Lucid McCain

Anyone who opposes Big Media tool Barack Obama will be trashed by Big Media.

John McCain is aware of how Big Media trashed Hillary Clinton. John McCain is mildly starting to take tepid steps to fight against Big Media doing to him what Big Media did to Hillary Clinton.

At this weekend’s “faith forum” John McCain appeared rested, strong, vigorous, focused, determined, alert, personable, funny, commanding, and lucid.

Barack Obama appeared in desperate need of a vacation.

Because John McCain was dynamic and Obama drowsy (and still obsessed with “ME”), Big Media stepped in to rescue their tool.

McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis asked Sunday for a meeting with Steve Capus, the president of NBC News, to protest what the campaign called signs that the network is “abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race.” [snip]

In this case, the campaign is objecting to a statement by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on “Meet the Press” questioning whether McCain might have gotten a heads-up on some of the questions that were asked of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), who was the first candidate to be interviewed Saturday night by Pastor Rick Warren at a presidential forum on faith.

Warren told the audience that McCain was being held in “a cone of silence” so he wouldn’t hear the questions, which were similar for both candidates.

Warren referred again to “the cone of silence” when McCain came onstage, and the senator joked: “I was trying to hear through the wall.”

Mitchell reported that some “Obama people” were suggesting “that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well prepared.”

A McCain aide said that is not the case: “Senator McCain was in a motorcade led by the United States Secret Service and held in a green room with no broadcast feed.”

The character assassinations come directly from OBAMA and the Obama campaign. Big Media repeats the Obama character assassinations. Character assassination was and is the weapon of choice for Obama and his Chicago assassins. The Obama campaign writes the character assassination script and Big Media, particularly NBC/MSNBC transmit the character assassinations. The letter from the McCain campaign shows McCain is looking very clearly at how NBC and MSNBC trashed Hillary Clinton.

We are extremely disappointed to see that the level of objectivity at NBC News has fallen so low that reporters are now giving voice to unsubstantiated, partisan claims in order to undercut John McCain.

Nowhere was this more evident than with NBC chief correspondent Andrea Mitchell’s comments on “Meet the Press” this morning. In analyzing last night’s presidential forum at Saddleback Church, Mitchell expressed the Obama campaign spin that John McCain could only have done so well last night because he “may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama.” Here are Andrea Mitchell’s comments in full:

Mitchell: “The Obama people must feel that he didn’t do quite as well as they might have wanted to in that context, because what they are putting out privately is that McCain may not have been in the cone of silence and may have had some ability to overhear what the questions were to Obama. He seemed so well-prepared.” (NBC’s “Meet The Press,” 8/17/08)

Make no mistake: This is a serious charge. Andrea Mitchell is repeating, uncritically, a completely unsubstantiated Obama campaign claim that John McCain somehow cheated in last night’s forum at Saddleback Church. Instead of trying to substantiate this blatant falsehood in any way, Andrea Mitchell felt that she needed to repeat it on air to millions of “Meet the Press” viewers with no indication that 1.) There’s not one shred of evidence that it’s true; 2.) In his official correspondence to both campaigns, Pastor Rick Warren provided both candidates with information regarding the topic areas to be covered, which Barack Obama acknowledged during the forum when asked about Pastor Warren’s idea of an emergency plan for orphans and Obama said, “I cheated a little bit. I actually looked at this idea ahead of time, and I think it is a great idea;” 3.) John McCain actually requested that he and Barack Obama do the forum together on stage at the same time, making these kinds of after-the-fact complaints moot.

Indeed, instead of taking a critical journalistic approach to this spin, Andrea Mitchell did what has become a pattern for her of simply repeating Obama campaign talking points.

We particularly admire these lucid sentences from the McCain campaign letter:

This is irresponsible journalism and sadly, indicative of the level of objectivity we have witnessed at NBC News this election cycle. Instead of examining the Obama campaign’s spin for truth before reporting it to more than 3 million NBC News viewers, Andrea Mitchell simply passed along Obama campaign conspiracy theories. The fact is that during Senator Obama’s segment at Saddleback last night, Senator McCain was in a motorcade to the event and then held in a green room with no broadcast feed. In the forum, John McCain clearly demonstrated to the American people that he is prepared to be our next President…..

We are concerned that your News Division is following MSNBC’s lead in abandoning non-partisan coverage of the Presidential race. We would like to request a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss our deep concerns about the news standards and level of objectivity at NBC.

[Meet The Press transcript HERE ]

There are no news standards and zero objectivity at NBC and MSNBC. The McCain campaign is taking a mild step but an important one in beginning to call out NBC/MSNBC for their Obama protection racket.

Indeed, it is possible that one reason John McCain is doing so very well in the polls these past weeks and Obama is sinking is because NBC and particularly MSNBC have had their political assassination time cut back due to Olympic coverage.

The McCain campaign must realize that once NBC/MSNBC return full time to their Barack Obama protection racket every brilliant Hillary McCain moment will be trashed and the non-stop Obama gaffes and race-baiting will be excused, spun, and hailed.

Hillary supporters know very well the vileness oozing out of NBC/MSNBC and we will speak out even if it is to defend Republican John McCain.

Throughout the primary campaign Hillary was lucid and clearly qualified to be president. Throughout the primary campaign Obama was clearly not qualified to be president.

On Saturday, lucid John McCain “seemed so well-prepared”. Obama was again a celebrity mess.

But NBC/MSNBC character assassinated Hillary John McCain in order to protect Big Media tool Barack Obama.

McCain and his campaign must stay lucid and remain vigilant.

The Olympics will soon be over. The Obama/NBC/MSNBC/Big Media character assassins will soon return to work full-time.


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  1. I’m glad that McCain’s campaign managers are taking on NBC/MSNBC for their bias. It is soooooo frustrating to see them get away with their misinformation. I hope many of us will be sending messages to them about Mitchell, et al.

    I also understand that the line-up was done by a coin toss so that no one was given any particular advantage. The sad part of all this is that John McCain did not have to “study” or “prepare” his remarks. He owns his positions, just as Hillary does. He doesn’t have to “practice”, only speak his truth and be himself. This is what we saw emerge at the end of Hillary’s campaign when she stopped listening to the advise of the boys. Authenticity. It can happen to anyone…being over processed by the “experts” and their so-called objectivity. But when you see the real deal, you know it. Obama has plenty of audacity and zero authenticity.

  2. Correct: in republican circles its called letting Reagan be Reagan. But they cannot let obama be obama because Obama is not sure who obama is–and neither do we. The only thing we know for sure is that he is trouble.

  3. I call what the MSM does FOR Obama “diluting reporting”. Diluting reporting comes after Worming has failed or is furtile. In this case, Obama was really bad and no amount of worming could explained that “above my pay grade” response. So, the MSM is trying to dilute the performance by saying Mccain’s performance was so strong because he cheated and heard the questions ahead of time. See MSM is saying that Obama did not so so bad (diluting) because if Mccain was in the same position as obama (not hearing the questions before hand) he would have done as equally bad? Those obama people are delusional to believe the american people are going to continue to swallow their bullshit pass October.

  4. Well, now we have Musharraf resigning in Pakistan, I don’t have a good feeling about this because the fundies will now make there move against the democracy of Pakistan. Watch this space, there could be major trouble here.

  5. Riht on the mark wbboei:

    When remarks about the evil empires out there are made by politicians,we must first take alook at our MSM and its collection of D.Josef Goebbles clones we have here in our own country that is now inanger of being decimated by the big money and business interests.They own and control all that we read and hear.With the well planned rise in every single need for our information,recreation and travel and the spiraling costs,all we have left is to stay at home and listen to yhe homegrown propaganda being thrown to us as real journalistic food for our battered minds. In my 90 years,I have never feared our future or the path that our brave public servants had worked together to create the most admired democracy in the world.Was there some fraud,waste of money,moral failures,disappointments and voters remorse? Absolutely but we solved these problems with our very critical votes.TODAY we have agreat problem thst must be faced.Those that legislate for us,no longer all represent us.peril and fear now of losing eveything that we have earned and learned have fallen into yhe hands of evil people with evil intentions.our so called enemies abroad are prospering and we are falling into a state of weakness and dispair.But lo and behold along comes a genetic freak that has the audacity of hope and a deck of never ending race cards,anever slowing river of funds from all over this world and he is suddenly thrown at us as the great black/white hope for change by the Financial and MSM empires as THEIR CANDIDATE.The glue that holds ambitions and followers together is still basicly his “LEGACY OF RESTITUTION”.OBAMA knows and that his experience and ideals are not important to his supporters.ALL they care about is “SHOW US THE MONEY”.
    THese are dangerous times and in the few days and weeks that remain,this assault on our future and our democratic system must be stopped dead in its tracks by a huge surge of patriotism anfear for our dear country.NOW IS THE TIME TO FIGHT BACK and see that the most remarkable Woman of our lifetime will be become our 44th president and with our unbiased support she will unite us and pull us back from this disaster about to carry us to the edge of third world status.

    BY ABM90 I am old,I am sharp,and I am determined to give what I have left to fight for our country.Join me at the polls and when Hillary is sworn in,we roll up our sleeves and go to work restoring sanity and stability to the country we have given so much Blood,Sweat and Tears for.Pride will fill hearts instead of Hate. Join me friends.

  6. Obama’s detailed space policy (Another big flip flop)

    Is there anything he can stick to.

    Just a few months ago, on the Obama campaign website…

    “The early education plan will be paid for by delaying the NASA Constellation Program for five years,”

    That of course has been removed from the web site.

    He formally signs off on one of the key milestones of the current Vision for Space Exploration: “He endorses the goal of sending human missions to the Moon by 2020, as a precursor in an orderly progression to missions to more distant destinations, including Mars.” Obama says he will “expedite the development of the Shuttle’s successor systems” for carrying people into space (although does not mention Orion and Ares by name). The policy adds: “This will be difficult; underfunding by the Bush administration has left NASA with limited flexibility to accelerate the development of the new systems.” As previous stated, he supports one additional shuttle flight “to fly a valuable mission and to keep the workforce engaged” (the “valuable mission” referred to here is apparently the AMS payload.) He adds that he would work to ensure there is “adequate” additional funding for that mission so that it doesn’t interfere with other programs. He includes support of commercial activities in several places, calling COTS a “good model”. Elsewhere: “We must unleash the genius of private enterprise to secure the United States’ leadership in space.” On a topic that’s important to a lot of people in the space industry, but obscure elsewhere, the policy states that Obama “will direct a review of the ITAR to reevaluate restrictions imposed on American companies, with a special focus on space hardware that is currently restricted from commercial export. He will also direct revisions to the licensing process to ensure that American suppliers are competitive in the international aerospace markets, without jeopardizing American national security.”

  7. Admin,
    Another good article.
    I still wonder why HRC didn’t fight back against much of anything, the media coverage, the racist card, the misogyny. Will we ever know why she just put up with it?
    Here’s a good perspective from an NQ poster about the ‘convention’ process.
    “Hillary is under no illusions that she is going to get the nom. She is well aware that the Obama camp is using her to give out fake unity. She doesn’t have much of a choice.

    They are going to Nominate her and she has been told if she wants to have ny political life left she better f*ckin release her delegates to obama in her speach. The roll call is going to be run so that no super delegate has to announce their vote. They are going to use Hillarys earned delegates to push barry over the top on tv.

    Its a well orchestrated scam designed to give the veiwing public the impression that their is party unity with the added benefit of reinforcing the myth that Obama had way more delegates than Hillary.

    Poor woman, they are politically sodomizing her all they can to get this fraud elected.

    Its just a shame.

    I agree about Pakistan. I still have images of the Bhutto assassination running through my mind.

  8. Hillary needs to speak out. I would have more respect for her if she did. Right now everytime i see her campaining for O, it makes me sick. Why sell your soul to these devils. Forget public life it is not worth it

  9. Go ahead, Commies/Big Media/Hollywood/Soros’ Soiree-

    Call Pastor Rick Warren a liar, John McCain a liar. PLEASE put the final nail in your coffin with the Evangelicals and REAL Christians in this country, just because poor little Bam-Bam didn’t “ace” his quiz. Public schools across America do this all the time so that stellar athletes can play Friday night football, and take the court during basketball season. Remember, it’s all about Money with the Soros’ of the world.

    With True Patriots, it’s about Country first. Money follows when priorities are straight.

    Please BHO groupies, continue to call Pastor Rick Warren, a man above reproach, a liar.

    Time for a REVOLUTION, people.

  10. neetabug,
    Hillary is doing exactly the right thing. When Obama implodes, which will be in about 5…4…3…., Hillary will be in the perfect position to accept the nomination she rightfully should have had in the first place. She will pick up a large segment of Obama’s supporters simply for what she is doing right now. It is a move I see as a positive acknowledgement that Obama’s past is about two finger lengths from tipping him on the shoulder and saying “times up”.

  11. Pew research polled the political affiliations of Fox, msnbc and ccnn viewers.

    The results:
    Fox: 33% repub 33% dem 22% indy (12% other?).

    Msnbc and Cnn: 18% repub 51% Dem forgot the indy/other but must be 31%)

  12. Admin,

    Your excellent article makes me so sad. Has ethical and fair American journalism, Edward R. Murrow style, completely shrivelled up and died?

    This election has certainly blackened not only the media, but also the DNC. It has made once dignified men sell their souls for a few pieces of silver. It has made liars out of those I once respected.

    I would ask these people this: Was it worth it? Can you live with yourselves having made a mockery of American honesty?

  13. If Fox is 33% Dem, thats huge and going to worry the Dems because that means there are a lot of Dems not happy with the Obama bias in NBC and CNN.

  14. moonpluto,

    That’s what I thought. I was surprised at those stats.

    Here’s an amusing Obamanism

    “There are 2 sides to every issue and Obama takes both.”



    A confident Barack Obama raised an extraordinary $7.8 million Sunday at three California fundraisers, most if it in large checks to a Democratic Party committee.

    “I will win. Don’t worry about that,” he said to the crowd of about 1,300 at his third event of the evening, according to the pool report.

    He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”

  16. He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”

    Well there you go, they are going to try and become a religious party.

  17. basil9

    I am shocked by that stat also. I am wondering if there is information out there to determine if this has changed this election year.

    I know in our family it certainly has. If we watch anymore, we tend to turn on fox.

  18. If Fox is pulling in that many Dem voters, then the fall off from Bambi may be way worse than we thought.

  19. Actions speak louder than words.

    The People of California, American and the world throwing money at this guy should start looking at the actions.

    Pelosie (who is viewed as incompetent by all), say it is so, O saying it is so has not worked so far.

    It must be nice to be able to throw away money on a non performer.

  20. Admin,
    When I saw that article I felt ill, especially at Pooplosi’s statement Obama had been sent by god.

    The anchors reading that report seemed equally surprised.

    personally, the only news i tune into is fox. (Once in a while i click on cnn). Otherwise I’m among the 46% who get most of their info from the net.

  21. American Swimmer Phelps had to prove he could win 8 medals before the endorsement contracts were offered.

    I guess in Politics you just have to say it is so, even though he has failed time and time again.

    If he has a secret weapon against McCain, I think McCain has as many secrets against him.

    The dollars and smear campaign did not work againt HRC, so it is hard to understand the investment in a person that has not performed since IOWA (where he brought in loads of students), and who has been promising success and whinning at his failures ever since.

  22. “I will win. Don’t worry about that,”

    Well he is probably right. After all, the primaries have been rigged, the media has been embodied by aliens, the convention is rigged, the election will be rigged. Obama will become president with no term limits. The sky will open up and celestial choirs will sing. Incense will be burned and pyramids will be built.

  23. JanH

    You have to wonder if the person above his pay grade is observing all of this. In the past, false idols have been frowned upon.

  24. Exactly and i hope the evangelicals and people who are in some way religious see that this is exactly whats going on and a false idol is being made here.

  25. NewMexicoFan,

    This has to be a twilight zone/Dallas dream in the making right? We are going to all wake up and realize that this Obama doesn’t even exist? It was all in the drinking water?

