Are You My Daddy?

The Mamas and the Papas had a song called Monday, Monday. The chief lyric was Can’t trust that day. The song makes very little sense but it has a good melody, excellent harmonies, and a very catchy chorus.

In the political world, the day you cannot trust is Friday. Friday is the equivalent of Obama – can’t be trusted.

In the political world, as we all know, Friday is news dump day. If there is something you don’t want people generally to be too aware of you put the news out on a Friday. It’s a rather effective strategy. Usually it works. At the very least, a Friday news dump will get less coverage, if not kill the story altogether.

Friday is not just a day to dump bad news. For instance if someone has to give a speech even though you don’t want to really give the speech, Friday is an excellent day to do it. Typically the speech gets very little coverage if it is done on a Friday afternoon. Some Friday’s are better than other Friday’s. The Friday before the 4th of July is a good day to do things and say things you don’t really want to say or do. A Friday in August is a good day to say things you don’t want to say. A Friday with another major news event, say the beginning of the Olympics, is an extra good day to say things you don’t really want to say. It’s even better if you do and say the things you don’t want to say or do as far away from Big Media centers as possible.

The really, really smart and the really really capable politicians know how to do this better than most others.

* * *

Some politicians however, think they can use Friday to cover up something that simply cannot be covered up or tamped down. But some dirty sheets just can’t be washed clean. Yesterday, Friday once again proved (like Obama) that it can’t be trusted. Instead of a sleepy August Friday with little news, yesterday had major news events in abundance. One ugly story however stood out and will stand out until we get the full truth.

John and Elizabeth Edwards questioned Hillary Clinton’s character, truthfulness, and integrity – as did Michelle and Barack Obama, throughout the campaign season.

At no time did Elizabeth Edwards defend Hillary. Knowing that she and Hillary shared a very painful personal circumstance, of which neither of them are to blame, Elizabeth Edwards never showed a bit of defense or sympathy as Hillary was savaged.

Instead, Elizabeth Edwards assisted her loving husband of 31 years as he aligned himself with Obama who opposed her supposedly high priority issue of universal health care.

* * *

There are still many questions John and Elizabeth Edwards have to answer. There are questions about payments for a $3 million dollar house given to the woman Edwards did not love, there are questions about the Edwards campaign paying a salary to the woman Edwards did not love, there is a question of paternity and child care payments. At some point the child of the woman Edwards did not love will ask John Edwards Are you my daddy?

If Obama gets selected by suicidal superdelegates this August, Obama will lose in NOvember. At some point Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry/Richardson/Oprah/Edwards/Clyburn/Dodd/McCaskill/Napolitano/Caroline/Leahy will be asked by the child they fathered, the child named the 2008 Democratic Defeat: Are you my daddy?


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  1. we are living in the twilight zone. i pray for the day reality returns. which will be in 4 to 5 weeks time ins eptember when mccain puts out obama’s b-cert, tapes etc

  2. admin
    FEC has their work cut out for them on the Edwards story, but I wouldn’t stop there. I hope they investigate every caucus during this primary and every dollor BHO raised as well as the sordid details of his birth certificate and international relationships.

  3. posted on last thread

    I was reading posts over at NoQuarter,

    some guy named Lou said Hillary got the VP nod 2 days ago.

    how he know this is not clear but said it will come out as a surprise at the convention????

    here’s a link to the story where the info is

    the post starts at

    Comment by Lou | 2008-08-09 08:17:43

    I just learned last night that our Hill got the nod last night. Pastor Manning will be discussing today what that means now. I repeat, Hill got the nod 2 days ago. That’s what is going on with the convention. What now?

    Comment by Lou | 2008-08-09 08:24:31
    Our Brilliant Hill got the nod to be VP.

    I have no way to verify this information.

  4. ummm unless u hear it from hillary dont buy it. although i hope she is. if obama got elected i wouldnt want kaine or bayh there. we need a fighter for the rest of us in that whitehouse.

  5. She takes VP, they prove no birth right, she is in.

    However, unless she knows that I would not take it.

  6. I ain’t buying it but if she’s going down that road, i hope that is what her plan is.

    My personal motto is “keep your friends close but your enemies even closer”

    I was thinking about this a few days ago, I know it and Hillary knows it that they are never going to give her the nod, so what would i do, play nice, gain the trust, get in the backdoor slot and then let all merry hell loose when they can do sod all about it and take him down.

  7. I’m so glad you said it, because I was getting so tired of the pity party Elisabeth Edwards was throwing.

    NO I DO NOT FEEL SORRY THAT ELIZABETH EDWARDS lost her spot at the convention, even though I wanted her there so the sordid mess would continue although out the week but I’m being petty for not being able to forget her complicit behavior in the Hillary Bashing she participated in.

    But EE’s statement on Daily Kos was another was to make excuses for her husband by calling the National Enquirer names, they will keep drip, drip, drip going on.

    There is something creepy about both of them…this sense of entitlement because they deemed themselve the voice of the voiceless…America’s poor.

    Yet time and time again they show no resume of results..only photo ops, pretty speaches and broken promises when the spotlight is off.

  8. I’m sorry but the Edwards are nothing more than political opportunists that got caught.

    Elisabeth was a power behind that throne, if she said No it was over but she did’nt, she knew exactly what was going on and chose to go for the power.

    I probably think at this point their marriage is a sham and probably has been for quite some time.

  9. i feel bad for elizabeth but guess what-its her business. she has forgiven john i bet more than once. he is a handsome big trial lawyer who the ladies like. here is what i and millions o others are truly worried about-war in europe. u know russia blanket bombing gerogian apts killing god knows how many. they are really fighting over the oil pipelines. i have seen putin’s soul-and he is a damn dictator who america has let loose for too long. we must pray for the poeples of russia and georgia. they wish they had edwards’ probs right now. bc right now they face genocide and worse.

  10. Hi- There is an old and true popular saying: What goes around will come around. That is true about Edwards. I am just wondering why Hillary is campaigning for Obama?. I thought the democratic way to have (2) names on the ballot in convention so that the SD will have a choice whom to vote for. Obama as evident by his history of past elections in Chicago to run unopposed. When did America officially change? Hillary please don’t give up. It is okay to tell America I am running for office. Let us have choices, please.

    Hillary did warn us not to get involved in China with the games. Look at what happened. Of course it was an American on (purpose). The murderer killed himself. I wonder if this could be related to(terrorists?.) after all this has been their STYLE. I will not vote for Hillary if she runs for OB- VP. Yes it will hurt 18 million plus of her sincere, hardworking and loving supporters.

    G-D help us all.

  11. EE is a liar, period. She knew this thing would break open some day but still insisted his husband had to run for president.

    Rielle Hunter, the former presidential campaign aide who had an affair with John Edwards, said yesterday that she will not pursue DNA testing to establish the paternity of her 5-month-old daughter, despite the former senator’s offer to participate in such a test.

    In a statement provided to The Washington Post, Hunter said through her attorney that she would not take a genetic test “now or in the future.”

    The attorney, Robert Gordon, called Hunter a “private” person who is “not running for public office” and would not comment further on the media frenzy engulfing her
    How covenient? Edwards offered to have a test on ABC, and his mistress declined. This is just so strange.

  12. Edwards’s campaign finance chairman: Sure, I’ve been giving money to Rielle Hunter

    Fred Baron, John Edwards’ campaign finance chairman and longtime confidante, told NBC News he has been providing financial assistance to both Andrew Young [the alleged father of Hunter’s baby] and Rielle Hunter, he said in telephone interviews…

    Baron insisted Edwards never knew what Baron did for Young and Hunter; he believes Edwards didn’t even have an inkling that Baron was doing this…

    “My role is to be supportive of these two families,” he said.
    Hush money? “Of course it wasn’t hush money!”…

    “Personal funds only — no campaign funds,” he writes.

  13. This crap is going to drag on thru November. All thses red flags is just like waving it to a bull. The media, especially the gossip media will continue to dig for the bodies.

    Because this doesn’t past the smell test.

    What women do you know would not ask for a DNA test when they are not working and have a child to support. She has been promise something or offered something and I think National Enquirer has it right…a wedding band.

  14. Moon,
    Ok, so I was crazy for thinking that then, right?

    When I saw the timing of the announcement on BC’s convention speech, just before where the Veep choice would normally go, and then saw Pelosi do a 180 (not that that hideous b*tch wouldn’t lie for deceptive purposes) I thought it must mean that – though we obviously can’t be too sure….

  15. Elizabeth Edwards Stands by Husband — Hits Media ‘Sensationalism’ on Affair

    By E&P Staff
    Published: August 08, 2008 9:35 PM ET

    NEW YORK In a blog posting tonight at the popular liberal site Daily Kos — and a statement released elsewhere — Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards who today admitted having an affair in 2006, wrote, “Our family has been through a lot. Some caused by nature, some caused by human weakness, and some – most recently – caused by the desire for sensationalism and profit without any regard for the human consequences.

    “None of these has been easy. But we have stood with one another through them all. Although John believes he should stand alone and take the consequences of his action now, when the door closes behind him, he has his family waiting for him.”

    John Edwards, in an interview for ABC News’ Nightline to air tonight, admits that he had an affair with videographer Rielle Hunter, but denies he is the father of her child.

    He said his wife had been aware of the affair since 2006 and that it took place while her cancer was in remission.

    Who wrote that statement? A Harlequin romance author.

  16. I feel sorry for Elizabeth because of her cancer diagnosis. Nobody deserves that. And no woman deserves to be humiliated by their husband as they’re recovering from a life threatening disease. But I don’t judge her decision to stay just like I don’t judge HRC’s choice to stay with the big dawg. Although I gotta say even though we all know Bill likes the ladies he would never be that cold to HRC and cheat while she was sick. That’s what really makes it so bad for JE- EE was battling cancer but he chose to go out and take up with a mistress. Elizabeth was wrong for trashing Hillary. She knew because of her being sick nobody would call her on it. She clearly didn’t mean it because when John dropped out then she had nice things to say about HRC & I think said she had voted for her?

  17. Rupert Cornwell: Out of America
    Political sex scandals can be sad, pathetic or astounding. A few are entertaining. The case of John Edwards is not among them

    Sunday, 10 August 2008

    John Edwards thought he would get away with it and, incredibly, for a long while it really seemed he might. The “it”, of course, is the wrenching scandal of his affair with a former film-maker during his failed 2008 presidential campaign, which was unearthed by a supermarket tabloid, but which until now had reduced America’s most prestigious media to embarrassed silence.

    Mr Edwards finally confessed on Friday afternoon, usually regarded as “take out the trash time” – when embarrassing news is lost amid the low competing news attractions of the weekend, among them, of course, on this occasion the stupendous Olympics opening ceremony, and the little matter of a war in Transcaucasia. This trash, however, could not escape scrutiny. It stank too much.

    Political sex scandals come in many forms. Some are sad, some are pathetic, some are astounding, some smack of divine retribution, while a few are downright entertaining. But the affair of John Edwards, former senator, vice presidential nominee in 2004 and twice a contender for the White House in his own right, is in a different category. “Nauseating” is not too strong a word.

    Persuasive, glib, fresh-scrubbed and exuding “family values”, Edwards is a former trial lawyer and politician whose message of ending the iniquity of the two Americas, the rich minority and the poor majority, resonated far and wide. A vital prop to that message was his wife Elizabeth, an engagingly outspoken woman and a wonderful advocate for her husband. Even before it was disclosed in late 2004 that she had cancer, Elizabeth was greatly admired. In 2007, the Edwards family revealed that the cancer was incurable.

    Now, thanks to The National Enquirer, a parallel Edwards has been revealed. If there are two Americas, there are two John Edwardses. There is the political populist ostentatiously, even cloyingly, devoted to his family, who celebrates his wedding anniversary each year in the same fast-food restaurant where he and his wife had their first date. Then there’s the other one, the Edwards who carried on an extramarital affair with a film-maker hired by his campaign in 2006 to produce promotional web documentaries, even as he was seeking the most powerful job in the land.

    The Enquirer ran its first story in October 2007, suggesting the candidate had had a liaison with a campaign worker. In December it named the woman as 42-year-old Rielle Hunter, and alleged she was pregnant with Edwards’s child. Asked about the report just two weeks before the vital Iowa caucuses, the candidate called it “completely untrue and ridiculous”. Ms Hunter too dismissed the stories, and an Edwards aide, Andrew Young, came forward to say that he was the father of Frances Quinn, born on 27 February 2008.

    And that for a while seemed to be that. But on the evening of 21 July, acting on a tip-off, the tabloid dispatched reporters to the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, where Edwards was spending five hours in a hotel room with Ms Hunter and her baby. Confronted as he left at 2.45am, Edwards fled to the gents’ and held the door shut for 20 minutes until the reporters left. The Enquirer followed up that scoop a few days ago by publishing a blurry photo purporting to show Edwards holding the baby girl, beneath the banner headline, “Edwards with love child”.

    The dam of silence started to spring serious leaks: not in the ponderous “MSM” – or “mainstream media” – such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and the major TV networks, but in the blogs, on late-night shows, in a few foreign media outlets, including this newspaper, and, most seriously for Edwards, in the largest paper in his home state of North Carolina. The continuing presidential campaign was also imposing its own deadline. Senior Democrats indicated they wanted the matter cleared up well before the start of the party’s nominating convention in Denver. They could not contemplate the nightmare of the Barack Obama show being overshadowed by a lurid sex scandal.

    Finally, at “take out the trash time” on Friday, the dam burst. Edwards admitted to ABC News that he had been lying for more than a year. But he adamantly denied he was father of the baby. Then, amazingly, he cited two factors that he seemed to imply mitigated the offence. First, he did not love Ms Hunter. Second, when the affair was taking place, his wife’s cancer was in remission. A few hours afterwards, he came out with an even more bizarre formal statement. It contained an apology to his family and his political supporters, and acknowledgement of his “shame” at “a serious error of judgement”. Then came an extraordinary passage, telling how, “in the course of several campaigns, I started to believe that I was special and became increasingly egocentric and narcissistic. If you want to beat me up, feel free. You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself. I have been stripped bare.” Words more egocentric and narcissistic it is hard to imagine. Even though the admission itself was no surprise, the reaction was furious – and not just from David Bonior, Edwards’s former campaign manager, who spoke of how “thousands of campaign workers” had been “betrayed”, but also from the MSM that had remained daintily silent for so long.

    But why had they? Edwards might not have won the nomination, but he was still a major public figure, who might have expected high office in an Obama administration. Perhaps they had been reluctant to soil themselves by association with sordid cheque-book journalism as practised by The National Enquirer. More charitably, they may have been reluctant to cause any extra distress to the immensely popular Elizabeth Edwards.

    The result was that, in this strange tale, life imitated art. There is a classic scene near the end of the John Ford movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, in which a politician who has made his reputation on the basis of a myth finally tells his local paper the truth. But the editor refuses to publish it. “You’re not going to use the story, Mr Scott?” No, the editor replies: “This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.” Except that, in the case of John Edwards, America’s most prestigious media outlets had printed nothing. At one point on Friday, just before Edwards delivered his mea culpa, the coverage had become surreal. Even as the MSM were keeping mum, the Columbia Journalism Review posted a piece discussing the reasons why they were not writing about something.

    But the road back for Edwards is a good deal more problematic. Much still remains to be explained. In the short term, the outlook is dire. Forget the earlier talk of a senior cabinet post or a Supreme Court judgeship for Edwards in the event of an Obama victory. His wife, who issued a moving statement of support for her husband yesterday, might well be invited to address the Denver convention. But it would be astonishing if he were granted the speaking spot to which he would normally be entitled. Edwards, by common consent, has shown himself lacking not only in truthfulness and moral stature, but also in judgement. His conduct has displayed a brazen hypocrisy and shamelessness.

    And Friday’s self-pitying statement is not the end of the matter. He denies that Hunter’s daughter is his. But why, then, did he spend the best part of a night in a hotel room with his former mistress and her child, 18 months after their affair was supposedly over? And why is no father listed on Frances Quinn’s birth certificate, even though Young has claimed he is the father? Or was that statement simply to protect Edwards as he launched his presidential campaign? If so, the cover-up assumes quite mammoth proportions.

    For its part, the Enquirer suggests that the Edwards camp has been paying $35,000 a month to both Hunter and Young to keep the scandal under wraps. Who would write off such allegations now? Edwards indicates that the liaison with Hunter began and ended during 2006. But the chronology is still murky. One way of clarifying matters would be the paternity test that Edwards says he is eager to undergo. But this DNA test, so easy to organise, seems not yet to have taken place.

  18. Before confession, whispers hurt Edwards’ stature-excerpt
    By NEDRA PICKLER – 15 minutes ago

    Without confirmation, the allegations were not widely reported by national media but still were damaging to Edwards. He was not being invited to speak at this month’s Democratic National Convention, out of fear that the rumors could become a distraction at the carefully orchestrated gathering.

    Barack Obama’s campaign is preparing to announce the list of convention speakers in the coming days, and the fact that Edwards wasn’t going to be included forced his hand. If he didn’t tell the story first, it threatened to blow open as reporters explained why the party’s last vice presidential nominee and third-place finisher in the primary was being snubbed.

  19. I have to tell you SDs, the Dems convention is quickly becoming the circus that maybe they deserve. When your selected candidate is badly handling bad PR (Detroit Mayor, Edwards) and then has nothing to say about the Russia/Georgia stuff, and he thinks that the trip overseas and the cheering German Crowds should make him look Presdiential, you have to worry.

    Voting on controversail issues, making sure who you surround yourself with, and handing on the fly international incidences, are what you judge a candidate on and make you look Presidential The Podium speeches are good, but those don’t happen all that often.

    So what are they telling you? That it is going to double digits after the stadium event. Most people I know are not go to watch it. So how will you get the double digit bump. And if you don’t you have just screwed the election for your party.

    I wish you had the Courage that the little Chinese boy showed in the earthquake. I am sure none of you were buried, for a couple of hours, and then would go back for your other classmates.

  20. Anyone notice who was running the DNC platform meeting today?
    Deval Patrick

    Remember who presided over the RBC 5/31 fiasco?
    Alexis Hermann

    Remember who controlled the 7/27/07 RBC meeting stripping Florida of delegates?
    Brazile and Ralph Dawson.

  21. From Hillbuzz:

    Today, we saw firsthand exactly why many people already believe the Obama campaign is engaged in a massive voter fraud operation. Here in Chicago, today was part of Market Days — just one of the many street festivals and fairs held in the city, every weekend during the summer. There were about 25 Obama campaign workers moving through the crowd, registering people to vote. We distinctly heard them asking people to not only fill out paperwork for themselves, but for anyone else they knew as well. If someone didn’t know particular information, they were encouraged to just make it up.

    There must be some checks on those voter names somewhere — because making up fake names and addresses doesn’t seem like it would add more votes to Obama’s column in the end, but we don’t really understand why his campaign staff would want people to register “anyone you know”. It seems like that would create duplicate registrations, but we’d imagine someone could only vote once, because there has to be a system of checks on that.

    We hope.

    We also found it curious that 4 of the people in the Obama group had special registrations books that said “REGISTER TO VOTE IN ANY STATE”. We assume the other Obama volunteers were only registering people for Illinois, but who knows, maybe they were registering for all the states too. At Market Days, it was a good bet that everyone there lived in Chicagoland, and most likely either Indiana or Illinois.

  22. Notice who was running the DNC platform meeting today?
    Deval Patrick

    Remember who presided over the RBC 5/31 fiasco?
    Alexis Hermann

    Remember who controlled the 7/27/07 RBC meeting stripping Florida of delegates?
    Brazile and Ralph Dawson.

  23. basil:

    I sometimes ran into where I couldn’t post, and it usually was that I had
    h t t p : / /

    somewhere in “Leave a Reply”.

    Or just blame thug Obamabot blog bullies.

  24. I have registered people for my state. They have an official form. However, on line if you search for voter registration, there is a universal form anyone in the country should be able to use in any state.

    However, our local office says instead of submitting the form to the State Elections person, you should send it to your local country office, as it processes faster.

    Yes, those people are out all over the place.

  25. Blue Democrat, you ain’t nuts, the way this is going, looks like the convention could be a free for all.

    Although I do have a gut feeling that something big is coming down the wire, theres too many people doing 180 degree turns.

    Heck who knows, maybe bambi is a ringer and Hillary gets the nod after all, now that would make me speechless for the first time ever.

  26. debbie Says:
    August 9th, 2008 at 7:13 pm

    I was reading posts over at NoQuarter, some guy named Lou said Hillary got the VP nod 2 days ago.

    I’m not saying I have an inside connection, but…I don’t see any chance for Hillary to be Obama’s veep.

    a) think: oil and water
    b) he hates her
    c) she hates him
    d) HRC supporters (like me) won’t vote if Obama is at the top of the ticket.
    e) he’s too insecure to have her as veep
    f) she’d look “too smart” next to him, they’d have to ask her to “dumb it down” so she wouldn’t be allowed to get all Policy Wonky.

    The extent of the Clintons’ (his and hers) involvement with Obama’s campaign (if he makes it out of Denver with the nomination) is going to be perfunctory. To wit, look at Bill Clinton’s, ahem, “resounding support” in his recent interview.

    The Clintons were both treated with such vitriol and hate that the damage is permanent.

    And that, my friends, is why Obama’s polling in the low 40’s %, while he should be around 60% given the political climate in this country. Because that 20% is us PUMAs.

  27. rgb,

    Just trying to name the unnameable ones who are hijacking the party starting with Deval Patrick who ran the DNC platform committee today, Alexis hermann, head of the RBC fiasco and Brazile and Ralph Dawson, the 2 who pushed the strip Florida of all delegates strategy at the 8/27/07 meeting.

    my point was, anyone notice a theme here?

  28. weid!

    Trying to make a point.

    Connect the dots.
    Deval in charge today
    Alexis Herman in charge in May
    Cruella and Dawson in charge when Fl. was stripped.

    (using cryptic language to see if this comment is allowed)
    Notice a pattern?

  29. Someone on The Confluence said, Coward is looking very thin, and like he has the world, upon his shoulders. He/she was at the platform meeting today.

  30. I call Brazille just Bra these days because i see nothing but a huge useless tit when she’s on TV.

  31. Edwards Schmedwards

    My opinion is that the Edwards “thing” obviously does not help Obama…but I don’t think it will hurt him much either. Not the way Rev. Wright or Rezko did. Just another politician caught with his weenie hanging out.

    Sure, Edwards was another Obama-supporter, and they can go to hell. And true, it is a distraction from the lead up to what should be the Prom Queen’s big shin dig in Denver. And a distraction from the “Where’s Obama? (he’s enjoying Hawaii while McCain and Clinton shoot around the mainland takin’ care of business)”.

    But I say, let’s look for heavy artillery to throw at the Obama campaign (noitce I didn’t say “at Obama”, I don’t want to hear Obamabots saying I’m inciting any specific act toward That Guy). I think dwelling on Edwards is too tangential to hurt Obama.

    I think the McCain vs. Obama responses to the Russia/Georgia situation is a far better angle to roast Vacation Boy on.

  32. So Hunter wont have a DNA test done, hilarious, how much is getting not to pursue that.

    This makes it all the more worse, why would you not want to identify the baby’s father.

    Edwards is a lying scumbag.

  33. Oh Boy!!!!
    I KNEW it!
    I’ve been thinking for months that shows like The West Wing and 24 were eerily similar to this year’s democratic primary season and a guy on NQ radio just confirmed that Axelrod had written some of Jimmy Smits dialogue and some of the speeches Waffles (and Deval Patrick) gave were almost verbatim from the TV shows!

  34. The rumor that Hillary got the VP nod makes some sense, as others have noted. Other than the Pelosi comments saying Hillary would make a great VP, which is the opposite of what she said previously, here are some other reasons it might be true:

    1) If Waffles were going to pick someone else, the choice would already have been made. Announcing the choice of Bayh, for example, on the eve of the convention or during the convention would not exactly generate excitement. Announcing the surprise choice of Hillary most certainly would – especially since the media has been led to believe she’s not in the running. Keep in mind, modern political conventions rarely have surprises, and this would outshine anything the Repubs could pull off.

    2) Waffles’ failure to open up a sizable lead on his own against McCain perhaps made the campaign reluctantly see Hillary was the only VP choice who would really be an asset, especially with all the PUMAs. I assume he wants to win in November, and that may trump any misgivings he has about choosing her.

