Bagman Obama

Let’s talk money – Obama money. Let’s talk fundraising money, Federal Elections Commission reportable money, sources of said money, money reports, money prospects. It’s a lot to talk about, but let’s talk money!

We won’t discuss right here, right now the Rezko type money we wrote about in REZKO for Dummies. Remember when we wrote this?

In olden days, corrupt Chicago politicians would simply take a bag full of money. Usually the bag of money was passed under the table while corrupt politician and corrupt fixer lunched or dined. Those were simpler times.

With all the do-gooders trying to stamp out political corruption things got more complicated for politicians on the take. [snip]

Now imagine this: A Chicago politician, in modern day Chicago, who wants things he can’t afford. Wifey likes expensive things and wants a big mansion to live in. What new clever system would said modern day Chicago politician devise? Said Chicago politician first acquaints himself with ethics laws and how to skirt them.

Chicago politician and Chicago fixer come up with this scheme: Funnel tens of millions of dollars in government money to the Chicago Fixer and get him to somehow buy you a house, among other amenities. Yes, you have to turn your back on freezing Chicago constituents, African-Americans mostly, but hey, it’s the Chicago way.

We thought of that REZKO for Dummies article today when we heard the news about the Federal Elections Commission.

In recent days we have written about flip-flop-flim-flam contortionist Barack Obama and how he has little to no testicular fortitude. We chided Jesse Jackson for not knowing of Obama’s lack of… fight.

However, there is one thing to which Obama has displayed remarkable dedication – neutering the Federal Elections Commission. Obama blocked the appointment of Von Spakovsky to the Federal Election Commission and thereby the Commission could not work this entire year. Of course with Obama it’s all high minded, principle which shut down the Federal Elections Commission this campaign season.

Attention presidential candidates (and independent political groups hoping to make a splash in the 2008 campaigns): The referees are back on the field.

This morning, a full six members of the Federal Election Commission took their seats and announced they were back after a strange, seven-month hiatus. In their first official action, the commission elected a new chairman, Donald McGahn, who previously served as the lead lawyer for the House Republicans’ campaign committee and handled legal work for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas).

The return of the FEC comes after the Senate ended a deadlock over one of President Bush’s appointees (the controversial commissioner, Hans Von Spakovsky, removed his name from consideration). During the tussle over Von Spakovsky, the FEC had only two commissioners and was rendered unable to take official action.

Von Spakovsky was not a good appointment at all. But it is interesting that the only fight Obama has displayed in his entire career just happens to block oversight during this campaign season.

Welcome back F.E.C. Now do your job.

A lot of money has been raised this election cycle. Obama supposedly raised a lot of money from students many of whom (coming from elite schools and the upper class demographic which loves Obama so much) do not work and got money from their parents to contribute to Obama. Presumably that type of “straw” donor contribution is legal.

But there have been other questions this campaign cycle which the F.E.C. has little or no authority to do anything about. For instance, if someone with big bucks (foreign or domestic) wanted to pass money on to a politician there is a very big loophole which only a prosecutor could dislodge.

Here is a way to pass a paper bag full of money “under the table”:

A torrent of secret money is flooding into the leading presidential campaigns, with more than $118 million, or one-quarter of the total raised in this cycle, banked without disclosure of who gave the funds or where the donations originated.

The money is coming from hundreds of thousands of donations of $200 or less, which have been widely praised for democratizing the system for funding White House bids. However, the surge in low-dollar gifts has come at the cost of transparency, since federal law only requires campaigns to itemize donations when a donor gives more than $200.

According to an analysis being released today by a Washington think tank, the Campaign Finance Institute, Senator Obama of Illinois led the pack with such small and secret donations, pulling in about $31 million during 2007. Rep. Ron Paul ran second in small gifts, raking in more than $17 million. At the end of the year, Senator Clinton and John Edwards, who has since dropped out, were essentially tied for third in unitemized, small contributions, with each candidate raising about $11 million. [snip]

However, one area of concern with the flood of donations, particularly those made online, is that foreigners could be weighing in illegally in an American election. Mr. Obama’s Web site allows donors to choose an address in one of 227 possible countries or territories, including Iran, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Yemen. [snip]

While it is a crime for most foreigners to donate to American campaigns at the federal level, those with so-called green card status can donate legally, as can Americans who live abroad.

The most cautious campaign when it comes to accepting online donations from overseas seems to be that of Mrs. Clinton. Visitors to her Web site who want to list an address abroad are directed to a special page which advises that such donations are only taken by mail and that donors “must include a copy of your U.S. passport or green card.”

“The mail-in requirement provides an additional level of review that would not occur with an online contribution that is automatically processed,” a spokesman for Mrs. Clinton, Blake Zeff, said.

Spokesmen for Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain did not respond to inquiries about their screening system for gifts coming from abroad. The donation pages for all the candidates remind donors that they must be American citizens or legal residents. Mr. Paul’s site also has a pop-up feature which asks any donor with a foreign address to confirm American citizenship.

However, an aide to Mrs. Clinton suggested that these mechanisms do not go far enough. “A foreign national could misrepresent his or her citizenship when contributing online, by checking the box…when such a representation is not true,” the aide, who asked not to be named, said.

Loopholes, loopholes, loopholes – it’s a three ring circus when the F.E.C. ringmaster is presiding, much worse when the F.E.C. is voting “not present”.

91 Percent of Obama Donors Not Required to Be Reported to FEC

A fairly glaring whopper from Obama, mentioned in this op-ed by economics professor Jay Mandle in the Washington Post:

During a Feb. 26 debate in Cleveland, for example, Obama said that “we have now raised 90 percent of our donations from small donors, $25, $50.” His campaign’s own data from January 2007 through January 2008 show that 36 percent of donated funds were from small donors. Obama probably meant that 90 percent of the individuals who contributed were small donors, but the number of donors has not been verified.

While the portion of his money raised from small donors probably increased from 36 percent by the time Obama made the statement in the debate, there’s no way it changed from 36 to 90 percent in twenty-six days.

Mandle’s op-ed notes “Contributions of less than $200 do not have to be itemized in reports to the Federal Election Commission, so we have no idea how many are made.”

The FEC asks campaigns to report any donor whose cumulative contributions have exceeded $200. Is that occurring on the Obama campaign? (If so, no wonder the campaign has 700 paid employees. Imagine keeping track of John Smith donating $20 in January, $30 in February, only $15 in March, etc., times 2.7 million. Yes, you read that correctly. According to the Obama campaign, 91 percent — roughly 2.7 million — of their 3 million donors have given less than $100. Presuming that is accurate, right now, they are only obligated to report information to the FEC on 9 percent of their donors!)

If the campaign isn’t able to keep up, and donors don’t have to report a donation of less than $200 to the FEC, what is to stop someone from working around the $2,300 per candidate per race limit by donating, say, $19,900 in a hundred donations of $199?

Ah, loopholes.

Today we also have more confirmation of what we wrote last month. We wrote that Obama is dependent on Hillary supporters for money and we advised against such money being provided.

The Obama number above includes $10 million which is in general election funds which means Obama and McCain are now at financial parity. Of course the DNC has only $4.4 million while the RNC has $53.6 million. McCain can count on support from the RNC’s tens of millions. Obama will not get a penny from Howard Dean’s near insolvent DNC.

The Obama calculation is that his well of donations is already dry but that now he can tap Hillary supporters for the $300 million Obama will need for this election if the Superdelegates ignore the fact Obama is unqualified and unelectable and gift him the nomination.

Obama wants to spend money raised by Hillary Clinton supporters in order to intimidate John McCain. Obama has worked hard to forget that even when he outspent Hillary by 5-1, 4-1, 3-1 in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, California, etc., etc. Hillary still beat him.

McCain will beat Obama too no matter how much money Obama raises.

Obama is unelectable but believes if he outspends McCain 6-1 or 7-1 or more outlandish sums, then he can win. Obama could not win against Hillary when he outspent her 4-1 and Obama will not beat McCain if he only outspends McCain 4-1. That’s why Obama wants cash quickly from Hillary supporters.

Hillary Clinton’s Democratic donors must treat Obama with the same contempt Obama subjects Hillary Clinton and her supporters. Let Hillary spend the summer fundraising and taking her message to Americans. Let Obama raise his own cash from his internet dens of Hopium.

McCain’s current money numbers:

Campaign officials say Republican John McCain raised more than $22 million in June for his presidential bid.

That’s McCain’s best month yet. He ends the month of June with nearly $27 million cash on hand, according to campaign officials.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said Thursday that McCain and the national Republican Party together entered the month of July with about $95 million in the bank.

The money has given McCain the ability to outspend Democratic rival Barack Obama on television advertising in key battleground states, Davis says.

Obama money woes, and Clinton supporter NOs:

Fundraisers say the reason for the lower-than-expected numbers for Obama was his continuing difficulty in getting former supporters of Clinton to donate following the primary battle.

–Suggests his shift to the middle could be hurting him in the liberal small donor cadre. The campaign says that some 1.7 million people have given $200 or less, making up 45% of Obama’s total.

–The DNC reported having only $3.9 million cash on hand June 1. It hasn’t reported its fundraising results for June.

–Given Obama’s ambitious $480 million budget, one fundraiser said that a healthy June number would have been much closer to $50 million.

“Think about it; you basically have 4½ months to raise $300 million. Every poor month puts you further into the hole. It’s like Hillary and the delegate race — sooner or later the math just catches up with you.”

Obama, instead of reporting numbers, whines.

The Washington Post on Obama money woes:

The fundraising machine Sen. Barack Obama is relying on to overwhelm Sen. John McCain this fall has shown signs of wear in recent weeks, as Internet contributions have slowed and efforts to recruit top donors to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign have been beset by lingering tensions.

In a conference call Wednesday night, a top Obama adviser told members of the senator’s national finance committee that “there’s a huge amount of money we need to raise, and we have to be aware of that,” according to one person on the call, who said the campaign, combined with the Democratic National Committee, hopes to have raised $450 million by Election Day.

Several of Obama’s top fundraisers said yesterday that they don’t think trend lines showing three straight months of declining donations to the candidate are cause for concern. But they said the campaign has recognized it will need to expand efforts to raise money from high-dollar donors in order to meet budget projections.

