Internal Memoranda, Part I

Big Media will fight for its tool – Barack Obama. To that end Big Media will attack, slime, and smear Obama opponents and protect Obama friends.

A certain reporter took time out from trolling the internets for sex in order to go “rooting around in other people’s personal lives”. As the gossip gawkers noted How on earth does he have time to trawl gay hookup sites? And why would he leave so many clues as to his real identity when he’s so much in the public eye?

The target for the pro-Obama smear merchants at the New York Times and MSNBC was none other than Bill Clinton.

A particulary filthy article by Patrick Healy in the New York Times smeared Bill Clinton repeatedly. Rubbing his thighs, Chris Matthews pleasured himself by utilizing the article to attack Hillary Clinton. According to Matthews the New York Times had provided permission to smear Bill Clinton (and Hillary) by placing the Bill Clinton sex story on the “front page, top of the fold”.

The New York Times’ articles on Bill Clinton’s sex life were repeatedly employed to justify gossip about Bill Clinton and attacks on Hillary Clinton. The subtext to most of the ‘can Hillary control Bill’ stories had their roots in the slime buckets at the New York Times and MSNBC.

The New York Times printed what the maligned tabloids would describe as “trash” to smear Bill Clinton and hurt Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times smeared Bill Clinton. The New York Times then proceeded to smear John McCain.

The McCain sex smear was so slimy that even the Times’ ombudsman denounced the story.

On June 15, 2007, in a widely read article, we noted the history of Obama’s Dirty Mud Politics. In our story Obama’s Dirty Mud Politics we briefly traced the dirty history of Obama employing sex stories planted in the press to destroy his opponents.

Reporters busy trolling for sex or sucking up to sources would welcome Obama campaign help to write their slimy smears. And Obama tried to plant anti-Clinton sex smears in the press.

His campaign staffers, too, have become frustrated by the focus of the media’s attention, specifically that the press has not covered Clinton in the way they expected it would. During an interview this summer, Obama’s friend Valerie Jarrett said to me, unbidden, “He is a man who is devoted to his wife. There aren’t going to be any skeletons in his closet in terms of his personal life at all. Period.” And at a campaign event in Iowa, one of Obama’s aides plopped down next to me and spoke even more bluntly. He wanted to know when reporters would begin to look into Bill Clinton’s post-presidential sex life.

As we wrote at the time, Valerie Jarrett is an optimist if she thinks there is an empty closet – she should read the emails we get. We wrote about good ol’ Obama friend Valerie when the Obama campaign bought her in to bring order into disorder.

Michelle Obama also tried to stir the sex pot:

Big Media and the Obama campaign smeared Obama’s opponents on the front pages of the biggest Big Media outlets. What about the sex lives of those that benefited the Obama campaign? Not much was written or said about the podium humping Jeremiah Wright – Obama turned that discussion into a profitable distraction speech about race. What about Johnny Edwards?

Sen. Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee if John Edwards had been caught in his lie about an extramarital affair and forced out of the race last year, insists a top Clinton campaign aide, making a charge that could exacerbate previously existing tensions between the camps of Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

“I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told

Clinton finished third in the Iowa caucuses barely behind Edwards in second place and Obama in first. The momentum of the insurgent Obama campaign beating two better-known candidates — not to mention an African-American winning in such an overwhelmingly white state — changed the dynamics of the race forever. [snip]

Our voters and Edwards’ voters were the same people,” Wolfson said the Clinton polls showed. “They were older, pro-union. Not all, but maybe two-thirds of them would have been for us and we would have barely beaten Obama.”

Two months earlier, Edwards had vociferously, but falsely, denied a story in the National Enquirer about the alleged affair last October, and few in the mainstream media even reported the denial.

Few in Big Media even bothered to report the denial of a sex affair that would have hurt their tool – Barack Obama.

Now that the National Enquirer has let the wandering cat out of the bag in the post primary season, Big Media outlets are discussing what they fought so hard for so long not to discuss.

Newsweek confesses it actually knew who Rielle Hunter was (Newsweek did not write the sex stuff because they were sucking up to their sources Rielle Hunter and did not want to “burn” a good source). Michael Calderone at Politico has a list of excuses for not discussing L’affaire Edwards.

CNN told the New York Times that the network had been working on a story last year, but after Edwards and Rielle Hunter denied it, “you have to have some sort of evidence before you put something on the air.” Perhaps CNN was being cheeky in telling the New York Times that evidence was required, in light of the New York Times’ evidence free reportage.

The Washington Post simply admitted (as with most of their political reporting) “at no time did we have any facts to report”.

At Arriana Huff n’ Puff’s smear the Clintons, pro-Obama website, they knew all along. Of course, Huff n’ Puff initially sneered at the story, then like good Stalinists, they erased thier earlier “reportage”.

Most Big Media outlets followed the L.A. Times and protected Edwards.

There has been a little buzz surrounding John Edwards and his alleged affair. Because the only source has been the National Enquirer we have decided not to cover the rumors or salacious speculations. So I am asking you all not to blog about this topic until further notified.

Big Media will protect their tool – Barack Obama.

[In Part II, the Clinton Campaign’s Internal Memoranda and Big Media’s continued protection of Obama.]


305 thoughts on “Internal Memoranda, Part I

  1. great article, admin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as usual.

    I think we need a little cheerleading. In honor of Isaac Hayes, who helped pen this Sam and Dave classic, I have a feeling…Hillary is coming!!!!!!

    If I knew how to make a video, I’d use this!

    Hold ON, I”m COMING!
    Well don’t you ever be sad
    Lean on me when times are bad
    When the day comes and you’re in doubt,
    In a river of trouble, about to drown.

    Hold on, I’m coming.
    Hold on, I’m coming.

    I’m on my way, your lover
    When you get cold, yeah, I’ll be your cover
    Don’t have to worry because I’m here.
    Don’t need to suffer because I’m here.

    Chorus Twice

    Reach out to me for satisfaction.
    Call my name, quick reaction.

    Well don’t you ever feel sad
    Lean on me when times are bad
    When the day comes and you’re in doubt,
    In a river of trouble and about to drown.

    by Isaac Hayes and David Porter

  2. Admin,

    Another timely article!

    Personally I think we should hold an awards show on this site.

    Some of the awards could be:

    Least ethical newsperson

    Least ethical news channel

    Least ethical politician

    Least ethical political spouse


  3. 1. neetabug Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 12:26 am
    If Hillary thinks it is ones DUTY, why did all the others decline. I hope she declines also If she becomes VP, i will still vote for McCain

    1. turndownobama-com Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 2:46 am
    texan4hillary Says:
    looks liek she may be vp. if not i will be voting for another ticket
    If SO I will be working twice as hard to defeat Obama/Clinton! I don’t want to see her give up her own career to prop up that abuser!

    I agree 100% with the above posts! If Hillary accepts the vp slot, I am finished with her also. I am already finished with the Democrats. I will feel betrayed and thrown under the bus. Other vp candidates are applauded for not wanting the vp spot, so why is Hillary being applauded for some for “doing her duty”?
    I definitely will not vote for that ticket!!! No Way!!! It is absolutely ridiculous to put someone in the white house because we need a Democrat!! She will lose some of her supporters respect and will be forever linked with Obama and his scandals and of course her scandals will be reintroduced back into the media.

    I just can’t fathom her compromising her principles just to get in the white house. Doesn’t she realize that many of her PUMA supporters don’t support her being Obama’s vp? This issue could even split the PUMA into two groups causing more decisiveness! I am very disappointed in her at this point.

    Saw the Rev. Manning video and it was very funny! Surprised to hear him say that he wasn’t a Hillary supporter though. So who does he support?

    Also saw the Obama “dancing” video. That was a riot to watch also. Thanks you all for posting.
    By the way, I won’t be watching the convention either.

  4. Feingold: McCain “Calls ‘Em As He Sees ‘Em”
    By Greg Sargent – August 11, 2008, 12:52PM

    What’s in the water Dems are drinking today? Don’t they want Obama to win the presidential race?

    First we had Bob Kerrey praising McCain as someone whose war service shows he “can deal with a crisis.” Now the Milwakee Journal Sentinal has this from Senator Russell Feingold:

    “I think the guy calls ’em as he sees ’em, and as president would call ’em as he sees ’em, and would make people mad all over the place because it wouldn’t fit anybody’s playbook,” said Feingold, who teamed up with McCain to rewrite federal campaign laws.
    “He would be very original,” Feingold said.

    Feingold even went on to describe McCain as a “maverick by nature.”

    This isn’t exactly on message with the Obama camp. In fact, the Obama campaign message is that McCain has an image as a maverick who “calls ’em as he sees ’em” but that in reality he isn’t that at all. Obviously, someone somewhere has decided that Obama’s most prominent surrogates are all supposed to go out and praise McCain en masse today in terms directly at odds with Dem efforts to define him.
    I wonder what these surrogates know for them to be praising John McCain all over the place?

  5. 25 Hints You’re Not Voting for Obama [Peter Kirsanow]

    Today’s Rasmussen daily tracking poll has 80% of Democrats supporting Obama and 87% of Republicans supporting McCain. There are still a healthy number of undecideds. This conflicts with the stream of media reports that Obamacons, evangelicals, black conservatives and independents are flocking to Obama.

    If you’re an independent, moderate or conservative on the fence about whether to vote for McCain or Obama, here’s a helpful guide:

    It’s unlikely you’ll vote for Obama if you….
    1. aren’t a news anchor.
    2. read the New York Times for pretty much the same reason the NSA monitors radio transmissions.
    3. automatically conclude that the person laughing in the car next to you must be listening to Rush. Or maybe Obama off teleprompter.
    4. dislocated your shoulder trying to explain Obama’s position on Iraq to co-workers.
    5. find autobiographies generally more interesting when the author has, you know, done something.
    6. remember the Carter Administration.
    7. would give a month’s pay to play Jack Bauer’s partner on 24.
    8. increasingly agree with Mark Steyn that “almost everything [Obama] says is, well, nuts.”
    9. think it’s relevant — despite what the sophisticates say — that several of Obama’s mentors and associates have displayed a dislike for America or a disdain for Americans.
    10. think it’s relevant that several of McCain’s mentors and associates are American heroes of historic magnitude.
    11. think about 9/11 more than once a year.
    12. have concluded that Larry the Cable Guy makes way more sense than Howard Dean.
    13. feel a little safer during turbulence when your pilot is a calm “white haired dude.”
    14. thought about Hillary’s 3:00 a.m. phone call ad when you first heard about Russian tanks in Georgia.
    15. wonder why Obama felt it necessary to give a speech on patriotism.
    16. get sorta creeped out by 200,000 Germans chanting “Obama! Obama!”
    17. think the jury may still be out on Harvard Law School.
    18. suspect “merci beaucoup” is French for “empty suit.”
    19. doubt that teleprompters are really magical dispensers of good ideas.
    20. know in your gut that defiantly withstanding 4 1/2 years of torture trumps all of Obama’s qualifications and accomplishments combined — regardless of what the elite pundits say.
    21. repeatedly find yourself asking “Change to what?”
    22. have ever used the term “pompous twit’ in the same sentence with “Marx,” “Marcuse,” or “Sartre.” 23. don’t like being told what to do — especially by someone who hasn’t done it.
    24. really like ticking off the media, Hollywood, academics, and PC busybodies everywhere.
    25. weren’t born yesterday.

    Score (# of descriptions that apply to you):
    0— Go ahead, write in Dennis Kucinich
    1—3 Obama may be your choice after all
    4—5 You think Hillary got a raw deal and won’t vote Obama
    6—24 McCain’s your man
    25 It’s OK to write in Reagan

  6. carbynew,

    could it be that a few of those Dems just don’t like the wannabe king?

    LOL…no that couldn’t be it! 😉

  7. If you look through all the fanfare hype smoke and mirrors hopium and politics of destruction which obama represents under that empty word change it become obvious that he is a tool. If people give it to it because it happens to have the party label until the name is changed to Obama just like the dnc was changed to Chicago then it gets back to somethig I posted here before

    “Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the people have abdicated their duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out high civic office, military command, Roman legions-everything, now restrains itself and hopes for just two things: bread and circuses.” (Satire X by the Roman Poet Juvenal, 1st Century A.D.)

  8. Obama Campaign: Paint Our Logo Onto Your Barn
    Posted by Brian Montopoli| 2

    Do you own a barn in rural Ohio? Then the Obama campaign has a message for you: You really should paint our logo onto it.

    Obama’s Ohio operation has announced “Barns for Obama,” an effort to get rural voters in the state to paint the Obama logo onto their barns. The campaign released a video showing one barn being painted with the logo as Obama discusses rural issues and the value of farming:

    “This is an important election for all Americans, but for those involved in agriculture the differences between the candidates is huge,” Joe Logan, whose family barn is shown in the video, says in the release. “We think it’s important to show our support for the candidate who listens to farmers and understands what it will take to make rural America prosper.”
    Pathetic and Gimmicky!!

    Where is the flag?

  9. Everyone has to remember…whoever BO’s VP is…Hillary, Bayh or richardson…if and when he’s asked to step down, because he’s been disqualified by dual citizenship, birth records, etc…as he steps down…the VP steps up to fill his spot.

  10. “Barns for Obama?” What next? Pigs and cows?

    I honestly don’t think Obama would willingly ask Hillary to be his V.P. She outshines him with every word out of her mouth. I think if it comes to that, it will be seen as a “mercy save” on her part to keep the DNC from destroying itself.

  11. 21. repeatedly find yourself asking “Change to what?”

    I have asked myself, that question many, many times (along with others).

    Obama’s Ohio operation has announced “Barns for Obama,” an effort to get rural voters in the state to paint the Obama logo onto their barns. The campaign released a video showing one barn being painted with the logo as Obama discusses rural issues and the value of farming

    PLEASE, PLEASE someone knock this guy off his high horse.

  12. Has Richardsons name resurfaced? I understand he has major womanizing problems but I have never known the details much less inquired about them. I am more concerned with the fact that he is not my idea of an energetic smarrt ethical leader. There are some great Hispanic leaders out there–but not this guy. Remember his real name is Judas after all. Yeah that will get alot of votes.

  13. jeleanoro Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 1:42 pm
    Everyone has to remember…whoever BO’s VP is…Hillary, Bayh or richardson…if and when he’s asked to step down, because he’s been disqualified by dual citizenship, birth records, etc…as he steps down…the VP steps up to fill his spot.


    We must also remember that Obama being disqualified may just be wishful thinking. I sincerely think that Obama will get the nod and don’t really care if he does at this point. I will just try to defeat him in November. Besides, anyone in the vp slot will not truly worry me as long as if it is not Hillary. If it is her and she accepts, I will really be po’d and she probably have to “do her duty” and publicly denounce PUMA since the ticket will include her. Then what? This whole thing is ridiculous.

  14. Carbynew, you are right. McCain should counter the Obama logo barn painting by asking Ohio barns be painted with the American flag.

  15. Here’s another great PUMA video. It was made by a Canadian, and the singer is also Canadian.

    It is called: “Break It.”

  16. Admin,

    There is a “Barns for Obama” video on site and I was tempted to bringing it here but Moses parted the seas and brought forth the Obama new presidential seal…so I said “enough of that” and left the video there.


  17. I don’t believe those polls — they were very rarely ever on target all through the primaries.

    MSM is smut-centered.

    BTW, there are ancient leaning-over barns in PA that still say “Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco” — that’s the class BO will be in in a few years.

  18. Obama’s VP pick will give a speech at the convention on a night to honor veterans. Does this give any hints to who it might be?

    This was posted as a discussion topic at TM but I don’t want to read any postings over there since she has gone over to the other side and the site is now filled by Obamabots..

  19. Thanks Admin…right on the money again…and let’s just add the totally anonymously sourced article that was strategically placed in Vanity Fair in the heat of the final primaries…when Hillary was whipping the floor with Obama in primary win after primary win…

    funny how the MSM and all the cable news outlets had no problems devoting “reporting” and television segment time to speculating on the Vanity Fair story by Todd Purdim (sp) that suggested Bill Clinton’s behavior was suspect…

    our MSM is a disgrace…both sides…left and right…no integrity or honesty left…

  20. I have a question…does anyone know, for a fact, if any previous candidate or runner up, etc was ever denied a roll call…

    for example, Gary Hart’s name was placed in nomination, Ted Kennedy, etc

    Has there ever been a time before this Obama convention where this roll call issue ever came up or was denied…for a fact…

    I am under the impression no one was ever denied or pressured not to have their name called since LBJ ?

    I tried researching it and have not found any example previous to this time…as Hillary is being pressured to decline to have her historic moment…

    Does anyone know the answer for sure? Thx…

  21. As far as I know, Hillary is the first one, being pressured not to place her name in nomination. This whole thing is such a farce and a sham. The more, BO is being shoved down our throats, the more I want to vote for someone else.

  22. So just what are Bo and the DNC afraid of that they need to break rules all over the place to make it happen the way they want it to?

    I’m also having a hard time believing that 80% figure for Obama.

  23. Jan:

    1) Afraid that Hillary might win

    2) Will show how divided the party is;

    3) Narcissists want all the attention on them.

