Good Riddance, Good Bye

The talented and valued Robert Redford wants Obama to win the general election. Redford is wrong on that point.

Robert Redford also has this to say:

I hope he’ll win. I think he will. If he doesn’t, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye.

Good Riddance, Good Bye.

The Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA deserves a shocking death. A loss is the only way to shock Democrats into sanity if the selected candidate of Dean/Brazile/Pelosi is gifted the nomination by Party leaders out of touch with the grassroots of the real Democratic Party.

The great Democratic Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which we loved and continue to love, will rise once again from the ashes of the grotesqueness it has become.

NO to Obama’s new Democratic? Party in NOvember. We won’t shed a tear.

Donna Brazile: A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

David Axelrod: The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

The Democratic Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA has forsaken the Big Tent philosophy of FDR for the small mindedness of the FISA lovers running the Party.

We won’t shed a tear.

We’ll just say “Good riddance” to the Democratic? Party in NOvember, if necessary. NObama, NOvember. Our Nominee was and is Hillary.

* * *

There are many meetups taking place in support of Hillary Clinton. We along with many other Democrats know Hillary is our nominee. There are many activities in the planning stages for Women’s Equality Day on August 26 (the second day of the Democratic? National Convention). There is a nationwide effort underway to get Hillary Clinton supporters to Denver for the convention.

There is also this which we received via email:

Hey Everyone on Hillary is 44:

I’m part of a grassroots effort which includes a number of lawyers who volunteered for Clinton’s campaign, and one who worked in Bill Clinton administration, to Celebrate Hillary during the 160th Anniversary of the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. Our events are taking place on July 19th, but the Convention goes on starting that weekend for the entire week. We’ve asked Hillary to come, but still waiting on her response, and even if she can’t make it, we will have a speaker and pay tribute to her historic campaign.

Please join us in Seneca Falls, NY, and email this to every Hillary fan you know, especially in the NY, NJ area.


Reminder to go to Seneca Falls, NY to celebrate with us the 160th Anniversary of the Women’s Rights Convention at some pro-Hillary events.

If you’ve got extra frequent flyer miles, some time and $$:

Here’s what we’re planning.

and also, some great women-centric events that are all free to attend in Seneca Falls:

Take part in the town’s festivities honoring the 160th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls, New York. Bring and wear your Hillary Clinton gear to show your support! Sign a petition honoring Women’s Rights in the place where Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other courageous women and men gathered 160 years ago to lay out the first coordinated statement of women’s rights in the Declaration of Sentiments.

Say Hello to other Hillary Supporters in Seneca Falls, New York on July 19.

* * *

By sheer coincidence – as part of the preparations for Women’s Equality Day (not the Seneca Falls celebration) we had earlier also received, via email, a brief history tied to the Declaration of Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights governments are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of those who suffer from it to refuse allegiance to it, and to insist upon the institution of a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. – from the “Declaration of Sentiments,” Seneca Falls Convention, July 19-20, 1848

In the 1970s, African-American New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm claimed that she “had met far more discrimination because I am a woman than because I am black.” Testifying for the ERA, she declared that it “provides a legal basis for attack on the most subtle, most pervasive, and most institutionalized form of prejudice that exists” and “is so widespread that it seems to many persons normal, natural and right.”

The ERA failed! Over thirty years later, women are still subjected to the institutionalized misogyny that handicaps women by treating them as second class citizens.

This is particularly apparent today in both political parties. While women do the hard work for them, they are expected to constantly compromise their dignity, abilities, and rights to achieve acceptance by the males, and in the interest of more important issues. It is time for no more compromise. Women and non-misogynistic men must stand together again, like the 68 women and 32 men at the Seneca Falls Convention, and demand full citizenship for over half the population.

Women will no longer tolerate political parties which treat them with disdain and then demand that everyone unite and work to continue the unacceptable discriminatory behavior– by condoning non-stop sexist attacks on women candidates; by failing, for examples, to establish adequate health care, equal pay for women, protection from violence; by threatening their reproductive rights; and debating about everything except other vital issues such as family and medical leave programs, adequate child care, etc.

For those who believe in the sanctity of the vote, unity is impossible. Sen. Clinton won 18 million votes, the largest primary vote in history. She won big states, swing states – 308 electoral votes for victory. Sen. Obama won only 224 – many from undemocratic caucuses. For president, 270 electoral votes are needed.

Unity is impossible when (1) valid elections have been ruled invalid; (2) voters have been given only half votes; (3) votes for the female candidate have been given to the male candidate; and (4) the female candidate has been arbitrarily forced to suspend her winning candidacy, is expected to unify a fractured party, and work for the election of an unacceptable, already rejected male candidate. He was selected – not elected.

The Spirit of Seneca Falls lives on today. The Democratic? Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA does not remember, nor respect the Spirit of Seneca Falls.

Good Riddance, Good Bye to all that.

NObama, NOvember.


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  1. I like Robert Redford as an actor. However, he, like Caroline Kennedy have little knowledge of Politics. This is just another known person, with little experience, must like Obama himself.

    Stick to Movies, Robert.

  2. Seneca Falls is only 2 hours from me.

    If I’m up to driving I’m going to try and get there. Sounds like a fantastic event.

  3. It will take a VILLAGE to Raise a Child
    It will take a VILLAGE (small town gun toting, church, depressed people) to elect a President.
    It will take PUMA to Put HRC name in nomination.

    Unfortunatly, there is not a Role for Robert Redford. He likes his stuff scripted like O does.

    I think I am the only one up this morning.

  4. Take pictures basil9.

    NewMexicoFan, Redford should know better than to want Obama elected. After all, Redford was in The Sting – about flim-flam con artists.

  5. Robert Redford also has this to say:
    I hope he’ll win. I think he will. If he doesn’t, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye.

    got news for you, RR. the democratic party is already dead. the democratic party of FDR has lost its way. RR, you remember “the way we were”.

  6. In the movie, activist Babs has trouble with conventional Redford. The real Streisand should go to Seneca Falls.

  7. Obama’s Surveillance Vote Spurs Blogging Backlash.
    Check the comments on this blog! Some amusingly distressed howls from the kool-ade drinkers. 😀
    It’s at CNN Political Ticker
    If I get to Seneca Falls I will be sure to take pics and send them to BP.

    Morning NMF.
    Off now for Saturday errands.

  8. djia,
    I just heard that. Now that’s a tragedy. He seemed like such a decent guy.

    My prayers for his family.


  9. admin

    thanks for the trip down memory lane. what an idiot i am, it brought tears to my eyes. i must be feeling periodically down.

    later guys..

  10. dija and basil-

    Tony Snow truly was a Renaissance Man. Studied philosophy before entering politics, musician, and a gentleman. He could disagree without getting down and dirty. A true loss for journalism. He had joined CNN recently and I though what a GOOD addition for that skunk think-tank network. His dad was a social studies teacher and school principal, and his mom an inner-city nurse (also died of colon cancer when Tony was 17). So there you go….normal upbrining…seeing all sides of life. WELL-ROUNDED. No elitism, no pretense. But a firm understanding of why this country can be the gretest in the world…..remember hearing him talk about how he loved his family…SO sad, indeed. I really liked listening to him, even if not agreeing with him. Rational at least and not shoving things down your throat. Much better than Russert could ever be. But not near the “insider” Russert was…..Tony Snow had true character.

  11. Obama Won’t Commit to Event at Military Base

    Published: July 12, 2008
    A coalition of military groups is planning a nationally televised town-hall-style meeting with the presidential candidates near Fort Hood, Tex., the largest active-duty military installation in the country. But so far, only Senator John McCain of Arizona, the presumptive Republican nominee, has agreed to attend.

    question is, can B-HO continue to chicken-out on every town hall request for debate? this is a slap in
    the face to all branches of the service.

  12. Admin — “The great Democratic Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which we loved and continue to love, will rise once again from the ashes of the grotesqueness it has become.”

    You went straight to my heart with that line! Had to wipe away the tears before I could see well enough to tell you so.
    Now, back to finish reading you.

  13. My condolances to the Snow family.

    As I remember, Barbara endorsed Hillary. And as I remember in the movie, Barbara came off looking like the one with the Brains.

    With help from his AA friends (JJ, and Bernie), I am not sure if anything else needs to be done. How many times has he apologized lately.

    SDs are you watching the polls?

  14. In the last 2 weeks, we have given McCain so much material, it is amazing. McCain does not need to be doing a thing right now, as O is doing to himself. After the convention, he has a lot of material to come out with.

    I also think, he thinks Hillary might come back. I wonder if he is ready for both.

  15. I was born in 1933, the year that FDR took office. We had Franklin and Eleanor as part of our lives through newspapers, radio and newsreels for the first 12 years of my life. Then we had Truman … and Eleanor at the U.N. There were giants in those days. And they were great because they cared deeply for the well-being of the people. And we the people knew it in our bones. We trusted them (the elitists did not and the leaching wealthy called Franklin and Eleanor traitors to their class) There wasn’t integrity in leadership of that size until Martin Luther King. And the reasons I loved those people are the same reasons I love the Clintons. (Btw, the state motto of Arkansas is, “Let the people rule”) I am convinced that the phoenix rising out of the ashes of the dead Democratic Party should be established and ever after known as the Clinton Democrats.

  16. leeching

    and I’d rather just forget Redford — it’s hard to just lounge around on being rich and famous and still keep your feet on the ground

  17. It’s time to PURGE the Democratic? Taliban Party of all these fakers.

    It takes one to know one….the DEMOCRATIC? Taliban Party sanctioned SEXISM and MYSOGINY this never ending election season and we wonder why WOMEN RIGHTS never move pass limited reproduction rights, it’s because MEN don’t want unplanned pregnancies and be financially responsible…so it’s a trade off for free sex or free love.

    So, Pro Choice is no longer a women issue…it’s a human issue and let the chips fall where they may but WOMEN need to move on to more important issues that better define us…and abortion is just one leaf on the “tree of life.”

    Here is a news article on what happened at a Obama fundraiser:

    CHICAGO (AP) _ Comedian Bernie Mac endured some heckling and a campaign rebuke during a surprise appearance Friday night at a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

    Toward the end of a 10-minute standup routine at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Chicago, the 50-year-old star of “The Bernie Mac Show” joked about menopause, sexual infidelity and promiscuity, and used occasional crude language.

    “My little nephew came to me and he said, ‘Uncle, what’s the difference between a hypothetical question and a realistic question?'” Mac said. “I said, I don’t know, but I said, ‘Go upstairs and ask your mother if she’d make love to the mailman for $50,000.'”

    As the joke continued, the punchline evoked an angry response from at least one person in the audience, who said it was offensive to women.

    “It’s not funny. Let’s get Barack on,” a man shouted from the crowd, which paid $2,300 each to support the Illinois senator.

    About 15 minutes later, Obama tried to smooth things over with a joke of his own.

    “We can’t afford to be divided by race. We can’t afford to be divided by region or by class and we can’t afford to be divided by gender, which by the way, that means, Bernie, you’ve got to clean up your act next time,” Obama said. “This is a family affair. By the way, I’m just messing with you, man.”

    The incident drew response from Obama’s campaign, which criticized Mac for his choice of material.

    “Sen. Obama told Bernie Mac that he doesn’t condone these statements and believes what was said was inappropriate,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement after the event.

    Mac, a Chicago native, said he’s a longtime Obama supporter and called the presumptive Democratic nominee a “man’s man” while offering him advice for the duration of the campaign trail.

    “People like rumors. They’re going to say things like you was at the club with Lil’ Kim, and you and Kanye West got into a fist fight,” he said. “You can’t get upset. You’ve got to keep hope alive.”

    Mac’s appearance was Obama’s first celebrity event of the evening. Later at a Lincoln Park nightclub, Obama spoke to a raucous crowd of music fans, who paid up to $500 per person to see a performance by Wilco lead singer Jeff Tweedy, and two other band members.