  35. Admin says: “At no time did Elizabeth Edwards defend Hillary. Knowing that she and Hillary shared a very painful personal circumstance, of which neither of them are to blame, Elizabeth Edwards never showed a bit of defense or sympathy as Hillary was savaged.”

    That is puzzling. Looking at earlier articles, EE was quite savage in her attacks on Hillary, and said Hillary hadn’t done as much as John, for women issues. Doesn’t make sense. Was the vitrole solely for campaign purposes? It seemed to dampened, after John dropped out. It is strange.

  36. Hi moonpluto,

    Bet you’re hearing the real story on what’s going on in Georgia and South Ossetia, huh?

    How’s the arm and the leg? Are they BOTH in casts? And when are they expected to heal?
    BTW, some of us have been meeting over at hawketalesdotwordpressdotcom to discuss how much we appreciate this site.

    please join us!

  37. # moononpluto Says:
    August 9th, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    I call Brazille just Bra these days because i see nothing but a huge useless tit when she’s on TV.

    I’ve called her Donna Brazierre, although according to this rilly rilly big official-looking dictionary on my lap here, the correct spelling is:


    which in French literally means, “child’s vest”.

    The word “brazier” is unrelated, a potable heater for holding lighted coals (think “brazed” as in cooking).

    Anyhow, Donna B. is going to say that your comments are “hate mongering”, and she’s going to report us all to wherever they deal with such things. Which under the Bush administration, is now probably just an answering machine saying, “If you have a hate crime to report, move to Canada’.

  38. well the Turkish army has been deployed to the border of turkey and Georgia ready to defend should any rogue incursions happen.

    Bloody Russians, feeling is here, the USSR is on its way back, Putin is nothing other than KGB and the communists in bad clothing.

  39. Birdgal, I can imagine Howie is sick in his heart for putting a non-eligible candidate for POTUS just because Soros told him too.
    THe dumb dem leadership following orders when we all know he wanted Johnny boy in 04′, but settled for the nincompoop Kerry. I say Soros knows how to run a political party to make it win. Yeah Right! You guys really need to listen to the only two term President in recent history!

  40. Be hilarious if Hillary was offered VP, accepted, got her on stage at the convention and she went nah, forget it, i aint working with that dick.

  41. Moononpluto, you going at em’ again today, my hats off to you, you calls em’ they way yah sees um’! ROTFLMAF!!

  42. Here is the exact statement:

    on August 9th, 2008 at 8:22 pm Said:
    Just back from platform committee unity fest. I need a shower and a VERY stiff drink!
    Coward Dean is not looking well at all no sir! he looks almost anorexic he is so thin- SOMETHING is wearing him down- looks like he has the weight of the whole world on his shoulders!
    Pumas met him in Pittsburgh too!

  43. # Paula Says:
    August 9th, 2008 at 9:28 pm

    The rumor that Hillary got the VP nod makes some sense, as others have noted.

    Waffles’ failure to open up a sizable lead on his own against McCain perhaps made the campaign reluctantly see Hillary was the only VP choice who would really be an asset, especially with all the PUMAs. I assume he wants to win in November, and that may trump any misgivings he has about choosing her.

    Hmmm, good point. Logically, Hillary would probably be his best chance to win in NOvember.

    But his EGO…is MASSIVE. He’s petty and petulant, and he’ll never be able to forgive her the way she kicked his ass in debate after debate, revealing him to be the empty suit that he is.

    Put the two of them together on a stage, and many will say, “We’re not voting for the strong confident smart one? We’re voting for that skinny guy that stumbles without a teleprompter?”

    I just don’t see it. Think, Michele is Barack’s Nancy Reagan, the pupper master. She’s going to counsel against putting Hillary on the ticket.

    Again, I don’t have connections. Just my sense of things.

  44. BAsil

    there was a story some time ago about David Axlerod writing the script for west wing…… did a quick google and found a few things here’s one of them to check out

    David Axelrod exchanged e-mails for a year with Attie as the Santos character was developed and written. Santos was Attie’s project, but Obama was Axelrod’s project.
    So, to what degree did “The West Wing” create a test market for a minority candidate? By campaigning to have his guy portrayed in a network hit, did Axelrod soften up millions of Americans for the task of electing the first minority president?

    Attie says his latest e-mail from Axelrod includes the good news: “We’re living your script.” If the ending holds up, it may be Axelrod who deserves an Emmy.

    Peter Funt, a writer, hosted the television show “Candid Camera.

  45. # moononpluto Says:
    August 9th, 2008 at 9:37 pm

    Be hilarious if Hillary was offered VP, accepted, got her on stage at the convention and she went nah, forget it, i aint working with that dick.

    Yes, “I have decided to spend more time with my family. And the garden is overgrown with dandelions, and I’ve been wanting to brush up on my French…”.

  46. Perhaps he’s got the Obama death curse. Remember that film the omen where everyone who died all had photographs with bad things happening, maybe we need to look at some.

    Obama is Jessica Fletcher, everywhere the bitch goes or meets someone they kick the bucket.

  47. Head to noquarter anyone who wants to hear a fascinating discussion of today’s dnc platform committee meeting being led by puma members. It’s the second story down and there’s a link to the station.

    It goes on until 11.

    (tried posting more info, the link, but i keep getting ‘moderated.’)

  48. ‘I call Brazille just Bra these days because i see nothing but a huge useless tit when she’s on TV.’

    (with brillo pads sprouting from it.)


  49. Moon:

    Mac’s death today adds more of a Tutankhamun touch to the Obama campaign: increasingly, it seems his most high-profile supporters and surrogates are either cursed, or they’re just coincidentally people with bad personal judgment, as well as rotten luck.

    High-profile Obama supporters victim to the “Obama Curse”:

    (1) Tim Russert — shameless Obama shill on the networks of NBC, dead from a heart attack

    (2) Ted Kennedy – Obama supporter (who couldn’t win Massachusetts or California for the Obamessiah), struck down with a brain tumor

    (3) Robert Novak – who attacked Hillary Clinton to benefit Obama, struck down with a brain tumor

    (4) Neil Cohen – Obama delegate, charged with child pornography

    (5) Tony Rezko – longtime Obama friend and benefactor, convicted of multiple felonies

    (6) John Edwards – Obama surrogate (who failed to win working class voters for Obama), exposed as a liar and fraud for cheating on his dying wife and fathering a love child

    (7) Arneda Troutman – Obama supporter, pleads guilty to corruption charges in Chicago

    (8) Kwame Kilpatrick – Obama delegate, and Mayor of Detroit, charged with multiple corruption and perjury charges, and now jailed again for assault

    (9) Bernie Mac – Obama supporter, crass comedian, dead August 9th 2008 from complications related to pneumonia

    (10) Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s spiritual adviser and longtime close personal friend, forced into early retirement so as not to embarrass the Obama campaign

    (11) Michelle Obama – Obama’s wife, on fact-finding mission to East Zambezi for remainder of the campaign, to minimize any chance of expressing herself or her views on “ignorant America” (in fact, they have Tyra Banks playing her in magazine photo shoots and interviews now).

    And the list just keeps growing.

    It’s almost like something out of a 70s horror film, where anyone who spends too much time around ”The One” suffers some horrible fate, just like anyone whoever crossed paths with little Damien Thorne. Just call Obama Brazilezebub’s baby, we guess.

  50. dijia,

    and how about the propaganda of 24?
    Wonder if those writers were in on the coronate Waffles movement.

  51. Obama is a copy of Jessica Fletcher.

    1 : Stuck around too long.

    2 : Everywhere the bitch goes someone snuffs it.

    3 : Was far too sweet to be human.

    4 : Annoying as hell

  52. Full NY Times piece online (funny, I could not find this in today’s real newspaper), comparing McCain’s resolute response to Russian aggression versus Obama’s even-handed initial response.

    It seems that Team Obama decided his initial reaction was tooo even-handed, so he had to incrementally toughen his stance over a couple of days’ time. All while trying to talk tough from his dreamy vacation spot. What a douche.

    Here’s the web page:

    Or just read the whole thing here:

    Candidates’ Reactions to Georgia Conflict Offer Hints at Style on Foreign Affairs

    Published: August 9, 2008

    LAS VEGAS — When Russian troops rolled into South Ossetia on Friday, Senator John McCain’s response was immediate and tough.

    Russia had crossed “an internationally recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia” and should “unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces,” Mr. McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, said in a statement delivered at an airport.

    Senator Barack Obama, his Democratic rival, trod more carefully, a characteristic of his approach to foreign affairs. In an initial statement released by his campaign, he did not directly blame Russia and instead offered a more measured response, which largely echoed the official comments of the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and President Bush.

    “Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation to full-scale war,” Mr. Obama said in the statement, which focused on negotiations and concluded that “all sides should enter into direct talks on behalf of stability in Georgia.”

    Although Mr. Obama did harden his rhetoric shortly before boarding a plane for a vacation to Hawaii later on Friday — he said that “what is clear is that Russia has encroached on Georgia’s sovereignty” — he remained far less confrontational than Mr. McCain.

    The two responses to an incident unfolding in real time and delivered in the midst of the political calculations of a presidential campaign were indicators of how Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama might respond to a crisis with international implications.

    The fighting, which began when Georgian forces tried to retake the capital of the South Ossetia from insurgents in the pro-Russian region of the Caucasus, was developing into the worst clash since Russian troops invaded Afghanistan in the 1980s.

    In Mr. McCain’s case, he spoke to two people on Friday before making his statement: President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia, whom he has known since 1997, and Stephen J. Hadley, the White House national security adviser. Mr. Saakashvili has been criticized for cracking down on demonstrators last year, but Mr. McCain has been a longtime ally.

    Mr. McCain first heard about the crisis shortly before leaving Cincinnati for Des Moines on Friday morning, and to gather more information he made phone calls from his car on the way to the airport. To prepare a statement, he then relied on his foreign policy staff, including Randy Scheunemann, his chief foreign policy aide, whose firm has lobbied for Georgia for the past four years. Mr. Scheunemann, who has worked for Mr. McCain’s campaign since early 2007, took a leave from his firm, Orion Strategies LLC, in March of this year.

    After talking with his aides, Mr. McCain worked on his campaign plane with Mark Salter, one of his closest advisers, on the wording of the statement. He delivered it on the tarmac upon landing in Des Moines.

    For Mr. Obama, his response came in several stages. The campaign said its initial statement was made before being able to confirm that Russia had invaded Georgian territory, and so it was cautious about assigning blame.

    Mr. Obama was more judgmental in his own statement later on Friday, and by Saturday his campaign stepped up the rhetoric once again. “Clearly over the course of the last 24 hours this crisis has escalated,” said Ben Rhodes, a foreign policy aide. “Clearly Russia bears the responsibility for that escalation.”

    Aides said that Mr. Obama was also briefed by Mr. Hadley on Friday, and was kept informed on developments by his foreign policy advisors as he flew to Hawaii.

    Mr. Obama’s national security spokeswoman, Wendy Morigi, said that in recent days the campaign had spoken to experts including Sam Nunn, a former Democratic senator; Michael A. McFaul, a Russia scholar at Stanford University who heads the Obama campaign’s foreign policy team on Russia and Eurasia; Richard Holbrooke, a former American ambassador to the United Nations under President Bill Clinton; and Lee Hamilton, a former Democratic representative who now heads the Woodrow Wilson International Center.

    Both campaigns also used the crisis to engage in their now-daily political combat, which in this round focused on Mr. Scheunemann and his ties to Georgia.

    “John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser lobbied for, and has a vested interest in, the Republic of Georgia, and McCain has mirrored the position advocated by the government,” said Hari Sevugan, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, who added that the “appearance of a conflict of interest” was a consequence of McCain’s close ties to lobbyists.

    Mr. Salter, of the McCain campaign, dismissed the criticism, however. “In the middle of an international crisis, in which people are getting killed, the best the Obama campaign can come up with is to cast aspersions on a McCain staffer,” he said.

    Mr. Salter acknowledged that Mr. Scheunemann had lobbied for Georgia, but said that Mr. McCain “has been involved in the efforts of former Soviet Republics to embrace democracy and free market values since the end of the Cold War.”

  53. BEN SMITH at

    Bush and Obama come around to McCain’s view on Russia.

    ‘Invasion of Georgia’ a ‘3 a.m. moment’

    When the North Caucasus slid into war Thursday night, it presented John McCain and Barack Obama with a true “3 a.m. moment,” and their responses to the crisis suggested dramatic differences in how each candidate, as president, would lead America in moments of international crisis.

    While Obama offered a response largely in line with statements issued by democratically elected world leaders, including President Bush, first calling on both sides to negotiate, John McCain took a remarkably — and uniquely — more aggressive stance, siding clearly with Georgia’s pro-Western leaders and placing the blame for the conflict entirely on Russia.

    The abrupt crisis in an obscure hotspot had the features of the real foreign policy situations presidents face — not the clean hypotheticals of candidates’ white papers and debating points.

    Russia has long attempted to reclaim now-sovereign parts of the former Soviet Union, stoking conflicts in the enclaves of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, which are universally recognized to be Georgian soil. Russia has also used the ensuing military tensions to set back Georgia’s bid to enter NATO.

    But Georgia appears to have sparked the conflict by marching on the South Ossetian capital as Russia’s powerful Prime Minister Vladimir Putin headed to Beijing for the Olympic Games. Russia, in turn, welcomed the conflict, launching a large-scale attack on its smaller neighbor and sending tanks across its border.

    Both American candidates back Georgia’s sovereignty and its turn toward the West. But their first statements on the crisis revealed differences of substance and style.

    Obama’s statement put him in line with the White House, the European Union, NATO and a series of European powers, while McCain’s initial statement — which he delivered in Iowa and ran on a blog on his Web site under the title “McCain Statement on Russian Invasion of Georgia” — put him more closely in line with the moral clarity and American exceptionalism projected by President Bush’s first term.

    A McCain adviser suggested that Obama’s statement constituted appeasement, while Obama’s camp suggested that McCain was being needlessly belligerent and dangerously quick to judge a complicated situation.

    “I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict,” Obama said in a written statement. “Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint and to avoid an escalation to full-scale war. Georgia’s territorial integrity must be respected.”

    Obama added briefly that the international community should get involved. More than an hour later, as more details of Russia’s incursion into Georgia emerged, he cited Russia more directly: “What is clear is that Russia has invaded Georgia’s sovereign — has encroached on Georgia’s sovereignty,” he told reporters in Sacramento.

    McCain’s statement was longer, more detailed and more confrontational.

    “[T]he news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally recognized border into the sovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory.

    “The government of Georgia has called for a ceasefire and for a resumption of direct talks on South Ossetia with international mediators. The U.S. should immediately work with the EU and the OSCE to put diplomatic pressure on Russia to reverse this perilous course that it has chosen.”

    ohn McCain’s top foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, defended McCain’s direct criticism of Russia in the early hours of the crisis.

    “Sen. McCain is clearly willing to note who he thinks is the aggressor here,” he said, dismissing the notion that Georgia’s move into its renegade province had precipitated the crisis. “I don’t think you can excuse, defend, explain or make allowance for Russian behavior because of what is going on in Georgia.”

    He also criticized Obama for calling on both sides to show “restraint,” and suggested the Democrat was putting too much blame on the conflict’s clear victim.

    “That’s kind of like saying after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, that Kuwait and Iraq need to show restraint, or like saying in 1968 [when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia] … that the Czechoslovaks should show restraint,” he said.

    A foreign policy adviser for Obama, Ben Rhodes, said Obama was deliberately measured in response to the conflict, balancing his disapproval of Russia’s “troubling behavior in its near-abroad region” with “the fact that we have to deal with Russia to deal with our most important national security challenges.”

    Rhodes declined to discuss McCain’s statement directly, but did indirectly criticize it.

    “The temperature of your rhetoric isn’t a measure of your commitment to Georgian sovereignty,” he said, noting that the two candidates’ statements shared a substantive commitment to Georgia’s borders. “You don’t want to get so far in front of a situation that you’re feeding the momentum of an escalation.”

    Critics of McCain’s stance said he’d imposed ideology on a complicated situation in which both sides bear some blame.

    “McCain took an inflexible approach to addressing this issue by focusing heavily on one side, without a pragmatic assessment of the situation,” said Mark Brzezinski, a former Clinton White House official and an informal adviser to Obama.

    “It’s both sides’ fault — both have been somewhat provocative with each other,” he said.

    A fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, Ariel Cohen, praised McCain’s statement as “robust and tough.”

    The candidates’ stances also reflected their broader goals in the region. Obama, Rhodes noted, has argued that the American interest in controlling nuclear material in the former Soviet Union and in other national security concerns means that the country should maintain a constructive relationship with Russia, even when Russia mistreats its population and threatens its neighbors.

    McCain, meanwhile, has offered more sticks than carrots, and suggested that Russia will respond primarily to American toughness and resolve. He’s also called for Russia to be expelled from the Group of Eight industrial nations, a move unlikely to be supported by its other members, but one that makes his disapproval of Russia’s conduct very clear. Friday, as the crisis unfolded, he reiterated that stance.

    The conflict in Georgia also brought attention to another complicating feature of McCain’s campaign: His ties to Republican operatives with extensive lobbying practices. Scheunemann was, until earlier this year, registered to lobby for the government of Georgia.

    A public relations firm working for the Russian Federation pointed out Scheunemann’s lobbying past to reporters — a sign that McCain’s stance is not, for better or worse, being welcomed in Moscow — as did Obama’s campaign.

    “John McCain’s top foreign policy adviser lobbied for, and has a vested interest in, the Republic of Georgia and McCain has mirrored the position advocated by the government,” said Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan, noting that the “appearance of a conflict of interest” was a consequence of McCain’s too-close ties to lobbyists.

    Scheunemann dismissed the criticism, saying he severed his ties to his firm and to his client on March 1 and noting that McCain has been a firm supporter of Georgia’s move toward the West, and away from Russia, since the Arizona senator’s first visit there in 1997.

  54. DOn’t mean to nag but if you have a chance do yourself a favor and go to Noquarter and click on their radio show.

    It is inspiring, energetic, strong . . . .Puma Power

    great affirmation

    add h t t p / /

  55. In retrospect, criticism toward JE over his insistence to run for the Presidency while EE diagnosed with terminal cancer exonerates Katie Couric. Obviously, he wanted to be in the public spotlight to impress his lady-love, Rielle Hunter, who found him so “real and authentic.”

    EE must have realized that if she didn’t relent, he would be “travelling”all of the time on “poverty” assignments. This way, she and the kids could be along for the ride, and (try to) keep tabs on John-boy. Age-old story of scorned wife who keeps going back for more.

    Totally agree that EE was brutal to HRC – makes it hard to really have genuine sympathy over this revelation. Feel for her over diagnosis and small children to raise, but no in any way politically speaking.

    The final litmus test was the Edwards endorsement of BHO, who did NOT represent the “working-class” people JE spoke of, nor the universal healthcare HRC (and EE) supported. So, EE is in for more heartache. Ofcourse he “volunteers” to take paternity test since Hunter won’t allow baby to be tested. How convenient. May as well be Howard Stern, Larry Birkhead and Anna Nicole Smith.

    There would be no visits (last month as well) in $$$$ hotels unless they were still involved and he was the daddy. Can’t believe he is calling picture of him holding baby “digitally-enhanced.” He must have convinced EE that it was over in 2006, and whe bought it. All sorts of info about multiple relationships in North Carolina before his political career began.

    Glad his former campaign directors, workers and volunteers are furious and feel betrayed. After the remarks he made about BC and the way he (and EE) treated HRC – just more karma coming down.

    Uh, National Enquirer – When will you pick the story back up on BHO and murdered Donald Young’s long-time relationship? You are the only publication/news outlet that has had the guts to print the truth. Don’t stop now. Just be sure and put in the same tabloid with the JE scandal. That’s the only way for the public to find out about BHO’s lifestyle in Chicago, while they are reading about Edwards and his continuing string of lies. May as well expose the other “love triangles” concerning the “Annointed One” while you’re at it. PLEASE blow the lid off “The One.”

  56. Keeping It Rielle

    John Edwards’s confession was a little bit breathtaking.

    Not the sex stuff. That happens here all the time.

    And certainly not covering up the sex stuff. That happens here all the time, too. First people uncover; then they cover up. Nobody’s ever had sex with that woman until, suddenly, they have.

    The stunning admission Edwards made to ABC’s Bob Woodruff, and in a written statement from Chapel Hill on Friday afternoon, was that he’s a narcissist.

    He admitted that wallowing in “self-focus” out on the trail and thinking you’re “special” can result in a solipsism that “leads you to believe you can do whatever you want, you’re invincible and there’ll be no consequences.”

    Auto-psychoanalysis by the perp. That’s really rich. When Bill Clinton acknowledged an affair, after equally adamant denials, he simply went into an old-fashioned spiral of penitence, his allegedly long, dark night of his alleged soul.

    Even in confessing to preening, Edwards was preening. His diagnosis of narcissism was weirdly narcissistic, or was it self-narcissistic? Given his diagnosis, I’m sure his H.M.O. would pay.

    The creepiest part of his creepy confession was when he stressed to Woodruff that he cheated on Elizabeth in 2006 when her cancer was in remission. His infidelity was oncologically correct.

    So narcissist walks into a New York bar and meets a legendarily wacky former Gotham party girl — whose ’80s exploits were chronicled in a novel by her former boyfriend Jay McInerney because the behavior of her and her friends “intrigued and appalled me.” When you appall Jay McInerney, you know you’re in trouble.

    The president manqué gives Rielle Hunter, formerly Lisa Druck, more than $114,000 to shoot vain little videos for his Web site (even though she’s a neophyte), one of which is scored with the song “True Reflections” about the Narcissus pool, which goes: “When you look into a mirror, do you like what’s looking at you? Now that you’ve seen your true reflections, what on earth are you gonna do?”

    He has an affair with Hunter, while he’s honing his speech on the imperative to “live in a moral, honest, just America.” A married former aide says he’s the father when she gets pregnant, even though she’s telling people Edwards is the dad. And one of his campaign donors pays off Hunter to get her resettled with the baby out of North Carolina.

    But the Breck Girl wants a gold star for the fact that he sent his marriage into remission when his wife was in remission. That’s special.

    In his statement, he bleats: “You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself. I have been stripped bare.” Isn’t stripping bare how he got into this mess?

    It isn’t like we didn’t know that the son of a millworker was a little enraptured by himself, radiating self-love from his smile and his man-in-a-hurry airs and the notorious $800 bill for a pair of haircuts and his two-minute YouTube hair primping to the tune of “I Feel Pretty.”

    Certain men assume that power confers sexual privilege. And in American politics, there is an eternal disjunction between character and achievement. Sinners do good things, saints do bad things.

    Still, it’s bizarre the way these pols spend millions getting their faces plastered everywhere and then think they can do something in secret. “Yeah, I didn’t think anyone would ever know about it, I didn’t,” Edwards said.

    In one of the Web films Hunter directed, he actually flirts with the blonde, laughingly telling her that his address on morality is “a great speech” and complaining, “Why don’t you hear me give it live?”

    For some reason, super-strivers have a need to sell what is secretly weakest about themselves, as if they yearn for unmasking. Edwards’s decency and concern for the weak in society — except for his own wife. Bill Clinton’s intellect and love of community — except for his stupidity and destructiveness about Monica. Bush the Younger’s jocular, I’m-in-charge self-confidence — except for turning over his presidency, as no president ever has, to his Veep. Eliot Spitzer’s crusade for truth, justice and the American way — except at home.

    In the Hunter video titled “Plane Truths,” Edwards is relaxing on his plane, telling the out-of-frame director: “I’ve come to the personal conclusion that I actually want the country to see who I am, who I really am, but I don’t know what the result of that will be. But for me personally, I’d rather be successful or unsuccessful based on who I really am, not based on some plastic Ken doll that you put up in front of audiences.” Ken couldn’t have said it better.

    Back in 2002, Edwards sent me a Ken doll dressed in bathing trunks, Rio de Janeiro Ken, with a teasing note, because he didn’t like my reference to him as a Ken doll in a column.

    In retrospect, the comparison was not fair — to Ken.

  57. Analysts look at Rise and Fall of John Edwards-excerpt

    Critics found other reasons to question Edwards’ sincerity.

    After the 2004 election, he created a nonprofit whose stated goal was fighting poverty. The Center for Promise and Opportunity raised $1.3 million in 2005. But tax filings showed that much of the money paid Edwards’ expenses as he gave speeches around the country, walked picket lines and met with foreign leaders overseas.

