Untied For Change

Not since Michael Jackson kissed Lisa-Marie Presley has there been a more tortured embrace.

Michael Jackson/Lisa-Marie legally united for publicity – they untied themselves soon thereafter.

So it was yesterday, in a not bitter, and not clingy, small town in New Hampshire.

Hillary, gorgeous and gracious in blue, demonstrated her amazing capacity to discuss issues of importance to Americans. Yesterday Hillary quoted Winston Churchill and welcomed the future, The Americans always get around to doing the right thing after trying nearly everything else. Obama is that “everything else”.

The previous night as well as yesterday, Hillary reminded Democrats that in the past 10 national elections Democrats have won only 3 times – twice with Bill Clinton. It’s called electability.

Some rational Democrats in that not bitter, not clingy location in New Hampshire cared about electability, some hated to be reminded about electability:

Some of her supporters weren’t quite ready to let go. “We want Hillary!” a handful of Clinton fans shouted during her speech. “It’s over!” an Obama voter shot back.

* * *

Democrats who care about the issues, those that want change, those that want to win in November: Untie yourselves from Barack Obama.

Untie yourselves from Obama now. Fight for issues you care about.

Don’t listen to the Democratic? National Committee. Don’t listen to Nancy FISA Pelosi. Don’t listen to 46 state strategy Howard Dean. Don’t listen to Donna Screw Florida Brazille. Don’t listen to Barack Flip-Flop-Flim-Flam Obama (D-Rezko).

You’ll be disappointed otherwise.

The inspiring Obama/Dean/Brazille/Pelosi Democratic? Party slogan for 2008:

Democratic Party Slogan 2008


Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

The Republicans know Obama cannot be trusted and unlike some ostrich Democrats they will not be shy about screaming that fact from the hilltops:

Obama was a relative moderate on the war during his first year in the Senate. He gave one speech against the war in 2002, but by the time it became clear he would face no serious challenger in his Senate race, he cooled his rhetoric, and even spoke out against timetables for withdraw. When he arrived in Washington, he waited 18 months before making his first floor speech on Iraq. Then Obama began his campaign for the presidency. Playing to the Democrartic party’s antiwar base, Obama pledged to withdraw troops regardless of the facts on the ground. He opposed the surge, and even warned that it would make the violence worse. And as progress became apparent, he stubbornly refused to recognize the gains our troops were making.

But Obama is a man of change. Just in the last week he dropped his opposition to telecom immunity, his support for handgun bans, his pledge to take public financing and renegotiate NAFTA–all core issues for Obama, or they were supposed to be. So what issue will he shift on next? After looking at the numbers from yesterday’s Quinnipiac battleground polls, we’re betting Iraq. It turns out that Americans as a whole aren’t nearly so eager for surrender as the left-wing of the Democratic party, and Obama isn’t much for staking out unpopular positions.

The left should brace itself: Obama’s going to be pro-surge, pro-troops, and pro-victory by this time next month.

Tough words. But as we know, Obama can’t be trusted.

* * *

Obama is so desperate now that he realizes the power of Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton supporters that he will even wear a tie which matches the color of Hillary’s clothes. But that is now. This was last week:

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) said he bit his tongue “many times” during the fierce primary battle with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

Two sources said that Obama’s comments came after Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.), a Clinton backer, told the Illinois senator that the Democratic Party needs time to heal.

I bit my tongue many times. Many times. I bit my tongue many times during this campaign,” Obama told his colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) last week during a private meeting. He repeated the “I bit my tongue” phrase three times during the meeting, the sources said.

The comments suggest that Obama believes that he did not unfairly attack Clinton but held back after feeling the sting of political barbs. [snip]

The caucus convened its members with Obama last week to heal some of the deep wounds from the campaign. It was a chance for Clinton CBC backers to unify behind their Democratic standard-bearer.

Sources say Obama was direct throughout the meeting but expressed some frustration with claims that it is going to take some time for the party to mend its wounds.

Obama ran a race-baiting, gay-bashing, women-hating campaign describing Hillary’s “claws” and Hillary attacking him at certain times of the month.

Obama flip-flopped and flim-flammed on gun control and the Second Amendment while attacking Hillary before this weeks flip-flop on his previous flip-flops.

* * *

Obama can’t be trusted. Obama is not qualifed to be president. And Obama is NOT electable. We Hillary Suporters will not vote for Obama. We Hillary Supporters will not support Obama in any way.

This past Thursday, June 26, 2008 an Associated Press – Yahoo News poll was published. Big Media headlined it as good news for Obama. But the headline is Big Media deception. Hillary Clinton supporters do not support Barack -can’t be trusted- Obama:

More than one in five who had backed the New York senator now plan to support Republican John McCain in the fall, a boost for McCain if those opinions hold. [snip]

Twenty-three percent of Clinton’s backers picked Republican John McCain over Obama. Of the rest, 16 percent were undecided, 5 percent were for independent candidate Ralph Nader and 3 percent said someone else.

The poll suggests the Clinton supporters are wary that he has enough experience to be president. Just 25 percent describe him as experienced, and that drops to 5 percent among those former Clinton backers who are not supporting Obama.

The poll responses also show Obama has more work to do to quell fears among voters like Kirstie Hartle of Rome, N.Y., a registered Democrat who has never supported a Republican presidential candidate. With Clinton out of the race, Hartle said, “I’m Republican all the way now.”

Jut Jaw

National Journal‘s Charles Cook punctures the Obama landslide myth and attributes it to Obama’s lack of experience (not race as Big Media loves to iimply):

Given the closeness of the last two presidential elections and the considerable polling data pointing to yet another tight contest, this November’s election seems likely to be a squeaker.

Yes, a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll shows Barack Obama ahead of John McCain by 12 points, and a Newsweek poll has Obama up by 15 points. But two polls aren’t a trend. A more recent three-night tracking poll, completed on June 24 by Gallup, has the race dead even at 45 percent each. A separate USA Today/Gallup poll has Obama up by just 6 points. And polls by Fox News; ABC News/Washington Post; Cook Political Report/RT Strategies; and Reuters/Zogby, all taken about the same time, have Obama ahead by 4 to 6 points. [snip]

A more likely scenario is that McCain or Obama wins narrowly: A hard-fought campaign is waged and nobody implodes; the popular and electoral votes might even split, as they did in 2000. [snip]

The questions about Obama’s experience are not unlike the ones about Reagan in 1980. In presidential trial heats, Obama is not polling as well as a generic Democrat. That may be partially because McCain is better liked or more respected than his Republican Party. But part of it may be reservations about whether Obama is ready for the nation’s highest office.

It isn’t that voters are sure that Obama is not ready. It’s just that they are not sure that he is ready.

Democrats who care about the issues, Democrats who care about winning – untie yourselves from unqualified, inexperienced, not trustworthy Barack Obama.

Untie yourselves from Obama.

Unite for Hillary.

We stand United for the right kind of change – Hillary.