    “Before these guys go, I want them to know that I had heard a rumor that they had suggested that I had nothing by them on my iPod,” Obama said. “That is not true. I love Wilco.”
    Like I said before it takes a SEXIST to know one and it is just amazing how all these MEN-MEN, or in other words INSECURE MEN tout their masculinity by putting WOMEN down…even at a campaign fundraiser where women are donating their hard earn money to support this MYSOGINIST.

  18. Dean says Dems making progress uniting with Obama
    July 12, 2008

    PORTSMOUTH, N.H. –Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean says he knows how tough it is for the party to come together after a tough primary campaign.

    Speaking in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, he said he had to help do it in 2004 when he lost his try at the nomination, then had to rally his supporters behind Senator John Kerry.

    Dean said Friday that he thinks Democrats are making strides at unification after the long battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Dean said it took some time and hard work to get his supporters to back Kerry.
    Dean is DELUSIONAL!!!

    NObama in NOvember/Puma

  19. Chris Rock, Bernie Mac…this hs been going on for a long time….”just joking”….insultsa as far as I am concerned.


  20. This is how you lose a election by not being gracious. Team Obama is going overboard with the Jessie Jackson bashing….unlike Obama, Jessie Jeackson has accomplishments and deep standing in civil rights, unions, helping the poor and has been very effective in blackmailing corporate America to make positive changes.

    Jessie has his faults and they are major but at least he stood up and fought for people. It just not all about him and his family, and personal demons (which are many).

    Jackson is only putting to voice what many are thinking or saying privately in the Black community. Ooops let me expand this to the Hard Left who will continue to be disappointed in King Obama.

  21. BHO is 46, almost 47 years old, isn’t is time for him to grow up? Hanging around with rappers, doesn’t become a presidential candidate. It is not cool, nor does it bode well for women, for a presidential candidate, who endorses misogyny. It will only get worse, if this flip-flopper-flim-flammer is “elected.”

  22. Spike Lee: “Jealousy” Behind Jackson Remark About Obama
    July 12th, 2008 | Author: Anthony Springer JrThe fallout behind Jesse Jackson’s remarks about Barack Obama continues this weekend, with veteran filmmaker Spike Lee saying that “jealousy” may have fueled the now infamous “I want to cut his nuts off” comment.
    “I’m very disappointed in Jesse Jackson. These old heads, I don’t know why they’re doing this stuff,” Lee told EUR Web.
    The comment, which was caught by Fox News during a break surfaced earlier this week. Jackson says he did not know his microphone was still on.

    “I think jealousy has to be somewhere in there. I read today that even Jesse Jackson’s son, Jesse Jr., is upset about his father’s comments. There’s no place for that and I think it’s really making Jesse look bad. I haven’t heard anybody say cut the man’s nuts off but Jesse,” Lee added.

    Lee’s most telling comment came later, saying what many have been thinking—and saying—for years: that Jackson’s time in the spotlight is coming to a close.

    “In life, sometimes you have your moment,” he says. “You have your window that lies upon you and then it leaves. This is not Jesse’s time right now. This is Barack Obama’s time, and I think he’s having a problem with that.”

    Jackson offered an immediate apology for his “crude and hurtful” remarks
    Like I said earlier…Obama has shown a character trait that I fine very unbecoming in a President. The lack of graciousness…Team Obama need to call the dogs off but knowing how insecure Obama is….It will only get better.

    Thrown under the BUS: Jessie Jackson sr.

  23. OK, SDs lets go over the goals again.

    1. We will unity as soon as Hillary bows out (did not happen, Polls are going the wrong way)
    2. We will start getting all kinds of money donated in June, in fact I heard 100M possible ($30M happened, and is not enough).
    3. We are going to win big (It gets harder to find a poll that says that)
    4. Dean, We are uniting (what rock is he sitting under).

    SO WE DID NOT MEET THOSE GOALS. Do you remember during the campaign when Hillary was in, she had goals, he really did not. Who every wins IN will win the nomination. She won. It was not big enough


    1. We will have a hurculean September fund raising experience (you better have, to pay for the Stadium)

    Well I could go on, but we know what goals have been set, he does not meet, and when he does not meet them, it does not matter, so we just set another goal he cannot meet


  24. How did it get more offensive? The Chicago Tribune gives a little more detail:

    He promised to help Obama and ended his irreverent riff with a joke involving the women in the families and living with two “hoes.”
    “Hoes”, eh? That Bernie Mac — he’s such a rake!

    On one hand, it’s hard to blame the campaign for tossing Bernie under the bus for this. Jokes about “hoes” aren’t exactly the best way to reach out to disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters, especially given their resentment over how Obama treated Hillary and his supposedly demeaning attitude towards women in general.

    Also, Obama has already gone on record with his criticism of the rap/hip-hop industry for using terms like “hoes” and worse:

    Obama, the first presidential candidate to call for shock jock Don Imus to be fired for his racist comments about the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, has said it’s troublesome to condemn Imus’ “nappy-headed hos” slur without addressing similar language used by rap and hip-hop musicians.

    At a fundraising dinner for the South Carolina Legislative Black Caucus in Columbia, S.C., Friday, Obama said, “We’ve got to admit to ourselves, that it was not the first time that we heard the word ‘ho.’ Turn on the radio station. There are a whole lot of songs that use the same language … We’ve been permitting it in our homes, and in our schools and on iPods.”

    Obama added that “If it’s not good for Don Imus, I don’t know why it’s good for us. If we don’t like other people to degrade us, why are we degrading ourselves?”

    Given that, why did Obama have Bernie Mac perform at a fundraiser at all? Mac is hilarious, but his comedy is filled with similar references, outside of his television show. If it’s not good for Don Imus and for rap, why is it good for Bernie Mac and Obama fundraisers? Could it be that money trumps his principles yet again?

    Maybe this isn’t the Bernie Mac Obama thought he knew ….

    Update: Bruce Kesler caught this last night, and included this Bernie Mac line:

    Mac said he is a Democrat “born and raised” but added that, “I’m a Republican at tax time.” He mimicked a mock warning from an imagined staffer: “Don’t kill the message.”

    Wow …. even Obama’s surrogates think his tax plan stinks.

  25. Is Obama pulling ‘The Big Fade?’
    Rick Moran
    The new Newsweek poll that came out yesterday showed Obama’s numbers dropping like a stone.

    This is just the latest in a series of surveys which show that despite factors that would ordinarily make this a Democratic year, Barack Obama cannot shake his challenger John McCain. The Newsweek numbers are a surprise. Last month, Obama topped McCain by double digits. This month, the two candidates are virtually tied within the margin for error at 44-41 for Obama.

    Both daily tracking polls – Gallup and Rasmussen – continue to show a tight race with Obama up 4 and 2 points respectively in those surveys.

    Beyond the raw numbers is the realization that the man with all the advantages in the race cannot top 50%. Not only is that number a psychological barrier it is also indicative of raw strength. Obama doesn’t have it. And as long as McCain can hold Obama under that magic number, the perception will grow that Obama could very well lose to the Republican challenger.

    Would this change the convention dynamics? Not likely. Obama’s delegates will not bolt their candidate and the Superdelegates – who could switch allegiances to Hillary or some other candidate – don’t appear to be in a mood yet to revolt against the party standard bearer.

    This leaves the Democrats a nervous bunch. Until Obama starts showing better in the face of all these advantages for the Democrats, the danger will exist that by the time the convention rolls around, the party may have found it bought itself a pig in a poke.

  26. The SDs need to think about that again. It is their careers on the line. Some say the very existance of the party.

    This man does not have the experience, and it is beginning to show big time. (So when he screws up the 2 a.m. phone call, all he has to do is apologize?) He certainly has practice at it.

    46 Days and counting, or you very well might be ending your career along with his.

  27. Obama continues to drop in the polls… McCain, who is barely even actively campaigning, has tied him in Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll. Given the country’s massive anti-Republican sentiment and all of Obama’s structural advantages (heaps of money, glowing press, etc.), Bambi should be ahead by 15 points. We’ve nominated a dud with a cult following… ugh.
    Saturday, July 12, 2008

    The race for the White House is tied. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows Barack Obama and John McCain each attract 43% of the vote. When “leaners” are included, Obama holds a statistically insignificant 47% to 46% advantage. Today is the first time that McCain’s support has moved above 45% since Obama clinched the nomination on June 3. It’s also the first time the candidates have been tied since Obama clinched the Democratic nomination

  28. RE BO’s linguistic abilities:

    He may speak Bahasa Indonesia (the official Indonesian language since independence from the Dutch) but he doesn’t understand it.

    I greeted him at Harkin’s steak fry early last fall, (as he was marching around the grounds shaking anyone’s hand that he could, even those of us who didn’t want to shake hands) with the very usual “Selamat siang” and quickly realized it was after 3pm and said “sorry, “Selamat sore.”

    My hand, which I’d been unable to reclaim for a long series of seconds, was suddenly released and he looked at me like I was speaking Greek. No comprehension, folks…none.

    I only lived in Jakarta for part of a year and that was almost 30 years ago, about the time he was wrapping up his multi-year stay in the same city.

    If I can remember the greeting language and protocal with my senior mind, surely he can too, with his ability to speak four languages.

    Besides, his mother worked for Ambassador Ed Masters and was married to an Indonesian citizen…surely he heard “good afternoon” in both forms many many times.

    His school was a very exclusive (maybe the most exclusive) one. Maybe he was allowed to just do whatever he wanted, including not going to his (required) Bahasa Indonesia classes.

    Can you tell I have not trusted him since I met him?

  29. McCain is not actively campaigning, and O has released a ad on the major networks in markets that are close.

    So, you can see the Shift. 46 days and counting.

  30. More politics as usual — ugh:

    July 12, 2008
    Campaigns to Disclose More on Bundlers

    The presidential campaigns of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain moved Friday to disclose more information to the public about their top fund-raisers, after it was disclosed that they had been lax in identifying many of them.

    Though not legally required, identifying elite fund-raisers who “bundle” millions of dollars in campaign contributions from acquaintances is a concern of watchdog groups devoted to promoting transparency and curbing the influence of money in politics.

    In a bit of one-upmanship, the McCain organization issued a letter Friday to a group of campaign finance watchdogs announcing that it would begin publishing on its Web site the names of all its fund-raisers who bring in $50,000 or more, instead of the $100,000 and $250,000 thresholds it had used before.

    The letter, signed by Rick Davis, the campaign’s manager, also said this list of bundlers would identify their occupations and employers, in addition to their home cities and states, which are already provided. Watchdogs say employment information is crucial to acquiring a sense of what a fund-raiser’s interests may be.

    Mr. Davis said that from now on, the campaign would seek to update its list of bundlers monthly.

    The Obama campaign, meanwhile, said it would begin furnishing on its Web site the cities and states of its bundlers. The campaign currently identifies by name the bundlers who raise more than $50,000, $100,000 and $200,000, but provides no other information.

    The pledges to be more forthcoming with bundler information followed an article Friday in The New York Times detailing how both candidates had failed to abide by promises to disclose the identities of all their bundlers.

    In addition, a group of eight watchdog groups sent letters last month to both Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama asking for further details about the bundlers.

    After The Times asked how complete their bundler list was, Obama campaign officials scrambled Thursday evening, adding 181 entries to their existing list of 328 fund-raisers who had each brought in more than $50,000. Previously, the campaign had added just two names to its list since November.

    While the Obama campaign first posted a list of bundlers early last year, the McCain campaign did not release its list until April, despite promising early on to do so, and has added just one name to it since then. The campaign now says it will be updating its list in the next week.

    Watchdog groups remain dissatisfied, pointing out, for example, that the campaigns’ lists group bundlers by dollar threshold rather than being more specific about how much each has raised.

