Sarah Palin – Change Hits UnDemocratic Party Between The Eyes

At the Disco Democrats convention Il Duce Obama strutted and said “the change we need doesn’t come from Washington. Change comes TO Washington.” For Disco Democrats, change is coming – from Alaska.

The Disco Democrats are no longer closeted sexists and misogynists. They are now out and proud sexists and misogynists. Throughout the unDemocratic primary campaign Disco Democrats said about Hillary that they would vote for a woman just not this woman – Hillary.

Now another woman is in contention for a national job who is not named super-experienced-ready-on-Day-1 Hillary Clinton and guess what? This time the complaint is that the woman running for national office is not experienced enough.

Now it is all about experience.

If you are a woman with too much experience that is a problem. If you are a woman without excess experience, that is a problem.

But inexperienced male Obama? No problem – he’s black – and if you don’t vote for him you are a racist – even if you yourself are black.

Americans who would elect Colin Powell in a heartbeat (Powell is African-American) are called racists because they will not vote for unqualified Barack Obama. African American Colin Powell beats white John McCain yet Americans are still labeled “racists” by Obama’s surrogates.

Sarah Palin is a strong woman. Strong women scare the Disco Democrats. The Republicans are not much better. But this election cycle, because of their self interest it is a sad fact that it has been right wing news outlets like Fox News and the Republicans who have already and will continue to speak out in defense of women.

What poses these days as the Democratic Party along with Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi is now trying to paint Sarah Palin as a deranged, vindictive woman firing troopers and chefs. This is very similar to the Hillary as Sharon Stone Fatal Attraction psycho narrative.

The Big Blogs acting as Frank Nitti to Obama’s Al Capone are now degenerate sewers. At one popular PINO Big Blog a woman lawyer who purports to be a progressive is dispensing gifts as a reward to winning a preverse lottery betting on when Sarah Palin will be driven out of the presidential race. The demand for Hillary Clinton be driven out of the presidential race is now a demand for Sarah Palin to be driven out of the national ticket. The “Democratic” Big Blogs are accusing Palin and her family of faked pregnancies, incest, and being white trash – mere variations of the accusations against Hillary. This time the victim is Sarah Palin. These pitchfork progressives are why we created the category of PINO (progressive in name only).

Big Media is all of a sudden concerned about “experience”. Big Media boosted the unqualified Obama and ignored the issue of experience during the primary. But now, experience is all. The attacks on the latest woman candidate is due to the power of that candidacy:

The “gun-packing, hockey-playing woman,” as the Republican strategist Karl Rove described her, instantly bolstered Mr. McCain’s wobbly conservative base, which rejoiced over the selection of an anti-abortion evangelical Christian.

Her reputation as a reformer who took on her state party over corruption and wasteful spending could reinforce Mr. McCain’s own maverick appeal.

Her personal narrative as a working mother raising five children, including an infant with Down syndrome, with a husband who belongs to a union, might prove attractive to working-class voters in swing states who have been suspicious of Mr. Obama. And her presence on the ticket will allow Republicans to argue that Mr. Obama would not be the only one to break barriers if elected.

“He’s chosen a Washington outsider who will be an ally for him in shaking up the way things are done,” said Ron Nehring, chairman of the California Republican Party. “This is someone with solid conservative credentials but solid credentials as a reformer. And it’s clear after watching today’s event, no one is going to push Sarah Palin around — not Barack Obama and not Joe Biden,” the Democratic vice-presidential candidate.

Sarah Palin, an elected Governor with executive experience is running against Washington insider, repeat presidential candidate, and loser Joe Biden (Biden received 9,500 this year). Palin has challenged a corrupt Republican establishment in Alaska and won. Obama bought into the Chicago political machine instead of challenging it.

Meanwhile many of the Disco Democrats compare Sarah Palin’s selection as a vice presidential candidate to the generation earlier selection of Geraldine A. Ferraro. The suggestion is that only desperation drove both selections. Women only get selected out of desperation – as a “hail Mary” desperation play.

