Race-Baiter 47

As he begins his 47th year, the race-baiter is having a rough day.

Empirical evidence, like candles on a birthday cake, in the form of polls continues to mount that he is a loser.

But it is generous to a fault Bill Clinton, doing his usual good works in Africa, that delivers the unwanted Big Birthday gift.

This was the line from the Bill Clinton interview with ABC News’ Kate Snow that stood out to us as Obama’s unwanted big birthday gift:

Now, I will be glad, as soon as this election is over in January, to have this conversation with you and everybody else. I have very strong feelings about it.

Obama and Big Media are pushing the narrative that anyone who does not worship celebrity messiah Obama – is a racist. According to Obama and Big Media – Hillary supporters, Hillary Clinton, Hillary endorsers, Bill Clinton, Hillary voters – are all racists. Oh, and John McCain is a racist too because he is not running pro-Obama advertisments but instead highlighting how unqualifed Obama is to be president.

History professor Sean Wilentz wrote about Obama, the race-baiter.

Bill Clinton will add to our knowledge of Obama’s race-baiting after January. We can barely wait.

For now, Bill Clinton sounded plaintive saying But I am not a racist, I never made a racist comment, and I didn’t attack him personally.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton should have said during the primaries what Rick Davis said about Obama’s race-baiting and dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck. We have no doubt that Bill Clinton will say exactly that next year.

Bill and Hillary Clinton must have been surprised when long-time friends in the African-American community joined in the ugly attacks against them. African-American comedians, politicians and hacks all joined in the ugly attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton either by direct participation or by acquiesing silence. The Don Imus race-baiting brigade includes Al Sharpton, Donna Brazile, David Axelrod, DailyKooks, Talking Pimps Memo, Arriana Huff n’ Puff and Jim Clyburn.

But let’s not forget all the African-Americans that stood up for Bill and Hillary Clinton. There was Magic Johnson and Maya Angelou. Robert Johnson and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones stood up for decency and their long-time friends. Sheila Jackson-Lee and yes, Maxine Waters, and a majority of the Congressional Black Caucus all stood up for decency and their long-time friends who did so much to help the African-American community and all Americans.

Here’s the full transcript of the Bill Clinton interview, with all the leading questions included:

ROBIN ROBERTS: Now, though, to our exclusive interview with former President Bill Clinton. He has said he does not want to talk about his wife’s loss in the primary until after the election. But “Good Morning America” weekend anchor Kate Snow talked with him in Rwanda, in the middle of his four nation Africa tour for his foundation where he’s working on nutrition programs to help HIV-infected children. He spoke to Kate about his Africa trip and reflected on what happened in his wife’s run for the White House.

ABC GRAPHIC: ’08, Obama & More: One on One with Bill Clinton

SNOW: When your wife, the senator, finally gave that speech on that Saturday in June, I was there. Watched you a little bit, saw your face. Kind of looked like you’d been crying.

BILL CLINTON: I hadn’t been crying. I was just very proud of her. She has always been a great public servant, but she became a great political leader in this campaign. There is a big difference between being a great public servant and a great political leader. I thought she was magnificent that day. I was really proud of her. I still am.

SNOW: It’s been about eight weeks. Your friends tell us that you’re angry.

BILL CLINTON: I’m not. And I never was mad at Senator Obama. I think everybody’s got a right to run for president who qualifies under the Constitution. And I would be the last person to ever begrudge anybody their ambition. And he was a superbly gifted candidate in this election and had a great operation. They thought this thing through. And it’s a contact sport. And, you know, he hit her hard a couple times. And they hit us a few times and weeks before she ever responded in kind. The only thing I ever got mad about was people in your line of work, pretending that she had somehow started negative stuff. It’s a contact sport.

[Debate clip]

SENATOR HILLARY CLINTON: I’m used to taking the incoming fire. I’ve taken it for 16 years, but when you get into this arena, you can’t expect to have a hands-off attitude about your record.

SENATOR BARACK OBAMA: Hillary, I opposed that bill and you know I did.

BILL CLINTON: It was an amazing election. We never had one quite like it. Never had one that close.

SNOW: Sure.

BILL CLINTON: Never had one that was, you know, that kind of shook out the way it did. It was– You know, people will be studying that thing for years and years and years.

SNOW: Yeah. Well, people are already studying it. And a lot of people, including your supporters, your donors, say that they blame you at least in part, for her loss. I know you’ve heard this.

BILL CLINTON: No — I’ve heard it from —

SNOW: Do you blame yourself at all?

BILL CLINTON: I’ve heard it from the press. And I will not comment on this because it interferes with the issue, which is who should be elected in November. I made hundreds and hundreds of speeches, Kate. I bragged on Senator Obama hundreds of times. Now, I will be glad, as soon as this election is over in January, to have this conversation with you and everybody else. I have very strong feelings about it.

SNOW: But, I don’t understand why you say it’s bad for him to go over —

BILL CLINTON: I live out here in the fact based world — Well, first of all, you say I don’t like this type of modern reporting that says, so-and-so anonymous says this. You know they all say this.

SNOW: Jim Clyburn. Not anonymous. New York Times came out–

BILL CLINTON: Not my supporter. Jim Clyburn

SNOW: A long friend of yours. A longtime friend.

BILL CLINTON: Used to be. He is not my– He was not Hillary’s supporter. Never. Not ever. Not for a day.

SNOW: He said you said you lost a lot of African-American support?

BILL CLINTON: No. The people who were–

SNOW: He said you severely damaged your standing with African-American support?

BILL CLINTON: First of all– Yeah. That may be by the time he got through working on it, that was probably true. But that’s not the same thing. You said I hurt her.

SNOW: I said, your supporters are saying —

BILL CLINTON: No, you said my supporters and then you cited Jim Clyburn.

SNOW: I take your point. But there are supporters of yours who are saying —

BILL CLINTON: You did. But here’s what you can do since I don’t want to talk about it.

SNOW: Okay.

CLINTON: Go get yourself a map. Look where I went and look what the vote was. Look at Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky.

SNOW: You helped in a lot of places.


SNOW: Rural places.

BILL CLINTON: No, not just rural places. Cities. Indiana. So, I got bad press. Why? Because I told the truth. That there was a different standard applied to the finest candidate I ever supported.

SNOW: Pretty simple question. And maybe you don’t want to answer it right now and I respect that fully. But, if you want to answer it, do you personally have any regrets about what you did campaigning for your wife?

BILL CLINTON: Yes, but nothing like you think. And it would be counterproductive for me to talk about it. There are things that I wished I urged her to do. Things I wished I had said. Things I wished I hadn’t said. But I am not a racist. I never made a racist comment and I didn’t attack him personally.

SNOW: Clinton insists the hard-fought primary season made Barack Obama a stronger candidate. Is he ready to be president?

BILL CLINTON: You could argue that no one is ever ready to be president. I mean, I certainly learned a lot about the job in the first year. You could argue that even if you’ve been vice president for eight years, that no one can ever be fully ready for the pressures of the office. And that everyone learns something, and something different. You could argue that. He’s shown a keen strategic sense in his ability to run an effective campaign. He clearly can inspire and motivate people and energize them which is a very important part of being a president. And he’s smart as a whip, so there’s nothing he can’t learn.

SNOW: He won’t comment on whether he thinks his wife ought to be Obama’s running mate.

BILL CLINTON: It’s up to him. It’s none of his business. This is my life now.

SNOW: His life now is his foundation. All weekend long he and Chelsea visited projects from the mud huts that community healthcare workers visit to fields planed with new crops. He in hiking boots and khakis, she in cropped jackets and designer heels. Believe it or not, Bill Clinton said he was never looking forward to the idea of living in the White House again.

BILL CLINTON: I loved– Look, I was honored to live there and I was honored to do the job, and I loved every day of it. But I love what I’m doing now. And that’s why I really admire how Hillary’s handling this. You know, she went right back to work. You have to live in the moment. Time is passing. You can’t make yesterday again. You have to live in the moment and go forward. And at least for people like us what you do and whether people are better off when you quit than started is a lot more important than whether you navigate the prevailing story line.

SNOW: Mr. President, thank you so much.

CLINTON: Thank you.

Have the birthday you deserve Race-baiter 47.


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  1. Graham and Daschle in heated debate over ‘the race card’


    video attached.

    I’m starting to like McCain more and more.

  2. Admin,

    Thanks for posting that. I couldn’t bring myself to tune in this morning but I am FURIOUS at the F**ing questions thrown at BC. Those MF’ers!

    I was glad to read BC came down HARD on Clyburn, as he should.

  3. I love, love the Big Dawg. Good for him, for calling out Clyburn.

    That interviewer was not very good.

    LOL, at Chelsea, wearing designer high heels in Africa.

  4. I am glad the BC is in Africa doing good works. It where he needs to be with what we have going on.

  5. WTF? Because Jim Clyburn said so it must true? The truth is Jim Clyburn was an Obama supporter from almost the start. The only reason he stayed neutral was because he was more useful for BO if it appeared he didn’t have a horse in the race. Good for the big dawg for not backing down.

  6. Barack Obama spoke today, outlining his energy plan. He gave three main points, which are summarized in the video below.

    WATCH: video


    Obama is an idiot! His flipper immpression is the main factor in Buyer beware and lack of Trust of getting the job done.

    Because Obama is clueless and doesn’t connect with the base…he is way over his head. And if this is the best the Democrats can do…then I’m saying give McCain a chance.

    Obama is NOT a Leader.

  7. a friend of ours pointed out that my analysis of what is going on now neglected to mention the negotiation that is going on now to incorporate certain parts of Hillary’s agenda into the party platform and the relevance of Bills intention to write a book as you admin mention in this thread. There is so much corruption in this primary that it will have to be a fat book. Here is the revision:

    Therefore, when she learned that her opponents had bribed or coerced over 100 undecided super delegates to vote against her at the convention she saw the handwriting on the wall. If it had been her alone then I believe she would have fought on to the convention– even if it meant the end of her own political career. After all, she is deeply committed to the issues, and relishes a good fight. But in politics it is never that simple. If you are a true leader like she is then you must consider what that fight would mean to the political future of supporters and your own ability to serve the people of your state. If you have lost the endorsement of super delegates then you cannot protect supporters from reprisal. And if you are Hillary Clinton and your opponent is “their man” then Big Media will portray your effort to save our democracy as a deranged attempt to destroy the party and a black nominee for the sake of revenge. If you are pragmatic then you will weigh those risks before you decide to launch a Gotterdammerung. I am sure Hillary did, and that is why she decided not to fight on to the Convention. However, she did retain her pledged delegates and is using them as leverage to negotiate some of her proposals for the invisible people into the party platform. But the political dilemma she faces now is how to keep faith with her supporters without undermining Obama’s candidacy. The further dilemma is whether to pretend this was a legitimate process and go along with the bread and circuses on gender equality which will be trotted out at the convention to cover up what actually occurred or to call the game on them. Her husband plans to write a book on this after the election which may yet expose the finer details of the assault on democracy which was perpetrated here.

  8. I keep hearing it. Let’s beat her again:

    Don’t offer her the VP SO SHE CAN TURN IT DOWN
    Don’t acknowledge that she won the Popular vote
    Don’t let her name be in nomination, if it is force her to withdraw it.
    Don’t give her credit for the solutions on Issues. (don’t worry, we already know which ones are hers; however your followers will not as they have not even read your issues and plantform stuff).


  9. Obama has been playing the race card ALL THROUGH 2008 and it’s great to see Bill Clinton telling it like it is. Obama cannot win in November now (because he’s inflicted too much self-damage, and the Republicans will give him hell over Rev. Wright, clinging-to-guns-and-religion, and the dollar bill race-baiting gaffe).

    Obama is dropping like a stone in the polls (he’s fallen about 9 points in a week, and undecideds/swing voters are flocking to McCain in droves) and it will only get worse for him.

  10. breaking-obama in deep sh-t


    7NEWS/Suffolk University poll of Massachusetts voters:

    Obama 47, McCain 38
    In June’s poll, Obama was ahead by 23 points.

    Dates conducted: July 31-August 3. Error margin: 4.9 points.

  11. texan4hillary

    So it looks like he might be dropping faster at the Universities (or at Massachusetts Universities) than he is in the regular population. Have I interpreted that right?