    An examination of the new fund-raisers listed since Thursday on the Web site of Mr. Obama’s campaign finds that some were not among his earliest top financial supporters. They include writers, Hollywood producers and hedge fund managers.

    Many of them gave personal contributions early on to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. For example, Kyriakos Tsakopoulos, a real estate executive from Northern California who hails from a family that has long been active in Democratic causes and stalwart supporters of the Clintons, gave the maximum contributions for the primaries and the general election, a combined $4,600, to Mrs. Clinton last December.

    But in mid-February, Mr. Tsakopoulos announced that he was supporting Mr. Obama. In April, he helped organize a pair of fund-raisers for Mr. Obama and made a personal contribution of $2,300.

    Mr. Tsakopoulos said in an interview that he had initially felt constrained by his family’s connections to the Clintons — both his sister and his father were active in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign — but that he had ultimately decided he needed to follow his conscience.

    Elaine Wynn, wife of the Wynn Resorts chairman, Steve Wynn, is also among the newly listed bundlers who raised more than $50,000 for the Obama campaign. Her husband is an honorary co-chairman of the Republican entity that is raising money to be split between the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee. About the time he was so designated, Mrs. Wynn also gave $2,300 to Mr. McCain and $28,500 to the national committee.

    The list offers just a few examples of top Clinton fund-raisers’ coming over to Mr. Obama and quickly contributing in a major way. Among those bundlers are John B. Emerson, who was an aide in the Clinton White House, and Blair Effron, a Wall Street financier. Both were “Hillraisers” who collected more than $100,000 for the Clinton campaign but have already raised more than $100,000 for Mr. Obama.

    More than three dozen lawyers were in the new crop of fund-raisers on Mr. Obama’s bundler list, making the legal sector the most frequently represented among those added.

    They include practitioners as diverse as Neal Manne, a top Houston trial lawyer who represented Wal-Mart in a series of class-action lawsuits that accused the company of labor violations, and Judd Miner, a Chicago civil rights lawyer who hired Mr. Obama to his first job out of Harvard Law School.

  31. Hillary under VP consideration, but… Posted: Saturday, July 12, 2008 1:41 PM by Mark Murray

    According to a Hillary donor who recently spoke with Obama, Clinton is definitely on the veep list. But there’s one obstacle, Obama told her: Bill Clinton.

    The Los Angeles Times writes, “Jill Iscol, a faithful Democratic donor who was an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, said Obama reached out to her because he heard she was unhappy about the way the New York senator had been treated by the Democratic Party and the media. Iscol turned their phone conversation Thursday to the vice presidency — something the Obama campaign has refused to discuss publicly. She said she told him that Clinton would be his best running mate.”

    “Obama replied that she is on his list, Iscol recounted, and that it would be a mistake not to have her on such a list. But he also explained that he was thinking through a potential ‘complication’ — Bill Clinton. ‘He said once you’re a president, even if you’re a former president, you’re always a president,’ Iscol said.”M/b>
    Would Hillary Clinton Supporters STOP!!! with the Obama propaganda. Obama does not want Hillary Clinton as V.P because he couldn’t compete being 2nd best even if he hold the title president.

    “The creme always rises up to the top” and Obama is not the ‘creme”, he’s the sludge.

    You do Hillary Clinton major dishonor by pushing for V.P. when she is the better candidate. The SD’s need to vote for her or we’ll help he in 2012.

    Women need to CUT the co-dependency on supporting WEAK ASS DEM candidates that undermines WOMEN time and time again and have the convictions of a “fat cat.”

    It’s Hillary or McCain, period!

  32. Dean said Friday that he thinks Democrats are making strides at unification after the long battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Dean said it took some time and hard work to get his supporters to back Kerry.

    Is there a comment string for this? At the bottom is a box for ‘message’ but I think that is just for emailing the story to a friend.

  33. carby, AMEN!

    st, Iscol recounted, and that it would be a mistake not to have her on such a list. But he also explained that he was thinking through a potential ‘complication’ — Bill Clinton. ‘He said once you’re a president, even if you’re a former president, you’re always a president,’ Iscol said.”M/b>
    Would Hillary Clinton Supporters STOP!!! with the Obama propaganda. Obama does not want Hillary Clinton as V.P because he couldn’t compete being 2nd best even if he hold the title president.

    “The creme always rises up to the top” and Obama is not the ‘creme”, he’s the sludge.

    You do Hillary Clinton major dishonor by pushing for V.P. when she is the better candidate. The SD’s need to vote for her or we’ll help he in 2012.

    Women need to CUT the co-dependency on supporting WEAK ASS DEM candidates that undermines WOMEN time and time again and have the convictions of a “fat cat.”

    It’s Hillary or McCain, period!


    AMEN, Carby!

    We real Hillary supporters don’t want her to take the job the men are turning down and spend four or eight years ironing Obama’s shirt!

    h t t p : / /

  34. To:
    From: xxxxxx
    Subject: benefit for DSCC

    Thank you for inviting me to the Boston Luncheon on July 18 to benefit the DSCC.
    Because my political contributions are going to HRC, Just Say No Deal, PUMA , Ed O’Reilly, and as much as I can afford for those in office who remain supporters of Senator HIllary Rodham Clinton for president, I will not be contributing to the DNC or the DSCC this year.

    Most sincerely,

  35. this is from an e-mail I received from
    an easy way to sent letters to editors.

    And the letter they are circulating.
    Ed Hale to barhfarms
    show details Jul 11 (1 day ago) Reply
    Since many of you are having problems copy and pasting that letter, I am adding it to this email. Copy and paste this and send it to every newspaper in the USA. Also please forward it to all you friend and ask them to send it to their newspaper editors. This will cost very little and the effect will be great.
    Know that Barack Obama, the candidate that YOU selected to be the Democratic Party’s nominee to run for president of the United States in 2008, will have to win the election in November with the votes of those YOU made into half-persons in Michigan and Florida.
    Know that the candidate that YOU selected will have to win with the votes of the people in states like West Virginia and Kentucky, people he completely ignored during the nomination process.
    You may choose to believe that we are “FEW,” and you may try to convince the public that we are a “SMALL” group of sore losers and bitter women. We heard you say publicly that we will fall in line in November and that we will vote for a Democrat when we look at the issues.
    Well, you are wrong.
    We are not few. We will not validate your corruption of the party’s nomination process. We will not fall in line. And we will not vote for Barack Obama, the candidate that you have selected as our party’s nominee through deals made in smoke-filled back rooms.
    We are angry.
    We are angry because you failed to uphold our party’s democratic principles. We are angry because you did not ensure that all candidates received fair treatment during the nomination process. We are angry because you stood by and said nothing while sexist, degrading and insulting remarks were made again and again to Senator Clinton and about her. And we are angry because, near the end of the process, you acted directly to undermine our system for electing our nominees by allowing 30 members of a committee to replace THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE with their own flawed judgment and then to STEAL four Michigan delegates that one candidate had earned and give them to the candidate that you had selected.
    Indeed, just for running for our party’s nomination, you blamed one candidate–Hillary Clinton–for dividing the party and you tried to force her to drop out of the race by saying publicly that she was only in it to hurt Obama’s chances of winning in November and by trying to tell the party’s automatic delegates publicly how they had to vote.
    By your actions, you have revealed that you have worked not only to undermine Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, but to undermine our core democratic principles. And so we will work hard to make sure that you will soon no longer be able to call yourselves leaders of the Democratic Party.
    In November, we will vote for John McCain and we will vote against every leader of the failed Democratic Party who participated in the corruption of the 2008 nomination process.
    Between now and November, we will work hard to make as many Americans as possible join us in rejecting you and the nominee that YOU selected.
    (Sign your name here)

    Get this letter out to every newspaper in the USA. You have presmission to copy and paste this
    and also to forward this email to anyone you want to. Lets make this happen. Thanks all


    How Howard Dean and the DNC turn the Democratic Party into the Boston Tea Party

    Friday, July 11, 2008
    The Denver Group First Ad Hits Chicago
    The Denver Group’s first ad appears today (July 11, 2008) in the Chicago Tribune. We thought Chicago was the perfect place to start. For those who want to see a hard copy, it appears on page B5 of the Metro Section. But if you click the ad image you should be able to see a larger version online right here.

  37. Hey DNC, we know the difference between a sham ballot and real election: Why Senator Clinton’s name must be placed in nomination
    by Heidi Li Feldman, J.D., Ph.D.

    Many have asked me about the relationship between having Senator Clinton name’s put into nomination and having her name on a roll call ballot. The bottom line: to become an official winner of any roll call ballot, a person listed on the ballot must be an official nominee to be the Democratic Party’s candidate to run for the Presidency in November. Simply being on the ballot is not enough. Under normal rules (for the sake of argument, let’s be charitable and assume the DNC will actually use these in Denver), no candidate can win a convention vote unless she or he is an actual nominee. For example, if nobody were to put Senator Obama’s name in nomination, he could not become the Democratic candidate for the general election regardless of the outcome of any roll call vote. Likewise for Senator Clinton. There may be symbolic value in having Senator Clinton on the ballot at the Convention, but this measure alone has no teeth. If the DNC truly wants to permit superdelegates to participate in a genuine election, it must permit both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama to be official nominees. Anything else is a sham election, rigged to achieve only one result.

  38. carbynew,

    Howard Dean makes me want to crack. How he could possibly compare his miniscule supporters (an awful one state, Vermont, win in the primary) to Hillary’s 18 million backers is just beyond ridiculous.

    I used to support him, but found he might really have some mental problem(hallucination) as many right wingers liked to make fun of.


  39. BBC News.

    German row over Obama’s plan continues.

    A leading German politician is the latest to criticise a tentative plan by Barack Obama to speak at Berlin’s historic Brandenburg Gate.

    Erwin Huber, the leader of one of the main governing parties, said the Democratic White House hopeful had played no part in German reunification.

    Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier said it was “a bit odd” that Mr Obama should speak at the Cold War landmark.

    Mr Obama is to visit Europe and the Middle East in late July.

    His campaign team said the Brandenburg Gate was one of several locations they had inquired about as the venue for a speech.

    Political row

    “Obama didn’t do anything for German unification,” Mr Huber said.

    “That’s not a criticism, but as a result there is no reason to grant him such a privilege,” he told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper.

    Mr Huber is the head of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the sister party to Mrs Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union. The leader of the CSU traditionally plays a prominent role on the national political scene in Germany.

    Mr Obama’s suggestion has created a political row in Germany.

    Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, of the centre-left Social Democrats, has welcomed the idea of Mr Obama speaking at the gate.

    Mr Steinmeier and Mrs Merkel are likely to face each other in an election next year.

    Berlin city officials have also said they would be delighted if Mr Obama spoke at the Brandenburg Gate. They would have the ultimate say over whether to grant him permission.

    Mrs Merkel said earlier in the week that she would not like to see the historical landmark used for “electioneering”.

    But a spokesman for the chancellor said “we are confident that we will reach a mutual and good solution which does justice to the interests of all involved”.

    Her office, meanwhile, has denied media reports that the White House put pressure on German officials to reject the speech plan.

    The Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of Germany’s division – and later reunification – when it was cut off by the Berlin Wall that East Germany’s Communist leaders built in the 1960s.

    It was the backdrop for a famous speech by former US President Ronald Reagan in 1987, when he called on the Soviet Union to tear down the Berlin Wall.

    Several other US presidents, including John F Kennedy and Bill Clinton, have delivered major speeches in Berlin.

  40. NYT:

    In the breathless weeks before the Oregon presidential primary in May, Martha Shade did what thousands of other people here did: she registered as a Democrat so she could vote for Senator Barack Obama.

