Endless Summer

As July closes its droopy eyes and August stirs itself awake, Hillary supporters have a lot of work to do before the end of summer unDemocratic Convention.

Ricki Lieberman is, along with us and many others, trying to save the Democratic Party from itself. But, as anyone who has taken a “safety in the summer” lifesaving class knows, it is a very risky thing to try and save a drowning man. Drowning men will panic and grab you and flail and try to drag you down as well.

Ricki writes:

“Many HRC supporters want a Democrat in the White House but very much fear that to nominate Obama is to elect McCain. Because at the Convention, the sole job of the Super Delegates will be to select the person who is electable in November, we started the ELECTABILITY WATCH, a no-cost, grassroot action.” [snip]

Participants in the EW are asked to do a thoughtful weekly update to at least 18 Super Delegates (symbolically one for every million HRC voters) reminding them that their sole job in Denver is to select the electable nominee to return Democrats to the White House, and she is HRC.

To receive background information, sample letters and a list of SDs to get started, please email me at rrlieberma@gmail.com.

If the Democratic? Party chooses suicide and prefers drowning to salvation, Hillary supporters will have a Summer that will last through NOvember. We won’t have to do a thing. We can all stay home on election day and watch the Democratic? Party drown.

* * *

Chris Matthews stated that The Democratic Party is not united and anybody that thinks it is, is confused or deluded. Some HOPE the Party is united, but they are smoking Hopium.

It may seem as though the Democratic Party can give a sigh of relief: Women have returned to the fold, and will support Barack Obama for president – and presumably his party – after all. But not so fast.

While I and many other women in my demographic (older, professional, liberal) are likely to vote for Obama in November, our feelings about his party (and ours) are not so clear. We remember the perpetual misogyny and sexism of the media during the primary campaign – misogyny aimed less at Hillary Rodham Clinton herself than at “uppity women” (like ourselves) in general. And many of us feel that the Democratic Party is even more to blame than the media. [snip]

So many women feel that the election was somehow stolen, and by their own party, to boot. They thus feel much the way many Democrats feel about the 2000 election: bitter. When one side feels that they lost an election fairly, any bitterness recedes early on (think of the 2004 election, by comparison). But when the adjective “stolen” leaps to mind, bitterness is apt to prevail, vanquishing any desire for reconciliation and cooperation. That is what many former Clinton supporters are feeling now.

We are disgusted with the party we have long trusted to represent our interests. We are disgusted with ourselves for being snookered – again. We assess the party leaders’ rejection of Clinton as a cynical strategy. If Clinton had ended up as the candidate, the Democrats stood to lose the votes of many African Americans, who then might not vote at all. But if they made Obama the candidate? Well, then (the reasoning seems to have gone), the women always vote, and they will come around. Women always come around, no matter how badly they’re mistreated.

I am reminded of a particularly chilling passage in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita.” Humbert Humbert, after raping the 12-year-old, is pondering why she has come back to his bed. “You see,” Humbert tells the reader, “she had absolutely nowhere else to go.”

That’s just how I feel. And they want my enthusiastic support? The Democratic Party can fend for itself.

At a fancy dinner with long-time Obama supporters some smoked Hopium. Many are still waving the red flag of Supreme Court appointments and abortion to try to force Hillary supporters to vote for unqualified Obama. Forgotten by the Hopium smokers is anti-choice Kaine and Obama’s near vote for Chief Justice Roberts. [Hint: Obama can’t be trusted.]

The Obama campaign has a woman problem. How big? How small? It’s not clear, but in a close election, small can be big. [snip]

But the women Obama needs right now are the ones who do not dine downtown. They’re the ones who can’t afford organic anything, forced to choose between a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk because they can’t buy both on the same day.

Women like Sarah.

A few hours after leaving the “Women for Obama” luncheon, I ran into Sarah, not her real name. I’ve known her for a few years. A single mom, she free-lances, working as many jobs as she can to support two growing boys. She dreams of a permanent gig with benefits, but it’s still just a dream.

A 37-year-old Democrat, she is also a college grad and a news junkie who has watched this campaign like a hawk. She surprised me with her anger Tuesday, saying she’s voting for McCain.

Obama supporter and Obama “favorite” Ludicris just released a song [Lyrics HERE] calling Hillary “a bitch” and urging the White House be painted black. Don’t expect Howard Dean to do anything. But also, don’t expect Hillary supporters and especially women to do anything on election day in NOvember either. We’ll all be at the beach.

In the 2000 election Democrats fought for democracy and voting rights. In the 2008 election the Democratic Party led the fight to DISenfranchise Florida and Michigan voters. Democratic Chairman Howard Dean, stated he did not have cable television, therefore he was not aware of the misogyny and sexism exhibited by Obama and Big Media.

In the 2000 election the repulsive Ralph Nader, without a chance whatsoever of winning the election, said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Nader’s vanity plunged the nation into 8 years of darkness.

In 2008 we are forced to reject the Democratic Party which has been taken over by a rabid bunch of election theives willing to emulate George W. Bush by DISenfranchising Florida and Michigan and employing misogyny and sexism and personal and character attacks to assasinate the candidate that has proven SHE, with experience and a long record of progressive values, can beat John McCain.

The irony is that in 2008 Ralph Nader might receive votes that otherwise no sane Democrat would ever consider entrusting him with because Obama simply cannot be trusted.

Don’t be surprised if third or fourth party presidential candidates garner enough votes in November to make a difference in some of the hotly contested swing states. The polls show more than enough Republican disaffection with John McCain’s candidacy to make a case that Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, or another right-of-center candidate could take votes away from the G.O.P. standard bearer. And on the Democratic side, Barack Obama has to worry about defections of not only Hillary Clinton’s supporters, but also of liberals, who are beginning to grumble that he is moving too much toward the center.

The 2000 presidential election clearly showed that third party candidates do not have to roll up big numbers to make a huge difference. Ralph Nader accumulated just 2 percent of the vote in Florida — and exit polls found that Al Gore was the second choice among most of Mr. Nader’s voters. [snip]

While the Democrats and the Obama campaign can take some comfort in these numbers, there are potential problems for them, too. Barack Obama has a unity problem. Hillary Clinton’s supporters have moved in Mr. Obama’s direction since the primaries ended, but only 72 percent say they would back him if the election were held today. In particular, Mr. Obama is not polling well among white women. Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama are running about even among this important voter bloc and he trails Mr. McCain among older women, despite the strong Democratic disposition of this group.

Could a small number of disappointed Clinton supporters be attracted to a third party candidate? Sure. Perhaps more important, there is the question of whether Mr. Obama can live up to the expectations that his liberal backers have about his commitment to change. The Times’ William Yardley reported recently that critics on the left are emerging in response to Mr. Obama’s positions on the war in Iraq, wiretapping, gun control and the death penalty.

While there is little indication of this in Pew’s polling data, our latest survey finds a rise in support of the idea of a third party candidate among people who have been ardent Obama backers: young voters, liberals and independents.

Nonetheless, given the level of enthusiasm for Mr. Obama, it is unlikely that a left-of-center third party candidate could draw major support, but certainly matching Mr. Nader’s 2000 numbers in Florida cannot be ruled out. And on the Republican side, the door is wide open for a third party to matter. In fact, polls conducted by Fox News, The Los Angeles Times and ABC/Washington Post now have about 7 percent of the vote going either to Mr. Barr or Mr. Nader. Whatever the limitations of these candidates’ personal appeal, either or both could be protest candidates.

As we have pointed out before, McCain is a weak, weak candidate – yet among likely voters the latest Gallup Poll has McCain beating Obama.

Republicans are likely to fall in line behind McCain. Democrats however not only do not trust Obama – Democrats also know Obama is selected not elected.

The problems Republicans have with McCain are about policy. The problems Democrats have with Obama are that Obama cannot be trusted and Obama exploited sexism and misogyny to character assassinate Hillary.

Obama cannot be trusted. Obama is not qualified to be president. Obama is unelectable.

Did we mention Obama is pompous too?

Some Big Media types are taking note of Vero Pompus:

Barack Obama has long been his party’s presumptive nominee. Now he’s becoming its presumptuous nominee. [snip]

Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

As he marches toward Inauguration Day (Election Day is but a milestone on that path), Obama’s biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but rather his own hubris. [snip]

On his presidential-style visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem last week, Obama left a written prayer, intercepted by an Israeli newspaper, asking God to “help me guard against pride and despair.” He seems to have the despair part under control, but the pride could be a problem. [snip]

In the latest issue of the New Republic, Gabriel Sherman found reporters complaining that Obama’s campaign was “acting like the Prom Queen” and being more secretive than Bush.

The Democratic Party of 2008 has become the Republican Party of 2000. No surprise – the George W. Bush of 2008 is Barack Obama.

It’s going to be a long hot summer – that might, might last until NOvember.


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  1. To: Interested Parties From: Rick Davis, McCain Campaign Manager

    Date: July 30, 2008

    Re: Barack Obama’s Celebrity

    Barack Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world, comparable to Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. As he told Congressional Democrats yesterday, he has become the “symbol” for the world’s aspirations for America and that we are now at “the moment … that the world is waiting for.”

    Only a celebrity of Barack Obama’s magnitude could attract 200,000 fans in Berlin who gathered for the mere opportunity to be in his presence. These are not supporters or even voters, but fans fawning over The One. Only celebrities like Barack Obama go to the gym three times a day, demand “MET-RX chocolate roasted-peanut protein bars and bottles of a hard-to-find organic brew — Black Forest Berry Honest Tea” and worry about the price of arugula.

    Yet, despite all of the fans, paparazzi and media adoration, the American people still have questions: Is Barack Obama prepared to lead? Is being famous the same as being a credible commander in chief?

    Like most worldwide celebrities, this status has fueled a certain arrogance. As The Washington Post reported this morning, Barack Obama has gone from his party’s presumptive nominee to “its presumptuous nominee.” His advisers are constantly reminded that their candidate is not actually the President of the United States, despite the “presidential” seal. On his plane, his chair reads “President.”

    Barack Obama’s presumptuous arrogance is staggering considering that as a United States Senator he has almost no record of accomplishment. As Richard Cohen wrote yesterday in The Washington Post:

    “‘Just tell me one thing Barack Obama has done that you admire,’ I asked a prominent Democrat. He paused and then said that he admired Obama’s speech to the Democratic convention in 2004. I agreed. It was a hell of a speech, but it was just a speech. On the other hand, I continued, I could cite four or five actions — not speeches — that John McCain has taken that elicit my admiration, even my awe.” On issues big and small, there is a gap between Barack Obama’s soaring rhetoric and celebrity and the facts behind them. What he says and what he does are often two very different things, leaving the American people to wonder what he actually believes, or if he believes in anything beyond himself. He says he will change Washington, but in the U.S. Senate, he has requested nearly $1 billion in pork-barrel spending. He says he will only raise taxes on the rich, but he voted to raise the taxes of those making just $32,000 per year. He says he wants energy independence, but he opposes new drilling at home; opposes nuclear power; and opposes encouraging the invention of an advanced, affordable electric car. On Iraq, he says he wants peace, but even today opposes the surge strategy that has succeeded and will succeed in Afghanistan. Our nation doesn’t need another politician in Washington who puts his self-interest and political expediency ahead of problem-solving.

    As the world’s biggest celebrity, Barack Obama has the entourage and all the trappings of fame. Today, his campaign is more about advancing Barack Obama and less about solving the challenges facing our country.

  2. Great article Admin,
    carbynew Says:
    July 30th, 2008 at 10:33 am

    The conservatives are targeting Michelle Obama’s leaning again and they will continue to since Michelle thesis can not be release until after the election.

    I have a copy of Michelle’s Princeton thesis if anyone wants it. It’s in 3 parts, pdf files — does anyone want it?

    I would like to read Michelle’s thesis.
    Yes it is going to be a long hot summer.

    From last article

  3. repost from previous thread:

    carbynew Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 2:45 pm
    Obama hates McCain because HE REMIND HIM of the WOUNDED TROOPS he FAILED TO SHOW RESPECT TO.

    I mean how many people do you know would running for Presiden of the United States buy a big plane and remove the symbols that our young men and women are dying for, from their plane and put up their own presidential SEAL AND LOGO?

    Give a Speech and redesign the Presidential Seal with his own LOGO?

    Go to GERMANY and APOLOGIZE for America….this SAME AMERICA that gave EUROPE the MARSHALL PLAN and paid for it from AMERICA TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!

  4. on pbs tonight they are replaying a great docu on jackson-founder fo the dem party and the modern campaign. u thnk this oen was dirty-wait till u see the jackson era politics. his wife was attacked for yrs by his opponents. she died of a heart attack due to te stress and horror. its on 9pm cst

  5. carbynew Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 2:52 pm
    repost from previous thread:

    carbynew Says:

    I mean how many people do you know would running for Presiden of the United States buy a big plane and remove the symbols that our young men and women are dying for, from their plane and put up their own presidential SEAL AND LOGO?

    Only thing Barack cares about is himself. Do you really believe he cares about this country?
    He is on an EGO TRIP. Period, end of story

  6. Richardson to hold fundraisers for Sen. Clinton
    The Associated Press
    Article Launched: 07/30/2008 12:49:21 PM MDT

    SANTA FE, N.M.—New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson will hold two fundraisers to help Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton pay off her presidential campaign debt.

    The events are scheduled for Santa Fe and Albuquerque on Aug. 17.

    Both Richardson and Clinton are scheduled to attend.

    The hosts will be Richardson political strategist Dave Contarino and Albuquerque businessman Paul Blanchard.

    A spokesman for the governor says it’s part of the Democratic Party’s effort to unify after the hard-fought primary.

    Richardson, who worked in the administration of President Bill Clinton, was criticized by some Clinton supporters for endorsing Sen. Barack Obama.

    Is this really a fundraiser for Clinton or is it for Obama?

  7. US election: Senator Barack Obama faces backlash in American media
    The first signs of a backlash against Senator Barack Obama have emerged in the American media, which has up until now mostly greeted his candidacy with garlands of praise.

    The increasingly presidential posture of the first-term Illinois senator and his campaign staff is beginning to stick in the throats of commentators, particularly given the narrowness of his lead over Senator John McCain.

    “Barack Obama has long been his party’s presumptive nominee. Now he’s becoming its presumptuous nominee,” wrote Dana Milbank, a columnist for the Washington Post.

    “As he marches towards Inauguration Day (Election Day is but a milestone on that path) Obama’s biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but his own hubris.”

    Mr Obama’s overseas tour last week, when foreign leaders and US generals queued up to meet him, may have won applause on the international stage.

    But despite a flood of positive images broadcast back home, it sparked some resentment in the media at their treatment by the campaign, as well as questions about the overly presidential choreography of the European stops.

    The campaign appears to have invited more criticism by devising a presidential-style agenda in Washington DC for Mr Obama on Tuesday.

    He had a meeting with Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, and sat down with Yousuf Raza Gilani, prime minister of Pakistan, at a smart downtown hotel. Security personnel fanned out and traffic was barred for an entire block as they talked.

    Afterwards, Mr Obama’s senate office issued a statement which read: “I look forward to working with the democratically elected government of Pakistan to make progress on these issues [of mutual concern] in the future.”

    The candidate’s lengthy motorcade later headed for Congress where he met fellow Democrats. A Congressman who was present described said “it felt like a rock star was in the room”, though Mr Obama did emphasise the hard work ahead needed to win.

    At the meeting the presidential candidate reportedly said: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” The comment that has been seized upon by commentators as believing his own publicity.

    Journalists who follow Obama’s campaign closely are voicing increasing concerns of heavy-handed and overbearing behaviour by his staff. Adam Nagourney, the New York Times chief political correspondent, recently complained of harassment by the Obama campaign it took exception to one of his stories.

    Members of his travelling press protested to New Republic magazine that the campaign behaved like a “prom queen” and that his staff was “more disciplined than the Bush people”. “There was this idea of being transparent, but they’re not,” griped one correspondent.

    Polls have showed that Mr Obama, despite leading by an average of four points, is viewed as a less credible commander-in-chief and a riskier choice than Mr McCain, a veteran Arizona senator. The overseas tour was part of a concerted effort to counter that impression.

    Mr Obama, who has spent only four years in the senate, is handicapped by his inexperience, but appearing arrogant could also harm his chances. He is already struggling to identify himself with white, small town voters who consider him not only too callow but too aloof.

    Frank Luntz, a leading Republican pollster, said: “Americans demand politicians earn their office and Obama in recent weeks seems to communicate that he deserves the position, and that doesn’t go down too well.”

    Ron Nessen, formerly press secretary to President Gerald Ford, said the risk for Obama was that with more than three months to go before the election he needed good press now more than ever.

    “There will be a backlash partly because some kind of pendulum swing is normal, but partly because the campaign pushed things a little too far,” he said.

  8. McCain camp portrays Obama as celebrity, not leader
    Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:10pm EDT
    By Steve Holland

    AURORA, Colo. (Reuters) – Republican presidential candidate John McCain opened up a new line of attack on Democratic rival Barack Obama on Wednesday, labeling him a celebrity without the strength to bring change to Washington.

    McCain’s campaign launched a new television advertisement to run in key battleground states called “Celeb” that uses images of U.S. celebrities Britney Spears and Paris Hilton and Obama’s speech in Berlin last week to accuse Obama of being all talk and little action.

    “Is he ready to lead?” it asks.

    At the same time, McCain described himself as an independent-minded politician with a history of bucking authority and said Obama has shown little more than strong speaking skills.

    “The bottom line is that Senator Obama’s words, for all their eloquence and passion, don’t mean all that much, and that’s the problem with Washington,” McCain said.

    McCain took direct aim at Obama’s chief selling point, that he represents change Americans are searching for ahead of the November 4 election.

    “Sen. Obama doesn’t have the strength to speak openly and directly about he will address the serious challenges that confront America. How will he be strong enough to really change Washington?” he said.

    McCain’s negative turn came as his campaign senses a chink in Obama’s armor following the Democrat’s European tour, which did not appear to give Obama a noticeable bounce in the polls, despite drawing a crowd of 200,000 in Berlin.

    It is a strategy that carries some risks with Americans weary of partisan sniping. The Obama campaign has said stepped-up criticism from McCain as not in keeping with his pledges to maintain a civil debate.

    “On a day when major news organizations across the country are taking Senator McCain to task for a steady stream of false, negative attacks, his campaign has launched yet another. Or, as some might say, ‘Oops! He did it again,'” said Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor.

    But the McCain camp, frustrated by what it sees as a U.S. news media’s lavish attention on Obama, said it considered the Democrat’s Europe trip fair game.

    Campaign manager Rick Davis told reporters on a conference call that Obama’s swing through Europe, with its focus on media, was “much more something you would expect from someone releasing a new movie than running for president.”

    “And so I think it’s fair game to say that we’re only focused on representing what we see as an important element of the Obama strategy, which is to create a fan base around the world that allows him to get a lot of media attention and avoids him having to address the important issues of our time,” Davis said.

    The McCain camp eagerly directed reporters to an opinion article in The Washington Post that described Obama as acting as if he were already president.

    McCain, 71, took pains to promote his own record, saying he had often found himself at odds with the unpopular administration of President George W. Bush, particularly on government spending and the Iraq war.

    The latest energy bill in the U.S. Congress, he said, includes “big giveaways to Big Oil but nothing” to free American from its dependence on foreign oil.

    “Time and again, I’ve heard politicians, pundits and pollsters warn me that my position on this or that issue would cost me the presidency. But I don’t answer to them,” he said.

    McCain threw so pretty big insults at Obama:

    1.) Compared him to Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton

    2.) Called him WEAK!

  9. Who is this Rep. Louise Slaughter? She makes me sick to my stomach. Can these middle-aged women have just one bit of self-respect? Are we asking too much?

    Inside the Obama meeting with House Dems

    So, what really happened inside the Obama meeting with House Democrats?

    Well, we asked aides to give us some deets. And here’s what we found out:

    First, House speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke. Then Rep. Rahm Emanuel. Then Obama.

    Obama made a few brief remarks before taking questions. He was asked by Rep. Adam Schiff if he would offer a “team of rivals” approach and keep a Republican in his cabinet. Schiff cited Defense Secretary Robert Gates by name and asked if Obama would keep him.

    “I don’t want to get ahead of myself,” Obama said. “My job is to win the election first.”

    Rep. Jane Harmon (D-Calif.) asked a question about the Middle East. Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.) asked about energy.

    Obama also said he would have his attorney general review all executive orders by President Bush, which got a big round of applause, aides said.

    There was good cheer all around, lawmakers said.

    Rep. Louise Slaughter said she wanted to burst into applause, “just looking at him.”

    Majority Whip James Clyburn added, “there was no politics discussed today. It was all policy.”

    Oh, and at the very end of the meeting, aides say there was a rousing “Yes we can! “Yes we can!” chant.

    (Nice to know that Congress can sometimes feel like a high school pep rally.)

  10. Martin Democrats to call voters pushing Obama Thursday and Friday
    By Jim Turner

    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Martin County Democrats, working with Obama for America and the Florida Campaign for Change, will be knocking on doors and calling registered Democrats and independents, Thursday and Friday afternoons.

    This will be the first effort directly on behalf of the Illinois Senator for the county party, said David Dew, chairman of the Martin County Democrats.

    “We’ve been doing this for the last six months for the Democratic Party,” Dew said.

    The groups are expected to determine later Wednesday the neighborhoods they will be going door to door, Dew said.

    The voter contact effort comes in advance of the local party’s Obama organizational meeting Aug. 2 at the party headquarters in Stuart. Similar meetings were held in Fort Pierce and Jupiter last weekend.

    http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2008/jul/30/martin-democrats-call-voters-pushing-obama-thursda/?printer=1/ 
    Isn’t it awfully early to do this type of push?

  11. Race-obsessed nutroots all-star decodes secret meaning of McCain’s ad. This guy Josh Marshall is awfully cartoonish…
    h t t p : / / talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/206241.php

    I note with interest today, John McCain’s new tactic of associating Barack Obama with oversexed and/or promiscuous young white women. (See today’s new ad and this from yesterday.) Presumably, a la Harold Ford 2006, this will be one of those strategies that will be a matter of deep dispute during the campaign and later treated as transparent and obvious once the campaign is concluded.

  12. h t t p : / / http://www.businessweek.com/the_thread/brandnewday/archives/2008/07/mccain_waging_e.html?campaign_id=rss_blog_brandnewday

    McCain Waging Effective War of Words.

    The war of hot button words is revving up in the Presidential campaign. In John McCain’s newest ad today, the McCain camp calls Barack Obama, “the biggest celebrity in the world.”

    The word “celebrity” tested very negatively with voters, essentially linking Obama with Angelina Jolie and Madonna. “Celebrity” equals superficial for voters, people who are well known for being well known. This is the approach to advertising that gave us “Death Tax” and “Family Values.”

    It’s smart strategic political hardball.

    It is starting to look like the McCain campaign, as I have said before, is pursuing the Rove strategy—-relentless, daily attack. This ad goes after Obama’s position against off-shore oil drilling. This is an issue that has plenty of opponents who reason that more off-shore drilling won’t change the price of gas at the pumps. But in focus group testing, voters like it—along with a gas tax holiday.

    One of the Rove principles of political advertising—agree with the voters even if they are wrong.

