Paris Hilton vs. Hanoi Hilton

The general election is finally on. Democrats are in a panic because they are beginning to understand the historic blunder they have made in selecting as a nominee the unqualified Barack Obama. We’ll discuss today why John McCain is immune to wimpy Democratic attacks and why this is an election between two locations – Obama, a denizen of the Paris Hilton, against John McCain, a former resident of the Hanoi Hilton.

[We are generous when we say the Democrats have made a “blunder”. In fact, the selection of Barack Obama was an organized effort by the Democratic leadership of Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry. The Democratic grassroots, especially after Obama began to be slightly vetted in the wake of the Jeremiah Wright revelations, rejected Obama but the Democratic leadership persisted and even disenfranchised millions of voters in Florida and Michigan and even stole delegate votes from Hillary to bolster Obama. This history is why what passes for the Democratic Party today is NOT unified in any sense of the word.]

The Democrats are in a panic and the nutroots are nuttier than usual. The Democratic panic is due to the tight polls in what was supposed to be a massive Democratic victory year and because Obama is no longer the “new thing”. The new sensation is now Governor Sarah Palin whose “Palin Power” popularity eclipses Obama. Today we also learned that more Americans watched John McCain’s address at the Republican convention than suffered through Il Duce Obama’s meanderings at the Democratic convention.

The Democratic nutroots and the Obama/Democratic leadership are mounting desperate attacks on Governor Palin (such as the laughable E-bay plane story) which do not tarnish but rather polish Governor Palin’s reputation. The failed nutroots smear campaign of faked pregnancies, incest and “gate” stories has not destroyed Governor Palin but rather secured her position as a political superstar – which brings us to our topic of the day.

John McCain is a former prisoner of war. The Democratic nutroots mock this history and deride every mention of McCain’s POW story. This derision is understandable. Even the nutroots and Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry understand that the POW story is a powerful narrative. But there is something more powerful going on here.

There have been other war veterans who have run for office but they have lost. John McCain has something these war veterans have that the war veterans that lost did not have.

What is that certain something? Let’s review a bit of history.

Dwight David Eisenhower, who led Allied forces to victory in World War II won election in post-war America. John Kennedy, a genuine war hero won election in 1960. George McGovern was a war hero but was destroyed in the 1972 election. George Herbert Walker Bush was a war veteran who was elected because he was Ronald Reagan’s vice president but lost to Bill Clinton in 1992. Bob Dole, a genuine war hero with a chewed up shoulder, arm, and hand, lost to Bill Clinton as well. War hero John Kerry had his medals used against him. Other genuine war heros, think Democratic senator Max Cleland who lost multiple limbs in Vietnam but was labeled as a quasi terrorist supporter, also lost elective office when their war records were either challenged or viciously trashed.

In each above case, one of the distinguishing features was a rather mechanical factor: were there any pictures? The big losers in the history above (Cleland, Kerry, Dole, McGovern) did not have any movie footage, video or any way to “exploit” their genuine heroics.

Kennedy had no movies of his heroics (the movie of Kennedy and P.T. Boat 109 was made in 1963). But Kennedy cleverly reminded the voters of his heroics with constant reminders of his World War II exploits (coconuts, fellow sailors, replicas of P.T. Boat 109).

Eisenhower was a vivid memory and there were thousands of “newsreels” shown of Eisenhower exploits during World War II. There was minor amount of H.W. Bush footage being rescued from the sea but not much else to save him from the Bill Clinton campaign. Other than a few photos of Bob Dole in bed nursing his injuries there was not much else to validate the war hero’s travails. Likewise Kerry had only reproduced evidence, not on the spot video, to memorialize his heroics – which eventually was utilized again Kerry.

But of John McCain there is plenty of powerful videotape evidence of suffering. Democratic attacks against McCain are simply insufficient to counter the powerful and emotional effect of McCain’s suffering. The argument is not that McCain, because his plane was shot down, is qualified to be president. The argument is that McCain can be trusted – McCain has already paid the price for his country. This suffering grants McCain a sort of immunity that will be difficult to overcome.

To watch the 31 year old McCain surrounded by his captors at the “Hanoi Hilton” is to bear witness to McCain’s suffering. McCain is not making the story of his suffering up nor is McCain exaggerating his suffering. When Americans watch young John McCain injured and flat on his back while his captors surround him and question him is a powerful emotional connection that is denied only by the Hopium addled.

Hillary Clinton by dint of her experience, by dint of her long history of a different type of suffering would have had a chance against John McCain. That Hillary Clinton had established a relationship with white working class voters in states such as Kentucky and West Virginia as well as in Western Pennsylvania and Southern Ohio would have made her a powerful opponent against John McCain. But Obama?

The Democratic Party died when it plotted to destroy Hillary Clinton and her FDR coalition of supporters and instead selected the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama.

After dumping Hillary and her FDR coalition the newly born Disco Democrats with their multi-colored lights and dancefloor convention are now confounded by the rise of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

Governor Sarah Palin in July 2007 traveled to Kuwait to visit with American troops from Alaska. Governor Palin also visited Germany in July 2007. Governor Palin visited wounded American troops at Landstuhl Medical Center. Obama snubbed American troops but made all the time necessary to exercise at the Hilton Ritz-Carlton and to speak to his wonderful German fans.

One of the reasons why the McCain “celebrity” ads against Obama were so effective is that Americans know enough of Obama to know that lounge lizard Obama would fit right at home having drinks with Paris Hilton at the Paris Hilton.

Americans also know that McCain carries within himself memories of his stay at the “Hanoi Hilton”.

In this “YouTube Election” video matters. Obama has tourist pictures of his great time during his European Vacation. McCain has a video of his stay at the Hanoi Hilton.


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  1. “Sarah’s smile is sincere, which I never felt from Hillary, who has anger and resentment in her eyes,” said Ann Schmuecker, a delegate from Mountain Home, Arkansas, where she met the Clintons decades ago.

    Another reason I will never become a Republican, though I’m not by any means voting for BO.

  2. Thank you Admin,

    Another beautiful and eloquently written article.

    And may I just add how tired I am of the media pundits saying that Palin will not be ready on day 1!

    She is running for V.P. Obama is running for president. He definitely won’t be ready for day 1! Why the heck is he even in the equation???

  3. I make no bones about why I’m voting McCain- I want th3 DNC destroyed. I want it rebuilt and ready for Hillary’s election in 2012. And any mutherfucker who thinks they will get in her way in 2012 better fucking bring a big ass army. Hillary has 18 million of us and counting.

  4. Dead on, admin.

    Oh, and I am hearing that McCain’s speech last night put the “bloodthirsty warmonger” feeling to rest for a lot of people.

    When he stood there and said he knew better than anyone the horrors of war, and would never make that decision lightly, it resonated. The man meant it. That part of his speech came from somewhere very deep inside. He may still be more hawkish on policy than they’d (or I’d) like, but I have zero doubt that unlike egotistical poser Bush, he would search his soul long and hard before committing to send men and women into harm’s way.

    Obama wouldn’t. He’d decide from his ivory tower, with his sense of self-importance and need to prove himself affecting every judgement.

  5. Excellent, Admin.

    McCain’s authenticity is on display for all to see as he lies there helplessly, struggling valiantly to maintain his dignity and composure during what I can only imagine must have been excruciating pain both from injuries suffered during the crash and then by the beating and stabbing inflicted by the villagers who captured him.

    Throw in the fact he was a kid, mid-twenties, and that he’d been offered a chance to return to the states after that horrible accident on the air craft carrier where 120+ others died but chose reassignment and the courage he displayed is breathtaking.

    BTW, I’m sure you’ve seen the footage of him sliding down the nose of his aircraft trying to escape the flames as the aircraft carrier caught fire.

    He is a true hero.

  6. People focus! I can’t get mad at Republicans after what I wrote on this site and others about REPUGS but Obama is dangerous and would be harmful to this country.

    His and others in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY leadership have no problem selling this great country down the river and if you don’t think that…then go replay that ROLL CALL vote and reread all the accounts coming about what happened to Hillary’s delegates in Denver.

    The was a disgrace to democracy. A TRUE POWER GRAB by a BUNCH of Chicago Thugs and Greedy weak politicians like NANCY PELOSI/HOWARD DEAN/JOHN KERRY/DONNA BRAZILE/JIM CLYBURN.

    I’m placing my COUNTRY FIRST and voting McCAIN/PALIN

  7. Hey, Ive made my decision, is as much as I’m for the democrats, I’m going with



  8. I haven’t seen that video, Basil.

    I only know that there isn’t a question in my mind that McCain is a man of honor and decency. No, I don’t agree with him politically, but I respect him, and I’m grateful to him for what he’s done for this country.

    Time after time after time, I’ve heard Obamabots mock McCains injuries and call him a warmonger. I don’t think anyone who has ever lived through a war, or lived through the experience of being tortured in a POW camp , EVER delights in war. But more to the point…what kind of selfish, twisted ,waste of space finds humor in what ANY soldier goes through or HAS gone through?! I wish just once that some hippie dippy Obama supporters would do that in my presence, just so that I could have the supreme satisfaction of spitting right in their face.

  9. Admin, Thank you for another very moving posting. Last night, when I listened to McCain, he sounded honest and sincere. I don’t believe that was faked. He will do his best to protect this country, and not to place our young adults in harm’s way. I don’t agree with everything, but I do believe “Country First.” Bo’s priorities are to himself, and I do believe, he would be dangerous for this country, because he would not know, what to do. Relying on advisors is not always a good thing. Some things are based upon experience and knowledge of the situation. BO has neither, the experience or the knowledge to perform well as POTUS. I am so angry with the DNC leadership, that I could spit nails. They have to go.

  10. ADMIN!!!!! Can you please embed. This is old footage of the U.S.S.Forrestral explosion. There is another clip somewhere that shows McCain climbing down the nose of his plane.

    A brief description of the incident.

    About 10:50 (local time), a Zuni rocket fired from an F-4 Phantom II by an electrical power surge hit an A-4 Skyhawk getting ready to launch, piloted by Lt. Cmdr. John McCain.

    The missile struck and knocked off the aircraft’s fuel tank and started a fire.

    With his aircraft surrounded by flames, John McCain escaped from his jet by climbing out of the cockpit, walking down the nose, and jumping off the refueling probe.

    Video tape shot aboard the U.S.S Forrestal shows McCain narrowly escaping the explosion[1].

    The fire left 132 Forrestal crewmen dead, 62 more injured, and two missing and presumed dead.

  11. More than 40 million tune in to Palin’s speech

    LOS ANGELES – Barack Obama apparently isn’t the only “rock star” in presidential politics this year.

    After days of intense media coverage about Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s qualifications, more than 40 million Americans tuned in Wednesday to see for themselves what they thought of her.

    The huge audience for Palin’s acceptance speech rivaled that for Obama’s address at the Democratic National Convention six days earlier, and set a tough standard for the top of her own ticket. John McCain was to accept the GOP presidential nomination on Thursday

    The first two days of the GOP convention essentially served as a build-up for Palin. The Alaska governor hadn’t spoken publicly since McCain selected her for the ticket last Friday, as a series of stories circulated questioning whether McCain had properly vetted her.

    Her poised speech, primarily going after Obama and touting McCain’s case for the presidency, was gushed over by many analysts.

    An audience of 37.2 million people watched Palin on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News Channel and MSNBC, Nielsen Media Research said Thursday. PBS estimated its audience at 3.9 million, based on a less reliable sample of several big cities. Nielsen does not count the audience for C-SPAN, which also showed the speech.

    Last week, Nielsen said 38.4 million people watched Obama speak at a Denver stadium on the six commercial networks, along with BET, TV One, Univision and Telemundo — four networks that didn’t cover Palin’s speech. PBS added an estimated 4 million to that total.

    Nearly 2 million more women were watching Palin than men, Nielsen said.

    Viewers were far more interested in Palin than Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden. Biden’s speech to Democrats last week was seen by an estimated 24 million people.

    The audiences for the Obama and Palin speeches were bigger than the ones this year for the Academy Awards, the finale of “American Idol” or the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing.

    Nearly 120 million Americans voted in the 2004 presidential election and numbers could be higher this year because of young and minority voters attracted to Obama, and renewed enthusiasm among Republicans for their ticket.

    Fox News Channel led the way Wednesday, with 9.2 million people watching Palin’s speech on the cable channel. It was the third-largest audience in its history, behind only President Bush’s speech on Iraq in March 2003 and a Bush-Kerry presidential debate in 2004.

    For each night of the GOP convention so far, Fox’s audience has been bigger than any of the other cable or broadcast networks. That duplicates a feat accomplished at the 2004 Republican convention for Fox, the first time a cable network had outdrawn broadcasters for a major news event.

    NBC had 7.7 million viewers for Palin’s speech, followed in order by CNN, ABC, CBS and MSNBC, Nielsen said.

    © 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

  12. justmeinmountdorafl

    it is a hard decision I know, especially being devoted to the causes we have fought for through out the years.

    I would say it is a wise decision for this time and place.

  13. Okay I just have to say this. Fox News keeps talking about the huge backlash against the media for its attacks on Palin this week and how this is going to really damage their credibility.

    While I agree with this statement, I just can’t believe that no one is talking about how the media treated Hillary…

  14. BTW, there was something interesting buried in Patrick Healy’s N.Y. Times article on Hillary campaigning for Obama: He mentioned her running in 2012 OR 2016. So even if Obama wins, the door is still open. Biden will be no threat in ’16.

  15. Ordinary appeal looks like a winner
    Tracee Hutchison
    September 6, 2008
    THE MORE I see of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin the more convinced I am that she is shaping up to smash that whopping great glass ceiling in the White House as the first female VP of the US. And the more convinced I am that — given the option — sexism trumps racism every time.

    Since last week’s surprise announcement that Palin would be John McCain’s Republican running mate the self-styled gun-toting hockey mum from Wasilla, Alaska, has been pilloried from one side of the US to the other.

    Everyone it seems from the quiet mutterings of the Democrats to the loud shrieking of pundits has been quick to dismiss the former mayor of Wasilla and current Alaskan Governor as a far-right, far-out lightweight from the back blocks. Too inexperienced to be a heartbeat away from the most powerful job in the world, too extreme in her views and values to govern for all Americans.

    Her pro-oil, pro-life, pro-gun policy positions have been mocked as dangerous and outdated and her family’s private peccadilloes slapped across newspapers around the world. But the more middle-America sees of Mrs Palin the more I suspect it sees itself: a God and country-loving working mother of five who, at 44, has clearly juggled the work-life balance to have it warts and all. There’s an amiable-looking husband who was done for drink driving at 22, an enlisted son, a pregnant teenage daughter and a Down syndrome baby — each one ticking big boxes with ordinary Americans who are no doubt familiar with all those challenges and blessings Sarah Palin so deftly alluded to in her knock-out speech at the Republican convention this week.

    “Here’s a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I’m not going to Washington to seek their good opinion — I’m going to Washington to serve the people of this great country.” Sarah Palin’s VP nomination acceptance speech might well have been written by first-class political speechwriters but she made the words and the sentiment her own as she delivered them with breath-taking aplomb.

    And while her choice of children’s names (Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper and Trig) might well be the greatest cause for concern about her judgement, increasingly the Palin family factor is making the Obama/Biden camp look like middle-class elitists.

    It is also precisely the reason Sarah “Barracuda” Palin’s place on the Republican ticket was such a masterstroke. You don’t have to agree with her policies or personal views to see how easy it would be for Americans to vote for her. This is a country, after all, that put Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush in the White House. Not to mention the Terminator Governor in the state of California.

    And Australians should never forget how a woman called Pauline Hanson rode a wave of insular, patriotic sentiment all the way to Canberra. I have no doubt that if John Howard had had the option of running one/two on a Howard/Hanson presidential ticket we would have seen it. Back then fish’n’chips were to ordinary Australians what moose-stew is to ordinary Americans right now. The times might be different but people, by and large, never really change. And the more Sarah Palin is attacked — much of it driven by an overtly sexist media — the more attractive I suspect she is becoming. To women and men.

    That she has taken on the good old boys of the conservative Right and emerged with her beehive hairdo barely ruffled will be striking big chords with women all over America. And her life membership of the NRA must surely be a wet dream to millions of American men. Every time American television networks play that clip of Palin asking what a VP actually does it is countered ten-fold by the footage of her taking aim with a semi-automatic rifle on a military training range.

    But almost on cue questions of how a mother of five might juggle the demands of being VP have circulated. And just before she took the stage at the Republican convention rumours of an affair were being consumed in supermarket checkout queues courtesy of the National Enquirer. Seemed par for the course really. Wouldn’t want a woman to get ahead of herself now would we? Lest we forget Hillary and the sisterhood of the travelling pantsuit.

    Sarah Palin’s favourite one liner is that the only difference between a hockey mum and a pit bull is lipstick. The way things are shaping for the Alaskan Governor it might just be the thing that propels her into history. Kind of ironic really.

    Tracee Hutchison is a writer and broadcaster

  16. JanH, Hillary didn’t have her own party defending her. In fact, they were as guilty as anybody. Palin’s lucky in that regard.

  17. O’Reilly had that body language expert (and I use the term loosely) on. She’s decided that Palin was arrogant and condescending in her acceptance speech while Obama just wanted to win O’Reilly over to his side in the interview.

    I practically gagged.

  18. She’s decided that Palin was arrogant and condescending in her acceptance speech

    Good, then she can fight Obama with inside expertise. 😉

  19. Body language expert my ass, i could tell more about body language than her.

    She’s a frumpy cow who aint had it in a while so she has to hit out at other people, she couldnt tell if she was getting hit on, even if the guy whacked her in the face with his joystick.

  20. This is disgusting… Dailykooks’ latest smear against Palin: She Has an Affair!!!
    h t t p : / /

    Another Palin smear bites the dust
    Nutcase bloggers will have to find another smear against Sarah Palin … again. Did you hear that Todd Palin’s former business partner tried to get his divorce records sealed? Conspiracy theorists immediately began speculating on line that Sarah Palin — that vixen! — must have had an affair and broken up the marriage. Why else would the partner suddenly act to seal his records?
    As the Smoking Gun discovered, Scott Richter wanted them sealed — to protect himself from conspiracy theorists (h/t: William Amos):

  21. Body language is very subjective. In the past, I have noticed some of the analysis to be off base and made to fit, the narrative that the commenator wanted to project.

  22. Couldn’t believe that Campbell Soup on CNN insinuated that green backdrop behind McCain (grassy lawn of a middle school) was sabotage, and more would be coming out. Agreed. Planted protestors – by most accounts granted media passes from MSNBC – and teleprompters that “messed up” on Guiliani and Palin were also IMHO also sabotage efforts. WHICH MEANS – that the RNC obviously had infiltrators and technicians charged with “doing everything superbly.” Like Laura Ingraham said on O’Reilly – in any other situation with such high stakes, HEADS WOULD ROLL.

    WHICH BRINGS ME TO THIS POINT – again, IMHO – the McCain campaign needs to make its own “sweep”, and find out who in their media/stump/rallies may be SETTING THEM UP. You probably heard about the hot mic “accidentally left on” at MSNBC before Palin’s speech, with two prominent Republican media consultants were trashing McCain and Palin in essence. Meant to undermine her performance and embarrass all parties. Probably a payback from the Jesse Jackson debacle.

    I AM CONVINCED that there are more Bill Richardsons – Judas’ – in this election cycle. The McCain campaign must, somehow find out if they are being literally “sold out” – bought off by Soros and company. Not only do I believe that there are close operatives that are spies, but it could also be the Secret Service.

    As I recall, the Obama camp had a complete and abrupt security detail change some months ago. Perhaps it is time for the McCain to the same – suddenly and without warning. It has been my contention all along, that when the DNC moved their headquarters to Chicago to be protected (and staffed) by mobster Chicago thugs – that that the Daley machine has been planted in the most unlikely places – McCain camp.

    Anyone else get the feeling that there are entrenched Obamabots among the McCain camp – too close for comfort?

  23. Here we go again. Obama falsely accuses McCain of smears.

  24. Jan: She was condescending towards BO during her speech. It was appropriate. LOL.


    She can be as condescending as she likes, the SOB deserves it.

  25. My personal favourite.

    How many Obama’s does it take to change a lightbulb.

    One but he was hoping it would change itself.

  26. Too many coincidences that “screw-ups” within the RNC during McCain, Palin and Guiliani speeches were happenstance. Has to be plants within the McCain camp as well as technicians paid off to botch telepromptors, protestors to knock McCain off message, and have green backdrop. C’mon people I smell lots of rats and think the McCain needs to make a complete sweep and have their own inside “set up”? Secret Service needs to be changed out abruptly, also.

  27. Paula: I don’t believe anything that comes from the BO camp. They are experts at lying and smearing other people. Just reflect it back to them.

  28. Do what i used to do with my staff. Feed them all one different line of false information and tell them only a few people know and you find out the mole quicker than lightening.

  29. The failure of Alpharetta’s Integrity Bank has likely wiped out the investments of some notable Atlantans, including CNN anchor Lou Dobbs and a legislator that serves on the state Senate’s bank committee.

    Integrity Bank, a subsidiary of Integrity Bancshares Inc., was taken over by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. on Aug. 29. The bank’s deposits were sold to the Atlanta operations of Birmingham, Ala.-based Regions Financial Corp.

    The bank’s failure illustrates the risks shareholders and directors assumed when they bought into fast-growing lenders fueled by the home-building boom.

    Many bank investors bought in on promises of a high-growth industry immune to the risks of a downturn. Investors foresaw outsized returns after a bank was quickly grown and sold to a larger competitor within a matter of three to five years.

  30. Hilarious Biden shaking in his boots. Lowering expectations but who’s.

    I mean I really think Biden does not want to do this.

    Joe Biden CNN Interview Thursday morning 9/4/08.

    Quote – “If it gets down to who can deliver the toughest lines, then you know, she’s going to win the debate”. “She was good, she was very good.”

  31. Poor Joe…he’s screwed no matter what he does.

    Fake an illness, Joe. Say you have family commitments. Just get the hell out of Dodge!

  32. And, while I’m grateful as hell HRC isn’t the co-captain on this sinking ship, make NO MISTAKE…she would have taken The Barracuda apart brick by painful brick.

  33. # birdgal Says:
    September 5th, 2008 at 9:52 pm

    Moon: are you making those up?


    Why are they terrible?

  34. Idunn,
    Yes HRC would have taken down Barracuda but – she could take down a fake useless zero – BHO. I cannot believe that. I know, I know. Everyone was with Obama from DNC to media to left nuts – but I thought HRC being the nominee was a sure thing. I would betted my life on it. I couldn’t believe it could go so wrong!!!!

  35. Moon: Most are very good. The last one had me laughing. “The one we were waiting for didn’t show up.”

    Pretty funny.

  36. So apperently Ferraro is for BO now. The Biden pick “did it” for her. Geeze, I was never a big Biden fan.


    Shows how forward she looks. After what he did to her, she’s going to support him, how spineless, sorry but it is.

  37. # Idunn Says:
    September 5th, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    How many Obamas does it take to change a lightbulb at 3 am , Moon?

    I dont know………………

  38. ferraro threatened with what, banishment to the old democrats retirement home. No more invites to the sunday tea party.

    No its towing the party line again and its sickening.

  39. To the DNC, to the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY, to NANCY PELOSI, to HOWARD DEAN, to JOHN KERRY, to the Corrupt Chicago Political Machine…get use to another failed attempt.


    Your action has proven to be “not ready for primetime” and your values and principles have been corrupted by your own Greed and Jealousy.

    How much money did you spend on that “JOKE” of a convention?

    And you think spending all that money is what the American people wanted? HELL NO, it’s what KING OBAMA wanted…I’m not going to celebrate HYPOCRISY from those how say they are looking at the least of us….puhlease, who do you take me for.

    An Idiot!

    Obama is just as bad as all those ENRON CEO’s that spent lavishly while their own employees and retirees lost their pensions.


  40. I’m sorry, i don’t know what principals these people have, if BO had done to me what he’d done to Ferraro, it would be a cold day in hell before i’d give him shit off my shoe. I’d whoop his ass from here to Mexico and back.

    I hope we find out Hillary had a good reason to cave in to Obama because if there isnt one, I’ll be sooooo pissed.


    This is a great post. My favorite LOL line:

    McCain’s age is transformed from crabby old fart to avuncular pater familias.

  42. How much money did you spend on that “JOKE” of a convention?

    100 million?


    Just think how many peoples home could have been saved from foreclosure with that.

  43. One thing is after that speech, Obama canot dare to call McCain old and senile, just look at Biden on the campaign trail to see that.

    McCain looked very good for 72 last night and his Mother, 96 and still that spritely.

  44. well my thoughts are that she has played a large role in Hillary supporters not supporting obama IMHO

    so i can’t help but think that BHO didn’t like that much… perhaps enough to threaten her to get on board

  45. moon, Hillary caved to no one. She can’t be seen as not working hard for Obama. It’s that simple. However, this just reminds people he needs her to save his ass, which hardly reflects well on him. After, it was Hillary and Bill’s speeches that gave him his convention bounce in the first place.

  46. The Real ’08 Fight: Clinton v. Palin?

    Published: September 5, 2008
    ST. PAUL — The names at the top of the ballot on Nov. 4 will be McCain and Obama, but the juicier battle this fall for an important group of swing voters — white working women with children — may be fought between the other two stars of the Republican and Democratic conventions, Sarah Palin and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Ms. Palin, the governor of Alaska and Mr. McCain’s running mate, gave the best speech of her party’s convention on Wednesday night, drawing 37 million television viewers. And she made it clear that she aimed to win over undecided women voters with her own version of the history-making, “I’m one of you” message that Mrs. Clinton employed to great effect in her fight for the Democratic nomination.

    Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, has a legacy to protect: She has no intention of turning over her “18 million cracks in the glass ceiling,” as she called her supporters, to Ms. Palin, a social conservative whose policy positions are poison in Hillaryland. What is more, Mrs. Clinton wants to be the one to make history as the first woman to win at the top of a presidential ticket, be it in 2012 or 2016.

    The question is, will Mrs. Clinton fight Ms. Palin to help her former rival, Mr. Obama? Clinton advisers say that Mrs. Clinton wants to do everything she can to elect Mr. Obama, so that she cannot be blamed if he loses — yet she also does not want to be too closely associated with him if he does lose, nor to tarnish her own image by taking on a rookie national politician like Ms. Palin and possibly coming up short.

    Mrs. Clinton is heading to Florida on Monday to campaign for Mr. Obama. And while his advisers expect her to serve as a counterweight to the McCain-Palin ticket, Clinton advisers are emphatic that Mrs. Clinton does not plan to attack Ms. Palin. Whether that remains the case through the fall is an open question, especially if Ms. Palin starts doing as well with, say, women who watch “The View” as Mrs. Clinton did.

    Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Palin have little in common beyond their breakout performances at the conventions and the soap opera aspects of their family lives. Mrs. Clinton always faces high expectations; Ms. Palin faced low expectations this week, and benefited from them. Mrs. Clinton can seem harsh when she goes on the attack; Ms. Palin has shown a knack for attacking without seeming nasty. Mrs. Clinton has a lot of experience; Ms. Palin, not so much. Mrs. Clinton is pantsuits; Ms. Palin is skirts.

    Some Republican delegates in St. Paul saw starker differences.

    “Sarah’s smile is sincere, which I never felt from Hillary, who has anger and resentment in her eyes,” said Ann Schmuecker, a delegate from Mountain Home, Arkansas, where she met the Clintons decades ago.

    Friends of Mrs. Clinton, meanwhile, say she is the Obama campaign’s greatest weapon in pointing out Democrats’ differences with Ms. Palin and Mr. McCain.

    “With two Supreme Court vacancies likely in the next four years, Senator Clinton will remind women it is not in their interests to allow Governor Palin to be one heartbeat from the presidency,” said Lanny Davis, a former special counsel to President Clinton and a long-time friend of Mrs. Clinton.

    If the election remains close, the next president could very well be picked by what Chris Lehane, a Democratic strategist, calls “Wal-Mart Moms” — white working women with children living in the exurbs and in rural parts of battleground states, who may make up a swing sliver of the electorate.

    “The real issue is whether soft Democrats and soft Republicans with a similar demographic profile, like white working women, will vote their economic self-interest and support Obama or whether McCain-Palin will be able to scare them away,” said Mr. Lehane, who was an adviser on the Gore campaign in 2000.

    “In this context, Hillary and the former president are critical players, as they are a small sub-set of Democrats who can walk into a kitchen in Parma, Ohio, or Macomb County, Michigan, and instantaneously connect with those very kind of voters,” he added.

    At the same time, it may be against Mr. Obama’s interests to turn the election into a proxy fight between Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Palin. Obama v. McCain may be more favorable turf; Mr. Obama does not want to get bogged down fighting a vice-presidential candidate, or rely too much on Mrs. Clinton carrying his water.

    White female independents once disliked Mrs. Clinton, largely for cultural reasons, though many came to see her as an ally on their issues or admire her as a fighter. Ms. Palin might well end up emerging as an appealing heroine to these voters; the Obama campaign has no way of knowing right now. There is no evidence yet that Ms. Palin could deliver blocs of voters to Mr. McCain, so there is no incentive right now for Mr. Obama to want a Clinton-Palin slugfest to influence the electoral outcome.

    Mike McCurry, who was press secretary to the 1988 Democratic vice-presidential candidate, Lloyd Bentsen, noted that the two men at the top of the ticket have by far the greatest power to direct the race.

    “Aside from the vice-presidential debate and the ability of running mates to make a splash in select media markets, no one but Obama and McCain have control of the national storylines in the presidential race,” said Mr. McCurry, who was also a press secretary in the Clinton White House.

    How much Mrs. Clinton wants to help Mr. Obama is another matter. Some of her aides note with a hint of resentment that Mr. Obama did not pick her as his running mate; he did not even vet her fully. Plus, they add, her fall calendar also includes campaigning for Senate Democratic candidates, not just for Mr. Obama.

    Indeed, some Republicans in St. Paul predicted that Mrs. Clinton might not turn out to be “the great asset” that Obama advisers like to call her.

    “Let me tell you something,” said Luanne Van Werven, a Republican delegate from Lynden, Wash., as the convention closed late Thursday night. “I secretly think Hillary loves Sarah Palin.”