    Now, however, after critics have accused Mr. Obama of shifting positions on issues like the war in Iraq, the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants, gun control and the death penalty — all in what some view as a shameless play to a general election audience — Ms. Shade said she planned to switch back to the Green Party.

    “I’m disgusted with him,” said Ms. Shade, an artist. “I can’t even listen to him anymore. He had such an opportunity, but all this ‘audacity of hope’ stuff, it’s blah, blah, blah. For all the independents he’s going to gain, he’s going to lose a lot of progressives.”


  41. …Mr Obama’s suggestion has created a political row in Germany. …

    Obama creates dissension wherever he goes, whatever he touches and the people he deals with.

  42. Admin: thank you for everything you do and thank you for Seneca Falls. As an old mcp Repub (and Dem) I have come to Jesus. Hillary opened my eyes and now I am cured. But the larger issue before us is the country. Quo vadis?

    I need to sign off here for a few days because if I do not do that I will get nothing else done. I will be thinking about everyone on this site and will be back soon. I have got several projects on line and each of the is directed at our essential goal.

    Here is something I am working right now which is worth thinking about:

    The story of the 2008 Democratic Primary is a compelling one and it must be told before it is covered up by those with an incentive to do so. I am an unabashed supporter of Hillary Clinton, I served as an unpaid campaign volunteer for her in a number of states and I write from that perspective. Over the years, I have been involved with both political parties and have no illusions when it comes to the competition for power. But, there were things that happened in this particular primary that are unique and troubling. Unfortunately, they have received limited press coverage and few of us have the inclination to discover them for ourselves and ponder their full implications.

    I was discussing this subject with a young newspaper reporter just the other day. I told her that if there is a good investigative journalist left in the business then he or she should write an honest and objective piece about this primary that would begin with the following question: why is it that eighteen months ago Democrats believed they had several great candidates for President whereas today many of them will never vote for the presumptive nominee? Since I have no confidence that this story will be written by others I have decided to take a stab at it myself. I hope to rise above partisanship and focus on how our democracy is being hijacked and what if anything can be done about it.

  43. …Mr Obama’s suggestion has created a political row in Germany. …

    ok. where are all of these people? political party’s, classes, races, red states, blue states, enemies of the state MR.Obama so deftly brings together? where are they?

    so far i have seen nothing but division. put-up, or, shut-up.

  44. Tony Snow spent years lying to the American people on behalf of George Bush & the Republicans (and for many years before that!), to the benefit of the most privileged and to the detriment of everyone else – most certainly including Bill & Hillary Clinton.

    Same with Tim Russert (worse in his case I’d argue, as he was, perhaps, the most high profile ‘referee’ on the airwaves and believed by many as ‘neutral’).
    Sure, we’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but why can’t a spade be called a spade, dead or alive?

    That’s when you tally up the scorecards.

    Use their Saddam Hussein argument (though it was of course a bit of misdirection as they used it).

    Is the world better off?

  45. What I don’t understand is why someone from the Hillary Camp isn’t contacting movie giants like Redford and Clooney showing them PROOF why Obama will NEVER be a good president for the US!

    Geebus, there is enough proof out there from environmental issues to Obama’s array of nefarious Best Friends to at least give these Hollywood stars a moment’s pause.

    Why isn’t someone out theres lobbying support for Hillary from these famous Obama zombies? If two or three turn to Hillary, the rest will follow. If you build it; they will come!

    Mrs. Smith

  46. O say’s Bill would be a problem for a ticket with Hillary.

    Give me a break, O’s wife is a problem for the ticket.

    Just another one of his inappropriate remarks.

  47. McCain thought BHO said:
    “I’ll debate you anywhere, at anytime!”

    What BHO really said was:
    “I’ll MASTURBATE you anywhere, at anytime!”

  48. Kostner: I have got to get going but I saw your posting and it is great as usual, but the question i would hope these useful idiots would begin to ask is not whether he betrayed their interests but why did he do it and who does he represent if not them? Once they figure that one out they will know where the hopium train is really headed and I will be happy to guide them in that odyssey.

  49. O say’s Bill would be a problem for a ticket with Hillary.
    Q. does Obama think this statement will unite the party and help him get Bill out stumping for him on the campaign trail.

    I am telling you Obama is so fucking stupid he is dangerous.

  50. Yea this is another example of the judgment he is famous for. I begin to wonder whether Obama is not dtb–dumber than bush. Yes, I know when it comes to stupidity Bush is a tough act to follow. But based on statements like this I am inclined to put my money on obama.

  51. I think Bower, the founder of puma movement is great.

    Bower said he believes his group is creating an impact with the Democratic National Committee.

    “They are worried. They saw these past few weeks how much money we’re still raising for Hillary Clinton. Originally they said ‘Hillary has until the convention to pay off her debt if she wants to be on the roll call.’ Well, then we started making money for her. And then they moved it up to July 15th. So we started making a lot of money for her.”

    “We started an initiative just before the 4th of July to raise money for Hillary, and so far we’ve raised approximately $10 million. Sources tell us that’s less than $5 million away from being in the black. By this weekend Hillary’s debt will be finished.”

    Bower makes it clear that Sen. Clinton has not asked the organization to do anything. “We’re doing this on our own. We don’t want the DNC to use her debt as a strong-arm tactic to keep her or her supporters from having a voice at the convention. All of us are contributing what we can. None of us want Barack Obama to be the next president.”


    “There is a movement afoot,” Bower confided. “It hasn’t hit the ground yet, but we want to target down-ticket Democrats who have been complicit in the DNC’s dealings these past few months. You’ll probably be hearing more about that soon. Some of Obama’s original supporters are leaving him. Eight super-delegates left Obama this week. People are realizing Obama will be a dead weight to them and that’s why these eight delegates have switched back over to Hillary’s column. And I’m expecting there’ll be more to follow.”

  52. Stay focused wbboei, and in touch. Go into read-only mode so that
    you won’t feel compelled to respond…even though we will probably be begging you so to do.

    You will be able to stay in touch that way but husbanding your energy for the task you have set out for yourself. I will be thinking about you.

    Remember the principles and impact of Haiku.

  53. I hope Bill Clinton tells Flipper to FUCK OFF!

    I’m pissed, my house isn’t sold. Friggin bunch of jerks.

    3 appraisals .. ranging from 203,000 – 190,000 and THEN 150,000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lowballed on the last one by the lender and these jerks just think I’m gonna give my house to them.

    Too bad I’m practically all packed up though.

    Ready to pull my hair out but I told them to not come back with any more amended or counter offers. I’m frazzled.

  54. dot: get on your real estate agents case big time. Put the monkey on their back. They need to get you a qualified buyer immediately–if they have to work 24/7 to do it.

  55. If Cody still posts here, I’d love to talk to him for a project I am doing. I’ve sent him a message at Face Book but I have no sense how often he checks in.

    If anyone knows Cody, if you could pass the message along, it would be much appreciated.



  56. wbboei,

    If I were writing such an article, I’d do something like this.

    Begin with a summary of the current situation — the PUMA resistance,
    the 9 million who refuse to vote for Obama, bots on BO’s website
    asking if they can get their donations back and draft Hillary, etc.
    (In WJS style, this could begin with some current incident with some
    PUMA volunteer welcoming some defecting bot, and work outward to their

    Then maybe a quick recap of the optomism you refer to early in the
    campaign. What changed?

    THen I’d say the cause of the change began at least as far back as
    2004. Then quote Pelosi’s and Dean and Brazile (dub them the New
    Democraqtic Party Machine?) from DNC documents about increasing the
    power of caucuses, adding more delegates for Black areas etc
    (Brazile’s thing about setting up the nomination process so Blacks
    could control it), and prominently Pelosi’s thing about the ‘creative
    class’ and getting rid of the blue collars etc. (Possibly a short
    mentin that high AA states cannot deliver electoral votes to the
    Democrats but can deliver delegates.)

    Then maybe a quick zoom in on just HOW caucuses favor the latte
    leisured classes, and who they exclude. Show that the disconnect is
    consistent over those states that did both: primary tied, caucus
    about 70-30 for BO. Maybe soem comments from local excluded people.

    Then segue to the excluded people who are now organizing on the
    internet. Maybe as example, camille424’s bitterpoliticz site, where
    all the stuff about bitter, cilnging, etc etc is made a running joke.
    (I’d love to see Froma Harrop’s quote used, it’s at my masthead at, about now the women are starting to have a good

    Then maybe to the actual history. I’d start with saying the Brazile
    clique continued their plan on a lower level, slanting the playing
    fireld in several ways. First through their RBC they crippled FL and
    MI, both in the original ‘draconian’ sentence in 2007 and again in the
    May 31 meeting. Then briefly Pelosi choosing SEbelius to give the STFU
    response, who next day endorsed BO. Much more on Pelosi talking up
    delegates as ‘will of the people’ and dissing popular vote. Then much
    on Pelosi trying to shut down the process early and succeeding in
    June, and about her and Dean leaning on congress SDs to endorse BO.

    Now the next move is the same party machine trying to keep from having
    a roll call or real ballot presence AS AN OFFICIAL CANDIDATE/NOIINEE
    for Hillary at the convention. (See Heidi’s explanatin why both are

    Having connected the big dots, then perhaps a chronological history of
    those dots — and other factors like Wilentz’ “Race Man”, false
    charges, etc. Perhaps in this, proment description of Obama’s
    “Democrat for a Day” project which has been documented as beginning as
    long ago as April 2007 yes, o seven, in Florida, then in NV, maybe PA,
    recently Oregon.

    Explain the timing of “Operatin Chaos” and why it could not account
    for Hillary’s later success (as Obama tries to claim). Mention the
    possible vote fraud in Gary, Ind.

    Enough for now? 🙂

  57. Good evening all!

    Admin, thanks for the plug for 18MillionVoices! Great article. These people are WACKO – AND they are downright MEAN.

    I tell ya, that CNN piece last night got my blood boiling. It WAS the precursor to all these stories posted here about “Bill being the problem”


    Here is the “commander” as we see him….http only

    Also, here is some more Seneca Falls NATIONAL actions. Please get involved!

    h t t p : / /

  58. Former Obama Supporters
    No More Kool-Aids – This is NOT the Obama we Know

  59. Meiyingsu…great video you posted upthread!

    Also, Kostner:

    # kostner Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 5:11 pm


    In the breathless weeks before the Oregon presidential primary in May, Martha Shade did what thousands of other people here did: she registered as a Democrat so she could vote for Senator Barack Obama.

    Now, however, after critics have accused Mr. Obama of shifting positions on issues like the war in Iraq, the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants, gun control and the death penalty — all in what some view as a shameless play to a general election audience — Ms. Shade said she planned to switch back to the Green Party.

    “I’m disgusted with him,” said Ms. Shade, an artist. “I can’t even listen to him anymore. He had such an opportunity, but all this ‘audacity of hope’ stuff, it’s blah, blah, blah. For all the independents he’s going to gain, he’s going to lose a lot of progressives.”


  60. The money line:
    “Now, however, after critics have accused Mr. Obama of shifting positions on issues like the war in Iraq, the Bush administration’s program of wiretapping without warrants, gun control and the death penalty — all in what some view as a shameless play to a general election audience —”



    HE DID!

  61. Hm. You know these ‘sources near the Clintons reveal’ stories?

    I feel like starting one and seeing if it gets legs.

    Sources reveal real cause of Bill/Barack friction!

    It’s really a replay of I Love Lucy.

    Hillary rashly promised to be VP if requested. Nobody really wants that: not her, not Barack, certainly not Bill. So Desi, er, Bill is trying to sabotage that by having a feud with Barack. Barack and Michelle of course are going along because they don’t want her either — she would show them up.

    This whole thing about Bil being a former president is the most tactful excuse Obama can come up with. At least it’s an inarguable fact! What WOULD be the precedence on state occasions?

