Happy Birthday Bill Clinton!

Dear Bill,

Happy Birthday.

You’ve accomplished a great deal with your life since that August 19 in 1946 when you were born. Thanks for all you have done for us Americans and the entire world. Some Chicago idiots might find the peace and prosperity you worked so hard to attain for Americans a problem they want to run away from. But for us you were not only the “man from Hope” you also were and are the man of action and actual accomplishment.

Again, Bill, thanks for everything.

Bill, a lot of us at this Big Pink website are getting kinda antsy. You know we don’t like Hillary Held Hostage. We don’t like it and we hurt for her. Did you see how Hillary put on her armor and tolerated being in the presence of Richardson yesterday? How does she do it? What inner reserve, what inner strength drives her? She’s amazing.

What about you Big Guy? You must be hurting too. The both of you, for whatever reasons and whatever purpose are having to say nice things about Obama.

You should know we do understand the weird situation we are all in. The fact is that the stronger the opposition to Obama from us the freer you are to do what you feel/think you have to do. In other words, the stronger the NObama, NOvember movement becomes, the easier it is for you and Hillary to say nice things about you-know-who without the fear of this stumblebum actually getting elected and harming the country, and the more room to maneuver you and Hillary have to accomplish your strategic goals.

We understand that all Bill.

Our gift therefore, to you and Hillary and Chelsea (say “hi” to Chels’ will you?) is to give you all the room to maneuver you want. We won’t complain. We’ll bite our tongues, we’ll dig our nails into our own flesh, we’ll put tape over our mouths, we’ll put blinders on – we won’t complain. We’ll think of Guadalcanal and the need for sacrifice under fire for the greater good. We promise we won’t complain (though we might become violently ill).

So you and Hillary and Chels’ do what you have to do, we’ll suffer in quiet. That’s our gift to you on this your birthday Bill. But we are still not voting for Voldemort that guy who is not qualified.

Now that you have our gift Bill, we can talk.

Did you see that mess at Saddleback? Unbelievable wasn’t it? The guy that’s supposed to be the old guy was full of energy and the young guy did a “lude”. If it wasn’t the effects of a Qualude, B.O. should audition for the role of “Sleepy” in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

No wonder the Democrats that masterminded this Obama disaster as well as rational Democrats are getting worried. But it is not only the rational Democrats that are getting worried, the nutroots are getting worried too.

When Josh exhibits this kind of frustration publicly, we take notice. Josh is one of the cooler heads in the blogosphere. He’s not as prone to fits of temper as, well, I might be. And he has a solid background in journalism that gives him a certain gravitas that the corporate media respects. So when Josh starts to blow a gasket, even in his typically subdued way, it means something.

Joe and I know a lot of people in politics. A lot of them are very smart. They’re not the people you hate, the Cokie Roberts’ and the Mrs. Greenspan’s of the world. They’re the kind of people you like and you trust. And those people are now telling us that they fear we’re going to lose the election. What Josh said today, and what Josh has written between the lines of a lot of posts on his blog of late, is something we’re hearing a lot of from a lot of people. There is an incredible discontent out there with the way this campaign is being run. The fact that the discontent isn’t being recognized, isn’t being assuaged, is disturbing. People aren’t worried about the election, they’re becoming despondent about it. They’re not motivated to work twice as hard, they instead feel as if they’ve had the wind knocked out of them. This is far beyond a healthy skepticism as to whether Obama can win. [snip]

People need to see that Barack Obama has as big of balls as John McCain and, well, Hillary Clinton. [snip]

Just to be clear, this isn’t the kind of post we want to be writing right now. We’d much rather be beating the crap out of John McCain’s hypocrisy and rebutting the Karl Rove attacks on Obama. Anyone who read this blog during the primaries knows how strongly we felt about nominating Obama. Our commitment can’t be questioned. We really, really, really want a Democratic president. But, we’re not getting much to work with from the Obama campaign, hence this post. As John wrote, this feeling is pervasive. For some reason, Obama’s top advisers seem to be living in their own bubble and this campaign, which we all thought would be different, is starting to feel like Democratic campaigns of the past.

Don’t you love it Bill? They know Hillary has a bigger pair than weak sister Obama. We can’t stop laughing.

Also, it is finally penetrating these geniuses from the “Creative Class” that Obama is a flim-flam artist who flim-flamed them into believing this was a “new politics” campaign. They are still resisting the reality that Obama is just a cheap pol from Chicago who “played” them. At some point these nutroots will wake up and realize, just like Michelle, that Obama is “stinky“.

Over at The Atlantic they’re writing dialogs about the Democratic jitters too:

But what worries me is that, in this environment allegedly so favorable to the Democrats, the dream candidate of the party looks as if the wind’s been knocked out of him. [snip]

Michael Dukakis was up 17 points before the convention. And I heard this from the mouths of senior Obama campaign operatives. They assumed that he would be doing better by this point.. and did not roll their eyes at talk of a solid lead. True, it was ridiculous for McCain to try and lower expectations and insist that they’d be down 15 points.. but Obama hasn’t cracked 50. He wasn’t able to crack 50 even when the more weakly partisan Republicans weren’t behind McCain. [snip]

Maybe the right analogy is that Obama survived the Democratic primaries; he didn’t win them. He had an early lead, and he survived until the end; his lead was big enough to overcome Hillary Clinton’s comeback. Remember, in almost every state, the undecideds broke for her at the last minute. [snip]

If you ask: why isn’t Obama doing better in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio, that’s a legitimate question. [snip]

… well, in all of those states, Obama has lost ground to McCain over the past few months.[snip]

In at least six major states, Obama’s been on the air for weeks with harsh contrast ads against McCain, and the numbers haven’t moved. I forgot to mention: McCain hasn’t been on the air at all in many of those states, like North Carolina. [snip]

Already, the signals we’re getting suggest that convention speakers this year will be ordered to go positive and not make contrasts with McCain. The last time that happened, Republicans wound up fronting Zell Miller and Bush got twice the convention bounce that Kerry did. People are angry.. and if they’re not angry, they’re anxious. They want to know where Obama would take the country and why McCain can’t take the country there. And Obama’s campaign seems to be obsessed with proving that he’s a regular guy….well, he’s not. Not because of his name or his ethnicity or anything like that. Because he’s a half a term U.S. senator who is suddenly on the public scene. [snip]

… conservatives no longer have a problem with McCain. His support among the Republican base has shot up this summer. [snip]

Then why doesn’t Obama act like he’s fighting? Why does he tell fundraisers that he’s going to win? Why is he too cool for school? [snip]

On a higher level, I think that he came back from Europe determined to be the post-partisan Obama of 2004, the guy who brings everyone together, the guy who bridges differences. He thinks that that’s what the American people want. [snip]

Democrats always think like that. And then Republicans outmaneuver them. It always happens that way. Democrats are scared to be Democrats, and Republicans try to scare everyone about Democrats. I thought the party leaned from these mistakes.

He won’t fight, Bill. He’s a loser. A big lurchy loser. Dean/Brazile/Pelosi thought this was a big Democratic year and that anyone could win – even a loser like Obama. Now they are finding out that even in a big Democratic year they can’t get the loser elected.

Did you see the new polls Bill? Even New York is tightening up.

Do you think the Democrats will wake up in time, Bill?

Anyway, have a Happy Birthday Bill. Our love to Hillary and Chelsea.

Do you think the Democrats will wake up in time, Bill?


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  1. Oh, admin, what a great post! Really love it!

    Kat, please check out the, um, other site — just left you a little job message.

  2. Admin: Great words great wisdom great shot in the arm of all of the “Dynamic Duo”,Bill and Hillary and I too wish Bill a happy Birthday.I must remind you all that Old Dawgs sleep with one eye open.They always know what is coming next.I am sure we are all in for areal eye-opener in Denver.Watch Hillary Run.Run Girl Run.

    By ABM90 We keep reaching for a star and we keep see you.

  3. I honestly don’t think Obama is going to get any bump with his choice for V.P. He won’t pick Hillary and she is the only one who would have given his candidacy a boost of excitement. He really doesn’t have anyone else that would create much of anything for him.

  4. The two important questions to answer when the VP issue arises are, as someone said before me:
    1. What if the President dies?
    2. What if the President lives?

    Answering both with diligence is what makes voters come or go.

  5. Dear Big Dawg, Happy birthday! I know that you and Hillary have plans that can not be shared with the public, and I have not one doubt they are as good as expected by her [yours and Chel’s] supporters. Wrapped with love within your wish, as you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, please include that my little two-year-old great-grandson and his future children and their children will live in the kind of country that my underage father soldier fought for in WWII?

    Bill, remember when the American woman was revered by American society? Remember when the American family could, without fear, leave their windows open and their doors unlocked? Remember when groups of neighborhood children had the freedom and safety to play and go about without fear in our Norman Rockwell world? Remember when educational standards were such that Johnny could read? Remember when laws were on the books and enforced to protect the American family from limiting financing rates and usery in credit lines and mortgages? Remember when it was unpatriotic to be unpatriotic? Remember when the American women, men and children truly believed in the hierarchy of God, then country, then family, then others instead of me, me, me, me, me – “I am the one you have waited for?” Remember when we lived in an America without fear?

    Big Dawg, I want that America back, not for me for I am of an age that whatever happens I will be alright, I will be okay – but for my children’s children’s children. The only way we can have that America back, is to have an honorable patriot who loves this country and its families and children more than themselves as our leader, and that would be Hillary Rodham Clinton as President #44.

    Happy birthday, Bubba, and many happy returns. Take names and kick ass!!!

  6. Admin…please let me know if you got my email. My computer is being plagued with pixies this morning.


  7. Great post, Admin.

    The use of the Atlantic article really drives home how deeply sick the Democratic party is (remember I re-registered as an Indie bc the DNC sucks my ass). The folks here, the PUMA’s, the No Deal, the Count Me Out, the I Own My Vote people get to enjoy a nice case of schadenfreude for the next few months. Unfortunetly, we’ll also have to deal with not having the best possible president for all the crises that face us in the next four years.

    👿 will not win this. It’s impossible.

    BTW- both articles echo the sentiment I’m getting from Hillary people now with the 👿 campaign- there is absolutely no movement to change tactics and unify the party. Suggestions about policy and collaboration fall on deaf ears. They’ve been talking until they’re blue in the face and no one from Team 👿 has been listening.

    Instead, they have been walking around like they have this thing sewn up. They pretend they know WTF they are doing regarding policy and strategy. Getting the helpful reach around from Howie and Donna does not a winning candidate make. Frankly, he never won. She did. More votes, more people and did it cleaner, too, without gutting fellow Dems. She has proven herself to be a party player. How the DNC could screw her like that is still beyond me. I think it’s driven by Howie and Donna and not old party leaders who mostly remain under radar.

    Anyhow, my two cents. Denver will be interesting.

  8. I love Roseanne 🙂


    August 18, 2008

    democrats want to lose

    and therefore did not fully vet the candidate they shoved down everyone’s throat. I am the first blogger to blog about Obama’s abortion vote and how it would become the october surprise…they have michelle obama on tape defending live birth abortion, and raising money for it too…(they called this “the whitey” tape, but its far better than just that kind of a boring thing…she is on tape defending sucking the brains out of babies who live through late term abortions). This is the greatest gift pelosi and dean can give to the republicans they work for. It took alot of doing in order to throw this election to the republicans after iraq, katrina, and the economy, but pelosi and dean found a way!

    Oprah Winfrey always gets her republican friends elected!! She and she alone split the woman’s vote, thereby destabilizing the entire party and fracturing it forever along racial and gender lines. It is estimated that her endorsement of Obama swung over one million women’s votes from Hillary, who remains the only candidate who polls to win against mccain. Oprah can rest well now knowing that her dogs will not have to pay inheritance tax over the next four years if she dies. However, in 2012, when dean pelosi and the rest of the traitors are out of jobs, and Hillary again runs for president, wins, and changes inheritance taxes to cover health care costs, we will have a nice drink to the end of the Oprah Winfrey “pray to angels instead of protest injustice” method of female stinkthink.

    My great hope is that the green party will have overrun the democratic party by that time, and made its entire platform green instead of corporate controlled. I am voting for cynthia mckinney for president.

    August 16, 2008

    hoodwinked and bamboozled

    they are going to make hillary turn over all her delegates BEFORE the vote. It’s all a set up to get the females to think that they are being listened to, but it’s all planned canned and fixed. Obama is the nom, and there is no getting rid of him for the dems. If he had any brains he would announce right now that a vote for him is a vote for hillary, because she is his choice for vice, or his nominee for the supreme court…some triangulation would work for him. He has a blindspot where feminism and females are concerned, and he figures that claire mccaskill (sp) is all he needs. (kind of like when people say…”i asked my maid what she thinks of immigration, and she said”…..). He just doesn’t get it that it is female boomers that have kept the dem party alive since the sixties, and that he has insulted their intelligence. He just doesn’t get it, and neither does david axelrod. I do not think any men get it at all. As it was for me in Hollywoodland, men in power are not comfortable with any woman that is not serving them coffee. They tried to fire me off of my own show, like they have done to hillary clinton. It was her show and they fired her. they got all heady over winning against her, but that was all the winning they could do. now they have to crawl back to her and ask her to win it for them. they look like weak mama’s boys, which they are…however, america loves weak mama’s boys though…john mccain is the embodiment of that, so scared that he drops the first bomb on anybody, including third rate powers like Iraq/n.

  9. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2008/08/its_no_longer_just_about_hilla.html

    August 19, 2008
    It’s No Longer Just About Hillary
    By Froma Harrop

    After hearing her name placed in nomination at the Democrats’ convention next week, Hillary Clinton will no doubt urge her followers to support Barack Obama. What good that gesture will do for the Obama candidacy remains to be seen. Clinton has already made it several times, but a new Pew Research Center poll shows that 28 percent of her primary voters do not intend to vote for Obama, a number virtually unchanged from June.

    Of special concern are women, particularly older ones, whom in the past could be counted on to vote for whatever Democrat was running for president. Many remain scandalized by the sexist attacks on Clinton during the recent campaign. A stubborn 18 percent of Clinton’s female voters vow to back McCain, according to a poll for Lifetime television networks. Another 6 percent plan to support neither major-party candidate.

    Perhaps Clinton does not possess the magic wand to move her troops. The storyline goes that many women disappointed by Clinton’s loss or angry at the nasty campaign just needed time “to heal.” Once Hillary gave them the nudge, they’d get with the program.

    Thing is, it’s no longer about Hillary for many of them. I sat in on a group of high-powered Clinton supporters gathering in New York last week to create a nonpartisan group called The New Agenda. There was little discussion of the current campaign.

    The New Agenda’s agenda is to look out for women’s political interests where the Democratic Party and old-line feminist organizations had failed. The attendees reserved special fury for the Democratic National Committee and its passivity before the misogynistic carnival. One of their specifics is getting MSNBC jester Chris Matthews fired — and if he intends to run for the Senate from Pennsylvania, to end that idea.

    Every member has her own plans for November, including for a few, voting for Obama. Co-founder Amy Siskind, a former Wall Street exec and Clinton fundraiser, told me, “I won’t vote for Obama, but I’m not sure what I’ll do.” Cynthia Ruccia, a Democratic activist from Columbus, Ohio, who twice ran against Republican John Kasich, is supporting McCain — and organizing other Democrats in her swing state to do likewise.

    The McCain camp has noticed. Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and McCain’s adviser, met with Siskind in New York. She flew to Columbus to confer with Ruccia, Nancy Hopkins, another New Agenda founder, and 75 other miffed Democratic women. (Hopkins is the MIT biologist who famously protested a suggestion by then-Harvard University President Lawrence Summers that boys might be innately better at science than girls.)

    DNC chairman Howard Dean has called Ruccia twice. “He was just waking up to the thought that women around the country were upset over the treatment of Hillary,” she told me. Ruccia tends to doubt that putting Clinton’s name to a roll-call vote will mollify many of the female holdouts. “The train left the station a long time ago,” she said.

    The New Agenda wants to become a women’s-voice alternative for the National Organization for Women and NARAL, which they see as moribund and appendages of the Democratic leadership. Members note that when rapper Ludacris sang a pro-Obama ballad calling Hillary “an irrelevant b-,” the president of NOW didn’t get out of bed to complain.

    For many of these women, whatever nice things Clinton says about Obama in Denver won’t matter much. They have decided that they can live with McCain, and they’re already inoculated against the crude anatomical references that left-wing bloggers will send their way. (There’s not one they haven’t heard.) Hillary can’t do much to change their feelings — even if she wanted to.

    Copyright 2008, Creators Syndicate Inc.

  10. Admin, Great article, I will be glad when fiasco is over and we can watch fox and friends tear Obama to shreds and he is such a deserving candidate for this.

  11. The New Agenda wants to become a women’s-voice alternative for the National Organization for Women and NARAL, which they see as moribund and appendages of the Democratic leadership.

    Thank you! This is NOT just a democrat’s fight…it’s a WOMAN’S fight!

  12. Maybe even some Republican women will get on board, huh? Lord knows, their party doesn’t do much for them either.

  13. The pressure of self inflicted bad decision making has left its mark on Pelosi.She surely looks like the Botox is creating reverse osmosis.Bad ideas and bad judgement can take its toll on a woman obssesed with the desire to remain forever young.I look at Helen Thomas and see a woman of character doing her job as an outstanding journalist and projecting sincerity and truth.I look at Nancy Pelosi and I see a confused and out of sync woman yhat is badly in need of an appointment with her Taxidermist..

    By ABM90.
    ABM90: love your comments about Poopsie. She has a terminal case of botox on the brain.

    If I am one quarter as sharp and talented as you are when I am 90 years old I will be a lucky man. I have a sneaking hunch that john barneycorn will get the better of me long before that–last night was a struggle against Imperia vodka. It won.

  14. Not only has the media, DNC and Obama set back race relations to the dark ages, they have also set back equality between men and women. What the heck are they so afraid of???

  15. hi hawk: good article you posted above. Tells it how it is. Hope Hillary can get this group back at some future time. They are right of course. In that sense, what she says in Denver may be important after all to her political future, now that she seems to be making headway within the party. It is a tough line to walk especially when big media is out to destroy you.

  16. I just read the Rendell story, this is the way I feel if this roll call vote turns out to be nothing more than a symbolic gesture. It’s like lets give the little woman her minute in the sun and then us men can get to the real work. Folks this is just pissing me off more everyday.
    Hillary earned the right to be the freaking nominee, not just a person who will get her moment in the sun, that should go to Bambi because he did not win the amount of delegate to knock her off or the populary vote, the way I see it we should be giving nonosecond in the sun instead of Hillary. Liar, crooks and theives the lot of them!!

  17. Yup, women are and continue to be treated like pawns. And nothing more to them. Yet women make up the country’s majority, they are a majority in colleges, they still don’t have equality on so many levels, and women make up the base of and do all of the GOTV work for the Democratic party. I hope these idiots realize that the people they are pissing off are the veteran campaign workers and volunteers.

  18. Confloyd,

    I agree completely!


    “now that she seems to be making headway within the party.”

    Can you expand on this for me? What am I missing here. To me they have stymied her every move and will continue to.

  19. Just when I thought the Obama campaign had managed to make the worst screw up as possible, the tickets to Invesco Field have and upside down American flag on it. OMG, who is running his campaign and do they have any sense of what America stands for??

  20. Idunn, no email received yet.

    OkieAtty, Obama must be defeated and then we need to defeat the Deans and the Braziles and Pelosis by taking back the party. After that, the long struggle to fight for progressive legislation begins. It will be tough.

    The articles Hawk posted show there is a new movement beginning. NARAL is a mess and must be replaced; and let’s face it, most of the mainline women’s organizations that supported Hillary were not effective.

    At some point after the election we will write about what we know of the behind the scenes maneuvering and who did what to whom.

    Roseanne has a fighting spirt that is needed when the mainline organizations get restructured. Right now bureaucrats are running things, not activists. These organizations were started by activists which slowly became lethargic.

    Also, we have not commented at all on VP picks. Today however there is much talk which started at National Review that McCain is prepping the Republicans for a pro-choice VP.

    We’ve thought for months now that Tom Ridge is the best pick for McCain. If the Democrats commit suicide in Denver and nominate Obama then McCain/Ridge will be their tombstone. Ridge will get Pennsylvania and Ohio as well as many pro-choice women Hillary supporters to vote Republican.

    Hillary is the solution.

  21. A pro-choice vp for the republicans would be yet another factor pushing me towards McCain. And Obama can text his vp to whomever the hell he wants, but I don’t give a rat’s ass. As long as it’s not Hillary. I still can’t believe he’s texting the vp pick….wtf?

  22. Admin, I think McCain is pro-choice. I think he has said what needed to be said, but he has never been a leader in the anti-abortion movement. He has devoted much of his political career to ethics, defense and other issues. He’s not much for social legislation. I think Romney is pro-choice, too, but can’t say it because of his church.

    :evil:? I think he has no real stance. He avoids it like he does every other decision and most of the time votes present. It’s an even more damning indictment of his character (or lack thereof) to see that everything is always about what is politically expedient for him and what will move him up the ladder. he’s never been about leadership. He’s only been about his own all consuming ego.

    I know that with regards to the article Hawk posted there has been much discussion for two weeks on that subject. The fact is, as I stated, pleas from Hillary supporters who are party players have fallen on the deaf ears of know-it-all kids who do not understand what is necessary to win an election. Given that Donna Brazile is part of that effort and that she has never won a major election, it comes as no surprise that they just don’t get what they have done and what it would take to fix it.