    “Because she wants Barack to lose, so she can run again, of course!” Ms. Van Werven said with a laugh. “I just bet Hillary was watching Sarah’s speech on T.V. Wednesday night and cheering, ‘You go, girl!’ ”

  47. You see what i see with Hillary campaigning now for Obama is simple.

    She’s not good enough to be on his ticket, but she’s good enough to save his butt. That’s going to play really well with women.

  48. I can hardly wait to read each post on this blog. I’ve always wondered who writes those wonderful bumper stickers and slogans. Clearly they are written by people like you. You are all awesome and funny. Yes, you, admin..Paris and Hanoi Hiltons?
    and calling someone a “twisted waste of space” … loved it.

    As for the children’s names…granted they are odd… but I think they must be Eskimo names. No?

  49. McCain/Palin must be kicking their ass for Ferraro to come in to save the day. It looks like the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY is in PANIC mode and they should be because their ARROGANCE and HYPOCRICSY and TAKING THE VOTERS FOR GRANTED is the result you see now.

    They should have supported the People Choice and not “game” the primary and selected their pick.

    NANCY PELOSI and that arrogance prick JOHN KERRY need a vacation come November and the rest of you fakers who forgot who you work for…your time is coming too.

  50. Thats Obama’s style every time he gets scared he needs to get and endorsement thats how he did when Hillary would win a primary.

  51. freckles, from what the media has found out is tht Track is named after their love for Track and Field sports. Piper was named after a snowmachine brand/model. Trig…I’m thinking it has to do with math..this is my guess but the name is cool.

  52. So, we can demand that The One keeps his promise and fires Sally Quinn, right? Didn’t he say anyone involved with his campaign would be fired on the spot if they brought up Palins children?

  53. freckles:\

    Track is named after the sport of track, because the Palins loved track in high school

    Bristol: after a bay in Alaska

    Willow: a town?

    Piper: because it is different. How many people do you know named Piper?

    Trig: means strength. I forget, if it is Norweigian or Eskimo.

  54. moon, Hillary’s advisers feel that way, too. They’re still pissed she wasn’t even considered for VP.

    BTW, her campaigning for him won’t make a difference anyway. The convention speech was the way to do help unite the party, and she did all she could with that.

  55. Greta van Susteren had the mayor of Wasilla after Sarah and the commander of the Alaska National Guard. The first was effusive in her praise and said she was on the city council during Sarah’s years as mayor. The second was angry at the press diminishing Sarah’s role as CIC of the guard which he said she was in complete command of, just like evewry other governor — she learned fast, he often meets with her and just this weekend, Sarah deployed a plane and helicopters and men to Louisiana. He said the attempt to portray national guardsmen as not real military was unfair and wrong.

  56. I’d have payed anything to see the video of the Mountain Yeti (donna)and Doughnut boy (roland martin) dancing, I hope the floor was reinforced. I bet the richter scale set off an alert.

  57. I like the kids’ names, lol. Very original.

    Also, Oprah’s decision not to have “Ms.” Palin on just reinforces the GOP meme that the media is in the tank for Obama. And makes her look like a narrow-minded partisan.

  58. I’d have payed anything to see the video of the Mountain Yeti (donna)and Doughnut boy (roland martin) dancing, I hope the floor was reinforced. I bet the richter scale set off an alert.


    I do hope those two are not doing the horizontal mambo with each other, that would just be wrong on so many levels.

  59. Can ya’ll please stop quoting whole articles from Patrick Healy in the NY Times? If I wanted to read NY Times articles about Hillary Clinton, I wouldn’t have stopped going to their website a year ago.

    Just post the link. Don’t force feed us stuff we don’t care to read. Thanks.

  60. Good evening all

    Admin, great article. Let’s just hope they don’t leave the light on at the Paris Hilton.

    In reading upthread, and reflecting on mCain’s war stories and his aversion to war, similar to those spoken about by Colin Powell, I believe he is sincere. The “Bush War” was just that, after Afghanistan. LOTS of Oedipus stuff in that one. “Daddy didn’t get him, and daddy always thought I was a failure, I’ll show him” or “They tried to kill my daddy (who I hate), but I’ll show them” and on and on….oh, and least we forget, God told him to do it.

    So, the “Third Bush Terms and the War Monger” labels are batshit bullshit and the Bots know it.

  61. Interesting: “Willow is the official host of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race restart.”

    I wonder, if that has something to do with it, since Todd has participated the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.,_Alaska

  62. I didn’t get the impression that Ferrarro was supporting the O-verlord, but I admit I was only half listening while engaged in painting

  63. BTW, Patrick Healy wouldn’t be writing a word about Senator Clinton unless he and his unnamed sources thought doing so would hurt her politically in some way.

  64. What, she’s lesbian, can we return her and say the gays want a refund.

    I so do not want to see her in flannel shirt, dungarees and clumpy boots.

  65. So Ferarro told Holmes that she is voting Obama/Biden because Biden can save the day? Because he has the foreign relations knowledge needed?

    Personally, I think she was just looking for any excuse to make her way back into the democratic fold.

  66. The head of the Alaskan National Guard is megapissed and was on Greta and thought that the attacks on Gov. Palin diminished what the National Guard is and does.

    He said she gets briefs regularly on military and foreign policy and deployed just weekend troops to the southern states to help with hurricane relief.

  67. Moon….I am sure she has an entire wardrobe of NaOlens Flannel

    and yes, it is a horrifying thought. Talk about the bump!

  68. So Ferarro told Holmes that she is voting Obama/Biden because Biden can save the day? Because he has the foreign relations knowledge needed?


    Yeah ahuh, she’s lost the plot. Disgracelful behaviour.

  69. If the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY wanted Hillary to fight for them….they should have picked her for the nominee!

    Can’t Obama fight for himself?

  70. ManO Mano, OMan…is everyone else getting “Pickens Plan” commercials as much as I am. I swear there is one EVERY commercial break.

  71. Cant Obama fight for himself?


    That would be a “no”
    and here is a funny from NQ on the lates Race Card played by Barky

    umm.. okay.
    but Barry does have muslim relations– like family relations, political relations WTF?
    And he isn’t patriotic… god damn Amerika, etc. WTF?
    And he does hang out with radicals… you know Ayers, Dohrn WTF?

    So WTF Barry?

    umm.. okay.
    but Barry does have muslim relations– like family relations, political relations WTF?
    And he isn’t patriotic… god damn Amerika, etc. WTF?
    And he does hang out with radicals… you know Ayers, Dohrn WTF?

    So WTF Barr

  72. Also, anyone notice that the guy stopped in DC today with the guns and the IED QUICKLY dropped OUT of the News Cycle?

  73. Yeah….Pickens plan ads and then Murdoch sitting with Obama and FOX management to arrange BO’s appearance on FOX….

    something’s cooking and it ain’t smelling right!!!!

  74. Look TEAM OBAMA and the DNC messed up but the reason they blew it is because deep down we have a problem with STRONG Leadership in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY.

    The SANCTION BY THE DEMS LEADERS of SEXISM AND MYSOGINY to be USED as a campaign tactic for 18 months against Hillary and then to SWITHBOAT HER and INTIMDATE HER DELEGATES, mostly WOMEN and DENY EQUAL ACCESS for a FLOOR VOTE by Nancy Pelosi is just OUTRAGEOUS!!!

    THIS type of UNDEMOCRATIC behavior by our leaders should not be REWARDED, not SWEPT AWAY under the guise of Roe vs Wade and the Supreme court threats….BECAUSE OBAMA AND HIS CORRUPTED DEMS LEADERS deserved to be “KICKED TO THE CURB.”

    Obama is NOT going to mess with my CHILDREN HEAD with all that MARXIST CRAP he’s been filling them with…CHARCTER and VALUES DO MATTER and Obama can’t be TRUST!

    McCain/Palin 08

  75. and possibly to bring Hillary supporters back into the fold.

    Duh, Birdgal. I should have thought of that. I wonder if she was pressured as well.

  76. Well folks! by the grace of g-d, Senator Clinton may not be able to come to Fla. Monday, were preparing for another storm.

    Gov. Palin children have beautiful and unsual names. I am sure there is meaning to them.

    Bloggers no one mentioned the most exciting news yesterday.
    The Berg update confirming the DNC was served legal papers at 12-noon and Obama was served at 1:00 pm on 9/4.
    They have 2 weeks to respond to the lawsuit. All of the defendants have now been served so the case can now procede. A document on line varifies that Obama is an Indonesian Citizen unless he can show evidence he is not.
    Boy! Obama does not have the time to check out Mc/Palin he has to figure his way out of this lawsuit. He is or isn’t he qualified for President?

    America’s right web site will take you to Obamacrimes.

    Hang in Hillary, you may well be on the ticket after all. Don’t get pregrant.

  77. Obama is getting so old with his “they are gonna tell you I have a funny name, they are gonna tell you I don’t look like you..”

    Who the hell is THEY, Barky? Its not McCain, and it wasn’t Hillary, because neither of them said a damn word about all that. The only one I ever hear TELLING me any of that shit is YOU! You are the one that has an obsession with your race and what it means – the rest of the country by and large could care less.

  78. I want to know if this is true…I read that Nancy Pelosi is an INVESTOR with T. Boone Picken’s Plan.

    Is this correct?

  79. carbynew Says:
    I want Hillary to replace Harry “weak” Reid in the Senate Leadership.

    Me too. Some PUMAs are starting a movement for that:
    h t t p : / /

  80. Yeah,,,this boone pickens guy is definitely trying to swing it BO’s way…at least from what I am seeing and hearing!!!!

  81. Just:

    Most clinton supporters….well they are not publicly going to say that they are for Palin…except for 15-20 %!!!

    That is to be expected….

  82. IF Nasty is a investor, then I don’t want whatever T.Boone Pickens is selling. I knew green crap was all about the liberals being allowed to make the billions off the backs of the average american. Its all about whose turn it is to bend us over the table!!
    Nasty needs to go back to California and take care of all her grandchildren!LOL!!!

  83. justme, that article is all spin – no real data in there to back their claim up, only lots of quotes they found from party loyalists.

  84. What is this about BO college education being paid for by the Saudi Royality?? Is this true, put that with the birth certificate crap and the DNC better pull the plug on Obama before its too late. They will be the laughing stock of America for years after this fiasco!

  85. turndown, I have gotten emails from Harry for 2 years now, telling me how he is “giving them hell!” Funny, I have yet to see one puff of smoke from that lame-ass congress.

  86. Pickens is in deep with Pelosi. If Pickens is promoting BO, and Ms. Pooplosi has investments with Pickens, I smell a rat.

  87. confloyd,

    the dnc will never admit they are wrong and will never pull the plug on Obama the Slug. Their heads are too swollen with false righteousness and their sense of entitlement.

  88. Greta’s question
    Was Oprah being honest about why she wasnt having Palin on her show
    more than 30,000 polled

  89. Palin wasn’t picked primarily to woo Clinton voters anyway; she was chosen to galvanize the GOP base, and she’s done that amazingly well.

  90. Astrology break, lol, from

    John McCain’s birth time is not known with certainty, so that astrologers don’t have a good natal horoscope to make their predictions. Recent events help verify a rectified birth time of 8:38* am (August 29, 1936; Cocosolo AFB, Panama). Astrologers who use 9:00 am won’t be able to reconcile his choice for Vice President with the current transits and progressions.

    At the moment, transiting Jupiter is at 12º Capricorn, which exactly squares his Ascendant/Descendant axis. In other words, he chose a Vice President as religiously conservative Jupiter in Capricorn activated his Seventh House of partners (Descendant). The fact that he chose a woman can be seen in two major ways: transiting Neptune’s perfect quincunx to his Venus, and transiting Uranus precisely squaring his progressed Venus (orb 0º01′).

    McCain’s Solar Return (August 28, 2008; 7:31 pm; Dayton, OH) features Neptune right on the Aquarius Ascendant, and is the same degree as Sarah Palin’s Sun. Also, Juno in the Tenth House (the professional partner) squares Saturn in the Seventh House, giving one the suspicion that McCain’s stoic wife is not happy about this Veep choice.

    Using this 8:38 am time for McCain, the astrologer will find that his prospects for getting elected look very good. Transiting Jupiter turns direct over the next week while squaring his Libra Ascendant, bringing him renewed enthusiasm and opportunities. Especially favorable is that his progressed Midheaven will be conjunct his Venus (his chart’s ruling planet) on Inauguration Day. However, as transiting Saturn heads to his Twelfth House Neptune, much of the stardust may fall off Palin, and she may be more widely seen as an inappropriate choice.

  91. That Harry and Senate is so old…most of the old farts fly into DC on Tuesday morning, just in time to have PARTY lunches that last 2-3hrs…..then they try to do some work from tuesday afternoon – thurs early afternoon and fly home again !!!!!

  92. Hey MP, sorry, i’ve been away

    I’m in Florida – Gulf Coast

    Harriet, where are you?

    A friend and I are going to see Hillary at a “Women for Obama” (puke) event on Monday. At least we’re gonna try.

    He is a gay man and I am sure he will wear his McCain shirt. He is just that way. 😀

  93. And as for the special causus system in DC for the House and senate:

    Black causus
    Hispanic causus
    women’s causus

    Notice: NO native american causus

  94. Paula, what about Barky’s chart?

    Does it say he will be launched into stellar orbit in a cloud of galactic dist on Jan 20?

  95. Norma: you have pickens ads in FL…I saw them in CA..especially during the olympics week.

    now I see on ABC/NBC/CBS during news hr… that is the only time I watch TV excpet for C-span. I just have basic cable so I cannot MSNBC/CNN/FOX

  96. It looks a little too contrived.

    Seems like T Boone will make a ton of cash.

    Is he buddies with Soros?

    Glad I own a bunch of Natural Gas stock – by accident! LOL

  97. T. Boone, from TX is an international energy investor.

    This is no longer about Soros only….it appears to a string of RICH people behind the scenes controlling critical info….

    If notthinng else that is why I want McCain….

  98. Paula, it’s funny. There were fifty shares of an old Oil Company stock my grandmother bought about fifty years ago, long story through my mom’s passing etc, and nothing was ever done with them.

    THIS YEAR I finally (after several false starts) got them converted to the CURRENT company name and in my name and that of my sister.

    They are a HUGE Canadian Gas Company and the shares are going up in price daily.

    Not to mention the forty years of dividends (in the form of a check) we are waiting on now.

    CIBC Mellon Trust (the Transfer Agents now) said it will be sometime in September. Can’t really figure how much it will be, but after splitting ot with my sis, I will be NO WHERE CLOSE to being T Boone Pickens OR Nasty Pelosi

  99. justmeinmountdorafl Says:
    What is this?
    Most Clinton Backers Reject Palin

    See my comparison of polls at which links to a diary at

    20-30% of Hillary supporters have ALWAYS planned to vote for McCain, ever since the exit polls in May. This held steady nearly to the convention. I haven’t seen a good poll since.

    Some polls apparently just count that 20-30% and assume the remaining 70-80% supports Obama. Opinion Research in June and July also counted those who plan to protest by staying home, and found only about half of Hil’s supporting Obama. I suspect that some polls just leave them out as not ‘likely voters.’

    Also the number of people who call themselves Democrats has been shrinking for several months. So those Hil’s who were mad enough to switch to GOP may not be getting counted in some of these polls.

    Otherwise the article at least tried to be informative. It interviewed Diane of justsaynodeal among other Pumas.

    One thing, most of us have been planning to vote for McCain all along, so Palin may not have affected anything except our enthusiasm. 🙂

    I looked for a comment string and saw some lightweight ‘forums’ but nothing that looked worth commenting in. Let me know if anyone finds such.

    Gloria Steinem needs some contact:
    In an e-mail to The Associated Press, Steinem added: “I have yet to meet one single human being who was for Hillary and is now for McCain, with or without Palin, but some must exist somewhere.”

  100. Democratic Party delegates (and others, I presume) were “asked” to pay an $8,50 “Carbon Offset” cost to eliminate THEIR carbon Footprint at the Convention. I had a delegate telling me he kept ignoring the letter (email) until one day he finally got one that said “Congrats! Your Carbon Offset is paid!”

    Apparently, they were also asking for donations from OTHERS to “offset” those who could not or did not pay. The money went to a Carbon Offset company “selected by the DNC”

    another sham for whirrled peas.

  101. I don’t know what the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY is thinking in jumping up for joy on the employment report. The DEMs been in control of Congress for 2 years and their record is worst them George W. Bush.

    What this mean is that it is a SAD, SAD DAY when Democrats GLOATS over the misfortures of American people…because I do see waste and spending one of the DEMOCRATS calling…and that 850 billion dollar aid package that the DEMOCRATS PASSED….are a part of the problems in why this Do Nothing Congress…okay i’ll give them the return to pay as you go.

    But that 850 billion aid package pasted…mean it only in the “eye of the beholder” attitute.

  102. Just Me – YOU KNOW where I am…we have “spoken” on the phone!

    Remember FDR?

    I’m in St Pete. I know where you are!



    LOL Paula!


  103. T boone is on my radio all day long

    and since i don’t watch much tv other than Hannity
    i couldn’t tell you if they are on here (SD) or not.

    but i do know he was just here in sioux falls the other week …..big meeting on getting those wind turbines in south dakota……YUCK!!!

    I was so happy to leave those damn things behind in iowa 🙁

  104. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve forgotten the name……. geez how are you?

  105. Just me, I think we are ALL worried about Ike, There is something about that storm that is “The Big One” again

    several models have it curving into the gulf and then, curving into the West Coast…

    and the Keys start mandatory evac tomorrow. Supposed to be Cat 4 there!

    Soth Florida is screwed if it take a direct, and the West Coast is very vulnerable, especially as Hanna is pulling all the moisture up from the Gulf with her. It’s been yukkie here all day today.

    Hanna arms.

  106. we should email Gloria Steinem and say, we are now for McCain and not for Obama AND thanks to Governor Palin

  107. Not certain if I have missed this on Hillaryis44 or not:

    Reports coming out on many news sources that smoking gun about to explode on Obama and Saudi Muslim connection financing his Harvard law education, a law degree that he has since lapsed. That reminds me of a pilot who learns to fly not to be a pilot, but only to crash into buildings.

    Appears that his selection to be 2004 keynote speaker even before elected to U.S. Senate was orchestrated with richest men in the world in cohoots with Harvard, large corporations in U.S. INCLUDING OWNERSHIP IN FOX NEWS.

    These are the same Saudis – the same people who tried to give Rudy Guiliani a check for $10 million dollars at the World Trade Center and he told them where to stick it. They have donated millions to Harvard, etc. Can’t believe our institutions have all sold us out, including Rupert Murdoch owned in large part by these Saudi Muslims, who said America brought it on herself.

    No wonder they want to shut down the right wind media. They are being exposed. That’s why Guliani said BIG BROTHER in his speech – yo knwothe same night that he and Palin’s teleprompters “fouled up.” That’s the night before staged media protestors tried to derail McCain’s speech. The same night McCain mysteriously had a green, grassy background from an obscure middle school. There is an infiltration within the ranks of the RNC, and this thing is looking more and more like The Firm. When is Tom Cruise going to jump out of the window?


    MANY MANY more stories online.

    Read this and weep.




  108. Why I will not vote for Obama – Part 10,0000

    this from one of his supporters to me in reply to a YouTube Comment

    Re: Your comments on my video
    lol. bitter, bitter old lady. 🙁

    I’m done playing with you, stop writing back.

    I’ll meet you for coffee if you want in the Sacramento area if you want to talk seriously, and truely understand where I’m coming from.

    You’ve been through a lot, yes, but I still honestly believe that you have some soul searching to do if you truely think you are channeling your “wisdom” in the best possible way voting for McCain. ha! wowza!

    One more emotional stimulant: Are you a racist or something?

    Your Friend,

    PS: I was only kidding. I love sharing your e-mails with my room mates:-) please write us another, Mommie?:-) I also didn’t care to proofread my message, I know you are a woman, and I respect you in all of your womanliness! Hey, don’t you deserve a real female candidate rather than a shallow “tool” used to bait sore losers like your womanly self? (My mom thinks you are crazy, and I shouldn’t talk to strangers. But it will be our little secret, k? *wink*)

  109. I went to volunteer for the group count the votes. I asked if this had to do with any candidate. The woman say no. My girlfriend and i went down to volunteer. We called people letting them know about the family leave act. While sitting there all on the wall were ads for O. I told the women i thought you said this was not about any candidate yet on the walls around here you are supporting Obama. She still denied

    Ater leavng this guy told me that Soros, was paying them. There would be big money for anyone who wanted to work. during the campaign for Obama. We told him thanks but no thanks.

    We never went back. They are still calling asking us to volunteer.

  110. Gloria Steinem has been a disappointment.

    For a party that is supposed to empower women and fight for their rights, such as equal pay, etc., they have done a horrible job. For the party that is supposed to be the “enemy” of women, they put a woman on the ticket for VP. What is wrong with picture? I believe actions, not words. McCain thought beyond himself, when he picked Governor Palin. Unlike another candidate.

  111. Palin’s Ex-Brother-in-Law Says He Regrets Bad Blood

    h t t p : / /

    WASILLA, Alaska — The state trooper at the center of Gov. Sarah Palin’s “Troopergate” scandal denied yesterday that he ever threatened to kill Palin’s father and expressed regret that his case has exploded into the national media.

    I would like to put this behind me and move on with my life,” Trooper Mike Wooten said in an interview with The Washington Post. “I don’t wish ill will on anyone. I think that the nomination that Sarah got is great for the state of Alaska. I wish her good luck and the family good luck. I honestly think that everyone involved in this wanted to put this beyond us.”

    He also voiced pride that he had once been part of the Palin family. “I was a member of that family for five years. I cherish those memories,” he said. “I will carry them with me for the rest of my life. There are several things that will be handled differently on my part, and if I could do it over differently, I would.”

  112. WOW

    listening to a piece on MTV about “Raves” and MDA

    they remind me of Bots

    “at somepoint the group becomes one and individual thought is lost”

  113. Well this rich connection grows…

    Pickens orders wind turbines from GE – parennt of NBC/MSNBC.

    Carl Pope …head of sierra club – endorses pickens wind/solar energy initiatives.

  114. McCain and Palin need to get an ad or utube out with that head of the Alaskan National Guard singing Palin’s praises as CIC of Alaskan National Guard…

    oh…and McCain really needs to make sure the debate set-up is going to be fair…I mean, Gwen Ifill, I thnk is supposed to moderate the VP debate…that already smells to me…

    I can already hear sexist questions about motherhood and troopergate, ebay BS…with no balance re: Rezco or the like…McCain needs to prepare Palin to have offensive combacks if they try to pull the BS Matthews, Russert and Williams pulled on Hillary

    I watched ‘this Week in Washington’ tonight and usually every week for as long as I can stomach it…and it is ALWAYS PRO OBAMA…all the way around…

  115. The stupid NYT is still pushing this so-called troopergate story as if anybody would care…

    NYT is a dying dinosaur. It’s said to cut further back, and Murdoph is intending to buy it…

    Maybe it’s time to close down the entire NYT?

  116. # mp Says:
    September 5th, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    Well this rich connection grows…

    Pickens orders wind turbines from GE – parennt of NBC/MSNBC.

    Carl Pope …head of sierra club – endorses pickens wind/solar energy initiatives.

    Obama=Third Bush Term

  117. The Saudi’s paying for BHO’s law education at Harvard had strings attached. How can we ignore the fact that Saudi Muslim extremists who said America deserved 9/11 have bought and paid for this presidency?

    We’ve all known this to be the case in our gut. Now there is evidence in video by 88-year old common link who inadvertantly gives information about connection with Obama and the Muslim Saudi princes and the financing of education.

    This is the biggest smoking gun to date. This makes Wright a bleep on the radar. check it out among other news sources breaking in past few days.

    Big Media not reporting of course, and it turns out that one of the prince(s) are major owner of FOX NEWS. WE ARE SO SCREWED.

  118. Norma, I do.

    I already know Central Florida is not going to go for Obama. The I-4 wont go his way. I only met one person at my job that will go for Obama the rest won’t.

  119. I thought BO had scholarships for his college education. Is Contrairan legitimate?

    Wow, Just felt an earthquake. Maybe, 3. something.

  120. Bird:

    Real earthquake or BHO bomb about the phony student loans and the real financing of his education by Saudi royalty – same ones who hate Jews and Whites and Christians?

  121. What, she’s lesbian, can we return her and say the gays want a refund.

    No swapsie no tradesies….took us hetero’s forever to get rid of her.

  122. Norma: Is everyone allright? How close to earthquake are some of you? I just doged a bullet with Gustav here in east Texas.

    Everytime I try to send links – gets lost in cyberspace – not picking up lblog with link.

  123. curiosity i am in Florida. Thankfully I dont have to deal with earthquakes, but I was in two in St Thomas years ago, and one in southern Alabama of all places!

  124. We need a “where’s obama” tracking thing like they do with Santa Claus. I want to know where that shifty sob is every minute of the day. If there’s an earthquake in Cali, he might have used his Supernatural powers to shake Cali HRC supporters down.

    We see you, Shifty! Free our faultlines, ya bastard!

  125. Idunn….know any rich single men?

    No…but I’d be happy to pass you a poor married one, if the price is right. 😉

  126. Gee – New FAA Report

    “It’s Safe to Fly in the US”

    THAT makes me want to run out an buy a ticket!

    Jeeze – what ELSE would they say?

  127. 😉 you’re from the west part of Florida, I know Central part wont go for Obama….I think he’ll lose the state

  128. Idunn Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 12:13 am
    Idunn….know any rich single men?

    No…but I’d be happy to pass you a poor married one, if the price is right.

    you guys/gals are a hoot tonight! 😀

  129. I’m fine. I watching some of McCain and Palin on C-Span. I felt like it was a rolling one, but no shaking in my place. I am about 20 miles north of Oakland.

  130. bird…check out this link

    click on the red square

  131. Thanks. I just emailed to Steinem:

    date Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 9:11 PM
    subject A HIllary PUMA for McCain/Palin

    In an e-mail to The Associated Press, Steinem added: “I have yet to meet one single human being who was for Hillary and is now for McCain, with or without Palin, but some must exist somewhere.”

    Dear Ms. Steinem:

    Ever since the later primaries, polls have been showing about 30% of Hillary supporters planning to vote for McCain.

    Meeting us in person seems impractical, but perhaps you’d like some of us to email you?

    Flora Steele

  132. At 9:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time on September 5, an earthquake with preliminary magnitude 4.0 occurred 60 miles/97 Km southwest of Sacramento, California.

    The magnitude is such that a tsunami WILL NOT be generated. This will be the only WCATWC message issued for this event.

    The location and magnitude are based on preliminary information. Further information will be issued by the United States Geological Survey or the appropriate regional seismic network.

    You posted you felt it at 12:02 EASTERN

  133. Idunn – several earthquakes in Tennessee this past week too!

    Get out…really? Must have been west TN, all’s quiet here in the eastern wilderness.

    In fact, it’s been TOO quiet. No earthquakes…no plagues…no mysterious disappearances….no yeti sightings. Maybe The One gave up on us gun totin’, bible clinging , Tennesseans and moved on. 😉

  134. birdgal Says:
    I thought BO had scholarships for his college education. Is Contrairan legitimate?

    Andy Martin ought to know facts like that. Anyway the Chi Trib profiles at my site would know:

  135. How BHO could even have a chance in FL or MI after the bamboozling the DNC pulled is beyond me.

    Any idiot that would cast a vote for him after the way he played them in FL and MI like a fiddle has to have zero self-respect.


  136. Meeting us in person seems impractical, but perhaps you’d like some of us to email you?

    Oooh…I bet she would. I’m putting that on my list of to do things tomorrow. LOL!

  137. Andy Martin, author of Man Behind the Mask, and resident of Chicago has been the guy on the scene the longest researching BHO.

    his site ContrarianCommentary is a treasure trove on the Chicago Combine. Good book he wrote with details galore – all proceeds go totally toward exposing BHO.

  138. Norma: Last time I “saw” Dot, she was posting on bitterpoliticiz, but that was awhile back. I haven’t lurked there recently.

  139. OK guys…

    I gotta hit the rack.

    I actually have a paying job tomorrow! LOL

    Almost forgot what that feels like!

  140. I am peeing myself over this comment on RD blog! Reply to someone who is so perplexed that we could find anything to admire in Sarah, with whom we disagree on so many things.

    Barack Obama is like every other condescending, sanctimonious, co-dependent, hypocritical so-called liberal male I’ve suffered my entire life. The kind who thinks women’s lib means giving him everything mommy gave him while pulling in $100,000 a year. He’s all for equality unless it affects his pocketbook or peepee.

    Wednesday night, Sarah Palin hoisted up this scrawny mealy-mouth by the collar and kicked the living shit out of him. It was a joy to behold.

    Hillary’s heroism cannot be touched. Hers is intelligent, shrewd, strong, built up carefully over the years. But Sarah gave us something too. She strode into the bar, walked up to the biggest guffawing bully, and smashed a beer bottle over his head. And in so doing, broke his spell.

    There’s a time and a place for that, too.

  141. It isn’t PC perhaps but I think we should approach the energy problem the Clinton way (forget O–he’s not capable)

    Find some open minds — gather everyone who is smart and has something to contribute. Boone Pickens, oil company execs, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, consumer advocates, academics, everybody. Get some firm data on the problem.
    Why, for instance, do we have a 40 billion dollar natural gas pipeline from Alaska when we have so much natural gas in the lower 48? Why haven’t we used it? (I have no idea — I’m just asking) Then let everyone present plans which others can add to or critique.

    We start by assuming that everyone will rise to the challenge and present their best efforts. And when we’ve decided, we get to work.

    It does nobody any good to assume that people we disagree with, will only come up with self-serving plans. If McC/Feingold can work it out, if Reagan/Tip O’Neill can….let McCain assemble them all, let Palin crack the whip, and let everyone contribute.

  142. H4T — I loved that post. I think that Sarah just slapped him silly. Like Spencer Tracy to Mickey Rooney in Boys Town, I think.

  143. Kostner: He seems very nice. He has that northern accent. I have watched some episodes of “Ice Road Truckers,” and the men and women in that program have the same accent.

  144. birdgal,

    The first Dude is obviously quite attractive! Can’t imagine how many Monica will be waiting in line if they move into the white house. I hope he won’t fall into the same trap and become another Clinton ! But that’s another story.