    Maybe we should ask Queen Elizabeth, it would distract her from plotting to take over the world.

  62. When Coward Dean’s Denver covention is edge closer to disaster, the GOP covention is basking in fundraising success. Per politico.
    Locals flood GOP convention coffers

    The spectacle of the coming Republican National Convention will be brought to you by Minnesota’s major corporations, even more than planned.

    Virtually every major Twin Cities company has given money to the convention’s local host committee, donated free services or both. The surprise has been the ratio of local donors to national money.

    “They originally thought it would be a 50-50 split, and it’s looking more like 60 percent local and 40 percent national,” said Teresa McFarland, spokeswoman for the host committee, which is charged with raising $58 million.

    For conventioneers — and for taxpayers — the local giving is welcome news. Past convention cities have sometimes been haunted by crippling shortfalls, with taxpayers tapped for last-minute bailouts.

    “Not on the table,” said Jeff Larson, chief executive of the Minneapolis-St. Paul host committee, dismissing the possibility. “We’re confident we’re going to fully fund what we have planned.”

    To the Minnesota corporations writing big checks, the donations reflect hometown pride and the desire to ensure the Twin Cities shine this September. In interviews, not a single Minnesota company even mentioned partisan politics, although that’s the whole reason Republicans are holding a convention.

    Privately, though, you hear some corporate grumbling — about the mammoth size of the convention budget, the arm-twisting for money and doubts about the convention’s benefit.

  63. Cash pours in for McCain as campaign gathers strength

    The US Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, is attracting millions more dollars in funding than expected, which could allow him to match the much-vaunted Barack Obama donation machine.

    He is on course to raise $400m (£201m) for the November election, which he said would put him roughly level with Obama. McCain surprised US political pundits by raising $22m in June, his best showing since he launched his bid for the White House early last year.

    Obama remains favourite to win the election, with polls showing him on average five points ahead, but McCain is showing increasing signs of making a fight of it in spite of his lacklustre campaign so far.

    Obama opted out of a public finance scheme – which provides $84.1m in federal funding to cover election expenses but sets that as a ceiling – in expectation of raising hundreds of millions more.

    But he is suffering for several reasons: a failure so far to win over the big Democratic fundraisers who bankrolled Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign for the nomination; an unwillingness of his supporters to help cancel Clinton’s $23m debt; and, to a lesser extent, a creeping disillusionment among sections of the party grassroots with his recent shift from left to centre.

    Obama’s campaign team has yet to post its fundraising figures for June. His fundraising has been on a downward trend: he raised $55m in February, $41m in March, $31m in April and $22m in May. The June figures are expected to reverse that trend but still fall significantly short of the total needed to meet election budget needs.

    Obama’s campaign team said yesterday that a Wall Street Journal report that he had raised $30m in June – $20m less than expected – was “way off the mark”. A spokesman, Dan Pfeiffer, said: “Some in the press still haven’t realised that anyone who is talking about numbers doesn’t know what our numbers are.”

    In addition to what he raises himself, McCain will have access to the funds of the cash-rich Republican party – about $68m – while Obama will have only modest help from the Democratic party, which has about $3m at its disposal.

    Obama devoted much of this week to private fundraising events, courting in particular Clinton’s wealthy supporters. Obama can return again and again to the small donors he has attracted on the internet but needs the big donors as well. “It’s one of the reasons why the Clinton people are so important,” Kirk Wagar, Obama’s Florida finance chairman, told the Washington Post. “Most of us have beaten our Rolodexes [contact lists] pretty badly.”

    Obama is hoping to raise about $500m – $300m for himself and the rest for the Democrats fighting for seats in Congress.

  64. kostner Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 9:21 pm
    Cash pours in for McCain as campaign gathers strength

    i bet the B-HO team is shitting bricks right now.

  65. THE SCENE: The bottom of a church basement, the place of many an AA meeting. Coffee cups, cigarette butts and cookie crumbs are strewn everywhere. A long cafeteria-style table is at the front of the room, with a podium next to it. Seated at the table are MARKOS MOULITSAS, CHRIS BOWERS, ARMANDO LLORENS (BIG TENT DEMOCRAT), JOHN ARAVOSIS, ANDREW SULLIVAN and ARIANNA HUFFINGTON. The boys all wear chinos and button-down shirts. KOS has an orange band around his head – almost like a crown. ARIANNA is wearing her traditional camisole-as-shirt and eyeing the men flirtatiously. SULLIVAN sports a snappy bowtie.

    At the podium are the authors of the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You,” GREG BEHRENDT and LIZ TUCILLO. Throughout this whole play, GREG and LIZ speak to the bloggers in a typical motivational-speaker way – in other words, as if they are eight-year-old children.

    Above the podium a sign reads, “HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.” GREG and LIZ also have nametags on. LIZ bangs a gavel to bring the meeting to order.

    LIZ (brightly): Hello, everyone! I’m Liz –

    GREG: And I’m Greg –

    TOGETHER: And welcome to, He’s Just Not That Into You!

    LIZ [sobering quickly]: Today, we’re here to talk to you about Senator Barack Obama. You all supported him pretty strongly in the primaries, didn’t you? [The bloggers all nod.] Now, why did you do that?

    BTD: I didn’t REALLY like him better. I just thought he was more electable than Hillary.

    KOS: He wasn’t Hillary! I hate that bitch! And besides, the Clinton Era is over. O-V-E-R!! The time of the blogger is NOW! We are crashing the gate! Obama is the progressive leader who will make our concerns his own. Power to the people!

    ARAVOSIS and HUFFINGTON: Yeah! What he said!

    SULLIVAN: I hate Hillary too, but Obama? He is Jesus and Elvis. He is the most historic, transformational –

    GREG: Um, yes, we get it. Thank you, Andrew. Chris, what about you?

    BOWERS: Obama is just like me! We drink the same beer PBR OMG OMG we go to Whole Foods!!! [becomes a little dizzy; ARIANNA solicitously pats his arm and offers him a drink of water]

    LIZ: Whoa, take it easy there, Chris. I think we understand. Thanks, everyone, for your input. So, you guys all picked Obama as the nominee, and he won. Good for you!

    [Everyone high-fives – HUFFINGTON leans forward, smiling and flashing her cleavage a bit.]

    GREG: Yes, good for you. Now, let’s talk about what’s been happening lately. I heard he’s been going back on his promises and has stopped returning your calls. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to get his attention – and now he’s done something that really hurts your feelings. He voted to legalize Bush’s warrantless wiretapping and immunize the telecom companies from prosecution. Is that about on target?

    BTD: Ha! Don’t make me out to be like one of these losers. I always saw Obama clearly. Pols are pols. Either he was lying then or he’s lying now, but no matter what, I’m going to vote for him because he’s a Democrat.

    SULLIVAN: Oh, the FISA thing is no big deal. What is starting to bother me is his personality. Maybe he’s a little too full of himself lately. Still, there’s no denying what a transformational moment his presidency would be!

    BOWERS: Doo-bee-doo-bee-doo. Hey, look at this pretty electoral map I made!

    KOS: I’m very fucking annoyed. Those ridiculous PUMAs will only feel vindicated now. Of course, everyone knows he will still be a great President, so it will all work out in the end.

    HUFFINGTON: Well, I have nothing to say on the matter. I’d rather talk about Karl Rove!

    ARAVOSIS: Barack who? It was the Senate that passed the FISA bill.

    [LIZ and GREG look at each other, puzzled.]

    LIZ: Gosh, folks, you don’t seem to be getting what I’m saying here. Barack Obama promised to filibuster the FISA amendment bill if it contained telecom immunity. This was very important to all of you. You thought it made him special and progressive and unique. Then, he went back on his promise. Worse than that, Hillary Clinton kept her promise and voted against telecom immunity, so it looks like maybe you were wrong to hate her so. Meanwhile, Senator Obama has been “refining” more positions lately – including pretending he did not promise to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq and have everyone home in 16 months – but he says he will, right on his website!

    Don’t you feel betrayed, like Joan Walsh? Don’t you feel like maybe, just maybe, he’s not that into you?

    [All the bloggers squirm in their seats and are silent. Finally KOS takes the lead.]

    KOS [standing]: Jesus Christ. I don’t have to take this crap. Obama’s my guy and I’m sticking by him.

    BOWERS: [standing] Me too. And he loves me, he really does. I know it in my heart! He’ll come back to me after he’s President.

    BTD [standing, disgusted]: Ahhhh, this New Age crap is for the birds. Obama’s a Democrat and that’s all I care about. I’m outta here.

    ARAVOSIS: [standing] McCain sucks. Obama forever!

    HUFFINGTON: [standing] Well I, personally, have no problems with what Obama did on FISA. He’s just pandering to get elected. I AM the one I’ve been waiting for. Good-bye! [they are all leaving]

    SULLIVAN: [standing] Well, I personally think Obama’s just fine, as long as he doesn’t get too big a head. I don’t even know what I’m doing here. Later! [he follows the others out the door]

    [LIZ and GREG look at each other in astonishment. Their cheery personas fall away and they become matter-of-fact. They shrug, then get to work cleaning up the coffee cups.]

    LIZ: Worst case of denial I ever saw.

    GREG: You said it, sister.


  66. turndownobama: really excellent excellent suggestions. I will work them in. Ditto on your desilu production. I believed it was true the first time I read it, then I realized it was just a fantasy and now I am back to believing it. I mean just because you made it up doesnt mean it isnt true.

    I have been toying with the idea of presenting the case in the form of a mock indictment against bho, dnc and the cabal for fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, defamation of character and sundry actions contrary to the public interest etc. filed in the court of world public opinion subject to a joint stipulation that the defenses afforded under the First Amendment are waived. However, I am cooling off to that format.

    The advantage of that format it is that it allows me to argue the case in the most powerful way, i.e. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I will prove to you, etc. The disadvantage is the legalese will turn people off. Therefore I am leaning back in the direction of a more conventional format.

    Any reaction?

  67. Hi all!

    Just wanted to share this with you. My brother in law had a surprise birthday party tonight. Everyone congratulated him and wish him the best. There was this one person who got up to talk had one of those cases artist carry their art in. He told my brother in law i have something for you, you have to choose
    which one you want, He pulled out, Mccain’s picture some booed him. I clapped and said yes. He pulled out Hillary’s picture, some booed i jumped up and down cheering. The last picture was of Obama. Some cheered, i booed. he didn’t get the response he was hoping for. I waited until he was alone, I told him this was a brithday party, not a polical campaign event, and this is no place to be campaiging for Obama. I told him loud and clear if Hillary is not the nominee i will be voting for McCain.

    Is this one of their tactics going into private parties?

    By the way my brother in law chose no one. I talked two people into voting for Mccain if Hillary is not the nominee. Some have no clue about whats going on in this election

    This was an AA party

  68. Hillary: on the vp job just remember the lyrics of the 1890s song “Don’t Go In The Lions Cage”–and what happened to the lady who did. You are better than him and his crowd-and they know it.


  69. wbboei Says:
    July 12th, 2008 at 10:58 pm
    “Any reaction?”
    just a suggestion:
    Thinking about how Dershowitz would write it might help you get outside your own ideas and lead you a better perspective re your own view.

  70. lil ole grape: last time I saw Allen D he was arguing in favor of torture warrants. Time before that he was defending Klause Von Beulo. Is it his outrageous personality we need to capture here or are you saying he thinks outside the box? Or are you uncomforble with the content? The real question is do you like that format. Pls advise

  71. The advantage of that format it is that it allows me to argue the case in the most powerful way, i.e. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I will prove to you, etc. The disadvantage is the legalese will turn people off. Therefore I am leaning back in the direction of a more conventional format.

    I agree the legalese is too much, especially if the article (or its comment string 🙂 gets into any technicalities of the RBC and DNC rulebook. It would be confusing to have metaphorical legalese as well as the actual rulz.