  24. ABM 90: my friend the admiration is mutual. I never knew the decision to let the Soviets go into Berlin first came out of Yalta. For some reason I thought it was a decision Eisenhower made and Patton of course disagreed with. I now know it came from Yalta thanks to you. Of course I am not sure that really bothered Patton because he was perfectly willling to kill Russians instead. If you have seen the book An Army At Dawn the author goes alot of thngs–I won’t spoil the surprise. One of the people in my building is an army bird coronel who fought against the Afrika Corps. He never knew Rommel but got to know his son Manfred after the War, and has one of the largest Mercedes Bentz dealerships in the country. He won medals for rescuing the crew of an Italian aircraft which crashlanded in flames. My favorite author in on World War II is Fuller a British General at age 29, invented the doctrine of blitz kreig which panzer leader Guderian used and dabbled in the occult. The other one was Liddel Hart who was a British journalist who was a captain World War 1, fought in France and was hit with a mustard gas attack from which he never completely recovered. After World War II he was allowed to interview captured senior officers in the german army. He asked them what they feared most in the war and they said it was the American artillery–which is a tribute to people like you.

  25. S: you’ve hit the nail on the head. It would be UNPRECEDENTED for Hillary’s name NOT to be put into nomination. Frankly, I’m stunned that this is even being discussed. And of course, Big Media provides no historical context whatsoever, and is asleep at the wheel.

    Brokered/contested conventions are the norm when a primary is this close. This is the closest Democratic primary we’ve ever had — of COURSE there should be a full floor vote! To do anything different would be unheard of.

  26. Emily Latella: “I really don’t think Obama should be promoting bars. I don’t think drunks’ opinions on the race is helpful. What happened to his wholesome image…………”

    Axelrod: “It isn’t ‘bars for Obama’ — it’s ‘barns for Obama’..”

    Emily: “That’s very different. Never mind……… HEY! Wait a minute! Barns for Obama? What’s that? Obama has a plan for rural buildings??
    A tax shelter for cow shelters? Guess McCain had better lock up the garage vote.

  27. birdgal,

    This unity is a bunch of crap (sorry for the wording). If anyone has kept the party together its Hillary. All the other players have waged war instead.

  28. American Gal, the only one I could think of would be Webb. Doesn’t he have kids in or had been in Iraq!

  29. Berkeley Vox Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 2:58 pm
    S: you’ve hit the nail on the head. It would be UNPRECEDENTED for Hillary’s name NOT to be put into nomination. Frankly, I’m stunned that this is even being discussed. And of course, Big Media provides no historical context whatsoever, and is asleep at the wheel.

    Brokered/contested conventions are the norm when a primary is this close. This is the closest Democratic primary we’ve ever had — of COURSE there should be a full floor vote! To do anything different would be unheard of.


    what the hell kind of Democrats are we turning into…

    as i mentioned before…this is like sending in the substitute teacher to do the work of the professor who teaches the master class

    ….and because as

    birdgal Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 2:53 pm

    1) Afraid that Hillary might win

    2) Will show how divided the party is;

    3) Narcissists want all the attention on them.

    …the rest of us are reduced to being ‘babysitters for Obama’…can’t let anything happen that will rock the boat, burst the balloon…or show this hyped, marketed facade for what is really is…oh, no

    …just be quiet and hope no ones notices the truth…you know, like John Edwards tried to pull his facade and get away with in…

    …I am do disgusted…there is no integrity and no honesty

  30. Bayh and Hillary have both worked on the Armed Services Committee. I know Hillary has worked with veteran issues. Is Hegel a veteran?

  31. They have another hit piece on Hillary at Yahoo. They are really trying to discredit her before the 25th. THe BO campaign is so full of crap its not funny.
    I hate the press, the communist new network is a fitting name for all of them>

  32. confloyd Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 3:30 pm
    They have another hit piece on Hillary at Yahoo. They are really trying to discredit her before the 25th. THe BO campaign is so full of crap its not funny.
    I hate the press, the communist new network is a fitting name for all of them>

    What is going on? Do you have any link to this?

    After all of this, she would still consider being vp for the party “unity”? This whole thing is a sham and a mess. She is only weakening herself and bringing herself down.

    If Obama treats her with such little regard now, he will definitely turn up the heat when she is vp. He will have her at his beck and call like a lap dog.

    Wondering how you folks will feel when she has to denounce the PUMAS?

  33. Afternoon thoughts:
    1. Go Team USA!!
    2. Howard Wolfson needs to STFU! Instead of looking at Edwards why doesn’t he look at himself and the senior strategists like Penn who decided to go for broke in Iowa. There were dozens of articles written about BO’s strategy for knocking off Hill- win Iowa first and the rest would fall. Common sense says HRC’s team should have de emphasized Iowa’s importance. Say she was a national candidate & while she wouldn’t skip the state she didn’t expect to win there either. Maybe if they hadn’t invested so much $$ in the caucus Hillary wouldn’t have run out of money in February. Thinking about all this just makes me mad all over again. Where is Wolfson’s outrage over Mandy Grunwald’s horrible ads or Solis Doyle for her mismanagement of the whole campaign? Like I said Hillary was too loyal to these people and it didn’t get her anything in the end. I really hope she’s washed her hands of most of them.

  34. nikki22,

    actually I don’t have a problem with Howard saying what he did. It’s like the elephant in the room that won’t go away.

  35. JanH,
    If Iowa had been a primary & JE had not run then maybe HRC could have pulled it out. Not in a blowout but she could have won by a few points. But seeing as Iowa is a caucus Hillary wouldn’t have won there as long as Obama was in the race, assuming everything is still the same in terms of the message she had in January. Many of Edwards voters second choice was Obama. But even if Wolfson is right it still doesn’t excuse the bad advice they gave Hillary. Penn, Wolfson, Patti and many others on that campaign aren’t worth two dead flies in my opinion.

  36. Is the election still being held on Nov 4? If Hillary is the VP at that time, I will vote for McCain.

    Until then, I will trust Hillary and Bill to know what they are doing. You can bet Bill is the biggest PUMA ever and will not being doing any silly duty. Uh, I don’t think they can tell us what they might be up to.

  37. wbboei: Thank you.I have to rely on some old records and my still very sharp memorybut I am certain I may falter at times.We had no source of news except that which was passed on to us in isolated snips and official releases>All of our mail censored and mail was months behind when we were on the fast lane and over running the enemy.My new bride had no idea if I was in Europe or the Pacific Theaters..About Gen.Patton.My unit was attached to his 1st Army for in the drive to take Colgne.It was taken and as ordered The Great Cathedral was untouched.He was hell bent to roll on to Berlin but Fuel was critical and we had vehicles that were dry.It was’nt until the war ended that I learned that he was deprived of his victory in order to give the Russians that prize.Politics is a dirty business,more so when mixed with war and national security.I do not speak with authority as I was a non-com but what I see today in this troubled world strenghtens my faith in Hillary and how badly we need this great LADY.God help us if Obama is elected.He has no recollection on so many critical problems we face and a lot of such mundane knowledge that school kids know.WE DO NOT HAVE 57 STATES.

    By ABM 90 Thanks for the privilege of commenting

  38. Nikki,

    Bad advice yes. Future Premonitions no. I agree completely with you, but no one expected Obama, the DNC, and the media to be as corrupt as they were and still are. I don’t think Hillary’s people ever expected the causcuses to be full of Obama cheaters and bullies. When you expect fairplay, being blindsided is painful and yes ultimately your fault for being so trusting.

    Hillary’s campaign had it’s issues, but it is beyond unbelievable what has occured.jmo

  39. Obama doing the one thing they tried to label Hillary with, unite the republicans front and center……

    State Republican Party leaders interviewed by The Washington Times said fear of a far-left Obama presidency is warming once-skeptical voters to Sen. John McCain, fueling growing enthusiasm among Republicans that Mr. McCain’s more aggressive campaigning can lead to victory.

    “It appears that the more that Obama speaks, the more afraid folks in South Carolina get,” said Spartanburg County Republican Party Chairman Rick Beltram. “We are seeing ‘die-hard’ Democrats tell us that Obama is not their man.

    “We are expecting the white Democrats to be fleeing the Democratic ship when November 4 comes around – plus, the Democratic candidate [Bob Conley] that is running against Senator [Lindsey] Graham is also running away from the Democrats, and you can quote me on that,” Mr. Beltram said.

    In union-dominated Michigan, a state targeted by both major parties, state Republican Party Chairman Saul Anuzis said he is seeing signs that independents and Reagan Democrats are moving toward Mr. McCain.

    Haha, i’m laughing now.

  40. The longer McCain stays competitive, the more confidence the GOP and its voters become that he has a real shot at it. Now we see Repub voters rallying behind McCain in a way they wouldn’t have if he were trailing by double digits.

  41. A new poll in late July, tasting of saccharine coolaid, still shows enough Hillary supporters voting for McCain to easily give him the victory.

    h t t p : / /

    While the majority of women who voted for Hillary in the primary are flocking to Obama (76%), nearly one out of five (18%) says they will vote for McCain for president.*

    18% of Hillary’s 18 million is 3.2 million voters. Even if they all just stayed home, that would be victory for McCain.

    Putting Hillary on Obama’s ticket wouldn’t help, according to a WP/ABC poll late July. It would repel as many voters as it would attract.

    In November 2004 the margin of victory was 3 million, considered comfortable. This year Hillary had 18 million voters. If even a small number of them stay home or write her in, that could tip the November election to McCain. Fewer yet could tip it, if they vote for McCain.

    The Conway/Lake poll taken late July may be current, but it (or this writeup and the ‘my’ site) seem pretty lightweight (and slanted toward Obama, disregarging any PUMA factor). Still, even their figure of 18% of HIllary supporters voting for McCain comes out to 3.2 million — more than the whole margin in 2004.

    In his blog during the summer, Craig Della Penna pointed out that first we have to subtract all the non-Obama voters from the Dem total — then add into the GOP total all those who will actually vote for McCain. So the 18%, 3.2 million, could tip it even if they just stay home.

    Looking at more serious polls, c. 3 million Hillary supporters voting for Obama is what a CNN/OpinionResearch poll found in early June (and in line with exit polls in the later primaries). CNN/OpResearch poll also counted stayhomes separately, and found 4 million of them — total not supporting Obama was 7 million. The same poll for July released Jy 4 showed a total of 9 million not supporting Obama. (I have not seen a breakdown for Jy 4 though some claimed the stayhomes were up and the vote for McCain was down — but by the late July ‘My Lifetime’ poll the McCain votes were at least steady with CNN/OR’s early June McCain’s.) Cites are at turndownobama for the June and July polls.)

  42. The startling thing is that the DNC can’t see that Dukakis, Gore, Kerry all had double digit leads at this point going into the convention and still lost. Obama is not even polling 1% ahead.

    If that holds up, we are realistically looking at about 57% for McCain and 43% in the GE for Obama and it may be even worse.

  43. I guess what worries me in all this is the possibility that during the past eight years we have gotten ourselves into such a mess financially that some of the shots here are being called by foreign creditors. If that is the case then shock doctrine possibilities might exist as various players position themselves for what lies ahead. This takeover of the democraticg party is and other things done are so unprecedented ans the compliat press. The press has really left us in the dark or worse fed the delusion.

  44. Hah, hilarious, this will make them edgy

    McCain has cut Obama’s 10% lead last month in Iowa to 5% this month.

    John McCain has cut Barack Obama’s lead in Iowa in half over the past month but still trails the Democrat 46% to 41%, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

    When “leaners” are factored in, Obama leads his Republican opponent 49% to 44%.

    Now thats what I call a runaround. Iowa is not going to flip to Obama.

  45. The obamabots were all going yippeee, Baracks ahead in Iowa until i pointed the fact out he’d lost 5% to McCain in a couple of weeks and will probably continue to lose.

  46. # wbboei Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    I do not believe 80% of dems support obama. Rassmussen is not credible.

    Just last week, it was 74%. 80% sounds too high.

    Come to think of it, maybe 74% sounds too high as well.


  47. more lying trouble for bambi

    Obama Cover-up Revealed On Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Bill

    New documents just obtained by NRLC, and linked below, prove that Senator Obama has for the past four years blatantly misrepresented his actions on the Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection bill.

    Summary and comment by NRLC spokesman Douglas Johnson: “Newly obtained documents prove that in 2003, Barack Obama, as chairman of an Illinois state Senate committee, voted down a bill to protect live-born survivors of abortion — even after the panel had amended the bill to contain verbatim language, copied from a federal bill passed by Congress without objection in 2002, explicitly foreclosing any impact on abortion. Obama’s legislative actions in 2003 — denying effective protection even to babies born alive during abortions — were contrary to the position taken on the same language by even the most liberal members of Congress. The bill Obama killed was virtually identical to the federal bill that even NARAL ultimately did not oppose.”

    The man just cannot say what he means. I mean is there anything about him thats not just a lie.

  48. carbynew Says:
    August 11th, 2008 at 1:32 pm
    25 Hints You’re Not Voting for Obama [Peter Kirsanow]
    Today’s Rasmussen daily tracking poll has 80% of Democrats supporting Obama and 87% of Republicans supporting McCain. There are still a healthy number of undecideds. This conflicts with the stream of media reports that Obamacons, evangelicals, black conservatives and independents are flocking to Obama

    As someone at NQ pointed out, there ain’t as many Democrats as there was a while ago. So the ones supporting Obama — are the ones who haven’t already gone GOP or IND as a whole bunch did in protest in June. Some were planning to register Ind July 4.

    ‘Flocking’ seems to be widely used among the bots. In the GE’s, a spread of a few points can determine the outcome, so a figure like ‘80% of X supporting’ sounds big. But when that remaining 20% is a lot larger than the margin of victory in the last GE, watch out.

  49. ROTFLMFAO @ the new McCain ad!!

    “We’re not worthy…we’re not worthy…”

    Hooooo boy…Johnny is on a roll!

  50. I’m not registering as an Indie until after the election. I want to be a pissed off Dem who votes for McCain. I think that will be a bigger wake-up call to the Dem establishment.

  51. I just got done reading the article that quotes Wolfson saying that if Edwards had been more honest re: his sex scandal, HRC would’ve captured IA b/c their supporters are very similar.

    Edwards really is a selfish, stupid bastard, isn’t he? It must have crossed his mind that if he became the nominee, the GOP would expose the affair and Gary Hart the hell out of him. This is not only embarassing and detrimental to his family, but to the party, his supporters and the nation.

    Apparently, Wolfson said Clinton camp knew about the affair.

  52. Why BHO will not win.

    I mentioned a couple months ago the difference in media coverage between Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. The media cant help themselves. It was sexier to talk about Diana. The image was too appealing to ignore, the fairy tale princess vs the old lady in a drab nun outfit. The same reasoning goes behind the reality shows, and American idol, dancing with the stars, etc. etc. Sexy, fresh, young, pretty sells. That we know is why BHO has been annointed “the one”. “he sells”. but he is simply a fad. Very few make it to rock star fame and remain there, no matter how sexy, fresh, young, pretty they are. If they don’t have what it takes to back it up they are history.
    BHO is nothing more than a cabbage patch doll, full of stuffing and fadish. He will be forgotten and tossed aside soon enough.

  53. filbertsf..I decided the same. My re-registration form is on my desk but first I wanted to wait until the Dems do the dirty deed and then do it in protest.

    Now, because of the way they poll, I think I might want to be a Dem for McCain.

  54. McCain’s ‘celebrity’ taunts are bugging Obama
    By CHARLES BABINGTON – 51 minutes ago

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — In a presidential campaign freighted with war, recession and energy woes, a jibe featuring Paris Hilton, of all things, seems to have struck a nerve in Democrat Barack Obama. For the second time in two weeks, he aired a TV ad Monday rebutting Republican John McCain’s claim that Obama is little more than a celebrity, like the blonde hotel heiress.

    The first time, Obama dismissed the assertion as “baloney.” On Monday, Obama took a different tack with a commercial that says McCain, not he, is “Washington’s biggest celebrity.”

    The back-and-forth may seem as frothy as a boardwalk milkshake in mid-August. But it suggests McCain is making some headway in trying to fight the campaign on his terms.

    For weeks, Obama has tried to frame the election largely as a referendum on President Bush, using every chance to tie McCain to the unpopular incumbent. McCain has tried to make it about Obama by arousing concerns about the first-term senator’s experience and depth.

    McCain has aired a series of TV ads that showed far more images of Obama than himself, a somewhat risky approach. All of them tried to turn Obama’s crowd-pleasing talents against him.

    A July commercial blaming Obama for high gasoline prices — which the watchdog group called “a tank full of nonsense” — portrayed crowds chanting Obama’s name. A subsequent ad mixed images of Obama on his recent European trip with video clips of pop figures Hilton and Britney Spears.

    Obama is “the biggest celebrity in the world,” the announcer said. “But is he ready to lead?”

    Even some Republican strategists questioned whether the strategy was smart or dignified. And Hilton herself produced a video poking fun at McCain that drew large Internet viewership. But Obama’s latest ad suggests the “celebrity” taunt has some sting, and efforts to dismiss it as silly have not been effective.

    “They woke up this weekend and figured out that that ad resonated and they needed to do something about it,” said Terry Holt, a Republican strategist.

    Although the McCain campaign was lampooned for its Hilton ad on late night television and blogs, it kept hammering at the celebrity theme. A McCain TV ad introduced last week showed Obama waving to cheering crowds, along with his picture on the covers of the magazines GQ, US Weekly and Vanity Fair.

