November 5, 2008

This should have been a year for huge Democratic Party victories. But instead of huge solid victories in national, state, and local elections Democrats are suffering because albatross Obama is at the top of the Democratic ticket.

Democrats are not basking in solid victories but instead suffering an election which swings back and forth single digit by single digit. For Democrats this huge election year is as solid as a hanging chad.

An historic economic crisis whose immediate price tag is a trillion dollars, a hated president in the White House, multiple wars, empowered dictatorships abroad, natural disasters testing government efficiency and budgets, barely help to move the American voter to the Democratic Party.

What happened?

The Democratic Party leadership decided to ignore the Democratic grassroots to select Barack Obama. Ignoring the party base is never a good idea. The Democratic Party leadership first tried to get Hillary Clinton out of the race immediately after the first vote in Iowa. As some facts emerged about Obama and Hillary Clinton won the big Democratic states the Democratic Party leadership instead of pausing in its selection of Obama decided instead to game the system for Obama, including the awarding of Michigan delegates even though Obama was not even on that ballot.

As the primary season developed it became clear that for the Democratic Party leadership this year was about seizing control of the party for the eggheads and not so much about actually winning the election.

* * *

What should Hillary Clinton primary voters and supporters do? What should Hillary Clinton do?

We must remember that Hillary Clinton supporters can only control our own actions. We cannot control Hillary Clinton’s actions. We can make recommendations and make our positions clear but Hillary Clinton will do what Hillary Clinton feels and thinks is right for her.

* * *

Below is what we think needs to happen, what we suggest Hillary Clinton do, and what we need to get done.

I. Only help Hillary Clinton Democrats in the 2008 elections.

II. Post election, Hillary Clinton should create a grassroots organization.

III. Hillary Clinton should NOT run for Senate Majority Leader.

IV. Fight to elect a new Democratic Party chairperson that represents the Democratic grassroots not the eggheads and kooks.

V. Elect new leadership at all levels in the Senate, House and DNC.

VI. Keep pro-Hillary grassroots organizations and websites intact.

VII. Create new replacement organizations.

VIII. Be prepared for a protracted struggle.

We believe Barack Obama will lose the NOvember election. There will be more Democrats elected to the Senate and House of Representatives this NOvember but not nearly as many as we would have gained if Hillary Clinton was the Democratic Party nominee. A great many Party leaders will be in shock. Many party leaders will not believe that it was possible to lose this election.

A big question will be what lessons the eggheads, DailyKooks and Democratic Party leaders take from the November 4, 2008 loss. Will the nutroots retreat and acknowledge they authored the civil war within the Democratic Party as well as the NOvember defeat?

Will the nutroots do what George McGovern did when he acknowledged his role in a massive electoral defeat and work to reform the process? Or will the nutroots and Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi resist and persist in their infamy?

On November 5, 2008 we doubt that the DailyKooks, the eggheads, and the Brazile’s will learn the right lesson. The right lesson is that the FDR coalition is a winning coalition and the Obama Situation Comedy coalition is a loser. The Kooks and eggheads will probably blame Hillary, Bill, racisim, anything, for the loss. These people will not let go of their stranglehold on the Democratic Party due to their own self-interest.

I. Only help Hillary Clinton Democrats in the 2008 elections. Hillary supporters should only help elect Democrats who supported Hillary during the primaries (before June 3, 2008). Those elected, or want to be elected, Democrats who supported Obama should not be helped in any way.

II. Post election, Hillary Clinton should create a grassroots organization. This grassroots organization should employ strong Hillary supporters, not the faint of heart. The proposed grassroots organization should look at the best activism models of Howard Dean’s DFA (Dean For America, which morphed into Democracy For America) and Dennis Kucinich’s PDA (Progressive Democrats of America). This organization should not appease in any way the nutroots. Working with, and defending Move-On, DailyKooks, and other nutroot websites only got Hillary Clinton backstabbed.

We note that recently Hillary Clinton created, via HillPac, a grassroots program called Hillary Sent Me. This program should, under competent and strong leadership, be reconstituted after the election into the grassroots organization we propose.

The Hillary Sent Me program is designed to get out the vote for Democrats this election season. Hillary Sent Me will be inaugurated on September 27 in New Hampshire.There are some things we do like (NOT the potential help to B.O. component) about the Hillary Sent Me program.

What we like about Hillary Sent Me is that Obama can be ignored and instead Hillary supporters can invest their time and money in helping other Hillary supporters. In the Meet Our Candidates page the featured candidates are Ed Towns, Dina Titus, and Chris Carney. All three of these candidates endorsed Hillary during the primaries.

Hillary supporters helping Hillary supporters, Rep. Ed Towns just won a tough primary, fueled in part by his decision to back Senator Clinton over Senator Obama in the Presidential campaign.

Dina Titus, also supported Hillary during the primaries, The Gleaner reports that the 2006 Democratic gubernatorial nominee and State Senator from Las Vegas Dina Titus today endorsed Hillary Clinton for President.