    I kind of see it as a hypertext document,html or whatever is used at a very professional new site, . YOu click on a plus and more detail comes up right there. This would be a way to have the evidence, cites, level of detial etc right in the clean initial summaries.

  72. “There is a movement afoot,” Bower confided. “It hasn’t hit the ground yet, but we want to target down-ticket Democrats who have been complicit in the DNC’s dealings these past few months.
    Bower has found their Achilles heel. They are willing to lose the presidency but not congress. Admin figurered that out weeks ago and many of us are working on it too.

  73. I picked Dershowitz at random — any lawyer who writes with a distinctive style and a personality which lends itself to imitation will do — the idea is to imitate in order to see your own material from a different perspective –“what would so and so do with this? It’s an old writer’s trick when looking for a handle on the way to present a story. Gives one a window on one’s own mind kind of thing…y’know?

  74. p.s. last time I saw Dersh he was wearing red and yellow shoes, standing in line at a fundraiser for HRC’s senate campaign 🙂

  75. As to the format, you could varying it… using the trial thing when it’s to best advantage switchign to narrative when narrative works best, going into news style when that seems the best way for what’s to be said etc etc

  76. Admin: the group we have identified so far are those who were with bho prior to june 3. But it sounds like Bower is looking at a subset of that group namely those who were complict with the DNC dealings. I know the obvious ones like Wexler etc. but do we have a list of the ones he is talking about?

  77. As to the format, you could varying it… using the trial thing when it’s to best advantage switchign to narrative when narrative works best, going into news style when that seems the best way for what’s to be said etc etc
    Understood. That is what I will do.

  78. p.s. last time I saw Dersh he was wearing red and yellow shoes, standing in line at a fundraiser for HRC’s senate campaign
    I always knew he is a smart lawyer.

  79. basement angel

    glad to see your voice again.

    Re Cody…

    try to reach him thru Hawk…also on here, but busy lately.

    Every other day or two, just post a note that goes sorta like this:

    Am trying to reach Cody. Have him, or you, contact me here.
    Thanks, Basement Angel

  80. i’m here, but going bed soon. former obama supporters just launched a new website, which is hilarious. I just posted the link, still hasn’t come up yet.

    I was bored earlier , so i went to a few deranged so-called ‘former clinton supporters for obama’ site, it’s an absolute ghost town. The most bizarre ‘former clinton supporter’ is a 60 sth woman(‘redrock grandma??’ or sth like that) who is now suddently becoming an obamabot.

    Why do these so-called ‘feminists’ have no shame? You would think a liberal women in that age group would not take those sexists stuff lightly. Unfortunately, lots of women still believe the so-called ‘progressive’ men are their only hope for social progress. No shame. I have no idea whether this grandmaobamabot used to post here or not.

  81. kostner

    I’ll see you and raise you one. Check out what was in my email:

    Here is my most recent post on
    I usually post daily and also include the “best of the rest” on my site. I would love you to check out some of my other recent posts.
    If you have something you’d like me to post, I’d be honored to consider it.
    Thanks for your support.

    Change We Can Believe In?
    I get it. I’m converted. I believe in change. Amen. Halleluiah! Put me on the change bandwagon. I want Change! Change I can believe in. Not small change either. I want the whole tamale. We need fresh blood, new meat, and innovative ideas in Washington. We need new leadership.
    So let’s get rid of the good old boys who control Washington. I know they agree with me.
    Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts Senator. “With Barak Obama, we will close the book on Old Politics,” Senator Ted Kennedy, January 28, 2008. That means you babe. You’re part of that closed book. Besides you ignored the voters of Massachusetts who voted for Hillary by a fourteen point margin, and endorsed Barack Obama. Ignoring your constituents and the will of the people is old pol itics.
    John Kerry, Massachusetts’ other Senator. I continue to believe that this election is about the future, not the past, and that the country needs a president that will change the status quo and change the Washington system and to give voice to all of those who voices are ignored in the corridors of power,” John Kerry, January 10, 2008. Well John, women are the most disenfranchised people in government. You didn’t give voice to the women of your state who voted for Hillary in record numbers when you endorsed Obama. Bye-bye John. Make room for the young and the new.
    Nancy Pelosi. Speaker of the House of Representatives. “ Frankly his lack of Washington experience, in my view is a giant plus, because he comes here free, free and fresh and new, and not hamstrung by Washington, DC, which is a city of status quo,” Nancy Pelosi, June 28, 2008. Well Nancy, you are part of that status quo and the ultimate insider. You stood silently by as a woman was sexually harassed by the press and the media. Resign and make room for change.
    Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC. Howard, you’re tired, tired, tired and worse you’re ineffective. You’ve been a governor of Vermont, a presidential candidate and head of the DNC, it’s time for some new faces. The head of the DNC has never been a woman, so move over and allow a woman to have your job. That would be change.
    Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico. “It is time for a new generation of leadership to lead America forward,” March 21, 2008. Well guess what? You’re part of the old generation. Besides you endorsed Obama after Clinton won your state, and you were adamant in numerous public statements, that super delegates should follow the will of the voters. When questioned about your endorsement, you replied, Hillary only won New Mexico by a small margin. Talk about splitting dog hairs.
    Let’s clean house. Let’s not just get rid of the ultimate Democratic insiders, but also the people that run their campaigns. How about David Axelrod, Mark Penn, Donna Brazile and Mark Squire? You’ve all got to go. You’re all graduates of the school of dirty politics. The politics of change needs new leaders, women leaders.
    And now let’s talk about the Vice-Presidency. Since we have a white male and a black male running for president, let’s be fair and nominate two women. Last I looked women were over half the population, so why not give us half the slots. A real seat at the table, that would be change, wouldn’t it? I’d be happy to volunteer for VP, I don’t have much experience in politics, but that doesn’t matter. If one-hundred-forty-three days of national experience is enough to run for president, what the hell, my twenty-one day tour of Europe during graduate school and my African safari two years ago should qualify me as an international expert. Did I mention I lived in Japan for a year? Besides I’d only be attending funerals anyway. I’m well prepared. I own a few black suits. A heartbeat away from the presidency you say. Well I promise, I’m smarter that George Bush, cuter than Richard Nixon, and more honest than Dick Chaney.” Anyway I’m one of the people and I promise to tell the truth, doesn’t that count for anything?

  82. Awesome –

    Clinton Urges Governors to Nurture ‘Laboratories of Democracy’

    By Dan Balz
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Sunday, July 13, 2008; A06

    PHILADELPHIA, July 12 — Former president Bill Clinton kicked off the centennial gathering of the National Governors Association here Saturday with a challenge to the states to reassert themselves to help the country combat what he called the profound challenges of globalization and interdependency.

    Returning to an organization that helped launch him to the White House, Clinton urged states once again to become incubators for experimentation and innovation to reduce income inequality, resolve growing tensions over immigration and confront the threat of global climate change.

    “The Founders were right,” he said. “You have to be laboratories of democracy. The NGA gives the governors a forum to do that. We have to deal with inequality. We have to deal with identity. We have to deal with energy. If we do we’re about to go into the most exciting period in human history. If we don’t, in the words of President [Theodore] Roosevelt, dark will be the future. I’m betting on light.”

    It was Roosevelt who convened the first gathering of the nation’s governors in 1908, and this weekend’s celebration brought together more than 50 current and former state executives for what turned into a lively and provocative debate on issues including education, health care and whether term limits have weakened state legislatures.

    Clinton, appearing in his capacity as head of his global foundation, made only passing references to the presidential campaign that occupied most of his time over the past year and never mentioned by name either of the presumptive nominees, Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

    Instead, he was the Clinton who rose through the gubernatorial ranks in the 1980s as an energetic policy activist prepared to talk about issues and solutions, no matter how large or small. “I used to tell people I loved going to the governors association,” he said, “because it was the ‘center of wonkdom.’ ”

    Clinton used the example of his foundation to urge governors to take small but concrete actions to deal with such problems as childhood obesity or the cost to lower-income people without bank accounts having to pay exorbitant fees to cash paychecks.

    But he also called on the governors to use their collective power, and their spirit of bipartisanship, to help Washington rewrite the No Child Left Behind Act, which he said has helped the lowest-performing schools, but at a cost of harming the performance of schools that traditionally have done a better job of educating their students.

    The governors met for more than four hours of public discussion, and the co-mingling of past and current officials produced a vigorous dialogue and substantial disagreement on how to improve education, whether health care can be reformed through the states and the balance between state and federal power.

    Although many of the current governors skipped the three-day meeting, many former governors who had played prominent roles in the NGA when they were in office made up for the absences.

    Among the notable ex-governors in attendance were Democrats Michael Dukakis of Massachusetts and Roy Romer of Colorado and Republicans George Voinovich of Ohio and John Engler of Michigan. The participants also included two Bush Cabinet officers, Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt and Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne, both former NGA chairs.

    The sharpest disagreement came over term limits. Voinovich, now a senator, said he regretted having supported term limits when he was governor and called it “one of the biggest mistakes I made” while in office. South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) defended term limits, but Engler sided with Voinovich. “They’ve been a complete disaster” in Michigan, he said.

    After Clinton spoke, the governors focused more time on education and health care. Former New Hampshire governor John Sununu (R) said, “The desire to learn comes from the home,” and without that, no matter how much you spend, you will not educate children. But Utah Gov. John Huntsman Jr. (R) said that underestimates what good teachers can do, adding, “We need to put them on a pedestal and pay them what they are worth.”

    On health care, Leavitt said states can and “will solve this problem” if the federal government sets standards for practice and gives them deadlines to meet. Dukakis, who said the bill he signed for universal health care in Massachusetts had been a failure, said the states cannot solve the problem. “It isn’t going to happen,” he said. He recommended expanding Medicare to cover the entire population.

    After hearing many governors describe the many innovations in health-care policy that they are pushing in their states, former Washington governor Dan Evans (R) said, “The two presidential candidates should have been here to listen, not to talk.”

    During the morning session, moderator Richard Norton Smith asked the governors about the evolution of the term “states’ rights,” which prompted an eloquent statement from former Virginia governor Linwood Holton (R), who was a leader on civil rights when he served in the early 1970s. ” ‘States’ rights’ came to be a code word for white supremacy, to put it in the bluntest terms,” he said. “And I resented it terribly for being used that way.”

    Amid all the serious talk were lighter moments Saturday. During the afternoon session, when the discussion moved to health care, one governor after another claimed to have the state with the healthiest population, demonstrating anew that statistics can be used to prove virtually anything.

    At another point, moderator Cokie Roberts asked the governors to contemplate what it would mean if they were all separate countries. What would you do if you were a country? she asked Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania (D). “I’d invade Ohio,” he said.

  83. Just read a past comment from sricki, a former Clinton supporter turned Obamabot.

    “From a purely selfish point of view, if I want to protect my own rights as a woman, he’s the only option for me. ”

    It’s sad to read some liberal women’s comments like this. No self-respect, no-shame, no wonder Obama can buy these women’s ovaries at a discount rate… Sad, sad.

  84. wbboei, regarding your comments at and

    The list you asked about does not exist as far as we know (as you phrased it “those who were with bho prior to june 3. But it sounds like Bower is looking at a subset of that group namely those who were complict with the DNC dealings. I know the obvious ones like Wexler etc. but do we have a list of the ones he is talking about?”)

    As you know the Obama people decided to target Hillary supporters like John Lewis and have made many threats to mostly African-American Hillary supporters. This is smart on their part – it plays to their strength.

    Hillary suppporters need to play to their strengths too, which are considerable. Hillary won all the big Democratic states (except Obama’s home state Illinois). Therefore our strengths are in the very states with the most Democratic elected officials (thereby the most superdelegates).

