Voting Is Fundamental

Imagine if there was only the slightest hint that when Ted Kennedy ran for president he would not be accorded his right to place his name in nomination, present speeches advocating his candidacy, and have a roll call vote. Outrage would have been expressed by the Eggheads and Big Media.

But a woman candidate stands alone.

There is no outrage by Eggheads or Big Media when a woman running for president is insulted and demeaned and denied basic rights.

Hillary Clinton stands alone against Big Media and the full power of the election rigging leadership of the corrupt, formerly democratic, Democratic National Committee.

Hillary Clinton stands alone to face Democratic Party abuses. Hillary has won round 1 in the fight for Democracy because Hillary supporters stood by her.

Hillary Clinton’s name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic convention, a move aimed at generating enthusiasm among the vanquished candidate’s still-sizable corps of reluctant Barack Obama supporters. [snip]

Many of Clinton’s backers remain wary of the presumptive nominee. When the two appeared in Unity, New Hampshire, in late June to show that they were together, the crowd cheered Clinton but was lukewarm toward Obama.

The Illinois senator is in a virtual tie with presumptive Republican nominee John McCain in many national polls, and he needs a smooth, unifying convention to give him momentum. [snip]

A new Pew Research Centre poll, released yesterday, found that Obama has picked up 72% of Clinton’s supporters but that 18% said they were likely to vote for McCain and another 10% were undecided.

“The Obama campaign has made no significant headway among former Clinton backers over the past two months. The voting preferences of Clinton’s supporters are virtually identical to earlier polls in June and July,” a poll analysis said.

The fight for a fair vote at the convention is not yet over. Marc Ambinder, typing all the Obama arguments, provides hints of treachery to come:

Reports of strife between negotiators for Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama are exaggerated and the two sides are nearing an agreement on how Clinton’s delegates will participate in the formal nominating process at the Democratic National Convention, according to advisers to both Democrats.

Although Clinton had resisted pressure from donors, allies and supporters to accept demands to allow her name placed in nomination, she and aides to Obama seemed to realize independently that doing so would be the best way to incorporate and welcome Clinton’s supporters into Obama’s general election campaign, both symbolically and practically.[snip]

But within the past week, Clinton advisers informed the Obama team that many of Clinton’s staunchest supporters felt strongly that something had to be done, and that Clinton had concluded that, in part for the sake of unity, their wishes ought to be respected. They heard back immediately: the Obama campaign had always been open to having her name placed in nomination alongside his.

If Clinton’s name is formally offered up, she could be afforded the normal complement of nominating and seconding speeches, and the official role call of votes will include participation from her delegates. (In theory, if enough Obama delegates change their minds, then Clinton could win the nomination. In practice, there’s no chance that will happen.)

On August 6, Clinton told donors at a private fundraiser that she thinks “that people want to feel like, O.K., it’s a catharsis, we’re here, we did it, and then everybody get behind Senator Obama. That is what most people believe is the best way to go.”

That sentiment is shared by Obama advisers, even as reports of tension between her aides and Obama’s campaign have proliferated in the press. To the contrary, multiple sources in both campaigns have described the negotiations as relatively free of acrimony. Obama’s convention managers and his political are acutely aware of the fact that at least 45% percent of delegates were stalwart backers of Sen. Clinton during the primary.

At no point, according to advisers to both candidates, did Clinton use her leverage over her delegates as a bargaining chip, especially because the Obama campaign, aware of DNC rules, had anticipated the inclusion of Clinton in the formal roll call in some way.

The exact choreography has not been worked out.

It is possible that Sen. Clinton, having had her name submitted, would use the occasion to release her delegates to Obama; depending on how the roll call is staged, Clinton’s released delegates could put Obama over the top.

Clinton aides also confirmed, and Obama aides did not dispute, that it was Clinton who informed the Obama campaign that she did not to give the keynote address to the convention. It is not clear whether the Obama camp would have offered the honorific, but they did not, sources said, deliberately deny it to Clinton.

Ambinder’s reporting is wrong in many respects in its ceaseless defense of Obama. The Obama campaign encouraged reports that Hillary would be the keynote speaker and not once denied the many reports calling her speech the keynote speech. Ambinder is also wrong in other respects: the reports of strife between the Clinton and Obama campaigns are not “exaggerated“; Hillary Clinton was not “resisting” those of us who wanted a roll call vote. On the contrary Hillary Clinton herself made it clear that she thought a roll call vote was a good idea and the right thing to do.

The claim by Ambinder that Obama has always been open to having her name placed in nomination is a bogus claim. The Obama campaign fought like Chicago street gangs to keep Hillary supporters in a cage, disenfranchised at the Democratic convention.

For example, when Hillary suggested that a roll call vote would be cathartic Obama immediately held a press conference in which Obama deliberately slapped at Hillary:

I don’t think we’re looking for catharsis. I think what we’re looking for is energy and excitement.”

The Obama campaign, as the Wall Street Journal documented, did not want a vote at the convention contrary to what Ambinder writes now:

Hillary Clinton won a hefty 1,600 convention delegates in six months of primaries. A big question now is whether to let them vote at the Democratic convention. [snip]

A full roll-call vote that reminds everyone how close she came to being the nominee could reveal party rifts going into the fall campaign, they said. But keeping her name off the roll call could anger her supporters.

It is a “bone of contention” in the negotiations between the Clinton and Obama camps, said Democratic consultant Donna Brazile. [snip]

Under party rules, Sen. Clinton’s huge delegate count gives her the right to put her name into nomination. “But do you do it?” asked Ms. Brazile. “Politically, does it heighten tensions?”

Sen. Clinton could decline to have her name put forward, and Sen. Obama then could be nominated by acclamation. Party rules require a roll call, but the party’s rules committee could adopt any agreement the two campaigns reach, said political consultant Tad Devine, who helped script the roll-call votes for Walter Mondale in 1984 and Michael Dukakis in 1988.

Dropping the roll call would require a vote by the delegates, and would need choreographing to prevent any protests by disappointed Clinton delegates. But an unanimous nomination of Sen. Obama would send the message that he had unified the party, while allowing Sen. Clinton to ingratiate herself with his campaign.

The problem is “there’s a strong feeling” that Sen. Clinton’s delegates need the chance to vote for her, Mr. Devine said. Many are still angry with a party decision that they feel deprived her of delegates from Michigan and Florida. “You don’t want a situation where anybody feels they’ve been cheated,” he said.

A second option would be for Sen. Clinton to be nominated, complete with laudatory speeches and happy floor demonstrations. By prearrangement, Sen. Clinton then would take her name out of consideration and endorse Sen. Obama’s nomination.

“There’s nothing symbolically wrong to putting her name in,” followed by a scripted withdrawal, said Ms. Brazile. But the spectacle of a rapturous welcome for Sen. Clinton would be irresistible to television and could embarrass Sen. Obama.

The two camps also could agree to hold a “friendly” roll call, with the states tossing verbal bouquets to Sen. Clinton before voting for Sen. Obama. But unless lots of delegates switch their votes to Sen. Obama, a roll call would remind voters that Sen. Clinton won the primaries in such swing states as Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Mexico and Florida, which could determine the outcome of the November election.

The attempts to cage and disenfranchise Hillary supporters have been repeated and ungracious (a Pelosi discription of Hillary supporters). Certain powerful Democratic hounds issued orders for delegates NOT to sign delegate petitions to get Hillary’s name in nomination.

Michelle Cottle of The New Republic on August 9 wrote an op-ed article for the New York Times which discussed how unpopular a roll call vote is within the Democratic National Committee:

NEARLY everyone in the Democratic Party seems to think that officially entering Hillary Clinton’s name into a roll-call vote for the presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention would be a dangerous show of disunity. It’s true that having America watch as some portion of Mrs. Clinton’s 1,640 pledged delegates thumb their noses at Barack Obama would disrupt the party’s vision of a carefully scripted Denver love-in.

Immediately after the Iowa caucuses Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi tried to shut down the primary voting. As primary season drew to a close Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi stomped their collective feet in an attempt to shut down the voting in the last 10 primaries.

FDR and real Democrats know that Voting is Fundamental.

A roll call vote to determine the party’s nominee is not a gift, it is a right.

Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters have won a big victory in defending the Democratic value of voting – both in the primaries and at the convention. But we know we must remain vigilant:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


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  1. Great post. I can’t wait for him to eat it. Here’s my post on another blog about Iowa, I think the GOP here can do some more damage to Obama’s shrinking lead here:

    Remember These Things?
    August 14, 2008, 11:28 pm | Edit this
    Filed under: Barack Obama, Iowa, Republican

    The run-up to the Iowa caucuses was long and full of craziness. I think it is a good time to remember some of the things said by Barack Obama during the run-up to January 3rd.

    There was that time he called Iowans “Ingrown” and was surprised that we didn’t just have concerns about corn, but we actually knew about things like Burma! Wow, we know things other than farming…

    And remember that time he came here and started chatting with farmers about the price of arugula at Whole Foods stores….we don’t have any of those, and we don’t grow arugula…

    I think the arugula thing shows us how arrogant and how out of touch he is from every day Americans. Most of us didn’t even know what arugula really is here, except maybe some of the very rich. The “Ingrown” comment shocked me. Iowa has consistently ranked almost the highest in education standards and we are well known for this. It is on the state quarter for God sakes. And believe it or not, Iowans are not hicks as he seems to suggest, we have rather large urban centers in places like Des Moines, the Quad Cities and in the Cedar Rapids areas, and Iowa City is highly refined and multi-cultural because it is the site of the great University of Iowa. If I were the Iowa GOP I would look into running commercials using these facts, because the latest poll from Iowa shows McCain cutting Obama’s lead from 10 points down to 5 points…

  2. Amen, Admin

    And it is why we stand here now on this Blog. Such disloyalty toward a man would not be tolerated.

  3. Here’s something I”m trying to post at

    Only one polling company seems to be asking the right questions this year: CNN/OpinionReserch. In early June they found 7 million Hil supporters refusing to vote for Obama: 4 million planning to stay home plus 3 million planning to vote for McCain.

    Polls that dismiss the 4 milion stayhomes as ‘not likely voters’ are leaving out an important factor. 4 million potential Democratic voters staying home to protest against Obama, will help the GOP almost as much as the 3 million Hil’s that will vote for McCain.

    ACtually the number of Hil’s against Obama increased from 7 million to 9 million during June on the CNN/OpR poll. A recent Pew poll shows no improvement for Obama over the summer.

    For context, the margin of victory in the last GE, 2004, was 3 million. That’s less than the Hil holdouts any way you figure them.

    Putting HIllary on Obama’s ticket will not help either, according to a WP/ABC poll in late July: her presence on the ticket repels as many people as it attracts.

  4. Great post, Admin.

    Guys, I just heard on hcsfjm that hrc has agreed to a deal
    allowing her on the ballot, she will be nominated and then she will turn her delegates over to BO. If she doesn’t she’s been threatened her career will be ruined; no money, no support, etc., etc.

  5. While I am pleased that history will officially record Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in the books of elections,
    I am in no way going to be swayed by the Obama nor the clinton campaign to get “united”.

    My reason on rejecting Obama remains the same as I have maintained since last sep 07 when I read his first book.

    I WILL NOT LOWER MY STANDARD FOR A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE !!!! Obama does not meet the standard yet; maybe in 4 yrs.

    My vote is my own display of integrity, character and principles!!!

  6. YIKES!

    Also heard that Florida and Michigan won’t be given full votes until the last day and therefore won’t help narrow the delegate difference to 59 (as it is) and then HRC will be forced to stand with the NY delegation as they throw their support to Waffles.

    I gotta say, putting her name in nomination will be humiliating for her.

  7. Waffles’ lead among likely voters in PA is just 5. This is a state Kerry won relatively easily in ’04.

  8. basil, I don’t think it’s humiliating at all for her name to be put in nomination. She deserves it.

    BTW, I may be in the minority here, but I don’t want anything to do with that Jerome Corsi book. He’d do the same thing to Hillary if she were the nominee. I despise the Swift Boaters.

  9. And one other thing (from hcsfjm): states have been threatened to get their delegates lined up so even states that went for hrc will go for BO.

    This is just another sham. For the first time in my adult life I’m NOT proud to have ever called myself a democrat.

  10. Paula,

    But what’s going on behind the scenes, evidently, is strongarming of state dem parties, delegates, pledged delegates, and while she HAD 1640 votes what if they all jump ship and she ends up with just a couple hundred? Now that WOULD be humiliating.

    I wouldn’t doubt that might be a strategy.

  11. basil9, like I said when the PA Govenor started bullying the delegates not to sign the petition, what happen to my democracy.

    The Democrats, where I thought it resided are worse than the Republicans. God, I never thought I would say that.


  12. Why does this empty suit, garner so much support? This is pure Chicago-style politics, and thuggerg at its worst. Do they really believe this charade is going to convince Hillary supports to join hands in kumbaya? Strong-arming state delegations is so wrong. Democracy is dying.

  13. Basil,

    I read your comments on the last thread and this one and have to agree with you for the most part.


    Yes it is an honor for Hillary. I just abhor the gruelling, humiliating steps it took for her to get this far. If feels as if the DNC and Obama feel that they are doing her a favor by letting the little woman’s name be added to nomination. This should have been decided long ago and with a lot more dignity and respect than what has happened. I’m sick to death of Obama dragging things out until he has no choice. He did it every time she was attacked, waiting until the damage was done before saying he didn’t condone it. The man makes me sick.

  14. They don’t even realize that if they had proceeded with honor, and humility, they would have unity.

    Think about human behavior. Bullies are really fearful people. The Chief Bully, is insecure, and usually keeps tight control over his group with fear.

    Notice a resemblance here.

    A true leader has no fear of where there support is.

    Obviously the polls are giving them a lot to fear.

    McCain has not even done much in many of these states, and people are going toward him. Why, they like the way he carries himself, they like that he makes decsions like a leader and not trips, they like how he streaches out his hand to the Hillary people not pushey, just I am here and I will talk to you. He has even defied his party.

    Contrast that with the egotistical whinner. And the whole problem with that is he does not even know what he is doing wrong, and of course would not change it as he might have to sit down and humble himself before people.

  15. h t t p : / /

    Via Tapper, a palate-cleansing Kinsleyan gaffe from Susan Collins confirming that everyone in America, from the checkout counter to the Senate, is on the same page vis-a-vis Silky. The exchange starts at 2:00. Meanwhile, Radar picks through the latest tidbits from the Enquirer (print edition only) and floats a familiar theory about who their super-secret source might be. Exit quotation: “Of course I love you. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this.”

    By the way, I recalled Elizabeth Edwards lashing out at Hillary Clinton during primary by saying she’s having a happier life than Hillary. Yeah, she must be really happy.

  16. Fox has really been pushing the rumor that McCain is going to pick Leiberman as VP. Dick Morris (yuck) thinks this is a brilliant move. I was wondering others here think about this idea..

    I’m not a big Leiberman fan but it wouldn’t bother me…I am voting for McCain no matter who he chooses…

  17. The only options open to me this year are 1). Waffles (ain’t gonna happen) 2). Vote McCain 3). stay home

    Much as I don’t want to have to go there…looks like I’m gonna have to go with McCain. I just can’t, in good conscience, sit on my hands and allow Obama to take the wheel. I just can’t.

  18. h t t p : //

    Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, talking with a local Portland radio station — the Q Morning Show — dishes about the scandal involving her former colleague, former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC.

    “Unbelievable,” said Collins. “He presented himself as this family man who was devoted to his ill wife, his little children, his older daughter, so the hypocrisy of it. I try not to judge people’s personal lives, because you never know what’s going on. but in this case he so presented himself as someone who he was not. Plus when your wife’s going through cancer! I mean, gee!”

    Collins continued to dish, asking the morning show hosts, “dontcha think he is the father of the child? Would he be sneaking into the hotel in the middle of the night to see a child who’s not his? I don’t think so!”

  19. h t t p : / /

    Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, talking with a local Portland radio station — the Q Morning Show — dishes about the scandal involving her former colleague, former Sen. John Edwards, D-NC.

    “Unbelievable,” said Collins. “He presented himself as this family man who was devoted to his ill wife, his little children, his older daughter, so the hypocrisy of it. I try not to judge people’s personal lives, because you never know what’s going on. but in this case he so presented himself as someone who he was not. Plus when your wife’s going through cancer! I mean, gee!”

    Collins continued to dish, asking the morning show hosts, “dontcha think he is the father of the child? Would he be sneaking into the hotel in the middle of the night to see a child who’s not his? I don’t think so!”

  20. NewMexicoFan,

    “They don’t even realize that if they had proceeded with honor, and humility, they would have unity.”


  21. Jan and NWF: Exactly! By using thuggery and underhanded methods, they have incurred more wrath and disunity. Bullying does not always work. They have been pushing people to McCain or to stay home (which I’m sure they don’t mind). The BO campaign wants to win at any cost. Hypocrits, because this is what they were accusing Clinton of doing. BO does not know the meaning of honor or humility.

  22. They are gone now…and I am also turning the channel. ( I usually never watch CNN, but turned for a minute there, my mistake)

  23. Has anyone told these idiots representing BO that mocking Hillary on live TV is not going to inspire unity!!! THey are the stupidest group of idiots I have ever seen!

  24. Maybe the strategy is to completely humiliate Hillary and then we would feel bad for her and shut up about it!

  25. I didn’t get their names. I came in late in the conversation and now they are gone.

    One was a radio host (I believe) that was really condescending, the other one was saying the usual ‘now supporters will be happy and vote Obama’.

  26. Well, the media does want to humiliate Hillary in general.

    This election was a real eye opener for me. I knew people had biases in the media, but the level of deception I’ve seen has actually been quite shocking.

    I will never trust the media again for anything.

  27. ricki says the same thing about this vote-hillary deserves a free fair vote. and this one will be totally unfair and wrong. and it could be used to humiliate her. denver will be hell

  28. No matter what happens, I still think Hillary should have her name in nomination. As Admin said it is her right.

  29. confloyd

    Or we can improve on the number of ex-hillary supporters that will vote for McCain.

    The Reps are zeroing in on McCain, the Dems are trying, and we still have a number of undecideds.

    Historically, Dems if they win, must have double digits in the Summer. They are down to 2% OR 1%, with many states in play.

    Of course they only bring up history, if it shows support for their position.

    Right now there is no historical support for their position.

    It is amazing to me how the Hillary supporters are bewiled because I will not salute O. I sit there and say, what changed from when we use to discuss his faults, Nothing. If anything they have gotten worse.

    In the end, I feel that Os faults are more dangerous to the country than McCains. Why would I vote for an inferior candidate just because he is a Democrat. Then they say well specifically what don’t you like about him.

    So I start down my well defined list, and shortly they get bored and don’t want to talk about it.

    They are mad as H at me, because I will not fold in. I am not a part of the gang, and that makes them feel insecure (like I make them feel what they have done is not OK). I feel very canfident and knowledgeable about the way I feel. They find that threatening.

    I don’t argue with them, I simple do not agree with them. I think in the back of some of their minds, I make headway.


  30. I fail to understand why some woman mock a successful woman fighting for their rights. Any woman mocking Hillary for fighting for the rights and battles of women deserves everything they get.

    As much as I abhor violence to women, i could slap the shit out of people like Pelosi and Brazille and McCaskill. I probably think there would be a queue of us for that one.

  31. moononpluto

    In my estimations they degrade the courage of the women who won them the right to vote.

    Instead they stick their noses up the As of the people who really don’t want them there, and screw one of their own who has evey right to be there and to lead.

    I am very disappointed in the majority of the Women who were voted into office in the Democratic party.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

    We need to put more courages women in office.

  32. Admin, that was a great article, how do they come out with that a roll call vote would show disunity. Disenfranchizing 18 million voters is quiet a show of fraud, vote fixing and out and out take over of a party.
    Brazilla needs to get out of politics and go back to teaching or whatever she does!

  33. Hillary Clinton’s Name Will Go Into Nomination
    August 14, 2008 03:52 PM ET | Bonnie Erbe | Permanent Link

    After weeks of tortured negotiations, the Obama campaign (which now in effect controls the Democratic National Committee) has agreed to allow Sen. Hillary Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination.

    This is more than just symbolic. It shows the degree to which Obama’s team is now willing to try to woo former Clinton supporters into the Obama camp in November. One might also call it an admission that the Obama campaign is desperate to win the support of the 20 percent or so of her 18 million supporters who have been telling pollsters they will not vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

    A Lifetime TV poll last week showed that, and: “While Obama is doing well with minority women, with support from 89% of African-Americans and 62% of Hispanics, McCain garnered support from nearly half of Caucasian women surveyed (47% vs. 38% for Obama). Hispanic women (14%) were more undecided than African-Americans (4%) or Caucasians (11%).”

    It’s not entirely coincidental that the decision was announced one day after a new Pew Research Center poll showed the race between Obama and Sen. John McCain in a statistical dead heat. Just one month earlier, Obama enjoyed a comfortable 8 percent lead over McCain.

    In the interim, Obama took what was widely described in the media as a triumphant Middle East and European tour, including a speech in Germany with an outdoor audience of some 200,000 in attendance. Obama enjoyed a short-lived bounce in the polls following that tour. But the fact it has quickly disappeared is bad news for his campaign.

    Key to Obama’s chances for victory in the fall is his appeal to white women, 40+, a key support group for Clinton. At least as of the end of last month, he was doing very poorly by historical standards with this group:

    According to the latest Fox News survey, Obama is winning among women under 40 by 13 points, but McCain is winning among women aged 41-45 by four points. Among women 50 and over, McCain is three points ahead. Obama’s 48-35 lead among women under 40 is normal for a Democrat, but to trail among women in their 40s by 45-41 and by women over 50 by 38-35 is extraordinary. The problem is that older women don’t like Obama as much as younger women do. While 70 percent of women under 40 have a favorable opinion of the Democratic candidate, only 58 percent of women in their 40s feel the same way, and only 52 percent of those over 50 see him favorably. For a Democrat to be losing among women over 40 is without precedent in the past 20 years.

    Clearly the Obama campaign is starting to pay attention to this group, but there may not be enough time for him to win it over. Allowing Senator Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination is a good start, but Obama needs to do more, much more. The Internet is rife with websites launched after Clinton conceded in June ( and some of them threaten that there is nothing Obama can do at this point to win their support. Another good move, unlikely to be made but a good idea nonetheless, would be a public apology by Obama and DNC Chair Howard Dean to Clinton for not chastising media commentators who made blatantly sexist remarks about Clinton during her campaign. Will we see that much humility from the Obama/Dean team? Again, unlikely, but it should be considered. Not only can Senator Obama not afford to lose these voters to Republican McCain, he cannot afford for them to stay home on Election Day.

  34. nmf, I totally agree with you, certainly they know they have broken every election know to man, they have closed their mind to fairness and of coarse we are a huge thorn in their side.

    Momma E is dropping the injunction against the DNC! Someone told her that no judge would issue one, so we are back at square on with the exception we now have Hillary on a roll call vote, so I hope the SD’s do their job and nominate the candidate that can win!

  35. “For a Democrat to be losing among women over 40 is without precedent in the past 20 years.”

    Hmmm….. I wonder, what the problem could be? The sweeties are not getting in line. And they thought, they did not need us. Maybe they do, afterall.

    BTW, received my Hillary T-shirt today! It is very nice, and I am wearing it right now. 🙂

  36. the only thing that may give life to this vote is some bombshell on obama in the next 10 days. u can never be sure these days

  37. Confloyd

    So for the biggest job in the country, no judge would allow us to ask for proof of citizen ship. Yet many of us regular American’s have to prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Good luck in convincing women or 40 or 50.

    Too Little too Late, and we are not interesting in what ever sexual fasination that you think he has.

    I want a courages Commander In Chief, that knows how to respond even in Hawaii, who understands when and how quickly to apologizes when you are wrong, and who to show great respect to. This all comes with experience in life and on the job. You need to have a command of the fact, and he has none.

    O just does not have it, and his Sex appeal will not make up for it.


  38. birdgal: I hope the superdelegates remember that these women will not vote for Obama but they will vote for Hillary in the GE.

  39. Evening all!

    Admin, I loved this post from last night? this morning?

    “Hey,that’s my conspiracy theory about admin. Half a dozen middle aged ladies in pearls drinking fancy cocktails and saying all the things they aren’t allowed to say in public.


    And of course, today’s rendition of “Obama cannot be trusted” is again, right on.

    Carby – I am glad you are here. You are the “Polls God”

    I need some info and opinion

  40. dedfg: I hope so too, but I’m not holding my breath. The way Hillary and her supporters are being ravaged is very disconcerting. No dissent is allowed.

  41. Oh gosh, I thought I say Carby here

    new screen on the computer…very high res and tiny type! LOL

    Oh well… any other good “Poll” mavens here tonight?

  42. Hi…did we ever get any real idea as to just who leaked those Clinton memos to the Atlantic? I hear Patti Dolis (sp) name being thrown around…does anyone have any thoughts on who would do that… obviously to hurt Hill…

  43. birdgirl, buy em up they are definitely keepsakes…the first viable woman presidential candidate in history to be nominated for president….yep yep

    I bought a mouse pad, tshirt, coffee mug months ago and use them all frequently, makes me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂

  44. I cannot afford the t-shirt 🙁

    Got some nice buttons tho! All but one put away, and I gave one to FDRJim

  45. dedfg…I have not been on ANY blogs today until now. I’ve not been to any news sites either. Spent the day painting and doing “18Million” things! 😉

  46. but I can imagine they are hysterical. and that would ONLY mean they would be worried.

    I thing still Obama cannot be trusted, and unless the “show drops” on him in the next 10 days or so, the fix is still in. What folks do not seem to GET is that no maytter what

    1.) The entire process has been corrupt and THAT is what we are working to have never happen again

    and 2.) We do not LIKE Obama. We do not think Obama is good for the country. We think Obama is a filp-flopping-flim-flam artist

    and 3.) Obama cannot be trusted,

    So, why would we possibly consider voting for him?

