Women Stop Whining

Think of this entire post as an Action Item.

Women Stop Whining – This is an observation as well as a warning: Stop Whining – more and more women are NOT whining and instead organizing against the Democratic? Party, Big Media and Big Media tool Barack Obama.

The observation and warning applies to men who supported Hillary too. The observation applies to all who are revolted by the open displays of misogyny this campaign season. We address ourselves specifically to women because women are the on the ground workers, volunteers, of the Democratic? Party.

Many times over we hear via email and other contacts about how “upset” our correspondents are with what was done to Hillary and Hillary Clinton supporters. The answer is to go on strike this NOvember. To borrow a phrase from Nancy Reagan “Just Say NO”.

Democrats, especially Democratic big money donors, tend to fall in line very quickly once a nominee is known. Big money Democratic donors are a culturally “conservative” set of people. They do not like to “rock the boat”. It is heartening that influential, and very well connected donors such as Barbara Layton are still fighting for Hillary. Do not underestimate how important this is. The fight continues and there is much organizing behind the scenes right now. Big money Democratic donors are not alone in this fight. Millions of us are committed to Hillary as our nominee. Millions of us are otherwise committed to a NOvember strategy. It’s a people’s campaign. We will not go quietly.

As much as the Democratic? establishment trys to force feed Obama to the Democratic millions it will not work. Democratic women leaders going to the back of the bus won’t work. Whining won’t work either – if you think Obama is NOT qualified to be president, if you don’t like the race-baiting, gay-bashing, women-hating campaign Obama has run – Don’t vote for Obama. Go on strike. Don’t take your seat at the back of the bus. NOvember.


Well, it might take awhile.

For sure, the 2,000 party activists attending the Ohio Democratic Party’s annual dinner tonight at the state fairgrounds are behind their presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

But after a prolonged and sometimes bitter primary battle against Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, some of the faithful are swallowing hard, opting for a slow embrace of Obama rather than a warm hug. [snip]

Some of the party members attending the Democratic dinner said Obama has work to do to reach out to Ohioans, especially in Appalachian Ohio and rural areas where Clinton and former President Bill Clinton have campaigned heavily. [snip]

Shirley Woodford, 60, an insurance saleswoman from Caldwell, supported Clinton in the primary and said she has “a few reservations” about Obama – especially whether he has enough experience to be president.

But Woodford said she plans to vote for Obama this fall because she thinks the country needs a change in direction and that voting for McCain wouldn’t be the answer.

“I can’t cut off my nose to spite my face,” Woodford said.

This is backwards thinking. If you think Obama is not qualified to be president – do not vote for him. If you want to fight against race-baiting, gay-bashing, and woman-hating – act like Rosa Parks did. Don’t go to the back of the bus.

Also, do NOT vote for those who enabled the race-baiting, gay-bashing, women-hating Obama campaign. Fight against John Kerry. Force Kerry to spend his Summer in Massachusetts fighting for his job – which is supposed to be representing the will of the people of Massachusetts.

This is John Forbes Kerry’s worst nightmare: He’s going to have to spend the summer campaigning . . . on the mainland.

Fall River, Chicopee, Haverhill, Lynn, Fitchburg – not a single one of those sweaty cities has any windsurfing worth a damn, not to mention a Ducati motorcycle dealer, damn, but Liveshot is going to spend the next three months pressing the flesh in those wretched burgs, searching in vain for a proper nouvelle cuisine brassiere while enduring the foul breath of the plebeians . . .

Stand by, Sen. Kerry, for an endless schedule of kielbasa festivals, parades, motorcycle rallies, town concerts, fireworks displays, questionnaires from special-interest groups and maybe even, gulp, a televised debate or two. Kerry’s already had to endure a Celtics playoff game. Instead of the Inn at Wauwinet, this summer Kerry will be dining at Coney Island Hot Dog in Worcester. Next thing you know, some beer-guzzling peasant in a No. 12 Patriots [team stats] jersey is going to be asking him about . . . baseball.

Fight against the John Kerry who thinks Obama should be elected “because he is African-American”. John Kerry must still think Governor Patrick was a good choice because of the color of his skin too.

Kerry is not feeling too well these days about future.

Our exclusive 7News Suffolk University Poll proves it: Just 38% of Bay State voters hope he’s re-elected in November, while 51%–more than half–want someone new. Nine per cent don’t know yet what they want.

“These numbers signal vulnerability. In a perfect world, this would be a huge problem for John Kerry. The hook is, is there a candidate on the ballot who can beat him,” Professor David Paleologos, Suffolk University, said.

Hillary won Massachusetts with a large majority. Let’s remind Kerry and other Obama enablers remember that Hillary won the big Democratic states. Let’s play to our strengths. Make the Obama enablers sweat before and after the Denver convention. Make the superdelegates feel the heat from no volunteers, no campaign contributions – indeed opposition to their reelections.

Fight against Robert Wexler who brags about how much he helped and is helping Obama. Wexler is now whining about what a tough race he faces in very Democratic and very Pro-Hillary Broward County against a self-funded candidate. Wexler helped disenfranchise Florida Democratic voters. Now he wants Democratic voters to help him. “Just Say NO”. NOvember.

There is much to do.

We still fight for our nominee – Hillary Clinton.

Liz Lemon (a.k.a. Tina Fey) said what many are thinking: “There is an 80% chance in the next election that I will tell all my friends that I’m voting for Barack Obama but I will secretly vote for John McCain.”

Susan B. Anthony said “No self respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her sex.”


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  1. That video of Khadafi is scary, apparently all these foriegners (arabs) seem to know Obama very well. They seem to have had knowledge of him before we did. I hope McCain can beat him.

  2. admin-what do u think of the unity campaign with barack and hillary? they start in nh this week. im wondering if she has struck a vp deal with him?! what do u think of this?

  3. Of course he does. Electric cars have zero to do with drilling for oil. The oil thing is just a rhetorical argument anyway. He saying states should decide. Most states will decide not to. Indeed, most of the oil is in CA, and they will never agree to that. The other part of the argument is for natural gas, and it’s a good idea. Indeed every major Dem in VA supports drilling for natural gas.
    Just a little more clarification…CA does allow Drilling for Oil what they do not allow at this time is offshore drilling that got banned after the Oil leaks in the 70’s and I think new oil well in land…but there are plenty of Oil fields in LA county….We have an museum dedicated to this…La Brea Tar Pits.

    My problem with CA is that every since Gov. Jerry Brown energy independence have not been as aggressive in California as it should be. Solor Energy should be at a high level of compliance but since the Oil companies own the patterns it’s hard to lower the cost down futher but until this state start mandating compliance instead of having it voluntary will their be a bottom up success that is needed.

  4. texan4hillary Says:

    June 23rd, 2008 at 4:47 pm
    admin-what do u think of the unity campaign with barack and hillary? they start in nh this week. im wondering if she has struck a vp deal with him?! what do u think of this?

    I hope she does not except

  5. Forget the flowers. Donate to Hillary. She needs the money. Anyone else see the video that she sent out? The money goes to her, to help, to pay down her debt.

  6. This is why i am not donating to Hillary debt until i see who is O’s vp. I want Hillary free and clear from O

  7. I will STILL not support Obama if she is on the ticket as V.P….please we vote for President not V.P.

    Also I would love to see Hillary do a Erase the debt campaign around the country by herself…but I know Hillary is a loyal democrat and will do what she has to do.

    Since I don’t trust the DNC, DEMOCRATIC? Party and Obama…I have been hesitant in donating to erase her debt while those vipers are around.

    Still thinking about it..have a question: How much time does Hillary has to erase her debt?

  8. carbynew Says:

    June 23rd, 2008 at 5:04 pm
    I will STILL not support Obama if she is on the ticket as V.P….please we vote for President not V.P.

    Nor will I

  9. corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=Y2YxNTk0NzBiNjgzZmY0MjEwYzg5ODViMjMxN2JlY2Y=

    Monday, June 23, 2008

    Padding Obama [Yuval Levin]

    Barack Obama released his first general election ad on Friday, which seems aimed above all to answer some early concerns about his biography and experience. It’s a well made ad, but it also offers an example of the kind of brazen padding of the resume that Obama will inevitably need to engage in, and which will carry serious risks for him.

    About 46 seconds into the ad, we are told that Obama “passed laws” that “extended healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected,” and in the usual manner of these political commercials we are given a little citation at the bottom. The citation reads “Public Law 110-181 1/28/08”. That law is the only federal legislation cited in the ad — the other two items mentioned were from the Illinois legislature and referred to other issues raised in the ad.