  145. “He may still be more hawkish on policy than they’d (or I’d) like, but I have zero doubt that unlike egotistical poser Bush, he would search his soul long and hard before committing to send men and women into harm’s way.”

    Also, McCain would not doctor the intelligence. Even if he supported the Iraq War, he wouldn’t lie to take the country to war.

    What I hate the most about the nutroots, McCain opposes Bush’s torture policy because of his experience as a POW. So why do the nutroots make light of McCain opposition to torture?

  146. CNN tried hard to push the troopergate thing today. They brought on the ex-brother-in-law for an interview. It was hilarious.
    He admitted to drinking on the job. He admitted to tasering his 10-year old. He sat there looking and sounding like a big piece of shit abusive neanderthal that ANYONE in their right mind would want far far away from a gun.


    I am sure that CNN thought they were going to get a nice juicy “defenseless little guy persecuted by that BITCH” angle on this, but the moron ruined it by being so obviously what he is.

    Any normal person watching this was thinking, “Yeah? So? I’d have tried to get his ass fired, too. He TASERED a CHILD, WTF is your problem?!”

  147. I will be honest – i’m bracing myself for the fall season of Saturday Night Live – they’ll probably make fun of Palin, making Tina Fey return to the show to play her…

    i can’t believe I sound like such a republican – but sometimes, I hate the liberal media.

  148. What the hell was wrong with Monegan that he didn’t fire that asshole Wooten on his own??!!

    So Monegan wasn’t capable of doing the job he was paid to do, and MAYBE (just maybe) Sarah Palin thought, “Wow, useless sack of shit wasting the taxpayers money. Fuck his sorry ass.”

    I’m alright with that.

  149. What the hell was wrong with Monegan that he didn’t fire that asshole Wooten on his own??!!

    That’s not clear. It was some combination of hatin’ Sarah Palin and/or quaking in his boots at the police union.

    It’s not like Palin didn’t drop plenty of hints. I loved the e-mail where she encouraged him to testify in support of a bill to establish mandatory 99 year prison sentences for police officers found guilty of murder. She supported the bill to send a message to the public that rogue officers would not be tolerated. Rogue officers like Wooten! She then listed all of the horrible things he’d done and pointed out that keeping rogue cops on the street sends a bad message to the public. “just my opinion,” she concluded.

    Baaa waaa haaa haaa. This woman reminds me of LBJ. That’s some serious arm twisting but she never told anybody to fire his sorry ass.

    Meanwhile, Monegan must be really stupid to miss that hint!

  150. Oh, btw… Palin didn’t fire Monegan. She reassigned him to the Bureau of Alcohol Control in an “rural” district. Basically gave him a job out in the boonies tracking down eskimo moonshiners or whatever. Baaaa waaa haaaa. She’s LBJ with lipstick! That’s something that ol’ bastard would do.

    Monegan turned down the transfer and resigned.

  151. argh-just got an email from a hillary fundraiser i know. it had a apparent letter from some lady in ak who knows the aplins and it praises palin for her integrity. but then gores into how she wanted books banned etc… the fundraiser said see palin want to burn our books. good grief get a grip! all day long this crap goes on. the trap of roe has kept liberal women in tow well for yrs. looks like its at work again. oh wait-bish sr, reagan, and bush 2 won a large share of women. palin aint there to woo liberal roe only voters-she is there to go after culturally conservative and swing voters eg casey dems. the election wont be won in ca. it will be won in oh,pa,fl,mi to me. if mccain can win oh and fl obama is done.

  152. Some of the insights here came from Riverdaughter and Newt

    McCain has reframed the debate brilliantly. He did do by selecting Alaska Governor Sara Palin to be is vice presidential nominee. A woman governor from the West, someone with traditional values, a working class background, a proven track record of reform and an outsider to Washington DC. In doing so he reminded voters of Obama’s abject failure to select a woman of Hillary Clintons stature, toughness and experience to be his vice president. And as Obama unleashed his and daily kos allies on Palin, and they tried to tar her with the same sexist brush as they did Hillary the Republican Party stood behind her. Thus, McCain showed the world who Obama and Democratic National Committee really are namely sexists, hypocrites, weaklings and elitists. At the Convention, legendary mob busting prosecutor Rudy Guilani railed to the rooftops how dare they question whether Sara Palin has enough time to spend with the children and be Vice President? How dare they? When did they ever ask a man that question? Obama’s media allies winced.

    Newt Gingrich has noted Obama and his fellow travellers are determined to destroy Sara Palin. Why? Because she is an intelligent, articulate and mortal threat to the left’s claim that it is the sole legitimate voice of women and blue collar working Americans. Therefore, they will continue to launch the same kind of sexist attacks against Sara that they did against Hilary in the primary. In addition they will question her fitness for office. And when she attacks Obama and Biden, the DNC will try to pressure Hillary to come to their rescue and counterattack Palin. How ironic that the same people who launched underhanded sexist attacks against Hillary are now asking her to rescue them and to attack a woman who is fighting the same battle she has been waging against the patriarchy all these years. Not surprisingly, she has demurred. She has told the Obama campaign through spokesmen that she will do what she can for them but they must not to overestimate what she can do because she is not the ticket, will be busy campaigning for other Democrats, has legislative responsibilities and ultimately it is their job to sell themselves to those working class people–it cannot be done by proxy

  153. now this is brilliantly written on why obama will lose. u have to read this post. we need a truman to win. not a kerry prep school boy. oh and they when defeated all the liberals will sit and say what a stupid nation we live in. and they will read ne books on why dems lose. and then run another damned loser candidate. they make fun of blue collar palin. but palin is sm town america. a fighter. a mom. etc.. hillary is the dem’s only hope. and obama wont lose bc of his name-it will be bc of his arrogant attitude. bill clinton worked for every damned thing he had and people knew it. hillary does. voters dont reward slackers. the bloggers laugh and palin. they laughed at hillary. and then in 2 mos will cry about the stupidty of our nation. jokes on them.

  154. Henry

    Always been that way and the only way a constitutional amendment were introduced congress would have to pass it which would never happen. Just look how many members of congress have never had a real job.. Patrick and Teddy kennedy come to mind first. The only reason there is a presidential term limit now is because FDR was elected 4 times and people thought that was too many terms.

  155. Okay someone needs to tell me that I read too much into things these days. I was watching a local cable show a little while ago and Quincy Jones was the guest. I was halfway listening while he was talking about his career and what is wrong with the music industry today when the host asked him if he would ever produce the Oscar’s again. He replied he didn’t know because do an inauguration or the Oscar show is time consuming. That caught my attention, he did not elaborate on what he meant about “inauguration” and the host didn’t ask him. When did quincy ever produce an inauguration? Arnold’s??? Please someone tell me Obama is not planning a Hollywood production for January. I can just see him and Michelle dancing on the mall to the sounds of “Thriller” in the background.

  156. Well from the posts I have read over the last day I am getting a little worried. THe law school paid for by the Saudi’s and the fact that Fox’s owner was in on the deal tell me we don’t have a chinamen’s chance to change the coarse of history here folks. The rich and powerful have made up their minds and it Obama. I wonder how many other President’s they have chosen??
    I can’t understand the draw to Obama by these people, unless of it is that he minds well, but I have heard he is very difficult to work for, very condesending.
    I think this is way bigger than Hillary and Bill, it seems to have taken over our country already. If McCain/Palin are to be mavericks the BM and all the rich people will stop at nothing to make them lose.I am not sure at this point there is anything that can beat them!

  157. This is funny and ironic.

    “I lied under oath,” Mayor Kilpatrick said in court in Detroit today. “I did so with the intent to mislead the court and jury.”

    Prosecutors said he has 14 days to leave office.

    But Kilpatrick is not without his defenders:

    This has been a witch hunt from the start,” said Byron Frazier, 34, wearing a T-shirt with Kilpatrick’s image on it outside the courthouse. “I’ve supported the mayor from the start and will continue to support him.”

    What does this Byron Frazier do for a living? Wait for it:

    Frazier is a community organizer in Detroit.

    Clearly Byron Frazier is qualified to be president, and once he turns 35 he’ll be constitutionally qualified too!

  158. Oh brother, funny I have never heard of a community organizer until we got Obama. Seems to me they are organizing to lie,cheat and steal political parties!

  159. Looks like the McCain/Palin bump continues. Less than a week ago realclearpolitics had Obama’s average lead around 6.4% and it is now down to 2.6% and I have a feeling it is actually less than that. Looks like “The Obama” will have to perform a few miracles to convince the masses of his divine right to rule.

  160. Philadelphia not falling for Obama, all of a sudden they are telling people he’s half white, must be desperate. This is desperation of the highest order.

    Dem Ward Heelers Tout Obama’s . . . Whiteness

    Vote Obama: he’s half white! That’s the pitch some Dem ward and union heelers are making to white voters in parts of Philadelphia. According to a story, Biden gets mixed welcome in Northeast [emphasis added]:

    Mike McAleer, the veteran Democratic ward leader of the 66th ward in the far Northeast, said Obama and Biden haven’t closed the deal yet.

    “The Dunkin’ Donut crowd tells me that we’ve got everything going for us but Obama,” McAleer said. “They can’t give me a direct answer. Do I have them right now in the 66th ward? No. But I got 60 days to get them.”

    Asked what the problem is with Obama, McAleer paused and said: “It’s his color . . . I tell them he’s half white and half black. He’s got a better perspective for everything in this country.”

    Joe Dougherty, business manager for Ironworkers Local 401, which hosted Biden’s morning event, also said race is an issue for many Democrats.

    “I hear it in the neighborhood, and I hear it in the union,” Dougherty said. “But I remind them (Obama’s) mother was white. He sees all sides, and he could be just what we need to bring this country together.”

  161. “The Dunkin’ Donut crowd tells me that we’ve got everything going for us but Obama,” McAleer said. “They can’t give me a direct answer. Do I have them right now in the 66th ward? No. But I got 60 days to get them.”


    What does that tell you about the contempt they have for people “the dunkin donut crowd” I bet they’ll appreciate being called that.

  162. mj,

    I don’t agree that Geraldine Ferraro is for BO. In an interview that I saw yesterday, she kept bringing up the word “experience,” over and over. I believe that she talked about experience so much for a reason, to highlight BO’s lack of it.


    Barack Obama’s connections to Oprah Winfrey and her New Age guru, Eckhart Tolle, are the least examined, yet most revealing, and by far the most potentially ruinous of the senator’s controversial associations. Obama claims to be a “committed Christian,” yet appears to support Oprah in the worldwide dissemination of Tolle’s and her virulent anti-Christian doctrine.

    The closeness of the connection may now be paying off. Oprah has rejected the idea of having Republican Vice Presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin as a guest on her show before the election. Palin would seem a natural. Did Oprah put Palin aside because of her loyalty to Obama?

    And who is Eckhart Tolle? According to his own account, after a childhood of trauma and a young adult life of despair and depression, Tolle, at age twenty-nine, experienced a psychic split in his personality during which his ego or his false, suffering-self collapsed, leaving him with the realization of his “true nature as the ever-present I am, consciousness in its pure state prior to identification with form.” Not long after that, he entered into what he calls his “new incarnation as a spiritual teacher.” Believe it or not, Tolle thinks that he has become the greatest living spiritual teacher on earth by overcoming “egoic delusion.”

    Oprah accepts Tolle’s doctrine completely and promotes it globally with a fervor unmatched in her other pursuits, so we may call the foundation of their joint venture, the Oprah/Tolle doctrine. But what exactly is it?

    According to Tolle, the Sacred Scriptures (the apostle Paul’s term) are no longer sacred, having lost their essence, power, and inspiration. Tolle himself is now the ultimate interpreter of all things spiritual. Tolle’s words, not Christ’s, “contain a great deal of spiritual power.” Tolle’s books, not the Bible, are “spiritually alive.”

  164. Well looky here

    UPI’s Arnaud De Borchgrave is reporting that one of the reasons that Russia started a war with Georgia last month was as a pretext to raid two airfields that Tbilisi allowed Israel to use as forward bases for an attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities. In a secret agreement between Israel and Georgia, two military airfields in southern Georgia had been earmarked for the use of Israeli fighter-bombers in the event of pre-emptive attacks against Iranian nuclear installations. This would sharply reduce the distance Israeli fighter-bombers would have to fly to hit targets in Iran. And to reach Georgian airstrips, the Israeli air force would fly over Turkey.

    The attack ordered by Saakashvili against South Ossetia the night of Aug. 7 provided the Russians the pretext for Moscow to order Special Forces to raid these Israeli facilities where some Israeli drones were reported captured.

    At a Moscow news conference, Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, Russia’s deputy chief of staff, said the extent of Israeli aid to Georgia included “eight types of military vehicles, explosives, landmines and special explosives for clearing minefields.” Estimated numbers of Israeli trainers attached to the Georgian army range from 100 to 1,000. There were also 110 U.S. military personnel on training assignments in Georgia. Last July 2,000 U.S. troops were flown in for “Immediate Response 2008,” a joint exercise with Georgian forces.

    Details of Israel’s involvement were largely ignored by Israeli media lest they be interpreted as another blow to Israel’s legendary military prowess, which took a bad hit in the Lebanese war against Hezbollah two years ago. Georgia’s top diplomat in Tel Aviv complained about Israel’s “lackluster” response to his country’s military predicament and called for “diplomatic pressure on Moscow.” According to the Jerusalem Post, the Georgian was told “the address for that type of pressure is Washington.”

  165. Rassmussen reporting Obama now only has a 7 point edge over McCain down from 14 last week. McCain leading by a large margin with men.

  166. McCain just shot up hugely in Tampa, look at this new poll from Survey USA.

    In our latest poll out of Tampa for WFLA-TV, 52% of registered voters told us their opinion of John McCain went up after hearing his speech at the Republican National Convention last night. 18% say their opinion of McCain went down while 30% say their opinion of McCain stayed the same.

    We asked voters who heard the speeches by both McCain and Obama to tell us who would do a better job with certain issues. Here is what they told us:

    * Who has the better plan for Iraq? McCain
    * For energy independence? McCain
    * For Health care? McCain
    * Who is stronger on the environment? McCain
    * On education? McCain

    And if Tampa voters were placing a bet today on who will be elected our next President? You guessed it…they put their money on McCain.

    Holy Mary thats a huge Swing, Florida is in the bag.

  167. rjk, Quincy produced the 1993 Clinton inaugural ball. He’s a Clinton family friend & Democrat. He supported HRC in the primaries.

  168. Norma Desmond,

    Yes, I now realize that the guy in DC with a gun or guns and a grenade and other stuff (?) in D.C. DID drop out of the news cycle. I was wondering who it was and whether he represented a larger group, and then the news just disappeared, as fast as the news about George H. W. Bush’s mistress reported by a female reporter years ago. Now you see it, now you don’t.

    I’d sure like to know more about the incident in D.C. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  169. moononpluto,

    Thanks for filling in my picture of what happened in Georgia and why. I read about the two airstrips for Israeli use in South Ossetia; didn’t realize that Russia might have attacked for that reason (and others, I’m sure). It’s hard to understand why Russia is so bellicose of late. Their aggression is self-fulfilling prophecy. If they’re afraid of being encircled and hemmed in, all they have to do is strike out against a former Soviet satellite state, and they can guarantee that they will be encircled and hemmed in.

    The Poles signed a missile defense treaty with the U.S. within days of Russia’s attack on Georgia.

  170. What does Obamas mother being white have to do with anything. I could care less if Obama was blue or his mother was pink. He still is not QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT. Is this the only thing they can say about O. How stupid

  171. ready for this good news:

    How tight is the 2008 presidential race? Well, in the TV ratings race, it’s thisclose.

    McCain edged Obama—by 500,000—in viewership for the conventions, according to the Nielsens.

    Republican nominee John McCain’s speech was watched by 38.9 million viewers, while Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s speech was watched by 38.4. McCain running mate and headline magnet Sarah Palin grabbed 37.2 million.

    The record-setting ratings were the highest in convention history, and McCain’s acceptance speech was 41% higher than President Bush’s four years ago.

    For a more detailed breakdown of the ratings, including how adding the PBS viewers would reverse the outcome, check out The Hollywood Reporter.


    Rasmussen poll says Palin now more popular than Obama and McCain.

  173. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING: the Obamcratic Party will NOT address the needs of the middle class. They have dissed the midddle class. The new coalition is NOT the middle class.

    Ergo Biden stop your lying and stop it now. Sara understands the needs of working Americans far better than you and the Great Gadsby ever will and that is a fact.

  174. Truthfully, I don’t subsribe to the McCain/Palin economic agenda. It’s typical right wing bs. Obama completely lacks an economic message himself. There are no good choices in this election, IMO.

  175. neetabug Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 9:14 am
    What does Obamas mother being white have to do with anything. I could care less if Obama was blue or his mother was pink. He still is not QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT. Is this the only thing they can say about O. How stupid
    That is one of the most offensive things about him race. It does not matter if he is white black or mixed. It does matter if he is not qualified for the job, has toxic friends and serves a master other than the American People. And for him to call us racists when we reject him for those reasons– that is what is really racist.

  176. re ferraro

    it has taken me a long time to learn this but what I have found is its usually the law of 3s meaning that regadless of what I hope ferraro says if i get 3 different indicators that she is going for bambi then that is the way it will be whether I like it or not, and once I know that I know I have stayed too long at the fair.

  177. So I have to wonder how easy it is for Obama’s dog soldiers to tell him when he is wrong. I bet the mere mention that he should have picked Hillary inspires rage and hatred in him.

  178. They are bastards, they are giving grief about Palin not being available for Sunday talk shows.

    That would be because she is spending time with her son before he goes off to Iraq next week. I think thats more than fair. Nasty Dems.

  179. moon,

    the media have shown themselves to be little kids full of trantrums time and time again. Maybe they need a time out.

  180. Oh boy, Obama is on CNN giving a policy speech to the people.

    Ummm….ohh…I don’t want to raise all the taxes..ummm but my…ohh…friend…umm Warren Buffet…ummm who has 58 billion dollars…ohhh….

    Keep it up!

    And we wonder why Democrats lose Presidential Elections. [snip]

  181. For those Democrats crying that McCain/Palin is not talking about the economy…McCain is promising to stop the transfer of 750billion American dollars over to countries that HATE us by becoming Energy Independent in 10 years.

    Whoop there it is!

    And because those idiots in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY choose to have a “hissy fit” over the Clintons and sabotage the Best Candidate the Democrats had for the cynical, corrupted underwhelming GYMMICK-known as Barack Hussein Obama.

    Whose main accomplishment does Obama tout…..oh yeah his “Chicago organizing” for one of the most Corrupt Political Machine in this country that has been run by the same family for 70 years.

    Barack “I see DEAD PEOPLE walking to the voting booth” Obama.

  182. Small town Americans boo the media, get angry, yell at reporters “BE FAIR!”

  183. The ONLY way that nObama can win in nOvember is to STEAL the election just as he and the undemocratic Democratic Party aided by DNC/Dean/Pelosi/Reid/Brazile stold the nomination in the primaries. Someone, please warn McCain/Palin! Surely, they suspect sabotage during the convention. I thought the protestors looked small.

    I hope Hillary’s FL visit is not cancelled. I want to be there with my “…ever been knocked down and counted out” tshirt and my signs that say, “Hillary DO NOT iron nObama’s shirt!”

  184. JUst for fun does anyone know if there has ever been a vp candidate to drop out before the election and be replaced by another one???
    Everyone is talking about Biden suddenly getting sick, I personally think it was a mistake to select him because of his previous brain bleed. These things have a habit of happening again.

  185. confloyd,

    Yes, McGovern/Eagleton in 1972.

    It came out that Eagleton once had shock treatment/pschiatric therapy. McGovern at first ‘supported him 1000%’ but finally E. resigned.

    I don’t remember the mechanism they used to select a replacement.

    What’s needed is for Obama to resign (well, both of them maybe), but at this point I doubt Hillary would want it.

  186. According to gallup this includes a very strong night for McCain in Friday’s interviewing, the first full night of interviewing following his acceptance speech.

    For gallup this is huge because they are so for bambi, i suspect the Fri for McCain was huge.

  187. ShortTermer,

    That is just it. I really think the plans are in the works for Obama’s thugs to rig the election votes and win by foul means. They are running even more scared than when faced with Hillary winning. I think they will do anything short of murder to win this election.

  188. Gallup is the one pollster that never says how many dems or repubs or indies they poll, thats why i dont trust them.

  189. moon,

    I agree about 2000, but what has happened this time around seems 10 times worse to me.

    I hope the republicans are prepared.

  190. Hmmmmm….
    This is very interesting.

    “It’s always seemed amazing to me that Obama, literally a political nobody, was plucked out of obscurity at the 2004 Democratic convention and declared to be the future of the party long before he even won a Senate seat. Somebody, or several somebodies, knew way back then that Obama was going to be the next presidential candidate once John Kerry failed.”

    Could this be why?

  191. If the same thugs that supported Bush from 2000 and 2004 are working against Obama’s this will turn out to be the nastiest election this side of world war 2. Obama#s thugs will meet their match.

    Rove’s gang take no prisoners.

  192. Tapper on Biden.. Quite hilarious in that who is Biden campaigning for?

  193. I’m beginning to think the dems did Hillary a favor by pushing her out of this. She will come out strong and dignified and untouched by the garbage the dnc and Obama are pulling.

    Go Hillary!

  194. The one incredulous thing is, they all said Obama would be 15 to 20% ahead of McCain post convention………………

    err………………….i reckon they were talking out their asses.

    Obama was banking on a runaway poll lead and its not going to happen, whats the back up plan.

  195. I give up.
    The article is too long to post so go to
    and search for this article or do a google search.

    “Obama had clost ties to top saudi advisor at early age”

  196. from commenter at uppitywoman, more trouble for Bambi. Remember those flags he threw away in 84 garbage bags after his Greek Temple show? Well, someone saved them…

    Denise W, on September 6th, 2008 at 1:00 pm Said:

    Another little bump in the road for the Obama Camp. The McCain camp recovered 84 trash bags full of American Flags for hand waving, thrown in the garbage dump after the Democratic Convention at Invesco Field. Boy Scouts, VFW (Veterans) will take an active part in showcasing this lack of respect to the flag. In today’s rally McCain, as a warm up to his speech will explain how they came to have them, and then the veterans in the audience will re distribute them to the people attending his rally.
    Which I may add is attracting LARGE crowds……

    ROTFLMO! McCain is a smart old fox!

  197. Top Obama supporter to Ingraham: Shouldn’t Palin be home taking care of her kids?

  198. I can not get that saudi connection link, I could not yesterday and I can’t today, it says page doesnot exist. Why don’t you just post the article, that way they can’t scrub it.

  199. I think when Obama gets pissy (as he will), and starts in on how the flag is just a symbol, and patriotism has to do with more than symbols, blah blah blah…..

    Then McCain should make a strong speech: “DON’T TELL ME symbols don’t matter!” And go from there….

  200. Thanks Basil, I finaly saw it. THis is something someone should be investigating!! This is unreal, that this person could actually run for POTUS after Sept.11th, are we letting our guards down or what???

  201. Obama’s great skill is self-advancement

    I loved the last paragraph of the article:

    The consequence, not merely to the U.S. but to the planet, of a McCain as opposed to an Obama presidency, is almost impossible to overestimate.

    As I’ve argued before, the enemies of America and the West will tend to be cautious with John McCain, incautious with Barack Obama. (And with Palin behind him, they’ll be toasting McCain’s health.) It follows that a vote for McCain favours peace and stability, a vote for Obama, instability and worse

  202. JanH, I think they did her a real favor and with her expertise of not putting her foot in her mouth at the convention, she will come out on top. When this explodes, it will be huge!

  203. Hmmmmmmm again…..
    just watched the video clip at the end of the article of Percy Sutton
    discussing BO.
    I won’t bother posting the youtube link coz it won’t get through spam but do a search for Obama
    and Khalid Monsur and it should pop up.
    Sutton says BO had met the requirements to be accepted into Harvard and become editor of
    the Harvardl Review even before registering??????
    Man, this is some weird sh!t.

  204. HillaryforTexas, the flag story is on Drudge and Fox News is covering it. This is going to turn into an advertisement we suspect. The story is too good as it fits in too nicely with the “Obama is unpatriortic” suspicion many Americans already have about Obama.

    There is a picture of the brand new flags in the garbage at this link:

    This morning, Republicans tell me that a worker at Invesco Field in Denver saved thousands of unused flags from the Democratic National Convention that were headed for the garbage. Guerrilla campaigning. They will use these flags at their own event today in Colorado Springs with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

    Before McCain speaks today, veterans will haul these garbage bags filled with flags out onto the stage — with dramatic effect, no doubt — and tell the story.

    “What you see in the picture I sent you is less than half of total flags,” a Republican official emailed. “We estimate the total number to be around 12,000 small flags and one full size 3×5 flag.”

    I’m not sure what the DNC was supposed to do with unused hand-flags, frankly. But the Republicans are obviously questioning someone’s patriotism here.

  205. Basil: how can someone become editor of the Harvard Law Review, before he/she even enters the program? Doesn’t the staff and/or peers elect the editor?

    Idunn: Thank you for the link to the new women’s organization. I posted it, on another and someone thanked be for posting it. Hopefully the word will get around.

  206. 😳 again.

    “….. passed the requirements to become president of the Law Review.”

    WTF!!!!!!! How can he be appointed prez of the Law Review before he even started attending

    i agree confloyd. Someone needs to be investigating. I hope McCain has a handle on it.
    NP JanH.

  207. birdgal,

    Check the video clip. that’s what Percy Sutton says. You can find the clip at the end of the

    canadafreepress link or search youtube for Obama and Khalid Mansour.

  208. Admin: And who said the Republicans weren’t smart? They are very, very clever and running a decent campaign. BO’s campaign is making so many gaffes, they are doing the Republican’s work for them.

  209. basil: What are the requirements to become editor of the Harvard Law Review? I recently read, that gpa was not a factor, and the position was an elected one. Be careful of sources. Is this source reliable?

  210. admin, I don’t know what they would have done with the flags, either. But given the weakness of Obama in that area, he should have had the sense to stay well beyond the pale on the issue of patriotism.

    Instead, he has almost gone out of his way to scorn and sneer at any doubts about him in that area, and has linked those legitimate concerns with his race, in an attempt to deflect rather than answer.

    He made this bed. Lie in it.

  211. Admin,

    I’m not sure what they were supposed to do with the unused flags either, but I’m sure they weren’t supposed to throw them out. Surely schools or even “community organizers” could find some use for them? 😉

  212. THese flags being thrown away is fair game, at least they are not trashing Obama’s kids. I am not sure what you would do with that many flags either, but it serves their purpost and I think it is cool. THe large 3X5 is the one that irritates me because it is pretty large and someone could have used it. THe little ones are throw away paper ones.

  213. BTW, when will Obama be firing Gutman? After Obama’s big announcement that family was off limits, and promises to fire anyone who went there, Gutman went on TV and said Palin was a bad mother for accepting the VP slot.

  214. Membership in the Harvard Law Review is limited to second- and third-year law students who are selected on the basis of their performance on an annual writing competition. Harvard Law School students who are interested in joining the Review must write the competition at the end of their 1L year, even if they plan to take time off during law school or are pursuing a joint degree and plan to spend a year at another Harvard graduate school. Students who spend their 1L year at other law schools and are applying to transfer to HLS must write the competition in the spring before they enter HLS as 2Ls. (More specific information for prospective transfer students can be found here.)

    In recent years, the number of students completing the competition has ranged from 200 to 255. Between 41 and 43 students are invited to join the Review each year.

    Fourteen editors (two from each 1L section) are selected based on a combination of their first-year grades and their competition scores. Twenty editors are selected based solely on their competition scores. The remaining editors are selected on a discretionary basis. Some of these discretionary slots may be used to implement the Review’s affirmative action policy.

    The competition consists of two parts. The subcite portion of the competition, worth 40% of the competition score, requires students to perform a technical and substantive edit of an excerpt from an unpublished article. The case comment portion of the competition, worth 60% of the competition score, requires students to describe and analyze a recent U.S. Supreme Court or Court of Appeals decision. You may view a video recording of a 2008 presentation explaining the contents of the competition here. (You will need Real Player 10 to view the video.)

    NOTE: The affirmative action policy and discretionary selection.

  215. birdgal,

    If the repubs are so smart how did that Code Pink heckler get into McCain’s acceptance speech?

    And how did that ugly green backdrop show up?

    The more i read about BO’s connections the more worried I get. His coronation has been in the works
    for a decade or more, first through Khalid Mansour, a top BLT member, a mentor to Malcolm X, then
    through Brazile, the DNC, Kennedy and Kerry . . Soros. . . .. I’m not kidding. i am very concerned.

  216. *********** MORE ON HER MAGESTY OPRAH************

    Haven’t watched Oprah is so long, due to her endorsement of BHO, so I didn’t EVEN see this comming………….

    Go to YouTube and type in the following names:

    Her NEW AGE guru, German, (Marxist) ECKHART TOLLE and OPRAH talking on YOUTUBE about how OBAMA IS “THE ANSWER”.

    Type in Oprah’s religion and hold onto your seats.

    THIS IS WHY the stories coming out of DRUDGE have so much meaning about her not wanting Palin on her show. Oprah has gone off the deep end with this New Age crap and is and has been part and parcel of the recruitment of Obamabots.

    The Mormon religion is mainstream compared to this New Age Psychedelic Horse$#!+. You know, Kool-aid always did remind me of the Jim Jones cult once discovered.

    It takes on even more meaning now when speaking of Eckhart, Oprah, Obama and “stadiums filled with followers.”

    Had an event recently in a stadium full of these New Age followers recently, much like BHO’s Invesco field styrofoam Greek column/dog & pony show. No wonder we’re seeing more and more natural disasters. Have Arnie & Maria drunk the kool-aid too, speaking of skipping the RNC – more than CALEEFORNYA state budget hearings?

    Hey, I know I’m a backslider folks, but this crap is really giving me the creeps.

    Between Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, and New Age Ekhart calling for – the New World Order and that WE are the second coming?………I feel like I’m in Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. (Melodic do,do,do, do….do,do,do,do,……,do,do,do….

    Where can I join Alaska’s seccesion from the Union? Ready to sign up TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!