    We do believe that some representatives (possibly those like John Lewis which were acting under duress) who supported Obama prior to June 3 should be exempt from challenge. But in states where Hillary won big, Democrats should be primaried and challenged for any elective office they seek. For instance in Massachsetts we wrote earlier about the successful challenges to MarDee and forcing a primary on John Kerry.

    Big Media might not pay attention (although there were news reports regarding the MarDee and Kerry situations) but party officials are very sensitive to any primary challenge. The more it is clear that in big Hillary victory states Hillary supporters will respond with challenges to those who endorsed Obama the closer we will be to the superdelegates reexamining their votes at the convention.

    The more of this type of activity the greater will be the resonance with superdelegates. The KISS managing principle (keep it simple stupid) should be invoked. Due to the late August deadline to influence the superdelegates we think we can, for the time being, put states Obama won (mostly small Republican states with few Democratic electeds) on the back burner.

    Challenges should be directed to Democratic electeds like Kerry who are up for election this cycle. Obviously all the House of Representatives is up for election this year so this can be a priority (they are also superdelegates). High profile Obama endorsers (like Kerry) should also be a priority.

  85. I could identify the people in the Hillary Group that would leave early on. I would discuss standing up to the bulling that was going on, and they would immediately shrink, like I could not do that. They came from all spectums of personalities. However, there main philosophy was that the party line had the priority.

    As I told them, My democracy comes first and my party second. The democratic party, watched, and the candidate participated in the degradation of a women. Not only that, they kept changing the rules of success (should vote with your majority, should win the blue states, should win IN). They even applied harsher rules to her than in the past (quit before the convention, even though you have the popular majority).

    I was amazed at how they just folded in, and started to argue with me, like Roe vs Wade. Luckily we had discussed this on the blog, and I was fully prepared. It was also amazing how they tried to use peer pressure on me. I also hear people called racists, just because you still support Hillary.

    I also feel that the polls are questionable. Many people will not admit to anyone, how they will vote in November because of the bullying that is going on.

    This is the first election in which the blogging community will have an impact. I think they will be surprised. It have provided a forum for people to gather. The impact will be felt in August and in November.

    Sit down, shut up, fold in, and take the beating, are things we will be considering in August and November.

  86. A MUST-Read about BM’s HRC bait-n-switch now that they realize His Snobbiness cn’t win without her.

    I love your idea!

    How about an investigative/fictionalized account ala “A Civil Action?”

  87. Good Morning basil9

    Thanks for the website. I had to share that with a few people.

    His request for money for Her should have been upfront, first. Again, he is not a uniter or Presidential material. He has the wave and the deliver of the speeches down. But he fails at the rest of it.

    She is the Presidential one, and she has proven she can unite.

  88. Basil9

    wow, you’re not kidding a “must read”…gotta post it one more time. love the sarcasm.

  89. wbboei

    are you lurking this morning? Yes or no answer only, then back to your own important work.

    but if you are tuned in, give a nod- I want to add my 2 cents about approach.

  90. Tom Brocaw did a decent job on MTP this am, w/ one glaring exception: he told McCaskill to her face that she is “a very popular first term senator” from her state.

    Tom needs to come out here and do a MTP from Jefferson City Sedalia St Joe Springfield Independence, etc.

    He will moderate that observation soon after, I bet.

  91. Emjay,

    Yes, indeedy, Tom does need to come here to Missouri to get the REAL picture of our “dear” Claire!

  92. Good morning all….

    working on a little project here and am having a hard time finding an EASILY located graphic on the FINAL STATES Clinton won. Anyone know if a MAP exists with this image?

  93. Woooops…well, ok, so it’s not morning. It is to me! HA! Up late working…til 6:30am!

  94. Norma

    This is not my laptop, so can’t check what I had squirreled, and I have only 256, so can’t pull out too much at once…but see if Real Clear Politics or USA Today has what you are looking for on file. USA Today (Gannett) uses tons of graphics for easy and fast readability…CNN might have something as well.

  95. May post more alerts here later but to get them all for sure, pls join


    Hello Pumas! All easy posts: no sign in! Don’t forget to declare:
    PUMA, etc.

    Puma is mentioned here. Tell them it’s true: we will never vote for
    Obama. PUMA!
    h t t p : / /

    The Denver Group:
    h t t p : / /

    “Clinton Sore Losers Threaten Convention Battle” (Click on “add”)
    h t t p : / /

    “Barack Obama Backed by Communist Party” (Now Cliff Kincaid is a
    conservative republican, but he has done SO much research on Obama.
    Tell him to keep up the good work, and declare: PUMA! )
    h t t p : / /

  96. Emjay….do you know if there is a LIST?

    My little old brain is on half-wattage today 😀

  97. I keep thinking how our movement touts that we have millions of voters that will not vote for BHO. How the nationwide polls show BHO and McCain tied or within the margin of error.

    I doesn’t matter if we have 9 million or 20 million anti BHO voters, if those voters are not in the swing states all the hoopla will be for naught.

    Thats why I like Just Say No Deal. Barring a Clinton nomination, they are focusing their efforts in the swing states that can change the general election and the allocation of electoral votes.

    It is shameful that true democrats must utilize this much energy and money to beat BHO. It is shameful that this very money and energy could not have been used to elect the best person for the job, Hillary Clinton.

    The “party” has given us a lying, incompetent, divisive, out of touch candidate in a year that democrats could have won with their eyes closed.

    I struggle with issues that matter to me and having to fight against the “party” that has lost it’s way.

    It matters to me that workers have a right to form unions, that corporations have raped the American people and been given a free pass, that political accountability is something in history books, that the government can spy on me, that the lack of campaign finance iand election reform are politicial ways of suppressing and disenfranchising voters, that free trade means exporting jobs or paying less to our own workers.

    It matters to me too that the middle east is a pit of hatred toward America, that funding for scientific research takes a back seat to a bridge to nowhere, that teachers, and nurses have about the lowest level of pay for any professional, that women, in the mysterious evolution of humans, are still treated like possesions and animals.

    How can I vote for a party or candidate that does not value these issues as I. But then, neither party truly values the individual.

    I have no where to go.

    My vote won’t matter here in California. I feel lost.

  98. Re: Claire McCaskill. I’m from Missouri, and I don’t know anyone who likes her!! She only won this state by getting a bunch of votes from women, St. Louis, and the KC area. She’s pretty much pissed away the women’s vote, so I’d like to see her run for re-election now and actually win!! Unfortunately, she won’t be up for re-election for another four more years. But rest assured, I’ll be voting against her, even if it means voting Republican. Hell hath no fury!!

  99. I’m reading from the latest comments backward.

    admin Says:
    July 13th, 2008 at 7:59 am

    Great post, admin!

    Let’s add NV to the list. Iirc it was on bitterpoliticz that someone in NV reported getting a GOTV call for some local Dem candidate and having a long talk with that volunteer. The volunteer said they were getting a lot of ‘screw all Democrts, I’m leaving the party’ rants and 5,000 Dems had switched registration out of the party just in Las Vegas. So the Obama Selection is really hurting the downticket Dems there already.

    So NV or at least some areas would be a good place to do challenges.

    But imo we need to also find and help the GOOD downticket people, the ones who supported HIllary or who might support her in August. Or at least not attack them. If we just shotgun our opposition all over the place, against good guys as well as bad guys, then it isn’t a deterrent.

  100. emjay,

    LOL! Rants like this would also be welcome at — no one cares if you post them at more than one place.

  101. wbboei,

    For the group, here’s a copy of another email I”ve sent to you about your article – a rambling rant…. Mine I mean, not yours. 🙂

    On the possible theme of what happened between the early optomism and
    the current mess. (Not sure if this would fit into your article, but
    just as background, as the informants say.)

    Part of that optomism was justified: GOP easy to beat this year, and
    exditing candiates.

    However part of it was illusion, and/or a house of cards built on a
    fault line. While the candidates were exciting, they were not both
    equally qualified to run a GE campaign, nor to be a good president
    (nor to try again later).

    Looking more closely, impo the fault line was Obama’s choice to run
    this year, against Hillary. (We less information people may not have
    known the details that made that a bad choice, but Obama and his
    backers should have.) Obama’s original plan, as of 2004 iirc, was not
    to consdier a POTUS run till 2012 at earliest, or 2016 at latest. 2016
    would have given the Dems four terms in the White House.

    Instead he chose to run now, in effect a spoiler against Hillary. We
    may not have known it, but some homework on his part should have shown
    him (and his backers) that HIllary would have a hard core of support
    and this would be a very tough fight, leaving him and the party
    damaged, and really his best bet would have been to wait his turn.
    (That certainly became evident early in the campaign: his best bet
    then, as now, would be to concede and accept Clinton/Obama, setting
    himself up for a clear shot for POTUS in 2016 (or 2012 if HIllary
    should retire early.)

    Detail of the fault line: I don’t see many others talking about age
    and Obama having plenty of time to run later when more experienced,
    whereas this is perhaps Hillary’s last chance (and especially Bill’s);
    which to me is the big thing. However a lot of women do see the
    pattern of a more capable older woman passed over for an unqualified
    younger man, and maybe ‘her last chance’ is implicit in that.

    For the party and the country, he should have waited his turn — 4 Dem
    terms. Instead he is destroying that 4 terms and we may get none at
    all (even without PUMA, even if we all did support him, still he is
    vulnerable to GOP attacks,as was evident from the beginning, or at
    least since Wright).

    So the present division is not that the basic situation changed, but
    that the public learned more about it: he demonstrated his flaws but
    the Pelosi crowd stuck with him and continued cheating him through
    anyway. (I’m not sure that the chronological stages of that cheating
    are important, at least in the top layer of a journalistic piece. Your
    first online draft really lost me in the business of things ‘changing’
    during the campaign,so they had to give orders to the media, etc etc.
    For one thing, that’s all speculation, isn’t it? — I’d be inclined to
    say “The RBC stretched their own rules to cripple FL/MI in their
    ?2007? meeting and upheld that crippling in the May 31 meeting.” And
    wasn’t the media in effect trying to ‘call’ the nomination for Obama
    before NH?

    As I said, Brazile and Pelosi are on record at least as far back as
    2004 setting things up for Obama or someone of his ilk (caucus
    dependent). Maybe Dean too. It’s reasonable to see them wanting to
    take out HIllary even at the cost of losing another GE.

    But for me the DNC conspiracy fails if we go back to 1996. There Obama
    was spoiler to an older, more capable, female incumbent, again making
    enemies and hurting his party, rejecting party aid in finding a a
    solution where both could continue active. (And it’s said [by
    Michelle? and ohters] that he showed a similar pattern of running
    before he’s ready, against strong, better backed ?incumbents? Against
    Rush he failed; but in 2004? his strong US Senate opponents ‘luckily’
    had scandals break.)

    Well, enough long rambling….


  102. Debbie,

    For you and others in non-swing states, see Admin’s wonderful post above. All states have some elected officials who are also Superdelegates. If we challenge those officials/SDs who support Obama, we may pressure them to switch to Hillary in August. IN any case we show the party bosses that they will be losing Congressional seats in November. Some care more about that than the White House.

    As to a list, newwomensparty is working on that, and I’m sure pumapacusa is too. For other projects in works with various groups, see hillarysupporters. And Will Bower is talking about such a project so I’m sure he’s working on a list.

  103. ADMIN,

    I just re-posted most of your great post about targeting BO Congressmen etc, at
    h t t p : / /

    If that’s not okay, I can delete it.


  104. I am very fortunate that my SD congresswoman is a staunch supporter of Hillary and has not bended to the pressures to switch sides. She has the largest Latino constiuency in the state of California which gives her some solid power to lean on.

    My Senators on the other hand suck. I knew Boxer was an easy sway and Feinstein is a party loyalist although I question some of her recent positions.

    As far as the others Pelosi has a strangle hold on many of them and if they want their chairmanships or resources they are bound to her whims especially since she has the ultimate power as Speaker.