“It’s one of the reasons why the Clinton people are so important,” said Kirk Wagar, Obama’s Florida finance chairman. “Most of us have beaten our Rolodexes pretty badly.”

We wrote it a while back: Hillary Donors: Just Say NO. NObama, NOvember.

The Wall Street Journal estimates McCain and the Republicans will have about $400 million this election cycle. According to the Wall Street Journal Obama has raised about $30 million last month.

The Journal states:

John McCain’s steady fundraising progress could put him on nearly even financial footing with Barack Obama, dispelling the widely accepted notion that the Democratic candidate will be able to hugely outspend his rival in advertising and voter-turnout drives ahead of the presidential election.

McCain can thank incompetent Howard Dean for the big help to his campaign:

The McCain campaign expects to benefit from the Republican National Committee’s widening fundraising edge over the Democratic National Committee. The party committees are allowed to coordinate spending with their presidential nominees, as well as make independent, uncoordinated expenditures.

At the end of May, the RNC had more than ten times as much money in the bank as the DNC — $40.6 million to $4.4 million. June financial reports are due with the Federal Election Commission on July 20.

Both parties also have formed joint fundraising accounts with their candidates. Davis said the McCain Victory 2008 committee had $67.8 million in the bank at the end of June. Combined with McCain’s own war chest, the Arizona senator now has about $94.5 million as he prepares to enter the general election.

Obama, meanwhile, has yet to release his latest financial totals. But his campaign ended May with $43.1 million. The Obama Victory Fund, a joint committee with the DNC, did not open shop until early June.

The McCain campaign’s Davis said: “We anticipate having $210 million available to us from September 4 on to election day,” including public funding and party money.

Meanwhile, Newsweek explodes some Obama money myths:

Yesterday, I took Republican presidential nominee John McCain to task for the creative ways he’s found to funnel largely unregulated and unrestricted money into his campaign—but, as some commenters rightly noted, I didn’t deal with his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, at all. That was by design. The point of the piece was to show that McCain isn’t quite as financially disadvantaged as the MSM makes him out to be—mostly because he’s busy making sure private money benefits his bid even as he accepts (and pats himself on the back for accepting) public funds. It wasn’t meant to be a compare and contrast.

Ah, we’re back to loopholes. Newsweek looks at Obama’s Chicago money machine:

That’s not to imply, however, the Obama isn’t playing the game as well. He is. Here, then, are four myths about Obama’s much-vaunted money machine—and the reality behind them.

1. Obama Opted Out of Public Financing for Reasons of Principle
Um, no. This one would’ve been too obvious to refute, except that when Obama ducked his promise to “aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election” last month, he tried to portray the decision as something other than pure pragmatism. “Declare your independence from this broken system,” he told supporters. Baloney. In early 2007, Obama informed Larry King that “the presidential public financing system works,” and the next month, he co-sponsored legislation to preserve the current setup. At the time, Obama was well-aware of the havoc 527s could wreak; after all, he’d watched the Swiftboat Vets attack John Kerry. And it was no secret—as Howard Dean had proved more than three years earlier—that the Internet could democratize the process of funding a favored politician. Since then, the 527s haven’t gotten scarier, and the Web hasn’t gotten webbier. What’s changed is that it’s now Obama (not Kerry) who’s in the GOP’s crosshairs and Obama (not Dean) who’s rolling in the dough. So he did what any pol would do—he broke his pledge and followed the money. This was undoubtedly a wise move—with his money machine up and running, he’ll certainly raise more than the $84.1 million he’d receive from taxpayers and have a better chance of winning the White House because of it. But it’s hardly principled.

Obama unprincipled? Pshaw say the DailyKooks.

2. Obama Gets All—or Even the Vast Majority—of His Money from Small Donors 
Rationalizing his decision, Obama said that only by opting out of public financing would his campaign be “truly funded by the American people.” Besides being sort of absurd on its face—when did accepting $3 from each individual taxpayers become less egalitarian than accepting private money?—the senator’s claim rests on a shaky premise: that all (or even most) of Obama’s cash comes from regular guys and gals sending in $5 donations over the Internets. Fact is, that’s not true. Now, don’t get me wrong. Obama’s massive fundraising machine—which rejects money from federal lobbyists and PACs and boasts a record number of small-sum donors among its 1.5 million individual contributors—deserves a ton of praise. It is, simply put, the most democratic in American political history.

That said, Obama’s fundraising base still looks a lot like Al Gore’s or John Kerry’s. For starters, the majority of Obama’s money continues to come from folks with fat(ter) wallets. In the primaries, for example, donations larger than $200 accounted for 55 percent of Obama’s haul, or about $150 million. Lawyers forked over $18 million of that total; the largest single contributor was Goldman Sachs. And now that the primaries are over, Obama is free—like McCain—to funnel checks larger than $2,300 through the national party. He’s taking full advantage of that luxury. In June, Obama reaped $6 million from guests at Ethel Kennedy’s Hickory Hill home in Virginia. Ten days ago, the campaign pulled in $5 million at a Hollywood fundraiser. And just last night, Obama visited a pair of plush money events in the tony suburbs of Atlanta. At each appearance, supporters shelled out $28,500—the legal limit on donations to the DNC—for the privilege of Obama’s presence. And there’s more where that came from. As Penny Pritzker, Obama’s campaign finance chairwoman, told the New York Times recently, the main reason the campaign has relied on small donors for so long is that it had yet to find the time to milk the big ones. “We have not been able to have much of the senator’s time during the primaries,” she said, “so we had to rely more on the Internet.”

None of which is to say that Obama’s money machine isn’t the most democratic we’ve ever seen. It is. (At least 90 percent of his donors—more than 1.3 million—give small sums of money.) It’s just that it’s not more democratic than public financing–despite the spin from Chicago.

We’re too polite to mention Rezko.

3. The Share of Obama’s Money That Comes From Small Donors Is Completely Unprecedented
This one’s kind of surprising. Obama has certainly set the record for small-sum donations as a share of his total take—about 45 percent of his money comes from checks of $200 or less. But while Obama is definitely doing better with small donors than previous presidential candidates, it’s not by the *astronomical* margin you might have assumed. According to an analysis by Joseph Graf, 31 percent of Bush’s money in 2004 came from donations of $200 or less (compared to 16 percent in 2000). Kerry, meanwhile, raised 37 percent of his money in 2004 from small donors (as compared to 20 percent for Gore in 2000). That’s only eight points less than Obama—and there’s a strong chance that if Kerry were running this year, with improved technology and an improved environment for Dems, he would’ve done better.

The only thing unprecedented about Obama is his flim-flammery – the audacity of his flim-flam-flip-floppery.

4. Obama Won’t Receive Any Help From Outside Groups 
Yesterday, I mentioned a few of the extracurricular organizations planning to boost McCain’s bid with unregulated and unrestricted “soft money” investments: the NRA, the Christian Defense Coalition and the former Swift Boat Vets for Truth (among others). But McCain’s not alone. Even though the Obama campaign has sought to maintain message control and distinguish itself from Team McCain by discouraging its top fundraisers from giving to outside orgs—a directive that killed off a pair of Democratic-aligned soft-money groups, Fund for America and Progressive Media U.S.A., in their infancy—there are as many 527s poised to assist the senator from Illinois as his rival from Arizona. These include America Votes, an umbrella organization planning a $20 million voter mobilization drive;, also planning to invest $15 million on GOTV; a host of unions, including the SEI and A.F.L.-C.I.O., which announced its $53.4 million election effort late last month; and, of course,, which recently closed its 527 but is hoping to raise some $40 million for the general election through its political action committee.

Obama will get state lobbyist money too. When Obama says something, count on the reverse being true.


Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


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  1. We all knew he would blame it on Hillary. Another indication he is not Presidential material and like the failure of Bush.

    Bush blames Clinton for 9/11.

    Leaders take responsibility for their watch.

  2. I also doubt that he has a million donors under $200! I think some of his donors who different names/addresses and are fooling people into the actual numbers of real people!

    And this way these same people may have contributed more than $2300 – the maximum allowed and not come under scrutiny!!!

  3. Remember, he was counting people as donors that purchased his merchandise. I think they all started doing that. But that is why the number looked so large at first.

  4. wbboei Says:from previous thread
    July 11th, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    It the forces running this party are who I now think and believe they are then 2012 is an illusion-absent an economic meltdown.

    I do not mean the three boobs, believe me. Dean, Pelosi and Braziille are insignificant in the scheme of things. My mistake was in believing the kingdom of god will be at hand if they were removed. I was wrong. Why? Because the real problem is the economic elites behind them are the problem.

    EXACTLY! Dean,Pelosi,Reid are nothing more than puppets themselves…….yes they are the masters of Obama’s strings
    but it is the likes of Soro’s and the other elites that are pulling the boobs strings making bambi dance

  5. Just on Fox, Chuch Hagel will accompany Obama to Iraq and then on to the middle east. So there is the Veep. I know all along the imposter was a republican, if not, is being financed by the RNC to beat out Hillary. Then they will drop the last shoe in October. Only time will tell. I think the Republicans are devious and will stop at nothing to keep power. I can’t send any money to McCain until after the convention and maybe not even then. I think at that point I think I will give some to Nader (if I have any with the gas prices)!!!

  6. Confloyd…….what if the dem elite made a deal with bush & co long long ago to let him have his war and all it’s funding without protest or impeachment in exchange for “obama” as the next president…….hence why McCain was nominated after being counted out……and why McCain is not hitting Obambi hard enough to knock him out???

    what if this election was decided 8 years ago???

  7. and obama is a republican in Dem clothing?

    so …..the GOP and the DNC both win this year???

    I remember hannity and Oreilly both saying something about the chicago combine being both dem/rep and that the main public couldnt handle knowing all that at once right now…..

    which would put my questions above into the light

  8. Greetings, Hillfriends!
    Thank you for the great post, Admin. Timely and prescient as always.
    * * * * * *
    Received a link to a post of the first ad from “The Denver Group.” Apologies if it was already posted in the previous thread – haven’t had time to read. add the “http” and so forth before. I still am having trouble wrapping my head around the possibility that there is a possibility that Hillary’s name wouldn’t be placed in nomination.

    Obama doesn’t have to bring the smoke-filled back rooms of Chicago to DC – he brought DC to the back-rooms. It is a glimpse of the future – the Illinois combine on a fully national scale.

