McCain Vs. Big Media Party

The death of Tim Russert was not in any way the death of the Big Media Party. Candidates for political office must take sides – either the Big Media Party or the American voter.

The rule “never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel” is now a rule to be breeched because Big Media does not merely want to observe and report. Big Media wants to run the show. John McCain, who benefited for years from Big Media love, is now waking up to the threat Big Media poses to his campaign.

Democrats and Republicans who care about Democracy must unite against Big Media Party control of our politics.

The Big Media Party demands that what remains of the rational Democratic Party and the few lucid voices at the Republican Party obey the Big Media Party. In this election Barack Obama is the Big Media Party tool. McCain/Hillary had better fight back or lose. It appears McCain might decide to fight back.

The disappointing Dee Dee Myers wrote, in question form, what Big Media observers know: Is the Media trying to Elect Obama?

So far, the answer is clear: Obama is The One. In the first quarter of the general election, he has simply gotten more and better coverage than McCain. For those who need more evidence than the enormous press entourage that is treating Obama’s current trip not like the campaign swing of a presidential candidate, but like the international debut of the New American President, there are several new studies which help quantify the disparity.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism, which evaluates more than 300 newspaper, magazine, and television stories each week, found that from June 9 (after Obama had wrapped up the Democratic nomination) until July 13, Obama was more prominently covered every single week. During one particular week, July 7–13, McCain was a significant presence in 48 percent of the stories—but Obama met that mark in 77 percent of the pieces. Similarly, the Tyndall Report, a media monitoring group, found that Obama received substantially more media attention.

I can only imagine what the gap must be like this week, as Obama continues to meet with world leaders and adoring crowds, while the mere presence of media’s biggest and brightest stars stamps each and every event as important!

Given all that, it’s not surprising that voters, particularly those of the Republican persuasion, think the media is more or less in Obama’s pocket. A recent survey by Rasmussen found that 49 percent of the likely voters they talked to believed that reporters would favor Obama in their coverage, while just 14 percent said the same about McCain. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans thought the press would try and help Obama win, while only 21 percent of Democrats thought journalists were in bed with McCain. Complaints about bias are only exacerbated when the New York Times (the bête noire of the right) rejects an opinion piece written by McCain comparing his position on Iraq to Obama’s—just days after the Times ran a similar piece by Obama.

Suspicions of pro-Obama bias began in the primaries. A Pew survey in late May and early June found that 37 percent of Americans believed that Obama received preferential coverage; only eight percent said the same about his principal opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Even the mindless Howard Fineman knows the Big Media Party is force-feeding its tool – Barack Obama – to the American people.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the American people may be repelled at the sight of a man touring the planet in presidential style who has yet to even be nominated by his own party. There is something a little off about Obamapalooza, even if it is not entirely the candidate’s fault. The self-conscious mimicking of J.F.K. can be cloying or even worse. Kennedy went to Berlin in the midst of a Cold War crisis. To stand at the Brandenburg Gate and declare “Ich bin ein Berliner” took enormous guts. Obama has yet to match that fortitude — and he hasn’t been chosen president. However quaint it may seem, voters may want a say in that decision.

McCain had better realize quickly that the Big Media Party is the enemy. Barack Obama is merely a tool. The Democratic leaders have surrendered and decided to collaborate with the Big Media Party.

We wrote in April:

The protests by us and many other Hillary supporters was not whining. This election season several “correspondents” have had to publically apologize for their open misogyny and abusive comments against Hillary. The abuse has been staggering. At one point we even referred to the attacks as a form of “rape”. T-shirts stating “The Bro before the Ho” have been sold along with “nutcrackers” in the shape of Hillary. Big Media has not had anything to say about the sale of these items other than to grin. If racist items were sold Big Media would get on its high horse and blame Hillary immediately and continuously. Hillary has been portrayed as “cackling” and with her “claws” out in Big Media outlets. Big Media has examined her clothes and her breasts. The abuse has been staggering.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton need to side with the American voter against the Big Media Party.


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  1. What really got to me was the oogling of O on the plane by the women, and absolutely nothing happen to those reporters.

    I was really embarrassed. Chris Matthews leg tingling was distasteful also. Then it was like all the monekeys fell in line. News men and radio personalities that made sense, made sense no more.

    People saying if O got the popular vote, but not the SD vote they would riot, but nothing was said when it happened to Hillary.

    How do people sleep at night.

  2. Creepy, creepy cult
    Sally, a nickname bestowed upon Barack Obama’s chartered 757 by some in the traveling press, has returned to service after undergoing a month-long makeover for the general election. Her inaugural flight – sans candidate – will be to Amman, Jordan, with a refuel stop in Ireland. There are 69 passengers on board, including 38 members of the press, Secret Service agents, and Obama staffers, including several of Obama’s top foreign policy advisors.

    The North American jet that flew Obama and his traveling crew around for much of the primary season was refurbished with new seats and power for each passenger a must on the campaign trail. And the plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama “O.” “Change We Can Believe In” and the candidate’s website are splayed across both sides of the fuselage, making this 757 anything but inconspicuous.

  3. Excellent article. Much as the media shoved the war down our throats, the media is shoving Obama down our throats. Wake up America . . . please .

  4. What really got to me was the oogling of O on the plane by the women, and absolutely nothing happen to those reporters.

    Did we ever find out who they were or what newscast they represented.
    Could they have been plants?

  5. I mean of all people, how could Dee Dee Myers have been oblivious to the sexism and bias in the media?

  6. h t t p : / /
    Michelle to McCain: The media is not your friend

  7. alcina wrote:

    “Obama aides are emphatic that Ms. Obama is the un-Hillary”

    Ever flip flopping on whether his wife is to be talked about.

    Which is it?
    Bro but not the Ho…
    The Ho along with the Bro.

  8. MO is definitely not Hillary, which is a complement to Hillary. MO is not even, in the same class as Hillary.

  9. What’s especially nauseating is that the press spends half its time fawning over its OWN coverage of Obama! Typical story: “Obama’s always on message! His optics and the media visuals are so great!” etc. *puke*


    One year ago, many Democrats thought they had found paradise. They had been frozen out of power for seven long years, watched the Bush Administration fail the country on multiple fronts, and saw the American people become increasingly restive for change as their standard of living began to deteriorate. Democrats sensed their political moment had arrived and their hour in the sun would come around in the 2008 Presidential election. As they cast their eyes on the debate stage and took full measure of the seven Democratic candidates who stood before them they told themselves we have an embarrassment of riches. Almost any of our candidates would be a vast improvement over Bush, we are proud of our diversity, and our party will soon save the nation.

    Today it is very different. We have been through a long and bitter campaign. We now have a presumptive nominee. He was selected by party elders rather than voters. He is wobbly and megalomaniacal. He is propped up by our farcical media which is controlled by globalists and treats him like American Idol. We also have a magnificent lioness who is politically wounded fighting for us. She is stalked by packs of hyenas and plagued by campaign debt. She won the popular vote. Yet they constantly refer to her as the losing, vanquished, defeated candidate. Finally there are her legions of supporters. Many of them know the election was stolen. They would prefer to vote Republican than ratify the evil that was done. Tone deaf party leaders with blood on their hands now demand party unity on their terms. They seek to wash away the wrong that was done. They widen and deepen the schism.

    The music almost died away . . .
    Then it burst like a pent-up flood;
    And it seemed to say, “Repay, repay,”
    And my eyes were blind with blood.
    The thought came back of an ancient wrong,
    And it stung like a frozen lash,
    And the lust awoke to kill, to kill . . .
    Then the music stopped with a crash

  11. Anyone else read that the Hillary letter asking what matters to you was not from Senator Clinton but from bots?

  12. PumaResponders alerts for Jy 23

    Alerts for stories are at
    To get alerts as they are found,by email:

    Today’s choice:
    Subject: ABC: Tapper on several Obama gaffes and stunts

    Here’s Obama channeling Bush!

    “Let me be absolutely clear,” Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said
    today at a press conference in Amman, Jordan. “Israel is a strong
    friend of Israel’s. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under a
    McCain…administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel’s under an
    Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change.”

    Several other interesting topics at Tapper’s blog, see the left column
    for links. Having commented on one, it’s very easy to comment on the

    # Obama Escapes (Not Makes) Iraqi Headlines
    # Obama Hitches a Royal Ride
    # Obama Wants To Be Absolutely Clear on Who Is Israel’s Friend
    # McCain Complains About the Media
    # Illinois Obama and the Temple of Hercules (And Other Obama
    Adventures Coming Soon to a TV Screen Near You)
    # Obama on the Surge: “Had Those Political Factors Not Occurred, I
    Think That My Assessment Would Have Been Correct”
    # McCain Hits Obama for Lack of Military Experience
    # And Why Isn’t Obama Wearing Body Armor In Those Photos?

  13. birdgal

    michelle is de-classe–a demamonde, as in. . .

    Life upon the wicked stage
    Aint never what Michelle supposes
    Asshole pundits always hanging over you
    With whips and roses . . .

    She’ll admit its fun to smear yer with paint
    Causing everyone to think yer what ya aint
    And to play a demonde role with soul
    And how we dread it

    Life in the white house aint nothig for a Mish

    (Apologies to Oscar Hammerstein)

  14. Turndownobama: thank you for providing more proof that bamb is bush 3

    1. Israel is a strong friend of Israel. (Bambi) (Diagnosis: no schitsophrienia-I am relieved)

    2. Ding Jow Ping must be smart because he is flunet in Chinese. (Bush)

    Two pieces of deathless prose by two peas in a pod. Bravo!

  15. Obama on the Surge: “Had Those Political Factors Not Occurred, I
    Think That My Assessment Would Have Been Correct”
    That is a great defense for being wrong. I will have to try it the next time I am. This guy has an endless supply of exuses. We can learn something of value here. Of course in a rational environment where there is accountablity as opposed to this rarified, weightless media bubble he lives in perhaps you dont need to be right. In the old days they had vaudville hooks to deal with this kind of situation. No need to let these bad acts go on too long.

  16. MIDem Says: . July 22nd, 2008 at 12:34 pm thanks, I appreciate your comment from yesterday which I just saw,

    NewMexico: from yesterday: I agree. The blind are leading the blind. Hillary would rectify that situation. She is a problemsolver and game changer.

    I am no expert on the parliamentary system but it is my understanding that the prime minister is charged with running goverment and the queen is the head of state. That may be what bambi is doing here. The one thing you can tell about Bambi is he does not do much work. Perhaps he can make that request at the time of sentencing.

  17. I believe Obama insulted our troops by giving credit to:
    1)Al Sadr
    2)Sunni sheiks
    3)Al Malki
    for the sucess of surge in Iraq and clue less big media cheers on. Could it get anymore disgusting than this?
    Looks like Katie couric is the only one that has balls! Most of the media seems to have undergone Jackson Surgery!

  18. alcina,

    Here’s a link to the NQ article that had some pics.

  19. Basil: That is a scathing article. Too bad, it wasn’t from the U.S.

    Here is an excerpt:

    Barack Hussein, why don’t you just go home? Your visit to Israel this week is not because you’re looking out for the wellbeing of Israel and the Jewish people. You’re coming to Israel looking for the Jewish vote; your goal is to
    Don’t use us or our land as a photo-op.
    speak with the Jewish American voters through the press coverage of this tour to the holy land. You want them to think that you took the time off from your busy campaign to further peace in the Middle East. Your hope is that enough stupid Jews will misread the message and take it as an act of support for Israel.

    Don’t use us or our land as a photo-op to transmit a twisted call for support to Jewish-American voters. You don’t fool us. We know who you and your friends are.