    In his new ad, Obama tries to turn the celebrity theme to his advantage, grafting it to his claim that a McCain presidency would amount to a third term for Bush. That claim has generated a defensive response from McCain.

    McCain daily tries to beat back the idea that he’d represent a continuation of Bush, as he did Monday while campaigning in Erie and Harrisburg, Pa. Nearly 85 percent of Americans think the country is on the wrong track, McCain told workers at an Erie manufacturing facility, and “we’ve got to reform and reform and reform.”

    The new Obama ad shows McCain hugging Bush while the voiceover says, “as Washington embraced him, John McCain hugged right back.”

    Obama spokesman Bill Burton said the ad is designed to say voters have a choice between Obama, who stands for change, and McCain, “who overwhelmingly favors the status quo.”

    Holt, the GOP strategist, said, “If the celebrity issue were not hurting them, they would have ignored it.”

    Associated Press writer Ann Sanner contributed reporting from Washington.

  55. I really can’t believe how many people, including many that finally went for Hillary – Alegre is that you?? Who fell for Edwards…I always saw him as a total phony…for chrissakes his voting record was 180 from his new Anti-Poverty campaign, the ambulance chaser started running for Pres as soon as he was in the Senate…and his own state voted for Bush in 2004. How stupid can be people be…and now they vote for DumBO!! Edwards is beyond despicable and Elizabeth is right there with him…the two attorneys got into the race to pull the wool over people’s eyes and they dared denounce Hillary…shame!!!

  56. McCain Steps Up Sharp Criticism of Russia
    12 August 2008

    WASHINGTON — U.S. presidential candidate John McCain called on the Western world Monday to unite in condemnation of Russian attacks on Georgia, saying the existence of country and its democratic government were at stake.

    In a lengthy statement issued by the Republican senator, he said Russian attacks on Georgian forces in the breakaway South Ossetia district, the Kremlin’s incursion into Georgia proper and Moscow’s reported blockade of Georgia’s Black Sea coast were a “clear violation of international law” that “have no place in 21st-century Europe.”

    McCain speculated that Russia felt emboldened to attack because NATO failed to move forward on Tbilisi’s accession to the organization.

    “NATO’s decision to withhold a Membership Action Plan for Georgia might have been viewed as a green light by Russia for its attacks on Georgia, and I urge the NATO allies to revisit the decision,” McCain said.

    McCain said Russia’s military assault was designed as well to intimidate other former Soviet republics in the region, particularly Ukraine.

    McCain’s opponent, Democratic candidate Barack Obama, has also criticized Russia’s actions.

  57. I just posted at
    h t t p : / /

    Apparently your poll counts ‘staying home’ as ‘flocking to Obama’?

    You say 1 in 5 of Hil’s supporters will vote for McCain — that’s 3.2 million. Other polls throughout the summer agree that about 3 million will actually vote for McCain, and this is holding steady.

    However there is an additional number, around 4 million and growing, who also reject Obama but plan to stay home, or to write in HIllary, or to vote third party. Two stay homes equals one vote for McCain, so the stay homes may end up doing more damage.

    In July the total rejecting Obama was 9 million — up from 7 million in June (per CNN/OpRes).

    CNN/OpinionResearch polls broke down the anti-Obama segment of Hil’s and in early June found 3 million voting for McCain plus 4 million staying home — total 7 million votes the Dems lose with Obama. In early July the same poll found a total of 9 million, up 2 million.

    A recent Quin. poll also found about 1 in 5 voting for McCain, so that seems to be holding steady (no info on stay homes.)

    In November 2004, Bush defeated Kerry by 3 million votes. If even 1 in 5 (3.2 million) of Hil’s people even stay home instead of voting, that can cause a landslide for McCain.

    Lucky for the Democrats, Obama is not the nominee; the nominee will be decided at the convention August 26, so the delegates can still choose a winning ticket: Clnton/Obama.

  58. “he has a gentle aura”

    “What I like about him is that he has very soft eyes”


    I’m gonna go around telling people I’ve decided to vote for Barry because his face appeared this morning on my toast. Bet the bots will think it’s a miracle. LOL!

  59. McCain’s ads are bothering Waffles, because ridiculing, is one of the worst things that can be done for a person with a narcissistic personality disorder.

  60. kitforhill, very early in the primary season (crica mid-2007), I used to post at mydd. At the time, it felt as though the place was rampant with more Edwards supporters than Obamabots. They were equally obnoxious and as delusional as the Obamabots. They bought everything he said hook, line and sinker. We kept telling them that Edwards was a phony and that his voting record and 2004 campaign was the anti-thesis of his new found populist message. But rather than defend Edwards, they attacked Hillary. It was such a cesspool.

    Sometimes, you just can’t convince the delusional. They want to believe so badly they’ll ignore facts.

    I didn’t know about the affair, but like you, I just knew he was this snake oil salesman.

  61. 3/2/2008
    Statement of Hillary Clinton on Russia
    “Today’s presidential election in Russia – where the installation of Dmitriy Medvedev as Vladimir Putin’s self-designated successor was never in doubt – marks a milestone in that country’s retreat from democracy. Today’s contest is not an open and democratic election, and the Russian people have been denied the opportunity to choose their leaders and shape the future of their country. There’s no other way to describe today’s election.

    “Mr. Medvedev has said some hopeful sounding things in the course of his campaign, and the job of a new American President will be to test these words, to see whether they could mark a new approach in Russian politics and foreign policy.

    “But we have to do this with our eyes open.

    “The list of issues that divides the United States and Russia is already long – and growing longer. In the heart of Europe, where we have worked hard since the end of the Cold War to bury old rivalries and hostilities, we are witnessing renewed disputes between Russia and many of its neighbors.

    “Russia has stirred nationalist feelings against neighboring countries like Estonia and Georgia, repeatedly used oil and natural gas as a political weapon, attempted to block Western diplomatic efforts to keep peace in the Balkans, criticized nations that seek to join the NATO alliance, and made clear that it regards democratic breakthroughs and progress in other countries on its borders as a threat to itself.

    “Mr. Putin has put Russia on a path of zero-sum competition with the United States and many of our friends and allies. He has stifled independent media, harassed and jailed political opponents, and made elections a depressing formality.

    “Unfortunately, President Bush failed to grasp what was happening. He began the process of tearing up treaties without finding other ways to preserve mutual confidence, all the while looking the other way while Russia challenged the interests of the United States and its allies. After September 11, President Bush focused U.S.-Russian relations around just one issue, fighting terrorism. Mr. Putin saw that this meant he had a free pass to act as he liked at home and in Russia’s neighborhood. In the meantime, America’s relations with our European allies, who are absolutely essential to an effective Russia policy, frayed.

    “We simply have to do better than this.

    “For the past seven years, the Bush Administration has neglected both big problems and big opportunities in our relations with Russia.

    “As President, I will be ready to work with Russia where our interests intersect – fighting terrorism and nuclear proliferation are just two examples – but I also want Russia to understand what America’s priorities are and that we will stand up for them.”

    Can we have Hillary back? Please….

  62. McCain and Hillary are running circles around Obama and Bush on the Russian-Georgia conflict. Wow, is all I can say.

  63. 4/18/2008
    Statement by Hillary Clinton on Georgia and Ukraine
    I am deeply disturbed by the latest Russian actions regarding Georgia, and Russia’s broader policies towards its neighbors.

    Several weeks ago I called on NATO to extend a Membership Action Plan (MAP) to Georgia and Ukraine at the Bucharest Summit. I emphasized that this move would be a litmus test for the success of President Bush’s leadership of the trans-Atlantic community. My support for MAP was based on the need to send a positive signal to Tbilisi and Kyiv to encourage them to stay on track with their positive reforms as well as to send a signal of our concern to Moscow about the future security of these countries.

    I deeply regret President Bush’s inability to convince our NATO allies to take this action. This is the first time in memory a U.S. President has traveled to a NATO summit and failed to achieve his publicly proclaimed goals.

    Now the Russian government has taken advantage of the lack of unity coming out of the Bucharest Summit to further ratchet up the pressure on young democracies on its borders. Moscow’s actions this week to strengthen ties with the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia undermine the territorial integrity of the state of Georgia and are clearly designed to destabilize the government of President Mikheil Saakashvili.

    Georgia is a small democratic state in a turbulent region. It must not be allowed to be undermined. Two weeks ago President Bush sat with President Putin in Sochi just a few kilometers away from the Georgian border. He prided himself on his close working relationship with Vladimir Putin. President Bush should call on the Russian leadership to immediately rescind these steps.

    I also call on President Bush to immediately send a senior representative to Tbilisi to show our support for the government of Georgia. The United States should raise this matter in the United Nations Security Council, in a special 26+1 session of NATO’s North Atlantic Council (NAC), and in the NATO-Russia Council. Russia needs to hear a unified message from the United States and our European partners about our shared commitment to Georgia’s security and territorial integrity.

    These are not the only Russian moves that I have found troubling. Senior Russian officials have engaged in a pressure campaign to prevent Ukraine from seeking deeper ties with NATO. President Putin even raised the prospect of retargeting nuclear missiles against Ukraine.

    I am not advocating, nor do I envisage, a return to a new Cold War with Russia, which I believe ought to remain in the G-8, where the United States and its allies can together address our growing list of concerns with Moscow. But the current Administration’s mishandling of Russian relations has contributed to Moscow’s belief that it can do as it pleases. America and its allies can and must do better.

    Sen. Barack Obama , who is vacationing in Hawaii this week, called on both sides to exercise restraint in a statement Aug. 8

    Senator Obama, who was chair of the Senate subcommittee for oversight of NATO for 18 months, never held a single meeting.

    We need leadership and the world needs leadership, not “just words.”

    The Superdelegates can make the choice to just say no deal to an inexperienced candidate and choose change and experience for the Democratic nominee.

    In the meantime, the delegates are running a petition to make sure Hillary Clinton is on the nominating roll call. We need her now more than ever.

    Can we have Hillary back now please?


  64. From Rasmussen — American voters are growing increasingly fed-up with the pro-Obama media bias, according to the latest poll:


    55% Say Media Bias Bigger Problem Than Campaign Cash
    Monday, August 11, 2008

    Voters overwhelmingly believe that politicians will “break the rules to help people who give them a lot of money,” but most say there’s a bigger problem in politics today—media bias.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 55% believe media bias is more of a problem than big campaign contributions. Thirty-six percent (36%) disagree and think that campaign cash is a bigger problem.

    People believe media bias is a bigger problem even though 63% believe most politicians will break the rules to help campaign contributors. Just 14% believe most politicians would refrain from breaking the rules for a donor. Forty-four percent (44%) say that lobbyists and campaign contributors have too much influence on John McCain’s positions. Forty percent (40%) say the same about Barack Obama.

    Just 22% believe it would be a good idea to ban all campaign commercials so that voters could receive information on the campaign only from the news media and the internet. Sixty-six percent (66%) disagree and think that, despite the annoyance factor, it’s better to put up with an election-year barrage of advertising rather than rely on the news media.

    An earlier survey found that 49% believe most reporters are trying to help Barack Obama win the election this year. Just 14% believe they’re trying to help McCain. Another survey found that the news you watch says a lot about how you will vote.

  65. um…why on earth is Obama upset by the “celebrity” label? Isn’t That what he has gone after since the beginning? Wanting everyone to worship at his feet, feed him grapes, smoke the hopium?

  66. So they announced Wednesday night at the convention the theme will be to honor veterans/military service, and though they’re denying it has any relevance with regard to the VP choice, it leads me to consider the only other option that might satisfy H & B and explain some (though surely not all, to my mind) of what we’ve seen.

    And that’d be Wes Clark getting the nod.

    I don’t know….

  67. Blue Democrat,

    While I love Wes Clark and you may very well be right, I think it will backfire on Obama if he chooses him. Clark is a brilliant man so unless Obama is going to keep him in hiding, Wes will outshine him on every stage.

  68. Jan,
    Me too. I’m not sure seeing Clark become VP is enough to justify Hillary getting robbed and BC enduring the grief he did – in fact I’m sure it’s not enough.
    But something where Clark’s next in line and Hill gets a big chunk of the platform she wants could be, though as I said a million times I would’ve fought it till the bitter end.

    BTW, has anyone here mentioned that Wolfsen was (apparently, I didn’t see it) on-air openly talking about how Edwards deceit and basically his being in Iowa caused the nomination to go to BO?

    Cause that could mean somethin’….

  69. Senator Obama, who was chair of the Senate subcommittee for oversight of NATO for 18 months, never held a single meeting.

    and there we have it….McCain should be dropping Obama’s ass on this. The media also. If Obama had actually convened a meeting on the committee that is supposed to oversee Nato region politics then he might have had a clue, as usual Hillary knows god damn more.

  70. JanH Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 7:49 pm

    What importance? He’s a legend in his own mind but nobody else’s!

    Jan, narcissists are legends in their own minds.

  71. And that’d be Wes Clark getting the nod.

    As I posted earlier, that would have been my first guess. EXCEPT, that Waffles chucked Wes under the bus already. So…I dunno.

  72. The Self-Defeating Obama VP Text Stunt

    At some point or another, every political campaign digs itself a hole, trips over its own feet and falls face-first into it.

    In hyping its ‘learn who the VP is via text message’ stunt, the Obama camp has done just that.

    “No other campaign has done this before. You can be part of this important moment,” campaign manager David Plouffe breathlessly intones on the Obama for President site. Yes, and no other campaign has announced by semaphore either. And even if the delivery method is not his point, even if he is touting a “you are there” sort of reality TV vibe, turning the VP selection process into an “American Idol” moment is not what you want to do when the press and opposition are accusing you of being all flash and no substance.

    Fine, send a text message. However, by overhyping the fact that you’re doing so, you mistakenly associate the campaign with a methodology that, in many average, middle-aged and older minds conjures visions of disposable teenage gossip and participatory TV voyeur-fests. The logo imagery asking, “Who Will be Barack’s VP. Be the First to Know,” sounds distressingly like a “24” TV promo or a political subplot teaser on a daytime soap.

    By turning what should be a tactical afterthought into a mainstage event, the Obama campaign is playing to its own weaknesses. Image is everything, and the whole point of McCain’s “celebrity” angle is to rob Obama of his presidential-seeming dignity.

    Touting the VP selection with stunt casting trappings does their work for them.

  73. Obama to Release New Book in September
    Posted on Aug 11, 2008

    Book browsers will get plenty of face time with the Democratic candidate this fall when “Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise” arrives in stores. It’s a collection of speeches, policy papers and a foreword from the man himself. Proceeds will go to an unspecified charity.


    The unique terms were worked out by Washington superlawer Robert B. Barnett of Williams & Connolly. Profits from the book will go to a yet-to-be-determined charity, with no proceeds being retained by Obama or his campaign.

    The book promises to be the biggest campaign publishing success in 16 years, following on the Clinton-Gore “Putting People First: How We Can All Change America” and H. Ross Perot’s “United We Stand,” both big bestsellers during the 1992 campaign.

    Obama wrote the several-page foreword. Ten or 12 campaign staffers wrote the policy section, which includes: “How to Fix Our Ailing Economy,” “How to Strengthen the Middle Class,” “How to Make Health Care Affordable for All,” “How to Achieve Energy Independence” and “How to Keep America Safe in a Dangerous World.”
    If Obama is the nominee we will lose in the G.E.

  74. New Obama book coming this fall
    By: Mike Allen
    August 11, 2008 08:55 AM EST

    Barack: The Book will hit stores on Sept. 9, just as the fall campaign is heating up.

    “Change We Can Believe In: Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise” includes a campaign photo album from the road, a collection of seven of the hit speeches by Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), and new essays outlining his policy proposals.

    Since everything Obama is selling well these days, that means the senator’s picture and policies will be in the front of most bookstores in America throughout the heart of the general-election campaign.

    The secret project—both a collectible, and an answer to questions about his substance—was launched just a month ago, and got to the printer with no leaks.

    Three Rivers Press—a paperback imprint of Crown Publishing, which published Obama’s two previous bestsellers—is announcing the book Monday, and plans a monster first printing of 300,000 copies.

    The digital e-book will go on sale a day early at the same price as the trade paperback — $13.95. The cover image is an Associated Press photo of Obama speaking, over an impressionistic version of his rising-sun campaign logo that forms the background of the cover.

    The unique terms were worked out by Washington superlawer Robert B. Barnett of Williams & Connolly. Profits from the book will go to a yet-to-be-determined charity, with no proceeds being retained by Obama or his campaign.

    The book promises to be the biggest campaign publishing success in 16 years, following on the Clinton-Gore “Putting People First: How We Can All Change America” and H. Ross Perot’s “United We Stand,” both big bestsellers during the 1992 campaign.

    Obama wrote the several-page foreword. Ten or 12 campaign staffers wrote the policy section, which includes: “How to Fix Our Ailing Economy,” “How to Strengthen the Middle Class,” “How to Make Health Care Affordable for All,” “How to Achieve Energy Independence” and “How to Keep America Safe in a Dangerous World.”