  217. Just lost another long post about

    Oprah and her New Age German (Marxist) guru Eckhart Tolle and the Obama connection. Scary as hell folks.

  218. Go to you tube and type in their three names – Eckhart Tolle Oprah Obama

    And you don’t think we may all need to sign Alaska’s seccession from the Union too?

  219. basil 9, you do remember Osama bin Laden saying they would overtake us from within, when you think his coronation must have been in the works for over ten years, it REALLY makes you worry.
    I can’t understand the apathy of the investigative reporters, this is the story of a lifetime and they are sitting on it. Ummm, I bet they are scared!
    I think if Ferraro has endorsed Obama, then she was given the same ultimatum as Hillary!
    We all should be VERY scared!

  220. H4T they could have donated the Flags to civic groups all over the nation…or donate to the government for those earning citizenship.

    But once again the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY showing disrespect.

    Our party need to purge these “self hating” DEMs out of the party leadership and back to their bitter, clings to their Ivy League schools and Mob ties.

  221. confloyd and Basil,

    That’s why I have been so concerned. I think Obama has a lot of power behind him and not necessarily the good kind. I think they will do whatever it takes, by fair or foul means to get him in the White House. And then watch out!

  222. First there was Reverend Jeremiah Wright; then the association with confessed bomber Bill Ayers and a land deal with Tony Rezko, a Chicago political fundraiser convicted on influence-peddling charges; now there is evidence to suggest that a radical Muslim named Khalid Al-Mansour helped Barack Obama gain acceptance into Harvard Law. In an article titled “Another Radical Obama Association?” Amanda Carpenter writes, “Civil rights activist Percy Sutton recalled being solicited by a man named Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour to write a letter of recommendation to help Obama gain acceptance into Harvard Law. . . .”

    Sutton met Obama through Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour. Al-Mansour was raising money for Obama to attend law school. Sutton knew Al-Mansour as “the principle adviser to one of the world’s richest men.” Khalid Al-Mansour describes himself as an author, scholar and businessman. There are videos of him on the web.

    In one of the videos, titled “Christians Designed Discrimination” uploaded by a YouTube user named IslamStudios, Al-Mansour said, “White people don’t feel bad, whatever you do to them, they deserve it, God wants you to do it and that’s when you cut out the nose, cut out the ears, take flesh out of their body, don’t worry because God wants you to do it.”

    Did a radical Muslim help Obama get into Harvard?

  223. Hey everyone


    A LOT of reading here today and NOTHING makes me feel the LEAST bit better about Obama – more and more questions and wow….is this guy some sleeper?

    I never was much of a conspiracy person, but damn!

    and this from B Merry – $1 Million for Obama’s Columbia Grades

  224. You never throw away even small US flags. You can STORE THEM for patriotic celebrations. Hand them out at parades and let the citizens take them home. Imagine that! Take home a tiny US flag!

    If you are ever lucky enough to visit Frederickburg, TX you will think you’ve stepped into a Norman Rockwall setting. Any time of year. And on patriotic holidays, there are HUNDREDS of American flags lining the streets, residential as well. Small children and adults waving small flags. The EXACT antithesis of Invesco field coronation of New Age Savior BHO, with Soulless Oprah crying off her eyelashes. Need to find a barf bag quick.

    As a former History/geography teacher – this is unforgivable. And they wonder why there is no civic-mindedness and patriotism in this country?



    tHAT’S PSYCHOLOGY 101, OPRAH. No excuse to denounce your country through disrespect. I am so done on so many levels with so many groups. It’s really getting harder and harder to remain the least bit open-minded.

    Cultural war, did anyone say? It didn’t have to be this way, people. This “victimization” mentality is and has been the ruination of this society.


    Channeling Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Going to light a candlenow before MY blood pressure goes through the roof, and I’m not even hypertensive. Deep breaths…

  225. Confloyd,
    BO graduated from Harvard in 1991 so that would mean he’s been in contact with Mansour for 2

    Part of the reason the radical Muslim connection flips me the heck out is coz 2 of the WTC
    bombers lived a couple of miles from my house. I would pass their apartment every day on the
    way to work in Paterson, NJ, which has the largest Muslim population in the country. These
    terrorists got passport photos the next town over from me. Several others lived for a year in a
    motel 5 miles away. I’m convinced the pilots were practicing maneuvers out of a local airport a few
    days before the attack. I am worried and I have been since 1993.

  226. WSJ: Obama Won’t Ban Guns, ‘I Don’t Have the Votes in Congress’

    Obama digging himself another hole.

    Cam Edwards passes along a Wall Street Journal report from the campaign trail in Pennsylvania on Friday that found Barack Obama digging himself a rhetorical hole on gun control, even in front of a hand-picked crowd.

    “If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,’’ Obama said. But the Illinois senator could still see skeptics in the crowd, particularly on the faces of several men at the back of the room.

    So he tried again. “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ he said. “This can’t be the reason not to vote for me. Can everyone hear me in the back? I see a couple of sportsmen back there. I’m not going to take away your guns.’’

    So Obama went from saying he wouldn’t take away guns…to suggesting he wanted to, but Congress won’t let him. So he goes from suggesting to gun-rights voters that they should be worried about him as president, to suggesting they better elect a gun-rights Congress to restrain his gun-controlling impulses.

  227. Norma: I don’t know, about the grade bit, but between being a legacy candidate (his father went to Harvard) and Affirmative Action, may have helped to pave his way into Harvard Law. MO admits as much about her admission to Princeton. She was also a legacy candidate, since her brother attended Princeton.

  228. Soros’ “buying” dead peoples SSN in ssence. Paying recruiters to “register” people. Between the corruption in the Windy City (Mrs. O’Leary’s cow summoned?) and Ohio, Michigan large Muslim population channeling money from Middle East, feel like an extra starring in George Orwell’s 1984.

    Sounded far-out in Sophomore English back in 1969 – year of Woodstock and Sharon Tate muders. Bad times, sure. We just thought Haight-Ashbury was scary. Give me Forrest Gump and Jenny any day of the week. This is when McCain was being tortured on a daily basis. 1984 was like reading the Jetsons. Seriously.

    Now, we’re 1984 and Animal Farm with a New Age Messiah poised to blast us to smithereens. Or maybe just have the Muslim extremists skin us alive for dissent?

    Not being overly dramatic, just stating facts right from the mouths of those who are out to destroy us. We are being taken over from the inside without firing a shot. Sound familiar? Playing on our worst fears? YOU DAMN RIGHT. BE AFRAID.VERY AFRAID.

  229. Basil, I understand, I could and can happen again. I just don’t understand the complacency of the media and for that matter the republicans, you know they have this stuff. If BM would play the sound bites, surely they have 527’s and are planning the assault. I just hope both parties are not involved in this. We all know the republicans hate McCain and of coarse would put him up when he has no chance of winning.

  230. I just received my application for an absentee ballot. My brother was living with me until he passed in
    1998. I notified the board of elections he was deceased. Today they sent him an application.
    You are right, be very afraid.

  231. CONFLOYD:

    Unfortunately, when reading about the Saudi billionaires paying for BHO’s Harvard law degree (speaking of calling in favors), also read that one member of this SAME billionaire family is large owner of FOX NEWS.

    I think we now have our answer on why even FOX NEWS won’t air this stuff about the “Fix” being in the works for decades, the “Chosen One” now meaning from the Saudi Muslims and Oprah’s New Age (German throw-back to pre WWII Marxist) Eckhart Tolle (wish that was a brand of cookie) Messiah sent to “heal the World” because WE ARE THE SECOND COMING……………..??????? OH. MY. GOD.



  232. Curiosity, My sister is a devote Messianic Jew and she tells me that obama is the antichrist. I laugh it at her, but sometimes I wonder. Most likely he is just another monster from Saudi sent to destroy the great satan “America”.

  233. Clinton stumps, parades, says nothing about Palin
    By VERENA DOBNIK – 24 minutes ago

    NEW YORK (AP) — Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton marched for labor and stumped with Democrats on Saturday, but sidestepped questions about the woman who has taken her place as the nation’s most-talked-about female leader.

    Clinton brushed aside questions about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin during appearances at New York City’s annual Labor Day parade and later during a stop on Staten Island.

    “This election is about issues, and that’s what’s going to matter to people at the end of the day,” she told reporters who asked her about the Alaska governor at a rally for a Democratic congressional candidate at Wagner College.

    Clinton joined other New York politicians for a Saturday morning breakfast with union leaders in Manhattan, then marched up Fifth Avenue in the city’s annual labor parade.

    In the afternoon on Staten Island, she stumped for Democrat Mike McMahon, who is running for a congressional seat being vacated by Republican Vito Fossella.

    Fossella decided not to seek re-election after a drunken driving arrest and a revelation that he fathered a child outside his marriage.

    No longer a presidential candidate, Clinton was still welcomed warmly at all three events. Some supporters at her Staten Island rally brought old “Clinton for President” placards.

    She only mentioned Palin by name once during the day, at the labor breakfast, when she uttered a modified version of a line from her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    “No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin,” she said.
    I see why Hillary is out in the campaign trail….she trying to help those down ticket dems that need help…because Obama is all about Obama.

  234. Obama takes first hard hit at Palin
    By CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN | 9/6/08 1:40 PM EST Text Size:

    TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Barack Obama took his first direct swipe at Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on Saturday, criticizing her for supporting congressional earmarks before opposing them.

    “I know the governor of Alaska has been, you know, saying she is change,” Obama said at a town hall meeting here. “And that is great. She is a skillful politician. But when you [have] been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person.

    “That is not change, come on,” Obama continued. “I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up. You can’t just make stuff up. We have a choice to make and the choice is clear.”

    The comments were his harshest attack yet on Palin, who sought millions of dollars in earmarks as mayor of Wasilla but later began criticizing them as governor. The Obama campaign has been searching for an effective line of attack against Palin since she burst onto the national scene a week ago as John McCain’s running mate

  235. Well, that was not bad, I am so proud of Hillary not being an attack dog for the “the messiah”. Maybe I should not vote a straight republican ticket?? What do you all think??









  237. Why has BO always been so confident that he would win, even before he’d racked up
    (gamed) 11 caucuses in a row?
    He obviously KNEW beyond a shodow of a doubt he would win the Dem nomination.
    I think he also KNOWS beyond a shadow of a doubt he will win the GE.

    On a side note: when I lived in NJ, I went to the local PO right after the WTC disaster.
    The clerk told me PO employess had received warnings about planes crashing into the WTC as far
    back as 1998. Pictures had been circulated. Then she shut up and wsaid she’d get in trouble if her supervisors overheard what she’d said.

  238. meiyingsu Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    BO forgets to mention that he accepted earmarks, before he was against them. LOL! He is such a hypocrite. Often times earmarks do help the communities. They are not always bad.

  239. From TalkTop65:

    Sarah: Washington “will know that she’s in the saddle”

    The following personal assessment of Sarah Palin is from an Alaska bush pilot and hunting guide who knows her well. The person who sent it to me observed that “if McCain-Palin win, perhaps McCain just did one last tremendous thing for his country.” Please disseminate this as widely as you can. Thanks.

    Subject: Who is Sarah?

    Here is the straight scoop from an in-person observer. What would
    happen if she got the 3am call that the President was dead? Past
    experience indicates she’d clean house in Washington. Would that be a
    bad thing?

    We are having a great week on Silvers here at Wildman [Lodge], You know, I don’t
    often get very political, but recently many of our friends are asking
    us “Who is Sarah Palin?”

    Of course, as Alaskans, Kathy and I are extremely proud of her. We just want to let you know that Sarah “Barracuda” Palin is a straight shooting, hard charging, get it done gal. She knows when to listen, how to analyze the facts and how to make
    a decision, then implement the plan. She doesn’t do a poll before jumping in with both feet like too many of the Washington types.

    She has little legislative experience because she has always held the
    EXECUTIVE position; in private life, as mayor of Anchorage’s largest
    bedroom community or more recently as Governor of our State. She is a
    smart, attractive home-grown Alaska girl with excellent moral and family values. She can see what needs to be done and does not hesitate
    to get it done.

    One of our State’s major problems is that its Capital is in Juneau, 500
    miles from the nearest road and 800 air miles from the population bases,
    which are Anchorage, Wasilla and Fairbanks.

    Our legislature and most o fhe State government is in Juneau and they ALL behave like a bunch of freshmen in a college town. It has been this way since Statehood in 1959.

    When Sarah moved to Juneau, so did accountability and responsibility.

    When the oil revenue started flowing and a barrel of North
    Slope Crude hit $23.00, these people began spending money like drunken
    sailors. You can only imagine what was happening when oil hit $100.00
    a barrel, about the time Sarah took command.

    My wife Kathy has first-hand experience with this fiasco, as her father and also her
    ex-husband were Alaska Legislators who served in Juneau as Senators,
    Senate President, or members of the State House for a combined period
    spanning nearly three decades.

    About the time Sarah took the HELM as Governor of Alaska, about half of
    the State legislature was in the pocket of big oil companies or
    contractors doing big projects for Native Corporations around Alaska,
    all funded by State oil revenue.

    Alaska government was nothing but a good old boys club riding the perpetual wave of prosperity. This filtered down from the legislature, through the Department of Natural
    Resources, Department of Labor and even spilled in to the Public Safety who are supposed to “preserve and protect”.

    When Sarah walked into the Governor’s Mansion, she promptly dismissed
    the State Trooper detachment assigned to the Governor and had her and her
    husband’s gun case brought in from Wasilla. Then, she got rid of the
    former Governor’s STATE Jet and told legislators that there were no more
    free rides. They would have to fly Alaska Airlines, just like her and
    her family. if they wanted to travel.

    Next came the nut-cutting (the Barracuda part). The heads that rolled were too numerous to name, but when Sarah finished cleaning house, a number of our legislators ended up in jail on corruption charges, or tendered their resignations along with numerous department heads and those who have been riding the gravy train
    for way too long.

    AND THEN SHE HAD LUNCH. By the end of the day, Sarah Palin had saved the people of Alaska millions and has not yet slowed down.

    She has truly brought CHANGE to Juneau . I personally know several
    persons in the private sector in Alaska that hold her in high esteem.
    She surrounds herself with smart people, many from my hometown of
    Anchorage, she listens to them but makes her own decisions. Sarah
    Palin is a no B.S. politician. It is refreshing that there is such a
    thing anymore.

    You want to talk about CHANGE? You should see a before
    and after picture of the State government in Alaska . That’s CHANGE!

    Sarah will bring a number of things to the election. I am sure she will
    appeal to many voters who otherwise could have gone the other direction
    on election day. The conservative bloc will not be for Barack. We
    have their vote.

    We need what Sarah will bring, first to the election and second, what she will bring to Washington D.C. McCain has been advised well, Let’s just hope the American people can get the straight scoop on her in the weeks ahead.

    This is just the view of one Alaska Bush Pilot and Guide, who pays attention to national politics, watches the news and is deathly afraid of the direction our nation is
    headed. I guarantee that if Sarah gets a chance to dig her spurs into the flanks of the far-left Washington types, they will know that she’s in the saddle.

    Butch King
    Butch & Kathy King
    Wildman Lodge

  240. confloyd Says:
    Maybe I should not vote a straight republican ticket??

    Straight GOP sends the wrong message. It looks like some lazy GOP person just came out of the woodwork and voted for the first time in years.

    Imo the right message is a split ticket, voting for Hillary supporters downticket and Green or Nader at the top (unless your state is a very tight race).

  241. The Dems are now claiming that the flags were not trashed, but OMG had been set aside for reuse, and were STOLEN by those dastardly Republicans!

    The only problem is, there are pictures of everything from soda cans to crumpled banners in those bags with the flags.

    Were we going to “reuse” the soda cans and chewed bubblegum as well?

  242. Bambi said this earlier this year:

    “‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,’ Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’

    FUCK YOU, Bambi. If you think the flag stands for oppression in some other country, then go run for president in THAT country, not mine.

  243. And the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY supported Obama contention regarding our flag?

    “‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,’ Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’

    Please VOTE OUT John Kerry from his Senate seat

    Please VOTE OUT Nancy Pelosi from her congressional seat and please take away her speakership!

    This guy want to be KING OF AMERICA!!! and those IDIOTS in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY supported this hater.

  244. h4texas : “I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’”

    Wasn’t this statement shown to be untrue?

  245. It just makes me sick, his namby-pambyness. Of COURSE our anthem is warlike. This country was created by an ARMED INSURRECTION against oppression! That’s why it was “revolutionary”, dipshit.

    We will not rewrite American history to make it “nicer” and more palatable to your weak ass, Barky.

  246. it occurred to me as some of us struggle with two terrible choices: BO or McCain – that one reason to vote McCain is because if BO gets into office, I have no doubt he’ll do a terrible job; by 2012, he’ll probably be beat by the Republicans who will hold office for at least the next 8 years.

    Carter anyone?

  247. Dani Garavelli: Palin into significance
    07 September 2008

    In politics, those who dare to be different take on an almost iconic status-excerpt

    MOST US election campaigns play like a dusty desert highway stretching into the distance as far as the eye can see. From time to time, the severity of the landscape may be relieved by a past-its-sell-by-date sex scandal or rumours of dodgy-dealing, but, for the most part, it’s just one back-slapping rally after another until a president and vice-president are chosen.

    This election, however, has given us more spills and thrills than a day at Alton Towers. Like the perfect roller coaster, it has combined terrifying vertical plunges (as fault lines on race and gender have been exposed) with a rapid series of twists and turns (long-lost brothers, mad preachers, sexist slip-ups and fake Bosnian sniper fire stories). Then, just as the ride seemed to be slowing down, God-fearing, snowmobiling, “hockey mom” Sarah Palin appeared from nowhere to raise adrenaline levels (and blood pressures) again.

    And she achieved the seemingly impossible: she made even suave, charismatic, Obama seem bland. In a contest where – like the X-Factor – a back-story is as important as a good audition, she upped the ante. Obama may come from a broken home, McCain may have spent years as a PoW in Vietnam and Joe Biden have lost his wife and baby daughter in a car crash in the 1970s. But the governor of Alaska has a son heading for Iraq, a Down’s Syndrome baby and a pregnant teenage daughter she’s standing by. And – what’s more – the self-confessed ‘pit bull in lipstick’ can shoot a moose at 50 yards. You can’t get much more sensational than that.

    There is something splendid about the way in which Palin has burst on to the American political scene, scattering shards of colour around her. It’s not just the fact that she has shaken up the old boys’ network. Nor is it the fact that she has perfected a sexy librarian look that bewitches men without alienating women. No, Palin’s real appeal lies in the way she defies all attempts to label her; the way that just when you think you’ve finally got her pegged, another revelation about her life forces you to think again.

    A staunchly traditional mother-of-five, who has carved out a political career for herself; a pro-lifer determined to keep her Down’s Syndrome baby, but prepared to leave him after just four months to go on the campaign trail; a politician who simultaneously embodies the establishment and stands outside it, she is that rare thing: a woman who has got to the top without conforming to other people’s expectations of what she should be.

    Her opinions on education (she thinks Creationism should be taught alongside the theory of evolution) and censorship (she wanted to ban certain books from the library of her home town Wasilla) may place in the most conservative wing of her party, but she’s also a subversive, forcing both feminists and Republicans to take up positions that are alien to them. Who would have predicted the sisterhood would unite against the first female vice-presidential candidate or that Bible Belt America would cheer on a mother whose teenage daughter has become pregnant out of marriage?

    Men, too, are unsure what to make of her: the more chauvinistic of them are happy to buy into the fantasy of a gun-toting teenage beauty queen. But the whole ball-busting, Sarah “Barracuda” thing seems to be diametrically opposed to the demure, besuited figure we see on TV and challenges established notions of what constitutes femininity.

    It takes a true maverick to turn our preconceptions on their head, and mavericks add to the gaiety of any nation. In a drab, political environment populated by clones, those who dare to be different take on an almost iconic status – look at Tommy Sheridan, George Galloway and Boris Johnson. They gained their popularity, not because their vision was shared by a vast number of people, but because by being passionate, eccentric and true to themselves they provided a break from the monotony and cynicism of mainstream politics.

  248. G. No Respect For Women: it is important for women to see Obama as he really is. The telltale signs can be found in the way he treated Hillary during the course of the campaign. When he won the Iowa caucus the first thing he did was play the rapper song “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one!” He went on to make a number of public comments about Hillary which reflect a misogynistic bent. For example: “the claws come out”, “when she is not feeling well” and she is “likeable enough”. Also, there is that photograph of him gesturing to her with his middle finger. Finally, he is closely allied with the dailykos and group who engaged in the most vile forms of sexism against Hillary, yet Obama did nothing to rein them in. When the leader displays this attitude, and fails to control subordinates it is only a matter of time before those views permeate the organization and influence its behavior. Thus, it is hardly surprising that his foreign policy advisor called Hillary a monster, when his military advisor made fun of the tears in New Hampshire, and his own hateful wife said she can’t take care of her house then how can she take care of the White House. What about you MO?

    Therefore, smart women will think twice before supporting his candidacy. They will be skeptical of his promises because history shows he is a flip flopper and cannot be trusted. By the same token, they will be skeptical of his threats that the Republican Party will tamper with Roe vs. Wade. That is a hollow threat given the make-up of the US Supreme Court, Congress and the track record of McCain and Palin. The truth is many Republicans who believe in the right to life but respect the public policy wisdom embodied in Roe vs Wade. Finally, it is important to remember that the high profile organizations who have come out for Obama now that Hillary has left the race always endorse the Democratic candidate, and speak more for professional women who can generally fend for themselves than for working women who are often the target of sexism that Hillary and now Sara Palin are forced to endure. If Sara becomes VP in ‘08 Hillary will be POUSA in ’12.

  249. Maybe it was, birdgal. If so I apologize. But he does seem to have a great disdain for any displays of patiotism.

  250. guys,

    The problme wiht conspiracy stuff is that even if it’s TRUE, swing voters won’t BELIEVE it. They’ll just think we’re crazy, or that we’re ‘secret Republicans’, becasue it sounds like the sort of thing Republicans have made up in the past abotu the Clintons and others. (In 1992 they tried to make a bigi deal about Clinton as a Rhodes Scholar in England taking a ‘grand tour’ that included visiting Russia. He was supposed to have been recruit3d as a Communist, presumably from inhalilng a samovar.)

  251. Why DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY will lose this year because they backed the wrong candidate.:

    Keep fighting


    I wish there was a way I could get this message to Sarah Palin: “Please don’t stop fighting.”

    She is so right for our country. She’s not the first woman to have a 17-year-old daughter to have a baby out of wedlock.

    I didn’t have that in my family, and I was very lucky like that, but I have known people that that has happened to and we didn’t love the baby any less, or love her any less.

    It’s just one of those things that happens.

    I think she’s the right person for the job of vice president. Any woman that has five kids can handle anything.

    Now, I am 75 years old and you might think I’m a crazy old woman, but I really believe that women can do anything they set their minds to, no matter how many children they have.

    My grandmother crossed the Red River in a covered wagon to get here. My aunt had 11 children and she belonged to the PTA, cooked three meals a day, visited the sick, baked cookies and took them to people — she was always busy and if she could do all of that with 11 children, Sarah Palin can run our country with five.

    Just because one of her children has a handicap doesn’t have anything to do with her abilities to run our country.

    She does have experience. She’s been governor for 20 months, and governor is higher up on the political chain than senator.

    Sarah Palin is the woman we need for vice president. Remember: Women can do anything, no matter how many children they have.

    Sometimes, because they’ve learned how to juggle so much, they can do it better because they’ve got children.

    I encourage everyone to vote for this woman. Not because of her political party, because I’ve always voted for whoever I thought was best, but because she is the best.

    Sarah: Please don’t stop fighting. Become our next vice president. We need you and your beliefs.

    E. Blevins


  252. HillaryforTexas Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 4:00 pm
    Maybe it was, birdgal. If so I apologize. But he does seem to have a great disdain for any displays of patiotism.


    This I agree with. His behavior reflects this, not what he says.

  253. No books were banned, and that list she supposedly banned, some of them were not even written when she was mayor, so that should end it for you.

    The librarian was returned to duty after her contract was redrawn 3 weeks later, thats what it was all about.

  254. Thanks for info, moononpluto!

    Hey, all, Bambi’s asking Hillary to save his ass for him by becoming a female surrogate against Palin. She won’t do it, I hope:

  255. And she achieved the seemingly impossible: she made even suave, charismatic, Obama seem bland. In a contest where – like the X-Factor – a back-story is as important as a good audition, she upped the ante. Obama may come from a broken home, McCain may have spent years as a PoW in Vietnam and Joe Biden have lost his wife and baby daughter in a car crash in the 1970s. But the governor of Alaska has a son heading for Iraq, a Down’s Syndrome baby and a pregnant teenage daughter she’s standing by. And – what’s more – the self-confessed ‘pit bull in lipstick’ can shoot a moose at 50 yards. You can’t get much more sensational than that.
    Cut to the chase: it is the proven ability to handle the best and the worst that life throws at you, with courage and equanimity. Hillary has that ability and so does Sara.

    Wish I did. What time is it? Pass the bottle of Imperia anyway. Its cocktail hour in Prague.

  256. I hope Hillary tells him, in a classy way, to go f*** himself. After the horrendous manner in which she was treated, she doesn’t owe these crooks anything.

  257. “If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,’’ Obama said. But the Illinois senator could still see skeptics in the crowd, particularly on the faces of several men at the back of the room.

    So he tried again. “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ he said. “This can’t be the reason not to vote for me. Can everyone hear me in the back? I see a couple of sportsmen back there. I’m not going to take away your guns
    He has finally convinced me that he is insane.

    Subtext: but just wait til I have the votes in congress and I flipflop, I will do a ruby ridge on you people that will have your head spinning.

    How can anyone keep a guy like this under control? Putin is licking his chops. Wherever he goes it is I….I….I etc. His best line was can you hear me in the back.

    There are some things that are not meant for our ears, and others that are not meant for human eyes. Such as the mating of the two water buffalos and erstwhile cnn and msnbc anaylsts/bambi mouth pieces who wrestle themselves to the floor. Repulsive.

    It was worse than the Rove moon dance at the National Press Club which was bad enouth to gag a maggot. There are some people who should stay cool as the seals in the Arctic Ocean and Gogzilla and Martin are a case in point.

  258. turndownobama-com Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 4:04 pm
    too woo woo? Agreed/

  259. Lots of great links debunking rumors about Gov. Palin (and honestly approaching the stuff that is true) here:

  260. Why Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae is now the taxpayer’s problem?

    To me this one paragraph says it all.”

    In July, Congress passed a plan to provide unlimited government loans to Fannie and Freddie and to purchase stock in the companies if needed. Critics say the open-ended nature of the rescue package could expose taxpayers to billions of dollars of potential losses.

    What was Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Dodd and others in the Democratic Control Congress thinking?

    Why would they pass an open ending deal for those trouble institutions? This problem was not a surprise and why were the Democrats passing legislation like this?

    I hope my gut is not right and this is not a cynical plan to make sure negative economic news come out at this time…I just hope I’m not being paranoid because I would NEVER vote DEMOCRAT and put Obama in a position of power that has shown he can’t handle.

  261. BTW, though she was raised Pentecostal, her family left that church some years ago and joined a non-denominational church because they felt it was getting too weird for them.

    Yes, she is an evangelical, and yes she was raised as a holy roller. But she deliberately made a choice to back away from the crazies.

    The way the left is painting her as some wild-eyed snake handler theocracy-craving dominionist is just bunk.

  262. In politics, certain things become fixed in people’s minds — true or not — and they become unshakeable premises. In the macro, Dems are ‘tax and spend’ and Reps are ‘pro business’ among many others. After 40 years, these are changing a bit.

    In the micro, however, it is personal. ‘McC is pro-war’, ‘O voted against the war’ and stuff like that.
    Now compare what the two men did about their ‘history-making’ opponents. McC sent his congratulations to O, saying we will go back to the battle tomorrow, but for tonight we can all enjoy this ‘first’. Gracious, and hard for O to yell ‘racist’ again. (THere went half of his campaign)

    Immediately after Sarah’s pick, the O camp issued a nasty attacking statement that O and Biden had to walk back from — and THEN they said something nice. But it was a HUGE mistake. Their inability to be gracious (I’ll bet it was Biden who told O it was a mistake) coupled by the insane media smears, all got mixed together and whether or not the O people initiated the smears (some evidence they did) or not, it is now firmly in our minds. Add to that the Hillary mess, and now we have the ‘fact’ that the ‘media is smearing Sarah’ and ‘O is smearing Sarah’. Therefore ‘O is sexist’.

    Talk about rotten instincts! O could have avoided all this is he had initially reacted with a touch of grace and then made that statement about children being out of bounds. He certaionly would not be in the trouble he’s now in.

    It is this inability for O and/or his trusted advisors to play the chess game or strategize effectively that makes him unfit to be president. “The surge will never work” “The surge hasn’t worked” “The surge has worked better than anyone dreamed”.

    Think of this clod on the world stage and imagine who he will appoint as his diplomats and experts and in his cabinet and it is scary. We might be looking back at Brownie and Rumsfeld and Bremer and Rice as brilliant strategists in comparison.

    The question to ask the Dems who pushed his entry into the nomination and then touted him is, “Exactly what did he do that made you exclaim about how bright he is?”

  263. Birdgal — what’s so demoralizing is that the leftwing nutsos are making the right wing sound plausible.

    This is not just the election from hell. For dems, they have nothing but hellish choices. And the best one for many of us who care about the constitution and our rights seems to be to abandon our party, and work like hell for Republicans whose best feature is that they are a bit more libertarian in spirit than most. And for those of us who have never voted for a Republican, we have to admit that their ticket is the better one and we have to grit our teeth and vote Rep to get our Dem party back. sigh.

    BTW, I read that Sarah started life as a Catholic and then moved to whatever the heck she is now. Is that another bad fact? Not that I give a whole heck of a lot.

  264. “‘As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides,’ Obama said. ‘There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.’

    I just can’t believe this. Is this for real? Did he really say that? As President he has only one side, the American side. What the hell does he mean by he does not want to be perceived as taking sides. He should go work in the UN or something. This whole quote is weird, very weird. Reminds me of the Americanthinker blog article I had linked a few threads ago. He is a FLAKE, a fool with energy! You’re left scratching your head, wondering why he said/did what he said/did.