    Barack Hussein, why don’t you just go home? But on the way out, remember the words you heard here from the proud Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria: “This is our land!” We are back after two thousand years of forced exile and we are not about to leave it again.
    19 Tammuz 5768 / 22 July 08

  20. I guess they don’t like him as much overseas as the press would like you to believe.

    So what else is new with the media, and how much is their audience down.

  21. So what is Dean’s explaination of the downward trend of the Poll’s. Or don’t they quote the polls any more.

    That is a sure sign of problems when the polls become irrelavant. Otherwise they are quoting them at every turn.

    Notice how McCain is keeping quiet. He did this in the primaries, and then just went in there an slam dunked them. It was like how did that happen.

    Like we have all said, right now he is doing better in the polls for GE, then he looked like amoung his competition in the Primaries.

    I would love to be in on hearing the conversations between the SDs, and Dean.


  22. So what is Dean’s explaination of the downward trend of the Poll’s. Or don’t they quote the polls any more.

    That is a sure sign of problems when the polls become irrelavant. Otherwise they are quoting them at every turn.

    Notice how McCain is keeping quiet. He did this in the primaries, and then just went in there an slam dunked them. It was like how did that happen.

    Like we have all said, right now he is doing better in the polls for GE, then he looked like amoung his competition in the Primaries.

    I would love to be in on hearing the conversations between the SDs, and Dean.


  23. NR makes a case for Fiorina as McCain’s V.P.


    A plugged-in Republican recently explained to me why he thinks former Hewlett-Packard CEO and current McCain campaign adviser Carly Fiorina will be among the finalists to be John McCain’s running mate.

    1. She’s emerged as one of his most prominent surrogates. At the end of 2006, she made her first murmurs about going into politics and public service; now she’s McCain’s top economic adviser, most visible and often-booked speaker on many issues, and the campaign’s most prominent figure reaching out to women voters. Perhaps only Romney is a less expected enthusiastic McCain surrogate.

    2. She brings unique experience to the table. Since McCain effectively won the nomination, the possibility of Mitt Romney as veep has generated buzz for several reasons, but most prominent is his familiarity with economic issues and the business world. Fiorina’s experience is at least comparable to Romney’s, and would have the unique ability to tout women’s entrepreneurship.

    3. She’s already effectively been vetted, as she’s been one of the most prominent figures in American business over the past decade and a half. If she had any horrific scandals in her past, it would have already been on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

    4. She’s an outsider, with no ties to any of the GOP’s past problems. Intriguingly, she’s never even donated to another candidate before; her presence plays into McCain’s vision that he wants to inspire talented Americans from non-political fields to help their government solve problems.

    5. Hillary voters. Some critics will point to the board of HP forcing her out, but this only endears her more to the voters in the disgruntled Hillary-supporting Democrat demographic, with the counterargument – “she made the tough choices, and was punished for it; male CEOs make blunders and rarely get held accountable,” etc.

    Will Fiorina be the pick? The drawbacks are obvious, most notably that she’s never been elected to office before. (Note that Obama, a guy who won exactly one statewide general election in his life — matched up against Alan Keyes! — can’t be the guy making that argument.) She has no real history in politics, much less the GOP. She is reliably conservative on social issues, but hasn’t emphasized that. Her foreign policy experience is limited to international business and trade issues. Were she to be a heartbeat away from the presidency, would she be ready to be a commander-in-chief at a moment’s notice?

    (On the Viagra vs. birth control pills brouhaha, Fiorina later pointed out that the point of the anecdote was to demonstrate the importance of choice in health care plans, as opposed to the Democrats’ preferred vision of one-size-fits-all state-run health care plans.)

    This plugged-in Republican is not touting this idea, nor is he opposed; like many of McCain’s options, Fiorina combines some strong upsides with some vulnerabilities.

  24. I don’t know, what to make of the Edwards story, but Hillbuzz has the full Enquirer article and a time line. Apparently, the NY Post has done some work on this story.

  25. The worst position to be in as a candidate at this point is bearly ahead, when you are out there declaring your self the anointed one, and have this other candidate sitting easily just looking you in the face practically.

    There is no huge lead here to overcome. His ego will not allow him to have her as VP, and we know she does not belong there. His method of uniting people is to say screw you, I will go after the younger vote (THAT NEW PLANE WILL SURELY GET THEM). The parties method of uniting is to call people immature, and say those old people will just fold in (how is that working for you, as Dr Phil would say).


  26. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, as a woman, but Edwards’ “mistress” isn’t exactly a blond bombshell. Of course, maybe it’s just a bad picture …

    BTW, it seems weird the Enquirer never identifies the baby’s sex.

  27. BTW, HillBuzz says the rumor is Hillary turned down the VP slot. Anyone else hear that? I have no idea if it’s true but it sounds plausible.

  28. basil: I haven’t checked out the poster. I was drinking my coffee, and didn’t want to ruin my morning. I’ll look at it later.

  29. Everything you ever wanted to know about Cruella.

  30. birdgal,

    hehehehe. know what you mean. My keyboard got splattered with cottage cheeses and blueberries.



    that’s a great site.

  31. John Kerry Accuses McCain of Throwing Tar Baby — In Other News, John Kerry Is A Fool

    Can’t someone please shut John Kerry up, like the voters of Massachusetts on September 16th by voting for Ed O’Reilly to be the Democratic nominee for Senate instead of this clown?

    Seriously. Kerry embarrasses himself every time he opens his mouth. Who uses the word “tar baby” in 2008?

    Haven’t the people of Massachusetts been embarrassed by this man enough?

    As much as we don’t like Obama, even we feel sorry for the Obamessiah with surrogates like this running their mouths.

    Tarbaby video attached:
    I don’t know if you can embed this video or would want to but John “foot n mouth disease” Kerry is at it again.

  32. Basil9 says “HRC wants to know what we think…what issues matter most to us.”
    This is what I wrote:

    What matters most to me and my family in 6 states and to most of our friends is the pain of witnessing the corruption of democratic principles by the now UNdemocratic party. Worse than all our economic problems is the the loss of voters’ rights, the dishonest media, the marketing of an empty nominee for the presidential campaign and the disregard for the most talented and accomplished statesperson of our time, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Those are our sorrows. Those are the issues that matter most to us right now. We are feeling a daily sickness at the political scene in America and the fear that we are losing our democracy. Worst of all, most sickening of all. is the sense that nobody cares. That all those in power are either blind to the loss, too lazy to do anything to enforce our laws regarding citizens rights or else demonically willing to sell us out.

  33. The Hillary-turning-down-the-VP-slot rumor is in here:

  34. Basil: okay, I checked it out, and yuck. I just don’t get it. I think, it is so inappropriate for a presidential candidate to hold a campaign rally, in a foreign country. What if, Merkel held a rally in the U.S.?

  35. U.S. Editor Of The Daily Telegraph [UK] Said Obama “Designed By A Committee Of Europeans.” “Toby Harnden, U.S. editor of the Daily Telegraph, told Politico that it’s almost as if the overwhelmingly popular Obama had been ‘designed by a committee of Europeans’ with the goal of creating their ideal American presidential candidate.” (Michael Calderone, “Foreign Press: All Obama, All The Time,” The Politico, 7/22/08)

  36. Can I hope that there are even a few Europeans/ people from the middle east that will stage public protests during this charlatan’s false idol moments this week?

  37. O’Reilly to speak at fundraiser
    Tue Jul 22, 2008, 10:12 AM EDT

    The Plymouth Democratic Town Committee recently announced that Ed O’Reilly, currently in the running for U.S. Senate, will be the guest speaker at its annual fundraising golf tournament dinner at 5:30 p.m. Friday, July 25, at the Squirrel Run Golf and Country Club.

    This will be O’Reilly’s first public appearance in Plymouth.
    O’Reilly received an unpredicted 23 percent of the vote for the U.S. Senate nomination at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Lowell last month. He is running against U.S. Senator John Kerry, who has run unchallenged since he took office 23 years ago.

    O’Reilly, 55, has been a criminal defense trial attorney for 25 years. He worked his way through law school as a firefighter and fisherman. Raised in Watertown, he lives in Gloucester.

    O’Reilly strongly supports the orderly and complete withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; the end of special interest manipulation in Washington, D.C.; universal health care; progress of the green and renewable energy industries; and the halt of global warming.

    The golf tournament begins at noon and tickets are $75, which includes green fee, cart and dinner. Tickets for just the dinner are $25.

    Proceeds from the PDTC golf tournament are used to fund outreach efforts including the Democratic campaign headquarters in Plymouth during election season.

    For golf or dinner tickets call PDTC Chairman William J. Keohan at 508-789-5012. For more information, visit the PDTC Web site at

  38. thepage reports obama will have big name republicans speak at the dem convention-hagel etc.. supers u must fix this. dems dont want the gop at our conv

  39. I just joined Hillpac!!! Also, Fox has exposed my horrible Congressman, Obama liaison to the Jewish community, Wexler, as living in Maryland and using his mother-in-law’s address in Delray. As we say, that guy has a lot of “Chutzpah”……………

  40. Has this ever happened before? The bots are screaming that PUMA’s are Republicans, then the presumptive nominee invites Republicans to speak at the Democratic Convention. Who is the real Republican? Maybe, Hillary can speak at the GOP convention. Unbelievable.

  41. Birdgal,

    This kind of thing has happened before. In 2004 Democratic Georgia Senator Zell Miller spoke at the Republican Convention. He frequently criticizes his own party but yet he hasn’t changed his party affiliation. I really don’t get where he is coming from. He was a pretty good Governor and Lt. Governor of Georgia and he is not the same person he is now.

    Is everyone as sick as I am that if Hillary is vp it would bring all 36 million Democratic voters together? Hillary’s surrogates keep saying that and Lanny Davis has said as much also. They are not taking us seriously. They think that we are bitter only because Hillary lost. But it is beyond Hillary now. They took the blacks seriously when they said they would riot, but we aren’t taken seriously at all when we say that we would vote for McCain.

    Is it me or does anyone else feels that Bob Beckel thinks that he is an honory member of the black community. He agrees with everything they do or say, even using the N word. I just don’t get it! Just some thoughts for today.

  42. independent2008 Says:
    Is everyone as sick as I am that if Hillary is vp it would bring all 36 million Democratic voters together? Hillary’s surrogates keep saying that and Lanny Davis has said as much also.

    For many of us that would be a negative! We don’t want HIllary tied up ironing his shirt if they won.

    How can we tell Davis and others that we DON”T WANT HILLARY VP?

  43. The Democratic Leadership decided on this race stategy to win the WH and it’s going to be all about race. This will be a losing tactic for the Democrats….anything the John “Tar Baby” Kerry is involved in tank.

  44. Obama’s Position On The Future Of Jerusalem Depends On The Audience He’s Speaking To
    Today, A Statement From The Palestinian Authority Claimed That Obama “Corrected” His Previous Statement Calling For An “Undivided Jerusalem”:

    “A Statement From The Palestinian National Authority — After Sen. Barack Obama’s Meeting Today In Ramallah With President Mahmoud Abbas And Prime Minister Salam Fayyad At The Mukata, The President’s Compound — States That Obama ‘Corrected His Statements’ On Supporting An ‘Undivided Jerusalem.'” (Jake Tapper, “Palestinians Say Obama ‘Corrected’ Previous Statement On Undivided Jerusalem,” ABC News’ “Political Punch” Blog,, 7/23/08)

    “Obama ‘Said That The Future Of The City Can Be Resolved Through Peace Negotiations Between Israel And The Palestinians,’ The Official Statement Said. ‘The Palestinians Want The Eastern Part Of The City As The Capital Of Their State.'” (Jake Tapper, “Palestinians Say Obama ‘Corrected’ Previous Statement On Undivided Jerusalem,” ABC News’ “Political Punch” Blog,, 7/23/08)
    In His Remarks To The Annual AIPAC Policy Conference, Obama Said That Jerusalem Should Be The Undivided Capital Of Israel:

    Obama: “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided.” (Sen. Barack Obama, Remarks At The Annual AIPAC Policy Conference, Arlington, VA, 6/4/08)

  45. Obama makes so many stupid mistakes and says so many ridiculous things every single day. Isn’t anyone worried that giving him the highest position in the land, inclusive of buttons to push is just a recipe for a huge disaster???

