Tribute To ((admin))

“If you’re a Clinton backer looking for even more edge, there’s a place you can go:, an anonymously-maintained website that serves as a hub for information about Clinton’s rivals and as an organizing vehicle for some of her supporters.”

Here is a place where I am at home.
Here I found friends I’ve never known,
Dreaming my dreams,
Sharing my pains, joys, defeats and triumphs.
And here lives the one great friend to us all,
Affectionately called, “admin.”

Who is “admin?”

“… readers appear not to know the identity of the site’s creator, which is an engaging mystery. The creator (or creators) posts as “admin” and as “staff,” and writes – as is common on blogs written by one person or many – in the first person plural”.

“We have the audacity of hope that Big Media, out of its own self-interest, will soon begin to dig into the dubious activities of the Chicago mob, including the potential theft of the Iowa caucuses,” the site wrote earlier this month.”

“The site is regularly updated on an inexpensive, but not free, blogging platform called WordPress. And its choppy graphics disguise a competence and familiarity with the insider language of politics.”

“HillaryIs44 might look amateurish, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the author is a professional political operative,” said Philip de Vellis, a new media consultant at … his firm advises New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, but de Vellis is best known as the once-anonymous creator of a viral video casting Clinton as Big Brother.)”

“If you lift back the thin veil of snark, you’re left with blog posts that suspiciously resemble political-style research documents. The blend of rhetoric with direct quotes from mainstream media sources looks eerily similar to the backup materials made by campaigns to shape media coverage,” de Vellis said”.

“ … And in terms of the attention it gets, HillaryIs44 is a drop in the ocean of bitterly anti-Clinton sentiment on the Web that’s evident to anyone with access to Google. But the site has still inspired a guessing game about its origins among political aficionados with leanings toward the obsessive.”

“And the site is also having a growing impact. In the lively comment section – it’s not uncommon to see more than 200 comments under a recent post – supporters also exchange tips and encouragement for offline campaign activities.”

— Ben Smith on Politico December 11, 2007

“Remember that mysterious pro-Clinton website called Hillaryis44 that attacked Obama early in 2007, when no one else dared to?”

– one of many who claimed to know who admin is

Yes, we will remember—we will never forget.


Admin, you were the first to raise a brave banner for Hillary out in the wilderness of political cyberspace, when media opinion was still debating the effectiveness of the blogs in shaping the political scene.


(We do not hesitate to show its birth certificate – HERE.)

url popup: “Hillary is 44 celebrates the woman who will be the 44th president of the United States and provides commentary to refute big media and so-called progressive blogs and journalists who utilize Republican propaganda to attack Hillary.

admin Says:
August 7th, 2008 at 3:40 am
When we started the website it was a lonely and loony internet world for Hillary supporters. Part of our mission was to spur a resistance movement in support of Hillary. Is it inappropriate to say “Mission Accomplished”?

Idunn Says:
August 7th, 2008 at 7:54 am
Hell no it’s not inappropriate!!

There may be fancier and flashier HRC sites that are part of the resistance NOW, but Big Pink was out there fighting the fight long before the rest of the resistance fighters ever got on board. We took the hard hits the enemy dished out, and cleared the front lines, so that there was a way made for those bigger, fancier, flashier sites that came later.

We didn’t feel the need to “refine” our words, or present an “appropriate” face and we still have the mud and grit and blood all over us to prove it. I’m proud as HELL of that!

Some of “the mud:”

The amount of crazy on is just mind-boggling!

– batshit-insane Clinton supporters like the crazy ones at

– Hillaryis44 actually wants Obama to concede. WTF?

– “ I just hopped over to Hillaryis44. They’ve been driven into a type of madness that could only be fully captured by Lovecraft.

– ABC News’ Jake Tapper pointed out in his Political Punch blog Monday that the Web site doesn’t just target Obama — it has fellow Democratic hopeful John Edwards in its sights as well.

– We’ve got to work to discredit this website

– There (sic) a bunch of stupid racist bitches.

– And, of course, No Quarter is an offshoot of the Ku Klux Klan, as is

– I love that the Hillaryis44 people constantly harp on the sexism of Obama and his … The amount of venom and hatred I’ve seen on Hillaryis44 is disgusting, …

– didn’t I know the a#@holes over at HillaryIs44 would have a listing of negative … MUST Shut Down;

– This morning I surfed over to just to see what those creepy-crawlies were up to. Did they throw in the towel? Er… no. …

They insisted that the site was insignificant, that it should simply be ignored. But they didn’t ignore it. They quoted and copied it. They spent a lot of energy trying to put Big Pink down. Googling reveals almost endless references. Someone at the big orange site was so obsessed they did a careful study in a selected month of the names of bloggers on 44 and how many times each one posted a comment. Other sites copied the list in order to prove they had a greater number of comments in the same period of time. They didn’t mention that 44 was not a place to dump unrelated, unresearched remarks – it was selective.

We came here to join admin in defending Hillary Rodham Clinton against a shocking barrage of blatant misogyny, rampant sexism, false accusations of racism and slurs against her record. The rest of the blogs displayed not only a lack of fair judgment but a lack of common sense in supporting a man with no qualifications for the job of POTUS in preference to one of the most talented and accomplished statespersons in generations.

Here on Hillaryis44 we share the daily political news, call it as we see it, and yes, cuss out cheats, phonies, and liars throughout the still evolving drama of this historic election season while we go digging for knowledge and understanding of events, always with a weather eye out for the good of the country. We are Democrats, but we think independently. A political party is not a religion.

Gradually, as corruption in the Democratic Party and injustice in the election process became more obvious, other protesting blogsites appeared, but none have presented the case for HRC against her opposers and detractors and put the finger on the spineless and unprincipled as well as admin.

“Always ahead of the curve, admin was talking about Rezko, astro-turf, links to lobbyists, etc….”

Points and arguments admin made months ago, some from the first posts over a year ago, eventually were investigated and written up on new websites under the active coalition of Just Say No Deal and PUMA representing a massive revolt of voters who refused to support the current UN-Democratic Party’s corruption in rigging the nomination. admin saw it all coming. 44’s admin was the mother of them all.

“admin – never boastful of what is accomplished here, never exaggerating the contribution made here – a loud voice, an intelligent voice, well informed, perception always beyond the news, clear-sighted.

“admin definitely has the “pulse” of the populist movement. Understands the plight of all social stratas, demographics. Best attribute? Can spot a phony (BHO) a mile away. And that was back (a year and a half ago) before the best-sellers were out, Andy Martin or Evelyn Pringle articles. Like I said, always ahead of the curve……” — Birdgal

admin says: Add .44 cents to the dollar amount of your Hillary for President Campaign contribution in order to let Hillary know of her grassroots support.”

admin’s inspiring and informative essays, dished up with admin’s delightful sense of humor – often snarky, teasing, sassy, always intelligent, always well referenced, provocative – have also been educational in areas of history, political processes and philosophies. admin provided us with a forum and encouraged us to explore, to be responsible in reporting, and to participate in the campaign by writing letters of protest, phone banking, GOTV in every state and reporting home on our activities while canvassing, working the polling places.

Some of us were already very knowing, some of us were already into GOTV, some of us long-time political activists, some of us were newbies to blogging as well as to politics, some of us had good writing skills and some were shy. And there have always been hordes of silent readers, some of whom post just once to say,

“I don’t have much of anything to say – you guys say it all – but I’m here reading every chance I get and try to follow up on all the links you post. Keep up the good work! My friends and I would be lost without this place to come to. MSM sucks.”

Probably no-one ever imagined we’d become a close-knit group, sharing jokes, caring about one another, yet warmly welcoming like-minded newcomers. We felt a kindness from admin whose comments, unobtrusively interacting among our own helped to lace us together in our running commentaries.

NewMexicoFan says: “The night of each primary how people worried and fretted and how we were wired real time into those sites that gave the results. … I found people that felt just like me: old, young, married, single, gay, straight, all cultures and all colors. I found out we feared the same, cheered the same, laughed and cried together.”

SKMF says: “44 was here from the beginning, and it was always a GUERILLA site that stressed activism and a militant approach for Hillary supporters to put our agenda and candidate forward. Many original and early people we don’t see anymore have left to carry on the fight in their own way. Many stayed and changed their names after the bots invaded. But the point is that the movement started here at 44 before it started at noquarter, taylor’s, riverdaughters or anywhere else that I know of … so it is also a tribute to the movement spawned at 44 that will hopefully bring about change for generations to come.”


“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” wrote Wendell Phillips.

There can be no democratic society without an informed and active citizenry. Those who are too lazy, too busy, too complacent, too eager to do the accepted thing, too timid to question authority or too easily seduced by sensation over substance, are doomed to exploitation and domination as drones.

Our democracy is an ongoing creation in the evolution of humanity. From time to time certain infections must be squeezed and cleansed if we are to continue to progress. Whenever you find sickness among those in power, you will find intelligent men and women of character fighting for health. The Spirit of ’76 is still alive in this country. As big Media and our Democratic Party failed us in this election cycle, we found a new channel. We found Hillaryis44. We found the voice of a patriot, a defender of justice. We found admin who made it possible for us to find one another and let the world know who the real democrats are.

— lil ole grape

admin, we salute you and thank you!

– The Hillary is 44 Warriors


705 thoughts on “Tribute To ((admin))

  1. Am i the first?

    Thank you Admin, without this site i would have gone crazy. Someone from here came over to the Hillary Clinton site referred us to here. I am so glad i came. I like how i could come here get links to different sites. Get info. The people here are JUST THE BEST.

    With your articles at the top is very inspiring.

    PS i had started writing and hit the submit button by mistake, there might be two post from me one not finished.



    I firmly believe that once this is over, and Bambi goes down in flames, more and more info will come out on how this was a long- planned coup by hateful and highly-placed people to subvert democracy and take over the Democratic Party for their own selfish ends.

    I will not be silenced. And I am grateful to you, admin, whoever you are, for refusing to be silenced as well.

  3. Fabulous tribute to Admin:

    Thanks to our fearless leader…we have stayed connectd…and will ultimately prevail for HRC!!!

    Now…back at the ranch…just heard Carly Fiorina give creedence to Bristol pregnancy. Did you all hear this during Chris Wallace interview? How in the hell will this fly in the big scheme of things?

  4. I have just returned from my hours walk. I wanted time to think about how I would post. Reading the above tribute has really affected me. I am sitting here, amazed at what has gone on here. Lil ole grape has put together an unbelieveable collage of the birth of this Blog and its affect on people and this political process.

    Society has changed. Politicians use to energized their wards, and candidate use to be seen in the newspapers, or if you were lucky coming through town on a train. Then Society moved on. Jet planes, TV, and now computers are starting affect the process of politics, just like it does our everyday lives. “Bowling Alone” a socialogical book written by Mr. Robert Putnam a socialogical advisor to President William J. Clinton, really brought it to light. People we regressing into their homes, and watching TV, and then later to use their computers, and then the internet. Social groups outside the home (bowling teams, church groups etc), were deminishing and even falling apart. Mr. Putnam was at first torn apart for this new theory, but now has been acclaimed as a person who saw what was happening.

    This is the first Primary and GE to really see the effects of blogging. In my estimations, we are experiencing the interaction on the internet that we use to see in our communities, but now we are all over the world. We are providing that group network again that we used to have geographically in our homestowns.

    In additon, we are providing a place that people of common thoughts and feels can facelessly live together. We argue, we console, we hug, we laugh, we cry, and if our values do not match the values of the group, we move on.

    So I am thankful that Admin provided this place of collection and refuse, and that the people here, who don’t alway agree with me, but who are always willing to sit here and listen to me.

    ((Thank You Admin, Thank You Lil Ole Grape))

  5. Admin, Thankyou for this wonderful site and all your hard work. This site inspired me to actually look up information on all the candidates for the first time in my life. For the first time in my life I feel like I am an informed voter. Thanks to you I became a source for the rest of my family for information on the candidates. Finally, thanks to you I was able to figure out that Hillary was miles above all others and thru you I came to admire, respect our perfect candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton. So admin, I expect you will be my guide in selections as future elections come to pass. Finally Admin, I believe here is where we will all figure out how to get Hillary elected as POTUS as the 45th President of the United States! Thankyou and thanks to Lil ole grape for this beautiful tribute!

  6. Thanks ADMIN

    I only posted a few times on Hill44… but I faithfully read this site daily. I looked to ADMIN for the thoughtful and inspiring messages on our Hillary. I feel I know many of you HillaryforTexas, Idunn, Hawk and all the rest of you. I LOL, cried and felt inspired by this site. I am only one of thousands, that are ardent fans of this site and of ADMIN, that did not make themselves known to the rest of you but relied on your insights, humor and undying support of Hillary!! Thanks to all of you and I look forward to continue reading Big Pink

  7. Admin: Thank you for your dedication in bringing the truth to all the readers of Big Pink. This site has been my salvation and refuge from all the hateful and vitrolic news media, and obamabots. When this project started, I started reviewing the archives, and was doubly impressed with all the research that you have done, and being so far ahead of the curve of anyone else. You were talking about Rezko, before anyone in the MSM even reported on it. The research is quite impressive. I don’t know, who you are, but it doesn’t really matter. The important thing, is that you have given us the truth about Obama, when no one else was doing investigative journalism. In addition, the unconditional support that this site has lent to Senator Clinton during a brutal primary season, has been unmatched. I salute you for this. Thank you for your leadership and providing a “safe” haven.

  8. Wonderful tribute. I may not have the time to post, but

    Admin is a fabulous writer and I have been a fan from the get go

    I hope Hillary knows what an amazing advocate you have been


  9. Henry, Oh no, the poor kid will be brutalized by the media. I feel so sorry for her. I certainly hope in this day and time that people will understand, but they won’t.
    I certainly hope and pray that this does not affect anyone but the Obama campaign aand it will be shown for the blatant nasty campaign that it is. OMG!!

  10. Hi all, and Admin, great love, admiration and respect to you – on this day, and always.

    You do good works for democracy.

    I too saw the reference to Hillaryis44 on the Hillary Clinton dot com site blogs. Think of the chances of that? Thousands of posts, many references, and many other places to go when trying to beat the MSM into covering this election process like JOURNALISTS and not like rabid sycophants and propagandists. Think of the chances that I would be reading the HRC blogs on that day, at that moment, when the Hi44 name was invoked. I was watching my AMERICAN WORLD crumble to the actions the likes of the despots of evil regimes around the world and I had no place to go. So timidly, I arrived here under a name that was subsequently destroyed by the fascist-like juvenile army or Bot-o-trons (though we didn’t realy know them as that, yet) and I tread lightly at first. I was enamored that here there were REAL writers, real thinkers, real activists and a group of very intelligent folks who could actually articulate what I was thinking and seeing in the “Democratic Party.” I felt relief. And I was welcomed. I don’t know how many Primary nights I sat here, with my new friends, watching, cheering, crying and becoming more determined to work and work for HRC and to hold the DNC and the MSM to account. It was THIS SITE that launched me into my work with FDR and subsequently with 18MillionVoices and JSND. Reasons why I am not here as much as I was. These actions that have COMPLETELY changed my life. And I have all of YOU, all the members of this board, and old friends like B Merry, Idunn, Basil, Universal, SKMF12, Wbboei, T4H, Meiyingsu (who ALWAYS had stats or data to answer any question almost INSTANTLY when an inquiry was made!) and so many, many more; as well as those who may be gone, or, who may only now choose to read behind the Pink Curtain. And of course, I have Admin. whose wit, humor, charm, intelligent snark, political insight, historical context and chutzpah make Hillaryis44 a calm and beautiful island in a sea of Obama Kool Aid. And for this I will always be grateful. And there is still much to do. I really love you all.

    And to Lil Old Grapr – Hat Tip

  11. (((((Admin)))))~ Thank you!

    I’d like to take a second and share how I came to Big Pink.

    I found myself, a staunch HRC supporter from way back when she was First Lady , faced with a brand new candidate running against HRC, named Barack Obama. I had never heard of Barack Obama before. So…where did I turn to get to know this candidate? The internet, of course. What I found, at first , were lots of articles and opinion about how wonderful this man was. I thought, geez…he almost sounds too good to be true. And then I stumbled across a story in the Chicago Tribune that mentioned Tony Rezko. Small article, not alot of depth to it. Probably nothing anyone outside of Chicago would know anything at all about. But it got my attention for some reason. So…I googled “Obama Rezko”. The only other link that showed up under that search, at THAT time , was Big Pink (and of course, blogs mentioning what Big Pink was saying about Tony Rezko). I read , I watched , I listened…I didn’t post or add my voice to the throng here. Why? Because I was holding back for more info. It wasn’t long after that that I starting getting more info, and in spades!! Rezkowatch sprung up…Chicago Papers started moving on the story…other blogs started to take notice…and the investigation into Obama and Tony Rezko was on for real.

    That was when I started posting here. And that was when, I added my efforts and my voice to others who were scrambling to turn over alot of Obama rocks to see what slithered out. And, as it turned out…plenty DID!!

    If Hillary is 44 hadn’t been the lone voice in the wilderness chirping “Rezko Rezko”…I might not ever have known there even WERE Obama rocks.

    Thank you for that, ((((Admin))))!!!

    And thank you ((((Grape)))) for a wonderful historical over-view of the work we have all done here on Big Pink.

    I salute you all!

  12. Gov. Palin Says Her Unmarried 17-Year-Old Daughter Is Pregnant

  13. Meiyingsu, I heard that just before I posted. We shall now see the Left bring out all their snark of hypocrite and name calling, woman hating commentary. I do feel good that Sarah has families that suffer the same things as all families in America, and has the guts to speak out early.

    This may in fact CHANGE the dynamic involved the the Life?Choice conversation, but we know we will see the “unfit mother” charge leveled ONCE AGAIN. At least she doesn’t consider it “punished with a baby”

  14. Admin, I just got sent a funny .htm. If I send it to the email on the blog site, can you link it?

    Or is there another email that I should send it to?

  15. Henry, NOW is the time for the republicans to dump all the crap that they know about Obama!!

    Those Bas(*sds dug and dug until they found this out about the young girl, she will not need this media attention.

    This just reaffirms my disgust for the Obamadrama campaign. How low can they go the go after a young girl at a very sensitive time in her life!! I just hope that all women see this as it is, just another strike at womanhood.

    Obama would just make his daughters just have an abortion, rather than to punish them with a child, HE MAY LIVE TO REGRET THAT STATEMENT!!

  16. So the daughter is pregnant. How is this anyone’s business?

    I’m telling you, Americans are going to sympathize with this family. My sister’s daughter got pregnant at 16, and chose to keep the child. My entire family was very supportive – we all pretty much helped raise my great-nephew while she finished school, got her life together. (She remained living at home.)

    Now the little boy is 10, and a joy, and his mom older and wiser, and they just moved into their own home.

    Attacking Palin on this is going to backfire, big time.

    All mothers are very aware that it could be them, their daughter. No one is immune.

  17. I really believe the right wing nuts are going to rally behind this young woman and this will galvanize the republicans like nothing else. This will bring abortion in the forefront of this election and it will not look good for Obama! He and his nasty network opened this can of worms and now they are going to have the eat them!!

  18. BULLSHIT. meiyingsu. Utter bullshit. If they go with the “bad mommy” theme, all they are going to do is infuriate the mothers of this country.

    The girl is 17, not 12. We all know that it could be our daughter, no matter HOW good a parent we are. If they start in on this, Americans are going to rally behind Sarah and Bristol, you watch.

  19. meiyingsu, They will say that, but we all know this is not true. We all are now a generation of working women, and I think most will understand!

  20. I’m seeing comments like this:

    What family hasn’t dealt with this issue? My family certainly has – more the once.

  21. I don’t think its a problem, quite frankly.

    You cannot determine where a 17 yr old girl is 24 hrs a day.

    She’s pregnant, the girl is going to marry the father and the girl is not having an abortion, wheres the problem.

    To be honest, she’ll become even more of a poster mother for evangelicals. She did the right thing. If they try to attack her on this, tell them to look around the country. This is not 1908.

    Wow she went up even more in my estimation.

  22. I think, most American families will be able to identify with this situation. It happens in the “best” of families. Lends more credence that the Palin family is authentic and real. Also, does away with that other awful rumor. Sarah Palin walks the talk.

  23. Thank you Admin..thank you “lil o grape” and other for this chance to say to admin:

    I joined this site last august. I still have the hillaryis44 button and some stickers sent to me by Admin when hillary was having an oakland rally last september 2007.

    This site has been my saviour annd I get my news here. The only times I have missed reding it when on travels for Hillary …I did not have access to a computer.

    Thank you Admin for the CREATIVE and substancetive articles.

    On my travel I have met 2 peoeple who I know blogged here. I am glad to know that once on them is a fighting force for anti-Obama on one of the JSND coalition group…she is something.

    What happens next ….we shall find out!

  24. One other thing, Kudos to McCain for taking Palin on, when he knew about this. Wow! How many politicians would do this? BO throws people under the bus, for inappropriate comments, and said he wouldn’t want his daughters punished with a baby. Hmm….let’s see how this flies.

  25. Quite frankly anyone using that line of she obviously didnt spend enough time with them at home, would they say that of a men like Obama with 2 young daughters, no its complete hypocrisy.

    Why should a women be anymore at fault than a man with kids.

  26. ADMIN,

    i am posting this in another name, i know you
    you know who i am…

    i found out last year around june, something that
    just about killed me. i was taken out of work,
    put on disability, and put on antidepressants,
    anti-anxiety, and sleeping pills.

    i cryed day and night, and searched the web
    for the best ways to end a persons life…

    at the same time, my apartment raised my rent
    200.00 dollars a month, and i was getting nothing
    on disability. so i had to move, and my car got
    towed, but since i never went out of my apt, i
    didnt find out for two weeks, and i couldnt afford
    to pay the towing charges, so i lost my car.

    i couldnt get a grip.

    i heard chris mathews mention that evil site:
    hillary is 44, and i dropped in to see it…

    though i was almost homeless, though i was
    crazed and lost, i became a member of 44.
    i was dying inside, but i had a place to go,
    human contact, and a fight to fight…


    i will never forget you for that, never…
    you were a lifeline to me, you and the many
    wonderful people who kept me sane…
    i am now back to work, i dont have a car yet,
    but thats okay. i am renting a room in
    someones house, so i am safe. i am still
    heartbroken and in pain, but i am learning
    to cope…

    thank you for so many reasons…

  27. btw, I found out about this site, on a figure skating political forum board, of all places. LOL. I have never left. 🙂

  28. Well, I thought families were off limits. In addition, I will never forget the minister of my conservative church’s son visiting the local brothal. In fact they use to raid them and close them down so he would not.

    Parents can raise and guide, but children have free choice, and that mean they don’t always choose the way the parents and world wants them to.

    She is standing by her child, they are getting married, and keeping the kid. So what family out there had not had this same thing happen, and had to make some choices. Gov Palin’s child may have made a mistake, but she is now standing up, and her family is supporting her.

    So I don’t see this any different than sitting in a pew for 20 year hearing God Dam America, and letting your children hear that. Oh maybe I do see a difference, as this man wants to be President, and was obviously providing guidance to his children on how they should feel about the country he wants to lead.

    Gov Palin is simply raising children in today’s environment, and trying to help them make responsible choices.

    So which parent is Better allowing your children to hear GOD DAM AMERICAN, OR Standing by your child when they make a mistake.

  29. HillaryforTexas Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 1:00 pm
    BULLSHIT. meiyingsu. Utter bullshit. If they go with the “bad mommy” theme, all they are going to do is infuriate the mothers of this country.

    The girl is 17, not 12. We all know that it could be our daughter, no matter HOW good a parent we are. If they start in on this, Americans are going to rally behind Sarah and Bristol, you watch.
    The Democrats have never heard Gov. Sarah Palin ever say anything disrespectful all she said was what her personal convictions are regarding abortion.

    Jimmy Carter has said the same thing and even boast that he did everthing he could to limited Roe vs Wade and promoted adoptions and other avenues.

    But these fools go after her daughter they are going to lose big time. This is an issue people are facing all over the world….hey did you not read about Jaime Lynn Spears in People and O.K. magazine…it will come back to hurt the Obama and the Dems.

    You lead by example and if this is the kind of example the party show…they don’t need to be in any leadership.

  30. You know ll this so good.
    McCain want this “issues” out in front of the american people once and for all!

    He wants us to define this, get this over with and the next presidential election will be beyopnd these petty issues.

    Go John Go!
    Go Sarah Go!

  31. Thanks for designing and providing the Hawk space so that this tribute could be put together.

    I think we are seeing how emotionally this has affected people and provided the support that was needed during this Primary and beyond.

  32. So I am wondering out there how many politicians might of actually have had to get married. I don’t think there is a perfect score of 0.

  33. This is going to bring womens issues to the fore pretty damn quick.

    Lets see what they really think of womens issues.

    As far as I can see, i see a family accepting its responsibilities and not taking the cheap easy option.

  34. # mj Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:20 pm

    Holy crap! What was John thinking? This isn’t going to go over well at all!

    You want to bet?

  35. Sure it is, mj. The media and the bloggerboyz will go into a frenzy, and 80% of middle america will get pissed off that they are attacking a 17 year old and a family who has done nothing wrong.

    Mothers are going to go batshit in defense of her.

  36. dear admin(s)

    a year ago this week i worked on HRC’s labor day campaign kick-off. that was just one of many events, in addition to, my weekly canvassing duties here in NH. believe me, knocking on strangers doors was much easier knowing the pink army was behind me. what a great support group you and the folks at H44 became. even when the chips were down. especially when the chips were down. thank you so much.

  37. Perfection in our lives is what we strive for, but never achieve.

    I have to bring up the fact that Mary, Mother of Jesus, was not married when she found out she was pregnant. In that day and age it was as much a scandal. Joseph married her anyway. He believe in the immaculate conception.

  38. Admin
    Thankyou for being here. A harbor in a tempest. I just had to laugh reflecting back months ago when the children at Something Awful were having a field day attempting to break the spirit here. Didn’t work. Again thankyou. I had never blogged before and as other sitessprouted I did visit but none have the same feel as this one. Thankyou again.

  39. mj Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 1:20 pm
    Holy crap! What was John thinking? This isn’t going to go over well at all!
    I must say Gov. Sarah Palin is shaking up the race…they focus has stayed on her since her anouncement as the vp pick.

    I have to say McCain has brought us forward into the 21th century.

    So let the Hypocrits come out in the open to throw their stones.

  40. You ask the number of women in this country that has gotten into trouble at 17 and you’ll see millions of hands go up.

    Then you were forced to hide, you were forced to abort, you were shamed. I’ve seen it and its disgraceful

    Sarah Palin is taking a stand, saying its ok to make a mistake, we still love you and don’t be ashamed.

    Times have changed and the simple fact you can guarantee the evangelicals having a high profile poster girl who won’t have an abortion is going to galvanize them.

  41. the obama-pukes and the NEW democrat party will only show their hypocrisy in attacking sarah’s daughter. so much for inclusion. so much for progressive ideas. what crap the democrats have become.

  42. Hillary4Texas
    McCain knew. And I am thinking his people are pretty savvy. They are I am sure more than adequately prepared to spin this. Also if the bots attack it just makes them look bad.

  43. It never amazes me the vile from MSM. They dug out this ‘scandal’ today on top of Palin’s 17-year-old teen preganant breaking news.

    “Sources close to Sarah Palin tell The Brody File that the husband of the GOP Vice-presidential choice, Todd Palin, was arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence of alcohol back in 1986. He was 22 years old at the time. He was driving in a truck with some friends in the small southwestern Alaska town of Dillingham when he was pulled over for the DUI. As is customary, he was taken to jail briefly. Sarah and Todd Palin were high school sweethearts so they were dating at the time……

  44. First time i saw this, over on DU, spectacular number of people not taking shit on this, they say plenty of other things to attack her, this is not one of them and anyone attacking her really should not go there.

  45. “Sources close to Sarah Palin tell The Brody File that the husband of the GOP Vice-presidential choice, Todd Palin, was arrested and charged with Driving under the Influence of alcohol back in 1986. He was 22 years old at the time. He was driving in a truck with some friends in the small southwestern Alaska town of Dillingham when he was pulled over for the DUI. As is customary, he was taken to jail briefly. Sarah and Todd Palin were high school sweethearts so they were dating at the time……


    My Response is Prsidential candidate Obama admits to selling and using drugs. Which one is worse would you say?

  46. somebody posted a picture showing her daughter having an engagement ring. It doesn’t seem she’s trying to hide something. The obamabots are really going for gutter…

    pic link
    h t t p : / /

  47. Admin, Just want to say thank you for all these months’ information and excellent postings. Your site is my dialy life line for politics and news for almost a year!

    I wish Palin and her family well and strong. It is a lot for a mother of five to deal with without a political career or any career. The fact she is a politician and now was put into the spotlight of national politics in middle of a new born with disability and a teenage daughter preganant. If she holds up under these circumstances, she will hold up under any circumstances. Hats off to her! By the way, hats off to John McCain for choosing her! What a bold choice in any sense!

  48. Thank you Admin for your courage and your spunk…and thank you for creating a space Hillary supporters can always come to learn something, share info, support each other and vent…and share a few tears or a good laugh…

    I may not post everyday but I hardly ever miss a day when I do not visit and connect in spirit…

    BRAVO…I agree…

  49. On the pregnancy of Palin’s daughter… I can’t see the left making this some kind of issue unless they are going to try to claim she is some kind of unfit mother or absent mother who doesn’t watch over her kids which would be utterly ridiculous.

    The pregnancy of Palin’s daughter will remind people of Obama’s comment in regards to his daughters: “I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

    Conservatives could counter that if it were Obama’s 17 year old daughter who was pregnant he would advise them to have an abortion based on his comments above.

    I think it would be wise for the Democrats not to make an issue of this situation…stuff happens…

  50. No dui here but I got arrested for going into the wrong house and going to sleep at that age. Beat Robert Downey Jr by a decade on that one.

  51. I mean, seriously, a DUI from her husband 20+ years old. What else will they do? Dig out whether her mother gave birth before wedding?

    It’s really crazy. I fear for US if these Obama mobs grab the white house.

    They’ll try to attack palin of being a hypocrite, I guess. But the truth is that woman has NEVER uttered one word about morality in her debutting speech. She has own her personal conviction, but I just don’t feel she has been pushing any social agenda at all.

  52. Now, THIS is the mentality of the Obamabots:

    My friend Democracy Dame just sent me this line from a reply she had gotten to a post on the video’s of a 23 year old Bot. The videos, were Chris Matthews and Olberman cuts slamming McCain and stuff – nothing more. Just copy and paste TV.

    “I think what I’m trying to say is…you’re too old to be of any use in America’s future.”

    DemocracyDame is just over 50. With this thinking, Obama will not make it through a first term. These people blow my mind.

  53. I say we throw a national baby shower for Bristol, just to show we are entirely supportive. Send gifts and cards.

    We need a big headline saying CONGRATULATIONS PALIN FAMILY!!!

    Celebrate it! Since when is being pregnant , within a family that will love and welcome that child, cause for SHAME? Change the narrative!

  54. THe Obama campaign is SLIME, I mean they celebrate Ted Kennedy as some kind of icon and they put forth this vile attempt to smear Todd Palin for having a DUI at age 22. Crap Ted was drunk and left his girlfriend to drown. The hypocrasy of the Obamas is amazing. I really hope they keep this crap up, so when the republicans release this antiamerican bs they have on BO it will not seem mean!

  55. moononpluto,

    the bots already calculated the date of Sarah Palin’s first son’s birthday and concluded she was preganant before wedding… The truth is she didn’t have a formal ‘wedding’ to save money.

    It’s just crazy.

  56. Newsweek Exclusive: Top Clinton Supporter John Coale Endorses McCain

    John Coale, a prominent Washington lawyer, husband of Fox TV host Greta Van Susteren and a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, announced today that he was supporting John McCain for president. Coale, who traveled with Sen. Clinton, President Clinton and her family through out the primary season, complained of sexism, and said the Democratic Party is “being taken over by the types” in an exclusive interview with’s Tammy Haddad. He said he tried to prevent Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, from attending an August 18th meeting in Scranton, Pa. with McCain campaign surrogate Carly Fiorina. “I urged him not to go and told him it would embarrass his sister, but he has a mind of his own.” Coale says Mr. Rodham asked Ms. Fiorina “about McCain’s Supreme Court picks

  57. a Mollyj Hooray for ADMIN of Hillary44!. Thank you for all you’ve done in helpin’ us help Hillary! To the many friends I’ve met and made here, thank you!

  58. meiyingsu Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 12:57 pm
    Norma Desmond,

    it does raise the question that she spend a lot of time at work but less time with family.

    I believe Obambi was born out of wedlock…raised by a single mother is his mantra

    and I don’t know if you have any children but no one I know has them under lock and key 24/7

    not a valid ? in my mind, not at all…

    Thank you Admin…I read here for many months but was unable to post. Always rec your site. So informative and well done. I also like bitterpolitiz and know some people here blog there as well. it is going private, at least the blog part, not sure I like that but it apparently is a very time consuming job and I thank you for all you do on a daily basis. You were a light in the storm and we need you now more than ever. I am a PUMA member and I will be supporting McCain/Palin…

  59. I find it ironic tha the Democratic? Taliban Party who coalition is made up of YOUNG PEOPLE is attacking Gov. Sarah Palin and her daughter. A daughter that is being supportive by her loving family.

    Young teens and adults are going to look at McCain as someone who STANDS with them and will find Gov. Sarah Palin very relatable.

    Keep it up boys and girls…you are being seen for what you truly are HYPRCITS. Now let me see all those evangelicals supporting the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY keep quiet or live by their faith and convictions.

    Rev. Blake gave that speech on chosing LIFE at the Democratic Convention. I still have not seen those on the religious Left speak out!!!

  60. Norma, I have read millions of posts from bots that are against the older generation, this scares me the most about these idiots and only ads fuel to the fire that Obama is the antichrist. They are so ignorant they don’t realize that.
    THere is nothing sacred at all to these bots and their vile ways. I believe their master newscaster is Oberman!!

  61. What would Obama do?”

    “if they make a mistake, I don’t want them PUNISHED with a baby”

    Thats ammunition here.

