McCain Vs. Big Media Party

The death of Tim Russert was not in any way the death of the Big Media Party. Candidates for political office must take sides – either the Big Media Party or the American voter.

The rule “never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel” is now a rule to be breeched because Big Media does not merely want to observe and report. Big Media wants to run the show. John McCain, who benefited for years from Big Media love, is now waking up to the threat Big Media poses to his campaign.

Democrats and Republicans who care about Democracy must unite against Big Media Party control of our politics.

The Big Media Party demands that what remains of the rational Democratic Party and the few lucid voices at the Republican Party obey the Big Media Party. In this election Barack Obama is the Big Media Party tool. McCain/Hillary had better fight back or lose. It appears McCain might decide to fight back.

The disappointing Dee Dee Myers wrote, in question form, what Big Media observers know: Is the Media trying to Elect Obama?

So far, the answer is clear: Obama is The One. In the first quarter of the general election, he has simply gotten more and better coverage than McCain. For those who need more evidence than the enormous press entourage that is treating Obama’s current trip not like the campaign swing of a presidential candidate, but like the international debut of the New American President, there are several new studies which help quantify the disparity.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism, which evaluates more than 300 newspaper, magazine, and television stories each week, found that from June 9 (after Obama had wrapped up the Democratic nomination) until July 13, Obama was more prominently covered every single week. During one particular week, July 7–13, McCain was a significant presence in 48 percent of the stories—but Obama met that mark in 77 percent of the pieces. Similarly, the Tyndall Report, a media monitoring group, found that Obama received substantially more media attention.

I can only imagine what the gap must be like this week, as Obama continues to meet with world leaders and adoring crowds, while the mere presence of media’s biggest and brightest stars stamps each and every event as important!

Given all that, it’s not surprising that voters, particularly those of the Republican persuasion, think the media is more or less in Obama’s pocket. A recent survey by Rasmussen found that 49 percent of the likely voters they talked to believed that reporters would favor Obama in their coverage, while just 14 percent said the same about McCain. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans thought the press would try and help Obama win, while only 21 percent of Democrats thought journalists were in bed with McCain. Complaints about bias are only exacerbated when the New York Times (the bête noire of the right) rejects an opinion piece written by McCain comparing his position on Iraq to Obama’s—just days after the Times ran a similar piece by Obama.

Suspicions of pro-Obama bias began in the primaries. A Pew survey in late May and early June found that 37 percent of Americans believed that Obama received preferential coverage; only eight percent said the same about his principal opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Even the mindless Howard Fineman knows the Big Media Party is force-feeding its tool – Barack Obama – to the American people.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the American people may be repelled at the sight of a man touring the planet in presidential style who has yet to even be nominated by his own party. There is something a little off about Obamapalooza, even if it is not entirely the candidate’s fault. The self-conscious mimicking of J.F.K. can be cloying or even worse. Kennedy went to Berlin in the midst of a Cold War crisis. To stand at the Brandenburg Gate and declare “Ich bin ein Berliner” took enormous guts. Obama has yet to match that fortitude — and he hasn’t been chosen president. However quaint it may seem, voters may want a say in that decision.

McCain had better realize quickly that the Big Media Party is the enemy. Barack Obama is merely a tool. The Democratic leaders have surrendered and decided to collaborate with the Big Media Party.

We wrote in April:

The protests by us and many other Hillary supporters was not whining. This election season several “correspondents” have had to publically apologize for their open misogyny and abusive comments against Hillary. The abuse has been staggering. At one point we even referred to the attacks as a form of “rape”. T-shirts stating “The Bro before the Ho” have been sold along with “nutcrackers” in the shape of Hillary. Big Media has not had anything to say about the sale of these items other than to grin. If racist items were sold Big Media would get on its high horse and blame Hillary immediately and continuously. Hillary has been portrayed as “cackling” and with her “claws” out in Big Media outlets. Big Media has examined her clothes and her breasts. The abuse has been staggering.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton need to side with the American voter against the Big Media Party.