantasy

  131. Newsmax’s newest Headlines……….looking good for Mac and not so good for BHO 😀

    Inside Cover


    * Fox News Poll: McCain Tied in Key States
    * Nadler Backtracks on Obama, Wright Comments
    * McCain Sues to Ensure Military Vote Count
    * McCain Defies Age in 22-hour Sprint
    * Obama, McCain on What to Change in Sports
    * Palin Cleared in Troopergate Probe
    * Coal Officials Blast Obama Over Remarks
    * Early Voting Pays Off for Obama Team
    * Video: Zogby: ‘Anything Can Happen’
    * Bush Out of Sight Until After Election
    * Reid Says Stevens Cannot Stay in Senate
    * Obama’s Grandmother Dies a Day Before Election
    * AP Warns: McCain Could Win Electoral College
    * Video: Obama Calls for Civilian Paramilitary Force
    * Beleaguered Murtha Loses Ground in Pennsylvania
    * Bob Barr Eyes Swing States for ‘Real Impact’


    McCain Sues to Ensure Military Vote Count

    Monday, November 3, 2008 9:35 PM


    RICHMOND, Va. — Republican John McCain’s presidential campaign sued the Virginia election board Monday, claiming absentee ballots weren’t mailed on time to military members serving overseas.

    The complaint asks the U.S. District Court in Richmond to order the state to count absentee ballots postmarked by Tuesday and received by Nov. 14. It contends that thousands of troops’ ballots — many of which would go to McCain — will not be counted.

    The deadline for ballots to be received is 7 p.m. Election Day, which is Tuesday.

    The lawsuit is the second in a week to challenge preparations for the presidential election in Virginia, where Barack Obama hopes to become the first Democrat since 1964 to win the state’s 13 electoral votes. Polls over the past week show him about even with or slightly ahead of McCain.

    More than 436,000 new Virginia voters have registered since Jan. 1, and about 500,000 people — a tenth of the state’s electorate— have cast absentee ballots.


    “We made you, we can crush you”.

    Why is MSM so determined to elect Obama this year? (Not saying it will work, just, it’s obvious that they are FULL TIME EMPLOYEES OF THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN. That goes for you, Mr. Krugman, even though you are one of the few whom I still have a shred of respect for.)

    The answer: They are atoning for their previous bad decisions to push Bush into office in 2000 and again in 2004.

    Why did they help Bush? To help get rid of “Clinton Fatigue Syndrome”. Electing Al Gore prez was not acceptable, in their slanted version of reality, so let’s get friendly doofus in office. And then support his insane decision to invade Iraq.

    Clinton Fatigue was a manufactured lie. 8 yrs of Republicans lying, and the press not calling them on it, lead to perception that the Clintons were indeed up to the necks in shady shit.

    So why did they help elect Clinton? Partly, Perot’s 19% in 1992 helped. But also, MSM was atoning for 12 yrs of Repubs in the WhoreHouse.

    MSM are spineless little shits who care about access to whomever is going to the Head of State, and duly give such Head, head.

  134. djia, he is estimating how many PUMA voters each swing state needs to tip the scale to McCain. I have not looked at the numbers in great detail at each state. But the summary message is that PUMAs will make the difference. Intuitively it makes sense, because these voters would have voted for the Dem candidate in any other election but in this election, they are rebelling, so it is what Kerry would have got but Obama is not getting.

  135. KARMA?????

    Obama Nevada Campaign Director Dies At 44

    Spokesperson: Terence Tolbert, Who Had Sparkling NYC Political Record, Died Of Apparent Heart Attack

    NEW YORK (AP) ― A longtime political operative from New York who directed Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in the swing state of Nevada died of a heart attack just two days before the election at the age of 44.

    Terence Tolbert was stricken at about 8 p.m. Sunday while driving alone near the campaign offices in North Las Vegas. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he died. No one else was injured, campaign spokeswoman Kirsten Searer said.

    Tolbert lived in Harlem and had built a sparkling resume in his many years in New York politics, but the Obama campaign meant more to him than any other job, said Basil Smikle, a political consultant and longtime friend of Tolbert.

    “He took his role there very seriously,” Smikle said. “He may have given all that he had for it.”

    The death was one of two tragedies to strike the Obama campaign on the eve of the election. Obama’s grandmother died in Hawaii on Monday at the age of 86.

    Tolbert had left his job as the chief lobbyist for New York City’s public schools at the state capital in Albany to work for Obama. He had previously worked for Mayor Michael Bloomberg and as chief of staff to Democratic state Assemblyman Keith Wright and in other government and campaign posts.

    “He was so gifted in the art of politics,” Wright said in a telephone interview. “He died with his boots on, doing what he loved.”

  136. MSM are spineless little shits who care about access to whomever is going to the Head of State, and duly give such Head, head.
    I think you let them off too lightly. . They have no regard to the country, the people or the truth. They fly under false colors and do great harm to out democracy. In a word, they are corrupt.

  137. Has anyone heard Biden the past few days? All his speeches are rants and I swear a vein on the side of his head looks like it will burst any minute.

  138. Yeah I did that says if its your first time voting you have to show ID. Nothing about reg card. I have realized I save some really stupid stuff.

  139. Thank you so much for this web site and all of the support everyone has provided throughout this entire process.

    Please everyone VOTE. I will be voting tomorrow in Kansas for McCain.

  140. rjk1957
    Thankyou very much. I’ll keep looking for a while. I will be really pissed if people who are other wise inactive but can vote using a park bench are guarenteed thier right to vote and I am denied mine.

  141. I read on NOQuarter from a blogger that Palin had 18,000 in Missouri today and Biden had 400! How do you like those numbers?? Lets hope he beats the fraud by that much tomorrow!

  142. reading drudge headlines – it’s obnoxious that the networks say they “might” call the election before all the states have finished voting if a candidate is close to 270…

    tomorrow will be the shock and awe of psychological warfare- we should keep our heads down and focus on voting. it’s so different working on a campaign because you’re busy…it’s wholly different to be on the receiving end of a constant barrage of propaganda and then try to vote. Bless those voters, now that I’m one of them, I can’t believe how hard it must’ve been for people to have continued to vote for Clinton through months of media manipulation and bias.

  143. They are going to call it for Obama before the voting is finished, does that tell us something. ITS FIXED!!!

  144. confloyd – here’s the article, but only read it if you want to get royally pissed off at this hour of the night:

    the thing is this happened several times during the primaries, the media would do anything they could to suppress voters…they’ve been unethical at every turn, so I would not be surprised if they try and hand it to BO as early as possible.

  145. rgb44hrc Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 1:06 am


    According to exit polls, Perot took about the same number of votes from both sides (in 92 and 96 iirc).

    One thing Hillary’s 18 million showed is, is that the Reagan/Clinton Democrats will come back in an instant when a Clinton runs! Perot was not the deciding factor.

  146. I do hope that Obama’s grandmother died under the impression that he had won (or was sure to win). Whatever really happens, she deserved to be happy.


  147. Why did they help Bush? To help get rid of “Clinton Fatigue Syndrome”. Electing Al Gore prez was not acceptable, in their slanted version of reality, so let’s get friendly doofus in office.

    There’s a simpler pattern. When a REAL, effective reformer runs, the Press attacks them, regardless of party – Goldwater,Gore, now Palin.

  148. In the quiet of the morning, i lit a candle for John McCain

    Everyone go light a candle

  149. Hopefully when the rain starts in Philadelphia this afternoon it will push down the turnout there. Suppose to rain throughout the night. According to the weather channel rainy weather helps republicans. Also suppose to be raining in Virginia and North Carolina all day.

  150. I’m surprised they aint lewaked thier exit polls already

    “Don’t bother voting, Obama’s won every state, stay at home”

  151. dear 44’s. whatever happens, know we are fighting the good fight. i will be holding all of your hands today. across this great country.

    thanks for everything.

  152. they are such twats, I bet they have made them up already and ready to throw them out at 12pm, anyway they have been warned, no exit polls before 5pm and even then, they sohuld be released.

  153. you would think by now that people would learn not to trust exit polls, remember the exit polls from the primary that were just way off and all had bambi winning by a mile.

    They will try to use it to stop people voting and I hope it doesnt work this time.

  154. No matter what happens tonight, I just want to say its been a pleasure fighting for the victory with you all, its been a pleasure and an honor.

    Needless to say McCain will win but if somehow dipshit pulls it out, I am going to fight that SOB every step of the way. Will be interesting to see if the msm gets dipshit elected, how quick before they turn on him or will he finish them off first?

  155. moon

    we must keep faith in the american people. my fear is, whatever happens today, this country will be irreparably split down the center. worse than the sixties. worse than anything in my lifetime.

  156. I wonder if this is what it felt like at the dawn of the civil war?? This could very well be that day again!
    I have enjoyed this blog and its people and the fight that we given! I let two candles for John and Sarah!

  157. Police detective estimates that 55,000 fraudulent votes will be cast in WI today and guess what? The state is disbanding his unit.
    Just saw it on Foxnews.

  158. I loooooooooove the smell of ballots in the morning.

    Just got home from voting Republican, for the first time in my life. And it felt good. I live in a large Democratic district here in Cleveland, OH and the line was long. A lot of Democrats for McCain.

    Go Johnny Go!

  159. And I reiterate the sentiments.

    Thank you Admin for this great site and your insightfulness. Obama cannot be trusted!

    And thank you to all the posters, we’ve spent many an election night together and I look forward to this evenings’ results.

    So much information received and so many emotions spent here. Thanks. Thanks for the oasis of sanity.

  160. Morning to all my friends: THe big day has arrived and it will be known as the greatest piece of political fraud and the manipulation of the weakest minds ever purchased by an enemy of our great nation Barack Hussein Obama.This movement was made possible by a coalition of bad elected and appointed gov’t officials ,foreign money interests,a MSM that reeks of the stench of its owners and their hired money grubbers.
    I am getting ready to go and stand in line until it is my turn to cast a vote for McCain,a very painful vote but a very important one for our country in order to help save it from itself.I am not depressed but I sure am fired up and ready to fight for another day for Hillary and I will hear the words of a song that has been
    my favorite all of my married life and is so appropriate for this
    day.”I’ll Be Seeing You”. I’ll Find you in the morning Sun and when the night is new. I’ll be looking at The Moon But I’ll Be Seeing You .My positive thoughts for you gang.

    Hillary will return to fight another day.

    By ABM90 And So Will I

  161. There are reports coming from very very high turnout in republican conservative areas, way higher than 2004 even at this early stage. This fits with whats happening in early voting republican early voting turnout has been higher than ever.

    This is going to be mega close.

  162. rjk1957
    Been up all night?
    Called the county elections as my wallet is missing(bot baby brother I assume)
    She told me that as long as I had something with my name and address and had voted in the past it will not be a problem. She instructed me to call back immediately if I was told I could not do so. She was quite authoratative in saying so. And I intimated my choice of candidate.

  163. Encouraging last night to hear Newt Gingrich speak of early voting patterns in Georgia being mostly white females. PUMAS perhaps?

    I took advantage of the two-week period of early voting here in Texas, so maybe much of the early voters were those of us who remember all too Well the intimidation experienced in the caucuses, and wanted no more of that. Traumatic to say the least.

    Even if I hadn’t already voted, I would brave the long lines for hours if need be in order to vote AGAINST BHO, however. Took the day off to take this all in.

    Although Texas is not in danger therefore the heat is off here – will be in…….




    1 : “In Indiana, I live in a highly Conservative area of the state, there was a bigger line at 6:30am unlike it was in ‘04”.

    2 : “Tried to vote this morning at 7:15 in a Philly suburb. The polling location is a church with a small main parking lot and a large “overflow” parking lot. I couldn’t even pull in, as cars were backed up onto the street.

    I couldn’t wait that long, so I just went to work. I’ll take an early lunch and try again. (I work close by).

    In past elections, I’d never seen the small parking lot full, let alone any cars in the overflow lot. Usually I can walk in and there might be 2 or 3 people ahead of me.

    This is a predominantly white suburb. Probably 95/5 ratio of whites to minorities. I don’t say this to be racist, only to indicate what 98% of the black vote for Obama (the true racists) means in my area.”

    3 : “I was the 2nd person in line here in my town here in S.E. PA. My friend was first. We were there at 5:45. The line was around the church by 6:30, has never ever happened before”. When we left the booths (she and I were next to each other) casting votes 1 and 2, I looked at her and said.. “We’re winning!!” 🙂 We “hi-fived” when we got outside.

    4 : Pennsylvania reporting in … 10th in line at 6:35 a.m. with perhaps 50 people waiting when I left at 7:10 a.m. The Precinct expects a record turnout … conservative, rural area with white/blue collar mix. On line were men and women in business attire with an equal number of sportsmen. No political talk … just a dedication to vote. I’m looking for a McCain/Palin win in my area, just outside of Reading.”

    5 : Ohio : Standing in line now but I can say that previous elections I showed up fifteen minutes prior to polls opening and was always first in line. Expecting heavy turnout I got here 30 minutes early and am deep in a line thas growing very fast. faster than usual. Turnout looks like the one thing the pundits will get right today. LOTS of McCain stickers on bumpers in the parking lot with just one Odumbo.

    6 :Just returned from voting, Logan Township/Dearborn County IN…my observations are:

    HEAVY turn-out, doors open at 6 am, we arrived at 6:05 and there were approx. 150 people in line. More contiunued to flow in as we stood in line for 60 min b4 voting. Elections past, we walked right in at 6 am.
    The crowd was surprised at the turn-out. Those I talked to, agreed, they had never seen this turn out at that time of the morning.
    MANY cars in the parking lot were stickered with McCain*Palin.

