Beware Of Barack

The John McCain campaign is broadcasting a good advertisment regarding Joe Biden’s Beware of Barack remarks.

Obama is trying to bury the Beware of Barack Biden warning with a glib falsehood that Biden would issue the same warning about President John McCain also vulnerable to a “test” by international opponents. What Obama does not address (which we focused on immediately after hearing Biden) is that Biden also stated that Obama would make decisions as president that would not be popular with Obama supporters. We called it the future “stab in the back” consistent with Obama’s behavior all his life.

Biden warned in his Beware of Barack speech that Obama’s decisions would not be popular nor would Obama’s decisions be viewed as wise by Obama supporters Because it’s not gonna be apparent initially, it’s not gonna be apparent that we’re right.

The full Biden Beware of Barack speech is a chilling and rather specific scenario of events that Biden, but not most Americans, are privy to.

Biden’s Beware of Barack speech is very like Biden’s assessment of Barack Obama during the primaries.

America, you have been warned: Beware of Barack.