    Public Law 110-181 was the 2008 defense authorization bill. It passed the Senate by 91 to 3 in January, with six Senators not voting. Among those six absentees was Barack Obama. So he cites a bill he didn’t even vote for. Did he contribute to it in some way that might be reasonably referred to as extending healthcare for wounded troops who’d been neglected? It certainly doesn’t seem that way, as even Obama supporters at the Daily Kos discovered when they tried to answer some of the bloggers who pointed to Obama’s citation of the bill. They found that Obama had tried to insert an amendment that had to do with screenings for service members returning from deployments, and one that would ease the discharge of service members found to have personality disorders, but neither amendment passed. Another part of the bill, calling for inspector general reports about hospital facilities, had come from a different bill Obama had sponsored.

    Even under the most generous reading imaginable could any of that count as passing legislation that extended health care for wounded troops? The Chicago Tribune noted the problem on its blog last week but defended Obama by pointing out that John McCain didn’t vote for the bill either. That would be an interesting piece of information if John McCain had cited this bill as among his chief legislative accomplishments.

    The Obama team’s desire to pad the resume is understandable — it’s awfully slim after all. But this kind of dishonesty will catch up with them…or at least it should.

    06/23 10:49 AM

  10. Hillary has until the convention to erase her debt. The money goes to her, not BO.

    See Heidi Li’s blog for the details and a link.

  11. Obama, Hillary Clinton to campaign together on Fri.

    Jun 23 01:57 PM US/Eastern
    Associated Press Writer

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Former rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton plan to campaign together Friday in the small New Hampshire town of Unity, their first joint appearance meant to ease tensions over the closely fought Democratic primary.
    The location, announced Monday, was chosen not only for the symbolism of its name, but because each candidate received exactly 107 votes there in the Jan. 8 primary that Clinton won. New Hampshire is a critical battleground state in November. Republican John McCain won the state’s primary in his unsuccessful 2000 presidential bid and prevailed again this year.

    Former President Clinton does not plan to appear with his wife and Obama, ceding the spotlight to the two former foes.

    The rally will be the day after Obama and Clinton meet privately Thursday at a Washington hotel with former Clinton donors. The former first lady will introduce Obama to her financial backers who have been slow to embrace her one-time opponent.

    Clinton, a New York senator, suspended her campaign for the Democratic nomination earlier this month after Obama, an Illinois senator, secured enough delegates to clinch the nomination. “I endorse him and throw my full support behind him,” she said at the time.

    Clinton spokesman Mo Elleithee said she will make the same pitch to her supporters that they should support Obama “with everything we still need to accomplish and with the stakes as high as they are.”
    Copyright 2008 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  12. http://www.redlasso.com/ClipPlayer.aspx?id=fb7a20e5-b953-49cb-9902-42763b6e1444

    Biden Unable to Defend Obama’s Flip-Flop on Public Financing – Video 6/22/08

    On Meet the Press, June 22, 2008, Sen. Joe Biden representing the Obama campaign was really unable to defend Obama’s decision to break his word and opt out of public financing as he had pledged to do. Biden’s only attempt at defense was to say Obama could not be influenced by big money because he has so many small donors, as if that means he should not need to keep his word. Graham countered that Obama is a “calculating politician” who has shown he is heavily influenced by the far-left in the Democratic Party, particularly by MoveOn.org.


    h t t p: / / checks4thednc.weebly.com/

    Lets give Obama and the DNC the checks they want
    This is a protest we can do from our home.

    Recently Obama said he dont need the people just their checks so lets give him what he wants. People I know you normally donate money to Hillary Clinton but this is a donation to America. The 4th of July is independence day so lets show our independence from the Dem Party. I urge people to go out buy a cheap box of envelopes label each one (at least 20 per person) with the following address

  14. neetabug, After watching that video of the libyan leader and hearing about the Arab league registering dead people and pets, I am really worried the cheat may be able to pull this off. I am going to help him, but would want someone I trust close by. Maybe I am just scared of this guy, but I am not sure one of the men or women he wants would blow the whistle if Bo’s does or tries anything that would jeapardize our safety. I know Hillary Clinton would yell from the rooftop. I am really torn, but I will vote for McCain, but if Hillary takes we have to remember she at least will be there watching!

  15. I agree that helping Hillary pay down her debt is the most important “donation” issue right now. I know I’m not giving any hard-earned cash to Howard Dean and the DNC, or to Obama’s moneybags campaign. Part of the reason Hillary has such a high debt is because Obama constantly shook down his supporters for donations by sending out daily emails to them, which works well in the short-term but in the long-run saps the morale (and wallets!) of your donors. In order to stay afloat and competitive, Hillary had to run a much more expensive campaign than she otherwise intended to.

  16. I still can’t stop laughing over the fact that the Obama supporters are hyping today’s Politico story, which claims that Obama was an even-keeled “moderate” when he edited the Harvard Law Review. This is supposed to prove that Obama is not a knee-jerk liberal, even though he has ZERO track record of bipartisanship in the Senate, and has the most liberal voting record of any senator.

  17. Some Muslim Americans Feel Shunned by Obama
    As Senator Barack Obama courted voters in Iowa last December, Representative Keith Ellison, the country’s first Muslim congressman, stepped forward eagerly to help.

    Mr. Ellison believed that Mr. Obama’s message of unity resonated deeply with American Muslims. He volunteered to speak on Mr. Obama’s behalf at a mosque in Cedar Rapids, one of the nation’s oldest Muslim enclaves. But before the rally could take place, aides to Mr. Obama asked Mr. Ellison to cancel the trip because it might stir controversy. An aide appeared at Mr. Ellison’s Washington office to explain.

    “I will never forget the quote,” Mr. Ellison said, leaning forward in his chair as he recalled the aide’s words. “He said, ‘We have a very tightly wrapped message.’ ”

    When Mr. Obama began his presidential campaign, Muslim Americans from California to Virginia responded with enthusiasm, seeing him as a long-awaited champion of civil liberties, religious tolerance and diplomacy in foreign affairs. But more than a year later, many say, he has not returned their embrace.

    While the senator has visited churches and synagogues, he has yet to appear at a single mosque. Muslim and Arab-American organizations have tried repeatedly to arrange meetings with Mr. Obama, but officials with those organizations say their invitations — unlike those of their Jewish and Christian counterparts — have been ignored. Last week, two Muslim women wearing head scarves were barred by campaign volunteers from appearing behind Mr. Obama at a rally in Detroit.

    In interviews, Muslim political and civic leaders said they understood that their support for Mr. Obama could be a problem for him at a time when some Americans are deeply suspicious of Muslims. Yet those leaders nonetheless expressed disappointment and even anger at the distance that Mr. Obama has kept from them.

    “This is the ‘hope campaign,’ this is the ‘change campaign,’ ” said Mr. Ellison, Democrat of Minnesota. Muslims are frustrated, he added, that “they have not been fully engaged in it.”

    Aides to Mr. Obama denied that he had kept his Muslim supporters at arm’s length. They cited statements in which he had spoken inclusively about American Islam and a radio advertisement he recorded for the recent campaign of Representative Andre Carson, Democrat of Indiana, who this spring became the second Muslim elected to Congress.

    In May, Mr. Obama also had a brief, private meeting with the leader of a mosque in Dearborn, Mich., home to the country’s largest concentration of Arab-Americans. And this month, a senior campaign aide met with Arab-American leaders in Dearborn, most of whom are Muslim. (Mr. Obama did not campaign in Michigan before the primary in January because of a party dispute over the calendar.)

    “Our campaign has made every attempt to bring together Americans of all races, religions and backgrounds together to take on our common challenges,” Ben LaBolt, a campaign spokesman said in an e-mail message.

    Mr. LaBolt added that with religious groups, the campaign had largely taken “an interfaith approach, one that may not have reached every group that wishes to participate but has reached many Muslim Americans.”

    The strained relationship between Muslims and Mr. Obama reflects one of the main challenges facing the senator: how to maintain a broad electoral appeal without alienating any of the numerous constituencies he needs to win in November.
    Get use to being thrown off the Obamatrain whenever his majesty feel threaten…Obambi has no Political Courage. It’s about pandering for votes and then breaking his word for his convience. Obama is all about Obama and loyalty is for him and not to the people of this country.

  18. round table discussion at the Flying Star Cafe in Albuquerque. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
    by Katie Fretland

    While touring a bakery in Albuquerque today, Sen. Barack Obama spoke to women about economic difficulties and promised to stand up for equal pay if elected president.