    He also started a privately funded Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at UNC Chapel Hill, which gave him another public platform. And the candidate who vowed to make poverty “the cause of my life” was ridiculed for $400 haircuts, a 28,000-square-foot home and his work for a Wall Street hedge fund.

    Edwards, who ran as a moderate in 1998 and 2004, veered to the left in his latest White House run. He renounced his 2002 vote authorizing the war in Iraq and crusaded for a higher minimum wage. After rarely criticizing rivals in a sunny 2004 campaign, he began throwing elbows.

    Like his stump speeches, Edwards’ career generally played out according to script. “Everything he did,” says Cook, “was planned.”

  58. With all the scandal going on, the DNC is bleeding out. Rumor or not, without Hillary, Obama doesn’t stand a chance.

  59. carbynew,

    “Everything he did,” says Cook, “was planned.”

    sigh…that could apply to Obama, Brazille, Kerry, and on and on…

  60. Please, Please say it”s not true Hillary is going to be the VP Why? If he lose Hillary will be blamed for it. I hope it is not true. I still want vote for the ticket. I just can’t

    Why would she want to degrade herself. Is she a glutton for punishment

  61. JanH,

    The point of the article was that Edwards is an “empty suit” he gave pretty speeches and had photo ops in the ghetto and talked about his poverty work but all those charities all ways came back to him…it wasn’t about up lifting people but a way to move money without paying taxes or p.r. work for his narrative.

    And Elisabeth Edwards is all mixed up in it too. There’s no hate here just trying to hold people accountable and responsible for their actions.

  62. neeta, I don’t think it’s true. If it were, why would the BO team be leaking these Clinton emails, which almost certainly come from Patty Doyle? It’s just a rumor.

  63. Elizabeth Edwards Drank Her Husband’s Kool-Aid And Became His “Ambition Enabler”

    Here’s why Elizabeth was willing to believe her husband could cheat and STILL run for president

    It’s easy to understand why John Edwards first felt he was entitled to cheat on his wife and family, and then second, thought he could keep it secret from the American public. He is a self-admitted “narcissist”, and narcissists believe they are entitled to whatever they want, whenever they want it. As psychologist Cooper Lawrence told me, “they always think some other poor schnook will get caught, not them.”

    The bigger question is “why did Elizabeth Edwards drink her husband’s Kool-Aid? How could she have possibly believed that her husbands affair would remain a private matter when he was running for President of the United States? Hello, the National Enquirer had already broken the story last fall. Why in fact, did she knowingly encourage her spouse to even enter the campaign when she had been fully informed about the affair for over a year? And she helped support and propagate John Edwards’ image as a devoted husband and family man.

    She was so supportive that she even remained committed to his campaign after the discovery of her metastasized breast cancer. Despite the fact that she was facing a terminal illness, she was willing to take flack for her belief that John Edwards’ presidential campaign was so important that not even her own health should stand in the way of its proceeding.

    Elizabeth Edwards is now protesting in her own public statement that the public appetite to ‘know” is the real culprit in the situation. The ‘public’ is being voyeuristic in her view and is getting in the way of her family’s right to privacy.

    Well, she may not want to admit it but Elizabeth is as guilty as her husband at this point, in inviting the public into her family’s personal life. Once Bill Clinton’s antics in the White House with Monica Lewinsky became Page One headlines for months, no presidential candidate or their family could ever realistically kid themselves, that marital fidelity would not be an issue in political life. If she had any questions about that last spring, she only had to make a call to Silda Spitzer.

    No, Elizabeth Edwards had to be in some extraordinary form of denial and that’s why she became her husband’s “ambition enabler”, when she supported his recent run for the presidency. My belief is that after almost thirty years of marriage she too had become so invested in his political ambitions, his cause, that she couldn’t give up either, even after he cheated and she knew there was a chance his affair could be reported in the mainstream press.

    “His success, now defined her success, so she was willing to go along with the fraud that that their marriage was fine,” believes psychologist Victoria Zdrok, currently working on a book titled,” Dr. Z on Straying.”

    Think about it. The Edwards met in law school; She still wears the $11 wedding ring he gave her. He became a successful trial lawyer and then a member of the Senate. She pursued a law career too but ultimately gave it up to support his career and take care of their family. As a couple they experienced the worst of tragedies, the death of their 16 year-old son, and then they made the decision to have two more children. It’s easy to understand why Elizabeth Edwards would feel that her marriage was worth salvaging after her spouses’ episode of infidelity. It’s the presidential campaign that is far harder to understand.

    That’s why I believe that it’s because Elizabeth had made such an enormous personal commitment to her role as her husband’s helpmate and as a potential first lady and had made so many sacrifices over the years in the interests of realizing those goals, that she was willing to risk public exposure.

    Her terminal illness may actually have also played a role in her decision to publicly stand by her man and his presidential ambitions, according to Zdrok. “When we seek death, we often seek to achieve a symbolic immortality. And becoming a presidential wife could have been that for her.”

    In any case, Elizabeth Edwards was a victim when her husband cheated. She did nothing to deserve that and as a wife she had every right and many reasons to forgive the jerk. But the decision to stand behind him and publicly broadcast his staunch family values image was her own doing. As courageous and admirable as she has been in dealing with her cancer, she is now the latest member of the Publicly Humiliated Wives Club, and she has no right to complain about the public’s interest in knowing exactly what has happened. She helped get herself in this situation.

  64. Sick! Typical HuffPo. Yes, it’s Elizabeth’s fault. Look, I don’t care for Edwards but blaming his wife for wanting privacy is absurd.

  65. birdgal Says:

    August 9th, 2008 at 11:22 pm
    Carby: Were the charities a front for JE? Means to move money around??
    I’m only telling you what the article says…and the criticism about his charities…this is not the first time I heard complaints.

    The latest is the education scholarship program he just closed for high schoolers…people were complaining about that in the local papers and the blogs that Edwards only did it because he was campaigning for president and since he didn’t make it…he cancelled the program.

    After getting so many complaints…his spokeperson said that it was only a temporary program of 3 years so they closed it early.

    Edwards are major Bullshitters. It is all about the image or narrative but there is always some con behind it that ultimately benefit the Edwards.

  66. She bought the media image of Hill, but she had clearly changed her mind by the end. I think she probably voted for her in NC.

  67. I never could understand why he wanted to run for president with his wife illness. How could he spend time with her running around the country. This is the time he should be at home spending as much time as possible with her. All Edwards cares about is himself. If this is what she wanted something is wrong with her too. I am glad it came to light. It showed the world what kind of people they are What goes around comes around,

  68. carbynew,

    Yes I know. I’m just saying that the Edwards formula repeats itself over and over again. Politics have become so corrupted its not funny!

  69. I want be watching the convention. I will be getting the results from this site
    So you will have to keep me informed

  70. I received this e-mail from the Denver Host Committee. I am not going, if Hillary were the nominee i would be going.

    Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee

    Host Committee Dispatch Center

    Quick Links
    DNCC site
    Dear Volunteer,

    Congratulations! You have been assigned to be a volunteer for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee Dispatch Center. Our Dispatch Center Volunteers will be responsible for deploying, tracking, and inspecting the 50 Host Committee hybrid vehicles that will transport VIPs, sponsors, and volunteers throughout the Denver-metro area during the Convention.

    Your volunteer assignment will be located at the Dispatch Center in the 2008 Convention Host Committee’s Volunteer Headquarters in downtown Denver. Your Dispatch Center Volunteer Captain will provide further instructions about location, parking, alternative transportation routes, your specific role and training after you confirm your assignment.

    Please be advised that this is your assignment and that we have limited ability to accommodate changes.

    The dispatch center will be open from August 21st – August 29th from 8:30am – 2:30am. There will be three different volunteer shifts per day:

    8:30am – 2:30pm
    2:00pm – 8:30pm
    8:00pm – 2:30am

    To confirm your acceptance of this volunteer assignment, respond to this message with DISPATCH in the subject line by 3:00pm on Wednesday, August 13th.

    In the email please provide your name, email address, phone number, and the days and shifts you are able to volunteer. Soon after, a volunteer captain will be contacting you for scheduling.

    Thank you for your commitment to making this convention a success!

    Thank you,

    The Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee Volunteer Team

    Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee | 1401 17th Street | Suite 950 | Denver | CO | 80202

  71. So the price of gas goes down, and de emphasizes that area, and Russia invades Georgia. McCain’s reply hits it out of the park.

    He looked Presidential

    O comes around to his point of view. He does not lead he follows.

    I wonder what the polls will show over this.

  72. Saturday, August 9, 2008

    The Presidential Scam of John and Elizabeth Edwards

    I doubt there’s much new insight I could add to the John Edwards sex scandal, but it’s troubling that Elizabeth Edwards knew of her husband’s infidelity in 2006.

    Mrs. Edwards has written an essay asking the public to understand her family’s trauma. What’s most striking about her comments is the blame. She blames the media and the public for turning a “private” matter into a public scandal. She’s lauds her husband’s courage to admit his infidelity on camera, saying it shows “honesty in the face of shame.” But then she excoriates the “hurtful” and “absurd lies” the tabloid press has inflicted on her family:

    I ask that the public, who expressed concern about the harm John’s conduct has done to us, think also about the real harm that the present voyeurism does and give me and my family the privacy we need at this time.

    The “real harm”?

    Isn’t the real harm found in John Edwards’ forsaking his vows to forsake all others? Isn’t the real harm found in the purposeful family lie that was the foundation of the Edwards 2008 campaign for the presidency, in the collusion that’s apparent between John and Elizabeth Edwards to foist this abject political dishonesty on the public?

    Recall that the couple made the marriage bond, in sickness and in health, the basis for much of their political appeal. In this they played on the public’s deep culture and respect for family – they pulled on the heartstrings of America for partisan gain.

    Kristen Powers sums up the Edwards scam perfectly:

    Normally, cheating on your spouse is a private matter. Many Americans wind up facing it; many families stay intact and recover. I hope that’s so for the Edwards family.

    But this is not a private matter: Following his affair, Edwards chose to run for president, using his family as a centerpiece for his campaign. In June of last year, he accepted the Father of the Year Award from Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council. Shortly afterward, he renewed his vows with his wife and provided pictures to People magazine.

    And in December, Katie Couric asked the candidates about the importance of marital fidelity in assessing a presidential candidate. True to form, Edwards said that it was a “fundamental” way to “judge people and human character” – but shouldn’t be a “controlling factor” in choosing a president.

    Unfortunately she didn’t ask him what it would tell you about a politician if he used his family as a campaign prop and then lied to the public repeatedly about an affair.

    This story’s a genuine tragedy.

    John Edwards very well could have become president of the United States. He’s young, handsome, and smart, and his working class origins provide authenticity for upward mobility in America.

    Yet, the Edwards family has always embodied the contradictions of Democratic power politics, especially in John Edwards’ concern for the poor amid his ostentatious displays of wealth and privilege.

    The Rielle Hunter scandal strips the mask of hypocrisy off it all. The Edwards family has the right to expect concern for their family’s privacy. But they shouldn’t be so quick to criticize the media for paying inordinate attention to the scandal. John and Elizabeth Edwards lived a scam. The fact that so much this evolved through tremendous physical and emotional pain makes it almost too much to think about.

    John Edwards is a major political figure in Democratic Party politics, and may very well have been a top offical in a Barack Obama administration. This story’s not off limits to the intense coverage it deserves.

    The Edwards family nevertheless deserves our prayers for their personal recovery

  73. Pro-Con: Is John McCain using good strategy with ‘celebrity’ ads? YES
    It has become increasingly clear over the past week that “celebrity” is the label that Republicans think will stick to Barack Obama. The McCain campaign released a new ad called “Family” to strengthen the connection:

    “Is the biggest celebrity in the world ready to help your family?” the ad asks. “The real Obama promises higher taxes, more government spending. So, fewer jobs.”

    Republicans have adopted “celebrity” just as they associated “flip-flop” with John Kerry in 2004. This makes perfect sense considering the success of the “Celeb” ad (featuring Paris Hilton and Britney Spears). It will be interesting to see if the Obama campaign takes steps to dim the “celebrity” spotlight and if events — like Obama’s planned acceptance of the Democratic nomination in a stadium setting at the 76,000-seat Invesco Field in Denver — help the GOP.

  74. McCain Presses Argument That Obama Is Shallow Celeb
    Friday, August 8, 2008

    John McCain, with foreign conflict in the news Friday, attempted to strengthen his argument that Barack Obama is a shallow celebrity short on substance.

    The two candidates have spent the past week hammering energy issues, moving on to domestic matters following Obama’s high-profile trip overseas.

    But foreign policy is considered McCain’s strong suit, and the presumptive GOP presidential nominee wasted no time Friday issuing a tough condemnation of Russia for sending jets and tanks into the former Soviet state of Georgia.

    “What’s most critical now is to avoid further confrontation between Russian and Georgian military forces,” McCain said, urging the United States to convene an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council to resolve the crisis.

    Obama, flying to Hawaii for a vacation from the campaign trail, later said it’s important for the United States to work with its partners to end the conflict and that “Georgia’s territorial integrity needs to be preserved.”

    But senior McCain aides say the conflict underscores the dangerously unpredictable nature of global stability, and that Obama is out of his depth.

    The sudden focus on international affairs is a reminder of the instant effect the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had on the field of U.S. candidates in late December. The assassination occurred just days before the leadoff Iowa caucuses, and candidates from both parties scrambled to demonstrate to caucus-goers how they would handle such an overseas crisis.

    The latest CBS News poll showed that, by a 20-point margin, voters have greater confidence that McCain will be the more effective commander in chief. He generally leads on issues of national security, while Obama is viewed as more capable of handling domestic issues like the economy and health care.

    Obama leads McCain overall, but since returning from his first overseas trip as a presidential candidate last month, Obama has dipped slightly in national polls.

    Some Democrats complain he has failed to adequately respond to McCain’s withering attacks on Obama as a shallow, arrogant celebrity.

    “Life in the spotlight must be grand, but for the rest of us times are tough,” the narrator says in the latest TV ad. “Painful taxes, hard choices for your budget. Not ready to lead. That’s the real Obama.”

    The campaign repeated that theme in radio ads as well.

    Obama spokesman Hari Sevugan released a statement in response to the first ad calling it “a lie” and “part of the old, tired politics of a party in Washington that has run out of ideas and run out of steam.”

    The campaign was also given a jolt Friday after former Democratic candidate John Edwards admitted to having an extra-marital affair with his former videographer.

    The admission all but ended talk that Edwards would be tapped as Obama’s running mate or high-level member of his administration if he is elected.

  75. soem are given-like his real name is barry soarto. whiel the msm has acted like fools not vetting obama the gop has been minnning the globe for the takedon. obama may still have dual citzenship with kenya. americans wont vote for that stuff. they are minning pakistan about obama’s visit there. the whitey tape is now the least of obama’s worries. the gop has the big guns now and hte party will never be the same again barring some of this not getting leaked to the news before denver. its so sad. the fools of our party are about to pay ith the lose of their power in a matter of weeks guys. and we will have to wait for hillary to run again

  76. texan: look at the comments at noquarter, and take the link to the Rocky Mountain news article. There are many interesting comments. I don’t think, it is clear at this point.

  77. Established that he is
    1. A NATURALIZED (ineligible) U. S. citizen, rather than natural-born,
    2. A citizen of Kenya since Dec. 1, 1963 (which may not require renouncing to be nil),
    3. Legally Barry Soetoro, citizen of Indonesia since grade school

    Filled out papers for State Bar, FEC filings under first “assumed identity” Obama.

    What the hell are we putting up with this crap for? Storm the Convention! Demand Democracy! Send Barry to the same fate as Edwards. RETIRED FROM PUBLIC LIFE.

  78. moononpluto Says: Obama is a copy of Jessica Fletcher

    If we’re going to do old TV shows, he’s Remington Steele.

    Let’s not let Hillary be Laura Holt!

    Craig Ferguson: “Barack Obama was in Germany” today, and “he did this speech and 100,000 people showed up. There were so many Germans shouting and screaming that France…surrendered just in case.”

    Jimmy Kimmel: “They really love Barack Obama in Germany. He’s like a rock star over there. Impressive until you realize that David Hasselhoff is also like a rock star over there.”

    David Letterman: Signs Barack Obama Is Overconfident.

    Proposed bill to change Oklahoma to ‘Oklabama.’

    Offered Bush 20 bucks for the ‘Mission Accomplished’ banner.

    Asked guy at Staples, ‘Which chair will work best in an oval-shaped office?’

    Having head measured for Mount Rushmore.

    Offered McCain a job in gift shop at Obama Presidential Library.

    Jay Leno: “Of course, Obama’s supporters got him his usual birthday gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

    Jay Leno: “Obama’s people are trying to portray McCain as cranky, and McCain is trying to portray Obama as arrogant, you see. And when Obama was asked what he thought about being called arrogant, well, he said he was ‘above having to answer that question.'”

    Jay Leno: “See Barack Obama on the news? He’s becoming a workout fanatic. He’s at the gym, like, twice a day, sometimes three times a day at the gym, yeah, according to his staff. Well, he has to stay in shape to do those flip-flops.”

    Jay Leno: “Barack Obama back from his big European tour. Did you see him in Europe? People were cheering him, holding up signs, blowing him kisses. And that was just the American media covering the story.”

  80. Remington Steele.
    More like ———-

    Remington Schlameeel

  81. breaking on nq-pearl harbor comming for obama but maybe not in enough time to save hillary in denver
    depends on whether she gets vp

  82. JE’s “Documentary Film Maker” said, in talking about her experience of following the campaign, that they had so much fun…and that they even went to Africa. The affair supposedly was in 2006. Anyone know where and why? When was BO last in Africa?

  83. Edwards has certainly gotten his 15 minutes of fame and then some. Actually it is good its coming out now. Catnip for the press. Bullshit for the rest of us. It happened. Its too bad it happened. But its over– except for the kid. The kid needs to know if John is his dad.

    Update on Barack. Hawaiian Adventure. He snokelling as we speak. Sharks! Bwaaaaaaaaaaak. JAWS. ahhhhhhhhh glub (taps). Sheriff: the sign said sharks. Cant he read? Mish: still gonna be first lady. Not gunna kiss whats left of his ass. Sheriff: ms obama may i call you ms obama, guhhhhed whatcha want. well mam you were in the water snorkelling too? you got that right. well mam I just curious why didnt the shark attack you? no thats a dumb question cause yu know the answer–professional coutesy as in one shark to another.

  84. Jay Leno: “Barack Obama back from his big European tour. Did you see him in Europe? People were cheering him, holding up signs, blowing him kisses. And that was just the American media covering the story.”
    They loved with a love that was more than a love.

  85. If Obama’s real legal name is Barry Soetoro then his entire inclusion on the ballots in the primaries and in the GE will be ruled illegal as people will have voted for an incorrect legal identity listed on the form.

  86. texan,

    So far i don’t see anything too terribly incriminating in the politico link.

    If that’s the best they got I’d say it’s a red herring.

  87. I can’t read the article. I am too nervous about what they are trying to do to Hillary now. Basil, what was the gist of the emails?

  88. EE is doing what an enabller normally does (alcholic or otherwise), they defend and protect that person.

    Abuser do the same thing. I have seen this in family members. When you call a spade a spade, they have an excuse for everthing, and litterally run interference for the other person.

    It would be fare better for JE if she walked out on him, and let him face this along. However, we know in her situation that is difficult.


  89. mj,

    i skimmed, too.

    There were about a dozen excerpts, some from Mark penn sayng the campaign should focus on patriotism, have lots of flags in visuals, stuff like that.

    Nothing racist or criminal . . .

    Maybe I’ll cut and paste. it was a short list.

  90. The eight-page blockbuster, “The Front-Runner’s Fall,” draws on internal memos, e-mails and meeting notes to reveal what the magazine’s September issue calls “the backstabbing and conflicting strategies that produced an epic meltdown.”

    A key take-away from the article is that Clinton received a lot of accurate advice, including from Penn. He wrote a remarkably prescient memo in March 2007 about the importance of appealing to what he called “the Invisible Americans,” and specifically “WOMEN, LOWER AND MIDDLE CLASS VOTERS”—exactly the groups that helped Clinton beat Obama in key states nearly a year later.

    ” Green writes. “[H]er advisers couldn’t execute strategy; they routinely attacked and undermined each other, and Clinton never forced a resolution. … [S]he never behaved like a chief executive, and her own staff proved to be her Achilles’ heel.

    “What is clear from the internal documents is that Clinton’s loss derived not from any specific decision she made but rather from the preponderance of the many she did not make.”

    “Save it for 2050 … Every speech should contain the line you were born in the middle of America American to the middle class in the middle of the last century. And talk about the basic bargain as about the deeply American values you grew up with, learned as a child and that drive you today. Values of fairness, compassion, responsibility, giving back

    “Let’s explicitly own ‘American’ in our programs, the speeches and the values. He doesn’t. Make this a new American Century, the American Strategic Energy Fund. Let’s use our logo to make some flags we can give out. Let’s add flag symbols to the backgrounds.”

    Other highlights:

    —Of all the materials The Atlantic received, the first mention of delegate counts came in a memo that senior adviser Harold Ickes sent out just 12 days before the Iowa primary, and after the campaign had nearly run out of money campaigning in Iowa, where Clinton would finish third. He predicted, correctly, as it turned out:

    “Assuming after Iowa and New Hampshire the presidential nominating contest narrows to two competitive candidates who remain locked in a highly contested election through 5 February, the focus of the campaign will shift to the delegate count.” But the campaign, Green notes, had already ceased polling in states they didn’t expect to win so had limited ability to narrow the margins in states that favored Obama.

    the letter after Wolfson intercepted it, and Singer left for a week. On his return, Green reports that Wolfson explained to a colleague, “When the house is on fire, it’s better to have a psychotic fireman than no fireman at all.”

    —Green writes: “The internal discord over whether to attack Obama led some of her own staff to spin reporters to try to downplay the significance of her criticisms. The result for Clinton was the worst of both worlds: the conflicting message exacerbated her reputation for negativity without affording her whatever benefits a sustained attack might have yielded.”

    —The famous 3 a.m. ad, written by Penn and approved by Hillary Clinton almost didn’t run: “In the days leading up to Ohio and Texas, the campaign kept arguing over whether to air the [3 a.m.] ad. With the deadline looming, Bill Clinton, speaking from a cell phone as his plane sat on a runway, led a conference call on Thursday, February 28, in which he had both sides present their case. As his plane was about to lift off, it was Bill Clinton – not Hillary – who issued the decisive order: ‘Let’s go with it.’ ”

    —“On February 25, a pair of Clinton advisers began sending a series of increasingly urgent memos, which were given to me by a recipient sympathetic to Solis Doyle as a way of illustrating that strategic mistakes continued even after her dismissal [announced Feb. 10]. The first memo, from Philippe Reines and Andrew Shapiro, worried that Clinton’s anticipated wins in Texas and Ohio on March 4 would not meaningfully narrow Obama’s delegate lead—a fact sure to sap momentum once the initial excitement of victory passed.”

    —“They proposed that Clinton, from a position of strength immediately after her wins, challenge Obama to accept Michigan and Florida revotes. Such a move ‘preempts Obama’s reiteration on March 5th that they are still up 100 plus delegates and that we can’t win,’ they noted. ‘The press will love the rematch, like Rocky II.”

  91. I think all of this is just a way to blame the HRC for what happen.

    When in actuallity, the DNC had decided years ago, this is the way it would be. The people were in place to execute this a long time ago at the state level.

    Could they have overcome that? In actuality they did as they won the popular vote.

  92. Basil9, I agree about the emails. I don’t think there is anything substantial there. It looks like the author may try to paint Hillary as indecisive but that just isn’t going to fly. Her focus was on campaigning in various cities each day, not hanging around campaign headquarters dealing with the all the decision making details and interpersonal staff conflicts. If anything, I think Solis-Doyle is to blame…wasn’t it her job to manage the campaign? I would think dealing with these issues would be a major job requirement for that position.

    Hillary is a loyal Democrat, perhaps to a fault. That’s why she was probably reluctant to attack Obama for his Americanism as suggested by Penn. She was working to win the primary but didn’t want to damage Obama heavily as they were from the same party.

  93. What is Plausible Deniability:someone who actively avoids gaining certain knowledge of facts because it benefits that person not to know.
    As an example, an attorney may suspect that facts exist which would hurt his case, but decide not to investigate the issue because if the attorney had actual knowledge, the rules of ethics might require him to reveal those facts to the opposing side. Thus his failure to investigate maintains plausible deniability.