    I think HIllary has a shot in Denver, but more and more, I do not want it to come to fruition because the landslide victory for McCain will finally uproot the idiots entrenched in the DNC leadership who need to be gone. Their fanaticism, their Clinton Derangment Syndrome, their inability to truly function in a post-partisan environ is what will be the death of this nation. One only has to look at the Big Blogs to see how they misreport, misquote and flat out lie about McCain in some misplaced loyalty to party over country. I Josh and John’s own stated problems with 👿 stem less from the fact that he is wrong on the issues and utterly clueless most the time than with the fact that they believe the Dems MUST win this GE. They fail to ever get past their own sense of self-importance and never focus on what would be in the best interests of this country. They, like the 👿 campaign have been under the false impression they know what is best for this country. For us here and other Hillary sites (and now PUMA), we have always known that Hillary possesses the skills and discipline to be the best president possible. Too bad they’re just starting to suffer buyers’ remorse.


    I really have to shout that out. My birthday is very close to yours, so I feel like we celebrate together.

    My gut keeps saying the convention might turn into a true deciding event.

    Would be nice to see Democracy make a come back.

  24. Happy birthday, President Clinton! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for this country. I know you were back home yesterday; mama said she saw you on tv. I am sorry about Mr. Gwatney; such a senseless tragedy. I know that you know that we need Senator Clinton’s leadership more now than ever. I trust Hillary to do what she needs to do now and at the convention. After all, I’m ready to trust her as the leader of the free world; that pretty much says I trust her judgment. Same goes for you, sir. Y’all take care. Love and happy birthday from an old fan and her family. mollyj

  25. More alarming news for the Obama campaign from today’s Rasmussen poll:


    “While the race for the White House remains stable, there is movement beneath the surface. The number of voters who say McCain is too old for the job has declined while the number who say Obama is too inexperienced has moved up a bit. Voters are now evenly divided as to whether Obama has enough experience for the job (Premium Members can review trends and demographic crosstabs).”

  26. Happy Birthday, President Clinton.

    Wow! Great article admin. You never cease to impress me.

    Good article by Roseann. She knows how to cut to the chase.

    Hawk, Thank you for posting that article about The New Agenda. Women do need a more dynamic and vocal ally. NOW and NARAL seem to have sold out. They did not respond when the Ludacris song came out, which surprised me.

    ABM90: Your wisdom, never ceases to amaze me. You are an inspiration, and if I live to be 90, with my senses intact like yours, it will be a gift.

  27. They’re saying Biden is the VP pick…

    I don’t care any of the names tossed out. I doubt anybody can make a difference for bambi. Blah, boring…

  28. Berkeley Vox, it will be interesting to compare Rasmussen with this:


    Which White House contender had the better summer?

    A new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll of registered voters across the country leaves little doubt about the answer.

    We can’t reveal the precise figures yet; for that, check back at LATimes.com about 2 p.m. PDT (5 p.m. EDT). Suffice to say that the results will not alter the perception that — given a seemingly sunny political climate for Democrats — Barack Obama is under-performing nationally.

    Also, a series of questions gauging voter attitudes about candidate attributes makes clear which perceptions Obama needs to shore up between now and election day.

    For John McCain, the poll underscores that the more voters focus on domestic issues, the greater the challenge to his hopes of winning the presidency.

    And he and his aides might be a bit surprised by the findings when voters are asked whether they view Obama as “too arrogant and presumptuous” and whether McCain could be considered “too hot-tempered.”

  29. AMB90 and Idunn

    I’m humming “Heartbreak Hotel” as I envision Plopsie on her way to her taxidermist appointment.

    What a great way to start celebrating Big Dawg’s birthday …will check in later.

  30. # Idunn Says:
    August 19th, 2008 at 11:37 am

    The New Agenda wants to become a women’s-voice alternative for the National Organization for Women and NARAL, which they see as moribund and appendages of the Democratic leadership.

    Thank you! This is NOT just a democrat’s fight…it’s a WOMAN’S fight!

    Idunn, we at 18MillionVoices are working in this arena too. We are reaching out to a number for the big Clinton women and we will keep you and others apprised of our ultimate direction post-Denver.

    Stay tuned.

  31. Speaking to a friend today who has a bunch of SD friends.

    Obama a no-go is getting more and more the buzz.

  32. # Idunn Says:
    August 19th, 2008 at 11:38 am

    Maybe even some Republican women will get on board, huh? Lord knows, their party doesn’t do much for them either.

    re: The New Agenda – it would behoove them to have Republican women.

    this reminds me of when Hillary had a hand in the Irish peace process and she got the women from the warring camps to work towards peace. a bi-partisan women’s group, or maybe just non-partisan group, to monitor the sexism in our major parties and speak out against it would be a great start.

  33. AP photo of school register reveals “Barry Soetoro” as muslim Indonesian
    By Israel Insider staff August 14, 2008

    A 2007 Associated Press photograph, suppressed until now, shows the school register of the child who is today known as Barack Hussein Obama but was officially listed then as Barry Soetoro, whose citizenship was listed as “Indonesian” and whose religion was listed as “Islam.” The visual evidence starkly contradicts the Obama campaign’s claim that he was not a Muslim and confirms that he is a national of at least one other country.

    In addition, it raises the highly problematic issue of what is Obama’s official name. If it turns out to Barry Soetoro, and no official change of name was ever made, Obama may face an array of charges of deception and misprision that may throw into doubt, at the very least, his fitness to run.


  34. a bi-partisan women’s group, or maybe just non-partisan group, to monitor the sexism in our major parties and speak out against it would be a great start.

    Now THAT’s a bold new vision!

  35. Remember when Hillary reportedly told Richardson, “[Obama] can’t win”? I can’t help but wonder — with all the new stories quickly emerging and spreading over the blogosphere about Obama’s citizenship issues — if she knew about this all along? I think she meant that literally, he will be unable to win.

  36. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG DAWG!!!! :kiss:

    ADMIN……….You’ve been pumping out the best articles!! THANK YOU!!
    even though i have not been posting here much lately, i visit daily and read and catch up

    I will be back in full force this fall…for now i am busy unpacking and getting my new house in order

    EVERYONE ELSE>… I sure miss the daily chatting with you all……. as i said above….. iam here and i will be
    more active in a few weeks or so (lot’s of painting left to do,pictures to hang and hay to get stacked for the winter)

    Keep up the great work everyone!! i am so proud of all of you

  37. Obama-Mania is Disgusting, EWWW!

    August 19, 2008, 5:20 pm | Edit this
    Filed under: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Republican

    As we all know, Barack Obama is popular with some of the kids of today, NOT ALL OF THEM. But the degree to which some of this hype goes is rediculous. Here in Iowa City, the Obama-stronghold in the state, it is hilariously sad. With so many students from the Chicago suburbs, and with so many hippie-wannabes here, he is more popular than coffee and huge sunglasses!

    I recall in October, walking on campus with a dear friend and suddenly being approached by a kid in a white tee-shirt emblazoned with “Got Hope?” on the front, yes, “Got Hope” like the “Got Milk?” ads. He proceeded to ask me and the girl I was with “So, are you guys seriously racist?”, and he pointed to my Hillary Clinton pin on my backpack strap. We laughed, told him he is obsessed with a worthless P.O.S., and walked on.

    And we all know of the fake fainting and the crying, and the Obama girl.

    Why bring this up? It was recently announced Obama will send out his VP choice via text message. The announcement of who will possibly be our next Vice President is going to be sent out on a text message. This seems more and more like amateur hour. Ugh. He can’t run a convention, he can’t unite the party, he can’t win a debate at all as we clearly saw at Saddleback the other night, and he can’t stay in one position on a plethora of issues. The DNC and the Obamabots will get exactly what they deserve if they nominate him later this month.

    Speaking of VP choices, I heard that an Obama campaign guy opened his big mouth and said in a foreign country, Sweden I believe, that the VP won’t be a woman unless it’s Hillary, which I am hoping she is not the choice. We know Ted Strickland, Jim Webb, and Mark Warner have all refused to even be considered.

    As for McCain’s, it has been said, via the National Review, that he may be prepping republicans for a pro-choice vp. I am guessing it is someone like Frmr. NY Governor George Pataki or Tom Ridge? Who knows, but this is only helping McCain pick up those independents and angry democrats.

    I will be in Denver most likely, and we shall see then how this plays out.

  38. check this out – someone saw this on another blog, a comment in this article:

    Mark Impomeni needs to ask Obama about Registration for the draft. Obama never REGISTERED therefore breaking the Law. He cannot be President.

    Abortion Admission from Obama Campaign

  39. Berkley, Cannonfire thinks Texas Darlin’ and LJ are full of it. Thinks TD is a plant actually and that LJ is lying about the “whitey” video.

    I think the Article II issue has been badly muddled by bloggers with no concept of laws or how they conflict. That’s why so much misinformation on the issue. And the tape issue is a non-issue. he never said he had it. he just made a mistake of kinking to an unknown, planted blogger who claimed to have th transcript of it. LJ worked it too hard. Besides, we’ll see the October Surprise soon enough and I bet it has MO in it somewhere.

    I do think Hillary has been right all along. I think 👿 is good at flattering narcissistic assholes who tend to be political leaders and those who don’t flatter get their arms twisted (think John Lewis and Rangel here). It has also not helped that his fringe ties get him automatic lovin’ from the radicals that make up state parties.

    I’m being patient, but I doubt the citizenship issue is what will do him in. It will be him. Every hit he has taken thus far has been self-inflicted. I think the Warren Forum hurt him more than they are letting on. It was one thing to lose to a brilliant Hillary- everyone expected him to. But to lose to the supposedly doddering old fool McCain. Well, that just makes folks do a double take.

    BTW- guys, keep on top of therealbarackobama.wordpress.com . There’s some great stuff there hidden in the margins.

  40. Admin, thanks for a great article today – I laughed, I cried! You just keep turning them out week after week. Hillary is 44. Big Pink is Gold.

    Hi, Hillfriends! It’s been a treat to read this week and see so many of your names again. It is my refreshing oasis in the desert, too.

    Happy birthday, President Clinton! My birthday, too, is later this week. We’ll raise an extra glass to you and your wonderful family.

    * * * * *
    I share your excitement about “New Agenda.” I am hopeful that this group can focus on the issues and interests that all women share and avoid those that divide us from each other. I will no longer support any organization or party that proffers hate for women – or even simply takes me for granted.

    I have written strongly worded letters to NARAL, NOW and even Emily’s List. And, taking a cue from one of you, Hillfriends, I took great pleasure in returning the DNC’s solicitation for a donation – torn into little scraps. And, I didn’t use my own stamp to “save them postage.”

  41. For some reason, the aol abortion admission link didn’t come up with anything. Here’s another one:


    Hope it works.

    Good catch. Another case of W.O.R.M.- what 👿 really meant.

  42. OK guyand gals out there be positive and get rid of all the negativity that has been rampant in our conversations since Hillary put her campaign on hold.Even the best of our fighters need a time out wether be athletes or political winners .Hillary has had some time to regroup and rethink about her political options and are they the best for our country.R&R did nothing for the self anointed Messiah.He is Baaaaack and spending money like a drunken community coordinator and the proverbial hole is getting deeper and will swallow him when his head rises from the sand. Now you naysayers and non-believers can help us get Hillary elected as the 44th.We will succede and Nancy,Donna and Howie will be yesterdays news and doomed to scorn and ridicule for the rest of their miserable lives.


    By ABM90 Guys you have me floating on cloud 08.THe adrenalin is flowing and we have Hillary while they have,whats his name.

  43. Incense burners are super angry at Bill today because Bill said some nice things about John McCain. We love Bill more and more.


    Former President Bill Clinton on Monday praised Senator Barack Obama’s energy policy at the opening of the National Clean Energy Summit in Las Vegas.

    But Mr. Clinton also lauded Mr. Obama’s rival, Senator John McCain, and said that either candidate would be progressive on the issue of climate change.

    “Obviously, I favor Senator Obama’s energy positions, and Democrats have been by and large the more forward-leaning actors,” Mr. Clinton said. “But John McCain has the best record of any Republican running for president on the energy issue and on climate change.” He added, “I’m very encouraged about where the presidential rhetoric is in this campaign.”

    Mr. Clinton’s remarks opened the two-day summit, held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and organized by Senator Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, and John Podesta, Mr. Clinton’s former chief of staff.

    Mr. Clinton challenged Nevada to tap its abundant wind and sunlight to become the first carbon-neutral state. He also questioned the recent rush to support offshore drilling.

  44. ABM90,

    Can I hold on to my anger until after the convention, pretty please? It’s got a good build-up going on and I’m sure I’ll be ready to really explode by month’s end…lol…

    Just kidding! 🙂

  45. Does this give any clue to 👿 ‘s plans?…..


    Obama may announce VP pick in Springfield
    By: Greg Hinz Aug. 19, 2008

    (Crain’s) — Barack Obama may be returning home to Illinois on Saturday to announce his choice of a vice-presidential running mate.

    That, at least was the hot rumor among political insiders Tuesday, as talk spread of an apparent Obama rally set for 1 p.m. Saturday at the Old State Capitol in Springfield — the same place where he announced his candidacy for president a year-and-a-half ago.

    There was no immediate response from the Obama campaign. But one source close to Mr. Obama confirmed that such a possibility is under review, with a second Springfield source saying top Obama backers are being notified of a Springfield event.

    Meanwhile, political Web site Capitol Fax reported that a planning meeting for an Obama Springfield event was held Tuesday morning.

    The Old Capitol is best known for its association with Abraham Lincoln, and making an announcement there would recall the earliest, headiest days of Mr. Obama’s candidacy.

    Another source close to Mr. Obama said the Springfield rally could be one of a series of stops with the new running mate, though not necessarily the stop at which the announcement is first made.

    The Democratic National Convention, at which Mr. Obama will be nominated, begins Monday in Denver.




  47. Quick question:

    Does anybody else’s skin crawl every time you see Bill (aka “Judas”) Richarson? What a piece of human feces that clown is!

  48. So let me get this straight, HeWhoShallNotBeNamed can praise Ronald Reagan ( or anyone one else he damned well pleases!), but Bill can’t even mention that McCain has an okay environmental record, for a republican?!

    I’d like to bitchslap that holier than thou little asshole.

  49. I love Bill’s praise of McCain’s energy plan. One of Bill Clinton’s basic rules of politics is that when Republicans begin moving in the direction of being more progressive, you always praise the move, because it accomplishes two things: it shows that you’re bi-partisan and the “bigger person,” and it also irritates the hardcore right-wing base to no end.

    Leave it to the Obama-bots to miss this point entirely.

  50. Incense burners did not complain when Gore said much the same:


    Gore told the AP he hoped the speech would contribute to “a new political environment in this country that will allow the next president to do what I think the next president is going to think is the right thing to do.” He said both fellow Democrat Barrack Obama and Republican rival John McCain are “way ahead” of most politicians in the fight against global climate change.

    McCain, who supports building more nuclear power plants as one solution to global warming, said Thursday he admires Gore as an early and outspoken advocate of addressing the global warming problem even though “there may be some aspects of climate change that he and I are in disagreement (on).”

    Of the goals Gore outlined Thursday for generating more electricity with solar and wind resources, McCain said, “If the vice president says it’s doable, I believe it’s doable.”

  51. Why would a man like Gore sit underscore a man like Obama for VP. Thats ridiculous. You can’t run for VP after you’ve run for President, it smacks of desperation and failure.

    Like, Ok, If i can’t win the big job, can i have the little one please.

  52. Berkeley: You’re right. Right-wing conservatives think McCain is too liberal, when it comes to climate and environmental issues. Reading some of their comments, makes for some head shaking.

  53. moononpluto,

    I agree but I’m just wondering how many will lie down and let themselves be trampled over , drink a poisoned cup of wine, all for the sanctity of Obama’s future ambitions.

  54. Wonderful tribute to Bill, Admin.

    Thanks for that. I hope you really sent it to him.

    Everyone from the nest, I’ll be out of mine most of the next few days coz of more
    renovation so carry on.


    ps – just let me know when you want another thread.

  55. Speaking of Biden, he’s the guy who had to chuck in his 1988 Pres campaign after he completely plagurised speeches by the british labour leader.
    Total Washington insider, kind of kills that whole hope and change thing flat. He’s also known as the MBNA Senator and is known for making the worst kind of gaffe. He’s capable and has done his “macaca” moment.

    Not the greatest choice.

    I’ve just see the apparently the Obama campaign has bought and owns ObamaSebelius.com. Thats a bit suspect.

  56. I could be reading this wrong, but here is what I think happened. If I am right then the question comes down to this: who should select the nominee and quite possibly our next president: the American People or Soros/Kennedy. If you think I am being fanciful read on . . . .
    3. The Secret Coronation: if you study the history of the 2008 Democratic Primary it becomes obvious that Obama was not elected but selected by party elders. After all, Hillary won the popular vote and the delegate metric was rigged by the DNC (supra) in his favor. Thus the critical question is when did that selection actually take place?

    The Democratic National Committee would have you believe that Obama was selected in early June when DNC officials forced unpledged superdelegates to declare their allegiances rather than wait until the Convention as required. Big Media perpetuated that myth with their endless superdelgate countdown commentaries.

    But the evidence suggests that the actual selection of Obama was made in late February—or earlier. I say that for several reasons: First, Dean selected Obama as one of the Dean 12 in 2004, introduced him to George Soros and Obama met several times with Soros between 2004 and 2007—then in January 2008 he met with Soros associate Wolf who planned his presidential campaign. Second, the Dean Plan which was the roadmap of the Obama campaign stipulates that the candidate be selected eight (8) months prior to the general election—which would be early March. Third, there was a telephone conversation between Obama and Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania in late February in which Obama cautioned Rendell to go easy on him because he would be the nominee and Rendell was taken aback by the statement—which implies that this was not mere puffery but the decision had already been made and made secretly. Fourth, in early March Kennedy supporters like Leahy, Dodd
    and Kerry began to demand that Hillary pull out of the race for the good of the Party—which would be true if the decision had in fact been made. Fifth, after twelve caucus victories in a row party elders assumed that Obama would go on winning—but they did not anticipate the impact of Wright and different demographics on future voting patterns.

    When Obama told Rendell that he would be the nominee it is reasonable to assume that Rendell told Hillary (since he was a Hillary supporter), that Hillary called the party elders to confirm it, opposed the decision because she did not believe Obama could win in the general election and vowed to continue campaigning. That was when the Kennedy cabal began calling for her to quit, and Big Media screamed for her head. Suddenly she was not only running against Obama, the DNC, and Big Media, she was running against party elders, i.e. Kennedy, Soros, as well. But she knew she could still win, and Penn’s strategy was built around the later states. Therefore Hillary vowed to see it through. Her firewall was the superdelegates and as of that date two thirds of them were thought to favor her. Harry Reid and others took the position that she should be allowed to continue the race with over five million voters yet to be heard from. But the concession he made to the Kennedy/Soros forces was that when the primaries were over the party would move quickly to select the nominee.

    4. Fraud In The Inducement: if it is true that party elders selected the nominee in late February, but allowed everyone to believe it was still a competitive race then we have a problem. It is not a problem for Hillary because once she learned of the decison she called them on it and did her best to overturn it. But for Howie, Poopsie and Gogzilla it is a big problem. Why? Because the decision was made secretly, the party rules were subsequently broken to enforce it (infra) and political officials, contributors, volunteers and voters were not informed. Instead they were encouraged to continue contributing, volunteering and voting because they were led to believe that their efforts would make a difference when in fact they would not. Therefore, it may well be that the Democratic National Commmittee leadership committed fraud on a massive scale and should return the monies they received from the date of that secret decision forward. A conservative estimate would be $50 million. And since Obama was the beneficiary of that fraud, the DNC is broke, and he received $50 million from shadowy backers in July alone it is only right that he step forward and cover that amount.

  57. Speaking of Biden, he’s the guy who had to chuck in his 1988 Pres campaign after he completely plagurised speeches by the british labour leader.

    Not so…he’d given the author credit on every occasion except one…the one he was harpooned over.

  58. lol, no wonder they call him a famous serial plagurist. I just saw He’s listed on famousplagurists.com.

  59. If his handlers are smart, they will keep Obama from doing anymore forums or debates until November. LOL…poor guy! 😉

  60. The Repugs are rejoicing if its Biden

    Look at these comments.

    Even fellow Democrat Ted Kennedy has said Biden “possesses the intellectual depth of a bedroom slipper.”

    The Big B.O. chooses Biden? Are you kidding me? This is the same guy who, when giving a speech to Indian Americans said, “I’ve had a great relationship [with East Indians in America]. In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian Americans – moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.” Ahem. I’m starting to think he took maybe one-too-many hits off the ‘ol crack pipe a few years ago.

    This one in particular is going to haunt the man if he gets VP Nod.

    Senator Biden has distinguished himself with statements such as this one referring to Barack Obama: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

    Is this seriously the best they can find for this country.

  61. InformedinIllinois, I am not a delegate, but I am a representative at the College & Young Democrats of America convention also being held there, and I plan to go tot he PUMA events as well.

  62. Denver is going to be fun, I am curious if I will be put into a “free speech zone” ala George Bush/Barack Obush, or one of those caged jail cells in a warehouse with tazers, etc. We’ll see, I am loking forward to a lot of fun.

  63. PLEASE let it be Biden — god, that would be fantastic. What a boring, lame pick. You can always count on Biden to say something irritating, put his foot in his mouth, plagiarize something, and generally rub people the wrong way, lol.

  64. Hawk, think of being arrested as badge of honour, and make damn sure you record everything, camera, phone, video, whatever.

    I like Biden too but he’s got a history that would bring disaster but then again, if Obama got this far with all that shit, it would be nothing in comparison.

  65. FLATWOODS, Ky. (WSAZ) — With the Democratic National Convention just a week away, there are some local delegates who say a Barack Obama nomination is far from official, including Tyler Murphy.