  62. moononpluto Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:38 pm e

    Wasn’t Senator Obama conceived out of wedlock?
    His mother should have had an abortion!

  63. THis season has given new meaning to the phrase “Gutter Politics”. THe Obama campaign is writing a new chapter in that playbook. DISGUSTING!

  64. So now we should be shouting shame on you at Daily Kos for perpetuating an abysmal disgraceful slander on Sarah and Bristol Palin about Trig.

    That site needs shutting down. Its beyond a disgrace now.

  65. These people don’t have a clue and are destoying the Democratic? Taliban Party.

    Haven’t heard a word out of NOW, EMILY and the rest of how FRAUDS.

  66. # laney Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Don’t forget, THE ONE’s Mama was 18


    She was not she was 17

  67. Laura Bush Warns Media Of Sexism Blowback Against Sarah Palin
    h t t p : / /

    In an interview with Fox News from St. Paul, Laura Bush warns the media about potential blowback and overt sexism regarding Republican vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin.
    When questioned about whether Laura Bush thought that Sarah Palin would face sexism from the media the way Clinton supporters claim that Hilary Clinton did, Bush responded by saying, “I think that’s a possibility,” as reported by The Politico.

    Bush also goes on to warn the media, “The other side will have to be particularly careful. because that’s something we all looked at.” The First Lady went on to express pride in John McCain’s vice presidential pick by stating, “I’m going to get what I wanted, which is to be able to vote for a Republican woman. People, as they get to know her, are going to be so impressed with her grit and her sensible judgment. She has shown how terrific women can be, and how strong women can be, in office.”

    Clinton supporters as well as female Barack Obama supporters have already been expressing their frustration over how the media is already showing sexism against Sarah Palin as was reported days ago.

    Media Matters brought the issue of the recent sexism from news outlets being shown immediately after John McCain announce Palin as his running mate, with the following summary:

    Summary: With reports that Sen. John McCain had picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, sexist commentary on cable news followed. On CNN, John Roberts raised the question of whether as vice president, Palin would be able to devote the time necessary to care for her baby with Down syndrome, and on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd suggested that Sen. Joe Biden bears the burden of having to adjust his behavior in a vice-presidential debate because of Palin’s sex.

    Reactions from Clinton and Obama woman supporters came out fast and furiously, with some saying they would defend Palin against sexism whether they were going to vote for her and McCain or not, simply because it was the right thing to do, as show by Shakesville writer and Obama supporter, Melissa McEwan.

    Laura Bush’s words and warnings echo what those pundits expressed then.

    Many noticed the sexism aimed at Clinton in the primaries, even those that did not support Clinton mentioned it and expressed dissatisfaction.

    Because the primaries were so recent, this is an issue that has Conservative, Liberal and Independent women watching the actions and attitudes of the media carefully.

  68. Ok, after adjustibng, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. Happens all the time. The DUI stuff is laughable. The Left needs to give up.

  69. # moononpluto Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    # laney Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Don’t forget, THE ONE’s Mama was 18

    She was not she was 17″ OK thanks. I was given wrong info

    She was not she was 17

  70. Out of curiosity. Anyone here not having sex at age 17?

    I made alot of mistakes in my youth. From getting pregnant at 16, to getting a dui at 20, to being busted for possession of pot at 24.

    And yet… despite all those youthful mistakes, I actually became a productive, responsible citizen who works for the betterment of my community, is involved with several charities, has a great marriage and lives a pretty upright life.

  71. Family values is about what you do and how you handle things.

    Once again shows good judgement is counselling her child.

    The girl will marry the father, the girl is keeping the baby, the family will be responsible and that is how is should be. You take responsibility and thats the central theme i get from Sarah.

  72. Idunn Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:58 pm

    Out of curiosity. Anyone here not having sex at age 17?

    I made alot of mistakes in my youth. From getting pregnant at 16, to getting a dui at 20, to being busted for possession of pot at 24.


    Good for you Idunn.

    When you look at life today it is harder for kids, the simple life we had in our youth is gone, now days you have to let kids make their mistakes and take responsibility. Its a big bad world.

  73. I want to wholeheartedly thank Admin for this very fine website,
    also all Big Pink contributers, you have my respect and affection.
    All the information, the humor, the company in good times and bad,
    has made sense out of the nonsense that has become the national narrative.
    Life is not easy when one sees the media spin voter fraud as a right
    to be respected, when caucuses are gamed to the advantage of one dem over another, when dismissing whole states is acceptable,
    when racism,misogyny and sexism is flaunted and media endorsed.
    I am not alone in my outrage and rejection of such abuse of power.
    I thank you All for being here. (((Admin + All Big Pink Contributers)))

  74. and the evangelicals are backing Sarah to the hilt.

    Dr. James C. Dobson of Focus on the Family issued the following statement:

    “In the 32-year history of Focus on the Family, we have offered prayer, counseling and resource assistance to tens of thousands of parents and children in the same situation the Palins are now facing. We have always encouraged the parents to love and support their children and always advised the girls to see their pregnancies through, even though there will of course be challenges along the way. That is what the Palins are doing, and they should be commended once again for not just talking about their pro-life and pro-family values, but living them out even in the midst of trying circumstances.

    “Being a Christian does not mean you’re perfect. Nor does it mean your children are perfect. But it does mean there is forgiveness and restoration when we confess our imperfections to the Lord. I’ve been the beneficiary of that forgiveness and restoration in my own life countless times, as I’m sure the Palins have.

    “The media are already trying to spin this as evidence Gov. Palin is a ‘hypocrite,’ but all it really means is that she and her family are human. They are in my prayers and those of millions of Americans.”

  75. Idunn, yes, the only reason I did not get pregnant was a gynecological problem that left me sterile until I had surgery at age 24 and was able to get pregant after seven years of marriage. I married at age 17 unpregnant. This whole thing reeks of sexism.
    How many 17 year old males were having sex???

  76. Christian base rallies to Sarah Palin’s defense…

    Many on the left will believe, quite mistakenly, that such an announcement is likely to weaken Palin’s support among “the hard-right conservative base”. But in fact, it will do no such thing — first, because the “hard-right conservative base” that liberal Democrats consistently invoke is largely a caricature that lives only in their minds and as a convenient trope in their rhetoric, from whence it can be trotted out as a foil and a boogeyman on cue; and second, because those energized over the choice of Palin include many disaffected libertarians and classical liberals who were, until the announcement of the Governor’s candidacy, set to either sit the election out, or else cast a protest vote for Bob Barr.

    That the Palin family — by dint of ugly rumor mongering from “progressive activists” and a compliant left-leaning press that was cynically situating itself to pretend that these rumors “needed investigating” — was all but compelled to release information about their teenage daughter, is precisely the kind of thing that drives real civil libertarians and privacy advocates crazy, especially because the information has nothing whatever to do with Governor Palin’s candidacy, but instead invades the privacy (and quite possibly effects the “choice”) of a minor.

    This kind of savage smear campaign by leftists and so-called “feminists” — a campaign that forced a young woman to make public a very private matter in order to stop vicious rumors about the Palin family — suggests that, when it comes to “privacy concerns” (NSA data mining for terrorists = bad; demanding the release of a Governor’s medical records = good; parental notification for abortions performed on women under a certain age = bad; insisting that the world be privy to the private sexual and family concerns of the seventeen-year-old daughter of a conservative = good), “progressives” care about such things only insofar as it protects their political interests and advances their political agenda.

    The left, as it has now been shown in one of the ugliest incidences of McCarthyite bullying I can remember, has no core belief in privacy, or even an investment in actual “choice” for women — unless the woman in question falls in line with their particular orthodoxies, that is. Anyone else is an “anti-woman” woman, and as such is subject to public exposure and ridicule.

    The ironic thing is, Bristol Palin’s political beliefs aren’t even known, beyond (I assume) her support for her mother. But hey: all is fair in love and war, and suddenly, the progressive left seems quite unconcerned with “collateral damage” and “the children!™

    Hopefully, any real feminist — not the kinds of second wave “establishment feminists” who have eschewed the end game of equality for the politically charged power politics of identity group activism and grievance pimping — will be so appalled by what has transpired over the last several days that they will run screaming from the “enlightened” base of the Democratic party: totalitarian “progressives” who have devoured Alinsky like he was a particularly plump and inviting veggie burger.

    They are what they pretend to despise. And in the quiet moments between attacks, I suspect many of them recognize this, and secretly curse what it is they’ve become.

  77. h t t p : / /

    OK so now we find out that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter is five months pregnant. I’m sure lots of people will take their shots at the pro-life Christian woman but hold on a moment. If you think Evangelicals are going to ditch her for this, you’re totally misreading the situation. As a matter of fact, they are ready to fire back at any potential critics.

    My analysis in a moment but first here’s some instant reaction by top Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission

    “This is the pro-life choice. The fact that people will criticize her for this shows the astounding extent to which the secular critics of the pro-life movement just don’t get it. Those who criticize the Palin family don’t understand that we don’t see babies as a punishment but as a blessing. Barack Obama said that if one of his daughters made a mistake and got pregnant out of wedlock he wouldn’t want her to be punished with a child. Pro lifers don’t see a child as punishment.”

  78. kostner, this is going to slap bambi right between the eyes. That’s right the evangelical believe children are a joy, all children are blessings. This won’t do anything buy galvanize more rwn’s and of coarse more women!!




  80. Two years ago today my boom boom was born. Her father(my nephew) was 18 as was his girlfriend. After having the baby she decided she was incapable of caring for her( a very mature decision in my book) Anyhow I play a big part in raising her and there isn’t a day that goes by that I do not cherish her and the joy she has brought to my life. I often think that I have done nothing to deserve something so precious. Off topic I know but she’sa big reason I fought so hard for Hillary.

  81. henry Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 1:35 pm
    Out of curiosity. Anyone here not having sex at age 17?

    I did not, i was from the old school. My father wouldn,t let us date. I remember once the guy came over we were sitting on the steps just talking. My father ran him away. I still get teased by this guy.

    At my church there are teen age girls younger than Sarah’s daughter getting pregnant.
    We have setup a teen age mom ministry.


  82. To rebut rumors, Palin says daughter, 17, pregnant
    Mon Sep 1, 2008 1:07pm EDT
    By Steve Holland

    ST. PAUL (Reuters) – The 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child.

    Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin’s five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

    Bristol Palin made the decision on her own to keep the baby, McCain aides said.

    “We have been blessed with five wonderful children who we love with all our heart and mean everything to us,” the Palins’ statement said.

    “Our beautiful daughter Bristol came to us with news that as parents we knew would make her grow up faster than we had ever planned. As Bristol faces the responsibilities of adulthood, she knows she has our unconditional love and support,” the Palins said.

    The Palins asked the news media to respect the young couple’s privacy.

    “Bristol and the young man she will marry are going to realize very quickly the difficulties of raising a child, which is why they will have the love and support of our entire family. We ask the media, respect our daughter and Levi’s privacy as has always been the tradition of children of candidates,” the statement concluded.


    Senior McCain campaign officials said McCain knew of the daughter’s pregnancy when he selected Palin last week as his vice presidential running mate, deciding that it did not disqualify the 44-year-old governor in any way.

    In the short period since she was announced last Friday, Palin has helped to energize the Republican Party’s conservative base, giving the McCain camp fresh energy going into the campaign for the November 4 election against Democrat Barack Obama.

    McCain officials said the news of the daughter’s pregnancy was being released to rebut what one aide called “mud-slinging and lies” circulating on liberal blog sites.

    According to these rumors, Sarah Palin had faked a pregnancy and pretended to have given birth in May to her fifth child, a son named Trig who has Down syndrome. The rumor was that Trig was actually Bristol Palin’s child and that Sarah Palin was the grandmother.

    A senior McCain campaign official said the McCain camp was appalled that these rumors had not only been spread around liberal blog sites and partisan Democrats, but also were the subject of heightened interest from mainstream news media.

    “The despicable rumors that have been spread by liberal blogs, some even with Barack Obama’s name in them, is a real anchor around the Democratic ticket, pulling them down in the mud in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change,'” a senior aide said.

  83. kostner, I think this will show the world that the republicans are really the party of women and not the democrats as previously thought. This is going to be good! This is going to show how the democrats care about nothing but themselves and care for no one!

  84. Congratulations ADMIN and thank you so much for the GIFT of a home to come to every day!
    I have learned so much here, i feel like i have a ton of new friends here and i wake up everyday looking forward to coming here, in fact… computer can’t boot up fast enough some days! 😀


    RE: Bristol… I have a daughter and more importantly i was once a 17 year old girl who was a major rebel…….there wasn’t a darn thing my mom could do except pray that the lessons and morals she taught me growing up would be enough to help guide me when she was not around
    and she too worked from sun up to sun down while i grew up…… today i am 45 and i have 5 kids of my own…..i pray every day that the lessons learned in youth carry over into their maturing lives……mistakes??? i made many…..lived to tell about em too! LOL my kids are doing the same…….but not one of them is rude, lying, criminal, etc……none of them would ever treat someone so badly as BHO has and they know better than to have friends like Ayers,Wright,Rezko etc….. I would wager a years salary that neither would the Palin kids!!

    The GOP has a ton of stuff they can flip the conversation back on BHO and clan…..I wouldn’t worry too much about what this might do to Mac/Palin at all…. I am pretty sure the country has already made up their minds at least 80% of them…..I am one of those that will never vote for Obama…… I don’t care if palins kids are all pregnant i would still vote for her based on what she has been able to do while on the job in AK

    Her talents, her committment and character et all say to me as a voter that i can trust her to do the right thing for this country… so for me … end of story.
    Except I cant wait to see obama have to denounce and reject his surrogates and what they have said and once again have to say ” they don’t speak for me…..they just get a little over zealous”……ooops another one under the bus! 😉

    Again……Thanks to Admin

    but i would also like to say thank you to everyone that shows up here……thanks to those who only read……i know you pass the info along to those in your comfort zone… you too help the cause!

    thanks to those of you that share your stories of past experiences both politically and personally
    it has mean’t alot to get to know you all through these stories

    Thanks to those of you that surf the net and bring the info home to us ….

    Thanks to those of you who are willing to share an idea a thought with out fear of feeling stupid or being ridiculed for it.


  85. It’s not just evangelicals, kostner. I am solidly pro-choice, and a Christian though not anything even approaching Evangelical.

    A VP candidate’s daughter has just announced she is expecting, and that she, the father, and the entire family are happy and welcoming about it. How is this a cause for SHAME?? How is this a cause for SCANDAL??

    It seems to me that most of America, evangelical or not, is going to think, “Okay, their business, happy for them.” They are also going to be disgusted that it is the supposed progressives, not the religious folk, who are questioning, and intruding and taking the “snicker snicker, wink wink, slut slut slut” approach, acting like she ought to be embarrassed. They are the ones who are acting like she is some nasty fornicator.

    Who are the Liberals here, again? Fucking hypocrites.

  86. I, for one , will not be discussing the subject of Bristol Palins pregnancy. I did not discuss John Edwards affair for the same reason. I don’t feel either situation is any of my business.

  87. I think I joined this site in June 2007, based on an article by Peggy Noonan of all people which was published in the WSJ on June 22 of that year. It has been a roller coaster ride hasnt it.

  88. Senior McCain campaign officials said McCain knew of the daughter’s pregnancy when he selected Palin last week as his vice presidential running mate, deciding that it did not disqualify the 44-year-old governor in any way.

    If I didn’t know anything about McCain, this only have made me a McCain supporter.

  89. My dear Admin,

    I stumbled upon BigPink during the last 6 months of a grueling cancer-like treatment. My disease required me to take meds for a year and a half in order to optimize response. Even so, there was only ever a 33% chance of beating it so I signed up for a 24 week extension because I knew that would improve my odds by 50%.
    The last 6 months were horrendous. There were many days I wanted to stop the meds and as the weeks wore on I found myself struggling not to quit but Hillaryis44, the intelligent, witty posters, here and the fight for HRC inspired me to finish.
    As I couldn’t do much those last few months, the highlight of my day was logging onto
    Big Pink and catching up on the latest HRC news. This site gave me a political
    education, a much-needed venue for getting out of my own head, camaraderie, humor, compassion and most importantly, the inspiration to not give up

    Being involved in HRC’s battle helped me to continue mine. Reading about her courage pushed me to suck-it-up and keep going. As we all cheered her on it felt like some of the encouragement was also directed at me even though I hadn’t posted about my problem.
    My prognosis is good. Treatment has concluded. In another 2 months I’ll (hopefully) be able to put that awful chapter of my life behind me and move on but I never would have crossed the finish line without HRC, BigPink, Admin and the great people on this site.
    As HRC said:
    “For everyone who is counted out but refuses to be knocked out,
    And for everyone who works hard and never gives up, this one’s for you.”

  90. wbboei, this is just another example of the fact that the media is bought and paid for by Soros! This fits him, I wonder how many women Soros has in his employment. That would be an interesting fact to know!

  91. I wouldn’t blame Palin if she dropped out. The way the world is now, I sure as shit wouldn’t want to subject myself and my family to this kind of filthy mudslinging.

    It’s utterly beyond anything I have ever seen. Disgusting.

  92. ADMIN…

    Thank you for this website. When I first came here I didn’t know anything in depth about politics. I watched the news but never really thought about what it all meant or that I could have a voice.

    I have learned so much from all who post here. The intelligent and insightful discussions on this website are extraordinary. It’s such a pleasure to come to a place where you are treated respectfully, can share opinions openly, and learn so much from others. That seems rare these days…

    I commend that you have stayed with Hillary and stayed the course. Kudos to a job well done!

  93. Dear Clinton Dem,

    Ohio Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones fought for many causes in years of service. As Hillary Clinton mentioned at Stephanie’s funeral, a cause dear to her heart was election reform. We would like to honor Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and great Americans like her that have fought hard to uphold the principle of “one person, one vote”.

    Clinton Democrats will join with PUMAs all over the country to recruit volunteers to work polling places in the upcoming election to make sure practices are fair and democratic.

    We are calling on you to either volunteer to work at your local polling place, or monitor activities theres.

    Monitors and workers will document any suspicious activity such as electioneering on premises, coercion, voter intimidation or fraud. These activities will be captured with camera phones and camcorders and archived where they exist.

    Would you like to be involved in this effort?

    Become a Poll Worker

    I’m doing this! 🙂

  94. Idunn

    Sarah was the point guard on her State Championship Basketball team. I doubt that she will drop out.

    What does not kill you , makes you stronger.

    I don’t know if McCain knew how this was going to shake out, but I really think this is bring the worse in the Dems out for the whole world to see.

  95. Idunn Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 2:35 pm
    I wouldn’t blame Palin if she dropped out. The way the world is now, I sure as shit wouldn’t want to subject myself and my family to this kind of filthy mudslinging.

    It’s utterly beyond anything I have ever seen. Disgusting.
    That is what Team Obama and the “bots” are hoping for. I read so many posts on politico say this very thing.

    What people don’t understand is that when your foundation is in the right place you only get stronger in the face of evil. This is where “real” folks live and it’s how you handle life challenges that says something about your character.

    It is important that we get behind John McCain and Sarah Palin and take our country back!

  96. Per Fox News – Barack Obama on Bristol Palin

    “If anyone on my campaign is spreading this issue, they will be fired.”

    Yea we believe you.

  97. There is no reason for Palin to drop out. So her 17 year old is having a baby it happens. Actually BO’s mom was 18 when she had him.

  98. Obama: “Back off” Palin pregnancy
    Christina Bellantoni

    MONROE, Mich. | Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama Monday afternoon issued a strong statement to “back off” reports of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy, telling reporters families — and especially children — are off limits in this presidential campaign.

    Mr. Obama, campaigning here, also noted that his own mother was 18 when she gave birth to him.

    “People’s families are off limits,” he said. “People’s children are especially off limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. ”

    “I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories,” he added. “That shouldn’t be a topic in our politics.”

    He vehemently pushed back against an unnamed McCain aide suggesting his campaign had any ties to the blogs that were spreading rumors before the news broke, saying he was “offended” by that and if any of his staff was involved in spreading the issue, “they’d be fired.”

    “We don’t go after people’s families. Our people are not involved in any way,” he said.
    I see Mr. O’HYPOCRIT finally said something after being called out by a McCain aide.

  99. Hello Admin,

    Today is your day and I would like to congratulate you on all the hard work that you put into this site to ensure Hillary supporters are always in the Hillary Loop. Your commentary is fantastic which is why your blog is the first link that I will pull up on my computer where ever I am because I know with you and all the other bloggers here, I can find a lot of news we wouldn’t normally hear from Big Party Media.

    Again thanks for all that you do here and keep fighting the good fight. We will always stand behind you.

    Hillaryis44 or 45

  100. Congratulations, Admin! (whoever you are, 🙂 )

    This is a comment I left at Anglachel after I left a comment on the previous thread. I brought it back here with Wbboei’s response. I am interested in a discussion on how we can extricate ourselves from the fucked up mess the party has created in this election season.

    Angalchel, something is becoming clear to me now. If the PARTY does not rescue (I mean rescue) Hillary Clinton from the current situation (which you so eloquently describe here:

    Hillary herself has been very publically lectured, buillied, warned, threatened, and harassed that she had better deliver her voters (And why is the image that I get in my brain when I read this stuff is of a bound, gagged and drugged female form being handed over for gang rape?) to Obama, or else she is ruined, done, over, disgraced, without a political future.

    we are doomed for another 16-20 years. Obama is beyond repair and if they drag Hillary down with him we will not wrest control of the WH for a decade or more. I will wait to see if the rescue starts right now (which would be advisable) or after the loss in November (which may be too late because they would have made her do things that would have driven her supporters away). The party’s future is inevitably tied to Hillary’s future now. They are so screwed.

    # wbboei Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 1:56 pm

    pm317 Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 12:22 pm
    I am worried about Hillary’s current situation. The vile Obama thugs seem determined to drag her down with them for their failures. If she puts up a fight, it will be to their benefit and they seem to be making sure that she pays for it. If she seems too compliant in their vile scheme, she loses the pride and self-respect of her beloved supporters and will be difficult to resurrect the hard won support she has garnered in future elections. The only reasonable solution is for her to see how she can achieve her own political agenda while she appears to fulfill their demands holding her hostage — that will take every genius in her and Bill Clinton but I see her as confused and not know what to do right now. We are so fucked and I will rue the day when Obama and his cabal entered the Dem politics. (sorry to be so pessimistic
    You are not pessimistic at all. You are realistic. I do not give a goddam what they have on her there must come a point where she steps back and refuses to do their bidding. If she fails to do that she will lose her self respect. To me it is real simple. She tells them that if they ask her to get involved then she will spend half her time deploring the sexism directed at Palin by Obama and his supporters. Otherwise, Axelrod back the fuck off. I am not going to go down in flames for your. I cannot sell you to this audience–that is something you must do yourself. I can talk about the issues, but this is no longer about issues it is about the obama and biden and whether they are trusted. They have to sell themselves.

  101. Her speech was a work of brilliance. I’m waiting to see the transcript and go over it in detail. It was, first and foremost, a speech about politics. It had plenty of “human interest” and even humor in it. We most certainly got a look into the mind and heart of this woman. But what it was, from the first line to the last, was a full-force evocation of what it means to be a Democrat. In a season wehere we have been bombarded by bipartisan, everybody let’s hug, don’t say anything bad about the Republicans, don’t be partisan be Obamacan, Unity Ponies for everyone balderdash, Hillary took the party by the scruff of its dithering neck and made it look at the reason we are a party in the first place.

    The invocations of all of her identities became the warp into which she wove the woof of policy, belief, and acts, creating a mantle – Democrat. I am a Democrat for these reasons – these reasons are why I must call myself a Democrat. She was unapologetically partisan in every sentence. She explained, with the examples from her campaign, why she is driven to serve. She gave notice that for her this is a duty and that the hatred heaped upon her has no effect. I was reminded of her words in the blogger conference call – I am impervious to them.

    Evidently Chris Matthews said that there was no evidence of defeat in this speech. Why would there be? It is entirely a media narrative, helped along mightily by the pool boys of the fauxgressive blogosphere, that they were “finally rid of the Clintons.” They wanted suffering, shame, penance, begging for forgiveness and Hillary just handed them a steaming super-sized mug of shut the fuck up. As she was never a media darling, they cannot touch her – she is impervious. She walked off that stage the most powerful person in the Deomcratic Party, owning nothing to any of the power brokers because she has given it all to the Party. That is her duty, there lie her obligations, and that is what she is here to defend.

    In the hall, it was interesting to look at the signs. The bright white signs with her signature in deep blue were like lights across the dark background of the audience. At some point, people held up tall vertical signs: Hillary, Obama, Unity. The imbalance in the representations struck me at once. Her first name and the familiarity and comfort that evoked. His last name, easy to chant, traditional political presentation. But the names were not brought together. You had to look at another sign to be given a command (a plea?) – Unity. For that to have been so, the names would have to have shared the same space, a unity not demanded but enacted.

    Hillary presented the case for unity, answering the question “Unity for the sake of what?” (and even answering Lambert’s plaint “And we get…?”) through her enactment of Democratic principles. There was no ire, no resentment, not even the whisper of hurt. Politics is rough, but failure to fulfill your political duty (to the veteran, to the cancer patient, to the impoverished mother), is unforgiveable. Not hope. Not change. Duty. She gave Bill the recognition for his duty that their political opponents meanly withhold. She offered the arguments for why the success of the party was paramount, and in the doing ripped away the prevarications and self-deception thrown out for why unity with her wasn’t possible. She explicitly invoked Bill Gwatney’s pursuit of a Democratic and more just South, crushing the anti-Bubba bigotry with the straightforward truth that the only way to end the ugly legacy of the South is to transform it.

    Many people have talked about Obama as a “transcendent” candidate, someone who is “post-partisan,” “post-racial,” calls us to something higher, and so forth. What Hillary did on that stage tonight was demonstrate what true political transcendence looks like. Surrounded by heart-broken supporters, hateful detractors, an unflaggingly hostile media, and looking at the faces of her colleagues who have treated her in the most despicable way possible for months on end, she spoke passionately and without rancor to all of them. Her personal grace and decency were rivaled only by her political integrity and loyalty. She has transcended the brutality and cruelty visited upon her in this primary. The political ground that lies within her reach has been swept clean of any barriers, impediments or stumbling blocks.

    There is nothing left for her to do for anyone. Hillary is exactly what she showed on the stage tonight – the most dedicated Democrat in the party – and it is now up to the rest to live up to her example, or fail and fall. She has laid the ultimate political trap precisely by refusing to do so.

    This is, I think, what keeps flummoxing the people who want to do her damage. Hillary is a hellacious campaigner and is not above delivering some pretty sharp puches, as she did to the hapless John McCain and pretty much all the rest of the goons and fools in the Republican Party, but she is not out to destroy anyone. (Big Dog is a different matter, and I am now very curious to see how his speech will differ from Hillary’s) When her response to the months of backstabbing, intrigue, smearing, and general paranoid petulance of the Obama campaign is to flash her million watt smile and say she’s ready to win the White Hosue for the Democrats regardless of the candidate and do so with utter conviction and sincerity, there’s really nothing they can do without looking exactly as corrupt and moronic as they are. She owes them nothing after this speech, though she will give them anything that a Democrat deserves.

    Obama wanted to be the Democratic nominee in the worst way possible. He got his wish. Tonight, Hillary showed him the only way out of his predicament.

    It is now all on Obama’s head to show he is half the Democrat she is.

  102. Admin – thank you for this site; you really pioneered the beginning of the grassroots for Hillary. I’ve been reading this site since last summer, and indeed it was one lonely voice for Hillary – when most simply assumed she would cake-walk into the nomination – but you knew, and then we knew – that it would be no cakewalk…that sexism and the Clinton-hating press would make Hillary the underdog.

    You were one of the first to predict that the Big Media circus would rampantly attack Hillary.

    We all watched as the world turned upside down. Together we realized that our own party was more sexist and demeaning toward women than we’d ever recognized. Together we realized those on the left were willing to persecute us for our freedom of speech. Together we realized that the news was slanted and biased, and together, we came to appreciate Fox News, indeed fair and balanced!

    Thanks you,Admin for all. Thanks to you and this site, the grassroots around Hillary began to grow – and will remain until Hillary returns. RISE, HILLARY, RISE.

  103. Hmmm……let’s get this straight…………….

    Obama’s mother was unmarried when she became pregnant with a person of another race………….they don’t condemn biracial relationships……

    Had this child at eighteen, and the father was married to another woman……….haven’t heard them condemn Obama’s teenage mother OR married father

    This mother sent Obama back to Hawaii at ten and her parents finished raising him…..he was NOT raised solo by a single Mom………don’t hearing them call her an unfit mother for not “raising” and showing Obama quality time………..



  104. carbynew,

    I think mccain campaign is savvy on this one. They are pushing the angle that Obama campaign is invovled in this smear campaign explicitly or imexplicitly. This puts bambi on defense. If any footprint of the direct invovlement of his campaign is found, expect huge backlash…

  105. the bots already calculated the date of Sarah Palin’s first son’s birthday and concluded she was preganant before wedding…

    the bots really need to arrest their acne, get a social life, lift themselves out of mommy and daddies basement and GET LAID!

  106. He vehemently pushed back against an unnamed McCain aide suggesting his campaign had any ties to the blogs that were spreading rumors before the news broke, saying he was “offended” by that and if any of his staff was involved in spreading the issue, “they’d be fired.”

    “We don’t go after people’s families. Our people are not involved in any way,” he said.

    They are all your fucking supporters (may be not paid staff). Couldn’t you have said something before (before this other news erupted)?

  107. What a bunch of friggin’ hypocrits. People who do what they denounce are the worst kind. LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Obamabots should all be called out for the haters they are – starting with Alan Colmes, who I will NEVER watch again. Will miss Hannity.but refuse to listen to that LOSER ever again after his insensitive remaark concerning children with Down’s Syndrome. And I thought he was an educated man…………………

  109. Henry,

    I guess I was another one that was not having it at 17. Many others were, and I was thought of as square. However, for me it was something I wanted to do. I am not sure if it was respect for my parents or their values, or that I matured later than others, or I really felt there was plenty of time in the future for that.

    However, I for one have never felt that, that defined me as superior.

    I struggle every day to do and say the right thing. Sometimes I am fairly good at it, and sometimes I am not. I never fault other for not being able to. That is something each of us has to deal with on an individual basis.

  110. lil “ole Grape,

    YA DONE GOOD!!!!!!!!

    You’re one of the people who made me laugh the most the past 8 months
    and boy was i ever in need of humor! 😉

    Just got home so off i go to read about the latest veepsgate. Although I haven’t read the
    the Palin articles my gut says she hasn’t got a d@mned thing to be ashamed of and those who are questioning her suitability to be vp can eat sh!t and die. 👿

  111. curiosityhasme Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 2:51 pm

    Hmmm……let’s get this straight…………….

    Obama’s mother was unmarried when she became pregnant with a person of another race………….they don’t condemn biracial relationships……

    Had this child at eighteen, and the father was married to another woman……….haven’t heard them condemn Obama’s teenage mother OR married father

    You hit this hypocrisy on its head.

    Another brand of misogyny as the bots have to find something about a woman VP candidate and her daughter that has to do with their sexuality/sexual activity. This kind of smear is as old as the beginning of humanity.

    Meanwhile, Edwards has an affair starting last year and the reaction from the bots…crickets.

  112. What would make me really really happy is for the McCain campaign to reveal the vitriol in the Obama blogosphere.

  113. wbboei Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    Her speech was a work of brilliance. I’m waiting to see the transcript and go over it in detail. It was, first and foremost, a speech about politics. It had plenty of “human interest” and even humor in it. We most c


    Is this from Anglachel?

  114. pm317 Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    pm317 and all of us worry about Hillary’s future…


    yes, and let’s not forget how Hill was seemingly forced to march to the guillotine…the stakes to be burned…as a Gwenevere or Joan of Arc…when she had to condone the rigged roll call and hand over her power base to obama…while the ‘will of the people and their votes’ continued to get screwed and just dismissed by the ‘new Democratic Party’…

    …and get ready for him to steal all her policy, talking points, speech materal, best lines, etc….two days later in HIS acclaimed speech…

    what a fraud he is…unforgiveable…this whole primary season is based on a bunch of thefts and lies

  115. Obama: Steer clear of Palin’s daughter
    Mark Hornbeck / Detroit News Lansing Bureau
    MONROE — Barack Obama, questioned about the pregnancy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s unwed teenage daughter, said outsiders should steer clear of that subject.

    “People’s families are off limits,” he said firmly. “People’s children are especially off limits. They have no relevancy.

    “I strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother hand me when she was 18.”

    Sarah Palin said today confirmed her daughter is expecting a child, and said Bristol Palin and the baby’s father would wed.

    Obama was asked by a reporter about Palin’s daughter during a campaign stop in Monroe, following the Detroit Labor Day parade.

    Asked if anyone in his campaign had a role in disclosing the pregnancy of 17-year-old Bristol, Obama said: “I’m offended by that statement. There’s no indication that any of this involved us.”

    Obama indicated he’d dismiss anyone from his staff that was involved in disseminating that kind of information.
    So, Obama had to be “called out” by a no name McCain aide and a reporter doing their job and asking the question.

    It wasn’t Obama’s great leadership skills on display of charging forward and STANDING UP for his YOUNG supporters issues or doing the RIGHT thing because he represent the values of change and a new direction.

    NO!!! Obama kept quiet for 2 1/2 days of some of the dirtiest attacks on CHILDREN I’ve evey seen by his surrogates (paid & non-paid) because he was “called out” for it by the religious leaders and a no name McCain aide.

    Yet, the MSM, DNC and Democratic? Taliban Party kept quiet about John Edwards baby mamma and kid cover-up and payoffs….hmmm.

    “What a diffence a day makes.”

  116. admin,

    i want to thank you for all your hardwork this
    last year and more.
    i want to thank you for your sensibilities, for
    your honor, for your selfless giving…
    thank you for your vision, your direction,
    and your time.

    i want to say i’m sorry.
    i’m sorry that your hopes and dreams were
    undermined in such a devious and scurrilous
    i’m sorry admin, cause i know it has been

    i am happy to hear that you will stay on, and
    carry on the fight, i am interested to know
    where we go from here.
    its going to be long road i guess, but what
    choice do we have?

    thank you to admin, and thank you to all the
    people who come here regularly, and share
    your time and your thoughts, and your courage…


    CHEERS …

  117. You’re one of the people who made me laugh the most the past 8 months
    and boy was i ever in need of humor!

    Whatever I did to help lift your spirits, Basil , I’m incredibly glad.

