Mahogany And Ivory


As McCain continues to gain on unqualified Obama (4 points ahead among likely voters or 1 point behind, according to Gallup polls) we are hearing news about what our unDemocratic masters have in store for August.

Sen. Hillary Clinton has agreed to speak on the second night of next month’s Democratic convention, headlining on the 88th anniversary of the day women earned the right to vote, sources say.

Two sources close to Clinton said the former presidential candidate will speak August 26 with all female U.S. senators on stage with her.

“Tuesday night is Hillary night,” said one supporter.

That night is the anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which gave women the right to vote.

We wrote about Women’s Equality Day last August. Further we wrote this on June 12, 2008 in Democrats Prepare To Strike:

Women’s Equality Day will be celebrated on August 26, the second day of the Democratic? National Convention. We need to organize demonstrations on Women’s Equality Day to highlight the misogyny in Big Media and the Democratic Party. We need to, like the civil rights movement, show the misogyny in American society for all to see.

Let’s get the word out. Let’s communicate via our email lists, on blogs and with family and friends. First we need to find out where Women’s Equality Day demonstrations are already being planned. Second we need to organize Women’s Equality Day demonstrations in cities where there are no demonstrations currently planned. We must have a demonstration in Denver.

In this election cycle there was not 1 debate to discuss issues of particular importance to women. Not 1 debate. Hillary was attacked in the most woman hating terms imaginable and the Democratic? leadership stood silent. Obama encouraged the woman-hating attacks. Hillary’s “claws”, Obama said, were out. Mainline women’s groups mostly stood silent. Women leaders such as Brazille and Pelosi and McCaskill, joined in the savaging of Hillary.

In Days Of Shame we wrote:

Obama supporters will try to convince themselves that the polls are turning their way all through the summer. We will convince them on Women’s Equality Day – August 26, that Hillary supporters will NOt vote for Obama in NOvember. We will continue to fight. We will never give up. Hillary is our nominee.

While the Democratic? National Convention is in session, Hillary Clinton supporters will be marching for Women’s Equality and Hillary Clinton – and against Obama and misogyny.

Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi have decided to try to bamboozle Hillary Clinton supporters and women by pretending to care and allowing Hillary Clinton to speak on Women’s Equality Day at their convention.

Women’s Equality Day is an opportunity to demonstrate to all Democrats and to the nation the sexism and misogyny that was exploited by Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi. Sexism and misogyny is a powerful force that has been exploited in this campaign.

In the 1970s, African-American New York Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm claimed that she “had met far more discrimination because I am a woman than because I am black.” Testifying for the ERA, she declared that it “provides a legal basis for attack on the most subtle, most pervasive, and most institutionalized form of prejudice that exists” and “is so widespread that it seems to many persons normal, natural and right.”

Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi will try to fool Hillary supporters and all women into squandering their votes on Obama. But a Hillary speech to the nation on August 25, Women’s Equality Day will give us all renewed energy to make Hillary the Democratic Party nominee. Watching and hearing Hillary Clinton will show the quality of Hillary as the Democratic nominee compared to the unqualifed, sinking in the polls, Obama. We also know that although Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi want to bamboozle women on Women’s Equality Day:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

* * *


Yesterday, we featured a nasty video by big time celebrity Obama supporter Ludicris. In the video big time celebrity Obama supporter Ludicris calls Hillary Clinton a “bitch”. We have thus far not heard from “women’s groups” or Dean/Brazile/Pelosi a peep of protest.

Big time celebrity Obama supporter Ludicris reminds us of big time celebrity Obama supporter Bernie Mac. After several nasty jokes by Bernie Mac with Obama listening, Obama took the stage and “funned” about sexism and racism:

“We can’t afford to be divided by race. We can’t afford to be divided by religion, or by region or class. Or by gender. That means, by the way, Bernie you got to clean up your act. This is a family affair. … I’m just messing with you,” Obama said.

“Just messing with you” – Obama. That sums up the unqualified Obama rather neatly. “Just messing with you.”

The McCain campaign is taking Obama’s “messing” seriously. Obama played the race card against Hillary. Now the Obama campaign is playing the race card against McCain. McCain and his strategists are fighting back against the race-baiting Obama:

John McCain’s campaign accused Barack Obama today of playing racial politics a day after the Democratic candidate predicted Republicans would try to scare voters by pointing out “he doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills.”

Obama “played the race card, and he played it from the bottom of the deck,” McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said in a statement. He called Obama’s remarks “divisive, negative, shameful and wrong.” [snip]

Obama himself didn’t make clear what distinctions he thinks McCain is likely to raise regarding the presidents on U.S. currency — white men who for the most part were much older than Obama when elected. McCain has not raised Obama’s race as an issue in the campaign; he has said Obama lacks experience.

Obama played the race card against Hillary. Now the Obama campaign is playing the race card against McCain.

Did Obama Accuse McCain of Running a Racist, Xenophobic Campaign? [snip]

Correct me if I’m wrong, but does it not seem as if Obama just said McCain and his campaign — presumably the “they” in this construct — are saying that Obama shouldn’t be elected because he’s a risk because he’s black and has a foreign-sounding name?

The Obama campaign says no, no, no, certainly not, he was talking about his “opponents” in general, writ large, the talk radio hosts and smear artists and such.

Then in Union, Mo., this evening, Obama seemed to specifically accuse McCain and the GOP of peddling racism and xenophobia.

Obama said that “John McCain and the Republicans, they don’t have any new ideas, that’s why they’re spending all their time talking about me. I mean, you haven’t heard a positive thing out of that campaign in … in a month. All they do is try to run me down and you know, you know this in your own life. If somebody doesn’t have anything nice to say about anybody, that means they’ve got some problems of their own. So they know they’ve got no new ideas, they know they’re dredging up all the stale old stuff they’ve been peddling for the last eight, 10 years.

“But, since they don’t have any new ideas the only strategy they’ve got in this election is to try to scare you about me. They’re going to try to say that I’m a risky guy, they’re going to try to say, ‘Well, you know, he’s got a funny name and he doesn’t look like all the presidents on the dollar bills and the five dollar bills and, and they’re going to send out nasty emails.

“And, you know, the latest one they’ve got me in an ad with Paris Hilton,” Obama said, referring to a McCain campaign ad launched today. “You know, never met the woman. But, but, you know, what they’re gonna try to argue is that somehow I’m too risky.”

There’s a lot of racist xenophobic crap out there. But not only has McCain not peddled any of it, he’s condemned it.

Back in February, McCain apologized for some questionable comments made by a local radio host. In April, he condemned the North Carolina Republican Party’s ad featuring images of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

With one possible exception, I’ve never seen McCain or those under his control playing the race card or making fun of Obama’s name — or even mentioning Obama’s full name, for that matter! [snip]

What I have not seen is it come from McCain or his campaign in such a way to merit the language Obama used today. Pretty inflammatory.

* * *

Obama took a European Vacation, but his supporters don’t know where he is going. Obama can’t be trusted. Reminds us of another celebrity European vacation, seeing the tourist spots but know knowing where you are going to [Lyrics HERE].

Hillary is, like Ivory soap – The Name You Trust

Obama is Mahogony – Do you know where you are going to?

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


Endless Summer

As July closes its droopy eyes and August stirs itself awake, Hillary supporters have a lot of work to do before the end of summer unDemocratic Convention.

Ricki Lieberman is, along with us and many others, trying to save the Democratic Party from itself. But, as anyone who has taken a “safety in the summer” lifesaving class knows, it is a very risky thing to try and save a drowning man. Drowning men will panic and grab you and flail and try to drag you down as well.

Ricki writes:

“Many HRC supporters want a Democrat in the White House but very much fear that to nominate Obama is to elect McCain. Because at the Convention, the sole job of the Super Delegates will be to select the person who is electable in November, we started the ELECTABILITY WATCH, a no-cost, grassroot action.” [snip]

Participants in the EW are asked to do a thoughtful weekly update to at least 18 Super Delegates (symbolically one for every million HRC voters) reminding them that their sole job in Denver is to select the electable nominee to return Democrats to the White House, and she is HRC.

To receive background information, sample letters and a list of SDs to get started, please email me at

If the Democratic? Party chooses suicide and prefers drowning to salvation, Hillary supporters will have a Summer that will last through NOvember. We won’t have to do a thing. We can all stay home on election day and watch the Democratic? Party drown.

* * *

Chris Matthews stated that The Democratic Party is not united and anybody that thinks it is, is confused or deluded. Some HOPE the Party is united, but they are smoking Hopium.

It may seem as though the Democratic Party can give a sigh of relief: Women have returned to the fold, and will support Barack Obama for president – and presumably his party – after all. But not so fast.

While I and many other women in my demographic (older, professional, liberal) are likely to vote for Obama in November, our feelings about his party (and ours) are not so clear. We remember the perpetual misogyny and sexism of the media during the primary campaign – misogyny aimed less at Hillary Rodham Clinton herself than at “uppity women” (like ourselves) in general. And many of us feel that the Democratic Party is even more to blame than the media. [snip]

So many women feel that the election was somehow stolen, and by their own party, to boot. They thus feel much the way many Democrats feel about the 2000 election: bitter. When one side feels that they lost an election fairly, any bitterness recedes early on (think of the 2004 election, by comparison). But when the adjective “stolen” leaps to mind, bitterness is apt to prevail, vanquishing any desire for reconciliation and cooperation. That is what many former Clinton supporters are feeling now.

We are disgusted with the party we have long trusted to represent our interests. We are disgusted with ourselves for being snookered – again. We assess the party leaders’ rejection of Clinton as a cynical strategy. If Clinton had ended up as the candidate, the Democrats stood to lose the votes of many African Americans, who then might not vote at all. But if they made Obama the candidate? Well, then (the reasoning seems to have gone), the women always vote, and they will come around. Women always come around, no matter how badly they’re mistreated.