  47. of course

    and the “news” is ALWAYS followed by “of course, Obama will receive the nomination” or “As a symbolic gesture to Senator Clinton, her name will be on the ballot”

    noting about the news coverage I have seen this evening sees this as a threat or anything really big. They are all downplaying it. But I did nearly fall off my paint can today when I heard CNN report that “senator Obama has always encouraged Hillary Clinton to place her name into nomination”


  48. Norma: but I can imagine they are hysterical.

    Yes, I bet the young guys are hysterical. It’s funny to see actually.

  49. I’m still having a hell of a time getting over the Charlie Rangel snub. So many things to be seeing red over…so little time.

  50. Hey

    what would be the most trustworth poll to use in discussions to talk about HRC winning the popular vote? Any suggestions?

  51. Norna Desmond

    O and his staff tell so many lies, it is amazing that they can remember the truth. But then they can’t, so that is why they are always lying.

  52. One More reality check her.

    Remember it was over after IOWA, and she was not suppose to win NH.

    You think they would just start shutting up and watch.

  53. Did y’all hear that Kwamee (sp) was told he could go to the convention, then another judge said “not so fast” and has him relegated to staying home in Chicago and rooting for Barky on the tv?!


    Perfect justice.

    Or maybe it would be better if Americans saw another corrupt politician being one of Barky’s Superdelegates and endorsing him

    mixed emotions here, but it is one less vote! SD’s don’t HAVE alternated, do they?

  54. alternates

    (new computer, not sure where the keys are!)

    A gift from a friend, and perfect timing! I dropped MINE off the bed (LOL) this morning and it fell right on the wireless card and crammed it in, and broke something inside.

    Alsa, no $$ to repair right now

  55. Norma: The campaign said Kwamee was not welcome at the convention. At least, that is what I heard.

    I went to the Hillary store. Not much available. 🙁

  56. Yep Norma…I get it. Obama all about Obama. Nevermind that Rangel is one of the most respected AA leaders of our time, nevermind that he is a founding member and former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, never mind that he’s the chairman of the Committee On Ways and Means. He supported H…E…R. So, at this grand coronation of the first African American Candidate for POTUS, fucking Tim Kaine get’s a speaking spot, and Charlie Rangel gets no mention. AA’s thrown under the bus by ONE OF THEIR OWN!!

    I hope the fucking “king” chokes on his own arrogance!

  57. Jesse Jackson was also thrown under the bus. Two of the biggest AA’s have been dissed, because they are from the older generation, and didn’t bow down to his holiness.

  58. “senator Obama has always encouraged Hillary Clinton to place her name into nomination”

    THAT is a LIE! They have been doing everything possible to keep her name off the ballot.

  59. But Idunn…this is what we whities have been saying all along. Barky does NOTHING for “his own”

    Never has done, Uses the AA community as stepping stones and excuses to get HIMSELF into more positions of power, always with the promise of “well, uhhh, we just need to get more power, yes, then we can hep ya” (WE being Barky and his wife)

    Look at the Rezko slums, the Annenberg Challenge, the leapfrog from Senator of 144 days to Presidential candidate.

    He doesn’t WORK for a living. He runsfor elections for a living. And screws the voters in the process. ESPECIALLY the AA’s

  60. And that’s another thing…I don’t care what you think of Jesse Jackson, he paved the way for that arrogant, upstart Obama! Where’s the gratitude?! Huh?!

  61. Norma, which is exactly why THIS woman of color will never vote for him!

    (that and about 100 other damned good reasons)

  62. Clyburn had some more nasty innuendo about Bill Clinton today. He is really over the top. But hey! Barky’s main man!

  63. Norma, Clyburn nauseates me. Why is he still dissing Bill Clinton? For speaking the truth? Clyburn is just as corrupt as Nasty.

  64. It’s a no go for me, Norma. We had a busted pipe under the sink, so the money just isn’t there.

    Promise you’ll “represent” for me, though. And we want every detail, no matter how small!

  65. And for gods sake…be careful!

    (be loud, be bold, be a pain in the DNC’s ass , but be careful while you do it)

  66. IDunn, that’s too bad. I have every intention of keeping myself and my peeps safe. That is the first order of biz. Second, we go party and celebrate HRC. No protests, no nutin. It’s HER night for us! He has the whole dame Invesco field to blackmail attendees to fill.

    We are there voluntarily

  67. Historically this is a beautiful moment the first woman to ever be nominated for president. Regardless the outcome, and much will be written about this election battle in history books, we..are living history.

    My grandmother and all the generations that fought so hard for women in this country should be very proud.

    To the detractors, you’re personal egos and selfishness will also be written about and the next generation will shake their heads at you and know how repressive you really were.

    50, 100 years from now a woman will have occupied the White House but now is a defining moment in our history.

    Be proud to witness this moment.

  68. debbie: Truer words have never been spoken. We are living history, just like the title of Hillary’s book “Living History.”

  69. ONe thing I would like to say about Jesse Jackson, he helps all people black and white. I have seen him many time helping white folks. Correct me if I am wrong pls., but I have never seen Sharpton do it.
    I did like Sharpton’s speech in 04′, he was cool about those donkeys!!

  70. Jackson has been such a wonderful advocate for AA’s, and ran for President twice, and Mr. Arrogance is dissing him. Unbelievable. BO and his campaign have no class.

  71. confloyd, I only caught the captions, but something about Bill perpetuated racism in the primaries, and when asked about it, Clyburn said something like “There are things that are better left alone” or something tacky…the implication was the same feeling I got when Donna Brazille told the RBC and the American people that we was cheetin’

    I just thought it all unnecessary

  72. Debbie, you are absolutely right, and if you don’t mind, I will lift that sentiment for an interview I have tomorrow 😀

  73. Sharpton was really one of the most impressive candidates in 2004. He really knew more and had better ideas than others in the debates.

    He certainly is smarter than Barky and at least Al can construct a thought and put a sentence together

  74. Idunn Says:
    August 14th, 2008 at 11:51 pm
    Yep Norma…I get it. Obama all about Obama. Nevermind that Rangel is one of the most respected AA leaders of our time, nevermind that he is a founding member and former chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, never mind that he’s the chairman of the Committee On Ways and Means. He supported H…E…R. So, at this grand coronation of the first African American Candidate for POTUS, fucking Tim Kaine get’s a speaking spot, and Charlie Rangel gets no mention. AA’s thrown under the bus by ONE OF THEIR OWN!!

    Hm. From another angle. John Lewis was pressured to change his SD vote from Hillary to Obama, by threat of primary challengers. He changed — and was challenged ANYWAY in July or Aug, for being too slow to change. (He won handily, beating both challengers combined.)

    I’m not sure this challege made sense as support for Obama. By that time Obama had already ‘clinched’ the nomination. If anything, the challenge would anger Lewis’s friends — and if it angered Lewis enough, he might switch back to Hillary at the convention. So it might lose support for Obama in August and/or November.

    So would this maybe be a case of the challengers being for themselves, even if it hurt Obama? Trying to ride the Obama movement, even if they were burdening it?

  75. ADMIN,


    no matter what happens, i will never be a F*CKING
    democrat again!!! NEVER!!!!

    the democratic party, has become the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE…

    you must realize, many of us, have looked up to you, since we all started this journey. infact, you have been the general, and
    we have been the troops.

    lets just say, what norma says is true, what if they told hillary
    that they will make sure she never holds office again, they will
    block her at every turn, if she doesnt decline any nomination…
    lets say that all her delegates, fall in line, cause they are afraid
    that they will be replaced, so they turn against her…
    lets say, they release the fl and mi delegates on the last day
    to screw hillary…



    the dnc is corrupt…
    maybe they have always been, and i didnt know it…

    you did a fine article, unfortunately, it was the total truth…

  76. Norma Desmond Says:
    what would be the most trustworth poll to use in discussions to talk about HRC winning the popular vote? Any suggestions?

    Maybe Realclearpolitics? i

  77. Norma Desmond Says:
    what would be the most trustworth poll to use in discussions to talk about HRC winning the popular vote? Any suggestions?

    Maybe Realclearpolitics? Anglachelg is a good number cruncher too. Or eriposte?

    I’d like to see something that began with the number of PEOPLE who voted for her, then maybe compared the Dems vs Dems for a Day, and then went on down, showing how many votes BO has to chop off to get to anything like good numbers for him.

  78. turndownobama-com


    what do you think of Survey USA? This stuff is all confusing to me because they are all so different

  79. admin,

    Whatever happens in Denver, will you please keep this site open for us for a good long time? Till all the time for crisis action is past, and we have time to make a new site, without losing any people?

    A reform the DNC site would be great! Put some of your research resources into finding what we need to do to get rid of Brazile, Dean, etc. When would that happen, January 2009?

  80. I hope everyone watches the above video, it will be what we will be getting a steady diet of if Obama gets elected.
    Admin, I hope you keep this site up as a refuge for the people that are going to have to put the BHO for 8 years if he does prevail.
    Please watch the video, it is scary!

  81. Thanxs, Norma you just answered my question, something I had been thinking about. Please listen to the youtube video i posted and you will see the hate of Bambi’s followers and friends!

  82. Norma, I thought you were talking about tabulating the votes from the primaries.

    As for current predictive polls, I haven’t seen Survey USA lately. The most sensible poll I’ve seen was CNN/OpinionResearch in early June and July. They distinguished Hil’s who refuse to support Obama (7 million) as to whether they were going to vote McCain (3 million) or stay home (4 million).

    I”ve got some quotes and cites at, though they are a little out of date.

    Imo the problem with most polls (in addition to being slanted toward Obama) is that they don’t count those stayhomes. Either they leave them out because they aren’t ‘likely voters’ –DUH! — or they seem to lump them with ‘flocking to Obama’.

    Someone here said the latest Pew found no improvement for Obama in the last 2 or three months; I havent’ seen the Pew report yet.

    I”ve been ranting about this various places: see
    h t t p : / /


    There are two problems with conventional polling metrics in the current situation.

    1. ‘Percentage of Democrats’ ignores the fact that many Hil supporters changed their registration away from the Democratic party in protest, starting around April and peaking in June and July. A recent Ras poll showed that FEWER people consider themselves Democrats now than did in early spring; the number who consider themselves Republicans has held steady. The percentage of Democrats supporting Obama may be up — because many of his detractors are no longer Democrats.

    2. Some Hil supporters plan to protest by voting for McCain, but a larger number plan to protest by staying home (or voting third party, writein, etc). Conventional metrics that begin by eliminating everyone except ‘likely voters’ will miss the importance of these stayhomes. (In early June, Opinion Research found 4 million stayhomes to 3 million voting for McCain, totalling 7 million; in early July the total was up to 9 million, three times the margin of victory in 2004).

    Overall I get the impressin that the hardcore Hil’s for McCain numbers are staying the same. I’m not sure what is happening with the ‘stay home’ numbers. CNN/OpRes had the total rising from 7 million to 9 million in early July, apparently most of the rise being stayhomes.

  83. Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential.
    Winston Churchill

    If you have an important point to make, don’t try to be subtle or clever. Use a pile driver. Hit the point once. Then come back and hit it again. Then hit it a third time-a tremendous whack.
    Winston Churchill

    NObama NOvember…..John McCain if Hillary Clinton is not nominated.

  84. PS. And the margin of victory in the 2004 GE was 3 million. So if you take the 2004 totals as baseline for predicting this year, subtract the 9 million Hils’ ‘refusng to vote for Obama’ from the Dem column, then add the 3 million ‘voting for McCain’ to the GOP column — that makes a hell of a margin for McCain.

    If even 3 million Dems even just stay home, THERE’s the 3 million 2004 margin!

  85. Never, never, never give up.
    Winston Churchill

    One ought never to turn one’s back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. Never run away from anything. Never!
    Winston Churchill

    Hillary will have her roll call vote and she will stand there with dignity because she earned it.

  86. Carby: She certainly did earn the right to have her name place in nomination. And to think, that the DNC wanted to deny her that right. They are a jealous and evil group of people.

  87. CARBY,



  88. you know what i am most proud of?

    hillarys people have more guts, than anyone has seen in years…
    clintonistas are freakiiiiing fearless!!! 🙄

  89. turndown, after the republicans get through with him, she will get all of her 18 million back for McCain. People will be shocked to find out who the real Obama is.
    He is a reverent Muslim that can recite the Koran!

  90. Boy oh boy would I like to be a fly on the wall of some of the SD’s

    Can you imagine on one hand having Dean/Pelosi/Brazile yelling in one ear about Obama and party unity, yada, yada, yada, and the other ear all the Hillary supporters telling them Hillary has the best plan for America and is the one that can win in November?

    Somewhere between those 2 ears we hope they have a brain and go with the winner. Let me see, I back Obama, he loses and I lose my reelection or I go with Hillary and we both win and our country gets back on track…hmmmm

    This folks is a dilemma???????

    And YOU voted for them to represent you???????

    This election does not end at the convention…each and every rep/sen that turned their back on Hillary and the American people must pay.

  91. admin
    pray something big breaks in the comming days on obama to make hillary’s life and ours easier in denver

  92. admin Says:
    turndownObama, don’t worry. Big Pink is not leaving the field of battle.

    Bless y’all! I know it’s a lot of work for y’all keeping this place going.

    Just … bless you!

  93. Today a friend who isn’t political took me to the DMV where Republicans were registering voters.
    He registered. One down, hundreds to go. I left word with the McCain campaign that the moment the DNC goes for Obama, I will take my 40 years of work and winning for Dems and work for McCain.

    NV can easily go for McCain.

    Obama blew the convention thing with the MSM line, “Obama is ALLOWING Hillary a roll call vote.”
    King Barack is letting 18,000,000 voters have their rights — sort of. Evidently he thinks he has the right to forbid it.

  94. Admin and readers/bloggers:

    PLEASE bombard H&C and request ANDY MARTIN to discuss his newly-realeased book, THE MAN BEHIND THE MASK, the story about BHO from the CHICAGO-inider’s viewpoint. Andy Martin has been the first to vet BHO since his IL Senate days. He is the author the BHO camp hasn’t pounced on. Just emailed H&C to show Martin and his book. Don’t know what any past relationship Hannity & he may have, but this is the time to GET OVER IT and give Martin the public’s attention. The stakes couldn’t be any higher.



    HRC 2008!

  95. admin says “don’t worry. Big Pink is not leaving the field of battle.”

    Oh, thank you! So happy to read that, my eyes misted and my throat tightened — thank you thank you!

  96. Still trying to make sense of the polls. Apparently they are consistent if we note that some of them count stay-homes as part of the anti-Obama force, and some of them ignore stay-homes. Each one seems to be holding steady with its own previous findings.

    Pew, August 13, 2008:
    “The Obama campaign has made no significant headway among former Clinton backers over the
    past two months. The voting preferences of Clinton’s supporters are virtually identical to
    earlier polls in June and July.”

    “Among the 28% who say they will not support Obama on November 4th, 18% [c. 3 million] say they will support McCain , 7% don’t yet know who they will support and 3% plan to back another candidate.”

    Quin also found no improvement for BO among Hil’s in recent months (and their totals resemble Pew’s iirc).

    Opinion Research, which DID COUNT STAYHOMES, found 9 million total anti-Obamas in July, UP
    from 7 million in June (4 million stayhome, 3 million McCain).

    I’ve put up a diary at with more detail and cites at
    h t t p : / /

  97. So all that money he threw at the Olympic Ads resulted in What. According to the polls NOTHING.

    So SDs I am sure his media blitz before November will assure his victory, (Right). Sure would be nice to see some proof of that.

  98. Hillary Clinton Women still pissed off

  99. Obama’s Great Gesture … Hillary’s Opportunity?
    Filed Under Obama, Presidential Campaign 2008

    While the Evil Empire reconstitutes itself B-Rock has been on vacay and Hillary’s getting all the right headlines — to run an insurgency in Denver. Always a fan of chaos, I wonder if the dreaded, bitter PUMAs really have it in them. Will I be voting for Hillary Clinton this November?

    You see, I’m not a jackass. If the unlikely were to happen and Sen. Obama were not to end up with the nomination (and that would be the political story of the last 50 years) I would vote for the Democratic nominee unless it was that Chinese Politburo member with the aversion to buck teeth.

    Things are just too far off the tracks in this country to allow 4 more years of any Republican (except the Governator) in the White House.

    I’m not sure what this emotional attachment to Hillary Clinton is with people. She Dick Cheney’d the only real opportunity this country has had for real health care reform in 1993. Remember Ira Magaziner and the cult of secrecy that created the toxic political climate that killed reform? I also have to wonder, how in the hell did Hillary’s campaign raise and spend more than $200 million and run into money problems so quickly last winter?

    She would be a capable President. I worry about the investor-class hold on both Clintons, but if Hillary pulled a fast one in Denver and was the nominee, I’d be pissed but work to get her elected. That’s because I’m a Democrat and the differences between our party and theirs, our core beliefs and theirs are a bridge too far to cross being bitter about one political race.

    So, PUMAs and other fans of Hillary’s enjoy the show in Denver. I hope Barack’s magnanimous gesture doesn’t cause more problems for our party. But, you might consider letting bygones be bygones once Obama is officially our nominee and get with the program.

  100. I hope Barack’s magnanimous gesture doesn’t cause more problems for our party.

    Yes yes, now that The King has offered us crumbs of democracy, let’s all bow down and praise him.

    After all…bygones be bygones, right? 🙄

  101. Hillary Clinton’s Name Will Go Into Nomination
    August 14, 2008 03:52 PM ET | Bonnie Erbe | Permanent Link

    After weeks of tortured negotiations, the Obama campaign (which now in effect controls the Democratic National Committee) has agreed to allow Sen. Hillary Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination.

    This is more than just symbolic. It shows the degree to which Obama’s team is now willing to try to woo former Clinton supporters into the Obama camp in November. One might also call it an admission that the Obama campaign is desperate to win the support of the 20 percent or so of her 18 million supporters who have been telling pollsters they will not vote for Sen. Barack Obama.

    A Lifetime TV poll last week showed that, and: “While Obama is doing well with minority women, with support from 89% of African-Americans and 62% of Hispanics, McCain garnered support from nearly half of Caucasian women surveyed (47% vs. 38% for Obama). Hispanic women (14%) were more undecided than African-Americans (4%) or Caucasians (11%).”

    It’s not entirely coincidental that the decision was announced one day after a new Pew Research Center poll showed the race between Obama and Sen. John McCain in a statistical dead heat. Just one month earlier, Obama enjoyed a comfortable 8 percent lead over McCain.

    In the interim, Obama took what was widely described in the media as a triumphant Middle East and European tour, including a speech in Germany with an outdoor audience of some 200,000 in attendance. Obama enjoyed a short-lived bounce in the polls following that tour. But the fact it has quickly disappeared is bad news for his campaign.

    Key to Obama’s chances for victory in the fall is his appeal to white women, 40+, a key support group for Clinton. At least as of the end of last month, he was doing very poorly by historical standards with this group:

    According to the latest Fox News survey, Obama is winning among women under 40 by 13 points, but McCain is winning among women aged 41-45 by four points. Among women 50 and over, McCain is three points ahead. Obama’s 48-35 lead among women under 40 is normal for a Democrat, but to trail among women in their 40s by 45-41 and by women over 50 by 38-35 is extraordinary. The problem is that older women don’t like Obama as much as younger women do. While 70 percent of women under 40 have a favorable opinion of the Democratic candidate, only 58 percent of women in their 40s feel the same way, and only 52 percent of those over 50 see him favorably. For a Democrat to be losing among women over 40 is without precedent in the past 20 years.

    Clearly the Obama campaign is starting to pay attention to this group, but there may not be enough time for him to win it over. Allowing Senator Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination is a good start, but Obama needs to do more, much more. The Internet is rife with websites launched after Clinton conceded in June ( and some of them threaten that there is nothing Obama can do at this point to win their support. Another good move, unlikely to be made but a good idea nonetheless, would be a public apology by Obama and DNC Chair Howard Dean to Clinton for not chastising media commentators who made blatantly sexist remarks about Clinton during her campaign. Will we see that much humility from the Obama/Dean team? Again, unlikely, but it should be considered. Not only can Senator Obama not afford to lose these voters to Republican McCain, he cannot afford for them to stay home on Election Day.

  102. Obama, Brazile,Dean, Pelosi try to squeeze toothpaste back in the tube; too little too late for PUMAs

    For Bonny Erbe of US News to suggest in the following article that an apology by Obama for not condemning the blatant sexism by media commentators against Mrs Clinton might be a “good move” shows how far out of sync the MSM has become with the mood of the NObama segment of the voting population. For her too suggest it was the media commentators that made the sexist comments rather than Obama and his closest campaign advisers such as Jesse Jackson jr is disingenuous.

    Nothing short of Obama stepping down in favor of Clinton will be enough to satisfy the millions of Clinton supporters who have been quietly gathering irrefutable evidence of how their candidate was screwed out of the Democrat nomination during the recently completed sham of a Primary process.

    Simply stated, Hillary Clinton is qualified to be a candidate for President of the United States. Obama is not ready to be President of his local Little League. Not only was he “appointed” by the DNC rather than “elected” by the majority of Democrats, but also he’s clearly the most inexperienced, over-promoted candidate to ever run for president. Without his teleprompter and his memorized stump speech, Obama shows his genuine lack of understanding. He cant fool all the people all the time.

    And even if due to further MSM assistance he could continue to fool America, or if he and his friends in ACORN manage to drum enough deceased/illegal voters to win the White House, there’s no doubt that his package of discredited socialist ideas would place this country in danger economically, socially and militarily…for which the Democrat Party will be blamed for generations…and probably never recover.

    That why millions of PUMA will Just Say No Deal to Obama’s faux regrets; especially when they arrive many days late, and billions of dollars short.

  103. The deal with Russia is a farce, it was not done by Dick Cheney to help McCain, it was just the opposite, Soros has had his hand it this little uprising.
    He wanted to showcase the “lets all sit down and talk about this instead of lets get out the big guns and talk later after I kick you ass George Bush/John McCain. THe only thing the little dumb ass Obama blew it with the “both of you need to simmer down or I will put you both in “time out” approach.
    What a load of crap the media tries to shove down our throats!
    I would rather have a real American at the helm of our Country that knows what War is all about when we are in a deal like the Georgia/Russia war!!!

  104. I refuse to vote for an unknown immigrant.An Indonisian in the Oval Office?.Where is theFBI?Are Dean and Brazille the puppet masters for this evil plot?What has happened to our country?Is the MSM going to get away with this while our citizens lay back and sleep?Where did all of Barry Soetoro’s Funds originate?Where are his credentials and BC?What corporation will supply the black paint for the WH and will the painters belong to a union?Will our Capitol be moved to Chicago?Will there be cages instead of prisons?Will we all be armed and dangerous?Who will be in charge of everything? Why am I scared??

    Just a few questions to ask youself bfore you cast the most important vote of your life.


  105. Carbynew, this little DNC plan to hijack the party has already turned me against the Democrats forever! I am almost 60 and been a dem for my entire life, both my parents(one deceased) were card carrying unionized yellow dog democrats that I watched walk the picket line for better pay/benefits for years when I was just a little girl. That party is dead, they have thrown us under the bus, we can’t get them elected (or so they think) so they got a new coalition, well that coalition is getting ready to be the bigges pains in the asses the democrats ever had. If they think Rove is trouble, wait til the PUMA’s kick their butt! 🙂

  106. By the way:SOROS is still planning on the greatest oil pipeline in history and it must go through all countries that are loyal to him and Russia.Boone Pickens is not interested in Drilling for anymore oil.He has millions invested in Wind Power Farms and intends to control that source of energy.Someone should look into the millions of acres that are under lease in this country.I’ll bet most of them are ,like the song title;High On A Windy Hill” He has stated that he has no more interest in seeking Oil.BLACK Gold will be replaced by Barack Huusein Obama,a fly in the web of the special interests.

    By ABM90 Just remember BO plan “LEGACY of RETRIBUTIONS”

  107. Rassmussen reporting that with leaners included McCain has extended his lead in NC to 6% over Obama. 50% to 44%. Hows that taking red states things then working for you Obama?

  108. The problem with these polls i see for Obama is the very unfavourable numbers are outweighing McCain by a mile.

    In this new Rass NC poll :
    McCain Obama

    Very Favorable 19% 33%
    Favorable 40% 18%
    Unfavorable 21% 14%
    Very Unfavorable19% 34%

    In North Carolina, McCain is supported by 87% of Republicans while Obama is backed by 74% of Democrats. McCain has a slight lead among unaffiliated voters, a reversal from last month.

    McCain leads by a more than two-to-one margin among white voters while Obama is supported by 93% of African-Americans. McCain leads by twenty percentage points among men, but trails Obama by five among women

    We are folks seeing a rerun of the primaries with Clinton/Obama with white voters. That 2 to 1 margin is going to hurt Obama badly and if anymore democrats peel off, he can forget it.

  109. I am beginning to think the DNC doesn’t care about winning, they will throw this election away, but they want to get the first black man nomination and make history. It kind of like reparations DNC style. They also want to get rid of the Clinton’s once and forall!
    The silly jerks could care less about the condition of the middle class, least they will not be hurt by 5.00 gal of gas, 5 dollar milk and 3 dollar bread. THey will be fine! We won’t, it time for an all out assault on their idea of what this party is all about. Lets get all the stuff out we can find out on every single one of those pushing this. Can we find any dirt on Pelosi, Dean, Brazille, Kerry and Kennedy. If so, those that can write lets get it out!

  110. wbboei,
    If you are out there here is some crap I found on Pelosi!

    Recent reports indicate Pelosi has engaged a hired gun from the Soros militia, the Open Society Institute.  Joseph Onek used to work for OSI. He is now Pelosi’s general counsel, chief legal advisor to the person second in line to the White House.
    Big deal you say?
    Perhaps reading the following Soros statements delivered in Brussels last November will jostle
    heres the link!


    (I got this in an email and I had to post it, WARNING it is graphic.) (I think all the women SDs and women elected to office should read this, to be truthful, I am ashamed of them, as they truly have not supported and even abused one of their own).

    This is the story of our Grandmothers and Great-grandmothers, as they lived only 90 years ago. Remember, it was not until 1920 that women were granted the right to go to the polls and vote.