  26. …statues/false idols will adorn every home. Pictures of the annoited one will appear everywhere.

    Don’t forget the Barns across America!

  27. What amazes me is that he still can’t get over 50%. Wasn’t this supposed to be the year that the Republicans would be trounced? After everything that Bush “hasn’t” accomplished as president, weren’t the dems supposed to be shoe-ins?

  28. JanH

    Can it simply come down to who the voters believe in? McCain comes through as a real person. I have always liked him for some reason. Now I fund myself liking how he answers, liking how he is not over staged, liking how humble he is. When he made the decision to wait until his turn, and suffer more pain, he was not doing it because he knew he would run for President some day. He did it because it was the right thing to do.

    O cames acrossed as elite, out of touch, not prepared. He does not vote on controverial issues, because he knew he was going to run for President some day, and he did not have the courage to defend his positions.

    Now a hard choice is it.

  29. Repost…sorry…didn’t see admin’s marching orders.





    Others there, including my cousin on A1A.

    I hope you are ALL battened down and buttoned up.

    Will think of you all in the next 36 hours, often.

    Charge up the laptop batteries and stay in touch.

  30. There is a great Pipe Piper cartoon going around with the mice following you know who.

    How do we embeded that? Do I send it to Admin?

    There is no site link to it.

  31. Obama is not going to win, if he cannot get over 50% now, he isnt ever, this is the last 3 months of primaries over again where Hillary wiped the floor with him.

  32. NewMexicoFan,

    I agree completely. McCain knows his stuff. Obama thinks he can get buy on slimy charm.

    In the end, McCain and Hillary are the ones who would have made this race a fair one.

  33. JanH

    Hope and change are old words. People want to see some sign of performance. There is no way McCain should be right next to him right now.

  34. Admin, thanks again – you fired me up. We need to say over and over — NBC/MSNBC cannot be trusted!

    I’m going to make bumper stickers this morning – I do from time to time. Just print one out, cover it with clear wide mailing tape and tape it to the rear window.
    This one today will say

    MS/NBC slants the news.
    NBC/MSNBC cannot be trusted.

    Then I will Xerox copies and take stacks of them to the post office and the supermarket.

    We must fight back! – in any and every way we can!

  35. We are sad in NM today, Hillary is being paraded through with a gun to her head.

    The people that turn out love her, and don’t support O.

  36. That shockinng SF fundraiser was a nightmare.

    I disguised myself as a tourist and approched the obambots at fairmont hotel a little differently than just being a “roaring PUMA”….I told them that he is not well respected in some parts of the world…and then I left some PUMA material in nearby areas…whereever I could discrfeetly.

    The CA dem party had sent out an email that there would bne McCain protesters annd encourgae obamabots to come out in huge numbers to welcome their “gift from god”.

    BTW: craigslist owner attended the funndraiser…stop using his website.
    And that b**ch Kamaal Harris was screeching out “dems need to stick together”….by the NY report that more dems in certain states are asking BO to define his change theme in detail…

    EFF YOU! Kamala!

  37. The interesting thing about the Fairmont hotel fundraiser…just a few blocks away from Chinatown….

    I did not see many Chinese folks amongst the people outside the area waiting to greet BO…it wa sminly the young white folks and some middle-aged guys..

  38. I have never seen the point in blindly supporting a nominee just because they belong to a certain party. Lemming off a cliff mentality.

    Should I support the dem nominee if it was Rev Wright. Should i support a republican if it was David Duke. No.

  39. basil

    Here is another Obamanism. I pinched it off

    “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes, and I see many of them in the audience today…” Barack Obama Today, Memorial Day (5/26/2008)


    Wall St Journal goes to town on Bambi

    So let’s see. By the time he was nominated, Clarence Thomas had worked in the Missouri Attorney General’s office, served as an Assistant Secretary of Education, run the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and sat for a year on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the nation’s second most prominent court. Since his “elevation” to the High Court in 1991, he has also shown himself to be a principled and scholarly jurist.

    Meanwhile, as he bids to be America’s Commander in Chief, Mr. Obama isn’t yet four years out of the Illinois state Senate, has never held a hearing of note of his U.S. Senate subcommittee, and had an unremarkable record as both a “community organizer” and law school lecturer. Justice Thomas’s judicial credentials compare favorably to Mr. Obama’s Presidential résumé by any measure. And when it comes to rising from difficult circumstances, Justice Thomas’s rural Georgian upbringing makes Mr. Obama’s story look like easy street.

    Even more troubling is what the Illinois Democrat’s answer betrays about his political habits of mind. Asked a question he didn’t expect at a rare unscripted event, the rookie candidate didn’t merely say he disagreed with Justice Thomas. Instead, he instinctively reverted to the leftwing cliché that the Court’s black conservative isn’t up to the job while his white conservative colleagues are.

    So much for civility in politics and bringing people together. And no wonder Mr. Obama’s advisers have refused invitations for more such open forums, preferring to keep him in front of a teleprompter, where he won’t let slip what he really believes.

  41. mp,

    you are so right on that whole kamal harris analysis…
    she’s all about climbing the ladder. well they all are when you
    think about it. thats why i loved hillary, she wasnt about climbing,
    she’s already been there and done that…

    anyway, what alot of people dont know about san francisco, is that
    the ‘KIDS’, make incredible amounts of money…
    i mean incredible…
    this is by silicon valley, and you see these young obama fans,
    ‘donating’ heavily, its kinda like the church of scientology, these
    obama devotees, are giving to the ‘new age candidate’.

  42. Hey guys, just poking my head in for a sec. Great post, Admin. On the money as usual. One change tho- 👿 is a hot tranny mess. 😉

  43. BTW- FOX’s take on Staurday and why McCain can beat :evil.:

  44. OkieAtty

    Where ya been? How are you? Still have a headache? Did you get a new car?

    What are your thoughts?

    Missed you, obviously.

  45. okie,

    great to see, or read you… 🙄

    we are having a 44 reunion right after the convention. admin has
    agreed to let us do it…

    can you attend 😀

    here is our planner site:
    come by k okie? you dont want to miss this do you?

  46. Admin-great post. Nancy Pooplosi needs to really check on where his majesty comes from because it ain’t from God, at least the GOD I know!

  47. sorry i should have said its a virtual reunion…
    we are going to celebrate admin, and each other right here at 44.

  48. skmf

    Hope we got her attention before she went back to court.

    You are sure faster on your feet than I.

    But we both still think alike.

  49. Well they are throwing the accusation of McCain cheating, so………..

    Obama Admitted Cheating at Saddleback

    The moonbats a barking that McCain didn’t hide in a cone of silence. What can this exchange mean except that Obama knew a question in advance?

    REV. WARREN: Okay. This one is dear to my heart. Most people don’t know that there are 148 million orphans in the world. One hundred forty-eight million kids growing up without mommies and dads. They don’t need to be in an orphanage, they need to be in families, but a lot of families can’t afford to take these kids in. Would you be willing to consider and even commit to doing some kind of an emergency plan for orphans like President Bush did with AIDS, almost a president’s emergency plan for orphans to deal with this issue?

    SEN. OBAMA: I cheated a little bit. I actually looked at this idea ahead of time, and I think it is a great idea. I think it’s something that we should sit down and figure out working between non- governmental organizations, international institutions, the U.S. government and try to figure out what can we do.

  50. Heres something I noticed lately

    When Obama stumbles = thoughtful, analytical, etc.

    When McCain stumbles = senile, ignorant, muddled, crazy, etc..

    So does that mean Obama is senile muddled and crazy or that McCain is thoughtful and analitical.

  51. Wow McCain going to town on Bambi over Iraq

    Republican presidential candidate and former prisoner of war John McCain took off the gloves at the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) convention in Florida on Monday, accusing his opponent of putting personal ambition in front of national interest in opposing the troop surge in Iraq.

    McCain accused Democratic rival Barack Obama of “shifting positions” on the surge, adding that the Illinois senator’s opposition to the surge and subsequent troop funding bills provided a “clarifying moment.”

    “Not content to merely predict failure in Iraq, my opponent tried to legislate failure,” McCain said. He added: “It was a moment when political self-interest and the national interest parted ways.”

    “Behind all of these claims and positions by Sen. Obama lies the ambition to be president,” McCain said. “What’s less apparent is the judgment to be commander in chief. And in matters of national security, good judgment will be at a premium in the term of the next president — as we were all reminded 10 days ago by events in the nation of Georgia.”

  52. okay i am probably going to regret saying this here, but i am totally
    against the whole adopting kids from around the world thing… i am.

    at work, we have these same nuns come thru 3 days a week, with
    about 4 or 5 korean babies, that they are delivering to families in
    our country…

    it pisses me off…
    i told the head nun a few months ago, that i am totally disgusted
    by this program… she was astounded.

    but here is why, we have thousands and thousands of children in
    this country living in foster care. why? cause they cant get adopted…
    cause they are not babies…

    its heartbreaking to hear stories of the hardships, and lonliness, and
    abuse these children are going thru.

    and we bring children from another country, and give them everything
    they ever wanted, and in some cases, much more, and we throw
    our own counties children in institutions…
    if we did not make it so easy to get kids from other countries, more
    people would be willing to take our own.
    i myself would love to adopt kids, but i barely afford myself, so thats

    the government needs to make it more strict to bring in foreign babies,
    not easier…

    sorry, that is my rant for the day…

  53. This is how they are going to portray him, senile, bad temper and will get us into more wars and can’t remember and of coarse the newest slam is that McCain is hard of hearing. THe hearing thing is the latest the daily kooks are talking about. Personallly I think Bambi always looks drugged!

  54. skmf12 correct….. there are so many children in homes here that need ro be rehomed first without other being taken in. I feel the same with homelessnes, with so many properties boarded up and not used but yet families are sleeping cars.

    Take care of our people first.

  55. I don’t think it is selfish to want to ensure that your own country is doing well economically and socially before attempting to aid other countries by adopting the homeless. The exception being extreme circumstances.

  56. tm-
    “I will win,” is confidence you need when running for the leader of the free world. But this type of talk gives me the creeps. Via Ben Smith:

    He was warmly received by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called him “a leader that God has blessed us with at this time.”

    George W. Bush gave us enough of this stuff. I don’t want anymore.

  57. Email from Bill Clinton to Hillary supporters from today:

    Dear Democrats,

    I have played so many roles at so many Democratic National Conventions. I’ve been there as a campaign worker, a governor, a keynote speaker, a nominee, a president, and a former president.

    But no convention is quite like your first. There is nothing like seeing for the first time so many people in one place working toward one common purpose: electing the next Democratic president.

    It’s an inspiration, and you don’t want to miss it if you have a chance. So I hope you’ll take Hillary up on her offer and contribute by midnight tonight for a chance to attend the Denver convention in person. You’ll get to see Hillary speak on Tuesday, and Barack Obama — the next president of the United States — on Thursday.

    And I hear Hillary and you will have a chat — I’ll make sure to stop by.

    Enter before midnight tonight for a chance to see me, Hillary, and Barack Obama at the convention in Denver next week!

    Join Hillary in Denver. Contribute today.

    I know you’ve always been there for Hillary, and she needs you now as she works to pay the small vendors who helped us during the campaign. Hillary’s not going to stop fighting for the issues we all care so much about, and she’s going to need you all the way.

    And if you contribute before the midnight deadline, you might have the chance to join Hillary and me in Denver next week for a truly exciting and historic convention. You’re going to get to see an amazing display of Democratic unity in person — you don’t want to miss it.

    Contribute before midnight tonight for a chance to join me and Hillary in Denver next week.

    Thanks for all the support and help you’ve shown to Hillary. I can tell you that it means the world to her.

    Bill Clinton

  58. someone left this comment at noquarter:

    I feel no “unity” with an undemocratic party and all that it has done to support a liar, narcissist, arrogant, sexist inexperienced fraud, who has too many unsavory associates, an upbringing with too many unanswered questions, a wife who would be an embarrassment in the White House, etc.

    Too bad for Baby Boomers. They will get a Pre-Baby Boomer president. Hillary must support the party, but that doesn’t mean we admire her for it. Seeing her this a.m. with Judas Bill hugging her in NM was revolting.

    i will be pissed if hillary is making nice with richardson!!!!

    ADMIN ?

  59. Oh, she is here alright, and I am sure Judas is hugging her. But she was here a week ago and the OF hugged her also.

    It is the same old terriorist stuff, with a gun to her head.

  60. Again this is not Hillary rebelling, as she is a sitting Democratic Senator, and she has debt and to keep others from being hurt.

    This is us rebelling, as we don’t have to fold in. We know that the sexism, and the fact that they ignored she won the popular vote is un democratic. We know she at this point has done all she can do.

    We, however, will show them that our Democracy is worth far more than any party.


  61. and oh yes Bambi’s in a lot of trouble and if this goes, then hold back the tide

    Obama slipping in New York, frigging NY.

    August 18, 2008 at 9:30 am by Irene Jay Liu

    Barack Obama is losing ground in New York, according to the Siena poll released today.
    Obama leads Republican John McCain 47-39 percent, which is down from 50-37 percent in July and 51-33 percent in June. Obama has a 54-34 percent favorable rating and McCain has a 49-41 percent rating.
    Obama’s lead has fallen from 18 points in June to 8 points today.

  62. No matter what Hillary has to do to stay alive in politics and take care of her supporters, I really hope that there is a huge turnout at the convention in her favor. I hope that crowds of Americans come out even if this whole thing is a mockery.

  63. Obama and the netroots: looking a tad desperate these days
    18 Aug 2008 10:38 am

    Megan’s Fourth Law of Politics: The party that starts looking for implausible and unprovable conspiracy theories about the opposition candidate is in trouble.

    This spring, it was bizarre accusations against Barack Obama: he’s a closet muslim, his wife is a black nationalist, etc. Now, suddenly, the Democrats are the one frantically hunting for buried treasure.

    First, the solemn questions about a trivial anecdote from John McCain’s time as a prisoner of war:

    McCain’s been getting a lot of mileage out of his “Christianity-in-captivity” story. It’s been in ads, and speeches, and his talks from the pulpit. And for good reason: It’s extraordinarily affecting. In it, McCain is spending another Christmas Day locked in a Vietnamese prison. A guard walks up to him and, with his foot, etches a cross in the dirt. McCain and his captor stare at the symbol for a moment, before the guard scratches it away and leaves McCain to his thoughts. “To me, that was faith,” says McCain. “A faith that unites and never divides, a faith that bridges unbridgeable gaps in humanity.”

    What’s peculiar about this story is that, as a DailyKos commentor noticed, it precisely echoes a tale from Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago:

    Slowly he looked up and saw a skinny old prisoner squat down beside him. The man said nothing. Instead, he used a stick to trace in the dirt the sign of the Cross. The man then got back up and returned to his work. It’s quite a coincidence. A couple bloggers have started looking for some further evidence that this story actually happened to McCain.

    What, exactly, is the point of this exercise? Gulag Archipelago was published in 1973, the same year that John McCain was released from the POW camp. There is no way of proving what the bloggers hope, which is that no mention of this story was made until after the book’s publication. And even if that were the case, all it would prove is that John McCain didn’t tell this story until after the book’s publication, not that it didn’t happen. Vietnam is a country with pretty rich Catholic tradition; tracing a cross in the dirt at Christmas is not something so unthinkably bizarre that it could only have happened in one communist dictatorship.

    The only way this would actually hurt McCain is if you found a signed letter from him saying that this never happened. Since it’s very unlikely that such a letter exists, the very best that this effort will achieve is sowing seeds of doubt in a few minds, making themselves look desperate to almost everyone else (and thereby making people wonder what’s wrong with Obama, that they’re this desperate), and outraging a number of people that you would call McCain’s honor into question with absolutely no evidence, or hope of obtaining same.

    Then there are the insinuations swirling around McCain’s performance at the Rick Warren event, which his supporters are calling a win, and which Obama’s supporters are calling a draw, from which I infer that he won. Since we all know this is impossible, of course he must have cheated:

    ohn McCain reportedly was somewhat more coherent than average at Rick Warren’s forum. But there’s now some doubt about how he achieved that. The two constestants candidates were asked the same questions, with Obama going first. To avoid giving bachelor #2 McCain an unfair advantage (beyond the unfair advantage of an audience of rich people who had shelled out $500-$2000 per ticket), McCain was supposed to be in a “cone of silence” (Warren’s term) while Obama was on.