    Murphy — in a bedroom that looks like a squared oval office, at the ripe old age of 20, a die-hard Democrat and a staunch Bill and Hillary Clinton supporter since he was 8 — has hit a thin patch.

    In a formal rules challenge, Murphy and two dozen fellow Kentucky delegates complain that with too many Kentucky men picked under required gender equity, the state Democratic Party replaced pledged Hillary Clinton supporter Todd Hollenbach — not with a required female Clinton supporter — but with state representative and Obama activist Ruth Ann Palumbo.

    The rule challenge also charges the state party asked Delegate Jeff Harney to resign due to his sexual preference.

    “He’s a good man (who has) worked for the party, but he is an openly gay male,” Murphy said.

    The Kentucky Democratic Party response is that each replacement delegate is pledged to Clinton. Murphy said he’s one of many national Clinton supporting delegates not conceding anything yet.

    “I feel the Democratic Party leadership has failed the rank and file,” he said. “As a delegate, I’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.”

    Murphy said he has nothing but respect for Kentucky Democratic Party Chair Jennifer Moore. But he also feels the early Democratic state caucuses were skewed to Obama, and the Florida and Michigan primary outcomes were unfair to Clinton. Murphy also said there are many Democratic delegates like him across the U.S. who will not be standing hand-in-hand supporting Obama after the last ballot.

    I like this guy.

  66. Sniffles is back. Remember during the primary debates how Obama would do bad and his campaign would say the poor dear was sick? Well, Obama has the sniffles again:


    Obama was sniffling yesterday in New Mexico, and seems to have gotten a cold in, of all places, Hawaii.

    From today’s pool report:

    Obama is still sick. He looks and sounds much worse than yesterday. He walked in with a hankie or tissue in hand but put it away to shake hands of each tech person helping with satellite interview.

    Your pooler, after being treated with handshake, asked if he was feeling better and he said, “Not really.”

    Obama told me it’s “a minor head cold” and repeated his line from Albuquerque yesterday: “It’s what happens when you hang around children.”

    He added that he usually gets “like one cold a year.”

  67. Berkeley Vox, Biden also has MANY quotes on record saying how fabulous McCain is. He lobbied hard for McCain to be on the Democratic ticket as Kerry’s VP! It would be sort of hard for him to attack McCain now.

  68. JanH: I think progress has been made this past week. But it is incremental. As I understand it some of her campaign points have been included in the platform. She and Bill will deliver important speeches at the Convention. There will be roll call vote with her name on it. Look at these things not as an end in themselves but as part of a larger strategy. Given the position she is in (see my comments above) I would give her an A+.

  69. Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California has broken her ankle and will skip next week’s Democratic National Convention.

    Feinstein, who was one of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s top supporters, was to have chaired California’s delegation to the convention in Denver.

    Broken Ankle? When has that stopped anyone going anywhere.

  70. Your being a very smart young woman leads me to repeat a cute and appropriate jingle. A smart woman knows when to fold them or explode them. Feelings and sincerity go hand in hand.Be my guest Jan.


  71. What about Seibilus as VP? Boring….

    Biden may have too much baggage, but that isn’t much, when compared to Bo’s massive trunk full.

  72. I can’t imagine McCain going very far pro-choice in the campaign. To his rightwingers it’s a big issue, an absolute religious issue. It’s not so much about how many abortions can he prevent, as about his character, his theology.

    To a lot of us PUMA types — well, our first reaction was “FUCK Roe and Wade!” We’re menopausal, let the Obambimbos just take their damn pills.

    Now that we HAVE more choices in contraceptives, including the ‘Plan B’ thing that HILLARY got approved for us.

    The Obama campaign admitted a while back that Roe is a dud issue among many Democrats: that most of the public thinks Roe CANNOT be overturned at this point, it’s too solidly part of jurisprudence (as even a Bush SCJ said). I made a diary about this at clintondems.com

    It used to be a big absolute character issue for us, personal insult sort of thing — but now that we’ve seen HIllary mistreated in so many more important ways

  73. Sebelius will get Obama slaughtered as VP.

    They did a poll, if he puts her on the ticket, he loses Kansas more than he would without her. Kind of tells you something. The church hates her also.

    Choosing this woman over Clinton will just infuriate Clinton voters like never before.

  74. Good thing Sen Feinstein is not coming to the convention,

    She wouldn’t be able to run when the riots start.

  75. Bayh is boring, brings nothing, and his wife has the most notorious board appointments.

    Most Democrats feel Bayh would be so bad as a pick.

  76. hey what tool do u use to fax or email supers? which is best that is? ive donemany by hand but…

  77. moononpluto,

    LOL!!!!! You are really on a roll today as usual! Love your humor.

    birdgal Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 3:24 pm
    What about Seibilus as VP? Boring….

    Biden may have too much baggage, but that isn’t much, when compared to Bo’s massive trunk full.

    Birdgal, you are too funny with the “massive trunk full” comment. LOL!

  78. Feinstein broke her ankle, too bad. Sniffles eh? lol. Excuses excuses, afraid McCain’s veep pick is gonna take away his spotlight.

  79. I seem to remember Hillary on the campaign trail with a sore throat, losing her voice, and never ever complaining.

  80. Okie said: It’s an even more damning indictment of his character (or lack thereof) to see that everything is always about what is politically expedient for him and what will move him up the ladder. he’s never been about leadership. He’s only been about his own all consuming ego.
    I think HIllary has a shot in Denver, but more and more, I do not want it to come to fruition because the landslide victory for McCain will finally uproot the idiots entrenched in the DNC leadership who need to be gone.

    That may be what it takes — Obama the McGovern of 2008.

    I agree that the macho baby bots are delusional and won’t see it, and BO has to keep them. But here’s a wild thought.

    Obama and Axelrod aren’t dumb. If they too can read the signs — does Obama really want to risk becoming the McGovern of 2008? Clinton/Obama is in fact his best move as it always has been. Four terms of flying aroudn giving speeches.

    The macho bots don’t want to see Obama concede to HIllary. But what if she actually wins the Denver vote? Obama is safely in C/O. His bots can scream that the nomination was stolen — but would they really vote against C/O? This could be a brilliant exit strategy for Obama.

  81. Sniffles are what you get when your autoimmune is low.

    Heres a question Obama has a head tilt, it was noticed this week.


    A head tilt can be a sign that a patient has double vision also known as diplopia. Diplopia can be benign if it is caused by a congenital (from birth) eye muscle weakness or it can be associated with autoimmune medical disorders such as thyroid disease or Myasthenia gravis. Serious medical conditions such as a brain tumor or stroke can also cause it.

  82. Folks,

    I’ll just be glad when the convention is over with so that all the speculating about Hillary is over with so that we can really get down to business. This is just so beyond Hillary now. The democrats need to be given a very needed wake-up call.

    It won’t upset me at all if Obama chooses a woman as long as it is not Hillary. Besides, I still won’t vote for an Obama top ticket regardless of who his vp is.

    No vp for Hillary! I hope that I won’t be angry after the convention 🙂

  83. I think Pelosi pushed Feinstein down the stairs, and then from the top of the stairs, shouted down at Fienstein, “Who’s going to make trouble in Denver, Diane? Huh? Huh? You? I didn’t THINK so!”

  84. From a poster on mydd:
    All right, I don’t hate Hillary. But I did hate her campaign, and I hated it in a big, big way. I could list all of the horrible tactics pursued in the Penn/Rovian playbook, but I don’t want to invite Hillary supporters to unload on Obama’s shortcomings, so I’ll stay mum. “They’re horrible people,” I think, was my comment in the midst of the campaign’s end. Let that speak to my deep animosity toward the Clintons for their campaign.

    So why in the world would I be excited, even overjoyed, to see Hillary get the VP nod?

    Because I want to see Obama elected President.

    Big Pinkers response?

    We’re sorry, Senator Clinton is not available to take your call right now…

  85. tex, are we talking about ny governor patterson not voting for Hillary??I would really like know what these turncoats would have done had she and BIll not jump started most of their careers??

  86. Sebelius would be a ridiculous pick, even though she’s gotten a lot of hype. It would instantly infuriate every Hillary supporter, in my opinion. Sebelius is basically a substandard version of Hillary: they share similar centrist positions, but Sebelius, quite frankly, isn’t as smart and quick as Hillary. I’ve seen her in interviews and she’s very slow and cautious when she talks, and she never seems entirely sure of the subject matter. She also has a shorter resume’.

  87. Hilarious to hear that Obama’s whining about being sick, yet again. Maybe it’s the nicotine withdrawals. And I’m sure he was being sarcastic when he said being sick is “what happens when you spend time with children,” but when you’re a razor-close presidential election, it might not help to be seen as making cracks about kids, lol.

  88. Berkeleyvox, If Larry Sinclair is to be believed we wonder if OBama has something worse that just a cold! He always looks tired an whiney to me!

  89. I tell you what this is his constant colds, tiredness and etc. is, its that he under a lot of stress, when you stick the knife in the back of two people that only wanted the very best for you, after awhile it kinda makes you sick, I mean the stress and all.

  90. confloyd,

    His being sick, his being tired…he needs an excuse for every time he screws up. It’s never his fault for anything.

  91. OMG, what is this emergency meeting about??? It could be two things, one she wants all their votes, 2 she wants them to roll over for BO.

  92. Well, the emergency delegate meeting is much more interesting than the Richardson “pushug” – but this just in from RBO:

  93. The emergency meeting also COULD mean that she’s been picked for veep, and she’s “preconditioning” her SDs by re-emphasizing her support for Obama, before the announcement is made? (wildly hypothesizing here)

  94. Just read on another board that Keith Olberman says it is Biden and Obama will announce his vp as early as Wednesday. I don’t know Biden at all nor his history. But as long as it is not Hillary, I could really care less!

  95. Ogreman says its Biden, so I think he probably has the inside story on it, since him a Bambi are such goood friends!

  96. Hey Norma – I am fine. I went to Seneca Falls which was fun, and I’m glad that there was organizing around a Hillary presence, even though she wasn’t able to join us – Hillary had sent an appreciative letter to the organizers, and another to the Women’s Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls.

    I’m trying to get back to work and life since both have been neglected, but find myself not posting as much but still avidly reading here. I hope you are doing well too – congrats on 18million voices…I hope you are going to Denver!

  97. She probably held out until she knew who it would be and now she is doing damage control with her delegates because a big percentage of them wanted her as Veep. Just guessing though

  98. Waffles is not Sniffles – ok, I will say this – outside of the strong, fair-minded men on this site, there are some real wimpy men out there, and Sniffles reminds me of the kind of guy that upon getting a slight cold, retreats onto his couch and whines about “woe-is-me” and can’t take care of himself, unless a woman does it for him.

  99. Where is Moononpluto, we need some comic relief while we are here waiting for the verdict on pins and needles??

  100. Ridge out as potential VP pick for McCain.

    As speculation grows around who John McCain will select as his vice presidential running mate next week, Republican National Committee officials said Tuesday that McCain is no longer considering former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge.

    Several sources at the RNC told FOX News that in the last 36 hours, senior McCain advisers and aides have told RNC officials that McCain “got the message” last week that choosing a running mate who supports abortion rights would not be helpful.

    GOP pundits had been vocal in urging the presumptive presidential nominee not to pick a running mate who supports abortion rights. Ridge, the first homeland security secretary, was said to be on McCain’s short list, and the only candidate who explicitly supports abortion rights.


  101. Crap. Spamfilter….

    Ridge out as McCain pick….


  102. Idunn, you might be right. Check him out:

  103. FEC is making it hard for Hillary to be herself back for the 13 million loan she gave her campaign. Apparently she lent herself alot of money and the Obamas really did shut down her ability to raise funds. Her voters did raise a lot for her and I think she will only have til mid september to pay everything off>

  104. I think Ridge would be okay, but Romney would be a better choice. It would shore him up on the economy his weakest point.

  105. Informed, thanks for that link.

    I’m telling ya, if McCain picks Portman this thing is gonna be in the bag for the Republicans. No shit…Portmans got the goods. 🙁

  106. BTW- Biden sounds like it may happen. If you look at his appearance recently, he has a fresh haircut, newer, stylish clothes (to appeal to the youngsters I’m sure) and he’s wearing the fab new Ray-Bans. Breck Girl did similar stuff in 2004 before their announcement.

    I just hate seeing Joe fuck himself over by playing second fiddle to the Second Coming of “All Hat No Cattle.”

  107. Idunn, he sure does, he is young, good looking, and really good on that conservative issue of small government, so many things good about this guys, and of coarse he is easy on the eyes! LOL!!

  108. Yep. And he’s articulate, quick witted , quick on his feet…really cute. LOL!

    Hell, he and I couldn’t BE on opposite ends of the political spectrum and even I like him.

  109. Well I like Biden…he was my choice after Hillary (first one was Bayh before he dropped out).

    So I will say the same thing if it were Bayh or Biden for VP.

    I would be insulting myself for settling for them as VP..as I would if Hillary was VP.

    Case in Point: It does not matter who the VP is for me….as long as turd obama is at the top of the ticket, I will be voting McCain.

  110. its not an emergency call. a pre conv call with her delegates that has been planned for weeks. it will be tonight. doesnt sound like alot

  111. Big outdoorsman…actually DOES things to stand up for the environment.

    Oy…I think I have a little crush on Portman.

    (beats self over head)

  112. I did notice at the Saddleback conference that Bambi mentioned Darfur and that just happens to be Biden’s issue. THe was adament on the issue during the debates! Bambi never mentioned Darfur until Saturday night that I remember!

  113. Idunn, what’s wrong with you?!? We are not to get excited about 50 something GOP talking heads.

    Ewww… :mrgreen:

  114. There they go again instead of reporting the news they are making news up, the media needs a slap across their butts after this election is over!

  115. Idunn, I think I have a little crush, too. *sigh* I may have to root for Portman. I’m a little concerned that he’ll have a difficult time showcasing any small-government cred’s after his spendthrifty years with Bush and the Dem Congress. That alone may make Romney the one to beat.

    But here’s the outlier long-shot pick where Mac just says, I’ll do what I want to, dammit:

  116. Another horrible poll coming out for Bambi. LA Times gave him 15 points lead back in July, guess what…
    August 19, 2008POLL: Times/Bloomberg National (8/15-18)By Eric Dienstfrey

    Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg
    8/15-18/08; 1,248 RV, 3%
    Mode: Live Telephone Interviews
    (Times, Bloomberg)

    Obama 45, McCain 43
    (June: Obama 49, McCain 37)

    Obama 42, McCain 41, Barr/Nader 5
    (June: Obama 48, McCain 33, Barr 3, Nader 4)

  117. If it’s Portman for McCain’s veep, then Bambi can kiss Ohio goodbye (Portman’s home state). That means Bambi has to win BOTH Florida (where he’s currently losing in the polls) AND Pennsylvania (where Hillary crushed him in the primary and where he now clings to a slim lead) in order for his electoral math to add up.

  118. Berkeley, the WSJ profile cites Portman’s name recognition as a bit low outside his former congressional district in his home state; unknown elsewhere. Of course, with 24/7 news, I can’t imagine that would be an issue for very long.

  119. Okie, Palins ethics trouble was pretty minor from what I gather…maybe a disgruntled employee claiming she got a supporter a gov job or something. Her record of fighting corruption in alaska gov is really strong.

    I think Palin would be another excellent pick.

    (but I’m sticking with Hottie)

  120. If it’s Portman for McCain’s veep, then Bambi can kiss Ohio goodbye (Portman’s home state).

    And interestingly enough, where is it rumored that McCain will announce his vp choice? Ohio.

  121. Thanks, Admin for the post and for honoring our former twice elected Democratic President…

    Happy Birthday, President Bill Clinton…we love you…do what you must…the Clinton wing of the Democratic party has your back…and Hillary’s always…

  122. Idunn, I vaguely recall Palin’s troubles to be about her home purchase (maybe vacation home?) and some developers. It was on TPM over a year ago.

  123. Where is that one that Bambi wanted with no experience, I think it was Ohio also, can’t think of his name, but he was a Catholic. Funny how they both want someone from Ohio!

  124. I dont’ believe mccain needs portman to win OH. I’m pretty sure he can win oh himself . I hope it’s Palin

  125. I cannot believe those numbers out of California, and McCain has not put any effort there that I can tell. I know my family (Dems and Reps) in Califonria are voting for McCain.

    When do you face reality that the marriage is over. I think the Dems don’t want to face it.

  126. Yep, in a race this close, whomever wins Ohio will win the White House. No wonder McCain is making his VP announcement there. Democrats are so idiotic sometimes… why in God’s name would you nominate the guy who got crushed in the Ohio primary?

  127. On my!! Robbiie is a hottie!!!! as Idunn said!

    And also an experienced , YOUNG hottie!!!!

    And he is a methodist – just like Hillary …Yeah!!!!!

  128. Has anyone else noticed that everytime I see Hillary in a photo here lately she is wearing the Obama blue outfit. It’s like it her new uniform or something. WTF is up with that. Is she now in his blue shirt army you know as in Hitler’s brown shirts??

  129. At O’s rally here yesterday I heard the following:

    Very staged invitation only, like people were coached on where to cheer, crowd was not large.

    A disenchanted staunch O supporter got up, shook their fist and asked why he was waffling on the War, and the FISA stuff. The person was very angry, and showed it. This person is a party person, and I was told it was caught on prime TV.

    He did not handle it at all well.


  130. PS– I’m also getting a feeling of deja vu about Palin; she could be the target of garden-variety misogyny on the part of an Alaskan political establishment.

  131. I adore Palin and just wished she has a couple of yrs. more experience….but I still think she would do great as McCain’s VP.

    McCin will be round for a good 4yrs!

  132. Welp…there goes Sarah. LOL!

    And on the otherside…there goes Joe (maybe)

    Another thing about Portman? Near as I can see, the guy is clean as a whistle. If there’s dirt to be dug on him, I sure can’t find it.


    Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 5:02 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Obama

    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli
    As Delaware Sen. Joe Biden left his home a few minutes ago, golf clubs in tow, he was asked where he was going to be on Saturday.

    Biden replied, “Here” and pointed down to his driveway.

    As he pulled out of the driveway in the driver’s seat of his car he then said to the press gathered near his gate, “You guys have better things to do. I’m not the guy.”

  134. NewMexicoFan Says:


    That what happens when people are so quick to jump on the bandwagon before they really knew the guy or before he was vetted. Actually I didn’t vote in the primaries because being a black woman I wanted to see and judge both candidates. Of course, I didn’t know practically anything about Obama and wanted to see what he was really all about So I ditched the primaries and was going to look forward to the general election. I am glad that I did because I am finding out more and more about Obama and will not vote for him in the general election.

  135. Here’s another long-shot veep potential for Mac; one of my personal heroes, actually:

  136. I have left a few dollars for my “last donations”….to McCain

    – the day BO announces his VP…$5.
    – the day of BO’s big acceptance speech …. $25
    – the day McCain annnounces his VP …$5
    – the day McCain accepts his speech …$25.

    And then I will give $40 to Johnny before his primary funds ends…

    I mean it….!!!!!

    A scandal has to erupt for BO in the next 48 hrs if things re to change for Hillary!

  137. Maybe the reason Obama has not anounced his VP, is the simplest fact, he cant get any of the bastards to take the job.

  138. Moon, I think you’re right. List of people who have declined to be considered:

    Ted Strickland (Ohio)
    Jim Webb (Virginia)
    Ed Rendell (PA)

    who else?

  139. Ted Strickland – OH
    Ed Rendell – PA
    Jack Reed – RI
    Jim Webb – VA
    Mark Warner – VA
    Gen Jim Jones – former NATO commander – he is for McCain now 🙂

  140. Moononpluto, he is going to announce in Springfield that his campaign has in fact cloned him and the two will run together as Obama/Obama. This way there will be no one that will make him look bad! LOL!!

  141. It is eventually going to get to “the Showboat Express vs. the Straight Talk Express”
    How is BO going to answer to the fact that he has spent millions since Hillary has suspended her campaign and there are all those people in Africa and worldwide that are starving to death. Gee, I thought he would be wanting to spend some of his money in Africa and not just ours!

  142. Well folks, I attended the PUMA connf last week…

    On the plane to DC, a lady sitting next to me from Minneapolis stop had attended a BIG DEM meeting…I overheard her speaking with her colleague. Apparently this lady is a big something in Washington…I have seen her photo but still not figured out her name.

    They were thinking it would be Bayh but also that governor of Wyoming (David F..) or Governor of Montana (schweitzer) would be great VP for BO.

  143. This should have been Obama’s best time! He’s had a best case test drive of the nomination. Hllary supporting him, but still there as understudy to protect him from real GOP attacks.

    All this VP speculation, to dangle under noses to get more support from VP hopefuls.

  144. How bizarre is it that I’m more excited about who McCain’s pick for VP will be than I am about Obama’s pick?

    So much speculation going on and everytime a name comes up we learn that he has declined the dubious honor that Obama wants to bestow upon him. When the announcement is actually made, its going to be a huge letdown, like a balloon bursting.

  145. Lets face it, the question will be in America’s mind, if he doesnt pick Hillary, many millions are going to think he’s an idiot for not picking her.

    She has him by the balls, damned if he picks her, damned if he doesnt and if he doesnt, the VP will just look inadequate to her.

    I always thought we should have VP primaries along with the Pres primaries, imagine having to put 1st and 2nd choice on the ballot in primaries. Be much more fun.

  146. I changed my mind from yesterday on who would be BO’s VP…I thought bayh, kaine, biden or genneral Kashivilli…

    I think it will be JOHN F. KERRY!!!

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

  147. That’s what we do in Illinois – our Lieutenant Gov. is virtually independent from the Gov.

  148. Gotta go now…. it’s been fun to “see” you all today! Try to keep your spirits up…. it’s hard, I know.

    Thanks again for today’s essay, Admin. It really cheered us up, it seems. In case you’re reading, President Clinton: Happy Birthday, Big Dawg! Hillary all the way….