    In other words, everybody involved in the John “The baby ain’t mine” Edwards.

    This is a classic case of Lawyers (because everyone involved is one except for Rielle Hunter-she is delusional) practicing Plausible Deniability but the question is doesn’t “We the People” deserve better from those who want to lead this nation, then have a bunch of Lawyers use those values Americans values although some break and then cynically use PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY to excuse themselve of being held accountable and responsible for their actions?

    Where is the remorse?

    Instead “We the People” are the problem when we do “due diligence” in vetting candidates running for powerful positions and I think the President of the United States is one of the most powerful positions.

    Average Americans every day face acts of invasion of privacy by own employers…from background screening, security clearances, credit reports and in some cases the behavior of love ones…and yet Elisabeth Edwards wrote that statement placing blame on those who job is to vet the candidates and the voters.

  94. Why are we talking about acceptable and typical campaign strategy to find your competitor weakness? First it was John McCain and now it’s Hillary Clinton but what about Team Obama’s use the “Race Card,” Sexism, Misogyny, Graveyards, voter irregularites, Foreign campagn donations, Corrupt City Mayor like in Indiana, thuggery in the Caucuses.

    What about theses strategies?

  95. I wonder who leaked the emails, to me it sounds like BO wants to show us that Hillary and he really beat her legally and she and her staff knew he was beating her. That’s my take on the emails.
    I think they are bringing it out now because they want to weaken her position for the veep position.
    I think she wants it because she and Bill know he is either going to have to step down or get in major trouble with the altercation of the birth certificate.
    It is really ironic that the Edwards thing has come out 2 weeks til the convention and now the leaked emails! I think that Edwards was the veep pick always and because of the enquirer that now is over and now they want to weaken Hillary to make sure she doesn’t deseat him at the convention! This all just shows what turmoil the party is in coming into the convention in just 15 days! If it wasn’t for the Olympics this would be fuel for the msm fire! The repulicans are just waiting!!

  96. Good morning all! Gosh, I feel as if I have been in a time warp! Moving, looking for a new job, living with Bambi/Barry/Edwards/Edwards and now Judas saying that a Roll Call will not benefit the Democratic(?) Taliban Party on George Step-on-all-of-us…


    in the meantime

    Admin, please embed if you have not already! THIS ROCKS!

  97. Per Fox, stunning new information on the Edwards story by the Enquirer! Oh brother, what could it be, thats its really not JohnBoys baby, whose is it?? The story lives on!

  98. Hey guys…can anyone remember the name of the Latina singer who did that great song about Hillary…?

    She sang at the park at the RBC, and it’s something like “Yo Hillary” I think….

  99. You have brought up a good point. When someone applies for a job, they go through security checks, and if necessary a validation of citizen ship.

    For the most important job in the country, no one cares if he really is eligibile for it.


  100. NMF,

    I had to be fingerprinted, background checked and investigated in ALL 4 states in which i have teaching certificates.

    When I moved, recently, from one state to another, I had to submit a dozen forms of ID PLUS an original copy of my BC, with the raised seal, in order to get a new Driver’s license.

    I didn’t have the original and I had to write to the town where I was born and they had to issue another one before I could get a DL. And I had to submit proof to the town, including baptismal certificates, hospital records, etc.

    Seems like Waffles would have to go through at least what i did to be eligible for POTUS.


  101. John Edwards scandal too much even for a moonbat
    By Howie Carr Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Now will you moonbats finally peel the Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers off your rusting Volvos and Saabs?

    I’ve been telling you people for almost four years now how foolish you look, refusing to scrape off the reminders of yet another doomed Democrat ticket. This ongoing refusal to face reality has lasted longer than the Gore-Lieberman tantrum of 2000, which by 2002 had led GOP wags to festoon their SUVs with almost identical Sore-Loserman bumper stickers.

    But after Friday, how can even a Prozac-swallowing moonbat’s moonbat continue to endure the snickers that a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker cw0produces everywhere, including on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge?

    Consider ex-Sen. Edwards’ smarmy confession. He’s guilty, he admits, but before sentencing, Your Honor, Sen. Edwards would like to make the court aware of a few extenuating circumstances.

    He met the woman, who by the way changed both her first and last names and used to date a novelist whose only readable book was about cocaine, at a bar.

    A bar in New York City.

    He never really loved her. So somebody else must have knocked her up.

    And although my client stipulates that his wife does indeed have cancer, it was in remission, Your Honor, when he started tagging the woman he didn’t love whom he met in a bar in New York City.

    Yes, he did visit her early in the morning in a hotel in Beverly Hills, and he did run away from the National Enquirer reporters, and he has been lying about the whole tawdry third-rate romance low-rent rendezvous for almost a year now, but actually he’d like the record to reflect that overall he has been “99 percent honest.”

    In other words, you can trust Sen. Edwards. He’s not like the others.

    You gotta give the mainstream media credit. The bow-tied bumkissers really do believe in “don’t ask don’t tell,” at least as long as it’s a liberal Democrat whose scandal they’re turning a blind eye to. This time the broadsheet curs didn’t even pretend to investigate. And when the National Enquirer finally dragged out the truth, the J-school sycophants immediately pronounced it a “personal tragedy.” Funny, when Newt Gingrich cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, it wasn’t a personal tragedy, it was a national scandal.

    I don’t have a trust fund, and I work, so I really can’t put myself in a moonbat’s Birkenstocks. But after Friday I’d rather have a Re-elect Marzilli sticker on the back of my car than a peeling, faded Kerry-Edwards.

    Say what you will about Republican wingnuts, but my recollection is that the 1972 Re-elect the President bumper stickers were long gone before Nixon was himself pried out of the White House in August 1974. At the end, as William Kennedy once wrote, “only boobs and bleepheads” supported Nixon. Ditto with these two pampered PC poodles, Kerry and Edwards.

    Here’s my favorite part of Edwards’ closing argument to the jury, the American people: “If you want to beat me up – feel free. You cannot beat me up more than I have already beaten up myself.”

    I would have reworked that passage to this end: “If you want to lie about me – feel free. You cannot lie about me any more than I have already lied myself.”

    In the “Nightline” interview, he was asked about the Enquirer’s claims that his girlfriend – you know, the one he didn’t love and didn’t knock up – is getting $15,000 a month. Edwards, in another one of his “one-percent” statements, said it is possible some of his friends or supporters may have made payments without telling him.

    Don’t you hate it when somebody else pays your hush money for you? But by God, Edwards plans to get to the bottom of it and put an end to these terrible payoffs, ASAP.

    Hey moonbats, I’ll only say it one more time.

    Lose the bumper stickers.
    It seems that John Edwards scandal is being attached to John Kerry’s Senate campaign and since I don’t think the Republicans are going to let this die and not use it against the Democratic? Taliban Party and the liberal MSM for not doing their job of vetting the candidates equally.

    This mess is going continue.

  102. Basil…I spent most of the daylight hours yesterday filling in an application for a job to work in the arts with at-risk youth. In addition to my resume, the application itself was nine pages. In addition to that, there is a three page “have you ever been convicted of” questionnaire from the Florida Dept of Law Enforcement (FDLE) there are three pages of “Credit Report” stuff, four pages of personal and business references and a page that states you will pay for the background check and the fingerprinting in the event I get the job. I have already had three FBI BG’s and three FDLE in the past six years due to some of the work i do/have done with the Fed, the State and in Schools. In addition, if I GET the job I have to still do an I-9 and show my CERTIFIED BC. All for about $30K in salary….

    Why is it we cannot even ASK TO SEE Binkies BC?

  103. I skimmed the article in Politico where Chuckie Cheeze hangs his tin foil hat.

    I think Hillary’s campaign can be divided into two parts: patty and after patty.

    It is interesting that the leaked memos correspond to the time frame when patty was with the campaign and would have access.

    I was not on the campaign trail then but some of the people I talked to at that time told me they were too focused on media and message. Not enough on ground game.

    The article states like it is some kind of holy writ that Hillary was indecisive at that point. A better word might be tentative. She was seeing the problem trying to get answers and her people were not giving them to her apparently.

    By the time of New Hamphire Hillary got on the winning trail. The replacement of Patty with Maggie who is brilliant came later.

    I have debated this one in my own mind. Running a campaign is like running a revolution. Running government is fundamentally different activity.

    Therefore the fact that obama ran a better campaign than Hillary in the early part of the campaign is no indication that he would be better running government. In fact the opposite it true.

    By the time I got out on the campaign trail we knew what we were up against and beat the presumptious nominee consistently-as the numbers proved it.

  104. Norma Desmond:

    Fabulous and inspirational video on 18 million cracks/HRC final speech. Never say never.

    Speaking of…with all the gusto we can muster – we MUST pummel the airwaves, blog sites with the revelation that BHO IS NOT ELIGIBLE to be running for the highest office in the land, bacause (in Edwardsesque fashion) he has ignored the plain truth and hidden the FACTS that he is not a natural-born citizen, and has citizenship in Indonesia (Barry Soetoro) and a prior Kenyan citizenship – that trumped the naturalized status in the U.S. in 1963.

    Any way you cut it, dual-citizenships aside – at the very least he may be a naturalized citizen, but that isn’t sufficient. Therefore, with all the over-lapping citizenships in question, and fraudulently obtained passports, status-filings, and posting a FRAUDULENT birth certificate on his web site:

    NObama in AUGUST and NOvember should be our urgent hour-by-hour mantra these next two weeks!

  105. Hillary’s problem during the campaign was simply that she was too trusting. She thought by putting together a team of people she respected individually, that they would step up to the plate, work towards the end goals and put petty differences and personal agendas aside, that most of them wouldn’t blindside her candidacy, wouldn’t be moles for Obama and the DNC.

    She believed in fairness.

  106. By Howie Carr Sunday, August 10, 2008

    Howie Carr . . . . is a cross between walter winchell and maurie povich-piece of work. A few years back he did a big expose on a man who married his dog. At or near that time he was chasing a friend of mine who ended up in jail. He is like a dog with a bone–wont give it up. I begin to understand what John Edwards is going through. He does raise an interesting point however. If John beats himself up and then people like Carr step forward to do it again for the same crime-is that double jeopardy?

  107. I’m watching NBC Meet the Press with David Gregory and the segment is about the economy and all the pundits-republican and democrats and “crapping brinks” over what’s coming down the track.

    Even the republicans on the panel and talking the de-regulating the markets is causing this mess and Benecki is worried that the next President need to address this.

    One of the Republican said it might be best to let a Democrat handle the mess and the Democrat said no it might be better to let the Republican handle…because everyone agreed that Campaign promises will have to be sccuttled. All the sectors are being effected by the bad ecconomic plans in place.

    They pretty much was agreeing with the Hillary Clinton plan…you know “THAT” plan that Hillary had promoted so successfully with the Financial markets.

    While, Obama can’t sell toothpaste, because he can’t be trusted and his inexperience is telling on these issues.

    If McCain is smart…he’ll start co-opting a little more of Hillary plans to regulate the markets and get them in balance because between all the candidates….her’s is the best plan.

  108. Jan- very true. And we all do that when we have an inner circle of friends and supporters like Doyle who we have known and worked with for years. And sometimes we live to regret it. We cant go through life cyncal but we can trust but verify.

  109. correction: even the Republicans on the panel were talking that de-regulating the markets is causing this mess and Bernanke is worried that the next president will have to address this issue differently.

  110. Even the republicans on the panel and talking the de-regulating the markets is causing this mess and Benecki is worried that the next President need to address this
    I wore out shoe leather in the 90s trying to get public officials in dc to listen. But they were all free traders pundits politicans and newspeople (are you listening lee cullum). Markets uber alles was the orthodoxy. You will get more truth out of Lori Walloch at global trade watch than the entire faculty of Sloane School at MIT.

  111. From the Politico piece the memos are pretty standard stuff. Nothing really damaging in them. One thing seems pretty clear now: Pattis Solis Doyle and Mark Penn should never have been in charge of that campaign. And I guess that is HRC’s fault as much as I hate to say it. People like Carville told her to fire Patti months before she did. She shouldn’t have been chosen after blowing through all that money Hill had raised for her Senate reelection campaign. All those millions Hillary could have transferred to her presidential campaign fund. And I don’t know what to say on Mandy Grunwald. Good to know that the big dawg gave the greenlight to the 3am ad. He’s still got it. I just hope if that HRC decides to run again she’ll get a really top notch team of savvy professionals who know how to win.

  112. Nikki,

    So in honor of destroying Hillary’s money build up, Patti gets rewarded with a job with Obama? Something smells pretty rotten here.

  113. Here is the other trap that the free traders like dean and pelosi have gotten us into. Summarizing something longer samuelson said:Moreover, economist Robert Samuelson has expressed further concern about the stability of the free market. He notes that the old global economy had few power centers (the United States, Europe, Japan), was defined mainly by trade and was committed to the dollar as the central currency. Its major countries shared democratic values and alliances. Today’s global economy has many power centers (including China, Saudi Arabia and Russia), is defined by finance and common political values are lacking and is exploring currency alternatives to the dollar. Therefore he worries that the new system may generate periodic crises that that harm everyone and spawn international conflict.

  114. The releasing of the Clinton memos is not going to help Obama win in the G.E. nor does it reflect harmfully on Hillary Clinton.

    It show Hillary Clinton was too trustful of those longterm relationships but I think Hillary is a person who learns from her mistakes and will not repeat them.

    Patty Solis Doyle and Mark Penn….well they have problems.

  115. wbboei, This just hit me, Solis-Doyle is the assistant to the VP, correct??
    If Hillary is pushing VP now because of BO birth certificate and the PUMA’S and if BO and co. really don’t want her, why not get Hillary pist off all over again at Patti?? Let Patti get thrown under the bus to make sure Hillary is totally pist at her???
    Does it makes sense like that??

  116. JanH,
    Solis Doyle is an incompetent. I don’t believe for a second she has any real power or sway with Obama or his top campaign people. She’s there to stick it to HRC. When I first read she was going to work with the eventual VP nominee that’s when I knew it wasn’t going to be Hill. But the fact that Hillary got as close as she got to the nomination even with that awful group of consultants and campaign staff says a lot about her and Bill’s tenacity and their natural political instincts.

  117. Chelsea Clinton, not Bill Clinton, to introduce Hillary Clinton at convention

    Saturday, August 9th 2008, 2:15 PM

    WASHINGTON – Hillary Clinton wants to be introduced by her daughter Chelsea at the Democratic National Convention, and party insiders say Barack Obama has signed off on the idea, the Daily News has learned.

    Some Clinton and Obama partisans had assumed Clinton would be introduced by her husband, former President Bill Clinton, but Democratic sources say it was Hillary’s idea to have Chelsea do the honors.

    The New York senator will deliver the Denver convention’s keynote address in primetime Aug. 26, a plum speaking slot that indicates just how much Obama wants to keep his vanquished primary opponent happy.

    An official close to both the Obama and Clinton camps told The News that having Chelsea usher her mother onstage would be another symbolic gesture to Hillary’s female backers, many of whom remain bruised by her loss and still haven’t sworn their allegiance to Obama.

    “He has a problem with Hillary’s more fanatical women supporters, and this is a way to help with that,” the official said.

    The 28-year-old Chelsea, once shy and ill at ease in public settings, was one of her mother’s most effective surrogates in the bitter primary campaign, making dozens of appearances and winning praise for her poise on the trail.

    “She really did come out of her shell,” a senior Clinton adviser recalled. “She’s developed a whole different view of politics now. She likes it, and she’s good at

  118. Carbynew: to those steeped in the free trade will be good for the country myth the University of Chicago is Mecca. It is the home of Strauss and Milton Friedman.

  119. “He has a problem with Hillary’s more fanatical women supporters, and this is a way to help with that,” the official said.

    Why don’t the DNC and Obama’s surrogates keep their mouth close because they surely reinforce their Mysoginy and sexism. Obama problems are across the board but yeah I guess since women are the Democratic? Taliban Party largest demographic..I can see why they are worried.

  120. wbboei, I agree that the article, even with just the little bits released, shows that Hillary was attempting to deal with some of the issues that were happening but may not have been getting the true picture of what was happening. It does not sound like she was ignoring things given that she replaced Solis-Doyle with Maggie Williams. With Hillary’s time, attention, and energy is consumed by campaigning each day some of these issues may have been cropping up back at headquarters without her full knowledge. I think Solis-Doyle was unfortunately not a good manager. For all we know Hillary might have ordered her to get her act together but in the end had her replaced by Williams. Then the campaign began hitting on all strides. To me that shows leadership.

    The start of her campaign may have been somewhat disorganized, but clearly it was not after Solis-Doyle left the scene as evidenced by Hillary’s significant wins and popular vote total. I don’t think Obama ran a “better” campaign as some are suggesting. There were clearly strong and weaker areas for both.

  121. Confloyd: if it comes to that Patti can be fired again–and it will raise no problem of double jeopardy. I just dont know how she can maintain a position of respect in the hispanic community if she betrayed Hillary. Those that I know have a fine sense of personal honor. I hope I am wrong because those kind of mistakes can haunt you for the rest of your life.

  122. wbboei Says:

    August 10th, 2008 at 12:43 pm
    Carbynew: to those steeped in the free trade will be good for the country myth the University of Chicago is Mecca. It is the home of Strauss and Milton Friedman.
    Thanks wbboei,

    I love this site, I meet so many smart and wonder people. I learn something new everyday and also where to go to follow-up.

  123. There is something wrong with a country when its as close to war with Russia as it has ever been, the dollar is dropping and the stock market is votile, gas is 4.00 a gallon and where is our leader?? He is at the Olympics while Rome burns. Our supposed next president is vacationing in Hawaii while Rome burns!

  124. nikki22, I agree with both of your posts on the memos. BTW, Josh Green is a good writer/reporter, so I figured he wouldn’t be doing a hatchet job.

  125. “He has a problem with Hillary’s more fanatical women supporters, and this is a way to help with that,” the official said.

    Yeah, right. We are all fanatics, because we care about democracy, misogyny, gender bias, voter fraud, thuggery, etc. What a load of you-know-what.

    OTOH, I am glad that Chelsea is going to introduce her mother. She did come out of her shell, but she did HUNDREDS of appearances, not “dozens.” She is a remarkable young lady, and a wonderful role model for young women.

  126. birdgal,

    He has more of a problem with his own fanatical supporters than Hillary’s. Heck 3/4 of his supporters are fanatical.

  127. AmericanGal: excellent analysis. Mine was overly simplistic. Hillary still had Patty on staff when she turned it around in New Hampshire, which blows my theory that it did not happen until Maggie came aboard. The acid test of leadership is the ability to recover from adversity because no battle plan surives the first engagement. One of he high points in the campaign happened during New Hampshire when she stood on a chair and rallied her dispirited troops to victory. If I were running the show I would have that picture of Hillary standing in the rain speaking with her hand in the air put on a commenortive stamp and on computer screens. To me it is a graphic depiction of the triumph of the human spirit against the forces of darkness.

  128. Democrats target Ohio GOP suburban stronghold
    Published on Sunday Aug 10, 2008

    UPPER ARLINGTON, Ohio (AP) _ Democrats’ display of support for John Kerry four years ago in this Republican stronghold ruffled more than a few community feathers.

    Despite the efforts of the group UA for Kerry, President Bush beat his opponent handily. But Kerry also received a record number of votes for a Democrat in a city that just two decades ago was voting for Republican presidential candidates by 4-1 ratios.

    Emboldened, the group has its sights set on the unthinkable this presidential election: turning a bright red town blue.

    “My goal for Upper Arlington is for Obama to win, to get 51 percent,” Melissa Hedden, a group founder, said flatly. “That would be my definition of success.”

    Ohio’s mix of reliably Democratic big cities and just as reliably Republican suburbs has long contributed to the state’s ability to predict presidential races so well. No Republican has won the White House without taking Ohio in more than a century and only two Democrats have done so.

    But in recent years older suburbs such as Upper Arlington have become swing communities themselves, supporting a more even mix of voters as Democrats move in and some Republican voters settle in new suburbs even farther from city centers.

    That’s one reason why the “UA for Kerry” yard signs got so much attention. With their implication that Kerry had the entire city’s support, they spurred a round of sign stealing and soul searching and invigorated the local Republican Party.

    “We had people write checks saying, ‘I’m sick of seeing their signs,'” recalled David Varda, treasurer of the Upper Arlington Republican Club and a former mayor.

    This city of 31,000 is one of the original suburbs of Columbus and still one of its premier addresses. It’s easy to see why, with its large houses, wide avenues and towering shade trees.

    “It’s a very classic old-school suburban community,” said Tim Rankin, a lifelong resident and former city council member now running for the state Legislature. “Bright, astute, affluent.”

    Upper Arlington boasts three immaculate city pools, a high school with some of the state’s highest test scores and public parks so well cared for that on one recent day two workers were carefully washing and sweeping the tennis courts.

    The late Gov. Jim Rhodes, the nation’s longest-serving governor, called Upper Arlington home. Golf great Jack Nicklaus was born and raised there. Legendary Ohio State football coach Woody Hayes was a resident, as is the team’s current coach, Jim Tressel. Ohio State is just around the corner, another selling point.

    Per capita income in the overwhelmingly white city is about $42,000, twice the average of the state. Less than 3 percent of the population is below the federal poverty level.

    The efforts of Democrats haven’t gone unnoticed by Republicans, who in 2006 lost a legislative seat held by a local Republican. Rankin’s candidacy is their most visible response, said Doug Preisse, the Franklin County Republican Party chairman.

    Both he and Rankin dismiss the notion Upper Arlington will ever vote for Barack Obama. UA for Kerry benefited from a national groundswell of anti-Bush and anti-war sentiment that doesn’t exist this time around, Rankin said.

    Registered Republicans outnumbered Democrats 3,949 to 1,810 before the March primary, with more than 21,000 residents listed as unaffiliated, meaning they had asked for an issues only ballot in the last primary.

    Not every Republican in town is so sure about November. Bill Pfeil, 67, a retired football, basketball and baseball coach, has lived in Upper Arlington for 35 years and supports John McCain.

    He also believes Upper Arlington could go blue.

    Obama’s appeal to young voters is strong and people are still very concerned about the economy and the war.

    “In this community there’s probably a lot of people who are still waiting for Obama to start to make some specifics where people can hang their hats, and say, ‘Yeah, this is the change that we’re looking for.'”

    The Obama campaign said in a statement it’s committed to competing in all Ohio communities, including places that have traditionally voted Republican.

    The local group is raising money for yard signs and bumper stickers, planning community meetings on topics such as the war and the economy and encouraging its supporters to help the Obama campaign.

    Voting trends in the city may be on Obama’s side. In 1976, the city gave President Ford 17,217 votes to Jimmy Carter’s paltry 4,122. Ronald Reagan twice won by ratios of 4-1.

    But by the 1990s, the vote was down to 2-1 in favor of the first President Bush and Bob Dole. Al Gore did even better in 2000, winning 36 percent of the vote _ practically a landslide by Upper Arlington standards.

    The city likely now has more independents, as people tire of partisan politics, said Priscilla Mead, a Republican and former mayor.

    But as Mead also points out, the city likes things the way they are. If it had a motto, she says, it would probably be “No surprises.”

    In 2007, a proposal to privatize the city-run garbage department was met with rallies, threats of a ballot initiative and cries to oust the city council president.

    The behavior of UA for Kerry didn’t sit well with some in town either. Among the organization’s alleged sins: hosting a yard party along the route of the city’s Fourth of July parade, a hallowed event that’s supposed to be a politics-free zone.

    “You don’t want to step outside the boundaries, and we did,” said Pat Hadler, another of the group’s founders. “We really went against the grain.”

    Although President Bush won with 57 percent of the vote, Kerry still received 8,152 votes, more than 2,000 more than Gore received just four years earlier.

    In 2006, the city supported the losing GOP candidate in the U.S. Senate race but backed Gov. Ted Strickland, a Democrat. That support could have been an anomaly: Strickland was helped by a statewide wave of anger at Republicans over a corruption scandal.

    Since 2004, UA for Kerry has evolved into Upper Arlington Progressive Action, a political action committee boasting a mailing list of 1,600. The group took the “progressive” label in the hopes of converting moderate Republicans to its cause.

    The signs have changed to a less provocative “Another UA Citizen for Obama.”

    “To me it’s more about reaching out to people,” Hedden said. “We wanted to reach out to those people who might have shied away from confrontation with their neighbors or family members.”

