Only The Beginning

Will Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi ignore Women’s Equality Day on August 26, which is the second day of the Democratic convention?

Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi want women’s votes but continue to ignore and insult women. No recognition from Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi of the historic 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention.

Hillary Clinton:

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to send greetings to each of you attending the 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention. I am especially honored to be part of this special recognition of Women’s Rights. I thank the Seneca Falls Project, The National Women’s Hall of Fame and Seneca 160 for their support and recognition of this historic year for women along with our issues, struggles and triumphs.

This year has been significant for all of us as women. After traveling and meeting people from across America, I am more confident than ever about the future of our place and role in society. As someone who has had the privilege to benefit from many freedoms that are rooted here at Seneca Falls 160 years ago, I am encouraged and thankful for the continued effort and commitment to women’s causes that is evident here today. As women continue to distinguish themselves in aspects of society across America, we must renew our efforts to empower all women with the rights and opportunities promised by our founders and fought for by the heroic women and men who left an indelible mark in Seneca Falls 160 years ago.

I wish all the best for this special occasion and thank you once again for your continued support. I am proud of how far we have come and what we have accomplished. As I said last month, although we were not able to shatter that highest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it has got about 18 million cracks in it.

Is it any wonder that older women, who lived though the great struggles for the Equal Rights Amendment, the “liberation” struggles, and the day-to-day struggles for simple respect and dignity before the law, embrace Hillary and reject Obama?

Obama is falling short with some segments of the women vote. In particular, he currently polls considerably worse than his predecessors among all women age 65 or older. About one-third (35%) in this group support Obama, while 42% support McCain. In June 2000, Gore enjoyed a 53%-to-36% lead among women over 65, while in June 2004, Kerry held a more modest 48%-to-43% lead. Currently, nearly one-quarter of women 65 and older (23%) remain undecided about whom to support or say they will vote for another candidate, more than double the share that said that was the case at this point in 2004 (9%) and 2000 (11%).

Even among older women voters who identify themselves as Democrats, significant numbers have yet to declare their support for their party’s presumptive nominee. While Obama has a solid 69%-to-12% advantage over McCain among Democratic women over 50, nearly one-in-five (19%) remain undecided or would vote for another candidate. By comparison, just 4% of older Democratic men are undecided.

* * *

Ricki Leiberman of Electability Watch echoes a theme from our Voting For Barack Obama (right hand column) series:

A local public official called to commiserate and express his concern about having to work with the BO gang – that if my mild dissent occasioned such an outpouring of venom and wrath, what would it be like to have them govern? Certainly something to be asking the SDs as they consider their awesome responsibility to select the electable candidate at the convention in Denver.

Ricki also comments about Arriana Huff n’ Puff still pretending to be fair and balanced. Big Pink is a partisan site but we are honest about it – we proudly wave a Big Pink Hillary flag. Arriana Huff n’ Puff and Talking Pimps Memo, and DailyKooks pretend to be fair and balanced.

Interesting to hear reports from many of you that your comments were rejected in response to the Huff Post article. The ‘gatekeepers’ had no problem publishing my home address and phone number, and yet rejected many of your well-reasoned thoughtful comments. Nonetheless, Jay Kallio reports that nearly half of the posts were favorable, in spite of the problems. Think what the balance would have been had they let all of you speak!

I am so proud that so many of you and others took the time to try and post comments, to push back. And one result of all this tumult is so many more people are DOING THE EW! The very best revenge!

Ricki’s grasp of history (herstory?) allows her to label the incense burners with an accurate tag: locusts!

All in all, the last few days have been quite a look into the MO of the Obama gang and supporters. At this point, ‘they’ have disappeared as fast as they descended – like a plague of locusts!

Heed Ricki’s advice which echoes our advice:

Finally, the emails and mail boxes are full of BO and DNC solicitations. Please remember to return them with a message to COUNT EVERY VOTE; please give NO money to BO or the DNC…

* * *

As to the Howard Dean tour:

As he stepped off the bus he was greeted immediately by Guila Jackson, who loudly demanded that the party put Hillary Clinton’s name into nomination at this summer’s national party convention.

“We want a nominee who’s elected, not selected,” she said, gripping his hand tightly as he stood, a smile frozen on his face.

In 2000 real Democrats and Americans wanted a president who was elected, not selected.

In 2008, the same struggle – real Democrats want a nominee who is elected, not selected.

Thank you Guila Jackson for making Howard Dean’s tour so memorable.

The fight for the soul of the Democratic Party has begun.


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  1. There is a very private meeting of The Democratic Party right now at the Harborview Hotel on Martha’s Vineyard. I asked the help if this is the state or a national dems, but everyone is sworn to secrecy! Anybody know what’s happening?

  2. alcina — only in the movies. This is not a big city hotel — all the employees are well known to one another.

  3. I guess it must be the VP vetting committee with the Dean/Pelosi etc….with Ted Kennedy there as well!!!

    And their plans on the convention for BO..

  4. Don’t you think having a meeting while O is in Europe is stange. I tought he rand the Dictocrats?

    So how can this be a big meeting if he is not there.

  5. lil ole grape – hide your money and take off your rings and watch before shaking any hands or going near them 🙂


    Twin Moose. I wish some people watch their kids like this Mother Moose does. Just to add some variety to our blog.

  7. martha’s vinyard..yup. teddy kennedy and caroline, horse-face kerry, pelosi and any other dem-puke i may have left out all on a conference call with screamin’ dean.

  8. Could also be a meeting if certain likable supporters who have summer homes here. Great timing, actually. We’re all focussed on Seneca Falls.

  9. You guys, it’s the meeting of the “Great Minds” and their get together to ram BO down our throats at the convention!
    These demons will never change their minds and admit that BO was a huge mistake!

  10. I’m an optimist. I want to think something good is coming out of this. I want to think they have realized they are going to be embarrassed if not pelted with rotten vegetables in Denver if they don’t change course.

  11. oops Didn’t mean Idunn in the group

    I’d be happy to go along…if only to make SURE that no-one managed to pull themselves out of the water. 😉

  12. Great Idea Idunn! I would like to think positive also. He is toast and they better start realizing it!

  13. found this on PUMAPAC

    UPDATE JULY 19, 2008 at 10:45am: Hope everyone is feeling nice and uplifted after reading that. But if you start to think that speaking up politically as a woman is now safe and commonplace after 160 years, THINK AGAIN. Here’s a comment posted over at the Hireheels blog. The commenter’s name is Big Papa.

    “You racist PUMA (pu$$ie$)CeeRackers aren’t fooling anybody. You hate Obama because he’s a strong, intelligent and accomplished Black man. You racist, man-hating pigettes are nothing but right wing trash, who are soon going to be extinct in the NEW America. There is a new generation rising to destroy you right wing conservative, racist female dogs, and male pigs. You’re all squealing demons who are going to Hell, and the world will be a much better place without you all! Say hello to the next POTUS- Barack Hussein Obama…you scummy beeeeotches!”


    Seriously this is a democrat? We are in big trouble! This idiot thinks anyone that opposes the unqualified, out of touch, flip flop, cannot be trusted BHO is a republican/right wing whatever. Of course he goes to Hireheels to say this….

    I never thought I’d see the day that so called democrats would stoop this low. And we thought GWB settle the bar too low!

  14. At some point, you begin to wonder whether the man was sent here to steal our democracy for some nefarious purpose. The obvious question is how can Obama be stealing our democracy when he brings in so many new voters? The answer depends on whether they are well informed individuals or are people who have limited understanding of the issues and are subject to mass psychology. This is not a matter of race, or age. It is a matter of knowledge. Let me be perfectly clear on this: unlike Obama, I believe in full enfranchisement as a basic right of citizenship. But I also know how political operatives exploit ignorance and divert attention from serious issues in order to get elected

  15. That mydd is cancer to the body politic. Obama should denounce them. I tried to post over there and they would not let me on.

  16. I just read an article in 03′ that stated that Soros had bought the democratic and that Howard Dean had sold out to him. We all know that Howard lost, but this articles goes on to say that Soros met with Obama in 04′ when Obama had his debut at the DNC convention. Obama completely embraced Soros at this time and received 60,000. in campaign donations for his senate race. Well, if Howard hand picked Obama, then Howard also got Soros to meet him. This is such a cozy arrangement. Howie is campaigning for him while he is in the MiddleEast and the rest of the tribe is meeting in Martha’s Vineyard today. Where is our party??? Its bought and paid for by Soros!

  17. McCain paying down primary funds in advance of cap
    Staff and agencies
    19 July, 2008

    By JIM KUHNHENN, Associated Press Writer 12 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – Faced with a spending cap for his fall campaign, Republican presidential candidate John McCain is aggressively spending more money than he is raising during summer months and methodically reducing his cash reserves.

    According to filings with the Federal Election Commission, McCain spent more than $16 million on advertising during the month, about three-quarters of his total raised in June. That was five times more than he spent in May, when the Democratic presidential primary was still being contested by Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama clinched the Democratic nomination on June 3.

    Obama has decided to bypass the public finance system and raise his own money for the fall.

    Obama has not yet filed his June report with the Federal Election Commission. It is due at midnight Sunday.

    McCain‘s campaign announced his fundraising and cash on hand figures last week. But his FEC report offered more details about the nature of his spending and his fundraising.

    Overall, McCain‘s spending, more than twice what he spent in May, exceeded his fundraising in June by more than $4 million.

    At this stage of the campaigns, money raised by the national political parties is as important as that raised by the candidates.

    Altogether, the RNC and McCain had $95 million in the bank at the end of the month. Obama and the DNC had $92 million.

    McCain also reported debts of more than $1.4 million.

    The most frequently cited occupation among McCain donors was “retired,” a group that contributed $2.8 million in June and that accounts for at least 14 percent of his fundraising. Retirees figure highly in Obama‘s list of contributors as well, but lawyers lead among Obama donors. Retirees make up about 6 percent of his contributors.

  18. Top Dem Party Officials Send Sharply-Worded Email Demanding That Hillary Donors And Supporters Get Behind Obama
    By Greg Sargent – July 19, 2008, 12:20PM

    In a sign that senior Democratic officials remain deeply concerned that post-primary bitterness could imperil Barack Obama’s chances, two top Democratic officials have emailed a sharply-worded letter to major donors and other leading Dems confessing “fatigue and irritation” at those withholding full support from Obama and demanding that they get behind him “without conditions or demands.”

    “I supported Hillary Clinton and am proud and pleased that I did,” reads the email, which was written by Donald Fowler, a former DNC chair and DNC member-at-large who was one of Hillary’s most prominent supporters. Alice Germond, the Secretary of the DNC, is also a signatory.

    “But she lost,” continues the email, which was sent our way by a source. Barack Obama won. It’s over.”

    “It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition,” the email continues.

    The email also laces sharply into Hillary supporters who remain embittered by the primary and are demanding things in exchange for their support.

    “I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support,” it reads. “It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.”

    Pretty stern stuff. The full email after the jump.

    Dear Democratic Friends:
    2008 is a Democratic year-at all levels in all the states. The opportunity is ours. We just have to seize it.

    We experienced an exciting, intense, sometimes difficult, campaign to nominate our presidential candidate. Now it’s over. Barack Obama won.

    I supported Hillary Clinton and am proud and pleased that I did. But she lost. Barack Obama won. It’s over.

    It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition.

    I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

    It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.

    It’s time to WIN for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, America, and our future. We have an unparalleled opportunity. I hope we will all do everything we can to seize the moment.

    See you at the Inauguration.


    Don Fowler
    DNC Member At-Large, South Carolina
    Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee

    Alice Germond
    Secretary, Democratic National Committee
    DONT GIVE A DIME TO THE DNC or the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban Party…tell them HELL NO!


    Here is the link to download the petition to get CINDY SHEEHAN on the November ballot. The number of signatures required from registered voters by AUGUST 8TH is 10,198. They have 6,593 so far. Let me remind you that Cindy is running as an Independent AGAINST NANCY PELOSI. Let’s help Cindy get her name on that ballot!

    h t t p : / /

  20. This must be what the conference call with Howie and the rest of the dimwits was about. I bet ole’ Howie has been getting an earfull of resentment about the selection and not the election of the nominee.
    We the democrats did not sell our party to Soros, so they better realize we own the party and Dean/Pelosi/Kennedy/Kerry. We will never vote for the fraud!

  21. I resent the fact that they would say it was time to act in a mature and resourceful manner.

    I am mature, maybe more mature than they are, as I am ready to fight for my Democracy. Who ever wrote that email made a big mistake in the selection of the word MATURE.

  22. Confloyd: I hope those donors remember that Fowler and Germond (especially) were members of the Rules and By-laws committee that made a mockery of due process and disenfranchised Americans. Thus, I find it difficult to take their admonitions serioulsly. By the way what exactly was it that she “lost”? The popular vote? (No). Well then perhaps the electoral map? (No) The swing districts? (No). The delegate count? (No). That wont be decided until the convention. Well then what the fuck was it that she lost? The confidence of globalitists that she would sell out the American People. So naturally they turned to Barack. Trust me the proof will be forthcoming.

  23. Another thing, she did not lose. The vote does not happen for th SDs until August, and she won the popular vote. STOP SAYING SHE HAS LOST IT ONLY MAKE US MADDER.

    I have to ask, are you really an experienced politician, putting out an email like that.

  24. Washington Post editorial, slamming Backtrack Obama over his hypocrisy on campaign finance ethics:

    How Big Are Those Bundles?
    Barack Obama’s failure to practice what he legislates

    Saturday, July 19, 2008; A14

    IT WASN’T so long ago — last September, to be specific — that a senator with a particular interest in campaign finance reform introduced a bill to provide important transparency in presidential campaigns. The measure, S. 2030, would require presidential campaigns to report the names of fundraisers who bring in “bundles” of individual contributions totaling $50,000 or more. The campaigns would have to report the occupations of the bundlers and the specific amounts they are credited with raising. This was a terrific idea. It’s too bad that the bill’s sponsor, Barack Obama, is failing to follow the rules he set out.

    If you spend enough time hunting around on Mr. Obama’s Web site, you might be able to unearth a list of his bundlers. (Hint: go to, click on “contact us,” click on “answer center,” click on category “fundraising,” go to Answer 24.) You will see the names of those who bundle between $50,000 and $100,000 for Mr. Obama, the $100,000-to-$200,000 folks, and the $200,000-and-up crowd. Recently, prodded by a letter from campaign finance reform groups, and after the New York Times pointed out that the Obama campaign had not updated its bundler list for months, the Web site added a flotilla of names, along with each bundler’s city and state. However, the Web site does not provide the bundlers’ occupations or employers, although those should be readily available to the campaign from the bundlers’ individual contributions.

    John McCain, whose disclosure of bundlers had been sketchier than Mr. Obama’s, told the campaign finance groups it would add employer and occupational information to his list of bundlers, promising monthly updates and saying he would include in the totals the amounts bundlers raised for the Republican National Committee to benefit the McCain campaign. The Obama campaign did not reply to the groups’ letter.

    The biggest flaw with both candidates’ disclosures is that they stop being specific at what is a relatively low amount: $200,000 for Mr. Obama and $250,000 for Mr. McCain. The McCain campaign said it could not list a specific dollar figure “in the midst of the campaign because it is changed on an individual basis almost daily — that is why we use broader categories.” Even so, the categories could be far more specific: Campaigns know full well who has brought in $1 million or more, and who is a “mere” $200,000 bundler.

    Mr. McCain’s recent additions are welcome but insufficient. How far Mr. Obama’s performance falls short can be measured by his own legislation.

  25. Confloyd> I need to do a little more work on this to verify some things but when I do, we should talk about it offline. We can exchange phone numbers through Admin, if you are game. A day or so is all I will need.

  26. She hasn’t lost anything, she is gaining support. I think your right Wbboei the truth about what has happened will come out. Hillary will not sell us out, but Obama, in a heartbeat. He just wants to make history, that being the first AA. Hillary on the other hand would make history as the first woman, but that’s not all she wants to do. She wants and know this country needs another FDR and its needs it quick. She is the one who can do it. We don’t need another filthy rich man filling his pockets at the expense of the American People. I think Soros is trying to make the dollar fall, so he can instill the Amero. BTW, did anyone see Ben Stein on Fox, he is usually jovial, is he sick, or is he worried about the economy.

  27. Exactly. Telling Clinton supporters that “she lost, it’s over, get over it” etc. is mind-bogglingly insulting and offensive. The superdelegates haven’t even voted yet.

  28. Gotta sign off. I am headed to an 18 million voices event. Some of us are dressing up like suffragettes. When Rudy did that it did not work so well. Thus, I do not intend to repeat his mistake.

  29. Wbboei, its fine with me, I just don’t know how to do that. You’ll have to fill me in on how to do that! I’d love to discuss our ideas!

  30. Great post over at NoQuarter today, worth repeating:

    From the NY Times today:

    A Bush administration plan to define several widely used contraception methods as abortion is a “gratuitous, unnecessary insult” to women and faces tough opposition, Sen. Hillary Clinton said on Friday.

    Hillary Clinton:

    … joined family planning groups to condemn the proposal that defines abortion to include contraception such as birth control pills and intrauterine devices.

    It would cut off federal funds to hospitals and states where medical providers are obligated to offer legal abortion and contraception to women.

    “We will not put up with this radical, ideological agenda to turn the clock back on women’s rights,” the New York senator told a joint news conference with New York Rep. Nita Lowey, also a Democrat, at Bellevue Hospital.

    “Women would watch their contraceptive coverage disappear overnight,” said Clinton.

    The planned rule is aimed at countering recent state laws enacted to ensure that women can get contraception when they want or need it. It also would help protect the rights of medical providers to refuse to offer contraception.

    Clinton said she has written a letter with Patty Murray, a Democrat senator from Washington, to Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt asking him to reconsider and reject the release of the proposed rules.

    She also urged people to sign a petition on her website,, against the proposed changes.

    “Our first effort is to get the Bush administration to rescind the regulation, not issue in its current form,” Clinton said. “If that doesn’t succeed, we’re going to be looking for legislative steps that we can take to prevent this regulation from ever going into effect.”

    A copy of a memo that appears to be an Department of Health and Human Services draft provided to Reuters this week carries a broad definition of abortion as any procedures, including prescription drugs, “that result in the termination of the life of a human being in utero between conception and natural birth, whether before or after implantation.”

    Conception occurs when egg and sperm unite in the Fallopian tubes. It takes three to four days before the fertilized egg implants in the uterus. Several birth control methods interfere with this, including the birth control pill and IUDs.

    “If enacted, these rules will make birth control out of reach for some women. That’s a sure way to guarantee more unintended pregnancies and more abortions,” said Anne Davis of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health.

    Yes, as usual, Senator Clinton is working to protect the rights of women in this country. She doesn’t miss a beat. I wonder if Senator Obama has anything to say about this, or is he too busy playing a rock star in Europe. All the young women who voted for him might want to take note. Gentlemen, you might want to think about this, too. Ladies having access to proper contraception is sort of important to both of you, no? Governmental decisions affecting ‘choice’ affect everyone.

    Remember who the true progressive is here. Remember who’s really got your back.

    NARAL chose to betray Senator Clinton, even though she helped put them on the map, and always received a 100% pro-choice rating from them.

    Senator Obama, on the other hand, voted “present” a number of times in the State Legislature when it came to women’s rights.

  31. Confloyd: precisely. But there are other players and the complicity by big media obama and big business in the sell out of the American people can be illustrated through some very powerful examples.

    Soros reminds me of Undershaft in George Bernard Shaws play Major Barbara. But I remember him best for that 60 minutes article where he professed to have no qualms about looting the personal effects of Jews as they were sent off to death camps. Do not be deluded by his charitable activities. He is merely buying good will.

    I have a friend who spent his youth on Wall Street. On one occasion he wandered up town to one of those brownstones on the upper east side that you pass without particular notice. He was invited into the party and there were people he knew. At the end of the evening he witnessed a conversation between some of these capitalists. They were talking about something called The Game which code for the effort by big business to control the selecton of president.