    “Senator McCain won’t, and that’s a real difference in this election,” Obama said.

    The presumptive Democratic nominee told female workers about his upbringing and the women in his life who raised him – his mother and grandmother. He also spoke of his support for legislation earlier this year that would have made lawsuits over pay discrimination easier.

    Obama praised his former opponent, Sen. Hillary Clinton, calling her an “extraordinary woman,” who helped the country come closer to providing equal opportunities for women.

    The two will campaign together on Friday in Unity, N.H., where they each won 107 votes on Jan. 8.

    Today, Obama also remembered Title IX, the bill which was enacted 36 years ago to ban gender discrimination for education programs that receive federal money.

    “…thanks to Title IX, we have made much progress,” Obama’s campaign said in a statement. “Women now make up more than half of the students in our nation’s colleges and universities. American dominance in women’s sports on the world stage is a testament to the door that Title IX opened for young female athletes – and we know the women on the U.S. Olympic Team will make America proud this summer.”

    “But even as these facts speak to the progress that we’ve made, we know that too many of America’s daughters grow up facing barriers to their dreams. Women’s sports still often get short shrift in high school and college. High school vocational courses still tend to guide women toward lower-paying occupations. And when Americans need new skills to compete in this 21st century economy, women still make up fewer than one in five of our engineering graduates, and the number entering computer and information sciences programs is on the decline.”

    Read the rest of Obama’s statement here:

    “When I’m President, I’ll fight to make sure our female students have equal opportunities from pre-kindergarten all the way through graduate school. I will strengthen Title IX enforcement at the Department of Education. I will support the High School Sports Information Collection Act, which directs schools to make information on equality in athletic programs publicly available, as it is at the collegiate level. And I will direct my Department of Education to help schools take proactive steps to fulfill their Title IX obligations in both the sports and academic arenas.”

    “I am the father of two young girls who are growing up playing sports and who are beneficiaries of the doors Title IX opened. I’m running for President to make sure that the American Dream is within reach for every young girl in this country. That, after all, is what Title IX is all about – fulfilling our founding promise of equal opportunity for all. And that is the America we can build together – an America where our daughters have the same opportunities as our sons.”
    I love where Obama’s woman rights focus is…..Title IX in playing sports. Not dream to be POTUS!

  19. *****************NOTICE*********************
    Well, we went ahead and did it. MASSDEM had her initial Talk Radio Show on yesterday entitled,

    “NO WE WON’T” (vote for Obama) we are working under PUMA’s mission statement.

    I’m leaving a link here for all of you to listen to the first broadcast of “NO WE WON’T” …and will repost it when Admin Monday’s brief is published.

    The responders on the broadcast are from another Hill site, “Capital Hill”. wwcapitalhillforum.com
    which you are invited to join if you wish!

    You can listen to the replay of our first radio broadcast here: hint…you’ll LOVE IT!


    Mrs. Smith

  20. http://www.thedenvergroup.blogspot.com/

    Monday, June 23, 2008
    The Denver Group was formed less than one week ago in response to information that Howard Dean and the DNC wanted to keep Senator Clinton’s name off the ballot in Denver in an attempt at fostering the appearance of party unity at the convention.

    Through the use of mass media the Group intends to make it clear to Howard Dean and the DNC that the convention must be an open convention and must function that way, and to that end Senator Clinton’s name must be on the ballot. Her name must be put in nomination and there must be a roll call vote allowing the delegates Senator Clinton has earned and who represent more than 18 million Democratic voters, to cast their votes. The representation of those 18 million Democratic voters is the only acceptable means for conducting the convention regardless of outcome, and the only acceptable means that is in accordance with the democratic process.

    To achieve these goals we have organized ourselves as a non-connected committee. By doing this we may not accept contributions in excess of $5,000 and we may not accept contributions from corporations or unions but it will give us greater flexibility in the messages we can send.

    It will also let Howard Dean and the DNC know through our use of mass media that the messages being sent through our full page ads and tv commercials are being sent by an extremely large number of Democrats concerned with keeping the Democratic Party democratic and who are insisting that Senator Clinton’s s name is on the ballot and that there be a roll call vote. It will also indicate to Dr. Dean and the DNC that there will be an extremely large number of disaffected Democrats if its not.

    UPDATE: June 23, 2008

    The bylaws of the committee have been drafted and officers appointed and papers have readied for filing with the FEC.The IRS is currently processing the necessary paper work making it possible to accept contributions. We would like to thank all those who have already pledged contributions even before we are able to accept them and we expect we will be able to accept contributions this week, perhaps as early as Wednesday. Please check back for future updates.

  21. Here is a little funnie, from the comment section at NOQuarter:

    “Over on John McCain’s website a few weeks ago, he had a little quiz about the differences between his and Obama’s voting records. One of the questions was, “Who was the only senator to vote against the ban on human cloning?” The answer was Senator Obama, and Obama was quoted as saying, “I pushed the wrong button.”
    I sure don’t want that man anywhere near any buttons that might launch a nuclear attack. Do you?”

  22. as luck would have it, our girl and the new messiah will arrive in my state this friday. i have appointments in the morning, but my afternoon is free. i am considering attending the “event” if it happens post noon. however, i have major reservations. one; being surrounded by bots. two; listening to hillary say things i know she does not feel in her heart and three; having to listen to the pompous ass himself…

    hhmm. sounds as if i’m talking myself out of it…i guess the main reason i would go is to show support for hillary and cheer her on. i suppose i could wear a garland of garlic and a few crucifixes around my neck to keep the un-dead away.

    would any of you consider attending if it was in your state? just curious.

  23. alcina…II would take as MANY Hillary supporters as you can round up, stay for HER presentation and leave en mass when Obama took the stage

  24. alicina…… yes i would go, with a group of hill supporters to chant “selected not elected” ” no obama in november” “puma” etc 😀

  25. Admin, great Post!

    I met Barbara Layton at the RBC and :blush:…anyway, she was cool as heck!
    The big money donors are hanging with Hillary…why throw their good money away on the Pompous One when, as Barbara said something might happen…


  26. No…I would not attend a BO/Hillary event…

    If I did I would have a sign saying “I’m voting MCCain now…sorry hillary”!

  27. Uh…NO. Not just NO, but HELL NO. NO Way will this self-respecting woman cast a vote for any anti-American, racist who demeans ALL women every chance he gets. See how his cuz Odinga feels about women. Birds of a feather……………….

  28. thanks for the input.

    i’ll keep you posted as details emerge. who knows, it may be by invitation* only. i am sure they don’t want a bunch of psycho-hill-raisers showing up on national news in what is supposed to be a “unity” kumbaya (barf) event.

    *in other words, bussed-in bots by the thousands.

  29. Ingraham: Kim Jong Il supports Obama


  30. meiyingsu..i heard that this morning too…


    what a guy

    also, the Mom’s High School CANNOT be deemed “guilt by association”…this was formative to her thoughts and actions later. I am not sure if I still haev the asiatimes link that was out earlier in the year, but i will look.

    makes your hair stand on end as to who mom really was…hardly Dorothy from Kansas

  31. I read on another blog that Wexler will have competition this fall to keep his spot in Congress as well. His opponent will be running as an Independent but will caucus with the Dems. I’d REALLY like to see him ousted out of office, right alongside Kerry and so many others who screwed over Hillary.

  32. ya know…it used to really irritate me that Outlook wanted to spellcheck Obama’s name all the time (and we probably all know what it wants to change it TO)

    but, having not ever updated the dictionary, I get a perverse pleasure clicking “Ignore” when his name is submitted for change…

    OOOOOOOoooooOOOO I made a funny!


  33. Adm..Please ck your spam filter.. I posted a notice earlier and I think it might have taken a left turn somewhere along the line..


    Mrs. Smith

  34. Larry Sinclair is out of Jail Today!! 😀


    Posted by Larry Sinclair on Monday, June 23, 2008
    Just wanted to let everyone know I truly appreciate your support and your prayers. I am fine, I need some time to get situated and I am working on a post that will explain everything that transpired this past week.

    It is amazing to what lengths people will go to to try and discredit me and shut me up.


  35. Not sure if this was posted but it about sums up the treatment Hillary Clinton Supporters face when they do not support the chosen one. Read on…

    Not far from the Tree

    I don’t know how many times it has happened or to how many people. But more than a few Hillary supporters that refuse to support Obama have been accused, intimidated, threatened and attacked with an alarming increasing frequency.