    The group has come a long way since the day in March 2004 when Hedden followed a woman home who sported an anti-Bush sticker on her SUV, astounded she’d found a fellow Democrat in town. Hedden and her newly discovered ally, Susan Truitt, chatted politics, and Truitt eventually helped organize UA for Kerry.

    Hedden is clear that just making a point isn’t the goal this year. Forty-nine percent of the vote for Obama won’t cut it.

    “I want that 51,” Hedden said.

  129. Interesting article on Noquarter: “Why Obama Must Lose: One Progressive’s Opinion.”

    The Just Say No Deal/PUMA movement is evidence of a deep rift in the Democratic Party, one I believe the polls are not reflecting. Contrary to what the neo-liberals may say, the movement is not comprised of bitter old women — although many are bitter, many are women, and some are perhaps old. Instead, this deepening divide is the classic split of any political organization during a power struggle. The Daley Machine gave way to McGovern; and Goldwater conservatism rebuked Rockefeller’s liberalism.

    But this movement has a twist: Obama lacks legitimacy. The continuation of this rift is not about Hillary “losing.” Clintonistas, like myself, know that losing elections and having your heart broken is the inevitable risk of politics. Anglachel writes:

    With John Edwards in the news these days, I have been reflecting on the theme of “Two Americas” and have applied a twist that more accurately reflects the two Americas within the Democratic Party – those whose bigotry and biases are excused because they are of the right class and those whose flaws are inexcusable, even when the flaws do not exist.

    This “class” split in the Democratic Party is much more than an economic split. As Anglachel suggests, it is evidence of a values divide. These values are not the black-and-white split of abortion. Instead, this divide is a matter of emphasis. Obama talks about access to health care, but he doesn’t offer a universal plan. Obama criticized Hillary for her Iraq War vote, but he wasn’t in the senate to vote. Obama lectures Americans to learn Spanish–an irony not missed by many– a language he doesn’t speak.

    But the differences of emphasis were not themselves the deal-breaker. The deal-breaker, I believe, was about Obama’s tactics in the campaign and the Democratic Party’s complete bias and vote-rigging for their chosen candidate. Donna Brazile’s embarrassing performance at the RBC was so transparent in its bias that she became the most visible Obama shill massaging rules for her candidate, all the while lecturing us on rules. Do they really think we’re that stupid?

    Four Main Issues follows:

  130. birdgal: the main reason I am writing this damn paper is to show there is nothing fanatical-much less more fanatical about us, and we are not all women either. Our candidate and the American people got set up and we will keep blowing the whistle on them until John McCain is in the White House and Barack is together again with Rezko and Dean is doing a great immitation of Ned Beatty in the movie Deliverance.

  131. Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote

    CLEVELAND — A federal investigation of Democratic Party leaders in Cuyahoga County could pose problems for Barack Obama’s campaign in Ohio, party insiders and political analysts say.

    If the party’s local campaign operation suffers, some Democrats said, it could cost Mr. Obama votes in a Democratic area where he must win overwhelmingly to offset Republican strength elsewhere in the state.

    “There’s no question that this is not helpful,” said Peter Lawson Jones, a Democrat who serves on the three-member Cuyahoga County Board of Commissioners with Jimmy Dimora, the chairman of the county Democratic Party, who is at the center of a federal inquiry.

    But representatives of Mr. Obama’s campaign in Ohio dismiss the idea that the events in Cuyahoga County will have any effect on the November election. They argue that Mr. Obama has built an effective organization in Ohio that does not need the county party’s help.

    “The Obama campaign has such a strong network of its own grass-roots people,” said Dale Miller, a Democrat and Ohio state senator from Cleveland who is campaigning for Mr. Obama. “Even if the county Democratic Party operation is not as effective because of the investigation, it’s not going to affect us very much.”

    On July 28, F.B.I. and I.R.S. agents raided the homes and offices of Mr. Dimora and Frank Russo, a Democrat who is the county auditor, an elected position. The offices of several construction companies and a consulting business owned by Mr. Russo’s son were also searched.

    Federal investigators sought documents regarding public construction projects, including a county administration building and a new juvenile court and jail, according to a federal search warrant released by James McCafferty, the Cuyahoga County administrator.

    Agents also sought information about home remodeling projects at Mr. Dimora’s and Mr. Russo’s houses, county government hiring practices and “Cuyahoga County employees working on political party business during normal business hours,” the search warrant said.

    Both Mr. Dimora and Mr. Russo have declared their innocence. No charges have been filed.

    “I know in my heart that I’ve done nothing wrong to warrant this kind of an investigation,” Mr. Dimora said at a county commissioners’ meeting after the raid. “I am absolutely confident that when the dust clears my good name and reputation will also be cleared.”

    No matter the result of the investigation, some Democrats worry that it is hurting their party’s efforts to mobilize for the presidential election.

    “People are skittish,” Mr. Jones, the county commissioner, said. “When there’s a federal investigation under way, friends and acquaintances scatter.”

    Cuyahoga County is the most populous and Democratic-leaning county in Ohio. In one Congressional district in the county, John Kerry won 81 percent of the vote in 2004. But even that large margin of victory could not overcome strong Republican majorities elsewhere in Ohio. President Bush won the state that year by about 118,000 votes out of 5.6 million cast.

    “Kerry won big in Cuyahoga County, but it wasn’t enough,” said David B. Cohen, a political science professor at the University of Akron. “Which means Obama needs to win even bigger.”

    That may prove difficult with top leaders of the local Democratic Party under investigation. Over three decades in public office, Mr. Dimora has built a broad political coalition, with many allies working as ward leaders, City Council members and mayors across the county.

    In June, Mr. Russo told The Plain Dealer of Cleveland that he used the county auditor’s office to hire his friends and family members, who also serve as the core of his political organization. Through a spokeswoman, Mr. Russo declined to comment for this article.

    “Both Jimmy and Frank have their loyal networks with hundreds of people who are beholden to them, who are on the public payroll,” said Subodh Chandra, a former law director for the City of Cleveland and a part-time fund-raiser for Democratic candidates, including Mr. Obama. “Given that they’re both under investigation, one would imagine they’d be distracted from the campaign.”

    Meanwhile, Republicans see the investigation as an opportunity to narrow the Democratic Party’s traditionally large majorities in the area.

    “The backbone of their operation is being taken out because so many of their volunteers are public officials and public employees,” said Jim Trakas, the former chairman of the Cuyahoga County Republican Party, who is running against Representative Dennis J. Kucinich, a Democrat. “That will make it very difficult for them to campaign.”

    Given Mr. Bush’s slim margins of victory in Ohio in the 2000 and 2004 elections, and polls showing that last month John McCain had cut Mr. Obama’s six-point lead in Ohio to a statistical dead heat, even a small drop in the Democratic voter turnout in Cuyahoga County could have an impact statewide.

    “This investigation could hamper voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts in the fall campaign because typically local parties are instrumental to those efforts,” said John C. Green, a political science professor at the University of Akron. “Cuyahoga County is a very important element in the Democratic effort nationwide.”
    Are the Democrats that arrognant that some would freely give public statement of hiring violation to the press?

    Sounds like a repeat of Chicago.

  132. Is it just me or do you see the same thing I do in this PUMA movement. Honesty. Commitment. Truth. They are fighting for democracy. The two existing parties are fighting for big money. It may not be quite that simple, but themeatically it is.

  133. wbboei Says:

    August 10th, 2008 at 1:37 pm

    Wbboei: Read the Noquarter article. It is a gem.

    I think, they have to paint PUMAs as fanaticals, as a means to distance themselves from the truth. The truth, being, that this election was a fraud, rigged, and cheated. The prsumptive candidate is not legitimate. THAT is the problem.

  134. Carbynew: it may be an exension of Chicago. It was for the Italians. The Cleveland mob was headed up by the Licavoli family. They reported to the old Capone organization in Chicago (technically Cicero).

  135. Birdgal: the other ones that need to be outed here is big media and I am working on that part of it right now. This is not intended to be Pulizer matrerial just bringing the relevant information together in one place (because there is a blizzard of it out there) and drawing logical inferences.

  136. carbynew Says:

    August 10th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    Inquiry in Ohio Could Hurt Obama Vote
    What it will really do is prevent Obama from rigging the vote like he did in Gary.

  137. Thank you, Wbboei, for all your hard work.

    A comment from Noquarter summarizes my feelings very well:

    “I am not Lolita. I will not crawl back into bed with a party that raped me. I will not stay in an abusive relationship because I have nowhere else to go. I will not be placated by a pat on the head or a worthless trinket. I will not spend the rest of my life waiting for tomorrow or listening to people tell me that today is better than yesterday.”

  138. FANATICAL??????

    5. Chauvinistic: young girls go gaga over Obama. They swoon and faint in his presence. But women with mature judgment have a slightly different reaction to him. They remember the song “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one!” which he chose to play at a rally after he defeated Hillary in Iowa They recall the sexist comments he made toward Hillary in press conferences and during debates—little gems like: “the claws come out”, “when she is not feeling well” and she is “likeable enough”. And who could forget the time he flipped her the bird (aka the digitus imputicus) which was captured on camera. These little vignettes tell us how Obama’s mind works. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that this sexist attitude would permeate his campaign organization as well. It came out on various occasions like when his foreign policy advisor called Hillary a monster, when his military advisor made fun of the tears in New Hampshire, and when his own hateful wife said she can’t take care of her house then how can she take care of the White House. In sum, this should be reason enough for women to reject his candidacy regardless of what he promises, or his invocation of Roe vs Wade. They would do well to recall a harm to one is an injury to all.

  139. Hows those foreign donors for you Obama

    am i shocked, no?

  140. Union, charity paid thousands to firms owned by official’s relatives
    The video production and day care companies are owned by the wife and mother-in-law of the head of the SEIU local, which represents low-wage home healthcare workers.
    By Paul Pringle

    August 9, 2008

    California’s largest union local and a related charity have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to firms owned by the wife and mother-in-law of the labor organization’s president, documents and interviews show.

    The Los Angeles-based union, which represents low-wage caregivers, also spent nearly $300,000 last year on a Four Seasons Resorts golf tournament, a Beverly Hills cigar club, restaurants such as Morton’s steakhouse and a consulting contract with the William Morris Agency, the Hollywood talent shop, records show.

    In addition, the union paid six figures to a video firm whose principals include a former union employee. And a now-defunct minor league basketball team coached by the president’s brother-in-law received $16,000 for what the union described as public relations, according to the union’s U.S. Labor Department filings and interviews.

    Most of the 160,000 people represented by the union, a local chapter of the nation’s fastest-growing labor organization, the Service International Employees Union, earn $9 an hour or slightly more tending to the infirm and disabled in private homes under taxpayer-funded programs. The workers, whose dues fill the local’s coffers, often are described as “the poor caring for the poor.” In its Labor Department filings, the local, headed by Tyrone Freeman, has reported more liabilities than assets for each of the last three years.

    Freeman, who leads the United Long-Term Care Workers, said he and his union have done nothing wrong. “Every expenditure has been in the context of fighting poverty,” he said.

    A rising star in labor circles, Freeman, 38, said the union’s members have benefited from the money spent on the video production and day-care companies that his wife and mother-in-law operate at their homes, because of what he termed the high quality of the services.

    The union and the charity have paid those firms at least $405,700 since January 2006, not counting any outlays this year.

    Nelson Lichtenstein, director of UC Santa Barbara’s Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy, said the local’s spending recalls the excesses of organized labor’s past.

    “It’s very important for unions not to do this kind of thing,” he said. “Union leadership is a public trust — all the more so when the people being represented are among the lowest-paid in America.”

    Based on documents filed with the Labor Department and Internal Revenue Service, the Guidestar nonprofit database, business records submitted to several state and local agencies and numerous interviews, a Times investigation has also found that:

    * Payments to the company owned by Freeman’s wife were among the local’s largest single expenses last year. Payments by the charity, the Homecare Workers Training Center, to his mother-in-law’s firm represented more than 10% of the nonprofit’s total annual expenditures.

    * A housing corporation that Freeman helped found as a nonprofit has not been granted the IRS tax-exempt status it sought and was suspended from doing business in California. It also has claimed on its website to have a “strong relationship” with the prominent California Community Foundation, which says it has no such relationship.

    * The union spent at least $123,000 more on the fund-raising tournament at the Four Seasons Resort in Carlsbad than it received in reimbursements, according to Labor Department filings and interviews. Freeman said the event made money for the charity. The union’s expenditures included $100,000 in payments to entities associated with former professional football star Eric Dickerson, which have been suspended from doing business in California. The payments were listed as donations to nonprofits, not as fund-raising expenses.

    * The local’s nearly $10,000 tab at the Grand Havana Room, a cigar lounge known for its celebrity clientele and invitation-only memberships, was for “lodging,” according to the union’s annual financial report. A Grand Havana spokeswoman said the club does not provide accommodations. Freeman declined to characterize the expenditure, and after The Times inquired about it, he said he had refunded it.

    Freeman’s local has grown dramatically in recent years, largely because of a consolidation campaign spearheaded by Andy Stern, president of the 2-million-member SEIU. The local is SEIU’s biggest California chapter, the second biggest in the nation — and it is bigger than many international unions. Freeman also represents 30,000 workers as president of an affiliate, California United Homecare Workers.

    Stern, among the most influential labor leaders in America, has denounced excessive pay and perks for union officials.

    He and his spokesman would not answer questions about Freeman, who ranks among the country’s better-paid local labor chiefs, receiving $213,000 in salary and other compensation in 2007.

    In an e-mail, Stern spokesman Steve Trossman said: “As far as I can determine, the International Union has not received allegations concerning [Freeman’s local]. If the International Union receives allegations about a local that warrant further action, we have internal union procedures for handling them.”

    Video production

    Freeman’s wife, Pilar Planells, 28, was a union staff member until 2006, earning more than $50,000 as an executive assistant. She left the local to pursue an entertainment industry career, according to another former employee. That year, Freeman’s local paid roughly $36,000 to Planells’ firm, Lotus Seven Productions. In 2007, the local paid the company about $178,000, annual financial reports filed with the Labor Department show.

    Labor Department officials said they have no record that Freeman filed a 2006 disclosure form that requires union officers to reveal payments to entities in which a spouse has an interest.

    The officials said Freeman filed the 2007 form more than four months after the deadline, on July 17, about a week after The Times raised questions about the payments to Lotus Seven.

    He also did not identify his wife on the financial reports as the owner of the firm.

    Freeman said Lotus Seven has produced 10 videos that promote the local’s work and have been shown on lease-access cable channels. He said that the company won the contract through a competitive bidding process and that his wife did not personally profit from the payments to her company.

    “She only gets reimbursements,” Freeman said. “She does not profit at all.”

    Freeman said Lotus Seven had other paying clients, but he declined to provide their names or respond to questions about whether the firm received more payments from the union this year.

    Pilar Planells, who also uses the stage name Pilar Sharai, declined to be interviewed. In a letter to The Times, she said of the video contract: “Any money that was left over after paying staff and expenses went back into the company.”

    Los Angeles city officials said Lotus Seven does not have a business license for the couple’s Studio City address. No other address for the firm could be found, nor could a phone listing.

    Freeman said that a union committee solicited bids before awarding the contract. The local did not respond to questions about the bidding process.

    “At one time it was on our website, I do remember that,” Freeman said of efforts to advertise for bids. “And then that was it, I mean, and the word goes out. . . . I stayed away from it.”

    Two losing bidders for the video contract, Freeman said, were Grand Ma’s Watching Productions, whose incorporation papers list former union employee Brian Cheatham as chief financial officer, and The Filming Inc.

    The two entities still received money from the union, according to the local’s Labor Department reports.

    Last year, the local paid about $147,000 to Grand Ma’s Watching for other video work, Freeman said. It paid the company about $72,000 in 2006 for consulting. Calls to Grand Ma’s Watching, which produces music and awards show videos, were not returned.

    The Filming was paid nearly $106,000 by the union, but Freeman said he had no information about the entity or the work it performed.

    “I would suggest you track them down,” he said.

    The union’s financial report forms describe $82,000 of the payments to The Filming as a contribution to a nonprofit organization; the other $23,650 was reported as advertising and promotional expenses for the golf tournament.

    No state incorporation record or IRS nonprofit listing for The Filming could be found, and the Los Angeles address given for it on the union’s financial report could not be located. L.A. city officials said no business license has been issued for a company of that name at such an address.

    Day-care contract

    Carmen Planells, Freeman’s mother-in-law, provides day care at her Los Angeles home. Her business had been receiving more than $90,000 annually for the past several years from the training center that Freeman founded as a separate nonprofit and chairs, according to IRS filings and interviews. Freeman’s wife and brother-in-law, Hernando Planells Jr., are listed in state documents as officers in the mother-in-law’s business.

    Freeman said the day-care contract was awarded to Carmen Planells several years before his 2006 marriage to her daughter. The state birth registry shows that Freeman and Pilar Planells are the parents of a daughter born in 2001.

    Asked about the day-care payments, Freeman responded, “She wasn’t my mother-in-law when she got the contract.”

    Freeman said the day care was available to anyone who applied for it and that he did not use it. He added that his mother-in-law has been providing the service since 2000. IRS records show that the training center began reporting itemized payments for day care — initially about $92,000 — in 2002.

    In a telephone interview, Carmen Planells said she still had the day-care contract. “Is there something wrong with that?” she said, before declining to answer more questions.

    After The Times inquired about the contract, Freeman said the training center’s board would review it.

    Hernando Planells Jr., listed in state records as one of three officers of the day-care service, was also coach of the Hollywood Fame, a former American Basketball Assn. franchise, according to the team’s general manager, Carl Williams. The team received $16,000 from Freeman’s local in 2006, the union’s financial report shows.

    Freeman did not respond to questions about the payment, and Hernando Planells Jr. could not be reached.

    Another sports undertaking was the Four Seasons golf tournament last year, which Freeman said netted $80,000 to $100,000 for the training center and the housing group. The Long-Term Care Housing Corp. is a separate entity from the local, but its “primary goal” is to help union members obtain affordable housing, according to its website.

    The local’s financial report shows that it spent $418,000 on the event, not counting about $7,000 in unspecified lodging costs at the Four Seasons. That was at least $123,000 more than the local received in return. Some reimbursements may still be outstanding, Freeman said.

    Lichtenstein said the tournament spending was troubling under any circumstances.

    “I don’t care if they’re making money or not,” he said. “It’s disconnected from the world of the people they’re representing. No one’s playing golf who’s a home healthcare worker.”

    The local’s costs for the tournament included a combined $100,000 in payments to two entities associated with Dickerson, the former Los Angeles Rams running back and a co-host of the golfing fund-raiser. Another NFL Hall of Famer and tournament host, Jackie Slater, was paid $30,000 in consulting fees.

    Freeman said the gridiron greats helped raise much more money than the sum paid to the Dickerson entities and Slater. Dickerson “only got a portion of what he raised,” Freeman said. “If he didn’t raise it, he wouldn’t have got it.”

    Dickerson did not respond to interview requests.

    In a brief phone interview, Slater said a former teammate had asked him several years ago to “help the workers” by hosting the tournament.

    The union money that went to the Eric Dickerson Foundation and “Dickerson Sports” was recorded on the local’s financial report as contributions to nonprofits, not as fund-raising expenses for the tournament.

    The state Franchise Tax Board has suspended Dickerson Sports from doing business for failing to file a statement of corporate officers in 1999, a spokesman said.

    The tax board has also suspended the Dickerson foundation for failing to file numerous tax returns, the spokesman, John Barrett, added. Dickerson Properties has been suspended for not submitting tax returns or a corporate statement of officers, Barrett said. All the suspensions remain in force.

    In addition, the tax board suspended Long Term Care Housing Corp.’s right to do business because it had not filed tax returns since Freeman founded it in 2004.

    After the Times inquired about the suspensions, a law firm for the housing entity said in a memo that tax-exempt status had been “delayed” because the IRS had made a “routine” request for additional information. The memo did not say when the request was made.

    The memo said the housing organization has filed its tax returns. As a result, the Franchise Tax Board lifted the suspension Thursday, a spokeswoman said.

    On its website, the corporation says it has “a strong relationship with the California Community Foundation, and they are currently building 13 new homes” in Lancaster. It said the foundation was “helping us purchase land.”

    “No one here has ever heard of the group,” said California Community spokeswoman Namju Cho. She said the foundation asked the corporation to remove the statement from the website, and the corporation did so this week.

    Freeman said he did not know if the housing organization paid Rickman for use of his residence.

    All of the local’s expenses were justified, Freeman said, including $41,500 last year at three restaurants. The union had tabs of $12,500 at Morton’s in Burbank. The restaurant bills were for meetings of the local’s executive board and “large numbers of workers,” he said.

    William Morris, which represents people in the entertainment industry and provides consulting services to companies, received $106,000 from the union last year.

    Freeman and his representatives said the contract was for public relations and advancing the union’s political agenda.

    In an e-mail, a William Morris spokesman said the agency provided the union with strategic analysis and “advice and counsel” in such areas as media and “membership awareness.”

    Neither Freeman nor the William Morris spokesman, Christian Muirhead, would offer specific examples of the agency’s services to the union. Freeman said the contract had nothing to do with his wife’s entertainment industry work.,0,7561842.story
    This union is TOAST!!! Gov. Schwarzenegger is in a budget fight and has laid off state workers…SEIU where out in front of DMV protesting last week but if this is true that union is going down and it will break up a strong ally for Obama.

  141. SEIU is HUGE in CA. It is the largest employer of health care workers in CA. SEIU has been sending RNs nasty flyers against CNA (California Nurses Association), because they want RNs in their union. Will not happen. Thank heavens, I am not part of SEIU. I knew, they were dirty, but I didn’t know to what extent.

  142. This union is TOAST!!! Gov. Schwarzenegger is in a budget fight and has laid off state workers…SEIU where out in front of DMV protesting last week but if this is true that union is going down and it will break up a strong ally for Obama
    This is the perfect storm for stern. The union bosses play fast and loose with their money while 250,000 of their members are reduced to minimum wage. Killing fields. You just know management lawyers are advising clients on the finer points of the law of decertification.

  143. birdgal, amazing!

    Not sure what is going on here, but you are right. I think this will be played up again, at least on the internet, and the way things are going the evening news also.

    Not a feeling of a successful campaign coming up is it.

    Howard Dean, I hate to say it, but if it could get worse, it has.

  144. carby said:
    One of the Republican said it might be best to let a Democrat handle the mess and the Democrat said no it might be better to let the Republican handle…because everyone agreed that Campaign promises will have to be sccuttled. All the sectors are being effected by the bad ecconomic plans in place.

    They pretty much was agreeing with the Hillary Clinton plan…you know “THAT” plan that Hillary had promoted so successfully with the Financial markets.

    There’s a saying: “You can accomplish much if you don’t care who gets the credit.”

    It may be a good thing for the country if McCain wins:

    1. Pres McCain and Hllary in the Senate can make a start at cleaning up many things. Then in 2012 Pres Hillary will have an easier job.

    2. Wiping out Obama and the Brazile faction will improve the DNC longterm.

    3. A win for McCain will help clean the Religious Right out of the GOP.

    What would be nice, is if McCain retires in 2012, some Rightwinger runs — and Hillary wipes out that Rightwinger. Then the Rightwinger and Obama can go lick each other’s wounds in some little red state and never come back.

  145. “Then the Rightwinger and Obama can go lick each other’s wounds in some little red state and never come back.”

    THAT, I would love to see.

  146. wbboei said:
    Running a campaign is like running a revolution. Running government is fundamentally different activity.
    Therefore the fact that obama ran a better campaign than Hillary in the early part of the campaign is no indication that he would be better running government. In fact the opposite it true.

    What Obama did was essentially to destroy Hillary and as many others as necessary, to leave himself the only one standing. The midterm result is that he’s made more enemies than friends, and we PUMAs may cost him the Nov election.

    In the longterm, if he should get the WH in Nov — that would be yet another situation.

  147. Cha-ching!
    Access for sale in L.A. City Hall?
    Article Last Updated: 08/09/2008 09:43:21 PM PDT

    LAST month, a Superior Court judge ruled that the city of Los Angeles violated its own competitive-bidding rules.

    As a result, a security contractor was denied a bid it might have rightfully earned.

    What’s more, that contractor just so happens to be doing battle with a powerful public-employee union connected to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

    All of which, to hear the Mayor’s Office tell it, is nothing more than a grand coincidence.