  46. 1950democrat Says:

    July 23rd, 2008 at 2:19 pm
    independent2008 Says:
    Is everyone as sick as I am that if Hillary is vp it would bring all 36 million Democratic voters together? Hillary’s surrogates keep saying that and Lanny Davis has said as much also.

    For many of us that would be a negative! We don’t want HIllary tied up ironing his shirt if they won.

    How can we tell Davis and others that we DON”T WANT HILLARY VP

    My thoughts exactly! It’s definitely a negative because I won’t vote for the ticket anyway. She deserves better. I feel better her being in the senate than being Obama’s VP. I don’t why Lanny and others think that it is such a great idea. Seems that they are just intent on putting a Democrat into the White House, regardless of who it is. They are giving people the idea that all that is needed to unite the party is put Hillary on the ticket, but I think that is would further divide it. Hate to say it but sometimes they seem as clueless as some of the obamabots.

    The Obamabots aren’t making any noise about this issue, because if Hillary is the VP, so what? She “may” help Obama in their view and she would only be the VP. As long as Obama is on top, they wouldn’t care.

    Maybe some of the PUMAs should make it clear of our position on Hillary being VP. I hope that Hillary herself don’t believe that if she is put on the ticket it would unite all of her 18 million votes. Listen to us Hillary, not those surrogates!!

  47. Independent 2008: But it is beyond Hillary now.
    kostner: if things were different they wouldn’t be the same. If McCain were 10 years younger Carly would be a terrific choice. It would make the DNC look even more foolish than they do now for not selecting HRC. It would really move alot more women I believe. The problem is his age and his lack of experience on the economy. Romney is the right choice for the Republicans assuming they want to win in 2008.

  48. Admin can you embed this?

    Barack Obama – Just Say NO Deal – NObama in NOvember


    Many people are deeply dissatisfied with the leadership they have had over the past eight years and are anxious for an alternative. Thus, when a new politician steps forward and talks about a “new kind of politics” they are inclined to listen. He is a blank canvass unto which they project their highest hopes and fondest dreams. They want to believe him so they fail to ask critical questions like who is he, who does he really represent and what would he do to the country if he became president? He offers vague promises and empty rhetoric to make people feel good. His operatives then orchestrate a movement of people united for “change”. Big Media promotes his candidacy like a new brand of perfume. Young people break out into mindless chants of Obama and tell their parents to vote for him. Mindless adults comply. Suddenly, he becomes the inevitable candidate. When bad information comes to light people rationalize it. If they press the issue they are called “racists”. If they persist they receive anonymous threats, are attacked by his bloggers and find their websites are infected with viruses. “Unity” means no dissent. We have seen this movie before.

    I come from a profession that trusts the wisdom of juries and voters–provided they have all the relevant facts. The purpose of this paper is to begin that process. It explains among other things why nine million Democrats do not trust him and refuse to support him. These are high information voters. Some of them supported Hillary Clinton in the primary. Others are former Obama supporters who found him to be “A God That Failed”. In the final analysis people will vote as they see fit. But if they knew who he really is, understood the history of the 2008 Democratic primary, and examined the potential consequences then they would have a better idea of what they are getting into.

  50. independent2008 Says:
    Maybe some of the PUMAs should make it clear of our position on Hillary being VP. I hope that Hillary herself don’t believe that if she is put on the ticket it would unite all of her 18 million votes. Listen to us Hillary, not those surrogates!!


    Well, Hillary recently requested feedback from her supporters. We could answer with DON”T BE VP.

    h t t p : / /

  51. wbboei said: nine million Democrats do not trust him and refuse to support him. These are high information voters. Some of them supported Hillary Clinton in the primary. Others are former Obama supporters who found him to be “A God That Failed”.

    I don’t know which 9 million this is. A CNN/OpinionReserach poll released Jy4 found 9 million Hillary supporters refusing to vote for Obama in November. Those were not all high information voters, they were just the people whom CNN/OR contacted (by phone I presume). Links to details at

    That figure would not include former Obama supporters unless they had become Clinton supporters.

    Judging by the info I’ve got at turndownobama, it would be 9 million former Hillary supporters (information level varying) plus some unknown number of former Obama supporters.

  52. Obama incorrectly claims membership of Senate committee

  53. Everytime this guy speaks, a lie comes out. He referred to the banking committe as “his” committee. He is not even a member of it. I guess, he believes that no one will dare call him out on it. He is probably right.

  54. The John Edwards Scandal fallout:

    Martin suggests he voted for Edwards

    Associated Press – July 23, 2008 3:04 PM ET

    ATLANTA (AP) – Voting history has moved to center stage among the Democrats battling for the U.S. Senate in Georgia.

    Jim Martin – who’s been bashing his opponent Vernon Jones for twice casting ballots for Republican George Bush – refused to say on Wednesday which Democrat he backed in the state’s Feb. 5th presidential contest. But he hinted strongly that it was John Edwards.

    Martin contributed $500 to Edwards’ campaign and said he endorsed the former North Carolina’s senator’s candidacy early on.

    “You can infer from that what you will,” Martin said. He called decisions made in the ballot box “private.”

    Jones has been criticizing Martin for failing to vote for Barack Obama in February.

    Big Media/MSM might poo poo the National Enquirer but down home common folks on both sides is pissed that John Edwards baby scandal will be linking Obama’s v.p list or other high positions with this mess.

    N.E. is big in the south and midwest and every suppermarket around the world will be standing in the check out line seeing and reading about Poor Elisabeth sick with cancer and her unfaithful husband having a baby with his mistress and setting up this huge COVER-UP of denials.

    The Republicans are going to play payback to the DEMOCRATS on their hypocritical behavior of HIGH LEVEL DEMOCRATS covering this up.

  55. Obama’s daily gaffes are a complete embarrassment to the Democratic party.

    Someone should make a website, “Obama-isms” — and list ’em all!

  56. 1950democrat: here is my correction in response to your comment:

    The purpose of this paper is to present them. It explains why among other things nine million Democrats who formerly supported candidate Hillary Clinton do not trust him and refuse to support him despite her endorsement. Moreover, some of the more perceptive Obama supporters are finding him to be “A God That Failed”. In the final analysis people will vote as they see fit. But if they understand the history of the 2008 Democratic primary then they will have a better idea of what an Obama presidency would mean to them.

  57. Berkeley Vox Says:

    July 23rd, 2008 at 3:55 pm
    Obama’s daily gaffes are a complete embarrassment to the Democratic party.

    Someone should make a website, “Obama-isms” —and list ‘em all!
    Or . . . it could be a sequel to the movie The Truth According to Garp, entitled The Truth Accordin to Bwak. It could begin with a visual of the Scottish moors, with the fog rolling in, with Orsen Wells voice over of the immortal words of Sir Walter Scott:

    Oh what tangled webs we weave
    When first we practice to deceive

    Then fast forward to the Brandenberg Gate and Pee Wee Herman:

    Liar liar pants on fire, etc.

  58. Bill O’Reilly Nails Robert Wexler
    Tue Jul 22, 2008 at 09:11:12 PM
    Bill O’Reilly did a good number on “local” Congressman Robert Wexler tonight.

    And I think Wexler is in a bit of trouble.

    You see, the longtime Democratic rep says he lives in Delray Beach and he’s required to maintain a residence in his district. But he really lives in Potomac MD. The house in Delray that he calls his “offical residence” is owned by Lawrence and Roslyn Cohen, the parents of Wexler’s wife, Laurie. And it’s in a restricted over-55 community, which makes it impossible for Wexler and and his three children to reside there.

    “U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Delray Beach)”? I think not.

    Wexler’s Republican opponent, Edward Lynch, dug this stuff up and fed it to Fox News. O’Reilly ate it up.

    A Fox News producer named Griff Jenkins caught up with Wexler in the front yard of his home in Potomac. When Jenkins walked up on his driveway, Wexler — looking 100 percent the goofy suburban dad in a green hat, green t-shirt, and shorts — didn’t even wait for a question.

    “No, I’m not doing this,” Wexler said. “If you want to call my office, that’s fine, I gotta drive my daughter to work.”

    Jenkins, like any good reporter, kept charging, asking Wexler by the congressman’s silver Volvo SUV if his residency was in Delray.

    “That’s correct, that’s my residence,” he said.

    Jenkins noted that it belonged to Wexler’s in-laws.

    “Is that true? You live with your mother-in-law?” Jenkins asked with a straight face.

    That’s when the fire-breathing liberal got what football man Bill Curry likes to call the “brook trout stare.” His eyes went blank and you could practically hear his brain leaking out of his head.

    “Uh, the, mm …”

    The stammering only lasted a second or two, but it seemed like an hour in at the DMV.

    “My in-laws own that house, that’s correct,” he finally said.

    “So you live with your mother-in-law?”

    “My in-laws own that house, yes, that’s my official residence.”

    To the videotape:

    Doesn’t Wexler have to have a “legal” residence in Florida? I don’t think he can claim his mother in law Senior Citizen community residence because his family could not legally live there?

    Any lawyers on board that can answer this?

  59. Wexler’s Delray residency disputed by opponent

    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008

    It’s unlikely U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler curls up on his mother-in-law’s sofa, pundits on the Fox News program The O’Reilly Factor said Tuesday night.

    Wexler’s challenger has accused the six-term congressman of playing a residency shell game, saying Wexler, D-Delray Beach, uses his mother-in-law’s address in Delray Beach while flagrantly making his home in a Maryland suburb.

    “Is it not a ruse?” host Bill O’Reilly asked John Fund, author of Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy.

    Fund said it is not illegal for Wexler to use his mother-in-law’s address, which is in a deed-restricted community for people 55 and over. But that it certainly is not within “the spirit of the law,” he said.

    “In the next few months, (Wexler) might want to shop around for a little garden apartment in Delray Beach,” Fund said.

    Edward Lynch, a Republican running for Wexler’s congressional seat, has been researching Wexler’s living arrangements and took his argument to the Fox News program.

    “The house he lists on his voter registration is his in-laws’ house, in a gated 55-and-older community,” Lynch said. “Legally, he can’t move back with children under 18.”

    Lynch said Wexler’s three teenage children attend Charles W. Smith Jewish Day School in Rockville, Md.

    A Fox News reporter surprised Wexler in his Maryland front yard.

    Wexler, wearing shorts, a T-shirt and a ball cap, said his mother-in-law does own the house in Delray Beach. But he also said he lives there.

    “Yes, it is my residence,” Wexler said.

    A spokesman for Wexler denounced the accusations.

    “Congressman Wexler moved to Florida when he was 10 years old and he has continually met Florida’s residency requirements ever since,” spokesman Josh Rogin wrote in an e-mail. “As members of Congress have since the founding of the nation, he also keeps a home in the Washington area so his wife and three children can be with him while he serves in Congress.”

    Lynch said he intends to file legal papers about the issue in the coming weeks.

    “That brings up a bunch of problems with respect to it is not truly his home, and it can’t be his home, and he’s using that address as his address to vote from,” he said.