  9. Djia…your link to the LA Times story …quite a distrubing story….especially followed up with THIS

    w w w

    Little Georgie Soros and friends….

  10. Admin, Obama’s deep pockets make my head hurt. I cannot believe the money involved now in becoming the President. No wonder so many pols are completely corrupt. Bought and paid for. I will NEVEr BELIEVE THE BABY OBAMABOTS HAVE KICKED IN ALL THIS MONEY. NEVER.

  11. NYTimes brings up McCain’s birth qualifications angle again (but not Obama’s???):

    Prompting a retaliation, as learned of via noquarter:

    which has a comment from “anonymous” at 10:28am today, pointing to this url:

    Printed here for your convenience:

    (NEW YORK)(July 11, 2008) We have planned to hold a blockbuster series of news conference in New York City next week. The “hard left” accuses me of being the mastermind of an operation to undermine Barack Obama’s campaign; I have pleaded guilty to having a clandestine command-and-control bunker deep beneath midtown Manhattan, where I manipulate the mainstream media and cause agita to liberals.

    A story in Friday’s New York Times, however, has forced me to respond earlier than scheduled to anti-Senator John McCain media bias in the New York Times:

    The Times gives national prominence to the ruminations of a quack law professor (I am an adjunct professor of law myself) who suggests Senator John McCain is not eligible to be president because his father was serving in the U. S. Navy in the Panama Canal Zone when the senator was born. Professor Gabriel Chin’s legal theories are loopy. But they trigged a different response with me. I immediately had questions about unbalanced coverage and media bias.
    Why is the Times writing about McCain’s citizenship, which seems clear, and not writing about Obama’s citizenship, which appears opaque?

    As long scheduled, I am going to be taking action next week on the topic of Obama’s eligibility to serve as president. In the meantime, in response to Adam Liptak of the New York Times, here is an advance peek at my concerns.
    Barack Obama was born to a married, itinerant huckster from Kenya. Obama, unlike McCain, has not been forthcoming about his heritage. Once again, has been the leading force behind raising questions about Obama’s citizenship and parentage. The “hard left” media may hate me, but the American people are paying extreme attention to my writings. We call ourselves “#1” without exaggeration.

    I am incorrectly identified as a New York Times writer in a very entertaining video about Obama’s status:

    One of the unusual aspects of the Internet, and my dual role as America’s only national media critic and political columnist, is that I often get written into the story without having any role in that writing. Someone has produced a video. I had no role in the video, have no idea who produced it, and am misidentified as a N.Y. Times employee. Nevertheless, the video relies heavily on my prior writing and my earlier columns which raised questions about Obama’s citizenship.

    (My new book, coming out next week, also deals with the citizenship topic; a tip of the hat to Mr. Liptak for giving me a bona fide opening to plug my original research and the book itself.)

    Obama’s attack-lady-in-chief, Danielle Allen, wants to outlaw internet anonymity. I have no problem with anonymity. The anonymous YouTube video is entertaining, Ms. Allen’s antipathy notwithstanding.

    The video tries to raise serious questions about Obama’s citizenship and eligibility to serve as president.

    With my customary thoroughness, I have conducted extensive research on the claims in the video and I will be announcing some of my findings at a series of New York news conferences next week. I will also be taking legal action to pry open the vault of Obama’s “family secrets.”

    But it is sufficient for today to raise my questions as a media critic: why is the Times obsessed with stale questions about McCain’s citizenship and eligibility to serve as president, when the Times is ignoring the much more serious questions which are apparent about Obama’s citizenship and eligibility? Why the liberal media bias? Why the one-sided news coverage? Is Adam Liptak working on a companion piece delving into Obama’s hidden “family secrets” about his citizenship and nationality? I doubt it.

    In closing, a word about my new book.

    I did not write the book. The liberal mainstream media wrote it for me. What I found and find shocking is the way that initially the Chicago media, and eventually the media establishments in New York and Washington, have sought to cover-up the truth abut Barack Obama.

    The Times runs a front-page story about McCain’s citizenship, when his family history is clear and open, while ignoring the massively complex and concealed facts about Obama’s bizarre family history and potential questions about his citizenship. There is a total lack of any analysis of what Obama’s tortured family history reflects about his character and psyche. Do the liberal media have an agenda? You bet.

    How can Americans continue to have confidence in mainstream media if these media are, as Rush Limbaugh suggests, on a mission from God to anoint Obama as a political messiah?

    Now you know why is #1, and why my book has become a pre-publication international bestseller. And now you also know why Obama keeps his white grandmother under lock and key in Hawai’i. She knows some of the family secrets.

    Watch for the New York news conferences next week. All of us “in the bunker” have just one goal: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  12. More disenchanted Obama Supporters, from his own web site:

    This month’s donation.
    By rayhart – Jul 11th, 2008 at 2:50 pm EDT

    I’ve decided that for this month, at the least, the money and energy I’ve put into Obama’s campaign will be directed to getting something done that Obama said he would but didn’t.

    The ACLU and the EFF ( Electronic Frontier Foundation) filed suit in Federal Court today challenging the legality of this stupid bill.

    So guess where my money is going this month.

    I’ve been a supporter of the EFF for years now. In fact, I started donating to them when they stepped up to the plate to initiate the first legal action against ATT. Illegal wiretapping sort of pisses me off!

    If anyone reads this please consider my alternative to this abysmal situation.

  13. With all that money, I guess Bambi’s no longer whining about the price of arugula… from WaPo:

    The Red, White and Eat Your Greens Party

    By David Montgomery
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, July 11, 2008; C01

    The folks organizing (if you want to call it that) the Democratic National Convention have spent all week trying to squash a major flapdoodle involving political correctness and color that threatened to confirm every negative stereotype about how Democrats are so hilariously sensitive to the full rainbow of creation and secretly want to legislate good behavior and punish the pursuit of wallowing, self-indulgent, unhealthy happiness.

    The colors white, black and brown (skin) were not implicated.

    We’re talking about red, yellow and “blue/purple” (vegetables).

    Oh, and green. Especially green. Green food, green buying, green selling, green money, green — absolutely everything.

    This will not be another story making fun of the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee’s Lean ‘N Green guidelines for caterers and restaurants feeding conventioneers Aug. 25-28.

    But if you must know, for your own reasons, here they are:

    “Lean: Half of the meal (or 50 percent) of the plate is made up of fruits and/or vegetables. A colorful meal — include at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white (garnishes not included). No items are to be fried.

    “Green: 70 percent or more of ingredients by pre-cooked weight are certified organic and/or grown or raised in Colorado. 70 percent or more of ingredients by pre-cooked weight are fresh (and not pre-processed).”

    Mocking these standards would be wrong. Especially after the committee’s strong statement posted on its Web site, entitled “Fiction Fuels Frivolous Food Fight.”

    As the committee’s Greening Director, Parry Burnap, explained in the statement —


    Greening Director? Is that like, Dancing Instructor? Or Tanning Protector? Or Programming Selector?

    What does the verb “to green” mean? Does it mean to staple plastic turf on your rowhouse stoop like in Baltimore? Does it mean to spray electric lime paint on a highway median strip? Is “to green” the opposite of “to brown,” so instead of getting old and fried and wrinkled and cynical, you devolve to something young and fresh as a lettuce head?

    To quote the Greening Director: “We are merely creating a voluntary option to demonstrate the connections between good nutrition and a healthy environment, to highlight the healthy and environmentally responsible character of our city, and provide voluntary choices that respond to consumer preferences for healthy, local or organic food while promoting Colorado growers.”

    That’s a mouthful.

    Note the repetition of the word “voluntary.”

    (Voluntary! Voluntary! Voluntary! Take that, you snarky bloggers and scribes, you browned-out purple-people-eaters. You’ve been laughing all week behind headlines like “Democrats Unleash Food Police” and “Food Guidelines Have Some Seeing Red. And Blue. And Purple.”)

    The Greening Director’s team wishes to make it clear that these are guidelines, people, not rules. Fried foods are “NOT FORBIDDEN” and, “If a restaurant or caterer chooses to voluntarily serve a designated ‘Lean ‘N Green’ meal option, that particular option would include fruits and vegetables from different color groups — a key component of healthy eating. However, there are no ‘color requirements’ for every meal.”

    (Remember when healthy eating involved concepts like “calories,” “carbohydrates,” “protein,” “vitamins,” “minerals”? That became too much like organic chemistry. The food pyramid morphed into some kind of inexplicable rhombus. Now it’s all about color. And the Good Humor Man who sells Rainbow Pops is loving it.)

    Voluntary is nice, but it makes us wonder: Say two vendors are bidding for a catering gig. One proposes factory-farmed, battery-caged, deep-fried chicken, and the other proposes sustainable, grilled Pacific cod. Who wins the business?

    A spokesman did not return telephone messages left yesterday. But when the Lean ‘N Green guidelines were announced last month, host committee president Elbra Wedgeworth did say: “The Host Committee must balance many factors in selecting our vendors. We prefer but do not require proven experience with greening.”

    Enough about food. What else can we talk about?

    The Web site promises “green media stories.”


    The Dems are trying to paint the entire convention, and the entire city, green. There are “green teams” working on everything from promoting “green businesses” to doing “green event training” and “green facility operations.”

    There will be “carbon-free maps” (what are they going to print them on?) to help convention guests explore Denver on foot or bicycle. Don’t even think about bottled water.

    When all else fails, shop: The convention’s “green merchandise” includes “organic” baseball caps, a “nature spun tote bag,” an “organic hat/tee combo,” recycled denim pencils, a BPA-free plastic water bottle and a recycled Frisbee-style disc.

    (Color us jaded.)

  14. And why not another one…

    A Message to Two Senators
    By David from Tinley Park, IL – Jul 11th, 2008 at 2:36 pm EDT

    I sent these messages today to the Senators who represent Illinois. First, Barack Obama:

    Dear Senator Obama:

    I was one of your earliest supporters. I urged my friends to support you. I believed in your principles, not because of their expression in soaring oratory, but because they were right.

    Your decision to join supporters of the bush [stet] “compromise,” and thereby create the misguided Gang of Sixty-nine put the cap on the can.

    At this point I neither support or oppose your campaign. By joining forces with bush and his criminal administration, by appeasing the wrong of the Religious Right, by placing expediency above patriotism, you have amply demonstrated that you are just another Demopublican, albeit an exceedingly slick one.