  265. Comment of the day from NoQuarter:

    Comment by NOBAMA | 2008-09-06 14:15:04

    Dear Sarah Palin,

    Wash my Dishes!

    Barrack Obama

    Reply to this comment
    Comment by JoseyJ | 2008-09-06 14:19:20

    she can’t – she’s too busy cleaning his clock.

  266. pm — good point. You can take a bunch of his quotes and say, “Huh”?

    creating a dialog for homophobes.

    Palin is dangerously inexperienced.

    I voted present because there are two sides to not letting adult bookstores be near schools.

    Let’s make a list — should be stunning.

  267. AmericanGal Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
    So did he not say what was quoted up thread about the flag, national anthem?

  268. freckles,

    I agree. It’s a tough, tough choice. It’s the election from hell. I am getting LOTS of flack for my choice on whom to vote for, given the Democrats’ behavior: McCain-Palin. I’ve got my McCain sign in the yard. Can’t get my McCain-Palin sign yet. Not available.

    Had to explain to the few Johnson County Republicans there on Friday morning when I picked up my sign what a PUMA is. They had no idea. Never heard of us. The women laughed when I said, “Party Unity My Ass.”

  269. wbboei,

    Good comments. Thanks for tracing the history of sexism in Obama’s campaign. Obama REALLY played the rap song, “99 Problems But a Bitch Ain’t One” after his Iowa win? Have we got video, anything?

  270. wbboei
    a link to the “99 Problems” would be extrememy beneficial. S many women I spesk with say it is untrue and there is no way the media would not report that. Remember that the vast majority get thier news from the tank.

  271. CountTheVotes Says: one reason to vote McCain is because if BO gets into office, I have no doubt he’ll do a terrible job; by 2012, he’ll probably be beat by the Republicans who will hold office for at least the next 8 years.
    Carter anyone?

    Good point! HIllary couldn’t run against a sitting Dem POTUS and would be 68 in 2016. So we could get stuck with lord knows who as GOP POTUS in 2012 or 2016.

    By 2012 McCain’s age would be four years older, and if M/P gets beat this year, Palin might not get the nomination again.

  272. henry Says:
    a link to the “99 Problems” would be extrememy beneficial. S many women I spesk with say it is untrue and there is no way the media would not report that.

    This was looked into and found nont to fly. The claim was that at some privatevictory party the host had the music on and Obama had nothing to do with it. Also there was some quisetion about two versions of the song, and the milder version being played.

    Granted much of thies was from Taylor Marsh but this was way back, January or Feb.

  273. does anybody know how to watch foxnews online? I don’t have cable tv subscription, but i’d love to watch Sarah Palin special at 8:00 pm….

    btw, a GOP 527 group is launching a nasty ad in Michigan by using Obama’s lavish praise of disgraced Detroit mayor. Michigan is not a lock for obama. WSJ has an article analyzing the situation there.

  274. From AP Wire – read it, and see again that the Left is making a big deal about something that didn’t happen. However, I do believe Palin should answer these questions about her religion VS her Public Policy

    I don’t care what anyone believes – JUST LEAVE IT AT HOME and DO NOT Legislate Morality or Religious beliefs – HEAR THAT BARACK? Hear That OPRAH?

    Palin church promotes converting gays

    By RACHEL D’ORO – 1 hour ago

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Gov. Sarah Palin’s church is promoting a conference that promises to convert gays into heterosexuals through the power of prayer.

    “You’ll be encouraged by the power of God’s love and His desire to transform the lives of those impacted by homosexuality,” according to the insert in the bulletin of the Wasilla Bible Church, where Palin has prayed for about six years.

    Palin’s conservative Christian views have energized that part of the GOP electorate, which was lukewarm to John McCain’s candidacy before he named her as his vice presidential choice. She is staunchly anti-abortion, opposing exceptions for rape and incest, and opposes gay marriage and spousal rights for gay couples.

    Focus on the Family, a national Christian fundamentalist organization, is conducting the “Love Won Out” Conference in Anchorage, about 30 miles from Wasilla.

    Palin, campaigning with McCain in the Midwest on Friday, has not publicly expressed a view on the so-called “pray away the gay” movement. Larry Kroon, senior pastor at Palin’s church, was not available to discuss the matter Friday, said a church worker who declined to give her name.

    Gay activists in Alaska said Palin has not worked actively against their interests, but early in her administration she supported a bill to overrule a court decision to block state benefits for gay partners of public employees. At the time, less than one-half of 1 percent of state employees had applied for the benefits, which were ordered by a 2005 ruling by the Alaska Supreme Court.

    Palin reversed her position and vetoed the bill after the state attorney general said it was unconstitutional. But her reluctant support didn’t win fans among Alaska’s gay population, said Scott Turner, a gay activist in Anchorage.

    “Less than 1 percent of state employees would even apply for benefits, so why make a big deal out of such a small number?” he said.

    “I think gay Republicans are going to run away” if Palin supports efforts like the prayers to convert gays, said Wayne Besen, founder of the New York-based Truth Wins Out, a gay rights advocacy group. Besen called on Palin to publicly express her views now that she’s a vice presidential nominee.

    “People are looking at Sarah Palin as someone who might feasibly be in the White House,” he said.

  275. McCain Makes a Run at Michigan, A Wavering Democratic Stronghold

    h t t p : / /

  276. Another Obama flip flop..follow up to his O’Reilly comments. Just how many times now has he “scrubbed” his website for political reasons?

    New York Daily News- Barack Obama’s campaign scrubbed his Web site over the weekend to remove criticism of the U.S. troop “surge” in Iraq, the Daily News has learned.

    The Democratic nominee replaced his Iraq issue Web page, which had described the surge as a “problem” that had barely reduced violence.

    “The surge is not working,” Obama’s old plan stated, citing a lack of Iraqi political cooperation but crediting Sunni sheiks – not U.S. military muscle – for quelling violence in Anbar Province.

    The News reported Sunday that insurgent attacks have fallen to the fewest since March 2004.

    Also, on McCain-Palin yard signs. The McCain campaign site has a special–McCain-Palin yard sign and bumper sticker for $7.00. I ordered a set today.

    I’m going to put it up amongst the yard signs I have for Minnesota Democratic candidates. That should get attention….

  277. Hope And Pride Finally Return
    posted September 6, 2008

    Since the beginning of time, people have yearned for a hero to lead the charge. Sometimes they found them, sometimes they didn’t. We have been looking for that person in our party for some time now and everyone has fallen short. Gingrich, Romney, Fred, Huckabee and definitely Giuliani. There was always that fatal flaw that kept us from truly believing.

    In 2001, I remember asking Robert Novak at a town hall meeting in Monteagle of all places, who our next leader would be since there was such a void out there. His answer shocked me. George W. Bush. He said if GWB could get through his communication issues, he was the man we needed in the White House. Well, as we know, he won two terms. But he never did get over his communication issues and he never did reach out and get us in the gut and inspire us like Reagan did.

    So fast forward to today. The left has their hero, and finally, I believe, so do we. Who would have ever thought that she would come from Alaska and remind us all of our stronger, inner selves. She is the Lara Croft of our political world.

    And, believe it or not, I have actually taken a second look at McCain after his speech on Thursday. You know, I am thinking I can trust this man who chose torture over renouncing his country or his honor code. It really is as simple as that. And it takes a real man to appreciate a woman like Sarah Palin.

    Hope and pride have finally returned to this tired conservative heart…and it feels real good.

    Iva Michelle Russell

  278. McCain, Palin plan KC-area appearance Monday

    Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees John McCain and Sarah Palin will be in the Kansas City area Sunday and Monday, the campaign announced this afternoon.

    After flying into Kansas City on Sunday evening, they will attend a rally on Monday in Lee’s Summit. The rally is on 520 NW Murray Road at the Pavilion at John Knox Village.

    Doors open at 8:30 a.m. The pre-program will begin at around 10:30 a.m. Tickets are not required. Admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
    I love how McCain is going after these swing states that the Dems thought they owned.

  279. VP candidate becomes pit bull

    Dear Editor,

    I can’t say exactly when it happened, but shortly after “I am honored to accept your nomination,” she took off her lipstick and the demure hockey mom changed to a pit bull.

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin sunk her teeth into the hindquarters of Barack Obama, the liberal media, and the hypocritical elitist crowd that looks down its nose at small town America. Governor Palin showed that the character and strength of the conservative values of small town America are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar.

    With plain talk, she stood up for the real America when she pointed out the hypocrisy of Barack Obama speaking one way in Scranton and another way in San Francisco. She spoke from the heart, and it was clear that she did not need focus groups, pollsters, and other tea-leaf readers to tell her what she should say and how she should say it.

    John McCain made a brilliant choice in this woman of character and inner strength. She brings a breath of fresh air to the GOP that is crisper and fresher than her state of Alaska.

    The McCain-Falin ticket is one that will inspire Americans like they have not been inspired since Ronald Reagan.

    Don Cole, Chairman

    2nd Congressional District

    Georgia Republican Party

  280. Question for the more politcally astute than myself….when will we start to see full frontal attacks on Obama’s associations and history? The campaign hasn’t heated up yet except for the Palin frenzy. I know the debates will bring up some things but aren’t there groups ready to air ads about Obama? I haven’t heard a thing about what may be on the way…. are we in the calm before the storm?

  281. AMericanGal,

    To paraphrase an old saying: “When your opponent already has his foot in his mouth, don’t change the subject.”

  282. AmericanGal…
    My guess is after this week (Sept 11th anniversary), the 527 ads will come out in full force against Bambi. I can’t wait to see the empty suit squirm!

  283. However, OReilly does have the rest of his interviews with Bambi airing this week, covering his associations. So who knows? Things could get pretty heated soon. Either way, I say, bring it. Game on!

  284. GOP base is on fire, Palinmania is almost as crazy as Obamania. The difference is that Obamania is old news… It’s all about timing in politics, baby… See these pictures yourself, McCain/Palin in CO…

    h t t p : / /
    h t t p : / /

    h t t p : / /

    Biden attracted 200 people today in PA…

  285. This article could use some sensible comments. Very few comments so far and a bot anti-McCain thing just went up.

    h t t p : / /
    Comment box is here.
    Wanted login/registration but it wasn’t hard. My post went right up, second in the string!

    Not a bad article but some points need correction:

    “Her opinions on education (she thinks Creationism should be taught alongside the theory of evolution) and censorship (she wanted to ban certain books from the library of her home town Wasilla)”

    “Who would have predicted the sisterhood would unite against the first female vice-presidential candidate”

  286. Admin you were right…CNN is doing it’s special on McCain Revealed…starting off with all those POW interviews and showing how much suffering he was under.

    It’s powerful imagery especially for those in the independent and Democratic party who haven’t seen it before.

  287. Calls himself President because, once again the “fix” is in – and apparently has been in for quite some time, ever since Saudi-backed Harvard education guaranteed results.

    Think I’ll go back to TCM and finish wathcing The Best Years of our Lives…..can’t deal with the world as it is today.

    Alaskans for Secession Group doesn’t sound too bad. The Ultimate Deliverance? Maybe they’re onto something. Now, it’s not Florence, Italy true – the ultimate escape for expats. Then, there’s the language barrier…Rosetta Stone tapes in my future? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

    But, hey (Johnny Horton’s) North to Alaska would certainly mean putting space between us and them. Don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of the bullying. Can’t EVEN imagine if BHO – already calling himself the President, is crowned. Guess they’ll round us up and gas us. Not playing around here, either. History repeats itself.

  288. From the Denver Post:

    The pair did touch on one new issue amid the encore of their more familiar lines. In a nod to news that the federal government takeover of mortgage finance giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is possibly in the works, both McCain and Palin mentioned the troubled firms.

    “The McCain-Palin administration will make them smaller and smarter and more effective for homeowners who need their help,” Palin said.

    Afterward, audience members were almost euphoric .

    “It was fantastic. Exciting. Energizing,” said Elizabeth Findley, who brought her 4-year-old daughter to the speech and held up a sign reading, “A Mom 4 a Maverick.”

    “It was so energizing to hear him in person.”

    “And they’ve got a good message,” chimed in Brent Meyer, a Navy reservist and Findley’s boyfriend.

    Campaign staff say more than 10,000 people got tickets to crowd into and overflow out of an airplane hangar at the Colorado Springs airport. They began lining up as early as 5:30 a.m., even though doors for the event didn’t open until 9 a.m.

    By the time doors did open, traffic jammed for miles around the airport and the line of people waiting to get in wound for several hundred yards around large hangars.

    “We wanted to be here for this memorable day,” explained Patricia Strawser, who left her Denver house with her husband, Tom, at 5 a.m.

    They arrived at the airport at 6 a.m. and found 50 people already in line ahead of them.

    “I’ve never done anything like this before,” said Tom Strawser, who wore a cowboy hat adorned with little American flags. “Nothing.”


    From left, Cindy McCain, John McCain and Sarah Palin greet the crowd at the Colorado Jet Center on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008, in Colorado Springs, Colo. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)crowd seemed made up of both veterans of political rallies and first-timers. Patricia Strawser said she worked for Democrat Al Gore’s campaign in 2000. Tom Strawser said McCain’s pick of Palin, the quick-witted, charismatic and conservative Alaska governor, made all the difference.
    “Sincerity,” Tom Strawser summed it up. “She’s very authentic. I’ve never been inspired by anyone else like this except Bobby Kennedy.”

    “It has energized the base,” added Patricia Strawser, a naturalized citizen from Colombia who said she became a Republican because she feels it’s the party of moral values. “And it shows how bright John McCain is. He knows how the game is played. It is game on now.”

    Indeed people in the crowd said Palin has brought an enthusiasm level to the McCain campaign that now rivals that of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s famously devoted supporters.

    “Military moms means what they say,” Cathi Judy, 52, of Penrose, whose husband is serving in the Army in Iraq and who has two children serving in the military, said in reference to Palin and her son, who is also in the military.

    Radio show host Dan Caplis stirred up the crowd by pointing out several Republican women who hold elected office in the state.

    “It just seems funny to hear Barack Obama say that he’s for equal opportunity for women,” Caplis said. “Tell that to Hillary Clinton.”

    He then led the crowd in chants of “Palin power!”

    Sitting high up in the bleachers adjacent to

    A large crowd waits to enter the Colorado Jet Center for a John McCain rally in Colorado Springs on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008. (Chuck Bigger, Special to The Denver Post)the stage, Lorena Mitchell said she thought McCain would have gotten a rousing reception in Colorado Springs regardless of whom he chose as his running mate.

    “This is typical El Paso County,” said Mitchell, a Colorado Springs resident who is a lifelong Republican and has served as a party precinct chair for several years.

    She said she has attended rallies for five presidents and several presidential candidates but has never seen McCain speak in person.

    “I thought, ‘Gosh, if he’s this close, I ought to come see him and show people I support him,’ ” she said.

    But sitting down in the crowd, Mitchell’s brother, George Mitchell, said he wasn’t so sure. Mitchell, a Democrat, said he came with his sister and his girlfriend, who is also a Republican. He held a sign reading “Maverick” over his head, but he said that was to block the intense morning sun.

    “I’m still undecided,” he said. “I came here to see what he looks like. Obama scares me, too.”

    And, as for Palin, he was equally skeptical.

    “I have nothing against hockey moms, don’t get me wrong,” he said, invoking Palin’s oft-quoted self characterization. “But c’mon, you’ve got to have a little more experience than that.”

    Lorena Mitchell chuckled at her brother’s skepticism.

    “I think this will change his mind,” she said.

  289. John McCain: Democrats in Cabinet
    Posted September 6, 2008 7:00 PM

    by Mark Silva

    Republican John McCain told his party at his nominating convention that he doesn’t work for the party – he works for the people.

    And McCain, who courted the idea of tapping a former Democrat for his running mate, friend Joe Lieberman, says he can promise that, as president, he will have some Democrats working in his Cabinet.

    That’s not the sort of talk his party wanted to hear, necessarily, at its convention. He told fellow Republicans that he is a “maverick,” and that is not always a compliment. But it could be the sort of thing that independent voters – and Democrats still smarting over the loss of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries – want to hear.

    “I don’t know how many,” McCain says of Democratic Cabinet members, in an interview with CBS News’ Face the Nation that will air on Sunday morning. “But I can tell you, with all due respect to previous administrations. It is not going to be a single, ‘well we have a Democrat now.’

    “It’s going to be the best people in America, the smartest people in America,” McCain says. “So many of these problems we face–for example, energy independence — what’s partisan about that?”

    “In other words, we’ve got to have people who are the best and the brightest, and I’ll tell you, some of them I’ll ask to work for a dollar a year.”

    McCain sat for the interview with CBS News’ Bob Schieffer today in Colorado Springs. CBS offered some tidbits of the show this evening

  290. Sarah Palin to be energy independence chief in John McCain’s government

    John McCain wants to put Sarah Palin in charge of US oil and energy policy if he becomes president, The Sunday Telegraph has learned.

    By Tim Shipman in St Paul, Minnesota
    Last Updated: 5:21PM BST 06 Sep 2008

    The Republican presidential candidate will make his running mate the public face of the country’s drive for energy independence, according to a McCain campaign official.

    Mr McCain, whose selection of Mrs Palin has electrified Republican supporters, wants to capitalise on her expertise in the oil and gas sector while governor of Alaska. He believes that her record of taking on oil company chiefs will help convince the public that his government would not be in the pocket of energy fat cats, a perception that has damaged George W.Bush’s poll ratings.

    The move would give Mr McCain political cover to resume widespread domestic drilling for oil, even in areas of environmental fragility.

    Mrs Palin backs drilling in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), which Mr McCain has previously opposed. Should he decide to reverse that position he will use Mrs Palin to make the case that it is necessary.

    The campaign official said: “The Democrats say that Governor Palin is inexperienced, but she has vast experience in the energy sector. She will be at the forefront of the push for energy independence. She’s popular and she’s very persuasive.” A Republican Party official, who has discussed Mrs Palin’s role with members of Mr McCain’s team, added: “She can say: ‘I’m from Alaska. I know all about this and I support drilling, even in ANWR.”

    Mr McCain discussed the role Mrs Palin would play in government as well as the election campaign when he held a three-hour getting-to-know-you session two weeks ago.

    To assuage angry green activists, the prospective vice president will also be charged with overseeing a dramatic increase in federal support for the development of clean coal and electric car technology, as well as the spread of wind and solar power.

    As Governor of Alaska, Mrs Palin oversaw the creation of a $40billion natural gas pipeline, against the wishes of the oil giants, and forced those same companies to relinquish licences to drill on land that they had left idle.

    Mr McCain’s support for drilling, which Democrats ridicule for offering little hope of quickly lowering fuel prices, enjoys overwhelming support from US voters.

    During her speech last week, Mrs Palin said the Alaskan gas pipeline would “help lead America to energy independence”.

    She added: “The fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all. Starting in January, in a McCain-Palin administration, we’re going to lay more pipelines… build more nuclear plants… create jobs with clean coal … and move forward on solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative sources.”

    Clark Judge, who wrote speeches for President Ronald Reagan and now heads the White House Writers Group, a Washington public affairs company, said such an appointment would be a logical use of Mrs Palin’s expertise and record of standing up to special interests.

    “No one has more experience of getting oil out of the ground and to the market than Sarah Palin,” he said. “It is the issue that most distinctively divides the two parties and it is one that has proved popular for Senator McCain.

    “No political figure in the US has more experience of taking on privilege and vested interests than Sarah Palin.”

    Finding a substantial role for Mrs Palin is just one of Mr McCain’s plans for government. Campaign officials say that Joe Lieberman, the independent democrat who spoke at the Republican convention on Tuesday night, has been promised a job in Mr McCain’s cabinet.

    Mr Lieberman is pencilled in to become Secretary of State or Defence Secretary in what insiders say will be a “government of national unity on foreign affairs”.

    Mr McCain has been seriously considering naming senior cabinet posts before the election, to emphasise the breadth and experience of his team and demonstrate that he plans to reach across the political aisle.

  291. Montana Governor Schweitzer to headline Harkin Steak Fry
    by: desmoinesdem
    Sat Sep 06, 2008 at 17:43:12 PM CDT

    It’s not yet clear whether the Iowa caucuses will remain first next time the Democratic Party picks a presidential nominee, but at least one prospective candidate will introduce himself to a big crowd of Iowa Democrats next Sunday.
    Senator Tom Harkin’s campaign announced today that Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer will headline the 31st Annual Steak Fry on September 14 at the Indianola balloon field.

    You’ll be hearing more about Schweitzer in the coming years–he’s the favorite future presidential candidate of many bloggers, including Markos of Daily Kos. Why not come out to see him in person?

  292. LMAO! From a commenter on the press yelling at Hillary to go fix Bambi’s Palin problem:

    In a situation like this the natural choice of supporter who would reach out to women would be the candidate’s wife….

    LMAO! Yeah, that would be who a candidate would normally use to build those bridges, but I doubt ol’ scowling Michelle would be much help there.

  293. Can you feel it? Today marked the beginning of the end for Obama and his traveling band of zombies. He took the bait and lost focus today when he attack Sarah Palin, proving to everyone that even he knows she has more experienced than he does. He also committed the cardinal sin of presidential campaigns he forgot he is not running against Gov. Palin. He is panicing and losing control, it should be Biden’s job to attack both Mccain and Palin. By attacking Sarah Palin he looks petty and less presidential in the eyes of the most important voters, the undecideds.

  294. Re: Palin Pics in Times
    Looking at the nineteenth picture in the times pics was nostalgic. Picture of Palin’s parents in knotty-pine panelled den with wildlife reminds me of the fifty-foot hallway in my grandparents home, fashioned after the old style dog-trot.

    There were mounted trophy finds lining both sides with every imaginable critter – very scary as a little tyke. Two six-foot Texas longhorns were at each end of the hall. Needless to say, taxidermy was everywhere. He was a real pioneer, a real cowboy, loved hearing the tales of the Big Thicket. Same grandpa that fought in WWI on Hindenberg line and was a Democrat’s Democrat. Would tell you real quick that FDR saved this country with the New Deal. He’s probably rolled over in his grave at what this country has become. Can’t believe it myself. Thinking about his service in fox-holes and my dad in the European theatre during WWII keeps me pumped about this election. Guess that’s why I don’t find it unthinkable to support McCain as well.

    A product of the East Texas Big Thicket, his hunts were legendary – especially Black Bear. His Dad, my great-grandfather was the Justice of the Peace – sort of like the law west of the Pine Island Bayou, and his mother a Cherokee Indian. With her Winchester at her side, she could outshoot and outride men in ten counties. Tough as a boot. Not all women tended the home fires and baked cookies at the turn of the century it turns out.

  295. Flag Flap as McCain, Palin visit Springs
    By Laura Forbes
    Saturday, September 06, 2008 at 5:47 p.m.

    Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin campaign in Colorado Springs– at an event that caused controversy across the country.

    About 13 thousand people came to hear the candidates, more than the ten thousand organizers estimated.

    Veterans passed around some of the 12,000 flags they say were thrown out after the DNC.

    “Those flags look great,” said McCain.

    That was all either candidate said about the issue, leaving others to do the talking. But it was a contrast to McCain’s theme of “country first.”

    “From time to time we will disagree on a specific issue, but all my life I have put my country first. I will put my country first as your president,” he said.

    Robert Delany is one of the veterans who carried the flags and a big McCain fan. “He is my hero,” said Delany.

    Still, he doesn’t think Obama had any part in them supposedly being tossed.

    “I don’t think he would allow that,” he said.

    Democrats call the flag flap a “cheap political stunt.”

    “If that’s all their talking about and they’re not talking about the economy that’s exactly what’s wrong with this campaign,” said Pat Waak, Colorado Democratic Party Chair.

    The candidates talked mainly about energy, taxes, and the war in Iraq.

    McCain said, “There is no place more appropriate than Colorado Springs for me to tell you that because of the brave service and sacrifice of so many brave americans we are winning in Iraq.”

    The crowd of 13 thousand ate it up

    “It was great. I loved it. It was so exciting,” said Terry Stratton.

    As Palin acknowledged, they will need that excitement. She said, “Its gonna be a really tough battle here in Colorado but we will win and we’re counting on you to help.”

  296. curiousity, for all their bloviating, the limousine liberals don’t have any monopoly on strong women. Often it’s quite the opposite.

    Rural people LOVE strong women, because they have a culture of their women HAVING to be tough as nails.

  297. curiosity: great post. Annie Oakley didn’t tend fires, bake cookies, or keep house. She could out shoot, just about anyone, men included. She was maligned by the press, and after her shooting days, she sued many newspapers, and did win. I’m sure she won enough money to have a comfortable retirement.

  298. Florida Republican group to boycott Oprah
    Posted: 07:58 PM ET
    From CNN’s Emily Sherman

    Oprah Winfrey campaigned for Obama in February.
    (CNN)-The Florida Federation of Republican Women made the decision to boycott the Oprah Winfrey Show Saturday, after the media mogul refused to have Gov. Sarah Palin as a guest on her show until after the election wraps up.

    “Women in Florida helped build Oprah into the icon she is today,” Linda Ivell, President of the FFRW said in a statement. “We are deeply disappointed in Ms. Winfrey’s decision to sit out the greatest political moment in the history of women since suffrage.”

    The talk show host denied accusations Friday, that she was even considering the vice presidential nominee as a guest.

    “At the beginning of this presidential campaign when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a plat for any of the candidates,” Winfrey wrote in a statement, responding to a story from The Drudge report claiming her staff was “sharply divided” on whether they should book the Alaska Governor.

    Winfrey agreed Palin would be a “fantastic interview,” but wouldn’t invite her on until after the November elections.

    The Florida Federation of Republican Women, the “largest political organization in Florida,” celebrating the groups 58 year anniversary is also encouraging members to cancel subscriptions to O Magazine, Ivell said.

  299. I am loving this whole week. Barky is standing around aghast while all his hope tea gets dumped in the harbor by a bunch of rowdy wimminz. And now the hockey moms across the aisle are fired up and helping out.

    LMAO! Knitting needles at 4 o’clock, Harry Reid! Incoming! DUCK!

  300. Sunday Talk Show Tip Sheet: via politico

    With Election Day just two months away, both presidential candidates sit for interviews on the Sunday talk shows, eager to capture some post-convention momentum.

    Republican John McCain gets the full half hour on CBS’s “Face the Nation,”his first Sunday show interview since formally accepting the GOP presidential nomination in St. Paul, Minn.

    How will the Arizona senator pivot off of his Thursday night acceptance speech and into the fall campaign?

    Not to be outdone, Democrat Barack Obama takes his Sunday show turn on ABC’s “This Week.”

    What will the Illinois senator have to say about McCain’s surprise pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate?

    After Obama, host George Stephanopoulos breaks down the interview and the just-finished GOP convention with New York Times columnist David Brooks, The Washington Post’s Jonathan Capehart and ABC’s Martha Raddatz and George Will.

    Palin, who’s been campaigning with McCain, has no announced plans for any major media interviews. But the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Joe Biden, takes his turn in the hot seat Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

    Can Biden, who’s been relentlessly on-message for the last few weeks, make it through “Meet” without any of the malapropisms that have so often plagued him in his long political career?

    “Meet” moderator Tom Brokaw also chats with New York Times columnist Tom Friedman about his new book, “Hot, Flat and Crowded.”

    On CNN’s “Late Edition,” a pair of women senators — Democrat Barbara Boxer of California and Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas — debate the red-hot presidential race.

    What will they have to say about Palin and independent women voters? Can she help McCain?

    Also on CNN, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine, a Democrat, will battle it out with one of McCain’s fiercest defenders, fellow Arizona Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

    Additionally, host Wolf Blitzer looks inside the Obama campaign with one of the senator’s senior advisers, Robert Gibbs.

    “Fox News Sunday” also features interviews with two top campaign advisers — Obama senior strategist David Axelrod and McCain campaign manager Rick Davis.

    And Davis takes a turn as well on Bloomberg’s “Political Capital,” hosted by Al Hunt.

    Finally, on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers,” top Obama economic adviser Austan Goolsbee is questioned by Martin Crutsinger of The Associated Press and Michael Crittenden of Dow Jones Newswires.

  301. Love the boycott of Oprah. Even Pastor Manning knows Oprah owes her billion $$$ to the women of this country – all ages and races. She USED TO BE all about women and empowerment for them. I watched Oprah for years, every single day that I could. She even came to our town over twenty years ago when we had the largest viewership, right before she became syndicated. There I was in the bleechers with my sister and Mother, watching history. Boy, no kidding. History is an understatement.

    Then she started attending TUCC and embraced the Black Values System, plunked down a motherlode into Africa building girls schools and getting burned due to poor judgment.

    Then, she left Wright and entered into the New Age World of guru German (Marxist) Eckhart Tolle, taking Obama with her then, as well.

    This New World vision of Oprah’s and Obama’s gives them “permission” to be “The Ones that the World is Waiting For” and usher in a New World Order – where we are part of the entire cosmic thing – no emphasis on American sovereignty – in fact, just the opposite. Eckhart’s New Age mantra has no religious aspect to it – in fact totally debunks Christ, and says that WE ARE THE SECOND COMING… kidding, folks. They mean it, too.

    Think the “O” symbol is just for Obama. Think again. “O” also means Oprah, don’t kid yourself. I predict this is the new emblem our country will be forced to adopt as a national symbol. This is the impending New World Order appears to have the “fix” in now as Obama announced today, freudian slip, that he is already the President. Guess, just like the Primaries, we are merely all going through the motions for us lowly peasants.

  302. Gerry Ferraro is featured prominently is this Palin special, BTW. Gerry is a smart fox, and that’s all I have to say about that. 😀

  303. At this time, due to high volume orders, please allow 7-10 business days (M-F) until order ships out from our facility.

    must be doing well business-wise for John McCain’s website

  304. Greta’s special was very good. Shows what a good parent Todd is, making sandwiches, holding down the fort. Also can see what a good family support structure she has and SHOULD shut up the naysayers who say she can’t take care of business. Leaves no doubt that she was pregnant, as well. Noticed her juggling two blackberries curves, just as we heard about Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. Sure that applies to many politicians. Lot of panoramic Alaskan scenery as well.

    Looks like the media would be somewhat impressed that her degree was in broadcast communications and political science. Maybe THEY’RE the ones jealous?

    Lyda Green, a political Alaskan foe, is one evil woman for starting and proliferating the rumor about Trig.