    The irony of it struck me because during that same time period the 5 New York Families (Gambino, Genovese, Lucchese, Bonnanno and Columbo) would meet to select the president of the Teamsters Union. Like an old capo I knew used to say: “Everybody’ gotta eat”.

  32. Senator favors federal support for R&D of battery-powered cars and efforts by states to regulate tailpipe emissions.
    After getting a tour of the design room for the GM prototype battery-powered, Chevy Volt, Sen. John McCain laid out his plan to help the auto industry, including a $5,000 tax credit for people buying low-emission vehicles, a $300-million prize for the company that creates the first commercially available battery-powered car and job retraining programs for displaced workers.

    “The eyes of the world are now on the Volt and this will be not only be about the jobs or economy of this great and beautiful state,” McCain said. But the Senator also voiced support for individual states to set tailpipe emission regulations – something that was not exactly well-received at the Warren, Michigan GM facility.

    McCain called the Volt a “key, integral and vital part of our ability to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil” and said he “would support tax credits for Americans who choose to buy the Volt and other automobiles that put us on the track to energy independence.”

    However, McCain will not be receiving any “Man of the Year” plaques in Michigan any time soon. The presumptive Republican Presidential nominee also told the audience of more than 500 GM workers that he would let each state determine its own fuel efficiency standards. A position that is very unpopular with American car manufacturers because they say it could spell their demise.

    Faced with high gas prices and a weak economy, GM’s sales fell 16% for the first half of the year, with trucks off 21% and cars down nearly 9%. GM has lost billions of dollars during the last three years.
    I know many enviromentalists doubt McCains commitment but by letting States run with this, instead of the federal government…we should get a tougher tailpipe emissions out of Detroit because of states like California and other that wants an tougher standard.

  33. I find that letter by Fowler, to be highly insulting and degrading. People cannot be “commanded” to fall in line. Donors can give funds and support to the candidate of their choice. The letter sounds like, it was written by an Obamabot, rather than an official of the DNC. The more that the DNC acts like Facists, no dissent allowed, the more I dig my heels in. The primary was rigged, and the Rules Committee was a farce. This is why, people are reluctant to put their support behind the selected candidate. BO is not worthy of support. He is a very inadequate candidate, which is what people see, and don’t like. He did not win anything. He was given delegates that did not belong to him, and the rules were broken to benefit him. So much for democracy, if dissent is not allowed. The democratic? party is no more. Comparing the primary to a tennis match is a very poor comparison. It was not a fair fight, and the outcome was predetermined. Why should people support such deception and fraud? If we do, they will just keep on repeating it.



  34. McCain’s Arkansas arrival
    Saturday, Jul 19, 2008

    By Doug Thompson

    Arkansas Republicans will get a reminder next month that there’s a race they can win.

    GOP presidential nominee-apparent Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., is coming to Northwest Arkansas on Aug. 8, the state Republican Party announced Friday. The most recent polls show him leading this state by large margins.

    There’s been a lot of speculation about why McCain has that lead. Is it because Democratic nominee-apparent Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., defeated former Arkansas first lady Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., in the Democratic primary? Is Obama too liberal? Is race involved?

    Call me simplistic. I think McCain’s lead might have something to do with Arkansas being so conservative that it has gone Republican in every presidential election during my adult life unless the Democratic nominee was named Clinton.

    Democrat Mike Beebe’s election as governor was an important turning point for Democrats. No doubt about it. However, state politics and Arkansas presidential politics are two entirely – if strangely – different things. This state was voting for Richard Nixon for president when Dale Bumpers was winning as governor by landslide margins.

    Statewide organization for Obama here is glaringly absent. The caveat to that is that state-level organization for McCain is glaringly absent just about anywhere you can go.

    Somebody needs to point out that the Republican Party still has an impressive database of likely Republican voters that’s compiled from things from voting records and donations to interest groups to certain magazine subscriptions. There’s a list for Arkansas too.

    That database is about to get a serious culling. A lot of people who are conservative by nature are very disappointed lately. We’ll see how many turn out for this election in Arkansas, especially with no U.S. Senate nominee. Still, the list that’s left will be a valuable one of true believers.

    You could interpret McCain as the Republican who beat our former governor, Mike Huckabee, I suppose. The chilliness that you find among hard-driving Hillary supporters isn’t there, though.

    McCain’s not Arkansas Republicans’ ideal choice. Start with his immigration policy and his less-than-fanatical record on U.S. Supreme Court nominations. Still, he’s not Obama. That appears to be enough.

    Could Obama turn Arkansas around? I don’t think so. Frankly, I think he has better places to spend his time and money, despite his much-ballyhooed “50 state strategy.” The only advantage of that pretense is to keep your opponent guessing about where you’re really going to concentrate your effort.

    Oh, and about Obama’s vote to grant retroactive immunity to phone companies who cooperated in illegal domestic spying. All the talk is that Obama didn’t want to leave himself vulnerable on national security issues. What bunk. That vote was all about fund raising. Obama didn’t want to lose ground there by scaring any CEOs toward McCain with an anti-corporate vote. He also didn’t want to scare his many yuppie contributors who work in tall buildings and still fly commercial.

    Speaking of national security, perhaps Obama should name a running mate with defense experience and credibility. Of course, the last time we went that route we got Dick Cheney.

    It makes me wonder: What’s Colin Powell doing these days?

    Whenever anybody brings up race in this election, I reply that I would have voted for Powell in a minute, at least before he cashed in his credibility to help get us in the Iraq War.

    I don’t know if Powell would ever want to get into election politics. I do see in news accounts that Obama and McCain are courting him. You have to be careful, though, on how much to read into this stuff. It would be dumb for either candidate not to avail themselves of a former secretary of state and chief of the general staff. Powell’s also one of the least-discredited – if that’s any recommendation – former members of the Bush administration.

    Powell was a good soldier. That was his downfall. He followed his orders too well and sold us on the war against his better judgment. He was credible. I don’t think we would have gone to Iraq without his recommendation.

    That’s a very, very heavy burden to carry through history. Powell can never shed it.

    The using-up of Colin Powell is a great tragedy of race and presidential politics of early 21st century America. He should have been the first black president. Ultimately, he was the outsider. The president’s clique was glad to be rid of him. The president’s clique has and will suffer greatly for it, not in the least because they should have listened to Powell’s misgivings on Iraq.

    I don’t think Powell can run with Obama. He would be under too much pressure to tell what he knew as secretary of state. There’s too much loyalty – however misplaced – in Powell’s DNA to go there.
    Interesting how alot of positive poling for McCain is NOT being reported by MSM?

  35. OMG, these people are so out of touch with the regular working folks, especially the working poor. Let me give you an example:
    My daughter recently divorced with 3 children and no education or skill has a job at the local hospital which she is greatful to have. She makes $7 an hr. Her rent is $485 and her miscellaneous utilities lights and water are about 300. Her food stamps are $139. She doesnt get very much child support,it $300. So she is trying to raise a family of 4 including herself on $450 every 4 weeks. Gas is now costing her $80 per week. The government is talking about giving her an tax break to buy a car with better gas milegae. Her car get 30 miles to the gallon. We live in a rural area and she has to drive alot. How out of touch are these two candidates? A whole heck of alot.

  36. Birdgal, I totally agree with you, but why has the DNC done this??? What is in it for them?? Those states where he won those caucas’s had less that 2500 people voting and they are suppose to win out over the 1.7 million in Florida! I don’t think so. The answer must be answered and we must be ready to do what ever it takes to make sure Hillary is the one nominated in August. This country can’t afford Obama!

  37. Just a little more food for thought. Why did obama decide to run in 2008 when he clearly said in 2006 that he would not be ready? I believe it is because the globalists took account of how unpopular bush was, forsaw a declining American economy and decided that it was more probable than not that a democrat would win in 2008. They knew the history of the democratic party and feared that a populist candidate would respond through protectionism and renegotiating treaties which are the mainstay of the global trading system. So they took a who was already in their pipleline, pushed him forward into the presidential spotlight before he was ready and have promoted him ever since as the political version of American idol. He is the paradigmatic example of someone they can control. Hillary however marches to a higher drum. She will support the system, but unlike Barack she will never abandon the American People.

  38. Wbboei, What do you think about the strategy of Obama being about to turn the small redstates blue this November?? Personally, I think it will be easier for them to manipulate the ballot box in those states, that’s why they think they can win them, thus changing the electoral map.

  39. GROAN! Now the Repubs are propping up Waffles.

    Accident or deliberate?

    White House Accidentally E-Mails to Reporters Story That Maliki Supports Obama Iraq Withdrawal Plan

    At Jack Tapper, Political Punch

  40. Snubbed by Obama

    By Christoph von Marschall
    Sunday, July 20, 2008; B07

    Barack Obama is on his way to Europe, where an adoring public awaits. But I wonder if the reception would be quite so enthusiastic if Obama’s fans across the Atlantic knew a dirty little secret of his remarkable presidential campaign: Although Obama portrays himself as the best candidate to engage the rest of the world and restore America’s image abroad, and many Americans support him for that reason, so far he has almost completely refused to answer questions from foreign journalists. When the press plane leaves tonight for his trip, there will be, as far as I know, no foreign media aboard. The Obama campaign has refused multiple requests from international reporters to travel with the candidate.

    As a German correspondent in Washington, I am accustomed to the fact that American politicians spare little of their limited time for reporters from abroad. This is understandable: Our readers, viewers and listeners cannot vote in U.S. elections. Even so, Obama’s opponents have managed to make at least a small amount of time for international journalists. John McCain has given many interviews. Hillary Clinton gave a few. President Bush regularly holds round-table interviews with media from the countries to which he travels. Only Obama dismisses us so consistently.

    This spring Obama allowed at least one foreign reporter on trips to Ohio and Texas. But as the campaign has progressed, access has become more difficult for foreign correspondents. E-mail inquiries get no reply, phone calls are not returned. My colleagues and I know: We are last in line. We don’t matter.

    In September 2007, I gave a lecture in Iowa titled “The U.S. in the World: How They See Us.” People in the audience asked me about the working conditions of foreign journalists and were surprised to learn how little access Obama had given us. Several Iowans wrote to his campaign to protest. In contrast to me, they did hear back: In a letter dated Nov. 24, the campaign assured one of these people that Obama cares about the foreign media and wants to increase openness. The letter even said that my contact information had been forwarded to the campaign’s communications department.

    There was no follow-up.

    Since I followed the Obama campaign in its early stages and published a sympathetic (and widely read) book in German about the Illinois senator, I probably have more access than most. I know the Obama “policy advisers” in Washington think tanks and the like; sometimes I manage a fleeting encounter with the senator’s press staff at campaign events. Yet I can only dream of an interview with the candidate. To my knowledge, no foreign journalist has had one. A reported interview in France’s Politique Internationale last summer turned out to be a fake. In February, Obama gave Israel’s Yediot Ahronot written answers to written questions about his views on Israel and the Middle East.

    Perhaps Obama considers members of the foreign media a risk rather than an opportunity. His campaign learned the hard way how comments to foreigners can resonate at home — recall adviser Austan Goolsbee’s hints to a Canadian diplomat that Obama’s critique of NAFTA was just campaign rhetoric, or former aide Samantha Power’s “monster” remark about Hillary Clinton to the Scotsman . Or perhaps we’re witnessing the arrogance that comes from being so close to power. One of his campaign advisers told me recently: “Why should we take the time for foreign media, since there is Obamania around the world?”

    Obama is indeed popular in my country and elsewhere in Europe. But Europeans have the same questions about his experience and character that Americans do. Unlike U.S. citizens, we can’t vote in the election; its results, though, will affect our lives, much as it will affect theirs. Surely a man who has said he would talk with U.S. adversaries such as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can spend a few moments with journalists from friendlier countries.

    The writer is Washington bureau chief of Der Tagesspiegel, a Berlin-based daily newspaper.

  41. If you are a trial lawyer you are very careful in using analogies because if your opponent is any good he will turn them back against you. For example when Fowler and Germond invoke the analogy basketball and tennis who accept the fact that they lost, one wonders whether they would have graciously accepted that loss if it was obvious to them that the the referees and linesmen were corrupt, broke their own rules and awarded the prize to the wrong side. If they want a baseball analogy try the Chicago Black Sox Scandal of 1919.

  42. “You racist PUMA (pu$$ie$)CeeRackers aren’t fooling anybody. You hate Obama because he’s a strong, intelligent and accomplished Black man. You racist, man-hating pigettes are nothing but right wing trash, who are soon going to be extinct in the NEW America.

    debbie – you gotta love that “hope and change” attitude. makes you wanna jump right on board and donate to the cause. 🙂

  43. Basil9, I am not surprised that Malki supports Obama’s position. Most Muslims believe that Obama is Muslim because his father was a Muslim. There is no way they would trust any “Infidel” over a muslim.

  44. I agree. But the fact that this was communicated by Bush and crew even though it was allegedly a mistake seems odd to me.

    What do you think?

  45. wbboei,

    “Why did obama decide to run in 2008 when he clearly said in 2006 that he would not be ready?”

    Pringle’s theory is the “Combine” was planning to nominate Blagojevich until corruption caught up with him and that’s when they decided on Waffles.

    I dunno. One of her Operation Board Game segments dealt with that.

  46. Confloyd: Why is the DNC doing this? I think, Wbboei line of reasoning explains some of it. The other part, is that, the DNC does not want Hillary. BO may be easier to control, than Hillary. Nothing else, makes any sense.

    Confloyd: Your poor daughter. Jeez.

  47. basil9, I think there are people in Bush admin who really hate McCain. Most in the administration favored Romney they would love to see mcCain lose.

    another point of view: I found it on Kos.

    QUESTION: Let me give you a hypothetical, senator. What would or should we do if, in the post-June 30th period, a so-called sovereign Iraqi government asks us to leave, even if we are unhappy about the security situation there? I understand it’s a hypothetical, but it’s at least possible.

    McCAIN: Well, if that scenario evolves, then I think it’s obvious that we would have to leave because— if it was an elected government of Iraq— and we’ve been asked to leave other places in the world. If it were an extremist government, then I think we would have other challenges, but I don’t see how we could stay when our whole emphasis and policy has been based on turning the Iraqi government over to the Iraqi

  48. That letter from Fowler is extremely insulting. This letter pretty much admits Waffles has made very little effort to win over Hillary supporters; they’re just expecting everyone to fall in line behind the messiah. No dice, dude.

  49. anyone else having problems reaching Not woring for Netscape or IE…

    it could be some technical thing, but I don’t trust the “Army of 400 blogger-bots”. Those “hired guns” were ostensibly used to “spread his word”, but their more likely purpose is take over the internet, to Denial-of-Service anti-Obama sites, etc., and make every web site filled with prObamaganda.

  50. Agreed, the Fowler letter…is fouler than it should be.

    Don’t tell me to get in line. You’re not the boss of me!

  51. Birdgal, its really hard on her, but she is happy to be divorced from the RAT. These gas prices are horrible, something has got to give soon, or we are going to have major problems in this country. No one will be able to pay their house, and car notes, their whole paycheck goes for gas.
    I don’t think the dems or for that matter the republicans have any idea how bad it really is on average Americans. Ole George Soros is waiting in the wings to makes billions as he has done with other countries!


    Here is the link to download the petition to get CINDY SHEEHAN on the November ballot. The number of signatures required from registered voters by AUGUST 8TH is 10,198. They have 6,593 so far. Let me remind you that Cindy is running as an Independent AGAINST NANCY PELOSI. Let’s help Cindy get her name on that ballot!

    h t t p : / /

  53. I guess I did not realize that the Foreign Press was treated that way. I understand that they do not vote in the election, but I would think some time would be made to establish a relationship for later.

    But then international relations does not seem to be Os strong suit. This trip is just a fantasy.

  54. Confloyd: At least she was strong enough to leave the RAT. I give her a lot of credit for doing so. The gas prices are so high, I have to start saving for a different car. My SUV does not cut it, plus it is 13 years old. I don’t know, how families are making it. Gas prices/month are almost as much as rent.

  55. Try being retired, and your retirement allotment does not adjust for rising gasoline prices. We are seeing the buses fill up here. They are doing some local commuter trains also, but not fast enough.

  56. NewMexicoFan Says:
    July 19th, 2008 at 4:14 pm
    Another thing, she did not lose. The vote does not happen for th SDs until August, and she won the popular vote. STOP SAYING SHE HAS LOST IT ONLY MAKE US MADDER.
    I have to ask, are you really an experienced politician, putting out an email like that.


    Don Fowler is described as a former DNC chairman. I remember a previous statement that sounded just as stupid and offensive.

    Making us madder is good, really. Reminds us why we’re working. Maybe it will make some new people mad and get them in.

  57. Is this email from Fowler the outcome of the meeting in Martha’s vineyard today?? Have we heard anything else about the meeting??

  58. Hey all,

    I have been noticing many McCain signs popping up here in eastern Iowa, the democratic stronghold of Iowa, and wanted to let you all know we now have a McCain sign propped up inside the holes in my 4’x8′ Hillary sign. It looks lovely.

  59. New Mexico: Public transportation will become more expensive, as the gas prices increase (if they haven’t already). It is high in the cities, but country areas must be worse, and people have to drive further distances. I feel, for those individuals and groups, that are on a fixed income.

    turndownobama-com: All that letter does, is to make me more angry and determined not to vote for the pompous and arrogant jerk. I will also, work harder to defeat him.

  60. The Sweds decided in 2002 that they were going to be oil free by 2020. The whole of Europe in 2005 decided that they were going to reduce their oil consumption by at least 20% by 2020.

    So America is leading WHO. I think we are slipping. People keep saying we are the best, but it is American’s saying it. Our Famous medical Clinics are actually building in foreign countries (Cleveland Clinic is in Saudi Arabia, and I think they are building in Dubai).

    HRC had a plan to bring us back. At least McCain is talking to the people in Detroit, and he is not telling them everything they want to hear. Os is worried about a photo op at the Brandenberg Gates.

    Does that tell you something.

  61. Interview with Jill Iscol who had worked as a “bundler” during the
    junior New York senator’s presidential campaign
    Iy needs some PUMA action on comments.

    h t t p : / /

    Easy posting, not too long yet. Asks for ‘registration’ but no email
    confirmation etc, comment goes right up.


    PUMAs, if you run out of targets, see 🙂

  62. This letter from Fowler shows a spastic desperation. Things may be much worse than we Know.

    Martha’ vineyard: Who are the only groups that would need a secrete meeting, hiding attendees? Groups discussing the need to change the nomination from BHO to Hillary.

  63. oklahomahills

    I want to believe that, but I think group thinks they can force us to do what they want us to do.

    So It was probably a meeting to discuss deduct money from our paychecks. Just Kidding.

  64. This letter from Fowler shows a spastic desperation. Things may be much worse than we Know.

    Good point.

  65. I do not buy the proposition that dean, pelosi and brazille are running the show. There isnt enough mental horsepower between the three of them to drive a go cart around a cherio. Trust me it is above that level and it relates back to what I said right after the Yale club comment. Turndownobama you were right to call me on that one. What I forgot to mention was we both left our American Express cards at home and we got to wash dishes. Emjay I am working on a second bottle of water etc from the Ural Mountains.

  66. Larry’s Johnson’s post on the odious Fowler letter:

  67. wbboei Says:

    July 19th, 2008 at 9:25 pm

    There isnt enough mental horsepower between the three of them to drive a go cart around a cherio.

    You can say that again lol, they are a joke.

  68. NewMexicoFan 8:08 pm: what you say is holy writ. Absolutely correct. Those are the stakes in the primary. One day perhaps some of the bots will realize they backed the wrong horse–big time.