    Now I need someone to lift MY spirits , because I’m not finding one fucking thing uplifting about the state of our humanity today.

  118. This should end netnuts’ another attack line that Sarah Palin hid her daughter’s pregancy…

    h t t p : / /,8599,1837862,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

    In Wasilla, Pregnancy Was No Secret
    That’s about the only thing that I didn’t know about Bristol Palin’s pregnancy. The rest of the details I picked up almost without trying, while talking about other things with townsfolk — some who know the governor and her family well, some who don’t. It was, more or less, an open secret. And everyone was saying the same thing: the governor’s 17-year-old daughter is pregnant, the father is her boyfriend, and it’s really nobody’s business beyond that.

    I happen to agree.

    This tiny town wedged in between the Chugach and Talkeetna mountain ranges has intrigued the whole country since John McCain’s surprise Friday announcement that Wasilla’s favorite daughter, Sarah Palin, would be his running mate. Sure, some of the interest was a prelude to attacks on Palin’s readiness for national office. But Wasilla also offered a welcome chance to get specific about the geography of a politician. It’s one of our most cherished myths, that a leader can come from somewhere and you can guess at their qualities not just by what they say, but where they live.

    Well, here’s the deal: small towns have their own value systems, and in this situation those values are more a lot more valid than the dispassionate, pushy inquisitiveness that political journalism encourages.

  119. McCain camp adds veteran GOP hand to staff Palin

    John McCain’s campaign has brought on board a seasoned Republican strategist to prepare Sarah Palin for the media onslaught.

    Tucker Eskew, a Bush-Cheney campaign veteran, will serve as a counselor to the Alaska governor, whose introduction as McCain’s running mate has jolted the presidential race.

    Eskew has been tasked with getting Palin briefed on domestic and foreign policy issues, advising her on her stump speech on the road and, perhaps most important, getting a newcomer to the national political scene ready for the sort of exacting scrutiny she and her family are already receiving.

    For now, though, the focus is to make sure she’s well-prepared for her highly anticipated convention speech, tentatively set to be delivered Wednesday night in St. Paul.

    “He’s one of the best and most collaborative talents in Republican politics,” said McCain senior adviser Nicolle Wallace. “He also has a wit and an ability to turn a phrase like no one I’ve ever met before.”

    Eskew, a South Carolina native, got his start working in the Palmetto State vineyards for former Gov. Carroll Campbell and joined Bushworld in the 2000 campaign.

    He served the president in a variety of positions, including directing the White House Global Communications office where he ran international media relations during the first months of the Iraq war.

    He now leads a public affairs firm in the Washington area, from which he’ll take a leave until Election Day.

  120. # basil9 Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 3:13 pm


    Did you write the article at 2:50?

    It is brilliant.


    basil, I don’t doubt wbboei’s skill to write such excellent article. But this one comes from Anglachel and wbboei must have forgotten to link the source.

    here is the link: http : //

  121. idunn,

    I’ve never been a fan of the human race. 👿

    Birds are ever so much more fair and honest.

    I’d recommend joining a flock. 😉

  122. {sorry if this post gets repeated but could not print the link to Anglachel in my previous submissions.}

    # basil9 Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 3:13 pm


    Did you write the article at 2:50?

    It is brilliant.


    basil, I don’t doubt wbboei’s skill to write such excellent article. But this one comes from Anglachel and wbboei must have forgotten to link the source.

    here is the link:

  123. Rove: Obama’s inexperienced; Biden’s a ‘big, blowhard doofus’


    Now thats calling someone out.

  124. pm,

    Yes, wbboei is a great writer.

    Thanks for letting me know it is anglachel’s work.
    I will check out the site.

  125. CBS News goes on attack on Biden (god they are slow, we had this yesterday)

    Deferments, Asthma Kept Biden Out Of Vietnam
    Biden Received 5 Deferments Before Being Declared Medically Ineligible For Vietnam

    Officials with Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama’s campaign released Biden’s Selective Service records at the request of The Associated Press. Less detailed records were available from a National Archives facility in Philadelphia.

    According to the documents, Biden, 65, received several deferments while he was an undergraduate at the University of Delaware and later as a law student at Syracuse University. A month after undergoing a physical exam in April 1968, Biden received a Selective Service classification of 1-Y, meaning he was available for service only in the event of national emergency.

    “As a result of a physical exam on April 5, 1968, Joe Biden was classified 1-Y and disqualified from service because of asthma as a teenager,” said David Wade, a campaign spokesman.

    In “Promises to Keep,” a memoir that was published last year and became an instant best-seller after he was tapped as Obama’s running mate, Biden never mentions his asthma, recounting an active childhood, work as a lifeguard and football exploits in high school.


    Yes we can guess Biden how your asthma suddenly appeared in 1968 right before you HAD to go into the army.

  126. the McCainiacs need to call B-HO on the sexist-morals bullshit just like they did with the race card dealings. stopped them dead in their tracks. this comes too close to the “pimping your daughter” story for me. they’ve got to nip this in the bud, turn the tables and embarrass the snot out of B-HO.

  127. Oh, basil, You must check her out if you have not already done so. I am a big fan of hers and highly recommend it.

  128. I just read a news story , but i closed the window and can’t find it.

    Apparently, women all over the country have been going to opticians today looking to buy Palin eye glasses and women are going to hairdressers to get the Palin look.

    What does that tell you?

  129. Why are the dems/the left wasting so much time going after the republican vp candidate? It’s McCain who is at the top of the ticket. If GW Bush can get reelected with Dick Cheney as vice president then there’s nothing about Gov Palin that will harm McCain’s chances this fall. McCain needed the enthusiasm of Christian conservatives and he has that now. These attacks on her by dems and some in the MSM will only make this group support her even more. No wonder the dems haven’t won the white house since 1996- they have no political instincts.

  130. Kostner thanks for the link:,8599,1837862,00.html?xid=rss-topstories

    Remember, Obama statements and attitude about small town values and their bitterness?

    Here is the reality:

    If you haven’t guessed yet, the people here are genuinely friendly. Even those in Palin’s inner sanctum who have been told since Friday not to talk to reporters by McCain’s media team, are almost apologetic that they can’t be neighborly and chat, since you came all this way to little Wasilla. And those who can talk, do. All weekend they had the decency not to pretend that they didn’t know the governor’s eldest daughter was pregnant. But they also expected decency in return, that I wouldn’t be the kind of person to make sport out of a young girl’s slip.

    The fact is, regardless of what you will hear over the next few days, Bristol’s pregnancy is not a legitimate political issue. Sarah Palin is a longterm member of a group called Feminists for Life, which is not opposed to birth control. So you probably can’t tag her for consigning young people to unwanted pregnancies.
    Team Obama and surrogates made a HUGE mistake to belittle and demean small town values and their beliefs. The more Huff n Puff and MSM in the tank for Obama attacks the Palin’s children…the more they sabotage there own message of hope and change.

  131. great article from larry johnson:

    “I have fought the policies, lies, corruption and hypocrisy of George W. Bush. He is the worst President in my lifetime and certainly ranks as one of the worse since Warren G. Harding. I regret nothing. I was looking forward to voting for a Democrat who would repudiate the policies and practices of the Bush regime. Until Barack Obama took center stage.

    My thinking on this was triggered by the maelstrom surrounding the smear from Obama supporters claiming that Sarah Palin was not pregnant and did not give birth to the five month old boy with Down’s Syndrome. The left’s depravity knows no bounds (as laid out in detail by Divine Democrat here) as many, most notably that turd of a human being Andrew Sullivan, claimed it was the secret love child of Palin’s then 16 year old daughter.

    Do these nuts not understand the concept of photos? The Daily Kos crowd who claim that no one knew that Palin was pregnant apparently must have been talking to Alaska’s version of Stevie Wonder. Blindness is the only excuse for this kind of stupid comment.

    So why do I write that the Democratic Left has become W?

    Remember back when George W. was running against McCain in 2000? Let’s take a walk down memory lane with the NY Times’ Peter Baker:

    The crucible came in South Carolina, where the tone took a decidedly low turn. Bush stood by as a surrogate at a campaign event accused McCain of forgetting fellow veterans when he returned after five and a half years of captivity in North Vietnam. At McCain headquarters, reports kept pouring in about flyers and phone calls insinuating all manner of scurrilous things about the senator — he had fathered a black child out of wedlock, he beat his wife, he was mentally unstable, he had a secret Vietnamese family, he was a Manchurian candidate, he was gay, his wife was a drug addict and so forth. Bush denied any involvement in the whisper campaign, but for his own part took umbrage at a McCain ad saying the Texas governor “twists the truth like Clinton.”

    “Stuff happened in South Carolina that none of us liked,” Mark Salter, McCain’s alter ego, told me over a beer in a hotel bar during a campaign swing in New England last month. “But you never knew how much” was orchestrated by Bush or his people. McCain’s campaign was crushed in South Carolina, and McCain did little to hide his anger, calling Bush “a combination of the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow” — in other words, a man with no courage, no heart and no brain. Cindy McCain stewed over the attacks, particularly the “illegitimate black child” allegation, a vicious reference to their adopted daughter Bridget, a baby she brought home from an orphanage in Bangladesh run by Mother Teresa. The night of the primary, Cindy cried in the candidate’s hotel suite.

    Talk about Deja Vu.

    I still have good friends on the so-called progressive side of the ledger (but I’m beginning to wonder what it really means to be “progressive”) who insist the allegation against Palin and her 5 month old son is the equivalent of claiming that Barack Obama has a close relationship with unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers, attended a muslim school in Indonesia, used a different name (Barry Soetoro) when he was in Indonesia, and profited from his relationship with the corrupt Tony Rezko. This is truly mind boggling.

    The claim that Palin pretended to be pregnant is demonstrably false. In fact, it is a goddamn lie. But Barack Obama’s ties to Ayers, Indonesia, and Rezko are not confabulations. They are true and Barack is covering up important facts. What is truly stunning is that it appears that some in the media are willing to equate bald face lies about Palin as being of the same order as demonstrable (but unexplored) facts about Obama.

    The media helped fuck America with George Bush. The likes of Judith Miller, Tim Russert, and the Washington Post played along as Bush started an unnecessary war in Iraq. They refused to ask tough questions or challenge demonstrably false assertions. And they are doing it once again with Barack Obama. He continues to receive the kid glove treatment as the media–legs a tingling–fawn over the new Messiah. And lapping along with them, lips firmly planted on the “holy” one’s derriere, is the so-called Democratic left.

    I made the mistake once in supporting George Bush and ignoring my reservations about his lack of experience and questionable character. I will not make that same mistake with Barack Obama, who with each passing day reflects the viciousness and insecurity of W. America cannot afford another politician like Bush.

  132. from a historical perspective– when the Republicans see the sexism directed at Palin and must defend against it, more people will be enlightened of how much sexism/misogyny is still a part of society.

    when this is all over – there will be no doubt that a new feminist consciousness will happen, and it was unleashed because of Hillary. it’ll be interesting to see Republican and Democrat and Independent women find common ground.

  133. Wow.

    From NQ quoting Newsweek:

    John Coale, a prominent Washington lawyer, husband of Fox TV host Greta Van Susteren and a supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, announced today that he was supporting John McCain for president. Coale, who traveled with Sen. Clinton, President Clinton and her family through out the primary season, complained of sexism, and said the Democratic Party is “being taken over by the types” in an exclusive interview with’s Tammy Haddad.

  134. A Typical Middle-Class Struggle

    On the Palin situation: It immediately struck me that Sarah Palin was chosen as a candidate who understands middle-class family struggles, and this is a pretty typical one. On the scale of family secrets, a pregnant teen marrying her boyfriend is hardly shocking. It is personally wrenching for all involved. But, if properly handled by caring parents, it can sometimes result in the arrival of new life and a new family. And a new life is always a good and glorious thing, whatever the circumstances of his or her birth.

    What does all this say about Palin herself? That she is a hypocrite? Absurd. She seems to have acted in a manner entirely consistent with her religious beliefs. (If she had urged her daughter to get an abortion, that would be hypocrisy.) That Palin is somehow unqualified for office because she couldn’t “control” her own family? This is a foolish, cartoon version of Victorianism.

    There are only two things that would concern me. If Palin had not informed the McCain campaign about this situation before her selection, it would mean she has poor judgment. But the McCain campaign has said it was informed. It would also disturb me if Palin had not fully discussed her decision to run for vice president with her pregnant daughter, who will now be exposed to a lot of vicious ridicule. In light of this family struggle, I hope Palin’s decision to join the Republican ticket was a family decision.

    Those who believe that a family situation of this sort will alienate or anger evangelicals have never actually met an evangelical. Just listen to James Dobson’s Focus on the Family broadcast, or read one of his books. Responding to his evangelical listeners and readers, he addresses every imaginable family challenge, from adultery to child sexual abuse to bedwetting. Evangelical Christianity (in most modern forms) is not about the achievement of perfection, it is about the acceptance of forgiveness and healing. Nearly every evangelical knows and respects someone who has dealt with this kind of situation with dignity and with God’s constant help.

    And I can’t imagine why Palin’s family situation would alienate middle-ground women voters either. Is it really the expectation of modern women that their leaders and role models have perfect, perpetually cheerful families?

    All this said, I still feel terrible for the Palins and their daughter (and the poor guy she intends to marry). The slimiest elements of the Internet culture will be after them. But Americans, I believe and trust, are more decent than this vileness.

  135. this is the link to John Coale, husband of Greta Van Susteren, video interview saying he was a Hillary supporter and now will be for McCain:

  136. nikki, it’s brilliant strategy. The only way Obama could win was by running against Bush, and paint JohnnyMac as Bush III. Then Mac goes all maverick on their ass, picks a woman, and disinvites Bush to his convention.

    What is the story 24-7 now? Comparing the Dem presidential pick to the Repub VP pick.. LMAO! They are walking into every trap laid.

  137. Idunn Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 2:35 pm
    I wouldn’t blame Palin if she dropped out. The way the world is now, I sure as shit wouldn’t want to subject myself and my family to this kind of filthy mudslinging.

    It’s utterly beyond anything I have ever seen. Disgusting.


    I agree…..but i doubt she accepted the VP slot without first knowing what was coming up ahead

    I am sure there has been many discussion on how to “annouce” and when to do so as well as what the possible outcomes of it and how to handle it.

    I am possitive Sara and her family all talked long and hard about what her VP position would be and what would come at all of them….

    you would have to be deft, dumb and blind not to know how Hillary & women in this election cycle are being treated

    Trust this……Sara Palin and the Entire Palin family knew getting in this thing and are all tuff and ready for it.

    GO McCain/ Palin 08!!

  138. I wonder if Dean now see the sexism in all of this. Remember, he said that he just had not noticed it with Hillary. But then I guess he is not in charge any more.

    I think the man lives under a rock.

  139. I’ve never heard of this group before. They are anti-abortion but I think they don’t totally oppose birth control.

    FFL Member Nominated for Vice President of the United States

    [August 29, 2008] Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska, has been selected by Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain as his running mate.

    According to The Anchorage Daily News published August 6, 2006, “Palin said last month that no woman should have to choose between her career, education and her child.” The article went onto say that “she’s a member of a pro-woman but anti-abortion group called Feminists for Life.” “I believe in the strength and the power of women, and the potential of every human life,’ she said.”

    Feminists for Life’s policy is that all memberships are confidential. However, since Governor Palin has been public about her membership, we can confirm that Palin became a member in 2006.

    Earlier this week Feminists for Life reacted to the inclusion of woman-centered solutions in the Democratic Party platform, and the inclusion of FFL’s trademarked message, “Women deserve better® than abortion,©” in the Republican Party platform.

    FFL President Serrin Foster said “It is unprecedented to see the platforms of both major U.S. political parties incorporate key pieces of FFL’s unique message.”

    “Of course there is a certain excitement about the recent movement toward FFL’s woman-centered solutions and message by the parties, and now the selection of a pro-life feminist as the Vice Presidential nominee. But as a nonpartisan organization, we cannot endorse any candidates,” Foster said.

    “FFL members represent a broad political as well as religious spectrum, and we remain both nonpartisan and nonsectarian. There are many issues outside Feminists for Life’s mission. Feminists for Life is dedicated to systematically eliminating the root causes that drive women to abortion – primarily lack of practical resources and support – through holistic, woman-centered solutions. We recognize that abortion is a reflection that our society has failed to meet the needs of women and that too often women have settled for less. Women deserve better than abortion,” said Foster.

    As each party takes steps to acknowledge and meet the needs of women, Feminists for Life is prepared to work with our elected leaders on behalf of girls and women who deserve far better than abortion. FFL has a long track record of working with both sides of the political aisle on major legislation such as the Violence Against Women Act, Child Support Enforcement Act, and much more. Many members of Congress have already stepped forward to cosponsor the FFL-inspired bill with bipartisan support, the Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act.

    “We invite all parties, all public servants, and all people to join us on the bridge of woman-centered solutions,” Foster said.

  140. I was sitting here thinking that maybe they should have announced that right up front.

    But if they had announced it up front it would not have given the bots an oppourtunity to fail.

  141. Apparently, women all over the country have been going to opticians today looking to buy Palin eye glasses and women are going to hairdressers to get the Palin look.

    What does that tell you?

    That women are too frickin’ concerned about their looks.

  142. yeah, we are all playing barbie doll…

    Not me. Seriously…I don’t have time for all that shit. I’m too busy to mess with make-up, hairdo’s and the like. My morning bathroom time consists of brushing my teeth, washing my face , and brushing my hair into a ponytail. That’s it. 😉

  143. hey, anyone having barbeque?

    i love ribs, beef and pork, and i love thick ribeye steaks.


    my potatoe salad has to have lots of cold crispy kosher pickles and tons of crispy bacon…
    i add eggs, black olives, celery and finely chopped
    parsley. yeah and only best foods mayo, mustard
    and sour cream for the sauce…

    i like parmesaen artichoke, dip and lots of different
    chips and crisp veggies…

    giant jumbo prawns and seafood hot sauce is a must.

    strawberry short cake with lots of whipped cream
    sounds real good too…

    i accept doggie bags… LOL


  144. idunn

    I agree. I tell my hair guy, I have to get out of the shower and be able to shake it. Sometimes I wear makeup and sometimes I do not. Most of the time I do not. The one that notice are usually women, who would never be caught without their make up.

    I laugh, as when I do get fixed up, they notice. I guess I make an impression.

    I am not defined by how I look, I am defined by how I act.

  145. LOL! I am SO glad I already have “can be Palin hair and glasses” LOL!

    I don’t wear my hair that way, but I COULD, and if i decided to eliminate the gray with brunette instead of “sunkist” highlights (as is required of a florida girl) I could do a decent Palinesque style! I do have glasses like that, but they are for emergencies. The antique wire rims are prefereable 8-D

  146. You know what’s fascinating?

    This entire election cycle has been dominated by women’s issues. Not all kinds of intellectual talk, but real-life issues:

    The trashing of Hillary.
    Blaming Hillary for her husband cheating.
    Whether Hillary is too shrill and all that.
    Elizabeth Edwards, mother of young children and cancer
    Obama calling female reporters “sweetie”
    Palin’s decision about her down syndrom baby.
    Palin’s daughter’s decision and family support.
    Palin as the mother of an 18 year old going to war.

    NOW and Emily’s List may be sitting on their hands, but American women certainly have some real issues impacting real women to talk about and think about. This election is so real, it’s almost stunning and none of it has a damn thing to do with party platforms. It’s great.

  147. hwc – look for 18millionvoices to move forward to bring these issues to the fore in a demonstrable way – especially in/to the media

  148. you know, the sexism and misogyny that the DNC, BO campaign and BO minions and bots are launching at Palin are the same forces which prevented Clinton from being the Democratic Nominee and ultimately from being in the WH-

    sometimes I rationalize it all and think, well, maybe the (unrealistic, dreaming) Dems are just idealistic and want to see a black male in office or want some nebulous version of change, but then, as incredulous as it still seems to me, it all boils down to: nah, they just can’t deal with a woman in office.

  149. Admin – When all of this craziness is over, I would LOVE to find out who you really are. Something tells me that you are a political operative or someone very familiar with insider politics. In any case, thank you for this great website. After six months, I’m still here daily. Great job.

  150. countthevotes,

    Sorry but I don’t see anything particularly idealistic about wanting to see an AA in office.
    If it’s not the right person, and in this case it obviously is not, then pushing an unqualified AA into the WH has everything to do with the egos of those doing the pushing and nothing to do with achieving equality.

    BO’s supporters are just like him. It’s all about ME ME ME!

  151. basil9

    As the official spokeshuman for birdies in your Big Pink life –

    They have asked that you be advised of their very important role in your long-term incapacitation/treatment/ and recovery. They especially want you to know what it took to fake motherhood and keep you busy looking for eggs and nests and therefore having to live outside yourself for periods of time.

    And they are grateful too that we here at Big Pink kept the news of impending motherhood under the neo-lib media’s radar.

    They are deserving of extra seed or fruit for their endevors…

    Just as admin is so damm deserving of this tribute.

    (My real, from-the-heart-one is coming later, after the sun is over the yardarm.)

  152. from a historical perspective– when the Republicans see the sexism directed at Palin and must defend against it, more people will be enlightened of how much sexism/misogyny is still a part of society.

    when this is all over – there will be no doubt that a new feminist consciousness will happen, and it was unleashed because of Hillary. it’ll be interesting to see Republican and Democrat and Independent women find common ground.

    It is hard to adjust to a world where democrats are the perpetrators of the worst form of sexism and republicans are the ones who are promoting and defending women. But that is where we are.

  153. i believe in supporting a candidate with everything i’ve got. it’s a dirty business, but someone’s gotta do it. drink up!


    Hensley now distributes Stella Artois, Beck’s, Bass Pale Ale, Boddington’s Hoegaarden, Lowenbrau, Leffe, Belle Vue, Staropramen, and Tennents Lager.

  154. Well I would like to know who Admin is some day also, because if I am hugging someone really famous, I would like to know about it

    In the very least, admin should write a book.

  155. Admin, you are the best and is the place that started it all.

    I’m going to head back over for a fuller, more fitting post later, but I wanted to come by and express my thoughts briefly right now.

    Without Hillaryis44, there are no PUMAs, or Just Say No Deal. This site was, and is, Ground Zero for everything Hillary related and opposed to Obama.

    Thank you, Admin, and to all of the great posters here who have been fighting in the trenches for justice for months.

    Paul 🙂

  156. [quote]It is hard to adjust to a world where democrats are the perpetrators of the worst form of sexism and republicans are the ones who are promoting and defending women. But that is where we are.[/quote]

    It is amazing. I know my wife is just torn up. She’s a yellow dog Democrat and she would vote for Charles Manson if he were the Democrat, but she openly admits to just feeling like she’s been kicked in the teeth by the Democrats.

  157. I am sorry everybody. When I copied it I missed the heading. It is indeed her work and I feel guilty that I did not give her attribution, even though it is unintentional. She is a brilliant writer and analyst.

  158. basil9 Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 4:58 pm
    i mean the same deluded idealism that loses Dems the elections all the time.

    wbboei – re: feminist consciousness – well, it is hard to see that the Dems are perpetrators of sexism and misogyny – though I really believe it’s because the moveon.types and blogger boyz are the wing that’s kidnapped our party – and their sexist attitude is the same as the echo chamber inside a locker room.

    the Republicans need to be called out on their sexism as well – Limbaugh saying “we’ve got the babe on our ticket” – or the 16 years of Clinton Derangement Syndrome based on sexism that the Republicans have perpetuated against Hillary…

    basically what I mean is women and men will now have a different level of sensitivity to sexism, and that is a good thing.

  159. paul,

    thank you for stopping by, you have been a great
    fighter as well, and your work is there for all to see.

    maybe now you can come back and be a part of
    the family again huh?

  160. Thank you Admin for provide a safe haven for those of us who have pure democratic values and continue to support Hillary in her endeavors.

    lil ole Grape,

    Thank you for your hard work!


    1. Nature of Proceeding: this is a pro-forma civil complaint filed in the Court of American Public Opinion against Big Media as hereinafter defined for i) breach of fiduciary duty, ii) fraud on the American people, iii) a pattern and practice of discrimination based on gender and iv) conspiracy to hijack an election. The parties have waived their objections under the First Amendment and mutually agree that this action will proceed in the Court of American Public Opinion with all deliberate speed and without precedent.

    2. The Parties: The charging party is the American People (past, present and future). The defendant is the major television networks, newspapers and blogs hereinafter referred to as Big Media. The major newspapers are the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The major television networks are ABC (Disney), NBC (GE), CBS (Westinghouse) and the cable networks CNN (Time Warner), MSNBC (GE), FOX (Murdock). The blogs are Politico and Huffington Report. (Note: the television network coverage of the primary can be rated in terms of fairness from best to worst as follows: ABC, FOX, CBS, CNN, NBC/MSNBC).

    3. Stipulation: the following facts are not in dispute: at one time, the public received its information from the small town newspaper. Thousands of them existed across the country. Some were primitive, others were sophisticated but the one thing they all had in common was a commitment to the well being of the community they served and a dedication to the truth. If now and then they fell short of that standard they would hear about it directly from their friends and neighbors. In other words they were accountable to their audience. Today we have something very different. We call it Big Media (supra) and its members are owned by multi-national corporations. Big Media is in the entertainment business, survives by ratings, and has no direct contact with its audience. The modern reporter must meet deadlines. When the subject matter is complex and nuanced it is easier to reduce it to a simple morality play. There is one good investigative journalism shop left in the industry, i.e. ABC. It is axiomatic that a free society cannot endure without an honest press. Citizen journalists lack the professionalism, training and resources to fill that vital role.

    4. Breach of Fiduciary Duty: The First Amendment prohibits government from abridging freedom of the press. In return, the press is expected to operate in a professional manner. The American People have neither the time, nor the inclination to examine all aspects of a candidate. Rather, they rely on the media to do that for them. The media has a corresponding obligation to provide a fair sense of the pros and cons of each candidate so the American People can make an informed decision when they vote.

    a. the standard: Big Media has a fiduciary duty to the American People to conduct a due diligence investigation into all candidates seeking high public office, to treat them with a decent respect, to provide fair and balanced coverage, and to act as an honest broker in the process

    b. the breach: Big Media breached its fiduciary duty when it failed to investigate: i) Obama’s toxic association with political fixer Rezko until Hillary mentioned it in a debate, ii) Obama’s 20 year association with his racist spiritual advisor Reverend Wright until FOX News broke the story, iii) allegations that Obama does not eligibility requirements to be president, iv) allegations that Obama has a illegitimate child by a white woman who he lived with for a year when he was attending Columbia Law School who he has failed to provide for, v) allegations that John Edwards had a love child until National Enquirer broke the story, vi) massive fraud in the caucuses which they refused to acknowledge and report on. (Note: if Big Media had done its job, investigated the Edwards story a year ago, and uncovered the massive fraud in the caucuses then Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.) Moreover, Big Media breached its fiduciary duty when it failed to act as an honest broker. Instead, it managed to present all the pros of Obama and all the cons of Hillary. Fortunately, many voters had a chance to meet the candidates as they traversed the country and make up their minds on that basis. Others had access to the internet where the truth could be learned if you found the right blogs. But at some point it became obvious to everyone that that Big Media is a dishonest broker. For many the moment of truth arrived when Saturday Night Live presented a skit showing how the late Tim Russert would savage Hillary and lob soft balls to Obama in the debates.

    c. damages: where, as here, Big Media behaves like a star struck adolescent, falls madly in love with a candidate, suspends critical thinking and builds him into a Messiah, then there will come a time when large segments of the public believe that poppycock and see him in those terms. But later on, when the true facts about the candidate come to light, and he begins to melt down before their eyes those people will be devastated. Some will be disillusioned and others may turn to violence—at the prodding of demagogues like Wilder and Jackson. By the same token, when Big Media decides to take a candidate in whom many invest their hopes and dreams and vilify her for their own personal reasons, schadenfreude, or simply the sport of it the public reaction will be no different. A democracy is most vulnerable at election time when there is a transfer of power. In the 2008 Democratic Primary this is what Big Media has done to the American People. By demonizing Hillary they have deprived the nation of the greatest leader of our time. By deifying Obama they have set the nation up for a fall as he is led by forces beyond anyone’s control to the killing fields where all politicians eventually go who deceive the American People. If Big Media had merely done its job along the way our nation would not be in this trap. But Big Media is indifferent to our fate. They are prepared un belle di when the Messiah self destructs and his worshippers go crazy and things fall apart. Yes CNN will be there with cameras rolling, fanning the flames, hoping for a Gotterdammerung which will land them a Pulitzer, and a promotion. This is not what Jefferson had in mind when he crafted the First Amendment to guarantee a free and responsible press. But how could he have known that the free press he believed in would one day become Big Media– the wholly owned subsidiary and indentured servant of multi-national corporations?

    5. Fraud On The American People: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The first step in their strategy was to perpetrate a fraud on the American People by playing the race card against her, swift boating her and engaging in character assassination. They conspired with the Obama campaign and the DNC to do so.

    a. race card: False claims of racism are the last bastion of scoundrels. Clearly, at MSNBC there is no shortage of scoundrels. When Hillary scored an upset victory in New Hampshire pundit Chuck Todd of Politico presented the Obama campaign spin that this was due to the “Bradley Effect” which is to say latent racism of white voters. Of course he had no hard evidence to support this terrible accusation. Never one to miss a hand-off pundit Eugene Robinson echoed the same sentiment, then backed off and then wrote a column affirming it. Meanwhile, CNN pundit and DNC member Donna Brazille twisted Bill Clinton’s comparison of the Jesse Jackson Sr. candidacy and his characterization of Obama’s Iraq position into a racial slur. In effect, she accused the most pro-African American President in history of being a racist. And they provided a forum for Jesse Jackson Jr. and Doug Wilder to make racist allegations and predict violent repercussions in Denver if Obama is not the nominee. This is no different than yelling fire in a crowded theater.
    b. swift boating: Is defined as an ad hominem attack or smear campaign which is untrue and is intended to destroy the political credibility of a candidate. That is precisely what Big Media did to Hillary Clinton when she met with the editorial board of the Argus Leader in South Dakota, and cited the date of the assassination of Robert Kennedy in response to a question on why Big Media was trying to drive her out of the race. Whereupon MSNBC pundit Keith Olberman pounced on the statement, accused Hillary of wanting Obama assassinated and thereby swiftboated her. Obama people then circulated the Olberman tape to journalists across the country. Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News accused Hillary of evil reasons for staying in the race and wrote articles with hysterical headlines which screamed “Killer Gaff” and “Get Out!” Hillary issued an immediate apology for any misinterpretation, Robert Kennedy’s son stated no one should take offense and the Argus Leader editorial board defended it as well. Nevertheless, MSNBC and CNN harped on it for three days. This was a staged media event designed to force Hillary out of the race. The further motive was to prove she is a bad person—which she most certainly is not. On the morning of the South Dakota primary Hillary was swift boated again. In this case, the culprit was Associated Press reporter Beth Fouhey, who published a false report that Hillary would drop out that evening. The transparent motive was to suppress voter turn-out since the polls in South Dakota were moving in Hillary’s favor. The final irony is that after Hillary suspended her candidacy Fouhey wrote a piece claiming that the presidential race had grown dull and she wished Hillary were back in it. Demented.

    c. character assassination: Big Media parsed every word that Hillary spoke for some obscure negative connotation. When she made a speech about Bosnia and stated that she landed in a war zone (which was true), there was small arms fire (which was true in the surrounding Hills), and they had to run for cover (which was not accurate). So she embellished on a story to make a point. Meanwhile, Obama changed his story nine times on whether he heard his spiritual advisor utter racist statements. Her statement was immaterial whereas his was highly material. Yet Big Media labeled her a liar for three solid days, whereas they ignored his multiple deceptions. Moreover, they demanded that Hillary apologize for voting in favor of the Iraq Resolution even though many of them had supported it themselves at the time. When she suspended her campaign MSNBC cartoonist Daryn Kagen produced a cartoon of Hillary as an ugly dragon eyes closed tongue hanging out slain by Obama who is depicted as a smiling St. Christopher. Another media outlet produced a cartoon of Hillary kneeling before Obama with both arms cut off and him standing over her with a sword at parade rest again smiling with caption just a flesh wound.

    6. Discrimination Based On Gender: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The second step in their strategy was to engage in a pattern and practice of sexism against her. Once again, they conspired with the Obama campaign and the DNC to do so.

    a. sexist attacks: From 2007 to early 2008 MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews launched a steady barrage of sexist attacks against presidential candidate and US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. The record is replete with examples, but in one series of tirades he called her a witch, a castrator, and a she-devil. When he finally got the vaudeville hook they assigned the role of attacking Hillary to another pundit Keith Olberman, a known degenerate. Thus, it wasn’t long before Olberman was saying naughty things like someone should take Hillary into a room and only one come out, i.e. physically beat her into quitting the race. Not to be outdone, the village idiot David Shuster accused Hillary and Bill of pimping out Chelsie. When Hillary wrote a letter to MSNBC protesting this attack on her daughter, he received a two week suspension and network staffers expressed sympathy for him. What this shows is that MSNBC has a culture of misogyny.

    b. ratification: there is no question that this pattern of sexism was known, condoned and promoted by MSNBC as a business strategy. They cannot deny knowledge of the problem because thousands of protest letters were sent to their designated flack catchers Steve Capus (Sr. Vice President, MSNBC) and Phil Griffin (Senior Vice President, NBC). I myself wrote 5 letters on the subject, one of them to the General Counsel. The National Organization for Women organized a protest against MSNBC to no particular avail. Nor can they deny this was a business strategy, because it is their job to know what is being said on their network, yet pundits continued to attack Hillary despite the public outcry. Thus, it is amazing that Griffin would deny that there was a problem with sexism at msnbc as he did recently. It is easy enough to show that he is a liar and is merely following marching orders.