  12. I’m producing the Audacity of Democracy movie, and let me tell you – the amount of corruption in this primary is staggering. i’ve been talking to people all over the country – including Cody – and everywhere I go, people are furious. We’re going to cover the corruption and there is far more documentation of the problem than you imagine.

    The feature itself won’t be done until next year, but we’ll have a got lot of footage available for delegates at the convention. Prepare to get angrier.

  13. Way to go Bill…so glad that called on that race baiter Clyburn!!!

    That Clyburn was given the #3 position in the house as an affirmative action only..He should step immediately!

    As far as I am concerned, Obama, Jim Clyburn, and 80% of the AAs can do whatever they want…I am not going to support any of their causes unless I know them personally…

    And I do respect a lot my AA friends and elected officials like Mayor Dellums, Stephanie Tubbs, sheila jackson lee, maxine water and that awesome mayor of Philly…

  14. So, I’m reading this exchange http://www.rumromanismrebellion.net/2008/08/04/no-word-on-whether-diego-maradona-is-involved/#comment-10910 and I’m thinking…where the HELL have I heard those words before?

    Then it hits me…an Obama supporters said it to me, verbatim , several weeks back. Not only that, but in the puma documentary trailer, what does the little redheaded young lady say her mysterious caller said? “GOD WILL GUIDE THE HAND OF JUDGMENT THAT WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN!”

    WTF?! Holy water anyone?!

  15. Admin; that was another great article, but what I noticed is that BC said “everybody that is qualifies under the constitution can run for POTUS”. WOW, did that not strike any of you the way it struck me?? That was quiet an unusual sentence. He could have just if someone wants to run for the presidency they can, why did he specifically say “under the constitution”. There is more to look at that interview besides what he said about Clyburn!

  16. Whoah, Obama can’t even crack 50% in MASSACHUSETTS? He must be sh***ing bricks over the prospect of Romney as VP…

  17. Everyone check out Larry Johnson’s latest. He says Waffles lied in his FEC filings, and an MSM reporter is pursuing the story. Also, he raises the question of why Waffles hasn’t released his health records.


    And I LOVED the answers Bill gave in that interview, especially how he handled the Clyburn question. BTW, that WaPo article talked about Waffles’ campaign ignoring him. I doubt he wants anything to do with Waffles anyway, frankly.

  18. confloyd,

    It’s a hot topic over at NQ. Techdude is rumored to have cracked the COLB and proved it’s a forgery.
    If that’s true, perhaps BC knows about it and that’s why he said anyone can run for prez if they’re qualified under the constitution.

    Maybe the proof that BO isn’t a legal citizen is about to surface?

    One can only hope.

  19. Idunn, that statement doesn’t sound like something someone from this country would say. That’s sounds like something from the KORAN.

  20. confloyd, the “constitution” comment struck me as odd, too. Also, he said when this election is over “in January,” instead of “in November.” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I wonder if BC thinks this will be another disputed election, a la 2000? Disputed election? Constitutionally qualified to be President? Hmmmmm…

  21. BerkeleyVox, He could have said that completely different, so why did he inject that statement. Maybe he reads NOQuarter. I know that it was Larry Johnson of NQ that outed the real Plame story and who is the BUsh administration was involved in outing her, so maybe he reads it. I don’t know.
    NQ definitely has something with this forged birth certificate of a female being represented as BO’s. There are many questions about his authenticity, and why is the press silent about it. It’s just awful, considering the terrorists threat to take us over from within!

  22. MSNBC: “Obama SHIFTS HIS POSITION on oil drilling”. Oh now that is a good one. How about falls through his ass again and again and again. At some point we should present him with the pee wee herman liar liar pants on fire award, and msnbc should get the Goebbels good citizen of the Reich reward-Keith Olberman accepting.

  23. Agree with bloggers that Big Dog knows plenty. Obama lies in his application for the State Bar, FEC filings, and he can’t produce a valid birth certificate because there isn’t one that would prove citizenship under the law to qualify running for the Presidency.

    In essence, deception at the highest (and lowest) levels have prevented our country from the greatest Presidency in the future of our country. I will NEVER have another thing to do with the unDemocratic? Party.

    NObama NOvember.

    Big Dog January.

    McCain January.

    Eighteen Million Independents = Democracy Restored = Hillary Clinton 2012

  24. Admin, Thanks so much for that good post. I really appreciate the work President Clinton is doing all over the world and I am so glad to hear that Chelsea is with him right now. I have called him “Bill” all my life but right now I just feel like calling him President Clinton because he deserves the respect for all that he did for our country and all he continues to do. I am glad he is callin’ the game when it comes to the race card; and I am glad that he mentioned that he’d talk after the election. And I am thrilled to hear that he’s gonna write another book. Remember folks, he was there, he witnessed stuff first hand. Remember in Vegas when he saw people being told they had to caucus for Obama? He saw and heard plenty. But most important I sincerely believe that he and Hillary can help this country move forward toward a healthier and more productive discussion on race, gender, diversity, in general.


  26. I was just thinking about Bill Clinton’s interview and I am so freaking mad at the DNC for denying America the “finest candidate that he ever backed”.
    I dare them to do this at this time in history. God I wished I had the time and the money to go to Denver and protest. There are just no words that can describe how I feel about what has been done to us the American Middle Class. Its sickening.
    He can steal her platforms and act like he is going to do the right thing for us, but folks I am not dumb enough to believe that crap. Barack Insane Obama is only interested in making history for himself, he could care less about us.
    If he did care about us why would he have a cartoon that he takes with him that says “worship me”. He thinks this is all a joke, and he thinks his supporters are a joke. I wonder what will happen when they find out what he really thinks of them, just as the evangelicals found out what the BUsh administration thought about them.

  27. Idunn, that statement doesn’t sound like something someone from this country would say. That’s sounds like something from the KORAN.

    Well, I’m no conspiracy theorist…that’s just not how my mind works. But it does strike me as weird that I’ve heard that EXACT quote from 3 different people connected with BO, and yet, I can’t find a single reference to it outside of those 3 people. Do these people all KNOW each other?! Is someone passing out a script? What the hell??!!

  28. NoBama in NOvember. NODimocrat in NoVember. They ALL should pay!

    Flipper man is a PIG!

    I am so glad America is waking from the stupor they were in.

    I also believe that when he passes over Hillary’s name as veep he will fall even further. Many people have told me they were holding out to see who he chose and if it was Hillary they’d not go with McCain but that if he passes her over, then they are voting McCain.

    Hillary can’t save his ass though, he is too juvenile and too incoherent. He will not be POTUS. Of that I am assured.

  29. When did it become okay to ridicule and disrespect a former president, a former first lady/current senator, and their child?

    I have not forgotten how Obama, his handlers, the DNC, and the media have treated the Clintons in the last year.

    No matter how Obama and Michelle try to suck up now that the ship is sailing off without them, he can’t take back his words or his actions.

  30. Btw, I have a second contract on my house .. everyone please keep your fingers crossed and say up a prayer for me .. we really want to sell and move back closer home. The other deal fell through based on low balling by a second appraisal company who the lender hired for a 2nd appraisal even though they had the first one which they ordered and one of my own that pretty much substantiated my selling price. Gut wrenching month ahead for us AGAIN…still not packing anything else till I have $ in hand LOL

  31. Anybody see the New Survey USA poll for FL?
    Obama 44
    McCain 50

    This is the second FL poll I’ve seen with Obama trailing. The first was the FL Chamber of Commerce poll a few days ago.

  32. Yes, this is the second I have see him trailing in also.

    Do you suppose that those Florida people are upset because he decided NOW after stealing the votes from Hillary to allow them all to vote


    Do you suppose the FL and MI are mad as hell because they were used to knock out the best candidate of the Democratic party.

    I would be mad. I wonder what they will do if their is a roll call vote. I CAN TELL YOU WHAT I WOULD DO, I WOULD FOR FOR HRC.

  33. Yeah,

    Obama spent $5 million in FL, McCain has spent ZERO so far. Best Investment Return, ever!

    A couple of other polls always show trending McCain at state levels.(all safe red/blue though)


    McCain 58, Obama 38

    McCain 57, Obama 38
    June the gap was only 9 points.

  34. admin,
    Wow. BO is domination McCain with both the black and hispanic vote but still losing by 6 pts!

  35. Thankgod for John McCain, he is the only exposing this idiot for who he is, OUT OF TOUCH WITH MIDDLE AMERICANS!

  36. I received another phone call from the Obama campaign. This time they were asking for $200.00. I told the guy i was not voting for Obama. He said Oh you are? I said yes i am. He asked me if i was happy with the last eight years. I told him no and that i would not be happy with Obama. I told him they missed a great opportunity when Hillary was not picked for the nominee, i told them no money and if Hillary is not the nominee, my money will be going to McCain. He sounded so surprised. I told him just because i am black don’t assume i am for Obama. I want the most qualified, and that he may be the chosen one, he is not the one for me.

  37. Damn, maybe it really IS the Rove Jr. varsity helping McCain. Much as it irks me to see it, slipping HRC in there at the end was a brilliant move on their part.

    Oh well, fuck it.

  38. Idunn

    I have to admit it was good to see her and hear her strong firm voice. OBAMA YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

    Thank you McCain Reps for adding that in.

  39. Those Florida numbers are incredible. The more you look at it, the more you realize that the electoral math simply does not add up for Obama.

  40. I always loved that song, “Running on Empty.”

    Shame on you, Barack Obama! Loved that line from Hillary.


    I can’t believe, he said, “Inflate your tires” so many times. Not a prudent thing to say.

  41. Idunn:

    GOP creative genuis!!! I am doing both..crying and laughing!!!

    Shame on Barack Obama and the people who voted for him!!!!

  42. So when do the SDs realize the members of the board are out if it in the board room (drinking the Kool Aid again).

    So if you go against Dean/Pelosi/Kerry/Obama, they are Going to do what to you?

    The stick they are holding over your heads right now, look nothing like that cliff you see ahead of you.

    The American People are watching you, and the people who put you in office, and the majority that voted for her in your district are watching also.




  43. neetabug ,

    I just read some comments on mydd. They’re handwringing on this FL poll, cursing there’s no way McCain could attract 16% of African American votes in Florida.

    LOL. Pretty childish. Every state is different. If my memory is correct, Hillary Clinton had one of the best showing among African American voters in Flordia during primaries.

    Let Obamabots eat their crow in Nov.

  44. A couple of polls out today at state level are showing further improvement of McCain’s standing at state level.

    Survey USA Florida

    McCain 50 Obama 44

    Poor Obama, he has spent over $5 million on ads in this state since primary, and McCain has spent ZERO. Great investment return, and keep it up, Obama.

    Other polls are conducted in safe blue and red states, nothing particular interessting except the trendline.

    Suffolk Massachusetts

    Massachusetts Obama 47, McCain 38 (June: Obama 53, McCain 30)

    John Kerry, keep talking and I’m sure you’ll help your buddy even more.

    Rasmussen Arizona

    McCain 52, Obama 36 (June: McCain 49, Obama 40)

    Rasmussen Alabama

    McCain 55, Obama 37(June: McCain 51, Obama 36)

    Rasmussen Connecticut

    Obama 51, McCain 36(June: Obama 52, McCain 35)

  45. IDUNN, I have just had that statement looked up in the KORAN by the Houston library, they have said it is not a bible, Koran, or Torah verse, but was used in a speech about 2 weeks ago by a ex-senator from Arizona named Carolyn Warner. Is that of any help???

  46. Berkeley Vox,

    I never believe Obama can win Florida and OH. I think his best chances to flip are in the following states.

    CO, VA, NV, NM.

    IA is probably a given to flip to D this cycle since he did well in caucuses.

  47. they’re saying Obama is going to nominate Bayh VP tomorrow or Wednesday.

    Bayh is a likeable guy, but sort of dud, I doubt it will have any impact one way or the other, but it does give McCain an opening to make a bold choice.

    Sarah Palin, please, that will almost certainly make the defeat of bambi in Nov when lots of ‘bitter’ women flock to McCain/Palin side.

  48. Kostner, those were fraudulent caucas’s in Iowa. We have no idea if he can get Iowa. Half of those people in Iowa were shipped in from Illinois!

  49. was used in a speech about 2 weeks ago by a ex-senator from Arizona named Carolyn Warner.

    Yeah, that was the 1st quote I linked in my original post. Then the girl in that clip from The Audacity Of Democracy trailer said someone said the EXACT same words to her. And THEN I recalled an Obot saying the exact same thing to me on some blog several weeks ago.