    In the introduction to my book I said this: “A friend of mine who is an arbitrator, business executive and oracale of practical wisdom asked me where. . . are the leaders? The question is pertinent as decisions are made that benefit the few at the expense of the many, as technology and trade rules decimate entire industries and as great financial burdens are placed on a posterity which has no vote.”

  69. wbboei

    I agree. One of the Ingrediants missing in O is that he can never admit he does not have the knowledge or he made a mistake. That is a fault in a great leader. Leaders want to know their faults and weak spots so they can correct them and be stronger. An Army would want to know the same thing. O just want to hear how great he is.

  70. hawk: hi! great to hear from you.

    BTW: John McCain is a man of honor. I will vote and campaign for him if Hillary does not get the nomination.

    I am sorry to say that I find little if anything honorable in Barack Obama. And the more you know about him the more it becomes obvious.

    So Obama is taking half the press corp and their sister cousins and their aunts with him on this grand world tour. How nice of him. If they were partisan before they will be doubly so when they get back.

    The only answer is for McCain to take twice as many with them when he goes overseas. Then let bambi accuse him of pandering.

    What was that great line by Mark Rubin? Like a collander accusing a pot of having a hole in it.

  71. This email was sent to me today by a friend at 18 Million Voices: NB the final paragraph.

    According to a post on the Hillary Clinton Facebook, Diane Montouvalos of Just Say No Deal was on Fox & Friends 08:25am yesterday:

    She talked about the undemocratic manuverings of the Obama campaign assited by the DNC and why we will not support BO. She clairified (again) that not all of us are supporting McCain, and then dropped a bombshell.

    That components of the JSND coalition are looking into possible wrongdoing during the Dem campaign cycle and will be publishing the results of their investigation a couple of weeks before convention

  72. wbboei

    I bet the DNC will not like that. They just are not folding in again. How dare they do that before the Convention. The DNC does not understand American and Democracy first and Democratic Party maybe second. Is this the same group that was screaming in 2000? What short memories.

  73. NewMexicoFan: it may not be a bloodless coup after all. The question every ethical human being in the Democratic Party must ultimately wrestle with is whether they can in good conscience support Obama and thus support a process that everyone knows was corrupt and an emperor who everyone knows has no clothes. If they do so then they ratify an evil process, set a bad precedent and sell out the country for a mess of pottage and a few thousand dollars. Some people think it is imporant to be able to look themselves in the mirror when they shave or put on make-up and others do not. Wexler is a perfect example of the latter. Have you seen his new book. He gives the word chutspa a bad name. BTW when the obama supporters give you the malarky that you must vote for him because of where he stands on the issues tell them that is too hypothetical because history has shown that he has a great knack for reversing himself on any issue at any moment.

  74. The DNC is so full of itself, it thinks it doesn’t need the people anymore. They think the kingmaker can make it happen and the people will listen to what the media says and believe it hook, line and sinker. What they did not anticipate is that we can actually count the votes of caucas’s vs. the millions in the larger states. They did not count on Hillary being able to win over as many as she did, they bought the Right’s lie that Hillary was the most hated women in America. Only thing is, we didn’t buy it, we saw her become the fighter we needed, the mother we need to fix what is wrong. That the DNC did not figure on.

  75. I believe we MUST support JM in Nov if bambi is nominee. It is naive to think staying home, writing in Hill’s name or voting for Nader will defeat him. Too much money and power behind the curtin. We must hold our noses and vote country before party if we ever want to get the Dem party back or have time to form a solid third party that there is not time for before Nov. Nader’s is not the one.

  76. Birdgal: I hope they do. If I were advising them I would suggest they call a press conference to announce their findings and prepare a summary entitled “The Causcuses: When Democracy Was Honored More In The Breach Than In The Observance”. I would give it the widest possible dissemination and slip an advance copy to Drudge. And I would saturate the blogosphere.

    But when I make these suggestions nobody leesens as Jackie Mason would say. BTW enjoyed his video immensely.

  77. not sure if this has been reported here yet or not……i’ve been and am still busy with moving and getting settled
    and being on dial up now ( i hate hate hate dial up and can’t wait to have dsl again in a month or so at the new place)
    i am not online much at all and can’t get around efficiently anymore either 🙁

    well at any rate….here is the info found at

    Friday, July 18, 2008

    This morning the papers were overloaded with positive stories proclaiming that Barack Obama was back on his A-Game and raising money like there was no tomorrow. Unfortunately the MSM once again failed to look at the actual numbers that should be of concern for the Obama campaign.

    It is true that the Obama campaign did raise $52 million in June, along with DNC fundraising that added another $22 million to their coffers. That’s a total haul of $74 million for the Democrat party in the month of June. But Obama, whose campaign has been so proud to taught his 1.5 million donors during the months of February, March & April, changed it’s tone in yesterday’s campaign release. In yesterday’s release, David Plouffe stated, “Hundreds of thousands of ordinary people contributed…”. Naturally, I pulled out the calculator only to grin at the reality that Obama, while raising a record $52 million, saw his donor base cut in half in June. That’s right, just 764,000 donors compared to the 1.5 million who donated to his campaign in April.

    The Obama campaign and it’s surrogates had proudly projected that Obama would raise $100 million in June and a total of $250 – $300 million prior to the election. But the media failed to focus on the fact that Obama’s total was only half of what they projected, primarily due to his shrinking donor base. Interest in the Obama campaign is also shriveling up online, where Obama’s website which once ranked near the top 500 according to Alexa Web Tracking, has seen a consistent downward trend in visits since reaching it’s pinnacle in early March. Today, Obama’s website ranking has dropped to it’s lowest level since the first of the year, and ranks around 3,000. The campaign website trend may also be disturbing considering the consistency within McCain’s site visits and an upward trend since the beginning of June.

    More disturbing for the campaign is the the cash on hand scenario. The McCain campaign and RNC currently have just shy of $100 million in the bank to take their fight forward. Meanwhile the Obama campaign announced yesterday that the campaign and DNC had a total closer to $72 million. This number is troubling for many in the Obama campaign, considering that just one month ago the two groups reported over $35 million of cash on hand. Considering that the DNC and Obama campaign raised $74 Million in June and that the DNC only spent $2 million; that would mean that the Obama campaign burned thru $35 million during the month of June. An astonishing amount considering that the Summer months are typically the doldrums of the campaign season. Even more disconcerting are the polls that continue to show the Obama has failed to increase his support, with his favorability ratings dropping and unfavorable rising.

    For their part, Obama bloggers, including Huffpo, Politico, and TPM are reporting false numbers this morning, spreading stories that the DNC and Obama campaign have $92 million in the bank. Their reports are fueled by an LA Times story that simply failed to do any fact-checking. The Obama campaign press release yesterday specifically reported that the combined total cash on hand was $72 million.

    One additional aspect of Obama’s fundraising numbers is the Hillary effect. Since suspending her campaign in early June, Clinton has participated in several fundraisers and publicly pushed her largest contributors to donate to Obama’s campaign. Following one recent fundraising event with Clinton, the Obama campaign reported that they had raised $5 million during the private event. Considering that many, but not all, of Clinton’s donors have made contributions to Obama’s campaign it’s pretty safe to assume that 15%-30% of his fundraising total were derived directly from former Clinton supporters.

    Source: Politically Drunk

  78. gonzotx at 10:38 pm I believe we MUST support JM in Nov if bambi is nominee. It is naive to think staying home, writing in Hill’s name or voting for Nader will defeat him. Too much money and power behind the curtin. We must hold our noses and vote country before party if we ever want to get the Dem party back or have time to form a solid third party that there is not time for before Nov. Nader’s is not the one.
    Sound strategic analysis for anyone who wants to reclaim the democratic party from the current adverse possessors. Otherwise Soros Rules.

  79. wbboei Says:
    July 19th, 2008 at 9:25 pm
    I do not buy the proposition that dean, pelosi and brazille are running the show. There isnt enough mental horsepower between the three of them to drive a go cart around a cherio. Trust me it is above that level and it relates back to what I said right after the Yale club comment. Turndownobama you were right to call me on that one. What I forgot to mention was we both left our American Express cards at home and we got to wash dishes.

    LOL! I’d better look that up again. Do you have it posted as a blog of your own anywhere, so I don’t have to dig through days of h44?

  80. Hi everyone, Happy Seneca 160.

    I’ve been reviewing here on BP and clicking over to read th3e list of Exhibitors at the NetRootNation confab.


    with the exception of a few, it sounds like “toss out the constitutional government that has served us well for years and we’ll take it from here”

    one of the more disturbing ones was this description:

    Reframe It (website) lets people comment in the margin of any webpage without needing the permission of the site. Our technology creates a public space in which discussions about politics, social change and environmentalism can take place directly on the text of any corporate or government webpage. It is the ideal tool for internal communications within communities and movements whose boundaries are vague, varied and constantly shifting. The dialogues that unfold in the margin increase accountability, generate transparency, and allows each user to benefit from the insights of others.

    Just call it “electronic graffiti?

  81. PS. there are alot more dots that will be connected here than just soros.

    Over 30 years ago I worked in the Alaska Seafood Industry and we had assets in the Berring Sea and westward to the Pribiloffs. In those days it was like a gold rush, and everyone made a ton of money. It was alleged (but never proven) that the two main robber barrons in the industry would have dinner at the best restraunt in our town and fix the price of crab on a cocktail napkin.

    I suppose that is one way to do it, but it is illegal. Knowing those two as I did I am quite sure they would never stoop to anything so banal. Particularly when you dont have to. As Professor Porter observes it is just as easy to do through industy speeches by saying things like that industry price levels appear to be softening and let the chips fall where they may.

    The same applies to other discussions where the subject matter is sensitive.

  82. wbboei…

    good evening.

    Seems the Soros pieces are falling into place. The housing debacle, get ’em in and snatch it away PLOT of Alan Greenspan and the fed, the dollar at an all-time low, and gas and food up and up and up …and now the slow but steady drumbeat on tv and radio about the “banking crisis”

    just now, on FOX, “IS YOUR MONEY SAFE”

    way to go guys….start a run on the banks, Soros cleans up with BILLIONS and the country collapses and is crying for help…

    step in, Barack Obama…backed by Soros and playing his tune. We will be in a “Crisis” and the government will have to “take over” and stabilize EVERYTHING and since people will be just trying to survive, they will TURN to the government for help…the same government that brought them to their knees in the first place.

    Get your passports now folks…..

  83. Obama is going to speak in Germany, just not at the Brandenberg Gate. He takes the cake doesn’t he, I mean PRESIDENT Kennedy as well as PRESIDENT Clinton spoke at the gate during their presidencies, Obama is not even the official nominee yet.
    The DNC is stretching it, where do they get off supporting his speech at the gate before the nomination. Are they really thinking how this seems to us, he has to become the nominee, then the President, and then he can speak at the gate. He doesn’t like to wait his turn! There are millions of us who does not even believe he won the nomination, much less enough hudspah to speak at the Gate.

  84. Norma, you sure took the words right out of my mouth, I feel it in my bones that this is what is happening.

  85. Obama is a fraud and a frontpiece for a much bigger power-broker.

    In fact, if you are watching closely, Obama is ACTUALLY looking more and more like a neo-con. Not a REPUBLICAN, but a Neo-con. He votes just like Bush, he acts just like Cheney.

    IN fact, I am surprised the far right is not jumping for joy at his latest twisting or “refining” of his positions on things. LOOK AT THE WAY HE IS VOTING!!!!

  86. Confloyd, I have been watching the bits and pieces of this coming together for some time, but I didn’t have enough info until, “ta da!” Barack Obama arrived on the scene, crushed by cheating and complicit powerful political factions the real heads of the Democratic Party, to be force fed to us whether we want it or not.

    Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Donna Brazile and company could no more care less about the LAWS in this country or the COnstitution than the man in the moon. They are all such idiots and PUPPPETS and they probably don’t even know how much.

    Obama is a TRUE Sociopath and has bought into the big bag of Hypemanure they have marketed him as. That is why things need to be bigger, better, grander and more sparkling than anyone who has ever come before. Our 18 Million Voices group today had two women there: One from the former Soviet Union and one who was a Cuban refugee….at almost EXACTLY the same time, as we were all talking, they said they “smelled the foul odor” that they knew in their countries….in a word, a communist dictatorship.

    The Russian woman said that they do it different there, to not be called a terrorist or oppressive state, that the Government aoofers all types of things – free speech, a constitution, etc., “on paper”…but in practice, dissent is stifled and the goulags are full.

  87. Norma, Did they actually smell that foul order or was it metophor?? Someone else has told me this so I really would like to know??

  88. Well…i didn’t ask that specifically…as in a “physical odor” but they BOTH looked at each other when they said it, and it was almost as if “I” could actually smell it…not in my nose, per se, but on my skin….

    It was a dark, dank feeling, in a lovely outdoor cafe in downtown where I live…

    When I asked, “Do you really see that here with this election?” they both answered in the affirmative, and you could tell they were internally reflecting.

    They HAD seen this before.

  89. And for clarification, I only asked what I did because I wanted to know if “I” was being too conspiratorial….

    it appears I am not

  90. On a lighter note….

    From the USNews&WR blog on a short story about PUMA JSND

    “Obama’s trip

    If candidate Obama needs a retinue of 300 to travel, how many would an emperor Obama need?”

  91. Yes, the messiah needs a whole truck load! I will have to tell that story to the person who said they smelled that odor at a caucas in Houston. She will believe it literally.

  92. The women saw the darkness that is the “overthrow” of the citizenry by the government.

    I still BELIEVE Hopemeister is a neo-con at heart,

    LOOK AT HIS VOTES! Not just these, but Illinois. And what do his legions of bots say about the Chicago frozen ones? Huh?


    This is the most UNPRINCIPLED MAN ever to BE run for office.

  93. another US News blog post. It’s starting to seep in that Obama is a front man

    I just do not know

    Who is behind Obama and Why did they choose him to run.I want to know who his puppet master is? Who wrote his script. My vote means so much to me I can not just give it to any one. Thank you for this story and I hope you do more.

  94. More good posts:

    Black Man, non-racist, who does not support Barack Obama

    I’m an African-American man who does NOT support Barack Obama. It’s just getting plain old to keep screaming that racism is causing whites to be against Barack Obama’s candidacy. Many people don’t like his experience level. Many people don’t like his “flip flopping” on positons. Many people don’t like his “clinging to guns and religion” statement. Many people don’t like his hints of arrogance (Brandenburg gate, Invesco field). Many people don’t like his associations. I could go on and on about why many people don’t like Barak Obama.

    A People of Color (POC) PUMA group is forming. You will hear from us very shortly. PUMAs will not go away. We are not racists. We just don’t support Barack Obama.

    People of Color (POC) PUMA …

  95. Norma Desmond: you are right on all counts. I believe the end game of an Obama presidency is that the middle class gets fucked by this new economic order. I don t care what he says now when the chips are down thats how the cards will fall. Guaranteed. This is part of what I am dealing with in this paper.

    McCain will do far more for the middle class than obama will, but far far less than Hillary would have done. Guaranteed. He is not a tool of globalists–he is an American patriot. The gentleman who sent out the letter Don Fowler was one of the seven who stood by Hillary at the RBC and I respect him for that. But it is wrong for him to ask us to unify around a corrupt process. The lady who signed the letter was dealing off the bottom of the deck all the time as I recall.

  96. Hawk: to me one of the strongest arguments McCain has going for him is the difference between himself and the presumptive nominee when it comes to campaign finance.

    If I have mentioned this before please stop me. In the late 1980’s my company had a problem with the dot hours of service requirements. We had been careless and a bit arrogant about it too. The dot put us into unsatisfactory status and the department of the army served notice of intent to pull the business-$360 k per month. I went to Washington DC and tried to get a temporary restraining order to prevent the loss of business. The motion was denied. At that point we discussed the possiblity of getting help from a senator who was in the Kennedy fold. I never spoke to the individual and it never got past a hypothetical discussion but the thing I do remember about it was the going price was 50k for access and $125 for influence. I bet it is more today.

    If you asked Obama about that I am quite sure he would say that he is a constitutional law professor (big fucking deal) and that is free speech under the 1st Amendment. I thinkk it buying special treatment.

    John on the other hand gets it. He knows, as does any sensible person, that you cannot have a democracy on the one hand and the kind of money that has been used to buy this nomination. The two cannot live together under the same roof. John should pin obamas ears back on that one. Of course I am not advising him so wtf/

  97. A People of Color (POC) PUMA group is forming. You will hear from us very shortly. PUMAs will not go away. We are not racists. We just don’t support Barack Obama.

    People of Color (POC) PUMA …
    Norma: sounds like he has figured out the scam here too. The thing obama needs to understand is that we aint gonna be bamboozled particularly by someone like him who admonishes the rest of us not to be bamboozled.

  98. I have been looking up ole George’s friends and find several like the Rothchilds and this guy named Katz. Apparently Soros is no longer in the carlisle group, he used to with them. I guess because he hates the George Bush. I think there is a band of ultra rich that are planning on devaluating the dollar as they did in england in 92 or 93

  99. Those netroots are a mile wide and six inches deep. Yea they are going to rewrite the constitution all right. If they are going to waste their time let them write the law of space-as in Lost In Space.

    Professor Sunstein in our era, Guy Rex Tugwell a couple generations back got it right. A modified new deal as opposed to radical free markets with no guarantees. Hillary was on the right track all along. No surprise that.

  100. I was writing about the risks of Radical Free Trade yesterday as follows:

    Moreover, economist Robert Samuelson has expressed further concern about the stability of the free market. He notes that the old global economy had few power centers (the United States, Europe, Japan), was defined mainly by trade and was committed to the dollar as the central currency. Its major countries shared democratic values and alliances. Today’s global economy has many power centers (including China, Saudi Arabia and Russia), is defined by finance and common political values are lacking and is exploring currency alternatives to the dollar. Therefore he worries that the new system may generate periodic crises that that harm everyone and spawn international conflict.

  101. Confloyd: I never liked the rothchilds until I saw Lady Lynn de Rothchild who is of course a Hillary supporter. The test of a good rule is it has only one exception.

  102. Yahoo just put up the dollar crisis in there headline news. I think its happening and we will see if it happens before or after november!

  103. Funny you should mention that Wbboei, I was reading excerpts of that today on the net. These oil prices, the uncertainly, making everybody jittery is part of what the Soro’s groups is up to.

  104. Yahoo just put up the dollar crisis in there headline news. I think its happening and we will see if it happens before or after november!
    Perhaps that is why bush has changed his position about staying in Iraq indefinitely. All that economic talk fell on deaf ears but when someone wispered you just screwed the pooch the pilot light between his eyes went on and glowed dimly. If Bambi is the nominee then I am sure he can handle it. He can send goolsby around the world and reassure them that nothing he ever says to the American people is true. And we havent heard anything lately about Ilsa I mean Michelle now have we?

  105. I am getting the distinct impression that the big boys have got the global econmomy just a little fucked up right now, and don t quite know what to do about it. See the comments of Sameuleson above–which are from last weeks newsweek. The system they designed has alot of moving parts that can go wrong and nationalism in most countries is on the rise.

  106. Funny you should mention that Wbboei, I was reading excerpts of that today on the net. These oil prices, the uncertainly, making everybody jittery is part of what the Soro’s groups is up to.
    Confloyd: they did this with a company called Halliburton as I may have mentioned. Soros reportedly attacked the company through move on dot org, drove the stock price down, moved in and bought, then called off the dogs, let the price rise and sold at a profit of 40 million. Nice work if you can get it.

    I remember reading about the time JP Morgan was called before congress. Would that happen today? Would Man Man Wexler and Petunia Pig McCaskill subpoena Soros to appear under oath and explain how he manipulated the economy? The answer is to prohibit certain kinds of speculation which are contrary to the public interest.

  107. All during Hillary’s campaign, she talked about the oil speculator’s and how she wanted to get a congressional committee to look into this speculation. I still think its a quiet a coincidence that oil fell right after that bank falling. Im not an economist, just someone who is watching everything very closely.