    Lynch faces Wexler and no-party candidate Ben Graber in the Nov. 4 election.
    It seem Obama’s morally bankrupted Democratic? partners in crime are falling one by one and if Florida’s dems have any chance to have a democratic leaning representative they need to vote for Ben Graber in the Nov. 4 election.

    Or the Republican will have won another Democratic seat this november…Obama is really helping the down line democratic politicians….I think not!

    Wexler is another prime example of the rot in the democratic? Taliban Party and it’s time to get rid of these greedy folks and retake and rebuild our party one loser at at time.

  60. anyone have any updated on the birth certificate issue? TechDude (at NoQuarter?) debunked Obama’s birth certificate posted on Dkos a few days ago. But what authority(ies) is responsible for a) reviewing candidates’ qualifications to run for President, and b) fielding challenges from third parties as to a challenger’s qualifications?

    For instance, to “get on the ballot”, a Ralph Nader has to get signatures on a state-by-state basis, etc. But wouldn’t some authority (Congress?) be tasked with ensuring candidates meet the qualifications? Or would they have to wait until a candidate won the general election, and then ask the winning candidate “Show us your papers”?

  61. Congressman Wexler Under Fire for Faux Residency

    He is required to own a residence in the district he represents, which is in question.
    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Delray Beach representative Robert Wexler is answering questions after a news report uncovered the he doesn’t lay his head in the Sunshine State.

    It is required that he keep a residence in the district he represents, but his primary residence in in Maryland, not Delray Beach.

    The Delray Beach condo he has claimed as his home is actually owned by his in-laws, in a 55-and-over senior community.

    When questioned by a Fox News reporter, Wexler acknowledged he does not own the Maryland home, but insists he has done nothing illegal.
    This is worse then I tought, a condo in a 55 and over senior community and not a house. I don’t know how he can even skirt the spirit of the law with this crap.

    Since it seem the Republicans are going to file papers to remove Wexler or Sue…those Dems voters in Fl. need to vote for Ben Graber or Nancy Pelosi is going to find herself one dem seat short.

  62. I used to actually like Robert Wexler because he spoke out for Bill Clinton during his impeachment crisis. During this primary he has become another Clinton backstabber. I hope he loses!

    I don’t understand why the Clinton’s had so many backstabbers. Was these people bought and paid for? Another mystery to me is how so many easily switched since Hillary ended her campaign. I am even disappointed with Lanny Davis.

  63. Edwards, Nunn on Obama’s Veep List

    (WASHINGTON) — Former presidential candidate John Edwards and former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn are on a list of potential running mates for Democrat Barack Obama, according to a Michigan Congresswoman.

    Representative Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, who leads the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), said on Thursday that members of her caucus suggested the two at a meeting with the officials who are vetting candidates. The vetting team, Caroline Kennedy and Eric Holder, indicated that the two were on the list.

    Cheeks Kilpatrick said, “Former Senator Sam Nunn’s name has come up, as well as John Edwards’ name has come up among our CBC members. I reported that to them and they had both of those names on their list.”

    Kennedy and Holder have been meeting with members of Congress for their input.,8816,1816620,00.html


    Apparently, everyone feels the media is against their candidate, even this person from

    By Kimi Today at 2:51 pm EDT

    The above was in response to the blog stating:

    Is it that Barack is pulling forward the DNC or that the shift away from the GOP is pulling Barack?
    By kid5rivers2 – Jul 23rd, 2008 at 2:40 pm EDT

    Well, some people seem a bit concerned, seeing as how the polls are NOT showing our man BHO, with a much bigger across-the-board lead over McBush. So, I figured I’d ask a question.

  65. This assessment may be a trifle pessimistic but it certainly does illustrate the importance of taking down obama. By the way, if anyone knows who William is let him know that I would like to use his comments to end this piece in case he has any objection.


    I used to comment on the Taylor Marsh website when it was pro-Hillary. Occasionally, she would post my stuff as a guest blogger. Frankly, I was surprised that she found any merit in it–but as they say there is no accounting for taste. Unfortunately, as the end of the primary process drew near Taylor switched her allegiance to Obama. Whereupon his supporters swarmed in like fire ants, and I stopped going there. Nevertheless, while I was still visiting I came across a blogger named William whom others on the site seemed to know. I never knew who he was. But I was always impressed with his deep insight and superb writing ability. What better way to conclude our discussion than with one of his postings which appeared a month before Hillary suspended her campaign. I mention that because his comments were prescient. (Note: Taylor had just said that Hillary will be a powerful voice in the party because she won 18 million votes. Here is his reply.)

    “Taylor, I can’t disagree with much of what you said, except that if Hillary doesn’t get this nomination, I don’t think her “power base” is going to be much. The Democratic “leaders’ have had this fixed for some time. Hillary withdraws, they say nice things about her, they urge/threaten her to strongly support Obama; and she goes back to the Senate with no realistic chance of ever being President. Obama controls the Party and the DNC gets rid of most of the people that didn’t support him; and makes sure that if he wins two terms, the next candidate is the person he picks for VP, or someone he favors. Hillary thus becomes one of those tragic figures who is in the wrong spot at the wrong time, and never is able to do the kind of things she wanted so much to do for the country. Any other view of where she’ll be after withdrawing is naive and wishful, I think.”

    “In this case, she didn’t even really lose; but as I tried to recount below, was the victim of a nominating process carefully stacked against her. Outside of sending her own squad of bully boys to lock people out of caucus rooms and scare them, I don’t know what else she could have done. She won every big state except Obama’s own; she won virtually every swing state, mostly by comfortable margins. She has been the victim of the DNC fix and a rabid media, which is not going away any time soon. The only nice thing they will ever say about her is when she withdraws, just like Gore.”

    “The horrifying thing is that the goal of the media has not just been to get Obama nominated. It has been to absolutely destroy the career and reputation of Hillary Clinton. The fact that they continue to talk about something which by any rational analysis is an absolutely non-story, is as evil as it gets. The media may be what is most wrong with this country. At the start of every election cycle, like Charlie Brown hopefully running up to kick the football, I somehow think that this campaign will be different; that the media will actually try to be fair and provide reasonable coverage. And every time I immediately see that they are worse than the last time; more biased, more vicious, more slanderous, more willing to twist and distort reality to their own purposes.”

    “Or maybe it’s just that they’re too stupid to understand much of anything; after all, I know that a college education is not what it used to be. And being a frat boy or sorority girl with a nice smile may get you on TV, but it doesn’t give you any qualifications for analyzing anything. What’s happened with the RFK “story,” however, is far worse; because it is deliberately intended to make Hillary look like a bad person, which she most certainly is not. But I’m sure there will be lots of hand-slapping and high-fiving done in the newsrooms and on the news desks, if Hillary withdraws. So justice never does come to such despicable people as the Dowds, the Roland Martins, the Anne Kornbluths, the Andrea Mitchells, the Russerts, Matthews, and all the others.”

    “Frankly, I’d take this to the convention, tell the DNC and the media to go screw themselves, and let’s see what actually happens. But Hillary is not me, and she does not want to be hated by her colleagues, who have mostly tried to diminish her throughout the campaign, in favor of a propped-up, inexperienced, arrogant, elitist, calculating, disenfranchising, lying opponent. Obama is their candidate, not ours, if “ours” means the vast middle-class, the working people, those who truly care about the immense problems facing our country, and who realize that we desperately need someone immensely hard-working and competent, not a lazy inexperienced person who reads a teleprompter well.”

    “The fight Hillary has waged is for all of us, and she has gone toevery state to do so. I wish I could think of something positive or cheerful to see out of a Hillary withdrawal, but I cannot. I see perhaps the end of the last New Deal Democrat to remain on the political stage; and I see an endless series of empty images parading to the White House, selected by the corporate powers, and sold to Americans by the media like a new brand of perfume”

  66. I see my date was off. William’s posting must have been a few days before she suspended rather than a month, since it makes reference to South Dakota. Still he was prescient.

  67. How many people clink on to Drudge Report site per day?

    I’m asking because Drudge is headlining the John Edward baby momma drama and linking Time’s Edward is on Obama v.p. list too.

    Also from Above the law website:

    How accurate is the Enquirer story? We don’t know. But we hear through the grapevine that editors in the newsrooms of more mainstream organizations are debating about whether to investigate further.

    The Enquirer throws so much stuff against the wall, and every now and then, something sticks. Like Monica Lewinsky’s infamously stained blue dress, whose existence the Enquirer reported on months before any other media outlet. So there may be something to this story.

    P.S. Is it proper for ATL, a self-styled “legal tabloid,” to point out a story from the Enquirer, a fellow tabloid publication? Of course. We learned about it from the Drudge Report — which had it at the top of the page last night, and still has it on the front page — meaning that millions of people have already been exposed to the story. As we previously stated, when we wrote about the Troy King rumors:

    We pass [these rumors] along merely because everyone is talking about them — and you want to know what everyone is talking about, even if it turns out to be inaccurate, which is why you read sites like this one.
    Feel free to talk about the John Edwards story to your heart’s content, in the comments.
    John Edward political career is over and his using ACORN to cover up his tracks while he continue to lie will not help him and the Democratic? Taliban Party…the National Enquirer has worldwide distribution that is separate from Team Obama’s kool-aid drinking media propaganda, “in the tank” machine.

    Poor Elisabeth Edwards

  68. rgb:Apparently, everyone feels the media is against their candidate, even this person from
    Two reactions: first there is no way any objective person can compare the vile and venom directed by the Media against Hillary with the cakewalk they have given Obama. Second, he is so thin skinned that anything anyone says other than How Great Thou Art provokes a defensive reaction and a subtle threat that the objective criticism my have been racially inspired. So any protestations bots may make against the media seem trivial and calculated. We did not start off the campaign with cynicism and ill will. It is a rational reaction to what we saw over and over and over again from his people.

  69. But now that the cat is out the bag, I will say what I wanted to say then. John Edwards–he of constructing a 28,000 square foot home while preaching about the two Americas and remonstrating about the environment–is one of the most reprehensible schmucks to appear on the American political scene in some time. And that’s saying something. That he played this game while his wife had cancer makes it contemptible beyond words. Now we know why he was always primping in the mirror. It is narcissism unbounded.

    But there is a moral to this story – and I think we all know it. I hate the use of caps, but I think in this instance I will use them. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HIGH FLOWN RHETORIC OF POLITICIANS – ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS HOLIER THAN THOU. THEY ARE LIKELY TO BE MASKING SOMETHING.

    Oh, one last thing, for those of you who say it’s The National Enquirer, how do we know it’s true? I suggest you Google the “National Enquirer and OJ Simpson.” They broke most of the important stories on that case. In general, these days they’re vastly more reliable than The New York Times.

  70. And by the way, when all this incoming fire was being directed by Obama and his bots against us what Hillary and her entourage were telling us was it is okay to talk about the differences between candidates but do not attack a fellow democrat.

    To Hillary: you are a better person than I Gung Din.

  71. Years ago there was a San Francisco lawyer named Moe Gintzberg. So far as I know he was not relation to the discount habidasher in Manhattan. In any event it was the consensus of the Califonia Bar Association that he was the master of closing statements. Short and sweet, no chance for their eyes to glaze over. Here is one choice example. Automobile accident case. His client was rendered a quadripelgic. He is asking for damaged in an amount to be determined by the jury. Here is essentially what he said.

    My opponent and his corporate clients went to lunch at Sams Grill. I watched them as they ate lunch and had a good time.

    Because you see my client and I were at that same restaurant. We ordered lunch, and I watched his eat as well. He eats like a dog.

    The take-down of big media in this election needs to be just that simple in order to work. There are plenty of images and sound bites to make the case. I have my own ideas on that.

  72. UPDATE: The NATIONAL ENQUIRER is revealing new details about the political scoop we broke yesterday – the secret meeting between Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards and Rielle Hunter.