    But he wasn’t; he was in his limo on the way to the church. His staff says he didn’t listen; maybe that’s true. But nothing would have prevented a staff member from listening and calling McCain on his cell phone. (I believe that he does know how to use a cell phone.) McCain didn’t bother to correct Warren when he told the audience about the “cone of silence,” and Warren seemed surprised to learn that McCain hadn’t been in the communications-free room.

    This was a serious misstep on the part of the Obama campaign, and his supporters could best help him by never mentioning it again. Sure, it’s conceivable that this could have happened. Is there any way to get any evidence that this happened? No. There are two possible scenarios:

    After a bad showing, they make an accusation they can’t possibly prove, thereby looking like bad sports.
    After a bad showing, they make an accusation they can’t possibly prove, and the McCain campaign produces his cell phone records, thereby making them look like jealous toddlers.

    I’ve obviously seen the tightening national polls, and what I’m starting to hear is that among likelies and battlegrounds, McCain’s gaining a commanding lead. Since I’m hearing that from McCain supporters, however, I’ve been a little sceptical. Less so after this weekend’s performance.

  64. Darragh vs. the Obama Bots

    If he can’t face down the Pumas, how will he ever face down Putin? That question may have been in the back of a few Democratic minds last week, but Hillary Clinton’s fans were all smiles over their success in rolling a possible president-to-be before he ever takes office.

    “We’re very happy with the news,” Darragh Murphy, executive director of PumaPAC, tells us. “This is the first time in six months the DNC has stood up for the Democratic process.”

    “Puma” in her case stands for People United Means Action,” though Ms. Murphy is happy to acknowledge the more common pre-existing meaning ballyhooed in the blogosphere (see here). She says the group has gathered 10,000 members and more than a million page views just since its launch in June. An early John Edwards supporter — “to my everlasting shame at this point,” she says — Ms. Murphy has enjoyed her own meteoric rise to fame. We reached her by phone yesterday just as she was coming from an appearance on “Hardball.”

    A product of the Dorchester section of Boston, “I’ve always been a Democrat,” she says. “But the most I’d ever do come election time would be to hold a sign at the Rotary.” That hasn’t stopped some from noticing that she voted for John McCain in the 2000 GOP primary and muttering about suspect motives. “People try to paint me as a Republican,” she sighs.

    How much Mr. Obama should worry remains to be seen. The New York Observer recently surveyed several wealthy Clinton backers like Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild who claim to be committed to making the case for Hillary in Denver. Ms. Murphy says her own members are “hoppin’ mad” and “convinced” that Mr. Obama’s nomination is “coming from above,” forced down the throats of the Democratic rank-and-file by Howard Dean.

    “Fall in line, get on the Obama train, go to the Obama indoctrination session and don’t mention Hillary Clinton” is the message Ms. Murphy says the DNC leadership is pushing. “The Obama campaign has become a movement of transcendence that is practically religious, with a wave of money and religious fervor taking over the party.”

    Ms. Murphy happily acknowledges hosting “secret” strategy sessions in a northern Virginia hotel last weekend, shielded from infiltrators she calls “Obama Bots.” But she says any protests in Denver are intended to be peaceful. “Who knows what will happen on the convention floor? Many of our members hope there will be a spark of some kind.”

  65. Obama not catching on in Oklahoma

    by: RON JENKINS Associated Press
    8/18/2008 12:00 AM

    OKLAHOMA CITY — Even Democratic officials are conceding Republican John McCain will beat Democrat Barack Obama in the presidential race in Oklahoma, with the only question being whether Obama will do better than John Kerry’s dismal showing four years ago.

    “I think we may surprise the pollsters about the percent he will get, because I don’t think they realize the number of young people — 35 and under — who will vote who have not voted before,” says Ivan Holmes, the state Democratic Party chairman.

    In 2004, Kerry got just 35 percent of the vote in losing by 456,000 votes to Republican George Bush.

    “Kerry’s performance was historically bad,” state Election Board Secretary Michael Clingman said Monday.

    But it was not nearly as bad as how Democrat George McGovern fared in 1972 against Republican Richard Nixon. McGovern lost 2-1 nationally against Nixon and received just 24 percent of the Oklahoma vote.

    Kerry was not the choice of Oklahoma Democrats in February’s presidential primary, finishing third, and neither was Obama, who got just 31 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 55 percent.

    Oklahoma has been trending Republican for four decades. The last Democrat to win a presidential race in the state was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

    The last Democrat to come close to winning in Oklahoma was Jimmy Carter, who lost the state by only 13,000 votes to Republican Gerald Ford in 1976. Four years later, Republican Ronald Reagan beat Carter in the state by almost 300,000 votes.

    In other areas of the country, Democrats have been registering to vote in record numbers this year, driven largely by new voters Obama has brought into the political system.

    But that has not happened so far in Oklahoma.

    In fact, for the first six months of the year, about 7,000 more Republicans registered in Oklahoma, compared to about 3,000 Democrats.

    In July, however, Clingman reports that slightly more than 3,000 Democrats registered statewide, compared with slightly less than 3,000 Republicans.

    “This is the first month in awhile where Democratic registrations outnumbered Republicans, but by a narrow margin,” he said.

    Less than 2.1 million Oklahoma voters were registered by the end of July, but Clingman said the number could easily swell to the record of 2.2 million registered before the 2004 general election.

  66. Just for fun, let’s make our top 3 VP picks here, and see who’s right.

    My guesses:

    1) Hillary
    2) Bayh
    3) Richardson

  67. Richardson brings nothing but baggage, Bayh may bring Indiana, i’m thinking not and Hillary, well he just hates her, so its probably Rev Herry Wright.

  68. Nancy Pelosi campaign video for Obama in MI

    Admin pls embed video-pitiful.

  69. Now if Obama picks Biden, he’s got this little problem of a statement from 2004

    WASHINGTON — Senator Joseph R. Biden, a senior Democrat, yesterday urged Republican Senator John McCain to run for vice president with the presumptive Democratic nominee, Senator John F. Kerry, in order to heal the ”vicious rift” dividing America.

    McCain, of Arizona, ”categorically” ruled out standing with Kerry, but Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he had no second choice.

    ”I’m sticking with McCain,” Biden said.

    ”I think John McCain would be a great candidate for vice president,” Biden, from Delaware, said on NBC’s ”Meet the Press,” where the two senators appeared together to take questions on Iraq and other subjects.

    Lets see how he would get out of that one.

  70. Agreed, moononpluto. I just suspect that the delay in announcing the pick means Hillary is more likely as a VP pick than people seem to think, but I hope it isn’t her and that she doesn’t take it if offered.

  71. I disagree with Susan Estrich but she did make some good points.:

    Obama’s Unconventional Error
    Monday , August 18, 2008

    By Susan Estrich

    Just tell me, my friend Kath wants to know, what would have happened if their roles were reversed. If Hillary had won the nomination and Obama had come in a close second, would he have gotten a prime-time speech one night, and Michelle another?

    Would his name have been placed in nomination right after Michelle’s speech, followed by a roll call vote that will be on Wisconsin before the inevitable winner goes over the top?

    Would Oprah’s production company be doing his video introduction, without any input from the Clinton crowd that would be controlling every second of the convention?

    Let me give you the short answer: No. Let me give you the longer version: No way. No chance.

    But let me also tell you what Obama would have gotten, had their roles been reversed. Not three convention speeches (Bill, Hill, and Chelsea … and what about Mrs. Rodham? Nothing for Mom?). Not his own video. Not his name in nomination and a roll call vote. Michelle would have been given the honor of introducing Barack. Barack would have had a choice: between introducing Bill or nominating Hillary. Then he would have moved to nomination by acclamation.

    He also would have gotten one other thing: Twenty million dolllars. Or whatever it took to put him out of debt. A small price to pay to control your convention. A lot less than what Obama will be losing by ceding half the convention to the Clintons, turning it into an opportunity for her supporters to publicly bemoan her loss (and his victory) and Clinton haters to tar the whole party with one brush.

    Dick Morris suggests that Barack Obama had no leverage in this game of chicken with the Clintons. On that point, I totally disagree. He had the same leverage that winners almost always have when dealing with losers: Money.

    Hillary came out of the primary season with a bigger debt than any losing candidate in recent history. The Clintons owed a slew of small vendors, they owed the much-reviled Mark Penn, and they owed themselves. Having left office basically broke, Bill Clinton has given a whole lot of speeches to earn the kind of money that the Clintons lent to their campaign.

    Barack Obama could have had any convention he wanted if he had stepped up to that debt. Hillary’s supporters might not have been happy, but they couldn’t place her name in nomination without her consent. Chelsea could have introduced Bill, Bill could have introduced Hillary, and Hillary could have done her thing. On Monday, say. Before Oprah.

    If their roles had been reversed, the Clintons would have done what they had to do to “earn” Obama’s enthusiastic support. Terry McAuliffe would have been dispatched straight away with instructions to cut the deal: to pay the debt in exchange for putting the party together behind Hillary.

    Deal. Expensive? Sure. But not nearly as expensive as ceding half the convention, and inviting every commentator worth his or her salt to suggest that if Obama wasn’t tough enough to take on the Clintons, how was he going to do with a real bad guy like Mr. Putin?

    Hillary’s supporters, of course, are trying to put a positive face on her first victory since June. Said Rep. Anthony Weiner: “It gives honor to her and her supporters, and it gets us all on the same page supporting Barack. I think it’s the perfect outcome and it’s something Obama wanted as much as Hillary did.”

    “Something Obama wanted as much as Hillary did”? I want whatever he’s smoking. Just last week, Obama himself said on his campaign plane that what he was looking for at the convention was not “catharsis,” but energy and enthusiasm. He meant for him, not Hillary.

    Obama can afford to give a bad speech, because everyone knows he can give a good speech. He can afford to look like a dork and be entirely uncool, because — at least compared to McCain — he is the epitome of cool. He can afford to be old-fashioned because he isn’t.

    The one thing he can’t afford to be, or to be perceived as, is weak. He can’t afford even the whiff of naive. He can’t afford to get rolled. His initial statement in response to Russia’s invasion of Georgia was way too even-handed, and the conservative bloggers had a field day calling it a “Rodney King moment.” Remember: “can’t we all just get along?” Not with Mr. Putin we can’t, certainly not by pretending he’s a nice guy who plays by the rules.

    Having started the week inviting comparisons to Rodney King, Obama ended it by giving his critics an opportunity to suggest that if he’s not tough enough to stand up to the Clintons, imagine him at the table with a real bad guy like Putin. Ouch.

    And all of it (or at least all of the Clinton part) could have been avoided by the magnanimous gesture of taking over her debt. In retrospect, it would have been a cheap deal. For the life of me, I can’t understand why he didn’t make it.,2933,405463,00.html
    ******************************************************My disagreement with Susan is the blatant race baiting and undemocratic one sided proceedures going on against Hillary by her own party.

    And the DNC using Sexism and Mysoginy as a political tactic and let us not forget her supporters didn’t stop fighting for her and went P.U.M.A. on Howard Dean. Are not falling in lock=step with the party leadership on their selection.

    THE DNC giving away Clinton delegates.

  72. Some more clues? Hard to tell… from WaPo:

    Obama’s Vice Presidential Pick Is Already Staffed

    If you’re one of those political junkies who can hardly bear the anxiety of waiting for Barack Obama to choose his vice presidential running mate, think of how David Wade and Chris Mather feel.

    They’re among a handful of Democratic political aides from Washington who have packed their bags and moved to Obama’s campaign headquarters in Chicago to work for… well, they don’t know yet. (Though we expect they’ll find out this week, and certainly before next Wednesday, when the Democratic vice presidential nominee is scheduled to speak at the party’s convention in Denver.)

    Wade, a longtime aide to Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), was hired last month to be the traveling press secretary for the eventual vice presidential running mate. Mather, who most recently served as political director of the labor union coalition Change to Win, will assume the same position for the spouse of Obama’s mysterious No. 2. (Mather, it should be noted, is also president of Steak Club, which boasts a roster of nerdy Washington insiders.)

    Wade and Mather and others were hired by Patti Solis Doyle, who was ousted as campaign manager of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign and later joined the Obama team to head up the presumptive nominee’s vice presidential effort. Others who have been hired to work for the as-yet unnamed Democratic running mate include:

    – Ricki Seidman, a battle-tested veteran who ran Bill Clinton’s 1992 War Room and worked in the Clinton White House; She’ll be the communications director for the veep pick.

    – Kathleen McGlynn, who was chief of staff to former senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) during his 2008 presidential run; She will be the No. 2’s deputy chief of staff. (McGlynn’s father is mayor of Medford, Mass.)

    – Leslie Miller, who was the Obama campaign’s spokeswoman in New Hampshire; She’ll be communications director for the vice presidential nominee’s spouse.

    Now all they need is a boss.

    Their hiring – before Obama has even chosen his running mate – underscores the Obama campaign’s highly disciplined, tightly controlled approach to message. (And this way, the Obama campaign hopes to stave off the kind of tension that developed between the Kerry and Edwards staffs in 2004, when Edwards brought most of his key aides with him to the campaign.)

    And it sounds as if the Mystery No. 2’s staff-in-waiting really has no clue yet who they’ll be working for. As our colleague David Broder wrote in his Sunday column, Doyle is “flying blind.”

    Wade tells the Sleuth this cart-before-the-horse arrangement really isn’t as weird as it may seem. “For eight years we’ve had a vice president who stayed in undisclosed locations. Trust me, it’s already change we can believe in — it’s just the next vice president’s identity that’s undisclosed.”

  73. The VP better not be Hillary and she better not take it. Sorry guys, but it sounds crazy to me to say that you don’t want the vp slot but willing to take it if asked.

    Anyway, if Obama makes the announcement that it is Hillary (barf), doesn’t that mean that she has ALREADY accepted it? If it wasn’t accepted what is the point in making the announcement.

    Doesn’t Hillary realize that this will turn some of her supporters off and will actually backfire against her? I know that it will with me.

  74. Don’t you think that by announcing Hillary as his VP pick it would be equal to admitting he can’t get there without her?

    I just don’t see it happening.

  75. I hope it won’t be Hillary, because I don’t think Obama can win this election. If she IS the pick, which I still think is unlikely, then I will take a deep breath, go for a long jog, and then suck it up and reluctantly back the ticket. But that’s just me, and if others choose not to, I respect that.

    What makes me think it could be her? (a) she’s the obvious choice and the only one who can save Obama; (b) the convention already features all 3 Clintons speaking; (c) the Obama campaign has been “building the drama” about this VP pick by dragging it out, and promising that the news will be broken via text message… you don’t do that unless it’s a big-name pick, and who else deserves that kind of intro? Can you imagine getting a text message and it’s… Bayh? That would be so anti-climactic / boring.

  76. 1). Biden
    2). Bayh
    3). Kaine
    4). HRC

    I have a terrible sinking feeling that they might force HRC on him, since he’s doing so poorly. But I’m sticking with Biden.

  77. It’s not going to be Hillary. I think Warner or Biden. Rest assured, if 👿 is the nominee and doesn’t choose Hillary as a running mate, McCain will win in a landslide.

    But I still haven’t given up on Denver.

    Hillary is Denver, or McCain in November!

  78. confloyd: I have also mentioned thae fact that JM has a hearing loss.It takes one to know one.I to have that same problem.Some loss is due to the aging process,some to loud noises such as combat and even training duty.In WW2 they handed out cotton for our ears because it was cheap and plentiful and ear plugs were in the future .Of all the the symptoms.the prime problem is understanding conversations and that results in a false tag of being short on understanding and long on indifference.We aging but interested persons have a real problem with the youth and the self centered now it alls that speak a language that BO mentioned in his complaint about americans only knowing one .He and his cult already have two that are closer to mumbling to cover up their lack of determination to take advantage of the education that is available to all.We had some pretty poor excuses for schools and teachers but it was our parents that used their patience and threats to see that we were not just benchwarmers.As for Obama and his “LEGACY OF RETRIBUTIONS”,It will be a cold day in hell when you even try to pay off your campaign debtors with that con job.Your unpunished rap sheet is slowly catching up to your evil ambitions.