  108. GROAN! Now the Repubs are propping up Waffles.

    Accident or deliberate?

    Deliberate. They must have a big trump card they are waiting to play.

  109. Just sent the following reponse to Mr Fowler & Ms. Germond:
    Dear Mr. Fowler and Ms. Germond,

    I am a voter from Michigan and a supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton. I am responding to the following letter, which you addressed to your “Democratic Friends.”

    >Dear Democratic Friends:

    I hope we can still be friends, honestly I do. But friends don’t treat each other the way the Democratic Party has been treating Hillary Clinton and her supporters these past several months.

    >2008 is a Democratic year-at all levels in all the states. The >opportunity is ours. We just have to seize it.

    >We experienced an exciting, intense, sometimes difficult, >campaign to nominate our presidential candidate. Now it’s over. >Barack Obama won.

    Barack Obama won what, exactly? He is the presumptive nominee because party leaders such as yourselves decided to put him in this position. He was SELECTED, not elected.

    >I supported Hillary Clinton and am proud and pleased that I >did. But she lost. Barack Obama won. It’s over.

    We all know that neither candidate won enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. The superdelegates do not vote until the convention in late August. Until then, there is no winner and there is no loser.

    Is it too much to ask that the Democratic Party remain neutral and allow both candidates’ names to be placed in nomination at the convention? Why can’t the superdelegates be allowed to take their time and make up their own minds? Franklin Delano Roosevelt didn’t win the nomination until the 4th ballot at the 1932 convention. Why do you want to shut down the democratic process instead of letting it play itself out? Let the game go into extra innings!

    >It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and >all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to >secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels >of competition.
    >I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who >continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the >primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los >Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the >Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand >concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him >at Wimbledon.

    Fatigue and irritation? I must confess that I feel a smoldering anger toward a Democratic Party that treats its own base with such contempt.

    As I stated earlier, I am from Michigan. I watched the May 31st Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting on TV. To this day, I remain horrified that four of my state’s delegates were stolen from Senator Clinton (and from people such as myself who voted for her) and awarded to someone who had so little regard for Michigan voters that he paid to take his name off our primary ballots. But I’m supposed to just “get over it”, right? Sorry, it’s not going to happen. This will also affect the way I vote in the downticket races.

    >It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion.

    I agree with you here. I am sure you are aware of the PUMA/No Deal movement, although your letter does not mention us by name. (Yes, I said “us” because I am proud to be part of this movement.) Instead of dismissing us or barking out orders or talking about us behind our backs, why don’t you reach out and try to establish a mature, resourceful dialogue with us? Why don’t you acknowledge that we have legitimate concerns and make an attempt to address these issues? We are rational human beings, not raging lunatics or screaming radicals. We are patriotic Americans who are deeply devoted to preserving the democratic principles on which this great nation was founded. You ask for our money and our votes, yet you have not been listening to us.

    >It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support >Barack Obama without conditions or demands.

    And if I don’t obey your orders, will you ship me off to the gulag?

    I don’t like Barack Obama. I don’t trust Barack Obama. I don’t think Barack Obama has the ability or the experience to be President of the United States.

    I cannot understand why the Democratic Party backed him at the expense of candidates such as Clinton, Edwards, Richardson, and Biden who are much more qualified for the job. The primary season ended with Hillary Clinton as the solid winner in the important swing states. Polls and the electoral map show that she could handily beat John McCain in November. By all measures, she is clearly the better candidate. This country is in dire straits right now, and we need a president with Senator Clinton’s experience and leadership abilities.

    In the weeks following the primary season, Barack Obama has done nothing but embarrass himself. If he cannot handle his status as the Democrats’ presumptive nominee, how do you expect him to handle what many describe as the most difficult job in the world? I don’t know from one day to the next where Obama stands on any issue. The more I learn about him, the more troubled I feel about his associations with questionable characters such as Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Michael Pfleger, and Tony Rezko.

    >It’s time to WIN for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, >America, and our future. We have an unparalleled opportunity. I >hope we will all do everything we can to seize the moment.

    If Hillary Clinton’s name is not on the ballot in November, I have no choice but to vote for John McCain. While I disagree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, he is an honorable man who has sacrificed greatly for this country. He has also demonstrated a willingness to work across party lines. Between Clinton and McCain, I pick Clinton hands down. But between Obama and McCain, I pick McCain. It’s a matter of country before party.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy response. I hope and pray that you will do what is right.

    My Name
    PUMA/No Deal Democrat
    My city & state

  110. Just another tidbit about Soros,The family changed its name in 1936 from Schwartz to Soros, in response to growing anti-semitism with the rise of Fascism. Tivadar liked the new name because it is a palindrome and because it has a meaning. Though the specific meaning is left unstated in Kaufmann’s biography, in Hungarian “soros” means “next in line, or designated successor”,

  111. hey guys
    im writing a piece on reformng the dem primary and am lookign for alternatives to supers. or should supers be retained but be banned from endorsements until after june?

  112. The Democratic Superdelegate Mess Printer-Friendly
    Tova Andrea Wang, The Century Foundation, 2/12/2008

    As has been widely fretted over in the press, it is possible that the Democratic nomination race is so close that it will be determined by 800 “superdelegates.” What makes this troubling beyond the principles of popular democracy at stake is that the whole superdelegate process is utterly lacking in transparency.

    Unlike regular delegates, who are selected through a popular vote and bound to a candidate accordingly, superdelegates are not voted on by anyone but other party insiders (except to the extent that with respect to the ones that are elected officials, they have attained their positions through their own elections). They are complete free agents who may back any candidate they wish, whenever they wish, from before the beginning of the process to the convention. And while some of them are well known governors, senators, and former presidents, a great many of them are little known local elected officials, state and local party members, and other myriad people who have been helpful to the party’s cause in some way or another. (The same could be said, by the way, of delegates who are voted in through the caucus system—they are are often local party activists and ultimately are free to “realign” their allegiances.)

    If the intentions of the superdelegates are a mystery, so is how and why some of these people were chosen to be superdelegates. It is clear that, under Democratic National Convention rules, major elected officials are automatically superdelegates. The selection of the rest, however, is murky. Superdelegates can be chosen by state parties in a few different ways. It is hard to tell if any of the superdelegates are being given the responsibility to cast such a critical vote in who our presidential nominees are because they have some superior insight into who would make the best president or would fare best in a general election, or if it is for some other, more pedestrian reason. A few superdelegates have business ties to the candidates. Already, it is clear that the two candidates are “wooing” these lesser known superdelegates through all sorts of means.

    It would be incredibly unfortunate if, in a year in which we have seen historic turnout and enthusiasm for the voting process, the nominee ended up being chosen by insiders with no public accountability. For many it would be downright disillusioning.

    Short of actually changing party rules to address this worrisome outcome, there is one step that could be immediately and easily taken through the power of the Internet—making the superdelegate process more transparent to the voting public. Right now, nobody knows who the superdelegates are; nobody knows which of them have already pledged support to a candidate and why; and nobody knows why people other than major elected officials were given these slots at all. This information is very hard to find—there is next to nothing about the superdelegates on the Web site of the Democratic National Committee, for instance. There is one new fledgling independent blog site that is trying to put some information out there, and there is some information on Wikipedia, to the extent that can be relied upon. The Washington Post now has a list of the names of the superdelegates by state, but the information is minimal—it does not even include whether a superdelegate has pledged to a candidate or not.

    This lack of transparency could be easily rectified There could be a Web site dedicated to identifying each and every superdelegate, providing information on who these people are and explaining why they have been given this power. The site could identify superdelegates who have already pledged, with a brief discussion from the superdelegate about what the basis was for his or her choice. The site could be updated in real time whenever a new superdelegate pledged support for a candidate. At least this way the individuals involved would know they are being watched by the voters and would hopefully feel somewhat accountable to them.

    If an ad hoc rule change were possible, the best one available might be to require the superdelegates to pledge to the candidate who has won the votes of a majority of voters in the superdelegate’s state. Under party rules, the delegates voted in through the primary and caucus process are often allocated by the popular vote within a congressional district. This has led to the anomalous result that a candidate could decisively win a state and yet win a bare majority or not a majority at all of the delegates. To mitigate the biases in the system this has caused as well as address the superdelegate issue, the best option might be to lean hard on superdelegates to pledge to the candidate who won the statewide popular vote in the state they come from. This makes particular sense, given that some superdelegates are statewide elected officials and some are local officials or party committee members, but all of them come from a state and are part of a statewide delegation.

    Looking ahead to 2012 and beyond, the party may not have to do away with all influence over the selection of the nominee completely. It may not even have to eliminate the superdelegate system—perhaps it could be cut down to size by limiting superdelegates to current major office holders. Such a move would reduce the number of superdelegates, lowering the chances that they would hold the margin of difference in their hands. And it would limit the insider control to those who at least are accountable to the voters in that elected officials represent the people and know they must answer to them if they wish to be re-elected.

    In truth, because of their impacts on voting rights, the problems of this primary season—the frontloading of the schedule, the undemocratic character of caucuses, and now the problem of the superdelegates—show that the entire nominating system needs to be seriously reassessed. But for now, however, greater transparency is one simple step the party could take to ensure the voters that they are, under these most unprecedented circumstances, adjusting their practices to create the most democratic system possible.

    Tova Andrea Wang is a Democracy Fellow at The Century Foundation.

  113. Jen the Michigander: awhile back I believe you mentioned that Levin made a comment to someone to the effect that Hillary “did not have a chance to win the nomination”. Is my recollection accurate? If so, can you tell me approximately when Levin made that comment?

  114. Jen@2:40: fantastic letter. Really dissects the bullshit the dnc is putting out. They know their process had no integrity. Therefore they try to wave the flag of party unity and the fall in line because I am getting impatient routine. Very convincing I’m sure.

    However the stain here is indelible, and bambi fine leader that he is has continued to diss Hillary and her supporters. He has a problem dealing with a powerful woman. But then he compounds it with his get over it cause I dont have time to talk to you- I have got to get ready for mccain.

    Get ready for what? You would think he was auditioning for Madame Butterfly. Or maybe it is a tacit admission that he does not know anything and needs to bone up as they say. Speaking of boning up, is it true what they say about dixie-correction Larry Siclair?

    Someone remarked that Baracks new national security force did a swat team extaction from the tiny motel room where Larry was staying and secreted him to one of those secret prisons in one of the Russian republics-probably Ubikistan, where he will be kept on ice until November 5.

  115. OBAMA!! You must produce a valid and legal birth certificate.
    What are you hiding?
    Why are you running away to travel and and burn up
    vetting process time ?
    Are you a coward or a criminal?

    You can run but you can’t hide from truth and reality!



    That was the explaination I was given after the staging of the MI and FL coup, and the selection of Obama. That from a veteran political volunteer. Said as though I had to accept it.

    Politics is dirty only because we fail to clean it up. It hurts to say NO WAY. Many of the people you consider friends look at you like you are disloyal. They even say that to you.

    But no change in history has every happen without people taking a stand. The American Revolution, the Civil War which pitted not only country people but relatives against each other, and the World Wars.

    American did not want to really fight any of them, but people took a stand, and said enough.

    The women did not sit down with the leaders of this nation and say, OK we want the right to vote and own property, and those people said OK. These people, taking a stand, some how found the courage to stand up, and worked with people that supported those Ideas. They did not have bloggs in which they don’t have to state their identifies; however, many had to gather in secret.

    I now understand a little of what they went through.

    This is not Imature behavior. This is standing up for Democracy, when others do not have the guts and courage to do that.

  117. basil, maybe it should be ” the little brown hole” seeing as we all have one no matter our skin color… ewwww! sorry couldn’t resist that one LOL!!!

    Yep it sure is SILLY SEASON about the only BHO was :strike:wright:/strike:right about 😀

  118. texan4hillary Says:

    July 20th, 2008 at 3:48 am
    hey guys
    im writing a piece on reformng the dem primary and am lookign for alternatives to supers. or should supers be retained but be banned from endorsements until after june?

    Get rid of them along with caucuses.

  119. I don’t understand why representatives and leaders of the community or the nation should have a representation in this election process. It says to me that the American popular electorate might not know what they are doing.

    In the present situation, the SDs don’t know what they are doing.

    I say eliminate them.

  120. For sure get rid of the caucuses, as it disenfranchises too many people (handicapped, elderly, shift workers, sick). A lot of caucuses done have absentee voting. This in no way represents what this country stands for which is an inclusive society.

  121. basil9

    regarding the “black hole” incident. the entire PC race discussion has reached absolute absurdity as exemplified here. it’s out of control. can’t say or do anything without being cast as racist. i hope to see a huge backfire in NOvember.

  122. The scientific term “Black Hole” is apparently racist according to A Dallas man who rebukes the commissioner who used the term by saying he should have said “White Hole!”

    I saw that last night. 🙄

    Honestly, as a woman of color I am ALMOST embarrassed by folks like this. But then, I remind myself (yet again), that I represent me and only me. So, the embarrassment I am tempted to feel quickly goes, but in it’s place is left a sadness. A sadness for SOME people who truly believe they are serving some greater good by being an overly dramatic idiot, and an even greater sadness for their “cause”.

  123. Incidentally, my husband attended a Sons Of Confederate Veterans Reunion this weekend in NC. Yep…the horrible, racist SCV. One of the major events was a memorial service given for a black confederate soldier named Weary Clyburn (you can google for more info). The racist SCV did the research to locate Weary’s grave (which was unmarked), bought him a headstone out of their own money, flew Weary’s family in from NJ, and gave him a service so beautiful it would have made you weep (complete with Color guard, bagpipes, the whole nine yards).

    My point for sharing the story? Some people are desperate to find racism wherever they think they CAN find it. That it doesn’t exist where they look often means nothing. 🙁

  124. gonzotx Says:

    July 19th, 2008 at 10:38 pm
    I believe we MUST support JM in Nov if bambi is nominee. It is naive to think staying home, writing in Hill’s name or voting for Nader will defeat him. Too much money and power behind the curtin. We must hold our noses and vote country before party if we ever want to get the Dem party back or have time to form a solid third party that there is not time for before Nov. Nader’s is not the one.
    I totally agree with you but I do recognize that some liberal democrats have been brainwashed and can’t comprehend “Country before Party” concept, so I offer other choices for them…like Cynthia M (green party)and Nader(independent) both choices will hurt Obambi’s base more then McCain.

    Why do I use the term brainwashed because most people don’t ask the military their political party leanings or the Police their political party leanings, they know in this country…it’s SERVE the PEOPLE, do your job and serve your oath as a team.

    Okay, not perfect but on a whole the great majority follow the example George Washington set at the founding of our government. But our form of democracy only works if “We the People” hold our representatives accountable and responsible to the ideals we hold dear.

    The problem with the Democrats this year and why they should not be rewarded with what went down this primary year, is their blatant trashing of everything this party stood and fought for…to present a gimmick of “brought” proportions.

    Obama is a gimmick or the most cynical kind and that alone is dangerous for “We the People” because if you think they will stop at Obambi and not try to do it again with somebody else…I have a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

  125. The problem with the Democrats this year and why they should not be rewarded with what went down this primary year, is their blatant trashing of everything this party stood and fought for…to present a gimmick of “brought” proportions
    Yes that Carbynew. Plus they have made a pact with the devil. That will haunt them.


    Here is the link to download the petition to get CINDY SHEEHAN on the November ballot. The number of signatures required from registered voters by AUGUST 8TH is 10,198. They have 6,593 so far. Let me remind you that Cindy is running as an Independent AGAINST NANCY PELOSI. Let’s help Cindy get her name on that ballot!

    h t t p : / /
    Let’s REMIND Nancy Pelosi about accountability and responsibility to “WE THE PEOPLE” by getting CINDY SHEEHAN on the ballot. Yes Cindy is a little left for me but at least she recognized the problem 2 years ago and called them out for it.

    If and I mean if she win at least Nancy will be out for two years and Cindy will shake up the place and won’t have a powerful position to harm anyone like Nancy did….Co-Chairman of the Democratic? Convention my ass.

  127. Idunn, dijiaa, alcina,

    You can extrapolate backwards to the beginning of human civilization and no doubt you’ll find references to the black/white analogy as it originated with the day/night, dark/light, good/evil symbolism of all cultures.

    It is ABSURD. I am now going to google references to black/white, dark/light in African history.
    Idunn, what a beautiful story and what a name, WEARY. Describes my
    current view of the Undemocratic Party.

  128. Obama flunks history, again
    posted at 10:24 am on July 20, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

    After receiving a hailstorm of criticism for considering Brandenburg Gate for a public speech, as well as official German dissuasion, Barack Obama moved the venue to the Siegessäule monument. Obama will speak about “historic” US-German relations, but once again, Obama’s own grasp of history has been proven deficient. Not only does the site contain a monument to Prussian victories over other American allies in Europe, its placement was decided by Adolf Hitler — in order to impress crowds in his idealized version of Berlin called Germania

    Still, even as the issue of his speech’s location has now been settled, a number of politicians in Berlin are still dissatisfied with the site. The Siegessäule — or Victory Column — was erected in memory of Prussia’s victories over Denmark (1864), Austria (1866) and France (1870/71). The column originally stood in front of the Reichstag, Germany’s parliament building, but was moved by Adolf Hitler to its current location in 1939 to make way for his planned transformation of Berlin into the Nazi capital “Germania.”

    “The Siegessäule in Berlin was moved to where it is now by Adolf Hitler. He saw it as a symbol of German superiority and of the victorious wars against Denmark, Austria and France,” the deputy leader of the Free Democrats, Rainer Brüderle, told Bild am Sonntag. He raised the question as to “whether Barack Obama was advised correctly in his choice of the Siegessäule as the site to hold a speech on his vision for a more cooperative world.”

    Andreas Schockenhoff of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats said, “the Siegessäule in Berlin is dedicated to a victory over neighbors who are today our European friends and allies. It is a problematic symbol.”

    Hitler didn’t just move the monument to its more central location. He had a taller column built for it as well, to emphasize its message of German military domination over Europe. He saw it as a message to Germans of their destiny — as well as to other Europeans as their destiny as well. It was never meant as a symbol of peaceful, multicultural co-existence.

    Team Obama has outdone themselves on symbolism with this choice. They’ve managed to make their hosts uncomfortable for a second time with their choice of rallying point, and perhaps more so this time. If one wanted to talk peace, what worse location could one choose than Adolf Hitler’s favorite monument to militaristic domination? One has to wonder how France, Denmark, and Austria will feel about Obama rallying German masses under the Siegessäule. Deja vu?

    Obama could be excused for his gaffe, except for two reasons. His team certainly understood the historical weight that the Brandenburg Gate would have lent his event, so why didn’t they bother to ask the Germans about the Siegessäule? Quite obviously, the Germans understand the meaning and subtext of the monument, and most of them wonder why Obama does not. Maybe this is a better example of clueless Americans traveling abroad than those who can only say Merci, beaucoup.

    The more basic question is why Obama feels the need to conduct a campaign event among Germans. Meeting with foreign leaders makes sense for a man with no foreign policy experience whatsoever, but that doesn’t require massive rallies among people who aren’t voting in this election. In his rush to look impressive for no one’s purposes but his own, Obama has made himself look ignorant and arrogant all over again.
    “The Truth Shall Set You Free”…..Black people Obama is making us look like fools and idiots. Harvard Grad?

    Vote NObama this November!!!

  129. I guess the Obama campaign just wants to make the speech in Germany somewhere. Seems pretty stupid to select Hitler’s monument for war.
    I understand that Soro’s hates Germany, that is why it seems kind a funny, that this speech has to take place, for the exception of the large Muslim population there.

  130. Obama’s choice of site for speech splits Germans
    By Judy Dempsey
    Sunday, July 20, 2008

    BERLIN: The decision by Senator Barack Obama to speak at a landmark monument in Berlin this Thursday has opened up yet another controversy, with conservative and opposition politicians saying the site recalls Germany’s Nazi past and Prussia’s militaristic tradition.