    We witnessed the beginnings of this when Tavis Smiley was threatened because he spoke out against Obama. Hell, they even threatened his family. People like John Lewis were likewise threatened and intimidated. And during the caucuses it is no big secret that the Obama people intimidated Hillary supporters. In some cases they even resorted to violence.

    So just what is it that drives seemingly otherwise reasonable people to have such little regard for the rights and opinions of others? Are they under some magick spell and just can’t help their selves? Because it sure seems that way. Is it any wonder that many of us refer to Obama followers as Cultists? Because that is the way they act, swarming like a mob at anyone and anything in their path.

    How else to you explain the personal threats that Paula Abeles received to both herself and her family merely because she helped to organize a meeting with John McCain? Anonymous people call you up and say that they know where you live and that they know you have children. And they call you at every hour of the day and night. What should you believe?

    Just who are these sick bastards that think that threatening little children is within the realm of acceptable political behavior? And given that these incidents are public news why is Obama so strangely silent? And Howard Dean? Where are these folks that claim to desire unity? Do they think they can threaten us into it?

    The answer to many of these questions is unfortunately dead silence. Because you certainly don’t see Obama or any Democratic leader calling for civility. It’s exactly the same response we heard when we complained so loudly about the obvious misogyny.

    What we do hear is that we should just get over our angst. And they seem to believe that that is enough to quell the masses. But what they refuse to see, or they are intentionally ignoring, is the seething hatred that is growing among their own ranks. Most of us on the other side have already moved on and we are doing something constructive with our dissatisfaction.

    While trying to come up with a reasonable answer as to why all of this is happening I am reminded of Obama’s upbringing. And especially of the central characters closest to him, the ones that helped him formulate his sense of self. And when I look at people like Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger and Louis Farrakhan and Bill Ayers it is very easy to see why Obama has turned a deaf ear to these many despicable transgressions.

    Because his closest associates know nothing but hate. And they ALL seek revenge. So it is very easy to see why Obama’s Cultists emulate the same thuggish type behavior. Because the truth is that beneath the glamor and the charm is a man full of hate. And he wants to take it out on the rest of us. Those of us that don’t adore and praise him.

    Let’s be very clear here. The people that are making these threats are nothing more than terrorists. Because that is the path they have chosen. They have a political agenda. And if the rest of us stand in the way of it we are disposable. That is what this is all about. And that is why we must defeat them. Regardless of the cost.


    This is one reason why Hill and Bill shouldn’t support BO. He does absolutely nothing to calm the storm of the Obamanots in action.

  36. Well the way I see it is the DNC thinks if you were stupid enough to vote for GWB in 2004 (and god knows there were 3 million votes more than enough ) then you should be stupid enough to vote for BHO. I seriously can’t explain their thinking any other way.

    But this time those 3 million will turn from BHO and the DNC because like Georgie said


    and besides BHO has some catching up to do with this master.

  37. and it doesn’t even stop there!

    the end line on the next “you think THIS article might be better”

    “Exactly. These angry people have nowhere else to go. So the safe expectation is that they will fall in line without much kicking and screaming. And that, ultimately, is why many of them are kicking and screaming. Yes, they’re going to vote for Obama. Of course they’ll vote for him. The truth is, they’ll probably love voting for him. But after what they feel has been done to them — the way in which they were written off, marginalized and resented, their hopes mocked and their history-making ambitions dismissed as retrograde identity politicking — damned if they’re going to be nice girls about it.”


    these people DO NOT have a clue…..


  38. Norma:

    That writer is either incredibly poor or delusional.

    Or both.

    Last time I checked, I wasn’t a girl and I will under no circumstances EVER vote for Barry Ofraudma. Not ever.

    More whistling past the graveyard, hope and prayer at swaying public opinion tripe from Salon.


  39. Paul, I liked the first version….

    poor of judgment
    poor of feeling
    poor of everything reality based

  40. Not sure if this was mentioned in a prior thread, but Norma I know you were steamed up and thus will be happy to know (from TM)…

    *** BTW, I still haven’t seen where anyone put 2 & 2 together regarding this Obama seal, which is what I’d mentioned a few days ago, before my internet connection troubles struck.
    And that was that Axelrod, intimately involved in (NBC’s!) The West Wing first breaking the American consciousness with it’s “Minority from Nowhere to the Oval Office” storyline in the final two seasons, went back to the beginning of the WW to swipe their slogan, (attempting to) turn it from Bartlet for America to Obama for America. All part of the Made-for-TV candidacy.

    Last week, Barack Obama unveiled a new campaign seal — and not the kind that swims, barks and balances balls on the end of its nose. Rather, it was the kind that has a big old eagle on it and some Latin (Vero possumus, which translates very loosely to “Yes we can”). It’s also a seal that combined elements of Richard Nixon’s White House police uniforms and George W. Bush’s “Mission Accomplished.” And it went over about as well. Andrew Malcolm at the L.A. Times had some fun with it. And Mickey Kaus predicted it would be disappeared over the weekend. His exact words were: “But unless David Axelrod is insane, the thing will never be seen again.” Kaus was right. While we don’t have full details, someone at Obama’s press center, when asked if the seal would be used going forward said simply, “No.” There were still a number of vaguely presidential-seal screensavers available at the Obama website, though.

  41. I just read Imus is in trouble again with more racists comments. They were racist and Al Sharpton is pist again. What I want to know is when Imus came back the very first thing that came out of his mouth was I am back and Hillary is still Satan. Now why did no one complain then????? I complained, but I was just a invisible x-ray tech in Texas. I am sick of this crap.

  42. texan4hillary Says:
    June 23rd, 2008 at 4:47 pm
    admin-what do u think of the unity campaign with barack and hillary? they start in nh this week. im wondering if she has struck a vp deal with him?!

    I’m not admin (yay admin!) but I hope every time HIllary appears in public people will go and chant “Denver … 2012 … McCain!”

    As for a VP deal, that would be really awful! That would lock her into ironing his shirt if he won and it might even make him win.

    Pls sign these petitions and post around:
    h t t p : / / http://www.pumaparty.com/hillarynovp

  43. neetabug Says:
    June 23rd, 2008 at 5:03 pm
    This is why i am not donating to Hillary debt until i see who is O’s vp. I want Hillary free and clear from O

    Heidi Li and others say that if we pay Hillary’s debt that will help her stay free of BO, because otherwise she might need his help to pay it. See her blog Potpourri.

  44. confloyd Says:
    neetabug, After watching that video of the libyan leader and hearing about the Arab league registering dead people and pets, I am really worried the cheat may be able to pull this off. I am going to help him, but would want someone I trust close by. Maybe I am just scared of this guy, but I am not sure one of the men or women he wants would blow the whistle if Bo’s does or tries anything that would jeapardize our safety. I know Hillary Clinton would yell from the rooftop. I am really torn, but I will vote for McCain, but if Hillary takes we have to remember she at least will be there watching!

    YOu mean if she takes VP? But she could watch much better from teh Senate! VP has no power but what the Pres gives. The VP has to follow the Pres’ orders in everything! BO couldl lock her out of the White House! He could send her off to Pakistan…. IN the Senate she is a free and powerful Senator on many security committees. She and her committees could really do something. As VP she will just be locked up helpless.

    Pls sign and post the petitions agaisnt VP:
    h t t p : / / http://www.pumaparty.com/hillarynovp

  45. is there a way to lobby some of the big hillary donors to instead help the denver group so hillary has a fair roll call vote etc?

  46. djia Says:
    June 23rd, 2008 at 8:14 pm
    alicina…… yes i would go, with a group of hill supporters to chant “selected not elected” ” no obama in november” “puma” etc

    If you’re scared of getting caught chanting, all carry little tiny digital recorders in your purses and just punch the button to turn on a pre-recorded chant. 🙂

  47. Blue Dem…thanks 😀

    the REALLY BIG OBAMA SEAL is stupid as shit….

    and tonight the news reported the Campaign stated “it was only made to be used once”


    Guess they heard the outrage, lied about it’s use and threw the graphic artist under the bus.

    It was crooked anyway….in more ways than one!

    Night all!