I am reminded of a particularly chilling passage in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel “Lolita.” Humbert Humbert, after raping the 12-year-old, is pondering why she has come back to his bed. “You see,” Humbert tells the reader, “she had absolutely nowhere else to go.”

That’s just how I feel. And they want my enthusiastic support? The Democratic Party can fend for itself.

At a fancy dinner with long-time Obama supporters some smoked Hopium. Many are still waving the red flag of Supreme Court appointments and abortion to try to force Hillary supporters to vote for unqualified Obama. Forgotten by the Hopium smokers is anti-choice Kaine and Obama’s near vote for Chief Justice Roberts. [Hint: Obama can’t be trusted.]

The Obama campaign has a woman problem. How big? How small? It’s not clear, but in a close election, small can be big. [snip]

But the women Obama needs right now are the ones who do not dine downtown. They’re the ones who can’t afford organic anything, forced to choose between a gallon of gas and a gallon of milk because they can’t buy both on the same day.

Women like Sarah.

A few hours after leaving the “Women for Obama” luncheon, I ran into Sarah, not her real name. I’ve known her for a few years. A single mom, she free-lances, working as many jobs as she can to support two growing boys. She dreams of a permanent gig with benefits, but it’s still just a dream.

A 37-year-old Democrat, she is also a college grad and a news junkie who has watched this campaign like a hawk. She surprised me with her anger Tuesday, saying she’s voting for McCain.

Obama supporter and Obama “favorite” Ludicris just released a song [Lyrics HERE] calling Hillary “a bitch” and urging the White House be painted black. Don’t expect Howard Dean to do anything. But also, don’t expect Hillary supporters and especially women to do anything on election day in NOvember either. We’ll all be at the beach.

In the 2000 election Democrats fought for democracy and voting rights. In the 2008 election the Democratic Party led the fight to DISenfranchise Florida and Michigan voters. Democratic Chairman Howard Dean, stated he did not have cable television, therefore he was not aware of the misogyny and sexism exhibited by Obama and Big Media.

In the 2000 election the repulsive Ralph Nader, without a chance whatsoever of winning the election, said there was no difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush. Nader’s vanity plunged the nation into 8 years of darkness.

In 2008 we are forced to reject the Democratic Party which has been taken over by a rabid bunch of election theives willing to emulate George W. Bush by DISenfranchising Florida and Michigan and employing misogyny and sexism and personal and character attacks to assasinate the candidate that has proven SHE, with experience and a long record of progressive values, can beat John McCain.

The irony is that in 2008 Ralph Nader might receive votes that otherwise no sane Democrat would ever consider entrusting him with because Obama simply cannot be trusted.

Don’t be surprised if third or fourth party presidential candidates garner enough votes in November to make a difference in some of the hotly contested swing states. The polls show more than enough Republican disaffection with John McCain’s candidacy to make a case that Bob Barr, the Libertarian candidate, or another right-of-center candidate could take votes away from the G.O.P. standard bearer. And on the Democratic side, Barack Obama has to worry about defections of not only Hillary Clinton’s supporters, but also of liberals, who are beginning to grumble that he is moving too much toward the center.

The 2000 presidential election clearly showed that third party candidates do not have to roll up big numbers to make a huge difference. Ralph Nader accumulated just 2 percent of the vote in Florida — and exit polls found that Al Gore was the second choice among most of Mr. Nader’s voters. [snip]

While the Democrats and the Obama campaign can take some comfort in these numbers, there are potential problems for them, too. Barack Obama has a unity problem. Hillary Clinton’s supporters have moved in Mr. Obama’s direction since the primaries ended, but only 72 percent say they would back him if the election were held today. In particular, Mr. Obama is not polling well among white women. Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama are running about even among this important voter bloc and he trails Mr. McCain among older women, despite the strong Democratic disposition of this group.

Could a small number of disappointed Clinton supporters be attracted to a third party candidate? Sure. Perhaps more important, there is the question of whether Mr. Obama can live up to the expectations that his liberal backers have about his commitment to change. The Times’ William Yardley reported recently that critics on the left are emerging in response to Mr. Obama’s positions on the war in Iraq, wiretapping, gun control and the death penalty.

While there is little indication of this in Pew’s polling data, our latest survey finds a rise in support of the idea of a third party candidate among people who have been ardent Obama backers: young voters, liberals and independents.

Nonetheless, given the level of enthusiasm for Mr. Obama, it is unlikely that a left-of-center third party candidate could draw major support, but certainly matching Mr. Nader’s 2000 numbers in Florida cannot be ruled out. And on the Republican side, the door is wide open for a third party to matter. In fact, polls conducted by Fox News, The Los Angeles Times and ABC/Washington Post now have about 7 percent of the vote going either to Mr. Barr or Mr. Nader. Whatever the limitations of these candidates’ personal appeal, either or both could be protest candidates.

As we have pointed out before, McCain is a weak, weak candidate – yet among likely voters the latest Gallup Poll has McCain beating Obama.

Republicans are likely to fall in line behind McCain. Democrats however not only do not trust Obama – Democrats also know Obama is selected not elected.

The problems Republicans have with McCain are about policy. The problems Democrats have with Obama are that Obama cannot be trusted and Obama exploited sexism and misogyny to character assassinate Hillary.

Obama cannot be trusted. Obama is not qualified to be president. Obama is unelectable.

Did we mention Obama is pompous too?

Some Big Media types are taking note of Vero Pompus:

Barack Obama has long been his party’s presumptive nominee. Now he’s becoming its presumptuous nominee. [snip]

Inside, according to a witness, he told the House members, “This is the moment . . . that the world is waiting for,” adding: “I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.”

As he marches toward Inauguration Day (Election Day is but a milestone on that path), Obama’s biggest challenger may not be Republican John McCain but rather his own hubris. [snip]

On his presidential-style visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem last week, Obama left a written prayer, intercepted by an Israeli newspaper, asking God to “help me guard against pride and despair.” He seems to have the despair part under control, but the pride could be a problem. [snip]

In the latest issue of the New Republic, Gabriel Sherman found reporters complaining that Obama’s campaign was “acting like the Prom Queen” and being more secretive than Bush.

The Democratic Party of 2008 has become the Republican Party of 2000. No surprise – the George W. Bush of 2008 is Barack Obama.

It’s going to be a long hot summer – that might, might last until NOvember.


When Will Obama Concede? Part III

Obama will either concede now or in NOvember.

Obama is unelectable and not qualified to be president. Obama will either concede now or face defeat in NOvember and concede to John McCain.

Hillary Clinton, can defeat John McCain. Barack Obama cannot defeat John McCain. Only a suicidal Democratic? Party would nominate Barack Obama.

* * *

After what Big Media termed the best week for Barack Obama and the worst week for John McCain, Americans are not accepting the unqualified Obama:

Republican presidential candidate John McCain moved from being behind by 6 points among “likely” voters a month ago to a 4-point lead over Democrat Barack Obama among that group in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll. McCain still trails slightly among the broader universe of “registered” voters. By both measures, the race is tight.

The Friday-Sunday poll, mostly conducted as Obama was returning from his much-publicized overseas trip and released just this hour, shows McCain now ahead 49%-45% among voters that Gallup believes are most likely to go to the polls in November. In late June, he was behind among likely voters, 50%-44%.

Among registered voters, McCain still trails Obama, but by less. He is behind by 3 percentage points in the new poll (47%-44%) vs. a 6-point disadvantage (48%-42%) in late June.

Maybe the poll dive for Obama after his so-called “best week” is attributable to Obama making time for his priorities (applause from mobs of people) but not bothering to make time for the priorities of most Americans and snubbing American troops stationed in Germany – many injured.

Republicans, once fearful of this election cycle, are heartened:

In the contest for president, Barack Obama is a magnetic candidate supported by a disciplined, well-organized campaign. John McCain seems wooden, with a campaign that appears to be in shambles. Yet Obama’s lead in the polls over McCain is fragile because he so far has not won the support of a majority of American voters.

An effective and massively publicized foreign trip failed to push Obama to the 50 percent mark. Hopes of Democrats and fears of Republicans that he would get a major bounce in the polls when he clinched the nomination and then on his campaigning abroad have not been realized.

Republicans would love to run a general election campaign against Obama:

That he lingers below the 50 percent mark is a mystery among politicians of both parties. It is particularly troubling to Democrats who recall past Democratic candidates taking a huge lead over the summer before being overtaken or nearly overtaken by a surging Republican opponent. In 1976, Jimmy Carter took a 33-point summer lead over President Gerald Ford and won in a photo finish. In 1988, Michael Dukakis led George H.W. Bush by 17 points after being nominated in Atlanta before he lost the election. Al Gore and John Kerry were ahead of George W. Bush in the summer. [snip]

Obama’s difficulty in reaching the 50 percent mark reflects an overwhelmingly white undecided vote at 10 to 15 percent.

Obama ignored white working class voters by snubbing them. In the Kentucky and West Virginia primaries Obama barely bothered with them. Obama snubbed them. Now they are snubbing Obama. Many of that “undecided” number do not want to be accused of being racists by the ever race-baiting Obama campaign so they will state they are “undecided“. But these are NObama, NOvember voters.

Obama and his acolytes are oblivious to his fading “charms“.

Mr. Obama’s aides are confident that the passions of the primary season have given way to a more pragmatic view among Mrs. Clinton’s supporters and that Mr. Obama would not risk a major backlash from women or other constituencies associated with her if the vice presidential slot goes to someone else.