    7. Conspiracy To Hijack An Election: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The third step in their strategy was to hijack the process by stamping Hillary with a negative brand, applying a double standard, depriving her of equal time and applying intense pressure to terminate her campaign. Once again, they conspired with the Obama campaign and the DNC every step of the way to do so.

    a. negative branding: on the eve of the primary season, CNN retained strategists developed a marketing strategy to brand Hillary Clinton as someone who is “divisive”, “polarizing”, “dishonest”, “untrustworthy”, “calculating”. Then they proceeded to repeat those adjectives again and again in the same manner that “biological warfare” and “weapons of mass destruction” were pounded across the air waves in the lead-up to the Iraq War. ABC resident lightweight Jake Tapper (aka Snark) compared Hillary to “Tanya Harding” implying that she would break Obama’s knees to steal his crown. And another pundit compared her to the deranged villainess in “Fatal Attraction” who continued to pursue the hero. Terry McAuliffe observed no candidate in history has received so much disrespect from Big Media.
    b. double standard: Big Media treated Obama with great respect and deference compared to Hillary. According to the Wall Street Journal they provided generous explanations for Obama and put the best possible gloss on his serial gaffs. For example, they characterized his dramatic reversals on issues like campaign finance reform, government surveillance, withdrawal timetable as a “shift his position”, “moving to the center as every candidate does in the general election” or “expanding his horizons”. When constituents criticized him for selling them out on an issue involving radioactive leakage NBC pundit Brian Williams sought to minimize its significance by calling it as “something of a political lesson”. And when he gave us nine different stories on whether he was present at Trinity Church on those days when Reverend Wright delivered his unpatriotic and racist sermons Big Media minimized the topic (with the obvious exception of FOX). In the debates Hillary showed an encyclopedic knowledge of the issues and her answers were clear, cogent and convincing. His were not. Yet Big MSNBC and CNN pundits called the debates a draw. Since his performance was poor they sought to dilute hers.

    c. unequal time: Big Media stopped giving Hillary equal time in the latter half of the race. They spent more time covering the states her opponent won than those that she did, even though her margins were spectacular in comparison, i.e. West Virginia (41%) and Kentucky (35%) by huge margins. CNN would present a brief clip on her and then break away for extensive coverage of an Obama event or speech. They would cover his speech in its entirety without interruption. When it was concluded they would never come back and finish the piece on her. MSNBC would not allow pro-Clinton pundits on their panels, whereas CNN allowed pro-Clinton pundits Carvelle and Begala to appear but would not permit them to advocate whereas they did allow pro-Obama pundit Donna Brazille to advocate on his behalf without limitation. The Rassmussen polling service which was believed to be for Obama stopped tracking her numbers.

    d. terminate campaign: What Mark Twain said about himself could just a easily be said about Hillary: “rumors of my untimely (campaign) death have been greatly exaggerated”. From the night she lost Iowa, Big Media began predicting the imminent demise of her campaign. By February the New York Times publishing headlines like “With Skies Darkening Hillary Soldiers On”. Meanwhile the blogs were howling at the moon that her prospects were “fading fast”. When she debated Obama in Texas, MSNBC interpreted her closing remarks about party unity as a veiled concession speech. They used phony delegate math to convince the public that it was impossible for her to win the nomination and misrepresented the role of superdelegates. When Hillary suspended her candidacy Associated Press referred to her as the “defeated” candidate, the “vanquished” candidate and the “losing” candidate. They failed to report that she won the popular vote, the electoral math and was therefore the most electable candidate.
    8. quid pro quo: MSNBC led the attack on Hillary. They did this because they wanted Obama to be President and she stood in his way. What did they expect to get in return? The obvious answer would be access to the pinnacle of government like FOX has had with the Bush Administration these past eight years. But the reason may go deeper. The parent company of MSNBC and NBC is General Electric. They are a large contributor to Obama and so are their individual employees. Why? Barack is a big supporter of nuclear energy. In fact, Illinois has more nuclear plants than any other state. Those nuclear plants use cores produced by GE. But the biggest reason why GE supports Obama, is because General Electric along with Westinghouse and three consortiums plans to build 29 nuclear plants in the near term. A company that wants to build 29 nuclear plants needs a federal loan guarantee in order to proceed because private banks regard it as too speculative and indeed the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default as higher than 50 percent. Nevertheless, Obama voted in favor of it. As Senator Dirksen used to say “a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money”. GE stands to get a lot of real money if Obama becomes President.

    9. Remedy: The Court of American Public Opinion is a figment of our imagination. Its only mission is to do justice and that not by halves. To that end, the moving party beseeches this Court to do the following:

    a. declaratory judgment: that Big Media as it exists today is not a credible source of information for the American People because it consistently fails to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Therefore the American people are henceforth free to cast a cold eye on its edicts and are instructed to accept nothing it says as true unless it is supported by testimony of 2 competent witnesses.

    b. divestiture: there is an inherent conflict of interest between the role of a news organization which is to provide objective reporting for the public good, and the countervailing role of a multi-national corporation to promote its business interests regardless of anything else. This conflict is exposed by the comments of former Chairman of General Electric Jack Welch in his acclaimed book Winning. He describes how after GE acquired NBC a hostage situation developed at NBC’s News Division where the leaders “openly and brazenly questioned GE’s ability to manage a journalistic enterprise . . . and put together a budget which made money.” As you can see from these comments, when a multi-national company owns a news organization and the firewalls are removed it will ultimately reflect the business interests of the parent company. And once that occurs it is no longer a legitimate news organization. Therefore, we pray that General Electric be ordered to divest itself of its holdings in NBC and MSNBC in their entirety within a period not to exceed 180 days, and that this Court retain jurisdiction until such time as that order has been fully complied with.

    c. just compensation: we request that the Big Media headliners who participated in this psychodrama not go away penniless but receive the compensation they rightfully deserve for their contributions, to wit: a padded cell for Olberman; a year supply of time release Prozac for Matthews; a dunce cap for Schuster; a week in the wooden stocks for MSNBC and NBC executives who denied there was a problem when they knew there was one; a copy of story of Faust for Brazille; a rat suit for Todd; a clown suit for Robinson; a broomstick for Modo; a Dudley Do Right RCMP uniform for Brian Williams. And because Russert is now beyond the jurisdiction of this Court and standing before the Highest Court which takes judicial notice of all the evil he did in life we ask this Court to defer to its supreme authority

  162. Once again Obama waits until all the damage is done…until all the ugly rhetoric and disgusting rumor mill have done their jobs. Then he decides to come out and say that family is off limits.

    Too little to late as usual.

  163. must read-palin may drive out so many gopers that the ca gay marriage ban may pass, local dems may get canned. remember when the gop votes it votes straight ticet. the dem yr is turnign into the gop one.
    http:/ /

  164. Swarmed by reporters upon coming into the convention, McCain campaign chief Steve Schmidt suggested Sarah Palin was facing a double standard because of her gender.

    Questioned if Palin, who just gave birth in Apirl to a Down syndrome baby, could handle being vice president and the mother of a young family, Schmidt shot back: “I can’t imagine that question being asked of a man.”

  165. admin,
    this late in the day, i’d like to say thank you for being a true-blooded hillary supporter from the get-go. you never wavered and always spoke the truths about obama back then when everyone was so gaga over him. they still are, but now see the cracks (no pun intended) in his aura.
    i am, as you are, still rooting for hillary and cry for all the abuses heaped on her and for all the tears that she has refused to shed. for now, we will wait. her time will come.
    no matter the outcome, thank you.

  166. McCain raised more than $47 million last month:

    There was money news of a more conventional type, when McCain’s aides announced he had raised at least $47 million last month for the fall campaign against Democratic rival Barack Obama. it was the largest monthly amount to date for the GOP candidate.

  167. Barack Obama’s presidential running-mate Joseph Biden told Israeli officials that they need to accept the idea Iran will acquire nuclear weapons.

    Biden, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, visiting Israel several years ago, told Israeli officials diplomacy and sanctions would be futile against Iran.

    On Monday Israel’s Army Radio reported details of the comments Biden made when he met with “senior Israeli officials behind closed doors.”

    Reportedly Biden told the officials he opposed “opening a additional military and diplomatic front” against Iran.

  168. WBBOEI,

    You continue to be my hero! Another amazing breakdown of the truth.

    “Big Media has a fiduciary duty to the American People to conduct a due diligence investigation into all candidates seeking high public office, to treat them with a decent respect, to provide fair and balanced coverage, and to act as an honest broker in the process”

    This is indeed a media conspiracy of the highest proportions. Shame on those involved in perpetuating it.

  169. Larry is having a good time over at No Quarter
    The image — from a press pool report yesterday in Hamilton, Indiana — shows a desperately hungry Obama voraciously tearing into other people’s chicken wings.

    Obama then joined Joe Biden, who had made directly for the bar when the two candidates arrived, at a table celebrating another birthday.

    “He’s eating our appetizers,” said Luanne Gearhart, who had stepped away from the table for a few minutes only to find Obama in her seat. “But God’s made it this way.”

    Bless your big Christian heart, Luanne! We’ve all wondered why Obama looks so skinny. I guess we know why now: He’s reduced to stealing food in order to eat! Meanwhile, here’s Joe Biden singin’ for his supper. Dude, thank God you’re too old for American Idol. If you tried out you’d be a star of the bloopers reel. Were you hitting the Natty Bo (for those who don’t know, Natty Bo is shorthand for National Bohemian, a beer unique to Baltimore) before you proved that white men can’t dance?:

  170. Wow! Cindy McCain now speaking at the convention wearing a dress exactly the same color as Hillary’s (much maligned) bright gold suit. Feels nostalgic and sympatico to me.

  171. birdishEmjay,


    Basil the First and her sidekick Venus are perched on each shoulder (they edit all the avian-related stuff)
    and have instructed me to relay to you (they don’t type . . . yet) their astonishment at your remarkably astute insight (for a non-feathered biped) of their superior birdish intellects.


  172. And one of those largest doners ever was Republican Clint Eastwood who gave the largest celeb donation in GOP history.

  173. Hi JanH-

    It sure is depressing when you look back at it. The only way I can see to get the toothpaste back in the tube is for the American People to punish Obama at the polls by giving John and Sara a landslide victory. If that happens then the dead souls in Big Media and the Democratic Party will have to do some house cleaning.

  174. Admin, thanks and congratulations on all accomplished. I secretly think you are Bill Clinton, and I am curious to find out.

    I like the ideas of:
    -throwing Bristol a national baby shower, a Big Pink One, Admin I volunteer to head this up if you want to allow it
    -rescuing Hillary from nObama, let’s brainstorm – and whoever suggested this, you are right, the time is NOW!
    -grouping together and pitching a fit about sexism, misogyny and ageism –

  175. I just hope that people start realizing that we need term limits for all positions. If we can get this done, we will be able to control our government much better, or at least they learn how to game the system. This is going to be my issue from now on. THis could not have been done to Hillary had it not been for the likes of Kennedy, Pelosi and the rest that put petty retributions ahead of the needs of the American people.

  176. t4h, so thats why he chose Biden, soft on the Palestinians and the Arab nations! These Xerox Twins need to be stopped or we will all be wearing burkas!

  177. Wbboi, your indictment is comprehensive, but so very sad and utterly depressing.
    What has happened to our country?
    Obama has taken the word hope and turned it into an obscenity.

    On a brighter note, I thoroughly enjoyed your reminiscing as I have AMB90’s.
    It helped put things in perspective.

  178. Carbynew, Tell me why, to me it just sets up the good ole boy network and nothing ever gets done unless the guy at the top is paid off.

  179. We’ll comment on your lovely and kind words later. For now let’s just remember that a lot of you have done a great deal and undergone much. As a “for instance” this came today from one of our shy readers who does not comment publicly but emails us regularly. Here is her latest battleground state report:

    “The Obama people are really angry, upset, scared, and thereby potentially dangerous people. After getting selected but not elected by the corrupt Democratic Party, Obama and his minions are now confronted by more uncooperative voters.

    Yesterday, my neighbor, three doors north of my house called to say that two Obama canvassers, aggressively working both sides of the street, were on their way toward my house. “They are trying to find out how people are going to vote,” she warned.

    My neighbor, just recovering from back surgery, is a feisty independent lady, as am I, and would not say. She figures that is her business and she owns her vote.

    My comment was that they probably would not stop at my house because I have a “Hillary for President” sign in my yard.

    We live on a busy street and my sign has been there since the early days of the Democratic Primary. Over all the many years I’ve put political signs in my yard, none have ever been stolen or in any way damaged or mutilated. What happened yesterday is a first, but not unexpected after what has happened this year to so many who have refused to support unqualified Obama.

    No one stopped at my house, but I immediately found my Hillary sign in a crumpled heap with one side slit to cut it off the metal frame.

    Now, I have another treasured war trophy to encourage the faint of heart to join the crusade for substance, democracy, and valid votes over vapidity, intimidation and fake control.”

  180. wbboei,

    You along with Admin and so many others here are keeping the truth front and center. Whereas the DNC, the media and Obama are like those three monkeys…see no evil…hear no evil…etc…, you keep fighting the good fight!

    Thank you. 🙂

  181. Gosh, look at how the republicans are calling out the sexism, slurs, and double standards being thrown at Gov Palin. Laura Bush, Steve Schmitt, Richard Land, Dobson, all the conservative blogs have her back. This is how it’s done. They defend they’re own. How sad is it that liberals and democrats sat silently while HRC’s name was dragged through the mud.

    Re: Newsome a Clinton supporter: Hardly. At the time, Newsom was holding fundraisers for OBAMA. Willie Brown confirmed that Obama said directly that he didn’t want to be photographed with the guy known as the Gay Marriage Mayor.

  183. Gosh, look at how the republicans are calling out the sexism, slurs, and double standards being thrown at Gov Palin. Laura Bush, Steve Schmitt, Richard Land, Dobson, all the conservative blogs have her back. This is how it’s done. They defend they’re own. How sad is it that liberals and democrats sat silently while HRC’s name was dragged through the mud.
    The Republicans will learn and grow through this experience–they will, and that is all to the good. The left wing democrats will learn nothing because they know everything but have forgotten most of what they know/

  184. My bad. Thank You Admin! This is a great site you created. I don’t know if you’re a professional political analyst but you should be. You’ve been absolutely right in your predictions this election season.

    Like Idunn, I no longer have the 24 hr cable channels. With gas prices so high something had to go. Can you guys who are watching the republican convention keep us up to date? Thanks.

  185. I can no longer look at the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY as the party for WOMEN RIGHTS…I just can’t be that HYPOCRITICAL with myself.

  186. Greta’s husband has thrown his support to McCain and says the democrats have been taken over by the moveon.types. THe ultra-rich, moviestars and George Soros! You can’t get a more misognistic groups if you asked for them.

  187. admin,

    glad you are here.

    thanks for posting the letter of those that really
    wish to be annonymous. there are many unsung
    heros in the world…

    i believe god takes care of those in need,
    but we need to do our part too. a social conscience
    is a beautiful thing in a human being.

  188. So where is Naral, Now, Emily’s list. Oh that is right, they can no longer stand up for WOMEN because they sold their souls to O.

    Maybe they should think about disbanding.

  189. WEll its freaking raining like hell here, and the wind has picked up, we’ll see how long I have electricity! I was out of electricity for 3 days during Katrina!

  190. wbboei Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 6:20 pm

    This happened in 2004, when BO was running for the U.S. Senate. I saw an article about it, in the S.F. Chronicle, the day before Super Tuesday. It has been discussed before, at least on this blog and a few others. All about appearances. This is probably one of the main reasons Newsom supported Hillary, but he did come out for her early.

  191. Well CNN with there with their coverage of Gov. Sarah Palin daughter’s pregnancy and was asking this question at the Republican convention….but I must give the Republican ‘props’ for standing STRONG and defending this girl and her family.

    The delegate even said it happened to him and his family and now he has an 18 yr old daughter starting college. He did it with love and made that women reporter look stupid and hypocritical.

    Also it seem that a small group of RNC welcoming committee anarchists are causing problems in St. Paul….you know starting fires and other crap…it’s giving the other protesters a bad name.

  192. Here’s Emily List response:

    Emily’s List founder plays experience card on Palin
    Posted: 11:07 AM ET

    From CNN’s Emily Sherman

    (CNN)– Emily’s List president and founder Ellen Malcolm turned the tables of the experience argument back on John McCain Friday, blasting the Arizona senator’s pick for vice president.

    “How ironic that, on his 72nd birthday, McCain has raised the question of whether his running make is prepared to be commander-in-chief and lead the country,” Malcolm said in a statement.

    Malcom also said the 44-year-old Alaska governor and McCain share quite a bit in common: “They both want to continue the failed economic policies of the Bush administration and they both offer more of the same that has led this country down the wrong path.”

    Malcolm, whose group advocates on behalf of female candidates who support pro-choice abortion rights, said McCain’s pick for the number two spot proves that he is aware of the power female voters hold in this election, but his policies fail “to support any of the issues that they care about.”

    McCain gave some conservatives a scare when he told the Weekly Standard earlier this month he would consider a pro-choice candidate for his VP.

    Palin and McCain are pro-life.
    I see Emily list is a single issue group, just like NARAL and NOW. They are dying in the wind and should be abandon…this attitude will set WOMEN RIGHTS back decades if we follow these groups over the clift.

  193. LMAO! Joe “I won’t be anyone’s Dick Cheny” Biden just put his foot in it again.

    “but today is not the moment for me to campaign. Today is the moment for me as a United States senator running for president to put aside the national politics and focus on what’s happening down there” in the Gulf Coast.

    He deep down thinks he is running for president, not VP. He’s gonna run the show, man!

  194. Well basil,

    Mother Superior Basil, and Venus as well, HAVE been lobbying for a keyboard, as you well know. It is just for training and dance practice, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in…or even work, for that matter. Just something to claw and peck on, doncha know.

    There is also the issue of hiring a female contractor to get the remaining work done in your little house (I can say “little” because mine is 880 sq ft, including ithe 2 foot thick brick walls on three sides and a one foot thick shared brick wall on the 4th side.)

    Anyway, their thinking is that a woman will get the job done…and done right, the first time. And they like old biddy wimmen, or young smart chicks better, anyhow.

    Now about the extra fruit and seed rations…..

  195. It’s taken me several sittings throughout the day to catch up with everyone’s tributes. Inadequate as they will be by comparison, I want to add my words to yours here.

    Thank you Admin for creating a safe bot-free haven to celebrate Hillary’s dreams and achievements, worry about her prospects, strategize how best to support her and battle for her cause, test messages, formulate action, and grow into Hillary’s own regular netroots army. Thank you Admin for sharing your insight, clear-minded analysis, wit and humor in your articles. They gave us the timely information and potent arguments we needed to represent our candidate well in our communities and on the road.

    I found “Big Pink” after months of wondering what in the world had happened to our so-called progressive or feminist leaders as the misogyny and hate from the media and from opponents’ supporters grew louder. It’s been a wild ride– at times perplexing, often vexing and sometime exhillarating– and it’s not over. I look forward to our next steps toward interim goals and toward our ultimate goal of seeing our hero, the leader of our movement, Hillary Rodham Clinton sworn in as POTUS one day.

    In the meantime, thank you again, Admin. Thanks for not holding my state against me (too much). And, thanks to everyone here for welcoming a stranger who shares your values. Admin, you and the Hillfriends in this community are the ones who have kept me “informed.”


  196. this is so true, I had to repost. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves; they have become the undemocratic party of misogynists and race-baiters.

    # nikki22 Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    Gosh, look at how the republicans are calling out the sexism, slurs, and double standards being thrown at Gov Palin. Laura Bush, Steve Schmitt, Richard Land, Dobson, all the conservative blogs have her back. This is how it’s done. They defend they’re own. How sad is it that liberals and democrats sat silently while HRC’s name was dragged through the mud.

  197. I see Emily list is a single issue group, just like NARAL and NOW. They are dying in the wind and should be abandon…this attitude will set WOMEN RIGHTS back decades if we follow these groups over the clift.

    Now more than ever, we need The New Agenda! I group of women who support ALL women, whether they are democrat, republican or not affliated with any party at all.

  198. Idunn Says:

    September 1st, 2008 at 6:55 pm
    I see Emily list is a single issue group, just like NARAL and NOW. They are dying in the wind and should be abandon…this attitude will set WOMEN RIGHTS back decades if we follow these groups over the clift.

    Now more than ever, we need The New Agenda! I group of women who support ALL women, whether they are democrat, republican or not affliated with any party at all.

    I agree!

  199. h4t….Do you have a citation for that quote. It’s JUST too good to pass up if one were actually wearing another hat ;-D

  200. My God! Some of the male media media really need the shut the “H” up about teenage pregnancy. What a bunch of idiots!

  201. Governor Palin, Another Reason for An Exciting Campaign,_another_reason_for_an_exciting_campaign

  202. Gosh, look at how the republicans are calling out the sexism, slurs, and double standards being thrown at Gov Palin. Laura Bush, Steve Schmitt, Richard Land, Dobson, all the conservative blogs have her back. This is how it’s done. They defend they’re own. How sad is it that liberals and democrats sat silently while HRC’s name was dragged through the mud.

    The Democrats would rather act as a circular firing squad. That’s why they don’t win national elections with much frequency.

  203. Lets pray that the levee’s hold for not only the loss of life and property but because Oberman and Mathews have been sent to New Orleans to highlight the damage and to blame the republicans!

  204. Admin, I don’t know what comes next, but meanwhile you started a movement. You brought together a lot of wonderfully interesting people whom I’ve enjoyed thoroughly.

    Thank you very much.

  205. Idunn, I agree. We are much more than single issue voters or activists or leaders. Furthermore, there must be room for different views on personal issues – there is so much more that we have in common.

    And, I don’t care if it is taken out of context, Susan B. Anthony DID say, “I was never surer of my position that no self-respecting woman would wish or work for the success of a party which ignores her political rights.” It’s apt.

  206. ADM: Many thanks to you for writing this column in support of democracy. I know your a female from the picture posted. Many times I would view other blog sites and come to you to help me understand and cope better because you have written the information so that all of us could understand exactly what is happening and honest to. I hope you will be able to continue this program. We have become dependent on you.
    Would you please explain why Hillary choose to end her campaign in the way she did by falling in line with the DNC requests to end the roll call and give up her delegates? What IF Obama concedes the race before the election in November? Would you please clarify this question?

    I am a nurse who is working with children and families in a community setting. Included in my duties is working with our pregrant population who range from 17 -25 years old. Many are not married but desire to have the child. I am non judgmental. My goal is to help the mom bring into the world a healthy baby and support she and her family to care for the child. Of course, referrals for after care services are provided. School and work for Mom and Early Head Start for the child.
    What I am saying is let’s not judge Sarah Palin daughter. We don’t know the facts about her pregrancy. The most important issue is that the baby is wanted, will be loved and most of all is a very lucky child to be born in the Palin family. My best to the family of Sarah.


  207. I am so disappointed in Emily’s list and Now. Women’s rights have to be about more than reproduction. What about misogyny, sexism, gender bias, slander, equal pay for equal work, workplace discrimination, etc.? Yes, McCain and Palin are pro-life, but that doesn’t make them evil. Everyone has a right to one’s opinions and values. Isn’t there an organization that is supporting women’s rights, even if the woman is pro-life? I am pro-choice, but I respect the fact that people will have differing opinions than mine. That statement by Malcolm was disgusting. I am so disappointed.

  208. birdgal, I am beginning to believe that organizations like NOW and Emily’s List, while doing a lot of good, have had a negative effect on women by making choice the be-all-end-all womens issue.

    Whether they meant to or not, they have helped create the environment where women have to accept every sort of abuse, just to hold onto those precious abortion rights. I’m sick of it myself.

  209. JanH: the feeling is mutual. Together, all of us on this site make a good team. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  210. Okay, Donna Brazile is a disgusting vindictive sack of purulent decay.

    I hope she rots. I hope she gets a permanent yeast infection, halitosis, peridontitis, and scabies. I hope she is pursued by stinking blowflies hovering over her nasty still-breathing carcass til the end of her days.

    On CNN, she said that Bristol’s pregnancy is fair game. From RD blog, several people are reporting:

    I saw it . she said something to the effect ( paraphrasing here ) that since she was a public figure and had spoken out about birth control and abortion she and her family were “fair game”
    it was sickening … and even the other CNN syncophants were at a loss for words for a moment , there was actually a moment of embarrassed silence and then wolfie changed the subject ….

  211. HillaryforTexas

    Donna must have not gotten the email from O which said keep your dirty hands off of my children and wife, regardless of what she has or will say.

    Donna, don’t you remember the video of the crying women that said leave him along.

    So explain the double standard.

    Oh Forget it, just resign.

  212. That just proves what a vile piece of garbage she really is. Obama need to hear what she said on national tv, because he will fire anyone that goes after this young girl. Of coarse we know that all he will say is she is not part of the campaign, which we all say is BULLSHIT!!

    EdHale has been getting more death threats from the bots since McCain announced Palin’s candidacy. He has put on more controls on the site!!

    This people can not take over our country. We must get McCain/Palin in.

  213. It never ceases to amaze me how the far left who devote so much time and energy preening about and telling the rest of us how enlightened and morally superior they are quickly retreat into the worst forms of ignorant stereotypical thinking when they are challenged. At the end of the day perhaps Gertrude Stein was right: there is no there there/

  214. HillaryforTexas,

    You’re right. That’s why a lot of younger women like me don’t identify with those groups or look at ourselves as feminists. To me that word has a negative connotation. I mean did Emily’s List ever retract their endorsement of that racist anti semite Nikki Tinker?

  215. Oh, That Joe! (No. 5 in a Series) — Biden: Now is the Moment for me ‘as a US Senator Running for President’ to Put Aside Politics
    September 01, 2008 5:13 PM

    At a Scranton, Penn., Italian festival this afternoon, Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del. standing on the side of a black Suburban, took the microphone to address the downtown crowd and explain why Hurricane Gustav precluded his campaigning today.

    “I will be back, I’ll be back to campaign in earnest,” Biden said, “but today is not the moment for me to campaign. Today is the moment for me as a United States senator running for president to put aside the national politics and focus on what’s happening down there” in the Gulf Coast.

    Biden has still spent more time this election cycle campaigning for president than he has running for vice president.


    Well Biden is turning out to be a gaffe and a half. Keep it up.

  216. Confloyd: I have this sneaking hunch that Ed Hale is one of those old fashioned Texans who believe that God created men and Smith & Wesson made them equal. Bots had better not press their luck.

  217. The Mountain Yeti aka Donna Brazille needs to go back to her mountain cave (anyone got a lump to lure her)

    What a vile bitch, sorry but thats the only word i can use, needs to get her ass of tv and go away.

  218. Nikki, Emily’s list was Hillary’s biggest bundler, but they are screwing up here. And, yes, they denounced tinker.

  219. And, after this primary, I don’t know how any Hillary supporter can not calll themselves a feminist. We desperately need for women to reclaim the feminist title. Even Sarah calls herself a feminist.

  220. Well Biden is turning out to be a gaffe and a half. Keep it up.
    I think he is more prone to gaffs when he is sober. When he is drunk he talks slower.

  221. Admin, can you get the video of Donna Brazile and her comments today on CNN about Bristol Palins pregnancy being fair game and post it here? This story is really getting out there on various websites. It needs to be seen by everyone…

  222. The following is one of the comment from which I agree with,

    “This race is getting stranger by the hour. Was warming up to Gov. Palin. But now this, with her daughter. Did Mom pay attention? Or are we all suppose to encourage kids to have babies at age 17?My head is spinning. I can’t vote for BO. Now I am not sure I want McCain. This election (maybe this country) is way off track.Where is the THIRD party candidate when you need him/her? Come on back….Mitt and Hillary. Bring us back to Earth and America!!!”

  223. CNN’s Campbell Brown making a fool of herself questioning McCain aide and just harping about Palin’s daughter and Palin not being qualified to be VP. She is really starting to sound like Oberman from msnbc.

  224. I wonder if any of these commentators have gotten pregnant (Man or women) before they were married, or had an abortion.

    They tear apart everyone elses lives, yet no one knows about them.

  225. Thanks for the kind words. It has been a lot of hard work since April 19, 2007. It’s important that we acknowledge the hard work when it is done and so we appreciate and welcome the kind words. And we thank all those who have sent emails and posted comments every day and kept us all informed.

    For the first several weeks of the website there were zero comments posted and since then the comments are a major news source for many and a group effort – so thanks to all of you. Thanks especially to those who put so much work into the tribute.

    We also want to thank those who have attacked the website. Without those attacks many of you supporters would not have found the website.

    The almost immediate attacks on the website and nasty emails back in April 2007 convinced us, and kept us working, that what we were doing was important.

    This website was and is attacked by many who don’t understand what we set out to accomplish. We looked at the laughable and sad looking DrudgeReport and realized that Drudge’s simple website accomplished more than all the fancy schmancy websites. We went with simple.

    The Pink we decided on for many reasons but clearly most of our critics go nuts when they see the color – they love the conforming, staid and tiresome blue corporate with grey background websites they are used to. A lot of our other decisions were based on rather sophisticated thinking and research but we’ll leave all that for another day.

    As we said we do want to thank all those that hate us. The awful something farking kook turks and duds and boob bloggers and the Big Media small minds have been some of our biggest helpers. Our profound thanks.

    Some of our most obsessed “fans” have earlier called us war room types, now we are called Republicans – they try to cope with new theories to describe their small worlds.

    So thanks again and again to all those that attacked the website.

    What is important for all of us Hillary supporters to remember is that we are working towards a goal. We must defeat Barack Obama in NOvember and then restore the FDR coalition as the guiding principle of the (now dead) Democratic Party. If the Dems do not reform after the defeat this NOvember it will present a major realignment opportunity for Republicans (we’ll write a whole lot more about this in the future).

    Our detractors will continue to dismiss our efforts as “Republican” or “misguided” or “crazy” or somesuch. But we know that this is a very strong Democratic aligned website. Most of the commentors and readers are Democrats who have email lists of other Democrats and write on many blogs and even newspapers. Many traveled from state to state and have many contacts in all the states they worked so hard in.

    Let our detractors think what they will. We are Democrats and have a great deal of influence to exert this NOvember with bother and sister fellow Democrats. Many major Democratic donors and major Democratic figures read this website and they have refused to go along with the Democratic suicide.

    This NOvember we will use our email lists and organizing abilities to defeat Obama. There are millions of Hillary supporters who agree with us whether Big Media and Big Democrats admit it or not.

    This NOvember we will not be getting up early to do poll work or run campaigns or field offices – we Hillary supporters will be making calls and sending emails to make sure Democrats defeat Obama. Let those who mock us mock – we’ll have the last laugh.

    Thanks to all, friends and enemies.

    For those who have supported us and helped us and commented to us and emailed us and kept us going:

  226. New Palin details may help, not hurt

    ST. PAUL, Minn. — Fishing permit violations. A blue-collar husband who racked up a DUI citation as a 22-year-old. An unmarried teenage daughter who is pregnant and a nasty child custody battle involving a family member.

    All of this, to one degree or another, has surfaced in recent days as a result of efforts to discredit or undermine Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. But these revelations may have the opposite effect: In one sense, they could reinforce how remarkably unremarkable she is.

    So far — and it is hard to tell what the future may hold for Palin’s unexpected national candidacy — the travails of the Palin family probably seem awfully familiar to many average Americans. It is this averageness that makes her such a politically promising running mate for John McCain — and such a dangerous opponent for Democrats. Many voters will find it easy to identify with her family’s struggles — a significant advantage in an election where the voting calculus is so unusually and intensely personal.

  227. Has anyone read the book, “The Case Against Obama,” I heard it was good but havent read it yet.

  228. Hello everyone,
    I had been a member of this site from the very start. I cannot imagine how I could have survived as a Hillary supporter without this site. I want to express my profound gratitude to ADMIN who understood and still understands the very grain of why we support Hillary and I deeply appreciate ADMIN’s independent streak in not toeing a party’s line.
    I have met such wonderful people here and I want to thank them. I wish Hillaryis44 stays here. I wish ADMIN all luck for future.

  229. H4T,
    I should know by now NEVER to drink water when reading your posts!You have some imagination! 😛
    “I hope she gets a permanent yeast infection, halitosis, peridontitis, and scabies.”

    The mountain YETI!!!!!!! LMAO

    Emjay, They got something even better; baths on the screened porch!
    I’m going to email you, k – got your addy on hawketales. 😀

  230. ADMIN,
    I ADORE you but could you PLEEZE take me outta the spam filter?

    I should know by now never to drink water while reading your posts.
    “I hope she gets a permanent yeast infection, halitosis, peridontitis, and scabies.” 😛
    Moon, The mountain YETI!!!!! LMAO
    Emjay, they got something even better; baths out on the screened porch. I think I have your addy over at hawketales. I’m goonna email ya, K?o

  231. Admin, I was here pretty early on. Back in the days when you had the “Why Not Edwards” and “Why Not Obama” parts up in full (I think you later put them under construction).

    I came to this site after seeing an article talking about how gungho this site was and it was patently apparent that my former fave blogs were in the bag for Edwards and Obama. It was a shelter in a storm.

    When I left here at the first of the Summer, it wasn’t because of what was happening in the election. It was the trolls. Seeing my friends here hunted and threatened. Seeing the same thing for myself and then the utter nonsense of one poster whom I still think was a troll although she/he was defended by some of our more forgiving brothers and sisters.

    The SA goons thought they were so bright not knowing they were being played by McCain supporters posing as BO supporters at their own site. Typical of the young and naive.

    Most of our posters here are past the age of claiming ignorance, and our younger posters like Hawk (I remember his original name) are far wiser than the average kids sitting in their parents’ basements munching Cheetos. And our older and wiser posters keep the middle-aged kiddos like me in check with their sage advice. Then there’s Idunn, in a category all her own (she can be my VP anytime).

    The two of us riffed on each other sometimes to the aggravation of our more polished posters, but I think we each sensed that levity was also a necessary ingredient as much as you did. Your snark and ingenious use of funny references and videos took the bite out of this very bitter political season. (Anyone else recall the youtube video dedications beginning with Admin’s “Great Pretender” post???)

    Big Pink has been a welcoming home for all of us and it has been in my estimation the reason why other pro-Hillary blogs and their progeny survived. Had this site not been here for us, I do not believe many of our current activists would have found their voices like Hillary did in New Hampshire.