    The women were innocent and defenseless, but they were jailed nonetheless for picketing the White House, carrying signs asking for
    the vote. And by the end of the night, they were barely alive Forty prison guards wielding clubs and their warden’s blessing went on a rampage against the 33 women wrongly convicted of ‘obstructing sidewalk

    They beat Lucy Burn, chained her hands to the cell bars above her head and left her hanging for the night, bleeding and gasping for air. They
    hurled Dora Lewis into a dark cell, smashed her head against an iron bed and knocked her out cold. Her cell mate, Alice Cosu, thought Lewis was dead and suffered a heart attack. Additional affidavits describe the guards grabbing, dragging, beating, choking, slamming, pinching, twisting and kicking the women.

    Thus unfolded the ‘Night of Terror’ on Nov. 15, 1917, when the warden at the Occoquan Workhouse in Virginia ordered his guards to teach a
    lesson to the suffragists imprisoned there because they dared to picket Woodrow Wilson’s White House for the right to vote.

    For weeks, the women’s only water came from an open pail. Their food–all of it colorless slop–was infested with worms. When one of the leaders, Alice Paul, embarked on a hunger strike, they tied her to a chair, forced a tube down her throat and poured liquid into her until she vomited. She was tortured like this for weeks until word was smuggled out to the press.

    So, refresh my memory. Some women won’t vote this year because–why, exactly?

    We have carpool duties? We have to get to work? Our vote doesn’t matter? It’s raining?

    Last week, I went to a sparsely attended screening of HBO’s new movie ‘Iron Jawed Angels.’ It is a graphic depiction of the battle these women waged so that I could pull the curtain at the polling booth and have my say. I am ashamed to say I needed the reminder.

    All these years later, voter registration is still my passion. But the actual act of voting had become less personal for me, more rote. Frankly, voting often felt more like an obligation than a privilege.
    Sometimes it was inconvenient.

    My friend Wendy, who is my age and studied women’s history, saw the HBO movie, too. When she stopped by my desk to talk about it, she looked angry. She was–with herself. ‘One thought kept coming back to me as I watched that movie,’ she said. ‘What would those women think of the way I use–or don’t use–my right to vote? All of us take it for granted now, not just younger women, but those of us who did seek to learn’ The
    right to vote, she said, had become valuable to her ‘all over again!

    HBO released the movie on video and DVD. I wish all history, social studies and government teachers would include the movie in their curriculum I want it shown on Bunco night, too, and anywhere else women gather. I realize this isn’t our usual idea of socializing, but we are not voting in the numbers that we should be, and I think a little shock Therapy is in order.

    It is jarring to watch Woodrow Wilson and his cronies try to persuade a psychiatrist to declare Alice Paul insane so that she could be permanently institutionalized. And it is inspiring to watch the doctor refuse. Alice Paul was strong, he said, and brave. That didn’t make her crazy. The doctor admonished the men: ‘Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity.’

    Please, if you are so inclined, pass this on to all the women you know.

    We need to get out and vote and use this right that was fought so hard

    for by these 20 very courageous women. Whether you vote Democratic,

    Republican or Independent party – remember to vote.

  112. here’s proof the brazillion has thrown in with Bush and the republicans!
    Pale Horse Galleries
    for art, gifts and collectibles, all hand made in Mexico.

    Saturday, September 17, 2005
    Donna Brazile to be thrown out of Democratic Party
    Donna Brazile, campaign manager for Al Gore’s unsuccessful presidential bid in 2000, will surely face the wrath of Howard Dean, George Soros,, The Democratic Underground and Screw’em Kos for this:
    I Will Rebuild With You, Mr. President

    On Thursday night President Bush spoke to the nation from my city. I am not a Republican. I did not vote for George W. Bush — in fact, I worked pretty hard against him in 2000 and 2004. But on Thursday night, after watching him speak from the heart, I could not have been prouder of the president and the plan he outlined to empower those who lost everything and to rebuild the Gulf Coast.

    We are a nation of rebuilders and a nation of givers. We do not give up in the face of tragedy, we stand up, and we reach out to help those who cannot stand up on their own.

    The president called on every American to reach out to my neighbors in New Orleans and throughout the Gulf Coast. The great people of this country have already opened their hearts in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and their tremendous generosity has done more than just provide extra comfort — it has saved lives.

    The president also laid out the federal government’s goal for rebuilding. It is unprecedented in its scope and ambition, matching destruction that is unprecedented as well. He made the challenge clear: This will be one of the biggest reconstruction projects in history.

    I know, maybe better than anyone, that there are times when it seems that our nation is too divided ever to heal. There are times when we feel so different from each other that we can hardly believe that we are all part of the same family. But we are one nation. We are a family.

    Mr. President, I am ready for duty. I am ready to stir those old pots again. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.
    Wow! That’s what I like to hear. With an attitude like that there is no limit to what can be accomplished. Kudos to the lady from New Orleans

  113. NMF: After watching “Iron Jawed Angels,” I felt horrified, about what women went through to obtain the right to vote. Women today, take the right to vote for granted. I agree, this film should be shown in every junior high and high school. Viewing the film, reinforced my resolve to vote, no matter what, even if it is a protest vote. Women died for this right, and many women today, are throwing it away. I felt angry with myself for taking this right for granted.

    The line: ‘Courage in women is often mistaken for insanity,’ really sticks with me.

  114. Here is the story linking Dean to Soros in 03 and what Soros thinks of Dean!

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    Conservatives’ ‘Vicious’ Criticism Makes Soros Angry
    Robert B. Bluey
    Staff Writer

    ( – Billionaire financier and philanthropist George Soros, who has pledged $15.5 million to liberal interest groups, said Monday he would likely up the ante in his quest to oust President Bush from the White House this November.

    Speaking before the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, D.C., Soros declined to say how much he would give or when he might make the next donation. But he said the attacks he has endured from conservatives – the Republican National Committee and the Bush campaign are two of his biggest critics – have fueled his restlessness.

    “I’ve been really quite viciously attacked for doing what I’m doing,” Soros told the packed audience. “It’s got a rise out of me and that will probably [result] in a rise in the amount of money I’ll devote to it.”

    Soros later added, “I’m not a politician. I can admit that it has really frustrated me and angered me.”

    Soros’ donations totaling $15.5 million went to liberal causes that include activist groups America Coming Together and, as well as the Center for American Progress, a liberal think tank.

    Monday’s event served as the official release of his book, “The Bubble of American Supremacy,” in which he attacks Bush’s neoconservative-driven foreign policy and the war on terrorism.

    Looking past the upcoming Democratic primaries, Soros said he doesn’t have a favorite candidate to take on Bush. But he finds the views of former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry most appealing.

    “I’m not picking one candidate, but I am keen on Dean,” Soros said when asked about the Democratic frontrunner’s chances. “I think he can [win]. I think he probably has a more difficult time against his Democratic opponents … than he will against President Bush. He has a very cogent and very fresh voice.”

    Republican National Committee spokeswoman Christine Iverson said if Soros continues to fill the coffers of liberal interest groups, it would solidify his position as a top ally of the eventual nominee. She said his liberal positions, issues like drug reform, could be a turnoff for voters.

    “The fact that George Soros is able to give the enormous sums that he is able to give makes the future Democratic nominee very beholden to him,” Iverson said. “He is the most powerful man in the Democratic Party today by virtue of the fact that he is able to make large donations to whichever candidate or candidates support his views.”

    Soros has said repeatedly that his quest hinges on changing America’s foreign policy. Soros said it is not so much personal dislike of Bush, but rather the views the president brings to the table. “Many Republicans share my concerns,” Soros said.

    “If we elect Bush in 2004, we endorse the Bush doctrine, and we will have to live with the consequences,” Soros said. “We shall be regarded with widespread hostility and terrorists will be able to count on many sympathizers throughout the world. We are liable to be trapped in a vicious circle of violence, which we already are in Iraq.”

    Rejecting Bush would illustrate to the world that the United States had undergone a “temporary aberration” during his term in office. Soros said this is analogous to the bubble that formed, and later burst, in the stock market.

    In the book, Soros takes aim at the Project for the New American Century, a neoconservative organization committed to U.S. military, diplomatic and moral leadership. Soros claims the group has had an astonishing amount of influence at the White House because Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld signed the group’s mission statement in 1997.

    The organization’s executive director, Gary J. Schmitt, flatly denied that charge. Schmitt recently appeared alongside one of the nation’s leading neoconservatives, Richard Perle, to defend the movement and its accomplishments at a Hudson Institute forum last month.

    In response to Soros’ comments Monday, Schmitt said Bush’s critics often fail to grasp the full impact of the president’s work.

    “If you look at where diplomatic initiatives are taking place now, whether it’s North Korea, Iran or Libya, the reality is that President Bush set a new agenda after Sept. 11,” Schmitt said. “It’s really quite striking how much of the agenda he’s set has become part of the global agenda.”

    Schmitt said for all of the complaining about that agenda in the United States and abroad, the Bush administration has attracted a number of allies in the global war on terror.

    Soros, however, said the “future of the world hangs in the balance” with the 2004 election. He said he remains worried that the “Bush propaganda machine” would try to turn away from national security and trump the growing economy as its top campaign issue.

    As for Iraq, Soros said the United States shouldn’t pull out its forces. He also praised the capture of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    “I rejoice at the fall of Saddam,” Soros said. “And I am particularly pleased that he has been captured in a rat hole without putting up resistance. But that doesn’t change the fact that the invasion of Iraq was an egregious error.”

    Following his presentation, Soros was asked about his views on Bush’s religion and the role religion should play in politics. After growing up as a Jew in Hungry during the Nazi occupation, Soros later in life said he was an atheist.

    “There’s nothing wrong with religion,” Soros said.

    “I think that there is something wrong with the fundamentalist view of the world, because the fact that your opponents are wrong doesn’t necessarily make you right. The fact that you are attacked by terrorists doesn’t exempt you from criticism of the way you react to that threat. I’m afraid there is this fundamentalist fallacy, which should not be part of our political life,” Soros concluded

  115. It is a sad day in America when due process is viewed as an insurgency,
    When a candidate for president is viewed as a rightful entitlement that no one should question,
    When the insistence of fair reflection and representation is scorned and scoffed at as a personal grab for power.

    -the Soros article should be sent to Bill O’Reilly as he has a severe and warranted distaste for Soros.
    -the 40 page response to Obama Nation is another bambi shot in the foot. He doth protest too much.
    It should be scrutinized point by point in comparison.

  116. There is a wonderful video clip up on The Confluence, but it is embedded, and I don’t know how to bring it over. Could someone try to do it?

  117. What is wrong with the following information?

    The 2008 Convention: Tuesday, August 26th – Renewing America’s Promise August 13, 2008

    Key Speakers on the Economy to Include Governors Napolitano, Patrick, Rendell, Schweitzer, Sebelius & Strickland; Senator Bob Casey, Jr. & Federico Peña

    DENVER – With millions of Americans struggling to get by, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) and the Obama for America Campaign announced today that some of America’s strongest leaders on the economy and energy will speak about how to renew America’s promise on Tuesday night of the Convention. America’s top Governors, Senators and a former Secretary of Energy and Transportation will echo Barack Obama’s call for a new economy with new energy.

    Tuesday night’s featured speakers include Convention Co-Chair Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano, both early supporters of Barack Obama, who will outline his detailed economic plan to grow the economy, create jobs, restore fairness and expand opportunity.

    Governors Ted Strickland of Ohio and Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania will discuss how the failed policies of the last eight years have betrayed our values and left an economy out of balance.

    Barack Obama believes you can’t have a strong economy when you have a weak middle class, and speakers like Senator Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennsylvania and Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts will share how Obama’s policies have been directly shaped by the people he has met as he traveled the country.

    Building on Obama’s New Economy with New Energy message, Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana and Federico Peña, former Mayor of Denver and Secretary of both Energy and Transportation, will speak about the nexus between energy and the economy and highlight new and innovative policies to help working families in rural, urban and suburban communities.

    As announced earlier this week, Mark Warner, former Governor of Virginia, will deliver the Convention’s keynote address, and Senator Hillary Clinton, who is a champion for working families and one of the most effective and empathetic voices in the country today, will be the headline prime-time speaker on Tuesday night.
    Paid for by 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc. – 1560 Broadway, Denver, CO 80202
    Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.
    To contact the DNCC: 720-DNC-2008 (362-2008) | TTY: (720) 362-2208 or © 2008 Democratic National Convention Committee, Inc.
    Privacy Policy

  118. Shit! I had to click on the DNC link in order to get what you were talking about, Birdgal.

    WTF?! Even Mark Warner, her footnote partner, was given bold print.

  119. Idunn, that is why I put the link in. It did not come over, when I copied and pasted the information.

    A real diss.

  120. I’d have real respect for Hillary if she got up on that stage and told the DNC exactly what she thought of them and told them to all go fuck themselves one by one.

  121. Some people think, BO caved into Hillary, by “allowing” her name to be placed in nomination. No mention of previous history, that this is the norm, not the exception. Morris thinks, it is Hillary’s convention, because she is speaking, Bill is speaking, and Chelsea may be introducing her. Apparently, there may be some filming. Why is this so unusual? Doesn’t filming usually go along with a convention?,2933,404421,00.html

    Dick Morris is well, you know, a d_____.

  122. Ummmm…I still hope that this does not mean he is wavering over the VP choice..
    I would have thought he would released the name by now!

  123. indecision, indecision, the guy couldnt pick a name for his cat let alone a vp, he’ll leave that to other people. The hilarious part is, if he wasnt the nominee, he wouldnt even get past VP vetting procedures.

    Its ridiculous.

  124. Obamanation is ranked #2 on and Pelosi’s new book is: Sales Rank: #3,486 in Books

  125. Cool, any swiftboating of bambi is fine by me, sometimes you have to lie down with the devil to get what you want. Hopefully people will start talking about all the shit there is on bambi, and i guarantee they will, its mostly women that buy books like Obama nation, so its not gonna benefit bambi.

  126. birdgal Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 11:17 am
    I received a disgusting e-mail from Hillary this a.m. Did anyone else receive one?

    Yes i received the e-mail

    I just ignored it. I will never support the Democratic Party. I am done. I will vote for McCain in November. I will be changing to Independent after the election. No more PARTY FOR ME.

  127. moon: swiftboating is when something isn’t true. BO has enough skeletons, for many things to be true. I haven’t read the book, so I can’t speak about it.

  128. I did not get the email, as I had unsubscribed. However my sister had not, and got it.

    However, this is the same old holding the gun to her head hostage stuff.

    I am so glad I am not in HRCs position. This has to be as difficult to do as the campaign, maybe even more.

    Remember, it is not her, it is them making her do things.

  129. So, SDs how are they ever going to pull this out. You have a right to know.

    However, I would ask for some proof of success about any plan they gave me.

    The Dems are blowing it, and O is in charge now. It is always dangerous to put someone in charge with an ego problem.

    Those Hillary people will not change, trust me.

  130. Here you go, Idunn:

    “I cannot wait for the lights to come up and the cameras to roll at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. When I join Democrats from across the country who are unified and ready to get to work to elect Barack Obama, I want you there.

    I hope you will take this chance to come and cheer us on!

    So many people have reached out to help us pay down our campaign debt, and I was just overwhelmed by the generous spirit of so many of you. I’m pleased to announce that Leslie of Tacoma, WA won our contest and will be joining me for dinner soon. But so many people participated that I knew I just had to give you another chance. So will you enter today for the chance to join me in Denver?

    Join me in Denver. Contribute today.

    This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see an event that will truly make history. I’ll make sure you get great seats to see me speak on Tuesday night when I address the nation and see Senator Obama accept the nomination at Mile High Stadium on Thursday.

    We’re going to have an amazing convention and head into the fall campaign unified and ready to work. And if you contribute today to help us pay down our campaign debt, you might be the one to join me in Denver!

    Join me in Denver. Contribute today.

    If you’re the lucky winner, we’ll fly you to Denver, where you’ll be my special guest at the convention. And I’ll make sure that you and I have some time together to chat. You’ll get to see me speak Tuesday night and see Senator Obama accept the nomination at Mile High Stadium on Thursday.

    You know that we’re still working hard to pay off all the small vendors we owe from our presidential campaign. And your help continues to make a huge difference.

    So let’s have some fun in Denver — try your luck and contribute today. You might be the one joining me for the 2008 Democratic Convention!

    Contribute today, and you might be my special guest for the convention.

    Thank you again for your incredible support!”



  131. birdgal Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 12:34 pm
    Some people think, BO caved into Hillary, by “allowing” her name to be placed in nomination
    He was opposed to it and then he conceded. And now they are trying to spin it. I hav no inside information. I just know for a fact that is what happened. Again ……please …… do not believe his spin. You will be much closer to the truth if you believe the opposite of what his campaign is saying. Time and again that has proven to be the case.

  132. Anybody who believes barack is the defender of the middle class needs a labotomy. Here is the barack I know bitters and all:

    2. International Identity: when Obama made his world tour he stopped in Berlin and told 200,000 screaming Germans that he is a “Citizen of the World”. This was no idle statement. Born in Canada, raised in America, then Indonesia and with ties to Kenya, he has many national identities. He then delivered a full throated apology to the country that gave us Auschwitz, Bukenwald and Treblika for America’s bad behavior. But this was hardly the first time Obama has distanced himself from America. For example, for twenty years he belonged to a church whose pastor routinely condemned America. In addition, Obama refused to pledge allegiance to the America flag, refused to wear its symbol, replaced the American insignia on a plane with his own and created his own presidential seal. And his delightful wife is the one who said she was never proud of America until Obama decided to run for president. At some point it becomes obvious that Obama does not like America and is in fact a citizen of the world. Therefore, it stands to reason that if he becomes president his priorities will be elsewhere.

  133. You know they did not expect it to play out this way. They thought he would win the Popular vote and HRC would be strong arming the Delegates.

    The problem is they would have had race riots. They though that the H people would just fold in.

    However, the HRC people resented the sexism which the party and O did not even act like they cared about. Dean said he did not even notice. O used it against her.

    So this has gone beyond HRC. We view this as a stolen election, and that HRC is being kept as a terroist trophy. They expect us to just forget about it.


    Can you imagine having a women declared insane because she wanted to vote. Can you imagine forcing a women to fold in even though she won popular vote. I see no difference.


  134. Never thought i’d see the fucking day but every bot place i look today they are angry at Obama for appearing to have given in to Hillary.

    I’ve seen shouting at him being as weak as water to accusations of what the hell is he doing. The bots are in crisis. They reckon Obama looks weak (well we did tell them, he was a wimp).

    I’m enjoying this. I loving watching bots heads explode.

  135. NMF, exactly right, thats the way i view it now. This is my vote they are not respecting. This is as bad as Bush stealing Gore’s election, never thought our own lot would turn out to be a bunch of shits.

  136. And the sage continue….from Us Weekly:

    FBI Profiler: John Edwards Likely Lied During Nightline Interview
    Wednesday August 13, 2008

    Did John Edwards tell the truth during his August 8 Nightline interview about his Rielle Hunter fling?

    Expert polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco doesn’t think so.

    Trimarco (former FBI Unit Chief in Los Angeles ) — who analyzed the segment for — reports that Edwards’ frequent attempts to dodge questions and sketchy body language imply he often lied during the chat.

    At the beginning of the interview, he was asked if he had an affair with Hunter. Edwards’ reply? He thanked Bob Woodruff for “honoring the request and giving me a chance to talk.”

    Trimarco says “that’s a delay tactic. He’s just been asked a sledgehammer question, and he wants to thank the guy?”

    At one point, Edwards is asked if the story of the affair is accurate. He says, “I’ve been in love for the same woman for 30-plus years…. Warm, loving, beautiful, sexy and as good a person as I have ever known. So the story’s just false.”

    Trimarco says Edwards “is not answering the question. He’s buying time to give an appropriate, innocent response. They weren’t asking, ‘How great is your wife?’ They were asking about the accuracy of the story.”

    Asked if he would participate in a paternity test, Trimarco notes that Edwards “nodded his head ‘no,’ when he said he would be happy to participate in a paternity test.

    “That is known as a mixed signal,” says Trimarco.

    Asked about the photo of him holding Hunter’s baby in the National Enquirer, Edwards replied, “The picture in the tabloid?”

    “When a person is getting ready to tell a lie, they repeat the question back because they need time to formulate an innocent response,” Trimarco notes.

    Trimarco adds that Edwards’ body language throughout the interview is also suspect: He smiled when he was asked how his wife found out about the affair.

    “It’s pretty clear that when John Edwards is getting ready to tell a lie, his affect is inappropriate,” he says. “He smiles a lot during this interview when he shouldn’t be smiling. It’s almost like a nervous preparation to get his lie out.”

    The only time Trimarco felt Edwards told the truth: When he said he kept the affair a secret “because I did not want the public to know what I had done.”

    Says Trimarco, “That was the first comment he made that smacked me in the face as being true.”
    We should go back and look at Edwards and Obama and applied those same truth tactics to their campaign appeareances.

  137. The more Obama fights with this book author, the more people are going to believe the book. Its psychology dumdum, the more one protests, the more people think he has something to hide, if he’d just shut up about it, it would probably die off but oh no Bambi had to provoke a big ole media bitchfight with the author thats going to make more people go out and buy it.

    I bet dumbass Kerry advised him.

  138. “to be a citizen of this country is to have the right and responsibility to help shape its future, not just to make your voice heard, but to make it count”. –Hillary Rodham Clinton

  139. Never thought i’d see the fucking day but every bot place i look today they are angry at Obama for appearing to have given in to Hillary.
    They really are little bolsheviks aren’t they?

  140. wwboei: I was quoting someone, when I spoke about BO “caving in.” I don’t believe anything that comes out of his camp. In fact, I always believe the opposite. He was opposed to Hillary’s name being placed in nomination.

  141. well you see wbboei, the kind of lunatics that support bambi turn on a die, he better watch his back because they will knife him in the back as quick as look at him, thats what dictatorships do.

  142. Never thought i’d see the fucking day but every bot place i look today they are angry at Obama for appearing to have given in to Hillary.

    What the little bolsheviks don’t realize, that every candidate with delegates, who wanted their name placed in nomination, had it done. This has been the case since 1884. The bots need to read the convention history.

  143. Obama camp focusing on FL swing voters
    By Michael C. Bender | Friday, August 15, 2008, 01:02 PM

    Barack Obama campaign manager David Plouffe brushed off a claim from Hillary Clinton strategist Howard Wolfson who said Clinton would be the party’s nominee had John Edwards’ affair exploded in the press before the tight Iowa primary.

    “I don’t think there’s a single swing voter that we’ve run across who is talking about what Howard Wolfson said on whatever cable show it was,” Plouffe said in a briefing today in Tallahassee with Florida political reports.

    Plouffe went on to say convention planning between the two campaigns has been “nothing but harmonious.”

    Plouffe again pointed to swing voters in an attempt to discredit the anti-Obama book from Jerome Corsi, the author of the “Unfit for Command” in 2004.

    “Jerome Corsi is a discredited bigot,” Plouffe said. “I doubt there are too many swing voters buying Jerome Corsi’s book. And those that see him on TV, I doubt it’s doing much damage to us.

    “Voters aren’t going to determine this election based on some sleazy book.”

    Here’s a powerpoint presentation the campaign passed out after the meeting
    What Team Obama failed to understand is that they have devalue the word racist, by blatantly using the race card to shut down valid criticisms and to define their white opponents unfairly with this for political gain they have now become the people who cried wolf too often.

    Rev. Jerimiah Wright, Obama’s pastor for 20 years and others didn’t help their case any either…so now when they call people racist, it becomes a “RED FLAG” or in case the case of your parents telling you not to drink before the legal age limit, which gets ignored by most teenagers.

  144. NewMexicoFan Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Absolutely right and very well put. They are used to being outside the castle gates with spears and hurling invectives at the moon. Now suddenly they find themselves on the inside being defenders and they havent the feel for it. They threaten like dockside bullies.

  145. Women Hillary Clinton Supporters Victorious

    Women supporters of Senator Hillary Clinton have won their battle to put Clinton into nomination for President at the Democratic National Convention. Clinton is the first woman to compete in all primary contests and will likely garner a historic number of votes at the convention. In a press release, Kim Gandy of the National Organization for Women reacted to the decision: “Women will not be fully equal until we break every last glass ceiling…Hillary Clinton proved that electing a woman president is within our grasp. Having her delegates tallied at the convention will ensure that this important step in history will never be forgotten.”

    A number of groups were created after Clinton suspended her campaign on June 7 that, among other goals, aimed to place Clinton’s name into nomination at the convention. Amy Siskind, a founding member of one of these groups, Together4Us, was also involved this week in the founding of The New Agenda, a “non-partisan organization to advance women’s issues” that includes many Clinton supporters.

    According to Siskind, The New Agenda aims to not only engage in voter registration drives centered around women’s issues, but also to “persuade candidates for the presidency, Senate and House to incorporate a number of women’s rights goals and policies into their platforms” and, in the long term, to “cultivate and groom women to run for public office at all levels of government – including the presidency.”

  146. So they think anti- Bambis book will do no damage.

    Let me give you a hint

    Corsi’s Obamanation last week at Bookscan over 40’000 copies sold

    Sales for anti-McCain titles, meanwhile, have been terrible. David Brock’s “Free Ride” BookScanned a total of about 3,000 copies. Matt Welch’s “Myth of a Maverick” moved about 2,000.


  147. According to Siskind, The New Agenda aims to not only engage in voter registration drives centered around women’s issues, but also to “persuade candidates for the presidency, Senate and House to incorporate a number of women’s rights goals and policies into their platforms” and, in the long term, to “cultivate and groom women to run for public office at all levels of government – including the presidency.”

    I think that’s great.

  148. You want to know something else they have not thought about here. All those men and a lot of them won’t admit it but its the locker room syndrome.

    I guarantee Bambi’s standing with men falls dramatically. I heard it today from some macho bullshitters and i am not joking, they think he let the “woman” get one over him and that doesnt sit well with the macho men.

  149. Sen. Clinton calls on airlines to stop charging U.S. servicemembers with baggage fees for combat zone flights

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton urged major airlines to stop charging U.S. servicemembers deploying to or from combat zones with extra baggage fees, release said today.

    Clinton wrote a letter to executives of Delta, American, Continental, Northwest, United, and US Airways about her concerns, a release said.