    By ABM90 BHO at least I can read and write and still hear.I don’t need a Telepromter.Truth is best conveyed by our tongues,and our brains,not by paid speech writers.

  79. FBI probe targets father of embattled Detroit mayor

    By David Ashenfelter and M.L. Elrick, Detroit Free Press
    DETROIT — The FBI is investigating whether Bernard Kilpatrick, the father of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, was involved in payoff schemes to steer city business to contractors, according to five lawyers familiar with the investigation.
    The sources said agents are trying to determine whether Bernard Kilpatrick illegally passed along any money to the mayor. The sources agreed to discuss the investigation only if they were not identified.

    “It’s a pure pay-to-play system,” one lawyer alleged of the process to obtain many contracts in Detroit.

    Bernard Kilpatrick did not return calls Friday. His attorney, Abe Singer, left a voice mail for a reporter that said: “I’d check my sources a little stronger than you have before you publish this story.” He could not be reached to elaborate.

    Denise Tolliver, the mayor’s spokeswoman, said: “We know that the mayor hasn’t taken any payoffs.”

    “We can’t even comment on Bernard Kilpatrick,” she added. “That’s not even in our realm.”

    The mayor’s attorney, James Thomas, said: “I don’t know what asking a question proves. … That isn’t proof of anything.”

    “This guy is the focus of broad-ranging inquiries at the state level,” he said, an apparent reference to the mayor’s criminal cases and his possible removal by the governor. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re asking questions about him.”

    “Questions about Bernard have little to do with the mayor,” Thomas added.

    Bernard Kilpatrick is under scrutiny in at least two cases, both stemming from a wide-ranging federal probe that is focused on suspected cases of bribery, kickbacks and other potentially illegal acts, the sources said.

    Agents are looking at the mayor’s father in connection with contracts at Cobo Center and in the awarding of a sludge disposal contract to Synagro Technologies Inc.

    Two sources said witnesses have told the FBI that when they approached the mayor about getting city contracts, he steered them to his father, telling them they had to go through Bernard Kilpatrick.

    Bernard Kilpatrick operates a consulting firm called Maestro Associates of Detroit, formed to help businesses work with local, county and state governments as the companies try to get public contracts.

    Asked whether the FBI suspects bribery in regard to some city contracts, one source replied: “Absolutely. … Nobody called it bribery, but everyone knew what they were talking about.”

    Another source said: “The big issue is whether the money that was paid was for kickbacks or legitimate compensation” for the elder Kilpatrick’s consulting services.

    Two witnesses have told investigators that the mayor told them at separate social gatherings that city contracts were to be routed through his father.

    The Detroit offices of the U.S. Attorney and the FBI declined comment Friday, as is their custom during ongoing investigations.

    Bernard Kilpatrick, a former aide to late Wayne County Executive Ed McNamara, formed Maestro Associates in 2002 — the year his son took office.

    When the mayor was asked at the time if he would institute any guidelines for dealing with his father’s firm, the mayor said he didn’t need special rules to tell him how to avoid conflicts of interest.

    The Free Press previously has reported that the FBI has been asking questions about Bernard Kilpatrick as part of the $47-million sludge disposal contract the City Council approved last fall for Houston-based Synagro. The firm disposes of sludge from the city’s wastewater treatment plant at a Synagro facility in southwest Detroit.

    The FBI began tapping Bernard Kilpatrick’s cell and home phones in June 2007, and its probe of him dates to at least 2006, sources have told the Free Press.

    James Rosendall, who represented Synagro in its dealings with the City Council and administration, is cooperating with the FBI after federal investigators confronted him about payments he made to city officials to win the contract.

    Rosendall, who lives in Grand Rapids, agreed to continue meeting with city officials and others while wearing recording equipment for the FBI, sources have said.

    Sources previously told the Free Press some City Council members — and at least one council staffer — are under investigation in the probe.

    In the Cobo Center case, former Cobo Director Efstathios (Louis) Pavledes pleaded guilty last week in U.S. District Court in Detroit to accepting a $100,000 kickback from a convention center contractor. It was the first charge and first guilty plea resulting from the corruption probe.

    Pavledes’ plea agreement with federal prosecutors said he accepted the money from Karl Kado, 67, of West Bloomfield. Kado was charged in federal court last week with filing false income tax returns.

    Pavledes pleaded guilty to depositing the money into his bank accounts in amounts below $10,000 to evade federal currency reporting requirements. Pavledes and Kado are cooperating with federal authorities.

    Federal corruption probes in Detroit have not always succeeded.

    Despite repeated federal investigations of the late Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, federal agents never had enough evidence to accuse him of anything more than being an unindicted coconspirator in the 1980s Vista sludge-hauling scandal.

    The investigation resulted in convictions on fraud and bribery charges against Detroit Water and Sewerage Department Director Charles Beckham and Young’s friend, Darralyn Bowers.

    In 2002, FBI agents raided the offices of McNamara, the Wayne County executive, looking for evidence of wrongdoing in county contracts.

    The highest-ranking person charged in the probe was Wilbourne Kelley III, the former chief executive officer of Detroit Metro Airport.

    In 2004, a federal court jury convicted Kelley and his wife, Barbara, of extorting cash and expensive gifts from an airport contractor. They were sent to prison.

  80. Carby, your post makes me think that everyone north of the Mason-Dixon Line is involved in some sort of kickbacks and extortion scheme and everyone south of it is a dumbass. 🙂

  81. McCain is rapidly closing the gap in Minnesota:

    Thursday, August 14, 2008

    Much of Barack Obama’s 12-point lead over John McCain has disappeared in Minnesota. He is now ahead of his Republican rival by only four percentage points 46% to 42%, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Minnesota voters.

    With “leaners” factored in, Obama leads 49% to 45% (Demographic Crosstabs available for Premium Members.)

    Last month the Democrat had a 49% to 37% lead on McCain. In June he was ahead 52% to 39%.
    McCain is now supported by 91% of Republicans, up from 79% a month ago. Obama earns the vote from 89% of Democrats, down two points from last month. Among unaffiliated Minnesota voters, the candidates are essentially even.

    Obama’s 19-point lead among women voters last month is now down to 13. McCain has moved ahead among male voters who now favor the Republican 47% to 42%. Last month, Obama had a slight edge among men.

    McCain is now regarded favorably by 60% of Minnesota voters, unfavorably by 39%. Obama is viewed favorably by 56% and unfavorably by 42%.

  82. Jan- I’ve checked in from time to time. It’s been a crazy Summer. (Glad to see some things missing around here. 😉 )

  83. Okie, you know we don’t cook the holy water. Takes out all the demon fighting properties.

    (Great to see you here, btw)

  84. hey idunn,

    glad your here, can you knock out a date to do our tribute?
    a week after convention, sounds good what do you think?

    can you negotiate with admin on an exact date?
    admin likes you, so i think you should do the negotiations…

    pleeeeeese…. 😀

  85. McCain Gets a Warm Reception From Vets
    Elizabeth Holmes reports from Orlando, Fla., on the presidential race.

    John McCain received a hero’s welcome Monday when he appeared before a convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S. A sea of roughly 3,000 attendees, many wearing the traditional hats signaling the war in which they served, filled the Orlando Convention Center and enthusiastically clapped when McCain took the stage.

    The reception was in stark contrast to other convention appearances McCain has made of late. Although campaign rallies tend to have hand-picked audiences, convention speeches are out of the campaign’s control — and support from the crowd isn’t guaranteed.

    Even so, McCain hasn’t shied away from speaking to crowds that aren’t predisposed to like him. Since securing the nomination, the Republican candidate regularly appears at gatherings that favor his opponent, Barack Obama. Two weeks ago, he received a chilly reception at the National Urban League conference in Orlando, Fla., while speaking to a predominantly African-American group.

    Monday’s VFW appearance included hearty applause throughout his remarks. A crowd huddled around him afterwards to catch a glimpse. Both the candidate’s age and experience — typically sources of attacks from the Democrats — were celebrated by the mostly older crowd.

    “It is wonderful,” said Dick Moody, a 61-year-old from north of Boston who served in Vietnam and Desert Storm. As a veteran, McCain knows “we’ve gone through,” Moody said, then reflected on McCain’s five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. “We can only imagine what he’s gone through, we certainly know that he would be looking out for our best interests.”

    The crowd was much older than a typical campaign event, with oxygen machines and electric wheelchairs dotting the crowd. The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows McCain ahead with voters 65 and over by 10 points, 51% support to Obama’s 41%.

    Another characteristic for the convention crowd that McCain doesn’t often find: overwhelming support for the Iraq war and McCain’s determination to “win” there. The Arizona senator made the impassioned plea against Monday morning with a heavy dose of criticism for Obama’s approach, hammering the argument that the junior senator from Illinois lacks experience.

    “Sen. Obama still cannot quite bring himself to admit his own failure in judgment,” McCain said during his remarks. “As they have said to me on my trips to Iraq: ‘Let us win, just let us win.’”

    Mike Bradley, a 61-year-old from Lake City, Fla., wearing a “Veterans for McCain” T-shirt, served two tours in Vietnam and has a son who has served two tours in Iraq. “We need him to have a good commander-in-chief,” Bradley said, referring to his son.

    Phil Volz, who served in the Air Force during Vietnam, says he supports the war in Iraq and Sen. McCain’s determination to end in victory. “I was in Vietnam and we didn’t win,” said Volz, 65. “Nobody ever gave me a parade when I got home.”

  86. I think that Hillary will be committing (political) suicide if she is vp. Then the McCain will run ads of her saying that Obama is unelectable (during the primaries). Frankly, I don’t blame the repubs for doing this.

    Wasn’t it the dems position to keep Hillary off is because the republicans will come out in droves to vote against her? So what is the purpose of putting on the ticket. I think that it will also have the effect of having even more dems vote against the ticket instead!

    The Republicans will have a field day with both of them and I agree with Jimmy Carter on this one, it will drive up the negatives of both candidates even more.

  87. Illinois senators say Emil Jones leaving top spot

    Associated Press – August 18, 2008 3:14 PM ET

    SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Several of his colleagues say Illinois Senate President Emil Jones is retiring.

    Senator Rickey Hendon says Jones, who will turn 73 this fall, plans to step down after November’s legislative veto session.

    Others confirmed Jones will leave after 35 years in the General Assembly. But Jones’ office has made no announcement.

    The decision leaves a power vacuum in a state marked by discord among its Democratic leaders, and it means unpopular Governor Rod Blagojevich is losing a top political ally.

    But it’s Jones’ relationship with another Illinois Democrat that might to be the most politically important.

    Jones was 1 of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s first political mentors. He had a big hand in Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate win.

    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  88. McCain Slams Obama on National Security

    By Elisabeth Bumiller

    ORLANDO — Senator John McCain opened up a hard-hitting political attack on Senator Barack Obama’s national security credentials and stepped up his rhetoric against the Russians in Georgia in a speech on Monday aimed at showcasing his ability to be commander-in-chief.

    In an address to a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, Mr. McCain criticized what he called Mr. Obama’s “shifting positions’’ on the troop escalation, or surge, in Iraq, and charged that when his rival voted against funding the troops in a single vote in 2007, he had tried to “legislate’’ failure.

    “This was back when supporting America’s efforts in Iraq entailed serious political risk,’’ Mr. McCain said. “It was a clarifying moment. It was a moment when political self-interest and the national interest parted ways.’’

    Mr. McCain went on: “Instead, Senator Obama commits the greater error of insisting that even in hindsight, he would oppose the surge. Even in retrospect, he would choose the path of retreat and failure for America over the path of success and victory. In short, both candidates in this election pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference, the great difference, is that I intend to win it first.’’

    Mr. McCain was referring to a vote against troop funding that Mr. Obama cast in 2007 because the legislation did not include a timetable for withdrawal. Mr. Obama has voted for all other war-financing bills since he entered the Senate in 2005.

    Moving on to Georgia, Mr. McCain raised questions about Mr. Obama’s ability to handle the crisis. “Behind all of these claims and positions by Senator Obama lies the ambition to be president,’’ Mr. McCain said. “What’s less apparent is the judgment to be commander in chief. And in matters of national security, good judgment will be at a premium in the term of the next president — as we were all reminded ten days ago by events in the nation of Georgia.’’

    Mr. McCain renewed his threat to consider throwing Russia out of the G-8 group of leading industrialized democracies and bar it from membership in the World Trade Organization. As president, he said, he would take a tough line.

    “In cooperation with our friends and allies in Europe, we will make it clear to Russia’s rulers that acts of violence and intimidation come at a heavy cost,’’ Mr. McCain said. “There will be no place among G-8 nations, or in the W.T.O., for a modern Russia that acts at times like the old Soviet Union. The Cold War is over, the Soviet empire is gone, and neither one is missed.’’

    The Obama campaign was quick to respond to the speech before the veterans group, which Mr. Obama is set to address on Tuesday. Bill Burton, a campaign spokesman, issued this statement: “All his bluster, distortions and negative attacks notwithstanding, it is hard to understand how Senator McCain can at once proclaim his support for the sovereign government of Iraq, and then stubbornly defy their expressed support for a timeline to remove our combat brigades from their country. The difference in this race is that John McCain is intent on spending $10 billion a month on an open-ended war, while Barack Obama thinks we should bring this war to a responsible end and invest in our pressing needs here at home.”

  89. comment from someone on nq:

    “I have the feeling it will be John Kerry. Not Barry’s choice, but one that “they” have stuck him with. Rational being this, Kerry has a rich wife,meaning infusion of money. George Soros wantd Kerry elected. Kerry has “military” background, Kerry has “experience” Kerry almost won a presidential election, Kerry has a “smear’ NOT website. Barry introduced Kerry in 2004, so Kerry and Dean have been pushing him since then, if not before. The night that the VP is introduced has something to do with National Security, or honoring our military. Kerry as well as Barry appear to hate America. They are both empty suits. Hey their names rhyme and that is just too too cute for Barry to pass up.

    Other than Kerry I would say Nance, to pander to women, a/k/a buying votes.

  90. Bekley- this article detailing the post European polls sorta says the same thing- 👿 isn’t trusted as much as McCain on foreign policy issues.

    McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said, “Despite Barack Obama’s international stardom, polls show that we’re in a dead heat and that hardworking Americans have real concerns with Obama’s inexperience and questionable judgment.” Obama’s campaign declined to comment; the candidate has said he did not expect an uptick from the trip, which included Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Liar. Liar. Pants on fire. They did too think they’d get a big bounce. 😛

  91. (and yes, I know it’s a three week old article, but it’s still correct about how voters- likely voters feel about his ability to handle foreign affairs.)

    The Georgia conflict will only heighten that disparity over time.

    BTW- If Biden gets the nod, does that invalidate the stated reasons for his trip to Georgia? I think it certainly does. (I’d sure hate for him to get mixed up with this shyster and lose his seat. He’s been a great senator and Dems still need him to lead the fight there.)

  92. The egos of Obama and his handlers continue to grow almost like that plant in “little shop of horrors.” They simply assume that by putting him out there around the globe like a rock star that everyone will flock to his side.

  93. 👿 slipping in NY vs. McCain. 6 point lead… 31 EV up for grabs there.

  94. Okieatty: Glad your back, it has been a bumpy summer, but it will be an even bumpier fall for the fraud! 🙂

  95. i’ve always loved biden.
    but he went way beyond the call of duty, in taking hillary down.

    like everyone else. he’s on my shit list…

  96. “I will win. Don’t worry about that,” so says barack obama, aka barcrack banana (Translation: what me worry?

    “Of all the causes which conspire to blind
    Man’s erring judgment and misguide the mind
    What the weak head with strongest bias rules
    Is pride-the never failing vice of fools”
    –alexander pope

  97. slipping in NY vs. McCain. 6 point lead… 31 EV up for grabs there.