    Obama is planning to address what organizers expect will be huge crowds at the Siegessäule, or Victory Column, which is located in the center of a long and busy intersection that straddles the lush, public Tiergarten gardens and stretches up to the Brandenburg Gate.

    The choice of site was made after Chancellor Angela Merkel made it known to Obama’s team that she did not approve of him campaigning at the Brandenburg Gate, both the symbol of the Cold War that divided the two Germanys and later, in 1989, the symbol of German reunification. Other conservative politicians said Obama had no business choosing a site before he was even elected president and using it for election purposes.

    Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the German foreign minister, in contrast, said he would welcome Obama speaking there.

    After days of back and forth between the chancellery and the Obama campaign, the Victory Column was selected.

    But Andreas Schockenhoff, deputy leader of the conservative bloc in Parliament, said Sunday that the choice of the Victory Column, also known as the Golden Angel, was an “unhappy symbol” since it represented so much of Germany’s militaristic past.

    Rainer Brüderle, deputy leader of the opposition Free Democrats, said Obama’s advisers had little idea of the historical significance of the Victory Column. “It was the symbol of German superiority over Denmark, Austria and France,” Brüderle told the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

    The monument was built in 1864 to commemorate Prussia’s victory over Denmark. When it was inaugurated, Prussia had defeated Austria during the Austro-Prussian war in 1866 and the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-71.

    The column has been originally located near the Reichstag, now the Bundestag, or German Parliament, which is close to the Brandenburg Gate. But Adolf Hitler relocated it about two kilometers, or one mile, toward the western part of the city to the Grosser Stern, or Great Star.
    Obama really want those Jewish votes, doesn’t he?

  131. Another response to the Democratic? fundraising letter.

    I was so disturbed by their hubris and sheer gall that I was unable to sleep and wrote the following “Open Letter to the DNC.” I woke up after two hours sleep and wrote this. Others are disturbed as well.

    Open Letter to the Democratic National Committee:


    Today read the letter from Don Fowler and Alice Germond telling us to “get in line” behind the “party” candidate. Well, I have a few thoughts to share with you about that.

    From the beginning of this presidential election cycle up to, and including the present letter, you have behaved more like a soviet politburo that an American national political party.

    You began by stealing my vote, telling me that my vote and the votes of my fellow citizens in Florida and Michigan would not count because you said so. (Note to leadership: this is still the United States. Get this straight…I have a vote–the right to vote–(and it counts in full– as in “one man, one vote”). Then you give me super delegates whose votes in the aggregate far outweigh those of the average citizen like me. Now you treat me like a revolting peasant and demand that I get in line with the party plan for me. I tell you now that I am not only a Democrat, but also a democrat. My vote counts! And it counts each and every time I exercise it.

    Let me explain a few things about myself. I have voted Democrat since I was allowed to vote. That’s quite a few years ago. I think for myself. You don’t tell me how to think. You inform me of the facts and I, I alone, make the decision of how to vote.

    Let me explain a few more things to you. Barack Obama is not yet the candidate of the Democrats. That will probably happen at the convention. I am no fool. But I have informed myself, in the absence of Senator Obama’s efforts to do so, about his qualifications. Let me share them with you although they are probably well known to you.

    Obama is vitually without a record in the Illinois Senate where he served for one term. He claims that his records were destroyed. Well, I’ll be! Just look at that. The only thing that is really clear is that he voted “present” more than 100 times. Is this the record of a man without opinions or is this the record of a man concealing his opinions–leaving no tracks. Its not for me to say which, but only for me to observe that he has no record. So let’s look at the US Senate. He has a shockingly thin record of achievement in the US Senate. He has never even held a sub-committee meeting of the committee he chairs, the Senate committee on Afghanistan. I need not point out that we are participating in a shooting war in Afghanistan. I think that fact alone would call for some kind of meeting of the concerned committee. Apparently Senator Obama does not share my concern.

    Obama’s autobiographical books, particularly the partially fictional “Dreams of My Father”, shows clearly his affinity for socialism and Marxism. Given that self-proclaimed pre-disposition it is instructive to see who he has sought out as associates. Bill Ayers, a radical far leftist who bombed the Pentagon and got away without even a trial; his wife Bernadine Dohrn, with a similar record, who thougt it was “cool” that Charles Manson’s followers had stuck a fork in their dead victim’s abdomen while sharing a meal over her corpse. His wife, Michelle Obama, who was never proud of the US before this. There are many more.

    Let me address one other thing. If Obama’s very autobiography is “partially” fictionalized (that means he made it up) then why should I believe anything that he says. There is a legal expression I once learned which in English means “false in one, false in all”. Why I should believe anything about his history when it comes from him and when he admits that he made up parts of his biography.

    Obama’s arrogance is only exceeded by your own demand that we, the
    Democrats toe the line and straighten up.

    Well, this peasant is revolting. You don’t tell me how to vote. You ask for my vote. You provide me with facts proving that you are entitled to my vote. You prove that you have the best candidate. If you don’t do that I don’t vote your way. You, so far, have failed to show me why I should vote for Obama. Who are you to tell me that I must vote for him? Who the Hell do you think you are? How dare you?

    Obama may have socialist inclinations, I don’t know. But I do know this--this is not the old Soviet Union. The Democrat Party is one of choice–not obligation. It is one of my choice–not yours. You don’t ever, let me repeat, you don’t ever, tell me how to vote or demand that I get in line behind a candidate. It may have escaped your notice, but when Tammany Hall bought (yes, it’s true) my father’s vote during the Depression, they did not buy the votes of his children. The Democrats didn’t buy me along with my father. I chose to be a Democrat and find that I am a democrat. But I make that choice–not you. I, and I alone, decide for whom I will vote. The Democrat Party is not the politburo–not yet, at least–and never, if I have any voice in the matter.

    Please govern yourselves accordingly.

    Very truly yours,

    Mark Roth
    Hollywood, Florida

  132. Europe’s governments immune to Obama-fever
    Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:33am EDT
    By Noah Barkin – Analysis

    BERLIN (Reuters) – European fans will cheer on U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama as he visits Berlin, Paris and London this week, but governments wary of his inexperience and evolving policies fear the euphoria is overdone.

    Largely an unknown quantity in Europe, the Democratic contender is due to land here on Thursday, kicking off the second part of a foreign tour that began in the Middle East with a speech on trans-Atlantic relations in the German capital.

    His appearance at the “Victory Column” in Berlin’s central Tiergarten park is expected to draw huge crowds and is being likened in advance to former president John F. Kennedy’s celebrated “Ich bin ein Berliner” performance of 1963.

    But in the German Chancellery a few hundred meters away there is unease with the Illinois senator’s cult-like following and skepticism about whether he can live up to the hype.

    “There is a sort of Obama-mania in Germany right now, but I think a lot of people will have their illusions shattered if he does become president,” an official in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s office told Reuters, requesting anonymity.

    Some European officials recalled how difficult trans-Atlantic relations were in the first few years of President Bill Clinton’s administration because of his inexperience and the time it took to get his team into place.

    “It is not the inexperience of Obama that should concern people but nmoreore the risk of a vacuum for a while,” one EU diplomat said.

    But a survey released by the Pew Research Center last week showed Germans vastly prefer Obama over John McCain, his Republican challenger for the presidency, by a 49 point margin. In France it is an even wider 51 point margin and in Britain 30.

    Obama’s vow to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq and talk with Iran have won him admirers in Europe — particularly in Germany and France, countries that opposed the Iraq war and where President George W. Bush remains deeply unpopular because of the military adventures of his first term.

    Yet politicians and diplomats from Berlin to Brussels say that if Bush’s second term is used as a benchmark, neither an Obama nor a McCain presidency is likely to lead to any dramatic shift in U.S. foreign policy.

    “One reason Obama is so popular here is that people expect him to break radically with the politics of Bush, without any understanding of what this would involve,” said Eckart von Klaeden, a German parliamentarian and foreign policy expert in Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

    He likened the huge crowds Obama is expected to draw in Europe to those that cheered on former Chancellor Helmut Kohl during the build-up to German unification. Kohl’s fans turned against him when his promises of “flourishing landscapes” in eastern Germany failed to materialize.

    “Euphoria in politics is an invitation for disappointment,” von Klaeden said.


    Diplomats in Brussels said they believed Obama would be better able to articulate a post-9/11 policy agenda than McCain, but predicted new demands on Europe regardless of who emerges victorious in the U.S. election in November.

    These demands are expected to include tougher sanctions on Iran and a greater European military, civilian and economic engagement in Afghanistan.

    A change in the White House could have the biggest impact on Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, both of whom have developed close ties to Bush in recent years.

    Merkel, who has regular video-conference exchanges with Bush, and Sarkozy, who visited the U.S. president at his family home in Kennebunkport, Maine, could see their influence in Washington wane in the short-term under Obama.

    The same can be said for Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who has made plain his “very personal preference” for McCain. Berlusconi’s centre-left challenger in a May election, Walter Veltroni, had a campaign slogan borrowed from Obama — “Yes we can” — and compared himself to the U.S. Democrat.

    In conservative Poland, there are fears an Obama administration could row back on the Bush administration’s plans to deploy a missile shield in central Europe, leaving Warsaw to pick up the pieces.

    “The problem with Obama is that we still don’t know very much about what he thinks on foreign policy, he is tabula rasa,” said Rafal Trzaskowski, an analyst at the Natolin European Centre, a Warsaw think thank.

    “We know what McCain stands for, we know who we are dealing with,” he added. “Obama stands for change, he is an energetic, self-made man, and that is heart-warming, but we need to know more about his policies.”

    (Additional reporting by Paul Taylor and Mark John in Brussels, Gareth Jones in Warsaw, Stephen Brown in Rome, Crispian Balmer in Paris; Editing by Douglas Hamilton)
    I like how fantasy is being met with reality.

  133. I wonder if this little tidbit has anything to do with his wanting to speak at the Brandenburg Gate.Soros’s personal outlook is consonant with that of the Thatcher wing of the
    Tory Party, those who three years ago launched the “Germany, the Fourth
    Reich” hate campaign against unified Germany, comparing Chancellor Helmut
    Kohl with Adolf Hitler. Soros is personally extremely anti-German. In his
    191 autobiography, Underwriting Democracy, Soros warned that a reunited
    Germany would “upset the balance of Europe …. It is easy to see how the
    interwar scenario could be replayed. A united Germany becomes the strongest
    economic power and develops Eastern Europe as its Lebensraum … a potent
    witches’ brew.” Soros’s recent public attacks on the German economy and the
    deutsche mark are fundamentally motivated by this geopolitical view.

  134. This is how Soros deal with people who don’t like what he does. It will sound very familiar to you all. George Soros is part of a tightly knit financial mafia—“mafia,” in the
    sense of a closed masonic-like fraternity of families pursuing common aims.
    Anyone who dares to criticize Soros or any of his associates, is immediately
    hit with the charge of being “anti-Semitic”—-a criticism which often
    silences or intimidates genuine critics of Soros’s unscrupulous operations.
    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith considers it a top priority to
    “protect” Soros from the charges of “anti-Semites” in Hungary and elsewhere
    in Central Europe, according to ADL National Director Abraham Foxman. The
    ADL’s record of service to the British oligarchy has been amply documented
    by EIR (e.g. The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League [Washington,
    D.C., Executive Intelligence Review: 1992]).

  135. • wbboei Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 4:38 am
    Jen the Michigander: awhile back I believe you mentioned that Levin made a comment to someone to the effect that Hillary “did not have a chance to win the nomination”. Is my recollection accurate? If so, can you tell me approximately when Levin made that comment?
    It was I who reported that – incorrectly at first – as coming from Carl Levin. It was Sandy Levin, Carl’s brother, who made the remark. My friend said to him, “I can’t believe what they are doing to her. I want so much for her to win the nomination.” And Sandy Levin replied, “Ah, I do too, but the deck is stacked against her.” At the time neither my friend nor I saw much significance in it, but shortly afterwards came the infamous meeting of the RBC Mafioso, and only then did we realize what he meant.

  136. texan4hillary Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 3:48 am
    hey guys
    im writing a piece on reformng the dem primary and am lookign for alternatives to supers. or should supers be retained but be banned from endorsements until after june?

    Supers were our last chance this year, AND STILL ARE. 175 supers changing thier minds August 25 would stil nominate Hillary.

    The purpose of hte supers is to keep people like McGovern and Obama from getting nominated: people who rely on caucuses and mass hysteria. Without them, Obama would have had an easier time.

    It might be good to make a rule that Supers cannot accept donations from a candidate.

  137. I got a glimpse of the morning news and they were talking about how all the media is afraid to touch BHO with anything negative. It’s putting some reporters at odds with their producers and some of the stories are washed before aired.
    Everyone is so afraid of being politically incorrect they can’t even report the facts or tell the truth anymore.

    This will be the biggest disaster of an election we have ever had if BHO wins.

    I would have gladly considered BHO for candidate after he had some time under his belt, maybe 2016 or so.

    I’ve learned being appropriate in the right circumstances but I have never felt as censored as I am today. What this will do to Americans is cause them to fight back and many idiots will not use peaceful means to do so.

    For those familiar with early American history, before our declaration from Brittain, this is very close to being the same thing.

  138. If the media is so afraid now .. wtf do they think they’ll do if he gets elected. It’ll be even WORSE. They will be afraid to report anything negative or bad. I’m totally afraid for this country. I was depressed when Hillary suspended her campaign but held onto hope that he’d be took out before the convention .. I’m beginning to believe that won’t happen because the friggin media is such wimparses.

    We’re doomed if he gets elected. Plain and simple.

  139. posted over on NQ worthy of bringing here

    Comment by fred | 2008-07-20 13:47:58

    3 polls have Obama up 3 Gallup, Rasmussen and ABC/WSJ
    whta is alarming is none of those poll have factored in PUMA. Many say that 17% of PUMAS will vote McCain and 18% will hold out until the convention to see if Hillary gets the nod. In any case scenario it looks bad for Obama -35% means a landslide victory for McCain. PUMA’s get ready to feel the heat from the DNC demanding you fall in line

  140. So what are they going to do to me, say all the words they have so far, which just makes me madder.

    1. Every time you say he won, I resent it.

    2. Every time you say I must fold In, I resent it.

    3. Calling me immature is a major slam, and I resent it.

    4. Tell me Hillary would want me to do that, I resent that.

    There is only one way to get me to vote Democratic, and it is HRC leads the ticket.

    How many days do you have left to negotiate that.

  141. The audacity of ego
    By Joan Vennochi
    Globe Columnist / July 20, 2008
    JUST LIKE the Obama girl, Obama has a crush on Obama.
    Barack Obama always was a larger-than-life candidate with a healthy ego. Now he’s turning into the A-Rod of politics. It’s all about him.
    He’s giving his opponent something other than issues to attack him on: narcissism.

    A convention hall isn’t good enough for the presumptive Democratic nominee. He plans to deliver his acceptance speech in the 75,000 seat stadium where the Denver Broncos play. Before a vote is cast, he’s embarking on a foreign policy tour that will use cheering Europeans – and America’s top news anchors – as extras in his campaign. What do you expect from a candidate who already auditioned a quasi-presidential seal with the Latin inscription, “Vero possumus” – “Yes, we can”?
    Obama finds criticism of his wife “infuriating” and doesn’t want either of them to be the target of satire. Tell that to the Carters, the Reagans, the Clintons, and the Bushes, father and son.
    There’s no such thing as a humble politician. But when Obama looks into the mirror, he doesn’t just see a president; he sees JFK.
    In 1960, John F. Kennedy accepted his party’s nomination with an outdoor speech at the Los Angeles Coliseum. But he waited until he was elected before going to Germany to declare “Ich bin ein Berliner.”
    The fashionistas have already noted Michelle Obama’s affinity for chanelling Jackie. And it’s hard to watch the Obama daughters “Access Hollywood” interview and not think about Caroline and John F. Kennedy Jr. back in the days of Camelot.
    So far, Dad is only promising to get the kids a dog, not a pony named Macaroni.
    Republican John McCain has the opposite challenge. As a candidate, he’s shrinking, thanks to a series of gaffes, stumbles, and generally uninspiring speeches.
    But McCain has one thing going for him: the appearance of modesty.
    Part of it is physical. McCain is stiff and awkward, the result of age and injuries from his years as a prisoner of war. That, too, is a contrast to Obama’s sleek physique, the consequence of youth and a George W. Bush-like passion for working out.
    But with McCain, there’s also the sense of a man who made mistakes in life and acknowledges them.
    McCain’s humility comes through in his book, “Faith of my Fathers,” which he wrote at age 63, after completing a career in the US Navy and moving onto politics. Obama wrote the more self-reverential “Dreams from My Father,” after he was elected president of the Harvard Law Review.
    The McCain campaign is beginning to jump on the ego issue. “I don’t know that people in Missouri are going to like seeing tens of thousands of Europeans screaming for The One,” a McCain aide quipped in response to Obama’s upcoming visit abroad.
    The conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh regularly ridicules “The Messiah also known as Obama.” And “The Audacity of Obama” is turning into a ready-made take-off on the title of the Democrat’s second book, “The Audacity of Hope.”
    The downside for Obama is how much his ego stands to resonate beyond the political right.
    Last January, the online Slate Magazine debuted “The Obama Messiah Watch.”
    In February, a blogger for the left-embracing Mother Jones commented on his uneasiness over the candidate’s messianic complex: “Does this post play unhelpfully into the pernicious and growing Obamaism-as-cult . . . that we’ll likely see repeated over and over by the right wing if Obama gets the nomination?” blogged Jonathan Stein.
    “It does. Sorry. But Obama’s rhetoric makes an undeniable suggestion: that his election, not an eight-year administration that successfully implements his vision for America, would represent a moment in America of the grandest, most transformative kind. And that’s a bit much,” Stein wrote.
    When the Obama Girl video first surfaced, Obama told the Associated Press, “You do wish people would think about what impact their actions have on kids and families.”
    That’s good advice. He should think more about the impact of his ego on voters.
    A presidential candidate is supposed to get bigger on the national stage. That doesn’t mean his head should, too.
    Joan Vennochi can be reached at

  142. # alcina Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    djia – any idea how many puma’s are out there?
    I heard they have a couple million signed up between all the individual groups housed under Puma

  143. July 20, 2008
    Obama Wraps Up the Bush Status Quo in Pompous Clichés
    By Robert Tracinski

    I am quickly coming to the conclusion that all there has ever been to Barack Obama is symbolism and grandiloquent speeches. There is the symbolism of him as the (potential) first black president. And there is his ability to give portentous speeches in high-flown Harvard rhetoric, perfectly pitched to sound thoughtful to college-educated liberals–without actually saying anything.

    And here we go again, with another one of Obama’s patented Big Speeches, this time on Iraq. It is pitched to sound sincere and intellectual, and to sell us on his allegedly superior foreign-policy judgment–so long as we drift through it and don’t start asking any questions.

    The speech has two purposes. One is to artfully evade Obama’s massive misjudgment of the “surge,” which he unequivocally opposed. Thus, while he half-acknowledges the enormous turnaround in Iraq, here is how he describes its cause:

    As I have said many times, our troops have performed brilliantly in lowering the level of violence. General Petraeus has used new tactics to protect the Iraqi population. We have talked directly to Sunni tribes that used to be hostile to America, and supported their fight against al Qaeda. Shiite militias have generally respected a cease-fire. Those are the facts, and all Americans welcome them.

    Here’s a tip. When Obama begins a sentence with “As I have said many times,” this means that he is about to announce a totally new position that contradicts everything he has said before. For a little reminder of what Obama has actually said about the surge “many times,” check out this video clip helpfully posted to YouTube by the Republican National Committee.