    7 : Mid-MO conservative district, high turn-out. Was the 100th vote cast and I arrived shortly after the doors opened.

  165. Hi guys, just got back from Voting. I did it. I voted for McCain. I didn’t think I could, I was so nervous, but when I stepped in there I didn’t even hesitate to look at Obama. I voted all downticket Democrat and voted for McCain right at the top. I wasn’t thinking about Hillary though…my mind was just clear and I knew what I had to do. I’m kind of emotional right now and am so glad you guys are here…a safe haven over the last year for our girl. I did the right thing. I hope America does too.

  166. hey guys, for the first time in my adult life, i will be voting republican. off to the polls, then on to work. good luck everybody. keep the faith!

    John Sidney McCain – Country before Party.

  167. ABM90 says:

    “but I sure am fired up and ready to fight for another day for Hillary and I will hear the words of a song that has been my favorite all of my married life and is so appropriate for this
    day.”I’ll Be Seeing You”.


    Bless you my friend. You are a true hero! 🙂

  168. This is very very interesting, only 27,000 more dems have turned out so far in Colorado and thats not even factoring in puma’s yet or democrats for a day.

    Democrats statewide turned out to vote early in greater numbers than did Republicans, as the 2008 campaign season wound its way to today’s culmination, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said.

    GOP voters in western Colorado, meanwhile, were running counter to the statewide grain, turning out early in far greater numbers than Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

    Across the state, 591,000 Democrats had voted early, either by mail-in ballot or early voting, state elections officials said.

    Republicans trailed that tally by more than 27,000 votes, with 564,000 casting ballots early by one method or another, while 426,000 unaffiliated voters had cast their ballots early.

    In Mesa County, 16.534 Republicans sent in their mail-in ballots and 7,347 cast early votes.

    Among Democrats, 9,276 voted by mail and 3,248 voted early.

    Among unaffiliated voters, 9,046 voted by mail and 4,416 voted early.

  169. Moononpluto, I am grabbing at every bit of your reportage, but I have to tell you I’m feeling all the tension of watching a horse race – a high tension race that’s going to go on all day?! Can my heart take this? Can’t believe I’m thinking of brandy at this hour of the morning. But don’t stop! Where are you getting all this stuff? (p.s. you’ve been so terrific here on 44 – I really appreciate your contributions)

  170. I’m having a good old rummage around the republican blogs, they tend to give it blunt, it would seem Republican turnout is going to be huge by the sounds of it, they are motivated.

  171. lil ole grape, dont worry sweetie, I’m on the gin and its 5 in the evening here, I’ll be smashed come result time.

  172. I’d sprinkle the holy water this morning…but I’m playing it safe. We might need a boat load of it come tomorrow morning.

    And if we don’t…well, I’ll give it back to the church. 😉

  173. Think we’ll get a definite answer tonight? Or will this thing be so contested we’ll have to wait a few days?

  174. Idunn, who knows, everyone thought the last 2 would be clear and concise and they were not, would not surprise me, if it was so megaclose.

  175. I am so so sooooooooooo nervous today!!! yet i have a sense that “the mac” will be our #44 [lit my candle neetabug]

    I think Hill and Bill voted for their Friend 😀

    I don’t think we will really know who won tonight [i think much will be contested by both sides of the isle]

    I think all but fox will “TRY” to call or steer voters to believe its all over and bambi is winning [don’t believe em]

    i can’t even drink through this 🙁 [working at the bar tonight though…fox news ONLY on all tv’s in the house 😉 ] But at closing time i will be taking a bottle home [ I will be celebrating President elect John McCain andVP Sara Palin and 2012 for Hillary]

    I won’t allow any “eyores” to come unglued during election results [only possitive vibes at my bar ]

  176. Just cast my first republican vote. No one there maybe 4 people, walked out with a woman Indie voted McCain. Obama signs everywhere around the polling place.
    lil o grape bloody mary here. I’m in western PA by the way, a pittsburgh suburb.

  177. apparently there is a huge unprecedented massive republican turnout in Western Michigan.

    This seems to be happening up and down the country, republican districts out in droves, this is going to be interesting.

  178. henry, you can bet your ass, if there is long lines, the young unmotivated Obama voters will piss off elsewhere, take it to the bank, also, theres been no real turnout of young voters yet, its just not happening.


    This is the website to light candles. McCain/Palin candle has over 700 lite. There group is McPal, so when you light your candle, put that in the group area.

    We are winning the candles. Hopefully that will be a good sign. I am sending this to others that I know might want to participate.

  180. Thankfully The Sun is shining and we are supposed to be 20 degree’s above normal so it’s warm out, it’s a good day!

    AND!! I live in a rural area and don’t expect a line at all when i go to vote Republican down the ticket [except for one dem that is a woman … the only woman across the ballot i might add……that has got to change!!!]… 😀

  181. moononpluto
    do you know offhand where I would go to find out how my borough has voted in the past? My first time voting here in 25 years. A big issue here has been keeping section 8 out of the small number of apartment buildings.

  182. Is there a way the MSM or pollsters to compute the number of Hillary Supporters, some are PUMA and some are not, that had an effect on helping McPalin win……oh, what a happy day when it us we that bring the FRAUD down!
    Perhaps we should turn our ire on Oprah, Brazila, Pelosi, Reid, and forget Pudd Daddy is is a flash in the pan. And we should keep a dossier on nObama and MO and the like.

    While we must not celebrate too soon, it does feel reaaaalllly good
    that there is a spark of hope after all these months of what seemed like an uphill battle………….and Conyers and reparations…… is sad that the government promised the freed slaves 40 acres and mule, but these people have not been alive for centuries………I have a suggestion:
    each who can document relationship to former slaves [and believe me it is hard to document your heritage, I know because I have worked on my family history for decades and have hit a brick wall on each line save one] could be given a mule and 40 acres in ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!ROFL

  183. Henry said “A big issue here has been keeping section 8 out of the small number of apartment buildings.”


    I was thinking about this….

    and wondered if Barky would try to turn all the now-government-owned homes (mortgages) into S-8 all over the country and do away with the govt projects….

    just a thought

  184. fyi, I think I posted earlier but two votes were cast in early voting from my household in Central FL for McPalin and two votes were cast for downticket Republicans. No matter who wins there should never be a majority filibuster proof senate; the founding fathers knew what they were doing when they created three separate branches of government and the electoral college. Just think how easily nObama would have decimated opposition running mates if he was able to buy actual INDIVIDUAL votes on a wholesale level.

  185. Tuesday, November 04, 2008
    A Repeat of 2004 Philly Voter Chaos, Fraud
    Posted by: Amanda Carpenter at 7:46 AM
    GOP Election Board members have been tossed out of polling stations in at least half a dozen polling stations in Philadelphia because of their party status.

    A Pennsylvania judge previously ruled that court-appointed poll watchers could be NOT removed from their boards by an on-site election judge, but that is exactly what is happening, according to sources on the ground.

    It is the duty of election board workers to monitor and guard the integrity of the voting process.

    Denying access to the minority (in this case Republican) poll watchers and inspectors is a violation of Pennsylvania state law. Those who violate the law can be punished with a misdemeanor and subjected to a fine of $1,000 and sent to prison between one month and two years.

    Those on site are describing the situation as “pandemonium” and there may be video coming of the chaos.

    Some of the precincts where Republicans have been removed are: the 44th Ward, 12th and 13th divisions; 6th Ward, 12th division; 32nd Ward, Division 28.

    “Election board officials guard the legitimacy of the election process and the idea that Republicans are being intimidated and banned for partisan purposes does not allow for an honest and open election process,” said McCain-Palin spokesman Ben Porritt in a statement to Townhall.

    The City of Brotherly Love was roiled in controversy during the 2004 election because of rigged voting machines that showed nearly 2,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry before the polls had opened. A man also used a gun to intimidate poll workers at Ward 30, division 11 in 2004.

  186. Norma Desmond
    Do you think there is any chance of people like OkieAtty /SpacegirlArt/DivaBunny/Hawk/Pulchritude making a cameo this evening?

  187. Nice.

    I see Obama once again supports voter fraud and intimidation in Philly.

    Now – think about that in a President.

    A man who does not uphold the right to vote.

    I so cannot stand this fraud.

  188. Dija, I think I may be siiiicccckkkkkk – where are the Republican judges or people to protect their poll workers????????????

  189. Henry…

    Not sure how to answer that – but know in your heart at least one of them will be here…

    Kansas Atty General never really got off his butt.

    I cannot say more.

  190. I would love to see Governor Palin call a press conference and then just spend some time in front of them shooting hoops.

  191. LMAO!!! Want a reason to let out a giggle today???

    on drudge today : Nudist group wants clothing-optional polling site…

    IMAGINE THAT…….. no really; don’t….scary!! I know if i wanted to suppress the vote……that would do it! 😀

  192. imagine the headlines, “My saggy tit accidentally voted for Obama” or “my dick voted for another dick”

  193. I went to college in Philly and it reminds me of Brooklyn. Not Manhattan but close to it. Lots of ethnic neighborhoods holding an us against them mentality.

  194. They are going to call it for Obama before the voting is finished, does that tell us something. ITS FIXED!!!
    They have made this mistake before haven’t they: Dewey Wins (1948)! Big Media is neither final nor infallible. They just think they are.

  195. Idunn Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 9:27 am
    Anyone else suspect that HRC and Big Dawg voted McCain?


    LOL! I was wondering the same thing. I wonder how Chelsea voted?

    Off to get dressed, go vote, and go to work. I took tomorrow off.

  196. moononpluto Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 10:19 am
    imagine the headlines, “My saggy tit accidentally voted for Obama” or “my dick voted for another dick”


    Moon: You crack me up. ROFL! Now, I must go get dressed, so I can go vote.

  197. I will be personally delighted when McCain wins to see the smug look wiped of Donna “Mountain Yeti” Brazille’s ugly mug. It will be like a nun sucking lemons.

  198. LOL CNN is going into meltdown, they now have all their last minute polls going into within 2 in the final closing hours, I can see CNN are getting extremely worried, they are setting up their too close to call mantra for tonight.

  199. well, Ayers and Farrakhan both voted today at the same polling location as Obama

    Next to vote ……..Rev WRight, Pfleger…….

    as Jake Tapper Writes today………. Welcome to South Side Chicago

  200. FYI……Just on Foxnews……

    In Philly, machines breaking down, they are supposed to be giving out paper ballots, but is being reported that they are not doing it , some locations did not receive any paper ballots to hand out…..

  201. I have to say I am flabbergasted (I don’t think I have ever used that word before) by the number of people with whom I attended college who have drank the Kool-Aid. I was a film student at Temple University in philadelphia when a number of my fellow students studying at the London campus died over Lockerbee. 88 or 89 cannot remember. So many of us moved to New York after graduation and lived through the first bombing of the World Trade Center and many were still there on September 11 I have spoken extensively with my friends over the last week and they actually believe that by electing that one it will endear us to the terrorists. Generosity and compassion are perhaps the attributes most vulnerable to manipulation. My world view is obviously colored but I demand a president who doesn’t think that playing nice with persons who have been indoctrinated since juvenescence to destroy America.

  202. Richmond Va Voting Problems:

    wrong machines delivered, wet hands [raining out]causing electronic voting machine malfunctions,

    long lines, people waiting up to 6 hours in line to vote

    if you experience voter fraud: email your report to..

  203. So from what I am reading here, it would appear that all the frauds being perpetrated so far are against the repubs.

    What’s the matter bots??? I thought your master was the new messiah. Why does he need dirty tricks and threats to win this thing?

    You people need to crawl back into the woodwork pronto! 😉

  204. More Quotes @

    1 : Reporting in from N Central Ohio…took my daughter and son in law to vote with me this AM when the polls opened at 6:30. We vote at an American Legion Hall, and when we got there, it looked like Friday Nite $500 Bingo! I have NEVER seen so many cars! Two lines of people, out the doors and into the parking lot. It was very orderly and smooth, but it took 45 minutes to vote. (Hubby voted absentee, as he is in AZ for business conference).

    McCain signs outnumber the others around here about 20 to 1, so I think this is very good news!

    2 : My republican precinct in Maroon. LA.Polls opened at 6am. I got there at 6:15 and had to wait 45 minutes to vote. The longest line I’ve ever seen ever for an election.

    3 : Voted early on Thursday in Martin County Florida.

    10 minutes wait, very effective screening and setup.

    2 in Mac/Palin’s column from my wife and I.

    Son and daughter will vote same in Mass/NY today.

    86 year old Dad will pull switch for Mac in Pa…………

    4 : My precinct is very very red. There are usually no more than 10-20 people in line at opening of the polls, this morning at 7:15 am there was 300 people in line, no place to park (not a single empty space). I had to leave. A co-worker told me that 15 minutes later, there were at least 100 more people in the line and she was trapped by the traffic for 20 minutes. We both plan on voting later in the day.

  205. just an update:

    i live close (right next…almost) to Grant Park and there are ‘bots in uniform jackets manning every block (aside from the police), and there are those selling obama pins…press already interviewing people this early in the a.m.

    off to vote now, 2 needles in an obama haystack, but so what? it will be my dirty finger to him.

  206. This was sent to my via email by a friend who is the head of PUMA here in Washington. It is very revealing but long. It explains why the pollsters are wrong and why McCain will win. It unmasks the culture of lies in polling and big media. It is the longest thing posted here but I think you will find it reassuring. More than that I eanestly hope it turns out to be right. Skip it if it is too long.
    My old profession of political analysis is going to be absolutely destroyed. I still think McCain will win the election and do so by a larger margin than Bush did in 2004. When this happens, a hurricane of outrage will be unleashed at the political analysis business, mostly the pollsters. People will demand to know how they could be so off. In other words, the future of the political analysis business will be destroyed as their reputation will become destroyed in the upcoming days.