  305. McCain Camp Accuses Obama of Cynical Attempt to Play Victim

    September 06, 2008 8:04 PM

    “Barack Obama’s suggestion that the McCain campaign is somehow trying to paint him with ‘Muslim connections’ is false, and a cynical attempt to play the victim,” Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain’s campaign manager, said today. “We’ve seen Barack Obama use these tactics before — and they’re just as offensive and wrong as they were the last time.”

  306. Hey y’all

    this might not be too popular here on Big Pink at the moment, but this really has turned into a McCain-Palin Website.

    IMO we need to be discussing how we can work to change the DNC, really hole McCain camp to CHANGE and address the issues that SHOULD BE and HAVE BEEN important to us all and regain our party.

    As you all know, I am NO fan of Obama, nor do I intend to vote for him, but it is getting sickenly sweet here for Sarah Palin (and I DO understand why, in many ways) but “Loving Sarah (who we do not know) will NOT help change what has been done to OUR PARTY, or Hillary, or women everywhere by the MSM.

    IMO, we need to get a lot more active in working on issues that will HELP US and not just hurt the Dems. They are not ALL horrible, and although I agree that they will be worse if Obama wins, we are not doing ourselves any favors in making Palin a folk hero and leaving Hillary Clinton in the dust.

  307. Here is what a Community organizer does. “Community organizing is old-fashioned, bare-knuckle politics for the little guy.

    Were you picturing Obama in a soup kitchen instead? It is not your fault. When Obama talks about his time as a community organizer, he does not go beyond a vague and benign description . . .”

  308. IMO, the Republicans beating the Dems because of Sarah Palin on the ticket is the only thing that might jolt the Democratic Party out of its current direction. Otherwise, I see nothing on the horizon that will change the Brazille/Dean coalition of African Americans and limosine liberals.

    This really is about whether there is a home for moderates in the Democratic party. As of right now, there is not.

    I would also remind everyone that the Democrats have not seriously vetted a female candidate for VP for 24 years.

  309. another one debunked-palin quit that pentacostal church in 2002 and goes to a non denominational one now due to the “rhetoric.” mroe below:
    And no, she’s not a religious extremist, eitherposted at 11:00 am on September 6, 2008 by Ed Morrissey
    Send to a Friend | printer-friendly At least this smear didn’t have anything to do with Sarah Palin’s gender, but it also didn’t have anything to do with the truth, either. Critics have pointed to Palin’s Pentacostal religion as evidence of religious extremism, criticizing the practices of their church, as our NARN producer Mathew Reynolds noted on Thursday. The Miami Herald reported on Palin’s religious spookiness:
    Sarah Palin often identifies herself simply as Christian.
    Yet John McCain’s running mate has deep roots in Pentecostalism, a spirit-filled Christian tradition that is one of the fastest growing in the world. It’s often derided by outsiders and Bible-believers alike.
    Palin was baptized Roman Catholic as a newborn. She was then baptized in a Pentecostal Assemblies of God church as a teen and attended that church until six years ago, when she and her family adopted a different home church, an independent evangelical church.
    The New York Times debunks that particular myth today in a look at Palin and the role religion plays in her life. Deep into the article, readers find this factoid that the Miami Herald somehow missed:
    One of the musical directors at the church, Adele Morgan, who has known Ms. Palin since the third grade, said the Palins moved to the nondenominational Wasilla Bible Church in 2002, in part because its ministry is less “extreme” than Pentecostal churches like the Assemblies of God, which practice speaking in tongues and miraculous healings.
    “A lot of churches are about music and media and having a big profile,” Ms. Morgan said. “We are against that. That is why it is so attractive to politicians because they can just sit there and be safe.”
    “We’ve gotten a lot of their people when the other churches get too extreme,” Ms. Morgan continued. However, she added, “If you lift your hands when we’re singing, we’re not going to shoot you down.”
    So much for the Palin-as-religious-extremist theme. Even if one was inclined to think of Pentacostalists in such terms — and I’d recommend Matt’s post for an exploration of why it’s not extremism but merely enthusiastic expression — Palin clearly wanted a quieter form of worship. The Herald didn’t make the significance of their move clear, and wanted to leave the impression that Palin’s religious beliefs somehow made her part of a fringe movement.
    Still waiting for the Palin-as-extraterrestrial story to appear on MS-NBC ….
    Update: Our first comment on this post points out something remarkable about the national media. How long did it take for them to investigate the political radicalism at Trinity United Church of Christ and Jeremiah Wright? 15 months. How long did it take for them to start with Palin and her religious beliefs? Less than a week.

  310. Norma,

    I agree that enthusiasm for McCain/Palin has caught on here. I think it’s just that we are so relieved that there is something/someone that can voice our cynicism of the “Great One” and maybe even dethrone him. I don’t think anyone has said that they agree with the policies in entirety that this ticket is going with though.

    As far as Hillary goes. I stand by what I said earlier. I do think the dnc and Obamalight did her a huge favor by winning the primary so corruptly. I really want to see Hillary stand strong and become a leader in the senate. To me that will teach the dnc a huge pie in the face lesson.

  311. i agree with norma partly. in order to change things the media’s orporate sponsors must be threatened. there needs to be a ay to oranize a 100,000 person petiton to say GM and tell them u keep runing ads on CNN and we dont buy your cars etc.. the threat of this could cause cnn and others to be pressured by their coorporate overlords to shape up. that to me is the best thing to do ont he media end. and it must happen or we wont get hillary in the wh

  312. As far as the issues go, I think the fight is still on here to push for change where needed. The biggest change being corrupt government of course.

  313. Norma, What do you suggest that we do? I know, we can vote for progressives on our local tickets, but how do we change the national leadership? How do we make them accountable? It seems like Hillary isn’t able to do it, at the present time. If BO gets in, the DNC is not going to change. The corruption is so deep. This unity schickt (sp) is really getting old. I don’t want the Chicago machine elevated to national politics, anymore than it alread is. It seems like there are no good choices. Just worse, and worser. Take your pick. My vote will be a protest vote.

    Earlier today, Idunn posted a link to a new non-partisan women’s group. The New Agenda, is being formed to combat the MSM bias, promote equality, and women’s rights. We need to fight back, regarding the media bias. Obviously, there is rampant misogyny and sexism. I used to think, it was Hillary, because of CDS, but when Palin came along, it was apparent that it is misogyny gone wild.

  314. hwc, i do not disagree with what you are saying, but IMO the sudden love of the Republicans is counterproductive. If McCain wins and actually governs moderately, great, but the Palin pick was to SOLIDIFY THE BASE – the SAME BASE that wants God in Government and Gays to go to Hell. They are the SAME BASE that elected Bush TWICE and threw a hissy-fit when he nominated Harriet Meyers for the SCOTUS and demanded a rabid (re)Constructionist for the court instead.

    DO NOT YTHINK FOR ONE MINUTE that John McCain will not OWE THEM SOMETHING in return for their support again – after Bush “didn’t go far enough”

    So, we have two choices. Abandon OUR principles to “show the Democrats a lesson” and reap what we sow, or DEMAND that McCain “put something in writing” (starting with taking “Overturn Roe v Wade” in those HUGE letters off his website…) and make sure OUR support will pay dividends to US and not the Christian Right once again/

    I for one don;t want to be on what is becoming a bit “over the top” revenge site. I want to work for Hillary. That is what I have done for months and months and miles and miles (as have many here) and I believe HRC would support us more if we go after the DNC and the Speaker and the Majority Leader and NOT fall in line with a Party who has done NO MORE FOR US than the Dems in recent years.

    Support Ed O’Reiley, Support Cindy Sheehan if you can, but what do we really KNOW about Palin, her deal with McCain and her deal with the Christian Right – who I , for one, find doing NO favors for me.

  315. Norma Desmond Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 9:21 pm

    Hey y’all

    this might not be too popular here on Big Pink at the moment, but this really has turned into a McCain-Palin Website.

    IMO we need to be discussing how we can work to change the DNC, really hole McCain camp to CHANGE and address the issues that SHOULD BE and HAVE BEEN important to us all and regain our party.


    Let me put it simply, we will not be able to do a damn thing to change the DNC until Obama is crushed and destoyed.

    If he wins he will legitimize what he has done, so at this point to me, everything is to be used to stop him and that includes the republicans.

  316. Bird, I am well aware of The New Agenda, and “what I suggest’ is to GET INVOLVED with them. Yes, there is terrible misogyny and hateful actions and Obama pulls the race card out of his ass at every turn and cries victim but the love fest tone here for Sarah is getting a bit over the top for me.

    I was DELIGHTED to see her kick BO at the RNC, but we MUST ASK, WHAT will she do FOR US? If we do not, we have supported yet ANOTHER politician who wants us only for our votes without anything in exchange – JUST LIKE OBAMA DID

    IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY to DEMAND of the McCain campaign concessions in return for our support.

  317. I’ve mentioned it in here several times, NOW is the time for us to start focusing on how we can clean up the DNC, and turn it to the party that FDR based it on.

    Clean it up of Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy, Congresswomen Pelosi, Senator Reid, DNC Chairman Dean, Delegate Brazile

  318. I have to say I have had a good look at what the alaskan people are saying and i’d say there is good reason she has an 85% approval rating from dems and repubs. She seems to be a woman of her word.

    From what I can gather, is yes, she is religious and conservative but there is no evidence whatsoever that she has in any way imposed her morals on others.

    In her 2 years as Gov, many people have publically stated now that she has followed the law and has never once imposed any moral stance of hers on the people of Alaska, in fact when it came down to it, she went against the court and signed in the same sex benefits.

    Apparently from what I have found she has stayed away from legislating on social issues because she believes that it is not up to the state to legislate it, she apparently takes very seriously what peoples opinions are.

    That too me sounds like she can be trusted. Unlike Bambi who seems to come off crooked.

  319. Zogby Poll: Republicans Hold Small Post-Convention Edge (4 Point Lead)

    UTICA, New York – Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin left St. Paul, Minnesota, with a smallish bounce overall and some energy in key demographic groups, as the race for the presidency enters a key stage and voters begin to tune in to the contest, the latest Zogby Interactive poll finds.

    The McCain/Palin ticket wins (50) 49.7% support, compared to (46) 45.9% backing for the Obama/Biden ticket, this latest online survey shows. Another 4.4% either favored someone else or were unsure.

  320. So, do we demand anything of McCain, who, in fact, will be the person who directs policy, or do we just give our votes to another party who does not support our views?

  321. Norma, all I can say is that I look at what politicians DO, not what they say. Politicians say a lot in order to keep certain groups on their side.

    Case in point: Our Hill and Bill saying Obama is all readied up to be prez and stuff, when we all know it’s untrue. But they HAVE to say it if Hill is to have any chance of running in 2012. Why? Because she is going to NEED those Obama voters.

    McCain needs the far right, so he throws them some bones. McCain has absolutely no intention of doing squat about Roe v Wade. Palin’s RECORD, despite her religious background is NOT one of interfering in either choice or gay rights. She has NEVER, not ONE time pushed or rallied for or put forward a single piece of legislation to push her beliefs on a single soul. Does she likely want to see abortion end? Yes. But she is no theocrat, and her approach has been one of offering better solutions to women who might want to avoid having one, rather than screaming in faces and throwing people in jail. I just don;t see any EVIDENCE that that’s her style.

    McCain is not going to take that Roe v Wade thing off his website, because he cannot afford to, period. Any more than Hill could refuse to campaign for Obama. They need those voters if they are to have any hope of doing any good for this country by getting into office. So they kiss up. That’s reality. That’s politics.

    As for the DNC, the only way to take them down is for Obama to lose in a landslide. Same thing for majority leader for Hill – unless Obama goes down big, it’s a pipedream. When he loses, I start lobbying for that spot for her if she wants it. Right now it’s pointless, as we have no voice with the Dem leadership YET.

    And yes, we are EXCITED that McCain/Palin can do that work for us of ripping the mask off that pretender BO. I will not apologize for cheering them on. I also will not apologize for being THRILLED to see a walking talking vagina up on that national stage, no matter how much it hurts that it is not our Hillary. It MEANS something to me to see it.

    I will work my ass off and be even more thrilled in 2012 when Hillary comes roaring back. But for now, I am watching what is in large part the FRUIT of my lady’s trials and sufferings, and I am not going to feel bad or disloyal for standing up and saying YOU GO GIRL! to Sarah Palin.

  322. I really want to see Hillary stand strong and become a leader in the senate.

    Hillary better make sure she locks down her support in New York. I guarantee that the DNC will primary challenge her with an African American candidate and attempt to get her out of the Senate in 2012. In the meantime, I expect them to punish her by stripping her of her Armed Services Committee assignment.

  323. Norma Desmond pls focus…McCain is a republican who believes in Pro-life…now the way Women rights organizations have define our issue today is to frame it as a single issue only because all I have seen from our organization is retreat on everything from the 1970’s.

    Most younger women voters don’t even like to call themselves feminist and I don’t see SEXISM and Mysoginy reduced or women being treated with respect in our own party in regards of power.

    I do see movement on some issues…like advancement and sharing of power…but I don’t think we can demand crap at this time…either you work from within and move by example and leadership or you go somewhere else.

    I don’t have a problem with McCain or Palin…in fact they remind me of my Family in the real world. I have seen or read anything about both of them that I have a problem with in their official duties.

    My problem is with the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY and their HYPOCRISY and me feeling like I wasted years supporting them to get this bunch in LEADERSHIP right now.

    At this moment I’m disgusted with my party elitism and offensive behavior.

  324. Norma, Palin was taken on, to bring the conservative base together, not to corral Hillary supporters. It was a smart move, because it seems to have galvanized the base. If Roe vs Wade is overturned, which I really don’t think it will be, the decision would revert to the states. I have to look at this, beyond this one issue, which is a huge change for me. It was always the deal breaker before. I don’t trust BO, not to do something to weaken it. He has flip-flopped on every major issue, that I don’t know where he stands, besides for himself and his cronies. This is a sad, sad situation. The dems have not been standing for women’s rights. Just look at the way Hillary was treated, by her OWN party. I don’t trust BO with the security of this country. He is too inept.

  325. Bird, I am not asking that you or anyone else feel badly for suporting them, and yes, I too am very glad there is a woman at the top of a national ticket. I am sickened – almost physically at times – that it is not Hillary Clinton, but it is another milestone no matter the reason she is there.

    I no more want Barack Obama as the POTUS than I want Osama Bin Laden as the President, or John Kerry or Howard Dean for that matter – I didn;t then and I don;t now –

    all I am saying is there must be some accountability of the McCain campaign to us a a voting block, and I am not sure what that is yet.

    But I have been deeply troubled here over the last few days at all the dissing of Hillary. After all, she, as you well note, did this for women.

  326. Norma maybe you need to find somewhere else to go…because Hillary ain’t going to be the nominee.

    Now, I’m happy for Sarah Palin and I don’t see her success in her party taking anything away from Hillary.

    If you have a problem with it go take to the DNC….oops we did and they still selected Obama/Biden.

    So, I’m voting McCain/Palin 08

    For those who can’t there’s McKinney and Nadar.

  327. birdgal Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    Norma, Palin was taken on, to bring the conservative

    I COMPLETELY AGREE with what you have written here, and no, “Abortion Rights” are of ZERO concern to ME personally, but Roe offers many more rights to women than just abortion rights. People forget that. And I agree that the Dems have become the Socialist Left, and I don’t want that in any way in OUR government, but we must get concessions of some sort from McCain, or we are all just patsies, acting out of a lot of emotions and with no constructive PLAN after a McCain win.

  328. Norma, I just do not believe we are in any position to demand anything of McCain. He already put a damn woman on the ticket for us. And yes, I know that it wasn’t ONLY for us, but he could have picked a pro-life man to gather the wingnuts.

    I think we were part (not all) of his decision to pick Palin. And I think that even though it looks now like it is paying off on all levels, he took a DAMN big risk to do it. That may be about as far as he can reach out.

    I have no expectation that McCain wil govern like a Democrat, not even a centrist one. I think it would be silly and fruitless to pressure him to. The people we are trying to pressure here are the DEMS, not him.

  329. Norma, I am the last to diss Hillary. She did the best that she could, under horrendous conditions. She is a true hero. She fought, until the bitter end, and despite all the negative forces against her, she really won the primary. The nomination was stolen from her, and that is unforgiveable.

    I feel very sad, that Hillary has fought to break the glass ceiling for so many years, and now Palin comes in, and has a good chance to do the final shattering of it. Life isn’t very fair, is it? I also feel sickened by this, and righteous of the left wing.

    If her committee assignments are taken away from her, that is another huge black mark on the Taliban party.

  330. Norma, I am in the same position as you, although knowing Hillary that we do, she will do what she can and come out the winner in this, maybe not as President for this year but eventually. We have the power.

    We can change the DNC to refrain from it being the party of the Elites.

  331. Norma,

    You had no problem tellin us how you feel about what we’ve been posting…so I’m telling you how I feel about your post.

  332. HillaryforTexas Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 8:04 pm
    curiousity, for all their bloviating, the limousine liberals don’t have any monopoly on strong women. Often it’s quite the opposite.

    Rural people LOVE strong women, because they have a culture of their women HAVING to be tough as nails.


    you know HillaryforTexas…after watching that Palin special tonight by Greta and seeing Gerry Ferraro say that she was the only other woman ever on the national ticket and that was 24 YEARS AGO…

    …and then here we are 24 YEARS LATER and HILLARY WINS 18 MILLION VOTES and that still is not enough to qualify her for the top of the ticket or the second place on the ticket…

    …and then we have the past week where all the so called liberal/progressive women are coming out of the woodwork with every excuse they can come up with to detract from Sarah Palin having an opportunity to play with the big boys at the national level…

    …well I am beginning to think that when it comes to women and women’s rights, the Democratic Party – or, at least, this Obama Democratic Party , knows how to ‘talk the talk…but they do not walk the walk’

    this is BS…plain and simple…the Democrats take women for granted and hold us hostage with Roe…it is not 1973…there is such a thing as birth control…

    …if the time was not right this year for this Democratic woman, Hillary Clinton, who so many democratic insider women sabatoged…then how many more decades is it going to take until the time is right?

    enough is enough!
    I am also so disgusted…and frankly while Hillary is relegated to submission, Sarah Palin is looking very impressive…

  333. Norma,

    I posted earlier that I thought McCain was going to have to make some compromises if he expects Hillary supporters to vote for him. Someone (sorry can’t remember who) mentioned the possibility of him going for equal pay for women. I think universal health is another issue that we should push for.

  334. This is a great, readable, on-going resource! He lists rumours and links to good cites debunking them.
    h t t p : / /

    Palin Rumors
    Cripes, this has gotten ridiculous. Folks, look, let’s just run through a list here. (Updated.)
    1. Yes, she is Governor of Alaska. No, she’s not the Lieutenant Governor. No, she’s not currently Mayor of Wasilla. Yes, she was Mayor of Wasilla, some years ago.

  335. Whoa, let’s not go there, Norma and Carbynew, we are all by heart the party of Hillary and we will do whats neccessary

  336. Frankly, I think we need to be very open to other opinions, even if we do not agree with them. We are all struggling with some of the decisions we have to make. Some people are very sure, others are not. We need to respect divergent opinions, or we are no better than our opponents. I think Norma has valid concerns, and they are worth discussing. We may not like some of the postings, but I think, we need to respect them. It helps to reframe the issues more fully.

  337. JanH,

    Is McCain really so far from Hillary on equal pay? I thought they just disagreed on details like how soon the woman would have to file. McCain wants to protect against frivilous lawsuits.

    Remember Paula Jones?

  338. Norma:

    I share your pain. I’ve probably come to grips with it a little faster because I figured out back in September 2007 that the Democrats weren’t going to allow Clinton to be nominated. I knew, and accepted it, the week before the New Hampshire primary. It was clear when the party let the media assassination go unchallenged.

    Hillary’s in a tough spot. She has to support the Democratic Party, but there’s a cost associated with that, too — which is why you are seeing some negativity. Everyone is trying to come to grips with a bad deal that offers no perfect solutions.

    Personally, I’m comforatable with McCain as qualified to be commander-in-chief, as having a track record as a stand-up guy on important issues, and as representing a party that has the guts to put a woman on the ticket and defend her against the sexist onslaught of the media. That’s enough for me to cast a vote with some enthusiasm.

    My wife feels differently. She’s gonna vote Democratic and it’s eatiing her up.

    I, for one, am getting a little sick of the witchhunt against evangelical Christians. I haven’t been to church in decades, but I count many evangelicals among the nicest people I’ve ever met. I see nothing whatsoever to suggest that Sarah Palin is some kind of wacko extremist and I’ve just about had enough of the beltway media attacking her for being a Christian.

  339. Carby, My post was simply my reflections over the last few days. And my asking that we as democrats look to see what there is we can do to work towards party reform. Also, I was asking what did we really KNOW about Palin?

    I was not telling anyone to get out because they are all rah-rah about this woman.

    Please ignore my posts in the future if they offend you.

    Please do not attack me for having an opinion different that yours. That is so Obama….

  340. Ok guys, please lets calm down, we need to be strong and not battle it out amongst ourselves.

    The Objective is simple, take Bambi down, because if we don’t Hillary aint got another shot.

    Things always balance out, maybe another 4 years is what is needed to kill off the cancer in the Dem party and the wing that has taken it over.

    I trust McCain to govern like an adult properly and Obama will, make no mistake folks, govern like America is his own personal plinky toy. We’ve seen the evidence.

  341. And it’s not even that my opinion is “different”

    just that in dissecting all of this, we have not asked for anything in return, and we rail about Palin’s virtues as a means to get even with BO.

    I CANNOT STAND BARACK OBAMA AND I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM and it is ON RECORD with the Washington Post, but I just want us to think farther ahead and in the immediate way we can do something.

  342. “# moononpluto Says:
    September 6th, 2008 at 10:23 pm

    Ok guys, please lets calm down, we need to be strong and not battle it out amongst ourselves.
    The Objective is simple, take Bambi down, because if we don’t Hillary aint got another shot.
    Things always balance out, maybe another 4 years is what is needed to kill off the cancer in the Dem party and the wing that has taken it over.
    I trust McCain to govern like an adult properly and Obama will, make no mistake folks, govern like America is his own personal plinky toy. We’ve seen the evidence.”

    Well said!

  343. Norma, I don’t know, what we can do to work towards party reform, especially if BO wins. I know you are reflecting. Palin is a big unknown, and McCain is going to put her to work on energy issues, including alternative energy, such as geothermal, wind, and electric cars.

  344. “I CANNOT STAND BARACK OBAMA AND I WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM and it is ON RECORD with the Washington Post”

    correction, TIME Magazine, with Heidi Li and Elizabeth from 18 Million

  345. Norma, the day McCAin is elected is when we start railing the DNC into the ground.

    Keep your fire for Nov 5th because i intend to ignite a firestorm under there asses come that morning.

  346. turndownobama-com,

    if Hillary takes the Senate Majority Leader position in 2009, she won’t have time to run for president in 2012.

  347. Moon, Jan, Bird, thanks for the understanding. This is a very hard thing. My ENTIRE political Principle is being raped by the DNC and I am seriously considering going on a blind date with the last one who raped me.

    What kind of choice is that?

  348. hwc says:

    I, for one, am getting a little sick of the witchhunt against evangelical Christians. I haven’t been to church in decades, but I count many evangelicals among the nicest people I’ve ever met. I see nothing whatsoever to suggest that Sarah Palin is some kind of wacko extremist and I’ve just about had enough of the beltway media attacking her for being a Christian.

    I agree. I was just talking to a friend of mine who is gay, but her neighbors are evangelicals and they have been very nice to her and even took her to the hospital when she got sick. They have become her friends, and know that she will never become an evangelical. They may be against gay marriage, but at the same time, they believe in equal rights – and civil unions.

    The media, the left-wing, they are only interested in smearing all evangelicals as the Focus on the Family type which most of the 40 million or so evangelicals are not…

  349. The National Enquirer is reporting Gov. Sarah Palin had an extramarital affair.

    Sources in Alaska say the incident occurred in mid 1990s, right around the time she became mayor of Wasilla. Todd Palin’s partner in a Polaris snowmachine dealership in Wasilla, Brad Hanson Hampton, and Sarah were reportedly flirtatious but never consummated the relationship.

    hilarious, how the fuck do you have an affair, if you never cheated. This takes the biscuit.

  350. Norma says: “we have not asked for anything in return”

    During that conference call McCain did with Hillary supporters after the June 3rd primary, some people did ask him about putting a woman on the ticket. At that time, he did mention Palin was being considered. This was not a last minute decision. Obviously, the campaign had been considering it for awhile, unlike the Taliban party.

  351. Actually, I took a “political Quiz” tonight and it wanted my name and address…so when I went to close the window, (as that is none of their business) it popped up I was better suited to the “Green Party” of whom I know VERY little about, except Nader…and that is all I need.

    But isn’t McKinney “Green” now? And Bob Barr? Both of them are from Georgia, and THAT is no comfort!

  352. Norma,

    I heart your determination to clean up the DNC and fight for the issues we all care about. McCain is not the poster boy for me in any way shape or form. He is however honorable and a tool for bringing Obama down. I hope he succeeds big time.

  353. Moon, Jan, Bird, thanks for the understanding. This is a very hard thing. My ENTIRE political Principle is being raped by the DNC and I am seriously considering going on a blind date with the last one who raped me.

    What kind of choice is that?


    Norma, I think the only way I can look at that is that the Dems need a very hard lesson and think if you can, to what life for us and Hillary would be under an Obama administration. I honestly believe McCAin when he says he will try and change things, i canot believe that off Obama.

  354. McCain has been courting us PUMAs for months. I think Palin was part of that. Now that gamble has PAID OFF for McCain.

    So, let’s encourage him to offer us centrist women types some more carrots too. Some GOP women fit that description too.

    As it is, we PUMAs are planning to jump back to Hillary in 2012, most of us. But some women might stay with him if he gets behind the right issues, long-term. It would be nice if women became a bloc he NEEDS longterm. That would be a longterm improvement for the whole GOP.

  355. i have trouble believing that if obama is defeated the keys to the dnc will walk to hilary and bill. the chicago mob runs it now with pelosi. i wish i could say-defeat obama and the dnc will be healed. but it isnt that simple to me.chicago runs it. i dont know how long it ill take to reform it or oust its leaders. might be better to have a workers party or soemthing. hell we will be dead byt he time the dnc is reformed. but if obama wins then its even worse. chicago runs congress and thw wh.

  356. Norma says: “What kind of choice is that?”

    I feel your pain. I have voted democratic my entire life. It is very bizarre, and I can’t imagine being a person of color or gay, and having to make this decision.

    The NE is rumor mongering as always. Although, sometimes they are right ie. JE.

  357. You know what, the media is doing the boy who cried, they are getting to the point where they are flinging so much shit thats untrue at Palin, that no one is going to believe a bad word they say about her, even if it is true.

    They are unwittingly innoculating her.

  358. Norma,

    I understand your POV…I have been a long time Dem activist my whole life…but this is what really worries me…would you rather that Obama wins and comes in with his Chicago band of crooks and has a stronger Dem congress and all the people that enabled him to essentially rob Hillary’s chances this time around (and the next and next)…and with all these enablers these Dems will run every branch of government with no checks and balances and no oversight? and the added insult of chicago style corruption

    or would you rather have 72 year old McCain in his twilight years with his rebel reformer as his protoge to come barrelassing in to take on their own party and the Dems and “shake things up” while still having to work with a stronger Dem congress…thereby the result being either gridlock or some common sense agreements?

    no one is saying not to vote dem down ticket…it is the top we have to worry about

  359. That’s one reason to get behind the movement for Hillary for Senate Majority Leader in 2009.

    That’s never going to happen. Majority Leader requires the vote of Democrat insiders. The Democratic power base is going to do everything they can to destroy Hillary Clinton and run her out of the Senate. There is no way that Dean/Pelosi/Obama and the others who screwed her and Bill over this year can afford to leave her around for payback.

  360. Norma Desmond: this is a Hillary support site not a McCain/Palin site. No one is under any delusions that we agree with McCain/Palin on policy/issues nor have we forgotten the cruelties inflicted on Hillary and Bill by McCain and Republicans over the years.

    We have written repeatedly on what Hillary Clinton supporters thinking about voting for McCain (this was before Palin’s nomination as VP) could ask for with the expectation of receiving same.

    Almost exactly a month ago we wrote this:

    “We’ll be voting for Hillary in NOvember. Many Hillary supporters will vote for John McCain if the Democratic? Party of FDR commits suicide and selects the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama.

    We’ve made the case that Hillary supporters thinking about voting for McCain in NOvember should demand that McCain defend Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton against ugly charges, such as racism, made by Obama’s Chicago thugs. The McCain campaign did in fact defend Bill Clinton as part of the McCain defense against the “racism” charge by Obama’s race-baiting campaign.

    History is a teacher. The Obama campaign will do everything it can to slime John McCain. The Obama Hope fiends strung out on the temporary, but ultimately toxic, high that comes from injecting Hopium will likewise slime John McCain.

    The increasingly smart McCain campaign knows the slime on racism was merely a harbringer of things to come. The McCain campaign is taking steps now to prevent the sliming of John McCain.”

    While that might appear very little to demand it sets the stage for what needs to happen later. [We are currently privately circulating a strategy memo regarding what needs to be done next by Hillary supporters and will publish it as soon as there are sufficient “sign-ons”.]

    Thus far the Republicans and McCain/Palin are defending Hillary and Bill from the charges of racism. Further, it is extremely wonderful to watch long time Hillary and Bill tormentors and the low Republican sexists and misogynists now denouncing sexism and misogyny.

    We are not fools. We know that McCain/Palin and the Republicans are saying nice things about Hillary and attacking misogyny because it is in their self interest. We are very very well aware of that. We are also sure that McCain/Palin and Republicans are aware that we are saying nice things about McCain/Palin out of our own self-interest. But that is the glory of politics. Two completely self-interested parties (Republicans and us) uniting for a common purpose. In this case the defeat of the unqualified Barack Obama and the restoration of the FDR coalition as a guiding light of the Democratic Party (as opposed to Obama/Brazile/Axelrod’s made vision.