  149. There is a lot of people out there who Hillary may grab the convention by the balls, be hilarious if it panned out.

    The Washington – New York news phones lines were buzzing last night and again this morning. The news is considered so volatile two national news producers were telephoned after 11:30 last night for their input.

    The story? Hillary Clinton is quietly removing her support (such as it was) from Barack Obama and plans for a knock-down floor fight for the nomination at the Democrat Convention in Denver.

    Support for Obama from the Washington Dem power elite has been all but absent in the last month. The Super Senators, Kennedy, Biden, Dodd, Schumer and others have not been making headlines for Obama. Terry McAuliffe has been all but silent, and “Screamin’ Dean”; who pressed his mute button? The two co-chairs of the national “Our Great-Great-Great Grandfathers were oppressed… so give us money” crusade, Jackson and Sharpton must be on tour in Mongolia, because they haven’t been making headlines for Obama here.

    If this plays out, Obama would be told, “You cannot win. That’s your fault. Take the VP slot and smile… and be President in eight years, or leave quietly now, or make a stink and you are political dead meat.”

    Bottom line, Hillary reassembles the entire classic Democrat – Liberal coalitions Dems need to win. High-level Dems are not dumb, at least not stupid, at least in the world of down and dirty electoral politics. They will do what they need to do to win.

    In the end, the media would love the fight and the Obama supporters would hate it… for a few weeks, then fall in line behind Hillary. They are pragmatists, not racial ideologs. They would do anything to defeat McCain. Will this happen? Time will tell, but Hillary is certainly, and quietly, pushing it very hard.

    How do we know Hillary is working behind the scenes to derail Obama? Because Rendell would never have said anything without Bills and Hillary’s permission.

    How do we know even more surely? Because Hillary has NOT taken any steps to stop this push. She could stop it with one sentence, but chooses not to.

    As Holmes would say, The clue is that the dog (oh so very appropriate), the dog did NOT bark.

  150. just a thought…since BHO is shifting to the center wouldn’t he want to appease all the extreme liberals with an extreme liberal VP who is knowledgable on environmental, energy and, foreign relations issues?

    I’ll hold my breath for your response, but how bout Barbara Boxer?

  151. lol @ confloyd

    or a hand up his ass as Obama’s tries to do ventriloquism. Actually has anyone checked to see if theres a hand shoved up Obama’s ass, after all he’s the puppet.

  152. I really want him to pick claire or nasty, then when Hillary wins in a floor fight, they will be gone with the BO.

  153. Folks great news

    McCain has just take 6% lead in Indiana


    He’s collapsing, folks

    On Eve of Obama Selection of Running Mate, McCain Takes Lead in Indiana Race for White House: In an election for President of the United States held today in Indiana, Republican John McCain defeats Democrat Barack Obama by 6 points, 50% to 44%, according to this latest SurveyUSA tracking poll conducted exclusively for WCPO-TV Cincinnati and WHAS-TV Louisville. Compared to an identical poll released eight weeks ago, Obama is down 3 points; McCain is up 3. Among those who regularly attend religious services, McCain leads by 28 points, up from 16 points eight weeks ago. Among those who occasionally attend, Obama leads by 14. Among those who rarely attend, Obama leads by 23. The field period for this survey overlapped with the candidates’ participation in Pastor Rick Warren’s Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency, held in California 08/16/08. Among men, McCain leads by 12 points; among women, McCain and Obama tie. Eight weeks ago, Obama had led by 7 among women. Among voters younger than Barack Obama, the two candidates tie. Among voters older than John McCain, McCain leads by 21 points; among voters who are in-between the two candidates’ ages, McCain leads by 9. 12% of Republicans cross over to vote for Democrat Obama; 19% of Democrats cross over to vote for Republican McCain. Independents favor Obama by 12 points. Among those who have graduated from a 4-year college, McCain leads by 15 points; among those who have not, McCain and Obama tie. Among those with household incomes of less than $50,000, Obama leads by 11; among those with incomes above $50,000, McCain leads by 18.

  154. Moononpluto, The puppet really should be careful with Soro’s hand up his butt, he just might fall down on the convention floor!!! LOL!! 🙂

  155. idun-did anyone ever tell you that you have a wicked sense of humor? I will gladly vote for your cat as long as I do not have to take barack along with her.

  156. confloyd: if he picks nasty poosie she can do what she has always done namely sit there like a sphnix and do nothing.

  157. Obama just shot his mouth off with arrogance just on live tv.

    “John McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against. I’m gonna WIN this election!”

    lol, hehe. What an arrogant bastard.

  158. How bizarre is it that I’m more excited about who McCain’s pick for VP will be than I am about Obama’s pick?
    Jan–probably because he or she will be president some day whereas the bwaack and whoever he picks will not.

  159. wbboei,

    He’s drowning in the polls and he thinks he’s going to win? Sounds a little insecure if you ask me. 😉

  160. The RNC has officially ruled out Tom Ridge as VP. They have categorically stated a pro life VP is non negotiable. Seems they tested the waters last weekend at Saddleback and they know what to do.

  161. A feel good jingle:

    Obama’s a quack and falling back

    McCain is the same and shows no gain.

    Hillary is back and that is a FACT

    And then there is Bill our king of the hill.

    By ABM90 A little levity leads to positive attitudes and that is
    what Hillary needs from us. Go Girl

  162. Keep it up Barack, maybe you might even convince yourself you are going to win! LOL!
    Wbboei, Pooplosi a sphinx, LOL!! you got that right!

  163. moon, where did that stuff about Hillary being tapped come from?

    I love Boxer but she’d get the GOP out in force.

  164. confloyd Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 6:39 pm
    It is eventually going to get to “the Showboat Express vs. the Straight Talk Express”

    LOL! The humor is flowing this evening.

  165. its on other websites, people obviously hear stuff and bring it in but it certainly fits with what we’ve the last few days.

  166. Yeah Obama the Showboat express, where most people have now changed at the last station and hope the Hillary express is not far behind.

  167. Birdgal and Okieatty, I am ready for the great fall of Senator Barack Obama with Dean,Pooplosi, Brazille on his coattails!

  168. idun-did anyone ever tell you that you have a wicked sense of humor?

    They used to…until Moon came along and stole all my thunder.


  169. I finally pulled up the video of the scum pot Richardson putting a hit on Hillary.Reminded me of tiptoe thru the tulips Morris.His hatred of Hillary goes deeper than politics.I’ll bet that he tried the toe routine when he was in the white house and Hillary no doubt flattened him.The clintons are the classiest couple of them all..America do not let them get away.We need them now more than ever.

    ByABM90 Happy to be on the winning side. Go Girl

  170. Me to Okie, Lets all hope Rocky did not sell her boxing gloves because the ring will be the convention floor.

  171. If Hillary is nominated, we’re behind the 8 ball in money big time. Plus, the 👿 bots will not come over no matter how it happens. She’d be at a huge disadvantage and the DNC won’t be there to help. They’re too invested.

  172. ABM90: Richardson is godawful.

    Wheres that lothario
    Where does he roam
    With his dome vasalined
    As can be
    And that fucking gotee

    Thank god oscar hammerstein never saw sergeant garcia or he never would have finished the song.

  173. BTW- with Warner speaking Tuesday, and Biden saying it’s not him, Kaine playing coy but smiling….look for Kaine to be in the lead right now.

  174. OkieAtty,

    I totally agree and also with the BM in either BHO tank or McCain tank she’d be sure to get a fair share of negative news.

  175. Emjay,


    Actually, I’m renovating the bathroom and as that takes up almost 25% of the cottage space and there are plumbing fixtures everywhere, I have to leave during the day or the contractors have vowed they’ll quit.

    The flock has their own little room and it’s nicer than mine.

  176. lou dobbs said that 50% of the voting machines in this country can be hacked.

    Is that what bambi meant when he said mccain has no idea what he is up against and he (bambi) was gonna win this thing?

    Confloyd: I am just starting to get into the chicago piece of this.

  177. He also seemed so sure he was going to win, we better get those voting machines and look at them, Soros has paid people off to rig them!

  178. Poor Larry, he can’t get anyone to pay attention to him and I bet his story is true, he just has too much money and Larry isn’t credible!

  179. Or he might just send hitmen out to wack every voter in America who refuses to vote for him. In which case, he’d better start wacking like…yesterday…’cause that’s looking to be a whole lotta people.

  180. wbboei, you sly dog, you. Talk about the ultimate sycophant. We know what would happen in that Oval Office. LOL.

  181. Well I don’t think M.O. meant Hillary when she said Obama better pick someone he’ll be comfortable with. 😉

  182. wbboei Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 8:11 pm
    lou dobbs said that 50% of the voting machines in this country can be hacked.

    Is that what bambi meant when he said mccain has no idea what he is up against and he (bambi) was gonna win this thing?

    I’m sure, his Chicago thugs could “fix” them.

  183. I’m listening to the Fox bio about McCain and I am STUNNED by what he has gone through. I knew a little about his capture, imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton, but i didn’t know that 3 months prior to his being shot down he had survived the worst aircraft disaster in history when rockets hit his ship and 124 sailors died. There is footage of him scrambling out of the cockpit and sliding down the nose of his plane which was surrounded by flames. He suffered burns and other injuries but despite being offered the chance to leave the military he signed up for another tour as soon as he had healed and 3 months later he was in prison.
    This is a riveting bio, nothing like last night’s BO fluff piece.

  184. birdgal: that’s exactly what worries me. I heard that too on Lou Dobbs, that those machines could easily be hacked.

  185. I’m not too worried about Diebold. They’re not in every state. And a friend of mine’s uncle is high, high up there. Said friend assures me the company’s not dirty. Who knows but given it’s freaks like Arovosis who push it’s dirty, I’m inclined to believe Diebold is okay.

  186. (I’m watching The Closer and they keep talking about “the Barack Case.” Freaking me out a bit…It sounds like a bad social disease.)

  187. Okie, I think if Hillary pulled off a coup, she would have oodles of money real quick and BO supporters would come around before november

  188. Idunn,

    Next time i can get to the pc for a couple of hours I’ll see what i can dig up for you.

    BTW, I’m all for your cat but the flock has vowed to fight beak and wing to cause her defeat.

    I’m queasy about Waffles insistence he will win, too. Sounds much like his attitude as far back as February when he seemed so confident he had the nomination in the bag. We now know the nomination was rigged. Could it be the GE is, too?

  189. If she did pull off a coup, Obama has to hand over bit of money he raised to her. That would be so sweet.

  190. i wonder now if hillary should challenge obama. he is very vulnerable-will lose and even blogger boys are freaked. i mean lots of em today. rendell aint enthused. others. so um why again do this? i thought perhaps hillary should be graeful etc.. but now wonder if this is the wrong move. who now what 12 will be like guys. oh i wish she could fight on next week.

  191. okie,
    I dunno about diebold. I read a lot about that company in 2005. There were several lawsuits against them and from what I recall, Florida repubs had arranged for one of the Diebold employess a Chinese guy, to set up a program that would switch Gore votes to Bush votes without the voter knowing it and the program was activated only at a certain percentage level, say 51% to 49%.
    The guy who was investigating the case was found dead in a Florida motel just before testimony was scheduled. I have the notes somewhere . . . .

  192. tex, she needs to dust off those boxing gloves and get down to fightin like she said she would near the end of the campaign!

  193. She’s actually got all the cards at the convention, if she goes there on convention day and says right, i think i dont want to play ball anymore, the dnc would shit themselves.

    She’s the one who could hold them all to ransom. She could force herself onto the ticket if she wants to. If she doesnt, its her decision not his.

    Hillary has him by the balls and he knows it.

  194. Maybe all that is needed is a wait and see game. Just let him fall on his own sword, open his mouth a few more times, polls continue to go down…down…down…and voila…he’s toast!

  195. Even though I personally think Nader is certifiably crazy most of the time, I have this weird feeling that it’ll be Hillary for veep, too. In some ways, it would be SUCH a Clintonian move: total shocker, with HUGE media-splash appeal. And Obama desperately needs her voters as we all know. And the way to maximize the media effect would be to fake everyone into thinking it isn’t going to happen, so, hmmmm.

  196. August 19, 2008
    CNN poll of polls: Obama lead cut in half
    Posted: 07:35 PM ET

    From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

    A new CNN poll of polls shows Obama’s lead is dwindling.
    (CNN) — In what could be an ominous sign for Barack Obama just days before he is formally named the Democratic presidential nominee, a new CNN poll of polls out Tuesday shows the Illinois senator’s lead over John McCain has been cut in half in recent days.

    According to CNN’s average of several recent national surveys, Obama’s lead is now a slim 3 points over the Arizona senator, 46-43 percent — half of his advantage in a CNN poll of polls one week ago, and down from a high of 8 points in mid-July.

  197. confloyd

    re: BO feeding Africa – he just put in legislation: we taxpayers are going to do that – to the tune of $800 billion dollars –

    if it passes.

  198. Berkely, don’t make me jump through this screen and smack ya. 😡

    On to less ugly news:


    Geez, THIS sounds like a real good idea. 🙄

  199. Berkeley Vox, there is no way in hell Obama will pick Hill, even though it’s the SMARTEST move he could make. Michelle (Tacky-O) would throw a hissy and then divorce him. And I don’t think his own peevish little mincing ego will allow him to do it, even if he feels he must.

    I personally am PRAYING that the VP is not Hillary, because then he might have a shot at winning, and I want him GONE!

  200. Obama’s just gonna piss the old dude off, and then McCain will go nuclear. LOL…I’m actually gonna enjoy this.

  201. emjay, look at the money he wasted on everything, what a terrible waste of money!He could went with campaign finance reform as McCain asked him, but he chose to showboat!

  202. Get Hillary as VP, then suddenly Obama falls down a flight of stairs and we blame it on Michelle, voila. 2 for the price of 1

  203. August 19, 2008
    CNN poll of polls: Obama lead cut in half
    Posted: 07:35 PM ET


  204. Idunn, he has to go on the offense. McCain is killing him. Polls are shit, the unity pony is dead, dead, dead, and he needs a good VP pick and he will not pick Hillary.

    Why? Because it’s too late to appear magnanimous and it would only make him look like the weak ass punk (to quote terrondt- where is he???) that he is.

    Besides, the blogger boyz are starting to act like a bunch of scared pussies. Seen DU and DK lately? They’re starting to freak.

    The stink of death is upon his campaign. It’s a dead horse and McCain is beating it without even trying.

  205. Lest we forget the smack in the face McCain gave Obama back in 2006:

    Dear Senator Obama:

    I would like to apologize to you for assuming that your private assurances to me regarding your desire to cooperate in our efforts to negotiate bipartisan lobbying reform legislation were sincere. When you approached me and insisted that despite your leadership’s preference to use the issue to gain a political advantage in the 2006 elections, you were personally committed to achieving a result that would reflect credit on the entire Senate and offer the country a better example of political leadership, I concluded your professed concern for the institution and the public interest was genuine and admirable. Thank you for disabusing me of such notions with your letter to me dated February 2, 2006, which explained your decision to withdraw from our bipartisan discussions. I’m embarrassed to admit that after all these years in politics I failed to interpret your previous assurances as typical rhetorical gloss routinely used in politics to make self-interested partisan posturing appear more noble. Again, sorry for the confusion, but please be assured I won’t make the same mistake again.

  206. So if he goes on the offense, does that mean he’ll be labeled “negative” at last? Or will he get a pass again? 😉

  207. emjay,

    I thought it already had passed!

    The Global Poverty Bill. My understanding is it got watered down so 40% of the trillion bucks will goto Americans. 👿

    Let me go check.

  208. Get Hillary as VP, then suddenly Obama falls down a flight of stairs and we blame it on Michelle, voila. 2 for the price of 1

    Now that’s a plan, Moon. I live on a farm that backs up against the Cherokee Nat’l Forest. We bring the body here, and leave the bodies as breakfast for the bears when they come out of hibernation.

    Hey…a plus for the environment too! 🙂

  209. Anyone see that in VA Bloomberg/Paul is on the ballot now?



    That makes the prospect of Kaine hysterical.

  210. OK.
    The House of Reps passed it and the bill has already passed out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee …

    It better f***ing NOT pass! It will cost eachAmerican $2599 – $8000.

  211. For those going to Denver- you might take a detour and see Romney.

    If any of you do, could you please report back on whether he is as hot in person and whether his hair is real. I’ve always suspected it’s a plastic snap-on or something. 😆

  212. I merely suggested a broken leg from his drunken wife, nothing else.

    As for me…the bodies came to me ALREADY dead. the most they can get me on is an improper burial charge. 😉

  213. moon, just call it “pulling a Boxer.” We know that 👿 has used a crutch all thru the primary. Makes sense to use one at the convention, too.

  214. I could seriously see Clinton squeezing the vp slot from bambi and then stand back as Michelle chases him through the arena with a meat cleaver ready to cut his nuts off.

    She’d be Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction mode.

  215. Rove is smoking Hopium. He’d love to dirty Hillary with President Hasselhoff.

    Not a chance. I’ll vote against a :evil:-Hillary ticket.

    Hillary is Denver, or McCain in November.

  216. I wonder if a lot of these people with ulterior motives (Rove, Nader) are sounding the “Hillary is the VP!” alarm bell, just to create mischief, hoping that Hillary supporters will get all temporarily excited, and then we’ll all be crushed / angry when it’s NOT Hillary, and so the Democratic party will be further divided.

    What a circus! 😀

  217. I could seriously see Clinton squeezing the vp slot from bambi and then stand back as Michelle chases him through the arena with a meat cleaver ready to cut his nuts off.

    She’d be Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction mode.

    Moon, you have to give us “spew warnings” lest we kill our PC’s. :mrgreen:

  218. confloyd,

    The closest thing I’ve seen to a poll of how many Hil’s actually WANT her as VP is in a comment over at fiveeighty whatsis, the bots that talk about polls. One of them said that about half of her delegates want it.

    I wish someone would do good poll on how many of the 9 million who reject Obama would like O/C — and how many like most of us on these blogs are strongly negatie to the idea.

    At MSM sites and even some pro-Hillary sites, quite a few HIllary people seem to really like the idea, and onlly a few comment against it.

    WP/ABC poll July said in the general public it was a wash, equal numbers are attracted and repelled (2322% iirc).

  219. Maria Shriver needs to knock off her awkward attempts at playing grief counselor to HRC supporters. We know a friggin’ snow job when we see one, Maria. Get over yourself!

  220. He does not know what he is up against (Paraphrasing what O said about McCain). Does that sound like a threat or bullying to you?

    They say a group takes there cue from the leader.

    I rest my case.

  221. hmmm…I’m thinking that this isn’t the media spin Obama and the DNC are wanting to get building up to the convention…lol… 🙂

  222. Anyone else hear that there will soon be a bunch of new Harry & Louise ads coming up. The twist is they’ll be pro-UHC and ask nominees to make it their #1 priority. Maybe there is some truth to Hillary or maybe her policy advisers are getting the message thru in the only way they can- buying their own ad space like T. Boone Pickens.

  223. Dipshit Shriver – we don’t plan to cry, we plan to GET EVEN, and CLEAN HOUSE in the Democratic Party.

  224. Idunn Says:

    August 19th, 2008 at 9:13 pm

    Hillary as vp is the deal breaker for me. He picks her, she agrees , I vote McCain. Simple as that.


    Except I don’t matter, since I’m voting for McCain whatever BO does.

  225. what is maria shriver doing now? offering her bony shoulder to cry on?

    You know it.

    “Oh I undestand this kind of loss…I think of it as a death. Really. I understand. There there…let it all out. But you know, holding on to your grief really just hurts you in the end. Let it go, Dearie. That’s right.”

    Ugh…fake ass, snake in the grass!!

  226. LOL…he can’t pick Hillary because the repubs will use her comments against him. He has to pick her or he’ll lose big time. He hates her so he can’t pick her. She outshines him, outsmarts him, and out debates him.

    What a delicious pickle he is in. Couldn’t happen to a better/worse guy! 🙂

  227. Idunn, I am not Obama’s “Sweetie”, and I am sure as hell am not cadaver-faced Shriver’s “Dearie”!!

    Someone sing a good high C and her brittle bony ass will shatter like glass.

  228. Maria is officially barred from The New Agenda. Let her sit home and knit Uncle Teddy a friggin’ sweater.

  229. Funny, that is the phrase Snake in the Grass that I have use also.

    That is truely what they are.

    Marie Shriver cannot possible understand how we feel, as she was an O endorser. It is like someone telling you they know how it is to lose a child when they have not lost one.

    THE REPLY IS SCREW YOU, LADY. You have no idea what is going on here, and your support of O was crap. Shut the F up.

    Glad I got that out of my system.

  230. I dont know she hasnt broken her bony ass already, i mean shes been screwing the Terminator for how many years. She should be crosseyed at least.

  231. Yesy indeed Okie atty, potty mouth, never ever mention Obama again in the same sentence as donkey dicks, the donkeys will be offended.

  232. Ed hale just gave the media 24 hrs to drop the bomb that will knock out Obama, Ed says he will tell it tomorrow if the story does not tell it by tomorrow!

  233. see told you, its years of sex with Arnie. Thats why she’s got the arms outstretched in that pic, “its way this big and I’ve got a mouth like a mineshaft”

  234. I wished I knew, Ed not saying, but he says it will destroy Obama’s candidacy. I wonder if its the half white child he doesnt claim and is living in poverty! I am not for sure though.

  235. There is another theory is that Obama is on the down low with his pastor, so I don’t know, could be many things!

  236. Ed Hale is the founder of hcsfjm, the blog that was founded May 31st. Its a very good sights with a live radio show everyday. They also have Rev Manning on all the time! He is on there with Momma E.THey are on the up and up!