    A team of ENQUIRER reporters caught the married ex-senator visiting his mistress and secret love child late Monday night at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles hotel.

    As we reported previously, Edwards arrived at the hotel at 9:45 p.m. (PST) Monday, driven by a friend in a BMW, and was seen by ENQUIRER reporter Alan Butterfield.

    We can now reveal that the man who drove Edwards was Bob McGovern, the same man who drove Rielle to the hotel from Santa Barbara and rented her room in his name.

    He was driving a 1999 four-door midnight blue BMW.

    Said Butterfield: “The car had a baby seat in the back for Rielle’s infant. He pulled into the parking lot, took a ticket from the automated machine, pulled forward, and stopped right after the parking gate lowered. Edwards got out of the passenger side, walked around the front of the car and went in a side entrance near the swimming pool.

    “McGovern parked the car and then slowly walked back inside the hotel and went upstairs.”

    In the aftermath of our exclusive story, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has now learned:

    * Edwards’ advisers are “spitting mad and furious” that his late-night escapades have made international headlines because it could derail his chances of becoming Barack Obama’s running mate.

    * Edwards has not explained his whereabouts to any members of other news media outlets who have been trying to follow up on the story.

    * His mistress, blonde divorcee Rielle, meanwhile, has returned to her home in Santa Barbara, Calif., and sources say she is “in despair” that Edwards might cut off contact with her because their latest rendezvous has been exposed in the media.

    After we posted the details of Edwards shocking meeting with Rielle, political sources close to Edwards revealed how he was candidly scolded by his advisors hours later.

    One political source divulged: “His advisors told him they were furious that this had been brought out by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER right when Obama is considering whether he’s V.P. material with the Democratic National Convention (Aug. 25-28 in Denver) only weeks away.

    “From what I hear, John was read the riot act by his people. The fallout from this could cost him the job of running mate. They told him Obama doesn’t want to pick someone and be embarrassed by the choice. This ‘bimbo eruption’ at this critical time will do him absolutely no good.

    “While his people are not trying to tell him how to live his personal life, this baggage isn’t going to help him convince Obama that he’s the right guy to be his veep.”

    A day after the incident, Edwards traveled to Denver for an appearance at the University of Denver in support of the anti-poverty campaign, called Half in Ten. The very first question put to him at the event was about whether he’d become Obama’s running mate.

    Edwards was quoted as saying: “I’m not seeking the job. I don’t expect to be asked…but anything that Sen. Obama would ask me to do, whether it’s in his campaign or in his presidency, I would consider seriously.”

    But Edwards made no official comment on our bombshell disclosure about his late-night antics less than 24 hours earlier.

    Said another source: “He’s going out of his way to avoid discussing it – he knows whatever he says will come back to haunt him. If he denies being there, he doesn’t want to be found out to be a liar.”

    In other new details, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER has learned that McGovern, the man who picked up Edwards and dropped him off at the hotel, has become one of Rielle’s closest friends.

    McGovern reserved rooms 246 and 252 at the Beverly Hilton under his name. Rielle was in one room and McGovern was in another with her baby. This allowed her and Edwards to spend time alone.

    Another source said: “Bob McGovern is someone Rielle met in Santa Barbara when she recently moved there. He’s become one of her closest friends and agreed to help her see Edwards.”

    Rielle has not yet made any public comments about her Monday night visit from Edwards

  73. am waiting for picture proof or witnesses to speak up, but if this can be proven, or if they have photo evidence, then that rumor that he is on the Obama VP short list, just blew up and that list just got shorter.

    Pajamas Media says they also had wind of the story but didn’t have proof enough to publish, then they make this point.

    Oh, one last thing, for those of you who says it’s The National Enquirer, how do we know it’s true? I suggest you Google the “National Enquirer and OJ Simpson.” They broke most of the important stories on that case. In general, these days they’re vastly more reliable than The New York Times.
    That is a good point.

    The Corner also notes that it was the Enquirer that broke the Limbaugh story long ago.

  74. kostner: this edwards thing has been known about for several weeks. Just not published. He was not a serious candidate for vp for that reason.

  75. independent2008 Says:
    Is everyone as sick as I am that if Hillary is vp it would bring all 36 million Democratic voters together? Hillary’s surrogates keep saying that and Lanny Davis has said as much also.
    That’s just cover for Hillary when he loses. “He should have picked her.” This campaign is dull, dull, dull. If Hillary came back in, it would go wildly exciting, and it would be obvious that she has star power beyond anybody. bho will not allow that. There is one thing he values beyond winning: his own arrogant ego!

  76. Dinasaur media death watch!
    New York Times 2Q profit drops 82 percent

    NEW YORK — New York Times Co. says its second-quarter earnings fell 82 percent from the year-ago quarter boosted by a one-time gain. Meanwhile, print advertising revenue continued to shrink.

    The New York-based newspaper publisher says its quarterly net income dropped to $21.1 million, or 15 cents per share, which included 11 cents per share in buyout costs.

    Analysts polled by Thomson Financial expected income of 22 cents per share in the latest quarter. Analyst estimates typically exclude special items.

    Revenue dropped 6 percent to $741.9 million, missing the average Wall Street estimate for $754 million. Ad revenue slipped down 11 percent, hurt mostly by fewer classified ads.

    Chief Executive Janet Robinson says business was hurt by the “U.S. economic slowdown and secular forces playing out across the media industry.”

  77. wbboei quoting ‘William’ I think:
    ” I see an endless series of empty images parading to the White House, selected by the corporate powers, and sold to Americans by the media like a new brand of perfume”

    That’s about right. I remember hearing long ago that the way a new perfume is invented is, first the advertising people choose a name. Then they design a box. Then a bottle. Only then does anyone start to think about what to put in the bottle.

    This ‘William’ sounds like someone who wrote a great guest post at camille424’s bitterpoliticz. Here is a link to a repost of it:
    h t t p : / /

    I think his title was “Vampire”? Here’s an excerpt:

    He is a central casting candidate; an acceptable and gratifying image of our first Black President. He could have come from “24,” or some thriller movie. People who buy into those media creations, buy into Obama. They see in him what they think they want to see. He is said to speak like King; to have the handsomeness and aura of JFK. Most of the people who say that or see that, don’t remember either King or Kennedy, or the time in which they were important figures. Their images of the ’60’s are vague and skimpy, coming from old footage, or commercials designed to co-opt the period to sell some product. Many people of today have a yearning for the ’60’s, because it seemed exciting, full of color and hope. That has been exploited by Obama’s campaign, which seeks to create a wholly fabricated image of him, put together like a collage, using the language and metaphors of that era.
    Obama is given speeches which talk about “hope” and “change.” That is part of the ’60’s mystique. All the allusions to Kennedy and to Camelot are intended to do that as well. The JFK Administration was never Camelot, nor was it a magical time. There were some good things, and there was hope and a sense of possibility. But the people who are responding to it were either very young during that period, or were not alive at all. They are the same kind of people who think that Scarlet Johannson is Marilyn Monroe, because she is made to somewhat resemble her. And they don’t remember Martin Luther King, either; do not really know what his political positions were, other than the famous “Dream” speech. A Black man who speaks in a baritone, with cadenced phrases, is a suitable stand-in. And all the inchoate New Age messianic dreams are also allowed to be embodied in the figure of Obama, as his websites are frighteningly imbued with messianic and religious images and icons. People who have no idea what is wrong with the country or the world; what concrete economic and geopolitical issues we have to face, are easily seduced by the idea of a magical figure who is an amalgam of all those fuzzy images they have; who is a combination of Kennedy, King, Jesus, whomever else they admire; maybe John Lennon and Denzel Washington, too, who knows? Anything but what Obama really is, with all his limitations and inadequacies.

    There’s more. If you use it, note the errata in the post that follows it:
    some previously corrected items disappeared, such as “Wellesley” instead of “Vassar” and “rasa” instead of “raza”. In addition, the ? in the first line obviously belongs after the quote.

  78. Tabloid Trash’: Edwards Slams Enquirer Account of Rendezvous With Mistress, Love Child
    h t t p : / /

    Typical non-response response from a politician. Blink, blink and blink. I smell a Monica here. LOL.

  79. I am wavering. McCain has the tactical advantage over the presumtous nominee (PN).

    PN must go first. If he selects a woman and it is not HRC he has dissed all her supporters even those who have moved over to him.

    If PM selects a man, then contrary to what I said before, John should select Carly. That will pull in alot of women voters as well.

    The only way PM can avoid those risks is by selecting HRC. But if she says no he is really up a tree. Maybe this time the DNC can threaten her to accept the vp positon. Threats are the only thing they are any good at.

  80. After thinking about this further I am beginning to understand the real allure of Obama. With all the problems we face in our lives, our country and in the world it is comforting to know that there is one place we can go for all the answers–bambi. If you think about it objectively this is really quite a bargain. It is a form of one stop shopping. And his words are like parables: when he told us that Israel is a friend of Israel I have to admit I had never thought about that before, but now that he said it I cant get it out of my mind.

  81. Please, I’m hoping Hillary will not be Obama’s vp…so I can vote for McCain happily.

    I don’t think our current leadership is that smart and will go down with ‘OTitanic, these people are soooo clueless in their ego, elitism and arrogance.They are going to go jump off the cliff because their careers are so tied up in Obambi.

    I would be more surprise and hopeful if I see true character and honor coming out of the swamp called the Democratic? Taliban Party…but we’ll see. In the mean time I’ll continue to prepare for D-Day, the day the Democratic? Taliban Party jumped over the cliff and nominate Obambi.

  82. wbboei,

    Let’s be realistic here. Bambi won’t choose Hillary, period. i’m surprised that many diehard hillary supporters can still get duped into thinking bambi has the decency to do the right thing. This guy is the biggest megomaniac i’ve ever seen.

    Stop torturning yourself… Bambi needs to go period.

  83. when he told us that Israel is a friend of Israel I have to admit I had never thought about that before…


  84. Reporter: How do you feel the situation in los angeles on Monday would affect any future in politics in this administration-a potential Obama administration?

    Edwards: I don’t know…none. I don’t.

    Reporter: None?

    Edwards: None.

    Reporter: The national enquirer story?

    Edwards: I don’t talk about these tabloids. They’re tabloid trash and just full of lies. I am here to talk about helping people

  85. Do people actually believe the National Enquirer DON’T have video and photos…they probably have license plates of the car and will be drip, drip, dripping the info out everyday Obama is overseas campaigning Germans.

    This is how it works, when a tabloid gives you names and specific quotes and sources and witnesses, you are in trouble. National Enquirer is going to drag this out painfully because they took a lot of heat before and now they have the goods on the Democrats and Edwards.

    I really feel sorry for all those people who donated to this creep but now this man political career is TOAST and he can go back under his rock for a long time.

    I’m just surprise how long it’s taking Obama to throw him under the bus. The longer Edwards is in the news with his baby momma and POOR ELIZABETH fighting the good fight…the more this will rub off on Obama and the Democratic? Taliban Party vetting system.

    It appears any male but a female and never Hillary Clinton is the Democratic? Taliban Party motto. I love how all these Obama supporters are falling apart.

  86. Kostner: I sure hope you are right. I just know that desperation (his) does strange things. Lets hope his arrogance trumps everything else. So far it has.

  87. turndownobama: That’s about right. I remember hearing long ago that the way a new perfume is invented is, first the advertising people choose a name. Then they design a box. Then a bottle. Only then does anyone start to think about what to put in the bottle
    Years ago JP Simplot (the Idaho potatoe barron) decided to get into the cattle business and the smell created a nuisance and his neigbors brougt suit to deal with the problem. Their attorney got him on the witness stand and asked JP whether he had visited he property and he answered yes. He then asked whether he has smelled the air and again he said yes. At that point the attorney went in for the kill and asked him what he thought it smelled like. JP replied: It smells like money. The obama brand of perfume has the same characteristics.