    Here’s the section relevant to the Obama Slide (not to be confused with The Electric Slide):

    In the presidential race, Barack Obama has slipped some, the poll found. Obama leads Republican John McCain in New York 47 percent to 39 percent, down from 50-37 percent in July and 51-33 percent in June.

    Well, at least Obama is making deliberate progress in helping making a “blue state” very purple.

  98. Hi, Everyone:
    I apologize if you’ve already posted this (it’s from yesterday). It’s super-long with a far-right viewpoint, but full of juicy observations from Saddleback.

    How McCain Won Saddleback
    In an unusual setting, his experience overwhelmed Obama.
    By Byron York

    Lake Forest, Calif. — It’s fair to say that in the hours before John McCain appeared with Barack Obama at the “Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency,” here at Pastor Rick Warren’s famed southern California mega-church, there were at least a few McCain insiders who were a bit nervous about their candidate’s prospects. Obama can be remarkably polished in this sort of situation. Unlike other Democrats, he’s not afraid to hang out with evangelicals. McCain, on the other hand, can at times be cranky and take pleasure in irritating his base. Could he come out ahead in this one?

    Team McCain needn’t have worried. This was not your usual political TV show. Warren — Pastor Rick, around here — asked big questions, about big subjects; he wasn’t concerned about what appeared on the front page of that morning’s Washington Post. And his simple, direct, big questions brought out something we don’t usually see in a presidential face-off; in this forum, as opposed to a read-the-prompter speech, or even a debate focused on the issues of the moment, the candidates were forced to call on everything they had — the things they have done and learned throughout their lives. And the fact is, John McCain has lived a much bigger life than Barack Obama. That’s not a slam at Obama; McCain has lived a much bigger life than most people. But it still made Obama look small in comparison. McCain was the clear winner of the night.

    The idea was for Warren to question Obama for an hour — they tossed a coin to see who would go first — and then ask the same questions of McCain, who was not allowed to hear what Obama had answered before him. Not a few people in the press thought it was a bad idea. Asking each man the same questions meant Warren couldn’t tailor his queries to each man; sure, he could ask Obama about Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but what sense would it make to ask McCain, too? It seemed like a recipe for nothing much at all.

    But Pastor Rick hasn’t built a huge church and sold more than 25 million copies of The Purpose-Driven Life for nothing. By the time Warren finished questioning Obama, people were eager to hear how McCain would handle the same subjects. In a debate, candidates are often asked the same question, but the second guy has always heard what the first guy said and tailors his answer accordingly. At Saddleback, there was something much different — and more revealing — going on.

    The contrast was striking throughout each man’s one-hour time on stage. When Warren asked Obama, “What’s the most gut-wrenching decision you’ve ever had to make?” Obama answered that opposing the war in Iraq was “as tough a decision that I’ve had to make, not only because there were political consequences but also because Saddam Hussein was a bad person and there was no doubt he meant America ill.” But Obama was a state senator in Illinois when Congress authorized the president to use force in Iraq. He didn’t have to make a decision on the war. That fact was a recurring issue in the Democratic primaries, when candidates Hillary Clinton, Joseph Biden, Christopher Dodd, and John Edwards argued that they, as senators, had to make a choice Obama didn’t have to make. And now he says it’s his toughest call.

    When McCain got the question, he was able to tell an old story with a sense of gravity and poignancy that he seldom shows in public. He described his time as a prisoner of war, when he was offered a chance for early release because his father was a top naval officer. “I was in rather bad physical shape,” McCain told Warren, but “we had a code of conduct that said you only leave by order of capture.” So McCain refused to go. He made the telling even more forceful when he added that, “in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m very happy I didn’t know the war was going to last for another three years or so.” In one moment, he showed a sense of pride and a hint of regret, too; he came across as a man who did the right thing but not without the temptation to take an easy out. In any event, the message was very clear: John McCain has had to make bigger, more momentous decisions in his life than has Barack Obama.

    McCain bested Obama again when Warren asked for an example of a time in which he “went against party loyalty and maybe even against your own best interest for the good of America.”

    “Well, I’ll give you an example that in fact I worked with John McCain on,” Obama said, “and that was the issue of campaign ethics reform and finance reform.” But it turned out that was an issue on which Obama had briefly allied with McCain and then jumped back to the Democratic mother ship, causing McCain to write Obama an angry note about the abandonment of what had been a principled position. As far as bucking your party goes, it wasn’t very big stuff.

    When McCain got the question, everyone in the room thought he would bring up campaign-finance reform, the issue on which he has alienated the Republican base for years. But he didn’t. “Climate change, out-of-control spending, torture,” he said. “The list goes on.” McCain’s prime example, though, was his story of opposing Ronald Reagan’s decision to send a contingent of Marines to Lebanon as a peacekeeping force. “My knowledge and my background told me that a few hundred Marines in a situation like that could not successfully carry out any kind of peacekeeping mission, and I thought they were going into harm’s way,” McCain said. But he deeply admired Reagan, and wanted to be loyal to the party; it was a difficult decision.

    McCain answered the whole question without touching on campaign finance; he had so much more life experience to draw on that he could swamp Obama without using everything he had.

    And on it went. On questions like the nature of evil and causes worth dying for, McCain’s depth stood out. And that was true even when he admitted wrongdoing. Early on in the questioning, Warren asked each man, “What…would be the greatest moral failure in your life, and what would be the greatest moral failure of America?” Obama answered that he drank and “experimented” with drugs as a teenager, which he attributed to his own selfishness. McCain, on the other hand, said, “The failure of my first marriage. It’s my greatest moral failure.”

    McCain’s actions in that matter are nothing to brag about, but what came from it onstage at Saddleback was the sense that he was willing to dig deeper and take a greater risk in his answer than had Obama. McCain knew that critics on the left, looking for a way to change the subject from the John Edwards affair, had been pointing to the end of McCain’s first marriage. But McCain took the subject straight on. “He could have avoided that altogether or come up with some other answer,” Chip Pickering, the Mississippi Republican representative, told me later in the “Messaging Room.” (There’s no “Spin Room” at Saddleback; just a “Messaging Room.”) “But he very quickly, cleanly, and clearly confessed his failure.” Still, I said to Pickering, adultery doesn’t sit well with evangelicals, and that’s what McCain was talking about, wasn’t it? “The clarity of confessing his failure — there will be respect in the evangelical community for doing so,” Pickering answered.

    Finally, there was the question of abortion. In the days leading up to the forum, pro-lifers had been worried that Warren was not going to include a question on the issue, focusing instead on things like poverty, AIDS, and the “new” evangelical agenda. But Warren brought it up, simple and straight. “At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?” he asked Obama.

    “Well, I think that whether you are looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade,” Obama answered. “But let me just speak more generally about the issue of abortion because this is something obviously the country wrestles with. One thing that I’m absolutely convinced of is there is a moral and ethical content to this issue. So I think that anybody who tries to deny the moral difficulties and gravity of the abortion issue, I think, is not paying attention. So that would be point number one.” Obama went on to say that he is pro-choice. Even for people who agreed with him, it wasn’t a terribly impressive answer.

    An hour later, when Warren asked McCain the same thing, he got this: “At the moment of conception. I have a 25-year pro-life record in the Congress, in the Senate, and as president of the United States, I will be a pro-life president and this presidency will have pro-life policies.”

    “Okay — we don’t have to go longer on that one,” Warren said, quickly moving on.

    Obama had nothing to win on the question; if anything, he seemed wary of saying something that might anger his pro-choice base. But McCain had a lot at stake with this group, and his answer seemed to settle the concerns of social conservatives who have been rattled by reports that he might be considering a pro-choice running mate. While many evangelicals have softened on the issue of gay marriage, they wanted to hear a solid, clear statement from McCain on abortion. “Abortion and marriage are still pivotal issues…but I think that abortion is probably more pivotal than marriage,” Marlys Popma, the Iowa social conservative who is now McCain’s national coordinator for evangelical issues, told me after the forum. “Abortion is still very, very solid with this group, even the younger ones [who are more liberal on marriage]. Life is a real delineating factor.”

    To further press the case on abortion, McCain had brought along New Jersey Republican Rep. Chris Smith, one of the most forceful pro-life voices in Congress. After the forum, I asked Smith whether Obama had helped himself at all with pro-lifers. Just the opposite, Smith said. “I thought Sen. Obama’s statement in quoting Matthew 25, which is my favorite scripture since I was in high school — ‘Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do likewise to me’ — when as a matter of record he voted against [a ban on partial-birth abortion ]…well, I find it discouraging and disingenuous for him to talk about the least of our brethren.”

    As far as the crowd is concerned, it was clear that McCain was the favorite. That was hardly a surprise; at a small gathering I attended a few years ago, someone asked Warren how many of his parishioners voted for John Kerry. He thought for a moment and said 15 percent. So the conservative Saddleback crowd, while happy to see Obama in their midst, was not going to be on his side. What they wanted was proof that John McCain was on theirs, and that’s what they got.

  99. Hillary is Denver, or McCain in November!
    Oakie: glad you are back. If you are going to denver that would make a good sign. If I could make a suggestion I would end it NOBAMA!

    skmf12: what did biden do to hillary? I missed that chapter.

  100. In the past two weeks, Reality has come to bite Mr. Soetoro:

    1. Russia invades Georgia (No Barry, not THAT Georgia, McCain is invading that one)
    2. Pervez Musharaf (spelling?) resignation to create power vacuum in a dicey part of the world
    3. Rick Warren’s interview reaffirms why Barry wants to limit the number of face-to-face events with McCain; yet another underwhelming performance that he’s becoming known for.

  101. Carby posted the AP confirmation that Emil Jones announced his retirement, above; this was in the Chicago papers this morning. Jones (“I’m gonna make me a US Senator”) is Obama’s No. 1 mentor in Illinois. This article has more details, but still doesn’t give any good reason for Jones’ retirement; perhaps Sen. Jones is under federal investigation. Or, he left in a snit when they couldn’t pass his pay raise. Or, he may be joining the crowd under the bus.
    * * * * *
    State Senate leader Jones to reveal retirement plans today
    August 18, 2008

    SPRINGFIELD — Senate President Emil Jones is expected to announce his retirement plans today, stripping Gov. Blagojevich of his most vocal and reliable ally as the governor contemplates a third term.

    The South Side Democrat, who has been in the Legislature since 1973 and led the Senate since 2003, told several members of his leadership team of his plans over the weekend.

    “I believe Emil is coming to the end of his time. He’s tired,” said one high-ranking Jones ally, who asked not to be identified but confirmed an announcement would be made today.

    The timing of Jones’ announcement comes as a surprise, given that as Barack Obama’s political godfather in Illinois, he is planning on a high-profile role within the state’s delegation at next week’s Democratic convention in Denver.

    Jones, a former city sewer inspector, endured criticism for taking tens of thousands of dollars in interest-free loans from his campaign fund and for multimillion-dollar, no-bid government contracts steered to a technology firm headed by his stepson, John Sterling.

    One source indicated that Jones is likely to serve through the end of this year’s session, scheduled to end in November. Other close allies insist Jones, 72, remains healthy.

    Jones’ announcement is sure to set off a mad scramble among Senate Democrats to take over the gavel. Among those are John Cullerton (Chicago), Terry Link (Vernon Hills), Rickey Hendon (Chicago), Jeff Schoenberg (Evanston) and James Clayborne (Belleville).

    Jones is on the Nov. 4 ballot, making it likely he will turn over his seat to a hand-picked successor.

    Jones’ office did not return calls late Sunday. A spokesman for Blagojevich said he did not know anything about Jones’ intentions.

  102. Informed in Illinois,

    Thank you for that National Review article. My respect for McCain keeps going up. 🙂

  103. Something is up here folks CNN has been talking once again of Obama/Clinton dream ticket. Looks like an old nudge nudge wink wink.

    Oh Jesus.

  104. Oklohama democratic officials concede state to McCain. They confess that Obama is “not catching on here”.

    Well theres optomism for you for Bambi. Your own party says forget it. They obviously know even when you put lipstick on a pig, its still a pig.

  105. JanH Says:

    August 18th, 2008 at 5:12 pm
    I think I’m going to be sick…or at least much to busy to watch this mess.

    I am with you JanH. I will be too busy to watch this mess, too! Frankly, I will be glad when it is over with so that we can really get down to business with nomore Hillary dream ticket talk (hopefully).

  106. You’re welcome, Jan. I’ve always respected McCain for his actions on fiscal discipline, campaign finance reform, and the environment – recognizing of course that as independent pro-choice woman, there are plenty of issues on which I disagree with him. But, that is simply secondary to the issue of character this year.

    One thing became crystal clear on Saturday: the job of president is far too big of a promotion for Barry – too many pay-grades above teleprompter-reading junior senator.

    So, if we can’t have our smart, courageous Hillary, I guess we can deal with four years of the grumpy straight-talker.

  107. And there is Obama kissing republican Tom Coburn from Oklahoma’s senator as a big buddy/advisor…thinking that he could get Oklahoma that way!

  108. mp – I agree with you re Oklahoma – but we shouldn’t be too surprised after Coburn threw the Dem voters of OK under the bus!

  109. I posted a thread over on DU to see what heads explode.

    Saying VP announcement tomorrow, but its alsos Big Dawgs Birthday, are we getting a big hint here.

    Sorry couldnt resist winding them up and setting them off.

  110. Wbboei, no Denver for me. Too many family health issues have come up in recent months. If something changes, I’ll let you know, but presently, it’s no go. I do have two (maybe four) free places to stay if things change.

    Informed, if I have to vote GOP, it’ll be McCain. I think Romney is okay but his social stances make me a little iffy on supporting him for POTUS. For VP, sure. I’d vote for a pig with lipstick before I wold have voted Rudy. And I may think Huck’s a good guy, but no way in hell am I voting for a guy who believes in end of days stuff. BTW- great line about pay grades. He really stepped on his own dick with that one, huh?

    mp, OK is not going to the evil one. If anything he sucks here worse than anywhere except maybe Utah. I will check on it to be sure, but last poll I saw had him down 30+.

  111. Moon, that is too funny – LOL! Let us know what they do – I just can’t go read there. No patience for all the nonsensical hopium-doper talk.

  112. A warning from Barry Soetoro:

    Now is my time: I have the money,I have the Gall,I have you all scared and hesitant,I have the MSM,I have the big money people,I have nervous political cohorts,I have Nancy Polosi on the fast track with your God,I have the the DNC where the hair is the shortest,I have Donna and her new Democrats scheme,I have Michelle and I have hoodwinked my followers,the tired and restless masses that believe Retributions and Retaliations are on the way. I can’t lose.I am the Second Coming,The real Messiah that Polosi is smoothing my path to MY,I repeat MY Oval Office.There is no other choice for America but to elect me or RECREAT 68 will be our war cry.
    The answer to all this bravado and actual threats is in your hands America. NOMINATE HILLARY


    OBAMA is a Straphanger.He is late for the race to the train and will have to stand up and hang up by his fingertips.

  113. BTW, re Barry’s line about pay-grades – I am certain that we’ll see it in the GOP ads, for sure!

  114. Hi All!


    “Sorry couldnt resist winding them up and setting them off.”



    Nice to see you. Have you heard from Jim lately?

  115. could’nt give a flying fuck if they do TS. I only fly in under the radar every now and again to see how koolaided they are.

    That place was hell during primaries and there was a team of us fighting for Hillary but the bots were total bastards.

  116. Admin

    I am speechless at the Andrea Mitchell accusations. What are these people thinking. It is so easily disproved, but when the Genie is out of the bottle,,,

  117. Moon-ROTFLMAO! 🙂 Is it really Big Dawg B-day??? I know that blew the bots brains right out of their ear orifices!!! LOL!!

  118. Yup Bill Clinton born 19 August 1946, so when i linked that to a vp anouncement, it was like sticking dynamite under their asses.

  119. so tommorrow folks, i think we should dedicate as President Bill Clinton day in solidarity with Bill and Hillary.