    It’s just weird…repeated 3 times verbatim, from 3 different people. Unless, of course, the redheaded girl in the video is the PUMA person Wagner said this to.

    I dunno. Just weird, is all.

  50. If McCain starts spending some time in townhall meetings with the Indians, the Hispanics, and the Women, I think he will make in roads here. Bush won NM the last time. Kerry could not carry it because of the elitism stuff. As I remember he spent all of his time in the larger populations.

    If Hillary were running, she would be out talking to the ranchers, and the people living on the reservations. Those sorts of respectful meetings go a long way.

  51. Confloyd

    Remember some of those Caucuses were open also, meaning the Reps and Independents could vote in the Dems caucus. That is why those results really did not mean that much, except to the MEDIA.

  52. basement angel,

    I heart all your hard work for this documentary. I really hope it makes a difference at the convention.

    My only concern is that some delegates and the DNC already know what is out there and just don’t care. They have already been corrupted, paid off, etc…

    That being said, it is the people’s vote in November that will count.

  53. JanH, you are right about that, we have the final say, but I thought we did in Indiana and North Carolina but those votes can be adjusted to what the power folks think it should be.

  54. Two rabid Hillary Haters with brain tumors, guess they spent too much time on their cell phones conspiring to take her down!

  55. Instead of his 57 -state tour in places such as Indiana, North Carolina etc, maybe Bambi needs to start campaigning in MA if current trend continues?

    I heard he planned to take a one-week vacation in Hawaii in mid of Aug, I’m wondering whether the hotel booking has been cancelled.

  56. Another bad poll in out for Bambi. Zogby:” The McCain camp seems to have turned lemons into lemonade”

    Zogby(really crappy pollste though) is showing it’s a dead heat…
    The national Associated TV/Zogby International telephone poll of 1,011 voters surveyed July 31-Aug. 1 finds McCain (R-Arizona) leading 42 percent to 41 percent over Obama (D-Ill.), which represents a sudden turnaround from the Reuters/Zogby poll of July 7-9 that showed Obama ahead, 46 to 36 percent in a four-way race with Libertarian Bob Barr of Georgia and liberal independent Ralph Nader. McCain made big gains among some of Obama’s strongest demographic groups – young adults, women and independents.

    The survey, commissioned by Associated TV, included 1,011 likely voters and was conducted July 31-Aug. 1, The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points.

    McCain gained 20 percent while Obama lost 16 percent among voters ages 18-29. Obama still leads that group, 49 percent 38. McCain closed 10 points on Obama among women, although Obama still leads by a 43 percent to 38 percent. Obama and McCain are tied among independents after Obama held an 11-point lead. Even Democrats have cooled on Obama, dropping from 83 percent support to 74.

    Among single voters, Obama’s support slid by 19 to a 51-37 advantage.

    Even with African Americans and Hispanics, Obama showed smaller margins of support.

    The poll follows what had been described as a blockbuster tour of the Middle East and Europe that was intended to boost Obama’s foreign policy profile. McCain used the trip as a launch pad to question whether Obama’s popularity abroad would translate into leadership at home.“

    The McCain camp seems to have turned lemons into lemonade. Huge crowds and mostly favorable press reviews of Obama’s overseas trip have been trumped by McCain’s attacks on Obama,” said pollster John Zogby. “Loss of support for Obama among young voters may also be due to his perceived reversals on issues they care about, such as the war and government eavesdropping.”

    The poll suggests McCain is making gains in winning key battleground states. His numbers improved most in the West and Middle America. Obama’s narrow lead in the central U.S. is now a 45 percent to 36 percent McCain lead. In the West, Obama’s 15-point lead has evaporated into a 43-40, McCain advantage

    Catholics, who favored Obama by 11 points in mid-July, now favor McCain by 15 percent.

  57. All these poll numbers are very, very important. If there’s going to be a big shift by the SDs at the convention over to Hillary, it can’t happen without polling data (“living in a fact-based world”) showing how unelectable Obama is.

    …on a side note, there’s a great photo right now on the front page of washingtonpost.com, showing Bill Clinton speaking at the Worldwide AIDS conference.

  58. kostner

    I think polling group usually favors Obama. You got to be scratching your head at this point.

    I guess that is why he is announcing his VP. He thinks he will be a bump from that. I guess he will, but can he maintain the bump is the big question.

  59. Berkeley Vox

    Great photo at washingtonpost.com. They should imbed that one. He looks great. I think he is where he needs to be right now. Great positive image going.

  60. Yeah. You know it’s bad when even BO loving Zogby shows McCain leading. I’m not sure how much of a bump he’ll get out of the vp pick. If he picked a real star then it would help at least in the short term. As much as I like Sen Bayh I don’t think he’ll move Obama’s poll numbers much.

  61. Dot,

    BOL with the house. I understand what you’re going through. When I had to move last May the sale almost fell through and I would have been royally screwed as house prices in my old neighborhood hhave dropped 40% since last year.

  62. Panic attack on mydd and taylormarsh…

    This is just some noisy bumps in a few polls. Just imagine he really loses in Nov. How many bots will jump off the cliff?

  63. I like Bayh a lot, too, but I don’t think Waffles will get much of a bump from the choice. People will still be asking why he didn’t pick Hillary. As good as Bayh is, he ain’t close to being in her league.

  64. I think he is expecting to get a bump from the Bayh appointment because everyone knows he was on Hillary side. To me that is just another slap in the face. I don’t want hillary anywhere near him but to ask her primary supporter and who she was going to have as veep, its just disgusting.

    I guess most people think I am a conspiracy theorist, but I can tell you that you can’t deseat a Hillary Clinton without a whole lot of people’s help. This was not done just by Obama outsmarting her, he had lots of help and that help was from the inside! I can tell you he thinks the whole thing is funny.

    During one of the unity speeches I saw one of BO’s helpers on stage laughing behind Hillary’s back. I have been looking for that clip and I can’t find it. I wish I knew who that black guy was that was on stage with them, but he was smirking bigtime during her part of the speech!

  65. My issue with Bayh is that he is so good that he should be at the top of the ticket…not the other way around.

    So if he just there to prop up BO why should I even consider Bayh now…he could run by himself in 4 yrs time.

    thank you and bayh-bye!

  66. confloyd, it’s completely normal to pick a supporter of your opponent. It rounds out the apparatus. Bayh was a huge Hillary supporter. He wanted her to win even when it was clear she would be forced to run with BO.

  67. Hi Hillary Supporters: I love your article today. I am happy that Former President Clinton and our precious daughter Chelsea are doing a service to G-D and mankind in Africa. Yes, HIV numbers are growing through out the world. Well–I would like to say that OB has talked about the number of states including yesterday with 56 or 57 states in the union. Maybe to OB he is including the Islam countries as he has stated oversees that we are one world, OB is a citizen of the world, not just the US. He has presented his flag and emblem as his evidence. Well Maybe? I have the chills. The Star Banner Sunday’s survey question of the week, if the presidential candidates came to Marion County, would you go see them? Response: yes–30.9%. No–69.1%. South Florida is un- happy with the recent Wexler incident, I would guess that sector would vote for Hillary. (538 people responded to the survey.)

  68. confloyd

    I wonder if the guy is smiling today. I keep hearing here, that some of the local young have disappeared, and things are not as happy as they were. I imagine today was a bit gloomy.

  69. My issue with Bayh is that he is so good that he should be at the top of the ticket…not the other way around.


    Hi Harriet.

  70. I met Bayh while volunteering in South Bend Ind for Hillary He is very friendly. I took a picture with him. He is skinny also. I will nevr vote for Obama I don’t care who he picks for VP

  71. They will have a problem vetting Judas. In addition he will not carry his state, let alone other hispanic states. Did you notice that he pick O after all those contests were over.

  72. Paula, I think whether or not she accepts, BO owes the option Hillary and her 18 million voters, however Bayh will cause the least angst to the Hill supporters. The names bandied around, McCaskill, Sebelius, Kaine, etc., all BO loyalist, would be a disaster.

  73. Kostner

    Do not, I repeat, do not assume that Iowa is going to go for Obama in November.

    Democratic delegates and alternates (most of us anyway) received a 2-3 day heads up about when the State Convention was going to take place after it had been cancelled due to the floods- the convention was held 2-3 days after we received notice of the new date and location. I was on the State Platform Committee and I found out about it on the Thursday befor the Saturday Convention. I was the County chair for Hillary, and could not find but 2 of my delegates/alternates in that period of time- they already had prior community parades, reunions etc.

    Trust me, many do not trust the BHO organization, which has already taken over the Iowa Dem Party. One needed to be vetted by the BO Org just to get a seat at the State Convention…

    I know of several duly selected and elected delagates who did NOT pass the BHO test…and they are pissed. And not voting Dem in Novenmber.

  74. My goodness, he is not picking the Judas Richardson

    Cue Richardson to tuck tail and start kissing Bill and Hill’s ass for forgiveness. 2012 isn’t that far off, afterall. 😉

  75. Kostner


    Think how the true Democratic Party would have acted in those circumstances – and how the word of mouth in the 90 counties that are not huge – out of the 99 -are going to look in this state that was solid red 8 years ago and would have gone for our girl in November had the young thugs not taken over many of the caucuses thru intimidation.

    We are going to have to start all over again.

  76. Reading the letter about Florida getting all their votes back made me so angry I became breathless.
    First they gave us sanctimonious crap about the rules, then they took away some Clinton delegates, then they awarded Obama delegates in a state he didn’t run in, and when they finally had screwed enough with our votes that they could “declare” Obama the winner, they now take it all back. I am furious with them all.

    They make Bush look like a piker in Fla and Ohio.

  77. OK, I am going to go out on a limb here! I think Obama just does not want Hillary on the ticket because she will out shine him. So in order to get some of her support he is selecting Bayh hoping to pull up his numbers. I also think that if he was to get knocked out of the Presidency because of the Rezko Case, Birth Certificate problems, it would leave Bayh to take the nomination on to November. I don’t know there are things that are being done behind the scenes because he is dropping in the poles!

  78. It is totally ridiculous that he has not offered her the veep spot. I don’t want her to take it, but that is just a slap in her face.
    I was over at Momma’s E’s and they said Obama is pist because some of the big name supporters for Hillary told BO that they could not support him and he got mad about it and will not even ask her now.

  79. Confloyd — Like you, I wish I could be in Denver but I couldn’t find a place to stay. Is there something we can do for her from home???

  80. Thanks God he won’t pick Hillary. I don’t care whether Hillary wants it or not, I just can’t accept Bambi at the top. Make no mistake, this guy is poll obsessed, if his team sees further slippage, he may have no choice but to pick Hillary. If he doesn’t announce a name this week, things might get tricky.

    IMHO, this will give a huge opening to McCain if he picks Sara Palin. I doubt he’ll do so though.

  81. ADMIN!!!!!!

    Here is the video of the transcript posted upthread with Bill talking to the ABC reporter.

    Can You PLEASE embed??????


  82. confloyd: he created this dissension and divisiveness, now he is bearing the consequences of it. But, he probably doesn’t care. His arrogance will be his downfall.

    Interesting, the PUMA movement is large; especially, when one considers that big name donors are not coughing up the funds for the BO campaign. His ego gets in the way of doing the right thing. He is a thug.

  83. Kostner: Palin may be too young, and she has a fairly new baby on her hands. I thought, she had said she was too busy, but that might be old information.

  84. I do not wish to comment on anyone’s intelligence or lack thereof, but………..

    In yelping about the McCain “celebrity” ad (boy, it must have stung), the talking point today was “why use two blond girls — why couldn’t they use Oprah or Tiger?”

    Answer: (which the Obama people talked through so that it couldn’t be heard) Oprah and Tiger are NOT famous for being famous. One is a long-running star in TV and other ventures, and the other is probably the best golfer that ever lived. Both, by the way, have done great things for children — building a school, building a learning center, etc. etc. Obama has done nothing — nobody can find an accomplishment of any size — and therefore was compared to two people who epitomize being famous for being famous.

    Take Paris and Britney and Obama and tot up their accomplishments. You can double space your answers if that will help. I will wait.

  85. I was just over at Mamma’s E’s and someother blog called in and wants to stop OBama, but Ed Hale asked him what he would do if it was Hillary instead of Obama, the guy sidestepped. I can tell you that if anyone would have trouble deciding who to vote between McCain and Hillary is a republican. Some republicans are getting on our coattails, but I guess it doesn’t make any difference as long as we STOP Obama. I just hate those republicans and what they have done to Bill and Hillary. THey are very devious too.