    We suppose that’s theoretically possible. But the evidence suggests otherwise. Indeed, the evidence points to yet another example of “pay-to-play” politics in Los Angeles City Hall.

    The firm, Wackenhut Corp., had applied to provide security guards for Griffith Park Observatory, police dispatch and various city buildings. And it probably would have gotten the deal, except for a series of supposedly unrelated events:

    — The Service Employees International Union gave $250,000 to Villaraigosa’s campaign for Measure S – February’s fraudulent (and successful) effort to pass a new, far-reaching communications tax as a “tax cut.”

    — Last year, a coalition organized by the SEIU sent Villaraigosa and former General Services Manager Alvin Blain a list of complaints about Wackenhut’s purportedly lax security, discrimination and overbilling. (The city’s Department of Water and Power, also a Wackenhut client, has investigated similar union complaints, and rejected them.)

    — A week later, the city

    subtracted points from the grade it had assigned to Wackenhut’s bid, making the company less competitive. But city officials deny that the union’s complaints – or connections – had anything to do with the lowered grade.

    Well, coincidence or not, the reduced score had just the effect the SEIU wanted. Wackenhut didn’t get the contract.

    The union, which is trying to organize Wackenhut security guards in L.A. and elsewhere, has been trying to undermine the company’s business. And it has long ties to various L.A. city leaders, including Villaraigosa, who once worked for it.

    Unfortunately, from the standpoint of the public’s right to know, the judge’s ruling didn’t address Wackenhut’s allegations of discrimination or bias against the city. It was sufficient, in the judge’s opinion, that the city had violated its own contracting policies by launching a competitive-bidding process, and then changing the rules midgame.

    And for that violation, the city has been ordered to open up the bidding process again – at an undetermined price that will, as usual, be borne by L.A.’s taxpayers. But it doesn’t take a judge’s ruling to reinforce the widespread and well-founded belief that money buys access in City Hall.

    Not in the wake of the recent conviction of former Commissioner Leland Wong.

    Not so soon after the revelations stemming from P.R. giant Fleishman-Hillard’s unseemly relationship with the Hahn administration.

    And not in a city where the mayor hikes trash fees while promising to use the money only to hire more cops – then gives most of that money away in the form of pay raises to unionized personnel.

    City Hall has long since squandered its right to the benefit of the doubt. When it violates its own rules – rules designed to prevent pay-to-play corruption – and one of the mayor’s closest political allies is the beneficiary, the public has every reason to be suspicious.

    So should the district attorney.
    Villaraigosa is a scumbag from way back, he need to be investigated too.

  148. confloyd Says:
    August 10th, 2008 at 10:26 am


    But what if Hillary takes VP and then Obama scrapes through and serves his term (in the WH I mean /snark/).

    She’d be stuck ironing his shirt and doing WORM for 4 or 8 years!

  149. Poor DNC–Democrat Russ Feingold had nothing but praise for McCain recently:

    Russ Feingold, John McCain’s friend and partner on campaign finance reform, offers a description of his colleague to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Craig Gilbert that veers sharply from the approved message.
    Like McCain, Feingold is known for speaking his mind and sometimes at the expense of his own party. But unlike McCain in the GOP or, say, Lieberman among Dems, Feingold’s liberal credentials are unimpeachable.

    Which makes his praise all the more tough to dismiss.

    If some of the below is not soon incorporated into a McCain ad, mail piece, stump speech or surrogate talking point, I’ll go vegan for the rest of the cycle:

    Washington – If Republican John McCain needs someone to vouch for his independence, he could easily do worse than Senate colleague Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, a liberal Democrat from a key battleground state.

    “I think the guy calls ’em as he sees ’em, and as president would call ’em as he sees ’em, and would make people mad all over the place because it wouldn’t fit anybody’s playbook,” said Feingold, who teamed up with McCain to rewrite federal campaign laws.

    “He would be very original,” Feingold said.

    Those are not exactly Democratic talking points.

    In fact, while Feingold supports his fellow Democrat Barack Obama for president, he continues to express (when asked) his affection and admiration for McCain, even in ways that deviate from his party’s core strategy against the Arizona Republican, which is to paint him as a clone of President Bush, and a “maverick no more.”

    Feingold calls McCain “very original” and a “maverick by nature.” McCain’s own TV ads call him the “original maverick.”

    “But the notion that somehow (McCain) is going to get in there and be some kind of ideological Newt Gingrich right-winger is a joke. There’s no way that he would do that,” Feingold said.

  150. In California Hospitals, It’s Nuns Versus Union
    Posted by Jacob Goldstein

    The Service Employees International Union has a beef with some California nuns. The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange run several California hospitals where SEIU’s United Healthcare Workers-West wants to organize some 8,000 employees, including X-ray technicians and cafeteria workers.

    The union accuses the nuns of tactics including holding mandatory meetings advising workers against unionizing, barring union officials from distributing leaflets and intimidating labor organizers with photographers and security guards, the Los Angeles Times reports.

    The sisters, whose members marched with Cesar Chavez decades ago, say they haven’t intimidated their workers and they welcome a vote on whether to unionize. They say they just don’t want to sign a pre-vote agreement that SEIU is looking for, the LAT reports.

    Their sisters run 14 hospitals in California, Texas and New Mexico, with annual revenue of $3.7 billion, the article says. Some workers, such as nurses, are already unionized in some St. Joseph hospitals.

    Bonus Sisters: For more on nuns in the hospital business, see this Health Blog post on the controversy an Illinois hospital.

  151. A Test For Union Leadership
    Joe Mathews –
    August 9, 2008 – 7:25am

    The LA Times today published an excellent investigative story on Tyrone Freeman, the leader of California’s largest SEIU local, which represents home health care givers. It’s an outrageous tale of self-dealing, with money from union affiliates going to the business pursuits of Freeman’s wife and mother-in-law.

    Freeman is a young and talented leader; I saw that firsthand as a reporter covering labor for the LA Times in 2006. Freeman is popular within the union movement, and close to SEIU’s international president, Andy Stern. (The last time I saw Freeman, he and Stern were sitting down to a meal at the Pacific Dining Car). So this is going to be a difficult test of the union movement in LA and nationallly. But it’s a test. Freeman needs to step down and offer a full-throated apology. The union needs to ask for an independent audit of the local. And the public needs to hear immediately from union leadership — Stern, county labor chief Maria Elena Durazo, other top SEIU leaders such as janitors’ union chief Mike Garcia — about how such conduct must not be permitted in the movement. So far, the silence is deafening. Stern, in the story, refuses to address the conduct in question. That won’t cut it.

    Why does the action need to be so clear-cut? Because the labor movement is on the rise in Los Angeles. To attend a city council meeting or a mayoral press conference is to watch the labor movement governing the city. As the journalist Harold Meyerson has written, the rise of the LA unions as a labor force has been aided by the widespread perception that our unions are not old-style, corrupt empires. This is supposed to be new labor. The public needs to see transparency and accountability in the response to this.

    As for Freeman, I hope he can make amends for this conduct and have a future in the labor movement. But it can’t be as president of this local.
    ******************************************************I wonder how much money SEIU gave to Team Obama?

  152. I’d like to make a small request…

    While I understand the anger, pain, frustration etc. everyone feels I would hope we could use words that describe others in the negative that are not sterotypically used against women i.e. **ich. I personally do not like the people on the otherside, however, I find it offensive when we use words that demean women regardless of what side they stand on.

  153. wbboei Says: But its over– except for the kid. The kid needs to know if John is his dad

    Other than that, I’m not sure it’s wise for us Clintonistas to be throwing stones.

  154. I personally don’t have any more issues with the word “bitch” used to describe a hateful woman, than I do the word “bastard” used to describe a hateful man. I also think it’s hypoctritical of woman to object to a woman being called a “cunt”, but don’t care to see that there is no difference in that and calling a man a “dick”.

    But that’s just me.

  155. The only thing I feel toward the Edwards is anger. They attempted to pull a fast one with the help of the DNC on the American people. No doubt in my mind the Edwards were there at the request of the DNC to keep Hillary from the ticket. No doubt in my mind the Edwards and DNC covered up his affair knowing he would never get the nomination.

    The next time I hear a democrat talk about the culture of corruption in the republican party I’m gonna spit. (i could think of other things but they may not be appropriate)

  156. Other than that, I’m not sure it’s wise for us Clintonistas to be throwing stones.

    Yep. But if some people DO choose to throw those stones, I hope they also throw them at Bill, otherwise, they are just plain old hypocrits.

  157. They attempted to pull a fast one with the help of the DNC on the American people.

    See…I don’t have an issue with that. It wasn’t America’s business to begin with, imo.

  158. Bill has had it thrown at him and more, Edwards is just beginning to get it.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think Edwards should be given any respite, he deserves it and he needs to take his medicine.

  159. Idunn Says: I personally don’t have any more issues with the word “bitch” used to describe a hateful woman, than I do the word “bastard” used to describe a hateful man.

    I agree. But still there’s unfairness when people on tv will say ‘bitch’ but won’t say ‘bastard.’

  160. carbynew its up thread

    and Idunn, I respect your position however it doesn’t make it any less offensive to me.(thats just me).

    I think we tend to utilize words that are easy than to desribe in more detail our view of the behavior of women we disagree with.

    I’m not a prude but if I stand here and condemn those that were sexist and misogynistic toward Hillary, I then am sworn to do it for every women.

  161. Idunn Says:
    August 10th, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    turndown said:
    Other than that, I’m not sure it’s wise for us Clintonistas to be throwing stones.

    idunn said:
    Yep. But if some people DO choose to throw those stones, I hope they also throw them at Bill, otherwise, they are just plain old hypocrits

    I’d rather let hypocrits be hypocrits, than have them give Bill and Hillary anything more to worry about right now.

    (Nobody’s sex life is anyone’s business, except maybe Larry Craig’s. 🙂

  162. (Nobody’s sex life is anyone’s business, except maybe Larry Craig’s.

    Now, that was gross.

    People’s sex lives should be private, but when one is in the public eye, the rules are different, or at least seem to be different.

  163. debbie, this is just a blog, a hangout for tired activists to vent. We’re not national media pretending to be impartial.

    Different people are offended by different words. I’m offended by all profanity and especially expressions like ‘sucking Obama’s *** or ****’ . But I don’t protest about it. It’s just part of the language now. To the people saying it, it doesnt’ mean anything. Interrupting a substantive conversation to object to someone’s words throws gravel in the gears, derails constructive discussion.

  164. turndownobama: by March we were running a stronger campaign than Obama was with far less money and the results showed it and that trend continued to the end. Part of it was demographics but part of it was we were just better. Hillarys campaign message got more focused-although she was talking about invisible americans. And by then of course the world knew about Wright. I dont think there is much that is wrong with this country that cannot be traced back to Big Media owned by multinational corporations. I just dont know how we get back to an honest media except to boycott them.

  165. People’s sex lives should be private, but when one is in the public eye, the rules are different, or at least seem to be different.

    Not everywhere. Europeans don’t seem to care if their politicians have affairs. They only care about how effectively said politician serves.

    Incidentally, this topic makes me think of Barney Frank.

  166. Politicians and operatives look at every election as a football game. Supporters see it as a morality play. Who is right? We supporters are. Why? Because we are concerned with the long term effect on our country and our right as citizens to be heard. Politicans are mainly concerned with the next election. This inablility to think long term also afflicts publicly held businesses who are at the mercy of shareholders who demand quarterly results.

  167. We all have different hot buttons I guess. For me profanity is not one of them. I am used to alot of swearing etc. But from the time I was a kid I have never been able to go along with the emeropr has no clothes routine. So when I see Bambi do a backwards double summerwalt thee point flip on an issue that affects the economic security of millions of americans, and some snivelling journalistic hack characterizes it as a shift to the center I go blotto. Liar! At that point it aint me I am worried about–its that prototypical low information voter to whom that journalist should be telling the truth that gets bamboozled.

  168. turndownobama

    again, I respect everyones views and I apologize if I “interupted a substantive conversation” at the ” hangout for tired activists to vent”.

    And this substantive conversation needs to end. I never intended for a simple request to turn into such a big deal.

    See ya all later

  169. It’s not a “big deal” Debbie. It’s just a discussion. Not everyone has the same pov, that’s a given. It’s GOOD to hear opposing views.

  170. We all have different hot buttons I guess.

    Yep. My current hot button is when people level a specific charge at someone, can’t back it up with any evidence, and then try to say, “Well, it’s code language!”


  171. One of the Republican said it might be best to let a Democrat handle the mess and the Democrat said no it might be better to let the Republican handle…because everyone agreed that Campaign promises will have to be sccuttled. All the sectors are being effected by the bad ecconomic plans in place.
    Can you imagine O-ba-ma handling a major economic crisis? Can you?

  172. Ok, everyone just break open the drinks cabinet and get well and truly pissed.

    Can I get a raincheck on that rampage, Moon? I need to get a shower. 😉

  173. If anything we are like the French resistance from WW2. We are not lying down and watching the nasty bunch take over our country. We will win this war bit by bit.

    We are mad as hell and we are not taking it anymore. Bollocks to anyone who thinks otherwise.

  174. Can you imagine O-ba-ma handling a major economic crisis? Can you?

    A better question would be “Can you see him balancing his own checkbook?”

    And the answer is…NO!

  175. Spoke to a guy who was at the PUMA meeting. Sounds like it went fantastic. It is like saving democacy. He did not think HRC wants the vp job or will get it. I am not sure he is reading it right. But I may not be either.

  176. Obama may be in trouble for tax evasion over Rezko plot.

    Now this would be fun to watch.

  177. The economy is one thing, but the terrible way he handled his initial response to the Russia/Gerogia crisis was very visible, and telling.

    That taking a 2 a.m. phone call comes to mind. He could not come out with a position until he checked with someone.

    McCain knew waht the reply should be immediately.

    McCain needs to make a utube out of his response.

  178. You know something, thats weird, i just thought off.

    Hillary absolutely wanted to speak on the 2nd night of the convention which is the 88th anniversary of the women’s right to vote.

    Now what Pelosi said what “Convention schedules change”, everyone thinks because she’s speaking the 2nd night, it means she is not the VP.

    I wonder if Pelosi actually meant was, the VP doesnt have to speak the 3rd Night, are they leading people up the path here.

    Also, look at this next sentence and tell me the DNC didnt plan to have Obama all along.

    Obama is expected to become the party’s first black presidential nominee on the fourth and final night as the convention moves from the indoor Pepsi Arena to a bigger venue at Invesco Field at Mile High stadium. It also happens to be the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Hmm, what a coincidence.

  179. The news on JE aka “love lips “seems to indicatethat he and his video pet,had to go to Viagara Falls for their romps.That old saying still applys.” A stiff P—- has no conscience “.Welcome to the Losers Club JOHN

    By ABM90

  180. Moonpluto, all,

    heck this satire of latte liberals discussing Waffles.


    Admin, can you embed?
    If anyone has trouble with the link, go to NQ.

  181. This is in an AP story from about an hour ago;

    “Advisers to the New York senator said she will almost certainly not ask to have her name placed in formal nomination at the convention to avoid a divisive vote.

    Under DNC rules, Clinton must submit a signed, written request to have her name placed in nomination, accompanied by a petition signed by at least 300 delegates. Some Clinton delegates have circulated such petitions, but the effort is meaningless without Clinton’s signed request.

    Delegates are not formally pledged to any candidate so Clinton does not need to “release” them to Obama. The rules also say delegates may vote for the candidate of their choice whether or not the name of such candidate was placed in nomination.”

  182. Bloody stupid Turkish courts banned youtube because some silly greek guys were uploading anti turkish and anti ataturk videos. Really cramps my web video watching.

  183. Obama’s latest family dysfunction, as reported over at No Quarter:

    Family Unity is so cool, isn’t it? I mean all of us visit grandma every decade or so without the wife and kids, right? After all, why would any grandma want to see her own great-grandchildren and her grandson’s wife? It’s just not done, right? There’s no family dysfunction going on here at all, nothing to see here folks. It’s all Perfectly Normal. I haven’t seen this reported in the MSM. His special press corps must be surfing or something:

    “Obama — escorted by Secret Service and accompanied by a few campaign staff and a pool of reporters and camera crews — arrived at about 4:10 p.m. yesterday and spent an hour with his 85-year-old maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who helped raise him. He was not accompanied by his wife, Michelle, and two daughters.”

  184. Under the bus, training session at the Puma conference in DC. If you click on the picture, it enlarges.

  185. hmmmm-hillary under the cooker from the dnc it seems and some of her supporters walk out-
    angry artist, on August 10th, 2008 at 6:49 pm Said:
    I just spoke with my cousin who attended a Hillary fundraiser (to settle her debt) here in east hampton. I am glad I didn’t cough up the $250 minimum needed to attend. Most people left angry.
    My cousin’s description….There were about 100 people there. After waiting 90 minutes in the heat with no chairs,, Hillary arrived and spoke for about 4 minutes. she said its over…he won fair and square yada, yada, yada. People asked all the questions we would have asked…..the PUMAs were raised….the convention was raised…..a third party. there was almost no applause when she said we should all support Obama. People actually shouted NO when she said it was fair and square.
    At the end, Hillary said she would like to speak briefly with everyone and went off to the side and my cousin said that most…probably 70 out of 100 people turned and left.
    My cousin also said that during the 90 minutes while they waited, most people said they would not vote Obama…they would either stay home or vote McCain.

  186. yep she is trapped between the oarty whih she must retain force in to remain viable as we only have a 2 party system, and her supporters who are dying for her to become president-some literally. if she doesnt sign off ona a full nom vote some may turn from her. if she signs off mayhem may ensure at the conv and she will lose whatever chips she has for ’12 i fear. caught between loyal supporters and the dem party machine. sad indeed

  187. texan,

    I am disgusted, at the dnc, the dems and at HRC.

    Sorry, but that’s how i feel. I, along with millions of others, sent money which i couldn’t afford to support her candidacy and I think she owes it to US to continue the battle. I feel betrayed.

  188. im tryign to check and did contact heidi feldman etc about this to see what they can find out and will psot if there is anything more ok?

  189. basil,

    I understand how you feel, but I have no idea what pressures Hillary is now under, what strings the DNC is pulling, or just what is at cost for Hillary to be backing down like this. Something is going on behind the scenes that is terrifying.

    For me, I could never be disgusted with her. She worked so hard to become the nominee, in spite of all the attacks from Obama’s friends, the DNC, and the media. My respect for her continues to grow.

    I respect your feelings about this as well.

  190. texan,
    Ok. I saw the link. I’m just so furious.
    I read riverdaughter and some people are saying she’s being watched like a hawk, that she can’t be caught on video like she was last week, that she has a plan.
    I’d love to believe the last part, about the plan, but fer god’s sake, we’ve been waiting for this miraculous plan for 6 months.
    Jan, I’m already extremely cynical and if it turns out she really has thrown in the towel, I will feel like a complete fool for having thought she was any different and I will start wondering if SHE was in on the Waffles train from the beginning. 👿

  191. am checking for coorboration. its spreading all over! i agree she is watch like a little mouse or something. dont know what is going on for sure.

  192. NYT op-ed “Callling All Votes” re roll call – URGENT – anyone have more info?

    Does anyone have the uls for COMMENT STRINGS at the NYT and TNR? Or emails of the writer or relevant editors? If so, email 1950democratatgmail/com and add the info to this and spread it around.

    Lyn and Heidi say it’s important.

    From Heidi’s blog: Today, August 10, 2008 The New York Times published
    an op-ed by a senior editor from The New Republic, Michelle Cottle
    …. “Calling All Votes”

    Lyn said:
    Friends, I need a hand. The NYT published a seriously misleading, as
    well as insulting op-ed, about Senator Clinton and a roll call vote
    today. I have just put the following post up at Heidi Li’s Potpourri
    pointing out the problems in the piece. I have taken some steps toward
    disseminating the post, but could use a hand spreading the word.
    Here’s the URL:

    h t t p : / /

  193. The person who took that video, is a huge Hillary supporter, and just wanted to share it with, the people who support Hillary. There was nothing wrong in that video. I think, people are making it out to be more than it was. When I first received the video, I didn’t post it, because I was afraid that it would be taken out of context.

  194. I am sorry to read the unfair criticisms of Hillary.It seems that rumors and false information is starting to to affect some of her supporters and they are prejudging her strategy in suspending her campaign.They don’t come any smarter than Hillary and Bill and their expertise is campaigning,strategising and caution.No matter what her intentions are,you can bet that it has been well planned and will be brilliantly executed.Far be it from we hopefuls to decide what course she will take.Be patient and watch a real political candidate do what is good for the country.She has not abanded us or our country.I truly believe that she is very aware of the information that FOX has and her decisions are based on the their validation.OBama just never stops digging his hole to oblivion.Hillary,we love you and we trust you and we will support you even if it takes waiting for 2012.I may not be here to see it but I really believe this nation will not let you fade away.If not 44,it will be 45 for

    BY ABM90


  195. basil,

    If she has a plan, why would she reveal it before the actual night of the vote, or whatever? How could she reveal it to us without the DNC and bots getting the info and foiling the plan?

  196. Texan,

    Just got this response at NQ when I posted the angry artist remarks and asked for clarification.

    Comment by Michael | 2008-08-10 19:14:17

    Comment by basil | 2008-08-10 19:02:28

    If you continue to read the comments over at river daughter, you will clearly see that Angry Artist is a BHO supporter who is full of shit. Dont spread the lies here.

    thank u

  197. That article is INSULTING to anyone, who does not agree with the Waffle King. The NYT has some of the most insulting and misinformed writers, that I have ever seen. This article is extremely insulting to Hillary, and of course, the “kamikaze cohort” and “larger pool of wounded supporters.” Forget about having a real roll call vote, and a demonstration of true democracy. This is not supposed to be a coronation.

  198. turn-down,

    I know. I’m being terribly irrational. Now that I got some feedback about this ‘angry artist’ and heard she’s a troll I’ve calmed down.

    Hearing that texasdarlin’s site has been shut down has me on edge as well. That’s the blog doing all the CLB investigation.


  199. First, remember the NY Daily story that said ‘unnamed sources’ said Hillary didn’t want her name in nomination at all and then the video came out just the opposite.

    This businnes about her refusinig to sign a nomination request or whatever it is, may be the same kind of nonsense. Seems kind of early for her to make such a decision anywya.

    If it is true, or she decides that later — it would be because she checked with the delegates and foudn there would not be enough votes to actually win. Or because she is TRADING that bargianing chip for something more important, such as more power in the Senate.

    What’s important is for us to carry on giving her more and more such bargianign chips, to use when and as she chooses.

    Look, McCain in 2008, Obama=McGovern in 2008 — then Hillary 2012 with a clear field isn’t bad. Hopefully that would discredit the DNC and she can pick up the pieces.

    Just so she doesn’t get trapped as VP….


  200. texanforhillary:You are spreading a story that your cousin related to you.All I can say is that I would like recall all the times That I trusted a relative or a friend and found out later that the story was far different than related.Truth is not easy to find when it is spread by the daisy chain.Be patient and trusting,it will all soon be resolved in one way or another.Patience is a virtue.Impatience is sometimes a costly error.

    By ABM90

  201. I lost my internet connection today for about 3 hours, don’t know what happened, but it would surprise me if they took it out. I guess more rumors have arisen since then. Lots of stuff coming out now, the fights are beginning to show, thats why the little innocent went on vacation.

  202. turndown

    Here’s another comment about angry artist.

    ‘. Other bloggers over at River daughter called Angry Artist out -afterwhich he/she dissapeared. That does not even sound like anything Hillary would say anyways.’

  203. I just checked the East Hampton weather report for today and the high was 76 with an 80% chance of rain.

    Doesn’t match the description angry artist gave, does it.


  204. So I understand Bambi went to see his grandmama with secret servide at his side. So he must need Grannie to keep lying about where he was born! He did not take his wife and kids cause he did not want them to see him coerse his grannie into lying for him!! We need to watch that, has he always gone to see his grannie while in Hawaii??

  205. On a slightly different subject, anyone else sick and tired of seeing Bush at the Olympics? I had to turn the sound down now because Bob Costas is interviewing him.

    BTW, that “report” about the fundraiser did sound suspicious when I first read it.

  206. There’s no way in hell HRC speak for only 4 minutes and say nothing more than, “It’s over. He won fair and square.”

    C’mon people…use your heads and get a grip.

