Barack Obama’s Running Mates

If the Democratic Party decides to commit suicide by selecting Barack Obama, we know who his running mates will be.

Obama’s running mates reveal who Obama really is. Obama’s running mates reinforce the reality that Obama will concede, if not in August, then NOvember.

* * *

Recall the Obama flim-flam that he was “transformational”, that Obama would “change the map”? All 11 Southern states are solidly for John McCain, by a margin of 25%. Say “good-bye” Obama to Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Sought Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.

Obama is a loser, a major loser. Obama snubbed white working class voters and now they are snubbing Obama. Obama’s response to the snub for snubbing? Bamboozlement and flim-flam is the answer. Obama will try to bamboozle and flim-flam those he snubbed, including Hillary Clinton supporters, by pretending he is a working class hero from Hawaii:

Since he returned from vacation in Hawaii last week, Mr. Obama has intensified his focus on the economic pressures facing everyday Americans and portrayed Mr. McCain as an active participant in the policies of the last eight years, saying they have left more people behind.

Instead of focusing on the promise of sweeping change that propelled him to the nomination, Mr. Obama this week has been echoing Bill Clinton’s 1992 promise to “fight for you every single day.” The tightened message is part of a continuing effort since the primaries to bring his oratory down to a more human scale.

It also coincides with Mr. Obama’s slip in public opinion polls, with some, including the latest New York Times/CBS News poll, putting him and Mr. McCain neck and neck.

As part of the Obama bamboozle and flim-flam tour, Obama yesterday tried to smear John McCain as “out of touch” spiced with the notion that McCain is too old and can’t remember how many houses he owns.

Many of Obama’s friends, like John Kerry, have many houses and some are quite expensive mansions. Some of Obama’s friends, like Robert Wexler, make up stories about what houses they actually live in. Some of Obama’s friends, like Senator’s Dodd and Conrad, follow Obama’s example and receive questionable help to purchase their homes and investment houses.

So yesterday, as part of the Obama bamboozle and smear and flim-flam tour, Obama tried to smear John McCain.

The Obama smear led to Second City Chicago comedy. By the end of the day Obama was not laughing.

That’s right Hillary.

The John McCain campaign walked through the big door Obama opened.

The Obama worshiping nutroots were happy. The dementia of these incense burners was displayed in their logic. According to the incense burners Obama had now opened the door to discussion of the decades old “Keating Five” scandal that would destroy John McCain. More importantly for the Obama worshipping dens of Hopium eaters they finally saw signs of life oozing from the Obama corpse campaign.

But if decades old scandals become relevant, does that not hurt Obama? A brand new organization with millions of dollars to spend ($2.8 million in Ohio and Michigan alone) thought the answer was clearly “Yes”.[Transcript of advertisement HERE]

Fox News comic Sean Hannity joked “Which is more important, the number of houses Cindy [McCain] owns, or the number of houses Obama’s friends have blown up?”

But as damaging as the independent advertisment against Obama running mate Ayres what scared the Obama campaign the most was the strength of the response from John McCain and the Republican Party.

McCain and the Republicans clearly will use all the research and investigation from here at Big Pink and take that knowledge to the airwaves. The attack this time will not be just Hillary the candidate making statements about Rezko only to be ignored by Big Media. The coordinated expose Obama operation will come from paid advertisements exposing Obama’s ugly connections.

And there will be more about Obama’s running mates to come:

But what this firefight today hints at is that McCain or his allies will soon pull a greater weapon out of the arsenal than Rezko or Bill Ayers, both of whom they’ve cited in the past.

With Obama hitting so hard on the class angle — and sure to keep it up — it’s difficult to see how much longer the GOP can avoid the temptation to invoke the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

The Republican convention will doubtlessly have a lot more, for four days, on Obama’s running mates Rezko/Ayres/Wright.

The Republican Party yesterday also unveiled a website called “Shady Deal” about Obama and his bag man Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

The new Obama/Rezko website was up quickly as part of the coordinated information campaign

The campaign was getting the site ready Thursday afternoon. McCain surrogates on television were being armed with facts about Rezko’s relationship to Obama’s purchase of his Chicago home in 2005.

Previewing the message the campaign will seek to drive, a McCain spokesman said: “In an attempt to make something stick, Barack Obama has re-aired his dirty laundry with convicted felon Tony Rezko that led to a highly questionable land deal. Rezko’s dirty dealings are well-documented and his relationship with Barack Obama goes back 20 years.”

Big Media will try to protect Obama from his dirty running mates. That is why it is important for paid advertisments to be aired and not allow John McCain to be smeared. John McCain’s campaign will protect McCain from getting smeared and is following “The Gergen Rule“.

Hillary personally mentioned Rezko during the primaries but Big Media, as with John Edwards, protected Barack Obama. Paid advertisements circumvent Big Media protection of Obama. Obama, like John Edwards with his floozy, opened a door and McCain and his campaign are now walking in:

Sen. John McCain’s campaign is finishing a hard-hitting television ad highlighting Barack Obama ‘s ties to shady Chicago land dealer Tony Rezko, the one-time Obama patron who was convicted earlier this summer of fraud.

A campaign official said that the decision to Go Rezko was Obama’s. “He’s opened the door to this,” the official said. [snip]

Though McCain is widely perceived to to drawn first blood by attacking Obama’s character, the official said that the difference between Obama’s mocking McCain for his wealth and his shaky answer on the number of homes he owns was that McCain’s charge “reflects an existential reality,” where Obama’s charges “attack Cindy. She owns the homes. I thought he said the wives were off-limits.”

The McCain camp will not be swiftboated by the Chicago mud machine. The McCain campaign yesterday also released a document highlighting Obama’s running mate Rezko:


Subhed: “Brought To You By Convicted Felon Tony Rezko”

“Obama Engaged In Deal With Convicted Felon To Get Deal On House That Had Four Fireplaces And A Wine Cellar.”

Obama Paid $300,000 Less Than The Asking Price For His Mansion, While Tony Rezko’s Wife Paid Full Price For A Vacant Lot Next Door On The Very Same Day. “Two years ago, Obama bought a mansion on the South Side, in the Kenwood neighborhood, from a doctor. On the same day, [Antoin ‘Tony’] Rezko’s wife, Rita Rezko, bought the vacant lot next door from the same seller. The doctor had listed the properties for sale together. He sold the house to Obama for $300,000 below the asking price. The doctor got his asking price on the lot from Rezko’s wife.” (Tim Novak, “Obama And His Rezko Ties,” Chicago Sun-Times, 4/23/07)

The Seller Of Obama’s Home “Wanted To Sell Both Properties At The Same Time.” “On the same day Obama closed on his house, Rezko’s wife bought the adjacent empty lot, meeting the condition of the seller who wanted to sell both properties at the same time.” (Brian Ross and Rhonda Schwartz, “The Rezko Connection,” ABC News’ “The Blotter” Blog,, 1/10/08)

Obama Later Purchased A Portion Of Rezko’s Land For $104,500; It Was Valued At $40,500. “Later, the Obamas bought a 10-foot-by-150-foot piece of the lot for $104,500. An appraisal put the value of the strip at $40,500, a spokesman said, but Obama considered it fair to pay one-sixth of the original price for one-sixth of the lot.” (Peter Slevin, “Obama Says He Regrets Land Deal With Fundraiser,” The Washington Post, 12/17/06)

Rezko Was Convicted Of Wire And Mail Fraud, Money Laundering, And Aiding And Abetting Bribery. “A federal jury today convicted developer Antoin ‘Tony’ Rezko of corruption charges for trading on his clout as a top adviser and fundraiser to Gov. Rod Blagojevich. Rezko’s guilty verdict on 16 of 24 corruption counts could have broad repercussions for Blagojevich, who made Rezko a central player in his kitchen cabinet. It could also prove a political liability for U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, who once counted Rezko as a friend and fundraiser, as the likely Democratic presidential nominee heads into the general election campaign against Republican John McCain. … The jury convicted Rezko of wire and mail fraud, money laundering and aiding and abetting bribery. He was acquitted of attempted extortion.” (Bob Secter and Jeff Coen, “Rezko Convicted Of Corruption,” Chicago Tribune, 6/4/08)

NOTE: The 3 Story House Has Four Fireplaces And A Wine Cellar. “When Obama and his wife, Michelle, a hospital executive, decided to move with their two young girls from their Hyde Park condominium, they chose a spacious three-story Georgian revival home on a tree-lined street in the Kenwood neighborhood, not far from the University of Chicago. The owner had listed the house — nearly 100 years old, with four fireplaces and a wine cellar — and an adjacent lot as separate parcels.” (Peter Slevin, “Obama Says He Regrets Land Deal With Fundraiser,” The Washington Post, 12/17/06)

Obama Provided Political Favors To Tony Rezko, Including Writing Letters On His Behalf:

“As A State Senator, Barack Obama Wrote Letters To City And State Officials Supporting His Political Patron Tony Rezko’s Successful Bid To Get More Than $14 Million From Taxpayers To Build Apartments For Senior Citizens.” (Tim Novak, “Obama’s Letters For Rezko,” Chicago Sun-Times, 6/13/07)

The Letters Show That Obama Did Do A Political Favor For Rezko. “Obama’s letters, written nearly nine years ago, for the first time show the Democratic presidential hopeful did a political favor for Rezko – a longtime friend, campaign fund-raiser and client of the law firm where Obama worked – who was indicted last fall on federal charges that accuse him of demanding kickbacks from companies seeking state business under Gov. Blagojevich.” (Tim Novak, “Obama’s Letters For Rezko,” Chicago Sun-Times, 6/13/07)

FLASHBACK: In December Of 2006, Obama Said He Had “Never Done Any Favors For Him.” “The letters appear to contradict a statement last December from Obama, who told the Chicago Tribune that, in all the years he’s known Rezko, ‘I’ve never done any favors for him.'” (Tim Novak, “Obama’s Letters For Rezko,” Chicago Sun-Times, 6/13/07)

Rezko Offered Obama A Job After Law School And The Two Have Been Friends Ever Since:

Rezko Offered Obama A Job When He Was A Harvard Law Student And The Two Have Stayed In Touch Ever Since. “One of them was Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who was offered a job by Rezko in the early 1990s while a top student at Harvard Law School. Obama did not take it, but over the years, the two men stayed in touch…” (Peter Slevin, “Obama Says He Regrets Land Deal With Fundraiser,” The Washington Post, 12/17/06)

Rezko Was One Of Obama’s Biggest Fundraisers, Raising $250,000 For His Campaigns:

Rezko Was “One Of The Biggest Fundraisers” For Obama. “‘This was discussed a lot. They wanted to have a good showing,’ said a source familiar with the fund-raiser [Rezko held for Obama], speaking on condition of anonymity. ‘Tony was one of the biggest fund-raisers.'” (Chris Fusco and Tim Novak, “Rezko Cash Triple What Obama Says,” Chicago Sun-Times, 6/18/07)

Obama Has Admitted To $250,000 Worth Of Campaign Funding Provided By Tony Rezko. “For the first time, Sen. Barack Obama put a figure Friday to the amount of campaign contributions that indicted political fund-raiser Tony Rezko raised for the senator’s campaigns, and the number — about $250,000 — was far more than he previously acknowledged.” (Tim Novak, Chris Fusco, Dave McKinney and Carol Marin, “More Rezko Dough Found,” Chicago Sun-Times, 3/15/08)

Obama And Rezko’s Socializing Included Their Wives And A Trip To Rezko’s Lake House:

Obama And Rezko Socialized Over Lunch Or Breakfast And Discussed Politics And Family. Obama: “We’d [Obama and Rezko] continue to have lunches or breakfasts. We’d talk about politics. We’d talk about family.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Interview With Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL, 3/15/08)

Obama And Rezko Would Also Socialize With Their Wives Over Dinner. Obama: “In terms of other than lunch or breakfast he and I had, socially, Michelle and I probably had a couple of dinners, or two or three dinners with [Rezko] and his wife during the course of this six or seven or eight years.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Interview With Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL, 3/15/08)

The Obamas And Rezkos Took A Trip Together To Rezko’s Home At Lake Geneva, WI. Obama: “[Barack And Michelle Obama] Visited their home in Lake Geneva once for the day.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Interview With Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago, IL, 3/15/08)

As part of the coordinated information campaign there also Barackbook with more information about Obama and his running mate Rezko.

As part of the coordinated information campaign there is also the “Meet Barack Obama – Learn the Real Story About Illinois’ Freshman Senator” website.

John McCain knows who Barack Obama’s Running Mates are. Soon American Voters will know who Barack Obama’s real Running Mates are too.


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  1. Ok, I am off out for dinner, I’m guessing Dogface still wont have gotten around to anything by the time i come back, I imagine, when he does announce it, will be a big flowery speech for 2 hours, fanfares, fawning, rose petals. After all the asshole can’t do anything without the my little pony floor show.

    We should have entered Obama as one of the ponies in the Olympics equestrian dressage. He’d have won by a mile.

  2. excellent, excellent article Admin.

    from the last thread

    confloyd Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Think about this for a minute, if Bambi was to pull off another election fraud and actually win, we will have had 12-16 years of our President selected and not elected!

    you are totally right on about that. the worst disasters have been/will be those presidents who stole their elections from the people. all the more reason for election reform, and getting money out of the system, the people’s will is a better judge of the person who should be President.

    On a diff note – the recent comics showing BO under a large shadow of a woman in a pantsuit is so right on. And so was Cohen’s article about BO on the Hawaiian beach seeing a cloud above him shaped like a woman in a pantsuit! Hillary is still the one.

  3. a nice illustration and explanation of General McCain’s tactics from the real barack obama site:

  4. Admin: I loved it! WE WILL SOON KNOW ALL OF OBAMA’S RUNNING MATES! I can’t wait to see the “line-up”! 👿

  5. I’d laugh if he still went for someone who is just about as less experienced than him, i really think he would have the stupidity and audacity to do it. Imagine if it was Caroline Kennedy, i think I would pass out laughing.

  6. Obama didn’t even have the class to consider Hillary for VP. He still disrespects her and people like us. I still feel the Kennedy’s (Ted and Caroline) had a lot to do with Hillary’s “loss”.

  7. I still am 100% adamant the reason Kennedy did not want Hillary is that he really does think the Kennedys are the premier democratic family and the Clintons are a threat for that. At least he wont be interfering for much longer.

  8. if BO picks Caroline Kennedy, it will certainly be a fairy tale. Though it smacks of that marketing move that could get an interesting swell of interest – and don’t put it beyond the media to start playing black and white movies of Caroline and Jon Jon during the JFK era – and all of these bots and a few women who still revere Camelot to be swooning for awhile.

    until the same questions which are bringing people off the koolaid are directed at Caroline too – is she qualified to run?

    Something about the Caroline Kennedy idea as VP is similar to the heart of what got people all hot for BO as the first black president – it’s that Axelrod is good at creating fairy tales people can almost believe in.

  9. JBstonesfan; I watched a video clip of Obama in a factory speaking to a middle aged white woman and the expression on his face was one of disgust. I think we are the ones he really hates. This man needs professional help!

  10. Caroline Kennedy is no way qualified to be anywhere near the Whitehouse.

    the most lightweight ticket that they would need concrete boots to stop them floating off the stage.

  11. the final slap-he never even vetted hillary-u kno the one who actualy won all the key primaries and more votes. this guy is a total ass and this report with further inflame clinton supporters.
    Hillary gets stiffed
    By: Mike Allen
    August 22, 2008 12:38 PM EST

    There’s one Democrat who would seem to have little or no chance of being picked by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) to be his running mate – his former opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

    But it’s not for the reason you think.

    Obama has often said, most recently on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on July 27, that Clinton “would be on anybody’s short list.”

    But apparently not his.

    “She was never vetted,” a Democratic official reported. “She was not asked for a single piece of paper. She and Senator Obama have never had a single conversation about it. How would he know if she’d take it?”

    The official also said Clinton never met with Obama’s vetting team of Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy.

    And the official said she was never asked for medical records or for any financial 2008 information about her or former President Bill Clinton. The last information the couple has disclosed about taxes and financial holdings was for 2007.

    See Also
    No single-term pledge for McCain
    McCain family owns 8 properties
    Politico’s guide to the conventions

    The Clintons also were not asked about donors to the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

    “This would be the biggest leap of faith ever,” the official said. “She’s waiting for the text message like everyone else.”

    An Obama aide said “absolutely exhaustive research was done on her over the course of the 16 month primary. She was researched more closely than any candidate in history.”

    Politico’s Alexander Burns contributed to this report.

    © 2008 Capitol News Company, LLC

  12. Well maybe we can all get Axelrove a job at Disney land where they makeup real fairy tales. Here in the real world we need experience, intelligence and guts. Three things he has not!

  13. The article about Obama not vetting HRC is now on the front page of yahoo. The headline when you open it reads: “Hillary stiffed.”

    If it’s true she was never even considered, he has the political sense of a bread crust. BTW, that story’s only going to piss off her supporters even more.

  14. She is probably greatful that she was stiffed, being hooked up with the titanic, she would soon be a stiff with out any possibility of shocked back into life!

  15. confloyd


    Just as I suspected, well at least one of the things I suspected: we were trying to buck admin’s powerful server!

  16. Paula – the obvious bias of yahoo’s headlines because of those madly clicking bots is ironic…

    you’re right, these kinds of headlines will only piss off Clinton supporters – do the mad-clicking, Clinton-deranged-syndrome tainted bots not know that they’re helping the Republicans win when we are the valuable swing voters everyone wants?

  17. Mr Clinton is apparently reluctant to be shackled to a set text and would prefer, in the words of one of his former aides, to “just go out and say what’s on his mind”.

    Can I just say yet again: I EFFING LOVE BILL!!!

  18. Well, the undemocratic party may be stiffed by millions of people. They couldn’t even pretend to go through a vetting process. Not a smart move. Basically, they are telling Hillary and her 18 million supporters, to go to H***.

  19. Actually 1 condition for Hillary to be vetted was for Bill C to reveal his sources for donations to his library;

    and I am sure both Hill and Bill said “eff you barack”

  20. mp: Former presidents do not have to reveal their sources for their libraries. At least, that is what I think, but who knows, maybe I’m out to lunch. LOL.

  21. Well, I happen to have some extra zantac for the bots worrying what Bill will say. We can only hope he crashes their illegitimate party!

  22. and I am sure both Hill and Bill said “eff you barack”

    Or, in Bill’s own words: “I don’t think I should take that shit from anybody. Do you?”

  23. I’m thinking Obama either picks Caroline or Oprah.

    The flowers to Biden are celebratory in that he lucked out and wasn’t picked for the doomsday position of Bobo’s golf caddy. 😉

  24. Someone on pumapac just made an interesting point: That Dem official quoted in the politico article said Hillary never met with Caroline Kennedy and the VP oversight team. That’s incorrect. Hillary flew on a plane with Caroline and Obama before the unity event in NH.

  25. The whole idea of an upstart Caroline with absolutely no experience for the job she was given to be vetting someone of Hillary’s calibre is totally ridiculous!

  26. I have decided that I will watch Bill’s speech, I may not watch any of the others, but Bill’s may turn out to be interesting!