The Hopium he is smoking is stupid strong if Obama believes that the “passions” of the primary season have muted in any way. The Hopium is especially dizzying if Obama believes he will win.

Barack Obama told donors at a Monday night fundraiser just across the Potomac River from Washington that “the odds of us winning are very good.”

But Hopium does not trump reality. In public Obama used to declare that he would win “big”. Not for Obama a mere 51% or a bare majority of electoral votes. Obama promised a big win but now, in private, Obama admits a close election if he is the nominee.

Closing his brief remarks, Obama addressed the reason he hasn’t seen a surge in the polls following extensive coverage of his overseas trip, arguing that voters are still sizing him up and that his candidacy is “new for them, new for us as a country.”

“This is going to be a close election for a long time because I’m new on the national scene and people sort of like what they see but they’re still not sure,” he concluded.

People don’t like what they see.

It is a question that has hovered over Senator Barack Obama even as he has passed milestone after milestone in his race for the White House: Why is he not doing better?

It shadowed him as he struggled against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in many states through the primaries, results that sometimes stood at odds with the huge, enthusiastic crowds that turned out to see him. It was there in the exit polls that suggested that many Democrats were uncomfortable with Mr. Obama, putting an asterisk next to some of his biggest primary victories.

And it is back again as he returns from an overseas trip that even Republicans have described as politically triumphant. In this case, the question is why — given how sour Americans feel about President Bush and the Republican party, and the perception that Mr. Obama is running a better campaign than Senator John McCain — the senator from Illinois is not scoring even higher in national opinion polls.

Republicans would love to run against Obama in the fall. Obama can’t make the sale and the polls fed some underlying anxiety among some Democrats.

Last week the L.A. Times pondered the question of why Obama faces an ugly NOvember.

Even as his turn on the global stage hit an emotional peak Thursday with a speech before a cheering crowd of more than 200,000 in Germany, Barack Obama faced new evidence of stubborn election challenges back home.

Fresh polls show that he has been unable to convert weeks of extensive media coverage into a widened lead. And some prominent Democrats whose support could boost his campaign are still not enthusiastic about his candidacy.

Who are these unenthusiastic Democrats? Hillary supporters continue to say NO. NObama. NOvember.

Obama also faces discontent from some of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most ardent supporters, who are put off by what they describe as a campaign marked by hubris and a style dedicated to televised extravaganzas.

Susie Tompkins Buell, a major Clinton fundraiser, said: “The Clinton supporters that I know are bothered by these rock-star events. These spectacles are more about the candidate than they are about the party and the issues that we care about.” [snip]

Both Obama and McCain had been invited Thursday to a cancer forum organized by cyclist Lance Armstrong’s foundation at Ohio State University.

McCain showed; Obama did not. Some in the crowd took notice.

Ann Marie Jones, a stay-at-home mother whose 10-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer in September, said she had leaned toward Obama “until he didn’t show up tonight.”

“I feel like I understand what he’s doing over there, but I think he needed to be here tonight for this,” she said.

Obama and his supporters might think they have won over Hillary supporters but they are smoking Hopium which distorts reality:

But Obama is struggling with a different set of obstacles; he has yet to lock in some of Clinton’s most devoted supporters and active fundraisers.

In interviews, Clinton supporters said they saw in Obama a presumption that had made it hard to give him their allegiance. Some said they were put off by his decision to accept the Democratic nomination at a football stadium that can hold more than 76,000; his use of a knockoff of the presidential seal at a campaign event; and his early interest in giving his Berlin speech at the famous Brandenburg Gate, where Reagan spoke in 1987.

The Republican National Committee has been pumping out regular e-mails titled “Audacity Watch,” a compilation of instances in which, in its view, Obama has appeared to act as if he were president. In an e-mail sent Thursday, the RNC mentioned a news report that he had already instructed aides to begin planning for a transition to the presidency.

Amy Siskind of Westchester, N.Y., is a Clinton supporter who said she wouldn’t vote for Obama. Siskind said she was especially offended when Obama hired Clinton’s former campaign manager, Patti Solis Doyle, to work with his vice presidential nominee. Given that Solis Doyle was demoted by Clinton, the appointment was perceived by Clinton loyalists as a slight.

“Most folks feel that the battle is over and he’s the winner, but he’s really acted like a sore winner,” Siskind said. “If Hillary had been the nominee, you would have seen a much more deferential approach to Obama supporters.”

Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a Clinton fundraiser who lives in New York City, said, “What I think is very important is that he has a problem with his image. He is an aloof candidate. He does not connect with people. He has words, but no ordinary person thinks that he is there for them, and women feel that intensely.”

Even Arriana’s Huff n’ Puff website took note of Obama’s lack of winning charms:

Six days into Barack Obama’s international tour, the Gallup daily tracking poll shows the race for president remains tight, with only two points separating the presumptive nominees, 45% to 43%, on combined data from July 21-23. Odd.

Everything has gone well for Obama on this foreign excursion, and John McCain spent the week floundering from gaffe to gaffe, while his campaign expressed an immature, petulant tone toward the positive coverage generated by the senator from Illinois.

So this begs a question: Why so close? Shouldn’t Obama be wiping the floor with this guy?

The answer is that most people are not buying or believing the Big Media hype of Obama. Americans are hearing at best half truths from Big Media concerning Obama. In the United States Americans heard that Obama was a sensation in Europe with his picture on the cover of Der Spiegel. The truth was more complicated:

It is true that Der Spiegel, the German newsweekly, featured Mr. Obama on its cover, topped by the words “Germany Meets the Superstar” — but the cover was satire, and nasty satire at that. The editors managed to find the ugliest photograph of Mr. Obama ever taken. It caught the senator at a moment that might be exhaustion but looks like conceited smirking. When Der Spiegel featured Mr. Obama on its cover in March, the cover line was “The Messiah Factor.” Must one add that this, too, was not meant to be taken at face value?

Europeans will be as relieved as 72 percent of Americans to see the end of the Bush administration, but their attitudes toward the Democratic candidate are far from being the same as the ones he arouses at home. Mr. Obama makes Europeans uncomfortable.

In Germany, politicians in front of large, shouting crowds evoke images that nobody wants to see repeated. But genuine worries about demagoguery are not all that’s at issue. The mocking undertone that accompanies most descriptions of Mr. Obama in the European news media signifies a trans-Atlantic divide. George W. Bush made matters far worse than they ever were, but the neoconservatives who advised him were right about one thing: Europe is gripped by a world-weariness that resists American dreams.

Even Obama cheerleaders in Big Media, like Chris Matthews, know Obama is in trouble and the trouble is with Hillary supporters and other real Democrats:

“I think the world thinks he is already President. They got to be disabused of that. We have a Presidential campaign ahead of us, it’s not behind us. And they are wrong if they think this guy has been elected. I mean, this guy is not elected by any stretch, this election is up in the air; I mean that, up in the air. And I think that is something that is a false perception. He shouldn’t be probably giving world leadership speeches until he is a world leader.” [snip]

“I don’t think by any means, does Barack Obama have this deal closed with the Clinton crowd. Their contributors, women, women’s groups they are not together. The Clinton people are not aboard. The Democratic Party is not united and anybody that thinks it is, is confused or deluded. This Democratic Party has got problems on it’s hands. And it’s Barack Obama’s challenge to bring Bill Clinton aboard. When I see their two faces together in the same room, I’ll believe it. I haven’t seen that yet. There is big time problem in the Democratic party. And there is the potential that John McCain will be the tortoise in the tortoise and the hare.” [snip]

“Barack Obama has got to identify with the gas pump, with the kitchen table, with the husband and wife talking late at night about how they are going to pay the bills they haven’t been able to pay, when they are out of money. He doesn’t get to those people, but I don’t think McCain does either. Both of them need running mates who can talk meat and potatoes, as they say in Massachusetts. And I just think that’s why Hillary could play a role. Hillary is a bread and butter candidate. She does do specifics. This rock star is so elevated, so whole-sale that he’s almost created a need for Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Someone like Hillary who can talk about gasoline prices, talk about women’s job opportunities, equal pay, basic stuff like minimum wage, getting food on the table, getting gas in the tank. He doesn’t talk like that. And you gotta talk like that if you are a Democrat.” [snip]

“But you have to be a little nervous about the fact, there have been studies on this. If you are an African-American candidate in this kind of race, where there are two races involved you have to look at the fact of how Barack gets up to 50. Does he have to get up to 50 in the polling to get 50 on election day? Or, and this is all speculation, no one knows this yet, we haven’t done this before. What about the undecideds? Are they truly undecideds or are they Democratic holdouts? People who have always voted Democrat. Maybe the’re Jewish voters, maybe they’re working class, maybe they’re women, Hillary people. Are they holding out to say ‘I can’t bring myself to say I’m voting Republican, but I will.’ And that is what we don’t know. That is the danger spot for the Obama campaign. That when it says 45/41 or 45/43 like it has been, in that general range, a 4 point spread, generally in the average poll, does that say that Barack is truly ahead or does it say Barack cannot crack through 45? That he is gonna wind up no better than that on election day? That is the big questions going on to November.”

He’s not a real Democrat.

Obama will concede now or in NOvember.


When Hagel Met Bagel

There are reasons why Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel
get along so well. They both sure talk real purty. But for all the very purty talk, well, it’s just talk, no action.

Hagel, a while back was thinking about running for president and possibly doing so on a third party line (if Bloomberg paid the bills). It was all talk.

Hagel, like Obama, is a big talker when it comes to Iraq. For instance, in early 2007 Hagel did the Obama three-card monte shuffle by voting against a resolution that Chuck Hagel had sponsored.