    I only wish there were more debates in the next few months with Hillary taking on the idiots because some of the every best moments were those nights when we all live blogged along side you. Discussing th minutia of policy, catching the lies, double standards and the the nuances of the appearance of the candidates when there were seven regular contenders.

    I will look forward to them again in the 2012 season should you be up to the challenge. If so, keep your identity under wraps. We need good undercover soldiers in this battle to elect the best possible POTUS for this great nation.

    Hillary is 44. Too bad the fuckers stole it.

  232. How sweet! Admin – haven’t heard that Ed Ames song in so very long…you always find just the right song, video or clip. You are an absolute media genius, and I for one feel privileged to have been a part of hillaryis44 and your HISTORY-making website. Feel like I know wo many of the bloggers here and know we have each others’ backs. We may not agree on every single thing, but we all know that our love and admiration of Hillary Rodham Clinton prevails and will transcend time and a remain a constant bond that binds us forever.

  233. Admin,

    That gorgeous song got me boo-hooing, again.
    What a wonderful message.
    It’s so refreshing to be able to understand the simple, eloquent and beautiful words of a real song with real music, real singing and real musicians.


  234. Some people are just too selfish, or maybe stupid. If you knew your domestic situation was complicated and could possibly impair the candidate — when he ask you to come on board, you politely say, “sorry, but I’ve got my hands full.”

    I knew that idiot Palin was the wrong choice.

  235. filbert,

    I don’t think this is going to hurt McCain or Palin. The backlash against media misogyny is going to blow up in the BO campaign’s face big-time.


  236. MY idea is that if this hurts McCain and McCain loses because of this, then it will tell me for sure this country has already been sold!

  237. confloyd,

    I don’t want BHO near the white house but palin could be too strong for Hillary to overcome in 2012.

  238. basil, the only reason McCain brought Palin on board is to woo the women (GOP and disaffected Hillary supporters) and conservatives who are skeptical of McCain’s conservative credentials.

    What freakin family values do you have when your unmarried 17y/o daughter’s belly will continue to swell as the campaign season heats up?

    I’m not a moralist and I could not care less. But in the conservative circles, Palin has just lost some of her luster. This is a freakin joke. What kind of campaign is McCain running if he can’t vette (sp) properly.

    confloyd… if not Olympia Snowe, Romney is my #1 choice. The one thing about Romney you need not worry about is his domestic life. He was a social moderate and fiscal conservative. He’s like the MA version of Schwartzenegger. I don’t have a heart from any Rethug, but if it had to be anyone, it would definitely be him.

  239. O’Reilly was great: “I think Governor Palin should take Maureen Dowd and Sally Quinn hunting.”

    Btw, Laura Ingraham is right on. This is going to back fire on the elite left wing of the democratic party, who look down upon middle America. Also, she said the women’s organizations have been for liberal women, not all women. Interesting point. We were just discussing the disatisfaction with Emily’s List and NOW.

  240. Filbert, I disagree with you. Obama was the child of a mother Palin’s daughter’s age. i don’t know why you have such a mitt romney hang up.

  241. # meiyingsu Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 8:36 pm


    I don’t want BHO near the white house but palin could be too strong for Hillary to overcome in 2012.

    meiyingsu, are you kidding me? Hillary would’ve swat Palin like a fly. Former beauty queen with major baggages. People don’t take her seriously.

    You guys want to know what a lot of guys did after Palin was announced? They didn’t check up on her record, they looked up her photos when she was a beauty queen. That’s how serious they are about McCain. As for entertainment shows, they, too, were focused on pageant days.

    McCain’s campaign is freakin farce and it’s making me angry. Because if that fool fails, we’re stuck with Stinky.

  242. filbert, you’re wrong. McCain brought her on bc she took the sting out of the Washington insider argument against him. That was the strongest argument against him and he reversed it into his ticket being about real reform. Not empty platitudes. Unlike BO and Biden he can show what he and his running mate have done equates to real change and not politics as usual.

    RE: Bill O- wish he’d point out Ogremann blogs there.

  243. filbertsf, I disagree with you. Christians are reaching out to support Palins even after this type of announcement was made. It’ll just backfire on the Democrats.

  244. OMG,
    Did anyone hear that Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant and is 17? I hope that doesn’t affect her standing with Christian voters of GOP. Guys, what do you think??

  245. admin: LOL! great video. This is one good thing that has come out of this primary is these two jokesters, they are hilarious!

  246. mj, first, Obama’s mom is deceased and she’s not running for VP. Second, BO’s mom is free-living, free-loving woman who didn’t exactly preach morality.

    I don’t have a Romney hang-up. I just think he would’ve made McCain’s ticket stronger. If McCain is solid on foreign policy, Romney gave the campaign economic experience. That’s the two things people care about right now.

    They don’t give a hoot about morality — it’s about money and war. And McCain/Romney had a better chance than McCain/Palin.

  247. He’s like the MA version of Schwartzenegger. Bwahahahahaha…Yep, except for the popularity part. No offense but you have no idea what you are talking about. he was my Governor and he’s nothing but an Edddie Haskell. He was a social moderate until about 2 years ago when he did a complete 180 and went completely against abortion rights and marriage equality, even going as far to invoke and old law that made it impossible for blacks to marry white in MA to stop out of state gays from marrying. He was also a fiscal disaster. We are one of the only NE states that lost jobs every year of his tenure. He would have been an effing nightmare for McCain.

  248. OkieAtty, that’s one perspective. But I’m not exactly wrong. Palin was brought in for not only conservative credentials, but to woo women and disenfranchised Clinton supporters.

    I’m not saying that it’ll work, but that was one of their intent.

  249. Justme, the Christian right is coming out in force defending the Palins’ child’s decision and praising the Palins’ support for their daughter. The only ones complaining are the BO-bots.

    I’m pro-choice. That means supporting one’s choice to have or not have a child. As the child of a mother who was barely 17 and who changed her mind on the table, I think I know a thing or two about this issue.

  250. filbert, even if he were “pandering” as you imply, so what?!? At least he thinks our votes are important enough to pander for unlike BO who thinks the hip hop vote is more important as evidenced by his “iPod playlist” and his brushing off his shoulders moment. If I recall correctly BO was at a fundraiser with Ludacris instead of voting on the Kyl-Lieberman resolution re: the Iran Revolutionary Guard. And he certainly didn’t do anything to help pass the Ledbetter Equal Pay Act, did he?

  251. mj, whatever details you have on Romney, it’s the privilege you had living in MA. The rest of us don’t have knowledge of those minute details.

    The fact that conservatives were criticizing him for “moderate” social views gives him credence.

    However, outside of MA, Romney could boast of some financial success in MA.

  252. Earlier during convention, Wolf Blitzer played BHO soundbite twice in same segment, Bill Bennett called out news correspondent that continued to state Palin’s kids had been “typical” and more stories wold be coming out. Bennett stated again that BHO even said these were off limit and CNN should not participate. Said it over and over.

    Then, when Wolf called on BoyzfromBrazile, who was sitting there like a toad on a stump, about subject and BHO statement, she continued to state that because of Palin’s statement – her position on anti-abortion, etc., she was “free game” because of her family situation. Bill Bennett said that is should be “off limits” just as BHO had said, but the bitch wouldn’t back down.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we see Bill Bennett, Joe Scarborough, and other DECENT people (and all Republicans I might add) leave CNN and MSNBC over the two networks’ treatment of women.

  253. Filbert, you are dead wrong. All his flip flopping would be exposed which was how he became toast in the Repub convention, despite his immense fortune.

  254. Secret, the evangelical community is rallying around her even more. Statements already released.

    filbert, your evident disgust with her “belly swelling” disgusts me. This is not the 1700’s and I don’t take kindly to women being slut-shamed for being pregnant out of wedlock, ever.

    My moderate and conservative relatives so far have expressed nothing but sympathy and support for the family. It is the so-called liberals who want to brand her with a big SHAME tag.

  255. Ferraro in interview still has not decided how she will vote in NOvember. The audio interview has her saying that but not the text below. Ferraro spoke with McCain and Palin last week.

    In 1984, Geraldine Ferraro became the first female vice presidential pick on a major party ticket. Democrat Walter Mondale selected the former New York Congresswoman as his running mate in a race that they later lost to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

    Now, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joins Ferraro as the second woman on a major party ticket — on Friday, Sen. John McCain announced Palin would be his running mate.

    “It’s great to be the first,” Ferraro says, “but I don’t want to be the only. And so now it is wonderful to see a woman on a national ticket.”

  256. confloyd Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 8:35 pm
    filbertsf, who did you want Romney??

    barack obama

  257. McCain knew he was taking a risk when he picked Palin, of course. I think these revelations will at least galvanize GOP support for her. Also, if you have Obama saying the pregnant daughter is off-limits but Brazile disagreeing, sounds like the Dems aren’t exactly on the same page here.

  258. Palin and the Bloggers [Byron York]

    Here in St. Paul, I was on NPR this evening with a man named Michael Carey, who is a columnist and former editorial page editor for the Anchorage Daily News. We started talking, of course, about the day’s Palin news — the fake baby story and the real baby story. As far as the fake baby story was concerned, Carey told me that the rumors were going around in Alaska a few months ago, not long after the birth of Sarah Palin’s fifth child. He told me that Daily News reporters and editors explored the story quite extensively, and, as Carey said on NPR, “could find no basis for it except that people who didn’t like Sarah Palin believed it.” He told me that Daily News reporters talked at length to the Palins about it — Carey said the Palins were actually eager to talk about the rumor because they knew how much it had spread around Alaska. He also said Daily News reporters looked into the medical angle of the rumor, which included talking to at least one doctor involved, and again found nothing to support the story. In the end, Carey told me, the newspaper became “convinced that it was not true.”

    What is amazing about all this is how making just one phone call to a man like Carey could have given some of the bloggers at The Atlantic and DailyKos pause before they wrote so extensively about it. Why didn’t they do that?

  259. Ya know, there is nothing I dislike more than Obama and his supporters. On Saturday, I was at mall wearing my Hillary T-Shirt when two girls, both wearing Obama shirts, said, “Hey, Hillary!” I swear I wanted to knock the hell out of both of them for the smug smile I saw on their faces.

    I hope you guys are right and that this is a strong ticket. But from what I’ve been reading and hearing in that two days or so, I’m a bit antsy.

    My only concern is that they win so I can have my Hillary 2012. Unlike some of you, I don’t have it in me to compliment McCain or Palin. I’m too liberal for you guys and the only commonality we have is that we want Hillary 2012.

  260. filbertsf,

    He also brought her on board because of her history of fighting corruption among other things.

    As far as the rest of your complaints, I am seeing red so I’m not going to even put forth an argument.

  261. Or maybe I will…

    I admire Palin for being there for her children. I also think that any marks against her pale in comparison to Obama’s.

  262. filbert: visit some conservative blogs. they are rallying around this woman. the liberal blogs are toxic. read Riverdaughter.

  263. McCain camp’s detailed review of Palin

    ST. PAUL, MINN. (AP) – Sarah Palin’s path to the Republican ticket started with her name on a list _ and a team of some 25 people poring through public records searching for trouble spots without her knowledge. Then came the 70-question survey and a nearly three-hour interview.

    The review officially ended Thursday, when John McCain asked the Alaska governor to be his running mate.

    In the days since, Republicans and Democrats have privately questioned whether the Arizona senator chose the first-term governor without fully looking into her background. McCain’s campaign has vehemently defended the review.

    Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr., the lawyer who conducted the review, told The Associated Press in an interview Monday that Palin underwent a “full and complete” examination before McCain chose her. Asked whether everything that came up as a possible red flag during the review already has been made public, Culvahouse said: “I think so. Yeah, I think so. Correct.”

    Stoking the notion of a rushed examination, a timeline issued by the campaign indicated that McCain initially met Palin in February, then held one phone conversation with her last week before inviting her to Arizona, where he met with her a second time and offered her the job.

    Raising additional questions was the campaign’s disclosure Monday that Palin’s unmarried 17-year-old daughter was pregnant, and reports that Palin’s husband, Todd, had been arrested in 1986, when he was 22, for driving under the influence of alcohol.

    McCain’s campaign has dispatched a team of a dozen communications operatives and lawyers to Alaska.

    Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser, said the campaign always planned to send a “jump team” to the eventual running mate’s home state to work with the nominee’s staff, help with information requests from local and national reporters, and answer questions about documents that were part of the review.

    Culvahouse said Palin’s review, like others, began with a team of two dozen people culling information from public sources. The team reviewed speeches, financial records, tax information, litigation, investigations, ethical charges, marriages and divorces, for a number of potential running mates.

    For Palin specifically, the team studied online archives of the state’s largest newspapers, including the Anchorage Daily News, but didn’t request paper archives for Palin’s hometown newspaper for fear the secret review would become public.

    Among the findings: Palin had once received a citation for fishing without a license.

    Reports on each candidate _ 40-some pages and single spaced _ then were reviewed by McCain, Schmidt, campaign manager Rick Davis, and top advisers Mark Salter and Charlie Black.

    Palin then was sent a personal data questionnaire with 70 “very intrusive” questions, Culvahouse said. She also was asked to submit a number of years of federal and state tax returns. The campaign also checked her credit.

    Culvahouse then conducted a nearly three-hour interview. He said the first thing Palin volunteered was that her daughter was pregnant, and she also quickly disclosed her husband’s two-decade-old DUI arrest.

    The public search also unearthed details of the Legislature’s investigation into the dismissal of Alaska’s public safety commissioner, allegedly because he would not fire Palin’s former brother-in-law as a state trooper.

    Culvahouse said he asked follow-up questions, and “spent a lot of time with her lawyer” on the matter.

    “We came out of it knowing all that we could know at the time,” he said.

    Throughout the process, the campaign said, Davis had multiple conversations with Palin.

  264. filbert,
    I really don’t see what the big deal is. The girl is pregnant, she’s getting married, end of story. I think this comment is a bit much.
    “What freakin family values do you have when your unmarried 17y/o daughter’s belly will continue to swell as the campaign season heats up?”
    I will concede it might have been a good idea for her to have gotten married before Palin’s announcement.
    Not that I’m any fan of marriage as an institution coz I’m not but understanding how 95% of the country feels about such things it seems like that would have stopped the problem in its tracks.
    As far as men gawking at Sarah’s beauty pageant photos, that’s their problem. Scharzenagger was a body builder before entering politics. Reagan was an actor. WTH is the big deal? If anything that points to the prevalent sexism always simmering just below the surface, the glass ceiling, the double standard.

  265. alcina, knock it off. Filbert is a Hill supporter through and through. Not one more word of that, please.

    Filbert, I am quite sure you are not more liberal than me. I’m just skeptical of the Palin framing because I know the bots are trying to define her, but I think it’s going to be tough for them. i can’t see any evidence she’s tried to legislate her social views. Her first veto was a bill denying gays the right to recieve couples benefits.

  266. Coale, the big Dem contributor to Hillary who has defected to McCain, has hinted that there may be more defections? Anyone else hearing this?

  267. come on, alcina. speak your mind.

    you think I’m going to vote for BO, right? Fuck that. I didn’t travel to all those states and spend all that money to see that idiot get into office. I saw first hand the bullishness and thuggishness of BO supporters at the TX caucus. Like you, I saw how the BO played the sexist and racism card.

    I’m still freaking walking around with my brown Hillary T-shirt. Some people look at me like, “does he know that she’s no longer in the running?”

    I want McCain to win not because I like McCain. I’m criticizing Palin not because I hate Palin. I see everything in terms of what’s good for Hillary.


    If McCain/Palin is weak ticket, then it worries me.


  268. James Carville on LKL. I’m in a bit of shock at how he’s trashing Palin. Title of segment is the Palin Pregnancy scandal.

    Earlier, O’Reilly tore the Daily Kos a new one, comparing them to white supremiscists and the KKK.

    Juan Williamns said in 30 years of reporting he’s never seen that level of vitriol.
    Par for the course. HRC, destroyed
    Palin, trashed
    Edwards gets let off the hook
    Kennedy, many years ago, gets drunk and causes a woman’s death. Consequences? None.

  269. Just watchin a little of Larry asshole King, folks this is the same bullshit they did to Ferrero in 1984. I am sick of this shit. They don’t want a woman in the presidency and that’s it!!!

  270. basil, is this not the same old shit we went thru with Jerry. The hooked her up with the freaking mob, and Obama is the freaking mob.

  271. The truth is, we have no idea what ultimate effect Palin will have. All I know is that grass-roots Repubs love the pick, and they’ll defend her till the cows come home.

  272. H4T, we know Carville won’t be one that is going to convert.

    I think there is a whole group of jerks that helped do Hillary in and were counting on an easy win to line their pockets and now here comes Palin. They are scrambling and now we know they care nothing about women’s rights.

  273. I posted this elsewhere in response to the Palin thing, it addresses things brought up here.

    I saw something on another site about why Democrats are being so defensive. The columnist surmised it was because what Palin had something rarely seen at this level of a campaign- authenticity.

    I thought about it and it makes sense. She’s young, energetic and didn’t seem too rehearsed. On paper she has a lot in common with most Americans- a mortgage, an interest in sports and hunting, blue collar husband and upbringing, family in the military, a serious family medical issue. Her personal story is pretty compelling and just about anyone can find some common ground with her.

    Her “inexperience” as her detractors would say is a double-edged sword for BO. If he or her surrogates attack on that issue, they open up their flank for the same attack only worse because she’s the No.2 on the GOP ticket whereas BO is the No. 1 on his. Given his 143 days in the Senate prior to hitting the trail and fact he’s never held one sub-committee meeting especially given his sub-committee would oversee the Russia-Georgia issue, he’s got a huge soft underbelly.

    The Democrats could try to make fun of her as a hick, but it’d only play up existing conflicts about “typical white Americans” who are “bitter” and “clinging to their guns and religion.” Can’t attack her on unions as they are a traditional Democratic base. Can’t attack her on her pro-life stances because she’s not legislating it and walks the walk. Can’t attack her on gay rights because most Americans are in agreement with her. The issue about the former brother-in-law is a way for her to show her commitment to having good law enforcement, not drunken, power abusing, child abusing monsters. Attacking her on smoking marijuana in her youth is a non-issue besides it bring up that “little bit of blow.” She married her high school sweetheart and her beauty pageant days can be written off as a way for a middle class kid to get a scholarship to college. Plus, there’s the added feature that BO is already fighting the sexist label after what he and his campaign did to Hillary and how they’ve behaved towards women and women’ issues.

    Palin is the toughest candidate in this race to attack. An impressive pick from a strategic standpoint.

    Lastly, the most disgusting attack on her so far is that her fifth child, the four month old with down Syndrome, is actually her teenage daughter’s child and that she is pulling a Bree Hodges. That attack and the fact that BO’s people feel comfortable doing is one reason i can never ever support him.

    EDIT: one more thing. You can’t make fun of her ala the celebrity videos because she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. Those attacks really only hurt candidates with an air of arrogance and conceit.

  274. I do agree with one thing someone said: It would’ve been nice if her daughter had already married the boyfriend.

  275. Well, I am at the point where I am voting for EVERY DAMN WOMAN on any ticket, Dem or Repub, for about 5 years. Then maybe I will start being picky about what their policies are.

    Watching what has been happening, I honestly am beginning to think that if we don’t break that ceiling into a million pieces, and shove some vaginas down their throats, none of the rest will ever change. First things first.

  276. i’m seriously surprised, that anybody gives a shit,
    about a 17 year old having a baby out of wedlock…

    every other age group of women have no problem
    having babies out of wedlock…
    gay people are having children outside of conventional marriage, what the hell is the deal?

    lets be honest, this the NEXT millenium, and we
    aint in kansas no more dorothy…
    and i’ll tell you something, in ‘bitter america’,
    it’ s happening on everyblock…

    blame both parents having to work,
    blame it rap, maile cyress, and mtv, if you want
    to. but everyday hard working american have
    been living with this cycle along time now, and
    sarah palin, will just be like the friend next door
    with the same problem as everyone else…


    but even better than that, and what i am really
    looking forward to, is, sarah palin is a no nonsense
    woman, she is just like us, and i cant wait for her to tell people where to go…
    to go on this one,

  277. I wonder if the McCain campaign had a feeling the MSM and Dems would go overboard on this, and there might be a backlash.

  278. Admin,

    I don’t suppose this will make it to the blog, but if you get to see it anyway, I just want to take this time to thank you for having this site where we Hillary supporters can at least read, if not post.

    I am so in tune with these posters and am thankful I found a place where I can read comments that echo my own.

    I am from PA and I pray that PA will not vote for Obama in Nov. I’m voting for McCain. I’ve never voted for a Rep. in all my life before, except for a couple of friends of mine who ran for local positions.

    I wish I knew what I can do to help get PA to vote for McCain. I’ve also talked my hubby into voting for him. We live along the road that leads to our voting place and I am going to get a McCain sign later and put it in my front yard where everyone can see it.

    I’m sure it will raise more than a few eyebrows, since most of the people around here know we are Dems, lol.

    Again, admin, thank you for this site.

  279. Just got back from a picnic, everyone discussing about sarah daughter pregnancy. McCain must have known what he was doing in picking Sarah Palin, everyone there will be voting for him, even ex O supporters. Most decided because of the media.

  280. This has been the most disgusting election I have ever seen. We as women must see this election for what it is and what it has been, against women in office!

    What I see as the worst is other women breaking bad on GOv. Palin as Taylor Marsh has done.

    Someone on Larry King said sure Gov. Palin knew that the media would vet her, so when in the hell are they going to vet the freaking Obama.

  281. filbert:

    I’ll back up MJ. Romney was my governor, too. I even voted for him (a Republican gov is the ONLY check n’ balance in Mass politics).

    Let me state this as clearly as I can. Mitt Romney is the biggest fraud I’ve ever seen in American politics. He makes John Edwards look sincere. He makes John Kerry seem likeable.

    Only a serial killer psychopath could flip-flop on every position like Romney and keep a straight face. Most politicians at least try to hedge or shade when the flip flop. Not, Mitt. Doesn’t bat an eye. He’ll look your straight in the face one day and swear on God and his mother that he believes in “flip” and then 24 hours later, swear again that he never believe in “flip” and believes in “flop”.

  282. Paula, it shouldn’t matter if she were married or not. Getting married bc of a pregnancy is a wrong reason to marry. Period. End of discussion. Implying it’s better if she were married is silly and antiquated.

    The biggest determining factor in whether a teen mother ends up a statistic (i.e. little education, lower socio-economic group, victim of abuse, substance abuse problems, etc.) is her family. Clearly, the Palins are a loving, very supportive family. If BO were smart (which he isn’t) he’d open up the conversation about how folks treat their children and the challenges teen parents face. He’d make this more about personal responsibility to be bigger than the old Victorian, puritanical biases of the past. If he were smart, he’d embrace her and start a dialog, but of course, he’s not…. he’ll just attack thru surrogates and bully a 17yo just like he did her 4 month old baby brother.

  283. H4T,
    Unfortunately there are just as many sexist women as sexist men. No one tears down women like other women. Just think about Pelosi, Germond, Brazille, the rest of the RBC panel, Rachel Maddow, Taylor Marsh, Randi Roades, Campbell Brown, Andrea Bitchel, Raechel Maddow, Soledad O’Brien, Mika Bryzinski and the list goes on and on.
    hey were on a mission to destroy HRC and having accomplished their goal they need a new target. Enter Palin.

  284. 😆 This is fun…

    (CNN) – If Sen. Joe Biden was hurt that Republican operative Karl Rove called him a “big blowhard doofus” at an event in Minneapolis Monday, he didn’t show it.

    On hearing the news, Biden grinned and said “he’s a great American.”

    The blog Politicker ME reports that at a Maine delegate breakfast at the Republican National Convention, Rove, the so-called “architect” of the Bush administration, called Biden a “big blowhard doofus.” Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, is notorious in Washington for being talkative at Senate hearings.

    Later, in response to a different question, Rove is reported to have asked “Is there press in this room?”

    Biden addressed the criticism during a flight on his campaign plane Monday evening. A reporter asked if the senator would now answer to “Senator Doofus.”

    “You can call me anything you want,” he said. “I learned a long time ago you can call me anything you want.”

  285. Okie, Palin said her daughter is marrying the father. My point was, if it’s going to happen, it might’ve been better for McCain politically if she were already married. That’s all. And it’s just mindless speculation on my part, I know, lol.

    Also, the pregnancy and DUI news were both released by the McCain camp, so they obviously knew about it. And given all the GOP statements today about sexism, I suspect they knew how over the top the reaction would be.

  286. Paula,

    My thooughts, too. Why didn’t they get married last week fer crying out loud?
    This issue never would have come up.

  287. If she had married, it would have been the same backlash. Only they would be saying Sara made them get married. No matter which way you spin the story the Dems would try to spin it there way

    She is pregnant So What. Nothing new in this day an age.

  288. ST. PAUL, Minnesota (CNN) – John McCain’s campaign said Monday that it had raised $47 million in the month of August – his biggest monthly total to date – nearly matching Barack Obama’s July fundraising figure of $50 million.

    The Obama campaign has not yet released his August total.

    McCain’s team has said the presumptive Republican nominee has raised millions since asking Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to join the ticket last week.

    The Arizona senator has opted to receive public campaign funding, which means he cannot fundraise for his campaign after September 1 – although the Republican National Committee’s Victory fund can continue to raise and spend money on his behalf.

  289. Laura Ingraham is saying this is going to get bigger, more publicity. Maybe the republicans are laying the groundwork to massacre the “ONE”.

  290. Maybe they plan to wait till they’re finished high school to get married.

    BTW, I’m glad that McCain’s people got this stuff out there before Obama or anyone else. That’s what campaign’s are supposed to do.

  291. admin, I am speechless in admiration and gratitude for you and all the wonderful, smart, funny, loving, informed people you have brought together. What an honor this site is to Hillary and Bill.

  292. I think McCain is just hitting his stride. BO peaked too soon.

    Watch the onslaught after this week. They’ll start hitting BO next week unless Hanna wreaks havoc on the East Coast like they expected Gustav to do.

  293. confloyd,

    when you think about it, palin is a great trap for the dems. when they fucked with hillary, alot of people didnt like it, but they kept quiet. now when the dems attack a 17 year old girl, its going to look real f*cking bad… its a trap the dems will walk right into, cause they have no concience. they want to win at all expense, even that of a little girl.

    kinda leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

  294. 422 comments at on this already….

    Members of ‘Fringe’ Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s

    September 01, 2008 6:52 PM

    The campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., likes to herald the independence of its new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    Officials of the Alaskan Independence Party say that Palin was once so independent, she was once a member of their party, which, since the 1970s, has been pushing for a legal vote for Alaskans to decide whether or not residents of the 49th state can secede from the United States.

    And while McCain’s motto — as seen in a new TV ad — is “Country First,” the AIP’s motto is the exact opposite — “Alaska First — Alaska Always.”

    Lynette Clark, the chairman of the AIP, tells ABC News that Palin and her husband Todd were members in 1994, even attending the 1994 statewide convention in Wasilla. Clark was AIP secretary at the time.

    “We are a state’s rights party,” says Clark, a self-employed goldminer. The AIP has “a plank that challenges the legality of the Alaskan statehood vote as illegal and in violation of United Nations charter and international law.”

    She says it’s not accurate to describe the party as secessionist — they just want a vote, she says, adding that the members of the AIP hold different opinions on what Alaska should be.

    “My own separate opinion as an individual is that we should be an independent nation,” Clark says. Others in the AIP “believe that being a commonwealth would be a good avenue to follow.” Some advocate statehood — but a fuller statehood than exists now.

    She doesn’t know what Palin’s position was.

    “It never came up in conversation,” Clark recalls. “But when she joined the party, our platform was right under her nose.”

    Clark says that Palin left the party and became a Republican in 1996, when she first ran for mayor of Wasilla.

    The McCain-Palin campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    The AIP platform states that the purpose of the party is to “seek the complete repatriation of the public lands, held by the federal government, to the state and people of Alaska in conformance with Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, of the federal constitution … To prohibit all bureaucratic regulations and judicial rulings purporting to have the effect of law, except that which shall be approved by the elected legislature … To support the privatization of government services …”

    Walter Hickel, a former Republican governor, was elected to the governorship in 1990 as an AIP member — the third-largest party in Alaska — with a plurality vote of 38.8%. A Seattle Post-Intelligencer story that year said that “Hickel is running with the Alaska Independence Party, a fringe group advocating that the 49th state declare itself a sovereign nation. But he’s not a separatist; he’s an opportunist: the Independence Party was the only 11th-hour ticket to the general election.”

    Hickel returned to the Republican Party in 1994; he endorsed Palin in her gubernatorial run in 2006. Subsequent AIP gubernatorial candidates did not fare as well as did Hickel, garnering less than 2 percent of the vote.

    Earlier this year, Palin sent a video message to the AIP for its annual convention, where AIP vice chair George Clark told the small crowd that Palin “was an AIP member before she got the job as a mayor of a small town –- that was a non-partisan job. But you get along to go along -– she eventually joined the Republican Party, where she had all kinds of problems with their ethics, and well, I won’t go into that. She also had about an 80 percent approval rating, and is pretty well sympathetic to her former membership.”

    Lynette Clark says that Palin is “a fine individual. She’s forthright and she puts Alaska first.”

    She is not a fan of McCain.

    “I can’t understand why in God’s name she has aligned herself with a candidate who opposes the development of our republic and Alaska’s resource wealth,” Clark says.

  295. OkieAtty

    I agree tht O peaked too soon. There is nothing new to add about him. His speeches look old, and the debates will not add much to his luster, if at all.

    However, ever since Sarah joined the team, we have heard nothing else. I think we will have a big audience for her debate.

    It would be nice to talk about the issues for a change.

  296. Paula, don’t forget national polls mean squat. It’s the map that matters and swing states will be more attracted to Pallin. She’s the Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington and that plays well to an independent minded moderate base that voted for Hillary over BO.

    The map is on McCain’s side and that is all that matters.

  297. OMG, this just reminds me of the frinzy in 1984 when Ferrero was running. Axelrove has gone into overtime trying to make her look bad. I hope the republicans are strong, and they must realize that the only other recoarse would be to vote for an unpatriotic hater of Israel. This is just sickening. I hope the republicans get their stuff out soon or it will just look like revenge for what the dems have said about Sarah.

  298. Paula, more and more coverage of Palin’s daughters pregnancy. I hope they keep her away from the TV and the internet.

  299. filbertsf – I totally get where you’re coming from because the corrupt DNC in nominating the Fraud has left us with 1) Obama who would be recklessly incompetent as CIC and 2) McCain/Palin who do not represent our values and will take the country socially in the wrong direction, but I don’t think that McCain/Palin is a weak ticket. Palin has energized fundamentalists, evangelicals…McCain is consolidating his base, and what I worry about is that they might do so well, that it will affect downticket Democrats and issues we care about – in CA, prop 8 needs to be defeated but if the fundamentalists are energized, it may be precarious. This is what Anglachelg said about it:

    “Where I anticipate her being a “game changer” will be in state and local races, where a slight increase in turnout can change results. When some races and ballot measures are decided by a few hundred votes, getting out twenty more voters here, eight more voters there will pay off. I don’t think that this was one of McCain’s considerations when he chose her, but it is most certainly a consideration of the state party officials who are dancing a gleeful jig. It may endanger governerships, state legislatures and some House races Dems were hoping to pick up. For example, Washington State will have a rematch of Dem. Gregoire and Rep. Rossi for governor. The last time, Gregoire won by a razor thin margin after multiple recounts that are not considered valid by the losing side. In news reports I have read, Rossi is very happy with the choice of Palin to help him turn out his own cultural conservative base (he is a truly bat-shit insane culture warrior who cleans up nice) and expects another close battle with Gregoire – which he will win this time. Washington state is far more conservative than people realize, and adding Palin may actually turn Washington red because of the makeup of the Republican Party. This may be repeated in red and purple states in specific races where the race is close.

    The next consideration is for ballot measures and initiatives, such as the anti-Affirmative Action measures in Colorado and Missouri (among other places) and the anti-gay marriage state constitutional amendment in California. Palin now adds an appealing and energetic face to put on the GOTV efforts on the Republican side. Interest in her, her marketability, raises the viability of these policy measures. My second thought after seeing her name in the news as McCain’s VP pick was that California will soon have anti-gay bigotry enshrined in the state constitution because she will bring out the fundies to vote for this measure. My third thought was that California is no longer a shoo-in for the Dems because of the way in which a telegenic, appealing cultural conservative candidate who hits all the right libertarian notes will herself be reinforced by the anti-gay marriage initiative.”

  300. Wonder how many male senators and congressman have had the unwed mother problem?? Wonder if they had any problems with it??

  301. Well, I think the democrats need to put Joe Biden in the BettyFord hospital for alcoholics, then they need to say that BHO is ineligible to be President because of the birth certificate and give Hillary a call and tell her they made a mistake.

  302. One of the things that has also decided me to vote McCain/Palin, rather than just sitting out the election, is my own musings on my responsibility as a voter.

    For me (and this is ME, not a judgement on others) not voting is akin to Obama voting “present” in the Illinois senate. How many times have I sneered at the cowardice of that? It’s like the AUMF vote. Or any of the other hard decisions I demand of my elected representatives.

    In the real world, choices are rarely black and white, they are almost always a compromise of some sort, and carry RISKS. I may be responsible for something really bad happening if I choose wrongly. How can I expect my politicians to make those difficult calls, to put their ass on the line and make a DECISON when neither alternative is perfect, both are awful, and both are scary, if I am unwilling to do the same?

    For me to say “I refuse to choose” is to vote “present”. It’s a cop out. I won’t do it. I won’t vote “present”. If I expect more than that of them, then I have to expect the same of myself.