    “Members of our Armed Forces traveling on official orders should not have to bear any cost whatsoever associated with that official travel,” Clinton said. “Our men and women in uniform deserve our utmost respect and gratitude, not additional, unnecessary paperwork.”
    That’s right Hillary, you keep on fighting for us.

  150. Given historical precedent and this summer’s polling trends, I’m going to guess McCain wins the election with about a 4-5% advantage in the popular vote.

    Obama has got to be the weakest Democratic general election candidate since Dukakis.

  151. moononpluto Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 12:15 pm
    I’d have real respect for Hillary if she got up on that stage and told the DNC exactly what she thought of them and told them to all go fuck themselves one by one.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha- I agee moonpluto-give those totalitarian anti American bastards just what they deserve. John OHara wrote a book on that sort of thing in the 50s called View From The Terrace. They made it into a movie starring Paul Neuman. At the end of the movie after the corporate world has manipulated him to hell and back they call him before the senior partners and offer him a partership and he tells them to fuck off in a classic pereoration. If you want a catharisis go rent that film. But that raises the inevitable question of what do you do for an encore. For Neuman it was to leave that world entirely. I am not sure Hillary wants to do that. So I will do it for her. Actually, I just did.

  152. Be even funnier if Hillary got up, resigned from the party and said, tonight i begin my independent candidacy for the Presidency, who wants to join me and half the convention leaves.

  153. Obama Confirms Relationship with CPUSA Member
    August 15, 2008
    By Cliff Kincaid

    With the release of a 40-page “Unfit for Publication” report attacking Jerome Corsi’s new book, The Obama Nation, it should be obvious that the media-backed presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is terrified of having his carefully concealed communist and foreign connections exposed to public view.

    However, the Obama campaign’s attack on Corsi’s book and Corsi personally acknowledges on pages 9 and 10 of its report that the mysterious “Frank” in Obama’s 1995 book, Dreams From My Father, is in fact the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis. This identification by AIM and others hasn’t been disputed by the media, which has desperately tried to ignore the Obama-Davis relationship, but the Obama campaign has not responded to it until now.

    The admission that Obama’s mentor was Frank Marshall Davis, an identified CPUSA member, can only add to growing public concern about Obama’s relationship with a Communist pawn of Moscow who was the subject of security investigations by the FBI and various congressional committees which examined Soviet activities in the U.S.

    According to these official documents, cited first by AIM and also by Corsi in his book, Davis was a secret CPUSA member who became a member of an underground communist apparatus in Hawaii. As late as the 1970s, Davis was involved with a CPUSA front organization, the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born, dedicated to keeping foreign communists such as labor leader Harry Bridges from being deported from the U.S. Davis, a friend of Bridges, a secret CPUSA member, became Obama’s mentor during the years 1975-1979.

    But the Obama report makes no admission that Davis was a communist and doesn’t dispute anything Corsi documents about Davis’s membership in the Communist Party. Instead, the report picks and chooses from Obama’s book in order to try to put some distance between Obama and Davis. The report attempts to play down instances in which Obama soaks up Davis’s anti-American thoughts and pro-communist “poetry.”

    But if the relationship were so innocent, why didn’t Obama identify Frank by his full name in his book and denounce his communist and anti-American views? Why doesn’t he denounce those views now?

    At this point, it is clear that Corsi is to Obama what the National Enquirer is to admitted adulterer and liar John Edwards. The Enquirer exposed Edwards secret life when the rest of the media were refusing to investigate the candidate and making fun of the Enquirer.

    It is noteworthy that the Obama campaign’s “Unfit for Publication” report begins with citing negative “reviews” of the Corsi book from various publications, including the New York Times, Washington Post, and Time magazine. The media are angry and jealous because Corsi did the heavy lifting that the media refuse to do.

    While Obama’s communist and foreign connections are of serious and ongoing concern, Corsi’s treatment of Obama’s admitted drug use has emerged as a special raw nerve for the Obama campaign and his media acolytes. They realize that many Americans, whose families have been decimated and destroyed by illegal drugs, may recoil at the thought of having an admitted user of marijuana and cocaine occupy the oval office.

  154. Hows that negotiation going bambi?

    Well that lasted long, Russia has now threatened Poland.

    Well that was fast. So first Russia invades Georgia. Poland, formerly of Iron Curtain fame, thinks, not without good reason, the Bear is angry, hungry, and hunting, and Poland looks like it is on the menu. So the Poles on Thursday quickly accepted the U.S. offer to deploy missile interceptors in Poland for her protection from rogue nations. On Friday, Russia shows up wearing a sign saying “Rogue Nation,” and threatens to nuke Poland.

  155. Roll call for Hillary: Her delegates say yes, Obama delegates dividedBy Jessica Alaimo

    Maine’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention are on both sides of the fence when it comes to having a roll call vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Presumptive nominee Barack Obama’s campaign made the announcement along with Clinton’s campaign that Clinton’s name will be submitted for nomination in the first round of balloting.

    Before the announcement was officially made, PolitickerME sent out an e-mail survey to all of the elected DNC delegates.

    Two Clinton supporters responded, and both favored a roll call vote. Seven Obama supporters responded. Three favored a roll call, three opposed it and one would not comment on the issue.

    DNC delegate and state Rep. Linda Valentino (D-Saco) knows Hillary Clinton isn’t going to win the Democratic presidential nomination. “We want to vote for her on the first vote,” Valentino said after a recent event in Saco. “All of us worked so hard for Hillary, and this is history in the making.”

    Alternate delegate and state Sen. Phil Bartlett (D-Gorham) said that if he is upgraded, he will happily vote for Clinton at the convention, but also plans to work hard for Obama in November.

    “My support of Hillary Clinton in the primary was based on her extensive experience and her strong vision for our country,” Bartlett said in an e-mail. “It was not a vote against Barack Obama. I commend him on running an excellent primary campaign and laying out a vision for America that we all can embrace. I will do everything I can to help elect him in November.”

    State Rep. Chris Babbidge (D-Kennebunk) is also a delegate. He’s surprised the issue even came up.

    “I’m surprised at the flap over the roll call issue,” Babbidge said in an e-mail. “I have expected a roll call, and expect to be counted for Hillary, but I certainly would support Barack at the time of the roll call if she asked us to. It was historic for Maine’s Margaret Chase Smith to be nominated in 1964, and Hillary certainly deserves historical recognition for her achievement in this campaign.”

    “But either way,” Babbidge added, “I’ll be strongly in Obama’s corner from now through Election Day.”

    Obama supporters were divided on the roll call issue.

    Prior to the announcement, House Majority Leader Hannah Pingree (D-North Haven), state Rep. Jon Hinck (D-Portland), Rita Moran, the Kennebec County party chair and a state committee member, and state Rep. Elaine Makas (D-Lewiston) all said a roll call vote wasn’t necessary.

    “It would likely be embarrassing for her, since some of her former delegates have switched allegiance by now (and she is intelligent enough to know that,” said Makas, an alternate delegate. “I, personally have the greatest respect for Sen. Clinton, and I want her to be greeted by the convention with the respect she deserves.”

    “I do not have a strong opinion about a roll call vote,” Hinck said. “I generally am less inclined to favor symbolic gestures. Hillary Clinton has a great deal of substance and I trust that she will tend to focus on meaningful ways to move this country forward.”

    Diane Denk of Kennebunk is an alternate to the convention. “I would ideally wish for all the delegates to speak in one unified voice,” she said. “But I know there are many whose healing will not begin until their positions are recognized. I do not want this convention to become a forum for dissent and unhappiness, but rather hope and reform.”

    Clinton, however, should be offered the Vice Presidential slot, Denk said. “She would be excellent and the union of both candidates would truly create an unbeatable ticket in November.”

    David Bright of Dixmont, a delegate for Obama, had similar sentiments.

    “To not do so places the fall election in danger of going to McCain,” Bright said. “While I’m not one of them, Clinton has millions of supporters around the country who need to have closure on a long and hard-fought campaign. If they are disrespected they are likely to just stay home on Election Day, and that will throw the election to McCain.”

  156. My favourite headline today

    Obama Eats Ice Cream as Russia Rolls Onward

    You know this is a “Now watch this drive” moment when even the New York Times is attacking Barack Obama for his horribly timed vacation. The One insists on iced cream, you see: and he will not be interrupted in his quest, not by the beach patrol, not by Hawaiian tourists, and most assuredly not by the armed might of Russia.

    Yup, Obamabots, this is the asshole you voted for!

    For his part, Mr. McCain has fielded questions daily, batting back criticism that his tough stance is reminiscent of the language of the cold war. On the other hand, the fluency with which Mr. McCain, the presumed Republican presidential nominee, discusses Georgia, citing the history of the region and the number of times he has visited, lends an aura of commander in chief. And as if he already had a cabinet, Mr. McCain said he was dispatching his allies Senators Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, to the region.

    To conservatives, particularly the neoconservative set, Mr. McCain’s forceful responses have been welcomed. Conservatives have pointed out that Mr. Obama looks a bit out of touch this time. “I didn’t think that Obama had to do much during his week’s vacation — everyone deserves a break,” wrote Jim Geraghty of National Review Online. “But this week is starting to really turn into a week where you don’t want to be seen golfing.”

  157. Poland is ‘vulnerable to attack’ from Russia

    A top Russian general said Friday that Poland’s agreement to accept a US missile defense battery exposes the country to attack, pointing out that Russian military doctrine permits the use of nuclear weapons in such a situation, the Interfax news agency reported.

    The statement by Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn is the strongest threat that Russia has issued against the plans to put missile defense elements in former Soviet satellite nations.

    On Thursday, Poland and the U.S. signed a deal for Warsaw to accept a missile defense battery as part of a system Washington says is aimed at blocking attacks by rogue nations. Moscow, however, says it is aimed at weakening Russia.

    “Poland, by deploying (the system) is exposing itself to a strike — 100 percent,” Nogovitsyn, the deputy chief of staff, was quoted as saying.

    He added, in clear reference to the agreement, that Russia’s military doctrine sanctions the use of nuclear weapons “against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them,” Interfax reported. Nogovitsyn said that would include elements of strategic deterrence systems, the news agency said.

    President Dmitry Medvedev said the deal “absolutely clearly demonstrates what we had said earlier — the deployment has the Russian Federation as its target.”

    However, speaking at news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, he appeared to take a softer position than Nogovitsyn’s, saying “it is sad news for all who live on this densely populated continent, but it is not dramatic.”

    At a news conference earlier Friday, Nogovitsyn had reiterated Russia’s frequently stated warning that placing missile-defense elements in Poland and the Czech Republic would bring an unspecified military response. But his subsequent reported statement substantially stepped up a war of words.

    Tensions between Russia and the West have soared over the brutal fighting that erupted last week between Russian and Georgian forces over the separatist Georgian region of South Ossetia.

    Russian forces went deep into Georgia in the fighting, raising wide concerns that Russia could be seeking to occupy parts of its small, pro-U.S. neighbor, which has vigorously lobbied to join NATO, or even to force its government to collapse.

    Under the agreement that Warsaw and Washington reached Thursday, Poland will accept an American missile interceptor base.

    “We have crossed the Rubicon,” Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said, referring to U.S. consent to Poland’s demands after more than 18 months of negotiations.

    Washington says the planned system, which is not yet operational, is needed to protect the U.S. and Europe from possible attacks by missile-armed “rogue states” like Iran. The Kremlin, however, feels it is aimed at Russia’s missile force and warns it will worsen tensions.

    In an interview on Poland’s news channel TVN24, Tusk said the U.S. agreed to help augment Poland’s defenses with Patriot missiles in exchange for placing 10 missile defense interceptors in the Eastern European country.

    He said the deal also includes a “mutual commitment” between the two nations to come to each other’s assistance “in case of trouble.”

    That clause appeared to be a direct reference to Russia.

    Poland has all along been guided by fears of a newly resurgent Russia, an anxiety that has intensified with Russia’s offensive in Georgia. In past days, Polish leaders said that fighting justified Poland’s demands that it get additional security guarantees from Washington in exchange for allowing the anti-missile base on its soil.

  158. I tell you now, if this Russia shit continues for months and i have no doubt it will, US Citizens are going to get freaked and Bambi will lose in a landslide. They’ll want a hawk watching Russia not a dove.

  159. Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation (PHOTOS) »


    Huffington Post | August 13, 2008 at 09:18 PM

    ***See Obama Body Surfing on Thursday***

    Barack Obama is enjoying a break in Honolulu, Hawaii in advance of the Democratic National Convention. As seen in the AP photos below, he has spent time with daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, picnicked with family and friends, gone golfing and played some basketball at a local school.

    He and wife Michelle also made time for business, attending a fundraiser Tuesday night at the Kahala Hotel.

  160. Love it, the world is going to shit and the Huff Post goes with Bambi bodysurfing, that’ll help us when the first tank brigade rolls across europe.

  161. One of the key controllers of bambi is soros. Soros favors what he calls open society programs which seek the elimination of nationalism and protectionism. Soros has been actively engaged in the effort to pull former Soviet Republics away form Russia, create market economies and ally them with Nato. Russia is pushing back. Bambis surrogate Powers said today that bamabi could help because he is a friend of a particular British Lord whose name escapes me but is closely allies with Soros. That is the kind of help that could drag us into world war III.


    This is going to stir the hornets nest……

    Russians were told over breakfast yesterday what really happened in Georgia: the conflict in South Ossetia was part of a plot by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, to stop Barack Obama being elected president of the United States.

    The line came on the main news of Vesti FM, a state radio station that — like the Government and much of Russia’s media — has reverted to the old habits of Soviet years, in which a sinister American hand was held to lie behind every conflict, especially those embarrassing to Moscow. Modern Russia may be plugged into the internet and the global marketplace but in the battle for world opinion the Kremlin is replaying the old black-and-white movie.

    The Obama angle is getting wide play. It was aired on Wednesday by Sergei Markov, a senior political scientist who is close to Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister and power behind President Medvedev.

    draw your own conclusions ……………………………………….

  163. Idunn: Someone is reading The Confluence, this blog, and others. I bet, the groups were making a lot of noise.

  164. Canada quits Russian, U.S. exercises
    Published: Aug. 15, 2008 at 2:25 PM

    OTTAWA, Aug. 15 (UPI) — Canada has withdrawn from scheduled joint security exercises with Russia and the United States to protest Russia’s incursion into Georgia.

    Defense Minister Peter MacKay made the announcement Thursday after U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates declared a United States’ pullout from the operation dubbed Vigilant Eagle, the Ottawa Citizen reported.

    MacKay said the joint three-way exercise had been scheduled to take place in northern waters next week, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government couldn’t condone Russia’s incursion into Georgia.

    “Based on that type of aggressive behavior, we will not participate in the exercise,” MacKay said. “I hope it is a message that says, ‘The world is noticing your actions.'”

    He said Russia’s actions would have lasting effects on relations with Russia, but was vague on how long.

    “I don’t want to put a time frame on how far we have stepped back, but clearly this is a freeze on this type of progress with Russia,” he said, adding Canada was prepared to help with humanitarian efforts in Georgia if needed.

  165. I warned a few days ago that Russia was on the empire building program again and i was right. Problem is, Russia has the EU by the nuts and squeezing tight. So don’t expect back up, Putin knows what he can grab and get away with it.

    You can be guaranteed if Russia is saying the US Govt is plotting against Obama, then you can be guaranteed they want him in the WH.

  166. John Kerry for V.P. Not a joke…. Yeah, kerry, please.

    BOSTON (WBZ) ― Barack Obama has yet to name a vice presidential nominee and some are wondering if he might turn to Massachusetts to round out the ticket.

    John Kerry for vice president?

    Don’t dismiss the notion just yet.

    Some political insiders are telling WBZ it could happen.

    So why would Obama reach out to Kerry as his choice?

    Kerry brings more money and name recognition to the table than any other name on the Obama list so far. Americans do tend to love a comeback kid and this would be the most amazing political comeback since Richard Nixon came back from the dead forty years ago.

    “I’m not looking for any new job, I’m running for re-election,” Kerry told WBZ last week.

    Asked about the V.P. buzz, his press secretary told WBZ in a statement Thursday night:

    “If I was bi-lingual, I’d say no in multiple languages. The only job John Kerry is running for, contemplating, or considering is the one he already has.”

    If you’re laughing off the idea of Kerry back on the national ticket again, I don’t blame you. While he came close four years ago, his campaign was widely derided as, to put it politely, clumsy.

    But consider some reasons why Obama might now turn to Kerry as a running mate.

    Polls show many voters question Obama’s foreign policy credentials to be a wartime president. As a decorated veteran and longtime member of the senate foreign relations committee, Kerry could fill that gap.

    Obama suffers from being a new face on the political scene, but Kerry – warts and all – is well known to the voters, and in 2004, he did draw more votes than any democrat ever has.

    And judging from a new anti-smear web site funded by Kerry’s political action committee, Kerry would eagerly assume the role of attack dog… Allowing a nominee who prefers to float above the fray to minimize the amount of political hardball he has to play.

    One other note: the vice presidential nominee will address the convention on Wednesday night, August 27.

    The theme set for that evening – a salute to America’s veterans.

    The Obama campaign says we shouldn’t read anything into that. We’ll soon see if they’re blowing smoke on that one.

    (So what happens if Kerry is on the ticket – will he still run for the Senate? Read Jon’s blog for more.)

  167. Kerry as VP, now that would have most of America crying with laughter.

    Would just smack of desperation.

  168. Obama/Kerry 08 – The Elitist Dream Ticket . Totally fucking hilarious. The Repugs would fall over them selves with the amount of ammunition on that one.

  169. Welcome to the Communist take over….again! Russia attacks Georgia, whats next?

    By Dr. Laurie Roth Friday, August 15, 2008

    What is Russia thinking? Why have they decided to be so imperialistic and aggressive and attack the free sovereign nation of Georgia now? Just last night I talked with Ret. Navy Lt. Commander Cy Huerter and Van Hipp, former Deputy Secretary of the Army, on my radio show, trying to find answers to these questions and explore what our response should be.

    I also consulted with media whistle blower and columnist Daniel Zanoza. In his recent article on this invasion he writes: “Most experts agree Putin, though not the official leader of Russia, in reality, is calling the shots in the former Soviet Union. Putin, who was head of the FSB, one of the successor agencies to the KGB, the dreaded Soviet intelligence agency, had planned the attack on Georgia long ago. Military and political experts say Putin’s decision to move troops into Georgia was skillfully calculated to coincide with the Summer Olympics, currently being held in China.”

    In 1968 Russia pulled this when they invaded and attacked Czechoslovakia and got away with it. Our Secretary of State reminded us of that just this week. This is not 1968 but Russia is pulling this aggressive, rubbish again. They are still attacking and all over Georgia. Why now?

    Why attack now?

    Reason number 1 – They chose to do it now because there is momentum with the break away republics aligning with the west, gaining power in the world’s eyes, enjoying their freedoms and sovereignty. The U.S. was becoming a little too supportive and close to the nations surrounding Russia….Ukraine, Estonia.

    Reason number 2 – They see the pressure on our economy, dollar and struggles with gas and oil prices. They also see the need to control the pipeline going through Georgia to the black sea. Russia wants that control back and sees us as fragile and struggling in that area, so they think they can poke the U.S. more by gaining control of this pipeline.

    Reason number 3– Russia says now is the time because the U.S. is distracted and worn out with Iraq and Afghanistan. 100s of Billions of dollars later and lots of troops abroad, we wouldn’t dream of getting in Russia’s way if they attacked and behaved badly. The American’ will is too tired and distracted. We want our troops home not somewhere else.

    Reason number 4 – Russia can’t help but notice our liberal congress with a lame duck President. Much of our vocal congress has not been really supporting our efforts to finish Iraq and Afghanistan in the right way and is not willing to acknowledge the real threat with Islamic Radicals. What’s to be afraid of? Obama and a host of other congressman just want to ‘talk.’

    Reason number 5 – Putin can’t help but rejoice when he sees the endless concern over extending habeas corbus rights to terrorists, our demonizing of Gitmo and detaining these high level terrorists while the war is going on. We have practically given them talk shows!

    Reason number 6 – Putin watched us do nothing but talk and even with threats to N. Korea regarding them going nuclear we did nothing. He is watching us talk and retreat again and again with Iran. Why shouldn’t he jump in and conquer old USSR back?

    Putin has learned we are more concerned about feelings than safety; there is division in our congress regarding how to define the dangers we face and the war we are in; and we are worn out, struggling economically and don’t want any more trouble.

    When I asked Van Hipp and Ret. Lt. Commander Cy Huerter how we should respond to Putin and Russia they said that we must respond in clarity and strength. We should send in not only aid (which we are) to Georgia, but a battle ship or carrier in that area, while exploring sanctions, and uniting many countries including the U.N. against their actions (This seems to also be happening). No one wants a blood bath and another war, but we cannot ignore the attack on a free, sovereign nation. May we be clear, strong and tough as a country while rallying the free world against Russia. Pay attention Putin.

  170. Russia: BTC Pipeline is ‘Dead’
    A Turkish energy ministry official confirmed that the BTC pipeline blast was a terrorist act. But what’s more, Russia’s international politics advisor to the Russian Duma declared the pipeline “dead” and that it would never operate again.

    An adviser to the Russian parliament also claimed the closed pipeline would not be opened again and declared the line is “dead”.
    “The world and countries in the region have seen that not NATO, but Russia is the only one who could secure the energy routes,” Alexander Dugin, international politics advisor to the Russia’s Duma, told Turkish Cumhuriyet daily.

    “In this context, regarding Turkey’s energy politics, it should be said that the BTC is not running at the moment and it will not run again.”
    How can they know it will not run again? Because they have the communist PKK at the ready to ensure it stays dead with more bombings if necessary.

    Earlier this week, we asked “Did Russia Employ Communist PKK Ahead of Georgia Invasion?” The PKK took responsibility for the BTC pipeline bombing. But it remains likely that the communist terrorists got marching orders from Vladimir Putin, one of the opening kinetic salvos into the drive on Georgia.

    The comment above from Alexander Dugin is a clear indicator for those not already aware that Russia’s intent in Georgia extends far beyond the dirt and people in the former Soviet republic. The larger target is western Europe and the United States.

    But the conflict is too hot to term it Cold War II. At least in Georgia – and Turkey, if one believes as I do that the PKK acted on Russian request or direction.

  171. huffington post a pathetic rag.

    On a more engaging note, big media is in a battle with bloggers to maintain any credibility. Their negiligence–or cover-up of the Edwards story swayed this election. Now this question of bambis eligibility is out there on all the blogs. I am told that Big Media is starting to worry about their lack of due diligence may sway the general election as well. Not NBC or MSNBC who everyone knows are nothing more than propanda mills for the Obama campaign but the other networks who still pretend to be jounalists. We shall see who gets to the goal line first. The bloggers have a big lead. If I were the head of ABC I would call in my best investigative jounalist maybe Brian Ross I don t know but I would tell him kiss your wife and children good bye because you wont be seeing them again until you get to the botttom of this one.

  172. The scary thing is, I don’t think theres a damn thing the world can do to stop Putin. He’s going to do this bit by bit, he’s testing the water now.

  173. What next for Georgia, as American military cargo-planes land in Tbilisi?

    AMERICA’S George Bush delivered a stark warning to Russia this week that led Russia to begin to pull back its forces in Georgia. Mr Bush sent his secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, to Georgia and told his defence secretary, Robert Gates, to organise a humanitarian-aid operation. The first American military aircraft landed at Tbilisi airport on Thursday August 14th.

    This conflict is about more than the two separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, or displacing Mikheil Saakashvili, Georgia’s hot-headed president. It is about Russia, resurgent and nationalistic, pushing its way back into the Caucasus and chasing others out, and reversing the losses Russia feels it has suffered since the end of the cold war.

    The fact that Georgia is backed by the West made it a particularly appealing target. In fighting Georgia, Russia fought a proxy war with the West—especially with America (which had upgraded the Georgian army). All this was a payback for the humiliation that Russia suffered in the 1990s, and its answer to NATO’s bombing of Belgrade in 1999 and to America’s invasion of Iraq.

    With the smoke of battle still in the air, it is impossible to say who actually started it. But, given the scale and promptness of Russia’s response, the script must have been written in Moscow. The rattling of sabres has been heard in both capitals for months, if not years. Russia imposed sanctions on Georgia and rounded up Georgians in Moscow. In revenge for the recognition of Kosovo’s independence earlier this year, Mr Putin established legal ties with the governments of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

    In the late spring, Russia and Georgia came close to a clash over Abkhazia but diplomats pulled the two sides apart. A war in Georgia became a favourite subject in Moscow’s rumour mill. In early July Russia staged a massive military exercise on the border with South Ossetia. At the same time Russian jets flew over the region “to establish the situation” and “cool down Georgia’s hot-heads”, according to the Russians.

    South Ossetia is a tiny patchwork of villages—Georgian and South Ossetian—which was easy to drag into a war. It is headed by a thuggish former Soviet official, Eduard Kokoity, and run by the Russian security services. It lives off smuggling and Russian money. In early August Georgian and South Ossetian separatists exchanged fire and explosive attacks. South Ossetia blew up a truck carrying Georgian policemen and attacked Georgian villages; Georgia fired back at the capital of South Ossetia, Tskhinvali.

    What happened next is less clear. Russia claims that Mr Saakashvili treacherously broke a unilateral ceasefire he had just announced, ordering a massive offensive on Tskhinvali, ethnically cleansing South Ossetian villages and killing as many as 2,000 people. What triggered the Georgian action, says Mr Saakashvili, was the movement of Russian troops through the Roki tunnel that connects South Ossetia to Russia.

    Georgia started to shell and invade Tskhinvali. Then the Russian army moved in. The picture Russia presented to the world seemed clear: Georgia was a reckless and dangerous aggressor and Russia had an obligation, as a peacekeeper in the region, to protect the victims. Russia’s response was predictable. One thing which almost all observers agree on is that Mr Saakashvili made a catastrophic mistake by walking into the Russian trap.

    Russia was prepared for the war not only militarily, but also ideologically. Its campaign was crude but effective. While its forces were dropping bombs on Georgia, the Kremlin bombarded its own population with an astonishing propaganda campaign. One Russian deputy reflected the mood: “Today, it is quite obvious who the parties in the conflict are. They are the US, UK, Israel who participated in training the Georgian army, Ukraine who supplied it with weapons. We are facing a situation where there is a NATO aggression against us.”

