Barack Obama The Loser – Hillary Clinton The Winner – John McCain The Watcher

Tonight, the first night of the unDemocratic Party convention, the unpopular Michelle Obama will try to bamboozle Americans into voting for her “stinky” (Michelle’s word) husband.

“Stinky” B.O. is not qualified to be president.

Hillary Clinton supporters care about the issues and want to drive out the Republicans from control of our lives. The problem for Obama is that we care about the issues and Hillary Clinton supporters also want to win.

Obama supporters email us ever day with pleas to “unite” and support the unqualifed Obama.

The emails we receive every hour on the hour beg us to consider that Obama and Hillary allegedly share the same policy goals. Some emails implore us on to support Obama because they have children who could be sent to war under Republican John McCain. Some emails implore us to support Obama because of abortion rights and Supreme Court appointments.

The problem with all these emails are that they do not accept what we know to be true: Obama is not qualifed to be president. Obama is a divider. Obama race-baited, and gay-bashed, and woman hated, throughout the primary. That is how Barack Obama would govern.

Spare us your emails, We Do Not Trust Obama. Obama cannot be trusted by either “friend” or foe. We do not believe anything Obama says. We will not be “red flagged” like bulls into supporting the unqualified, race-baiting, and gay-bashing, and woman hating, Barack Obama. Hope that Obama is telling the truth this time about abortion, the Supreme Court, the Iraq War, the economy, or uniting the country is not enough. We don’t believe or trust Barack Obama because we have seen him close up and examined his “present” voting record and been burned by his race-baiting.

* * *

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, a strong Hillary Clinton supporter during the primaries is now falling in line and supporting Obama. But Governor Rendell still knows and occasionally tells the truth that Big Media wants to hide in order to protect Big Media tool Barack Obama.

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell was supposed to give “closing remarks” during this afternoon’s Shorenstein Center-sponsored panel discussion with all three Sunday show moderators — NBC’s Tom Brokaw, ABC’s George Stephanopoulous and CBS’s Bob Schieffer — but instead, he opened up a can of worms about bias in 2008 election coverage

“Ladies and gentleman, the coverage of Barack Obama was embarrassing,” said Rendell, in the ballroom at Denver’s Brown Palace Hotel. “It was embarrassing.”

Rendell, an ardent Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter during the primaries, now backs Obama in the general election. Brokaw and Rendell began debating campaign coverage, including the on-air comments by Lee Cowan, and when MSNBC came up, Rendell went after the cable network.

MSNBC was the official network of the Obama campaign,” Rendell said, who called their coverage “absolutely embarrassing.”

Chris Matthews, Rendell said, “loses his impartiality when he talks about the Clintons.”

At that point, PBS’s Judy Woodruff, who was moderating the moderators event, said: “Why don’t we let Governor Rendell sit down.”

That was met with applause from the crowd of big-time media figures, which included Arianna Huffington, Gwen Ifill, Al Hunt, and Chuck Todd.

Americans won’t vote for Big Media tool Barack Obama.

Which brings us to our topic of the day.

Hillary Clinton won the big Democratic states, the Big Blue states with big electoral votes that are a must win for a Democrat to win the White House. Bill Clinton won the Big Blue states twice – the first Democratic president since the great Franklin Delano Roosevelt to win reelection.

John McCain is watching and laughing as the Democratic Civil War spreads. John McCain is moving closer and closer to election in NOvember.

Obama is a loser, dividing the Democratic Party and trying to race-bait his way into the White House.

Current polling and finances are what we want to examine today.

Today’s poll from CNN has Obama tied with McCain:

It’s a dead heat in the race for the White House. The first national poll conducted entirely after Barack Obama publicly named Joe Biden as his running mate suggests that battle for the presidency between the Illinois senator and Republican rival John McCain is all tied up.

In a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll out Sunday night, 47 percent of those questioned are backing Obama with an equal amount supporting the Arizona senator.

“This looks like a step backward for Obama, who had a 51 to 44 percent advantage last month,” says CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

Hillary Clinton is a winner. Hillary Clinton can easily win the Big Blue Democratic states and unify the white working class voter with the African-American voter.

So what’s the difference now?

It may be supporters of Hillary Clinton, who still would prefer the Senator from New York as the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee.

Sixty-six percent of Clinton supporters, registered Democrats who want Clinton as the nominee, are now backing Obama. That’s down from 75 percent in the end of June. Twenty-seven percent of them now say they’ll support McCain, up from 16 percent in late June.

“The number of Clinton Democrats who say they would vote for McCain has gone up 11 points since June, enough to account for most although not all of the support McCain has gained in that time,” says Holland.

A tied race between Obama and McCain in a “Democratic year”.

Democrats kick off their nominating convention in Denver today expecting strong gains up and down the ballot, even in many historically Republican counties and states. Their optimism is fueled by widespread discontent with the Bush administration, anxiety over the economy, rising Democratic registration, unprecedented turnout in primaries and record fundraising by Obama.

The political energy is on the Democrats’ side.

All that political energy is going to waste because of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry.

In early June the Obama campaign concocted a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate how Obama would win. [The PowerPoint presentation is HERE – You must have PowerPoint to view.]

This is what the Obama campaign sold as the “winning” Obama strategy:

Some of the presentation points include noting the electoral votes by state from 2004 which resulted in President George W. Bush’s reelection with 286 electoral votes, Sen. John Kerry’s defeat with 252.

The presentation notes that Obama is “going up on television early” in the following states: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia. [snip]

“Obama Consolidating Democrats as He Builds Strength Among Independents,” Plouffe said, showing Obama pretty much tied with independents. (Color me naïve, but this one seemed pretty weak to me.)

“Expanding the Map: Turning Red States Blue,” Plouffe said, targeting Virginia, Missouri, Colorado, Ohio, Iowa, and New Mexico.

“Winning in Traditional Battleground States,” he said, referring to the June 18th Quinnipiac Poll showing Obama ahead in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. [snip]

Plouffe quotes McCain adviser Carly Fiorina on CNN in May: “The RNC is raising money very specifically for the presidential campaign, and by the rules the money that the RNC raises can be used for the presidential campaign. So, it actually is very relevant to talk about what the RNC raises.”.

And — ouch — the last card shows the DNC’s $4.4 million cash on hand compared to the RNC’s $53.6 million.

So how is the Obama campaign strategy working out?

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has put the brakes on ads that were running in seven states carried by the GOP in the 2004 presidential election, FOX News has learned.

Of the seven states — including Alaska, Georgia, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota — Florida and Virginia are considered key battlegrounds this year. Obama’s decision to stop advertising in those states is raising eyebrows. [snip]

When Obama’s campaign took over the Democratic Party earlier this year, it embraced Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy, which is aimed at courting Democrats nationwide. The strategy has generated controversy, though, because many Democrats say it wastes money in states where they have no chance of winning.

Obama thought that he could punk McCain into “defending” red states that McCain has in the bag. Instead McCain punked Obama. Obama wasted millions in states like Georgia to goad McCain into wasting money. McCain ignored Obama’s feint and instead it was Obama who wasted money.

Rasmussen from Friday tells the trend story:

Ohio—with 20 Electoral College votes–moved from Toss-up to Leans Republican following the second straight Rasmussen Reports telephone survey that showed McCain with a modest lead over Obama.

North Carolina—with 15 Electoral College votes—moved from Leans Republican to Likely Republican. This change was based on the latest Rasmussen Reports polling and changes in the data.

Wisconsin—with 10 Electoral College votes—moved from Likely Democratic to Leans Democratic. That move was prompted by the latest Rasmussen Reports polling which shows McCain closing to within four percentage points of Obama.

Colorado—with 9 Electoral College votes–moved from Leans Democratic to Toss-Up, based primarily upon the latest Rasmussen Reports poll in which McCain holds a statistically insignificant two-point lead over Obama.

Oregon—with 7 Electoral College votes—moved from Likely Democratic to Leans Democratic. While the latest Rasmussen Reports polling shows Obama with a 10-point lead, the average of other polls and a national trends adjustment places the state in the leaner category.

South Dakota—with 3 Electoral College votes–shifted from Leans Republican to Likely Republican based upon Rasmussen Markets data and a national trends adjustment.

Other states had more minor changes: Connecticut from Safely Democratic to Likely Democratic, Louisiana from Likely Republican to Safely Republican, Maine from Safely Democratic to Likely Democratic, and Tennessee from Likely Republican to Safely Republican. [snip]

As a practical matter, all of the state-by-state changes are driven by the changes seen nationally in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll. In early and mid-June, Obama consistently enjoyed a lead in the five-percentage point range. That has disappeared, with the two contenders now generally within a point or two of each other. The state polls are not conducted as frequently but typically follow the national trend.


Fewer than half of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters in the presidential primaries say they definitely will vote for Barack Obama in November, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds, evidence of a formidable challenge facing Democrats as their national convention opens here today.

In the survey, taken Thursday through Saturday, 47% of Clinton supporters say they are solidly behind Obama, and 23% say they support him but may change their minds before the election.

Thirty percent say they will vote for Republican John McCain, someone else or no one at all. [snip]

Obama has not eased concerns about his depth of experience: 57% worry he lacks the experience to be an effective president, and 44% question whether he could handle the responsibilities of commander in chief. He is preferred by double digits over McCain on handling the economy, but a GOP drumbeat on taxes seems to be working: A majority of those surveyed predict Obama will raise their federal income taxes if elected.

A graphic representation of the electoral vote map shows that McCain has solidified the red states. The Obama campaign boast that McCain would have to defend the red states while Obama would be viable in red states is a false boast.

Indeed, it is McCain who has solidified the red Republican states and it is Obama who has to defend blue states. According to the electoral vote map Obama is still performing weakly in true blue states like New York and Oregon. Pennsylvania and Michigan along with Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Mexico might easily go Republican in this “Democratic year”.

Meanwhile McCain and the Republicans are fighting a smart battle in the finance front. McCain regularly sends emails asking for money for the Republican National Committee while Obama asks for money for himself. McCain will receive $84 million in public financing which will go exclusively to salaries for his relatively small staff and for television advertisements. All the pro-McCain field operations and get out the vote operations will be funded in cooperation with “Victory” coordination committees funded by the RNC. Obama will have to pay for field operations and voter registration and salaries and advertisements on the back of Democratic donors.

In summary, McCain has unified the Republican party and his finance operation will have more than enough money to compete for the two months between the end of the Republican convention and election day. The unqualified Obama has a Democratic Civil War to fight and tons of money to raise which will take time out from his vacation schedule.

Ready on Day 1 Hillary can win this election for Democrats. Unqualified, divisive Obama cannot win.

We will not surrender the Democratic Party of FDR and Clinton to the Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kenndy/Kerry clique.

We will not reward race-baiting, gay-bashing, women-hating. We will not Stop Thinking About Tomorrow.

We’ll go our own way.


850 thoughts on “Barack Obama The Loser – Hillary Clinton The Winner – John McCain The Watcher

  1. Great articles as usual admin, thanks.

    in case you missed anything, lots of news goodies i have posted overnight on the last article comments.

  2. Fantastic article, admin! Someone on another blog said that the DNC is now hitting up hard against Reality. They want to whine and yell that’s it’s Clinton causing problems, but it’s not, it’s Reality.

    What gets me is that they all act so surprised, like they never saw it coming whatsoever. Ummmm…..millions of us tried to warn them, for months. What is happening is EXACTLY what I and many others cautioned them would happen, in endless calls and letters to Dean and the poobahs.

  3. Jesse Jackson Jr on CNN spouting off on how Obama has unified the party, because he pulled back the bandage to expose all the pus, so now it’s healed. I guess we are the “pus”.

    Jesse Jr, I cried my eyes out over Katrina, but I will not shed one tear for your pusbucket lying scum self when your poster boy goes down in flames.

    I worked my ass off in SC trying to get votes for your daddy, and I cried when he won, as well. But I will not shed one tear for your pale shadow, half-assed, wannabe, snotty little pathetic strutting caricature of a civil rights leader self.

    Kiss my ass, you pitiful blown-up toad of a pretender. You’re not fit to shine your daddy’s shoes, much less King’s.

    I’ll show you some “pus” come November. You are gonna get a full meal of it.

  4. Incidentally, how the hell is Bambi going to make good on his campaign promise to “heal our souls” when he can’t even heal his own party?

  5. Thanks Moononpluto. We also caught Wbboei’s Flipper poem and Carbynew’s post on “Uncle Tom” race-baiting by Obama supporters. We laughed with Freckles about the Biden email asking for money too. Turndownobama got our blood boiling with the Clyburn post demanding Hillary dance to his tune.

    You posted on some of the Biden and Michelle baggage which is finally getting covered and poll information.

    We’ll discuss the Wilentz article later this week.

    Big Pink is a one stop news aggregator thanks to commentors like you.

  6. LOL! 1280 words to ask one question, moon? LMAO! I think the DNC is going to have to hand out oxygen masks and tanks at rallies this year, with Blow Hard and Blow Harder sucking it all up.

  7. “Just consider this the Ministry of Truth,” quipped Dick Wadhams, chairman of the Colorado Republican Party.


  8. The thing is he asked a 1280 word question and she answered it with 3 lines.

    The man likes to hear his own voice and you can tell he’s never going to shut up. Its all me me me me.

  9. I just read over at Pumapac that they are trying to find Coward to hand him the petition with 300 signatures on it. THey say he is in hiding.
    I bet he has body guards during the convention!

  10. Yup thats it, he’s officially off to lalaland of me me me. I can’t believe he said this and used an iphone poll to back it up. Its shiutspew on a grand scale and then said 58 states.

    A recent Reuters/Zogby poll showing that Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) now leads Senator Obama in the race for the presidency failed to faze Obama.

    “These are narrowly focused polls,” Obama pointed out. “They underestimate the global surge behind my message of hope and change.”

    The Illinois Senator cited a recent iPhone poll showing he has a 37 point lead over his Republican rival as evidence that “the people of the planet Earth are responding to my message. I have support from every corner of the globe. My opponent’s backing comes almost exclusively from the 58 states that make up the continental United States.”

    “Besides, verbal support isn’t the only thing I can count on from those who want me to be the leader of the free world,” Obama added. “Just last week, a fund-raising dinner in Nigeria netted over $200,000 for my campaign. When the poor and oppressed of the world are willing to make such a large sacrifice for a cause, how can I not be optimistic about my chances?”

    Tickets to the Nigerian fund-raising event cost $2500 apiece—the equivalent of a year’s income for an average person in Nigeria.

  11. “Besides, verbal support isn’t the only thing I can count on from those who want me to be the leader of the free world,” Obama added. “Just last week, a fund-raising dinner in Nigeria netted over $200,000 for my campaign. When the poor and oppressed of the world are willing to make such a large sacrifice for a cause, how can I not be optimistic about my chances?”

    I know we now live in a world where up is down anddown is up, but ummm…when did it become legal for Nigerian nationals to contribute money to candidates in the US??!

    Did I miss yet ANOTHER memo? WTF??!!

  12. Another comment on Pumapac is that Bill Clinton has refused to give the speech he was assigned to give. WAY TO GO BILL! GIVE EM HELL,BILL!

  13. Oh i knew payback was coming

    The Texas Republican Party is hitting back hard at Barack Obama on the issue of “houses.” They have a new ad that hammers Obama for acting like he is so concerned about the homes of Americans when his own half-brother in Kenya – George – lives in a slum. Tough but effective. . . (see video)

    Hey i live in a 4 million mansion, my brother lives in a slum and my other grandmother in a hut. Talk about hypocrisy.

  14. Uh, uh. Big Dawg is mine.

    I’d give my last nickel to see him just accidentally and conveniently find some lint on his shoulders to brush off, when he steps down from that podium.

  15. Some one said on the phone ‘we are Hillary supporters, we know what we are doing is what we must do. We need a president who is not too ambitious, too egotistic or just ‘too loud or too shiny’


    The RNC’s independent expenditure arm is going on the air with their second ad of the cycle, resurrecting one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s sharpest critiques of Barack Obama from the primary.

    It’s part of this week’s central GOP theme, which is to exploit lingering divisions between the former rivals.

    Brad Todd, the GOP adman who is heading the IE effort, said that it will be up in “major markets in Colorado, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and western Pennsylvania” through Sunday.

    Included in that is a broadcast and heavy cable buy in Denver, Todd noted.

    The buy is between $2 and 2.5 million.

  17. The republicans are going to destroy Obama over the convention period with ads, smart move. They are going to drop bombs all over the place.

  18. and HillaryforTexas, I’d give my last nickel if he needs to scratch his cheek with his middle finger…

  19. I hear on Riverdaughter that Ted Kennedy may be pulled from his death bed to come to Denver to pull the Hillary supporters in line.
    One said excuse me TEd, we are the ones that will have to live with him, so don’t expect us to fall in line.

    I also heard on Pumapac than Rowan Martin CNN is despondent. He now thinks the democrats are stupid not to fall in line.

    What I can’t understand why they think we should fall in line behind a fraudulent candidate?? Hillary told them that many moons ago. She said he will be seen as an illegitimate candidate!! She was right again. The people are mad that she was not vetted.

  20. Lets hope on Thursday night they play the Whitey Tapes, they could advertise it all day long and no one would watch the convention to see the Whitey Tapes. That would be so gooood!!

  21. “Big Pink is a one stop news aggregator thanks to commentors like you.”

    Ummmm, I’m a BIG Carbynew fan, but I posted the Sun-Times article earlier, I think: Informed in Illinois Says: August 25th, 2008 at 8:46 am. A little virtual Hillary hug, please? 😉

  22. Fuck Roland Martin, that little obnoxious shrill gasbag and old Kennedy has a special place in hell when he pops his clogs. He has a lot to answer for, he orchestrated a lot of this, i wont cry over his passing, good riddance.

    Sorry to be so callous but i don’t care anymore.

    I suspect most republicans will put out the flags the day Ted Kennedy drops

  23. its all coming out, Biden begged for VP slot.

    Biden Camp Pressed Hard For a Slot on the Ticket

    Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s selection of Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate reached a pivotal point in a secret meeting on the night of Aug. 6. Sen. Biden was whisked into a Minneapolis hotel room through a back entrance before Sen. Obama left for his Hawaii vacation. They talked one-on-one for 90 minutes. “It was spirited and pragmatic,” says one adviser who was briefed.

    The rendezvous capped weeks of pitching by Biden advisers. It culminated in Sen. Obama’s formal announcement by text message around 3 a.m. Saturday that Sen. Biden was the choice, and led to the big question that now looms over the choice: Will a 35-year veteran of Washington help or hurt a political newcomer running on a message of “change”?

    As a 2008 presidential candidate, Sen. Biden got less than 1% of the delegates in the opening January Iowa caucus, and dropped out of the race quickly. But as a candidate to be Sen. Obama’s running mate, the veteran Delaware senator outcampaigned rivals by successfully arguing that his benefits outweighed some considerable baggage.


    Sen. Obama sought private meetings with the three. Sen. Biden’s turn came in Minneapolis in early August, when Sen. Obama was there for a $1,000 a person fund-raiser. He had Sen. Biden sneak into a downtown hotel through the back door.

    Four days later, Sen. Obama left for his Hawaii vacation — just as the Russian-Georgian fighting erupted. When Sen. Biden was invited by the Georgian president to visit and offer advice, “we welcomed his going,” one Obama aide said. “That was fortuitously well-timed,” one Biden adviser said.

  24. August 25th, 2008 at 12:36 pm
    confloyd said:

    “I also heard on Pumapac than Rowan Martin CNN is despondent. He now thinks the democrats are stupid not to fall in line.”

    Roland S. Martin is a centerpiece of Chicago’s AA station that broadcasts exclusively to Chicago’s south side. He is the king of all race-baiters.

  25. O has just thrown the election (as I said right after he selected Biden), the polls are reflecting this, and I think the Dems will get what they deserve. As noted on other postings, when an organization does not recognized a train wreck or cliff when they see it, and are to inflexible to take a sharp corrective actions, they usually are disstroyed.

    Since the crooks have the convention well in hand, the next thing will be McCain’s media blitz, and a careful selection of his VP.

    McCain may be 71, but he know real pain, and what is going on here is nothing compared to what he has been through.

    As my sister in California says, maybe it was McCain’s time. Obviously the Dems think so.

  26. Thank you admin for another great posting. You are always ahead of the curve.

    Also, thank you to everyone who ventures out into the blogosphere to collect the news. I appreciate it. 🙂

  27. Informed In Illinois, we penalized you because of what your home state elected. 🙂

    We reconsider now and do send virtual hugs and an extra shiny star because we realize you are fighting while surrounded by incense and Hopium. Vive la Résistance.

  28. Admin,

    It is amazing the comradary that has developed on this blog. There are those who are incredible people who roam the internet and link us into such incredible information, and then there are those that just like to read and comment, and finally those that read. To me it is like a big funnel that focuses everthing here, and the it is resent out into the universe.

    I cannot even comprehend the impact this redistribution of information is having.

    What I do know is that this is my FREE PRESS, and I think that the world is beginning to notice.

    What a priviledge to hang out with this crowd.

  29. Yes, NewMexicoFan. Also, in early June we received a lot of Big Media inquiries asking if this website was shutting down. They don’t understand the determination of Hillary supporters. They are watching our reaction to events. Our reaction has been consistent and remains consistent: NObama, NOvember.

  30. NMF, Yes, yes, yes, Admin has given us free press! ThankGod for people like Admin. who believes that free speech is our right!! THANKYOU ADMIN!

    Many friendships have been forged here and it has been my priviledge to be a small part of it!!

  31. From another blogger on Riverdaughter,

    If Hillary can’t make us change our mind, how do they expect Ted to do it!!

    THis is how out of touch they really are, all of us know Teddy was the engineer in all of this. He is likely to get booed off the stage if he does this!

  32. Thanks for the absolution, Admin. And, thanks as always to you for Big Pink. Oui! Vive la resistance!

    I know that you and everyone here can easily image how dreadful it is to be in this totalitarian state. It’s really ICKY. Vive la revolution!

    I agree with New Mex, it is a privilege to hang out here – I’ll continue to do the best I can to earn my keep. Thanks as always to everyone here for the lightning-fast news, constant fellowship and virtual holy water – YOU are the ones who keep me “Informed.” 😉

    And, Delmarie really needs our warm Hillary wishes today!

    (((Thanks to you all!)))

  33. have all of you seen Rev. Manning’s Cart before the Horse? – great stuff. He makes a point that if Hillary were top ticket, BO VP, we would’ve won, and yes, I’ve thought about that many times. Do I like that ticket – no, but I like Hillary as President. And Bill would’ve helped to carry the Southern States. In 8 years, no one would care about Rev. Wright, Ayers, etc. if, IF, BO proved himself as VP.

    3 Presidents: former, current, future Presidents. That would’ve worked. But the DNC leadership are bullying the spineless SDs, and throwing it all away – and shows the malaise that affects the Democrats in office. We need the ones who will fight – Rendell and Stephanie Tubbs Jones (RIP) and Sheila Jackson Lee and Hillary Clinton. They are the fortitude/spines we have been waiting for!

  34. Full disclosure…I never really follow the conventions. I’ve always viewed them as sort of a boring infomercial. So, it is in that contenxt that I ask this: is it customary for the GOP to have a “war room” at the Dem Convention?

  35. Here is another great video of Obama;

    It kind of goes with that famous statement of Mo, if she can’t handle her own house, how can she handle the WH.

  36. TEDDY is going to convince us??? OMG, please, I am going to pee myself from laughing at that! (We bitter old gun-clinging, religious, knitting, hard-working, shrewish harpy harridan white women have bladder issues.)

    I can hear Axelrod now: “It’s BRILLIANT! Women are such emotional saps, and the man is dying. Plus, it plays into the dreamy “reinstate Camelot” fairytale. Do it all soft-focus, if ya know what I mean. Bitches love that shit. They’ll eat it up. After all, these hags all watch Lifetime TV, right? BRILLIANT!”

    GAWD, in spite of the struggle and the pain and the seriousness of it all, I have never in my life had such fun watching a pile of strutting baboons so misunderstand and underestimate women.

  37. H4T, lets pity their poor wives, imagine being married to those guys who have no inkling what real women are about!

    THe demwits, your analogy fits like a glove! LMAO!!

  38. Thanks for my new handle, Admin. I’ve been thinking of making a change for some time now. The previous “Informed” was to highlight very local knowledge, but I have been humbled all along in the presence of the Big Pink knowledge machine. So, in honor of the unDemocratic convention, I’m officially going underground. Vive la resistance!

  39. Breaking news, Breaking news, ON FOX!

    Michelle Obama will bring the Hillary supporters in to the fold tonight with her speech. ROTFLMAO!!!

    What they smokin at that convention???

  40. CountTheVote

    It is greed and jealousy and a worship of youth that has brought this party down. You layed it out. We could have had 16 years, and fixed a lot of social problems, and gotten the economy on track, and saved the middle class.

    But we let this youth global thing (in our society we are beginning to worhsip the youth), take us in a direction that this party just should not have gone. It could have gone that way a little, but betraying its base, and now having the youth say they will get their way, even if it has to be a revolution frankly scares me. The youth need to be listen to and taken care of but they should not be in charge. (Remember Ayers from his youth, and truely I don’t think he ever grew up).

    The elders of the party that proudly said, well MY KID CONVINCED ME, just really did not know what was best for this democracy. Nor did they understand their job as elders of society. You listen to youth, but you look at history and experience, and you lead them. Nor did they realize that we would not FOLD IN.



  41. Confloyd, are they actually serious? She who said, “If Hillary can’t manage her house…. etc.?”

  42. confloyd, men often mistake our emotionalism for across-the-board softness. Nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes down to real decisions, in my experience women are MORE reliable, practical, and LESS likely to be ruled by hormones and emotions.

    We may sniffle at Hallmark commercials, but when it’s time to get down to BUSINESS, no one is a bigger steely-eyed PRAGMATIST than a woman.

  43. “Besides, verbal support isn’t the only thing I can count on from those who want me to be the leader of the free world,” Obama added. “Just last week, a fund-raising dinner in Nigeria netted over $200,000 for my campaign. When the poor and oppressed of the world are willing to make such a large sacrifice for a cause, how can I not be optimistic about my chances
    For anyone but Obama this would be a violation of FEC rules.

  44. Reposted from another blog..can you believe Jesse Jackson Jr.?? I read somewhere, perhaps here, that he was on TV yesterday saying the Clintons had to PROVE their loyalty to Obama. Unbelievable…

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), son of the one-time presidential contender, said Obama’s victory overwhelmed him.
    “I cried all night. I’m going to be crying for the next four years,” he said. “What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. … The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.”

  45. Amen, NewMexico. They didn’t expect us to stand up and interfere with their turning our damn country into their little LORD OF THE FLIES ego trip.

    I love ’em, and their enthusiasm, but they don’t see the dangers that we who have been there done that see. They’ll learn, but not if every ADULT in this country lies down and hands the keys to them because they are so afraid of being called old has-beens. I think that’s one of Howie Dean’s big problems. He wants to be young and hip and cool so badly that it’s embarrassing.

  46. OkieAtty-

    Contacted Norma – just now saw your post to her as we had a rural electric service burp yesterday and it takes us longer to get back on net…especially on a Sunday.

    Anyway, she was in a park, hot, going on her second shirt of the day already and asked me to send admin her tel number, so admin can forward to you.

    wbboei has my tel # in a new email if you have his number…then I can pass Norma’s on to you.

    Complicated enuf yet?

    I”m off to email admin.

  47. American Gal, I certainly hope that comment by Jackson Jr. gets to those folks that believe Obama is the antichrist. I feel a new youtube video will come out with this on it.
    The stupid fools are so uninformed of what people are saying about him they keep sticking their feet in their mouths.
    That was an incredibly stupid thing to say!!!

  48. confloyd, the evangelicals will have a FIELD DAY with that, as well as it playing right into the “he thinks he’s the messiah” theme for everyone else.

  49. Jesse Jr. has smoked too much hopium. What a ridiculous, offensive, arrogant, and inappropriate statement to make. Winning by fraud, thuggery, voter intimidation, race-baiting, misogyny, and gay bashing are not the ways of true winners. The candidate is illegimate, and this is where much of the divide is occurring, along with all the factors mentioned before.

  50. Here is some breaking news from the Puma site. I assume it’s from today…sickening….

    Clinton, Obama working out deal for roll call vote

    By NEDRA PICKLER and DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer

    Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama are working on a deal to give her some votes in the roll call for the Democratic presidential nomination, but quickly end the divided balloting in unanimous consent for Obama.

    Democratic officials involved in the negotiations said Monday the idea is that at the start of the state-by-state vote for the presidential nomination Wednesday night, delegates would cast their votes for Clinton or Obama.

    But the voting would be cut off after a couple of states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous backing for Obama from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.

    Clinton said she has told her delegates she will vote for Obama, but she would not instruct them how to vote.