  27. Well confloyd it’s not as if the vp position is going to be more than a figurehead anyway…probably emptying out Bobo’s garbage can, dusting, etc…

  28. Good go, admin. Keep pounding those points… everyday another nail in the empty O’s coffin. Let’s hope all the O mates will keep on running – into oblivion.
    Confloyd – is this the article you asked about on last thread?
    The Donna Brazile – Karl Rove Connection
    In order to “save” the Democratic Party, Brazile resolved back in 2003 that she might have to destroy it first. And who better to help her in this lofty pursuit than her new best friend, the man neoconservatives call “The Architect”.
    July 24, 2008 by Rosemary Regello
    • confloyd Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 2:03 pm
    JBstonesfan; I watched a video clip of Obama in a factory speaking to a middle aged white woman and the expression on his face was one of disgust. I think we are the ones he really hates. This man needs professional help!
    Hating grandma is serious stuff, Con

  29. birdgal:

    Former Presidents do not have to reveal their sources BUT BO was insisting on this….he even told hillary in a debate about this issue.

    And when that media tool meet the press dead beat russert was alive, he asked both hillary and Bill…

    And BO told Hillary’s fundraisers that Bill was not playing “his game” when he asked for these records to consider Hill as VP…it was part of a questionaire!

  30. Yeah, its the joke that is going to finish the “ONE’S” assault on America Campaign.
    When all those Hillary lovers out there that crossed over, find out he has snubbed her for the second time, its curtains, folks :)!

  31. You know this is simple, even I can understand it.

    1. If he picks Hill he loses as much as he gains.

    2. If she is at the top of the ticket, and he is VP we win.

    I would have to still swallow hard about that, as I have built up some really bad feelings about O, but if she is on top I will vote for him.

    3. Polls say this is the winning combination, and was evident for some time.

    SDs if the DNC has no IQ, perhaps you do. Do the right thing next week, for the Dems and the country.

  32. NMF, I disagree on your first part. Picking Hillary would an obvious net gain for him.

    BTW, Chet Edwards’ name keeps coming up. Yeah, that’ll create tons of excitement, lol.

  33. WHOTH is Chet Edwards from TExas. Well, maybe he is the “fix” that fixes all the laws that were broken during the Texas Fraud Caucas!

  34. Nasty Pelosi was a “strong advocate” for this Chet Edwards guy as VP. I wonder if she got her way.

  35. BTW, Hillary should of said, “Where are your Illinois State Senate papers, Barack?”

    “Where is your birth certificate?”

    “Did you register for the selective service?”

    etc., etc.,

  36. I just thought of something. Could that anonymous Dem official in the politico article be someone who supported another person for VP? He/she said it would be a “leap of faith” to pick her because she wasn’t vetted; that seems like a weird comment if he knows she’s not going to be chosen.

  37. I heard a speech he gave last night and he clearly said Nancy would be happy with his choice! Guess he hoping to win at least one southern state! McCain will win this state!
    Chet is big on helping military/veterans. He and Pooplosi worked together in 05 on a bill for veterans. YUK! Nance the sleezeball speaker of the house!

  38. Chet Edwards is the guy who could name one thing that BO had donne to warrant his endorsment….

    Oh yes! these “cheating edwards” are something!

  39. To all the kool-aid drinkers! I wanna hear you say it together, now, in November:

    “I shoulda had a V-8.”

  40. I imagine they want this snub out first, so it would stop the questions of whether she snubbed him and refused his offer! WE MUST NOT EMBARASS THE MESSIAH!

  41. This whole thing is the biggest bunch of crap I have seen in my entire life.

    I’ve been voting longer than any of the bots have been alive and I’ve summarily been dismissed by the party I’ve given my life long allegiance to.

    I’ve watch the first viable woman candidate in history raped in the media.

    I’ve watched a unqualified pretty boy become presumptive nominee.

    I’ve watched the dnc and other so called progressive groups stand idly by while the sexism and misogyny became a fun game for immature bots and the talking heads.

    I am dumbfounded, never in my life have I seen anything like this.

    I cannot vote for McCain (the republican party platform is a disaster for the freedoms I have fought for all my life) and I will not vote for BHO. Looks like I will chose a 3rd party candidate or sit out this election.

    My heart is broken, I am angry…this will never, never happen again.

  42. hey jbstonesfan!

    Welcome home. Missed your fighting spirit.

    Are you driving or canoeing to work right now? My cousin on A1A, south of the cocoa beach causeway was using an air skiff, last I heard.

    Course they are fronted by the grey Atlantic, and backed by the Banana R.

  43. Imagine the fun the republicans would have with that interview where he couldn’t name a single accomplishment. Was that on CNN? Matthews?

  44. OMG, was it him that was one tv and could not name one bill or anything BO had done?? Oh God, pls let it be him!!!

  45. Bill and Hillary’s speeches are going to be the highlights of the week, and it’s all being recorded on high-quality film privately by them, for part of a documentary. My hunch is that they will use that tape in 2012, as they tell the story of Hillary’s life and history, when she runs for President. They’re going to rock Denver. They’ll be gracious, but they’ll be creating a TV event for posterity, as much as anything else. In other words, building a case for 2012.

  46. haha ohhh yeah, I forgot Chet Edwards was the one who couldn’t name any accomplishments! PLEASE let it be him

  47. At least Hillary and Bill know how many millions of people love them….she had more popular votes, and the only reason he won was the “fix” was in and the undemocratic caucus state votes attracted the extremists….I honestly believe Obama is a true socialist who just praised how great China is doing!!!! The guy is an absolute moron.

  48. Was that really Chet Edwards, who could not name one accomplishment for BO? Where is the you tube of that interview with Tweety? I can’t believe, they would pick this guy. Can you imagine the ads? jeez.

  49. Henry, I finally figured out how to spell it, and to think I used to be an ace speller, time does its tricks on ones memory! The Beatles Revolution doesn’t fit. THey were against one and I am for one and SOOON!

  50. LOL…if it is him, then the repubs have an amazing soundbite of Matthews asking him the question over and over again: Name one of Obama’s accomplishments. And him finally saying that he won’t be able to.

    This just gets better and better. 🙂

  51. confloyd wasn’t correcting your spelling just letting you know that the song about a revolution is, well, revolution.

    can’t find that hardball clip with edwards anywhere.

  52. Thanks a bunch, grape.

    It was me needing the clue about Brazille’s boast, ‘er, plan, ‘er, threat.

    What a tool she is.

    Anyone wanting more on this so-so power broker, B Merry remembered a C-Span forum last fall….I have the citation…how to bring black politicians into control of the DNC…scary in retrospect, given black liberation theology and what the black “political” community did to Travis.

  53. NewMexicoFan Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 2:32 pm
    You know this is simple, even I can understand it.
    1. If he picks Hill he loses as much as he gains.
    2. If she is at the top of the ticket, and he is VP we win.

    There’s a cite for 1 at

    If you have a cite for 2, pls email me.

  54. Paula Says:
    Picking Hillary would an obvious net gain for him.

    It would make a lot of noise and make quite few Hil’s happy. However a poll of the general public said it would repel as many people as it would attract. (WP/ABC poll for July, cite at

    Iirc someone’s more recent poll did mention a number of Hil’s who wouldn’t vote for him regardless of who he chose.

    I wish someone would do a serious poll of Hil’s asking how many of us DON”T want HIllary tied down as VP.

    It would help him control the convention, though, particularaly if it’s a surprise.

  55. Henry, Maybe this video is the right one for BO, doesn’t he like how the chinese run things, maybe he has a pic of Chairman Mao!

  56. unfortunately it wasn’t chet edwards it was Kirk Watson a Texas state senator. damn that would have been good.

  57. I LOVE that video of the Bronx pol! 🙂

    I have checked, I I don’t think Chet Edwards is the guy who Matthews interviewed.

  58. Obama stops advertising in six red battleground states:

  59. Well, I certainly hope he picks the one that Nasty has told him to, so we will know what we already knew, that Nasty is calling the shots!

  60. Emjay Says:
    Anyone wanting more on this so-so power broker, B Merry remembered a C-Span forum last fall….I have the citation…how to bring black politicians into control of the DNC…

    I’d like that ciattion too and wwboei needs to quote that statement from Brazile, dunno if he has it.

  61. Paula Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 3:13 pm
    There are a number of polls that show Obama with a bigger lead over McCain if he picks HRC.

    I remember someone quoting one that showed Obama/Clinton leadng McCain/Romney. Dunno how it goes against other McCain VPs.

    As wbboei pointed out, it’s like a card game: Obama has to declare first, then Mc gets to make his counter. I expect Mc read the poll too. 🙂

    Unless BO decides to change the rules on this too. I can just see hm askigni the convention to give him a wild crd and stretching his VP drama out through Octovber.

  62. B-HO’s fat head tells me he will announce his “pick” when he gets the biggest rush. how about breaking news at prime-time? katie, charlie and brian will have multiple-o’s on live tv.

  63. I still think that Politico article is strange. The source certainly isn’t from Obama’s camp. I’m also pretty sure he’s not from HRC’s either, because someone from her camp would say she wasn’t even considered for VP, not that she wasn’t vetted. And why would an HRC person bring up Bill’s health and his foundation donors?

    It sounds like someone is complaining HRC got the nod without having to go through the process everyone else was subjected to – like she got special treatment.

  64. henry

    look for Matthews interviewing Stephanie T-J.
    -she was the second guest and the Texas BO supporter wouldn’t let her get an word in edgewise.

  65. Jan H
    i have to say it def puts a big grin on my face.
    Any word on Phil Bergs attempt to place an injunction regarding waffles citizenship. Read earlier he was going before the judge at 2?

  66. confloyd Says: Maybe the intention was never to win, just deseat the Clinton’s!

    And what will happen after teh convention when Obama realizes he’s served his purpose and is expendable and always has been?
    When he sees that (even with Hillary VP) he’s on track to become the McGovern of 2008.

    What will Obama do then, to save his own future?

    Let’s expand PUMA to HOT-PUMA — “Hillary on top, Obama abdicate to Hillary!”

    Hey, he owns the Dem party now, he can do anything he wants to….

  67. Here’s a little more modern take on the song Revolution:

    Phil Lesh and Friends
    Nokia Theater, NYC
    NOvember 2007

  68. 1950dem and turndown

    crossing my fingers:It is titled “The Future of Black Politics

    Had trouble copying this from c-span page

    Check out where it says “flash player” in upper right corner.

    View in Real Media FormatView in Windows Media Video FormatWatchC-SPAN Video Player (Flash)Flash Video

    This program has been viewed 37 times.
    [ Help ] BuyPrice: $29.95
    Media Format: DVD

    larger imageThe Future of Black Politics

    Product ID: 201247-1
    Format: Forum
    Last Airing: 10/03/2007
    Event Date: 09/28/2007
    Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia

    HomeScheduleCongressSearchVideo CategoriesAmerican Profile Booknotes C-SPAN Special Call-In Congressional Committee Congressional Proceeding Interview National Press Club Speech News Conference Public Affairs Event Q&A White House Event Video SeriesAmerica and the Courts American Perspectives American Presidents American Writers Book TV Booknotes Communicators Ford History Lincoln – Douglas Newsmakers Presidential Libraries Reagan Road to the White House School Bus The Capitol Tocqueville Washington Journal ProductsRights and PermissionsInformationNews About Us Contact Us Tutorials Order Information View in Real Media FormatView in Windows Media Video FormatWatchC-SPAN Video Player (Flash)Flash Video

    This program has been viewed 37 times.
    [ Help ] BuyPrice: $29.95
    Media Format: DVD

    larger imageThe Future of Black Politics

    Product ID: 201247-1
    Format: Forum
    Last Airing: 10/03/2007
    Event Date: 09/28/2007
    Length: 1 hour, 35 minutes
    Location: Washington, District of Columbia

    Summary Organizer Airings People Tags
    Panelists talked about the presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama and what it signals for other black candidates. Topics included the similarities and differences between Senator Obama’s efforts and other recent black statewide candidacies, as well as other emerging black leaders.

    This event was part of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 37th Annual Legislative Conference

    Congressional Black Caucus Foundation – Annual Legislative Conference

    Begin Time End Time Network
    10/03/2007 18:23:36 10/03/2007 19:58:39 C-SPAN 3
    10/01/2007 12:38:04 10/01/2007 13:58:52

  69. As the Chairman of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee, Congressman Edwards is known as a national champion for America’s veterans, troops, and their families. In 2007, he authored the largest increase in veterans funding in the 77-year history of the Veterans Administration, an $11.8 billion increase. American Legion National Commander Marty Conatser called Edwards’ record VA Appropriations bill, “a monumental achievement.” This year, both the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars recognized Congressman Edwards’ leadership with their national awards given to only one member of Congress. In 2007, he was awarded the Disabled American Veterans’ “Going to Bat for Veterans” award for authoring the historic VA funding increases. Working with Speaker Pelosi in 2005, Congressman Edwards introduced the GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century, which dramatically improved veterans’ health care and benefits, and covered the full cost of a college education. Edwards then received the Military Order of the Purple Heart’s “Inspirational Leadership” award in 2005. In 2008, Chairman Edwards played a key role in enacting the new GI Bill of Rights into law

  70. Emjay,

    Duh, we have to pay money for a video? No transcript anywhere? I know I’ve seen a text quote.

    Never mind, I’ll search around at B Merry’s etc. Didnt’ mean to cause you trouble.


  71. As a respected voice on issues facing working families, Edwards has pushed for increased access to health care for children of working families under the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP), supported middle class tax cuts, and protected Medicare and Social Security benefits for America’s seniors. His pro-economic, pro-agriculture record has also earned him endorsements from both the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Farm Bureau Agfund. The U.S Chamber of Commerce has given him their “Spirit of Enterprise” Award for the past several years for his support of business

  72. Yep, he was born and raised in Corpus Christi, (me too) and he knew Hector P. Garcia, so I think he can bring the hispanic hold outs on board. So in that respect, since he threw the white middle class voter out, he better get more of the hispanics!

  73. I seriously doubt that Chet Edwards can pull the hispanic vote. At least, here in San Antonio there is NO WAY.

  74. Poor Chet, sorry he is from my old home town, he will go down in history with the goodship lollipop. Sorry to see that they reached down here in Texas and an Aggie at that for the first mate.

  75. Outside his home town, I bet half the voters would think he cheated on Ellizabeth and the other half would think he was Chet Atkins.


  76. 1950-turndown

    I think there is a way to get it to play. B Merry or someone from here has it archived or can post it- it was on this site again in the spring.

    I don’t think it has to be purchased, IOW.

    and no trouble…you should see how many times someone has helped me out, with the barest of scraps of info from me.

  77. He apparently agrees alot with President Bush, LOL!! GOd let it be him! I will laugh at Brazzeirre and her new democratic party!

  78. Patti Solis Doyle has already been promised the position of the new veep’s chief of staff. That may mean it’s the blue dog, since they are both from Texas, and maybe cozy already.

  79. Obama’s disrespect of Hillary continues:

    Wolfson confirms: Clinton not vetted

    Former top Clinton aide Howard Wolfson, speaking to Fox News this afternoon, confirmed Mike Allen’s report that Clinton was not formally vetted by Obama’s campaign.

    “She was never asked for any documents,” he said, adding that the Obama camp does know quite a bit about her.

    “The Obama campaign would say, ‘We’ve spent 18 months doing opposition research,'” he said.

    “I’m not expecting that she’s going to be the VP pick,” Wolfson said.

    Wolfson also looked ahead to the convention.

    “There is a challenge before both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama to unify the party,” he said. “She’s going to do what she can — as she has”

  80. Wow, Wolfson doesn’t think she is the vp. well that’s great, we did not want it for her anyway. Now we are free to have a convention fight!

  81. abusive ass that BO is…

    yes, spit on Clinton, ridicule her, don’t even give her a chance, but then expect her to do all the heavy lifting to get him elected that he can’t even do on his own.

    he must’ve been a brat of a kid.

  82. This posting was on The Confluence. Has anyone else heard of such a thing? Supposedly, it is from a delegate for Hillary. What do people think???

    ” poster named “naoko” left this touching message at the bottom of the last post:

    This post is so well written. You are a very good writer and your points are so well taken. I feel so demoralized about going to the Convention (I am a delegate for Hillary) because the DNC leadership assisted by Speaker Pelosi are beginning to find ways to circumvent the rules. We are now hearing that we will be voting in the hotels at our morning breakfast with the state delegation and not on the floor on Wednesday evening. Never before been done like this..
    The most glaring absence is any comment from Howard Dean about whether or not FL & MI will be seated with full votes; how any of the rules will be implemented. Seeing the demise of the political party I have worked for all my life is beyond sad.

    After watching two presidential elections be stolen by the Republicans, now to see my own party ’select’ not elect a nominee is extremely hurtful to one who trys to not become cynical. I know you are correct that we must continue to work, but Lord, I am getting so tired!
    Thanks for writing an excellent post.”

  83. sometimes I think the dynamics acted out in this primary/election are not black vs. white –

    this is abusive, insensitive ass of a man treating a woman like shit.

  84. birdgal – hmmm, could be troll if this person’s new to the RD board. although it could be that some of the delegates getting info from us recently are starting to look at our blogs?

    the only motive a troll would have is if this is Republican troll trying to piss off more Hillary supporters to floor flight/demonstrate.

  85. The failure to consider Hillary for the vp position will make the rift in the party permanent. Any woman who votes for him now is a masochist.

    The denial of the tro was to be expected. I have had this happen to me many times. It is always tough to prove irreparable harm if the tro does not issue and that is the theshold issue. Also, there is the last minute nature of this move.

    But it really does not matter. The issue is now before the court and at some point it will be resolved. Obama will try to drag it out until after the election, but if the judge ordered expedited discovery we are still okay.

  86. Alcina, I will not have beer on Tap because its too easy for the underagers to steal out of a mug. I am going to run a tight ship, seen too many dead kids and irresponsible bar owners. THe TACB should give me my license free as they will be proud of my establishment. I will have some good stuff though!

  87. If he really didn’t consider her for VP, then he’s one of the dumbest politicians the Dems have ever produced.

  88. Do you all think this breakfast vote is for real?? IF it is true, it is despicable! There must be something brewing then.
    If I were a Hillary supporter, I would refuse to vote anywhere but the convention floor!

  89. Well I wonder what will happen first the end of my longnecks that I am drinking or the announcement of the vp?? Have we got any gamblers here? WE could donate the proceeds to Hillary’s debt? LOL!!

  90. Why go on and on about how you’re not afraid to pick someone you disagree with, and then (apparently) not even consider a supremely qualified person who’s an obvious choice? Makes no sense to me whatsoever.

  91. HillforTexas or anyone…can you tell us more about Chet…I saw some stuff on Huff Puff – is he prochoice? can anyone enlighten?

  92. Hey yall,

    Carville on CNN reporting that to his knowledge, Obama never had a conversation with Hillary about the VP.

    I am so done with the Democrats.

  93. well, if anyone on this board is or know someone going to Convention, make sure you take your video cameras with you. if votes are happening from hotels, and Clinton delegates are being sequestered away from the floor, better try and get some footage and possibly some interviews around this travesty.