    In blue jeans and a sports jacket, Mr Putin, cast as the hero of the war, flew to the Russian side of the Caucasus mountain range to hear hair-raising stories from refugees that ranged from burning young girls alive to stabbing babies and running tanks over old women and children. These stories were whipped up into anti-Georgian and anti-Western hysteria. What Russia was doing, it seemed, was no different from what the West had done in its “humanitarian” interventions.

    There was one difference, however. Russia was dealing with a crisis that it had deliberately created. Its biggest justification for military intervention was that it was formally protecting its own citizens. Soon after Mr Putin’s arrival in the Kremlin in 2000, Russia started to hand out passports to Abkhaz and South Ossetians, while also claiming the role of a neutral peacekeeper in the region. When the fighting broke out between Georgia and South Ossetia, Russia, which had killed tens of thousands of its own citizens in Chechnya, argued that it had to defend its nationals.

    The biggest victims of this war are civilians in South Ossetia and Georgia. Militarily, Mr Putin has won. But all Russia has got from its victory so far is a ruined reputation, broken ties with Georgia, control over separatist enclaves (which it had anyway) and fear from other former Soviet republics.

    A six-point peace plan negotiated by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, recognises Georgian sovereignty but not its integrity. In practice, this means that Russia will not allow Georgia back into Abkhazia and South Ossetia. According to the same plan, Russia should withdraw its troops to where they were before the war broke out.

    The ceasefire is signed, but it still needs to be implemented. The early signs were not good with looting, killing and rapes in villages in both Georgia and South Ossetia. On Wednesday the Americans announced that they would send military aircraft and naval forces to deliver humanitarian aid to the Georgians. This seemed to make an impression on the Russians, who soon began to withdraw.

    Other former Soviet republics, including Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Ukraine, have been dealt a lesson, about both Russia’s capacity to exert its influence and the weakness of Western commitments. America’s inability to stop or deter Russia from attacking its smaller neighbours has been devastatingly obvious in Georgia over the past week.

    Yet the people who are likely in the end to pay the biggest price for the attack on Georgia are the Russians. This price will go well beyond any sanctions America or the European Union could impose. Like any foreign aggression, it will lead to further stifling of civil freedoms in Russia. The war in Georgia has demonstrated convincingly who is in charge in Russia. Just as the war in Chechnya helped Mr Putin’s rise to power in 1999, the war in Georgia may now keep him in power for years to come.

  174. I have no idea why Obama campaign is sweating over this book ‘Obama nation’. I mean, Clintons, Bush all got tons of attack books on the best sale list. These books wont sway swing voters one bit. Seems to me a pretty stupid idea to get trapped into this tussels.

    By Michelle Nichols

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The author who put Democratic Sen. John Kerry on the defensive over his military record during his 2004 presidential run has turned his attention to 2008 White House hopeful Barack Obama with a new bestseller.

    “The Obama Nation” tops The New York Times bestseller list amid accusations that some of author Jerome Corsi’s assertions are lies designed to damage Obama politically.

    Corsi co-wrote “Unfit for Command,” which questioned accounts of an attack on Kerry’s boat during the Vietnam War, and his actions in the subsequent skirmish for which he received a Silver Star medal. The book sparked a political attack on Kerry.

    In “The Obama Nation,” which Corsi says is a play on the word abomination, the author questions whether Obama could still be using marijuana and cocaine and insinuates Obama is Muslim despite the candidate’s insistence he is a Christian.

    Obama’s campaign spokesman Tommy Vietor said in a statement the book is nothing more than “a series of lies that were long ago discredited.”

    “The reality is that there are many lie-filled books like this in the works, cobbled together from the Internet to make money off of a presidential campaign. We will respond to these smears forcefully with all means necessary,” Vietor said.

    Corsi told Reuters “The Obama Nation” is his bid to stop the Democratic senator from winning the White House on November 4. But he insists he does not support Republican candidate U.S. Sen. John McCain and instead backs the Constitution Party.

    “I have pointed out many lies,” Corsi said. “I’m saying there’s been this fictionalized … life story put out by Obama in his autobiography that has been magnified … during the campaign and the truth is dramatically different in many instances from what Obama represents.”


    Britain’s The Independent newspaper said the book “smells like a Republican hit job,” while the Washington Post said it “is rife with inaccuracies and innuendo.”

    “If the fundamental smear of ‘Unfit for Command’ was that John Kerry was no war hero, the insinuation of Mr. Corsi’s latest is that Mr. Obama is a closet Muslim and militant, black activist drug-user,” the Post said in an editorial on Friday.

    Brian Darling, director of Senate Relations at Washington conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation, said Corsi’s book serves an important role in helping educate the American people about Obama.

    “It will spur debate and I think Sen. Obama should get used to a very critical examination of his history and his tenure in the (U.S.) Senate … the same thing is also going to happen to Sen. McCain,” Darling said.

    Media Matters, a nonprofit Web site run by former conservative journalist David Brock, has deemed Corsi’s book “unfit for publication.”

    “Just as ‘Unfit for Command’ contains false attacks on Sen. John Kerry’s military service … ‘The Obama Nation’ similarly contains numerous falsehoods about Sen. Barack Obama,” the group wrote on its Web site,, where it lists inaccuracies in the book.

    The New York Times reported that “several of the book’s accusations are unsubstantiated, misleading or inaccurate,” including claims that Obama had “yet to answer” whether he had stopped using marijuana and cocaine.

    In his memoir, Obama said he “stopped getting high” in the early 1980s.

    “The Obama Nation” is published by Simon & Schuster imprint Threshold Editions, which is run by Mary Matalin, a former aide to Republican President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

    The New York Times has pointed out on its bestseller list that “The Obama Nation” has been a popular bulk buy. Some Obama defenders have questioned whether conservative groups bought it in bulk to inflate sales — a claim Corsi denies.

  175. The scary thing is, I don’t think theres a damn thing the world can do to stop Putin. He’s going to do this bit by bit, he’s testing the water now.

    Nonsense. Russia can be isolated, Moon. More than anything else, they want power. Cut ’em off at the knees and they’ll bend.

  176. US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, was in the Georgian capital on Friday and said the peace agreement between Georgia and Russia should be modified “to make sure that Georgian interests are protected.”

    She confirmed that Saakashvili had signed the ceasefire agreement. “With the signing of this accord, all Russian troops (…) must leave immediately”, she said. She claimed that an assurance by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that military operations had stopped “clearly was not honoured”.

    Russia’s President Dmitry Medvedev (R) and German Chancellor Angela Merkel
    German chancellor Angela Merkel met Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Friday at a Black Sea resort. Speaking afterwards she said the key issue was Georgian territorial integrity. “The basic point for a political solution must be Georgia’s territorial integrity”, she said.

    Also on Friday Georgian authorities discussed the handover of the city of Gori with Russian generals. Georgia’s Interior Ministry said it was unclear when Russian troops would leave the city.

    Meanwhile efforts to deliver aid to Georgia continued for the third day on Friday. Two US planes brought the amount of aid delivered so far to 82 tonnes. The Pentagon said two more flights were scheduled for Saturday.

    The UN said on Friday that 118,000 people had been displaced in the Georgia-Russia conflict. The organisation’s High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, will visit Moscow and Georgia next week to obtain greater access for aid agencies.

    Russia has agreed to the delivery of UN aid next week to Northern Ossetia but aid organisations have said that banditry is making it difficult to distribute aid to some of the worst-hit areas.

    A spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross said the security situation in the Georgian capital Tbilisi did not allow the group to access the city.
    Great site for photos, videos and articles

  177. wbboei said:
    Soros has been actively engaged in the effort to pull former Soviet Republics away form Russia, create market economies and ally them with Nato.

    This is bad?

  178. moononpluto Says:
    Prepare for the new cold war folks. Putin’s Russia has planned this for quite some time

    Then why move now, instead of waiting till BO is elected, or at least nominated?

  179. Russian-Georgian conflict scrambles strategic map of Europe
    By Judy Dempsey

    Friday, August 15, 2008
    BERLIN: The Russian tanks rumbling across parts of Georgia are forcing a fundamental reassessment of strategic interests across Europe in a way not considered since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 and the subsequent collapse of communism.

    Washington and European capitals had encouraged liberalization in lands once firmly under the Soviet aegis. Now, they find themselves asking a question barely posed in the past two decades: How far will or can Russia go, and what should the response be? The answer will play out not just in the European Union, but along its new eastern frontier, in once-obscure places like Moldova and Azerbaijan.


  180. I can’t help thinking this is a throw-the-election strategy by Waffles a, the DNC and whoever is behind them.

    I’ve thought from the beginning the real goal was to get rid of the Clintons at any cost.

    What sane candidate would go on vacation a week before the convention? Maybe it was intended as an opportunity to take pics showing Bo playing while the world simmers. Maybe it was a deliberate move. Knowing the effect the windsurfing pics had on Kerry someone probably thought this was a good way to hasten the BO fall which was part of the plan from day 1.

    I haven’t trusted anything about him or his campaign from the beginning, a gut instinct you might say, and with each new day the proof of his deviousness just increases. Latest example: John Edwards.

  181. turndownobama , its the perfect time too, they want to destabalise the US, they know theres a war on for its soul, so they strike at its weakest point a lame duck president that has no support, they know with a new Pres, the country is renewed, so they are taking the fight now.

  182. Russian outgoing envoy calls on PM

    ISLAMABAD—Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relationship with Russia which is based on mutual respect and similarity of views on various regional and international issues. The Prime Minister was talking to the out-going Russian Ambassador, Mr. Sergey Nikllayevish Peskov who paid a farewell call on him at the PM’s House on Friday.

    He said that Pakistan would like to start new era of relations with Russia by setting aside the past and moving ahead with full vigour to promote bilateral cooperation in multi-dimensional fields. The Prime Minister observed that Pakistan and Russia have been taking coordinated positions on issues of common interest at multi-lateral forums and supporting each other’s candidatures at the UN. He hoped that this cooperation will further strengthen in the future.

    The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is keen to benefit from the Russian expertise in nuclear technology for civilian purposes. There had been useful exchanges between the nuclear agencies of the two countries which cooperation in the civilian use of nuclear technology was discussed, he added. The Prime Minister told the Russian Ambassador that Pakistan and Russia have great potential to collaborate in the energy sectors.

    We want Russian Companies to invest in the energy and communication corridors being constructed to link Central Asian with South Asia. He said that lucrative investment and joint collaboration opportunities also exists in Pakistan for the Russian public and private sectors in expansion of Railways, construction of coal thermal and hydel power generation station and upstream and downstream oil and gas fields. The signing of PTA will strengthen bilateral trade and will offset the huge imbalance, he said. The Prime Minister emphasised the need for high level contacts as well as people-to-people contact, particularly the engagement of youth of the two countries.


  183. Georgia: After Dropping Cluster Bombs,
    Russia Has Responsibility to Help Civilians

    WASHINGTON – August 15 – Human Rights Watch reported today that on August 12 Russian forces used cluster bombs in two separate attacks on Georgian towns, killing a total of 11 civilians and injuring dozens more. Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict (CIVIC) deplored the use of the indiscriminate weapon and called on Russia to immediately take steps to protect the civilian population from unexploded cluster duds.

    “These are places where ordinary people are living and working. Russia should never have used cluster bombs,” said CIVIC’s executive director Sarah Holewinski. “Now the priority has to be protecting Georgian civilians from unexploded duds that could claim more lives.” CIVIC called on Russia to immediately provide information that maps where the bombs were dropped, known as strike data, so that clearance can begin. Dud fields will need to be located and marked so that civilians can avoid them. Russia should also enable the creation of a humanitarian corridor so that food, shelter and medical supplies can get to the civilians already harmed in the conflict.

    “The civilian tragedy playing out here will only get more desperate without immediate aid getting to the right places,” said Holewinski. “The onus is on Russian forces to make way for the help civilians need. It’s time for them to do the right thing.”

    The current Russian-Georgia conflict is the first known use of cluster munitions since the Israel-Lebanon War of 2006. In May, 107 countries condemned the use of cluster munitions and the civilian harm they cause, banning the weapons under the newly drafted Cluster Munitions Convention. Neither Russia nor Georgia was among the participating countries. CIVIC called on both countries to sign the Convention and publicly pledge not to use any more cluster bombs from their stockpiles.

    CIVIC is a Washington-based organization that believes civilians harmed in conflict should be recognized and helped by the warring parties involved. In 2005, CIVIC’s founder Marla Ruzicka was killed in Iraq by suicide bomb. CIVIC honors her legacy and strives to sustain her vision.

  184. Russians were told over breakfast yesterday what really happened in Georgia: the conflict in South Ossetia was part of a plot by Dick Cheney, the Vice-President, to stop Barack Obama being elected president of the United States.
    this shows how foreign dictators will play a rube like obama. The propanda thrust is a little disconneted however because bambi supports georgia not russia unless he has flip flopped on that one–or promised four people the vice presidency.

  185. What sane candidate would go on vacation a week before the convention?
    one who is trying to get his grandmothers story straight,

  186. Idunn: Yes, people of color, even women, have more opportunities in the democratic party. Something to that effect. It might have been that way, but not this year. Women have been thrown under the bus.

  187. The bots are officially deluded, they think Americans don’t care about Russia going nuts and that Americans will vote Obama in because he will bring peace to everyone, lol.

    I just read that on DU.

    Have you ever heard the like.

  188. When Russia invaded Georgia Obama interrupted his Hawaiian vacation and called Bush to advise him he should immediately send troops to Florida.


  189. That sounds like propaganda, no Americans…okay some talk this pie in the sky crap. We’ve been taught that you have to fight for you freedoms…our rights and liberty was not handed to us…we had to FIGHT!

  190. I wonder how all the other participants and speakers at the convention feel that the media has totally dismissed them calling this the Clinton convention.

    Lets see, Hillary gets maybe 30 minutes Tuesday, Bill the same on Wednesday and Hillary rightfully so gets her name in nomination on Thursday…

    Translation by the BM its a Clinton convention.

    If ever there was a reason to admit BM is calling the shots of this election it is now.

  191. Desperate Georgians receive initial aid

    While the separatist Georgian province of South Ossetia is under a fragile cease-fire, humanitarian aid has started to trickle in to help thousands of displaced people.

    Heavy fighting erupted last week when Russia invaded the small neighboring country, formerly a member of the Soviet Union. The military offensive launched in and around the breakaway region of South Ossetia has left homeless thousands of innocent civilians.

    Some estimate that between 1,000 to 2,000 people have died and 100,000 people have fled their homes, most from the city of Gori, where the fighting has been intense. Displaced people poured into Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and are now waiting in temporary shelters set up in schools and other public buildings—often with little food and no extra clothes, not to mention mattresses, sheets or soap.

    “It’s heartbreaking,” says Kellie Hynes, head of office for Catholic Relief Services Georgia about the casualties and the continuing violence. “Over the course of the past week, there was massive movement of people by car and on foot from Gori and other affected areas. People often left with little more than the clothes on their backs. The immediate needs of the displaced people are immense.”

    Providing food, supplies

    CRS has dispatched its Cairo-based medical staffer and other personnel to Tbilisi to assess the most critical gaps at shelters and hospitals. CRS Georgia will also work with the local Church and other partners to identify the greatest needs of displaced people.

    A construction worker (left) and his family, who fled bombings in the Tskhinvali area. Like him, thousands of people fled their towns and saw their homes destroyed. His family is now housed in temporary rooms in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Photo by Laura Sheahen/CRS

    “Despite the insecurity, our team is safe and is working on helping the innocent victims of the violence,” says Mark Schnellbaecher, Regional Director for Europe and the Middle East.

    Caritas Georgia is already responding to the needs of hundreds of displaced people in Tbilisi by providing hot meals at a soup kitchen, handing out food at temporary shelters, and coordinating additional aid through worldwide Caritas partners. Caritas, which has a bakery in the western city of Kutaisi, has also been asked to provide bread to 650 people who have fled the Kodori Valley.

    CRS will support Caritas Georgia to help about 700 displaced residents now in temporary shelters in Tbilisi. CRS has also been asked by the region’s Catholic bishop to help families from the Gori area, the scene of some of the heaviest fighting.

    A clear sense of desperation is felt among the displaced. It is reported that people are washing and reusing disposable diapers because they have no other options. In a shelter in Tbilisi, a construction worker whose large extended family lives with others in one room tugs on his worn white shirt. “This is what I was able to bring with me. Nothing else,” he says, explaining how he fled his village near the bombed city of Tskhinvali.

    Many people are sleeping on the schools’ floors or putting wooden desks together to sleep on them. A group sleeping in a kindergarten wasn’t receiving enough food. “We sat hungry for two days,” says a displaced resident named Lena.

    Caritas was able to provide her with food and emergency supplies.

    Our work in Georgia

    Working with local Church partners, CRS has helped improve the lives of Georgians for many years and opened its office in 2003. In addition to raising awareness of human trafficking there, we have supported projects that ensure good governance and media freedom and refurbished playgrounds, created libraries and a youth center.

  192. Not sure but he DID say the Dems have been the NON-MAJORITY party for a long long long time!


    What a bunch of MORONS!!!!!!

  193. Ukraine president calls for talks on Russian fleet
    1 hour ago

    KIEV (AFP) — Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko on Friday said he had requested urgent talks with Moscow on the Russian navy’s use of a Ukrainian port as the base for its Black Sea fleet.

    “I sent an urgent request to the Russian president through official channels to start negotiations… to regulate our relations during military actions like those seen at the start of August,” Yushchenko said in a statement.

    Yushchenko on Wednesday signed a decree imposing new restrictions on the Black Sea fleet, that was described by Russia’s foreign ministry as an “anti-Russian step.”

    The decree included a requirement that the Black Sea fleet, which is based in the port of Sevastopol, seek the permission of Ukraine’s armed forces “at least 72 hours prior to ships or aircraft crossing the Ukrainian border.”

    The announcement heightened fears that Ukraine, a close ally of Tbilisi, could be caught up in a conflict that has raged in recent days between Russia and Georgia.

    On Thursday a Ukrainian official said the decree would require Moscow to ask permission before returning ships active off the coast of Georgia.

    Russia’s military on Sunday said it had sunk one Georgian naval vessel, while on Tuesday Georgia said Russia had sunk three Georgian coastguard ships.

    Yushchenko has pursued a staunchly pro-Western course, like Georgia seeking membership of NATO, whose expansion Moscow strongly opposes.

    Russia has maintained its historic Black Sea fleet base in Sevastopol since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the current Russian lease on the facility expires in 2017.

    Russian politicians and military officials are strongly opposed to the prospect of closing the base or restrictions on its use.

    The base is located on Ukraine’s sensitive Crimea Peninsula, home to a large Russophone population with pro-Moscow sympathies, as well as some other ethnic groups.

  194. moononpluto Says:
    Be even funnier if Hillary got up, resigned from the party and said, tonight i begin my independent candidacy for the Presidency, who wants to join me and half the convention leaves.

    LOL! Way back a UK paper had a lovely phrase: “If Mrs. Clinton flounces out to run independent”

  195. Venezuela blames US for Georgia-Russia conflict
    by RicKelis since 2 hours 16 minutes

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is accusing the United States of masterminding the current conflict between Georgia and Russia. A statement from Chavez’s government alleges the conflict was “planned, prepared and ordered” by Washington in an “incitement of violence.” Venezuela is a close ally of Russia, which it says has acted to protect local residents from “unacceptable acts of violence” perpetrated by Georgian troops. Venezuela’s statement Thursday saluted steps toward peace in South Ossetia, saying Russia’s stance has been in line with international accords.
    I really don’t see how the Democratic? Taliban Party can win this election now…they might have had a chance with Hillary but with our weak SD’s and terrible leadership in charge: Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Howard Dean, DNC, propaganda MSM and others…I just don’t see them putting the best candidate forward.

    Obama is TOAST!


    McCain’s $27 mil is best month yet
    By JONATHAN MARTIN | 8/15/08 9:55 AM

    July was the fifth consecutive month in which McCain raised more than the previous month.

    John McCain’s campaign raised $27 million in July, his best month yet, campaign chief Rick Davis said on a conference call this morning. McCain ended the month with about $21.4 million in the bank.

    It was the fifth consecutive month in which McCain raised more than the previous month.

    Davis said McCain has about 600,000 total donors now.

    Having accepted public funding, McCain will now move rapidly to spend his remaining cash. After he is nominated next month, he’ll only be allowed to spend the $84.1 million allocated from the FEC.


    Sports owners fund McCain, shun Obama

    Sports team owners may not be John McCain’s answer to the Hollywood elite, but they’re overwhelmingly supporting his presidential campaign over Barack Obama’s.

    Through the end of June, team owners in the four major sports and their families have given to or raised as much or more than $3.2 million for McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, compared with as much as $615,000 for his Democratic rival Obama, according to a Politico analysis of data from the Federal Election Commission, the campaigns and interviews.

    Not only did McCain raise more than Obama from the owners in each of the four major professional sports leagues analyzed, but McCain even raised six times more from the owners of teams in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

    (snip….to read the whole deal, go to the web page)

  198. Idunn Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 3:57 pm
    Also…is Bambi EVER going to come off his vacation?! How long is that thing scheduled to last anyway?


  199. Regarding Campaign financing:

    John kerry feels he lost the election because he ran out of money before the election and that is what cost him the election.

    Obama and the Dems feel that they can survive the low poll number now and by the late Sept., Oct they will have all the money they need to win the election.

    The problem is Obama is one of the weakest candidate and the Dems is control by the hard left. Obama being on vacation during this crisis bring back more bad images of GWB admin.

    Also the progressive blogs have been naive and blame America meme that is turning off independent and republicans. Even though I have major disagreement with Bush/Cheney admin I don’t hate my country.

  200. this report went widely unnoticed but nonetheless is very telling about the democratic? party.

    add one more group to the under the bus crowd.

  201. Just on Fox, Ed Rendell still hoping Hillary is the veep, because Bambi’s poll numbers are falling and like Rendell, she is the only one that can bring them up!!!

  202. kerry didnt run out of money in 04. in fact he at 7 mil left and didnt spend it in places liek ohio. he kept much of this and is now using it for his senate run.

    In two weeks the Democratic Party will formally nominate Barack Obama as its candidate for President of the United States.

    It’s the triumph of fraud.

    I’ve spent the past two months immersed in data from the 2008 Democratic caucuses. After studying the procedures and results from all fourteen caucus states, interviewing dozens of witnesses, and reviewing hundreds of personal stories, my conclusion is that the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process.

    This site represents the fruits of my research. It’s a work in progress, obviously, and also a central repository for a vast array of data: articles and blog posts from around the web, personal emails to me, interviews with witnesses, affidavits and testimonials, campaign communications, and videos of the caucuses themselves.

    I have elected to make this information public. I hope that it sheds light on the caucus process and inspires reform or total elimination of the caucuses. I also hope it gives pause to those Democrats who believe that Barack Obama is the rightful nominee and that Hillary supporters should just “get over it.” I have been a Democrat my entire life, but I will not support the Democratic Party at the cost of democracy.

    Lynette Long

  204. Yushenko must be nuts or got big nuts, because if he thinks restricting the russian fleet is going to work. they’ll just do it, no questions. Remember the last time Ukraine tried to take on Russia, he had his face fixed and the oil cut off in the middle of winter.

  205. The future belongs to Russia and China
    by Ari Shavit

    China. The 2008 Beijing Games this week joined the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the 1968 Mexico City Olympics, and the 1980 Moscow Olympics. These four Olympiads were overshadowed by Russian attacks on neighboring countries that Moscow deemed overly independent. The timing of the attacks on Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan and Georgia was not coincidental: In the United States, Olympic years are also election years. And when Uncle Sam is heading for the ballot box, he is weak, and cannot prevent a Russian bear from devouring. For the fourth time in half a century, the Russian bear emerged from Olympic hibernation and feasted to his heart’s content.

    Russia. The Georgians liken the Russians to the Nazis. They believe Ossetia and Abkhazia of 2008 resemble the Sudetenland of 1938. As far as they are concerned, Vladimir Putin is Hitler, ripping chunks out of a neighboring democracy to destabilize and vanquish it.

    The Georgians exaggerate, but under Putin’s leadership, Russia is turning into a new Germany. Not the Germany of the Fuhrer and the swastika, but the Germany of the Kaiser and Bismarck. Like Germany in its day, Russia is a power in the process of getting renewed, reunited and rich, seeking to restore its lost hegemony.

    Like Germany in the past, Russia in the present is a world power whose size, location and nationalism threaten its surroundings. Since Russia has friendly ethnic minorities in small neighboring countries – its potential for expansion and friction is high. Therefore, just as Germany destabilized the old European order even before Hitler, Russia is destabilizing the new European order.

    Anyone who thought that the West’s most pressing issue is Islam should think again. Radical Islam poses a long-term threat, but the new Russia is a problem now.

    America. At the Beijing stadium this week, George Bush came off as the most wretched American president in history. A president who needlessly provoked the Russians, but ultimately did not withstand them. A president who brandished the flag of human rights and democracy, but ultimately kowtowed to a world power that tramples human rights – China – and abandoned the brave little democracy of Georgia.

    The Bush era came to an end this week, but with it ended two decades of America being the sole superpower. The Pax Americana that maintained global stability for a generation has run its course. The repercussions will be felt clearly, first and foremost in the Middle East.

    Georgia. President Mikheil Saakashvili did a foolish thing. Like a hot-headed Israeli, he did not respond to the deliberate attack on his country’s sovereignty by means of a diplomatic campaign, but rather militarily. The political echelon gave its troops an impossible mission, but Saakashvili’s mistake must not be allowed to cloud the big picture. Georgia is still the most promising country in a dangerous Central Asian area of tremendous strategic importance. Its democratic, progressive, and non-corrupt nature ought to make it a darling of the West.

    One should therefore refrain from creating a false moral equivalency between Moscow and Tbilisi. If Barack Obama really wants to be a new Kennedy, he cannot vacation in Hawaii now. He must do the Kennedy thing – fly to Gori and deliver the speech of his life: I am a Georgian.

