Good Riddance, Good Bye

The talented and valued Robert Redford wants Obama to win the general election. Redford is wrong on that point.

Robert Redford also has this to say:

I hope he’ll win. I think he will. If he doesn’t, you can kiss the Democratic Party goodbye.

Good Riddance, Good Bye.

The Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA deserves a shocking death. A loss is the only way to shock Democrats into sanity if the selected candidate of Dean/Brazile/Pelosi is gifted the nomination by Party leaders out of touch with the grassroots of the real Democratic Party.

The great Democratic Party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, which we loved and continue to love, will rise once again from the ashes of the grotesqueness it has become.

NO to Obama’s new Democratic? Party in NOvember. We won’t shed a tear.

Donna Brazile: A new Democratic coalition is younger. It is more urban, as well as suburban, and we don’t have to just rely on white blue-collar voters and Hispanics.

David Axelrod: The white working class has gone to the Republican nominee for many elections, going back even to the Clinton years. This is not new that Democratic candidates don’t rely solely on those votes.

The Democratic Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA has forsaken the Big Tent philosophy of FDR for the small mindedness of the FISA lovers running the Party.

We won’t shed a tear.

We’ll just say “Good riddance” to the Democratic? Party in NOvember, if necessary. NObama, NOvember. Our Nominee was and is Hillary.

* * *

There are many meetups taking place in support of Hillary Clinton. We along with many other Democrats know Hillary is our nominee. There are many activities in the planning stages for Women’s Equality Day on August 26 (the second day of the Democratic? National Convention). There is a nationwide effort underway to get Hillary Clinton supporters to Denver for the convention.

There is also this which we received via email:

Hey Everyone on Hillary is 44:

I’m part of a grassroots effort which includes a number of lawyers who volunteered for Clinton’s campaign, and one who worked in Bill Clinton administration, to Celebrate Hillary during the 160th Anniversary of the Women’s Rights Convention in Seneca Falls, NY. Our events are taking place on July 19th, but the Convention goes on starting that weekend for the entire week. We’ve asked Hillary to come, but still waiting on her response, and even if she can’t make it, we will have a speaker and pay tribute to her historic campaign.

Please join us in Seneca Falls, NY, and email this to every Hillary fan you know, especially in the NY, NJ area.


Reminder to go to Seneca Falls, NY to celebrate with us the 160th Anniversary of the Women’s Rights Convention at some pro-Hillary events.

If you’ve got extra frequent flyer miles, some time and $$:

Here’s what we’re planning.

and also, some great women-centric events that are all free to attend in Seneca Falls:

Take part in the town’s festivities honoring the 160th Anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls, New York. Bring and wear your Hillary Clinton gear to show your support! Sign a petition honoring Women’s Rights in the place where Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other courageous women and men gathered 160 years ago to lay out the first coordinated statement of women’s rights in the Declaration of Sentiments.

Say Hello to other Hillary Supporters in Seneca Falls, New York on July 19.

* * *

By sheer coincidence – as part of the preparations for Women’s Equality Day (not the Seneca Falls celebration) we had earlier also received, via email, a brief history tied to the Declaration of Women’s Rights in Seneca Falls.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that to secure these rights governments are instituted, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of those who suffer from it to refuse allegiance to it, and to insist upon the institution of a new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. – from the “Declaration of Sentiments,” Seneca Falls Convention, July 19-20, 1848

In the 1970s, African-American New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm claimed that she “had met far more discrimination because I am a woman than because I am black.” Testifying for the ERA, she declared that it “provides a legal basis for attack on the most subtle, most pervasive, and most institutionalized form of prejudice that exists” and “is so widespread that it seems to many persons normal, natural and right.”

The ERA failed! Over thirty years later, women are still subjected to the institutionalized misogyny that handicaps women by treating them as second class citizens.

This is particularly apparent today in both political parties. While women do the hard work for them, they are expected to constantly compromise their dignity, abilities, and rights to achieve acceptance by the males, and in the interest of more important issues. It is time for no more compromise. Women and non-misogynistic men must stand together again, like the 68 women and 32 men at the Seneca Falls Convention, and demand full citizenship for over half the population.

Women will no longer tolerate political parties which treat them with disdain and then demand that everyone unite and work to continue the unacceptable discriminatory behavior– by condoning non-stop sexist attacks on women candidates; by failing, for examples, to establish adequate health care, equal pay for women, protection from violence; by threatening their reproductive rights; and debating about everything except other vital issues such as family and medical leave programs, adequate child care, etc.

For those who believe in the sanctity of the vote, unity is impossible. Sen. Clinton won 18 million votes, the largest primary vote in history. She won big states, swing states – 308 electoral votes for victory. Sen. Obama won only 224 – many from undemocratic caucuses. For president, 270 electoral votes are needed.

Unity is impossible when (1) valid elections have been ruled invalid; (2) voters have been given only half votes; (3) votes for the female candidate have been given to the male candidate; and (4) the female candidate has been arbitrarily forced to suspend her winning candidacy, is expected to unify a fractured party, and work for the election of an unacceptable, already rejected male candidate. He was selected – not elected.

The Spirit of Seneca Falls lives on today. The Democratic? Party of Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA does not remember, nor respect the Spirit of Seneca Falls.

Good Riddance, Good Bye to all that.

NObama, NOvember.