    People in this business, like any other business, do not attack one another due to the need to uphold the reputation of the whole. For example, you won’t find Dick Morris or Karl Rove attacking the polls since that would be the same as attacking their own industry. Jay Cost, a person I respect and worked with for the 2004 election results (I was assigned on his team to PA) had this to say about the polls:

    None of this is consistent with what we would expect from random statistical variation. These considerations reinforce the point I made on Friday. In all likelihood, something else is going on here. The pollsters have different “visions” of what the electorate is, and these visions are inducing such divergent results.

    With game reviews, many people believed that game reviews were to be as accurate as possible since the magazine is the product. In reality, the reader is the product and is delivered to the game company by the reviewer. The review was to shape and hype the reader into purchasing the product. Everyone knows this about game reviews now which is why there is healthy cynicism. In my first post about the election, I told you to keep an eye on Pennslyvania because McCain will win it, and it will stun everyone. A week later, pundits began to wonder why McCain Campaign kept coming to Pennslyvania. They did a little research and were surprised to find that Kerry and Gore carried the state on razor thin margins. How could pundits ignore Pennslyvania so much? The reason why is because the pundits are located in New York, and the belief there is that Pennslyvania is a New England state. It isn’t. It is a mid-atlantic state. PA has more in common with Ohio who, politically, Ohio runs about five points to the right of Pennslyvania.

    With polling, the collective delusion is the belief that the product of polling is the data. Remember, polls are a product that is sold like any other product. That stupid little chart that appears in the corner of every USA Today was not made for the purpose of ‘research’ and ‘data’. It was made just to show a stupid little graph on the paper because USA Today knows that little graphs and charts ‘sell’ the paper more. Just because information is displayed in a chart or a graph does not make it ‘scientific’ or a real ‘analysis’. But the product was to make the reader FEEL like it was and to sell more papers. The product of polls can and often are the readers. This became much more popular ever since polls became ‘news items’ themselves (before, polls were only supplements to news stories).

    Malstrom’s Predictions Coming True

    In my second post about the election, I told you to keep an eye on Iowa for if Obama comes back here, a state he should have locked at this time, he is toast. Well, Obama is back in Iowa which means he is toast. If it is competitive in Iowa (it was very competitive in 2004), that means that McCain is running as well as Bush or better and has FL, CO, IN, NC, OH, NH, and VA all comfortable. McCain going to Maine suggests Obama is performing worse than Kerry or, rather, Obama’s support is ‘soft’ among Democrats.

    The point of these election posts is to reveal the reality on the ground is very different than the reality in the ‘political analysis’. Imagine McCain winning and consider the ramifications of the business of political analysis and public polling. The ramifications is sheer destruction and humiliation as occurred in the Truman vs. Dewey.

    I’ve been reading much about Truman lately. The pollsters were wrong about Truman mostly because of the off year election that occurred beforehand which created a Republican congress (which they suspected spelled doomed for the Democrat nominee, Truman). But the pollsters honestly got it wrong; there was no intentional misleading as there is in this situation (more on that below). When Truman won, the newsrooms and ‘political analysts’, once getting over their shock, laughed at themselves. They even offered to have a special dinner with President Truman where he would eat turkey and they would all, literally, eat crow (Truman decline on it because “I want everyone to eat turkey whenever to his delight”). Much of the political analysts lack the maturity to laugh at themselves these days. It won’t be because they are wrong but because of some extenuating circumstance that they just happened to ‘overlook’. It will be fun to see what excuses they come up with.

    I am not running for President. You, the gentle reader, are not running for President. The only two people who are running for President, Obama and McCain, are going to states and sending advertising money to other states that don’t even match the public polls. For example, Pennslyvania is colored a ‘dark blue’, yet both Obama and McCain are visiting the state. ‘Dark blue’ or ‘light blue’ is the color of Iowa, yet both Obama and McCain are there. Many polls say that Georgia is a ‘toss-up’, yet neither Obama or McCain are visiting that state. Since the only two people running for President are performing actions entirely differently than the public polling, one can either say that the presidential candidates are just running around states randomly and are dumb, or it is the possibility that the public polling is not accurate.

    From my perspective, it has been sheer comedy watching pundits and observers attempt to ‘rationalize’ the candidates’ visits to states the public polls say are not in play. When McCain and Palin hip hop across Pennslyvania, is it because the public polls are wrong? NO! It is because McCain is doing a ‘hail mary’ strategy to launch all efforts on Pennslyvania in order to win it as a last ditch effort to save his campaign. What about Obama visiting Pennslyvania, is it a suggestion the public polls are wrong? NO! It is because Obama is only going there to respond to McCain and clean up whatever mess he makes. What about when McCain went to New Hampshire? Could it be the polls were not the reality on the ground? NO! It is because McCain is senile. So how does this explain Palin going to Iowa which is considered a ‘lock’ to Obama by polling? Could the polls be wrong and that it may be more competitive than we thought? NO! The only possible answer is that Palin had gone completly rouge and is going to Iowa to jumpstart here 2012 presidential campaign (this ‘rationale’ was so hysterical I actually spit coffee on my monitor. The idea of the VP candidate deciding to run off to Iowa to start his/her own presidential campaign is hilarious in itself). But why is Obama going to Iowa then? Could it, possibly, be the polls in that state are more competitive than we think? NOOOO. The reason why Obama is going to Iowa is to make up for his trip to grandma, and as a pitstop before he goes trick-or-treating with his kid (I kid you not! People actually think this). When McCain goes off to Maine, they are going to run out of excuses as they have already used the ‘insane candidate’ one.

    One thing that is very different about this election is the omnipresence of polls and how polls are the axis around all political analysis is conducted. This has never been the case in previous elections. Real political analysts (meaning not hacks or unprofessional pundits), use historical trends, demagraphical data, and other ‘truths’ of past elections. Much of this cannot be translated into a chart or graph. It is a myth that analysis is done via math or graphs or computer models. The original economists, for example, used only words and essays. Political analysis is not about math. Political analysis is about people. To analyze politics, you must be able to analyze people. In other words, the poet and novelist becomes the political analyst, not the mathematician and software engineer. Politics is all about people.

    It seems no one is interested in studying ‘people’ anymore. Look at the political analysis currently. There is very little analysis of the current ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’, for example, or the person from Pennslyvania or person from Iowa. In fact, there are no people. There are only numbers. Stark, lifeless, numbers. The problem with leveling political analysis to nothing more than a soup of numbers is that it cannot measure intensity. What does intensity have to do with politics? Well, everything. Intense people are those who vote.

    In previous elections, polling data was used as a supplement and never taken as the Thing That Can Never Be Questioned as it is for this election. Why are people turning themselves into pretzels to choose every possible answer, including the crazy ones, to NOT question the polls? Let’s find out…

    Obama Campaign is Strangely Obsessed with Media

    One of the reasons why the Kerry Campaign failed is because they were hell-bent on ‘winning every news-cycle’. To win an election, you need to win votes on the ground. The news is not where the campaign battle is. Yet, Kerry Campaign thought it was.

    Obama Campaign is making the same mistake but doing it with a very different twist. The push to win every news-cycle is no longer there. What has been replaced is the tactic, often used in other countries, to create neutral media entities (which are, of course, not neutral at all) and have them carry the narrative. People would be unwilling to question the narrative because it comes from, supposed, neutral entities. For example, in 2004, only the choir listened to or Michael Moore as the public saw them as Democrat entities (i.e. non-neutral). But with neutral entities, the narrative will be seen as ‘reality’ itself. Of course, the narrative can’t come across as liberal or conservative or the other side will reject it. After all, neutral entities do not really talk about issues since issues are relatively divisive (which is why they are ‘issues’). Interestingly, Obama’s campaign narrative is not about an issues based campaign as is standard. The narrative is more of ‘Obama’s win is inevitable’, ‘Obama is doing well in states no one ever thought possible’, ‘Obama’s opponent has conceded X state’, ‘Obama’s opponent’s campaign is falling apart’, ‘Obama’s opponent has become desperate, now saying ridiculous things’ etc etc etc. This technique can, obviously, be seen in the general election but was also deployed during the primary against Hillary Clinton.

    During the primary, it kept being reported that Clinton was ‘pulling out of a state’ or ‘falling apart internally’ and ‘state polls show double digit Obama lead’ and so on. The reality was that Clinton did not pull out of those states, wasn’t falling apart internally, and state polls that showed double digit Obama leads ended up either becoming small Obama wins (such as Virginia) or comfortabel Clinton wins (New Hampshire, California, Pennslyvania, etc. etc). Hillary Clinton was tied with Obama for much of the primary. As she won in many later states such as Ohio and Texas, it became ridiculous for calls for her to ‘pull out’ when she was winning in the moment. Nevertheless, it is no coincidence that the same exact things are being said of the two campaigns. It is obvious this is orchestrated, i.e. it appears as a classic Astroturf Campaign clothing itself in ‘neutral’ entities.

    Obama’s Campaign’s obsession with media reveals itself with Obama himself. At one point, he said, “Fox News is costing me a point or two in the polls.” I thought this was odd since he was up double digits in the polls. Look folks, when you are a presidential candidate, media folks are *below* you. There was one time, around 1996 I suspect, when President Clinton kept talking about Rush Limbaugh. James Carville told Clinton to shush as “Limbaugh isn’t running for anything.” This was good advice. When Obama makes remarks about Sean Hannity, I scratch my head and I’m going, “WHY does he keep mention someone who he is not running for any office?” The swift breaking of access for the local news sites that asked difficult (or unfair, whatever your view) questions to Biden to moving out certain reporters from the campaign plane points to an obsession with the media. I am not saying the Obama Campaign is being ‘bad’ or ‘good’, I’m just highlighting a curious sensitivity to media concerns. After all, the Obama Campaign did spend a lavish amount to make a slick half hour ‘Obama-show’ which is not the norm of presidential campaigns.

    McCain Campaign is more of the traditional issues based campaign (though they seemed to keep changing what they wanted to focus on). Only in the latter days, did the McCain Campaign settle on focusing on the economy with the ‘socialism’ message. Since this election is more of a referendum on Obama than anything else, it is hard to focus on the McCain Campaign. If people trust Obama, he wins. If they don’t, McCain wins. The election is based more on Obama than McCain.

    For examples of ‘neutral’ media entities that channel the narrative (which is ‘inevitable’ Obama victory and ‘inevitable’ McCain Campaign collapse), the Politico is one such entity. It was created right when Obama began his presidential campaign, went anti-Hillary during the primaries and never says anything good about McCain (Politico has responsed to this charge by saying ‘don’t blame us, the McCain Campaign sucks’. Then how did McCain get Obama to campaign in blue states in these final days?). Much of the legacy media (already fast falling in subscribers and viewers) easily participated. The ones that didn’t, such as Fox, was strategically blunted (e.g. give O’Reilly access to Obama and promise more to keep O’Reilly’s criticisms ‘soft’ on Obama). Pollsters willingly went along as there is little money in the polling business anyway. 2006 was a depressed turn-out year for Republican voters, but not even 2006 numbers are used. The spread used is an irrational 7 points or so. Other ways to cook the poll would be to take a majority of your samples from urban areas with little from rural areas (this practice hasn’t been caught on yet by the poll critics yet). When pollsters say that McCain’s chances of winning is the same as a meteorite plunging into the Earth or that the pollster will become a sacker at a grocery store, is this the language of analysts and scientists? No. It is the language of the demagogue. They were likely paid, or in a contract, to put on such a front. This is typical Chicago Machine type stuff.

    And, for another ‘neutral’ media entity that is actually a player in the Obama campaign strategy of ‘inevitable victory narrative’, is Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.

    FiveThirtyEight Is Propaganda Site Masquerading as a ‘Calculation’ Site

    I was first made aware of FiveThirtyEight when, after explaining to a friend why the probability of Obama losing Pennslyvania is very high, he laughed and said McCain’s chances of winning the election was 5%. I went, “What!? Whoever told you that?” “This website…” I went to the website and, instantly, I could tell it was a hack. Political campaigns are a very uncertain business which can change overnight for one candidate or another. No political scientist would seriously say a candidate has 5% chance to win the election. Maybe if the candidate was a social conservative running in San Francisco or a communist running in Kansas, this might be true. But for a presidential election? No. Not even Mondale was given that percentage. The ‘interviews’ with Dan Rather are raised flags because after 2004, Dan Rather lost all ‘neutral’ status after the forged memo scenario (in 2004, the retiring Dan Rather put up memos from early seventies whose fonts count only have been done in a modern word processor, an obvious forgery). I’ve met Dan Rather personally as he was raised in my area. He is a nice guy. But no network will hire him for news now for the reason of partisanship.

    Here are some of the (many) problems with FiveThirtyEight:

    -Nate Silver’s ‘news stories’ carefully follow Obama Campaign’s strategy, used both in the primary and now in the general campaign, of inevitable Obama victory (which no political analyst, worth their salt, believes as no election is inevitable), showing pictures of a closed McCain Campaign office and declare “It is all falling apart”, etc. etc.