    Earlier we wrote this:

    “John McCain has plenty to be ashamed of in his history with the Clintons. John McCain himself has plenty to be ashamed of. Yes, after John McCain has slimed Bill and/or Hillary Clinton he has usually apologized. Barack Obama has had no such decency. Barack Obama still has not apologized to Bill and Hillary Clinton for all the calculated smears and mud Obama has flung. Barack Obama pretends he is an innocent, but Barack Obama is as dirty as they come. And in Chicago, that is plenty dirty.

    It is not only Bill and Hillary Clinton that have been slimed and smeared with Obama’s Chicago mud. We Hillary Clinton supporters have been smeared and slimed too. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton can forgive Barack Obama for Obama’s slimes and smears directed at them. But we Hillary Clinton supporters do not forgive or forget Obama’s slimes and smears directed towards us.

    Here on Big Pink, with a large group of African-American Hillary Clinton supporters, we will not support the smear merchant Barack Obama. Because we have not, nor will not support the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama we are accused of being racists. Even African-American Hillary Clinton supporters are unfairly attacked as racists.

    We at Big Pink do not believe in unilateral disarmament. We do not believe in whining. We do believe that sometimes you get a dog to eat a dog.

    Hillary Clinton supporters who will support and vote for John McCain in NOvember if the Democratic Party decides to commit suicide by selecting the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama should communicate to the John McCain campaign the need to defend Bill and Hillary Clinton from the race-baiting Obama.

    It is not enough for John McCain to send the very capable Carly Fiorina to speak with Hillary Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton supporters who will vote for John McCain must insist that John McCain defend Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

    We are all experts on this website regarding how Obama runs his slime and smear campaigns. We are also witnesses to the sexism and misogyny Obama and his DNC pals exploited to smear Hillary and us. We will therefore not remain silent when we see Obama’s Chicago thugs try the same smears and slimes against McCain and particularly we will not remain silent when yet another sexist campaign is launched against yet another woman.

    Maybe after McCain is in the White House, the Democrats in the Senate will learn to fight but more importantly the Republicans, out of their own self-interest, will join us in the fight against sexism and misogyny. This helps all humanity. (It also helps a certain plucky blond lady in future electoral and legislative campaigns.)

    Let no one misunderstand: This remains a Hillary support site.

  361. There’s one safe refuge for the evangelicals and others, and Palin MAY have found it. I’ve heard that she draws a good line between her personal principles and her job as Governor. That is, she vetoed a bill that would have hurt gays because it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

    Didn’t JFK manage to get elected that way, by saying that the Constutution out-ranked the Pope? 🙂

  362. I DO NOT believe Obama is anything but trouble.

    PLEASE EVERYONE GET THAT. I AM NOT SUPPORTING OBAMA – nor will I ever consider it. Period.

    I just feel like hell in all this, and all I said was it had gotten a little over the top with the cheer leading for Palin IMO

    And I support the JSND Coalition, however, as a National Organizer of 18 million voices, I will say I was highly annoyed when Clinton’s for McCain showed up with a HUMMEr at the Parade in Denver with McCain signs all over it and one teeny hillary sign and said they were “going to lead the parade”

  363. moon: The more stuff the media threw at Hillary, more people were outraged and voted for her. They may be innoculating her. She must be doing something right, if her approval rating is around 80%.

  364. turndownobama-com Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 10:29 pm

    That’s one reason to get behind the movement for Hillary for Senate Majority Leader in 2009.

    h t t p : / /

    Let’s use the momentum we have NOW, to get her to a place of safety and power where they CAN’T punish her.

    well said and very good points…

  365. hwc,

    Then working to remove Pelosi, Dean, et al when they are up for re-election is possibly the best way to clean up the DNC.

  366. First target we need to get on with is getting Cindy Sheehan to unseat The wicked witch of the west coast, Pelosi.

  367. Admin, thank you

    brilliant and calming as usual.

    You mean the world to me, as do so many here.

    I have tickets to see HRC on Monday, and it will be so great. VIP seating and all!

    Working for HRC pays dividends. And I will go into the “All People’s Life Center” Gym and be not afraid in my HRC Shirt!

  368. Now Moon, this is where I can get behind things.

    Do I think Cindy is a little tilted? yep.

    But is she dangerous?


    Is Nasty Pelosi dangerous AND incompetent and a shill for The Chicago Thug Obama?


    But Cindy’s tilt better than Nasty’s gutter?


  369. from larry johnson-now this is interesting and what ifigured. the gop is waiting on obama bc of the palin effect that no one thought would happen. mccain’s internals are evry good. they will stay clean for now-but read this-

    So what are my Republican friends saying. Specifically I asked my friend about the status of the “whitey” tape. He shared the following:

    I will tell you exactly what they are waiting for. You may not like the
    answer, but here it is.

    The McCain bunch are, if nothing else, cool, calculating customers. Something happened over the last week that they were not expecting, and that something indicates that they need to go against their emotional and combative instincts, steel themselves and bring their unemotional objectivity to bear. That’s why an attack hasn’t started yet, at least an attack in earnest. The IDB article that I sent you was obviously a plant from oppo research to a very select target, but stuff like this is all that is going to happen until they see which way the indicators are going. That won’t happen until next Tuesday or Wed at the earliest.

    This week’s convention caught even the most true believing of Repub operatives totally by surprise. They were not expecting Sarah to have the effect that she apparently has had across not only Republicans, but across a broad swath of independents. Their internals are telling them that she is, by far, the most popular individual on either ticket across the board. It is further telling them that there is considerable backlash among both independent men and women to the attacks against Sarah that have been mounted by the MSM as well as Obama and his surrogates. Every time they attack Sarah, they are in effect losing support in a demographic where they desperately need support.

    They were not expecting last night’s speech to have the effect that it had as McCain is generally considered to be a poor platform speaker. I listened to his speech on XM as I was driving up the coast and then stopped for a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s about 70 miles south of my house in the heart of a very liberal university town whose four year student population has been used as a tool by Democrats to dominate the county government for decades. The McDonald’s had McCain on a widescreen TV, and he was just finishing his speech with the story of how he had been transformed from a swaggering Naval Aviator who cared only for himself into a man who was dedicated to his country and his fellow citizens after the North Vietnamese broke him in interrogation. The entire McDonald’s–liberal students, older workers just getting off of the late shift, McDonald’s staff, and assorted other customers–were riveted in front of the TV with tears streaming down their faces. This is a place where have of the hamburger and French fry preparers hardly speak English, and where half of the student customers were wearing Obama buttons as the balled their eyes out. The dominating visual that I take from that crowd was a young female student uncontrollably raining tears on her Obama campaign button as she listened to McCain. If I could have figured out a way to shoot that on my cellphone, I would be winning YouTube prizes right now.

    Overnight internal polling now shows McCain ahead of Obama, but still well within the margin of error. The normal practice is not to believe the polling until it has run for three nights after the defining event, in this case, last night.

    But there is another defining event that is going to occur Monday, Tuesday and Wed of next week, and that is O”Reilly’s one on one with Obama. Repubs have the tape, and O’Reilly wiped the floor with Obama. He comes off as petulant, whiny, and inexperienced, blaming every one else for “not listening to what I said” whenever he changed his position. O”Reilly was civil, but he made the guy look like what he is: not ready for President.

    With the nation appearing to love Sarah, and now kind of by inclusion McCain, and hating people who attack them, it would be counterproductive to launch an attack campaign until they get the polling that will not be available until at least Tuesday, at the earliest, to see which way the wind is really blowing. If this shows a bounce for McCain of better than or equal to Obama, even if it is still within the margin of error, they will re-evaluate and wait for the effect of O”Reilly’s show (remember, O’Reilly has the largest audience by far for that type of show). If they get a bounce off of O’Reilly, then they will re-evaluate again.

    They do have some incredible oppo dirt on Obama and Michelle. Depending on how things are going at the end of next week, if it looks like attacking might gain them support, they will start rolling some of this stuff out so that it can be used in sound bites by the candidate in the debates on an audience that has already been factually prepped with background data by the ads. The feeling is that if Obama can be provoked to melt down in a mano a mano debate, which is his weakest format, that will probably be the ball game.

    Here is the feeling of one contact of mine. “We have seen the worst that they can throw at us and appear to have withstood it relatively unscathed. We have a whole arsenal to throw at Obama, and they don’t have a clue to what we may or may not have. All they know is that they have a bottomless pit of revelations to worry about.”

    I think that pretty much sums it up.

    So, there you have the latest as I know it.

  370. Admin:

    Let no one misunderstand: This remains a Hillary support site.


    thank god….and thanks Admin for your amazing courage and efforts every single day…


    Norma, I think we all understand how you feel…this whole thing is depressing and infuriating…

  371. Admin: Thank you once again, for your clear headed assessment of a very difficult situation. This site is truly a haven for me and others, and most of for Hillary. Thank you for having it. It must take a tremendous amount of work and time. Are you still taking donations?

    I liked this statement: “We do believe that sometimes you get a dog to eat a dog.”

  372. Obama, then Dean, then Pelosi, then Kerry, (don’t need to worry about Kennedy), McCaskill, Naplitano, Sebelius.

    We need our own 52 deck of picture cards of Sycophants.

  373. The best thing is though, if Obama goes down like a lead baloon, these people are going down with him, Obama is the sort of person who will do collateral damage on the way down. He will bring them all with him.

  374. “We have seen the worst that they can throw at us and appear to have withstood it relatively unscathed. We have a whole arsenal to throw at Obama, and they don’t have a clue to what we may or may not have. All they know is that they have a bottomless pit of revelations to worry about.”

    My sources are telling me the same, they have the goods, its just a matter of when to deliver the lethal blow, the timing must be right, I have heard it will be the day of, or the day before the first debate, in order to really put Obama off kilter and force him into a destructive defense that will collapse him.

  375. Moon, those things are important.

    The Pols who abdicated their responsibilities to their constituents must be the fiirst to go on the local level.

    Disenfranchising voters is NOT ACCEPTABLE, nor are Caucus thggery techniques (nor are caucuses, for that matter)

    and we really need to look “TOP DOWN” in this…

    as that is where the entrenchment happens

    ALL 435 House Members are up this November and i think 1/3rd of the Senate

    I believe I have that list on my sick computer, and will see if I can dig it up in the next several days.

    In the meantime go here for the list

  376. I spoke to a delegate from AW State in Denver and she was telling me she has a big RNC Buddy up there. She was asking WHY have the RNC not come after Obama, and what she told me was trhey were waiting for the Clinton’s to be “Politically Dead” in this election cycle before they came out with the ammo.

    She was with us in DC so I have no real reason to doubt her at all. Besides, she’s really cool! LOL

  377. hwc siad:
    The Democratic power base is going to do everything they can to destroy Hillary Clinton and run her out of the Senate. There is no way that Dean/Pelosi/Obama and the others who screwed her and Bill over this year can afford to leave her around for payback.

    All the more reason to be pushing the other Senators to support her. Look at the website It’s full of implied threats to those who will not pledge to support her, rewards to those who will.

    Hillary had 18 million votes nationwide. A Democratic Senator up for re-election this November and asked to take a stand on supporting HIllary — with pressure from millions of PUMAs — may have more to worry about than Reid and Pelosi. Before they could pressure him, he has to get re-elected.

    We have motive to get her the SML. How many low-level bots will bother to get involved in opposing us? They may think that SML would keep her out of mischief in 2012.

  378. Norma Desmond Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 11:08 pm
    I spoke to a delegate from AW State in Denver and she was telling me she has a big RNC Buddy up there. She was asking WHY have the RNC not come after Obama, and what she told me was trhey were waiting for the Clinton’s to be “Politically Dead” in this election cycle before they came out with the ammo.


    of course, the repubs would not do anything to ever help the Clintons…why help Hill during her primaries when they can knock them both off?


    Norma, have a great time at your Hillary event…tell her we love her…and try to take some pictures…

    where in Florida is it going to be?

  379. “My sources are telling me the same, they have the goods, its just a matter of when to deliver the lethal blow, the timing must be right, I have heard it will be the day of, or the day before the first debate, in order to really put Obama off kilter and force him into a destructive defense that will collapse him.”

    Right now he is in an orgy of self destruction…Why attack and elicit any sympathy. Sarah is digging in the knife with a smile on her face. DNC clean up starts on Guy Fawkes day.

  380. Norma,

    Does this help? At the site these are all clickable links:
    h t t p : / /

    Contact the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, a group that claims “their mission is to elect Democrats to the United States Senate.”
    Tell the DSCC what we know: that any candidate who affirms Senator Clinton for Majority Leader will fare better in fundraising and better in the November Elections.
    Contact the twelve Democratic Senators up for election in November to make sure they realize they could benefit tremendously from making common cause with us. Since John Kerry is one of these Senators and he has a challenger in a primary for spot on the ballot in November, please also contact Ed O’Reilly, the other potential Senatorial candidate from Massachusetts this year, and let Ed know that he could make a mighty big splash by being among the first to step forward and support Senator Clinton for Majority Leader.
    Contact the sitting Democratic Senators who are not running this year but will be soon enough, and let them know about this opportunity to show their support for their colleague Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Whatever you find on your sick computer, send me a copy?

  381. ok and thanks


    I have to go paint a butterfly now on a rain barrel


    again admin, moon, jan, TDO, S – all


  382. They may have an arsenal ready to launch at BHO, but they better have an even more beefed-up Secret Service to go along with it.

    I’m tellng you, when the RNC allowed infiltration with the screwed-up telepromters for Guiliani and Palin on Wed. (sorry, I don’t buy the technical difficulties – paid off technicians), then the planted protestors at the beginning of the McCain speech, probably MSNBC – more payoffs by Soros, then the mysterious green (grassy lawn) backdrop behind McCain’s headshot that somehow wove its way into the scenic backdrops – even more inside payoffs, it was clear to me that sabotage is very much a part of the political landscape. Sabotage can escalate very quickly and violently.

    We all know about Obama’s freudian slip today calling himself the President because he is confident that the “fix” is in (again) and all the kings horses and all the kings men – for real – are not going to allow a loss. We’ve seen this movie, haven’t we?

    So the worse it gets for BHO and the more he plummets, the greater in danger McCain and Palin find themselves. How could BHO explain a win in November if he is seriously down in the polls and have people buy that it was an election on the up-and-up? True, Soros could pay off all the pollsters to keep the facade off, but this is a dangerous situation. The Obamabots are frantic and in a panic, because they don’t lose – remember? Quick to place the race card, threaten riots – this is very volitale.

    I really believe the next 6-8 weeks finds the McCain-Palin ticket in EXTREME physical danger and they need to have more security detail than ever. I don’t trust the BHO camp obviously, nor the possible infiltration within the Secret Service. I say change them out every few days, unexpectedly. Soros and Saudi $$$ runs rampant, there for the taking. I am very worried about the safety of McCain and Palin and have lived through enough strange and unexpected assasinations from unlikely sources to know that it’s a very real possibility.

    Seeing how corrupt the Chicago machine is and how they treated the Clintons is all the proof I need to realize their capabilities. The Saudis are determined to get their return on their investment.

    Hope Oprah’s ratings, magazine subscriptions sink to rock bottom. Accomplice.

  383. Let me bluntly share my current position…I want Oliar destroyed, obliterated , and fucking nuked to high heaven. I want that slimy son of a bitch to be forced to eat his own ass with spork.

    If I’m celebrating my ass off every time McCain (and especially The Baracuda!) nails that lying, arrogant , Chicago Combine sack of shit to the wall , LEAVE ME BE!! This has been a long long time coming, and I have EVERY intention of enjoying it right here on Big Pink.

    When I want to engage McCain in the bidding war for my vote, I go to The New Agenda. Except even there, I have to admit I’m bullshitting. Because there is NOTHING (hear me loud and clear here), NOTHING Obama can ever do to win my vote!

  384. texan4 / larry johnson

    Makes perfect sense to me. As long as you’ve got the momemtum, don’t do anything to change the flow. Keep your dirtier ammunition for if you really need it later.

    Palin is doing great attacking Obama in a clean, factual, credible way. Don’t confuse the issue. Let her take him down as far as she can first. This is waht the intelligent independents and Dems need.

    As long as the Obots are throwing these crazy charges against Palin, the GOP can remain the party of cool civility. Throwing crazy-sounding charges against Obama (even though they are true) would confuse the effect, weakening both Palin’s current attack and the later dirty attack.

  385. I hope like hell that, for the time being, McCain and Palin just keep hitting OLiar on his arrogance, and keep mocking mocking mocking. This more than anything forces Oliar to trip up. Keep him on the ropes until JUST before the first debate (IF he doesn’t snake out of it before then, of course) and then drop the first heavy hitting bomb on his ass. Not the biggest bomb, mind you, because it’s smarter to keep him worried about if and when those major nukes are gonna rain down on him.

  386. Wait, let me clarify that a bit….Saracuda should be the one to do all the mocking. Let McCain continue to take the highroad. Good cop, bad cop. It’s a winning strategy.

  387. I think we must reexamine how much of the assault on Hillary was actually republicans. I bet there were many disenfranchized democrats that were sticking Hillary and Bill in the back during the White house years and beyond.
    After shalacking by her own party, it leaves wondering of some of the most vile came from her own party.

  388. Idunn, I am with you I want to see Bambi and his buddies destroyed and completely out of politics for the rest of their lives! While that is happening I want to watch!! I am an evil bitch!! LOL!!

  389. For those of us who want to laugh at Republicans for a few minutes, here is Triumph the Insult Dog, at the RNC convention (some raunchy humor so beware if you don’t like that type of humor) we then return to our regular NObama NOvember regularly scheduled programming:

  390. Idunn, confloyd….

    I agree. Even if Obama got some sense and offered to resign in favor of a Clinton/Obama ticket, still the best thing for the nation would be for her to refuse and let him totally destruct himself and the DNC.

    He’s toxic,he’s crazy, so are his backers…. They may be the reason we haven’t had any real winners in 60 years (except the Clintons). Best to let him go way down so as to bring them down with him….

  391. This is BIG. Tammy Bruce, CA feminist and frmr NOW pres, is backing McCain/Palin. Here is a very important clip here. Her arguement is potent. please read it

    “There is a point where all of our issues, including abortion rights, are made safer not only if the people we vote for agree with us – but when those people and our society embrace a respect for women and promote policies that increase our personal wealth, power and political influence.”

  392. t4hillary – i’ve met tammy bruce. friend of a friend. i got the feeling she was a hillary supporter before.

  393. T4H, Tammy is a feminist in name only. she’s a loudmouth wingnut. used to be decent, but I think over the years she got addicted to being famous for being a feminist who mock feminism.

  394. CountTheVotes, I don’t think so. She bashed HRC, too. Used to have or have a radio show.

    If she did support HRC, she’s never made that public. And Bruce is never shy about saying pimping her candidates.

  395. nonetheless to me her points are valid. hillary was sacked by her own with sexism. maybe the only way women’s reproductive rights are secured is when a womancan be elected to the wh for being her.i found the piece very interesting.

  396. I find it interesting too T4Hillary –

    The Republicans are doing a very good job of deconstructing feminism and its automatic alignment with the Democrats – mostly because of pro-choice…

    if they keep this up, the Republicans might be able to recapture women voters to a level they had pre-Reagan.

  397. I agree with texas4hillary I liked the article. And I like a feminist bringing up the fact that neither McCain or Palin has made an issue of abortion or gay rights during their careers.

  398. i especially liked the last line of the first paragraph

    “a chance to vote for a someone who is her own woman, and who represents a party that, while we don’t agree on all the issues, at least respects women enough to take them seriously.”

  399. EXCELLENT: this hillary vs palin business is a media creation. She is handling it just right. I think it is brilliant for her to attack Bush. Bambi is the one who should be dealing with John and so far John is whipping his ass and so is sarah. My futher comments follow below. Biden is hiding in the club car the Amtrack special–lowering expectations. No need to do that with me Joe-my expectations for you are low enough already.
    Sarah Palin who? Hillary Clinton brushes aside questions at parade
    By the Associated Press
    3:14 PM EDT, September 6, 2008
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton marched for labor and stumped with Democrats on Saturday, but sidestepped questions about the woman who has taken her place as the nation’s most-talked-about female leader.

    Clinton brushed aside questions about Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin during appearances at New York City’s annual Labor Day parade and later during a stop on Staten Island.

    “This election is about issues, and that’s what’s going to matter to people at the end of the day,” she told reporters who asked her about the Alaska governor at a rally for a Democratic congressional candidate at Wagner College.

    Clinton joined other New York politicians for a Saturday morning breakfast with union leaders in Manhattan, then marched up Fifth Avenue in the city’s annual labor parade.

    Related links

    Sarah Palin photos

    Sarah Palin’s early days photos

    Sarah Palin family photos In the afternoon on Staten Island, she stumped for Democrat Mike McMahon, who is running for a congressional seat being vacated by Republican Vito Fossella.

    Fossella decided not to seek re-election after a drunken driving arrest and a revelation that he fathered a child outside his marriage.

    No longer a presidential candidate, Clinton was still welcomed warmly at all three events. Some supporters at her Staten Island rally brought old “Clinton for President” placards.

    She only mentioned Palin by name once during the day, at the labor breakfast, when she uttered a modified version of a line from her speech at the Democratic National Convention.

    “No way, no how, no McCain, no Palin,” she said.

  400. bruce has been regarded as something of a nut on issues-but her article i found a 2 other hillary blogs and its words speak to me strongly. dems scream roe at women to vote for them-but until a woman can be elected and liked for herself on a natl ticket those privacy rights ironically wont be secured.

  401. hillary is comming here to tx. the paper says she is comming to bost dems downballot. celarly those downballot polls are getting scary.


    It is not enough that Obama be defeated—he must be crushed. If he is narrowly defeated then he will continue to control the Democratic Party, he extract revenge on the centrists and he run again in 2012.

    In addition, if you destroy him before the election you can pick up lots of seats in down ticket races and win back the senate which will make mitch mcconnel and more seats in the house which will make john boehner very happy and allow us to clean out the dnc etc.

  403. turndownobama-com Says:

    September 6th, 2008 at 11:37 pm
    good thinking as always.

    cant wait to see oreilly smack down bambi

  404. I am tired. Been writing all day. But I am afraid to turn the lights out. I know I will have nightmares of godzilla and roland martin and will be sick and terrified. There are just some things that are so horrible that its best not to know about them and this was a case in point. This could be a good cure for those afflicted with voyerism. A permanent one I suspect.

  405. So looks like they are keeping the press away from Gov Palin. And why not they have treated her like shite befor she utterred a word.

  406. The dynamics of coversation are always interesting.

    I have had a number of people in my building say to me they did not like sara–they are typical latte liberal types.


    It works like magic. They shut the fuck up and if there are any undecideds they listen learn and ask questions.

    But the key is do not let the winer get started. Just cut them off and say She is wonderful and let it flow on from there like the mighty Mississippi/

  407. So looks like they are keeping the press away from Gov Palin. And why not they have treated her like shite befor she utterred a word.
    Henry: best thing they can do. And they can blalme it on the press. Why waste your time with people who will not give you a fair hearing. I am sorry that they have jobs that require access. Perhaps they should have thought of that BEFORE the stated casting aspesions. If things were different they wouldnt be the same.

  408. wbboei
    I’m off to bed but the line if things were different they wouldn’t be the same its up there with
    we’ll cross that bridge when we burn it
    or my all time favorite working to make sure that the elderly had fans during a heatwave in Manhattan a woman responded that yes she was aware that it was very hot and when she woke up she literally died from the heat. Gotta love yogisms.

    night all.

  409. Palin to Obama: Oh no you didn’t (this woman never lets an attack on her go, good for her)

    Gov. Palin hit a rocket back at Sen. Obama during an evening rally in the Land of Enchantment Saturday, arguing that the Democrat is in no place to lecture her on federal earmark requests.

    The Democratic presidential nominee told an Indiana crowd today that Palin is a flip flopper when it comes to requesting federal dollars for state projects, noting that her recent criticism of the earmark process comes only after years of advocating for earmarks for her city and state.

    “When you’ve been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person, that’s not change. Come on! I mean, words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up,” Obama said.

    Palin, who received millions in earmarks for projects during her time as mayor of Wasilla, returned fire tonight in front of more than 6,000 supporters.

    “Today our opponent brought up earmarks and frankly I was surprised that he raised the subject. I didn’t think he’d want to go there,” she said. “Our opponent has requested nearly one billion dollars in earmarks in just three years…about a million dollars for every working day. Just wait until President John McCain puts a stop to that.”

  410. and Rassmussen finally succumbs, its 46% all and then 48% all with leaners.

    Bambis poll bump erased. This is the worst starting point for any Democrat going for the WH EVER. Even worse than Kerry which is hilarious in its own right.

    McCain earns the vote from 89% of Republicans while Obama is supported by 81% of Democrats. McCain also manages to attract 15% of Democrats while Obama gets 9% of the Republican vote. Voters not affiliated with either major party remain fairly evenly divided between the two men.

    McCain leads by seven points among men while Obama leads by six among women. On Tuesday, when Obama’s lead peaked, he had a fourteen point advantage among women.

    If Obama is only leading by 6 amongst women, its TROUBLE.

    Overall, McCain is now viewed favorably by 58% of the nation’s voters while Obama earns positive reviews from 56%

    Palin is viewed favorably by 58% of voters including 40% with a Very Favorable opinion of her. Biden earns positive reviews from 48% of voters.

  411. Gossip twit Cindy Adams was just giving her report on the Dem and Repub conventions on local New York TV. Of course her main concern was which celebrities were there, but she did say that, far from being nervous prior to her big speech, Sarah Palin was backstage diapering Trig just before she walked on stage. She was “cool as ice, the woman can multitask like no-one i’ve ever seen”

  412. The man is a dick.

    Obama:”People ask me what are your impressions of America? What have you learned since being president? uh uh no no! Since being a candidate for president.”

  413. Morning, moon.

    Zogby also has JM/SP up by 4.

    In response to the discussion last night about 44s becoming a pro-McPalin site, I agree with those who said taking Obama down anyway we can trumps allegiance to HRC or the Dems. After that goal is accomplished and WHEN the dems reinstate their formerly DEMOCRATIC agenda everyone can rethink their positions. Until that happens, one, the only mission is making sure BO never sets foot in the WH.

    For those who need more info, check this out:
    Election ’08: Democrats’ reintroduction of militant Michelle Obama in Denver was supposed to show hersofter side. But it only highlighted a radical part of her resume: Public Allies.
    IBD Series: The Audacity Of Socialism
    Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”
    Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.”
    In exchange, they’ll get a monthly stipend of up to $1,800, plus paid health and child care. They also get a post-service education award of $4,725 that can be used to pay off past student loans or fund future education.
    But its real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about “social change” through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation — the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul “The Red” Alinsky.
    The Obamas discourage work in the private sector. “Don’t go into corporate America,” Michelle has exhorted youth. “Work for the community. Be social workers.” Shun the “money culture,” Barack added. “Individual salvation depends on collective salvation.”
    Not all the recruits appreciate the PC indoctrination. “It was too touchy-feely,” said Nelly Nieblas, 29, of the 2005 Los Angeles class. “It’s a lot of talk about race, a lot of talk about sexism, a lot of talk about homophobia, talk about -isms and phobias.”
    One of those -isms is “heterosexism,” which a Public Allies training seminar in Chicago describes as a negative byproduct of “capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated privilege.”
    The government now funds about half of Public Allies’ expenses through Clinton’s AmeriCorps. Obama wants to fully fund it and expand it into a national program that some see costing $500 billion. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military, he said.
    The gall of it: The Obamas want to create a boot camp for radicals who hate the military — and stick American taxpayers with the bill

  414. Something icky going on in Florida. What is it with this state.,0,4647658.story

    Another Palm Beach County election mess, including thousands of missing ballots, stumbled toward a new venue today with county officials leaving it to the courts to decide a disputed judicial race. Members of the county’s elections canvassing board have halted their weeklong attempts to verify who won a razor-thin race between Circuit Judge Richard Wennet and William Abramson. “We have done as thorough of a post- or mid-election review as we can do to reconcile apparently irreconcilable numbers,” said County Judge Barry Cohen, the chairman of the canvassing board. Canvassing board members insisted, though, that they expect an investigation into why nearly 3,500 ballots disappeared between the Aug. 26 primary election and a recount last weekend.

  415. moonpluto,
    You should consider your self lucky you didn’t see the Mountain yeti/Doughland Martin fertility dance.

    Look at what happened to poor Wbboei.
    “I am tired. Been writing all day. But I am afraid to turn the lights out. I know I will have nightmares of godzilla and roland martin and will be sick and terrified. There are just some things that are so horrible that its best not to know about them and this was a case in point. This could be a good cure for those afflicted with voyerism. A permanent one.”

  416. Wbboei’s a strong guy so I’m betting he’ll survive this horrid episode of sight-worms.


    Hey, how come you sometimes link youtube but you can’t see the links from this site?

  417. God, Backtracking at its best. The man canot stick to what he says.

    Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) says his answer about abortion at the Saddleback Church forum was “probably” too flip.

    During separate televised interviews last month, Pastor Rick Warren asked the two presidential candidates when a baby gets human rights. Obama replied that the question is “above my pay grade,” while Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) won love from the right by saying quickly, “At the moment of conception.”

    Now, Obama tells ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in an interview taped for “This Week”: “What I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility about understanding when does the soul enter into … It’s a pretty tough question. And so, all I meant to communicate was that I don’t presume to be able to answer these kinds of theological questions.”

    Sorry Barry, you don’t get a second shot.


    I mean seriously.

    “And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honorable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in an active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”

    Good lord, break out the hip-waders – and the gas mask – that pile of BS is so high and smelly I can’t even believe it.

  419. Dr Lynette Long, a PUMA, has written a GOOD treatise on why she is voting McCain/Palin, and it includes an EXCELLENT smackdown of Obama’s sexism and a response to Gloria Steinem’s bull.

    Did you know that Dr Long and other PUMAs met with McCain and asked him to pick a woman VP and put more women on his cabinet? Did you know that they asked the same of Obama, and were brushed off?

    Riverdaughter blog has it:

  420. basil 9, if this isn’t the potential army of the devil, I will eat my hat. These two have to be stopped. Why is it that 50% of the voting machines have no paper trail?? I bet they are going to cheat, and I wonder how many Presidents have been put in office by this method, we know GWB was, so what can we do, and how are we going to achieve it in less than 60 days??