    The rest of that passage shows a total, willful ignorance about what the surge actually consisted of and what it has done. He says that we “talked directly to Sunni tribes that used to be hostile to America.” Well, we did a little more than talk. We backed up the Sunni “Awakening” movement with some serious military action–which is precisely what the extra “surge” troops were needed for.

    But the most ridiculous line is that “Shiite militias have generally respected a cease-fire.” This Spring saw pitched fighting between Iraqi troops and the Iranian-backed Mahdi Army militia–fighting that ended because the Mahdi Army lost. Does Obama not even watch the news?

    But that is not what is most interesting about the speech. What is most interesting is its main purpose, which is to make it sound as if Obama is offering a whole new strategic direction for the War on Terrorism–while he declares that he would implement precisely the policies that are already being followed by the Bush administration.

    He says that “True success” in Iraq–note that he has even borrowed Bush’s habit of saying “success” in place of “victory”–“will take place when we leave Iraq to a government that is taking responsibility for its future–a government that prevents sectarian conflict, and ensures that the al Qaeda threat which has been beaten back by our troops does not reemerge.” But that is precisely what is already happening. Sectarian killings in Iraq, for example, have dropped to zero for about ten weeks running.

    And how does Obama propose to ensure that we keep on enjoying this “true success” in Iraq? “We can safely redeploy our combat brigades at a pace that would remove them in 16 months. That would be the summer of 2010–one year after Iraqi Security Forces will be prepared to stand up; two years from now, and more than seven years after the war began. After this redeployment, we’ll keep a residual force to perform specific missions in Iraq: targeting any remnants of al Qaeda; protecting our service members and diplomats; and training and supporting Iraq’s Security Forces.”

    Note the part about the “residual” combat force, whose size Obama never specifies, which will target the remnants of al Qaeda and train and support Iraqi forces–which is precisely the end result envisioned by the Bush administration if the current progress in Iraq continues.

    But maybe the big difference is that Obama will stick to his 16-month timetable no matter what, while Bush and McCain want to make withdrawal dependent on conditions on the ground. Well no, Obama would “make tactical adjustments” after consulting with “commanders on the ground and the Iraqi government.”

    That final flip-flop that the left has been dreading, when Obama throws out his commitment to a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq? It just happened. I wonder how long it will take them to notice.

    Obama’s policies for Afghanistan and Pakistan also read like a giant “me-too” to the current administration. His “new strategy” is to do more of what we’re already doing: increase troops, increase economic aid, and try jawboning the Pakistani government into fighting the militants.

    But the biggest piece of misdirection in the whole speech is about Iran. One of the centerpieces of Obama’s strategy is a plan to “secur[e] all nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists and rogue states.” So that means shutting down Iran’s nuclear weapons program. How does he propose to do that?

    Preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons is a vital national security interest of the United States…. I commend the work of our European allies on this important matter, and we should be full partners in that effort…. We will…present a clear choice. If you abandon your nuclear program, support for terror, and threats to Israel, there will be meaningful incentives. If you refuse, then we will ratchet up the pressure, with stronger unilateral sanctions; stronger multilateral sanctions in the Security Council, and sustained action outside the UN to isolate the Iranian regime. That’s the diplomacy we need

    So he’ll cooperate closely with our European allies to offer the Iranians incentives to stop their nuclear program and threaten them with sanctions and diplomatic “isolation” if they refuse. In other words: precisely the policy the Bush administration has followed for the past six years, and especially since the summer of 2006–all with no results.

    So on these issues, there is nothing to Obama’s speech. It is a whole bunch of pompous clichés–stuff like “it falls to us to act with the same sense of purpose and pragmatism as an earlier generation, to join with friends and partners to lead the world anew”–wrapped around the conventional wisdom.

    And that’s all there ever has been to Barack Obama: symbolism and grandiloquent speeches.
    Robert Tracinski writes daily commentary at He is the editor of The Intellectual Activist and

  144. another good article with some good tidbits in it……. found at

    i noted alot of good headlines today, but will not have enough time to read them all but
    it’s facinating how the headlines are not favorable to obama as of late 😀

    this was a long article so only posting the headline and link to it.

    July 20, 2008
    Barack Obama fears the Blair effect: hero abroad, liability at home
    The Democrat contender will win fans on his European tour, but voters are likely to demand something more than photo ops

  145. djia

    expect a lot of GOP ads showing B-HO among adulating European crowds contrasted with those of us suffering here at home in the U.S. in other words, where are B-HO’s priorities?

  146. Yeah, most people are already thinking something is wrong with the messiah, all they need are pics of adoring fans in Germany contrasted by the adoring fans of Hitler in Germany. That should scare the crap out some folks.

  147. I got a glimpse of the morning news and they were talking about how all the media is afraid to touch BHO with anything negative. It’s putting some reporters at odds with their producers and some of the stories are washed before aired.

    It’s a shock the media is actually admitting this. That’s a kind of progress, I guess.

  148. There are some things those producers cannot stop. The information that is being blogged, and ads that pacs put in newspapers.

    If they will not discuss the truth, then pacs need to start telling it for them. Blogs are already telling it.

  149. What REALLY irritated me about the Fowler letter was hisclosing;

    See you at the inauggeration!

    That mothere***ing SOS POS !$##@!%$#

  150. Read it and weep. Obama thinks he’ll be prez for 10 years. Guess he never heard about term limits.

    Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., in Afghanistan, told the paparazzi-pursued correspondent Lara Logan that “the objective of this trip was to have substantive discussions with people like President Karzai or Prime Minister Maliki or President Sarkozy or others who I expect to be dealing with over the next eight to 10 years.

    “And it’s important for me to have a relationship with them early, that I start listening to them now, getting a sense of what their interests and concerns are.”

    The notion that Obama will be dealing with world leaders for eighjt-to-ten years, possibly up through July 2018, suggests that either (a) he believes that not only will he be elected and re-elected, but the 22nd amendment will be repealed and he will be elected for a third term, OR (b) he was speaking casually and just meant two terms.

  151. Obama has selected a ridiculous venue in Berlin, where he will give another flowery speech: the Victory Column, which is dedicated to Germany’s iron-fisted war “victories” over its European neighbors. Reminds me of Bambi’s iron-fisted takeover of the Democratic party!

    From the New York Times:

    As expected, several German politicians criticized the location because of the historic overtones of the militarist monument. The Victory Column “is dedicated to victories over our neighbors, who today are our European friends and allies,” said Andreas Schockenhoff, a leading member of Mrs. Merkel’s conservative party, according to the local Berliner Zeitung. “I consider it to be an unhappy symbolism.”

    “I think it’s a less-than-perfect venue,” said Michael Cullen, an American building historian based in Berlin, who has written extensively about the Reichstag, the Brandenburg Gate and other Berlin landmarks. “It doesn’t connote anything but Prussian military prowess and that’s not a great symbol.”

  152. There is an old saying:

    Don’t count your chickens, before they are hatched.

    That is exactly how O appears to be acting. Not only counting that the SDs will for sure vote him in, but also that the popular vote is fixed.

    I am hoping that the people and SDs come through and see him for the elitist that he is.

  153. Get your barf bag ready for this one.
    A CNN ‘explanation” of the Waffles buzz. 👿

    From CNN Political Producer Kristi Keck
    Sen. Barack Obama has received a lot of media attention during his overseas trip.

    (CNN) – Sen. Barack Obama’s overseas trip has created more buzz than Sen. John McCain’s foreign travels because the storyline is more interesting, according to Michael Crowley, senior editor of The New Republic.

    “When McCain goes overseas, it’s sort of ‘dog bites man.’ There’s not really that much of an interesting angle to it,” Crowley said Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources”.

    “This is an incredible story, the first African-American nominee going abroad after a long period of anti-Americanism, promising a new start and a new direction for the country. There’s so many fascinating angles, whereas McCain is sort of offering somewhat more of a continuation of what we already know.”

  154. Admin,

    How about using Ich Bin Ein ARSHLUCKE as tomorrow’s headline?

    I just KNOW you could use that as a base for some pithy commentary about Dur Fuhrer’s trip.


  155. Here’s an article about the Maliki comments and backtrack in Der Spiegel.

  156. I am so proud of your German. I guess you are not some of the ugly American’s that only know one phrase.

  157. I picked up that tidbit from NQ. There are some funny posters over there.

    I DID have to translate portions of 14th-17th century German musical treatises into English as part of the PhD in musicology program that I never finished but I’ll be d@mned if i can remember much except the first person conjugation of to be.


  158. Democrats continue to grow increasingly nervous, as poll after poll shows Obama can’t seal the deal and win the White House:


    It Should Be a Democratic Year
    By Susan Estrich

    July polls don’t tell you who’s going to win in November. Just ask President Dukakis or President Gore, both of whom were well ahead in July and went on to lose in the fall (although Mr. Gore still doesn’t quite see it that way). Or ask President Clinton, who was running third in some polls after clinching his party’s nomination, and won comfortably in the fall. Polls are, at best, snapshots of the present, not predictors of the future.

    But that doesn’t mean they’re meaningless. There’s a reason that news organizations, and campaigns themselves, spend time and money to try to get the picture right, even if that’s all it is. Polls give you an insight into the dynamic of the race ahead; they highlight the problems, or the challenges, facing the candidates, their strengths and weaknesses.

    So here’s the bottom line. The polls make me nervous. Not desperate, not hopeless, not resigned, but nervous. Barack Obama should be ahead right now. Way ahead. Not even close is how it should look, even though I wouldn’t for a minute tell you that if it were that would seal the deal. But the fact that my old candidate Mike Dukakis was running better 20 years ago against George Bush than Obama is today against John McCain makes me nervous. It should be a sign to some of the whiners on my side, still worried about whether Obama is liberal enough or whether he’s doing enough to help Hillary, that it’s time to stop whining and start working. Otherwise, it will be hello President McCain.

    It’s not that McCain is doing so well. He isn’t. AT best, the race is even (if you believe Newsweek), or Obama is six (CBS News/NY Times) or even nine (Quinnipiac) points ahead. So why worry?

    First, because the experience of the primaries, not to mention that of other African-American candidates, suggests that polls tend to overstate, not understate, support for black candidates. With the exception of Indiana, every pre-primary poll in a major state showed the race between Obama and Clinton to be closer than it turned out to be. It became a sort of running joke on election to see the DrudgeReport with the red siren on the top announcing that contests that Hillary would end up winning handily were, according to the exit polls that very day, too close to call.

    Now, not to insult anyone, but if Democratic primary voters are playing both sides to the middle, as it were, why should general election voters be any different? The “Bradley effect,” as we in California refer to it (Tom Bradley, the popular black Los Angeles mayor who handily won the exit polls for Ggvernor, but lost the actual vote), has always been considered a general election phenomenon, and recent polls showing America to be as racially polarized as ever don’t exacty give comfort to those who would dismiss the concern that some voters may be telling pollsters one thing and then doing something very different when they actually mark their ballots.

    Second, because this should be a Democratic year. A landslide Democratic year. The best Democratic year imaginable. Twenty years ago, when Michael Dukakis was leading around now, the incumbent Republican, Ronald Reagan, was actually popular. A majority of Americans thought the country was on the right track. Gas cost $1.08 a gallon. Jihadists were “freedom fighters.” The Republicans were the party of peace and prosperity; their “brand,” as marketers call it, was worth something.

    To say Republicans have fallen on hard times doesn’t begin to describe it. George Bush’s approval ratings are down to the immediate family; even die-hard Republicans are wringing their hands. Party identification has plummeted. The wrong-trackers outnumber the right-trackers by more than two -to-one. The generic Democrat beats the generic Republican in the generic House contest (if only such things existed) by fifteen points. Even in the real (not generic) world, where the Congress that is controlled by actual Democrats is almost as unpopular as the White House that is controlled by actual Republicans, the numbers crunchers on both sides expect Democrats to increase their majorities in both Houses. Significantly. In the special elections to date, the Democrats are up 3-0, winning seats in places Democrats don’t win.

    Third, John McCain is hardly the dream candidate for a tough Republican year. He’s old. He’s had cancer twice. He has a temper. His sense of humor on occasion takes him to the edge, or over it. The circumstances surrounding the break-up of his first marriage were such that the Ronald Reagans basically dropped him from their list (and hired his ex-wife). The circumstances surrounding his second marriage have led to published gossip about his relationship with a blonde lobbyist. He’s a Washington insider at a time when Washington insiders are much reviled.

    To say that he is not a favorite of the conservative base of his own party is an understatement of major proportion, and while Republicans may understand the need to be “good soldiers” in political battles better than some of my liberal friends do, the fact that McCain has to spend considerable time and energy appealing to and reassuring his conservative base gets in the way of his efforts to assure swing voters who tend to decide elections that he really is the independent maverick who lost to George Bush in 2000 and not his twin separated at birth.

    And then there’s the matter of his campaign, which has not exactly been the model of a well-oiled machine. Senator McCain has had months to put together a general election effort and to fine tune his message, while we Democrats were still playing out the Hillary v. Obama saga. But until last week, when Mike Murphy announced that he would be spending the campaign on MSNBC’s payroll and not McCain’s, the wires were burning about whether McCain would turn to his old friend Murphy for help and advice (he was calling), and whether Murphy would take the job (only if he was the sole chief and not the co-captain) and whether McCain would throw current chief strategist (and former mega-lobbyist) Charlie Black overboard to get Murphy on board.

    Murphy’s deal with MSNBC may not be the last act in this drama, particularly if McCain continues to have weeks like last one, which found his campaign co-chair Phil Gramm telling hard-pressed Americans emptying their wallets to pay for a tank of gas and losing their homes because of bank loans that never should have been written that the recession was in their heads and that they should I stop whining. Did I mention that this was the same Phil Gramm who, as a Senator, championed the banking deregulation that most people blame for the subprime mess and the latest round of bank failures? To be fair, you can’t entirely blame the candidate or the campaign when a former senator shoots off; keeping such big shots, even (maybe especially) those with fancy titles on message is not an easy job. But the fact that the campaign’s first reaction was to stand by Senator Gramm and not send him overboard (or to Belarus, as Senator McCain later suggested) was a mistake, plain and simple. And it points to a larger problem with the McCain campaign: the message thing. Just what is Senator McCain’s message? You know there will be a major effort on the Republican side to destroy Obama. But will there be anything else? And if so, exactly what will that be?

    So how can Newsweek have the race at a dead heat? How come, even in the polls where Obama is leading, his lead is in single digits? Is it that people still don’t know enough about him? No candidate in my lifetime has ever gotten better press coverage, more adoration from the media. Being attacked by Jesse Jackson is a gift of major proportions. Maybe it just hasn’t showed up yet in the numbers. Maybe race is a bigger factor than people want to admit. Maybe people just need to be convinced on the experience front. But whatever it is, Democrats should take note. It should be a Democratic year, but that is no guarantee that it will be one.

  159. Debbie,
    That Gloria Estavan song really gets to me, It was the song I used for 8th grade graduation ceremony the year i was the 4th music teacher in one school (all the other teachers had either quit or been fired)that needed a musician to direct promotional ceremonies. it was a hell of a job with nasty buzzed hormone-freaked adolescents and I MADE then sing Reach and they were amazing. They even called my up on stage in front of the school board to present me with a dozen roses.

    That’s how POWERFUL that song is. And afterwards the kids thanked me for kicking their butts and making them learn the melody, the rhythm, the correct prononciation and made them rehearse. they fought me every inch of the way (I only had 6 weeks) but in the end they performed brilliantly

  160. basil9

    Are you into church music arranging. Just wonder if you had ever heard of an arranger by the name of Kihlken.

  161. I was mostly into school stuff after i stopped performing and now I’ve lost almost all interest in music because of the past couple of yeas of serious health issues. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it.

    But tell me about Kilchin.

  162. Hi, fellow 44s… update on the meeting on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend, which I was told by a hostess type employee was a very secret meeting of the Democratic Party. I never found out what part of the Party it was, though I tried. I mean, even the cab drivers were not telling anything, but one cabbie did let slip that he drove Senator Barbara Boxer. I’m not supposed to tell anyone that, so you didn’t hear it from me. 😡 😉

  163. Henry Kihlken is a Lutheran Church music arranger, and composer that live in my home town. He is a real long hair musician. I was a member of a church choir he directed for a while.

    Google, and that name in quotes and it brings up all of his arrangements. I alway felt like he lived in a different world.

  164. So why would they be having secret meetings now. Everything is out in the open. They are screwing the Democratic Popular vote. Nothing more to be secretive about, it is over. All they have to do is plan the cornation.

  165. still working on that primary reform piece here. im looking for ways to apportion delegates in states in a different way than having urban districts outweigh so heavily all others. suggestions?

  166. Silly me, I keep hoping there are some well-placed people who might be trying to fix this mess. Didn’t Boxer work with Hillary and S Tubbs Jones on a bill called Count Every Vote a few years ago. I think it didn’t pass, and I don’t know anything about it, but just the thought that she might care about corruption in the Party gives me a little tickle of hope for Denver…y’know? Ah, well. Is she for BHO?

  167. Sunday, July 20, 2008
    The Denver Group: Open Letter Update/more
    As many readers of this space know, The Denver Group has put its Open Letter to Howard Dean here, where others may add their signatures. The Open Letter has been available for signing for 15 hours and already has close to 300 signatures. We plan to send a copy of the Open Letter directly to Dr. Dean every time we gather 500 new signatures, and it looks like he’ll be receiving his first direct copy sooner than later. If you have not already signed – if you are a new signer – please add your name here, if you agree with the letter.

    Meanwhile Marc Rubin is hard at work creating video and donors are steadily making it more likely that a video will make it to the airwaves. Time is of the essence. We need to air The Denver Group’s message as widely and steadily as possible. So if you have five dollars please consider donating it to support our ongoing ad campaign. Even better, if you can find somebody else who can afford to contribute five dollars ask him or her to match your contribution.

    The Denver Group remains committed to its objectives. We appreciate those who are helping us achieve them. Every 5 dollars, every signature is an act of peaceful democratic action. We hope that Senator Clinton’s delegates will feel empowered by our success so far to do the paperwork necessary for a nomination from them at the convention should that be necessary. We hope that Dr. Dean will heed our message and simply announce that Senator Clinton’s name will be put in nomination without conditions and that she may agree to that on her own timetable as events between now and the start of the Democratic National Convention on August 25th.

    Essentially, we hope the Democratic National Party will provide Senator Clinton, the other Democratic candidate who comes into the Convention with a chance of winning the nomination under the Party’s rules, with fully equal opportunity. After all, equality of opportunity is a bedrock democratic principle and this is the Democratic Party.

    Marc Rubin and Heidi Li Feldman are scheduled to appear live on Morning Q radio on Monday, July 21 from 10:15 to 10:45 eastern.

    Posted by Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D. at 4:40 PM 0 comments Links to this post

  168. # NewMexicoFan Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 10:58 pm
    How do we go to sign this letter. Do you have a hot link?
    h t t p://

  169. This is scary.

    Obama Can Win Without Majority of White Voters
    Political scientist Alan Abramowitz notes that even though white voters are expected to make up 80% of the electorate in November and that five recent national polls show Sen. Barack Obama trailing Sen. John McCain by nine points among this group, he would still “decisively win” the election.

    The reason? Obama holds a 20-1 margin among black voters and a 2-1 margin among Hispanic voters.

    Interesting trivia: The last Democratic presidential candidate to win a majority of the white voters was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

  170. Evening all. The Audacity (arrogance) continues unfettered.

    a partial, and read the comments:

    “Well, presidential candidate Barack Obama debuts on the international stage with a newly reconfigured campaign plane with its own distinctive message painted across it, “Change We Can Believe In.”

    On the tail, instead of the American flag on the presidential plane, is the rising-sun logo of the Obama campaign.

    The repainted plane is likely to become a familiar backdrop for the remainder of the campaign. Previously, the campaign plane did not have a distinctive paint scheme.

    The front cabin, where Obama travels, has been fitted out with luxury recliner seating. Obama 08 is embroidered on one seat, presumably to be normally occupied by the candidate.