  88. Edwards is a first class RAT, if that NE story is true, which it probably is, since the NE could be sued for a lot money, if it was proven to be false. Edwards was a trial attorney, so he wouldn’t pull any punches about taking legal action. I feel really bad, for Elizabeth, who is fighting the good fight. She is the brains and heart of that duo.

    BTW, William used to post a lot on TM, and I always enjoyed his well-written insightful writings. He has a gift.

  89. From a poster on NOQuarter:

    Hello everyone,

    As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram Afghanistan for about an hour on his visit to ‘ The War Zone’. I wanted to share with you what happened.

    He got off the plane and got into a bullet proof vehicle, got to the area to meet with the Major General (2 Star) who is the commander here at Bagram.

    As the Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand, he blew them off and didn’t say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

    So really he was just here to make a showing for the Americans back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

    I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States . I just don’t understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost that he was scared to be around those that provide the freedom for him and our great country.

    If this is blunt and to the point I am sorry but I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is. What you see in the news is all fake.

    In service,

    CPT J
    Bagram, Afghanistan

  90. That was interesting information on the New York newspaper. I wonder how the TV networks are doing. When people start distrusting, they stop watching and reading.

  91. Two Thirds of Americans Think Obama’s Trip to Middle East Nothing But a P.R. Stunt, Poll Shows…

    July 23, 2008

    While Barack Obama has touted his travel to the Middle East and Europe this week as a “fact-finding” trip, 63% of Americans do not believe it makes the Democratic candidate any more qualified to be president.

    A new Rasmussen Reports national survey, taken Monday night, also finds that less than a third (32%) think Obama will learn from his trip to Iraq. Forty percent (40%) say his mind is already made up about policies to deal with the war there. The Democrat has been accused by liberals in his party of softening his long-standing opposition to the war in Iraq in an effort to appeal to more moderate voters.

  92. wbboei,

    I can’t find a comment I wanted to reply to. Something aboout Obama being born and raised to be a coporate candidate, ‘cosseted’, groomed, etc.

    I agree that’s his personality and background. What I balk on is the idea that Soros or someone came to his mother in disguise to get him conceived.

    What I see from the profiles at is a succession of adulators stroking his Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer complex.

    His mother chose to create a mixed-racial family (two non-white husbands etc) where each child was a token of a different race, was given pictures and taken to the temple of ‘his’ own race — ie raised as exiles from their ‘true’ genetic ‘brothers.)

    Then he was ‘handed off’ to white liberal guilt grandparents in Hawaii, whom he learned to manipulate. Then to this ‘Frank’, from whom he learned to manipulate — whom? Eventually to the Chicago crowd.

    I agree that each stage groomed him. What I don’t see is Soros or Dr. No or any one person behind it all through.

    Even when he got handed off from the Daley dynasty to the Kennedy, I find it hard to believe they were all in detailed collusion.

    For one thing, wouldn’t someone have vetted Wright? Kennedy should sue for defective goods.

  93. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    Drive-Bys Ignore National Enquirer on Breck Girl Affair, Love Child
    July 23, 2008


    RUSH: Surely, Mr. Snerdley, you jest when you ask me why the mainstream media is not covering this? I think you are just trying to provoke me into mentioning it myself. The National Enquirer, is running an exclusive and they say they have pictures of it.

    The Breck Girl, John Edwards, having an affair, caught red handed with the babe and his love child at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles either Sunday night or Monday night, I forget the days. And they were watching him. They have been following the story for six months and they saw him go in and they saw him come out. He tried to get out of the hotel at 2:40 a.m. I’m really shortening this up, but he saw them; they saw him, and he ducked into a bathroom in a basement. He had gone in a side entrance to avoid the lobby going in the hotel and coming out. They know the room numbers.

    There was a woman from Santa Barbara who is the babe, and a guy from Santa Barbara, a friend, drove her down to LA for the meeting with the Breck Girl, and a love child was with him. They had two rooms at the hotel according to the Enquirer. The guy and the baby in one room and the Breck Girl and the babe in another room right down the hall from each other on the same floor. The baby was not part of the meeting for awhile, the Breck Girl said hello to the baby, and then the Breck Girl and the babe were in the room by themselves.

    No cameras in there, nobody knew what went on. The Breck Girl then tried to leave. The National Enquirer reporters and photographers snapped it.

    The funniest part of this to me is the Breck Girl ran into a bathroom and feverishly got on a cell phone calling hotel security to come rescue him. I’m picturing in my head the Breck Girl’s combing his hair in there getting ready for his big exit knowing that there are photographers out there.

    It hasn’t been reported anywhere. The story’s been contained in the blogosphere. The Enquirer first hinted about this six months ago and, of course, the Enquirer has been taken as gospel in stories involving me with virtually every newspaper organization in the world quoting them. The Enquirer was taken as gospel during the O.J. Simpson trial and even given credit for breaking several news stories. Byron York ran a piece last week at National Review Online in their corner blog and he wondered if this was going to break out into the Drive By Media, will it break out in the mainstream media.

    The reason you would ask this is, “Hey, he’s on the list of potential vice presidential picks for Obama.” I’m thinking Obama probably called him up when he heard about this, said, “Senator Edwards, you are not the Senator Edwards that I knew, but I need you to get together with my preacher for some counseling.” And then of course everybody, the blogs are all alive, “How could he do this with his wife having cancer,” and so forth, that angle. But nobody has any evidence that what was going on in the hotel room was anything other than two people sitting there watching Larry King Live repeats even though it was at like 2:40 in the morning when the Breck Girl tried to escape out of there. And when he was spotted by the media, he acted like they had caught him at something.

    Have you seen a word about this any today? You haven’t. You literally have not. So I’m just picturing the Breck Girl in that bathroom combing his hair on the phone to hotel security begging for a way out of there.


    RUSH: When this Breck Girl story first hit, a friend of his said, “No, no, no, I’m the one having an affair, that’s my love child.” And the Enquirer says, “We know that’s not true.” So they’ve been following him around for six months trying to prove it and they think they proved it earlier this week. The Breck Girl did what every reprobate guy does: love ’em and leave ’em. Check in the hotel Breck Girl, don’t just go in there for a couple hours of quickies and leave at 2:40 in the morning. Check in, pal. Leave at a normal time. Not that I’m an expert, don’t misunderstand

  94. Hillary Donors Not Backing Obama

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 12:53 PM

    Newsmax today

    Of the 311 fundraisers who bundled more than $100,000 in donations for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, only eight are on the list of contributors to Barack Obama’s campaign in June.

    Their total for the month: just $19,250.

    “The fact that fewer than 3 percent of Clinton’s donors have donated any money directly to Obama in his first month as presumptive nominee is likely to raise the eyebrows of some leaders in the Democratic Party who are hoping to see signs of unity,” the Huffington Post observed.

    The Washington Post reported that a total of 2,200 individual Clinton donors — as distinct from the big-money fundraisers tracked by the Huffington Post — became first-time donors to Obama’s campaign in June. They contributed $1.8 million, or just 4 percent, of the $52 million the campaign raised last month.

    Obama donors are evidently returning the “favor.” They gave just $105,000 in June to help Clinton repay her $25 million campaign debt, according to the Lost Angeles Times.

    For the Obama campaign, the easiest way to drum up support from Clinton’s contributors is to put her on the ticket, Hillary fundraiser Susie Tompkins Buell told the Huffington Post: “The magic solution in general is the vice presidency. It heals all the wounds immediately.”

  95. Well I guess if this Edwards story turns out to be true, he did Hillary a favor by not endorsing her. Rats tend to attract other rats, so to speak.

    True or not, Elizabeth Edwards has my thoughts and prayers. This cannot be easy for her.

  96. JanH remember he has a 20 something daughter, and two small children that will be terrible hurt by this also. If you want to know how much, ask Chelsea.

  97. This story is true….Edwards is a very successful trial lawyer if National Enquirer didn’t have videos, photos, witnesses…Edwards would be talking about lawsuits.

    The interesting issue here is that the MSM is ignoring this news item which only going to bring money to the blogs and National Enquirer.

    Elisabeth Edwards is now the wronged women and has replace Hillary Clinton and how the Democratic? Taliban Party did that hit piece on Bill Clinton and here we have John “baby momma” Edwards doing something 100x worse and the media knew about this last year and STILL Team Obama vetted Edwards on his short v.p. list.

    It just tells me the Democratic? Taliban Party vetting system is terrible and Obama prolly don’t have a legal birth certificate either.

  98. NewMexicoFan,

    I will add his children to my prayers as well. This is just so very sad. I really respected this man at one time. This election has certainly opened my eyes.

  99. I hate liars…would somebody please give history lessons to this person?

    Gov. Janet Napolitano (D-AZ) touted Obama at her weekly press briefing. “When you think about it, when Clinton became president in 1992, he had less experience than Obama has,” she said. “Some would say that, when George W. Bush came into the presidency, he didn’t have much foreign policy experience, either. And he surrounded himself with people who had tons of experience, and look at what’s happened over the last seven years.”

    No wonder our educational system sucks with leaders like this.

  100. carby: Bill Clinton had been Attorney General of Arkansas, and Governor for 12 years. That is a helluva lot more experience than Waffles. Janet Napolitano is another bot.

  101. carbynew,

    those dem clowns are determined to throw the Clintons under the train tracks so their boy can shine. Electing a president with absolutely no track record seems to be the flavor of the day.

    Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

  102. The Incredible Lightness of John Edwards’ Integrity

    The Democratic Party hocked up a particularly repulsive slate of presidential candidates this year, and the individual to whom I took the most active and instant dislike was John Edwards. A successful, yet nonetheless sleazy, liability lawyer who rode the gravy train to the end of the line, he was well known for his melodramatic courtroom antics; he once “channeled” the spirit of his client’s dead child, which tactic, had I been a juror, would not only have convinced me to vote for acquittal of the defendant, but would have emboldened me to reach out from the jury box and try to strangle Edwards with his own hundred dollar necktie.

    The hypocrisy of this fat-cat ambulance chaser and owner of a house the size of a shopping center trying to pass himself off as a defender of the poor was revolting, and I got the distinct impression that he was attempting to treat the electorate as if it were constituted of the sort of mental midgets who made up most of his juries. A sufficient quantity of voters, however, either saw through this monumental fraud, or were fetched by the comparatively greater charms of the other candidates, so Edwards was ultimately swept into the dustbin of presidential history.

    Perhaps that explains why it was left up to the National Enquirer to track this inflatable Ken doll of a man to a hotel in Los Angeles, where he reportedly spent the night with his mistress and his love child – while his wife was back home in North Carolina, battling cancer.

    Of course, he apparently had other reasons for being in Los Angeles: per the Enquirer, “The former senator attended a press event Monday afternoon with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa on the topic of how to combat homelessness.” Interesting topic, John; why don’t you just invite the homeless to stay with you?.

  103. Paula Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 11:59 am
    The Hillary-turning-down-the-VP-slot rumor is in here:


    no-doubt obamabot induced rumour to by-pass the hillary crowd disappointment when his holiness chooses someone else.

  104. I can’t find a comment I wanted to reply to. Something aboout Obama being born and raised to be a coporate candidate, ‘cosseted’, groomed, etc

  105. John Edwards-Rielle Hunter Love Child: UPDATE – MSM Ready to Finally Pick Up StoryPosted on July 23rd, 2008 by mondoreb in Breaking NewsRead 276 times.