  303. When I was wrapped up in calling everyone in my precinct ward-

    When I came home exhausted from knocking on doors, or holding coffees, or delivering signs-

    I’d get on the WiFi net here and try to catch up with Hillary’s day-

    I felt lucky when I came across Taylor’s site- and 2 weeks later there was a commenter who had HillaryIs44 linked…

    I found Cody doing the same thankless work, and neeta, and Idunn and Okie and terrondnt, Tiburones, Divabunny and lo and behold, two people I knew out of my past…

    And a place to defend my state’s caucus system and try to explain why it worked here- to teach, to explain how neighbors would drive for long distances to get together and hammer out platform planks and chairmanships and choose the best candidate for that election cycle…

    and the place where I threw in the caucus towel because BO’s thugs had learned a way to run roughshod over the good kind folks here who have been caucusing for over 105 years. A few said ‘told ya’, others began to worry. Some smelled the rat before most of the rest of us.


    teaching, collating, connecting the dots, pointing out directions, links, and visions.

    teaching me by example to
    get simple
    get smart, and
    stay sane.

    for those of us who got burned up, bummed out. chased down by crazies in several ways…

    we could still come here and just read while we healed- or change our names and get right back in it to win it.

    We miss those who are not here today or haven’t come back in this last month like so many others have, but the thing is—LOOK HOW MANY ARE HERE.

    Can’t say that about any other site I know of, except maybe NQ…and surely not in the same quantity.

    Larry is cool- but our admin is …priceless.

  304. HillaryforTexas

    I feel the same way. If I don’t vote, then I have left those sufferagetts down who were tortured 88 years ago, so that I could vote.

    So, while my decision might not be perfect, I view it as the best decision for my democracy, and me.

  305. Good night all. This has been a special day. I will go to sleep think that someday, maybe, just maybe I will know who admin is and I can thank them in person.

  306. I agree, NMF. I don’t mean to pressure or judge anyone at all. You own your vote. But I had to decide which of the 2 men who WILL be president (whether I like it or not) are a greater danger to this country, because neither are good. That is what it boils down to for me, more than any particular issue.

    I have decided that Obama, and the forces that surround him, are a far greater danger. The thought of turning my country over to the sort of “hope and change” this man has inspired in his followers thus far makes me physically ill.

    When you cut past the crap, and the policy positions, and the rhetoric, what has each man done, what has each man drawn to himself? What is attracted to him? I see hatred and backstabbing and sick, sick pathology following and surrounding BO like a cloud of flies. And I see at least some decency and fairness and sanity and grudging cooperative caution surrounding McCain.

  307. my mom didnt like mccain and planned to skip the ballot. then tonight tells me she is voting for him bc msm is hounding palin nc her 17 yr old is pregnant. hmmm-a sign?

  308. t4Hillary – yup, that’s definitely a sign. the Democrats are idiots- they didn’t recognize the misogyny aimed at Hillary helped energize people to vote for her, and why Hillary was winning some of the final states in the primary with 30% margins.

    the Dems and their compliant media which is attacking Palin is a huge mistake.

  309. obama attacks palin, belittles her on disaster management. note he doesnt refer to her a s gov. also he refers only to the town she lives in. prick. from

    Barack Obama defended his experience in dealing with natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, and took a swipe at newly minted GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

    In an interview on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Monday night, Obama was asked about whether his experience in the U.S. Senate dealing with weather-related situations compares to Palin’s executive experience running the state of Alaska and as the small town mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

    “My understanding is that Gov. Palin’s town, Wassilla, has I think 50 employees. We’ve got 2500 in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe 12 million dollars a year – we have a budget of about three times that just for the month,” Obama responded.
    oh and wodnering if palin has managed real disasters? um check this out-

    Here you will find links to our past disaster web pages.

    2005 November Southeast Storm
    2005 Spring Floods
    2004 Bering Strait Sea Storm
    2004 Interior Fire Information
    2002 Denali Fault Earthquake
    2002 Kenai Peninsula Borough Flooding Information Website
    2002 Interior Flooding
    2001 Terrorist Activation
    2001 Middle Yukon Flood
    2001 Yukon, Kuskokwim, Norton Sound Fisheries Disaster
    2000 Central Gulf Coast Storm Disaster
    1998 Western Alaska Fisheries Disaster

  310. admin,

    First thing in the morning or last thing at night, Hillaryis44 has been a must-read from its beginning. We can’t thank you enough. And we did make history. 18 million peopled voted to trust a woman with homeland security, national defense and the command of our armed forces. And by sticking to our principles against misogyny, we even moved the Republicans into the 21st century.

  311. this is very funny – Huckabee on Greta saying that Palin won more votes in her run as Mayor of Wasilla, AK, than Joe Biden won in his whole time during this Primary.


  312. t4Hillary – Obama thinks running a campaign is equivalent to running the country and dealing with managing natural disaster?

    what a complete arrogant sh*thead.

  313. …interesting point being made at noquarter stating that Sarah Palin has as much experience as Tim Kaine who was getting all kinds of accolades and consideration as a VP for Obama…

    did not see whole segments on cable tv about his lack of exerpience and denegration…

    wow…bottom line the more I think about it, the more I believe that the Democratic Party has undergone a hostile takeover of the far left…

    and the perps are nasty misognists and mean people…

    Have you noticed how Obama brings out the worst in people? he really brings out their nasty sides…

  314. YAY, admin forever! This has been a site of sanity and reality check and fresh air for months!

    (turndownobama = 1950democrat = pumaresponders)

  315. Admin

    You are as cherished as Hillary Clinton is to me.

    Your website is the first I seek each day. Your profound articles and insight and the people that grace your pages with intellect, opinion, sarcasim and humor have enriched my life.

    I will be forever grateful for your courage, integrity and determination in providing this marvelous place for Hillary supporters to gather.


  316. t4h, I am LMAO at that. Good Gawd, the Democrats are so fucking tone deaf.

    Yes, Obama, let’s denigrate small town government again. Then tell the voters of those economically struggling swing states how much you are spending to get your sorry ass anointed king, and make sure you sound real proud of yourself while you do it. That’s real smart.

    What a pompous moron. Who is advising this joker, and have they ever in their life been inside a Walmart?

  317. Nice article admin been here foreever…i read and learn lol

    But As My responsibility to be a Voter
    I will vote also like lotts more I know for Mac/Pal

    Because Hillary is the true Canidate
    Hillary was robbed by the DNC taking votes away in Michigan to give barack Obama,in which he took his name off the ballott and that edwards to.
    This election The Primarys were rigged,Taken away from the WILL of the People in the democratic party should have had Hillary as the NOminee.The smartess one and intellectually told the American people of what needs to be done
    I dont Like Liars Cheaters,barack Obama has no skill
    no expierence,and I dont like HIM taking and stealing Hillarys sayings or her plans thats is not his he cannot think of naything on his own he steals it.along with the appearence of biden seems like he has an alcohol problem. do we need that for The American People i ‘d say not

    MaC/Pal 08

    Hillary 2012 when we vote all the bad people out of office,in the democratic party its corrupt!!!

  318. i went to my facebook and was sick. some candidates pages im part of were sayng they had more experience thanpalin. incl many hrc supporters. sick. SHE IS A GOVERNOR. RUNS A HUGE STATE. IDIOTS

  319. Bo’s arrogance is showing again. Belittling Palin’s mayoral experience, and not mentioning the significance of being governor of a large state like Alaska, which provides up to 20 % of the country’s energy needs and has a large budget, is very demeaning and a big mistake. She does have more experience than he has, and she has had to work for it. Doesn’t sound like, she has had anything handed to her. She managed to buck some of the entrenched GOP in Alaska. That is no small feat. I don’t agree with her social conservative views, but I have respect for her strength and tenacity.

  320. birdgal. Bambi is falling right into their trap. Has anyone noticed that the Dem’s presidential candidate is reduced to standing up and defending his experience against the VICE PRESIDENTIAL pick of the Republicans?

    Expect McCain to give him enough rope to get some juicy quotes on record, then knock his ass off his pedestal.

    The presidential candidate should NEVER be arguing his experience against the opponent’s VP pick. Never.

  321. The presidential candidate should NEVER be arguing his experience against the opponent’s VP pick. Never.

    Excellent point.

  322. H4 Texas: And the media is falling into the trap. You are right: Why should the presidential candidate be comparing HIS experience with the VP of the opposite party? This is going to backfire big time.

  323. There sure are alot of girlie men for Obama. This has nothing to do with experience, it has to do with that she is a woman. Go back and read the bs the put Ferrero and her family thru, its the same damn thing. Republican or democrat the News media and their little sponsors don’t want a woman and thats that.

  324. Confloyd: With Ferrarro, I think there may have been some issues with her husband’s business dealings, as well as the misogyny and sexism.

  325. I read that some well known political websites and blogs are being archived by the Smithsonian. I think we should all contact them and ask that this website also be archived. It’s truly historic and deserves to be there as a record of this political year and as a genuine grassroots effort in support of Hillary’s campaign.

  326. H4T, you are right. This is the only way to attack obama without alienating the AA’s. He brings up her experience the republicans can bring up his. She is also has another thing that she was a member of some kind of accession group that wanted to declare Alaska a nation. So if they go after this, then the republicans can go after all his usual associations! LOL! game set match!


    Damn it. I was already for Katrina part II–you know, floating bodies, indequate Federal and State response, massive destruction, cats and dogs living together; mass hysteria. And nothing. Yeah, there was some rain and flooding but what the hell happened to the end of the world and God punishing the Republican sinners for their evil deeds? Man, we popped the media Viagra and wound up with Mr. Softie. What a let down.

    Democrats Don Fowler and Michael Moore promised me that the Republicans were getting their comeuppance. God was going to kill a bunch of people on the Gulf Coast because He’s mad at George Bush and Dick Cheney (who happen to live in Washington). So rather than strike down the inside the beltway types God is taking his shot at folks still hanging around the Big Easy, 1600 miles from Washington? Sounds to me like God took aiming lessons from Dick Cheney.

    But wait. With no disaster the Republicans get a victory lap. This also means George Bush and Dick Cheney won’t be speaking at the Convention. This let’s McCain can keep them away from the podium and not be accused of dissing them. Darnation. I thought we were going to be able to run a campaign against McBush (you know, McCain as a Bush clone), now this. McCain not getting tarred with the visage of George Bush hanging at his coronation party. What is the world coming to?

    Does this mean God actually loves Republicans?

  328. birdgal, that’s right it was husband’s business dealings, but what I am saying here is they vet the female candidate to kingdom come and they let the male candidate have some very BAD BAD associations and never say a freaking word. They don’t want to hurt BO’s feelings, well what about the feelings of a 17 year old girl???

  329. birdgal Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    H4 Texas: And the media is falling into the trap. You are right: Why should the presidential candidate be comparing HIS experience with the VP of the opposite party

    Birdgal- I think you got it. The Republicans have plotted this out very well. McCain could be comparing his experience with that of Biden, and it’ll be clear the Democratic ticket is backwards. I think someone mentioned that earlier – backwards like the Dukakis Bentson ticket.

  330. oH and admin thanks for being here for us and keeping Our Girl for Our President!!!in 2012

    the main stream media with all there bullcrap lies
    to the American People.I cant even watch them CNN messNBC NBC CBS {fox is ok except that frank luntz} they Lie so much Oh hillary suporters wont vote for Mac/pal,
    they’ll see in NOV when BO looses..they all willl be crying especially that oberman and mathews..omg there in love with a Man name barack Obama.there are sick.People dont watch them anymore there full of it and not reporting the news correctly,giving false Information,to the American PUBLIC
    Dont buy any of there advertisers prouducts.
    they will go off the AIR.

  331. McCain has a sense of humor. He could pull this off. McCain should come out and start comparing himself to Biden, in a very obvious way.

    When some reporter takes the bait and tries to ask him a question about Obama, he should look startled and surprised and say, “Oh, I’m sorry. Based on Senator Obama’s statements of late, I was under the impression he was running against Gov. Palin, and I was running against Sen. Biden.”

  332. skmf12, if they are archiving websites I think just contacting them directly via email to make the suggestion. I haven’t done any research on this yet but I read that they were indeed archiving political blogs and websites. Perhaps there is a contact email out there for this project?

  333. just put all your votes for women who are decent and running for offices all over the country,keep the men OUT!!!! LOL…vote them out excpt the good the one running against john kerry!!! women can get this Country Moving again…we had all men as Presidents.ITs time for Women to shape things UP they havent dont nothing for us look where we are at today.not a darn thing done.
    they think its time for the Clintons to saty well its time for all these politcian that been in there for umptine years they need out!!! Put NEW IN..
    that is a voter responsiblility,some who will take us to the Future not Backwards or the same ole same ole..

  334. Here is the contact page for MINERVA. This is the Library of Congress website archive branch. They archive websites related to election years. You can make a suggestion for a website on the form at this page.

    Still looking for the Smithsonian contact.

  335. I think the McCain campaign has found BO’s achilles heel; it is his arrogance, narcissism, and sense of entitlement. The clever ads, addresses these flaws.

  336. Count the votes…and others.

    Scarey interview BHO gave to Cooper.

    BHO is not managing his own campaign… Axlegrease is. If it is true that they have done such a great job since the Iowa win 8 months ago, does that success mean he is going to let Axlegrease run the country for him?

    Or are we going to have to deal w/ a newbie’s steep learning curve?

    Raise your hand if you want to see Axlegreae and Pluffpuff in the West Wing.

    Humm, didn’t think so. Rove, maybe? Ah, that’s a no go too.

  337. Folks I think we should have taken our cue about the sexism and misogyny in the democratic party back when Biden and the democratic controlled congress voted for Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Judge even after the testimony of Anita Hill.

    And how many times has that man been reelected after that stunt?…will we ever learn? This can no longer be about voting for the lesser of two evils. We can use our vote of protest to change the party that we have been previously loyal too. If they will not listen to us..then we will throw them out and replace them with people who will. The sacrafice of having republicans hold the executive branch for 4 more years is a small price to pay. No important battle was ever won in a day. We can survive albeit not as comfortably. But if I can endure GWB for 8 years surely I can endure McCain/Palin for half that time. We will all still be here and this will give all of us time to regroup and demand accountability from those “who serve US”….OR ELSE!!!

  338. I notice he did not use the Alaska state’s statistics.

    More noteworthy, baby face Anderson appears not to have brought up that particular subject.

  339. Emjay – BO is a puppet of Axelrod and others whom we may never know are pulling strings.

    I very much believe that Clinton was rail-roaded because she would never be beholden to anyone and make her own decisions.

  340. Count, I have this feeling McCain is next on the list for the fall, just like Hillary. I starting to wonder if BO is the new GWB?? Its really scaring me, I have to wonder why Sarah would consider putting her daughter thru this, surely she would have known they would go after her daughter. This whole thing is starting to smell!

  341. confloyd – I do believe the MSM will do to McCain what they did to Hillary, and it’s started already – but the difference is the Republicans have the infrastructure and money to push back…plus, unlike BO, they understand the word “backlash.” They’ve watched what happened in the Democratic primary very closely – and they know that if they give the media the right red meat, the media will act predictably.

    the Palin family was probably warned very clearly what would happen – especially Palin being a woman like Hillary – she knew that sexism would be a huge aspect of her media coverage, but they knew and I believe the Republicans are using this to their advantage. Plus, they also have the White House – Laura Bush pushing back on sexism will immediately get press.

    As Juan Williams said earlier – any attacks on Palin and her family will now make her the most sympathetic figure in this election.

  342. HillaryforTexas – I have a very good source who knows that Anderson was a Hillary supporter – coulda fooled me, though I think Anderson was in a situation where peer-pressure was constant in the CNN newsroom. Though now, I’m sure he is for BO.

  343. Hillbuzz cracks me up so much;

    Transcript of a Newscaster:

    To Barack Obama. Son of a black man from Kenya and a white man from Kansas. Now, no matter what your politics, that is a moment for the history books.

    We’ll say!

    This really explains so, so much — maybe it’s why Nancy Pelosi insists he was sent by God, born from two men, without any birth certificate he’s willing to release.

  344. Anderson was a Hillary supporter – coulda fooled me Coulda fooled me 2. I remember when Obama dissed Anderson during the primaries, lumping him with journalists who made their name covering Hurricane Katrina and them moved on…..

  345. The Palins, McCain, and the RNC need to tell the media to back off. They did so, for the Clinton with Chelsea, and the Bushes with their daughters. The British press even lightened up on Will and Harry while they were growing up. Kids are off limits, especially underage ones.

  346. ust read on the page that gop is sending lawyers to more fully vet palin. all the networks are screaming vet her as well. and obama as never vetted. so will he be vetted?????

  347. This morning I found a blog by the brilliant Anglachel on Hillary’s speech, thought it would be of interest so I pasted it in on the prior thread. I went back and read it again and compared it against other accounts of that speech and found it to be vastly superior. In re-reading it I found important clues into Hillary’s present state of mind which most of us have been wondering about after all the disappointment of last week, and the machinations of Caligula.

    I also found in it a subtle yet powerful rebuttal to Obama thing, and a negation of self in favor of transcendent principles. But in order to see the argument clearly I had to edit and tighten it. What I now see in the following passages is traces of Sir Thomas Moore, Archbishop of Canterberry when he refuses to bless the bigamous marriage of Henry VIII, the decision of a young nun when he takes the vows and turns her back on activa vida, the commitment of a young marine facing a perilous mission, and a nurse who forsakes her won health to tend to sick people.

    I think that kind of commitment is a true and adorable thing. See if you agree:

    12. Transcendence: on Tuesday night Hillary delivered a brilliant speech speech on party unity to an audience of heart-broken supporters, hateful detractors, an unflaggingly hostile media, and her colleagues who have treated her in the most despicable way possible for months on end. The subject was party unity and yet she was unapologetically partisan in every sentence. She explained, with the examples from her campaign, why she is driven to serve. She gave notice that for her this is a duty and that the hatred heaped upon her has no effect. Hillary presented the case for unity based on core democratic principles, rather than the cult of personality.

    There was no ire, no resentment, not even the whisper of hurt. Politics is rough, but failure to fulfill your political duty (to the veteran, to the cancer patient, to the impoverished mother), is unforgiveable. Not hope. Not change. Duty. Her personal grace and decency were rivaled only by her political integrity and loyalty. She has transcended the brutality and cruelty visited upon her in this primary. She walked off that stage the most powerful person in the Democratic Party, owing nothing to any of the power brokers because she has given it all to the Party. Hillary offered the arguments for why the success of the party was paramount, and in doing so ripped away the prevarications thrown out for why unity with her wasn’t possible.

    Her response to the months of backstabbing, intrigue, smearing, and general paranoid petulance of the Obama campaign is to flash her million watt smile and say she’s ready to win the White House for the Democrats regardless of the candidate and do so with utter conviction and sincerity, there’s really nothing they can do without looking exactly as corrupt and moronic as they are. She owes them nothing after this speech, though she will give them anything that a Democrat deserves. There is nothing left for her to do for anyone. Hillary is exactly what she showed on the stage tonight – the most dedicated Democrat in the party – and it is now up to the rest to live up to her example, or fail and fall. She has laid the ultimate political trap precisely by refusing to do so.

  348. ok – you should read this, but the disconnected Obots in the comments section actually believe Republicans attacked Donna – who are they kidding? it’s the clorox/water throwing anti-war demonstrators who are all voting for BO that did it. these Obots are so stupid.

    Cast of Characters
    Donna Brazile Hit by Pepper Spray

    By Holly Watt
    ST. PAUL — Donna Brazile was hit by pepper spray as she walked to the Xcel Center at the start of the Republican Convention here.

    The well-known Democratic pundit and strategist confirmed the incident, but declined to comment further. Protests outside the convention center led to 56 arrests earlier in the day.

    Brazile is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s Voting Rights Institute and was a delegate at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    Originally from New Orleans, La., Brazile has worked on several presidential campaigns and was the campaign manager for Al Gore in 2000. She frequently appears on CNN as a political commentator.

  349. What the heck was she doing at the Republican convention?? I guess starring on CNN! We can do without her.

    I heard that McCain looked very bad today while he was talking about the Hurricane. Did anyone see him, I did not!

  350. this from savagepolitics frontpage about Palin:

    After trying to paint Palin as an “inexperienced” candidate, a clearly ridiculous attempt since their main candidate fares far worse than her in this aspect, they are now trimming down their attack to only one complaint: “She doesn’t have ANY National Security experience!”

    Apparently, they had to get specific with their attacks when they realized that the majority of people still see her as better suited to be President than both Democratic candidates, all thanks to her 13 years of executive experience (no matter how minimal, since they have NONE). The question then is: Is this new line of attack and criticism accurate? NO!

    It turns out that the attacks are NOT consistent with her record:

    Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

    As governor of Alaska, Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counterterrorism. Her exposure to classified material may rival even Biden’s.

    She’s also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security’s counterterrorism plans.

    Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country’s defense. Given Alaska’s proximity to Russia, she may have security clearances we don’t even know about.

    According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets.

    She can be entrusted with our national security, because she already is.

  351. The more I read those trash tossed out by MSM against Palin & her family, the madder I am getting. Just imagine US to be controlled by MSM and Obama’s goons starting from 2009, truly a nightmare scenario. He will turn America into hell based on all indications so far…

    I can’t imagine the pain & agony Sarah Palin’s family has been through over the past 24 hours. Why the so called liberals are so vile? Seriously… Pray for Palin’s family. I hope she is as strong as Hillary under pressure.

    Andrew Sullivan is a piece of trash. He solicited unprotected gay sex on a website knowing his HIV+ status.

  352. Kostner – you’re not the only one getting angry about this. i can only imagine the evangelicals are getting fired up and energized to vote down the media’s bias against Palin, her family and McCain.

    as I said before, the Republicans really studied the “backlash” effect, and they know how it energizes people – it certainly energized Hillary’s voters.

  353. good comment on Riverdaughter – this is exactly our transformation as well – and why this site was important – we transformed into political independents (if not officially, psychologically):

    Seriously, on September 2nd, 2008 at 12:48 am Said:

    My sister said yesterday she’s finding herslef thinking of “The Democrats” instead of “us,” or “my party,” and it’s making her very emotional because it’s been such a huge part of her identity.

  354. [quote]Why the so called liberals are so vile?[/quote]

    It really is just stunning, isn’t it? Do you think they have any clue that they are driving life-long Democrats away from the party with their ugliness.

    I first saw it when John Kerry used Cheney’s daughter’s sexual preference as a “gotcha” in a political debate. I thought that was one of the most digusting political moments in history and the work of a man with no soul, let alone any respect for the GLBT community. This year long assualt on women has me ready to spit nails.

  355. sadly the left has usually had issues of some form of hatred. in europe the left suffered from antisemitic infections. it still does-look at the situation today with rising jew hatred and kids in france with mock suicide bomb belts on them in antiisrael/america rallies. remember those in 03? how many times have been on dkos an dseen the most horrid antijew or antiswoman crap. never mention israel on those lefty sites. perhaps that was the harbinger-the primary against lieberman in 06. we dont love lieberman, but i didnt care for lamont’s novice campaign nor the vitriol about liberman the jew zionist/the dual loyalist on the blog tagerting him. lamont ousted lieberman narrowly in the primary–went on a freakin vacation and lieberman with the help of bloomberg et won the gerneral by running as an indie. i cant tell u how hurtful that primary was-every blogplace iw ent was some crap about lieberman the bad american. the kew whose loyalties were not purely american. it was sick. the was to em an undercurrent of antismitism by some in the left to oust lieberman under the guise of the war. maybe i am wrong.

  356. from nq-um rendell –
    Since it is now OK to attack Palin on her abstinence-only sex education programs, when can we start doing the same to Ed Rendell?

    Rendell Plans to Ask Feds for $$ for Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.

    The Rendell administration is defending its decision to seek $1.7 million dollars in federal funding for abstinence-only sex education programs, which has drawn criticism from progressive groups, including ACT UP.

    Even though the Rendell administration has generally spurned funds in the past, Pennsylvania Health Department spokeswoman Claudine Battisti says it doesn’t oppose abstinence programs:

    “We just don’t think it should be the only part of sex education.”

    But Battista says while it remains committed to its belief in comprehensive sex education, the administration has now decided to allow what amounts to a pass-through of federal dollars to community groups and schools that will have to provide their own matching funds for abstinence-only programs:

    “There are people whose moral beliefs, religious beliefs, what have you, really believe this is a viable alternative. So, there are many arguments to this absolutely, but, again, we won’t stand in their way.”

    Battisti also says the administration is satisfied that regulations regarding medical accuracy have been tightened.–Gov–Looks-to-Feds-for-Abstinence-Only-Sex-Ed-/2882420

  357. HillaryforTexas Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 10:21 pm
    One of the things that has also decided me to vote McCain/Palin, rather than just sitting out the election, is my own musings on my responsibility as a voter.
    For me (and this is ME, not a judgement on others) not voting is akin to Obama voting “present” in the Illinois senate.

    What about voting third party? The Green party is running a black woman, I think she is far left, anti-war. That’s a way to send a strong message that BO’s enemies aren’t just Republicans.

    I want BO to lose 57 states, and if my state looks close then McCain might need my vote in a double whammy. But otherwise third party might send a clearer message, even if it’s just a single whammy. 🙂

  358. hot air is full of hot air. I commented on another blog and then deleted the comment because I saw how easy it was to vet Obama. What have the dem’s gotten themselves into?

  359. true. but i believe the stuff on on obaam and gop attys out to ak. gop is trying make sure there isnt something else msm will use. obama is trying to find a list of little thingst o make her a story daily. it just rallies the gop base as one of their own is under fire. and maybe draws in folks like u and me sick of the sexist pig msm. like that bit on rendell? and palin is wicked but rendell sets up sucha program and not a word of course.

  360. I can’t sleep, I am so mad about the media and ? trying to wreck another good woman candidate. This makes 3 in my lifetime. I am sick to death of this!!

  361. Obama is TOAST!!!

    Obama made this self serving speech about “Leave the candidate children alone.” and if I find any of my people involve they will be fired…but then you see and hear Donna Brazile, and the rest of those bunch of Democrats HYPOCRITS on TV attacking Palin’s children.

    Their behavior MUST not be rewarded…SEXISM, MYSOGINY and now CHILD ABUSE!!!!!


    Call out OBAMA everytime a DNC or DEMOCRATIC PUNDIT commit CHILD ABUSE on TV because the DNC is under the control of TEAM OBAMA in that Great Corrupted Political Machice name CHICAGO

    NObama NOvember vote McCain/Palin or McKinney or Nader but do no vote in Hillary Clinton name because that is a vote for Obama.

  362. me too. im wound up. the damn msm is digging around to drop something on her. and obama too. go to mccains website. see how they are threading this in the mccain report blog. the mccain folks keep defending palin and then say-and what experience does obama have? and what friends does he have/ like that. alos note where the ticket is going 9/5-9/7. mi then-the west-co and nm.

    i agree-its like a ton of bricks. i dont care that i dont share all her views on things. she is a good person with real charisma and has one more than obama veer has. they will crucify her over every damned thing i guess. i will vote mccain to tell msm and obama no more.

  363. T4H,

    You know the more Team Obama and the rest of those idiots in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban Party continue this, the more they lose votes in many, many states…even in CA….CA has plenty of Small Town USA and don’t go by that fraud of a primary vote.

    The G.E. is winner take all.

    Remember how terrible Obama handle Saddleback? Well he and HYPOCRITS Party is failing again, they have ZERO political savvy and it just amazes me how they don’t see this will backlash on Obama becasue Obama surrogates in the msm, DNC and Democratic? Taliban Party are all agents for Obama and everybody knows it.

    Also CNN and MSNBC keep saying this will hurt Palin with the conservative base. In fact the base will rally for one of their own and the religious left will have to do some soul searching on what “master” they will follow: GOD or Obama that is the question??

    This is a test for the religious left walking in their faith.

    John 8:7-9.

  364. Streisand slams McCain’s VP pick
    Last Update: 4:22 am

    Barbra Streisand is the latest celebrity to slam presidential candidate John McCain’s decision to appoint Sarah Palin as his running mate.

    The legendary singer/actress, a staunch Democrat, is furious with Republican presidential candidate McCain for choosing a woman as his running mate in the build up to the November elections.

    Streisand has voiced her belief that he picked Palin simply to grab the voters who supported Hillary Clinton, who was the first woman in history with her sights set on the White House.

    In her blog, entitled “McCain doesn’t get it: Women are not that stupid,” Streisand writes, “(It) sent a very clear message to America about how he views female voters.

    “I believe John McCain chose Gov. Palin because he truly believes that women who supported Hillary – an experienced, brilliant, life-long public servant – would vote for him because his Vice President has two x chromosomes.”

    Earlier this week rapper Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs lashed out at McCain, calling his decision to appoint the Alaska Governor “irresponsible.”
    I love Hillary but I OWN MY VOTE!

    The DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY does not own me or should assume to take my vote for granted, expecially after they threw me under the bus and then backed up and ran over me again multiple times.

    Remember, ACTIONS speaks LOUDEST! Also I’m not into ABUSE, if you hit me I’m going to hit you back! The reason African Americans are have the power they have now…is because they EARNED IT by LEAVING the REPUBLICAN PARTY in droves when Nixon threw us under the BUS.

    Sometimes YOU GET SICK AND TIRED or BEING SICK AND TIRED. For some reason CO-DEPENDENCY is being held up as a beautiful acheivement for WOMEN in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY. Instead of STANDING UP and FIGHTING FOR WOMEN..CO-DEPENDENCY and APPEASEMENT is the goal of those supporting Barack Obama and the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY.

    Since I smell CRAP when I see it…I’ll just take my “Stupidity” to someone how is trying to earn my trust and vote.

    Go McCain/Palin 08!

  365. Daily Kos Slanders, Inoculates Sarah Palin
    Remember the John Birch Society? The ultraconservative group was formed in 1958 by candy executive Robert Welch. The Birchers supported some good ideas, such as private-property rights and aggressive anti-communism. But unlike, say, William F. Buckley and the National Review crowd, who similarly supported property rights and aggressive anti-communism, the Birchers were consumed with paranoid conspiracy theories. In their “smelly little orthodoxies” (to steal a phrase from George Orwell), American heroes such as Dwight Eisenhower and George Marshall were portrayed as communist dupes.

    The Birchers were a scary bunch. To my mind they helped make Barry Goldwater unelectable in 1964. Ronald Reagan conservatives look back fondly at the 1964 election and see in Goldwater the beginnings of the modern conservative movement. But that’s only partially true. It would take another 16 years for the sunny conservative ideas of Reagan to scrub out the bomb shelter paranoia of the Birchers.

    Who are the Birchers of 2008? They are the left-wing bloggers of the Daily Kos. There are many partisan left-wing blogs out there, including the thoughtful and sometimes funny Huffington Post. But none boil with hate and the “smelly little orthodoxies” quite like the Daily Kos.

    Saturday, as anyone who follows politics knows, the Daily Kos exceeded its rancid self. A poster named “ArcXIX”–these smelly little cowards are always anonymous, aren’t they?–accused Sarah Palin of faking her last pregnancy. The real mother of Trig Palin, said ArcXIX, was Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol.

    This rumor swept through the Web world for 24 hours. Then it was shown that ArcXIX had falsely labeled some photos.

    The Daily Kos has handed a huge win to John McCain and Sarah Palin. I’m not a Democrat, but if I were, I would be very, very angry now. By going after Palin in such a raw and ridiculous way, the Daily Kos has inoculated Palin against more serious questions. Conservative talk radio will feast on this attack for days. Republicans will rediscover their righteous anger. Example: my wife. Two days ago she was a tepid John McCain supporter. Now she’s revved up for McCain/Palin.

    Make no mistake, the Kos slander will wake up Republicans like nothing else. This is a huge blow to the Obama camp. It will be a fatal blow if any Obama opposition-research fingerprints turn up in this smelly little slander.
    ROTFLMAO because it is so true.:

  366. I’m disgusted with whats going on.

    This is not just sexism, this is an out and out blatant attempt to make sure a woman does not make it to high office.

    Any woman participating in any of this shit needs slapping.

    The discrimanation is so blatant they dont even bother to hide it anymore.


    Harry Truman said that for the first six months he was in the Senate, he couldn’t believe he’d gotten there. After another six months, he couldn’t believe they’d gotten there.

    Barack Obama didn’t hang around the Senate cloakroom long enough to pick up the word on Joe Biden. He didn’t realize that Biden is something of a joke in the Senate.

    Isn’t it curious that in 36 years, Biden’s never even been mentioned for Majority Leader, or even for Majority Whip?

    Obama’s claim to be a “post partisan” candidate is belied by his choice of the vicious, knee-groining Biden as his running mate. Barack Obama, in his electric acceptance speech, claimed that “politics is broken.” A reasonable question then is: Who broke politics? Much of the credit for the brokenness of politics must go to that political leg-breaker, Joe Biden

    and the fact that John Edwards HIDEOUS scandal about his affair and a baby when his wife is dying has gotten one tenth the coverage that Sarah Palin’s 17 year old DAUGHTER has gotten!! CREEPS….VILE CREEPS the media.

  368. Donna Brazille getting pepper sprayed. Should they not have used a gallon of Raid instead.

    I hope they got her good and proper.

  369. Illinois unemployment rates jumps to 7.3%

    Illinois employers eliminated a total of 9,700 jobs statewide during the month of July, state officials said today, pushing the Illinois unemployment rate leaped from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent — the state’s highest jobless level in almost 15 years.

    The national unemployment rate was 5.6 percent.

    Is this the change Obama believes in?

    So basically while he’s been running around trying to be President, his state that he’s supposed to work for has gone to shit.

  370. I can see it now, trust Obama with the economy, look at his own state which is falling to pieces under Obama and the Gov.

  371. “”Donna Brazille getting pepper sprayed.””

    She got pepper sprayed???????????


    Let us all say our thanks!!

    got a link?

  372. I have to say i laughed loud, couldnt happen to a nicer person.

    ST. PAUL — Donna Brazile was hit by pepper spray as she walked to the Xcel Center at the start of the Republican Convention here.

    The well-known Democratic pundit and strategist confirmed the incident, but declined to comment further. Protests outside the convention center led to 56 arrests earlier in the day.

  373. This is what the republicans are talking about today

    Barack Obama Would Back Daughters’ Abortion, “Don’t Punish Them With a Baby”. This seems to be a response to the baby attacks.

    Good, it highlights his hypocrisy.

  374. Obama says runing His Campaign equates with Palin’s Executive Experience (roflmao alert) This is sad, he has not got a clue.

    He first still thinks she’s only a mayor.