    The press cabin is still the normal 3-seats-to-a-row economy class seating.

  171. I hope all his little hopey-changey donors are delighted that he is making himself comfortable on their money.

    And he said he needed to keep out of Federal Campaign Finance to build a war chest to fight McCain.


  172. djia Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    # alcina Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

    djia – any idea how many puma’s are out there?
    I heard they have a couple million signed up between all the individual groups housed under Puma


    It might be more than that by now. Diane from JSND estimated 2.3 million, and that was a couple of weeks ago.

    What’s more certain is a poll out in the real world that found 9 million Hillary supporters refusing to vote for Obama. That’s up from 7 million in June. Details at

  173. Oh, and a heads up on fundraising totals, supposedly to be released tomorrow for Clinton…those numbers WILL NOT include the July 4th efforts. They will be June numbers only. And as Will Bower mentioned on Fox, the debt paydown that week was extraordinary.

  174. djia Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 4:38 pm

    posted over on NQ worthy of bringing here

    Comment by fred | 2008-07-20 13:47:58

    3 polls have Obama up 3 Gallup, Rasmussen and ABC/WSJ
    whta is alarming is none of those poll have factored in PUMA. Many say that 17% of PUMAS will vote McCain and 18% will hold out until the convention to see if Hillary gets the nod. In any case scenario it looks bad for Obama -35% means a landslide victory for McCain. PUMA’s get ready to feel the heat from the DNC demanding you fall in line


    Is there a typo here? I’m too lazy to go hunt for this at NQ unless you have a link handy.

    In June iirc 35% of HIllry suporters would not vote for Obama, ie 7 million. That broke down to 3 million for McCain and 4 million stay home. In July it was up to 46%, ie 9 milion. See number crunching at

    What could they do to us individual Pumas?

  175. oh, they can’t do anything to us unless they are really instilling communism, then they could do something to us.

  176. “Fall in Line!” HA!

    I was a registered Dem for my whole voting life (since Carter) and lef the DNC and became Indie after they F***** Gore. Seven years an Indie and only re-registered as a Dem so i could vote in the Primary in Florida…

    fat lot of good THAT did.

    So what are the DNC gonna do to me? Hillary was the only reason I re-upped.

    And “intimidating” voters to “fall in line” like they try to do to the big donors? These people are really out of control, over the top, nut jobs.

  177. meiyingsu Says:

    July 20th, 2008 at 11:40 pm
    This is scary.

    Obama Can Win Without Majority of White Voters
    Political scientist Alan Abramowitz notes that even though white voters are expected to make up 80% of the electorate in November and that five recent national polls show Sen. Barack Obama trailing Sen. John McCain by nine points among this group, he would still “decisively win” the election.

    The reason? Obama holds a 20-1 margin among black voters and a 2-1 margin among Hispanic voters.

    Interesting trivia: The last Democratic presidential candidate to win a majority of the white voters was Lyndon Johnson in 1964
    Pure Propaganda! Because if this was true Jesse Jackson would be President.

    Don’t fall for Obama’s fanfiction from his cultists. I’m black and I know this is crap.

  178. For alerts as they appear, join

    NYT: Obama Raises $52 Million in June

    STring and comment form at the bottom of the same page. 213 comments
    so far. No login etc.

    Previous alert ———————————-
    Easy post: comment form on the same page, no login.

    Clinton Put In $1 Million More
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton lent her campaign another $1 million at
    the end of June [….]
    In addition, after her latest loan on June 30, Mrs. Clinton has now
    lent her campaign a total of $13.2 million.

    Previous alert ——————————–

    Tribune “Swamp”: Obama debuts new campaign plane

    Comment box at the bottom of this page, no login. Short string,
    critizizing Obama’s arrogant expensive plane and grandstanding in

    Worth posting at.

    Obama debuts new campaign plane

    Previous alert ————————————–

    The registration isn’t too bad: it asks a lot of questions, but then
    the post goes right up.

    This is an article well worth commenting on. It’s a popular
    magazine/site, a place to reach people outside our choir. The subject
    is very accessible and popular.

    PUMAs, if you run out of targets, see 🙂

  179. texan4hillary Says:

    July 20th, 2008 at 10:20 pm
    still working on that primary reform piece here. im looking for ways to apportion delegates in states in a different way than having urban districts outweigh so heavily all others. suggestions?

    How about we do winner take all like the repubs? I actually think it’s time for a national primary.


    You need not be a conspiracy theorist to realize that there is a community of capitalists who operate on a world-wide basis. This community is comprised of multi-national corporations, major financial institutions and international law firms. Some of these capitalists create value. Their goal is to produce goods and services in the cheapest venues through supply chain manufacturing, move them through just-in-time transportation systems or cyberspace and sell them into the most lucrative markets throughout world. General Electric is a prime example of this type of capitalist. There are others who do not create value per se, but instead engage in market speculation and manipulation for profit. George Soros is a prime example of this type of capitalist. Each has his own niche in the system.

    Traditionally, global capitalist have recognized the importance of political power in the achievement of their business goals. Sometimes they need congressional support for a particular business initiative. At other times they want relief from some onerous regulation or protection from some legislative proposal that would adversely affect their business. In most cases this is a perfectly legitimate activity and it does no harm to the country. But there are other instances where the protection or special advantage sought by the global capitalist is fundamentally at odds with the interests of the American People as we shall see.
    And when that is true the transaction takes on an entirely different character and becomes what you might call a “devils pact”. In those cases, you need a congressman, better yet a senator and best of all a President who will march to your drum.

    Now just suppose that you were a senior executive with General Electric-a huge multi-national corporation. What relevance would all this have to you? First, it would be good for you and your business affiliates to have a friend in the White House. Second, it could help protect and expand the global trading system you rely on for supply chain manufacturing and to eliminate border as unnecessary sources of friction for the free flow of your products and labor (i.e. North American Union). Third, you own two television networks, i.e. NBC and MSN which would benefit from access to the White House just as FOX has with Bush. Fourth those networks could be used to affect public opinion for or against any candidate. Fifth, the Republicans have been good to you in the past but they may not win the next election due to Bush, Iraq and a declining economy. You must make provision.

    Suppose further that it is one year before the
    election. You need to decide which candidate you will back to ensure the foregoing objectives. When you look at Senator Clinton who is billed as the inevitable candidate, you like what you see. She is a very impressive leader, a pro-growth Democrat and someone who knows both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. But there are two things that bother you about her from a business standpoint. One is the concern that she might institute regulatory controls that would add cost to your products. The other is that she would not follow your directives blindly but would carefully weigh the impact of business proposals upon workers and the American public.

    So you look at her competitor Barack Obama. Howard Dean has recommended him to you. That is interesting because Howard and his cohorts are trying to change the Democratic Party to minimize the influence of working people and thus make it more more business friendly-like the Republicans. You trust Howard because his family has close ties to Wall Street. In addition, George Soros is promoting him. You have heard through the grapevine that Soros’ real goal is to take over the world through his stock manipulation schemes, i.e. Haliburton and his sundry activities in Eastern Europe. Yes, this guy Obama seems like the perfect Trojan Horse for Big Business, and he sure can bamboozle the masses. But the real question is can you count on him to come across for your company when the chips are down? Do we have here a general who will fire on his own people like Franco.

    As you ponder that question you recall a time

  181. confloyd- it is time we talked. I am sending my phone number and email address to admin and asking him to forward it to you. Could you send me yours and I will call you.

  182. ADMIN.



    (my contact info is on email)

  183. Growing Belief that Reporters are Helping Obama. (DUH!!!!!!)
    How can they help themselves? This is what whores do. Abandon principle for the sake of money. Is there one single contrarian in the group. The odds say yes but the politics say no. Or as they say “we bring good things to life”.

  184. anyone who doesn’t know that the media has been helping Flipper has to be living under a frikin rock! Jeez.

  185. wbboei, I read yesterday in wikipedia that Soros original name was Schwartz and his father changed it to Soros because it means “next in line”. The whole thing fits the stadium, Germany, the new plane logo’s, the easy chair in the plane that has his name embroidered in it. Sounds like a person who knows they are going to take over the world, but they are stumped at what to do with us, the whistle blowers!

  186. Great post, Admin – Good morning, Hillfriends:
    After all we’ve learned during this primary election, I was alarmed to read this article in the Trib this morning. This would make it possible to stuff ballots to rig a general election, much as Obama’s campaign did in Cook County and Gary, IN, so that Hillary’s popular vote lead would not look so insurmountable.

    “Four states, including Illinois, have agreed to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote, and similar bills have been introduced in 43 other states.”

    FYI, Republican IL state senator Kirk Dillard, who is a card-carrying IL “Combine” Member and Obama supporter, promoted the bill. Funny, I don’t remember any publicity around a vote in the IL legislature. And, no one asked the voters.

    Does anyone know if this is constitutional, either on a federal or state level? Has anyone heard if this can be in place on a sufficient scale in time to make a difference in November? I sure would have favored getting rid of the Electoral College in 2000, but this year, I’m not so sure….

    * * * * * * *
    Turning election into popularity race
    Movement seeks to skirt Electoral College, ensure presidency goes to candidate with most votes nationwide
    By Stevenson Swanson | Chicago Tribune correspondent
    1:08 AM CDT, July 21, 2008,0,5711183.story

    NEW YORK — A measure that would push the Electoral College to the fringes of American politics has been an unlikely beneficiary of this year’s protracted presidential primaries.

    Buoyed by a long presidential primary season that focused attention on states that usually are overlooked in the calculus of winning a nomination, states as far-flung as Massachusetts and Hawaii have passed or are considering legislation that would guarantee that the candidate who got the most votes nationwide would win the White House.

    That would have the effect, advocates say, of creating a truly national presidential election campaign.

    Four states, including Illinois, have agreed to cast their electoral votes for the winner of the national popular vote, and similar bills have been introduced in 43 other states. In Massachusetts, the Senate is to debate the measure after it recently received overwhelming support in the House of Representatives.

    Related links
    Why do we have an Electoral College?
    Electoral College by the numbers If lessons from high school civics classes on how the Electoral College operates had dimmed, the 2000 election brought them back to life as Al Gore won the national popular vote but lost the presidency to George W. Bush in the Electoral College after the Supreme Court settled the dispute over Florida’s vote count. That’s because almost every state casts its electoral votes based on the winner of the popular vote in that state.

    Most votes wins
    “Explain to me how the principle that applies in every other election in this country—you get the most votes, you win—doesn’t apply to the most important election we have, the presidential election,” said Barry Fadem, president of National Popular Vote, the California-based non-profit group lobbying for the new approach to allocating electoral votes.

    The U.S. Constitution provides that states can choose how they allocate electors. Under the group’s plan, the new method of casting electoral votes would take effect when states with a combined 270 electoral votes—the number necessary to elect a president—join the national popular-vote compact.

    In addition to Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey and Hawaii have approved the measure. The four states have a total of 50 electoral votes.

    A national poll by The Washington Post, the Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard University found support from 73 percent of Democrats and independents and 60 percent of Republicans.

    Last month, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) said the nation should “abolish this archaic way we elect presidents,” preferably by amending the Constitution, but he also said he supports the national popular vote initiative.

    Not everyone agrees.

    “The election of the president should be based on the decisions of each state,” Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, a Republican, said in vetoing a bill that would have added his state to the national popular vote compact.

    National Popular Vote was founded by Silicon Valley venture capitalist John Koza. The group says the measure should have bipartisan support, pointing to the near-miss of the 2004 election. Bush was re-elected when he won the popular vote by more than 3 million ballots. But a switch of only 60,000 votes in Ohio would have swung that battleground state to John Kerry, who would have won in the Electoral College.

    And Republicans have supported it, including Illinois State Sen. Kirk Dillard (R-Hinsdale), a co-sponsor of the Illinois bill, which Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed in April.

    Apart from partisan politics, the Electoral College has supporters. Walter Berns, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, notes that the current system helps small states keep some clout on the national scene.

    “Why should Nevada give up its votes to California?” said Berns, pointing to the proposal to build a radioactive waste storage site at Yucca Mountain, which is widely opposed in Nevada. “That’s a state interest that’s not likely to survive in the case of a national popular vote. If you ask me where that stuff should go, I’m likely to say, What better place than in the desert?”

    States ignored
    Fadem counters that under the current system, in which candidates concentrate on a handful of swing states, small states are already ignored.

    “If people live in a non-battleground state, they know their vote doesn’t count,” said Fadem, whose group hopes to have enough states on board to use the new approach in the 2012 election. “Here’s one thing that will not happen in 2012, and that is that the presidential candidates will not write off three-quarters of the states.”

    Still, even some opponents of the Electoral College are skeptical. Burdett Loomis, a political science professor at the University of Kansas, favors amending the Constitution to abolish the Electoral College. Supporters of the National Popular Vote campaign say is that’s too difficult because an it requires approval by two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states.

    “If you had a constitutional amendment that said there was a national popular vote, that would be legitimate,” Loomis said . “I’m not a fan of the Electoral College, but I do think it has delivered legitimate presidents in most elections.”

  187. I am telling the media is fixed, we are sitting ducks while the power brokers of this country get what they want. OBAMA the puppet! They are making us pay thru the nose (gas prices, food prices) to make sure us stupid people will blame bush and McCain. Now they are going to make sure the American people see that McCain is just an extension of Bush. OMG, I hope the American people are paying attention.

  188. This is getting very scary.

    “The following report was written for TD/NQ by Techdude, who hurried to complete it after his tires were slashed and a mutilated rabbit was found hanging by his front door. He is currently working on another exclusive follow-on report.”

  189. meiyingsu,

    The chanting in the background is eerie.

    How was Seneca Falls?

    “We have passed through the portal into Germany in the 1930s. Charismatic leaders speaking to the masses at sites symbolized by Nazi era; vandalism and threats against anyone not loyal to the Party leadership; censorship of free speech and commentary at Obama sites;” Party leaders demanding full loyalty.

  190. This is getting very scary.“The following report was written for TD/NQ by Techdude, who hurried to complete it after his tires were slashed and a mutilated rabbit was found hanging by his front door. He is currently working on another exclusive follow-on report.”
    Yes Basil that is one way to look at it–scary.

    Of course there is another way to look at it too: original amateur hour. And if perchance you can catch them what a propaganda victory that wold be. Hope + Change= Vandalism + Terroistic Threats.

    And then there is another way to look at this: dueling scars on the face of a Heidelburg swordsman circa 1880. On second thought that may be going a bit far.

  191. wbboei,

    ‘dueling scars on the face of a Heidelburg swordsman circa 1880’ and ‘original amateur hour.”

    You went WAY over my head with that one.

    Can you explain?

  192. Basil: the scar or in this case the story is a badge of honor and proof that the other side sees you as a formidable adversary. Believe it or not during the Bell Epoch era in high society men regarded this as a willingness to fight for honor and women saw this as an indicator of a different sort of prowess. In this battle we all have our stories and the gorier the more they prove our commitment to the cause. Tatoos are that way, but my dad who was a line naval officer in world war II always told me I dont care what you do on leave but for goddsake dont get drunk and get a tattoo. You will be happy to know that I complied with the second part of that request.

  193. Basil: If I seemed a little too non chalant I apologize. This kind of thing was a common thing with supevisors at freight barns in the Bay Area. Slashed tires, keyed cars, midnight phone calls. When we were lucky enough to catch the perpetator we filed charges and canned his ass. I would see these vandals in the subsequent discharge arbitrations. Typically, they were punks or mental degenerates. That is what I was thinking about. What I forgot was the terror these actions produced with those supervisors. Shame on me for that.

  194. Informed,

    This ‘national popular vote’ thing won’t fly. The states with low population just won’t pass it in their legislatures. The states that are for it, are high population so they coincide with the popular vote already.




  196. if this was to be the year of the democrats…then why did the democratic party rush the primaries, try to push Hillary out before the last vote was counted, thrust BHO out as the presumptive nominee. why if this was to be a shoe in for democrats were they in such a big hurry, surely we could have beat any republican in much less time than was needed for the general election.

    why the hurry if the democrats really had it in the bag? Why?
    it’s very clear….an entity larger than the party is calling the shots. as a matter of fact it has nothing to do with parties anyway.

    you, my fellow serfs have been had or should I say you are already had!
    They own you lock stock and barrel. Your freedoms are at their pleasure.

  197. texan4hillary Says:
    July 20th, 2008 at 10:20 pm
    still working on that primary reform piece here. im looking for ways to apportion delegates in states in a different way than having urban districts outweigh so heavily all others. suggestions?


    Texan, do you have a blog on this?

    As for how many delegates each state gets, that could be simple: the same number as the electoral votes the state has. (Or directly proportinal.)

    ‘Winner take all’ could also mirror the state’s rules for the national election. Most states cast their electoral votes as ‘winner take all’ according to the popular vote within the whole state. A few do proportional, so their delegates could be proportional too.

    As to how many delegates each county/congressional district etc within the state gets — well, if the state is winner take all, then will that matter?

  198. Today Obama reached a new low in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll. This is what happens when you spend time running around Europe, giving flowery speeches before adoring crowds to massage your own ego, instead of focusing on solving America’s problems:

    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows Barack Obama attracting 42% of the vote while John McCain earns 41%. That’s the lowest level of support measured for Obama since he clinched the Democratic Presidential nomination on June 3. Obama’s support peaked at 48% with data released on June 8, 9, and 10. During that same time frame, McCain’s support has remained steady in the 40% to 42% range (he’s had just one day a point below that range and two days a point above it).

  199. The whole world can now see the unfair playing field Hillary had to go up against as far as the MSM. McCain can’t even get his op-ed retort printed in the NYT….this is really a disgrace.

  200. I have previously commented on the intelligence of nancy pelosi-or lack thereof. But on the subject of vp her latest utterances to disaffected Clinton supporters comes dangerously close to this: fuck you and now we must unify.

  201. She (Pelosi) may very well cost democrats the congress if she keeps up her snobby attitude and incompetence.

  202. The problem with the polls is that time and time again the polls always had Obama in the lead until 48 to 24 hours before election time…so I don’t trust the polls until this country make them certified and stand by the polls…so they can’t be used as propaganda purposes.

    Obama is tanking and McCain is rising…if Obama is at 41% then I bet you McCain is higher but the would NOT benefit all those people riding on the Obama train.

    But I can tell you this…I don’t even think Obama is going to last until August, it’s pretty clear that the Republicans haven’t even started going after Obama and is hold off until after the convention…because Obama is doing their work for them and why should they help stop the Dems going over the cliff.

    Team Obama is pissing plenty of Americans off and they can’t blame the Clintons for Team Obama’s hubris and ego and arrogance. I just LOVE how TEAM OBAMA is helping down democrats running this year.

  203. wbboei,

    What did pooplosi say?

    BTW, thanks for the clarification about the Heidleberg reference.

    Now i gotta google Bell Epoch.


    JBstone, I agree it’s a complete disgrace.

  204. Carbynew wrote:

    But I can tell you this…I don’t even think Obama is going to last until August, it’s pretty clear that the Republicans haven’t even started going after Obama and is hold off until after the convention…because Obama is doing their work for them and why should they help stop the Dems going over the cliff.

    Agreed. McCain hasn’t even really started to criticize BHO yet, and this is the summer season, when BHO should be riding high. I bet the McCain campaign is hoping BHO manages to stay afloat on his own to get through Denver, and then if he can secure the nomination, they’ll unload on him and it’ll be smooth sailing for McCain after that.

    If Obama keeps making these mistakes, though, the calls for Hillary to get back in will only get louder and louder.

  205. I’m ROTFLMAO!

    Can this be TRUE?????