    -Nate Silver says he is busy with real life job and life but when the Zogby poll, that had McCain +1, came out, he responded to it ASAP (and on Halloween night of all times!). Now, I don’t trust Zogby because he was off in 2004. I also know, for a fact, Zogby is contractually obligated to weight more Democrats in his polling (and weeks ago, when the AP showed a close poll, Zogby got ‘angry’ at them). However, Zogby also publicly declared Obama’s declaration of ‘inevitable victory’ ismore about strategy. Nate Silver doesn’t bother to tell his readers why Zogby became famous in the first place. It was because Zogby was the only pollster who picked up on the Gore surge in the 2000 election. This, alone, is why people are listening to Zogby closely now. (I still don’t trust him as he has been all over the place. However, that might had been intentional). The ‘rapidity’ to deconstruct a positive McCain poll obviously should be a flag raiser. Real political scientists never rush to deconstruct or denounce anything.

    -There is absolutely no questioning as to why the candidates are going to solid blue areas. In fact, there is strangely no questioning to the polls at all.

    -Nate Silver, on his FAQ page, says he incorporates 2000, 2004, and 2006 election returns. What about 2002? In 2002, in a historical upset (President’s party loses seats in the off year election), Republicans performed well and made gains in both the House and Senate. In fact, exit polls were seen as ‘unreliable’ and thrown out that year with only ‘votes’ counted (which is how it should be done anyway). Only after the election did we realize the exit polls were thrown out because the analysts/media couldn’t believe the results.

    -Nate Silver bans all internal polling by the reason that internal polls are used to manipulate opinion while public polls are ‘scientific’. He has it totally backwards. Public polls are made to manipulate opinion (i.e. the public is the product, not the poll’s data). Internal polls have to be ‘scientific’ because the presidential candidates are interested in winning which cannot be done if the internal polls are not as accurate as possible. What a doofus.

    -In assigning ‘undecided’ voters, he bizarrely puts them to third parties (what!?) and then breaks them 50-50 between the candidates. This isn’t how it works in presidential elections and even students know that. The undecideds proportionally break toward the establishment candidate. In 2000, it was Gore. In 2004, it was Bush. In 2008, it is McCain. 2008 is a referendum on Obama. The undecideds are ‘unsold’ on Obama. As the election comes, most of them will break for McCain. Any model would have whatever undecideds left to ‘break’ mostly toward the establishment candidate in the waning days of the election. Nate doesn’t seem interested in this. In fact, he doesn’t seem interested in any of the standard ways.

    -When responding to the question about whether 50-50 for undecideds is the best approach, he bizarrely goes into alternatives on proportions of the vote in the state. He explains this won’t work because sometimes the undecides break for the not-in-the-lead candidate. He doesn’t mention or doesn’t answer the truth: undecideds break proportionally for the establishment candidate (and you wonder why incumbent legislators can be hard to knock off).

    Broken Glass Conservatives

    One of the reasons why Democrats lost the elections of 2002, 2004, and won in 2006 so handily is the appearance (and disappearance) of the phenomenon I refer to as ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’. Conservatives are generally apathetic and have been lately about their candidates. While Bush was a Republican, he was not a conservative. He was conservative on a few things, the things that mattered most to conservatives (foreign policy, judges, taxes), but Bush has no interest in the conservative movement and doesn’t want to ‘lead’ it unlike Reagan. So conservative support for Republican candidates have been very soft (as illustrated in 2006). But if a Democrat or the legacy media (who conservatives believe are the same) insult or attack conservatives or what they believe, the result is ‘broken glass conservatives’ meaning the apathetic, soft Republican (or Democrat) conservative suddenly turns enraged and will literally walk over ‘broken glass’, if need be, to vote. ‘Broken glass conservatives’ phenomenons are all easily prevented if someone had some sense. An example of a ‘broken class conservative’ scenario would be Congressman Murtha (twice) declaring western Pennslyvania as ‘racists’. Remember, Murth’s district is mostly Democrat, and they know about Murtha’s shenanigans (the idea of ‘he’s a crook, but he is OUR crook’). But conservative Democrats took the insult personally and, out of the blue, Murtha’s safe seat suddenly becomes competitive . In 2004, the ‘broken glass conservatives’ were generated by, what conservatives felt, media bias in that veterans who served with Kerry were never had the spotlight shown (which they resorted to their own ads which became the ‘SwiftBoat Ads’) as well as Dan Rather and the forged memos.

    In 2008, there are more phenomenons of the ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’ than I have ever seen…

    -Conservatives believe the media has been outrageously fawning over Obama and doing everything it can to protect him. This has enraged them even more than in 2004.

    -Obama’s comment of people in rural areas were nothing more than ‘bitter clingers’ who cling to guns and religion have caused lingering outrage at him. This comment, alone, is one reason why Pennslyvania turned on him.

    -The Bail-Out Bill enraged many and was when conservatives finally abandoned Bush. But Bush is not on the ticket anymore so that doesn’t matter. Rather, the enragement is aimed at Pelosi and Reid, the leaders of the House and Senate.

    -Media treatment of Sarah Palin generated many ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’ and even overlapped to the Hillary Clinton supporters.

    -Joe the Plumber. At first, Joe the Plumber recieved much amusement and delight of the electorate since it was funny to watch the presidential candidates refer to some citizen and even talk directly to ‘him’ on the camera. After the debate, naturally the press put up photos of the ‘conversation’ between Joe and Obama in amusement as well (amusement in how this citizen somehow ended up as the topic in the third debate). Then, Obama and Biden mocked joe the Plumber and said plumbers could never earn $250,000, and this followed with news came out about Joe’s salary, his marriage, his driver’s license, his taxes, his lack of a plumber’s license, and him ultimately being fired by the plumbing union. This enraged people like I have never seen before. Joe the Plumber became the ‘John Galt’ icon. I heard stories of visible Obama supporters being rattled by this such as SoCal voters peeling off their bumper stickers and uprooting their Obama signs.

    -Socialism. People who are over 50, who either fled a socialist country or was in the military to help liberate socialist countries, find the thought of any presidential candidate, even ‘warm’ on the ideas of socialism, to be deemed ‘unelectable’ and are outraged it took to the Joe the Plumber incident to discover what, they believe, Obama’s true motives are.

    At one McCain rally, that man who screamed, “I’M ANGRY! I’M REALLY ANGRY!!!” is a microcosm of the ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’. It is the reason why, now, the blood red Utah has people rushing to the early voting polls. In Texas, an army of pick-up trucks have descended upon the polls. Much of the interest in early voting, which is exceeding 2004 levels, is being mistaken as enthused support for Obama. But it is likely that it is ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’ which exist in both Democrat and Republican parties. This white hot intensity of the ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’ has not, and cannot, be measured with standard measures (how can a poll detect passion? It cannot). It can be detected by the mushrooming ‘McCain-Palin’ signs that have been sprouting out in the oddest places. The ‘Broken Glass Conservatives’ will likely surprise election results with the biggest plum being Pennslyvania turning red.

    Pennslyvania is now red

    Take to the bank, folks, Pennslyvania is turning red this election. I’ve been talking Pennslyvania for the last couple of election posts so might as well continue. Pennslyvania is the *special state* of this election, the state that everyone will be talking about after the election. In that regards, Pennslyvania is to 2008 as Florida is to 2000 and Ohio is to 2004.

    FiveThirtyEight put up a hilarious piece on Pennslyvania. Nate says:

    Suppose that Barack Obama were to concede Pennsylvania’s electoral votes. Literally, concede them. Throw ’em back, like a Chase Utley home run at a Cubs game. How often would he still win the election?

    …89.0% of the time, according to our most recent run of simulations, along with another 2.4% of outcomes that ended in ties. This is because in the vast majority of our simulations, Obama either:

    a) was winning at least 291 electoral votes, meaning that he could drop Pennsylvania’s 21 and still be over 270, and/or

    b) was winning at least 270 electoral votes, while already being projected to lose Pennsylvania in the first place.

    (a) was much, much more common than (b), obviously.

    Why anyone believes FiveThirtyEight is anything but a tentacle from the Obama Campaign is beyond me as it is obvious he is spoonfeeding ‘correct thought’ to Obama fans. Anyway, what Nate is saying here is hilarious.

    The Electoral College is not a game of geographical Risk. States move in groups almost as if there is an elevation to them (with the national vote being the water level). For example, Obama winning Utah means a blowout in Nevada as Nevada is far more to the left than Utah is. In the same way, in order for New Jersey to go red, Pennslyvania has to be won by large margins as Pennslyvania is less blue than New Jersey.

    A state cannot be plucked out of its group unless the vote is extremely close or the state is the home state of one of the candidates. What does this mean? Well, as the more common sense commentators say on that page is…

    If Pennslyvania goes red, you can bet there is no Obama ‘landslide’. This means Montana stays red, Indiana stays red, Ohio stays red (if Ohio turns blue and Pennslyvania turns red, that would be obvious voter fraud as Ohio is five points to the right of Pennslyvania), North Carolina stays red, and likely Virginia, Colorado and Nevada do as well. But losing Pennslyvania points to a bigger problem in the Rust Belt and puts McCain in the possibility of picking up Iowa as well as Wisconsin and Minessota. In other words, if Pennslyvania goes red, it shows that the national vote is at a ‘sea level’ where the more reddish states are safely red.

    It is electorally impossible for Obama to become president without winning Ohio and Pennslyvania. Scenarios of Obama winning all these other little states just isn’t realistic. Maybe the Western states, but not the more red states in the East.

    These are the trips from October 25th that McCain has taken:

    McCain has been living in Ohio essentially. Now, let us look at Palin’s trips:

    Most of these areas centers around Pennslyvania. Both McCain and Palin are focusing in the same Rust Belt area. They aren’t taking many trips to the West. Let’s have a closer look at Ohio and Pennslyvania:

    Blue = McCain
    Green = Palin
    Purple = Joint Appearance

    McCain Campaign’s strategy is to go on the offensive in the Rust Belt while holding on to the Bush states. Obama is weakest in the Rust Belt area. The visits, as you can see in the picture above, have several that take place in blue counties and Democrat strongholds. I suspect that with Ohio stripping their voting laws down for the past eight years (now a park bench is considered a ‘legal address’ for a voter), the fear of voter fraud is strong in the MCCain Campaign and they feel they must make up for it in votes in the Democrat areas of the state.

    The biggest plum of the Rust Belt is Pennslyvania which the McCain Campaign has, obviously, targeted heavily. Pennslyvania was razor thin in 2000 and 2004. Since Obama is a weaker candidate than Kerry and Gore, especially in the Rust Belt, McCain Campaign believes Pennslyvania is winnable. He’s right. It is.

    From Ohio and Pennslyvania, the Rust Belt states branch out and generally move together as a group. This is why McCain Campaign feels it is worth campaigning in Iowa as it borders several Rust Belt states as well as being close, in itself. McCain could possibly pick up another Rust Belt state such as Wisconsin (razor thin in 2004) or Minnesota. The attention is focused, laser like, on Pennslyvania simply because it is the biggest prize of the Rust Belt states. Pennslyvania would create a 40 point electoral vote swing and would be a sizable buffer if Obama picks up any small states along the way.

    Pennslyvania has been grossly misreported on this election cycle. During the Democrat primary, union bosses approached Hillary Clinton and said, “Promise us you will not put Obama as your Veep and you will have our support.” The moment Obama become the nominee was when he lost Pennslyvania. Obama has been spending money like a drunken sailor in the state, blasting the state full of advertising, but it isn’t working. The famous Philly machine won’t be at Obama’s disposal as the governor, Rendell, is a Clinton supporter , and he has been hinting at Pennslyvania going red by the mysterious leak of the Obama internal campaign poll of PA being +2 a couple of weeks ago and publicly asking Obama to come back to the state as well as saying that things are ‘tightening’ there. The evidence that PA is going red should be with how the safe Democrat seats are becoming suddenly competitive. Rendell is a Democrat and doesn’t want to lose house seats which is another reason to ask Obama to come back.

    Pennslyvania is not a New England state, it is a mid-atlantic state. It is mostly a rural state. Obama likely thought Philly and Pittsburgh would be enough to carry the state (Obama is relying on cities to swing entire states his way). But Kerry could barely hold the state even with the Philly machine and the Democrat base on his side. And McCain and Palin are far more popular, campaign wise, than Bush and Cheney were in 2004.

    Obama does not have the Democrat base solidified behind him. In states that massively swung to Clinton, such as Pennslyvania, a sizable number of Hillary Clinton supporters are voting for McCain under the banner of ‘Party Unity My Ass’ or ‘PUMA’s. In McCain Campaign offices throughout Pennslyvania, manning their phone banks, are DEMOCRATS which voted for Hillary Clinton. An unholy alliance has developed between senators McCain and Clinton. Both are friends to one another. Both have a framed picture of the other in their offices. The PUMA story is the biggest one not being told about in this election.

    Lying to pollsters is frequent and a necessity in Pennslyvania due to the unions. Many union bosses will call their members, posing as a ‘pollster’, and if the member gives the wrong asnwer, a thug is sent to the house. The Teacher’s Union there has sent strict orders to vote for Obama “or else”.

    And to add on to Obama’s problems in Pennslyvania is the presence of Nader on the ballot. Nader was blamed for ciphoning away votes from Gore in 2000. Democrats fought hard to keep Nader off the ballot and in 2004, Nader was not on the Pennslyvania ballot. If he was, the state would have likely swung to Bush in 2004. With razor thin margins in 2004, Obama cannot afford a Nader on the ballot in PA.

    Pennslyvania may not be a Republican state, but it is a conservative one. Democrats have been slowly losing their grasp over Pennslyvania for quite some time. It has been on the edge for the last eight years, but now it will likely fall off into the Republican column. Color this state red.