  48. What an asshole….


    Clinton Emails for Cash to Retire Debt, Manages to Mention Obama’s Name Once

    now this comment to the SNARKY headline…

    I wish Hillary would do a video and just sit there and say “OBAMA” ad nauseum….nothing else, just “Obama”
    Posted by: Ann | Jun 23, 2008 4:28:27 PM

    the msm just cannot get enough of the clintons, when the people are off the scene being human, doing what they do, minding their own business, they say
    “Where are the clintons and why aren’t they speaking out (about this or that)”
    and when they are back on the scene, they are busy talking about how they wish they would go away, or an article such as this.
    i know there must be something else in the news going on that the msm need to tell us about, rather than running around in behind one of the clintons counting every word they say.

    it is such a shame we now do not have much of a choice for president.

    this country in going into a slow decline into third worldness.

    i think obama is not ready to be president, he will probally win, but not because people are so much for him, as they are against and afraid of mccain.

    obama is average at best, and has a lot to learn, and we the working people in this country will suffer while he and his try to figure it out.

    but people seem to be ok with suffering to help obama.

    but i do wish the msm would just leave the clinton’ alone.

    they have a lot of good work they do for others, the cgi is becoming one of the worlds best organizstions for helping people in need in the usa and around the world. but you will not here anyone int he msm talking about how many people have aids meds because of the clintons. or how many young people are in college now rather than fighting for a job in a fast food rest. with no prospects in the future.

    leave the clinton’ alone.

    you dog the clinton’ and then turn around and expect them to be helping obama. let obama win or lose on his own.

    he dosen’t need nor want sen. clinton and president bill clinton around.
    so let them be

  49. and when he doesn’t have a teleprompter


  50. and when he doesn’t have his teleprompter…
    h t t p ://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://cache.daylife.com/imageserve/0bogbU5dxLeYq/610x.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.daylife.com/photo/0bogbU5dxLeYq&h=411&w=610&sz=60&hl=en&start=81&um=1&tbnid=qXdVz7azebMyqM:&tbnh=92&tbnw=136&prev=/images%3Fq%3DObama%2Bat%2Bpodium%26start%3D80%26ndsp%3D20%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26client%3Dfirefox-a%26rls%3Dorg.mozilla:en-US:official%26hs%3DFl0%26sa%3DN

  51. darn…if I post this again, it will be three times…

    maybe Admin will let it through …..

  52. Obama must have a huge war chest. Many of the sites I visit (political and non-political) are littered with Obama ads.

    I hate his face and it pains me to see it when I least expect it.

  53. Hi guys–
    Here it is!!
    The Just Say No Deal Coalition members are all supporting our initiative to declare
    July 4th “Independence Day” for Hillary Clinton.
    Hopefully you will soon be seeing this on all our websites!!!

    Please remember to contribute $20.08 on July 4th at http://www.hillaryclinton.com

    Let’s send a message—-Nobody owns our girl—not the DNC, not Obama.

    And EVERYONE— on July 4th—wear your Hillary-gear……….. as a protest and a promise!!!

    Here’s the video from our talented friend:

    Please take action for HRC —– spread the word EVERYWHERE!

  54. BO may regret getting Hillary out of the race so soon.

    Now the MSM has to ditch their “Ain’t Hill Awful” pieces and aren’t getting much traction with their snide ‘Bill’ comments so…….they have to turn their attention to BO. “Ain’t Obama Wonderful” is not considered a career booster. (Chris Matthews etc. are dying ratings-wise) They are, after all, “nattering nabobs of negativism” as Spiro Agnew told us. Soooooooooooooo…..they are starting to talk about what Obama is saying. And doing.

    And it’s not going too well. Their enthusiasm for the underdog has turned into their natural “we know better” attitude or to put it bluntly, “Obama, you’re another political idiot”. Stay tuned.

    I conclude there is still hope as opposed to the “hope” he natters about.

  55. From last thread:
    basil9 Says:
    June 23rd, 2008 at 4:16 pm
    BTW, i just had a horrible thought. What if HRC is being held hostage with regards to her campaign debt as well as future senate influence by whether or not she succeeds in delivering her supporters to obammerrhoid?
    Like indentured labor?

    All the more reason to defeat Obama in November! Whatever the Pelosi crowd could do to her now, they’d have much more power if their puppet becomes President.

    If they’ve got enough power in the Senate to force her to do something now, they’d have more power to force her to do other things later.

    As for the campaign debt, by all means let’s pay it! Money bomb July 4.
    The address to mail a check to is:
    Hillary Clinton for President
    4420 North Fairfax Drive
    Arlington, VA 22203

  56. Can’t tell me our Justice Department can’t launch it’s own internal investigation into the monetary amounts contributed to BHO’s camp ($199 and less) from sources outside the U. S. If the London bombings can be traced to library usage of computers in the UK, then we can know the $$$ from the Middle East and elsewhere.

    The public continues to rely on Patrick Fitzgerald to give Rezko singing lessons, bring the hammer down on BHO AND the moving of the DNC HQ to the Windy City, and the JD to GET TO THE BOTTOM of the DIRTY MONEY in the MILLIONS donated to BHO.

    In lieu of his major double backwards somersault in now rejecting public financing, as he had pledged earlier to its usage, THIS WARRANTS A FULL SCALE PROBE INTO BHO’S CONTRIBUTORS.

    Larry Sinclair released from jail. Check his website out and stay tuned for more. Hopefully, super sleuth reporters are checking out the many phone numbers he provided in the press conference at the NPC. Numbers don’t lie

    Numbers don’t lie in BHO dirty $$$ contributions, Soros’ paying off thugs nor phone numbers to solve murders of three gay AA church members at TUCC within 40 days of one another leading up to and around BHO win in Iowa.


  57. Numbers also don’t lie in the win of the popular vote by HRC known as the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, nor the skewed representation of delegate allotment for caucus state wins (BHO) vs primary wins (HRC).

    Numbers don’t lie in THEFT of the democratic nomination by the BHO camp, DNC, and SD. Disenfranching the votes of FL and MI – where the biggest lie to date was the awarding of uncommitted votes to a person not on the ballot – BHO, AND awarding 4 delegate HRC delegate votes to BHO – demonstrates the degree the MARXIST CONSPIRATORS will go to in order to overthrow the democracy in the USA.

    Numbers don’t lie in the DECENCY of the millions of CREDIBLE donors to the HRC campaign. DECENT $$$$ then and more to come.

    Numbers don’t lie in the millions of gays and lesbians who know that HRC alone will be their voice.

    Numbers don’t lie in the millions of Latinos who know that HRC represents their plight.

    Numbers don’t lie in the millions of Asians who know tht HRC represents their plight.

    Numbers don’t lie in the millions of hard-working class Americans who can’t afford $5 a gallon gas and loss of their jobs in the hundreds of thousands.

    Numbers don’t lie in the millions of prospective college students who look to HRC for relief.

    Numbers don’t lie in the support of retired generals who know HRC will safely disengage from Iraq without more calamity.

    Numbers don’t lie in the committment to our veterans and their just rewards in the form of compensation, housing and medical benefits.

    Numbers don’t lie in insuring every single American, not leaving out 15 million.

    Finally, NUMBERS DON’T LIE in the EIGHTEEN MILLION HRC SUPPORTERS who will DECIDE THIS ELECTION REJECTING BHO – hater of women, hater of all things American.

  58. OMG!!!! I am not an LS fnatic but his statement about what REALLY happened on June 18 is bizarre.
    Lawyers among us please read and advise.

    First allow me to explain that on Monday, June 16, 2008 I was contacted by Special Agent Brenda Born of the DC FBI informing me that the FBI had identified and located the individual who threatened to kill me, my lawyer and my mother at the NPC. Agent Born confirmed the individual was a resident of the DC area and was an adult. What was shocking to me is that Agent Born informed me that the US Attorney in DC had decided not to file charges against this individual and that the identity of the person could not b provided to me or my attorney without the approval of the US Attorney.

    As for my arrest at the NPC on Wednesday June 18, 2008 after the conclusion of the PC, I see that no one has bothered to print the truth so allow me. First, the PC was in fact packed with PRESS contrary to the bloggers who want others to believe otherwise. Shortly before 1:00 PM a line had formed causing the NPC to ask us to begin sign in because the lobby was filling up.

    At the conclusion of the PC, NPC Security head had brought three (3) plain clothed DC Police Detectives into the room and introduced them to me. All three identified themselves as DC Police detectives and that they had a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant from Delaware. These detectives did not escort me out in hand cuffs as reported by others. All three were very professional, polite and respectful. When asked for a copy of the warrant, they stated they had it in the car.

    On Thursday June 19, 2008 I appeared before Judge Melendez in the DC Superior Court. I asked that the court release me and allow me to immediately report to Delaware authorities which the US Attorney and the Judge refused to do. Further, even though the Judge and the US Attorney was informed of my being denied access to my medication and medical treatment, the US Attorney demanded a bail of $75,000.00 which was completely inappropriate considering that Delaware did not have a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant against me, and the Judge and US Attorney both KNEW this was in fact the case.