The Republicans, including Nebraska’s Chuck Hagel, this week blocked debate on a resolution that several of them had co-sponsored.

They reversed course Wednesday, when Hagel and six colleagues wrote the leaders of both parties vowing to use every tactic available to force a Senate debate of the president’s plan. [snip]

But a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., replied that Republicans had the chance to vote for their own resolution Monday – and only two did.

The rest voted against a formal debate, complaining that the Democratic majority was using arcane rules to block consideration of alternative resolutions.

“Hopefully this letter signifies that the others have had a change of heart and will be willing to vote for their own resolution in the future,” Reid spokesman Jim Manley said.

Politico, sensibly, is ignoring Chuck Hagel’s Donna Brazile style neutrality and declaring Hagel an Obama supporter.

First, he tags along with his colleague to offer a bi-partisan sheen to the codel.

And then he comes home and all but tells his other colleague and longtime friend to pipe down.

“Quit talking about, ‘Did the surge work or not work?’ or, ‘Did you vote for this or support this?'” Hagel told reporters yesterday upon returning from the trip. “Get out of that. We’re done with that. How are we going to project forward?

“What are we going to do for the next four years to protect the interest of America and our allies and restructure a new order in the world. … That’s what America needs to hear from these two candidates. And that’s where I am.”

I guess by not formally endorsing Obama just yet, he guarantees more media interest. But it’s pretty clear where he stands.

Chuck Hagel defended Obama’s snub of American troops.

On CBS’s Face The Nation Hagel objected to John McCain’s statement noting Obama’s snub of injured American troops as well as an advertisement about the issue which McCain has broadcast.

“I think John is treading on some very thin ground here when he impugns motives and when we start to get into, ‘You’re less patriotic than me. I’m more patriotic,'” Hagel said.

Hagel never objected to Obama or John Edwards (or his very own Republican Party) attacking Hillary on personal or “character” issues. But now the Nebraska Republican is imitating in full the Democratic? leadership by defending Obama from “character” attacks but not denouncing Obama’s own smears of opponents.

Hagel’s defense of Obama’s snub of American troops was confused at best. The latest laughable line of defense appears to be that Obama did not want his European Vacation to be seen as “political”.

The McCain advertisement is thus far the first somewhat effective ad the hapless McCain has broadcast. Obama, and his campaign of smears, enjoys attacking the character of opponents but is very nervous about the public airing of Obama’s own character.

“It’s accurate, effective, and timely,” said Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant, of McCain’s ad. “It seriously speaks to the calculated nature of the trip and Obama’s own [calculating nature].”

* * *

When Hagel Met Bagel

There once was a senator named Hagel
who went on a trip with a Bagel.
It was doughy and round, toasted light brown,
with a big empty hole for a navel

Said Bagel to Hagel
“I think I’m a fable”
“”And I’m really quite something to see”
“The crowds they adore me”
“My friends all pay for me”
“And a mirror I always carry with me.”

Said “Big Pink” to Hagel
“Look under the table!”
“If you want to see the truth, not the lie!”

“His wife she likes sable.”
“Friends stink like a stable.”
“and at slime he’s a master divine.”

“A Quayle is more able?”
Asked a perplexed Hagel,
“And McCain should be the guy?”

“The choice it is yours.”
Big Pink loudly roared
“Just don’t buy a pig in a poke.”

“The Bagel can’t be trusted.”
“Without Hillary we’re busted.”

“America, we’re counting on you.”


Obama Snubs Again – American Troops

Upon what meat doth this, our Caesar, feed?

Jut Jaw

Having fled from bitter and clingy Americans during this hot July, in search of gravitas, Barack Obama packed his tents and took his circus on a European Vacation. But gravitas is not a tourist trinket to be purchased cheaply. Gravitas is earned. Gravitas is purchased with experience and struggle for purpose.

Obama has none of these characteristics. George W. Bush is “the ignorant” (as the London Times dubbed it) Obama is ‘the arrogant’. The American people will snub him in NOvember.

* * *

Obama snubbed the voters of Florida and Michigan. Obama snubbed the voters of West Virginia and Kentucky. Remember the Obama snub of Hillary in full public view?

As Clinton approached, Kennedy made sure to make eye contact and indicated he wanted to shake her hand. Clinton leaned towards Kennedy over a row of seats and Kennedy leaned in towards her. They shook hands.

Obama stood icily staring at Clinton during this, then turned his back and stepped a few feet away. Kennedy may’ve wanted to make peace with Clinton but Obama clearly wanted no part of that.

As president, Obama has said he would meet with the U.S.’s enemies without precondition. But making nice with Clinton apparently is another mattter after the increasingly angry fight the two have waged, with charges and countercharges, for the Democratic presidential nomination.

We know Hillary is “likeable enough” so the Obama snub reeked of fear and arrogance.

But now Obama has chosen to snub bitter and clingy American troops in Germany, many of those troops are wounded and in hospitals.

George W. Bush (the ignorant) banned pictures and televised reports of the coffins of American dead arriving home for burial. “W” was busy exercising. Likewise Obama (the arrogant) found himself at the gym of the Ritz-Carlton in Germany instead of amidst the scarlet bandages and hosptial antiseptic stench of American wounded.

The alarm clock did not go off, or Michelle did not kick in with his wake up call, the maid is to blame, the hotel lost the mapquest directions, a gym session was necessary because the flab around the hips is sticking out due to all that good German chocolat, the troops would ask for autographs and maybe sell them on Ebay without giving him a cut of the proceeds, the excuses from the Obama circus flowed.

Andrea Mitchell of MSNBC was provided excuses by the Obama campaign – which blamed the Pentagon or someone other than Obama – for the ugly snub of American troops recovering in American bases in Germany. Andrea Mitchell did her job for the MSNBC/Obama propaganda ministry. Unfortunately for Andrea, like blood soaked bandages, the excuses had to be replaced rapidly. The Obama campaign excuses did not hold.

Chief Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell confirmed to Politico that Department of Defense officials cautioned Barack Obama’s campaign that his planned visit to wounded American troops in Germany could not be political in nature and that he would be barred from bringing along campaign staff and reporters. He also said that Cindy McCain recently requested to visit sailors aboard the U.S.N.S. Comfort and was denied.

“Sen. Obama is welcome to visit Landstuhl or any military hospital in his official capacity as a United States senator,” Morrell said in a brief interview. “But there is a DOD policy which governs campaigning and electioneering at military facilities that would have to be respected if he were to visit. That distinction was relayed and made clear to campaign, and they made a decision on their own based on that guidance.”

Morrell, in a subsequent interview, added that military officials told Obama he could only visit the military facility with his Secret Service detail and Senate staff.

Obama is too busy to ever do Senate work or visit the troops or do anything other than carnival bark at his Chicago circus.

As Chairman Of The Subcommittee On European Affairs, Barack Obama Has Failed To Hold Any Hearings On Afghanistan:

Barack Obama Has Served As Chairman Of The Subcommittee On European Affairs From 2007 – 2008. (U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Website, , Accessed 2/15/08)

The Subcommittee On European Affairs Has Jurisdiction Over The Countries Of Europe As Well As NATO Activities. “Jurisdiction: The subcommittee deals with all matters concerning U.S. relations with the countries on the continent of Europe…and with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.” (U.S. Senate Committee On Foreign Relations Website, , Accessed 2/27/07)

· As Chairman Of The Subcommittee On European Affairs, Barack Obama Could Have Held Hearings On The Role Of NATO In Afghanistan. “[A]mbassador John Ritch, who served for two decades as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s senior staffer on European affairs and East-West relations…[P]oints out that as subcommittee chair, Obama could have examined a wide variety of urgent matters, from the role of NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq to European energy policy and European responses to climate change…” (Joe Conason, “Obama’s European Problem,” , 12/29/07)

Obama had a choice this week between the gym at the Ritz-Carlton and that horrid little trip to the hospital without photographers clicking like locusts.

“We made it clear to him that campaign staff and press would not be permitted to accompany him,” Morrell said of Obama. “We relayed those ground rules. They made a choice based upon the information we relayed to them. It was their choice. We had nothing to do with it.”

Like a starlet wrapped in cheap rabbit fur stole and slinky dress Obama wanted to be photographed. No photos, no visit. Snub ’em.

Military personnel at Ramstein Air Force Base, where the senator was to fly into, had already made arrangements to accommodate Obama’s traveling press pack and campaign staff while he visited the wounded troops, Morrell said.

Obama’s campaign tells a different story.

Of course. “Obama’s campaign tells a different story”. What a surprise. Soon, it will be racism that prevented Obama’s visit. It was a matter of priorities, and the gym came first. George W. would have done the same. If Obama had wanted to visit the injured, he would have. It’s that simple. It is doubtful that with his Big Media posse Obama would have been denied access, if, if, he followed the rules by not trying to exploit the injured troops.

Obama, who was not traveling with any Senate staffers, decided on the flight Wednesday from Tel Aviv to Berlin not to visit the hospital.

Trying to make clear that this was not an attempt to undercut the Democratic nominee, Morrell also noted that when McCain officials asked the Pentagon for permission to let Cindy McCain visit the massive U.S. hospital ship, the U.S.N.S. Comfort, the request was rejected.

“Had she gone with Sen. McCain, it would have been OK,” Morrell said, underlining the delineation between what are official and campaign activities.

Cindy McCain with two sons just out of Iraq service could not visit a hospital ship because her visit would clearly be political. Obama knew the rules:

My colleague Mike Allen reminds me that Obama has mixed a troop visit and politicking on the same day with a simple solution: Leave the press outside. [snip]

The campaign’s protective pool made its debut today. Your pool departed the Capital Hilton at 6:50 am, arriving by 7 am at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, where Senator Obama spent the night.

