Happy Birthday Hillary!

Happy Birthday Hillary Clinton!

Thanks so much Hillary for your lifetime commitment to better this country and the world. We do appreciate and love you for your dedication and hard work.

Dear Hillary, as you know this is and will always be a Hillary support site.

But many do not understand that the respect and love we have for you does not translate to blind obediance and cult devotion. We can admire and respect and love you as well as disagree with you on on some issues. When you make a mistake we continue to admire and respect and love you. When you frequently say and do the right thing we enjoy applauding you.

We all should confess that much of our feelings towards you are due to a healthy, not ugly, self-interest. You see, your vision for America benefits us. We agree with your vision for America – an inclusive progressive America. We agree with you that the country is in desperate need of Universal health care along with economic responsibility and accountability as well as a return to a strong and diplomatic American foreign policy. We disagree with your “responsibilty gene” conclusion that Barack Obama is the way to get to that America.

In a way Hillary, you can say we agree as to the destination but not the mode of transport.

We also agree with you that the Dimocratic Party should return to the principles of the Democratic Party of FDR. We want an inclusive party not a cult that discriminates and rigs the rules. We want a Democratic Party that fights for voter rights not a Dimocratic Party that disenfranchises states and engages in misogyny.

It’s been a crazy past year. Having supported you Hillary, we have been called “racists” and other epithets. The abuse we used to get from Republicans we now see heaped on Democrats who supported you, Hillary.

The Big Media lies that we hoped Big Blogs would counteract are instead amplified by Big Blogs. Big Blogs and Dimocrats who sold their souls to benefit themselves and their boob candidate will soon learn that if you live by Big Media you will die by Big Media.

Right Wing media outlets we used to revile are now, as Governor Rendell and Lanny Davis have said, Fair and Balanced compared to Big Blogs and Big Media.

It’s all been a very eventful year in your very event filled life, Hillary.

You will continue to have many more eventful years and your influence on events will grow.

Thanks, Hillary.

Happy Birthday!