    Illinois has but one Senator, and his name is Richard Durbin. If you become President, as I have no doubt you will, it will not be my vote that helped put you there.

    Sincerely, DGB

    Dear Senator Durbin:

    Thank you very much for your vote against the FISA “compromise,” an ill-conceived bill enabled by 69 of your fellow Senators and quickly signed into law by president bush.[stet]

    I congratulate your willingness to stand against an odious piece of mislegislation that effectively destroyed the Fourth Amendment, long a goal of the lawless bush regime.

    You are my hero, and, in my view, the only Senator representing Illinois. If I may, I would like to conclude by paraphrasing a great man: “If the Unites States of America and its interests around the world last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their darkest hour.'”

    Sincerely, DGB

  15. From —

    Wolfson: Clinton not being vetted ‘as far as I know’

    On Fox, former Clinton chief strategist Howard Wolfson indicated that Hillary Clinton is not being formally considered as Obama’s running mate, in that she has not been asked to undergo the formal vetting process.

    “Not as far as I know,” Wolfson, who remains close to Clinton, said in response to a question from Sean Hannity.

    He continued to say that the lack of formal vetting wouldn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that Obama would choose her.

    “There is more information available about Hillary in the public record than just about any other public figure in America,” he says, citing in particular the tax returns that Obama’s campaign demanded she release.

    “That may be sufficient for him to make whatever decision he wants to make,” said Wolfson, a newly minted Fox contributor.

    Wolfson’s words, along with Obama’s so far anemic fundraising on Clinton’s behalf, seemed to indicate Clinton’s willingness to stand apart from Obama — as a separate power center within the party if he wins, and as an instant rival for the next nomination if he loses.

    But he suggested she’d clearly also like to be Obama’s running mate.

    “I think she’d be a huge asset to the ticket. I think she’d be a great addition,” he said.

  16. Ben Smith is wrong. Wolfson’s comments don’t mean “she’d clearly like to be his running mate.” He was expressing an opinion about what she’d clearly bring to the ticket.

    BTW, Chris Dodd said today he’s being vetted. I’m sorry, but if Waffles picks any of his former rivals who aren’t Hillary (including Edwards) it’ll look like a huge slap in her face. After all, why would you overlook the person who essentially tied you for the nomination and choose someone who was never even a contender? Does anyone really think any of these other rivals, with the possible exception of Biden, would bring the kind of gravitas to the ticket she does?

    I don’t think Hillary will be VP because Waffles is too arrogant and threatened by her to pick her, but virtually any other choice will be a major letdown. Actually, I’m OK with her staying in the Senate because she’ll be bigger player there now than she’s ever been, but I was just making a point about how absurd some of the possible veep choices are.

  17. Per conversative site NRO:
    Who Will Be the Hillary Clinton of the General Election? [Rich Lowry]

    It’s odd how the loser in the primaries, Hillary Clinton, would be better-suited to the current political environment than either John McCain or Barack Obama. Neither of them are connecting with working-class voters or persuasively speaking to economic anxieties at this extraordinary moment when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are at the edge of collapse. In 2000, John McCain was the feisty—angry even—crusader against Washington and the status quo. The trouble was that it wasn’t the ideal message for a Republican primary audience at that time, but now that voters desperately want that kind of candidate, McCain can’t quite find his old 2000 mojo.

  18. Admin,

    Interesting, thorough and informative. Thanks for that.

    Of couse anyone with half a brain knows His Snottiness is LYING about his funding sources!

    What really worries me is even though Johnny-mac is projected to have financial parity with His Snottiness for the GE, the Wimpy One’s international donors will find another way to funnel more moola his way.

  19. PumaResponders item — Tapper on BO fundraising — very easy commenting

    I”ll try to add later Response alerts here also. But if you want to get them promptly and for sure, pls subscribe to the email list by emailing 1950democrat/at/gmail/com When an item turns up, I send it out on email first, then maybe later get around to posting it here and/or bitterpoliticz and/or pumapac etc.

    GEtting on these comment strings promptly is important because a short comment string gets read more (and hasn’t got flamey yet).

    Easy commenting. Comment form at the bottom of the article page. No
    sign-in. 94 comments a short time ago — well, now it’s 120 or so. New comments show at the top of the string.

    What Happened to Obama’s $100 Million June?
    “June fund-raising for Sen. Obama appears to be falling below the
    expectations of some supporters. The campaign hasn’t released its June
    numbers, but people close to the fund-raising operation say the total
    will likely be just over $30 million. While this isn’t a poor showing,
    it is an underwhelming haul for a campaign that has ballooned in
    recent months, has promised a true, 50-state electioneering effort and
    has told its biggest fund-raisers that it wants to collect $300
    million in general-election cash by mid-October.”
    For some perspective, we should note that the campaign of Sen. John
    McCain, R-Ariz., raised $22 million in June.

  20. Great new Geeklove video about being banned from postuing at MYDD.
    The song choice couldn’t be better.

    He’s a real nowhere Man,
    Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.

    Doesn’t have a point of view,
    Knows not where he’s going to,
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?
    Nowhere Man, please listen,
    You don’t know what you’re missin’,
    Nowhere Man, the world is at your command.

    (lead guitar)

    He’s as blind as he can be,
    Just sees what he wants to see,
    Nowhere Man can you see me at all?

    Nowhere Man, don’t worry,
    Take your time, don’t hurry,
    Leave it all ’till somebody else
    lends you a hand.

    Doesn’t have a point of view,
    Knows not where he’s going to,
    Isn’t he a bit like you and me?

    Nowhere man please listen,
    you don’t know what your missin’
    Nowhere Man, the world is at your command

    He’s a real Nowhere Man,
    Sitting in his Nowhere Land,
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.
    Making all his nowhere plans
    for nobody.

  21. Kostner, regarding your post.

    Hillary would not have to humiliate herself to get white working class voters by sponsoring a race car in NASCAR races. Next we will hear that Obama is going bowling again.

    It’s hard to believe that some Obama supporters think this is a good idea. Wait until the boos start raining down on that innocent car and driver. Sponsoring a race car won’t help. Obama had his chance to woo NASCAR fans during the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries.

    The car Obama sponsors will share the same fate as poor Big Brown at the Preakness – it will come in dead last.

  22. ADMIN,

    Can you post the new geeklove clip?

    BTW – what’s this about Waffles sponsoring a NASCAR driver?????

  23. The most pressing issue the dailykaos lists as their lead blog is:

    “John McCain forgot that he had an affair”

    So a) he has no morals b) he’s too old and forgetful to be fit to be prez.

    I’m glad their getting to the bottom of such a crucial issue.

    And it’s nice to see factual reporting instead of useless mudslinging.

    Lord knows, it’s important to peek under the sheets of politicians.

  24. basil9, posted the clip.

    Here’s the Waffles NASCAR bamboozle: has learned that for the first time in history, a major presidential candidate may sponsor a race car in NASCAR’s premier series. According to sources, Barack Obama’s campaign is in talks to become the primary sponsor of BAM Racing’s No. 49 Sprint Cup car for the Pocono race on August 3. Details of the agreement are expected to be worked out over the coming days.

  25. I can see where Obama’s going to waste his money. Every dang web page I go to it seems (like Yahoo sports) has a “Help Elect Obama…” ad. He might as well takes out ads in Russia’s Tass paper.

  26. Berkeley Vox Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    From –

    Wolfson: Clinton not being vetted ‘as far as I know’

    On Fox, former Clinton chief strategist Howard Wolfson indicated that Hillary Clinton is not being formally considered as Obama’s running mate, in that she has not been asked to undergo the formal vetting process. “Not as far as I know,”
    Hillary doesn’t need “vetting” any further than she already has been……isn’t that what the last 16 or so months been about anyways vetting our candidates for president…….and she won the popular vote to be OUR president……so if she’s qualified with WE THE PEOPLE to be OUR president…..then she is MORE THAN qualified to be VP Pick..but i do not want to see her picked as his Vp…..she’s better off staying clear of the edge of hell IMHO???

  27. Is Obama going to speak at every NASCAR event now, filling up stadiums with 100,000’s of supporters??

    What’s next, Miss America responding to the usual question, “what cause is most important to you?”, “Well, I think it would be rilly, rilly, important to vote for Hope and Change, because I hope Obama can change things.”

    Or MickeyD’s having a promotional Big O burger, where it’s meat filler, and waffles instead of buns???

  28. ROTF! 😛
    His Snottiness is already asleep at the wheel. Can you imagine his state of mind after watching thousands upon thousands of circumnavigations of a race track!

    Let’s be honest. NASCAR is an hereditary trait rarely acquired after birth especially for those residing in the northern US. It’s sort of like bowling.
    Sports Commentator: The leader made a LEFT TURN.

    Now he made ANOTHER LEFT Turn. hehehehe.
    BTW – do they give race cars names?

  29. Djia, I would not put it past the stupid elites and the Repuklicans. Obama definitely has republican donars and bundlers. My idea is that the elites and the pukes are in cohoots to knock out Hillary, because Hillary is the people’s candidate. We the PUMA crowd is putting a huge crimp in the Combine’s plan to take over the country. I think the elites hate the Clintons so much and especially Hillary and the Republicans just want to stay in
    power so the crooks got in bed together to beat the Clintons. Thats why they embarrass Hillary anytime and try to insure that she will not win by taking her name off the ballot. I think they are all scared to death, that we the people, will somehow prevail to get her elected. Of coarse, they threatened her with assassination.

  30. UPDATE:The Obama campaign just responded to the WSJ story on the reported $30 million haul.
    ( )

    Spokesman Dan Pfeiffer:

    “The Wall Street Journal report of our fundraising numbers is way off the mark. It appears that after 18 months, some in the press still haven’t realized that anyone who is talking about numbers doesn’t know what our numbers are.”

  31. didn’t the BHO camp do this before…… say they made a huge haul like 50m and it turned out to be more like 30m? (may?)
    and didn’t they say that after TX primary there would be 50 SD coming out for him and it turned out to be more like 4? or something like that LOL

    Ok BHO……. we believe you! YES WE DO!………JUST KIDDING!…WE DON’T!!!