    Many of those delegates, she told reporters Monday, will likely vote for him. Others, she said, “feel an obligation to the people who sent them here that they were elected to represent……”

  51. HillaryforTexas Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 2:16 pm
    Yes, it is probably a republican blogger.

    But it does illustrate a thematic point rather effectively.

    And if you count kenya, nigeria and all the islands that comprise indonesia I bet it is more than 57 states in BarackAmerica as the greater blowharder calls him.

  52. The media doesn’t get it. It’s not that we aren’t rushing to Obama because we’re hung up on Hillary. It’s because Obama does not represent our interests the way Hillary did throughout the primary campaign, and still does today. THAT’s why we don’t like Obama. Hillary talks about substantive issues, and nuts-and-bolts policy details. Obama does not. We have no idea what we’re getting with Obama. He has zero track record of success, no real resume, he admits that he’s intellectually lazy (“I can never find any paperwork in my office,” “that’s above my pay grade” etc.), and he DOES NOT REPRESENT US. He hasn’t TRIED to represent us.

    Our issue is with HIS lack of engagement on issues.

  53. Catching up from the last thread here.

    wbboei sid:
    It is moving back to where it was before. I think the real number is 1/3–and the exit polls in November will show it.

    Isn’t that about what the exit polls in the primaries said, at least the later primaries? Dunno what those did about stayhomes, which I thik is confusng a lot of the polls.

  54. The Obama camp digging a hole deeper for themselves with evangelicals.

    Jesus would be O.K. with abortion. Not only that, Jesus’s position on abortion would be even “more radical” than Barack Obama’s! That was the wild, and patently false, assertion from Barack Obama supporter Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a guest on Wednesday’s The O’Reilly Factor on FNC (8/13/08).

    From Wednesday’s The O’Reilly Factor (8/13/08):

    O’REILLY: The question is simple. (crosstalk) Would Jesus be as progressive on abortion – does he believe Jesus would, based upon his knowledge of theology – as he [Obama] is?

    HILL: Absolutely. I think, absolutely.

    O’REILLY: You believe Jesus would say, “Partial-birth abortion: No problem”?

    HILL: I think Jesus would be even more radical than all the candidates who are —

    O’REILLY (incredulous): On this issue?

    HILL: On this issue and on all these other issues. I think a fundamentalist understanding of the pro-life/pro-choice debate is misguided and actually misses the point. And I think Barack Obama understands this kind of thing — (inaudible) close to the center —

    O’REILLY (incredulous): That would be a stunning dissertation if the Senator would give it. And I would absolutely want to hear it.

    HILL: And I think he would. I think he will!

    O’REILLY: Let’s wrap this up …

  55. Hear hear, Berkeley! Add to that the fact that he thugged and cheated and falsely accused and subverted the democratic process to get there, and what in the HELL makes the DNC so surprised we won’t vote for him?

    Oh, I forgot, they can always rely on: “Boogaboogabooga! Scary SCOTUS!!! Ooooooooo! Boogabooga!”

    Pfffffffffffft! I have more interest in aborting this assault on Democracy, thanks.

  56. Does anyone know how many anti-obama’s people are in Denver??
    The pics of the Puma’s from Pumapac was just a small group!

  57. Nigeria needs to give that $200,000 to the people. O, should feel embarassed to take the money. Instead of bragging about the money

  58. Admin, I just want to take this moment and thank you for this blog. I may not always post, but I read it everyday– all day. This is my go to blog. Your articles are always insightful and on target. The people on this blog are wonderful. I am truly appreciative of everyone’s efforts, dedication and passion.

    This morning as I dressed for work, I put on pink shorts, pink tank top, pink shirt and pink flip flops. Topped it all off with a pink Hillary baseball cap. I’m representing The Big Pink, today!

    Thank you!

  59. Thanks for posting that, Admin. “Just words?” I’m sure that Elizabeth Edwards appreciated her remarks, too. At that moment MO lost her credibility with us and with many women from all walks of life.

  60. I have nothing against Biden, but it is outrageous that he never considered Hillary , never had enough respect for her or Bill , and takes her supporters like us for granted. Sadly, there are too many democrats like those who voted for this fraud in the primaries and he could actually win even without our support……………..

  61. But the voting would be cut off after a couple of states, the officials said, perhaps ending with New York, when Clinton herself would call for unanimous backing for Obama from the convention floor. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity while the deal was being finalized.
    There will be a full state by state vote. If they cut that off it will look like a back room deal. This needs to go the distance. Barrett and Pikler are in the bag for Obama. No objective journalist would put out this crap. This official who these two idiots spoke on condition of anonmity is probably axelrod. If they cut off the vote it will destroy any hope of legitimacy. You canot force unity at gunpoint. The Republican war room will kill them. Every state must have its moment in the sun. My sense is that the decisionmaking at the obama campaign is helter skelter like we saw with the obama selection of biden.

  62. Hi, all: reposting from a little further up.

    * * *
    Thanks for my new handle, Admin. I’ve been thinking of making a change for some time now. The previous “Informed” was to highlight very local knowledge, but I have been humbled all along in the presence of the Big Pink knowledge machine. So, in honor of the unDemocratic convention, I’m officially going underground. Vive la resistance!

  63. Good Afternoon everyone!

    ADMIN…….excellent as usual…….and a great big
    ((((HUG)))) for you for making this site the very best on the net!! I can’t tell you how much i DEPEND on this site for my news…..especially right now as it takes me so long to surf for information with dial up LOL

    and….. my dishnetwork is out for a few days can you believe the timing of that! (convention days of all times to go out!)
    so i am DEPENDING BIG TIME ON THIS FORUM to keep me informed on the convention speaches/news etc

    thank god for talk radio too …….. Glenn Beck and Rush so far today are on a roll LOL!!

    can’t wait to listen to hannity and Bill O later today 😀

    I would also like to say

    THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU!!….. i feel like your all friends and most of you make me LOL each day and that is precious!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD LAUGHS AND GREAT INFO! 😀 (((((HUGS TO ALL)))

  64. What deal? Hillary needs to just tell them, i want a full vote,or i’ll break your ass in front of the cameras.

  65. obama to run ad on ayres in ohio says thepage. ad will say obama was 8 when ayres commited terror acts so dont blame obama. this is very bad for obama. clearly the gop ayres ad is killing him there. and this explanation dont fly will cause a gleeful gop to run harder ayres ads

  66. Thanks wbboei, you make me feel better about that report. You have so much knowledge and such great insight into all that is happening. Actually, I did think about how it would look as well…it truly would be so fake no one would buy it.

    What about the secret hotel room vote? What is the purpose of that? If they do the vote there what is the point if the results are made public? And then to follow up with an artificial “unity vote” on the floor??? Won’t the Republicans be all over this as well?

  67. HillaryforTexas Says: There is now over 30 years of case law and precedent that would have to be overturned, not just Roe. Abortion is not going to become illegal in this country, period.

    Even the Obama campaign admitted that a few weeks ago. At least they admitted the abortion issue didn’t work for them, that the public believes Roe cannot be overturned at this point for that rason. (I put a diary at clintondems about it.)

    Didn’t one of Bush Jr’s appointees say the same thing?

    From another post:
    Asked about the abortion issue in the general election, Buchanan said Biden, a pro-choice Catholic, may have difficulty with Catholic prelates and others saying “the most important concern we’ve got is life and Barack is terrible on the issue and Biden is no good, either.”

  68. Transcript of Obama Ayers AdBarack Obama: I’m Barack Obama and I approved this message.

    ANNCR: With all our problems, why is John McCain talking about the sixties, trying to link Barack Obama to radical Bill Ayers?

    McCain knows Obama denounced Ayers crimes, committed when Obama was just eight years old.

    Let’s talk about standing up for America today.

    John McCain wants to spend $20 Billion a month in Iraq, tax breaks for corporations that ship jobs overseas, selling out American workers.

    John McCain, just more of the same.

  69. lol, so they are trying to say a his friendship with a bomber is no big deal, thats gonna bite his ass off.

  70. I’d reply back Obama is “the one” not standing up for America by associating himself with a radical bomber who isnt even sorry for murdering people and bombing the capital.

  71. This was written about a much earlier, but it is our favorite funny story of the day (thus far). It shows how out of touch and angry FISA Pelosi is:

    DENVER – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi acknowledged Monday that Democrats are not yet united following the bitter primary fight that divided supporters of likely Democratic nominee Barack Obama and rival Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Asked by reporters about female voters’ comfort level with Obama, Pelosi said women show a strong preference for Obama in public opinion polls. A “gender gap” in Obama’s favor had emerged “even before the convention, and even before the complete reconciliation that we need,” she said.

    Pelosi, who is chairwoman of the convention by virtue of her post as House speaker, brushed off a question about that reconciliation effort.

    “The nomination is decided, we have a vice president, we’re going to work together and go forward,” she said, adding that all 12 national conventions she has attended have been marked by contentiousness.

    “But to stay wallowing in all of this is not productive,” she said. “So we can talk about this forever, or we can talk about how we’re going to take our message to the American people, to women all across America, to see the distinctions” between Obama and Republican candidate John McCain.

    What matters is Americans’ unease about the economy and such issues as privacy rights, Pelosi said. She picked up the same theme later at a speech to hundreds of California delegates, saying they owned Americans “more than to get subsumed in process.”

    Pelosi chastised journalists for fixating on conflicts between Obama and Clinton supporters.

    “You know what? This is like a yesterday room,” she told the reporters. “We are going into the future. What did I walk into, a time capsule?”

  72. BHO defending his friendship with Bill Ayers et all
    with a new Ayers ad will fail big time!!!

    he will only succeed in drawing more attention and QUESTIONs about his connection with terrorists.

    and i agree it opens the door wide open for McCain
    to hit him more aggressively on the issue!

    GO McCain!!!!

    Hillary or Mac 08!!

  73. OMG, New York state is going to make Obama the nominee by acclammation!! THis is by far the lowest gut shot to Hillary that I have heard so far!!
    THis was just on FOX

  74. texan4hillary, Obama and the DNC don’t realize that every time Obama tries to do the “rapid response” thing by releasing an anti-attack ad, it hurts him. It proves that he’s just another politician, squabbling over minor issues that voters don’t care about it, being ruled by his own ego. Therefore, he isn’t a “different kind of politician” after all. Therefore, his core message of “change” rings hollow.

    This is why he’s plummeting in the polls. He’s reducing his own electability, day by day, and he’s been doing it for the last month.

  75. T4H, it’s laughable that the Obama camp is trying to downplay the terrorist connection with the Ayers ads. Yeah, and Obama was 12 or something when Joe Biden first was elected to the senate. What does the fact that Ayers is older than him have to do with anything? As an adult, Obama has a relationship with Ayers and will naturally be judged by it. The terrorist activities, even though they occurred when Obama was young, are part of who Ayers is as an individual. As a voter I sure want to know about who Obama thinks are worthy political mentors…sheesh, they think voters are stupid…

  76. The thing McCain needs to say in an ad for a slam dunk is “ask yourself, would you associate yourself with a terrorist bomber?, No, then ask yourself why would Obama”

  77. Go BIG DOG!

    Tensions boil between Obama-Clinton camps
    By: John F. Harris and Mike Allen
    August 25, 2008 02:45 PM EST

    DENVER — As Democrats arrived here Sunday for a convention intended to promote party unity, mistrust and resentments continued to boil among top associates of presumptive nominee Barack Obama and his defeated rival, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    One flashpoint is the assigned speech topic for former president Bill Clinton, who is scheduled to speak Wednesday night, when the convention theme is “Securing America’s Future.” The night’s speakers will argue that Obama would be a more effective commander in chief than his Republican rival, Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

    The former president is disappointed, associates said, because he is eager to speak about the economy and more broadly about Democratic ideas — emphasizing the contrast between the Bush years and his own record in the 1990s.

    This is an especially sore point for Bill Clinton, people close to him say, because among many grievances he has about the campaign Obama waged against his wife is a belief that the candidate poor-mouthed the political and policy successes of his two terms.

    Some senior Democrats close to Obama, meanwhile, made clear in not-for-attribution comments that they were equally irked at the Clinton operation. Nearly three months after Hillary Clinton conceded defeat in the nomination contest, these Obama partisans complained, her team continues to act like she and Bill Clinton hold leverage.

    After a period earlier this month when the two sides were working collegially over strategy, scheduling, and other convention logistics, things turned scratchy again in recent days.

    Some senior Obama supporters are irritated at how they perceive the Clintons fanned — or at a minimum failed to douse — stories that she was not even vetted as a possible vice presidential nominee. This is because she told Obama she preferred not to go through the rigorous process of document production unless she was really a serious contender, an Obama associate noted.

    One senior Obama supporter said the Clinton associates negotiating on her behalf act like “Japanese soldiers in the South Pacific still fighting after the war is over.”

    A prominent Obama backer said some of Clinton’s lieutentants negotiating with the Obama team are “bitter enders” who presume that, rather than the Clintons reconciling themselves to Obama’s victory, it is up to Obama to accommodate them.

    In fact, some senior veterans of Clinton’s presidential campaign do believe this.

    “He has not fully reconciled,” said one political operative close to the Clintons, “and he has not demonstrated that he accepts the Clintons and the Clinton wing of the party.”

    While the Clintons have a relatively easy job in Denver — to deliver gracious speeches and accept what are likely to be loud cheers from their supporters — it is “Obama who has the heavy lifting” this week, this aide said.

    This is because large numbers of Clinton backers — 30 percent in a recent ABC/Washington Post poll — are still not backing Obama over McCain.

    The peevishness on both sides and the volume of behind-the-scenes catcalls are noteworthy because both the Clinton and Obama teams had resolved in pre-convention talks that it was overwhelmingly in the interests of both sides to get along.

    Both Obama and Clinton associates have said for weeks that one of the challenges of Denver would be to control the news media narrative, in a city full of reporters and political sources, at an emotional moment for both the Obama and Clinton teams.

    Several hours after this story was first published, Obama strategist David Axelrod and Clinton senior adviser Maggie Williams, issued a joint statement. It did not address the reportedly bruised feelings over Bill Clinton’s speaking assignment, but said:

    “We understand that some in the news media are more interested in reporting the rumor of controversy than the fact of unity. The fact is that our teams are working closely to ensure a successful convention and will continue to do so. Senator and President Clinton fully support the Obama/Biden ticket and look forward to addressing the convention and the nation on the urgency of victory this Fall. Anyone saying anything else doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Period.”

    While Bill Clinton remains angry about how he and his wife were treated by both Obama backers and the news media — and he is particularly resentful at what he sees as unfair allegations that he tried to exploit racial divisions for political advantage — he has made the decision that he will put forward a positive face for Obama’s benefit at Denver.

    It is harder to do that when the topic is foreign policy and national security, which lends itself to restrained, rather than boisterous, partisan rhetoric.

    “That puts him in a terrible bind, because you can’t give a ringing endorsement when you’re talking about foreign policy,” a longtime Clinton adviser said. “Obviously, the hard thing to talk about with Obama is commander in chief, of all his many talents.

    “You don’t rah-rah about commander in chief. You rah-rah about hope and change and a new party and all that. So no matter what he does, somebody will find fault with it.”

    Hillary Clinton, who associates said seems more at peace with the results of the nomination battle than her husband, is treating her speech preparation as an all-hands-on-deck exercise, bringing back longtime aides who worked with her during the White House years and in her Senate office.

    Jim Kennedy, a veteran Clinton press hand and now an executive at Sony studios, was recalled to work on a speech draft, as was former White House speechwriter Lissa Muscatine, according to Clinton associates.

    Many of Hillary Clinton’s negotiations with the Obama team, aides said, have been led by former White House lawyer Cheryl Mills — a fiercely loyal associate of the Clintons who is known for her relentless and sometimes combative advocacy on their behalf.

    Another longtime associate, former White House chief of staff John Podesta, said he has little doubt that Hillary Clinton will easily meet her political challenge in Denver. He predicted that her supporters will “blow the roof” off the convention center with cheers for her, and that she will in turn make a rousing appeal for Obama.

    Podesta, the founder of the liberal Center for American Progress think tank, said Bill Clinton’s challenge is harder. “I think he’s got a high bar because he needs to show enthusiasm, and the press will be looking for any stray remark as a sign that he doesn’t fully support” the Obama campaign, Podesta said, adding, “It’s a bar he’ll get over.”

    Matt McKenna, a spokesman for Bill Clinton, said his boss “looks forward to making the case that Barack Obama is the best candidate to restore America’s standing in the world.”

    Paul Begala, a former operative who has spoken to both Clintons in recent weeks, agreed. He said the former president, whatever mixed feelings remain from the primaries, will work to elect Obama because, “It’s killing him to watch what has happened over the past eight years. It’s been torture to watch the slow unraveling of so much of what his administration achieved.”

  78. OMG……LOL!!!

    Hannity on air now

    we’re down here at the

    “america’s a down right mean convention”

  79. Go Hillary

    A few minutes ago speaking to reporters after her address to the New York delegation, Clinton offered delegates no instruction on how to cast their votes, Amie Parnes reports.

    “I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama,” she said. “How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens … some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways.”

    Many of Clinton’s delegates have already made up their minds. Some of her pledged delegates will vote for the one that brung them. Many of her superdelegates — particularly those with substantial African-American constituencies — have already said they’ll vote for Obama. Anthony Weiner (who’s running for mayor of New York) and Debbie Wasserman Schultz are both in that category.

    But her decision not to decide puts others in a tough position, torn between their loyalty to her and their eye to the future.

  80. wbboei Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 10:13 am – previous thread 717
    Turndownobama: I called their number and they told me that they only post certain responses so it is a one way street.

    That’s what I figured, especially early in a thread. I try to sound neutral or at least moderately short and very grammatical. I think on some sites, the more semi-colons the better. If they hve to read it closely to find the negativity, maybe they don’t bother.

  81. Hillary Clinton said:

    “I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama,” she said. “How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens … some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways.”

    Good for her. She’s respectful of her supporters and doesn’t treat us like drones who are supposed to be at her beck and call. It’s Obama’s job to seal the deal, and she’s done more than she’s been asked to do.

  82. Pelosi sounds frazzled. Good.

    And his Ayers defense is just laughable. My daughter was 10 yeas old when the world trade center was bombed. That does not mean she should not be called into question if she is close friends with Bin Laden as an adult.

  83. Yeah, exactly, HillaryforTexas. No one is complaining about what Obama did as a child! People are stunned that he would pal around with a known terrorist, years later, when he’d reached maturity and was an adult. Leave it to Axelrod and Gibbs to constantly deceive and spin.

  84. That is a pretty weak rebuttal ad. “I’m rubber, you’re glue….”

  85. CQ Craig Crawford: The Democratic convention now teeters on the brink of a media disaster

    The Democratic convention now teeters on the brink of a media disaster thanks to real news that threatens to distract reporters from the scripted show.

    And wouldn’t you know, it’s all about the Clintons. The trouble with the news-free nature of modern conventions is how anything unplanned can instantly get of hand with thousands of reporters in town vying for every morsel of something different.

    With more than enough to fuel the storyline about a rift between Barack Obama and the Clintons on the convention’s opening day, the media frenzy is on.

    Polls showing restlessness among Clinton voters. Behind-the-scenes reports of arguments about the theme of Bill Clinton’s speech later this week. A Wisconsin Clinton delegate endorsing John McCain in a television advertisement. And more.

    How did this happen? Many factors are in play. But central to the apparent breakdown was Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failure to publicly and forcefully dispel the notion that she was snubbed by Obama’s failure to vet her as a running mate.

    Clinton left it to the Obama camp to spin the angle that she was not vetted because she did not want to produce documents without a guarantee of serious consideration. If that’s true, you can well imagine that, without such assurances, she was not going to produce just about the only thing left that the world doesn’t know about the Clintons — the potentially controversial lists of donors to her husband’s presidential library.

    Whatever the cause, the appearance of Clinton getting dissed by Obama opened Pandora’s Box for her enthusiasts. And it gave the media what they can never resist – a nasty fight involving the Clintons.

  86. McCain has locked up as much as 27 percent of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters
    Two new polls showed yesterday that John McCain has locked up as much as 27 percent of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s supporters – and he’s mounting a new offensive to win over even more.

    The GOP candidate yesterday released an ad suggesting Joe Biden was chosen as the Democrats’ vice-presidential candidate instead of Clinton because the former first lady harshly criticized Barack Obama during the fight for the nomination.


    The ad, the second by McCain since the Delaware senator was selected Saturday, shows clips of Clinton attacking Obama during the primary battle, including one in which she says, “Senator Obama’s campaign has become increasingly negative.”

    In the ad, a narrator says: “She won millions of votes but isn’t on the ticket. Why? For speaking the truth.”

    A previous McCain ad, released shortly after Biden was introduced as the vice-presidential pick, featured a clip of the Delaware senator criticizing Obama during the primary campaign.

    A CNN poll last night found that 66 percent of Clinton backers now support Obama and that McCain has won over a healthy 27 percent. That’s a significant shift from late June, when Obama led in this group 75 percent to 16 percent.

    Overall, Obama and McCain deadlocked at 47 percent, with the Arizona senator gaining among Clinton backers, the CNN survey said.

    A Washington Post-ABC News survey found that only 70 percent of Clinton’s supporters now back Obama, while McCain has 20 percent. It’s the Republican’s best showing in this poll among that group since she suspended her campaign in June.

    The poll says another 10 percent of Clinton supporters are undecided.

    It also found that, overall, Obama leads McCain among registered voters, 49 to 43 percent, and among likely voters, 49 to 45 percent.

    Appearing on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” former Mayor Rudy Giuliani ripped into Obama for choosing Biden, saying that picking Clinton would have been a “no-brainer.”

    “You almost have to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid her as the vice-presidential pick of the party. And it seems to me that, for whatever reason that hasn’t been explained, a choice was made out of weakness [rather] than strength.”

    When asked to explain, the former mayor replied: “Senator Obama had 51 percent of the Democratic vote. Senator Clinton had 50 percent of the Democratic vote. It’s kind of a no-brainer that that’s your ticket.”

    Clinton spokeswoman Kathleen Strand said the New York senator’s “support of Barack Obama is clear. She has said repeatedly that Barack Obama and she share a commitment to changing the direction of the country.”

    Campaigning in the battleground state of Wisconsin, Obama said he was “absolutely convinced” Biden is right for the job.

    “He’s got the passion to lift up middle-class Americans, he hasn’t forgotten his working-class roots, he has the expertise that will make him a great counselor on international crises that might come up,” Obama said.

    Speaking at a barbecue in Eau Claire, Obama said both he and Biden have humble roots and predicted the veteran lawmaker would be “one of the greatest vice presidents in the history of the United States.”

    At a church earlier, Obama joked, “People ask me, ‘Why did you decide to run for president?’ The real reason [is] Secret Service protection for my two girls,”

    Obama has two daughters, Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7.

  87. Admin, I forgot to add back there: “Don’t blame me, I voted for Hillary!”

  88. Berkeley Vox Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    Hillary Clinton said:

    “I will be telling my delegates that I will vote for Barack Obama,” she said. “How they vote is a more personal decision. They want to have their chance to vote for me. That is what traditionally happens … some people are having to make up their minds because there are arguments pulling them both ways.

    I love this woman. Her phraseology is always cryptic and understood by people who pay attention. Let’s tank Obama, folks. Leave the damn door open for her.

    I’m making sure my whole family votes for McCain. I’m also convincing my apolitical friends to vote for McCain.

    Hillary 2012!

  89. Moononpluto, Auchi is the cherry on top – a big bomb that the Republicans will hit Obama with. We warned Democrats starting in April 2007 about the Rezko mess and how Obama would be destroyed by Rezko. Democrats (in the so-called leadership) did not listen. Republicans know how potent the issue of Rezko/Auchi (among others) is.

    As to the Obama Ayres response ad, the ad is an independent expenditure ad. The ad is not a John McCain ad. If Obama is responding it is because the ad is as effective as we think it is. The ad will be particularly devastating in parts of Michigan and Pennsylvania as well as Ohio. And wait until the NRA follows up that ad with their own ads in Michigan and Pennsylvania (remember Pennsylvania is the state with most NRA members and Michigan is at the top too).

    The Ayres ad is effective and Obama better get used to more effective ads against him. Obama is an attack ad maker’s dream.

  90. Sooo…..we think Obama snubbed her, only about a gazillion times, but it is HER job to convince us he didn’t. Right, Craig.

    When are these press morons going to learn that HILLARY DOES NOT THINK FOR US, NOR TELL US WHAT TO DO.

    Gawd. We love and respect the woman, but we are not lemmings. Why is it ALWAYS put forward as HER job to change our minds about Obama, but no one in the press EVER suggests he ought to get off of his royal arse and convince us HIMSELF.”

  91. “You know what? This is like a yesterday room,” she told the reporters. “We are going into the future. What did I walk into, a time capsule?”

    Stop what you’re doing to me
    My love don’t want to see
    Then-We were young and strong
    Now-Everything is wrong [so wrong]
    Did you want me
    Did you need me
    Could you not say
    You believed me
    Could you not say
    our love is in a time capsule

  92. Hillary could yell her support of Obama from the Empire State Building, and it would not be enough to silence the naysayers.

  93. Kostner, thanks for that fun Craig Crawford article. It’s all about Hillary. And the internet dens of Hopium are going nuts trying to say there is unity. There will be no peace. There won’t even be an armistice. As Al Sharpton likes to say: No Justice, No Peace.

  94. admin, great article..the video made me cry, I guess because we’ve all worked so hard not only for Hillary but for evey man, woman and child in America. We know about the dreams that we all share, healthcare for all, a booming economy, protecting the environment and workers, peace with our neighbors and on and on. We understand that change is important and that Hillary has the expertise to handle it. We know there are those that have it worse than we do and we do hope for a better future for us all, but then we moan each time the BHO campaign uses race, gender,age, against us. We moan as the handful of insiders decide they know what is better for us than we do.

    I am still a democrat and I will remain so. But I will never fall in line nor will I give my vote to someone that does not deserve it.

    I thank you and all the people here for this wonderful haven from the madness that the dnc has created.

  95. Good PUMA summary in this comment by Gina from BMerry’s blog:

    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.
    11. Obama added insult to injury, when he didn’t even consider
    Hillary for V.P. … nor did he even call her … even though she
    got 18 million votes in the primary.
    12. Obama and the DNC are now holding a gun to the heads of
    Hillary and Bill Clinton, giving them an ultimatum … either support
    Obama, or kiss your future in the DNC and politics goodbye.

    Comment by Gina — August 25, 2008 @ 2:38 pm

  96. I believe that Hillary’s respect for our independent judgment is genuine. Good summary of PUMA talking points from a commenter at BMerry’s blog, following a story summarizing the Biden/Rezko connection.
    * * * * *


    1. Contrary to what Obamabots say …
    Obama and Hillary were in a dead heat,
    when the DNC pressured Hillary into not
    only conceding, but campaigning for Obama.
    2. Obama is once again in a dead heat, but now
    with McCain, even though Obamabots act like
    Obama has already won (like they did in the
    primaries against Hillary). So, this means that
    half of the Democrats, and all the Republicans
    (3/4 of America) dIdn’t want Obama. Plus, he
    didn’t even win the popular vote, and refused a
    revote in Michigan and Florida.
    3. Obama has the thinnest resume in politics, and
    he won state legislature and Senator by
    disqualifications of his opponents, not by earned
    experience, or votes.
    4. Obama’s one claim to fame is being a community
    organizer, where he boasts of registering voters.
    Then he took their votes away from them, by
    disqualifying his opponents on technicalities, prior
    to the election.
    5. Obama’s mentor of 20 years, was an anti-American
    racist … not to mention other unsavory associations.
    6. Obama is simply buying the election, since he’s
    good at fund raising … hardly a qualification to be
    President of the United States.
    7. The media never vetted Obama, and they are
    giving him a free ride, plus more than twice the
    print and air time as McCain, as they did against
    8. 90% of blacks are voting for Obama, because he is
    black, while the campaign gained ground by
    accusing most opponents of racism.
    9. Obamabots were, and are extremely nasty and sarcastic
    towards Hillary supporters, as well as McCain supporters.
    10. Pumas should be applauded for putting country before party …
    especially a party that did not represent them, and a party
    which highjacked the nomination for Obama.
    11. Obama added insult to injury, when he didn’t even consider
    Hillary for V.P. … nor did he even call her … even though she
    got 18 million votes in the primary.
    12. Obama and the DNC are now holding a gun to the heads of
    Hillary and Bill Clinton, giving them an ultimatum … either support
    Obama, or kiss your future in the DNC and politics goodbye.

    Comment by Gina — August 25, 2008 @ 2:38 pm

  97. Confloyd,
    HRC’s state, my home, will support BO by acclamation?

    I feel ill. For the first time in 6 months I’m glad cottage renovations are so time-consuming I don’t have
    time for TV news.

    This is positively obscene.


  98. Such Fun, now Strickland calls the press out, i think this is a concerted effort folks.

    Ohio Gov. Bashes Press for pro-Obama Bias

    Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland is the latest supporter of Hillary Clinton to accuse the media of bias in its coverage of the Democratic nomination battle.