    I was ordered held for Delaware which I waived extradition, and I was held in the DC Jail [from 6-19-08 until approximately 10:30am Monday June 23, 2008] and deny access to phone, medication, and medical treatment. When picked up on Monday June 23, 2008 by Delaware officials, I asked why there would be a “Fugitive from Justice” warrant for my arrest. I was informed that there was no such warrant issued by Delaware, but that in fact DC had made that charge against me in order for them to arrest me on the “Rule 9″ warrant that was pending from a Delaware “SEALED” Grand Jury warrant. I was told that what DC should have done was advise me to report to Delaware. This rule 9 warrant was explained to me as being nothing that anyone could call me a “Fugitive from Justice” on because I had never been served the notice, taken into custody or formally charged on as yet.

    Upon my return to Delaware, I appeared before a Superior Court Judge at 2:30 pm at which time I was released on PR bond and released. I will say that the charge is questionable at best and after speaking with my Attorney I will allow him/her decide what can and cannot be posted here.

    So to all those reporting I was taken out in hand cuffs, I assure you I walked out with no cuffs, carrying my bags from the NPC. I also feel it important to state that the NPC staff conducted themselves with nothing short of kindness and professionalism from the moment I arrive to the moment I left.

    Yes there are some questions for the US Attorney’s Office in the FBI investigation of the death threats, the arrest on the Delaware matter and the denying of phone access, medication and medical treatment while being held in custody in DC. Just as there are some questions as to Judge Melendez’ refusal to allow me to report to Delaware and her holding me over on a DC produced warrant that did not reflect the Delaware issue appropriately, and her failure to order my being provided my prescribed medications and phone access even to my attorney. There are some questions for the US Marshall’s Office and the way I was treated when I repeatedly requested access to my medication and/or medical treatment.

  59. Hope you guys caught the Daily Show last night. Jon Stewart mocked Obama over the presidential seal flap and ridiculed him over the public financing flip-flop. He actually used “flip-flop.”

    Over 10 minutes mocking the great pretender. During the segment on public financing, Jon showed two videos: one of Obama saying how he’s opting out of public financing b/c the system is broken; and the other of when he raised his hand when asked if he supported public financing.

    Jon then chimed in, “he wasn’t raising his hand in agreement, he was waving to a donor.”

    Then there are clips of Obama surrogates (Daschle, Judas, Wexler) defending his decision and calling BO’s action the “spirit of reform of the public financing system.”

    Jon quips, “by the way, the spirit of the reform of the public financing system is Obama’s new yacht.”

    When the audience’s reaction was tempered, Jon, with a smirk, adds, “you know, you’re allowed to laugh at him.” This is clearly a jab at all the kool-aid drinking Obamabots.

  60. freckles Says:

    June 24th, 2008 at 6:28 am
    BO may regret getting Hillary out of the race so soon.

    Absolutely right on, freckles. You know that old cliche “be careful what you wish for… it may come true.”

    Well, I wish Hillary didn’t campaign with BO. I understand why she has to, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. In fact, I’m fumed and won’t be tuning in to watch coverage of their rallies.

    She’s making our job very difficult.

  61. I watched the video of her asking us for help to retire her debt. She still looked tired, had big circles under her eyes. I think there is more there than what is being reported. I will donate to her on the 4th of July.

  62. I just heard Kay Bailey-Hutchison is visiting with John McCain. Obama should be very afraid. McCain/Hutchison would be a great ticket.

  63. Norma Desmond Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 12:57 am
    ….it is such a shame we now do not have much of a choice for president….

    say this loud and clear, say this a 18 million times and then say it 18 million more.

    It it time we take back our country from the monopoly of the 2 party system.

    Start with eliminating BHO
    then work at your local levels to change legislation that disenfranchises the voice voters

    Do it

  64. basil9:

    Thanks for the Sinclair information.

    The more I hear from Sinclair, the more I believe his story and see him as the rational one in a sea of irrational judges (Melendez), media (‘he was taken off in cuffs’ BS), and self-interested pols (Bambi).

    I believe Larry Sinclair is telling the truth about his sex-and-drugs encounter with Barack Obama. It is time for the MSM to start hunting down the phone numbers Larry gave them and the limo driver whose name Larry provided.

    Nothing — including a ‘lie detector test’ given by a porn site which was apparently funded by the Bambians — I have seen yet has made me doubt what Sinclair is saying on the Bambi issue. I know about his past and all but that does not mean he is lying about hooking up and doing crack with Obama.

    The man who ‘broke the case,’ so to speak, in steroids in major league baseball was Jose Canseco, a generally hated person with an enormous ego and a very checkered past.

    Just because Canseco had his own failings didn’t mean he didn’t know about performance enhancing drugs in baseball. He did and is now looked upon as the person who was most telling the truth about the drug usage going on in the majors.

    Larry Sinclair is Barack Obama’s Jose Canseco, I believe.

    He’s been totally up-front, hasn’t hid who he is and what his past has been, isn’t being financed by anyone a la Paula Jones and he has given a host of specifics which should be able to be verified or disproven.

    Could he be lying?

    Sure, that is possible, of course.

    But the guy is getting confirmed death threats and spending multiple days in jail, and for what? For nothing. So he can be trashed by the astrotrolls, threatened more and humiliated in the press.

    There’s only one kind of person who would do something along those lines, who would suffer so much indignity, scorn and threat of harm:

    Someone who knows the truth and who is determined to make sure that the truth is heard.

    Every day that goes by and the more these wrong and punitive actions are taken against Sinclair, the more I believe him. I give him all the credit in the world for handling what has been thrown at him with as much poise as he has shown.

    Obama’s minions are scared to death of Sinclair. You can see that all over the internet. I came across it last night at No Quarter while dispatching some astrotrolls. They are very concerned about this and are spending a lot of energy to try to quell it.

    And I’m sensing a ‘Thou doth protest too much’ element going on with that astrotroll behavior.

    Sinclair’s apparent treatment by Melendez only furthers the thought that the fix is in against him and that the Bambians and their henchmen are hell-bent on getting rid of a legitimate threat to their plans.

    The issue is reaching a critical mass. With that many press people at the event, the phone numbers and limo driver are going to be tracked down and the story is either going to be corroborated or refuted.

    I think Bambi is going to get roasted on this. I really do. If anything happens to Sinclair now all hell will break loose, as it should. No more Donald Youngs.

    Sinclair could be the manna from heaven for those who wish to send BaJoke packing back to his corrupt Chi-town Mansion de Rezko.

    Time will tell.

  65. Universal wrote

    “There’s only one kind of person who would do something along those lines, who would suffer so much indignity, scorn and threat of harm: Someone who knows the truth and who is determined to make sure that the truth is heard.”

    I believe America has always called this type of person a P A T R I O T

    I too have believed Larry Sinclair, and from the get go…… I trust my intuition, always have, it has never let me down NEVER and my intuition from the get go told me BO was bad news and larry was not lying

  66. video interview with the founder of PUMA


    NECN/ABC) – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have plans set to tour the U.S. In campaigning against Republican presidential candidate John McCain.

    Friday’s stop brings them to Unity, New Hampshire as the Democratic party ramps up their efforts.

    One Democrat, though, has begun grassroots action against the election of Obama as America’s next president.

  67. http://www.necn.com/Boston/Politics/Bill-Clinton-offers-support-to-Obama/1214320364.html
    7 min 20 sec ago

    Bill Clinton offers support to Obama

    WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Clinton said through a
    spokesman Tuesday that he is committed to helping Barack Obama
    become president, his first comments in support of his wife’s
    former rival since their primary ended three weeks ago.

    Relations between the last Democratic president and the
    candidate who wants to be the next one are still frosty – they
    still haven’t spoken in the aftermath of the heated campaign. But
    Bill Clinton extended an offer to help in a one-sentence statement
    from spokesman Matt McKenna.

    “President Clinton is obviously committed to doing whatever he
    can and is asked to do to ensure Senator Obama is the next
    president of the United States,” McKenna said.

    It’s not clear what Obama might ask him to do. The campaign
    wasn’t specific when asked.

    “A unified Democratic Party is going to be a powerful force for
    change this year and we’re confident President Clinton will play a
    big role in that,” said Obama spokesman Bill Burton.