  32. Admin,
    Can you embed the nuts clip?

    Another Cruella classic response to an irate ex-Dem. (from PUMAPAC)
    ‘one of our Puma PAC members … DARED question why Obama and his minions in the DNC are planning to bypass democracy this year and ANOINT rather than ELECT our nominee for President:’

    From: Donna Brazile To: Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 11:19 AM Subject: Re: OBAMA PLOT: KICK OUT HILLARY @ CONVENTION

    Excuse me? Why the hatred or worse the lies? I do not work for the party or Obama. What is your goal to just lie to help the GOP? You are a hater and worse delusional.

  33. basil9, prepare for a “sexism in reverse” charge from the incense burners because of that “nuts” video. Goose meet gander. Howard Dean is sure to denounce the video even though he does not have cable.

  34. WELL ….that ought to piss off Ford, Chevy, GMC, and all the other american made auto corporations 😀

  35. remember that crazy newsweek poll which gave obama’s a 15-point lead only two weeks ago? Here we go, Newsweek got another poll today, you know what? Bambi is only leading by 3 points! Newsweek, ….lol.

    Glow Fading?
    The latest NEWSWEEK Poll shows Barack Obama leading John McCain by only 3 points. What a difference a few weeks can make.

    A month after emerging victorious from the bruising Democratic nominating contest, some of Barack Obama’s glow may be fading. In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, the Illinois senator leads Republican nominee John McCain by just 3 percentage points, 44 percent to 41 percent. The statistical dead heat is a marked change from last month’s NEWSWEEK Poll, where Obama led McCain by 15 points, 51 percent to 36 percent.

    Obama’s rapid drop comes at a strategically challenging moment for the Democratic candidate. Having vanquished Hillary Clinton in early June, Obama quickly went about repositioning himself for a general-election audience–an unpleasant task for any nominee emerging from the pander-heavy primary contests and particularly for a candidate who’d slogged through a vigorous primary challenge in most every contest from January until June. Obama’s reversal on FISA legislation, his support of faith-based initiatives and his decision to opt out of the campaign public-financing system left him open to charges he was a flip-flopper. In the new poll, 53 percent of voters (and 50 percent of former Hillary Clinton supporters) believe that Obama has changed his position on key issues in order to gain political advantage.

    More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics. This is a major concern since Obama’s outsider credentials, have, in the past, played a large part in his appeal to moderate, swing voters. In the new poll, McCain leads Obama among independents 41 percent to 34 percent, with 25 percent favoring neither candidate. In June’s NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama bested McCain among independent voters, 48 percent to 36 percent

  36. I am so sick of Obama, I can’t hardly pay attention to the news. I am just waiting for Hillary to prevail. Sometimes I think there are subliminal messages in some of her speeches with Obama, like he’s the better candidate. I will be glad when this is over. The stock market is going to hell with the gas, Iran/Israel, and of Obummer. Its a very scary time in history!

  37. today’s Rasmussen tracking:

    , July 11, 2008 Email to a FriendAdvertisement
    The race for the White House is getting a bit closer. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows Barack Obama’s lead over John McCain down to a statistically insignificant single percentage point, 43% to 42%. Prior to today, Obama had enjoyed at least a four-point advantage every day since Hillary Clinton dropped out of the race over a month ago. This is the first time his support has fallen below the 45% level since May 31.

  38. from that Newsweek article:

    “More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics.”

    Here’s we go: Newsweek can’t figure out how their fraudulent polling that gave BO a 15 point lead is now settling into the 3 point, nearly insignificant lead over McCain, just like the rest of the polls are saying…time to blame Hillary! jerkwads.

  39. Their saying he is losing because of Hillary traveling around with him, OK, drop out and watch her win!!!

  40. CountTheVotes Says:
    from that Newsweek article:
    “More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics.”

    LOL! Oh, that’s great! So we’re getting not only a test drive of Obama as nominee, but of Obama/Clinton, and both are tanking!

    Now maybe they won’t make Hillary be VP! h t t p : / /

    Does anyone have a url handy for the Newsweek story?

  41. confloyd,

    it is always hillary fault. IMHO, his number is down and his money is down are because more and more people realize that he is flip-floper and can not be trusted.

  42. HRC’s damaging HIM???????

    Now THAT’S rich!

    Only a confirmed bothead could come up with such an argument.


  43. Bay News 9 Tampa Bay Fri, 11 Jul 2008 8:05 AM PDT
    By BETH FOUHY NEW YORK (AP) — I miss Hillary. While covering the New York senator’s White House bid for 18 often-exasperating months, I never imagined writing those words. But now that she’s gone, I miss Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Puzzling, infuriating, electrifying Hillary.
    Bear in mind this Beth Foughy is the same corrupt AP reporter who was embedded in the Clinton campaign slipping secrets to the obama campaign and wrote the false story that she would concede on Tueday night in South Dakota in order to supress the vote which was occurring that day.

    Does anyone wonder why I never miss an opportunity to call Big Media corrupt. Far worse than corrupt however they are clueless about the megapolitical battle which played out in this campaign between a populist and a corportist and how the bad guy won. The most that fucking idiots like Fouhy can say at this point is I am bored. Tell it to the marines you stupid ass and then tell it to the people who will lose their jobs in the next four years. If there is a god in heaven you will be one of them.

  44. Our dear friend Michelle has provided us with another comic reading.

    “Let them eat cake!” is the response attributed to Marie-Antoinette, queen consort of Louis XVI, when informed that the poor had no bread.

    It seems Michelle Obama has her own twist regarding those whose income is low enough to qualify for the $600 government’s so-called stimulus tax relief package. Criticizing the short term advantage to an audience of mostly African-American women in Michigan she stated, “What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month.”

    It would have been wise for her to have stopped right there. But she added, “And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings.” (Read more at USAToday’s political blog.)

    OK, maybe she said it in a joking manner, but humor experts always say to look for serious underlying meaning whenever anyone is trying to be funny. So, regardless of whether one favors this rebate, the joke makes it sound like those with less have no ability to delay gratification. Get a penny, spend a penny.

    More compelling news took precedence when the earring comment was uttered, prompting David Gergen to say yesterday on CNN that Obama was lucky on this one.

    And, I wouldn’t have brought up this seemingly minor gaffe were it not for a pattern I see. The Obamas seem to be out of touch with the rest of us struggling “bitter people,” especially female people.

  45. HRC’s damaging HIM???????

    Now THAT’S rich!

    Only a confirmed bothead could come up with such an argument.

    Basil: no no no I think he is right. She makes waffles look bad because she outshines him in every respect. Lets take him at his word and say no more campaigning for Bambi-it is damaging him.

  46. meyingsu,

    I’m sure some of his donors were Republicans who just wanted him to eliminate Hillary. Now that that mission seems to be accomplished, they’re savng their money.

  47. “More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics.”
    It really is a double edged sword for poor little bambi isnt it. I feel so sorry for him.

    Lasting damage to what? Oh . . . . . . .. . I see . . .. . . .. so it aint Wright, Pheglar, Rezko, Ayers, FISA, Iran, Jerusalem, Campaign Finace flips, or the seal, the stadium, or the kiss off to Hillary supporters . . .

    It is the fact that Hillary is campaigning for him at his request that has diminished his stature as a new kind of politican.

    Why dont we find a shack on a south seas insland, paint it white, guest room for axelro, a carving knife for Mish, call in the White House, do a little coronation ceremony wiht an attentive audience of tortistes, iguanas asd poisonous snakes and just call it a day. No reetry into the US without a valid passport. Now theres an idea.

  48. I was wandering through our new municipal building which is really quite nice. There was a plack to one of our early mayors who happened to be a woman. It recounted her campign pledge which was: “I aim to rid this town of crooks, thieves, burglers, bunglers and all other varmits who aint got no damn respect for the law.” And she backed it up with an a-44 or so the story goes. If she was around today then perhaps we could turn her loose on the dnc.

  49. I tell you one thing about mish: she has an uncontrollable compulsion to lecture us on things we really dont need to hear. But when the whitey tape hits the airways alot of people will sit up and take notice. Everytime I see her she looks more and more like Jackie. Jackie Mason that is.

  50. Mish and BO both lecturing us….forgive me…tht would be a disaster..

    The sooner they go back to their “community lecturing” the better!

  51. More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics.

    So the same people who claimed Hillary divided the party now are upset she’s trying to unify it, lol?

  52. Evening all….

    was just reading up thread and i cannot believe Waffles would be considering a NASCAR sponsorship! What a jerk. here is NOTHING about him or his family that are NASCAR. And in particular if he sponsors anything but a Chevy or a Ford, he will be toast.

    What a jerk. I can just see the sponsor decals now…

    Execlon, the WSJ, TUCC, the 2012 Olympics….

    what an ass

  53. can we say obama/hagel ticket?
    July 11, 2008, 1:28 pm
    Hagel to Join Obama on Iraq Trip
    Susan Davis reports on the presidential race.

    The buzz this week that Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska is planning to join Sen. Barack Obama on an up-coming visit to Iraq is correct, two sources with knowledge of the trip confirmed Friday.

    Nebraska Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel, center, is joined by Democratic Sens. Joe Biden of Delaware, left, and Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan, right, in a news conference on Capitol Hill on January 17, 2007 in Washington, D.C., to oppose the president’s troop increase in Iraq. (Getty)
    A spokesman for Sen. Obama declined to comment on any details or even confirm the date uncertain trip, citing security concerns. A spokesman for Sen. Hagel did not respond to requests for comment.

    While it is standard practice for such trips—known as CODELS, or congressional delegations—to be bipartisan, in this highly charged election year it is likely to raise eyebrows that the retiring Nebraskan senator—a prominent Iraq War critic—is the Republican expected to join the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee on what is sure to be a closely watched visit to the region.

    Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Sen. Hagel has not yet endorsed a candidate in the race, and he has offered kind words for both Obama and Republican rival Sen. John McCain, although the two Republicans differ greatly on the war.

    Hagel’s name has also been mentioned in the chatter over Obama’s running mate….

  54. Kostner : ““What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month.”

    I think there is a LOT more to this than the earring comment at all. Just look at it. The implication, (and in light of the ‘mostly African-American” female audience) is that ONE MONTH is not good enough!

    And “every bill, every month”????