    McCain strategist Steve Schmidt said Wednesday that Barack Obama is the biggeest celebrity in the world, and that Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, also seen in the add, are second and third. It’s useful to note that Schmidt pulled this information out of his you-know-what, and that there is no third party measurement of this that Schmidt could cite or that I coould find.

    In the call today, Schmidt personally echoed a canard that Obama has a track record of supporting tax hikes on people in the $32,000 income bracket. Weeks ago, http://www.factcheck.org debunked this.

    Said http://www.factcheck.org: “The McCain campaign claims that Obama voted to raise income taxes on individuals who earn as little as $32,000 per year. That’s wrong.

    The resolution Obama voted for would not have increased taxes on any single taxpayer making less than $41,500 per year in total income, or any couple making less than $83,000. The $32,000 figure is approximately the taxable income of a single person making $41,500 per year, after all deductions and exclusions.

    Obama’s vote (for a non-binding budget bill) does not change the fact that his own tax plan would provide a tax cut of $502 for a non-married taxpayer earning $35,000.”

    The Rove/Schmidt strategy may seem like throwing paint bombs at a white house. But here’s the thing. If you throw enough paint bombs long enough, the house changes color.

  13. Great article Admin. I especially think the part about the rape was quiet a good analogy of why some women are still supporting the DNC.
    I have been watching Fox and some of the other news stations and in comparison of how they were with Hillary during the primary, they are not doing crap on Obama. Still they are handling him with kidgloves. Its disgusting, this race is boring and I don’t think its going to get any worse than this even after the nomination process is over! Both parties have made their selection and it is Obama!

  14. Rep. Louise Slaughter said she wanted to burst into applause, “just looking at him.”

    After which, Rep. Slaughter reached up under her Saks Fifth Avenue blouse, whipped off her bra, and with a fangirlish giggle, tossed it at Senator Obama’s feet. 🙄

  15. The American people have been bamboozled. We have only thought that we had some kind of choice in choosing the head of our government. We have had none. The real question is how long as this been going on??

  16. Funny pics of John Kerry
    Makes sense to me now why he so eagerly jumped on the Waffles band wagon. He has yet to grow up.

    h t t p : //photos.tmz.com/galleries/john_kerry_party#23379

  17. meiyingsu
    tried to post same photos but guess I got stuck in spam
    Makes sense to me know why Kerrry so readily jumped on the waffles wagon– he has yet to grow up.

  18. The married 64-year-old had his photo taken with Bud Light drinking constituents who, we are told, are college sophomores and juniors. One was drinking from a penis straw.

    TMI!!! TMI!!!!

  19. Proper Tire Inflation? Great. How About the Other Two out of Every Three Drivers?

    The RNC is chuckling over Obama calling for voters to make “sure your tires are properly inflated” because “we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires.”

    RNC spokesman Alex Conant responds, “Obama’s solution to America’s energy crisis is inflating tires?! Maybe he’s been out of the country too long.”

    I’ll give Obama a smidgen of credit, in that yes, having properly inflated tires can get you a few more miles per gallon.

    “Running a tire 20 percent underinflated – only 5 to 7 pounds per square inch (psi) – can increase fuel consumption by 10 percent. That can easily cost motorists two or three miles per gallon. Not only that, but running underinflated also reduces the tire’s tread life,” said Bob Toth, Goodyear’s general manager, auto tires.

    However, this doesn’t mean everybody can inflate their tires and get more mpg tomorrow. Survey information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows that about one in every three cars has a significantly under inflated tire.

    I’m doing a back-of-the-envelope calculation of how many gallons of gasoline that would save, daily and annually. But one of the problems of trying to contrast that total with the amount of oil produced domestically is that because of bans on exploration, it’s tough to get a solid number of how many gallons of gasoline could be produced, daily and annually, by additional drilling.

    Back in 2006, I was underwhelmed when Democrat leaders’ national security plan included a federal “tire fuel efficiency program.”

  20. Proper Tire Inflation? Great. How About the Other Two out of Every Three Drivers?

    The RNC is chuckling over Obama calling for voters to make “sure your tires are properly inflated” because “we could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires.”

    RNC spokesman Alex Conant responds, “Obama’s solution to America’s energy crisis is inflating tires?! Maybe he’s been out of the country too long.”

  21. Idunn, what state is this Slaughter representing?? If she is that stupid, why has she been elected to help run our government??

  22. Slaughter is from NY. OMG, with women like these running our government, we will never have a woman POTUS. This is the most disgusting thing I have heard lately!

  23. She’s not “stupid” Confloyd…she’s just in a hopium stupor. Or maybe she thinks Obama is Tom Jones, who the hell knows?

    In other news, we PUMAS are now being refered to by big media as a “militant group”. Guess I better shed these hair rollers and slip into my military style vest, eh? 😉

  24. RNC Launches New Web Site: “Obama Audacity Watch”


  25. Obama’s Answer to Drilling Debate: Inflate Your Tires. Team McCain, can you get an ad on this one soon?
    h t t p : / / http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=142113

    We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups. You could save just as much.”

  26. If Team McCain is smart, they should immediately fan out an ad on this one. It is Obama’s Dukakis moment.

  27. My GOD they are so behind the debate on energy. Everybody filled up their tires, Barack, and that’s why consumption dropped by 10% last month, year over year. Now we just need to find a way to run our cars on change alone.

  28. Now we just need to find a way to run our cars on change alone.

    I’m pretty sure you get better mileage with hope. 😉

  29. Ludacris Releases Song about Barack Obama, Obama Campaign Calls It Offensive

    Ludacris is a three-time Grammy Award-winning American rapper who has released a song about Barack Obama, calling Hillary Clinton a “bitch” in one verse. Both the Obama campaign and a former Clinton aide have denounced the song.

    In one verse of the song Ludacris says that “Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant” and in other lyrics it encourages blacks to “get off their ass” and vote for Obama.

    Immediately former Clinton national finance co-chair, Yashar Hedayat spoke out and told Huffington Post, “I hope Senator Obama has the presence of mind to denounce and distance himself from Ludacris. In May, when Father Pfleger made those horrible remarks about Senator Clinton at Trinity United, Senator Obama didn’t do much to defend her and John McCain was the first to rush to her defense.”

    The Obama campaign weighed in after the news of the song release, via campaign spokesman Bill Burton calling the song offensive and saying that Ludacris should be ashamed of the lyrics.

    Burton’s full statement was, “As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn’t want his daughters or any children exposed to. This song is not only outrageously offensive to Senator Clinton, Reverend Jackson, Senator McCain, and President Bush, it is offensive to all of us who are trying to raise our children with the values we hold dear. While Ludacris is a talented individual he should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

    The complete lyrics of the rap song by Ludacris can be found at Liveleak.

    Another OBAMBI tactic…throw the little fish under the bus and then claim “bravery by osmosis,” The act of assimilating the issues, not STANDING UP and disavowing.

    Where is OBAMA, I can’t hear or see him only the “little people” talking for him. But O’s LEADERSHIP in this area, HIMSELF?

    O where o where is Obama hiding. Why does he continue to let other people talk for him?


  30. Obama won’t rule out Iran strike


  31. kostner Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 4:18 pm
    Obama’s Answer to Drilling Debate: Inflate Your Tires. Team McCain, can you get an ad on this one soon?

    We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups. You could save just as much.”
    I like how some of the Democrats are calling him Jimmy Carter II,in the comments…yikes.

  32. Should have written,
    It/They speak volumes.

    Why should I trust Kerry’s judgment with regard who I should vote for?
    It seems he has judgment issues of his own.

    Or is he just trying to get the younger demographic involved in
    the political process?

  33. LETTER: Obama lacks experience for presidency
    The Daily Telegram
    Published Wednesday, July 30, 2008
    To The Telegram:

    Just six years a ago, Barack Obama was a state senator in Illinois, the Bob Jauch of his district. His meteoric rise to the Democratic pick for president has taken on rock star proportions. The media is in love with him. The late night comedians never joke about him but take shots at McCain every day. Although the majority of our local voters seem pleased with Jauch’s performance on the local level, I could never see someone at that level as president of the United States within six short years. Where is Obama’s leadership qualities? Has he ever been in charge of anything? He has no experience! Do you really know what he stands for on any issue? We all need to look beyond this great public speaker and see what Obama is really all about.

    I could care less if Obama is black. I could care less if Obama is a great speaker. He would be a great pastor or motivational speaker, but not president. We need to look at the issues and see that he has flip-flopped on every issue trying to please the audience that he is speaking to. The media doesn’t see or report that. We have to look closely ourselves. I am not a lover of Hillary Clinton by a long shot, or even a supporter of any Democrat at any level, but I would vote for her in a second over Obama if it came right down to it.

    Obama’s recent trip to Europe made me feel even more uncomfortable. The sheer arrogance that he possesses is mind boggling. Why is he campaigning in Europe? Why didn’t he visit wounded U.S. soldiers instead opting to go to a big event? Am I the only one thinking “if Europe and other countries like him, that makes me feel very uncomfortable.” He should’ve stayed in military camps and circles and supported our troops instead of campaigning over there. This man has already been corrupted by the power that is not even his.

    We need experience at the national level. We need a calm, cool head that knows how to work across the aisle to get things done. Although he was not my first choice, he is the best choice still in the race. Vote John McCain.

    — Mark Johnson,


  34. Back To the new John Kerry scandal:

    Nantucket girls gone wild descend on John Kerry
    By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    In hindsight, Sen. John Kerry is probably wishing he’d attended the American Ireland Fund’s event on Nantucket Saturday night. Instead, embarrassing photos of the married 65-year-old solon, surrounded by a bevy of beer-swilling coeds, hit the Internet yesterday. And yes, they were snapped on Nantucket on Saturday night.

    TMZ.com, the celebrity-gossip-paparazzi-news site best known for tracking Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse meltdowns, posted a Kerry photo gallery yesterday under the caption “John Kerry For Party President.”

    The shots show the former White House wannabe posing with a pack of young ladies who are wielding cups, beer cans and straws shaped like penises.


    In other pics, the gals are carrying on sans the senator. In one snap a reveler, who appears to be three-to-five sheets to the wind, is having a panty-exposing wardrobe malfunction as she’s helped up from the floor.

    TMZ initially reported that the photos were taken at a “Nantucket house party full of young chicks. Electoral college girls gone wild!”

    Kerry aide David Wade fired off a terse missive calling the info “completely erroneous and insulting.”

    He said Kerry and two friends were walking on the dock after having dinner at the Straight Wharf restaurant when the senator was recognized by “a large group” on a boat who asked if they could get a photo.

    “The group came off the boat and onto the dock, took a photo with Sen. Kerry and his friends, and then Sen. Kerry and his two friends immediately walked away. End of story.”

    Wade added: “I’m no rocket scientist, but it’s obvious that many of these other photos were taken on the boat and do not include Sen. Kerry or his friends because they were never there.”

    Sadly, had Kerry opted to hit the Ireland Fund bash, he probably could have avoided the whole mess. The senator took a pass on the annual cocktail party at the home of his friend, real estate baron Bruce Percelay, and instead dined with islanders Kerim Koseatac and Kirby Jones at the Straight Wharf.

    “You know, he really should have been there,” said one AIF reveler, who partied with Fund prez Kingsley Aikins, MSNBC political pontificator Chris Matthews, NBC doc Bob Arnot, Chris Quick of Quick and Reilly fame, Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley and husband, Smith, and the Nantucket event’s founder Jack Dunphy. As in big-money donors.

    According to Wade, Kerry regularly attends the island Ireland fete but he had a re-election event in Harwich earlier that night and didn’t arrive on the island until 8 p.m. He then headed to dinner – and his unfortunate photo op!

    “I think when you’re a senator and you’re asked to take a picture you oblige,” Wade said. “But I’m glad we were able to spice up the afternoon for the Inside Track. That’s what we’re here for.”

    Well, thanks. But as long as we’re on the subject, is this gonna hurt Kerry’s chances to be Barack Obama’s secretary of state???

    “The only ambition John Kerry has is to remain a senator from Massachusetts,” Wade said.

    Because, of course, we are rather tolerant here of what some might say is the senator’s overly zealous constituent service when it comes to members of the opposite sex!

    Back in 1998, when his ketchup-heiress wife Teresa Heinz was on Nantucket, Kerry was visited at his Louisburg Square manse by a 22-year-old blonde ex-model whom, he said, was “dropping off her resume.” At midnight.

    While he was running for president, Kerry was hounded by rumors involving a former intern who had moved to Africa. She denied there was anything improper about their relationship.

    Last year, a photo of the junior senator with his arms around two buxom William & Mary coeds made the Internet rounds. He appeared to be staring down at one of the gals’ cleavage.

    And, of course, who could forget Lee Whitnum, aka hedgefundmistress.com, who wrote of her secret 20-month fling with the then-unmarried junior senator who, she said, cooked for her, whispered to her in French and shared intimate nights with her in his Back Bay bachelor pad (pre-Teresa).

    And now there’s the not-so-straight Straight Wharf penis-straw posse. An impressive resume, wouldn’t you say?


  35. The only way women can help Obama win is to stay home/go to the beach or to actually (ugh) vote for him. A write in is a vote for Obama. We only have one choice to send the right message to the DNC and the corrupt Barack and friends…vote for McCain. Never voted for a Republican before but every day it gets easier and easier seeing this pompous poser strut for the gullible public.

  36. From TMZ post the comment section of the story has some wonderful insights to John Kerry’s associates that night.

    Posted at 11:02AM on July 30th 2008 by jon

    In photo 9 the man to Kerry’s right pearing over the girls shoulder is one Kerby Jones of Nantucket. A known town drunk and coke head who caretakes a boat for Senator Kerry. Mr. Jones currently has charges pending against him for assault on a 11 year old child who was injured in a fight mr,jones started at the Club Car resturant Tuesday July 24th at 4 pm in the afternoon. Mr Kerry was dinning with Mr. Jones the night this photo was taken You keep great company John!


  37. Obama cannot be trusted, in any way, shape or form.
    Another day, another gaffe.

    Isn’t Senator Kerry up for re-election? Looks like he is going for the youth vote. Certainly is poor form, to say the least.
    No wonder the old boys are having a hard time finding a veep to run
    with bambi.

    I wonder if the media will cover any of this?

  38. The McCain campaign is finally figuring out how to go after Obama and doing it. This is how it is done:


    Staying very personal, the McCain campaign responds to Obama’s suggestion that Republicans will attack his unusual name and his race:

    “This is a typically superfluous response from Barack Obama. Like most celebrities, he reacts to fair criticism with a mix of fussiness and hysteria,” says McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds, before trying to link the attack back to offshore drilling.

  39. Kostner, great post. Obama’s stupid directives to the American people about how to live their lives (“everybody go and inflate your tires”) is yet another dumb political move. Voters don’t want Presidential candidates to tell them how to live their lives, they want REAL POLICY SOLUTIONS. If voters want preaching, they’ll go to church, thank you very much.

    Yet another example of Obama’s garden-variety liberal orthodoxy. He sounds like Carter circa 1979 and Dukakis circa ’88. Ugh.

  40. Admin,

    Love the beach Boys. how innocent they look and sound in comparison to ludicrous and his peers.

    Here’s a fascinating account of blacvk slaveowners in the US.


  41. Kostner: great post.

    Inflate your tires and get regular tune-ups. If only, that would take care of the problem. I can’t believe, he said that. I can’t believe, anyone would say that.

  42. Hi All…Admin…loved the BBB clip….Laughed out loud and that felt good.

    BO will be an endless nightmare if the UNdemocratic Superdelegates take this path to the beach.

    Lots of good posts today, and Idunn…LMAO at the bra scene! But this Iranians strike thing makes me mad…

    WHO THE HELL DOES THIS GUY THINK HE IS?!?! THIS is THE MOST irresponsible thing I have ever heard in politics – from this story:

    “According to an attendee who spoke to ABC News’ Jake Tapper, Obama quipped, “Nobody said this to me directly but I get the feeling from my talks that if the sanctions don’t work Israel is going to strike Iran.”

    WHO iis he telegraphing with his “feelings”…and does he intend to play POTUS this way too?

    This is an inexperienced and DANGEROUS GAME Mr. Obama…you CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

  43. and it was a “quip” no less!

    “Obama quipped, “Oh heads up Iran, the Jews are going to start WW3”

  44. Running out to pick up to go Thai

    gotta practice my other language so Dear Leader will be pleased with me…

    back in a bit

  45. Glad to see McCain is finally figuring out how to attack Obama. When you hit him, he whines, withers, and then wilts. McCain should continue to hammer him — otherwise, Obama dictates the agenda and media coverage.

  46. Mr. “Toes” Morris, himself on FOX suggested that the problem with Obama not locking up the over 40 year old women vote is because of MICHELLE. She was not schooled in how she should speak before the campaign. Michelle?



    I am reminded of a particularly chilling passage in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita.” Humbert Humbert, after raping the 12-year-old, is pondering why she has come back to his bed. “You see,” Humbert tells the reader, “she had absolutely nowhere else to go.”

    One should never raise a child to think that.


    Please think about what many have said here. Women can only have power if they take action and exert the power. It is not easy, it means many sacrifices, but in the end you learn that you can do it.


  48. Gallup Daily: Presidential Race Tightens to 4 PointsObama leads McCain, 46% to 42%USA Election 2008 Gallup Daily Americas Northern America PRINCETON, NJ — After moving into a nine percentage point lead over John McCain in Gallup Poll Daily tracking of national registered voters this past weekend, Barack Obama now leads by just four points, 46% to 42%.

  49. Southern: The problem(s) with Obama go beyond MO. She is only one, of several problems. It seems like, people may not trust him.

  50. Yeah, how about that rep. that threw her bra at Obama, she threw all of us with her bra down the toilet when she did that. How degrading for the rest of the female population to be represented by someone that would do that, even if she is from NY.

  51. This was a first: I just got a call from the Minnesota DFL asking if I would be willing to go knock on doors to talk about Democratic candidates next Tuesday. He didn’t say Obama directly but I think that’s what they wanted. Anyway, I told him not this year…I could tell from the tone in his voice he had an inkling of what I was going to say. He’s probably getting a lot of over 40 women saying no…

  52. puma alert-obama in houston thurs!

    Obama visiting Houston Thursday for private fundraisers
    The high-dollar receptions will be hosted at the homes of trial lawyer Richard Mithoff and energy exec John Thrash
    By ALAN BERNSTEIN Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
    July 30, 2008, 7:20PM
    Comments Recommend Share
    Print Email Del.icio.usDiggTechnoratiYahoo! Buzz
    More news, plus forums and videos in Politics After conducting a midday public forum on the economy in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama will head later on Thursday to Houston, whose metropolitan area has more registered voters than all of the Hawkeye State.

    But Obama has no scheduled public events in Houston. Instead, he will collect donations for his campaign and the Democratic Party at two private gatherings.

    Of the $287 million raised across the nation by the Obama campaign, only a quarter has come from contributors of at least $2,300, according to the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Public Policy Center. Federal law puts a $2,300 cap on the amount an individual can give for a primary or general election, for a maximum total of $4,600.

    The Houston events fall into the big-money category. They start at $2,300 per person, with amounts above $4,300 going to the party. The receptions take place at the River Oaks home of trial lawyer Richard Mithoff and his philanthropist wife, Ginni, and the Memorial-area home of energy company chief John Thrash and his philanthropist wife, Becca Cason Thrash. Top donors at each event will get a chance to have their photographs taken with the Illinois senator.

    Obama drew a crowd of 20,000 or more to a free, public rally in Houston during his campaign for the March 4 Texas presidential primary.

    Thursday’s closed-door activities may reflect his Nov. 4 general election strategy against Republican John McCain.

    Iowa, where Obama is campaigning for voters earlier Thursday, is considered up for grabs this year. Republican President Bush won the state by 10,000 votes in 2004, Democrat Al Gore won by 4,000 votes in 2000.

    In contrast, Texas is expected to stay Republican in the presidential race this year, so the Obama and McCain campaigns have scrimped on resources here.

    The fundraising effort for Obama gave donors of more modest amounts a chance to participate in Houston. Former Justice Department official Eric Holder, on the committee helping Obama select a vice-presidential running mate, met with givers of $250 at a Houston law firm on Wednesday, according to the event invitation.

    The National Bar Association, an organization of black lawyers and judges, was hoping Obama, who is a member of the group, would make last-minute plans to visit its national convention taking place at a Galleria-area hotel. But a campaign spokeswoman said the convention was not on Obama’s schedule.


  53. Anyone see Rove on Hannity. It’s the most fired up I’ve seen him vs Obama. He was hitting on how Obama is never held accountable for his words and talked about Obama’s excuses on why he didn’t visit soldiers in Germany. Is this finally the change in Republican attacks that we have been waiting for? Bet they are going to ratchet things up considerably soon…

  54. Did you really think that O would pay any attention to Texas, once he had raped them of their Delegates. Of couse not. But many Dems who supported Hillary, will support and vote for O because THEY FEEL THEY HAVE NO ONE ELSE TO VOTE FOR.

    Sound familiar!!!

  55. Just as abused children and women (sometimes men) are told that they are ugly, no one wants them, that there is no one out there for them, the Democratic voters are being told, that if you vote outside the party, terrible things will happen to you, and your family, it is tradition, Roe vs Wade will be reversed (did not happen under Bush with a Rep congress, will never happen).

    What really happens is when people step away from controlling threatening abusive situation is THEY FIND OUT EVERYTHING THEY FEARED WAS NOT TRUE.

    Things change, they might have to get a new job, they might have to relocate, but the important thing they tell you is THEY FEEL LIKE A WEIGHT HAS BEEN LIFTED FROM THEIR SHOULDERS AND THEY ARE FREE.

    Once you let someone have this abusive power over you, you are afraid to breath, or make a move, or they will come after you and hit you (throw you under the bus).

    I know if I had folded in, and began to try to continue in the O environment in the Dem Party I would have been stressed out of my mind. So when I saw that happening, I walked away from it

    I felt free, and like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

    SDs/Dem Hillary supporters, you do have a choice, and it does not have to be O and you don’t have to vote Dem. Like the person in the financial letter said.


  56. Twinkle Toes Morris just can’t figure out why all will not go to Obama, they need to grow a brain, so they can take it out and play with it! Oh Brother!

  57. carbynew Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 3:29 pm
    Martin Democrats to call voters pushing Obama Thursday and Friday
    By Jim Turner

    Isn’t it awfully early to do this type of push?

    Well, yesterday, a young guy actually knocked on my door. He asked me to support DNC (interestingly he only had a DNC sticker on his left chest area), I said “no, no”. Then he said: “Do you want to support Obama?” “No, I am a Hillary supporter.” Since this young man seems nice, I did not really say more to him. He did not insist either and he left to knock on my neighbor’s door. So they did start to knock on doors now. The funny part is my state and my county has been always in the corner of Dems for the last so many years. Why they are doing this? Is the DNC actually trying to survey the Dems? Or it could be they just want our money.

  58. Obama whining again in his new ad. McCain must ignore the whining from Obama and his Big Media campaign volunteers. Hit back is the answer.

  59. Lindax, Carbynew – we have received many reports of Obama volunteers going house to house asking for money and votes in battleground states. The reception to the requests, from the reports we have received, have not been very positive. What we are being told is that the campaign workers admit that they are having a hard time.

    NObama. NOvember.

  60. David Brock founder of media matters in his earlier days was writing articles against Anita Hill. He called her a little nutty and a little sluttey. Well if this was the guy we were writing to about the misogny against Hillary, for pete’s sake, no wonder they just kept on saying nasty things. He was also instrumental in getting Paula Jones to file a lawsuit against Bill Clinton by writing Troopergate.
    So now he is on the left after disavowing the right. Sure he is and for those people that believe that I will be happy to sell the some ocean front property in Colorado.
    The whole government is corrupt, we need to fire all of them!! I am starting to sound like a Ron Paul supporter, aren’t I??
    We will just need to instill Hillary as POTUS after kicking them all out and start fresh!!
    There is now less and less difference between the two parties, they are now being controlled by corporation. God help us all!

  61. As Ricki Leiberman says “GO!, GO!, GO!”


    After spending much of the summer searching for an effective line of attack against Senator Barack Obama, Senator John McCain is beginning a newly aggressive campaign to define Mr. Obama as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for the presidency.

    On Wednesday alone, the McCain campaign released a new advertisement suggesting — and not in a good way — that Mr. Obama was a celebrity along the lines of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Republicans tried to portray Mr. Obama as a candidate who believed the race was all about him, relying on what Democrats said was a completely inaccurate quotation.

    The Republican National Committee began an anti-Obama Web site called “Audacity Watch,” a play on the title of Mr. Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope.” And, in a concerted volley of television interviews, news releases and e-mail, campaign representatives attacked him on a wide range of issues, including tax policies and energy proposals.

    The moves are the McCain campaign’s most full-throttled effort to define Mr. Obama negatively, on its own terms, by creating a narrative intended to turn the public off to an opponent.

    Although Mr. Obama has been under an intense public spotlight for the last year, he is still relatively new on the national scene, and polls indicate that for all the enthusiasm he has generated among his supporters, many voters still have questions about him, providing Republicans an opening to shape his image in critical groups like white working-class voters between now and Election Day.

    Mr. McCain’s campaign is now under the leadership of members of President Bush’s re-election campaign, including Steve Schmidt, the czar of the Bush war room that relentlessly painted his opponent, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, as effete, elite, and equivocal through a daily blitz of sound bites and Web videos that were carefully coordinated with Mr. Bush’s television advertisements.

    -more at the link-

  62. The MSM is whining about how unfair Obama treated the annointed one, McCain campaign must be doing sth right. I still recall the laughable ‘outrage’, ‘backlash calling’ of MSM when Hillary launched her 3-am phone call ad before TX primary. They were crying, saying she’s too negative, it would backfire, blah, blah, blah. Well, if Hillary took their advice, she would have probably lost TX.

    The biggest mistake i found of Clinton’s campaign was they were too afraid to launch attack against Obama during the early days. They failed to define Obama as an empty-suit. When they finally figured this out, it’s a bit too late.

    Btw, toe-sucker Morris’ analysis is here. His thoughts are quite random, so take whatever it’s worth.

  63. More Women Choosing McCain Over Obama

    If soccer moms determined the outcome of the 1996 presidential race and security moms tipped the balance in 2004, it is beginning to look as if older moms are the key to the 2008 contest.

    Obama has a problem among women over 40 and a big problem among women over 50. These groups, normally the staunchest of Democratic supporters, are showing a propensity to back McCain.

    According to the latest Fox News survey, Obama is winning among women under 40 by 13 points, but McCain is winning among women aged 41-45 by four points. Among women 50 and over, McCain is three points ahead. Obama’s 48-35 lead among women under 40 is normal for a Democrat, but to trail among women in their 40s by 45-41 and by women over 50 by 38-35 is extraordinary.

    The problem is that older women don’t like Obama as much as younger women do. While 70 percent of women under 40 have a favorable opinion of the Democratic candidate, only 58 percent of women in their 40s feel the same way, and only 52 percent of those over 50 view him favorably.

    For a Democrat to be losing among women over 40 is without precedent in the past 20 years.

    In fact, the gap between male and female voting preference in this election is far lower than it normally is. Among people under 40, men back Obama by eight points and women support him by 13. Among those in their 40s, men back McCain by 11 points and women support him by four. And for those over 50, men vote for the Republican by a nine-point margin while women prefer him by three points.

    Usually, the gender gap runs at least 10 points in each age group and, more usually, averages a 15-point differential. The lower gap in this race does not indicate any special popularity for McCain or negatives on Obama among men. Men are voting the way they usually do. It’s women who are making the big difference and keeping this race tied.

    Part of the problem may stem from Obama’s defeat of Hillary Clinton during the primaries. Hillary drew her strongest support from older women who still remembered the sexism of their youth and their struggles to pierce the glass ceiling. For younger women, sexism has much less personal relevance and they were less drawn to her candidacy.

    But a bigger problem may be a cultural alienation older white women feel toward Obama. The Rev. Jeremiah Wright may linger as a worry in their increasingly gray heads as they contemplate an Obama presidency. This fear of the unknown and the gap they seem to feel with Obama is so strong that it is overcoming their normal proclivity to back Democrats.

    Of course, McCain is a uniquely attractive candidate to the Democratic and independent base. Long regarded as a maverick Republican, he attracts these swing voters and is ideally positioned to exploit the estrangement between older women and Barack Obama.

    Would choosing Hillary as a running mate assuage the concerns of older white women? It might.

    They could get enthusiastic, one would think, about seeing a woman sitting a few feet away from the president in the Oval Office (again!).

    But Hillary would bring with her a different set of problems. Her candidacy would invite scrutiny of Bill’s financial dealings, most recently exposed in The Wall Street Journal’s coverage of the incredible corruption of his buddy, the president of Kazakhstan.

    The problem is Obama. And it can only be solved by Obama, not by his running mate. For his part, McCain should take dead aim at this demographic, perhaps by selecting a female running mate who would appeal to them.

    The current favorite, Mitt Romney, does him no earthly good with these folks, and his Mormonism is likely to be a big turnoff. But McCain could choose Condi Rice or any number of other Republican women (like Kay Bailey Hutchison, the Texas senator) and attract these dissident women.

  64. Toe sucker is obsessed with Condi Rice. He wrote a book on Hillary vs. Rice , and is still pushing the idea.

    I like Rice, she is very smart, tough and articulate. But she has no intention whatsoever to be V.P. Geez, Morris’ bizarre obsession sometimes really blindsided his rational thinking process.

  65. McCain acknowledges Gore’s contributions to global warming debate, and says Gore’s proposals are “doable” — smart move:


    (07-29) 19:02 PDT —

    Republican Sen. John McCain, engaged in increasingly sharp attacks on rival Barack Obama, pledged that if elected president, he would work closely with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, praising her as an effective leader and an “inspiration to millions of Americans.”

    “I respect Speaker Pelosi. I think she’s one of the great American success stories,” McCain said during an interview with The Chronicle prior to a fundraiser at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.

    “We talk about (New York Sen.) Hillary Clinton and her inspiration to millions of Americans. Speaker Pelosi has been an inspiration as well” in a role that is “in many ways … more powerful than the president.”

    And McCain also had high praise for the 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore and his advocacy on the issue of climate change. McCain recently raised eyebrows in GOP circles by calling “doable” Gore’s suggestion that the country could become entirely energy independent through use of renewable resources within 10 years.

    “I agree with his goal,” the Arizona senator said Monday of Gore’s idea. “I may disagree with all the ways of getting there. But I again want to emphasize my respect for the former vice president’s leadership on this issue and his continuous leadership. And I am in no way trying to get into a fight with him.”
    Agreement on goals

    McCain said that while he differs with Gore on the importance of nuclear power, “I do believe that his goals and his priorities and the visibility that he’s given the issue has been good for America and the world.”

    His praise for two Democrats who are regularly in the bull’s-eye of the conservative talk radio and the right-wing blogosphere is likely to draw fire from Republican loyalists, who consider Pelosi and Gore to be the evil twins of liberalism.

    “It drives the talk radio crowd nuts when McCain does not wage war on Pelosi and Gore,” said Hoover Institution media fellow Bill Whalen. McCain, he said, likely was trying to reach out to moderate and independent voters during his San Francisco visit.

    Whalen said McCain’s reluctance to criticize Gore is understandable because the former vice president is not running for office. But many Republicans believe that Pelosi, who met Tuesday with Obama and Democratic Party leadership in Washington, should be squarely in McCain’s sights.
    Advice to get tough

    “At some point, the McCain campaign has to make Congress and the Democratic majority an issue in this campaign … it’s something McCain has to wrestle with,” Whalen said. There are three key issues at stake, he said: “The bad performance of the Congress – the reason why the approval rating is 9 to 14 percent. The second is what they want to do when Obama comes into office.” The third is the issue of divided government – whether Democrats should indeed control both houses of Congress and the White House, he said.

    “He has to get rougher – and his problem in the election is the GOP brand,” especially with stories like the indictment on Tuesday of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, the most senior GOP senator, he said.

    “You have to fight fire with fire. (He should say) if the Republican brand ain’t so hot, then what about the Democratic brand?”

    But McCain’s “first instinct is not to go negative or go to the punch. He tends to pull the punch,” said Whalen. That may have to end soon, he said, because “he’s got two challenges ahead of him: Obama is hovering close to 40 to 50 percent in the polls, and has to be dragged down, and McCain is in the low 40s and has to be pumped up.”

    With the campaign – one of the most exhaustive and lengthy presidential competitions in history – heading into a critical period, McCain in recent weeks has taken a sharper tone as he has been sorely challenged by both a tidal wave of attention and skillful positioning from Obama.

    The Illinois senator galvanized international attention last week with a trip that included a historic address to 200,000 Germans in Berlin and meetings with leaders in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, France, Germany and Great Britain.

    McCain has accused Obama of being willing to lose the war in Iraq in order to win his presidential campaign – a remark that has drawn criticism from critics who called it unseemly.
    Pelosi’s view

    Pelosi has recently pounded McCain for what she said has been an energy policy that she argued is a virtual continuation of the Bush administration’s failed efforts. The speaker appeared at a San Francisco gas station earlier this month to charge that McCain has failed to take action on ideas that will reduce the price of gas at the pump now – including cracking down on price gouging, enacting a “use it or lose it” policy for oil companies to drill on the 68 million acres of undeveloped federal oil reserves and suspending the filling of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    McCain, asked about those criticisms Monday, sidestepped the direct issue of “use it or lose it.” Although he did criticize her for failing to hold a vote on offshore oil drilling, he said he would extend a hand to work with her on a variety of critical issues.

    “I promise you that I respect her,” he said, “I will sit down with her when I’m president, and will say ‘Let’s work together,’ ” he said. “If (the late House Speaker) Tip O’Neill and (President) Ronald Reagan could, then certainly John McCain and Nancy Pelosi can. … I think she’s been very effective.”

    McCain also downplayed criticism from California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger – a Republican and an endorser – who dismissed the idea of lifting federal offshore oil drilling moratorium as “blowing smoke.”

    “I have said the states should decide. And Gov. Schwarzenegger has made his position clear. So has Speaker Pelosi,” he said.

    But he said as an added incentive to coastal states, “one of the things I would do is offer them a higher share of the revenues. There are certain budgetary problems that exist, as we all know,” he said. “It’s their coastal waters, and I would offer them more of the revenues.”

    John McCain in his own words

    In an interview with The Chronicle on Monday, John McCain addressed a number of issues. Among them:

    On Gov. Schwarzenegger’s criticism that lifting the federal moratorium on offshore oil drilling is “blowing smoke”: “Gov. Schwarzenegger has made his position clear. … The governor of Florida has had a different position. … One of the things I would do is offer (coastal states) a higher share of the revenues. There are certain budgetary problems that exist, as we all know. It’s their coastal waters and I would offer them more of the revenues.”

    On how he would handle sanctuary cities like San Francisco: “I would push for federal action to carry out a federal responsibility. And a federal responsibility is immigration. …If you have secure borders and you have a temporary worker program that has to do with tamper-proof biometric documents … you address the issue of the 12 million people who are here illegally, and you don’t have to worry about all that.”

    On former Vice President Al Gore’s contention that America can be energy independent in 10 years: “I don’t think it’s doable without nuclear power. I do believe we can become energy independent, but I think it will (involve) nuclear power, wind, solar. … It requires all those things, including offshore drilling.”

  66. McCain’s New Strategy

    ABC News’ Jan Crawford Greenburg Reports: McCain’s tough new “celebrity” ad campaign, designed to portray Obama as an empty suit who — like Paris Hilton — is devoid of substance, is the first part of a broader strategy that ultimately could have ramifications for McCain’s VP selection.

    The campaign will continue to hit hard that Obama is not an agent of change — but a man who merely plays to his audience and is unwilling to risk losing his adoring crowds by making the tough decisions. This is only the first volley, sources close to McCain tell ABC News.

    There’s a bigger point — and this initial volley, they say, lays the groundwork for it. They will be sharpening McCain’s message that he, not Obama, is the true change agent, a man who’s repeatedly taken unpopular stands, made the hard calls and forged bipartisan alliances.

    Part of the calculus now is how his VP choice will further sharpen that message. There is significant support among top McCain advisers that he make a “transformative” pick who would change the Republican Party — someone who would appeal to moderate Republicans and Democrats.

    This pick would be someone who, like McCain, has taken the unpopular stands, made the hard calls and stood firm on principle.

    A person who fills that bill, these advisers say, is Joe Lieberman.

    Lieberman, an Independent Democrat, flatly denied his interest to ABC’s Ron Claiborne earlier this month, but McCain is now seriously considering him as that “transformative” pick, sources tell ABC News.

    McCain is close to Lieberman, admires his willingness to stand alone on principle and shares his views that Islamo-fascism is the most serious threat to the nation’s future.

    What’s more, some McCain advisers believe Lieberman would dramatically enhance the point they are now trying to make about Obama in this “celebrity” ad campaign.

    McCain and Lieberman are anti-celebrities, the argument goes. They have, as one top adviser said, felt the heat after taking unpopular positions because they were willing to do “what’s right for the country” — whatever it meant for their own popularity.

    Tom Ridge also would be that kind of pick — and he, too, is on McCain’s very short list, sources say. As a Republican who was Bush’s director of Homeland Security, he is less dramatic than Lieberman. He also ran into some problems at Homeland Security with his color-coding system.

    But as a moderate pro-choice politician and former Pennsylvania governor, he, too, could make a statement–and open the Party to moderates who now are up for grabs.

    And looking at the map, Ridge also could deliver Pennsylvania — a state McCain badly needs.

    McCain has not decided which route to take. The transformative pick would anger a slice of the base, and he could decide, at the end of the day, to pick the conventional conservative.

    That would be Mitt Romney, Minn. Gov. Tim Pawlenty or former Ohio Rep. Rob Portman, sources tell ABC News.

    But of those three, only Pawlenty would help with McCain’s “change” message.

    Romney, a flip-flopper extraordinaire, is vulnerable to the “celebrity” tag himself–and Portman is defined as Bush’s budget director.

  67. Been catching up on the posts above.

    Sheesh, nobody better give Obama any state secrets. He’s libel to blab them to the enemy five seconds after he gets them.

    He’s the mata hari of politics. Not exactly presidential material…more suited to circus clown!

  68. Walking Eagle will never make it to his Black House.His RACIST campaign is about to collapse and it is all about his inability to to speak the truth and his ability to lie and deny,when he is challenged.I firmly believe Hillary will be nominated by honest and sensible voters.Obama is unfit for any office of trust and of such great importance in these dangerous times.STOP HIM NOW.

    By ABM90

  69. by the way, carbynew, Kerry & chicks photos are hilarious, but I think he’s only in Ketchup millionaire type of women.

  70. NYT, on McCain’s new strategy of calling attention to Obama’s egotism:

    July 31, 2008
    McCain Tries to Define Obama as Out of Touch

    WASHINGTON — After spending much of the summer searching for an effective line of attack against Senator Barack Obama, Senator John McCain is beginning a newly aggressive campaign to define Mr. Obama as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for the presidency.

    On Wednesday alone, the McCain campaign released a new advertisement suggesting — and not in a good way — that Mr. Obama was a celebrity along the lines of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Republicans tried to portray Mr. Obama as a candidate who believed the race was all about him, relying on what Democrats said was a completely inaccurate quotation.

    The Republican National Committee began an anti-Obama Web site called “Audacity Watch,” a play on the title of Mr. Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope.” And, in a concerted volley of television interviews, news releases and e-mail, campaign representatives attacked him on a wide range of issues, including tax policies and energy proposals.

    The moves are the McCain campaign’s most full-throttled effort to define Mr. Obama negatively, on its own terms, by creating a narrative intended to turn the public off to an opponent.

    Although Mr. Obama has been under an intense public spotlight for the last year, he is still relatively new on the national scene, and polls indicate that for all the enthusiasm he has generated among his supporters, many voters still have questions about him, providing Republicans an opening to shape his image in critical groups like white working-class voters between now and Election Day.

    Mr. McCain’s campaign is now under the leadership of members of President Bush’s re-election campaign, including Steve Schmidt, the czar of the Bush war room that relentlessly painted his opponent, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, as effete, elite, and equivocal through a daily blitz of sound bites and Web videos that were carefully coordinated with Mr. Bush’s television advertisements.

    The run of attacks against Mr. Obama over the last couple of weeks have been strikingly reminiscent of that drive, including the Bush team’s tactics of seeking to make campaigns referendums on its opponents — not a choice between two candidates — and attacking the opponent’s perceived strengths head-on. Central to the latest McCain drive is an attempt to use against Mr. Obama the huge crowds and excitement he has drawn, including on his foreign trip last week, by promoting a view of him as more interested in attention and adulation than in solving the problems facing American families.

    “I would say that it is beyond dispute that he has become the biggest celebrity in the world,” Mr. Schmidt said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday. “The question that we are posing to the American people is this: ‘Is he ready to lead yet?’ And the answer to the question that we will offer to the American people is: ‘No he is not.’ ”

    Mr. McCain’s more focused assault comes after one of his worst weeks of the general election campaign, when he seemed to fumble for a consistent, overarching critique of Mr. Obama, who winged around the Middle East and Europe. Mr. McCain’s advisers continue to look for ways to bring more discipline to his message, and are being urged by some supporters to cut back the frequency of his question-and-answer sessions with reporters, a staple of his campaign but one that occasionally yields unscripted moments, misstatements and off-the-cuff pronouncements that divert attention from the themes he is trying to promote.

    The intensity of the recent drive — which has included some assertions from the McCain campaign that have been widely dismissed as misleading — has surprised even some allies of Mr. McCain, who has frequently spoken about the need for civility in politics. The sentiment seeped onto television on Wednesday with Andrea Tantaros, a Republican strategist, saying on MSNBC that the use of Ms. Hilton in Mr. McCain’s commercial was “absurd and juvenile,” and that he should spend more time promoting his own agenda.

    Mr. Obama’s campaign seized on those concerns, trying to turn the tables by portraying Mr. McCain as cranky and negative. The Democratic National Committee called Mr. McCain “McNasty.” Late Wednesday Mr. Obama released a counter advertisement citing editorials critical of Mr. McCain’s latest volley of attacks and featuring an announcer who says, “John McCain, Same old politics, same failed policies.”

    Asked by reporters about Mr. McCain’s new advertisement, Mr. Obama said, “I do notice that he doesn’t seem to have anything to say very positive about himself.”

    Mr. Obama’s chief strategist, David Axelrod, said that Mr. McCain’s strategy to define Mr. Obama negatively in voters’ minds, while similar to one that successfully worked against Mr. Kerry, would not work this year.

    “When people are struggling, when they’re trying to pay their bills, when they’re concerned about their fundamental security, I don’t think they have much tolerance for Britney Spears and Paris Hilton,” Mr. Axelrod said. “I think they understand times are more serious than that, and they thought John McCain was, too.”

    Mr. Schmidt, whom Mr. McCain placed in charge of day-to-day operations this month, specialized during the 2004 campaign in seizing on opportunities — think windsurfing; seemingly contradictory votes on Iraq policy — to paint Mr. Kerry negatively.

    Seeking similar openings, the campaign seized on Mr. Obama’s decision to skip a visit with wounded United States troops in Germany. (The McCain campaign said Mr. Obama canceled because he could not take the news media with him to the hospital, an assertion denied by the Obama campaign and undercut by the accounts of reporters.)

    The new focus has been welcomed by some Republicans. “They’re now in a position of driving news as opposed to reacting to it,” said Brian Jones, a former aide to Mr. McCain.

    But some fear a backlash. And Mr. McCain does not like to follow a script. People who know him said that it may be a challenge to apply the Bush model — strict adherence to the message of the day by the candidate combined with a relentless drive to define the opponent negatively — to a campaign not known so far for discipline or consistency.

    “It could be the Coca-Cola strategy of marketing that they’re trying to apply to Dr Pepper,” said John Weaver, a former chief strategist for Mr. McCain.

  71. Admin

    Noticed in the article Obama says that McCain doesn’t say anything postive about himself.

    Duh, We know McCain. No one knows O

    I hope the media keeps an eye out on the bureau of vital statistics while O is vacationing in Hawaii

  72. Obama’s newest ad, is very misleading, especially the part about energy. He neglected to say, that he voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill, which is a gift to the oil companies. Sounds like same old policies, same old politics. Whatever the BO campaign says, I just reflect it back on to them, because they are hypocrites, of the highest order, and I don’t believe one word that they say. Interestingly, McCain voted against the energy bill. He has been interested in the environment for many years.

    Pelosi has not been effective, unless one counts the inaction and ineffectiveness of the Congress as a measure of being effective. In that case, yes, she has been effective for promoting the ineffectiveness of the legislative branch.

  73. birdgal,

    Pelosi is a biggest failure. I never liked her from the beginning. I want a woman leader, but certainly not this type. She has done tremedous damage for aspiring women to seek high offices in the future.

    She needs to get kicked out ASAP.

  74. Great post Admin: you guys are too funny. The beachBoys look so bored that one has his arms crossed and the blonde on the left can’t for the life of him get the beat.
    But with all that..I will take it in a heartbeat over being called a bitch everyday!

  75. comments from MK fans forum

    I was ROTFLMAO this afternoon, listening to Rachel Maddow’s head exploding about the Dana Milbank analysis and the morphing of presumptive into presumptuous. She was beside herself at how much press coverage this is getting and how much it benefits McCain. According to Rachel, it was all based on hearsay of something BO said in some meeting. She was speaking so fast and her voice was rising to nearly a shriek. The poor woman was absolutely apoplectic. I wish I could have seen her. I bet the veins in her neck were bulging. She was coming unglued.

    Note to Rachel, the rest of the hypnotized MSM and BO: Welcome to Hillary’s world-

  76. I really am impress with the effect blogging is having on this election. Many people would not be getting the full story, if the bloggers were not doing what our media should be doing. In fact they are paid to do that.

    I find that I no longer listen to any major or minor news programs. Anything of importants that is happening, this blog picks it up and feeds it in. I think the blogs are a big factor in what is going on right now in the Dems (remember you keep women isolated that you are abusing). People are not being isolated because we have the blogs to connect with.

    Congratulations, you have become the true forum in the American
    Democracy. In fact it is only through blogs that it might be saved.

  77. Kostner: I totally agree about Pelosi; she must go.

    ROTFLMAO at Maddow’s head almost exploding. About time, they get some their own medicine. I will never forget Maddow’s describing one of Hillary’s comments as “craven.” It was so ridiculous and inappropriate. It was shortly after that, I stopped watching MSNBC. It’s been since Feb. 5th.

  78. Actually, I like the term “presumptuous” better than “presumptive.” Presumptuous candidate is so much more accurate, fitting and becoming. LOL!

  79. Admin: Very powerful and telling. BO has NEVER done anything to help the people of his district. The little people are invisible to him, and will remain so, if he is president. He is so beholden to the special interests, it isn’t even funny. He is lying, when he says, he didn’t know about Rezko. And, if it he truly did not know, it speaks volumes for BO’s ineffectiveness and lack of interest in the conditions for his constituents. He is truly an empty suit. He needs to eat his waffles.

  80. Jake Tapper is the ONLY msm journalist who’s not drinking kool-aid in this election. Another excellent write-up from him.
    Did Obama Accuse McCain of Running a Racist, Xenophobic Campaign?

    “John McCain right now, he’s spending an awful lot of time talking about me,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said today in Rolla, Mo. “You notice that? I haven’t seen an ad yet where he talks about what he’s gonna do. And the reason is because those folks know they don’t have any good answers, they know they’ve had their turn over the last eight years and made a mess of things. They know that you’re not real happy with them.”

    Obama continued: “And so the only way they figure they’re going to win this election is if they make you scared of me. So what they’re saying is, ‘Well, we know we’re not very good but you can’t risk electing Obama. You know, he’s new, he’s… doesn’t look like the other presidents on the currency, you know, he’s got a, he’s got a funny name.’

    “I mean, that’s basically the argument — he’s too risky,” Obama said, per ABC News’ Sunlen Miller. “But think about it, what’s the bigger risk? Us deciding that we’re going to come together to bring about real change in America or continuing to do same things with the same folks in the same ways that we know have not worked? I mean, are we really going to do the same stuff that we’ve been doing over the last eight years? … That’s a risk we cannot afford. The stakes are too high.”

    Obama made similar comments earlier in the day in Springfield, Mo.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it not seem as if Obama just said McCain and his campaign — presumably the “they” in this construct — are saying that Obama shouldn’t be elected because he’s a risk because he’s black and has a foreign-sounding name?

    The Obama campaign says no, no, no, certainly not, he was talking about his “opponents” in general, writ large, the talk radio hosts and smear artists and such.

    Then in Union, Mo., this evening, Obama seemed to specifically accuse McCain and the GOP of peddling racism and xenophobia.

    Obama said that “John McCain and the Republicans, they don’t have any new ideas, that’s why they’re spending all their time talking about me. I mean, you haven’t heard a positive thing out of that campaign in … in a month. All they do is try to run me down and you know, you know this in your own life. If somebody doesn’t have anything nice to say about anybody, that means they’ve got some problems of their own. So they know they’ve got no new ideas, they know they’re dredging up all the stale old stuff they’ve been peddling for the last eight, 10 years.

    “But, since they don’t have any new ideas the only strategy they’ve got in this election is to try to scare you about me. They’re going to try to say that I’m a risky guy, they’re going to try to say, ‘Well, you know, he’s got a funny name and he doesn’t look like all the presidents on the dollar bills and the five dollar bills and, and they’re going to send out nasty emails.

    “And, you know, the latest one they’ve got me in an ad with Paris Hilton,” Obama said, referring to a McCain campaign ad launched today. “You know, never met the woman. But, but, you know, what they’re gonna try to argue is that somehow I’m too risky.”

    There’s a lot of racist xenophobic crap out there. But not only has McCain not peddled any of it, he’s condemned it.

    Back in February, McCain apologized for some questionable comments made by a local radio host. In April, he condemned the North Carolina Republican Party’s ad featuring images of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

    With one possible exception, I’ve never seen McCain or those under his control playing the race card or making fun of Obama’s name — or even mentioning Obama’s full name, for that matter!

    (The one exception was in March when McCain suspended a low-level campaign staffer for sending out to a small group of friends a link to a video that attempts to tie Obama not only to Wright but to the black power movement, rappers Public Enemy and Malcolm X.)

    While I have no doubt there will be a bunch more racist, xenophobic, and other ignorant drek coming our way courtesy of the Internet and perhaps the occasional cable news network, it’s important to determine where it’s coming from. Is it from a specific campaign or party? A third-party group? A third-party group with direct ties to establishment figures? This all matters.

    I’ve seen racism in campaigns before — I’ve seen it against Obama in this campaign (more from Democrats than Republicans, at this point, I might add) and I’ve seen it against McCain in South Carolina in 2000, when his adopted Bangladeshi daughter Bridget was alleged, by the charming friends and allies of then-Gov. George W. Bush, to have been a McCain love-child with an African-American woman.

    What I have not seen is it come from McCain or his campaign in such a way to merit the language Obama used today. Pretty inflammatory.

  81. Kostner, I can’t wait to see the massacre of Obama by the Republicans, I am going to watch the little Rachel’s and down my leg Mathews cry. Oh, it will be so lovely to watch Oberman weep!


    In the Hollywood Movie Classic “Anatomy of a Murder” there is a point at which lawyer protagonist Jimmy Stewart turns to his assistant and says: “nobody is all one thing”. From what I know of life the statement is true. However, in the case of Barack Obama there is a caveat, codicil, proviso—call in what you will: when Obama speaks he is all things to all people; but when Obama acts he Dances With The Devil.

    By now most of us have seen the Nuremberg-style rallies where he paces on the stage, and delivers his message of hope in bombastic verses. We have marveled at how much better he is when he reads through a teleprompter than when he engages in an actual debate. And we have all seen the hypnotic effect he has had on many people. Either we fell in love with him like good Germans because what he is so hopeful and inspiring. Or we rejected him because his toxic associations (Rezko, Wright, Ayers, etc.), arrogant attitude, transparent lies and historical antecedents offer important clues as to how he would govern. You will be glad to know that I am not here to argue with either side. I am as neutral as our good friend Clyburn. The only thing I ask is that both sides consider the possibility that there may be more to the story than what you see on stage or read about in the press.

    Flash back to another time and another stage—the year is 1955, the stage is Broadway, the play is “Damned Yankees”. It is about the old Washington Senators who can’t seem to win baseball games (as opposed to a political party that can’t win presidential elections). One of the patter songs is “You Gotta Have Heart” (as opposed to you Gotta Have Hope). Then one day, an unknown player shows up at batting practice, and starts hitting home runs (as opposed to bringing in political contributions). Naturally, everyone is curious as to where he comes from (as opposed to where he was actually born). Turns out he is from Missouri (as opposed to a Chicago Ward). Meanwhile, Lola (Gwen Verdon) tells us that the key to seduction is to give ‘em a little this-a, a little that-a, with an emphasis on the latt-a (another form of bamboozling). The team goes on to win the World Series, only to find out the whole damned thing was a dream (I did not say a fantasy). But the looming question is what makes Shoeless Joe from Hannibal Mo so great? Well, in a modern day twist of the German legend of Faust, Joe sold his soul to the Devil. In his case, the devil was Ray Walston (aka My Favorite Marshan). But pray tell who is the Devil(s) that owns Barack Obama?

    Flash forward to the last presidential election- the date is January 2004, the place is Iowa and it is election night. On national television, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean manages a third place finish and cuts loose with what came to be known as the “Dean scream”. One month later he manages another third place finish and drops out. In May he creates a new organization called “Democracy for America” comprised of thousands of grass root activists who worked on his campaign for the alleged purpose of taking our government back from the right wing conservatives. He goes on to announce the Dean Dozen-twelve so-called diverse candidates who represent the spirit of so-called grass roots democracy. One of the names he listed was Senatorial candidate Barack Hussein Obama. He called upon all his volunteers, i.e. shock troops and bloggers to help Obama win the primary and the general election. The resulting influx of so-called Dean Heads into the party apparatus was a challenge to old line democrats. In July, Senate nominee Obama was chosen to give the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. Big Media assumed the same worshipful tone toward him then that we see now. As one perceptive writer noted at the time this indicated an emerging consensus among power brokers as to Obama and foreshadowed a future ascent to the White House. However, it was a closely held secret among the Ted Kennedy cabal and most people in the party had no inkling of it. (Rezkowatch).

    At or near that time, Howard Dean introduced Obama to George Soros who became his godfather. Soros is one of the richest men in the world. He is a financial speculator, philanthropist, and political activist. In addition, he is an unrepentant Nazi collaborator (see 60 Minutes interview, February 20, 1998). He is a peerless manipulator of markets, and his modus operandi has been to predict market collapses in oil, the mortgage industry and the dollar so his hedge fund can buy low and sell high. On the political front, he is a major backer of left wing groups like move-on.org which attacks Republicans and centrist Democrats like presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He was instrumental in creating the 527 loophole in campaign finance reform, which has allowed him to attack opposing candidates while he finances the one he wants. He is a major funder of aggressive grass roots groups which the DNC wants to enlist in its party building efforts (infra).

    His mentorship of Barack Obama can be summarized as follows: in March 2004 Soros met with Obama while he was a mere state senator. He contributed to Obama’s U.S. Senate Campaign. (Note: Obama was the only candidate in country met personally with in that election cycle.) Then in June 2004 Soros threw a fundraising event for Obama at his New York home. He raised an unspecified amount of money for him on that occasion. In December 2006 Soros met with Obama at his mid-town Manhattan office. After a one hour interview he took Obama into a room and introduced him to a group of global capitalists including Union Bank of Switzerland US Chief Robert Wolf and hedge fund manager Orin Kramer. One week later Wolf had dinner with Obama in Washington D.C. to map out Obama’s presidential campaign strategy.

    In early January, 2007 Obama announced his Presidential candidacy, and the New York Times announced that candidate Obama had nailed the support of the two highest level fundraisers George Soros and Robert Wolf. By mid-January Wolf ran a dinner for Obama in Washington D.C. and potential bundlers including Orin Kramer from the original meeting. In March Wolf and the perennial Edgar Bronfman Jr. held fundraisers for Obama. In mid-March Soros initiated a bad cop-good cop dance with Obama by denouncing the right wing Israeli lobby, AIRPAC in the New York Review, so Obama could rebut that, distance himself from Soros and shore up his credentials with skeptical Jewish voters. On May 30, Soros held a campaign event for Obama and was photographed with Gluckstern the former head of Soros’ Democracy Alliance. Soros was enthroned as the only one in the room seated, stationed between the host, Gluckstern and Obama. There were 300 attendees each of whom paid $2300 each to attend the soiree.

    Question: what if anything does Soros want in return for all this largesse? What do other Global capitalists expect as their quid pro quo for support?


    You do not need to be a conspiracy buff to realize that there is a community of capitalists who operate on a world-wide basis, and the decisions they make do affect the lives of Americans in ways that are not always clear. I can attest to their existence because for years I worked for a company which was part of that cabal. What we did was honorable and above board. But that is not true for all global capitalists as we shall soon see. There are three groups of global capitalists that merit particular attention and scrutiny: i) multi-national corporations, ii) investment bankers, iii) hedge fund managers. Each of them has its own special role and expectations.

    Multi-national corporations create tangible value. Their goal is to produce goods and services in the cheapest venues through supply chain manufacturing, to move them through just-in-time transportation systems or cyberspace and to sell them into the most lucrative markets throughout world. General Electric is a prime example of this type of capitalist. Investment bankers provide capital to multi-national corporations. Goldman Sachs is a paradigmatic example of this type of capitalist. Hedge fund managers play markets in an effort to buy low, sell high and pocket the difference. George Soros is a worst case example of this type of capitalist.

    Global capitalists recognize the importance of political power in the achievement of their business goals. Sometimes they need congressional support for a particular business initiative. At other times they want relief from some onerous regulation or protection from some legislative proposal that would adversely affect their business. In most cases this is a perfectly legitimate activity and it does no harm to the country. But there are other instances where the protection or special advantage sought by the global capitalist is fundamentally at odds with the interests of the American People- as we shall see. And when that is true the transaction takes on an entirely different character and becomes what you might call a “devils pact”. In those cases, the global imperialist needs a congressman, better yet a senator and best of all a President who will march to his drum, and execute.

    Now just suppose that you were a senior executive with General Electric-a huge multi-national corporation. What relevance would all this have to you? Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? First, it would be good for you and your business affiliates to have a friend in the White House. Second, it could help protect and expand the global trading system you rely on for supply chain manufacturing and to eliminate borders as unnecessary sources of friction for the free flow of your products and labor (i.e. North American Union). Third, you own two television networks, i.e. NBC and MSN which would benefit from access to the White House just as FOX has with Bush. Fourth those networks could be used to affect public opinion for or against any candidate. Fifth, the Republicans have been good to you in the past but they may not win the in 2008 due to Bush, Iraq and a rapidly declining economy. Thus, you must prepare for that contingency.

    Suppose further that it is one year before the election. You need to decide which candidate you will back to ensure the foregoing objectives. When you look at Senator Clinton who is billed as the inevitable candidate, you like what you see. She is a very impressive leader, a pro-growth Democrat and someone who knows both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. But there are two things about her that trouble you from a business standpoint. One is the concern that she might favor legitimate regulations that would add cost to your products. The other is that she would not follow your directives blindly but would carefully weigh their impact upon Americans before she would ever support them.

    When you look at her opponent you find someone who is-how shall I put it- more flexible in this respect. For example, a few years ago there was low level radioactive leakage from an Exelon nuclear plant in Illinois into the water supply. When the local citizens learned of this they sought help from Senator Obama. He took a responsible position initially, but eventually settled on a watered down piece of legislation which provided no added protection for the citizens he represents (See Huffington Post 2/19/08). Thereafter Exelon became one of his largest contributors. There is no denying the serious nature of this risk. According to recent studies, radioactive leakage from Exelon plants in Pennsylvania has caused a high incidence of thyroid cancer in two counties and their downwind neighbors.

    General Electric along with Westinghouse and three consortiums plans to build 29 nuclear plants in the near term. You needed a federal loan guarantee in order to proceed because private banks would not touch it and the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default as higher than 50 percent. Nevertheless, he voted in favor of it. Question: is this why the media subsidiaries of General Electric (NBC and MSNBC), and Westinghouse (CBS) were so determined to promote Obama and destroy Hillary? Perhaps.

    Now suppose instead that you are an investment banker like Goldman Sachs. You have supported Obama for years and are now his largest single contributor. You have persuaded your competitors at J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and UBS Securities to underwrite his candidacy as well. You all like him because he is by his own admission a “free market guy” and to you that means le bon temps roule. When you formed a company called ICE to horde oil futures on the London Exchange (similar to what Enron did), which caused the recent spike in oil prices that hurt the Middle Class Obama did not seem to mind. Those people were not on his radar scope. But Hillary called the game on you and you did not like it. The battle she has waged in this campaign is not for the divine right of globalists like you but the survival of the Middle Class and the working poor. Not your kind of people. It is similar to the one Roosevelt waged against investment banker J.P. Morgan during the Depression. The main difference is that today you guys own the media and the financial system has yet to collapse.

    Finally, suppose you are a political speculator and “neo-lib” named George Soros. You are his mentor. Out of the millions of people you have met over the course of your lifetime what made you pick him? Could it be that both of you are Americans but are also have identity issues? For example, you had to pretend to be a Catholic to escape persecution and to move from Hungary to London to the United States; whereas he had a father who abandoned him for Kenya, a mother who remarried and grandparents to whom he could never quite relate. Perhaps that is part of the reason for your common bond. And it allows both of you to disclaim or at least minimize the importance an American identity and boldly assert that you are first and foremost “Citizens of the World” in true neo-lib fashion. Could this be why Obama eschews the symbols of nationalism like saluting the flag, wearing a flag pin, paints his own emblem over the symbol of the American insignia? If you take a close look at his campaign emblem looks more like the world than the U.S. That is an interesting point since most politicians strive for the latter.

    But of course there is more to your relationship with Obama than just that. For it is also a marriage of convenience. To a financial speculator like you the world is your oyster. If you can put your man in the White House then you will have more leverage to manipulate U.S. markets for handsome profit. You can do what you have done in countries like Russia and predict market collapses in oil, the mortgage industry and the dollar so your hedge fund can buy low and sell high. In addition you can pursue the North American Union initiative which stalled under the Bush Administration due to strong objections by the American people who have this quaint notion that borders should be enforced and illegal immigration should be prevented. With your man in the White House you could follow the ratline down to every corner of the world where the United States has influence. The opportunities for financial speculation are endless. Finally, you could lay the groundwork for the New World Order which you espouse as opposed to the nationalism and militarism you despise. But there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy because there is no place in it for the American middle class and working poor.
    That is the fundamental problem.

    Furthermore, when you turn your attention from manipulating financial markets to manipulating elections in this country the groups you fund have a thuggish character to them if I say so. For example, the organization Americans Coming Together (ACT) which you fund was given the third largest fine in history by the Federal Election Commission for spending $70 million dollars to fund Democratic candidates in violation of the law when it claimed to be engaged in lawful voter registration. Likewise the Association of Community Organizations for Community Reform Now (ACORN) which you fund entered into a settlement with the State of Washington over what Secretary of State Sam Reed called “the largest case of voter registration fraud in the state’s history’. ACORN employees were supposed to help eligible voters fill out their registration cards, but instead were submitting false names like that of former boxing champion Leon Spinks. (Washington DC Examiner Newspaper 9/7/07.) These tactics are endemic in the Obama Campaign in the caucus states (infra).

    What are we to make of the intimate relationship between Barack Obama and Soros, General Electric and Goldman Sachs, et. al.? I say they are sufficient to raise the following question in the minds of voters: to whom does Barack Obama owe his ultimate loyalty? The answer will not be found in his words. It can only be found in his actions. Whether the issue is his failure to help poor tenants freezing in a Chicago slum in his district, the watering down of legislation to protect people from the nuclear hazard (Exelon), the reversal of his promise to review the impact of NAFTA on the American people (which his surrogate privately retracted before the Canadian government), his reversal on Campaign Finance Reform (which would have reduced the leverage of Global Capitalists over elections), his reversal on FISA (which would have protected the civil liberties against corporate governmental eavesdropping) or his recent legislative effort to send nearly a trillion dollars to Africa (when we need that money here at home) the answer is always the same: when there is a conflict of interest between global capitalists and Americans he consistently comes down on the side of globalists. They set his real agenda.

    There is nothing new under the sun. My own godfather was a backroom leader of the Democratic Party in the State of Washington in the decades following World War II. He was a close personal friend and campaign manager for the late Senator Warren Magnuson. One thing he used to say in good humor was “an honest politician is one who stays bought”. In Obama the globalists have found their man. Sixty percent of his campaign funds comes from big donors rather than the small ones he always touts. But where does that leave the American People in the Age of Globalization? If Hillary is denied the nomination there is no good answer to that question.

  83. I’m still sceptical about McCain’s willingness to go for kill.
    Kostner: goddamit you are right and as you may or may not recall I have been saying that for months. They just dont get it that this is scorched earth warfare. I have done a detailed study of the obama, soros, dean plan and I have got to get it to a high enough level that somebode takes notice and it can cascade down. They think they can beat these guys on media and message and in that respect they are as clueless as Penn. They need scorched earth. Hillary beat them with media the dnc obama and traitrors in her own camp but mccain aint got the same moxy she does. I found a good quote today from Disraeli- the magic of all love is the ignorance that it will end,

  84. wbboei, great post and right on. I am so pist I can hardly read the blogs anymore. No one seems to get the fact that this man is so dangerous for our country. Now he tells the world that Israel will attack Iran if the sanctions don’t work. WTF, this man is a moron!

  85. What a loser Obama is! And why aren’t Emily’s List and NOW speaking out against Ludacris?

  86. Another good PUMA prowl is to go to Amazon.com and review Nancy Pelosi’s new book. I did and gave it a scathing 1 star review.

    Down with Obama and Taylor Marsh!

  87. Filched or released for publication?
    In a statement issued following the public outcry over the leak, Maariv said that “Barack Obama’s note was approved for publication in the international media even before he put it in the Kotel, a short time after he wrote it at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.” A third newspaper, Haaretz, quoted Maariv as saying that “Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem.”

    Based on these statements by Maariv, Israel Insider concluded that the Obama campaign “managed the event brilliantly, if deceptively, getting the double benefit of appearing to be victimized by the invasive Israeli press and prayer-thieving Jew while at the same time leaking out his humble Christian plea to the Lord.” The report noted that by the week’s end, “a (relatively) slick video appeared on [public video website] YouTube that blended Obama’s Western Wall prayer with various church scenes, crosses aplenty, a dove of peace, and a soundtrack based on Amazing Grace. The video closes with a “vote” button and an invitation to visit the official campaign website

  88. this was one of the reviews of nancy’s book

    The democrat matron of global warming hysteria is doing her part to destroy the planet by writing an unnecessary book – to be made out of paper and ultimately tossed in a landfill?

    Even if her publishers are using recycled paper, they are still using materials that could be used for a better purpose. The printing process and delivery of the book also squander valuable energy and resources that could go to better use.

    So park your SUVs and turn off your air conditioners… Nancy needs the power to make profits from her book.

    Anyone who buys this book should, out of deference for the planet, multipurpose the material and use it for toilet paper – preferably before they read it.

  89. Apparently the Attorney General is looking into criminal proceedings about this note. It is illegal in Jersaleum to publish and/or remove notes from the wall. Maybe the campaign will have to get Bambi out of jail for this boner!

  90. Obama’s stupid directives to the American people about how to live their lives (”everybody go and inflate your tires”) is yet another dumb political move.

    That’s obama’s solution to everything. Just more hot air!

  91. Confloyd: thanks for yer help on this one. The russian story is scarey. Soros is the second most out of control guy in the universe. The bots are so fucking stupid–if they had any inkling of what this guy is really about they would never show their faces in public again. They are convinced he stands for x and in fact he stands for not x. This is a guiness book of world records con job. Luv ya.

  92. bambi bambi bambi is rite rithe right on the verge of everyting i touch turns to shit, wheres vikki carr to belt that wun for me;

  93. Never knew til now there was any room to the right of the likud party. Apparently there is and bambi bless his heart has found it. I have this nagging sense of a guy like bush who staggers and sways across the international stage with a mirror in hand which he smooches profusely as he says I love me.

    Obama the Soufflé, or Why the German Masses Are Prone To Being Seduced by ‘Charismatic Leaders’
    25 Jul 2008
    by Helga Zepp-LaRouche
    July 25, 2008 (LPAC) Every cook knows how difficult it is to get a soufflé out of the oven successfully; if the balance of ingredients isn’t just right, or if the temperature is a wee bit too high or low, it collapses into a unsightly little pile of undefinable goo. So if you imagine a soufflé puffed up with hot air, and just about to collapse in on itself, then you’ve got a good image of Barack Obama’s speech before the Victory Column in Berlin on July 24.