    The speech section includes his declaration of candidacy in Springfield, Ill. in February 2007; his victory remarks after the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 3 (“You know, they said this day would never come”); his speech on race in America, “A More Perfect Union,” in Philadelphia in March; his Father’s Day speech in Chicago; his “Renewing American Competitiveness” remarks in June; and his address to the people of Berlin two weeks ago, “A World That Stands as One.”

    Obama’s two previous books have been huge best-sellers: “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance,” published in 1995 and re-released in 2004; and “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream,” which came out in the fall of 2006.

    Under a separate deal, the senator is to write two more books for Crown, including a children’s book with his wife, Michelle, and their two young daughters. Those books were part of a $1.9-million, three-book deal announced in December 2004.

    The new book’s subtitle, “Barack Obama’s Plan to Renew America’s Promise,” carries an echo of the title of George W. Bush’s campaign policy book in 2000, “Renewing America’s Purpose.”

    By coincidence, Obama’s new book comes out the day after another Washington blockbuster — Bob Woodward’s latest, with the subtitle, “Bush at War, Part IV.” The title is a closely held secret.
    I wonder how Bob Woodward feel about Obama overshadowing his book release?

    Arrogance thy name is Obama.

  75. Hey everyone noticed the meme tonight coming out, the world descending into crisis with Russia invading Georgia.

    The news showed

    McCain making poised presidential statements – McCain speaks live
    Hillary making poised presidential staetements – Hillary speaks live
    Obama on a beach in speedo’s with lai’s on him – picture with a quote.

    Spot the odd one out. I never realised it would look so bad until the news showed it. It just looked like Obama could’nt give a fuck and that the foreign crisis was disrupting his holidays, its not going down well at all.

    This is reinforcing the “McCavity Obama” meme, remember in the musical cats where everytime trouble happened the leader cat vanished.

    Seriously this is a big problem now.

  76. Obama is releasing a BOOK about how he’s going to change America? Jesus. Talk about crass. I know that we live in an overly-commercialized age, but this takes the cake. Whatever happened to candidates releasing their white-papers and policy proposals for free, so that all voters can read them, regardless of their ability to pay?

  77. I mean, if this is how Obama acts in a foreign crisis, by staying on holiday and avoiding press and camera’s god help us.

  78. If this is a test to see how Obama handles a foreign crisis, then he’s failed miserably. He should be front and center, on screen, and whalloping out foreign policy. What did we get, a beach bbq and ad swim followed by a visit to grandma. Yeah you got my confidence there Barack to take that 3am call.

  79. I mean butcarbynew this is like even worse, either he’s got bad advisers or is not listening to them or both. Seriously this just looks so bad.

    You’d be guaranteed Hillary would be off holiday in Washington dishing it out, not swanning around like a beach himbo.

  80. I think we need to start a “where’s Waldo” for Obama. Maybe we should send out posters. Missing in Action, Where’s Obama posters or milk cartons.

  81. I don’t think Clark is going to be VP. Remember, Waffles quickly distanced himself from Clark’s comments about McCain a while ago. He’s already under the bus.

  82. Hi Moon.

    Do you have a link to this?

    “McCain making poised presidential statements – McCain speaks live
    Hillary making poised presidential staetements – Hillary speaks live
    Obama on a beach in speedo’s with lai’s on him – picture with a quote.”

  83. Ok, I am officially laughing at the deluded assholes on DU.

    They just said Obama is up to speed on Georgia as he is the chairman of the European subcommittee and knows what goes on there.

    You couldnt make it up. Total idiots. I had great pleasure pointing out bambi couldnt bother his ass convening a meeting said committee as he was too busy prancing about trying to become President, so he actuallys knows fuck all about it.

  84. moononpluto Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 8:24 pm
    I mean butcarbynew this is like even worse, either he’s got bad advisers or is not listening to them or both. Seriously this just looks so bad.

    You’d be guaranteed Hillary would be off holiday in Washington dishing it out, not swanning around like a beach himbo.
    I agree! That’s why it’s no surprise to me how he is handling this…HE HAS NO EXPERIENCE! NADA, NOTHING, NEIN!!!

    So why would you expect Obama to handle it better then he is?

    Remember, I said Country Before Party and it’s Hillary Clinton or McCain….the more the SD’s dither in fantasyland with the GIMMICK.

    The more sure of my decision to support John McCain.

    The clock is running out and it might look like the dems might not even get a chance to put on their coronation before the bottom falls out for Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and their great leader O’worthy one Barack Obama.

    Tick Tock Tick To…

  85. I watching, newscasts earlier and i saw it. It was mindboggling.

    They showed McCain for like 1 minute and Hillary for 30 seconds speaking statements, all Obama got was 15 seconds of a feed of him with a lai, speedo’s and a written quote, no speaking.

    Made him look like a total dunderhead. It’s not helping.

  86. They just said Obama is up to speed on Georgia as he is the chairman of the European subcommittee and knows what goes on there.

    You’ve GOT to be kidding. Do bots not watch debates? Do they not read papers? WTF?!

  87. The Georgian President was screwed whatever he did, Russia is determined to take back all its former states, one by one, its obvious. Putin is putting the USSR back together.

  88. Idunn not joking, these people think Bambi is some great committee guy, i was astounded but not surprised.

  89. moo, I WISH you had a link. Such images have, no doubt, been censored here. 👿

    I’m just catchng up online about Georgia and while I knew it was bad, I didn’t realize there were over 40,000 refugess already and that Russia’s basically invading.
    The reason i didn’t know is because there is next to ZERO coverage of this on the news, only online.

    This is disgusting. The US mesmerized by American Idol Celebrity style candidates instead of paying attention to the REAL WORLD.

    For the first time in my adult likfe I am ALMOST ashamed of the media in my country. Add journalism to the list of people and institutions under the bus. Journalism is dead.

  90. basil, the turkish troops are guarding the border, they dont want thousands flowing over the turkish borders and they will soon. Putin is making land grabs and not subtlely. Belarus will opt to rejoin Russia next, just bank on it.

  91. Remember what they said about Hitler’s Germany, Hitler was so charasmatic, he could get ordinary Germans to hate so much that they blindly volunteered for the Hitler Youth and to work in concentration camps. He could get them to do anything, thats why I always think, like Turkey has, the army will step in should the govt go against the constitution which is what is happening here at present and it works.

  92. Basil9,

    The media knows what is happening BUT in their arrogance and elitism by being “close to access to power” they are failing the American people.

    It’s Pathetic and Shameful at the ASS KISSING TO THIER KING OBAMA!!

    You can’t manufacture CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP AND STRENGTH, you either have it or you don’t!

    John McCain has it, Hillary Clinton has it….

    Silence is deafening isn’t it.

  93. wbboei Says:
    I guess what worries me in all this is the possibility that during the past eight years we have gotten ourselves into such a mess financially that some of the shots here are being called by foreign creditors.

    Credibly put.

  94. Ed Hale and MammaE reporting that ABC from the BBC is saying Obama birth certificate is fraudulent and he was born somewhere else!

  95. Europe isn’t going to do a damn thing to pressure Russia. Apparently, Russia provides 30% of it’s oil imports.

  96. Oops, apparently it was not what Ed Hale thought it was, abc was questioning his being American enough! They misread what they saw on their chat room!
    However, MammaE is trying to get an injunction to stop the nomination until he shows his passport and birth certificate!

  97. Obama is TOAST!

    Obama is WEAK!

    This is his 3am phone call moment and he blew it!

    Where is Nancy Pelosi?

    Where is Harry Reid?

    Where is John Kerry?

    I saw Bill Richardson on TV leading the charge for Obama earlier and it was a repeat of Neville Chamberlain appeasement policy….UGH

    Democrats are not pussy but with the kind of leadership we had…it’s just pathetic and sad.

  98. Energy Crisis.
    Waffles is Burnt Toast.
    The Russia/Georgia crisis highlights the oil problem The US will have to drill off shore and Waffles has flipped flopped about his position.

    “Western concerns about Moscow’s desire to control the region’s oil supply were yesterday gathering strength.
    While Georgia does not produce oil itself, U.S. and European energy firms have counted on the pro-Western country – sandwiched between Russia and Iran – to host a pipeline for oil and gas exports from Azerbaijan.
    The head of Azerbaijan’s state oil company warned that exports had already been halted via the Georgian ports of Batumi and Kulevi due to the fighting.
    The announcement came shortly after Russian warplanes staged a raid near the 1,109-mile BTC pipeline, the world’s second longest.
    BP, a partner in this project, was seeking information on the reports”

  99. Obama is TOAST don’t you mean the Democratic? Taliban Party?

    Time is running out….the Dems don’t have that much time let…it’s down to hours and they will have lost all credibility and then even Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be able to save the party over this mess.

    Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, DNC, Harry Reid, John Kerry and the rest of the democratic? elites have been just terrible and done a great disservice to this party and our county.

  100. Russia now has the whole of the EU at ransom for energy. The EU have been total idiots in becoming reliant on Russia and will pay dearly for it. Putin is aiming for an all new USSR and perhaps a bigger on than before. I’ve always said the iron curtain down and the fall of the USSR would be something the west would regret and well.

  101. moononpluto, China scares me the most these. But Russia is creeping up there. The US is just not the mighty fearless giant it used to be (thanks to Bush and his wars) and I just don’t know if we can neutralize China and Russia anymore.

  102. The coverage is not good, troops moved to the border, stockpiling oil here and we now have three dangerous borders to guard, Iran, Iraq and Georgia.

  103. The question is now.

    Who are actually going to stop them?

    China and Russia do what they want and we really are not powerful other to say stop it you big bully.

    Putin has a game plan here and its one he’s played for a long time and we’ve ignored it.

  104. Putin is realligning the USSR, which he said from the begining he thought should never have been broken up. It’s pretty creepy. But this is what happens when you look into a guy’s sould and past his KGB past.

  105. Yes MJ, Putin is determind to re-establish the USSR. If I was an ex soviet state I would be shitting myself because Putin is coming after you.

  106. What’s this about poor BHO “being raised by a single mom?” She was neither single nor raised him. His grandparents raised him because his mom didn’t care enough to mess with him.

    She was an unwed mom. She married Lolo the alcoholic lulu in 63. When did she divorce him?

  107. So now we have the emergence of China, the aggression of Russia, the continuing saga in Iraq and Afghanistan, the ubiquitous Al-Qaeda, energy crisis and so on forth. How can we trust a guy who has never even held a single meeting while in charge of that committee?

  108. Wbboei, I hope you are listening to Momma E and Ed Hale tonight, they have on Larry Johnson from no quarter.
    Larry is saying there is something big coming out, whether it will be in time for Hillary, who knows?? Larry said it well sink him.
    Wbboei, I think its the Globe story!!! That’s why he did not take his wife and kids to see grannie, this is a cover up for this new problem.
    So much is going on that it makes me want the convention to be over with so we can all sit up and enjoy the fall of the KING!

  109. McCain picks up a blue collar endorsement in LindenBy Matt Friedman
    Category: PresidentTags: Richard Gerbounka, John McCain, Bill Baroni, Barack Obama
    LINDEN — To millions of non-residents who pass through New Jersey on the Turnpike, it’s Linden and its environs that tend to leave the strongest impression. It’s here that oil refineries and railroad tracks serve as the symbols of the stereotypical rough-around-the-edges Jersey town.

    State Sen. Bill Baroni (R-Hamilton), who heads up John McCain’s New Jersey presidential campaign, was trying to capture that blue collar aura as he trotted out Linden Mayor Richard Gerbounka, a long-time Democrat who turned independent in 2006, and four of the city’s councilmen to endorse McCain for president.

    The endorsement comes one day before McCain and his wife, Cindy, make a fundraising swing through New Jersey, which according to Baroni will include some as-yet undisclosed public campaign stops.

    It’s not that Linden, which has just shy of 40,000 people and voted for John Kerry over George W. Bush by a 2-1 margin in 2004, is strategically important to the campaign. Rather, it’s the image of Gerbounka – a sort of micro-maverick; a Vietnam veteran whose blue collar roots as a police officer make him an appealing figure to the so-called Reagan Democrats – that Baroni thinks will give McCain a shot at carrying the state.

    “This election is not about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about electing the best man to lead us forward the next four years as the president of the United States. And the best man for that position is Senator John McCain,” said Gerbounka. “And I know from personal experience that the Linden voters are intelligent and sophisticated. Because in 2006, I ran for the mayor of this great city as an independent against a 30-year Democratic incumbent, and the voters chose the man, not the party.”
    ****************************************************** How big is this endorsement for McCain in New Jersey?

  110. confloyd, Larry has the tendency to be, uh, histrionic. Remember his little tease about the video of Michelle saying “whitey.” At the time, I remember saying the same thing about NoQtr.

    I’m at the point where I’m just tired of being teased and then let down. I also want something substantive that will sink in to the American people that Obama is not fit to be President. Things that are more likely to get on the mainstream, not gossips that starts at the niche corner of the internet and never leaves it.

  111. Moononpluto, Its that Bambi has a love child also, and it is not being taken care of and lives in poverty!

  112. Filbertsf, I think the whitey tape will come out, if it is needed after the bomb drops.
    If you want to listen momma E, go to HCSFJM and then click on INDEX, it takes you right there.

  113. “7 of his hit speeches”?

    This clown’s putting out greatest hits collections and he’s never accomplished a single thing. Unbelievable.
    He’s too perfect for where this shallow, bubble-headed, media-driven world is and wants to go.

    I didn’t even remember the Wes Clark/McCain flareup and what BO did. Ultimately if I had to guess, based on how they have ruthlessly sought to obtain power every step of the way, all these dekes from the likes of Pelosi and everyone else don’t mean squat, except to quell any gathering storm among Hill’s forces before Denver.
    So if I had to bet, I’d bet it wouldn’t be HRC or Clark.

    Who the hell knows…

  114. Hey, this thing robbed me of a post! Ah well….

    Those internal emails have been published by the Atlantic and the link is at HuffPost, if interested…

  115. mj, use the yahoo search engine, hcsfjm, it is usually the first one, Its just named Index. I’ll check back, lots of stuff happening over there, they are on break now!

  116. Clinton supporters pushing to get her name placed in nomination at convention
    Carla Marinucci, Chronicle Political Writer

    Monday, August 11, 2008

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    Georgia (default)
    Times New Roman
    (08-11) 19:08 PDT —

    A determined crowd of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s delegates – preparing to head to the Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver – have begun gathering signatures to ensure her name is placed into nomination, insisting their effort won’t take spotlight off presumed Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

    Many of those involved in the campaign, which they say is a matter of respect and acknowledgement of 18 million voters who backed Clinton, argue that the nomination of the New York senator is a matter of historic and political precedent at such party conventions. And they’re chafing at reports that the campaign of Illinois Sen. Obama is resisting the efforts – and even hoping to avoid a roll call vote.

    “Since 1884, we’ve had a roll call vote … it’s a nominating convention, not a coronation,” said Garry Mauro, the four term Texas land commissioner and past gubernatorial candidate who ran against George W. Bush – and who will go to his 10th Democratic national convention this month as a Clinton delegate.

    With less than two weeks until Aug. 25, when Democrats kick off their nominating convention in Denver, the sentiment is typical many Clinton delegates who say that the nomination of the New York senator from the floor of the convention doesn’t endanger Obama’s presidential campaign – and could serve his cause.

    The Obama campaign declined to comment on the story, but many supporters of the presumed Democratic nominee suggest that Clinton will get more than her share of high-profile face time – and respect – at the convention. She is scheduled to deliver a keynote address on Tuesday night, reportedly to be introduced by her daughter, Chelsea – and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, is delivering the prime time address on Wednesday night, when the vice presidential candidate is nominated.

    for more go to:

    I have been boycotting the chronicle since ST. I found this story on Bitterpoliciz

  117. Texan, I caught part of the radio show tonight be didn’t hear the section with Larry.

    Someone from PUMA I think was a guest. She talked about the caucus fraud documentary that will be released on Aug. 23. This is the one Puma is going to show to the public during the convention and they even have a truck with a large screen so it can be shown on the street. She also talked about a second documentary on the Texas caucus that will be released soon (perhaps the same day) and that one is by an actual movie producer.

    They also made mention of the whitey tape that is going to be released the same day (Aug. 23). This is the first time I’ve heard that radio show and the people were very impressive. It also made me see just how much power Puma has..I think the group is starting to see some real results..

  118. Yes MJ, Putin is determind to re-establish the USSR. If I was an ex soviet state I would be shitting myself because Putin is coming after you.
    Soros has been active in this one. He has shockdoctrine methods to install capitalism in a number of these former Soviet republics and align them with NATO. Putin is pushing back. As you know from the posting I did a coupld days ago Russia, China and India are working to set up a reserve currency alternative to the dollary so we have been promoting head of georgia who is viruletlny anti-Russia. Someone asked Bwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk what to do and he cut loose this gem> uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh I would negotate. And you thought bush was bad,

  119. sad to say but much of this doesnt sound good. for 20 months we have been deseperate for somethng to break obama. frankly i dont see it right now. i chekced up on that producer who laims the whitey tape and checked with other sources. apparently its some gimmic deal she made. the puma docu should be greeted with caution. sources were not vetted in it properly. a scene ncludes a hillary supporter-but she was charged with committing fraud for hillary. trust me here in tx we got plenty fo folks who have clean fraud tales with real proof. expect camp obama to love that flub. the 2nd docu is the one to watch. why? bc sophie hawkins assoc is behind the effort. a very profressional docu gal is producing and writing it. their crew has traveled america and has got vetted true horror accts, much on footage. this is the one to watch. it wil be released in a veyr different manner too for impact. im not knocking puma, but ive been veryinvolved in this caucus docu stuff and can tell u what is what. ed hale’s site promotes some breaking deal that will deliver us and then it never happens. its tiring. sorry to be so harsh.