  86. neetabug, have you ever noticed its the women that always have too much freaking baggage. Look at Edwards!

  87. Dot48 Says:
    I also believe that when he passes over Hillary’s name as veep he will fall even further. Many people have told me they were holding out to see who he chose and if it was Hillary they’d not go with McCain but that if he passes her over, then they are voting McCain.

    Probably there will be a lot of anger expressed (or reported on), and maybe a drop. But in the long run, accroding to July WP/ABC poll, putting Hillary on the ticket would have repelled as many voters as it attracted.

    Remember most of us strong Hill supporters here and at camile424’s bitterpoliticz and at pumapac don’t WANT her ironing Obama’s shirt!

    Of course those repelled include GOP and Ind, not just us.

  88. This poll that says Hillary’s name of the ticket would lose as many as it got has to have been manipulated as all polls. What did they do calll either BO supporters or Republicans??
    I don’t believe for one minute it would repel that many voters, what I am sure of is that the DNC and big media would like us all to think that. I just remember Big Dawg, saying she had earned the right to be asked! He’s right, she has!

  89. it is a sad state of affairs when the republicans are the ones coming to the defense of bill clinton and defending his against ‘racism’ charges brought on by his own party and obama, clyburn, jj, jr, f’ing brazile and the rest of them…

    How dare they?

    the repubs show more respect to their failure of a prez in bush then the dems can muster for their successful two time dem prez in Bill

    karma cannot come fast enough for me on this…

    …love Hill and Bill…proudly Clintonista all the way…

  90. I would love to be a fly on the wall at home of Brazille when her little BO loses the general. Maybe she and axelrove should quit trying to make a President!

  91. neetabug,
    The so-called ‘baggage’ is just crap. I followed up her career a bit. She has sky-rocketing poll #s there, and combatted big oil companies…. Anyway, I do believe if MSM attacks her, it will backlash tremedously, especially among Hillary women supporters. Remember, many of Hillary’s ardent women supporters are angry, they felt helpless when the MSM destroyed the first viable female candidate in primaries, it will give them increased incentive to vote for McCain/Sarah if she’s under attack regardless of their ideology. Revenge is bitch, remember, and women are more than half of the electorate…
    LA Times

    Now, 2 Obama backers, Bernie Mac and Morgan Freeman,hospitalized

    A bad day for Barack Obama donors.

    Morgan Freeman, the iconic voice of God in several films and reliable good-guy co-conspirator of Christian Bale’s Batman in “The Dark Knight,” is in serious condition in a Memphis hospital after a late-night car accident near his home in Mississippi.

    The popular Freeman, who is 71, gave the Obama presidential campaign $2,300 on March 8.

    And comedian Bernie Mac, popular TV-film funnyman who got a little vocally naughty at a recent Obama fundraiser, is seriously ill with pneumonia in a Chicago hospital.

  92. I’m waiting for Obama to start singing…It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

    Oops…he’s been singing that one all along. 😉

  93. neeta: I don’t know very much about Palin, but 4-5 kids, the latest with Down Syndrome, is a lot of baggage. Who doesn’t have baggage? There is some other stuff, but I don’t remember what it was. I just hope McCain makes a good choice.

  94. Jan: that would make a great ad: “It’s my party and I’ll cry, if I want to…..la, la, la.”

    He is so thin-skinned, it would really bother him. LOL.

  95. Jan: Wouldn’t that be a sight? LOL! Don’t forget Kerry, Kennedy, and Daschle. Jeez, he could have sextet.

  96. Daschle? I used to like him and was quite upset when he lost to a wingnut. I haven’t seen him on a long time. But boy, he was SOOOOOO incompetent in defending his golden boy on foxnews. I saw that video clip on youtube. He got creamed by Graham. Geez.

    Why do all these Obama boys behave like wimps in front of GOPers? No wonder Ds keep on losing election after election.

  97. You liked Daschle? He’s a moron. He’s the cheif cheerleader of corn ethanol. He decided to hold the AUMF vote on the eve of the elections because he didn’t think americans cared about that and thought they wanted to get back to the social security debate. Hillary first suggested a rapid response team to him and he said this is Congress, not full body combat. What on earth did you like about Daschle?

  98. Actually, they do have one in place. He took Hill up on her idea. They did do something worth while with it, though I can’t remember what it was just now. But, yeah, Harry’s no prize fighter, heh.

  99. mj,

    I didn’t really follow his policy positions and frankly I didn’t pay much attention to him. I liked his soft-speaking style though. But boy, he’s creamed by Lindsey frickin Graham. Graham pulled out a piece of paper reciting when, where, what bambi said to prove he played the race card. Dascle sat there smiling.

    Obama’s Dean Plan. Yes, he can!!

    Obama making plans for Alaskans to travel by plane to knock on doors.

    ANCHORAGE — In what might be the fullest realization of Barack Obama’s pledge to run hard in parts of the country largely untouched by presidential campaigning, the Democrat’s Alaska operation is making plans for organizers to hopscotch the state’s vast and sparsely populated interior by bush plane, knocking on doors in remote outposts for their candidate.

  100. Idiot of the day. From ‘Democratic Underground’.
    So did McCain forget to wish Obama a Happy Birthday?

    McSame has no class what so ever

  101. please go way.
    Kennedy tapes video for Democratic convention

    Ailing Sen. Kennedy tapes video for Democratic National Convention

    AP News

    Aug 04, 2008 08:51 EST

    Sen. Edward Kennedy will have a presence at the Democratic National Convention even if he can’t make it to Denver.

    A Kennedy spokeswoman said Monday that the Massachusetts senator taped a five-minute video over the weekend to air during the party gathering at the end of the month. Crews visited his home on Cape Cod.

  102. I have read those posts on blogs like KOS and DU and those people really need cult psychotherapy assistance. They are truly lying to themselves.

  103. If he goes with Bayh he will probably carry Indiana. Especially if he can get that corrup mayor of Gary to help him stuff ballots. Will it make him more acceptable to Clinton dems? Doubtful. Will it give him a huge bump? Only as large as they can manage through phony polling. It is interesting that the other governors who supported Hillary won t touch the guy. If it is Bayh then neither one of them has experience on the economy or foreign policy. Romney is trump card in that case.

  104. wbboei: I was thinking the same thing about Indiana. There was rampant fraud and vote stealing that went on in that state.

  105. Indiana is notorious for that. You could always tell who was going to win in a close race by which city was coming in late. I think BO will need some help from his friends in Gary even to win Indiana with Bayh. We’ll see.

  106. Great writing as usual! And great news last week and so far this week. Let’s hope it keeps going this way!

    Down with Obama!

  107. who knows who bayh is? that is the point if obama picks him. he wont be rivaled on the trail. piking bayh means mccain will get a bump as clinton supporters go more to him.

  108. lbj was the last dem to carry indiana. 40 yrs ago. obama wont carry indiana. mo. ia. oh. pa. and about 30 other states

  109. Let’s keep organizing, making plans for Denver, and writing / calling those superdelegates — this election is beginning to change very suddenly.

  110. Dick Morris, who I dislike but who I also think is an incredibly savvy strategist, was on FOX news tonight. He said that if McCain begins parading out lots of senior economic advisers, and senior military advisers, and all of them hammer Obama’s inexperience, he could envision McCain beginning to pull away in the polls. He thinks Obama is doing extremely poorly right now.

  111. idunn said:
    Then it hits me…an Obama supporters said it to me, verbatim , several weeks back. Not only that, but in the puma documentary trailer, what does the little redheaded young lady say her mysterious caller said? “GOD WILL GUIDE THE HAND OF JUDGMENT THAT WILL STRIKE YOU DOWN!”

    This may be the same young lady, but one of the PUMA bloggers, Murphy or Camille424 (or maybe Paula who is not a blogger) got that threat and posted it at the top of one of her columns.
    That would be Murphy at blog.puma.pac, or Camille at camille424’s bitterpoliticz.

    Most likely some old Middle-eastern saying, I bet.

  112. turndownobama, I thought that phrase sounded middle eastern too. In American we just F*&K off! LOL!!

  113. I started doing Ricki Lieberman’s EW last week. I just finished sending off my batch of SD emails for this week. Two of my SDs are in Florida, so I mentioned that latest poll when I wrote to them.

    As for President Bill, I think he’s the Number One PUMA of all! I agree with those of you who said he knows what Waffles is hiding. But I am guessing that BC was/is hoping that some folks who are not directly connected to Hillary will beat him to the punch and expose this stuff publicly so that he won’t have to get his hands dirty and do it himself. In other words, it will have a different effect on the general public if Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, Fred, and Daphne rip off the mask and expose the villain underneath than if the job is done by a former US president and his friends on the inside.

    Barack: And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you pesky kids!

    (The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance)


    Many people are deeply dissatisfied with the leadership we have had over the past eight years. They are anxious for a new direction. Thus, when an unknown politician steps forward and talks about a “new kind of politics” they are inclined to listen. He is a blank canvass on which they project their highest hopes and fondest dreams. They want desperately to believe in him and what he says. Therefore they avoid the serious questions they would ask in any other hiring situation– questions like who is he, who does he really represent and how would he govern the country if he became president?
    Instead, they settle for vague promises and empty rhetoric because it alleviates their anxiety-but only for the moment. His operatives organize supporters into a political movement for “change”. His foot soldiers take over state parties. Big Media forsakes its historical role and promotes his candidacy like a new brand of perfume. Young people break out into mindless chants of “O-BA-MA!!!” and tell their parents to vote for him. Mindless adults obey. Suddenly, he is the inevitable candidate.

    When the unvarnished truth about him comes to light people rationalize what they hear rather than revise their initial opinion. If you confront them with the contradiction between what is and what ought to be they become defensive. If you press the issue they call you a “racist”. If you do this in a public forum then his supporters will launch a Holy War against you consisting of threatening calls, libel in the blogosphere and viruses to your website. You begin to realize that the “unity” he blathers about means the suppression of dissenting opinion. Welcome to the future.

    I come from a profession that trusts the wisdom of juries and voters–provided they have all the relevant facts. The purpose of this paper is to present those facts to you. I will tell you what I learned about the Messiah as a former Republican turned Hillary campaign volunteer who travelled to Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and West Virginia each of which we won. I will show you who he is, how he operates and why Big Media is keen to shove him down your throat. As you will see, millions of Hillary supporters refuse to vote for him despite her endorsement. Indeed, some of his own people have come to the same conclusion. But, I am not here to convert you. I am content to lay out the facts you have not heard and let you draw your own conclusions.

  115. Yeah, I think he is going to have to produce the real bc or he is toast in the next couple of days. You just can’t deny what Bill said today ” anyone can run for POTUS that is constitutionaly acceptable’ or something like that. Funny he said it that way!
    I think we will know by wednesday this week!

  116. I wonder how Dean, Pelosi, and Brazille will look with egg all over their faces with the fraudulent birth certificate comes out?? I know I will be ROTLMAO and thanking GOD for those people who worked so hard to find out how much of a fraud he truly is!

    Great post, Wbboei!

  117. Even if Barky produces a real, authentic, born-in-the-USA, not-a-Muslim, no-surprises birth certificate, the fact remains that he or his people had put out a fake birth certificate that had been forged from a real one belonging to his sister. How in the world can they come up with a reasonable explanation for doing something like that???

  118. how will this look-
    Quote: Bayh on Barack Obama in March 2008: “Well, it’s an argument that John McCain can make. He’s got great experience, (Clinton) has experience – they both probably have more than Sen. Obama.”

  119. WaPo article on Bill Clinton today in Mexico, at the World AIDS Summit

    Clinton: Widen AIDS Effort in U.S.
    Ex-President Says His Foundation Will Become More Involved

    By Ceci Connolly
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Tuesday, August 5, 2008; A02

    MEXICO CITY, Aug. 4 — Fresh off a whirlwind tour of AIDS programs across Africa, former president Bill Clinton said Monday that new U.S. figures highlight the need for fresh attention to the disease at home, particularly among African Americans.

    Citing data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicating that the U.S. epidemic has been underestimated by 40 percent, Clinton pledged the resources of his charitable foundation to refocus on domestic AIDS.