    One Major Network Reportedly Ready
    to Finally Report on the Edwards Love Child Scandal
    Is Mainstream Media Blackout Ready to End?

    UPDATE: DBKP has learned that “one major news network” is reportedly “ready to go” with a report on the Edwards’ hotel meeting with the National Enquirer’s reporters and photographers. The Enquirer reportedly had a team of seven reporters at the Beverly Hilton when Edwards arrived.

    Will just one mainstream media reporter ask Edwards what he was doing at the hotel in the early AM? Does any MSM reporter have the balls to risk having his access to ask softball questions of Edwards cut off?

    We’ll see.

    More details continue to emerge from the National Enquirer’s Love Child Scandal Update.

    The Enquirer has released the identity of the man who drove Edwards to the meeting that the Enquirer’s reporters caught wind of and recorded. He’s Bob McGovern, the very same man who drove Rielle Hunter to the tryst at the Beverly Hilton.
    “One is the loneliness number that you ever heard.” ONE, ONE, 1 MSM is ready to go…..pathetic.

  106. John Edwards’ Alleged Mistress Speaks!
    Posted by ExtraTV on July 23, 2008 4:42 PM

    Rielle Hunter, the woman at the center of the scandal involving former U.S. Senator John Edwards, is speaking out — telling “Extra” the rumors are “not true.”


    “Completely unfounded and ridiculous” is how Hunter describes a National Enquirer report claiming she has a love child with Edwards — and was recently visited by the married father at a Los Angeles hotel.

    In early 2007, Hunter opened up about her relationship with the former presidential candidate, explaining she produced a series of campaign Internet videos for Edwards after meeting randomly in a New York bar.

    “Meeting John Edwards was interesting,” she told us. “He was very real and authentic. He was inspirational to me.” She added, “I was around him a lot. It was great. We went to Africa. The whole experience was life altering for me.”

    When asked about the allegations today in Houston, Edwards called the stories “tabloid trash. They’re full of lies.”
    ROTFLMAO!!! On how NE is building up their story and didn’t I read N.E has been stalking this couple for 6 months and had Photographers, videos and witnesses at the scene.

  107. Here is an interesting analogy. Is goes to the question of party unity.

    What happened at the rbc meeting and again on the following wednesday in her office has been called a “hi-jacking” of the party.

    I think that is the right term to use.

    Now then, let us compare what happened here with what happens when thugs with guns hijack an airplane.

    Do the hijackers and victims just sit down together and talk about unity while as they fly on to some destination which the passengers never bargained for?

    This might explain why 9 million Hillary supporters or more are saying no to the DNC candidate. It might also explain why only 3% of bundlers and 4% of Hillarys independent contributors are coming across for the presumpious one.

    If I were the DNC right now I would be shitting bricks. On the other hand I am sure dean pelosi and brazille are fine with it. If ignorance is bliss tis folly to be wise.

  108. It is a good thing that dr dean is no longer seeing patients. He couldnt afford the malpractice insurance premium. So why in the hell should he meddle in politics?

  109. birdgal wrote:

    Bill Clinton had been Attorney General of Arkansas, and Governor for 12 years. That is a helluva lot more experience than Waffles. Janet Napolitano is another bot.

    And remember, Clinton got HELL for being “too inexperienced” etc. from the press and the GOP back in ’92…he was a fantastic candidate and had a strong track record of legislative successes, so he was able to fight through it. Meanwhile, BHO has no such track record… just lots of nice speeches.

  110. I’m still ROTFLMAO on the hypocrisy of the cultists. The Hillary Clinton got hammered by the Obamas and the Edwards over Bill Clinton behavior. Even in the last days on the primary campaign the media tried to distroy the Bill Clinton with that hit piece done and who can forget MSNBC behavior…and now here’s more male excuses.

    NOT ONE PEEP FROM BIG MEDIA ON THIS. Remember the longer it takes to address this the more drip, drip, drip will continue on Obama’s vp vetting after TIME magazine wrote that article naming John Edwards on Obama’s short list for vp.

    Btw, ACORN is not going to help John Edwards or Obama.

  111. Obama to meet with Blair before Brown
    Published: July 23, 2008 at 8:11 PMOrder reprints | Print Story | Email to a Friend | Post a Comment Close LONDON, July 23 (UPI) — U.S. presidential hopeful Barack Obama has ruffled feathers in London by planning to see former Prime Minister Tony Blair before his successor, observers say.

    The Telegraph reported Wednesday that Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, will fly to England Friday for a meeting with Blair to discuss the Middle East and global climate change.

    The following day, Obama will meet with Prime Minister Gordon Brown at Downing Street. The Illinois senator has reportedly declined to take part in a televised press conference with the prime minister.

    Privately, government officials are dismayed that Blair has upstaged his successor since Brown advisers were hoping to present the prime minister alongside Obama, who is wildly popular in Europe, the newspaper said.

    “Obama is showing that the political messages and methods of the 1990s now look very tired,” said David Lammy, a government minister and friend of Obama.

  112. Why no bounce for Barack Obama?
    Everyone’s raving about his triumphant trip!

    Posted by: Mark Kilmer

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 03:02PM

    The American political media cannot understand why president candidate Barack Obama’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem Tel Aviv and elsewhere has not pushed him further to the fore in the heart’s of America’s voters. The TIME glossy infotainment magazine’s blog Swampland offers us this gem:

    Lots of speculation on the web, and in whispering circles, about why Obama’s foreign trip–a slam-dunk success substantively and in photo-op terms (Obama laughing with Petraeus in the helicopter was the best)–hasn’t resulted in a polling bump. The emerging conventional wisdom seems to be that the trip is a bit too grand, too…presumptuous and voters are wary of that. (And presumption, of course, always comes with the subterranean tinge of racism.) Maybe so.

    Okay. According to the media, we either see through Barry’s stage show, contemptuous as it is of our eyes, ears, and minds, or we’re racist punks who cannot bear to see a black man triumph in the manner Obama has. No, no, no to the latter excuse. Even the New York Times saw through Clinton (Bill) playing with rocks on the beach at Normandy in 1994, and Obama’s act seems much more obviously a fraud.

    Joe Klein, the blogger of the piece, has his own little theory:

    People may be thinking, what on earth is Obama doing over there when we have so many problems back home? Why isn’t he talking about the economy? No doubt, the Obama staff figured they needed this week abroad to establish the image of Obama as a potential Commander-in-Chief…and, no doubt, he will turn to the economy–a Democratic strength, according to the polls–when he gets home. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is paying a price for vamping about overseas while banks are cratering, gas prices soar and people are getting really, really nervous about their futures.
    He thinks Americans want Barry here in the States, front-and-center, blaming Bush because we’re all going to die and alien beings will invade Earth any day now.

    Maybe so, Joe. In your little dream world, where everyone sees the obvious: that Obama has arrived to save the world from the evils of Bush and to remove the last vestiges of Reaganism.

    The first responder (First Responder) to Joe’s post relates that his (her?) theory is: “Normal people who don’t pay attention to everything that happens in politics have better things to do.” Maybe the media fawning over Obama rolls off these people like spit off a greased duck. (Never mind.)

    Half of Americans surveyed by Rasmussen believe that people like Klein are trying to convince voters to support Obama. If these Americans can detect that the media is engaged in fakery for Obama, surely they can see through Barry’s stage show.

    So the media couldn’t pass off this nonsense as something substantive, or even important enough to be more than a blip on the public radar screen; how does this bode for their upcoming effort to push this flawed candidacy down Pennsylvania Avenue to street number 1600?

  113. “Obama is showing that the political messages and methods of the 1990s now look very tired,” said David Lammy, a government minister and friend of Obama. ”

    So, he meets with Blair first? Wasn’t Blair PM during the 90’s? I guess, dissing the present PM by meeting with Blair first, is so 21st century. Maybe, Brown wasn’t available.

    Actually, BO’s political messages and methods are very old and tired, as he is becoming.

  114. Obama and Al Aqsa

    Since I was pointing out the relentless sexism of Obama supporters in last night’s post I figure I can tie that in with tonight’s brief post. When Herr Obama goes to the West Bank his security will be provided by the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. The picture is of Al Aqsa female fighters. Equality in terror…is a kind of equality.

    Anyway, nice touch, Barry.

    The target of Al Aqsa is Israeli civilians.

    Linked here is a list of Al Aqsa Suicide attacks against Israeli civilians in the last 6 years. 130 Israelis have been murdered by “Obama’s West Bank Security Force” since 2002.

    The U.S. State department – that would be the “U.S.” Obama wants to lead – lists Al Aqsa as a terrorist group.

    The Palestinian Authority chose this group for his security. But this is not an out for Obama. A true leader would have refused to go to the West Bank under these circumstances. If for no other reason than in deference to the 130 recent dead. He is a U.S. Senator. The signal this sends to terror groups is…well… you decide. Coddling? Naive? Appalling?

    I am not a Jew. But for the life of me I cannot understand how anyone in the Jewish community in America can support this man.

    Every time I think I can’t possibly be more disgusted with Obama – he hits a new low.

  115. Obama Makes $5 Million Olympics Buy

    It’s official. Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign will be among the TV sponsors of NBC Universal’s Olympics coverage. In the first significant network-TV buy of any presidential candidate in at least 16 years, the Obama campaign has taken a $5 million package of Olympics spots that includes network TV as well as cable ads.

    According to NBC’s political file, the campaign had initially requested information about 500,000, $2 million and $4 million package of Olympics spots. The network also offered the candidate a $10 million package.

    NBC Universal is airing 3,600 hours of Olympics coverage on its broadcast network and cable networks including NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Network, Oxygen and Telemundo, and while some of the Obama campaign’s spots will air on network TV, the breakdown of how many or exactly when they will air was not immediately available. It did encompass most dayparts.

    The Obama campaign did not return several calls and messages seeking comment on the reasoning behind the buy.

    The Obama campaign will join major advertisers including McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch. The Beijing games begin with opening ceremonies

  116. wbboei,

    As for Obama being a merchandisable creation, it’s admitted in an early Rollling Stone profile. Something about Axelrod following him around with a camera to record what the potential supporters reacted to, so as to increase it in future.

    They hadn’t paid much attention to the story of his life in Indonesia, Hawaii, etc till one old lady heard “the story” and said “I’m in love.”

  117. Congressman Wexler Under Fire for District Residency

    UPDATE: Wexler Responds
    Wednesday, July 23, 2008

    Congressman Robert Wexler is answering questions after a news report alleges that he doesn’t reside in his home district of Delray Beach.

    It is required that he keep a residence in the district he represents, but, according to the report, his primary residence is in Maryland, not Delray Beach.

    The Delray Beach condo he has claimed as his primary residence is actually owned by his in-laws, in a 55-and-over senior community.

    When questioned by a Fox News reporter Wexler insists he has done nothing wrong and is following the established guidelines for a residence in his district.

    Statement by Congressman Robert Wexler:

    I moved to Florida when I was ten years old. I attended Florida public schools. I was married in Florida, and my children were born in Florida. My wife and I previously owned three homes in Florida. In 1996, I was elected to represent my South Florida constituents in Washington. During my first year in Congress, my family lived in our Florida home, and I attempted to commute between Washington and Florida. It quickly became apparent me that I would miss out on the bulk on my children’s lives if I were to work full time in Washington while they lived in Florida. My wife and I then made the decision to purchase property in Maryland where we could attend an Orthodox Synagogue and my children could attend Jewish Day School while I worked at the Capitol. We sold our Florida home, and I established my residency at my in-laws home in Delray Beach.