    Palin Fever

    Obama was headed toward an inevitable victory because McCain could not rally his base. His stunts as a ‘maverick’ left him despised by conservatives. Picking Palin as the VP rallied the conservative base, became an olive leaf to Hillary Clinton Democrats, and generally left the Obama Campaign shocked. Palin is the mysterious X factor at work which no one is sure what effect she will have on the electorate. Her rallies are pulling in crowds. There isn’t much talked about why Palin is making a splash with the electorate, of why she is both loved and hated.

    Palin is appealing to conservatives due to the ‘fire in the belly’ where she is expressing what conservatives want, what they wished their conservative politicians would say and fight back against, in their perception, is a hostile media to them. Palin does not articulate conservative philosophy in her speeches as she appears more populist. Palin is not a female Reagan, but a Truman in a skirt. I’ve been reading much on Truman lately, and I’ve been struck with the similarities. Truman was an ardent outdoorsman, one from a small town and related extremely well with the rural population. Taft, among others, thought Truman was below them and kept referring to him as ‘filth’ and a ‘redneck’. Famously, Truman alone believed he would win his election when everyone else said he wouldn’t and traveled across the country visiting various farms and other small towns. The reporters traveling with Truman noticed that everywhere he went, there were large crowds. The electorate referred to Truman more by his first name, ‘Harry’, with the common phrase of ‘Give em Hell, Harry!’ Truman was not a wordsmith, but he had a fire in his belly and, most of all, his speeches held warmth. At every stop, Truman praised the rural people there and often talked about something in the locality. Truman, by his biographers, is most remembered for his constant energy, how his appearance was always ‘fresh’, how he always looked ‘rested’, and appeared in high spirits most of the time. Truman was constantly made fun of by his rural pronounciation and his non-intellectual demeanor by the press, yet those things endeared him to the rural electorate. In all my life, I have never seen a Vice Presidential nominee out-pull the Presidential nominee or steal his spotlight. Win or lose, Palin will likely have a long shelf life.

    Aside from being an attractive female (politics is literally show-business for the ugly which might explain why a former beauty queen would cause such commotion), there is something else about Palin that is causing her to resonate within the electorate (from those who love her to those who hate her).

    Palin is representative of something within the American mythos that many outside America may not get. There is a mythos of America of the frontiersmen and women, living in log cabins, going through harsh winters, hunting, surviving through the elements. When Palin was introduced, the photos and her history left many jaws dropped. She grew up in a log cabin, hunted, survived the harsh Alaskan winters, had a large family, and generally appear as if she walked out of a history book on America’s frontier. Palin’s life history matches many American’s grandmothers and great grandmothers. (Camille Paglia, ardent feminist and Obama supporter, admitted as much). Much of the appeal Palin holds is that she is representative of the mythos of the American frontierswoman. I think this is why she keeps being compared to Reagan because Reagan draped his speeches and actions in the American mythos. But she has more in common with the mannerisms and personality of Truman than Reagan.

    Anyone who knows anything about analyzing this election knows the reports of Palin ‘dragging down’ the McCain ticket are laughable. It is pretty clear she saved the ticket. The base would not be mobilized or passionate if Palin was not there. When Palin was announced, McCain Campaign could not keep up with the donations coming in. McCain knows he needs her in order for his ticket to win. He knows she pulls largers crowds than he does.

    Palin’s effect in the Republican Party is far more interesting and isn’t being accurately reported anywhere. Everyone knows of the ‘political civil war’ over the Democrat Party over New Party Obama and traditional Democrat Hillary Clinton through the very public and long primary battle. But there has been a very quiet civil war within the Republican party as well. On one side are the Republicans which means the established Republicans in Washington and various columnists and moderates. The other side are the Conservatives that hail from outside Washington and exist in mostly rural areas. In 2006, conservatives unhappy with their Republican representatives sat out the election which caused Democrats to take over the House and Senate.

    With conservatives, there is a three legged stool of three different types of conservatives. The first leg is strong foreign policy (represented by McCain). The second leg is Social Conservatism (represented by Huckabee). The third leg is Economic Conservatism (represented by Romney). Reagan was all three legs of the stool. Bush the Elder did well on the foreign policy leg but lost it with the other two legs, especially the Economic Conservatives. McCain was the favored candidate by the Republicans (but not the conservatives who favored Romney or Huckabee more). With McCain as the nominee, it was clear the Republican ticket was going to lose since the base was not united, conservatives refused to vote for McCain. McCain had too much history acting as a Republican and not a Conservative (meaning he would ‘cross the aisle’ and stab a conservative ideal in the back such as his push on amnesty).

    In reality, the McCain Campaign has done a superb job considering where they began. Starting from a nominee Republicans (mostly in Washington) liked but conservatives didn’t, the pick of Palin rallied the base but mostly the Social Conservatives. The Economic Conservatives mostly came around after the Joe the Plumber incident. But even still, such as in El Paso Colorado, they are are not all fully convinced which is why Romney was sent out there to rally them.

    McCain’s choice of Palin and push against ‘Socialism’, since the nominee is head of the political party, has swung the party back into the control of the conservatives rather than Republicans. Most of these ‘Republicans’ tend to reside in the Washington loop, and have been there since Reagan, while others are ‘moderates’. The Obama Campaign with its psych-ops of ‘landslide’ polls, have made conservatives giddy in that it is flushing out the Washington Republicans and moderates from the party. For example, Colin Powell, who is pro-choice and for affirmative action, who appeared to be Republican mostly as Reagan made him a four star general, Bush the Elder put him in charge of the Joint Chief, and Bush the Younger put him as Secretary as State, is now forever blacklisted after endorsing Obama. George Will, longtime columnist who has been in Washington for a long time, wrote against the Iraq War (which already put him on thin ice), but now he will be flushed out. Peggy Noonan, long time Washington person since the Reagan years, is now flushed out. Parker, ditto. From the conservative side, they are celebrating as they consider these Republicans to been in Washington too long and are no longer connected to the people. The point is that Palin has become a Conservative Touchstone that, like a wave, has flowed through the party and is revealing who is and who is not a conservative. And these non-conservatives will not be well recieved anymore. (In the case of women, such as Peggy Noonan, I suspect some old fashioned female jealousy going on as well. Remember, Pelosi wanted Hillary Clinton to lose because she wouldn’t be the dominant female in Washington anymore. This might seem strange to guys, but only women exist in women’s world.)

    Another source of of issues is Romney who desired to become the conservative flagbearer (a Massachusetts governor who was once pro-choice being a conservative icon? No way. He only lasted as long as he did because he could spend his own fortune).Palin becoming vice president totally destroys that and destroys Romney’s chance to run in 2012. The ‘leaks’ from the McCain Campaign, especially the ‘internal campaign staff criticism of Palin’, were coming from Romney surrogates.

    The most remarkable thing about Palin, I’ve noticed, is her strange effect on men. I do not mean men in the electorate who have the hots for her but the male players in the Washington game. Take a look at this video of Dick Morris after the Vice Presidential Debate (most watched debate since 1992):

    What has gotten into Dick Morris for beating up on Alan Colmnes? Since when did Morris get some balls? And Biden, at the end of the debate such as when he said “It was a pleasure to meat you, Governor Palin,” he had the look, and his voice had the tone, of an old man struck by a pretty lady. Even dry McCain became far more energetic and has sounded like a different person, as if he had passion, as time went on after Palin joined the ticket. While no one else will comment on this, it is something I’ve noticed as I have gotten older how a woman can draw out a man. Palin seems to be creating that effect from the men around her.

    When I ask people, “Why do you like Palin?” they respond, “Because she is normal.” They see her family as normal, her way of talking as normal, and her personality as their personality. More intriguing, people I have asked seem to really want to watch Palin’s family for the next four years. They did not respond the same to McCain’s family, or Obama and Biden’s.

    The Undecideds

    The Undecideds *have* decided: they have decided not to declare their choice to pollsters.

    The polls are way, way off this election cycle. Pollsters have admitted that this election has the highest ‘refusal to respond’ number. The ‘undecideds’ are people who don’t want to declare their choice. Why would they do that? If you belong to a Union, and they tell you to vote for Obama or ‘else’, you will not answer a pollster for it could be a union boss checking up on its members. PUMAs have declared their intention to lie to pollsters and they are organized. And there are many people who don’t want to declare ‘McCain’ because of being percieved as a ‘racist’.

    Look, days away from the election and there are like 11% undecideds? No! This is not normal. The Bradley Effect is occuring with the undecideds. I suspect there is oversampling from the urban population as well. Another big factor is the pollsters putting in the additional Democrat registrations as if these are new voters. The boost in Democrat registrations came from many ‘registration drives’ where people are paid to meet a quota (where you get names like Mickey Mouse on the ballots or the Dallas Cowboys) as well as Republicans who switched to the Democrat Party to tamper with the Democrat Primary. I suspect the boost in Democrat registrations was intentional early on to throw off the pollsters so their calculations can only factor in a much larger than Democrat turnout than normal as part of their ‘inevitable strategy’ psy-op campaign.

    Projections are only as good as their inputs. With the high rate of people refusing to be polled (as admitted by pollsters), the high rate of people not willing to declare who they want to vote for (the undecideds), and the huge wave of junk Democrat registrations, you’re going to see the polls be way, way off.

    Why I Will Be Right

    Political Analysis is not a ‘science’, it is a ‘black art’. It depends highly on what is going on the ground. My advantage is that I am not on a sound set in Washington DC, and I am not in a phone bank in Deleware. I can see what is going on in the ground around me (Texas, a state that doesn’t matter, or does it?) and have sources I trust on the ground in other states.

    While the election was originally a referendum on Obama, it has now become a referendum on socialism. It won’t matter if a minority group (like african americans) turn out in record numbers because everyone else is turning out in record numbers as well. The youth vote is not turning out as it never does. As James Carville says, “You know what we call candidates who rely on the youth vote? We call them ‘losers’.” Contrary to the intentional false information put out, the GOP get-out-the-vote is extremely strong for Karl Rove invested a significant amount of money and created the machine in the first place. The Democrats are catching up, but some of the Obama ‘get out the vote’ efforts remind me of pouring a bottle of water on an ant pile. The ants run around like crazy, trying to do everything to stop it, but end up accomplishing nothing. For evidence of how overblown the Obama ‘GOTV’ effort is, look at the primaries where Obama had trouble closing the deal against Clinton.

    In 2004, the media wisely delayed calling states when voting hadn’t been completed (such as Florida in 2000). There will be none of that delay in 2008. I suspect we will have many states called for Obama before the voting is even done. The state that will be erroneously called for Obama will be Pennslyvania. In Pennslyvania, all the Obama votes are mostly in the Philly and Pittsburg area and Obama will comfortably carry those areas. And those areas are the eastern part of Pennslyvania with the western part being more rural. With the ‘Obama leads’ that Philly and Pittsburg area comes in, and the myth that Obama is ahead 25 points (or whatever) in PA being believed by the anchors, they will call PA early. But once all the rest of the state votes, they will have to turn it into a toss-up. They will be EXTREMELY reluctant to call the state for McCain even when the votes clearly show he has won there (and he *will* win there.)

    Obama will take New Mexico. Iowa is a true toss-up. Nevada leans McCain. Colorado won’t be called until very late in the night because it will be close. Virginia will go to McCain but the networks won’t call it, because they won’t believe McCain has won it. NC, IN, GA will, of course, go McCain. NH will also go McCain. The Rust Belt will be full of surprises on election night. I expect the traditional blue states to be more competitive than we have seen them over a decade due to very soft Obama support. (I am curious how strong Obama’s vote will be in New York, the state where Clinton is senator).

    Electoral maps showing Arizona as a toss-up, and the Obama Campaign spending advertising money there, is arrogance. Presidential candidates never lose their home state (except for Gore in 2000, but 2000 election was anything but normal). Even Mondale, who lost 49 states, won his home state. Those looking to ridicule their political opponents with the inevitable Obama win need to be very careful. Karma is a bitch. The tables will likely be turned around on election night.

    In the end, I expect McCain to win with around 300 + electoral votes and Republicans gaining seats in the House. To make this short, the reasons why is:

    -Republican base is energized.

    -Reagan Democrats are voting Republican which they haven’t really done since Reagan.

    -PUMAs are going for MCCain.

    -Many Democrats will refuse to vote for Obama. This ‘soft’ blue support will appear throughout the country and will be the reason why Pennslyvania turns red.

    I was in Washington DC during the election of 1994. The faces were completely shocked. Why were they so shocked? People in Washington DC and the Legacy Media are not connected to what is going on in the ground, especially in the ‘flyover’ country. In 1994, they were completely shocked by the results. The same will be true in 2008. What they do not get is that the electorate is going to give them, and the media, and Obama, the equivalent of the middle finger. The white hot passion down here in the ground is not being picked up. Turn-out at the most ‘red’ states being at record highs should be a flag of this occurring. Yet, they don’t see it for whatever reason.

    Exit polls will be off as well. PUMAs have instructed their members to lie to them, to say they voted for Obama. Others, so pissed off with the media and pollsters, will lie and say Obama simply because they want to see anchors and ‘analysts’ make history by having the first strokes on live TV. The sheer anger at the legacy media cannot be underestimated. There is a reason why their ratings and subscribers are in free fall.

