Bill – The Bomber

Joe – The Plumber is getting trashed by Barack Obama himself as well as Barack Obama’s Chicago thugs and the ally thugs on Big Blogs. John McCain must defend Joe – The Plumber against thug Obama and his hired thugs and thug allies.

John McCain must utilize the Obama thug attacks which speak to Obama’s character.

The Joe – The Plumber timeline is short and simple. Joe – The Plumber was at home when Obama came to his neighborhood to bamboozle voters. Joe – The Plumber, a citizen asked candidate Obama a question. The question had to do with Joe – The Plumber’s aspirations to one day own a business. Joe – The Plumber asked Obama how Obama’s tax plans would affect Joe – The Plumber’s dream.

Obama responded with an answer about “sharing the wealth” which has gotten Obama into a lot of trouble. Obama therefore is trashing Joe – The Plumber. Obama’s running mate Joe – The Banker’s Biden, also trashed Joe – The Plumber.

John McCain must not run away from this educational moment. John McCain must defend Joe – The Plumber, who is not running for president, from Big Media, Big Blog and Obama thug attacks.

Typical thuggery from Obama in all his campaigns is to dig up dirt such as sex stories and divorce papers of opponents. Obama and his thugs are now digging through Joe – The Plumber’s divorce papers and through his life looking for dirt. John McCain should speak about this typically dirty method of trashing opponents which Obama always employs (all the while pretending he runs a clean campaign). McCain should read just some of our earlier articles on Obama’s Dirty Mud Politics.

Big Media is helping Obama trash an ordinary citizen who simply asked thug Obama a question on taxes. Big Media is investigating like Scotland Yard whether Joe – The Plumber is really a plumber, whether he is licensed, whether his name is really “Joe” or if “Joe” is really a middle name, and yelling that John McCain did not vet Joe – The Plumber.

Joe – The Plumber is an ordinary citizen, not running for president – but Joe – The Plumber is getting vetted by Big Media and Big Blogs more than Barack Obama has ever been vetted.

Joe – The Plumber is an ordinary citizen, not running for president – but Joe – The Plumber is getting vetted by Big Media and Big Blogs more than Barack Obama friends have ever been vetted.

Joe – The Plumber is an ordinary citizen, not running for president – but Joe – The Plumber is getting vetted by Big Media and Big Blogs more than Bill – The Bomber Ayres has ever been vetted.

As we have written Joe – The Plumber is an opportunity for John McCain. John McCain must defend Joe – The Plumber and use this opportunity to ask why Obama has not been vetted with the same vigor. John McCain must defend Joe – The Plumber and use this opportunity to ask why Bill – The Bomber has not been vetted with the same vigor.

One reason why Joe – The Plumber is getting trashed by PINO Big Blogs, and other assorted fake “progressives” is that Joe – The Plumber is to them “white trash” – just another white working class Joe PINOs have contempt for. One reason why Bill – The Bomber is not getting vetted or examined by PINO Big Blogs and other assorted fake “progressives” nor by Big Media is because Bill – The Bomber is one of them – a rich white boy.

The legendary Mike Royko, who wrote for a big Chicago paper but was never of Big Media, wrote about Bill – The Bomber in 1990.

I just finished wading through a long story about a former flaming radical leader named Bill Ayers.

His name won’t mean anything unless you were around in the 1970s, when a group called the Weathermen decided that America was corrupt and immoral and they would have to overthrow it.

They were disappointed, however, when the majority of Americans decided that they didn’t want to take part in a revolution led by a bunch of well-educated young twits from wealthy suburban families.

So the Weathermen had their big revolutionary moment when they got together in Lincoln Park, chanted a lot of mindless slogans, then ran down Clark Street smashing the windows of cars and shops.

Their revolution ran out of steam, and they scattered when they got to a few platoons of cops who were prepared to crack their hairy heads.

They showed up in the Loop the next day, broke some more windows, provided some entertaining TV footage, then dashed off to safety.

This became known in the press as “The Days of Rage,” although I preferred to think of it as the “The Big Foot Stamping Tantrum.”

Anyway, the Weathermen went “underground,” as they liked to put it for dramatic effect. Some later blew themselves up while trying to build a bomb. Apparently they had dozed through their college chemistry classes. A couple of others became robbers, but most universities don’t teach bank heists, or even remedial heisting, so they didn’t have much of a flair for it and wound up in prison.

The others sort of faded away. Some remained “underground” for many years, assuming false names and working in low-profile jobs. They were able to avoid detection because nobody really looked for them or gave a hoot about what they were up to.

That can be embarrassing for a revolutionary. Where’s the fun in being a dangerous radical if more than 200 million people ignore you?

So in the 1980s, they began drifting out of the “underground” and gave themselves up. The problem was finding someone to give themselves up to. The authorities figured that prosecuting them wasn’t worth the bother.

With all forgiven, they’ve rejoined society. Some have even used their prominent family connections – clout they once condemned as evil – to land better jobs than the mopes they hoped to lead to revolution have been able to land.

And one of those who has now become a useful citizen is Bill Ayers, now 45, a parent and an assistant professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago. You may have read all about him in a recent issue of the weekly Reader.

I read the piece because I was curious. Back when he was a young radical, I thought he was kind of a jerk. I wanted to see if there was reason to change this opinion. But, no, I still think he’s a jerk.

As the story noted, he was wearing a T-shirt that read: “America is like a melting pot: the people at the bottom get burned and the scum floats to the top.”

That confirms something I’ve always believed about people like Ayers and his fellow well-born, well-bred suburban revolutionaries. Despite all their fine talk about helping the down-trodden, they had nothing but contempt for those at the bottom. They assumed that those who were born poor couldn’t achieve anything without the leadership and teachings of bright people such as Bill Ayers. So it stands to reason, as the T-shirt implies, that those who managed to accomplish something without Ayers’ help must have used sneaky, low-down methods. Thus, they are “scum.”

Ayers still doesn’t understand. A person doesn’t have to have had a father who was head of one of Illinois’ biggest corporations, as Ayers did. There are all sorts of success stories (they’ve become commonplace) of those who started at the bottom and floated to the top – without becoming scummy along the way.

His dumb T-shirt aside, though, there’s something else that struck me about the Ayers story. In fairness to him, he’s now working for a good cause, improving public education. He’s become a leader in the so-called school reform program. (However, he does send his own kids to private schools. No sense in letting your own offspring get scorched at the bottom of that melting pot.)

But what struck me most about the story was that there was nothing in there about the Persian Gulf. Nothing about Ayers revving up his old anti-war sentiments, now that there are a few hundred thousand American youths in the Mideast desert. Not one word about our being on the brink of a questionable war from someone who made Vietnam protest the reason for his existence. And for having a whoopee time breaking other people’s windows.

Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised. His kids are too young to go, and he’s too old. And it’s been years since he burned his draft card, so he can’t even do that again. Besides, there’s no draft, so why bother?

Maybe he ought to get a new T-shirt. Something that says: “All Volunteer Army. Why Get Excited?”

[In answer to Eric Zorn:] Few cared about Bill – The Bomber in 1990 because he was not a pal then to a potential president. In defense of Bill – The Bomber’s T-shirt: occasionally scum does rise to the top, even the top of a great political party.

John McCain has a teaching opportunity (especially for the voters of Pennsylvania and Ohio) given to him by Obama – The Thug, and Joe – The Plumber, and Bill – The Bomber.