    At a dinner with Washington Post reporters and editors, Strickland called the coverage “almost shocking at times” and unfair it the treatment of both candidate Clinton and her husband, the former president.

    “Quite frankly, some of the people that I had most previously admired as commentators I have a remarkably different opinion toward right now,” Strickland said.

    Strickland was the second big-state governor and Clinton supporter to sound off about the press at the convention. On Sunday, at a panel hosted by Harvard’s Shorenstein Center, Pennsylvania Gov. Edward Rendell called coverage of Barack Obama’s campaign “embarrassing”

    “He is running for the most important office in the world,” Rendell said. “He basically got a free pass.” Rendell also described MSNBC derisively as “the official network of the Obama campaign.”

    Strickland was one of Clinton’s strongest supporters and helped her carry the Ohio primary in March. In his critique, he did not single out any commentators by name. But he was sharply critical of the treatment Clinton got at two debates just before the Ohio primary, noting that she was repeatedly asked questions first, giving Obama the benefit of being able to shape his answer in response to hers.

    He recalled that Clinton had raised the issue during the Cleveland debate. “Then she was mocked for bringing it up, referred to as whining,” he said. “I think it was very legitimate.”

    Strickland said he was troubled by innuendo in coverage of the campaign and particularly the focus on both Hillary and Bill Clinton. “I mean she was the candidate, for God’s sake, he wasn’t.”

  99. The Obama-Biden-Rezko ticket?
    h t t p : / /,CST-NWS-rezko25.article

    Biden has described himself as a 30-year friend of a key figure in the Rezko trial who’s pleaded guilty to a federal extortion charge in Chicago and is awaiting sentencing.
    When the Delaware senator began contemplating his own 2008 presidential run, he initially was helped by Chicago lawyer Joseph Cari Jr., who also served as Biden’s Midwest field director in his failed 1988 bid for president.
    In 2005, Cari admitted to taking part in an $850,000 kickback scheme that prosecutors say was part of a larger political fund-raising operation for Gov. Blagojevich overseen by Rezko, who was convicted in June of wide-ranging corruption involving state deals.
    On the day Cari’s name first surfaced in the federal probe of the state Teachers Retirement System, the former finance chairman for the Democratic National Committee and for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee was to have hosted a Biden fund-raiser in Chicago. Cari was a no-show at that July 25, 2005, event.
    Offering Cari a vote of confidence at the time, Biden said, “All I know is Joe Cari is a friend, and he’s an honorable guy, but I don’t know anything beyond that.”

  100. House-gate on yesterday’s ABC Sunday:

  101. Clinton Advisers Skipping Obama Speech
    h t t p : / /

    A number of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s top advisers will not be staying in Denver long enough to hear Barack Obama accept the nomination for president, according to sources familiar with their schedules.
    Clinton will deliver her speech Tuesday night. She will hold a private meeting with her top financial supporters Wednesday at noon, and will thank her delegates at an event that afternoon. Former president Bill Clinton will speak that night. Several of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are then planning to leave town. Among them, Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman, and longtime supporters Steve Rattner and Maureen White. Another of Clinton’s top New York fundraisers, Alan Patricof, did not make the trip to Denve

  102. I just called Murphy, I told her to gt all the media coverage she could. Also called Bob Kunst who has already had two press interviews and is planning on doing more. He told me that we need to contact the press. and tell them what is going on. Also go to the Denver Post newsroom and put it there. We can do a prowl on our own with the media e-mails we already have. Tell them about the secret ballots and intimidation.

  103. “Offering Cari a vote of confidence at the time, Biden said, “All I know is Joe Cari is a friend, and he’s an honorable guy, but I don’t know anything beyond that.”

    Hmm…Who does that sound like? “He wasn’t the person, I thought he was.”

  104. Here’s Rove’s numbers… Since he flunked 2006 election, I take this with a huge grain of salt. I doubt Obama can get high 80s in the end, but he may still win if he garners low 80s since the D generitc party #s are way up…

    Rove Talks to Fox NewsOn Michelle Obama’s Monday night convention speech:

    “She needs to leave an authentic, credible, durable image of herself in people’s minds after tonight.”

    She should not “read from her dissertation.”

    On unity of the Democratic Party:

    “If [Obama] loses this election… it’s not Hillary Clinton’s responsibility, it’s Barack Obama’s responsibility.”

    If he loses it will be because of “his failure to connect” with blue collar voters.

    “At the end of the day, he needs to win in the high 80s or low 90s percent of Democrats.”

  105. Blue said on thread 717:
    I can’t imagine anything, even a seat on the court, being worth that much to her. I can’t help but suspect something much more sinister


    Blue, sorry I cut short my answer on the previous thread. I agree there’s something sinister been going on throughout the cammpaign.

    Many of HIllary’s actions, considered separately, have good tactical reasons. But overall, especilly lately, it does look like she’s responding to sticks rather than carrots, threats rather than bribes.

    However whatever her problem is, it hasn’t made Bill act conciliatng to Obama. And she and Bill are both very smart and well informed.

    I hope she and Bill are deliberately giving out the impression of threats etc, rather than really being helpless.

    I doubt if htey want to fight for the nomination at this point. They’d rather let the GOP destroy Obama.

    Our support for a fight is a bargianing chip for her, and I’m sure she will use it well.

    Actuall we PUMAs can have it both ways.If Obama gets the nom, then we can start shouting “Obama, resign for Hillary!” and shout it all the way to November — while she pretends to support him and the GOP uses all the stuff they’ve been holding back.

    Obama is smart — when he sees he’s going to be the McGovern of 2008, he might even follow our advice! 🙂

  106. am hearing that Lanny Davis said that he would think about voting for McCain on character and judgment, and sleep well, but he is closer to the issues to BO.

    if true, how awesome is that. Good on Lanny.

  107. Admin – you are so good! – excellent sum of hard points, while others are posting political gossip columns.

    This country is seriously sick.
    The convention is a TACKY TV show.

    As for “Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair”
    I offer “US citizens threaten Iraqi billionaire. Contract now is play.”

  108. if McCain is going to make more inroads and not lose Democrats, he will have to do something to appease us – this is going to be a very interesting ride to Nov.

  109. CountTheVotes: I’m hoping for a moderate female running mate. Hoping for a Whitman: Christing Todd or Margaret Cushing.

  110. That Obama ad is really lame. You can’t win election by delcaring ‘I’m only 8 years old when Ayre bombed the capital hill’.

  111. Kostner, we remember Alan Patricof having a great time at the Four Seasons Boston in 2004 (Obama was stupidly standing all alone and nearby was Rob Reiner – we loved drinking more than one Bellini). That Patricof is not in Denver is a massive signal that Hillary donors are not on board with the Chicago thugs. What is being said in public is one thing, the absence of Alan and Susan Patricof is what is important. This is a top to bottom resistance with Big Donors and grassroots activists united against this obamination.

  112. yes, Illinois Underground – me too, female VP, someone in the mold of Sandra Day O’Connor – compassionate about choice, but cautious – that’s fine…I could live with it.

  113. Whoah… once again, the Obama campaign has played the race card(!) against the Clintons:

    DENVER — Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) told convention-goers Monday that Barack Obama is like baseball pioneer Jackie Robinson — enduring jeers without the ability to hit back.

    “Barack Obama has the capacity to hit,” Jackson said a breakfast panel just before the opening of the Democratic National Convention. “But he is in the situation where he can’t hit back, which Jackie Robinson could not do. … He had to be able to run the bases, even though the crowd was jeering the first African-American on the field.”

    Jackson, son of the civil rights leader, said Obama is in the same situation: “He has to keep smiling, because no one wants an angry African-American man in the White House.”

    Speaking at a panel presented by Yahoo News, Politico and The Denver Post, Jackson added that party skeptics need to have “a Pee Wee Reese moment” — a reference to the Kentucky-born Brooklyn Dodgers shortstop who famously embraced Robinson on the field when the African-American broke baseball’s color barrier in 1947.

    “When they have a camera put in their faces, they will have an opportunity to put their arm around our guy so that he can run the bases,” Jackson said. “Hillary Clinton will have a Pee Wee Reese moment. Bill Clinton will have a Pee Wee Reese moment. [Pennsylvania Gov.] Ed Rendell will have a Pee Wee Reese moment.”

  114. No , the deal is in the works will limit how many Clinton delegates able to vote for her. THey are not only stepping in it, they are now swimming it it. THey are so Stupid

  115. Strickland speaks for us moononpluto:

    “Quite frankly, some of the people that I had most previously admired as commentators I have a remarkably different opinion toward right now,” Strickland said.

  116. confloyd Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 3:03 pm
    OMG, New York state is going to make Obama the nominee by acclammation!! THis is by far the lowest gut shot to Hillary that I have heard so far!!
    THis was just on FOX


    Confloyd…if that is so, then Hill definetly gains the high road…what more can she do? she has gone above and beyond…and now the responsibility of winning or losing sits completely on obama’s shoulders…

    Obama can not piggy back a win to the presidency on Hillary’s shoulders…he is on his own…

  117. From riverdaughter blog:

    Regency, on August 25th, 2008 at 4:00 pm Said:

    Did ya’ll see Lanny? He said that O’s camp is lying and that Hillary was never vetted. He also said he’d be fine voting for McCain and that he’d sleep well at night with him as President but that he’s closer to Obama on the issues.
    I just said it. Go Lanny!

    LMAO! I LOVE LANNY! About damn time for some truth-telling!

  118. Biden now tied to Rezko, laughable, so funny, 2 for 1

    Barack Obama’s vice-presidential pick complicates the Democratic hopeful’s efforts to distance himself from a far-reaching Chicago patronage scandal.

    Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., brings to Obama’s presidential campaign assets like foreign policy experience and a knowledge of Washington. But he also brings another tie to the Antoin “Tony” Rezko scandal, a mess that has already caused sizeable headaches for the Obama campaign.

    Chicago lawyer and onetime mega-fundraiser Joseph Cari has advised Biden and his campaigns on and off since 1984, serving in posts as varied as a Senate adviser on crime to the Midwest Political Director for Biden’s aborted 1987 presidential bid. In 2005 Cari helped arrange private meetings for Biden with potential supporters, as the senator explored another run for the White House. He has also worked to raise money for Biden .

    Federal prosecutors indicted Cari in August 2005 and in September Cari cut a deal, agreeing to cooperate with the government’s investigation and pleading guilty to a count of attempted extortion .

  119. Illinois!

    Not Christie Whitman! She was governor of NJ, where I taught for 10 years, and robbed the
    teachers pension fund by refusing to make payments during the 90’s, claiming investments were
    bringing in millions. She practically bankrupted the system on the backs of teachers who are required
    by state law to contribute a certain percentage of their salary. It is automatically withdrawn before
    checks are issued. She is a thief and a hypocrite not to mention incompetent and unscrupulous.

    Plus she LIED about the air quality in NYC after the WTC bombings and probably caused the deaths of dozens of firefighters when she declared the air safe to breath and didn’t recommend precautions.

    She’s a %$%%$##@!!!

  120. One thing that just occurred to us. Rendell (and now Strickland) attacked Big Media smears of Hillary and denounced MSNBC in particular. Chris Matthews was part of the panel. Chris Matthews wants to run for office in Pennsylvania. We doubt Rendell will help him achieve that goal.

  121. Funny… from Wonkette:

    Bruce Springsteen Will Doom Obama’s Campaign, Too

    I came fer you, fer you, I came fer you …If there’s one thing Democrats can count on, it’s that New Jersey billionaire Bruce “He’s The Boss” Springsteen will play lots of his songs for the presidential candidate, who will then lose the election. That’s why Republicans are so excited about Springsteen playing a couple of songs at Obama’s Acceptance Concert on Thursday.

    According to the Rocky Mountain News, 1980s’ hitmaker Bruce Springsteen will play two songs, just him and his plodding acoustic guitar, for a special part of Obama’s acceptance program called “HOPE Takes a Nap.” Then, or maybe before, briefly famous hair-rocker John Francis Bongiovi, Jr., will also play a song or two on an acoustic guitar, perhaps from the hit record “Slippery When Wet.”

    Springsteen has crushed many Democratic presidential hopes with his musical “help” in the campaign. He repeatedly showed up at John Kerry events, four years ago, and managed to hand another dreadful four years to Bush/Cheney.

  122. Oh, for God’s sake, JJ, this entire primary has been nothing more than a PeeWee Reese moment with NO JACKIE IN SIGHT.

    Everybody from Kennedy to Kerry to the entire DNC has smiled and smiled and smiled and waxed effusive about how fabulous Obama is. The difference is, they did it before he had hit ONE GODDAMN HOMERUN IN HIS LIFE.

    You can’t make it true, Jesse, if it ain’t.

  123. Louis Farrakhan’s mansion is located in Hyde Park. When running for the Illinois Senate, which house did Barack Obama go to for a fundraiser and whose friendship did Barack Obama seek out?

    Willaim Ayers.

    IN what area in Chicago did Barack Obama go to for this fundraiser – at Willam Ayer’s house?

    Hyde Park.

    Where did Obama buy his million dollar-plus home?

    Hyde Park.

    Without Louis Farrakhan’s and William Ayers friendship and blessing, Barack Obama would never have made it to the Illinois Senate, much less the U.S. Senate, much less even be running for president of the United States.

    Michelle Obama – friend to the Farrakhan’s – is speaking tonight at the DNC convention.

  124. Rezko/Obama/Ayres/Biden

    We love this story:

    The McCain campaign welcomes an opportunity, raised by its independent ally, to argue about Bill Ayers.

    “The fact that Barack Obama chose to launch his political career at the home of an unrepentant terrorist raises more questions about Senator Obama’s judgment than any TV ad ever could. And the fact that he’s launching his own Convention by defending his long association with a man who says he didn’t bomb enough U.S. targets tells us more about Barack Obama than any of tonight’s speeches will,” says spokesman Brian Rogers.

    The Ayers attacks cite my story on him and Obama, and the notion that Obama “chose to launch his political career” at Ayers’ home is an overstatement, but not without any basis in reality. Alice Palmer, his predecessor in the State Senate, did convene one early, and important, meeting to introduce Obama to new constituents there, however.

    As one attendee described it:

    “When I first met Barack Obama, he was giving a standard, innocuous little talk in the living room of those two legends-in-their-own-minds, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn…. They were launching him — introducing him to the Hyde Park community as the best thing since sliced bread.”

  125. Are any of you going to watch the convention coverage tonight? I can’t bring myself to watch . . . that is just only on Tuesday and Wednesday night when Senator and Former President Clinton speak. Who knows, maybe Tuesday will be the best watched night of the convention . . .

  126. Thanks for embedding video, Admin. You hit these themes on Bastille Day, but they seem fortifying today. Marchons! Marchons! Vive la resistance!

  127. I’ll peek. Just to see if the stage is as tacky as the pictures seem to suggest.

    Other than that, nope. I’ll be starting a new book.

  128. LawSchoolDem, I’m not watching tonight either. I’ll be glued to the TV for Tues and Wed., and then I’ll probably watch on Thursday, mostly just for Gore.

  129. Howard Wolfson:

    Im frequently asked why some of Senator Clinton’s supporters are so angry at the media’s portrayal of her.

    Here is one example, that ocurred just this afternoon.

    Comparing Hillary Clinton to a psychotic killer; the stereotypical “scorned woman,” is a sexist outrage. Enough.

  130. I like Whitman b/c she’s a moderate and wrote a book about how her party left her.

    However, Whitman is controversial b/c of 9/11 and her remarks about how safe NYC air was.

    She would be a very bad choice. It’ll upstage McCain and give the press ammunition against the McCain/Whitman ticket.

  131. Someone should do us a favour, get all the clinton delegates to leave the convention, then lock the doors and throw away the keys. They’d be too dumb to figure a way out.

  132. Hey Springsteen is 59, is’nt he too old to be bouncing around like a rocker. I thought the obama campaigns did’nt like Grandads.

  133. filbertsf: Oh, I see. That’s probably why I like her! (You’re talking about Christine, right?) What about the other Whitman, Meg? I think he especially needs a CEO type, whether private or public sector.

  134. Obama’s new campaign message

    We’re hopeful that changing the change for a change because the change really is a change we can believe in for a change and we’re hoping you hope the change is giving you hope and being able to change your hope to better enhance the change.

  135. I know nothing about Meg Whitman.

    I think McCain should choose Romney. The economy is bad and Romney did very well with fiscal conservatives voters. If the two big issues right now are the war and foreign policy, the two of them would cover the canvass. The only drawback would be the the fact that both men are white and uber-millionaires.

    That may not sit well with working class Americans.

  136. The Obama ad blaming McCain for an ad made by an independent group is below. The ad will fuel the impact of the original ad. We’ll put up both ads.

    The Obama response ad:


  137. A class act, and the most gracious politician I’ve ever seen:

    August 26, 2008
    Clinton Tells Her Supporters to Back Obama

    DENVER – In a ballroom overflowing with many of her most diehard supporters, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday implored New York Democrats to work as hard to elect Senator Barack Obama as they worked for her.

    Mrs. Clinton, while acknowledging that true party unity may take time, repeatedly told them it would be disastrous for the country to endure four more years of a Republican in the White House. Despite news reports of lingering tensions between her campaign and Mr. Obama’s, Mrs. Clinton sought to dispel those notions in her remarks.

    “We were not all on the same side as Democrats, but we are now,” the senator said. Mrs. Clinton also took issue with a just-released ad from the John McCain campaign that questioned why Mr. Obama did not select her as his running mate, and used footage of her criticizing the Illinois senator during the primary campaign.

    “Let me state what I think about their tactics and these ads,” she said a bit mischievously. “I’m Hillary Rodham Clinton and I do not approve of that message.”

    The crowd rose to its feet and started shouting, “Hillary! Hillary!”

    The event was emotional at times, and members of the audience interrupted her frequently with hearty applause and numerous standing ovations. People pressed a rope line to greet and hug her, some with tears in their eyes.

    Mrs. Clinton’s appearance reflected how she appears to be framing her message this week: celebrating the achievement of her breakthrough campaign, preserving the bonds she built with her supporters, while emphasizing the importance of electing Mr. Obama.

    The seats were covered with blue and white posters that read: “Hillary Made History” and the room buzzed throughout the warm-up speakers about when she might arrive. And when she did appear, shouts of “You go girl” and “Hillary thank you!” erupted from the audience.

    In her 9-minute speech, Mrs. Clinton used the word unity at least a half dozen times.

    “Let there be no mistake about it. We are united. We are united for change. We are, after all, Democrats. So it may take a while, but we’re not the fall-in-line party,” she said.

    At a press conference after her speech, Mrs. Clinton was asked about recurring reports about tensions between the two camps. Monday morning, for instance, the Politco reported that both sides were irked at each other over a variety of grievances. Mrs. Clinton responded, “We have a very good working relationship.”

    Mrs. Clinton has asked Representative Charles B. Rangel, the dean of the New York delegation, to encourage New York delegates to vote for Mr. Obama on Thursday night. At the request of her campaign, her name will be read during the roll call vote.

    Even amid the warm embrace, there were indications that some have already moved on. One woman handed out little silver tins with the words “Yes We Can,” the slogan of the Obama campaign, printed on them.

    One man gamely tried to start a “Yes We Can” chant, but it did not catch on.

    Many delegates appeared to take her words to heart. “I can assure you the message was received loud and clear,” said Daniel J. O’Donnell, a state assemblyman who described himself as a diehard Clinton supporter during the primaries. “I’m ready to go wherever she wants me to go.”

    Mrs. Clinton, an Illinois native who has fought the image that she is not a true New Yorker, appears to have put much of that criticism behind her. Still there are moments.

    She joked about the frustrations of living through the presidency of George W. Bush, saying at one point, “Honest to goodness, how many times can you yell at the TV screen?”

    A man near the front of the ballroom cracked, “Obviously she’s not a Bills fan.”

  138. dick morris is a jackass but he shares my view on vp
    McCain Should Pick Kay Bailey Hutchison as VP

    Sunday, August 24, 2008 6:27 PM

    By: Dick Morris & Eileen McGann Article Font Size

    It doesn’t take a political genius to realize that Barack Obama needed to nominate a woman for vice president.

    Obama’s key problem is that there is no gender gap. In the most recent Zogby poll, he runs only two points better among women than among men. A Democrat should be running 10 to 15 points better among women.

    If Obama is to have a hope of winning, he needs to improve his performance among female voters. A Fox News poll indicated that only about half of those who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the primaries are voting for Obama and that fully one in five plans to support John McCain.

    Attractive to women voters because of his maverick positions on issues and his willingness to defy the Republican orthodoxy, McCain is garnering votes from women who should be part of Obama’s core constituency.

    So why didn’t Obama name a woman? He couldn’t nominate Hillary because she came with so much baggage that he’d be spending his entire campaign swatting away charges directed at the Clintons. It would have been priceless to see Obama trying to justify Bill’s refusal to publish the names of the donors to his library or to explain what Bill is doing in Dubai and Kazakhstan.

    But what about Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius? While not a national figure, she is attractive, articulate and would have made a fine candidate.

    However, Obama was terrified that the Clintons would wreak vengeance if he named a woman other than Hillary. Yet it was all a bluff. Hillary’s delegates would have celebrated the selection of a woman.

    Obama wimped out.

    The fact that he named Joe Biden as his vice presidential candidate will have relatively little impact on the strategic framework of the race.

    Biden was the best of the names on Obama’s short list. His experience in foreign affairs, his tough advocacy of the Democratic agenda, and his skill at handling himself will all help Obama’s campaign, but not decisively. The other options were worse. Tim Kaine, governor of Virginia, had as little experience as Obama. Evan Bayh, senator from Indiana, is too soft-spoken and mild for a rough and tumble campaign.

    But the most important thing is that Obama did not choose a woman. He needed one.

    Now, John McCain can take advantage of Obama’s blunder by coming back with a female nominee for vice president. Texas Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison would be an excellent choice. She’s been around for decades and is not going to start making mistakes now.

    Her nomination would be a signal to American women that McCain takes their aspirations seriously, even if Obama does not.

    I have previously written about the advantages of Joe Lieberman for vice president. His nomination would send a signal of bipartisanship which would be notable and would hasten Democratic defections. But conservatives would be horrified.

    Obama’s failure to nominate a woman is such a glaring misstep that McCain should pounce and take advantage of it.

    The ticket will nominally be Obama-Biden. But, to millions of American women it will be Obama and not Hillary.

    © 2008 Dick Morris & Eileen McGann


  140. Hutchison would be a brilliant choice for McCain. I’m not sure if the pro-life crowd would go for it, but Obama would be toast if she’s McCain’s veep.

  141. I hope someone here will blog live on hillary and bills speaches tuesday and wed for those of us who can’t watch it at all 😀

    and while i am at it, i would like it very much if those of you who post Youtube videos here could also give some sort of written detail if not a script
    of what is said….. being on dial up i can’t really watch them……which sucks

    Mucho Gracias!!

  142. Hutchison is too conservative for my taste. Ick.

    I’m hoping he’ll pick someone moderate. I like Olympia Snowe. She’s one of my favorite moderate. Unfortunately, she’s against the war and since McCain is running on the success of Iraq and his foreign policy experience, she may not chime with that theme.

  143. LOL…reading all the posts and coming to one wonderful conclusion.

    This undemocratic fairy tale convention is blowing up in the right faces and falling flat all over the place. 🙂

  144. We are, after all, Democrats. So it may take a while, but we’re not the fall-in-line party,” she said.(hillary)

    I hope all of her delegates in dever caught that one! 😀

  145. as I said before – the VP mold – someone like Sandra Day O’Connor – she got more moderate as time went along and looked at things case by case and also worked to narrow the majority opinion of the conservative judges. i think the conservatives might be able to live with that, so could we.

  146. OMG!!!!!!

    The interview Wolfson cited in the clip above of Alex Casstellanos saying today the spectre of
    HRC hanging over the convention reminds him of Glen Close in Fatal Attraction waving a knife
    is f***ing disgusting!!!!!!

    And Soledad O’Brian didn’t say a word????? How is he permitted to make such slanderous remarks????

  147. OMG!

    Alex Castellanos saying the spectre of Hrc hangs over the convention like Glen Close weilding a knife in Fatal Attraction leaves me speechless!

    And Soledad O’brian didn’t say a word! This is beyond obscene! How can he get away with this sh!t????

  148. # djia Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    We are, after all, Democrats. So it may take a while, but we’re not the fall-in-line party,” she said.(hillary)

    I hope all of her delegates in dever caught that one! 😀

    yeah. isn’t she great, djia? if people paid close attention, they’d know what Hillary wants us to do. All of these former Clintonistas wackos who have jumped on the Obama bandwagon can’t seem to catch cryptic subtleties.

  149. *ACTION ALERT* Update from Denver: Illegal Secret ballot and Delegate intimidation


    Per PUMA PAC radio update from Denver:


    They are asking delegates to vote from their hotel rooms in the morning. (this is a secret ballot and illegal)
    They will tabulate these results before the fake roll call to see who is for and against Obama – delegates that break from Obama will be noted. They will be hard pressed to “change” their minds after this
    Hillary will speak to her Delegates at 1:00, after the delegates have already submitted secret ballots
    Reported that this is when she will release her delegates (after all, they’ve already “voted” before the vote)
    Sham roll call vote in the afternoon
    States will be out of alphabetical order
    This is so no big states that supported Clinton will be called early
    All Obama states come first to put him over the top


    Delegates taken alone into hotel rooms now nicknamed “torture chambers”
    Delegates told if they don’t vote for Obama they have no future in the party
    Delegates told to vote against their constituencies – illegal in many states


    CALL HOWARD DEAN at the Loews Denver Hotel 303-782-9300 FAX: 303-758-6542.



    Immediately call your Secretary Of State and Attorney Generals Office. They are breaking state laws.

    Write the Super Delegates – tell them this will destroy the party. Tell them THE WORLD IS WATCHING!

  150. first time I have ever seen a prayer read off a teleprompter but maybe I’m just noticin’ for the first time. Afternoon yall.

  151. Read the post by Texan4HIllary above, yall. This is horrible. Do we have the testimony of a delegate? Somebody has to be willing to stand up at the convention and say what is happening!

  152. I’m more than just a little offended that the prayer was offered in the name of the “father, son and the holy ghost.” Have we no more delegates who are of faiths other than the CHristian faith? Now we’re having a sermon.

  153. So Obama doesn’t have to lift a finger to get Hillary supporters over to his side? Hillary has to do all the work herself? 😉

  154. Twety was just talking about PUMAs, said we weren’t “ladies” because we use the word “ass”.

    What a motherfucking little prick.

    PUMA HAKA! 👿

  155. The Democratic Party is slowly evolving. It’s sort of similar to how the GOP has become a party of religious freaks and big gov’t.

    It’s sad that the evolution is to appease Obama. First the turnabout on offshore drilling, FISA, and separation of church and state.

    If the Dems become so similar to the GOP, then who represents those of us who have been left behind?

  156. Clinton left it to the Obama camp to spin the angle that she was not vetted because she did not want to produce documents without a guarantee of serious consideration.

    So the Obama camp is admitting she never was seriously considered. And they’re upset the GOP is exploiting that? Hello, what did they expect would happen? All they had to do was vet her, even if they had no intention of picking her. Geez, how complicated is that??? It’s not Hillary’s fault they’re politically stupid.

    BTW, that Politico article about the tensions between the Clintons and Obama’s people prove what we’ve been saying for months: They don’t respect Hillary and the 18 million who voted for her. The statement that the Obama camp sees the Clintons as having no leverage tells it all. That’s why there was no help paying off her debt, no consideration for VP, etc. It’s stunning how arrogant and overconfident they are.

  157. several friends of mine have called-delegates in denver. they are in hell. obama people are runnign to the hotel rooms offering money to pay for delegates expenses if they vote obama on the floor. rumors are runnign everywhere. tensions are high

  158. When morris is not dissing hillary he is waxing obvious. I have been thinking about her for a long time as long as the public sees her as presidential material. I was thinking about romney I will admit but mj had some good reasons to look at a woman. She has been hinting around that she wants it for over six months at least. I really think fox should get rid of the guy and stick wiht rove. Rove is not blinded by bias and has no allegiace to odinga, The fact that I do not like him is not the issue.

  159. t4hill- will call you shortly.

    these people need to be caught on tape. it is the only proof we have, or that a reporter needs to come with them on a civilian “sting” operation.

  160. One more try.

    Alex Castellanos saying the spectre of HRC hanging over the convention like Glen Close weilding a knife in Fatal Attraction leaves me speechless!

    This is obscene! And soledad O’brian didn’t say a word.

  161. A couple of points:
    -if being a “community organizer” qualifies you to be president, I should be finishing up my second term about now for my years as a Girl Scout Leader and Girl Scout Leader Coordinator roflmao

    -if nObama is saying in an ad that he was only 8 years old when Ayers and Dorhn were killing innocent Americans, a comparison is warranted as to what the 8 year old was doing at the same time his friends of 20 years were doing –
    in Indonesia attending a Madrasa and registered as a muslim compared to his friends bombing the Capitol, Police Headquarters, the Pentagon, etc. Scares me.