    There is something else I’ve noticed. Two things. First, Obama has spent almost a billion dollars and still cannot close the deal. With how long this election season has been, I think people are just sick of hearing about him on TV. Second, Obama comes across as very cold. The news about the aunt living in a slum was seen as a non-issue to both the Obama and McCain campaigns. But people, curiously, are interested in it. It is amazing to people how Obama can let so many relatives live where they are at and be poor. Obama’s reaction to it reminds me of Dukakis. For those who don’t remember, at a debate when Dukakis was asked about whether he would support the death penalty if his wife was raped and murdered, he replied in a very non-chalant politician type of way with a laundry list of ‘reasons’. What the people wanted to see was Dukakis get emotional over the thought of his wife being murdered and raped, but the non-chalantness made him appear very cold. Obama is coming across that way to people. Clinton, for all his issues, always came across as very ‘warm’. Obama lacks this ‘warmth’.

    America is right of center. While Carter and LBJ were the last Democrats to win over 50% of the vote, LBJ didn’t bother to run for a second term due to how despised he had become over Vietnam, and Carter was flushed out during theelection of 1980. The point is that there is an acceptable level of leftness the electorate will accept. Clinton campaigned and acted a little left which was acceptable to the electorate. But LBJ and Carter went way too far and the electorate sank them. Obama has likely gone too far left which is why the ‘socialism’ charge is sticking to him.

    McCain Campaign is on the Blue Turf

    It is said that at the end of a presidential campaign, the candidate who is campaigning on the enemy’s turf in the final days becomes president. The stories that say “Obama is campaigning in final days in Bush states’ is getting it wrong, of course. Obama has no choice but to campaign in Bush states since there is no other way for him to get to 270. McCain can lose some Bush states and still win. In political analysis, novices measure the election by states. Experts do it by counties. The counties McCain and Palin are visiting, be it Pennslyvania or even Ohio, are democrat counties meaning they went for Kerry the other time. Obama keeps staying in safe urban areas and other Democrat strongholds. Obama’s strategy doesn’t appear aggressive to me (he appears to be getting angry, even emotionally melting down. Such as when he got angry when trick-or-treating. Even today, he gave McCain the middle finger). When we look at the candidates themselves, we see McCain confident and laughing and Obama… being a little theatrical (“I will change the world!”). OK, candidate comparison is a matter of opinion. But there is a tradition that the campaign in the lead tends to share their internal poll numbers in the closing of an election. I’m hearing much about internal McCain polling, however, this might be the campaign’s way to provide an alternative to the way off public polls.

    This election has been the strangest one I have ever seen. It started off with conservatives fearing and despising Hillary Clinton (they’ve always hated her) as she made her climb for the White House. Yet, now, conservatives and Hillary Clinton voters are campaigning side by side. Gay activists for Clinton are campaigning side by side with fundamentalist conservatives against Obama. In Pennslyvania, as I’ve said before, the phone banks and people in McCain offices are democrats. While it is usual to hear the fringe of one party to describe the opposing candidate as evil incarnate, the PUMAs have the strongest language for Obama beyond the most right wing conservative. “He is a proto-nazi!” they say. “Do you really believe that?” I ask them. “Yes. We do.”

    There are some new political symbols appearing. The PUMAs have adopted the cougar or bobcat as their symbol. The Palin conservatives have adopted the moose (could this eventually replace the elephant?)

    Election night will be very long because pundits will be stunned at what is going on. They think this is already over and election night is just a coronation. All these electoral map projections and polls, yet votes weren’t cast yet.

    Consider Obama toast, guys. He will join Dukakis, Dole, Gore, and Kerry in the ashbin of history.

    And, as a final word, let us return to Pennslyvania and discuss this story from Hillbuzz. In it, there is a story of a Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager who became a PUMA and is shapherding much of the effort for the PUMAs in Pennslyvania.

    Harriet and Betty Jean are back from the airport. They were turned down at the rally for McCain because there wasn’t room. So they high tailed it to the airport with their signs in the hope they could see him. They saw McCain’s car drive onto the tarmac and were despondent when the car headed away from them. Then, the car abruptly turned around and John McCain leapt out of the car and he ran over to the group with a huge smile on his face. Cindy and Joe Lieberman quickly followed. Betty Jean said McCain was quicker than the Secret Service who had to run to keep up with him. McCain thanked them enthusiastically and hugged Betty Jean. It made her day.

    The Old School Democrats have allied with Republicans against Obama. If this is in significant numbers, Obama will lose and the margins will be larger than 2004.

    If this is the calm before the storm, then the center which the storm will revolve around will be Pennslyvania

  207. Voting in Northern Central Florida…quiet at around 7 am, most cars had McCain-Palin stickers, there was like 10 to every 1 Obama sticker… the crowd inside the voting were all commenting about wanting McCain

  208. I depend on this site to provide me with accurate reporting today…whether good or bad. I depend on the media, minus a few shining starts to provide me with skewered and biased reporting. I look forward to their stress levels building and building and building…

  209. I depend on this site to provide me with accurate reporting today…whether good or bad. I depend on the media, minus a few shining stars to provide me with skewered and biased reporting. I look forward to their stress levels building and building and building…

  210. moononpluto Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 8:34 am
    This is very very interesting, only 27,000 more dems have turned out so far in Colorado and thats not even factoring in puma’s yet or democrats for a day.

    I heard that too on Obama Public Radio. Their take on early voting is a) it almost certainly helps the Democrats (based on exit polls, I suppose), b) the Colorado example said “many more Democrats than Republicans voted early”. I noticed that they didn’t try to assign a percentage. If 27,000 is “many more”, so could 100 be “many more”. And the other factor that they completely ignore is, of those Dems, how many are not voting for Obama? It was around 26% several weeks ago. Even if a few were wooed back, there is no way Obama retains as many Dems as McCain retains Repubs.

    Who might these disaffected Dems pull the lever for? McCain. Nader. Write-in: Hillary, Mickey Mouse, “my dog”, Jerry Garcia…

  211. Berg Cautiously Optimistic on Eve of Election

    On a day which saw another eligibility-related lawsuit, this one in Connecticut, bite the dust, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg remains cautiously optimistic after taking his own dismissed case to the highest court in all the land.

    “At this point, we’re waiting and hoping and praying that Justice Souter rules in our favor and delays tomorrow’s election,” said Berg, mentioning as well that he filed a supplemental argument with the Court today. “They have the power. The United States Supreme Court has the power. They stopped the count in Florida in 2000, I was there in the panhandle when they stopped the count.”

    As has been written in these pages before, the odds are extremely long that Berg’s case is given an audience with the Supreme Court, as only 70 to 120 of the 8,000 or so petitions are granted, and the odds are infinitely longer that Berg’s emergency motion is granted.

    “The odds are slim,” Berg said. “If the election goes on tomorrow as planned, we start going after the Electoral College on Wednesday. December 15 becomes our deadline. There’s still time. The Electoral College requires that a candidate be eligible, so we’re not stopping, that’s for sure.”

    Unless, of course, Obama does not prevail tomorrow, in which case Berg says that he will continue his efforts “to bring out the truth about the fraud perpetrated against this nation.”

  212. moononpluto Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 8:34 am

    Democrats statewide turned out to vote early in greater numbers than did Republicans, as the 2008 campaign season wound its way to today’s culmination, the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office said.
    GOP voters in western Colorado, meanwhile, were running counter to the statewide grain, turning out early in far greater numbers than Democrats and unaffiliated voters.

    Across the state, 591,000 Democrats had voted early, either by mail-in ballot or early voting, state elections officials said.

    Republicans trailed that tally by more than 27,000 votes, with 564,000 casting ballots early by one method or another, while 426,000 unaffiliated voters had cast their ballots early.

    In Mesa County, 16.534 Republicans sent in their mail-in ballots and 7,347 cast early votes.

    Among Democrats, 9,276 voted by mail and 3,248 voted early.

    Among unaffiliated voters, 9,046 voted by mail and 4,416 voted early.

    Moon, where did you get all this data? It’s great!

    Or were you just making it up? ;^)

  213. Idunn Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 9:27 am
    Anyone else suspect that HRC and Big Dawg voted McCain?

    What goes on in Voting booth,
    stays in Voting booth.

  214. If Hill & Bill did vote for “the better candidate”, they could with a clear conscience vote for their good friend, John McCain.

    Wouldn’t that make them PUMAs?!!

  215. rgb44hrc Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 11:12 am “Wouldn’t that make them PUMAs?!!”
    all their best friends are

  216. You might want to read this article:

    h t t p : / /

    It tells us why McCain will win this election.

  217. “got the “exceeded CPU…” error message.”

    I have been getting that alot for the last few days, even upon first opening this site!

    Hopefully that means we are reaching alot of NEW lurkers 😀

  218. I got the CPU message, too. I get that when there are a lot of comments, usually…but it’s not even anywhere near the number.

  219. Just voted. I didn’t feel as light on my feet, as I did, after I voted for Senator Clinton, but I felt like I truly did the right thing today. Go McCain/Palin, Go.

  220. My husband and I voted about an hour ago. We both voted straight Republican. That is a first for me. My hubby used to be a Rebub.

    We live in rural central PA and this is the first time I’ve seen so many people there. It’s usually dead. They said they’ve been really busy this morning.

    While we were there, our Rebuplican neighbors on the one side of us came in and we were talking to them outside, after we all voted. I said to her, “we’re on your side this time”, and she said, “I know, I saw your signs.” She said she was surprised but happy to see my McCain signs. Everyone around here knows we are Dems.

    We have paper ballots here, always have. They don’t ask for any ID, you just tell them your name (most of them already know who you are) and they check you off in a book and then there is another person who checks you off in another book, then you go to another person and sign your name above where your name is printed and then you’re given your ballot.

    I didn’t have any qualms at all voting straight Rebublican. Last night I got an email from McCain and I sent him one and told whomever received it to please see that he gets it. I told him we were Hillary supporters who were voting straight Rebublican and I told him I would be saying a prayer for his victory.

  221. Hey, some good news from National Review on that blowout for Obama in that one tiny NH town……….apparently every 16 years the voters in Dixville Notch pick the wrong candidate.

    Maybe some good fortune for McCain. 🙂

    Of course, all this stuff is superstition…….get out and vote!

    “The curse of the Notch [Mark Steyn]

    Many readers, clutching at notches and notching at straws, draw my attention to the hitherto little-known 16-year Dixville Notch curse:

    Election results:

    1960 Nixon 9 Kennedy 0

    1976 Ford 13 Carter 11

    1992 Bush 15 Perot 8 Marrou 5 Clinton 3

    2008 Obama 15 McCain 6

    Every 16 years a candidate sweeps the Notch and goes on to lose the nation.

  222. rickya Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    You might want to read this article:

    h t t p : / /

    It tells us why McCain will win this election.



  223. # moononpluto Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 5:23 am

    I’m surprised they aint lewaked thier exit polls already

    “Don’t bother voting, Obama’s won every state, stay at home”
    probably because it’s not benefiting Bambam.

  224. Idunn, I asked that same question to my husband and he said the thought Hill and Bill would vote for Obama. I sort of think that too, but hope we are both wrong.

    I saw the tail end of Bill yesterday, on TV, and it was about what Murtha said about us “racist”, “redneck” Pennsylvanians, and Bill was really mad. I think he was either mad at the media for still talking about it or was mad because Murtha said those things. It looked like he was angry because those comments were turning the votes away from Obama and to McCain. I didn’t see the very beginning of it though. I wish I had, but that’s the way I understood from what I did see. Maybe someone saw the whole thing?

  225. Well friends, just voted for the first time ever for a republican at Delray Beach civic center….I also voted for Ben Graber over Obama supporter Robert Wexler as well. Many elderly Jews were there but I did not really have a chance to speak to anyone….It’s been a tough two (2) yrs and I never have invested such emotion into any political campaign ever. My heart will always be with the Clintons and no matter what happens today, we fought the good fight, kept our morals, dignity, and never resorted to the hateful, deceitful, MSM propelled, race baiting, fraudulent campaign of BO. He will never be my POTUS….I’ll go so far as to say I would have voted for Bush for four (4) more yrs if that was an option.

  226. bluegirl
    I am in PA as well and when I could not locate my wallet or voter registration form last night I panicked(sp) called the Allegheney County Board of Elections and they told me if I had voted previously it wouldn’t be a problem. I guess its always been that way but I never noticed as I always handed my id over when I got there to facillitate the process. I see nothing wrong with requiring a state issued ID to vote. It costs ten dollars here for a non-valid drivers liscense. To those who say ten dollars is too much a special fund set aside. As it is I know my father is sitting this one out. I could easily go to his voting site state my name and vote for him. Learned how to forge that signature in middle school.

  227. I am at least sensing a fightback, the people of america are not going to give in lightly it seems to Obama, this is all good, people need to wake up and get involved, I am not however hearing any large turnout of young voters, its the same again, they get bored and don’t vote. Anyone else seeing different.

  228. well going to vote, and then to work.

    I FEEL NEVOUS… but whatever happens,
    i want to thank ADMIN, and all of you for being my companions for the last year and a half on this LONG journey…

    if we are not the ones that come out on top again this time, we sure as hell will be the next…

    so i will be back later, with canapes and a bottle of something good. i would be honored if you shared it with me… 😀

  229. moon, What polls are getting close? State polls? Someone in my office said Karl Rove predicted a BO landslide. Anyone else hear that?

  230. Not only did I vote for McCain, but I voted against my democratic congressman. He endorsed BO early on, and our district went for Senator Clinton. Also, he is part of the Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry cabal. We need a change after 33 years!

  231. moononpluto Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 9:53 am
    apparently there is a huge unprecedented massive republican turnout in Western Michigan.

    This seems to be happening up and down the country, republican districts out in droves, this is going to be interesting.

    To think that MSM wrote off all those states, like MI, CA, WA, OR, NJ. They just put them in the Obama column.