  120. This is my response to the above article:

    “For the posters, who believe that the supporters of Hillary Clinton are Republican operatives, I have news for you. I am a registered democrat, who became disillusioned by the gaming of the caucuses, voter intimidation, thuggery, and the outright stealing of delegates from Senator Clinton. The RBC was a joke and a farce. PUMAs are concerned democrats, who are fighting for democracy. Asking for Senator Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination is the right thing to do. She earned it. This was the closest primary in years. No candidate, who has earned delegates has been denied the opportunity to have their name place in nomination. Check the convention history. It has been this way since 1884. This is not a coronation, but should be about democracy. To do it any other way, is facist.”

  121. Texas, even if the Puma documentary is an imperfect amateur effort it at least gets the issue into the public eye.

    The other documentary, the professionally produced one, will probably get into the news. Don’t forget, Fox is also working on a big report on fraud in the Democratic caucuses. These two reports should be eye openers for many people.

    The whitey tape will be newsworthy if it is real. Even if the woman who releases it is some kind of crackpot the tape would still speak for itself. I think of it as another one of those drip, drip, drip things that’s starting to chip away at Obama..

  122. All this bravado about meeting with 3d world dictators without preconditions in first year of presidnency but he still hasnt made any effort to meet with 40th POUSA BC, JUST WORDS?

  123. Wednesday night of conven BC will introduce VP candidate. Theme is securing america’s future, wes clark’s Pac name. Do you think it will be him, eaton or zinni?

  124. This is all good for Hillary, now what are they going to do for us 18 million voters???

    “The Obama campaign declined to comment on the story, but many supporters of the presumed Democratic nominee suggest that Clinton will get more than her share of high-profile face time – and respect – at the convention”

  125. Wbboei, Did you listen to Larry?? He sure made an inuendo about it! I think the globe story is real and its about to break.
    We were wondering why this Edwards story broke at the time it did and the hireheels lady said it was because she was on the phone waiting to break a story about Odingo and within 5 minutes the Edwards story came out.
    It makes sense, Bambi throws everyone under the bus to save himself. THere is so much crap going on right now, you gotta believe the jig is up on something!

  126. I am so hoping that the fraud will fall before the convention so the rightful winner can take her place in the driver’s seat!

  127. tex, it was on Globe about Obama’s love child. I think this is the story that is about to break. The child is apparently not be taken care of very well as in poor!

  128. I’ve decided to run as Paris Hiltons running mate, she’s got the money, I’m poor, she’s got the media, nobody knows me, she’s got youth, I’ve got a wheel chair, she’s skinny, I’m not so skinny, she’s got blond hair I’ve got gray…

    perfect match don’t ya think…oh and for brains, she’ll donate hers to science cuz it’s never been used and mine is fried from the 60’s and 70’s from all that second hand pot smoke. (cough cough)

    Think we can give BHO a run for the money?

  129. I have read your blogs with interest. I just want to mention that with Bush in China, Ob in Hawaii I feel very safe that the country is left to Hillary and Bill. The 3 AM phone call from the White House will be handled by our expert on American affairs, Hillary. I love her letter regarding the situation in Russia.

    Basil9-As you have quoted. U.S. mesmerized by the American Idol celebrity style candidates instead of paying attention to the real world. This is nothing new in regard to the media. It appears to be communist related as well as the DNC. I am wondering (thinking) how the DNC commondos will enjoy paying the taxes proposed by OB? I wonder if they thought of this or will they get a cut rate savings. I suppose everyone is waiting (not all) to see who will be selected as VP for OB. I bet it will be an unknown because OB (g-d for bid) will want his own party to be selected that is likely has been his intent. Another thought (me) is his plan of CHANGE includes bringing in his party members who have bought out America or if he is not finally elected he likely will face serious consquences that I don’t want to think of. Hillary or Mc will go back to working in the Senate however OB will be no where to be found. One example that is evident by the news media is the sudden takeover or make over of the DNC by the members of his party who are selected by the OB camp to run the NEW DNC as we now know. Our country is up against a reality that has been a threat to our country for many decades in our history however due to neglect by some of our leaders to take the necessary action in protecting our borders or closing our borders immediately after the attack on 9-11 has increase the risk and potential for attack again on our country. It has not and will not cease. We need stronge people with experience to run our country, because we are a threshold away from being taken over. People WAKE up. Only, Only HILLARY CLINTON can protect our country and secure our future and promise she will not neglect our country or us. Please give her that chance. We the people must return to our values, ethics, and drive to bring our country back to what it was and can be. HILLARY our leader is the lady for all America. SHE CAN BE TRUSTED. Heck with Edwards. I don’t want to even go there.
    In ending, (did not mean to be so long) Ob should of never, ever been able to run for such a sacred office once the evidence became known. Now, he is close to taking over as president (g-d for bid) rules don’t apply to him nor will future elections in our country be a reality. I am so SCARED. (OB does not know there is a war on.)

  130. Over at Puma pac we are trying to help as many pumas get to Denver as possible. In true grassroots spirit we are getting creative. If you cannot attend the convention but want pumas well-represented, consider donating freq flyer miles. They will be matched with a Puma with limited funds to help them get to Denver.,

  131. i fully agree-getting same vibes from repubs i know. they are fearful of hillary winning the nom. as we have seen they are panicking online. with war in russia growing many dncers must realize the dude is toast without doubt.

    (August 12th 2008) Something really, really weird is happening (HillBuzz)


    So, I hate not knowing what is going on, but there is something really, really strange happening. In the last 4 days, I’ve gotten some odd calls and or emails from Republicans I know who have asked me what HRC is up to — because they are scared that HRC is going to get the nomination. They have literally asked me what I am doing, and if I’ve been contacted to restart the campaign here in Chicago, and what I would do if she was suddenly back in this. I told them, of course, that if my Champ gets back into the battle, I’ll actually quit my job and help her day and night to win this — because I believe in HRC that much.

    People — let me underscore how weird this is — the people asking me this are the most conservative and demure people I have ever met. They are NOT reactionary. They do not read things online and go nuts over them. They are very, very, very practical and Republican.

    But, something has spooked them — and they honestly think HRC is on the verge of staging a coup….AND they believe that all of us on the ground for her have secret reactivation orders. Like, HRC will just turn on the Batsignal and we’ll all drop everything and come running.


    All I can think of is Joan of Arc, or that scene in Elizabeth the Golden Age where Cate Blanchett is on the horse and says they can bring the armies of Hell and she will still win.

    Apparently, there is something happening that is tied to the Russian invasian of Georgia…from what little I could gather from the people asking me things, it looks like there are a number of people in the DNC who realize BHO is toast now that all Hell is breaking out with Russia. It is the worst possible thing that could have happened before the Convention — and the clown is on vacation in Hawaii during all of this. It’s that 3am phone call thing again — and BHO is clowing around while the world burns.

    Hera smiles down on us, is what I am feeling….because there’s an opening for HRC to rise…..and I am not the only one seeing it.

    There is definitely something funny going on — and there is a lot left to come out on Edwards too that will help HRC.

    Something tells me this really isn’t over yet.

  132. I came back here, because I was getting killed in the comments section at sfgate. There are some commonsense comments, but also, some real loony ones. The bots have no critical thinking skills. They think, it is all about Bo, and don’t realize that it is accepted practice for the candidates to have their names placed in nomination.

  133. Now this is angry!!! and deservedly so, bravo Soldier4Hillary

  134. some comedy for you guys,

    be sure to scroll all the way down.

  135. tapper is on the prowl-uh oh obama
    Edwards Money Man Raising Cash for Obama?
    August 11, 2008 3:51 PM

    The Dallas Morning News over the weekend profiled Fred Baron, the chairman of Sen. John Edwards’ campaign finance committees in both his 2004 and 2008 presidential campaigns.

    Baron also, as you may know, has been paying significant lumps of cash to Edwards’ former mistress Rielle Hunter, and others involved in the scandal.

    Baron claims Edwards knew nothing about it, and Edwards told ABC News Friday the same.

    The article states that Baron is currently “raising money for nominee-to-be Barack Obama.”


    This morning I asked the Obama campaign if they would comment on whether Baron is fundraising for the campaign. Some people might find that inappropriate. The campaign has yet to respond, but I will let you know when and if they do.

    – jpt

    August 11, 2008 | Permalink | User Comments (29)


    http:/ /

  136. texan I thought that was very telling that Baron could be (probably is) fundraising for the BHO campaign

    damn what a mess they made of this election

  137. Every day as we approach Denver I am encouraged by the the fact that no one in either party has a clue about Hillary’s strategy to follow a plan that she developed with the help of BC to calmly,legally and ethically,demonstrate her ability to be the first WOMAN CIC.She has displayed a tremendous loyalty to her country and we citizens.Obama has yet to come forward with a valid Birth Certificate that would make him elegible to even run for the presidency.The only time “WALKING EAGLE” runs is when he runs of to hide from problems that confront him and our country.Every problem that faces us in this world has a”CAUSE and EFFECT”.OBAMA has not a clue of the dangers that we are facing.His followers and supporters are only interested in his constant “PIE in the SKY”solution of doling out money for all in order to buy the votes he needs to highjack the election.Just keep these OBAMA words in mind before you choose this Race Baiter to implement his “LEGACYof RETRIBUTIONS”.BARRY SOETORO has no validity to assume the world’s “Toughest Executive Position”.He has not earned or learned that office.Hillary at this time is the best,the smartest,the most patriotic,the most caring and the toughest of all the wannabe’s that she has faced.Please not let her slip away from us.A National Treasure like Hillary only comes along if we support and realize that “SHE IS THE ONE” By ABM90

  138. texas4hillary:

    Right on spot. This IS 1940.

    Dubya said he looked at Putin “and could see his soul.”

    Hey bushie – YOU NEED TRIFOCALS!

    Andy Martin – The first Journalist to get the goods on BHO knows as did Reagan that you can’t sit idly by and allow Russia to in essence, “throw back up the wall.”

    The is the reason Dubya has been the ruination of this once great country. He weakened our armed forces when he orchestrated a “need” for war to fatten his buddies bankrolls, whil depleting our best and brightest, trillions of $$, and loss of morale in the U.S.

    So NOW when we REALLY need a FRESH armed services backing – we’re SPENT and OVEREXTENDED. Condi Rice has been the other BIGGEST FLOP our nation has ever seen in diplomacy. And SHE’S a RUSSIAN EXPERT?

    So hey, Condi – why didn’t you see this coming and HEAD IT OFF?



    Who knows this MAY be the FIRST of many “wag-the-dog’s” to happen over the course of the next few weeks/months. AT ANY RATE – BHO is absolutely and positively the kiss of death for our country.


    N O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Good Morning.

    A juicy morsel to start your day.

    Pelosi indicates openness to the possibility of an offshore drilling vote.

    Guess someone let her know she better ditch the ‘book tour’ and respond to the world crisis.

    IMHO. this doesn’t look good for waffles.

  140. Don’t you find it odd that McCain, Obama,and HRC all released positons on the Russia/Georgia situation and the pess is reporting it?

    It almost sounds like they think Obama gave aweak answer.

    McCain sure did the 2 a.m. thing well. O was on vacation, and need to contact his staff.

    71 is going strong, and O needs a vacation? Sure blows the age theory.

    O continues to look a lot like Bush. Dems don’t want more like Bush, then they should elect McCain, or change their minds at the convention.

  141. birdgal Says:

    August 12th, 2008 at 1:50 am
    I came back here, because I was getting killed in the comments section at sfgate. There are some commonsense comments, but also, some real loony ones. The bots have no critical thinking skills. They think, it is all about Bo, and don’t realize that it is accepted practice for the candidates to have their names placed in nomination.
    They no better that is how Chicago Politic is…The Al Capone way. Remove and lock out the competition. My problem is that the DNC under Howard Dean would allow this non democratic process tactic…they are traitors to our Country.

    Clinton received 18 million votes a outstanding feat and those clowns in the Democratic Leadership and DNC pulls this crap is just disgusting.

  142. Looked in both warehouse clubs for Pelosie’s book this weekend, and did not find it. Both O damaging books were there, and people were fingering them.

    O autobiograph was their, but people were more interested in the other books.

    O blew what ever advantage he had on not voting for Iraq, by not being able to respond on the latest development. McCain definitely look presidential.

    I guess a trip overseas just does not do it for you. You actually have to vote and make decisions. Darn!

  143. Don’t you find it odd that McCain, Obama,and HRC all released positons on the Russia/Georgia situation and the pess is reporting it?

    One thing I know for sure is that McCain and Hillary wrote their positions. While someone else wrote Obama’s position while he took credit for it.

  144. I don’t believe a word out of Pelosi’s mouth until I see her in DC working to get this done and the bill signed.

    Nancy “Co-Chairman of Obama Coronation” Pelosi has been a MAJOR dissappointment.

  145. Peolosi thinks she is one of the Guys, and that if she does what they asked, she will be successful.

    What she does not undersatnd is women have to do 200%, and are judged that way. I don’t think she has come close to the 100%, but then she is a buddy of Deans and think that is all it takes.

    SD with this latest international crisis, and his failure to respond, you have another PR problem.

    Looking Presidential is obtained by having the experience, and showing an ability to respond and be ready. He is not only not ready for 2 a.m. he is not ready at 10 a.m.

  146. McCain, not Obama, was right about Georgia
    August 12, 2008Recommend (2)

    Mention Georgia a few days ago, and most of us would have thought of the state evoked so sweetly in “Georgia on My Mind,” the classic tune sung by Ray Charles. Very few of us had heard of the South Ossetia province of Georgia, the nation with the misfortune to have Russia as its neighbor, until war broke out last week.

    Like Kosovo, Bosnia, Kuwait and other unfamiliar places before, Ossetia reminds us that a small, remote corner of the globe can explode into an international crisis. One who was up to speed on Georgia and the menace it faced from Russia was veteran Sen. John McCain. He had visited the Caucasian nation three times in a dozen years. When fighting erupted, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate got on the phone to gather details and issued a statement Friday summarizing the situation, tagging Russia as the aggressor and demanding it withdraw its forces from the sovereign territory of Georgia.

    It took first-term Sen. Barack Obama three tries to get it right. Headed for a vacation in Hawaii, the presumed Democratic candidate for commander in chief issued an even-handed statement, urging restraint by both sides. Later Friday, he again called for mutual restraint but blamed Russia for the fighting. The next day his language finally caught up with toughness of McCain’s.

    Making matters worse, Obama’s staff focused on a McCain aide who had served as a lobbyist for Georgia, charging it showed McCain was “ensconced in a lobbyist culture.” Obama’s campaign came off as injecting petty partisan politics into an international crisis. This was not a serious response on behalf a man who aspires to be the leader of the Free World. After all, what’s so bad about representing a small former Soviet republic struggling to remake itself as a Western-style democracy?

    The comparison between the two candidates served to emphasize the strength McCain’s experience would bring to the White House in a dangerous world.

    Obama’s favored approach to international issues, diplomatic talks, failed to stop Russia’s invasion. Vladimir Putin, a KGB bull in the former Soviet Union, wants to restore Russia as the supreme power of Eurasia and, to that end, bully former vassal states like Georgia out of their democratic ways. The fear is that Ukraine will come in his cross hairs next.

    However the world’s newest war ends, America’s leadership must recognize and respond to the underlying dynamic of Russia’s resurgent aggressive instincts — the power bestowed on Moscow by its oil and gas riches.

    While we don’t get fossil fuels from Russia, Western Europe does, and the Kremlin’s energy might is fueled by the worldwide demand for oil. Developing U.S. domestic energy sources and alternatives to oil will only enhance our national security and, by reducing the world’s petroleum demand, undermine the economic, political and military advantage vast oil and gas reserves give to unfriendly powers like Russia, Iran and Venezuela.

    Obama calls for transforming America’s economy in a decade. He’s got the right idea — long term. But short term, this nation must push for energy security on all fronts — now. That includes new offshore drilling for oil, which Obama loathes, and new nuclear plants, which he views with aversion. We can’t just wait for breakthrough technologies for wind, solar and biomass energy.

    McCain has got it right in advocating new offshore drilling and a federal push to add 45 nuclear generators over the next two decades. Given the evidence of Russia’s energy-fueled aggression, he should abandon his opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve and to extending subsidies he favors for nuclear energy to include renewables.

    As Georgia burns, we need to light a fire under all the talk about energy security and start doing what it takes to make it happen.,CST-EDT-hunt12.article

  147. Ossetia fighting a test for Obama,CST-NWS-sweet12.article

    I’m sorry but Obama has already failed the test…his handling of the 3am crisis situation was a total failure on all accounts. The only good thing out of this is that Obama is not the President, so we voters have been put on notice that flirting with a diaster in the making of electing inexperience and coolness over leadership and experience would be the worst in the history of our nation.