    “For Americans, this should be a wake-up call,” Clinton said, addressing the International AIDS Conference here. “Even as we fight the epidemic globally, we must focus at home. And I intend to do so with my foundation.”

    Until now, the William J. Clinton Foundation’s HIV/AIDS Initiative has focused overseas, primarily in Africa and the Caribbean. The foundation is credited with helping negotiate drastically lower prices for anti-retroviral therapies and diagnostic tests in places such as Senegal, Tanzania, Rwanda and Haiti.

    Clinton suggested he will now also target domestic AIDS, though he did not provide specifics. His office in New York did not respond to a request for more information.

    Phill Wilson, one of the most prominent voices on AIDS in the African American community, said he was heartened that Clinton had spoken out about the crisis at home.

    “I have been extremely disappointed with the Clinton Foundation, especially with it headquartered in Harlem of all places, that it has been silent on this issue,” Wilson, chief executive of the Black AIDS Institute, said in an interview after the speech. “I’m very grateful, and it is appropriate that President Clinton is committed to taking this on.”

    Wilson said that when he travels to Africa, the most frequent question he gets is why Americans travel halfway across the world to offer advice on curbing the spread of HIV when there is an epidemic among African Americans. Wilson called the neglect of AIDS in his community a “direct attack on black America.”

    Data from the CDC show that 70 percent of new HIV diagnoses among teenagers and 65 percent of HIV-infected newborns are black.

    About half of all AIDS cases in the United States are among African Americans, and the HIV prevalence rate among black men is three times the overall rate in the United States, Clinton said.

    Recent studies suggesting that people who live in Africa and those of African descent “may be more vulnerable genetically” to the virus that causes AIDS are a “cruel twist of evolutionary fate,” he added.

    Clinton took an indirect swipe at the Bush administration, praising Mexico for its policy of universal access to anti-retroviral therapies.

    “Hopefully, our neighbors to the north will follow,” he said to hearty applause. In reality, Mexico has gaps in its drug coverage, due to medication shortages, budget constraints and distribution challenges in rural areas.

    “AIDS is a very big dragon,” Clinton, who flew overnight from Africa to participate in the 17th biennial AIDS conference, told a few thousand delegates gathered in a darkened hall for his midday address. “This dragon must be slain by millions and millions of foot soldiers.”

  120. the quote you folks were discussing reminded me of the character “jules” in the movie “pulp fiction”

    Jules: There’s a passage I got memorized. Ezekiel 25:17. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.

  121. sarah palin

    from what i’ve read, she is loved by her fellow Alaskans with a bio any conservative would love. i would be interested in hearing her speak. anyone have a video? McCain would throw B-HO’s camp into a frenzy if he has the balz to put palin on the ticket.

  122. While I am only slightly familiar with Palin, I have to say, I REALLY like what I’ve seen. True, we are very often on opposite ends of the political spectrum (which I am with MOST Repuiblicans), but Palin is a woman with a hell of alot of grit, and more than alittle integrity.

    There have been a FEW instances were her opposition has tried to paint her otherwise, but so far, I’ve seen zero evidence of it.

    What saddens me is that, if McCain picks Palin , and IF he wins the GE , I will have to accept that the Republican Party NOT the Democratic Party, actually broke through the glass cieling. 🙁

    Obama and his self serving ego can go straight to hell.

  123. wbboei,

    Love the recent excerpt.

    Don’t know for sure what the piece is intended for but IMHO P 3 should be P 1. The juries/voters analogy ad your expertise with both is a strong opening.

  124. Heard from a Dem furious because they had recieved some Rep mailer. They wanted to know how they got their address. In this state, when you register, if you don’t click the little box, they sell your address etc to who ever will pay.

    I told them that O was targeting Independence and Reps, so they probably bought the list also for the Opposite party.

    I know some Dem voters are getting phone calls from Reps, just like I am sure Reps are getting phone calls from Dems.

  125. wbboei,

    “He is a blank canvass on which they project their highest hopes and fondest dreams. They want desperately to believe in him and what he says.”

    How many times has this same thing occured throughout history? Flim Flam men and women have drawn the blood of innocent, needy people over and over again and with devastating results!

    Thank you for recording this infamous moment in history.

  126. Good Morning! I have not been around for a while, I was recovering from the Primary!! I have a question, did I hear correctly that BO wants to give U.S. automakers $4billiion dollars (under his energy policy) for “Research” to imporve mileage and alternative fules??? Is it me or is this a bail out of the U.S. automakers? and if I am not mistaken the forgeign automakers have already started this process. God I ma MAD!

  127. To all those people who are working hard to get Hillary name’ on the ballot they need to remember anything is possible, all you have to do is read the history of the 1932 convention. LaRouche’s site has a comprehensive history of it. It is amazing the parallel’s of 1932 and today. We got FDR out of it and the New Deal which was instrumental in making America what it is today. We need Hillary to win the nomination and take it from the grasp of Obama’s fraudulent campaign! This fake birth certificate may be just what we need to expose the cheating and the lies him and his campaign have done.

  128. JAS, why would you be mad about that??? If the foriegn car makers is already doing this, why would the american car makers not be doing so.
    I don’t understand why you are mad??

  129. My point is why should our tax dollors go to “Research” when the automakers should have been doing this all along like their counterparts in Japan. U.S. automakers made the choice to develope cars with poor gas mileage, while Japan was developing hybird engine. That is the way I see it.

  130. If Evan Bayh is picked as VP for Obama I think it’s just an attempt to make him seem more mainstream by teaming him up with a likeable, non-threatening running mate. I don’t know a lot about Bayh except that he seems to be a nice guy and a successful politician in his state. I haven’t read that he has a long list of special achievements or is a champion for specific causes. If that’s true I can see why they would pick him for Obama. He won’t overshadow him, “looks good” (makes for a young looking team), and has a longer time in Washington. I’m sure they feel he can help win Indiana. It all seems very conventional though, not the outside Washington thinking that is Obama’s constant supposed theme.

    While Bayh is easily acceptable to Democrats as VP, I don’t feel that he would draw voters to Obama. Just because he was a Hillary supporter would not in any way make me personally change my mind about Obama. People still vote for the head of the ticket not the VP. I do think his choice might give McCain an opening to do something more unexpected.

    Just my two cents…..

  131. AmericanGal,

    The only reason I see Obama picking Bayh is for the like-ability factor, to appeal to all voters, and the Hillary connection.

    I like Bayh but if is the v.p. choice, then I am very disappointed that he didn’t turn this idiot down.

  132. Bayh has also served on the Armed Services Committee, and has been to Iraq (with Hillary), a number of times. He was a two-termed Governor of IN, and has been in the Senate for a number of years. He has quite a bit of experience, and was going to make a run for the Presidency this year, but folded his exploratory committee, after 2 weeks.

  133. Bambi had planned a vacation in Hawaii from Aug 8 to Aug 15, let’s see whether he’ll still go ahead.

  134. Kostner,

    He’ll go…lol…just so the media can show him shirtless and on the beach. Bound to bring in more votes…LMAO! 😉

  135. JAS, the government always bails out corporations while not giving the people any help with these horrible gas prices, they think that corporate welfare is ok, as long as it is not welfare to help the people, if they can mandate that the automakers in the US that our carmakers get gas mileage to 100 or 150 miles to the gallon it will eventually help us, it is just too bad that we the taxpayer has to pay for it.

  136. wbboei Says:
    August 5th, 2008 at 2:23 am

    (The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance)
    “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” why did you reverse the wording of this famous quote from Wendell Philliips? btw I gave a speech using that title years ago — it won me a full tuition scholarship.

  137. This is the society we’re in…. Can we send some of these kids to IRAQ!
    Young people finding Obama way cooler than McCain

    Forget the war for the White House for a moment. Among young people, Barack Obama appears to be beating John McCain in the battle for “cool.”

    “Obama is a tad cooler than McCain on probably 57 fronts,” said Emily Goulding, 25, of Los Angeles. “Obama’s better looking than McCain, Obama’s more stylish than McCain, Obama’s more fit than McCain. He refers to better music than McCain.”

    “Obama’s big with the kids, everyone knows that,” said Tom Johnson, 21, of Norfolk, Va. “McCain — that guy’s not cool. I just can’t call McCain cool.”

    “It’s got to be Obama,” said David Munn, 20, of Keene, N.H. “He’s younger, I think he has more of a connection with my generation. I just think he communicates better to my generation, especially with issues in Iraq. (McCain) is all right, but not as cool as Obama.”

    According to these members of Generation Y, Obama, 47, has the “cool” thing down. He’s an avid basketball player, listens to Jay-Z on his iPod and was on the cover of this month’s issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

    McCain, on the other hand, has admitted he’s a big fan of the ’70s-era Swedish disco band ABBA and an “illiterate” when it comes to using a computer. He turns 72 next month, and if elected, he’d be the oldest president in American history to begin his first term.

    Obama has a 2-to-1 lead over McCain among 18-to-34-year-olds, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week. The same poll gave Obama an 8 percentage point lead among registered voters nationwide. In an AP-Yahoo News poll in July, the two were virtually tied among voters overall.

    But does “coolness”_ or the perception of it at least — really matter to young voters?

    “I don’t think you can ignore that factor,” said James Kotecki, a 22-year-old political video blogger who achieved fame on YouTube last year after he interviewed former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul in Kotecki’s Georgetown University dorm room.

    “What Obama’s been able to do is capitalize on his hipness, at least as far as younger voters go,” said Kotecki, whose video commentaries now appear on Politico.com, the Web site for the Washington political newspaper. “I think it’s not that they don’t support his issues and his policies, but younger voters are more willing to work for him and work passionately for him because he’s someone who resonates more on their wavelength.”

    “Coolness” is often associated with youth, but elder status doesn’t automatically signify “uncool,” Kotecki said.

  138. Thanks for the background info on Bayh. While it looks like he is a likeable politician and photogenic, I am more dubious that he will suddenly draw Hillary supporters to Obama simply because he supporter her in the primary.

  139. lil ole grape Says:
    I was quoting Jefferson. He said it that way.

  140. basil: will try to get it into websites and sent to pundits and newpapers. Want it to cascade in all directions under the heading cavear emptor–buyer beware–looks like 8 chapters–will need exective summary so their eyes dont glaze over. I come from a business environment where they would not read anything longer that a page.

  141. i don’t think bayh or anyone else other than Hillary herself can draw her voters. We are all still very pist!

  142. If you look at my old posts, I said it was Clyburn who started this and the Obama camp took the cue…..Glad President Clinton, who is helping millions of Africans , called him out.

  143. The David Brooks “sojouner” op-ed it the NYTIMES is really just another piece of media ball washing.

    The One is not a sojourner. He’s a narcissistic opportunist.

  144. wbboei “I was quoting Jefferson. He said it that way.”
    Oh. Didn’t know that. Thanks — you sent me off to look it up.
    Phillips improved the emphasis which is probably why his statement is more often quoted than Jeffersons.

  145. So if the birth certificate does Obama in and he can’t explain why he was showing the one on NQ on his website as well as on KOS, how will that affect the outcome of the nomination if he selects Bayh?? Does that mean Bayh would move up to the #1 spot or would they make Hillary the nominee then.
    I am suspicious about the Edwards leak and now the Bayh appointment. Obama is such a cheat and a liar, you never can figure out what they are doing!

  146. Somebody mentionns that Sarah Palin having 5 kids…the youngest one with disabilities..would be baggage. Her eldest son, 18 yrs joined the army on sep 11, 2007.

    On the contrary, I think its is VERY appealing.

    The only probelm I see is that she was once competing for a beauty contest…but thenn again she has been on an ethics commission, taken on oil companies, and signed legislation for fair rights for gays….

  147. Funny:


  148. Heee…just received a letter from the Obama campaign asking for money–went straight to the circular file. Interesting note: on the front they have a big arrow pointing to the “no postage needed” section that says: “By using your own first class stamp to return this envelope, you will save us much-needed funds”.

    Admission of poor fundraising status?

  149. Looks like HRC will be campaigning for Obama in Nevada Friday & then Miami a little later. Don’t know how she does it. I don’t think I could ever be that big a person.

  150. Whoops, letter was actually from DNC. I may send it back to them with a “no thanks” note inside…

  151. nikki22

    Every time she appears it is like there is a gun to her head and she is a prisoner. At least that is the way a lot of us see it.

    I don’t think it is doing any good for Os campaign.