  207. paula,

    The one good thing for me about the past 6 months is it’s cured me of my TV habit.

    I never even turn it on, anymore, except for the weather channel and an occasional peek at Fox.

  208. Idunn,

    You’re right. 😳

    And she’d never say “he won fair and square.”

    Plus it was raining in east hampton, today, as i discovered when i did a weather search.

    Nerves have gotten to me.

  209. Basil: you will be happy to know I have a friend who is from Hati and specializes in the time honored practice of vodoo-with a full money back guarantee. The poison you know comes from a fish. In any event I have prevailed upon my friend to stick 10 pins in a voodo doll named Angry Artist and I am happy to report the foul deed is done. Seventy two hours from now angry artists will have something to be even more angry about.

  210. Here’s an absolutely ROTFLOL clip of Waffles, the Disco Dance King of the World. hehehehe

  211. wbboei,

    LOL. I’ve seen a documentary about that fish – think it’s from Japan – Puffer fish? Anyway, apparently it’s associated with the ‘zombie’
    rituals and is said to induce a state of paralysis which mimics death.

    Victims unknowingly ingest the poison, ‘die,’ are buried and then a couple of days later the voodoo priest digs ’em up and gives ’em their orders.

    hehehehe. Useful little trick, no?l

  212. Birdgal,
    I just saw the Manning video.
    LMAO! That guy is a riot.
    Waffles is ‘cheaper than cheesecloth.”
    Denver’s gonna be a ‘wang-dang-doodle’ affair with Michelle ‘fist-bump” Obama and crew.
    You know Manning is an ex-con. He spent time in jail for robbery in Florida and also, I think, in NY for assault.
    Manning tells it like it is.
    A con can spot another con a mile off. LOL

  213. basil: That guy can come up with some good ones. “Wang-dang-doodle.” How about:

    “Obama is sinking faster than a lead rock in a glass of kool-aid.” ROFL.

  214. Does anyone know if texas darlin site is back up, apparently they are saying that she has been threatened to be reveled by name? THese bots are freaking crazy, running about slitting tires, killing rabbits, and taking over peoples computers,What the hell has happened? Is this still America or what?It is getting more scary by the day!

  215. crap-so osrry guys. it looks like that dude artiste is a hack. the interenets are such a place of rumor mongering its hard to tell these days. our hopes and passions are so high its easy to fall vicitm

  216. You can say that again, our hopes are high right now especially with the birth certificate! 🙂 I almost want her to take the veep position because there is no way that he will not have to step down. When this all comes down, he will have to give up and maybe even have to go to jail! We can pray for this to happen. This country does not need Barry Soetoro and POTUS!

  217. You reckon he went to ask grannie if they kept his original bc when he went off to indonesia and got adopted?? I bet this was the reason for the visit!

  218. LOL…wonder what the ratings will be with M.O. being an opening speaker. I think I would rather watch paint dry. 😉

  219. basil

    Knew it was you at xxxxxtales- Saw everyone begging you…and now that you are HEALTHIER – into the breech, and with a small pickup band behind you, I notice.

    That and a refurbished “Cabin” Cottage”..whatever….

    Way to go!!!

    I am thrilled with the new you.

  220. Did anyone watch Geraldo tonight on Fox? They talked about the legal implications of the Edwards case. The guy who is giving money to his mistress and Andrew Young is violating the law if he does not pay taxes on his gifts. Even more seriously, Edwards himself could face prison if he used money from non-profit groups or his campaign to pay for her home.

    They also brought up the fact that the guy, Fred Barron, is a major fundraiser for Obama so why hasn’t Obama come out and distanced himself from him.

    Earlier, on Hannity, the editor of the National Enquirer said more is coming out on the story and that they have more photos and video. There is also more info on the money trail.

    This story is going to get bigger for sure…these are interesting days leading up to the convention. So much could happen…

  221. Speaking of cottages…Craftsman style ones specifically, does any one know where DivaBunny went?

    Idunn…do you?

  222. I was just reading backwards up the thread and saw all the stuff about the HRC Event in East Hampton. I too had seen the comment from “Angry Artist” and sent it to a woman who was there with whom I was on a Conference Call tonight, and asked her if she would characterize the event in the fashion Angry Artist did. I am waiting for a reply and will let you know. There was NOTHING in her description of the event that made me think it was as Angry Artist described.

    I do want to say that at the beginning of our CC, this same person told me she got the 18MillionVoices poster I designed autographed by HRC FOR ME (YIPPIE!) and that HRC was asked if she were offered VEEP would she take it. The reply MY FRIEND told me was she replied in the affirmative, as it is one’s duty to serve if asked to do so for their country.

  223. perhaps fox needs to talk about why was edwards in the race fromt he get go! and um why msm never reported this and um why edwards stunningly backed obama to our chagrin..

  224. thanks norma desmond for that scoop. look forward to what u hear on all this. u might finally win your oscar for sunset blvd!

  225. T4H – I’ve been ready for my close up for YEARS….

    too bad it happens when I feel almost as old as the real Norma Desmond! HA!

  226. hey guys just ducked in for a minute to see whats going on, i have
    one thing to say.
    i believe the whole vp for hillary rumor, i do…
    IF HILLARY DOESNT DO THE ‘RIGHT THING’, and end it with obama,

    she can sell her principles in the end if she so desires, i wont follow
    her down that path…



    i hope its wrong, i hope she finds her way…
    but my plans are already made…

  227. hillary is holdng her delegates for a reason guys. if she didnt want a vote or leverage she would have ceded them. she hasnt

  228. hey bush. hey obama. um the russians are commiting genocide. it has no invaded another breaaway province as well. hell maybe putin will try for the ukraine soon. bush get your butt home to dc now. and obama-how can u surf with thousands being slaughtered and u as a sitting senator wont call a hearing into how nato can help? hellllo….

  229. Texan: Amazing. Bush is at the Olympics, and Waffles is snorkling and playing golf in the Hawaiian paradise. Hillary is working, trying to ease her debt, and hopelessly, promoting the unity pony. What is wrong with this picture?

  230. I think I could fall for Lyn deRothschild 😳

    She really speaks her mind!

    and what about this?!?!?

    “The platform includes no mention of a health insurance mandate. ”

    Obama IS a republican

  231. Obama will ask Hill to be his VP?

    My reaction: disbelief — then fury — then disbelief.

    Then my fantasy is that if he asks her, she says they must meet to decide if it would work. She then makes open travel plans — the press figures it out — she goes and then she says NOPE. She explains why in e-mails, and on cell phones, and on a CB to truck drivers till it’s copied and leaked.

    The explanation is that they don’t agree on some issues but (butter melting in her mouth) she thinks she can be so helpful to him from the Senate.

    She then sends a lovely note to Patti Solis Doyle telling her that she would have loved to work with her again but as appealing as the prospect was, she had to resist.

  232. I believe the great people here and at all the other pro Hillary blogs give witness to the fact BHO is “not” a uniter. I think this stands out just as much as anything else that is said about him.


    I am literally heartbroken that Hillary was denied the nomination (at least as it stands now). I would not want to be in the tough shoes she is in. I’d almost bet it hurts her very much to ask people (her supporters) to support the man that she knows is not qualified for the job. I suspect that it won’t help but there is a saying that some follow, and that is principle before personality. I believe it is what is guiding her decisions. That the core principles of the democratic party are more important than anything the republicans have to offer.

    here is a great speech by Barbara Jordan that echos that.

    some of the speech may be difficult for some under the circumstances but over all the message I believe is why I am a democrat and not a republican. I wish we could return to a time when what Barbara Jordan says had some meaning

    Truly I “feel your pain” and understand your sense of betrayal from Hillary and the democratic party.

  233. If Hillary is Waffles VP, then Hillary will have to work with PSD? That seems cruel and unusual punishment.

  234. freckles

    It is beginning to look like no one wants the job of VP. Does not make him look successful, or presidential.

    It is like who drew the short straw.

  235. I got a reply from my friend who went to Hil’s fundraiser, contering Angry Artist’s “comment”

    It’s somewhat lengthy and has typos. I have not corrected those, but have removed personally identifiable info….

    will post now

  236. birdgal, just remember Hillary will be PSD’s boss, there’s just nothing like working for a boss that is suspicious of your every move,so it might just be fitting for Patti, to have to answer to Hillary. If Bo can relegate hIllary to Siberia, then I image Hillary can relegate PSD to being the coffee girl!

  237. In response to “Angry Artists” Comment on Riverdaughter when I sent my friend ________ the post. ________was at Hil’s fundraiser today in East Hampton.


    I think her cousin must have gotten heat stroke….This is so not true…..Okay we arrived half an hour late….we’re always late and I’ve noticed so is Hillary….there was a barn with both sides open…No need to wait in the sun and in fact there was only a small area with sun…most was shaded……Hillary came out afte awhile and I imagine she was inside talking with the big contributors….I’m sure of that they had a special audience……Actually when the woman who was a little nuts frankly….older, heavy set..nicely dressed but said she was on disability and broke…God knows how she got there….she was bending my ear and I tried to get away from her….she got right up in front of Hillary and asked her if she ever heard of PUMAa…Hillary said yes….The woman said she would heartbroken Hillary lost and cried when she did and would never ever vote for Obama….Alot of people actually booed….Hillary was very gracious to her and calmed the crownd and said she met alot of people who felt as she did but that Obama’s policies were very close to hers and McCain’s, thought she admired and respected him, were not….and we couldn’t afford to have another Republican in the White House…Everyone clapped….She said she was campaigning for him and would continue to do so….someone asked her about her name being put in nomination and she said that the Obama, the delegates and the DNC were talking about it and they would work it out….Someone asked her about the VP job, if she would take it if asked….She gave a very strong YES…If I was to be called to service I would serve….very clear.answer….She said that it was simply up to Obama…it was a difficult decision…it was complex…It had to do with getting along with the person and considering the families….and I reallly thought she had let go of the whole nomination fiasco….I believe she is highly evolved person….she radiates light…really….she is so unbelievably charasmatic…..I never saw that on tv….she is truly beautiful..She never said it was Over..she NEVER said he won it fair and square…….What I think happened is people crowded her something terrible…in fact I told them to back up and let her breathe….She had a 3 piece suit on and they backed her into a corner of the garden that was sunny…and it was awfully hot…I actually got burned and we were there only ten minutes maybe….she asked that everyone walk into the barn and we did…I did not see one person leave….She spent about 30 seconds to 2 or 3 minutes with each person depending on how greedy they were….and they were again pushing her against the wall…the Secret service guys finally got all around her and one of her assistants was helping her sign autographs…..People hugged her and kissed her…we all took pictures with her…..I mean its fucking awful…people are so selfish…..apparently she just flew in from the west coast..or somewhere …I don’t know how she does it….constantly smiling…..I told her that I had something happen to me when I was a journalist by a power hungry bunch and I said you wait and see you will come out higher and on top….she said///YOU thing so?…I said absolutely…When I told her I had something similarly happen to me..she shook her head yes indicating to me..that of course she knew they fucked her over…I told her I had never been poltical in my life but she had broken my heart open and she grabbed me…..Then (name removed) talked to her about our _______________________and Georgia….which she also mentioned in her little speech….She really was interested in talking with him..She said how important new technoligies were….and about the fighting in Georgia..She talked about her relationship with Georgia and __________and I will be ____________she was very interested…..after her assitanat gave her our cards and she signed them and I told her about ________________and she was genuinely happy and widened her eyes in surprise and I could see her mind thinking….Then I got back on the line to let my daughter take a picture with her…my daughter is really shy so she said nothing and they just took a picture…..when I was leaving I grabbed her arm and said “Rise Hillary” and she laughed and said thank you…..She is an incredibly charasmatic being…powerful…so clear…and surrendered into service…..I didn’t see anybody leave right away….I waited on the line to see her about a half hr….I don’t know what the hell that woman (Angry Artist) was talking about….She must have had too much Wine or fruit….What the fuck did she want..a floor show? Anyway…We left right after that so Hillary could leave….I mean Christ she’s been running around the country for about two years now…and she has to raise this money…What a selfish person…Angry Artists cousin is….We were all thrilled….It’s the best time I’ve had in months…Maybe my life is boring or maybe I’m a happier person…Well I’ve been meditaittng more I feel better….but I thought the day was absolutely so perfect, it couldn’t have been better….Well maybe if Bill was there but then I wouldn’t know who to look at……I’d like to counter that women’s accoutn of the day…how can I do that?..Much Love _______

  238. hmmmm


    admin must be “admining”

    posted, but there were no links in it…..



  239. If Hillary thinks it is ones DUTY, why did all the others decline. I hope she declines also If she becomes VP, i will still vote for McCain

  240. That was a great speech in 1976 by Barbara Jordan, I was 26 years old and Hillary must have been close to 28. She was well on her way at that time, she had already sat on the senate committee to impeach President Nixon. What a great lady, this country needs her so badly, I am still hoping for the nomination to be given to her!

  241. I just got an email from the Obama campaign (I don’t know how as I have never given my email address to them). Anyway, it says VP pick soon and you can sign up to get an email the minute it happens

    Should I read anything into this??? I was on Hillary’s email list….

  242. My post is not showing. I think some others were having this problem the other night.

    Maybe it’s been intercepted by the big BOTS in the sky?!?!?!

  243. You KNOW Barky and the Chicago Combine and Soros and Dean can’t WAIT to get their hands on the new eavesdropping apparatus Obama supported

  244. Basil: where angry artist is concerned the punishment you describe would seem to fit the crime. No 8th Amendment problem.

  245. AmericanGal…I am too but they KNOW I am trouble! LOL! And won’t contact me!

    I would NOT reply. It only confirms your email address.

    Also, it will be all over the news the second it happens

  246. thanks for the post norma.sounds like a chaotic situation there. looks liek she may be vp. if not i will be voting for another ticket

  247. Trust me, the last thing I am going to do is give my email address to the Obama camp. I’ve already had it with Minnesota DFL people calling to get me to go door to door for “the one”. Thank God I’ve got caller ID..

  248. OK Gang….

    thinks are wacky with my computer right now, and maybe my post will show up later

    It’s really quite descriptive about HRC, but it’s long and I don;t want to post twice. Maybe too many ellipses…

    I’m off to bed. I’ll try in the morning.

    Nite all

  249. I think the veep spot right now is good, because the birth certificate thing is going to blow up in his face! I think he will have to step down to save the party! 🙂

  250. confloyd: I think the birth certificate is a red herring. I know. some people are jumping on it, but some of it, does not make sense, or can be explained.

  251. OH! There it is! Thanks Admin!

    Anyway…yes, it sounds like it was quite an event. When I spoke to ______ on the phone, she was waxing poetically about Hillary’s presence.

    It was great to hear her. She had a good time.

    Yes, keep out of Botland. A friend of mine with the Dems here said she could probably get me on with the O Campaign, as I am broke as hell right now and need work badly!

    I would rather throw myself off the Sunshine Skyway!

  252. birdgal, I sincerely hope you are wrong. I really want this to trip him up. Can you imagine him handling this Russian invasion of Georgia?? What a joke that would be!

  253. confloyd Says:

    August 11th, 2008 at 12:48 am
    I think the veep spot right now is good, because the birth certificate thing is going to blow up in his face! I think he will have to step down to save the party!

    You think? How could he have gotten this far without an original birth certificate? I still believe he will come up with an original one This country is so corrupt

  254. neetabug, I think he went to ask grannie for the old one today, the one before he was adopted by Soetoro. The TexasDarlin site along with Larry Johnson has done some amazing work.
    BO still has to answer for the fraudulent one they have posted on his website.
    I hope and pray this seals his fate!

  255. Well, I can’t open another webpage. I wonder why everytime I mention that birth certificate my internet goes down!

  256. Neeta

    Even IF he comes up with an “Original” BC, how will that jive with what his campaign released to Kos and Huff-n-puff? It would be easy to tell if they were different from each other, and why would he have released that one if there is another?

    Something is stinky there. I also think BC’s comment on “Constitutionally eligible” to run was a tell.

  257. I really dont believe we have seen anything yet……

    it doesn’t pay to play an early hand in a campaign.
    (race..BHO=0, McCain=1)
    its purely about strategy and tactics. both sides probably have quite a bit to expose. If ya play the hand too soon, you give the opponent time to recover.

    McCain advantage here…he’s already run for president..not much to expose.

    and don’t bet for a moment that the repubs don’t have an arsenal aimed at bho.

  258. Confloyd: I haven’t studied the subject in great depth, but Riverdaughter doesn’t allow discussions of it on her site. I’m more curious about the Indonesian part and adoption. Kenya doesn’t matter, because that citizenship fell away, after he turned 23 (I think). Actually, the house deal with Rezko might be more problematic for waffles.

  259. clinton delegates being intimidated by obama callers. somebody is worried

  260. texan: It will only get worse, if the thug gets into office. This is unacceptable behavior for a presidential campaign. Can you imagine, if McCain had people calling delegates, telling them lies and trying to intimidate them? It would be all over MSM. Each day reinforces my decision to vote against the fraud.

  261. Since it’s fairly certain that Patti Solis Doyle leaked those Clinton campaign memos to the media, I highly doubt Hillary will be Obama’s VP. I don’t believe for a second that Patti leaked those emails without bHo’s blessing. It was a deliberate sabotage on the part of Bwack and friends. So why would Waffles then turn around and offer Hillary the VP? And why in the world would she take it? After all she has done to help BO and promote party unity, he shows his gratitude by stabbing her in the back like this??? If anything, this gives Hillary the perfect excuse to say enough with Party unity, I am unsuspending my campaign!

    I agree with those who say there’s nothing to the birth certificate story. I’ve heard a lot of talk, but where’s the proof? Hillary cannot and should not take the VP spot because there are Internet rumors about Barky not being a citizen. If any of this stuff’s for real, then Bill would have been able to dig it up himself. Ditto for the whitey tape. He’s had plenty of time to work on this, and more.

    As for Rezko, that might bring Barry down, but it could take YEARS. Fitzgerald doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to indict him. Hillary would be better off spending that time in the Senate.

  262. I doubt that he was really born outside the US.

    But there’s a good issue as to why he is not clarifying the situation. Here is a claimed birth certificate image being circulated by his supporters which others say shows signs of being a photoshopped fraud.

    He needs to either get his supporters to withdraw the image — or to come to their defense with a good copy of the certificate, or at least statements from hospital personell as to why the original is not available.

    This is not some unique situation. Millions of people all over the US are required to produce an original copy, so to speak, of their birth certificate, direct from the court house, with an embossed seal on it etc etc — just to get a driver’s license or a passport, etc. The Honolulu court house and hospitals have procedures for dealing with this situation.

    By stonewalling it he’s fueling suspicion that there is some serious problem. So we’re back to lack of vetting, bad judgement, not ready for prime time….

  263. As to the dual citizenship and all that…. My impression is that the constitution has requirements about birth — ‘natural born citizen’ — and other citizenships that he might have are irrelevant. Lots of people acquire dual citizenship one way or another.

  264. texan4hillary Says:
    looks liek she may be vp. if not i will be voting for another ticket

    If SO I will be working twice as hard to defeat Obama/Clinton! I don’t want to see her give up her own career to prop up that abuser!

  265. Re conflicting accounts of Hlilary’s events … there are little digital recorders that fit in a purse or pocket and let you record SEVERAL HOURS without tinkering. That would be proof as to what really happened.

  266. skmf,

    Me too, kind of. I won’t be judgemental about it, and I’ll still plan to support Hillary if Obama loses and she runs in 2012, or in the Senate. She might have a good reason for Obama/Clinton, but I’M NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR IT.

  267. We don’t need to know all that inside stuff. Ours but to do and die. What we are DOING is demonstrating support for some REAL Democrat to be nominee now or in 2012.

    Whether that’s HIllary or someone else, whether HIllary decides to trade away our ‘push for a roll call’ etc (in so far as she can) for something she thinks will be more useful — that’s her decision. I trust her to get something worthwhile for it in trade.

    What bothers me is that she might get stuck as VP. I wish we were letting the DNC know that they can’t appease us that way — that we will work harder AGIANST Obama/Clinton.

  268. Larry Sinclair mentions on his website BHO taking vacation via Delaware – does this mean leak that Biden VP? Anyone else see or hear this?


    1. Nature of Proceeding: this is a pro-forma Bill of Indictment filed in the Court of American Public Opinion against Big Media as hereinafter defined (infra) for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, and corruption of the political process. The parties have waived their objections under the First Amendment and agree that the action will go forward in this Court with all deliberate speed.

    2. The Parties: The moving party in this proceeding is the American People (past, present and future) who object stenuously to what the actions of Big Media are doing to this country. The defendant is the major television networks, newspapers and blogs hereinafter referred to as Big Media. The major newspapers are the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The major television networks are ABC (Disney), NBC (GE), CBS (Westinghouse) and the cable networks CNN (Time Warner), MSNBC (GE), FOX (Murdock). The blogs are Politico and Huffington Report.

    3. Stipulation: the following facts are not in dispute: at one time, the public received its information from the small town newspaper. Thousands of them existed across the country. Some were primitive, others were sophisticated but the one thing they all had in common was a concern for the welfare of the community they served and a dedication to the truth. If now and then they fell short of that standard they would hear about it directly from their friends and neighbors. In other words they were accountable to their audience. Today we have something very different. We call it Big Media (supra) and its members are owned by multi-national corporations. Big Media is in the entertainment business, they survive by ratings, and they have no direct contact with their audience. It is more difficult to present a complex or nuanced subject to a mass audience than it is to construct a simple morality play. Finally, the economics of the business are such that the modern reporter is governed by deadlines. Thus, it is easier to build off an existing shopworn narrative than engage in solid investigative journalism.

    4. To Be Proven: during the course of the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media embarked on a mission to nominate Obama and to simultaneously destroy the career and reputation of Hillary Clinton. This was done for crass business purposes, and the worst of personal reasons. More specifically, I will prove to you that Big Media suffers from a medical condition known as Clinton Derangement Syndrome (CDS) and therefore: i) engaged in a pattern and practice of sexism directed against the sole female candidate in the race, ii) demonized her pursuant to a sophisticated marketing strategy, iii) leveled false charges of racism against that candidate, her husband and supporters, iv) swift boated her on several occasions, v) denied equal time and fair coverage to her candidacy, vi) misrepresented material facts in connection with the process, and vii) actively conspired with the Obama campaign to end her candidacy . The particulars are as follows:

    COUNT 1: STATE OF MIND: If you examine the behavior of Big Media over the course of this campaign it becomes obvious that they are afflicted with a a mental disorder known as Clinton Derangement Syndrome. The classic symptoms of this disorder are the serial hunting of someone who is willing to tell us the truth about the state of our county and what needs to change. People afflicted with this disorder are easily summoned to attack the truth teller and to engage in snarling wolf pack behavior. The condition stems from an obsession with celebrity and a perverse satisfaction derived in making others suffer. (Note: the German word for this is “schadenfreude”.)

    COUNT 2: PATTERN SEXISM: On numerous occasions, MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews (aka Tweetie) called U.S. Senator and presidential Hillary a “witch”, a “castrator”, a “she-devil”; MSNBC pundit Keith Olberman (aka Heidrick) asked for someone “take her into a room and only one come out, i.e. physically beat her into quitting the race; MSNBC reporter David Schuster accused her of “pimping out” her daughter Chelsie. Thousands of people across the country sent letters of protest to MSNBC executive Steve Capus, and to NBC executive Phil Griffin. These letters were never answered. Executive management maintains their coverage was not sexist. Yet each of these perps issued pro forma apologies. Schuster got a 2 week suspension.

    COUNT 3: NEGATIVE BRANDING: CNN retained strategists developed a marketing strategy to brand Hillary Clinton as someone who is “divisive”, “polarizing”, “dishonest”, “untrustworthy”, “calculating”. Then they proceeded to repeat those adjectives again and again in the same manner that “biological warfare” and “weapons of mass destruction” were pounded across the air waves in the lead-up to the Iraq War. ABC resident lightweight Jake Tapper (aka Snark) compared Hillary to “Tanya Harding” implying that she would break Obama’s knees to steal his crown. And another pundit compared her to the deranged villainess in “Fatal Attraction” who continued to pursue the hero. Terry McAuliffe observed no candidate in history has received so much disrespect from Big Media. But none of this happened spontaneously. Rather it was part of an intentional marketing strategy.