After holding outside for two hours, your pool drove to far Northwest Washington. Mr. Obama arrived at the main building of Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital at 9:20 am. He made no comments when he departed at 11 am. Your pool followed the motorcade to the Renaissance hotel for [the National Association of Latino Elected Officials], arriving at 11:15 am.

We have heard the excuses before. Obama always has an excuse. Obama votes “present” or fails to vote and makes it seem as if that was a monumental act of courage. When very close friends and confidants of more than 20 years become a liability Obama does a George W. and says ‘hardly knew him’ or ‘he’s not the person I thought I knew’. Blame the Staff:

They allege Obama has a penchant for blaming his staff for gaffes ranging from missing a union event in New Hampshire to circulating opposition research highlighting the Clintons’ ties to India and Indian-Americans to underestimating the amount of cash bundled for his campaigns by his former fundraiser, indicted businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko.

The original Obama excuse was laughable and was quickly padded:

“Barack Obama will not be coming to us,” a spokesperson for the U.S. military hospital in Landstuhl told Der Spiegel. “I don’t know why.”

Obama senior adviser Robert Gibbs told ABC News in a statement, “During his trip as part of the CODEL to Afghanistan and Iraq, Sen. Obama visited the combat support hospital in the Green Zone in Baghdad and had a number of other visits with the troops. For the second part of his trip, the senator wanted to visit the men and women at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to express his gratitude for their service and sacrifice. The senator decided out of respect for these servicemen and women that it would be inappropriate to make a stop to visit troops at a U.S. military facility as part of a trip funded by the campaign.” [snip]

But the campaign of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., issued the following comment on Obama’s decision.

“Barack Obama is wrong,” said McCain spokesman Brian Rogers. “It is never ‘inappropriate’ to visit our men and women in the military.”

An Obama adviser, Air Force Maj. Gen. Scott Gration (Ret.), later elaborated on Obama’s decision to skip the event.

“We learned from the Pentagon last night that the visit would be viewed instead as a campaign event,” Gration said. “Sen. Obama did not want to have a trip to see our wounded warriors perveived [sic] as a campaign event when his visit was to show his appreciation for our troops and decided instead not to go.”

Wounded American troops are learning what we know:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

Obama’s last snub will be the one delivered by the American Voter in NOvember – if the superdelegates do not snub Obama in August.


Sexy Sadie Does Berlin

For months we’ve explored “pet rocks”, The Music Man, Elmer Gantry, and the Heaven’s Gate cult, as earlier, pre-Obama, incarnations of pop flim-flam phenomena.

We have discussed a February 2008 article published by Berlin’s Der Spiegel on the Obama cult. German historians know the devastation wrought by cults of personality and the need to remember history:

The rise of democratic frontrunner Barack Obama signifies an alarming victory of style over substance. Not unlike the dot-com hype, his campaign promises more than he can deliver. The one thing his voters can count on is that they will ultimately be disappointed.

Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama reminds many people of former President John F. Kennedy or civil rights leader Martin Luther King. But when I hear him speak, I have to think of the crazy days of the New Economy.

It was a magical time, even for the most levelheaded of business executives. For several years, wild promises seemed to be the most valuable currency in circulation. Profits? No big deal! Experience? Unnecessary! Realism? More of an obstacle than anything else. While some entrepreneurs undoubtedly had realistic business models and administrative talent, most of them were simply peddling ideas.

The Der Spiegel article described well the effects of the snake oil, Hopium, which Obama was peddling.

The future is a hotly traded commodity in the 2008 US presidential campaign. Voters are hungry for change and for radical departure from a present they now perceive as mediocre, especially after seven meager years under the current president, George W. Bush. A man like Barack Obama is adept at taking advantage of this yearning. He utters beautiful sentences that massage the soul, sentences like: “We are the ones we have been waiting for” and “Our destiny will not be written for us, but by us.”

At his campaign appearances, Obama and his adoring supporters toss his campaign slogan, “Yes, we can,” back and forth until the room is in a frenzy. His events are reminiscent of Sunday morning exchanges between a fiery pastor and his enthusiastic congregation, except that Obama’s crowds are even more fervent.

But anyone able to look past the rhetoric of the 46-year-old candidate will recognize a growing sense of doubt — doubt that Obama easily manages to quell in his next speech, or his next one after that. The senator’s successes in the primaries also have a narcotizing effect. Obama defines himself as a new type of politician, as someone who refuses to be judged by the old standards.

The entire Der Spiegel article is a must read as Obama torments the citizens of the great city of Berlin:

Nevertheless, if Obama is elected he will eventually be forced to disappoint his voters. Politics in a democratic society is a balancing of interests, not a revivalist meeting. It takes finesse, experience and power to transform ideas into reality. Hope and optimism can enhance these qualities, but they cannot replace them. Obama’s message is more of a promise to heal the nation than a campaign platform.

The future Obama is promising seems foggy and indistinct. He wants to change the rules of engagement in politics, but he neglects to explain how and in what direction. He wants to write a new page in the history books, but what handwriting does he plan to use to make his entry? He wants to drive out lobbyists, but if he does, who will champion the interests of union members, war veterans and chemical corporations? He wants to negotiate with the world’s dictators, but to what end, exactly?

Will the bubble burst before late August?

If democracy functions only half as well as the market economy, the Obama bubble will burst. The burning question is: When? Will it happen before the Democratic nomination this August — or not until afterwards?

* * *

For some it is too late to wake up from the effects of Obama’s Hopium. James Lee Bishop, convicted murderer, died as penalty for his crimes. His last thoughts were Hopium addled ones about Obama.

“For those who oppose the death penalty and want to see it end, our best bet is to vote for Barack Obama because his supporters have been working behind the scenes to end this practice,” Bishop said. [snip]

Bishop’s final words were: “God bless America. It has been great living here. That’s all.”

Unlike some of Obama’s prominent friends and spouse Bishop blessed America even as American law permitted Bishop’s life to be taken in retribution.

What (34 years old and white) James Lee Bishop failed to understand was that Obama is not a death penalty opponent. For Obama the death penalty debate is merely a political matter of life and death – Obama’s political life and death.

Still, Obama found himself on various sides of the death penalty debate.

Five months into office, he voted to expand the list of capital crimes to include the brutal murder of a senior citizen or a disabled person. Four years later he opposed adding murders that were part of “gang activity” to the list, saying the term was a “mechanism to target particular neighborhoods [and] particular individuals.”

James Lee Bishop was not alone among the duped or confused by Obama as Obama plays all sides on every issue.

* * *

The Big Media Party which has both dispensed and consumed vast quantities of Hopium is growing is also growing truculent as their increasingly arrogant Obama tail wants to wag the Big Media dog.

Some journalists are now regurgitating the toxic Hopium.

But, as Obama ascended from underdog to front-runner to presumptive nominee, the flame seems to have dwindled. Reporters who cover Obama these days grouse that Obama’s flacks shroud the campaign in secrecy and provide little to no access. “They’re more disciplined than the Bush people,” a reporter on the Obama trail gripes. “There was this idea of being transparent, but they’re not. They’re total tightwads with information.” [snip]

Still, the campaign hasn’t helped itself, approaching reporters with a sense of entitlement. “They’re an arrogant operation. Young and arrogant,” one reporter covering the campaign says. “They don’t believe in transparency with their own campaign,” another says.

Reporters who have covered Obama’s biography or his problems with certain voter blocs have been challenged the most aggressively. “They’re terrified of people poking around Obama’s life,” one reporter says. “The whole Obama narrative is built around this narrative that Obama and David Axelrod built, and, like all stories, it’s not entirely true. So they have to be protective of the crown jewels.” Another reporter notes that, during the last year, Obama’s old friends and Harvard classmates were requested not to talk to the press without permission.

Last thing Obama wants is the fictions in his book and campaign exposed further.

* * *

As Obama marches through the vast Unter Den Linden in the shadow of the Victory Column monument in Berlin Hopium-free Americans grow resistent to the not-qualified Obama.

No matter how hapless and retrograde the John McCain candidacy is, Americans remain wary of Obama. No matter how much money Obama spends, no matter how much advertising is employed to sell Obama, no matter how little coverage McCain receives, no matter how much things go “well” for Obama and “bad” for McCain the question arises Why is Obama such a hard sell?

Lots of speculation on the web, and in whispering circles, about why Obama’s foreign trip–a slam-dunk success substantively and in photo-op terms (Obama laughing with Petraeus in the helicopter was the best)–hasn’t resulted in a polling bump. The emerging conventional wisdom seems to be that the trip is a bit too grand, too…presumptuous and voters are wary of that.

Far from receiving a “bump” Americans refuse to consume the Obama cotton candy.

Republican John McCain has quickly closed the gap between himself and Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama in several key battleground states even as the Arizona senator struggles to break through the wall-to-wall coverage of Obama’s trip to Europe and the Middle East this week.

McCain and Obama are in a statistical dead heat in Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota while the Illinois senator has a more comfortable double-digit edge in Wisconsin, according to polling conducted by Quinnipiac University for and the Wall Street Journal during the past week. Only in Colorado, however, does McCain hold a greater percentage of the vote share than Obama. [snip]

The surveys are part of a four-month long effort to measure voter sentiment in key battleground states that could determine the outcome of the race. The path to the presidency runs through a handful of battleground states, as both Obama and McCain seek the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House. Thus, the four states surveyed in this project provide a snapshot of where things stand less than four months before Election Day.

It was not so long ago that Obama and Big Media insisted that this election was different. Now, it’s back to the same old “battleground states”.

