Hillary Clinton vs. Big Media

The Dean/Obama/Brazille/Pelosi Democrats? cave in on FISA confirms vividly what we wrote yesterday:

Obama simply cannot be trusted. Obama cannot be trusted on any issue. Obama cannot be trusted by his friends. Obama cannot be trusted by his enemies. Obama cannot be trusted.

If we had a free press, Barack Obama would not exist politically. But we have a Big Media Party and its tool is Barack Obama – so Obama is free to bamboozle, distract and divide as much as Obama desires.

Democrats used to speak out against the malignant power of the Big Media Party. Tim Russert, Democrats understood, beat up on Democrats on his shows while enabling every Republican and every Republican initiative – from Social Security privatization to all the Bush lies on Iraq.

But no longer. Our hyper-restraint, upon hearing the news of the death of Tim Russert, met with hyperventilation in the DailyKooks-type PINO blogs and other Big Media outlets. We were accused of a lapse in manners for speaking ill of the departed by those who wanted to as quickly as possible sanitize Tim Russert’s malignant work.

Good manners and tastefulness, we were sure, would not stop creatures such as Chris Matthews from soliciting during the Russert funeral – we were not disappointed. We poked fun at the Borgia-like machinations we envisioned as the princes of Big Media backstabbed each other in the sure to come fight for succession to the Tim Russert throne. Here are some of our ruminations from Meet The Hypocrites:

Our first thoughts were vivid speculations on poor Chris Matthews. Matthews, we knew, was in Rome. We imagined a cursing, rabid Matthews demanding airplane tickets back to 30 Rock to do battle for Russert’s job. What bad luck for Chris Matthews – to be in Rome when the job he always wanted had just opened up. We knew that soon David Gregory’s name would be dragged through the mud by aspirants to Russert’s throne. Not since the time of Rodrigo Borgia would so much effort be made to capture a throne.

Olberman too, we were sure, would squeeze out some tears on air in order to make himself a contender for Russert’s throne. Chuck Todd, David Shuster, contenders all and targets all. In days to come we will see the backstabbings at NBC and the entreaties to Jack Welch and Jeff Zucker flower.

The fight for Russert’s throne we knew would be particularly vicious. And have no doubt, it is a throne they are fighting for. The Big Media Party does not see itself as reporting the news, Big Media sees itself as shaping the news. Big Media considers itself The News. That is why we are witnessing an ostentatious wall-to-wall coverage on the airwaves of the death of someone most people barely knew or cared about.

Well, the Borgian succession fight at NBC has begun:

Although MSNBC and NBC officials are flatly denying the allegations, the New York Post on Friday reported that Keith Olbermann is threatening to quit if he’s not promoted to host “Meet the Press.”

The Post also claimed that Chris Matthews was actually heard lobbying for the job during Wednesday’s memorial service for Tim Russert.

As reported at the Post’s “Page Six” column (h/t TVNewser):

“Matthews was heard loudly discussing what seemed to be his strategy for landing Russert’s “Meet the Press” show at Wednesday’s memorial reception for the NBC Washington bureau chief at the Kennedy Center in DC. After Brian Williams, Carl Bernstein, David Gergen, Barbara Walters and NBC brass eulogized their friend, Matthews huddled with an unidentified “agent type” and seemed to be plotting.

According to our spy, “Chris, with his loud voice, was going over a pitch for Tim’s job. He was saying, ‘You know, Tim’s thing was this, and my thing is that.’ It was unbelievably tacky.” […]”

Meanwhile, Matthews’ MSNBC cable cohort Olbermann, who was also at the memorial, is “threatening to quit if he isn’t installed as Russert’s replacement,” another insider said. “I know, it sounds ludicrous, but, then, Keith Olbermann is ludicrous.”

The DailyKooks-type PINO blogs fell right in line in praise of Russert. Only a very few, select, intelligent, blogs remembered the old pre-Dean/Obama/Brazille/Pelosi Democratic contempt for Russert and the Big Media Party:

In fact, Russert “always said” a lot of things about himself–about his life; about his upbringing; about his father; about his birth neighborhood; about his own modesty; about his career. The things he said were almost always self-flattering and, once he became the nation’s most powerful journalist, endless flunkies fell into line, eager to repeat his stories.