  237. So if Obama’s been having it away with men and also has a love child, can we please start calling him Hobama.

  238. But Barry is askeered of homosexuals, so we better change the subject. Lest he hear us and go all Voldemort on our asses.

  239. A bastard love child would be interesting but not enough to knock him out. I heard rumors of white GF’s- blonde no less- but never saw any proof.

    Let’s quit with the conjecture. It’s making my ass hurt.

  240. confloyd, Where did you hear that Rove said that?

    BTW, I can’t stand Nader for what he did to Gore in 2000, but his VP analysis makes complete sense. Except I still wonder if Obama can get over his narcissism enough to even ask HRC.

  241. I hope he has a closet that backs onto Narnia with the amount of things he has in that closet and Obama is so far back in that closet, he’s practically having tea with the snowqueen.

  242. Let’s quit with the conjecture. It’s making my ass hurt.

    LOL! You guys are on a serious roll tonight.

  243. They had a Clinton supporter on tonight that said there is still a chance that Hillary will be the nominee on the first and only roll call vote!

  244. I have never experienced and election like the one that is cosuming so much speculation and anxiety.If gasoline was being pumped at 50 cents per gallon we would all be some where else and enjoying vacations and good restaurants.We are a frightened people worrying about our fading resources and the foreclosures that are increasing more and more.We are trapped in a wait and see what happens mode and the election may or may not go our individual ways.As a result of this crucial political choice that faces us,we are angry,nervous,hesitant to make a decision and worry about our giving up our way of life that we have enjoyed with Bill and Hillary in the White House.Calm down eveyone and enjoy the fact that they are still here and their plans to rescue our country are about to be revealed to an anxious and waiting world.Show me any democracy anywhere in this world that has the privilege of calling them the most compassionate and caring citizens of their country as we have enjoyed. And they are both color blind.National Treasures? You had better believe it.!!!

    By ABM90 Sit back and relax folks. contribute and have faith.

  245. I got some feed back on the teleconference, and I could see nothing there. How Os positions were better than McCain’s, that we need to support him, stuff about the convention. I did not find anything meaninful there. But then, I guess they could have been talking in code.

    It also could be it was set up to say something, but when the bad polling numbers came out, they decided not to. That is just me talking.

    I am not sure what affected the CA polling numbers (15 to 2% lead, in liberal California, a bad news slide). However, Indiana might have been affected by the religious discussion last week. A 6% lead in IN, should bother someone. Even a slide of that magnitude in CA should bother someone.

    I don’t believe that I have seen a campaign with such bad news, and the candidate saying he does not know what he is dealing with, don’t worry I will win. It is like I live on another planet and I am looking down on this.

  246. # confloyd Says:
    August 19th, 2008 at 9:57 pm

    WEll, they think that is about his connection to ayers!!

    B Merry has been all over his ass on Ayers and NQ has picked up National Review’s story on trying to get the Ayers- 👿 Annenberg Challenge papers and how they were shut down by the college housing their papers. Some lame ass excuse was given on why the reporter couldn’t access them at the last minute.


  247. NewMexicoFan wrote:

    I don’t believe that I have seen a campaign with such bad news, and the candidate saying he does not know what he is dealing with, don’t worry I will win. It is like I live on another planet and I am looking down on this.

    LOL! 😀 I know!

  248. NewMexico, the polls are astounding. CA has never been this close in recent memory. I haven’t seen that poll. Which one is it? RCP doesn’t have it.

  249. The real thing to watch wrt Obama’s dirtiness is his connection to Nadhmi Auchi, imo.
    Ayers is small beans…at least from what we’ve been able to find anyway.

    That new info on the Annenberg Challenge papers is damned interesting, though. I hadn’t heard that yet.

  250. BTW, another reason the VP might (and I stress the word might) be HRC is because dragging it out this long makes less sense if it’s someone other than HRC.

  251. I have been sitting here reading and LMAO. TOO FUNNY tonight, and I tell ya Idun, MoonOnPluto is really giving you a run for your money doll!

    VERY FUNNY STUFF from all of you! You too Okie!

    and yes, thanks for plugging B Merry…the Annerberg Challenge stuff is DEEP and the fact that it was shut down to access just leaves that, as Chavez said at the UN….that “smell of sulfur” in the room even more pungent

  252. guess it’s just darned onconvenient running for the Presidency when you best buddy tried to blow up the Pentagon

  253. and despite the typo above, I was thinking about that type of thing earlier…

    why in the HELL is this even being discussed? Why would the DNC actually BELIEVE they can pull this off? This guy, Sniffles, has NO TRACK RECORD other than hanging out with the Mob, Mob-like figures, anarchists and terrorists!

    Besides the fact that he doesn’t know SHIT about running the government, what do they take us for?!?!?!

    If a guy with the SAME resume were a candidate, say, in Kenya or Britain or Canada, there would be a press feast like no other……

    Corrupt Pol take Highest Office! “Scandal-ridden candidate….etc”

  254. Mano man, Pumapac has nothing in the comments except that Hillary is the vp and that we must support her because she is doing what she has to do. THey say he willl never make it to November. There will be a bombshell first!

  255. Norma, no. I have some family medical issues that come first. If something changes, I have a few free places to stay. It’s not looking good at this point.

  256. Con, there’s too much conjecture running rampant everywhere. I suggest we all keep our heads.

    Anyhow, night all. Had a long day and another one ahead of me.

  257. Okie You are right, its been a long day, we are all hoping for a miracle. Our nerves are frayed, you can tell by the jokes on the blog today, so we have to wait because that looks like the game plan that BO has planned for us. It keeps him in the news longer because as soon as he announce the news will be on McCain and who he is selecting so waiting is what we will have to do. I just hope Ed comes through tomorrow!

  258. Yes, he was up by that much in the Bloomberg poll. It was one of the very few that ever showed him ahead by double digits (Newsweek being another). It was an outlier then but it’s still amusing to see the story that he blew a 15-point lead, lol.

  259. Okie, sorry about your family situation. That stuff is going around and my prayers are with you.

    If you come to Denver, please come to the 18MillionVocies events…not to be confused with a knock-off called “The Rise”

    they co-opted our plans and are following us like a shadow. The organizer was kicked out because she broke the code of ethics and worked to do things that were not helpful….

    They are more-or-less pretending to be us and are using the same parks on oppposite days to cause confusion. Sounds like Rove friends to me!

    Anyway, just a reminder here gang….

    The ONLY SOURCE for infor about 18MillionVoices is from the website at 18MillionVoices.blogspot.com.

    And if any one approaches you for donations claiming to be us…RUN and please report it. We do not fundraise.

    Also, look for articles in several VERY BIG news outlets

    Print, BIG radio, and TV in NYC!

  260. So he is ahead, but sliding and he is threatening people.

    Meanwhile, McCain is just going around talking to people and answering their specific question, which O has trouble with. He look Presidential, comfortable, funny, and believeable, as he does not have to move to the center.

    SDs you have got to be kidding me, that you don’t understand this is going south.

  261. We DO support ANYONE’S right to go celebrate in Denver (or protest) the way they want to, but we found it to be at cross-purposes for one rogue group who SAYS they support Clinton and want to celebrate her and women’s rights to be trying to steal members from 18Million and working behind our backs when they were members of the group.

    If they are indeed celebrating Senator Clinton and notr causing trouble for her or the delegates, more power to them, but our events are for CELEBRATION ONLY and we will not be doing the PUMA thing.

  262. I just love it that Media Matters nightly updates NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER find anything that Sniffles says to be “challengable”

    So much for a media watchdog group.

    Just another Soros-for -Obama shill.

    I have to go to bed. I am working doing antiquing and furniture tomorrow at a gallery in Tampa….

    and waiting for Hurricane Fay, Part 2

  263. BTW, I can’t believe McCain would choose Lieberman. That has to be a smokescreen. He’d be a terrible pick.

  264. Happy Birthday, Mr. President….Happy Birthday to you…..!

    Smartest man on the planet…..

    We get it. We are also committed to Hillary becoming Pesident of the United States.

  265. Yes, as we all say lights out. Happy Birthday William Jefferson Clinton. You have been the most sucessful President in recent history of the Democratic party. They need to start treating you like it.


    this is the 1500 race, and O is fading fast, saying breathlessly, I am going to win, the man does not know who he is dealing with, I can win, and he falls on the track.

    OK I am out of here

  266. http://blogs.wsj.com/washwire/2008/08/19/obama-catches-a-cold/

    Barack Obama has a cold.

    He’s not the president of the United States and his sore throat won’t shake the national economy, but it could throw off his campaigning.

    His voice is a bit raspy, his eyes are a bit red, and he walks with a hankie or tissue on hand, quickly burying it in a pocket before shaking hands.

    During a discussion with women voters in New Mexico on Monday he sneezed and blew his nose. He told the sympathetic audience that he caught something from his daughters while on vacation in Hawaii last week.

    “That’s what happens with daughters,” he said. “And sons!” yelled a woman in the audience.

    On Tuesday he looked worse. When a reporter asked if he was feeling better before a string of satellite interviews, Obama replied, “Not really.”

    He said, “It’s a minor head cold” and repeated his line from Monday. “It’s what happens when you hang around children.”

    Obama said he usually gets “like one cold a year.”

    But this is a heck of a time for the presumptive Democratic nominee to be sick. He’s expected to announce his running mate as early as Wednesday and has a packed schedule visiting swing states leading up to the Democratic Party convention in Denver next week.

    The campaign abruptly canceled several unannounced stops at retail establishments in North Carolina and instead flew directly to Raleigh, N.C., where Obama plans to hold a town hall meeting Tuesday night.

    Campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the canceled stops had nothing to do with the candidate not feeling well. “It was weather,” she said.

    But blue skies greeted the dubious press corps upon arriving in North Carolina.

    A Washington Times reporter said she felt compelled to use Purell hand sanitizer after shaking Obama’s hand Tuesday. But a Bloomberg correspondent promptly reminded her that she may be better off auctioning the virus off on eBay.

    “Waffle guy, look out, I’ll be a millionaire,” the reporter said, a reference to the voter who used eBay to sell Obama’s half-eaten breakfast from a Scranton, Pa., diner.

  267. sorry about the link i posted above onher conf call with delegates. the quotes are embedded in an anti puma site. however as ricki notes and many of u have read on other blogs -hillary retains her delegates, will have a real rollcall, 2 whips for her per state. she asks that she doesnt expect to win and urges everyone to back obama over mccain.

  268. Actual AP Story. Cause they don’t have spell check over there….

    His top contenders are said to include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Less traditional choices mentioned include former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, an abortion-rights supporter, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman,

    the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent.

  269. For what it’s worth (which is nothing, except maybe for the Vernon Jordan bit – and of course Nader’s right about how bad BO needs it))

    Nader Predicting it’ll be Hill

    Count Ralph Nader as unimpressed by the crop of supposed finalists to be Barack Obama’s running mate.

    “I don’t think he’s that dumb,” said Nader, commenting on widespread speculation that Obama’s choices are down to Sens. Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, or Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

    The smart pick, according to Nader, is Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nader phoned into Politico Tuesday afternoon to offer his prediction that a surprise nod to Clinton is actually what Obama has in store—never mind the talk of mistrust between the Clintons and Obama.

    “He just has to swallow hard and do what JFK did” in picking rival Lyndon Johnson in 1960, said the liberal activist and maverick presidential candidate.

    According to Nader’s logic, Obama may dislike Hillary, but will conclude he has no choice but to get over it if he hopes to leave next week’s convention in Denver with a unified party and a decent shot against John McCain in the fall: “The polls show 25 percent of her supporters have not gotten on board.”

    “He’s got to be very concerned by the [neck-and-neck] polls and by what happened at Saddleback,” added Nader, referring to the recent candidates forum hosted by evangelist Rick Warren. “He got beat in Saddleback—big time.”

    Nader said his own sources—and, to be blunt, they sound a bit sketchy—lead him to believe that Clinton remains in serious consideration. A friend, he said, recently saw Clinton family intimate Vernon Jordan on Martha’s Vineyard and reported the “usually very effusive” Jordan to be suspiciously “tight-lipped.”
    See Also

    * Politico’s guide to the conventions

    Nader said he does not see how Biden, Bayh or Kaine would help Obama politically, and believes the speculation about them is a “smokescreen.” If it’s a traditional white male politician Obama is after, Nader offered, the better pick would be former Georgia Sen. Sam Nunn, who brings national security heft and could put his home state in play.

    It might be tempting for the Obama partisans to brush off Nader’s freelance forecasting, but dismissing him as a crank is a risk. Many Democrats believe he siphoned votes and cost Al Gore the presidency in 2000.

    As for his own reading of the vice presidential tarot cards, Nader admitted, “I may have egg on my face in a few days.

  270. “It’s what happens when you hang around children.” He gets a cold once a year? There went his Father of the Year.

    Don’t worry, his red eyes will eventually flip flop back to blue, like when he speaks in front of say– a union crowd.

  271. from admin’s Wall Street Journal excerpt:

    During a discussion with women voters in New Mexico on Monday he sneezed and blew his nose. He told the sympathetic audience that he caught something from his daughters while on vacation in Hawaii last week.

    “That’s what happens with daughters,” he said.

    Whoah. First he doesn’t give them birthday presents, and now he throws them under the bus on the campaign trail? They’re only like 10 years old! Jesus! lol

  272. Is Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday night? Expect far more audience to turn in that event than a boring V.P. rollout & endless analysis by pundits … The opening ceremony was a huge hit. NBC is absolutely killing ABC/CBS/Fox etc combined these days by averaging 20-30 millions per night…

    I predict Bambi’s VP rollout to be a dud unless it’s Clinton. I won’t rule out this possibility since this guy is absolutely a poll whore. He must be struggling mightily between his own narcassism and hoping to win in Nov.

  273. The olympics are finally getting some ratings for nbc, well poor things I guess they need to make a little money. Fox will have it next week, I imagine they be rolling stuff out on Bambi next week and for the the following one!

  274. So if Obama’s been having it away with men and also has a love child, can we please start calling him Hobama
    ecclectic– and it doesnt stop there . . .

    let me straddle my old saddle
    underneathe the western sky
    on my cayuse let me wonder over yonder
    til I see the mountains high

    the sequel to bambi: when men were men
    and sheep were nervous–omg
    still a week to go

  275. Is that right Bambi’s kids don’t get b-day presents, is it some kind of a muslim religious thing or what?? What about Christmas, do they get stuff for that?
    I know Bambi got some birthday presents, cause he lost one last week, it was big news!

  276. Wbboe, That was cool, the sheep were nervous! Yep, that what we say here in America, we never do say the goats were nervous!!

  277. Wbboei, you should listen to ed tomorrow night he said if the big new station did not break the big bomb, he was going to do it tomorrow, he was giving them 24 hours.
    He said this news station was talking over whether to break it or not, he is pist so he is going to do it.

  278. Obama is the one who is applying to be president of the United States ERGO he is the one who has the burden of proof to show he is elibigible.

    The birth certificate he has posted on his website is fraudent. It has been reviewed by a forensic expert who was trained by the FBI and Homeland Security and done 7000 investigations since 1993. The certificate he posted is for a female borne in the 1970s, perhaps a sister.

    This is very simple. All he needs to do is produce a certificate of live birth showing that he was borne in the United States. Not a late registration of birth which alleges but does not prove where he was born. A certificate of live birth showing he was born in this country.

    Many people have tried to find this document and failed. Many others have misinterpected what they did find. For us it is the old William James padigm of a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that is not there. He has the burden of proof, and he needs to meet it.

    These are the kind of questions FOX should have been asking. Instead they get that nevish Bill Hemmer doing a puff piece. If you want to find out the real story here tune in to the radio station I told you about yesterday on Friday.

  279. Confloyd: so there will be shrapel in the streets of Wellington Texas. Love it. I am thinking about what our birthday boy said in that interview which you picked up on and jounalists did not. He is good–and so are you.

  280. I have been scouring the net for more information on the sects of islam that do not celebrate birthdays, just found one.
    This religion that does not celebrate holidays nor birthdays is the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
    Islam also does not celebrate birthdays, although so many muslim sects break those rules

  281. bad news
    US Rep. Tubbs Jones hospitalized near Cleveland
    August 20, 2008

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio –A hospital spokeswoman says U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones has been admitted to a Cleveland-area hospital.

    Joyce Persuad of Huron Road Hospital in East Cleveland says Tubbs Jones was hospitalized on Tuesday. She says family members have asked that no other information on the five-term Cleveland Democrat be made public.

    A telephone message The Associated Press left for an aide to the congresswoman Tuesday night was not immediately returned. A message also was left for a Cleveland police spokesman.

    The 58-year-old Tubbs Jones became the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress when she was elected in 1998.

    Tubbs Jones is set to be a superdelegate at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver. One of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest boosters during the primaries, she threw her support to Barack Obama in June.

    © Copyright 2008 The New York Times Company

  282. Mayor Richard Daley’s former patronage chief was sentenced to 46 months in prison Monday for his role in a scheme to load Chicago’s city payroll with campaign workers in defiance of a federal court order.
    Daley’s father tried to go national through JFK. Daley is trying to do it now through BO–and worldwide too. This is another faction behind bambi. It is why McCain should worry that 50% machines can be hacked. I cannot prove it but I bet they had something to do with the fraud in Gary, Indiana during the primary. I was there but on the other side of the state.

    This guy had a great defense. First, he was not sorry. Second, they have doing it that way for 200 years. Funny thing. The Judge wasnt impressed. He told him it was corruption with a capital C and then threw the book at the SOB.

  283. As Denver approaches, remember what Obama said in Philadelphia earlier this year, about how he deals with his opponents:

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

  284. this is not good guys
    Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones was admitted to Huron Hospital in East Cleveland Tuesday tonight.
    The family requested that the hospital not release any information about her condition.

    The Cleveland Heights police department is to put out a news release in the morning about the incident.

    WOIO Channel 19 is reporting that Tubbs Jones was behind the wheel of a car moving fast in Cleveland Heights. Police tried to pull her over but she was unconscious.

    Nicole Williams, spokeswoman for the 11th District congresswoman, had no information about the incident.

  285. If you think that is bad they found a dead middle eastern canadian dead in denver with a pound of cyanide in his room!

  286. As Denver approaches, remember what Obama said in Philadelphia earlier this year, about how he deals with his opponents:

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”
    Not my idea of a good CIC. That logic would tempt him to push the red button. Escalation in the nuclear age is . . . . . madness.

  287. Wbboei, don’t know if your still up but my resident religious scholar has woke me up to tell for sure that Sunni muslim believe it is unlawful to celebrate birthdays!!

  288. Conflloyd: does that go for Mohammad’s birthday as well? Or is it:

    Allah y la la
    Allah akbar

    Q: what if anything does sunni law say about goats?

  289. texan4hillary – interesting article – the SDs are idiotic – I know that they are getting bombarded by emails and it must be tiring, but ultimately, they are not seeing the forest for the trees:

    choose the electable candidate

    what about that do they not understand? is CDS stronger than the koolaid, that immediately instead of looking at whether the Dems can win, they blame Hillary supporters for overflowing their email boxes?

    if obama losing is the only way they will see this, so be it. for us, it will be comeuppance, just bitter-sweet.

  290. i know. shame on them all for this. meanwhile gop leaders fight mccain over lieberman.

    wa times
    Wednesday, August 20, 2008
    GOP leaders try to foil Lieberman pick
    Ralph Z. Hallow (Contact)
    Republican Party officials in several states are in a frenzy over how to persuade Sen. John McCain not to invite pro-choice Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman to be the Arizona senator’s running mate.

    One of the state GOP officials said he talked with two “high-level” Mr. McCain campaign officials who said that “Lieberman is a very real possibility.”

    Mr. Lieberman, a former Democrat who was Al Gore’s running mate in 2000, is now an independent who caucuses with the Democrats in the Senate.

    McCain campaign officials made a series of conference calls Monday and Tuesday with supporters around the country to discuss the possibility of naming a Democrat or a pro-choice Republican to the ticket, a GOP source confided.

    Mr. McCain last week played up former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, a pro-choice Republican, as a possible running mate. Mr. Ridge was President Bush’s first secretary of homeland security. Conservatives and evangelicals threw cold water on the idea.

    All the while, McCain confidant Sen. Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Republican, has been making the case for Mr. Lieberman, a Republican official said.

    Concerned state GOP officials on Tuesday discussed by telephone and e-mail whether to organize delegates to reject Mr. Lieberman if his name comes up for a floor vote for the vice presidential nomination at the Republican National Convention – if Mr. McCain actually does name him, either before or at the beginning of the Sept. 1-4 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minn.

    But heading off a Lieberman pick beforehand would avoid having to embarrass the GOP nominee by publicly rejecting his judgment on the choice for vice president at a convention watched on television by much of the nation.

    Whether Mr. Lieberman would transform the McCain campaign into a bipartisan winner or a disaster is open to debate.

    The McCain campaign has said the Arizona senator might choose someone who is “transformational” for American politics – a vice presidential pick who would be “out of the box.”

    Mr. McCain has well-established pro-life credentials that he further burnished with his nationally televised appearance at a Lake Forest, Calif., megachurch on Saturday.

    Naming Mr. Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew who is pro-choice and voted against a ban on partial-birth abortions, would certainly transform Republican presidential politics. Not since Republican President Abraham Lincoln chose Democrat Andrew Johnson as his running mate in 1864 has the GOP taken a bipartisan leap.

    Some say tapping Mr. Lieberman would seal the deal with foreign-policy hawks and with those evangelicals who see the preservation of Israel as a biblical imperative.