  94. heVoted NO on making it a crime to harm a fetus during another crime. (Feb 2004)
    Voted NO on banning partial-birth abortion except to save mother’s life. (Oct 2003)
    Voted NO on forbidding human cloning for reproduction & medical research. (Feb 2003)
    Voted NO on funding for health providers who don’t provide abortion info. (Sep 2002)
    Voted YES on banning human cloning, including medical research. (Jul 2001)
    Voted NO on banning Family Planning funding in US aid abroad. (May 2001)
    Voted NO on federal crime to harm fetus while committing other crimes. (Apr 2001)
    Voted NO on banning partial-birth abortions. (Apr 2000)
    Voted NO on barring transporting minors to get an abortion. (Jun 1999)
    Rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record. (Dec 2003) re is chet’s voting record on abortion:

  95. mollyrichards, me tooo! I am now a republican. They have striped the Clintons, and that is what they wanted to do. The only question is, did the republicans help?? Its time for a REAL third party!

  96. wow, this is Soro’s friend for sure:
    Voted YES on implementing the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement. (Jul 2004)
    Voted YES on implementing the US-Singapore free trade agreement. (Jul 2003)
    Voted YES on implementing free trade agreement with Chile. (Jul 2003)
    Voted NO on withdrawing from the WTO. (Jun 2000)
    Voted YES on ‘Fast Track’ authority for trade agreements. (Sep 1998)
    Rated 50% by CATO, indicating a mixed record on trade issues. (Dec 2002)

  97. Chet, did, however, vote for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. He’s a homophobe.

  98. Somehow I think that when the vp choice is announced( IF it’s ever announced), all the other vp candidates are going to let out a huge collective sigh of relief, and thank god the fates it wasn’t them.

  99. It’ll be interesting to see how the Obama campaign explains (again, assuming it’s true) them never even giving HRC consideration as VP. What a bad story to come out for them right before the convention.

  100. Someone on pumapac says HRC will say she never wanted VP. Good for her! Clear up this mystery once and for all.

  101. she said she never said she wanted to vp, looked like that had her cornerned, she looked uncomfortable!

  102. I’m damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t

    One part of me will be totally insulted if Hillary isn’t his top pick for VP (I’m already upset that she isn’t top of the ticket) , and another is that I will be angry if she stands next to that fraud as VP and promotes him and thereby cleans up the mess dnc has made with this selection.

    and if there isn’t any other reason to be fuming at this point this article is an absolute slap in the face to all women that chose a path unbeholding to the patriarchy…buyer beware…

  103. I will be curious to see how everyday Dems respond to the VP choice. There is already a movement to McCain with a large group undecided. Without Hillary to draw them to the ticket it sure leaves an opening for the Republicans to woo Democratic voters.

    I am already for McCain. My neice will vote Obama if Hillary is on the ticket, but will not if she is not. I wonder how many other Dems have this same attitude.

    Obama believes that most Democrats in the end will vote Democratic. Is he that unaware of “Regan Democrats” from the 1980’s?

  104. The SDs should be pissed at this point. They should be plotting their revenge.

    I wonder if they have the courage to do it.

  105. After this primary season, and all the misogyny, media bias, vitrolic language from the bots, the sleaziness and unpreparedness of BO, I cannot vote for the democratic? ticket. It has been akin to being in a battering relationship. I cannot go back.

    YAWN! I wonder, if the bots will like Bayh.

  106. This f***ing SUCKS!

    I’m not watching convention, not votting for his Shittiness and ready to resign from
    any interest in politics.

    I can’t watce TV (still on laptop) so please someone update us about hrc’S appearance.

    Why the f*** she is doing anything to help dnc, dems, his shittiness is beyond me.
    I’m disgusted with her, too.

  107. Bayh… lame, boring, safe pick. Smart only in the strategic sense that Obama can send him to Appalachia to try and staunch the bleeding in PA, WV, OH, etc. but I think it’ll be too little, too late.

  108. Wolf, if BO is such a transformational politician, who is going to unite everyone, then, why does he need Hillary’s help? Bogus garbage.

  109. Nothing can save His Shittyness, nothing, you guys have been right all along. No use Hillary attaching her career to the Titanic.


    From pumapac:

    08.22.08 at 6:21 pm
    I just watch a longer clip of Hillary on CNN, this one was different. She also denied wanting the VP job

  111. i like evan bayh…but let’s be honest after this big build up and the whole revolution in the democratic party…

    it is more like huh? evan blah…?

    when Hillary is there…

    beyond boring…

  112. If it is Bayh, he may not help Obama at all with the Electoral map. McCain’s lead has been increasing in Indiana all month and Bayh won’t help close the gap that much. I went to college in IN and a majority of the state is very conservative.

  113. I am depressed.
    why should sd’s be PO’d about Bayh?

    Ya mean they’ll be mad coz it’s not HRC?
    Why? She wasn’t even vetted. They must have known that.
    This is beyond words. I feel like I’ve been personally violated.

    FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK them all!%^$%$#@$%^&

  114. Whatever happens we all agree, the asshole is going to make a lousy choice that will never match up to Hillary, it will look just like fluff. Some else on another blog just said, he’s dragging his feet because quite frankly he doesnt want to share the stage with someone else, he does not want someones elses name on the literature. I probably tihnk thats very true.

    Also its interesting that he’s stopped advertising in those 7 states, internal polling has probably said, just don’t bother.

  115. confloyd
    She cut her hair, but did look a little tired. After next week she and Bill should take an extended vacation and let Obama sink his own ship.

  116. I sincerely hope Bill and Hill have something going on the convention floor!! Of coarse if they are asking the vote at breakfast, sounds the Dean/Brazzierre/Pelosi are trying to pull some fast ones.
    If that story is true, then there is something going on for the convention floor!

  117. moon,

    i can’t bring myself to look at the bot blogs.

    could you post a link to the bots-blowing-their-brains-out so i can cheer up?

  118. confloyd,

    can’t get to the tv or the desktop coz of renovators STILL in my cottage!!!!

    did you see her?

  119. basil, yes, she did not look good,she looked nervous and looks like she has lost weight!
    Its horrible what they have done to her.We probably ought to check all of her and Bill’s family, someone has a gun to their head somewhere.

  120. basil9

    The SDs said it should be HRC. So I guess we will see how they take this before they vote for him.

  121. Paula Says:
    Someone on pumapac says HRC will say she never wanted VP.

    Several times in the past months Hillary has said she doesn’t want VP. In NY Mag interview early June, also elsewhere during the primaries. She keeps talking about being happy back home in the Senate.

  122. as soon as O picks his vp…let the vp be responsible for bringing the voters to o…and leave hill alone…she has gone above and beyond…

    Obama wanted a revolution…he could not wait until the torch was passed…we he’s on his own…it is not Hill’s responsibility to do his legwork and seal his deal…

    just saw a clip of O from CBS this morning…he sounds so churlish…so petty…he is ridiculous…

  123. Basil 9, they have found a bumper sticker with Obama/Bayh on over at Drudge and the company says they have been making lots of bumper stickers!

  124. confloyd, I’m sure Hillary is still very upset about STJ’s sudden passing. I’m sure that hit her hard.

  125. Paula Says:
    Someone on pumapac says HRC will say she never wanted VP.

    can you blame her.?..I am having trouble listening to more than 5 seconds of him…from her point of view…who needs the aggravation/

  126. Southern Born Says:

    August 22nd, 2008 at 6:44 pm
    I want one of those bumper stickers:



    that’s a good one….

  127. nmf,

    doesn’t seem like the sd’s ever gave a shit. That mass movement to his shittiness after PR
    tells the story.

    the only thing they’re converned about is saving their a$$es.

    Man, i am in a foul mood. 👿

  128. From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney
    Begala and Carville said some Clinton backers will be angry.

    (CNN) — Two prominent Democrats close to Hillary Clinton expressed frustration Friday over a report Barack Obama’s campaign never formally vetted the New York senator for the vice presidential spot, and predicted the revelation could further rile some of her most fierce supporters just as the party is set to kick of its national convention in Denver.

    Longtime Clinton loyalists Paul Begala and James Carville, who have endorsed Obama’s White House bid, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Friday a Politico report claiming the Obama campaign did not officially consider Clinton for the coveted position would likely further anger some Democrats already wary of the Illinois senator. Both Carville and Begala are CNN contributors.

    The matter is even made worse, Begala said, by the fact that Obama himself suggested to reporters earlier in the summer that he would consider Clinton, saying his one-time rival would be on “anybody’s shortlist.”

    “There’s two camps in Hillary land — there’s the peacemakers and the PUMAs — Party Unity My Aunt Fannie,” Begala said. “They’re still not behind Obama. Some of them are stirring up a lot of trouble. I don’t like it. I’m a peace maker. This story empowers the PUMA crowd because they see this, and I do too, as sort of disrespecting Senator Clinton and breaking Senator Obama’s word.

    “It’s the one glitch in a beautiful process,” Begala also said.

  129. everytime Hillary did well in polls or the primaries, BHO marched out another endorsement to offset the news, but marching out a VP (unless it is Hillary) will not rise to the level of news shattering.
    it is so anticlimatic at this point that most will probably feel let down by the “official” announcement.

    I will not vote for BHO in any form no matter who his VP is.

    Hillary is the only person qualified to be president and put this country back on the right track.

    this country lowered the bar and elected GWB twice, one might wonder what part of “fool me once” they don’t get!

  130. emjay and WBBOEI,

    Thank you so much, but I just thought it would be important for wwboei’s paper. I’d only use a text cite a few times in debate maybe.

    I’m not even sure it’s the same thing I remember. Not her ‘why people hate democrats’ that’s still up at slate or salon.

    What i remember was reading a text quote from Brazile about deliberately re-allocating delegates and little things like that in various places, so that IF BLACKS NATIONWIDE ACTED IN CONCERT they could control a nomination.

    I think that would be imortant in wbboei’s paper as tying togtehr Brazile’s actions, showing her ADMITTING a simple believable motive for all her varoius dirty work.

  131. No announcement yet, Paula. Drudge has some story about some plant printing O/Bayh bumper stickers, but no announcement yet.

  132. why would the netroots feel betrayed that bayh is a dlc
    i don’t get it.

    “The One” has yet again betrayed his netroots base by selecting the DLC’s Evan Bayh as his running mate.

  133. basil, in the nutroots eyes, the DLC stands for all things evil — they think it’s for “sell-out” Democrats who associate too closely with the Republicans, etc.

  134. basil – The loons at the Big Orange Cheeto always proclaimed their hatred for the DLC (which Bill Clinton helped found.) All “DLC Democrats” were, according to them, triangulating compromising Republican lapdogs.

  135. the netroots seems to be slow on the uptake!
    Dobbs, he is on it, calling Obama out on playing the media! He is tired of waiting for the announcement!

  136. With all this shit of who is it, people are tuning out in droves, they are not interested, he’s pretty much doing the boy who cried wolf, that people are going to stop listening full stop, he’s such an idiot.

  137. abc asked hillary will se be in ill sat and she smiled and finished her hot dog. are we sure this bumper sticker isnt a ploy?

  138. Debbie, my wife says she would not vote for obama even if he picks Hillary as VP. She has been a real fanatic supporter of Hillary and it surprises me she does not want to have anything to do with Obam/hillary ticket.
    How can i not vote for the ticket if Hillary is on it??

  139. From what i’ve heard if its anybody but Clinton, there is going to be trouble in Denverland. The peacemakers will go apeshit and possibly go Puma.

  140. Local news here says that the Dems Senatorial candidate Udall who had a 25% lead has slipped significantly here in August to just 10% against Reps candidate Pierce. (This was Domenici’s seat).

    People will go down with him. There is plenty of time for this seat to stay in Reps hands.

    Most of the Slip was with Women.

  141. It will be interesting to see how man people downticket hitch themselves up to Bambi when he starts plummeting.

  142. OK, now I’m super confused. Why was HRC coy when asked if she’d be in IL Saturday? She’s obviously not the pick.

  143. from various blogs Paula, its been said that a big part of the unity was that Obama picks Clinton as VP, if she’s ignored and dumped then its a totally different story as the peacemakers are thinking that 2 fingers have been stuck up at them and they are right.

    There is 3 layers here

    1 : Clinton voters (pumas) who will never vote bambi 50%
    2 :People who will vote Bambi if Clinton is selected 25%
    3 :People who will vote dem regardless 25%

    lets say those percentages are accurate, he’s lost 9 million votes already, if he loses another 4.5 million, he can forget it.

    Bambi has lost 1, he’s gained 3 but 2 is the one that will kill him

    Obama is playing this very badly.

    Not seriously considering someone with 18 million votes behind her is just suicidal in my opinion and is going to rattle a lot of people.

  144. The puma voters in California and NY and Massachussets will make big differences, where she won big.

    If half of clinton voters in either of these states flip to McCain, its game over and bambi loses big. Its not hard to see.

  145. i wonder if this is a headfake. just wodnering here. hillary may be in ill for this-to show unity with the new vp etc

  146. Not vetting Hillary is wonderful for me. It shows Bobo’s yellow streak, his stupidity, his overblown ego, and above all his ridiculous sense of entitlement.

    Hillary didn’t want to be vp. After all, why tie yourself to the Titanic? Why breathe the same air as m.o. aka the wicked witch of the north, south, east and west?

  147. we need to get all the jsnd networks to do a fundraising marathon for hillary. she is 24 mil in debt at the end of july guys. she wont be free until this debt is paid.
    August 22, 2008
    Disclosure reports show Clinton still deeply in debt
    Posted: 06:18 AM ET

    From CNN’s Alexander Mooney and Robert Yoon

    Clinton is still carrying a sizeable campaign debt.
    (CNN) — Well over two months have passed since Hillary Clinton formally abandoned her White House bid, but newly-released Federal Election Commission reports show the New York senator has made little headway in paying off her sizeable campaign debt.

    According to an FEC report filed Wednesday, Clinton’s debt as of the end of July stood at just under $24 million — a decrease of only $1.2 million since the end of June. More than $13 million of that total is owed to the New York senator herself, while close to $11 million is owed to individual vendors. Clinton has suggested she is not seeking to pay back the money she owes herself.

    The report also shows Clinton was only able to raise $2 million in the month of July — down from close to $3 million in June. By comparison, Barack Obama raised over $50 million for his White House bid in the same time period.

    The report comes as some high-profile Clinton backers have expressed disappointment Obama has not made more of an effort to help his onetime rival retire her campaign debt.

    “He has provided her with a pittance compared to what the Clintons have given Obama,” prominent Clinton backer Lynn Forrester told the Times of London. “Her debt could have been cleared within 10 days. It’s ungracious.”

    Obama and Clinton have appeared at a handful of joint fundraising events, and the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has publicly urged his supporters to donate to his former primary season rival — though at a joint appearance with Clinton at a July fundraiser, the Illinois senator forgot to call on his backers to contribute to her. (He later went back on stage to correct himself.)

    According to Clinton’s disclosure forms filed Thursday, she owes the most ($5.2 million) to her former top advisor Mark Penn’s polling/political consulting firm, Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates.

  148. Gloria Borger on CNN reports that Obama’s VP already knows and that SHE or He is ready.

    Apparently with the emphasis on she.

    It is also mentioned that Hillary’s plane in Upstate NY has covered letters on it.

  149. Please, God, tell me no.

    This is what I emailed to Hillary earlier this week:

    Dear Senator Clinton,

    Please don’t accept a VP slot if offered. Please. Obama is going over a cliff, and I don’t wish to see you go over with him. It’s going to be a McGovern-style loss.

    You as VP will not make us vote for him. It will only make it more painful for us that we can’t.

    I have seen it all in elections over my 45 years – heartache and many losses. I have never failed to rally behind the nominee. This year I can’t. Obama has no business in the Whitehouse, and I refuse to ratify with my vote the shameful events, the caucus thuggery, the shafting of MI and FL, and all the crimes against democracy of this unjust primary.

    My vote is all I have. It is my voice. It’s my only leverage, my only way to be heard. I plan to use it to send a very loud message to the architects of this sham. I hope with all my heart that you will not be on that ticket when I do so. Please.


  150. fuck knows, i’m just thinking this is just one great big 3 ring circus thats getting out off hand.

  151. The bastard is probably not even going to announce tonight. He’s enjoying the attention too much.

  152. The campaign is probably monitoring the sites to see our reaction to the news that it may not be Hillary!

  153. Idunn, It can’t be Sebelius. Even Obama knows that HRC’s supporters would go ballistic.

    Again, what does CNN mean by covered letters? That it says Obama-Clinton underneath??

  154. if she gives him the thumbs-down, Barack Obama will never reach the White House on November 4.

    Safe to say he might never reach the White House even if she gives him the thumbs up.

    In fact, right now it’s looking like he won’t reach it no matter where she puts her thumbs.

  155. It may just be that she covered her own campaign logo, since she is stumping for him now. It could have been done days ago, and they just noticed.


  156. I guess I’m out of touch with the new politics, but I sure do miss the days when presidential campaigns acted dignified. This text message shit…this covered letters crap…it reeks to me of high school.

  157. We should be doing a Where’s Waldo for Michelle, anyone seen that nasty thing in a while.

    Has she been sent off to be Stepforded.

  158. God, If this is true and she is his running mate, lets hope she did not put that awful seal on her plane. YUK!

  159. clintondem99,

    I think that is something many struggle with, including me. I witnessed this country go years without a true reform of our election system and frankly after the loss of Gore, I’m not about to sit back and accept it this time. It doesn’t matter which party is doing the bidding.

    Hillary was clearly the best choice of all the candidates and she was railroaded by a party that I’ve given my support to for all my life. I can no longer support them, they do not represent the true American spirit of free and equal participation in our government.

    This year is mainly a protest vote for me not one that supports either party…

    I love this saying..I OWN MY VOTE…well I do and even Hillary as much as I wanted her as president cant control it.

  160. Paula, I never believed that sticker, Drudge is a liar!
    I keep thinking about the Puma’s, if he embarasses her anymore, he can forget winning any of her 18 mil.

  161. They are giving Michelle more lessons in how to look/dress/talk like Jacqueline Kennedy. But she will still only be Tacky-O, never Jackie-O, poor thing.

  162. Biden would be a gift for the republicans. He has a fouler mouth than Roseanne.

    “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. … Ahuh Joe.

  163. You know, if he does pick HRC, I think I might sit down and cry my eyes out. To know that, as much as I’d love to see the first female vice president, I couldn’t bring myself to vote for that ticket.


  164. moon, There’s an article linked on pumapac that talks about what the GOP has planned if Biden’s the choice.

  165. Yeah Folks, the votes are in.

    This week we are down to Clinton, Kaine, Bayh, Sebelius and Biden.

    Clinton You’re safe
    Biden, Youre safe.
    Sebelius Piss off back to Kansas, your State of the nation was piss poor
    Kaine too inexperienced, try again next year
    Bayh sorry dude everyone thought you were boring as shit.

    You can imagine thats how he’s phoned them.

  166. 1950dem

    (I call you that cause that’s how I mwt you…Still have your email in my addy book [if I ever get my hard drive back]

    That is the forum you want then.

  167. Biden got a total pass on that shit, moononpluto, while the CLINTONS got labeled racist for saying his war “record” was a fairytale.


  168. I think, all this stuff is a ruse. What attention hogs.

    I am really sad, that Hillary is in so much debt. BO has not helped a bit, but she has helped him.

    He earned 51 million in July. She is about 24 million in debt (13 of it, her own).

  169. moononpluto Says:
    In fact, right now it’s looking like he won’t reach it no matter where she puts her thumbs.