    Just like the DNC put Michigan votes in Obama.

    “We’ll let the little people vote, it makes them feel relevant. We’ll just “fix’ the results later, to our liking”

  232. He keeps saying if you are in line they have to keep the site open. You can count on fatigue of poll workers at 10 minutes of to overlook discrepencies.

  233. I suspect Rove did that on purpose to get the republican voters out in droves. Nothing like scaring the bejesus out of republicans to make them vote.

  234. And I STILL say alot of these college kids won’t show up to vote. Or they’ll get in line, get pissed at the wait, and go for a raspberry frapp at Starbucks instead of wait it out.

    I think THAT is going to go ion our favor today BIGTIME!

  235. BREAKING FOXNEWS: In Philly: Black panther members blocking the doorway to polling place!! one holding a night stick, They were there for one hour….police were there and left already escorting the panthers away…..A poll sight worker called the police

    one black panther lives in the area, is a assigned poll watcher and is still there

  236. More Quotes

    1 : very red district (6th cong in CO) Very very heavy turnout, went smoothly.

    2 : Baltimore City, ward 27, pct 40 — deep deep blue area. Voted about 9:30, walked right up to the desk and straight to a voting machine. Whole exercise took 2 minutes. No line at all.

    3 : Rural republican district here in Virginia. Mostly Republican. EXTREMELY high turn out. I’ve voted here my entire life and it’s never been close to this.

  237. As we wait
    eight more hours until the first polls close
    I have debated what I will do with regards to the dem party. Switch to indie on the 5th or stay in the party and try to work for reform but not tow the party line when it comes to voting?
    I have had several dates when I was going to switch to Independent, when Hillary dropped out, July 4th etc but I decided I wanted to vote republican today to make my voice heard if anyone is listenning in the DNC. Any one elses thoughts on that/

  238. 🙂 Hillary supporters will have a major impact in this election, no matter who wins.

    I’m honored to stand with all of you who believe in free and fair elections, and electing the most qualified person to lead our country. We know who that was!

    Admin…GREAT JOB and thats for having a place for us to share our concerns, frustrations, joys and triumphs.

    I will be with you all till the end…and as long as it takes. This election will not be over for me until it is certified in the Senate. All said and done if BHO is elected..he will never be “my” president………


  239. Well Dem turnout is up and down, its hard to gauge as i refuse to go anywhere near DU or Kos but from what I can tell, its slack, perhaps that, Obama’s already won has stuck and the Dem voters are being lazy but certainly, thats always been a problem with Dem voters, is motivating them to the polls.

  240. Republicans Kept Pace in Colorado’s Early Voting

    These results from early voting in Colorado are fascinating.

    Out of 1,704,280 “early votes” cast, over 50% of registered voters, the percentage breakdown was:

    Dem 33.44% (569,875) Rep 32.64% (556,241) Ind. 24.71% (421,124)

    The print edition of this story shows a graphic with the following information:

    Voting by absentee ballot:

    Total 1,339,065

    Rep. 441,841 Dem. 441,203 Ind. 311,196

    Voting by early voting:

    Total 365,215

    Dem. 128,672 Rep. 114,400

  241. In Philly: Black panther members blocking the doorway to polling place!!

    Here we go.

    Fasten your seatbelts…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  242. Hillbuzz

    1 : My county (in FL) is overwhelmingly Republican. There were long lines at 7:30 this morning. They gave my sister a provisional ballot because she still had a MA license. They are really trying to keep the double voting out-of-staters out of our precinct.

    Go read the comments

  243. Also, turnout seems to have been high in our quiet precinct. I had to wait in line an overflow for about 45 min during slack period. It used to be that I went in and came out without having to stand in line for more than the usual procedural stuff.

  244. The turnout in this election is going to be massive and going to make it very difficult for them to call or fudge.

  245. BREAKING FOXNEWS: In Philly: Black panther members blocking the doorway to polling place!! one holding a night stick, They were there for one hour….police were there and left already escorting the panthers away…..A poll sight worker called the police

    one black panther lives in the area, is a assigned poll watcher and is still there
    Why are we surprised? This is what Obama and his governing coalition are really about. Unity on their terms and voter suppression at the end of a night stick. I hope this is broadcast across all the battleground states but especially Pennsylvania.

  246. Twas the Night Before Elections

    ‘Twas the night before elections
    And all through the town
    Tempers were flaring
    Emotions all up and down!

    I, in my bathrobe
    With a cat in my lap
    Had cut off the TV
    Tired of political crap.

    When all of a sudden
    There arose such a noise
    I peered out of my window
    Saw Obama and his boys

    They had come for my wallet
    They wanted my pay

    To give to the others
    Who had not worked a day!

    He snatched up my money
    And quick as a wink
    Jumped back on his bandwagon
    As I gagged from the stink

    He then rallied his henchmen
    Who were pulling his cart
    I could tell they were out
    To tear my country apart!

    ‘ On Fannie, on Freddie,
    On Biden and Ayers!
    On Acorn, On Pelosi’
    He screamed at the pairs!

    They took off for his cause
    And as he
    flew out of sight
    I heard him laugh at the nation
    Who wouldn’t stand up and fight!

    So I leave you to think
    On this one final note-

  247. Hi, Admin and Friends:

    I just proudly cast my ballot for McPalin and assorted other Republicans. I was very sad not to be able to vote for Hillary in the GE. So, this year, I voted for reform, fiscal responsibility, security, economic growth and freedom. I voted against corruption, greed, socialism and appeasement. Vive la republique! Vive la liberte!

    I know we’ll all be saying this a lot today: thank you all for being here, Hillfriends.

  248. not sure the black panther items are helpful – it may actually intimidate more people from going to their polling place. maybe that’s what BO wants – and some of these black panthers are willing to fall on the sword and be on the news to intimidate people.

  249. First time poster, long time lurker. Admin is the best because they stick to the point never wavering. Kind of like John McCain. Anyhow this is the most important day of the campaign so thought I’d join hands and share my voting experience here in NoVA. The place was packed. Never saw so many people; more AAs than ever before. NO McCain signs except a few homes. I voted straight Repub even though I don’t like Gillmore. But Warner and Kaine are responsible for the double tax I get on my leased vehicle and of course the rest of the Dem party needs to be brought down a few pegs after their cheating Hillary. Will never forgive that.

  250. Birdgal
    I can only speak for myself but I as a gay man could not care less about gay marriage. I do care about civil unions. And I believe that is what the gov’t should acknowledge. No change happens over night. Companies, cities and even states have extended benifits not because it is morally correct but because it makes sense financially. I am 41 and I remember when AIDS was a gay disease I remember feeling guilt and shame. Yet today I hope proposition 8 pulls every conservative out of every dark corner to vote no obama. In many ways I believe I can identify with what it is to a woman over the age of 50 who fought for equal rights only to turn around two generations later and see the worst misogony.

  251. So, this year, I voted for reform, fiscal responsibility, security, economic growth and freedom. I voted against corruption, greed, socialism and appeasement.

    Illinois, I like your way of thinking!

  252. I just read something interesting, I never thought, if Obama is so far ahead, why is it that the dems have not dropped any of their fabulous internal polls this year, they aint said nada, could it be, they are shit?

  253. This year I voted for my best friend a 25 month old that I want to exist in a world if not better than the one in which I was fortunate to be born into at least as good

  254. Henry, I read something the other day, that said that many AA’s and Latinos are socially conservative, but will vote democratic. We’ll have to see. For many gay people, the marriage amendment means alot. But, CA will go blue, no matter what.

  255. As an aside, what role , if any, will Hillary play in god forbade an Obama White House. The personal animosity is evident, and if he gets the congress and senate majorities, will Hillary move further to the right like Joe Lieberman?

  256. Breaking

    The Latest From Inside McCain HQ (Battleground states moving “hard” and “fast”for McCain)

    I just talked to one of my best Team McCain sources who told me that heading into today all the key battleground polls were moving hard and fast in their direction. The source, hardly a perma-optimist, thinks it will be a long night, but that McCain is going to win.

  257. birdgal
    sadly you are right
    I busted my ass in the relatively conservative Pittsburgh area amongst the gay community(which Senator Clinton won) but I could get no where after she _______(fill in the blank) Most homosexuals I fear will vote democrat no matter what. Same with blacks and women of a certain age. The democratic party in my opinion used marriage and Roe v wade as hostages.

  258. moon, If that source is not just blowing smoke out of his a__ that means the undecideds are swinging to McCain. BTW, didn’t know the Battleground poll only had BO up 1.9 percent. That one was the most accurate in ’04, I believe.

  259. Birdgal
    I have to admit that I understand the sentiments of so very many people who traveled to Ohio in 04 to fight for gay rights. Did they play apart in W’s win??? Perhaps?

  260. # djia Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 10:33 am

    well, Ayers and Farrakhan both voted today at the same polling location as Obama

    Next to vote ……..Rev WRight, Pfleger…….

    as Jake Tapper Writes today………. Welcome to South Side Chicago

    Pictures of them voting should be plastered all over the Internet.

  261. Guys, I dont know why…I have a really good feeling about this. My sister, who works on the Hill, says its cuz I’m delusional, but I (more than anyone in my family) have really payed attention this year and followed the trends. Most people I know, in NYC were soft supporters of Obama, my mother (liberal Democrat) in Rhode Island voted McCain. Reading all these articles about PA, I just feel really good. I feel like we are taking a step to take back our party. What does everyone else feel?

  262. from RD I mentioned this a while back, but my father is a registrar in CT and he said that when paper ballots are sent through the optical scanner, they are not marked as scanned. So it is conceivable that someone could take a used ballot where the voter did not vote for anyone for President, mark it, and run it through again. Just one more reason why I couldn’t go topless.

    be sure the mark your choice for President — don’t leave it blank.

  263. LJ

    I think much the same…. I think today marks the day AMERICA began to WAKE UP, to really see government for what they truly are and what they are not; MOST IMPORTANTLY WHAT THEY ARE “SUPPOSED TO BE”.

    it will be significant in history not of an obama candidacy[he will be remembered just as dukakis is but will not be “glorified”] but more for the day that AMERICA REVOLUTIONIZED once again against BIG GOVERNMENT and began to work to make changes not only in our washington government but in our local government levels as well [ i believe we will see the beginings of this with this election]

    An AMERICAN REVOLUTION ll THE SEQUEL is no longer going to be fantasy or hypothetical possibilty…….



  264. First and foremost, this election has to be about teaching our rogue media a lesson they will never forget. I hope we all prevail tonight and make that happen.

  265. pm317
    I am looking forward and praying for an intelligent person to lead my country. John McCain is my second choice. I have no problem with Palin but i voted for McCain. Voted, canvassed, called and donated for Senator Clinton but I am not a fan. I respected her tremendously but I think and vote for myself. Upthread I noted that i am more than casually familiar with the results of terrorism. Ideally Hillary then McCain
    then Guilliani then anyone but waffles. I like Palin and will be ecstatic if they win but she is a little toright of center. Yet I voted for her and would do if she were head to head against oblahblah blah. Did that make any sense?

  266. Just got home from my tiny town local precinct. @ dozen cars in the parking lot, about 22 more than normal. LOL

    I pulled the lever for JM/SP and voted straight repub.

  267. jbstonesfan

    The question is will HRC take a cabinet position with McCain. They have worked together, and he want to reach across the aisle.

  268. OK i hope i did just sound like a crackpot……. I am just seeing americans waking up to what is going on around them
    and they don’t like it much at all…

    Media died in 2008……..Americans, most that is see it now….. i see media reform efforts to double and quadruple as a result

    government is not on the side of the people = most know this and are unhappy with it, hence they were so easily duped by BHO flavored kool ade…

    when BHO looses the truth will seep in and they will wake up from their “Rumpelstiltskin’s slumber”
    even if he wins….they will awaken and won’t like it much at all [will it be too late to do anything about it?]
    at this point AMERICA will be UNITED ONCE AGAIN.

    Hollywood has gone over the edge as well….. we need to get back to basic whole some non violent movies,tv,games
    there was a recent study came out today that says they are now seeing for the first time the correlation between sex in movies etc and teen pregnancy………DUH!!!! but thank god they are “admitting it now”

    Education is on the wrong tract…..Bill Ayers/acorn/annenburg challenge/obama coming out in the Election is shining a HUGE spot light on this now…. groups will formulate to take back our education system.

    Parents will hopefully begin to go back to basic morals and values systems of the 1950’s and insist on media to take out the violence, racial,sexual & misogynistic content

    America woke up to politics this year.. they got involved more than ever before….i hope there is no going back to sleep

  269. pelosi/reid/waffles/brazille/oprah/cnn/msnbc
    acting in unison what makes you think anything but thier voices will ever be heard?

  270. foxnews:

    Brit hume decided this will be his last election he will cover

    hmmmmmm wonder why?? perhaps he has a conscience weighing heavy on him now??

  271. {{{{{{ ADMIN !!! }}}}}}

    {{{{{{ PUMAs !!! }}}}}}

    Voting McPal and splitting below felt great! Free, fresh air, liberating! My choice!

    I did homework, found who had stuck with Hillary and rewarded them. GOP’d a few others.

  272. henry

    one thing, history that tells us that American’s will never TRULY will ever be silenced or held down or back from a collective cause
    that sides on the side of whats truly good for all the people

    the right side one in the civil war and against civil rights and for womens rights etc

    we had underground railroads to get slaves out…that took communication even when it wasn’t allowed
    we had underground bars during prohibition…..that took communication even when it wasn’t allowed

    as the old saying goes…..

    where there is a will there is a way 😀

  273. henry, my partner and i got married in canada although we live in chicago. in our hearts, we are married (illinois has same-sex benefits) and regardless of how this election turns out, none of the candidates favor same-sex marriage anyway. at least, McPalin are honest and straight-forward about their beliefs.

    my vote was a repudiation of that asshole. i don’t know if i will go back to being a democrat again.