The first in the series of polls, conducted in the four states in mid-June, showed Obama comfortably ahead of McCain in Wisconsin and Minnesota while the races in Michigan and Colorado were closer although Obama still held the lead. The latest polling, showing a much tighter race, was conducted July 14 to 22, during Obama’s high-profile trip to the Middle East. [snip]

While both campaigns are heavily engaged on television in most of these states, it’s not immediately clear from the data what accounted for McCain’s rapid rise — particularly in Minnesota and Colorado.

Americans deep down have grave misgivings about Obama. Deep down Americans know Obama is “riskier” even as Big Media sells as a glorious new toy the “pet rock” of the year.

A majority of Americans think Barack Obama is a riskier choice for the presidency, but he maintains a six-point lead over Republican John McCain, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

With slightly more than 100 days until the election, the survey provides a glimpse of the challenges facing both presidential candidates.

For McCain, it comes amid a toxic political climate for Republicans. Just three in 10 respondents approve of President Bush’s job. Only one in seven McCain voters say they’re excited to vote for him. And the percentage of Americans who believe the country is on the right track is at its lowest mark ever in the poll.

For Obama, it’s that a majority think he’s a risky choice for the presidency; that less than half say the Illinois Democrat shares their background and values; and that there are concerns he’s too inexperienced.

“When it comes to mood, the Republicans face very long odds,” says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Neil Newhouse. “And when it comes to perceptions of Barack Obama, I think the Democrats and Barack Obama have a job to do.”

There is little enthusiasm for McCain in what is supposed to be a very big Democratic year. Bush and the Republicans are almost universally loathed. Many Americans know the nation is on the “wrong track”. The bad news for McCain comes in daily. And yet, Obama is only barely ahead.

The news of Obama avoiding bitter and clingy American troops stationed in Germany won’t assist Obama in his efforts to appear qualified to be president.

* * *

For Democrats and Obama the sound track to this election year is Sexy Sadie.

Sexy Sadie was the “pet rock” of music group, The Beatles. The song “Sexy Sadie” was originally titled “Maharishi”. The title change to “Sexy Sadie” was made to avoid potential lawsuits due to the depiction of the guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in a harsh way. Recall:

John Lennon wrote this about the Maharishi while he was leaving India in 1968. After attending his Transcendental Meditation camp with the other Beatles, Lennon thought The Maharishi was a crock.

The song describes Lennon’s total dissatisfaction with the Maharishi. While at his retreat, it has been said that the Maharishi attempted to rape Mia Farrow. Once The Beatles learned of this, they immediately went to the Maharishi, and Lennon announced they were all leaving. The Maharishi asked why? Lennon said, “If you’re so cosmic, you’ll know why.” As originally written, some of its lyrics were considered obscene, and had to be refined. Lennon had used the Maharishi’s name, but had to change it for fear of being sued. But, Sexy Sadie is the Maharishi. Needless to say, that was the end of the Maharishi and The Beatles relationship.

The new Sexy Sadie is Barack Obama marching his way through world capitals after failing to do any work in the U.S. Senate.

[Lyrics HERE]

Sexy Sadie what have you done
You made a fool of everyone
You made a fool of everyone
Sexy Sadie, ooh, what have you done

Sexy Sadie you’ll get yours yet
However big you think you are
However big you think you are
Sexy Sadie, ooh, you’ll get yours yet

Sexy Sadie, it’s another way of saying:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


Democratic Culture Of Corruption

Lift the rock, find the snakes.

Now we know why Florida Congressman Robert Wexler did not care that Florida votes did not count during this primary cycle.

Now we know why Florida Congressman Robert Wexler did not care that Florida voters were disenfranchised.

Now we know why Robert Wexler defended Obama and abandoned his constitutents at the Democratic? Rules and By-laws Committee.

Now we know why Congressman Robert Wexler supports Barack Obama.

Answer: Birds of a feather… um… roost together. The Democratic Culture of Corruption is back.

Florida Congressman Robert Wexler did not care that Florida votes did not count during the primaries because he has abandoned Florida for Maryland. The Florida Congressman who represents Obama, not Florida:

You see, the longtime Democratic rep says he lives in Delray Beach and he’s required to maintain a residence in his district. But he really lives in Potomac MD. The house in Delray that he calls his “offical residence” is owned by Lawrence and Roslyn Cohen, the parents of Wexler’s wife, Laurie. And it’s in a restricted over-55 community, which makes it impossible for Wexler and and his three children to reside there. [snip]

You might think this seems a small matter and you might not like the vigor with which O’Reilly goes after Wexler (fresh liberal meat, you know). But it’s about more than partisan politics or even the fact that Wexler hasn’t lived in his district for ten years and lists a sham residence in official papers. Put bluntly, this is a sleazy and unethical move by Wexler and O’Reilly and the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund touch on the reasons why. For one, he gets a housing deduction from Congress to help him maintain two residences. Unless, he’s paying Mrs. Cohen rent when he sleeps on the pull-out, he’s just pocketing that little federal benefit.

Another thing is that he might be using the sham Delray house for tax purposes — as in, to not pay them. Florida doesn’t have a state income tax, Maryland does. That means his little deceit might be bringing him more than a little coin. It’s not proven, but his cars are, weirdly, registered in Florida and it deserves to be looked into.

Basically, this could be tantamount to fraud and it could actually have some legs, though I seriously doubt we’ll see any criminal charges and I’m quite certain his loyal voters will quickly forgive him. He’s good ol’ Bobby Wexler, after all.

That’s why we wrote:

Fight against Robert Wexler who brags about how much he helped and is helping Obama. Wexler is now whining about what a tough race he faces in very Democratic and very Pro-Hillary Broward County against a self-funded candidate. Wexler helped disenfranchise Florida Democratic voters. Now he wants Democratic voters to help him. “Just Say NO”. NOvember.

We also wrote:

Also, do NOT vote for those who enabled the race-baiting, gay-bashing, women-hating Obama campaign. Fight against John Kerry. Force Kerry to spend his Summer in Massachusetts fighting for his job – which is supposed to be representing the will of the people of Massachusetts. [snip]

Fight against the John Kerry who thinks Obama should be elected “because he is African-American”. John Kerry must still think Governor Patrick was a good choice because of the color of his skin too.

Kerry, still using the term “tar baby” – when will Kerry be called a “racist” or is he exempt from the charge because he supports Obama?

Massachusetts voters have a choice in the Democratic primary:

The Plymouth Democratic Town Committee recently announced that Ed O’Reilly, currently in the running for U.S. Senate, will be the guest speaker at its annual fundraising golf tournament dinner at 5:30 p.m. Friday, July 25, at the Squirrel Run Golf and Country Club.

This will be O’Reilly’s first public appearance in Plymouth.

O’Reilly received an unpredicted 23 percent of the vote for the U.S. Senate nomination at the Massachusetts Democratic Convention in Lowell last month. He is running against U.S. Senator John Kerry, who has run unchallenged since he took office 23 years ago.

O’Reilly, 55, has been a criminal defense trial attorney for 25 years. He worked his way through law school as a firefighter and fisherman. Raised in Watertown, he lives in Gloucester.

O’Reilly strongly supports the orderly and complete withdrawal of our troops from Iraq; the end of special interest manipulation in Washington, D.C.; universal health care; progress of the green and renewable energy industries; and the halt of global warming.

Then there is Obama enabler John Edwards. We defended Edwards when allegations about his personal life emerged last year. We lightly mocked Edwards about his sprawling house purchase and his $400 haircut charged to the contributors to his campaign. We thought at the time that Edwards’ haircut/house problems were mostly irrelevant but also foolish, self-inflicted, and displayed tone-deafness for a candidate who sold himself as a tribune of the poor.

Edwards enabled Obama not only with an endorsement of unqualified Obama but also repeatedly called Hillary Clinton’s character into question.

Edwards, when not attacking Hillary on a personal and character basis utilized his wife’s cancer to prop up his dead on arrival campaign.

Now this, ignored by Big Media which ceaselessly speculated about Bill Clinton on the front pages of the nation’s most prestigious newspapers:

Vice Presidential candidate Sen. John Edwards was caught visiting his mistress and secret love child at 2:40 this morning in a Los Angeles hotel by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

The married ex-senator from North Carolina – whose wife Elizabeth continues to battle cancer — met with his mistress, blonde divorcée Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton on Monday night, July 21 – and the NATIONAL ENQUIRER was there! He didn’t leave until early the next morning. [snip]

At 9:45 p.m. (PST) Monday, Edwards appeared at the hotel, and was dropped off at a side entrance. NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporter Alan Butterfield witnessed the ex-senator get out of a BMW driven by a male companion and stroll into the hotel.

Said Butterfield: “Edwards was not carrying anything. He walked in alone. He was wearing a blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He was looking around nervously before he entered the hotel.

“Once inside, he interestingly bypassed the lobby and ducked down a side stairs to go to the bottom floor to catch the elevator up – rather than taking the elevator in the main lobby. He went out of his way not to be seen.” [snip]

Meanwhile, Rielle had reserved rooms 246 and 252 under the name of the friend who had accompanied her from Santa Barbara, Bob McGovern. Rielle was in one room and McGovern was in another with her baby. This allowed her and Edwards to spend time alone, a source revealed.

Edwards went out of the hotel briefly with Rielle, they were observed by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and then went back to her room, where he stayed until attempting to sneak out of the hotel unseen at 2:40 a.m. (PST). But when he emerged alone from an elevator into the hotel basement he was greeted by several reporters from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

Senior NATIONAL ENQUIRER Reporter Alexander Hitchen asked Edwards why he was visiting Rielle and whether he was ready to confirm that he was the father of her baby.