    Finland. There was a good bit of irony in the fact that one of the two mediators who tried to bring about a cease-fire in the Caucasus was the Finnish foreign minister. During the Cold War, Finland was free but a Soviet satellite. If the Georgian crisis comes to one potential end, the future is Finland: more and more European and Asian countries that accept Russia’s might.

    The Europeans already are incapable of calling the Russian aggression by its name, because they are dependent on Russian gas. If Putin topples Saakashvili and lays his hands on Georgia, that dependence will only grow. Without a reinvigorated American leadership or a worthy European leadership, the regional future might be a Finnish future.

    August 8, the day the Olympics began and the fighting in Georgia erupted, will be remembered no less than 9/11. When the history of the 21st century is written, it will view this past week as the week that symbolizes the rise of two new world powers: China and Russia. It will be decades before China surpasses the United States economically. It will be years before Russia goes back to being a Tsarist power. But August 8 marked the way.

    The question now is not what sort of world we are heading toward. The question is how fast we will get there.

    In two weeks the Democratic Party will formally nominate Barack Obama as its candidate for President of the United States.

    It’s the triumph of fraud.

    I’ve spent the past two months immersed in data from the 2008 Democratic caucuses. After studying the procedures and results from all fourteen caucus states, interviewing dozens of witnesses, and reviewing hundreds of personal stories, my conclusion is that the Obama campaign willfully and intentionally defrauded the American public by systematically undermining the caucus process.

    This site represents the fruits of my research. It’s a work in progress, obviously, and also a central repository for a vast array of data: articles and blog posts from around the web, personal emails to me, interviews with witnesses, affidavits and testimonials, campaign communications, and videos of the caucuses themselves.

    I have elected to make this information public. I hope that it sheds light on the caucus process and inspires reform or total elimination of the caucuses. I also hope it gives pause to those Democrats who believe that Barack Obama is the rightful nominee and that Hillary supporters should just “get over it.” I have been a Democrat my entire life, but I will not support the Democratic Party at the cost of democracy.

    Lynette Long
    August 2008

  207. Oil pauses after fall on steep US demand drop
    Wed 13 Aug 2008, 5:31 GMT

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Oil steadied above $113 on Wednesday, after falling a day ago to its lowest since May 2 in the wake of official data showing U.S. oil use in its steepest dive in 26 years.

    Oil demand in the world’s top consumer fell by an average 800,000 barrels per day (bpd) on-year during the first half, marking the sharpest fall since 1982, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said.

    U.S. crude rose 34 cents to $113.35 a barrel by 0614 GMT, more than $30 off the peak above $147 hit on July 11 as high fuel prices and economic problems hit demand worldwide.

    London Brent crude climbed 4 cents to $111.19.

    Retail gasoline demand in the United States fell 3.8 percent last week versus a year ago, MasterCard Advisors said, even as pump prices eased from record highs.

    “There’s a swing in mood from supply concerns to falling demand particularly in the United States, but attention is beginning to turn to Europe and Asian economies as well,” said Mark Pervan, senior commodities analyst at ANZ Bank in Melbourne.

    Growing demand from China and other emerging economies spurred oil on a six-year rally that sent prices up sevenfold at its peak, with additional support this year coming from investors buying oil as a hedge against the weak dollar and inflation.

    But the situation has reversed, with high prices and weaker economies slowing demand for oil, while the dollar is hovering near a six-month high against a basket of currencies.

    Number two consumer China reported on Monday an unexpected 7 percent fall in July crude imports to a seven-month low, in the biggest monthly drop since January 2005 as refiners balked at soaring crude costs and lagging domestic fuel prices.

    “All in all, we are maintaining a bearish trading posture in quest of additional price weakness to the $108 area, a level that appears achievable by week’s end,” said Jim Ritterbusch, president of Ritterbusch & Associates in Galena, Illinois.

    Amid the gloomy outlook, traders will eye the weekly U.S. inventory data due late on Wednesday.

    A Reuters poll of analysts showed crude stocks likely fell by 200,000 barrels last week, gasoline stocks fell by 2.1 million barrels, and distillates rose by 1.9 million barrels.

    The Russia-Georgia conflict remained supportive, albeit mostly taking a back seat so far this week.

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had ordered a halt to military operations in Georgia on Tuesday, but U.S. officials could not confirm that fighting had stopped.

    BP PLC closed an oil pipeline and a natural gas pipeline running from its Caspian Sea fields through Georgia but said neither pipeline had been damaged by the recent fighting.

    The Western Route Export Pipeline (WREP), which takes crude from the Caspian port of Baku in Azerbaijan to the Georgian port of Supsa on the Black Sea, could have been carrying up to 155,000 bpd until the shutdown, trade sources said.

    A third BP pipeline that runs through Georgia, the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline, was shut last week following an explosion in Turkey.

  208. so lets see Dem Convention, no jackson, rangel, no gay speaker, hillary restricted to a footnote, pro life Casey, McCaskill, Pelosi, Dean, Oprah and the obama’s. That ought to at least turn off a few million tv sets and dem memberships torn up and in the bin.

    Have you ever seen so many fuckwits on one stage in your life. Good time for a trapdoor. Of course once Hillarys gathered them on stage singing kumbayah, she could go stage left and pull the lever.

  209. The president of the North Carolina Democrat black caucus says AA’s should vote for Obama but not for any WHITE DEMS.”

  210. The president of the North Carolina Democrat black caucus says AA’s should vote for Obama but not for any WHITE DEMS.”
    Well, Barack did promise racial progress now didnt he. The sins of the Obama campaign playing the race card? Or the result of that big mongoloid idiot Howard Dean calling the republicans the white party? Or both? Shock doctrine at its worst.

  211. Nothing short of Obama stepping down in favor of Clinton will be enough to satisfy the millions of Clinton supporters


  212. Great TMZ video of Bill & Hillary signing autographs last night. Watch Bill’s reaction when one fan calls him the “first black president”! lol

    http : / /

  213. Basil, OMG, the idiots think we are not going to vote for BO because he is black. How ridiculous is that notion. BO is not fit for CIC, flip/flop, liar, misogny and questionable associations, not to say he is on a constant vacation!

  214. When Russia invaded Georgia Obama interrupted his Hawaiian vacation and called Bush to advise him he should immediately send troops to Florida.
    Yes Basil. And when Bush asked him whether Atlanta was safe, Obama was heard to say so far so good but they cannot hold out forever.

  215. wbboei,

    The messiah’s done a great job of uniting. 👿

    Don’t know if you heard martin on ed’s last night but the injunction plan has evidently
    been shelved.

  216. hehehehe, wbboei.


    I didn’t say the article mentioned anything about the
    NC group accussing whites of not voting for BO coz he’s
    They did say not to vote for any white dems.

  217. Yes Basil I did. The media is starting to take interest in it however as noted above and that is even better. Not the schlockmeinsters at NBC, MSNBC and CNN but the other networks. It must hurt to be scooped by the National Enquirer. If this were the old days and Ben Bradley was running the Washingon Post things would be different. The investigative journalism must be of his calibre meaning meticulous and corroboated. This is a story that could rock the nation. No responsible journalist dare hide from it or dare shoot from the hip.

  218. Wbboei, I did hear that they are talking about an injunction in a few choice states like, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and some of the ones Hillary does best in! 🙂

  219. Here’s the old Hillary, it was nice to see her like her old self again!!

  220. wbboei,
    Momma E is still trying to get the injunction, she is supposed to find out if it is to be filed in D.C. She has a lawyer in D.C. talking to her about it. New information tonight!

  221. A wild thought.

    How much worse would the situation with Russia and Iran/Israel have to be — for HILLARY to privately feel the nation is safer with McCain in the White House?

  222. birdgal,

    It’s disgusting.

    sniffing around cnn and cadaveerdy is getting nervous about the convention.
    The bots are saying BO is being held hostage. LMAO.
    ” Others suggest this amounts to little more than extortion. One expert says the Clintons have “got Obama hostage and are exacting their ransom” with all of these convention demands. New York Daily News columnist Michael Goodwin writes that “Obama blinked and stands guilty of appeasing Clinton”. He points out by giving in to her, Obama doesn’t stand to get any votes he wouldn’t have gotten anyway, and that those who refuse to accept him as the legitimate winner probably won’t change their minds because he’s caved in.

    If he can’t stand up to Hillary, how’s he going to fare against Vladimir Putin?
    Here’s my question to you: When it comes to the convention, has Barack Obama let Hillary Clinton take over?”

  223. birdgal,
    here’s a quote from that article.
    The chairman of the Democratic National Committee has condemned controversial remarks by one of the presidents of the NC Democratic Party’s African-American Caucus (NCDPAAC), who recently said that black Democrats should only vote for Barack Obama in the fall, but not white Democratic candidates.

    Meanwhile, a prominent member of the NC Democratic Party’s Executive Committee who earlier called for the dissolution of the NCDPAAC, is now warning the Obama campaign and other Democratic candidates not to give any money to the group until it straightens out its problems.

    These two embarrassing developments are the latest blows to a statewide black political action organization that, history shows, has failed considerably to live up to its purpose.

  224. basil9 Says:
    Not sure but he DID say the Dems have been the NON-MAJORITY party for a long long long time!

    Dunno who said this, but check some comments about a recent Ras poll that counted the number of people who considered themselves Dem or GOP (registered or not).

    Iirc it said that the Dem count had been going DOWN in the last few months, after a peak in earlly spring.

    Love it! BO registers massive numbers of new Dems — and the total Dems go down!

    Iird in the past more considred themselves Dems, but the GOP did talk about a ‘permanent GOP majority’ that actuallly won elections.

  225. moononpluto Says:
    turndownobama , its the perfect time too, they want to destabalise the US, they know theres a war on for its soul, so they strike at its weakest point a lame duck president that has no support, they know with a new Pres, the country is renewed, so they are taking the fight now

    Heh, maybe they’re reading hte same polls the PUMAs are and think BO is a lost cause — so they are strking before McCain gets in, even if it HELPS McCain get in….

  226. turndown,

    what cracks me up, aside from deaniac calling repubs the white party, is

    the ASSININE non-majority comment, ie, non-majority in congress and the presidency
    for years until 2006.

    Deaniac must have gotten his medical license from some online college.

  227. As for the vacaton in Hawaii. If I were Obama’s grandmother’s doctor, I might order her into a hosptal for observation.

    However I am just Lincoln’s doctor’s dog, but luckly no one knows that on the Internet.

  228. basil: The democratic? party has gone down the tubes. It would be very dangerous for the U.S. for the democrats to get into the White House. We need a separation of powers. What the heck is wrong with the NC party?

  229. confloyd,

    I like hcsfjm but i don’t think it’s possible
    for her to mount a legal challenge this late
    in the process.

    I’m beginning to think there never was a dem party. 👿

  230. wbboei,

    Re Pickens and high windy hills….

    Considering that wind is clean and local AND INEXHAUSTIBLE …

    … and that his project will encourage electric cars etc …

    … and that there will be good technological fallout …

    … and that we can require him to grow nice plants between the windmills, even maybe tulips ….

    …. and that for any big investment, who can doubt the secret hid
    under Cheops’ pyramid
    is that the contractor did
    Cheops out of several millions

    I, say, just so he isn’t drilling for anhydrous ammonia.

  231. Basil, I hope you are wrong, but at least we still have hope, without hope there can’t be CHANGE! Ha! HA!

  232. is featuring a article today (Link is now gone), which talks about McCain would not rule out the selection of a pro Choice VP. The article says this will doom his candidacy.

    OK, so the other guy is for 4th Trimester and living birth abortions, so we know Reps are not going to vote for him, and I don’t see Reps staying home on election day.

    I think the Media is grasping at straws.

  233. ADMIN!!!!!

    Please embed!
    Here’s the 1 minute clip of Waffles flailing in the waves!

  234. basil9 Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 3:21 pm
    Dean calls the repubs the WHITE party!!!!

    There goes that dratted race card again! I hope the repubs call him out on it!

  235. and you just know what the repugs will run with tomorrow and Sunday.

    Russia went to war, Obama went to Hawaii.

    If I were McCain, i’d run a where’s Obama ad “Barack Obama, Missing in Action, if you see him could you ask him to please contact his campaign, they have not seen him in a while and are worried”

  236. I’m waiting for the Obama movie, the Obama bubblegum cards, the Obama superhero figures all to come out. 😉

  237. We could do a deck of cards like they did with all the wanted Iraqi’s, that would be a blast with all of Obama’s shady friends on them.

    Obama’s deck of cards, just pull any racist card out of the bottom of the deck and read how Barack knows them.

  238. Moon,

    Too bad you can’t watch the vid. It’s like an Elvis wannabe beach party without
    the bikinis.
    But you can see the still shot.

    btw – did you REALLY see pics of him in speedies?

  239. Sorry basil that was too good an idea to resist, we really ought to get someone to make those.

    I want Wright for the joker, Brazille for the Q of Spades (face like one) and Pelosi as the Queen of clubs.

  240. By the way did anyone ever tell you a man is like a deck of cards.

    You need a heart to love him, a diamond to marry him, a club to beat him to death when he annoys you and a spade to bury him.

  241. “No hway…Obama body surfs?”

    “Yeah dude! Hway! He’s like, so the man!”

    “I know right, he’s gonna be the coolest Prez evvvverrrrr!”

    ” I know. He rocks the ganj too. Did ya know that?! How mellow is THAT?!”

    “Mellow, man. He’s gonna change the world!”

    “Damn straight! Party at Obama’s house, Dude!”


  242. This has nothing to do with politics, but do any of you all know anything about Karoake/DJ systems?? I am looking for one and I am not sure what to look for in one!

  243. Multiple choice question:

    Suppose you are on the operating table getting ready to go under the knife, they have given you a shot of amnesia but it wears off. So you open your eyes and there is a masked man standing over you with a bowie knife and he says something reassuring like this will hurt me more than it does you, and his nurse who looks exacley like Nancy Pelosi who breaks into a hysterical laugh.

    And just when you think it cannot possibly get worse his mask falls off and you recognize who it is namely your worst nightmare. Is it:

    1. Klaus Von Bulow

    2. Dr. Death

    3. Howard Dean (DNC)

    Correct answer: Dr. Dean. Why? Because no malpractice insurer will touch him.

  244. not a joke-kerry may be his vp says news report
    http:/ /


    i know you are reallly busy campaigning for obama, and you are
    not yourself.

    uh, but i work for united airlines, and we let service men and women,
    carry on 3 bags, up to 70 pounds each…
    i’ve never once had a service men, drag more then 3 bags on a

    uh just a heads up….

  246. rasmuessen just replied to my email asking for polling hillary no she is being nominated. not happy with these results

    Half of Democrats Say Putting Hillary’s Name in Nomination Will Help Unify Party
    Friday, August 15, 2008 Email to a FriendAdvertisementOne third of voters nationwide (33%) agree with Barack Obama that allowing Senator Hillary Clinton’s name to also be placed in nomination at the Democratic National Convention will “help us celebrate this defining moment in our history and bring the party together in a strong united fashion.” But slightly more (40%) believe it will hurt party unity.

    Among Democrats, 48% say the move will help on the unity front while 28% disagree. Among unaffiliated voters, 43% say the move will hurt while 27% hold the opposite view.

    Clinton quit the race for the Democratic presidential nomination on June 7 after Obama had secured enough delegates largely through the primary process to be the party’s nominee.

    In a statement yesterday, Clinton said, “With every voice heard and the party strongly united, we will elect Senator Obama president of the United States.” But 24% of Democrats say it’s at least Somewhat Likely that Clinton herself will end up as the Democratic standard bearer. That figure includes 11% who say it’s Very Likely Clinton will be the nominee.

    Overall, 49% of voters have a favorable opinion of the former first lady, and an identical number (49%) hold an unfavorable view of her. Those figures are slightly less positive than reviews for either Barack Obama or John McCain. Seventy percent (70%) of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Clinton. Just 45% of African-Americans feel that way, however, while 52% offer a negative assessment.

    Sixty-five percent (65%) of Democrats rate Clinton’s conduct as good or excellent since dropping out of the presidential race. Fifty-four percent (54%) of all voters agree. Those figures are down slightly from a week ago. Last week’s survey also found that 63% of Democrats – and 62% of all voters — think it is likely that Clinton will run for president in 2012 if Obama loses this November.

    Clinton’s decision to quit the race was highly emotional for her supporters, including many women who hoped she would be the first woman presidential candidate of a major national political party. Democrats feared a large portion of these women voters might not support Obama, even though Clinton and her husband, the former president, have gone out of their way to endorse Obama’s candidacy.

    Clinton is expected to speak to the convention on Tuesday, August 26, the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage, and a group of her supporters already have secured permission to march through Denver, the site of the convention, on that day.

    Overall, voters by a 45% to 38% margin say Obama will do better against McCain than Clinton. Democrats agree – 54% saying Obama will do better, 38% that Clinton would. Unaffiliated voters are more evenly divided.

    In a mid-July survey, Clinton was seen as a better candidate against McCain than Obama.

  247. Overall, voters by a 45% to 38% margin say Obama will do better against McCain than Clinton. Democrats agree – 54% saying Obama will do better, 38% that Clinton would. Unaffiliated voters are more evenly divided.

    In a mid-July survey, Clinton was seen as a better candidate against McCain than Obama.
    I didn’t expect a better number because she suspended her race and the DNC and Team Obama with the help of our propaganda media has been attacking her for awhile and praising Obama 24/7.

  248. texan4hillary Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 6:57 pm
    not a joke-kerry may be his vp says news report
    http:/ /

  249. Obama says aloha to Hawaii, heads back to Chicago
    Sat Aug 16, 2008 2:52am IST
    By Jeff Mason

    HONOLULU (Reuters) – Democratic candidate Barack Obama was leaving Hawaii on Friday and hoping to return the next time as president of the United States if he beats Republican rival John McCain in November.

    Obama departed his tropical former home state after a busy weeklong vacation that implicitly recognized there will not be many more breaks until after the election.

    Relaxation for the fit 47-year-old did not include much time on the beach.

    Obama spent two multi-hour stints on golf courses, worked out at a local gym, went bodysurfing, visited Pearl Harbor, and took his children out for the Hawaiian version of a snow cone known locally as “shave ice.”

    “I got lime, guava, and cherry — solid flavors,” he said as he exited the store. “Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?”

    The trip had touching moments. Obama visited his elderly grandmother nearly every day, although often only for short periods, and took his children to his grandfather’s grave.

    On Thursday, he movingly tossed flower petals into the ocean at the place where his mother’s ashes were spread.

    Not wanting to play the candidate, Obama often avoided shaking hands with excited locals, retreating to his vehicle one day to wait for his hamburger order rather than mixing with a gathering crowd.

    Onlookers didn’t seem to mind.

    “I think that’s fair,” said Terri Charland, 41. “I think he probably could have waved.”

    Obama was flying back to Chicago to drop off his family before heading out to a forum on faith in California on Saturday. He hits the campaign trail full-time again on Monday.

  250. Democrats for Life of America Town Hall Speakers Announced
    Pro-Choice & Pro-Life Democrats Discuss Abortion Reduction Plan at DNC Convention

    WASHINGTON, Aug. 15 /Christian Newswire/ — “We are excited to have Congressman Davis and U.S Senate Nominee Bob Tuke representing pro-life and pro-choice view-points. Both support the Pregnant Women’s Support Act that will reduce the abortion rate in America by 95% over the next 10 years. This discussion will prove that hope and change are possible in Washington if we focus on creating solutions based on shared values,” said Democrats for Life Executive Director Kristen Day.

    Democrats For Life, Pro-Choice Democrat Bob Tuke & Pro-Life Democrat Congressman Lincoln Davis

    Town Hall Meeting

    Wednesday, August 27th from 1:00PM – 3:00PM

    Hotel Monaco 1717 Champa St. in Denver

    Congressman Lincoln Davis. Congressman Davis has proudly represented Tennessee’s Fourth Congressional District since January 7, 2003. Davis’s public service began in the early 70’s when he served as Tennessee state Jaycee president. In the late 1970’s, Davis was elected Mayor of Byrdstown before going on to serve in both the Tennessee House of Representatives and the Tennessee State Senate.

    As a state House and Senate representative, Davis fought for improved healthcare for seniors and veterans, and worked hard to keep Tennessee’s taxes low. In 2003, Davis was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Today, Davis continues his work for Tennessee by seeking real solutions that benefit teachers and veterans, factory workers and farmers, CEOs and homemakers alike.

    At home in Pall Mall Tennessee, Davis enjoys spending time with his family. He married his high school sweetheart Lynda in 1963, with whom he raised three daughters: Larissa, Lynn, and Libby. Davis most enjoys spending his time with his five grandchildren: Ashton, Alexa, Andrew, Austin, and Adam. Congressman and Mrs. Davis live in Pall Mall on property purchased from World War I hero Sgt. Alvin C. York. They are members of First Baptist Church in Byrdstown.

    Democratic Nominee for US Senate Bob Tuke. Tuke is a Vietnam combat Veteran and the Democratic nominee for the US Senate versus Lamar Alexander in Tennessee. Robert D. Tuke is the former Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, having served from July 1, 2005 through January 13, 2007. He was Co-Chair of the Kerry/Edwards Campaign in Tennessee in 2004. He also headed Veterans for Kerry in the State in 2003 – 2004. Most recently, Tuke was the Tennessee Political Director for Obama for America.

    He is a partner in the law firm of Trauger & Tuke in Nashville, Tennessee and is an Adjunct Professor at Vanderbilt University School of Law, where he teaches Professional and Ethical Considerations in Corporate Practice.

    Tuke was an active duty Marine officer from 1969-1973 and served in Vietnam in 1971, where he was awarded a personal Cross of Gallantry in combat by the Republic of Vietnam, among other decorations.

    Democrats for Life of America was founded in 1999 to mobilize Democrats at the local, state and national levels. Their primary mission has been to elect Pro-Life Democrats, support pro-life elected officials, promote a pro-life plank in the Democratic Party platform and achieve legislation that fosters respect for human life. Democrats For Life of America currently has forty-one state chapters.

  251. netnuts are excited about the lastest buzz of John Kerry as Obama’s VP. Quotes from dailykos for entertainment.

    Kerry got the 2nd most votes for Prez EVER, 59 million votes., More than Gore, Clinton, even Reagan ever got, I think we ought to consider this That means nothing. The population is growing. He lost to the worst President in the history of the world. That’s enough to DQ him for life, plus 20 years. The population didn’t grow by 20% in 4 years .

    That is the increase between votes for Gore in 2000 and votes for Kerry in 2004.

    I’m still rooting for Chris Dodd, Anybody else I have thought of so far has too many negatives. But maybe somebody else can come up with something….Kerry, no way ! I always thought Kerry would be good .He’s been an excellent surrogate on the talk shows.

    we don’t need another perceived “elitist” , on the same ticket with Barack Obama.

    caving in to right winger fear are we?

    By nominating Kerry, he would show no fear. He’d be saying, “Take your ‘elitist,’ swift-boat bullshit and shove it.” What, are the Republicans going to run the 2004 campaign over again? That would be so…. 2004. People would tune them out.

    Not as bad as you think .The obvious first reaction is Gawd no! But I’m surprised to find myself pondering it rather favorably.Yeah, his own campaign sucked donkey balls – but what does that have to do with the Obama campaign? Nothing.Kerry’s been an effective surrogate, stronger, more passionate and more willing to go on offense than anyone else. His foreign policy credibility is solid, and his Senate seat would fall safely into Democratic hands.

    Wouldn’t it be sweet revenge for what happened in 2004? If we can’t have vengeance for Gore, I’d take just desserts for Kerry.

    You make a intriging argument. Ever since Kerry lost, he’s always had the “lovable loser” appeal to me. It would be a unique satisfaction to see him in the White House.

    I actually think… it’s a great idea…he’s a fantastic surrogate, and that’s basically what the VP is for. I’m all for it!

    Is American ready for an African American 1st Lady and an African 2nd Lady? Teresa is from Mozambique. By the way, I think they’re both terrifiic.

    Guarantee That We Get No Less Than 48% . There is that.

    If Obama needs Kerry to win Mass, we are truly fucked.

  252. “I think that’s fair,” said Terri Charland, 41. “I think he probably could have waved.”

    Terri…you greedy old witch!! Don’t you know that Barack is trying to get his head together?! He’s just been through a primary…his minister busted him out on his patriotism…Hillary is ruinging his coronation!! He’s going through ALOT right now, and all you people want is MORE MORE MORRRRRRE!! Leave Barack ALONE!!! Leave Barack alone RIGHT NOW!! I mean it!!

  253. Some days, I can’t take even one email from Puffel, or the DNC, or Tom McMahon, or Obama, or the Deaniac… The pressure just needs some relief-

    so here is my second burst of steam in 2 days re: joining the Rapid Response Team:

    “Ok ya’ll. Grow up. Politics ain’t bean bag. Get out if you can’t take it with the grace that Hillary Rodham Clinton has for 23 years, the last 3 from you guys.

  254. birdgal

    Nope. That was my return emal to the DNC’s invitation to join their Rapid Response Team to defend the crying Bambini (mostly to respond to Corsi, I think.) Alreay turned them down yesterday.

  255. I just heard a scoop, that Obama donated 2 mil to Odingo’s campaign in Africa. Wow!! I hope that is true and traceable. This man is unfit to lead our country, he is just to wrapped up with others, dual citizenship sucks!

  256. I took myself off the DNC mailing list, so I haven’t been hammered by e-mails. Anything, I get in the mail, I tear up, put it back in the envelope, and mail it back to them. Immature, I know, but it is fun.

  257. birdgal, you are not alone…my friends and I have a sort of contest as to what we can send back to the Dems…anything we can find that will fit into the envelope — we started with cut-up credit Dem credit cards and membership cards, shredded newspaper, Hillary funny money, old pieces of bumper stickers we’re ashamed of …like Kerry’s … pics of Dean or O with clown faces painted on … try to include a pertinant message…it’s fun, isn’t it? If we all did it, woo, GREAT fun and what a tribute!

  258. birdgal

    I may have to do that, but I worked so dam hard all the way from ward to precinct to county,etc, up to state platform, before not passing BO’s loyalty test to keep my state delegate status. I sorta want to watch the wheels come off the train.

  259. grape-

    Thanks for the laugh. You always do that, or raise a great issue, or plop a thoughtful question out there.