    Shall we? Can we please?

  120. That freaking Emil Jones now retiring to save his own butt. He put this idiot up, bamboozled the primary and now that the whole thing is imploding he is just going to quit. I say good ridence, but I bet there is more going on here than meets the eye. So when can we get the rest of COMBINE to quit???

  121. Okie: Good to see you back. 🙂

    Wow! You guys have been busy today. It will take me awhile to catch up on all the postings.

    JanH Says:

    August 18th, 2008 at 5:12 pm
    I think I’m going to be sick…or at least much to busy to watch this mess

    Barf. I didn’t get past the first couple of paragraphs. Gross.

  122. Norma, no. Talked to him by phone about 6 weeks ago. Don’t know which route he took. Was thinking of calling him last week. I may do so when I get out of trial tomorrow.

  123. Can you imagine how apoplectic bc would be if Obama named his non-clinton pick on bc’s birthday? I think Obama has more class than that.


  124. News Alert!
    Bill Hemmer on Fox tonight 8pm est.

    A special :A Presidential look at the character and the background of Barack Obama.Almost 2 yrs in the making and hundreds of people involved and all information about him is new and documented. Could this be the what we have all been trying to get answers to our questions about him? Is this his holocaust and the end to his campaign of deception? It is a bumpy ride to the Black House that you will never travel Barry Soetoro.

  125. Operation Rescue founder to distribute new flyer: “Is it Immoral to Vote for Obama for President?”

    Yup i think he lost the evangelical vote.

  126. The campaign should realized when they accuse McCain of getting the questions before hand to have a heads up, they are calling Rick Warren a liar. Warren is a beloved Pastor across the U.S., I can’t believe they would be stupid enough to call Rev. Warren a liar! That alone would cause many in the evangelical movement to shun him.

  127. let them try and call McCain a liar on this POW story, now. I dont like it when people try and tear down veterans, i thinks its crude and disgusting.

    Orson Swindle, a fellow POW who is campaigning for McCain has stated. “I recall John telling that story when we first got together in 1971, when were talking about every conceivable thing that had ever happened to us when we were in prison” Swindle told me a few minutes ago. “Most of us had been kept apart or in small groups. Then, in 1970, they moved us into the big cell. And when we all got to see each other and talk to each other directly, instead of tapping through walls, we had 24 hours a day, seven days a week to talk to each other, and we shared stories. I vaguely recall that story being told, among other stories.” “I remember it from prison,” Swindle continued. “There were several stories similar to that in which guards — a very few, I might add — showed compassion to the prisoners. It was rare, and I never met one, but some of the guys did.”

  128. NRLC is going to nail Obama.

    NRLC Legislative Director

    WASHINGTON (August 18, 2008, Noon) — Senator Barack Obama’s four-year effort to cover up his full role in killing legislation to protect born-alive survivors of abortions continues to unravel.

    In the most recent developments, Senator Obama himself, in a videorecorded interview Saturday night with David Brody of CBN News (subsequently broadcast on both CBN and CNN), said three times that National Right to Life was “lying” in asserting that he had voted against a state bill virtually identical to the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection Act. He did not directly address newly uncovered documents that had been released by NRLC on August 11 — documents that proved that he had done exactly that, contradicting four years of the Obama cover story.

    In response, on Sunday, August 17th, we issued a challenge to Obama to either declare the newly discovered documents to be forgeries and call for an investigation of the forgery, or admit that he had misrepresented his record on the live-born infants legislation (not just once, but for four years), and apologize to those he’s called liars.

    We don’t have an apology yet. But now there is this, in a news story posted on the New York Sun website lon the evening of August 17th: “Mr. Obama appeared to misstate his position in the CBN interview on Saturday . . . [Obama’s] campaign yesterday acknowledged that he had voted against an identical bill in the state Senate . . .”

  129. WTF!!!! are the mental

    Obama’s Islamist Problem(unindicted co-conspirator in terrorism financing has role at convention)

    The effort to minimize any grounds for fearing Obama has an abiding, if covert, attachment to Islam has prompted him to risk offending Muslims in order to avoid off-message controversies and photo ops. It is, therefore, curious in the extreme that he is giving a prominent role at next week’s Democratic convention to a leader of an organization identified by the Department of Justice as a Muslim Brotherhood front organization and an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism financing conspiracy.

    Dr. Ingrid Mattson is the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), an organization created by the radical, Saudi-financed Muslim Students Association. She will represent the Muslim community at the first-ever interfaith prayer service at a Democratic nominating convention

  130. confloyd: I think it is the begining of a constant flow of the truth about Soetoro.It gives me some hope that even if Hillary accepts VP role,she will be first in line to replace this stanger in our midst.This campaign by all standards is a real horse race and she and Bill know something about jockeying for position in politics.I have never lost faith in her decisions and we will all be rewarded with a victory for this great LADY.

    By ABM90 I am begining to relish the thought of seeing her sworn in with Chelsea and Bill at her side.No one has worked harder with truth and honor as her goal is coming to reality.

  131. The faith emphasis is a real turnoff. That is one, of many things, that turned me off about the Republicans. I don’t know, how and why, he is getting away with this. He is pandering to everyone.

  132. Bird, the faith emphasis must have polled well…. he must think that he’s getting the Catholic or other middle class Dem/Ind. voters back by doing that because he’s not going to win evangelicals or other right-wingers with his positions on issues. And, my sense of him is that he “phones it in” on the religious stuff – he’s actually deeply agnostic. How else could he have hung out in that hate-mongering church of his for 20 years?

    But, I agree, in any case it’s a turn-off.

  133. moononpluto,

    You are so funny! I haven’t been on Obama’s site.

    I was feeling a little bombed out after ranting, but you have really made my evening!

  134. Informed: “And, my sense of him is that he “phones it in” on the religious stuff – he’s actually deeply agnostic.”

    Actually, he phones most things in. Not much depth to him.

  135. Definitely agree re: no depth to Obama. He’s always trying to appear smart, instead of simply stating his position, or answering the question. The result is that he hems and haws (“ummm, so, ummm…” etc.) and ends up looking weak in the process. It’s stunning that a rookie has gotten this far. It’s like watching one of those cheezy Hollywood movies about a charming Joe Six-Pack getting magically elected, despite no political experience.

  136. hey All – I think some of us above were talking about Hillary campaigning for Pampers and how disgusting it was that she was there with Richardson/Judas.

    Well, some of us at Bitterpoliticz were watching this video and laughing that Hillary is clearly skirting a hug/friendlt peck from Richardson. She clearly puts her hand up to stop his hug advances. It’s hilarious, and look at Judas’ expression:

  137. ABM90, You are so right, she is a fighter and she hasn’t quit doing that yet. I feel bad when I see comments that say they are either mad or disappointed in her. How do they she isn’t fighting with everything she and Bill can pull together!

  138. oops, let me repost:

    Some of us above were talking about Hillary campaigning with the traitor Judas for BO.

    Take a look at this video. It shows Hillary ducking Richardson’s friendly hug/kiss – she puts her hand up, and he looks a bit miffed. It’s hilarious. His expression is telling: Hillary is still pissed at the little Judas. She’s still a fighter folks!

  139. Countthevotes: I saw that. LOL. she got away from him, as soon as she could. Did you notice that? He was surprised.

  140. If she goes on the ticket, we will soon be asking, “Who is Hillary going to pick for her VP.”

    This a much easier and less controversial way to switch to her than have the SDs change their vote.

  141. On hcsfjm, the have be serial call Momma E all weekend. She has the sheriff on it. Prank phone call is what these bots are doing now!

  142. “I will win. Don’t worry about that.” Could have been a misquote.

    “I will vacation. Don’t worry about that.”

  143. A few thoughts as I’m finally catching up with all these posts in the last 24 hours, lol.

    1) Great job by Rick Davis calling out Andrea Mitchell on her blatant bias.

    2) Susan Estrich makes a salient point on how Waffles should’ve helped pay off Hillary’s debt.

    3) If the VP is anyone other than Hillary, the choice will be a letdown, although I do like Biden and Bayh. BTW, Biden has said he doesn’t want to be asked to be VP but he would accept out of a sense of duty. Biden also is a bit of a loose cannon.

  144. His Smugness can’t do anything without a monitor, without a ghost writer, and without an applause track.

    His Smugness should open up a tanning salon franchise because that is all he is good for.

  145. “I will win. Don’t worry about that.” Could have been a misquote.

    I think he meant to say, “I will whine.”

  146. McCain nailing Obama on his NASA flopping in Florida, McCain is really going for the jugular now, no more Mr Nice guy.

    “I know that earlier this year, Senator Obama proposed cutting the NASA budget and delaying the timetable for our return to the Moon and the Mars mission,” McCain said. “I believe that he later repudiated his own plan. Sometimes it is difficult to know what a politician will actually do once in office, because they say different things at different times to different people. This is a particular problem when a candidate has a short, thin record on the issues as in the case of Senator Obama.

    “Let me say, just in case Senator Obama does decide to return to his original plan of cutting NASA funding – I oppose such cuts,” McCain said. “That position is a shortsighted approach that fails to recognize the benefits of space exploration and the technology and economic advantages that result from the space program.”

    Basically he called him a spineless flipflop lying troll. Couldnt agree more.

  147. From a story on Noquarter:

    “I honestly don’t think that I can sum up a comparison between McCain and Obama any better than Anglachel. So I am sharing her very concise and to the point contrast between the two candidates.

    Experience vs. narcissism. Doing the right thing vs. indulging your self. Hard knocks vs. celebrity. Living by the rules vs. preferential treatment. Embodied faith vs. religion as a convenient tool.

  148. WTF is wrong with Fox, the piece almost convinced me to vote for the fraud. What the hell was that, it sure did not hurt Obama, why even take time to cover it. A waste of time!

  149. A reporter asked Pastor Rick Warren about the cheating allegations, and Warren said, quote, “It’s a LIE. It’s a flat out LIE.”

    I think Warren was pissed, because in his haste to smear McCain, Obama didn’t think that he was also implicating the pastor, and that will NOT go over well with Christians.

  150. Another strategic mistake, one of many. But don’t worry, in SF he told them he was winning. Based on what?

    The gloves come off in October, and he has not indicated he can take it.

    I feel sorry for the SDs if they took money from several different sources.

  151. NMF the gloves come off Sat 29th, make no mistake, the Repug smear machine gets cranked up that morning and its opening assault will be guaranteed to be lethal.

  152. Hey…anyone reading all the “tells” on Hannity tonight?

    Dick Morris….in speaking about Rev Wright:

    Morris: I miss Wright, I think it would be good to bring him back in October
    Hannity: You would bring him back in October?
    Morris: Yes

    Also, Hannity claims inside Mr. Nancy-says-I-came-from-God-so-it-must-be-true campaign said he was close to Biden for Veep, until MO stepped in and said he “needed someone he was more comfortable with”

    And that SHE suggested Kain or Sebelius.

    Now, this may be Hannity and the Republicans sticking more needles in the eyes of HRC supporters and try and stir shit, but you KNOW if Obama picks Sebelius there will be complete revolution. And I would NOT put it past Michelle to MAKE BAMBI pick Sebelius just to diss HRC further.

    In any case, I guess the Dean Team forgets that Americans rejected the “Buy one get one free” approach of the Clintons, and is from where HRC aquires some of this ridiculous vitriol. On the other hand, Lets hope Bambi says “My wife made me do it”

    NO ONE likes Michelle Obama.

    Also, spent a two hour biz appointment with another couple of DIE HARD DEMS tonight who WILL NOT vote for Obama under any circumstances. Reasons? NO Experience. And his associations. Convicted criminals and Chicago Mob-types.

    Many americans are feeling the same. No matter how Axelrod spins it, you cannot make these two BIG FACTORS vanish.

  153. I still think at the end of this, the republicans wont have to much to win, just sit back and watch the dem party implode. I fear its the only way to save it now.

  154. Obama’s “I will Win” comment is eerily familiar with GW re: Florida Call for Gore, 2000

    “Oh, I’m not worried, my brother assured me I will win Florida”

    this, after Florida was called for Gore.

    Draw your own conclusions.

  155. NMF, they probably have fixed the voting machines, I hope they (SD’S) that have excepted money from Nance or the fraud know where the money came from cause I bet you the republicans know exactly where it came from. They will expose the whole money thing and all the dems will be kicked out from top to bottom and guess what they deserve it>

  156. The bots still think Obama will pick Caroline Kennedy for VEEP.

    I just split my sides laughing. That ticket would be so lightweight, they would need concrete boots to stop them floating off the stage in Denver.

  157. The entire premise for the Veep is to have someone who is ready to lead, um….dare I say it…from “Day One” if the President is unable to fulfill his (or someday, her) duties.

    Sebelius, Kaine, C. Kennedy all…do not fit the bill any better than the Presumptuous King of the World. Americans are not stupid, yet these people keep playing us that way.


    Now, August 29th McCain will anounce the day after the coronation. McCains announcement will be in OHIO

  158. Good choice McCain’s 72nd birthday is on Aug 29th, and Ohio is a good place to do it, battleground state.

    Also Bambi wont get any bounce from this convention.

    McCain announcing VP on the day after convention and then its labor day weekend, so no one will give a shit about Bambi and then the repub convention begins labor day.

    The entire newscycle timing is crap, couldnt be worse for Bambi.

  159. Confloyd

    If the polls are too far apart, fixing an election becomes more and more risky. Based on where the Dems are now, and where they should be, that situation might just develop.

    Anyway, the Reps know how to fix them, so they will be looking in all the right places.

    Might be interesting.

  160. and here we go again, looks like we are going to need foreign policy expertise very soon

    Ukraine leaders split under Russian pressure – Yulia Timoshenko accused of committing “high treason”

    Ukraine on the brink as Pro Russian PM goes to war with Pro West President. I knew it was only a matter of time after Ukraine stuck its nose into the Georgian conflict.

    The feud between the onetime allies over Ukraine’s strategic outlook raised fears that Kiev is vulnerable to political chaos should Moscow hatch a campaign to destablise a second pro-Western neighbour having humilated Georgia.

    Key aides to Mr Yushchenko, who has incurred Russia’s wrath by taking measures to retaliate against Moscow’s aggression in Georgia, said Miss Timoshenko was plotting to use a deepening crisis with Moscow to take over as president.

    “The actions of the current prime minister show signs of high treason and political corruption,” said Andriy Kyslynskyi, the president’s deputy chief of staff. “We said last week that Timoshenko systematically works in the interests of the Russian side. Unfortunately, this information is being confirmed.”

  161. Moononpluto, these republicans are pretty darn smart, normally I would be fighting mad, but this year I am happy for them to get down and dirty asap! 🙂

  162. I just saw this on another site, what do you think? Real or was the website just setting up prepages for possiblities.

    They said Obama’s pick is Evan Bayh: an inept staffer leaked it mistakenly and CNN posted it before pulling their own link.

  163. I did think it would be Biden, but after thinking about it…I think he might have Biden penciled in for Sec. of Sate.

  164. Obama disowns Okereke-Onyiuke, others
    By Semiu Okanlawon and Ayo Olesin
    Published: Tuesday, 19 Aug 2008

    The campaign organisation of the Democratic Party‘s candidate for the November 2008 United States presidential election, Senator Barack Obama, has dissociated itself from the activities of a Nigeria-based group, Africa for Obama.

    The campaign organisation said in a letter to the Editor, PUNCH online, that it was doing so based on an advertisement that the Nigerian group was organising a fundraiser for Obama.

    ‘Africa for Obama’ led by the Director-General of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Prof. Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke, had at its dinner/concert in Lagos on Monday August 11, reportedly raised about N100m.

    The letter by the Staff Counsel for the Obama for America, Ms. Kendall C. Burman, reads, “We want to inform you that Obama for America, Inc, which is the principal campaign committee for Senator Barrack Obama in his campaign for President of the United States, and the Democratic National Committee are in no way affiliated with this event or with this organisation.

    “Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee will not accept any funds raised at this event or through the fundraising activities of this group.