    COUNT 4: OBITUARIES: What Mark Twain said about himself could just a easily be said about Hillary: “rumors of my untimely (campaign) death have been greatly exaggerated”. From the night she lost Iowa, Big Media began predicting the imminent demise of her campaign. By February the New York Times publishing headlines like “With Skies Darkening Hillary Soldiers On”. Meanwhile the blogs were screaming that her prospects were “fading fast”. When she debated Obama in Texas, MSNBC interpreted her closing remarks about party unity as a veiled concession speech. They used phony delegate math to support the premise that it as impossible for her to win the nomination. When Hillary was forced to suspend her candidacy Associated Press referred to her as the “defeated: candidate, the “vanquished” candidate and the “losing” candidate, even though she won the popular vote, the electoral map and was therefore the most electable. However, MSNBC cartoonist Daryn Kagen produced a cartoon of Hillary as an ugly dragon eyes closed tongue hanging out slain by Obama who is depicted as a smiling St. Christopher. Another media outlet produced a cartoon of Hillary kneeling before Obama with both arms cut off and him standing over her with a sword at parade rest with caption just a flesh wound.

    COUNT 5: RACE CARD: To paraphrase H.L. Mencken false claims of racism are the last bastion of scoundrels. Clearly, at MSNBC there is no shortage of scoundrels. When Hillary scored an upset victory in New Hampshire pundit Chuck Todd (aka Chuckie Cheeze) from Politico presented the Obama campaign argument that this was due to the Bradley effect which is to say latent racism of white voters. He did this with no hard evidence. Never one to miss a hand-off pundit Eugene Robinson (aka The Clown) echoed the same sentiment, then backed off and then wrote a column affirming it. CNN pundit Donna Brazille twisted Bill Clinton’s comparison of Jesse Jackson’s candidacy and his characterization of Obama’s voting plan into a racial slur. And they provided a forum for Jesse Jackson and Doug Wilder to make racist allegations and threats against the Clintons without rebuttal witnesses.

    COUNT 6: SWIFTBOATING: Is defined as an ad hominem attack or smear campaign which is untrue and is intended to destroy the political credibility of a candidate. That is precisely what Big Media did to Hillary Clinton when she met with the editorial board of the Argus Leader in South Dakota, and cited the date of the assassination of Robert Kennedy in response to a question on why Big Media was trying to drive her out of the race. Whereupon MSNBC pundit Keith Olberman pounced on the statement, accused Hillary of wanting Obama assassinated and thereby swiftboated her. Obama people then circulated the Olberman tape to journalists across the country. Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News accused Hillary of evil intentions and wrote articles with headlines which screamed “Killer Gaff” and “Get Out!” Hillary issued an immediate apology, Robert Kennedy’s son stated that it was no one should take offense and the Argus Leader editorial board defended it as well. Nevertheless, MSNBC and CNN harped on it for three days. This was a staged media event designed to force Hillary out of the race. On the morning of the South Dakota primary Hillary was swiftboated again. In this case, the culprit was Associated Press reporter Beth Fouhey, who published a false report that Hillary would drop out that evening. The apparent motive was to suppress voter turn-out since the polls in South Dakota were moving in Hillary’s favor. The final irony is that after Hillary suspended her candidacy Fouhey wrote a piece claiming that the presidential race had grown dull and she wished Hillary were back in it.

    COUNT 7: UNEQUAL TIME: Big Media stopped giving Hillary equal time in the latter half of the race. They spent more time covering the states her opponent won than those that she did, even though she won states like West Virginia (41%) and Kentucky (35%) by huge margins. CNN would do a brief clip on her and then break away for extensive coverage of an Obama event or speech. They would cover his speech in its entirety without interruption. When it was concluded they would never come back to her. MSNBC would not allow pro-Clinton pundits on their panels, whereas CNN allowed pro-Clinton pundits Carvelle and Begala to appear but would not permit them to advocate whereas they did allow pro-Obama pundit Donna Brazille to advocate on his behalf without limitation. The Rassmussen polling service which was known to be for Obama stopped tracking her numbers.

    COUNT 8: GOTCHA POLITICS: Big Media played the game of gotcha politics against Hillary at every turn. They parsed every word she spoke for some negative connotation. When she made a speech about Bosnia and stated that she landed in a war zone (which was true), there was small arms fire (which was true), and they had to run for cover (which was not true) they rose up in wrath and labeled her a liar. They demanded that she apologize for voting in favor of the Iraq Resolution even though many of them had supported it themselves at the time. During the televised debates, NBC pundit Tim Russert tried to entrap her with trick questions and became infuriated when she refused to answer them. Hillary was knowledgeable, articulate and responsive to the questions asked than her opponent. However, the MSNBC and CNN post debate panelists were hypercritical.

    COUNT 9: DOUBLE STANDARD: Big Media treated Obama with great respect and deference compared to Hillary. According to the Wall Street Journal they provided generous explanations for Obama and put the best possible gloss on his serial gaffs. For example, they characterized his dramatic reversals on issues like campaign finance reform, government surveillance, withdrawal timetable as a “shift his position”, “moving to the center as every candidate does in the general election” or “expanding his horizons”. When constituents criticized him for selling them out on an issue involving radioactive leakage NBC pundit Brian Williams (aka Dudley Do-right) described as “something of a political lesson”. And when he gave us nine different stories on whether he was present at Trinity Church on those days when Reverend Wright delivered his unpatriotic and racist sermons Big Media avoided the topic (with the obvious exception of FOX). In the debates Hillary showed a encyclopedic knowledge of the issues and her answers were clear, cogent and convincing. His were not. Yet Big Media called the debates a draw. Eventually, the double standard became so blatant that Saturday Night Live did two comedy skits which called the game on MSNBC.

    COUNT 10: QUID-PRO-QUO: The Big Media attack against Hillary was led by MSNBC. They did this because they wanted Obama to be President and she stood in his way. What did they expect to get in return? The obvious answer would be access to the pinnacle of government like FOX has had with the Bush Administration these past eight years. But I submit the reason goes deeper than that. The parent company of MSNBC and NBC is General Electric. They are a large contributor to Obama and so are their individual employees. Why? Barack is a big supporter of nuclear energy. In fact, Illinois has more nuclear plants than any other state. Those nuclear plants use cores produced by GE. But the biggest reason why GE supports Obama, is because General Electric along with Westinghouse and three consortiums plans to build 29 nuclear plants in the near term. You needed a federal loan guarantee in order to proceed because private banks would not touch it and the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default as higher than 50 percent. Nevertheless, he voted in favor of it. As Senator Dirksen used to say a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money. GE stands to get a lot of real money if Obama becomes President.

  270. Biden’s DE AG son Beau reason for arrest of Larry Sinclair following NPC on bogus charges in order to keep press attending (same day as Russert funeral in DC) to question, and way to shut him down for prolonged time. COMMUNISM at work. Running interference so Papa can be VP?

  271. Loose lips sink ships and administrations.Can we all picture the problems for our country if JE had not been exposed.Just iimagine a team in the White House.

    Lover Lips and Liver Lips NOUGH SAID

    BY ABM 90

  272. curiosityhasme: I am not sure about the biden thing. I cannot recall the last time in this election that 2+2 equalled 4, but assuming this time it does here is what I would be looking for that bambi aint got:

    1. experience: which biden has

    2. national following: which biden does not have

    There is only one person who can meet both criteria but I am not at liberty to tell you what her name is.

  273. ABM: I was starting to do something about d-day but got distracted. I seem to recall you were there. Which beach did you land at. I knew a couple army lieutenant who landed on Omah Beach. Did you go through the Hedges, the Bulge, Huertgen Forest, cross the Rhine, all the way to Berlin? Were you with the Big Red 1 or some other outfit?

  274. Love the fact that Fred Baron is ALSO a $$fundraiser$$ for BHO -speaking of raking $$$$ in and easier to hide HUSH $$$$, where you’re least likely to look………….

    More conspiracy to keep HRC from nomination, Edwards working in concert with BHO IMHO since 2007………….

    So…which of the big 4 are the most Republican and Conservative? KPMG, Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers or Deloitte Touche & Tohmatsu?

    Sic ’em! And ASAP!

    NObama NOvember NOr August!

  275. I would think Joe Biden does nothing for Obama electorally,
    not to mention he’s a half a lunatic who’s made some borderline insensitive/racist remarks in the past.

    The way things have been breaking I’d be surprised if it were anyone but HRC at this point, but then I’ve been wrong at least once before.

  276. This just posted over at PUMA:

    notfollowinthepiedpiper on 08.11.08 at 9:48 am

    Good morning all… checking email and someone sent me this. Always helps to start the day with a laugh!

    Michigan humor

    The Presidential election was too close to call. Neither the Republican candidate nor the Democratic candidate had enough votes to win.. There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, et c. , but a week-long ice fishing competition seemed the sportsmanlike way to settle things. The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would win the election.

    Therefore, it was decided that there should be an ice fishing contest between the two candidates to determine the winner.

    After much of back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest take place on a remote frozen lake in northern Michigan.

    There were to be no observers present, and both men were to be sent out separately on this isolated lake and return at 5 P.M. with their catch for counting and verification by a team of neutral parties. At the end of the first day, John McCain returned to the starting line and he had ten fish.

    Soon, Obama returned and had no fish. Well, everyone assumed he was just having another ‘bad hair’ day or something and hopefully, he would catch up the next day.

    At the end of the 2nd day John McCain came in with 20 fish and Obama came in again with none.

    That evening, Harry Reid got together secretly with Obama and said, “Obama, I think John McCain is a low-life, cheatin’ son-of-a-gun. I want you to go out tomorrow and don’t even bother with fishing. Just spy on him and see just how he is cheating.”

    The next night (after John McCain returns with 50 fish), Harry said to Obama, “Well, tell me, how is John Mc. cheating?”

    Obama replied, “Harry, you’re not going to believe this, but he’s cutting holes in the ice!” 🙄

    Can we afford to have a novice for president?

  277. Wbboi, with great respect, a humble suggestion.

    A reiteration of the MSNBC-Brzezinski connection may be appropriate
    in discussion of BM, Waffles and quid pro quo.

    Papa Brzez’s politics and Mika’s incessant lobbying for bambi,
    (brother[name?] working for McCain-possible mole or saboteur).
    Propaganda reins supreme in campbambi.

    Not trying to tell you what to write, but there is a definite connection,
    not mere coincidence.

  278. Obama replied, “Harry, you’re not going to believe this, but he’s cutting holes in the ice!” 🙄

    heh heh heh, damn

  279. 7 Worrisome Signs For Obama
    Aug. 11, 2008
    (The Politico) This story was written by Glenn Thrush.

    A few weeks back, Time magazine was musing that John McCain was in danger of sliding from “a long shot” to a “no-shot.” Around the same time, a hard-nosed former Hillary Clinton insider declared the race “effectively over” thanks to the McCain campaign’s ineptitude, the tanking U.S. economy and Barack Obama’s advantages in cash, charisma and hope. And Obama, up by three to six points nationally, was about to leverage a much-anticipated trip to Iraq, Afghanistan and Europe into a pre-convention poll surge.

    Instead, his supporters are now suffering a pre-Denver panic attack, watching as John McCain draws incrementally closer in state and national polls – with Rasmussen’s most recent daily national tracker showing a statistical dead heat.

    Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has been privately enumerating her doubts about Obama to supporters, according to people who have spoken with her. Clinton’s pollster Mark Penn recently unveiled a PowerPoint presentation red-flagging Obama’s lukewarm leads among white female voters and Hispanics – while predicting a five-point swing could turn a presumed Obama win into a McCain landslide.

    “It’s not that people think McCain will win – it’s that they are realizing that McCain could win,” says Quinnipiac University pollster Peter Brown, whose surveys show tight races in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. “This election is about Barack Obama – not John McCain – it’s about whether Barack Obama passes muster. Every poll shows that people want a Democratic president, the problem is they’re not sure they want Barack Obama.”

    Obama’s aides point to the stability of his small national lead, say they aren’t worried about his summer stall and think his numbers will improve when voters begin tuning in to the conventions.

    “This is a country that is looking for a fundamentally different direction and John McCain offers nothing but the status quo,” said spokesman Bill Burton, adding that he wasn’t “losing any sleep” over his boss’s rough patch.

    The campaign’s confidence may turn out to be justified but two weeks prior to the national convention there are more than a few worrisome signs for Obama. Here are seven:

    1. Race. “The idea that Obama was going to win in a blowout was always preposterous,” says former Nebraska senator and onetime presidential hopeful Bob Kerrey, an Obama backer. “A big piece of this, of course, is whether white people are going to support a black guy… If [Obama] is a tall, skinny white guy named Paul Jones it’s a different story.”

    Obama is running nearly neck-and-neck with McCain among white voters in most polls, a major cause for optimism considering that John Kerry and Al Gore lost the white vote by 17 and 12 points respectively. Among whites, he does well with women, the affluent and college grads but fares poorly among low-income earners and Catholics – key swing groups that handed Hillary Clinton stunning blowouts in West Virginia and Kentucky.

    How much does his race factor into tightening contests in Missouri, Wisconsin, Florida, Minnesota and Ohio? Nobody knows – and that’s the problem.

    A huge challenge for Obama, insiders say, is simply determining how much skin color will matter in November. Race is nearly impossible to poll – no one ever says “I’m a racist” – and no campaign wants it revealed they are even asking questions on the issue.

    “It’s the uncertainty that kills me – we know it’s going to be factor, but how big a factor?” asks a Democratic operative with ties to the Obama camp. “How do you even measure such a thing?

    Adding to the jitters: GOP surrogates like New York Rep. Pete King have vowed to make Obama’s relationship with Rev. Jeremiah Wright a enterpiece during the homestretch.

    2. Obama’s strength in Virginia may be overhyped. His chances of ending the Democrats 44-year losing streak in the commonwealth are pretty good – thanks to the explosive growth of the liberal D.C. suburbs, and a 147,000 spike in voter registration sure to benefit Democrats. But Obama’s aides privately concede his odds in Virginia are probably no better than 50-50 and that the state is far from a lock-solid hedge if he loses Ohio and Florida.

    3. Michigan’s in play for McCain. In the year of the downturn, the hard-hit upper Midwest should be prime Obama country. Instead it’s a potential minefield. Obama is still ahead by two to five points here – similar to margins of victory enjoyed by Gore and Kerry in the last two presidential contests- but McCain has quietly crept up over the past month and could vault ahead if he anoints ex-Gov. Mitt Romney. Simmering tensions between predominantly-black Detroit and its white suburbs could hurt Obama. And McCain’s surrogates were handed a gift in the jailing of Obama supporter Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit’s mayor.

    “Watch Michigan — the Democrats think they’ve got it but they don’t,” says Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown, a longtime Michigan observer. “Obama should be killing [McCain] there, but there’s a lot more racial tension in Michigan than in other states.”

    Obama also hasn’t pulled away in other Democrat-friendly neighboring states, watching leads in Wisconsin and Minnesota erode over the last month.

    4. Bad times could be good for McCain. If anger helps Democrats, fear advantages Republicans. A growing number of Democratic strategists worry that some swing state voters may opt for McCain if the economy veers from merely awful to downright terrifying. The typical political calculus – that bad economic times will deliver the White House to Democrats – may not hold if people start viewing the downturn as, essentially, a national security crisis that can’t be entrusted to a novice. And that was McCain’s underlying message in his Paris Hilton ad: Bank failures, soaring gas prices and plummeting house values are forms of economic terrorism and he’s an all-purpose anti-terror warrior.

    “John McCain is a known quantity,” says Bob Kerrey, who thinks Obama will ultimately prevail. “You don’t look at John and say, ‘Who the heck is he?’ he’s a veteran, he’s a guy who got pretty banged up in Vietnam. He can deal with crisis. There’s some uncertainty about Senator Obama.”

    The good news for Obama, of course, is that McCain – who infamously admitted he “never understood” economics – is loathed by unions, was somnambulant at the dawn of the housing meltdown and still gropes for a coherent economic policy that doesn’t include the words “offshore drilling.” But he doesn’t have to win the argument, just reinforce doubts about Obama with wavering swing state voters. The Illinois senator still enjoys a major edge on the economic issues, but his 20-point June lead on the who-can-best-fix-the-economy question slipped to a 17-point edge in July, according to the Pew Research Center.

    “Obama wins on the economy,” said Guy Cecil, Hillary Clinton’s field director during the primaries. “But it will be interesting to see if McCain’s able to close the economic gap.”

    5. Where have you gone, Ross Perot? Bill Clinton, the lone two-term Democratic president since FDR, wouldn’t have been elected if independent Ross Perot hadn’t siphoned 19 percent of the vote in 1992. Former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr, staging an indie bid from McCain’s right, has little cash and doesn’t seem to be a factor in competitive states.

    6. The Legacy of LBJ, Jimmy and Bubba. Barack Obama would have been a trailblazer no matter what – but the Deocrats’ trail to the White House has been remarkably narrow since 1960, accommodating only southern whites with border-state strength: Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. (Add Al Gore if you’re counting the popular vote.)

    7. Americans may want divided government. Some Democratic operatives think a possible landslide for their party in congressional races could backfire on Obama.

    “Fairly or not, folks think he’s pretty liberal and nobody wants a pair of Pelosi’s running things,” says a New York-based Democratic consultant.

    Adds Bob Kerrey: “The country’s still pretty divided… people may want a divided government. They want change but I’m not sure that the Democratic agenda has the support of a majority of Americans.”

  280. “At my signal, unleash Hell.”
    August 11th, 2008 by TONY CAMPBELL

    Throughout the primary season, Senator Hillary Clinton has said time and time again that she is a tough fighter who will not surrender until the very end. In about two weeks, we will see how many rounds she will be prepared to go in order to become the nominee of the Democratic Party.

    In my columns, I have been consistent in my opinion that this race between Clinton and presumptive nominee Barack Obama is far from over. To this day Clinton has not ended her campaign, it is still merely suspended so she can raise enough money to retire her campaign debt and can be re-organized quickly dependent on what occurs at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

    The group P.U.M.A. is having their convention in Washington, D.C. this weekend. Last week, Senator Clinton made the following statement “I happen to believe that we will come out stronger if people feel that their voices were heard and their views were respected. I think that is a very big part of how we actually come out unified.” Here is the translation for those of who don’t speak Clintonese. Senator Clinton’s delegates will vote for her on the first ballot. This has been the plan as soon as Obama overwhelmingly won on Super Tuesday and the Potomac primaries, and Clinton supporter Lanny Davis, back on February 18th, just about assured that Hillary’s campaign would not be over until Denver.

    The title line “At my signal, unleash Hell” is from the movie Gladiator. Senator Clinton has a role similar to Russell Crowe’s character of General Maximus, a very popular leader who commands an army of followers who will support Obama only if she gives the signal. What Obama has to wonder is whom will she unleash Hell on? John McCain has to be secretly praying that Clinton’s forces stay focused on Obama until November.
    ******************************************************It seems a flood of “What does Hillary Clinton want?” news is hitting the net.

  281. so this artile to me has some big nes-hillary is telling her folks she still thinks obama is in big trouble and penn has some power point going around showing how mccain wll slaughter the dems? is she lobbying supers or what?

  282. “Senator Clinton has a role similar to Russell Crowe’s character of General Maximus, a very popular leader who commands an army of followers who will support Obama only if she gives the signal.”

    Uh, I don’t think so. If that was an accurate statement, there would be no PUMA. What does Clinton want? She wants a democrat in the Whitehouse.

    Carby: Interesting discussion of the 7 worrisome signs.

  283. More rumblings of a Hillary coup
    Thomas Lifson
    Evidence accumulates favoring the possibility of a Hillary coup at the Denver convention, and it is being noticed among the sharper observers of politics.

    From within the Hillary camp comes a far-from-innocent observation by her former communications director, Howard Wolfson. Brian Ross and Kaje Tapper of ABC News report:

    Sen. Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic presidential nominee if John Edwards had been caught in his lie about an extramarital affair and forced out of the race last year, insists a top Clinton campaign aide, making a charge that could exacerbate previously existing tensions between the camps of Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama.

    “I believe we would have won Iowa, and Clinton today would therefore have been the nominee,” former Clinton Communications Director Howard Wolfson told ABC

    Once upon a time, Hillary dismissed this sort of speculation with the phrase,. “shoulda, coulda, woulda….” But if anyone thinks Wolfson is saying this all on his own, for no particular reason, they ought to read up on the history of the Clinton Machine.

    Meanwhile, other publications are noticing. The New York Sun today joins American Thinker in thinking the unthinkable.

    Take away the delegates Mr. Obama has by virtue of the endorsement of Senator Edwards, who has newly admitted deceiving the electorate about the adultery he committed while his wife lay stricken with cancer, and the delegate gap is even narrower. Even Mr. Obama doesn’t have enough delegates to win the nomination without the super-delegates, so there wouldn’t be anything terribly exceptional about the super-delegates putting her rather than him over the top.

    Probably all this isn’t enough – at least not yet. But what if, by the time the convention rolls around, Mr. Obama isn’t just running neck and neck with Mr. McCain but is lagging by, say, five percentage points, or if Mr. Obama makes a big blunder with his choice of a running mate, or some other campaign stumble? Then expect the whispers already swirling among Clinton supporters to turn into a full-fledged roar.

    Now that Edwards is not viable as a nominee, if Obama seriously falters, there is no place for the anybody-but-Hillary crowd to divert their support. Should Hillary be considering a coup effort, the Edwards implosion at the hands of the Enquirer is a strategic plus of some conbsiderable magnitude.


    The always astute Jennifer Rubin also sees the possibility of a Denver nightmare for Obama. She doesn’t explicitly consider a loss of the nomination, but does write:

    Hillary and Bill, even on their best behavior, might wind up reminding all of their devoted followers of their common grievances and disappointments. The Clintons’ memories are long and their grudges run deep, and their followers know it. They bring with them a couple of potential complications. [….]

    …during his time in the Hawaiian sun, Obama would be wise to put the transition team on hold and start thinking about the Convention. It could be one heck of a party but, like the Magical Mystery European tour, he may wind up with a political hangover. Substance and restraint are not his strong suits and he will need a heavy dose of both.

  284. LAST CALL! for suggestions on the project — see the other site thread: “grapes’s outline”


  285. wbboei : In to response to your WWII question.I did land at Omaha but at a much later date.I was in a 105 howitzer bn.XIX Corps and spent re-enforcement and backup with many divisions.Even attached to Montgomery’s British 9th Army for the containment of Bulge break thru.we did follow the path you have mentioned.Segfrid Line,Huertgen Forest,Roer,Rhine,Elbe Rivers.Making a beeline for Berlin,but turned back by the Russians under the big three agreement at Yalta.Not bitter for they had suffered millions oc causualties at the hands of Nazi War Machine,fired up by a two-bit Mad housepainter with illusions of granduer.Avery effective speaker and he didn’t have a telepromter to get his evil plan into play for his millions of followers.Some similarities to our present political dilemna is alarming to me and I am sure that the Race Card is the biggest roadblock to cleaning up this mess by a single self loving over ambitious with very disturbing questions about him going unanswered. In this case,I hope history does not repeat the ill conceived plans of these power hungry characters. One found power through military strenght the other is seeking it with promises in his “LAGACEY of RETRIBUTIONS ”
    wwobei I like your outstanding writing abilities and your thorough coverage of so many of the problems we are now facing in this MSM rush to rape and control our wealths and freedoms.

    With great respect. ABM90 Hillary needs us more than ever

  286. (see above–forgot this last part of the Indictment arguably the most important)

    5. Remedy: The Court of American Public Opinion is a figment of our imagination. Its only mission is to do justice and that not by halves. To that end, the moving party beseeches this Court to enter a finding that Big Media as it exists today has engaged in the acts alleged and does not tell the truth to the American People. Therefore the American people are henceforth free to cast a cold eye on its edicts and are instructed to accept nothing it says as true unless it is supported by testimony of 2 competent witnesses. Lastly, we ask that Santa give certain Big Media headliners precisely what they deserve for Christmas namely: a padded cell for Olberman, a year supply of time release Prozac for Matthews, a week wooden stocks in the town square for MSNBC and NBC executives who denied there was a problem when they knew there was one, a copy of story of Faust for Brazille, a rat suit for Todd, a clown suit for Robinson and last but not least a RCMP uniform for Williams. If Santa will do that then I promise to lay off the liquor– for the time being

  287. Obama’s VP pick will give a speech at the convention on a night to honor veterans. Does this give any hints to who it might be? This was posted as a discussion topic at Taylor Marsh but I don’t want to read any postings over there since she has gone over to the other side and the site is now filled by Obamabots..

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