    “I don’t think there is a lot he could do that would endanger Senator McCain’s candidacy, based on the stark differences between him and Barack Obama with evangelical voters,” said Randy Brinson, an evangelical and Montgomery, Ala., physician who founded the national Redeem the Vote movement. “Lieberman is strong on supporting Israel and Judeo-Christian values, so I don’t think it hurts his cause if he decides to pick Lieberman.”

    In a Rasmussen Reports poll last month, 58 percent of Republicans held a favorable view of Mr. Lieberman, but only 13 percent had a “very favorable” view of him.

    But in a June Rasmussen survey, 42 percent of all voters said Mr. McCain should not invite Mr. Lieberman onto his ticket, and 40 percent said they weren’t sure. Among Republicans 19 percent thought it was a good idea; 14 percent of Democrats agreed.

    Larry Eastland, a conservative activist and corporate executive in Santa Monica, Calif., said Mr. Lieberman “would give McCain ‘buzz’ – something he is not getting now.”

    Mr. Eastland said that as a conservative, he would have a tough time voting for a Republican ticket that included the man who was Mr. Gore’s running mate in the 2000 presidential election.

    To the consternation of Democratic lawmakers, Mr. Lieberman has been campaigning with Mr. McCain. That has stirred admiration for him from some Republicans and skepticism from others.

    “Evangelicals and conservatives would be confused with Lieberman on the ticket,” said Shawn Steel, newly elected Republican National Committee member from California. Besides, he said, Mr. McCain is “solid on Israel” and needs no additional support in this area.

    Former Delaware GOP Chairman Terry Strine thinks it would be all downside with Mr. Lieberman.

    “I have seen shudders from many Republican activists over the rumors that Lieberman may be selected by McCain,” Mr. Strine said. “They say he totally lacks charisma, is a lackluster speaker, he has no economic credentials, has no executive experience, is liberal on every issue except the war in Iraq.”

  291. The more that time passes, the more happy I am that Hillary is in perfect position, distanced from the Obama campaign, and able to avoid the coming train wreck. Obama is going to lose this election and at the rate things are going, he may lose it badly. She can keep her powder dry for 2012 and we’ll take back the White House in four years’ time.

  292. Biden: ‘I’m not the guy’
    Posted: Tuesday, August 19, 2008 5:02 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    Filed Under: 2008, Obama
    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli

    As Delaware Sen. Joe Biden left his home a few minutes ago, golf clubs in tow, he was asked where he was going to be on Saturday.

    Biden replied, “Here” and pointed down to his driveway.

    As he pulled out of the driveway in the driver’s seat of his car he then said to the press gathered near his gate, “You guys have better things to do. I’m not the guy.”

  293. Just read that Stephanie Tubbs Jones found unconscious in car while in mothion……..hospitalized. Anyone know what has happened to her? Is she diabetic?

  294. First the Arkansas DNC chair, murdered last week.
    Then Feinstein with a broken ankle.
    Now Jones?
    And they’re all HRC SD’s?

    On the other side we have Kwame I’m-not-a-criminal Kilpatrick
    and now Patterson, the inadvertent governor of NY, saying he won’t vote for HRC?
    WTF is going on????n

  295. “I don’t have time for that mess.”

    Another quaint ghettoism thrown out by Waffles at the VFW appearance yesterday uttered after this charming comment, “McCain doesn’t know what he’s up against.”

    Reminds me of that old favorite, “They bring knives, we bring guns.”

    Add that to the fist bump.
    the rump slap
    the ‘baby mama’ witticism. 👿

  296. Contractors are coming so gotta do all posting now.

    Check this stunning pic of BC’s 2006 birthday celebration with a gorgeous HRC at his side.

    ADMIN! Can you please embed! (from NQ)


  297. We all know Zogby is a lousy pollster, but still this latest poll is disaster in the making for bambi.

    McCain takes 5-point lead over Obama-Reuters poll

    h t t p : / / http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUKN1948672420080820?sp=true
    In a sharp turnaround, Republican John McCain has opened a 5-point lead on Democrat Barack Obama in the U.S. presidential race and is seen as a stronger manager of the economy, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

    McCain leads Obama among likely U.S. voters by 46 percent to 41 percent, wiping out Obama’s solid 7-point advantage in July and taking his first lead in the monthly Reuters/Zogby poll.

    Obama’s support among Democrats fell 9 percentage points this month to 74 percent, while McCain has the backing of 81 percent of Republicans. Support for Obama, an Illinois senator, fell 12 percentage points among liberals, with 10 percent of liberals still undecided compared to 9 percent of conservatives.


    “Conservatives were supposed to be the bigger problem for McCain,” Zogby said. “Obama still has work to do on his base. At this point McCain seems to be doing a better job with his.”

    The dip in support for Obama, who would be the first black U.S. president, cut across demographic and ideological lines. He slipped among Catholics, born-again Christians, women, independents and younger voters. He retained the support of more than 90 percent of black voters.

    “There were no wild swings, there isn’t one group that is radically different than last month or even two months ago. It was just a steady decline for Obama across the board,” Zogby said.

  298. Morning JAS.

    Do we have any other into on Stephanie? I’m googling, but only finding the scant info already posted here.

  299. The bots are having shitfits at the new poll showing McCain in the lead.

    They are going apeshit at the Obama campaign over on their blogs.

    This is bound to make SD’s very very nervous. Hillary may just have to unsuspend her campaign soon.

    Eve of the Convention and Obama is losing ground in every state. He has lost the lead to McCain in Indiana, Ohio, Florida and losing ground in NY and California and NJ and you know the voters are saying its because of foreign policy, they don’t see Obama as being able to protect America. Game set and match folks.

    Seriously are these SD’s fecking dumb.

  300. Here you go

    EAST CLEVELAND — A hospital spokeswoman says U.S. Rep.
    Stephanie Tubbs Jones has been admitted to Huron Road Hospital.

    Hospital spokeswoman Joyce Persuad says Tubbs Jones
    was hospitalized on Tuesday. She says family members have asked that no
    other information on the five-term Cleveland Democrat be made public.

    A telephone message The Associated Press left for an aide to the
    congresswoman Tuesday night was not immediately returned. A message also
    was left for a Cleveland police spokesman.

    The 58-year-old Tubbs Jones became the first black woman to represent
    Ohio in Congress when she was elected in 1998.

    Tubbs Jones is set to be a superdelegate at next week’s Democratic
    National Convention in Denver. One of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s
    biggest boosters during the primaries, she threw her support to Barack
    Obama in June.

  301. I only hope that the pollsters(sp) will poll Hillary this week to show the SD how much support Hillary has.

  302. That vacatuion was a big mistake. The country watched as Russia invade Georgia and John McCain all over the news while bambi surfed in Hawaii. They have to wonder if he was President would he do the same thing.

    The public took that as lazy and stupid and quite frankly, middle of a Presidential campaign, you don’t go on holiday, people think Obama thinks he’s won and are pissed off by it. His arrogance is sinking him.

  303. I only hope that the pollsters(sp) will poll Hillary this week to show the SD how much support Hillary has.
    I do not think that will show what you and I hope it would. She suspended her candidacy over two months ago and has been campaigning for the jackasss pretty much since. Rassiaminthebagforobamaandalwayshavebeen did a poll like that a week ago and it showed her down 10 points. Thus, we need to extapolate from the last polls that were done before she suspended her candidacy to get a read in my opinion.

  304. Obama earned his poor showing
    August 20, 2008

    RE “SADDLEBACK a comfy fit for McCain” by Alan Schroeder (Op-ed, Aug. 19): John McCain came off better than Barack Obama at Saddleback Church for a simple reason: He answered the questions. Then he added a little something extra (like the POW story) as he felt the need. Obama may have “walked a more cerebral path,” but it was inevitably a long and winding one, frequently without ever answering the actual question.

    The accusation that McCain was pandering is laughable. McCain gave brief, understandable answers, many of which were almost guaranteed to play well with one group and poorly with others.

    Obama practically twisted himself into a pretzel trying to remain in play for everyone, and you could hear the difficulty in his voice as he tried to search for the politically viable words.

    In a format designed to give viewers a feel for where the candidates stand, Obama not only didn’t tell us, he appeared in many cases to be trying to hide it from us. That’s why one could say he lost at Saddleback.

    ****************************************************** May I also say Team Obama didn’t help themselves by doing the “fix was in” spin and questioning pastor Rick Warren and Saddleback Church honor and fairness.

    Obama could have said he was pro-choice if he believed that or could have said I’m personally pro life and professionally pro-choice but his answers where bad at best because you saw Obama being a “typical” Chicago politician.

    Obama type of politician might work in Illinois but it want work Nationally. There is no way in hell states are going to let the Corrupt Chicago Machine go nationally, no “effing” way is that going to happen, especially in California

  305. texan4Hill, the idiots deserve to lose their seats. This is just ludicrious to think they stole and bought the nomination and they can retain it because no one will stand up to them. Its ridiculous, the best thing Mr. Obama is to step down graciously and let Hillary beat the repubicans.

  306. A word of caution about 2012.

    The one think that will not change is the press.

    Is there any reason to believe they will be easier on Hillary then.

    Before you say yes because they will have to do soul searching if they engineer a trainwreck

    Just remember who owns them and why they do not want Hillary

    That will not change in my opinion

    Therefore the real question is can anyone win the presidency in this country under those conditions

    If the answer is yes then the goal her must be to destroy msnbc through a nationwide boycott

    Also, what occurs on the street next week may be as important as what happens inside

    What is expected in life seldom happens-what is least expected usually occurs

  307. I think Senate majority leader after the mid term elections is a distinct possiblility. 2012 is certainly a hope and I have not given up on it, but after what we have seen this time around I have no illusions. I still believe in the fierce urgency of now than wait four long years.

  308. My sense of Patterson is that he is a weak politican who would rather sell out the country than do what is right.

  309. wbboei, it seems to me that they are all weak politicians that have sold their souls to Soros for money. They have put money over their country and guess who will be paying for, US, the poor and the middle class. BElieve me Bambi will destroy this country and that is why he is here.

  310. I have a question here. Let’s assume the following scenario.

    If Bambi bombs terribly in Oct, let’s say polls shows McCain has a 10-point lead, and Obama decides to give up his nomination under the pressure… Will it be too late for Hillary to step in and save the party??

    I find it’s extremely amusing that the soft-core bots on big orange are now desperately wishing Bambi to pick up Clinton to save his ass. I’m nervous about this possibility. I don’t think Clinton as VP will be enough to save Bambi, people do not vote for VP, they vote for president.

    Clintons had better stay away from the train treck as far as possible.

  311. If the sds go for obama and obama loses it will be on their head and the only thing history will remember about them is not that they voted for the first black candidate but they voted for an unelectable one and forfeited the white house for eight years and sold out the party and the american people. It must be hard to be a superdelegate, hold the future of the country in your hands and have to read alot of email about it. It is a little like the guy who joins the marines becasuse he likes the uniform but hates the idea of going to war–my god you might have to fight.

  312. wbboei, it seems to me that they are all weak politicians that have sold their souls to Soros for money. They have put money over their country and guess who will be paying for, US, the poor and the middle class. BElieve me Bambi will destroy this country and that is why he is here
    confloyd: actually, I have become much more optimistic. I now thinks that is only 99.99% likely. Subject to what Ed Hale says tonight.

  313. My god times have changed look at the panic posters over on DU. I am just laughing. They villified her and are now begging her.

    Obama needs Hillary. It’s getting more and more obvious…

    Edited on Wed Aug-20-08 03:00 PM by …
    No one will bring what Hillary brings. Rip me all you want, but take a look at the polls this last month. She is the only one that can generate excitement. I will do whatever it takes to WIN in November. And if that means Hillary, so fucking be it!!!!!!!!!!

  314. wbboei, you are right, I think the SD’s are scared they may have to do what they are designed to do, elect the electable candidate. We can’t afford eight more years of republicans. If they believe that then the answer is clear, they must elect Hillary on the first ballot!

  315. Good Morning All

    I predicted on another blog here that if McCain was ahead in polling by 4% they were in trouble. I now see 5%.

    I think yesterday’s meeting was originally planned for her to release her delegates, and we know that did not happen.

    HRC is now in the drivers seat. VP yes if he was ahead and falling. Presidential Candidate at this point.

    Regardless of who is polling, I think we are seeing the effects of the religious discussion. He did poorly, and the debates are not his speciality.

    There is only one person that can save this, and that is Hillary at the top and O as VP. That is the quickest way to get this going. Will O put aside his ego, and make this happen? That is up to him. If he wants to ever be presdient, I suggest he take #2, watch and go for it in 8 years.

    Maybe by then his children will be less apt to get a cold.

  316. I wonder if Davis and company have had their little seance with that weak little bastard steve capus at nbc. That is where alot of this battle needs to be fought. Like I said above, I would give msnbc a carthaginan peace–burn their land and pour salt on it so nothing grows there for a thousand years. If women as a group boycotted them that would be enough to relegate them to the dustbowl of history. Then someone could explain to matthews why he really does not want to run for public office if he thinks about it.

  317. My god times have changed look at the panic posters over on DU. I am just laughing. They villified her and are now begging her.

    (beep) We’re sorry, Senator Clinton isn’t in to take your call right now…

  318. I remember his gettng sick like this at the end of the campaigning against HRC, when he was losing so badly in some of those states. His claim that he only gets sick once a year is not true.

    This man does not take defeat well, and I think we are seeing the physical results of this.

    A true winner takes defeat in stride, stands up and goes for it again.

    Have We forgotten the Miracle that HRC performed after Iowa, in NH. The sign of a true winner.

  319. NewMexicoFan Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 9:16 am
    Sounds about right. And just remember if he goes down hard so do the down ticket races in swing districts. Think about it–the Republicans could have a repeat of The Miracle of 1994 and out of these ashes a new Gingrich could emerge. Wouldnt that be a fitting post script to this exercise in self delusion–if they had only read their email.

  320. Admin we are waiting for the next article.
    The polls! See the Reuters story released at 8:07 EDT which put Macain in the lead. CNN poll still puts Obama on the lead but only by three points.

  321. Another poll shows the race is tied.

    POLL: GWU Battleground National (8/10-14)By Eric Dienstfrey

    GWU Battleground /
    The Tarrance Group (R) /
    Lake Research Partners (D)
    8/10-14/08; 1,000 LV, 3.1%
    Mode: Live Telephone Interviews
    (Questionnaire, Rep analysis, Dem analysis)

    McCain 47, Obama 46
    (May: Obama 49, McCain 47)

  322. my guess he will announce to day that Hillary is his veep choice, with all the bad news in the polls, he will need to get a bounce from than!

  323. McCain is still leading in Ohio according to Rasmussen.
    Ohio, the ultimate swing state in Election 2004, continues to lean in John McCain’s direction, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

    McCain attracts 45% of the vote in Ohio while Obama earns 41%. That’s little changed from a month ago when McCain led 46% to 40%.

    When “leaners” are included in the totals, McCain leads Obama 48% to 43%.

  324. confloyd,

    I hope not. I don’t believe Clinton can save his sorry ass. Plus, Clinton did lots of dig on him during primary, the GOP will immediately include her images in the latest ads.

    Clintons should just sit down and enjoy the traintreck.

  325. Confloyd

    No I due not have inside information. But you have to wonder why a meeting called weeks ago, tuned into such a non event.

    I due feel that in HRC heart that she wants to do the right thing for the Dems. However, right now, based on lack of performance, and the polls (O is a poll manace they say), that HRC has got to be in an exceptional position.

    The problem is the DNC, and what has happened with O even before the first vote was cast.

    It is like you sleep with someone, and are set for the marriage and you decide the SEX and the marriage is not what you want.

    SDs the vote is not final until you cast it. A pledge card means NOTHING, but this country, the DEMS winning and bring other DEMS with them is VITAL.

  326. Additional good reading


    (CBS) Senator Hillary Clinton is by far the favorite choice for the number two spot on the Democratic ticket, according to a CBS News/New York Times poll of delegates to the Democratic convention. When asked who they would like Barack Obama to select, 28 percent volunteer her as their top choice for Vice Presidential nominee.

    Six percent volunteer Delaware Senator Joe Biden, and four percent mention two other unsuccessful Democratic candidates: New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former North Carolina Senator John Edwards. [Most of the interviews for this poll were conducted before Edwards admitted to having an extramarital affair.] Another 4 percent volunteer Indiana Senator Evan Bayh

  327. This is a real special development. As I remember that poller is one that favors O. This is what we dreamed and prayed would happen, but fear it would not.

    This is a poker game, and someone above my pay grade has given HRC some good cards.

    (I am sorry, just could not resist using that phrase)

  328. The SD’s are scared to death, that’s why they will force Hillary on the ticket, that way they can save face with the ticket if it still loses.
    Imagine if you all that power of deciding if we take the Whitehouse for 8 years and all the fear of that blame?? What can the SD’s and the democratic party do? Make Hillary take the #2 spot. THeir idiots!

  329. Rasmassen just emailed their Daily Report

    1. McCain takes the lead in Florida by 3%

    2. Nationally when leaners are included O is only 1% ahead

    3. Ohio is too close to call.

  330. If I were HRC at this point, and I am not of course, I would go for the GOLD.

    I predict that if HRC is placed first with O as VP at the convention, and they both do their speciality speaches, with O really making the speech of his life, they go to double digits after the convention.

    SDs it is up to you to make History.

  331. NewMexicoFan ,
    actually McCain has a 5-point lead in Ohio according to Rasmussen.

    Watch the panic reaction from big orangers.
    McCain has 99% of the media behind him (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:Superribbie, victoria2dc
    So this is not at all surprising, he has a dedicated group of super rich people working around the clock (well maybe just 8 hrs per day) to make sure that he slinks into the white house so they can continue to run and ruin this country and fatten their wallets.

    While Obama is not perfect, he is light years ahead of the repulsive McBush, so only the very rich, the ignorant, and the racist will vote for McBush. Oh wait, those three types add up to 45% of the people in this country- we better turn out the vote or they will “win” once again.

  332. so only the very rich, the ignorant, and the racist will vote for McBush

    And yet… I’m middle class, well educated , and bi-racial. 🙂

  333. “(beep) We’re sorry, Senator Clinton isn’t in to take your call right now…” LOL…perfect! 🙂

    What a nice poll to wake up to! I’m just waiting for Obama’s soundbite to see who he blames this one on. It couldn’t ever be his fault! 😉

    So are we going to see Hillary give an amazing speech at the convention without using a monitor and Obama crippled by having to use one? Can’t wait! 🙂

  334. There is another reason for placing HRC on top. I don’t really think that McCain is ready to go on HRC should she become the Candidate.

    They would have to scramble, and that takes a little time.

    They say that they will bring dirt on WJC (Bill), but we all know that Bill is Bill. I don’t view anything they can say about him could be a shock. I think we should let HRCs mother travel with Bill. That would keep him straight.


    That is like if we put the Pro Mothers of all the sports at the doors of the stadiums, and in the hotels, the star athletes would not get into trouble on the road.

    OK, so I am a little wacko this morning.

  335. Bots go crazy…

    Who are these people? (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:triv33, blitz boy
    Everyone I talk to, and that includes former diehard Republicans, are supporting Obama over McCain by 2-1. I can’t believe this crap.

    A lot of it has to do with who they are sampling, and how its being done.

    While I agree that it may ‘wake up’ the Obama campaign, somewhat, whatever tha means, I can’t seriously believe that more Americans prefer McCain over Obama – from personal experience!

  336. Who is this mudcat johnson and does anyone know why he hates Hillary??

    Never heard of “mudcat” Johnson…”mudcat” Saunders I HAVE heard of, though.

    Mudcat is a common nickname for certain political people. They liken themselves to the catfish (aka mudcats)…swimming around in muddy waters, sucking the scum off the bottom of the lake , generally making the waters more healthy.

    I THINK that’s the general idea, anyway.

  337. Who cares anymore what Bill has done or is doing. THis is stupid, the man is sick, he can’t do to much, all that cardiac medicine cuts the playboy games down alot! LOL!! The freaking republicans are trying to make us fear that. What Bambi’s has no skeletons, he has worse ones than Bill’s zipper problems!

  338. Its ridiculous to believe the republicans did not help BO and his helpers(Brazierre/Dean) to achieve the ultimate goal and that was to defeat the Clinton’s. I can imagine that all those folks who were in on this deal is now shitting their pants!

  339. Kostner, you must have a subscription. Obviously your information looks better than mine. Can you tell where the shift has been?

    I would take the subscripiton, but it looks like a lot of money per month.

  340. Yes, he was an advisor to Edwards, Con. And then highly sought after by Obama. Mudcat Saunders is typically known for pushing pols to address and respect bluegrass, southern values. My guess is that, if Obama has recruited him, it’s in an attempt to figure out a way to win over rural, blueclass voters.

  341. h t t p : / / http://www.nationalenquirer.com/john_edwards_blockbuster_new_expose/celebrity/65316

    The NATIONAL ENQUIRER’s exclusive ongoing investigation uncovers shocking new revelations about The John Edwards Scandal!

    The day prior to Edwards bombshell admission to an affair on ABC’s Nightline, Rielle Hunter and her 6 month old daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, were flown out of the US onboard a chartered Learjet.

    The private flight cost $50,000 and was paid for by Edwards’ pals. The Hunters were the solo passengers aboard the eight-hour flight.

    Destination: St. Croix in the Virgin Islands!

    THE ENQUIRER tracked Rielle to St. Croix where our reporters discovered Rielle and the baby stayed in a luxurious oceanfront home owned by controversial trial lawyer Lee Rohn, another close friend of Edwards.

    When visited by an ENQUIRER reporter on August 15, Rohn snapped a terse “No comment!” when questioned about Hunter.

    Former Virgin Island Senator Anne Golden confirmed to THE ENQUIRER that “within 24 hours of their arrival that they were here and staying with Lee Rohn.”