  421. Palin Media Avoidance Watch: Day 9 — McCain Camp Says She Won’t Do Interviews Until It Knows She’ll Be Treated with “Deference”
    September 07, 2008 9:41 AM

    Rick Davis, campaign manager for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., just told Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace that McCain running mate Gov. Sarah Palin won’t subject herself to any tough questions from reporters “until the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

    Davis assailed the way the media had discussed Palin and her family in the last week and said the campaign would wait until a less hostile media environment.

    So when will she subject herself to questions?

    “When we think it’s time and when she feels comfortable doing it,” Davis said, praising a Fox News Channel profile of Palin that ran last night.

    Why is she scared of answering questions? Wallace asked.

    “She’s not scared to answer questions,” Davis said, “but you know what? We run our campaign not the news media.”

    Wallace said inappropriate intrusions into Palin’s family and personal life aside, there are legitimate questions about whether she is prepared to be vice president.

    “Sarah Palin will have the opportinity to speak to the American people,” Davis said. “She will do interviews, but she’ll do them on the terms and conditions” the campaign decides.

    In fairness, an Alaska TV reporter did get to ask Palin a question Thursday, something along the lines of

    “Governor, we feel like we’re losing you – are you still going to be there for Alaska?”

    – jpt

  422. Last month: Obama replied that the question is “above my pay grade,”

    “This Week”: “What I intended to say is that, as a Christian, I have a lot of humility about understanding when does the soul enter into … It’s a pretty tough question. And so, all I meant to communicate was that I don’t presume to be able to answer these kinds of theological questions.”

    First of all “when does life begin” is not a theological question, it is a biological question.

    Do we really need another president that cannot express himself properly?

    What will he tell the Russians or the North Vietnamese after the first N-Bomb hits the US. Well, I didn’t really mean what I said.

  423. Mike Wallace is Obama’s pocket. It is going to get down to where we are only going to be able to watch Hannity and Greta to get the truth in the News. That is really a shame!

  424. texan4hillary Says:

    September 7th, 2008 at 2:33 am
    This is BIG. Tammy Bruce, CA feminist and frmr NOW pres, is backing McCain/Palin. Here is a very important clip here. Her arguement is potent. please read it

    I don’t know of Tammy Bruce, but I thought the article was well-written and expressed many of my same feelings. She did come across as very thoughtful. The democratic party has taken the women’s vote for granted. Ironically, the party that has epoused equal rights for women, and has been a champion for civil rights, has become a party that is more misogynistic and sexist. It is taking the Republicans to have enough respect and courage to put a woman on their ticket. Albeit, a conservative woman, but a woman, nonetheless. I am also register as “decline to state.” I did this on 5/31/08, after the sham Rules Committee meeting.

  425. confloyd,
    When I worked in Paterson, which is the NJ equivalent of the South Bronx, there were always a couple of “America Corp” people on staff. Invariably they were white, waspy, upper middle class young women out to save the world and anxious to assuage their feelings of guilt at their own good fortune by sacrificing themselves for a year or two at the alter of inner city poverty. They never lasted more than a year or two and then they returned to their affluent lives, self-righteous and proud to have ‘made a difference in the lives of children”, leaving the mess of their incompetence behind for the veterans to clean up.

    I always had problems with them as did many of the senior staff members. It’s only in retrospect that I realize why. They were evidently recruited and trained in the same type of camps Obama runs.

  426. Obama/Ayers Update: Chicago Annenberg Challenge Donor Revealed

    what a tangled web he’s weaved.

    As Global Labor readers are well aware the University of Illinois at Chicago denied Stanley Kurtz of National Review access to the official records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, the six year long $160 million education reform project led by, among others, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers.

    The denial of access to the archives of the CAC was unusual and possibly illegal. It was done after the University, again without any legal justification that I am aware of, contacted someone they said was the “donor” of the records. That “donor” wanted to examine the records prior to their release to the public.

    This is highly unusual in light of the fact that the records had been deposited with UIC in 2002 and had been processed by UIC librarians and made ready for access by researchers. Only when Mr. Kurtz, a conservative, requested that he be allowed to see them was the “donor” contacted.

    Thanks to the diligent efforts of a 3d year law student in Chicago who filed a Freedom of Information Act request with UIC, Global Labor can reveal tonight that the alleged “donor” who was contacted by UIC and who tried to block Dr. Kurtz’ acces to the CAC records was Ken Rolling, former Executive Director of the CAC and a former staff member of the Woods Fund in the 1980s when the Woods Fund provided financial support to the Developing Communities Project which was then headed up by Barack Obama.

    Thus, someone with a 20 year history with Senator Obama was tipped off in advance and in secret by a public University about the interest of a political opponent of the Senator in these public records. The CAC was a non profit corporation organized under the laws of the state of Illinois to serve the interests of the people of Illinois. Of course, Ken Rolling now has no legally cognizable interest that I am aware of in the long defunct CAC. Legally, the successor organization to the CAC is the Chicago Public Education Fund, on whose board sits Obama Campaign Finance Chair Penny Pritzker and Obama supporter Susan Crown.

    I am reviewing now the documents that were produced as a result of this FOIA request. As soon as I complete my review and assessment I will post the documents here as well as my conclusions.

  427. Seriously WTF

    Kincaid reveals, for the first time, that the FBI file on Frank Marshall Davis covers the years 1944-1963, meaning that he was under investigation or surveillance for at least 19 years. One document refers to Frank Marshall Davis having CPUSA affiliations dating back to 1931. Kincaid also has evidence showing that Davis was involved in communist activities in the 1970s, during the time he mentored Obama. Davis was included in the FBI’s security index, Kincaid notes, meaning that Davis could be arrested or detained in the event of a national emergency. The FBI material documents Davis’s anti-white and pro-Soviet views, infiltration of the Hawaii Democratic Party, and other activities.

    Former FBI agent and popular talk show host G. Gordon Liddy said about Frank Marshall Davis, “Only very dangerous people were on the FBI security index, people who were on the side of an enemy and not on the side of the United States.”

  428. Hey, Obama just said in an interview that he admits McCain has not talked about “my Muslim faith”.

    Now, I do not think he is a secret muslim. What this gaffe says to me is that Bambi is very worried, very rattled, and has all the dirt in his closet on the brain. He is stressing over potential attacks that have not even been made. The old man has gotten into his head.

  429. Why is Obama starting a arguement about who’s the real CHANGE ticket?

    WEAK, WEAK, WEAK….The answer is BOTH ARE.

    Unless you think having a women vp is not a CHANGE?

    Like I said previously, Obama has no respect for women and see them beneath him.

  430. Jesus, that one is going to go viral and front and centre, thats not just a gaffe thats a major drop in the shit.

  431. “What I intended to say is that, as a Christian…I had to wait until my foot in the mouth experts could feed me the right answer so I would look king like and all-knowing.”

    I’m sure that was what Obama really wanted to say. 😉

    As far as I’m concerned, Obama has been late with his answers from the very beginning.

    That being said, if McCain/Palin can cut him off at the knees…especially when he tries to throw out the race card over and over again, then I’m a happy camper.

  432. basil the point is that BO asserts he is NOT a muslim, but in that clip he refers to “my muslim faith”.

    The rightwing blogosphere is going to have a field day with that. Big gaffe.

  433. Trust me there will be ads on that little stroke of genius from Obama.

    Obama : “They are questioning my Muslim faith…huh …Christian views…”??

    thats going to make people wonder even more.

  434. I will say though, that it stands out to me that Obama and his friends always seem to get ALOT of money for these “projects”, and the projects themselves always seem to fail.

    Where the hell is all this money going?!

  435. Great comment on RD blog:

    Janis, on September 7th, 2008 at 11:50 am Said:
    I could not give a shit anymore for Roe. Let me rephrase that: I could not give a shit anymore for being threatened with Roe.
    Do you know what Gloria Allred and Gloria Steinem and Patti Davis are?
    They’re those women that were locked in that serial killer’s basement and were picked off slowly, one by one,at his leisure, deliberately and consciously giving up opportunity after opportunity to overpower him and escape, because they were too scared to risk getting hurt to keep from gettingkilled. And one by one, they got slaughtered. They feared risking their lives to save them.
    They were safe. So they got dead. They weren’t hurt. They were killed.
    This is what’s going on with Roe. We’ve been locked in that basement for so long that we’ve been cowed and frightened into not making waves for fear of being hurt — so we sit and get slowly fed into the slaughterhouse one at a time, because cringing, fearful wimps like Allred, Steinem, and Davis are too dumb to see that getting a broken arm in the process of escaping is better than winding up in a stewpot.

    That said … perhaps it’s just not so bad for them. They’re better off than most, somewhat famous, and even have money. Their little corner of the foul basement is a little nicer than ours. Maybe they got the urine-stained mattress while the rest of us are on the floor. Maybe they even got a couple crackers while the rest got nothing. So THEY don’t want to risk.
    And one by one, we all go into the stewpot — because those idiots can’t play strategically, and don’t have the brains to realize that they have to risk in the short term to come ahead in the long term.

    It’s Roe that makes me vote for McCain and Palin — because I’m convinced that only scaring the Dems so badly that cold pee runs down their legs when they make eye contact with one of us will cause them to shore up Roe as they should have for the last thirty years, instead of letting it teeter because they figured it was useful.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the Democrats are the serial killers in this little scenario. Ain’t that funny?

    AMEN, Janis! It’s the clout, stupid. If we get the clout, then we can make choice TRULY safe and STOP this madness every 4 years.

  436. Rocky Mountain high for McCain-Palin

    look at this picture, thats a big ole crowd.

    The GOP ticket, making its debut in the West, draws a monster crowd into a Colorado Springs airport hangar.

    The campaign had 15,000 RSVPs, and 10,000 have already gone through Secret Service as the rally gets underway on a gorgeous Rocky Mountain day.

    As with yesterday in Wisconsin and Michigan, there are not just more people but significantly more excitement and anticipation than at past McCain rallies.

  437. Women need to remember the work and guidance from those who suffered before us. One statement comes to mind from Susan B Anthony, “No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex.” So, what has a “party” any “party” done for self respecting women in this election process other than deamean, demoralize, and try to destroy us and those who try to serve who are female? Perhaps we need to for once in history work as a united group, to bring the “party” system to its knees. When I was in a Master’s Level class on Ethics in education, the professor stated that the primary reason [other than the schedule fit well into family life] that women were encouraged to go into education was that women were the most acquiescent group in history. How long will this long tradition continue to the detriment of all American daughters?

    It is not IMHO not possible or practical to “reform” the incorrigible politics of party, at least not in our granddaughters’s lifetime – not from the inside. The only viable way to reform the politics of “party” is to do it as Independents leaning toward the persons in the “party” that best gives a fair reflection of our goals and needs. But of course, this would require a cohesive group dedicated to common goals and persistent consistent work without any relenting. It is unrealistic to think that because we now have to look at McCain, that the Republican Party can be molded into what the Democratic Party was supposed to be; and McCain has extended a hand to Hillary supporters.
    He has done that through promising to make the the numbers of women in government a fair reflection of the population, or nearly so; he has done that by changing his position on drilling in America after the virtual town hall meeting, and he has done it by adding a woman to the ticket. What more do we want? Yeah, him demanding respect for Hillary from those in the national political field would be nice, and will likely be forthcoming. I think he needs to tell Hillary to stop ironing Obama’s shirt just as I have – that would show his respect for her. That would win him even more favor in my heart and mind.
    And, they are toying with nObama like a cat with a mouse, and I am LOVING it.
    Nobama NOvember

    …and to think we could have had Hillary.

  438. that video is just another gift that BO keeps giving…. I can’t wait for more of Biden’s classic blunders and gaffes too. What a couple of buffoons!

  439. from another blog….

    Today, BO told George Stephanopolis that, while he’s never served in the military like John McCain or commanded National Guard troops like Sarah Palin, he “thought about” joining the military once, because he had friends in Hawaii whose parents were in the military and because there are a lot of Army bases in Hawaii.

    We’re aware of a lot of Naval bases in Hawaii, but don’t know of any Army bases. Can anyone clarify this for us? Hillbuzz is trying to find out…

  440. this is what happens when BoBo doesn’t have a teleprompter in front of him 24/7. He screws up big time. I’m anticipating the OReilly interviews this week. Get out the popcorn. Should be entertaining!

  441. Is Obama serious, i mean he’s the king of this.

    DEMOCRAT Barack Obama yesterday accused Sarah Palin of “making stuff up” and ridiculed Republicans for trying to co-opt his message of change.

    Senator Obama, in saying he expected Govenor Palin wanted to be “treated like one of the guys”, accused her of a backflip on “earmarks” (pork-barrelling).

    “When you’ve been taking all these earmarks when it is convenient, and then suddenly you are the champion anti-earmark person, that is not change.

    “Words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up,” he said.

  442. This election cycle=Stuff you just cannot make up. I don’t think Hollywood could come with a political movie like this season.

  443. “Words mean something. You can’t just make stuff up,” he said.

    “Don’t tell me words don’t matter!” Deval Patrick Barack Obama

  444. This from the guy who said His parents got together at the Selma march when it was actually 4 yrs after.

    Total BS.

  445. I’m finding this incredibly funny that Obama seems to be running against Sarah Palin, when did the tickets flip.

  446. moon, this from the guy who said he sat on the Banking Committee (never did), that Kennedy’s airlift was responsible for his dad coming to America (nope), and whose running mate claims his family was killed by a drunk driver (lie.)

  447. Army Facilities in HI:

    # Fort Shafter – Honolulu
    # Schofield Barracks – west of Wahiawa
    # Tripler Medical Center

    Tripler is the largest military hospital in the Pacific theater.

  448. Rasmussen’s polling out this morning shows the race all tied up. This means that McCain “won” the veep/convention portion of the campaign, because before either candidate named his VP and before either convention, Obama had a 3-point lead.

    NObama NOvember!

  449. making stuff up, i’d just love McCain or Palin to go

    “i’m not the one making stuff up, just look at this list of Obama making it up (and then reel off a long list)

  450. h4t,


    But frankly, that really DID sound like just a slip of the tongue.
    I checked the clip Idun posted and thought the same thing, just another
    imprecise sentence.
    Besides, no one ever calls him on anything.

  451. I don’t ktow if this was posted but apparently BO also referred
    to himself as president yesterday. I’ll see if I can find the clip.

  452. basil, that is my feeling too – slip of the tongue. I’m not at all saying I think he’s a muslim. But it shows to me how rattled he is that he is making those kind of mistakes.

  453. quoting RD:
    t’s Roe that makes me vote for McCain and Palin — because I’m convinced that only scaring the Dems … will cause them to shore up Roe as they should have for the last thirty years, instead of letting it teeter because they figured it was useful.

    Yes, but…. At some point I’ve got to find time to look up that organization that Palin supposedlly belongs to, ‘feminists for life’ or something. Aren’t they into promoting contraception to make abortion unnecessary?

    That’s what we should be doing. If all the legal money had gone into reserach, abortion wold long ago have become waht the Clntons want: “Safe, legal, and rare.”

    It shouldn’t be something we have to fight for or go to doctors for. There should be contraceptives we can get on our own, that really do the job.

  454. h4t,

    I agree. Thanks for clarifying. It does seem like BO has lost his nerve.

    A poster at NQ who apparently has had soem experience with coke swears BO was high
    as a kite during the O’Reilly interview. I don’t know of that’s true but it sure does
    seem like he’s often buzzing on something.

  455. One of the most troubling aspects about BO and Islam is not so much whether he is
    or isnt a Muslim, ever studied it, ever practiced it or what he thinks about it.

    My concern is that he has a long association with black liberation theology which holds many of the
    same anti-American positions as the jihadists and Al Qaeda. I wouldn’t doubt that the two groups
    might collaborate in achieving their joint goal of destroying the US.

    And let’s not forget Ayers and Alinsky,

  456. turndownobama

    Palin’s organization, Fems for Life, is into not making women the victim in the abortion debate.

    They have pushed legislation to make MEN pay child support, to get better maternity leave, daycare solutions, to do all that we can as a country to SUPPORT women. Because they believe that the vast majority of women who abort make that choice because they feel cornered by circumstances, not because they really want to.

    They are opposed to criminalizing women, or screaming in their faces at clinics. They believe that a lot of the “heat” in the debate would go away if we gave women all the societal support they needed to consider keeping the child.

    I still disagree with them that in the end the woman should STILL be able to abort if she chooses. But I appreciate that they are attacking the PROBLEMS that often push women into that choice, NOT the WOMEN.

  457. basil9 Says:
    In response to the discussion last night about 44s becoming a pro-McPalin site, I agree with those who said taking Obama down anyway we can trumps allegiance to HRC or the Dems. After that goal is accomplished and WHEN the dems reinstate their formerly DEMOCRATIC agenda everyone can rethink their positions. Until that happens, one, the only mission is making sure BO never sets foot in the WH.


  458. With all the lies/flipflopping that keep slipping from Obama’s lips, I think a psychologist would have a field day with him. Does the term “pathological liar” fit?

  459. H4t,
    Apparently the ‘my Muslim faith” comment is already viral. George S. corrected BO, saying
    ‘Don’t you mean your Christian Faith.”
    Then ABC reintroduced the race card with this; (from NQ) and the Yeti was apparently on CNN
    discussing it

    George Stephanopoulos, on his ABC This Week, today asked Barack Obama about the Republicans’ rather sarcastic references, during the RNC speeches, to his “experience” as a “community organizer.” Obama responded that he thought that service to the community was a positive activity. He said that John McCain extols “nation first” and touting the importance of service.

    Then George Stephanopoulos made this comment:

    You’re smiling about it. But some of your supporters were listening, and they heard subtle racial code.
    Apparently that ‘my Muslim faith” comment is already viral. George S. corrected BO, saying
    ‘Don’t you mean your Christian Faith.”
    Then ABC reintroduced the race card with this; (from NQ) and the Yeti was apparently on CNN
    discussing it

  460. Fox is hearing that McCain/Palin will get a “significant” bounce in the polls post-convention.

    Obama is going: “Help! I’m melting! I’m melting!” The guy is scared witless.

  461. Yes i can see, if they are getting this bounce, after only 3 days, it took bambi 6 days to get his, it may be a whopper of a bounce.

  462. Obama-bots in meltdown mode on the blogs today…BHO is dropping quickly in the polls and McCain is opening up a wider lead according to the overnight internals… wow!

    Ever since Palin and Biden were announced, Bambi’s been stumbling badly. And then factor in this morning’s huge blunder by Obama on ABC (“my Muslin faith” comments) and his poll numbers aren’t going to get any better any time soon.

  463. On the yelling at Hilary by the idiots to go take down Palin, I have this to say:

    Hillary put those cracks in the ceiling, and now that another woman might just break through, they want Hillary to go fix those cracks she made.

    Kiss my hockey puck, Dems. Our Hill will go stump for Democratic values, but she ain’t going to plaster that ceiling over for your sorry frightened asses.

  464. George bailed Obama out after Obama said: “People will question my Muslim faith..” A few seconds later George interrupts Obama with: “uh, you meant Christian.. Christian faith.?”

    Obama: “Yea.. What I meant..”
    Is George on the payroll now?

    When are the new polls coming out? Anyone know?

  465. Obamabots, media, and the dnc trashed Hillary mercilessly when she was in the running. For them to now come back wanting her to be their savior is the height of hypocrisy.

  466. when was the last time, that the republicans got a bigger bounce out of the conventions and were ahead after them, i sure as shit don’t remember it.

    The DNC picked a lame horse.

  467. Strange possibility: when the history books are written about this year’s election, there’s a decent chance that this sentence will appear:

    “The turning point of the election came when Palin announced — in stunning fashion, days after being selected as VP — that her teenage daughter was pregnant and engaged to the child’s father.”

    Because of that announcement and the backlash against Palin by the Obama-bots, she became a rallying point. McCain went on to tie Obama in the polls, and then today on September 7, he’s taken a 3-point lead (Gallup).

  468. What’s happening now with BO tanking and pro-HRC people thinking BO is finally
    being vetted or, at the very least, undermined by the surging McPaine ticket reminds me of
    HRC’s campaign.
    Remember how after every HRC victory everyone here would say, NOW the truth will come out, NOW
    the DNC will have to admit HRC is the stronger candidate. We kept belieiving that through the RBC
    meeting on May 31 and even through the sham roll call vote at be conventionl. We kept thinking
    the DNC would come to their senses. They never did.
    I see a strong similarity with the McCalin campaign.
    My question: What if BO ‘steals’ the GE? How will the country react? What do you think?

  469. HillaryforTexas Says:

    September 7th, 2008 at 12:54 pm
    moon, this from the guy who said he sat on the Banking Committee (never did), that Kennedy’s airlift was responsible for his dad coming to America (nope), and whose running mate claims his family was killed by a drunk driver (lie.)


    Hi all…and don’t forget Obama even said he WON MICHIGAN…(i think he said that to John King or someone)

    Palin probably is starting a list to slam him with…

    back later…have a great day

  470. I just think Bambi’s plan was to be so far ahead in polls after his brilliant convention that he didnt need to do anything else.

    I don’t think the Dems have planed for anything coming from McCain, they thought he would be a walkover, hence the absolute panic.

  471. mayor willie brown-the dems are in big trouble are on defense and dems dont do well on that-
    Palin floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee
    Willie Brown

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    The Democrats are in trouble. Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign.
    Palin’s speech to the GOP National Convention on Wednesday has set it up so that the Republicans are now on offense and Democrats are on defense. And we don’t do well on defense.
    Suddenly, Palin and John McCain are the mavericks and Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the status quo, in a year when you don’t want to be seen as defending the status quo.

    From taxes to oil drilling, Democrats are now going to have to start explaining their positions.

    Whenever you start having to explain things, you’re on defense.

    I actually went back and watched Palin’s speech a second time. I didn’t go to sleep until 1:30 a.m. I had to make sure I got the lines right.

    Her timing was exquisite. She didn’t linger with applause, but instead launched into line after line of attack, slipping the knives in with every smile and joke.

    And she delivered it like she was just BS-ing on the street with the meter maid.

    She didn’t have to prove she was “of the people.” She really is the people.

    There is one thing she should have done: announced when her 17-year-old daughter and the teenage father of the girl’s unborn child are getting married and invited all of us to the wedding. It should be like Sunday at church.

    As for Palin herself, she is going to be very, very effective on the campaign trail, especially if McCain’s people can figure out how to gently keep her from getting into confrontations with the press.

    If she can answer questions like she handled herself at the convention, Palin will turn out to be the most interesting person in all of politics, and the press will treat her like they treated Obama when he was first discovered.

    And remember, the Palin bandwagon needs to roll for only two months.

  472. Bambi’s eyes are probably glassed over at the audacity of this polling being against him. He is probably shocked that such an impossibility has happened. How dare anyone not flock to his majesty??? 😉

  473. thepage reports palin to do 1st netowrk intervie this week on abc with gibson. seems mccain camp is giving exclusives to abc now-not cnn et..

  474. basil9 writes:

    Then George Stephanopoulos made this comment:

    You’re smiling about it. But some of your supporters were listening, and they heard subtle racial code.
    Apparently that ‘my Muslim faith” comment is already viral. George S. corrected BO, saying
    ‘Don’t you mean your Christian Faith.”
    Then ABC reintroduced the race card with this; (from NQ) and the Yeti was apparently on CNN
    discussing it


    this is what I think – since Palin has agreed to do an interview with ABC sometime this week, the Bots are on Defcon 1 to make sure ABC is seen as the most racist network around. It would seem that CNN and MSNBC are a little jealous of ABC.

  475. “# basil9 Says:
    September 7th, 2008 at 2:34 pm

    what do you mean?”

    Pelosi said of Obama: “: “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”

    Gag me with a spork!!

  476. hillaryfortexas notes re: Feminist for Life:

    They are opposed to criminalizing women, or screaming in their faces at clinics. They believe that a lot of the “heat” in the debate would go away if we gave women all the societal support they needed to consider keeping the child.

    I have to say, I completely agree with this. the problem is society constantly makes the mother responsible for everything, and it’s likely true that if there was enough support, if there weren’t as many deadbeat fathers and more enforcement of child support, if there were more support and facilities for those mothers caring for babies with congenital defects and downs, some mothers wouldn’t choose to abort.

    A friend of mine told me last night, her baby may have downs; she is her first tri-mester – her husband is cheating on her, she has 2 other young children to care for, she has lost her job – it is a very tough decision, and my sense is that she won’t terminate the pregnancy. Once people realize how difficult situations and context are, they understand the stakes for the mother better.

  477. Exactly…this feminists for life sounds reasonable:

    rememner we are over the issue of contracepetives including Plan B, social acceptance or shame of unmarried mothers…
    women just need more support!!!!

    Yes …abortion is still an issue…but it needs to be rare…with all other options highlighted more!!!

  478. Birdgal, I agree.

    I honestly hope ADMIN gives a guidance on how to clean up the DNC and the elected officials too.

  479. Yes women need support, I hope Sarah will push that because there is great need. I too believe more women will chose to keep their child if there is support out there for them.
    My own daughter, although divorced has children with minimal child support. She is having a very hard time. ‘
    Her daughter in 6th grade is beside herself because the schools assume children has a computer and internet at home to make reports, she doesn’t even have a telephone or a tv. I think we are going to have to address these issues. My daughter also works graveyards and it is very difficult for the children. It hard on the mommies and hard on the children!

  480. Kostner: I fell in love with that little girl, after I saw the pictures from Meghan McCains blog, which were taken on their road trip. She is a natural.

  481. yeah,,,but nancy will still get elected…her district is pathetic…

    actually willie brown should run against her now…after his comments on Palin!!!

  482. I have to say Cindy Adams reporting that Palin was diapering Trig just before she came out to make her big debut on a national stage – Palin gets more and more impressive.

    I think people are overlooking what is making Palin so popular – is not just her – but her entire family. If we only watched images – and there was never a clue about which candidate was Republican and which one Democrat – just watching a woman who is a leader who can balance 5 kids, who is tough as nails, who has a loving, dedicated partner –

    that is the feminist ideal, isn’t it?

    Steinem underestimate how much that is affecting the subconscious of women everywhere – because wearing an Obama t-shirt and crowing about Roe V. Wade doesn’t really make a feminist…

  483. Countthe votes: She is living the talk. Women all over the country are doing this, and not receiving credit for all that they do.

  484. Fox News’ Chris Wallace burst the bubble of Barack Obama as the great bipartisan “aisle-crosser” to pass historic reform legislation. He asked Obama adviser (actually Chicago machine-politics hack) David Axelrod to give one example of when Obama ever took on his own party to get something done. Axelrod fumbled it and flailed trying to come up with a credible response – without success. . . .

  485. If women want more women politicians to be taken seriously for higher office such as president/vice president etc, they need to elect women with toughness and backbones, not a bunch of pathetic lunitics such as Nancy Pelosi.

  486. KOstner, I agree, we women with real toughness, and not the kind that just knows how to stick the knife in someone’s back like Pelosi does. That is her expertise backstabbing.

  487. count the votes:

    yeah..stienem is something else….

    RD had printed a letter from Dr. Lynnette Long to gloria what Palin selection stands for her at least.

    I actaully a lot with Dr. Long…even if I feel Hillary would have been a much better person for that description.
    have no issue I admire the Palins as a family, as I admire the clintons for doing a great job with chelsea

    BTW: I have no issues with Obama nor Biden on their children.. they are all fine…

  488. I see the parallel between Palin and Obama. Both are getting/got this meteoric attention from the media douchebags and the love and admiration of their supporters. both are empty suits who do not deserve the praise they got.

    Obama supporters are mystified why Palin is getting the attention and accolades she’s been getting from Conservatives and the Press. They don’t get that we have been asking the same questions for about a year now of their Messiah.

  489. filbert: I don’t think Palin is an empty suit. She has real accomplishments behind her. She has governed. Do I think she has enough experience to be VP? Well, does BO have the experience to be president? He is running at the top of the ticket. She is running second. What has BO done?

  490. Besides better than BO, Palin has much more experience than John Edwards when he was running as VP with John Kerry. A woman has always to be at least two times better to escape being ridiculed.

  491. Oh you guys. You know I can’t say anything positive about a Republican.

    No need to tell me that she’s got more substance than Stinky. Everyone and their mothers who aren’t Obamabots can tell you that.

    “community organizer” lol

  492. War stories on the cable all weekend. That will help McCain. Vietnam in living color all weekend! I can’t watch, I watched it on the news everynight while my friends were killed over there. If they did live they were screwed in the head for years. War is terrible. Vietman was the democrats war!
    I trust McCain more on war than the fraud, McCain has lived it and hates as much as those of us who either was in it or watched in living color everynight while our friends and relatives were in the middle of it!

  493. I don’t her. I don’t like McCain. And I hate Obama.

    I wish all 3 would have a rendezvous near the edge of Niagara Falls.

    That’s all I’ll say.

  494. birdgal,

    I agree completely with you. Palin is not an empty suit. Even if she never does another day’s work in her life, she will have accomplished more that Obama has.

    As far as Republicans go, how is it possible to lump all of them together and assume that they are all monsters? I try to judge them one by one and to be honest, McCain and Palin are the first ones I have ever been interested in.

  495. I think we need to distinguish the good work done by good people here for good ends under the label ‘community organizer’ — from what Obama actually did in Chicago using that same label. (And from whatever Palin thinks it means.)

    Here’s a diary I just posted at

    Hellloooo, spam filter….

    These are ‘for your information’ articles — most of them have closed comments long ago.

    Palin compared Obama’s ‘community organizing’ to being mayor of a small town. I’m sure most community organizers are good people using good means for good ends that unify a community and help groups get along. However Obama’s Alinsky method, which Obama taught in Chicago, was vicious and divisive. It amounted to rabble rousing — “rub raw the sores of discontent” — to bully people and suppress free speech. Just like he has done in his campaign….

    [Alinsky’s son says]….
    The Democratic National Convention had all the elements of the perfectly organized event, Saul Alinsky style. – L. DAVID ALINSKY


    Here is a brief treatment from a current article – pls use the lnk and read the whole article.
    Obama’s “community organizer” phase was about political power, not soup kitchens
    But there is nothing touchy or feely about community
    organizing. It has more in common with the brutal contact sport of
    Chicago politics than it does with any kind of charitable act, such as
    serving food to homeless people.

    It includes a lead to another current view: