When Will Obama Concede? Part III

Obama will either concede now or in NOvember.

Obama is unelectable and not qualified to be president. Obama will either concede now or face defeat in NOvember and concede to John McCain.

Hillary Clinton, can defeat John McCain. Barack Obama cannot defeat John McCain. Only a suicidal Democratic? Party would nominate Barack Obama.

* * *

After what Big Media termed the best week for Barack Obama and the worst week for John McCain, Americans are not accepting the unqualified Obama:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain moved from being behind by 6 points among “likely” voters a month ago to a 4-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama among that group in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. McCain still trails slightly among the broader universe of “registered” voters. By both measures, the race is tight.

The Friday-Sunday poll, mostly conducted as Obama was returning from his much-publicized overseas trip and released just this hour, shows McCain now ahead 49%-45% among voters that Gallup believes are most likely to go to the polls in November. In late June, he was behind among likely voters, 50%-44%.

Among registered voters, McCain still trails Obama, but by less. He is behind by 3 percentage points in the new poll (47%-44%) vs. a 6-point disadvantage (48%-42%) in late June.

Maybe the poll dive for Obama after his so-called “best week” is attributable to Obama making time for his priorities (applause from mobs of people) but not bothering to make time for the priorities of most Americans and snubbing American troops stationed in Germany – many injured.

Republicans, once fearful of this election cycle, are heartened:

In the contest for president, Barack Obama is a magnetic candidate supported by a disciplined, well-organized campaign. John McCain seems wooden, with a campaign that appears to be in shambles. Yet Obama’s lead in the polls over McCain is fragile because he so far has not won the support of a majority of American voters.

An effective and massively publicized foreign trip failed to push Obama to the 50 percent mark. Hopes of Democrats and fears of Republicans that he would get a major bounce in the polls when he clinched the nomination and then on his campaigning abroad have not been realized.

Republicans would love to run a general election campaign against Obama:

That he lingers below the 50 percent mark is a mystery among politicians of both parties. It is particularly troubling to Democrats who recall past Democratic candidates taking a huge lead over the summer before being overtaken or nearly overtaken by a surging Republican opponent. In 1976, Jimmy Carter took a 33-point summer lead over President Gerald Ford and won in a photo finish. In 1988, Michael Dukakis led George H.W. Bush by 17 points after being nominated in Atlanta before he lost the election. Al Gore and John Kerry were ahead of George W. Bush in the summer. [snip]

Obama’s difficulty in reaching the 50 percent mark reflects an overwhelmingly white undecided vote at 10 to 15 percent.

Obama ignored white working class voters by snubbing them. In the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries Obama barely bothered with them. Obama snubbed them. Now they are snubbing Obama. Many of that “undecided” number do not want to be accused of being racists by the ever race-baiting Obama campaign so they will state they are “undecided“. But these are NObama, NOvember voters.

Obama and his acolytes are oblivious to his fading “charms“.

Mr. Obama’s aides are confident that the passions of the primary season have given way to a more pragmatic view among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and that Mr. Obama would not risk a major backlash from women or other constituencies associated with her if the vice presidential slot goes to someone else.

The Hopium he is smoking is stupid strong if Obama believes that the “passions” of the primary season have muted in any way. The Hopium is especially dizzying if Obama believes he will win.

Barack Obama told donors at a Monday night fundraiser just across the Potomac River from Washington that “the odds of us winning are very good.”

But Hopium does not trump reality. In public Obama used to declare that he would win “big”. Not for Obama a mere 51% or a bare majority of electoral votes. Obama promised a big win but now, in private, Obama admits a close election if he is the nominee.

Closing his brief remarks, Obama addressed the reason he hasn’t seen a surge in the polls following extensive coverage of his overseas trip, arguing that voters are still sizing him up and that his candidacy is “new for them, new for us as a country.”

“This is going to be a close election for a long time because I’m new on the national scene and people sort of like what they see but they’re still not sure,” he concluded.

People don’t like what they see.

It is a question that has hovered over Senator Barack Obama even as he has passed milestone after milestone in his race for the White House: Why is he not doing better?

It shadowed him as he struggled against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in many states through the primaries, results that sometimes stood at odds with the huge, enthusiastic crowds that turned out to see him. It was there in the exit polls that suggested that many Democrats were uncomfortable with Mr. Obama, putting an asterisk next to some of his biggest primary victories.

And it is back again as he returns from an overseas trip that even Republicans have described as politically triumphant. In this case, the question is why — given how sour Americans feel about President Bush and the Republican party, and the perception that Mr. Obama is running a better campaign than Senator John McCain — the senator from Illinois is not scoring even higher in national opinion polls.

Republicans would love to run against Obama in the fall. Obama can’t make the sale and the polls fed some underlying anxiety among some Democrats.

Last week the L.A. Times pondered the question of why Obama faces an ugly NOvember.

Even as his turn on the global stage hit an emotional peak Thursday with a speech before a cheering crowd of more than 200,000 in Germany, Barack Obama faced new evidence of stubborn election challenges back home.

Fresh polls show that he has been unable to convert weeks of extensive media coverage into a widened lead. And some prominent Democrats whose support could boost his campaign are still not enthusiastic about his candidacy.

Who are these unenthusiastic Democrats? Hillary supporters continue to say NO. NObama. NOvember.

Obama also faces discontent from some of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most ardent supporters, who are put off by what they describe as a campaign marked by hubris and a style dedicated to televised extravaganzas.

Susie Tompkins Buell, a major Clinton fundraiser, said: “The Clinton supporters that I know are bothered by these rock-star events. These spectacles are more about the candidate than they are about the party and the issues that we care about.” [snip]

Both Obama and McCain had been invited Thursday to a cancer forum organized by cyclist Lance Armstrong’s foundation at Ohio State University.

McCain showed; Obama did not. Some in the crowd took notice.

Ann Marie Jones, a stay-at-home mother whose 10-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer in September, said she had leaned toward Obama “until he didn’t show up tonight.”

“I feel like I understand what he’s doing over there, but I think he needed to be here tonight for this,” she said.

Obama and his supporters might think they have won over Hillary supporters but they are smoking Hopium which distorts reality:

But Obama is struggling with a different set of obstacles; he has yet to lock in some of Clinton’s most devoted supporters and active fundraisers.

In interviews, Clinton supporters said they saw in Obama a presumption that had made it hard to give him their allegiance. Some said they were put off by his decision to accept the Democratic nomination at a football stadium that can hold more than 76,000; his use of a knockoff of the presidential seal at a campaign event; and his early interest in giving his Berlin speech at the famous Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan spoke in 1987.

The Republican National Committee has been pumping out regular e-mails titled “Audacity Watch,” a compilation of instances in which, in its view, Obama has appeared to act as if he were president. In an e-mail sent Thursday, the RNC mentioned a news report that he had already instructed aides to begin planning for a transition to the presidency.

Amy Siskind of Westchester, N.Y., is a Clinton supporter who said she wouldn’t vote for Obama. Siskind said she was especially offended when Obama hired Clinton’s former campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, to work with his vice presidential nominee. Given that Solis Doyle was demoted by Clinton, the appointment was perceived by Clinton loyalists as a slight.

“Most folks feel that the battle is over and he’s the winner, but he’s really acted like a sore winner,” Siskind said. “If Hillary had been the nominee, you would have seen a much more deferential approach to Obama supporters.”

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a Clinton fundraiser who lives in New York City, said, “What I think is very important is that he has a problem with his image. He is an aloof candidate. He does not connect with people. He has words, but no ordinary person thinks that he is there for them, and women feel that intensely.”

Even Arriana’s Huff n’ Puff website took note of Obama’s lack of winning charms:

Six days into Barack Obama’s international tour, the Gallup daily tracking poll shows the race for president remains tight, with only two points separating the presumptive nominees, 45% to 43%, on combined data from July 21-23. Odd.

Everything has gone well for Obama on this foreign excursion, and John McCain spent the week floundering from gaffe to gaffe, while his campaign expressed an immature, petulant tone toward the positive coverage generated by the senator from Illinois.

So this begs a question: Why so close? Shouldn’t Obama be wiping the floor with this guy?

The answer is that most people are not buying or believing the Big Media hype of Obama. Americans are hearing at best half truths from Big Media concerning Obama. In the United States Americans heard that Obama was a sensation in Europe with his picture on the cover of Der Spiegel. The truth was more complicated:

It is true that Der Spiegel, the German newsweekly, featured Mr. Obama on its cover, topped by the words “Germany Meets the Superstar” — but the cover was satire, and nasty satire at that. The editors managed to find the ugliest photograph of Mr. Obama ever taken. It caught the senator at a moment that might be exhaustion but looks like conceited smirking. When Der Spiegel featured Mr. Obama on its cover in March, the cover line was “The Messiah Factor.” Must one add that this, too, was not meant to be taken at face value?

Europeans will be as relieved as 72 percent of Americans to see the end of the Bush administration, but their attitudes toward the Democratic candidate are far from being the same as the ones he arouses at home. Mr. Obama makes Europeans uncomfortable.

In Germany, politicians in front of large, shouting crowds evoke images that nobody wants to see repeated. But genuine worries about demagoguery are not all that’s at issue. The mocking undertone that accompanies most descriptions of Mr. Obama in the European news media signifies a trans-Atlantic divide. George W. Bush made matters far worse than they ever were, but the neoconservatives who advised him were right about one thing: Europe is gripped by a world-weariness that resists American dreams.

Even Obama cheerleaders in Big Media, like Chris Matthews, know Obama is in trouble and the trouble is with Hillary supporters and other real Democrats:

“I think the world thinks he is already President. They got to be disabused of that. We have a Presidential campaign ahead of us, it’s not behind us. And they are wrong if they think this guy has been elected. I mean, this guy is not elected by any stretch, this election is up in the air; I mean that, up in the air. And I think that is something that is a false perception. He shouldn’t be probably giving world leadership speeches until he is a world leader.” [snip]

“I don’t think by any means, does Barack Obama have this deal closed with the Clinton crowd. Their contributors, women, women’s groups they are not together. The Clinton people are not aboard. The Democratic Party is not united and anybody that thinks it is, is confused or deluded. This Democratic Party has got problems on it’s hands. And it’s Barack Obama’s challenge to bring Bill Clinton aboard. When I see their two faces together in the same room, I’ll believe it. I haven’t seen that yet. There is big time problem in the Democratic party. And there is the potential that John McCain will be the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare.” [snip]

“Barack Obama has got to identify with the gas pump, with the kitchen table, with the husband and wife talking late at night about how they are going to pay the bills they haven’t been able to pay, when they are out of money. He doesn’t get to those people, but I don’t think McCain does either. Both of them need running mates who can talk meat and potatoes, as they say in Massachusetts. And I just think that’s why Hillary could play a role. Hillary is a bread and butter candidate. She does do specifics. This rock star is so elevated, so whole-sale that he’s almost created a need for Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Someone like Hillary who can talk about gasoline prices, talk about women’s job opportunities, equal pay, basic stuff like minimum wage, getting food on the table, getting gas in the tank. He doesn’t talk like that. And you gotta talk like that if you are a Democrat.” [snip]

“But you have to be a little nervous about the fact, there have been studies on this. If you are an African-American candidate in this kind of race, where there are two races involved you have to look at the fact of how Barack gets up to 50. Does he have to get up to 50 in the polling to get 50 on election day? Or, and this is all speculation, no one knows this yet, we haven’t done this before. What about the undecideds? Are they truly undecideds or are they Democratic holdouts? People who have always voted Democrat. Maybe the’re Jewish voters, maybe they’re working class, maybe they’re women, Hillary people. Are they holding out to say ‘I can’t bring myself to say I’m voting Republican, but I will.’ And that is what we don’t know. That is the danger spot for the Obama campaign. That when it says 45/41 or 45/43 like it has been, in that general range, a 4 point spread, generally in the average poll, does that say that Barack is truly ahead or does it say Barack cannot crack through 45? That he is gonna wind up no better than that on election day? That is the big questions going on to November.”

He’s not a real Democrat.

Obama will concede now or in NOvember.


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  1. Hillary is a bread and butter candidate. She does do specifics. This rock star is so elevated, so whole-sale that he’s almost created a need for Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Someone like Hillary who can talk about gasoline prices, talk about women’s job opportunities, equal pay, basic stuff like minimum wage, getting food on the table, getting gas in the tank. He doesn’t talk like that. And you gotta talk like that if you are a Democrat.”

    In other words, core democrats are ONLY going to vote for a core democrat. This ain’t rocket science folks. 🙄

  2. Here’s a good laugh I found on Pumapac:

    Senator Barack Obama was invited to address a major gathering of the American Indian Nation two weeks ago in upstate NewYork . HE spoke for almost an hour on HIS future plans for increasing every Native American’s present standard of living, should HE one day become the President. He referred to his career as a Senator, how he had signed `YES` for every Indian issue that came to his desk for approval. Although the Senator was vague on the details of his plan, he seemed most enthusiastic about his future ideas for helping his “red sisters and brothers.” At the conclusion of his speech, the Tribes presented the Senator with a plaque inscribed with his new Indian name – Walking Eagle. The proud Senator then departed in his motorcade, waving to the crowds. A news reporter later asked the group of chiefs of how they came to select the new name they had given to the Senator. They explained that Walking Eagle is the name given to a bird so full of shit it can no longer fly.

  3. Dear Admin:
    Excellent essay, as always. Reasoned, integrative. You quoted:
    “The editors managed to find the ugliest photograph of Mr. Obama ever taken. It caught the senator at a moment that might be exhaustion but looks like conceited smirking.”
    If you have an image of the cover of Der Spiegel, would you please post it?

  4. gonzotx Says:

    July 29th, 2008 at 3:21 pm
    kostner Says:

    July 29th, 2008 at 12:25 pm

    I posted those pics on bitterpolitiz… amazing. Need to send them wide and far.

  5. Informed in Illinois Says:

    July 29th, 2008 at 3:22 pm
    Dear Admin:
    Excellent essay, as always. Reasoned, integrative. You quoted:
    “The editors managed to find the ugliest photograph of Mr. Obama ever taken. It caught the senator at a moment that might be exhaustion but looks like conceited smirking.”
    If you have an image of the cover of Der Spiegel, would you please post it?
    Geez, that’s his normal look!

  6. I hope those of you that are in California or have family and friends in California are safe after the earthquake. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the earthquake and/or fires!

  7. From the AP (4 minutes ago):

    A strong earthquake shook Southern California on Tuesday, causing buildings to sway and triggering some precautionary evacuations. No immediate damage was reported.

    The jolt was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego, and slightly in Las Vegas.

    Preliminary information from the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the quake at magnitude 5.8, centered 29 miles southeast of downtown Los Angeles near Chino Hills in San Bernardino County. Ten aftershocks occurred in the next dozen minutes, including three estimated at 3.8, and the U.S. Geological Survey estimated the quake was about 8 miles below the earth’s surface.

  8. When Hillary was here, we had three women up on the stage, actually four (Hillary, Chelsea, our LTG Diane Dennish, and A wonderful hispanic women from TX that was a big part of the movement for the CA farm workers, forgive me for not remembering her name). The crowd was unbelieveable, but not worshipping. We had a purpose. Young ladies were there with signs like I can be president. When Hillary got there, she did not give us a Sermon, she gave us a meat and potatoes talk on what needs to be done to save this country.

    The reason he cannot Crack 50 is he is not the popular vote nominee. You can talk about it, say it is so, you can restrict our press information, but unless you take over this country, you cannot tell the voter who they will vote for.

    McCain will do just fine, being McCain. One thing you know about him is he has lived, he has worked, he has suffered, and he never portrays himself as something he is not. Boring, I guess so, but he lives in the really world.

    The more we see the manufactured crowd (made with bands and free food), the more we begin to realize we hear the same thing.


    Pretending you have won, just does not do it.

  9. 5.8 is a minor earthquake in CA.

    BTW, I read that Walking Eagle is an old joke, but it is appropriate for the situation.

    Admin: Great article.

  10. Admin,

    I can’t believe Tweetie said this:
    “And I just think that’s why Hillary could play a role. Hillary is a bread and butter candidate. She does do specifics. This rock star is so elevated, so whole-sale that he’s almost created a need for Hillary Clinton as his running mate.”

    After all the lies, BS, slandering, insults and despicable things he said about her, for him to now admit she’s important makes me wanna #$$@%%!!!!

    Idunn, I saw that story. Made me ROTF.

  11. He cannot close the deal, and she can. So who should be at the top of the Ballot or not there at all. HRC.

  12. Excellent work, Admin.

    I’m still praying that this is just another episode of Dallas and we will wake up and realize it was just a dream…er…nightmare. Afterall, how could anyone vote for someone with absolutely no experience, a corrupt background full of lies, and terrorists for friends?

    Nope, not possible!

  13. jbstonesfan Says:
    I would agree if he was not facing such a fossil in McCain….

    Some of us PUMA fossils are reassured. McCain reminds us of when the GOP leaders (though we disagreed with them) were at least sane decent people — like Eisenhower.

    It’s nice that the same vote that brings the Dem party away from its insane branch — will also be moving the GOP back toward its sane branch.

  14. sry if any of this is a repost


    Voter Registration Fraud in Virginia


    Job DescriptionActivism
    Elect Barack Obama
    $300 – $500 A Week
    We Can Make History This Year!
    Work for Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. on behalf of the National Democratic Party, to help elect Senator Obama and Democrats everywhere.
    Call Leslie at
    215-564-0361View Original Newspaper Ad
    Source: Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News
    Contact InformationCompany: GRASSROOTS CAMPAIGN INC.
    Reference Code: PN2419421

    Wonder where does this money come from???

    Major DNC Donor to Party Treasurer: Obama is a Bad Investment


    GOP chairman calls for a statewide voter fraud investigation

  15. I have to say, though…I find it INCREDIBLY insulting that so many Obamatons, and media talking heads, really truly believe that the majority of us who will vote McCain will do so in order to extract some sort of weird revenge. I’m NOT a child, for heavens sake…I’m a responsible citizen of the United States. My vote is a responsibility. Should I vote for someone I think is dangerous for this country simply because he or she is the Democratic Party’s “chosen one”? Should I put the welfare of a political party ABOVE the welfare of this country?! Oh, but Obama’s policies are soooo similar to HRC’s, they tell me. REALLY?! I haven’t the first fucking clue what Obama’s REAL policies are, since he says one thing one minute, and then does a complete 180 the next (FISA, accepting public financing, town hall meetings with McCain that never became a reality, his commitment to remove troops from Iraq in 16 months, he’s never been for single payer insurance despite the fact that he proudly said he was the previous year, etc. etc.)

    Obama CAN NOT be trusted. Period. And I won’t vote for a lying, snake in the Chicago grass no matter who the hell tells me I ought to! And that INCLUDES Hillary.

  16. And as for O’liar wooing my vote with “gifts”? I can’t be bought. If he can’t do the right thing BECAUSE it’s the right thing, then what the hell do I want him for to begin with??!! SOME of us still believe in a little thing called “ethics”, thankyouverymuch.

  17. I think the young people are frustrated because McCain is not running a more active race right now.

    McCain is running his race. I have to admit, when we had that telecon with him, right after Hillary suspended, he was very laid back. But what came through was not an insincere plead for our votes. I think he realized that things were just too raw at that point. Instead he said, I can talk with you, and I will listen to you. He got us on the phone, any of us that wanted to join.

    Did O have a telecon? Of course not. He does not want or need us. So why the big surprise at not making 50%. He is going to win with new voters (or cheat). We will see if that works or not.

    Right now, I think the SDs, if they are smart, are thinking it over. Remember the votes are not cast until the Democratic Convention. He has had two test (a bump after Hillary suspended and a bump after the international tour, both of which immediately reversed), and the trend outside of that has continued to go down. He is way under performing. Really does not look like a rock star of Politics to me. You have to ask yourself, why should the Hillary donors jump on board.

    After all the Hillary donors are used to someone meeting and exceeding the goals.

  18. Basil9, that is an insightful letter. Maybe we should publish it as a single post. The letter expresses exactly why so many life-long Democrats will not vote for Obama in NOvember.

  19. Obama got “no bounce” from his European Vacation:


    Tuesday, July 29, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Tuesday shows that Barack Obama’s Berlin bounce is gone. Obama now attracts 44% of the vote while John McCain earns 42%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 47% and McCain 46%. Compared to a week ago, Obama has gained a single percentage point (see recent daily results).

    However, the week’s polling showed a roller-coaster of opinion surrounding Obama’s big speech. The event in Berlin was well-covered and initial reviews on the speech were positive. Polling on Thursday and Friday nights was very strong for the Democrat, leading to a six-point advantage in our Saturday morning release. However, polling for the past three days shows no trace of a bounce. The data looks very similar to results from the period preceding the speech and, with fourteen weeks to go, the race for the White House is a toss-up. Tracking Polls are released at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day.

  20. Berkeley Vox

    For the Democrats this year, this should not be a toss up at this point, 30 days. People need to start having meetings, or more specificially the SDs.

  21. basil: that was a great letter. so glad to read, how other people higher up in the party are feeling, and that their doubts and concerns are the same as ours. Great validation, amongst all the vile and vitrolic hatred out in the media.

  22. I don’t know if this has been posted so I hope it’s not a repeat. Drudge is reporting that Obama is said to be close to picking Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia as VP. He’s young, a first term governor, has no foreign policy experience and no major accomplishments. In other words, a clone of Obama.

  23. Thanks marie3548,

    It’s pretty laughable that those three didn’t know that they were cheating the system. I’m glad they were caught.

  24. Drudge is reporting that Obama is said to be close to picking Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia as VP.

    How utterly delicious. The gifts just keep on coming, don’t they? 👿

  25. The aol is polling if HRC should be VP (49% said no), and would she help the ticket (49% said yes).

    Obviously the first vote mean they do not think she should be second fiddle, and the second, they know she makes is a winning ticket.

    However, it is the Head of the Ticket where she belongs.

  26. By choosing Kaine, BO is pandering to the evangelical right, Catholics, and pro-lifers. What does this guy really stand for? I can’t believe, NARAL and Planned Parenthood are supporting his candidacy. At least with McCain, one knows what he stands for. BO changes, depending up the wind. Great two inexperienced people. The democratic? party has gone crazy.

  27. They know they are losing. So what will NARAL say about this? In addtion, it is my understanding he does not support Gays. This might affect him like the FISA flip flop.

    How many more core issues can he flip on like this?

  28. This was at the same website that the letter on why financially backing O was a bad investment.

    Dean Gets The Message And Calls Us Low Class

    Campaign Tracker reports that protesters from Charlotte Front and Center greeted Howard Dean at a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina with chants of “I Own My Vote!”

    Dean questioned whether the chanters were Hillary supporters and called them low class. Get the message Howard: We supported Hillary Clinton and we don’t support you.

    ACTION: Write to Tom McMahon (Dean’s left and right hand) and tell him that you are a Hillary supporter, not a Rove operative, and that YOU OWN YOUR VOTE. If he wants to call you a McCain supporter you might just turn into one.

    Tom McMahon: DNC Executive Director McMahonT@dnc.org

  29. IDUNN,

    Don’t bite on those personal attacks. They’re just trolling to change the subject.

    I reply that 9 million HIllary supporters refuse to vote for Obama.That’s up from 7 million in June, when 4 million said they would stay home and 3 million said they would vote for McCain. If they want to call all 9 million ‘revenge voters’ or Republicans or whatever — still it’s 9 million votes they’re losing. Cites at turndownobama.com.

  30. CountTheVotes Says:

    July 29th, 2008 at 4:05 pm
    Carbynew is in Los Angeles area – are you OK re: quake?
    I didn’t even feel it but my daughter called me and said they had to leave their building for 15min then went back to work.

    Since I do look at the news lately my life has been peaceful.

  31. Correction: Since I do no look at the news lately my life has been peaceful.

    5.8 earthquake is not too bad…it’s when they’re in the 6.5 -7.5 range that you will worry about.

  32. NewMexicoFan Says:
    The aol is polling if HRC should be VP (49% said no), and would she help the ticket (49% said yes).

    What’s the link? I’m going to go and vote NO on both questions. 🙂

    It’s true, if HIllary is on as VP, I’ll work extra hard AGAINST the ticket, to save her from getting tied up with BO.

  33. Carby: I said the same thing earlier. I live in Northern CA, and just roll with the punches. 6.5-7.5 quakes can cause a lot of damage.

  34. Turndown, it’s just incredibly irritating, that’s all. Worse still, I’m very often accused of being a racist. Until I tell the accuser that I am biracial, and THEN I’m accused of being a liar.

    Some people are just plain crazy, I guess.

  35. Sorry, they have already taken that lead to the story down. It was part of their rotating leads with Hillary’s photo. I guess they did not like the results.

    They have started the Presidential poll over again, and McCain has a great high lead.


  36. news.aol.com/elections/article/clinton-out-of-the-running-for-vp/106190?icid=200100397x1206469866x1200356723

    This is it on the Story about VP and the vote. I found it thought my web site history.

  37. New NYT article, confirming what we’ve all known here for a long time… when Obama taught law school, he was known for being lazy (no academic articles published!) and having ill-defined views. As usual, big on smiles and handshakes, low on substance.

    Here’s the intro:

    July 30, 2008
    The Long Run
    As a Professor, Obama Enthralled Students and Puzzled Faculty

    CHICAGO — The young law professor stood apart in too many ways to count. At a school where economic analysis was all the rage, he taught rights, race and gender. Other junior faculty dreamed of tenured positions; he turned them down. While most colleagues published by the pound, he never completed a single work of legal scholarship.

    At a formal institution, Barack Obama was a loose presence, joking with students about their romantic prospects, using first names, referring to case law one moment and “The Godfather” the next. He was also an enigmatic one, often leaving fellow faculty members guessing about his precise views.


  38. So what do the SDs tell each other in those little private telephone calls, Oh, just wait until they get to know him!!!

    That is what he told fund raisers in Washington D.C. the other night. What person on the planet does not know him.

    If they continue to fall for that lame excuse, you have to wonder. But of course, I am sure that he has another, such as the small town people in PA are bitter, love their guns, and are depressed, so they cling to their religion.

    With O there is always an excuse, and it is not his fault.

  39. Kaine for VP, because he has no future, and nobody else wants the job!–or–”Dumb and Dumber”*
    Posted on July 29, 2008 by garychapelhill

    Well it looks more and more likely that Governor Tim Kaine of Virginia will be the PRESUMPTUOUS Democratic selectee’s choice for VP…(did I mention how ARROGANT, SNOBBY, and, NARCISSISTIC he is?–for you Digby, sweetie). And you know, it probably couldn’t be anybody but Tim Kaine. He is the only Democrat in office who has absolutely NO future in politics:

    Kaine was first elected governor in 2005, by a very narrow margin, and his term is set to expire in 2010. Kaine prospects beyond then are dim; Virginia law prevents Kaine from serving consecutive terms, and Sen. Jim Webb’s seat cannot be challenged until 2012, as for Virginia’s other Senate seat, it seems quite likely that Democrat Mark Warner will take over Republican Sen. John Warner’s seat this November.

    As I said in a comment earlier, Virginia has about 5 politicians on both sides of the aisle, and they regularly switch from governor to senator and back again. But with all the slots filled, the term limit thing would force little Timmy to sit out on the sidelines for about 5 years. So nothing to lose there for him. If he wins, he’s Veep, if not, back to the govs mansion…and he doesn’t have to face voters again for another 5 years….if ever. Win/Win right? Well, maybe not if you’re a Virginian Democrat:

    An immediate problem with selecting Kaine is that it would put Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, a Republican, in the governor’s mansion, providing him with a leg-up in the 2009 gubernatorial race.

    And knowing VA politics, a leg up for the 2012 Senate race against Jim Webb who beat George Allen by less than 1% AFTER his macaca moment. So this pick is putting a lot of chips on the table for Dems in VA. Not too long ago, VA had a Rep. Gov and two Rep. Senators–one of whom is a “Senator-for-Life”, John Warner. Now they have 1 Dem senator, a Dem governor, and the SFL is graciously exiting the scene this year. Popular ex-governor Mark Warner is a shoo-in for his spot. So that makes the trifecta…all dems.

    BUT…if Kaine takes the offer and Bolling becomes Governor, that probably will result in a loss of both the Governorship AND Jim Webb’s seat in 2012. That’s quite a risky bet they’re willing to take if you ask me.

    But then again, what choice does Obama have? No one else wants the job. He’s floated his fangirls Claire and Kathleen, and the PUMA women have said “NO DEAL”. He didn’t want to have to run with a GIRL anyway, so Kaine is the perfect fit. Kaine is also a true believer, having drunk the Kool-Aid all the way back in February of 07. So his loyalty is pure. And Tim Kaine is probably the only politician in the country who has less experience than Obama. He has been governor for less than 3 years now. before that he was Attorney General Lt. Governor (his opponent Kilgore was Atty Gen). He has no major accomplishments under his belt. He has pandered to the far right again and again. And he has shown himself to be a complete hypocrite (which should make him feel at home on an Obama ticket).

    Why is he a hypocrite? Well, lets see. Kaine is a devout Catholic. According to him he is opposed to both the death penalty and abortion on religious grounds. Yet while he actively persues draconian laws to strip control of their bodies from women, he allows executions to proceed in Virginia (which, by the way, is only second to Texas in its ruthless zeal for putting criminals to death).

    Despite his opposition to the death penalty, Gov. Kaine has allowed four executions to proceed while governor. He has not pardoned anyone…

    Kaine also has a big weakness with the left as he is opposed to abortion. Kaine supports the partial-birth abortion ban and has a faith-based objection to abortion; Kaine is Catholic. This will certainly make him unacceptable to many Democrats, especially given the strong Hillary Clinton support that still remains among women in the Party. Kaine’s weakness on women’s rights might not go over so well among a group of supporters still stinging from a Clinton defeat.

    I guess the trollies are going to have to give up the old “But what about Roe v Wade” schtick. And maybe Planned Parenthood and NOW will come to their senses and take back their endorsement of The Precious.

    Kaine also provides fodder for the classic Republican attack line…he’s a tax and spend liberal who wants to take away your guns.

    He has supported more restrictions on gun show sales and on concealed weapons…

    Kaine has tried to raise taxes recently to deal with transportation infrastructure problems, and we can rest assured that they’ll use this against him in the general election, portraying him and Obama as typical “tax and spend” liberals.

    I for one applaud this choice. If there was anyone who could make Obama LESS appealing, Kaine’s the guy. I suppose their rationale is that he helps them win Virginia. I have to wonder. Four years ago a Senator from North Carolina gave up HIS seat that Dems in the state had been working to take from the Repubs for DECADES to be Kerry’s VP. We weren’t too happy about that, especially since it gave that seat back to the Republicans. Kerry/Edwards lost NC by 12 points. Maybe they think it’ll work out better for them this time. I’m thinking not….

    *thanks Kim!
    This is what happens when WOMEN fall on their knees and BEG for their rights.

    Nancy Pelosi has been IGNORE all thru this process…they don’t need her, she did what Team Obama wanted he to do…help sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

  40. A spot for Kaine on the ticket as VP would be D.O.A., given that he’s opposed to women’s reproductive rights. If there weren’t already going to be ’68-style riots in Denver, I’m sure there will be if Kaine’s the VP pick.

  41. You think any party elders are smart enough to confront precious on the folly of this vp choice?


    Denver is gonna be FUN! 😉

  42. Seriously trying to work it out, Norma. If the money can be found, I’ll be there with bells on. 🙂

  43. YEAH!!!!!

    I have a place to stay…I am sure we can squeeze in another if there is a need!

    Going with the 18MillionVoices gang

  44. I’m in TN…trying to work out a game plan with a few other TN Guerilla Women. The only thing that might keep me from going at this juncture is cash.

    But like I said…I’m working on it. 🙂

  45. Not thatt I could afford it, but I have worked SO HARD on all this…between FDR, DNC Protests, RBC Rally, and now 18Million…I’ll be damned if I am going to sit here and watch on television! Although I may be there with no cash by the time it rolls around! HA! But I am sure I can find a bar to sit it and watch it on television there…like the other’s hell-bent to make sure Howie and Precious remember WE ARE AMERICANS too!

  46. Book early as you can. And be willing to take a layover. I got lucky. I have a direct there and back!

  47. did you guys receive this? sorry if it is a repeat post

    Dear alcina,

    Summer is a time for simple pleasures: family vacations, baseball games, and dinner out under the stars. At least it is if you aren’t running for president!

    It sure is nice having a little more time on my hands, and I’d love to spend some of it with you. Would you like to join me for dinner?

    During the campaign, I had the chance a few times to grab meals with supporters, but they were always rushed thanks to the frenetic pace of the campaign. This is my first chance to sit down and spend some real one-on-one time with you. If you enter today, we could be having dinner together soon!

    Join me for dinner. Make a contribution today.

    My staff has been calling this my “retirement dinner” — not because I’m retiring, of course, but because we’re working on retiring the debt we owe to small vendors all over the country. And everyone who acts today will have the chance to join me — along with a guest — for a dinner to talk about whatever you’d like.

    Let’s go to dinner! Contribute now, and you and I could be enjoying a summer dinner together soon!

    Join me for dinner. Make a contribution today.

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful support.

    All the best,

    Hillary Rodham Clinton

  48. Admin,

    I agree. It’s a great letter. the only thing that bothered me about it is there was no signature.

  49. Basil….I own my vote is FDRJim’s site (with some others)…

    I can only imagine it is a real letter. There is too much to lose in publishing a false one.

  50. this didn’t post the first time… I got it in my email

    Hi folks: Momma E has the scope of the year. She will reveal it tonight on the No Obama Talk show. This is a story that will rock Obama boat and maybe sink it. I can tell you one thing, all the major news networks will be carrying the story tomorrow, but you can hear it on our show 1st.
    The time for the show is 8:30 to 10:00 pm Eastern, 7:30 to 9:00 pm central, 6:30 to 8:00 pm mountain and 5:30 to 7:00 pm Pacific time.
    Also Plains Radio Network is adding a new show to our line up. Malcolm Cain will start doing a 30 minute music/talk show just prior to the No Obama talk show. This is aimed at our young people. Malcolm is the young man who interviewed me a few weeks back and did a great job and now I think he need his own show. Also Keith Hammons will have us on 4 radio station in Al. shortly. With the radio station and the Internet, we will be reaching over 100,000 people with this show.

    To listen to the show live (or a repeat) click on this link.
    You will find a chat room there also, so join in the chat. All you have to do it type in a user name and click connect. It will take about 30 second to load up.


    I don’t hear a fat lady even warming up for Hillary.

    Now you have a idea of what is coming, listen to us



  51. don’t know but she apparantly is a contributer to the show. I’ve heard it before it’s pretty good for the likes of it.

    btw the web page doesn’t have a “dot” after html

  52. Hmmm, can’t seem to load this “Momma E” show — anyone else been able to? What’s the big story?

  53. from what I understand Momma E is pushing hard for the delegates to elect Hillary at the convention.

  54. I suppose what admin and everyone has been saying about how important it is that sending letters and emails and making phone calls to the delegates so they know about the support out here for Hillary and to vote for her at the convention is what they are talking about on the raidio show.

  55. I listened to the “NEWS.” but don’t know how relevant it is.

    According to Momma, she’s started a private petition for SD’s and pledged delegates that must be notarized and one copy sent to the DNC and the other brought to the convention supporting HRC being put into nomination. She said the calls are pouring in. She said she’s gotten 50 sig’s from Texas and some other state and needs people in each state to spearhead this drive. Momma is apparently from Oklahoma and recently received a list of SD’s and noticed a person she knew was on the list. She called her and that’s when she learned about HRC’s lunch and what was said.

    They have almost 200 signatures and need another 100.

    She says HRC is ‘beaten down’ by the DNC and at a lunch last week, when asked what her supporters should do, she said she thought they should send money to Waffles but when asked if she would allow her name to be put in nomination she said yes.

    The SD’s are terrified by the strongarm tactics by BO and crew. They’ve been threatened with loss of support, jobs and blacklisting if they support HRC.

    The reason Edwards endorsed BO the day after the last primary is that the BO campaign threatened to reveal the ‘mistress’ story.

    Momma has been getting hate mail and threats.


  56. Basil9…you have done it again…that was an amazing letter…thanks…


    OT…anyone reading ‘William’ these days…his writing has been on target…he gets kudos from me…

    and big thanks to ADMIN…you always come through…

  57. may the RNC come after waffles with the hammers from hell. i expect non-stop “god damn amerikkka” from the convention through november 4th. the DNC and their puppet is scum.

  58. basil thanks for the summary-much of which hedi wrote about on her blog a week or so ago. i suppose that is the news. interesting info though. ricki and tohers i think are softening an dflipping some sds for sure. obama is very weak and as admin wrote has some sr dems alarmed. we might as well fight the odds and try for denver. times are too troubling not to

  59. http://www.latimes.com/video/?slug=la-me-earthquake30-2008jul30-ap

    a video clip of the LA quake today as it happened and people running out of store and stuff falling all over the place…

    I lived in Santa Monica when the Northridge quake hit in January, 94…I will never, ever forget it…the staircases all collapsed and the building I lived in went two feet forward and three feet to the side off the foundation…

    …it felt like someone has just thrown a rug up and down and side to side…
    all the doors jammed and no one could get out…we had to wait until people came and thankfully broke the doors down so we could crawl out amidst the smell of gas…

    …that event effectively changed my life…my santa monica life was never the same after that…and my story was only a drop in the bucket of so many other stories and lives changed forever…

    …thank god today was only a 5 pointer…sadly Los Angeles is long overdue…

  60. S: Northern CA is also long overdue.

    Basil: Momma confirms everything that people have been saying for months. Thuggery is rampant. Many SD’s must have a lot of dirt on them, for so many to be swayed by such an empty suit.

  61. I wouldn’t be surprised, if the BO folks found dirt on all the SDs and threatened them with exposure, if they did not support BO. Thuggery reigns in Chicago and the BO campaign.

  62. I’m a science nut and have been watching the quake activity in CA for quite awhile. there are dozens around us every day that we don’t even feel. Heck my washer shakes things more sometimes. I was about ten miles from this one and it jolted the heck out of my house but everything is still in tack. I’ve expected this for sometime. I was just hoping it wouldn’t last a long time. My first quake in CA was ’71 it was early morning an it was a big one and deadly. I though we we being bombed. lol

  63. I don’t feel a lot of sympathy for the SDs. Do you remember the Chinese man who ran in front of a Tank, and stopped it? That man of course at that second decided that a Democracy he had never lived under was worth standing up for, even at the cost of imprisonment and death.

    WHEN THE SDs stand in front of a Tank in a Communist County, please let me know.

    Otherwise, they should do the right thing for this Democracy which has given them so much.

  64. birdgirl, this is what they do to them if they don’t suck up……


  65. Very big advertisement on DrudgeReport for “Hype – The Obama Effect” movie. Beware the “hope bong”.

    As we wrote: “Obama can’t be trusted, Without Hillary we’re busted.”

    Waffle, thrills up legs, Rezko. No You Won’t. Republicans won’t ignore the Obama scandals. Trailers here:

  66. from nancy a at noquarter:
    The following is a letter sent to Democratic National Committee Treasurer Andy Tobias telling him why, from a rational investor’s point of view, Obama has not earned the author’s vote. The letter was sent by one of the DNC’s biggest donors, a donor who has historically maxed out to the DNC and who was a maxed out donor in both the Kerry and Clinton campaigns, in response to comments by Tobias that she could not see the forest through the trees.

    You decide.

    Read the rest ->

    Andy Tobias

    Dear Andy,

    So you want to know what is taking me so long to “get on board”? Let me try to answer with some discussion of what my 25 years on Wall Street and the Hedge Fund community have taught me, and what insights I can share in order to explain my stance.

    As you know, anyone in our profession meets with countless management teams on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. The “plots” change from time to time and the cast of characters play musical chairs. After awhile, they become all too familiar. You have seen the movie before. When you spot the corrupt CFO enter the scene, it immediately casts a doubt on the rest of the management team. One or two conclusions can be drawn – either they are inept or they wanted a dishonest player. Neither answer provides any comfort, but always insight. I have been lied to by the best of them over the decades; I am sure you have had similar experiences.

    After years of stepping in land mines, I learned to read people and situations. I had no choice – my listening skills were honed, my gut fine-tuned. I picked up on what was and was not said, and I always paid close attention to the cast of characters. The actions of a management team always told me more than anything they ever said. If they were bailing out, so was I. If the head of sales left unexpectedly, alarm bells went of.

    In the thirteen years that I have had audited results, I lost money in only one year, and then only in single digits. I am proud that I was able repay my investors’ faith and confidence in me by compounding their funds assets, net of fees, at 18% over those 13 years. I took my responsibilities seriously and when I knew I could not give it 110% of my energies, I turned it over to someone who would. My investors deserved someone who would work tirelessly on their behalf, looking under every rock in support of their interests.

    The fact that I became successful is not what made me proud. It was how I did it. My soul is intact. It was the self-imposed rules and standards that I adhered to. I believed in a win, win, and still do. My investors always came first. I never screwed anyone over. I made plenty of mistakes, but I always owned them, never blaming others. I treated everyone fairly and with respect, believing everyone has
    something to offer. I always tried to do the right thing.

    So what does this have to do with me not falling in line and
    supporting Obama? Well everything as you can see.

    Andy, if I worked and served the people in the 13th District in Chicago, I would have known all of the players. And to win that district, would I have gamed the system to run unopposed? Tony Rezko would not have had a seat at my table. Either Obama is a fool and is blind to what should have been obvious, or someone like Tony is fine by Obama’s standards. The guy is a dirtball. And a dirtball would not be part of my circle, certainly not my inner circle. I would rather not be elected than associate with someone like Rezko.

    I would not choose Rev. Wright, Rev. Meeks, or Father Plager as my spiritual mentors, not for political reasons or any other reason. Again, he is either blind or an opportunist. Would I be hanging out with Mr. Ayers? Would you? Would you refuse to be photographed with Gavin Newsom? There is a pattern with this guy – he manipulates; and for him the ends justify the means. He lacks character.

    Getting not one bill passed in the first 6 years of his career in not inspiring. Having Emil Jones hand him the ball 26 times on the one-yard line in order to make Obama a United States Senator does not cut it either. What deals he made, he did to benefit no one but himself. He never worked long enough in either Senate to help the people who elected him. Andy, I could never imagine you taking credit for legislation someone else slaved over. Starting in his community organizing days he claimed sole responsibility for other people’s accomplishments all for the purpose to boosting his career.

    In terms of the campaign itself, I had the opportunity to witness his methods up close. During the primaries I was in 6 states, 2 of which had caucuses; it was not clean. El Paso was a joke with the Obama campaign stealing the caucus packets, locking supporters out – Intimidation 101, 102 and 103. Fair elections do not seem to be a priority in my birth state. No other machine exists from the days of Boss Tweed, but Chicago’s. How many elected officials are in jail?They are the joke of the nation. It is called the Chicago machine for good reason.

    It was clear that what I saw and experienced was not a fluke or isolated incidents, but coordinated, deliberate and arrogant. I got to see him and his organization for who he is and what it is – not inspiring, to say the least. Not something I would have, in business, endorsed in any way. In fact, I would most likely have reported them to the appropriate regulators.

    Andy, I have consistently found you to be a compassionate person, but more importantly you have always put your money where your mouth is. Does it not bother you that a guy like Obama can serve a poor district and give away a paltry $1000 to charity? He only stepped up his giving when he decided to run for President and he knew his charitable giving would be made public. How could anyone see that much misery and not try to personally do something about it?

    Please, show me something this guy ever did that was not done in a calculated fashion to create and advance his own personal narrative? Something selfless, perhaps, just because it was the right thing to do.

    Every person I have talked to who worked at the Law Review at Harvard with him, or in the latter part of his career, said the same thing: he was arrogant and self-centered. One person laughed, saying Obama wanted to be King of the World, that he was always running for something, never staying in one place long enough to amass accomplishments or be held accountable.

    Do you not you find it troublesome that he has hundreds of paid bloggers, posting vicious attacks not only about the Clintons but her supporters as well? The whole purpose was to cast him as the second coming, while trashing her and quashing other points of view.

    At first I thought is was just some hyped up kids, and then a pattern emerged. He paid others to do his dirty work. The most egregious sexist cracks were rampant, both on the Internet and the MSM. Yet, what did Howard and Obama say? Nothing. Obama promoted it, paid his bloggers to write it. Never once did he try to stop it. Howard, after the damage was done finally commented on it, but barely. Wink,wink.

    Andy, I heard remarks that still make my jaw drop.

    You know I consider myself a centrist. The right wing of the Republican Party scares me, but so does the left. Ideologues of either side should not have control simultaneously of the executive, legislative, and judicial arms of the government. Absolute power corrupts, be it on the left or the right. Ha, but you will say…. the courts. If you have the legislative branch, all will be fine. McCain voted Ginsberg in, he is not a stupid man and certainly not an Ideologue, and he took heat in the primaries for refusing to have a litmus test for judges. And need I remind you that Obama thought Roberts was an acceptable appointment until some more experienced hands in the Senate told him that would not do?

    Painting him as Bush 3 is a little annoying, and what’s up with the MoveOn Baby Alex commercial? Give credit where credit is due. McCain went against his own party twice on immigration reform, on ethanol subsidies, and campaign finance reform. He started talking about Global warming 8 years ago. I don’t agree with McCain on a number of topics, but I do believe he has principals and a backbone. He is not willing to just say anything to get elected.

    I can’t say the same for Obama who is turning out to be more like Bush than McCain; Obama is at least as arrogant as W, just more polished. Are you not ashamed, in these past weeks, of his reckless abandon of any pretense to a moral center on issues such as FISA, separation of church and state, gun control? And what he did to one of my heroes, Wes Clark? Insulting my intelligence and my standards will not win me over.

    But, in this conversation, you will say, McCain wants to be in Iraq for 100 years. No, he said that as in Japan, or Korea, we could have a presence. We have been in both of those countries for 60 years and not leaving any time soon, and the world is safer for it.

    Next will be, McCain is not knowledgeable about the economy. While with Carly Fiorina, who I remember from her Lucent days, at a town meeting he turned the microphone over to Carly when asked about the mortgage mess, painting her as the expert. Wow – he gave a woman a compliment, praising her knowledge, referring to her as the expert. How often have you praised Charles, or me, and everyone for that matter? Why? Because you are gracious and you know it reflects well on you.

    All this might not bother me so much if the stakes where not so high, but they are. I am an issues person, not a cult of personality devotee. Substance matters. Barack is a politician, an inexperienced one at that, pretending he is different. I just see him as arrogant and power hungry. Our country deserves better, someone I would be proud to do business with.

    Andy, my country comes first, not the Democrat party. Having said that, I believe that the Democratic Party has just kicked away the best candidate and our best chance to redeem our country, Hillary Clinton, a proven centrist. Given his resume, or should I say the lack of one, he is either ineffective or hiding something, neither answer gives me the warm fuzzies. If she is chosen in Denver, you can count on my full and enthusiastic support. Until then,

    I own my vote.

  67. Found this over on LiberalRapture…there are some pretty GOOD diary entries there. Calling the media to task and the DNC…in a well writte format. This one was funny (sad) and says it all…

    Sunday, July 13, 2008
    Donna, Divas, Denver and Censoring Clinton at the Convention
    Listen to what Donna the Brazilian said this week:

    But the spectacle of a rapturous welcome for Sen. Clinton would be irresistible to television and could embarrass Sen. Obama.

    could embarrass Sen. Obama. ????? WTF?

    Does Donna rub his feet and fetch his cigs, too? Doubt it, I am sure they have a white woman do that – we would not want to upset Michelle while she’s trying on her new $600 ear rings.

    And now today’s run on sentence: A rapturous welcome for a respected former first lady, sitting New York Senator, who got 18 million votes in the primaries, the most ever by a Dem, mainly from hard working blue collar voters- the former core of the party- this is a PROBLEM for Brazile because is could embarrass Little Lord Obama?

    WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF???????

    Who is Obama? Diana Ross at a Motown reunion afraid Mary Wells is going to get more attention? Now the Democratic party is in the business of protecting this man child’s ego?

    In 1980, President Carter allowed Ted Kennedy a speech and his delegates had a wild floor demonstration. Teddy had far few delegates then than Clinton has now. (That may be the real issue at hand. Delegates can switch at any moment.) It was referred to as the “big tent.” Jimmy Carter was a weak President but was, and is, a thoughtful, decent, mature adult -unlike the mistake from Chicago. (I like that…let’s refer to Obama as THE MISTAKE)

    With his poll numbers way down, and his negatives higher than McCain’s (See Rasmussen as of today) It is almost as if Obama knows he is a ship sinking. Looking back, the entire scope of the primaries appear more and more like a scripted, stage managed event to defeat Hillary – who, God bless her, refused to play along…

    Is “Obama fades” the next part of the script? Sounds crazy – but what a crappy month Obama has had – caused entirely by his own campaign. The clumsy lurch to the right is some of the worst political maneuvering I’ve seen in a while – at least since John Kerry was the nominee.

    Censoring Clinton at the convention is not only obnoxious – it is political suicide.

    Women – and more than a few men – will never, ever vote for him if Clinton gets shafted in Denver. PUMAs raised millions to pay down Hillary’s debt – a true show of strength, meanwhile the DNC and the BHO campaign flailed and yelped and begged for money all month.

    If Obama’s people want to expand PUMA POWER 8 fold overnight and ensure a loss to McCain they should keep doing what their doing.

  68. repost

    this from puma website

    Christie Atkins is going to be on orielly tomorrow nite & talk about hillary and putting her in nomination, etc.

    and this video..


  69. just had this sent to me…but the link didn’t work…suddenly!

    Perhaps they put the cat back in the bag.


    In case the link above isn’t working, here’s the text of the article:

    Hillary Clinton to give prime-time speech at Democratic convention
    By Kenneth R. Bazinet
    Daily News Washington Bureau

    Monday, July 28th 2008, 11:24 PM

    WASHINGTON – Barack Obama is offering Hillary Clinton a prime-time speaking
    slot the second night of the Democratic National Convention, her ex-campaign
    boss said Monday.

    Clinton will address the convention – and the nation – “probably Tuesday
    night,” Clinton moneyman and confidant Terry McAuliffe told MSNBC.

    McAuliffe was not supposed to reveal Clinton is getting a choice gig. The
    Obama campaign refused to discuss McAuliffe’s slip of the tongue.

    Team Obama also declined to say whether Bill Clinton will be given a
    speaking spot of his own.

  70. Excerpt from WaPo op-ed column, blasting Obama for being presumptuous and arrogant:

    The Atlantic’s Marc Ambinder reported last week that Obama has directed his staff to begin planning for his transition to the White House, causing Republicans to howl about premature drape measuring. Obama was even feeling confident enough to give British Prime Minister Gordon Brown some management advice over the weekend. “If what you’re trying to do is micromanage and solve everything, then you end up being a dilettante,” he advised the prime minister, portraying his relative inexperience much as President Bush did in 2000.

  71. I don’t think anyone can look more elite, arrogant, presumptuous, entitled, and the adjutives can go on.

    Is his staff not able to control him? They are writting killing of a campaign 101.

    Oh those SDs that supposedly are being threatened. You have to ask what kind of people we are electing to office. If the majority have this much to hide, we need to think about who we are electing to office.

  72. Berkeley,

    Could you post the url or at least the article title, so we could easily go there and comment?

  73. NewMexicoFan….

    i think the bigger question is not what do they have to hide, but how weak are their backbones that they will not stand up to thuggery for the sake of their jobs.

    Do we not have any patriots left?

  74. Norma Desmond

    Like I said before, a peasant in China, never having lived under Democracy, stood against a Tank for it, knowing he faced death.

    What a bunch of pansies. Patriots they will never be.

  75. NMF – I saw that post and it gave me chills.

    I can no more see these weasels standing up for our country than the man in the moon. They have proven, over the years, that they are pigs at the trough…and now Bambi holds the slop bucket.

  76. Norman Desmond

    You said it. Leaders should do courages things. When you are elected, you become a leader. They already, many of them have turned there eyes from the direction that their elecotrate told them to go. I guess they are more afraid of O, then they are of the people who put them in office.

    That is not a Democracy.

  77. Where I got the link –

    Posted on TexasDarlin and an interesting question…

    Re his trip to Pakistan, in ‘81 they were under martial law and it was on the banned travel list for U.S. citizens, so my question is did he use an Indonesian Passport (or a U.S. passport) to enter Pakistan?

    Because Afghans were fleeing their country (due to war with Russia), non-muslims were not welcome at the time (except on offical business). So did Obama have to prove (somehow) he was a muslim?

    Also read this:


    He was hosted by the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan’s father. Doesn’t that seem odd for a College student to be sponsored by someone so high up in government?

  78. What will happen in Novembe is what we always said on this site: It is either Hillary or the Republicans.
    We wait for maturity and reason at the convention this August.

  79. An older clip of the brilliant Shelby Steele discussing Obama, but well worth watching if you haven’t already seen it (interview is in several parts, this is just the first):


    Goes directly to the heart of why Obama isn’t doing better against McCain. He’s played the “bargainer” brilliantly right up through the primary, and now feels secure in letting a bit of his real face peek out from behind the blank projection screen. The trouble with THAT, of course, is that once he’s projecting HIMSELF on that screen, his followers begin to see him as an INDIVIDUAL, rather than a vague ideal of who THEY want him to be. The illusion is shattered. It’s alot like being wowed by a magician…until, of course, he reveals the slight of hand.

  80. meiyingsu

    If Senator O’s grandmother could see the unfair treatment, why did not Dean. Maybe we should elect her head of the DNC. She obviously is more observant than Dean.

  81. The notion that BHO can win Georgia is that BHO can buy 99% AAs to the polls while the white folks will stay home watching AAs go to the polls or vote third party because they don’t like Mccain is laughable. IMHO, in this election cycle, most of the people will think country first.

  82. meiyngsu

    I had heard he was going after independents and Republicans. That is why the big shift to the middle, and the rumours about the VP.

    This should be interesting, as it looks like he is throw in the far left, the gays, the older Dems and women under the Bus.

    If this plays out this way, I wonder what statement Naral will put out. He really suckered them in. I think that is why he is waiting on announcing his VP. If it is the VA person, you don’t want to do that before the convention, but after you have their votes.

    It I were Naral, I would withdraw my endorsement until after the convention. It would get them back some of their power, which they gave away I guess for money.

  83. NewMexicoFan,

    BHO can shift whatever positions he likes. The problem is he himself that people are not comfortable with.

  84. You are right about that. I would not be comfortable with a person I thought I knew the position of, and then he does a 180 on you.

  85. Wednesday, July 30, 2008
    Audacity Watch: Obama’s Symbolic Importance

    From The Washington Post

    By Jonathan Weisman
    July 29, 2008

    Perhaps he’s beginning to believe the hype.

    In his closed door meeting with House Democrats this evening, presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama delivered a real zinger. According to a witness, he was waxing lyrical about last week’s trip to Europe, when he concluded, “this is the moment, as Nancy [Pelosi] noted, that the world is waiting for.”

    The 200,000 souls who thronged to his speech in Berlin came not just for him, he told the enthralled audience of congressional representatives.

    “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions,” he said.

    To read more, visit: blog.washingtonpost.com/the-trail/2008/07/29/obamas_symbolic_importance.html

  86. Basil 9, your post at 9:17 last evening, where did you get that information?? I would like to read more of it!! Do you have a link?

  87. The writer nailed it and this bitter anger will not be forgotten or should be forgivened. Also WOMEN need to break the co-dependency to any party when it becomes abusive, it’s time to leave or this senario will be played again and again until we have nothing left.

    From SFGATE.Com-excerpt

    While I and many other women in my demographic (older, professional, liberal) are likely to vote for Obama in November, our feelings about his party (and ours) are not so clear. We remember the perpetual misogyny and sexism of the media during the primary campaign – misogyny aimed less at Hillary Rodham Clinton herself than at “uppity women” (like ourselves) in general. And many of us feel that the Democratic Party is even more to blame than the media.

    Let me mention a couple of reasons why I am thinking this way:

    First, of course, is the failure of the party leaders to comment on the sexism rampant in the media, especially the liberal media, for months on end.

    Second – and this factor bothers me, and no doubt others, perhaps the most: Why did the superdelegates move in such numbers to support Obama? Why did this occur, especially after Clinton victories? For example, I am thinking here of Robert Byrd. After Clinton’s impressive victory in West Virginia, the senator and elder statesman representing that state came out in support of Obama. Because the superdelegates were created to ensure that the Democratic candidate be a centrist, why did so many superdelegates – including liberals and many women – support Obama? Two arguments were made: They wished to follow the will of the people in their district; and they believed that Obama was more electable. But as the Byrd case shows, the first claim was often false; and no one has any idea which of the two, Clinton or Obama, would be more electable in November. It seemed to me that the term was more often used as a kind of excuse, “I’m voting for Obama, but I can’t really tell you why,” than a reasoned argument.

    So many women feel that the election was somehow stolen, and by their own party, to boot. They thus feel much the way many Democrats feel about the 2000 election: bitter. When one side feels that they lost an election fairly, any bitterness recedes early on (think of the 2004 election, by comparison). But when the adjective “stolen” leaps to mind, bitterness is apt to prevail, vanquishing any desire for reconciliation and cooperation. That is what many former Clinton supporters are feeling now.

    We are disgusted with the party we have long trusted to represent our interests. We are disgusted with ourselves for being snookered – again. We assess the party leaders’ rejection of Clinton as a cynical strategy. If Clinton had ended up as the candidate, the Democrats stood to lose the votes of many African Americans, who then might not vote at all. But if they made Obama the candidate? Well, then (the reasoning seems to have gone), the women always vote, and they will come around. Women always come around, no matter how badly they’re mistreated.

    I am reminded of a particularly chilling passage in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita.” Humbert Humbert, after raping the 12-year-old, is pondering why she has come back to his bed. “You see,” Humbert tells the reader, “she had absolutely nowhere else to go.”

    That’s just how I feel. And they want my enthusiastic support? The Democratic Party can fend for itself.

    Robin Lakoff is a professor of linguistics at UC Berkeley. She is the author of “The Language War,” “Talking Power” and “Language and Woman’s Place.”


  88. By the way, he says he is going after independence, but that is the group that swings more toward McCain. In addition, I wonder how Reps think about him vs McCain. They are a conservative group. I am not sure they drink a lot of Kool Aid.

    Even bigger question for the SDs, how do you think this will sell with your Dem Voters back home. He does not care about the Dem core. In fact you don’t either if you did not follow the vote of your popular primary.

  89. What Did Obama Tell House Democrats About His Symbolism?


  90. I think we are the only two up.

    Symbolism, scary. They also are quoting the 200,000 people number again, when else where they say it was more like 20,000. People like German Rock bands, free beer, and food. The manipulation of him is scary. They are worried about out of context, but enjoy other misrepresentations.

  91. Is reparations next?

    House Formally apologizes for Slavery and Jim Crow.


    Now we’ll not only have to pony up $2500 per person for Waffles trillion dollar African (Global) poverty bill but we’ll be charged thousands for ‘reparations’ that most of us, our families and ancestors had nothing to do with.

    Why doesn’t the House ask for a formal apology from African nations and tribes that captured and SOLD other Africans?

  92. confloyd,

    I listened to the show at http://www.hcsfjm.com/chat.html. (add h t t p).

    it’s a nightly 1-2 hour radio show with chat room and call in.

    I think last night’s program might have been archived.

    thanks for the clarification about the DNC donor letter.

  93. Now we’ll not only have to pony up $2500 per person for Waffles trillion dollar African (Global) poverty bill but we’ll be charged thousands for ‘reparations’ that most of us, our families and ancestors had nothing to do with.

    And I’m soooo glad my ancestors were slaves. I need to do alot of work on my car. 🙄

  94. When given a choice between Barack Obama and John McCain for President, 14% of voters are uncommitted. That figure includes 6% who say they’d vote for some other candidate and 8% who are undecided.

    But, while much has been made of John McCain’s struggles with his party’s conservative base, 33% of the uncommitted voters are Democrats while only 19% are Republicans. Forty-eight percent (48%) are not affiliated with either major political party. These results are from national telephone survey interviews conducted with 14,000 Likely Voters during the two weeks ending July 24. The sample includes 2,028 uncommitted voters.

    It’s worth noting that there are far more uncommitted voters at this point in Election 2008 than there were four years ago. The Election 2004 Presidential Tracking Poll showed that 92% of voters were committed to either President Bush or Senator Kerry on July 24, 2004. Only 8% were uncommitted.

    This year, 37% of the uncommitted voters plan to vote for a Democratic Congressional candidate while 22% say they’ll vote for the GOP. But, when asked which way they’re leaning in the race for the White House, 26% say McCain and 19% say Obama. Twenty percent (20%) say they still prefer a third-party candidate.

    Uncommitted Republicans are far more likely to lean towards McCain than uncommitted Democrats are to lean towards Obama.

  95. Idunn Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 9:47 am
    Now we’ll not only have to pony up $2500 per person for Waffles trillion dollar African (Global) poverty bill but we’ll be charged thousands for ‘reparations’ that most of us, our families and ancestors had nothing to do with.

    And I’m soooo glad my ancestors were slaves. I need to do alot of work on my car.

    Me too

    I can plan on going back to England next year. (smile) I can’t wait for someone to ask him the question on reparations during the debate.

  96. The conservatives are targeting Michelle Obama’s leaning again and they will continue to since Michelle thesis can not be release until after the election.

    They are going to remind voters in those RED STATES and beyond that there is a double standard for the Obamas and no other candidate can belong to a separatist group without the media going beserk on them.

    Separatist Groups (any race, ethnic or creed) are not proud to be American and they believe in dividing not uniting.

    Michelle Obama’s Black Separatist Background
    July 30, 2008 10:00 AM EST


  97. Does anybody believe Nancy Pelosi has been an effective Speaker?

    Or do you think Nancy and Harry Reid will go to war against each other soon?

  98. Hey, I’m 3/4 Irish and we were starved out of Ireland, where we had what amounts to slave status, by the British.

    Does that count?


  99. And now a closer look at one of the people who brought us the Obamination.

    From: “Ed O’Reilly for US Senate”
    X-OriginalArrivalTime: 30 Jul 2008 13:28:35.0480 (UTC)

    This is an excerpt from Senator Kerry’s campaign manager, Roger Lau, in response to Ed’s call for debates:

    “…Senator Kerry and his colleagues are working hard to finish the business on the legislative calendar before the senate adjourns in the next few weeks”.

    In an interview with Ed Mason of the Eagle Tribune, Ed O’Reilly stated: “I want a response from Sen. Kerry, not from a surrogate. “I didn’t send (the letter) to Roger Lau. He’s not on the September ballot.”

    Was John Kerry with his “colleagues” on Saturday night doing important business? It doesn’t appear so. Ed wants John Kerry to come back to the mainland and debate. While Ed was meeting with the Town of Dennis Democrats on Saturday night, John Kerry was over on Nantucket working with “colleagues”. Hopefully, John Kerry will have a few more Saturday nights open for debates.

    To see more work with colleagues, go here:


  100. I had high hopes for Nancy, and she has disappointed me beyond belief. I think she gives women leaders a bad name, and how I hate to say that. Since she has not been effective in the House, she has to ride on the Coat Tails of O.

    By the way, right now those coat tails are awfully short, if not none existant.

    I wonder how the July O fund raising is going? Anyone heard any rumors?

  101. Carby,

    Heard snippets of that great SF Chronicle article.

    Nancy Queen Bee Pooplosi has a new book out called:

    Know Your Power: A message to America’s Daughters.

    Rule #1 – Throw all other women under the bus.


  102. Interesting to see the Conservative groups moving towards McCain, don’t you just love Obama’s ability to unify the other side?

    Presidential Requirement: Statesmanship
    July 30, 2008 10:00 AM EST

    Despite great stagecraft and media and grossly discriminatory media coverage in favor of rookie United States Senator and presumptive 2008 Democrat presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Obama’s Mideast and European adventure was not an excellent.

    A performer attracting a big crowd in Germany does not convince Americans that the performer would be a fit President of the United States.

    Opting for a work out in a top hotel over a private visit with American heroes in a military hospital is A ROOKIE MISTAKE, not a vote getter in America.

    Obama can hit a three-pointer, but if basketball skills were the key to the White House, Michael Jordan would have lived there long ago.

    Navy veteran, veteran United States Senator and presumptive 2008 Republican presidential candidate John Sydney McCain was seriously injured and then tortured while serving in the Vietnam War and his arms never fully recovered.

    But his gallant service wins much more respect than a three-pointer by a young man who never served in the Peace Corps, much less the in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, and found Rev. Jeremiah A. “God damn America” Wright, Jr. so wonderful for so many years.

    Newsmax (“Obama’s Trip Backfires; McCain Surges to 4-Point Lead in USA Today/Gallup Poll”):

    “A surprising poll released Monday confirms Sen. Barack Obama’s worst nightmare: he actually lost ground to Sen. John McCain after a global trip meant to buck up his sagging credentials in foreign and military policy.

    “The USA Today/Gallup poll has McCain leading Obama by four points, 49 percent to Obama’s 45 percent, among likely voters.

    “Just last month, the same poll had McCain trailing by six points to the neophyte U.S. senator.

    “Among registered voters, McCain was just three points behind Obama — a statistical dead heat.”

    Considering that Obama’s polling percentage is more likely to be higher than his actual voter percentage because it’s “cool” to seem to be for Obama and “racist” to be for McCain and undecided voters broke for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton instead of McCain this year, Team Obama has cause for great concern.

    So get ready for this nasty nonsense: if Obama doesn’t win, it’s because America is racist, not because he’s inexperienced and his Republican rival is a war hero and very experienced.

    Indeed, even if Obama wins, be prepared to hear that he would have won much bigger if America wasn’t so racist.

    The only one to avoid that racist charge is to support Obama.


    “The USA Today/Gallup poll is consistent with the Rasmussen tracking poll, which also shows Obama ahead by just three percentage points — again a statistical tie.

    “The polls suggest that Obama’s efforts to act like a president abroad — even though he has yet to be elected — may have backfired among American voters.

    “In Berlin, Obama spoke to 200,000 cheering Germans. The Democratic candidate used the foreign platform to express the view that he was a ‘fellow citizen of the world’ and apologized for America’s imperfections.”

    Obama’s wife, Michelle, in her college senior thesis, announced that she put the Black Community “first and foremost.”

    That’s not what America needs in a First Lady.

    It seems that Obama put the world “first and foremost” instead of America.

    That’s not what America needs in a President.

    As for Obama choosing Germany to apologize for America’s imperfections, the mind boggles.


    “Later, [Obama] decided not to visit wounded American soldiers at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in southern Germany. When the Pentagon informed Obama’s campaign that the hospital would be closed to the press and campaign staff — only the senator and his official staff would be allowed in — Obama decided to cancel the event.

    “McCain has been quick to seize on Obama’s ill-advised decision to cancel the humanitarian visit to the hospital.

    “A McCain television commercial released on the Internet this past weekend chided Obama for his callous act.

    “‘And now, he made time to go to the gym, but canceled a visit with wounded troops,’ the ad says. ‘Seems the Pentagon wouldn’t allow him to bring cameras. John McCain is always there for our troops.'”

    BIG MISTAKE by Team Obama.

    BIG BOON for America (and McCain).


  103. By the way, I don’t expect a valid number on fund raising to come out from the O camp, as this is an impotant month and number. He is going to have to make that number look good, or the SDs will desert. I wonder who makes sure how accurate that number it.

    His poll number (which all know right now look terrimbe), and his fund raising numbers very important this month.

    If that money number is in anyway bad, he might even wait until after the convention if he can get away with that.

    SDs things do not look good. If the polls released say this, what are the internals saying. The money number better be accurate for your sake and the promises that were made to finance your campaign.

  104. For all those who never seen an earth quake in action and thanks for the many concerns express about the SoCal Quake yesterday.


    California has spent many decades upgrading our codes to withstand earthquakes in these ranges…but the big one is coming.

  105. Hey, I’m 3/4 Irish and we were starved out of Ireland, where we had what amounts to slave status, by the British.

    Does that count?

    Damn straight it counts! Go to the UK, demand reparations, and get yourself something nice, Basil. 😉

  106. In an interview with Ed Mason of the Eagle Tribune, Ed O’Reilly stated: “I want a response from Sen. Kerry, not from a surrogate. “I didn’t send (the letter) to Roger Lau. He’s not on the September ballot.”

    Damn, you go, Ed!!

  107. I think we have all seen before how O is embarrassed by American and Americans.

    Yes, it is amazing that he would apologized for American in that setting.

    My vote for McCain, if it should come to that, is beginning to feel more and more right.

  108. Women voters aren’t warming to ‘cool’ Obama

    July 30, 2008Recommend (11)

    BY CAROL MARIN Sun-Times Columnist
    The Obama campaign has a woman problem. How big? How small? It’s not clear, but in a close election, small can be big.

    And Michelle Obama spoke to it Monday in Chicago.

    Departing from her prepared remarks, she cautioned a ballroom of applauding “Women for Obama” that despite their unwavering support, “there’s a whole country out there that still needs a little convincing.”

    You wouldn’t have known it from this mostly well-dressed, mostly well-heeled crowd. Many of the women, black and white, young and old, were early donors who gave money back when Barack Obama was a long shot, and they were gladly giving again now. A lovely lunch of organic chicken prepared by a renowned chef, Alice Waters, brought in somewhere between $400,000 and $700,000 for the Obama Victory fund.

    But the women Obama needs right now are the ones who do not dine downtown. They’re the ones who can’t afford organic anything, forced to choose between a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk because they can’t buy both on the same day.

    Women like Sarah.

    A few hours after leaving the “Women for Obama” luncheon, I ran into Sarah, not her real name. I’ve known her for a few years. A single mom, she free-lances, working as many jobs as she can to support two growing boys. She dreams of a permanent gig with benefits, but it’s still just a dream.

    A 37-year-old Democrat, she is also a college grad and a news junkie who has watched this campaign like a hawk. She surprised me with her anger Tuesday, saying she’s voting for McCain.

    To Sarah, Barack Obama is like the organic chicken at lunch. Sleek, elegant, beautifully prepared. Too cool.

    Though both Obamas have spoken often and in great personal detail of their own humble beginnings, of Michelle’s hardworking blue-collar dad and Barack’s struggling single mom on food stamps, it somehow hasn’t sold Sarah. You might ask if she was a die-hard Clinton supporter. The answer is yes, a supporter, but die-hard? Not really.

    At the luncheon, I’d asked women if there was still a sizable breach between the Clinton and Obama camps.

    Most told me not anymore, that on issues of choice, national health insurance and gender parity of wages, Clinton supporters know they have far more differences with Republican John McCain than they do with Obama. And Republican women, including Paula Wolff, who for 14 years was in the high command of Republican Gov. James R. Thompson, were there to demonstrate that Obama has crossover appeal, too.

    “The Supreme Court,” said Wolff. “I think for most women when they walk into the voting booth, that will be the first thing on their minds.”

    Some of the numbers bear that out. The July 15 Quinnipiac University poll shows women overall backed Obama over McCain 55 percent to 36 percent. Then again, the margin was far smaller among independent women, who preferred Obama by just three points, 45 percent to 42 percent. And finally, there’s that Clinton problem. The Associated Press/Yahoo News “found that just 12 percent of former Clinton supporters say they are excited about Obama.”

    It seems pretty clear that if Obama is not going to pick Clinton as his running mate, he’d better not pick a woman at all. That, Sarah made clear in our conversation Tuesday, would be unfair.

    The Obamas, for their part, have in recent weeks spoken warmly and respectfully of Hillary Clinton and she of them. On Monday, Mrs. Obama called Sen. Clinton an “extraordinary woman” and added she was “thrilled to welcome Dana Singiser to the campaign as our new senior adviser for women.”

    Singiser, who worked for Clinton’s campaign and Senate office before that, told me Tuesday by phone, “We’re working really hard for all women voters and leaving no stone unturned.”

    They may need to try offering more macaroni and cheese.


  109. Idunn:


    Waffles stops short of endorsing reparations.
    CHICAGO » Sen. Barack Obama, speaking to a gathering of minority journalists yesterday, stopped short of endorsing an official U.S. apology to American Indians but said the country should acknowledge its history of poor treatment of certain ethnic groups.
    “There’s no doubt that when it comes to our treatment of Native Americans as well as other persons of color in this country, we’ve got some very sad and difficult things to account for,” Obama told hundreds of attendees of UNITY ’08, a convention of four minority journalism associations.
    The Hawaii-born senator, who has told local reporters that he supports the federal recognition bill for native Hawaiians drafted by U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka, noted other ethnic groups but did not mention native Hawaiians when answering a question about his thoughts on a formal U.S. apology to American Indians.
    “I personally would want to see our tragic history, or the tragic elements of our history, acknowledged,” the Democratic presidential hopeful said.
    “I consistently believe that when it comes to whether it’s Native Americans or African-American issues or reparations, the most important thing for the U.S. government to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds.”

  110. Another poll is showing dangerous sign for the annointed one. PPP, in my opinion, is the most pro-Obama pollster during primary season. Remember it showed a 1 point lead for Obama before PA primary, he lost by 10.

    Now, McCain is really catching up fast in MI. I hate , hate Romney, but hell, if he can bring MI to McCain’s column to defeat bambi, just go for it.

    Public Policy Polling (D)
    7/23-27/08; 883 LV, 3.3%
    Mode: IVR

    Obama 46, McCain 43 (June: Obama 48, McCain 39)
    Sen: Levin (D-i) 54, Hoogendyk (R) 35 (June: Levin 54, Hoogendyk 32)

  111. SDs, so what is going to stop this train for McCain. He is in perfect political position, at the shoulders of O, without being ahead.

    The loyal Kool Aid drinking will donate, but the real political investors will judge differently.

    O is dissing his Dem base, really not a good thing. He is going after a group that did not break for him in the primaries, Independence. If he is going to appeal to Reps, he will need the VA guy as VP.


    You need to start looking for your money else where, and making some calls to people. When McCain comes out roaring, this is over, and it will not be the Dems way. Remember, Dems poll higher in the Summer.

  112. Obama meets with key women

    The Democrat reaches out, bringing up sexism against Clinton in the primary. McCain vows not to raise taxes.
    By Peter Nicholas and Mark Z. Barabak
    Los Angeles Times Staff Writers

    July 30, 2008

    WASHINGTON — Barack Obama met privately Tuesday with a group of women leaders, seeking their endorsement and also raising a sore point — the issue of gender bias in his Democratic primary fight with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Participants at the hourlong meeting at a Washington hotel said that the session went well and that it focused mainly on winning in November.

    “He talked about his concerns about some of the sexism in the course of the campaign,” said Ellen Malcolm, president of the political group EMILY’s List and a key Clinton supporter. “But essentially the meeting was forward-looking.”

    Across the country, in Nevada, Republican John McCain engaged in a similar bit of political fence-mending. Appearing at a town hall meeting in Sparks, he flatly ruled out raising taxes if elected president.

    “I think the worst thing that could happen to America in these very tough economic times is to raise someone’s taxes,” McCain said in response to a question. “I won’t do it.”

    McCain had angered some fiscal conservatives by seeming to suggest in recent interviews that he would consider higher payroll taxes to fund Social Security. The Club for Growth, an anti-tax group, sent an open letter Monday expressing concern about McCain’s comments, and the Obama campaign piled on by asserting that McCain had flip-flopped on the question.

    The Arizona senator addressed the matter when a small girl in the audience at Reed High School asked him if he would raise taxes as president. He drew whoops and cheers from the audience of several hundred with a one-word response: “No.”

    Later, at a private fundraiser on the east shore of Lake Tahoe, McCain alluded to that. “Some people say, ‘Well, McCain says he wants to sit down and work these issues out,’ ” he told donors. “Of course I do, but I have a clear record of opposing tax increases, and I’ll stand by that record.”

    Obama spent his day mostly out of sight. The Illinois senator opened his meeting with about three dozen women’s advocates by discussing Clinton’s treatment during the primary, participants said.

    Many female political activists believe the New York senator was subjected to sexist criticism by TV personalities, bloggers and others.

    Some have voiced anger that Obama and other Democratic leaders did not speak out more forcefully in Clinton’s defense.

    Obama mentioned that “he knew there had been frustration with stuff directed at Sen. Clinton by the media,” said Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women.

    “It was very important for him to reach out,” said Gandy, whose organization has yet to make an endorsement. “Obviously he needed to reach out to women in the same way that he has reached out to Latinos and to labor leaders and to environmentalists, and even to evangelicals.”

    Separately, Obama met Tuesday with Yusaf Raza Gillani, the prime minister of Pakistan; spoke by phone with Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson; and met with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke for about 40 minutes. Since he returned from a nine-day foreign trip, Obama has sought to emphasize a focus on economic affairs.



    Nicholas reported from Washington and Barabak from Sparks, Nev.

    Again, Obama met behind closed doors with these so called Women Groups leaders and let THEM voice his propraganda of words without action.


    But the REAL message is “GET OVER IT AND VOTE FOR OBAMA”!!!

    Forward looking to the continue abuse by TEAM OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS. Remember SEXIST Obama can’t be trusted and his action speaks loudly then his words, SWEETIE, BABY, HONEY like voting PRESENT 100 times in the Illinois Senate and voting for Bush/Cheney Bankrucptcy bill and Energy Bill.

  113. Emily’s list is dead to me, since they were supporting Hillary, as well as women running for office, who also supported waffles.

  114. WTF is “reach out”??!! Sympathize?! If my friggin’ house is on fire, the last thing I need is someone to stand on the sidelines and sympathize!

    I honestly don’t know who has LESS backbone, bullshit Barry or these whimpy women who accept his crumbs!


  115. Give me a Break. He finally extends his hand to the women. They come in dead last in his consideration, and unity. His extended hand to women should have been first.

    I agree with birdgal, in that Emily’s list lost my loyality when they did not understand how their support of women running for office that supported waffles would affect how HRC supporter felt.

    Emily’s list should look to the endorsement of Naral and other women’s groups. His word means nothing. You can look to the future all you want, but it is looking bad for it to include an O in the White House.

    You know, we have some tough ladies out there that are leading this effort for HRC right now that need to replace some of these leaders in these women’s groups. They understand what their power is and that change for women comes from without, not within.

  116. It’s very interesting how the TELCOM industry got Obama to vote YES on FISA but these SO CALLED women groups come out and repeat Team Obama’s message of “GET OVER IT AND VOTE FOR OBAMA”.

    NOT one women group leader mention talked about any of the concerns that ALL WOMEN face in this country or SPEAK OUT about the BLATANT sexism and mysoginy that continues today….but they “parrot” what the beneficiary, of all that Sexism and Mysoginy by many of Obama’s supporters, including the Democratic? Taliban Party.

    FORWARD LOOKING my ass, we should say CO-DEPENDENT and LOVING the ABUSE from the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY!!!!

  117. Obama’s to do list: pick running mate, convention, vacation
    By Lynn Sweeton July 30, 2008 10:10 AM | Permalink | Comments (4)
    from the Tuesday print Sun-Times.

    CHICAGO–With 99 days until election day, and an overseas swing out of the way, Barack Obama’s campaign has some big items on the “to do” list.

    “It really is a sprint at this point,” said Obama senior adviser Anita Dunn on Monday.

    Top items:

    Select a vice presidential running mate. While the selection team is narrowing the choices to present to Obama — Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine was the latest buzz on Politico.com — a team at the Chicago headquarters is getting ready for the rollout. The newly minted vice presidential hopeful will find waiting for him or her a chief of staff, Patti Solis Doyle; an advance team; press spokesman, scheduler and plane.

    Gameplan the Denver Democratic nominating convention. Obama’s Aug. 28 acceptance speech at Invesco Field is in place, but the other elements have to be finalized such as the platform, other speakers and Obama’s “grand entrance” in the run up to Denver. “All of that is being worked out now,” said Obama top adviser Valerie Jarrett on Monday.

    Obama’s speechwriters are turning their attention to his acceptance speech. Obama’s speech at the 2004 convention in Boston skyrocketed him to the fame he leveraged to be the Democratic nominee.

    Prepare for three debates with John McCain. The debates are Sept. 26 at the University of Mississippi at Oxford, Oct. 7 at Belmont University at Nashville and Oct. 15 at Hofstra University at Hempstead, N.Y. There is a vice presidential debate Oct. 2 at Washington University in St. Louis.

    Fund raise. Obama fund-raising director Julianna Smoot and finance chair Penny Pritzker were in Denver on Monday. Their big donors and fund-raisers are getting VIP treatment in Denver, from access to top hotels, to floor passes, to exclusive parties.

    Democratic strategist Donna Brazile and Jarrett are the headliners for a $1,000-per-person fund-raiser in Chicago on Wednesday. Raising or donating $10,000 buys a place at a “political and policy briefing” Thursday in Chicago featuring campaign manager David Plouffe, top strategist David Axelrod, Pritzker and other campaign leaders. The policy briefings are in the afternoon followed by dinner with senior staffers.

    Vacation. While in London, Obama said he planned to take a week off in August. Michelle Obama on Monday said yes when asked if she was looking forward to a vacation in Hawaii. The Honolulu Star Bulletin reported earlier this month that Obama will be in his native state for a fund-raiser Aug. 12.

    The Honolulu visit will offer the campaign yet another chance to revisit Obama’s “story” as the campaign moves to underscore his unique biography. “Many people aren’t paying attention to the election until it gets closer,” Jarrett said. “He still is a relative newcomer to the national stage.”

    • Define McCain. The campaign is deconstructing McCain’s image as a maverick and reframing him as the conservative he is, but that is a big job because “a lot of people attribute to him all kinds of progressive values,” said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Obama campaign national co-chair.


  118. Bambi’s madonna world tour is a complete wash according to Ramussen’s survey. NBC/ABC/CBS/MSM hacks must be sweating.
    Obama trip: No Gain for the Democrat, No Pain for McCain

    Voters view Barack Obama’s highly publicized trip to Europe and the Middle East last week as a complete wash from a political standpoint, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

    Twenty-four percent (24%) of voters say the trip makes them more likely to vote for the Democratic candidate, while virtually the same number (23%) say it makes them less likely to vote for him. This is consistent with data from the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll which shows that Obama’s brief Berlin bounce has vanished and there has been little change in the race following the trip.

    Over half (52%) say the trip – despite saturation media coverage including one-on-one interviews with the anchors for the three major television networks – will have no impact on their votes at all. (The idea that the media is trying to help Obama win in November has grown by five percentage points over the past month).

    Interestingly, while Democrats and Republicans responded along partisan lines to Obama’s trip, unaffiliated voters are more negative than positive about it. Among unaffiliateds, 30% say the trip makes them less likely to vote for Obama, while 23% say it will make them more likely to do so. The rest say it will have no impact on their vote.

  119. carbynew

    Amen, I could have not said it better myself. It looks like the battered women syndrome again. Well, they really did not mean it, and we need to look forward to the future (my ass). They failed to support when it meanT something, they took advantage of that and enjoyed every minute. An apology, and saying they will not do it in future looks exactly like the abuser women apologizing and promising to do better.

    Women who are smart RUN FROM THAT AS FAST AS THEY CAN. Second chance for an abuser are never an option.


  120. This is the most laughable episode. NYT is scolding McCain not to touch the annointed ONE and go negative against bambi.

    Well, if NYT is whining, McCain must be doing something right.
    h t t p : / / hotair.com/archives/2008/07/30/general-betray-us-newspaper-scolds-on-negative-campaigning/

  121. It is very interesting that Republican John McCain has better progressive values the Obama in the mind of the American people.

    That tells you that Americans place a higher value on your work for them then pretty speeches with no work for them.

    I saw John McCain STAND UP against TORTURE from his own party and president.

    I saw John McCain vote NO against Bush/Cheney Energy Bill and the Bush/Cheney Bankrupted bill too.

    What has Obama done for the American people…..now that is the big question, isn’t it?

  122. Since when, is a politician not supposed to go negative? Grow up NYT. Get over yourselves. This is politics, not a tea party.

  123. Good for McCain. Only attack ads can generate buzz, and they are true.

    WASHINGTON — The number of times Senator John McCain’s new advertisement attacking Senator Barack Obama for canceling a visit with wounded troops in Germany last week has been shown fully or partly on local, national and cable newscasts: well into the hundreds.

    The number of times that spot actually, truly ran as a paid commercial: roughly a dozen.

    Result for Mr. McCain: a public relations coup that allowed him to show his toughest campaign advertisement of the year — one widely panned as misleading — to millions of people, largely free, through television news media hungry for political news with arresting visual imagery.

    Political campaigns have for years sought to broadcast their ads free by making them intriguing enough to draw wide coverage from news outlets.

    And Mr. McCain’s campaign has proved particularly adept at getting such free air time in recent weeks, as news stations endlessly repeat the advertisements, which feature provocative visuals that can fill time during a relative lull in the campaign season.

    The campaign’s success in getting such wide coverage of the ad, evident through new tracking technology, comes as it seeks to maintain parity with Mr. Obama’s better-financed campaign in their intensive television advertising war.

  124. More ominous news for Bambi, from today’s Rasmussen – check out the second paragraph!

    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Wednesday shows that Barack Obama now attracts 45% of the vote while John McCain earns 43%. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 48% and McCain 46% (see recent daily results). Tracking Polls are released at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time each day.

    In the race for the White House, there are nearly twice as many uncommitted voters as there were four years ago in late July (see other recent demographic highlights). While much has been made of John McCain’s struggles with his party’s conservative base, 33% of the uncommitted voters are Democrats while only 19% are Republicans. Full crosstabs and a demographic profile of the uncommitted voters are available for Premium Members.

  125. carbynew Says:
    July 30th, 2008 at 10:33 am

    The conservatives are targeting Michelle Obama’s leaning again and they will continue to since Michelle thesis can not be release until after the election.

    I have a copy of Michelle’s Princeton thesis if anyone wants it. It’s in 3 parts, pdf files — does anyone want it?

  126. Not sure if mentioned here …. I dont have a lot of time to link or go over it…

    NY Daily News says Hill’s accepted Tuesday night speaking slot at convention, a supposedly sure sign she won’t be on the ticket as the VP choice normally speaks Wednesday.

  127. Berkeley Vox

    That second paragraph is interesting, as I heard he was targeting the I and the Rs. He should be going after the 33% D. Could his campaign have made a caclulating error? Not them, it is always someone elses fault.

    That is right, as he said in his unstimulating speech at a Washington DC fundraiser, they just have not gotten to know me yet.

    They might not yet, but I am talking to every D I can find to make sure they know you.

  128. They better change HRC speaking slot to the Acceptance for the Presidential Candidate of the D party, or this election year is over for the Ds.

    O has not shown he can close the deal, and HRC has.

    I can not imagine what propaganda they are being fed by O that they think will change this, when the worse polling group even says he is in trouble.

  129. On Drudge they have a link to one of BO’s favorite artists, Ludicris, with a horrific attack on Hillary in a rap song. When will BO denounce this???

  130. Could you imagine an artist saying something like this about BO? The media would be up his ass…but the teflon candidate just keeps moving along. McCain would be smart to use this as many woman, black and white, will find it offensive….

  131. Yep, those are BO’s buddies, along with Farrakhan and the rest of the people who hate white women!

  132. rap music, comedians etc…
    I know I do not care about 90% blacks who are finding this perfectly ok…

  133. confloyd Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 1:07 pm
    Yep, those are BO’s buddies, along with Farrakhan and the rest of the people who hate white women!
    They HATE women period!!!