    “We want to make it clear that the event and this organisation are in no way associated with Obama for America of the Democratic National Committee should this organisation seek to place additional advertisement in your paper.”

    At the dinner in which notable artistes performed, tickets were sold in the category of Platinum (Corporate table for eight people for N2.5m and individual N325,000.

    For the gold category, the ticket was sold for N2m for corporate table of eight and N275,000 for an individual.

    But in a swift response, Okereke-Onyiuke said the event organised by ‘Africa for Obama’ was not aimed at raising funds for Obama but to sensitise Africans living in America.

    The NSE chief who spoke with one of our correspondents on the telephone on Monday said, ”At no time did we say we were raising money for Obama.

    “What we are saying is that Obama is for the world and he has been getting support from Europeans, from Arabs and from all over and Nigerians should not be different.

    “We are not collecting money for Obama. I lived in the US for 14 years; I am a Green Card holder and I know the law. We are just mobilising people who are eligible voters to go out and register and voter for him and I don‘t know why this should be an issue.

    “The event was a concert and people bought tickets on their own volition. People have been saying I used my position as D-G to compel corporate organisations to donate money. I am tired of all these. This is not true. No corporate organisation gave any cheques.

    “The guests came in their personal capacity, whether they work in a bank or anywhere else I do not know. Even the table I bought for my friends and relations was paid for out of my own pocket and the money was used for the food and to pay for the artistes. We ate and danced and enjoyed ourselves.

    “Some people, including journalists, came in for free and what I said there was that if there is any surplus, after the accounts have been done, the money will be used for mobilisation.”

    She explained that the mobilisation campaign would involve advertisements and online campaigns to encourage African-Americans to register and vote for Obama.

    Okereke-Onyuike, who stressed that the event was a private affair, wondered why eyebrows were not raised over similar events where tables went for eight figures.

    She said, ”Nobody was forced to attend the event. I have paid N10m for a table at a concert; nobody was forced to pay. The event was a private thing and I used my own money to put it together. Some people like to sit in front of the television and watch history in the making but we chose to mobilise people to vote for someone we believe in.”

    The NSE boss, who expressed her frustrations over negative insinuation about the real intentions of the organisers of the event, said that she was very careful in wording the media adverts that preceded the event.

    She stressed that it was not a fund raising event.

    She said, ”I am a very intelligent person; I have a PhD that I did not buy. We were careful with our advertisements and we were transparent in all we did. I don‘t understand why Nigerians like to be negative. People have been mobilising support for Obama all over the world and they are not being castigated.

    “I want to make it clear that I am a Nigerian and I have the right to do anything I want with my time and my money.”

    The emergence of Okereke-Onyiuke as the chairman of the group had raised dust as some Nigerians made reference to her role in a fundraiser for former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s re-election in 2003. She did so under the umbrella of Corporate Nigeria.

    Okereke-Onyiuke was also believed to be a staunch supporter of Obasanjo in his bid to extend his tenure in 2006.

    Many critics had argued against raising money for Obama as US presidential candidates are barred from receiving funds from abroad.

    The immediate past General Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Nimi Walson-Jack, had argued in an article published in THE PUNCH on Monday that ”Political candidates may legally take donations from American citizens or from permanent residents of the United States wherever they happen to live, even if the money is raised overseas.

    ”But the US political candidates cannot legally accept donations from individuals who are neither US citizens nor permanent US residents.”

    Also speaking on the matter, human rights advocate and lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, described the dinner/concert as an illegal action that could impact negatively on Obama‘s presidential aspiration.

  165. Generally though, the bots don’t like him as a pick. In fact they’d be disappointed if it was him.

    Also he would show up bambi greatly. 2 term governor, senator and way more experienced but he’s apparently boring as hell. May be a total disaster pick.

  166. 2nd attempt to blog.

    Thank you for thinking of us in Florida as we prepare and wait for Fay to visit. Were used to these storms that sometimes don’t amount to much. In 2005, was the worse for us in Ft. Lauderdale. We had lights off for 5 days however our neightbors facing west suffered a lot of damage. It is the price we pay for living in the sun.

    ABM90: I love your blogs. They are interesting and bring back my child hood memories during the WW 2 era living in Ohio. Be well and write more. Your right on tract.

    Jan: I am going to blog in the villagers. I am one of the hillary villagers. Your information on a gun to her head. Wow. I keep saying we should have eyes behind our head.

    Happy Birthday tomorrow to former President Clinton.

    Just for Fun: I will vote none of the above VP for Obama. Let me guess–oh I know, I will go with my gut feeling: AXELROD.

    Back on line tomorrow.

  167. BONUS COVERAGE—Brown: Obama’s Conduct ‘Very Disturbing;’ Chrystia Correct on Hillary, McCain

    In a subsequent segment, the inimitable Willie Brown gave voice to the reported rumblings among Dems over Obama.

    SHUSTER: Mr. Mayor, I understand you’re hearing some of the nervousness from Democrats. What’s driving this nervous rumblings?

    WILLIE BROWN: I think that the conduct of Barack Obama over the last three or four weeks has been very disturbing. Because we’ve come to expect so much out of him. He’s been such a superstar in every way. He’s been on his game in every aspect from the primary to the present day. And we just want to see that continue.

    In the final segment, Chrystia Freeland of the Financial Times made a lot of sense on a couple points–meaning, she agreed with me.

    First, Freeland suggested that Hillary would make Obama’s best VP choice, echoing a sentiment I expressed a couple weeks ago here, calling her, among other things, “the most macho of the Democratic field.” Later, she opined that McCain has benefited from his handling of the Georgian situation.

    SHUSTER: Chrystia, as the tensions with Russia ratchet up instead of going the other way, doesn’t that help John McCain?

    CHRYSTIA FREELAND: Absolutely. I think the Georgia crisis has been very, very good for John McCain. You know, for one thing, he was right. Yah, I think the Georgia crisis shows that McCain’s hawkish line on Russia and on Putin, which is not a new thing, he hasn’t flip-flopped here, he’s been very consistent, has turned out to be prescient. And I think because he had that view, because he was very clear on how he saw events when the crisis began, he was faster than anyone, including the White House, off the mark. So I think he’s done well on the issue and I think that’s given him some confidence, and maybe a little bit deflated the euphoria that Obama and the Obama camp had after that fabulous Middle-Eastern and European tour.

  168. Well hell…the bots aren’t gonna like Biden either. So who does that leave? Kaine.

    I can’t even roll my eyes on that with enough force.

  169. I can see someone making one of those great Nigerian Appeal letters you get on the internet.

    My name is Honorable Rao B Odinga. I am related to the exalted premiere of my country, and also of your new President, may God be gracious, Barack Obama.

    I am contacting you of the most secret nature and your discretion is important. I have chosen you because you are an individual with trust who know the importance of this secret action. You will receive 2,550,000 N for your efforts in this worthy cause.

    Odinga Obama drank himself to death in a mysterious automobile accident in Kenya many years ago.He was a well-respected member of the Nigerian Government, and when he passed, his confidant Mr. Axelrod knew of a secret blah, blah, blah……

  170. From Daily Kooks:

    GASP: Gov. Rendell to Vote for Hillary Clinton on Roll Call
    by dotmike
    Mon Aug 18, 2008 at 03:59:47 PM PDT

    Last week, when Obama announced they will have Hillary Clinton the roll call, I thought it was a solid show of unity!

    Unfortunately, I was wrong!

    I was hoping high profile Clinton supporters like Gov. Rendell would vote for Obama to show their satisfaction with the Obama candidacy

    dotmike’s diary :: ::
    According to PoliticerPA, take Gov. Rendell out of that list!

    I am disappointed!

    With devotees of defeated U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) relishing the chance to publicly back her one more time during a roll-call vote at the Democratic convention next week, Clinton’s largest backer in Pennsylvania says that he too will take the opportunity to cast his vote for Clinton.

    Gov. Ed Rendell, in an interview with today, lauded the resolution reached last week that will allow Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination, before U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) ultimately accepts the party’s presidential nomination.

    “I think Sen. Obama was extremely generous, and I think it’s good not because it will display any disunity, but because it honors the hard work of so many people who supported Sen. Clinton,” said Rendell, who was one of Clinton’s most visible and vociferous campaigners during the run-up to the state’s April primary. “Many of the Pennsylvania delegates worked their heart out for Sen. Clinton, and they’re excited to cast a vote for her. From my vantage point, that will be closure for them.

    “I think it will have the cathartic effect that both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama are hoping to have,” he added.

    Rendell, who was widely credited with helping deliver the almost 10-point victory here that Clinton enjoyed, said he would cast his vote for Clinton as part of that symbolic closure.

    “Early on, I said I would cast my ballot for Sen. Clinton,” he said. “I’m going to cast my ballot for her, and then the moment I cast my vote, I’m going to continue to enthusiastically support Sen. Obama. It’s going to be a good release for all of us.”

    In the days leading up to-and during-the Democratic convention next week in Denver, will continue to track how Pennsylvania delegates plan to cast their ballots.

    What do you think?

  171. Where did you guys read McCain was announcing his pick Aug. 25 in Ohio?

    BTW, I would not be surprised if it’s Bayh.

  172. Our tropical storm hurricane-wanna be is probably going to make landfall about 200 miles south of me. So thankfully, that will not be a concern, but a lot of rain tomorrow, tomorrow night maybe.

    I am sure the folks to the south are all prepared. 2004 left everyone with no doubts hurricanes are not party time

  173. Rather disappointed about the FOX so-called expose,but not surprised.Justabout all of their new news was we have been discussing and revealing since Soetoro started campaigning.I still believe that FOX is intent on eliminating Hillary from any inclusions in their programming .They want her to become invisible and clear the way to get Soetoro nominated.McCain is their man and and with their hopes that the 18 mil hillary backers will split and vote forJM.Hill and Bill know alot more about this political game than just about anyone involved in this shameless coupe d’etat.We have to dig in our heels and fight for the survival of our democracy.Dangerous times and desparation breed evil people with destructive plans and schemes.This world is again in danger of being led into global turmoil by Russia the Red Tide and now the new kid on the block is building a Black Tide of followers that believe in him with complete confidence that he is the leader that will reward them all with his Fairy
    Tale promises of the “LEGACY OF RETRIBUTIONS”.There will be joy and dancing spilling out of J.Wrights Temple of Doom and they will have compensations in the form of Money and Power from their great MESSIAH. If you misguided cult followers believe that,I have nothing to sell you.I just feel sorry for the problems that you are going to face from this elections backlash and the progress of the MLK crusade for equality will fade and die.Your young,inexperienced and crafty new benefactor has perfected the art of sleigh at hand Race Card Dealing and has made fools of a great part of our society.Do you want Change,do you want hope,do you want racial balance and fairness,do you want social justice,do you want a President that cares for you as she has for most of her life? Then support Hillary.She Cares about all of us.

    By ABM90. Ruthless and dangerous ambitions by politicians can blind and deafen our most vulnerable and loyal citizens.

  174. Bet Rendell is doing a mea culpa for his attempts to strongarm PA Clinton delegates to not sign the petition to nomininate their candidate in Denver.

    Betcha he was told to knock it off and make nice with the Clintonistas or pay heavily in next election.

  175. Obama was Extremely Generous. Rendell, give me a break. She earned that right, and you are licking the AXX of a person that cannot even handle questions after a weeks vacation.

    What a group of hypocrits.

  176. i JUST SO HATE IT THAT THE PARTIES ARE NOW (oops, didn’t mean to yell) are dictating the platform for any pol who wants to get in the game, or, stay there. The way it works is SUPPOSED to be about service and wanting to represent the people in your district, state, whatever. The out and out thuggery uised by Obamathug (see John Lewis) is despicable. It is now if you don’t represent our guy, and his every word, you are toast.

    So much for Obama’s hope and change.

    the man disgusts me.

  177. a nickel says it’s Richardson.

    he’s gonna bring all of the southwest, plus the latino vote nationwide, he’s got foreign relations experience, a better than average record as governor, he stood up to the Clinton machine, and he’s not too ugly.
    thats my #1

    Biden is my second, long history of foreign relations experience, respected inside and outside the party, and he’s not ugly either.

    the others aren’t known well enough to help BHO. It would mean getting to know 2 candidates instead of one. I don’t see it happening.

  178. Hey Debbie

    When did Guv Richardson, or Sec’y Richardson, or candidate Richardson, or Ambass Richardson ever stand up to the “Clinton machine/”

    And exactly what is the “Clinton machine” and what did the machine do?

  179. also anyone use i was thinking of using it to do emails and faxes. would make it easier.

  180. Hey Debbie

    Guv Richardson is in trouble with his own NM Latino citizens, as well as those from Texas.

    So where is he going to be able to scoop up the voters to help BO win the Southwest.

    It is not a happenin’ thing, dear heart.

  181. and Debbie

    Guv Richardson has some “John Edwards” problems…in his home state…in the capitol and other places.

  182. Emjay,

    The Clinton machine is a strange term but from me it is not a negative one. I happily acknowledge the power and stregth of the Clintons in our country.

    As far as Richardson, I keep thinking of the phrase, one mans junk is another mans treasure…

    I only bet a nickle for goodness sakes! If I could predict the future I probably wouldn’t be here betting nickles.

  183. IMPORTANT: To All Contributors

    1. Marcia B is a friend of ours and a strong Hillary supporter. She is one of the most talented people I know. I think Paul V. will agree.

    2. Marcia has been doing some important research into one of the key issues in this campaign and her report will be fascinating.

    3. She will be appearing on the Plains Radio Network this Friday at 8 pm EST. If you have the opportunity to tune in you will not be disappointed.

    hcfjm, then-

    anti-obama site, then-

    radio show, then-


  184. Debbie: I agree. Barcrack Banana, Nancy Poopsie and Joel Grey. Nice Leitmotiff. Weimar Germany just before you know who. Then the hitlerjugen line up to sing a rousing chorus of Tomorrow Belongs To Me. All we need is Lennie Reifenstahl–hiding under the astroturf of Investco Field. Somehow this whole thing reminds me of the pet rock craze a few years back: take an unremarkable subject imbue him with magical qualities–but mom the emperor has no clothes.

  185. hey
    what are the best hillary supers email lists? ive used several but now would be a good time to get the best ones…

  186. The single best and truest thing B.O. said was the answer “That’s above my pay grade.”

    (‘Cause, you know, he’s only running for THE PRESIDENCY!)

    You’re right B.O., you’re right: it’s WAY above your pay grade!

  187. This Obama intern on facebook has her status as ” I am rooting for McCaskill for VP”….really? Wow. This chick always tries to start arguments with me and when I win, she never responds.

  188. Wbboei, If you still up here is that article about Sebelius and the Bilderberg Group aka trilateral commission:
    Sebelius guest of Bilderberg Group
    The Associated Press
    Published Monday, September 03, 2007
    Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was the guest this summer of a mysterious international group that is a frequent target of New World Order conspiracy theorists.

    Sebelius attended the annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group, which held the conference May 31-June 3 in Istanbul, Turkey, The Kansas City Star reported Sunday.

    Bilderberg is made up of international business leaders, top politicians and academics from around the world who meet once a year at posh resorts. The group’s enigmatic purpose and zealously guarded privacy lead to accusations of sinister motives to control world affairs.

    The governor’s spokeswoman, Nicole Corcoran, said Sebelius was invited to speak about cooperation and consensus-building in government.

    The group was started in 1954 with the original goal of improving ties between Western Europe and the United States. Bringing together more than 100 international leaders to resorts each year, Bilderberg now is a sort of symposium of the elite.

    While Bilderberg paid for Sebelius’ flight to Istanbul, she paid the $1,274 in other expenses during the four-day meeting from her office budget.

    That has some conservatives and anti-tax advocates complaining that the state paid for a trip from which it likely received little benefit.

    “It’s very distressing to discover that Kansas taxpayers were helping to fund an international conference for the governor,” said Karl Peterjohn, director of the Kansas Taxpayers Network. “I think it’s hard to find a benefit to us for her going to the Istanbul Ritz-Carlton.”

  189. It’s funny how Obama’s idiotic “uh it’s beyond my pay grade” line is spreading like wildfire across the blogosphere, and getting universally panned / mocked.