  170. if tis biden umthe obamabots show they are frauds. he voted for aumf. will they yell at him about it? just hillary. this is joke

  171. Okay. I’m being realistic here. I really doubt it is Hillary. If I’m wrong then I will admit it. I can just see Obama laughing his ugly ass off at the speculation going on. It’s just what he wants.

    I also don’t think the outcome of the convention is going to be anything other than him taking the pointy crown.

    What I am waiting for is for the RNC to launch a full-scale attack and throw this charleton/king’s fool out on his ear once and for all.

    This is just my opinion so I’m ready to be stoned now. 😉

  172. Jan, I also concur.

    I just want this shit to be over, so I can write in HRC come November, and then cast a real vote for her in 2012

  173. confloyd Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 7:40 pm
    The campaign is probably monitoring the sites to see our reaction to the news that it may not be Hillary!

    jeepers, in that case, it doesn’t matter who precious picks for vp ’cause i’ll vote for him and he’s dreamy no matter what.

  174. I love Barack. Every time I look at him, something sweet and mysterious runs right up my leg.

    He’s heaven on earth.

  175. Oh sure, some people say he looks like Karl from Slingblade, but when I see Tim Kaine, I see Leo Dicaprio’s older brother.

  176. btw

    in regards to the bumper sticker. it doesn’t take a degree in graphic design to see there is no adherence to BO typeface, color and logo standards in what was released by drudge. that shit is tightly controlled. (unless it was done by someone outside the campaign )

  177. LOL…how many Obamatons do you think will go to bed this evening with their cell phone lying on the pillow next to them. You know, in case Barry decided to announce in the middle of the night. 😉

  178. Ahhh…Biden would certainly be a better choice than Bayh or Kaine. But still…lol. He won’t help Bambi much.

  179. Just read on The Confluence, rumor has it, that Kaine and Bayh have received notice that they are not VP. Biden? His son is flying home from the Mid-east. Who really knows, and who cares. This entire debacle is so childish and immature. Totally attention seeking. POTUS should be above these antics.

  180. I agree a lot with Biden, but I will NEVER forgive him for presiding over the public humiliation of Anita Hill. Never.

  181. Nah, Idunn. The Bots don’t care. Obama could pick George Bush himself, and they’d find a way to justify why it was a great move.

  182. Bidens son was due to come home, end of tour of duty or something, but if he was VP nominee then of course he would become a target.

  183. Honestly, the longer I wait the more pissed off I’m getting.

    Just tell us it isn’t Hillary asshole, so I can go to bed. Shit!

  184. Janh,
    I agree, too.
    berkely, h4t,
    Thanks for the info.

    I feel like we’re all living in a price-is-right world and bob barker is emceeing.

  185. ok, so who haven’t we thought of? there is always the “surprise”. how about colin powell, or al-Frankenstein-gore? is dan quale still available? you just never know.

  186. He’s like those asshole lawyers/CEO’s/whatever who deliberately leave you cooling your heels forever in the waiting room as a show of power.

    And that ego is going DOWN in November. I hope he cries. I hope he goes to jail, or is so disgraced he never sets foot in politics again, and has to go get his first real job.

  187. LOL Paula. Fox is reporting that a private plane has landed at the airport in Biden’s hometown.

    Cripes…remember when the tv stations used to track Santa’s sled across the world on xmas eve. This is as ridiculous as that.

  188. Cripes…remember when the tv stations used to track Santa’s sled across the world on xmas eve. This is as ridiculous as that.

    HA!!!!! Made me spit out my coffee.

  189. Hey maybe the VP is Obama’s brother, maybe he has another brother we know nothing about, maybe a twin, after all both his fathers put it about a bit, who knows how many bastards they spat out like a paint splattergun around the globe.

  190. Son of a bitch, Bambi! Just text message your bffs that it’s Biden and end everyone’s misery. Seriously. This is beyond ridiculous now.

  191. moonpluto

    gee, what a suprise. nbc-msnbc is in the bag for the roll-out. what a bunch of fucks.

    night all.

  192. GOP Eyes Obama-Biden Split on War Funding
    August 22, 2008

    The GOP is planning to step up its attacks on Barack Obama’s war funding record if the presumptive Democratic nominee taps Joe Biden to be his running mate.

    Sen. Joe Biden, D-Dela., seen here debating Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in Iowa last year, has served in the Senate for nearly 36 years casting over 12,500 votes.
    (CHRIS GANNON/AFP/Getty Images)
    “Our argument will be that the Biden pick only underscores how inexperienced Barack Obama knows he is,” a Republican official told ABC News, previewing the GOP’s possible line of attack. “Obama’s vote against funding our troops was an example of inexperience and poor judgment. The fact that his more experienced running mate made the right call highlights Obama’s mistake.”

    “Whereas to date that vote hasn’t gotten a lot of attention,” the Republican official added, “now it will.”

    Obama national security spokesperson Wendy Morigi declined to comment when contacted by ABC News, saying, “We’re not commenting on any aspect of any potential V.P.”

    Biden, who serves as chairman of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, is not the only vice presidential prospect who was at odds with Obama on the May 24, 2007 war funding vote.


    Obama Makes Vice Presidential Pick but Running Mate Remains a Mystery

    Hey Obama, Text Me Your VP Pick!

    WATCH: George: VP Pick Coming Friday?
    Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., for example, also broke with Obama by voting to fund the U.S. missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Biden, however, is seen by Republicans as offering more ammunition on the war funding issue.

    That’s becaue Biden, as a former White House hopeful and staple on the Sunday morning talk shows, has been more pointed than any other Democrat in contrasting his views on war funding votes with those of Obama.

    “I am not going to fail to protect these kids as long as we have a single, solitary troop in Iraq,” said Biden during a Sept. 9, 2007 appearance on “Meet the Press.”
    “This isn’t cutting off the war,” he added. “This is cutting off support that will save the lives of thousands of American troops.”

    Watch it

    Biden’s son, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, is set to deploy to Iraq by October as a JAG Captain, according to a spokesman for the state’s National Guard.

    The GOP’s possible plans to target the Obama-Biden split on war funding include emailing youtubed versions of Biden’s remarks to reporters, putting it in a web video for supporters of the Republican Party, and, perhaps, even using it in a television ad.

  193. Bambis phone bill hasnt been paid, hence no text he’s been too busy putting his personal ad on gay chatlines.

    Hey, Call me Pres, I’m a young 46, gonna be in the denver area next week, looking for good time with young men into worshipping and bootlicking, must be prepared to wear blindfold and not run to the media. No Clinton supporters. Cheers Big O.

  194. From riverdaughter, made me laugh

    Bonita, on August 22nd, 2008 at 8:42 pm Said:
    Cheer Up Everyone! The reason why the VP announcement keeps getting delayed is because Obambi is still trying to find a taker for the job.

  195. He’s still doin’ the American Idol bit with the also rans: Sebelius: little pitchy during the Q&A at the town hall but you took that song and made it your own…the suit has got to go, though, I mean hey git with the program, this is 2008 and your a governor, not the vice president of walmart. Is that polyester? and wear some bling

  196. Sebelius just reminds of some big severe prison governor. She can’t dress obviously is a bit stalkerish, she has tried to clone herself as Hillary and i bet she smells of rose soap.

  197. I hear that he is suppose to have the vp in Chicago tomorrow, surely he will not ask his vp to wear a sheet over their heads until Wednesday! This is ridiculous!

  198. The possible choice of Biden reminds me of when Dukakis picked Lloyd Bentsen in 1988.

    Also, are we agreed that HRC said she wasn’t going to be VP, or did I misread her comments?

  199. Paula, I never heard Hill say that she was out. But then again, the media never shows the whole interview.

  200. Wbboei/Emjay…if you see this please send me an email. Your email is in my hospitalized computer…don’t have hardly any email address on this one


  201. The bots are all going, wheres the secret service, that will tell us who’s got it.

    I told them, are you forgetting that Hillary’s had it for 16 years, you forgot didnt you, maybe the VP is hiding in full view all along and they exploded.

    I love a good mindfuck.

  202. Well if it is Sebelius, all we need is a video of her, with the song from Chicago in the background “if your good to Momma” playing and she’s screwed.

  203. Problem with Kaine is that will make a real mess of the carefully laid VA Dem Party about who is going to succeed whom and who is going to switch places with whom in their version of musical chairs

  204. Hey, Gang, lay off poor Barack!

    If the VP pick is Biden, no wonder BO is delaying the announcement. It takes longer than you’d think to install permanent concrete boots on one’s feet. That’ll keep Joe’s foot out of his mouth for the next two months!

  205. Emjay,

    LOL…the Grand Canyon. It’s big enough that I can have a screaming fit and no one will hear me! 😉

  206. Guys, if everyone has not seen this PLEASE WATCH and spread it far and wide, A film maker is making a documentary about how this primary was stolen via the caucuses, and this preview will make you WEEP for how Democracy was subverted in the Democratic Party.

    Thee is one lady on there who was a civil rights marcher who marched with MLK. She saw elderly AA women being intimidated by Obama thugs. It broke her heart.


    h t t p: //

  207. surely some of these vp choices are going to have to leave home sooner or later to get to Chicago! The media is watching everyone’s house except Hillary’s!

  208. I have a horrible feeling its still Hillary and with him announcing a few hrs before the stage event, its less time for the bots to go into spontaneous combustion and ruin it.

  209. It’s Hill. It’s as obvious now as it was from the beginning. How the hell else can he win? It’s her. This is a head fake so the media will say, “Oh wow, he’s BRILLIANT. We had no idea he was going to pick her.”

  210. Agreed Confloyd, there is a lot of misdirection going on here. Everything is leading people away from Hillary, subtle drops, its Bayh, its Biden. No one has dropped a hint it Clinton, not one nada. That makes me suspicious.

  211. Wait…the breaking news isn’t that there isn’t going to be an announcement tonight is it? Because if it is, I’m pretty sure I’m gonna have to kill something.

  212. OMG! Biden is SO OOOOOOOOLD

    He’s only six years younger than McCain……!

    How can they stand this….

    I mean, he’s FOUR WHOLE YEARS OLDER than HILLARY!!!!!!

    the bots will be apoplectic!


  213. My reply to Karen Thurman’s appeal for money for BO and to send the florida Dem video far and wide

    Her letter:

    Dear Friends,

    I have some serious questions for you:

    Have you ever forgotten how many houses your family owns?

    Have you ever worn $500 imported leather moccasins to an outdoor country music concert?

    Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘You know, the only way to get around these days is by private jet’…?

    Of course, not. Only John McCain has.

    In an interview published yesterday in the Politico, John McCain was asked how many houses he owned. His answer? “I’ll have my staff get to you” – apparently, too many to keep track.

    The real answer? The McCain family owns at least eight different homes, worth more than $13 million dollars.

    Can you say “out of touch?”

    Today, the Florida Democratic Party is launching “Priceless,” a new web video that highlights the fact that John McCain is just as out of touch with Americans as President Bush is.

    On the same day that he couldn’t remember how many homes he owns, McCain said, “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” Maybe for George Bush, John McCain and their oil company cronies. Only someone who owns eight homes, flies around on his private jet, and wears fancy $520 European leather shoes can believe the economy is strong right now.

    You and I know it’s tough these days, but the Party continues to need the resources to compete and win on Election Day. If you can spare $25, $50 or $100 today, click here to donate:

    McCain has said in the past, “The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.” But he added, “I’ve got Greenspan’s book.” Maybe now he will read that book because he still doesn’t understand that Florida’s economy is suffering.

    When I look around Florida, I see the first recession in 16 years, nearly 100,000 Floridians who have lost their jobs and a record number of families losing their homes to foreclosures. Unfortunately, John McCain’s only solution is to embrace George Bush and propose the same failed economic policies that got us into this mess. We can’t continue down this road.

    The Republicans are trying to change the subject with their smears, deceitful attacks and outright lies. We need to elect Barack Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket so we can change the way our government operates. Your Party needs the resources to fight back, so click here to contribute what you can to the Florida Democratic Party today.


    Congresswoman Karen L. Thurman
    Chair, Florida Democratic Party

    P.S. Send this video to ten friends to spread the message that John McCain is not the man of the people he’d like you to think he is. Click here to forward

  214. What I replied to Karent Thurman’s letter to give to Obama and spread the FL dems video about McCains shoes and Cindy’s houses

    Yeah, well…

    $4 Million dollars a year and a house bought in a sweet deal from a now-convicted felon, as well as partying with American Terrorist Bill Ayers isn’t my idea of someone in touch with “real Americans” either.

    HOW can you support this man? Do you really want the corrupt Chicago Political Machine in the White House?

    Country over Party.


  215. I hope after Obama makes this such a friggin’ spectacle, McCain just instantly comes out, and matter of fact announces, “Portman. Goodnight.”

  216. I’m so disappointed.

    Obama hasnt phoned me yet to tell me I’m out of the running, does that I can still be VP.

  217. LOL…from a poster over on Talk Left:

    If Obama governs like he picks his running mate, nothing will ever get done.
    We’ll get our first State of the Union address in the 4th year.

  218. LMAO! From riverdaughter blog:

    Hatsepsut1988, on August 22nd, 2008 at 9:13 pm Said:
    Michelle’s pastel, garishly over-busy, las Vegas game-show-like design for the stage for the Convention is a Howler of tackiness! I guess they expect everyone to show up with electric-blinking glittery shark Elvis suits so that they can show up against that spectacle of neon tastelessness!

  219. Obama is making a mistake doing this homes thing. Americans do not like being told being rich and successful is a sin. Its about aspiration that people could have this one day too. The schmuck.

  220. Michelle’s pastel, garishly over-busy, las Vegas game-show-like design for the stage for the Convention is a Howler of tackiness! I guess they expect everyone to show up with electric-blinking glittery shark Elvis suits so that they can show up against that spectacle of neon tastelessness!

    I am on the floor in pain wetting myself. Oh dear, she’s going to turn up as a Solid gold dancer.

  221. Michelle’s pastel, garishly over-busy, las Vegas game-show-like design for the stage for the Convention is a Howler of tackiness!

    Is that for real?

  222. Someone on pumapac says Hannity said Biden is the choice. Of course, three hours ago we thought it was Bayh …

  223. If he picks Biden, I get the sense he was looking for the best option NOT named Hillary.

    moon, Why don’t you think it’s Biden?

  224. All this disinformation, in any other context, would lead me to say, “it HAS to be Hillary” … but we’ll see.

  225. they are only sayin’ that about Biden because there is now a small army at his house.

    They wouldn’t happen to speak Russian, would they?

    ::looks around room all nervous like::

  226. I don’t believe this shit he has not considered her, he would have to be a moron, there is a lot of misdirection going on here. Everything is purposely leading people away from Hillary, subtle drops, its Bayh, its Biden. No one has dropped a hint it Clinton, not one nada. That makes me suspicious.

  227. well you have to say “only a moron or an arrogant asshole would not consider Hillary and piss off 18 million voters” and then you remember who we’re talkin’ about.

  228. someone told me the text message about Bambi’s veep is going to be sent out tomorrow morning, right before the two candidates appear together in IL. take it for what it’s worth

  229. I don’t believe this shit he has not considered her, he would have to be a moron.

    That had me wondering, too.

  230. dickie toe-sucker morris seems convinced it ain’t hrc and predicts his refusal to pick her will sink bo’s campaign.

  231. MSNBC News Services
    updated 56 minutes ago

    EMPORIA, Va – Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine have been told by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s campaign they will not be his vice presidential choice, NBC News reported on Friday, quoting sources.

    Speculation about Obama’s choice has centered on Bayh, Kaine and Delaware Sen. Joseph Biden. Other names in the mix include Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and Texas Rep. Chet Edwards.

    Obama and his campaign have offered little information but the Illinois senator said earlier this week he had made up his mind about the choice.

  232. well you have to say “only a moron or an arrogant asshole would not consider Hillary and piss off 18 million voters” and then you remember who we’re talkin’ about.

    Too True and yeah, seems like they are being screwed with or Hillary is a great actress.

  233. Again, from riverdaughter blog:

    janicen, on August 22nd, 2008 at 9:32 pm Said:
    I had a lengthy conversation about the caucuses in WA state with the chairman of my legislative district in WA. I told him that I felt the Obots used the “rushing” or “storming” technique to dominate our caucus with unregistered voters and with voters who did not live in our precinct. He was very quick to correct me. He said that did not happen. However, his reasoning was very disturbing. He said it did not happen because it was not necessary. He said that several months before the caucus he received specific instructions from “very high up” in the Democratic party, and then he said, “straight from the DNC” that there was to be no verification of voter eligibility in the caucus. None. No verification as to whether the voters were registered, nor whether they even lived in the precinct. He said that in all the years he had been involved in the process, he had never known the DNC to be so adamant about anything. He said that he was told that if he did not abide by this directive, he could lose his delegates to the convention.
    I guess I was supposed to feel bad that I accused the Obama campaign of a tactic that they didn’t even have to use in order to game the caucuses.

  234. Ed Hale announced that the PUMA’s are arriving in Denver by the busloads, it looks like GREAT turnout!

  235. Jeez Idunn

    Dignified!? Ever seen 2 drunks wearing a donkey suit, or a 50ish woman in a neon pink Hula skirt (no slip or shorts) wearing a coconut shell bra OVER her blouse (thank god) on the night they showed a JFK tribute film?

    Democratic politics is sometime a vision to behold, but seldom dignified for more than an hour or two.

    To paraphrase Ann Richards, “Poor things, they just can’t help themselves…”

  236. does this not remind somebody of a certain night back in June? when the media had Hill’s house staked out six ways to sunday only to find out othat BO and Hill were at Feinstein’s house?

  237. I am again being eaten alive, have already missed “Now” and Washington Week”. Am not going to feed Oblablah any more ego food.

    Will run out here every half-hour or so and check in to see if he’s yet up from his nap.

  238. Paula, WHen last seen she was finishing off a hot dog at the State Fair. She neither confirmed nor denied that she would be in Illinois tomorrow.

  239. He would be too scared to choose Hillary. She outshines him every time she opens her mouth. Nobody but nobody is going to bump him out of the spotlight. Nobody but nobody is going to rain on his parade!

    LOL…I feel a song coming on! 😉

  240. Tennessee – Rassmussen new poll.

    McCain now by a huge Margin

    When “leaners” are included, McCain now leads Obama 60% to 35%. Leaners are survey participants who initially indicate no preference for either major candidate but indicate that they are leaning towards either McCain or Obama.

  241. HRC please do not take that VP..I cannot think of you next to his makes me sick to my stomach to see you next to a fraud and a BIG LIAR!!!!!
    and please think of your 18 million..and quit agreeging with this assjerk BHO!! and pelosi and kennedy and reid and coward dean!!!!!!!
    he still cant close the deal ever!!! he cant even pick a vp canidiate.He will loose!!!!These people need to be voted out of office they are corrupting” The will of the People”.
    And Hillary your 57% Women and 45% Men of South Dakota been seeing signs UP for MCCain !!! In lotts and lotts of Bussiness and homes

  242. I can’t believe it is Hillary. I think Bill would have a fit. I lose all my respect for her if she decides to take the VP spot

  243. Analysis of Obama’s VP strategy. Interesting read. Someone makes a point that maybe they waited an extra day to let the McCain house “gaffe” dominate the news cycle.