Shocked to see a reporter, and without saying anything, Edwards ran up the stairs leading from the hotel basement to the lobby. But, spotting a photographer, he doubled back into the basement. As he emerged from the stairwell, reporter Butterfield questioned him about his hookup with Rielle.

Edwards did not answer and then ran into a nearby restroom. He stayed inside for about 15 minutes, refusing to answer questions from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER about what he was doing in the hotel. A group of hotel security men eventually escorted him from the men’s room, while preventing the NATIONAL ENQUIRER reporters from following him out of the hotel.

John Edwards, tribune of the poor, today issued a not very convincing denial: “I don’t talk about these tabloids. They’re tabloid trash and just full of lies.” Ask Gary Hart about Monkey Business.

But the greatest corruption Americans are witnessing today is the corruption of the political process by Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi aiding and abetting a Big Media intent on force-feeding an unqualified Barack Obama on the electorate.

The electorate is not so easily fooled however.

While Barack Obama has touted his travel to the Middle East and Europe this week as a “fact-finding” trip, 63% of Americans do not believe it makes the Democratic candidate any more qualified to be president.

A new Rasmussen Reports national survey, taken Monday night, also finds that less than a third (32%) think Obama will learn from his trip to Iraq.

Big Media is also scratching it’s collective head about why Obama is such a hard sell.

Lots of speculation on the web, and in whispering circles, about why Obama’s foreign trip–a slam-dunk success substantively and in photo-op terms (Obama laughing with Petraeus in the helicopter was the best)–hasn’t resulted in a polling bump. The emerging conventional wisdom seems to be that the trip is a bit too grand, too…presumptuous and voters are wary of that. (And presumption, of course, always comes with the subterranean tinge of racism.) Maybe so.

But I have another theory. People may be thinking, what on earth is Obama doing over there when we have so many problems back home? Why isn’t he talking about the economy? No doubt, the Obama staff figured they needed this week abroad to establish the image of Obama as a potential Commander-in-Chief…and, no doubt, he will turn to the economy–a Democratic strength, according to the polls–when he gets home. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is paying a price for vamping about overseas while banks are cratering, gas prices soar and people are getting really, really nervous about their futures.

The answer Big Media is that Obama is not qualifed to be president. And Americans know there are too many unanswered questions about Obama’s Chicago Culture of Corruption.

And of course,

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.


McCain Vs. Big Media Party

The death of Tim Russert was not in any way the death of the Big Media Party. Candidates for political office must take sides – either the Big Media Party or the American voter.

The rule “never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel” is now a rule to be breeched because Big Media does not merely want to observe and report. Big Media wants to run the show. John McCain, who benefited for years from Big Media love, is now waking up to the threat Big Media poses to his campaign.

Democrats and Republicans who care about Democracy must unite against Big Media Party control of our politics.

The Big Media Party demands that what remains of the rational Democratic Party and the few lucid voices at the Republican Party obey the Big Media Party. In this election Barack Obama is the Big Media Party tool. McCain/Hillary had better fight back or lose. It appears McCain might decide to fight back.

The disappointing Dee Dee Myers wrote, in question form, what Big Media observers know: Is the Media trying to Elect Obama?

So far, the answer is clear: Obama is The One. In the first quarter of the general election, he has simply gotten more and better coverage than McCain. For those who need more evidence than the enormous press entourage that is treating Obama’s current trip not like the campaign swing of a presidential candidate, but like the international debut of the New American President, there are several new studies which help quantify the disparity.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism, which evaluates more than 300 newspaper, magazine, and television stories each week, found that from June 9 (after Obama had wrapped up the Democratic nomination) until July 13, Obama was more prominently covered every single week. During one particular week, July 7–13, McCain was a significant presence in 48 percent of the stories—but Obama met that mark in 77 percent of the pieces. Similarly, the Tyndall Report, a media monitoring group, found that Obama received substantially more media attention.

I can only imagine what the gap must be like this week, as Obama continues to meet with world leaders and adoring crowds, while the mere presence of media’s biggest and brightest stars stamps each and every event as important!

Given all that, it’s not surprising that voters, particularly those of the Republican persuasion, think the media is more or less in Obama’s pocket. A recent survey by Rasmussen found that 49 percent of the likely voters they talked to believed that reporters would favor Obama in their coverage, while just 14 percent said the same about McCain. Seventy-eight percent of Republicans thought the press would try and help Obama win, while only 21 percent of Democrats thought journalists were in bed with McCain. Complaints about bias are only exacerbated when the New York Times (the bête noire of the right) rejects an opinion piece written by McCain comparing his position on Iraq to Obama’s—just days after the Times ran a similar piece by Obama.

Suspicions of pro-Obama bias began in the primaries. A Pew survey in late May and early June found that 37 percent of Americans believed that Obama received preferential coverage; only eight percent said the same about his principal opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Even the mindless Howard Fineman knows the Big Media Party is force-feeding its tool – Barack Obama – to the American people.

Last, and perhaps most importantly, the American people may be repelled at the sight of a man touring the planet in presidential style who has yet to even be nominated by his own party. There is something a little off about Obamapalooza, even if it is not entirely the candidate’s fault. The self-conscious mimicking of J.F.K. can be cloying or even worse. Kennedy went to Berlin in the midst of a Cold War crisis. To stand at the Brandenburg Gate and declare “Ich bin ein Berliner” took enormous guts. Obama has yet to match that fortitude — and he hasn’t been chosen president. However quaint it may seem, voters may want a say in that decision.

McCain had better realize quickly that the Big Media Party is the enemy. Barack Obama is merely a tool. The Democratic leaders have surrendered and decided to collaborate with the Big Media Party.

We wrote in April:

The protests by us and many other Hillary supporters was not whining. This election season several “correspondents” have had to publically apologize for their open misogyny and abusive comments against Hillary. The abuse has been staggering. At one point we even referred to the attacks as a form of “rape”. T-shirts stating “The Bro before the Ho” have been sold along with “nutcrackers” in the shape of Hillary. Big Media has not had anything to say about the sale of these items other than to grin. If racist items were sold Big Media would get on its high horse and blame Hillary immediately and continuously. Hillary has been portrayed as “cackling” and with her “claws” out in Big Media outlets. Big Media has examined her clothes and her breasts. The abuse has been staggering.

John McCain and Hillary Clinton need to side with the American voter against the Big Media Party.


Nut & Honey

The past few days have reminded us of an old Nut & Honey commercial.

First the nuts. There was a gathering of Nutroot Notions (they now call themselves Netroots Nation, formerly YearlyKooks of DailyKooks) in Austin, Texas which had as its chief aim the protection and non-criticism of FISA Pelosi and Barack Obama. It was a sad spectacle.

Barack Obama did not want to be seen anywhere near the Nutroot Notions seance so Obama escaped to Iraq. The escape was necessary not only to avoid Nutroot Notions but Obama is desperately seeking gravitas. Obama needs to find gravitas somewhere. The callow, unqualified Obama figured he might find gravitas in the sands of the Middle East because he has not found gravitas in the United States.

Meanwhile FISA Pelosi (formerly Nancy Pelosi) continued her charm offensive to woo Hillary Clinton supporters:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged disaffected backers of Hillary Clinton to support Barack Obama’s choice for vice president, even if he picks a female candidate not named Clinton.

“I don’t think we should be making an issue after the primary is over about who should be vice president.” [snip] “The only one thing important right now is party unity.” [snip]

Speaking shortly after Al Gore addressed a surprised crowd at Netroots Nation, Pelosi used the appearance of the former vice president to highlight the broad importance of the general election. “I think about [what could have been] all the time,” she said. “I like to say this first seven and a half or eight years of this century are ones we just might have to have a fresh start from. Let’s start the century over.”

FISA Pelosi, even as she pushes her choice (Chet Edwards) for Vice President seems to forget that Vice Presidential choices are matters fit for discussion. Think Lyndon Johnson or even John Edwards – Only when Hillary Clinton is the subject does FISA Pelosi and her ilk denounce the very concept of discussion. For the record, many Hillary supporters do not want Hillary Clinton to have anything at all to do with Barack Obama.

But the nut contest of the past few days was clearly won by Don Flowler and Alice Germond. They wrote a letter.

Dear Democratic Friends:

2008 is a Democratic year-at all levels in all the states. The opportunity is ours. We just have to seize it. [snip]

It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition.

I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It’s time to put the primaries behind us. It’s time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.

It’s time to WIN for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, America, and our future. We have an unparalleled opportunity. I hope we will all do everything we can to seize the moment.

We note how Fowler/Germond end the letter – Barack first, America last. Shouldn’t the order be (first) America, (then) the Democratic Party, (ending with) pompous Barack?

There is a lot to disagree with in the letter. The insulting tone and demand that Hillary supporters “act in a mature and resourceful fashion” is only a small matter.

What escapes Fowler/Germond is that many very mature, very resourceful, very intelligent Real Democrats will contine to carp, complain and criticize” the results of the 2000 stolen election. And we sure as blazes will continue to carp, complain and criticize” what has happened this election cycle.

The ones that continue to “carp, complain and criticize” are people like Fowler/Germond who are insistent that Real Democrats do as they are told. It’s not going to happen so Fowler/Germond should refrain from the carping, complaining and criticizing.