    Under Florida law, residency is determined based on a few critical factors. Under all of the relevant factors my place of legal residence is quite clearly and legitimately Florida, including my clear and documented intention to be a Florida resident, my Florida drivers license, my registration to vote in Florida, and the Florida tags on my automobiles. In addition, I have two offices in Florida where I work — another determining factor according to Florida law — and I have been a member of the Florida Bar in good standing since 1985.

    There is no requirement that people have to own property to serve in Congress – nor should there be.

    From the very beginning, I have been open with my constituents about my decision to move my family to the Washington area where I spend the majority of my time. I have discussed this publicly for years and have even written about it my own book, which I am actively encouraging my constituents to read!

    This is simply nothing more than a baseless political attack by my Republican opponent that is being heavily promoted by Bill O’Reilly of Fox News Channel because he is angry with me for sending an email to my supporters criticizing Fox News Channel and Bill O’Reilly for their offensive and racially tinged coverage of Barack and Michelle Obama. After I criticized O’Reilly he attacked me on his television show and now has retaliated by sending cameras to my Maryland and Florida homes to pretend he is “breaking news” about something I have openly discussed for years.

    Many members of Congress own property in the Washington area, many raise their children in the Washington area, and many like myself cannot afford to own two homes.

    I do not believe that my constituents question my commitment or ability to represent them in Florida. I am deeply and passionately involved in every level of local government and local campaigns, and I have worked relentlessly on issues ranging from delivering a voter verified paper trail, working for a real prescription drug benefit, ensuring the security of the state of Israel, and countess other issues.

    I spend as much time as I can in my district and am continually speaking to groups and hosting town hall meetings. Many times constituents have complained to me that they did not like a position or vote I have taken, but I can honestly say that in my over twelve years in Congress the one criticism that I have never heard is that I am not involved enough with our local community.
    I don’t think he answer the question…nobody said he had to OWN property but he did have to have a legal residence in his name…rent or own.

    Since he mother-in condo is in a 55 and over community with strict residency guidelines his family would not be legally able to rent the property beause of age and children issues.

    Since Florida has a unique tax system that different greatly from his Maryland main resident, it would only be fair to ask for Rep. Wexler to show his income taxes for the last 10 years and prove his legal status to be a Florida representative.

  118. h t t p : / /
    Easy post. Form at the bottom. Only asks screen name and email. 25 posts so far.

    Pretty good story about Marc and Heidi and The Denver Group.

    In a post on her personal blog, Professor Feldman compares being on
    the ballot to throwing the ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game,
    while being placed in nomination is akin to being added to the team
    roster. The group is considering running advertisements to explain the
    What is clear is that some of Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are not ready
    to give up the fight. The Denver Group, established in late June, has
    already collected approximately $30,000, and hopes to at least double
    that and buy time on CNN. Its success reflects a lingering sense among
    some Democrats that party leaders are trying to block Mrs. Clinton
    from the nomination.
    “I don’t know which way it’ll go and neither does he,” said Professor
    Feldman of Mr. Dean. “If he knew, he would just allow it to happen.”
    Mr. Rubin admits that a Clinton victory in convention balloting would
    be a long shot — at least 175 superdelegates would have to reverse
    their public positions — but “the potential is there.”

    Other links on the same page for easy commenting:

    The Caucus Front-Runners

    * A McCain Iraq Chronology in Question (106 comments)
    * Obama’s High-Powered Ride to the Airport (97 comments)
    * The Candidates, Comically Drawn (23 comments)
    * Grassley Has No Convention Vote (11 comments)
    * Defining a First Lady’s Public Image (141 comments)

  119. Admin: thank you for this positing and all those that preceded it. If so happens I was right at the point where I neede the stuff on msnbc.

    Do we have a similar list of sexism by obama. If not dont worry I will find it.

  120. Obama World Tour a hit with media, but what about voters? [Karl]
    The Gallup tracking poll bumps along, “with no sign yet of a significant ‘bounce’ from [Barack] Obama’s high-visibility world tour.” The weighted average of recent polls at shows the presidential contest tightening, with Obama holding a mere 2% lead over John McCain.

    At the New York Times, Alessandra Staley cannot stop fawning over the fabulous “optics” of the Obama tour, though she wonders if some will find his supremely confident pose presumptuous. At NRO, Victor Davis Hansen calls the media coverage “something like an embarrassing retrogression to teen-age Beatle-mania.” New York Daily News Washington Bureau Chief Thomas DeFrank calls it “Obama’s best week since winning North Carolina in May.”

    So far, the polls suggest that voters are either less impressed or are simply not paying attention.

  121. This is stunningly desperate on NYT’s part. What kind of idiots are still buying NYT, WoP etc? Both left and the right are getting increasingly impatient about these stupid print media. Dinosaur media watch continues.

    NY] Times Will Raise Newsstand Price to $1.50
    NY Observer ^ | July 23, 2008 | John Koblin

    Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 9:55:52 PM by Daffynition

    Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. and Janet Robinson reported grim second-quarter results today—ad revenue down another 10 percent versus the second quarter last year, net income down to $21 million versus the $118 million they made this quarter last year—and just dropped a small bombshell:

    “We plan to increase the daily newsstand price of the Times from $1.25 to $1.50,” said Ms. Robinson on a conference call with investors this morning. It goes into effect on August 18.

    The paper last raised newsstand prices last July.

  122. From LA Times.
    Barack Obama’s VP shortlist might have gotten shorter: The National Enquirer yesterday published a story claiming it had caught John Edwards meeting with an alleged mistress and illegitimate child. Then again, the Enquirer hasn’t been able to produce quotes, photos or even eyewitness accounts. And the mainstream media seems to be ignoring it, for the most part.

    TalkLeft, among others, hopes it isn’t true. And thus far, the claims don’t seem to have hurt Edwards politically — although the Corner has something worth noting:

    …after first seeming to take himself out of the running, he put himself back in the race two weeks ago, telling NPR, “I’m prepared to seriously consider anything, anything [Obama] asks me to do for our country.”

    But yesterday — the day the Enquirer story went live — the Rocky Mountain News reported, “former Sen. John Edwards told a Denver audience Tuesday that now he’s plunged into a new kind of campaign, ‘to end poverty as we know it in a generation.'”

    Wonkette, in its own way, expresses exhaustion at the thought of another Edwards story:

    The important question is not “Why is John Edwards cheating on his wife who had cancer?” We know that answer: He’s a Democratic politician. They have affairs with ladies. The important question is “Why do we have to hear about this again now?”

  123. This guy is all PR, geez, can we get a break… He’s polling horribly among Republicans, independents, now he’s trying to sell to us he’s popular across the board via MSM. Pathetic. If you read poll internals, the only reason he’s ahead of McCain by a few points is because the 10 points advantage Democratic party has over GOP.
    Campaign is coordinating a blitz by the ‘Obamacans’

    Barack Obama’s campaign is talking with Republicans who have endorsed his presidential bid, seeking to coordinate a publicity blitz together.

    The initiative to highlight the backing of “Obamacans” is in its infancy. But campaign events featuring Republicans praising Obama are seen as an effective counterpunch to Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-Conn.) aggressive backing of Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) White House bid.

    Former Sen. Lincoln Chafee said in a telephone interview this week that he participated in the Obama conference call. Chafee served in the upper chamber from 1999 to 2006 as a Republican representing Rhode Island. Since his reelection loss, he has left the Republican Party and endorsed Sen. Obama (D-Ill.).

    Chafee said the GOP-related Obama initiative is in the “beginning phases,” and indicated that the talks will be continuing in the weeks ahead.

    Douglas Kmiec, a professor at the Pepperdine University School of Law who was co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign’s Committee for the Courts and the Constitution, has also backed Obama.

    In an e-mail, Kmiec said he has been in contact with the Obama campaign, adding: “I think you’ll see a fairly well-designed website to begin; after that, I’m not sure if there will be print ads and such and how tightly the surrogate speaking will be coordinated.”

    Sources say the Obama campaign effort will probably not occur until after the selection of a vice presidential candidate and the Democratic convention.

    Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of President Eisenhower and a self-described “lifelong Republican,” was also on the call with the Obama campaign, which she said took place in recent days.

    Eisenhower, who penned an op-ed in February in The Washington Post backing Obama, stressed that she has not made any decisions on what public role, if any, she will play for the campaign.

    Eisenhower is president of the Eisenhower Group, which provides strategic counsel on political, business and public affairs projects.

    Eisenhower said she was impressed when she met Obama in the spring of 2007 through “one or two” friends on the Obama finance committee.

    The campaign recently held a conference call with a small group of officials who are or who have previously been identified with the Republican Party, according to sources who were on the call.

  124. From ‘Slate’.

    kausfiles: A mostly political Weblog.
    Edwards: The Agony of the MSM
    Please don’t make us tell you what happened.
    By Mickey Kaus
    Updated Wednesday, July 23, 2008, at 10:10 PM ET
    “Get it first, but first get it second.” The old Newsweek rule! I hope that’s the rule the MSM is following. If so, here’s an MSM mention! And here. Business Week is what, chopped liver? And doesn’t Jack Shafer count? … I fear there is a new rule: “We don’t want to get it at all. Not even just a mention of the ‘allegation.’ Not even second.” Why? Jon Fine’s Business Week piece summarizes some likely reasons. A couple of points:

    –Fine notes that “Edwards isn’t considered a likely vice-presidential candidate by the press.” That’s true. But he is a likely Obama cabinet official. Many Dems would like to see him as Attorney-General. That’s what’s at stake in the love-child coverage. The Enquirer has killed him as a VP candidate. But if the MSM goes into full “protect Elizabeth” mode the damage might yet not quite be enough to stop his confirmation by a Democratic Senate next year. “Protect Elizabeth” = “protect A.G. John.”

    –If the Enquirer story is true, Edwards didn’t just cheat on his sick wife after making a big deal of his loyalty to her in the campaign. He also presided over an elaborate cover-up, involving lies and duplicitous lobbying of the MSM. What is it the CW says about cover-ups? Eliot Spitzer looks like a Boy Scout in comparison.

    P.S.: If the MSM can discuss the charges in meta form (“It’s so easy to jump to conclusions—and I admit, this looks bad”) in blogs, chat rooms, and in press commentaries, why not on the front page in political commentaries? As things stand, here’s a rundown of media performance on the John Edwards front:

    –The New York Times doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –The print edition of the Washington Post doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Newsweek doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Time doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Katie Couric didn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Brian Williams didn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Charlie Gibson didn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –RealClearPolitics doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –HuffingtonPost doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday (and it’s their story!). I blame the commenters.

    –Mark Halperin doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –Mark Ambinder doesn’t tell you what happened yesterday.

    –One Roger Simon tells you what happened yesterday–but the other Roger Simon doesn’t!

    Has the gap between what the MSM lets you know and what happened–and what you can easily find out happened–ever been greater? …

  125. Here’s a comment from ‘Red State’ regarding a recent poll in NH, a GOP site…


    I work the phonebank at McCain’s Manchester NH HQ doing internal polling. I, too, see GOP numbers firming: McCain’s even better than Sen Sununu’s.

    P.S. Some good news/bad news for you on NH-1 race: Stephen is the conservative in the race…in every way, including socially, fiscally, militarily.

  126. CQ: Clinton Diehards Want Convention Vote – re Heidi, Marc

    h t t p : / /
    Very easy posting. Comments and comment form is at the bottom of the
    page. No login. 138 comments.

    Pretty fair article. Needs more pro-PUMA comments, pretty mixed so
    far. Just skim to the bottom and post something sensible. 🙂


    PUMAs, if you run out of targets, see

    h t t p : / / 🙂

    h t t p : / / – most recent alerts on the pumaresponders-LITE list

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    I think your William is posting over here at the moment:
    h t t p : / /

    I posted offering to arrange contact.

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