    Last night, Anderson Cooper asked Barack Obama about his experience – citing the argument that Gov. Sarah Palin actually has more executive experience as a mayor and then as Governor of Alaska. Here is how Obama answered (Notice he disses Palin’s hometown by calling it “Wa-silly” instead of “Wa-silla”) . . . (see video at link)

    Ed Morrissey at Hot takes this answer apart in superb fashion:

    Let’s take the last point first. Did Barack Obama pass legislation bearing his recommendations for emergency management? A list of “actions” taken by Obama in the wake of Katrina compiled by a supporter doesn’t exactly lend itself to that conclusion. Once one strips out all of the speeches, the actual legislative actions appear to mostly consist of adding his name as co-sponsor to the bills of others, and it’s unclear whether any of the bills Obama did introduce ever passed. . . .

    But the main point here is that Obama didn’t really answer the question, and he set up a straw man argument in response to Cooper. Governor Palin is, well, governor, and not currently the mayor of Wasila. As Governor, Palin operates a $9 billion budget, and manages $13 billion in revenue. Furthermore, she runs a government that employs 25,000 people.

    Obama blithely pretends that she’s still the mayor of “Wasilly” in order to boost himself. However, running for office isn’t executive experience, for one good reason: Obama isn’t the campaign manager. He has a CEO actually running the campaign, handling the budget, and managing the people while Obama makes the speeches.

    If this is Obama’s best response on the experience question, the attacks on Palin’s experience will have to stop, unless the campaign wants Obama to keep embarrassing himself while making it.

  375. Barack Obama thinks runing his campaign is more executive experience than Running the state of Alaska.

    We have now officially jumped the shark.

    I was speechless when i saw this, its incredulous beyond belief. I hope McCain just points this out and just laughs his head off, i mean the rest of us are.

  376. During the past few Presidential elections the GOP always dug into shortcomings of the Dems. But non could be classified as effective an ammunition as the ones they will use to win in NOvember ’08.
    Republicans knew from the outset that they will win if Hillary is not nominated and they haven’t started the real combat yet.

  377. Oh my, one shouldn’t wish bad on other people, but, this just made my day!!!! haha

    Obama campaign claiming he is more experienced then Palin is beyond ridiculous, it’s insulting!!!
    And the media is still playing his fiddle.

    Someone should pepper spray the entire MSM! Please God, let them wake up!!!!!!

  378. So in this respect, Cynthia McKinney and the porn star with big boobs that ran in 2004 are now qualified to be president.

  379. Morning all.
    Ya know, I HATE that I thought f this, but . . . .
    What if Palin was selected BECAUSE her daughter is pregnant and could serve as a raw and powerful symbol for the madness of media misogyny?
    I’m just saying.
    Bristol has been preggers for 5 months. Isn’t that about when McCain started his vp search? If Palin’s expectant daughter does serve provide a strategic angle in all this I’m sure it must have been run by palin and her family. What do you think?

  380. You know what Basil after everything that son of a bitch has done, i don’t care, as long as Obama is not elected.

  381. I’m really offended that he demeans experience like this.

    AC: Some Republican critics say, you don’t have the experience to handle a situation like this [Hurricane Gustav]. They’ve in fact said that Governor Palin has more executive experience as mayor of a small town and as governor of a big state like Alaska. What’s your response?

    BO: Well, you know, my understanding is that, uh, Governor Palin’s town of Wasilly [sic] has, uh, 50 employees, uh, uh, we’ve got 2500, uh, in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. Uh, uh, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. Uh, so I think that, uh, our ability to manage large systems, uh, and to, uh, execute, uh, I think has been made clear over the last couple of years. Uh, and certainly, in terms of, uh, the legislation that I’ve passed just dealing with this issue post-Katrina, uh, of how we handle emergency management. The fact that, uh, many of my recommendations were adopted and are being put in place, uh, as we speak indicates to extent to which we can provide the kinds of support and good service that the American people expect.

  382. Hey, moon.

    Think about it. What better way to highlight misogyny in a way no one in the country can fail to understand than by nominating a woman, waiting for the inevitable Misogynistic media smears and then trump that with the candidate’s daughter’s pregnancy, another reminder of the horrible double-standard women have endured for centuries.
    No mention, of course, about the young man.
    The victim card to the nth degree. Sure bypasses the race card and appeals to all Americans.
    Again, i hate to say this and it’s not like I think the repubs ARRANGED for her pregnancy but let’s face it. this aspect of the Palin narrative pushes sexism into the spotlight far more than what was done to HRC. And McCain evidently didn’t make his decisio until AFTER HRC was deprived the vp slot.

    My point is society is used to trashing ambitious women but to publiclly slaner a TEENAGER is and then bac, already in such shine a light everyone in AMerica can see by

  383. 😳

    Can’t see the text.
    Meant to say:
    My point is society is used to trashing ambitious women but to publicly slander a TEENAGER in national news is despicable. I think everyone can agree on that. And that could turn off even more voters to the sadistic left-wing dems and swing the election to JM.

  384. I said Earlier, its despicable and all this mysoginistic sexism has to be lanced like a boil.

    I hate to say this but Hillary needs to come out and denouce every bit of this behaviour or she is going to lose a massive amount of support.

  385. apparently moveon is offering 5000 dollars for anyone digging up dirt on Todd Palin, they really are creeps.

  386. Good Morning all.

    Since O is busy defending his experience against the VP choice, HRC needs to come out to debate McCain, as obviously O has been demoted. After all Biden, after viewing the video, might need some medical treatment someplace with Linsey L.

    Or is drinking one of those acceptable drugs for Politicians. I wonder if you tested them for drinking if half the congress might get thrown out.

    People taking new jobs, and some on the job are random tested for drugs to include booze.

  387. One of my former Dem people just sent me some get on the band wagon crap. Like the person posting above, I am beginning to address the Dems as former party.

    However, I will stay registered as a Dem through the next election just to make sure they understand how many Dems they have lost.

  388. Heres the best line i’ve heard to respond to Obama

    ” Unfortunately Governors can’t vote “present” when a decision is politically risky. They have to make a decision and take the heat.”

  389. Hehehehe.

    I’m a catch-and-release person. All teeny mice, chipmunks and squirrels are caught in have-a-heart traps and transported to
    someplace far enough away that they can’t wreak any more havoc on my cottage.

    If we can find a trap big enough, I suggest we lure the yeti with arugala-wrapped-twinkies and ship her off to Antartica.

  390. WTF? New Gallup poll shows HRC supporters increased to BHO from 65% to over 80% post-convention. Who the hell is defecting? Not PUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. ‘October Surprise’ Over Palin Investigation?
    “Likely Damaging” Report on Governor Scheduled for Release Days Before November Election

    Is the McCain campaign afraid of an ‘October surprise’ involving vice-presidential pick Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska?
    Alaska state senator Hollis French, who is running an investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin, says the McCain campaign is using stall tactics to prevent him from releasing his final report by Oct. 31st.
    The Alaska state senator running an investigation of Gov. Palin says the McCain campaign is using stall tactics to prevent him from releasing his final report by Oct. 31, four days before the November election.

    “It’s likely to be damaging to the Governor,” said Senator Hollis French, a Democrat, appointed the project manager for a bi-partisan State Senate Legislative Counsel Committee investigation of claims that Palin abused her office to get the Alaska public safety commissioner, Walt Monegan, fired.

  392. I can feel the excitement shifting. The crowds have changed for McCain. I would not have gone to see him if he came here, but I am now considereing it.

    In addition, even thought I don’t care for DB (Donna), I hate to see her maced. Unfortunately, although it might release anger, it gains her sympathy.

  393. Palin October Surprse?

    If that’s the case it’s time for the repubs to unload the big guns on BO.

    And now they’ll have a perfect excuse to do it.
    Hmmmmm. Wonder if that’s another strategy?

    BTW – i know we’re not supposed to talk about women’s fashion here but Cindy’s dress last night was fabulous!

  394. Also, anything bad you need to have come out now. It might be better if the results of that study can be rushed rather than held. Give it plenty of time to simmer down, like the Wright stuff.

  395. “They don’t want to hurt BO’s feelings, well what about the feelings of a 17 year old girl???”


    I’m waiting for the convention to end and the crisis with Gustav to be over. Then I do believe the RNC will start anihilating the opposition big time.

  396. curiosityhasme Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 9:55 am
    WTF? New Gallup poll shows HRC supporters increased to BHO from 65% to over 80% post-convention. Who the hell is defecting? Not PUMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That is still 20% not supporting BO. That is significant.

  397. Obama up 6 in Rasmussen release today.

    IMHO, Palin’s 17 year old daughter’s pregnant may turn off some independents even though it rally evengical right wing.

  398. nmf,

    Time to put the yeti out to pasture. ;evil:

    Glad to hear you’re sensing a shift in excitement away from BO.

  399. So I wonder how many VP and P candidates in the past have had one or more of their children have to get married (Sons or Daughters). In addition, how many VP or P candidates had to get married. Might be interesting.

  400. meioyingsu,
    I swear i don’t get the big deal about Bristol. She’s almost finished HS, it’s clear she’s helped her mom with raising her brothers and sisters, she’s engaged to the father, what else does anyone want? Apparently it’s a love match, not a shotgun wedding and in this day and age no parents, no matter how vigilant, can monitor a teen’s behavior 24/7. The Palin’s are handling this issue in a a dignified and compassionate manner.
    How friggin’ hypocritical it is of the left-wing loonies, the supposed champions of women’s rights, to be bashing a young girls’ sexuality while not using the same standards to judge men. Trashing teenagers should be out-of-bounds. The lovely Ms. Yeti apparently thinks it’s ‘fair game.’ Shouldn’t BO be firing her about now?

  401. no, meiyingsu, that is Obama’s pitiful little “convention bump”. Candidates always get convention bump – Kerry got 6%, Even sorry Dukakis got 6 or 8%. Kerry was up 20% in polls this time in 2004.

    Last Rasmussen had Bambi up 3%, now he’s 6%, so he got all of a 3% bump in ONE poll (others had none). Well, whoop-de-doo.

  402. I think Palin and her husband are to be commended for standing by their daughter. The alternative would be much worse in my opinion.

  403. Baloney. McCain vetted. The Republicans are not stupid, and even I knew about that trooper stuff long before McCain picked her. If I was smart enough to look into it, you can bet that McCain did.

    The Repub who is claiming report will be “damaging” is one of the corrupt bastards that Palin took DOWN in Alaska. A pro-McCain Repub yesterday said that when it all comes out, it is going to surprise people and be actually helpful to Palin.

    I would not assume that McCain is not a crafty enough old fox to not know EXACTLy what he is doing, here. He has been in politics a long time, and has had the very worst thrown at him with the “he has an illegitimate black baby” smear in 2000. He knows how nasty it can be. He is not naive. He vetted. And if he picked her anyway, I would bet my bottom dollar he has a reason.

  404. Well, clearly the baby stuff has hurt McCain in the short run, becuase the ras poll had him down to a 3 point lead post convention now 6 point. But I think it’s probably statistcal noise. Still BO’s to lose.

  405. nmf,

    That is just it. Everyone of them has a skeleton or two in their closets. Obama’s are much worse than Palen’s.

  406. HillaryforTexas,

    Absolutely! With the republican brand as bad as it is Obama should be up by double digits. Dukakis had a double digit lead at this point even though he went on to lose. And it was the BO kool aide drinkers who promised the big landslide. But he’s competing in the same handful of swing states that every dem competes in- he isn’t turning Georgia or NC blue like his campaign claimed he would.

  407. mj,

    Mccain will win in the end because GOP has a lof of stuff on BHO not because Mccain/Palin is a strong ticket.

  408. mj, McCain and the RNC will touch them, though. Wait and see. They have not even started yet.

    The Republican women are now fired up and pissed off, too. They were sleeping through all our primary, but just woke up. They have not even begun spreading the word about Bambi’s nasty secrets, but they will. They will be talking to every friend, relative, hairdresser, and neighbor in town. They will be e-mailing. Watch.

  409. I doubt McCain didn’t vet Palin. He’s just too smart not to have investigated her.

    BTW, just saw Greta interviewing Cindy and Laura and they were both so poised, so articulate in their support for Palin.

    And (dare i mention it) they both looked terrific!

  410. What needs to happen is for Sarah, not a surrogate , to come out and slam the people who keep furthering the argument that she’s only the mayor of Wasilla. SHE needs to come out with both guns blasting, otherwise, she’s going to look like she’s weak and needs others to defend her.

  411. I think the plan is not to say anything now, they are waiting for her speech tomorrow, i think she’ll blow them all away then.

  412. Over night, four new polls were released showing Obama up 9, 7, 8, and 6 respectively. The Rasmussen Tracker jumped from Obama +3 the last two day to Obama +6. The other three national polls are not trackers.
    from redstate,

    Importantly, all four polls were taken after the DNC and after the Palin announcement. Contrary to the budding optimistic view that Palin stole the DNC bounce away (based on some movement in tracking polls), it seems Obama received a decent 6-8 point bounce.

    The Palin pick is still recent and most people have not solidified their views of her; however, it seems the selection has not swung swing voters. As excited as conservative activists are, they were already willing to vote McCain if perhaps unenthusiastically. Palin may eventually help the fight for swing voters but showing competence in unscripted interviews, but she could end up being an electoral liability if she comes off as not knowing or understanding national issues. Fortunately, in the end, people don’t vote based on VPs

  413. Idunn, I think she will. I think that JohhnyMac and Sarah are sitting quiet, letting this bashing paint her as something horrible to all those people who never heard of her (which is most of the country). The media is so stupid, they are painting a ridiculous caricature of “bimbo redneck know-nothing”. People get curious (human nature) and millions tune in to her convention speech.

    Then she knocks it out of the park, and all those people sit back and think, “Wow. This lady is nothing like those idjits on teevee were saying. What morons! Why do they hate on this nice lady?”


  414. No source, saw it on a blog, but FUNNY if it is true!

    A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she’d be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she’d be facing, etc.:

    Palin: “Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull?”
    McCain aide: “No, Governor.”

    Palin: “A hockey mom wears lipstick.”

  415. ROFLMAO

    Anyone else think Sarah is sitting back and letting the bitriol out and then calmly swoop in and take them to pieces once they’ve spewed.

    Its sometimes best to do that. Its best not to dive in there without a game plan.

  416. Moononpluto:

    I agree: Bill and/or Hill need to say something about attacking a 17yr old.
    Their silence would be used as supporting the attack…

  417. I can see Gov Palin and her husband sitting down and doing the Barbara Walters thing, it will blow them all out of the water, just like Bill and Hill did in 92.

  418. Agreed, MP. It sickens me. So 9, 8, 7, and 6. That’s an average of about 7 points for BO. Amazes me. But there you have it.

  419. moonpluto, lots of bloggers from Alaska, who saw her in action when she went up against corruption and a Republican machine that hated her, keep saying DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS WOMAN. They don’t call her barracuda for nothing.

  420. Anyone want to hazard a guess that the pollsters are in the tank for bambi and waited until after the weekend anouncement to shove Bambi’s figures up.

    I find those numbers very hard to believe, like Gallup yesterday, its poll included only a 26% republican sample, so they are oversampling democrats.

  421. mj, the thing I don’t get is they are not pointing out where those polls were BEFORE the convention. They are shaping the narravtive to favor him.

    If Obama was up 3%, and now he’s up 6%, that is NOT a “6% bounce”. That is a 3% bounce. Calling it a 6% bounce is a flat out lie.

  422. Yep. Look at those polls. A lot of them are sampling WAY more Dems than Repubs, and few Indies.

    They are trying to help Bambi out.

  423. Same with Rassmussen, i mean look at this

    For September, the targets are 39.7% Democrat, 32.1% Republican, and 28.2% unaffiliated (see party trends and analysis). For the month of August, the targets were 40.6% Democrat, 31.6% Republican, and 27.8% unaffiliated.

    They are polling 10% more democrats than Republicans, that is not an equal balance.

  424. During August, the number of Americans who consider themselves to be Republicans increased two percentage points to 33.2% while the number of Democrats was little changed at 38.9%.

    That gives the Democrats a net advantage of 5.7 percentage points, down two points from a month ago and down significantly from the double digit advantage they enjoyed in April and May.

    Dems have lost a massive advantage, people signing up as republicans in huge numbers but Dems are losing them.

  425. I haven’t had the courage to peek at daily kos but after hearing about some of the vile, nasty comments I am sickened that I ever considered myself a democrat.
    Between kos, BM and Brazile saying that Palin’s kids were fair game, and no-one stopping them, I can never again identify with this party.

    After my protest vote on 11/4 as a dem voting repub I will switch to Indie.

  426. moon,

    “CBS poll yesterday was 26% Rep, 39% Dem and 35% Indie and had Obama up 8%.”

    DUHHHHHHHH! I wonder why BO’s up 8? Could it possible be coz 13% more dems than repubs were polled?

  427. The RCP avg has BO at +6. That’s after the greatest speech ever and the media hype around it. That’s not good and will be all but erased after the republican convention. I don’t know about anyone else but I’d throw out the Hotline and CBS/New York Times polls as The Gallup, Rasmussen, and CNN polls seem more realistic. Seeing as how Obama was tied with McCain going into the convention he was going to get some movement in the polls just like all candidates do after their convention. Unfortunately for him it won’t last very long.

  428. Now you see whats up with the polls, they are weighted in the dems favour. Its doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that if your poll includes 10 to 15% more Dems than Repubs then you aint going to get a fair result.

    So these national polls are complete bull.

  429. The media is so stupid, they are painting a ridiculous caricature of “bimbo redneck know-nothing”.

    The Dems are doing the same thing. And this could mean big trouble, imo. If they lower expectations enough, she only has to be reasonable competent to look good. If she actually knows her shit, and is tough as nails…look out.

  430. Lil Ole Grape, beautiful tribute to admin.

    Admin, we greatly appreciate your leadership and direction.

    Will Zorro ever remove the mask? Who was that superhero?

  431. Bounce? Pothole?

    From yahoo:

    Obama’s bounce smaller than others…and gradually depreciating.

    Heh, heh.

  432. There are more Democrats than Republicans.

    If McCain wants to win he had better lurch left and run on restoring the fiscal policies of the 90’s, otherwise he deserves to lose. When unemployment is over 5% the ruling Party gets tossed out on their ass and they deserve it.

  433. Obama on this morning trying to temper his attackdogs saying family should be off limit he knows that those Whitey Tapes are out there.

    But he sends them out to attack first then he comes out with the its not nice message.

  434. Uh-Bama:

    The dude has a problem thinking coherently and speaking in complete uh-, um sentences.

    Now that Hillary person, on the other hand…

    # moononpluto Says:
    September 2nd, 2008 at 8:53 am

    BO: Well, you know, my understanding is that, uh, Governor Palin’s town of Wasilly [sic] has, uh, 50 employees, uh, uh, we’ve got 2500, uh, in this campaign. I think their budget is maybe $12 million a year. Uh, uh, we have a budget of about three times that just for the month. Uh, so I think that, uh, our ability to manage large systems, uh, and to, uh, execute, uh, …..

  435. Highlights from the article rgb posted.

    The Gallup daily tracking poll has found that since the conclusion of the convention, Obama has risen 4 percentage points in the polls, to lead McCain 49 percent to 43 percent today. That’s a slightly smaller uptick in the polls than the 5- to 6-point bounce earned by a typical party nominee, by Gallup’s measure, since 1964. Obama and McCain were evenly split at 45 percentage points apiece prior to the Democratic convention, according to Gallup.
    That outcome comes despite Obama’s speech before more than 80,000 people at Invesco Field in Denver on Thursday night, a political event that was also seen by about 40 million television viewers. It also comes as the Republican convention quietly got under way in St. Paul, and the national media gaze focuses southward to Hurricane Gustav.
    . . , it appears that the post-convention bounce he earned may have already peaked.
    . . . Obama’s bounce is less than a third of what Al Gore received in 2000 and Bill Clinton received in 1992. Even Bob Dole, following the 1996 Republican convention, received a 4-point bounce in the polls, 1 point more than Obama.
    . A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll and a Zogby Interactive flash poll, both completed over the weekend, have found the presidential race is in a dead heat. According to both polls, Obama attained no statistically significant convention bounce.
    . . . . the presumptive Republican nominee will now come into the Republican convention with his best opportunity yet to break through his own ceiling and take a lead in the presidential race.

  436. Reposting this because i think its important

    Illinois unemployment rates jumps to 7.3%

    Illinois employers eliminated a total of 9,700 jobs statewide during the month of July, state officials said today, pushing the Illinois unemployment rate leaped from 6.8 percent to 7.3 percent — the state’s highest jobless level in almost 15 years.

    The national unemployment rate was 5.6 percent.

    Is this the change Obama believes in?

    So basically while he’s been running around trying to be President for the last 3 years, his state that he’s supposed to work for has gone to shit and whats he done about it, ZERO!

    mcCain needs to shoot off a few ads

    “Obama says he can manage the economy but look at his state, Illinois, crime up, unemployment over 7.3% and Sen Obama’s been missing in action in the Senate for the state he was voted to serve. Thats change you dont want.”

  437. rgb44hrc,
    BO is underperforming in my opinion. The way to measure Obama’s post convention poll numbers is to compare them with the previous democratic nominees. I did a little research: After the dems 1988 convention Dukakis lead Bush by seven points. But after the repubs convention GHW Bush had a four point lead. His lead actually grew by eight points a month later. And of course he won the presidency. Clinton in 1992 got a 23 pt lead over Bush 41 and in 1996 he was 10pts ahead of Dole. Al Gore also got a double digit bounce from his convention in 2000. Kerry only got a single digit bounce from 2004- he was ahead by 6pts in a WP/ABC poll.

  438. I find it interesting that some democrats are telling the republicans how to run their campaign.

    I don’t put any stock in the polls because sooner of later they start with the funny numbers sticks and overpoll Obama. It didn’t work against Hillary and it won’t work now.

    Obama keep demeaning small town and bitter dumb people in those towns…over and over again.

  439. The press has been unreal over Palin’s daughter. I wanted to punch Campbell Brown on CNN last night. What a difference a year makes me defending a Republican!!!

  440. moon, I sooooooo want Palin to say something like

    “I’d like Senator Obama to explain how the lives of the people of Illinois have changed for the better since he was elected to serve them.” Because here is how the lives of Alaskans have improved under my administration.” And start ticking the accomplishments off. “I did not use my office as a mere stepping stone to greater glory. I served my constituents, as I was elected to do, and that is exactly what I would do as Vice President.”

  441. BTW, please don’t attack me for this, but part of me questions why Palin would accept the VP job knowing the media would make hay over her daughter’s pregnancy. Why would you put your family through that?

    One of the things I love most about Hillary is how she protected her daughter; Chelsea wouldn’t be the wonderful young woman she is today without her mother’s vigilance in that area.

  442. BTW, please don’t attack me for this, but part of me questions why Palin would accept the VP job knowing the media would make hay over her daughter’s pregnancy. Why would you put your family through that?

    Maybe her daughter said “Go for it, Mom!” Maybe the Palins feel SP can make a real difference in the world, and that’s more important than tabloid gossip? Maybe they just feel this is a family matter and no-ones damned business? Who can say?

  443. Paula maybe she thinks she can actually do some good for this country and frankly why should she be ashamed and turn it down.

    I’m quite sure Sarah talked to her children and asked them, if they can support her in doing this before giving a final answer.

    The girls 17, she can handle, if she’s old enough to handle being pregnant, she’s old enough to handle this, besides she doesnt have to be that involved, i suspect she’ll go back soon and stay with her partner and grandparents until the election.

  444. Paula, the campaign needs to tell the media that the kids are off limits, like the Clinton’s did with Chelsea, and Diana did with Will and Harry. They are underage. Someone needs to put a stop to it. This is child abuse.

  445. Thanks ADMIn for the great work!…

    NO WAY, NOW HOW, and I will never vote for the car salesman (HUSSEIN Obama)…


    HRC 2012

  446. Paula,
    Because you can’t allow those people to intimidate you. Hillary knew the media had it in for her and Bill but she decided to run anyway- first for Senate then for the democratic nomination. If she hadn’t those pigs would have won, they would have had control over her. The fact that she is impervious to these hacks & understood that it is voters who have the final say only further enraged them more.

  447. I just feel terrible for the young woman, that’s all. Her privacy has been blown to smithereens. I’m not talking about her mother being ashamed; she shouldn’t be. It’s just that the media in this country is so hideous.

  448. ADMIN..THANKS for the great work, please keep it up…..

    I will NEVER vote for the car salesman (HUSSEIN Obama)….NEVER

    PUMA in affect.

    HRC 2012

  449. birdgal, Sarah issued a statement like that when she disclosed her daughter’s pregnancy, but of course no media paid attention.

    Also, I know Sarah is tough, like Hillary. But Hillary has 16 years’ experience dealing with this crap, and Sarah has not. This is a baptism by fire for her.

  450. Paula

    I understand what you are saying. I have two daughters of my own, and I am a career person. I would have asked them. But on the other hand, I raised the to be tough as Nails. I would expect them to tell me go for it.

    You have to ask yourself if this would have been Palin’s son having gotten his girlfriend 5 months pregnant at this point, would we be discussing it.

  451. Paula,

    I know people are having a hard time excepting reality but Hillary is not on the Democratic? Taliban Party ticket…and will not be on the ticket because she was swifted boated by the DNC and Democratic Leadership.

    I love Hillary but the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY does not own my vote, nor do I do ABUSE.

    Country before Party!!!

    The Democratic? Taliban Party can’t get mad because John McCain put Sarah Palin on his ticket and act like Hillary was entitled to it…NO, the dems made their choice and I didn’t see the Dems STANDING UP and FIGHTING this crap of SEXISM and MYSOGINY. In fact the DNC, LEADERSHIP use this and racism as a campaign tactic.

    Re: Donna Brazile…she is a CNN pundit so she was at the RNC as media. For her to get pepperspray…she had to be where the protesters where at.

    The people of St. Paul, MN must be upset to see those gangs of agitators doing all that damage to their city. Most of the groups involved are known Hard Left supporters. I wonder how this is coming across in the MN local news stations?

  452. I’m pretty sure the republicans that wanted her our of the way pretty much dug up everything they could when she ran for Gov, there may be absolutely nothing more out there.

  453. Maybe thats why the Dems are so furious because there is absolutely no other dirt on the woman and they can’t stand it.

  454. All this talk of bounces, folks this makes no difference, he has gamed the voting machines. I will bet those voting machines are strategical placed in states that will give him 270 ev.
    Hillary has told us in a round about way in asking us to man the polls. She told us we need to have poll watchers.
    I don’t know my schedule yet in November, but we all must be diligent, otherwise maybe I should go into the burka business!

  455. BTW, What poll has Obama ahead by nine?

    I believe if McCain comes out of the convention tied with Obama or within a few points, he’s in good shape. And that should be very doable.

  456. McCain camp responds

    “For Barack Obama to argue that he’s experienced enough to be president because he’s running for president is desperate circular logic and it’s laughable. It is a testament to Barack Obama’s inexperience and failing qualifications that he would stoop to passing off his candidacy as comparable to Governor Sarah Palin’s executive experience managing a budget of over 10 billion dollar dollars, and more than 24,000 employees.”

    – Tucker Bounds, spokesman John McCain 2008

  457. I looked into becoming a poll observer, and what that requires. You just have to attend one class (I think)…a few hours, fill out the appropriate paperwork, and show up to the polling station on election day. Both Hubby and I are going to get involved. He will probably become a poll worker, and I will most likely go with Observer.

    If you become a poll WORKER, which is different from Observer or Monitor , some states actually pay you.

  458. I’m not surprised nor dismay at this point of the campaign. McCain and Palin was smart to get it out now and don’t use the DEMOCRATIC Taliban PARTY example of John Edwards.

    The issue is in front of the voters and they will debate it and make their decisions…but TEAM OBAMA is hurting their own base with young votes, especially young female voters who will see this as HYPOCRITICAL of the media.

    Palin spokeperson need to reiterate Gov. Palin’s statement instead of playing into CNN & MSNBC hypocrisy. They are in the tank and have been misstating Gov. Palin positions.

    The MSM and Team Obama hate people of faith because their actions has been outrageous!

  459. Poll workers are hired by the Election polls. I our state they contract some of it out, and those workers get paid more than those they hire from the different parties.

    Poll workers have a couple of hours training by the voter registration office of the county, and the poll watchers are usually trained by the party.

    Early voting in some states means you can work up to two weeks before, round 7 hour days, and earn a nice sum of money. In our state if you worked early voting you then got to work voting day at the warehouse.

    I pull in about $1,000.00 as our election took several additonal days to figure out.

  460. I have done poll working twice now.
    My biggest fear on voter fraud is in swing states that do not require voter ids.
    If soneone knew that such ans such is not going to vote this year, some one could masqueraade as them and go vote for them. That is why even if we do not vote for BO, it is important for us to go and vote.
    And also DO NOT leave the POTUS blank…who knows some one inside the poll center could rig it. Fill in with something…if you do not want anybody…put your OWN name…that would be better.
    in some states, if you put hillary’s name, it would count towards BO as they are on the party….discretion of the election judges…etc etc…

  461. National Post Editorial Board: McCain turns Gustav into an asset
    Posted: September 02, 2008, 9:30 AM by Kelly McParland

  462. It amazes me that the Obama team still can’t realize how foolish it is to keep comparing his experience with that of the republican VICE PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE!

  463. i dont know why everybody is freaking out about palin, they didnt pick her for no reason… i have a feeling she is tougher than crap. woman are as you should know by now… she’s alot like us i think. she will fight like shit against wrong doing. i say good for her, i am personally looking forward to the day, when she takes the stage, and says shame on you democrats… SHAME ON YOU! she has alot of right on her side. and i think she is going to be a lion protecting her cub…

  464. Admin:

    Please give us a few hint or clues to who you really are…where you live, was born etc. I know you want to remain anon but let us have some fun at guessing who you are!!!

  465. If the Reps with Bush were able to distroy a 20% lead in the polls, then McCain is ahead of the game.

    What can get you is fear. McCain has been a POW and faced fear head on. I am sure there are times he thought he was going to die.

    Obama, however, is facing the biggest fear of his life. (Let’s face it at 46 with no Executive experience, I be shitting my pants). People who are fearful, throw everything in the book at you.

    Yes, it might be very embarrassing for the 17 year old, but it is going to be much harder raising that child. Her mother standing up for her I think means a lot (to her and to us). If she will stand up for her daughter at some embarrassment to herself, then she will stand up against anything she thinks is wrong for the country, even if it is embarrassing to admit.

  466. carby,

    absolutely… ditto…

    “Country before Party!!!

    The Democratic? Taliban Party can’t get mad because John McCain put Sarah Palin on his ticket and act like Hillary was entitled to it…NO, the dems made their choice and I didn’t see the Dems STANDING UP and FIGHTING this crap of SEXISM and MYSOGINY. In fact the DNC, LEADERSHIP use this and racism as a campaign tactic.”

  467. Actually, Kerry was never ahead by 20 percent over Bush. But even the worst GOP convention gives its candidate some bounce, so I predict McCain will be about even with Obama a week from now. Considering where the GOP thought he’d be two months ago, that’s astonishing.

  468. admin,

    for my part, i would like you to join in more with the ongoing discussions. you have alot of experience in politics, and it would be great to argue issues with you… 😀

  469. Wouldn’t it be cool if the McCain camp chooses to bash the media because of the incessant vetting of Sarah, and yet they never vetted Obama, and contrast and compare the two.
    That would be totally embarrassing for the media. I would laugh my ass off!

  470. I would like to thank you as well…a great site that helped me keep my sanity during this fraud of an election.

  471. Couple of thoughts about the polls:

    1) Rasmussen has Obama up 6 today…in all likelihood, this will be his high-water mark, and McCain will get a bounce from his convention. We should be about tied in a week’s time.

    2) Yes, a lot of these polls are interviewing more Democrats than Republicans as moononpluto pointed out, but also keep in mind that there are simply more Democrats than there are Republicans in America right now. I’m not sure if there are 10% more, but there are more… just to play devil’s advocate.

    3) McCain’s trending in the right direction in all the crucial swing-state polls — Florida, Ohio, etc. This is more important than the national polls

  472. # meiyingsu Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    it does raise the question that she spend a lot of time at work but less time with family.

    On that count, can we get a man-hours count on how much time Obama spends “raising their children”, who are not yet adults?

    If someone retorts that Michelle is the mother raising the kids:

    a) Ms. Palin’s husband is a stay-at-home dad
    b) doesn’t Michelle spend endless hours at her job at the Chicago hospital where she has lots of responsibilities and pulls down like $200,000plus? Or if she’s pulling down such a good salary, but “doesn’t have to spend too much time, so I can raise my keeds”, then is this a patronage job that should be investigated?

  473. I never quiet understood why RBC did not like that the Florida democrats held strong against republican domination to get us voting machines with a paper trail. MAYBE that is exactly what Dean/Brazile/Pelosi did not want. Florida is a huge swing state and if they could game it with voting machine without paper trails, they knew they could win!! Think about it!!

  474. OK..I feel I like gossipping…

    a “hillary supporter” and a big gossipper in my circle from northern californnia told me that this site was started
    by a friend of one of a congresswoman from northern california!! My friend was surprised that I did not know this.

  475. meiyingsu, Palin’s husband has retired from the Alaska oil company when she became GOv. Just wanted to clear that up!

  476. 2) Yes, a lot of these polls are interviewing more Democrats than Republicans as moononpluto pointed out, but also keep in mind that there are simply more Democrats than there are Republicans in America right now. I’m not sure if there are 10% more, but there are more… just to play devil’s advocate.

    That’s a DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY talking point!

    Don’t believe the fiction…The Polls Overpolls Obama…they did it constantly in the Primary against Hillary with overpolling Obama for the p.r. goals.

    The big # is INDEPENDENTS a group which is LARGER then both parties. On all the polls listed the independent # was laughable.