  152. JanH, I have wondering that same thing?? They don’t get anyone to help them without a gun to their head. I have never seen Bayh with Bambi like I have he others possible running mates so it makes you wonder.

  153. JanH, I wonder if it was a payoff for the cheating that was allowed to happen in Indiana. I would hate to think that of Bayh, but there are so many judas’s that it kind of makes you wonder. Hillary was expected to win there at least by 10 points and the in the end it was by 2. We know there was funny stuff going on.

  154. Unfortunately, there is a local article down here saying Hillary will be coming to campaign for Obama in S. Florida.

  155. mp Says:

    August 5th, 2008 at 11:40 am
    Somebody mentionns that Sarah Palin having 5 kids…the youngest one with disabilities..would be baggage. Her eldest son, 18 yrs joined the army on sep 11, 2007.

    On the contrary, I think its is VERY appealing.

    The only probelm I see is that she was once competing for a beauty contest…but thenn again she has been on an ethics commission, taken on oil companies, and signed legislation for fair rights for gays….

    Mp, I think, her history is quite appealing. Her kids have unusual names: Willow, Track, Bristol, Piper, and Trig. The youngest one, Trig, was born with Down Syndrome. She has taken on the oil companies, been a dog sledder, beauty queen, eats moose burgers, and rides snowmobiles (good thing in Alaska).

    The baggage, I’m not clear on, but maybe someone else knows. Just about everyone, has baggage, in one sense, or the other.

  156. Confloyd,

    If anything, I think Bayh’s appointment is to smooth things over/hide everything under the rug so to speak with regards to what happened in Indiana. If he is indeed the v.p. choice for Obama, then does this say he condones the corruption that stole votes rightfully belonging to Hillary?

  157. JanH, I am with you on that point. How could he be Bambi’s Veep knowing how he manipulated the votes, even if he had nothing to do with it. It clearly says he doesnt care and is only interested in doing what might help himself!

  158. birdgal

    This baggage talk is only brought out when we are speaking of a woman. Men of coarse have no baggage. I am sick of this misogynistic BS that is taking place in Washington. We need to fire a whole freaking bunch of these B(*&^%d’s!

  159. This baggage is something to do with her brother-in-law, or someone that is kin to her, as if the men in this election have a clean slate. McCain’s wife alone has problems, so WTF, is this freaking baggage talk.

  160. for those who talked about parlin as McCain’s VP, please read the following,

    Palin praises…Obama?

    Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — occasionally mentioned as a McCain vice presidential prospect — has put out a press release praising Obama’s energy plan.

    Alaska energy politics seem to trump national politics here, though it’s also interesting to see a red(dish) state Republican so willing to associate herself with the Democratic nominee.

    “I am pleased to see Senator Obama acknowledge the huge potential Alaska’s natural gas reserves represent in terms of clean energy and sound jobs,” Palin says in the release. “The steps taken by the Alaska State Legislature this past week demonstrate that we are ready, willing and able to supply the energy our nation needs.”


    Governor Palin also acknowledged the Senator’s proposal to offer $1,000 rebates to those struggling with the high cost of energy.

    “We in Alaska feel that crunch and are taking steps to address it right here at home,” Governor Palin said. “This is a tool that must be on the table to buy us time until our long-term energy plans can be put into place. We have already enjoyed the support of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, and it is gratifying to see Senator Obama get on board.”

    Hard to know what to make of the Stevens shout-out, but Alaska politics are another country.

    Palin did question Obama’s proposal to tax oil company profits

  161. birdgal,

    The so-called baggage is this:
    h t t p : / / online.wsj.com/article/SB121746477267499109.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

    IMHO, it’s pure with-hunting and B.S. She welcomed the investigation though.

    Larry Kudlow, the fiscal conservative guy on CNBC, seems to like her a lot.
    h t t p : / / corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=OTkwZjM4YmQ0OGMyYjJkZDJjNjljOWI3NTVhN2Y2NGY=

  162. On VP choice for McCain, Palin is certainly interesting. I personally think McCain needs to do something outside the box unless his team thinks they can win with a conventional choice like Romney. Although he has pluses and minuses, I have been partial to the thought of Colin Powell as VP as it would take away the uniqueness of Obama in one fell swoop. Then the focus would be on Obama as a leader and there he can’t complete against either Powell or McCain.

    Not sure about a McCain/Leiberman ticket. Could be intersting or could just stir up a bunch of resentment. Some of the others, Cantor, Jindel are very young which is appealing but might blunt attacks on Obama as being young and inexperienced.

    I don’t know much about the other Republican women whose names have come forth. Any ideas? I know many of you are way more astute on all this than me….

    If Obama announces VP this week, McCain is sure to follow soon after I would think….

  163. Confloyd: Here is where the baggage claim originated:

    “neetabug Says:

    August 4th, 2008 at 10:19 pm

    On Meet the Press i heard them them talking about Palin they said she had to much baggage.”

  164. transcript:
    h t t p : / / kudlow.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Nzc0NzA2N2M5ZTM2ZDI3ZTBiNDM2YTcwNzU4MGFiYTM=

  165. Palin has too much baggage? Wha? Let’s face it according to all political punidts only robo-women like Sebelius don’t have “too much baggage”.

  166. As far as Palin liking Bo’s energy plan, I would not call it his own, since he has not had an original plan for anything, as far as I know.

    1,000 rebate is nice, but where will this come from?

    2 weeks ago, BO was against more drilling, now he is for it. Can’t believe anything that he says.

  167. Wow Kostner. those links are interesting. Palin has some toughness and an independent streak. I didn’t know much about her before but she would really bring some things to McCains campaign I would think…

  168. Maybe PUMAS should go to these Hillary gatherings wearing Black as a silent protest. Might be effective.

  169. Maybe PUMAS should go to these Hillary gatherings wearing Black

    And open the door for charges of racism?! or being a sell out if the PUMA is AA?!

    No thanks.

  170. Lieberman is a terrible. I know image/style is not everything, but I mean, the image of two very old white male…. McCain is already 72 yo, he can’t afford another one. Anybody is better than Lieberman for McCain.

  171. Actually Sarah Palin also advocated giving rebates for the high enery costs to Alaskans…

    So Obama Zeroxoma is copying her plan!!!

  172. Idunn

    Well they cannot go wearing White, and I see red as a problem also, so what do you suggest.

    Or are all colors banded at this point.

  173. Look I would willing attend a Hillary event dressed in black as a silent protest.

    But all these folks come to my part of the country only for fundnraising and I am so pissed…

    This includes Hillary…I have maxed out for her primary out but I cannot go see her for free!

  174. Actually if he does choose Bayh, the imaged of that mayor of Gary speaks volumes of corruption and underhandedness.

    Bayh campaigning with that Mayor in hois own state will not be a pretty site 🙂

    And I can bash against Bayh with this picture with all the vlidity of facts!

  175. I just found a Naral email in my spam folder. They wanted me to take action to get something in BHO platform.

    They got a blistering email back, and a I will never support you. I also asked them to take me off their email list.

    THEY ARE SO STUPID THAT THEY GAVE THIER ENDORSEMENT, AND NOW HAVE TO PRESSURE FOR WHAT THEY WANT. (They sure did not ask me before they endorsed, but now they want my support, fat chance).

    Any One that negotiates know you get it in writing first. I think they should disband their group,

  176. Logan Act

    The Logan Act (18 U.S.C.A. § 953 [1948]) is a single federal statute making it a crime for a citizen to confer with foreign governments against the interests of the United States. Specifically, it prohibits citizens from negotiating with other nations on behalf of the United States without authorization.

    Congress established the Logan Act in 1799, less than one year after passage of the ALIEN AND SEDITION ACTS, which authorized the arrest and deportation of ALIENS and prohibited written communication defamatory to the U.S. government. The 1799 act was named after Dr. George Logan. A prominent Republican and Quaker from Pennsylvania, Logan did not draft or introduce the legislation that bears his name, but was involved in the political climate that precipitated it.

    In the late 1790s, a French trade embargo and jailing of U.S. seamen created animosity and unstable conditions between the United States and France. Logan sailed to France in the hope of presenting options to its government to improve relations with the United States and quell the growing anti-French sentiment in the United States. France responded by lifting the embargo and releasing the captives. Logan’s return to the United States was marked by Republican praise and Federalist scorn. To prevent U.S. citizens from interfering with negotiations between the United States and foreign governments in the future, the Adams administration
    Since Obama violated the LOGAN ACT with his “CITIZEN of the WORLD” tour and negoitiated treaties and other policies while a sitting President is in office….why doesn’t the Attorney General of the United States of America called this scum out for breaking the law?

    Thanks to No Quarters for posting the link.

  177. Samatha Power was also already calling the fraud the President of the United States. WTF is wrong with these freaking people the election is not until November 4th, until that time he is not closer to being called POTUS that McCain is. I want this guy out, and a landslide loss, if that happens we can laugh in the face of Dean, Brazille, Axelrove. They will be out of business then.

  178. mj Says:

    August 5th, 2008 at 12:01 am
    You liked Daschle? He’s a moron. He’s the cheif cheerleader of corn ethanol. He decided to hold the AUMF vote on the eve of the elections because he didn’t think americans cared about that and thought they wanted to get back to the social security debate. Hillary first suggested a rapid response team to him and he said this is Congress, not full body combat. What on earth did you like about Daschle?
    Agree! Never liked Tom Daschle and only tolerated him because so many Dems ran crying like babies and retired when the dems lost the majority.

    Tom Daschle is another Chamberlian politician…i.e. WEAK! Tom Never toke responsibility for anything and it speaks loudly about his state hatred for him…that the second they see his face in the news…Obama lost the STATE.

    Remember SD went to Hillary Clinton. So I guess South Dakotans still LOVE Pres. Bill Clinton.

  179. I just got another e-mail from the DNC, they are sending out crap about who the next Dick Cheney will be.
    I find it so ridiculous that both parties are playing cat and mouse with who the next veep’s will be. Both parties know their nominees are so weak that a good veep is necessary. McCain because of his age and Dem’s because of inability to debate. What a choice, both are problems and of coarse we the american people will be stuck with one of these guys. Both parties wanted to make sure the finest candidate alive at this point was illegitamitely ripped from the nomination.

  180. I want to see Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and John Kerry OUT too…

    p.s. Harry Reid has been a terrible leader…they need to elect Hillary Clinton next term if the Democrats manage to keep the Senate…if Obama keeps trending downwards and TEAM OBAMA keep alienating Americans the Democrats will lose the Senate and lose seat in the House…right now I’ll say might.

  181. Can you just imagine, if/when Obama loses, how well he will handle going back to just being a senator. I highly doubt he will do it with the dignity that Hillary has.

  182. Man oh man, are you guys gonna love this scathing op ed! And from where? The Boston Herald no less!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAA!


  183. Liberal Press Circles Wagons Around Obama


  184. You know, I’m REALLLY starting to resent the fact that other prominent Democrats keep having to go before the public and try to clean up Obama’s shit. Doing that only makes the whole damned party look ridiculous.

  185. meiyingsu,

    That article says it all. The media, minus a few Fox representatives, have lost all of my respect.

    I used to be an avid reader of Newsweek. I can’t believe the garbage they write now.

  186. Idunn: I am completely fed up with the democratic? party. They are acting like children. McCain is the adult. Who do you want in the White House?

  187. what do Obama and Osama have in common? they both have friends that bombed the Pentagon.
    That comment was in this thread:

    And don’t be surprised when the GOP start running those videos linking Obama with those who has bombed the Pentagon.

    Also I’m waiting for the GOP video of Obama apologising for America in German and then compare Reagan at the 40th anniversity of D-Day…those photos alone will kill Obama’s (I’m just like Reagen) BS.

  188. This was posted at hillaryclintonforum.net
    h t t p : / / http://www.hillaryclintonforum.net/discussion/showthread.php?t=22488

    The poster says it’s a four year old interview. The url of the interview seems to be in the thread above, but I’m not sure which it is.

    “GG: Do you still attend Trinity?
    OBAMA:Yep. Every week. 11 oclock service.

    Ever been there? Good service.”


    “GG: Do you have people in your life that you look to for guidance?

    OBAMA:Well, my pastor is certainly someone who I have an enormous amount of respect for.
    I have a number of friends who are ministers. Reverend Meeks is a close friend and colleague of mine in the state Senate. Father Michael Pfleger is a dear friend, and somebody I interact with closely.

    GG: Those two will keep you on your toes.