  244. moononpluto Says:
    I have a horrible feeling its still Hillary and with him announcing a few hrs before the stage event, its less time for the bots to go into spontaneous combustion and ruin it

    Or for us to. 🙁

  245. Thats nothing when the men of America find out his middle name

    Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.

    Oh you’d change that. lmao poor bastard.

  246. Someone else reporting that several deliveries of flowers have been made to the Biden home today. Hmmmmm

  247. I’m still amazed that no one has actually done an official piece saying Clinton ruled out. Thats boggling.

  248. your right jan she Hillary outshines him 100 times..she make s him look stupid he just says those words umm’s and huhh’s
    i wonder what she thinks of that ,.im sure she is aware of his vocab,by now…lol

  249. Judas is grasping his 15 minutes of fame, because he knows he is going to become a despised has-been.

  250. Paula Says:
    Also, are we agreed that HRC said she wasn’t going to be VP, or did I misread her comments?

    She’s said several times that she doesn’t WANT it. She’s also said a few times that she doesn’t think she’s going to get it. Today on Fox was anohter ‘don’t want it’, I’ve heard. However now she’s also referring people to the BO campaing instead of saying she wll not GET it, which is a bad sign.

  251. susan estrich says she’s 100 per cent sure that it isn’t Hillary citing sources at the highest level

  252. moon, Maybe that’s because the media never seriously considered her a contender. She’s an after-thought to them.

    BTW, I wouldn’t read too much into the flowers being delivered, lol. Also, if it were down to Biden and HRC, would Obama really want to piss off her supporters by letting it appear that he picked Biden over her?

  253. ok bedtime for me, lets see tomorrow if its

    1 : blow hard and blow harder – Obama/Biden


    2 : Lady and the tramp, because thats what i’ll be calling Obama/Clinton

  254. susan estrich says she’s 100 per cent sure that it isn’t Hillary citing sources at the highest level

    Again, why even make it seem as though Hillary’s in the mix in the first place? I just don’t get it.


    I’m sure the papers have been scrubbed by now. Daly took care of that himself, no doubt.

  256. It also seems weird that HRC didn’t say flat out that she’s not the VP choice, and that she’s happy to remain in the Senate. Why not be clear-cut about it?

  257. Estrich says its for sure not Hillary?? Well, I am not voting for the ticket anyway, but I thought she earned the right to be on the ticket. He just a little Bas*&^%!

  258. Moononpluto and IDunn…you two are the best show in town…at least we can laugh…


    if it is Biden…then over and over it is going to be…well you, Sen Biden, are the one with the experience you should be at the top…what a mess…obama looks even more inexperienced next to biden…it is like he is picking a DAD…and the Dems lose a seat in the Senate…

    and how does Biden ‘turn the page’ on the old way of doing politics?

    he has been in the senate longer than Hill…longer than half the senate…he is older than Hill…he is an insider if ever there was one…and he voted for the war…and all the war funding.

    what a bunch of BS Obama has sold the Dems and country…

    air out of the balloon big time…

    susan estrich now talking about the ‘Biden tapes’ …poor Biden he is going to get crucified for this guy…

    Greta says dissing Hillary will outrage the women, she is going on about the emails she receives from furious women…I cannot believe how this guy has from nowhere and split the Democratic party … and he did not even show the respect to give the appearance of vetting her…

    two words…F—Y–!

  259. NOrma, I hope so too, because after this, he will get every woman that is pist at what BO has done to Hillary!

  260. Well, I can get Harriet to answer me now in the chat room, but she did say she found out on the ark news!

    Wouldn’t surprise me a bit, Con. I just have a hard and fast rule that before I latch onto something, I have some kind of confirmation from a credible source. Unlike the media. LOL.

    But thanks for these updates…they are a good jumping off place for me to do my own search.

  261. Well this is the headline over on the republican blogs, so expect it hard and fast.

    Joe Biden – The Original “Macaca”

    Is Obama really this much an dumb asshole.

  262. By the way, I found confirmation of the keys story in an arkansas paper last night. Very odd indeed that the shooter supposedly never worked for Gwatneys car dealership, and yet 2 sets of keys with the dealership emblem somehow show up in the guys house.

    Makes ya go hmmmmm, no?

  263. Idunn, Glad your investigating my reports. I just report some of the bloggers statements. Sometimes we find the truth in them.

  264. moononpluto,

    I hope you’re right . Have the polls improved for us since last week? The I’ve seen 52% of Hil’s for BO, 21% for McC, 27% ‘undecided’ or ‘sitting on their hands.’ I think some of the polls don’t know how to count people who say they’re protestng by staying home — they wouldn’t be ‘likely voters.’

  265. confloyd, if she heard it on the TV “breaking” local news, it may not be in the papers or online yet.

  266. Yeah, Harriet has been worrying about all these deaths, I think she is investigating a little on her own. She was really down about Stephanie and kept saying they need to investigate it and make sure it was a brain bleed.

  267. Idunn Says:
    August 22nd, 2008 at 10:17 pm
    By the way, I found confirmation of the keys story in an arkansas paper last night. Very odd indeed that the shooter supposedly never worked for Gwatneys car dealership, and yet 2 sets of keys with the dealership emblem somehow show up in the guys house

    Is the dealership beinig secritive or something? Why do’t they just look in the employee records to see if the man was employed there?

  268. I think there is a tremendous amt of misinformation being handed out, Paula. I don’t know obviously who’s lying to whom or why but things don’t ring true

  269. Is the dealership beinig secritive or something? Why do’t they just look in the employee records to see if the man was employed there?

    Apparently, they did and he wasn’t. He was working at Target up until a few days before the murder. So far, they can’t seem to find any connection between him and Gwatney.

    So…what the hell was the guy doing with the dealership keys in his house? Odd.

  270. This is from the Arkansas Times, August 21. He liked guns and according to this republicans.


    Our Arkansas Blog ( provided continuously updated coverage of the developing story last week about the shooting of Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney and background on the killer, Timothy Dale Johnson, 50, of Searcy, a stocker in a Conway Target store. At press time, police were still silent about the contents of a personal computer and other paperwork that might offer clues to Johnson’s motivation.

    Some details absent in many press accounts, but reported on the Arkansas Blog: Johnson, who had a prescription for Effexor, an anti-depressant, owned at least 16 weapons, mostly long guns and including a couple of semi-automatic military M-1s. He participated in high-powered rifle competitions with a Cleburne County gun club, but was said to be a mediocre shot. He stopped attending gun club events after he couldn’t persuade other club members to start a competition in which shooters in cowboy garb shoot at Wild West-style targets. A female employee of a Searcy dentist once complained to Searcy police about unwanted overtures from Johnson, including a “disturbing” letter. An ASU-Beebe classmate told of Johnson’s reported dislike for Democrats. Most of his primary votes, but not all, since 2000 were in Republican primaries, including the February presidential primary. Finally, one of Johnson’s last stops before shooting Gwatney was a visit to his Cabot hair stylist, where he stopped to inquire about the progress of his haircutter’s pregnancy. He then drove on to Little Rock.

    It all adds up to … who knows?

  271. Here’s another bit of interesting info regarding the story. The DNC extended an invitation for Gwatney’s widow to stand in for Bill on his superdelegate vote at the convention. Now, Bill was an HRC superdelegate up until HRC suspended. he then threw his support behind Obama. So…how will Bill’s widow vote?

    Stay tuned.

  272. And who will they extend the invitation to for Stephanie? Her son Mervyn should be treated with the same respect as Bill Gwatneys widow, imo.

  273. Greta just showed a 2007 interview with Biden where he said he’d turn down the VP job if offered. Of course they all say that.

  274. confloyd: Regarding Stephanie, I’m sure a CT or MRI scan was done, which would show a brain bleed.

    BTW: I just got back, and you guys are cracking me up. I’m about reading to p***my pants.

  275. Paula.that’s no big deal that Biden denied it. They always deny it, and say they didn’t get the call til just today….

  276. I half way expect Gomer Pyle to walk out tomorrow and say, “Are you surprized? Are you surprized?”

  277. birdgal, I think people are just petrified with everything that has gone on and are imaging extra stuff. THe cheating, the rigging of the caucas’s and the rules meeting may31st. People getting shot, death threats, forcing SD’s to support BO. If you really stand back and access the situation, we should all be very afraid!

  278. Anybody know her next door neighbors? We could call and ask them.

    LOL…let’s call in a pizza and have flwers delivered to her house and see if the press reports any “hrc veep activity”.

    Why not? I’m bored.

  279. Mollyrichards, I wish we did know her neighbors, I want to know if there are camera trucks by her house.
    Don’t you imagine it would be awful to be Hillary’s neighbor?? The media always there driving everybody nutz!

  280. [[ On being asked her feelings on not being considered for VP, she did not respond that she had never wanted to be VP, anyway; she said, ‘I never said I wanted to be VP; I said I would do whatever was required of me toensure a democrat in the white house ]]

  281. SEARCY, Ark. (AP) — The sheriff’s office says a search of Arkansas gunman Timothy Dale Johnson’s home turned up 14 guns, antidepressants, his last will and testament and a Post-It note that bore his victim’s last name and a telephone number.

    Police are exploring possible links between Johnson, 50, and Arkansas Democratic Party chairman Bill Gwatney, 48. Johnson shot Gwatney to death Wednesday and was killed by officers after a 30-minute chase.

    Gwatney owned three Little Rock area car dealerships and Wednesday’s search of Johnson’s home turned up two sets of keys for vehicles from Gwatney car lots. The guns included a pistol and 13 long guns.

    That number on the post it note next to Gwatney’s name? Not Gwatneys.

  282. confloyd, Hillary’s house has Secret Service protection. I seriously doubt the media is allowed too close.

  283. these idiots on tv there rambling on who bo will pick,jesus lord almighty,do these media people know how stupid they are with there bullshit and hanitty said its biden…he said on his radio show today eh didnt sign up to be on the text message..
    hillary is actually getting some free air time,and i hope it pisses BHO offf. The BIG liar!!
    she takes his spotlight too..haha

  284. I’m not sure that video proves anything, actually. She just said it wasn’t something she sought, and she’s said that numerous times. No ever admits they want the VP nod anyway, lol.

  285. H4T, Yeah, I guess she doesn’t lead anywhere near a normal life. Do they have to be in the house with them. I always wanted to know that? She said in her book, that the secret service man was going to stand in their bedroom in the White house and she made them stand by the door outside! I just can’t imagine having someone guarding me all the time, but hey if you opponent is knocking them off as fast as BO is, its probably best!

  286. the reporter asked: do you still want to be VP?

    Hillary said: I never said I did want it…I said I’d do whatever is necessary…..

    In other words, if asked, she would be VP

  287. I would hate to have that kind of intrusion in my life, especially because you have to have it the rest of your life. What if you wanted to throw a plate at your husband, the secret service would be their protecting him!

  288. Speaking of free airtime, Admin, can you embed that Video from CNN. Hillary looked and sounded GOOD, folks. She was her old self. I know it must’ve been a hard week for her with the loss of her good friend.

  289. On the pumapac blog, I just read a post from a woman who tricked her annoying co-worker by texting him that McCaskill was VP, lol. It had me LMAO.

  290. If Biden is VP I’m sure the McCain campaign has videos of some of his interesting comments over the years. Wasn’t Biden all over the place in 2004 advocating McCain for Kerry’s running mate? That would be a good video to run tomorrow to compete with the 16 hours of coverage planned by MSNBC.

    Also, if it’s Biden, I can’t see Hillary’s fundraisers/bundlers suddenly getting all excited motivated to raise cash for Obama. Without Hillary, Obama will not only loose votes but also funding sources I would think….

  291. confloyd: Hillary has two houses (oops!). So we’d have to first ascertain where she is tonight. When she and Bo had their secret meeting in DC, there were tv trucks all over the place. I am sure the neighbors were crazed.

  292. Paula: The GOP has a video clip of several democrats saying positive things about McCain. Biden was part of the group, as well as Kerry.

  293. What?! Two houses?! And all this time I thought HRC cared about my family!!

    That’s it. I’m voting for the dude with only one house.

  294. Molly, I remember that, doesn’t she have one DC or Virginia as well as the one in New York? The little jerk better tell us tomorrow early, I have to go see my granddaughter.

  295. paula lol…you guys are funny…
    molly so i am glad she is back to her old self. i worried about her.
    she is so full of humor and hard work…and she always sounds great..except when she says that crap we will elect bo as president,on that speech of hers conceding. You won Hillary the Popular Vote the will of the People Comes first before BHO Pelosi reid Coward. kenndey.kerry brazzille..oh nnnooo noo hillary lol..never will i ever vote for a Liar! or for those in that corrupt DNC.

  296. Confloyd: I don’t know about NY city. They have one in Chappaqua (sp?) and one in DC. I am sure you can’t just walk up and ring the bell like the Avon lady.

  297. Norma

    Sorry for typos…typing with one hand, smacking skeeters w/ the other…btw are you using a canoe or car these days?…speaking of the skeeter problem, you will be hatching in a week or so, I think?

  298. Another thought occurs to me..couldn’t the McCain campaign make the non-choice of Hillary as running mate an issue as well…relating it to Obama’s judgement and also the judgement of the Democratic party who is ignoring the votes of 18 million members?

  299. Idunn, I just reread that stuff on the shooter. I did not realize they found a post it note and phone #, wonder whose number it was?? I guess they are not telling us that. Sounds like a hit job to me!

  300. Maybe this should be Obama’s new ad:

    Hillary Clinton owns 2 mansions. John McCain owns 11. Barack Obama has stood up for single mansion ownership. Why? Because, having MORE than one mansion means your out of touch with regular folks. Think about it. Go on…think. I said THINK, you gun toting, god clinging, terrified of people that don’t look like you, small town idiot!!

    “I’m Barack Obama, and I approved this message”

  301. Besides: Barack’s mansion is close to his constituents who freeze in the winter due to substandard housing conditions.

  302. Rumor mill has it that Biden is a decoy for throwing the media off. Speculation that veep will be Judas….even Larry Sinclair…..whistle-blower (no pun intended) thinks it’s BR.

    Makes sense………BHO trying to raise plummeting polls with speculation and Game of Clue…..leading press on scavenger hunt………………”scavenger” is a good description of an Obama/Richardson ticket.

    Berg could expand his lawsuit filed yesterday – Aug 21 – in PA, since Richardson ALSO doesn’t meet the requirements for the Presidency………….his Mother citizen of Mexico,,,,,,,,,,,also makes him “naturalized citizen” under U.S. Constitution law at time of birth…………… two ineligible candidates conspiring to SEIZE the United States Presidency………

    ecause BHO needs to expand some base – ANY base – he figures this will secure the Latino population……….not so sure about that.

    Bet it’s Judas. Two fraudulent narcissists/traitors.

  303. Idunn, this is some scary shit happening in the primary, of coarse the primary has been over feb. according to Obama, bad stuff. I hope we can stop the idiot without all of us getting locked in a church and burned to death!

  304. that means dont go to chicago to live you be freezing if your for Barack’ll live in the manholes..
    thats his true constituents.

  305. Let me ask you all, why does a family of 4 need a three story house?? Doesn’t that seem a little excessive to you all. I wonder how big a carbon footprint he is leaving with that amount of square footage??

  306. readin the puma
    Bill Richardson will be on the toilet patrol with the rest of those traitors…..

    KISS MY GRITS you creep!..Lmao!!

  307. “Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama has ruled out Senator Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate, a senior Democratic official told CNN on Friday night.”

    “Clinton — Obama’s main rival during the primary season — has been informed by Obama’s campaign that she is not his choice to be his vice presidential candidate, the source said.”

  308. Think BHO/Axelrod strategy is that Judas represents demographic that equals female gender issue……his way of extneding olive branch……….ARE YOU KIDDING?!?

    Every move BHO/Axelrod make….guaranteed to anger HRC supporters more and more……to not only diss HRC by “not vetting” thus seriously considering…but to choose the TRAITOR to she and BC – the President who put Judas on the map…………

    Big Dog needs to unleash on BHO and Judas in January after McCain victory……………talk about eliminating HRC debt with PLENTY left over…………for her 2012 VICTORY LAP………………..

  309. Wow, Biden over Hillary? Obama is an arrogant fool. Of course, we already knew that. The GOP is laughing hysterically right now.

  310. Obama/Richardson ad needs to feature Judas on sofa with BC watching Super Bowl, using analogy of the ability of Judas to negotiatiate with his enemies while pretending to be their friend……sor of like a Latino Putin

    Not only “dumb and dumber,” but “dirty and dirtier.”

  311. Paula, Maybe they are happy and congratulating each other for a job well done. I still think there was a conspiracy on both sides to keep her out.
    I just hope the convention floor will be an all out brawl.
    What a stupid stage, and the money it took to build and he is talking about Cindy’s houses.
    Here we go folks the Showboat express vs. the Straighttalk express

  312. Birdgal, I thought of that earlier! LOL


    Airboats required on the other side of the state. They are predicting FORTY EIGHT inches of rain across North Florida tonight as Fay passes over. Here….drizzle all day. East Coast…destroyed by floods.

    Panhandle will be a mess too

    FOUR landfalls by tomorrow and two more systems on the way

    Glad I’m heading to Denver Sunday

  313. /
    August 22, 2008
    Source: Clinton has been told she’s not the VP pick
    Posted: 11:01 PM ET
    From CNN Correspondent Jessica Yellin

    Clinton has been informed she will not be Obama’s VP.

    (CNN) — A senior Democratic official who has spoken with Senator Hillary Clinton tonight tells CNN that the Obama campaign has communicated to Senator Clinton through private channels that she will not be Barack Obama’s vice presidential pick.
    Filed under: Barack Obama • Hillary Clinton

  314. The paper here, which I tought was Rep, said the house controvery just did McCain in. Now I know why they are losing readership.

    Your wife and you having a couple of homes an you not knowing the exact count make you a fXXX Up.

    But not have the 2 a.m. response to Russia/Georgia,

    and not giving the American People any straight answers in the Religious Debate,



  315. confloyd, I was thinking that as well. Private channels? How insulting can you get.

    Well, this guarantees a convention filled with fireworks, lol.

  316. Yeah BHO/Axelrod..pick Richardson…….pick Judas, since you both represent everything that is the antithesis of Christ-like….fits right in with the traitor Judas….feeds right into the hands of the GOP……

    Judas, who told BC he would support HC….then betrayed the very man, President Bill Clinton, who is responsible for his political career………I TOTALLY believe James Carville on his stated fact that Judas assured BC on more than one occassion he would support HRC………..what a complete POS……..

    Recall the visual of BR, JE, HRC, and BHO – the final four – on stage debating. As we – and the world all know now….the ONLY one with any character, decency, and integrity between the four left….was HRC

    She smoked Biden, Judas, JE…………and beat BHO in popular votes……BIG must wins states, and if delegate allocation had been fairly distributed and not a corrupt “caucus carcass” SET-UP..she would be far and away the nominee of the True Democratic Party……………GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  317. FYI – A Philly TV station confirmed that the Secret Service had been dispatched to take over security for Biden. His son, Beau* (the DE State Attorney General) was seen leaving Biden’s home with his family tonight – huge smile on his face as he drove away.