    -I own my vote, nObama owns his campaign and the results of his attempt to make a coup of our great nation, Hillary must not give into home grown terrorism of nObama and his Obamanationas. Hillary and Bill should state unequivocally that they are not to be held hostage and would rather switch [parties] than break. I wonder to myself if Chelsea has been threatened in some way since Hillary and Bill seem so hell bent on swaying with the wind at nObama’s command? Knowing how strong each is individually and even stronger collectively, I can not help but wonder cause this would be a great motivator.

    -and remember, that the peacemakers of the Suggragettes worked for decade upon decade without much progress, and they loathed the militants like Alice Paul; but, it was the militants who made things happen, but not without great self sacrifice. IMHO we can either self sacrifice now and feel the pain for a realtively short period of time or our children and their children can still be suffering decades from now. Our choice.

    Finally, thank you Admin for such a venue for comment and action. There should be an effort to defeat Debbie Wasserman-Schulz if she turnscoat.

  162. who here is shocked that they are doing illegal undemocratic things in denver??

    I totally expected that they would “rig” the roll call vote. BHO allowing one in the first place was suspect.

  163. not surprised by what they are doing, not even surprised that they are shooting their mouths off like there are. LOL…insecurities are manifesting themselves for a big blow up!

  164. filberts – no, I am not. made the decision not to go. it is chaotic. i have many friends in Denver – completely lock down zone Downtown and around the Convention. i dont’ think after being engaged for so long, I could deal with that.

  165. basil9 wrote:

    “Alex Castellanos saying the spectre of Hrc hangs over the convention like Glen Close weilding a knife in Fatal Attraction leaves me speechless!”


    This is the second time during the campaign season that this exact same sexist comparison has been made. I can’t remember the details of the first instance, but needless to say it riled us all up to end (as it should have). I almost suspect that Alex made the comment today, knowing that it would have the same effect. He’s just playing the game. But YES: what is appalling is that Soledad O’Brien (who might as well have “yes we can” tattooed on her forehead) didn’t call him on it.

  166. its a madhouse. glad im not in denver. oh btw-that wi clinton del is holding a celebration for hillary at a bar in dnver at 6pm according to pumapac. if u knwo anyoen in denver who is interested let them know. and the sponsor of this and other events honring hillary’s run? mccain. the dnc has created a sitution rip for mccain. with no unity ticket expect to see events of tension accelerate. fiorna is also there talkign to clinton delegates. and u better bet the mccain folks will let these shinangans be know in a few days. this conv is a boon for mccain as shrtfted hillary dels will go home and work for him not obama.

  167. birdgal, they are afraid. They think it’s sewn up, but are terrified. They are crapping their O-man underoos that enough delegates will stand up on that floor and vote their conscience that even if Obama wins, it will make him look bad.

  168. who here is shocked that they are doing illegal undemocratic things in denver??

    I totally expected that they would “rig” the roll call vote. BHO allowing one in the first place was suspect.


    They have done illegal things all along. I have seen more sponteneity at services of the First Baptist Church and better staging at the community theatre.

  169. It is clear to me that the clintons have leverage. The question is whether they will use it. I think this is total war and would proceed on that assumption. But that is just me.

  170. CTV, yeah. I remember when Obama came to Austin. They blocked downtown Austin just for his little appearance. Traffic was a nightmare.

  171. Texan: That is what I was thinking. What is the big deal about being embarrassed. I go through it everyday. LOL.

  172. Poor poor bambi.
    Somebody should have clued him in that if he wants to run for President
    of the United States of AMERICA,
    you don’t hang out with radicals and anti-American terrorists!
    You don’t partner up with an extortionists and go in halfsies on your house deal. What did MEchelle say about running her own house?
    Where I come from kickbacks and bribery are considered unethical
    if not illegal.

    Hillary is now and will always be ELECTRIC.
    She is the one we have been waiting for.

  173. birdgal, you are not The One. For The One to be embarrassed or shown up in public is a disaster that must be avoided at all costs. He might cry. Or pout. Or be compared unfavorably to others, and God only knows where THAT might lead. A hail of frogs, maybe. Or a big loss in November.

    Pelosi and Dean must keep him as the Boy in the Bubble at all costs – he can’t be expected to handle the real world like you and I can.

  174. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICANS….A vote for the car salesman (con artist) is a vote for over 20 years of personal relationship with REZKO, Wright, Ayers, and Farahkhan…He is an empty suit; he can say anything to get elected. This rookie is a big PHONY. ….I’m tired of all his rhetoric…..The more I listen to this guy the more I hate him……He can not be trusted…

    A flip-flopper to get an experience! He voted “present” for more a hundred times, because he did not know how to vote “Yes or No” …WOW, this guy is a totally a joke!

    Remember Muslim’s sons are for life. Blood is sticker than water. He can say any thing and he can run BUT he can not hide.

    I was a lifelong Democrat, but now Independent. I will never vote for Barrack HUSSEIN Obama.

    Please don’t be fooled by a car salesman. ….As a patriotic American; I don’t care if you are a Democrats or Republicans, we deserve an honorable man like Sen. McCain.

    If you believed everything this car salesman said, you are a fool.

    HRC 2012

  175. Ya know, even though I spend a lot of time reading the posts here, in the back of my mind, I still had my doubts about how long PUMA-Clintonistas would last. I thought they would finally succumb to Obama and party loyalty by the time the Convention came around.

    I was wrong. There are still people fiercely loyal to Hillary and will not vote for Obama. That makes me very happy. Now, I just wish that will hold into November and that more people will come to their senses and not vote for BO.

  176. In collective bargaining its easy talk yourself into the proposition to let them go on strike they will be begging for their jobs back after a week. Six weeks later you are saying to yourself where did my business go, why are they still on strike afer they missed 5 paychecks and how do I get them to come back to work.

    When you diss people you end up in trouble. If I were a republican I would be wondering whether I couldnt just go fishing from now to November, and still win the election. The only thing I would want to be sure on is that they dont hac the voting machines.

  177. flibertsf: PUMA is beyond Hillary. It is about democracy, fair representation, no more misogyny, gender bias, non-acceptance of thuggery, race-baiting, media bias, etc., etc. PUMA is putting country before party.

  178. filbertsf wrote:

    Ya know, even though I spend a lot of time reading the posts here, in the back of my mind, I still had my doubts about how long PUMA-Clintonistas would last.

    Obama will get a little bit of a bump this week from the convention, like every candidate does. And Hillary’s brave-faced support of Obama will cause some voters who were on the fence to back him, I’m sure.

    But I disagree with the way this issue is being framed in the media. The pundits spin it as, “Hillary supporters aren’t backing Obama.” Is there some truth to that? Sure — look at all of us. The problem is, the vast majority of voters who support Hillary don’t post to websites like this one, and are busy trying to put food on the table and hold down two jobs. They aren’t “Hillary supporters” so much as they’re working Americans who happened to agree with Hillary’s platform and who voted for her in the Dem primaries. To many of those voters, McCain is very appealing, and Obama is not. Obama doesn’t seek their support, and so they reject him. THAT is what is really going on.

  179. I emailed John McCain long long ago and asked if he would consider Hillary Clinton as his running mate; it would be totally bi-partisan, they have worked well together for years, it would be the best of both worlds, and he would get an automatic 18 million votes. I thought it a good idea then, and even more so now. Really, what does Hillary owe as allegiance to a party that threw her supporters under the bus, threw her under the bus, and damaged her husband’s Presidential legacy. She did not leave the party – the party left her, and me. It would send a tingle up both my legs simutaneously if Hillary made a speech of historic proportions, then announced, “As of this date, I am not longer to be considered a member of the undemocratic Democrat Party, see you in Jan 2009 at the inauguration of President McCain and Vice President Hillary Clinton!!!!!!

    Don’t wake me yet, let me dream just a little longer…

  180. birdgal, I know. I’m all that you listed, but I’m mainly Hillary-centric and my reasons are far more selfish.

    I just want to keep the door open for Hillary in 2012. Her concession was a hard hit for me and ever since then, the only light at the end of the tunnel for was the thought of her running again in 2012.

    I don’t know what will happen in 4 years under McCain, but the naive side of me still clings to the hope that Hillary will and can still be POTUS in my lifetime.

    Rendell’s statement today that Hillary wants to and is prepared to run again recharges me. Now I know that if the door is left open, Hillary will run again.

  181. No Meg Whitman or Huckinson please… I think it’s an insult to women if some token women candidates without much charisma/intelligence are put on either party’s ticket…

    Sure it helps if a qualified woman is picked by McCain, but those two names are lame. I will alienate lots of male voters… I mean seriously, what would you think if Obama put out a token woman?

  182. OK, Kostner, who would have sufficient charisma?

    And, Poopsie just introduced the parlimentarian for the convention, Doris Matsui from CA. She just heaped big praise on Coward Dean. Yikes! She must have a tough job. She says, “We know that we will have an orderly convention….. to nominate Barack Obama.”

  183. I bet the bots go nuts over this, upstaging Bo’z Ho on her convention night.,8599,1835856,00.html

    Who say she aint got balls

    Cindy McCain’s Mission to Georgia (Will Meet w/ Pres. Sakaasvili)

    It’s not every aspiring First Lady whose comfort zone is a war zone, but such is the case for Cindy McCain, who left Monday on a mission to Georgia to assess the civilian casualties caused by the Russian invasion.

    McCain is traveling with the U.N.’s World Food Program, whose work she monitored in Southeast Asia and Africa this spring and summer. McCain planned to meet with Georgian President Mikheil Sakaasvili, and to visit with wounded Georgian soldiers. She would also visit representatives of the HALO Trust, which works to remove landmines and on whose board she serves.

    Cindy and John McCain visited Georgia together last year; in an interview with TIME at her Sedona ranch before she left, she emphasized that her years of work on overseas missions was “an important part of what I’m about, what makes me tick.”

    McCain says she has been trying to get into Georgia since the conflict started, but it took time to arrange the logistics. Her husband, she says, is “very supportive. As soon as he saw what was happening — he and I, we connect on many levels, I mean he knew immediately [that she would want to go.] I’ve been to Georgia with him, I know the country.”

    Her aides say that the timing of the trip, during the Democrats’ convention in Denver, was never a consideration. But that doesn’t mean they’re ignoring the subtext: “She’s on the phone with the World Food Program, he’s on the phone with Sakaashvili,” McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace told me. “It’s like this great picture of what they’ll be like in the White House.”

  184. Wolfson was evidently just on Fox according to the Puma blog. He is confirming that there will be a “partial” roll call vote that will only involve a few states, then Obama will be nominated unanimously. The details are still being worked out. Evidently he also said Bill Clinton will come out and endorse Obama. I didn’t hear the interview but this is what was posted.

    Again, won’t that roll call look just odd and an obvious manipulation if only a few states are called? Are they just going to be Obama states so the numbers are overwhelming for him and that’s what stops the roll call vote? Won’t people see right through this?

  185. yes…an hour into convention and Hillary’s name hasn’t been mentioned (that I’ve heard). I have to turn it down. I am doing other things.

  186. I really think McCain should go with Romney — all the female Pugs, save Snowe, are too conservative and Thatcher-like.

  187. A partial roll call is NO roll call. It’s a freaking sham. If he BO knew that he would win he would have a full roll call. This is pathetic.

  188. Awesome — it sounds like Bill will be able to talk about whatever he wants during his speech, after all. We should get heavy doses of Bill Clinton’s record/statistics vs. Bush’s record/statistics. And that was supposed to be the underlying theme of Hillary’s GE campaign… it’ll be a tantalizing glimpse of how this GE SHOULD have been run, but at least it will see the light of day:

    from NYT:

    In addition to the acrimony from the primary campaign, another point of contention seems to be the topic of Mr. Clinton’s speech on Wednesday night. The theme of the evening is foreign policy, but some associates of Mr. Clinton said he wanted to have license to talk about the economy – or other matters.

    Mr. Obama sought to quell that dispute.

    “I said as much to him three or four days ago. I said, ‘Mr. President, you can say whatever you like,’ ” Mr. Obama said. “Bill Clinton is a unique figure in our politics. This is the only person, the only Democrat, who has been re-elected since F.D.R. And he is somebody who is equally adept at talking about domestic issues and foreign policy issues.

    “Now, Wednesday night most of the focus is going to be on foreign policy. But Bill Clinton knows a little bit about trying to yank the economy out of the doldrums and helping middle class families. It wouldn’t make much sense for me to want to edit his remarks to prevent him from making a strong case about why we need fundamental economic change in this country.”

  189. They should have checked in with the parlimentarian about whether they had to vote in their rooms or hold their vote until the convention.


    go read it, amazing post

    Why I’m against Obama, DNC

    My 85 year old Jewish mother sent me an email today asking me why I want to vote for John McCain this year. I’m 60 years old and have been voting only for Democrats for 40 years. When I cast my first vote in 1968, you had to be 21 to vote. Back then, I was a Vietnam vet and still in the US Army. Here’s what I wrote back to her:

  191. American Girl,
    it will have the same effect as the May31 RBC unity agreement did.

    The ‘New Democratic’ Party, change I can do without.

  192. Is the hotel vote still going to occur? And if there is a hotel room roll call vote what is the purpose? I know Hillary wanted her delegates to be able to vote but if it’s not public or if the numbers aren’t released I don’t see what it accomplishes.

  193. Illinois Underground (formerly Informed) Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 6:10 pm

    They should have checked in with the parlimentarian about whether they had to vote in their rooms or hold their vote until the convention.


    Wish us PUMAs were the delegtes. Simple:

    VOTE HILLARY. VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN. WE;ll vote in the rooms, we’ll vote on the floor, we’ll vote in the streets, we’ll vote in the hills….

  194. In all those panels on CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox never see the people who went from Hillary to McCain. They are talked about, analyzed and dismissed but they never seem to talk for themselves.

    Therefore, I would like to clear this up. We are not refusing to vote for O because he didn’t open the car door for Hillary somewhere. The problems are much deeper. We aren’t going to change to Obama when we discover that McC is pro-life. We got that. Hillary cannot convince us to vote for O by asking or telling or commanding or example.

    We ARE angry about Obama’s treatment of Hillary because it deprived us of one of the best candidates to run for the office. We are angry about the dishonest way he and his supporters went about it. And we are most angry because actually she won, if it weren’t for the cheating at the caucuses and the manipulation of the DNC.

    In spite of McC’s position on issues we don’t agree on, of which we are well aware, we think he has character and experience we need in our CinC. We don’t think O has either. In a crisis or emergency, we would most like Hillary to take charge. We would least like Obama.

    Lastly, we chose Hillary as the best qualified candidate by far. We did not, however, become her serfs. Nor did we agree to substitute her judgment for ours. The more we learn about Obama, the less we are inclined to support him.
    Please stop saying that Hillary has to convince us. Obama has to convince us. So far, and as far as we can see in the future, no sale.

  195. Idunn was right!!!!

    Biden Warns: ‘We’re Gonna Give ‘Em the Devil’

    See he really is the anti-Christ.

  196. August 25th, 2008 at 6:18 pm freckles said:

    “Please stop saying that Hillary has to convince us. Obama has to convince us. So far, and as far as we can see in the future, no sale.”
    * * * * *
    Amen over here, too, Freckles!

  197. OkieAtty, that should really help them win over evangelicals. “We’re gonna give ’em the Devil” is sure to appeal to those that already know/think Obama is the anti-Chirst.

  198. May I request restraint in the views expressed on Ted Kennedy?

    There is real and deserved anger but I’m not sure he deserves serious name-calling. After losing all three brothers, he stayed and fought battles for us all. There is much to criticize but now that he is seriously ill, we could all use a little grace.

    Just saying………..

  199. Link to the 18 minute HRC press conference in Denver.

    I couldn’t watch more than a minute. It’s all unity bs. 🙁

    Anyone else feel like her career could be over?


    if link doesn’t work go to and her conference is listed on the right.

  200. Last question on this topic: On the roll call issue, originally Obama wanted the no roll call/vote by acclimation. Then Hillary was able to get the Obama camp to go for a roll call vote. Now Obama appears to want the vote by acclimation again. News reports are saying details are yet to be worked out. Could there be some pushing going on behind the scenes by our girl to try to get a genuine roll call vote?

    Someone posted on PumaPac today that Obama people were going around telling Hillary delegates that they would pay their hotel expenses if they promised to vote for Obama on the floor. Is this in case a real roll call vote happens?

  201. “Someone posted on PumaPac today that Obama people were going around telling Hillary delegates that they would pay their hotel expenses if they promised to vote for Obama on the floor.”

    Blood money!

    “States will unanimously vote for Obama?

    More Blood money!

  202. Sorry Freckles,

    Thats your opinion but he stayed and fought battles for himself, regardless of whether he is ill or not, its my opinion he deserves every bit of criticism he gets now, if it wasnt for interfering and audacity and jealousy, Hillary would up there right now.

    Dying or not, he has to make peace with what he’s done, i do not.

  203. oh yes, go girls, about you understood what you are up against.,emilupdate082508.article

    National Organization for Women president calls for Jones’ resignation after ‘Uncle Tom’ remark

    The chief of Illinois’ National Organization for Women chapter today called on Barack Obama’s “political godfather” to resign immediately from the Illinois state Senate for calling an African-American Hillary Clinton delegate an “Uncle Tom.”

    “That was a pretty horrible comment,” said Illinois NOW president Bonnie Grabenhofer, also a Clinton delegate, who issued the demand for Senate President Emil Jones’ resignation.

    Feminists who make up the Illinois Clinton delegate contingent at the Democratic National Convention were outraged to learn of today’s exclusive Chicago Sun-Times report about Clinton delegate Delmarie Cobb’s accusation that Jones directed the racially loaded slur at her.

    The flap comes at a particularly sensitive time for the Obama campaign, which is slumping in national polls and has struggled to bring Clinton delegates across the country into the fold.

    “I’ve never heard anything as awful or as sexist or as racist as to call her that for supporting Hillary,” said Clinton delegate Gay Bruhn, another NOW member in Illinois who called for a public apology from Jones.

    As for what Obama said about the comment

    Barack Obama said this afternoon that he was not familiar with allegations that his political mentor, state Senate President Emil Jones, called a Hillary Clinton delegate an ‘Uncle Tom.’ But Obama said the nation has no time for such racial divisions.

    “We don’t have time for that kind of stuff,” Obama said at the Quad Cities Airport. “What we need to do is focus on unifying the party to win in November, and that’s what I intend to do.”

    Weak as Water, weak as water.

  204. Rendell’s statement today that Hillary wants to and is prepared to run again recharges me. Now I know that if the door is left open, Hillary will run again.

    I was thrilled to read that, too.

  205. Hey, I just found out Daddy Yankee endorsed McCain! Appeared with him in AZ. He is huge with Latinos.

  206. “We don’t have time for that kind of stuff,”

    Translation: It doesn’t benefit me, therefore, fuck it.

  207. MSM take note, Obama aims to shut you down and hurt you financially if you don’t comply, is this fucking Russia.

    Obama Campaign Threatens Jihad Against TV Stations That Air Weathermen Ad

    Politico quotes an Obama aide as saying this afternoon,

    “The Obama campaign plans to punish the stations that air the ad financially, organizing his supporters to target the stations that air it and their advertisers.”

    Politico has posted copies of letters the Obama campaign has sent to station managers and a letter the campaign has sent to the Department of Justice demanding a criminal investigation of the group that is running the ads, American Issues Project.

    At the same time, the Obama campaign has released an ad respoonding to the Weathermen ad claiming Ayers’ acts of terrorism happened when Obama was a child and that he has denounced the actions of Ayers.

    The Obama campaign claims its supporters have sent 93,000 e-mails to the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is airing the Weathermen ad. Sinclair faced similar threats in 2004 when it announced plans to air a critical documentary about John Kerry.

    The Obama campaign is unleashing an unprecedented attack against First Amendment rights personally directed by a leading presidential candidate. Should he become president and actually have the power to carry out these threats, the Nation will be pushed to a perilous precipice.

  208. BO is weak, very weak. He has been unable to take a stand on anything. Instead of the party unifying, the party is splintering and breaking apart. As someone said earlier, the party may be evolving, but I don’t want anything to do with this new party.

  209. For a while, I was worried this would be Hillary’s only chance. But Rendell wouldn’t say that if it weren’t absolutely true.

    BTW, kudos to Rendell and Strickland for calling out the media for its horribly biased coverage.

  210. moon, Obama’s response to ANY uncomfortable question from the press is always “We don’t have time for (A), we should be focusing in (B). I’ve heard that stock phase a dozen times from him. They never follow up from that point. They just stand there like starstruck giggling teenagers and say, “Uh….okay, then.”

    I’m not sure how, with Obama and the press daily up each other’s asses further and further, neither has managed yet to find a spine in the other. There must be one in there somewhere. Keep rooting.

  211. Jesus, i was worried about Putin re-establishing the USSR, looks like we may make it first with Obama at the helm with state owned TV and radio.

    Where the fuck does he get off saying, who can and cannot air something, Freedom of speech you hateful bastard.

  212. Gallup shows the race as a dead heat again today which means Obama got zero bounce from the Biden pick. Gee, big surprise, lol.

  213. Daddy Yankee Hearts John McCain

    Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag can add Daddy Yankee to their small, Hollywood Republican crew.

    The Puerto Rican reggaeton star told Latina magazine that the Senator made an impression on him the first time they met, at an event nearly two years ago:

    “I thought he was a really cool person, and this was way before he was even a presidential candidate, and I liked him a lot.”

    The two reconnected last month when they were both in New York.

    Daddy Yankee says:

    “He invited me [to Washington] and I went. We talked about boxing, we’re both boxing fanatics…the cool thing about McCain is that the same guy that was senator is the same guy who is running for president now. When I talked to him, I never felt beneath him, he looks directly at me when he’s speaking to me, and we have the same level of respect for each other.”

    He was also very impressed with McCain’s military service:

    But it was the stories McCain told him of his time on the battlefield that really struck a chord with the musician. “He said, ‘Yankee, I was a soldier. And I saw people die next to me, Latinos who never got their citizenship but who were willing to die for this country. I saw a Hernandez, I saw a Rodriguez, how they killed them.’ And that broke my heart hearing that. And I went, man, this guy lived it. He’s not just going, ‘hey I want your vote.’ He lived it.”

    The music star went on to say, “I was surprised I have to say at how willing to listen he is. People who haven’t met him might get the wrong perception of him but he’s totally different.”

    But, when the mag asked if he had plans to meet with Democratic candidate Barack Obama, Yankee responded with a curt, “No.”

    Daddy Yankee’s a little hypocritical there, wouldn’t you say?

    Shouldn’t you give Barack Obama the chance to show you that your perceptions of him could be wrong and he might be ‘totally different’ from what you expected??????

  214. I have been away from the TV and I just got back and trying to catching up, Ted Kennedy is now going to be at the convention.

  215. “We don’t have time for that kind of stuff.”

    Read: Jones has already done everything he can for me, so he can join the crowd under the bus. What a pig!

    Birdgal: Right. Not only do we disagree with Obama’s policies and deplore his unformed character, but his leadership skills are simply dismal. We saw much of this in Illinois – as Hillary said many times – he’s a “show-horse” not a “work-horse.”

    And, “jihad?” “Criminal investigation?” Is he taking lessons from Putin?

  216. I need to ask this here again fellow PUMAS-several delegates in denver are reporting cash offering from Obama liasons to flip their votes to Obama. can anyone here coorborate such serious charges? has anyone here circulated this around? this needs to be documented immediately via camera etc.. brought to media attn.

  217. Idunn: Where there is smoke, there is fire. Thou protest too much.

    Jan: This is much, much worse. I was just a kid, when JFK was elected, so I don’t remember very much.

    Bo’s Chicago politics and thuggery are on the national stage, and threatening our freedom of speech.

    Idunn: When Bo says, “We don’t have time for that kind of stuff,” I find it, extremely condescending, arrogant, self-absorbed, and distracting. You’re right-when he doesn’t want to answer something, that is his pat response.

  218. I think previously on another day’s blog it was mentioned that McCain was looking at Powell. I only saw it once.

    However, a lot of Dems and Reps like him. I would be a wise move as it places the AAs in an interesting positon.

  219. Fox just showed PUMAs outside calling them Puma Party My A$$ saying that they were shouting and were insulting to the Clintonites???. did I hear right? There was one woman with a HIllary shirt and a red hat, cowgirl hat I think. One woman held up a sign about urging the Delegates to be Strong. Ted will be there, they hope he is able to speak, expect it to be an emotional moment, probably most emotional moment of convention.

    They gave glimpses of MO’s speech; they are going to try to make her look like June Cleaver IMHO or June Cleaver’s daughter and her mother will intro a video about MO.

  220. Where the that freaking Howard Dean while msm is making nasty statements about women again???? Somebody on here please ask me to call him and complain!! THis morning on C-span he told a caller he should have stepped when all these people were dissing Hillary!! Where the freak are you Coward????

  221. People won’t buy it. She can play the stepford wive as long as she likes but she’s still a cold hearted witch underneath.

  222. The only true observance of what is going on hopefully will be given to us by the people who blog at this site, and are there.

    View with skeptcism any of the media’s viewpoints. WE KNOW THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED.

  223. Oh its gone viral its making mainstream and looking worse by the minute, its with AP and Yahoo now. Sounds really like cash for Biden through access and favours.

    WASHINGTON – A son of Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden was paid an undisclosed amount of money as a consultant by MBNA, the largest employer in Delaware, during the years the senator supported legislation that was promoted by the credit card industry and opposed by consumer groups.

  224. From UK Guardian
    h t t p : / /

    USA Today opinion poll today indicated the challenge Obama and Clinton face in uniting the party. Fewer than half of Clinton’s supporters — 47% — are fully behind Obama. Some 23% say they might change their minds before the election, and 30% say they will vote for McCain or stay home.

  225. McCain is thinking about announcing his choice on Thursday to steal the hoopla from Invesco Field!!!! Hooray for McCain, I am beginning to love at that man. All he needs to do now is make it a woman and he has won!! It looks like WW3 is in Denver!!


    Biden did a Rezko?

    Clatworthy’s callers said that earlier in the year Biden had sold his house to a top executive of the Delaware-based credit card company MBNA. The price, they said, was twice the home’s value, suggesting that MBNA had bought off Biden as well as his house.

    Biden disputed the claim and provided the local paper, the Wilmington News-Journal, with an appraisal of the house fixing its value at $1.2 million—exactly the price that the MBNA executive, a man named John Cochran, had paid. The home deal, it appeared, was on the up-and-up.

    But as much as he bungled the issue, it turns out Clatworthy was on to something: Biden and MBNA have indeed developed a pretty cozy relationship. John Cochran, the company’s vice-chairman and chief marketing officer, did pay top dollar for Biden’s house, and MBNA gave Cochran a lot of money—$330,000—to help with “expenses” related to the move. A few months after the sale, as Biden’s re-election effort got under way, MBNA’s top executives contributed generously to his campaign in a series of coordinated donations that sidestepped the limits on contributions by the company’s political action committee. And then, a short time after the election, MBNA hired Biden’s son for a lucrative job in which, according to bank officials, he is being groomed for a senior management position.

  227. On CNN [my paraphrase] just now someone said: getting delegates in line is no big deal, all the delegates can rally at the convention together, but the big feat is to ensure that people in the country to feel their voices were heard.

    Donna Brazile [stopped barfing now] when asked about the Clintons said: they should or would send Bill Clinton to every battleground state and suburb, he has a way to appeal to voters on a gut level; HRC has the ability to rally in blue collar and hispanics. [Just like good little slaves should…..IMO]

  228. Paula wrote:

    For a while, I was worried this would be Hillary’s only chance. But Rendell wouldn’t say that if it weren’t absolutely true.

    Yes, this is just my personal hunch (shared by many I’m sure) but I strongly believe that Hillary is lining up her ducks for 2012. I’m pretty sure I read that Linda Bloodworth-Thomas will be producing a pro-quality video of Hillary in Denver. What else could that possibly be for, other than archival footage to use in 2012?

  229. I never watch glen beck but he is ripping obama and biden lol…and Obama will never win south dakota
    never the ladies men are pissed,for a stolen election from the real democrats herre….from hillary!!!

    Fighting em hillary ya have 18 million votes +++++++++++ behind ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No Obama flipflopper Liar!!! in November!!!!!!!!!!

  230. Donna Brazile [stopped barfing now] when asked about the Clintons said: they should or would send Bill Clinton to every battleground state and suburb, he has a way to appeal to voters on a gut level; HRC has the ability to rally in blue collar and hispanics. [Just like good little slaves should…..IMO]

    She sure wasnt fucking saying that 2 months ago, she called them everything in the book. I’d love to send her to everybattleground state………… strapped to the back of a donkey.