The New York Times while selling the propaganda line of a united Democratic Party was forced to recognize the power of the Palin candidacy. Sarah Palin praised Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro and promised to “shatter that glass ceiling!”

Democrats, who make up the party that has long claimed the bigger pool of up-and-coming women, were quick to dismiss Ms. Palin as not experienced enough to be a heartbeat from the presidency. Mrs. Clinton’s supporters will never back her, they insisted, because she is against abortion rights.

Not. So. Fast.

That underestimated, or at least underappreciated, the raw feelings of many Clinton supporters, and particularly the women among them, despite the almost flawless display of harmony in Denver.

At the very least, Ms. Palin’s selection unleashes gender as a live issue again, just when Democrats thought they had it under control.

The New York Times did not quote Big Pink, but it might as well have. The Times interviewed Lynn Hackney and Kim Hoover and 20 equally passionate Hillary supporters at their home in Washington on Tuesday to watch Mrs. Clinton’s speech. Lynn and Kim cried for Hillary but Thursday, when 38 million Americans watched Mr. Obama’s speech, they watched a movie, “The Squid and the Whale.”

No matter what Mrs. Clinton urged, they cannot support Mr. Obama.

“To go against Hillary is not easy for us,” Ms. Hackney said. “We don’t take that lightly. We just don’t think he has a message. We don’t think he’s good for women.”

“It’s not about being bitter for Hillary,” she said. Still, “I think the Democratic Party took women for granted in the primary, they didn’t step on sexism when they should have, and I can’t support them.”

Lynn, like Big Pink was busy when John McCain saw the value of a woman on the ticket.

“The fact that he went out on a limb to pick a woman, I’m very impressed by that.” She says she is not sure she can vote for a Republican, and will most likely stick to her plan to write in Mrs. Clinton. But, she said, “It’s opened my eyes to at least pay attention.”

Yes, they said, they were troubled by Ms. Palin’s opposition to abortion rights. But Ms. Hoover said she felt betrayed by pro-choice groups, and in particular politicians like Senators Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who were helped into office by pro-choice groups like Emily’s List but came out early to support Mr. Obama over Mrs. Clinton, despite her being the first viable pro-choice woman to run for president.

Ms. Hoover has stopped giving to Emily’s List as a result. [snip]

“The setback for the pro-choice movement is almost deserved.” [snip]

“If 18 million votes is not enough, what does it take in the Democratic Party to get a woman on the ticket?”

Will the mainline “women’s groups” defend Palin. We will watch.

We are not the only ones watching. We are not the only ones saying NObama, NOvember.

“It made me like McCain a little more,” said Judith France, 62, of Thornville, Ohio. “They always say he was a maverick, and this made me think, well, he really is. He went all the way to Alaska — there aren’t that many people up there, they don’t have that many electoral votes — and he picked this person. I know people will say she’s inexperienced. But she’s been a governor for 20 months. That’s more experience than Obama has.” [snip]

“I wish the Democratic Party had the courage” to pick a woman, said Kimberly Myers, a retired transit worker in Pittsburgh who supported Mrs. Clinton in Pennsylvania’s primary and said she now planned to vote for Mr. McCain.

Ms. Myers said she also saw a bonus in the choice of Ms. Palin: “The fact that she’s a working mom will send a message to America that you don’t have to choose children over career.”

The woman on the Republican ticket but not on the Democratic ticket confounded many eggheads. At the New York Times, the obtuse Gail Collins wrote that women will not “race off to vote for any candidate with the same internal plumbing” because that is “offensive and historically wrong”.

Gail Collins does not understand that Hillary Clinton supporters, women, are not considering voting for Governor Palin because of her plumbing but rather because Hillary supporters will not reward with votes sexism and misogyny.

Gail Collins is upset that John McCain is “pandering” to women. Addressing women’s concern is called a “pander” but addressing issues of concern to other groups is applauded. A “pander” we suppose is in the eye of the beholder.

Collins compares Palin to “cute” Danny Quayle. The problem with the argument is that the Bush/Quayle ticket won.

Change is coming to Washington – it’s going to hit the sexist Disco Democrats right between the eyes.