    Bill Clinton will not be attending the unity rally Friday
    between the two former rivals Friday in New Hampshire. McKenna said
    the former president is in Europe this week to celebrate Nelson
    Mandela’s 90th birthday, give speeches and work for the William J.
    Clinton Foundation.

    Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke Sunday and talked about
    Obama connecting

  68. 10 Concerns about Barack Obama
    It’s policy.

    By William J. Bennett & Seth Leibsohn


  69. RNC pushes Rezko story ahead of Obama visit

    By Joseph K. Cooper
    Category: PresidentTags: Tony Rezko, Barack Obama, Republican National Committee, Joe Birkett

    LAS VEGAS – Democrats aren’t the only ones preparing for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s Tuesday visit to Las Vegas. Monday, the Republican National Committee hosted a conference call for reporters with DuPage County, Ill. State’s Attorney Joe Birkett to discuss “Obama’s questionable housing record and connections, and how they relate to his upcoming travel to Las Vegas, NV.”

    Birkett, a former Republican candidate for governor in Illinois, raised doubts about Obama’s judgment based on a 2005 real estate deal with the wife of Tony Rezko, a Chicago-based political fundraiser and real estate developer who was convicted earlier this month of sixteen federal counts of bribery, fraud and money laundering.

    Birkett said it was “more than bone-headed” for Obama to purchase a house in Chicago the same day Rezko’s wife purchased an adjoining lot, and that Americans should question “whether or not [Obama] has the kind of judgment to be the president of the United States.”

    Obama has not been accused of wrongdoing in connection with either his land deal with Rezko or Rezko’s multiple convictions.

    “Obviously, one of the things I do not do is speculate about criminal activity,” said Birkett. “However, I can tell you this, that oftentimes we have seen during the course of the last several years in Illinois where public officials are having things done for them privately that do in fact turn out to be related to some deal, some quid pro quo.”

    Birkett quickly added that he was “not aware of any quid pro quo and certainly would not accuse Sen. Obama of that.”

  70. Paul and Djia, Those bots are something. I have been on the DNC party builder blog all morning and there is a bot over there and its name is Freedom of Speech.
    She apparently believes she is the only one that is allowed to speak freely. She is an avid Kool-aid drinker and has absolutely no common sense. She also doesn’t know much about Freedom of Speech that is part of our constitution as she gets crazy when someone dares to tell the truth about Barry Obama.
    BTW, Feel free to post this on the DNC party builder blog if you like Freedom of Speech. When you do that you are showing the hate that comes from you and your candidate!

  71. The Mendacity of Hype
    Barack Obama and politics as usual, again.

    By Geoffrey Norman


    For realists — or cynics, if you prefer — there was finally some good news from the presidential campaign. No more worries about “a new politics” and “change” which, if they had been for real, would have required one to take the campaign seriously and pay attention to this season’s political star, Barack Obama. Turns out, it was a sham.

    Normally, realists have a fairly easy time of it when it comes to presidential politics. Without knowing who the candidates are or what they are saying, one can confidently assert, “They are all the same,” and “The way you can tell that they’re lying is that their lips are moving.” You don’t have to do any deep research or hard digging to back up these assertions in any given political season.

    When George H. W. Bush promised “no new taxes,” that pretty much sealed it: taxes would be going up. When LBJ promised no American boys would be sent to fight wars that Asian boys should be fighting, smart money said that the Marines would soon be landing. In fact, most of our big-time war presidents came off campaigns in which they had promised to keep us out of war.

    ↓ Keep reading this article ↓

  72. dia, just go to Democratic national Committee. When you get there you look at one of the headers and click on the blogs. When you get to the blogs page. there are more headers, look for party builder. BTW, click past Barry’s pic at the beginning. Apparently, the DNC is calling him the nominee and not the presumptive nominee.

  73. h t t p: / / w w w .demo crats.org /page/c ommunity /post/conniefloyd/ CRjb/commentary #comment -gG5h8x

  74. ok i will go check it out 😀

    and I am surprised the DNC doesn’t just put up “messiah” or ” the one” or “president”

    they might as well…….its not like they are fooling anyone anymore……..such BS!

  75. “Uh, sorry Barry, can’t make it. I have foundation work to attend to, you know, creating actual change, positive change, in people’s lives.
    As myself & my wife have been doing for 30 years.

    You know, not sloganeering, not just stealing the word ‘change’ and plastering it all over the fucking place for the sheep & TV cameras,
    but the real thing. Oh, that’s right. You wouldn’t know.”
    And who the fuck is this piss ant Bill Burton?
    Tell him to shut the fuck up permanently if you want ANYTHING remotely resembling help from me in the future.
    – Sincerely, Bill Clinton.

  76. Djia, if you want to know how vile these bots are, just google my real name and you will see the blog comments I have posted on the blogs. They are making me famous.

    They are also bragging as of a few minutes ago that BC is going to support Obama. Well, this is just crap, the long arm of Obama is sucking everyone in except those of us here on the big ping and all those anti-obama sites. Thankgoodness for us!

  77. confloyd……. i guess i have been to those blogs before…..never stayed long LOL

    they really didn’t offer me anything worth reading , that is why i spend so much time here and over on noquarter 😀

  78. “Lastly, let’s dispense with the formalities Barry.
    As the only 2-term President since Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
    I’ll assume all your future answers in the affirmative.”
    – Bill Clinton.

  79. Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Obama’s New Problem: Religious Leader Ends His Silence
    Obama’s New Concern, Religious Right Leaders Ending Their Silence


    There is no secret to the fact that John McCain’s moderate stances have turned away large segments of the Conservative Religious Right base. In poll after poll, McCain has only enjoyed 80% of the Republican vote, a number that all political analysts say he must increase. The McCain campaign has been sharply criticized for its failure to court evangelical support; creating a visible rift that the Obama campaign has realized and attempted to exploit by inviting evangelical leaders to a private faith-based meeting held last week.

    One particularly quiet, yet extremely influential Christian leader is Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family. Dobson and Focus on the Family’s influence runs deep within the evangelical and religious right community. Since McCain became the presumptive nominee, Dobson has remained essentially quiet in large part to his past criticism and dislike of John McCain’s moderate posture and failure to cater to the full-text of the religious right’s platform. Today, all of that is about to change.

    Dr. Dobson has apparently decided that now is the time for him and the religious right to put aside their differences with McCain, not yet openly supporting his candidacy, but working to defeat the greater evil. Today on his radio show Dobson launched an assault upon Obama for his distortion of the Bible and “fruitcake interpretation” of the constitution. Dobson slammed Obama for his cherry-picking criticism of biblical texts stating, “I think he’s deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology…He is dragging biblical understanding through the gutter”

    Dobson’s attack on Obama was relentless and perhaps the boost that McCain needs to start garner support from the so-called “religious-right”. Dobson has said in the past that he could not see himself voting for McCain because of McCain’s moderate credentials; but today’s show should send a clear message that although McCain is not their ideal candidate, the alternative is abominable.

    The Obama campaign has banked on McCain’s inability to secure the full backing of the religious right and vocal conservative leadership of the party. But Dobson’s message today opened the door to what will be a steady procession of support moving toward the McCain campaign. Dobson’s show reaches millions of strongly religious Americans and his criticism of Obama will reverberate throughout the conservative religious community. McCain is certainly not the ideal candidate for the “religious-right” platform, but the question that the “religious-right” needs to ask is, “Are you willing to accept the alternative?”

    I personally am opposed to single-issue or movement voters. I believe that in our lives and in our government, everyone must be willing to make concessions to protect and create prosperity within our future. I personally have reservations on some of John McCain’s positions, but I also realize the historical dangers presented by semi-socialist positions and over-pandering of Barack Obama. An electorate should not be driven by any single issue, let alone those that polarize our nation and split the electorate. Americans, including those that view themselves as part of the “religious-right”, need to remember that the greatest leaders of this nation all had one thing in common; they understood the necessity to prioritize the functions of government. The greatest leaders of our nation understood that first function of government was to protect ours and our ally’s sovereignty, followed by promoting economic prosperity, and finally addressing social and cultural reforms. The Obama campaign has made it clear that expect to win this election by breaking down our society into neatly formed groups who only vote based upon single-issues. Remember that in the months ahead.

    J Brown
    June 24th, 2008
    Please be sure to vote on this article up at Real Clear Politics

  80. another good right up on Dobson/obama today with obama quotes included

    h t t p : / / apnews.myway.com/article/20080624/D91G51AG0.html

  81. Check out this website Obama WTF

    Michelle and Jessie Jackson’s daughter childhood firends and a whole lot of information


  82. via our very own little Big Pink lurker ben smith

    June 24, 2008
    Categories: Barack Obama
    A new anti-Obama 527

    So far, the nascent anti-Obama groups remind me of the “Stop Hillary” movement: Effective, largely, at appearing sinister, tarnishing their allies, and raising money for the candidate they’re trying to stop.