  55. More Media Misogyny and imagery of violence against the “beast” Clinton

    “Having vanquished Hillary Clinton in early June,”

    add to that the comment of “the spectacle” of him running around with Clinton. Makes her sound like she’s a tramp.

    and i tell y’all…I hate these people.


    Just WORDS?

  56. wbboei,

    The turtle and iguana anti-defamation league have your number, mister.

    “It recounted her campign pledge which was: “I aim to rid this town of crooks, thieves, burglers, bunglers and all other varmits who aint got no damn respect for the law.”



    Isn’t it a Toyota?

  57. Wouldn’t Hagel turn off the “creative classes” and his net root supporters?

    Norma, ditto. I hate/loathe these people, which just grows greater, with each passing day.

  58. Hey…is there anywhere left on the internet I can download music that is not copy-protected thatt I will not go to jail for? I’ve packed up almost all my CD’s since i am moving next week and the few I have left out aren’t the ones I want. I am doing another video and can’t use my Napster Music AT ALL, and i have TONS on my computer…..

    any ideas?

  59. Barack Hussein Obama ,Show us your original birth certificate,or a legal copy.By the way show both sides.We want to know who you are and where you came from and what you stand for.Afraid? Put up or shut up and get out of the race and let the real candididate,Hillary Rodham Clinton,be sworn in.You and your cult members have inflicted enough damage to our electoral system.Cousin Odinga will find a position for you and the Mrs.I might even contribute a buck or two for airfare(coach).

    By ABM90

    ps Save a seat for Jesse jr.


    Lost in the shuffle: Michelle Obama’s comment about earrings & $600 rebate checks
    You’re getting $600,” she told an audience of mostly African-American women here (about this year’s federal tax rebates, designed to stimulate the economy). “What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month.”

    “Barack’s approach is that the short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good,” she continued. “And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings,” she joked.

  61. marie3548 Says:

    July 11th, 2008 at 9:03 pm
    Comin on Hannity Chancellor tires of Obama

    Join the club.

  62. Second largest bank failure in history:

    IndieMac, headquartered in Pasadena, Ca, was seized by feds today.


    Lost in the shuffle: Michelle Obama’s comment about earrings & $600 rebate checks
    You’re getting $600,” she told an audience of mostly African-American women here (about this year’s federal tax rebates, designed to stimulate the economy). “What can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything. But maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month.”

    “Barack’s approach is that the short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good,” she continued. “And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings,” she joked.

    New earings…$600
    New attitude…Priceless

    Obama staff mum on Tiffany’s purchase
    Sunday, March 23rd 2008, 4:00 AM
    Barack Obama’s campaign tossed around nearly $600 at Tiffany’s last month – for a trinket that remains a secret.
    Obama’s team tapped his flush campaign bank account to pay the $572.25 tab at the famed jeweler last month, recently released federal fund-raising records show.
    When asked about the curious expenditure, campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “That was mistakenly charged to a campaign credit card and the money has been refunded to the campaign.”
    Psaki insisted that the senator did not make the purchase himself but she refused to say whether the gift was in any way connected to him or his family.
    Obama’s latest flip-flop: Death penalty for bin Laden! Update: Double flip-flop with a global test?

    Obama Natural Born II Update

    Manning says I beg you not to turn the white house over to the negro.
    Half of a Negro, 3/5 of a Man in the White House
    Comment by CheatedFLVoter | 2008-07-11 18:34:09
    Someone needs to get word to Rev. Manning that Obama is not a negro, he is an Arab

  64. McCain site’s traffic is on par with dailykooks? I find it hard to believe. The following is from a commentary section of hotair.
    Obama’s costs exceeded donations in June though he hasn’t released the donations amount yet. His Website is getting fewer visits. gets as many hits as the drooping Daily Kos now. The left, both Obaman & Hillarian, is angry at Obama for his spastic lurching to the center. The Pumas are seeking to get at least 100 busloads of people to come to Denver. Some just today say that the DNC is telling phone callers that HRC will be on the ballot without preconditions – the Pumas had been enraged because of negotiations to keep her off the ballot, and the “Denver Group” ran a full-page ad in the Chicago Tribune on the subject. HRC has not released her delegates. She has only suspended her campaign.

    Each candidate’s supporters sees that the other candidate is up to funny business! And Obama supporters in particular have to worry about their own candidate’s funny business!

    ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ All the way to Denver!

    So basically, all Dem activists everywhere MUST converge on Denver in order to protect their myriad interests and be ready for action in case HRC, Obama, or anybody else makes a false move. Dem activists, start making arrangements now! Won’t you please all go to Denver, no one else can take your place.

  65. the analysis of that newsweek poll by hot air.

    The sample probably provides the quickest analysis of why Newsweek got such a wide variance in their polling [see update below]. The June sample had 324 Democrats to only 231 Republicans, and the overall sample size was smaller. In July, they may have swung a little too far the other way, with 324 Democrats again but 315 Republicans. The actual difference in registration figures are wider than that, but not nearly as wide as June’s sample.
    But there is a definite momentum away from Obama, especially within the independents. June’s poll, taken only three weeks ago, had Obama ahead by 12 points, 48-36. Obama has lost a whopping 14 points among independents and now trails McCain, 34-41. “Undecided/Other” rose among independents from 16% in June to 25% in July, which likely shows flirtation with third-party candidates such as Ralph Nader and Bob Barr — but some went to McCain as well.
    The Hillary Clinton supporters didn’t show any real movement at all. They went 70/17 in the new poll, and in June went 69/18. Despite Obama’s suggestion that he attracts Republicans in large numbers, the crossover vote is almost identical, just as it was last month.
    Newsweek speculates that Obama’s embrace of Hillary has damaged his brand of New Politics. That did a lot less damage than Barack Obama’s series of policy reversals and gaffes over that three-week period. He has revealed himself as an empty suit and a pandering rookie, and he certainly didn’t need Hillary to point that out.
    Update: A reader points out that the last page of the polling data shows a R/D/I split of 28/35/33, which doesn’t match the raw sample numbers. The report states that Newsweek weighted the data in accordance with demographic information from the Census Bureau. If they weighted the sample to this degree, then Obama’s in much bigger trouble than I first thought.

  66. My guess is that this is the “set up” to either have BC capitulate OR to let everyone know that HRC cannot be the nominee because BC is a loose cannon.

    This is DISGUSTING and they reference directly the 18 million. DNC and Brazile and Dean OBVIOUSLY running scared, so they have their media lap dog CNN biting the Clinton’s ankles.


  67. The average person can see through this bias in big media.

    This will just help Hillary and strengthen our resolve and perhaps win over a few more to have her be the official nominee in August.

  68. The entire “tone of voice” that Tuchman is using is SO CONDESCENDING and they have that HATEFUL Woodward being the main henchman, and some black chick who keeps effectively calling BC a racist

  69. Newsweek turned heads with a poll two weeks ago touting a massive 15-point lead for Obama. Their newest survey has heads turning in the other direction, showing Obama’s lead dwindling to just 3 points over McCain:

    Obama 44 (-7)
    McCain 41 (+5)
    Undecided 15 (+2)

    In the Newsweek poll, Obama’s support among Republicans and Democrats was basically unchanged, but his support among Independents dropped 14 points, to 34% from 48% two weeks ago.

    McCain increased his support among Republicans by five points (to 83% from 78%) and among Independents by five points (to 41% from 36%).

    Slicing the data by race and gender, Obama lost nine points among white voters (dropping from 45% to 36%) and nine points among women (dropping from 54% two weeks ago to 45% in the most recent poll).

  70. I think most people even who had planned on voting for other candidates have seen the bias in big media.

  71. I hate the Communist News Network. Haven’t they degraded BC and Hillary enough? They have their designated candidate, why are they still tearing the Clintons apart? It is a total distraction, from the incompetent and illegitimate candidate. Chicago Politics at work. BC and Hillary have done more for AAs than BHO could ever, think of doing. Calling them racists, is so very, very wrong.

  72. Here is the website where we can leave comments. 360 live blog is not
    open tonight.

    The first family of Democratic Party politics… toppled by a newcomer.
    They both may be down now, but never count the Clintons out. Watch a
    special hour reported by Tom

    h t t p : / /

  73. So, according to CNN, Obama cannot diss the Clintons, Obama, if he CANNOT WIN WITHOUT HER needs to pick Hillary as VP and he will “wait until the last minute” to make that choice.


    And I am a WOMAN!

  74. Sorry guys, this just makes me so damn mad. “The Clintons” (ambition, ruthless, angry, thin-skinned, whiners, complainers, liars)but OBAMA MIGHT NEED HER (yet they have to name the show “the CLINTONS

  75. i have been gone more than i am here as i am moving but i came across a link just now to this article
    and so i am bringing it to you here….. as i have not read it all yet…. so far it’s very very good and makes me want to run right over to McCains site and donate……that is if i had a dime to spare..but with moving expenses this weekend i will have to do that another day……..besides i am waiting to see our girl Hillary accept her crown in August first ! 😀

    without further ado….

    here is an opening teaser:

    Politics is a fishy business. Just ask John McCain’s top economic policy adviser, Douglas Holtz-Eakin, who told a news anchor at PBS recently that Sen. Barack Obama, if elected, would guarantee a Bush third term.

    “It is Barack Obama’s budget plan, not Senator McCain’s, that resembles Bush’s policies,” Holtz-Eakin explained to Judy Woodruff.

    Now isn’t that the kind of vague, unsubstantiated criticism we’ve come to expect from the senior staff of this year’s presidential campaigns? Unless your opponent’s name happens to be Clinton, opposition research just doesn’t rate the attention to detail anymore. And with that candidate sidelined for the moment, the job of sifting facts from all the jabber now rests with those resilient scribes still working for America’s “most trusted name in news”. I mean the Internet, of course. Far from chanting “Yes, we can” each morning before heading off first to Starbucks, then the broadcast studios for the all-important “make-up” session, these unsung heroes of cyberspace live by the adage “Have Google, will travel.” And some of us rely one other trusted rubric handed down through the ages: “If it looks like a rat, smells like a rat, walks like a rat…” etc., etc.

    But getting back to the notorious McCain slime machine, the bad news here – or good, depending on your preferred candidate – is that Holtz-Eakin is right. While his inane budget reference comes straight out of right field, there’s plenty of other evidence to indicate Obama will do a far better Bush impersonation than probably even Bush himself.