    You don’t have to wait for your text message from Barry tomorrow – I’m telling you: Joe Biden is Barry’s Veep pick.
    *Recall: The one who had a DE warrant for arrest of Larry Sinclair at the National Press Club in D.C. Anyone want to dispute this is part of a thank you present from Barry to Joe?

    From a poster at Riverdaughter.

    The RNC is going to have a field day with this one. Biden is about establishment as one gets. I wonder, how the bots will justify this one.

  318. That little bas(*&Ds has insulted the Clintons for the last time, they all will pay in NOv. I pray McCain will have enough sense to have a woman, Carlie woman could take on Biden, she is smart as a whip.

  319. It’s Biden. Secret service just took over his security, according to the someone watching Philly news

    A Philly TV station confirmed that the Secret Service had been dispatched to take over security for Biden. His son, Beau* (the DE State Attorney General) was seen leaving Biden’s home with his family tonight – huge smile on his face as he drove away.

  320. NewMexicoFan:

    Is the news publication you are mentioning in New Mexico, home of Judas….that’s saying houses did McCain in? Just wondering……

  321. Secret service detail is on it’s way to Biden’s house–report from ABC

  322. I hope Hillary just walk away from the One in Denver and that Bill Clinton does his GREAT political adlib aimed at Bambi

  323. Beau Biden is the DE AG who had Larry Sinclair arrested on bogus charges immediately following his NPC speech this summer.

    Knew then that Sonny Boy was running interference for Dear Ole Dad….Larry Sinclair said BHO had gone on vacation to Hawaii via DE….more conspiracies…………

  324. I think if Sarah Palin or any other woman were against Biden and Biden acts angry like he usually does it will make him look quite bad in contrast.

    From what I’ve heard about Palin, she is smart as a whip and tough. Would be an interesting debate…

  325. boooooooooooooh biden
    biden knows squat about the economy. he does foreign affairs. he writes the bankruptcy bill. he writes brutal crime bills. he has sat in the senate since nixon in 73. obama-not hillary-blew up the party tonight.

  326. LOL! Comment on a blog:

    Obama at the podium tomorrow: “I would like to introduce my babysitter, Joe Biden.”

  327. confloyd:

    Romney didn’t back down any at all during Republican primaries…if Biden were to get all arrogant and hauty with him…the insider since age 29 in D.C., Romney would be quick to tell him a thing or two about Eco 101 in the REAL world…

    I can see the two of them going at it…with both trying to one-up each other. Thing is, how in the hell can a Senator from DE (sorry residents of DE) know a damn thing about the economy…really?

    BTW confloyd…as one Texas nurse to another…good luck at Woodlands interview….just made job change myself for the much better…will have to check out your business-in-the-making too….sounds like places I have been in the Texas Hill country as well as good ‘ole East Texas Piney Woods/Big Thicket……can’t beat a good Texas waterin’ hole…..Willie Nelson…Luckenbach, Texas-style.

  328. Heeee…. I went over to the Democratic Undergound and the feelings on Biden are mixed over there.

    Evidently Candy Crowley reminded CNN viewers tonight that Biden once said Obama isn’t ready to be president … lots of fun video on the way I think…

  329. American Gal: “lots of fun video on the way I think…”

    I bet the Gop has them ready. They have been talking about Biden, so I think, they are primed to go.

  330. Curiosity-Thanks, I had no idea you are a nurse. As far as Romney goes, just as long as he can hold up to Biden. I really just wanted a woman, but then again, there is only one that could make mincemeat out of all of them and DNC booted her. Thats OK, now I am looking forward to watching the SSObama go down in flames!

  331. confloyd-

    You had mentioned rough-sawn lumber tables, etc. Sounds really neat. Ever been to the Salt Lick in Driftwood Texas, right on the riverbank south of Austin? So relaxing, you NEVER want to leave…out-of-the-way place…good place to turn back the hands of time…….

    With the tumultuous present situation…sounds like a good place to be about right now.

  332. People expecting Hillary as VP, both voters and delegates, will wake up tomorrow to the non-stop news of Biden. I wonder if the Obama campaigns little game this past week to build up expectations for the announcement won’t come back and bite them in the rear.

  333. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……..they say it isn’t Kaine…..he was my second choice…

    yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..they report it isn’t Hillary…whew!

    well, I’ll just hope for my first choice: Giuliani!!!!!

  334. SORRY…


    my computer bit it!!!!
    my son reinstalled windows and i lost all my stuff,
    and now everything is all shiny and new, and i
    cant find anything… 🙄

    anyway, i was going nuts without my computer…
    i missed so much…
    what happened to all the stuff on the side?
    is it all gone, or is it just my computer?

    so i was in the bookstore, and looking at trash
    mags, and that trash magazine examiner, had a
    front page headline and picture of hillary and
    michelle o.
    it said beautiful michelle has been tortured by
    hillary, who has been talking disrespectfully about
    michelle. and spreading rumors, and insiders
    from clintons campaign, says hillary is jealous,
    and ranting and raving about michelle.
    article says michelle has told barack from day
    one, that she would not have ‘that woman’,
    anywhere near her kids, and would never let
    her philandering husband bill, anyway near the
    white house because of his lack of character.
    and they said that is why hillary was never
    vetted, cause michelle said no…



  335. from a poster at NoQuarter:

    Joe Biden, in 2007: ‘I think he [Obama] can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is.’

    ABC’s George Stephanopoulos: “You were asked is he ready. You said ‘I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.’”

    Sen. Biden: “I think that I stand by the statement.”

    (ABC’s “This Week,” 8/19/07)

  336. Speaking of Austin……..miss Gov. Ann Richards so much. A true believer and cheerleader for HRC and BC, she would have been a mover and shaker this past year for the nomination of Hillary. Like Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Ann had a heart as big as Texas…said it like it was….never backed down…and had an innate sense to see the next move coming…..what treasures we have lost in the very recent past…

    Richards would have been another great President. A woman’s place is in the capitol. Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, she just did it in high-heels, and dancing backwards. Sure could use some of Annie’s (and Molly Ivin’s) humor right now…

  337. Curiousity, my little Saloon is going to be very rustic and will have the complete flavor of Texas. I can’t wait, just waiting for those beer license’s. It is near a lake and has lots of water sports so I think it will go over well. We are looking at first of October for the opening. WE are in the process of building all our own tables, I just can’t wait. I did not tell you guys that my youngest daughter sings and will man the Karoake most nights. She has been singing since she was nine in all the church plays as well as the opening National Anthem’s at most all of her football games.

  338. Hey! Is nobody taking me seriously about Obama’s pick?

    1. Have you seen Mayor Rudy lately?

    2. Doesn’t Obama want a “big surprise”?

    3. Doesn’t he want a “security expert” and hasn’t Rudy told us a thousand times that he is one?

    4. Don’t you think there’s an admiration society between two of the great narcissistic…I mean confident….blowhar….I mean fabulous people who are the ones we have been waiting for?

    Fit: perfect! Message: interchangeable!

    You heard it here first! 🙂

  339. I’m relieved it’s Biden. Such a horrible choice. It again proves bambi is a risk-averse conventional politician. Biden brought nothing to the ticket. Babbling old man, only pundits like…

    If mccain makes a bold choice such as Sarah Palin, he will win, period. I am not holding my breath though.

  340. I hope mccain will not choose Romney. Romney is just marginally better than Biden. Both are not connecting with ordinary voters.

  341. Kostner, is there really a chance of the right wing staying home if McCain picks a pro-choice VP or someone like Palin. You’d think in a year like this they would accept virtually anyone the Republican nominee would pick if it would ensure a victory.

  342. Plus, I firmly believe that faced with an Obama presidency, they will not stay home. Maybe a handful, but not in any large numbers.

  343. I am SO relieved for Hillary! I hope she and Bill do what they have to do at the convention, and then disappear for a long vacation. I know she may have to put in an appearance or two, but for God’s sake, woman, don’t work yourself ragged for this loser!

  344. OH NOZ! All of Obama’s BFF’s are going to wake up to find that their extra special text message from their BFF Obama is not so special after all – it’s OLD NEWS!

  345. I just read an email from the DNC showing their awful ad about McCain’s houses and asking me to e-mail newspapers an anti-McCain letter.

    This is what I wrote (I assume they will never let this see the light of day):

    “The DNC ad about McCain’s properties is shoddy, sleazy, misleading and stupid. Is Obama saying that candidates should limit themselves to one mansion? Has he informed Kennedy and Kerry and Edwards and many others that investing their money in real estate should disqualify them from running?

    The McCain’s made their money honestly (unlike Obama) and have the right to invest in anything they choose. Besides properties, Cindy has invested in medical care for the poor around the world. Obama has invested in Rev Wright’s church and his own mansion.

    Let’s get back to the issues, Sen. Obama and stop the creepy, ageist, class warfare. Besides, first have clean hands.”

    Did I cover it? Make myself clear? Does anybody have a better idea?

  346. They chose Biden for his age and then when they attack McCain for his age it won’t look so bad, they can make it look like he just had alzheimer’s.

  347. Beautiful, freckles.

    BTW, the Republican blogs are ECSTATIC over Biden. They were really afraid he was going to pick Hillary. From RedState:

    As I told you guys earlier, it is Joe.
    No, we don’t deserve this, but by God the Lord is smiling on us.

  348. Sorry if this is a repost
    Caucus Fraud 2008

  349. AmericanGal,

    Sarah Palin is pro-life. She is extremely popular among conservatives. She has the rare combination of being able to attract base voters and being a reformer… I doubt McCain can go that far to pick her though.

    By the way, I browsed a few right wing blogs, they’re jumping up and down in joy over this bambi/biden disaster.

  350. Well good nite, yall. You’ve added humor to an otherwise truly pathetic situation.

    To quote a great ole song,

    “I been too long at the fair…
    And lord I just can’t stand it any more.”

  351. confloyd:

    Can’t even imagine the polling sites in Texas this November. If it’s anything like the crooked causus/carcass crap – and the likely skewed diebolds and all, then “Katy bar the door.” Although Texas solid red state, never say never when you’re dealing with a coup d’etat. Still can’t fathom HRC 18 million votes and we’ve been $#!+canned.

    On a brighter note…great timing for the opening of your establishment. October best month in Texas IMO. Festivals galore. Friday night football. Right before the opening of hunting season….us typical white people clinging to our guns and religion…first signs of Autumn, clear, brisk days, leaves turning shades of orange, gold and yellow…beautiful, picturesque driving down country roads…starting to sound like a John Denver classic. Bet your daughter can sing beautifully. This area has put many singers on the map…..George Jones, Tracy Byrd, Mark Chesnutt, Clay Walker, Zona Jones, to name a few….

  352. Besides being a plagiarist Biden is also a liar. After he dropped out the the primaries he said under no circumstances would he accept a VP nod from anyone. Here is an interesting piece about Biden which I am sure Mccain’s camp already has ready to run with:

    Name: Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

    War on Plagiarism Threat Level:
    Red: Severe Risk

    Occupation: Politician, US Senator (Delaware)

    Allegations: Repeated instances of plagiarism since the “stressless scholarship” of his college days

    Results: Circulation of “attack video” by Dukakis campaign torpedoed his presidential aspirations in 1987

    Known for: Glib oratorical skills and speechmaking

    Overview: Joe Biden’s history of plagiarism and “stressless scholarship” gave plenty of ammo to his enemies, one of them choosing to circulate a so-called “attack video” to demonstrate Biden’s outright plagiarism of a British politician’s speech. But this appropriation from Neal Kinnock was not the first occurrence of unacknowledged lifting by the senator from Delaware.

    In 1965 Biden plagiarized while writing a paper as a student at the Syracuse University Law School in a legal methods course which he failed because of that copied paper. Such “stressless scholarship” as it is euphemistically called has become all too common in the modern Internet era with countless cheatsites and “research services” offering to sell students papers on topics from A to Z.

    Biden’s case demonstrates that student plagiarism is nothing new. Only the methods of cheating have changed. Today, cheating has gone digital with the proliferation of Internet based paper filing and distributions systems, but the principles—or lack thereof—are the same. And as the Biden case illustrates, getting caught for such academic dishonesty may have serious ramifications for one’s political career. Joe Biden’s failed bid for the Democratic ticket is a case in point.

    “Stressless scholarship” may seem like a pretty good idea at the time that many students make that decision to ‘crib’, copy, or dowload a paper off the Internet, but in Biden’s case the plagiarism of his student days came back to haunt his bid for the democratic presidential nomination like a spectre from his past.

    In an article entitled “Biden’s Belly Flop”, Newsweek printed Joe Biden’s yearbook picture from his college days and a copy of his law school transcripts with the big “F” in his transcripts circled. Biden was given a chance to repeat his legal methods course, and above the “F” his retake grade of 80% was eventually penciled in. Being a repeat offender when it came to plagiarism made things much, much worse for Biden than they might have been otherwise in his failed bid for the Democratic presidential ticket in 1987.

    Senator Biden’s plagiarism of a speech by British Labor Party leader Neal Kinnock took place at a campaign stump at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. In closing his speech, Biden took Kinnock’s ideas and language as if they were his very own inspired thoughts, prefacing Kinnock’s ideas with the phrase “I started thinking as I was coming over here . . . “. Little did Biden suspect that video footage of this speech would be spliced together with footage of Kinnock’s speech in an “attack video” which would be distributed by members of the Dukakis campaign.

    Making the headline news in the New York Times, and the evening news on TV, the video was a stab in the back for Biden by his democratic competitor, and although he insisted that “I’m in this race to stay. I’m in this race to win,” the resulting publicity surrounding his unacknowledged use of Neal Kinnock’s speech was what eventually forced him out of the race. Name recognition was no longer a problem for Biden, but not the kind of name recognition which would assist his campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. His name was now a byword for plagiarism. His situation became a classic example of plagiarism for high school teachers and college instructors across the nation lecturing on the evils of unacknowledged source use.

    Biden initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming that this was just an inadvertent lack of acknowledgement. Yet there were other instances of rhetorical borrowing from speeches made by Robert F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey. And the fact that Biden had given other speeches using the Kinnock passages without acknowledgment suggested that the lifting was more than just an inadvertent oversight.

    As with Al Gore’s case, the perception existed in the public mind that Biden just wasn’t the real thing. He wasn’t authentic, didn’t have thoughts and ideas of his own, and was a malleable piece of clay being molded by his handlers to suit the political whims and fancies which they thought would appeal to voters. A Time magazine article by Walter Shapairo was pretty much on the money in offering the speculation that “In the end, Biden may be remembered as the candidate who truly offered the voters an echo and not a choice.”

    William Safire, former speechwriter for Richard Nixon, gloated in the New York Times over Biden’s demise, quoting a supposedly “embittered Democrat” who said, “I’m going back to Gary Hart . . . At least he didn’t steal that girl from some far-lefty in England.” And he concluded his op-ed column with a swipe at Biden’s ability to think apart from his speechwriter: “So my advice to candidates like Joe Biden is this: Do justly, love perorations and walk humbly with thy speechwriter. (I forget where I got that, but it has a nice ring to it.) ”

    With all the press he was receiving over his Neal Kinnock plagiarism courtesy of the Dukakis “attack videos”, Biden was quickly becoming the “most famous political plagiarist of our time”, as Thomas Mallon describes the unfortunate Delaware senator. It was just a matter of time before Biden would have to bow out of the democratic primary.

    Biden himself thought that all the attention to his rhetorical borrowing was “frankly ludicrous”, and the media analysts generally agreed, stating that is was “hardly a capital offense”, but as William Safire put it, “times have changed; you can’t get away with borrowing anything these days – not even an oratorical technique, much less a phrase or paragraph – unless you are willing to give the attribution.” If Gore’s loss of the presidency to George W. Bush in 2000 was more indirectly related to plagiarism, it is evident that Biden’s case is without question a direct result of his unacknowledged use of Kinnock’s speech as if it were his very own. This instance of plagiarism and the public exposure it received cut short the presidential aspirations of an otherwise gifted orator and statesman.

  353. Biden is a dumb choice by Obama. He doesn’t deliver a state, he doesn’t shore up any of Obama’s glaring weaknesses, and the only people who are really fans of Biden’s are hardcore left-leaning politico types. Voters never gravitated to him during his presidential runs.

    Not an exciting, dynamic, change-oriented selection in any way, which is what Obama needed. The Republicans really have Obama looking nervous and off his game. What a joke of an election.

  354. I think, Hillary is way too busy, to be bad mouthing MO. She has more productive things to do. MO isn’t worth her time.

    MO needs to think about, “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.”

    Biden- blah. Establishment, MBNA Man, insider, etc. Same old politics. Imagine that.

  355. JUst said on CNN, the Obama campaign has said Hillary is important in the party but not a good match for him as vp and for that matter in his cabinet. They don’t want her anywhere near him or his campaign. They mention Bill’s baggage, but they want him to campaign.
    How is this happening folks, they have to be blackmailing Bill and Hillary?

  356. Here’s from freerepublic, the extreme right wing blog…
    Could this be God’s early Christmas gift to us before November ?

    YES!!!! Thank god it wasn’t Hillary!!! That would’ve been a togh ticket to beat imho…

    ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!!!! Biden is beatable on the ticket…Hillary would have been tough. WHEW>>> this is great news!

    Biden, Seriously Undermining Obama’s Message on Iraq


    h t t p : / /
    Meanwhile, appearing at the New York State Fair Friday, Clinton said she has never been interested in being Obama’s vice president.
    I never said I [wanted the job],” she told reporters. “I have always said I will do whatever I can because I feel so strongly in making sure that we elect Senator Obama our next president.”

  359. I think when the fall campaign gets into full gear, Bill’s cardiologist should prescribe an extended vacation. He will need to rest up for 2012.

  360. Well, so much for the Obama campaign’s little text messaging stunt, after all that hype. lol

    Biden… what a boring, traditional pick. It negates Obama’s core message of “change”, which is the only thing he has going for him.

  361. Like I said, “People who live in glass houses, should not throw stones.”

    If they think the Clinton’s have baggage, the Obama’s have trunks full of baggage. Wait until the GOP lets loose.

    Go ahead, keep dissing Hillary and her supporters, and you will continue to divide the party. I think, this is their goal. I hope Bill tells them where to go, but I’m sure he can’t do that. They probably don’t want Hillary around, because she outshines all of them, and MO is bitterly jealous Their arrogance is astounding and profound.

  362. I am thankful that I won’t have to vote against the first women vp. So I am glad, I will have no trouble voting for MCCain!

  363. FOLKS, Now we will have a real chance to throw out Donna/Dean/Pelosi, I can’t wait! I am voting a straight republican ticket except I will vote for the democrat for governor

  364. ok…..I know i am late to the party……..again 🙁

    been listening to rush and hannity all day today, read up the blog and am all caught up to speed

    Biden huh…….. YEAH!!! Bayh is too nice to have caught in the BHO Nuclear fall out IMHO

    Personally, i’ve been thinking he’s going to drag out his bridezilla (MO) or brazilla (DB) as his Veep

    I knew our girl was too smart to get on the magic carpet ride over the cliff with BHO!!

    and is it funny how BHO constantly has the American Flag UPSIDE DOWN all the time??!!! did you notice the DNC stage design MO designed???

  365. Obama/Biden 08′ eh? Wow. They couldn’t have given Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh a better early christmas president. This is good. McCain has some decisions to make. This is great that Hillary didn’t get forced onto the Titanic that is the obama campaign. Same old race, 2 old men versus a likely 2 old men.