  190. Never in a million years did I think I’d be glad for anything Ann Coulter has to say. On Hannity tonight though she was her usual “dog with a bone” and this time she is on it with the details of Barry’s various votes allowing live birth abortions. You know she’ll never let go of it. You can tell she has found her perfect storm. On the other hand, disappointing that they touted that puff piece to let people “know who Barack Obama is” ….I believe their stance will change as soon as they know Hillary is not the nominee. Murdoch came out early on saying he “liked Obama and might support him”. I was shocked but I now believe it was a ploy to help defeat Hill.
    I didn’t see it here but there is a link on NQ from the nurse who was active in fighting Obama over the IL state bills he voted on. It is a very compelling testament and fact filled.

  191. McCain has pulled to within 2, thats right 2 in Minnesota. Obama seems to be in trouble there now.How could he go from a lead of over 10 to just 2.

    According to a KSTP exclusive new SurveyUSA poll, Barack Obama leads John McCain by two points, 47 to 45 percent in Minnesota.

    That’s well within the three-point-eight percent margin of error. Four percent prefer another candidate. Only four percent are undecided.

    The poll not only shows a close race, but also points again to Minnesota voters becoming increasingly polarized.

    In the poll of 682 “likely voters,” McCain has the support of 89 percent of republicans. Obama garners support from 86 percent of democrats. McCain has a narrow two-point lead among independents.

    McCain does have a bit of a gender-gap to contend with. He leads by three points among men, but Obama leads by nine points among women.

    No matter how you analyze the numbers, they point to a close race in Minnesota just over 70 days until Election Day.

  192. Ed Rendell officially states he will now definitively cast his vote for Senator Clinton at the convention, thats a turnaround from the last few days when he was trying to stop the petition.

    Whats up folks!

  193. Theres something up folks

    Guys it seems Rendell’s not the only super delegate / governor to express doubts and now say they’re definitely backing Hillary on the first ballot. Gov. Strickland’s now expressing major doubts about BHO, and given the state of the economy in Ohio, it’s no wonder he’s got concerns.

    here is a snip from the NYT:

    “I particularly hope he strengthens his economic message – even Senator Obama can speak more clearly and specifically about the kitchen-table, bread-and-butter issues like high energy costs,” said Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio. “It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmatic ideas that bring hope and change to life.”

    Theres troubling brewing in old Denver.

  194. FOX as usual:Fair and balanced impression but their agenda is very obvious with its special on Barry Soetoro. Hemmer quote” He was not vrey deeply involved in the REZKO criminal element affairs”.Give me a break.Just read the official court records in the REZKO trial and see the list of seemy characters that BO used to fund his campaigns and the amount of money involved.MO got pay raises and was on the political fast track for health care influence.she went from 100 plus$ to 300plus$ before our eyes. once again I urge you all to go back to Eleanor Pringle site and read well documented court records and the deep involvment of “The Slippery One BHO”.Tonight McCAin will be the subject of the Special..On these two nights and the surgically altered event, we will all hear our words and our concerns being repeated as the MSM filters,flops and launders this pathetic softball and anti-Hillary event. But never fear,my keyboard pals,the era of an outstanding Woman as our 44th President,begins in Denver next week.That I can promise you without your investing in an extended warranty like Obama has to his supporters with his never to be realized ” LEGACY of RETRIBUTIONS ”


  195. I honestly hope it is not Richardson for VP. Together with Obama there is just too much deceit and sleeze.

  196. Hey tribute planners, I posted at the nest. I’m not sure exactly what it is you want me to do, but…I’m game. 🙂

  197. Gosh these things dont come to me very fast any more not that they ever really did, but after sleeping on it here is what I think has happened. We look at something like speaking roles for Bill and her on separate nights and say wtf she earned it by winning 1920 delegate votes, would have won but for the cheating etc. and he is an ex president so wtf, and a roll call vote not in prime time so wtf just look at history, all they have given her is the sleeves off his vest. Therefore it is hard for us to understand the reaction bots, Big Media and political foes which is deep disappointment with bambi caving it much as his spinmeisters tell us it was his idea all along and that statement more than the concession helps me understand why he is unfit to sit down across the table from Putin, etc. But here is the issue as I see it: Hillary was seeking unity in the party and a rehabilitiation after the serial betrayals by people she trusted. That plus debt relief are probably her two immediate goals. The reason this concession by Obama infuriates her enemies is because they were hoping to see the Clintons erased from the party and the public consciouness which was vindictive evil and stupid on their part nevertheless that was a prevalent view among his supporters. Now that wont happen. Whether anything else comes of this billion dollar exercise in self delusion in Denver remains to be seen but for now at least that is important.

  198. Where has all the awful life that OBama described in his very difficult early life? The poverty,the hunger,the lack of family support,his on his own existance,his first hand knowledge of pain and suffering that his cult has endured.He is not only a self serving fraud but a pathological liar as well as he describes his struggle in the white world.Spare me OBama.You enjoyed the best in education,housing,clothing,food,shelter and funding for your adventure into the world of drugs,booze and hate protests activities with your Chicago pals.Just as the late Ann Richards said of G.Bush sr. You as well were born with a silver foot in your large and more than adequate mouth that spews out grandiose words and no substance.And all this time you had us beginning to believe that you were an abandoned poor mixwed race kid that ate out of cconut shells and lived in thatched huts and had great experience in world affairs. What a disgusting piece of work you are BHO.

    By ABM90 Have had it up to here with this Fraud

  199. ABM 90: You are absolutely right about Hemmer. His investigative report was pathetic. Marcia felt the same was as you and I do.

    I have never been too impressed with Hemmer. I have always considered him to be a stupid wallace berried eyed cnn transplant who is the worst excuse for an investigative reporter that ever lived. He sounds like a third grader giving a book report, rather than a trained professional with an instinct for the truth and a willingness to dig his way to china to find it. This stupid bastared parrots what bambi has on his website and calls it a day. As I say–pathetic. But lest we forget, he came from cnn.

  200. Richardson would be a terrible choice for the counry, really. He is a bumbling oaf. Besides, they would have to construct a special lovers den with secret doors and passage ways in the Naval Obervatory (vps digs) and that could get complicated. If you are old enough to remember the disney series zorro from the 1950s richardson has all the savor fare of seargent garcia.

  201. I particularly hope he strengthens his economic message – even Senator Obama can speak more clearly and specifically about the kitchen-table, bread-and-butter issues like high energy costs,” said Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio. “It’s fine to tell people about hope and change, but you have to have plenty of concrete, pragmatic ideas that bring hope and change to life.”
    The eternal return of all things–Nietsche

    Deja vu all over again—Yogi Berra

    The vision of the centrist democrat–bread and butter concerns vs the vision of the left wing elitist which is doing good things in the world. In union parlance its gompers vs debbs. And the schism is as fundamental to democrats as the small government vs the business vision of a global economy ergo world government is to the republicans. Friedman and others think each party could be torn apart by it. We shall see.


    Here’s a good read:
    Why blacks love Bill Clinton
    DeWayne Wickham talks about African-Americans’ overwhelming support for the 42nd president, and why they like him more than Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson.
    By Suzy Hansen
    Feb 20, 2002 | In her now-famous defense of a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, went so far as to call him “our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.” “Clinton,” Morrison wrote in the 1998 New Yorker essay, “displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” …

    — here’s a good read
    Why blacks love Bill Clinton
    DeWayne Wickham talks about African-Americans’ overwhelming support for the 42nd president, and why they like him more than Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson.
    By Suzy Hansen
    Feb 20, 2002 | In her now-famous defense of a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, went so far as to call him “our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.” “Clinton,” Morrison wrote in the 1998 New Yorker essay, “displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” …

  204. Why blacks love Bill Clinton
    DeWayne Wickham talks about African-Americans’ overwhelming support for the 42nd president, and why they like him more than Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson.
    By Suzy Hansen
    Feb 20, 2002 |
    In her now-famous defense of a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, went so far as to call him “our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.” “Clinton,” Morrison wrote in the 1998 New Yorker essay, “displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” …
    h t t p://

  205. Good Morning all. O continues his downward slide. You have to start believeing he is telling everyone he has something in his back pocket.

    But of course, I am convinced with the new energized team, the slide going downward, the great second convention positon, and a wise choice of VP, that McCain has more than one thing in his back pocket.

    I have been very impressed with some of his moves lately.

    Throwing Millions at ads has not had the effect the the Paris Hilton utube has had, and her rebuttle even made it better.

    The religious discussion has only helped McCain and gave them another great line. (He really understands how to reply and solidify his base),

    I am thinking that people are zeroing in on their choices, and the slide downward says they are not liking what they are seeing.

    You can bully the media, the delegates and the super delegates, but the voters are different.

    The people left are really not the type that drink the cool aid. They are fertile ground for either candidate, and being logical, I think McCain would have an edge. This group does not go to rallies, do not work for campaigns, they sit and watch. They reseach, and they will look at the debates. All of that is bad news for O.

  206. Happy Birthday President William Jefferson Clinton

    DeWayne Wickham talks about African-Americans’ overwhelming support for the 42nd president, and why they like him more than Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson.
    By Suzy Hansen
    Feb 20, 2002 |
    In her now-famous defense of a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, went so far as to call him “our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.” “Clinton,” Morrison wrote in the 1998 New Yorker essay, “displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” …
    h t t p://

  207. Yeah lets go the whole hog of shits for Obama.

    Bill “being gay is a choice” Richardson, that will really fire up the platform.

  208. having a problem posting — hope this doesn’t show up more than once

    Happy Birthday President William Jefferson Clinton

    DeWayne Wickham talks about African-Americans’ overwhelming support for the 42nd president, and why they like him more than Colin Powell and Jesse Jackson.
    By Suzy Hansen
    Feb 20, 2002 |
    In her now-famous defense of a scandal-plagued Bill Clinton, Nobel prizewinner Toni Morrison, went so far as to call him “our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.” “Clinton,” Morrison wrote in the 1998 New Yorker essay, “displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” …
    h t t p://

  209. Did you notice that McCain walks in with this quiet self confidence of a leader. He is lay back and he is funny.

    O walks in with a swagger sort of. It is like that phrase he said in SF, don’t worry I am going to win, and as he turns to walk out, you see this plunging graph on his back of people that are voting for him.

    If you are going to win, you don’t have to tell people, they know it.

  210. This whole fight Obama is having with NRLC is going virally orbital. He has tried to make liars out of them and they are furious and furious enough to go after him with a huge vengeance.

    I can see who will win that fight and it aint Obama, its opening a whole whoopass can of worms.

    Never ever try and make someone out a liar when they have your record and votes to back them up.

  211. You only say “I am going to win” when people are nervous and questioning it. Its when you have to tell people thats the time to worry.

  212. Just in case folks keep harping on Roe vs. Wade….

    McCain is Laying the groundwork for a pro-choice VP.

    ***DRIVING THE CONVERSATION — Rich Lowry of National Review’s “The Corner”: “NR has learned that the McCain campaign has been calling key state GOP officials around the country the last couple of days and sounding them out about the consequences of a pro-choice VP pick. The campaign is asking about the reaction of conservative grass-roots activists to such a pick and whether a pro-choicer can be sold to them. This is an indication that the McCain campaign is serious about the possibility of a pro-choice VP nominee and that McCain leaving the door open to Tom Ridge last week may not have been merely a friendly nod to a longtime supporter. In this scenario, McCain’s emphatic pro-life statements Saturday night and his pledge that he’ll run a “pro-life administration” would have been partly an attempt to reassure conservatives in the event of a pro-choice pick.”

    And here’s some video love for Big Dog:

    (Look for the moment about 1:25 in)…

  213. Interesting, that this comes today.

    CBS/NYT poll of delegates: Clinton Is VP Favorite Among Delegates

    Delegates are telling Obama, it had better be Clinton.

    Most delegates (61 percent) think Clinton’s selection would help Obama’s chances of winning the general election in November. Nearly all of those originally pledged to Clinton say this. Far fewer of Obama’s pledged delegates see the benefit from naming her. Thirty-five percent of Obama’s pledged delegates think having Clinton’s name on the ticket would help Obama win in November, 23 percent of them say choosing her would hurt.

  214. In spite of all the doubts and aprehension about this campaign and its eventual ending,wether the final results are to our liking,I feel progress has been made in the revelations that the medial,large and small of every type are going to be under more scrutiny by the concerned citizens of this country.Because of the great strength and patriotism of Hillary and Bill along with their loyalty to our party,and it will be ours again when she is elected and a new and moral America will rise from the fraud deception and subversive goals of both parties.Rise be wise and welcome this great woman to lead us out of this era of corruption and hate.Fellow bloggers you are my new found friends and you are helping an old guy make a difference.I know I have evolved from a novice at this most enjoyable phase of my life and my posts are becoming longer but i hope not boring.Understand that I am in a hurry to have my say in apreciation of my life in this great and copassionate country.Time is short for many of us but it is fun and i feast on responses that I receive for my efforts to make even a tiny difference in the lives of those that will listen. I have a special appreciation of a great son who gifted me with a desk top and printer scanner copier.the tools that got me back on track after the greatest loss of my dear wife.Although we live thousands of miles apart,he has been patient yet demanding that I show a cando attitude.Thank god for for the telephone it aided in the second coming of my life in the form of expressing and fighting for free speech and a citizens right to a voice in the shaping and nurturing of this great Democracy.Thank s fellows.Never fear I will be around to see the fragments of that soon demolished Glass Ceiling. Hail to Hillary. By ABM90

  215. Another daft fuck up, by mistake or intentional?

    The DNC tickets printed for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field show an upside down US flag on both sides. This is the international symbol of extreme distress. FOX 9 reported:

    Some viewers contacted 9NEWS Saturday, questioning the design of the credentials to see Sen. Barack Obama accept the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination at INVESCO Field at Mile High.

    The viewers say with the stars and blue field in the lower left corner, it looks like an upside down American flag. Published flag etiquette states the stars should always be displayed in the upper left corner. An upside down flag represents an international symbol of extreme distress.

    Matt Chandler with the Obama campaign says the flag is not upside down. He says it is a stylized flag designed to blend the stars on Senator Obama’s shirt with the flag blowing in the wind.

    Natalie Wyeth with the Democratic National Convention Committee sent 9NEWS the following statement Saturday night: “The DNCC community credentials incorporate patriotic design elements. They do not depict an actual American flag. The DNCC has full and complete respect for the flag and all rules of display.”

  216. We love having you around ABM90 and I am so glad you are taking part with us in trying to take down this SOB. I am always a great fan of having elder experience, its so necessary, i just wish more younger people would take your example and listen to the experience.

  217. The DNC tickets printed for Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at Invesco Field show an upside down US flag on both sides. This is the international symbol of extreme distress.

    Holy crap! Obama is holding the DNC hostage and they’re trying to send out an SOS!!!


  218. Having to explain your failures and errors all the time at this level looks like your back it against the wall.

    My DNC people will be extremely upset (the O people), if she is the VP. Remember they were last caught saying to the State VIPs keep that B off the ticket.

    Funny, if HRC heads the ticket, I would not say that. Although I am not sure now he could take over in 8 years.

  219. I am getting the Rasmassen Daily report (something this blog has encouraged me to do).

    It looks tight right now, at a time when it should be showing a very different picture. Illinois O of course Georgia McCain.

    Ohio, PA, TX & NM probably too close to call. Here I hear people give the party line, but wink at you. All of these are states that O needs to win, that don’t look solid at all at this point.

  220. Admin, it would be nice to know the demographic of this blog. Although I don’t think you have enough information to tell us.

  221. The pressure of self inflicted bad decision making has left its mark on Pelosi.She surely looks like the Botox is creating reverse osmosis.Bad ideas and bad judgement can take its toll on a woman obssesed with the desire to remain forever young.I look at Helen Thomas and see a woman of character doing her job as an outstanding journalist and projecting sincerity and truth.I look at Nancy Pelosi and I see a confused and out of sync woman yhat is badly in need of an appointment with her Taxidermist..

    By ABM90.

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