    Any one else think Brazille looks like something that had been lured down from a remote mountain with a lump of meat.

  231. Law enforcement authorities have arrested two men in connection with a possible assassination plot against Sen. Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention in Denver, CBS station KCNC-TV reported Monday.

    Police in Aurora, Colo. made a routine traffic stop at 2:38 a.m. Sunday, according to the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. Two rifles were found in the car, along with methamphetamine. Another law enforcement source says he was told at least one of the rifles was a “sniper rifle.”

    A second source told CBS station KCNC-TV reporter Brian Maass that authorities told officers they are concerned they may have come upon a possible “assassination plot.”

    That arrest then led authorities to a second man staying at the Cherry Creek Hotel in Glendale, Colo. When authorities knocked on the man’s door, they say he jumped out of his sixth floor window, landing on an awning and running from the scene. They say they soon found him with a broken ankle. He too was arrested.

    Its unclear precisely why authorities suspect the men were targeting Barack Obama, but one of the officer’s who was briefed says he was told at least one of the suspects made statements to that effect.

    The Secret Service, ATF and the FBI are all involved in the investigation. A Secret Service spokesman says the agency is concerned by the proximity to the Democratic National Convention and the items found in the man’s car.

  232. Any one else think Brazille looks like something that had been lured down from a remote mountain with a lump of meat.

    We need to dig a big hole, cover it with sticks and brush, and lure Brazilla into our trap with a side of mutton.

  233. This is what we need, Primetime defections.

    Trio of Hillary Clinton supporters endorse John McCain,trio082508.article

    DENVER — As Democrats try to mollify disappointed supporters of Hillary Clinton, Republicans pushed the theme Monday that Democrats are divided and open to voting for John McCain.

    To try to cement the point, the Republican National Committee’s Denver ‘‘war room’’ presented a trio of Clinton supporters and a former Democratic congressman, each of whom is supporting McCain.

    ‘‘He is a true statesman who will always put the country first,’’ said Tim Penney a former Democratic congressman from Minnesota, now an independent. ‘‘With Obama, we have words; with McCain, we have deeds. With Obama, we have rhetoric; with McCain, we have a record.’’

    The event — the first of daily GOP news conferences aimed at injecting the McCain campaign into the media’s convention narrative — featured Debra Bartoshevich, a Clinton delegate from Wisconsin who was stripped of her status as a delegate after announcing she would vote for McCain in November.

    ‘‘During the primary, I was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton,’’ Bartoshevich told reporters. ‘‘Sen. Obama is not ready to lead this nation.’’

    Bartoshevich said she’s talked to other Clinton delegates who will support McCain in the fall but who are not ready to go public in order to avoid being stripped of their delegate status as well.

    More strident was Cynthia Ruccia, a longtime Democratic activist, hard-core Clinton supporter from Ohio. Her attraction to McCain seemed to have more to do with being angry at the Obama campaign’s treatment of Clinton than much agreement with McCain on the issues.

    ‘‘I am totally disgusted with the Democratic Party,’’ Ruccia said. ‘‘They were willing to throw women completely under the bus. … I just couldn’t believe the treatment that Hillary Clinton got.’’

    The message was reinforced by media reports of continuing tensions between the Obama and Clinton camps.

  234. Fathead Roland Martin got stuck in an elevator today! lol


    August 25, 2008
    Categories: Antics
    Enter at your own risk


    So CNN contributor Roland Martin was innocently hanging out a hop, skip and a jump away from the Pepsi Center at the “CNN Grill” today – and he got stuck in the elevator and they had to call the Fire Department to release him.

  235. That arrest then led authorities to a second man staying at the Cherry Creek Hotel in Glendale, Colo. When authorities knocked on the man’s door, they say he jumped out of his sixth floor window, landing on an awning and running from the scene.

    What the hell? Is he Spiderman?!

  236. [holding my nose] From CNN: John Legend sang, filler by commentators:
    Wolf Blitzer said Republic Convention may have Country & Western Music, Anderson Cooper corrected him and said Country music now not Country % Wester.
    Donna Brazile: talked ad nauseum about Ted Kennedy saying he was a prodigious lawmaker for named groups including AA’s, we love him and keep fighting.
    Goria Borger, my other favorite pundit: said unity – if Ted Kennedy said, Stop it,we need to unite that people would listen. She said that Ted Kennedy is an icon that everybody loves. Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of BO meant a lot to BO and BO owes him a lot.

  237. Fathead Roland Martin got stuck in an elevator today!

    Proof that God (the real one) does have a wicked sense of humor. 🙂

  238. I need to ask this here again fellow PUMAS-several delegates in denver are reporting cash offering from Obama liasons to flip their votes to Obama. can anyone here coorborate such serious charges? has anyone here circulated this around? this needs to be documented immediately via camera etc.. brought to media attn
    that is bribery and probable jail time

  239. Should have fucking left the fathead in there………………for a month, he probably ate so many doughnuts he exceeded the lift weight and it broke down.

  240. The only frontline news I want to hear is the following:

    Dean, Brazille, Martin, Kerry, Obama x 2, Biden, Matthews, Olberman…

    All thrown out of the convention for crimes against the nation…will be tried for treason!

  241. Idunn: YOU GO GIRL!

    “So CNN contributor Roland Martin was innocently hanging out a hop, skip and a jump away from the Pepsi Center at the “CNN Grill” today – and he got stuck in the elevator and they had to call the Fire Department to release him”

    LOL! I hope he doesn’t have panic disorder. Closed in places can induce panic attacks.

  242. can anyone here coorborate such serious charges?

    I haven’t seen any corroboration yet. If I do I’ll post it.

  243. or (amended)

    The only frontline news I want to hear is the following:

    Dean, Brazille, Martin, Kerry, Obama x 2, Biden, Matthews, Olberman…

    accidentally perish in freak front row lighting rig accident. Hillary Clinton was nowhere near the broken cord.

  244. I have a good saying i use and i’d like to share with you as its very appropriate to our dem leader ship

    “when ones perception of reality is fast spiralling inwards, one is in danger of disappearing up one’s own ass”

  245. I can not understand what all the riot preparation is for. Have they not Hear, that O was selected?? Maybe this is training for November, when the revolution is suppose to start. I guess It would start with a riot first, when they lose to McCain.

  246. I have to say McCain was one handsome man whenn he was younger.

    I’d say if anyone mocks McCains war record, tell them to look at this

    I bet Obama can’t produce anything like that.

  247. As I remember Riots were suppose to break out if O had the popular vote ,but not the delegates.

    Do you ever get the idea you are dealing with a child who threatens to throw a tantrum???

  248. Cause Ted Kennedy says we should unite it should happen?

    Somebody should ask Jimmy Carter how he feels about that…

  249. I am not in the slightest interested in listening to Bo’s ho tonight, her face makes me want to kick the tv screen in.

    Anyone else feel like that?

    It’ll be a speech of total shit and sickly sweet when we all know she’s a militant hateful anti american cow.

  250. # Idunn Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 8:04 pm

    Still chuckling over Rivera giving Bambi the “vaffancul” hand gesture. That was classic.

    What , when, how.

  251. Kumbaya! Coming up! All join hands and chant! Give up all your principles and ethics!

    It’s time to join hands and rejoice in the coming of the false messiah!

  252. Dick the Prick Morris on Fox again, Geez, I hate the way his lips move, like he talks out of the side of his mouth. I do not know why Fox keeps that slimey guy on, he is so unphotogenic!! Looks like that crawled out from underneath a big rock!

  253. moononpluto Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 6:01 pm
    I bet the bots go nuts over this, upstaging Bo’z Ho on her convention night.
    Who say she aint got balls
    Cindy McCain’s Mission to Georgia (Will Meet w/ Pres. Sakaasvili)
    how can you not admire a woman who made a fortune in distributing beer? my kinda girl. 🙂

  254. What , when, how.

    Watch the hand under the chin when he says, “I don’t do fundraisers for nobody.” It means, “vaffancul”…fuck you, in italian. And this gesture is NOT subtle.

  255. CNN:R-E-S-P-E-C-T was sung. William Bennet was discussing something when I got back to the tv and Wolff asked are you going to be saying the same thing at the Republican convention,and he essentially said no, that is my side.

    Ed Rendell was on, he was taken to a video map [Wolf or Anderson, I was too busy watching Ed Rendell to notice which took him to the map] of the state of PA pointing out where Kerry won and Ed was asked if BO could win with the areas;mentioned the ones that HRC had won. Ed said it would be hard but could win in a couple of the counties and with the addition of Joe Biden, he said I think we can. They went of the McCain vs BO plan for PA, Ed said BO has to get the facts before the PA voters, blue collars. Wolf/AC said that area was like OH, could “BO win? Ed said we have to make our case. There was talk about the different counties and ability to win. Ed Rendell said that BO would have to start interlocking with voters [man on man], not give one big speech but a lot of little town hall like meetings.Ed said BO has to assauge the doubts of the voters not hold rock concerts. He said rock concerts were for those already converted, not for the doubters. Ed tried to put a positive spin on his words, but you could tell, or at least I had the opinion, that he seriously had doubts and I thought said it could happen now that Joe Biden was on the ticket like BO could not seal the deal without help.

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! What did we used to say when we were kids, na nanny boo boo, you smell like….
    Wolff and Begala talked about how BO was in big trouble in PA and that if he could not win PA he would not be able to win OH. [I can’t stop laughing]

  256. you gotta see this, i just found on the net

  257. Pelosi just screwed up, mixing McCain for Obama… what’s with all these incompetent party leaders who can’t deliver a speech? (“Barack America!” “The next president…I mean vice president” etc.)

    Makes me miss hearing the Clintons!

  258. watching Nasty speak, it looks like she has TMJ syndrome. Wouldn’t it be priceless if her jaws locked open during the speech!!

  259. Moon, I am SO stealing this!

    “when ones perception of reality is fast spiralling inwards, one is in danger of disappearing up one’s own ass”

  260. I believe the DNC and its Obama bias is in a state of a disasterous confusion and will not recover unless it is rendered defunct and completely reorganized with no trace of the traitors that caused it all.I pray that the Hillary supporters and delegates will absolutely stand and demand that her name be placed in nomination.America cannot afford to wait for another 4 years while Obama gets on the job training and Joe Biden’s mouth gets us involved in another war that we cannot afford or win.We need Hillary now.The HELL with rules and protocols imposed by the present nitwits and characters that have no sense of decency and morals.America is on the verge of political tyranny and financial ruin and racial unrest that Obama has created in order to gain power and further support for his “Legacy of Restitution “that will have disasterous consequenses if we do not strike back now.If we do not act now,our country will not be recognizeable unless we impeach Obama the great Black imposter.Hillary you are one brave soldier for your country and all of its people.

    By ABM90 Why are you allowing this tragedy to happen America ?

  261. Idunn, we now know that Nasty did not get a 9 minute standing ovation when she graduated from college, don’t we??

  262. LMAO!

    Hubby is in the kitchen cooking, and he’s got Michael Savage on. Savage played the live audio of Pelosi’s speech and inserted cattle moo’s in place of the applause.

    I hate the guy, but shit…THAT was funny.

  263. Pelosi probably lifts her face off every night and puts it in a jar.

    It probably all comes apart like Mr Potato head.

    With that mouth she could probably sucks peas in from across the canteen. Peoples dinner disappear off their plates.

  264. moon!

    WTF are you drinking? i want some!

    “Pelosi probably lifts her face off every night and puts it in a jar.”

    LMAO! Denture face! Probably soaks it in fermaldahyde.

  265. Why the hell do these leaders keep talking about “freshness”? Or that O is “fresh”?

    Apt, I guess, since they are nominating a douche.

    Expect campaign ads with Nancy and Claire in a rowboat, modestly confessing how they had a problem not feeling fresh until he came along.

  266. I have a funny feeling McCains VP is going to be Gov Sarah Palin. I just have a feeling. She would be a great choice i think.

  267. basil, she said something like “…and that is why, John McCain… *pause to correct herself* … and that is why, Barack Obama…blah blah”

    Nothing earth-shattering, but not exactly smooth.

  268. The Ragin Cajun is the only one with any damn sense!

    Carville on CNN:
    “Clinton supporters are not some kind of subprime mortgage that you can bundle up and pass on to the next guy.

    Yeah, like we’ve been SAYING – we own our vote!!!

  269. anyone notice hillary had longer and louder applause when Nancy said her name than when she mentioned obama/biden?

    And did barack’s sister just say that he’ll make “our mother’s proud”?

  270. Pelosi looked like she’d never spoken in public before. Jesus Christ, what a party of duds the Democrats have become. As another reader posted on wonkette, of her mid-speech gaffe:

    “Exactly how bad a public speaker do you have to be to verbally confuse the candidate of your own party, Barack Obama, with the OTHER candidate, John McCain? That’s like getting Jesus and Satan mixed up. In fact, that’s literally what it is!”

  271. CNN: they showed clip of Ted Kennedy snubbing Jimmy Carter at Carter’s convention. Wolff asked James Carville if the same or similar thing is going to happen by the Clintons to Obama. James Carville said absolutely not!!! That Senator Clinton was going to be supportive of Obama at the convention and help win us over, but he said she is not to do that alone, that Senator Obama must take a role in bringing unity to us and should attempt to do that within his speech later in the week, responsibility is his [BO’s] and should include an attempt to bring us on board and unify with his speech.

  272. Nancy is about as fresh as a 200 yr old corpse. I bet she smells of rose soap or talc.

  273. moon –

    i hope you’re right. palin would be an amazing ballzy move on JSM’s part. also, fiorina, powell and even romney (sort-of ). no offense to any bloggers here, but mention of kay bailey hutchinson just doesen’t cut-it. she reminds me of someone who still wears pink rollers to bed.

  274. “Illinois is America”….Lord help us all.

    And since when did anyone have more money than Barack? Lie after bullshit lie.

  275. we have to work HARD to ensure that the people who “bullied,” this year’s election loses their say next time and to clean up the DNC:

    1. Nancy Pelosi
    2. Howard Dean
    3. Donna Brazille
    4. John Kerry

    Seriously, and we have to state the reasons for it CLEAR EVERYWHERE AND EVERYTIME!

    I am just so digusted… can’t fanthom watching such party-pooper convention that WE – get this – the Taxpayers have to pay for and WE don’t get the say.

  276. And I loved loved loved James Carville’s subprime mortgage analogy!!!!! I think I love this guy.

    IMHO, this convention is not nearly as devastating to us as I thought it would be, maybe to Obamanationals, but so far they have not shown me much out of the ordinary.

  277. god pelosi the last time behind bush my eyes watered bad so i cant watch her, that blinking just drives me nuts!!

  278. The problem is that this convention has been so hyped up, if it falls flat on its face, it will fall flat badly.

  279. Did they reach the money needed for the convention? I remember reading somewhere that they were broke.

  280. No thanks Idunn, the stench in that place is beyond me now. Its like walking into a sewer full of shit up to your neck.

  281. Born in the U.S.A.? (Philip Berg v. Obama finally makes it to the mainstream media!)

    The Philadelphia Times Herald

    PHILADELPHIA – A Lafayette Hill attorney filed a lawsuit in federal court Thursday challenging Sen. Barack Obama’s claim to United States citizenship. The action seeks to remove the Democratic candidate from the November ballot.

    To be eligible to serve as U.S. president, a person must be born in this country. According to Obama’s birth certificate, which his campaign posted on its Internet site in June to quell rumors that he is foreign born, the Illinois senator was born in Hawaii on Aug. 6, 1961.

    On Thursday, Philip Berg filed a temporary restraining order in federal court to bar Obama from running for president, claiming the Democratic candidate was actually born in Africa.

  282. as far as hrc’s speech tomorrow, she’s gonna hit that unity pony hard. everything is about the future now. B-Hole is already in the past. i thinks she’s moved on. jmo.

  283. Hillary’s convention speech

    “hi, bye, see ya in 2012, sorry can’t stop i’ve got a campaign to organize, enjoy the wine and cheese”

  284. alcona, she will hit it hard, because when she walks away proud (and she will) she wants everyone to know that she did her BEST to drag his sorry ass over the finish line, and even with that help, the man couldn’t cut it.

    She wants it clear he failed all by his own damn self, come November.

  285. I agree Alcina, yet same time, we have to WORK hard to ensure that something like this does not happen again. The sad part of all of this, we were robbed of Gore’s presidency in 2000, and now we are being robbed again, this time, the ironic part of it all, by the democrats. We have to clean it up, get rid of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazille, and the rest. In addition to this, we have to work hard within the states to have a fair and balanced elections like no more caucuses etc.

  286. Emjay, check yer email.

    Admin, thanks.

    H4T, the douche comment is hysterical.

    Moon, I spoke with Berg yesterday. Guy is soooo busy. Was needing someone on the ground to get a copy of the lawsuit to the credentials committee before they met. I was unsuccessful, but i heard back from another guy they found someone. Haven’t heard what happened since then….

  287. IDUNN we are listening to ‘Funky good time” while the delegates wave flags. It has been quite subdued, imho, this evening.

    I hope you don’t spew Grrek Salad again tonite.

    Frankly it looks like corporate convention…sorta like Amway.

    The speeches are the worst I have ever seen at a DEMO convention. The speakers don’t seem in control of their words. I think somebody else wrote most of the speeches, in other words, than the speaker. And I don’t mean like Hillary has a speechwriter who “knows her voice.” This is like canned stuff.

  288. Back in the early 50s they had this show called Major Bose amateur hour which later became Ted Mack’s original amateur hour which really wasnt.

    They had all these great amateurs who came on had their moment in the sun, and tripped over the carpet on their way off stage or flubbed their lines. I could give you examples but . . . .

    But Blowhard and Blowharder would have been a great act. Biden could introduce bambi as Barack America who could turn around and introduce biden as the next president of the United States, Poopsie could start singing the praises of McCain when she meant to say bambi, etc. Amateurs/

    Just the sort of people you want running the country. But as bad as they are for the American they are manna from heaven for big business– politicians who stay bought.

  289. Yep, the speeches are horrendous tonight. I feel like I’m watching the Academy Awards, where each presenter reads from a script written by someone else. All the speakers look and sound like robots.

  290. molly, Obama people wrote all the speeches, I’ll bet, because they were so paranoid about controlling every word there. This guy is a control freak worse than Bush.

  291. WOOOOWWW CNN:Dick Durbin gave a glowing report on MO and Joe Biden. Jimmy Carter did not have a speaking part; McGovern present in the crowd. William Bennett, a Republican said that this convention so far as been a very liberal one. AC or Wolff said Carter was a very controversial person because of his stands on Israel. Someone pointed out that he was a Nobel Peace Prize winner and mentioned Al Gore. It was said again how liberal this convention was. David Gergen said it was a mistake, that there was virtually no substance to the convention thus far.

  292. Gergen just said this is a disaster and hannity “is anybody going to say anything important or what”

  293. ShortTermer – WOW!

    Moononpluto – I agree! Thats a good thing in a way people complaining how boring it is and losing EVEN more faith in the DNC.

    It’s all a facade!

  294. Ohhh, and Howard the Coward was seen talking very animatedly to Joe Biden.

    I am proud to note that I was , as far a I know, the first to call him Howard the Coward. It was the headline from my interview at the Count the Votes protest rally at DNC headquarterse in DC in April when I was interviewed by a Miami Herald reporter. Proudest moment so far this year for me.

  295. The silly tart known as Susan Sarandon

    “So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”

    Is she for real.

  296. By Michael D. Shear
    BURBANK, Calif. — Bowing to the inevitability that Jay Leno would crack jokes about his age, Sen. John McCain came armed with one of his own.

    “I’ve got one,” McCain told Leno during a taped appearance on the “Tonight Show,” which will air tonight. “My social security number is eight.”

    If he expected to be razzed about his age — McCain turns 72 on Friday — he was right.

    In his monologue, Leno introduced McCain and 41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres, by saying: “They’re not here because of politics or Olympics. I just like being around successful people who told they were too old for the job.”

    And to McCain, Leno apologized for not having a birthday cake because, “the fire marshall said that many candles…”

    McCain’s appearance on the show — his 13th, by his own count — was timed to coincide with the first night of the Democratic National Convention in an attempt to steal at least a bit of the opening night thunder.

    In that vein, McCain joked that he might make big news if he picked a running mate with no particular partisan leanings, no clear political principles and who “may need a job about that time.” The audience cracked up when they realized McCain was talking about Leno.

    “I can make more doing a week in Vegas,” Leno joked.

    McCain noted that the “house is nice,” a reference to the White House.

    “You’ve got enough of those,” Leno cracked. “You need a white one, too.” Later, he asked McCain: “For $1 million, how many houses do you have?”

    At that, McCain got serious, saying he had been imprisoned for five-and-a-half years during the Vietnam war, and that “I didn’t have a house. I didn’t have a kitchen table. I didn’t have a table.” He also praised his late father-in-law — the source of his wife’s wealth — as a man who came from nothing to be successful.

    “I’m proud of my record of service to this country, and it has nothing to do with houses,” McCain said. “It has to do with putting Americans in houses and keeping them in their homes.”

    Leno pushed again on McCain’s vice presidential choice, asking why he would not choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate. McCain deflected that question by saying he has “nothing but respect for Senator Clinton,” but that they have different philosophies.

    And when Leno asked whether Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty might get eaten alive by Sen. Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate, McCain cracked that “the question for any of them might be getting a word in edgewise.”

  297. Idunn Says:
    What time is Tacky O scheduled to speak? I don’t want to miss THAT.
    if she comes out in a chanel suit and pillbox hat i’ll shit.

  298. I really think, Obama’s lot has written every speech, which means it will be dire
    moon- 5 will get you 20 t Bill or Hillary will write their own speeches.

    I think 2012 is speculative. This week is the here and now. They need to make the most of it.

  299. CNN: Have Dems Botched Convention So Far?

    By David Gergen

    The biggest surprise so far is how slowly this convention is getting off the ground. It is clearly pumping up people in the convention hall, but for a much larger national audience — the audience that is so important in November — there has been very little offered so far to rivet people’s attention.

    Why did Jimmy Carter have no speaking role? Why indeed did Nancy Pelosi not have a far bigger speaking role? She is, after all, the first woman in history to be Speaker of the House.

    To be sure, big events are coming tonight — but I am surprised that there has been so little of substance that has been compelling for television.

    Let’s wait and see how it goes.

  300. And when Leno asked whether Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty might get eaten alive by Sen. Joe Biden in a vice presidential debate, McCain cracked that “the question for any of them might be getting a word in edgewise.”

    PMLMAO 🙂

  301. “So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”

    oh my achin’ ass. did susan really say that?!

  302. LMAO!! Idun, you’re killing me! Let’s take bets to see if ol’ Scoop Mouth does the Jackie O impersonation!

  303. Kind of ironic, isn’t it, that they start out the tribute to ole Uncle Teddy, with views of water.

    someones having a laugh.

  304. Somebody here was asking about the story on the PumaPac blog about Obama people offering to pay hotel expenses if delegates would vote for Obama…this was on the PumaPac blog this afternoon under the “where’s Howard” heading. Perhaps the person who reported that can be contacted??

  305. “So I think he definitely has convinced people that he stands for change and for hope, and I can’t wait to see what he stands for.”

    WTF? Has he found a way to suck these people’s brains right out of their heads? I mean, shit! This can’t be real? Can it?

  306. LMAO!! Idun, you’re killing me! Let’s take bets to see if ol’ Scoop Mouth does the Jackie O impersonation!
    good stuff. I am so grateful to all of you. I havent the stomach to watch these political hacs but thanks to you all I am getting the high points vicariously. Easier on my nerves this way.

  307. texan4hill

    What you are writing about is bribery and here’s how your friends can get them. I know they are busy, but this plan will only take calm thinking and not a lot of time:

    So that your friends cannot be accused of solicitation of payment, they should sit down before sleeping tonight and write out what happened -rooms were rushed by Obama supporters, as much quoted detail as possible, even if it is only a phrase or word or two here and there, but put it in QUOTES, description of the person(s) time of day, etc. The next time the BO supporter(s) make the offer, write and timestamp (make note of the time of day) that on the same piece of paper.

    BTW, get a roommate or friend to witness the writing of at least part of this log, just signing “I am watching J. Doe write this,” and sign it. Keep the pages contiguous, write on front and back.

    Here is the hard part: any of your friends who want to – ACCEPT the money, chit, check, gift card, what ever, tear the $ or chit or check in half…or bend the plastic card back and forth to ruin it Then vote how ever the hell they want. Do not be dumb and vote first expecting payment after…ain’t gonna happen.

    Put payment in a hotel envelope, long with the final chapter of what has happened, with friend’s or roommates signature at bottom of your affidavit AND across the sealed flap.

    Take a taxi to the Federal building there in Denver and ask for the Federal Assistant District Atty Denver’s answer to Patrick Fitzgerald. Ask them for a photocopy of everything you give them, and of course, a receipt.

    It will be a very smart and courageous thing for your friend (s) to do.

  308. What a bogus tribute to Teddy, there was no mention of him keeping scotch whiskey in business at all.

    I don’t think views of water was the best way to open his video.

  309. jay severin, boston r-wing talk radio, said this weeks dnc convention was the kick-off to caroline kennedy’s run for the senate or , god forbid, the presidency.

  310. Well, proof that Kennedy wants Obama to be the next Kennedy…he just said the “torch will be passed to Obama”

  311. Just to show you how bi partisan I am it will be no different when the republicans have their week of delusion and bullshit. If I hear Schwartznegger tell us one more time what a wonderful country this is when a dumb Austrian bodybuilder can come over here, marry skeletor and become governor, I will remember the 250,000 government employees he reduced to minimum wage and resis the urge to sing along:

    there’s nothing surer
    the rich get rich and
    the poor get poorer
    in the meantime
    in between time
    aint we got aaaaahhhhhhhnnnnnnnod

  312. Wow that texas republican ad is wick good…wick good.
    Maybe that ad will cause Obama to help his african family out—you know for his image sake. Whatever,as long as his grandmother and half brother get some relief…very good ad.

  313. I have finally figured out what Teddy wanted. He was the credit for universal healthcare for the Kennedy’s, not the Clintons’ . The bas*&^%S, what a low-life he is!!!

  314. Is that it? That’s all??? Is that the tribute to Teddy that supposedly would be making us cry according to prior reports today?

  315. justme, yes. I am ignoring you. I wouldn’t if you’d stop doing your President Hasselhoff impression. 😉

    A very good friend of mine in college’s uncle was married to Susan way back in the day. Said she was a tacky bitch….

    I’m watching ‘Pysch” on DVR. My Friday bar time requires planning ahead. 😆

    Spoke with Norma a few minutes ago. They’re being interviewed by Time. Gawd, I wish I were able to be there. Damn cat…

  316. Teddy tribute video he says “looking forward to chairing healthcare for president Obama.”

    Fucking bastards. Giving healthcare job, Hill’s true passion and cause, to that sack of shit to oversee.

    Bad enough Obama plans to give it to Teddy, but yet another public SLAP IN THE FACE to Hill, to put in the video and air it at the convention.

    These people disgust me. They are slimier and pettier than ANY Republican I have ever seen.

  317. Moon, yeah Teddy certainly should not have used water in his tribute. These pics anywhere near where he left the poor girl to die??

  318. LOL! Again from another blog. (I surf so you don’t have to!)

    Where in god’s name did they find this band? The Republic of Where-Shitty-Wedding-Bands-Go-To-Die-istan?

  319. So apparently now, Hillary is not good enough for ANYTHING.

    They plan to sideline her no matter what, She needs to take them down now, all of them.

  320. Okay here goes about the convention:
    Caroline Kennedy [her arm flapped as she waved] introduced the tribute saying doing it as a tribute to two men who have changed her life and that of the country, Barrack Obama and Ted Kennedy. yada yada yada. Leaders come along rarely, just when we need them the must, this is one of those times. Bo is the change we nee. Americans say to herBO makes them feel hopeful.. I her life he was been a true inspiration. He lived…… She never had anyone who inspired her the way people have told her that her father had inspired them, but I do now.

    She called TK Uncle Teddy….talked about the kids of the family and that they knew who had the best cookes, etc etc. He is a senator for all who believe in a dream that has never died……example, Teddy is your Senator….example, Teddy is your Senator…example Teddy is your Senator. Teddy is your senator, too.

    TK forced human rights, human dignity……and he was against the War in Iraq. She mentioned owrds like dignity, courage, and most of all the power of love. Maria was tearing up. It showed the Kerrys in the audience. and then she introduced the Tribute video. Maria was crying and wiping tears.

    Next: the Tribute and TK speaking.

  321. That little opening that is highlighted in yellow, looks like a cartoon background. Something right off the comic books!!

  322. okieattrny, thanks for clarifying, I felt like no one’s responding to my comments. I know i havent been here lately. Just had enough you know? But I still am and continue to be a die hard Hillary Clinton person and will do what I can to be-rid of the slimes and clean up wha tis rightfully ours of the Democrat Party

  323. All the talking heads are saying it’s a snooze fest. Subdued.

    It’s flat. There is not enough silicon in the wide world to make this puppy stand up and be perky.