  342. Why does anyone hate Hillary or Bill? Some people, just cannot help themselves. They have CDS.

    The numbers are looking good for McCain. Months ago, on another board, someone who is familiar with polling, said the polls after Labor Day weekend will be the most telling, and perhaps accurate. We’ll see.

    BTW, the SD’s are not going to bail, at this point in time. They have too much invested in Bo. He also raided 7.8 million dollars in CA last weekend. They are only looking at the money. They may not care, if the election is lost. Just my 2cents worth.

  343. I had a ring side seat here, and I know the DNC has been staging this for O from the beginning. They had high level support here, and upfront knowledge about Judas, and when the announcement could come. They immediately moved into a lawyer office here, and had people signed up for absent T ballots.

    In the HRC campaign we struggled and had one Weekend here to do absentee applications, and they sent a group of young ladies quickly that did a fabulous job. (we loaned out computer equipment and really flew by the seat of our pants).


    I know we can take the country, as many of us will put our lives on hold through November to do this.

  344. Here’s how my original post SHOULD have read:

    Yes, he was an advisor to Edwards. And then highly sought after by Obama. Mudcat Saunders is typically known for pushing pols to address and respect middle class, southern values. My guess is that, if Obama has recruited him, it’s in an attempt to figure out a way to win over rural, middle class voters.

  345. Is there an implication, that Obama knew of the affair from the start and covered it up for Edwards in exchange for his part in taking down Hillary.

    Is’nt there something that Obama and edwards holidayed together?

  346. Winning means more than the money you HAVE collected. Winning means power and future money.

    Many of these people are up for election or soon will be. They will support you if you are winning, but not if you have a major lost like this.

    Remember, many are going against their electorate, and that only works when you win.

  347. So the repubs must be shaking in their boots as well. On the one hand they want McCain to win. On the other hand they are terrified that Hillary will be in the equation. 😉

  348. Would be nice if the National Enquirer ran another article on this.

    Who would have thought Edwards would be goijng to H like this. His endorsement of O is in the toilet, and even a liability. Is he still listed as endorsing on Os web site.

    Got to go and eat breakfast. It is already a good day.

  349. DNC Pushes FEC on McCain Loans
    By Matthew Mosk
    The Democratic National Committee is preparing a vigorous legal challenge to try and stop the Federal Election Commission from voting Thursday on Sen. John McCain’s brief flirtation with the public financing system.

    The DNC’s lawyers have prepared a letter to the FEC contending that the commissioners cannot vote to formally release McCain from the primary matching program because he never submitted a request to be released. They also argue that the FEC has not adequately investigated whether McCain’s unilateral decision to exit the public funding system broke the law.

    “It’s our view that, in blowing off the requirements, McCain violated the law,” said Joseph E. Sandler, the DNC’s lawyer.

    The dispute over McCain’s handling of the public financing system has been roiling for months. McCain applied to enter the matching program in late 2007 when his struggling campaign was starved for cash. Under the rules, if he takes any of the public funds, or borrows money using the promise of federal funds as collateral, he is required to stick with the program. That would mean adhering to debilitating spending constraints that would have paralyzed his campaign.

    The DNC has argued that once McCain borrowed money using the promise of public funds as collateral, he was locked into the system. The McCain camp has disputed that notion, noting that the loan payments were not predicated on matching funds, but on other campaign assets, like e-mail lists. McCain’s lawyer, Trevor Potter, has also argued that the primary matching program is voluntary, and that McCain had every right to withdraw when he determined he didn’t want to participate.

    The FEC’s lawyers have recommended the commissioners side with McCain on this dispute when the panel convenes Thursday.

    The DNC’s new, somewhat esoteric legal maneuver is unlikely to do anything at this stage to hamper McCain’s efforts — he’s already been operating as if he was free from the spending limits anyway.

    But Sandler argued that the effort is “not academic.”

    “It’s real in the sense that they should hold him accountable,” Sandler said. “There’s not going to be any impact on what he can spend before he’s nominated. But we’d like to see this issue resolved one way or another before Election Day. We think it would be good for voters to know whether he has violated the law. Especially one he’s so well known for promoting.”

    ****************************************************** Howard Dean has been the worst DNC Chairman evah.

  350. If the DNC were smart at all, they would realize what power play needs to be made here, and go for the right solution.

    In politics (especially after a 8 year drought), winning is everything.

  351. BREAKING NEWS: Obama campaign caught lying about free tickets to convention speech.

    Channel 4 News in Denver, CO is reporting that the Obama campaign has been lying about tickets to the Obama speech at Invesco Field in Denver, CO.

    Reporters discovered a hidden link on the Obama website targeted to known high dollar donors. The Obama campaign solicited those donors for $1000.00 in exchange for tickets to the event.

    This is directly contrary to what Obama’s campaign claimed.

  352. The DNC can go to …… They are complaining about possible illegal activity, when they stole delegates, fixed and rigged an election, and stole votes. I hope the FEC throws out their claim.

  353. moononpluto

    Oh, Obama would not be caught cheating and lying.

    He has a cold, quit picking on him.

    Where is that winning utube when yo need it.

  354. Its the fact someone actually bothered reporting he was lying and not bowing down to his majesty has me surprised.

  355. Local Clinton backers, McCain adviser meet
    h t t p : / / http://www.thetimes-tribune.com/articles/2008/08/20/news/sc_times_trib.20080820.a.pg1.tt20brazil_s1.1888751_top5.txt

    A brother of New York Sen. Hillary Clinton and local Democrats who backed her unsuccessful presidential campaign socialized privately Monday with a top surrogate of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

    The private gathering featured Carly Fiorina, Mr. McCain’s top economic adviser, and took place at the Dunmore home of political consultant Jamie Brazil, a longtime friend of Mrs. Clinton’s family who has signed on as paid national director of Mr. McCain’s Citizens for McCain Coalition.

    The attendees included Tony Rodham, Mrs. Clinton’s youngest sibling, his wife, Megan, and their two children; attorney Kathleen Granahan Kane, who coordinated Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign in Northeast Pennsylvania during the primary election; and Virginia McGregor, sister of Scranton Mayor Chris Doherty.

    With the Democratic National Convention less than a week away, the gathering raises questions about the support Illinois Sen. Barack Obama can expect from former local supporters of Mrs. Clinton, who dominated at the polls in the Northeast in the April primary election. Mrs. Clinton won 74 percent of Lackawanna County Democrats to Mr. Obama’s 26 percent.

    Ms. Fiorina’s daylong local visit, part of a two-day bus tour of the state, was aimed at talking disenchanted former supporters of Mrs. Clinton into supporting Mr. McCain. The private gathering was not a fundraiser.

    “I think there’s going to be a groundswell of support for McCain,” said Lackawanna County District Attorney Andy Jarbola, a Republican and one of the people who attended. “I think a lot of Hillary supporters are going to be for McCain.”

    Efforts to reach Mr. Brazil, Mr. Rodham and a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton were unsuccessful

  356. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=28116#continueA here you go

    but this one is much more fun.

    Yup here’s that brotherly ethics.

    Democratic US Presidential candidate Barrack Obama has a forgotten brother in Africa, whose family is at the edge of existence, earning less than $1 per day.

    George Husein Owango Obama, who lives outside the media spotlight, recently decided to speak about his relationship with Barack Obama. In his interview for “Vanity Fair” he spoke about his life, however avoided giving responses to direct questions to describe his brother.

    “We live here with less than a dollar per day” said George, who lives in the periphery of Nairobit. Up until now the US Press managed to track down seven of Obama’s brothers, the only one missing was George.

    “I met Barack briefly, two years ago. We talked, but he was somehow strange, as if I didn’t speak to a brother.” added George Obama.

  357. Keep them all guessin Hillary.My fellow Hill fans just have to admire the intelligent decisions that she has made about her role after her announcement of suspending and puttinher campaign on hold.Take notice that she has been very careful in her speeches ,agenda and criticisms of her opponents. As a result there has been little focus on her status in the race.She has deprived Obama and the MSM of any grist for their mills in their drive to vilify Hillary.Her Obama support appearances are short and tepid at best.Nothing glowing or important.In the meantime she and Bill can rest and and carry out their strategy to become the nominee and see the swing back of manyy AA voters once they realize that their man blew it.The results will be evident in Denver when it is going to be mainly about her and the fact she is the winner and BHO will have to cede and ride her coat tails if he wants to stay in the game.For her,the atmosphere is now positive and negative for the great mr.O.
    Smart people the Clintons. Go HILLARY y ABM90

  358. The Obama campaign is trying to get McCain to release his military record.

    Thats a bad road to go down boys for the plain and simple fact your boy Obama has NO military record. Do you really want to highlight that Obama has never served in any US military and McCain is former military POW.

  359. PPP is a D polling firm..

    August 20, 2008POLL: PPP Missouri (8/13-17)By Eric Dienstfrey

    Public Policy Polling (D)
    8/13-17/08; 750 LV, 3.6%
    Mode: IVR

    McCain 50, Obama 40
    (July: McCain 47, Obama 44)

  360. admin’s “nutroots are getting worried too” comment at the top of this thread lead to the web page where a coupling on interesting comments were tacked on. The first reveals how Obama supporters are starting to feel about his chances. The second shows how Hillary is going to be blamed by the whackos no matter what she does…Hillary owes Obama nothing but some lip service, an air kiss. “Luv ya”. He didn’t help with her debt (well, barely), and he’s shown disdain and that he’s capable of winning with Hillary’s help or her supporters votes.

    shrrrr 22 hours ago 1 point

    Best post in a long time….and timely. Thanks for saying what many of us have been thinking for a while now. Last Saturday night, listening to the Rev. Rick show, was when it first really hit me that the Repugs could actually win. It’s a sinking feeling.

    SouthernYankee 1 day ago 1 point

    Obama needs to push back more. Whatever happen to Hillary getting out there? She has only been out twice. She is all talk and no action. The Clintons are showing their shelfish true colors. They should put the party above themselves. She is playing it just the way she wants.

    Gee, I suppose she should be putting in the same tireless hours on Obama’s behalf that she did all the way up through June?? I suppose she should put in more hard campaigning time than Mr. Vacation himself? Mr. ThreeWorkoutsDaily???

  361. So this Washington culture Obama keeps saying he wants to change? Does that include lying, cheating, stealing, etc…?

    And this is change? 😉

  362. Obama’s blowing it.

    Its every state where Hillary won the rural vote by a mile, they are going to dump Obama’s ass in the shit.

  363. Dean’s 50 state philosophy has been flawed from the beginning. He stole it from the Reps, and what works with the Reps, does not always work with the Dems.

    They threw out their base (older and women), and said they can win in Red states and with the young (who have now lost interest).


    Reps are always Reps. My relative who was upset with McCains election (Unlike our appointment of a candidate), has come back to roost and will vote for McCain. His wife who supported HRC, will vote for McCain.


  364. The bots are going despondant over the new Missouri poll over on DU, they think its all going to shit and are getting furious with bambi.

  365. Can we repaly that interview with Donna B where she says they don’t need old people and women, that they would win it with new voters. That the Dems are becoming more global.

    Too bad they cannot vote.

  366. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,406742,00.html

    EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — U.S. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters during the primaries, remained unconscious Wednesday in a Cleveland area hospital after being transported there Tuesday night.

    MyFOXCleveland reports that Tubbs Jones’ car veered off the side of the road Tuesday night. Police found her unconscious behind the wheel.

    A hospital spokeswoman said family members requested that no other information on the Cleveland Democrat be released. Tubbs Jones’ spokeswoman Nicole Williams said she has “no information” about the incident “at this time.”

    The 58-year-old Tubbs Jones became the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress when she was elected in 1998. She is serving her fifth term in Congress.

  367. Hawaii, Georgia, and Saddleback are absolutely killing Obama now. He is bleeding support heavily in every poll.

  368. Can you imagine a CEO stating I can win this, and it is OK, everything will come around, and numbers going South like this, and his keeping his job.

    First of all he would have had to have had some experience at turning things around to get the job, and

    Second, he would have to perform.

    There has been no successful performance out of O for months.

    Time to Fire the guy.

  369. Berkeley Vox

    I was looking for some changes early, but maybe it just became too much for people all at once.

    If the DNC did not have this information until after the convention it would be excused, but to have it before, and do nothing will really reflect badly on them.

  370. Yup and Obama showed his real personality through it all, lazy arrogant, prejudiced, misinformed and lazy.

    People noticed.

  371. kostner Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 8:19 am

    We all know Zogby is a lousy pollster, but still this latest poll is disaster in the making for bambi.

    McCain takes 5-point lead over Obama-Reuters poll

    If Zogby was and is trying to slant things to favor Obama, I wonder what the real numbers are.

    Again, it’s easy to see the recent developments contributing to Obama’s continued downward “progression”:

    * Russia aggression / Pakistani instability (Musharaf resignation) helps McCain, in that Obama doesn’t know much and can’t project strength
    * Rev Warren’s “interviews” again reinforce how poorly Obama manages without a teleprompter, and that McCain “likes these things”.
    * Efforts to squeeze out Hillary and mute her supporters in Denver is and will continue to prevent party unification
    * Obama’s dramatic flip-flop to the center is eating away at his nutroots base; he’s only beating McCain 52-40% among 18-29 year old. Obama’s lost 12% since ___ (?)

  372. # NewMexicoFan Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:43 am

    Can you imagine a CEO stating I can win this, and it is OK, everything will come around, and numbers going South like this, and his keeping his job.

    Usually, while the CEO is keeping optimistic in the face of harsh reality, board members secretly meet to work on the ouster.

    We saw this in Pakistan. Musharraf’s ouster of judges who thought he stole the election was the final straw; the public had enough, and the mechanisms to force him out kicked into action.

  373. Completely off topic, but,

    Usain Bolt ran a world record 19.30 (beating Michael Johnson’s 19.32) in the 200m!!!

    No one has ever broken the WR’s for both 100/200m in the same Olympics, and no one has doubled since Carl Lewis in 1984.

    The dude be off the charts.

  374. if zogby has bambi down by five i bet the internals show a larger gap. apparently not enough people have heard him say that he is gonna win–or not enough believe it.

  375. The Obama campaign is trying to get McCain to release his military record.
    just as soon as obama releases his, which is to say when pigs fly–no offense claire.

  376. ‘Pay grade’ unartful dodge
    Smart money shouldn’t be on Obama

    By Michael Graham Wednesday, August 20, 2008

    “Well, uh, you know, I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or, uh, a scientific perspective, uh, answering that question with specificity, uh, you know, is, is, uh, above my pay grade.” – Sen. Barack Obama, on “When does a baby get human rights?”

    In 1948, they had Harry Truman and “The buck stops here!”

    In 2008, they’ve got Barack Obama and it’s “above my pay grade.”

    This is definitely not your grandfather’s Democratic Party.

    Certainly not mine. My grandfather, Ray Futrell, was a lifelong FDR Democrat, the kind who would proudly rather vote for a wife-beating, syphilitic drunkard than for a Republican. In fact, he would find the previous sentence entirely redundant.

    My grandfather helped push Patton’s tanks across Europe, and one reason for my grandfather’s unshakable party loyalty was his belief that Harry Truman saved his life by dropping the A-bombs on Japan.

    If Truman hadn’t made the call – if he’d demurred that such a profound life-and-death decision was “above my pay grade” – my grandfather believed that he and untold thousands of Americans would have died invading the Japanese mainland.

    I miss my grandfather, but I’m also glad that he isn’t around to witness the tragic descent of his beloved Democratic Party.

    Watching Obama with the Rev. Rick Warren this past weekend, answering questions – or, more accurately, not answering – about his most basic beliefs was simply embarrassing.

    Obama supports partial-birth abortion and voted against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” When he got the invitation to an evangelical forum hosted by a pro-life pastor, he had to know that issues regarding life and the law were going to come up.

    And his prepared answer to the most fundamental question about public policy and abortion (“is the fetus a human being?”) is that it’s “above my pay grade?”

    There are certain sentences that should never appear on the lips of the Leader of the Free World. “That Vladimir Putin, what a great guy!” is one of them. “I did not have sex with that woman” is another.

    But on the very top of the list of statements about our nation’s laws that should never be spoken by a guy whose job it is to sit next to the Big, Red Button is “That’s above my pay grade.”

    With all due respect, Sen. Obama, being president is above your pay grade. And the voters are starting to figure that out.

    Politico.com reported yesterday that 75 percent of Americans believe that John McCain can “handle the job of commander in chief.” Only 50 percent feel the same about Obama. A whopping 42 percent told pollsters they believe Obama is simply not up to the task.

    Who can blame them? Obama wants the difficult duty of taking on Iran and North Korea, but he can’t even handle Rick Warren or the Clintons – the latter having commandeered Obama’s own convention in Denver next week and forced their way into a pro-Hillary roll call. Having been routed by the Clintonistas, Obama wants a chance to lead against al-Qaeda? Please.

    Leaders don’t pass tough questions to the next “pay grade.” They don’t need five minutes to answer yes-or-no questions about the surge or Russia’s invasion of a democratic neighbor.

    Politicians flip-flop on taxes and FISA and the Second Amendment to meet the political needs of the moment. They try to explain away the votes they’ve already cast, like Obama’s extreme pro-abortion voting record. Or they courageously cast 130 non-votes of “present” in the Illinois legislature and pass the buck that way.

    That’s not leadership, that’s politics. And Barack Obama is 100 percent pure politician.

    He is certainly no Harry Truman.


  377. fan mail for howie poopsie and gogzilla
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    Report as matureTexasDarlinFront Page Blog Rules hate mail from team obama Just Say No ← The Annenberg Files: ACCESS BLOCKED! [Updated]
    Obama’s Caucus Fraud Trick: how the delegates were “won”
    August 20, 2008 · 2 Comments
    How can the Democratic Delegates to the Denver Convention ignore this evidence?

    The delegates know, all too well, that Barack Obama edged out Hillary Clinton in the pledged delegate count largely due to his victories in caucus states. Obama won 13 out of 14 caucuses, but only 18 out of 39 primaries. 42% of Obama’s wins were caucus states, 95% of Clinton’s wins were primary states.

    The Delegates also know that Hillary Clinton was the popular-vote winner. Obama supporters take issue with that conclusion, complaining that there is no way to count the popular vote turn-out in caucus states.

    But it’s no mystery why some of the caucus states, such as Texas and Washington, which also held primaries, saw completely mis-matched results.

    Obama really needed those caucus wins, didn’t he? And what was his effective caucus strategy?

    FRAUD. The caucus fraud reports are coming out now, and spreading like wildfire. There is no way for Obama to hide from them.

    Blogger AnnieNYC posted on Tuesday half of the reports from one city alone, El Paso, and it’s staggering! These are official incident reports, folks. My blog format won’t let me display the full images, so go to AnnieNYC’s site and check them all out. It’s a must-read. Here’s one of six reports posted there (the important columns are chopped off):

    I wonder how long it will be before ALL the incident reports from ALL CAUCUSES are available…

    It seems that Obama is afraid to run against his opponents without unleashing some kind of dirty trick. Just ask Alice Palmer and the other candidates he had kicked off the ballot in Illinois, to run unopposed in his first election. But it’s one thing to play “hardball” (as CNN put it) by using a technicality to eliminate your opponents. And quite another to win by FRAUD. The latter, of course, is ILLEGAL.

    DELEGATES: take note. Obama CHEATED. He would not be the “presumed nominee” without fraudulent caucus victories. NOW, are the delegates going to DO THE RIGHT THING with that information, OR IGNORE IT AND CORONATE THE CHEATER because that’s what is expected of them????

    Dr. Lynette Long has conducted extensive research of nationwide caucus fraud by the Obama campaign, all of which can be viewed at her excellent site, LynetteLong.com. Dr. Long concludes:

    I’ve spent the past two months immersed in data from the 2008 Democratic caucuses. After studying the procedures and results from all fourteen caucus states, interviewing dozens of witnesses, and reviewing hundreds of personal stories, my conclusion is that the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process.

    This is serious research, folks, and MUST BE acknowledged by the DNC. If Obama is awarded the nomination, and widespread fraud later comes to the attention of the electorate, it will not only further alienate Hillary Democrats (and likely many former Obama supporters) from the party, but will also help drive the nail into Obama’s general-election coffin.

    Question for the Delegates and the DNC Leadership: Why are you ignoring this evidence?

    Hillary Clinton is the rightful winner of the Democratic nomination. Ignore that fact at the peril of the party, and the country.

  378. moononpluto Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:13 am

    The Obama campaign is trying to get McCain to release his military record.

    Yeah, real smart. Let’s remind everyone McCain’s a war hero, and Obama probably didn’t even register with SSS (or whatever it’s called). What possible skeletons in McCain’s closet are they hoping to find? Retarded.

    And as long as we’re talking about releasing records, what about the birth certificate, the sealed BC, proof he renounced other citizenships, and explanations why he did not document that he earlier was known as Barry Soetoro?

    Yeah, let’s get it all out in the open.

  379. Oops…wrong link…

    Experience a key John McCain advantage in new L.A. Times?Bloomberg poll:


  380. rgb44hrc Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 12:15 pm
    There are two principles Bambi will always stand firm:

    1. first, people who live in glass houses should not throw stones–unless their name is bambi

    2. second, if the other side counterattacks–do an f lee bailey–play the race card.

    Note: all other principles are negotiable for a fee.

  381. Tabloid trash?
    h t t p : / / http://www.nypost.com/seven/08202008/news/nationalnews/edwards_cruel_wife_jab__report_125243.htm

    John Edwards assured his mistress that they’d be together after his cancer-stricken wife died, according to a new bombshell report.

    Just before the former presidential contender confessed his adultery to ABC News on Aug. 8, he secretly flew Rielle Hunter and her 6-month-old child, Frances Quinn, from California to the US Virgin Islands, according to the National Enquirer, which first exposed their affair.