    Gotta go – mosquitoes not as big as in MN, but big enough. I.m getting chewed up royally.

  260. Emjay

    there are a number of us that have given our heart and soul to this Party, only to find out it is worse than anything we had imagined.

    What I am amazed by is the people who go along with it.

    I raised my children to stand up to the group, and I am seeing adult bow to peer pressure like I would have never thought.

    But then, we have seen a number of adult groups (Nazie Germany), where people have gone along.

    I don’t know what you have given up here, but I am proud of you.

    The group you have now joined on this blog is far superior to the Dems organization.

  261. Wake up everyone, have you seen Rev. Mannings latest two video’s?? I have never seen him like this, he is upset!

  262. Everybody in this state is at the state fair…best in the country BTW.

    New mexico Fan- Ive been on BP since fall of last year.

    Have to get inside.

  263. confloyd:

    Watching Michael Phelps win in 0.01 seconds – and reruns. See how winners can still come from behind and win AGAIN. That’s what HRC could do as well, with enough coverage of BHO’s Indonesian citizenship, revelation about lying on his FEC filings and IL State Bar. Not to mention the whole Chicago-thug lifestyle. Did I mention the reports of big $$$$$ donations to Odinga?

    Along with Andy Martin, PUMA, together4US and JUSTSAYNODEAL, I say let’s put the hex, collectively, to BHO and catch him in the last nano-second.

  264. The only thing Big Media is good for is parroting propaganda from the BAMBI campaign with no critical analysis. Believe me that aint good. But to listen to them pander you get the idea that this convention will be a sequel to SPRINGTIME FOR HITLER. And that raises the ugly spectre of MCCASKILL IN LEDERHOSEN. If it comes down to that then to quote Hillary in Rhode Island-I’VE LIVED A LITTLE LONG.





  266. turndownobama- I have a first hand account of a doctor who lived in the Soviet Union when Soros was running roughshod over the economy. Her name is Dr. Vera Butler. It is a little long, and disjointed which leads me to believe it was translated from Russian. This is in response to your question above. If you want to see it I will send it through admin. It is too long to post here.

  267. wbboei,

    I just came across this at
    h t t p : / /
    and found it interesting.

    The same billionaire speculator British Intelligence figure, George Soros, who bundled much of Sen Obama’s internet contribution haul–also lavishly financed the career of lunatic neocon Georgian Pres. Saakashvili.

    You know Saakashvili–the nice man trying to get us into a war with Russia, by killing Russians in Ossetia. Bush is waxing eloquent about the territorial integrity of Georgia.

    Q: What does the Republic of Georgia have–that makes her regime so sacred–that Serbia, Sudan,Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and others facing foreign intervention do not have?

    A: A neocon president, Saakashvili, owned by London financiers like George Soros.

    Peace activists take note. Soros’ is a lavish funder of Obama–but since Soros started his career as a teenage Nazi collaborator in Hungary–it is unlikely he actually wants Obama inaugurated.

    So who would Soros want inaugurated?

  268. wwboei,

    I probabaly wouldn’t get through it, but anytime you want to email me anything you can use 1950democrat/at/gmail/com

    I’m leery of attachments.

  269. wwboei,

    I probabaly wouldn’t get through it, but anytime you want to email me anything you can use 1950democrat/at/gmail/com

    I’m leery of attachments.

  270. Basil: I dont know whether you listened in or not but Momma E is talking about filing lawsuits in all 50 states contesting obamas eligibility. They are collecting the money now. This wont happen until after the Convention. But it sounds like it is a go.

  271. turndownobama: that is what I was saying in my comments above. This soros stuff sounds like fatansy island–until you dig into it and realize that it is real. Thanks for positing,

  272. turndownobama: I am 99% sure I know the guy who wrote that soros piece- and he is sharp. They have been involved in that part of the world and know what they are talking about-if it is who i think it is.

  273. mams E just said whenever she sees obama her stomach turns over and she runs for the nearest john. A perfectly understandabe reaction.

  274. So who would Soros want inaugurated?

    turndownobama-com Says

    under that writers theory bambi was put in to take out hillary so bambi would be taken out to put in gore. Gore is who soros ultimately wants according to that writer.

  275. Another poll from critical swing state CO is showing McCain has the momentum. I’m getting really nervous that Bambi may actually pick Hillary. I do not want this scenario to happen. But the closer the polls get, and the closer the announcement date gets, the odds are rising he has no choice but to pick Clinton. Remember this guy is purely poll driven, and has no principal whatsoever, if he starts to panic…

    A political battle for the ages may become a battle of the ages.

    Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama are neck-and-neck in Colorado, solidifying the state as a key, swing area that will be pivotal in deciding who becomes the next president of the U.S., according to a Rocky Mountain News/CBS4 News poll released Friday.

    “It’s a heck of a horse race in Colorado,” said pollster Lori Weigel. “We’re officially a purple state now.”

    The poll revealed sharp divisions among voters by age and geography, with the candidates’ approaches to economic issues a key to winning the state.

    “There is a huge generational divide,” said analyst Craig Hughes, who consulted on the poll. “You really are poised to see this battle of the ages, where this youth vote can swing it.”

    Overall, Coloradans favored McCain 44 percent to 41 percent, but the gap was within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4.38 percentage points. McCain also had a slightly higher approval rating, 55 percent to 53 percent, also within the margin of error.


  276. kostner that is very interesting because colorado is the laboratory for the new scorched earth grass roots soros voter registration and get out to vote program. I know that is a traditionally red state and a month ago the eminentely fallible wall street journal writer john feund was intimating that mccain would lose and it now looks like they are no

    omy god mama e is going to do surgery on bambis ears–lost my train of thought.

    debbie you see that stuff on colorado is you are online.

  277. so Bambi is leaving Hawaii, is he flying back on a magic carpet or walking on water back to the mainland.

  278. and i knew it, its all over the place, the new mantra for this week, Obama goes on vacation, caves into Hillary and all the men go, show some backbone man, I knew it.

    Yes here it is folks.

    The thing that may bring Obama right down and i’ve heard a million since yesterday, “if he can’t stand up to Hillary, hows he gonna tackle Putin or Iran”

    His credibility has just been flushed down the toilet. I’ve got a grin the size of Rhode Island.

  279. moononpluto Says:

    August 15th, 2008 at 2:00 pm
    well you see wbboei, the kind of lunatics that support bambi turn on a die, he better watch his back because they will knife him in the back as quick as look at him, thats what dictatorships do.
    Or as the French say: “All revolutions eat their children”

  280. I just heard the best description of Obama and his VP search

    “You can have the best spare tire in the world, but when you put it on a junk car, the car is STILL a junk car”


  281. I’m just amazed Bambi did not fly to Tblisi and try to install peace with a big flowery peace speech but then the russians probably would have shot a tank round just to get him to shut up.

  282. Thanks for the laugh — Kerry for VP????

    That’ll cement the ‘change’ theme.

    Besides, Teresa and Michelle should make an entertaining duo.

    Yup — one can actually hope that Obama folks would be that stupid. It’s too good to be true.

  283. Yeah real departure from Change, last times miserably failed Potus candidate and his rich elitist mouthy wife.

    Whats i find most funny and hilarious is John Kerry should have won in a landslide, i mean he lost to George Bush and his low popularity, George Wanker Bush.

  284. confloyd,
    WO! Manning is livid. I think he’s right that if elected BO’s mission is to destroy the WH from the inside. I think he really is the ‘ultimate sleeper cell.’
    Manning is as nervous and agitated as I’ve been feeling, lately. It goes beyond outrage at HRC’s treatment by the press, the DNC, BO. It’s a vague fluttery discomfort, the type you usually push ou of your mind thinking you’re imagining things, you’re being irrational, you’re exaggerating . . .
    It’s the same feeling that usually turns out to have been true, the gut instinct that never fails if one is really in tune with it.

  285. wbboei,
    I know hcsfjm is apparently continuing the injunction quest but what the heck help will that be if something turns up after the convention?
    HRC will not be the vp candidate and whoever that is would step in to become the candidate, no?

  286. Morning, moon.

    Great line: “His credibility has just been flushed down the toilet.”

    Wish the rest of him could be so easily dispoased of.


    BTW, what’s in the Turkish papers about the Russia/Georgia stalemate? And do you speak Turkish?

  287. NYT final count of HRC delegates: 1920.
    But that won’t be aired on national TV.
    The roll call vote will occur behind the scens. Only the second vote, after HRC releases her delegates, will be televised and at that point her numbers may be cut to zero. This is outrageous. What’s the point in putting her name up if the true numbers aren’t broadcast. Sickening.

    Here’s an excerpt from the article.
    Hillary, for her part, will not see her historic achievement recorded in the convention records. The details aren’t public, but it seems likely that after her name is put in nomination, even before the first roll call, she’ll release her delegates and urge them to vote for Obama. Her most ardent supporters will still get to cast their votes for their heroine. (The word “catharsis” comes up frequently in these discussions.) But most of her delegates, including Clinton herself, would switch over to Barack.
    This is no tiny thing to give up. Clinton is only the third woman to ever compete in the major party primaries. Shirley Chisholm got 152 delegates in 1972, and Margaret Chase Smith got 27 in 1964. Chisholm fought the good fight, but none of the male candidates ever considered her a serious threat. Smith, an extraordinary senator from Maine who was the first person in Congress with the spine to stand up to Joe McCarthy, made the Republicans nervous when she entered the New Hampshire primary. But she seemed unsure of exactly how a woman was supposed to run for president, and soon resorted to passing out muffins on her campaign stops.
    And now Hillary Clinton — 1,920 delegates by The Times’ final count. This is an extraordinary breakthrough. And yet, when the delegates actually call out their votes in Denver, it’s likely that the numbers will look more like Margaret Chase Smith redux.
    “We know what we’ve achieved,” Clinton has been telling her backers.

  288. The Race Card is officially established as a DNC platform item. 👿
    After Coward Deaniac was caught on tape calling the repubs the ‘white’ party, Michael Steele suggested he’d taken race-baiting to new heights by implying Dems were the ‘black’ party.
    So now we’re officially segregated.
    Dems + black
    Repubs + white
    That’s according to our fearless leader who’s come out and said publicly what Brazille, Axelrod, Clyburn, Kerry, MSM, Jackson, the RBC, Wright, Farrakhan, Michelle, Obama have been saying all along.

  289. That mistake by Dean is going to lose the Dem party millions of votes.

    This is severely going to play into the mantra that the Democratic party has in effect been taken over by the black caucus and i think those white voters they were desperately trying to pull in are going to flee in even more enormous numbers. This is bad, and i mean really bad.

    Many have been concerned that the Democratic party was pandering into the AA wing. Dean just put his foot into it and confirmed it. What a huge mistake.

  290. There were more troubling numbers for the news media this week, as voters nationwide continue to tell us that trust is an issue as far as journalists are concerned.

    Fifty-five percent (55%) of voters say media bias is a bigger problem than campaign cash – even though they overwhelmingly believe politicians will “break the rules to help people who give them a lot of money.”

    If the public do not believe what the msm is saying then Obama is going to be in trouble with them being so partisan towards him. The public may just feel that they are not being truthful.

  291. Moononpluto

    I was wondering why he said that myself. They have gone in and said that they did not need other groups. So you have to wonder what is going on here. I would think you would want to appeal to a large assorted group of people.

  292. NMF they might as well have told white Dem voters to just fuck off.

    This is not a speaking mistake, this is obviously policy going on here but who is defining it. Even if it was a speaking mistake, it just revealed loads and it is going to cost them.

  293. Barack Obama describes author as a bigot
    Birmingham Star
    Saturday 16th August, 2008

    Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Barack Obama has criticised a new book that claims that he is the son of an alcoholic polygamist and dealt with his abandonment issues and “black rage” by experimenting with drugs.

    Mr Obama has described Jerome Corsi, the author of the book The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality, as “a fringe bigot peddling rehashed lies.”

    The Obama campaign picked the book apart through a rebuttal on the Obama campaign’s rumour-fighting website,

    Corsi claims Senator Obama left much of his family background out of his autobiographies; his father’s polygamy and alcoholism, his sister’s birth in Indonesia and the fact his then-fiancee Michelle accompanied him on a visit to Kenya.

    Senator Obama’s campaign says the book is full of factual errors, and it even got straightforward matters wrong, such as the date of the Obamas’ marriage.

    “Jerome Corsi is a discredited liar who is peddling another piece of garbage to continue the Bush-Cheney politics he helped perpetuate four years ago,” said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor.

    Corsi’s book is off to a swift start and is set to debut at No 1 on The New York Times’s hardcover non-fiction bestseller list this weekend.
    Obama protest too much. I’m starting to believe Team Obama is worried about the book and the harm it will do. From what I’ve read Corsi book has hundreds of footnotes and the facts are verifiable facts with independent sources.

  294. Moononpluto

    I also think the Convention and maybe even the debates will be turned off because of it.

    My rude awakening was when I saw this cnn anchor (they appeared to be so unbiased), say that Obama has so graciously congratulated HRC, then she added something, that HRC never did that. Of course I knew differently, but that submiminal swipe really got me. Did she add that, did the writer add that? It was quick and under the radar. I have stopped watching all of them.

    She should have stopped at how graciously he congratulated HRC. I knew for a fact that he had left Nevada without even thanking his workers, because he lost. I did not see that spread around.


  295. Vladimir Putin Elects John McCain
    By Alan Caruba Saturday, August 16, 2008

    I had the odd thought while watching the news coverage of the Russian invasion of Georgia that Vladimir Putin had locked up the election for John McCain.

    Earlier I thought that President Bush had partially handed over the Oval Office when he announced in effect that U.S. troops would begin to come out of Iraq in the foreseeable future. That pretty much took that issue off the table for Barack Obama.

    Obama had shot to the top of the Democrat heap of candidates by emphasizing he had been against the Iraq war from the days before he was elected Senator. Then, after that, Barack managed to find it in his heart to vote for every funding bill involving the war. This has come to be called “refining” his views. Indeed, one can witness Obama refine his views on almost any issue between breakfast and dinner.

    I am pretty sure that Vladimir Putin wasn’t thinking “This is a sure way to remind everyone we live in a dangerous world, filled with people like myself who actually want to go to war if it involves a very small nation that can’t fight back.”

    The net effect of the Russian invasion of Georgia was to remind anyone over the age of 65 that the United States, following World War Two, was locked into a Cold War with Russia for nearly fifty years. During that time, there were a number of hot wars as well.

    I have an older brother who served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War and, in 1962, I can remember being in Fort Benning, Georgia, getting ready to don full battle gear in the event the Russians tried to run the Cuban “missile crisis” blockade that President Kennedy had imposed. You don’t forget stuff like that.

    And, of course, you don’t forget seven years of the Vietnam War stretching from Kennedy to Nixon. That was a proxy war, albeit a civil war. Even I participated in peace marches around the Washington Monument to get an end to that confrontation.

    I have a feeling that Americans have mostly forgotten the fear that gripped us all on 9/11. If you lived or worked in New York, you were always scanning the sky for another wayward jet airliner. Soon enough we were laughing at the Homeland Security alert colors. The problem, however, is that we are still locked into a war with Islamic fundamentalists and are likely to be for a very long time to come.

    Yes, there actually is a reason we have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    While the conflict in Georgia is occurring someplace most Americans could not find on the map, the video coverage of the long convoys of Russian troop carriers and tanks are a vivid reminder of the ugliness of war and the potential for an attack from anywhere at any time.

    Ever since it became obvious that the U.S. had finally begun to win the war in Iraq, all coverage of that conflict disappeared from our television screens and the front pages of our daily newspapers.

    The Georgia conflict is the kind of thing that influences voters; as well it should. Somewhere in the back of our minds we all know that McCain is an Annapolis graduate who fought in the Vietnam War and survived brutal treatment as a prisoner. Some of us may even know he comes from a family whose men served our nation in war going back to World War I.

    The contrast between the statements issued by McCain and Obama was significant. McCain’s was clearly a strong denunciation of the Russians while Obama whimpered about the importance of the Russians and Georgians sitting down over a cup of tea to work things out.

    So, thank you, Vladimir Putin. My guess is you just got John McCain elected.

  296. moon, nmf,

    Well, to ckarify, I’m still not sure if he deliberately stumbled iver the word ‘white’ or it was a subconscious blunder. If you listen to the video (posted upthread) what he says is (paraphrasing) the dems are the big tent party as opposed to the white – republican party.

    But whether it was intentional or a freudian slip I’m not sure but Michael Steele sure seemed to thin Deaniac had just dug an even deeper grave for himself.

    Listen to the excerpt and see what you think.
    Dean calls the repubs the WHITE party!!!!

  297. Here’s the exact quote.

    “If you look at folks of color, even women, they’re more successful in the Democratic party than they are in the white, uh, excuse me, in the [laughs] Republican party.”

    What do you think?

  298. Of course we know who the true American Free Press is today. It is the Blogs. They find everything and bring it together for people to see. it is the people with cell phones filming events that the press fails to show. It is those instances where microphones are left one, and people have the courage to release those conversations, as they are the truth. It is utube where people say what they think. It is Saturday Night Live, other comics, and The Enquirer.

    These are the venues that bring all sides of the news, and the people decide what they want to believe, and what they don’t. This election would have been cut and dried long ago without all these truly heroic efforts.

    You could shut off the Evening News and many of us would never miss it. They have lost your credibility.

  299. carby,

    I just knew the response to the Russia/Georgia event would be critical. We just our candidate in sound bits, and this response was an important one.

    McCain dug into his mental bag of experience with both countries, and

    O was looking for his staff paper.

  300. NewMexicoFan

    I have not watched the news. I can’t even remember when i stopped. I know it was during the primary.

    I don’t miss it at all. I will not be watching the Democratic Convention either. Not my party anymore

  301. The Democratic Convention will be like watching the Muppet Show.

    Pelosi is Miss Piggy, (Thank you, thank you, you love me)
    Obama is Gonzo with his wife Camilla the sqawking Chicken,
    Fozie Bear, well thats Dean opening his mouth and failing miserably.
    Brazille would be the Swedish Chef bumb;ing about with no real purpose.

    Hillary and Bill would be Waldorf and Statler heckling from the box.

  302. neetabug

    Yet do you still notice we know what is going on, and we hear things right away anyway.

    My family will call and say, did you see what is going on, and the blog has already informed me.

  303. As a habitual observer and not any kind of expert,I must rely on my age on this planet and the gut feeling that helps me understand and digest what the MSM and most surely FOX have in mind as their preferred scenario for the Republican return to power.They have been boosting McCain half heartedly.Diminishing Hillary by simply ignoring her accomplishment in the debates,the votes she was able win and her record in the senate and her votes for what is best for our country.The big target is to take out Obama after Hillary is turned back.They will release a mountain of problems for him and render him useless as a valid candidate.Obama is very slowly and carefully being led to the killing fields of all politicians that withold the true goal of their candidacy and all the lies and false claims in his background.Thus the party of greed,corruption and trickle down economics will ease their own candidate ,old tired,hard of hearing,short term memory problemsand not in the best of health, into the Oval Office,He is a hero,but there are even greater heroes that we never hear about,because they came out of the service poorer and wiser but just want to have a family and do their best for their country.Thus RNC with the aid of the DNC,kills two birds with one great mass of political control of money media and minds.They win the battle and retain control of OIL,Our economy,our wealth,our election process and our FUTURES. All of this because of a BLK/WH novice with very dangerous ambitions that required the largest RACE CARD ever pulled from the bottom of the political deck.All you AA that have blindly accepted this fraud of a Messiah,can kiss your “LEGACY of RETRIBUTIONS” goodbye.You have been snookered,bamboozled and blindsided by a talented con man with no scruples,morals and compassion.Just remember that he led you to the cliff with your trust,your votes and your blinding desire to have a better life ,where all is free.A Cornicopia of to fill all of your needs and wants.The worst part of this road to the proverbial cliff,is that it will not cost you a thing,Nada,Zilch.There you have my observation folks,black and white.It is still not too late to turn back the Republican Dream Machine.

    By ABM90 Hillary may not win but she is strong and will be back another day and every time you see and hear her,yyou will be reminded of the wonderful ‘NATIONAL TREASURE” we abandoned


  304. You know who I think is the smartest politician here? McCain’s wife. She knows how to keep her head down, and just do her thing. Even when they go after her, she just keeps working on her Beer Company, flying her airplane, saving the children, and smiling.

    Not that she should not have things to say. She has two Sons in the Military, one in or has been in Iraq, and one getting ready to go. Not that she has not been a successful career women, her company is doing great.

    She figures it is John who has the experience, it is he that is running for office, and it is his job to convince the American People.

  305. I don’t know about the rest of you, but McCain’s tax ads are speaking to me.

    With every benefit that HRC proposed, she had a plan of where to get the money.

    O has no such plans as I can see, other than taxing us for it. With the price of fuel, I cannot afford to lose income by increase taxes. I see no trade off either, of we will get in and reduce your expenses here, immediately and in the future, which will free up money to pay for this tax.

    I will have to serious look at reducing our standard of living in order to accomodate Os tax increases.

  306. Obama is very slowly and carefully being led to the killing fields of all politicians that withold the true goal of their candidacy and all the lies and false claims in his background.
    Very good ABM 90: very good description. May I borrow this for something I am writing?

    Let us all hope this happens sooner rather than later. To the bots he will be a god that failed.

  307. NewMexicoFan

    I know, there are some friends of mine who have called me to tell me some news, I tell them i knew that a long time ago. It is old news

  308. ABM,

    While I agree with much of what you say, you have left out the most
    egregious enablers of all, the young, latte-sipping, living-off-their parents, basement and dorm-dwelling, wannabe-rebels, trying-to-justify-their-own-existence whites for whom this entire election has been a long, satisfying white-guilt-cathartic jerk-off choreographed and participated in at the expense of the rest of the country just to feed their voracious bottomless craving to participate in ‘history-in-the-making.” It’s the same disorder the MSM anchorettes suffer from. They’re so enamored of the self-delusion of their own relevance they have ceased reporting the truth and instead are obsessed with climbing the corporate ladder and hying their own movie-of-their-life and projecting it worldwide and then sitting back and admiring themselves for the impact they’ve had on the universe.
    Just like Nancy-save-the-planet Pooplosi and Coward-I’m really a black-man-Deaniac.’

    Makes me BARF!

  309. Funny how Obama seemed to hide his head in the Hawaiian sand while this whole Georgia/Russia thing got worked out (sort of).

    Whatever…I just want The One to get back in the spotlight so he can put his foot in some more crap. The dirtier his shoes, the more likely SD’s will be FORCED to see the truth.

    One can HOPE anyway.

  310. Don’t worry Idunn its painfully obvious people have noticed Obama seems to disappear when the going gets rough, its being plainfully noticed, many people are talking about it.

    Its one thing to like flowery speech but i think its coming into the public mindset of how spineless Obama actually is. Men in particular think he is a total wimp and very unmasculine. Regardless, men will not vote for a man like that.

  311. ABM90
    I really think you are right, Rev Manning urgency has me baffled. I personally heard him say on hcsfjm that he is not a democrat and would not be voting for Hillary if she got the not, which makes me think he is for John McCain. His urgency would be understanding if they are now truly afraid that Hillary has taken the Veep spot. The republicans are deathly afraid of Hillary, she is smart and know which direction she would take the country, that being re establishing the middle class.
    I think the republicans have used Brazille & Co. and helped BO in the beginning and were always going to take him out in the end, but here we are all the PUMA’s just getting in their way. Some of the PUMA groups have been infiltrated with republicans and are being led in the wrong direction. I think we need to keep an eye on Manning! I think he is a McCain operative!

  312. The SDs have more than enough cumulative information to make the right decision. Therefore, if they do not, then they should suffer the consquences of such mindless behavior.

    In a democracy, you are responsible to the voters as you work for them.

  313. nmf, Yes, if they screw up their votes and not do what they are designed to do they should suffer the consequences. THey not to lose their seats!

  314. An excerpt from the article.A longtime Clinton adviser said it was “crazy” to guess at numbers but estimated that the former first lady would garner between 600 and 1,200 delegates — considerably short of the approximately 1,800 she had collected at the time of her departure from the race in early June.

    “It’s a bizarre strategy,” said one Democratic strategist of the roll call. “It could backfire and show that her influence is waning. Chances are, she’s not going to have as many delegates vote for her on the floor as she had in the primary.”

    Indeed, many Hillary diehards, including at least one member of the New York delegation, are reluctant to vote for Clinton after switching over to Obama.

    “I think that most superdelegates, including myself, are going for Obama,” said New York Rep. Anthony Weiner, who campaigned with Clinton around the country. “I made my decision for Obama, and I’m not switching again.”

    Other onetime Clinton backers are reluctant to reverse course for fear of angering their black constituents.

  315. “Others are angry she is putting them in the position of choosing between BO and her.”

    Well, that is what an election is about. This is not a coronation. Get over yourselves. What is she supposed to do, just roll over, and not have her earned and entitled vote? Are the votes anonymous, or open?

  316. This is what I’m worried about.

    “It’s a bizarre strategy,” said one Democratic strategist of the roll call. “It could backfire and show that her influence is waning.

  317. wbboei.Thank you for your kind words.I would be honored to have my words and thoughts used by you in your magnificent writings.I must say that you have kept me inspired to continue adding my recollections and my current observations of where our country is head.I thank my Lord and my wonderful family and prolific writers like you that keep me alert and mindeful that I have been blessed with good health,exellent memory and an ecer present desire to keep fighting for the good of our country.I advise eveyone near or at my 90 yrs,to stay involved in what is best for us all the people of this wonderful world.

    By ABM90 a very grateful part of this support for Hillary

  318. A longtime Clinton adviser said it was “crazy” to guess at numbers but estimated that the former first lady would garner between 600 and 1,200 delegates

    Oh yes, it’s CRAZY to guess at numbers, but let’s do it anyway. LOL! I’m surrounded by idiots!!! ARG!!!!

  319. Those idiots that are Clinton delegates better vote for her or their will not be any healing, she better have the same amount of delegates she had in June!
    I am sick of this, I think there will be more, I hope so!

  320. Too much protesting!!!

    What are they afraid of, they’re SD’s and delegates and are representative of the Democratic voters wishes…will don’t crown KINGS we hold a convention to nominate our party nominee for president.