    After 8 years of George W. Bush adminstration, it is no secret that this country needs are great and change is needed but that change is a return to our values and traditions of good governance and principles that made us the greatness nation in the world.

    Not, this non democratic approach that the Howard Dean’s DNC and Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and other gimmicky solution in farce and coronation.

    Hillary Clinton or John McCain

  148. The biggest Losers in the Campaign cycle is the MSM, like MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and some other liberal media in their new job as Obama’s propaganda machine.

    Yesterday so cable news on MSNBC and CNN was disgraceful in their non-stop shrilling for Barack Obama. I never heard so much excuses and hating on Obama’s competitors while a major foriegn crisis was emerging.

    This disrepect shown, the terrible example the media set, instead of pulling the electorate together all the media has been doing is playing “KING MAKER” to Team Obama.

  149. McCain Out Front
    Editorial of The New York Sun | August 12, 2008

    The speed with which Senator McCain seized the leadership in the first foreign policy crisis of the presidential campaign may not be surprising. Mr. McCain after all, backed the surge strategy in Iraq, while Senator Obama and many others were opposing it. But his emergence on the Georgia crisis is no less impressive. When Russia took advantage of the Olympics to launch an operation aimed at ousting the democratically elected government in a neighboring country that is an aspiring NATO member, Mr. Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, initially called on both sides to exercise restraint. Mr. McCain saw it immediately for what it was, Russian aggression.

    President Bush underscored the stakes in his Rose Garden remarks yesterday, saying it appeared an effort was underway to depose Georgia’s democratically elected government. “Russia has invaded a sovereign neighboring state and threatens a democratic government elected by its people. Such an action is unacceptable in the 21st century,” Mr. Bush said.

    In the conflict between South Ossetia and Georgia, we have no dog in the fight. Nor in the fight between Abkhazia and Georgia. But in the fight between Georgia and Moscow, American sympathies and interests lie with the former Soviet satellite now headed by a democratically elected government that has sought to throw in with the West.

    Some might argue that America’s interests lie with letting Moscow do what it wants, as it is a stronger power than Georgia. But if America is just going to abandon a friendly nation that sent troops to fight in Iraq — well, then American friendship will come to be devalued around the world, which will have its own great cost to America’s interests.

    Mr. McCain grasped as much in his statement yesterday, saying, “Russia is using violence against Georgia, in part, to intimidate other neighbors such as Ukraine for choosing to associate with the West and adhering to Western political and economic values. As such, the fate of Georgia should be of grave concern to Americans and all people who welcomed the end of a divided of Europe, and the independence of former Soviet republics.”

    Added Mr. McCain: “The international response to this crisis will determine how Russia manages its relationships with other neighbors. We have other important strategic interests at stake in Georgia, especially the continued flow of oil through the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline, which Russia attempted to bomb in recent days; the operation of a critical communication and trade route from Georgia through Azerbaijan and Central Asia; and the integrity and influence of NATO, whose members reaffirmed last April the territorial integrity, independence, and sovereignty of Georgia.”

    Mr. Obama, meanwhile, framed the issue not as one of values but as one of sovereignty. “The UN must stand up for the sovereignty of its members, and peace in the world,” he said, an argument that just as easily might have been used against, say, the liberation of Iraq, or might be used in the future against an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities. No one knows what conflicts the four years between 2008 and 2012 will bring, what will be the South Ossetia of 2010, the obscure region that suddenly becomes the focal point of a global crisis. But by the evidence so far Mr. McCain is more ready for the challenge than is Mr. Obama
    If SD’s continue down this path of thinking Americans will vote for the least prepared to be POTUS, yesterday should refute you of that notion.

  150. Republican strategists are laying plans to convince anxious exurban voters that McCain would be far better for their car-centric lifestyles. Also, the campaign has deployed phone banks to survey exurban voters on issues that could lead to targeted appeals.

    “We would make a mistake if we would say these are just Republican base areas so let’s just turn out the vote,” said Mike DuHaime, a McCain strategist who advised the GOP four years ago on its exurban targeting. “If anything, these are swing areas where if we run the wrong kind of campaign we could lose those counties.”

    Tom Grossman, the Republican chairman in Warren County, Ohio, near Cincinnati, said commuters in his area would be hearing frequently about Obama’s resistance to drilling.

    The argument has already worked for some, including a few mothers who sat poolside at the recreation center in a central Pasco County subdivision called Lexington Oaks.

    As their children splashed, the mothers talked about paying thousands to gas up their SUVs, canceling summer vacations, even considering going back to work. Nevertheless, all agreed: McCain was the candidate who might lower gas prices.

    But, in a worrisome sign for McCain, even one of Pasco’s most prominent Republicans says he’s not sure where his loyalties will take him in November.

    Alex Deeb, who owns several construction companies, said he “couldn’t build houses fast enough” in Bush’s first term. But now, one of his firms just laid off 10 workers.

    Deeb thinks McCain “doesn’t get it on the economy” and wishes he could vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). “At least she understands the economy,” said Deeb, who says he’s a “dyed-in-the-wool Republican.”

    When pressed, Deeb said he’d probably wind up voting for McCain. But the presumptive GOP nominee shouldn’t bother asking for a campaign donation. Deeb said he wouldn’t send him a check.,0,7724249,full.story

  151. Anatomy of a Presidential Candidate’s Vacation, Part III
    Posted by Maria Gavrilovic| 6

    (CBS)From CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic:

    (HONOLULU) After briefly interrupting his vacation to talk about the conflict in Georgia, Barack Obama slipped back into vacation mode.

    He played with his daughters Sasha and Malia at his vacation rental overlooking the ocean in Kailua. Later in the afternoon, he changed into khakis and a short sleeve beige shirt and headed to his grandmother’s apartment with his wife Michelle. The apartment building was swarming with local media, so the Obamas slipped in through an underground driveway.

    After visiting for about a half hour, they headed to the Ward Movie Theater, where they again dodged cameras who chased the motorcade by foot into the theater’s underground parking lot. The Obamas watched the “The Dark Knight” with another couple, before heading to dinner at the posh Mariposa Restaurant. The restaurant is located on the third floor of the Neiman Marcus department store and has a view of the ocean.

    On Tuesday evening, Obama will attend a fundraiser – this will be his first campaign event in Oahu since he held a welcome rally upon his arrival on Friday.
    Where’s Obama?

    Oh, he’s on vacation.

  152. Anatomy of a Presidential Candidate’s Vacation, Part II
    Posted by Maria Gavrilovic| 12

    (CBS)From CBS News’ Maria Gavrilovic:

    (HONOLULU) Barack Obama worked out with his wife and toured some favorite local spots on the second day of his weeklong vacation.

    The Obamas, with their daughters Malia and Sasha in tow, later visited the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park on the eastern side of Oahu. The park commemorates the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii and features a Buddhist temple. They also stopped at Aloha Tropical Farms – a Macadamia nut outlet.

    Longtime friend Bobby Titcomb hosted an evening BBQ for Obama and his entourage. Titcomb played basketball with Obama at Punahou High School in the late ’70s and the two have remained friends ever since.

    Although Obama spent his Sunday relaxing, his Chicago office was working away on a new ad jabbing at John McCain.

    This morning they released the ad entitled, “Embrace”, which features McCain as a “Washington celebrity.” The ad has clips of McCain on Saturday Night Live and video of him embracing President Bush.
    Oh I give up…I can just see those GOP ads now.

  153. carbynew

    I knew this was the 2 a.m. stuff again.

    Something is happening with his staff though, if all they can come up with is Saturday Night Live (the new NBC of News), and hugging President Bush.

    Since when does hugging Bush make you something special.

  154. I am hearing one of McCain’s ads in the background. The lady that does them has a great voice. You really listen to her.

    I think they are holding off on another strike ad for McCain. After all they have been so successful, if they do this before the convention, we might see a change. Of course they do not want that.

  155. Great Debate (focus group said not)
    Wonderful Civil Rights Speech (One we will not remember)
    He is going to win by the largest margin ever (per the Poll American did not get that email).
    He has travel internationally with great adoring crowds, he is now an international expert (You have got to be kidding)
    He sends tinkles down my pant leg (Oh Please Chris that was embarrassing).

    HE IS GOING TO SKYROCKET AFTER THE CONVENTION (So at what goals has he been successful at lately, even Rev Manning says he is a mistake)


  156. INSTANT VIEW: U.S. trade gap narrowed unexpectedly in June

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. trade deficit shrank unexpectedly in June, as the weak U.S. dollar helped push exports higher and overpowered the effect of record-high prices for imported oil, a Commerce Department report showed on Tuesday.

    KEY POINTS: * The trade gap totaled $56.8 billion, down from a revised estimate of $59.2 billion in May.

    * The monthly tally was also much lower than the $61.5 billion midpoint estimate of analysts surveyed before the report.

    * Both exports and imports of goods and services set records in June, but exports rose by 4.0 percent compared to a 1.8 percent gain for imports.

    * The deficit totaled $351.4 billion for the first six months of the year, down slightly from $358.4 billion in the same period in 2007.

  157. Treasuries Moving Back To The Upside After Trade Data

    (RTTNews) – After seeing notable weakness in the previous session, treasuries have moved back to the upside in early trading on Tuesday. The strength in the markets comes on the heels of the release a report showing an unexpected decrease in the size of the U.S. traded deficit.

    The benchmark ten-year note has seen some further upside in the past few minutes, rising to a new high for the session. Subsequently, the yield on the ten-year note is currently down 5.9 basis points at 3.943 percent.

    Earlier in the day, the Commerce Department released a report showing that the U.S. trade unexpectedly narrowed in the month of June, with the narrower trade deficit reflecting a notable increase in the value of exports.

    The report showed that the trade deficit narrowed to $56.8 billion in June from a revised $59.2 billion in May. Economists had expected the deficit to widen to $61.9 billion compared to the $59.8 billion originally reported for the previous month.

    A continued increase in the value of exports contributed to the narrower deficit, with the value of exports jumping 4.1 percent to $164.4 billion in June from $158.0 billion in May. The weakness in the value of the U.S. dollar that was seen in June contributed to the increase in exports.

    The increase in the value of exports outpaced an increase in the value of imports, which edged up by a more modest 1.8 percent to $221.2 billion in June from $217.2 billion in the previous month.

    Nonetheless, while the unexpected decrease in the size of the total U.S. trade deficit may generate some optimism about the strength of the economy, the data may be shrugged as old news, particularly in light of the recent strength in the value of the U.S. dollar.

    Some traders may subsequently continue to look ahead to the release of key data on retail sales and consumer prices later in the week

  158. Talking Pimps Memo is making a big deal about Mark Penn’s “sliminess” in advocating Hillary attack Waffles more aggressively (as evidenced in those memos). It never occurs to them that the GOP will do exactly that in the GE. Duh.

  159. Must read:

  160. US June trade deficit shrinks sharply on weak dollar
    1 hour ago

    WASHINGTON (AFP) — The US trade deficit shrank sharply in June to 56.8 billion dollars, as the dollar’s weakness offset new record-high oil prices, the Commerce Department said Tuesday.

    The June trade gap was the smallest since March and confounded analysts’ consensus forecast that it would swell to 61.9 billion dollars.

    The June deficit was 4.1 percent smaller than the May shortfall, which the department revised lower to 59.2 billion dollars from its initial estimate of 59.8 billion.

    The decline in June was due mainly due to a strong jump in exports, up 4.0 percent to 164.4 billion dollars, while imports increased by a modest 1.8 percent to 221.2 billion dollars.

    Oil imports accounted for a significant portion of the rise in overall imports. At a record of 117.13 dollars a barrel on average, the oil deficit hit a new high of 36.4 billion dollars.

    By contrast, the trade deficit in non-petroleum products was the smallest since February 2003.

    The United States reduced imports in nearly all categories, except commodities, and exported record amounts of industrial supplies and materials, food and beverage products and consumer goods.

    The politically sensitive trade gap with China rose by 1.8 percent to a seasonally adjusted 21.4 billion dollars.

    Benefiting from a weak dollar, the US posted record exports to the European Union in June, jumping 4.5 percent to an adjusted 8.2 billion dollars.

    The US trade deficit with Canada ballooned by 33 percent to an adjusted 7.2 billion dollars.

    The dollar’s subsequent strengthening since June and the slowing global economy were expected to weigh on July exports.

    This report is good news and will help McCain’s and GOP narrative regarding more off shore drilling and how U.S. trade is picking up.

    Hillary Clinton could debate and frame this offering balancing the needs for the Dems but Obama has made so many mistakes his credibility is zilch. All you get from him is HIGH TAXES and SPENDING but no growth in income.

    Another word for Change is Fickle, Unstable, do American want that or do we want Refocus, Reform?

  161. Shaking my head, stomping my feet, and rolling my eyes…sigh…

    What is it going to take for America to kick Obama to the curb? His stance on just about everything from foreign affairs to the economy is a joke. His slip ups will probably end up filling at least two blooper shows.

  162. W.House assessing Russian halt to Georgia operation
    Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:19am EDT
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The White House said on Tuesday it could not confirm that Russia had halted military operations in Georgia, despite a statement from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that hostilities were ending.

    “We saw the reporting and the announcement from the Russian president, Medvedev,” White House spokesman Tony Fratto said. “We’re trying to get an assessment of what exactly it means, what a halt means and whether it’s taken place.”

    Asked if the White House knew whether the Russian attack had stopped, Fratto said, “We don’t.” He added that he was not in a position to give an authoritative statement about the situation on the ground.

    White House national security adviser Stephen Hadley was scheduled to brief reporters on the situation in Georgia at 11 a.m. EDT (1500 GMT) and could offer a more detailed assessment, Fratto said.

    The crisis began Thursday when Georgia sent forces to retake South Ossetia, a pro-Russian province that threw off Georgian rule in the 1990s. Moscow responded by sending its troops into Georgia.

    President George W. Bush spoke with the leaders of Germany and Italy on Tuesday about the crisis in Georgia as the leaders sought a way to end the fighting.

    Medvedev, who had been under increasing international pressure to end the attacks, said early on Tuesday he had ordered a halt to military operations in Georgia.

    But Georgian Prime Minister Lado Gurgenidze told Reuters in an interview that Russian jets were continuing to attack.
    Obama was told this would not be a good time to go on vacation…but he didn’t listen and the mistakes continue.

  163. Mccain needs to start talking about Obama’s age…needing to go on so many vacations because he is just so tired.

  164. turndown: Yes, that was the comment thread in the sfgate. My first comment was 50 % thumbs up and 50% thumbs down. Later comments were more highly marked, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of other PUMAs in the comments section. I was also surprised to see many comments in support of Hillary and having her name placed in nomination. But, there were also the morons.

  165. Top of the Agenda: Russia Signals Fighting Halt

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced Moscow has ended military attacks (WSJ) against Georgian forces, saying “the goals of the operation have been achieved.” Speaking on state television, Medvedev said Russia reserves the right to renew attacks if it encounters Georgian resistance and stopped short of saying Moscow would withdraw from Georgia.

    The announcement comes after Russian forces bombed the Georgian town of Gori, where reports were mixed about whether they had seized the town. Gori is near the separatist region of South Ossetia, where a Georgian assault triggered the Russian offensive. Russia has also moved 9,000 paratroopers (Moscow Times) and military equipment into Georgia’s breakaway province of Abkhazia.

    RIA Novosti reports Russia’s foreign minister said the country has ruled out negotiations with Georgia’s president, and Georgia’s attempts at a peacekeeping presence in the breakaway republic of South Ossetia. But diplomacy was active on a number of fronts. French President Nicolas Sarkozy, representing the European Union, is to hold talks in Moscow on a possible peace deal (Reuters). President Bush yesterday urged the Kremlin to accept a peace agreement, saying its offensive jeopardized relations with the United States and Europe.

    The United Nations meets today on a draft measure calling for an end to the fighting. The UN Security Council failed yesterday to agree to a draft resolution, with Russia and the United States trading accusations over Moscow’s military campaign (RFE/RL). The Los Angeles Times says the crisis has “poured fresh animosity into already strained relations between Moscow and Washington.” The Christian Science Monitor says U.S. and Russian diplomats this week have fallen back “into the language and passions of their long, bitter Cold War standoff.”

  166. Jan, for a guy that works out so much, his stamina is zilch. He doesn’t seem to handle the stress very well.

  167. note to SF bay area folks. protest Nancy at these book stores.

    Below are some upcoming events:

    August 11

    Los Angeles, American Jewish University
    For additional information or or obtain tickets:
    (310) 440-1246

    700 W. 7th Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    (213) 624.5137

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers
    189 Grove Drive Suite K 30
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (323) 525-0270

    August 12

    Corte Madera, Dominican University
    For additional information or to obtain tickets:
    (415) 927-0960

    Placement on map is approximate
    588 Francisco Blvd W
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    (888) 812-6755

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers
    313 Corte Madera Town Center
    Corte Madera, CA 94925
    (415) 927-9016

    August 13

    Palo Alto, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
    For additional information or to obtain ticekts: .