    And the proof, my friends, is in the hyperlinks:

  76. “The Clinton’s have always been able to look to the voters….”

    Guess what Gergan…..


  77. Republican John McCain told a mostly female audience Friday that his plans to cut income, business and estate taxes would help women while Democrat Barack Obama’s proposals would only erect new economic obstacles for them.

    He told several hundred women in western Wisconsin that his tax cut plans would be particularly helpful to women because so many of them own or work for small businesses.

    “Yesterday in New York, Sen. Obama went on at great length about how much he cares about women’s issues,” Sen. McCain said at a town-hall forum in Hudson, where women vastly outnumbered men. “I believe him. But when you cut through all the smooth rhetoric, Sen. Obama’s policies would make it harder for women to start new businesses, harder for women to create or find new jobs, harder for women to manage the family budget, and harder for women and their families to meet their tax burden.”

    Sen. Obama disputes such claims, but they drew warm applause from Sen. McCain’s audience.

    Republicans believe Sen. McCain has a chance to pick up Democratic and independent women who are angry or disappointed that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost her bid to become the first female president. But the Hudson event seemed geared to hard-core conservatives.

    A woman drew loud cheers and applause when she told Sen. McCain: “The Democratic Party has moved so far to the left they’re almost falling off of the planet. Will you hammer away at their socialist, Marxist philosophy?”

    When the cheering finally died down, Sen. McCain revived it by answering, “Yes.”

    He eased the tone a bit later, talking of his willingness to anger fellow Republicans in the Senate by working with liberal Democrats such as Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts, who is “in our prayers” because of his battle with cancer.

    The event had a friendly, often lighthearted feel. The woman who warmed up the crowd spoke of buying clothes, losing weight and getting divorced and remarried (more than once).

    Cindy McCain continued the theme in introducing her husband. She said helping run a presidential campaign was a good way to lose 30 pounds, adding that the white slacks she was wearing were two sizes too large.

    The event was held in a converted warehouse, where some men’s bathrooms were converted to ladies’ rooms, forcing male volunteers to stand in line while the women’s restrooms were wait-free.

    Meanwhile Friday, the political arm of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors endorsed Sen. McCain. The group’s chairman, Jim Risk, said Sen. Obama’s policies “are contrary to business interests,” mainly in the area of taxation.

  78. On another topic…the second largest bank in the country gets seized by the feds because it’s outta cash, and we have to rely on Yahoo news to report it.

    Jesse Jackson’s psychological intent is MUCH more important.

  79. “The event was held in a converted warehouse, where some men’s bathrooms were converted to ladies’ rooms, forcing male volunteers to stand in line while the women’s restrooms were wait-free.”

    More hard-hitting news coverage

  80. Basil9 – that video was very funny…

    I was thinking that there are a few reasons Obama is losing his luster and his fundraising is taking a hit…some is buyers remorse, some are Clinton fundraisers who are holding back…but I have a theory that when Obama was doing so well during that 11 state win streak he had…well the MSM never reported it then, but Sean Hannity and other repubs (Rove, etc) were telling repubs to vote for Obama to knock off Hill…this was during the time Hannity was doing that “derail Hillary” attack every night…so repubs were voting for Obama to knock off Hill and repubs were also donating money to obama to knock off hill…

    …they had no intention of voting for him or continuing to give him money after he knocked off Hill…

    …we all knew that…well maybe this is the first manifestation of the revenge of the fake repub support….


    wbboei Says:

    July 11th, 2008 at 6:55 pm
    Bay News 9 Tampa Bay Fri, 11 Jul 2008 8:05 AM PDT
    By BETH FOUHY NEW YORK (AP) — I miss Hillary. While covering the New York senator’s White House bid for 18 often-exasperating months, I never imagined writing those words. But now that she’s gone, I miss Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Puzzling, infuriating, electrifying Hillary.

    that’s funny because Krauthammer (sp) said the same thing on FOX tonight…he actually said he missed Hillary’s face…

    and Rich Lowery made the observation that Hillary is the only candidate that could really speak on today’s important issues, ie – the economy…he mentioned how the candidates obama and mccain can’t articulate like her…

    …the MSM always like to frame the Clintons in a negative light, but there is no denying Hillary is the spark…she is the one that brought energy and life and enthusiasm and vitality to the primary race…

    Hillary is the star…no doubt about it…we absolutely need her on the national stage – front and center…

    she lights up the room and gives the audience and voters the feeling she is talking about them…

    Obama walks into the room and you know it is all about him, all about adoring him…the man can’t even remember to ask an audience to donate to Hill at a fundraiser for Hill…his self centerness is amazing…

  81. yes dems-get schip passed now-
    After Medicare Vote, SCHIP Gets Another Look
    By Alex Wayne, CQ Staff
    After watching Republican opposition to a Medicare bill crumble in the Senate this week, emboldened Democrats are considering whether to force a new vote on expanding a children’s health insurance program.

    Lawmakers, aides and lobbyists say House Democratic leaders may schedule a vote in September on an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), a priority for Democrats since they took over Congress last year.

    A House Democratic leadership aide said a new SCHIP vote is “a strong possibility,” and another House Democratic aide said that the party’s success with the Medicare bill (HR 6331) had encouraged its leadership to again challenge Republicans on SCHIP.

    Bush twice vetoed bills late last year that would have expanded SCHIP by $35 billion, to about $50 billion over five years — enough to cover about 10 million children, Democrats say. The House twice failed to override him.

    Bush and House Republican leaders argued that the legislation would have allowed too many middle-income families to sign up for a program that is supposed to be aimed at the working poor.

    Bush instead signed a bill into law (PL110-273) that will keep SCHIP running until March 2009 with enough money to maintain its current enrollment — about 4.4 million children per month, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

    But Democrats figure the political winds have shifted, and some sense that the president’s ability to hold his party in line is eroding. The Medicare bill, which reversed a scheduled 10.6 percent cut in payments to physicians, passed the House on June 24 with 355 “aye” votes, well more than needed to overcome a veto. It passed the Senate on July 9 with 69 votes in favor — two more than required for a veto override if all members are present and voting.

    “I think Republicans may have come to the conclusion over the last 16 months that there’s a health care crisis with the American people, and their standing with insurance companies is not the solution,” said Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.

    Override votes on last year’s SCHIP bills fell short in the House by 13 votes on the first bill (HR 976) and 15 on the second (HR 3963).

    Emanuel would not confirm a plan to vote on SCHIP again, but he indicated it was under discussion: “I’m not sure I can say that decision has been fully made.”

    A House Democratic aide said discussions are ongoing. Emanuel noted that Democrats have said since Bush vetoed the first SCHIP bill last October that they might make Republicans vote on another bill this fall.

  82. These are the lyrics to the newest single by R.E.M. The song is called “Hollow Man” and every time I hear it I think of bHo:

    I’ve been lost inside my head
    Echoes fall on me
    I took the priceless night for complicated mess
    Persuading things I didn’t mean and don’t believe

    Believe in me
    Believe in nothing
    Corner me
    And make me something
    I’ve become the hollow man, I
    I’ve become the hollow man I see

    Oh, I see this echoing
    You have placed your trust in me
    I went upside down
    I emptied up the room
    Thirty seconds left
    I can’t believe you held your ground

    Believe in me
    Believe in nothing

    Corner me
    And make me something
    I’ve become the hollow man, I
    I’ve become the hollow man I see

    I’m overwhelmed
    I’m on repeat
    I’m emptied out
    I’m incomplete
    You trusted me
    I want to show you
    I don’t want to be the hollow man

    Believe in me
    Believe in nothing
    Corner me
    And make me something
    I’ve become the hollow man, I
    I’ve become the hollow man I see
    I see

  83. Paula Says:

    July 11th, 2008 at 11:02 pm
    So CNN says Waffles might pick Hillary as VP because he has no choice? lol!

    The Democratic? Taliban Party is going to lose this NOvember to McCain because they like to nominate WEAK ASS candidates that has NO connection with the majority of the country.

    Also Obama is soooooo predictable and it’s not hard to second guess him because he is playing by a script based on OTHER PEOPLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS and EXPERIENCES.

    Obama think he can duplicate Richard Nixon campaign…but he won’t succeed because Richard Nixon was not an INEXPERINCED Candidate with a week resume. He didn’t need people to like him and build up a false resume for him because he had ACCOMPLISHMENTS and the PARTY didn’t compromise their CREDIBILITY and VALUES to select this accademic.

    Richard Nixon experieced failure, ridicued, hatred, was an Senate, Vice President, Republican Presidential Candidate and Governor Candidate and lose both time…and he still came back after giving his famous quote after his defeat for the Governorship of California “You won’t have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference. ”

    My ode to Obama trying to channel Richard Nixon and failing badly.

    Scrubbing floors and emptying bedpans has as much dignity as the Presidency.
    Richard M. Nixon

    “You’re getting $600 – what can you do with that? Not to be ungrateful or anything, but maybe it pays down a bill, but it doesn’t pay down every bill every month,” she said. “The short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good, and it may even feel good that first month when you get that check, and then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings.
    Michelle Obama

    Tonight-to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans – I ask for your support.
    Richard M. Nixon

    So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.
    Barack H. Obama

  84. If you consider where MO made those comments, they come out sounding much worse. I’ve been to Pontiac, Michigan many times. It’s a ghetto. High poverty, high crime, bad schools, no jobs… $600 will pay your rent there for a month, with some left over.

  85. the continuing unanswered question…that keeps growing. And apparently there is no federal oversight! Where the hell is the FBI in all this? I mean, for God’s sakes. This man wants to be President, but won’t say what hospital he was born in, there are several different references to several different ones, he won’t show us anything but a BAD Photoshop job on Huff’n’Puff and Daily Kooks…and NO MAJOR MEDIA ASKS?


    h t t p : / /

  86. Norma Desmond,

    You are moving from your cozy place in the alley?

    Are you saying in ___________? Or even in the same state?

  87. I know, it’s crazy that we can’t even find out where Waffles was hatched. If he would just produce a real birth certificate, it would put all the rumors to rest. But bHo is acting like a man who has something to hide. Therefore, I am inclined to believe that he is indeed hiding something.