  324. Do you think when the old fucker finally dies the eulogy will take this long? I’m yawning just reading about it.

  325. Apparently there are reports of riots kicking off all over Denver and hotels on lockdown.

    Anyone else hearing anything.

  326. Tear Gas Fired at Demonstrators Near State Capitol
    By Josh Rogin, CQ Staff
    Protesters clashed with police outside the Denver state capitol building early Monday evening as law enforcement amassed and tensions heightened.

    Tear gas was dispersed on a crowd of screaming demonstrators who had been attending a rally at the Civic Center Park. The protesters’ decision to march on the capitol building without a permit started the confrontation.

    As of 7:30 p.m., about 200 protestors and 100 police officers in full riot gear were on the scene. Several police vehicles were en route, sirens blazing.

    Police encircled a group of about 50 protesters on 15th Avenue, not allowing them to leave. More tear gas has been used and several more arrests were made as the crowd chanted “let them go!”

    Onlookers greeted the clash with a mixture of pity and scorn. They lamented that the groups lacked a message and also that their commitment to their cause was dwarfed by their much greater desire to antagonize law enforcement.

    “Its pathetic,” said Denver resident Brian Goose. “There’s no organization, no unity. Nobody even knows what they’re protesting for. They’re just trying to piss everybody off and they’re not doing a good job of it.”

  327. The Tribute Video: TK said that he sea was a metaphor for life that it was enriching and enhancing. Vicky, Kerry, Lewis, and some unknowns spoke with BO speaking toward the end. Vicke: TK find the sea and always had renewing and a healing place for him. I can not read some of my writing here. That he has given and is a legend and has always felt a moral obligation [to his country.]

    John Kerry: Loves sailing, because of TK people [have profited through his efforts], TK had sensitivity and leads, and put for a national sense of service to Americans.

    TK: Kennedy family wanted their children to serve

    John? Lewis: TK picked up where his brothers left off, he championed the causes of those left out, etc etc, and TK believed that health care was not a privilege, but a right.

    Young Femal Stanford – evidently had juvenile diabetes, testified about stem cell research

    Young AA gir: TK was a ready partner when she was young in the reading program, showed photos of her and TK with her reading to him, I guess.

    Fallen Vet’s Dad: very emotional testimonial. His son died in service and said that TK shared a wound that doesn’t heal

    BO: TK and American ideals yada yada yada.

    Next, Ted Kennedy speaks.


    Tear Gas Fired at Demonstrators Near State Capitol
    By Josh Rogin, CQ Staff

    Protesters clashed with police outside the Denver state capitol building early Monday evening as law enforcement amassed and tensions heightened.

    Tear gas was dispersed on a crowd of screaming demonstrators who had been attending a rally at the Civic Center Park. The protesters’ decision to march on the capitol building without a permit started the confrontation.

    As of 7:30 p.m., about 200 protestors and 100 police officers in full riot gear were on the scene. Several police vehicles were en route, sirens blazing.

  329. Uh, ohhhh….From TMZ breaking news

    A Denver TV station is reporting authorities may have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama, and there’s talk the suspects may be members of a white supremacy group.

    KUSA-TV claims three men are in custody after a routine traffic stop in Aurora (near Denver) turned up two rifles, high-powered scopes, ammo and meth. The man in the car led authorities to a hotel where another suspect jumped out of a fourth floor window in an attempt to escape.

    A third guy was busted at another hotel but the info on him is sketchy.

    The arrests went down yesterday. The TV station says sources said “Two of the men had tattoos and jewelry popular with white supremacists.”

    The mugshot inset in the photo is of one of the suspects, Tharin Gartrell.

  330. It will be great to see what the actual viewer ratings are for tonight. My sister called and said she wasn’t going to watch because she had overloaded on watching TV with the Olympics. I wonder if other viewers will feel the same.

    Also, the McCain camp has been showing an ad with Hillary talking about Obama’s qualifications. I wonder if tomorrow during Hillary’s speech if they will show the ad where the former Hillary delegate is talking about voting for McCain (I know I would)….

  331. OK guys its bedtime for me.

    I will load up tomorrows news in the morning before you all wake up as i am 7 hours ahead.

    I can’t wait to see the fashion disaster of MO.

    I bet she looks like an explosion at studio 54.

  332. AG, they are not going to ever show that ad at a Dem convention. Hillary is going to give a 100% rah rah unity speech. She has to. I hope no one is expecting different, because you are going to be sorely disappointed if so.

  333. SouthernBorn: hi…it’s been a long time. The man I think you are asking about in the video tribute of Teddy was John Lewis, congressman from Georgia who was originally for Hillary and then went over to Obama.

  334. guys convetions these days are low rating events. note the 3 networks only over an hour per night. its a tv show and they are always bad. networks hate covering this-they get nothing out of it and they aint coventions. i do remember the 2000 moment of gore kissing tipper and lieberman’s memorable speech of groing up in a working class home and a jew and becomming vp. that was awesome.

  335. Ted Kennedy speaks at convention:
    Time for a change and time for a new generation. Maria cries.Fellow Democrats, Fellow Americans good to be here. Nothing is going to keep me away from this special gathering tonight. I am here to stand with your…..we must rise to your best ideals, we will elect BO. Somewhere about here it shows Caroline and it looks like she is about to tear up. [I am]strengthen by family and friendship. We have known success and seen setback, we have known victory and defeat…….We are called to a new world.I will be there next January [and?] in the senate.
    This is the season of HOPE, it is a time ofr justice and prosperity for the many, not for……New hope, and break the old………. We can meet challneges with BO. Yes, we can and finally,Yes we will. BO wll close the book on old politics of race,….,….,…,stragiht and gay. BO the Commander in Chief understands young American in unifrom must never be committed to a mistake but……worthy.
    BO believes too much in high principle………JFK on going to the moon….our people answered his call and raised to the challenge and today American flag still marks the moom. We can do it again, scale the heights. There is a new wave of change to set our compass true…..renewal for the nation. Passing of the torch to a new generation of Americans with BO and for you and for me our country will become anew [or something like that]. Hope rises again, the dream lives on .

  336. I think the convention with Bill Clinton was memorable – really insipiring and awe-struck. both of em.

  337. A Denver TV station is reporting authorities may have foiled an assassination plot against Barack Obama, and there’s talk the suspects may be members of a white supremacy group
    operative word is “may”. my understanding is the bo is not even in town. “theres talk”–now isnt that great jounalism.

  338. Justme, I watched Bill’s convention every night that Summer when I got home from my 2nd job which helped pay for school. All of my off time was spent campaigning for him and for a Dem senator candidate here in my state. That Dem may be governor in a couple of years…. 🙂

  339. This is the ULTIMATE outrage!!!

    I refuse to turn on the convention – excepting Tue/Wed – but in clicking around I couldn’t help catch a glimpse of (R) Jim Fucking Leach at the Democratic National Convention!!!!!


    I don’t know and I don’t want to know what the fuck he’s doing there!!!

    This can ONLY be taken as (yet another) slap in the face!!!

    UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. If Hillary stops the roll call vote tomorrow by voting for Obama and then declaring his nomination by acclimation, won’t her own delegates boo and raise a ruckus?

  341. Joe Biden is a two time presidential wannabe loser. He has been in the senate for 35 years. This is his last chance. Biden is trying to backdoor himself into the presidency. When the RNC vetts Obama (with the such a force that Rev Wright will seem like he was singing God Bless America in comparison) Biden not Hillary will be asked to step in. Most Hillary holdouts will find Biden much more suitable than Obama and vote democrat, again. You know what they say…every senator looks in the mirror and see a president….Joe Biden is that guy.


  342. Why is Kennedy backing such a Chicago politician, with such shady connections and deals? Doesn’t he know, this is a total sham?

  343. AG, they are being INTIMIDATED. Most of them hold elective office themselves, and have been told in no uncertain terms that they are party anathema if they act up.

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but there are party whips all OVER that floor tonight, hushing up the people. I saw one lady start to cheer a little too loudly at one point when Hill’s name was mentioned, and another lady IMMEDIATELY tapped her arm. They are watching Hill’s people like hawks, and will likely have them escorted out if they so much as peep.

    They are THUGS, and bullies. Not only is not a damn one of them is getting my vote, but I will be actively working, phone-banking, etc to kick their asses in the swing states.

  344. I just posted at Fox News:

    Several polls agree that about half of Hillary’s 18 million supporters plan to support Obama, about 3 million to vote for McCain, and the rest to protest either by staying home or voting third party etc. This has been holding steady all summer! Recently the number supporting McCain has been going up, and the number supporting Obama has been going down.

    The PUMAs have been focused on Denver. When that’s over, they may focus on legal action (boring) or start a “Resign, Obama!” movement (fun).

    Really, some of Obama’s backers may consider him expendble, now that he’s knocked Hillary out. But Obama won’t agree, and at some point he may decide he doesn’t really want to be the McGovern of 2008….

    h t t p : / /

    But no comments have gone up yet.

  345. OH! Jeez! Our “dear” senator, Claire McCaskil…just when you think it couldn’t get any worse.

    Oh, here it comes…all the warm and fuzzy ME-chelle Obama video. I was wrong. It can get worse.

  346. H4t, thanks for the info. I am new to this and haven’t paid much attention to conventions in the past. I didn’t know delegates were elected officials, I thought they were mostly average people who got voted into the position of delegate.

    It seems to me that this convention isn’t as revved up as ones I’ve seen before…of course, there is little drama so why would it be…

    One thing I have noticed: it’s clear Hillary’s name is not to be spoken yet her presence is all over the event.

  347. Carville saying this is boring as shit (my paraphrase) GO CAJUN! He actually said if the Dems have a message, he hadn’t heard it tonight.

  348. Is it just me, or was this whole thing set up to bypass the Clintons, hopefully to eliminate them by the Kennedys and nObama and DNC?
    Calling it a night now, waiting on June Cleaver who is next, after her video tribute.

  349. Wolf’s surprised? Carville surprised? Right…. just look at the list of speakers, and you wouldn’t dare to be even the slightest surprised. This goes to show how… hmm… naive people are.

    Peace out, talk with you all tomorrow. I’ll say this in closing…..

    I feel as if I’ve missed out on my family here, so it is good to be back.

    Hillary 08, if not, then Hillary 2012!

  350. On Carville: Of course there is no main Democratic message being highlighted, Obama doesn’t have any. It just all about him.

  351. Michelle memorized the Brady Bunch. Puhleeze.

    In the meantime, Cindy McCain is en route to Georgia to do some serious work with the UN World Food program, and meet with the Georgian president.

  352. Exactly, AmericanGal, It’s a cult of personality.

    BTW, Chelsea will narrate a tribute film to her mom tomorrow. Don’t know if she’ll introduce her in person or not.

  353. ME-chelle has been spiffied up…hair, clothes, and those “mean” lines between her eyes have been “relaxed”. Maybe Nancy got her “fixer” to work on MO’s frown lines.

    So far, I’m not inspired with her speech.

  354. No, it is all about Barack. IT’s not really about Michelle. It is her adoration of Barack. Thanks for posting the Carville quote above @10:33.

  355. There has been no discussion at all this entire night about what, exactly Democrats want to do for America. It has all been a big personality cult fest.

    Caroline: Let’s celebrate Me! And My life story!

    Teddy: Let’s celebrate ME! And my life STORY!

    Michelle: Lets celebrate ME! And my life STORY!

    Is this a political convention or a freaking LifeTime TV special???

  356. ok…got to get it out…posted on another site that used to understand…

    OK fine, people…what is Plan B?

    in case of the unpredicable, the unknown…

    …the unforseen…


    …don’t know about anyone else…but ‘kennedy passes the torch to Obama”

    WTF? Did either of them ever hear of Bill Clinton, the two timed elected Democratic President of their own party???
    the in- between guy who rescued the party from EXECUTIVE EXTINCTION FOR TWO DECADES…

    Has anyone ever heard of repect…I am sorry I want to bite my lip as I hold back ‘you ungrateful little twirps’….read Matt Stoller and all the sniping little ingrates to get my gist…

  357. People don’t applaud very long…Glad Hillary’s name got mentioned once. That one mention by Michelle must have been the “unity” portion I heard pundits talk about it earlier in the day–they made it sound like it was going to be some major speech about being unified…LOL.

  358. Talk about $400 haircuts- check out Tacky O’s do…

    She’s going to sob any second now…

    Watch for it…drama queen training oozing from every pore.

  359. This primary is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

    Ok, so nobody cares that Jim Leach was at the DNC?

    Maybe tomorrow night when Hill’s introduced by Ken Starr!!!

  360. Barack first said he was in St Louis then later said he was in Kansas City, MO. He doesn’t know where he is???

  361. Jim Leach is a Republican, and Bill Clinton basher extraordinaire. REALLY nasty stuff he said about Bill in the day. He backed Bambi, so he gets to speak at the Dem convention.

    These people are SLIME the way they are going out of their way to rub the Clintons noses in it. I despise evry last one of them now.

  362. S,

    Dunno about your Plan B, but imo we need a Plan A for the probable.

    IE, media sticking mikes under our noses askng waht we’re going to do next.

    I thikn we should whip out signs and banners or at least fllyers saying:


    That’s a nice positive thing we can all agree on, we can shout it till November, and when he sees he’s going to be the McGovern of 2008, he might just do it!

  363. The proof in the pudding will be when this shop of horrors convention doesn’t give him any bounce either! 😉

  364. from riverdaughter blog: 🙂

    Magdalena, on August 25th, 2008 at 10:57 pm Said:

    My husband, an academic and possible hold-the-nose-and-vote-for-Oh-Oh, just made my evening:
    He was walking the halls of his college today and a female professor called to him across the hall:
    “That’s it, I’m staying home on November 4.”
    He was on his way to visit another female colleague. He got up to her office. She said the same thing:
    I can no longer do it. I can’t vote for this arrogant fraud. I’m saying home.”
    He went to visit his mother, a lifelong Reublican who was going to vote for Hillary, who told him she was now voting for McCain. She said she had just spoken to her two sisters-in-law, lifelong Democrats, who will now vote for McCain.
    Anecdotal? Of course. Indicative. Yes.
    None of these women are fringe, abnormal, or insane.
    I will repeat:
    Ignore women at your peril.
    Refuse to let women represent women (and men) at your peril.
    Suppress the aspirations of women at your peril.
    Brush women off your shoulder at your peril.
    Blather on about “change” that doesn’t include women at your peril.
    Insult, dismiss, disparage, bully, belittle women at your peril.
    Attempt to succeed without women at your peril.
    I will remember in November.
    Women will remember in November.
    Millions will remember in November.

  365. Whoa H4T! How transparent can you get that the primaries were a “get the Clintons” effort. The more I hear and learn the more disturbed I get.

    My question to you is: why??? What in God’s name did the Clintons do to be the recipients of such venom from their very own party?

  366. You know my daddy preached for many years and I never once saw him read a fricking prayer off a gd teleprompter. I am so so offended by this fake shit. It is all fake. Yall we gotta find another party to go to.

  367. AG, they did a good job. And made the rest of the party DO THEIR JOBS as well. That’s why the Clinton years were so good.

    These do-nothings in Congress now don’t want CHANGE – they might have to WORK then, or take a stand, or take a chance, or piss off a neo-con. The toads running the Dem party now LIKE being in charge with no strong Dem president to make them do shit. That’s why they want Bambi: they will run HIM, he won’t run THEM.

  368. I have to confess. MO’s speech was meant to be warm and full of love. She tugged at my heartstrings. You see, like her, my father had MS. He was diagnosed in his early thirties, died when he was 42. He, too, woke up early and kept on working. He was a truck driver and at one time, a carpenter. I remember him asking me to help him build this crate like wheelie cart to help him make his deliveries so he could keep working. He had trouble with his hands and I had to put the drill where it was supposed to go and he insisted on drilling it. He worked hard and put us through private schools. As she mentioned about Barack, my father was also a man who did what he said he was going to do and RESPECT was foremost in his lessons and how he lived his life. MO’s speech made me tear up thinking about my dad. And knowing what I know about him and how he would have reacted to that beautiful true Irish form he would have muttered, “What a load of f’n gobshite.”

    ;_ That one is dedicated to MY dad.

  369. Repost of this ad tht was scrubed from youtube
    Hmmmmm they must be afraid of something
    but I found it again
    Saturday, August 23, 2008
    Blast From The Past: Joe Biden On Experience In The White House in 1988

    marie3548 Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 4:49 pm
    Joe Biden – Experience Presidential Ad
    Sorry if this is a repost
    LOL how ironic

    Illinois Underground (formerly Informed) Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 5:43 pm
    Marie, Admin, your video of the ad is no longer available.

  370. Blue Democrat, I agree with you about Leach. I remember when he conducted those awful Whitewater hearings that were nothing but a witch hunt.

  371. Jeffrey Toobin, CNN
    “We didn’t hear one word about why we should throw the bums out.”

    Yup. It was all a big lovey hopefest with not one word of substance. Lifetime TV movie.

  372. turndownobama-com Says:

    August 25th, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Dunno about your Plan B, but imo we need a Plan A for the probable.

    IE, media sticking mikes under our noses askng waht we’re going to do next.

    I thikn we should whip out signs and banners or at least fllyers saying:


    That’s a nice positive thing we can all agree on, we can shout it till November, and when he sees he’s going to be the McGovern of 2008, he might just do it!


    actually that Plan B rant was left on another website…

    my question to them was…what are you going to do if this guy tanks after repub convention…

    my question stated that hill beat O last week in WSJ poll by over 6 and O at 3…what if he tanks…? are they ready to take the whole Democratic party down with him?

    …sorry I know i did not make that clear…

    the second part was my rant about…pass the torch and bypass BIll and Hill and steal all their best policies and strategy and claim the credit for your selves…well, bite my lip, “you ungrateful little twirps”….

    i have lost all patience for these twits….

  373. WOW! That is powerful stuff posted from RIverdaughter’s blog. I have to say that I have never seen anything like this shit. It IS cult of personality AND it is falling very flat on some folks. I can understand why. My biases are evident and on this blog well know. But it is outrageous the lack of respect for anybody else except Obama and his annointed. I feel that this was a disgusting example of self aggrandizement of Obama. Vapid…completely vapid. No substance. By the time Michelle got up there most people were brain dead.

  374. OMG, JUst on Fox, Juan Williams was awe struck (understandable so). THe others in the roundtable were not convinced of the speech’s credibility, in finishing the round table the moderator read of the computer scree what was to be said and the others were following along. This is totally scripted and this is media control to the inth!

  375. Soooooooooooooooooo much ammo for the republicans

    Democrats Praising McCain

    Biden’s 08 Primary record

    Here’s Biden’s results with Clinton’s noted for comparison purposes
    Source ABC

    Thursday, January 3
    IA 2,328 Clinton 74000
    Tuesday, January 8
    NH 638 Clinton 112000
    Tuesday, February 5
    DE 2,863 Clinton 41000

    Obama’s pick Biden received a whopping 5829 votes in 08 run for Prez: Sen. Clinton received 226,000 votes in same 3 States
    The Democrats who know Biden the best gave him a grand total of …5829 votes in the three primaries where his name was entered. His home state of Delaware was where he secured about half of those votes and his one delegate.

    So much for change
    Like John Kerry he voted for the war before he voted against.
    What do you get if you add Bidens’s military service to Obama’s…not a day of military service between them…yet both men think they are experts.

    Biden left the 1988 Presidential Campaign in disgrace after it was discovered he plagiarized from a British socialist politician and misstated his resume. He also admitted to cheating…ie plagiarizing on his Law exams. (Obama also plagiarizes so maybe he wouldn’t know that was unethical)

    Politically he’s the ultimate DC insider…so much for Obama’s message of change.
    Saturday, August 23, 2008

    Dean prefers the Nam Vet to someone who “never served a day overseas”; neither Biden or Obama served in the Military
    The real issue is this,” Dean said in March 2004, when endorsing formal rival Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., “Who would you rather have in charge of the defense of the United States of America, a group of people who never served a day overseas in their life, or a guy who served his country honorably and has three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star on the battlefields of Vietnam?”
    McCain, by the way, has been awarded the Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross.
    Neither Obama or Biden have served a day overseas in their life for the Military.
    Friday, August 15, 2008
    NC African-American Caucus President says, “Black Democrats should only vote for Obama, but not white Democratic candidates”
    You can not be serious!

    Obama the unifier? Post racial? This takes the meaning of “party unity my ass” to a whole new level.

    The Wilmington Journal
    Originally posted 8/14/2008

  376. Krauthammer says it was not MO’s speech but the family thing and seeing them.

    Maybe it did not seem scripted to him but even the showing the kids thing seemed so fake.

  377. This was the wimpiest convention night I’ve ever seen. No fire and brimstone, no anger, no passion, nothing. Totally bland and boring.

    Michelle Obama’s speech was heartfelt and well-delivered, but its entire purpose was to “normalize” Barack Obama by portraying him as an ordinary all-American guy, to combat the GOP’s portrayal of Obama.

    In that way, it was a fundamentally defensive speech. With Bush’s approval rating at 28%, the Democrats should have been on offense all night. Can’t wait for Hillary to show ’em how it’s done.

  378. From another blog:

    When I think of every courtesy, every sign of respect and every kindness shown to the whole Kennedy clan by the Clintons, I could scream. Remember when Bill called out the Navy to find JFK Jr and his wife and sister in law? And how he was criticized for using the US Navy for a family matter?
    The Kennedy family is just like the Bush family: loyalty is a one way street to them.

  379. So far, it looks like the convention is following John Kerry’s losing formula in 2004. Push the candidate’s bio while failing to attack your opponents. That’s why Kerry got very little bounce. If it continues this way, Obama will have a very big problem, because the GOP convention will be a bash-Obama fest, count on it.

  380. Caroline just being shitty on television to Wolf who wanted more information on the VP selection process.

  381. confloyd…I have to give props to Juan Williams….I believe Juan has been one of the few true honest voices in this primary/election season…and Juan’s emotions were genuine and I respect him for them…

  382. Blue dem

    I’m from Iowa and I’ll tell you what’s going on w/ Jim Leach.

    He was thrown under the bus and abandoned by his own party 2 years ago here…and they supported a younger, not-gonna-cross-party-lines guy.

    He is a VERY smart money and banking policy wonk, and had been asked by the DNC for his expertise…decided last week to announce his support for BO.

    McCain, I’m afraid, was told not to call upon Jim for his own advisory staff.

    IMO, this would have been a good time for Johnny to be a maverick again, and tell the RNC to go straight to Hades.

    The Edwards ‘08 Campaign for President has quietly refunded almost $4 million to individual contributors, a number of them, bundlers and big backers. This should be news to Warren Buffet who recently mused that Edwards’ supporters should get together and file a class action suit. It seems another “class” has already had their contributions refunded–and it’s not the “grassroots” little guys.
    We had no idea the campaign was handing out refunds until we happened to come across the information while perusing the site and the data supplied to the Federal Election Commission by the Edwards’ campaign.
    We were baffled, how did the Edwards’ campaign manage to refund that much money, almost $4 million, and no one notice? We hadn’t seen any mention of the refunds elsewhere, not on the web, not in the MSM, and not on the Edwards’ campaign website.
    We found it interesting, at a time when Warren Buffet on CNBC This Morning (courtesy Mickey Kaus at Slate) mused whether Edwards’ contributors should file a class-action suit to get their money back, there’s a whole other “class” of individuals who’ve received their refund. And what an interesting “class” we found:

  384. someone mentioned Colin Powell as VP, all I gotta say is if it is him, the bambi camp can just pack it up. Honesly I’d “think” about voting a McCain/Powell ticket in a New York minute.

  385. Rove said Michelle did okay not great to tell who she was, She did not do well on saying I love America. She failed to give personal insight to BO. She failed to show what things are like as she and BO as a couple. It was not a sense of deep warmth.
    It seemed like embellishment of a resume.

  386. S, I agree, I saw many AA’s crying, the speech really affected them and rightfully so.

    S, I feel sorry most for them as this guy is just using them. Its their lifelong dream to have one of their own ascend to the whitehouse, and look who it is, this fake fraudulent nominee.

  387. debbie, Powell is a good man. I hate how he knuckled under to prop up Bush, BUT I have a dear friend who knows him personally.

    Her dad was a buddy of Powell’s, close family friends. She grew up seeing/knowing him, and he talked with her dad after. She says that while he will never say it publicly, he was heartsick and disgusted with himself for the choice he made. He had thought that he could steer some sort of middle course….compromise his principles in order to stay and be the voice of sanity……he lost his direction and overstepped that line in being a loyal soldier to Bush.

    According to my friend, no one has condemned him for that worse than he condemned himself. I know it’s hearsay to you guys, but she knows him and I believe her.

  388. LOL! Some idiot woman on MSNBC thinks MO’s speech was the cathartic moment all we wimmins have been waiting for.

    OMG, how clueless can you get?

  389. H4T that makes a lot of sense to me – what you are saying about Powell. I don’t want to get my hope up about the VP there.

  390. H4T,

    I actuall felt sorry for him, and angry that he compromised his principles. But I put the blame on Cheney for putting him in that position to begin with. Nonetheless, I still have a certain affinity for Powell and believe he would make a great VP.

  391. I think for some of the AA’s there tonight, and possibly some of the young people, it might have been cathartic. Whenever pundits say, this “is what they were trying to do” it probably didn’t work imho

  392. # HillaryforTexas Says:
    August 25th, 2008 at 10:59 pm
    Jim Leach is a Republican, and Bill Clinton basher extraordinaire. REALLY nasty stuff he said about Bill in the day. He backed Bambi, so he gets to speak at the Dem convention.
    WTF is wrong with these people? They have lost their minds.
    The DNC has become the most treacherous treasonous bunch of bastards that I have ever had the sorry misfortune of being associated with. They can all go to hell.
    They let the best thing the democratic party has seen since FDR slip away because of their petty egos cannot stand real leaders, and they will pay the price for their stupidity, in spades.
    If any one thinks the dems will help them out they are sadly, sorely mistaken.


  393. Laura Ingram said MO’s scripted part of the night was “forced earnestness”.

    That is how it came across to me. Trying to hard, to paint a normal picture of BO.

    As far as Powell, I don’t think, he would ever be on a ticket against an AA. Several years ago, I read that his wife was against him running for public office. I don’t know, if that has changed, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

  394. Donna Brazil on CNN!
    Larry King will give the republicans a voice tonight at midnight.
    CNN talking about Donna Brazil signing the petition NOW!!
    Donna said she signed it to place Hillarie’s name on!!
    Donna Brazille just signed a petition to get Hillarys name in nomination then went on to say that this effort is being carried out by the Obama staff.,0,1377788,post.poll
    Will Michelle Obama’s speech attract support for her husband’s candidacy?

  395. Evenin’ Hillfriends. McCain on Leno – of course they’re doing the age jokes. Cute.

  396. i’m so f*cking tired, i worked late at the airport…

    i worked 2 denver fights, all these happy dems,
    all these happy delegates…

    the breakroom for employees was full, everyone
    was watching the ‘historic’ convention. the employees
    were ooooooooing and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhing.

    every aa flight attendant i saw couldnt stop talking
    about how wonderful the obamas were, not since
    the kennedys has there been such a beautiful familly.
    there has not been little kids in the white house since jackie and robert.
    oh and how wonderful ted kennedy was, and carolyn to pass the torch to this fine outstanding gracious

    once again the world will see america, as a place
    of true equality…
    oh and they were all recording this momentus occasion…

    some of the employees were saying they wanted to go to the democrat headquarters in town to watch
    the convention, but they are now charging $150.00 to see it on the big screen. (every election i have
    gone, we have a buffet and drinks, this is the
    first time they have ever, ever charged, its also the
    first time i have not gone).

    anyway, i saw ex mayor willie brown and some of
    the rich and famous, on there way to crown a king…


  397. Juan Williams just said the words on Greta: “This is a 50/50 race right now and both sides will be looking for the independents. White suburban women will decide this election.”

  398. skm, just remember that the bubble of latte-land where you live is NOT the entire country. Trust me. Obama is going down. I hate that you have to be surrounded by the love-fest, tho. 🙁

  399. Another sad part of this farce is that many, many good solid lifelong dems were also waiting to see the first AA President, but cannot board the Fraudbama train wreck.
    He is a user.
    I am sorry, I cannot stand him.

  400. “I think for some of the AA’s there tonight, and possibly some of the young people, it might have been cathartic. ”


    Well, it’s good to see Barack Hussein Obama solidifying the black vote.

  401. skm, “I feel your pain” here in Chicago – we are not allowed to discuss Obama here in Chicago – we’re only allowed to worship at his altar. That’s why I joined the underground.

  402. in observance of the innugaural of another failed dem candidate im reminded of a great joke. it was on the golden girls in 88:
    sophia tells dog dreyfuss-“go find me a viable democrat for office!” dreyfuss doesnt come back!