    Now is the chance to see if those WOMEN GROUPS are going to STAND UP and if the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY is going to HOLD TEAM OBAMA”S FEET TO THE FIRE on Sexism and Mysoginy.

    I don’t expect much from any DEMOCRATIC LEADER, including women because they are going to excuse it as Clinton Hating.


    I’m CALLING OUT THE DEMOCRATS because it is coming from them. We won’t play that game of hide in the corner and blame the other guy for our shit!

  134. The Right Play on Ludacris’ Election Rap

    Psst. Senator McCain. Denounce Ludacris for calling Hillary a bitch. Point out that when a supporter said it down in Hilton Head last year, you said Hillary ought to be treated with respect. Do it before Obama does.

    Don’t bring up the “paralyzed” line referring to you. Shrug it off. Look chivalrous.

  135. Obama’s egotism and arrogance continue to get him in hot water. The latest gaffe, as detailed by the Washington Post:

    House Aides Push Back On Obama ‘Symbol’ Quote

    By Jonathan Weisman
    House Democratic aides are pushing back hard on a quote reported from Barack Obama’s meeting on Capitol Hill last night, saying that when the presumptive Democratic nominee said, “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America,” he was actually trying to deflect attention from himself.

    No tape of the event exists and no one is denying the quote. But one leadership aide said the full quote put it into a different context. According to that aide, Obama said, “It has become increasingly clear in my travel, the campaign — that the crowds, the enthusiasm, 200,000 people in Berlin, is not about me at all. It’s about America. I have just become a symbol.”

  136. Why Does Obama Insist a President McCain Would Depart America’s Best Traditions?

    Team Obama would insist that today’s much-discussed “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions” comment isn’t a political attack on McCain. Indeed, the subsequent reports are that Obama made the remark in the context of insisting that his campaign isn’t all about him, it’s about something greater than himself.

    But once a candidate begins to insist that he alone represents “America returning to our best traditions,” he’s getting into an area where the implicit contrast is that his opponent isn’t “America returning to our best traditions.” (Some of us would vigorously contest the assertion that America has departed its “best traditions.”)

    It is in a similar vein to the New York Times comment that Obama’s candidacy is “the ultimate test of racial equality.” The preposition sets up the election so that there is only one moral choice; a victory for McCain suggests the country doesn’t believe in racial equality.

    If the country elects Obama in November, it doesn’t mean that the country hates old people, or veterans, or disregards McCain’s service. (Or at least there’s not sufficient evidence to support those contentions yet.)

    One can believe that a President McCain would represent the best of American traditions — the virtue of sacrifice, the value of wisdom accrued over years of experience; the necessity for patience and fortitude in the course of triumphs and defeats over time. It would demonstrate the long-term benefit of sticking by a position one believes is simultaneously right and unpopular — like, oh, say, the surge — in the face of adversity, and seeing the long-term benefit.

  137. Sloowwwwwly but surely, as Big Media finally begins to examine Obama’s record instead of his rhetoric, they’re beginning to figure out that it’s actually impossible to know where Obama stands, on any issue. Is he liberal? Is he a centrist? Who the hell knows? The guy rarely shows up for votes. From today’s Washington Post:

    Is Obama Really the ‘Most Liberal’ Senator?

    You’ve probably heard the charge dozens of times by now: Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is the “most liberal” member of the Senate. The assertion is based on National Journal’s annual vote ratings, and it’s become a staple of Republican talking points as the GOP tries to paint the presumed Democratic nominee as well outside the political mainstream.

    But is it true? Several different blogs and Web sites have tackled that question, delving into NJ’s methodology and whether the charge against Obama is fair. The best analysis Capitol Briefing has seen so far, though, is a new piece by Josh Patashnik on The New Republic Web site. Humble blogger that he is, Capitol Briefing does not have a fancy recommendations category like “Fix Picks.” So suffice it to say, you should read this story.

    It’s been clear since Obama was elected in 2004 that he was not really a centrist; it seems appropriate to say that he’s on the left side of the Senate spectrum. But it never seemed quite right to hear that he was really the most liberal member of the chamber, more so than self-described socialist Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) or liberal icon Russell Feingold (D-Wis.). (The 2004 Democratic nominee, Sen. John Kerry (Mass.), was similarly tagged in past NJ rankings, and that didn’t seem quite right either.)

    As the TNR story points out, Obama was ranked the 16th most liberal Senator in 2005 and was 10th in 2006. Has he really moved so far to the left? One problem for Obama is that, like the other presidential contenders, he has missed a lot of Senate votes in the 110th Congress, including some where he could have boosted his “conservative” credentials by being present and accounted for. And since there’s no absolutely objective way to judge which votes are liberal and which are conservative, NJ necessarily uses subjective criteria to make those judgements. But TNR cites examples of votes by Obama that were considered “liberal” even though they may have cut across ideological lines.

    The point here isn’t to knock National Journal; there is no easy way to rank members’ votes, and no obviously better system has emerged (another study cited in the TNR piece ranked Obama as the 11th-most liberal Senator). But it’s worth remembering next time you hear the “most liberal” charge that the numbers don’t necessarily tell the whole story.

  138. kostner Says:

    July 30th, 2008 at 1:29 pm
    The Right Play on Ludacris’ Election Rap

    Psst. Senator McCain. Denounce Ludacris for calling Hillary a bitch. Point out that when a supporter said it down in Hilton Head last year, you said Hillary ought to be treated with respect. Do it before Obama does.

    Don’t bring up the “paralyzed” line referring to you. Shrug it off. Look chivalrous.
    Team OBAMA keeps a TIGHT HOLD ON HIS MESSAGE and this video did not get release without someone high up on TEAM OBAMA signed off on it.

    Obama had no problem with this video going out on the airwaves and I don’t see any OBAMA speaking out against this……..oops let me backtrack, Obama has a HUGH problem with women…so lets have a lottery on how long before Obama throw LUDACRIS under the bus?


  139. Here, have some hope and change Ludacris style:

    Said I handled his biz and I’m one of his favorite rappers
    Well give Luda a special pardon if I’m ever in the slammer
    Better yet put him in office, make me your vice president
    Hillary hated on you, so that b^$&%* is irrelevant
    Jesse talking slick and apologizing for what?
    if you said it then you meant it how you want it have a gut!
    and all you other politicians trying to hate on my man,
    watch us win a majority vote in every state on my man
    you can’t stop what’s bout to happen, we bout to make history
    the first black president is destined and it’s meant to be
    the threats ain’t fazing us, the nooses or the jokes
    so get off your ass, black people, it’s time to get out and vote!
    paint the White House black and I’m sure that’s got ’em terrified
    McCain don’t belong in ANY chair unless he’s paralyzed

  140. Well Narfe, NOW, Emily’s List, where do you stand on this rap?

    It is time that your leadership be like the peasant in China, who stood in front of the Tank, and said ENOUGH.

    You might lose your job, you might lose what ever support you had from O or the Dems, but you would have stood up for women, which is what one of your missions in. Not endorsing candidates who’s raper friends compose such a rap.

    If not, let me know where to apply for your job, because I can do that.

  141. I always like to read ‘redstate’. It’s a rabid partisan site, but they always write stuff with a sarcastic tone.
    So, let us assess the reactions of the USA to Obama’s Magical Pretty Senator* World Tour.

    I’m sure that said reaction will be quite significant.

    So, starting with Rasmussen, we have a six-point bounce… erm. Back down to two and margin-of-error, huh?

    :crumpling up paper and tossing it in wastebasket:

    Well, there’s always Gallup and its 9 8 6 4 point lead. Or, as Gallup put it on 7/23,”modest”…


    OK, let’s try public reaction… 39% no opinion, huh? 41% among independents. “Unfairly positive” press coverage towards Obama tied with “about right” at 39%? Fav/Unfavs worse for Obama among GOP/independents since poll done the week before, better for McCain among GOP/independents?


    OK, there’s the USA/Gallup poll – yeesh.
    That switch from RV to LV…


    Democracy Corps – no, wait, look at the battleground states and the way that 5 point lead becomes 1.


    Let’s try Rasmussen again Obama trip: No Gain for the Democrat, No Pain for McCain… Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win… Half of Voters Still Say U.S. is Winning the War on Terror…

    :crumple: :crumple: :crumple:

    Well, maybe the journalists… President Obama Continues Hectic Victory Tour… Obama Arrogance Watch… Hopium helps you forget several unpleasant facts… Oh, wait, here’s a good one: Obama notes ‘tragic’ US past: American history’s “sad” aspects require action, the senator tells cheering journalists

    :crumple: :crumple: :crumple: :crumple, then rustle as the pyramid of paper collapses:

    I guess that pretty much leaves only one question, then. Tell me something, Senator: last week, when you and your group were running the private sessions of your Presidential cosplay – did you use Mind’s Eye Theater for your ruleset, or did you go with the NERO LARP rules? I would normally guess the former, but from what I saw of the primaries you have all the hallmarks of being a stone-cold Palladium Games fan.

    Moe Lane


    I’m Black and is sooooooo tired of this race card being played by the Democrats. It is pushing me farther away from the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban Party the longer this go on. If this is the face of the NEW DEMOCRATIC COALITION then I want no part of this farce.

    AND for the Obama Campaign to call another sitting Senator and former first lady of such acclaim tells me plenty about the mean spirited character and values of TEAM OBAMA and it’s KING.

    Obama knows full well what Ludacris song says and still they signed off this…JUST PLAIN DISREPECTFUL but I’ve come to expect this from Obama and his supporters, in and out of the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban PARTY.


  143. Now now, Carby , let’s not forget that Barry’s favorite rapper would also like to see a vietnam veteran, who proudly served his country, paralysed and in a wheel chair.

    Tick tock indeed!

  144. Did anybody send that OBAMA/LUDACRIS campaign video to Gretawire, Bill Oreilly and Sean Hannity at FOXNEWS?

    We NEED TO PUSH THIS VIDEO and the SEXIST/MYSOGINIST message the Obama Camp continues to play.

    Let see now Obama Hates the WOUNDED TROOPS, STRONG WOMEN but loves PLAYMATES.

  145. Howard Wolfson (my newest Facebook contact! 😀 ) is going to be on the Bill O’Reilly show tonight, FYI.

    Hmmmmm….. 🙂

  146. Obama hates McCain because HE REMIND HIM of the WOUNDED TROOPS he FAILED TO SHOW RESPECT TO.

    I mean how many people do you know would running for Presiden of the United States buy a big plane and remove the symbols that our young men and women are dying for, from their plane and put up their own presidential SEAL AND LOGO?

    Give a Speech and redesign the Presidential Seal with his own LOGO?

    Go to GERMANY and APOLOGIZE for America….this SAME AMERICA that gave EUROPE the MARSHALL PLAN and paid for it from AMERICA TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!!

  147. http://blog.washingtonpost.com/capitol-briefing/2008/07/is_obama_really_the_most_liber.html?hpid=topnews

    Obama crafted a liberal rating by voting on issues such as abortion. But what those ratings don’t examine, is that when something would cost the big money interests, he changes the fine print. And his economic advisors are Reagan free trade Chicago school.

    Obama is a corporate dream candidate, a placebo for the progressives: favor money but without those pesky Religious Rightwingers (till very recently he joined them on abortion).

    If you don’t want McCain — nominate Hillary on August 25; she’s the only one who can beat McCain. It’s possible: hillarysupporters.com

  148. I received a letter from theDNC today asking for money for Barack the Quack and it included an autographed message by ‘”Walking Eagle ” himself.Big deal!!I spilled the gall in my system about the stolen election and the terrible damage this Bird is going to inflict on this country if this evil group manages to destroy any credability that is left in our election process.A disaster is fast approaching unless we can fight with every breath an get Hillary elected as our 44th CIC.Your cage is full ” WALKING EAGLE “.Time to CONCEDE that Hillary is the true choice for the return of our country to sanity,peace,prosperity and decency. WHERE is your Birth Certificate? We must have answers.NOW!

    By ABM90

  149. Sorry, this post was all me except the url. My computer was abut to cut out.
    turndownobama-com Says:
    July 30th, 2008 at 3:22 pm


    Turndownobama’s COMMENT:

    Obama crafted a liberal rating by voting on issues such as abortion. But what those ratings don’t examine, is that when something would cost the big money interests, he changes the fine print. And his economic advisors are Reagan free trade Chicago school.

    Obama is a corporate dream candidate, a placebo for the progressives: favor money but without those pesky Religious Rightwingers (till very recently he joined them on abortion).

    If you don’t want McCain — nominate Hillary on August 25; she’s the only one who can beat McCain. It’s possible: hillarysupporters.com

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