  382. Those 3 workouts a day are shall I say questionable, it he planning on trying out for the olympics, does he have a weight problem? I think he takes that time to snort a little blow! 👿

  383. Hot off the presses, found this link at realclearpolitics.com of WSJ:



    Obama Played by Chicago Rules
    August 20, 2008; Page A19

    Democrats don’t like it when you say that Barack Obama won his first election in 1996 by throwing all of his opponents off the ballot on technicalities.

    By clearing out the incumbent and the others in his first Democratic primary for state Senate, Mr. Obama did something that was neither illegal nor even uncommon. But Mr. Obama claims to represent something different from old-style politics — especially old-style Chicago politics. And the senator is embarrassed enough by what he did that he misrepresents it in the prologue of his political memoir, “The Audacity of Hope.”

    In that book, Mr. Obama paints a portrait of himself as a genuine reformer and change agent, just as he has in this presidential campaign. He attributes his 1996 victory to his message of hope, and his exhortations that Chicagoans drop their justifiable cynicism about politics.

    When voters complained of all the broken promises politicians had made in the past, Mr. Obama writes that he “would usually smile and nod, and say that I understood the skepticism, but that there was — and always had been — another tradition to politics, a tradition based on the simple idea that we have a stake in one another, and that what binds us together is greater than what drives us apart, and that if enough people believe in the truth of that proposition and act on it, then we might not solve every problem, but we can get something meaningful done.”

    Mr. Obama writes that even if the voters were not impressed by this speech, “enough of them appreciated my earnestness and youthful swagger that I made it to the Illinois legislature.”

    In real life, it did not matter what Mr. Obama said on the stump or whether South Side voters were impressed. What mattered was that, beginning on Jan. 2, 1996, his campaigners began challenging thousands of petition signatures the other candidates in the race had submitted in order to appear on the ballot. Thus would Mr. Obama win his state Senate seat, months before a single vote was cast.

    According to the Chicago Tribune, Mr. Obama’s petition challengers reported to him nightly on their progress as they disqualified his opponents’ signatures on various technical grounds — all legitimate from the perspective of law. One local newspaper, Chicago Weekend, reported that “[s]ome of the problems include printing registered voters name [sic] instead of writing, a female voter got married after she registered to vote and signed her maiden name, registered voters signed the petitions but don’t live in the 13th district.”

    One of the candidates would speculate that his signature-gatherers, working at a per-signature pay rate, may have cheated him by signing many of the petitions themselves, making them easy to disqualify.

    In the end, Mr. Obama disqualified all four opponents — including the incumbent state senator, Alice Palmer, and three minor candidates. Ms. Palmer, a former ally of Mr. Obama, had gathered 1,580 signatures, more than twice the 757 required to appear on the ballot. A minor, perennial candidate had gathered 1,899 signatures, suggesting the Obama team invested much time working even against him.

    The act of throwing an incumbent off the ballot in such a fashion does not fit neatly into the narrative of a public-spirited reformer who seeks to make people less cynical about politics.

    But Mr. Obama’s offenses against the idea of a “new politics” are many, and go well beyond hardball election tactics. It is telling that, when asked at the Saddleback Forum last weekend to name an instance in which he had worked against his own party or his own political interests, he didn’t have a good answer. He claimed to have worked with his current opponent, John McCain, on ethics reform. In fact, no such thing happened. The two men had agreed to work together, for all of one day, in February 2006, and then promptly had a well-documented falling-out. They even exchanged angry letters over this incident.

    The most dramatic examples of Mr. Obama’s commitment to old-style politics are his repeated endorsements of Chicago’s machine politicians, which came in opposition to what people of all ideological stripes viewed as the common good.

    In the 2006 election, reformers from both parties attempted to end the corruption in Chicago’s Cook County government. They probably would have succeeded, too, had Mr. Obama taken their side. Liberals and conservatives came together and nearly ousted Cook County Board President John Stroger, the machine boss whom court papers credibly accuse of illegally using the county payroll to maintain his own standing army of political cronies, contributors and campaigners.

    The since-deceased Stroger’s self-serving mismanagement of county government is still the subject of federal investigations and arbitration claims. Stroger was known for trying repeatedly to raise taxes to fund his political machine, even as basic government services were neglected in favor of high-paying county jobs for his political soldiers.

    When liberals and conservatives worked together to clean up Cook County’s government, they were displaying precisely the postpartisan interest in the common good that Mr. Obama extols today. And Mr. Obama, by working against them, helped keep Chicago politics dirty. He refused to endorse the progressive reformer, Forrest Claypool, who came within seven points of defeating Stroger in the primary.

    After the primary, when Stroger’s son Todd replaced him on the ballot under controversial circumstances, a good-government Republican named Tony Peraica attracted the same kind of bipartisan support from reformers in the November election. But Mr. Obama endorsed the young heir to the machine, calling him — to the absolute horror of Chicago liberals — a “good, progressive Democrat.”

    Mayor Richard M. Daley — who would receive Mr. Obama’s endorsement in 2007 shortly after several of his top aides and appointees had received prison sentences for their corrupt operation of Chicago’s city government — was invested in the Stroger machine’s survival. So was every alderman and county commissioner who uses the county payroll to support political hangers-on. So was Mr. Obama’s friend and donor, Tony Rezko, who is now in federal prison awaiting sentencing after being convicted in June of 16 felony corruption charges. Rezko had served as John Stroger’s finance chairman and raised $150,000 for him (Stroger put Rezko’s wife on the county payroll).

    Mr. Obama has never stood up against Chicago’s corruption problem because his donors and allies are Chicago’s corruption problem.

    Mr. Obama is not the reformer he now claims to be. The real man is the one they know in Chicago — the one who won his first election by depriving voters of a choice.

    Mr. Freddoso is the author of the just-published “The Case Against Barack Obama” (Regnery).

  384. moononpluto Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 11:13 am
    The Obama campaign is trying to get McCain to release his military record.

    Okay, I’ll release my records, when you release you Illinois state records, your birth certificate, adoption records, and whatever else has not been released. The BO campaign is extremely arrogant. McCain can come back with both fists, unlike Hillary who had to fight with one hand tied behind her back. Who cares about military records from the 1970’s. Haven’t they been vetted before?? Senate campaigns and prior presidential run. This is a distraction.

    The only new politics are Chicago-style politics on a national scale. And yes, if BO is elected, Washington politics will be gone, and replaced with Chicago politics and the Daley machine. The democratic party has sold this country down the river.

  385. birdgal, who in the hell does this little upstart Bambi think he is, questioning McCain freaking war record? The man has never conspired with William Ayers, Dorhn, Wright, Auchi, Rezko,and so many more I can’t even remember them all.
    Sometimes I am wondering if his campaign is trying to sink him! Who is there right mind would question McCain’s military records or question Saddleback’s minister as whether he was telling the truth about the cone of silence.
    These two things alone are going to make Bambi look like a 5 year old fighting over a toy!

  386. I am sorry but him asking for the military record is pissing me off to no end! The freaking DNC better be careful, they are going to lose real democrats of shit like this and we will never return. I am so ready to dance on the graves of Brazierre,Dean, Bambie, Pelosi and all who wanted this fraud in. They need to be put in the political graveyard with the rest of the losers!

  387. Sometimes I am wondering if his campaign is trying to sink him! Who is there right mind would question McCain’s military records or question Saddleback’s minister as whether he was telling the truth about the cone of silence.
    These two things alone are going to make Bambi look like a 5 year old fighting over a toy!
    So true! I just couldn’t understand why Team Obama went after Rick Warren and Saddleback church by calling them liars and cheats…it doesn’t help you win over people to your candidacy.

  388. Hillary Clinton strategy of suspensing her csmpaign, and playing nice, is paying off.

    I think they realized they were fighting the DNC and the media (even though she had won the popular vote), and decided to let Obama perform on his own as the presumptive candidate to see if he would sink or swim. The media gave him a good send off, he would win by the biggest margin ever.

    Well, now the world, America, and the DNC know his ability to perform here.



  389. Oh the latest excuse over at dimwits united has me laughing.

    The bots are saying that Obama is failing to hit back on McCain hard is because Obama is a gentleman and would not be nasty to an old man.

    What the fuck are they smoking and can I have some.

  390. Since BO has released negative ads in targeted cities during the past 2 weeks, according to the Austrailian article listed above, his poll numbers have continued to decline. So much for “new politics.” He has run a totally hypocritical campaign. His arrogance, is unbelievable. Is the election “fixed?” Is this why, he has so much arrogance, and is not putting very much thought into his preparation and responses? It is as if, he knows, he’ll win, no matter what.

  391. moononpluto Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 12:52 pm
    Oh the latest excuse over at dimwits united has me laughing.

    The bots are saying that Obama is failing to hit back on McCain hard is because Obama is a gentleman and would not be nasty to an old man.

    Maybe, you should give the little darlings the link to the Austrailian article re: negative ads.

  392. Clinton partisans waging fierce cyber campaign to derail Obama
    Submitted by SHNS on Tue, 08/19/2008 – 17:28. By BARTHOLOMEW SULLIVAN, Scripps Howard News Service politics

    WASHINGTON — A massive e-mail and Internet campaign is under way aimed at derailing the nomination of Barack Obama and making Hillary Clinton the party’s standard bearer next week in at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    “It’s downright nasty,” said Memphis, Tenn., super-delegate and City Council member Myron Lowery, who has shared dozens of the messages he’s received with The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal newspaper.

    “I think it’s divisive for the ‘Support Hillary’ campaign to continue at this time. She made the decision to fully support Mr. Obama,” said Lowery, who initially supported Clinton but later switched his allegiance to Obama. “I don’t know why they’re not taking their cue from Hillary and falling in line.”

    Lowery said he does not believe Clinton herself is behind the effort, but that it’s “her supporters, acting on their own because they’re proud of what they have done for her.”

    Most of the messages Lowery has received from across the country come from Hillary supporters making the case that she won more voters’ votes in the primaries, she won bigger states, that Obama won states that won’t vote Democratic in November, and that she is the only “electable” Democrat.

    “Obama could not ‘seal the deal’ with voters during the primaries,” said one message Lowery received Tuesday from a Sacha Millstone, a Colorado delegate to next week’s convention. “The more voters got to know him, the more voters chose Hillary Clinton …

    “Democrats must offer voters the candidate with the best chance of winning in November, the experienced candidate who understands the problems we face and the solutions we need — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

    Millstone was informed earlier this month by the political director of the Colorado Democratic Party, William Compton, that a complaint had been filed against her seeking to disqualify her as a delegate for her “disparaging public remarks” about Obama.

    Michael Gordon, of Parker City, Ind., wrote to delegates Tuesday as representative of PUMA (which stands for “People United Means Action”), noting that the Obama campaign spent $56 million in July “only to lose ground to (John) McCain…

    “Where Obama once got a free pass on such despicable relationships with anti-American people such as Rev. Jeremiah Wright … , (George) Soros … , Louis Farrakhan — the American voters are beginning to realize what a questionable and shady past this man has led,” Gordon writes.

    Ann Timulinas of North Attleboro, Mass., e-mailed to superdelegates that Clinton was the party’s “only hope for a Democratic president.” David Piper, of Glendale, Calif., reminded delegates that Clinton on June 7 “suspended, not ended” her campaign.

    “I think it’s a terrible tactic,” said Memphis delegate, Baptist minister and Shelby County, Tenn., Democratic Party Chairman Keith Norman. “We had hoped that this kind of politics, especially from within the party, would have been abandoned.”

    A pledged Obama delegate, Norman noted that some of the attacks are overtly racist and that in one instance Obama was likened to “the Anti-Christ.”

    “We have a historic moment that we need to grasp and we need to move forward as a unified party,” he said.

    As for giving Clinton a floor vote, Norman said he is dead-set against it. “All it will do is give the Republican Party a greater opportunity to fight our candidate,” Norman said.

    Asked if he thought Clinton, who is actively campaigning for Obama, might be orchestrating the disharmony, Norman said, “If she doesn’t stand up and speak against it, then she’s for it. If she’s aware of it, she needs to make a clear statement that this should not be done.”

    Kelly Jacobs, a Hernando, Miss., delegate pledged to Clinton, said she is not “with that cadre of mal-discontents who want to have a war on the Democratic floor,” but she said she thinks it’s only fair to have a floor vote for the New York senator.

    “What is my role at the convention then if not to vote for Hillary?” she asked. “If this is just about Obama, then only invite the Obama delegates.”

    Jacobs was a Howard Dean delegate in 2004 but ended up voting for John Kerry once Dean exited the race. Jacobs said her understanding since high school civics was that the delegates vote for the candidate to whom they’re pledged on the first ballot unless that candidate has taken his or her name out of contention.

    Elly Manov of Vero Beach, Fla., a Republican alternate delegate to the St. Paul convention starting Sept. 1, said she’s all for a Hillary Clinton floor vote in Denver.

    “Any disharmony in the Democratic Party works for us,” she said. “There will be a lot of dissatisfied people.”

    ****************************************************** Those Obama delegates are whinny and they need to toughen up.

    We have the right to petition the delegates with our concerns…this is a convention, not a coronation.

  393. Yeah, its like he knows he is going to win, well where in the hell are the people that investigate this crap. Maybe we should help McCain find some folks to investigate this illegal campaign activity?

  394. Obama is going to be like one of those boy bands ((New Kids on the block, Minudo).

    The media goes wild, huge crowds, then all of a sudden people wake up and realise their music sucked and are embarrassed to admit they ever listened and dump their shit in the bin.

  395. the latest on STJ – really very sad:

    Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones, D-Ohio, is reported to have suffered an aneurysm and is not expected to recover, according to CBS affiliate WOIO in Cleveland.

    WOIO also reported that the congresswoman is on life support at this time.

    The station reported today that she was transported overnight to Huron Hospital in Cleveland after police found her in her car last evening.

    The congresswoman’s office said in statement that she suffered the aneurysm while driving her car in Cleveland Heights, Ohio last night and that she “has stabilized and she is receiving the best care available.”

    The congresswoman’s office would not confirm that she is on life support.

    Tubbs Jones was first elected in 1998, becoming the first black woman to represent Ohio in Congress. She represents Ohio’s 11th district.

    She was set to be a superdelegate at next week’s Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    Tubbs Jones was one of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s biggest boosters during the primaries, then threw her support to Sen. Barack Obama in June.

  396. McCain says Obama getting ‘testy’
    Posted: 11:00 AM ET

    McCain is hitting back on charges he is questioning Obama’s patriotism.
    (CNN) – Barack Obama is getting a bit “testy,” John McCain said later Wednesday at a town-hall event with New Mexico voters.

    According to prepared remarks sent out by the McCain campaign, the Arizona senator will respond to Obama’s Tuesday contention that the presumptive Republican nominee is questioning his patriotism.

    “Yesterday, Senator Obama got a little testy on this issue — he said that I am questioning his patriotism. Let me be clear: I am not questioning his patriotism; I am questioning his judgment,” McCain will say. “Senator Obama has made it clear that he values withdrawal from Iraq above victory in Iraq, even today with victory in sight.”

    Watch: Obama: I love my country

    On Tuesday, Obama directly criticized McCain’s recent comments saying the Illinois senator would “rather lose a war in order to win a political campaign.” Top campaign surrogate Joe Lieberman also suggested last week Obama has not always “put the country first.”

    “In my opinion, the choice could not be more clear…between one candidate, John McCain, who has always put the country first, worked across party lines to get things done, and one candidate who has not,” Lieberman said last week.

    McCain is doing wonderful….everytime Obama goes on attack, McCain push back by undercutting his arguement and redefining Obama.

  397. So, let me get this straight, it is OK for Obama to bully and bribe people SDs, threaten, cheat at Caucuses, but it is not OK for people to use their right in a Democracy, and let the SDS know where they stand.

    it is OK for the O people to disregard the wishes of their electorate, but not OK for people to use freedom of speach.

    They sound like they are cornered and throwing eveything out there.

  398. What is it with all this brain problems with politicians lately.

    God rest her soul, she probably won’t recover, usually when a vein blows like that, its impossible to fix.

  399. Interesting. Some of the PUMA activities are making it, into the press. This unity cr** makes me want to vomit. Isn’t democracy founded upon dissenting opinions? Dictatorships and facism insist upon no dissent, or variation from the party line. The undemocratic party is acting like facists. There must be some fears or lack of confidence somewhere in the party, to insist upon this total unity thing. BO is the wrong candidate for the party, and definitely not the right person to lead this country. He is a fraud. Who is Barack Obama?

  400. You know, if Obama is bombing now, just wait until the real machinations start from the republican smear machine, he’ll be in the 20’s soon.

    They have not even lifted a finger yet.

  401. I am so sadden to hear about Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. How very sad. Being on life support is a very poor sign. She was such a wonderful support and surrogate for Hillary during the primary. I imagine Hillary is heartbroken. 2 major losses in a week.

  402. The republicans are doing such a great job in defeating Obama that they won’t have to drop the big bombs they have on him. It kinda makes you wonder now if they will drop them. They don’t want to do anything that would cause Hillary to take the reins, thats for sure.
    I listened to that guy Freddoso last night, he is a Clinton and Hillary hater deluxe, he wanted to give up the crap on Obama, but he would not give us any help with his eligibility. Some of these republicans are just like Brazzierre, they are in it to beat out the Clintons at all cost.

  403. Sorry, got that wrong, at least initially they were supporting HRC. Right now they both might be in the O col.

  404. Thats too bad about Tubbs, they usually don’t recover from that, but sometimes they do, we had one senator or congressman a couple of years ago that had one and he came back to work, but most of the time if you try and save them, they are not in good shape afterwards. I will pray for the family!

  405. NMF, don’t forget about the guy from Arkansas, he will have to be replaced, hopefully with a true blue Hillary supporter, I think most in Arkansas are for Hillary!

  406. After suffering a massive aneurysm while behind the wheel Tuesday night in Cleveland, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) is in grave condition and may be taken off of life support as early as this afternoon, Tubb-jones was apparently for all intent and purposes already dead when they brought her in according to WOIO in Cleveland.

    Apparently the decision has been taken and a statement will released this afternoon.

  407. This is what gets me and pisses me off. All the SD’s and pundits want Hillary because she is the strongest candidate, so why in the world is she not the nominee!

  408. Thanks for the update moononpluto,

    How very sad that such a vibrant and wonderful person like Ms. Tubb-Jones is going through this.

    My heart goes out to all of her family and friends.

  409. The PUMA protests are hitting the news, because the DNC is shitting their pants, because they are belatedly realizing that we were serious. They were smugly confident that when all was said and done, we’d have our little cry and fall in line.

    Thousands of us tried to warn them. We called, we emailed, we TOLD them that if they insisted on shoving Bambi down our throats we WOULD NOT fall in line, regardless of what Hillary chose to do. We warned them. Their response was, “Nah, they are bluffing. Ignore it.”

    It is beginning to dawn on them that maybe they should have listened. Maybe we AREN’T going to trot back to the fold like good little sheep. And they are going through the Pampers like a 8-month-old with a stomach virus.

  410. I heard on Fox that BO will not only announce his Veep, but some of his cabinet members at invesco. hmm, this sounds rather fishy! Everybody thinks it is Hillary on Fox. I also heard I think that BO will announce he is only seeking one term, I could have heard this wrong,not sure. Did anyone else listen to fox a few minute ago?

  411. If Obama announces cabinet members in Denver McCain will kill him over it, calling him presumptuous and elitist.

  412. If he announces he is only seeking one term, he will have just committed suicide because he would be a lame duck in 18 months and achieve absolutely nothing. They would go for McCain immediately.

    Voters actually vote thinking its for 8 years really intended. I know i do.

  413. Well, I am sure they are dreamin over at Fox! I think they are right in their assumption it is Hillary and I know all of you will be mad,but I personally believe that this is a good move on her part because if he has to step down because of eligibility, she will be right there to take over the campaign.

  414. moononpluto Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    The bots are going despondant over the new Missouri poll over on DU

    Which web site is “DU”?

  415. # moononpluto Says:
    August 20th, 2008 at 1:02 pm

    Obama is going to be like one of those boy bands ((New Kids on the block, Minudo).

    I don’t know what Menudo sounds like, and New Kids is not my thing…but I’ll admit that NewKids are talented singers who also dance well, and probably have outstanding teeth. The point is, they got where they are with a decent dose of talent.

    Obama, like Sanjaya on American Idol, is out of his league, and only got past the first few rounds because the judges enjoyed the ratings and excitement Sanjaya and his fans brought. But eventually, the lack of talent did Sanjaya in.

    And like Sanjaya, who had his teary-eyed pre-teen, Obama has Crying Girl. “Just leave Obama alone”.

    Ahem…That’s what we’re trying to do.

  416. confloyd Says:

    August 20th, 2008 at 1:41 pm
    Well, I am sure they are dreamin over at Fox! I think they are right in their assumption it is Hillary and I know all of you will be mad,but I personally believe that this is a good move on her part because if he has to step down because of eligibility, she will be right there to take over the campaign.

    I am one of those folks who are going to be mad if it is Hillary and she accepts. She don’t need to be associated with this fraud at all. Frankly I don’t think that it will help a whole lot anyway, because she was voted for in the first place for president, not vice-president.

    I think she will commit suicide in doing it. Let Obama fall on his own!!

    I don’t understand why some of you are applauding others for openly turning down being considered for vp, but Hillary should accept it? I think that she should turn it down like some of the others was brave enough to do.

    Anyway, it won’t matter. I am not voting an Obama ticket and I do think that he will be the nominee. Just go ahead and name him the nominee and watch him and the other democrats fall in the GE. That is what I am looking forward to. The republicans can roast Hillary with ads saying how unelectable he is. She can’t repute that because it would look like flip-flopping just like Obama!

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