    The man is simply shallow, with little of substance, whereas what his PR writers mixed into his text, along with the usual hot-air bubbles of rhetoric, is nearly indistinguishable from the policies of the current Bush-Cheney Administration: the fight against terrorism, in which Europe must become more strongly engaged; the strengthening of the European Union for international interventions (he specifically named Sudan, Zimbabwe, and Burma); more German troops to be deployed in Afghanistan; more German “assistance” for Iraq. In short, the full imperial political agenda. Which is not all that surprising, since he had already promised, in his recent transatlantic webcast to the British public, that he would improve the Anglo-American “special relationship” even beyond the level achieved so far (think: Blair-Bush), and that in the future, he would even allow the British to take the lead more frequently. And then we have his statement at a conference of the America Israel Public Affairs Committee, that Jerusalem should be only Israel’s capital—a statement which places him well to the right of the Israeli government, on the side of Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

    What is really terrifying, however, is not Obama’s speech, which presented nothing beyond what he had already said, except for a few references to the 1948-52 Berlin Airlift, which any professional speechwriter could have come up with. Far more disquieting, is the fact that the German masses have apparently learned nothing from their own history, and that, when assembled in Nuremberg-style rallies built by bombastic propaganda campaigns, they have a fatal tendency to slip into a kind of mania, such that it matters little whether it’s Hitler in Nuremberg, Gorby on his Germany tour, the Dalai Lama, or, as now, Obama the Soufflé. And even though along the Fan Mile,[1] the spectators—who came this time not for the “Love Parade” or the World Soccer Championship, but for the pop star Obama—appeared to be tamer than on those other occasions, this propensity of the German masses to seduction is an ominous sign.

    It is ominous, because with Obama, appearance and reality are miles apart, and his “charisma” is a pure media fiction. Let’s read an article appearing in Spiegel Online on July 19, 2007, titled “Obama Unplugged”[2]:

    “For some, presidential candidate Barack Obama looks like the savior of American politics. But a visit to a campaign speech provides a sobering wake-up call: The Senator from Illinois does not live up to the myth his campaigners are trying to create.” And after a “stump speech” in the Anacostia area of Washington, D.C., on his way out Obama “is surrounded by silence as he departs. The applause doesn’t even carry as far as backstage. His shoes make a clicking sound on the wooden floor. The crowd … was not merciless in its reaction, just honest. The Senator from Illinois is recognizably not the product which he is being sold as. At the beginning he was described as a rising African-American star. That was back when people still were still being modest. Then the political marketing people reached up onto the top shelf, and started referring to him as the new Kennedy, the new Martin Luther King Jr., the first black president.”
    The article goes on to describe how the PR teams tried to fill this label with content, by writing snappy speeches for him, bringing along claquers to organize waves of applause, so as to give the impression that a grassroots revolution is under way. “But the image doesn’t travel very far. The Anacostia audience knows better—they’ve experienced ‘Obama unplugged.’… Overburdened with expectations, Obama stands there and talks woodenly. His arms hang lifelessly by his sides for minutes on end.” His words, on the other hand, are pleasing: “Obama is the candidate of comfort. He says a lot of things which are correct. It is difficult to stop nodding in approval.”

    Later on, Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean handed over control of the preparations for the Denver party convention to the British consulting firm WPP, and to its subsidiary Dewey Square Group. And since that time, the media have been working in a lock-step unparalleled since Goebbels, to spread the image of the “charismatic Obama,” even though he hasn’t promised much of anything so far, except for “change.” But “change” has a double meaning in the English language, and so Obama is “the candidate of small change.”

    In the meantime, his managers have pulled off yet another coup: For $5 million, Obama will be co-sponsor of NBC’s reporting at the Olympic games, and his election ads will be broadcast during the breaks. But for a person who reeled in $52 million in campaign contributions in the month of June alone, that’s “small change” indeed. Obama’s earlier promise to limit his campaign spending in order to receive Federal matching funds, has long been discarded, in favor of unlimited spending. And as one can see from Federal Election Commission documents, his contributors include quite a few financial “locusts.”

    Even though Hillary Clinton emerged from the primaries with 18 million votes, more than any previous candidate, and even though she won in all the states which will be crucial for defeating John McCain, and enjoyed landslide victories in the final primaries, nevertheless the media created the impression that Obama was ahead. The sole intent was to artificially build up Obama, in order to sabotage Hillary’s campaign—and not, by a long shot, to make Obama into the next President.
    Because what the misled teenagers on the Fan Mile along the way to the Victory Column apparently weren’t aware of, is that many early Obama supporters in the United States now feel that they have been tricked: Obama’s machine has replaced African-American regional party leaders with Establishment apparatchiks. Instead, a whole slew of new organizations have been springing up like mushrooms, demanding an open party convention, and the nomination of Hillary Clinton in an open roll-call vote.

    In Berlin, supporters of one of these organizations, PUMA (Party Unity My Ass), were distributing leaflets calling for such an open party convention. Obama’s security team confiscated the leaflets, not only from the PUMA organizers themselves, but also from any spectator who passed through the security gate, leaflet in hand. So much for Obama’s oft-cited “change.”
    In his Berlin speech, Obama’s election strategists were counting on the so-called “let go of the dog’s tail” effect. The dog is, of course, happy when someone who has been dragging it around by the tail, inflicting great pain, finally lets go. It doesn’t take much to understand that the people of the entire world will be glad when Bush and Cheney finally disappear from the White House premises. But as we have already pointed out, the new Obama package has the same old stuff inside.

    Up to now, nowhere—not in the United States, Berlin, or anywhere else—has Obama said anything about the dramatically climaxing meltdown of the financial system, nor anything about the insolvency of the giant mortgage finance companies Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, whose death-throes are only being drawn out by the Fed’s unlimited injections of liquidity. Obama, whose lack of knowledge about the complex strategic situation cannot be remedied by some week-long crash course, is not expected to offer any answer to the systemic crisis as it unfolds over the coming weeks. And if Obama’s campaign strategists refuse to permit an open party convention, then it certainly will not be because they are so sure that Obama will win the Presidency. And even if he does get nominated, this will have absolutely no effect on the escalating systemic crisis.

    Events over the coming weeks and months will prove that this image of a new Kennedy or King, is nothing but deceptive packaging—or a soufflé, which will collapse on its first exposure to the rough outside world. We can only hope that the German fans will start being able to learn, and that their “virtually religious adoration of an putative savior,” as Spiegel-Online put it, will be supplanted by better political insight.

    [1] The strip between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column.
    [2] Spiegel Online International, Obama Unplugged, by Gabor Steingart in Washington, D.C.

  94. haunting the western moor is nancy pelosi what a waste of protoplasm sure hope jimmy herman ilwu is turning over in his grave thought she wuz worth a damn traitor to working people sold off presidio my mom worked there is ww2. Toilet paper her book.

    Blue dem you home. Bad stuff about those last days june 3. Got eye witness account. You wuz riite ranglle fell thru his ass. Total cluster fuck. Wish i wuz a mind reader like lance burton ritht now. We gotta get hillary in.

  95. Confloyd- it appears that the dumber than owl shit press is starting to catch on–not becuz they have any particular interest in the truth but because they think bambi has dissed them.

  96. kosner-
    doing a good job??????????????
    hes dumber than owl shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    always attcked our girl hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    fuck tapper and the horse he rode in on!!!!!!!!!!!

    Strutn down the street
    With rythm in yer shoes
    Dancin away the blues mr tapper
    Who ya gonna choose

    Where did ya get those crazy clothes
    The pretty hand painted tie
    Cigars stickin out from under yer shop coat
    Who ya gona dance wiht tonight mr tapper

    Where did ya get those crazy clothes
    Pretty handpainted tie
    Cigars sticiikng out to answer yer shop coat
    Who ya gonna dance with tonite mr tappe
    Who ya tak’n out tonight

    Give a gal a break
    Got rythm in yer shoes
    Dancing awat the blues
    mr tapper
    Who ya gonna choose

    doris day 1950

  97. oklahomahills Says:

    July 31st, 2008 at 1:56 am
    Obama’s stupid directives to the American people about how to live their lives (”everybody go and inflate your tires”) is yet another dumb political move.

    That’s obama’s solution to everything. Just more hot air!
    Great rebuttal

  98. late night humor. Fox’s Red Team make fun of BO’s as “Mr. Perfect”


    # The warmth of his halo keeps us all warm in winter.
    # He’s a perfect human being. There were none until he came along.
    # I’m really excited for when Barack becomes president, and we can get rid of those other two superfluous branches of government.
    # I don’t understand why we’re bothering to have an election.
    # No. Other people can only get in the way of this man.
    # Exactly! And really, what right do they have to pass judgment on this man. Shouldn’t he just assume the presidency?
    # To even cast a vote is to suggest doubt.
    # Voting, right now, is almost the least democratic thing you could do.
    # I’m insulted, on behalf of Barack of Obama, that we’re holding an electio

  99. Senator Barack Obama faces backlash in American media

    (If the British pro Obama Telegraph has gone anti Obama, which it has in the last 4 days, then he’s got big trouble)


    The increasingly presidential posture of the first-term Illinois senator and his campaign staff is beginning to stick in the throats of commentators, particularly given the narrowness of his lead over Senator John McCain.

    “Barack Obama has long been his party’s presumptive nominee. Now he’s becoming its presumptuous nominee,” wrote Dana Milbank, a columnist for the Washington Post.

    “As he marches towards Inauguration Day (Election Day is but a milestone on that path) Obama’s biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but his own hubris.”

    Mr Obama’s overseas tour last week, when foreign leaders and US generals queued up to meet him, may have won applause on the international stage.

    But despite a flood of positive images broadcast back home, it sparked some resentment in the media at their treatment by the campaign, as well as questions about the overly presidential choreography of the European stops.

    The campaign appears to have invited more criticism by devising a presidential-style agenda in Washington DC for Mr Obama on Tuesday.

    etc……………………………………read on

  100. love it…….so spot on. You gotta love Noquarter

    In his closed door meeting with House Democrats this evening, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama delivered a real zinger. According to a witness, he was waxing lyrical about last week’s trip to Europe, when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

    The 200,000 souls who thronged to his speech in Berlin came not just for him, he told the enthralled audience of congressional representatives*.

    “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.


    This guy, who openly admits to illegal drug use, has Reverend Meeks, Reverend Wright, and Father Phleger as his spiritual leaders, hangs out with terrorist William Ayers, is best bussies and does illegal business with slumlord Tony Rezko, has an American-hating wife who complains constantly about America, makes sexist attacks on the Former First lady, pays his female staff members less than their male counterarts, calls women *sweetie* and offers up kisses for votes, tells reporters that the *vibrating* in his pocket is *just his cell phone*, makes up fake Presidential seals, and play acts that he is already President, removes the American flag from his lapel pin, his airplane, and (which I now believe) doesn’t place his hand over his heart for the National Anthem, cancels trips to visit wounded Iraq vets, because he can’t bring a camera, flip flops on major party policies, lies to the American people, and HE is the symbol of America returning to the best of our traditions????


  101. Briefly breaking my pledge to stay in read only mode.

    A friend who is convinced Obama will be the next President was worrying about how that man will destroy our great country.

    I told him not to worry. Obama hasn’t done anything so far.

    He agreed but argued : “But he has Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid on his side.”

    I asked him if he recalls anything either of them has ever done.

    He said, “good point”. I think I assuaged his concerns.


    Obama is already POTUS. Anybody who even suggests we need an election is obviously a racist.

    Now I’m going back to sleep.

  102. KING: And in case you missed it, Paul, he did refer to Hillary Clinton as a female dog, or the slang term for that.

    What’s going on here?

    PAUL KRUGMAN: (holding back a smirk) Oh, gosh, you know, I’m not going to try to psychoanalyze rappers here. He’s certainly not doing Obama a favor. But, you know, if you were going to judge people by some of their supporters, every politician is in a lot of trouble.

    (holding back a smirk) are my words.

    Gosh, no we must not hold rap artists accountable for their misogyny.

    Why did Larry King say female dog instead of the ‘b’ word, why describe what the words means? i.e. we say the ‘n’ word not describe it.

    I have not watched this channel for months (except maybe Lou Dobbs). I tuned in just for the first part because they were going to discuss this rap song.

    Why am I not surprised they downplayed it like it was nothing. In fact made it worse by Larry and the smirk by Paul.

    Click to another channel.

  103. all chat on fox news his am regarding hillary scheduled for key note address at convention tuesday night.

  104. Obama camp says Ludacris should be ‘ashamed’


    yeah, wink-wink..i’m just messin’ with ya, man.

  105. Hillary must be nominated in Aug.There is no other rational or important choice for the leader of our country.We and the rest of the world are in grave danger of self destructing our civilization as we have known it.we are now in a far more complicated era and our cultures have changed to one of fear,retaliation and restitution goals. OBAMA ( WALKING EAGLE ) has become aNEAR and PRESENT DANGER that we all come to regret.His Self love and ambitions have created a demented creature,with ambitions of royalty,grandure,power hungry and greed. “WALKING EAGLE” must be stopped now and forever.At this point he is not eve fit to return to the Senate.He has lost all credibility and usefulness as a member of our ruling body. HILLARY must be nominated and elected as our 44th president.There is no other person on the scene today with her credentials and brilliant unselfish mind.
    WALKING EAGLE take your phony birth certificate and MO and go home to the African Nation from which you came.You will be throned and owned and you might just learn to fly.Just don’t come return.Take your cult with you and rule in peace


    By ABM90. More hopeful and inspired than ever.

  106. Speaking in Springfield, Mo , yesterday, Barry told the crowd that he was a distant cousin of the legendary Wild Bill Hickock. Isn’t THAT a coinicidence??!!

    Is this something like his AMERICAN uncle, who magically infiltrated the Russian army to help them liberate Auschwitz??!!

    Where the hell are the geneologists amongst us who can call the Precious on this load of shit?

  107. its gets more ludacrous by the day, apparently Obama is related to absolutely everyone who did something, i mean is it just me or has he completely lost the plot of reality.

    I mean next he’ll be saying he’s a direct descendent of Jesus and the davinci code was all about him.

  108. seems precious has an annie oakley – wild bill hickock obsession thang

    Oh? Is he a descendent of Annie Oakley as well? What’s next, Ghandi?

  109. Yup, if as I suspected the GOP will make Obama look totally non serious and look like a lightweight attention grabber, he’s finished. He’s starting to become the butt of a very big joke and it will be downhill from there.

    People will not vote for someone they think is a total joke and the GOP is making a very good start. Funny thing is the twit brought it on himself. You could never do this to Hillary or Bill or any serious politician. He just looks like a vacant empty headed fool about now

  110. Bloggers at the Huffington Post launched a backlash to the backlash against Obama’s overseas trip, arguing in part that he wouldn’t face such criticism of acting premature if he were white.

    Oh, for the love of God!! 🙄

  111. OK, Obama is now in the so screwed Territory, look at this just in from Rassmussen. Obama begins bleeding badly.

    30% of Conservative Democrats Say They’ll Vote for McCain


    Thirty percent (30%) of conservative Democrats say they’re voting for John McCain. Rasmussen Reports data also shows the Republican hopeful picking up support from 19% of White Democrats and 15% of Democrats over the age of 50. These results are from national telephone survey interviews conducted with 14,000 Likely Voters during the two weeks ending July 24. The sample includes 5,074 Democratic voters.


    McCain Jumps Out to 11-point Lead in Mississippi

    John McCain has nearly doubled his lead over Barack Obama in Mississippi, according to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

    McCain now leads his Democratic opponent by 11 points 52% to 41%, after maintaining a 6-point lead for the previous two months in a row. Counting “leaners,” McCain leads 54% to 42%.

  112. idunn

    i remember precious referring to hillary in Pennsylvania regarding hunting. something like “who does she think she is, annie oakley?” heh, heh.

    what an ass.

  113. Obama’s beginning to bleed and bleed badly


    Thirty percent (30%) of conservative Democrats say they’re voting for John McCain. Rasmussen Reports data also shows the Republican hopeful picking up support from 19% of White Democrats and 15% of Democrats over the age of 50. These results are from national telephone survey interviews conducted with 14,000 Likely Voters during the two weeks ending July 24. The sample includes 5,074 Democratic voters.

    and to top it off

    John McCain has nearly doubled his lead over Barack Obama in Mississippi, according to a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

    McCain now leads his Democratic opponent by 11 points 52% to 41%, after maintaining a 6-point lead for the previous two months in a row. Counting “leaners,” McCain leads 54% to 42%.

    The Republican candidate has gained slightly in terms of favorables. He is now viewed favorably by 64% of voters here, up from 58% in June. Obama has held roughly steady from last month, with 47% viewing him favorably and 51% unfavorably.

  114. Here’s a GREAT article on the choice of Tim Kaine for vp:


  115. talk radio yesterday had rush limbaugh and jay severin (local boston conservative radio) playing the ludicris song non-stop. callers were freaking out.

    another gem i want the r-wing to play 24/7 this fall.

  116. what is so wonderfully naive of bot-nation is that they actually believe once their saviour throws someone under the bus, all is forgotten.

    wright, phleger, ayers, dorhn, ludicris, michelle..post convention, all of B-HO’s greatest hits will be played without end.

  117. Did Obama Accuse McCain of Running a Racist, Xenophobic Campaign?


  118. They stayed personal later in the day when responding to Obama’s suggestion at a Missouri town hall meeting that Republicans would use his unusual name and his race to paint him as a risky choice.

    “This is a typically superfluous response from Barack Obama. Like most celebrities, he reacts to fair criticism with a mix of fussiness and hysteria,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

    Obama is TOAST this G.E. because he is an empty suit that like Paris Hilton has no talent other then to be pimping in front of a camera. Also like Britney Spears that man is crazy in his delusions of greatness.

    The Democratic? Taliban Party is TOAST this G.E. because of the Leadership of Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and other WEAK ASS Sexist Mysoginistic Dems with their Playmates.

    In other words WEAK and ELITISTS are ruining the Democratic? Taliban Party. AGAIN NO ONE IS STEPPING UP TO THE PLATE and telling Obama to knock it off with the SEXISM and MYSOGINY. All these wink, wink crap from TEAM OBAMA is not going to cut it anymore with WOMEN.

    The Democratic? Taliban PARTY has shown a continuing pattern of HATRED towards WOMEN that has NO equal. It is just PATHETIC and SAD that women are value so low in the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY.

    DO NOT GIVE A DIME TO THE DNC and any other DEMOCRATIC Group until they STEP UP and SPEAK OUT because silence is the cover of cowards.

  119. confloyd,

    I am glad that Israel’s Attorney General is looking into this embarassment. I hope American Jews are looking at what Obama did and pulling back their support. The wall is a historic and holy place for those of us who practice Judaism. Place a message there is sacrosanct. For him to make a mockery and election moment out of this just angers me. He has basically riduculed our beliefs.

    Of course he will probably let one of his staff take the blame again for this stupid move.

  120. Admin,

    The clip about Rezko’s slums just made me cry. Why hasn’t the media followed through on this travesty? Why haven’t they connected the dots where Obama’s neglect of his constituents is concerned?

  121. From now on, I’m gonna label anything I don’t like racist.

    ” This hamburger tastes racist!”

    “Does this dress make me look racist?”

    ” Oh no, I NEVER smoke generic cigarrettes! Those things are racist!”


  122. He has basically riduculed our beliefs.

    He did ridiculed your beliefs and I think it was very interesting that Obama had a dress code for his traveling press corps that wouldn’t offend Muslim faith and culture.

    Yet, the Democrats and their WEAK Leaders have let Obama campaign to become “The” Citizen of the World and Apoligize for America…on who authorization was Obama given to make this blanket statement to speak for “WE THE PEOPLE?”

    Since Obama what to become “Citizen of the WORLD” then we should let him…and have him turn in a valid BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

  123. Now that the MSM are starting to turn on Obama, maybe we’ll finally see some actual investigative journalism? Maybe the MSM (or at least SOME people within the MSM) will go out and do the work that they should have been doing all along? I don’t think they even need to dig up new dirt on Bwacky, they just need to probe into some of the existing stories– especially Rezko.

  124. Quinnipiac FL/OH/PA polls: McCain gains, voters want to drill

    July 31, 2008 – Obama Tour Doesn’t Help In Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll Finds; Voters Care More About Energy Than Iraq — FLORIDA: Obama 46 – McCain 44; OHIO: Obama 46 – McCain 44; PENNSYLVANIA: Obama 49 – McCain 42

    With likely voters concerned more about energy than the war in Iraq, Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s recent tour apparently didn’t help, as Arizona Sen. John McCain gained on the Democratic front- runner in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to simultaneous Quinnipiac University Swing State polls released today.

    Florida and Ohio are now too close to call. No one has been elected President since 1960 without taking two of these three largest swing states in the Electoral College. Results from the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack)

    Florida: Obama has 46 percent to McCain’s 44 percent, compared to a 47 – 43 percent Obama lead June 18; )

    Ohio: Obama has 46 percent to McCain’s 44 percent, compared to a 48 – 42 percent Obama lead least time;

    Pennsylvania: Obama leads McCain 49 – 42 percent, compared to 52 – 40 percent.

    By margins of 27 to 30 percentage points, voters in each state say Congress should agree with President George W. Bush and allow offshore drilling for oil. Sen. McCain supports offshore drilling, while Sen. Obama opposes it.

    “The $64,000 question is whether Sen. John McCain’s surge is a result of Sen. Obama’s much-publicized Middle Eastern and European trip, or just a coincidence that it occurred while Sen. Obama was abroad,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute.

    “While Obama was on tour, trying to show voters he could handle world affairs, voters were home trying to fill their gas tanks,” Brown added.

    “The same voters who give President George W. Bush job approval ratings that are more than 2 – 1 negative want Congress to go along with the President on offshore oil drilling. McCain clearly sees public support for drilling as a means to challenge Obama’s claim to be the best candidate to fix the economy. More voters still say Obama has the best energy plan. Whether that’s because they don’t know the specifics of each man’s plan, or just don’t think drilling is important enough to swing their votes, is the great unknown.

  125. As for getting rid of Pelosi, her primary opponent, Cindy Sheehan, now has enough signatures to get on the ballot. Hope she gets plenty of spare signatures, in case Pelosi does what Obama did to Alice Palmer — hire people to challenge EVERY signature looking for technicalities.


    July 31, 2008 —
    John McCain launched a cheeky attack ad yesterday, mocking Barack Obama as the world’s “biggest celebrity” who is as qualified to be president as blond bimbos Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

    The 30-second “Celeb” spot – appearing on cable networks in battleground states – shows Obama waving to hundreds of thousands of adoring fans in Germany during a speech last week. Then images of Spears and Hilton appear in the frame.

    “He’s the biggest celebrity in the world. But, is he ready to lead?” the narrator asks of Obama.

    “With gas prices soaring, Barack Obama says no to offshore drilling. And says he’ll raise taxes on electricity. Higher taxes, more foreign oil, that’s the real Obama,” the narrator says.

    McCain campaign manager Rick Davis, asked by The Post during a conference call if he was suggesting that Obama is as frivolous and irresponsible as Britney and Paris, responded, “It’s exactly what we are saying.”

    The Obama campaign initially tried to make light of the McCain rap.

    “As some might say, ‘Oops! He did it again,’ ” Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor said of McCain’s negative ad, while referring to Spears’ hit song, “Oops! . . . I did it again.”

    But Obama later seemed less amused.

    “I don’t pay attention to John McCain’s ad,” he said in Lebanon, Mo. “I do notice that he doesn’t seem to have anything to say very positive about himself. He seems to only be talking about me.”