Chris Carney also supported Hillary during the primaries. U.S. Rep. Chris Carney ended months of mulling it over and announced Thursday he’s backing New York Sen. Hillary Clinton for president.

III. Hillary Clinton should NOT run for Senate Majority Leader. The Democrats in the Senate do not deserve Hillary or any assistance Hillary might provide to them. Hillary should lead by example not as part of a backstabbing Senate Democrats bureaucracy. Hillary Clinton is now more powerful than ever and does not need the Senate Democrats. The contrary is true, the Senate Democrats need her.

While we understand that there are some grassroots activists calling for Hillary to be elected as Senate Majority Leader we suggest they reconsider this proposal. Hillary will be the de facto Senate leader after NOvember.

In the formal role of Senate Majority Leader Hillary would only tie herself to, be forced to help, and be forced to listen to those Senators (Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd, Obama) who backstabbed her.

Further, if the Democratic Party does not listen to reason and remains under the control of the nutroots and the Braziles of the Party, it will take another election loss in 2010 to bring the Democratic Party to its senses. Hillary Clinton as majority leader would be in the ridiculous position of helping Barack Obama get reelected!

If the Democrats do not learn their lesson in NOvember 2004, they will need to lose again in 2010. Hillary Clinton as Majority Leader would only place herself in position to be blamed for further Democratic losses in 2010.

In 2010 Hillary can help those that helped Hillary and to blazes with the rest. Christopher Dodd, Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, Barbara Boxer of California, Ken Salazar of Colorado, Daniel Inouye of Hawaii, Barack Obama of Illinois, Evan Bayh of Indiana, Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, Harry Reid of Nevada, Chuck Schumer of New York, Byron Dorgan North Dakota, Ron Wyden of Oregon, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Patty Murray of Washington, Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, – let Hillary Clinton decide whom to help and whom to let sink. Hillary should not tie herself bureaucratically to all Senate Democrats.

IV. Fight to elect a new Democratic Party chairperson that represents the Democratic grassroots not the eggheads and kooks. Immediately after the election we all need to fight to get rid of Howard Dean and the Braziles (and their influence) as well as the Obama incense burners in the Democratic National Committee. Once Obama loses we need to make the case that the Democratic Party must return to the FDR winning coalition. The bigger the Obama loss the easier reorganization of the Democratic Party can be done (it might require a further loss in 2010 for some at the DNC to wise up).

However there are many Democratic State Party chairs who will want the money flowing to their states from DNC coffers to continue. This money program is one way Howard Dean secured his position at the DNC. If these party chairs do not acknowledge the disaster which is the Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi “leadership” a further defeat in 2010 might be necessary.

V. Elect new leadership at all levels in the Senate, House and DNC. We must elect new leadership at all levels in the Senate, House and DNC. Again, this job will be easier depending on the size of the Democratic defeat in NOvember. Clearly Nancy Pelosi must resign as must Jim Clyburn. A Democratic Congress which passes FISA, something the Republican Congress did not do, does not deserve to exist. We need new strong leadership in both houses of Congress and the DNC. Let Hillary Clinton allies take leadership positions in the House, Senate, and DNC.

VI. Keep pro-Hillary grassroots organizations and websites intact. Many pro-Hillary grassroots organizations and websites have become experts on where the great party of FDR has gone wrong. This leadership is a new, necessary fresh infusion of blood which must be respected. Old line Washington hands who supported Hillary are important but the pro-Hillary grassroots deserve a great deal of credit and respect too.

VII. Create new replacement organizations. We heartily applauded when the new organization WomenCount defended Governor Palin against sexist attacks. WomenCount passed an important test when it stood by principle. We need to create more of these organizations to replace the tired “mainline” organizations (particularly “women’s organizations). The new organizations should also retain their fighting spirit and not fall into the moribund states older organizations have sadly fallen into.

Organizations such as NARAL should either be completely destroyed or their “leadership”, which supported Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, must be removed.

Hillary Clinton was instrumental in creating many organizations dedicated to protecting the constitution, watchdog Big Media, and advance core Democratic values. Over the years many of these organizations have lost their way and did not speak up when Hillary was under attack. These organizations too must either be replaced or reorganized and restocked with fighting Hillary Clinton Democrats.

VIII. Be prepared for a protracted struggle. Hillary Clinton will have to “triangulate” for the good of all Americans in order to get things done. Hillary will work with her allies in the Senate and the House and the Democratic Party as well as her good friend President McCain.

If the Dimocrats do not learn their lesson this NOvember, they will have to suffer another defeat in the midterm elections of 2010.

If the Dimocrats do not learn to respect the Democratic grassroots, including the white working class as well as Latinos and African-Americans, they will continue to lose. The Dimocratic “leadership” must learn they cannot select our Democratic Party nominee.

If the Dimocrats do not learn to respect the FDR coalition, the winning coalition, they will lose this NOvember and in the midterms of 2010. If the Dimocrats do not learn their lessons and release the stranglehold of the nutroots and eggheads they will continue to lose election after election.

We, and Hillary Clinton must lead a reform movement within the Democratic Party. It will be a protracted struggle which officially begins on November 5, 2008.