    I hope the congress wisens up and votes Pelosi out of that position.

  105. Norma

    Went looking for a list I thought I’d seen and got side-tracked by:

    –something that will make us all feel good…just google “clinton state primary wins” and scroll, baby, scroll. Better that a cold Corona, with lime, on a hot afternoon.

    –and specially for what you need, Norma, lookie, lookie:

    “Democratic Party (United States) presidential primaries, 2008”
    [[[From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]]]

    This article provides an overview of the nomination process. For detailed election results, see “Results of the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries”
    Luv from your research asst.
    BTW, go have a cold one and nap til 5.

  106. Emjay…thanks! I went to Wiki and the post was so long it locked up my poor little graphically stretched laptop!

    I am ALMOST done with a big JSND/PPUMA Video. With a little help from Pat Benetar….

    just ordered a pizza…have cold ones in the fridge

    lemme look at the list

    I’ll be back


  107. # debbie Says:
    July 13th, 2008 at 1:59 pm

    I keep thinking how our movement touts that we have millions of voters that will not vote for BHO. How the nationwide polls show BHO and McCain tied or within the margin of error.


    I have no where to go.
    My vote won’t matter here in California. I feel lost.


    I consider myself a reasonable person, a “realist”. That’s one of the reasons I support Hillary.

    I know polls put California solidly in Obama’s corner, but we all know that the polls have been off, sometimes wildly. NH was called for Obama. And on supertuesday, Obama was polling better and better so that by the time ST rolled around, the Russerts and Matthews were betting “it would all be over” when CA fell. They had egg on their face when they had to call CA for Clinton so early.

    With the Latino vote, the PUMAs, GLBT, older voters, the solid Republican base (there are many republican strongholds), and a popular Repub gov supporting McCain, I may be the only person on earth who not only thinks McCain has an outside chance to take CA, but I am optimistic about it.

    I’m from NJ. NJ went for Clinton by the same 55-45 margin as California for Clinton vs. Obama. I think NJ is being declared Obama territory way too early. I’m going to work to make sure Obama does NOT take NJ either.

    By the time we’re done carving up this turkey, exposing him for all his lies and racist knee-cap politics, I am hoping for a Reaganesque landslide.

    Remember, Obama can’t debate his way out of a paper bag. And now that he’s deserted his own base (progressives, with FISA, Iraq withdrawl timetables, renouncing his pledge to accept public financing), he doesn’t even have a fired up core any more.

    Look at the biggest group on, the Get FISA RIght group, with 23,000 members and growing, to get a sense of the anger and disillusionment among his base. Some won’t vote for him now. Other will only vote for him cheerlessly, but won’t volunteer or donate.

    Just about the only thing he had going for him was his “progressive” stances, empty promises, because otherwise, it’s a might thin resume. Even thin since he got to the Senate.

    So now it’s the same thin resume, but without the Hopy-Changy-ness.

    So, California, here we come, right back where we started from…

  108. May add more alerts as UPDATEs but to get them all for sure, pls join


    UPDATE from kat in a hat:

    Happy Sunday, Pumas…hope everyone is having a nice day!

    ___Newsvine: The author talks all about our cause. It’s a sign in
    site, I believe, and you can also vote in the poll and click on the
    vote check thingy for the article, to give it a boost.
    “Angry At Obama? How Hillary Clinton Could Still Be The Democratic
    h t t p : / /

    ___New York Post: This article is just so great! It’s NOT a posting
    site, but you guys should read it for kicks. Maybe contact the writer
    to encourage him to keep up the good work! (Jonah Goldberg:
    h t t p : / /

  109. Obama continues to falter in the polls:


    Sunday, July 13, 2008

    For the second straight day, the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that the race for the White House is tied. Sunday’s numbers show Barack Obama and John McCain each attracting 43% of the vote. When “leaners” are included, the two candidates are tied at 46%. For most of the past month-and-a-half, Obama has led McCain by approximately five percentage points. It will take a few more days to determine whether this recent tightening of the race reflects real change or is merely statistical noise.


    The Honeymoon Is Over
    By Owl06

    Freshman Senator and prospective Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain has dissolved. Obama now ties McCain in Saturday’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll and has higher negatives. His media-driven honeymoon is over, and the American public doesn’t believe in Obama’s “change.”

    The pertinent passage:

    McCain is now viewed favorably by 56% of voters, Obama by 54%. Obama receives unfavorable reviews from 44% of voters while McCain is viewed unfavorably by 41%. McCain earns favorable ratings from 32% of Democrats while Obama is viewed favorably by 22% of Republicans. Among unaffiliated voters, McCain is viewed favorably by 58%, Obama by 54%.

    Obama was effectively marketed as a transcendent figure that would rise above politics as usual and “change” everything; he tapped into something powerful. He has since shown himself to be a typical politician with a willingness to sacrifice core democratic principles in order to appear as a moderate.

    Take his carefully crafted image away, and what are we left with? A facsimile of John Kerry – a wavering candidate that is disliked by middle America, and whom unlike Kerry, lacks experience and has flimsy credentials to be commander in chief.

    ‘Community organizer’ does not cut it, and his record in the IL legislature (a part time job) is less than stellar. Has anyone even asked Senator Obama about why he killed a GLBT hate crimes bill yet?

    Keep in mind folks, that this contest has come to a draw before the Republican attacks have gotten into full swing, and they have plenty more to work with. Every indication is pointing toward November 2008 being an absolute bloodbath.

    Barack Obama will only have himself to blame for costing the Democratic party the White House.

  111. debbie said:
    As far as the others Pelosi has a strangle hold on many of them and if they want their chairmanships or resources they are bound to her whims especially since she has the ultimate power as Speaker.

    Congressmen may have to follow Pelosi’s orders — but will she order them to do something if she knows it will result in them being voted out in November and that seat taken by a Republican?

    Also, aren’t some Superdelegates elected in lesser positions? County posltions etc? Or just county DNC chairmen etc? That would be fun — PUMAs go pack some County DNC caucuses (if that’s how they vote). 🙂

    Dunno about you specifically, but where there’s action in an adjoining county, some people could cross county lines to volunteer. At I’ve got a link for ‘local organizing’ and spega is doing some also. I’m sure many others are too, such as pumapacusa and bitterpoliticz. is trying to list everything anyone is doing anywhre, in a great informative page!

  112. emjay, norma,

    Wikipedia is only as reliable as the last bot that edited it. Some people who know their way around wikipedia had better start watchdogging such wiki articles, if we’re to rely on them.

    Hm. Wikiipedia is on Creative Commons ‘Copyright’ so a lot of special interests have cloned similar wikis off of it, putting their own spin on the articles and controlling the editing. I have no idea how hard that is to do or whether it would be worth it for some PUMAs.

  113. Got my first O party phone call today. I did a knee gut reaction of:

    1. This guy is crap

    2. I worked for Hillary

    3. Be a cold day in hell before I vote for him.

    Oh, well, next time, if there is a next time, I might spend some time playing with them.

    However, I will have to really swallow hard to do that.

  114. the folling is from one of the comment posted on puma web site.

    Donna Brazile says “highly unlikely Hillary will be on nominating ballot at the convention” today on George S’s
    ABC talk show.

  115. OK, so what decision position was Donna elected to at the DNC? I must have missed that.

    If this were reversed, we know what Donna would be saying O supporters would do about no name on the ballot.

  116. An Open Letter to Caroline Kennedy–July 13, 2008

    It’s time for her to display a “Profile in Courage” and reconsider her endorsement of Obama which would show respect for PUMAs and countless other Americans disturbed by this election season.

  117. Hillary for VP? Bwahahahahahhhh!
    Posted on July 13, 2008 by riverdaughter
    Here’s the story, PUMAs: Barack Obama doesn’t rule out Clinton for VP.

    Like it’s up to him.

    It looks like Obama just blinked. Here’s my theory, FWIW. The joint fundraising is revealing a rift that the idiots in charge did not anticipate. It looks like the Clinton supporters are still a bit miffed about the whole primary season. Oh, sure, the party has had surrogates on every other day saying that everybody kissed and made up and the sex was good and… hey, why is Debbie Wasserman-Schultz grinning madly like that? OK

  118. The rift is fairly wide and looks like it’s getting wider. There’s some insurgent group out there calling itself PUMAs or something and making mischief and getting on TV, ferchrisesakes. Jeez! Why can’t they just suck it up like they did for Kerry? And now they’re calling the office at all hours of the day and night demanding that Clinton gets a nomination and a roll call vote. The Republicans NEVER have to put up with this $#%@.

    So, the money’s not coming in, the poll numbers are starting to look alarming, FISA didn’t go so well and there’s too much time left before the convention. We can’t put Hillary on the ballot. If we do that, she might just pull it out. By late August, Obama could be in real trouble. How do we get everyone on board and yet still keep firm control of the party and Obama?

    By George! Let’s float the idea that we’re considering making her VP! It’s brilliant! Some of the low info holdouts might go for that. It just might be enough to swing the sucker for BO. We don’t have to actually follow through. We’ll just leave the possibility hanging out there. Once it gains enough traction, people will say it’s the best consolation prize she’s likely to get and they’ll accept it. It’s a good thing Axelrod read that section of the psych book on learned helplessness. As long as the voters think this is the best that she can do, they’ll stop pushing for anything more. They’ll never know how close she is to getting the whole shebang if they just keep screaming for a fair convention.

    Wow! I never thought I’d say this but it’s a good thing that low info voters watch Fox. Otherwise, they might not even know there was a PUMA movement. Hey, if Clinton is getting under their skin enough to make them offer her VP, she might as well go for the whole thing. Maybe some seniors my Mom’s age would settle for second place, but none of the PUMAs *I* know would. When they start screaming “VP!”, then it’s working. No backing off now, guys. Full speed ahead to Denver.

  119. When people become President, every word they speak and deliver in speeches and how and when thye deliver it is very important. It is why Hillary is so precise when she speaks and where she speaks.

    The two examples above indicate a major lack in experience at what he speaks, and where he speaks. Sybolism is very important in the political world.

    He did not even understand that putting a Presidential looking seal on the podum would backfire like it did.

    Since being artificially declared the nominee, he had done nothing but bungle things.

    This trial run is not going too well, and he has 45 days left. SDs DID YOU HEAR THAT? 4 5 DAYS LEFT UNTIL YOU MAKE THE VOTE OF YOUR CAREER.


  120. Help with a test?

    I’m testing settings for PumaResponders. Would someone who is not a member pls go to this url
    h t t p : / /
    and tell me if it shows a list of recent posts? If you click on a post title does it let you read the post?


  121. hehehehehe!!!!

    Everyone check the latest New Yorker Magazine cover! The bots are goin’ nutso!

  122. “oops:

    Forgot to add :

    Be SURE to check the comments! They’ll making you wanna go


  123. — lots of good easy targets today, and fun:

    h t t p : / /

  124. Please correct me if I am misremembering the primaries but most if not all of them that had BO at 45% or so but leading or tied with Hill, he lost. It makes me wonder when you see 46-42, 45-43 or any of those Obama leads, if he can get over the hump.

    The MSM keeps assuming that when more people get to know him, his numbers will rise — I’m not so sure. I would love to see an ad consisting only of BO’s statements and then his retractions or explanations — even on the small stuff.

    It could start with “I promise to speak with Ahmadinejad without any preconditions in the first year” to “I didn’t say that” to “Of course it wouldn’t be in the first year and we would insist on conditions”.

    It could revisit “I could never abandon my church” to “I have left my church”.

    Then there’s “I will oppose any attempt to pass the FISA bill” to “I voted for it because it was a compromise”

    And so on and so on…An 8th grade researcher could amass dozens of those.

    And at the end of the ad, a line like “For what are YOU counting on Obama?”

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