  366. confloyd: I may have to volunteer for McCain. I can’t believe, I said that. BO is dangerous for this country. For one thing, in addition to his destroyer full of baggage, his poverty bill for Africa will bankrupt this country.

  367. Agreed confloyd. Blackmail or blackball.

    Well, guess what. The Clintons are capable of doing what it takes to beat them at their own game. The two of them – HRC and BC – are probably the most adept at holding their noses.

    Like world leaders in ancient history that came back again and again, regime after regime, they will perservere. They have integrity and the well-being of this country and its’ citizens as their driving force. Not trying to create a Marxist state, they represent all that is good and decent about our nation. For that reason, they will stand the test of time.

    Bambi/Biden – the Xerox Twins (love your analogy) will be shredded by McCain and the GOP. We will make confetti out of them for a ticker-tape parade when The One is defeated.

  368. Wikipedia: “Since 1991, Biden has also served as an adjunct professor at the Widener University School of Law, where he teaches a seminar on constitutional law.”

    …McCain will now be able to go after both Obama and his veep for being elitist, egg-head law professors.

  369. Djjia, Glad to see you again, the idiots at the DNC haven’t look at our flag in years, so they don’t know which way it hangs! LOL!

  370. Wikipedia: “Following the September 11, 2001 attacks, Biden was supportive of the Bush administration’s efforts, calling for additional ground troops in Afghanistan and agreeing with the administration’s assertion that Saddam Hussein needed to be eliminated. ”

    Now Obama will never be able to score points off “I was against the war” without having McCain respond with, “yeah, but your foreign-policy guru VP was for it, so chill out”

  371. If I get that new job, my first check I am sending McCain some money, but folks we need to help Hillary with her debt!!!

  372. Already heard one talking head call Biden “the adult on the ticket”.

    Man, does that make Bambi look bad – needs the old man to prop up Junior.

  373. Biden has a dark history of lying about himself and exaggerating about his accomplishments. Two peas in a pod…

    Wikipedia: “Then in September 1987, the [Biden presidential] campaign ran into serious trouble when he was accused of plagiarizing a speech by Neil Kinnock, then-leader of the British Labour Party.[24] Though Biden had correctly credited the original author in all speeches but one, the one where he failed to make mention of the originator was caught on video.[25] Within days, it was also discovered that, while at Syracuse Law School, Biden had plagiarized a law review article in a class paper he wrote. Biden said the act was inadvertent due to his not knowing the proper rules of citation, and Biden was permitted to retake the course after receiving a grade of F in the course. Biden also released at the same time the record of his grades as an undergraduate which were C’s and D’s with the exception of two A’s in physical education, one B in a course on English writers and an F in ROTC during his first three semesters. His grades improved later in his undergraduate career but were not exceptional.[26] Further, when questioned by a New Hampshire resident about his grades in law school Biden had claimed falsely to have graduated in the “top half” of his class, (when he actually graduated 76th in a class of 85) that he had attended on a full scholarship, and had received three degrees. In fact he had received a single B.A. in history and political science and had not received a full scholarship.”

  374. LOL about all the upside-down American flags. Certain it’s deliberate on their part to symbolize the undoing of the USA. It is really a symbol for SURRENDER…what a bunch of dumbasses.

  375. LOL Birdgal

    well that is what someone up thread said , that MO helped design it LMAO!!!

    it just bugs me how his tickets had the flag upside down and now the convention stage does too

    I bet she comes in a sarong made of Indonesia or Kenya’s flag

  376. Biden criticized Obama a lot during the run-up to Iowa, he criticized his inexperience, defended Hillary a lot, and he criticized Obama’s statements, etc. This is going to be great for the republicans.

  377. I already sent McCain money. I want SO BAD to help with Hill’s debt, but I’m maxed out for the FEC, it wouldn’t help her – it would go into her GE fund, which she can use for her next senate race, but not for primary debt. 🙁

  378. The Clinton’s learned how to handle and rebound from defeat in Arkansas. Campaign 2012 starts November 6th (taking the 5th off the recover from McCain’s victory party on the 4th.

  379. Yeah, there’s a lot of footage of Biden disagreeing with Obama from all those debates… get ready for heavy replays from McCain, lol

  380. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” -Joe Biden

  381. Remember when Michelle blasted Bill Clinton after distorting his “fairytale” comment? You think she’ll blast Biden over “storybook”? Lol…such lying hypocrites, all of ’em

  382. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I was right???

    Bwahahahahaha. Freaking Biden??

    What a dumbass. It just shows how little experience he has and how “clean and articulate” he is.


    (me. after a $200 tab and 7 hrs in a car with a druggie)

  383. Don’t most political convention sets have an American flag somewhere or at least red, white, and blue?

    Is that pink on the Obama Denver Academy Awards setting for the DNC?

  384. Thanks Confloyd……. Good luck with that job! I am looking for work as well… hate to go back to work but who can afford not too?? 🙁

    as you all know, we moved last month and I am not fully settled yet, but getting there…….i do come to the big pink DAILY
    but for now i only have dial up, and usually my daughter is online …..preteens!! it was so nice having wireless we could all be
    on our computers at the same time …..oh how i miss fast speed internet!! hence why i NEED a job, so i can pay the $400 that dishnetwork requires to hook you up with their high speed arrrrrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhh!! you’d think if you spent $100 a month for tv service from them for the last oh….15+ years you’d catch a price break!!! but NO!……they must know BHO LOL

    at any rate…….. I love this list, not going anywhere…….. i just miss the ease of chatting with you all 😀

    CuriosityHme… I am sure its deliberate………but why isn’t anyone calling them out on it????

  385. work related. which led to the $200 tab to get rid of the memory. oC iit didn’t work. will drink tomorrow, too.

  386. hawk, I’ll research. Biden LOBBIED HARD to get McCain to run as Kerry’s VP. He praised him a ton during that time.

  387. H4T, this sounds like it could be a useful attack line for the RNC. Just my opinion, Biden praising McCain is like when McCain praised Hillary on Meet the Press, very useful

  388. Joe Biden’s an asshole. Nice pick, you Kenyan – – – – !
    Way to give the Repubs 8 more years!!!

    I still don’t put too much weight in these reports, though bits & pieces (like ABC saying the SS has been dispatched to protect Biden) would seem to indicate that’s the choice.

    However, Hillary breaking what had been relative radio silence these past few months (or weeks, it’s felt very long) to say what she said about not wanting it weighs heavily.

    I just hope at some point the actual rationale for not going to Denver and fighting till the last dog dies against these hideous excuses for (human beings and) Democrats becomes known.

    Because I believe she did want it and would have taken it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some very dirty pool wasn’t played behind the scenes with regard to the Veep pick, just as it was during the primaries.

  389. The GOP has a video of several democrats saying nice things about McCain. Biden was in that group. I saw the video on this site, or one of the sites that I frequent. I don’t think Biden is the best choice.

    Slogan: “The Xerox Twins.” Jeez, what fodder for the GOP. Fancy words, no substance.

  390. I SO HOPE McCain goes with Sarah Palin. She is sharp, and funny, and outdoorsy, and a mom, and a good-looking woman, and smart as a whip.

  391. Wow, I’d forgotten about that HillaryforTexas. Ironic that Biden made numerous cringe-inducing and hateful statements about race during the primary and now he’s Bambi’s veep? What a joke of a selection.

  392. I need more shots. Many more. This has to be a joke. What a dumbass. 😆 😆 😆

    Joe is giving up his seat and his power for this starfish?

  393. Beau Biden is the front man for the Old Guy. Sent out DE warrant for arrest (trumped-up charges) against Larry Sinclair at the conclusion of the news conference at National Press Club (same day as Russert funeral). It was later revealed they were bogus.

    So Boy Wonder Beau is a chip off the old block – another career politician willing to lie and make up charges for political gain. Sure sounds like abuse of power to me. What else might Junior fabricate to further “the cause”?

    Flush with new-found arrogance, Beau will be front and center in the cover-ups of The One and all his shady Chicago Combine dealings. The media blackout in Chicago over the many gay murder hit-jobs has kept the lid on the secret life of Obama. Their message to this community is to be afraid. Be very afraid. Strength in numbers, guys.

  394. For sure the Republicans are rejoicing, and really Biden is perfect, if they manage to game the voting machines, Biden is too old to run as President and Hillary will have an opening.
    She and Bill can sign a book deal and pay that off, of coarse, they may not be able to tell what really happened if they want to run in 2012.

  395. Blue, i heard from one of our oldies that there has been radio silence between Hillary and 👿 this whole time It confirmed what I heard from some state party folks. Hill was never in it.

    Personally, I’m glad for her. for Joe, very sad….

  396. Biden’s wise-guy, elitist, east-coast smirk ain’t gonna play well over in those Appalachian swing states (WV, PA, OH) and Missouri, NV, and other swing states.

    I’m so happy he picked him. Thank God it wasn’t someone who could actually help him.

  397. I guess 👿 is advocating that foreign policy be set by the VP….just like Bush.

    We all know who is Bush III.

  398. I wonder, why Biden was picked? The party is continuing the elitist image. How are the bots reacting? I hope, they did not have to pay for text message, especially since the stooge is out of the bag.

  399. America’s Coast to Coast with George Noory doing Obama Birth Cert interview with the lawyer who filed the suit

    AM radio

    largers overnight radio program in the world

  400. Birdgal – Why Biden?

    He needs the EXPERIENCE FACTOR

    EXACTLY what Hillary was dissed and ridiculed for using

  401. The Obamabots are trying to keep their chins up but you can tell that the announcement went over like a lead balloon. The news has been completely anti-climactic, because (a) all the hype over the text message was pointless in the end and (b) the pick itself was boring and lame. And has Joe Biden ever electrified a single voter? Of course not. He won a Senate seat in a tiny state 35 years ago and has quietly clung to power ever since. His presidential campaigns were total failures, if not fiascos.

  402. I wonder how much botox it is going to take to hold up that smile on Nasty’s face with Bambi loses???

  403. ooooo


    had a HUGE shot last night w/neighbor at 1:30am! Felt like crap all day today!

    she poured THREE INCHES of Jack Black over ice

  404. Djia

    NYT did a breaking news about it too

    Breaking News Alert
    The New York Times
    Saturday, August 23, 2008 — 1:03 AM ET

    Obama Chooses Biden as Running Mate

    Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware will become Senator
    Barack Obama’s running mate, The New York Times has learned.
    Mr. Biden made an early bid for the Democratic presidential

  405. Remember, when Kennedy said, the VP should share the “noblest ideas of the democratic party?” I wonder, if Biden share those ideas. I wonder what they are. Kennedy and Biden both failed college classes because plagiarism. BO and Biden have lifted other people’s speeches. The Xerox Twins is a very appropriate name.

  406. McCain: Ohio, Florida, both Carolinas, both Dakotas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Alaska, Nevada, Maine

    Obama: Vermont, Illinois, Iowa, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, DC, Maryland

    Tossup: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey

  407. HA!!!!

    Fox Radio says the report of Biden has come from DNC….

    But the Obama camp is still staying “mum” and plans to deliver the pick by Text, as promised!


  408. What does the Biden pick tell us about Obama? That he likes smooth-talking, wannabe egghead, elitist law professors like himself

  409. If nothing else, the lawsuit filed by Berg concerning BHO citizenship, will help to bring the issue out into the public arena – that will help in his defeat with independents.

    Remember how Nazi Pelosi pushed for Chet Edwards? Make no mistake, with his polls plummeting, the DNC – Dean/Pelosi/Brazile made the decision for Biden due to the experience and national security deficit in Bambi.

    Never Hillary in a million years was the word from the Three Stooges – CowardDean/ NaziPelosi/BoysfromBrazile – else “their” little empire is threatened. They must be assured their haven for Marxism survives whether or not Bambi/Biden do. Biden is ready to retire anyway…Bambi has put it out there about IL Guv…the next convicted IL Gov I suppose in a long list of felons.

    It is up to us – 18 million strong to unseat – de-throne the “Me-O” Trio joke of the ruling DNC hierarchy and restore democracy to the Democratic Party.

  410. Almost too good to be true:

    Obama friend Rezko to be sentenced one week before election
    By Natasha Korecki
    on August 20, 2008 11:14 AM

    By Natasha Korecki
    Federal Courts Reporter/

    A federal judge postponed the sentencing of political fund-raiser Antoin “Tony”Rezko, by nearly two months, after his lawyers said they need more time to put together a complex package for what could be a contentious hearing.
    The sentencing date now stands at Oct. 28 — one week before U.S. Sen. Barack Obama faces John McCain in the presidential election. Rezko is a onetime friend and former fund-raiser to Obama. It had been scheduled for Sept. 3.
    “This motion is not being brought for purposes of delay,” Rezko’s lawyers wrote in a court motion. “But rather to allow the defense to present its legal arguments in an efficient, complete, and thorough manner.”
    Rezko, 52, of Wilmette, has been housed at the Metropolitan Correctional Center since his June conviction. A jury convicted him of wide-ranging fraud, connected to taking kickbacks from state deals. Rezko was a top adviser and fund-raiser to Gov. Blagojevich and a fund-raiser.
    “The current sentencing date is simply not realistic given the number of issues that must be briefed in the parties’ sentencing memoranda, the number of witnesses that must be prepared to testify at sentencing, and the number of letters that must be gathered from family and friends,” lawyers for Rezko wrote.
    Neither the government, nor the defense have publicly disclosed the sentencing range they will argue Rezko should face. But other defendants convicted of similar crimes have been sentenced to numerous years in prison.

  411. curiosityhasme

    I agree…Berg being on Coast to Coast is HUGE, no matter what, as MANY people listen to this show and have never heard this stuff. It gets ’em asking and those who have doubts about the Kenya/Indonesia thing (nee Muslim) this will seal the deal.

    I’m off to bed all

    LOTS to do tomorrow

    have fun


  412. I can’t wait for the fall of the three stoges. They again repeated that Hillary will not be in the cabinet. Funny that they want everyone to know that with all the PUMA
    s converging on Denver?

  413. THe Republicans certainly cleaning up now, its forecasted to rain in Denver. THat preacher has been praying for rain!! lol!!

    Biden, Seriously Undermining Obama’s Message on Iraq

    Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

    As evidence, Republicans cited an ABC interview from August 2007, in which Biden said he would stand by an earlier statement that Obama was not ready to serve as president.

    On McCain:
    Biden, on a post-debate appearance on MSNBC, October 30, 2007: “The only guy on the other side who’s qualified is John McCain.”

  415. # Berkeley Vox Says:
    August 23rd, 2008 at 2:05 am

    What does the Biden pick tell us about Obama? That he likes smooth-talking, wannabe egghead, elitist law professors like himself

    Chickens Birds of a feather coming home to roost Flock together! 😀

  416. confloyd: they don’t mind throwing millions of people under the bus. They don’t want Hillary to have any limelight, because she outshines them all.

  417. Norma Desmond:

    Absolutely, gets it out there for the citizens who may not be political junkies like us. Amazing how little the public really knows about any of Bambi’s baggage. Drives me nuts.

    I remember blogging the TUCC website leading up to the Iowa caucus and having hourly meltdowns because NOBODY had anything negative to say, save a few bloggers – maybe one in five hundred.

    THEN, the choir director was murdered execution-style days before the Iowas caucus and my first knee-jerk reaction was that Bambi played a huge role. Why? Because of the media blackout.

    Since then…I have been on a MISSION to unseat this guy. Say what you will about Larry Sinclair…I totally believe his story…and CAN’T WAIT until the world knows the truth about this fraud.

  418. Here’s a typical post from an Obama-bot… they’re all deflated about the Biden pick:

    I just cannot get myself all thrilled about it

    ho-hum – it is fine – nothing thrilling — nothing so in the Republicans face

    I of course will vote for Obama regardless — but to me it is a letdown

    if true

  419. PUMAS, JUSTSAYNODEAL, TOGETHER4US, etc. Give ’em HELL for HILL, Wish I could be there in body, but there in spirit.

    Truly glad he chose Burned Out Biden…who has NEVER been able to get out of the starting gate in his life…what a wonderful huge mistake for BHO and his letdown, loser legions of Obamabots. Breaks my heart.

  420. They have played the clip of Biden saying Bambi does NOT have enough experience to be CIC. THis will be a massacre of huge proportions!

  421. Berkeley,

    You nailed it several times.

    I never thought Biden was a serious contender, for the very reason that as a proponent of the war he undercut Mr. Judgement.
    And he brings nothing on the economy, the No. Issue.
    And a lot of other reasons I won’t bother typing.

    Boy, without Hill on board to bulk up the ticket,
    that old Whitey tape is gonna hurt!

  422. Dija, Poor Judas, he has screwed up bigtime, he has stabbed his only friends in the back for a empty suit with a thick wallet, now he will have nothing!
    Cnn keeps saying that Bambi will not win, John King is even skeptical. Wow, everytime they play that clip of Biden saying he hasnt the experience needed to be CIC. THey have played it many times tonight, we will see it many times in the next two month!

  423. I hope they play that whitey tape during the convention, that would be so great!! Slap him right down and get him off his game and keep him down there.

  424. normally wouldn’t link to this site…….but!!

    some more pictures of inside the convention hall in denver
    and i totally am LOL at the comments below the fold

  425. Just to add… this is a very conventional (i.e. boring) VP selection. Obamabots should be very disappointed. For a good who claims to be different, there’s nothing different or hopeful about choosing another old white guy who’s about as establishment as you can get in D.C.

    Biden will bring his acerbic, loose-lips to the table. More fodder for the GOP.

  426. dija –

    Trying to figure out what it says about not being called out on the upside down flag. Besides the obvious disrepect ( like the redone Obama Presidential seal, changing the American flag from airplane to Obama symbol, off and on wearing of flag pin), confirms my suspicions that determined to dismantle everything sacred and traditional about our country – therefore OUR heritage. HOW DARE THEY! And they think we will support this horse$#!+?!?

    And yes, poooor Judas. Must be trying to keep his mustache and beard dry from all the slobber over coming so close. But alas, he will be in the cabinet as Sec of State? Certain that is why he disgraced himself and his state/hispanic community with the ultimate betrayal to the Clintons – for whom he owes his entire political career. For another chance at the Big Table and on the World Stage.

    One small hitch, Judas. Not Gonna Happen.

    Chance of serving in another Clinton administration would have been a better role of the dice. That would have meant standing up to the far-left though, and you’ve proven handily that you don’t have what it takes in the guts department. So much for prospective world leader. Gutless = Gone.

  427. confloyd,

    regarding your comment above, about how
    obama must be black mailing bill and hill,

    thats been my thoughts for sometime…
    they must have something on somebody…

    there is no other reason, bill would let this shit
    happen to him, or to hillary…

    someones been peeping in someones bedroom

  428. Ecstatic that CNN despondent over Biden.

    Hell, who knows – as much as the flim-flam, flip-flopper changes on a dime, we may see another VP emerge by tomorrow afternoon.

    Bambi may try to convince us that we all had a bad dream, like the beginning of a new season of Dallas. Jr was never shot, Pam wasn’t in a wreck, Sue Ellen was never a lush, and Bobby’s in the shower after all.

    His Melancholy Misfits would swallow that gladly, like everything else he pours down their guzzling throats.