    Meanwhile, Obama was forced to distance himself from a new song by rapper Ludacris that praises his candidacy while dissing Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “Hillary hated on you, so that bitch is irrelevant,” Ludacris sings.

    “McCain don’t belong in any chair unless he’s paralyzed,” the rapper said.

    An Obama spokesman said Ludacris “should be ashamed of these lyrics.”

    Meanwhile, a new Rasmussen Reports poll released yesterday found that Obama’s trip overseas produced no lasting political bounce.

    About 52 percent of voters surveyed said the trip had no impact on their votes. Another 24 percent said the trip made them more likely to vote for Obama, and 23 percent said it make them less likely.

    More problematic for Obama, the Rasmussen poll showed that crucial swing independent voters reacted negatively to the news of his hyped trip – 30 percent said it made them less likely to vote for him while 23 percent said it made them more likely.

    AGAIN, President in his mind already Barack Obama stayed silent and did not STAND UP and speak out against the SEXISM AND MYSOGINY from his campaign.

    In a WINK, WINK nod towards his campaign communication operative LUDACRIS, remember the TEAM OBAMA are using RAPPERS to get Obama message out, Obama was his usual SILENT self, while a low level Campaign spokeperson winked, winked over a santioned get out the vote video written by Obama supporter Ludacris.

    It is my HOPE that more WOMEN GROUP, SENIOR CITIZENS GROUPS and VETERANS come out and speak against the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY return to blatant DEMEANING our WOUNDED VETS (i.e. John McCain), AGEISM, SEXISM AND MYSOGISTIC attitutes.

    Will Obama STAND UP and show the world that he the LEADERSHIP to be a CITIZEN OF THE WORLD?

  127. Like I said before, McCain is in perfect position to take this election.

    Maybe Soros does not know I OWN MY VOTE.

    Their is no amount of money or actions that This man could take or this campaign could take to get my vote.


  128. NewMexicoFan,

    McCain has not aired one single ad in Florida, at the same time, bambi spent almost $5 million in that state. It think it’s a complete waste of money. I don’t believe for a second bambi can take FL. He’d better pray hard for VA/CO.

    I think McCain is in a very good position right now. He’s still behind according to most polls, but just barely. It’s very very easy to pull ahead in the final days if you’re within strike distance. Bambi can’t close the deal. There’s no question McCain will get most of the undecides in final days. The same pattern as Hillary vs. Bambi in primary.

  129. Thirty percent (30%) of conservative Democrats say they’re voting for John McCain. Rasmussen Reports data also shows the Republican hopeful picking up support from 19% of White Democrats and 15% of Democrats over the age of 50. These results are from national telephone survey interviews conducted with 14,000 Likely Voters during the two weeks ending July 24. The sample includes 5,074 Democratic voters.

    The data shows that 43% of Democrats consider themselves politically liberal, 37% say they’re moderate, and 18% are conservative.

    Forty-one percent (41%) of conservative Democrats have a favorable opinion of John McCain. Sixty-seven percent (67%) say the same about Obama.

    Among liberal Democrats, just 23% have a positive opinion about McCain, but 90% give Obama favorable reviews.

    Obama is supported by 78% of Democrats overall, a figure that includes 62% of conservative Democrats. He leads 84% to 13% among Democrats under 30. But, among those over 65, Obama earns just 74% of the vote while McCain is preferred by 16% of Democratic senior citizens. It is interesting to note that just 2% of Democrats under 30 hold back from selecting either Obama or McCain. That number grows to 9% among Democrats over 65. Full crosstabs are available for Premium Members.

    While Obama is losing some Democratic voters, he begins with a significant advantage over McCain by virtue of the fact that there are far more Democrats in the country than Republicans.

    Overall, there are twice as many uncommitted voters at this point in Election 2008 as there were four years ago. An analysis released yesterday showed that there are more Democrats than Republicans in the uncommitted category, but that they are leaning more towards McCain than Obama.

  130. turndownobama-com Says:

    July 31st, 2008 at 9:20 am
    As for getting rid of Pelosi, her primary opponent, Cindy Sheehan, now has enough signatures to get on the ballot. Hope she gets plenty of spare signatures, in case Pelosi does what Obama did to Alice Palmer — hire people to challenge EVERY signature looking for technicalities.
    I think it would be a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to have a GREEN PARTY ENDORSED candidate to represent Nancy Pelosi District. Nancy has not be a good friend to the Green Party that is heavily involved in her district.

    Time and Time again Nancy has ignored their concerns while collecting their money. Nancy Pelosi has been a blatant Obama supporter how has also ignored people’s concerns while pandering to them to collect their money…then reversing direction to promote the opposite.

    While I disagree with many of Cindy Sheehan political conclusions we do have Common Grounds on many other issues….I ADMIRE CINDY SHEEHAN Strength of will….it’s time to throw out the elites and give someone else a chance.

  131. carbynew ,

    I agree with you regarding Cindy Sheehan. I’ve never been a fan of her, but she is not afraid to speak out even if it’s not popular. To have a green party in the Congress may not be so bad considering both parties are so corrupt and basically doing nothing there.

    Nancy is a disaster.

  132. kostner,

    I have to kick myself in the rear because I let my blindness to the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban Party convince me that Cindy Sheehan was crazy and fanatical when she called out Nancy Pelosi and the Dems Leaders out 2 years ago.

    She saw the hubris and arrogance then and was hit hard like Sen. Clinton. I will NEVER AGAIN place my brain in someone else’s hand and coast along the familiar.

    You have to STAND and be COUNTED in this Democracy of ours. Cindy Sheehan was right two years ago and she deserves a chance too.

  133. This is hilarious!

    Matt Drudge ^ | Nancy Pelosi


  134. McCain campaign is killing Team Obama with their “Celeb” ad. It’s all over cyberspace especially the major gossip sites Like Us Weekly and People.

    And then with John Edwards babymama drama vs very ill wife…in the major gossip threads like National Enquirer, Drudge and other

    We now see John Kerry drinking with underage drunk teenagers drinking alcohol with penis straws. Also one of John Kerry’s associates with him is a known cokehead and criminal.

    John Kerry DITCHED a major fundraiser that had “the trill is gone” man Chris Matthews there when he decided to go play at Nantucket Island. TMZ and FOX will have a field day with those photos come fall in support of their candidate running…it’s important for us to support Ed O’Reilly who is NOT a elite and remember his Irish Immigrant background.

    It’s time to throw out the Elites in the Democratic? Taliban Party and put some hardworking fighters that connect with the Democratic BASE.

  135. Yes, there are two Americas. The one where John Edwards used to have a scholarship program that he intended to set up as an example for all of America to follow… and the one where he cancels that scholarship program. Is it because he isn’t running for president any more? Since Edwards has other things to do now — like hiding from the media in his mistresses’ house and maybe getting a few $400 haircuts — Edwards has pulled the plug on his pilot scholarship program in North Carolina. It was for the kids… now it isn’t. As the media ignores Edwards’ love child story, any takers if they will ignore this one, too?

    In May of 2007, to great fanfare, Edwards rolled out his “College for Everyone” plan saying that this was a college plan for “any student wishing to work hard.” At that time, the well coifed, two-time presidential candidate said that he wanted “every young person” to go to college and touted his new program then beginning at Greene Central High School in Snow Hill, NC.

    At Greene Central High School in Snow Hill, North Carolina, Senator John Edwards today announced his plan to make college more affordable for millions of students. Edwards’ College Opportunity Agenda includes a national “College for Everyone” initiative, which would pay for one year of public-college tuition, fees, and books for any student who is willing to work hard and stay out of trouble.

    It was national news, then, of course.

    But now that he no longer needs the publicity, the kids find themselves in one of those Americas where they have no more scholarship because John Edwards has yanked the one he was offering.

    Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is pulling the plug on a scholarship program he started at an Eastern North Carolina high school — a program he once promised would be a model for the nation under an Edwards presidency.

    It is said that the program was a great success and helped many of the kids at Greene Central to go on to college and all at a small cost of $600,000 over the last 2 years, small at least for the multi-millionaire, Edwards. But alas it is no more.

    Some local reports have claimed that this scholarship program was a three-year program. But there was little talk of any three-year-lifespan when he announced the program.

    In any case, the scholarships are gone, Edwards deciding not to continue the program. Let’s sit back and see if the media report this one? Then again, maybe he is just that irrelevant?

  136. • Idunn Says:
    July 31st, 2008 at 9:00 am
    From now on, I’m gonna label anything I don’t like racist.
    ” This hamburger tastes racist!”
    “Does this dress make me look racist?”
    ” Oh no, I NEVER smoke generic cigarrettes! Those things are racist!”
    How about: This t-shirt is racist and I have shoes to match!

  137. Per politico:

    Suggesting the race card and then denying it

    Obama’s camp recognizes there is both promise and peril in accusing McCain and the GOP of racially-tinged attacks. Yes, it energizes the Democratic base (black and white) while also raising the antennae of suburban swing voters.

    But Obama himself doesn’t want to be seen as playing the race card, portraying himself as a victim. A large part of his post-racial appeal is that he’s not run a grievance-oriented campaign. As Doug Wilder, the former governor of Virginia and nation’s first elected black governor, told Ben Smith and I a few weeks ago, Obama must make plain that “he’s not another Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.”

    Which brings us to Obama yesterday in Missouri, testing out a new line that seems unambiguously aimed at accusing the GOP of using race (something which McCain and his campaign have not done):

    “Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me,” Obama said yesterday. “You know, he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name, you know, he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

    Asked Thursday if Obama was referring to race, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said, “No.”

    “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.

    Right, neither did Lincoln, but his face, along with those of many other white men, adorns a dollar bill.

    Obama is covering himself here just a bit by making his accusation predictive — “going to” — but this seems to be a pretty clear effort at having it both ways.

  138. “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.


  139. Admin pls embed the new Ad from the RNC


    It’s hilarious and hard hitting and factual…damn! Too bad the Democratic? Taliban Party has not live up to their values and decided SEXISM AND MYSOGINY will go unchallenged by our WEAK DEM LEADERS, because it so hard to FIGHT for a PARTY that IGNORES U and gives you the FINGER.

  140. It’s true! At least, according to the media, the Democratic Party, and of course, the man even our bought-and-paid-for press corpse is starting to call the “presumptuous nominee.”

    I’m not ridiculous because I’m a PUMA, though. I’m ridiculous first, because I’m a woman, and second, because I’m a woman who refuses to do what Daddy tells me to.

    You know, there’s just something so icky about being a woman anyway. And kind of embarrassing. I mean, I look down at my body, and I have two bumps where I don’t need them, and I’m missing a critical bump somewhere south of my belly button. Ewwwwwww, what’s that about? If only I had that bump, I could be in charge. I could do whatever I wanted to and no one would think it was ridiculous.

    Look at George W. Bush. This man has the manners of a pig in slop. He talks with his mouth full, he farts, he calls his right-hand man “Turd Blossom,” he gives the Chancellor of Germany a shoulder rub, he can’t keep from invading peoples’ personal space. Of course, his Bushisms are legendary.

    Yet is he ridiculous? Why no. For most of his horrific Reign of Error, no one in the press or the Democratic Party questioned this man’s credibility or right to be in his seat. He has that scrap of flesh hanging off his pelvis, so he must be respected.

    Of course, Hillary was not in possession of that precious penile attachment. Open season, baybee! Let’s talk about her hair, her “cankles,” her cleavage, the horrifying spectacle of a woman growing older in office! Let’s talk about her coldness, her crocodile tears, her laugh, her ambition, her similarities to your “psycho” ex-girlfriend, her (supposed) menstrual cycle! Hahahahaha! Ooooh, it’s just all so delicious!

    And when women object to this treatment of a woman who has attained a level of success matched only by a few others in our vast country of 300 million people? Why, we are just imagining it. We white women are a problem you just have to live with. How can Daddy fix it? You want a kiss, sweetie? Or maybe you just need to be taken into a room by a man and only one of you comes out?

    Well, my lovelies, take a look at what you have wrought. Are you proud of yourselves?
    Look at your Beloved, Obama, strutting around Europe as if he were already the President. Look at how poorly he’s doing in the polls (recently dropping to 4 points behind McCain in Likely Voters) now that he doesn’t have the Queen of All Vaginal Dentatae, Hillary Clinton, to demonize. Look how pompous and arrogant and empty he is. Look how little he has to offer for all the promises he has made. Barack Obama is the poster child for preening, unearned, overweening male pride. No wonder he sends a thrill up fellow traveller Chris Matthews’ leg.

    The awakening of PUMA is exactly what the terrified little boys who love Obama are afraid of. The idea that women will some day look around and realize how much power they really have makes them simply crazy with terror.

    And the fact that men, real men who are comfortable with female empowerment, have joined the movement? Well, how many times have you even seen the fact that some PUMAs are men even acknowledged by the media or the Democratic Party or (Heaven forfend) the presumptuous nominee himself?

    My dear little FanBoyz of Obama, members of the “I Hate Hillary Just Because” club, you are the ones who are ridiculous. And you’re starting to know it, aren’t you?

    How does it feel to look in the mirror and realize that people are laughing at you? That you have prostituted yourself for a man who is Just Not That Into You?

    I hope that feeling is as painful as it deserves to be. Because thanks to your actions, we are thisclose to being deprived of the only candidate this year who is experienced, qualified, willing and able to lead this country out of Bush’s abyss.


    Because she is ridiculous.

    Did you need to ask?

  141. Kostner

    I had said when he was in German, it would go over like a lead balloon. He is there acting like a rock star in a foreign country, apologizing to a country we have defeated twice in WWs, leaving American war dead buried over there to rise up in their graves. Some of these countries did not even support our effort in Iraq. Working out instead of visiting our woundedn In Landstuhl was a major mistake, and it is posted where the Americen Veterans can read about it.

    Meanwhile McCain is conducting Town Halls where people are talking about the price of gas. They laughted at Hillary’s suggested for a summer tax break. The Messiah’s solution, inflate your tires.

    Does this man and his staff know anything in depth?

    However there is one area I think they excel in. Getting International money to fund their campiagn.

    By the way the video that showed the SDs and how much money they took from the candidates, how their state and voting districts voted, and how they went against there voters was OUTSTANDING.

  142. Here’s conservatives’ take on McCain’s latest attack ads. My suggestion to McCain is to double down, but completely ignore and mock the noise from MSM. If they’re whining the hurt feeling of their annointed one, McCain must be doing something right.

    More on the “Celeb” Ad [Rich Lowry]

    I’m warmer to it than pretty much everyone else in the political commentariat, I think. Yes, the inclusion of Paris and Britney was kind of silly, but you’ve got to look at that as cable and YouTube bait (800k hits so far). The McCain folks did a 60-second ad a few weeks ago that was inarguably “worthy” of McCain, and how much attention did it get or good did it do McCain? Oh, you don’t remember it? Never mind. McCain’s not going to win without defining Obama in a negative way. He’s just not. There are other ways to do it, but pumping Obama up as a celebrity—and pointing out how arrogant, gassy, and remote he is—is a pretty good frame that has the added advantage of being true. This post at The New Republic gets the basic idea. It says something that Obama responded to the ad so poorly—mocking may be the best weapon against him—and used the race card in a way that will likely backfire.

    The question is whether McCain will stick it out. Here’s good stuff from First Read:

    The Day After Britney-Paris: Today might be a day when John McCain ought to simply forget to read the news clippings, turn off the cable TV, and not browse The Google. The editorials that are blasting his new Britney-Paris ad and other attacks against Obama are piling up. (An example from the St. Pete Times: “The self-described ‘happy warrior’ in the 2000 presidential campaign has turned sour in 2008, and the candor and straight talk that once made him such an attractive candidate are rapidly disappearing.”) And so are the blind quotes from Republican strategists questioning his campaign’s tactics. (See the next paragraph.) The danger here for McCain is that, by all accounts, he’s more sensitive to criticism by the media and fellow colleagues than your average Republican; as someone who’s been praised by the press more often than not, he cares what the New York Times has to say. So today and tomorrow, McCain’s body language will be interesting to watch. But since his campaign has made the decision to go after Obama — it has now produced four consecutive negative ads against the Democrat — the best course for McCain may simply be to put on the blinders and move forward. The question is whether McCain has the self-discipline to ignore the noise and march forward and accept this strategy as the winning one.

    If he doesn’t stay focused and tough, McCain remains a huge threat to his own candidacy. I’m with these folks,

  143. GOP’s celeb-Obama message gains traction

    h t t p : / / http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0708/12205.html

    Barack Obama’s critics laid down the foundations of the strategy months ago: The Republican National Committee started the “Audacity Watch” back in April, and Karl Rove later fueled the attack by describing the first-term Illinois senator as “coolly arrogant.”

    It wasn’t until the last week, however, that the narrative of Obama as a president-in-waiting — and perhaps getting impatient in that waiting — began reverberating beyond the inboxes of Washington operatives and journalists.

    Perhaps one of the clearest indications emerged Tuesday from the world of late-night comedy, when David Letterman offered his “Top Ten Signs Barack Obama is Overconfident.” The examples included Obama proposing to change the name of Oklahoma to “Oklobama” and measuring his head for Mount Rushmore.

    “When Letterman is doing ‘Top Ten’ lists about something, it has officially entered the public consciousness,” said Dan Schnur, a political analyst from the University of Southern California and the communications director in John McCain’s 2000 campaign. “And it usually stays there for a long, long time.”

    Following a nine-day, eight-country tour that carried the ambition and stagecraft of a presidential state visit, Obama has found himself in an unusual position: the butt of jokes.

    Jon Stewart teased that the presumptive Democratic nominee traveled to Israel to visit his birthplace at Bethlehem’s Manger Square. New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd amplified the McCain campaign’s private nickname for Obama (“The One”).

    And the snickers about Obama’s perceived smugness may have a very real political impact as McCain’s camp launched its most forceful effort yet to define him negatively. It released a TV ad Wednesday describing Obama as the “biggest celebrity in the world,” comparable to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, stars who are famous for attitude rather than accomplishments.

    The harsher treatment from comedians and columnists — coupled with the shift by McCain from attacking on policy to character issues — underscores the fine line that Obama is walking between confident and cocky. Once at pains to present himself as presidential, Obama now faces criticism for doing it too well.

    “I was puzzled by this notion that somehow what we were doing was in any way different from what Sen. McCain or a lot of presidential candidates have done in the past,” Obama said Sunday, speaking about his trip at a conference of minority journalists. “Now, I admit we did it really well. But that shouldn’t be a strike against me.”

    Obama and his supporters dismissed the line of attack as the latest desperate missive from a foundering Republican campaign.

    Bloggers at the Huffington Post launched a backlash to the backlash against Obama’s overseas trip, arguing in part that he wouldn’t face such criticism of acting premature if he were white. Separately, the Obama campaign pushed back hard at journalists who used a report that detailed Obama’s move to assemble a transition team to describe him as presumptuous by pointing to an interview in which McCain had owned up to the same thing.

  144. I love they quoted loser Bob Shrum’s comments dismissing these narratives useless…

    Some Democratic operatives described the narrative as a Beltway creation, the pastime of journalists looking to keep the presidential race competitive.

    “Self-absorbed press speculation,” concluded consultant Bob Shrum, the chief strategist during John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. “Most Americans are not paying the slightest bit of attention to this.”

    Mark Mellman, a pollster for Kerry, said Obama acted the same when he was struggling last year against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    “The only people who are making him seem inevitable are the commentariat,” Mellman said. “He seemed this confident and self possessed when he was down 30 points to Hillary Clinton. He is a confident and self possessed person.”

    Republicans have long tried to turn his assuredness into a shortcoming. National party operatives began sending e-mails to reporters in the spring detailing some of Obama’s bolder moves, including using a faux presidential seal at a policy roundtable. The RNC rolled the headlines onto one site, “Barack Obama Audacity Watch,” that it unveiled Wednesday.

    The McCain campaign piled on with its “Celeb” ad, which juxtaposed Obama’s speech to 200,000 people in Berlin with photos of Spears and Hilton.

    “Do the American people want to elect the world’s biggest celebrity, or do they want to elect an American hero?” Steve Schmidt, one of McCain’s top aides, asked on a conference call.

    They stayed personal later in the day when responding to Obama’s suggestion at a Missouri town hall that Republicans would use his unusual name and his race to paint him as a risky choice.

    “This is a typically superfluous response from Barack Obama. Like most celebrities, he reacts to fair criticism with a mix of fussiness and hysteria,” McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds said.

    Later Wednesday, the Obama campaign responded within hours to the “Celeb” ad with one of its own, accusing McCain of taking the “low road” and “practicing the politics of the past.”

    Responding to questions from reporters about McCain’s ad, Obama said: “I do notice that he doesn’t seem to have anything to say very positive about himself.”

    The strategy has very real potential dangers for Team McCain. Obama’s unmistakable charisma and his campaign’s deft brand of stagecraft have created an often lopsided contrast with McCain’s sometimes painful-to-watch public events. As presidents as diverse as Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy showed, Americans do like a touch of celebrity in their commander in chief; though not too much.

    Obama’s steely sense of self-confidence, even destiny, is also one of the traits his supporters like most and which could, as the fall campaign heats up, be one of the qualities that help him make the sale.

    But the slippery slope for Obama is allowing a McCain campaign that is searching for a consistent theme with which to attack him to latch on to a way of making him seem alien to ordinary Americans. Douglas Schoen, a Democratic pollster, argued that Obama was not yet in a danger zone, but he needs to pay heed to the gathering storm.

    “My sense is that all of those attacks individually are frankly not particularly potent, but taken together, they are creating a narrative about Obama that is not helpful,” said Schoen, who worked on President Bill Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign. “It is a warning sign for Obama that he’s got to get back on the trail and make the case that there is a real contrast.”

  145. Some Obama’s Supporters have class unfortunately it ain’t Obama.

    NAJEE ALI’S OPEN LETTER TO LUDACRIS: ‘With friends like you, Obama doesn’t need enemies.’
    July 31, 2008

    *Ludacris you are a 3 time Grammy Award winning artist. No one can dispute that you are one of the leading rappers in the industry.

    You have the first amendment rights to choose to record music of your own choosing. But I feel that the recent release of your song attacking Senators Clintons and McCain, as well and Jesse Jackson only hurts Senator Obama who you’ve stated is a friend and he has your support.

    But with friends like you Obama doesn’t need enemies.

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Phlegher, Jesse Jackson and now you have all made public statements during this historic election that were an unnecessary distraction and harmed Obama causing him to respond. If you were really his friend you would realize that maybe you should just shut up.

    This is a close race and there are many Americans who are undecided and looking for an excuse not to vote for a Black man and then you have the audacity to call Sen. Hillary Clinton an “irrelevant bitch?!”

    I can envision the McCain and Republican attack ads now with pictures of you and Obama; exploiting your comments and letting white America know that Obama has the support of rappers like you who call white women bitches. Our organization, Project Islamic Hope, has a long track record and history of condemning not just you, but all gangster rappers who disparage women and glorify violence. And were not ever backing down from our position

    Ludacris, we’re calling for you to apologize to those that you disparaged in your song with a special emphasis in regard to Sen. Clinton who you called an “irrelevant bitch.” Sen. Clinton is a former first lady, wife, mother and woman. I’m sure when you see Michelle Obama, you don’t envision her in that manner and would never call her that. No woman deserves to be called that term.

    Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has previously taken you task; denouncing you over your controversial lyrics. His public pressure cost you a significant sponsorship with the Pepsi Corporation. Oprah Winfrey took you to task for the misogynist role you have in rap when you appeared on her show a couple of years ago. And now Obama has personally denounced you. I doubt very seriously whether you will be on his guest list for the inauguration. When are you going to realize that yes you’re rich but not respected and that you have become your own worst enemy?

    I support Obama with all my heart and want him to win. If you truly feel the same way then maybe you could humble yourself and apologize. If not, can you and any other Obama friends out there just shut up until after the election, because if Obama has any more friends like you he doesn’t need enemies.

    Najee Ali
    Executive director Project Islamic HOPE

    Najee Ali you are a honorable man, Obama is NOT. Time and time again Team Obama plays the SEXISM AND MYSOGINY card to hurt women competitors repeatedly.

    UNTIL, I see KING OBAMA GET OUT IN FRONT OF THIS and CONDEMMN it himself, I will continue to hold President in his own mind Obama for this very OFFENSIVE campaign tactic.

    THERE IS NO REASON NOT TO BELIEVE Obama didn’t know what Ludacris video was all about….his campaign has been one of the tightly controled message campaign and for this highly produced CAMPAIGN VIDEO to AIRED…it had to get approval from TEAM OBAMA.

    I still hear the birds tweet-tweet and NOTHING from the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY LEADERSHIP.

  146. McCain campaign accuses Obama of playing race card

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) – A day after Democratic candidate Barack Obama warned that Republican rival John McCain would to tell voters “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills,” McCain’s campaign on Thursday accused Obama of playing racial politics.

    Obama “played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck,” McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said in a statement. He called Obama’s remarks “divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.”

    Stumping in Missouri, Obama, the first black candidate with a shot at winning the White House, argued Wednesday that President Bush and McCain will resort to scare tactics to maintain their hold on the White House because they have little else to offer voters.

    “Nobody thinks that Bush and McCain have a real answer to the challenges we face. So what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me,” Obama said. “You know, ‘he’s not patriotic enough, he’s got a funny name,’ you know, ‘he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.'”

    Obama himself didn’t make clear what distinctions he thinks McCain is likely to raise regarding the presidents on U.S. currency – white men who for the most part were much older than Obama when elected. McCain has not raised Obama’s race as an issue in the campaign; he has said Obama lacks experience.

    Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs said Thursday that the senator was not referring to race.

    “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said. “There is nothing more to this than the fact that he was describing that he was new to the political scene. He was referring to the fact that he didn’t come into the race with the history of others. It is not about race.”

    Obama often makes references to his distinctions as a candidate, such as saying there are doubts among some voters because he has “a funny name.” At times he refers to his race as well, saying he looks different from any previous candidate but then adding that the differences are not just about race. Addressing supporters Tuesday night at a fundraiser in Springfield, Mo., he said, “It’s a leap, electing a 46-year-old black guy named Barack Obama.”

  147. This election season is so twilight zone-ish it isn’t funny. Who would have thought that democrats would be chearing on the Republicans attempts to stomp on Obama…lol…


    For more information contact:
    Rosemary Camposano 650 740-5544
    Stacy Mason 650 793-3556

    Ludacris Gets an Earful From WomenCount
    Group demands apology from artist and immediate action from Party leaders

    (San Francisco, Wed., July 30, 2008) – Responding to news that rap artist Ludacris released a song today in which he calls Hillary Clinton an “irrelavant bitch,” WomenCount is calling for an apology as well as a blanket condemnation by the Party leadership.

    In his song entitled “Politics,” Ludacris calls Hillary Clinton an “irrelevant bitch” and also attacks President Bush and Sen. McCain. These lyrics are outrageous, offensive, and unacceptable.

    In an e-mail this afernoon to its membership, WomenCount states, “It is another example of hateful, sexist language being used on the campaign trail, and now is our moment to make it clear: not on our watch! The leadership of both parties must step up to condemn such hateful speech and demand apologies. The Obama campaign has criticized the lyrics, but we call on the presumptive party nominee, who is the celebrated subject of the new song, to go even further: Publicly condemn the song. Demand an apology on behalf of the targets. Now.

    “This is not an issue of being PC,” states Rosemary Camposano, communications director for WomenCount, “This is about beginning the grinding and painful process of rooting out this kind of hate language and behavior whenever and wherever it exists. The Democratic leadership have pledged to unhinge our nation from gender-bias, hate-language and misogyny and we are taking them at their word.”

    WomenCount (www.womencountpac.com) has embarked on a campaign called “Stop the Silence in which they are promoting specific language be incorporated into the National Platform now being drafted for the Democratic National Convention. Through an e-mail petition campaign, driving content on the blogs, and direct contact with the Democratic Leadership, WomenCount is applying pressure to begin eliminating gender bias in the media and wherever it exists by condemning it “on the spot” going forward


  149. carbynew

    When are the women’s groups who endorsed Obama going to denouce the rap song. These groups need to be disbanded. They are really not representing or supporting women.

  150. “What Barack Obama was talking about was that he didn’t get here after spending decades in Washington,” Gibbs said.

    Oh bullshit! How stupid does Team Obama think the American people are??!! If Obama wants to paint anyone who opposes him as a racist, fine. Isn’t true, but he has the RIGHT to do so. But for chrissake, don’t blatantly pull the race card and then tell the rest of us crazy for getting the message loud and clear!

  151. Under pressure, Wexler changes address
    Battered by media reports about living in Maryland, U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler announced Tuesday he will lease a home in his Palm Beach County congressional district.
    FOX News broadcaster Bill O’Reilly broke the story last week that Wexler had been using his in-laws’ Delray Beach residence in an over-55 community to fulfill his residency requirement. The Democratic congressman lives with his wife and three children in Maryland.

    ”Although I am confident that I have represented my district as well as anybody possibly could, I have heard the concerns of some of my constituents and do not want this issue to distract from my advocacy of the important issues facing our community and country,” Wexler said in a written statement.

    Wexler, who is co-chairman of Barack Obama’s campaign in Florida, said he is already in compliance with federal and state laws.

    He is running for reelection against Republican Ed Lynch and nonpartisan candidate Ben Graber, a former Broward County mayor and lawmaker.


  152. I’m every BIT as pissed about Ludacris’ remarks about McCain as I am about his remarks about Hillary. REGARDLESS of what you think of McCain and/or his politics, to say that the ONLY chair a wounded veteran deserves is a wheel chair just goes beyond the pale.

    Ludacris needs to wrap his brain around the fact that, if it weren’t for the service men and women who risk their lives for our freedom, he would be living in a fucking country where his head would be on a platter for daring to utter such trash! If you can’t show some GRATITUDE for their sacrifices, at LEAST show some damned respect!

  153. Hmmm….. Where is NOW? Have they denounced Ludacris, whose name is very appropriate for him. Where is the DNC “leadership?” Where are pelosi, caskill, kennedy, schriver, brazile, and all the other women supporters of BO? Where are their outcries of misogyny, sexism, gender bias? If the situation was reversed, there would be multiple outcries of racism. What hypocrites. Everyday, it becomes easier and easier to vote for McCain, and I thought, I would never, ever say that.

  154. Idunn, I agree with you. Where are the veteran groups? McCain was also heavily dissed in that song.

  155. Idunn

    I agree whole heartedly. I can disagree with McCain on some of his issues, but the man was a POW and I respect him. But I also am upset that O would go to Germany and apologize to the German’s for American’s. For what?


  156. Dear Germany…sorry we were instrumental in helping rid the world of Hitler. Boy, were WE arrogant. 🙄

  157. Wexler to lease Florida apartment

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    Acknowledging that accusations that he doesn’t really live in Florida are raising “concerns” among his constituents, Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler said Tuesday that he will begin leasing an apartment in his congressional district rather than continue to claim residency at his in-laws’ home near Delray Beach.

    Wexler made the announcement on the same day that his two challengers produced records showing Wexler received property tax breaks by declaring his house in Potomac, Md., a “primary residence” from 1999 to 2002. He also signed a loan document with his wife in 2005 describing the house as “my/our principal residence.”

    Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler says he will lease an apartment in his congressional district rather than declaring residency at the home of his in-laws.

    Wexler’s chief of staff, Eric Johnson, said Wexler mistakenly signed paperwork declaring the Maryland house his primary residence when he bought it in 1997 and corrected the error in 2003 when it was brought to his attention.

    Johnson said the signature on the loan document was not the same as a legal declaration of residency but was an affirmation that Wexler would be living in the house “for a good majority of the time” rather than renting it out.

    Even if Wexler called the Maryland home his primary residence, Johnson contended, he still would be a Florida resident. Johnson cited an 1879 Florida Supreme Court ruling that said a Gainesville man did not lose his Florida residency when “attending to the duties of a public office” in Washington.

    Wexler, a six-term incumbent who has never faced a serious reelection challenge in his heavily Democratic district, has been under fire since Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly accused him last week of being a bogus Floridian. The O’Reilly Factor showed footage of a Fox News producer confronting Wexler with residency questions in the driveway of Wexler’s house in the Maryland suburbs of Washington.

    O’Reilly was led to the story by Republican Ed Lynch, who is running for Wexler’s Palm Beach-Broward congressional seat.

    Lynch claimed vindication Tuesday, saying Wexler’s decision to rent an apartment in the district is “tantamount to admitting guilt.”

    A similar reaction came from Wexler’s other challenger, no-party candidate Ben Graber, who also has hammered Wexler on the residency issue. “I guess he’s admitting that he doesn’t live here,” Graber said.

    Wexler’s campaign fired back late Tuesday with a statement calling Lynch and Graber “hypocritical” and noting both have had tax liens against them.

    The Internal Revenue Service has placed nearly $1.4 million in federal tax liens against Lynch and his contracting business. Lynch acknowledged that he has been in a dispute with the IRS over his taxes for several years.

    “These are things that happen when you’re in business,” Lynch said. “Hopefully they’re on their way to being resolved.”

    Graber said there was a lien against his home during a dispute over payroll taxes that his medical practice owed in the early 1990s. He said the matter was resolved long ago.

    Johnson said Wexler’s campaign brought up the tax liens because Lynch and Graber have noted that, as a Florida resident, Wexler does not have to pay Maryland’s state income tax.

    Wexler says his living arrangement has never been secret and is even discussed in his recently released book, Fire-Breathing Liberal. Shortly after he was elected to Congress in 1996, Wexler sold his Palm Beach County home and moved his family to the Washington area, saying that was the best way for him to spend time with his three children.

    Wexler has continued to declare residency in Florida. His voter registration, driver license and vehicle registrations list the address of his wife’s parents in a 55-and-older community west of Delray Beach.

    In a statement his office released Tuesday, Wexler again defended his Florida residency but said he didn’t want the issue to be a distraction.

    “My wife, Laurie, and I have decided to lease a residence of our own in Palm Beach County,” Wexler’s statement said.

    “Although I am confident that I have represented my district as well as anybody possibly could, I have heard the concerns of some of my constituents and do not want this issue to distract from my advocacy of the important issues facing our community and country.”

    The statement went on to assert that Wexler “has totally and fully complied with all federal and state laws regarding his Florida residency. The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that a federal official working in Washington automatically keeps his Florida residency while serving. In addition, Rep. Wexler meets the relevant residency criteria identified under Florida law.”

    Florida law does not give a precise definition of residency. Court decisions and legal opinions have held that factors including homestead exemptions, rental agreements, driver licenses, utility bills and a person’s intent can be considered when determining legal residency.

    Johnson said Wexler is looking at a three-bedroom apartment in the Boynton Beach-Delray Beach area and could sign a lease as soon as next week.

    Wexler represents a district that is about 50 percent Democrat and about 25 percent Republican. The GOP did not challenge Wexler in 2004 or 2006.


  158. NewMexicoFan,

    Obama’s women groups do represent women as long as that doesn’t include Hillary. She is the exception to their rule.

  159. Wexler is amazing. How can you possible keep in contact with what is going on in your district, if you do not have some sort of residency there.

    Another Democrat that really does not think he works for the people who put him in office.

    There is an old saying, birds of a feather flock to gether.

    But then BHO lived in a Chicago Suburb, and did not have one idea what was going on with apartments of the poor people in his district.

    So, when did representing, taking care of the people in your District, and living amoung the people that put you in office become obsolete???

  160. I’m waiting to hear Oprah, Caroline, Donna, et al…condemn Ludacris. Their continued silence is deafeningly disgusting!

  161. JanH

    So they represent Michelle O, Polosi, etc. What crap. They are not good enough to hold her coat.

    I hope that all the Hillary fans have cancelled their memberships.

  162. Jan: Just like during the primaries, the silence is deafeningly disgusting and loud. They are all hypocrites. I will not be watching the convention.

  163. Where is NOW, Emily’s list, Naral, Planned Parenthood, etc?

    Can you imagine the outrage, if the song called MO a bitch?

  164. JanH

    As I remember Oprah show was about empowering women. You are right the silence is interesting.

  165. birdgal,

    It won’t be a convention. It will be a siege. In no way will it be a fair and democratic vote process. It will be as corrupt and evil as possible. It will go down in history as the day democracy died.

    Obama will go down in history as an enemy of state.

  166. This is getting nutty. HuffPo blogger: McCain’s Britney ad actually a secret call for assassination
    Beginning with a sequence of flashes paired with isolated hands in Berlin, followed immediately by a sequence (above) from what looks like the last Democratic Convention (where Obama made his first major jolt, but where the scene itself bears next-to-no direct connection to Obama having his picture taken), and now all the “pop-pop-pop” and the violently-sensory “flash-flash-flash” seem indistinguishable from explosions.
    With those fireworks serving as a (possible Denver) table setting, and just on-the-other-side of the seductive Britney/Paris segment, we arrive at this chronological sequence in which Obama is mingling with the Berlin crowd, a single nervous-looking Secret Service agent fixed off the candidate’s left shoulder…

  167. NewMexicoFan,

    The silence from those women and Obama and friends says it all. Obama should have come out immediately with his condemnation.

    Time and time again he plays the waiting game until someone calls him on it.

  168. Walking Eagle (BHO ) your days are numbered in this racist race to steal the White House.You are constantly lying,denying,retrying and then injecting racism if criticts point out your phony campaign and your shameful rhetoric.You are’nt good or honest enough for this country.Hillary is the true patriot and the honest candidate for th Presidency.For you,the cliff is just a short distance away and I amsure you will find a way to go over it very soon.And you thought you could FLY.

    By ABM90

  169. Jan: Sadly, I agree with you. Democracy is dying, and the corporations have taken over. The DNC is evil and corrupt.

  170. McCain, Obama in Statistical Tie, according to today’s daily Gallup poll:

    PRINCETON, NJ — The race for the presidency has moved back into a statistical tie in the latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking update of national registered voters, with Barack Obama now ahead of John McCain by just one percentage point, 45% to 44%.

  171. You gotta run in your pantyhos
    Even your daddy knows
    that you suckin down chocolate like daddy-o’s
    You hos are horrible, horrendous
    On taxes ya’ll writin off hos as dependents
    I see tha ho risin
    it aint surprisin
    its just a hoasis
    with ugly chicks faces
    but hos dont feel so sad and blue
    cuz most of us niggaz is hos too

    It isn’t hard to see what won this man a grammy. I don’t believe even Lord Byron spoke with such an eloquent tongue. 🙄

  172. McCain’s Britney ad actually a secret call for assassination

    Please tell me that’s a joke. Please.

  173. NewMexicoFan,

    I agree. It’s good to see that they at least came out and protested.

    All is not lost!

  174. The level of civility is dictated by the way a society allows its members to behave.

    For too long, we have let this get out of hand, especially with women. We have said, or boys will be boys, or you have to tolerate some of that to get ahead.

    We need to stop it now, and demand respect, and civility.

    That is what happens in abusive relationships. The children of the next generation see how people are treated, and they feel free that they can do that also.

    I have to wonder if this rapper has a mother and sisters, and how they feel about this language, and where he learned this disrepect.

  175. Today’s tracking polls confirm our belief: when obama’s MSM sycophants tell you not to go negative, it will hurt you, blah, blah, blah,you must be winning. McCain, keep it up.

    Rasmussen tracking:
    Obama 48
    McCain 46

    Gallup tracking(the 9-point bounce is gone):
    Obama 46
    McCain 45

  176. WASHINGTON — Only three weeks ago, John Edwards fielded media questions on his chances of filling the vice-presidential slot on Democrat Barack Obama’s ticket or a Cabinet position in his administration. On Wednesday, the former U.S. senator, presidential candidate and 2004 vice-presidential nominee refused to answer questions that took a tabloid turn.

    About a dozen reporters and photojournalists attended a speech Edwards gave to an AARP Foundation symposium on poverty and aging in Washington.

    Afterward, he avoided a crowd of waiting reporters, at least some of whom wanted to question him about recent reports in the National Enquirer that alleged a sexual relationship between Edwards and a former campaign videographer and an ensuing cover-up.

    Citing unnamed sources, the Enquirer published a story in October claiming that Edwards was having an affair with a woman who had filmed a series of campaign videos, and that he had gotten her pregnant.

    Last week, the Enquirer posted a story online claiming that Edwards had visited the woman, Rielle Hunter, and the child July 21 at a Beverly Hills hotel.

    In October, the woman posted an online statement denying the first story.

    In December, a male campaign worker for Edwards, Andrew Young, claimed paternity of the woman’s then-unborn child.

    On Wednesday, Edwards apparently exited through a side area used by the kitchen staff at Washington’s historic Hotel Monaco.

    Edwards emerged near the rear of the hotel with two men. When approached by a reporter, Edwards said, “Can’t do it now, I’m sorry” and quickly walked past.

    Asked about the Beverly Hilton last week, Edwards said “sorry” and got into a waiting car with the other men. Asked twice more to address the Enquirer story, Edwards was silent until the car doors were closed.

    The Enquirer described in its story its reporters’ attempts to chase down Edwards that night. The tabloid reported Edwards ran and hid in a restroom to elude them.

    The story has prompted buzz in the blogosphere and become fodder for jokes by late-night hosts Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, raising questions about his prospects for a spot in an Obama administration.

    But Edwards has said little about the allegations. At a July 23 speech in Houston, Edwards responded to a reporter’s question about the Enquirer story by referring to it as “tabloid trash.”

  177. I have one (grumble, grumble) to say to Senator Obama….

    YOU, Senator Obama, are the biggest race-baiter that this country has ever seen. You “don’t look like the people on the money?”

    Well, you ass, neither do I. I an a white woman who your FRIEND Ludicrus (or how ever he spells it INCORRECTLY) seem to think are NON-people. You have used the race card time and time again, and I for one am SICK OF IT. You are worse than Jesse Jackso, Al Sharpton and Donna Brazile combined, and I cannot STAND YOU. You have NO MORALS, NO GUTS and NO SPINE. You BLAME OTHERS at every turn and play the victim. Your hubris is stellar and your experience non-existent. You drive around in motorcades PRETENDING TO BE PRESIDENT (“when I was a Senator…”) and disrespect both the people of this country and the election process.

    Well, Senator Obama. Just keep at it. American’s are not as stupid as you believe them to be. Your self-importance comes from you never having to had actually achieved ANYTHING from your hard work, but from walking on the backs of those before you and then castigating them if they DARE complain…and you call them racist. Well, Mr. Obama…it IS YOU who are the REAL racist and bigot and you will never get the majority of people OF ALL RACES in the country to buy YOUR New Deal.


  178. Just for some laugh…
    Mass e-mail from David Plouffe:

    As we face the fundraising deadline at midnight tonight, I want you to know what we are up against.

    Less than 24 hours ago, the McCain campaign launched the latest and lowest in a series of misleading attack ads.

    This Karl Rove-style ploy misleads people about Barack’s energy plan and even mocks his ability to inspire voters and bring Americans back into the political process.

    Watchdogs in the media are calling McCain’s accusations “bogus,” “desperate,” “wrong,” “misleading,” “ugly,” “offensive,” “reckless,” and “a nasty turn into the gutter.”

    Some of McCain’s own supporters agree. One senior Republican strategist quoted by the Washington Post called the latest ad a “wild swing at Obama” that reflects his campaign’s “increasing bitterness” and the lack of “any coherent strategy to elect McCain.”

    Even John Weaver, a strategist who worked for McCain’s presidential campaign in 2000 and on his current campaign last year, called the ad “childish,” adding that this negative strategy “diminishes John McCain” and “needs to stop.”

    But we will not let any attack stand. Barack himself responded quickly and forcefully, and within hours our campaign created a response ad to take their smear tactics head-on…

  179. If I hear these zealots call Karl Rove’s name ONE MOre time, i MIGHT BE FORCED TO STICK KNITTING NEEDLES IN MY EARS.

    Donna Brazile was a STAR STUDENT in the Rove school of sleazy political tactics and in facts, was PERSONALLY TUTORED by the “Architect”

    Let’s just hope Donna and David’s “Math” turns out to be as good as Karls was in 2006.

    I for one, will help.

  180. Leave Barack Alone video:


    I tired to embed it previously, but it didn’t work so I hope this link work.

  181. Idunn & carbynew,

    That video is so funny, it has gone wild over the net.

    Bambi is not having a great day.

  182. Carby, Kostner, Idunn…FOXNews just ran it on the air


    But seriously, you people are lucky he even campaigns against you. If you have anything to say to Obama, say it to me…because, he’s in Iowa right now. 😉

  183. I have to get back to scrubbing the floors here on my hands and knees like the white b**** ho I am, and cry because SENATOR WTF doesn’t look like the people on the money.

    I just can’t stand this guy more and more. He is going to be herfe in St. Pete tomorrow at Gibbs HS. Gibbs is in VERY PREDOMINANTLY BLACK South Saint Pete.

    Tickets are available from his campaign office here (about a mile from me) which is slam in the heart of what they call the “Grand Central” district. Grand Central is JUST BARELY making it because of gay-owned businesses…and is where St. PEte Gay Pride is held.

    Welcome to the neighborhood, you racist asshole.

    Diary Entry by Jim Freeman

    Co-written, today’s softer term for ghost-written. Aside from that, we’re going to ebb and strengthen, hold our own and strengthen, watch the country go to hell and strengthen, pay any price and bear any burden–not to repair, not to save, not to initiate, but to strengthen.

    As the nation absolutely comes apart at the seams in economic chaos, as it loses its cherished Consitutional freedoms, as it lurches from war to war and becomes toxic to international values–her goal is to strengthen her political party.

    The Balkanization of America, the true and accurate memoir of Nancy Pelosi.

    This woman Speaker of the House is such a sell-out of the principles of legislative duty in federal government, that she ought to be soundly defeated in the upcoming 2008 elections. That will not happen, because San Francisco, despite its liberalism, won’t dare to let Pelosi-Power ebb away into the sunset, where it richly deserves to ebb.

    Every city has its irresistible shame. Chicago had Dan Rostenkowski and San Fran has Nancy Pelosi–infections on the body-politic.

    Her political agenda makes a dandy laundry-list of what is wrong with Congress. Every abortion of duty, each miscarriage of justice in the interest of winning, adds to the decline (14% and dropping) of American respect for those who govern from Washington.