  403. g’ night everyone.

    The Leach thing just set me off.
    Up till then all your comments were pretty funny, and made an otherwise untenable situation tolerable.

  404. I JUST GOT IT!!

    I listened to a well-done Fox recap of the convention tonight and got a paragraph from J Jackson Jr. He recited the history of progress and hope in the world. Every bit of it was about the AA experience. There was Appomatox and Selma and this convention was the highlight and the climax of the world progress..

    The holocaust or women’s suffrage or Wounded Knee evidently paled so far in comparison, they didn’t rate a mention. This view was proffered on the “One Nation” night of the convention.

    We have reached nirvana. (Why have the vote — we are there already.)

  405. Emil Jones is now under the bus.,obamajones082508.article
    Obama disavows comment; Jones issues quasi-apology
    Just hours before Jones received a last-minute, pre-prime-time speaking role at the Democratic National Convention, he expressed regret to Chicago political consultant Delmarie Cobb for insulting her — after insisting earlier in the day he had no reason to apologize to her.
    Cobb said Jones finally apologized during a Monday event.
    “He came over, sat down. A couple of people obviously had something to do with it,” Cobb said, without elaborating. “He sat down at the table with me. He said, ‘I apologize and let’s move forward.’ I accepted his apology and said, ‘OK, we will.’ It was never my intention to continue things that would hurt Barack Obama.”
    Jones, however, offered a much less apologetic version of his Monday conversation with Cobb.

  406. freckles, no other peoples the world over have ever suffered or struggled, dontcha know. Brazilla has this same view too – she refused to put the same sort of affirmative action policies into the Dem party delegate selection process for gays and lesbians that exist for AA’s. Her reason? “It would be an insult to the civil rights struggle.”

    Yep. according to our good Donna and JJ Jr, to extend civil rights to OTHER oppressed groups, or to acknowledge anyone’s struggle but their own, somehow takes something away from AA’s.

  407. texan4hill,

    you always say the right things…
    i just feel this is going to end badly for our team…
    i will never be a democrat again, never…


    yes i know you know what its like.
    we are outnumbered. the hard thing to take, is
    that alot of these people here, were hillary supporters, that now have decided to join the
    obama train, ‘FOR THE PARTY’…

    frankly, my belief in my fellowman, is at an all time
    low right now.

    OH BIRD,
    you are right across the bay from me. we are

  408. NO BIRD,

    i belong to the san mateo labor council, cause our
    union is affiliated with them. i do all my campaigning
    with them. but they are all doing the democrat thing.
    they are falling behind the presumptive candidate,
    and the union, has ended its involvement when
    hillary left…

    no ones left in my group, i’m the soul hanger on
    for hillary person…

    oh by the way, did you see that nasty video?
    the one called catharsis?

  409. well, i’m freaking pooped out, i’m going to find some
    peace and quiet on my pillow.

    i hope y’all have a great night…

  410. posted on camille424

    ObamaNo August 26, 2008 at 12:53 am
    Rep. Monique Davis, D-Chicago, offered one possible solution, at least when it comes to Jones.
    “I think Barack Obama would be wise to keep him locked up in the basement until the election is over,” said Davis, who, like Jones, is black.
    This is what I think of Emil’s comment. People like him have been taught by Flipper and his campaign on how to deal with non Obama supporters and they just don’t know when that should stop. Apparently, Flipper and his campaign didn’t tell anyone it was now time to stop.

    This is another one of Obama’s mentors speaks tommorrow nite I think.

    U of I Chicago prepares to release documents reportedly linking Obama to William Ayers
    Monday, August 25, 2008 5:21 PM CDT

    Obama’s campaign has started airing a television commercial to try to counter an ad by an outside group that focuses on the Democratic presidential candidate’s ties to Ayers.

    Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, have signed up to review the records of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was awarded nearly $50 million by a foundation in the 1990s to help reform city schools, UIC spokesman Mark Rosati said

  412. texan4hillary Says:

    August 26th, 2008 at 12:47 am
    the ayres ad is now running despite obama’s efforts to keep it off the air. its up in oh, pa and mi according to readers the hilllaryclintonforum-

    with this ad and the release of the papers from U of I chicago this should get real interesting.

  413. They had enough time to take out all the incriminating stuff from those papers, we will see big gaps in them and by the time we all figure it out the election will be over. They are not suddenly going to be open without fixing the outcome, come on guys, you are talking the mafia here!

  414. Wow, that Ayres ad is about as devastating a political attack ad as you’ll ever see. The McCain campaign has Obama completely on the defensive again.

  415. The New Democratic Party’s approach to unity, and to Hillary’s voters, can be summed up thusly:

    The beatings will continue until morale improves!

    I stole it – not original with me.

  416. I just watched the MO speech — it was a good biographical speech (was it relevant? I don’t know) and she delivered it nicely (though a little too rehearsed with all that hand gestures) and smiled a lot more. It would have been a believable speech if they had conducted themselves differently in the primary. In fact, she would have made a better hopey-changy candidate also, better than her husband with all his stuttering as we saw later after her speech.

  417. Why would Barack Obama be friends with someone who bombed the capital?

    Why does Larry Sinclair continue to purse Barack Obama over what did or did not happen in a limo?

    Why would Barack Obama have a spiritual mentor who hates whites and America?

    Could it be that all roads lead back Frank Marshal Davis-communist, anti-white, pedophile, drug user -and the influence he exerted over a
    a young boy? Sure makes you wonder.

  418. Frank Davis was from Chicago {before he moved to Hawaii} — that may explain why Obama went to Chicago after Columbia.

  419. It is almost inexplicable that he has the gift of good education from top schools (so ending up in those schools was just accidental?) but he still ends up voluntarily in a corrupt environment and tries to do things that require conning people than get a steady full time job — there is no evidence of him wanting to work and accomplish something. Strange career choices and path — as reinforced in this article

  420. pm317 Says:
    August 26th, 2008 at 2:22 am
    It is almost inexplicable that he has the gift of good education from top schools (so ending up in those schools was just accidental?) but he still ends up voluntarily in a corrupt environment and tries to do things that require conning people than get a steady full time job — there is no evidence of him wanting to work and accomplish something. Strange career choices and path — as reinforced in this article


    RIGHT! Obama had the great post-racial history that was his selling point at the beginning of the campaign: raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, and from there straight to Ivy League.

    Then instead of using that positive background, building something positive on it — he went into the worst corruption and hatred he could find, not to reform it, but to rub raw the sores of discontent and make it worse!

    Imo his moral corruption began at least as far back as his white guilt liberal grandparents. See the link to Steve Sailer’s blog about DREAMS at and other links there.

    See also the article there about his mother. She had more than one bi-racial child and tried to raise them to think of their DNA determining their character and culture and religion, each different.

  421. Reuters blog: Inside the tent – HIllary supporters and PUMA – good story, easy post, short string!!!

    h t t p : / /
    Easy post, same page, no login, went right up! Mine is first!

  422. at 9:32, I wrote out how to create an acceptable evidence packet in a case of being bribed…In the 4th paragraph, I should have said…”vote however the hell YOU want,” not how they want. I am so sorry, I should have proof read.

  423. In case you’re under 50, I would like to remind you that the Kennedys — JFK’s father in particular — were very friendly with the old Daley machine.

    Now we have Teddy backing Obama, the friend of the new Daley machine. Unfortunately for us, O is not JFK — not as accomplished, not as experienced, not as able to cope.

    BTW, the Obama claim that McC is a warmonger will probably not work. McC is a veteran and a POW. JFK was a vet and lost his brother in the war. Vets and soldiers are more likely to keep us out of wars without appeasement.

    Obama and Biden and Cheney and Rumsfeld have
    no military experience and Bush’s was, well, no-risk. I don’t want Obama looking into the soul of the Hamas leader or the Korean or the Iranian and seeing a spiritual bond.

  424. also from bitterpolitcz:

    AJ // August 26, 2008 at 1:39 am

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest child of the late Robert F. Kennedy and a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, said the animosity that some Clinton delegates feel toward Obama “is getting worse.”

    Seriously, if Obama can treat 18 million people like shit now, how can we expect him to be a President who cares about everyone? – only the ones who are helping him achieve his self-serving goals, the rest are under the bus.

  425. also from bitterpolitcz:

    AJ // August 26, 2008 at 1:39 am

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest child of the late Robert F. Kennedy and a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, said the animosity that some Clinton delegates feel toward Obama “is getting worse.”

    if BO can treat 18 million people like shit and insult them daily, how is he going to be as a President? – he’ll only care about the people who help him with his self-serving goals, the rest of us are under the bus.

  426. test:

    Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the eldest child of the late Robert F. Kennedy and a former lieutenant governor of Maryland, said the animosity that some Clinton delegates feel toward Obama “is getting worse.”

  427. Berkerley Vox,

    This paragraph from the link you posted is indicative of the problem with the Democratic? Taliban Party.

    To be sure, many delegates here confidently shared the campaign’s assurance that all is going according to plan. They argued that polls understate Obama’s strength because they miss many of his younger supporters who use cellphones, and that many voters are only now tuning in to the election. Judy Byrne Riley, a delegate from Niceville, Fla., said she is impressed by the excitement about Obama in her mostly Republican area. “He can carry the state,” she said.

    This over reliance of the numbers and trends by those who never ran a successful Presidential Campaign and to compound their mistake the continue Clinton bashing by those Obama supporters who really want power.

    This is more about pushing the Clintons aside and moving the party to the neolib and away from the incremental center position that lean left and also those who don’t want to wait their turn and rise to the top with their deeds.

    So many one term democrats or no national political personal experience…like Claire McCaskell, Caroline Kennedy and Barack Obama.

  428. t4hill – I found it on bitterpolitcz – but the person did not state the media source. I was having a hard time posting the quote on the board. strange glitch.

  429. its heartbreaking. 20 months of hard work. who knows if she will ever be nominated etc.. and worse she isnt even on the ticket. we dont get to vote for hillary. she can say all se wants. say mccain is tryign to divide dems etc but in the end it is obama who did the dividing with his ioditic moves of cutting us out of the party. the election from hell.

  430. pm 317 posted the link to this article above. It is so good, and lifted my spirits so much that I have taken the liberty of posting it in full. Appopos of the old saying that life is a tragedy to people whe feel and a comedy to those who think. Turndownobama – William posted a response to this artice so he does turn up now and then- and he was very complimentary about it.


    By J.R. Dunn
    It’s time to throw my hat in the ring as regards predicting the election results. So here it is: Barack Obama will be defeated. Seriously and convincingly defeated. Not due to racism, not due to the forces of reaction, not even due to Karl Rove sending out mind rays over the national cable system. He will lose for one reason above all, one that has been overlooked in any analysis that I’ve yet seen. Barack Obama will lose because he is a flake.

    I’m using the term in its generally accepted sense. A flake is not only a screwup, but someone who truly excels in making bizarre errors and creating incredibly convoluted disasters. A flake is a “fool with energy”, as the Russian proverb puts it. (“A fool is a terrible thing to have around, but a fool with energy is a nightmare”.)

    Barack Obama is a flake, and the American people have begun to see it. The chief characteristic of a flake is that he makes choices that are impossible to either understand or explain. These are not the errors of the poor dope who can’t grasp the essentials of a situation, or the neurotic who ruins things out of compulsion, or the man suffering chronic bad luck.

    The flake has a genius for discovering solutions at perfect right angles to the ordinary world. It’s as if he’s the product of a totally different evolutionary chain, in a universe where the laws are slightly but distinctly at variance to ours. When given a choice between left and right, the flake goes up — if not through the 8th dimension. And although there’s plenty of rationalization, there’s never a logical reason for any of it. After awhile, people stop asking.

    Obama’s rise has been widely portrayed as a kind of millennial Horatio Alger story — young lad from a new state on the outskirts of the American polity, a member of once-despised minority, works his way by slow degrees to within arm’s length of the presidency itself. That’s all well and good — we need national myths of exactly that type.

    But what has been overlooked is the string of faux pas marking each step of Obama’s journey, a series of strange, inexplicable actions, actions bizarre enough to require some effort at explanation, through such efforts have rarely been offered. It’s as if the new Horatio made it to the top by stepping into every last manhole and open trapdoor in his path. And we, the onlookers, the voters who are being asked to put this man in the White House, are supposed to take this as the normal career path for a successful chief executive.

    What are these incidents? I’m sure many of you are way ahead of me, but let’s go to the videotape.

    Here’s a young man who graduated from Columbia with high marks, with a choice of positions anywhere in the country. He comes from a state generally held to be a close match to Paradise. One, furthermore, that can be characterized as the most successful multiracial society in the world, with harmonious relations not only between whites and blacks, but also Japanese-Americans and native Hawaiians as well. To top it off, a state controlled in large part by a smoothly-functioning Democratic machine. So where does he choose to go?

    To Chicago. One of the windiest, coldest, most brutal cities in the country. One that is also infinitely corrupt in a sense that Hawaii is not. One that remains one of the most racist large cities in the U.S. (Cicero, Al Capone’s old stomping grounds, a suburb that is effectively part of the city, is completely segregated to this day.) It would be nice to learn which of these aspects most attracted young Obama to the city. But if you’d asked at the beginning of the campaign, you’d still be waiting.

    And what does he do when he reaches the city? Why, he joins a cult. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church has been turned inside out since the videotaped sermons appeared early this year, without anyone ever quite explaining exactly what Obama was thinking of when he joined up in the first place. Street cred, so it’s claimed. But there are a plethora of black churches that would have provided him that without the taint of demented racism that Wright’s church offered.

    Obama apparently had to swear an oath of belief in “black liberation theology” when he joined the church. (It is the little touches of that sort that make it a “cult”, and not simply a “church”.) Did the thought of his career ever cross his mind? Didn’t he realize that church would inevitably cause him trouble somewhere down the line? That he’d be required to repudiate it and its ideas eventually? We can ask — but we won’t get an answer.

    Back at school, Obama got himself named editor of the Harvard Law Review. This is a signal achievement, no question about it. The kind of thing that would be mentioned about a person for the rest of his life, as has been the case with Obama. But then… he writes nothing for the journal.

    Now, let’s get this straight: here we have one of the leading university law journals in the country, one widely cited and read. Entire careers in legal analysis and scholarship have been founded on appearances in the Review, including some that have led to the highest courts in the country. Yet here’s an individual who, as editor, could easily place his own work in the journal — standard practice, nothing at all wrong with it. But he fails to do so. And the explanation? There’s none that I’ve heard. We can go even farther than that, to say that there is no explanation that makes the least rational sense.

    We follow Obama down to Springfield, where as a state legislator, he voted “present” over 120 times. What this means, as far as I’ve been able to discover, is that he voted “present” nearly as much as he voted “yes” or “no”.

    Now, statehouses work very simply: a member approaches his colleagues and asks them them to vote for his bill. Some comply, some do not. Some ask, “Is it a good bill?” and some don’t. Either way, they customarily, except in unusual circumstances, vote “yes’ or “no”. All except for Barack Obama. And how did get away with it? How did mollify his colleagues? How did he square himself with the party bosses? Echo answereth not.

    (A good slogan could be made of this: “You can’t vote present in the Oval Office.” I hereby commend it to the McCain campaign.)

    We turn eagerly to learn what his term in the U.S. Senate will reveal, only to be disappointed. But it’s not surprising, really. After all, he was only there for 143 days.

    And there lies one of the keys to Obama’s rise. David Brooks pointed out in a recent New York Times column that Obama spent too little time in any of his positions to make an impact one way or another. This is what saved him from the normal fate of the flake: he was never around long enough for his errors and strange behavior to catch up with him.

    But a presidential campaign is a different matter. A man running for president is under the microscope, and can’t duck anything, as many a candidate has had reason to learn. If Obama is a flake in the classic mode, now is when it would come out. And has it?

    The case could be made. Here we have a campaign with everything going for it — the opposition party in a shambles, a seriously undervalued president, the media in the candidate’s pocket, the candidate himself being worshiped as nothing less than the new messiah. And yet the results have comprised little more than one fumble after another.

    First came the Wright affair. Obama apparently thought he was above it all — a not-uncommon phenomenon with flakes — and allowed the revelations to take on a life of their own before bothering to respond. Even then, his thoughtful and convincing explanation (that he hadn’t been listening for twenty years) did little to settle the crisis, which instead guttered out on its own after nearly crippling his campaign. Even months afterward it threatens to pop back up at any time. The latest word is that Wright — now a deadly enemy of his onetime protégé — has written a book. I can’t wait.

    Obama learned his lesson, and confronted the next threat immediately, tackling The New Yorker cover with the avidity of a man having discovered zombies in the basement. A development that could have been defused with a chuckle and a quip (the customary method is for the politician to ask the cartoonist for the original) was allowed to explode into a major issue. The campaign’s relentless attacks on one of the oldest liberal magazines extant merely perplexed the country at large. After all, any Republican has had to endure far worse.

    Almost simultaneously, the birth certificate saga was unfolding. On no reasonable grounds, the campaign blew off requests for a copy of the document, at last releasing it through one of the least reputable sites on the Internet, and so badly copied that literally anything could be read into it — and was. I’m not one of those who believes that Obama was actually born in Indonesia/Kenya/Moscow/the moon, but I still have plenty in the way of questions, almost all of them arising from how the matter was handled. Well played.

    The latest pothole (or one of them, anyway) involves Jerome Corsi’s The Obama Nation. Corsi has been given the full New Yorker treatment, with the campaign hoping to avoid John Kerry’s “error” in not challenging Corsi’s 2004 book, Unfit for Command. What Obama missed was the fact that Kerry’s major problem was not with Corsi but with the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who were disgusted with Kerry’s hypocrisy in running as an experienced military veteran, and set out to take him down. Corsi’s effort dovetailed with the veteran’s campaign and to a large extent was swept up with it. No such campaign is in operation against Obama. The smart method of answering Corsi would have been to allow the media to handle it, instead of drawing attention to the book and raising it to level of an issue. This appears to be a real talent for the Obama campaign.

    We could go on. The victory tour of Europe, and the speech in which Obama declared himself “citizen of the world”, a trope guaranteed to focus the attention of Middle America. His inept handling of Hillary, in which he wound up appearing frightened of the opponent he’d just beaten. Allowing Hillary (and her husband there, what’s-his-name) a starring role in the Democratic convention is not a solution any sane individual would be comfortable with — much less a roll-call vote. This threatens the near-certainty of turning the entire affair into BillandHillarycon, with the nominee winding up as a footnote. But it’s all of a piece with the campaign Obama has waged up until now.

    We’ve never had a flake as president. We’ve had drunks, neurotics, cripples, louts, and fools, but never a career screwup. (I except Jimmy Carter, whose errors arose from sincere, misguided goodwill.) And I don’t think we’re going to get one now. Another three months of flailing, incompetence, and a collapsing image will do little to assure voters concerned with terrorism, the oil crunch, a gyrating economy, and a bellicose Russia. (Anyone doubting that Obama will go exactly this route can consider the Saddleback church fiasco, which unfolded as this piece was being wrapped up. Evidently, the campaign goaded NBC news personality Andrea Mitchell into all but accusing John McCain of “cheating” by failing to take his place within the “cone of silence” during Obama’s part of the program. The grotesque element here is that Obama’s people and much of the liberal commentariat — including Mitchell — apparently believe that the “cone of silence”, a gag prop for the old Get Smart! comedy series, actually exists and was in use at Saddleback.)

    Many of us have dealt with flakes at one time or another, often in settings involving jobs and careers, and not uncommonly in positions of some authority. We all know of the nephew, the fiancé, the boyfriend, whose whims must be catered to, whose reputation must be protected, who must be constantly worked around if anything at all is to be accomplished, always at the cost of time, money, efficiency, and personal stress.

    In the fullness of time, we will inevitably see such a figure in the White House. But not this year, and not this candidate. Such acts of national flakery occur only when there’s no real alternative. In this election, an alternative exists. Whatever his shortcomings, nobody ever called John McCain a flake.

  431. A man running for president is under the microscope, and can’t duck anything, as many a candidate has had reason to learn.
    He would crack up in the job. McCain needs to beat him in order to save him from himself. No responsible person will vote for this guy. He has got flake stamped on his forehead.

  432. Emil Jones “Uncle Tom” comments
    I’m not surprise by this because Obama’s surrogates have been politically obtuse.

    This is what you have to do…confort the bigots and shine a light on them.

  433. I just realized something about Michelle Obama’s speech: she admitted that Hillary won the popular vote with 18 million votes, when she used Hillary’s line about a glass ceiling with “18 million cracks” in it, did she not? Weird.

  434. Emil Jones and Uncle Tom

    Face it, any way Emil Jones tries to parse this, he was out of line. I just don’t believe him.

    From the Chicago Sun-Times:

    A black Hillary Clinton delegate on Sunday accused state Senate President Emil Jones of calling her an “Uncle Tom.”

    Jones — Barack Obama’s political mentor — denied using the racially loaded slur against Chicago political consultant Delmarie Cobb, but two aldermen who said they witnessed the Saturday night exchange back up Cobb’s account.

    “Last night, I was called an ‘Uncle Tom’ by Emil Jones in the lobby of the hotel, right in front of [Ald.] Freddrenna Lyle and [Ald.] Leslie Hairston and [Ald.] Latasha Thomas,” said Cobb, a member of Clinton’s Illinois Steering Committee. “I walked over to him and asked him, ‘What did you just call me?’ “

    Emil’s credibility took yet another dive with his backhanded apology to Ms. Cobb:

    Cobb said Jones finally apologized during a Monday event.

    “He came over, sat down. A couple of people obviously had something to do with it,” Cobb said, without elaborating. “He sat down at the table with me. He said, ‘I apologize and let’s move forward.’ I accepted his apology and said, ‘OK, we will.’ It was never my intention to continue things that would hurt Barack Obama.”

    Jones, however, offered a much less apologetic version of his Monday conversation with Cobb.

    “I said ‘If that’s what you think I said, I don’t want to have no hard feelings, so I apologize. We’ve known each other too long.’”

    This is childish nonsense, the stuff of the grade school yard brawl. A conditional apology is no apology at all.

    Cobb has every right to support Hillary Clinton. Hillary deserves that support and more. Her run for President of the United States was historic, and she stands as one of this party’s greatest leaders.

    Get over it, Emil, and grow up.
    A bunch of power hungry bullies.

  435. good morning

    a question to all poll-meisters. how soon before we see the the big surge in the polls for the fraud? does it usually take a couple days?

    my guess, 5pts or less.

  436. I read something very interesting this morning.

    Most Americans are not buying into putting McCain with Bush, they view him as totally seperate from the party and Bush. Thats good news for McCain, it would also explain why downticket dems are holding their own and Bambi floundering. It would seem downticketers would be best to stay clear and do their own thing locally.

  437. alcina, i see no bump really, most people are entrenched its the swing voters and clintonites that will decide this.

    If Bambi gets a bump of less than 10 then its bye bye, if its less than then he might as well give up now. Would be hilarious if McCain got a bigger bump from his convention than Bambi did.

  438. I have to say, that most people don’t watch conventions anymore, i’d be surprised if that many tune in, they get their news from other sources. After last nights mess, most people probably switched over before Tacko-O came on or just couldnt bear to watch her. I tend to find the people watching conventions are the ones already decided.

  439. moon, thanks.
    i too think most folks are more involved in work, home activities, getting their kids back to school this week, etc. did i hear bruce springsteen may make a surprise lead-in to thursday’s big splash? it appears the only way BO can get an audience. pre-fab, bussed-in bots and a rock and roll band to lure in the curious.


    The Dog isnt Barking, Why Obama will lose

    So what’s the problem for the Obama campaign?

    The problem is the dog that isn’t barking.

    Talk for more than a few minutes with an Obama supporter in a white middle-class or working-class area and you’ll hear about a friend or relative or co-worker who has a real problem with the candidate. When Jack Davis’s wife, Joan, who also plans to vote for Senator Obama, was asked about Democrats that she knew who would not vote for him, she replied:

    “My mother! She’s 85 years old. I’m sorry to say, but she will not vote for him.”

    Joseph Costigan, a regional political director for the union, Unite Here, spoke candidly about the tension between the economic distress of working men and women and the persistent, though hard-to-quantify, resistance to Barack Obama’s candidacy.

    “We’ve been talking with staff in different parts of the Midwest,” he said, “and we’re all struggling to some extent with the problem of white workers who will not vote for Obama because of his color. There is no question about it. It’s a very powerful thing to get over for some folks.”

    After many years of watching black candidates run for public office, and paying especially close attention to this year’s Democratic primary race, I’ve developed my own (very arbitrary) rule of thumb regarding the polls in this election:

    Take at least two to three points off of Senator Obama’s poll numbers, and assume a substantial edge for Senator McCain in the breakdown of the undecided vote.

    Using that formula, Barack Obama is behind in the national election right now.

  441. In other fucking words, we want to make sure we have the votes for Obama thats what this is about, not embarrassing him, they don’t want people changing votes either. This is nothing short of communist Russia vote rigging before an election. Disgusting.

    Supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton are furiously circulating petitions on the floor of the Democratic National Convention tonight, hoping to stave off a plan to hold the convention’s roll call at breakfast Wednesday — out of the public eye — sources inside the delegations say.

    The move being worked out between the Obama campaign and officials behind Clinton’s suspended bid, would work in two parts: Delegates would cast votes at their hotels Wednesday morning; that night, at the Pepsi Center convention site, the roll-call process would rely on the votes cast that morning, the delegates said.


    On July 31, Atlas broke the explosive bombshell that Obama was receiving big foreign donations andin particular, from the Hamas controlled Rafah refugee camps in Gaza. Jihad money to the tune of 33,000.

    Despite big media’s reluctance to publish anything negative about Obama no matter how important and damning, a couple of publications and talk radio hosts picked up on the story– and Obama responded. Obama and co. claimed the money was returned. Chalk this up to another Obama lie – the money was never returned. Cathy has been combing through the latest filing and reviewing all past documents.

    Nothing. Gotz. Nada.

  443. Berkeley Vox:

    Amazing how MO and the BHO campaign think that by merely mentioning HRC name (with utmost insincerity) that their mission is now accomplished. All of us pea-brained backwoods people will not dutifully fall in line. It had the OPPOSITE effect on this typical white person.

    As far the admission of eighteen million cracks in that glass ceiling – making i t possible for little girls and boys to make it in political life – that was the most insulting of all, coupled with her statement that BHO treated everyone with dignity and respect. The credit they DO NOT give us for processing information is astounding.

    Thought her delivery was “flip” with that trademark right hand in Mariah-Carey mode, and could tell that she (like her other worse half) thought she was wowing the crowd. More arrogance. I liked her brother ten times more.

    America – when it all comes out – the statement that she made denegrating HRC about “if she can’t run her own house – how can she run the White House?” will come back to haunt her. Just like Elizabeth Edwards. Same would’ve applied to Jackie Kennedy. Maria Shriver would be another one, eh Arnie? Who does she think she’s kidding with her Pollyanna take on BHO and their marriage? MO’s competition comes from a different direction. No specifics about BHO as her speech was to totally define BHO. The fact that there were no details speaks volumes. The truth about BHO will come to fruition sooner or later. She has almost as much corruption in her past too.

    Caroline is a disgrace to the Kennedys IMHO. What an airhead. She really feels that HRC stole JFK Jr’s chance at becoming NY Senator. Wrong woman Caroline. That would be your crackhead sis-in-law Carolyn Bessett. Don’t blame HRC and BC for outshining the Kennedy legacy.

  444. MO’s brother is an ass who said if he was a woman he would be embarrassed of Hill for crying before every primary.

  445. morning, moon.

    i read the stats on convention viewershop somewhere and it breaks down something like this:

    very interested – 15%
    mildly interested – 29%
    couldn’t care less – 56%

  446. yup as i thought, they will only tune in to hear Hillary or Dumbfuck.

    In fact most of America is probably busy having dinner or putting the kids to bed to listen to most of this shit, normal lives, you know.

  447. I now live in a toss-up state that the Obamans think they can get. We had that caucus you may remember where the one union that supported Obama was given on-the-job polling places to vote in.

    In spite of that, and the fact that nobody understood what a caucus was or how it worked, we eked out a win. I plan on working in the GE and winning here again.

    I hope there are pumas in Colo and Michigan and FL and Ohio — they will win the election. McC is leading in all but one. (Colorado)

  448. Nevada will go to McCain as soon as McCain drops Obama’s Exelon ties with Yucca Mountain into the state conciousness.

  449. ADMIN! Please embed! BO on tape saying this!

    “Dont make me go up there and pull change outta your a$$! Don’t make me go ghetto!

    MUST SEE VIDEO of BO being rude and obnoxious at a Florida rally.
    i know you can’t see so here’s a short synopsis.
    bo at florida rally – 3 black guys stand up in the back of the bleachers holding up a banner saying bo hasn’t done enough for the black community. crowd starts booing. bo is furious, addresses the 3 men – sarcastically paraphrases their complaints . . . then says.
    “blah blah blah. blah blah blah You’ll have time to ask questions later. Don
    t make me go up there and pull change outta your a$$! Don’t make me go ghetto!