  88. Yes Emjay…unfortunately the economy has taken a HUGE toll on my business and I cannot pay my rent regularly. My landlady has been WONDERFUL but I can’t keep getting in the hole. I am moving in with a friend of a friend…but although I don’t want to move AT ALL, the alternative could be worse.

    She is a HUGE HRC supporter, I can bring my animals and she has a pool….

    so, not all bad, but I MUST get regular work.

    I did pick up a job for next week, so that will help, but I have to take care of me in all this. I wish I could figure out a way to get paid for all this political stuff I do…..

  89. Jen, it’s totally FUBAR, is it not? I mean, what is the big deal with him? I agree with you. If it walks like a duck.

  90. It isn’t just the birth certificate. Aside from MO and the kids, where’s Barky’s family? The only time they seem to surface is when one of them talks about how he was indeed raised Muslim. Granny Bammy is buried so far under the bus, we’d need a pack of St. Bernards to find her.

    As for Barky’s friends- does he have any normal friends? Does he hang out with anybody who isn’t a criminal, a terrorist, or a raging lunatic?

    One thing that really impresses me about Hillary is that she has kept the same friends for years and years and they all seem like normal people, generally more upscale than my mom’s PTA friends, but still the kind of women I might actually meet somewhere in real life. She also comes from a normal family. Again, they’re more upscale than the folks I grew up with, but still middle class and easy to relate to.

    Of course, it isn’t BamBam’s fault that he was born into a family of commie pinko nuts. (Or aren’t we supposed to say nuts anymore?) I wouldn’t not vote for a candidate just because his family is weird. It’s all the secrecy that bothers me. And the lies.

  91. Jen I agree..the Presumptive “First Family” is a mystery. Now…that being said, I am not real close to many of my relations who are still living, we never were….but even the SIMPLEST THINGS like a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, and your Grandmother…even if this is the grandmother that moved her kid off to the anarchist-laden high school in Washington State!

    And I have wondered about the friends thing too. Seems somewhere between Occidental College and becoming a Senator from Illinois, he didn’t keep any life-long friends…that have been allowed to come out and SAY so anyway.

    It’s just too weird.

  92. love this comment at noquarter tonight

    Comment by etrog | 2008-07-11 21:56:09

    Old English – You’re lying to me.
    New English – You’re bullshitting me.
    From now on – You’re baracking me.

  93. Late Friday, the Obama campaign said there would be no sponsorship.

    “The Obama campaign will not be sponsoring a car in the Sprint Cup series, though we will continue to look for ways to reach out to voters and convey Senator Obama’s message of change.” said Bill Burton, an Obama campaign spokesman

    Sports Illustrated first reported the proposal on its Web site, saying Obama’s campaign is in talks with BAM, a part-time operation that hasn’t raced in recent weeks, to sponsor its No. 49 car in the Aug. 3 race at Pocono.

    “The Obama campaign will not be sponsoring a car in the Sprint Cup series, though we will continue to look for ways to reach out to voters and convey Senator Obama’s message of change.” Bill Burton, Obama Campaign Spokesman


  94. LOL!!!

    Obama’s Chocloate Nuts Yes We Can

    June 6, 2008 · Print This Article

    Can we get Obama’s Chocolate Nuts? Yes we can!. See more of the amazing Kira only at Oh yeah and buy some Obama Nuts and T Shirts as well.

    Obamas Chocolate Nuts is brought to you by

  95. Too bad about the canceled NASCAR gig Djia. The Obama campaign must have realized that plan would figuratively crash and burn. His chance to reach out to NASCAR fans vanished in Kentucky and West Virginia (and Ohio and Pennsylvania and Texas and…).

  96. Djia, Admin “a part-time operation that hasn’t raced in recent weeks,”

    guess this was something they knew a lot about

  97. LOL……Admin and Norma!

    I think he got the word from the blogs LOL

    norma……don’t you know they know as much about everything…….didn’t you get the memo? j/k LMAO!!

    BHO= a bunch of “rookies”

  98. everyone going to denver needs a “obamaschocolatenuts” t-shirt but it should also say courtesy of Jesse Jackson! LMAO!

  99. OMG! the desperation is at full tilt on daily kook tonight!!

    over a dozen posted diaries with the title of “obama” in one way or another

    nothing really much to say other than a short little blurp (ralph) about how “we have to get him elected!”
    ” i can’t wait to vote for you!” you know the typical pimple faced teen ager scroll in a high school year book LOL!

    obviously obama’s lollypop (kool ade flavored of course) kids playing again 😀

  100. Djia…I just can’t imagine a bunch of “Yes We Can” bots hanging at Darlington or Talladega….

    and I can’t see Obambi and MO there AT ALL!

    Oh well…maybe FreedomFairy over at therealbarackobama can make his fantasy come true!


  101. OK Gang…I have an 18MillionVoices meetup to host at 11am, I have to hit the sack!

    LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

  102. ELECTION 2008
    Backlash: 2 million angry Democrats reject Obama?
    Raise $10 million for Clinton campaign debt, urge her return
    Posted: July 12, 2008
    12:30 am Eastern

    By Andrea Shea King
    © 2008 WorldNetDaily

    Comment box:
    Registration required.


    To get all alerts promptly as emails, join

  103. I have only two heroes left: Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. Everythin g els e is a blurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr thanks to Friday nighe and kendell jackson ..pino noir 2005–it was a very good year as Frank Sinatra would sayyyy. . . . . Saw his limo once on Central Park South license plate read “My Way”. Now that was a cool dude. Obama–a cool dude?? Maybe to a 12 year old. Or a fucking bot.

    Okay clean up my act, ok ok ok. Thanks. Suddenly I’m sober… so to speak.

    Here is Holmes in a Soldiers Faith. Poetry from the consumate sceptic–legal positivist they called him: “I do not know the meaning of the universe. But in the midst of doubt in the collapse of creeds there is one thing I do not doubt and that is the faith is true and adorable that leads”. . . . us to support HRC and PUMA and just say no to the pretender–who can raise only 100,000 to her 5 million. And he forgets so make a plea to his donors for her. What a limp dick he is.

    You will be glad to know that the Brandenberg Gate deal is not dead. I understand he has made a counteroffer to wear a spiked German helmut and hum a few bars of Lily Marelene if they will just give him the Der Seigel photo op. He has also asked the French for a photo-op at Invalidez or the Eiffel Tower. He has agreed to appear in a Spider Man outfit and hum a few bars of Milord. You see he is culturally attuned–until Mish (I mean Jackie) blurts out something profound like: “Aint gonna kiss his ass!” I dont blame ya mish! (Paul: loved yer video–an apple a day keeps the doctor away).

    Finally, I spoke to a dear friend of ours who is a regular on this blog. She said CNN did a puff piece on Hillary tonite. Judas Ghergan was talking her up for vp. Why??? Because we did not do what Big Media expected us to do–fall in line. Nope we didnt and God Bless PUMA for that. And without unity and with the RNC howlitzers rolling into position and Bambi tankint into the margin of error they have finally figured it out. They need the Clintons. But do the Clintons need them?

    This is gonna be the long way around the barn but see if you can follow me–in vino veritas.

  104. Dean,Pelosi,Reid,Brazille: Don’t worry so much bam’s…that silly little roll call it’s just a rouse….. its all for show!
    you will be our nominee (snicker) !

    Bam’s: Well just so they all are listening to me and not Hillary…..I have to have all the attention…This is MY DAY after all
    I don’t want anyone upstaging me!…. blah blah blah blah blah……

    Dean,Pelosi,Reid,Brazille: yes Mass-er…..we understand, now relax… take Mich out for some Latte and go shopping again at Tiffany’s and buy her another pair of earings…. better make that a matching set with a fine necklace of pearls for the convention… know she’s got to look like Jackie after all ( snicker) (bam’s walks away to his limo)

    Dean,Pelosi,Reid,Brazille: (in private) ok…..well the MSM is all falling in line with the new talking points nicely, Bam’s is taken care of and soon the convention and we will have our real winner Hillary and no one cant say we were racist, we got BHO to convention as our presumptive nom and then the roll call will take him off our hands……and we got our greedy little hands on all those new doners too boot! :D……….poor bam’s he won’t know he’s under the DNC bus till we’ve driven over him and backed up to do it again LOL!!

  105. Now it’s Obama’s tongue that’s the problem.

    Via Instapundit and Kaus, I read that Barack Obama couldn’t speak Spanish. But in 1997, he claimed to a reporter that he could speak a barely passable Spanish, one of four languages that he claimed varying abilities to speak:

    Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, April 26, 1997


    David Heckelman

    “Living in Indonesia was a fascinating time,” Obama said, “because it gave me a good sense of what the Third World was like and what an emerging nation goes through.” He learned to speak the Indonesian language while living there.

    “I also speak a barely passable Spanish, and sometimes a barely passable English,” he said, having studied the Spanish language and English literature at Occidental College in Los Angeles and at Columbia University in New York.

    “I have a smattering of Swahili,” he added, “because my father was from Kenya.” He said he had traveled to that country to learn more about his father, who had died in 1980 and whom he had not known very well.

    I know that Obama is more fluent in English than most of us.

    Does anyone know how fluent he is in his other three languages, especially Spanish?

  106. Obama is the political equivalent of a novelty song. He became popular because he was superficially different, but underneath the wrapping paper, he’s just as much a slave to ambition as any garden-variety politician.

  107. Merckel- Sorry mr Obama
    Only presidents are permitted to speak at the Gate.That is why we keep it locked for ilegals and wanna-be’s.
    Kennedy and Regan were the real and genuine thing.Our people knew them and welcomed them.You have a long way to go and a high mountain to climb in the USA before you come begging for attention at our precious and historic Gate.You might be welcome when and if you are elected.We here in Germany are waiting for the real president to be invited.She is respected and loved here and we feel secure in knowing a woman of enormous wisdom,courage and understanding,will keep peace in this world that so desparately needs her guiding steady hand.So Mr Obama please leave by the side entrance it is safer and won’t hit you in the butt on your way out.By the way senator.If you return ,leave your seal at home along with your NASCAR and make sure you have your passport and real birth certificate with you.TERRORISTS,you know!!

    Headlines: Welcome back Barack .Waste of time and money.Please go to the back of the line.Hillary is being sworn in shortly.Sorry we couln’t save you a seat.Try again in 8 years and hang on to your birth certificate.

    By ABM90


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