    Holding eight years of a lawless and constitutionally destructive administration harmless from prosecution in order to establish an equally gerrymandered Democratic power bloc ought to be, of and by itself, an impeachable offense. Pelosi is selling the Constitution and representative government down the river for political gain–and bragging about it as an effort worthy of her station and the nation she purports to serve.

    Pelosi learned her politics from Baltimore machine politicians–her father and brother, both Mayors. She fled Baltimore for the more comfortable clime (and climb) of San Francisco. But in an Orwellian payback, worked to turn America into an extended Baltimore–one of the most toxic and politically dysfunctional cities on the planet.
    Nancy Pelosi is the Democrat version of Newt Gingrich and Tom DeLay. She dedicates herself, not to giving America its long-denied justice, but creating a warped foreverland of Democrat control of all three branches of government. That’s a liberal vision of yet another ‘Contract with America’ and it’s equally toxic. The failure of foresight is identical–the Founders designed the American political machinery not to be dominated.

    “. . . in 2012 with a new map: it’s a whole new world.”
    Sorry Nancy, but that prescription for gerrymandering is hardly a whole new world–it’s the same old dung-heap, with new flies.

    This woman is the most dangerous politician of her party, a ruthless and unforgiving list-keeper who crushes those opposed. I encourage every single reader out there to read her own words in The Nation–words by which she (perhaps unknowingly) exposes herself.

    If it were only the daughters of America that were at risk–Pelosi is loading the dice for the foreseeable political future.

    read the nation interview here:

  185. I am not sure if this is listed already, but it seems to be a definite that Hillary is out of the running for vp. This is certainly good news to me!

    Here is the article link:

    Also, did you see Hannity and Colmes last night when it was mentioned that Nancy Pelosi was named on thehill.com 50 most beautiful people on Capital Hill? I forgot what number she ranked. The look on Hannity’s face was priceless!

    Strange though when I checked the website, I didn’t see Nancy on the list. Did I miss something?

  186. Campaign Manager Rick Davis pounds the Democrat in a one-sentence statement:

    “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck. It’s divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.”

    Reference to Obama’s comments in Missouri Wednesday that Republicans are trying to make voters “scared” of him by noting “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on those dollar bills.”

  187. Obama played the race card, and now McCain is hitting back:

    July 31, 2008, 1:35 pm
    McCain Campaign Says Obama Is ‘Playing the Race Card’

    By Michael Cooper and Michael Powell
    New York Times

    Updated RACINE, Wis. – Senator John McCain’s campaign accused Barack Obama of playing “the race card’’ on Thursday, citing his remarks that Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing out he “doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.’’

    “Barack Obama has played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck,’’ Rick Davis, Mr. McCain’s campaign manager, said in a statement. “It’s divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.’’

    Mr. Davis was alluding to comments that Mr. Obama made Wednesday in Missouri when he reacted to the increasingly negative tone, and negative ads that have been coming his way from the McCain campaign in recent days.

    “So nobody really thinks that Bush or McCain have a real answer for the challenges we face, so what they’re going to try to do is make you scared of me,’’ Mr. Obama said Wednesday in Springfield, Mo., in remarks that he echoed throughout the day. “You know, he’s not patriotic enough. He’s got a funny name. You know, he doesn’t look like all those other Presidents on those dollar bills, you know. He’s risky. That’s essentially the argument they’re making.’’

    Robert Gibbs, a spokesman for the Obama campaign, said: “This is a race about big challenges — a slumping economy, a broken foreign policy, and an energy crisis for everyone but the oil companies. Barack Obama in no way believes that the McCain campaign is using race as an issue, but he does believe they’re using the same old low-road politics to distract voters from the real issues in this campaign, and those are the issues he’ll continue to talk about.”

    Mr. Obama has made similar statements about the lines of attack against him before, and was even more direct last month when he said: “We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?’’

    The McCain campaign’s decision to make the charge now that Mr. Obama was playing the “race card” comes as it has adopted a far more aggressive, negative posture towards Mr. Obama in recent days, trying to tar him as arrogant, out of touch and unprepared for the presidency with a series of statements by Mr. McCain and a series of negative ads – some of which have been condemned as misleading.

    By making the accusation that Mr. Obama was playing the “race card,’’ Mr. McCain’s campaign, of course, was itself explicitly injecting race into its campaign against the first black man ever to become a major party’s presidential nominee.

    And the McCain campaign was echoing one of the more sensitive and divisive arguments that arose in Mr. Obama’s primary battle against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Many black leaders, and voters, criticized Bill Clinton for equating Mr. Obama’s victory in the South Carolina primary with the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s victory in the 1988 primary, which they saw as an attempt to diminish Mr. Obama’s success. Mr. Clinton later complained in a radio interview that Mr. Obama had “played the race card on me.’’

    The new discussion of race comes as Mr. McCain is schedule to address the National Urban League on Friday in Orlando.

  188. The Presidency Is Not An Entry-Level Position


  189. Washington Post column, making fun of Obama’s runaway arrogance and egotism:

    ‘The One’? Take a Number, Sen. Obama

    By David Montgomery
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, July 31, 2008; C01

    Neo: What is happening to me?

    Morpheus: You are the One, Neo.

    — “The Matrix”

    Wags in John McCain’s camp reportedly have taken to referring to Barack Obama as “the One.”

    It’s a sendup of the messianic devotion the Obamanauts sometimes display — the huge crowds, the tears, the soaring hopes, the rapturous chanting of “O-ba-ma!” and “Yes we can!”

    Ha-ha. Next, Obama’s going to don a full-length black coat, like Keanu Reeves’s Neo in the 1999 film, and start jumping really high in the process of saving mankind.

    It’s a smart bit of political jujitsu by the McCainiacs. Try to turn an opponent’s potential strength into a potential weakness. Have they concluded their guy may become the next president, but he’ll never be the One?

    There have been so many Ones. The human imagination seems inclined to think in terms of them: King Arthur, Superman, Anakin Skywalker (or Luke, depending on your cosmology), Bobby Kennedy, John Galt, the Who’s Tommy, Frodo, Bob Dylan, Siegfried, Harry Potter, Mighty Mouse, Godot, Joe Gibbs, Storm, Wonder Woman.

    The One is the one who has the Answer. He will fix a fallen world. He will bring . . . change we can believe in.

    The One is usually young, and he speaks inspiringly. A second coming is nice but not always advisable. (See Gibbs, Joe.)

    Being the One means passing lots of tests, because at first no one believes in you. King Arthur had to pull Excalibur out of the stone to prove he was the One. Being the One means being tempted by your dark side. Anakin Skywalker succumbed — the One can be fallible, if not always human — transmogrified into Darth Vader, and only at the end managed to sort of live up to Obi-Wan’s anguished declaration: “You were the chosen one! It was said that you would . . . bring balance to the Force!”

    Being the One means conquering doubt about one’s powers.

    Neo: I’m not the One.

    Oracle: Sorry, kid. You got the gift, but it looks like you’re waiting for something.

    Neo: What?

    Oracle: Your next life maybe. Who knows? That’s the way these things go.

    Perhaps inevitably, being the One means letting down some of your followers. The Who’s Tommy — the “deaf, dumb and blind kid” who “sure plays a mean pinball” — is idolized and then abandoned by the followers he tries to enlighten.

    Obama plays a mean basketball. He has been tested, overcome doubts. If some of his true believers have placed outsize faith in him, he can’t be blamed. After all, he slew the two-headed beast called Billary.

    Sometimes he seems to playfully encourage his image as the One. Before the New Hampshire primary, he joked to an audience, “I am going to try to be so persuasive in the next 20 minutes or so that a light is going to shine down from the ceiling. . . . You will experience an epiphany. You will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack.’ ”

    He told House Democrats this week, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” our colleague Dana Milbank reported.

    Also this week, the Obama campaign sent out an e-mail in the name of Michelle Obama to invite folks to contribute money for a chance to be among 10 lucky supporters who will get to “go backstage with Barack” at the Democratic convention in Denver, as if he were that special kind of One: the rock star.

    But no, he is just a politician. So is John McCain. But one talks more like the One than the other one.

    I’m asking you to believe. Not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington. . . . I’m asking you to believe in yours.

    — Barack Obama

    I know that you’re afraid. . . . You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. . . . A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.

    — Neo

  190. Per hot air.
    Hope and change: Obama loses eight points in four daysposted at 2:13

    One thin percent is all that’s left of the lead, putting him back where he was on July 17 before Peace Tour ‘08 kicked off. Remember, Gallup put out conflicting polls a few days ago, one showing Barry O ahead comfortably among a big sample of registered voters and McCain, surprisingly, holding a four-point lead among a smaller sample of likelies. The thinking at the time was that the data would probably align a bit more over the next few days. Which it’s doing — but not in the way most people expected.
    That’s not the only good poll news, either. Obama’s leads in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania are also down, and are within the margin of error in the first two states. And according to Rasmussen, 30% of conservative Democrats already intend to vote for Maverick, which isn’t an especially impressive number when you consider that only 18% of Dems overall identify as “conservative” but bodes well, perhaps, for future gains in the center as Barry’s glow fades. The usual caveat that it’s still too early to read much into any of these still applies, but surely they mean something given (a) the sky-high expectations for Obamamania coming out of the primary, (b) the Democrats’ huge generic advantage this year, (c) the fact that Republicans traditionally trail by a decent margin at this point in the campaign, and (d) most bizarrely, the conventional wisdom that McCain’s had an exceedingly crappy 10 days or so of campaigning. Your exit question, then: What’s going on? Are the negative ads more effective than anyone realizes? Did the skipped troop visit at Landstuhl resonate more widely than thought? Or is the perception of presumptuousness starting to grate? That last point hasn’t been declared racist by Minitruth yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Herewith, then, a journey into racism with David Letterman

  191. Rush limbaugh compares Obama to Jimmy Carter

    h t t p : / / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuCtpO-UB54

    LIMBAUGH: This is Obama yesterday at a campaign event in Springfield, Missouri:
    OBAMA: All the oil they’re talking about getting off drilling, if everybody was just inflating their tires and getting regular tune-ups, you could actually save just as much.
    LIMBAUGH: This is unbelievable! My friends, this is laughable of course, but it’s stupid! It is stupid! How many of you remember the seventies? When we had these shortages, all through the Jimmy Carter years and we have all these tips, all these tips on how to save gasoline? Avoid jackrabbit starts, keep your tires properly inflated, there’s a list of about ten or twelve these things. I said if I follow each one of these things I’ll have to stop the car every five miles, siphon some fuel out, for all the fuel I’m going to be saving.
    This is ridiculous. This is a presidential candidate and he’s talking about keeping your tires inflated and getting regular tune-ups and that would save as much oil as drilling would produce. And this guy is the Democrat presidential nominee. Who has filled his head with this stuff?

  192. He sounds like, he is running for president of the world.

    Barack Obama

    “I know that you’re afraid. . . . You’re afraid of change. I don’t know the future. I didn’t come here to tell you how this is going to end. I came here to tell you how it’s going to begin. . . . A world without rules and controls, without borders or boundaries. A world where anything is possible.”

    Sounds like a new world order.

  193. Obama post is editing out those comments that congrats the republicans for the funny video. Anything that recognize how funny the video was…was deleted.

    When I went to Obamapost 111 comments was logged, now it is 80 comments and they are all negative…CENSORSHIP by the DEMOCRATS no wonder they were no feedback against Obama from the party.

  194. The John Edwards love-baby story: What took so long?

    Who knew that the biggest story to break at the television critics’ tour would happen while we were all in our rooms getting some shut-eye?

    In the wee hours of Tuesday, July 22, John Edwards — the former senator from South Carolina, former presidential candidate and running mate in 2004 — was confronted by reporters for the National Enquirer at a men’s room of the Beverly Hilton, the very hotel where TCA summer press tour had concluded the day before. They believed he was there to pay a visit to the child he had fathered out of wedlock and the baby’s mother, an ex-campaign staffer named Rielle Hunter.

    On Wednesday, the story finally started to trickle out into the mainstream, beginning with Wikipedia and followed today by a news story in our sister paper, the News & Observer. Given the Enquirer’s stellar track record in reporting such things, why was the media so slow?

    If I were you, I’d dispense with the idea that a liberal conspiracy of silence kept this story under wraps. It wasn’t under wraps. In December 2007, Drudge Report passed along this National Enquirer story confirming that Hunter was, indeed, pregnant and living in a gated community near a close Edwards confidant (who had argued, in a lovely parallel to the Anna Nicole story, that the baby was actually his).

    Edwards was still running for president last December. Why didn’t his opponents jump on this? Why didn’t the story get any traction? One likely reality is that vigorous denials from campaign staffers, veiled threats to put reporters off the bus if they persisted, and the absence of any follow-up reporting from the Enquirer or any other source combined to take the air out of the story.

    That doesn’t explain why it took 10 days for the Enquirer ambush — which was almost immediately confirmed by a security guard — to make it out of the tabloidosphere. Paul Harris and listeners were talking it up on WLS Radio in Chicago last week. And yet, it just wouldn’t budge.

    You can argue that Edwards is a private citizen, and that merited extra caution. I don’t buy it. Even if Howard Fineman is right and Edwards isn’t on Obama’s short list for vice president, until the running mate is actually named, it’s ridiculous to treat him as though he’s returned to Mount Vernon like Cincinnatus.

    So that leaves the Elizabeth factor. Regardless of what one thinks of John Edwards or his politics, the popularity of and public affection for Elizabeth Edwards is undeniably high. She was an effective campaigner because she was seen as the honest broker her husband, the candidate, couldn’t always be.

    Elizabeth Edwards is the real reason this story hasn’t gained traction until now. I think that out of respect for EE, and a desire not to compound her grim cancer scenario with further emotional pain probably caused editors to hold back reporting the story until something else came along.

    Two things happened Wednesday that seem to have pushed this over the edge. First, after more than a week of acrimonious debate, Wikipedia editors gave in and began including references to the alleged affair in its John Edwards entry. As Wired’s reporter aptly put it: “Some users wondered why … The New York Times’ John McCain lobbyist affair (story) could be relied upon, but not a tabloid like The National Enquirer.”

    Then on Wednesday, John Edwards bolted from reporters after a public appearance. In a weird parallel to his Beverly Hilton encounter, he ducked out of a hotel kitchen area on Wednesday in the hopes of avoiding the press. Not a good way to erase suspicion.

    Perhaps that’s why our McClatchy Washington bureau has put the Edwards story on the wire.

    I doubt that anything was lost in the 10 days since the late-night encounter at the hotel — other than a chance for me to score an exclusive camera-phone shot of the room where the senator allegedly visited his love baby — but I am not sold at all on the idea that liberal squeamishness was the reason the press held back on this story. (If anything, the ineptitude with which the Times fast-tracked its allegations against McCain should be a cautious lesson about rushing a story to press.)

    And let me say this as a leukemia survivor married to a breast cancer survivor. If I were in John Edwards’ position, and I could pull myself away from the nearest mirror (that hair is to die for), I would play the Elizabeth card as aggressively as I could. That’s an unpleasant truth, and I wouldn’t be proud to do it. Then again, it sounds like John Edwards doesn’t have much to be proud of lately.


  195. confloyd: see Berkeley Vox Says:

    July 31st, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    Actually, I think the part above it, was from BO. The statement, I quoted said, “Neo.”

    take a look at the post, and see what you think.

  196. Don’t expect Maria shriver, caroline kennedy, mcCaskill, Sibelius, pelosi etc for the LUDICRIS comments/song.
    These women will go and be battered by their children who follow rap and Ludicris… after all their children told them BO is Ok..
    and older people do not deserve respect.

  197. Cindy Sheehan’s campaign milestone
    author: Jody Paulson
    Cindy Sheehan is at City Hall as I write, turning in over 10,000 signatures to get her on the ballot to run against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    Things have been extremely hectic at the Sheehan campaign headquarters here in San Francisco. While Cindy and most of her staff were in D.C. to make a showing at John Conyers’s “Okay, I guess we can *talk* about impeachment” hearings, an army of paid petitioners gathered petitions by the hundreds, sending our petition totals to well over the 10,000 required to get her on the ballot as an independent candidate for U.S. Congress, running against the current Speaker of the House Nancy “Impeachment is Off the Table” Pelosi. Of course, not all of those signatures are going to be valid, but we have several days to make up for any discrepancies.

    There’s a palpable change in the mood of the campaign, and Nancy Pelosi’s constituency. Maybe people have finally had enough with their elected representative selling their constitutional rights down the river, and thumbing her nose at the rising chorus of San Franciscans who demand Bush’s crime cabal be held to account. For anybody doesn’t think Cindy Sheehan’s campaign is serious, you’re wrong. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a seat in Congress than Cindy, or anyone more deserving of getting a seat pulled out from under her butt than Nancy.


  198. This is hilarious.

    As Obama has become a symbol for all that is good, it has become important to differentiate between the denominations that constitute the Church of Obama:

    *Southern Obamaists: This is the chief fundamentalist sect of Obamaism. Their most important tenets are that every word spoken by Obama is to be taken literally and that there are no contradictions in anything he has ever written. They also believe that the world was created 46 years ago.

    *Evangelical Obamaists: This denomination is hard to distinguish from the Southern Obamaists politically, but in appearance its members are less dour, put more focus on spreading the word of Obama, and will often sway to the music at Obama rallies (hips not included). They are often referred to as Born Again Barackites, as they have voted for other candidates from different parties in the past, but have been baptized by re-registering.

    *Universalist Unitarian Obamaists: This denomination believes there are other politicians besides Obama, but they enjoy the fellowship of the weekly campaign events. They are the least reliable Obamaists, as they aren’t certain if they will vote for Obama, or if he even exists at all.

    *Catholic Obamaists: This group is split between those who are going through the motions because they long ago gave up believing in all but the most basic precepts of Obamaism, while the other half of the group is made up of traditionalists and new recruits who tend to be older. Both groups are united in their ignoring of the stricture against using non-union made rubber jackets.

    *Pentecostal Obamaists: They believe in demonstrations of faith looked down upon by other denominations. For example, they believe their faith in Obama will allow them to drink non organic green tea and to eat non-local, non-free range chicken without being exposed to any side effects. This denomination includes many congregants who become so excited when they speak about Obama that they often appear to be speaking gibberish (known as speaking in tongues), as well as members who attend Obama rallies and pass out after being filled with Obama (known as slaying in the spirit).

    *Abamaists: This is a small group that is made up of arrogant members who mistakenly think they are the smartest people in the world. After Hillary lost the primary, they no longer believe there is a Democrat nominee.

  199. Sheehan Files to Oust Pelosi

    Independent candidate Cindy Sheehan (center) and Campaign Manager Tiffany Burns (left) head to the San Francisco Department of Elections Friday to formally declare Sheehan’s intent to challenge Speaker Nancy Pelsoi for the 8th Congressional seat.

    By Luke Thomas
    April 28, 2008

    Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan filed papers Friday at the San Francisco Department of Elections formally declaring her intent to challenge Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the 8th Congressional District seat.

    Sheehan, 50, is required to gather 10,198 signatures by August 28 for her name to appear on the November ballot as an independent candidate.

    “I think even if you don’t agree with me and you’re not going to vote for me,” Sheehan told Fog City Journal, “it helps democracy to support as many candidates as possible to get on the ballot.”

    Sheehan, whose son Casey was killed April 4, 2004 in Iraq, said she made the decision to run for Congress in July after Pelosi refused to take impeachment proceedings against President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney – for war crimes against humanity – off the table.

    “My platform includes repealing the Patriot Act, the Military Commission Act, restoring habeas corpus and restoring the rule of law in our country. But my initial impetus for running against Pelosi occurred when she took impeachment off the table,” She
    ehan said.

    Pelosi, who initially voted against going to war in Iraq, has provided Bush with a blank check in all but one war appropriation since the US invaded Iraq in March 2003.

    “No blank check,” for Bush has been Pelosi’s catchphrase while co-signing over $500 billion to continue fighting a war based on lies.

    Pelosi maintains her support for war appropriations has nothing to do with supporting the war.


  200. carby: I am impressed that Sheehan got the necessary signatures in SF and Marin counties. Supposedly, Pelosi is loved in her district, but maybe, people are getting fed up.

    mp: I know, but it would be nice and respectful, for so-called independent and professional women, to speak out against the misogyny and ageism, which are implied in the Ludacris “song.”

  201. Angry Cindy Sheehan exits Judiciary hearing

    Nick Juliano
    Raw Story
    July 25, 2008

    At several points in Friday’s Judiciary Committee sort- of- almost- not-really impeachment hearing, members of the audience erupted in applause after one of the dozen-plus witnesses delivered a particularly incendiary indictment of President Bush.

    The committee’s Republicans were none too amused by these displays, and they whined several times that such outbursts were inappropriate. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), the committee’s ranking member, at one point asked Chairman John Conyers to clear the hearing room after one particularly rousing ovation from Code Pink activists. They were responding as author Vincent Bugliosi outlined his case that the Justice Department should bring first degree murder charges against the president for illegally invading Iraq.

    Conyers decided not to boot the boisterous activists from the room, but he did remind the entire audience to refrain from any demonstrations of approval or disapproval of the proceedings. Less than an hour later, Bugliosi, a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who recently wrote The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder, fired up the crowd again.

    “By taking this nation into war on a lie, all of the killings of American soldiers in Iraq became unlawful killings, and therefore murders,” Bugliosi said.

    Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan had been sitting in the crowd, and she shouted, “Thank you Vince.”

    Conyers seemed flustered, reminding Sheehan and others that some “members are urging me to take more action than merely reminding our audience,” before trying to move on to the next witness.

    “I urge you to take action,” said Sheehan, who is among the most visible activists pushing for impeachment. After losing her son in the Iraq war, Sheehan became famous for her roadside vigil outside Bush’s Crawford ranch in the summer of 2005, and she has mounted a long-shot bid to unseat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in this year’s election.

    “OK then, Sheehan, you’re out,” Conyers said, but the northern California native was already on her way out the door.

    “I’m going,” she said. “Good-bye.”

    This video is from C-SPAN, broadcast July 25, 2008.

    9/11 Chronicles Part One: Truth Rising

    I would love to see Cindy Seehan being voted in as a freshman reprepresentative in Nancy Pelosi seat.

  202. Is the DNC in Denver? Or is it in Tombstone?


    Article in Dallas Examiner. No post yet. Easy posting. Talks about

    The first ballot is sure to be a made for television moment. I talked
    to a Clinton delegate here in Maryland and he told me that they have
    been instructed to vote for Hillary on the first ballot. To make
    things more interesting, there is a movement to swing 160 delegates
    from Obama to Clinton. If that occurs, Clinton could re-establish her
    campaign and face John McCain in the fall.

    h t t p : / / http://www.examiner.com/x-367-Politics-Examiner~y2008m7d30-Denver-Or-is-this-Tombstone

  203. kostner Says:

    July 31st, 2008 at 3:23 pm

    It’s pretty impressive she got the necessary signatures.
    We must thank the DNC, Democratic? Taliban Party and Team Obama for their impressive unity work. [snap]

    Nothing like a knife in the back to bring unity.

  204. Carby,
    Cindy Sheehan is running against Pelosi as a Democrat, sfaik. She has just gotten enough signatures to get on the primary ballot.

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