  450. If I was McCain I would pick a absolute blinder of a pick and drop it right in the middle of the Obama speech.

  451. correction!

    he said “Don’t make me go GANGSTA!” (not ghetto)
    “Don’t make me come up there and pull change outta your a$$!!!!”

    Someone send this to Rush, Hannity, everyone!
    Remeber how BC got crucified for saying ‘fairytale’???????????????????????????

  452. I’m not surprised

    RALEIGH, N.C. — Two weeks after a devastating revelation sent her husband into political exile, Elizabeth Edwards isn’t getting the steady sympathy usually afforded to a woman scorned.

    Instead, she’s faced criticism from dedicated Democrats who think she was too willing to keep the affair a secret to help John Edwards’ political ambitions, as well as her own.

    At a time when she was expected to hold a prominent role in pushing an agenda of improved health care for Americans, she stands silent. While fellow Democrats converge in Denver to nominate Barack Obama for president, Edwards remains in seclusion in North Carolina.

  453. So whar was the over all take on MO’s speech. I tried to watch but couldn’t get beyond the tk tribute. On the subject of homes how much do you think that sail boat was worth.

  454. So it was Elizabeth Edwards given healthcare and then stripped of it, now Teddy’s taking on healthcare, so Hillary again not even on the list, just like the vp slot, i think i can see a pattern developing here.

  455. Basil, I think that video is some sort of hoax/satire. I think that’s the one. It’s not really what he said.

  456. Please, McC, don’t pick a woman.

    Dick Morris is flogging this idea because he wants to totally humiliate Hillary.

    Doesn’t anyone know a good Repub Latino or a governor who speaks Spanish? A good debater? A Repub Ed Rendell? Is Chris Shays pro-life?

    BTW, racism isn’t the only reason that Tom Bradley lost. He was a so. Cal candidate and not well known outside of LA. I think far more people will vote FOR Obama because he’s black than will vote against him for that reason.

  457. What was that line of Michelle’s? “Your word is your bond and you do what you say you will?”

    Who was she talking about?? Barack-track?
    Ol’ “I never said that” Obama??

    And the commentators drooling over Michelle’s speech forget about Edwards’ cute kids and Kerry’s etc. They think that the country said OK when she said whe loved America. Maybe but I wonder how many were immdiately reminded of the other not ‘proud of America” remark and thought “That’s not what you said before” .

    Fox says that 76% in their poll said Michelle didn’t silence her critics.

  458. Garanteed that no matter what happens, if Obama’s numbers take another nosedive or even worse if he loses the general election (god willing), he will play the race card big time. He will say that the white people didn’t want an AA in office. He will say that women and old people didn’t want him in office. He will say anything except that it was his fault that he screwed up.

  459. I missed the first few seconds but, Shister was spouting off about leaving Iraq because they want us out. Well, Joe got really condescending telling him okay let’s get out if they want us out. Of course Maliki will be dead in 15 minutes, ………….. He was telling him to shut the f*ck up about Iraq. We are not there because we don’t have anything better to do. Real people with real lives, families and business’ have paid the price. Shister said “your party” and Joe went off on him about “what party is your party”. Shister said he was an independent. Joe laughed and said yeah you’re all independents. Joe got really belligerent and Shister smarted off and turned to the Boston dude with a condescending remark.
    We need the video.

  460. jan,

    doesn’t matter. no one will ever be able to use the race card again. BO drained that cup to the last drop. no one cares anymore and his trivialization of the issue will make things that much harder for competent, deserving aa’s to get a leg up.

    same thing with women. if HRC supporters don’t keep pushing the misogyny issue things will go backwards there, as well.

    That mf***er screwed up things for everyone.

  461. My husband says that AAs represent 25% of the delegates and Hispanics only 10%. However, their proportions in the county, and in the party are reversed.

    I don’t know where he got the stat. Does anyone know the stat for % of registered AA and Hispanics in the Dem party versus their % in the delegate pool? I know we all spoke that they were getting more % delegates, but I am not sure of the total % they ended up with vs how they are reflected in the Dem or national %.

    Might be interesting.

    Also, are women represented in the same % as they are in the Dem and National groups?

  462. Cindy McCain flies to Georgia for talks with Mikheil SaakashviliDaniel Nasaw in Washington, Tuesday August 26 2008 14:20

    While attention in the US was focused on Michelle Obama’s convention speech yesterday, another aspiring first lady headed embattled Georgia.

    Cindy McCain, the wife of the Republican presidential nominee, John McCain, flew to Tbilisi for a meeting with the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili.

    McCain was also due to visit Georgian soldiers wounded in the brief conflict with Russian over the breakaway South Ossetia region.

    She is travelling with the UN’s World Food Programme on a trip first reported by Time magazine.

    The wealthy beer heiress told the magazine that overseas missions were an “important part of what I’m about, what makes me tick”.

    The McCain campaign said the timing of the trip, which coincided with the Democratic national convention in Denver, was a coincidence.

    “She’s on the phone with the World Food Programme; he’s on the phone with Saakashvili,” the McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace told Time.

    “It was a great picture of what they’ll be like in the White House.”

    McCain told Time that she was concerned about landmine proliferation in Georgia.

    Since the conflict broke, earlier this month, Georgia has been a favourite destination for US politicians, especially those mixed up in the presidential campaign.

    The Barack Obama vice-presidential nominee, Senator Joseph Biden, a foreign policy expert, travelled there before being named on the ticket. The current vice president, Dick Cheney, will travel there next week.

    Both Obama and McCain have denounced the Russian incursion into its neighbour’s territory, although McCain’s rhetoric was markedly more aggressive.

    He has sought to use the conflict, which broke out while Obama was on holiday in Hawaii, to emphasise his foreign policy knowhow.

    “Senator McCain has talked for years about the dangers of Russian policies in the way they conduct themselves and undermine the sovereignty of their neighbours,” the McCain foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, told the Washington Post earlier this month.

    Russia today continued to defy the west by recognising the independence of South Ossetia and another breakaway Georgian region, Abkhazia.

    Moscow has pulled back most of its forces from Georgia but is keeping troops in a large buffer zone around the breakaway regions, claiming they are needed to guarantee security there

  463. freckles Says:
    August 26th, 2008 at 9:00 am

    What was that line of Michelle’s? “Your word is your bond and you do what you say you will?”

    Who was she talking about?? Barack-track?
    Ol’ “I never said that” Obama??
    I have noticed the pattern — they say something that is the opposite of what they actually intend to do (or did) — obfuscate at the highest level. {they say such idealistic things, how can they be so wrong or corrupt? — that is what the low info voter who puts party loyalty above other things is thinking.}

    These are sound good lines and her speech was riddled with that — like she chose community work (that paid 300+k!!) over law practice — the speech was full of lies and exaggerations. But the problem is people who don’t know as much as we know about them will say it was a good bio speech and she delivered it ably (though that can be argued but for a low info voter).

  464. “The Painted Bird”

    One of my all time favorite books. That and “Beneath The Wheel” by Hermann Hesse.

  465. LDV readers say: we’re luke-warm about Obama
    Written by Stephen Tall on 26th August 2008 – 2:25 pm

    For the last month, Liberal Democrat Voice has been asking our readers what you think of Senator Barack Obama, the Democrats’ hope for the White House.

    Slightly to my surprise, you take a pretty sceptical line, with 44% of you viewing him either as a cynical opportunist, or someone who will disappoint more than he inspires. A little over half, 56% of you, have a more benign/positive outlook on his candidacy. Perhaps LDV readers are more likely than most to subscribe to the view that Senator Obama is a little too Blair-like (or – worse still? – too Cameron-like) for our tastes.

    Here’s the full results breakdown…

    We asked: Which of the following statements comes closest to your view of Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic US presidential nominee?

    You said:
    • He’s a liberal progressive who will restore pride to the US presidency -127 (24%)
    • He’s a moderate pragmatist who will stick to the populist centre ground – 170 (32%)
    • He’s an impressive communicator with few beliefs who will disappoint more than he inspires – 135 (25%)
    • He’s a cynical opportunist who has dazzled the media by virtue of who he is, not what he stands for – 103 (19%)
    Total Votes: 535. Poll ran: 28th July to 26th August, 2008

  466. Two quick things. Just got my daily Rasmussen report.

    1. 47% of Dem women say HRC should have been on the ticket

    2. McCain gets bounce during Dem convention. It has bounced the wrong way.

    Please hook up these stats those who can do this quickly.

  467. The Democratic National Convention has begun and the poll numbers are bouncing, but not in the direction that most people anticipated.

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows Barack Obama attracting 44% of the vote while John McCain also earns 44%. When “leaners” are included, it’s still tied with Obama at 46% and McCain at 46%. Yesterday, with leaners, Obama had a three-point advantage over McCain (see recent daily results). Tracking Polls are released at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day. Sign up for free daily e-mail update.

    Obama is supported by 78% of Democrats while McCain gets the vote from 85% of Republicans. The GOP hopeful also has a slight advantage among unaffiliated voters.

    Obama’s support has declined in each of the last three individual nights of polling. This may be either statistical noise or a reaction to the selection of Biden. If it’s the latter, it probably has less to do with Biden than Hillary Clinton. Forty-seven percent (47%) of Democratic women say Clinton should have been picked and 21% of them say they’ll vote for McCain.

    McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of the nation’s voters, Obama by 53% (see trends). Clinton is viewed favorably by 47%

  468. Oh get out the popcorn, we have a war and Bambi started it.

    Corsi challenges Obama response

    Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, claims Jerome Corsi, the author of the New York Times No. 1 best-seller “The Obama Nation,” was “just makin’ stuff up.”

    But he thought the issues revealed in the book important enough to write a 40-page response and publicize it, trying to defuse concerns that may have been raised by Corsi’s book. The author has now, however, confirmed he’s taken Obama’s new explanations to task in a 70-page document that he’ll be releasing exclusively on WND later this week.

    The personal attack from Obama came, according to a McClatchy Newspapers report, during a campaign stop shortly after the book was released and rocketed to the top of the best-sellers list.

  469. Hilarious is that the first time it bounced the wrong way, they obviously have a dud on their hands. Its like buying a shiny new lambourghini and finding the engine is from a Skoda.

  470. Henry,

    Pledged delegates in NM were chosen at a Local (CD) and state convention. To vote at those conventions you had to have registered seperately with the party. Most people did not know this, but the HRC made it an issue this year. We more people to both events than they had ever had before (they had to change the venue).

    The corruption and bullying at both these events by O supporters was terrible.

    Henry, the rules change in every state. What the Primary did was depending in each CD who won it proportioned the number of delegate seats for each candidate to be filled.

    Then we had the noncommittes (they wanted Gay, Indian, women, etc all represented). In our case Indians were not in one position, so they put them in noncommited. This was where our State chair tried to put to noncommited who were O people. HRC lawyers tried to fight it. I don’t know what the outcome was (I think it went to Credentials at the National Convention). I personnelly told the state chair to go to HeXX.

  471. If the 47% of the women want to be heard, we know where they are going.

    No self respecting women would support a political party that ignores her. OK so I have forgottent he quote from Susan B. Anthony, but I now someone on the blog remembers, so please state it right.

  472. moononpluto,

    I don’t think McCain will do that. For one thing the media is all over the convention and their beloved one so I don’t think it would get much airtime.

    While I think if the situation was reversed that Obama would play dirty like he usually does, I think the McCain camp will settle for playing their ads for now.jmo

  473. I think the trips to Russia are smart, and justified.

    However, I am not sure if dropping the VP name during his spiel would not get the effect as much as dropping it right after the convention, to disperse any poll kick that they might get.

    I for one am very interested in his choice. This is where he will show how Presidential he is (we truly expect someone that can step in and that will help with his appeal to women and independents). I also will be closely watching the Rep Convention, which I rarely do. I am not watching any of the Dems conventions.

  474. I have to tell you, I am More impressed with Cindy McCain, than I am with anyone. She obviously seems to know how to conduct herself, and she really knows what to say or not say.

    Right now, she looks like a First Lady, the very role that she is up for.

  475. Regarding the polls, it is no surprise about the numbers, what is the surprise is how WEAK overall the Obama ticket really is. With MSM being Obama’s P.R. 24/7 he still is tanking in the polls.

    Obama is TOAST and will not win CA, TX, and FL.

    The biggest problem with Obama IS Obama inexperience and lack of graciousness.

    Obama is the GIFT that keeps giving…From Association, Arrogance and the Corrupt Chicago Political Machine.

  476. LOL I just read that the bastards are putting Bill on a 5 second delay when he speaks. These morons are TERRIFIED of Big Dawg!!!

    What a bunch of whiny shivering spineless mongrels.

  477. Bill Clinton’s Denver Speech to be on Five-second Delay
    ‘Just in Case,’ Convention Planners Say

    Former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Wednesday night will be broadcast on a five-second delay similar to that used to screen callers on talk radio programs, party officials confirmed today.

    The five-second delay, customarily used to censor callers who might use profanity or other unacceptable speech on a radio show, has never before been used in the broadcast of a speech by a former President of the United States, experts believe.

    But convention planners, nervous that Mr. Clinton might depart from his prepared remarks in an unacceptable way, said that they were using the delay “just in case.”

    “We hope and expect that Bill Clinton will give a stirring and perfectly acceptable speech, by broadcast standards,” said DNC chairman Howard Dean. “However, if we see his face turning red and his forehead starting to throb, we’ll be there to pull the plug.”

    For his part, former President Clinton said that he was “surprised” by the DNC’s decision to institute the five-second delay, but added, “It’s just like those motherfuckers.”
    –Borowitz Report

  478. This issue at stake here is our democracy. I hope the intra party forces at work do not pull Hillary too far in the wrong direction. Not saying they will. Just saying it is a risk. Just shoot me.

    I am sure the speech tonight will be inspiring and the media who betrayed her will be eager to embrace it now that she appears to be following their agenda rather than ours. There will be power behind those words because they are backed by action–albeit past action.

    But now it is different. She is not her own person. Bambi holds the power of life and death over her political career. There is no southern redoubt. It would not matter except for the fact that globalist, and radical black leadership are firmly esconsed. The centrist coalition is under the bus and middle class is no longer the priority.

    So our best hope is to use the Republican Party–which I left in disgust 8 years ago to defeat these traitors and put the Democratic party back on course under whatever centrist may ultimately emerge and we of course hope it will be Hillary.

    I cannot ask her to do more than she has done. She has put her heart and soul 24/7 into this effort. And she has put a sizeable chunk of her personal fortune into it as well. She is the antithesis of what her enemies paint her out to be. She is selfless and loyal to her friends to a fault ie PSD. She has handled more slings and arrows than any human being I know with grace and dignity. Lord knows I do not want her to fall on her sword. Never ever that.

    Quite frankly, what I am afraid of is that we may end up on the opposite side from Hillary in this election. I cannot bring myself to support a meglomaniac who I firmly believe would ruin this country– and her–and watch her support him. And if she and Bill are to take their marching orders from a traitor like Brazille then quo vadis. And what about her 18 million supporters?

    Many years ago I was the nominal leader of a de facto cattlemens coaltion. We tried to get some important legislation passed. Then one day the congressman friend I had mentioned before told me she no longer wanted to purue it because her newfound interest in Mexican feeder cattle.

    Since I was committed to her and myopic I was prepared to drop the issue right then and there, and started to. Then I got a call from an old lawyer for whom I had alot of respect–a former Maryland prosecutor and one of those principled conservatives you run into now and then.

    He told me you cannot drop them abuptly. You have got to communicate with them openly and bring them along with you so they undersand why you have changed your position. That is what we ended up doing.

    But we never had to deal with widespread betrayal by friends and the need to protect those who have been loyal and the evil media that she has. So the comparison is not apt. But a similar vaccuum has been left which is not her fault. And we do not know why she told us she would fight to the convention and then did not. (I have presented logical reasons in past blogs but they are rankest speculation.)

    The PUMAS are women and men of action. They will appreciate words but they will demand action. They will not accept a solution whereby a great leader like her steps aside for a flake like him and does his bidding. It is equally offensive to an old mcp like me because I know what a terrible thing it is for the country&those who need help. Also, this experience has given me a hatred for this kind of discrimination.

    I hope for the day when all of us are back on the same side. She was never better than she was the night of the Soutn Dakota victory. She was our Evita. I barely recognize image I see now emotionally, but intellectually I understand it. But the one thing I know for sure is she is the best leader of our time and if there is a god in heaven this thing will turn around.

  479. McCain blasts Madonna’s Hitler comparison
    Published: Aug. 26, 2008 at 10:26 AM

    CARDIFF, Wales, Aug. 26 (UPI) — Campaigners for likely Republican U.S. presidential nominee John McCain say it was “outrageous” for Madonna to compare him to Adolf Hitler at a Wales concert.

    U.S. pop star Madonna, launching her “Sticky and Sweet” tour Monday in Cardiff, Wales, unveiled a video segment accompanying her song “Get Stupid” in which an image of McCain, a U.S. senator from Arizona, was juxtaposed with those of Hitler and Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

    Later in the song, an image of McCain’s probable opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., was flashed in conjunction with pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, John Lennon and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore.

    “The comparisons are outrageous, unacceptable and crudely divisive all at the same time,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds told reporters. “It clearly shows that when it comes to supporting Barack Obama, his fellow worldwide celebrities refuse to consider any smear or attack off limits.”

    The Times of London said the McCain campaign has adopted a campaign tactic of criticizing Obama’s popularity with young people as a sign of lack of depth, producing an ad that juxtaposes an image of him addressing a huge rally in Germany with those of celebrities Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.
    Madonna is an idiot!!

    McCain people need to call it out every single time and if it keep on happening…start calling it Brainwashing 101.

  480. Ohh there goes that Catholic vote straight down the toilet.

    Denver Archbishop scolds pro-choice Biden

    atholic Archbishop Chaput, who was scheduled to lead a pro-life candlelight vigil Monday night here in front of Planned Parenthood, called Mr. Biden’s support for abortion rights “seriously wrong,” said archdiocese spokeswoman Jeanette De Melo.

    “I certainly presume his good will and integrity,” said the archbishop, “and I presume that his integrity will lead him to refrain from presenting himself for Communion if he supports a false ‘right’ to abortion.”

    The archbishop, who was not invited to speak at any convention events in what appeared to be a deliberate snub, told the Associated Press that he would like to speak privately with Mr. Biden.

    The debate underscored what has emerged as a central theme of this year’s convention: the tension between the Democratic Party’s renewed outreach to religious voters and its long-standing support for unfettered access to abortion.

    “The push for the Democratic Party is to have a new position on abortion,” said Steve Waldman, editor of the religious Web site “When you look at Catholics and evangelicals, you see that they agree with 80 percent of what [Mr. Obama] says, but there’s this stumbling block with abortion.”

    Whether pro-choice Catholics should take Communion became a major issue in 2004 during Democrat John Kerry’s run for the presidency when more than a dozen bishops, including Archbishop Chaput, publicly asked the senator from Massachusetts not to present himself for the Eucharist.

    Their stance may have given a boost to President Bush, who increased his share of the Catholic vote from 47 percent in 2000 to 52 percent in 2004.

    “Now everywhere Biden campaigns, we’ll have this question of whether a pro-abortion Catholic can receive Communion. … Selecting a pro-abortion Catholic is a slap in the face to Catholic voters,” said Fidelis President Brian Burch

  481. NewMexicoFan ,

    I think any of McCain’s VP choices other than Lieberman will be a boost to his candidacy.

    McCain’s biggest disadvantage is his age. People are whining about racism/sexism, but don’t forget about ageism in a society where people are obsessed with images.

    McCain looks old, and that’s the biggest concern to many voters. The polls are showing that. Romney, Pawleny… All of those mentioned VP candidates look much younger, energetic, and telegentic … Image wise, it will help McCain.

    Lieberman will be a huge mistake. Like Biden, he has little core support in the democratic party other than Jews. Unlike Al Gore, McCain doesn’t need Lieberman to win FL. He’s already winning there. The conservative base will be pissed off by a liberman pick.

    I hope McCain will not be that stupid to pick Lieberman.

  482. moon,
    it will probably be the day after, imho.

    btw, the pic of MO’s big butt on the ABC main page is . . . . overwhelming!

    WTH would she wear such a tight figure-hugging dress?

    I’m sorry but it’s nasty and inappropriate.


  483. Oh the Washington post is on a roll, they are picking this all up now.

    Michelles Obama Contracts Went to a Longtime Obama Donor

    Two years ago, the office of Michelle Obama, the vice president for community relations at the University of Chicago Medical Center, published a glossy report detailing the improvements her office had made in the lives of local residents, in part by increasing ties to minority contractors.

    Center administrators declined to disclose which businesses benefited; the report lists one — Blackwell Consulting Services.

    In 2005, the center expanded its bidding process and invited African American businessman Robert Blackwell Sr. to join a competition to upgrade the center’s intranet, the in-house equivalent of a Web site. His company, Blackwell Consulting, won contracts totaling nearly $650,000.

    Blackwell and his family, records show, have been longtime donors to the political campaigns of Michelle Obama’s husband, Barack. Robert Blackwell Jr., a former partner in the firm, is a major fundraiser for Barack Obama. At various times, Blackwell Sr. says, his and his son’s businesses each have retained Barack Obama as an attorney.

    “I love Barack. I’m telling you, he’s a wonderful guy,” Blackwell said in an interview.

    A spokeswoman for the medical center, Kelly Sullivan, said Michelle Obama “was not involved in the selection process.”

    Blackwell Sr. described the genesis of his contract as “really fuzzy.” Sometime in 2004, he said, an employee of the center’s diversity office — he cannot remember who — mentioned an opportunity to bid on contracts there and offered to “talk us up.”

    Blackwell Sr., who served with Michelle Obama for years on the board of a local literacy group, said her diversity program is critical because minorities don’t always enjoy the informal social connections available to others.

    “It’s not just race,” he said. “Getting access to tell your story is a factor of who you get to know. . . . People know people; they have friends. When you’re trying to break in, if your father is the chairman or you have a friend from college or you have a frat brother in the company. . . .

    “They might not have ever thought to include Blackwell Consulting. And somebody says to them, ‘Blackwell Consulting has done some pretty good work.’ And they say, ‘Why don’t you invite them in?’ “

  484. it will probably be the day after, imho.

    btw, the pic of MO’s big butt on the ABC main page is . . . . overwhelming!

    WTH would she wear such a tight figure-hugging dress?

    I’m sorry but it’s nasty and inappropriate.

  485. Here it comes, folks.


    “Former President Bill Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver Wednesday night will be broadcast on a five-second delay similar to that used to screen callers on talk radio programs, party officials confirmed today.”

  486. And Nader is tired of the Democratic blame game.

    “They don’t want to look themselves in the mirror for betraying their finest progressive traditions. And so they have to lash out at someone,” Nader says. “They’re not going to blame themselves for selling out again and again and again . . . .”

    The backlash from 2000, and his barely-a-blip showing in 2004, haven’t deterred Nader from mounting yet another presidential bid, this year as an independent.

    He might seem like an odd choice to offer advice to Sen. Barack Obama — a man he has criticized in the most inflammatory ways possible.

    In an interview with the Rocky Mountain News this summer, Nader accused Obama of trying to “talk white” and playing on “white guilt” to win the White House — comments that drew widespread scorn from Obama supporters, observers and the candidate himself.

    But in that same interview, Nader gave Democrats a road map for how he thinks they can use their Denver convention to make left-flank challengers like him less relevant.

    Stop pointing fingers, stop stressing what they’re against and stand for the party’s old values again, he says.

    “They make mistake after mistake after mistake because they’ve lost their self-respect. They don’t know who they are anymore. They’ve lost their identity,” he says. “They’re basically appealing to the public by saying, ‘Do you know how bad the Republicans are?’ People say they don’t think that much of the Democratic Party, but, ‘Do you know how bad the Republicans are?’ If you define yourself by the worst instead of the best you can be, there’s something wrong with your psychological makeup as a party.”

    Nader remembers taking a stroll around the Staples Center in Los Angeles shortly after the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

    The party was over. He hadn’t been invited. And he wasn’t impressed by what he had seen and heard from afar.

  487. JEEZ!

    Twice in one morning!

    I am so embarrassed! 😳

    My only excuse is contractor musical chairs at my cottage driving me -in idunn’s immortal words – batsh!t crazy! I had no toilet or shower facilities for a couple of days and the contractor quit and now i gotta find someone else . . . .

  488. ————–If the 5 second delay is a joke then the following, among others, are carrying the story: Huffingtonpost, yahoo news, NY Daily News, Washington Times

  489. From a Politico story posted on riverdaughter’s blog:

    Obama has taken the minimum public steps necessary to accommodate the Clintons, including giving them prime-time speaking spots.

    But he has taken few of the extra steps that Clinton allies say would have gone miles toward fostering goodwill.

    He did not work hard to help her retire her $24 million campaign debt.

    He did not make a high-profile statement repudiating any suggestion that Bill Clinton played “the race card” in the nomination contest — an allegation that the former president considers grossly unfair and that continues to infuriate him.

    Just as significant, Obama has maintained a certain cool diffidence toward the former president. They spoke by phone last week. But for weeks before that, associates said, Clinton had heard nothing and did not even know when he would be speaking at the convention. The Obama campaign’s only communication was a form letter sent to all delegates.

    Clinton loves to offer advice to fellow Democrats. But even in their conversations, Clinton friends say, Obama shows little deference or signs that he thinks Clinton, the only Democrat since Franklin D. Roosevelt to win two terms, has any special wisdom to offer.

    “There is a lot Obama could have done to unify the party, and basically he hasn’t lifted a finger,” said one Democratic operative who is close to the Clinton team.

  490. basil: don’t feel bad. I almost believed the one about the five second delay.

    Curiousity mentioned that Caroline Kennedy thought Hillary prevented JFK Jr. from running for the senate. Is this true?

  491. Pro life protesters just unfurrled the biggest absolutely banner ever on the side of the mountain over looking the DNC convention.

    it says


    DNC destroys unborn Children, the DNC is said to be furious and spitting bricks.

  492. Maybe the 5-second delay story is true, but the quotes from Dean and Clinton are fictitious. Certainly the one from Bill is, though it did make LOL.

  493. basil9
    Don’t feel bad I thought it was real until it got to the part about coward syaing if his face truns red part.

    haven’t read that book by Hesse but I loved “Damien”

  494. I love it. Bambi is tanking in Florida despite his millions, despite his ads, and McCain has not even spent a dime there.

    LMAO!!! OMG, Bambi is not just going to go down, he is going to go down like the freaking HINDENBURG.

  495. birdgal, I’ve heard that before. Of course, it was Charlie Rangel who encouraged Hillary to run in the first place, so it’s not like she bulldozed her way into New York politics.

    BTW, that Rasmussen Reports on the negative bounce has me LMAO. Hey, did anyone see McCain on Leno last night? Jay wanted him to pick HRC as VP, lol.

  496. DENVER — The conservative group Vets for Freedom is launching a $1.1 million ad buy during the Democratic National Convention, using video of Iraq war veterans to take Barack Obama to task for not giving the surge policy sufficient credit for improvement in battleground conditions.

    The 30-second spot, called “I Am the Surge,” features three Iraq war veterans who served in the surge of U.S. military forces into Iraq: Gabriel Herrera, David Thul and Travis Quinlan.

    The ad will run in Denver and Minnesota during the conventions, and for the next four weeks in the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, Virginia and Colorado.

    Vets for Freedom Chairman Pete Hegseth, a decorated former Army infantry platoon leader in Baghdad, said in a statement: “Vets for Freedom will not stand by and let the incredible progress of our troops go unnoticed by the American public and lawmakers from either side of the aisle.

  497. Bill Ayers? What About John McCain? [Byron York]

    Following up on Shannen’s point, Obama’s decision to contest the William Ayers ad brings a result that’s not terribly positive for his campaign: a big story in USA Today. And there’s this gem near the end of the piece:

    Tom Hayden, an anti-war activist who met Ayers in the 1960s and later was elected to the California Legislature, says Ayers’ past should be forgiven.

    “I have met and like John McCain, but he bombed, and presumably killed, many people in a war I opposed,” Hayden says. “If I can set all that aside, I would hope that Americans will accept” that Ayers has changed, too.
    With friends like these, Obama doesn’t need any enemies.

    The Ayers ad must be working.

    The Democratic? Taliban Party has convince me that the Leadership has a TIN EAR and is so far removed from their base and political realities.

    The difference between Team Obama and Team Clinton.

    Team Obama would rather lose and divide the party while Team Clinton want to win and would had put forth the stronger ticket because it is about “we the people.”

  498. grape: Absolutely not. As tightly scripted, as this convention is, I’m surprised that it isn’t on tape delay.

  499. carby, so the idiot basically said that our soldiers (whether you agreed with the war or not) are the same thing as a domestic terrorist.

    I hope the RNC runs with that, bigtime.