    456 University Ave
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    (888) 812-7113

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers
    1091 El Camino Real
    Redwood City, CA 94063
    (650) 299-0117

    August 14

    San Francisco, Books Inc.
    For additional information or to obtain tickets:

    400 Post St
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 399-0522

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers
    2550 Taylor St
    San Francisco, CA 94133
    (415) 292-6762

    August 20

    Denver, Tattered Cover
    For additional information or to obtain tickets:;jsessionid=bcayTJrdiwWWAcfP4o7Tr?s=storeevents&eventId=380591

    8230 E 49th Ave
    Unit 1370, Denver, CO 80238
    (888) 812-7090

    Barnes and Noble Booksellers
    500 16 Street
    Denver, CO 80202
    (303) 825-9166

    TV and Radio Appearances
    Monday, August 11, 2008
    Larry Mantle, 89.3 KPCC (11am PST)
    Larry King, CNN (6pm PST)

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008
    Tavis Smiley, PBS (Please click here for your local listing )
    Ronn Owens Program, K GO (9am – 12noon PST)

  168. Gosh birdgal,

    That definitely makes him a number one choice for the biggest job in the world. What is wrong with this picture???

  169. Its funny but for all the shit abuse they gave Bush, Obama has made the same dumb ass mistakes on tv and takes as many holidays if not more than Bush did. Obama would be a part timer. He’d be off on holiday most days.

  170. So glad you all are still going strong — I came here often during the primary battles to get my head on straight. If CNN/MSNBC/SWOONING OBAMA PRESS CORE think they can white wash this over with Clinton supporters they are just wrong.

    I knew Donna B’s email and warned her that if they rob Hillary of Michigan and Florida they will pay because we won’t come home. Her reply was shameless. The DNC and Big Media must pay along with all the back stabbing dems.

    Obama can’t get above 50% in the polls and the media refuse to point out that we are not coming home to the Obama compound of kool aid drinkers.

    I’m still mad as hell and glad to see I’m not alone!

  171. home
    ← Standing Alone

    Rendell Pressuring Delegates Not to Support Clinton Nominating Petition
    August 12th, 2008 | Action, Barack Obama, DNC, Denver, H.O.U.N.D., Hillary Clinton, Puma PAC C.A.N., Sexist Onslaught, The Audacity of Democracy, Unity?, Why Don’t You Take a Long Walk Off a Short Pier?

    Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell (whose HOUND attempt to counteract the burgeoning Puma Movement flopped at the end of June) has instructed Hillary Clinton’s pledged delegates NOT to sign a petition circulating among some delegates to place Clinton’s name in nomination for a roll call vote in Denver. In an email we obtained yesterday, Mary Isenhour, executive director of the state Democratic Party in Pennsylvania, makes it clear that the message from the top is unequivocal: Shut up and don’t make a move until the big shots tell you what to do.

    TO: All Clinton Delegates

    FROM: Mary Isenhour

    Executive Director

    DATE: August 11, 2008

    RE: Nomination

    If anyone approaches you about signing a petition to place Senator Clinton’s name in nomination at the Democratic National Convention, the Governor has asked me to ask you to refrain from signing such a petition until we know what Senator Clinton and Senator Obama have worked out. As always, please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

    The 300 Petition, as it has come to be known, is a delegate-led effort to follow provisions in the nominating rule book of the DNC that make it possible for delegates themselves, rather than the Party or Convention Chair, to nominate a candidate for President at the party’s national convention in Denver. Rumors have been flying since Clinton suspended on June 7th that Howard Dean and Barack Obama were trying behind the scenes to script a Unity Show in Denver in which Obama received the unanimous support of the delegates. Because of Dean and Obama’s vague allusions to “negotiations” around a Clinton roll call vote, it has become increasingly clear that the DNC and the Obama campaign would much prefer Clinton to efface herself again by conceding her right as the runner-up in the delegate race to ask the that her name be put in nomination by the Chair. If Clinton were to make such a request, it would be politically unpleasant for Obama or Dean to deny her the same privilege given to past candidates, like Shirley Chisolm, Jesse Jackson, and Ted Kennedy. The fact that Clinton received vastly more delegates than any of those past candidates would make the snub even more outrageous.

  172. I did not know that the Governor in each state owned and directed the Delegates.

    Does that sound like a Democracy to you?

  173. What is so brilliant about McCain’s approach, imo , is that it sends the message that McCain doesn’t even consider Bambi a peer. If you take someone seriously, you focus on what they say…the issues as the opponent has presented them. McCain is saying LOUD and CLEAR…”Respond to this joker?! You’ve GOT to be kidding.”

  174. For all posters on this board. Here is a PUMA action to take today:

    TO: Puma PAC

    FROM: Murphy

    RE: A thank you PROWL

    Dear Puma PAC Members,

    There is something both profoundly vulnerable and at the same moment astonishingly strong about a person who stands alone to face opposition. The cowards among us will inevitably be inclined to ridicule you, or — much worse — if there is a crowd, they may attack. Our own Zee faced this outside Barack Obama’s Millionaire’s Birthday Ball in Boston last week. She stood alone and before long was ridiculed and then assaulted.

    Geraldine Ferraro did a similar thing Sunday by stating unequivocally on national TV that the double standard used against women who compete has GOT TO STOP — less viscerally brave perhaps, but no less profound.

    We have a Special EARLY MORNING PUMA PAC ACTION this morning, Folks. I’m asking every Puma PAC member (or friend!) to write a handwritten thank-you note to Geraldine Ferraro. By standing up alone for Hillary yesterday, she stood up for all of us.

    Make your note short, sweet, and to the point — that way she’ll be able to read all of them!

    Print out one of the Puma PAC letterheads on which to write your letter, or just use your own stationery. Get the letterhead HERE. Mail your card or note TODAY to:

    Geraldine A. Ferraro
    575 Park Ave
    New York, NY 10065-7332

    Please write your quick note of thanks and mail it today so she’ll receive the letters all at once. After you write your note, be sure to come back and BRAG in comments on the blog — hey! why not post a copy of your note, especially if it’s short and sweet. That way it will also be an inspiration and guide to other members!

    Let’s get Prowling!

    Thank you and Good Luck,


  175. Well, if and when we ever DO get a debate, I imagine it will highlight alot of giggling and eyerolling on McCains part, and lot of silent seething on Obama’s part. 😉

  176. NMF: It is not democracy. Looks like the leaders of the democratic party are being strong-armed.

    Just finished my short note to Mrs. Ferraro. She is my hero, next to Sen. Clinton.

  177. Already did my prowl, Birdie. Felt good too!

    Be short to keep your comment short and sweet so Geri can read some of them. 🙂

  178. Idunn: McCain’s approach is the best way to get under BO’s skin. His ego cannot take it. No sense of humor there.

  179. should have read “comments”. It was intended as general advise, not a response to you, Birdie.

    Damned internet.

  180. idunn

    He better not do the giggling and eyerolling. the media will used it against him, just like they did H.

    I would let the focus groups do that.

  181. Then again the media will probably let Obama go on and on about nothing substantial, give him the bulk of debate time and lame questions…just like they did with Hillary and she still did much better than him.

  182. Vilsack: Edwards’s career is ‘damaged irreparably’

    Former Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack says the revelation of two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards’ infidelity has destroyed the North Carolinian’s career.

    And it won’t be easily forgiven in a public sense, Vilsack, a Democrat, said in an interview during a fund-raiser for 5th District congressional candidate Rob Hubler at Crossroads Bistro in Carroll.

    “It’s extraordinarily disappointing,” Vilsack said. “His public career, I suspect, has been damaged irreparably — as it should.”

    In an interview with ABC News and in a subsequent statement, Edwards admitted to having an affair with a former New York City socialite who shot videos for his campaign. Allegations that the former U.S. senator is the father of a lovechild remain outstanding, although Edwards has denied the claim.

    Vilsack said the affair is freighted with extra baggage because of Elizabeth Edwards’s high profile battle with cancer — and the fact that as a candidate he portrayed him-self as a family man.

    “It’s one thing to do this,” Vilsack said. “I think the context and the circumstances and the timing of it and the attitude that he projected during the presidential race, I think, creates some very serious problems for him in terms of being able to redeem himself.”

    Vilsack was a strong supporter of U.S Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in the presidential race. But the governor said he wasn’t angry at Edwards, who finished a strong second in the Democratic Iowa caucuses, as some Clintonites who are speculating that the former First Lady would be the Democratic nominee instead of U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., had Edwards been out of the race or outed as a cheating husband earlier.

    “I guess I have a different attitude about that,” Vilsack said. “I am constantly thinking about Elizabeth Edwards and his children. This is a woman who is struggling to stay alive and kids who are seeing their mother struggle to stay alive and now they have to deal with this.”

    Vilsack said it is not inconsistent to campaign for Hillary Clinton — whose victory would have put her famously philandering husband in the White House in a historic role as First Gentleman — and to judge Edwards’s public life as dead.

    “He’s not elected to that position,” Vilsack said of Bill Clinton as a potential first spouse. “That’s a position that he would have assumed simply because his wife was elected president.

    Vilsack doesn’t see any cabinet appointments or high-profile roles for Edwards in any Democratic administrations soon.

    “I think that that might have been possible before this,” Vilsack said. “I don’t think it’s likely, at least for a while.”

  183. Pro-Clinton Group Runs Anti-Obama Ad

    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 12:14 PM
    By: Jim Meyers Article Font Size

    A group of Hillary Clinton supporters has bought an ad in an influential Washington, D.C. publication warning against turning the Democratic convention in Denver into what they call a “coronation” of Barack Obama.

    The ad states: “If Democratic processes and principles are not respected, then the party will have a much bigger problem – a genuine revolt of more than 18 million voters.”

    That’s how many votes Hillary garnered during the Democratic primary campaign.

    The ad was paid for by the Denver Group, whose demands for the convention include a roll call vote and speeches in favor of Clinton’s candidacy.

    The half-page ad, which ran in Monday’s issue of Roll Call, asks “Will [Democratic National Committee Chairman] Howard Dean and the DNC turn the Democratic Party into the Boston Tea Party?”

    It adds that neither candidate has enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination, and that pledges by superdelegates to support Obama made after the last primary are not binding.

    “Senator Clinton’s name must be placed in nomination,” the ad insists.

    Addressing supporters during a recent fundraiser, Hillary did not rule out the idea of placing her name in nomination, CNN’s Political Ticker reported.

    Speaking of the Denver Group’s goal having more than just a symbolic roll call vote at the convention, the organization’s co-founder Heidi Li Feldman said: “Unity or enthusiasm for a candidate can’t be foisted on people in a democracy. You have to earn voters’ enthusiasm.”
    Keep the pressure on…this is the United States of America and we don’t have KINGS.

  184. Explain, Dems tell Clinton delegate

    The Colorado Democratic Party would like Boulder delegate Sacha Millstone, who is devoted to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, to give up her spot as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

    Party officials said Monday that they won’t insist Millstone resign. But in an e-mail last week, Billy Compton, state political director of the Colorado Democratic Party, ordered Millstone into his office to explain disparaging comments she made about Barack Obama.

    Compton said the party had received a complaint about Millstone from another delegate.

    “You are hereby directed to come in to the party Headquarters and explain your comments and why you should remain a national delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in light of these comments,” the letter said.

    Millstone, who has hired a lawyer, was infuriated.

    “Isn’t there a right to free speech? Isn’t this right in line with our time-honored tradition with the Dems?” she said. “These intimidation tactics have a chilling effect on people feeling comfortable speaking up.”

    Millstone’s lawyer wrote Compton asking for the rules that allow the party to threaten removal from the state delegation.

    State party officials said Monday that the issue has been dropped.

    “We wanted to explore with Ms. Millstone the possibility of her voluntarily resigning her position,” Compton said. “I simply wanted to discuss the matter with her.”

    This week’s back and forth underscores the escalating tension across the country among Clinton delegates.

    Most loyal to Clinton say they simply want their vote for her to count at the convention, and then they’ll get behind Obama before his acceptance speech at Invesco Field on Aug. 28.

    “It’s inevitable within a party of this size that there will be different views about the merits of the candidates that the parties put forward,” said Daniel Kagan, a delegate representing Denver.

    Kagan, who is circulating a petition among delegates nationally to get Clinton’s name on the convention ballot, said it’s “autocratic” of the party to force support of one candidate.

    “It’s ludicrously overambitious and an unattractive goal,” he said.

    Though Clinton could agree for her name to appear on the ballot, party insiders say that is unlikely.

    A delegate from Wisconsin, Debra Bartoshevich, was kicked off her state’s delegation after she vowed to support Republican presidential front runner Sen. John McCain when Clinton suspended her campaign.

    Natalie Wyeth, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Convention Committee, said she was unaware of any other such cases.

    Obama campaign spokeswoman Shannon Gilson issued a statement Monday saying it was the campaign’s “priority to ensure Ms. Millstone’s delegate status was not in jeopardy.”

    State Democratic Party chair Pat Waak, who said it would be nice to have a united delegation when 50,000 conventioneers arrive in Colorado, called the Millstone matter “moot.”

    “We’re getting too near the convention, and she’s refused to come in,” Waak said.

    Any effort to intimidate Clinton supporters won’t work, at least not on at-large Clinton delegate Sonya Jaquez Lewis, who lives in unincorporated Boulder County.

    “It makes me angry,” Jaquez Lewis said. “It makes me want to now really be even louder about issues and concerns that before I was willing to look the other way.”

  185. Here’s a gem from REDSTATE.COM!
    Tuesday, August 12, 2008 at 08:57AM


    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Obamessiah has indeed brought forth peace into the world.

    Check out Virginia Governor Tim Kaine’s statement from this morning:

    “It was a bad crisis for the world. It required tough words but also a smart approach to call on the international community to step in. And I’m very, very happy that the Senator’s request for a ceasefire has been complied with by President Medvedev.”

    Dude even said it with a straight face. Like Michael Goldfarb notes, no doubt the Russians are now inflating their tires and getting regular check ups.

    But here is what is interesting. Moscow and Obama, at the same time, were attacking John McCain’s chief foreign policy advisor for lobbying on Georgia’s behalf in a former job.

    Could it be that the Russians and Obama are coordinating this whole thing to show what a genius Obama is? Obviously not, but considering their attacks on McCain’s statement came at the same time in the same way and now the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is crediting The One with stopping the war, the rest of us can scratch our heads at the audacity of the bull.

    There is an inconvenient fact in all of this. The attacks have not stopped. Only in Obama’s fantasy parallel universe where he is already President of the United States has Secretary of State George Clooney been able to negotiate a peace settlement.

    Ladies and Gentlement, keep this in mind: Obama takes credit for the Russian ceasefire that Russia’s President claims has taken place when it has not, in fact, taken place.

    This man and his acolytes are too freakin’ naive to let anywhere near the White House.

  186. Cindy Sheehan to Run Against Speaker Pelosi

    Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan is now officially on the November ballot. The mother of an Iraq war veteran killed in 2005 gathered enough signatures to run as an independent for Nancy Pelosi’s congressional seat. But the grassroots campaign is struggling for the support of many of Sheehans own fans, who think she’s veered too far off her anti-war focus, and that there are far worse members of congress that need to be removed from office than Speaker of the house Pelosi. From San Francisco, Andrew Stelzer reports..


    Standing outside the Cindy for Congress office on the corner of Laske and Mission streets in downtown San Francisco, Richard Stone has just returned from collecting signatures. He’s one of dozens of signature gatherers who fanned out across the city in the days before the August 8th deadline, trying to get enough to qualify Sheehan for the ballot.

    “The hardest thing to do is to convince people that she is in more than a 1-issue candidate. Not necessarily one-dimensional, but a one issue candidate,”

    Stone, a Navy veteran of the 1st Gulf war, says until recently, he supported Nancy Pelosi. But reading Cindy Sheehans blog exacerbated his frustration with Pelosi’s recent stances, especially on the current war in Iraq.

    “I’ve just really given up on Pelosi I used to be a really ardent supporter…I was really proud of her because she stood up for operation Desert Storm, but somewhere along the line, she had a change of heart. I just really don’t like the direction she’s taking.”

    Talking to many of Sheehans supporters, and to the candidate herself, its clear that the campaign is just as much an anti-Pelosi drive, as it is pro-Cindy Sheehan. But Sheehan defends her decision to challenge one of the so-called progressive democrats in Congress.

    “I could have gone to many districts across the country and had an easy walk into Congress. But we are working against…Somebody who is the queen of the system. That represents a two-party duopoly that is very damaging to democracy. So we are not only going to send one person to Congress. We are going to defeat the speaker of the House, of the Democrats. We are going to put every congressman on notice, that their jobs are now going to be performance-based–Not based on who has the most money for who has the incumbency.”

    While Sheehan is optimistic, having raised more than 300,000 DOLLARS so far, Nancy Pelosi has more than 2 million dollars for her own re-election bid. And FOR SHEEHAN, just getting on the ballot was a struggle; it took Sheehan until the last day to get the roughly ten thousand signatures needed to qualify.

    “I think this is a perfect example of how it has become about her.”

    Markos Moulitsas, the publisher of Daily Kos, has written a new book set to release this month titled Taking on the System, Rules for Radical Change in a Digital Era. In it, he praises Sheehans actions in 2005, when she camped out near President Bushs Texas ranch, demanding to speak to the president about why her son Casey was sent, and then killed in Iraq.

    But Moulitsas believes that since that time, Sheehan’s ego has turned her into a celebrity, and she has lost her focus. He says the run against Pelosi is just anther example of a mis-informed attempt to stay in the spotlight.