  274. henry,

    I’m socially way liberal
    I love Palin! She’s just who we need as LEADER of the social conservatives! She says the answer to abortion is CONRACEPTION. She wants sex education to teach in schools about condoms.
    She will solve problems well!

  275. Big turnout in this area of W PA.I went at 10 am and found the traffic horrific,to an d from my polling place.In all my voting years I have never seen such a call to arms to stop an enemy of the state with a ballot.It took me 90 minutes and the lines of families of every age made every minute worth while.I voted for John McCain but selected Dems that will preserve our faith in the system of government we have enjoyed until the the Messiah was thrust upon us by the DNC leaders and you now their names well by now.
    Folks yet to vote,your choice is important and and a right that you have as a citizen of this country.

    A vote for McCain is a Milestone

    A vote for Obama is a Millstone

    Think then vote and live with your choice and and do’nt
    complain.Just learn from your mistakes as we all do.

    By ABM90 We will be seeing again Hillary and thanks Janh
    and Alcina

  276. Republican bloggers are saying that sources within the republican party say Republican turnout in SW, Central and NE PA is staggering beyond belief, huge.

  277. i am going through my missed calls right now and returning those calls.
    When i get a McCain I thank them and let them know I supported Senator Clinton. When I get a bot I play.

  278. i am going through my missed calls right now and returning those calls.
    When i get a McCain I thank them and let them know I supported Senator Clinton. When I get a bot I play.

  279. henry, we are not all that different in what we are saying. With Palin winning, the one overriding issue for me is women’s progress. McCain would have done the unthinkable — making it possible for a young mother of FIVE with no big education and years of experience (to compensate for her gender) but only her raw instincts to do right by the people, to win the second highest office. The myth will get shattered and the ensuing conversation next time around hopefully will be about the person’s policy, vision and so on and people will have the choice to vote their minds. Her triumph tonight will also about defeating Misogyny from opponents and the media all of which are more important to me than her policies right now.

  280. In the real world McCain wins. In the alternate universe the opposite occurs. That story could be told as a tragedy in four(4) acts as follows:
    Act I: Honeymoon, Deeply Divided Electorate
    Act II: National Crisis, Totalitarian Response
    Act III: Public Distrust, Civil Disorder, Repression
    Act IV. Republic to Dictatorship to Chaos

  281. wbboei,

    I think there might be an action inbetween whereby there is a mass exodus of Americans before the walls close in.

  282. Don’t you just love rain on election day watching all those Obamatrons from the Carolina’s up thru Virginia, Maryland, Delaware,
    Pennsylvania and New jersey standing there getting soaked and discouraged?
    Rain baby rain!!!

  283. Oh yeah…

    Go (((Green Parties)))!

    Go (((Naderites)))!

    Go (((Libertarians)))!

    (any vote for anyone ohter than Oliar is a winner today) GO GO GO!!

  284. Obama not including hollywood stars who campaigned for him at his Chicago party tonight. hahahah. Poor Susan Saradon and her used to be boy toy. Sorry Mr. Affleck and Mr Damon you are not on the list…

  285. I don’t know maybe it was grossly immature of me but i just spent the last few hours calling back my missed calls. Bots almost all. Are you aware that he has reduced global hunger and has saved the middle class. I had a little fun.


    Fox News is reporting Black Panthers are intimidating white voters in Philadelphia! Is this what’s in store for us?????


  287. I think there might be an action inbetween whereby there is a mass exodus of Americans before the walls close in.
    True. When people are repressed they seek other venues where there is freedom. And when a numbskull like Obama tells them he will spread their money they will move it beyond his reach. This is not rocket science. It is human nature. Ivory tower intellectuals like bambi are so consumed with the rights of man that they have totally forgotten his nature.

  288. Democratic internal polling had Obama down 5 points the last 2 days in Indiana and sources say that is why the messiah is campaigning there today in a last ditch effort to turn the tide.

  289. Fox News is reporting Black Panthers are intimidating white voters in Philadelphia! Is this what’s in store for us?????
    If bambi wins, how could it be otherwise? I hope the republicans have some good lawyers on station to capitalize this blatant example of voter suppression, this object lesson in Chicago style thuggery, this shadow of Christmases to come–if big media bamboozles the naive.

  290. There’s vid of the two Black Panthers here:

    (P.S. How you gonna be a grown man and dress like that? LOL! Do they think they’re some kind of GI Joes or something?)

  291. Birdgal…the only thing “intimidating” was the billy club, and that guy was removed. If folks are intimidated by stupid psuedo guerilla outfits, then they better grow a pair real quick. LOL!

  292. FOX NEWS – No massive democrat turnout detected so far, Obama camp worried

    Fox news reporter with Obama campaign reporting at 2:45pm eastern that democrat voter turnout in NH is less than predicted so far. Obama campaign so worried about turnout in Virginia and Missouri that they are activating “backup” volunteers to make calls from home.

  293. No massive democrat turnout detected so far, Obama camp worried

    Oh lord…you people in big cities are going to be fighting for your lives tonight. 🙁

  294. Seriously, I think we have been bludgeoned to death by Obama thug tactics that it must seem that this is just one more. What it really is, is intimidation at its worst and it is intolerable. A man thinks its okay to hang Palin in effigy as a Halloween decoration and no one really thinks its too bad. If it had been Obama, the man would have been arrested and interrogated as an enemy of state. Another man makes horrible threats unless he is given an Obama sign. Property being destroyed by crazed bots all over America…and on…and on…

    I’m sorry, but this is garbage! I don’t find anything funny or amusing about men in guerilla outfits trying to suppress the freedom to vote as you choose. I don’t find it funny that GOP judges are kicked out of voting places because of who they support.

    Rant over.

  295. I’m baaaaaaaack!!!

    I voted McCain Palin Today !! I feel so good!!!! 😀

    I other wise voted mostly republican except for the only two women, one was dem and the other Independent

    no waiting line at all here, was quick and simple………sucks to be an obot on the east coast eh?!! LMAO!!!

  296. God, I’m on pins and needles over here. I need to figure out something to do to kill time until I can crack into this bottle and hear some news.

  297. I agree with everybody that said voting McCain/Palin felt soooooooooooooo good! As I was standing in line (1 hour..well worth it) in my state o Pennsylvania, I could not help but anticipate how good it was going to feel pulling that lever for MacCain/Palin…the actual result was exhilarating!! It was pure joy, bliss and a complete repudiation of Obambi and the criminal DNC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. # moononpluto Says:
    November 4th, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    FOX NEWS – No massive democrat turnout detected so far, Obama camp worried

    Fox news reporter with Obama campaign reporting at 2:45pm eastern that democrat voter turnout in NH is less than predicted so far. Obama campaign so worried about turnout in Virginia and Missouri that they are activating “backup” volunteers to make calls from home.
    I voted in a Dem. area about 1 PM and the polling station was dead quiet. 1/2 of the voting stations were empty, no line, no activity outside. Drove by four others and they were also looked quiet. All of the signs and what little campaign activity was for local candidates. This is in a city of 200+ thousand and ~1/3 AA; the weather is perfect.

  299. I was talking to my brother in India this morning about the elections and he said Obama should have been paired up with someone more experienced and I reminded him about Hillary and how Hillary and him as VP would have been a better ticket, a more winnable ticket. He played a dangerous all or nothing game.

  300. Excellent question posed about whether we should stay Dems or go Independent. Let’s all meet here after the election and discuss it. My initial thought is that we should go Independent, signaling both parties that we will no longer just go ‘party’ and each side will have to work for our votes.

    I’m open to other ideas.

  301. SHV, where are you? Pl. tell us the state you are in that way we get a lot more info. I am in DC suburbs on the MD side, close to Bethesda.

  302. freckles, I was relieved to shed my Dem label on May 31. I could not even speak like a Dem because the brand has been corrupted and I no longer believe in what they do — the case in point is how they treated Hillary and now Palin. There is no way I belong to a group of people who do things like that.

  303. I dont understand the reports of low turnout for Obama because didnt a lot of them take the day off to vote. I have been hearing reports of large gop turnout but not so good on the dem side, did they buy into the “he’s already won” syndrome.

  304. Hello everyone. I just can’t concentrate at work. I popped in just to find out what’s going on. I am so nervous. McCain just has to do it.

  305. Rendell spining already

    Pennyslvania Governor: Voter turnout looks good- but not as high as he hoped in Philadelphia

    Is that an admission of oh shit.

  306. If Obama loses, he was propped up by so many people. How can Obama play basketball all day when he should be in Hawaii attending to funeral arrangements? Has anyone ever seen grannie? Wonder if there really is a grannie from Kansas?

  307. Will there be a mad rush of voters coming from work until poll closing? It’s not over until its over…so more prayers coming…

  308. rjk1957 Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 4:19 pm
    McCain just said on hannity’s show “Rumors of my death were premature

    Gotta love McCain’s sense of humor.

    I am at work, and cannot concentrate. Plus, I am tired, because my cats are waking me up early, due to the time change. Grrrr……

  309. here in my house [today] we are 1 dem switched to rep since primary , 1 dem [me], 1 indy

    after today all 3 will be independants and never going to back to any party we will forever be “country first”

  310. I am mostly a lurker, and have really enjoyed this site…admin’s articles, picking up new info, great videos, and sometimes just ‘laughing out loud’, because of your comments! for that I Thank You…
    Just want to say that I have never heard the phrase”for the 1st time in my life I’m voting Republican”, and I live in NJ!…AND… today in Luzerne County PA…my Aunt & Uncle, ages 86 and 96, big Clinton supporters,very annoyed with all the commercials, phone calls and piles of mail from the unions and bots…have for the 1st time in their lives voted for McCain/Palin. They’re not telling anyone though, their rebellion is a secret!!!!

  311. thing is that republicans tend to vote in the evening after work, i expect the evening to be heavy republican vote, christ if this is true about low dem turnout, it will be a slaughter.

  312. the only problem with independent is some states like california won’t let you vote for “any” party in the primaries. the way it’s set up here is if you are indie you can only chose between that or dems and not reps. this was set up to keep parties from skewing the elections…

    in other words, term limits, redistricting, rigged voting machines, intimidation, inadequate polling facilities, and split ballots, are all the tools of politicians, all ensure the outcome of the elections and that priviledge has been taken away from the American people.

    voting is no longer free and equal

  313. Ohio

    So far: Turnout at GOP precincts has been unbelievable.

    In Darke Couty, which went 2:1 for Bush in 04, they are looking at 80% turnout and thousands of additional R voters.
    In Allen County, heavy R turnout.
    In Montgomery County (Kerry won by 2% in 04), the west side (D) precincts are coming in under 20% by mid-afternoon!!! Our R precincts are outpacing them 2:1.

    Reports of other red counties are at tremendously high levels.

  314. LOL! I usually am slurring my typos by late night timestamp, but it’s my coomputer system not me I promise! The system slows down

  315. According to Fox, AA turnout in NC not as high as Obama camp was thinking. What a shame, maybe he should have been campaigning like he was going to lose instead of acting like it was over. people who have never voted before tend to say of he won , he does not need my vote….

  316. pm317 Says:

    November 4th, 2008 at 12:16 pm
    OK, I voted for McCain but there was no joy in it.

    I never enjoyed it more.

    I never meant it as much as this time, and believe me, I was extremely motivated in 92, 96, 00, and 04.

  317. Although I only commented here but once before, I have to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to this site esp. Admin. Through all the turmoil of this election season, it has been nice to know there are other like-minded citizens who truly understand what the Democratic Party should stand for and who detest what it has become this year.

    I proudly voted for McCain/Palin today (as did my parents and my sister) – our first Republican votes ever (though I’m only 26) and quite possibly not the last.

    If nothing else, this election has taught me to vote based on character, experience, and policy (not solely on party). I still support Hillary and other Democrats like her and hope one day she will rightfully become President.

  318. I did my part. Voted for McCain. Voted for the Republican against John Kerry. Voted for the Republican against Congressman Tierney.

    In elections where a Democrat ran unopposed, I wrote in Ralph Nadar, Bill Ayers, and Jeramiah Wright. I even voted against my Democratic State Rep who sent my daughter a letter every year for 12 years congratulating her for honor roll.

  319. From

    The McCain-Palin campaign launched the Honest and Open Election hotline to help citizens learn the location of their polling place, as well as report any instances of irregularities at the polls, including voter fraud, intimidation, violence and electioneering. The hotline can be accessed via phone at: 866-976-VOTE.

  320. With Acorn being exposed as a Obama Honey pot of fraudulent registration,cemetery residents,park bench residents,pets
    goldfish,zoo residents and Disney characters A lot of the Obama supporters will be reluctant to show up at polling places.The FBI
    is ready and waiting to lead them to the road to the slammer.
    My gut feeling and the crowds that are evident,restores my faith
    in my patriotic proud,honest and fearless fellow Americans to save our great country in this time peril and reject the Imposter
    from nowhere.

    ,By ABM90 Always the profound optomist and waiting for Hillary

  321. fox news reporting the first exit poll results in about 2 minutes, saying you don’t want to miss this!! some very interesting data coming in!!!

    ADMIN………….where are you????

    will we get a new article in time to blog tonight??

  322. I just voted Republican for the first time. I survived! I survived!

    I am so glad I have all of you.

    Hillary 2012

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