    Here’s a subtle new 527: “Swift Boat Obama,” registered to a Gilbert, Arizona man named Eric Hurley. Coming soon to an Obama speech near you.

  83. Check out riverdaughter’s latest post, on Clinton Derangement Syndrome, complete with a breathtakingly stupid quote from that paragon of virtue Gennifer Flowers.


  84. hey i thought i was the only one here today LOL 😀

    I loved the new mc cain ad and think it will stir the obama pot 😀

  85. I wish they would do a national ad buy with those kind of ads!

    I think they need to expose obama to people who do not sit
    on the internet blog sites like we do.

    I can’t believe that there are still people who do not know about Rev Wright
    william Ayers etc….. obviously this is where they need to go after obama
    is with this uninformed group of people…..they need to reach them through television ads
    not just cable channels but though everyones local channels.

  86. From Politico:

    June 24, 2008
    Categories: Campaigns
    Clinton gets royal treatment upon Senate return

    Talk about rolling out the red carpet.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s much hyped return to the Senate after dropping out of the presidential race included a crowd of adoring interns, a phalanx of Senate staff, hugs from Democratic colleagues and an ovation from a closed luncheon of Democratic senators.

    Clinton even went through the rarely used east door of the Senate on the second floor _ strolling in just below the large glass US Senate emblem around 1:10 p.m. – fashionably late for the weekly Democratic policy lunch. It’s a door that not even the vice president uses when he makes his weekly visit to the Senate GOP luncheon.

    Even though she is technically just the junior senator from New York now, Clinton’s show horse return had the trappings of a presidential visit. Democratic senators clinked their silverware on their plates cheering her return, and leading Clinton surrogate Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) yelled “hey, welcome back!” as Clinton rolled into the Senate dining room. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), chimed in loud enough for everyone in the press horde to hear “we need you!” Behind closed doors, Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), was prepared to give a welcome back speech.

    Even a few Republican staffers craned their necks to watch the royal entrance. And standing in the corner watching it unfold was Rep. Anthony Weiner (R-N.Y.), a Clinton supporter who also happens to be dating Clinton’s high profile, glamorous aide Huma Abedin.

    Of course, no Hillary Clinton blog item would be complete without noting her wardrobe. For those who care, Clinton was wearing a brilliant turquoise pantsuit. Or was it cerulean?

    Amie Parnes contributed to this report.

  87. Glad to hear she got a nice welcome back. Too bad a lot of those senators weren’t with her when it actually mattered.

  88. Hi everyone

    how is everybody here .seems so depressing and quiet ………..

    glad to hear about hillry,s return

    and bunch of obama gaffe—-he is MR GAFFE

  89. Where is dot , filbert ,smkf ,1950 dem ,paul ,

    I don,t see a lot of you .Is everyone okay and safe ?

  90. dedfg Says:

    June 24th, 2008 at 2:41 pm
    depressing no…we are just waiting for her to win the nomination in August.

    OH –good ,at least someone here .Same here -i am hoping -she gets it too but why she is gonna campaign for him ,i hate that —————

  91. Hi paula

    how are you ??

    I been depressed a little b/c of hillary,s news of helping THAT IDIOT ,and now bill released a statement too .

    So that kinda gave me a depressing signal —–before i would blog all day on and off but in last 3 -4 days –may be 10-15 comments on noquarter and fox ,,,

  92. Getting caught up on the posts here…. I am wondering about several things these days:

    Why are the Republicans so quiet right now? You wonder if all heck isn’t going to break loose at some point…timed to the convention perhaps? or maybe mid-July just to liven things up.

    Like everyone here, I am also bothered by Hillary campaigning and fundraising for Obama but I can see her strategy in doing so. She needs to remain a loyal party member so that if he loses in November she will be the front runner for 2012. Some people posting on blogs are being a little hard on her…we need to trust her political instincts. She might have to play the game a little until the Obama facade finally falls completely apart.

    I can’t follow what’s happening for VP anymore…is Hillary out or in? Is Nunn still the frontrunner (or are we back to Webb). There hasn’t been much leaked about it which seems amazing…then again, perhaps the Obama camp isn’t sure what they want to do. Or if Obama’s fundraising has really evaporated as people are hinting perhaps Hillary may yet be put in the VP spot just to help raise money by her presence. This wouldn’t be my choice for her, but again, I’m sure there is strategy involved with whatever she chooses in the future. It won’t change a thing about how I view Obama though…

    I think pundits are vastly underestimating the number of Hillary supporters that have gone to McCain. I go over to the blog there often and every day former Hillary supporters are logging in. We are still in the calm before the storm. When the hoopla finally starts, it should become obvious to everyone that many have not drunk the kool-aid. I think even more will join in once they finally see what Obama is all about….

    I would love to be a fly on the wall at that Hillraisers meeting on Thursday with Hillary and Obama. I hope they give him a piece of their mind…

    Anyway, just some ponderings…it’s been quiet here lately but I am sure things will get lively soon…

  93. I have been depressed and have suffered a chronic sinus infection since Hillary was forced out. I am also experiencing chronic burning sensations in my entire body…must be stress/depression.

  94. Sonia:

    OH –good ,at least someone here .Same here -i am hoping -she gets it too but why she is gonna campaign for him ,i hate that —————

    The foreign authorities put Dorothy in an orange forest.

  95. jbstonesfan Says:

    June 24th, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    I know ,how that feels .I always hated politics b/c my grandpa was killed in politics (in india),but somehow –i got so attached to hillary that past 6-7 mos have gone by like fly except few days when media was licking obama,s b*a*ll*s,and trashing clintons –those days were the longest .And there is been days of tears of happiness and days of frustration —but now its like a blank screen in my brain .I try to stay upbeat ,i blog at puma,fox but just to kick obots,s asses —

  96. My two cents..I think Bill Clinton came out with a statement as some news reports in the past couple days were commenting that Bill hasn’t been fawning all over Obama and so he said something to cut that talk off before it morphs into a full out anti-Clinton attack by the media/Obama followers. Also, it may just be strategy, a “going through the motions” show of support like Hillary is doing but it’s really for a bigger purpose down the road.

  97. hi, sonia {{hugs}}

    Lots of action over at
    h t t p : / / blog.pumapac.org
    h t t p : / / camille424.wordpress.com/

    Also an online friend invited me to
    h t t p : / / http://www.hillaryclintonforum.net
    That’s an old forum, lots of young people I think, he says it needs new posters to encourage people to continue supporting Hillary. He is #2 poster over there, dunno his screen name. Hey, I think I remember he is Indian too!!!


  98. am gal —-i think so too ,its only to get media off the back but then who is running this country —

    A.voters- B.politicians- C.oil men- D.media – E.or chiacgo thugs —

    I thinks all of the above except -A

  99. I’m hanging in there, Sonia, thanks for asking.

    AmericanGal, I’ve been wondering about why the GOP hasn’t gone after Waffles, too. They must be keeping their powder dry for a reason. Hell, we know there’s plenty of ammunition out there. HillBuzz has a post on this as well, from several days ago.

  100. 1950democrat Says:

    June 24th, 2008 at 2:54 pm
    hi, sonia {{hugs}}

    Hi —dem –so nice to even see ur name and u always make me feel good and welcomed ,how have you been and family and friends .

    thank you —

  101. ,i blog at puma,fox but just to kick obots,s asses —

    That’s a big help especially if in each post we drop in PUMA! or Just Say No Deal or No Deal or something like that. Or post a url for one of our good sites. I’ve put up http://www.turndownobama.com as a quick intro for very new people, giving some of the main links for them to visit.

  102. yes –1950dem ,i do that ,i am on greta wire too -i make sure ,i kick tyrone(obamabot),s ass.

  103. filbertsf Says:
    June 24th, 2008 at 1:49 am

    Obama must have a huge war chest. Many of the sites I visit (political and non-political) are littered with Obama ads.

    Money, ads, brainwashing, whatever, the guy still can’t win a big state or battleground state. He outspent HRC in PA, WV, KY, CA, MA, you name it. He’s good at pissing away tons of money for ads that don’t work.

  104. *************************

    I am not making this up. Obama is receiving an idol bc it has been reported he is an ardent follower of Lord Hanuman.

    For More Info Go To:

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