“endless flunkies” describes the PINO blogs well.

The PINO blogs wept when Russert died. The PINO blogs joined the self-worship of Big Media broadcasts. But…

As far as we know, Russert was as decent a person, within the group, as friends and colleagues all say he was. But:

He pretty much got it wrong, in the past sixteen years, about who “the phonies”were. (He chased around after both Clintons and Gore—and largely knuckled to Cheney and Bush.)

He pretty much got it wrong about Social Security, his adopted pet issue. (He constantly cited irrelevant data while forcing the issue into every discussion. To see him trashing Candidate Gore for daring oppose partial privatization, see THE DAILY HOWLER, 5/20/02.)

And Russert pretty much got it wrong on Iraq, the policy challenge of his time. For all his fairness, civility and Jesuitical brilliance, Russert produced nothing of value in the year leading up to the war. And he embarrassed himself—we all do so at some point—when Bill Moyers asked him about this matter in an interview last year (see THE DAILY HOWLER, 6/19/08).

The PINO love of Big Media Party leader Tim Russert is easily explained: Russert hated Hillary and Russert saved Big Media tool Barack Obama. Yes… we wrote about this on November 14, 2007:

Tomorrow night instead of the male candidates called to account to their personal attacks against Hillary we will not be surprised if instead Hillary is attacked again for allegedly daring to raise the “gender card”. Instead of the sustained personal attacks against Hillary being the issue, the victim will be blamed. Russert’s misbehaviors and distortions in the previous two debates, of course, will not be mentioned.

In that same article, we quoted Geraldine Ferraro, who named Tim Russert as Hillary’s main opponent:

Barack Obama has said that, when he was attacked for 15 minutes in a prior debate, he didn’t raise his race as an issue. Fifteen minutes is not two hours, though, and I feel sure that, if Senator Obama had been subjected to so sustained an attack, plenty of other people would be talking about racism, even if he wasn’t. But then, as I’ve said before, in this country it’s still O.K. to be sexist, but not to be racist.

I’ll be watching the coming candidate debates on CNN, and if the Republican front-runner, Rudolph W. Giuliani, is the sole subject of two hours of personal attacks, I’ll rethink my position.

It will help if, next time out, John Edwards and Senator Obama stick to substantive policy disagreements with Senator Clinton. If they can’t, they’ll only prove themselves unworthy of our party’s nomination.

ABC News noted that In the two weeks since the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton has seen her rivals garner increased media attention with sharp rhetoric and pointed jabs at her candidacy and character.

Barack and John did not stick to “substantive policy disagreements” at that debate and yes they are “unworthy of our party’s nomination”.

Which brings us to the present:

Hillary also suggested that she would soon be making public statements about the media coverage of the campaign, as well as the ways “women were discussed,” saying that she would “be doing more on that as we go forward.” . . . Hillary . . . suggested that she’d be making public statements soon about the media’s treatment of her candidacy.

Speaking of the campaign, Hillary noted that “there were a lot of other aspects to it that people are asking about. A lot of real concerns about some of the ways we were portrayed in the media and the way women were discussed.” “I will be doing more on that as we go forward,” Hillary said.

We audaciously hope that Hillary will speak out against Big Media power. We audaciously hope that Hillary will, for once, put aside some of her wonderful graciousness and point out the inciting and exploitation of sexism and woman-hating by Barack Obama himself and the Obama campaign.

Big Media must be confronted. Hillary knows the malignant power of Big Media:

“There’s a reason for the resentment. The level of dismissive and condescending comments, not just about me—what do I care?—but about the people who support me and in particular the women who support me, has been shocking. Shocking to women and to fair-minded men. But what has really been more disappointing to me is how few voices that have a platform have spoken out against it. And that’s really why you seen this enormous grassroots outrage. There is no outlet. It is rare that you have anybody on these shows or in a position of responsibility at major publications who really says, ‘Wait a minute! What are we talking about here? I have a wife! I have a daughter! I want the best for them.’ ”

The Big Media Party must be confronted.

The Big Media tool, Obama, must be rejected in NOvember.