  429. Confloyd and CuriosityHme………totally agree

    BHO……..IDIOT…….. and he thought Hillary would out shine him and make him look weak…….

    Biden couldn’t sit in the back seat and be quiet if you tied his hands behind his back and taped his mouth shut
    he’s got way too much opinion and ego for that…… it will be a non stop power struggle with those two baboons! LMAO!!!

    NObama NOvember !
    PUMA and damn proud of it!

  430. Curiosity

    I have had that same thought too……… but……. I think this is his pick and he’s stuck with it now
    if he FLIPS and FLOPS after taking an eternity making his decision on veep (which brings to question his ability to make a decision) he might as well pack up his Indonesian passport and head for his 1/2 brother georges hut in kenya to hide out now.

  431. More than the “blackmailing of the Clinton’s” aspect, the fact that he repeatedly states that he….. “intends to win this election; John McCain doesn’t know what he’s dealing with”…..could be just as simple as the fix being in on the diebolds across America, manned by the same corruption at the caucus/carcasses.

    Every few days, Lou Dobbs gives an update on the election fraud taking place far and wide, aided by these machines, with the results being counted by “outside” sources. Like The One states, “I intend to be the next president.”

    His confidence is more than arrogance if you ask me. It’s assurance as well.

  432. oh darn,… i nearly forgot….. who was it that is building a new bar?? confloyd??

    I wanted to say.. congratulations!! it sounds like a great place!!

    I have been a bar/rest. manager/Chef all my adult life (too many years to say now)
    hoping to have my own place one day too 😀

    Good Luck!

  433. I’m actually very relieved that it’s not Hillary. Lately I was having a little dilemma. The thought of voting against HRC felt very traitorous. I would’ve done it anyways, but I’d feel guilty.

    Now, I’m free to vote against the two plagiarists.

  434. The Biden move was totally predictable. I said it several days ago and so did others.

    The reason Hillary did not get it is soros. I have a qoute from a big insider (Iverson ) that Soros is running the party now.

    Confloyd–did you listen to Marcia on Plains Radio? They gave her a full three hours and she made the most compelling case I have heard against Bambi–and she issued one challenge after another to do their job–part of our goal was to provoke them into action. She was brilliant–as she always is. She and Hillary have two of the best minds I know which is why I encouraged all my friends here at Hillaryis44 to take a listen.

  435. Know what you mean filbertsf

    Now we can earnestly attack the New Democratic Party that has left us 18 million out in the cold. It’s not that we are for what the GOP stands for (patriotism definitely), but we are AGAINST the crazy, tyrranical, name-calling, corruption that now defines the DNC.

    What are they thinking?

    What I finally come away with is fixed vote counts. That is the only thing that makes sense at this point. He doesn’t need Hillary. They (the Three Stooges) will risk all regardless of the polls?

    It has to be that they have been able to payoff and secure (regardless of current polls, exit polls) the companies who count the votes. Plain and simple.

  436. wbboei, but didn’t Biden come out yesterday and said he’s not in the running? That’s what threw me off.

  437. Has to be the answer. Soros buying off companies who do official counts from voting machines.

    Paper ballots, folks. Or let’s all do what Oklahoma does.

  438. Biden stuck his finger in a light socket one night and that was the only time he ever electrified anybody.

  439. the obama camp is very worried about William ayers

    read their memo to tv stations:

  440. Confloyd: we dont need to worry about Poosie losing that smile when bambi bites the dust. We told her to see a taxidermist but no no no she wouldnt hear of it. So she went back to the plastic surgeon who performed the last five surgeries and said make it 6. Well they did and now thre smile is permanent.

  441. filbertsf Says:

    August 23rd, 2008 at 3:14 am
    wbboei, but didn’t Biden come out yesterday and said he’s not in the running? That’s what threw me off.
    I understand Filbersf. But we are not hearing much truth these days so I just decided to follow my instinct and on that level I saw it coming

  442. Can’t wait for the floor fight from Clinton delegates next week. Be so funny if they try and force Biden off the ticket and Clinton on it.

  443. Officialy Biden, fucking hilarious, Obama commits suicide, so much for hope and change, he picked the guy in Washington since 1972.

  444. One question – how are these two over-inflated, pompous A$$es going to fit in the same room.

    I hear that Biden’s acceptance speech will start on Thursday and wind up on Election Eve.

    What does Biden bring, er Delaware, wait don’t we have that one already? I can’t see a single positive he bring, he brings no states. Obama may have just lost New York now.

    Obama picks the one guy in Washington longer than McCain, how does he answer Bidens IWR.

    Basically it was anyone but Hillary, well guess what, we are so going to take you guys down, Big pink is out to take you down.

  445. The Rupublicans have named the 2008 campaign

    2008 Hero vs Zero : Keep the Change.

    So we got Blowhard and Blowharder.

  446. He chose the one guy who got less than 1% in Iowa and dropped out.

    Oh Well at least Delawares 3 electoral votes are locked in.

  447. They are creaming Obama on Biden

    Analysis: Biden pick shows lack of confidence

    So the question is whether Biden’s depth counters Obama’s inexperience — or highlights it?

    After all, Biden is anything but a change agent, having been in office longer than half of all Americans have been alive. Longer than McCain.

    And he talks too much.

    On the same day he announced his second bid for the presidency, Biden found himself explaining why he had described Obama as ”clean.”

    And there’s the 2007 ABC interview in which Biden said he would stand by an earlier statement that Obama was not ready to serve as president.

    It seems Obama is worried that some voters are starting to agree.

  448. Texan, bambi’s made a huge fuck up here and apparently from what i’ve heard Biden was not first choice, he was turned down. Its all over the blogs.

  449. We need to set up a betting pool.

    How long before Biden opens his big mouth and stick something in it.

    The Arrogance ticket, the ego’s of these two will be astounding.

  450. This is so funny. Biden has been a huge critic of Obama. He has siad he is not ready, he is not right for the job. Cannot wait till the McCain camp uses those words againts him. How can we vote for Obama when his vp dosnt even believe in him! This is fantastic!

  451. She never wanted the vp position. But the fact that he never considered her for it is symptomatic of his condescenion toward women. Here is what really happened on June 3:

    Insider’s Account:“Someone told the press that Hillary was going to get out on Tuesday night, but Hillary didn’t want to exit the race when someone else told her to do it (the media) and instead, decided she would exit on her own time, under her conditions. That was her last opportunity to actually call her own shots versus having the DNC, party officials and media do it. In fact, during the meeting today, she joked that she had realized that she wanted to be a person who “talked for a living”, as you always had work and the things you said didn’t even have to be true. Anyway, apparently, the idea that Obama isn’t going to be able to win the election came up while talking to the DNC/supers and the response she received was that Obama brought in a lot of new Democratic voters (and ultimately, a lot of new Democratic money) and thus, while the party might lose the election in the short term (the presidential election, that is), the long term would be good, as the party would have lots of new voters and money. The belief was that even though Obama might not be able to win the presidency, the fact that he had all these new voters” would help to ensure that the party won the congressional and senatorial seats in play in November. I asked if Hillary had read the comments posted by her supporters and was told that she did and that if she felt she could win the election (garner the superdelegate support at the convention), she would have stayed in the race. However, the DNC and supers made it very clear to her that they would not support her and that she needed to get out. The airwaves today were full of Obama supporters demonizing Hillary for not dropping out of the race last night. They went on and on about how selfish she is and how “dare she strong arm for the VP position”. I was told that she has never once asked for the VP spot AND that she hasn’t been talking to the Obama campaign at all about what to do next. She came to her decision on her own, but did indicate that she would use some of her delegate support to get the healthcare plan on the Obama platform. In typical Obama fashion, he allowed the media to go on and on for the last two weeks about how Hillary is staying in the race so she can be the VP. Today that rhetoric reached a ridiculous level and the hate directed at her was completely over the top. Again, no statement from Obama regarding the truth: That she had NOT asked or the VP spot. (In fact, from what I understand, Hillary has no obvious desire to be a part of the Obama campaign whatsoever. This seems good, as right now, people love her and she can exit this looking like the queen that she is. If she goes with Obama, then the media will say that they were right all along-that Hillary stayed in this after March because she wanted the VP spot…his supporters will also go crazy with that logic, as they have no idea that she stayed in for us and because she should have been able to win had the
    supers and DNC not been in Obama’s pocket.) Regardless, around 6:30, the media began reporting that Hillary would concede on Friday. Apparently, she hadn’t reported this to the media and they were again frustrated with the media’s attempt to strong arm her into conceding on Friday. Despite the fact that she was going to concede, she wanted it on her own terms. Thus, she decided to set a date to concede, but scheduled it for Saturday-one last
    opportunity to stick it to the media (we love Hillary for that). About one hour after that, Obama issued a statement admitting that Hillary did not
    negotiate anything before indicating she would concede. Once again, he believed it would make him look good to appear “gracious”, but clearly fails
    to realize that her supporters are not the idiots that he and his supporters think we are. It seems that today, his supporters are starting to figure out
    that they will need her supporters to win the election (though it’s too little, too late in my opinion…) and are attempting to opportunistically seize upon the moment.”What my friend does not mention, was that HRC did not concede Tuesday because the Obama camp said they were over the top but refused to provide any proof. Since most of the supers had promised not to come out until Wednesday, The HRC camp suspected (rightly, I think) that he was not actually over in terms of committed delegates. But, because Obama wanted to shift the focus away from his unexpected loss in South Dakota (they had predicted they would win by 15 points) and further media hand-wringing over his inability to capture the ‘working class white vote’ —and towards the “historic” character of his nomination—they claimed “victory” before they actually add the votes. A small thing, perhaps, but indicative of the dirty politics we have seen all along.”

  452. The thing people need to ask themselves is whether biden represents change or status quo as it relates to foreign policy. Now that bambi has made his move, McCain needs to pick Romney and I think bambi is trumped. If I were running one of those 527s I might devote one advertisement to biden’s gaffs, plagery and mistakes. He has experience in those areas but is that really the kind of experiece we are looking for. I might even have a guy that looked like him selling used cars and delivering Hennie Youngman one liners that make no sense and an obama button that said second banana.

  453. This is an old Zogby poll(July), but it proves Biden will bring nothing but negative ratings to Obama/Biden ticket…

    h t t p : / /
    Check out this Zogby VP poll from last month

    Biden was -16 among dems and -5 overall

    Clinton was +32 among dems and +5 overall

    A 50 pt swing among your own party

    Way to go, Senator!

  454. When your number 2 is stronger than your number 1 you’re in trouble.
    In my opinion this just points out Obama’s weaknesses even more. Biden is going to look like he is there to hold Obama’s hand all the way to kindergarten.

    How is Biden going to explain his comments, that Obama has no experience to be president, that clip will run run and run and then his statement that the WH is no place for on the job training.

  455. During another debate, moderator George Stephanopoulos referred to some of Biden’s comments on Obama.

    “You were asked, ‘Is he ready?’ You said, ‘I think he can be ready, but right now, I don’t believe he is. The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training,'” Stephanopoulos said.

    “I think I stand by that statement,” Biden replied.

  456. Anybody else worried that the biden revelation is just a ruse and that he will actually name someone else tomorrow. If so I hope his fans in the media are furious.

  457. I still think it was going to be Edwards and he got caught, heck Biden probably wasnt even 2nd choice.

  458. turndown, this has all the hallmarks off Teddy Kennedy in this. The NE elite liberals are all over this. They tried to do it with Kerry, it failed and if you think about it, if Obama goes down, who takes over, yup Biden, a dye in the wool kennedyite. This was all about taking the clintons down, i’m sure of it now.

    The NE brigade are running the show, they want their party back from the southern pack.

    The Dem ticket is totally from the North. The south is being pushed out.

    Wouldnt be surprised if they scuppered Obama now and put Biden in his place. Was the plan all along.

  459. Angry black guy selects angry white guy as VP. I hope Obama’s angry wife has consulted with Obama’s angry pastor about the choice. I’m sure Ayers is angry for not being considered.

  460. Tell it to me one more time:

    Biden picked a VP that Obama thinks has poor judgment (Iraq vote), a man who thinks Obama isn’t ready, a man who has been in Washington for more than 30 years, who will help Obama get rid of the establishment by …………….. ejecting himself (?), and who is responsible by commission and omission for Clarence Thomas, the one justice Obama objects to.

    (If you can’t remember that episode, look it up. Obama was craven and would have allowed Thomas to be approved without hearing from Anita Hill. When he was pressured into a hearing, he refused to allow witnesses who would back up Anita but did allow witnesses to trash her)

    Finally, Obama picked a man who said he would refuse the VP slot if offered.

    P.S. Richardson looks like he’s been strung along all this time and can’t stop explaining why he (Richardson) is a wonderful choice.

  461. Well this says enough already what they think of the windbag.

    Biden Prepares 50,000-Word Acceptance Speech

    The address, which Mr. Biden has been working on around the clock, is an abridged version of a 200,000-word acceptance speech that Mr. Biden wrote when he ran for President in 1988.

    According to those familiar with the speech, if Mr. Biden is tapped as Mr. Obama’s vice presidential choice the Delaware senator would begin delivering the speech on Wednesday night of the Democratic convention and conclude it on Thursday night.

    Representatives of television news divisions said they were undecided as to how to cover the Biden speech, but none were willing to commit to covering the speech live in its entirety.

  462. Double the Arrogance — Double the Fun! It’s Obama-Biden 2008

    It would have been very difficult to take a campaign like Barack Obama’s and make it even more arrogant. Well, yes, he can (si, el puede)! As if one back-slapping, smarmy Bullshitterer wasn’t enough for you, now we’ve got two!

    Well, let it be known today that the arrogance market has been cornered by the Democrat Party. They own it. It’s theirs. And Obama and Biden lead from the front.

  463. From Great Britain, even they are laughing.

    “The One” Chooses His Two : Biden
    Kinnock Copycat Windbag is VP Candidate

    We laughed this morning, Obama has chosen the the man who admired Neil Kinnock’s oratory so much he copied Kinnock’s speech – word for word. This will be Biden’s second try for the White House, the first ended badly in 1988 when he was caught lifting lines from Kinnock’s speech.

    Obama broke his promise to supporters who registered for text messages that they would “Be the First to Know” who was his VP pick. CNN reported it was Biden late last night. Hesitant Obama campaign managers decided they had to send the $3 million dollar text message and sent it at 3 a.m. EST waking a lot of East Coast democrats from their dreams.

    Biden dropped out of the 2008 race for the Democratic presidential nomination after a poor finish in the Iowa caucuses, but not before saying “I am not running for vice president, I would not accept it if anyone offered it to me. The fact of the matter is I’d rather stay as chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee than be vice president.” That quote will not hurt as much as other quotes McCain’s campaign will be replaying extensively – Biden gave a hard-hitting TV interview during his abortive 2008 run where he laid into Obama as too inexperienced to be President.

  464. Wwbbeoi: bad 4am start for me.excuse the error.Totally agree with you about poopsie and her derma-face repair agenda. Yor total is no doubt correct but may I add some repairs that may have been overlooked?She no doubt has one of those Dr.Dobermann emergency repair kits for old and more needy bags and hags that reqire 24/7 maintenance.This haste to cut copy and paste leads to a dog like determination to acheive the ultimate location of her inner self.Her Veterinarian assured her that “the closer the bone,the sweeter the meat”.Perhaps,in gratitude for her generosity in giving him some extra hillary votes to assure his nomination,OBama can close his pot tainted eyes.throw a Nigerian flag over her face and do it for His old glory’s sake.There you go Poopsie.Paid in full.

    BY the ever faithful Hillary loyalist ABM90

  465. Hey ABM90, at least now we can full throttle in tearing down bambi without Hillary in the way.

    Hillary 2012 here we come.

  466. Another talking head going on about how some people will not vote for him because of the color of his skin. they make me wretch. the color of his skin has absolutely nothing to do with why I will never vote for him. Never ever ever. Sending off a donation to McCain.

  467. moononpluto: Slow down.Patience is a virtue for all ages. I have always hoped for Hillary to be POTUS but then she might have been saddled by Bo as her VP.My take on this scenario now is that the Repugs feel that she is shelved and its back to the senate for her.There she will always hold the respect of both sides and may even replace spider Pelosi.Great for both sides as Hill is a genius at forking both sides to the middle where much can be accomplished and jusy 4 short agonizing years from now she will be the most important person on the political picture on this planet.So be wise and watch her evolve.You all can make it happen and my devotion and admiration for her may sustain me until her day arrives.On the other hand,If the convention explodes into a complete Hillary victory by the voices of justice and fairness,the results could upset Barack Hussein Obama’s honey dipper wagon and Joe the mouth that roars will be leaving town with the stinky one.

    By ABM90 OH what a beautiful and hope filled morning.Bring on Guantonemo Denver,Cages and all.

  468. henry, let the talking heads keep moaning about the race card. It only hurts Obama. This ain’t the primaries, and most Americans are SICK TO DEATH at this point of being called racists if they don’t want Obama.

    For them to keep whining about race only drives more people away in disgust.

  469. I am still laughing this morning at just how badly precious has stepped in the shit with this choice. He just got through telling us that he never would have appointed Clarence Thomas to SCOTUS, then he picks as VP the man who PUT HIM THERE!

    What an idiot.

  470. So far today i’ve heard

    Obama bin Biden
    Osama Joe Biden
    Obama Binliden
    Hope and Dope 2008
    Hope a rope and Dope a rope
    Smug and Plug 2008
    Smug Mug and Hairplugs 2008
    Zero vs Hero 2008
    Double the Arrogance — Double the Fun! It’s Obama-Biden 2008
    The Speech Thiefs in Chief
    Blow Hard and Blowharder
    The Batman and Robinette Show
    Bambi and Thumper
    Hiden and Biden
    The Olympic Windbags
    Plagurism r us
    Elite and Eliter
    Bullshitters in Chief
    Motormouth Central

    Did the schmuck not consider any of this coming. I wonder what will stick.

  471. Dear Hillary:As Yogi Berra likes to quote “It ain’t over til its over.More fun ahead for you Bill and sweet Chelsea.After you Clintons(Our Royal Family) have had you say in Denver at YOUR Convention.Sit back relax and watch the Fireworks in store for the DNC disaster trio Donna,Nancy and Howard.The great reaction you showed in your bit on stage about Barack and his pie in the sky dream of the parting of the clouds and his emergence as the chosen one to bring us all the best things in life.Namely the LEGACEY OF RESTITUTION.We are millions of friends out her waiting for the wrath of FOX and troubled Americans to pull down this anauthorized,unqualified and inexperienced and fraudulent new kid from the Chicago Muslim embezzlers machine.This dishonest and fixed nomination must not take place.Never in the history of our country and at my age has there ever been such a well funded an executed by some of the worst characters,such a blatant attemt to steal our freedoms.The race card that OBAMA introduced in Phila. was in his deck since his emergence from the jungle of death and poverty.Africa!!He chose his time his place backers and his cult to deal it from the bottom of the deck.Obama is not a friend to any one,any country,any religion,any party.They are just a means to a very disasterous end for the hope anpeaceful existence for all peoples of our country that MLK had fought for and it was growing and nurtured by Bill and Hillary Clinton out in front pulling the movement into the sunshine of reality. Fear not dear Hillary,we will always be with you,no matter where you serve our country.God bless you:


    BY ABM90

  472. *****oh by the way*******



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