    For Election Unspun, from San Francisco, I’m Andrew Stelzer

    PART 2

    Sheehan has critics and fans alike, but what are her chances of beating the Speaker of the House? We ask our reporter Andrew Stelzer who is in the Congressional district Sheehan is trying to overtake.

  187. Nancy Pelosi’s Doomed Congressional Opponent Rakes In Cash

    Short of cleaning restrooms at the Minneapolis airport when Larry Craig’s in town, there is probably no job in America more thankless than running against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her Congressional seat. One brave woman has stepped up to the challenge and is raising a fair amount of money in her quest to become the Republican congresswoman from San Francisco, where a “Republican” is defined as “anyone who doesn’t bring a nipple-pierced gimp to formal events.”

    Dana Walsh, an interior designer and member of the San Francisco GOP central committee, has raised about $360,000 so far — just $2 million less than Pelosi. That might sound like a big gap but it’s a lot more than previous Pelosi opponents have raised.

    And with a platform like this, even the leftiest lefties are sure to vote for her:

    Nancy Pelosi and Cindy Sheehan [also running for Congressional District 8] are in denial about the threat Islamic Radicalism poses to America and other free societies. Their call for an artificial timetable to withdraw from Iraq would embolden the terrorists and produce greater danger and regional instability.

    We need to give General Petraeus and our troops the support they need to accomplish the goal of securing a free and independent Iraq. We need to win the War on Terrorism in Baghdad, not lose it in Washington, D.C..

    Securing our borders and stopping illegal immigration are key elements in defending America. We need to remove the incentives for those who break our laws to enter our country: No welfare benefits, no drivers licenses, no free college tuition and NO AMNESTY for illegal aliens

    I support the Secure Fence Act, which creates 854 miles of border fence along our Southwest border. I oppose allowing cities like San Francisco to declare themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens.

    Walsh in a landslide!

  188. Joke Time!’


    Obama requested we send troops immediately to the borders of Florida and Alabama to help defend Georgia from Russia

  189. Nice basil9… I heard another variation:

    Q: What did Obama say when he heard Russia had invaded Georgia?

    A: He stroked his chin for a moment, smiled, and said, “it’ll help us in the rural areas outside Atlanta… I really think we can turn Georgia blue”

  190. Obama’s Hawaiian Vacation, as described over at No Quarter:

    On the day after Russia invaded Georgia, Barack Obama urged even-handed “restraint” on both sides without mentioning Russia by name or rebuking its aggression. Thus Obama proposed his “Rodney King Doctrine,” after the African-American taxi driver, beaten by Los Angeles policemen in 1991, who plaintively asked, “Can we all get along?” The acquittal of the police in 1992 triggered the LA riots.

    The Russians took the Obama Doctrine as another green light—not just for their attack but also for extending their power in the foreseeable future under a potential Obama administration.

    clip_image001.jpgHaving dealt with the pesky issue of war, Obama turned to the more pressing matter of his Hawaiian vacation. His statement about his day in paradise was more focused than his statement on the Russian invasion.

    Here’s what was on Obama’s mind as the Russian army plunged deep into the heart of the Georgian democracy and bombed civilians:

    “I’m going to get a plate lunch. I might go to Zippy’s. I might go to Rainbow Drive-In. I haven’t decided yet. Get some Zip Min. I’m going to go get some shave ice. I’m going to go body surfing at an undisclosed location. I’m going to see my tutu — my grandma — and I’m going to watch my girls play on the beach, and once in a while I might go into the water. But mostly I’m going to watch them.”

  191. I honestly think that those who ridicule Obama for not having had any accomplishments are dead wrong. I mean what about the following?

    1/ He involved himself in the corrupt dealings of Resko and company in order to move ahead.

    2/ He tarnished and got a fellow politician who had supported him in the past off the ballots so that he could run unchallenged.

    3/ He attacked both Hillary and Bill Clinton over and over again, using gender, race, belittlement of their own accomplishments.

    4/ He championed a new and totally unethical way of counting/stealing the votes and caucas representation.

    5/ He divided the DNC into a zillion pieces, never to be repaired or considered a party worth voting for ever again.

    6/ He sent U.S. race relations back centuries.

    Oh there are many more accomplishments that can be added to his resume I am sure.

  192. berkeley,
    Another variation on ignorance.


    He singlehandedly set race relations back severla decades.

    i thought it was funny, too. 😉


    this one speaks for itself

  194. By Matt Viser, Globe Staff

    US Senator John F. Kerry today launched his first television ad in a re-election bid that has the four-term senator facing his first Democratic primary challenger in 24 years.

    The 60-second spot, called “Fenway,” highlights Kerry’s support for war veterans through a story by Sean Bannon, a veteran of the war in Iraq.

    Kerry helped fulfill Bannon’s wish to receive his Purple Heart medal at Fenway Park. He also got to throw out the first pitch on Patriots Day.

    “John Kerry, he goes to bat for all us vets,” Bannon says. “Oh yeah, and the Sox won, 8 to 3.”
    The ad started running this morning on all Boston and Springfield television stations, as well as on cable.

    Kerry last had a serious challenge in 1996 from then-Governor William F. Weld, a Republican. He has not had a primary opponent since 1984, when Kerry and three other Democrats ran for a seat vacated by Paul Tsongas.

    But now, Gloucester lawyer Ed O’Reilly is hoping to unseat Kerry in the Democratic primary.

    O’Reilly has several videos posted on his website – including one of an Iraq veteran who supports him – but has not yet taken out any television ads. O’Reilly had $215,000 in his campaign account as of June 30, compared with Kerry’s $8.8 million, according to federal campaign reports.

    O’Reilly sent a letter to Kerry nearly three weeks ago, challenging the sitting senator to a series of debates. Kerry hasn’t yet responded.

    In the general election, the winner in the Sept. 16 primary will face Jeff Beatty, a Republican Army veteran from Harwich

  195. I believe the only reason BHO hasn’t publicly announce a VP was he was hoping that McCain would go first on the issue.

    McCain has advantage as gop convention is after dems. He can out wait BHO

  196. debbie:
    and what do you think of the idea that McCain might be waiting to ask Hillary to be his VP?



    The ad titled “It Could Happen to You” is a takeoff of anti drug commercials geared towards younger people. But instead of moving its target audience away from a habit, it suggests that Obama’s message of “hope” is a good habit. Through out the ad you hear familiar lines like, “Hope: It could happen to you” and “This is your brain…this is your brain on hope.” The second line is accompanied by video showing an egg as your brain and then a hatched chick as your brain on “hope.” I guess the idea is that “hope” makes you happier, but does it taste like chicken?

    So it really is “hopium” !!!

  198. Someone explain this to me:

    Why are the media and the DNC even discussing whether or not Hillary should be added to the nomination? Isn’t it a given? Has there ever been a time before when this has happened? On top of that, she wasn’t the only one to suspend her campaign. Could Edwards, before the scandal came out, also been added to the nomination?

  199. lil,

    He probably could ask but I doubt she would go there, her and Bill would most definitely be destroyed. She’s too high profile in the democratic party and truthfully I don’t believe she would ever except the republican platform.

  200. McCaskill to speak on first night of convention
    The Associated Press

    Sen. Claire McCaskill will be an opening night speaker at the Democratic Party’s national convention in Denver.

    The Missouri Democrat has been one of Barack Obama’s biggest supporters in his quest to become the party’s presidential nominee.

    Michelle Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be the featured first-night speakers on Aug. 25. The opening night theme is “One Nation.”

    Opening night speakers also include Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper and a videotaped message from Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

    McCaskill was the first woman in the U.S. Senate to endorse Obama and emerged as a key surrogate and adviser to his campaign.

  201. JanH,
    check out the August issue of the Smithsonian… 4 political conventions that changed America … it doesn’t cover the 1st convention to nominate FDR, (which has a stronger parrallel with what’s happening today) but it does give a picture of how rowdy and combative past conventions have been.

  202. I’m not any more sure of what the Republican platform is at this point than I can figure out what the Dems platform is. I don’t think McCain is beyond saying to hell with the party — it’s what’s best for the country… and if things go badly at the Dem convention, well, Hill and Bill and McCain are strong enough to bring about one of the biggest reformations in history. Entertaining idea, no?

  203. parties have been split before — conventions have rarely ever been the UNITY celebration the current DNC is insisting it’s got to be

  204. Paula Says:
    August 12th, 2008 at 11:02 am
    Talking Pimps Memo is making a big deal about Mark Penn’s “sliminess” in advocating Hillary attack Waffles more aggressively (as evidenced in those memos). It never occurs to them that the GOP will do exactly that in the GE. Duh.

    Well, the point should be, that Hillary REFUSED to use attacks and material that might have damaged Omama permanently. Iirc her only real criticisms of him was that he had a lot to learn. 🙂

  205. lieberman goes after obama
    http:/ /

  206. republicans still do not embrace a woman’s right to choose, equal pay, the right to privacy, due process, workers rights, gay rights, etc.

    these are significant

    on the argument of a womans right to choose, I am well past the time when I need that law, but honestly if we don’t protect it, do we tell all the young women you’re on your own? It’s like saying ok our generation got to vote so its ok to repeal the 19th amendment now.

    Why do we work so hard to have these laws then allow them to slip away. As women if we allow one law to become moot, do we not say it is ok for the others? If we allow one attack to our being to go unanswered do we not allow all?

    How can we fight for equal pay and appropriate media images of women, or stop misogyny or sexism, or create laws that apply adequate punishment for rape, or domestic violence or address the wrongful incarceration of women if we allow even one repressive system to exceed ?

    Republicans are fraternal and do not embrace the concerns of women. That is why I do not believe Hillary will support the republican platform.

    Hillary’s speech on women

    Sorry I got carried away but I’m a little passionate on the issue of womens rights.

  207. Obama/Soetoro yanks Keynote Address away from Hillary Clinton
    Posted by hillbuzz under Uncategorized

    Ben Smith, crackerjack reporter and all around stud-muffin, over at Politico exhibited his usual “reporting” today and announced that the Obama/Soetoro campaign had yanked back the Convention’s Keynote Address from Hillary Clinton.

    Now, the Obama/Soetoro campaign says Clinton will be only one of four people speaking on the 26th, and that someone else will instead be the Keynote Speaker.

    We’ve said this before, but we’ll say this again: we honestly don’t believe the Obama/Soetoro campaign wants to actually win this election. Being magnaminous and giving Hillary Clinton the Convention’s Keynote Address was the right thing to do.

    Giving it to her, then taking it back, only pisses people off all over again. It’s like someone wants to sabotage the Convention by getting everyone nice and angry before they get to Denver.

    Surprisingly, this time, that someone’s not us!

    And then, when Hillary Clinton gives the best damn speech of her life, on a topic near and dear to her heart, on the 88th Anniversary of women’s right to vote, that speech will be all anyone talks about for the remainder of the Convention. So, whoever is chosen to be the keynote speaker better be prepared to look like a whole mess of runny Jell-o next to a golden, perfect, scary-smart and crisp creme brulee (thank you My Best Friend’s Wedding for that analogy, and for giving us close to 105 minutes with Dermot Mulroney, before he got creepy).

    But we were kidding before about Ben Smith being a total stud-muffin. He strikes us more as the sort with chronic diarrhea and an obsessive collection of Pokemon trading cards stored in his mother’s basement.

  208. The way the Dems are going after the SDs, and forcing them to change the way they want, tell me, what is the difference between us and what is happening in Russia with theri supposed democracy, which it is not.

    It is like what they teach you in civic’s class about the system and the Democracy is entirely false.

    They might be successfuly with the SDs, but the people know what a real democracy should be.

    If McCain has a significant lead in the polls, it will be difficult to cheat, if not impossible.


  209. This is probably old news, but does anyone know what happened to the handful of delegates that Edwards won before he dropped out?


    Berkeley, I think, the delegates went to waffles.

  211. Birdgal, but the question is: how many of the Edwards delegates are now regretting it..

    If Hillary was to give the keynote address and has now been yanked from that spot I think a convention war will break out. Maybe this will be the tipping point…it will anger her delegates as well as us supporters…

    There is a point where enough is enough….

  212. They yanked the Keynote Address from Hillary, but MO speaks on opening night, along with Pelosi and Claire-Bell. What is wrong with this party? I don’t get it.

  213. They won’t give her a floor vote, and now they don’t want to feature her speech? Unbelievable…

  214. this should comfort democrats- read about the website obama is creating directed at repubs to show how similiar he is to them-not joking.
    August 12, 2008, 1:02 PM
    “Republicans For Obama” Take The Stage
    Posted by Brian Montopoli| 14

    The Obama campaign is today unveiling endorsements from Republicans who support Obama, among them former U.S. Rep. and Foreign Service officer Jim Leach.

    Leach was on a conference call this morning with two other Republicans backing the presumptive Democratic nominee: Former Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chaffee and former White House intelligence advisor Rita E. Hauser, a onetime fundraiser for President Bush.

    On the call, the Obama campaign indicated that a Web site will be launched in the next few days to lay out Obama and John McCain’s policies, so Republicans can “learn” whose beliefs more closely match their own. The call’s participants suggested that Obama’s positions fall closer to traditional Republicans principles than McCain’s, particularly on foreign affairs.

    The call was, in fact, largely, focused largely on foreign affairs, and Hauser, addressing the situation in Georgia, deemed McCain’s response “bellicose.”

    Leach, meanwhile, said he hoped that Obama will consider Chuck Hagel, a Republican not as of now one of the “Republicans For Obama,” as his running mate.

    Leach also said Obama offers the sort of leadership “that the world is crying out for,” adding that “the national interest demands a new approach to our interaction with the world.”

    The Republican National Committee responded to the Obama campaign’s push by releasing a statement from spokesman Alex Conant saying, “Barack Obama’s claims to bipartisan appeal are as thin as his record. Republicans will vote for a Commander-in-Chief ready to lead – not a partisan politician who is only ready to raise taxes and increase spending.”

    The McCain campaign, meanwhile, sent out an email noting that “Leach co-authored the Gramm-Leach-Bliley act which Obama blames for the subprime lending crisis.”

    Republicans for Obama : Update

    To reach the Obama Campaign Headquarters by phone, please call: (866)675-2008

  215. It just blows my mind how she is still sucking up to the Democratic party and Obama. Unbelievable! What a farce!

    It is actually making her look weak. I can’t see a male candidate putting up with such nonsense. Even Ted Kennedy fought it out.

    Getting too much to bear. I have seen her much stronger than this and the Dems are playing to the hilt.

    Frankly, she should have went after Obama like Mark Penn suggested. She should have went nuclear on that guy, especially after he tried to portray them as racists. Can’t play nice in politics. I haven’t seen her play this nice before, so why play nice now?

  216. I can think of three reason, why they are doing this:

    1. She wants to put her name in nomination;

    2. She has been offered the VP spot;

    3. The DNC and the BO campaign continue to be a**holes.

  217. Just received this from Gretawire: LOL!!!!!! What a coward!
    He can’t even face down the little people, let alone terrorists. Michelle probably fights for him

    August 12, 2008


    Senator Obama: Don’t Run From Us!

    We have invited and invited Senator Obama to come to ON THE RECORD at 10pm — every other candidate has…and both Senator McCain and Senator Clinton each appeared with us on ON THE RECORD multiple times. Both Senators Clinton and McCain will say we gave them a fair interview and a chance to explain their policies. Senator Obama will not come to our show (incidentally, he did appear pre announcement to his candidacy for President and I know he thought we are fair at ON THE RECORD..and we are fair.)

    The very popular Marie Claire magazine did an interview with Senator Obama (click below to the magazine) and now I know why Senator Obama won’t go ON THE RECORD at 10pm. He has a personal gripe with Fox. Let’s a get a few things straight:

    1. On ON THE RECORD, we never went after his wife Michelle. As for my colleagues, if he has a beef with them, he should talk to them, confront them …they are a lot easier to face off than Iran, Syria, North Korea etc. I hope, if elected, Senator (then President) Obama would not hold grudges that might inhibit his ability to face down what he might perceive as unfair opponents.

    2. I suspect he is upset with what we DID do at 10pm ON THE RECORD. Yes, we pounded and pounded and pounded him about Reverend Wright. And guess what? Ultimately Senator Obama AGREED WITH US and finally distanced himself from Reverend Wright…(although it took a personal swipe to Senator Obama by Reverend Wright at the National Press Club to open his eyes…it does not escape my attention that when Rev Wright was only attacking others, he only disavowed Rev Wright’s words and not Reverend Wright…I would have preferred if Senator Obama had opened his eyes long before the personal attack on him.) However, I would certainly welcome an open and frank discussion about my handling of the Reverend Wright situation — or even move on to other topics like energy, war, campaign strategy etc. He could pick the topic…I am not fussy and there are many important things that our Fox News audience (the LARGEST cable news audience) wants to hear him talk about. (And here is a tip to the Senator Obama campaign — we have many undecided viewers….I know because our show email inbox proves it….it might be a good idea to reach out to them before they go elsewhere.)

    To read the Marie Claire magazine:

    click here…

    Read more and weigh in now now on GretaWire!

  218. debbie: she is one of four speakers, to speak about women’s right to vote.

    This entire debacle is surreal.

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