    Wall Street analysts late yesterday downgraded the stock of ABC, NBC, and CBS to “Paparazzi” status in light of the widespread perception that in covering presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East, that they had lost a substantial amount of objectivity and were instead focusing more on the candidate’s image and star power.
    Jeffrey F. Goldberg, an analyst with Bear Stearns, said, “You can’t have NBC, for example, telling us what kind of sunglasses Obama is wearing or spending so much time setting up a photo-op [see below] of the candidate sitting in a Humvee looking like some kind of stud muffin, while the troops are waiting to eat lunch, and expect to maintain the higher standards required of a bona fide news network.”

  206. • Barack Who? Correspondent Caryle Murphy, who’s based in Saudi Arabia, decided to go to a bookstore in Riyadh to try to gauge popular interest in Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama (see story). She found his book, “The Audacity of Hope” on the second floor, in the English language section. “When I asked how it was selling, the clerk scrunched up his nose and said, ‘not so well,’ ” she says. At another bookstore, the response was even more tepid.

    “People are not talking about him. The energy and excitement generated in the US hasn’t caught on here,” says Caryle. “When Hillary Clinton was running, she generated more interest, especially among women here. People were keen to see if a woman would be president of the US. Saudis would ask me about Hillary. I don’t hear that level of interest about Barack,” she says

  207. CARBY!
    Can you respond to greta’s comments?
    really?? do you think this fair?
    by Greta Van Susteren
    It is hard to keep track of the news via a blackberry – but did the NY Times really reject a Senator McCain penned op/ed after printing one from Senator Obama?? I can’t figure out the explanation from my blackberry but – with the fact the three network anchors went overseas with Senator Obama and NOT Senator McCain – it sure looks like unfair coverage. Whether your candidate is Senator Obama or Senator McCain, I am sure you agree the media should strive for equal coverage so that each can get his message out. It is important to democracy that the media perform this function fairly so that voters can make informed choices. The media should not play favorites or try and pick the next President. It is impossible to be perfactly [sic.] even in covering candidates but effort is important. I am anxious to study this issue when I get back to my office – it is hard to totally have all the facts when operating from a blackberry. But I confess that the facts I do have looks like the media needs to take another look at how candidates are BOTH covered fairly.
    What do YOU think??? (By the way, I am reading your comments but can’t reply on my blackberry for some reason.)

  208. Carby and other s!
    Respons to greta!

    really?? do you think this fair?
    by Greta Van Susteren
    It is hard to keep track of the news via a blackberry – but did the NY Times really reject a Senator McCain penned op/ed after printing one from Senator Obama?? I can’t figure out the explanation from my blackberry but – with the fact the three network anchors went overseas with Senator Obama and NOT Senator McCain – it sure looks like unfair coverage. Whether your candidate is Senator Obama or Senator McCain, I am sure you agree the media should strive for equal coverage so that each can get his message out. It is important to democracy that the media perform this function fairly so that voters can make informed choices. The media should not play favorites or try and pick the next President. It is impossible to be perfactly [sic.] even in covering candidates but effort is important. I am anxious to study this issue when I get back to my office – it is hard to totally have all the facts when operating from a blackberry. But I confess that the facts I do have looks like the media needs to take another look at how candidates are BOTH covered fairly.
    What do YOU think??? (By the way, I am reading your comments but can’t reply on my blackberry for some reason.)

  209. Obama Ditches American Flag
    Barack Obama used donations to refurbish and repaint his campaign plane, and has removed the flag of the United States from the tail of the plane. Reports Bonnie Kapp for Fox Embed:
    [T]he plane that once had an American flag on its tail now sports the Obama “O.” “Change We Can Believe In” and the candidate’s website are splayed across both sides of the fuselage, making this 757 anything but inconspicuous.
    This means, of course, that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, and other countries will see a plane without an American flag — a plane on which the sole symbol is all about one man. Barack: Afghans and Iraqis won’t be voting for you in November. But they will notice that you failed to represent yourself as a proud American citizen while you are abroad. We’ve noticed too.

  210. And the Brainwashing continues:

    Obama to speak at UNITY event
    Posted: 12:48 PM ET
    (CNN) – Barack Obama will speak before a major gathering of journalists in Chicago this Sunday, likely the Illinois senator’s first national appearance upon returning from his trip abroad.

    The event, sponsored by an alliance of minority journalists called UNITY, will be broadcast live on CNN Sunday morning. The gathering’s organizers also extended an invitation to John McCain.

    “We are pleased that our UNITY colleagues will have the chance to hear from Sen. Obama and be among the first to question him upon his return from his overseas trip,” Karen Lincoln Michel, UNITY president, said in a statement. “We hope that in this historic campaign, Sen. McCain, whose presence is equally important, will also address our audience – the kind of audience that reflects the growing diversity in America.”

    UNITY says it represents nearly 10,000 members of the Asian American Journalists Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Native American Journalists Association.

  211. Obama is such an idiot sometimes. Today’s gaffe — removing the American flag from the tail of his airplane in favor of that ridiculous self-aggrandizing “O” logo — shows how politically tone-deaf he can be. When the knock against you is that you’re unpatriotic and egotistical, WHY would you go and add fuel to the fire? Ugh.

    I feel like we’re watching re-runs of the Dukakis campaign.

  212. As far as the plane goes, if by some awful chance, that this guy is elected (selected), will he change the U.S. emblem on Air Force One to his? The hubris of this guy, never ceases to amaze me. Why more people are not outraged by this, is also astounding.

  213. The Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines that are fighting for our freedoms ALL OVER THE WORLD are proud to wear the symbols of this country and yet Obama has shown time and time again that these symbols are beneath him and only his symbols are more important to him.

    I have NEVER in my life seen any candidate running for any office dismiss, demean and disrespect our symbols and traditions as Barack Hussein Obama.

    Many of my relatives have fought for this country even in the worst of times and my uncles were proud of their service and this country and the flag they fought under. They had more reason then Obama as the Military was segregated at that time but no time did I ever here them speak hatred for this country.

    They fought in Italy, France, Germany, Africa and the Pacific and never once did they have disrespect of the flag or our Constitution. In fact the promise and opportunities in this country had no equal.

    Obama actions speak loudly.

  214. This means, of course, that the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Germany, and other countries will see a plane without an American flag — a plane on which the sole symbol is all about one man.


    I hope they arrest him as a suspicious character! Put him in quarantine and demand to see his birth certificate!

  215. PLEASE WAKE UP AMERICANS….A vote for the car salesman is a vote for over 20 years of personal relationship with REZKO, Wright, Ayers, and Farahkhan…He is an empty suit; he can say anything to get elected. This rookie is a big PHONY. ….I’m tired of all his rhetoric…..The more I listen to this guy the more I hate him……He can not be trusted…

    A flip-flopper to get an experience! He voted “present” for more a hundred times, because he did not know how to vote “Yes or No” …WOW, this guy is a totally a joke!

    Remember Muslim’s sons are for life. Blood is sticker than water. He can say any thing and he can run BUT he can not hide.

    I was a lifelong Democrat, but now Independent. I will never vote for Barrack Hussein OBAMA.

    Please don’t be fooled by a car salesman. ….As a patriotic American; I don’t care if you are a Democrats or Republicans, we deserve an honorable man like Sen. McCain.

    Please vote for your conscience!!!!

    Go for HRC 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Informed in Illinois: thanks- here is the rest of that section:

    V. THE DEVILS PACT (Continued)

    Suppose further that it is one year before the election. You need to decide which candidate you will back to ensure the foregoing objectives. When you look at Senator Clinton who is billed as the inevitable candidate, you like what you see. She is a very impressive leader, a pro-growth Democrat and someone who knows both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. But there are two things about her that bother you from a business standpoint. One is the concern that she might favor certain regulations that would add cost to your products. The other is that she would not follow your directives blindly but would carefully weigh their impact upon Americans before she would ever support them.

    When you look at her opponent you find someone who is-how shall I put it- more flexible in this respect. For example, a few years ago there was radioactive leakage from an Exelon nuclear plant in Illinois, and citizens sought help from Senator Obama. He took a tough position initially, but eventually settled on a watered down piece of legislation which provided no added protection for the citizens he represents (See Huffington Post 2/19/08). Thereafter Exelon became one of his largest contributors. Furthermore, there is no denying the serious nature of this risk. According to recent studies, radioactive leakage from Exelon plants in Pennsylvania has caused a high incidence of thyroid cancer in two counties and their downwind neighbors. Finally, your company along with Westinghouse and three consortiums plans to build 29 nuclear plants in the near term. You needed a federal loan guarantee in order to proceed because private banks would not touch it and the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default as higher than 50 percent.
    Nevertheless, he voted in favor of it. Question: is this why the media subsidiaries of General Electric (NBC and MSNBC), and Westinghouse (CBS) were so determined to promote Obama and persecute Hillary—to a degree unseen since the Nazi era? If so then they will do the same thing to John McCain. Expect it.

    The American people should be worried about Obama because there is a clear pattern here. Whether the issue is tenants freezing in a Chicago slum in his district, his reversal on public financing of elections (which would have reduced the voice), his reversal of his prior opposition to FISA (which would have protected the civil liberties against governmental eavesdropping) or his recent legislative effort to send nearly a trillion dollars to Africa when we need that money here at home the answer is always the same. When there is a dispute between the rights of global capitalists and the rights of Americans he comes down on the consistently on the side of global capitalists. And that is highly problematic for our middle class in the Age of Globalization.

  217. the slow burn that we saw upon the unfair treatment of Hillary Clinton in the primaries is now a small fire .. it will only get bigger and I think NOvember will be the NObama treatment for the dems. America just really isn’t into you Bwack.

  218. AOL has restarted it poll on the Presidential Race. This is the 5th Week of polling. McCain has won by more and more of a % every week.


    This last week was the biggest percentage ever. You can discount this vote, as it is heaviliy Republican, or so they say. But there is a trend there, at least amont Republicans. It looks awfully good for McCain.

    I agree, with Obama out there repainting his plan, taking all the networks to Europe, and already putting out his ads, and he is losing in the Polls.

    SDs, you really need to be concerned about this. Why is he over in Europe where there are few votes, when he is tanking her. He does not want to campaign where people do not like him, he thinks he can win the election with the red states, and those Hillary people in larger numbers than thought just are not folding in.

    You need to think about your futures, and whether you believe in the Democracy of the United States.


  219. What idiot is advising him about this 747?? Do they have no common sense? Imagine the person who is advising him on the plane and the stadium advising him on the affairs of this country! Freaking scary as crap! Showboating!

  220. Yes, his staff will run the country, like it did with Bush, and right now things are looking pretty inexperienced, even down right dumb.

  221. basil9 Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 4:31 pm
    Obama Ditches American Flag

    the countdown begins. how many days till the B-Holers hangar that plane and slap an American flag back on it? kind of like that lapel pin he now wears so proudly.

    what a phony.

  222. Where is this country going to get the trillion for Africa, I guess we will borrow it from China. Maybe we should start talking chinese language lessons now and beat the rush.

  223. Wow, the site was down for a few minutes reminded me of the primary campaign. Everytime some news item came out, the site went down for a minute or two. Something must be cookin! 🙂

  224. confloyd Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 7:45 pm
    1950 mails up

    I’ve forwarded it to wbboei.

  225. Obama will be SWIFT-AIRPLANED about his patriotism by the GOP!!!!

    And this time even we know that it is true!!!!

  226. A poll conducted last week by Rasmussen shows Hillary beating McCain more strongly than Obama does…

    However, McCain fares better against Obama than he does against two other prominent Democrats. New York Senator Hillary Clinton leads McCain by eight points, 50% to 42%. Former Vice President Al Gore, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2000, leads McCain 50% to 43%.

  227. mp

    yup, the GOPers have all kinds of “unpatriotic” symbols to play hand across the heart, no flag pin, U.S.flag removed from the campaign plane, replacement presidential seal..they could do a slide-show ad with the tune of the god-damn-america soundtrack playing in the background.

  228. Remember all that hype from Bambi’s camp about how he was going to turn Georgia blue, thanks to its large AA population, thirst for change, blah blah etc.?

    Well, turns out McCain continues to enjoy a healthy lead there. The electoral math is simply not adding up for Obama, plain and simple. Unless the SDs wake up and realize that the emperor has no clothes, this party is f**ked.

    John McCain continues to enjoy a solid lead over Barack Obama in Georgia. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of the state shows McCain attracting 48% of the vote while Obama earns 39%. When leaners are included, McCain’s lead expands to eleven percentage points, 53% to 42%. These figures show little change in the race since late June.

    In fact, this race has changed little all year. McCain has led by eight to fourteen points in each of the four previous surveys conducted by Rasmussen Reports in Georgia this year.

  229. Berkeley Vox:

    I like the Georgia poll……it might get Bambi to choose Sam Nunn as his VP in the hope of salvaging GA..
    I detest Nunn!

    And while he tries to salvage GA, VA will get more holey with folks unhappy he did not choose Tim Kaine!

  230. We’ve been saying this for MONTHS… glad to see that most voters are finally waking up to the ridiculous pro-Bama media:

    Belief Growing That Reporters are Trying to Help Obama Win

    Monday, July 21, 2008

    The New York Times’ refusal today (Monday) to run an op-ed piece by John McCain challenging an article in the paper less than a week ago by Barack Obama is sure to further fuel the belief that much of the major media is biased in favor of the Democratic candidate.

    At issue is McCain’s response to an article by Obama entitled, “My Plan for Iraq.” Obama was in Afghanistan over the weekend and in Iraq today attempting to build his foreign policy portfolio for the fall campaign.

    The idea that reporters are trying to help Obama win in November has grown by five percentage points over the past month. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, taken just before the new controversy involving the Times erupted, found that 49% of voters believe most reporters will try to help the Democrat with their coverage, up from 44% a month ago.

    Just 14% believe most reporters will try to help McCain win, little changed from 13% a month ago. Just one voter in four (24%) believes that most reporters will try to offer unbiased coverage.

  231. He is supposed to announce his veep before the olympics, so when do the olympics start?? I never watch them, too borrring!

  232. Freedom Rider: Obama to Make World Safe for the Rich
    by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

    “Barack Obama cares about his own ambition, and nothing more.”

    How many years has Barack Obama been sucking up to rich, powerful people? It is clear that the Cinderella story of the neophyte who suddenly struck political pay dirt is just one of many well marketed lies. While it is accurate to say that few Americans had heard of Obama before the 2004 Democratic convention, it is not true that his political ambitions began that year when he ran for the United States Senate.

    Obama first secured buy-in from wealthy, politically connected white people when he was still a state senator in Illinois, and then he began his not so surprising rise to power. He has worked very hard over a long period of time to position himself as an ambitious but “safe” black man who had no intention of rocking the political boat or letting anyone else do so either.

    The trail is easy to follow. Obama’s willingness to absolve criminality, politically sanctioned racism, and other evil doing has a long history. On January 17, 2001, then state senator Barack Obama gave his blessing to new Bush administration cabinet appointees, including Donald Rumsfeld, and declared that they were all “in the mainstream”:

    ” ‘The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,’ Obama said. ‘I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I don’t think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.’ ”

    Translation: “Calm down check bundlers, I’m your guy. When I run for president you’ll have nothing to fret about. I will never give the military industrial complex or the rest of corporate America any cause for alarm.”

    Obama did not just give the thumbs up to Rumsfeld, the man who in 2001 had already spent years advocating for the occupation of Iraq. He also signaled his willingness to put civil rights on the back burner:

    “‘So I don’t want to be pegged as being far left simply because I find certain aspects in John Ashcroft’s record to be divisive or offensive,’ Obama continued. ‘I think it’s legitimate for me to raise that. As I said before, if he brought before us a nominee who didn’t agree with me on affirmative action and yet said that, you know, I do think that and showed a history for showing regard and concern for racial justice, if he came before us and said I oppose a woman’s right to choose, or I oppose abortion, I find it religiously offensive, and yet I do respect, for example, the notion that we shouldn’t be solving these things with violence, historically, if that had been what was said, then I don’t think I would object. And I think that’s a fair position to take.’ ”

    Translation: “I won’t do anything for black people. I’ll never advocate for them and in fact, I’ll help you shut up them up. Ditto for women. They are expendable too.”

    “Obama has worked very hard to position himself as an ambitious but ‘safe’ black man.”

    According to Obama, opponents of affirmative action who say nice things to black people should still be confirmed into cabinet level appointments and be allowed to interpret and enforce civil rights laws. Likewise, opponents of a woman’s right to choose abortion will also get a pass as long as they don’t bomb clinics. His standards for acceptability are abysmally low, but more importantly they give sanction to those who want a return to the good old days when only white men had any standing in American society.

    Obama’s words in 2001 explain a great deal about his actions in 2008. We have been told that he has to move to the right in order to win this November. He has to tell lies and claim he was against warrantless surveillance and then vote in favor of it. He has to smear Moveon, a group that cooked its own books in order to endorse him. He has to turn his back on public campaign financing. He has to slander all black men. He has to threaten war with Iran. He can’t end the occupation of Iraq.

    The wishful thinkers assure us that he will be different and begin to undo the Bush regime apparatus. Only after he puts his hand on the bible will he be able to speak up for the millions of people who voted for him in hopes of seeing true political change.

    “The former law professor will find reasons not to defend our constitutionally protected civil liberties.”

    Anyone who believes that tale deserves to be fooled because his pattern is so clear. He will govern just as he has campaigned ever since he first held public office. The former law professor will find reasons not to defend our constitutionally protected civil liberties. The new president will find more reasons to single out black men for criticism. He will always have a reason to continue the Iraq occupation, the time to leave will never be right. His nominees will not enforce civil rights laws, but they will do so with soft words and smiling faces.

    The hand writing has been on the wall for a long time. Barack Obama cares about his own ambition, and nothing more. His campaign is a well oiled marketing machine that convinces gullible people to believe he is who they want him to be. Those of us who aren’t fooled have an obligation to speak up and point out the sleights of hand that go back many years. We should not be surprised when it continues to show itself after January 2009.

  233. Seems kind of coincidental that the meeting of the “great minds” happened yesterday in Martha’s Vineyard and today we find out that the Veep is selected and will be announced.

  234. Anyone have a link to the rumor that Obama’s picked his VP? I can’t find anything anywhere. Sounds like McCain may announce his VP this week though, to upstage Bambi’s National Lampoon’s European Vacation.

  235. Need a test. Will someone who is not a member of of pumaresponders-lite please see if this page works and if it gives a link to join the group or to the ‘home’ page or something?

    h t t p : / /

  236. turndownobama

    good evening

    the link to join is to the right on the page with the url you posted, but you have to have a gmail account i looks like, sign in, and then fill out “a little info”

    now, will you see if YouTube is up?

    Comments on my video were “disabled” and I didn’t do it, and now I get a blank screen when I go there

  237. Norma,

    Thank you very much. YEs,it’s confusing that you have to have a Google account and then an account for the list also. I’d better add a message that if anyone wants to join they can also email me.

    I’m afraid I know nothing about youtube, not even the url. Maybe someone else could check that?

  238. ok, thanks!

    I can get there through a link, but “My Account” (where I can see the settings for comments) comes up blank

    I smell a foul odor

  239. The plane is only the latest in his unpatriotic attitude

    1. the Tail of the Plane
    2. Being forced to wear the pin
    3. Does not put his hand over his heart
    4. Says Americans are hated a lot of places
    5. Says Americans are stupid because they only speak one language
    6. Sits for 20 years with a minister whom he quotes in his book that says God Dam America
    7. Wife says finally she is proud of American, even thought they gave her exceptional opportunities, and the same for her husband
    8. Says Small towns are bitter, church going gun toting idiots.

    In fact his symbol to me looks like a Japanese symbol of the sun.

    Personnel, I want to vote for a person who really respects America. All I hear is how awful we are.

    When is the last time you have head him say he was proud of America. If he did I missed it.

  240. Jesus Christ. In the real world there are bargaining positions. Each side has one. They ar useful in the sense that convey bargaining power, convicton and a search for a mutually agreeable resolution. Obama comes in and he undermines the American bargaining positione on an issue and naturally the other side aplauds–why woudnt they. What a rube.

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