Why the carping and complaining and criticizing from the Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi/FISA Democratic? Party? Here is the Honey answer:

When comparing Obama’s full FEC filing for June with a list of 311 “Hillraisers” — or supporters who bundled more than $100,000 in contributions for Sen. Clinton — the Huffington Post found only eight names in common between the two lists. Not all of those donors maxed out, either, making for a relatively paltry figure of $19,250 in direct, hard-money contributions from Hillraisers for the month. [snip]

But still, the fact that fewer than three percent of Clinton’s donors have donated any money directly to Obama in his first month as presumptive nominee is likely to raise the eyebrows of some leaders in the Democratic Party who are hoping to see signs of unity. Clinton suspended her campaign in early June, and officially endorsed Barack Obama in a speech on June 7.

In addition, only a scattered few Hillraisers donated to the Democratic National Committee or its Victory Fund in June — perhaps a more worrying development for the party as it tries to keep pace with its Republican counterpart. (Such checks to the party, however, can go as high as $28,500.) [snip]

And, it must be noted, the ultimate usefulness of some of these figures is not how much they donate personally, but whether they perform the hard work of organizing others to open their wallets. Still, individual contributions can be a sign of intent or enthusiasm.

Judging by the latest figures, there isn’t much of either among Hillraisers at the moment.

The bitter, foot stomping demands that Real Democrats cling to the Democratic Party leaders and their selection of unqualified Obama is due to a growing nervousness, among these leaders, that Obama is a loser.

Barack Obama should be ahead right now. Way ahead. Not even close is how it should look, even though I wouldn’t for a minute tell you that if it were that would seal the deal. But the fact that my old candidate Mike Dukakis was running better 20 years ago against George Bush than Obama is today against John McCain makes me nervous. It should be a sign to some of the whiners on my side, still worried about whether Obama is liberal enough or whether he’s doing enough to help Hillary, that it’s time to stop whining and start working. Otherwise, it will be hello President McCain.

It’s not that McCain is doing so well. He isn’t. [snip]

So why worry?

First, because the experience of the primaries, not to mention that of other African-American candidates, suggests that polls tend to overstate, not understate, support for black candidates. With the exception of Indiana, every pre-primary poll in a major state showed the race between Obama and Clinton to be closer than it turned out to be. [snip]

Second, because this should be a Democratic year. A landslide Democratic year. The best Democratic year imaginable. Twenty years ago, when Michael Dukakis was leading around now, the incumbent Republican, Ronald Reagan, was actually popular. A majority of Americans thought the country was on the right track. Gas cost $1.08 a gallon. Jihadists were “freedom fighters.” The Republicans were the party of peace and prosperity; their “brand,” as marketers call it, was worth something.

To say Republicans have fallen on hard times doesn’t begin to describe it. George Bush’s approval ratings are down to the immediate family; even die-hard Republicans are wringing their hands. Party identification has plummeted. The wrong-trackers outnumber the right-trackers by more than two -to-one. The generic Democrat beats the generic Republican in the generic House contest (if only such things existed) by fifteen points. Even in the real (not generic) world, where the Congress that is controlled by actual Democrats is almost as unpopular as the White House that is controlled by actual Republicans, the numbers crunchers on both sides expect Democrats to increase their majorities in both Houses. Significantly. In the special elections to date, the Democrats are up 3-0, winning seats in places Democrats don’t win.

Third, John McCain is hardly the dream candidate for a tough Republican year. He’s old. He’s had cancer twice. He has a temper. His sense of humor on occasion takes him to the edge, or over it. The circumstances surrounding the break-up of his first marriage were such that the Ronald Reagans basically dropped him from their list (and hired his ex-wife). The circumstances surrounding his second marriage have led to published gossip about his relationship with a blonde lobbyist. He’s a Washington insider at a time when Washington insiders are much reviled.

To say that he is not a favorite of the conservative base of his own party is an understatement of major proportion, and while Republicans may understand the need to be “good soldiers” in political battles better than some of my liberal friends do, the fact that McCain has to spend considerable time and energy appealing to and reassuring his conservative base gets in the way of his efforts to assure swing voters who tend to decide elections that he really is the independent maverick who lost to George Bush in 2000 and not his twin separated at birth.

And then there’s the matter of his campaign, which has not exactly been the model of a well-oiled machine. Senator McCain has had months to put together a general election effort and to fine tune his message, while we Democrats were still playing out the Hillary v. Obama saga. But until last week, when Mike Murphy announced that he would be spending the campaign on MSNBC’s payroll and not McCain’s, the wires were burning about whether McCain would turn to his old friend Murphy for help and advice (he was calling), and whether Murphy would take the job (only if he was the sole chief and not the co-captain) and whether McCain would throw current chief strategist (and former mega-lobbyist) Charlie Black overboard to get Murphy on board.

Not to mention the tepid McCain campaign advertisements which are not helping him draw a contrast with unqualified Obama.

Democratic leaders are nervous about their selected candidate:

So how can Newsweek have the race at a dead heat? How come, even in the polls where Obama is leading, his lead is in single digits? Is it that people still don’t know enough about him? No candidate in my lifetime has ever gotten better press coverage, more adoration from the media. Being attacked by Jesse Jackson is a gift of major proportions. Maybe it just hasn’t showed up yet in the numbers. Maybe race is a bigger factor than people want to admit. Maybe people just need to be convinced on the experience front. But whatever it is, Democrats should take note. It should be a Democratic year, but that is no guarantee that it will be one.

What can Democratic leaders do to sell unqualified Obama? Nuttin’ honey.


Only The Beginning

Will Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi ignore Women’s Equality Day on August 26, which is the second day of the Democratic convention?

Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi want women’s votes but continue to ignore and insult women. No recognition from Obama/Dean/Brazile/Pelosi of the historic 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention.

Hillary Clinton:

Dear Friends,

I am pleased to send greetings to each of you attending the 160th Anniversary of the Seneca Falls Convention. I am especially honored to be part of this special recognition of Women’s Rights. I thank the Seneca Falls Project, The National Women’s Hall of Fame and Seneca 160 for their support and recognition of this historic year for women along with our issues, struggles and triumphs.

This year has been significant for all of us as women. After traveling and meeting people from across America, I am more confident than ever about the future of our place and role in society. As someone who has had the privilege to benefit from many freedoms that are rooted here at Seneca Falls 160 years ago, I am encouraged and thankful for the continued effort and commitment to women’s causes that is evident here today. As women continue to distinguish themselves in aspects of society across America, we must renew our efforts to empower all women with the rights and opportunities promised by our founders and fought for by the heroic women and men who left an indelible mark in Seneca Falls 160 years ago.

I wish all the best for this special occasion and thank you once again for your continued support. I am proud of how far we have come and what we have accomplished. As I said last month, although we were not able to shatter that highest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it has got about 18 million cracks in it.

Is it any wonder that older women, who lived though the great struggles for the Equal Rights Amendment, the “liberation” struggles, and the day-to-day struggles for simple respect and dignity before the law, embrace Hillary and reject Obama?

Obama is falling short with some segments of the women vote. In particular, he currently polls considerably worse than his predecessors among all women age 65 or older. About one-third (35%) in this group support Obama, while 42% support McCain. In June 2000, Gore enjoyed a 53%-to-36% lead among women over 65, while in June 2004, Kerry held a more modest 48%-to-43% lead. Currently, nearly one-quarter of women 65 and older (23%) remain undecided about whom to support or say they will vote for another candidate, more than double the share that said that was the case at this point in 2004 (9%) and 2000 (11%).

Even among older women voters who identify themselves as Democrats, significant numbers have yet to declare their support for their party’s presumptive nominee. While Obama has a solid 69%-to-12% advantage over McCain among Democratic women over 50, nearly one-in-five (19%) remain undecided or would vote for another candidate. By comparison, just 4% of older Democratic men are undecided.

* * *

Ricki Leiberman of Electability Watch echoes a theme from our Voting For Barack Obama (right hand column) series:

A local public official called to commiserate and express his concern about having to work with the BO gang – that if my mild dissent occasioned such an outpouring of venom and wrath, what would it be like to have them govern? Certainly something to be asking the SDs as they consider their awesome responsibility to select the electable candidate at the convention in Denver.

Ricki also comments about Arriana Huff n’ Puff still pretending to be fair and balanced. Big Pink is a partisan site but we are honest about it – we proudly wave a Big Pink Hillary flag. Arriana Huff n’ Puff and Talking Pimps Memo, and DailyKooks pretend to be fair and balanced.

Interesting to hear reports from many of you that your comments were rejected in response to the Huff Post article. The ‘gatekeepers’ had no problem publishing my home address and phone number, and yet rejected many of your well-reasoned thoughtful comments. Nonetheless, Jay Kallio reports that nearly half of the posts were favorable, in spite of the problems. Think what the balance would have been had they let all of you speak!

I am so proud that so many of you and others took the time to try and post comments, to push back. And one result of all this tumult is so many more people are DOING THE EW! The very best revenge!

Ricki’s grasp of history (herstory?) allows her to label the incense burners with an accurate tag: locusts!

All in all, the last few days have been quite a look into the MO of the Obama gang and supporters. At this point, ‘they’ have disappeared as fast as they descended – like a plague of locusts!

Heed Ricki’s advice which echoes our advice:

Finally, the emails and mail boxes are full of BO and DNC solicitations. Please remember to return them with a message to COUNT EVERY VOTE; please give NO money to BO or the DNC…

* * *

As to the Howard Dean tour:

As he stepped off the bus he was greeted immediately by Guila Jackson, who loudly demanded that the party put Hillary Clinton’s name into nomination at this summer’s national party convention.

“We want a nominee who’s elected, not selected,” she said, gripping his hand tightly as he stood, a smile frozen on his face.

In 2000 real Democrats and Americans wanted a president who was elected, not selected.

In 2008, the same struggle – real Democrats want a nominee who is elected, not selected.

Thank you Guila Jackson for making Howard Dean’s tour so memorable.

The fight for the soul of the Democratic Party has begun.