  477. Hi Hillfriends…

    I think Palin is really going to surprise a lot of the lefties that are dismissing her…I have heard her speak a few times and this woman is smart and articulate…she speaks fluidly…one sentence to the next…none of the uh, uh, uh, from Obama…when she finishes speaking, whether you agree with her or not…you understand what she said…

    personally I think she is going to give a great speech at the repub convention and surprise many people when she debates Biden…

    I would actually love to see her debate OBAMA so we could really see where the ‘experience’ meme plays out…with no teleprompter or rigged moderators for Obama…

    …either way…when Palin gets to make her mark…many dems are going to be wondering “Where is Hillary?’ and ‘Why isn’t Hillary part of our ticket?”

    the dems are tone deaf to women…and some of the biggest wackos in the dem party are beginning to show themselves as Dem female bloggers…

    they are positioning themselves to only care about Democratic women, instead of the democratic notion of caring about all women…

  478. OHIO: When “leaners” are included in the totals, McCain leads Obama 48% to 43%. Full demographic crosstabs are available for Premium Members. Time is running out to save on Premium Memberships. Sign up now and save. Learn More.
    Florida = Florida: McCainOut Front 46% to 43%

  479. Berkeley Vox

    Someone said earlier (Hillary4Texas I think) to look at where a particular poll was before the convention to measure any bounce & whether or not there was significant movement. A poster at Redstate had this

    Hotline – a 5 pt bounce

    CNN – a 1 point bounce

    Gallup- 4 pt bounce & CBS/NYT has a 2 pt jump from their previous poll

    CBS shows a 2-point bounce

  480. So he works for an oil company.
    They provide jobs, and energy for the country.

    An honest job for honest pay! THERE is nothing wrong with that.

    For god’s sake, he is a production control person not a big shot for BP.

  481. t4h, Are those OH and FL polls new?

    As for party ID difference, I’ve read that a 7 or 8 percent Dem advantage is pretty accurate. So any poll that samples 13 percent more Dems than Repubs is going to give Obama inflated numbers.

  482. You know the name Carly Fiorina. Fortune crowned her America’s top businesswoman. She not only has great credits, she also has perfect makeup, good clothes and a great handbag. This nifty-looking blonde was VP of AT&T, launched Lucent (then civilization’s most successful IPO) and went on to become chairwoman/CEO of Hewlett Packard until the board stuck a shiv in her Chanel.

    A McCain adviser, she and I had a little talk. Carly said: “With my title as Sen. McCain’s ‘victory chairman,’ I have my own skybox at the convention. Such a skybox is usually filled with the party faithful. However, instead of all devoted Republicans, what you will meet in my individual skybox is many Democrats.”

    I stared at her. She was telling me something but, not being overly bright, I just wasn’t sure what.

    “And at this moment,” added Carly, “Nobody – but you – knows this.”

    For some reason – lack of time, lack of a proper spot to get together quickly, lack of I don’t exactly know what – this hastily put-together meeting was in a small car. A moving car. She had a driver. It was Carly, a staffer, me in the middle scrunched up tight with pad and pencil, jammed into the back seat. Driving around the streets.

    “Look, in terms of Democratic women, there’s an intensity of feeling that the party passed them over. I’ve not been politically active before. Never had an affiliation before. Didn’t even know the key issues. But John McCain asked me to reach out because I can talk about economy and I can talk about women’s issues, so I got involved.

    “I’m meeting with these women everywhere – Colorado, Ohio, Nevada, Scranton, Penn., where Joe Biden’s so big. Every important swing state, every place where Hillary ran big. Not New York because we may not win New York.

    “These women are right now being told, ‘The party doesn’t own your vote.’

    “And because of what happened to me at Hewlett Packard, women empathize with me the same way they empathize with Hillary. We’re both fighters.”

    So, Carly, about these women you’re reaching out to. They’re not Republicans you’re massing for McCain? They’re all Democrats?

    “Yes. I’m a primary advocate, but a very public spokesperson in getting new votes. Pulling Democratic women’s votes into the Republican fold. I am infiltrating the Democratic Party. Going behind the lines. However, I’m not an enemy. I’m helping them. They’re welcoming me, delighted to learn about issues that concern women. Especially the economy. After all, women start small businesses. And, don’t forget, we women are the majority.”

    So Hillary knows this?

    “I’m not sure I know that answer. I can’t say whether Hillary knows or not.”

    As much as I could squiggle around in my tiny space to face her, I did. “So, basically, what are you saying?” I asked.

    “Look, put it this way. Hillary’s people are working with me. My people are meeting with Democratic activists, Hillary activists, party activists who have been in her campaign. We’re going to places where Hillary won handily. Specifically targeting those areas. And before Obama’s expected bounce from the Democratic convention, you’ll notice John McCain’s numbers were creeping up.

    “That was all because of us. What we’re doing. The inroads he’s making are with Democratic women. It’s grass-roots. We’re connecting with the undecideds. We began to reach out as soon as Hillary lost.”

    So, Carly, hon, does Hillary know or not?

    Carly Fiorina’s diamond and pearl earrings bobbled as she turned head-on to me. “People very very close to Hillary are heavily involved in this operation. And I just had lunch with a huge Hillary supporter who’s onboard.”

    And how might she and this team plan to handle the Republican candidate’s biggest hurdle with women – abortion.

    “Abortion is a scare tactic. The Democratic Party has used Roe v. Wade to hold women hostage. There are many issues concerning women that must also be addressed – security, education, health care. We have to help them get over this hurdle.

    “We’re co-opting Democratic operatives who will not be turning out votes for Obama. The Democrats will realize how effective we were the day after the election. And lots of the big-time organizing and heavy-duty financing for our singular effort has come through the fine hand of people very well known to Mrs. Clinton.”

    Carly Fiorina’s consorting with the enemy is somehow gaining members. One particular ladies lunch in Denver had hundreds of women. I was allowed to attend. I was not allowed to write about it.

    Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina . . . Camp McCain is clearly staking out the female vote.

  483. ADMIN,

    you know, i have a lot of questions for you…
    i assume they will be answered in time, but it would
    be nice to have these discussions.

    i know you dont like mccain, but i know you are revolted by obama… so i know you wont advocate us voting obama… but what will you advocate? will you break down and vote republican this time? no, i guess not… what do you think of palin? i know you are concerned with replacing the democrats that cheated us, but its kinda looking like, 90% of dems, are now backing obama in the leadership…

    and anyway, that is the longterm view, and i agree with it. but what about the immediate future? what we do this november, could change the world…
    if you dont like mccain and palin, will you let us promote them here? no i guess not…

    look i dont like this whole new turn of events, we are in a position i never thought we would be in. but here we are, we need to think fast on our feet, what is your gameplan admin? you could set the tone, where you lead, many have followed. i know what i will do, but i want to know where big pink is going…

  484. there is nothing wrong the Palin’s husband works at oil company. I just state the fact that he is not a stay-home-dad as somebody posted.

    September 2, 2008
    Doesn’t it seem odd that the media is talking about Sarah Palin’s daughter, but the media refused to talk about John “bathroom-hider” Edwards, his affair, his love child, or the fact his wife knew about all of this and still campaigned for him

    September 1, 2008
    Today Joe Biden said, again, that HE is the one running for president. And yet, no one in the media calls Biden senile or confused, when he’s obviously, at least, CONFUSED

  487. I am disappointed by…..not a word on this sexism against Palin.
    They said they would not stand that for ANY womann regardless of party.

  488. texan4hillary – I would imagine the “huge Hillary supporter” must be John Coale. wonder if Geraldine Ferraro will be a stealth Dem for McCain…hmmm. Anyway, the below is a comment from NQ; I couldn’t have said it better. I am angry at the women who support Obama who are relegating themselves to 2nd class citizens:

    From the article above, You can juggle a BlackBerry and a breast pump in a lot of jobs, but not in the vice presidency, said Christina Henry de Tessan, a mother of two in Portland, Ore., who supports Mr. Obama.

    Hey, that’s awesome, Christina Henry de Tessan. Guess what de Tessan? You are a FUCKING LOSER. Who the hell are you to tell any mother what she can and can not do? I have news for you de Tessan, 1912 is calling, so please go back.

    And let me give a hearty shout out to all the women who continue to support Obama, and all the women “insulted” by the choice of Palin. FUCK YOU. You vote for Obama in November and you vote yourself to be a second class citizen.

    Hillary Clinton gave all of us the best chance to have a leader in the Oval Office. And women for Obama shat all over it, for mysterious and assinine reasons. Now there is another chance to stand up for WOMEN and yet again, some bots and misguided Dems want to shit all over it. The Republican Party noticed that 18 million people voted for Hillary and decided to put a competent female on their ticket in response. Whether or not you follow their ideologies, the Republican Party deemed women IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO COURT. This is an insult? You know what I personally find insulting? We have had lackeys and dipshits in office since time began and women still voted for them because they were party loyalists. Enough already.

    Someone mentioned that the perfect candidate died on a cross two thousand years ago. If you are waiting and waiting and waiting for the “right woman,” you will be waiting another 2,000 years. Stop voting against yourselves and trying to live up to impossible standards and start accepting what is now possible. Thanks!

  489. Where’s the outrage

    I don’t see the MSM going nuts about Biden’s son and Brother basically laundering money for Biden from MBNA and subsqeuently taking money from lobbyists on a bill that Biden was voting on.

    Nope they’d rather go after a 17yr old pregnant girl.

    Absolutely fucking shocking.

  490. How Obama lost the election
    Asia Times

    DENVER – Senator Barack Obama’s acceptance speech last week seemed vastly different from the stands of this city’s Invesco Stadium than it did to the 40 million who saw it on television. Melancholy hung like think smog over the reserved seats where I sat with Democratic Party staffers. The crowd, of course, cheered mechanically at the tag lines, flourished placards, and even rose for the obligatory wave around the stadium. But its mood was sour. The air carried the acrid smell of defeat, and the crowd took shallow breaths. Even the appearance of R&B great Stevie Wonder failed to get the blood pumping.

    The speech itself dragged on for three-quarters of an hour. As David S Broder wrote in the Washington Post: “[Obama’s] recital of a long list of domestic promises could have been delivered by any Democratic nominee from Walter Mondale to John Kerry. There was no theme music to the speech and really no phrase or sentence that is likely to linger in the memory of any listener. The thing I never expected did in fact occur: Al Gore, the famously wooden former vice president, gave a more lively and convincing speech than Obama did.”

    On television, Obama’s spectacle might have looked like The Ten Commandments, but inside the stadium it felt like Night of the Living Dead. The longer the candidate spoke, and the more money he promised to spend on alternative energy, preschool education, universal health care, and other components of the Democratic pinata, the lower the party professionals slouched into their seats. The professionals I sat with were Hillary Clinton people, to be sure, and had reason to sulk, for an Obama victory might do them little good in any event.

    The Democrats were watching the brightest and most articulate presidential candidate they have fielded since John F Kennedy snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. And this was before John McCain, in a maneuver worthy of Admiral Chester Nimitz at the Battle of Midway, turned tables on the Democrats’ strategy with the choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

    Speaking to Obama supporters on the periphery of the big event, I was startled by the rapturous devotion elicited by the junior senator from Illinois. He is no symbol for identity politics, no sacrifice on the altar of white guilt, but the most gifted persuader of individuals that I have encountered in any country’s politics, as well as a powerful orator on the grand stage. This is not a crowd phenomenon nor a fad, but the response of hundreds of people to an individual.

    I sat in on a session with three leaders of Veterans for Obama, a group of retired young officers who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, courtesy of the New Republic’s writer on the scene, David Samuels. With passion and enthusiasm, these young people spoke of their hopes for nation-building in Iraq. The George W Bush administration should have put twice the resources into the beleaguered country, they harangued me – not just soldiers, but agronomists, traffic cops, lawyers, judges, and physicians. The Department of Agriculture should have mobilized, along with the Department of Justice.

    Nation-building? Doubling down on the US commitment to Iraq? Isn’t that trying to out-Bush the Bush administration, while Obama campaigned on getting out of Iraq and spending the money on programs at home? Unblinking, one of the soldiers said, “That’s what we think Barack will do.” They believed in a more expensive version of the administration’s program, and faulted Bush for half measures – and somehow they believed that Obama really agreed with them, all the public evidence to the contrary. And they believed in Barack with perfect faith.

    Gandalf’s warnings about the irresistible voice of the wizard Saruman in J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings come to mind. If these battle-hardened veterans of America’s wars fell so easily under the spell of Obama’s voice, who can withstand it? Obama’s persuasive powers, though, are strongest when channeled through the empathy of his interlocutor. Everyone believes that Obama feels his pain, shares his dream, and will fight his fight and heal his ills. But that is everyone as an individual. Add all the individuals up into a campaign platform, and it turns into three-quarters of an hour worth of promises that echo all the ghosts of conventions past.

    Obama will spend the rest of his life wondering why he rejected the obvious road to victory, that is, choosing Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential nominee. However reluctantly, Clinton would have had to accept. McCain’s choice of vice presidential candidate made obvious after the fact what the party professionals felt in their fingertips at the stadium extravaganza yesterday: rejecting Clinton in favor of the colorless, unpopular, tangle-tongued Washington perennial Joe Biden was a statement of weakness. McCain’s selection was a statement of strength. America’s voters will forgive many things in a politician, including sexual misconduct, but they will not forgive weakness.

    That is why McCain will win in November, and by a landslide, barring some unforeseen event. Obama is the most talented and persuasive politician of his generation, the intellectual superior of all his competitors, but a fatally insecure personality. American voters are not intellectual, but they are shrewd, like animals. They can smell insecurity, and the convention stank of it. Obama’s prospective defeat is entirely of its own making. No one is more surprised than Republican strategists, who were convinced just weeks ago that a weakening economy ensured a Democratic victory.

    Biden, who won 3% of the popular vote in the Democratic presidential primary in his home state of Delaware, and 1% or less in every other contest he entered, is ballot-box poison. Obama evidently chose him to assuage critics who point to his lack of foreign policy credentials. That was a deadly error, for by appearing to concede the critics’ claim that he knows little about foreign policy, Obama raised questions about whether he is qualified to be president in the first place. He had a winning alternative, which was to pick Clinton. That would have sent a double message: first, that Obama is tough enough to make the slippery Clintons into his subordinates, and second, that he is generous enough to extend a hand to his toughest adversary in the cause of unity.

  491. Great article on Carly. I hope a LOT of the pro-Clinton big-time funders and organizers are quietly going about helping defeat the sham Obama.

    I also hope Bill is smiling in their face and saying “yeah, sure! rah rah unity!” while privately making some key phone calls.

  492. meiyingsu,

    yes he is a stay at home dad…
    palins husband is a union member, and since she
    ran for govenor, he has taken a leave of absence, but he remains an active member of his union. so in essence, he still is an employee. i belong to a union, and this is not uncommon. he holds his seniority, and only accrues a limited amout of time while on leave.

    but whatever, he is a stay at home dad…

  493. You know before this primary campaign I would have found it odd that women like Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman were republicans instead of democrats. Just like I used to wonder how Condi Rice or Colin Powell could be Rs. Not now. Not after seeing the hypocrisy, bias, sexism, and race baiting that went on where HRC was concerned. This stuff came from democrats. I had always thought that any democrat was better than every republican any day. But that isn’t necessarily true.

  494. moononpluto – on NQ or Riverdaughter, some of the Republican posters and lurkers make themselves known, and when they do, I actually feel good about it –

    because I do not want to be lumped in with the sexist, misogynist, media-cheering haters of the far-left.

    At least some of the Republicans know that there is a contingent of the Democrats who find this behavior by the media and the Obama followers to be out of line. I am really ashamed of the Democrats; they have sunk to lows which I never fathomed.

  495. nikki22, I have had several of my republican women friends, involved in their politics, tell me that they are treated MUCH better than what they see happening to their equivalent Democratic female staffers, etc. They have actually asked me, “Why do the Democratic women put up with that shit?”

  496. Speaking of stealing the Iowa caucuses, I talked to a 20-year-old Obama supporter at the Labor Day picnic put on by labor unions at Upper City Park in Iowa City yesterday, and she admitted that at her caucus (in Coralville, Iowa? a side-by-side city with Iowa City) the Obama supporters shouted down the Hillary Clinton supporters at the caucus and refused to let them speak. Then they said, “Let’s go home,” rather than listen.

    I told her that at my caucus in Iowa City, there were at least twice as many Obama supporters as Hillary supporters, but the Obama supporters stood silently and respectfully and allowed me to speak for Hillary. No hooliganism at mine, but there was at hers.

    And she supports Obama.

  497. I think part of it is because Democrat women are made to believe that they do have rights by the party and its male colleagues when in fact, they are actively restricting them and making them second class.

  498. Personally, I would like to do away with the Iowa caucuses and let people vote in a primary, which is more democratic. Then no Democratic leftist hooligans can take over a caucus. And waitresses and single parents can vote any time during the day.

  499. nikki22 Says: I had always thought that any democrat was better than every republican any day. But that isn’t necessarily true.

    Yes. I no longer blame all GOP voters for Florida 2000, now that I’ve seen our own leaders behaving worse, and us unable to stop them.

  500. i just got in my email some sick stuff of palin. from local dems-showing her hot legs propped up on a mosse head. doctored to make her look like a porn star. im going to try an dhave hillbuz put them up


    it is true, i love it. This is what Biden can expect.

    McCain aides whose judgment I trust are impressed by Sarah Palin. One was particularly amused by this exchange: A nervous young McCain staffer took it upon himself to explain to Palin the facts of life in a national campaign, the intense scrutiny she’d be under from the media, the viciousness of the assault that she’d be facing, etc.:

    Palin: “Thanks for the warning. By the way, do you know what they say the difference is between a hockey mom and a Pit Bull?”

    McCain aide: “No, Governor.”

    Palin: “A hockey mom wears lipstick.”

  502. i have a new description of the Democrats – it’s the Dymocrites.

    they are as hypocritical as can get.

    if anyone asks, I’m ready to say that “Dymocrites” are a dirty word to me now.

  503. moononpluto,

    You are right. I was amazed at the behavior of Democratic pooh-bahs at the Labor Day picnic. Some men, like County Supervisor Terrence Neuzil, were respectful and nice and sat with me and my husband, and so did a well-known law professor and his wife, but Democratic men would walk up and start talking to whoever I was talking to as if I wasn’t even there. They treated me like an insignificant nutjob for supporting Hillary in my blog for the local newspaper and talking about sexism.

  504. I believe I am right, the media is about to get screwed by the republicans. They were probably just as appalled by the non-vetting of Obama as we were. Now they are going to let them have it. I can’t wait. The republican women are pist about this young girl being demonized when Mr. “a little blow when I could afford it” wasn’t.
    They have already drug out the Bush twins who were also under the microscope for 8 years. Where is Chelsea, she could tell her story, especially being called a whore being pimped out by her mother!

  505. Todd Palin unique among nation’s 5 first husbands
    THE MAN: He’s worked the oil patch, won the Iron Dog and takes care of the kids.

    The Associated Press

    Published: May 27, 2007

    It was mid-February and Todd Palin, Alaska’s newest first gentleman, was speeding across 2,000 miles of ice and snowy tundra en route to victory in the world’s most grueling snowmobile race.

    That same week, his wife, Gov. Sarah Palin, was in Juneau requesting more money for the state budget and assuring legislators they’d soon see her plan for a natural gas pipeline that could one day be the most expensive construction project in North America. Then she flew to Fairbanks to wave her exhausted husband across the finish line.

    It’s not just his title as the state’s reigning snowmobile co-champion that sets 42-year-old Todd Palin apart from the nation’s other first spouses. And it’s not that he’s one of just five who are men.

    White-collar jobs in law, education or health care are typical among the current crop of first spouses, but Palin spent nearly 20 years as a blue-collar employee in the oil fields of the North Slope. And every summer he heads west to his birthplace in Dillingham to work the Bristol Bay commercial salmon fishery from his property on the Nushagak River.

    A lifetime of manual labor in the state’s two largest and most physically demanding industries is helping Palin carve out his role as Alaska’s first spouse, or “first dude,” a nickname he has in common with the Kansas governor’s husband, Gary Sebelius.

    Like other first spouses around the country, Palin has been asked to champion an array of causes or institutions since his wife took office in December.

    His favorite is steering young Alaskans toward stable jobs in the oil and gas industry. It’s a singular choice among his counterparts, whose pet issues include schools, public health, domestic violence, poverty or the arts.


    “For those of us who learn by touching and tearing stuff apart and for those who don’t have the financial background to go to college, just being a product of that on-the-job training is really important,” Palin said one morning over pastries at an Anchorage coffee shop, before meeting with trainers at several companies and trade groups in Anchorage and Wasilla.

    Palin, who took college courses, but does not have a degree, said he is grateful for the training he received from the multinational oil company BP starting in 1989.

    Until recently, he earned hourly wages as a production operator in a BP-run facility that separates oil from gas and water. Palin was making between $100,000 and $120,000 a year before he went on leave in December to make more time for his family and avoid potential conflicts of interest. London-based BP is heavily involved in the gas pipeline negotiations with his wife’s administration.

    Palin’s advocacy dovetails neatly with his wife’s No. 1 priority: forging a construction contract with private companies to transport natural gas from the North Slope to the Lower 48. The export of natural gas would presumably replace revenue from the state’s dwindling oil reserves, which funded 80 percent of the state budget last year.

    “He will be passing information on to me and participating in getting work force development programs up and running in Alaska,” Sarah Palin said. “That’s in addition to doing all the things that make Todd Todd. There are lots of things I would never want to take away from him, but this is something he’s enthused about.”

    Those things include taking care of their four kids and escaping into the Alaska wilderness to fish commercially, hunt or train for the Tesoro Iron Dog, billed as the longest, toughest snowmobile race in the world. The Palins have a son, Track, 18, and three daughters, Bristol, 16, Willow, 12, and Piper, 6.


    Palin is so passionate about the Iron Dog that he made sure to squeeze in snowmobile runs between official events this winter, such as statewide inaugural galas, and moving the family to the governor’s mansion in Juneau. The capital is 600 miles southeast of the family home in Wasilla.

    “I’ve got a really good group of buddies and we train either early in the morning or late at night so we can still make things like the kids’ basketball games and try not to impact the family life,” Palin said.

    In past years, Palin has trained about 3,000 miles before the race to accustom his body to hours of constant jolting and to detect any mechanical kinks in his vehicle. This winter, Palin covered more than 2,500 miles on the frozen swamps and rivers around Wasilla.

    Scott Davis, his race partner of five years, said Palin has the willpower to stay levelheaded while racing at high speeds over terrain that can range from glare ice to bare ground to flooded coastlines strewn with driftwood. The Iron Dog traces the Iditarod trail from Wasilla to Nome, plus an additional leg to Fairbanks.

    “I have to trust my life in his hands, and I do, because he can still think when he’s dehydrated and tired,” said Davis, a seven-time winner. “You know, I think this is the longest I’ve been partners with anybody. A lot of teams certainly don’t have fun when they’re doing it and I like to think Todd and I do.”

    This year’s win is Palin’s fourth since he started running the Iron Dog in 1993.

    Palin was born in the western Alaska town of Dillingham to Jim Palin and Blanche Kallstrom, who is a quarter Yu’pik Eskimo. He met Sarah Heath at a high school basketball game and they eloped in 1988, six years after graduation, to avoid having to pay for a wedding.

    “We had a bad fishing year that year, so we didn’t have any money,” Todd Palin said. “So we decided to spend 35 bucks and go down to the courthouse.”

    At home, Palin takes care of the cooking, the bills and other domestic paperwork, in addition to driving the kids to extracurricular activities like basketball and soccer, according to his wife. He divides much of his time between Wasilla, where Track is recovering from shoulder surgery, and the capital in Juneau, where the Palin daughters are in school.

    “He can go on just an hour or two of sleep a night. He says, ‘I can sleep when I die,’ ” said Sarah Palin. “There is no way I could have done this job without his tremendous contributions to the home life. He’s able to keep it organized, like a well-oiled machine.”

  506. I’ve got an idea, for all us ex dems supporting Palin and other women,

    We are now FEMOCRATS supporting woman.

  507. Bluegirl, said
    We live along the road that leads to our voting place and I am going to get a McCain sign later and put it in my front yard where everyone can see it.
    I’m sure it will raise more than a few eyebrows, since most of the people around here know we are Dems, lol.

    {{ hugs! }}
    Welcome! I don’t know what the problem is with posting. Iirc Admin said it is technical, something about WordPress filters gone insane. Other WordPress sites are having similar problmes.

    About the yard sign, wnat some people do is stick McCain stickers over their Hillary signs. That really tells the story!

  508. HillaryforTexas Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 9:34 pm
    Well, I am at the point where I am voting for EVERY DAMN WOMAN on any ticket, Dem or Repub, for about 5 years. Then maybe I will start being picky about what their policies are.
    Watching what has been happening, I honestly am beginning to think that if we don’t break that ceiling into a million pieces, and shove some vaginas down their throats, none of the rest will ever change. First things first


    May I post this around elsewhere?

  509. HillaryforTexas Says:
    September 1st, 2008 at 9:34 pm
    Well, I am at the point where I am voting for EVERY DAMN WOMAN on any ticket, Dem or Repub, for about 5 years. Then maybe I will start being picky about what their policies are.
    Watching what has been happening, I honestly am beginning to think that if we don’t break that ceiling into a million pieces, and shove some vaginas down their throats, none of the rest will ever change. First things first


    May I post this around elsewhere?

    Well, I wouldn’t reall vot that way, because some of my best friends are men, and what if Maureen Dowd ran for soemthing. But there’s a lot of truth to it! I’d love to think that was what Palin was callilng for.

  510. FEMOCRATS covers a multitude of sins.

    We Support women in office
    We Support Hillary
    We deplore sexism
    We deplore Mysoginy
    We support democracy
    We stand on our own, fuck the Democrats, Femocrats rule.

  511. breaking from thepage

    Politics up to the Minuteby Mark Halperin | Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    McCain Aide: Obama Camp Palin Attacks “Sexist”Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008Article ToolsPrintEmailAddThisRSS
    Chip Somodevilla/Getty

    Carly Fiorina offers a harsh statement Tuesday afternoon in response to Democrats’ criticism of the Alaska Governor’s experience.

    “Because of Hillary Clinton’s historic run for the Presidency and the treatment she received, American women are more highly tuned than ever to recognize and decry sexism in all its forms. They will not tolerate sexist treatment of Governor Palin.”

  512. I think its better if we say beat them to death with our handbags, because all of us gay men can join in then.

  513. moononpluto Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 8:16 am
    Barack Obama thinks runing his campaign is more executive experience than Running the state of Alaska.

    Mr. Obama, if that is what you think, then I suppose launching a corrupt, hateful, race and gender baited campaign did give you lots and lots of experience…just not to be the president of the United States of America. I think maybe you should be applying with the Mafia and/or any terrorist group you fancy. I’m sure you would fit in very well with them.

  514. Go Carly, lets start vocally and forcefully calling the bastards right out, its the only way to expose them. Break their balls publically.

  515. turndown obama, use away. And, no, there are likely a few women I just could not vote for. But I’ll tell you this – from now on, the bar for me for a woman is about TEN TIMES LOWER. If I can stomach her at all, she’s got my vote.

  516. I for one hope that Admin keeps his/her/their identity to themselves. It is none of my business and I applaud everything he/she/they have done for us without knowing the rest.

  517. What is it with some of these women, why wont they stand up and be counted but continually have to demean and attack other women.

    Words fail me when that happens.

  518. You guys need to go over to riverdaughter, and read bostonboomers post about that sham of a role call vote.

    We’ve since learned that as late as August 27, during the convention, swing-state delegations were being threatened with loss of Party funding for their states and candidate campaigns if they didn’t vote for Obama.

  519. it would be so healing to think that hillary, might be okay with the mccain/palin idea… if i thought she really didnt just give up, i would be ecstatic… i hope she is fighting back, even if its in secret. seriously,
    it would go along way…

  520. I agree I like it that admin is anonymous, set this blog apart from the rest. It also worries the media and the other campaigns!!

  521. Here’s the convention schedule for anyone curious

    TUESDAY, September 2
    President George W. Bush, Laura Bush; former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, and Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman

    WEDNESDAY, September 3
    Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Cindy McCain, Mitt Romney; former eBay Inc. CEO Meg Whitman; former Hewlett-Packard Co. CEO Carly Fiorina, and Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman.

    Thursday, Sept 4
    McCain, Sam Brownback, Sen. Lindsey Graham and Florida Sen. Mel Martinez.

  522. jan h,

    i agree, i think its probably safer all around, and we dont want anyone messing with our admin. otherwise we would have to get out our can of whoop ass…

  523. Insult?

    Sibelius or McCaskill etc would have been an insult. Hillary as VP wold have beenn an insult.

    The GOP nominating the best woman they could find is NOT an insult. It’s a big step in the right direction!

  524. Hillary for Texas: I read the article on Riverdaughter. Confirms all the rumors. What a bunch of thugs. They did not “win” the nomination, it was stolen.

  525. So is anybody in the msm going to look at Bidens record then, seeing as they are looking at Palins.

    Nope thought not.

  526. Saw this, no link, anyone know if it’s true?

    Radio Host Jumps Parties after Hillary Debacle

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008 1:34 PM

    By: Dave Eberhart Article Font Size

    Steve Corbett, a rabid Hillary Clinton stalwart who packs clout as the biggest talk-show host in northeastern Pennsylvania, has abandoned the Democratic Party to shout across the airwaves: “Nobama! Nobiden! Nobull!”

  527. mp – i met you in houston. i remember that some of the staff were swooning over Chelsea’s boyfriend who came by to visit some of the houston offices.

  528. we’ve seen this before, the media dictating the topic of conversation.

    So here’s my take…
    As diverse as our country is, there is a variety of opinions regarding Palin’s daughter and their personal decisions.

    Why is this news, why is it important? Well it is and it isn’t.

    The very nature of this debate has to go to the core issue of a woman’s right to chose, and the right to privacy. We must have both.

    The republicans try to paint democrats pro death and the democrats try to paint republicans as dictating morality.

    What I have learned from this election cycle is that I have been a “fall in line” kinda gal. I’ve fallen in line with the philosophy of “us against them” for so long, that I lost my own opinion.

    I’ve been led to believe it is only the “democrats” that can save me. That more government programs will fix all the problems our country faces. That I “need” the democratic leadership to tell me how to think, and how to feel.

    I welcome the views of the republicans, not as a change in my core values, but to truly open the debate as how best we can solve todays problems.

    It is time for me to fall out of line and to challenge those that take my voice for granted. This is important.

    The not.

  529. No, meiyinsu, she didn’t. If you read the totality of her statement, she talked about how bad it is for women, and said that if you say anything at all, anything that can even be PERCEIVED as a whine, it does you no good. They will jump on that too.

    For someone of the opposite party, I thought she was pretty non-committal and careful in what she said.

  530. h 4 t,


    they put a republican woman on the spot, and
    she did the best she could, without being a bitch…

  531. debbie, I feel the same way. I have been guilty as anyone of demonizing “the other side”, and assuming my party always had the moral high ground on EVERYTHING, just because they were democrats. Nope. Not true. I learned that this year.

    I am starting to think that we would be better off voting in hard-working, cooperative, corruption free, decent people on BOTH sides of the aisle, rather than voting for their ideology and platform.

  532. Let me add that will I always RATHER vote for a decent hard-working candidate who SHARES my issues and views? Of course. But if it is a choice between a Dem parasite whose character I don’t trust regardless of their “positions”, and a decent republican I feel is an honorable person, I will vote repub.

  533. meiyingsu,I am beginning to think that you don’t want us to vote for Sarah. You keep throwing cold water on the flames, WHY??

  534. (09-02-08) “Dirty Tools” ( is offering $5,000 for damaging info on Palin and her husband

    As Obama operatives scour records in Alaska for dirt on Gov. Sarah Palin, they are also seeking embarrassing materials about her husband. And it isn’t just the Obama campaign. Several left-wing groups with ties to have used their network to offer as to $5,000 for damaging employment or personal information about him.

    Meanwhile, the Obama campaign has asked the DNC to coordinate surrogates that appear on camera to attack Gov. Palin. “Last Friday, the Democrat women they put all looked old and tired, nothing like what folks were seeing from Palin,” says an Obama media adviser. “It was like, ‘we don’t have any good-looking younger representatives to put up?'”

  535. H4T, ME TOO! There is no one that hated Republicans more than I did, but sometimes you have stand back and take a look at whats going on. What they did to Hillary for those 16 years might not have been totally from the republicans, some of the vileness may well have been from our own party that always believe the first couple from Arkansas was white trash. The eletist’s never like Bill and Hillary! They always hated the power Bill had and I can tell you this showed big time during the convention!

  536. T4H, I feel they are getting ready to pull Hillary out of mothballs! Sick, SIck, Sick, the democraps are horrible!

  537. I don’t care if Hillary speak for Obama….It’s over, the corrupted Dems choose Obama/Biden for their TICKET and swifted boated Hillary Clinton and then toss her bloodied body under the bus.


    I don’t do ABUSE!!!

    I OWN MY VOTE!!!

  538. mp Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 1:11 pm
    I have done poll working twice now.
    My biggest fear on voter fraud is in swing states that do not require voter ids.
    If soneone knew that such ans such is not going to vote this year, some one could masqueraade as them and go vote for them. That is why even if we do not vote for BO, it is important for us to go and vote.
    And also DO NOT leave the POTUS blank…who knows some one inside the poll center could rig it. Fill in with something…if you do not want anybody…put your OWN name…that would be better.
    in some states, if you put hillary’s name, it would count towards BO as they are on the party….discretion of the election judges…etc etc…


    I will be a presiding judge here in Cleveland, Oh

    We have paper ballots. Once the vote votes they are directed to place their ballot in a ballot box.
    After polls are closed we open the box to count the ballots. We have a republican and a democratic
    watching as we count the ballots. If there is something not right, you can file a complaint with the board. we called down once about a girl trying to persuade a voter to vote another way. she is no longer working at any precint.

  539. confloyd Says:

    September 2nd, 2008 at 3:47 pm
    meiyingsu,I am beginning to think that you don’t want us to vote for Sarah. You keep throwing cold water on the flames, WHY??


    i agree… meiyingsu has been very negative for the last few days.

  540. meyingsu is a sincere hardworking HIllary supporter from way back, she has good judgement, and if she thinks there are problems with Palin she has a right to get them discussed here. We need to find out the facts and consider all angles so we can discuss them intelligently in big media forums adn elsewehre

    Also M. has ENglislh as a second language so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions about what she might seem to imply.

    I’m cheering for Palin and defending her, but personally I plan to vote for the Green candidate as I think it sends a clearer message. (Unless my state is a very close contest where McCain needs my double whammy instaed of a single whammy.)

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