    OBAMA:And they’re good friends. Because both of them are in the public eye, there are ways we can all reflect on what’s happening to each of us in ways that are useful.

    I think they can help me, they can appreciate certain specific challenges that I go through as a public figure.”

    and finally…

    “GG: Where do you find spiritual inspiration? Music, nature, literature, people, a conduit you plug into?

    OBAMA:There are so many.
    Nothing is more powerful than the black church experience. A good choir and a good sermon in the black church, it’s pretty hard not to be move and be transported.”

  189. Does Obama’s choice of Bayh as VP mean he is abandoning VA, GA, LA, and other dream wins?
    Posted by hillbuzz under Uncategorized
    No Comments
    Ever since people started speculating that Obama will choose Evan Bayh as his VP tomorrow morning, we’ve wondered what picking Evan Bayh would really do:

    (1) First off, we love Evan Bayh — he worked his heart out for Hillary Clinton, and he can be Obama’s VP if he wants to, without any hard feelings from us. We do wonder why Bayh would want to be on the ticket, though, since running with Obama precludes him from running as Hillary Clinton’s VP in 2012, after Obama loses in the fall. John Edwards was never going to be the VP, even if his affair and love child weren’t exposed, and he didn’t hide from reporters in a bathroom. Why would anyone want the losing VP from last cycle as the new VP on a ticket? That makes no sense for Bayh, and it also makes no sense that he would think he could use this notoriety to win the nomination in 2012 — when anyone who is paying attention realizes that Hillary Clinton will win in 2012, after rebuilding a decimated Democratic Party in the wake of Obama’s November implosion. Don’t agree with any of this and still think Obama will win? Just answer us this question: why have so many bigger names than Bayh turned down the VP slot on Obama’s ticket? If Obama were truly going to win, these people would be clamoring for a VP slot. The fact Ted Strickland, Ed Rendell, Mark Warner, Jim Webb, Hillary Clinton (yes, Hillary Clinton), and others turned down offers to be Obama’s VP is very telling. So, we don’t know what Bayh thinks he will get out of this, but we support his right to cast his lot with Obama, and hope that when Obama goes down, Bayh is not tainted by any of it.

    (2) If Obama’s strategy is still really aimed at winning red states like Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, etc., then Bayh makes very little sense as a VP pick. He brings nothing to the table in the South, and is certainly not from the good old boy mold that Obama needs in a VP for any shot at winning the white vote south of the Mason-Dixon line. Currently, he’s winning just 15% of whites in North and South Carolina: he needs at least 20% to win those states, even if every African American and urban professional and everyone they know and can carry to the polls votes for him, with a helpful amount of voter fraud tossed in for good measure too (like he did in Iowa, Texas, and Indiana). Bayh does nothing to increase those margins in the south — and won’t win Virginia for Obama, for sure. Truthfully, Obama won’t win Indiana for Obama either. We love Evan Bayh, but, while popular, he’s just not popular enough to make Midwesterners ever forget those “gun-clinging” remarks Obama made back in San Francisco. So, Bayh on the ticket isn’t a ploy to win Indiana.

    (3) The best we can reason is that Bayh is there to somehow help win Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota — the rest of the Midwest. But, Bayh isn’t dynamic enough for that — while a very personable politician, he’s not especially persuasive, and has no real accomplishments to laud throughout the Midwest on the campagin trail. We just don’t know how much impact he would make.

    (4) Obama’s previous attempts to use John Edwards to reach rural white voters, Bill Richardson to reach Hispanics, and the Kennedys to reach white working class voters failed spectacularly: why would using Evan Bayh to win the Midwest work any better? If people don’t like Obama, they don’t like Obama, and no surrogate has been able to change that. Worse for him, and contrary to what he likes to say, the more people get to know Barack Obama, the more people don’t like him, and don’t trust him.

    Maybe having someone as innocuous and straight-laced as Bayh at his side is supposed to be reassuring to people: that no matter how radical and out of touch Obama is, he can’t be that bad, because an innocuous tall white man, who’s very handsome, doesn’t think he’s too bad.

    Somehow, we don’t think that’s going to beat a path to the polling stations for Obama anywhere in the Midwest. If we were him, we’d go the complete opposite of Bayh, and pick someone really unexpected and surprising — like Caroline Kennedy — someone even less experienced than Obama, with even less accomplishments, who could blind the media with star power.

    Things have been so bad for Obama for so long that he needs a big infusion of excitement. Evan Bayh, while a good man, just won’t do that. It will be a yawning announcement. That’s not what Obama needs heading into at least a week of Olympics-dominated news, while he’s off sunning himself in Hawaii.

    PS – Where’s the sense in vacationing in Hawaii, when Florida is lovely this time of year, and certainly could use the expense account dollars that follow everywhere Obama’s staff, press corps, and followers go? If he was smart, he would have vacationed in the Keys, or maybe even on the beach in North Carolina — somewhere where he could spend a more middle-class holiday and relate to the average people who saved up for this once-a-year, or even once-a-lifetime, vacation. Instead, he’s jetting to Hawaii, where rising air fares, fuel costs, and other expenses have priced most Americans out of any long holidays. Hawaii is just not the place to go if Obama wants to relate with Midwesterners in particular. North Carolina and Florida, fine: doable vacations for most people struggling to make ends meet in a lousy economy. But, Hawaii? Why not just go on a grand tour of Europe while you’re at it? Oh wait, already did that. Just a week or so ago.

  190. Also this Californian still continue to STAND on predicting a Republican win in CA if Obama is the nominee.

    Let me Clarify: This Black Californian Democrat still continue to STAND on the prediction that Obama will turn CA red.

  191. Bayh rhymes with blah. How appropriate. Anyone remember his opening remarks for HRC at a Jefferson Jackson Dinner? Yawn. Attractive Boy Scout? Yes, AND boring.

    Blah Bayh may seem a good middle-of-the-road choice. He’s an ardent HRC supporter, on Senate Arms Committee, many years as Gov. and Senator combined, but predict this won’t seal the deal for BHO.

    Too many of us “over 40 females that are mad-as-hell” won’t interpret this as an olive branch. BINGO! Don’t insult our intelligence like that again. We know when we’re being BAMBOOZLED and HOODWINKED.

    So do more and more other demographics, now. Flip-flopping, flim-flamming BHO watchers from every strata are starting to wake up from their months’ long stupor.

    Blah Bayh would have been okay with HRC because they complement and genuinely like one another. Different than with BHO.

    Remember how the pundits keep saying that the “chemistry” has to work? The only one that comes close to BHO’s snake-in-the-grass self is Judas himself – Richardson. Who knows? He may think this is thinking outside the box. Good. Think away…oh Magnificent One. Judas even betrayed the Latino population. Real stand-up guy.

    No matter. NObama NOticket NOvember.

    HRC 2012

    (unless birth certificate, fraudulent FEC and State Bar filings, Odinga promo in 2006, Sinclair and God only knows what does him in first – we can only PRAY)

    HRC 2008 still possible with Divine Intervention from the REAL Saviour

  192. Sorry guys the show was not Meet the Press it was Face the Nation the one that comes on after Meet the Press the one with Juan Williams on it. One of them stated Palin had too much baggage

  193. McCain visiting motorcycle rally, nuke power plant By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
    Mon Aug 4, 10:42 PM ET

    STURGIS, S.D. – Thousands of motorcyclists greeted Republican presidential candidate John McCain with an approving roar Monday as he sought blue-collar and heartland support by visiting a giant motorcycle rally.


    “As you may know, not long ago a couple hundred thousand Berliners made a lot of noise for my opponent. I’ll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day,” McCain said, referring to Democrat Barack Obama’s recent visit to the German capital.

    Billed as the largest event of its kind in the world, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally has become something of an annual bikers’ Woodstock during the past 70 years. It features nine nights of entertainment, with bands including Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd and REO Speedwagon.

    McCain played to a crowd that paused for a veterans salute. He criticized Obama for supporting a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq while opposing efforts to reduce record-high energy prices.

    “My opponent wants to set a date to come home. I want us to come home with victory and honor so we will never go back again,” the Arizona senator said.

    McCain also criticized Congress for adjourning for a five-week recess without approving a new energy plan.

    “Tell em’ to come back and get to work,” McCain said, yelling into the microphone. “When I’m president of the United States, I’m not going to let them go on vacation. They’re gonna become energy independent.”

    McCain was accompanied by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., who has been mentioned as a potential running mate. He had warned the McCain campaign that a politician might receive an unfriendly welcome, but McCain relished the warm embrace.

    His wife, Cindy, also paid tribute to the crowd, saying: “I’d like to thank all of you for your support of our troops, and here’s why: I’m many things in my life, and one thing I’d like to be is your first lady. But more importantly, I’m Jack McCain’s mother and Jimmy McCain’s mother, one in the U.S. Navy and another one in the Marine Corps, an Iraqi vet.”

    Taking back the microphone, McCain joked that he wanted her to enter the beauty contest held at the site, the Buffalo Chip campground on the edge of town.

    “I told her with a little luck, she could be the only woman ever to serve as both the first lady and Miss Buffalo Chip,” McCain quipped.

    Before landing in South Dakota, McCain visited the National Label Co. in Lafayette Hill, Pa. The 97-year-old, family owned business makes labels for products from medicines such as Tylenol to shampoos in the Suave family.

    There, McCain focused on energy policy, telling reporters he has outlined an “all-of-the-above” strategy and mocking Obama’s suggestion last week for improving automobile mileage, saying: “We’re not going to achieve energy independence by inflating our tires.”

    On Tuesday, McCain aims to underscore his call for expanded nuclear power in the U.S. by touring a nuclear power plant in the battleground state of Michigan. That trip comes a day after Obama laid out his energy vision in a speech, also in Michigan.


  194. Hawaii vacation, huh? Just in time to come up with a NEW fake, more authentic-looking original birth certificate from 47 years ago. What a surprise vacation folks.

  195. Kostner,

    He’ll go…lol…just so the media can show him shirtless and on the beach. Bound to bring in more votes…LMAO

    He better keep his shirt on as skinny as he is

  196. He better keep his shirt on as skinny as he is

    Ssssshhhh! A new decree has been passed…you aren’t allowed to say that anymore. (feign horror) You’re gonna be in big trouble if the king gets wind of that.

  197. Texan4Hillary,

    That was a great speech McCain gave at that Motorcycle Rally.

    It hit all levels…Motorcycles are fuel efficient and it also reminds the voters that if bikers love the troops and McCain then he is cool and love America.

    Cindy bringing up her son being in the military and they have one over in Iraq…take away “McCain is a war hawk” narrative of Team Obama. The momentum is in McCain court and since Team Obama is running this fiasco they can’t blame the Clintons for anything.


  198. Yeah that Hawaiin vacation is probably why he as spent more time in the gym lately that giving speeches, he is so vain. YUK!
    I hope some rich PUMA is standing guard at the court house in Honolulu to make sure no one comes out with an Obama Birth Certificate!

  199. curiosityhasme,

    maybe that is why Obama might choose him as his v.p. choice. He wouldn’t want anyone to outshine him when it comes to speaking to the underlings/zombies.

  200. Can we get a bitch slap on bullshit? YES WE CAN!


  201. If it’s true the McCain camp will wait until after the dems convention to announce his vp pick that’s a smart move to me, especially if McCain goes with someone who isn’t the usual political type. It immediately takes the focus from BO. And if the 2008 republican convention is anything like 04 the dems are in a lot of trouble. Rove and the Bush campaign buried Kerry during their convention 4 yrs ago. If it hadn’t been for those debates Kerry would have lost that election by double digits.

  202. neetabug Says:

    He better keep his shirt on as skinny as he is
    How dare you utter ‘skinny’ on our Messiah, did you hear the memo? It’s a racially tinged word.

    Slate’s Noah: Calling Obama Skinny ‘A Coded Discussion of Race’
    h t t p : / / newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2008/08/05/slates-noah-calling-obama-skinny-coded-discussion-race

    When “Skinny” Means “Black”
    The Journal stumbles over racial subtext.
    By Timothy Noah
    h t t p : / / http://www.slate.com/id/2196756/?from=rss

  203. I don’t have a problem calling him skinny. Anytime someone calls this man any name it is always racist.
    He should get over himself. He is not all that

    Skinny, Skinny, Skinny. I am black, am i now a racist. First of all he is mixed. If you want to go one step further, most of the AA’s are mixed.