    So SHOW some guts and stand up and elect the best candidate that will beat McCain in November before it’s too late.

  321. birdgal,

    They’re thinking about what happened to John Lewis, Jesse Jackson and now Charlie Rangle not to mention the Arkansas DNC Chair who was shot to death and the 2 delegates who were stripped of their status fo daring to say they wouldn’t vote for BO.
    The blackmail (oops! Shouldn’t use that word) is horrendous.

  322. I must stop my long winded responses for few hours.Got to get on my Cb Cadet and cut 2 acres of lawn before it rains again.I will repeat a line of thought of several days ago.I just like words.


    By ABM90

  323. Courage, also known as bravery, will, intrepidity, and fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.

    “Physical courage” is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, or threat of death, while “moral courage” is the courage to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement.

  324. It is amazing to me that a diehard HRC supporter does not see the cliff at this point, and not at least vote for her in the first round.

    Are they mindless sheep or what. What are you afraid of?

    A small Chinese boy trapped in the rubble of a earthquake building, when released immediately went back for his classmates because he was the hall monitor and responsible. (I guess he did not care about what was politically correct).

    So tell me, do you owe your vote at the Democratic Convention to the person you think would best run the country or not.

    Somehow, I wish the small Chinese boy were making your vote, as he knows the right thing to do, and you do not.

  325. confloyd,

    Frankly, I don’t see how delegates that switched to BO after HRC suspended can get away with switching back for a roll call vote and then switching again to BO.

    There’s got to be a whole lot of arm-twisting going on for BO to have even agreed to this. They must know it’s in the bank, just like they knew way back in February or perhaps earlier, at the Florida RBC meeting stripping Florida of delegates that the fix was in and who knows, it could have been decided on as early as 2004 when brazille wrote “Why America Hates Dems: the Obama Factor.”
    I’m not saying I AGREE with the cowardice, I’m just trying to beg practical.

  326. I just got an email from a former Hillary supporter from my group. She was originally a Richardson supporter, and of course will now support O. She told me that I should move on.

    I told her you move on when you lose the popular vote, and pointed out how pissed the Dems were in 2000 and how hypocritical they are now.

    I continue to be amazed at how like Sheep people are in the US Democracy.

  327. Hillary Clinton, keep your powder dry!

    The Obama camp is freaking out over the truth being revealed. An aggressive attack is being launched, not against the facts in the book Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi, but a campaign digging deeply into the author’s past and using the politics of destruction. (Obama Campaign Mapping Out Aggressive Counter-Attack)

    Try to destroy one author, but the facts will not go away. A second author, David Freddoso, has published an even more persuasive collection of facts: (The Case Against Barack Obama). And of course there will be more authors and the facts will continue to come out
    Here’s the catch 22: The Obama campaign can argue against the facts only by drawing attention to the facts. Lesson 135: “If I defend myself I am attacked.” (A Course in Miracles)

    The problem is Hollywood and news media noise makers placed Obama ridiculously high on a pedestal and glorified him enough to sway Democratic primary voters without ever having dug into his past history, his belief system, or his psychology. Thus the Democratic Party has ended up with a deeply flawed candidate who cannot win a general election in America if the facts do become widely known.

    Barack Obama should have been content to serve in the United States Senate for a few more years and build a stellar record on the national level which would wipe away his past history. By jumping into Presidential politics as a tenderfoot, Obama has revealed the same insufferably arrogant ambition which sabotaged John Kerry. Maybe the Democratic Party will never learn.

    But the Democratic Party is capable of learning. It’s not too late to turn back to Hillary Clinton. Her name will be placed in nomination at the Democratic Convention. There is no law of the universe that says convention delegates are honor-bound to cast their ballots for a loser.

    But then look at the deterioration of America during the last 75 years under mostly Democratic control and ask yourself if the Democratic Party has ever been a champion of logic and common sense. Maybe they won’t ever learn.

    For a great discussion on Christianity vs. State Socialism see: Christianity vs. State Socialism

    If you are a objective and spiritual person interested in politics, be sure to study: Course in Political Miracles

    “Miracles make time and tide wait for all men. They can heal the sick and raise the dead because man himself made both death and taxes, and can abolish both.” ~ Jesus Christ (Modern revelation)

  328. I have this feeling that BO has decided to let her have this vote so as to demoralize her, if that takes place forget the pumas and myself backing the dems EVER!
    This must be a real freaking vote just like Teddy had or its not freaking good!

  329. Another thing to consider, is that many of Hillary pledged state delegates have been replaced by BO supporters. They must think, they have poached enough, that the vote won’t be significant.

  330. Even in Sweden, Hillary Clinton loyalists are stirred up
    We knew Barack Obama would have trouble winning over Hillary Clinton loyalists in places like Columbus, Ohio, and Morgantown, W.Va. and the middle of Pennsylvania where all those bitter, smalltown gun owners live.

    But who thought there would be an issue in Stockholm, Sweden?

    The Scandinavia problem surfaced when a Democratic political strategist offered an analysis of his party’s vice presidential sweepstakes Thursday night to the Democrats Abroad organization in Stockholm.

    Kevin Lampe said he didn’t believe Obama would choose Clinton or, for that matter, any other woman as his vice presidential running mate.

    Lampe’s reasoning, according to folks who attended the…

    …dinner over there, was it would antagonize Clinton and her supporters if Obama passed her over and picked another woman instead. (As if Clinton and her supporters weren’t already antagonized by simply losing.)

    Those comments caused a good measure of consternation on both sides of the Atlantic, partly because guests over there thought they were getting the word from a full-fledged member of Team Obama. The invitation identified Lampe as a “campaign advisor.”

    However, in an interview Friday, Lampe denied he was working for the Obama campaign — a point confirmed by Obama’s press office. And Lampe emphasized that he has no special insight into Obama’s thinking.

    “I’m playing the guessing game like everyone else,” he said.

    Still, it would be easy to think that Lampe might have the inside scoop. A picture on Lampe’s business website shows him talking to Michelle and Barack Obama in 2004, just before Obama delivered his heralded speech at the Democratic convention in Boston. In the photo, Obama has his hand on Lampe’s shoulder, which might mean something. Then again maybe he had some lint there.

    Lampe, who has an office in Chicago, said he’s known Obama since before the Illinois lawyer was elected to the state Senate there in 1996.

    Many at the dinner took Lampe’s words seriously.

    “He said he [Obama] wouldn’t choose Hillary and he wouldn’t choose another woman to be fair,” said Sandy Mansson, who lives in Stockholm and heard Lampe’s talk. “I guess she [Clinton] is just not a member of the big boys’ club.”

    Mansson added: “I think it would be very good strategy to have her as his running mate because it would unite the party. I know Hillary supporters who will not vote for Obama, which I think is a shame.”

    Another audience member said he was disappointed to hear Lampe’s analysis. J. Graigory, a 37-year-old writer living in Stockholm, said it would be “ironic” for Obama to take this view given that the convention will take place during the 88th anniversary of the American women’s right to vote.

    “He said if Hillary is not given the VP spot then Barack is not going to offer it to any woman because it would be seen as a slap in the face to Hillary,” Graigory said.

    For Obama to reject Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius “or anyone else because they’re a woman or because he is trying to keep the Hillary Democrats in the fold is wrong,” Graigory added.

    Still, the Obama campaign advised against reading anything into what’s being said about the selection of a running mate. Bill Burton, an Obama spokesman, said: “The people who know anything about the vice presidential process on our campaign are not talking about it.”

    — Peter Nicholas

  331. Conspiracy theory time???

    Did Obama and his monsters drag this decision on until they were sure they had enough “replacements” as birdgal has said for it not to make a difference if Hillary is on the nomination?

    Did Obama and his monsters stack the deck, manipulate the outcome, further commit criminal activities so the king’s annoitment would be a done deal?

  332. con,

    The roll call has already been fixed. Everybody’s been told to vote HRC or else. Maybe that’s why HRC didn’t fight to have her name put in nomination. Maybe she knows it’s going to be a blow-out for BO.

    I want a role call vote ONLY if it’s a free and fair process.
    I doubt it will be and I hate the thought of HRC undergoing any more humiliation.
    I will not watch any of the coronation.

  333. I think I will watch the saddleback church tonight, lets see how many hmmm, haaa, eehhh he can make in one sentence!

  334. What is so disappointing, is that people believe BO is “letting” Hillary have a roll call vote. If she were a man, this would not even be a question. It is her RIGHT! I really hate the undemocratic party right now. They are showing behavior on par, or even worse than the Republicans, and I never thought I would be saying this.

  335. Another Obama flip-flop: Campaign raising “soft money” from big donors
    posted at 11:20 am on August 16, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

    Can anyone remember a reform pledge Barack Obama hasn’t broken? First, he insisted that he would remain within the public-financing system, as late as February, then suddenly pronounced it “broken” when Obama didn’t want to stay within its spending limits. Next, his campaign went “negative” first against John McCain when he had pledged to eschew such advertising.

    Now Barack Obama and his team have begun raising millions of dollars in “soft money” from unions and PACs despite his sanctimonious depredation of such donations just two months ago:
    Facing a large deficit in the Democratic National Convention budget, officials from Barack Obama’s campaign have begun personally soliciting labor unions and others for contributions of up to $1 million. In exchange, donors could get stadium skyboxes for Obama’s acceptance speech and other perks.

    Obama has regularly criticized politicians seeking large donations outside the framework of campaign finance regulations — so-called soft money — while touting the virtues of relying on small donations.
    But campaign officials last month reluctantly decided they had to take a hand in raising large donations from individuals, unions and corporations. Some of the donors get special bundles of perks, including use of the party suites at Denver’s Invesco Field, as well as special policy briefings by Obama advisors, choice hotel rooms and party invitations.

    What caused the shift was evidence that the Denver Host Committee was having trouble raising the estimated $60 million in cash and in-kind contributions needed to fund the convention, which runs Aug. 24-29.
    Oh, okay, I get it — principles are essential only when one doesn’t need cash. Otherwise, the principles go right out the door, along with promises, and especially the sanctimony. For a taste of that sanctimony, watch his announcement on June 5th of this year:

    The Democratic National Committee will uphold the same standard: We will not take a dime from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs. … They will not fund my party!

    Unless we need the money
    Who did Obama call to “fund his party”?

    The SEIU, to get another $500,000
    AFSCME, which refused to donate more
    American Federation of Teachers

    In addition, the Los Angeles Times reports that the move to Invesco Field may be more about hauling in soft money than creating great optics. Obama’s speech will allow the DNC to sell Invesco’s private boxes for a cool $1 million each, which they need to raise more money to cover the cost of the convention.

    The DNCC had already reserved the Pepsi Center’s luxury boxes for other purposes. Even with all of these new sell-out opportunities provided by Team Obama, the DNCC remains over $11 million short of their goals with nine days left.

    The man who claims the reform mantle has not just repeatedly reneged on those promises, Obama has now commercialized his own acceptance speech to get money from the special interests and lobbyists against whom he inveighed in

  336. Georgia conflict to dominate Sunday talk shows
    By Emily Goodin
    Posted: 08/16/08 03:36 AM [ET]
    The conflict in Georgia and the vice presidential process will dominate the Sunday public affairs shows.

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will stop by NBC’s “Meet the Press,” “Fox News Sunday,” and CBS’s “Face the Nation” while her counterpart at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, will appear on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” and CNN’s “Late Edition.”

    Rice arrived in Georgia on Thursday to negotiate a cease-fire with the former Soviet Republic and the invading Russian forces.

    After the two cabinet members address the current overseas crisis, several possible vice presidential candidates will make Sunday show appearances.

    Govs. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) and Tim Kaine (D-Va.) will be on “Meet the Press.” Jindal was on “This Week” last Sunday, where he was questioned about the crisis in Georgia, his voting record when he was in Congress, and the energy crisis.

    Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) will be on “This Week.” Romney has become a vocal Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) supporter in past weeks and has done several television interviews to promote the Republican candidate.

    Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) will appear on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” Pawlenty made several public appearances in Washington a few weeks ago and Bayh has been campaigning with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.).

    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D) will be on CNN’s “Late Edition,” Richardson was on “This Week” last weekend and said there he hoped there would be no roll call vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) at the Democratic National Convention.

    It was announced this past week that Richardson and Bayh, along with Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), would speak on Wednesday night during the Democratic National Convention — the night the vice presidential candidate speaks. That set off a lot of speculation in Washington as to whether one of these men is the vice presidential nominee or if it’s someone not listed – such as Kaine.

    “Fox News Sunday” hosts former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge (R) and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). Ridge is a longtime McCain supporter and has been mentioned in some circles as a possible VP candidate. But there have been doubts about whether conservatives will accept him because he supports abortion rights. McCaskill was an early Obama supporter and is speaking Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, which many pundits interpreted as her removal from the vice presidential list.

    And don’t forget “Meet the Press” will air at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday in the DC market because of the Olympics.

  337. Birdgal

    They are even making the Republicans look good and more democratic. Who would have though.


    He might have hurt himself more with the males about giving in than he can possible hurt HRC in the vote. His manliness was on the edge anyway, and his weak Russian/Georgia response might help the Republicans a lot.

  338. British Conservative Cameron Slams Russia
    Filed under: General News — Michael van der Galien, Editor-in-Chief on August 16, 2008 @ 5:00 pm CEST
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    On a visit to Georgia, the country recently attacked by Russia, British conservative leader David Cameron slammed the Russians for “invading” the country.

    “I wanted to come to show the strongest possible support of the British people, the British government and the British opposition,” Cameron told reporters.

    “Russia invaded another sovereign country and that should not be allowed to stand. The Russian troops must leave… it is remarkable how close they are to Tbilisi,” he added.

    Although Cameron is the first leading British politician to invade Georgia since the invasion, Cameron is not the first to speak out strongly against the Russian aggression.

    Opposition leader David Cameron on Saturday became the first top British politician to visit Georgia since the conflict with Russia began and slammed Moscow for “invading” the country. “I wanted to come to show the strongest possible support of the British people, the British government and the British opposition,” Cameron told reporters after talks with Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze.

    “Russia invaded another sovereign country and that should not be allowed to stand. The Russian troops must leave… it is remarkable how close they are to Tbilisi,” said the leader of the right-wing Conservative party.

    Foreign Secretary David Miliband already said that the sight of Russian tanks inside Georgia were “a chilling reminder of times that I think we had hoped had gone by.”

    “What is required is a very strong response to what is happening in Georgia. If we just stand by after what Russia has done in Georgia then, where next will Russia intervene?” said Cameron.

    As happens more often, British conservatives seem to understand quite well how aggressors think. They also understand that appeasement is not a solution. Confrontation is. Wars may not be necessary, but containment is. Russia’s invasion of Georgia was a victory for them. The Russians invaded, and got away with it. That is the message the West is currently sending. It can still be turned into a defeat for Russia though; that would take the West to unite behind Georgia, and to promise it military assistance if it is attacked again. Other countries in the region should get the same kind of protection. Talks about letting the countries that are ready for it join NATO should be considered.

  339. I hate the undemocratic party. It is facist. The BO campaign has reneged on everything they have said they were against: FISA, Campaign finance, oil drilling, not taking soft money (see above article), instead of new politics, it is the same ole politics, but worse.

    If this guy cannot debate Hillary or John McCain, how in the heck is he going to stand up to Putin, and those like him? He will be a joke.

  340. Will Bower needs support on CQ comments article.

    11 comments starting on the same page. No registration/login.

    Taken from CQPolitics
    h t t p : / /

    “The move will give voice to Clinton supporters who have argued that
    she — and her delegates — deserve the chance to express their
    preference after the protracted presidential nominating schedule.
    Activist groups including PUMA (Party Unity My Ass, or, People United
    Means Unity) have called for representation at the convention and
    argue that the Clinton is the rightful nominee.

    Will Bower, co-founder of PUMA said he was thrilled by the news, but
    that now he will be doubling his efforts to convince delegates to vote
    for Clinton on the floor.

    But Bower hardly sounded conciliatory: “We need to communicate that
    Hillary is the true Democrat,” he said. “That Obama has betrayed all
    of the core principals that matter the most to his core supporters,
    like the war in Iraq, FISA, etc. We’re going to keep the message alive
    that she is the truer candidate, the more electable candidate.”

  341. Geez, those netnuts are absolutely crazy and juvenile. Watch their latest stunt.

    In the last election cycle, the CEO of Costco, Jim Sinegal and the Chairman of the Board, Jeffrey Brotman gave generously to progressive causes. I didn’t think I would walk into one of their stores to find a copy of “The Obama Nation.”

    My wife and I took action, and turned every copy of the book over so nobody would see the cover. We did the same thing in a Border’s store when Ann Coulter came out with her last book.

    But I’m asking for an email campaign to try to get Costco to pull the book from it’s shelves. Costco prides itself on providing it’s members with quality goods at low prices. Corsi’s book doesn’t meet that standard.

    My email to Sinegal and Brotman:

  342. lord cameron is closely allied with soros, so take what he says with a grain of salt and do not assume that Russia is wrong in this instance. In some respects they are fighting the same enemy we are,

  343. LOL…Costner…

    I’ve actually turned a few of Obama’s biography books over so no one would buy them. His face on the cover just makes me sick to the stomach. 😉

  344. The hysteriacal bots favor censorship. Now they are telling Jim Sinegal what to do. He is a great guy and doesnt need their crap.

  345. JanH Says:

    August 16th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    I’ve actually turned a few of Obama’s biography books over so no one would buy them. His face on the cover just makes me sick to the stomach.

    Here’s another LOL. In the lunch room at work, I have turned over magazines with BO’s picture on them. 👿

  346. JanH Says:

    August 16th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    I’ve actually turned a few of Obama’s biography books over so no one would buy them. His face on the cover just makes me sick to the stomach.
    That was not censorship. That was a simple act of good taste, or as the bots would say thinking globally and acting locally to protect the public from the great bamboozler.

  347. The war of words going on with the msn in the tank for BO, but the idiot needs to realize that he will be the sacrificial lamb after the nomination, the media will turn on him and offer him up to the republicans for the slaughter! I CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH THE SPECTACLE!

  348. wbboei,

    you can send it to;

    hawketales dot wordpress dot com.

    soon as it’s in moderation i’ll delete it from the blog and then get back to you.

  349. JanH

    You are a person after my own mind. I am turning backward the magazines that I see in Grocery stores with Os photo.

    My quiet little rebellion.

  350. I worked for a German Company for a couple years. Horrible experience. But as bad as they were the British Conservatives who were part of it–Thatcherites were the most rutheless people in the world. Nothing and I mean nothing is beyond them. I am generally an anglophyle (like the brits except what they have done to the Irish) but for that crew I make an exception. I guess it took these kind of people to run an empire where the sun never set but that empire but they are really something. That is the group Soros is allied to. I find it passing strange that every country bambi has been a citizen of–5 by my count was once a british colony.

  351. when was the last time you guys visited big orange and mydd? I just checked those sites, the mood there is pretty subdued….

    Does anybody still have activie account on mydd? I got banned there a few weeks ago. Can somebody let me use your account? I’d love to post a few polls and let them panic…

    If you’re willing to let me use your account on mydd temporarily, email me at

  352. From: Florida

    Information posted today on Puma. The first blog today.




  353. yes this sounds like a pure sham vote and one im not sure hillary will have. why-she endorsed bo. many officials have backed him after she endorsed. its goingto be a humiliation for her and the emdia of course wil have a field day.its nto a fiar fight. she wsnt allowed to have it. this spells disaster

  354. ABM 90- LIFE is SHORT-PEACE is FRAGILE and WAR is HELL was that James Jones-the guy who wrote From Here To Eternity?

  355. Hillary has lived in a state of humiliation for over 16 years, so I doubt this will hurt her, but we must all go to Denver for support, they may be able to make the delegates and the superdelegates mind, but they can’t make the PUMA’s mind.
    IF there are 1million Hillary supporters there, what do you think the reaction will be to the DNC. I have said from the being a million person march on Denver would tell the DNC the real story!

  356. im increasingly thinking hillary will be vp. everyone says well no but not sure. then i saw this piece confirmign what im thinking
    http:/ /

  357. Kostner: I think you have written Kerrys obituary: “He lost to the worst President in the history of the world. That’s enough to DQ him for life, plus 20 years–and from here to eternity.”

    Perfect running mate for bambi pompus arrogant elitist and tied to soros. Birds of a feather.

    He is dq–and I dont mean dairy queen.

  358. Also…is Bambi EVER going to come off his vacation?!
    Not until a cease fire occurs in Georgia and the Edwards thing has blown over. Then its safe. hat a coward. A non-leader if there ever was one.

  359. Folks, I still think its Hillary, why would she promise to support BO? What night does this roll call take place??

  360. Wesley Clark is not attending the Democratic National Convention. I was told by General Clark’s personal office in Little Rock as well as by the director of WesPAC that he would not be attending.

    Clark was informed by Barack Obama’s people that there was “no reason to come.”

    General Clark has been given no role of any kind at the convention.

    Rubbing salt in the wound even more, the “theme” of Wednesday’s Democratic convention agenda is “Securing America.”

    Wesley Clark’s PAC also happens to be called SECURING AMERICA.

    This is a mistake in my view. There are a lot of perspectives and competing agendas about how to direct America’s next national security posture — and General Wesley Clark should be one of the top tier names and personalities at the table.

  361. rollcall wed. i think. i agree-i think it well may be hillary. i would rather her be the nom, but shoudl he win i want her there to fight for the invisible. bayh and biden wont. they dont have the following or abilties. she does.

  362. There is zero indication he even likes Hillary, much less he’d run with her. I think he’s picking someone to appeal to evangelicals. See Talk Left for the be christian revival the convention is turning into.

  363. texan4hillary, as much as I hate it, I feel the same as you do, I keep trying to talk myself out of it, but if he choses her I think she and her lawyers will have enough guts to make sure she will not be in the whitehouse kitchen washing dishes!

  364. # wbboei Says:
    August 16th, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    ABM 90- LIFE is SHORT-PEACE is FRAGILE and WAR is HELL was that James Jones-the guy who wrote From Here To Eternity?
    that was William Tecumseh Sherman who wrote that in re the burning of Atlanta

    has admin gone on vacation? — keep coming back to see … meanwhile digging all over looking for something that makes sense — useless pursuit — guess we are all in the dark till convention — wish I could go to Denver … would somebody who’s going write lil ole grape on a scrap of paper and keep it in your pocket — take me along sort of thing pocket…take me with you

    wish I could go th

  365. MJ, the most frightning thing about this whole election cycle is that the evangelicals are drinking the Kool-aid, something I thought they would have had enough sense not to do!
    After the Saddleback thing tonight, we may see a real shift to Bambi.
    The people who really know the Bible will know he will really show his knowledge of the Bible tonight, but it will further deeper their realization that he is a muslim and a good one because of his knowledge of the Bible. McCain will not be able to hold a candlestick to Bambi in this area and this could be bad for McCain!

  366. I just read that Jimmy Carter on his way home from China in 1979 also stopped for a little fun in the sun before the election and did not serve him well! 🙂

  367. MJ, I heard recently since June 4th that they were going for the fraud. I hope not, but only time will tell.
    I am going to watch this summit tonight and see what kinds of question the evangelicals will ask. Probably about abortion, it seems to be their favorite subject and I am Catholic, but I am pro-choice, but want the late-term abortions stopped and make them illegal!

  368. mccain breaks tradition-will runs ads during dem conv -smart move
    http:/ /

  369. This can’t be good for BO, if he keeps telling all these people they can’t come to the convention, Clark, Jackson,Rangle and so many others. I wonder if Ferrero is coming?? I wonder if she will be given a chance to speak?
    I wonder if any of BO many preachers are speaking??

  370. That Denver ad makes me think of the Jefferson Airplane song “Volunteers”.

    Hey now its time for you and me
    Got a revolution got to revolution
    Come on now were marching to the sea
    Got a revolution got to revolution
    Who will take it from you
    We will and who are we
    We are volunteers of america


  371. Thanks wbboei.I stand corrected.I hope that I did not lead any one believe that they were my words .Words,phrases and recollections that are so meaningful stay with many of us old geezers for a a lifetime and their origin remains a problem.
    I finished my mowing and that job always inspires some great thinking and even some get even thoughts for the way he and his Dirty Dozens have treated Hillary.I hate no one and never have but Obama raises some real disturbing need for retributions from a keyboard.Thought of him being supported by the ” Ding-a-ling sisters”Andrea,Claire,Mika and Soledad makes me very prone for some real revenge via the internet.I believe he will have us swallow a story about his Irish connection such as his true spelling of his name ( O’Bama ).This guy is a real piece of work.Reminds me of the merchants and the slimey salesmen that are constantly trying to sell me an extended warranty on just about any thing I buy that can’t be consumed.Yes O’Bama it is the same scheme you have used in your drive to recruit the young,the old and the poor with that never to be realized, “LEGACY of RETRIBUTIONS” that you constantly slip into you false promises.

    By ABM90 Hopful as ever that Hillary will prevail.

  372. texan4hillary Says:
    rollcall wed. i think. i agree-i think it well may be hillary. i would rather her be the nom, but shoudl he win i want her there to fight for the invisible. bayh and biden wont. they dont have the following or abilties. she does.

    In the Senate she can do a lot of fighting. As VP she would be muzzled, sent to Pakistan with Sharpton, etc.

    Lawyers my ass. Nothing negotiated now would be binding on BO later if he were Pres. The Pres has total authority over the VP. It would be worse than the way they’re making her talk now.

    She couldn’t even resign and come back to the Senate, because someone else would have her senate seat.

  373. wbboei Says:
    Alot of what we are seeing here is smoke and mirrors. We need to think strategically.

    Yep. My theory is that the only REAL thing to look at is to be prepared for some unexpected thing such as BO being in jail or some other thing that can be perceived as changing the whole situation.

    Hillary has said a “narrow victory” is “not going to happen.” She doesn’t want a messy fight even if she might win.

    However if enough delegates found some excuse to swing to make a big victory, hopefully the mechanism, the paperwork, will be in place.

  374. mj

    There was no love lost, not even respect, between John F and Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson either…just a grudging admission that JFK needed to have LBJ on his ticket to ensure his election.

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