  204. confloyd Says:
    So if the birth certificate does Obama in and he can’t explain why he was showing the one on NQ on his website as well as on KOS, how will that affect the outcome of the nomination if he selects Bayh?? Does that mean Bayh would move up to the #1 spot or would they make Hillary the nominee then.

    If Bayh is really a supporter of Hillary, then maybe he could refuse to take it, endorsing her instead.

    Maybe he’s taking it so she doesn’t have to. 🙂

  205. Rolling With McCain In South Dakota

    STURGIS — What does it say about the McCain Campaign that the poster for Monday’s event featured a bar blond in chaps and bikini-top riding a buffalo, her left hand in a tuft of b-hair, her right cradling a beer? John McCain — his photo — is smaller and below her. The billboard on the road into Sturgis, site of the 68th annual Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle rally, read “Kellie Pickler, Kid Rock and John McCain,” in that order, for the night’s mainstage event at the Buffalo Chip campground. The McCain campaign folks back at the Virginia HQ must have been pulling their very human hair, but what does a war hero care about third billing?

    I am at the event. I am choking on nitro, mown hay, chopper dust and pot. Police dogs are sweeping the crowd. The mainstage announcer says bikers have to move out of the security perimeter during the sweep. “Be sure to take all knives and bombs with you,” he chortles. For sure, the knives are real. Cruising through town, I pass a “knives sharpened here” booth at the Episcopal Church. Three aged and rounded cavaliers of the road lounge before a poster, hand-drawn in black and red, featuring a dripping dagger and the advertisement “Under the Blood.”

    Sturgis, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, is cavalry country. Historic Fort Meade is here, as well as the Fort Meade Veterans Hospital. On the flight in from Denver, a benefits coordinator for the VA tells me that her job now is all about helping young men with head injuries re-connect. There are more types of brain trauma than human beings should be subject to.

    All afternoon I’d been wondering how many of the thousands of bikers here are veterans. Most of them are middle-aged, some in their sixties and seventies. They tend to the large and soft. A bounty of beer bellies on parade. Authenticity aside, this is McCain Country, too. The best advertisement for a bar here is “owned by a veteran.” The proprietor of a Gentlemen’s Club — wet t-shirt contests daily — “served in Iraq on a medical team.”

    The lure of motorcycle week in Sturgis is the surrounding Badlands countryside with its miles of open road. But it’s also alcohol, drugs and sex. My other plane conversationalist was a Texas woman coming in to help at her family’s barbeque booth. Dorothy’s husband called her down in Austin the night before to complain of the couples coupling nekkid on his picnic tables at the Chip. The evening will be more than a mere military tribute to John McCain.

    The bikers are a sedate group, though, staying within the speed limits and using turn signals, strolling through town with plastic-bagged purchases in hand. Christianity is a strong current running through biker culture. Groups of threes and fours clasp arms to shoulders, heads bowed in prayer. There’s a “bike for Jesus” charity bike wash and plenty of daily AA meetings. A younger man in khaki shorts strode down the sidewalk bearing up jauntily under a varnished and emblazoned crucifix that must have been twelve feet tall. The t-shirt on this pilgrim says, “Live a good life so the preacher won’t have to lie at your funeral.” Motorcycle week in South Dakota is the descendant of the old summer camp meeting — sex and redemption in equal measure at campground.

    Bikers brought their rides inside the security perimeter earlier in the day. The spit and polish on them makes them look as if they are standing at attention, waiting for McCain. The crowd itself is amiable. Sitting next to me and smoking at a press table, which has been claimed most amiably by bikers, is an older guy wearing a black cowboy hat with two toothpicks stuck through the brim. “I don’t care if you’re for the other guy,” he says apropos of Senator Obama to his friends, “God Bless we have a choice!” His spirit of generosity is reflected in the low level of enthusiasm of this pro-McCain group for their man as candidate.

    “I’m not excited about McCain,” George tells me, “but Obama’s gonna spend all our money.” Unusually thin and wiry for a road hog, but decked out in classic black leather, George adds, “We’re still fighting the Vietnam War.” George and his wife Marie urge me to walk over to the fence and check out the POW/MIA car, printed with the names of all the American servicemen who were imprisoned or went missing in Nam. “It’s possible it could happen again over there,” George warns of Iraq. He’s summed up the evening’s sentiment, for most everybody seems to find the meaning of life and politics in the crucible of war. Many bikers wore the red poppies the elderly VFW volunteers sold throughout the day.

    The Tribute to the Troops portion of the evening’s entertainment was all genuine iconic McCain Event — bold-faced and underlined. We sang the National Anthem to the accompaniment of a whining electric guitar and the vroom-vroom-vroom of dozens of Harleys. “Hu-a! Hu-a!” the leader of the Patriot Guard greeted the crowd, and the Marines hailed him back. “We believe in America! The land of beautiful roads, the land of beautiful bikes, the land of ice-cold beer, and a land of beautiful women!” Coyote howls from the men. “That’s the best hu-a a man can get.”

    “No matter what you do, don’t change!” the Marine tells the men in the audience. “Don’t change for politicians, don’t change for the press, don’t change ’cause your momma or your wife or your daughter wants you to change. Because you are the real Americans.”

    Before the solemn rite of the Flag Folding Ceremony, in which a grizzled vet intones the meaning of the twelve folds, Jillian from the volunteer organization Hearts to Serve introduces another woman not with her name but with the description, “a proud Marine Corps wife of twenty-one years.” She says that four years ago she received a phone call that her husband — they had been high school sweethearts — had been shot on his second tour in Iraq. “No one is prepared for that phone call,” she says. Her husband had been shot through the eye, the bullet taking two inches of his brain before exiting. “He was handed to me as roadkill,” she says of her Master Sergeant, who now needs her round-the-clock care. This Marine Corps wife is not looking for pity — she is looking for donations to Hearts to Serve. “God Bless, and Semper Fi,” she says.

    “President Johnny!” the bikers shout as John McCain takes the stage. VROOM-VROOM-VROOM! The choppers add their chorus. “I’ll take the roar of 50,000 Harleys any day,” McCain says in reference to Obama’s crowd in Berlin. “FREEDOM!!!” the poachers at the press table roar, and the table shakes as if under attack. McCain mentions his rival again, saying Obama wants to save gas by inflating tires, and some of the bikers cry, “Fuck him! Fuck Obama!”

    “I want us to come home [from Iraq] with victory and honor,” McCain tells the crowd. VROOM! For these biker vets, that’s the pledge of Semper Fi — that their sacrifices and the lives of their friends never be in vain. “You are the heart and soul of America,” McCain says to the bikers. “America will remain the last best hope for man on earth.” Beyond the hyperbole, the bikers get McCain’s underlying message, his assurance that their lives do indeed count for something. Quickly, McCain moves on to humor, musing that his wife is pretty enough to win the beauty contest later in the evening, the only American woman to be both First Lady and Miss Buffalo Chip. “Wet t-shirt! Wet t-shirt!” a guy in the crowd shouts. McCain and some of the bikers laugh. In closing, he says, “I want to see a lot of bikes parked outside the polling places of America.”

    Not so many of the bikers stayed for Kellie Pickler and Kid Rock, a different crowd came in for the late show. Elmo, a biker whose black leather vest is sewn with Harley patches, grabbed my hand. “You’re press, right? ” He leaned in close to confide. “I’m not crazy about this guy [McCain] — but that Obama! A Communist! We gotta save the country, you know?”

    And they thought Hillary couldn’t win, can you see Obama connecting with this group? I still remember him bowling….ouch!

    That is why Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, John Kerry, Donna Brazile have to go. Letting the DNC select an inexperience candidate is just amazing to me and giving him so much power that the Democratic Leadership let Obama run amuck throughout the Democratic? Taliban Party and alienate large segment of the Democratic base.

    This current crop of Democratic? Leadership needs to be REMOVED because they are so out-of-touch with their own base how can anyone believe they can win in a General Election, especially one in which the Democrats was favored!


    Hillary Clinton08 or McCain

    Nobama for November

  206. Obama: GOP Detractors ‘Take Pride in Being Ignorant’

    Barack Obama, responding to a week of taunts from John McCain’s campaign, said Tuesday that his Republican detractors “take pride in being ignorant” and that it’s time to get serious.

    The Illinois senator was responding in part to criticism from Republicans who mocked him for suggesting last week that Americans could save on energy costs and gas by properly inflating their tires. McCain surrogates passed out tire gauges that say “Obama’s Energy Plan,” and McCain said last week the “only thing” Obama has proposed with regard to energy is to inflate tires.

    “This is the kind of thing they do. I don’t understand it,” Obama said at a town hall meeting in Berea, Ohio, Tuesday. “Two points: One, they know they are lying about what my energy plan is, but the other thing is they are making fun of a step that every expert says would absolutely reduce our oil consumption by 3 to 4 percent.

    “It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant,” he said.

    Obama also suggested that the McCain campaign’s ad last week comparing his alleged celebrity status to that of pop idols is distracting from more serious issues.

    “They need to do their homework, because this is serious business,” Obama said. “Instead of running ads about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears they should go talk to some energy experts and actually make a difference.”

    But if McCain’s campaign is “ignorant,” then Obama is just plain “confused” — so said McCain on Tuesday.

    The Arizona told reporters that Obama is off base when he criticizes him for taking oil company campaign contributions, since Obama himself voted for a 2005 energy bill backed by Bush that included billions in subsidies for oil and natural gas production.

    “I saw that Senator Obama’s latest attack is, has got to do with oil and campaign contributions,” McCain said. “I think he might be a little bit confused because when the energy bill came to the floor of the Senate full of goodies and breaks for the oil companies, I voted against it. Senator Obama voted for it. People care not only what you say but how you vote. “

    Both candidates are putting extra attention on energy issues this week. McCain, who has called for the construction of 45 new nuclear plants by 2030, visited a nuclear facility in Michigan on Tuesday as Obama spoke to voters in Ohio.

    Obama said Tuesday that if elected he would direct the full resources of the federal government to make sure the United States eliminates the need for oil from the Middle East and Venezuela within 10 years.

    FOX News’ Mosheh Oinounou and The Associated Press contributed to this report.
    Obama just LOST the election for the Democrats and he hasn’t even been nominated!!!

    We need to throw Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Donna Brazile, Jim Clyburn and the rest of those whinny Democratic leaders out! Tom Daschle should stay Obama’s poster boy because I know the GOP are loving it.

    This is PATHETIC…can you see Obama being STRONG against our enemies? WEAK, WEAK, WEAK

    This is what happens when you don’t vet a candidate and when you select the weaker over the stronger.

  207. wbboei,

    I’m sorry I can’t be more help on your book. But I wonder, when you first introduce the global capitalist thing, if it might be a good idea to start with a masthead quote (and maybe even a screen shot of that debate, to get people’s attention and refresh their memory.)

    At the ___ debate, Hillary Clinton said:

    blah foreign investors we’re borrowing money from the Chinese to buy oil from the Saudi’s blah blah the rest of it.

    This was the first I’d heard of that problem and HIllarly made it totally clear, and told what she would do about it.

    This would draw attention because it’s Hillary, because it was well expressed — and would show us right there that such foreign investors have a BIG motive for defeating HIllary.

    Maybe you could then find some equally good boxable quote about Obama being more beneficial to their interests.

    THEN I and other Churchillians might find it more credible when (and if you must) you zoom in on Soros as somehow typifying these foreign investors.

    (I don’t suppose many people these days would recognize the GNomes of Zurich? Most of Obama’s fans probably think it was a rock group. But I find the Gnomes believable. For one thing, the British PM believed in them (and so did Adam Smith, he knew one).

    A few evil gnomes sitting around with cigars and tophats plotting to make money off another country’s financial problems even if it harms that country — is believable, if led up to from credible sources such as Hillary and the Brit PM.

    It’s the singular evil mad scientist Dr. No who has some sort of social political agenda of his own because of his traumatic childhood and is doing it for the good of the target country (or the world) — and none of the other Gnomes or Schaife or Murdoch is stopping him — that sends me off….

    What about giving a good convincing (short) description of what the Gnomes, ie the plain money foreign investors want and are doing. Then what they think of Soros, how they plan to use him. — Is Soros the Obama of the Gnomes?

    Where are the current gnomes headquarted now, anyway? Beijing? What do they think of these mysterious donations to Obama from the Arab Peril?

    When will the Illuminati series be updated?


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